July 24, 2018 – Margaux Plays Detective, Hannah Gets in Trouble, Tyler, Two Toms & Four Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We see the headline: Fugitive found – Peter August in custody. Margaux bugs Drew, who’s sitting at the bar in the MetroCourt.

Nina visits Peter in the hospital. she wanted to make sure he was okay. He says she looks fantastic, and she says she runs a fashion magazine. They just kept her overnight as a precaution, but she’s on her way home. She tells him that Obrecht is in custody. Peter says he knows she was unraveling, but she starved and tortured him. He can’t be sorry she’s been brought to justice. She asks why he didn’t tell the police she was an accomplice.

Kiki goes to Alexis’s house. She doesn’t like Kiki’s look, and asks, what happened? Kiki says there was an article in The Invader about how accomplished David is, and how she’s exploiting him. Alexis says Scotty goes for the jugular, and knows how to work the press. She tells Kiki The Invader is just rag, and no one takes it seriously. Kiki says, until they do.

Ava and Griff see Julian, who tells them he’s staying at the hotel. He asks if they’ve seen The Invader’s article about Kiki’s lawsuit. Ava says it’s a good thing she’s reformed, or she’d be tempted to do something. Julian has some thoughts, but she tells him to hold on to them; they’ll talk later. After Julian leaves, Griff wonders, what thoughts?

Chase jumps rope at the gyn. Jason comes in, and asks if there are any updates on their plan. He’s worried about Michael. Chase says Nelle needs to be stopped, but Jason says, not if it costs Michael his life.

At the MetroCourt, Michael tells Nelle he thinks they should get away for a while. He asks if she wants to go hot or cold, and she says it depends on how she feels. He asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’d feel better if her husband didn’t sneak off in the middle of the night, and she found herself alone. He says he had some dealings with the Japanese markets and didn’t want to wake her; she needs her sleep. She says she’ll tell him when she needs something. If he can’t or won’t give it to her… Michael says, then what?

Margaux tells Drew that she’s staying in the suite once occupied by Peter. She understands he’s been apprehended, and says, who knew he wasn’t who he said he was?

Peter tells Nina that he meant what he said. She’s a kind decent, woman. The only reason she got involved was because she wanted justice for her brother. He’s alive thanks to her. She says Valentin dragged him out, but he says he wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t intervened. She saved his life. Valentin arrives, and says there’s an old saying that when you save someone’s life, it belongs to you forever.

Griff asks Ava how Julian could help with the lawsuit? She says he’s always acting like he has the solution to everything, and knows better than everyone else. They’re about to go into the MetroCourt restaurant, and see Michael and Nelle. Ava suggests they go to Kelly’s. Griff asks if she’s avoiding Michael or Nelle. She says she doesn’t want to be reminded of the wedding. Carly accused Nelle of gaslighting her, and said she couldn’t have done it by herself. That’s Carly. Always blaming someone else. She says if they get room service, they could have breakfast in bed. He wants her to tell him why she keeps changing the subject.

Alexis says Kiki will be judged in a courtroom in front of a judge and a jury of her peers, not the court of public opinion. Kiki asks her to be honest. What are her chances of winning. Alexis says very good, but Kiki wants her to promise that, when it’s over, at the very least, David will be prevented from doing it again. Alexis says she’d be lying if said it always goes in the plaintiff’s favor.

Jason tells Chase, if it works, they’ll get what they want, but there are a lot of variables. They know Nelle isn’t predictable. She could get help without him, and they’ll have no warning and no way to stop it.

Nelle says, since the wedding, Michael has been distant. It’s like he has buyer’s remorse, and she doesn’t know what she did wrong. She just wants to be a loving wife and mother. Why is he treating her like an obligation; like he’s only putting up with the marriage? Michael says marriage is new to him too. He says, to be honest… never mind. She says, what? They have to talk about these things. He says he’s just worried about his mom. It’s bad enough she’s in Ferncliff, but now she’ll be there longer. Nelle thinks he’s right. She doesn’t want to talk about his mom. The stress is no good for the baby. Michael says, or her. Nelle says Carly is still coming between them. Whether she’s locked up or crashing their wedding, she’s always there; she wins. Michael says it’s not a competition. Hasn’t he proved that? She says, before. She keeps thinking about the ELQ benefit, where she showed up in the wrong dress. He came in wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt to make her feel better. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot. It showed he cared. She wishes they could be in that place again.

Drew tells Margaux that Peter appeared to be a CEO. He entrusted the future of his company to Peter, and Peter betrayed that trust. Margaux says people lie on their resumes all the time, but he says they usually don’t lie about their name. Peter knew his father was coming after him, but didn’t tell anyone. One of his best employees was made a widow, and his fashion editor, Nina, lost her brother. Everything Peter set in motion affected a lot of lives. He hopes she goes after him. She has a lot of questions, but they have to wait. Drew says a lot of them can be answered on the website, but she says, not all.

Valentin says it looks like Peter may have repaid him. Nina says by covering up her part. Peter suggests she not say that out loud. Three-quarters of getting away with something is keeping your mouth shut. He doesn’t want her to think about him one more minute. She has better things to do, and better people to worry about. She leaves, and Valentin thanks him for covering. Peter says he brought his father into her life, and he took her brother. Valentin says, no argument from him. Peter says that brings him to Valentin. How does he repay the man he thought was a friend, who destroyed his life?

Ava says if anyone is changing the subject, it’s Griff. When he heard Peter was in the ER, he shut down. Griff says he was frustrated. He couldn’t get ahold of Anna, and didn’t want to take out his frustrations on her. She asks if he isn’t worried about the DNA test. It won’t help him to tell anyone, and Peter is beyond saving. He says, it’s never too late for salvation. She says he can tell her anything. He kisses her, and has to go.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s getting a reminder from the baby about what’s at stake. She apologizes for being touchy. He tells her, no worries. The only thing they can do is move forward. She says, absolutely, and tells him to get back to the office, and don’t worry about her or the baby. They’ll be just fine. When he’s gone, she takes out her phone.

Chase tells Jason there’s always a risk when it comes to a sting. Jason says, Michael’s like is not an acceptable risk. Chase says, he’s not alone. They have the full cooperation of Jordan and the PCPD. He gets a text, and says Nelle wants to meet on the pier. Jason asks if he thinks she’s going to ask him to kill Michael. Chase says the clock is ticking. Jason says, what if they’re wrong? Either way, he needs to know exactly what she says.

Ava goes to Julian’s hotel room. She wants to hear his plan to help Kiki. He says there’s no plan. He’s withdrawing the offer. He can’t get involved.

Kiki tells Alexis that she’s read the statistics. Out of 11,000 sexual harassment cases, barely 6% end up getting justice. Alexis sees she’s been on the internet when she told her not to do that. She says they’ve been over this. It’s going to be difficult, but she has to be strong. Kiki says she’s doing her best, but she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Alexis hugs her.

Valentin tells Peter that he wishes he could fix what he did. Peter says Valentin handed him over to his father to raise him. Valentin says that’s why he broke Peter out of jail. He asks what he can do to balance their ledger? Peter laughs, saying it’s a great question. He wishes he had an answer. He tells Valentin not to worry. One day, he’ll be right again, and will think of something.

Griff asks Nina what she’s doing. She says, going to work, and he says, absolutely not. She says she can’t stay here. Her soon-to-be ex is overly concerned. He says he’ll sign off on her discharge if she goes directly home and rests. She can work from home, as long as it’s not stressful. She promises to stay stress-free. He thinks maybe someone should stay with her, and Valentin appears, saying that’s not a problem.

Jason punches the bag. Michael comes in, and says the traditional, what did that bag ever do to you? Jason says it’s good to see him safe and sound. Michael asks why he wouldn’t be, and Jason says he’s setting up his wife to kill him. Jason was there when Chase got the text. Game on.

Nelle waits at the docks. Chase arrives, and she says, everything he told her, everything he warned her about Michael, turned out to be true.

Ava says Julian can’t help defend his niece against a predator? Kiki could lose and her career could be tanked. He says he can help legally, but she says no one needs his legal help. He tells her that he wants to be a better man for Kim and her son. Charlie’s is a fun, legit place, here people come to have a good time. Ava says, people like Kim? She asks if he thinks it’s serious, and he says all he knows, is that if Ava can make it work with Dr. Do-Good, anything can happen.

Griff tells Peter that he’ll get the paperwork ready, then he’s done. Peter says it was unfair to tell him to stay silent when he found out Peter was Faison’s son. Griff says he made own choices. Peter says he must be relieved the secret is out. Griff asks if he looks relieved. I have never once seen Griff look relieved. Peter tells him not to worry; he’ll take it to his grave. Griff says the thing about a lie is that it makes it easier to tell another, and another, until – Margaux pops in and asks for a minute. Peter says he doesn’t know he, but she says he does now. She’s the DA. He thinks he should have his lawyer there, but she says it’s just a friendly visit to let him know that when he goes to jail this time, he’ll stay there.

Drew appears, saying he thought Margaux would be there. He asks if they mind if he joins them. He has some questions himself. Margaux says she can’t ask any unless his lawyer is present, and steps aside. Drew says when Peter was in prison, he offered Drew his life back. He’d like to know where the hell it is.

Valentin brings Nina to her hotel room. He tells her when she’s up for a visit, he’ll bring Charlotte by. She tells him mission accomplished, and not to treat her like an invalid. He says he pulled her out of a burning barn, and saved her life. She says, thanks, but he says he doesn’t need gratitude. He needs her. She says the relationship is broken beyond repair, even if he doesn’t accept it. It’s like science. You don’t have to believe it, just accept that it is. He says they love each other, and a life or death situation puts things in perspective. They’re still in love and still alive. He can’t promise to always pull her from burning barn, but he can show her in smaller ways. He puts his hand on hers and says, in her heart, she wants it to be possible.

Michael tells Jason that he cares about the baby growing up with a mother in prison. Jason says, it’s better than the alternative. Michael says they’ll ask questions at some point, and ask to see her. Jason says he’ll handle it. It will be okay because he’s their dad. They’ll feel loved and valued, and trust him. He gives Michael a lot of credit for putting his kid first, unlike Nelle. He tells Michael to think of the kind of mother she’d be; what she’d teach their child; there’s nothing more important than getting what you want. The baby deserves a loving mother, not someone who will use the child as a pawn to get what she wants.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael only married her to secure parental rights. He’s going to take the baby away. He’s leaving everything to the baby. He’ll divorce her, and because he’s a Quartermaine, she’ll be deemed unfit, and lose everything. She signed a prenup. Chase said he’d take care of her, and he’s a man of his word. The only way to protect herself is to stay married. Chase says the Quartermaines are crazy rich, but they would never hurt her to take her baby. Nelle says not them, but the Corinthos side. They want to take her out. He asks if that isn’t a little extreme, but she says they don’t just want her out of Michael’s life. They want her dead.

Alexis asks Kiki what she’s going to do. She says, stay focused, and binge cute animal videos online. She pictures walking into the courtroom, and seeing David’s smug grin, like she never had a chance. Alexis says, wipe it off. She wants a little more enthusiasm. She says, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ava tells Julian it would make his day if there was trouble between her and Griff. Julian says, as long as he makes her happy, and she says, he does. He says he didn’t doubt it until she tried to convince him. He asks what’s going on, but her phone rings. She says it’s Alexis. Alexis says she needs to see her. Ava asks if it’s about Kiki’s trial, and Alexis says she’ll tell her when she gets there. Julian wonders what it’s about, and Ava says she’ll know when she gets there, and gripes about being summoned like a servant.

Drew tells Peter that he’d said there’s a flash drive with his memories on it. He used it as a bargaining chip. Drew insists it was a lie, and Peter never had it, but Peter says he did. He was going to give it to him, but then Obrecht got him. He was unconscious, and left it in the hotel room. There was an envelope with Drew’s name on it, but then, everything went dark. Margaux remembers finding the envelope. She says she’s going to leave them. She hopes Peter enjoys stay. It’s a spa compared to where he’s going next. Peter says Obrecht drugged him, but he had Drew’s memories. Drew says they both know Peter never indented to give it to him.

Nina tells Valentin not to think she doesn’t want to walk into her office, and see a beautiful flower arrangement. It breaks her heart, thinking of him, her, and Charlotte, sitting on the couch, watching TV. It will never happen again. He took Anna’s baby and gave it to Faison. An innocent child was given to a monster, because of his vendetta. If Peter wants to forgive Valentin, that’s his business. She can’t do that. He was a beautiful, innocent child, not a weapon of revenge.

Nelle says she heard Sonny telling Michael he’ll take care of the problem. She’s the problem. She knows how Sonny takes care of problems. Chase suggests telling Jordan.

At Alexis’s place, Ava says she hopes it’s important. Alexis says it might come as a shock, but she needs Ava’s help with something.

Griff sees Kiki at the hospital. She says she’s an idiot, and he asks, why? She says The Invader ran a mean, ugly editorial about her, and she read it. He says he did too. She says, and then he stopped and put it away, but she keeps reading it. She’s obsessed. He says it’s complete garbage, and she says, it gets recycled, and never goes away. She walks away.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll back off; give her time and distance. She needs to miss what they have. Then there’s hope. She says Peter needed hope. If he had a time machine, and could give Peter a chance at a normal life, away from Faison – who caused them so much pain. Can he give that to Peter? Can he give her brother back? Valentin says he can’t. She says then there’s not a lot to talk about. She tells him to go away. Leave her alone. He leaves, and she leans against the door. He lingers on the other side, and finally walks down the hall.

Peter tells Drew, it’s the truth. The flash drive is out there. Drew tells him to stop. Even if he believed Peter – which he doesn’t – it’s too late. He has a life; the only life that matters. If he wants to make it right, good luck. Peter says, it’s the truth. He coughs, and says, it’s out there… somewhere. How X-Files of him.

Margaux asks the MetroCourt hostess if they have a lost and found; she lost an earring. The hostess opens a locked box for her, and Margaux pretends to look. She finds the flash drive, and hides it in her hand, saying it’s not there. When the hostess takes the box back, she looks at the flash drive.

Michael tells Jason he still doesn’t know if the good he saw in Nelle was ever there. In a way, he hopes it wasn’t, and she was playing him all along. If there was any genuine real shot at happiness, that person is long gone. Jason says he’s sorry Nelle isn’t the person Michael wants her to be, but all that matters is containing the threat, so the baby will be safe.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael’s father is relentless; his eyes are flat and cold. She’s just an obstacle to be removed. She doesn’t want to die. Chase holds her, and says that’s not going to happen. She asks what she’s going to do? There’s nowhere she can go or hide where he can’t find her. How can he protect her/ Chase says he can be resourceful when he needs to be. She says the only way for Michael not to become a widower, is if she becomes a widow first. Um… wouldn’t Sonny be gunning for her extra hard if that happened?

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Chase there’s only one solution, Michael tells Jason the trap has been set, and Alexis brings a group together for Kiki.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Kenny wants lunch to be carted to the beach. Adam knew he’d try to get payback, and says, let’s do this, even though it takes a couple of hours to set something like that up. Hannah never had an anxiety attack on a boat, and thinks it’s more than just Conrad. Captain Sandy is breathing down her neck, and she’s sharing a cabin with someone who’s seeing a guy she detests.

The tender is lowered, and everyone runs around trying to get the lunch packed and everything ready. Conrad is worried about Hannah, but has to concentrate on his work. They head for the beach with the supplies. Kenny and company get busy with drinking. Jamie is upset that she’s sick, and the captain tells her not to cry. She didn’t ask to be sick; just take her medicine and rest. Jamie says it’s horrible.

João and Brooke set up the tent, and Brooke decorates the table shells. Adam says with this industry and the echelon of clients, you don’t get a second chance. He wants to make sure the guests have the best possible experience. Kasey thinks the charter is running smother because no one is hassling her; she and Brooke are in sync. Adam thinks Brooke pulled off the fastest beach picnic in history. Kenny asks for the slide when they return.

Lunch is served, and Kenny asks if there are any onions in it. Brooke says, absolutely not, but he doesn’t trust it. Wife Amber says Adam is stepping up this time, but the day isn’t over. Captain Sandy thinks Conrad is laser focused, and jokingly asks, what’s different? Adam brings some food to Hannah. He doesn’t want to pry, but needs to ask if she’s okay.

Amber asks if João and Brooke are roommates. She says, no, but Amber says, sometimes? and Brooke gets embarrassed. She thought she was being professional. The tent blows away, but João catches it before it gets to the water. Captain Sandy washes dishes because she’s cool that way. All that work, and the guests are back, and ready for the slide. It does look like fun. Brooke says they loved the food, and the captain says they’re amazing, referring to her crew.

Conrad asks how Hannah is feeling. In his interview, he says his father dumped him and ran. He never wants anyone to feel abandoned like he did as a child. Captain Sandy wants to move the boat slightly, while leaving everything in the water. She tells Conrad to move the slide with the tender. João makes a suggestion, but Conrad says it’s sorted. João asks why not take his idea into consideration; he’s just offering advice. Conrad tells him to just shut his mouth and do his job. In his interview, João wonders why he needs to take orders from a bosun who knows less than him. This is just a wild guess, but because he’s the bosun and not you? In his interview, Conrad says he was expected to act with respect when he was growing up. João doesn’t like to be challenged, and can’t back down. He has to fight back. João wonders why his way isn’t better.

Captain Sandy looks in on Hannah, and asks if she ate. Hannah says she had a sandwich, and should be fine first thing tomorrow.

The guests drink like fish in the hot tub, which I suppose is appropriate. The captain says the picnic was the fastest set up in the history of yachting, and tells them that they were amazing. João thinks Conrad looks ridiculous towing the slide, but Captain Sandy seems to think it’s awesome, and takes pictures. She tells João he can drive the boat. Brooke is glad Kasey is mature and able enough to put aside their personal drama; they have a good working relationship. The guests get ready for dinner. Adam is ready to deal with Kenny; he’s in the right mindset. Anchor is dropped, and the slide is put back in place. The captain says there are many ways to solve a problem. There is no right or wrong, as long as it’s solved. I concur.

Everyone waits on Kenny and Amber to get in gear for dinner. Adam says it’s classic yachting. He preps to hold for this reason. Captain Sandy says it’s going to be a late night. Apparently, Kenny and Amber are napping, and Brooke says it’s her first time waking up guests. They could be hostile, but they might be mad if they want to have dinner and missed it. Dinner was supposed to be at 9:30. It’s 10 30 and Desmond wants to eat.

Brooke calls the room, saying she wanted to make sure they knew dinner was at 9:30, but they’re holding it off. In her interview, she’s worried, since Adam has an issue with not communicating. She wants to get it right. Adam is practically falling asleep. Brooke tells the other guests that Kenny is working on getting it together. She brings him coffee or tea or something. Amber isn’t feeling well. Brooke suggests starting dinner in ten minutes, and they’ll hold hers on the side. Brooke tells Adam, who says, let’s get this party started. He says she always tries to find solutions.

Hannah tells Kasey that she’s trying to keep food down. In her interview, she says anxiety debilitates you, and it spilled over into the workplace, but there’s nothing she can do. Adam wants to show what he’s capable of. He’s keeping it local, creating an appetizer with the figs he picked on the hike and walnuts. The entrée is a rib eye with twice baked potatoes, which sounds awfully good. Captain Sandy interrupts Colin’s downtime, saying they need him. She helps bring some plates up to the guests, and they ask if she’s eating with them. She explains she’s helping because they’re shorthanded.

Conrad gets in bed with Hannah. Colin says Brooke makes him feel like he’s the world’s greatest comedian. Amber makes it to the table. Give that lady an onion! Brooke thinks everything is going smoother without Hannah. She’s not second guessing herself, and has help. It’s better than usual. Colin makes up a Broadway song, and sings while he mops the galley, making everyone laugh.

Adam visits the dinner table. Amber tells him it’s the best potato ever. Finally, everyone goes to bed, and everything is quiet.

Hannah says she has two options. Go home and get healthy, or throw herself into her work, finish the season with her head held high, and make some money. Colin calls home, and says it’s crazy busy on the yacht. Hannah tells herself, it’s just a moment in time. Jamie does laundry. Kasey says João is trying, but she’s not going to be fake. She tells Hannah that Brooke thinks they’re all talking about her and João, but no one is. Hannah says Brooke goes from relationship to relationship. In her interview, Kasey says Hannah wanted to fire her, but now she wants to have mean girl gossip. It’s a power move, and interesting that she’s a chess piece.

Jamie doesn’t want to get anyone sick, but doesn’t want them to have a double work load. Adam calls Captain Sandy to the galley. He tells her that he has plethora of onions, and suggests having a scavenger hunt. The captain asks if the prize is an onion, which is exactly what I was thinking. She tells him it’s a brilliant idea. Breakfast starts. Hannah tells Brooke that Kasey really turned around, and everyone is happy. In her interview, Brooke feels betrayed, and isn’t entertaining any nastiness. Hannah thinks João came between them, and when he dumps Brooke – not if, but when – she’ll come crawling back. Brooke doesn’t care about Hannah’s opinion, but don’t take out on her.

Kenny tells Hannah that Brooke is awesome. They’ve been calling João Ice, like from Top Gun. Hannah hasn’t seen it, only clips, which Kenny finds shocking. I have to confess, I didn’t see it in the theater, and never paid enough attention when it was on TV to know what he’s talking about. Kenny says they were talking about putting them together, meaning Brooke and João, and Hannah says, interesting. She asks if they put Kasey with anyone, and he says, no. Before he even finishes the word, Hannah asks what about her. He says they all seem too young for her, and she says they’re very young. She feels like a grandmother. The most fabulous breakfast in the world is ready. Amber says, it’s everything you could possibly want. In his interview, Adam says he wants to prove he has what takes to satisfy a guy like Kenny. I could make a rude joke here, but I’ll let it pass. Jamie works and coughs. Captain Sandy asks if she’s okay, and Jamie says working makes her feel better. In her interview, the captain says Jamie has been on antibiotics, and hopefully past the infectious stage. She’s an adult, and the captain can’t force her to stay down.

Hanna makes suggestions for the guests’ itinerary. Kenny asks if Brooke and Ice can come with them to the mainland. She asks if she’s not their number one anymore, and Kenny invites her along. Colin asks Brooke how service went, and she says it was great, but too long. Hannah tells the captain the guest want to be taken out exploring, then dropped off at the beach for a couple of hours. Kenny wants to do a backflip off the wakeboard, when he’d previously said he wanted a jet ski. Captain Sandy tells Conrad it’s all about quickness, and he says he got mixed signals. In her interview, the captain says she’s forgiving. She understands that the crew is human and flawed, but she wants accountability. She tells Conrad that yesterday, he was unbelievable. She wondered, who is this guy? Guess who wasn’t on deck? Conrad says, no, but she shakes her head. He says he hasn’t spoken to Hannah, and the captain tells him not to revert back. Take a breath before he launches into something.

Kenny does some waterskiing… or something. Hannah tells Captain Sandy that they’re taking them to the cape. In her interview, the captain sys that Hannah looks great; refreshed. She bounced back; what she needed was rest. Hannah asks if they should drop the guests off, or stay and have a Coke with them. Captain Sandy is happy that Hannah pulled it together in a day, and tells her that’s fine, but don’t stay for hours. They head for the mainland, and set up a bar on the dock. Hannah says the guests want her to have a drink, but she wouldn’t put past Captain Sandy to give her a breathalyzer.

Brooke tells João about the tension with Hannah. He says it’s kindergarten sh*t. Conrad tells Hannah what Captain Sandy said. Hannah thinks the captain knows not to try that with her, because she’ll fight back. Does Hannah understand that Captain Sandy is her boss? Back at the yacht, the boat gets spiffed up, and dinner is prepared. At 7:30, they’re still not back, and the captain starts to get pissed. She says Hannah was down for 24 hours, and then jumps on a boat, while Brooke is stuck carrying the load. It’s not fair. She radios for Hannah to get back to the boat, and see her immediately. She’s not happy.

The clock ticks away, and the captain says Hannah is taking advantage. In the tender, Hannah says she’s just doing her job. Captain Sandy wants to fire her effing ass. João says, better them than us. Kenny says, it was awesome. Hannah goes to the bridge, and the captain tells her to get away, and go to her cabin. She’ll see Hannah when she’s calm. Hannah starts to leave, and the captain says she’s on the verge of firing her. Hannah asks, for what? and she tells Hannah to leave. Hannah freaks in her cabin.

To be continued…

No preview.

📺 The Haves and the Have Nots will be back in August. It’s just reruns in the timeslot right now. I have no idea when If Loving You Is Wrong is coming back. I miss Tyler Perry, but I’m grateful for the break.

📣 A TomTom Tidbit…

Just when you thought LVP couldn’t open one more restaurant.


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