July 26 (sort of), 2018 -A Trap is Set for Nelle & Ashley Joins the Reunion


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Wow. I’m having quite a week. This morning, my computer was fighting with me. But TV waits for no man, or woman, so as promised, here is yesterday’s General Hospital and Part Two of the Southern Charm reunion.  So much Ashley, so little cognizance. The reunion was also an hour and a half, so it threw me off. I wish they’d just make it three episodes. Friday’s GH to come tonight… I hope.

General Hospital

Alexis walks into the hospital while on the phone. She says she’ll deliver the news. Julian sees her, and says he heard about her kickass meeting for Kiki, and thanks her. She says she’s proud of Kiki standing up for herself and other women. She says she’s there on urgent business, and Julian hopes there’s nothing wrong. She says it’s good news for a change.

Jordan tells Chase that Nelle is unpredictable. She hopes he knows how to handle the game he cooked up. It’s risky; they’re putting Michael’s life in danger. She wants it locked up without a chance of a mistake.

Nelle and Michael talk about the baby coming. He says they’ll get her bag together when they get home. She hopes he feels as good as she does hearing him say that. He says she doesn’t know how much. She says they have the rest of their lives to

Franco is in Doc’s office. He says Drew came through for him. He’s not just coming to the wedding, he agreed to be best man. Although he might be doing it for Elizabeth. Elizabeth walks in, and Franco wonders what she’s doing there. She says she’s dropping off files. What’s his excuse? He says, therapy session, and she says, by himself? He’s practicing, to stay in shape until the real thing happens. Doc said it was okay. Elizabeth says he called from the airport. He’s back.

Doc comes by Sonny’s place. Sonny asks how Spencer is, and Doc says, tearing it up. Laura is good, but anxious to come home. Sonny says she’s been gone a while; he must miss her. Carly is gone, and Sonny misses her too. Jason says they all do. Sonny thinks it’s time they bring her home. He wants to have a conversation about how they’ll make that happen.

Mary Pat puts lotion on Carly’s hands, asking her if it doesn’t feel good to get out of that stuffy room, and take some air. She has a big appointment today, and she wants to look her best for what’s to come. I don’t think Carly knows what’s going on. She’s pretty out of it.

Julian doesn’t mean to pray, and Alexis says it’s not her information to give. It’s for Brad. Brad asks if he’ being sued, and she says, not by her. She asks if he wants to find somewhere private, but he’s good with talking there. If he doesn’t lose his mind first. She says he’ll need his faculties for what’s to come. And diapers too. Congratulations, he and Lucas are parents.

Franco thought Doc was away until next week, and Elizabeth says, that was the plan, but something came up with a patient. Franco asks if it’s him; it usually is. She ask if he doesn’t have a thing. He does, and jets.

Jordan listens to the recording of Nelle, and says it’s enough to bring her in. Chase says not enough to convict her. She’s cunning. She’ll know she has enough wiggle room to skate. Michael won’t quit until Carly is out. He says she won’t see it coming; she’ll have no time to adjust. Jordan says she’s good. She fooled Sonny. Chase says that lit a fire under Michael. Jordan hopes so. It’s their only chance.

Doc was under the impression Carly was in good hands when he left. Jason says. there’s nothing good about the people at Ferncliff. Doc doesn’t blame her trying to escape. It’s a natural extension of her strategy to keep out of Pentonville. He knows she’s not mentally ill. Sonny says they have to get her out asap, but Doc says that might not be possible now.

Ava tells Nelle and Michael that she’s glad the chaos of the other night didn’t harm them. Nelle says they bounced back, and got married there. Sam comes by, and asks how Carly is, and Michael says she’s not allowed visitors. Michael gets a text from Chase to meet him in the park. He makes the excuse of a work thing. When he’s gone, Nelle asks Ava not to bring up Carly around Michael. It’s clear she’s not getting the help she needs. Who knows when they’ll see her next, if ever?

Mary Pat asks if Carly is excited. Dr. Lazarus has quite the afternoon in store. Carly says Doc’s name, and Mary Pat says he’s not available. It wouldn’t matter anyway. She had a long talk with the director, and they agreed they’re not getting through. Her treatment is overdue, but it won’t be long now. Try to relax. Before she knows it, she’ll feel like a new woman. She won’t be able to hurt anyone. Carly sees Nelle in the room.

Brad says the baby’s not due until August, and Alexis says, baby’s aren’t known for keeping schedules. She asks if he wants to know if it’s a boy or girl. Brad says Lucas should be there, but Alexis tells him that Lucas just went into surgery. She says congratulations; it’s a son. She’s going to meet with the birth mother’s lawyer. She tells him to clear his schedule and get the car seat in.

Michael meets Chase. He tells Michael the car is keyed up and ready to go. Is he? He asks if Michael is having second thoughts. Michael says his mother was put in an asylum, and she’s trying to kill him. Chase says she’s carrying his child. They can wait until after the baby comes. Michael says they need to put plan in motion right now.

Nelle tells Ava to consider this her notice. She won’t be back to work. She’s going to stay home and raise the baby. Ava adds, and spend Michael’s money. Nelle says, her money. Everything has gone her way so far; Ava’s too. Ava says not to mistake for an ally. Nelle gets a text. She asks Ava, why so unfriendly? Carly said she had help, and she made herself an accomplice when she stole the blanket. Carly is a raving lunatic about a blanket no one saw. It’s too late to back out. Like it or not, they’re in this together.

Doc tells Sonny there was a release on the horizon, but Carly escaped. He almost had the judge convinced, but she took matters into her own hands. And there’s no getting around she assaulted a nurse. Sonny says she’s fine, and complains about Diane having to convince the judge for five minutes with her client. He wants someone to tell her that she’s not alone. Doc says he’ll see what he can do. There’s a chance they’ll reassign her to a different doctor. Sonny respects him. He’s never failed their family before; don’t fail them now.

Carly sits, barely conscious. Imaginary Nelle says she came to keep Carly company; she must be lonely. Don’t worry about Michael. She’ll take care of him. Carly says, no.

Mary Pat talks to someone, telling them, here’s the workspace. She says don’t expect much; they’re heavily medicates, and probably can’t do more than fingerprint. It’s Franco, and he tells her he’ll figure it out. He’s had bad cases before.

Brad tells Julian he’s always been the cynical one, but he lowered his guard, even convincing Lucas to decorate the perfect nursery. They’ve had it ready for weeks. The baby can sleep there tonight. Their son. Alexis says someone wants to meet him, and a nurse brings the baby in.

Chase tells Nelle that he rigged the car to crash. They’ll fail if he suspects. Then they can’t be together and it’s all for nothing. She say she’ll have him take her on an errand, and then send him far enough away for Chase’s contraption to work. He’ll lose control of the car. Problems solved.

At the Quartermaines, Ava thinks it’s time proper conversation with Michael, about his mother and new wife. He doesn’t want to talk to her. She tried to have Mike committed. She says she was protecting her child. He would have done the same. She says when Carly interrupted the wedding, she suggested Nelle wasn’t acting alone. It was pretty obvious Carly was talking about her.

Sonny goes to the station. He tells Jordan that he heard from Diane, and doesn’t understand why Carly is allowed no visitors. Jordan says it’s only temporary until the adjust her treatment. He say she doesn’t need any, and she’s stuck in that snake pit with no one to help her.

Carly tells Nelle to go away. Nelle tells her that she’ll be old and grey by the time Sonny and Jason get her out. Maybe they’ve forgotten her, or don’t care. Face reality; she’s in it for the long haul. No one is coming. Franco says, Carly?

Chase gives Nelle last minute instructions. They can only safely go fifteen miles total. Then the steering will lock and the brakes will fail. He tells her she can still back out. She says Michael is pretending to care, and setting her up to take her baby. Michael has to die.

Ava tells Michael, whatever entity exists between Carly and Nelle has nothing to do with her. He asks if hiring her was a coincidence, and Ava says she did it for hi child’s sake. He says he’s not the one to worry about; his mother is a different story. Ava says she seems to have long road ahead.

Elizabeth tells Jason how much Jake enjoyed spending time with him and Drew. They’re both important to him; so is Franco. If Jason can get along with Drew, and Drew with Franco, maybe he and Franco can get along. Jason excuses himself. He needs to talk to Doc. Doc tells him there could be additional cause for concern.

Fantasy Nelle says it’s getting crowded in the room. Carly shakes her head. Franco says he’s as surprised to be there as she is to see him. A bleeding heart gave him an art therapy grant. Nelle asks what’s worse, getting a visit from Franco or being left to rot. Carly asks if Nelle is there. He asks if she wants the doctor or Mary Pat, and she says Mary Pat keeps giving her drugs. Franco says if she wants to express her feelings sin a safe space, that’s what art is for. She says he has to get her out of there.

Brad picks up the baby. Julian films while he talks to the baby and introduces himself. He tells him about Poppa Lucas being a doctor. He’s afraid he’ll break the baby, and Julian tell him that he’ll be fine. If there’s a situation they can’t handle, they have an army of friends and family to help. Brad asks Alexis when they can be sure the baby won’t be taken back. Julian asks what the chances of that are.

Alexis says it’s very rare. They have more pressing matters, like a name. Brad say they’d chosen Cher for a girl. Both short for Cheryl, for Lucas’s mom, and after Cher. They were talking about how a month can seem like a long while, and thought of Wiley, because they knew he’d be worth it all the while. Julian welcomes Wiley Cooper Jones to the world. Brad asks if Julian wants to hold him.

Carly tells Franco to tell Sonny and Jason to break her out. Mary Pat appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Franco says Carly asked for shade of pencil he didn’t bring. Mary Pat takes him into the hall, and tells him to be careful. The patients are medicated, but violent. And stay clear of that one. Franco says, Carly? Mary Pat asks if he knows her, and he says they’ve dealt with one another. He says they need to rejigger her meds; she’s no herself. Mary Pat says she’s better than when she got there. Soon, she’ll be right as rain. Fake Nelle shows Carly a knife, saying she’ll have a lot of fun with this. Carly says, stay away. Mary Pat says, looks like class over, and says what did they tell Carly about moving without permission?

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly isn’t sick. Jordan says, legally, she is. It’s out of her reach. Sonny says Nelle set her up. Jordan tells him knowing isn’t proving. Her conviction will be overturned only when Michael and Chase get the proof. If it’s going to happen, it will happen tonight.

Nelle finds Michael and Ava talking. She thought Ava was having lunch with Griff, but Ava says he had to cancel. The downside of dating a doctor. She came over to deliver Nelle’s final paycheck. Michael looks surprised, and Ava says it’s lovely that she’s going to devote all her time to her family; she’ll be missed at the gallery. Ava leaves, and Michael asks where Nelle has been. She says she ran into Chase, and he made a last pitch for a reunion. Michael says he shouldn’t be harassing her, but she says he knows where she stands. She meant her vows when she said them.

Doc tells Jason that the director at Ferncliff put Dr. Lazarus in in charge. Apparently, Doc isn’t doing his job at healing an already sane patient. He says Lazarus’s methods are controversial. He’s revised a technique that’s generally out of favor – electroconvulsive therapy. Carly is already scheduled for her first treatment.

Carly says she doesn’t belong there, and Mary Pat says, yet here she is. She’ll feel better when she’s adjusted to treatment. It’s time to see Dr. Lazarus, and move on to something new.

Jason asks Doc when Carly is scheduled, but all he knows is it’s sometime today. Jason asks what it will do to her, but Doc says it’s hard to say. That brand of treatment is a last resort. It’s for the truly lost who are beyond all other hope.

Franco tells Elizabeth that his time at Ferncliff was cut short. He doesn’t think he can help the poor souls there. Jason hears him.

Mary Pat tells Carly soon she’ll have a whole new outlook on life. She takes Carly down the hall, saying Carly’s life will be so much better – and hers. She tells Carly to pick up her feet. Carly passes a patient that looks like Doc, who tells her, SOS. There’s been speculation that the mystery patient is really Doc’s twin brother Ryan. He’s supposed to be dead, but you know how it goes. I’m still expecting Faison to pop up again.

Julian holds the baby, saying, such a miracle, and Brad tells the baby to say grandpa. He takes a picture and sends it to Julian. It’s time for him to take his son home. Julian hopes to be somebody his grandson will want to know. He tells the baby his grandfather loves him so much, and always will. He hands the baby back to Brad. Alexis says she’ll be in touch. Brad thanks her and leaves. Julian looks at the picture and wonders when he’ll hold the baby again. Alexis tells him to keep doing what he’s doing, and maybe he’ll see his grandson all the time.

Nelle packs her bag, but tells Michael she’s missing the glycerin lollipops that were recommended. Michael suggest picking them up tomorrow, but Nelle says what if she goes into labor tonight? They can pick some up in Sawyer now. Michael thinks it’s a little far, but she says, it’s worth every mile.

Back at the station, Chase says he met with Nelle, and the plan has been put in motion. He had a hidden camera in Michael’s car, so they can watch in real time. The car is set to lose control after he gets out. The rest is up to Michael.

Michael tells Nelle that Sawyer is in the opposite direction from the hospital. She says it’s only a few miles. By the time he’s done, she’ll be ready for him to pick her up. He asks how can he refuse her anything, and they leave.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Nina how she got roped in, Jason asks Franco about Ferncliff, and Carly gets her treatment.

Southern Charm – Reunion Part Two

Ashley says she’s about to walk into lion’s den. She’s going to speak her truth, even though it’s gotten her into trouble. It’s hard for her. Violins play in my head, and Austen says, here we go.

Andy wants to talk about Kathryn disappearing. He asks if she was surprised at everyone’s concern, and she says, it’s never been that way. HE asks at what age she realized she was struggling with depression. She tells him when she was eighteen, she was working politics. The men objectified her, and she self-medicated. She talks about going off the medication she’s on now, saying she doesn’t like depending on things other than herself to be normal. She’s glad it came out on the show, since a lot of people won’t admit to needing help. They still suffer the stigma of being medicated, but they shouldn’t feel ashamed. Cameran talks about suffering from anxiety, and that she needed medication. Craig says he had Kathryn’s back in times of conflict, but he wasn’t there all the time, and feels embarrassed. Anyone who’s gone through the bullsh*t Kathryn has would probably end up having something. Kathryn says she’s evolved, and she recognized they’re there for her, and it means a lot. Craig says she masked it a lot. Shep can relate to the depression part, and is happy to see the support.

Andy talks about Shep moving to a quieter, gentler area, where the sand is softer to face-plant in. They discuss the difference between a blackout and a brownout. Shep says with a brownout, you get mental snapshots of the night, where in a blackout, it’s what the hell happened? Austen says anything was better than what Shep was doing. Cameran says he’s still out and about, and showed her all the women on his phone. Andy asks how many times a week he goes out, and he says, it depends. Austen thinks four to six. Cameran is surprised he’s never gotten anyone pregnant. Andy asks about birth control, and Shep says he’s iffy. Cameran asks if he’s clean, and he says of course. Craig hopes they’re not jinxing him.

Relationshep is talked about, and Andy says he was surprised when Shep chose the twenty-two-year-old. It doesn’t seem like he really wants a committed relationship, but there’s no crime in that. He says he sees clichés, and falls into the trap. We flash back to Shep’s dinner party, and he and Craig attempting to grill. Andy asks about Shep’s knee, and he says he’s good. Andy tells him there are lots of people hoping for a Shep and Kathryn relationship. Shep does look back and wonder what if things happened differently. Andy says they have great chemistry. Shep says, physically, and they have a lot of fun. He says she’s really good, and Kathryn thanks him for the endorsement. We find out they’ve hooked up five times, and they talk about the time after Kensie was born at the Palace Hotel. Andy says, the night is young, and Kathryn says it’s an annual thing. Andy calls it a reunion hook-up.

Andy says Shep told his mother that he was working on becoming less angry, and he says he didn’t want to become an angry old guy. We flash back to his conversation with his mother. Shep says he realized he wasn’t his normally congenial, happy self, and hates being mean-spirited. We see a clip of him telling Austen he doesn’t need more friends, and Austen saying he’ll stay away then. Shep says it was like living on Bourbon Street. Andy says he got heat for calling out Austen for partying, and we flash back to Shep talking to Chelsea. A viewer says he can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to one up Austen, and Shep admits to still being salty. He’s asked if jealousy is a factor, and Shep says Austen had texted him about missing an epic night, and he came across badly. He says, talking someone else down is the worst move in the world. A viewer gets why Chelsea wanted Austen to stand up to Shep. Andy asks if it’s about Austen not standing up to Shep, or more about Austen, and Chelsea says it was more the standing up. Austen says it caused a serious rift. Shep says he apologized. He didn’t make himself look better, and squashed anything he could have had with Chelsea. He thinks they were both trying to win her over, and butted heads. Shep suggests Chelsea doesn’t have to tell everything he says, but Chelsea says he was painting himself as a choirboy.

Austen still isn’t working, and Andy asks if anyone there with a penis, besides him, has any ambition. Naomie says they have an ambition to not work. Andy asks about the status of Austen’s beer. Austen says it’s in the branding stage, and he’s pitching it to distributors. The name is going to be Trop Hop, because it has a tropical bent. We all like it. Andy says everyone loves his parents, who pop up on social media. His mom is no-nonsense, and his dad used to be in the FBI. Andy asks how much beer Austen would have to sell to actually pick up a check. He claims Chelsea grabs the check like lightening. She doesn’t feel she’s one of those girls who has to be paid for, but it’s how he went about it, and imitates his feeble attempt of, no, let me get it. Chelsea says not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family that can front them. It’s frustrating, because all the opportunities are right there; just pick something. Austen wishes it was that simple.

Backstage, Ashley thinks about what she’s going to say, and how she’s going to be the best person she can be. The hairdresser looks bored.

Andy says until she finds a manly man, Chelsea is content hanging with her main dog Tyson. We see pictures, and Chelsea says he’s one of Michael Vick’s dogs that were rescued. He’s been used as bait. I’m disgusted (no bold type for Vick), but make aww noises at the pictures. Andy asks if she’s gotten more clients because of the show, and she says she has. She talks about how she hears everything that goes on, and that a client saw Thomas and Ashley outside a restaurant arguing to the point of him throwing leftover food at her. He was saying she’s going to send him back to prison. Andy says after visiting her childhood home, Chelsea got emotional. She says her world was turned upside down after her stepdad died. We flash back to them visiting the house. Andy asks if she seeks out good providers because of the lifestyle her stepfather gave them. She says she learned to provide for herself. She looks back and sees what her mom went through, and doesn’t want to put herself in the same situation. A viewer thinks she sends Austen mixed messages, and Andy asks if they’ve hooked up since they stopped dating. The answer is no, and Andy moves on to Austen getting back with Victoria after Chelsea rebuffed him. He says it felt good to feel wanted, and she wanted to be with him; why push that away? Shep says Victoria is a fun time girl, and like one of the guys.

Andy rudely asks if Austen and Shep have ever been with the same woman on the same night. That’s a no, and Andy says a threesome doesn’t mean you’re gay. He says a lot of viewers thought Chelsea’s behavior toward Austen on the boat was inappropriate. She says people see a glimpse of something on social media, and their minds go off in different directions. She insists it was innocent, and I’m on her side. Shep says Austen hugging Chelsea at the party looked sultry and wonderful. Kathryn says they have natural chemistry, and Chelsea admits it looked flirty when she watched it. Andy says viewers love them as couple, and compare them to Ross and Rachel from Friends. He asks if they’ll ever get back together, but they’re both dating other people. Chelsea says he’s a friend; it’s not like that. She’s going out with someone who’s not from Charleston, so no one has met him yet.

It’s time for Ashley to join the group. Andy says Ashley might double-down. Naomie says triple-down. Andy asks her how painful the last four hours was, and she says she thought of running a few times. Shep says they’re at the finish line. Everyone trickles in, and someone wishes they had a water gun. Naomie crosses herself.

Andy describes Ashley as having traded scrubs for Chanel. Getting Thomas to marry her was a full-time job, and she spent her free time poking the mama bear. He asks if she’s nervous, and asks how her experience was watching the season. She thinks if people understood her humor, it would be different. She tends to poke and tease and get a rise out of people, and wishes it wouldn’t be taken so seriously. Andy says viewers on social media are concerned about her weight loss. She says the pressure of filming made her nervous. She put pressure on herself and it created stress. Andy says they haven’t been filming for a while. She says there are also the allegations. People are saying she has anorexia, and is a villain. This didn’t happen overnight. Andy asks about when she first met Thomas. Ashley says his first question was what she did for a living, and he told her that his sister is a nurse. She thought it was nice of him to be interested in hearing about her career. She thought he had depth. Andy asks what he’s like as a boyfriend. The words alternately boring and crazy come to mind, but she says he’s romantic; he takes care of her. Everyone laughs. She says she likes scaring and pranking him, and putting fake bugs around to keep it fun. Andy wonders how he’s doing in light of the investigation. She says it’s been humbling, and she’s seeing a new Thomas. He wants to stay in and keep under the radar. He’s been softer, more sensitive, kinder, and more supportive. Everyone wants to be your friend when you’re on top, and she’s not leaving. Andy asks if she expects Thomas to be cleared, and she says of course. There have been no charges, just allegations. It used to be innocent until proven guilty, but now it’s the other way around. I have to admit, she’s right there, but I doubt it applies in Thomas’s case. He acts like a full-blown nut sometimes.

Andy says Kathryn admitted to Craig that she and Thomas hooked up after the season 4 reunion. We flash back to Thomas winking at her during the reunion. Andy asks if anyone is surprised, and Naomie says it’s a tradition. Kathryn says it’s an annual thing. Andy points out Thomas was dating Ashley in May, and hooked up with Kathryn in June. Kathryn says she had no idea he was dating Ashley. Ashley says he told her in July; he doesn’t lie. Ha! He probably told her because he knew she was going to find out, since all of them knew.

Andy says the first time Ashley met Kathryn was at Shep’s birthday party. Ashley said she was physically afraid of Kathryn based on what she’d heard. Kathryn says she’s never touched anyone in her life; weird. Andy asks Kathryn what she thought of Ashley, and Kathryn says she thought Ashley was normal… ish. We flash back to Ashley saying she has nothing but respect for Kathryn. Kathryn says Ashley met her children before they met. Ashley says Thomas has full custody, and it was just in passing. Kathryn asks how long did Thomas know her before she met the kids, and Ashley says a week. Andy asks is Thomas and Ashley had sex in the bathroom at the party. She says, no, and we flash back to them going into the bathroom together. Everyone is laughing. Shep says it’s cool, but Ashley says Thomas won’t do it anywhere but in bed. Kathryn mumbles that’s not true. Andy can’t think of another reason to be going into the bathroom together, but Ashley insists they were just trying to get private time away from the cameras. She has more class than that. Shep says he doesn’t have any.

Viewer Loretta from Akron tweets that Ashley is completely committed to getting engaged. We flash back to the million times she brought up rings and/or weddings. Andy says if he asked today, would she say yes. She hesitates, then says she’s not there yet, like any of us believe that. Andy asks what changed; the investigation? She says, not at all, but once she started working, she realized she should pump the brakes and enjoy dating. Everyone thought she got caught up in the money. Andy tells her that Tinsley Mortimer tweeted that she wants to be T-Rav’s widow. Ashley says she can meet someone with more money back home, and dated guys own age with more. It’s just a stereotype, and she was attracted to an accomplished man who works hard for what he’s got. Another viewer asks how Ashley felt when Thomas was flirting up a storm with Kathryn, and wonders what she’s doing with that d-bag. Ashley insists it didn’t bother her; she was right there. Shep thought it was awkward. He said, I love you to Kathryn in French. Not only that – and this is me saying it, not Shep – it was the familiar way of saying it, je t’aime. Ashley says she feels secure in the relationship. Shep is like, okay, and we flash back to a couple of jealous moments from Ashley. She says she knows he’s coming home with her. Andy says she had to know it would upset Kathryn to post the Halloween picture of her with the children. She says Thomas posted it, and Kathryn could have been there; she was invited. Kathryn asks why she would want to go trick-or-treating with her and Thomas, and it should have been Thomas’s place to invite her, not Ashley’s. Ashley claims she could have stayed at the house and pass out candy. Andy asks if Kathryn believes that, and she says, no. The rest of the world agrees.

Andy asks if Ashley has any regrets about spending $10K of Thomas’s money. I thought he said $20K when they were at the polo match. Ashley tries to pretend she didn’t know he was paying, even though she used his credit card. Then she claims she was going to bring the clothes back, but Thomas insisted she keep them because Patricia approved. Kathryn says, despite how it looks, Thomas is beyond frugal. She’s never seen him do that. Ashley says maybe just with her. Kathryn guesses she just wasn’t deserving of nice things. Ashley says he gave her two, and Kathryn says like she didn’t give them to him; nice. Andy mentions how Patricia had rooted for the relationship between Thomas and Ashley, and asks what’s going on now? Ashley says she has no relationship with Patricia. In the beginning, Patricia told her, maybe it was selfish, but she wanted them together just so Kathryn couldn’t get back together with Thomas. Ashley’s biggest regret is going shopping with her, when should have gone with Kathryn. Everyone looks confused, including me. Andy asks what happened to turn Patricia around. Ashley seems to think it started with social media systematically sabotaging her relationship with Patricia. She’s alluding to someone saying bad things about her, and Thomas targeting Patricia in return. Shep says Patricia isn’t in charge of what other people say. She had been good to Thomas. Andy asks if they’re speaking now, but Shep says, it’s over.

Andy says the group packed up their emotional baggage to take a trip to Hilton Headache. Shep explains how he walked into a glass door while busy talking smack. Craig’s finger is brought into the conversation, and Shep says it’s mangled because Craig waited too long to go to the hospital. Moving on to what we’ve been waiting for. Ashley was insistent about being invited to Saint’s second birthday party. A viewer ask on what planet she thought she as being appropriate. Ashley says it could have been any party; she just wanted to be included. Andy says they made the effort to include her on the trip to Hilton Head, but she became feverishly obsessed with the birthday party. We flash back to what’s starting to eclipse LuAnn’s fall in the bushes, and I say, nasty out loud. Andy said there was an overwhelming response, and reads comments, including one that calls Ashley literally the devil. We flash back to more of Ashley making a fool of herself. Chelsea says she cried when they left. She can’t imagine hearing what Ashley said to Kathryn. Naomie says she was holding Kathryn’s hand, and she was trembling. Andy asks how Kathryn kept her composure. She says her kids are more important than responding. Cameran says she wasn’t there, but her reaction as a viewer was that she couldn’t believe it. Andy brings up Chelsea saying Thomas and Ashley weren’t allowed back in the house if Kathryn was uncomfortable. Kathryn says she appreciated that, but Thomas’s reaction was scary. Chelsea says she was terrified he’d jump the bench in the ferry. We see a clip of Thomas being a nutjob. Andy wonders why the guys didn’t react like Southern gentlemen, and Austen says he did. Chelsea says when Austen stood up, she thought there was going to be a fight. Cameran adds that he seemed comfortable screaming. Kathryn says it’s the real Thomas. When he becomes unhinged, the façade falls, and his eyes turn black. Ashley tells her that Thomas says the same things about her. I find that highly doubtful. Cameran says a man should never approach a woman like that. No one should speak to anyone like that. Craig says he’s never seen anyone talk to a girl like that. Cameran thinks Ashley is scared of him, but Ashley insists she’s not. Andy says she seemed to be smirking when Thomas got in Chelsea’s face on the boat, and asks why she called them enablers, and Ashley says they should hold Kathlyn accountable. Kathryn says she’s been holding herself accountable for years, and Ashley is trying to discredit her by calling her friends enablers. Andy says she takes random drug tests, and Ashley asks how many she’s taken. Kathryn says she doesn’t know, and Ashley claims it’s four, and she barely made the last one. They stayed late for her. Kathryn says she was working, and Ashley says she’s lucky she made it, or it would count as a fail. She would have been there early. Kathryn says Ashley is really out of touch with the fact she’s a complete a-hole. Ashley’s head explodes, and everyone laughs. I laugh loudest.

A viewer says they were scared for Chelsea when Ashley kept repeating name on the staircase. Was she freaked out? Chelsea says she was, and it was a horrible thing to say. We see a clip of Ashley saying giving birth doesn’t make you a mother. Ashley agrees she was being a bitch. Chelsea is concerned that there’s no remorse over her outburst. An apology would have smoothed things over. Craig says he thought they wouldn’t come back. Shep says it seemed to embolden them, like it was them against the world. Andy asks if Ashley regrets saying anything, and she says, absolutely. She can’t defend herself; her behavior is indefensible… and scary. She should have pulled Kathryn aside for a private conversation if she had issues. Then, in blaming everything except her own black heart, she says she picked the worst time and place. Kathryn is glad she did what she did. It showed her true colors. Ashley gets stuck on the wrong time and place. Craig says, what about the content? She says she shouldn’t have brought it up, but it was how she was feeling. Kathryn says what hurts is that she’s not sorry for what she said. Cameran says, it was a backhanded apology. Andy asks if Ashley believes what said, and she says she does. Andy says that viewers think Thomas was selling her out in his interviews. Craig says he compared her to a dog chasing a chew toy, and we see him saying that – almost. Andy is surprised it’s not a bone of contention, and Ashley says Thomas is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Shep tells her, don’t be a rock. Cameran mentions how Thomas used Kathryn to bait her. Cameran says she screwed up, but she doesn’t think Ashley is aware of it. Ashley says Thomas’s stupid comments are entertainment for her. Craig says she’s like the old Kathryn, and Ashley says no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Kathryn says she does. Cameran says Charleston is a small town, and it’s common knowledge their relationship is volatile. Shep says if she acted that way when she knew cameras were one her, Lord only knows. Chelsea had mentioned Thomas was seen throwing food at her outside a restaurant. Ashley says that she wanted to leave, and had handed him to food. She was upset, and being a brat. Chelsea and Craig both says it’s a red flag. Cameran wonders what it says about a man who talks poorly about the mother of his children. He said horrible things about Ashley to everyone. Ashley says a lot has changed, and Austen says she’s in denial. Cameran says she’s lying to herself. Ashley asks if it’s an intervention, and Chelsea says they’re trying to help. Andy asks if it doesn’t give her pause that they’ve all seen it before. Kathryn feels bad watching her; being her from years ago. Cameran says he’s not a nice person. Ashley says we all have bad moments; a lot changed. Craig says they’re looking out for her, but she says they’re wrong. Cameran says she should give herself a nice life while she can.

Andy says it took five years for Patricia to reach out the olive branch, and invite Kathryn to her Winter Wonderland Ball. Now that she’s a mother, Kathryn thinks it started when she told Whitney fall on a knife. We see that clip. Andy asks if they’ve been in touch since the ball. Kathryn says Patricia requested her presence when they crossed paths at a restaurant. She apologizes, saying she’s seen Kathryn’s transform. She feels bad for saying what she did without getting to know Kathryn. Cameran can confirm that Patricia is genuinely sorry, and looks at Kathryn in a new light. Andy brings up the rumor about Ashley being an escort, and says it’s a serious allegation. Austen says he has no problem with it, because, her behavior. His roommate has friends in Santa Barbara who might have mentioned it Ashley says that’s disgusting, and shame on him. I still say she isn’t put together enough mentally or emotionally to be a high-end escort. Or even a streetwalker. Austen says if it was his girlfriend being talked about, he’d want to know. Ashley says the rumor came from a person Thomas rejected. Kathryn says she heard Thomas signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and it’s like a business relationship. Ashley calls her a liar, and Craig thinks Thomas is scared she’ll testify against him. He let her get too clse, and wants to keep her there. She says she’d never do that because she has a conscience. Andy is surprised they haven’t broken up, and she says they see each other’ heart. Kathryn thinks Thomas doesn’t trust she won’t go to the media, and she might be crazy enough to threaten him. Ashley says, it takes one to know one, because we’re ten. Andy says they seemed on the verge of breaking up a bunch of times, and we see clips of that. Craig says he was about to call it quits right in front of them. Ashley says she wasn’t happy with her own life, but she’s very secure now. And they’re not invited to the wedding. Everyone laughs, and she asks if Andy will officiate

Andy says she went outside at the ball to apologize, but it quickly tuned into a nasty brawl. Ashley says she had pure intentions, and Kathryn asks what changed. She said worse things than she did in Hilton Head. We revisit that. Any asks if she believes Kathryn is nothing more than an egg donor. Ashley says she apologized, and felt attacked. Kathryn says Ashley was the one doing the attacking, and Ashley says Kathryn followed her. Kathryn says Ashley walked away. She tells Ashley, screw her for saying it. It’s not okay to say to any mother ever; it’s beyond disrespectful. She feels badly that Ashley doesn’t see it. She hopes if Ashley is ever a mother she learns this. She’s around Kathryn’s children, and saying things about and to her is disturbing. Ashley tries defending herself, saying Kathryn lost custody. Kathryn says Ashley has known her less than a year. In that time, has there been anything she’s done to bring Ashley to the point of saying she’s nothing more than an egg donor, or is she judging Kathryn by things told to her by Thomas about the past. Ashley says, yes, but she would love to make it right. Andy asks what it would take to convince her, and Ashley wants a private conversation. Shep asks if she wants to hear Kathryn’s side of the story. Ashley says, no, but they could relate. Huh? Craig seems to think Ashley was brainwashed, since she can’t see the truth the entire group is giving her. Andy gives it up to Kathryn. It would have caused him to get physical. He doesn’t know how she walked away. Kathryn says watching it, she was able to confirm that she’s gotten to know herself and her self-worth, and act accordingly. As a mother, she doesn’t want Ashley around her children. She’s unkind, hateful, and sadistic. Unfortunately, if she has to be the one to deliver that message to her this way, she’ll do it. She’s done. Ashley whines that she wants to make amends, and Kathryn suggests she focus on loving herself. Andy thanks Ashley, and says he’ll her see her at the wedding. Well played, Kathryn. Well played.

Ashley departs, and everyone agrees, what a day. Craig says, it was different, and k wonders how naïve anyone can be. They all agree Thomas won’t like it.

Ashley says where she goes from here is a hard question. Her judgment was in question, but they’re not living her life. They’re not with Thomas 24/7. Maybe she was brainwashed in the beginning. This is what she gets for judging Kathryn. Maybe she wasn’t clear enough, but she stood by what she said. It’s hard with no support. She thinks Thomas deserves it too. He’s her best friend, and she’s not ready to throw in the towel. Despite what they say, she’s happy, and she’s not going anywhere.

It’s the final moments. Andy says through the ebbs and flows, and Hurricane Ashley who took the wind out of everyone’s sails, the friendship is solid between everyone. He asks if Craig thinks he’ll ever be friends with Naomie. Craig says if he could go back, he would change everything.  Naomie asks him to just respect her relationship and be happy for her. Shep confirms his friendship with Kathryn, and says she knows if she needs anything, he’ll drop everything. He’s also realized he’s the oldest one there. Cameran calls him, the elder. Andy asks if becoming a mom has given Cameran more patience with the guys, and she says, absolutely. Austen and Chelsea are still great friends, and happy about each other’s new relationship. Andy asks for a round of applause for Kathryn, who came out on top, showing her restraint. We find out Austen’s beer will be out late summer/early fall. He still has a couple more hoops to jump through.

Cups of Austen’ beer is brought out, with a Coke for Kathryn, who jokingly asks if Andy means the Coca Cola kind. Andy asks Shep to make the toast, as the elder statesman. He says five years ago, no one could have dreamt this, and who knows how many more? Cheers to those who wish us well, and all who don’t, can rot in hell. Everyone loves the beer. I’ll miss them.





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