July 30, 2018 – Two Kinds of Escapes, the OC Invades Mexico, a New Doctor, a New Baby, a Different Love & Interesting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells everyone down on the floor, with their hands behind their back, and binds them. He takes the rubber thing out of Carly’s mouth. She asks if this is real.

Julian calls Brad to tell him that Lucas is still in surgery. He asks if Brad wants him to get Lucas out, but Brad decides to be patient, even though he’s anxious to let Lucas know the baby is here. Not just here – home.

At the hospital, Kim asks if Elizabeth has seen Nelle. Elizabeth says she hasn’t, and asks if something’s wrong. Kim hopes not, but Nelle called for an appointment with the lactation specialist at the last minute, and she’s not there. Elizabeth tells her, baby brain is real, and Kim says, maybe.

At the station, the screen has gone blank, and Chase tells Sonny that they’ve lost them. Sonny asks for the last position of the car.

The car sits, smoking, in the middle of a forest. Nelle and Michael are unconscious. Nelle wakes up, and asks the baby if it’s okay in there; she wants a kick. She shakes Michael, but there’s no response. She says, thank God it’s over.

Chase gives Sonny the location, and says he’s going along. Jordan comes in, and says he’s not going anywhere until she knows what’s going on.

The other car involved in the crash is the prison transportation van. Obrecht sees the guard next to her in the back seat. She apologizes for the assault, but she wasn’t about to be carted off to prison. She checks his pulse, and says his neck will be bruised, but he’ll be back to work in no time. She checks the driver, and says, life for him, no additional murder charges for her. She takes the keys and the guard’s gun, and says, no hard feelings. She walks off into the forest.

Michael comes to just before Nelle can get out of the car. He asks how the baby is, and she says, fine. She’s glad he’s okay, and was about to find help. He tells her, enough. It’s too late. He knows she’s not happy he’s alive, but she insists she is. He says the plan was a fail. For her, anyway. She calls him an SOB, saying he set her up. He says he can’t take all the credit. He had help; Chase was in on it. She accuses him of terrorizing her, and he says she was only afraid because she’d planned the crash. Enough lies and excuses. She tried to kill him. The car was rigged, but with audio and video. Everything she said was recorded.

Kim tells Elizabeth, according to the housekeeper, Nelle and Michael left. They should have been st the hospital by now. Elizabeth suggests they stopped for dinner, and Kim asks if she wants to go to the cafeteria for some. Elizabeth is distracted on her phone, and Kim says they’re having poached horse. Elizabeth apologizes, saying she’s left repeated messages for Franco, but his phone seems to be turned off. She’s is going directly to voicemail, and her texts aren’t going through. When Franco goes radio silent, something is wrong. He’s always trying, but his judgment still needs work.

Franco sits in the car outside Ferncliff. He says, Jason, come on.

Jason asks how Carly is feeling, and she says she’s had better days. He says they have to go right now, but she doesn’t think she can stand. Jason says she’ll have to. Dr. Lazarus – who, according to Soaps in Depth, spells his name Lasiris, even though Mary Pat made a point of comparing it to Lazarus from the Bible – says they’ll never make it; they’ll never reach the exit. Jason tells Carly, once they leave the room, don’t stop; no matter what.

Outside, Franco says, enough. He did his good deed. He can’t find the keys, and realizes that blue-eyed bastard took them.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Franco’s judgement might be questionable at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s a game changer.

Chase tells Jordan that Nelle believed the car would crash after it drove fifteen miles. She was frantic, and desperate for Michael to pull the car over. She asks how desperate, and he shows her the video. Jordan sees Nelle admit the car is rigged, and Chase says Michael wanted more. He kept pressing because he wanted answers. She admitted to gaslighting Carly, but then they got in a real wreck. Jordan doesn’t suppose Zack’s case came up, and Chase shows Nelle saying she didn’t want Zack to die, but had no choice. They get ready to leave, when an officer comes in and tells Jordan that they’ve lost contact with the prison van. Jordan and Chase jet.

Nelle can’t believe Michael would go behind her back like this. He says, like the insane mother of his child who tried to have him killed? She asks, whose fault is that? She would have been happy with him, but he was going to take her baby away. He calls her delusional. She says she couldn’t trust his mother; Carly was awful to her, and she would do it again. He says they would have been good to her for the baby’s sake. He would have taken care of her, and kept it peaceful. She says it wasn’t enough, and he asks if this is better. Is it what she wanted? Now everyone knows who she is, and what she did. It’s over. Nelle gets out of the car, but Michael’s seatbelt is stuck. She looks at him.

Jason takes Carly through the hallways. The background music is so loud, I’m sure no one will hear them, and oddly enough, there are no guards anywhere. In the car, Franco wonders, what would Jason do? He can’t call an Uber, since he’s breaking about eleven laws. Jason and Carly appear, and he asks what took them so long? Carly gets in the passenger seat, and Jason tells Franco to get into the back. Carly wonders why Franco is there. Jason takes off. That was kind of an anticlimactic escape.

Julian tells Kim that he’s waiting for Lucas, so he can see his face when he finds out he’s a father. Kim hadn’t known the baby arrived, and Julian shows her the picture. Elizabeth can’t believe Lucas doesn’t know yet, but Julian says Brad wants to be the one to tell him. Elizabeth leaves, and Kim says Julian has a new grandson. She congratulates him. She loves how he stuck around to see Lucas’s reaction, but Julian says, the question is, will Lucas feel the same way? Kim says she’s witnessed it a thousand times over. In that instant, nothing else matters. He’ll only care about the baby. Julian says one of his biggest regrets was not being there for the birth his children. Although Lucas wasn’t there for the birth, Julian is glad Lucas will get that moment when his son is put in his arms.

Brad watches the baby. He says he’s a parent, and Wiley is their son. He made a promise to Lucas, and acted confident, but down inside, he was nervous. He thanks Wiley for making the promise a reality. His daddy is grateful. He tells Wiley, sweet dreams, and turns down the light.

Michael can’t get out of the car, which is now throwing sparks. He tells Nelle that he’s having trouble with the seatbelt. It’s jammed. Nelle says it wouldn’t be a big deal, but she smells gas leaking. He tells her to get help, and she says if she smoked, she would light one and think it over. She guesses she’ll leave it to fate. She tells him, good luck, and remember that he brought it on himself. He asks her to wait, but she walks away. He struggles, and gas drips from the car.

Jason drives to the hospital, and tells Franco to get out. Franco tells him, nothing says friendship like helping someone break someone out of the loony bin. Jason thanks him. Franco says he’s glad Carly is okay. Jason leaves, and Franco goes into the hospital.

Nelle needs a car, any car. She starts to feel contractions.

Julian tells Kim that he wants Wiley to know his grandfather. She wants that for him too. She’s observed Lucas. Lucas knows he’s trying and appreciates it. Julian hopes enough to crack the door open. She says he might have more sympathy now that he’s a father. Julian says, the dream doesn’t end there, and Kim says, Sam? He says, and Leo. He’s hoping maybe if Sam and Olivia see how good he is with Wiley, they’ll let him spend time with their children. There are a lot of maybes and what ifs. She says, that’s what dreams are. It’s up to us to make them a reality.

Franco’s elevator opens, and Elizabeth is there. She says she thinks his phone is off. It’s unlike him, and she wonders what he’s up to.

Nelle says, this is not happening. Not here; not now. Obrecht comes out of the forest, and Nelle says she knows her. She’s all over the news. Obrecht tells Nelle to forget she saw her. Nelle says Obrecht is a doctor, and explains she used to work for her niece. Obrecht remembers that Nina said she was a lying sneak. Nelle says she needs Obrecht’s help. She grabs Obrecht’s arm, and says she’s in labor.

Michael digs around in the console for anything he can find to get the seatbelt off. Sonny is suddenly at the window.

In a cabin – no, not that one – Carly sits up, and looks around. She starts to panic, and calls for Jason. He comes out, telling her it’s okay. He gives her some water to help get the drugs out of her system. She says he broke her out of Ferncliff. She thought she was hallucinating. He asks if it was a hallucination, would she think he’d have Franco with him? It’s okay; he’s here; this is real. She’s safe. She cries, and thanks him.

Michael tells Sonny that his seatbelt is caught. He asks if Sonny has a knife. He tells Sonny the car could blow, but Sonny isn’t leaving. He takes out a pocket knife, tells Michael to sit still, and starts to cut.

Jordan and Chase find the prison van. Chase says the guards are still alive. He sees a pair of handcuffs, and assumes they belong to the prisoner. Jordan calls dispatch for an APB on Obrecht. She asks Chase about the guns, and he says, there’s one missing. She tells dispatch that Obrecht is armed and dangerous. She calls for an ambulance, and tells Chase the paramedics are on the way. The driver comes to, and Jordan asks, what happened? He says his prisoner attacked the guard, he swerved, and lost control of the car. Chase thinks the other car must be Michael’s, and wants to find him. Jordan says they have to find Obrecht.

Nelle tells Obrecht that she barely got out before the car exploded. She just kept walking, and her water broke. Obrecht says, interesting. She just came from a car crash. Another car ran them off the road; it must have been hers. There was no explosion, and her pupils aren’t dilated, so there’s been no trauma to the brain. Can it be that she’s lying? Nelle says what she’s not lying about, is that she’s having a baby right here, right now. Obrecht took an oath, and has to help her.

Franco tells Elizabeth the truth is alarming. She asks, how much? and he says, seven out of ten. She tells him the truth now is better than finding out later. He says, right now? and she says, yeah, lay it on her.

Carly asks how Jason did it. He says when they took her back, he knew he had to get her out. It was the reason he took the job; to get the layout, but they took his badge. She asks how he got in, and he says he heard Franco say he worked there sometimes. He would have done anything to get her out, even team up with Franco. He’s sorry. As soon as they took her back, he should have done it that night, but he got talked into waiting. Carly says she was talked into pleading insanity. They both messed up, but will trust their own instincts from now on, especially about each other. Jason sits next to her. She tells him not to feel bad or sorry. She knew he would get her, and he did.

Obrecht says she misunderstood morality; there might be something to it. She recognizes sociopathy. Not as a mirror to herself, but in Faison, the man who killed her son. Maybe something good can happen from something bad. Maybe what happened with her son will happen with Nelle’s child. She tells Nelle to spread her scrawny legs and push.

Julian tells Kim that he’s going to do everything in his power prove himself to his children. Kim says he can respect their wishes, but still keep the door ajar. She can’t stress enough the bond between children and parents. His kids will see it too. He thanks her, and says that will be another day. Today is about his son.

Brad tells Wiley it’s time to wake up and eat. The baby isn’t waking up. I say, oh no, out loud. He drops the bottle. Please. They are not going to do this, are they?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jason did the dirty work, and there’s probably a less than 50% chance anyone saw him, so the chances of him getting into trouble are pretty slim. In general, Elizabeth is opposed to activities like breaking out mental patients, but in this case, he did the right thing. He didn’t expect that, and thanks her. He wonders if it’s only because Jason was involved, and thinks if it had been his idea, she’d be upset. She says Jason went to Ferncliff to save his friend. She respects him for it, because that’s who he is, but Carly isn’t Franco’s friend, and he didn’t help because he was forced. It was decent and kind, and that’s who he is. She’s proud of him. He says he’s better for it, and they kiss.

Jason asks Carly how she’s feeling. She says, okay, but shaky, and still out of it. She needs to say something out loud, just to him, and then bury it. Sonny can never know; nobody can. He tells her to go ahead, and she says, it was awful. Spending her days and nights in a padded cell; she had no concept of time. Mary Pat is evil – there’s no other word for her. With all the drugs Mary Pat pumped into her, she could barely hold her head up. She’d started hallucinating, but all she saw was Nelle. It was the second most horrific thing she’s ever experienced. Morgan was the first, and she couldn’t go through it again. She had to try and stop Michael from marrying Nelle. She knew what that would cost, and didn’t care. She can endure anything if it means keeping her son safe.

Sonny cuts through the seatbelt like a sloth. Michael says to let him take it. The car continues to smoke and spark. (Ha-ha! Smoke & Spark, a new bar… or rap team.) Sonny says Michael’s mother can’t lose them both. Sonny finally gets him loose, but Michael can’t move his legs. The sparks really start flying, and they look at each other.

Tomorrow, Jason explains what Nelle had planned to Carly, Robert tells Finn the texts came from Anna’s captors, and Margaux looks at what’s on the flash drive.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

We revisit Kelly finding out that Vicki and Steve went on a double-date with Michael and Vicki’s friend. In her interview, Vicki tells us that Michael said it was none of Kelly’s business. It’s not cheating; their marriage is over. She calls Michael from the car, and leaves a message that his soon-to-be-ex-wife just destroyed her.

Kelly calls Tamra, and tells her about the double-dates. Tamra thinks Vicki is destroying girl code. Kelly wanted to smack her, and says there’s no loyalty. It would be like Tamra going on a double-date with David. Tamra says she would never do that, and Kelly says then Vicki had the audacity to yell at her. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki knew she was wrong, and that’s why she didn’t tell Kelly. She was being sneaky.

I get confused for a moment, since the New York Wives are also doing Mexico.

Vicki tells Tamra, it’s about moving forward and rebuilding friendships. In the car, Tamra says she doesn’t think Kelly’s problem is with Michael dating, but that Vicki double-dated with him. Vicki says she didn’t tell her because Michael asked her not to, but Tamra thinks maybe she shouldn’t double-date with him. In her interview, Tamra says she went through it with Simon, and in a divorce, friendships are split up as well. We see a clip of Tamra getting annoyed with Eddie about David being in the studio. Eddie says he’s staying friends with David. Tamra tells him that it upsets Shannon, but he’s not going to let someone else dictate who he’s friends with. Tamra tells Vicki to have fun. They’re going to Mexico.

Kelly puts on a weird ski jumpsuit, which daughter Jolie vetoes. Kelly tells Jolie about a phone message from Vicki, who said she was under the impression she shouldn’t tell Kelly, and it’s not her position to. Kelly thinks it is. In her interview, she says Michael isn’t Vicki’s friend; she is. She says she was warned about Vicki, and Tamra and Shannon were right. We flash back to them telling Kelly to keep her distance or she’ll get hurt. Vicki adds that she just wants everyone to get along, and to have a good ski trip. Kelly tells Jolie that Vicki should have said something, and Jolie says she’s not a good friend. Why get caught up in drama with someone who just wants to make things worse? Vicki is not her friend. It’s shocking to Kelly that a twelve-year-old knows how to be a better friend than a fifty-five-year-old woman. Jolie says God tells you to forgive, but you don’t have to be buddies, and I’m in total agreement. Kelly calls Jolie a mini psychiatrist. Jolie says Kelly can forgive her, but let her know it’s not like it was before.

Gina and Emily work out in the park with their children in a strollercize class. Leader Kim instructs them about jogging with the kids. Emily kids are out of control. She says, tongue in cheek, that she needs therapy and medication just to deal with them. Kids are out to get you and will hurt you. This class looks like a true struggle. Emily is glad she met Gina. They’re in the exact same place. People with one kid only have one place they need to focus the attention. In her interview, Gina says in the OC, you have to play a part, or everyone will let you know you’re not doing a good enough job. Emily asks if Gina’s husband is a hands-on father. Gina says he’s good with poop detail. In her interview, Gina says she’s essentially a single parent during the week. She tells Emily that she’s signed up for some mommy groups, but they didn’t click. She and Emily decide on a second date.

Shannon feels closer to her kids since the divorce. Since they were already in Mexico, the girls are flying home, and she’s arranging for a babysitter while she’s away. She’s more determined than ever to get through the divorce successfully and happily. She tells her daughters that she wants a call every minute.

Apparently Mexican shots equal three in the US. Shannon orders three, and waits for Vicki and Tamra at the gate, surprising the hell out of them. FYI, they’re all wearing blinged out sombreros. Vicki and Shannon hug, then fall down, and the trip hasn’t even started. Tamra says, welcome to Mexico, and asks if they’re going to jail. Vicki also has pee on her pants. Omg. I would never go on vacation with these women. Never.

Kelly is snippy with Jolie, who tells her just because she’s mad at Vicki, don’t be mad at her. Kelly threatens to send her to boarding school, but Jolie says she’d actually like that.

Gina goes shopping, but doesn’t understand the store. The clerk tells her it’s a lifestyle boutique. She says it must be a California thing.

Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra are shown to their rooms. Vicki says Shannon knows how to do it up right. The pink sunset is insane, and they’re right on the water. They toast to their new normal. Shannon says it’s looking pretty good.

Shannon says she hasn’t been out in five months, and tonight, she’s going out. They have a shot or three in the room first, and head out to the bar. Vicki says she has a lot of history with the bar, and we flash back to her dancing with Tamra on the bar. Lots of drinking happens. Tamra says, when in Mexico, go through full throttle. She and Shannon get on the bar and dance. Tamra flashes everyone. In her interview, Vicki explains she told Steve she’ll be good. We see a clip of him saying she shouldn’t do anything she can’t do in front of her grandkids in public. Shannon is wearing several bras, and Tamra asks how she expects to get laid. Tamra just wants Shannon to have fun. Shannon appreciates it, and Tamra says to learn from her and Vicki. Shannon says she doesn’t let a lot of people in, and she’s grateful they came there. They woohoo.

They stumble out, and move on to the next place to get some food. Vicki parks Tamra and Shannon, and goes in to order. Shannon repeats that she’s grateful they’re with her, and having fun. Tamra says, whatever it takes for her to be happy, she’ll give it to her. Vicki passes out the food. Tamra talks about Eddie, saying she can’t get enough of him. She loves him, and if something happened to him, her life would be over. Shannon says she used to think that way about David, and Vicki says she used to think that way about Brooks. Vicki says Brooks made her think he loved her, and she loved him so much, but now she loves Steve. Shannon questions that, but not in a mean way. Vicki doesn’t want judgement or questions. Shannon says she told them Brooks was her soulmate, and it’s hard to understand. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki is trying to convince herself; it sounds mechanical when she talks about Steve. Shannon suggests they go back, and they walk right in front of the cars in the street. Good thing it’s cobblestone.

Tamra hits the hot tub. Shannon complains about being fat. In her interview, she says there’s a lot stopping her from being naked, and one thing is her body. Tamra gets out, and slips on the floor. Vicki covers her. In her interview, Tamra says she has so much sh*t going on in her life, she could make a country song out of it. She sits next to the tub, naked except for a sombrero, and yells for Shannon. Shannon gets in wearing Spanx. In her interview, Vicki says she told Steve she’d be responsible. Tamra thinks she’s holding back, and wants her full throttle friend. Tamra jumps into the tub, and thinks she broke her foot, but it’s all good. She asks for another shot, and yells for Vicki.

The next morning, Shannon doesn’t remember much. Vicki has gotten matching pajamas for the three of them. She says, matching pajama friends make better friends. Tamra’s foot is officially broken. Shannon says, unbelievable. Why? Tamra tells them she had to take a cab to the hospital by herself, because they were passed out. Well, no one told her to drunkenly cavort in the hot tub. Room service comes with fruit and coffee. Shannon thinks a big pastry would soak it up better. She asks what time they got home, but no one knows. Tamra counts – two shots at the airport; two in the room, and possibly a beer, then another before they left; three at the bar; no, four; then drinks and shots upstairs at that place, and a drink at another place. Shannon says, after a five-month social hiatus, way to go. They decide to head for the beach.

Back in the OC, Gina deals with her kids. She says it’s hard to be a mom, but feel like there are others in the same situation. She says she copes with a lot of playdates and wine. Unless one of these kids robs a bank some time soon, I don’t know how exciting will be. She says with her husband gone, it’s difficult to keep the connection. When he is home, they have the chaos of kids. The kid in the dinosaur costume screams, and won’t stop opening the front door every time Gina closes it. Hmm… maybe that one is my potential criminal.

Vicki and Shannon bring Tamra out in a wheelchair, but she refuses to be wheeled down the stairs. They try to help, and Tamra protests that Shannon’s hand is in her a-hole. They’re like The Three Stooges trying to get her down the stairs, and a staff member steps in to help.

Tamra is carried to a lounge chair. Vicki says, middle aged women can’t act this way. It’s very embarrassing. Shannon says, let’s do it again. In her interview, she likes the new version of herself. It’s a little bit sexier-ish. Tamra calls Eddie, and tells him the bad news about her foot. She says she went to get in the Jacuzzi, and it broke. He says it sounds like she was drunk AF. She says, maybe a little. Vicki keeps yelling, she was naked, in the background, and Tamra says no wonder Kelly is mad at her. She asks what’s up with that, and Vicki explains that a friend wanted to meet David. She had a barbecue and they exchanged numbers there. She asked if she should tell Kelly, but they both asked her not to. She says Michael was lonely, not having Jolie, and Steve was hanging out with him. She wonders why choose sides? Michael wanted the marriage to work, and Kelly wanted it over. She learned her lesson, and isn’t getting involved. She says it’s all about Kelly all the time. Shannon says she’s in the same position. She and David are done, and never getting back together, but it still hurts that he’s with someone else. She says Vicki’s friend is going through a breakup; she shouldn’t set up her ex. She should sit down with Kelly, see why she’s hurt, and tell her that she didn’t mean to hurt her. Vicki says she can do that. Tamra requests a mellow dinner, but Shannon says she’s arranged for a tequila tasting. Tamra says something bad is going to happen.

Vicki didn’t expect last night to be that way. Tamra is on painkillers, and snoozes at the dinner table. Shannon and Vicki put her to bed, leaving water, cookies and pills on the nightstand. Room service brings the tequila. Shannon says four years ago, Vicki invited her to Puerto Villa, and they had a tasting on the beach. We see a clip of that. She says they’re recreating it, but don’t have those men today. They got rid of them. In her interview, she says David had checked out, and we flash back to David ignoring her. She says he was already having an affair, but she refused to see it. They try the tequilas, and the dude who brought them explains the properties of each one. In her interview, Shannon says, tequila makes her loco, and she starts to get loud. Shannon tells Vicki that she and Tamra coming along to spend time with her means so much. She says four years ago, she wouldn’t even sip tequila; it was David’s drink. She didn’t know he was having an affair, and it turned out that it was their thing. She says she and David shared twenty years, he took her on a trip, and then he was done. He found someone new in a few months, and it’s devastating. She’s gone through the pain of the divorce, knowing he’s with someone else. In her interview, Shannon says a few months after their seventeen-year marriage ended, she was replaced like that. She’s in a place she never knew she would be at fifty-three years old. Vicki says anyone can check out at any time, and it’s like a death. She’s proud of Shannon. Shannon says her girls were excited that she’s talking to Auntie Vicki. She tells Vicki that she loves her, and Vicki says she wants the best for Shannon. Shannon wants the best for Vicki too, and kisses her. Vicki wipes her mouth, and says she doesn’t know how the girls do it.

Next time, Tamra might need surgery, we meet Emily’s mother-in-law, and Vicki tells Kelly she deserves respect, although Kelly tells her respect is earned.

🚑 Lazarus Vs Lasiris

The doctor will see you now.


👶 Juan Thwarted…

It looks like the 90 Day Fiancé: The Couples Tell All poll was wrong too. Pao & Russ are not just staying together, they’re expecting. Well, she is. He’s just hanging out while she does all the work. I hate when couples say “we’re” pregnant. When dudes gain forty pounds, are sick every day, and go hormonally insane, we’ll talk.


💝 Another Kind of Love…

There are two kinds of love: we love wise and kind and beautiful people because we need them, but we love (or try to love) stupid and disagreeable people because they need us. This second kind is the more divine because that is how God loves us: not because we are lovable but because He is love, not because He needs to receive but He delights to give. – from The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume III, compiled in Words to Live By

💡 Me Too…



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