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August 30, 2018 – Dallas Does Beaver Creek, No Shows, Two Quote Quads & a Laborious Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Real Housewives of Dallas

At her Bubbles and Bru party, Stephanie introduces their favorite ginger family. Brandi takes the mic, and says they’re honored to share the news with all of them about the new baby. Stephanie had everything to do with it, and she loves her. She thanks everyone for being there. LeeAnne is like, what? D’Andra is in total shock, thinking they were getting a divorce. Kameron wonders why they kept it a secret. Brandi asks to talk to LeeAnne in private. In her interview, Brandi says she doesn’t want to live her life fighting over nonsense. She wants LeeAnne to know she’s at a positive place and wants to start fresh. LeeAnne says she felt like they had a friendship, and was devastated. She didn’t know what to expect. At the reunion, Brandi had said she didn’t see a future for them. We flash back to that. She wants find a way to move forward. In her interview, LeeAnne says if Cary is willing to give her a second chance, she should give Brandi one. She tells Brandi they should take the good they had and move forward with it. They hug. Kameron doesn’t know what’s happening. They’re all getting along. Maybe it’s a magical baby, taking all the negativity out of the air.

LeeAnne tells Kameron about her talk with Brandi. Kameron thinks they’re all in a good place, and should go to Beaver Creek in Colorado. Her husband has built a place there. She tells everyone about her idea. In her interview, Brandi says she’s had three hours of sleep since Bruin arrived, and she needs a girls trip.

D’Andra congratulates Brandi. They laugh about how the baby looks like her. Brandi says podcast where S’Andra mentioned Adderall bothered her. She felt attacked. D’Andra says the podcast wasn’t about her, only abuse of the drug in general, but Brandi says D’Andra had been talking about her. In her interview, Cary says D’Andra already told her it was about Brandi, but she’s too chicken sh*t to admit it. D’Andra says that around Dallas, people are taking it like candy. In her interview, D’Andra says she didn’t mention names. She just said Adderall was abused in Dallas. Brandi doesn’t like to be accused of what didn’t do, and says she has a valid source who told her about it. Cary joins them. D’Andra says they’re good. Cary admits to having a conversation with Brandi about it. In her interview, D’Andra affirms she told Cary about Brandi. She says Cary made it worse by telling Brandi. Her issue isn’t with Cary though. She thinks Brandi should have asked her directly, instead of relying on what someone else said. Enjoy your baby and your Adderall. Okay. If she’s so innocent, why would she say it like that? These chicks get mean when they get caught. Brandi isn’t taking it because it’s party time.

Kameron tells Cary that she doesn’t have to be fancy in Colorado. She’s excited about the trip. She sends pajamas to everyone to wear on the private jet. PJs on the pj. Stephanie is also going to Italy, and packing for both trips. She’s doing half the trip to Colorado, and then going to Italy with the family. Brandi talks about D’Andra deflecting and not owning it.

D’Andra isn’t thrilled to go on the trip. She tells Jeremy that obviously Brandi has a problem and is making her look like a bully. This is what happens when you don’t communicate one on one. She says Cary isn’t helping the situation. She’s going to Colorado because she committed to the trip, but she’s not getting pulled into anything.

The Westcott family jet is ready to go. Brandi pops champagne. D’Andra isn’t wearing he PJs. She thinks her butt looks too big in pink stripes, and doesn’t cave to peer pressure when her ass is involved. In her interview, Kameron says she had the monogrammer on call; D’Andra better put them on. She passes out an itinerary, and tells them a private chef is coming. Brandi is going to miss the baby, but looking forward to sleeping in and having some drinks.

They head to Beaver Liquors. It took Kameron a while to get why people laughed about the name. I understand this, since it took me a while to understand why people were up in arms over Brooke Shields’s Calvin Klein ad. I thought she just really liked her jeans. The girls have a laugh over the novelty T-shirts. Brandi gets a naughty poster to hang up at Kameron’s house as a prank. Stephanie says, when you bring immature people to a place called Beaver Liquors, it’s to be expected. D’Andra starts drinking in the store.

No surprise, the house is fabulous. LeeAnne calls it architecturally stunning. It’s like log cabin meets Tudor, and over 11,000 square feet. There’s even a bowling alley. Kameron says, it’s like an adult slumber party. She was the queen of slumber parties as a child, until she got lice from sharing a pillow. The girls compare the elevator to the one in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Cary picks out her favorite toilet for pooping later.

Brandi wants to hang the poster in Kameron’s room. Stephanie wants her to have a god time with them. Brandi thinks every time she plays a prank, the stick in Kameron’s ass comes out a little more. D’Andra says, it’s the calm before the storm, and Kameron wonders what’s going to happen next. In her interview, Stephanie thinks if they bother Kameron enough, she’ll realize they’re fun and it’s okay to be stupid. Kameron finds the poster taped to her bed, and says, this is not okay. It is pretty rude, but not horrible. She comes out saying, what is this? In her interview, she says they want to get a rise out of her to see what she’ll do.

Stephanie asks if she likes it. In her interview, Brandi says Kameron secretly loves her. It’s like flirting when Kameron gives her a hard time. Brandi says Kameron’s liquor store sold it; she’s just honoring them. In her interview, Brandi expected Kameron to be more annoyed. She sees a glimmer of hope. LeeAnne thinks it’s just their sense of humor. D’Andra tells Kameron to act unphased. We flash back to Brandi’s various pranks. D’Andra says there are plenty things to be mad about, but this isn’t one of them. LeeAnne offers to teach Kameron meditation.

Stephanie and Brandi play in the snow, and I’m jealous. Kameron tries to mediate, but keeps laughing. She has a hard time sitting still and taking it seriously. LeeAnne agrees it’s hard not to think about fashion while clearing your mind. Cary brings them (I think) daquiris, and joins in. LeeAnne tells them to focus on breathing. She taps the bowl, and tells them let go of their thoughts. Kameron starts laughing again.

Kameron tells us that house manager Sophia is like Mary Poppins, and found an amazing chef. They sit down to dinner. Stephanie would rather have a conversation with D’Andra one on one, without a lot of opinions. Everyone has something to say about everything. The salad is served, and LeeAnne says, they don’t make this at Costco. Kameron wants them to know she’s fun. She’s brought out a game where you pick a card, and answer the question on it. Everyone is drinking, and LeeAnne just has water, but she says she’s good with that. In her interview, she’s afraid if she drinks too much, she’ll be vulnerable to being offended by stupidity. She’s not interested in opening herself up like that at this point. They do tequila shots, and the chef serves short ribs.

Kameron can’t believe Stephanie has a baby. She says Stephanie didn’t even blink while telling her tall tale. She could have just said she had surprise, instead of making her look like an idiot. Believe me, it’s not her tall tale that did that. In her interview, Kameron says she felt left out. I’m not sure why, since Cary is the only one that knew. Stephanie apologizes. Brandi takes the blame. Cary wants another drink. Kameron says she’s happy for Brandi. She loves games, but it wasn’t the game she wanted to play. In her interview, Cary says arguing with Kameron is frustrating. Her brain goes on repeat. She tells Kameron not to be a badger. Kameron reads from a card, asking, what reveals most about a person’s sexual skills; they way they drink, dance, or kiss? Brandi asks Kameron to kiss her, saying she has the best lips. Kameron says that’s sweet, but no. Brandi says she’s only been with one person. Kameron could be number two.

Brandi comes to Kameron’s side of the table. She says she knows Kameron doesn’t like her. Kameron says they’d just met, and Brandi chased her on the beach with a giant chocolate dildo. We flash back to that. Brandi grabs Kameron, and kisses her. D’Andra asks if Brandi is making up with her, and Brandi says she’ll make out.

They go out to the hot tub. Cary gets nakey. Kameron asks where her bathing suit is. In her interview, Kameron says, first, Brandi wants to make out; then Brandi and Cary get naked. Is she that irresistible? LeeAnne says she’s going to bed early. Too many shots and naked tw*ts spell trouble. In her interview, Cary feels like something is off with LeeAnne. She hopes the meditation helps her behavior. She thinks you can be fun and respectful at the same time.

D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is being reserved, and that she’s had too much to drink. Kameron asks if D’Andra felt left out. Cary thinks it’s stupid.  Brandi says if she doesn’t want to explain herself, she’s not attacking anyone. In her interview, Brandi says instead of celebrating, Kameron is making her feel like sh*t because she didn’t tell her. Kameron says she felt like she wasn’t really Brandi’s friend. Stephanie tells Kameron not to bash Brandi about adopting a baby. Kameron says she would never do that, and don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi leaves the room, and Cary follows her. Stephanie tells Kameron to quit making Brandi feel bad because didn’t know.

Brandi cries in the bedroom, and Cary comforts her. Kameron insists that’s not what she said. In her interview, Stephanie says Kameron shouldn’t bash Brandi about adopting a baby, but Kameron heard something different. She wants to live in her world where she’s a victim. In her interview, Kameron says Stephanie is staying in her home and accusing her of bashing Brandi for adopting a baby. Don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi wants to go home. Stephanie joins them. In her interview, Brandi thinks it’s a lot. She doesn’t owe Kameron anything, and didn’t think they were that close.

Kameron doesn’t understand why Stephanie is putting words in her mouth. Cary is right about her brain going on repeat. She was talking about Brandi’s behavior. Stephanie says it’s Kameron’s house, and as a classy woman, she should make Brandi feel comfortable and safe; not having to tell her that she’s sorry all night. Brandi says she has better things to do, like get out of there. Kameron doesn’t want Stephanie in her house right now.

Next time, Kameron wants Stephanie to leave, more fun in the snow, and D’Andra tells LeeAnne to get her act together with Rich.

🍹 The Shahs of Sunset was a repeat of last weeks episode about the passing of Shams.

👯 General Hospital was a rerun today, and ditto through Monday. There will be a new episode of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday night, but no new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday, although Southern Charm Savannah is a new one.

😴 Since it’s doubtful I’ll be posting tomorrow…

👄 Quotes of the Week

Accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody.Stephen Colbert

Does the cheese come out of the cow with the holes? – Barry (Steve Carell), talking to Swiss client, Dinner for Schmucks

You know why God made snakes before lawyers? He needed the practice. – Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Better Call Saul

It’s like they say. Location, location, koi pond. – Progressive TV commercial


Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.Joseph Joubert

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance, and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.Tim Notke

And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.Ecclesiastes 3:13



August 29, 2018 – No Prague For You, LuAnn Leaves a Hole in the Reunion, Cooks Create from Scraps, Dallas Postponement & Not That Grotto


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital was a rerun, so starting off with the orphan from Tuesday night.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Backtracking on last week’s dinner, Conrad wants a girl who doesn’t criticize everything he does. He tells Hannah that he hates her calling him sweetheart. At the table, Kasey accuses João of staring at her. Conrad tells Hannah it’s not going to work. In his interview, he says if you’re arguing all the time, what’s the point in having a relationship? Hannah asks what about Prague? He says they should just leave it. I’m not sure if he means leave it as in not do it, or leave it as it is. Hannah says she’s already booked her flight, so I guess he means the trip is off. He wants to give her a hug, but that’s a no. João tells Brooke not to be upset, and she says Kasey just asked why he’s staring, and he was. Hannah joins the table, and asks who’s going out? Kasey doesn’t want her dress to be wasted, which I totally understand. In her interview, Brooke says there’s inappropriate closeness between Kasey and João, and he’s making her feel like she’s crazy, but she’s not. She can see it. She’s also annoyed that Kasey is still vying for him. Adam is excited for the charter season to be over. He, Hannah, and Conrad go back to the boat.

The others go out to drink some more. In his interview, João says it’s getting to the serious stage with Brooke, and they didn’t even go through the first stage yet. The more insecure she gets, the more distant he gets.

Adam and Conrad smoke cigars. Adam tells Conrad he used to be a fun, bubbly guy. He used to be contagious; now he’s no fun. He says Conrad is too young for her. She needs a fifty-five-year-old billionaire. Conrad says the saddest bit is that it’s all she looks for. Hannah comes out, and Adam stumbles over his words, pretending they’re not talking about her. Conrad says he’s heading to bed, but Hannah wants to talk. Adam volunteers to go for a walk.

João entertains the table, having moved closer to Kasey. Brooke says this is utter bullsh*t, and leaves. Jamie goes to check on her.

Hannah asks Conrad, why no Prague, and he says it’s going to be a sh*t show, and he wants to enjoy it. Adam listens in. Hannah says she has to change her flight now, and Conrad says she needs to do that. Adam comes back. Hannah gets up, and he asks her to stay, but she tells them to have boys’ time.

Jamie asks Brooke what’s going on. Brooke says she and João are going through a tough stage. Brooke comes back, and dances with Colin. In her interview, Kasey says the reason she’s still flirting with João is that deep down she still likes him. She says if she hadn’t left the dock party, that would be her. Too bad, since they deserve each other. João asks if anyone wants tequila.

Hannah is pissed. Conrad struggles trying to change his clothing for bed.

Brooke goes to the car and passes out. The rest of the crew goes back to the boat. Kasey asks if Brooke is okay, but she doesn’t answer. João suggests he visit Kasey when they get back. Everyone gathers for snacks in the galley. Brooke opens some wine. João and Kasey high five. João lies down, his head practically in Kasey’s lap. Brooke wonders if she should feel offended. Kasey insists he’s not on her, and João says, not yet. Brooke hates everyone and everything right now. She tells everyone to eff off and walks out.

João passes out. Kasey repeats that he’s not even on her. Colin goes to Brooke’s cabin, and she cries while he holds her. She says, it’s not okay, and he says she has to tell him. She says it’s effing obvious, and calls herself pathetic. Kasey wakes João up, and goes to bed. Colin tells Brooke that she can get whatever dude she wants. Her dancing skills are questionable, but he’s serious.

The next morning, Hannah tells Kasey about having to cancel Prague. She says the good thing about twenty-three-year-olds, is, you can take a taxi and get over them. Huh? Where is the taxi going? She picks up fresh flowers on the dock. Colin asks Conrad if he can go to dinner with his parents; he needs to get away. In her interview, Brooke is angry, but can’t remember exactly why. Colin thinks Brooke is the type of girl you should treat like a princess.

Captain Sandy calls Hannah, Conrad, and Adam together for the last and final preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Hannah says if the FBI needs a new kind of torture, they should put someone on a boat with their ex. Primary Clint is a health care lawyer. He’s bringing his daughter and longtime girlfriend Trish. His sons-in-law will be coming too, and he wants to make amazing memories. Hannah makes suggestions, and in her interview, Captain Sandy is proud of Hannah. She’s showing forethought, and this is the Hannah she likes.

Brooke is wearing sunglasses even though she doesn’t need them. João says, good morning, and she ignores him. In his interview, he says tensions are rising. They need to get away. Brooke tells him that she wasn’t thrilled about him lying on Kasey. He thinks it shouldn’t matter because of how he feels about Brooke inside. That’s a new one. Brooke feels stupid. Hannah calls for musicians. Screw blatant chemistry. if a guy I was with was blatantly flirting with someone else – right in front of me no less – we’d be done.

Colin meets his parents at a restaurant. In his interview, he says they’re always happy, and it rubs off on him. Colin’s mom talks about their visit to the boat, and says she’s happy because he was happy – their Italian adventure with Colin. Colin wants to settle down at some point, and wants what they have. I guess they are the unicorn that’s an actual happy family.

In her interview, Brooke says her dad cheated on her mom for years. It’s absolutely paramount for her partner to be faithful. Good luck with that, especially choosing dudes like João (which sounds way too much like J-Wow).

The crew gets the boat ready, then get themselves ready to meet the guests. Jamie says, last time, and Adam says, knock it out, because we needed one more baseball reference, but he was too tired to finish the sentence. Then I get really confused because they show a clip from what’s coming up, but just slide into it like it’s the next scene, without explanation. I’m like, where’s the tour, and how did we get here?

The guests board. Adam says the age difference between the primary and his girlfriend is like Hannah and Conrad. Cradle robbing. Um… not exactly. Clint is an old dude, but Trish is no spring chicken. Hannah gives the tour, and tells them that they have perfect weather arranged. Adam doesn’t know if it’s the season coming close, or because she and Conrad broke up, but Hannah is doing a great job. With Conrad out of the picture, suddenly the service is through the roof. Dolphins frolic around the boat. Bluebirds fly around with ribbons in their mouths. Okay. I made that last one up.

Adam doesn’t need a mutiny, so he’s plating lunch for the crew. João says Adam must feel bad about starving them, and Colin says he’s sucking up to them. The boat heads for Capri. Brooke and João make out in the galley, and Jamie gets the hell out of there. She thinks their PDA is tasteless. Colin says it’s never good when the girl you have a crush on is kissing someone else in front of you.

Lunch is served. The tender is lowered to take the guests to the grotto. No not that grotto. Brooke says there’s a weird dynamic between the daughters and the stepmom figure. She can relate. Her dad’s wife is young and awful. Adam likes cooking Mexican food. It makes him feel almost like he’s home in California.

Hannah thinks she’s going directly home. Brooke thinks she should go to Prague on her own. Hannah says it’s embarrassing. In her interview, Hannah finds it ironic that Brooke and João are going to Florence, and she and Conrad have canceled. She’s pissed about having to change her flights, and calls Conrad a p*ssy.

The guests set off for the grotto. Jamie accompanies them. Jamie says she’s come through a lot, and bounced back. Now is her time to shine. She tells the guests about how she changed her career from stew to deckhand. The toys go into the water. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Conrad is at his best. He’s on the ball, and being a bosun. This is the Conrad she wants. The guests go in a rowboat inside the grotto, and it’s breathtaking. Jamie calls it one of the natural wonders of the world. She says this is why she loves her job. The water is bluer than blue, and one of the guests says it’s like Disney World.

Brooke asks Kasey – who I can’t believe she’s so friendly with – if there’s been a change in Hannah. Kasey thinks she’s being more helpful. Brooke thinks it’s because of what she said to Hannah, but come on, is she really that dense? Oh, wait. João. I just answered my own question. The tender returns with happy guests, and it’s time to play with the water toys. Captain Sandy says she and Hannah have found their footing. It was a bumpy ride, but they’re on the other side. A guest crashes into the boat with a jet ski.

João can’t believe it’s the last charter, and asks Kasey how much she’ll miss him on a scale of one to ten. She says, a solid nine. He asks what happened to the last point, and it’s because they’re not together. He says she’s a full ten for him. Brooke hears all this, but at this point, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for her. Kasey serves drinks to guests in the hot tub. Hannah asks if Kasey can stay on service; she needs to book her new flight. Colin tells the other guys that one of his moves is to take a sunset picture, and send it to a chick, saying, thinking about you. Now everyone knows.

The crew dinner is served, and the singers arrive. The table is decorated in autumn flowers and colors. The guests go in for dinner, and the band strikes up. They dance. Brooke bounces as she puts out the napkins or whatever. Adam is making an Italian themed dinner at the guests’ request. At this point, he’s okay with being told what to do. He’s braindead. The captain comes through the galley and tells him the sauce smears on the plates look like poopy skid marks.

Whatever it is, the guests like it. One of the daughters tells Brooke about how they want to get tattoos honoring their late mother. Trish is like, ugh. The dinner is quiet, and she says she didn’t realize how boring they all were. Brooke tells Hannah that she’s like the evil stepmom they hate. Hannah says on the preference sheet, Trish wrote that she likes hanging out with family, and all the perks that come with it. At the table, Trish asks why they’re so quiet. Pork loin is served, and it looks damn good. Colin goofs around with Brooke. In his interview, he wants to tell her how he feels, and regrets not being more forward with her.

The guests wrap it up for the night, shocking the crew, since it’s only half past ten. Colin tells Hannah that he heard the trip was canceled. Hannah says Conrad canceled the trip, but she’s paying for it. She says, thanks for bringing it up.

Brooke asks if Colin enjoyed the trip. He says he did, but there are pros and cons to everything. He babbles incoherently for a minute, before finally telling her, since first week he’s had a thing for her. He loves joking and hanging out with her. She asks why he didn’t tell her, as I scream, dump João! at the TV. Colin says he’s not trying to get in the middle. She says she loves him as a person, which means he’s relegated to the friendzone. Maybe if he’d mentioned it weeks ago… In her interview, she says part of her wishes she could see him as more than a friend. He melts her heart, but not in a romantic way. They hug, and he says, well, he tried. He feels better knowing she knows. In the back of his head, he was hoping he might change her mind, but who knows down the road? Indeed.

Hannah is frustrated, since the flight changes are costing her money for something that’s not her choice. She mumbles something about it to Conrad, who can’t get off the bridge fast enough. She thinks he should at least pretend be a gentleman, and offer to pay half flight changes. Even though she wouldn’t accept it. Conrad tells Adam that Hannah is trying to put everything on him. In his interview, Adam says they’re both wrong – for dating in the first place. He tells Conrad he’ll put in $200 if they stop bothering him.

João asks Kasey if she thinks he and Brooke won’t make it as soon as Florence is over. She says nobody in the crew thinks so. In his interview, João says, if the crew thinks that, maybe he’s meant to be with someone else. These two are such creeps. João doesn’t regret it, but how long before it doesn’t work out? Kasey asks who kissed who first, and he says he kissed Brooke. He asks if Brooke said otherwise, but Kasey says she’s never mentioned it. Kasey says that she and João were flirty. João says, if… Kasey tells him that he already started saying it, and she has said it. She asks if she hadn’t gotten up at the dock party, if it wouldn’t have happened with Brooke. He says she’s a million percent right. Bleh.

Next time, the finale – a guest overdrinks (I mean, like, really), bets are taken about João and Brooke, Hannah tells Brooke to eff off, and Conrad wisely hides.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part Two

We left off with Dorinda was being discussed. She says she started going to therapy every other week, since she didn’t like who she was becoming. She also talked a lot to her mom. We see a clip from the trip to Columbia, where Dorinda jumped all over LuAnn. Andy says Dorinda knows she sometimes turns when she drinks, and Dorinda insists she wasn’t drunk. Bethenny says Sonja said she was, and Sonja confirms that. Bethenny says Dorinda is lying, and we see more of the scene. Dorinda says it was a loaded question. Andy asks Ramona if LuAnn meant it in a bad way, and Ramona asks who is LuAnn to judge when she went to rehab? Bethenny says they weren’t normal circumstances. A viewer asks if Dorinda thinks she should be sober, and Dorinda says LuAnn didn’t go to rehab because of a revelation; she went to stay out of jail. If Dorinda chooses to be sober, it’s because she chooses to. Next question. Andy says LuAnn never apologized to Dorinda, and asks if they agree she should. Bethenny thinks they could be more sensitive to someone who just got out of rehab. Dorinda says she has to apologize more than anyone. Sonja says, but she was drunk. Carole says Sonja should be the last person to talk. Dorinda tells Sonja to shut up. Andy brings up Dorinda saying she wanted to be a soft place for LuAnn. Dorinda says she loves LuAnn more than what happened.

Andy asks who agrees that LuAnn messed up by inviting Scott to the cabaret at the last minute. Bethenny says LuAnn clarified that, but Tinsley thinks she just made it up to cover her ass. Ramona says Dorinda said she’d address later, then Bethenny brought it up. Bethenny says Carole told her to say something, and Dorinda was yelling Jovani! Andy says it felt like Dorinda was heckling LuAnn, and Tinsley joined in. Ramona thinks it was mean-spirited.

A viewer gets that they like to have a drink or three, but who is legitimately concerned about amount Dorinda drinks or how she gets when she drinks? Dorinda says she apologized ten times. She says, at some point, it’s healthy to take a pause, but she believes it always comes back.

Tinsley and Scott’s long-distance relationship is on the table next. Andy says Scott swept Tinsley off her feet. We flash back to the break-up, and then Scott showing up; wedding dress shopping; and the Tinsley and her mother getting emotional over the picture of her eggs. Tinsley wishes he was there more, and Andy asks why they keep breaking up? Tinsley says it would be easier if was something specific, but she thinks the distance is difficult, as well as Scott being busy with his job. He thinks he can’t give his attention to both. Andy asks if they see other people. Tinsley says he does, and she has too. She has to be an adult about it, and many times she hasn’t been. She’s not losing him because he went on a couple of dates, and has to just move forward. A viewer asks, why so emotional over her eggs? and she says, it was the perfect storm. She was in a wedding dress, with her mother, and they’re the closest thing to baby she has. Andy asks if Dale freaks Scott out, and Tinsley says she’s keeping them apart until she has a ring. Sonja says Dale wants to be a grandmother. Tinsley says, it’s going to be soonish. Andy asks if she wants Scott or a husband? and she says she loves Scott.

Andy says this is the point where they’d planned on celebrating LuAnn, and how far she’s come, but it’s clear they’ve yet to reach the end of her story. He invites us to look back at her journey, and we see clips of her throughout the season: telling the girls about her divorce, her arrest, Ramona trying to get an invite to Tom’s party, and her cabaret. We see an interview clip where she says she was at rock bottom, but pulled herself together. They wish she was here. Andy asks Bethenny if she’s been speaking to LuAnn. Bethenny says she connected LuAnn with Dennis, because her legal situation got complicated. I feel a weird pang, knowing he’s gone now. Bethenny says there was a recent situation with her family, and it didn’t help. There’s a lawsuit regarding the kids’ trust fund they were to get when she sold the house. Bethenny thinks it might have been the catalyst that pushed her over the edge.

Andy asks if LuAnn came into the season with her tail between her legs, but Carole says it’s more like she wanted to move on. Andy says it’s surprising that LuAnn told Bethenny she was right, and Bethenny agrees. She thinks it was a turning point in LuAnn’s trusting her. Ramona says she told LuAnn things in Mexico about Tom the night she fell in the bushes. Or as I like to call it, the gift that keeps on giving. Andy asks if all the tequila was because of what Ramona told her, and if they all suspected? Ramona talks about various places she knows LuAnn was drinking. Bethenny says LuAnn didn’t come to the rehab decision entirely on her own. A few people thought it was the right thing to do. Andy asks if they heard when she fell off the wagon, and what do they think happened? She seemed clear. Sonja says she wasn’t drinking at the cabaret. Dorinda thinks she was hiding it well. Sonja believes she’ll get back on track. Andy says he was struck by Bethenny and LuAnn’s conversation after Bobby’s funeral, and how genuine it was. Bethenny says LuAnn wants to be loved. Everyone thinks she’s tough. Dorinda thinks LuAnn’s happiest times were when she was married to the Count and raising a family. Bethenny thinks she’s like a sweet little kid, and everything together was a recipe for relapse.

Andy wonders how Ramona could think it was okay to  hint around for an invitation to Tom’s party? Wouldn’t she be upset if one of the women reached out to Mario? Ramona says she kept running into Tom. Andy says she was badmouthing him for a while. Why did she feel the need to go? She says her friend did. She should have said she didn’t feel comfortable with it. He told her she couldn’t come anyway. Sonja says she was invited, but didn’t respond.

Andy says the show is a huge success. It’s been in San Francisco and LA, as well as NYC. He asks if the success is affecting LuAnn. Bethenny says, she’s feeling herself, and Dorinda says, she’s losing people. They can’t deal with her ego; she’s confused fame and infamy. Dorinda says her mother always told her, humility should prevail, not ego. Bethenny thinks there’s a lot going on. It got larger than life, and needs to be leveled. Andy asks what she believes to be the catalyst, and Bethenny says the family suing her. She would never take from her children; she wanted to be there for them. Dorinda suggests an extra reunion for LuAnn, and I think that’s a great idea. Andy knows she’ll be back.

The Bethenny and Carole feud is next. Andy says, ride or die turned into fight and cry. We flash back to their various altercations, ending with Carole saying they’ll find their sweet spot again. Andy says they haven’t found it, and Carole says, yet. Andy asks how it happened. Bethenny says they didn’t see each other much over the summer. There was a shift (the word of the season), and she thought it would go away. They were on different pages in their lives. Bethenny talks about dropping Carole off and picking her up in Montauk, and how Carole didn’t invite her in. Carole says she didn’t want to foist new people on Bethenny, since she had enough going on already. Bethenny says she felt left out. Carole tells Bethenny that she tried to help her with Puerto Rico. As a friend, she’s had Bethenny’s back. If someone else talked about her, Carole would always say, maybe she’s having a bad day, adding she loves Bethenny. Carole brings up Bethenny recounting the Adam story, and Bethenny says she thought they’d broken up. When she realized they were still friends, she retreated. Andy thinks there was a lot of miscommunication, Carole says she thinks Bethenny didn’t want it to go back to normal. She thought they had a good talk after the holidays. Beth says Carole claimed she didn’t have high hopes, but Carole says what she said was that she was proceeding with caution. They start talking about the texting thing, with Carole putting on her glasses, and reading them from her phone. Bethenny pulls out papers, and they go back and forth for what seems like forever.

Carole says she told Bethenny that she didn’t think it was a conversation to be had by texting, but Bethenny kept going on and on. Bethenny says, other than saying Carole didn’t have a career, she didn’t talk bad about her the whole season. Carole disagrees, and Andy thinks they both said negative things about each other. We see clips of that. Carole accuses Bethenny of lying, and says she’s a bully. Bethenny asks for an example. Carole says it started with Bethenny talking about her and Tinsley. She can’t remember all the insults and passive aggressive stuff. Andy helps stir the pot by saying Bethenny said she was a clingy girlfriend. Carole says, she creates a false narrative when a narrative is unavailable. Carole says Bethenny claimed she wasn’t interested in Puerto Rico, and only cares about herself. She called Carole a puppet – Bethenny interjects that Ramona said that – and said she was childless and jobless. Carole says if her husband hadn’t died, she would have a kid. She says it started in the Berkshires, when Bethenny age-shamed her. We see a clip of Bethenny saying Carole wants to be forty-five, but acts like she’s seven. Carole says she’s never once lied about her age. Bethenny tells Carole that she meant Carole should embrace her age, rather than be someone she’s not. Carole says she wouldn’t say half of the things Bethenny does to an enemy. All she’s ever said about Bethenny, is that she’s proud of her. Bethenny says Carole has called her a narcissist twice, said she gave a performance about the nutcracker, and said she’s a sociopath.

Andy jumps in the pot, saying that reading Carole’s blog, it seems like things are worse than she’s saying. He reads, in Bethenny’s myopic world, she’s judge, jury, and executioner. She’s incapable of having a conversation unless she’s in control of the narrative – everyone’s narrative. She could give a master class in gaslighting. Bethenny asks Carole when she got her medical degree. Dorinda says Bethenny called her a drunk, Sonja a loser, and Tinsley crazy. Carole asks, is this what she calls female empowerment? Bethenny says Carole talked about her doing B-movies (I fail to see how this as an insult, but okay), and Carole says that’s not shaming; it’s the truth. They talk at the same time, which I hate because then you can’t understand either one of them. Carole says she can match her resume to Bethenny’s, and Bethenny says, the current decade. Carole wonders if bashing is her idea of female empowerment. Bethenny says Carole constantly bashes her on her blog. Carole says Bethenny bashed her on the show. Andy says they bashed each other. Carole gets pissed at Andy, and asks if he’s afraid of her too.

The episode was dedicated to Dennis Shields – 1962-2018.

Next time – The Reunion – Part 3 – Bethenny gets in Carole’s face – like really, she gets up and gets in her face, the boat trip is relived, and Tinsley joins the fray.

🍲 On MasterChef the cooks made dinner for fire fighters on a farm where they fought 281,000 acres burning during a wildfire. The fire was so huge, it was seen from space. For the team challenge, Cesar was the blue captain, and Bowen the red. Bowen’s strategy was to kick Cesar’s ass, which was pretty vague. The protein choices were rack of lamb and sea bass, which we learned is cooked properly when it turns bright white. The teams were already chosen by the judges, and a coin toss determined which captain would have a choice between picking the protein or team they wanted. Bowen won, and chose the protein – sea bass. Cesar explains that the hardest part of cooking lamb is rendering the fat. In a test piece, the lamb is raw (bleh. I’m not a fan of lamb to begin with), and they ended up using the quicker, but more inferior according to Cesar, method of cutting the fat off. Apparently, it was worth it, since the blue team won.

The pressure test was making three different kinds of pasta. Joe called the pasta by Italian names, and my translation was, ribbons, ravioli, and narrow tubes. They had sixty minutes, which seemed highly unreasonable to me, especially since there were also three different sauces. Hard to believe, but my first “real” job was being a short-order cook in an Italian restaurant. During slow times we did things like make pasta. We also ate – a lot. I copied down their meatball recipe before I left. But I digress. Joe gave a demonstration. When testing her pasta, he told Shanika that it was like a fossil, which sounds pretty bad. In the end, she didn’t make enough, and Joe said, it wasn’t the dish. Gordon told her, it was a bad finish. She didn’t have enough time to make the burnt butter for one of the dishes, and Joe said it tasted like movie theatre popcorn. I can’t even imagine. Aaron told Ashley that her pasta wasn’t talking to him like a pasta should. I have no idea what that means. Bowen never ate pasta before. How is that even possible? Joe said it was so thin, it was disintegrating, and like eating a tissue. Eww! Samantha was the winner, and said she cooked for her life – and then some. Ashley had enough compelling elements to stick around.

Shanika was out. Joe saying it was unfortunate that pasta took down a lioness like her. Her money was on Bowen getting focused and winning. She was super proud of what she’d done. She never had any lessons in cooking, and taught herself. She was pushed and tested beyond her imagination, and it ignited a fire in her. You go, girl!

Did I mention the quarter million-dollar prize? The Mystery box contained discarded ingredients. Things like chicken carcasses, carrot tops, chicken livers, and vegetable scraps. Aaron told us there are 1.3 billion tons of food thrown in the trash every year, and a movement is on the rise to reduce food waste. Food waste is a pet peeve of mine, and I thanked God our supermarket had “ugly” (cheap) produce when we were more broke than we are now. The cooks could only use the staple pantry for this challenge. The special guest cooking with them was Gordon, and they had forty-five minutes to turn trash into a MasterChef worthy dish.

Gordon couldn’t help but show off, and made three dishes, including a chicken liver mousse. Samantha made bone broth; Ashley created a pasta dish; and Cesar cooked a chicken liver mushroom thing that looked very tasty. It turned out in his broke days, Cesar’s dad was a dumpster diver. Cesar was the winner this time. For the pressure test, again the cooks could only use the staple box, and were required to turn farm fresh ingredients into the best dish of their lives. Cesar received an added bonus of getting to save one other person, and he chose my dude Gerron. He said they had the same food/culture mission, and he thought it would be a good battle. An admirable reason. Once again, I’m surprised Julia exists, she’s so under-the-radar. She did not do well, and ironically, was told her dish was bland. Ashley had great finesse, and the perfect medium rare steak, but Aaron said Farhan’s beet puree was so off-putting, it ruined the dish. Julia and Farhan were on the chopping block, both from Chicago, and both having Aaron as a mentor. They did that switcharoo thing I hate, where Gordon told Farhan to undo his apron strings – and then do them tighter, because he squeaked by. Julia was out, but Gordon told her to continue the journey. Aaron told her to keep her head held high, and go kick ass in Chicago. She said she’d had an amazing journey, and found her voice, even if I failed to notice it. She won five out of five challenges, and said she’s going to be around a long time.

Next time, another two-hour show, the top six take over a world-class restaurant in a challenge that’s all heart.

🐹 Because this week, I’m like a hamster on a wheel, and I want to do justice to my shows – or at least a respectable job of editing – The Real Housewives of Dallas will be in tomorrow’s blog.

🌀 The Blue Grotto…


August 28, 2018 – Doc Visits Ryan Again, the FBI Visits Veronica, Leaving Millions Behind, Two Decks, & Aretha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Carly he came by to check in on Sonny and Mike. Carly says it could have ended badly. She wonders how long they’re’ going to keep doing this. Jason asks if she’s talked to Sonny. Before she can answer, Sonny comes outside. He wants them to know he made a decision about what he’s going to do with his dad.

Alexis meets Lucas at the hospital. She asks when she expect Brad, and Lucas says he’s meeting them at the courthouse. She tells him that she’s going to keep fighting until they run out of options. He can’t believe in a matter of hours they’ll know if they can keep their son.

Brad tells Julian that he’d feel better if he knew the plan. Julian says he contacted the birth mother, and Brad is like, what?! How? Julian tells him not to worry about it. Brad asks what happened, and if Julian convinced her to let the adoption stand.

Valentin reads that Madeline was denied parole.

Nina see Curtis at the MetroCourt bar. He says he’s meeting a client. Valentin gets up behind her. She tells Curtis she knows it’s top secret, but hopes he’s getting top dollar. He says his client’s pockets run deep.

Felicia and Maxie are out walking James, and see Lulu. Maxie asks how the new gig is, and Lulu says, interesting. She’s glad she ran into Felicia. She wants to warn her that The Invader is running a feature on the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders.

Ryan tells Gordon that he knows the rules say the straitjacket can only come off at mealtime, but do the rules say he has cut off circulation on reentry? He asks Gordon if he can loosen it or remove altogether. They both know he doesn’t belong here. Why doesn’t Gordon look the other way while he makes a run for it?

Oscar stops by the hospital to see Kim. She wonders what happened to her little boy, and hugs, totally embarrassing him. He says he’ll be home after dinner. She asks him to call every few hours, but changes that to text when he balks. He says that he can do, and goes down in the elevator.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason that he’s scheduled appointments to look at long term care facilities. She asks if Mike is going, and Jason asks if he knows. Sonny says there’s no point in telling him yet. He wants to see the places; he can’t get a feel for them from brochures. Jason thinks that’s a smart move, and Carly says she’ll clear her schedule.

Nina wonders why Curtis seems awkward. He insists he’s not, but she says, he is, and asks what’s up? Valentin gives Nina his condolences on her mother being denied parole. She says that’s a cause for celebration. Curtis says, she’s still Nina’s mother. Nina says, no. She’s the woman who put her in a coma for twenty years, and is the reason she can’t have children.

Felicia says sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago or just yesterday. Maxie says she remembers some of it; being in Texas, and making friends with someone they thought was nice. We flash back to when we were all young, and Maxie watching Felicia and Ryan. At an apartment, a woman tells Felicia to back off; he’s her husband. Felicia says she doesn’t know anyone named Ryan, and the woman tells her that his name is Todd Wilson. Felicia wonders why anyone would be interested in the story now. Lulu says true crime has exploded as a genre. The Invader jumped when they found out a woman had survived who was a witness to him murdering someone. Maxie asks Lulu to please tell her she’s not the one who told them. If she’s dredging this up to make a name for herself, Maxie doesn’t know what she’ll do.

Ryan tells Gordon that he’s Kevin. His twin Ryan got the drop on him, and has been keeping him there, while he’s out there pretending to be him. He says Gordon has to help him, but Gordon says it’s not his call. He can tell his boss. Ryan says he can’t tell anyone, and Gordon tells him, suit himself. Ryan says he has poor taste in jokes. Gordon says, alerting the higher ups is all he can offer. Ryan says when Gordon realizes what’s going on, he knows where to find him. When Gordon leaves, Ryan feels a loose strap.

Carly tells Sonny that her schedule is cleared, and Jason says he’ll with Mike. The doorbell rings. It’s Oscar. Carly forgot he was coming by, and he asks if it’s a bad time, but she tells him to go in. He says, hi, Mr. Corinthos, and Sonny wonders if he’s going to call him Sonny at some point? Oscar wants to make a video for Josslyn for their anniversary, so Carly told him that he could go through pictures from the dance. Oscar offers to come back, but Jason tells Sonny and Carly to go, since he’s there. Carly tells Oscar to help himself to the photos.

Michael sees Alexis and Lucas, and hopes the custody hearing works out. He says Brad and Lucas are great parents, and Wiley is lucky to have them. Lucas appreciates that, and Michael tells him good luck. Boy, a lot of filler stuff today.

At the courthouse, Julian tells Brad to calm down. Brad says Wiley isn’t that woman’s son to take. Julian says he can’t lose his nerve now. The birth mother didn’t commit to backing off, but she didn’t refuse. Brad asks what she said, and Julian says, not much; he did most of the talking. She understood Wiley would be better off with them. Brad asks if they’re talking again, but Julian says he pleaded their case. The last thing she wants is hear from him again. Brad insists he needs to talk to her.

Nina asks if Valentin thinks his condolences will make her rethink the divorce. Valentin says he had thirty days to change her mind, and failed. He accepts it. She sees Diane and leaves to discuss some things with her. Curtis tells Valentin that he doesn’t like it. Going behind Nina’s back is all kinds of shady. Valentin says it’s worth it. He has new information.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t want anything to do with it, but she had no way to kill the story. Maxie apologizes for rushing to judgement, but Lulu says she has reason to. Felicia says they can ask, but she has no intention of giving them any answers. It took a long time for her to trust people again. Lulu says she’s asking as a friend; is it true Felicia didn’t recognize Ryan when he followed her back to Port Charles. Felicia says she blacked out the murder, and when she met Ryan, she had no idea the danger she was in. We flash back to Ryan not being able to start the car, then throwing a piece of the engine away. Felicia says imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t remembered. We flash back to Mac saving her.

Ryan struggles with the jacket, and Doc walks in. He says he hears Ryan has been busy today, and it’s not even 10 am. Ryan says, nice to see you too, Kevin.

Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn’t need to relive it, but Felicia says it’s good for her to talk about it – in private. Ryan destroyed a lot of lives, but at least she can take comfort in the fact that he didn’t destroy hers. She and Mac became closer, and she made a friend who became family – Kevin. Maxie wonders how she could become friends with Kevin. Felicia says she could see he wasn’t like his brother. He’s a healer, and doesn’t believe in lost causes.

Ryan says he hasn’t seen Doc since their birthday. Doc says he had an interesting conversation with the orderly. Ryan is claiming to be him again. Ryan says he can’t blame a twin for trying. Doc has been holding him captive here, which seems to be his preferred dynamic. Doc says Ryan isn’t his hostage. He brought him here when he discovered he was alive, instead of to the authorities. Despite everything Ryan has done, Doc believes he can be redeemed.

Diane tells Nina they have a minor snag, and have to redraw the divorce papers. Valentin’s lawyer added two stipulations. He wants her to have ownership of Lumiere and visitation with Charlotte. She assumes that’s no problem, but Nina says it’s a big problem.

Valentin tells Curtis when he went back to see Madeline again, she was more cooperative. She gave him the name of the attorney she used to sell the baby; Carter Buckley. He didn’t have any luck tracking him down, but is hoping Curtis can use his PI skills. Curtis jets out of his seat.

Kim asks Michael how he’s doing. She says Oscar told her that Josslyn made a beautiful speech at Jonah’s funeral. He says it’s crazy how someone so young knows all the right words. Kim says she’s wise beyond her years, and Michael adds, since birth. Kim wanted to talk to him. There’s something he should know. She heard from Nelle.

Julian tells Brad that he went to great pains to assure the birth mother that he and Lucas didn’t know about him calling. Brad says she’d have to be a walking disaster not get her son back; is she? Julian says she didn’t sound like it. Brad says, so it’s done. She’s going to take Wiley away, and when she discovers he’s not hers, he’ll go to prison, and drag Lucas down with him. Julian says that’s not happening. Brad says, there’s only one option left. Take Wiley and run.

Curtis returns, and Valentin tells him that was fast. Curtis says he’s good at what he does. There was a reason he had a hard time finding Carter Buckley; he’s behind bars. Valentin wonders if it’s for adoption fraud, and Curtis says the details were sketchy, but he has another issue. He thinks they need to bring in Nina. Valentin says if the baby isn’t alive, she’ll be crushed, and she’s been hurt enough. Curtis doesn’t like it. Valentin says if it goes anywhere, she’ll be the first to know. Until then, it’s between them. They shake hands, and Nina sees them.

Oscar tells Jason that Josslyn is obviously going through a lot. He wants to be there for her, but when he tries, it pisses her off. She thinks he’s telling her how to be or act. She’s amazing; she kills everything and she’s a total bad ass. She beat up Nelle. Maybe she has more in common with other guys. Jason says, maybe, but she didn’t choose them. She chose him.

Lulu says it’s admirable for Doc to think he could cure his brother. Maxie says, and shortsighted. He escaped, went after her mom, and kidnapped Georgie. We flash back to Ryan holding baby Georgie on a carousel. Felicia says he’s beyond redeeming, and Doc learned the hardest way. Maxie says, watching his own brother die.

Ryan laughs, and says after all these years, Doc is still trying to save him. Who says he needs saving? He likes who he is. We flash back to the fun house blowing up with Ryan in it. Doc says he hurt women. His demons consumed him because of the abuse he experienced as a child. He’s worked with patients who have suffered the same thing, and knows firsthand they can be healed. You dress the wound, call it by name, break it down, and it can heal. Ryan asks if Doc thinks his homicidal tendencies were just a phase. Doc assumes he can or wants to be healed. Why should he cooperate with him. and give up his cushy life in there for one behind bars?

Kim tells Michael that Nelle wanted her to testify that her hormones were the reason she committed the crimes. Michael says, she just doesn’t stop. Kim says she refused. She can’t testify to anything that’s not medically accurate. Nelle asked about him too. He appreciates her telling him, but if it happens again, he doesn’t need to know. Nelle will work anyone who gives her an opening. If she thinks she sees good in Nelle that no one else can see, it’s the opening she needs.

Carly tells Sonny that she liked the second facility. It was easy to maneuver, and had great visiting hours. Sonny doesn’t know what to think. He knows Mike will have to live in a place like that eventually, but is the time now? He’s just starting to get to know him, and they’re having good times. It’s getting to be less often, but it’s happening. Why give that up? But then he worries about what happened yesterday. Is it safe or too dangerous, especially for Avery and Josslyn. They need a safe, stable place, and he doesn’t want his dad living there to take that away from them. Carly says whatever he decides, she’s with him. He says he had a hard time pulling it together while she was gone. She kisses his forehead, and says she’s right there. Let her help him.

Sonny says for long time, he had anger toward his dad; like a weight he was carrying. Carly says it seems like he doesn’t have it anymore. He says since Mike has been sick, the pressure is gone. He sees the good in Mike, and accepts him for who he is. He’s slipping away, and Sonny knows that. Carly says, he’s not gone yet. Sonny says when you’re a kid, you think time is unlimited, and you can hate someone forever. You can’t turn back time; it runs out. He’s terrified to waste any time left.

Oscar tells Jason, sorry for opening a vein. Jason says there’s nothing apologize for. Carly and Josslyn are alike, and his advice is that Oscar has to feel her out; really hear her. If she asks for advice, tell the truth, but if she doesn’t, don’t offer it. Oscar thanks him. He says they’re meeting in park. He has to leave now, or he’ll miss the bus. Jason says Felix is there, so he can give Oscar a ride; he’s got his bike. Oscar says, just don’t tell his mom.

Kim tells Michael that the hospital has a great program for grieving parents; a weekly support group. He says Stella already told him, but he hasn’t been there. Kim asks why not, and he says he’s sad, and going to be sad a long time. He doesn’t know how talking to strangers can help. Kim says he’d be surprised. Being around people who have a similar loss; they get it when it seems like no one else does. Michael says he’s good, and Kim says if he changes his mind, there’s a meeting tonight.

Brad tells Julian they can take off and never look back. Julian says that’s not rational, but Brad says, screw rational. It’s the only way to keep their son. Alexis and Lucas walk in. Alexis asks for a word with Julian. Julian tells Brad, it’s not over yet; just remember that. Lucas asks what Brad and his father are hiding. In the hallway, Alexis asks Julian if he’s intentionally sabotaging the case. He needs to leave before he does damage he can’t undo.

Doc wants to help Ryan. That’s why he’s hiding him, and trying to work with him. Ryan asks if he’s succeeded, but Doc has no way to determine if his sanity has been restored. Ryan says the only way to test the theory that his murderous tendencies have been contained, is let him back out in the world.

Felicia tells Maxie to rest assured Ryan is dead. Maxie asks if it happened before her eyes, and Felicia says, yes. Every once in a while, she still gets nightmares.

Nina doesn’t know what fresh hell this is. She has a bone to pick with Valentin, and Curtis says this is his cue, and disappears. Nina asks if Valentin is Curtis’s client. Nina says Diane told her about the stipulations to the divorce agreement. Valentin thought she’d be pleased, but she isn’t. They reminded her of the reasons she fell in love with him. She won’t get sucked in again. She knows it’s irrational, and she’s just projecting losing her own child on what he did to Peter, but what she’s thinking is how she feels.

Valentin tells Nina that he can’t change what happened. She says she doesn’t like this between them, but she can’t get over it; she knows herself. Nina gets a call. She says, that’s impossible. She just saw her. She thanks them, and tells Valentin that her mother is dead. Valentin holds her.

Lucas tells Brad that he thought about running too. He gets it, but what kind of a life would it be for Wiley – for them? He knows they can’t run. They’ll just say their piece when the time comes, and make it as easy as possible for their little boy. Julian tells Alexis that he wants be there for his son. Alexis says the best way to do that is to leave before Diane and the birth mother see him. Brad pops out, and says the judge is on his way. Julian asks Alexis to keep him updated. She says she’ll do her best, but it’s up to Brad and Lucas. She tells him to go now.

Lucas asks Alexis if everything is okay, and she says, great. Diane comes in alone, and Alexis tells her the hearing is about to start. Where is her client?

Felicia decides to take James to see the ducks. She needs to clear her head, and focus on the good in her life. She leaves, and Lulu says, she’s so strong. She hates that she can’t kill the feature. The Invader isn’t the only media outlet that’s interested either. It’s just a matter of time before Ryan’s memory is dragged out of the shadows.

Doc tells Ryan he can’t agree to release him. He hounded Felicia for years. Ryan asks what’s in it for him then? Doc says, closure. Ryan tells him that he’s wasting his time. Doc says, maybe, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying. He starts to leave, and Ryan asks him to say hello to Felicia. A message from Laura distracts Doc, and Ryan slips out of his straitjacket. He knocks Doc out.

Michael looks at the sign for the bereavement group. He stands outside for a moment, then walks away.

Carly tells Sonny that as much as she loves Mike, he’s not her dad; he’s Sonny’s dad. That’s why he has to make the decision. If for some reason, he thinks he can’t or his judgement is compromised, he should ask Jason. He’s logical and practical. Sonny says, but whatever happens is on him.

Jason tells Oscar remember to grab on and don’t let go, and gives him a helmet. Oscar says, got it. Jason asks, where in the park? Oscar seems dizzy, and sits down. Jason asks if he’s okay, and runs over to him. Oscar is having a seizure.

Tomorrow, a rerun of the episode where Faison shoots Nathan. There will be reruns through the end of the week – August 29-31.

The Haves and The Have Nots

The episode is dedicated to Aretha Franklin, 1942-2018 .

Malik chases Hanna, picks her up, and puts her in a kitchen chair. He says, mistake number one; listen to what he says; understand? He makes her repeat it. s=She asks what he wants, and he says, it’s another mistake if she tries to run. Does she understand? He asks where Candace is, but Hanna says she doesn’t live there, and she doesn’t know where she is. He says Candace is her daughter, right? And she doesn’t know where she lives? Hanna says they don’t talk, and she’s not there; he can leave. He says there’s easy money there, but Hanna says she doesn’t know anything about Candace’s situation.

Candace waits in the van. She tells RJ, all he has to do is what she says. RJ asks if she’s sure it’s going to work, and she says, it better. He asks if her mother is a weak woman, and she says, no. He says he didn’t think so, and she asks him, why not? He says Hanna raised her, but Candace says Hanna didn’t raise her. She’s been on her own since she was seventeen. He says thy share DNA, and Candace says, unfortunately. He tells he that he’s never met a weak Black woman, but she says, we can all be weak. He says, she’s not, and she says, nope. RJ says she’s also mad as hell. He can tell when he looks at her. Something or somebody is really getting under her skin. She tells him to save the analyzing for johns and tricks. She used to do that; study people. She learned their weaknesses and behaviors, and got good scores that way. She tells him to keep doing it, and he’ll almost be good one day. She wonders what Malik is doing. RJ says, probably robbing Hanna. Don’t be surprised if he does. Candace calls Malik a bastard, and says he’s not following her direction.

Malik asks if Hanna has money, and she says, no. He asks again, and he says Candace owes him. Hanna doesn’t know about that. She has nothing to do with none of it. He tells her to listen to him. Candace told him she was coming here to get money. Hanna says, she lied. She said Hanna had her money. Hanna swears she doesn’t, and he tells her sit up. He’s wearing a ski mask, and it’s hard to hear what he’s saying. He says they’ll look through the house until they find it, and he pulls her out of the kitchen.

RJ tells Candace that she’s so full of rage, she doesn’t even see it. She tells him to stop, and wonders what’s going on in Hanna’s house. Her phone rings, and she says, dammit! It’s her brother. She doesn’t think it would be smart to call him back. She calls Gia, and says her brother is at the hotel. He’s at her room door, and she wants Gia to stop him from leaving. Gia doesn’t know if she can, but Candace tells her that she has no choice.

Jeffrey goes to David’s house, and jumps out of his car. There’s crime scene tape across the front yard, and police are all over the place. He explains who he is, and asks where his dad is. A detective tells him, at the hospital, but doesn’t know his status. Jeffrey says he has to see him. The detective says, hold on, and tells an officer to call the hospital. He asks Jeffrey if he knows anyone who would want to do this, and Jeffrey says, his mother – Veronica Harrington. He gives the detective her address, and asks, what happened? He says there were explosives in the car. Jeffrey asks if that’s a body, and who is that? The detective says they’re trying to figure it out. All they know is it’s a female. Jeffrey says David was dating someone, but he doesn’t know her name. The officer tells them David is in St. Cloud’s Hospital, and he’s in stable condition. Jeffrey says if they need to talk to him, that’s where he’ll be. He jets.

It’s rowdy and loud in the jail. So loud, I laugh. Justin walks down the row of cells, and sees Wyatt. He says he’s got the stuff, but he can’t give it to him right now; there’s too much going on. Wyatt says he needs it, and Justin asks if Wyatt is trying to get him fired; not here. Wyatt says, please, and Justin likes the way he says it, but he can’t now. He tells Wyatt to wait until shift change; in about an hour. He doesn’t have a choice. Wyatt says if Justin doesn’t give it to him now, he’ll tell them that Justin has it. That’s a ballsy, but very bad move. Justin says then Wyatt won’t get it. He doesn’t like being threatened. Wyatt apologizes, and Justin says it’s not like the stuff he gets on the street. He found it in evidence, and it’s super strong; made of heroin. He says this sh*t will kill Wyatt, and Wyatt says he won’t take as much. Justin tells him, at shift change. He walks back toward the station, and everyone gets loud again.

Jim tells the desk sergeant that he needs to see his son right now. They just got clearance, and Jim goes into the back. I guess they only make a load of noise for Justin because they’re quiet now. Wyatt asks what Jim wants, and Jim tells him, cut the hostility. Wyatt says it’s all he’s got. Jim asks how he’s feeling, and Wyatt says, not good. Wyatt says he’s sick, and no one is listening. Jim says he’s not sick; he has a choice. Wyatt doesn’t want to talk to him, Jim asks if he wants to stay there the rest of his life. Wyatt says the DA will take the offer off the table if he doesn’t testify against them in the Jennifer Saunders case. Jim asks what he told George, and Wyatt says, nothing. Not until he gets help for his medical condition. He says Jim is trying to kill him, and Jim says he’s trying to save his miserable ass. Wyatt accuses Jim of putting him in there, and Jim tells him to talk to his mother. He tells Wyatt, just chill, and he’s going to do everything he can to get him out. He’ll be back. Wyatt says, whatever.

An officer asks Justin if he’s seen the report on the Harrington house. Justin says, mother or father? and the officer says, father. Justin asks who’s on it, and the officer says, the FBI. They can’t get near it. There was one casualty, and the dad is in the hospital.

David has burns all over his back, and looks so sore. The nurse says they’ll give him something to help him sleep. His blood pressure is at stroke level. He asks how Erica is, and she says, it won’t take long. He needs to know, and she says he needs to relax. He asks where the doctor is, and she tells him that he’ll be there in the morning. Try to stay relaxed.

Jeffrey arrives at the hospital, and the orderly shows him to David’s room. He asks how his father is, and the orderly says, his blood pressure is high. He tells Jeffrey not to tell David about Erica. She was on the driver’s side, and didn’t make it. Jeffrey goes into David’s room. The orderly tells him that David is out of it. Don’t touch him; the burns could get infected. Jeffrey asks if he’ll be okay, and the orderly says, he’s stable. He leaves, and Jeffrey asks if David can hear him. David asks how he is, and Jeffrey says he should be asking that. David says he’s still here. Jeffrey says, mom did this. David agrees, and Jeffrey says he’s sorry. David says he’s been thinking about Jeffrey; he’s worried about him. Jeffrey says, don’t, and David asks if Jeffrey is still with that boy. He says don’t do like he did. He stayed with Jeffrey’s mother. He saw her hurting other people, and stood by her. He says, if they hurt other people, sooner or later, they’ll hurt you. He tells Jeffrey, that boy is trouble; get away from trouble. Jeffrey says he will. David needs Jeffrey to promise, and he does.

David says he needs a favor. He wants Jeffrey to find out about Erica, the lady staying with him. He asks Jeffrey to find out how she is; they won’t tell him anything. Jeffrey says he’ll find out. Justin looks through the door window. Is the hospital attached to the station?

Jeffrey comes out, and Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey pushes him, and tells him to back up. Justin ask if Jeffrey is okay, and Jeffrey says, what does he think? His mother did this. Justin asks if he can prove it. Jeffrey says he knows her. Justin says, bitch. He wishes it had worked in the car when she flipped. Jeffrey asks what he’s talking about, and Justin says it was him. He hit her with his truck. He was trying to help Jeffrey. Jeffrey says she’s still his mother, like he wouldn’t jump for joy if she died. Justin says he’ll look into what she did to his dad. Jeffrey says Justin thinks he’s helping by hurting her. Justin says he wasn’t trying to kill her; he just wanted her to get the message. Jeffrey says he needs to leave. Justin wants to be there for him, but Jeffrey tells him, just leave. Give him this time with his dad.

Jeffrey sees Jim at the hospital. Jim asks if he’s okay, and Jeffrey says, not really. Jim hugs him, and asks what happened. Jeffrey says, the car blew up, and takes him into David’s room. Jim says, damn, and Jeffrey tells him they said he’s going to be okay. They just don’t want him to know about the young lady. Jim understands. He asks if David can hear them, but Jeffrey says he’s completely out of it. Jim asks if he can ID who did this, and Jeffrey says it was his mother. He asks if she’ll go to jail, and Jim says he knows her. He promises David he’ll get even. David has his word. He tells Jeffrey that he’ll be back in the morning. He says to make sure there’s a guard. Jeffrey says he’ll be there, but Jim says, no. a guard. He wants one there all night. Jeffrey tells him the FBI is looking into it. Jim says that’s because it was a bombing. On the bright side, with the FBI involved, maybe she won’t get away with it.

Veronica drinks while wearing her gorgeous funeral/cocktail dress.

Candance tells RJ that she’s going in there. RJ doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Veronica calls RJ. Candace asks what she wants, and he says he has this. Candace says he should leave Veronica alone. He answers, and Veronica wants to see him at her house. He says he’s in the middle of something, and she says, drop it, and be there in an hour. If he can’t, he might not come back again at all. She says, an hour, and ends the call. He says, wow, and Candace says, leave that lady alone. He says he has it under control. Candace tells him don’t say she didn’t warn him.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. It’s the FBI. She checks their ID, and lets them in. I don’t catch their names, but one guy does the talking, and the other keeps looking around. The talker says he’s like to talk to her about her husband. She says she doesn’t have one. He says, David Harrington, and she says that would be her ex-husband. What about him? He says David was in an accident. Doesn’t she want to know if he’s okay. Veronica says she was in accident, and David didn’t check on her. He says, so there’s bad blood, and she says she can’t stand the bastard. He asks if she knows anyone who would want do him harm. She says she was run off the road by a mad man in a truck. He asks if it was her husband, and she says, no, a mad man in a truck. She makes herself a drink, and says they keep looking at her house. Look at her. She’s beautiful, and very horny. Talker asks if they can talk about her husband. Does she know anyone who would want to harm him? Veronica says her – and about five hundred other suspects. He’s a judge, and put away a lot of people. She’s been at home. There are cameras all around. He asks if they can have access, and she says, not without a warrant. He says they’ll get one. She says they won’t find anything. She loathes David, but would never do anything to him. He says David was in a car that exploded, and she’s like, whaaat? Did he die? He says, no, and she says then he lives to have whoever tried to kill him, try again. If they went through that much trouble, they’ll want to finish the job. They think she did it, but they can’t trick her out. She’s a seasoned attorney. She says, what they’re doing, is leaving. Talker says they’re not done, and Veronica says she is. If they don’t want a drink or to take care of her need, they can leave. He asks if she knows an Erica. She was in the explosion. Veronica says she’s sorry, and laughs, saying she’s probably one of his whores. This night keeps getting better and better. She walks Talker to the door, taking his arm. She tells him to come back when he’s off duty. Leave his friend behind next time.

Kathryn washes dishes while she’s listening to the news. Charles is the new President. They’re waiting for an acceptance speech. Jim comes in, and Kathryn tells him that they have new President. He says they need to talk about Wyatt. She asks if his candidate lost. Why is he in a huff? He says the new DA is all over Wyatt. If he testifies, it will be another nail in her coffin. She says, theirs. They have plots next to each other. Jim says he didn’t shoot Jennifer, and she says, neither did she; Veronica did. He tells her that ship sailed long ago. They need to get their son out. She says, it’s time for him to pay for what he did. Jim says he no longer has favors he can call in. She has to call in some to get Wyatt out. Kathryn says, no, and he asks if she’s insane. She says it’s time for Wyatt to start paying for his crimes. If he gets hurt there, he’ll learn to deal. Jim says he’ll remember she said that when it’s her ass in jail. She says he’ll be in the men’s section in the next block. She says Wyatt will get an attorney and go through the system, like everyone else. He asks if she’s lost her mind. She tells him to call Veronica. He says, after what she’s done? Kathryn says, she’s the best. Jim says Veronica had David and his new girlfriend blown up. Kathryn asks if they’re all right, and Jim says, yes. They’re fine. It happens every day. He says, David is critical, and the girl didn’t make it. Kathryn says she hates that bitch so much – she always comes up with the best ideas. She should have come up with that with him. Jim says it’s a serious matter; she needs her to make a call. She says she won’t do it, and walks out. He says he’s talking about her son.

Candace says, dammit. Her brother will be here soon. Her phone rings. It’s Benny, asking where she is, and she says she’s on the way. She got held up. He says she has fifteen minutes or he’s leaving. She repeats she’s on her way. RJ says, he sounds mad, and Candace says, he is. Candace wonders what Malik is doing in there, and RJ says probably her mom. Oooh! Candace says, that’s not funny. Considering what she did to Rocky, RJ must like flirting with death.

Malik starts to leave. He tells Hanna not to do anything. Don’t scream, and don’t call anyone until he’s gone. She says she won’t, but hits something on her phone, behind her on the nightstand. He asks why she did that, and she runs. He chases her, and they wrestle on the floor. She gets to the kitchen, and whacks him with a frying pan. That doesn’t stop him, and he cracks her one across the face, sending her flying. She grabs a knife and stabs him in the shoulder. He falls back, and she scoots away from him on the floor.

Next time, Derrick arrives at Hanna’s, Veronica bugs David in the hospital, and Mitch tells Benny to either hide or stay in public.

💰 🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was the broker for a 443-acre property in Upstate New York. He hooked up with a local broker, and the place was so big, they needed horses to see the whole thing in one day. He ended up walking away from the listing, not being able to devote the time to it while starting a new team. Ryan dressed like the Statue of Liberty. and was the tour guide for a group of brokers on a double-decker tour bus. He took them to a condo near Times Square, where he had a Great Gatsby party. He, too, ended up walking away, but he handed over the sales he made, which would have totaled $9 million in commission. The partnership wasn’t for him. Fredrik was the big winner this week, selling an apartment to Bruce Willis, whom I love, but unfortunately didn’t make an appearance on the show. Bruce was looking for something under $10 million. The sale created an avalanche of sales. Fredrik met with Larry Silverstein, a New York City developer and icon, and also Fredrik’s idol. Fredrik talked about how NYC is the love of his life, and touched on the World Trade Center attack, which still boggles my mind. He was like a little boy, yelling I love New York, from the balcony of one of Larry’s properties. It was one of those moments I really liked Fredrik. Next time, more fab properties, a scavenger hunt, and Daughtry plays.

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August 27, 2018 – Kristina Makes a Decision, Vicki’s Birthday Golf Game & Tuesday



What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew finds the flash drive in a stack of Margaux’s paperwork. She comes back out, and tells him not to touch it. He asks if it’s important, and she says it’s for a case she’s preparing. It contains special documents and photos. He says she’s lying.

Sam tells Kristina if didn’t know any better, she’d say Kristina didn’t want to go.

Ava understands that Griff is angry about her reporting him. She’s angry too, and for good reason. He slept with her daughter. He doesn’t get to throw stones or baseless accusations. He says he didn’t forget his question. She hid evidence that could have exonerated Carly, didn’t she?

The house alarm blaring, and surrounded by drawn guns, Mike is totally freaked. Sonny says it’s a false alarm, and tells them to turn it off. Carly hugs Mike, and tells him he’ll be okay.

At the hospital, Stella asks Curtis if Jordan is coming; she moved clients for this. Jordan runs in, apologizing. she hands out coffee. The doctor comes out and asks if they’re the Ashford family. She brings them to her office. They introduce themselves. She’s Dr. Francine Massey. She says Curtis made the appointment. What brings them to family counseling?

Kristina tells Sam that everything happened so fast. Parker had just gotten it together, and she followed her across the country, where they moved in together. Parker dove into her new job, and is fulfilled. Sam asks what about her, and Kristina says she’s lonely. It’s harder to make friends in a new city than she thought. Sam asks if they can’t relocate to somewhere good for both of them. Kristina says Parker has been to three schools in three years. It will look bad if she moves again. She inherited her parents’ house, and she’s happy there, and probably on a tenure track. Sam says Kristina is saying, she, she, she. It’s all about Parker. Kristina says she loves Parker, but maybe it’s not enough. Sam suggests she come home.

Carly tells Mike it was just a misunderstanding. Sonny says he’s sorry, and asks if Mike wants to go to the doctor. He says he doesn’t need to go, and Carly adds that he’s fine; he’s just shaken up. Sonny tells him the alarm was triggered. He wonders who did it. Jason is looking at Mike’s pocket alarm, and says he sees what happened.

Griff asks Ava if it’s a coincidence that the blanket showed up; the blanket that Nelle and Carly were fighting over that disappeared. Ava says she doesn’t know funny business Julian is involved in. Griff says, somebody at the shower hid it or took it, and Julian wasn’t at the shower; Ava was. Ava says, along with several others, but Griff says there was no one else there with a vendetta against Carly like she has. Despite her protests of innocence, she helped send Carly to Ferncliff, didn’t she?

Drew says Margaux’s hotel suite was the last place Peter had the flash drive. She’s been asking about his memories a lot – Jason’s memories. She asks if he thinks she’s guilty of identity theft, and he says, maybe he should ask Jordan to figure it out. Margaux asks him to give her a break, but he starts to leave. She says, fine. She’ll tell him everything he wants to know. She calls him the rudest man alive, and says it’s been insult after insult. She tells him he can load it his damn self if he wants answers, and he says he needs the password. She puts it in and he puts in the drive. Pictures come up of Margaux as a child. He says he’s not sure what this has to do with a case, unless she’s prosecuting herself.

Curtis thanks the doctor for seeing them on such short notice. Jordan say they’re hoping her professional insight will help them change their perspectives. They’re about to married, and have ton of family problems to work out first. Francine says, family relationships can be messy. There’s tension, drama, and boundless love. Landmark occasions, like weddings and funerals, exacerbate feelings, and it’s fairly common for there to be tension between parents. Curtis says Stella is his aunt, and Stella says she helped raise him. She’s been with him and his late brother since they were kids. He says he and Jordan have been seeing each other for a while, and Francine says she was at the Nurses’ Ball. Jordan says Curtis’s epic proposal would have been great news for most people. Stella says if it’s going to be an hour of bashing her, she’ll save them the time and trouble. She doesn’t like Jordan and doesn’t trust her. She gets up, and heads for the door. She sees Francine taking notes, and asks what she’s writing.

Sonny explains to Mike that the tracker has an alarm. If it’s triggered, it brings the guards. He can’t push it unless he’s in danger or sees something. Mike says he saw someone on the terrace, and didn’t know where Sonny was. He starts to get agitated, and Jason says, it’s okay.  The guards are supposed to do a visual inspection at sunset, and he saw them. Carly takes Mike to the kitchen for some tea.

Griff asks if Ava doesn’t get tired of lying. She had the blanket, and let Carly sit there. Ava says Nelle told her they were struggling over the blanket, and Carly could have still pushed her. Griff says she saw it as an opportunity to get rid of Carly and took it. She says she did it for him. Nelle was blackmailing her.

Francine says that notes are helpful to her. Stella accuses Francine of forming an opinion already, and Francine says she doesn’t know why Stella is so angry. Stella says she doesn’t know the whole story. Jordan says Stella left out the part where she contacted Curtis’s ex. She doesn’t think Jordan is good enough for Curtis, and would rather see him with any other woman, as long as he doesn’t choose her. Stella says, as long as he doesn’t settle for Jordan. Francine would like to hear the whole story. She has no preconceptions; she takes notes so she can ask questions later. Does Stella want to tell her why she can’t make peace? Stella says Jordan is her late nephew Tommy’s widow. Jordan says she’s tired of apologizing, and doesn’t care if Stella never accepts her. She’s done. Stella says, if only that was true. Francine tells them to continue. They’re making excellent progress.

Francine asks what Jordan means by she’s done? Jordan says she’s tried everything she could, and there’s clearly no moving Stella. Stella doesn’t appreciate being talked about in the third person. Jordan says, she wins. Go ahead and live a life of resentment and bitterness. She’s not living a second more with having to grovel. Francine tells them to take a deep breath. Jordan says Stella blames her for Thomas’s death; she might as well have shot him herself. Stella says the man she was cheating with did. Jordan says it’s true. She had an affair with her husband’s best friend. She got pregnant, and Thomas believed her son was own. Shawn and Thomas were stationed together overseas, and he found out about the affair. Maybe it was the betrayal or the stress of deployment, but he went after Shawn with force, and Shawn shot him in self-defense. She’s not excusing the affair; it was wrong on many levels, but she can’t change the past. Continuing to blame her is just cruel. She didn’t kill him. She made a mistake, and accepts the responsibility, but Thomas did it himself. Stella says now she’s blaming Thomas for getting himself killed.

Kristina tells Sam that their mom said she was making a huge mistake, giving up her life for Palmer. If she comes back, she’ll just be a colossal failure. Sam say, no one thinks that. Their mom doesn’t either; she was just being a mom. Kristina doesn’t want to live by her rules, but Sam says she should follow her heart. Kristina asks if Sam means like she did when she decided to be on her own.

Jason asks Sonny how he’s doing. Sonny says his old man was almost shot in his house, and he had a gun on him. What if he’d pulled the trigger? He brought Mike there to keep him safe, but he couldn’t do that tonight. Jason says they’ll make adjustments to security. Sonny says that might work or not, but the truth is, he’s been lucky. How long is that luck going to last?

Griff says, first Ava blames Julian, now she’s pinning it on him; stop lying. She didn’t hold on to the blanket and leave it for his benefit. Ava tells him that Nelle found out about the DNA test, and threatened to expose him. He doesn’t know how Nelle could have found out, unless Ava told her. She says she didn’t. Nelle found it on her phone, and used it as leverage. She was snooping, and threatened to expose Griff if Ava didn’t help her. She had to choose, and she chose him over Carly; it was the only way to protect his career and keep him safe. She says, it’s the truth. Please tell her that he believes her.

Jordan says she’s not blaming Thomas; she’s stating the facts. His actions were under his own control. Stella says she only has Shawn’s account, and because of her betrayal, everything was set in motion. Francine says Jordan took responsibility, but Stella says she turned it around and blamed Thomas. Curtis says Jordan apologized, and asks if Stella can’t just accept the past and move forward. Stella says she tried, but looking at them tears her apart. She’s afraid Jordan will hurt Curtis like she did his brother. Jordan understands her concern – she’s a mother – but focusing on the past is preventing their connection as a family. Stella says family is only important to Jordan when it concerns her. Jordan says, that’s not true. Stella says when Jordan’s son was going through a rough patch, she shipped him off to a man he didn’t know. Jordan says Shawn is his father, but Stella says none of them knew. It got too hard for her, and she took the easy way out. She dropped out of her son’s life to do her. Jordan says she was working under dangerous conditions under cover. She had to make that sacrifice. Stella says Jordan doesn’t know about sacrifice. She’s done it her whole life; gave up everything to raise the boys. With the help of God, her community, and the sheer force of her will, she gave them everything. The fallout of Jordan’s actions already took Thomas, and she’s supposed to trust that Jordan won’t do the same to Curtis? He’s all the family she has left. She gave up the man she was supposed to marry. She gave up her life. She’s not going to stop fighting for it now. Jordan says now they’re hearing the truth. The real reason Stella is angry isn’t about her. She doesn’t want to see Curtis happy, and doesn’t want to admit it’s just an excuse for her not to have a life of her own.

Margaux says Drew caught her. She lied about the flash drive. It’s the proof that she, Drew, and Jason are triplets. Drew asks her why she didn’t say it wasn’t his business, and she says if she’d wanted to share, she would have. Thanks for taking that away. He apologizes, and she says he was going through her belongings. Was that his plan? To get into her suite, and search it, because he thinks she’s keeping something from him? He says, no. Other people’s suspicions got in his head.

Carly brings Mike back, saying he’s better now. Mike apologizes for causing a commotion. Sonny says he should be sorry. Jason asks Mike if he wants to step out for fresh air. Mike says he would, and maybe he’ll howl at the moon. Carly tells Sonny that Mike didn’t want to talk, and she didn’t want to press him. She asks what happened, and why Felix wasn’t there. Sonny says the relief nurse was late. Felix offered to stay, but Sonny told him he could handle it. They were having an incredible day, throwing the ball like – Carly says, like the childhood he never had. Sonny says, not just for himself. He could see it meant something to Mike. It was the first time in ages he was at peace with himself. Now it’s been ripped away.

Ava tells Griff to believe her. She wanted to protect him. She sent Julian back to the house with the blanket; so it would found, and Carly would be vindicated. Griff says that doesn’t excuse her taking it. Ava says there was so much confusion, and Carly was out of control. She wanted Nelle to have a chance. Griff says Ava has always hated Carly. She hates how Avery loves her, and even calls her mommy. She wanted Carly convicted of a crime she didn’t commit. Ava says now he has a conscience. If the doctor thing doesn’t work out, he can do amateur detective work. He has new information. The question is, what is he going to do now?

Drew says Margaux needs to understand that his memories have been kept from him. It’s hard for him to trust. It’s nice talking to her, or was, since he screwed up. He says, apologies from the rudest man alive. He’ll show himself out. She tells him to wait.

Kristina knows how much Sam loves Jason; she always has, but it was like she was broken. Kristina didn’t think Sam would ever be herself again. Now here she is, like the sister Kristina recognizes. Kick ass Sam who makes her own decisions. How did she do it? Sam says, it wasn’t easy. She had to be honest with herself and the people she loves. It sounds simple, but it’s not. She had to look at herself in the mirror, and love and respect herself in order to build a meaningful relationship with another person.

Ava asks if Griff is going to turn her in for tampering with evidence or obstructing justice. Maybe it will absolve him of sleeping with her daughter. He says he’s not doing that. What would be the point?  If Sonny found out – Ava says, he would kill her. Griff says he doesn’t want that on his conscience.

Outside, Mike tells Jason he knows they’re talking about what do with him. Jason says, maybe revising the protocols. He scared them tonight. Mike says he scared himself too. He keeps messing this up. He abandoned Sonny when he needed him most, then came back in his life only to become a burden.

Sonny tells Carly he doesn’t know what he was thinking, taking care of Mike with no help. Stella prepared him for this. He’ll see if Felix can work extra hours. Carly says he can’t plan for everything. That’s the nature of the illness. Sonny says she wants him to send Mike to a facility. She says, that’s his decision, but if he wants Mike to be included in it, he needs to talk to sim sooner rather than later. He says she sounds like Miss Stella. She hugs him, and he says, it’s been long day. She’s going to check on Avery. She can’t believe Avery slept through all that. I can’t either.

Griff tells Ava this doesn’t mean she gets a free pass. If she causes any more pain, he can and will go to Sonny. She asks if he’s blackmailing her into morally upright behavior. He says there doesn’t seem to be any other way. The saddest part is that their relationship changed him. It was mostly positive, but she never really changed.

Curtis tells Francine this is clearly out of hand. Maybe she has some insight. Francine notices Curtis constantly acts as a buffer. It must be emotionally exhausting. Jordan tells Stella that she doesn’t sugarcoat and can only speak for herself. Stella tells her to say what she has to say. Jordan says it’s true that Stella sacrificed a lot to raise Thomas and Curtis, and she did am amazing job, but it’s been twenty years since they were kids. Years she could have lived life on her terms. It makes her sad. Stella deserves happiness. Maybe if she found some, she wouldn’t resent theirs. Stella says Jordan has obviously been holding that in for a while. It must have felt good to get it out. Curtis says, enough. He tells Francine, see what working with the two women he loves most, but who can’t stand to be in same room, opened up? Francine says, it’s the first step in healing. It won’t happen overnight, but if all parties are willing, it will happen. It’s clear how much they love each other, and love has built bridges further apart than them, but they’re out of time for today. Stella looks like she has a headache.

Drew and Margaux kiss. He tells her, goodnight. She says, for what it’s worth, she has faith in him. It will work out. He hopes so. When he’s gone, she walks to the safe, and takes out the real flash drive, labeled Anamnesis Project with the memory mapping on it,.

Sam says Kristina is at the point of no return. She either gets on the plane or stays there. Kristina decides to stay, but feels she owes it to Parker to tell her in person. She’s afraid once she goes back, Parker will start talking, and she won’t have the strength if Parker asks her to stay. Sam offers to go with her, saying she’ll always have her sister’s back.

Jordan wishes she could talk to Stella. Stella says she’s talked enough, even maybe for a lifetime. Curtis says they’ll work it out next week; it was a powerful first session. Stella says she’s not coming back for more. Curtis says she’s a professional. She knows they can’t solve their problems with one forty-five-minute session. She also knows he loves her. She says she’ll think about it, and she loves him too. She goes down in the elevator.

Ava asks Griff, who is he to judge. He broke his Hippocratic Oath, he broke his priestly vows, and he broke her heart by sleeping with her daughter; not exemplary actions. He says he owned up to it, and she says, in court under oath. He says she told him he was using her for a vacation from his morals, but she was using him to see what it was like to actually have a soul. Ouch. She tells him to have it his way. If he needs to make her a monster to assuage his guilt, fine. She’ll give him a monster. I don’t think monsters wear gorgeous sweaters like that.

Jason says Mike must be exhausted. He doesn’t want to be a burden Sonny. Jason says Sonny wants to take care of Mike for as long as he can. Mike doesn’t know why he’s surprised; he was told how the illness would progress. Jason says, it’s one thing to hear and read it. It’s another to live it.

Sonny looks at picture of Mike, and says he doesn’t know how to do this.

Tomorrow, Doc says he’s heard Ryan has been busy, Julian tells Brad that he’s contacted the birth mother, and Sonny decides what to do about his dad.

The Real Housewives of Orange County 

Shannon’s trainer, Steven, arrives. Shannon this it’s a hassle to go to the gym, but she’s fortunate to have trainer, and can just walk into another room and work out. Regardless, she doesn’t want to. She does squats, and Steven shows her some moves with the dumbbells – I mean weights, not her ex-husband. She does some planks. She says now that her life has taken a positive turn, she needs to get her body on track, and needs to commit to it. She’s gained forty pounds (we know), and wants people to see she can lose some of it. Being realistic, she doesn’t think she’ll lose all of it, but wants to be healthy. She says the goal is to get her stomach further in than her boobs. In her interview, she says she’s not ready for dating, since she’s not happy with her body. She was married to someone who was working out all the time, and she’s letting herself go. She asks Steven how long it will take if she works out every day. Steven says she needs to bring her confidence back, and she looks great.

Tamra and Eddie meet Shane and Emily for drinks. In her interview, Tamra say she’s known Emily for three years, but doesn’t know Shane. None of them do. They’re just speculating, and it’s not fair. She’s curious to know him and make her own judgement. Eddie talks about his illness, and says he feels normal, but can’t sprint or go fast. The doctor wants him to take another medication, but he doesn’t want to. Shane asks if it’s optional, and Tamra says the only thing he can’t not take are the blood thinners; he could have a stroke without them. I guess alcohol is okay, since he’s having a martini. In her interview, Tamra is praying Eddie gets better, and hoping they can deal with it. Tamra says they heard Shane threw Gina out. Shane says, not exactly. He asked her several times to keep it down, and when she didn’t, told her to take a hike. He didn’t kick her out, but welcomed her to stop being loud and obnoxious or exit. Tamra wishes she’d been there. Shane says he can recreate it. In her interview, Emily says her husband is witty, and engages in sarcastic banter, but people think he’s being rude. I dunno. I like to engage in sarcastic banter, but I think he is rude. Not liking this guy at all. Shane says there’s a lot of truth to what he says. In her interview, Tamra says she’s trying to know Shane’s personality. Maybe he’s just misunderstood. Nope. Don’t think so. Shane tells Tamra, sorry to disappoint her. Was she scared? Tamra says, no, but there’s a lot of truth to that.

Kelly and Jolie do some baking. Jolie claims she’s an expert on brownies and cakes. In her interview, Kelly says now that Jolie is older, she has stronger judgments, thinks Kelly embarrasses her, and basically calls her out on her sh*t all the time. She tells Jolie that she saw a new place with two bedrooms. In her interview, Kelly says she went from a $5 million home to a small two bedroom. She’s not used to living in the 1970s. Jolie asks about another place they saw with a pool, but Kelly says it was $4 million. She tells Jolie that she acts spoiled, and entitled is not good. Jolie asks Kelly to remember when she gave her toys to a homeless shelter, but Kelly says she made her do that. In her interview, Kelly admits it’s her and Michael’s fault that Jolie is spoiled. She went to camp on a private plane. She tells Jolie they’re going to the soup kitchen. It’s important for her to be grounded, and Kelly needs to be grounded as well.

Vicki and Steve have a glass of wine. She says she was looking through pictures, and someone commented that one of them looked like an engagement picture. We see a picture of the two of them walking down a tree-lined path, holding hands. In her interview, Vicki says they’re two and a half years in. She needs to know where their going. She needs to make a hard decision if it’s not marriage, since she’s a marriage girl. She tells Steve that her birthday is coming up. Steve says he knows. I’ll bet. In her interview, Vicki says she loves birthdays. The one day of the year everyone wants to give you attention – she’ll take it. She talks about wanting to try out the new golf clubs Steve got for her. He says he has something planned for her birthday, but it’s not a party.

Emily meets Gina for shopping. Emily is late because her car battery ran out. Gina says it sucks that she had to leave early from the dinner. She tells Emily that Shane was discussed, and Shannon doesn’t think a man should ever talk like that to a woman. She’d said it was something David would have done, and was concerned it might be a pattern in Emily’s life. Gina made clear that the issue was just them having small kids. It was a loud party, and he snapped. Emily doesn’t appreciate opinions about her marriage, when they don’t know it. In her interview, Emily says she can’t take it any other way other than derogatory. It’s offensive. Gina tells Emily that Shannon admitted to projecting her personal issues on Emily. Emily says she can take care of herself. She doesn’t think there’s an issue between them, but the other ladies need to stop talking about her husband.

Kelly and Jolie go to the soup kitchen. Kelly says it’s a great experience, helping people. That’s what life is about. In her interview, Kelly says her childhood was very different from Jolie’s. She started working when she was fifteen, bagging groceries. Her grandma said the more you spoil children, the worse off they’ll be. She’s bringing Jolie to teach her about work ethic, and to be thankful and grateful for what they have. The woman in charge tells them about cooking soft food, because a lot of the homeless have compromised teeth. In her interview, Kelly says she doesn’t have the lifestyle she used to have, and realizes she has to reprogram herself, as well as Jolie. Jolie helps cook the food. In her interview, Kelly says the OC is a bubble of wealth. She wants to teach Jolie values, and not to be spoiled, but appreciative. It’s important to know reality isn’t just in the bubble. She tells Jolie to be appreciative of what she has. They serve breakfast. Kelly says kids don’t like to work, and wasn’t sure if Jolie would complain. She said it was the best experience ever, and she realizes Jolie has a good heart. Jolie tells Kelly how blessed she is, and that she wants to come back.

Tamra’s mom, Sandy, stops by. Tamra says she’s feeling better. Sandy asks if she’s going to need surgery, but Tamra says, not unless she hurts it. She’s been experimenting with CBD oil, and swears it’s helping with the healing. Sandy says her new boyfriend, the plumber, smokes weed. In her interview, Tamra says, thank you, Jesus. Her mom has a boyfriend. And she needs a plumber. Sandy says she told him about Tamra’s plumbing problem, and he was asking questions. Tamra suggests maybe he can take a look. They sit on the sofa, and Tamra asks if she’s getting a new daddy. Sandy says she’s never get married again, and Tamra asks if she’s kissing him. Sandy says that’s all they’ve done so far. She asks Tamra about supplements, and Tamra wishes Shannon would talk to her about that stuff. She wishes Shannon would trust her. She tells Sandy about Shannon being awarded $30K a month. Sandy thinks a woman needs to get something, but shouldn’t screw the man. Tamra says it was reduced to $22K. Both figures boggle my mind. I can’t imagine needing that much per month, even with kids. Tamra says David sent an email to Shannon’s attorney saying he’s taking the utilities out of his name. Shannon called her up, hysterical, saying she didn’t know she had to pay for water. To be honest, that was a surprise to me too, when I moved into a house. She cried like the world was ending. In her interview, Tamra says she gets a lot of dumping and negativity put on her from Shannon. When she gets off the phone, she’s drained. Sandy says he obviously took care of her. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon never asks how Eddie is doing. She tells Sandy these are truly OC problems.

Gina and Tamra pick up Vicki for a game of golf. It’s her birthday, and she’s excited to use the golf clubs Steve gave her for Christmas. Tamra says she told her mom she doesn’t know what happened to Vicki. She won’t dance on the bar or get naked in the jacuzzi, and her mom said, well, she shouldn’t. In her interview, Tamra says,Vicki met Steve and turned into a Stepford wife. What happened to whoop-it-up Vicki? They get to the golf course, and Tamra says she’s like a toddler, bringing so much stuff. Vicki tells them that she ordered cakes for the nineteenth hole. Tamra says it would be nice if the others showed up. Vicki says they’ll do it without them.

Emily is waiting on the course. It’s her first experience golfing. In her interview, Emily says it’s upsetting that Shannon has an opinion about her marriage. She shouldn’t be comparing them. She’s divorced and has a tumultuous relationship, whereas Emily and Shane have a good marriage. It pisses her off.

Tamra loves the sport of golf, she knows how to pick out a cute outfit. She nearly kills herself with the first swing. The others finally show up. Gina goes to swing and she’s so wild, everyone moves out of the way. She thinks it’s the pastime of the older generation. Yeah, Tiger Woods is ancient. Manager Troy thanks them for coming, and thanks Vicki for including them in her birthday celebration. Vicki says it’s Shannon’s birthday too. Tamra brought breathalyzers, so no one drives drunk. Instead of the traditional golf carts, these look like bubbles. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki doesn’t have a good record with driving carts, and we flash back to that. She says Vicki will probably drive with both hands, now that she’s with Steve. Shannon drives onto the lawn. In her interview, Shannon says she knows about golf. There are woods and metal pieces, and sticks. Kelly tells them that they suck.

They get drinks from a bar golf cart. Vicki says she’s getting drunk; birdies are chirping. She does the breathalyzer, and it comes up .00. She says the fuzz is happening, but she can keep drinking. In her interview, Kelly says she’s been playing since she was a kid, and has her own equipment. I took golf lessons when I was a kid, and I stunk. On the other hand, I brought my own equipment when we had archery in phys ed. I think it’s the only “A” I ever got. Kelly says they’re at level zero, and she’s at six. In her interview, Vicki says there must be a golf etiquette book with all the rules. Don’t drive wherever you want; drive on the path; you can’t be loud or slow; and be respectful of other golfers. It’s serious. They’re doing none of that, and Vicki officially goes past the DUI point. Everyone checks their alcohol levels, and Emily doesn’t even know if Kelly can be passenger. Vicki asks if they’re done. Kelly says it’s what you do when you get older, and it’s fun.

Emily brings up the Shane discussion. She says Shannon was insinuating that she was concerned for Emily’s safety, or their might be abuse. We flash back to Shannon’s comment, and Gina repeating it. It’s not exactly what either one of them said. Shannon says she would never use that word. In her interview, Shannon says, after her history, she doesn’t toss the word abuse around lightly. She tells Emily that she just said he must have been upset about the loud noise with the kids going sleep. She apologizes, even though she doesn’t think she did anything wrong; everyone was making comments. She had no intention of being judgmental. Emily accepts her apology in a vague way. Vicki lies down on the ground, saying the  golf cart lady got her wasted. Tamra pours another drink into her mouth. Vicki says, it’s time for food.

They all sit at an outside table, and place their orders. Kelly says she beat them; they were way behind. They toast to Shannon and Vicki. Shannon asks about the abuse word, and Emily says Gina told her Shannon was worried her husband might be abusive. She said the situation was brought up again after she left. Shannon says she felt like it was something David would have done, and was concerned, but never said anything about abuse. She also said she thought she might be projecting her own sh*t on to Emily. We flash back to her saying exactly that. Shannon says she felt bad about it. Emily asks why she would make it up, and Gina says she never used that word – ever. Tamra thinks it’s a misunderstanding, and asks who originally said abuse. Kelly doesn’t think the word was used. Gina and Emily leave the table to discuss it. Shannon says Tamra brought it up, and she’s getting accused. Tamra says no one is accusing her of anything, but the table agrees she just did. Omg, these women can create a huge argument over one word.

Gina thinks it’s ridiculous, and has nothing to do with her feelings. Emily says Gina’s husband isn’t around, and hers is. He gets exposed to things Gina’s husband doesn’t. Gina walks away, saying, that’s really foul. Don’t do it.

Shannon says enough if this sh*t. She’s being drawn into the drama, and singled out. When the topic was brought up, she owned her comment, and said she shouldn’t be projecting. Tamra says, when you talk about someone’s husband, it’s hurtful. In her interview, Kelly says she never saw Tamra express anger toward Shannon – ever. In her interview, Shannon says it isn’t making sense. She apologized, even for the sentence she didn’t say. Do they want her to cut her thumb off? Why her thumb? That was a weird thing to say.

Gina says she’s in Emily’s corner. She’s being her friend. If she doesn’t accept that, fine, but if she does, then put the issue to bed. Emily says, fine by her, and they hug it out.

Tamra says when somebody goes after your husband, you get defensive. Shannon says she apologized, and is annoyed that Emily chose to attack her on the golf course. In her interview, Vicki says, it doesn’t matter. Talk about something that makes a difference. Like what are you doing with your 401k? She can help with that. Vicki finds Emily and Gina. Gina says she and Emily are good. Did someone say cake?

Shannon says Emily and Gina can’t put what happened between them on her. Tamra says if you have a good relationship, and someone goes after your husband, it’s game on. Shannon says she didn’t go after Shane, and Tamra says she compared him to David. Shannon says she wasn’t comparing; it just reminded her of something David would do. Shannon gets up from the table. Kelly says Tamra upset Shannon, and Tamra says, too bad. Shannon comes back, and says Tamra knows what she goes through every night, and she’s attacking her. In her interview, Tamra says, this is typical. Shannon is good at taking a situation and making it about her. Shannon walks away.

To be continued…

Next time, Tamra tells Steve that he needs to marry Vicki, Vicki visits Gina whose kids are out of control, Gina is having problems with Matt, Gina sees Shane at a party and calls him a little bitch, and Emily says she’s going to kill Gina. That’s probably the whole show in a nutshell right there. I can’t wait to see the Gina/Shane fight.

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August 26, 2018 – Morgan Has a Busy Day & a National Day for Dogs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

The storm continues. Morgan calls for Alicia. He pikes a zombie and checks the cab of a truck, but it’s locked. He opens the back, ready for anything, but nothing comes screeching out. He goes in through the back, and sees the take what you need boxes ready to go. He looks through one and finds a pocket knife. He sits with some water and a protein bar. Best. Protein. Bar. Ever. By the look on his face.

The next day, there’s less of a storm noise, but more of a zombie noise. Morgan cracks open the back door, and a zombie looks in. He kills it, and walks out to a new morning. It looks like the storm has passed. He sees he’s at a truck stop. He bangs on the mini-mart door and cautiously steps inside. He calls, hello, but hears nothing.

Morgan sees coffee pots ready to go, and everything is clean, neat, and well-stocked. He flips the light switch, and lights come on. He hears a woman’s voice over the radio asking, that you papa bear do you copy? Over. Then, do you copy? Over. Morgan answers, hello? She asks who this is, and says he hitched a ride accidentally in the back of a semi, and found himself there She asks which location he’s at. He thinks Mississippi. She tells him to make himself at home. Take what you need, and leave what you don’t. He asks what this place is, but she’s gone.

Morgan goes through the aisles, taking a few things. He looks at a map, and sees how far he is from Virginia. He loads up a thermos with coffee. Next, he checks out the bathroom, which is the first place I’d have gone. He looks in the mirror, and marvels at the faucet, which has running water. There’s real toilet paper, and even a magazine by the toilet. While he’s making use of that, a man tries the door. This would be my luck. Even in the apocalypse, with only a handful of people around, there’s a line for the bathroom. The man tells Morgan to get out. Morgan asks for a minute.

When he opens the door, there’s a man in a wheelchair holding a gun. The man says, all his life, people like Morgan have been using stalls for people like him. He’s never asked the question, but he’s asking now – why? Morgan says it seemed like little apartment. The man says, it is, especially with the sink. Everyone likes it a little homey. He asks Morgan what’s in the bag, and Morgan says someone told him to take it. A woman on the radio. Morgan asks if the man could lower his gun. He says, sure could, and points it lower. Morgan says, take what you need, and leave what you don’t. He thought that’s what it was here for. A woman walks in, and says, it is. She asks Morgan to excuse her brother. He’s a little jumpy. The man is African American, and the woman is Caucasian. Morgan says, brother? and she says they’re twins. Morgan asks what they do there. We find out their names are Wendell and Sarah.

Outside, Sarah tells Morgan that they pack, drive, and deliver. They keep doing what they always did. They’d been living on the fringes, and now all that’s left are the fringes. When the road gets bumpy, just keep going. Wen tells Morgan they have everything there, even satellite TV, if anyone was still broadcasting. Morgan asks if there are more of them, and more places like this, and then says, they don’t have to tell him; it’s not his business. Wen asks where he’s heading, and Morgan says he’s heading back east; Virginia. There’s a place where people are trying to start over; build something better. Sarah says they just saved his ass from a hurricane. The worst she’s ever seen; levees broken, roads washed out. Morgan says he has people back there. Wen says he lost his Nelly, and knows Morgan’s pain. Morgan asks if he can convince Sarah to drive him. Wen says they’re not much without the truck. Morgan says he understands, but he’s going to have to try.

Wen gives him directions, and says if Morgan is lucky, they’re still standing. Morgan says there aren’t a lot of people doing things like this. Wen says people used to look down on them, and told them the boxes wouldn’t do any good, but they have a code. They’re keeping it alive. You gotta help people when they need help, then keep on truckin’.

Morgan drives until there’s a downed tree with a downed zombie under it. He kills the zombie, and looks around. Another zombie is flailing around in quicksand. Morgan sees one of the boxes, looks inside, and smiles. He continues on foot.

He starts to cross a bridge, but it’s out,* and he runs back. He runs for a while, like something is chasing him. He uses the radio to call Wen, asking if he knows which roads are clear. Wendell asks why, and Morgan tells him the bridge is out; he’s coming back. Wen asks, what about his friends? Morgan gets choked up, and repeats the bridge is out, and he’s coming back.

He must be traveling as the crow flies. There’s one pecking at a zombie now.

Wen tells Sarah, half a point. She almost hit that bird. Morgan radios the truck stop, saying he ran into trouble. He asks if there are more places like where they are, but Sarah says they’re the last outpost on the frontier. She calls Morgan MoMo, and says, sorry. She knows helping those people meant a lot.

Morgan drives for a while. He sees a man running across a field, yelling for help. He has a hood over his head, and his hands are bound behind his back. And he’s being chased by five or six zombies. Morgan tells him to hang on. The hooded dude starts smacking into the zombies, and all of them fall. Morgan runs across the field, and pikes them one by one. He tells the guy (we find out later his name is Jim) he’ll be all right, and takes the hood off of him. Jim asks, how long does it take to run across a field? Morgan picks him up, and cuts him free, He tells Morgan that he was kidnapped. Morgan asks what they wanted, and Jim says, recipes. He brews beer – the goddam staff of life. I beg to differ, but it’s good to have a passion.

In the car, Morgan asks if Jim is part of group, or is it just him? Jim says, just him and the brewery; Auggie’s Ale. He grows hops, and whatever he can manage on his roof. Morgan asks who he’s making it for, and Jim asks if Morgan has a point to his life or is he looking for one? Morgan says he’s just trying to get back home. Jim says he’s got something. He’s got the future. They’re going to infest the planet again one day. Everything they lost, they’re going to rebuild. So he makes beer. Does Morgan think he’s nuts? Morgan says, actually, no. He’s going someplace where people are trying to rebuild; in Virginia. He’s meeting some folks who are going to give him a lift. He asks Jim if he wants to come.

The truck is stopped in the middle of the road. Morgan and Jim get out of the car. I have a bad feeling about this, Beavis. Jim wonders where they are, and Morgan says, in back. Jim sees them, and starts to run. Wen cocks his gun, and says he’s not going to lower it. Sarah says Morgan found him; thanks.

Jim and Morgan ride in the back of the truck, hands bound behind them. Wen asks Morgan if the place he’s going to in Virginia is close to DC. Morgan asks who the truck belongs to, and what happened? Sarah says they left him by the side of the road, where he’d been dropping a box. They figured out he always dropped them by a road marker ending in four; It was easy to snag his rig. If you can’t protect what’s yours, it ain’t yours. Morgan says they could be helping people, and Wen says the universe gave him a reason not to. Sarah asks where the place in Virginia is. Jim wonders what all this has to do with him, and Sarah says she likes beer, calling him Jimbo. Wen thinks he should try a new twist on his name.  Wen says they have the truck, the maps, and journal the guy kept. He wants to get there as much as they do. Where is it? Morgan says nothing, and Wen says he has a thousand miles to change his mind.

In the back of truck, Jim says he could make this work on a small scale, The chick said she’s a fan of his work. She came to see if there was any stock left, and finding him was a bonus, but he can make it work. He asks Morgan to tell them where he’s going, and Morgan says he can’t be serious. They kidnapped him, and the tied-up Morgan for trying to stop them. Now he wants to throw in with them? He’s as bad as they are. Jim says where Morgan is going, there has to be a bargaining system. Morgan says he’s not taking them anywhere near there. Jim explains that he was supposed to be rich and about to cash in on his microbrew, when those dead things started stumbling around. They took it away from him, and he wants to get it back. He says all civilizations had beer. They need him. If they want the world to come back together again, they need beer,

The truck stops short. They’re stuck. Sarah opens the back, and says they’re too heavy. She has to start unloading. She starts tossing stuff out of the truck. Jim thinks if the place is Virginia is all Morgan says it is, they can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, with Sarah getting all the beer she can drink. Sarah unties him. She says, what about you, MoMo? Want to stay tied? A group of zombies comes ambling through the woods, and Wen says he doesn’t like it; there could be more nearby.

The start to get back to the truck, and when Jim tries to help Morgan, he knocks Morgan over. Morgan tumbles down the hill, and lands in front of the zombies. He tries to scramble back up, but his hands are still tied, and he slides back down. He manages to jump onto a convenient car roof. He sees Jim on the bridge, and asks if he can get some help. Jim, Sarah, and Wen watch him. Sarah turns on the radio, and says Jimbo is boned him help him. Is he going to tell them where he’s going? The zombies surround the car. Morgan gives her some directions, and says once they get there, he’ll give them the rest. Sarah asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and Morgan asks how does he know she’ll get him off this thing? She says, the whole way, and he finishes the directions. Sarah asks, who’s going first? Jim says he’s been living in a brewery since this started. Sarah says, sorry. He made it this long without them. He’s got this. Morgan says they can’t just walk away. Sarah says, sure they can. Morgan did. On the bridge. He said he was going to help his friends, but he’s not the only one pretending to be something they’re not. They leave him with zombies clamoring at his feet.

Night falls. Morgan is sitting now, and the zombies scrabble around him. He talks into the radio, saying they don’t have to do this. He knows they can hear them, so he’s just going to say it – he could have crossed the bridge. He could be on his way back to Texas, but he’s not. He’s had time to think, and he’s a coward. He helped people back there – thought he did – but it wasn’t enough. He can see that. They needed something he couldn’t give them; or didn’t think he could. He got scared. Scared if he went back, he’d just make things worse. He says, so don’t come back. Not for him. He can’t ask that, but maybe come back so he can do the right thing. Hands reach up around him.

Morgan gets up, and kicks a zombie away. He slips and goes down onto the car roof, and they grab at him. Dammit, did he lose a shoe? Yes, he did. He paces, as much as you can on a car roof. He suddenly leaps over them, back onto the hill, but slides down again. They grab for him. He sees the remains of a take what you need box, and a metal street sign. Morgan kicks at the zombies, and gets to the box. He cuts himself loose with a knife, grabs the sign, and starts picking them off.

As he walks, Morgan radios the truck. He asks if they’re still listening. There’s something he wants them to know. What they said about the boxes not doing any good, and rotting in the road – they were wrong. Excellent story writing.

Morgan walks. I hope he gave the them directions to hell. He sees the truck. Wen says there is no Exit 77. Morgan asks how long it took for them to figure it out. Wen says, a couple hundred miles. Morgan asks where Jim is, and Sarah says, in the back, sleeping it off. Morgan says they’re going to let him pass, and Sarah wants the right exit. He says he’ll tell them, but they’re going to be his ride, but they’re picking up some people first. Or he can just continue on foot. It won’t be first time.

Morgan tells Wen that he said the universe gave him a reason not to help, but he thinks it’s trying to tell him something different now. Wen asks if they’re going to pick up some people. Morgan tells him to take the rig straight back to Virginia, and they’re going to make stops along the way.

The truck rolls on. Sarah puts a box by the side of the road. Morgan talks into the radio. He says he doesn’t know their name, and doesn’t know where they are. He doesn’t know if can they can hear him, but he talked to a friend at a truck stop. Wen puts out the next box. Morgan says now he’s with some people, and they have his truck. Jim puts out a box, and adds a beer to it. Morgan says he’s headed to Texas, and they’re giving the truck back. Wherever they are, keep looking. Hang on because they’re coming.

A large African American woman shuts off a radio, and laughs. She says they’re on the road again after all, talking to a zombie impaled on the wall of another truck stop. She writes on his face with a felt tip pen – take what you need, leave what don’t – and says it looks like they’re going to Texas.

*Note: I thought Morgan was seeing something I wasn’t, but it turned out the bridge was not really out. He just said that because he was a-scared. Also, I thought I recognized the crazy lady at the end. It was Tonya Pinkins who played Livia on All My Children back in the day.

Next time, Morgan climbs a water tower, Al’s truck gets stolen, and the weird lady tells Morgan that things are tough and he should be careful.

🐕🐶🐩 Calling It a Three Dog Night…

It’s been a ruff week. My husband has been working his tail off, so I’ve been on my own with both dog duty and dog doody. And today being National Dog Day, I was at their bark and call, bur I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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August 24, 2018 – Mike is Surrounded, Dissecting 90 Days, Return of the Zs, QuadQuotle & Sprockets


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike and Sonny watch a baseball game on TV. Sonny asks if Mike knows the new rules, but Mike says baseball is baseball. He goes upstairs, and Felix tells Sonny that they sounded like a son and his dad. Sonny guesses they did.

Jason tells Carly, one more game. They can have more time to decompress. Carly says there’s a lot going on, especially with Michael. He needs all the support he can get. It’s the worst pain a parent can experience, and he’s still dealing with the Nelle fallout. And then there’s Mike. Seeing his fear and confusion is killing Sonny, but there’s no fixing him. Jason says, not in the long run, but it helps Sonny to use the time left to be with his father. Carly says he feels like he’s getting a new shot. He has so few precious memories from when he was young.

Margaux and Drew walk into The Floating Rib. She wonders if it’s considered a second date if it’s on the same day in the same place. They sit, and she tells him, bring on the wings. Carly says, it looks like someone else is making new memories. Maybe the picture was legit – and the kiss. She tells Jason about their photo in The Invader.

On the phone, Robert tells someone to extend the search radius, and he wants an hourly report. Chase thinks they might have crossed border to Canada. He’s in touch with a local in Niagara Falls. Robert asks if he thinks they got married. Chase says he knows Robert is concerned about Anna, but Finn is his brother, and he’s just as invested. Let him help before it’s too late.

Anna asks Cassandra if she thinks it’s a bluff. One injection brought her out of a coma; one could easily close her eyes again. Cassandra says, Finn is a doctor; he took an oath. Finn says the Hippocratic Oath got a little fuzzy when she drugged him on New Year’s Eve. Anna says, is she going to cooperate, or go back to dreamland?

In the park, Julian instructs Leo on butterfly hunting, telling him that he has to let them go once he catches them. He tells Ava that he’s grateful for the brief time he gets with Leo. Who, I might add, has made an age jump. He’s like, four or five now. Ava says it’s terrible to have to be grateful, and take what you can get. Julian says think about what Brad and Lucas are going through. Ava says if the birth mother wants her son back, what can they do? Maybe she should be asking, what has he done?

Griff jogs by, shirtless, and looks at Ava. He says he didn’t mean to interrupt. Oddly enough, he didn’t interrupt until he said that. Julian says he never does. People just cross his path, and he falls into bed with them, like his niece. Ava says, sooner or later, what you’ve done catches up with you, and Griff says, what makes her think that it hasn’t? Ava suggests Julian go with Leo. She tells Griff that she thought he ran in the morning. He says he used to, before Monica suspended him for violating a patient’s rights by giving them an unauthorized DNA test. He doesn’t’ have to ask who turned him in, does he?

Chase tells Robert he doesn’t want to offend him, but he doesn’t want to be left out. Robert says they have the airports surrounded. There’s no way they can board a plane. Chase says what about smaller airports? They could get a private plane anywhere, and puddle jump to Canada. Robert says, maybe, but Finn was abducted to treat Cassandra. Chase says, and she’s in no condition to travel far. Someone went to a lot of trouble. He asks if there’s been any progress on the ID, and Robert says, no, but maybe they’re going in the wrong direction. Who has an investment in Cassandra staying in a coma. He hangs a picture of the Cassadine family crest on the bulletin board.

Cassandra says Valentin put them up to this. Anna says Valentin’s objectives are a mystery to everyone except him. Is she going to play along or does Finn take her out of the equation altogether? Finn says, goodnight, and starts to put something in her tube.

Sonny tells Felix that he spoke to Stella, and got the same message; to have a talk with his dad. He asks Felix if Mike looks like a man who should live in a facility. Felix is sure Stella meant Sonny should talk with him while he can still understand. Sonny says when he brings it up, Mike thinks he wants to get rid of him. It’s the last thing he wants to do. He loves these moments. He never had them when he was a kid. It felt good. Felix thinks it’s good for the both of them. Sonny says he’s been making the place safe and secure, and Felix says he noticed the Mike’s room sign. He can orient Mike without being obvious. Sonny says he got Mike a tracker. It has a GPS, and if he walks off the grounds, it alerts the guards. Mike comes down with a baseball glove. Felix and Sonny pretend they’re taking about a game. Mike wants to play baseball old school.

Jason asks Carly why she cares what Drew does? She says it seems like he’s getting over Sam. She hopes he knows what he’s doing. Jason says, the DA does.

Margaux asks Drew if it’s weird seeing Jason. He says it’s not like they’re best friends. She says, but he knows Jason better than anyone. It must be strange to have his memories. He says Jason told her he’s not going to turn against Sonny. Next subject. She says it’s just hard to believe. She’s interested in getting to know him, and he says she knows as much about Drew Caine as he does. He fires a bunch of questions at her, like, what’s her favorite color. She asks when a getting to know each other date turned into an interrogation. Margaux says her life reads like a resume, but Drew says, every life has a story. She says, Jersey girl, given a full ride at NYU, married the wrong guy in college. He came from a wealthy family, and had a tragic lack of imagination. She learned after they were married that all he wanted to do was maintain the status quo. She wanted more. He ended up married to a country club girl, and she went to Stanford law, and paid her dues as a DA. His turn. He says it’s hard tell her anything. His memories before 2014 are Jason’s. She says it’s hard to believe. He says since he decided he’s not getting his memories back, he accepts it. Changing the subject, he says she could have taken a job at a big firm. She asks if they really make the best margaritas here. He says they’re amazing, and goes to the bar.

Carly has a bad feeling. Jason says, that makes two of us. Margaux made it clear she’s going after Sonny, and she doesn’t care how or who she uses. Supposedly Drew remembers every job Jason did for Sonny. Carly asks if Margaux is looking for evidence against him.

Coming back inside, Sonny says it’s been a while since he played catch. He used to sit on the stoop and watch the fathers come home and grab the mitts. He stops, and Mike tells him to go on. Sonny says, then they’d go in for dinner. Mike thinks they should head to the city, and see a game at Yankee Stadium. Sonny says he used to promise that all the time. Mike says now they can do it, and Sonny says, it’s a deal.

Ava tells Griff, yeah, she told Monica, and showed her proof. She shows him her phone, and says she took a picture of the results when he was in the shower. Something told her to keep a record. He says he told her in confidence. She says she was going to delete it a dozen times, but didn’t. Something in her didn’t trust his loving words and their tender moments. She suspected it couldn’t last; that she was fooling herself. It turned out, she was right.

Cassandra tells Finn to stop. She’ll do what they want. Anna tells her to pretend she’s unconscious, and steal a look to see if she knows or recognizes them. They hear someone coming, and Cassandra closes her eyes. It’s Carson and his number two. He’s got the medication Finn wanted. Finn asks, what took so long? If it isn’t administered in time, they’ll all be dead.

Jason tells Drew that the DA is after Sonny, and she’ll use anybody – Carly, Josslyn, even him – to do it. Drew says what she wants is for Jason to flip on Sonny. She’s working hard at it. He’s sure Jason has seen the cover of The Invader.

Margaux approaches Carly. She says it’s nice to see her out and about. She’s sorry about Carly’s grandchild. It must be a comfort to have her back. Carly asks if she’s expecting a thank you, and Margaux says, not unless it’s sincere. She tells Carly that she hates injustice. That’s why she didn’t fight the judge about letting her go. She also hates defendants using bogus pleas to circumvent the law. Carly says she hates when women use sex to get information. It sends the wrong message. Or is it just a coincidence that she’s hot and heavy with Drew? Jason and Drew are both there, and Margaux asks if they should all just grab table – or not.

Sonny says it’s nice to throw the ball like they used to. Mike says it was fun, but he’s tired. He thinks he’ll lie down before dinner. They’ll do it again tomorrow. Sonny says, sounds good. Mike goes up the creakiest stairs I’ve ever heard. Felix says maybe Sonny is right, and Mike belongs at home after all. He’s holding on to the memories of them playing ball; that’s great. Sonny says, although it never happened.

Griff tells Ava that she’s fooling herself. What they had, was real. He doesn’t care that she reported him; he deserves suspension. He violated his oath. Ava tells him not to try putting the halo back on his head. She didn’t do it to protect a patient’s privacy. She figured he’d get suspended, and he’d lose something he cares about. It’s the Ava he never understood. She doesn’t want forgiveness. She wants him to hurt like she does.

Julian asks if Leo is ready to go. He asks what’s wrong, and Leo whispers something in his ear. He says his mom must have told him about his cousin in heaven. He imagines there are special toys in heaven. That’s why they picked out some of Leo’s stuff for other babies enjoy. Julian tells Leo, as special a place as heaven might be, don’t worry. He won’t go there for a long time. Neither will Julian. He hugs Leo.

Chase says, it’s the Cassadine crest, and Robert says Valentin has ties to Cassandra. Somebody thought they’d liberate her from the Bureau, but when Valentin was questioned, he seemed surprised. Maybe even worried that she’d gone missing. Chase gets a text, and says they might have a breakthrough. Whoever broke Cassandra out wants Finn to cure her. He’ll require drugs, so Chase ran a check. Someone just used Finn’s pharmacy code, north of Canada. Two cameras got shots of the car and license plates. Robert says, well done. Let’s go.

Finn says he did guess work on the dosage, but it should minimize any damage done by exposure. He holds a tray with four paper cups of liquid on it. He explains that Cassandra will get a concentrated dose, and hands out the cups, Carson says, ladies first; drink up. Anna and Finn drink, and Carson and dude follow. Carson says, that’s it? and Finn says, it’s fast acting; they should be all set. Carson and other guy keel over. Finn asks, did he happened to mention the side effects?

Finn tells Anna that they both got water. Cassandra asks if they’re dead. She says she doesn’t know them. Finn tells Anna that they need to go. Cassandra asks if they’re leaving her, and Anna says she’s better off waiting while they get help. Cassandra doesn’t want to be sent back to the WSB, and Anna says they’ll treat with the same amount of compassion that she treated them.

Felix gets a text from his relief nurse, Hugo. There’s been an accident, and he’s going to be late. Felix says he can stay, but Sonny says he’s done enough. If needs help, his people are just a phone call away. Felix says, when the time comes, he’ll know what do for his dad. Sonny hopes so. Felix leaves, and Sonny says he really hopes so.

Carly says Drew can take care of himself. Jason wonders if he’s a potential liability. Carly says, maybe not. As well as having Jason’s memories, he can draw on his abilities and skills. Jason says, knowing and using are two different things.

Margaux admits the wings pack a punch. Drew loads on hot sauce, and she accuses him of showing off. It’s in a squeezy bottle, and no surprise, he gets some on her blouse. She wonders if it’s payback, but he says it’s a slippery bottle. He says he’ll pay for the cleaning, but she thinks it’s a lost cause. She says it’s a novel way to get her out of her clothes, but he insists he’s a gentleman. They leave.

Sonny gets a call from Diane. He says he has the papers, but they haven’t been signed. The shipping rate is higher than what they settled on. He says he’ll get the papers right now. He leaves the room, and Mike comes down those creaky stairs. He asks if someone is there, and looks confused.

Griff tells Ava if it’s any consolation, he’s hurting like hell. For what he did to her and Kiki, and for the patients he cares about; the ones he’s treating and the ones he won’t get chance to help. Ava never said he wasn’t a good doctor. He says, just not a good boyfriend. She doesn’t have to worry. He’s not going to bother her anymore. Julian runs up with Leo in his arms. He thinks Leo must have fallen from a tree while chasing a butterfly, but he’s unresponsive to Julian. He asks Griff to do something.

Griff tells Leo to look at him, saying it’s scary, falling out of a tree. Julian babbles, but Griff continues talking to Leo, asking if he can breathe, and to show him. He asks Leo to hold his water bottle. I guess to make sure his grip is okay. He checks out Leo’s knee, and says it looks like it hurts, but it’s not deep. He asks Leo about the butterfly he was chasing, and suggests he stick to the ground from now on. He tells Julian that the fall gave Leo a scare, but he’ll be all right. Julian asks if Leo is really okay, and Griff says he’s currently not a licensed physician. Julian should get him checked out, but he doesn’t think Leo hit his head; he’s just shaken up. Ava says it was lucky he was there, and Julian thanks him. He says they should get Leo a security blanket, and Leo says, like the yellow one he put in Jonah’s room?

Carly tells Jason that she called Margaux out. She can’t believe it. Never mind, it could get Margaux disbarred, but it’s demeaning. Jason says, really? Carly knows she’s guilty of using sex to get what she wants, but that was before she was a mother. Jason says, it’s their business, and Carly says, what if she gets Drew to flip on him? Jason says he would need to have a really good memory. He doesn’t think Drew would help Margaux anyway. Besides, Diane is the best, and can always get him off. Carly says she’s not worried, but she’s keeping an eye on Drew. They leave.

Anna and Finn sneak around. Finn says, they’re going to be cranky when they wake up. Anna tries a door, and it’s locked. He says she’s with the WSB; can’t she use a bobby pin or something? She asks if he’s serious.

Back at the hotel, Margaux tells Drew the laundry service has pulled off miracles before. He doesn’t want the night to end like this, and asks if she wants to go for a drink. They can see who has the better margaritas. She thinks that’s a good idea, and goes to change. He looks through her papers on the table, and finds the flash drive.

Mike says, this isn’t right. He thought he heard… He looks outside and sees someone, probably a guard, walk past. He asks, who’s there? and says, they’re trying to break in. He can’t let them do that. He presses a button on the device he’s carrying, and an alarm goes off. It’s loud, and seems to be coming from everywhere. He yells, nooo!

Anna gets the door open. Robert and Chase are on the other side. Robert has his gun drawn, and says, don’t shoot. He can’t believe it’s Anna, and hugs her. Chase and Finn nod at each other. Anna asks how he found them, and he says Chase gave them luck. Finn thanks him. They all go back to the examining room. The guys on the floor are still out, but Cassandra is gone.

Cassandra sits in the back seat of a car. Someone gets in and she asks what they want from her. They place a hand on her knee, and they’re wearing a Cassadine crest ring.

Griff asks what blanket Leo is talking about, and Julian says he told Leo about packing Jonah’s things. Julian tell Griff that he owes him one, and leaves with Leo to get him checked out. Ava says sorry to keep Griff from his run, and starts to leave, but Griff stops her. He asks if the yellow blanket is the one that didn’t exist. The one Nelle and Carly were fighting over on the stairs.

Drew picks up the flash drive. Margaux comes back in, and says, don’t touch that. Drew says, why? Is it important?

Jason and Carly run into Sonny’s house. Jason’s gun is drawn. a guy from outside runs in with his gun drawn. Sonny pops out from upstairs with his gun drawn. Mike is surrounded.

On Monday, Curtis, Jordan, and Stella go to family counseling, Margaux says she’ll tell Drew everything, and Griff asks if Ava helped send Carly to Ferncliff.

💍 Keeping Up with the K-1s…

Just a quickie regarding 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, or as I like to call it, the K-1 visa, where the worst people meet. This show is so awful/good that I have to do a once-a-season dissertation about it rather than recap, but now and then I can’t help but comment. In last week’s episode, Jesse came to the US to visit the woman he’s stringing along the love of his life, Darcy, and to meet her two teenage daughters. Who, no doubt, he has more in common with, considering the huge age gap. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he keeps bringing up that he’s only twenty-four. These two boggle my mind. They’ve been on again/off again for a couple of seasons now, and at this point, I can’t see what they get out of it. After being sorely disappointed when Jesse gave her a promise ring at the end of her trip to Amsterdam – yes, a promise ring, like middle-schoolers exchange – Darcy is still expecting a real proposal. He got down on one knee to give it to her, which turned my stomach. As much as I think Darcy is a drama queen, no woman deserves that embarrassment.

Jesse has made it clear that he doesn’t want her daughters getting too attached at this point in the relationship, and that he balks at being a stepfather at his age. Yet Darcy still pulled him in for a family hug. I get that she’s delusional and thinks he’s hot, but couldn’t he find someone to control a little closer to home? I did feel marginally sorry for him at the beginning of the trip. Deciding to stay in NYC and have her girls visit there on her birthday, Darcy and Jesse took a limo from the airport. Since it was his first time visiting the US, Jesse was naturally interested in his surroundings during the ride. There is no other way to put it other than Darcy was jealous of that interest. She did not want to play tour guide, and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t focused totally on her. She also left him sitting in a restaurant, during one of their nonsensical arguments, where she flailed around while he did his Data imitation. Or the guy from SNL’s Sprockets skit. On the other hand, he’s such a control freak, maybe he deserves what he gets. Which, according to the previews, is a lot of drama. Are they still together? Who knows? And if you wait five minutes, it will be who knows again.

👹 So When is This Happening Already???

The highlight of my week was when the Sy-we-can’t-spell-Fy channel aired reruns of Z Nation. Which tells you how my week went. Although it’s been renewed for a fifth season, all we keep hearing is in the fall.  So is that Labor Day fall or Thanksgiving fall?

📢 Quotes of the Week

When something — no matter what it is — takes more from us than it gives, we are wise to put it down.Suzie Eller

On trains, I am held hostage, disconnected, suspended in time. It forces me to slow down. This is what I crave: Give me a long, slow ride and I am happy.Matthieu Paley, photographer and author

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways it won’t work.Thomas Edison

Stella is 90 now. All she wants back is her mobility. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

💃 To Start Your Weekend Off Right…


August 23, 2018 – Cassandra Wakes Up, Shams Passes On, Stephanie Plans a Party & Friday’s Cure


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason and Carly play pool. They toast to Jonah. Jason adds, and to Carly; she did good. She says she had support.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she has faith in him. He says he loves her. She tells him that his task comes with challenges. He says he has a bullet proof plan. It’s so flawless, the WSB will make him an honorary agent. He thinks his spy name should be Double Franco.

At the station, Robert is on the phone saying he needs a progress report or lack thereof immediately. Jordan tells him, since he’s set up shop there, she’d like an update on Anna. Where is she?

Not Klein – who IMDb lists as Carson, so we’ll go with that, since it’s easier to type – tells Finn, live and in person, here’s his patient. Anna says, Cassandra Pierce. Carson tells her that he was just going to say that. Finn says, no way can he save this patient.

Lucy sees Doc at the bar. He looks at her strangely, and she asks, what’s the matter?

At Ferncliff, a straitjacketed Ryan yells for help. Orderly Gordon comes into his room. Ryan – who I’m thinking isn’t really Ryan – says Gordon has to help him. He’s not supposed to be there.

Doc says he’s fine, but Lucy says, no he’s not. He’s drinking by himself, alone on his birthday. Doc says his birthday wasn’t in the forefront of his mind. Lucy says that’s unacceptable. He should be with someone who appreciates the importance of the day. He does have someone – Laura – and Lucy says that explains why he’s so downtrodden. His current wife forgot his birthday. Doc downs the rest of his drink, and asks for another.

Carly tells Jason that Josslyn talked Michael into taking her out on the speedboat, and everyone else is occupied, so it’s okay for her to be hanging out. That used to be her main focus. It’s funny how someone so selfish with time is worried about everyone else. She asks if someone told him the night that met, she’d be a wife and mother, and taking care of so many people, would he have believed it? He says, not a chance.

Elizabeth tells Franco to stick to the budget. He says he has to get going, and walks away. Kiki asks if everything is okay. Franco comes back, and asks Kiki to tell the love of his life she worries too much. Kiki doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and decides to stay out of it. Franco tells Elizabeth that if he doesn’t make it back alive, he’d like a simple funeral. Kiki asks where he’s going, and Elizabeth says he’s going shopping for school supplies and clothes – with all three boys.

Robert tells Jordan that he knows their last location. She says, but not the current one? He says he found medication at the scene that Anna uses; they must be treating her. Jordan says, so they need her alive, even though Finn is the main target. Robert still thinks the tracker was the best way to go, but now he doesn’t know where the hell they are.

Finn says Cassandra tried to kill them. Carson says that’s not his problem. Finn asks, if it was him, would he try to go out of his way to help someone who would kill him. Carson says, probably not, unless he was being held at gunpoint. Anna says, just do it. Finn says he doesn’t want to. She says, he’s a doctor; he’s supposed to heal, so just do that. He looks at Cassandra’s bloodwork, and says the virus is spreading. He suddenly says, no, no, no, and grabs a box of surgical masks out of the cabinet. He tells Anna to put one on. He tells them if the numbers are accurate, the virus is contagious. He says they’ve had prolonged exposure, and Carson says no one told them about this. Finn asks who they’ve had treating her. Obviously not an expert in mutating viruses. Nice work, fellas. Now they’re all at risk. Carson shows him the medication she’s been given, and he says whatever they’re using isn’t working. It’s getting rid of the non-contagious cells, and the others are surviving. He suggest they have minimal exposure, and gives Carson a list of what he needs. He says if any of them have what she does, he’s not sure there’s anything he can do to stop it.

Franco and the boys sit in the park. Cameron suggests they go to the carnival, but Franco says they’ve gotten zero things done that are on the list; he doesn’t think so, and besides, isn’t it a little early 90s? After they do the stuff on the list, they can check it out. Cameron says the carnival has everything they need; rides, food, games. Aiden wants pencils with Princess Calenda of Everwood on them, and Cameron says, those are for girls.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that she donated the money from the lawsuit to an equal treatment program. It was never about the money. She only wanted to expose him and make GH safer. David is in the vicinity, and wonders why they’re standing around talking. He asks Kiki what she’s waiting for; hop to it.

Carson balks, and Finn tells him the more time they waste, the greater the chances of the infection spreading. Anna says this is the fault of their expert. If Finn says she’s contagious, she’s contagious. Finn says, or they could rely on their own medical expertise. Carson and his thug leave with the list. Finn tells Anna, she’s not contagious. And if she was, the masks would be useless. Anna says, there she is. He says it’s his job keep her alive, and look like he’s making progress. Anna says it will give them time to figure out how to escape. \Carly tells Jason that Julian has been working Mike. Jason says they’re taking steps, and she suggests they take bigger ones. Julian knows something is up, and the longer it takes, the messier it will get.

Doc tells Lucy that he and Laura will celebrate when get home. He’s just preoccupied about work. His birthday hasn’t crossed his mind once. Lucy knows they’re not close anymore, and she get that it’s her fault. She’s loved him in one fashion or another for the best part of her life. She tells him not to pretend she doesn’t know when he’s feeling something.

Ryan tells Gordon that he’s not okay, and neither are a lot of other people. There’s a very dangerous man on the loose in Port Charles.

Cameron tells Aiden, good luck making it through third grade with a princess on his pencils. Aiden gets up and runs off. Franco follows him. Jake tells Cameron he’s in trouble.

David says he’s a respected physician, and Kiki says he was. He tells her that he’s filed an appeal, and expects the verdict to be overturned. He hopes she didn’t spend the money. He’s going to need it back. He gets a text, and says the chief of staff just summoned him. She must have heard from his new lawyer, and wants to apologize for the inconvenience he’s been subjected to. Let his patients know he’ll be there shortly.

Chase joins Robert and Jordan. He says no one told him that his brother was missing. He’d appreciate any information. Robert says he was with Anna in her previous location, but he lost them. Chase asks what he can do, and Jordan says, nothing. He’s too close. He asks if Anna isn’t Robert’s ex and the mother of his child, and isn’t she one of Jordan’s closest friends? He barely knows his brother. They’re closer to Anna than he is to Finn. Robert says if he dies now, Chase won’t have a chance to know him.

Finn prepares a syringe. He despises Cassandra, but she’s important to someone. They spent time and money to recover her. Anna thinks the source must be inside the WSB, which is of concern. She would like her to survive, and if possible, wake up, even though she knows Cassandra is demented. Finn puts something into the tube connected to Cassandra. Anna asks what the odds are, but Finn suggests they not talk about the odds. They’ll know soon enough.

Carly needs Jason to hear her. She says Julian would love to ruin Sonny, especially if he’s an innocent bystander. What could be more innocent than uncovering a crime? If he finds out the truth, he’ll exploit it. Jason says all he knows is that Mike and Charlie are connected. Carly says, so they wait and watch? Jason says, for now. She tells him not to wait too long. He knows a bad situation will only get worse.

Ryan tells Gordon that he knows the doctors say he’s insane, and he’s here for his own protection, but he’s not a patient; he’s a prisoner. While he’s free to destroy everything Ryan loves. Gordon doesn’t know what to tell him; he’s sorry. Ryan says every day he’s in there, he takes more from him. Gordon asks if there’s anything he can do to help him.

Kiki wonders how it’s possible that David is still working there. Elizabeth asks if she’s talked to Monica. Kiki tells her about Griff getting suspended, and says whatever he did can’t be worse than what David did. Elizabeth says there’s not a nurse on staff who’s willing to lift a finger for him. Kiki had their back; now they have hers.

Cameron says he was just protecting Aiden. Jake says he hurt Aiden’s feelings. Franco tells Aiden that it was a crummy thing to do. He doesn’t need to listen; Cameron doesn’t know what he’s talking about with Beverly Evergreen. Aiden says it’s Calenda of Everwood. Franco tells Aiden about an artist who took a pile of elephant poo and put it on a canvas. He sold them for millions. People like what they like, and no one should tell anyone what they should like. He says Cameron made a mistake. He needs to apologize, and then they can go to the store, and Franco will get him the pencils. Aiden says he doesn’t want them anymore.

Doc appreciates Lucy’s concern. Lucy says, but he wants her to butt out. He says, if she doesn’t mind. She says she knows when he’s going to a dark, broody place. He tells her to stop it. If there are things he’s not sharing, it means he has other people in his life to share them with. Carly apologizes for interrupting, but Lucy says they’re wrapped up, so it’s perfect timing glad. Doc says he owes Jason his thanks. His methods are unorthodox, but he did what Doc couldn’t to keep Carly safe. Jason is glad he got there in time, and Doc shudders to think what would have happened if he hadn’t. Carly says she wasn’t very nice when they last met, but looking back, Doc was kind and fair. She was less than appreciative. She thanks him, and asks what happened to the patient next to her. Doc says thanks to her, all of the staff and administration were replaced. Her neighbor is getting the best of care. He’s seeing to it personally.

Finn tells Anna what Cassandra has is pretty rare, unless you’re going to out of the way places. Cassandra stirs, and Finn says, wow; it worked. He asks if she can hear him. Anna tells her to wake up. Cassandra asks what happened, and Anna says they’ve been waiting for her.

Franco comes back with Aiden, and Cameron asks if they’re ready to go. Franco asks if he has something to say to his little brother first. Cameran says sorry about what he said. Jake says he like Princess Calenda, and Aiden says he doesn’t like her anymore. He wants to go home. Franco supposes he can order school supplies online. He tells Jake to take Aiden to get some ice cream; whatever they want. He tells Cameron to stay there. Cameron asks if this is how Franco is punishing him, by not letting him get ice cream. Franco says he wanted to talk in private. What he did was wrong. Cameron says, better him than Aiden’s class. Franco says that’s a crap apology, and Cameron says at least it’s not an apology for killing people. Did the people Franco hurt buy his apology?

Kiki says Griff gets suspended, and David still gets to roam the halls. David comes back, carrying an empty box. Kiki asks if something is wrong. He says he just got fired. Elizabeth says, what a terrible loss. How will they ever recover?

Doc talks to Laura on the phone. He thanks her, and says it’s been a peaceful birthday… That’s what he told Lucy. They’ll do it up right when she gets home. He’s sorry he hasn’t been better about being in touch; he’s had a lot on his mind… He misses her too. He tells her to come home soon, and that he loves her. Lucy has brought a peace offering – a cupcake with a candle in it. She knows she overstepped. She apologizes, saying, old habits die hard. He knows she meant well. She says she did, so please accept this birthday cupcake from an old friend who’s learning to maintain the proper distance, He thanks her, and she asks if he wants to make a wish. He says he’ll do that later, but it’s very thoughtful. He tells her goodnight, and when he’s gone, she says, okay, Doc. I’ll make a wish for you.

Jordan congratulates Chase. He’s officially the liaison to the WSB. Robert says, he’s green, and too invasive, like an untrained puppy. Jordan says he’s a good detective with fresh eyes and good ideas. Chase is all his. Robert says, no way, and Jordan tells him, her turf, her rules. Robert says he has the firing squad ready. Jordan tells Chase that he’s kidding. She says, no surprises from either of them, and she wants to be apprised of every step. Robert tells Chase that he might work for Jordan, but do exactly as he says. Chase says, got it.

Cassandra asks why Finn and Anna aren’t dead, and Finn says, always a charmer. Anna says all she needs to know is that she’s alive, and they’re there in order for her to stay that way. Cassandra wonders why they’d do that, and Anna says it’s a lot to take in. They woke her to find out who helped her escape. If she helps them, they won’t turn her over to the WSB. She tells them, go to hell.

Carly tells Jason that Doc thinks she should go back to therapy. He’s kind, intuitive, and discreet. Jason says, if she says so. She asks if he doesn’t agree, and he says he understands why Doc turned him in, but he was wrong. It was also wrong of him to take off for Europe. He doesn’t trust Doc’s judgement. If Carly thinks she needs it, go back, but he doesn’t think she does. Carly says she doesn’t either; she just wanted to hear him say it. He says she’s definitely sane. Not always practical or logical, but sane. She loves that he knows it, and that she’s free. Ferncliff is just a bad memory, but she feels guilty about the patients that are still stuck.

Ryan thanks Gordon. He says Gordon is kind. Better than the staff who used to be there. He genuinely wants to help. He asks Gordon not to tell anyone they spoke, especially his doctor. If finds out told who really is he’ll kill him

Franco says Cameron can file a request and get the transcript of his trial – it’s public record – but they’re not having a conversation about what he’s done. They’re talking about what Cameron just did to Aiden. Cameron says he’s known Aiden a long time, and knows what he needs. Franco says he doesn’t need a bully to make him feel smaller than he feels already. Cameron says he’s not bully, but he’s seen them, and the fastest way to get picked on is bringing girl pencils, dolls or stuffed animals to school. It doesn’t matter how many lectures the teachers give. If Franco cares about Aiden, don’t get him the pencils. Elizabeth calls, and asks Franco how it’s going. He says the boys are keeping him busy.

David asks Kiki if she thinks this is over. She says, judging by the box, yeah.  David says he’s suing the hospital for wrongful termination, and her for defamation. She says, in that case, she looks forward to testifying against him again. He tells her that he’s going to bring this place to its knees, but she doesn’t see that as happening.

Robert explains to Chase about how Cassandra was abducted while being transferred to another medical facility. They expect Finn to treat her. Chase says, so if they find Finn, they find Cassandra? Robert says Finn and Cassandra have a colorful history. He adds that he needs fresh coffee, and Chase says, thanks; he takes his black.

Anna tells Cassandra to let her clarify. She doesn’t have a choice. She’s been in a coma for eight months. Finn adds, courtesy of her own designer cocktail. He loves the irony. She contracted a rare blood disorder, and finally got the rare, incurable disease she wanted. If he cures her, he’ll name it after her; it’s her version of Christmas. Anna tells her to pretend she’s unconscious, and they’ll sneak her past their captors. She’ll tell them who the captors are, and only then will Finn treat her. Cassandra asks what if she refuses? Anna says the only reason she’s conscious is because Finn is an excellent chemist. Right now, that’s the only thing keeping her conscious. Finn tells her it’s going to wear off. Anna says, it’s her choice. Pretend she’s in a coma and help them, or she goes back to being in a real one, and theirs will be the last faces she sees. What will it be?

Jason tells Carly that it was wrong for her to be at Ferncliff, but he saw some dangerous and bad people in there. She says that’s why she’s grateful to Doc. She trusts him.

Doc visits Ryan, telling Gordon that he can be alone with the patient. Gordon leaves. Doc and Ryan look at each other. Doc brings out the birthday cupcake, and lights the candle. He says, happy birthday brother; make a wish.

Carly tells Jason that she knows Doc has her best interest at heart.

Tomorrow, Chase asks Robert to let him help, Ava wants to hurt Griff like she hurts, and Mike asks if someone is there.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza goes to Mike’s place. He can’t believe how good it looks. He asks what they’re doing for MJ. She never said the things she was saying last night at the hospital. In his interview, Mike says seeing Shams broke his heart in way he can’t explain. Reza says she’s never said, that’s it, before. Mike says there was no response when she was speaking to him. Reza calls MJ, and asks if Shams is still with them, but he passed away. He asks what she needs. She just wants quiet time. She tried to comfort him as much as possible. Reza says they know with certainty there was nothing more she could have done. She should be proud of herself. She has someone who loves her, and Shams went knowing those things. In his interview, Reza says Shams was the first adult he came out to, and it was as if he was telling Shams his favorite color. A Persian adult accepting him was revolutionary, and it made him think he could tell his parents and live an authentic life. He tells her than he and Mike would be honored to have a dinner for her, and do a Persian feast in honor of Shams. Mike is worried for her. Reza says, it’s too much.

GG plays with her cats. The phone rings. It’s Reza. He tells her MJ’s dad passed away that morning. He just spoke with her, and he and Mike are throwing together a dinner party to get her out of the house. He asks if she can make it to Mike’s around five. She says let her know if they need any help.

Reza checks to see what mike has in the way of food, and says he’ll place a flower order. Mike looks for a cutting board. Reza says he’s holding a sausage and a knife, and looks like a gay serial killer.

Shervin and GG go to the florist. GG thinks MJ is in denial. She talked as though he was walking out of the hospital. She’s afraid MJ’s strength is being confused with her being in shock. If she hasn’t properly mourned, it will come out in other ways. Shervin says they’re all hurt and sad, but also scared for their turn. Shams is the first parent of their group to pass away. GG says the Persian holidays are around the corner, and Shervin says they have to make sure to keep her included.

Mike straightens up his place, and gets ready for the dinner.

Reza never shared MJ’s optimistic view that her dad would walk her down the aisle, but for her, the hope has kept her going. He says, whatever she needs, he’s there. This is rough. I knew it was coming, but I’ve had a bad day, and they’re all crying, so I’m crying. I know what it’s like to lose a father you’re very close to.

Shervin brings a huge vase of flowers. Reza brings a ton of food. They toast to Shams. Mike’s glad to have them over, but wishes it was under other circumstances. Reza says regardless of where they’re at, they come together when they need to. As members of the Persian community, they gather around the person who’s lost a loved one. Everyone is supposed to make sure you’re fed and prop you up, so you can just breathe. Mike says it’s not a somber occasion. They need to enjoy life while they have it. Mike says he’s dying young. Reza wants to ask an inappropriate question before MJ gets there – what happens with the wedding? Shervin says she has to move forward. They can’t let her stop. Nema arrives.

Nema has a place in Venice, and is letting Erica have the other place. In his interview, he says he’s more confused than ever. He’s enamored of GG, screwed up, and Erica asked for a break. It’s the first time he’s on his own, and wonders if it’s worth it. Vida comes in, followed by Sammy, who we haven’t seen in ages. More flowers arrive.

Tommy pulls up with MJ. He tells her that she looks pretty. She says Mike doesn’t have any curtains yet, and everyone is staring. She doesn’t want the whole attention thing, and Tommy says he’s got her. In his interview, Tommy says the first thing she has to admit to everyone, is that Shams is gone and not coming back. He doesn’t know if she’s ready. They go inside.

MJ thanks everyone for coming. GG tells MJ that if she has an eighth of what Shams had, she’s set. They hug a bunch of times. Reza says the rice is conflict free, kosher, and vegan. Pedram from New Orleans is there. He’s also MJ’s dress designer. Nema says Mona couldn’t be there, and feels badly about it. MJ wants to know who her florist is – hashtag, wedding coming up. Reza is glad she still has a sense of humor. Tommy wishes he knew what to do and could take the pain. A friend tells him, it’s these moments that prove who you are and what the two of you have.

Vida says they did everything for him. In her interview, Vida says Shams loved her since she was a teenager. They weren’t like other divorced couples; they were friends. We see clips of them. She says Shams was her family. MJ says she’s seeing her mother maternal in a way she’s never felt. Underneath her complains and sharp delivery, is a resilient, strong woman who’s there to be a protector, and it’s beautiful.

Reza takes MJ aside. They’re supposed to go for a fitting on Friday. He wants to honor and respect her wishes, and whatever she wants to do. She doesn’t want to cancel anything. She wants her dad to feel her love, but doesn’t want to turn into a basket case. Reza says what stands out most was that he lived. He was a cool-ass cat, regardless of what’s going on. In his interview, Reza says he’s glad she’s not falling into a sinkhole. It would be a mistake to stop the momentum.

Nema always thought the Persian guy was the one in the Speedo, wearing tons of gold and repelling women, but then he started hanging with these guys. Destiney brings halvah, and explains it’s something you make when someone has passed away. It’s a sweet dish, and looks really good. She felt she had to do it. Reza thanks everyone for coming on short notice. Obviously, they all love MJ like he does. MJ feels the love and support. She says her mom is amazing, having sat next to him for so long. Vida is glad she did. Shams had thirteen siblings that he brought to the US, and he helped hundreds of people. MJ says she obviously never wanted this to happen. She misses him so much, and is scared of the future. When the shock passes, she’ll think of their times together and push through. She hopes he comes back as a ghost. She wants him at the wedding and in the labor room. I think she means delivery room. She wants to celebrate his life.

GG goes to see a Persian lawyer. She needs a divorce, and Persians keep it real. The lawyer asks questions like when they got married, and when it ended. In her interview, GG is starting to feel anger slipping through cracks, and doesn’t want to be that person. She needs for it to end. It’s tricky, and you have to make sure you trust someone to do the right job. She says, shalom, Shalom. She’s putting herself first. She doesn’t need someone to be whole. She’s whole on her own.

In the car, Reza says the OC is suffocating. MJ asks if they need passports. Reza says literally every woman is the whitest and the blondest, and even old women have fake boobs up to here. MJ says it’s the first dress conversation. They had a wake, and she saw her father this morning. Reza doesn’t know how she did it. She says there was a big change; one at the housewarming. We flash back to Mike telling her not to put things on pause for her dad. She says she wasn’t ready to hear it, but the second time was in Israel. We see a clip of Mike telling her to move forward. In his interview, Mike says when his grandfather died, it was unexpected, and it ate at him that he never had the chance to tell him things he wanted to say. MJ had her chance. He says, big goals, big dreams, no time to waste; get moving. They have drinks and eat Cheetos in the car. MJ says she brought glasses that are actually glass. Mike says she’s saying that because he has Solo cups at home.

Nema has everyone gather at a restaurant for Mona’ s birthday. He tells his friend Annette that she’ the buffer for him with GG and Erica. Annette asks who he’s trying to impress, but he doesn’t know. Adam arrives, followed by Shervin and GG. In his interview, GG says Nema is like her boy toy, and she wants to look better when she might see him. He’s sweet without expectations, although she’s sure she knows what he wants. She finds out Erica is coming, and asks Nema if Erica is going to kill her. He says they had issues before, and it has nothing to do with her. Erica and Mona walk in. In her interview, GG says it’s awkward, and takes massive cojones. She tells Erica that hard liquor makes her violent. In his interview, Nema says Erica is aware that GG is the girl he tried to kiss. GG is like a fire breathing dragon. She can choose to spare your life or burn you to a crisp. Erica isn’t a pushover, so it’s like playing Russian roulette. Nema can’t hear what they’re talking about, and says the best-case scenario is Erica saying she can’t blame GG, and has a crazy idea – let’s share Nema, and the three of them can make out. Yeah. In his dreams. Nema toasts to Mona, his little big sister. He loves her, and she’s his best friend. Everyone starts dancing and drinks some more.

Nema tells Destiney sometimes you love the right person, but have to figure it out. Destiney says he wasted years to end up telling Erica that he needed to figure himself out. In her interview, she says Nema wants both cakes. Nema feels horrible, but has to accept he can’t give Erica what she deserves. The only way was to pull off the Band-Aid.

Mike and Reza hum the wedding march as they walk into the bridal shop. Pedram greets them. MJ says her wedding dress has to be sexy and show off her assets. Reza says it should be like a gaggle of gay minions is holding everything where it needs to be, without an actual crowd of gays around her. MJ brings out a bodysuit to wear underneath, and Mike asks if she needs help. Reza tries on a veil. Mike checks on MJ, who’s now crying in her dress. He dries her tears, and says, it’s all good. They’ll go at her pace.

Reza asks MJ if it’s too early. In her interview, MJ says her dad isn’t walking her down the aisle. Reza tells her that she looks beautiful, even when she’s crying. He has something he wanted to share with her. He leaves for a moment, and Mike says her father will never leave her. He’s here, just not in physical form. He’s not suffering, and he’s looking down on her. Reza gives her a box. It’s his man-of-honor thank you gift. MJ takes out a Cartier bracelet, and Reza puts it on her. In his interview, Mike knows she’s going to bounce back with him and Reza around to protect and love her. He’s a softie when it comes to MJ, and promised Shams on his deathbed that he’d make sure she was okay.

MJ comes out in her dress. Reza says, talk about hourglass. It’s fabulous. Sleeveless, form-fitting with a fishtail hem, and lots of bling. In her interview, MJ says her dad had the most infinite amount of faith a parent could have in a child. When she would pout, he’d make her laugh and say, no sissies. She has to be able to push through.

The episode was dedicated to memory of Shams Javid – 1934-2018.

Next time – September 6th – GG goes to a sex shop, Reza gets a smoky eye, MJ asks Tommy if he even wants to get married, and a shower that’s drowning in drama.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

At D’Andra’s party, Bill takes the mic, and asks if everyone is ready for a surprise. LeeAnne and Rick are getting married tonight. In her interview D’Andra says, if you’re dragging your feet, there are deeper issues. Rich says he sharted. It’s a joke, and everyone keeps drinking. Bill thanks everyone for coming, and introduces D’Andra and Jeremy. D’Andra confesses that within five minutes of meeting Jeremy, she knew he was the man she was going to marry. Jeremy says within three minutes, he was having sex with her. They’re here because they love all of them. Jeremy met the woman of his dreams, and he’s still horny. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s looking forward to celebrating a fourth anniversary with Rich, but she needs a wedding first.

Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she gets depressed if she drinks. LeeAnne thinks when you get older, the balance gets worse. Two years ago, she needed to get help; she tried to kill herself twice. Stephanie says she did when she was twenty-two. She just wanted the pain to stop. In her interview, Stephanie says she lost all her friends during a bad break-up. She wanted a way out. LeeAnne thinks the best thing to help yourself, is to help someone else. LeeAnne says you don’t think about it or feel it as much. Stephanie is afraid it will happen again. She opened up to LeeAnne, because she uses the negative things in her life to help other people. She thought if she shared herself, LeeAnne would understand. They just have different viewpoints.

There’s a group photo shoot. Brandi had said she wasn’t coming, but shows up anyway. Stephanie screams and claps. Cary finds D’Andra. Brandi asks to talk to her a minute. In her interview, Brandi says D’Andra has been talking sh*t about her around town, saying she’s a drug addict. She’s been taking the high road. She knows tonight is important to D’Andra, so she’s there to support her, even if she’s being a bitch. D’Andra is confused that she’s there. Brandi says if they have an issue, they need to put it aside. D’Andra says she wanted to be friends, but thought Brandi didn’t like her. Brandi says she’s never not liked her. LeeAnne and the others gravitate over. D’Andra wants to get to know Brandi. In her interview, Brandi says Stephanie is wasted (she is!), but she doesn’t blame her. She has to drink to be around LeeAnne. In her interview, Cary says Stephanie has had about twenty-seven drinks. She’s A-OK. Cary and Brandi help Stephanie to the car. She tries to climb on a stone lion and falls, but Brandi catches her.

The next day, vent planner Rachel visits Stephanie, who is totally hungover. She thinks the house done enough for a party. Rachel thinks it’s perfect for a party. The pool in the living room is officially gone. Stephanie gives us a tour, and tells us the renovations came to $1.7 million. She says Brandi is going to introduce the new baby. The only people who know are immediate family and Cary. She’s calling it Bubbles and Bru. Everyone will probably think she can’t spell, but it stands for Bruin. Rachel envisions a wall of champagne glasses. Stephanie calls Brandi and asks if there’s anything in particular she wants. Brandi says, sleep. She’s excited, even if she doesn’t sound that way. Stephanie is glad she showed up at D’Andra’s party. Brandi says she wants to address the Adderall issue. Stephanie admits to having fun with LeeAnne. She seems to be in a good place. Brandi says she should make the effort. In her interview, Brandi says she’s going to have to invite LeeAnne and D’Andra, or it will be about how they got left out instead of Bruin.

In her interview, D’Andra says that she and her mother got through the party, but in the office, they act like the other doesn’t exist. Communication has to happen. D’Andra talks to her assistant about their flagship product, Green Miracle. She says, when a product has been around for twenty-five years, you have to change it up now and then. She wanted to confront her mother about it, but she’s afraid Dee will blow up and walk away from their mother/daughter relationship if she doesn’t get her way. D’Andra and Dee have a sit down.

D’Andra says they need to discuss the travel sizes, and soft pouch packaging. Dee says the product’s customers are really her customers; she doesn’t want to lose them. D’Andra doesn’t see how they would lose them, and Dee says they’re not doing it. D’Andra is confused (for the second time tonight). She says Dee gave her the key to the company, and she’s supposed to make decisions. She knows what the cost will be, and will take it from her salary; she doesn’t need money. Dee thinks it would be a mistake, and D’Andra says she’s not stupid. Dee says sometimes being an only child can be difficult. Mothers and daughters can be jealous of each other, especially if they’re good looking. Wow. I don’t think that’s D’Andra’s problem, but she just gave herself away. D’Andra says she’s never been jealous. They’re both popular. In her interview, D’Andra asks who’s jealous of who? She’s young, her skin is flawless, she’s happily married, and her face moves when has an expression. D’Andra says Dee was raving, and Dee accuses D’Andra of verbal abuse. D’Andra says that’s totally bullsh*t; she started it. She was trying to explain something to her. Dee says she’s not talking to her anymore today. D’Andra says she can separate her company. She just needs to get an investor. Dee says she doesn’t give a rip what D’Andra does. In her interview, D’Andra says her mother manipulation tactic is controlling the money; her inheritance and her salary. Until she relinquishes control of the finances, they’ll never have a mother/daughter relationship.

Stephanie’s parents visit. Mother Susan feels like it’s not Stephanie’s house yet. Grandfather Papa and Grandmother Nanny want to have a blessing. Susan says, when you invite the Lord in, He’ll come. They say a prayer. In her interview, Stephanie says she grew up Pentecostal, and they spoke in tongues. She was afraid it would freak Travis out, since he grew up Catholic. The dog bugs Papa while they’re praying. Papa says, the dog was getting on that prayer. In her interview, Stephanie says, a lot of people use sage to bless a house, but the Lord has more power. Amen to that. She feels better; it’s the power of prayer.

Stephanie tells Susan about D’Andra’s party, and how she sat by LeeAnne. She thought she’d make a bridge, and be open. She shared about how she tried to commit suicide, which her mom was there for. In her interview, Stephanie explains that she was with a guy who didn’t make her feel like a worthy person. She wasn’t good enough, and felt judged. They broke up, and she lost all her friends. She couldn’t handle it. She starts to get weepy, and says she doesn’t talk about this. She tells Susan, people like pretty packages. Continuing with her interview, she says she took a load of pills, but her mom was home. She stumbled into her room, and her mom called the ambulance. Susan thanks Stephanie for coming to her. Stephanie tells us it affected her relationship with her family. They have a fear that wasn’t there before. She feels badly, because they’re amazing, and shouldn’t have to live in fear. Susan asks if her conversation with LeeAnne ended on good note. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Susan says she had the opportunity to see how they’re the same. She thinks people are quick to judge. They don’t give hurting people the opportunity to be real, and just pile on more pain. Susan is a smart lady.

Cary doesn’t know where anything is in her kitchen. They’re remodeling, and living in her parents’ second home. Mark says the construction is moving along. Cary says it started with her closet, and now it’s the entire house. They have to get back before her parents come home from Palm Springs; she doesn’t want to be living with them. Zuri calls Cary and Mark by their first names, and Cary calls her precocious. In her interview, Cary feels like she missed out on the moments with her dad that Zuri and Mark have. She’s afraid she’s going to break something, and her parents are particular. They like everything just-so, but her brain doesn’t work that way. Mark says she’s particular, and is also the one to break something.

LeeAnne meets Jeanette, her stylist. She’s getting a private fashion show. In her interview, LeeAnne says she wanted to create a dress, but wasn’t sure how. A model comes out in a prototype. It’s an LBD, but with pieces that snap on. We see a shoulder ruffle and fishtail hem. LeeAnne wanted to make something a woman could wear all kinds of ways – the infinity dress. She’s the dress, and the additions are lessons learned. This is so cool! Long sleeves are snapped on, and we see various ways the dress can be worn. LeeAnne’s ultimate dream is to be on a shopping network. She says, if she can transform herself, she can transform the world. I would totally buy this. It’s it’s like that Norma Kamali dress you can wear different ways, but better, and much more practical.

Brandi has three kids, a dog, and a rabbit, and a husband. It’s a lot to take care of. It’s her life now. She has twenty minutes to get ready for the party at Stephanie’s house.

Stephanie wants the party to be everything for Brandi. The three Fs – food, floral, and fun. And alcohol. Three Fs and an A. In her interview, Brandi says when Bryan is home, he’s all in, but sometimes it’s too much for her by herself. She comes in, and starts to cry, saying, it’s so beautiful! It is. There’s even a cotton candy machine. She’s overwhelmed with gratitude. In her interview, she says she wouldn’t have the baby if not for Stephanie. Stephanie tells Brandi to hide in the bedroom until the guests come.

Kameron gets there first. Court looks really tiny next to her. No wonder he’s so controlling. Napoleon Complex. Kameron thinks it’s rude for the hostess not to be there to greet the guests. Brandi and Stephanie talk about LeeAnne at last year’s Halloween party. Stephanie says LeeAnne seems good right now. In her interview, Brandi says, Stephanie is in a better place with LeeAnne. She’s not there yet, but she’s making an effort. Stephanie goes downstairs.

Kameron tells Stephanie that she figured it out. There’s too much blue. What if Bru is a little boy’s name. She doesn’t think it’s Stephanie, so it has to be Brandi. In her interview, Stephanie thinks Kameron should give up dog food and start a detective agency. She tells Kameron that she has a surrogate. On the side, she tells Travis to keep it going for thirty minutes. Kameron is all excited, saying. no one else knows.

Stephanie tells Brandi what happened with Kameron. In her interview, Stephanie says if she has to pop a child out of her who-ha, she’ll do it. Nothing is ruining the surprise. Cary arrives, bearing a gift. In her interview, Carly says coming from where they were last year, this speaks volumes. Brandi has a big heart, and this proves it. Stephanie lets Cary know what she told Kameron, and pretends Brandi isn’t there yet. D’Andra and LeeAnne arrive (not together). Stephanie tells LeeAnne how much she enjoyed her company. In her interview, Stephanie says LeeAnne was scary as hell before. Keep meditating.

Stephanie asks everyone into the main room. She says, God had a special plan, and tells everyone to welcome her favorite ginger family, with new baby boy Bruin Charles. Brandi, Bryan, and the kids come downstairs. In her interview, Kameron says, are you kidding me? This isn’t a baby announcement; it’s a baby delivery.

Next time, Kameron thinks they should go on a trip, Cary gets naked, and the trip doesn’t go as planned.

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August 22, 2018 – Julian Sneaks Around, NYC Reunion Begins, Black Forest Dreams, Chef Links, Dallas Later, Background for Medicine & Dress-Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis asks if Drew isn’t attracted to a smart, funny, successful woman. Drew says it’s not that; he thinks Margaux has an agenda. Curtis says he didn’t find anything. She might as well be called No Drama Dawson. Drew thinks there’s more to Margaux than they’re seeing. Curtis says he guesses Drew would know, and shows him the picture from The Invader.

Margaux looks at the same picture at the bar, and asks Peter how he feels about lawsuits. He says he’s not a fan. She can’t believe he’s still walking free. She wants to find the publisher of this rag, and he says she’s looking at him.

At the MetroCourt, Nina and Maxie are having a meeting. Lulu stops by, and asks Nina if they’re still meeting about Charlotte’s schedule, and Nina says they’re still on. Lulu says she might not be in Valentin’s life anymore, she’ll always be in Charlotte’s. Nina thanks Lulu for including her.

Brad and Lucas come to the hospital with the baby. Kim asks how the two fathers are, and Lucas says Wiley might not be theirs much longer.

Alexis tells Diane that she knew this could happen, but hoped it wouldn’t. Diane thought the path was clear, but shame on her. The window exists for a reason. Alexis asks if Diane knows why the birth mother would reconsider after all this time. Julian opens the door a crack so he can hear better.

Michael goes to Sonny’s place and looks at family photos. Sonny walks in, and asks how it was. Michael says, quiet and peaceful. He stayed longer than he meant to. He didn’t know how to leave. Sonny says there’s a terrible moment when you bury someone you love. The grave is covered, the prayers have been said, you said everything you can say. You want to walk away, but can’t. It’s over. He tells Michael that he’s going to get on with his life. The life waiting for him, but not with them. You miss them, remember them, and imagine what it would be like with them, but it’s just a game in your head. You’re trying to hide from the grief, but the longer you keep playing that game, the worse it’s going to get.

Diane tells Alexis it won’t make things less difficult. The odds of Brad and Lucas keeping the baby are slim to none. There are no red flags with the birth mother, and no reason to question her fitness. Alexis tells her to say Brad and Lucas love their son is an understatement. Diane asks if she’s prepared them, and Alexis says they understand it’s likely they’ll lose. Diane says her paralegal was supposed to bring her a file. She looks out in the hallway, and Julian ducks around a corner. Alexis really wishes they weren’t going through this proceeding, and Diane says, you and me both.

Drew tells Curtis that Margaux asked him to help her bring down Sonny. Curtis asks what he said, and Drew says he accused her of flirting with him to get him to flip on Sonny, but it’s not happening. Curtis asks if that’s when she laid one on him. Drew says she insisted she was genuinely interested in him. There’s something going on with that woman, and he’s going to find out what.

Margaux says Peter is the publisher of The Invader? He says, the one and only. She says he certainly rose from the ashes. He thanks her, but she says it’s not a compliment. He asks why she’s so angry, and she says he turned something he knows nothing about into a news story. Congratulations on his breathtaking lack of scruples. His father would be proud.

Lulu tells Maxie and Nina that Peter is there, and he offered her a job. Maxie asks if he’s making the rounds. Lulu says, her too? Nina asks if she took it, but Lulu says, no way. She works for s legitimate publication that has staff meetings. She goes over to Peter, and tells him to cancel dinner on Friday. She won’t be joining him. She doesn’t deal in fake news. Maxie asks Nina what’s wrong with Peter that he’s poaching employees from his old company? It’s tacky. She sees Nina isn’t paying attention, and says, earth to Nina; what’s going on? Nina says she was remembering what day it was. Valentin comes in, and asks to speak to Nina. Maxie says they’re in the middle of a working lunch, but Nina says, it’s okay. They have unfinished business to attend to.

Drew says Margaux showed interest too quickly. Curtis says he doesn’t see it, but maybe she finds him irresistible. Drew tells him that she said since he has Jason’s memories, he knows where the bodies are buried. Curtis says she kissed him anyway. Does he like her, or did he before? What if he’s wrong? What if she’s digging him, and he missed out because he’s too damn stubborn?

Margaux says apparently she’s not the only one who questions Peter’s journalistic integrity. He says there’s nothing wrong with printing a picture of a public servant. She’s not off limits; neither is Drew. If she wants less coverage, she should control her impulses. She asks if he’s trying to piss her off. He says, no, and actually thinks they like each other.

Valentin asks to speak to Nina privately, but Nina says whatever he’s got to say, he can say in front of Maxie. He asks if she knows what day it is, and Maxie wonders what’s up with the day? Nina says Valentin had thirty days to change her mind, and they’re up. Maxie says she’s still going through with the divorce, right?

Kim tells Brad and Lucas that she’s sorry. Lucas says the birth mother changed her mind once; they’re hoping she changes it again. It’s possible. Brad says they already love him so much.

Diane feels for Brad and Lucas, but tells Alexis it could be worse. She just came from the funeral for Michael’s baby. Alexis says at least they have the comfort of knowing the baby is alive and well. Diane says either her paralegal was held up or took a long lunch. She’ll collect the file herself. Alexis says she’s very hands-on. Diane tells her, never let it be said that Diane Miller is spoiled. Alexis says, except when Max is feeding her grapes during her mani/pedi.

When they’re gone, Julian pops out, and goes into the office.

Curtis doesn’t want Drew to miss out on something special because he was burned in the past. He suggests he bring her to the reception. He gave Drew a plus one; he might as well use it. He can show Margaux his fancy Macarena dance moves. Drew says he’s just trying to be realistic, but Curtis says sometimes you have to let go and enjoy yourself. Maybe he should stop looking for what’s wrong, and see something right. He doesn’t care what they say, there’s hope for him. Drew says he knows what he’s doing. Curtis says, if you say so. Drew asks if they’re really going to play the Macarena, and Curtis tells him it was hypothetical. Curtis leaves, and Lulu approaches Drew. She says sorry for stalking him, but she needs his help facing the job market.

Peter thinks Margaux could help him; she knows about the juicy stories. If she accommodates him, he’ll do the same. She says, in his dreams. He tells her, there’s no expiration date on the offer. If she changes her mind, she knows where to find him.

Valentin tells Nina it’s torture living without her, and Charlotte misses her. Maxie tells him not to use his daughter as emotional blackmail. He says they can make it work, better than it was before. Maxie asks if she’s falling for this, and Nina says, sorry. There’s nothing he can do to make up for what he did to Peter. He used an innocent child as a pawn; she can’t get over it. She’s filing for divorce, and he said her wouldn’t fight her. Valentin says he won’t, and she thanks him. She has to go. Maxie asks where she’s going, but Nina doesn’t answer and jets to the elevator like she’s on fire. Maxie says poor Valentin; he didn’t get what he wanted. Valentin says Maxie did. She can’t bring herself blame Peter for Nathan’s death, so she’s punishing him. He admits he played his part. Nina understands his situational ethics; he practices doing what’s necessary to get what he wants. He doesn’t regret a moment spent with her. She knows that he loves her, complete with her complexities, contradictions, and eccentricities. He doesn’t want her money or to control her. He loves her, even flawed. He tells Maxie to punish him, but stop using Nina to do it.

Brad asks Alexis is she’s gotten any ne information. She tells them that Diane is the biological mother’s attorney. Brad says he thought she was sympathetic to them, and Alexis says, she is, but she was there to represent her client. Lucas says, even though the birth mother vetted and selected them, now she wants the child back. It doesn’t matter.

Julian take pics of the adoption file in Diane’s office.

Sonny tells Michael that he’s dealt with grief alone many times, inside himself. Sometimes physically locking the doors and covering the windows; sometime shutting down and focusing on work, so he didn’t have to think about what’s missing or the empty space left behind. Michael says, Jonah didn’t leave anything behind. He sees a picture of Morgan, and thinks of his room, and the memories he has. He can close his eyes and see him; hear his voice. He never even heard Jonah cry. Jonah never touched anything he got for him. That’s why it was easier than he thought to give his stuff away. There’s no way to compare the two. Sonny tells him not to. He loved them both, and lost them both. That’s the hell of it.

Peter is looking at other publications on his tablet, and Maxie asks him if he’s nostalgic for real news. He says he’s checking the competition. He asks how James is, and Maxie tells him not to pretend they’re friends. He says he finds no shame in giving the public what it wants. She asks if that includes poaching employees. He says it clearly bothers her that he offered Lulu a job. He didn’t think they were friends anymore. Like the two of them.

Lulu tells Drew that she’s been demoted. She’s been bumped to puff pieces in favor of a Pulitzer prize winner who came along. Drew admits it’s a good move. Lulu says it’s great, but in the meantime, all the huge stories she wrote don’t exist. Stacy appreciate her work, and said she was grateful for the stories she’s covered about people she knew personally, but she has to come up with something new. Drew says that’s the reason he hired them. If Stacy thinks it’s best for the paper, his advice is to keep it up. Keep doing what she’s doing in the event an opportunity presents itself. She asks if he realizes patience is not a Spencer thing. He wishes he could help. She thanks him for hearing her, and leaves.

Margaux asks if Drew has seen any good headlines, and he says nothing that caught his eye. She says if she’d realized the kiss would be in the news, she would have thought twice about it. He hopes it didn’t damage her reputation. She thinks it’s intact, and asks about his. He thinks he can use it, and she says it’s a win-win. She offers to make it up to him for being a jerk, and asks if he’s hungry.

At the hospital, Julian tells Kim there’s a lot going on. She says she saw Lucas and Brad, and they told her about the birth mother. It breaks her heart. Julian doesn’t understand how she can just take him back. What kind of person does that? Kim says, a mother.

Nina goes to Diane’s office. Diane has the papers drawn up, and asks if Nina has decided what she wants to do. If she’s changed her mind, Diane can make it go away. Nina says she has to divorce her husband

Valentin thanks Curtis for coming. He has a job for him. Curtis says Nina is one of his favorite people, and he feels the opposite about Valentin. Why would he do Valentin a favor? Valentin says it’s not a favor for him. The only person who stands to benefit is Nina.

Michael says he read something that said all grief is unique, yet all grief is the same. Sonny says, the difference is how you deal with it. He’ll realize eventually the only way out is through. He tells Michael not to make the same mistake he did. He has a lot of people who love him and want to help him; let them help. Michael says he just did that, and they hug. Sonny says he’ll be all right.

Brad says Wiley left his binkie in the car, and goes to get it. Alexis asks Lucas if Brad is all right. She needs them both to be focused, and stay strong. They need to present a more stable home.

Kim tells Julian the bond between mother and child is indescribable. He wonders why the birth mother didn’t balk after she gave birth. Kim says she probably doesn’t know what’s happening; she just knows she’s not with him. Maybe she decided she couldn’t go through with it. She’s sorry it’s hurting them so much. He appreciates her perspective, and her listening to him. She tells him to stick around. She leaves, and he gets a call from Brad, who’s freaking out. He asks if Julian has made any headway. How can they make sure no one finds out Wiley is another woman’s son? Julian says he’s on it. He has a plan, and will fill Brad in later. He tells Brad to sit tight. He looks at the photos he took.

Margaux tells Drew that she ran into Peter, and told him what she thought of his brand of journalism. His photographer isn’t bad though. He managed to get her good side. Drew’s, not so much. She asks if she’s boring him already, and he says he’s just trying to figure her out. She didn’t realize she was complicated. He says she came on a bit strong, and she asks if she was obnoxious. He says, direct. He’s wondering what else is going on in there. She says she hates to disappoint him, but what you see is what you get. He doubts that.

Maxie tells Peter that she and Lulu are in a decent place. He’s happy to hear that. Lulu is a lucky woman. Lulu appears, and asks if Peter has a minute. She says it’s kind of awkward, but Maxie will hear it soon enough. She asks if the chief investigative reporter position is still on the table.

Diane asks if Nina is sure. Nina says Valentin changed her office into a Moroccan holiday, bought ads to profess his love in the magazine, and bought Charlotte a horse so they could ride together. They were gestures. Diane says they had an effect. Nina says he lied so much, and condemned a small child to a lifetime of hell. No amount of love can overcome that. Diane says she still loves him, and Nina says, not enough. Diane asks if she can make an observation. Nina has told her some wonderful things he’s done, she’s shaking a little, and still hasn’t picked up the pen. She’s allowed to have reservations. She doesn’t have to go through with it. Diane can bill her for the meeting, and put it in a file; she can decide later. There’s no penalty for not signing. As someone who’s had a ringside seat for these things, there’s a special pain when you divorce someone you love. The breaking apart of two lives causes wear and tear on the heart. She tells Nina to be super certain it’s what she wants to do before she dives in. Nina signs, disappointing both Diane and I.

Curtis says he’s all about making Nina happy, but he doesn’t think they hold the same ticket. Valentin says he can find the one thing that will make her happier than anything. Curtis says, unless he found a new procedure to let her get pregnant… Valentin says he found her child. He doesn’t have a location or ID, but he knows she exists. Nina has a daughter. Curtis says she miscarried. Valentin says that’s what her mother wants her to believe, but she delivered. Curtis asks who told him, and he says, her mother. He had to drag it out of her, but she admitted it, and he believes it. The child doesn’t know she has a mother, and vice versa. Curtis can make that happen.

Margaux tells Drew about prosecuting someone she went out with in middle school. She thought it would be a conflict of interest, even though they only went together for all of seven hours. Her boss told her the discussion was a waste of time, and the case was a waste of court time. In the end, he caved, and took a plea deal of five years. Drew asks if she had no qualms about putting her first love in prison. She says it was her first conviction. He’ll always have a special place in her heart. She’s a DA first; everything else she does is second, although she’s passionate about baseball. He asks, what else? and she says, him first. What inspires his passion?

Peter tells Lulu the job is hers if she wants it. Lulu says, no hard feelings? and he says, none. Maxie says she can’t be serious. Lulu says circumstances changed. She realized a great opportunity. Chief investigative reporter would take her years anywhere else. Maxie says she’ll have to be with him all the time. She says she won’t; she’ll be gone on assignment. Peter says they’ll hardly see each other. Lulu says she’s doing this. She’s in.

Lucas asks Brad where the binkie is, and he says he just needed air. Alexis asks if he feels any better, and he says, for the first time since this went down, he feels hopeful that Wiley is going to stay with them. Lucas says, from his lips. They hug, and Alexis looks worried.

Julian is looking at his phone when Kim comes back. She says she needs to take a raincheck for lunch; a patient is in labor. She’s sorry about what Brad and Lucas are going through – and him. They can’t control the fate of their children. Sometimes all they can do is hope. She leaves, and he looks at the form on his phone again. He sees a phone number and calls it. He says, you don’t know me, but I think we should meet.

Tomorrow, Finn says now they’re all at risk, David asks what Kiki is waiting for, and Ryan says there’s a dangerous man loose in Port Charles.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part One

Carole says reunions are group therapy and torture. Ramona says she’s calm, but things can change quickly. Bethenny says she’s like the mother of dragons, fighting multiple blondes. I gasp when I see Bethenny’s dress. She looks like a princess. All of the dresses are beautiful, although I’m not quite as crazy about Carole’s. I’m just not into her style.

Andy welcomes us to the season ten reunion, where they’re putting a bow on a gift of a season. Sonja is wearing one of her own dresses, and I have to mention, she has very pretty things for sale at very reasonable prices. No surprise, Dorinda is wearing Jovani. Just so she can say it again. LuAnn couldn’t be there, since she’s back in rehab – which sux – but Andy says they still have an incredible season to talk about.

Bethenny says her apartment exceeded expectations, and it’s like a home in the city. Avery moved out, so Ramona has listed her apartment for sale. Andy asks Carole the latest about her and Adam. He says at the end it was confusing; Adam was sending her tulips. Carole says they’re friends, but don’t get coffee. Tinsley got a haircut. She was worried it would make her feel older and fatter, but she feels younger and thinner. Yes, Tinsley, when you hit a certain age, long hair just makes you look like you’re trying to look younger. Unless you’re Crystal Gayle. Dorinda has been working out. She thought if Carole could do a marathon, she could get her lazy ass up, and she got a trainer. Sonja tells us that she’s a pescatarian, someone who doesn’t eat meat, but eats fish.

We look back over the fashion during the season. Ugh! Dorinda’s Lady Gaga bubble dress. That so did not work for me. And LuAnn’s Diana Ross wig. Ha-ha-ha! Andy asks about it. Bethenny says her dog had died that day, and she didn’t even notice. Carole says LuAnn is tone deaf when it comes to racial stereotypes. They agree she looked darker on TV. Andy asks about best and worst Halloween costume. Dorinda says hers was both – she lost all her bubbles by the end of the night. We find out Lady Gaga’s mother goes to Dorinda’s church.

We discuss Bethenny’s disaster relief. We see a clip of her getting an award, and clips from Puerto Rico. We flash back to Bobby’s funeral, and the Halloween party. The nutcracker incident is relived. Dorinda gets annoyed all over again. We see Ramona giving Bethenny the business, and her calling Bethenny out about not supporting women in the finale. Andy asks Bethenny about reconnecting with Jill. It was a surprise to Bethenny too. She says she knew she wouldn’t regret going, but would regret not going. It brought back memories, and Jill approached her afterward. Since then, they’ve been texting. Ramona thought it was bizarre that Bethenny asked them to film it. Andy says they were invited by Jill. Dorinda finds it morbid. Andy squashes that. He brings up Bobby not being able to fix things between them, and Bethenny tells him that everyone at the funeral said Bobby would never say no to Jill, but Jill told her he refused to fix their relationship. That was something she had to do for herself, but in the end, he did fix it, since it was at his funeral that they reconciled. We flash back to when their relationship deteriorated. Ramona says she thought it was opportunistic, and not genuine. Sonja says that’s not how Jill feels. Bethenny says it’s not about Ramona, and the important thing is Jill was happy. Dorinda asks if they’ve had lunch. Bethenny says, no, and Dorinda says, no cameras. Bethenny says Jill is making an effort, and she’s dipping her toe in the water. Ramona makes it about her. Andy says Jill has been dating a guy who used to date Ramona. There probably aren’t many guys Ramona hasn’t dated.

Andy asks what was it about Puerto Rico that spoke to Bethenny? She seemed immersed in it. She says seeing it moved her. She thanks all of them for donating. Love her or hate her, she’s grateful. This prompts Dorinda and Carole to start a big thing, saying they don’t hate her. Ramona says Bethenny doesn’t like to say anything positive, but if they say one negative thing, she gets mad. Bethenny says Ramona has only been nasty to her. We flash back to the Singer Stinger. Omg, I always forget what a nut she is. Ramona says Bethenny ends up alone because she’s a mean girl and a bully. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Andy wants to talk about the nutcracker.

Dorinda says Bethenny freaked out when it arrived, but she didn’t feel appreciated. She says she wished Bethenny had been more gracious. She and Carole insist Bethenny knew it was coming. Bethenny says Dorinda called when they were still in the Berkshires, and the guy said he had it. Everyone talks over Bethenny, and Andy wants to hear her effing answer. Bethenny says they were all in the text, and she has several texts and sent video of her daughter. Why is it about Dorinda and not her daughter? Dorinda says it’s called being gracious.

A viewer asks why Bethenny was condescending about Ramona’s skincare line. Bethenny says since the show began, Ramona has had at least ten business ventures that went nowhere. Currently, she’s still feverishly working on it. The products don’t exist. Bethenny claims Ramona criticizes Sonja for fake businesses, and Ramona says Bethenny was the one who did. I do remember that. We flash back to Bethenny saying Sonja’s businesses aren’t real, and they all start talking at once again, going you, you, you. Ramona can’t take Bethenny’s lies. Sonja accuses Ramona of stirring the pot from the beginning. Bethenny doesn’t think it’s ethical to make women think it’s that easy. She keeps saying she’s a maven of everything, and she’s not. Ramona says she put herself through college; not like Bethenny, who had a rich father. Andy asks the status of Ramona’s products, and she says, they’re in formulation. Uh-huh. She wants to know why Bethenny can’t support her? She’s a bitch to her, and should take a mirror. Whatever that means. Ramona says she supported Bethenny. Sonja tries to interject, and Ramona puts her hand over Sonja’s mouth. That’s so disrespectful, and I can’t believe no one said anything.

Ramona continues to babble, and tells Bethenny, don’t say she’s fake with her fake t*ts. We’re all like, huh? since Ramona clearly has been enhanced. Ramona says she did it at fifty-five, while Bethenny was thirty – like this matters. Andy asks why Ramona freaked on the phone call to Bethenny. She says Bethenny said she was enjoying Bethenny and Carole not being friends, and she felt terrible that they weren’t friends. Dorinda says Ramona wasn’t happy about it. Ramona says she doesn’t know what happened in Bethenny’s life, but doesn’t see things for what they are. Bethenny tells Ramona that she’s critical. If line is really happening, Bethenny is sorry she didn’t congratulate her.

Andy says refused to take Ramona on; why not acknowledge her? Bethenny says, it was LuAnn’s night. She didn’t want an altercation with Ramona. Carole asks, why not just say congratulations? Bethenny tells Carole to butt out, and she’ll call her when she needs her. Bethenny agrees her delivery isn’t the best. Andy says everyone weirdly winds up going to Bethenny when they’re going through big things. Ramona broke down about Mario in Turks and Caicos. Dorinda was crying to her about LuAnn on the island. We flash back to those times. Dorinda says when Bethenny is on, she’s on. She really shows an interest. Carole says she zeros in, and Dorinda says everyone has been supportive to her.

Dorinda is up next, and we flash back to her finest, and not so fine, moments. Dude, just refrain from drinking on camera and you’ll be okay, but when more than one person calls you a donkey, it’s time to check for the ears. Dorinda wants to be clear. She thinks LuAnn should apologize to her. Andy asks if Bethenny thinks Dorinda is a drunk or has a drinking problem. Dorinda says Bethenny doesn’t know her life, and suggests she be careful. Bethenny says she’s been through one intervention this week. Dorinda doesn’t believe Bethenny thinks she’s a drunk, but she was angry because Dorinda got drunk. She says what Bethenny said was hurtful, and she was blindsided. She was excited and super proud to be going to Puerto Rico. Andy rephrases, and asks if Bethenny thinks Dorinda has a drinking problem. Bethenny says she’s not qualified to make that call. Dorinda says Bethenny has no business labeling people. If she thought Dorinda was in trouble, she should have told Dorinda to stay home. Bethenny says she didn’t know how drunk Dorinda was. She had seen her manage to get through dinners before, and wasn’t focusing on her. Bethenny says she was the one who called attention to it in a constructive way. Carole says it’s not constructive to call someone a drunk on TV. Bethenny says it’s not constructive to call someone narcissistic, but it hasn’t stopped Carole from saying that about her multiple times. Carole says she calls it like she sees it. Bethenny says, so does she.

Andy says they’ve watched over a period of years, Dorinda getting to the point where she gets wound up. Sometimes it’s funny, like her toast to LuAnn on the boat – we watch it again – but thee are times like when she cut her hand. We see a clip of Dorinda telling Bethenny that she sliced her hand open with her cutlery – or when she says things she regrets the next day. We see a few of those. He asks if she thinks she has a relationship with alcohol that’s sometimes unhealthy. Dorinda says she even said at the time, she wasn’t in a good place. She was very unhappy last fall, and thinks she was depressed. She didn’t know her place, and felt heavy in all ways. She had to look at that, and what happened with Bethenny. Something had to give. Bethenny says, it didn’t. She saw Dorinda drinking in the morning. Dorinda says Bethenny does the same thing. Bethenny asks if she wants to compare histories. Ramona announces none of them are drunks. Dorinda thanks them for their inspiration and support. She’s in a good place now. Bethenny has bashed her in every interview that she could. Dorinda hasn’t said one mean thing. Bethenny disagrees. Andy asks if Dorinda doesn’t think she has a problem with alcohol, totally ignoring her having moved on from that topic.

Next time – Part Two – more on Dorinda’s drinking, some on LuAnn’s drinking, Tinsley’s relationship with Scott is discussed, Dorinda yells Jovani! Dorinda’s heckling is on the table, as well as Carole’s blog, and poop.

🍰 MasterChef traveled to one of oldest airbases, March Air Reserve Base, to celebrate their 100th anniversary. The contestants had to make one hundred plates to feed the troops, after dividing into two teams. Cesar was captain of the red team, and Emily, the blue. Gordon switched things up by having the team members pick their captain. Gordon yelled at Samantha about how she was cutting the asparagus, which ticked her off, since she’d already argued with Cesar about it. Emily got a lecture about incinerating pork chops. The air force parachuted in, invading the kitchen. Cesar’s team made steak, while Emily’s was pork chops. A raw pork chop was discovered, as well as a hair in the steak. A skydiver declared the winner by landing on a red or blue square. At first, we thought blue was the winner, until a second skydiver landed on red. Gordon said it was extraordinary. For the first time in the history of MasterChef, there was a tie. The judges made the final decision, and it was the red team by a narrow margin. Their presentation put them over the top. Gordon described the pressure test as an extremely technical multilayered culinary classic – black forest cake. It was foodgasm time, and the cake was to die for. Emily said baking was her wheelhouse. She had to decide between picking one person to go up against, and saving three others, or saving only herself. She said being safe was the best feeling in the world, but her thought her skills would keep her safe, and chose going head to head with Shanika. Emily put her cake in the glass chiller before its time, and it fell over. Since they were both Joe’s people, she was concerned about disappointing him. I loved how the judges looked at the cakes, like they were examining slides under a microscope. Emily’s ratio of cake to cream between the layers was off, but her addition of extra cocoa powder paid off in flavor. Shanika got the layers right, but Joe thought it tasted like chocolate pound cake. Gordon said it was probably the most difficult and stressful 75 minutes of their lives. The judges had little room to decide, and had to dissect each element. Emily was sent home, and Shanika said David beat Goliath. I’ll bet Emily was sorry about deciding to go for the challenge. Joe quoted Churchill, saying, success is not final, and failure is not fatal; it’s the courage to continue that counts. Emily said she comes from a small town, and to be in the MasterChef top ten was a dream experience. It added to passion for food, which will continue to grow.

The mystery box contained something different for each cook – peaches, lobster, clams, corn, butternut squash, potatoes, cranberries, venison, and duck – nine American ingredients that the country was built on. They had forty-five minutes, and could make any dish, as long as their ingredient was the star. They were also allowed to use THE PANTRY. The mentors spent time with the cooks, which we really haven’t seen much of before. Joe told Gerron that his peach whatever tasted like home, and his grandmother’s kitchen. I couldn’t think of a better compliment. I grew up eating what I called “Depression food.” My father made all kinds of soups and stews with ingredients kids today would never eat. My favorite was neck bone soup. It is so tasty, and I tried to make it myself once. It was good, but just not the same, and they hit the nail on the head – it needed to taste like home. Aaron pleaded with Farhan to lay off the coconut milk. Gerron’s peach dish was the winner, and I think my money is on him now. He was safe, and got to pick the teams for the tag team challenge, which was to make the perfect platter of Mediterranean food. I’m not crazy about feta cheese, but Trader Joe’s makes the best tomato/feta cheese soup. It’s like tasting a grilled cheese sandwich inside the soup. Just sayin’. Farhan said tag teams bring out the worst in people, and he was right. They had sixty minutes, and did not get to use THE PANTRY, but got a set amount of ingredients. Gerron was pleased with strategy, and thought his devious plan would work. Cesar and Bowen were safe right away, followed by Farhan and Ashley. Gordon said Shanika and Emily’s effort was unbalanced and fragmented, but they squeaked by. Taylor and Julia lacked direction and ownership, and the fundamental flaws in their dishes were unacceptable for being in the top nine. Only Taylor got the boot though, with Gordon saying Julia had done 85% of the work. He told Taylor to continue her food dream. Then it was the part where everyone cries while they wave goodbye, but you know they’re all glad it’s not them. Taylor was thankful for the opportunity, and grateful for Gordon’s mentoring. She was sad to go, but proud of who was walking out. She was a stronger person and home cook than when she walked in, and closer to her culinary dream of opening a restaurant. She was excited about what lies ahead. Joe’s advice to the remaining contestants was if they couldn’t stand the heat of the top eight, they’ll soon be out of the kitchen. That’s more like a fortune cookie than advice, but okay. Next time, another two-hour episode. The cooks serve firefighters, and transform trash into treasure.

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🏥 Paging Doctor In-Your-Face…

Married to Medicine: How They Got Here airs Sunday, August 26th, at 10 pm. I might check it out, but I rarely watch the show anymore. I watched the first couple of seasons, but it fell by the wayside when I started feeling embarrassed for them. I just kept thinking, these are professionals; why? I was hoping for something more like Blood, Sweat and Heels, but got something closer to Jerry Springer. I like a good hair pulling as much as the next Housewife viewer, but I have my limits. I do like Dr. Jackie, the voice of reason, but I’m actually surprised she even knows these people.

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August 21, 2018 – Michael Buries His Son, Candace Sends In Malik, More Motivation Than Tip, Ryan Wins After All, Jeff is Coming, GH News & a Mix


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam finds Jason at the graveyard. She says it will be fourteen years this fall that baby Lila is gone, and this brought it all back. She says, Kristina might not be here if not for Lila. (Stem cells were used from Lila’s umbilical cord for Kristina’s bone marrow transplant.) Jason says her life might have been too short, but she made the world a better place.

Alexis looks at the Cooper-Jones adoption file. Kristina drops by; she left her sweater. Alexis tells her to keep forgetting. The more she forgets, the more visits Alexis gets. She missed Kristina. Kristina missed her too. She’s been thinking about Michael and the day ahead, and how Brad and Lucas might lose Wiley. He’s fortunate to have his family, and needs all of them. She and Alexis hug.

Brad helps set up the reception at Charlie’s. He tells Julian he’s not going to the service. He couldn’t; not with everything going on. Julian asks what he wanted to talk about, and Brad thanks him for calling Lucas. Julian says he’s trying to make sense of what Brad told him. He said the birth mother isn’t Wiley’s mother. Whose child is he?

At the church, Michael tells Carly that the guestbook thing is weird. She says it makes guests feel like they’re contributing, but she can get rid of it. He says, no, it’s fine, and she asks what can she do. He doesn’t know how it will go, and she says the whole family is there to support him. Funerals are never easy. He says usually everyone talks about the person who passed, and take comfort in the memories, but Jonah didn’t live long enough for any of that. Carly tells him to say Jonah was loved and wanted. That’s how we bless him and say goodbye. She hugs him.

Jason remembers Lila’s funeral, and how Sam was so brave. She says he was too. He says he was going through the motions. Inside, he was choking. It was just so wrong. This child they loved and made plans for wouldn’t never have a life at all now. Michael is feeling the same thing. Sam says he’ll be okay. He has people to get him through it; he has family. Jason says the only good thing he can say about Jonah’s mother is that she’s locked up, but they can’t get through it together. Sam says, the way they did? We flash back to a time when we were all babies, and Jason telling Sam that Lila died. Sam says she wouldn’t have survived without him. She would have given up without him to hold on to.

Alexis tells Kristina that she can’t get out of meetings today, but she sent flowers. She says, when difficult things happen, you realize how precious time is, and how you shouldn’t waste it. She spent time fretting about Kristina and Parker. She was worried Parker was taking advantage of Kristina, and it appears she was worried for nothing. They’re making the relationship work; that’s a feat in itself. The bottom line is, if she’s happy, then Alexis is happy.

Drew meets Curtis in the park. Curtis says he’s in luck. Whatever this is, he’s loving it. Drew is putting his divorce in the rearview, and engaging in a new extracurricular act with Margaux. Drew says before he goes any further, he wants to make sure of what he’s dealing with.

Brad tells Julian it’s such a nightmare; how it spiraled out of control so quickly. Julian asks if the baby Alexis gave him is the mother’s biological child, and Brad says, yes. Julian asks if the baby they’re calling Wiley is the same baby, and Brad says, no, it’s not. The baby died after Brad brought him home. Julian asks if Lucas knows, and Brad says, he has no idea.

Michael receives people at the church. He appreciates Lucas being there, considering what’s going on. Lucas tells him family is there to celebrate the good times, and there for the challenges. Bobbie asks Carly how she is. Carly wishes she could take the pain Michael is feeling onto herself. Bobbie says that’s how everyone feels for their child. Sonny explains that his dad was confused about why he had to dress up. He’s with Felix now, and he didn’t want to bring him, since Michael is going through enough already. Carly says it’s a tough day. Josslyn tells Michael it’s not fair. He’ll never know what kind of man Jonah would, but he’d like to think he would have been strong, and not give in to the bitterness and anger. Josslyn says Jonah would have, with him as a father. Michael says that’s how he’ll be thinking about him from now on, and how he’ll honor Jonah’s memory.

Julian asks Brad how the baby died, but Brad doesn’t know. He put the baby down in the crib and checked a half hour later, and he wasn’t breathing. Brad did everything he could, and nothing worked. He knew the baby was gone. He didn’t know what to do, so he was going to bring him back to the hospital. On the drive to GH, he saw a homeless woman on the side of the road, holding a baby. He slowed to see if she needed help, and she begged him to take her boy. There was no way for her to keep him. He was a newborn, like Wiley, and he saw a way out. He wouldn’t have to go home to an empty crib or tell Lucas. The woman kept begging, and he took the baby and put him in Lucas’s arms.

Monica tells Michael that she’s sorry for his loss, and for refusing to see Nelle for who she is. Michael blames himself, but Bobbie says the only one to blame is Nelle. She’s relieved Nelle is far away from the family. Oscar offers his condolences for Kim, who’s tied up at the hospital. He’s not sure what to say, except he’s sorry. Michael says it means a lot, but Oscar says it feels inadequate. Michael says there is something Oscar can do. Josslyn is in the church. She’s being brave and supportive, but could use some support herself. Josslyn is surprised to see Oscar, but he says you should always show up for family. He asks if the seat next to her is taken.

Brad tells Julian that he knows it was crazy and illegal, but if the truth comes out, he’ll be arrested, and he’s pretty sure Lucas will be too. Julian says Lucas wasn’t involved, but Brad doesn’t think anyone will buy it. If he says nothing, and they lose custody, Wiley will be returned to a woman who’s not his birth mother. The only way this will work is if they keep Wiley. Then no one ever has to know.

Lulu gives Michael condolences for Dante. Michael says his undercover work is important, and Lulu tells him to let her know if he needs anything. Diane and Max hug Michael silently, and the looks on their faces make me want to cry. He thanks them for coming. Chase says he came to pay his respects, but doesn’t want to intrude. Michael appreciates him coming. They worked together to get the truth out of Nelle. It makes sense for them to pay the consequences together too.

Julian tells Brad it doesn’t seem likely they’ll win custody. Brad asks if he can intervene, and Julian wonders what he’s talking about. Brad says he can’t think, he can’t sleep, and it’s torture keeping this from Lucas. Julian says it’s not a done deal yet. They can go to court and fight. He’ll ask around, and see if he can get any information before the hearing. Brad thanks him, but he tells Brad not to get ahead of himself. He’s not sure there’s anything he can do, but he’ll try his best. Brad thanks Julian for hearing him, and not running to the cops – or Lucas. Julian knows how it feels to be deprived of your own child. He doesn’t wish that feeling on anyone, especially his own son.

Curtis tells Drew it was just preliminary check, but there were no red flags. Unless you’re not a Woodchucks fan. She’s active on Twitter. Her father was of the picture early. She grew up in Princeton, and went to NYU. She either wanted to take advantage of the full ride she was offered, or wanted something different in the big city. She graduated cum laude, and got married. Drew takes it that it didn’t last. Curtis says, no. A year and a half later, they divorced. Then she enrolled in law school at Stanford, and graduated with honors. Drew says she spent time around the privileged class and affluent circles, but never was one of them. Maybe she’s always felt like she’s on the outside looking in.

Julian visits Alexis. He asks if it’s a good time, but she says, not much longer. He wonders if she has any information about the custody hearing. She thinks he should take that up directly with Brad and Lucas. He says they’re barely holding it together. She says it’s not a done deal, but the birth mother has thirty days to change her mind. She’s going to show that they already bonded, but the mother’s attorney is going to says she’s within her rights. Julian asks if there’s any way to give them an advantage, but Alexis says, only if radical new information is introduced.

Aw, it’s the tiniest coffin. The minister speaks, and tells them to take comfort with the hope that Jonah is with God forever.

Josslyn gets up. She talks about Michael being there for her throughout her whole life, starting with the day she was born when he rescued her. She was happy about the baby, but happier that he was going to be a father. She talks about the things they did together while she was growing up. She wanted to go out with him on the speedboat every day, and he took her. Looking back, she knows there were things he’d rather have been doing, but he never complained. He never put her off until tomorrow. She knows he would have been the same with Jonah, and made time for him. He would have made Jonah feel important, and know he was loved.

Drew tells Curtis influences outside your control can make you want to achieve. The DA position lets you live comfortably, but why choose here? Curtis says she graduated in the top ten of her class at law school. She could have chosen any number of high-figure opportunities, or gone with a big business firm and worked up to partner. Instead, she became the assistant DA in Oakland, California. It’s right across from San Francisco, but Oakland has high crime and fewer resources. Drew says, so she’s not after financial success. She must be after experience. Curtis says, high profile cases, and a signature role in securing convictions. She’s a tough lady and a fighter. Is he sure he’s up for the challenge?

Julian tells Alexis it’s absurd. The birth mother wouldn’t even recognize Wiley. Alexis says it’s still within her legal rights to claim him. Julian says, it’s crazy. Lucas loves Wiley with all his heart. Alexis knows he’s worried, but it’s out of his hands. She’s going to talk with the birth mother’s attorney, discuss the case, and prepare for the hearing, where it will be in the judge’s hands. Julian says the judge will probably favor the birth mother, and Alexis says, sorry, but he probably will. Julian apologizes, saying he’s the last person she wanted to deal with, but she says when he’s being sweet, loving, concerned, and showing his heart, she doesn’t mind being with him. He thanks her.

Lucas goes to Charlie’s. Brad asks how the service was. Lucas says, poor Michael. What do you say to someone who just lost a child?

Michael wants go to the gravesite alone. Sonny tells him to do what he thinks best, but he doesn’t have to face it alone. Michael says he wants to be alone.

Alexis is on the phone as she’s leaving the house, saying she’ll go through her old adoption cases. Julian pops out, from around the corner of the house, and follows her.

At the reception, Jason tells Monica that he’s sorry. He knows how much she wanted a great-grandchild. She’s glad Michael has so many people to console and love him dearly, like Jason. Oscar tells Josslyn what she said was beautiful. She thanks him for that, and everything. She owes him an apology for pushing him away, doing dumb stuff like shoplifting, and lashing out at him for caring. Her mom found the stuff she stole. He asks how that went, and Josslyn says they sat down and really talked. She was mortified, but at the same time, relieved. She doesn’t have to hide anything anymore. Oscar asks if she’s grounded, and she says she wouldn’t put it that way. She has to work to pay her mother back for the stuff, and if camp isn’t enough, she’ll have to bus tables. She thinks it’s good to have time to refocus. She’s done being angry Josslyn. Oscar says he likes all Josslyns, but prefers the non-angry one. She hopes they’re still okay. He takes her hand and says, they’re way better than okay.

Jason tells Sam that Michael went by himself to the gravesite. He wanted to be alone with Jonah when it’s time to say goodbye. Who can argue with that? Kristina approaches Jason, and tells him that she’s happy he’s home safe. With all the loss the family has suffered, it’s a nice miracle to balance the scales – especially for Sam. Sam says this isn’t the right time, but Kristina says you should never pass up a chance to say what’s true and happy. Her sister has Jason again.

Curtis tells Drew that Margaux has excellent credit. There’s nothing suspicious about her. Drew says he could have found all that out online. Curtis says he did, but when he dug deeper, there was nothing; she’s squeaky clean. He tells Drew to get as close as he needs to. Unless he doesn’t like the idea of dating a smart, successful, ambitious woman. Drew says she has an angle. Curtis asks how he can be sure, and Drew says, instinct, but he needs to get closer to figure it out. He’s not vetting Margaux so he can date her; he’s dating her so he can vet her.

Alexis arrives at her meeting, apologizing for being late. Julian listens in the hallway. Alexis says she’s been dreading this, and Diane says, you and me both. It’s the last thing she wants to be doing, but suggests they get down to business.

Bobbie asks how Lucas is holding up. Lucas says the possibility of losing Wiley breaks his heart, but it’s nothing compared to what Michael is going through. Even if Wiley goes back to his birth mother, they know he’s alive and well, and take solace in that. He’s not gone like Jonah.

Sonny tells Carly that he never wanted to be here again, in church, grieving for someone he loves. Having her with him is the only thing that makes it bearable. She says she’s been thinking about Morgan all day; the senseless loss, the ache that never goes away. She’s so glad they’re together, and don’t have to face the loss alone.

At Morgan’s grave, Michael tells him that he’s sorry he hasn’t come to visit. He’s been thinking about him a lot. He misses his laugh, his smile, and the way Morgan called him out on his BS. He could have used that in the last few months. The truth is, he messed up; messed up really bad. He thought he loved Nelle, but was too blind to see that she was too broken. In his blindness, he fathered a child – Jonah. He’s gone now. He died before he had a chance to live. Michael sits on the ground in front of Morgan’s headstone. Michael says he wasn’t able to protect Jonah, and will be sorry for the rest of his life. People used to give him props for taking care of Morgan, but Morgan took care of him too. That’s what brothers are for. He needs to ask a favor, brother to brother. He looks at the small mound of earth nearby, and asks Morgan to look out for his son.

Tomorrow, Brad asks if Julian has made any headway, Alexis wonders why the birth mother reconsidered, and Drew says he’s going to find out what’s going on with Margaux.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica plays the piano in a crazy, off-key way, as David is wheeled into the hospital. He relives the explosion in his mind, and says, she was in the car. They ask his name, and he tells them. He says Veronica did this. Veronica laughs as she pounds the piano keys.

Veronica finds out it’s done. She takes the SIM card out of her phone, and stomps on it. She looks for a fashionable black outfit, and practices grieving over David. I always wear an off-the-shoulder cocktail dress to a funeral too. She flushes what remains of the card down the toilet.

Gia tells Benny that she’s enjoying his company. He asks for her number, but she says to give her his. He puts it in her phone. She says it’s been a long time since she’s had good company. Her room has a really great view. He says he has too much going on right now, and she asks if it’s too much to get a massage. She’s good at it, and says he knows he wants to. He says he is a little stressed. He has about thirty minutes. She says that’s all she needs. They go upstairs.

Candace gets a text from Gia saying she can’t hold him; she’s taking him to her room. Candace texts back, don’t sleep with him; she means it. Gia says she won’t, and will keep Candace posted. Candace calls Veronica. Veronica says she did what she had to. Candace asks what she’s talking about, and Veronica asks why she’s calling. Candace says the account Veronica set up. She transferred the money to another account, and needs to know if it can be reversed. Veronica says, highly unlikely without the other person sending it back. Candace says she needs to give it one more shot before she goes nuclear and there’s no taking it back. There’s enough money for her to start fresh; can Veronica at least try? Veronica says her dumb ass sent the money somewhere, and she’s trying to get her to get it back. She’s stupid and thinks she’s clever. Candace says, please. Veronica says, did she just say please? She must be desperate. Veronica says she’s done with it. Candace knows Veronica hates her, but what happened to getting back at David? Veronica says, she got impatient. Bang, bang, boom. Candace asks what she did, but Veronica has to go. She needs to make herself look sad, and it’s hard for a woman as beautiful as she is. Candace wonders what he hell she did. Candace calls Erica, but gets voicemail.

Benny goes to Gia’s room. He likes the hotel. I’ll bet. He doesn’t have the best memories there, but doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks how she wants to do this, and she says on the bed. He lies down. She tells him at least take his shirt off. He says he’ll have a problem. He’s a man, and doesn’t want it to go all the way. She tells him, just do it. He says he won’t be responsible for what happens. Gia says she will. He tells her to remember that, and takes off his shirt. She approves. He takes his pants off too, saying it’s his compromise. She hikes up her skirt, and straddles his back. She begins to massage him. He turns around. She asks what he’s doing, and he says what does she think? She kisses him. She takes her dress off, and they get busy. So much for her promise to Candace.

Mitch goes to the Iron Horse. Victor says that kid said he knew Mitch; the Black kid. Mitch says he’s got it wrong. The bartender asks what Mitch is talking about, and Mitch says, he didn’t do it. Victor says Mama Rose wants his head, but Mitch says he talked to Uncle Vinnie. He said it wasn’t him. The bartender is surprised Vinnie is talking. Victor says Mitch better not be lying. Mitch says Vinnie told him who it was. He’s supposed to check the information from the ATM machine, and the photos from the camera. Mitch digs through the receipts, and says, here it is – Wyatt Cryer. Victor says that’s the judge’s kid, and he’s a spoiled bastard. When he finds him, he’s dead. The bartender tells them to hold on; they went to get Benny. Mitch makes a call.

Benny is pretty busy, and doesn’t answer. Mitch leaves a message for him to lay low. The family is looking for him. He calls again, and says they need to talk right now. Call him back.

At the station, Justin asks, who’s making all that noise? A cop walks past, and he says, thanks, a-hole. The cop says he saw the video, and Justin is the a-hole. Justin tells him to go to hell, and the cop says, like his marriage? Everyone laughs. A female cop tells Justin not to worry. They have to stick together. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says LGBTQ. He says he’s none of those letters. She tells him the Q is for questioning. He asks if there’s a P for piss off? He tells her, thanks for her concern, LGBT. She says, and Q.

Justin goes back to the cells, and sees Wyatt. He asks what Wyatt is doing there. Wyatt says his back hurts. Justin knows what he needs, and Wyatt asks if he has it. Justin says right here, digs in his pocket, then says, oh no, he doesn’t have it anymore. Wyatt asks if he can he get it, and Justin tells him to beg for it. Wyatt says he’s not doing that, and Justin says, then he’s not getting it. Wyatt says, please. Justin loves that he’s in there, locked up, and asks what he’s in there for. Wyatt won’t say, and Justin says he’ll look it up. Wyatt says he hurt a guy in a bar. Justin says, he’s that guy? and Wyatt asks if he can help or not. Justin says he will, but he’s being nice, so is Wyatt going to leave Jeffrey alone? Wyatt says, he’s just a friend. He offers to talk to Jeffrey, but Justin says Wyatt is going to owe him. Just give him a minute. Wyatt tells him to hurry.

Jeffrey sits at the bar in the Artisian. RJ asks if he changed his mind. He asks if Justin is his lover, and Jeffrey asks what Justin did to him. He was in jail, and Justin took him out. What did he do? RJ says Justin just talked to him. Jeffrey says Justin pulled him over, took him to a dark road, and followed him. He thinks RJ can help him. RJ asks if he liked it, and Jeffrey says, did he? RJ says it didn’t happen to him. Jeffry thinks he’s lying. He asks if RJ was working to rob him, and RJ says he was going to be convincing; he liked Jeffrey’s watch. Jeffrey says his watch was a gift; it would take a lot of convincing. He asks if RJ was going to offer him sex, and RJ says, maybe. Jeffrey says he’s lying; he’s not gay. RJ admits he’s not, and Jeffrey says, so he was going to rob him. He’d better be careful if that’s his game. RJ says his game is being a bartender.

Veronica sits down and orders a martini. RJ asks if he can get Jeffrey anything, and she asks if RJ knows him. Jeffrey asks if RJ has a gun back there, and Veronica says, girl graduated from knives to guns. Jeffrey wonders how always find him, and she says she is his mother. They’re still connected by the cord. He says he needs to cut it, and she says that’s not a bad idea. Then maybe he can cut some of the feminine hormones he has. He asks what the hell she wants. RJ asks if she’d like anything else, and she tells him, keep walking. She’s trying to talk to her son. Jeffrey asks why she’s wearing black, and she says she’s grieving. He says, grieving what? and she says, a few things. The loss of her marriage, the loss of her son. Although he’s not dead, he will be if he keeps going with his homosexual tendencies. He says he needs to leave, and she says she’s not finished telling him all the things she’s grieving. There’s Melissa. She’s dead. Jeffrey asks what Veronica did, and Veronica says she didn’t do anything. Melissa jumped off Hanna’s roof. She told him that Melissa was unstable. He starts to leave, but she’s still not finished. She says, his father. Jeffrey asks where he is, and why is she saying she’s grieving him? She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He gets up and jets, and she asks for champagne. She tells RJ it’s a special occasion. He asks what she’s celebrating. Is it their anniversary? She tells him, just get the damn champagne. She asks if he knows her son, and RJ says they just met. She says RJ was flirting with him, and RJ asks if he’s gay. Veronica says, you tell me, and RJ says he doesn’t know. Personally, he doesn’t get down like that – as she knows. She tells him to get the champagne.

Jeffrey calls David, and gets voicemail. He leaves a message for David to call him, and leaves the hotel.

Jim goes to the station. He wants to see his son, but it says no visitors. He tells the desk sergeant that he’s Wyatt’s lawyer, and also a judge. George comes out, and asks what Jim is doing there. He says he’s there to see his son, and George knows damn well he didn’t do it. George asks if he knew the guy was a Malone; he’s buddies with them, right? Jim is sick and tired of the witch hunts, but George says this is more than a witch hunt; this is real. He tells Jim to have a good evening, and by the way, the case he has against Jim and his wife is looking solid. Jim says George knows she’s innocent. None of them had anything to do with it. They’re a good, upstanding, Christian family. George tells him to save it; he’s breaking George’s heart. It must be hard on him with his son in there, and David in the hospital. Jim asks what he’s talking about, and George says there was a car explosion at his house. Jim asks if David is okay, and George suggests he go to the hospital. The FBI is all over it. Jim calls David, and gets voicemail. George says Jim should see about his son, and Jim says he would if they would let him.

Veronica sees Benny on his way out of the hotel, and calls him over. He asks what she wants, and she tells him to sit his ass down. She wants to know what Melissa was doing at his mammy’s. He says, first of all, she’s his mom, not his mammy; and second, who the hell does she think she is asking him that? Melissa was there because Veronica put her out. He asks how much she’s had to drink, and she says, not enough apparently. She asks if he was sleeping with Melissa, but Benny says he’s not answering these questions. She says he’d better; the police are going to talk to him. He says, for what? and Veronica says she’ll think of something. He tells her that he’s done with her and her little game. She laughs, and says don’t tell her that he’s done with her; she will take out the trash. He calls her a crazy bitch, and she says he loves it. He tells her not to call him anymore. If she does, he’ll send someone to her house to show her that he means what he says.

Candace sits in a van with Malik. Gia calls and says, he just left. Candace asks how long ago, and she says, twenty minutes. Candace says she’s just calling now? and Gia says she’s been texting. Candace ends the call. Malik asks if they’re still good. Candace tells him to hold on. Benny pulls up in front of the house, and Candace calls him. She says she really needs him right now. He needs to come back to the hotel. He says he just left, but she says she needs to talk to him. He says he’s not talking about the money, and she says, it’s something else. He tells her that he’s on his way, and leaves. Candace tells Malik to go.

Hanna is getting ready for bed, when the phone rings. It’s Derrick. He’s sorry it’s so late, but he’s still working on the AC. He had to call a friend to open his store and bring a part. Hanna asks if he can’t do it in the morning, but he says they have kids, including newborn twins. She says she’s glad he wants to see her, but she has to go to work in the morning, and he tells her that he misses her. They should go out again. She says it sounds like something she needs, and they decide to talk in the morning. Derrick says he’ll still call her when he’s done. She tells him if she doesn’t answer, it means she’s asleep. She gets another call. It’s Kathryn.

Kathryn heard what happened. Hanna says, it was really sad. Kathryn asks if she’s all right, and Hanna says she’s fine. Kathryn didn’t know she knew Melissa, and asks what Melissa was doing there. Hanna tells her that Benny brought her after Veronica put her out. She was scared to death of Veronica. Hanna can’t stand her. Kathryn knows the feeling. Hanna feels awful for that poor child, and she was pregnant. She asks how Kathryn is; she knows turning Wyatt in was hard. Kathryn says, Jim hit the roof, but she had to do the right thing, even though she feels conflicted and tormented. She asks if she’ll see Hanna tomorrow, and Hanna says, as long as she keeps her husband away. She hears the door, and tells Kathryn that Benny is home. She has to talk to him, so they end the call.

Hanna heads downstairs, calling for Benny. She goes into the kitchen and sees Malik. She screams and runs.

Next time, Wyatt accuses Jim of trying to kill him, Jim promises David they’ll get even, and Hanna struggles with Malik.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The guests go to bed. Brooke tells Hannah to tread carefully. She has a lot to say. Hannah says she has the late shift, and Brooke says, she has the everything shift. Hannah says she does eighteen hours, and is with the guests all the time. Brooke feels like she’s being taken advantage of. In her interview, Hannah says she works her ass off to make sure the interior runs smoothly. Brooke doesn’t understand what it takes in the background to keep the guests happy. She thinks as soon as Brooke and João got together, it was them against her. In his interview, Adam says Brooke isn’t the first person to question Hannah’s work ethic. She does well with keeping the guests happy, but isn’t so good at being manager of the restaurant. He thinks maybe she checked out.

Brooke cries, and Conrad hugs her. HUGE mistake. Brooke says she feels terrible, and like she’s banging her head against a brick wall. He says, Hannah is Hannah, and nothing is going to change it. Hannah sees all this going on. In her interview, she says Conrad is suddenly consoling the second stew who just called her lazy. He needs to have her back. Brooke cleans up.

The next morning, João asks Brooke what happened, and she says she called Hannah out for not working, and it went down like a bag of nails. He laughs, and we flash back to when Hannah used the same phrase about him. The yacht shoves off at 10 am, but the gusts are still sleeping. Hannah tells Kasey about Brooke questioning her. Kasey admits to feeling like they do a lot more, and Hannah gets more breaks. Hannah says at the end of the day, she knows what she’s done, and doesn’t have to answer to them. In her interview, Hannah says Kasey questioning her is hilarious. She didn’t even know how to be a strew until Hannah taught her. She doesn’t want her job questioned.

Capri is unbelievably beautiful. They drop anchor, and the guests are still sleeping. Captain Sandy asks for the toys to be put in the water. Daniel finally gets up. Kasey asks what he’s reading, and it’s a book by Wayne Dyer. I’ve read some of his stuff, and it’s not exactly a beach read. Hannah works in silence with Brooke. Daniel asks Hannah about taking a boat to a cave on shore. Hannah calls Brooke and Kasey to the main salon. Daniel reads about being free by stopping the habit of judging. Hannah tells Brooke and Kasey that she’s not running through her day to day responsibilities, but if they have questions, get it out. Brooke says Hannah doesn’t need to justify anything. Hannah says there’s never been a time that the guests didn’t have what they wanted. That shows she’s good at her job. We flash back to her forgetting the vodka. In her interview, Brooke says Hannah’s head is so far up her ass, she can’t even see it. Hannah tells them, let’s finish strong. Brooke thinks she’s ridiculously deluded.

Most of the guests wake up in time to take the tender with Daniel and his wife. In his interview, Conrad doesn’t know if he and Hannah’s arguments are the stress of the boat, or because they have massively different perspectives. Kasey tells Brooke that Hannah is one of the most manipulative people she’s ever met. Hannah tells Kasey she’ll finish the laundry. Kasey thinks it’s weird, but will take it. Brooke tells Hannah that the last couple of guests got up, and have been waiting for the others. Hannah radios for the tender to return, since they want to join Daniel. Daniel says, you snooze, you lose. He wants to see the archway first.

The archway is fabulous. The ride under it, and Daniel takes pictures. When they get back, he tells the others that they can sleep when they get home. Hannah tells Adam that the guests would like brunch. Captain Sandy says Conrad really stepped up. The deck crew are getting along and working well together. Mmmm… brunch food. Like breakfast, but supersized. Jamie says when she gets back home, the first thing she wants is a spa day. Conrad wants a pint in a pub, and Colin can’t wait to see his parents. He’s an only child, and working a charter opened his eyes. He’s excited for the industry.

João flirts with Kasey. In her interview, Kasey says part of her feels bad for Brooke, but she flirts with João anyway, because she can’t help thinking about the guy he could be. Her first mistake. Some of the guests use the jet skis, while others drink. Adam snaps green beans. Daniel declares Hannah amazing. Adam shucks oysters. Brooke decorates the table with a flower and pearls motif for dinner. Daniel is happy they’re living in the moment. Hannah says if she hears one more positive affirmation, she’s shooting herself. Adam uses a blowtorch on the swordfish entrée (one of my favorites). In his interview, he says last season, he was not terribly inspired, and needed to reinvent himself. This season, he had a chance to do that. Dinner is served. Hannah and Brooke forget which plate is non-dairy. Adam comes to the table, and explains some way he used cedar in cooking, and tells them to smell the food. Hannah asks the guest who requested no dairy if she’s allergic to cream. She says if there’s cream in the food, it’s not the end of the world. Hannah is 98% sure she got the right plate. In his interview, Adam knows Hannah’s got a lot going on, but he has more, so don’t eff up. João says they have bigger issues, like the crew is going to starve to death.

Daniel is grateful and thankful. I would be too, with the sorbet and blueberries, and blueberry cheesecake desserts. Adam makes grilled cheese and soup for the crew. The crew that’s taking part, gathers for the trust exercise. Daniel talks about breaking a steel-tipped arrow with his neck, and explains that the arrow represents what’s hold him back. He breaks it by walking into it, and I notice that although he claimed it would be with the softest part of his neck, it really bent against the harder part where your breastbone is. I hate exercises like this. Hannah talks to Adam in the galley, which is where I’d be. In his interview, Adam says this is better than last season, but he still needs to throw the crew some scraps. Daniel asks for volunteers, and Colin steps up first. João says he’s been shot and attacked by a hippo, but this arrow might take him down. Both he and Conrad break arrows.

Adam says the easy way to mutiny is a hangry crew, and makes a set feeding time. Conrad and Hannah go for a smoke. He asks if she’s okay, and she asks if he had a good chat with Brooke. He says he’s with her 100%, and she disagrees. He wishes she’d stop attacking everything he does; it feels like a personal attack. She asks if he doesn’t want to know how she feels. He says he’s there to listen and give his opinion if she wants it. In his interview, Conrad says he thought she’d gone to bed, but he stands by what he said. He wasn’t saying anything he wouldn’t have said in front of her. Hannah tells him the other night, João insulted her, and then he and João had a laugh. He says he’s trying to keep them both happy. He has to suck it up and get on with it. She says João has been rude, and then she has to watch them joke and laugh. Conrad says he walks on eggshells with her, and he shouldn’t be feeling like that. He says they’ll talk later, and walks away. Hannah calls after him, but he doesn’t come back.

Colin’s mom calls Captain Sandy. She says she and Colin’s father are in Naples, and asks if they can do a surprise hello. The captain says, absolutely. She’s never gotten a call from parents before. She thinks they’re adorable, and they set up the meeting. The captain and Hannah look at the scenery from the deck. Captain Sandy says just when she thinks she’s seen beauty, they turn a corner, and she sees more. The vista is really incredible there. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Hannah is trying. She cares, and that’s all the captain wanted to see.

Another amazing breakfast. Colin gets to help sandy in the bridge, and the anchor is pulled up. Brooke reads about choosing to be happy, and hopes the book isn’t the tip. Colin is psyched. He’s driven a ferry, but says it’s nothing in comparison. He hopes he doesn’t break anything. He knows it’s never going to happen, but would love to dock the boat. In her interview, Captain Sandy thinks they’re now a lean machine. The guests pack. The crew gets into their whites. Goodbyes are said. Daniel says it was motivational and inspirational. He thanks them for who they are. He says he can reward them financially, but he likes to give things from the heart. Nobody hears what he says after that, including me, although I catch the word grateful. We all think he’s giving them not tip except a spiritual one. After he’s done, he gives Sandy an envelope. We breathe a sigh of relief, but I’m wondering, what if there are just pamphlets in there or something?

Hannah tells Captain Sandy about her fight with Conrad. She says they’re supposed to be going to Prague, but the relationship shifted, and it hasn’t shifted back. The captain hopes what Hannah wants, she gets. She says we all deserve love, and they’ll be fine.

It’s tip meeting time. Champagne is poured, which I see is one of Captain Sandy’s special touches. She says the started at the dock, which meant pressure on Hannah, but she did well. In her interview, Adam says he’s seen Hannah take credit for other’s work on occasion. We flash back to Bugsy having it out with Hannah. The tip is $14K, $1,166 a person. Adam says Daniel has read about the power of the dream, but clearly not the power of the tip. Clean-up is done. Captain Sandy tells Colin there’s a package on deck for him. He can’t believe his parents are on the dock. The crew is smiling, and Colin and his parents are crying. In his interview, Colin says, who visits their son in Italy? They’re out of their minds. The captain tells him to show them the boat, and hugs them. In his interview, Colin says his parents met in a wedding band. His mother was the lead singer, and the drummer hurt his leg, and his dad came filled in. He introduces the crew to them. In her interview, Kasey says she’s jealous. Hannah asks if he knew they were coming, and his mom says he had no clue. In his interview, Colin says if he can find half the love they have for each other, he’ll be the luckiest guy in the world. They are very cute. He says he couldn’t ask for better parents. They gave him the world. He says it’s hard to explain how much they love him.

The crew gets ready to go out. Conrad isn’t abandoning Hannah, but needs time to think apart from her. He makes a seating arrangement with Colin and Adam. On the boat to shore, Hannah talks about her black book, and says, to think she’d be giving it up for a twenty-three-year-old English boy. In his interview, Conrad says she makes him feel small, and he wants respect.

At the restaurant, they get champagne, and clink glasses, toasting to nothing in particular. Adam says, one left. João clinks glasses with Brooke, then flirts with Kasey. Hannah asks to switch seats with Colin, saying she can get out for a smoke easier, and it happens to be in front of Conrad. She asks him to go with her. In her interview, Brooke says the smiling and suggestive looks between João and Kasey are pissing her off. Conrad tells Hannah he’s by her side, but she says he doesn’t show it. Conrad asks why she has such a massively hard exterior, and she says she’s been looking out for herself for the past twenty years. She says she learned to be tough, If he wants a nice, kind, sweet girl, find one. This is her. He says he’s starting to realize that.

Colin talks about his parents. Kasey asks João why he keeps looking at her, but he insists he isn’t. He feeds Brooke something from his plate, and then does the same thing with Kasey. I am totally creeped out, and in her interview, Brooke says, WTF? She doesn’t know if João is trying to make her jealous, or he’s a serial flirt. Actions speak louder than words. She tells him the minute loyalty isn’t reciprocated, it’s over. He asks how he did that, and she says Kasey was just asking why he was staring at her. He says he was looking at everyone, and Brooke says she noticed it. In his interview, João says Brooke takes too much to heart. Conrad wants a relationship where he can show the world how good it is.  She calls him sweetheart, and he says he hates that; it’s degrading. She says he wants his relationship to look perfect when it’s not. He says that is what he wants, and that’s why it’s never going to work. They’re two different people, with different lives and outlooks.

Next time, Colin wants Brooke to know how he feels, Kasey confronts João, Conrad wants to be friends, and there’s tension in the crew mess.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan finally met the guy he was supposed to meet in Shanghai until he had a Visa problem. Mr. Hoo was in NYC, and Ryan was having what he called a smorgasbord open house – where he had venders from the area come in with whatever they vend. That way, potential buyers could get a taste of what it was like to live in the neighborhood. Pretty clever. While Ryan didn’t get that billion dollar Chinese deal, the firm working with Mr. Hoo was moving in more USA direction, and Ryan got the consolation prize of potential billions from the same company’s NYC buildings. Good for him.

😵 Flipping Out will be returning on Tuesday, September 11th at 10:15 pm.

🏃 GH Reruns Coming…

When did preemption become like snow days? I missed that memo.

🏥 My Guess Is Margaux…

Because they’re suddenly talking about her background so much.

🍲 Close Enough…






August 20, 2018 – Valentin Offers Madeline a Deal, Shannon Meets a Matchmaker, a Dash of Ashley & Bangle This


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Madeline thought Valentin would be taller. He asks if she’s been following his press, and she says she hears things. She can’t think of a reason why he’d be there. He tells her as Nina’s mother, she has information he can use.

Nina asks how Peter can but The Invader. He tells her that he’s buying it to elevate the content, but she says that’s not what she means. She asks how he can afford it, and he says he’s not without resources. Nina says apparently, he has enough to spread gossip. She doesn’t read it, but she sees it at the salon. Maxie says she sees it at a kiosk she passes. He says they’ll be readers soon. The town needs another voice in journalism

Drew sees Margaux in the park. He says she grabbed him, kissed him, and ran off. Why?

On the phone with Alexis. He wonders if Lucas and Brad need anything. She tells him to stay where he is; what they need is a lawyer. She tells Sam that he’s pretty upset, but she knows two people who feel worse.

Carly tells Michael to let know if her if he needs anything. Michael thinks he has things under control. Sonny asks how he’s holding up. He wants a happy ending for Brad and Lucas.

Brad paces, and Lucas tell him to sit down. Brad says he’s terrified. Lucas is too, but says they have to face it. They can be terrified together. Alexis is sorry she had to deliver the news during their ill-timed celebration. Brad says of course she had to tell them. Lucas wonders if they’re about to lose their son.

Lulu sees Chase at the bar, and asks if it’s been a long day. He says, not long enough. He wanted another shift, but Jordan lectured him on how he needed to rest. Lulu asks why he’s there all alone when he scored the night off. He says it was either here or stare at the walls. Either way, the ghosts stay with him.

Michael wonders what’s worse than having a baby and losing it or not having it at all. Carly says maybe it will work out. She invites Michael to stay the night. He says he knows what she’s trying to do. He loves them, but needs to clear his head. He promises he’s fine, and leaves.

Alexis tells Lucas and Brad that nothing has been determined about custody; it’s yet to be decided. There are provisions in the contract that call for a hearing, and a determination in the best interest of the child. The judge will hear a petition from the birth mother, and their response, and render a decision. Lucas says it sounds fair, but what are the chances they’ll get custody over the birth mother?

Margaux tells Drew it was a kiss. There’s no need to complicate matters. Drew says it’s too late; her pitch muddied the waters. She asks if he thinks she’s trying to seduce him into helping her. He asks if she is.

Nina says Peter proved his chops at Aurora. Doesn’t he think running a gossip rag is a step down? Apparently, she hasn’t been listening, and he says he’s going to change that. He is keeping Page Five intact (which I guess is like The NY Post’s Page Six). It will be a combo platter. The regular readers will love it, but also appreciate hard driving news. Maxie says at least he has some standards. He asks her to come with him, and Nina asks if he’s pinching her fashion director right in front of her. He says he’s offering Maxie something outside of fashion, but Maxie says fashion is what she knows, and reminds Nina that she’s the fashion editor. Nina says she’s been promoted to fashion director. Peter is glad he facilitated something good from their meeting.

Valentin asks Madeline if she’s familiar with Nora Buchannan. She’s a renowned defense attorney, has an excellent record of arguing at parole board hearings, and takes his calls. He can introduce them. Madeline says that’s very gallant of him, but she lacks the wherewithal to hire her. Valentin says he doesn’t. She asks what his price is, and he asks what really happened during Nina’s coma, courtesy of her loving mother? She says Nina would frown on this meeting, but he says she’ll never know. That’s a crucial condition. Madeline thinks they understand each other, and she’ll consider it a deal. She asks what he wants to know about Nina’s convalescence. He says, everything. He read the medical records, and they’re lacking, like someone wanted them that way. Avoiding the narrative, Nina was given drugs, a coma was induced, and she lost her child. He doesn’t think she miscarried. He thinks she had the baby and it survived.

Maxie and Nina discuss Crimson. Maxie thinks each issue should have an everyday woman makeover, who’s given a successful mentor in her field. Nina loves it, and wants champagne to celebrate. She asks if Julian is okay. Maxie says they heard that Brad and Lucas might lose their son.

Alexis says there are no statistics, and the judgments are rendered on a case by case basis. Sam says every case must be different, and Brad asks if there have been any cases like theirs. Lucas says, where the birth mother changed her mind within the thirty-day window, and Alexis says this will be the first. Brad says he can’t be there, and walks out.

Carly tells Sonny that Avery and Mike are napping. Carly doesn’t know how she’s going to get through tonight; she’s distracting herself from thinking about the funeral. Sonny says they’ll face it together. She doesn’t think Michael can handle it. She can’t stand the thought of him being alone, and he won’t open up to anyone. It scares her. He shows his grief for a split second, then the walls go up, as an armor against the pain. Sonny says, he’ll get through it, and they’ll be there if he needs them.

Lulu asks Chase to join her. He says he’s fine, except for the ghosts, but that comes with the job. He knew some cases go unsolved, and people die, no matter how hard you try to stop it. He tries to make the good outweigh the bad, and save as many as he can, but sometimes doubts and regrets catch up. Michael comes in. Lulu tells him that she’s sorry for his loss, and hugs him.

Margaux can’t remember the last time someone was so insulted to be kissed out of nowhere. Drew says if he did that, he’d be considered a harasser, and women would be picketing Aurora. She says, noted, but for his information, she’s not working an agenda. She kissed him because likes – correction, liked him. It was obviously a mistake. He’s actually a paranoid egomaniac or so messed up he don’t notice she was attracted to him. He asks if she said he’s sexy.

Sonny tells Carly tomorrow is a long day, but she doesn’t know if she sleep. He says they’ll stay up until she can, and they kiss. She says she heard Julian showed up at Alexis’s place, making accusations. He says it should be the least of her worries, but she says, too late. She’s worried.

Julian calls Kim, and leaves a message. He could use a friend right now. Brad comes in, and says he needs Julian’s help.

Lucas says Brad still isn’t answering, and Alexis says to give him time. They need to prepare for the hearing. Lucas wants to give Brad space. He says it’s surreal. Brad was always the one who was positive. He knows Brad is in pain, and wishes he could tell him it will be all right, but there’s no way to know. Alexis says she’s sorry, but she has no answers.

Michael asks Lulu to tell Dante not to worry, and stay safe. Lulu tells Chase not to overdo it, and goes back to the table.

Peter is at the table, and thanks Lulu for meeting him. She says his pitch had the right amount of intrigue and promise, and she is hunting for her next big story. He tells her that he bought The Invader. It’s an excellent story, and hers to write.

Nina and Maxie have champagne, which I can’t imagine being too high-end at Charlies. Nina says her heart is breaking for Brad and Lucas. They were hoping and waiting, planning their life. Maxie says, then just like that, it’s taken away. Nina says they’ll never stop missing the baby, just like she’ll never stop missing hers.

Madeline says Valentin has picked up Nina’s habit of wishful thinking. He says he’s seen a woman reunited with her son after a lifetime, so he knows it’s possible. Madeline says the baby would be grown by now, and believes she had a daughter. She wonders what aroused his suspicion. He says she was in coma for twenty years in a facility in Westchester, but according to the medical records, she wasn’t there the whole time. At the beginning, there’s a hole of eight months not accounted for. She should understand why that number would arouse suspicion. She has a parole hearing coming up, and can benefit from Valentin’s connections. His help is contingent on her honesty. Did Nina have a daughter, and did the baby survive. Madeline admits she did.

Peter tells Lulu that she can pick her own subjects. No more softball or human-interest stories, unless she wants them. She’ll be his chief investigative reporter, and seek out the truth. She thinks even if he revamps the current format, she can’t see The Invader turning into a credible news source or being taken seriously. He says he’s not going to disrupt loyal readers, as long as the stories are rooted in truth. They can be a serious news outlet, and have fun at the same time. He asks if she’d like a preview of tomorrow’s front page. He shows her his tablet, and there’s a picture of Margaux kissing Drew.

Drew says he heard her say she found him sexy; she can’t take back. She says, found, past tense. He says it’s understandable, and admits to being a bit of an ass. He apologizes, saying he doesn’t even remember his history with the mother of his son, and just got divorced from the mother of his daughter. He’s not great at relationships. She says she could possibly like him if he works on his technique. He suggests they give it another shot. He thinks he can do better. Nope. Not liking these two together, and I don’t trust her.

Nina tells Maxie that she thought her mother wanted to reconnect, but she was just trying to use them. She wonders why she’d want to connect with the woman who put her in a coma. She’s a businesswoman and a professional now. Maxie adds, and super hot. Nina says she has everything – except a child of her own. Even though it was forever ago, and she should be over it, she finds herself looking for advances in fertility. She still thinks about what having a child with Valentin would be like; what would it look like? Maxie says she had no idea Nina was in pain about it. Nina feels badly about Michael, and Lucas and Brad. She can sympathize. Everyone’s pain is unique, but she can say with certainty that there’s nothing worse than losing a child, no matter how it happens.

Valentin says to tell him everything, and Madeline says she regrets everything. He tells her to save it for the parole; he wants the facts. She says Nina went under, but the baby held on. She knew if she made another attempt, the suspicion might have shifted from Nina’s ex-husband to her direction. She hired a nurse, then transferred Nina. Valentin asks what happened to the baby. Madeline says she’s not exactly the grandmotherly type. So she got rid of her.

Sonny tells Carly about his first job for Skully, and how he got rid of the evidence in Croton. What he didn’t know was that his dad followed. Mike figured if he got wind of it, the cops could. Mike dug up the body, and brought it to Port Charles. Charlie was pouring foundation to expand his bar. Carly says, so it’s possibly in the foundation of Julian’s place of business. Sonny says, it gets better. Julian is planning to renovate.

Maxie tells Nina it sounds like she didn’t get a chance to fully grieve for her baby. Nina asks how you grieve something that never existed or had at least held? Her child was taken away before she had the chance. Maxie says it’s hard, especially because of how it came about. It’s necessary to grieve. On that note, she tells Nina that she’s forgotten to mention one of the highlights of her life is that Nina is her mentor. She’s lucky to have her.

Valentin asks if Madeline killed the baby, and she tells him to stop the melodrama. Any child of Nina’s could lay claim on her inheritance, so she couldn’t be part of the family. She saw to it that someone else’s family were the adoptive parents. If his end game is to reunite them, she used a broker. He asks for the name, and Madeline says, John Smith. It wasn’t a traditional adoption. It was better they remain anonymous, so they couldn’t identify each other in court. He asks if there’s no way of tracking them down, but she didn’t say that. She’ll give him what he wants, but not until his high-powered attorney secures her release.

Sonny tells Carly that he stalled Julian’s renovation. He can’t even get a decent bid, but it’s only temporary. Sooner or later, Julian is going to start construction, unless he sells Charlie’s to Sonny. Carly asks if that’s a possibility, and he says, not likely. She says in the worst case, the dead body is found. Can it be tied to him? Sonny says, that’s the problem. It might be.

Chase tells Michael about waking up on Lulu’s couch, being asked by Rocco if he wanted pancakes. Michael says Rocco is a great kid. Chase says he’s not easily shocked. The bartender gives them drinks, courtesy of the ladies at one of the tables. Chase asks if they should invite them over, but Michael doesn’t know how much fun he’d be. He’s burying his son tomorrow.

Alexis says family courts move quickly with the placement of a child. They need to investigate why the child is better served with each party. Sam points out how last minute it is, but Alexis says the birth mother is within her rights, and won’t be penalized for that. It’s whoever has the most nurturing and safe home. Julian calls and tells them that Brad is at Charlie’s. Lucas heads for the pub.

Julian asks if Brad is sick. He says they were almost in the clear, now it’s up to a judge to decide. Julian says maybe it wasn’t in the cards; they’re going to lose Wiley to the birth mother. Brad says not this birth mother. Wiley isn’t her son to take.

Lulu tells Peter she has a good thing going. He says she’s a Press cub reporter. She was just in the right place at the right time with her big articles. There are other talented writers in senior positions. It will take her years to get her chance on the front line. She can make a difference. Change the world, or at least report on it. She says he makes a good pitch, and when someone says something that’s too good to be true, it is. He tells her to seize an opportunity when she has the chance. He’ll be at the MetroCourt on Friday. If she’s there, he’ll be prepared to negotiate a hard bargain. If she doesn’t show, he’ll know she’s not interested.

Maxie shows Nina a picture of James getting a bath. She suggests Nina come spend the night. They can watch a movie, and play with James. Nina doesn’t want to smother James – or Maxie – but Maxie says they’ll smother back.

Madeline tells Valentin to have Nora contact her as soon as possible, and maybe facilitate an early release. Valentin says it will upset his. Madeline says think how upset she’ll be when she finds out he was there and she told him about her daughter. He says, and the DA’s will sentence her basically for selling a baby. Don’t think he won’t tell anyone. Madeline says he won’t find Nina’s daughter without her, and he says he’s done more with less. Maybe he can’t tell Nina, but he’ll have the satisfaction that Madeline will rot in there. It’s what she deserves. He walks out.

Sonny tells Carly if the cops if know Skully, the know he worked for Skully. Carly says, so did a lot of guys, and Sonny says, but they don’t live in Port Charles where the bar is. He buried the gun with the body, but it wasn’t in the grave. If his dad buried the gun, the cops cold get his prints. She thinks it’s unlikely, but Sonny says with forensics these days, all they need is a trace. The new DA will be all over it. She’d love to put him away for murder.

Drew tells Margaux that he wants to make it clear, if they try again, there will be no talk of Jason or Sonny. They’re just two people trying to get know each other. She says, deal, but if leads to another kiss, try act like a normal person. He says, deal. She leaves, and he calls Curtis. Drew has a job for him, a background check on Margaux.

Chase asks why Michael doesn’t hate his guts. Michael says he’s doing a good job himself. Chase says he’s so sorry. Michael says he’s sorry too. Sorry he ever met Nelle. Sorry he has no plan to make. He planned everything around tomorrow, now his only plan is burying his child. He has nothing to think about, and no plans except what would be if his child had lived.

Brad tells Julian that he can’t figure out how it got to this point. They were happy. They finally had a family, and it was turned on its head. He’s going to lose a son, and go to prison. Julian says he’s not making sense. None of it does. Lucas walks in.

Alexis thanks Sam for being supportive to Brad and Lucas. Sam asks what chance they have. Is there any hope. Alexis says, there’s always hope. Just not that much.

Lucas comes into Charlie’s. He tell Brad that he was getting worried; is he okay? Brad apologizes, saying he couldn’t breathe or think straight. Lucas thanks Julian for looking after Brad. Julian thinks Lucas might need some looking after too. It sounds like they have a tough road ahead. Lucas says they’ll deal with it together. He tells Brad that their son is waiting for them. Brad looks back at Julian on their way out.

Curtis asks Drew if he’s up for the challenge, Michael wants to be alone, and Sam tells Jason that she would have given up without him.

The Real Housewives of Ocean County

Photographers set up at Shannon’s house. She says some friends are coming at the tail end of the shoot, and then they’re having lunch. She explains the photo is going to be included in every meal she sells, so she wants it to look good. The photos are beautiful, but no surprise, she thinks she looks fat. It’s her first shoot ever, and she feels bad about herself. She never wants to get back to where she was. We flash to her going back to the trainer. She says she’s on the weight journey with a lot of people, and never wants someone to say wow when she takes her top off again. I’m guessing that would depend on how the wow is said.

Kelly is proud of Shannon. They’re in the same position; divorced, downsizing, an figuring out how to make money. Shannon is making it work. Tamra and Emily arrive. The photographer takes a few more photos, and they’re done. Shannon says it’s scary to start a business, but if it takes off, she’s doing it herself. The girls sit down to lunch.

Vicki meets with the COTO executives to do a radio spot. She’s owned the company for almost twenty years. We flash back to that journey, and she says it’s time to step it up to the next level. Her partner Ali suggested making it a franchise. They sit down to do the ad. Steve is there, and Vicki says she loves him, but he’s reserved, and it’s zero PDA. Vicki starts to read the ad, and makes a mistake. Ali pulls out some nips of fireball. Vicki makes an off-color remark, and Ali points out that her son is there. She says she has a long history embarrassing Michael. Now that he’s an adult, it’s full throttle. We flash back to some of those moments.

Kelly suggests a happy hour. Shannon says she was supposed to have a court date, but the judge had a full docket, so they’re having a closed, private hearing on Friday for temporary support. In her interview, Shannon says it’s expensive raising kids. David refuses to get a lawyer, so they have to do this. Emily says not having a lawyer holds everything up. Shannon wants to be fair, and just wants it done. In her interview, Emily says it’s the worst part of family law, and can get contentious. Shannon says David claims she drinks excessively. Emily says you can write anything in declarations, and don’t have to back it up. Shannon never wants to talk to him again after the texts he’s sent her. She repeats some of them, where he asks if she’s getting off her lazy fat ass. In her interview, Shannon says he sends them all the time. She had him over for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but he claims it was seventeen years of hell with her. Sorry you feel that way. Thank God you’re out. Emily talks about her husband throwing Gina out after the party. She says the kids were sleeping, and Gina was being Gina, using the f-bomb and being loud. He yelled down, get this chick out of my house! Emily says Gina was responsible and texted an apology. In her interview, Tamra says it’s not cool that he was yelling at a woman. It was a party. Did he expect them to be quiet?

Kelly tells Vicki about going to Shannon’s new place. She says it’s nice, but not worth the money. She tells Vicki about Emily’s husband kicking Gina out after the poker party. She says if Michael yelled at one of her guests, she would have gone psycho. Me too. She tells Vicki that Emily supports him, and that’s probably why they stay married.

Gina picks up Emily. In her interview, Gina says she has three kids. She’s not spending her night out in a fight with Emily. She thinks it should be squashed right away. You don’t want to bring your sh*t into a group of women with strong opinions. Emily gets in the car, and they talk about their kids. Emily says as soon as they met, and she found out Gina had three toddlers, it was an instant connection. Gina tells her Tamra’s interpretation of Shane yelling at her, was that she got the impression that Gina must have done something on her way out, and created a scene. Emily says there was no scene, but she was loud and he’d had enough. Gina thinks he could have handled it more gracefully. She wasn’t doing anything the others weren’t doing. If anything, he owes an apology to her. In her interview, Emily says Shane would never apologize; he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Emily tells Gina it’s not a big deal, and Gina says she didn’t think so.

Vicki tells Kelly that Shane has never even met Gina. Kelly says he’s Mormon, and Vicki asks if Emily is. Kelly says, no, and they wonder how that works. Kelly says it’s hard enough being married, but Mormons don’t drink. She says they don’t gamble either, and don’t swear. In her interview, Vicki says it would never work for her. She’d be told, put your clothes on and stop drinking.

Vicki and Kelly get there first, and Tamra scooters in next. They order hot toddies. Emily and Gina arrive. In her interview, Tamra says she knows how hard it is to co-parent when you’re not on the same page. Shannon rounds out the table. Vicki asks about court, and Shannon explains they’re having a closed hearing. When she was standing in front of the judge, she looked at David and thought, this is crazy. She feels nothing for him, not even anger. She wonders how in six months, she could feel nothing after twenty years together. Tamra says it was a long time coming. Shannon says Emily told her that when she becomes indifferent, it means she’s ready to date. In her interview, Tamra says, Shannon needs a kick in the ass to start dating. She needs to get laid. Tamra asks how Shannon would feel about meeting matchmaker – today. Vicki says it’s like a menu; you can order what you want. Shannon thinks she should be able to find someone on her own. In her interview, she says she hasn’t done this for twenty years, and everything is new to her.

Matchmaker April come in with her assistant Erica. April likes to get to know her clients first, and she steps aside with Shannon, while Tamra horns in. Shannon thinks it’s awkward. April asks for her background, and she says she’s a one guy girl. She was never a dater. When she moved to the OC, she met her husband, and they were together for twenty years. Tamra tells April that Shannon’s husband put her through the ringer. He left her, threw his wedding ring at their daughter to get to Shannon, and moved in with another woman. And she still took him back. At the table, Kelly talks about dating. She says she’s going out again with The Milkman, and Vicki says none of them have names.

Shannon tells April that she’s looking for a partnership. She needs to know someone before she gets serious. Tamra says she wants sex. Shannon says, awkward, and that she doesn’t need it all the time. Tamra says David checked out a long time ago. April says she’ll find come potential men, run them past Shannon, and set up a date. In her interview, Shannon doesn’t know if she’s ready. The thought panics her. April and Erica leave, and Shannon goes back to the table.

Vicki isn’t feeling 100%, and leaves. Emily has to relieve her husband from children duty, since he came home early to take care of them. In her interview, Tamra says he sounds controlling, like her ex. We flash back to Simon telling Tamra how to dress. Kelly can’t imagine having babies right now. Tamra and Gina talk about Shane. In her interview, Gina says Emily was embarrassed that night. She apologized, and said Shane was acting like a d*ck. Gina says she didn’t think it needed to be discussed, and that they’d squashed it, but that’s not what happened. Even if it was, she did nothing inappropriate or that no one else was doing. She’d respect him more if he’d have come downstairs and talked to her. Instead he started yelling; he was like a sniper. Tamra tells her that he’d said she was the worst of them all. Gina gets that he’s Emily’s husband, but she apologized and called him d*ck. Shannon says it’s not conjecture, but if her husband had come home early to take care of the kids, she wouldn’t want to piss him off. In her interview, Shannon says it brings up memories. You want everyone to be happy, and don’t want anyone to be angry. It’s triggering things. When Gina is talking about him yelling, she can see it. She knows if David had to come home early from work because she was out at a bar, she’d hear about it. Gina says it wasn’t his best moment, but it not the crux of their relationship, so she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. In her interview, Tamra says that Shannon must know saying David has similarities to Emily’s husband is going to be taken seriously and offend Emily. So to make sure that happens, Tamra asks if Shannon is saying Emily is in a bad marriage. Shannon says she’s doesn’t know that.

Tamra and Vicki go to a permanent makeup artist to get their eyebrows done. Tamra tells Vicki that after she left, there was a conversation about Emily’s husband. He’s not nice. He yelled at Gina. She digresses, and tells Vicki that she went to Gina’s house, and her kids were going crazy. We see a clip of that, and they’re certainly animated. She says Gina has her hands full. She can’t imagine being a single mom all week long. Vicki asks, what’s that story? Tamra says he works in LA all week, and has an apartment Gina has never seen. Vicki is like, what? Tamra says it’s definitely a different situation, and Vicki says people make their marriages work. It wouldn’t work for her. In her interview, she says it doesn’t feel right. If her husband had his own apartment, she’d cement pictures to the wall. Tamra says Emily didn’t stick around to whoop it up, but she went out. Vicki says after Emily’s divorce, she and Shane got married right away. They talk about Emily and Shane not sleeping together before the wedding, and Tamra says what if it was only a quarter inch? Vicki says it wouldn’t matter if he’s a great guy, but Tamra says he wouldn’t fill up her love tank.

Frank the Milkman and Kelly go out for drinks. Kelly says they met at a Mayweather fight. He’s trying to bring back nostalgia, and actually delivers milk. She says he lives in New York, so realistically, he’s not so great for a boyfriend. They order drinks and appetizers. Kelly says she tells everyone that she’s dating The Milkman. He asks her how her dating life is going, and she says she went out with an eighty-year-old. He was livelier than Michael had been though. Frank admits to being difficult to get along with, not unlike herself. She appreciates his honesty; no one sets her straight. Frank says he does, and she says she needs someone like him in her life. He thinks she should take it down a notch. We flash back to Kelly’s craziest moments. He says she needs to be chill about certain things, or she’ll be alone. In her interview, she says she’s not going to be alone, because, hello? For sure she and The Milkman have their own thing going on, but it’s about the thrills, not the bills. It’s fun for now. They talk about Mexican food

Shannon isn’t looking forward to today. She’s never been in a divorce proceeding. In the recent past, David has shown anger, and she feels like she’s walking on eggshells. She doesn’t know what will happen in court. She calls her mom on the way. Pat says it’s just a bump in the road. Shannon wants it over with. In her declaration, there are some things that might set him off. She’s walking into the unknown. Pat asks if anyone is going with her. Shannon says she just ran a red light, and her lawyer is going with her. Pat suggests he walk her to her car afterward, so there’s no hassle.

Shannon and her lawyer, Ben, stop at a restaurant before the hearing. Shannon just wants it over. In her interview, Shannon says Ben attempted to settle, but David said no, and that he was representing himself. Ben tells her a lawyer’s concept is that the lower earning spouse needs support. David’s position is that he’d rather pay a lot of expenses than support. Shannon thinks it’s a control issue. David isn’t fond of Ben, and he says, hopefully, a judicial officer will have more sway. In her interview, Shannon says David handled all the finances. Now that it’s not in his control, it causes anger. She hopes it will feel like a weight has lifted, but reality says it will just make things worse. He won’t be happy with any decision. She doesn’t have a lot of hope.

Three hours later. On the way to the car, Shannon tells Ben it was emotional and scary. He says she has a few more months before she has to worry about stuff. She thanks him. It didn’t happen the way she thought it would. She’s shaken up, emotional, and uneasy.

Shannon calls Tamra from the car. She has no words. Her nerves are shot. The judge ordered David to pay her $30K every month. Holy! How much does he make? Tamra is like, oh-ho-ho, and Shannon says he’s pissed. Out in the hallway, she was talking to Ben, and David went off on Ben. She screamed for the bailiff. He was so livid, and said he hoped Ben was effing happy. Tamra asks if he got arrested, and Shannon says, no, because then he walked away. She felt bad, and thought they should lower it to be nice, so they went back in. Why? Why is she not taking him for everything? She says David was shaking in anger. They settled at $22,500, which is what she needs. She just wants him out of her life. Tamra says, unfortunately, that won’t happen for a long time.

Next time, Vicki’s birthday is coming up, the ladies go golfing, Gina talks to Emily about the situation, and Shannon and Tamra go at it.

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