July 31, 2018 – Nelle Revises Her Plan, the Biggest Tip Ever, Extra Charm & Humana


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn goes to his room and finds Robert on the phone. Robert tells someone to keep him posted. Finn asks why he’s there, and he says they need to talk about Anna. Finn asks if Robert was talking to her, but he says he was talking to Frisco, the director of the WSB, and a good friend of Anna’s. She seems to have disappeared about a month ago.

At The Floating Rib, Curtis suggests Drew see Peter again about the flash drive. He tells Drew that if Peter shuts down, keep trying. He has the flash drive with Drew’s baseline memories on it. Drew says if he ever had it, he doesn’t now, so there’s no point.

Margaux looks at the information on the flash drive. The Anamnesis Project; the effects of memory rewriting. She reads that the purpose is for the transference of memories from one patient to another, and that Patient A was Jason Morgan, and Patient B was Drew Cain.

Carly is glad for a shower and not being drugged out of her mind. She tells Jason not to be mad. He asks why he would be, and says she didn’t listen to Sonny, and then broke out of Ferncliff. Jason says she did it out of fear for her son. She did the wrong thing for the right reasons. She says she thought she could get through to him. Jason explains that Michael had to marry Nelle; it was part of the plan. He’s been working with the cops to prove Nelle is a murderer.

Still in the smoking car, Michael tells Sonny to go. Find Nelle, and make sure the baby is okay. Sonny yanks Michael out of the car.

Brad grabs the baby, saying, please wake up. He does infant chest compression, and begs the baby to be okay.

Robert tells Finn that he and Anna haven’t spoken since his last visit. He hasn’t heard from her, but that’s not unusual. Finn says they’re spies. Isn’t it standard procedure to touch base? Robert asks when Finn last spoke to her, actually hearing her voice. Finn says the day she left, she called from the car on her way to the airport. Robert says she never got there, and didn’t make the flight. Robert tells him the texts were from Anna’s captors.

Curtis can’t believe that Drew is throwing away what went in to making him Drew. Drew says, there’s a difference between giving up and cutting your losses. The flash drive is gone, and he’s going to concentrate on the person he is now. Curtis says it sounds good, assuming he follows through. Curtis makes a living answering questions for people who wish they’d never asked. They don’t really want to know, but come to him because they can’t live with the uncertainty. The limbo of not knowing is worse than whatever he uncovers. Telling himself that he’ll stop looking for answers doesn’t mean he will. Margaux approaches the table, and wants to join them in a beer.

Carly asks Jason what the plan is, and why it involves Michael marrying Nelle. Jason says he didn’t know about it until it was in motion. He tried to talk to Michael multiple times, but Michael felt it was his problem, and he wants to solve it. It will be over soon anyway. Carly asks what Michael is trying to accomplish, and Jason says he wants Nelle to try to kill him.

Michael leans on Sonny, who leads him away from the car. The car explodes.

At the hospital, Julian asks if Lucas has checked his messages from Brad. Lucas says, no; why? Julian tells him to just do it. Lucas listens as Brad says he wishes he could be there to see his face, but he’s busy with their son. He can’t wait for them to meet. He’ll be waiting for him with the baby at home. Julian congratulates him. Lucas says he’s a father, and calls Brad.

Brad sits in the car, crying. He asks the baby to please wake up, and I wonder why he isn’t going to the hospital. Nelle comes out of the forest, holding her baby, and asks for help.

Carly wants to make sure Michael is safe. They can call while they’re driving to Canada.

Chase finds Sonny and Michael. He asks if Sonny is hurt. Michael wants to find Nelle.

Jason tells Carly that Chase was the investigating officer in Zack’s death. Nelle thought he was getting close to the truth, seduced him, then turned him in for inappropriate behavior. That’s why the case was shelved. Carly says, and how Nelle got away with murder. She asks why Chase didn’t say something, and Jason says it would have been a conflict of interest. He confronted Nelle the night Carly was convicted, but she cried to Michael, and he pretended to believe her. He went to Chase, and they came up with a plan. Carly says, a plan where Michael risks his life.

Curtis invites Margaux to join them. She says he was very helpful in the investigation, and he says they do what they can. She asks, even when it requires breaking and entering? He tells Drew that Margaux is staying in Peter’s old suite, and there was a miscommunication. She says that’s why she chose not to press charges. Curtis says it won’t happen again, and she asks if that’s because he won’t do it again or won’t get caught? He goes to the bar to get her a beer, and she tells Drew she owes him an apology. He says they’re past the mustard incident, but she says she listened in on his conversation with Peter. She did some research, and found out it’s all true. She’s sorry; it sounds terrible. He says he wouldn’t know. He doesn’t remember.

Brad gets out of the car, and asks Nelle, what happened? She says she had her baby; a beautiful little boy. Oooh. I see where this is going.

Robert looks at the texts Finn has gotten from Anna. He says they’re minimal and perfunctory. Wasn’t he suspicious? Finn asks, wasn’t he? Robert says it’s not the first time Anna has frozen him out, but she and Finn are love birds. You’d think her texts would be more intimate than just busy talk. He reads, things have gotten complicated – come to Berkeley asap. He says it’s a good thing Finn dropped by his room, or he might be in a plastic bag on his way to a landfill. Finn suggests they focus on Anna. How are they going to get her back? Robert says, by giving them something they want – Finn.

Curtis tells Margaux about Drew helping him search the dumpster, and she laughs. He says there were rats the size of pit bulls. She asks if they found what they were looking for, and he asks if he mentioned Drew’s grave robbing field trip. Drew dragged his ass to the Jerome family crypt. He’s surprised that Margaux knows who the Jeromes are, and she says the first thing she did as the new DA was go through the files on organized crime in Port Charles. She says no one has come close to Sonny. Curtis says he was about to lift the lid on a stone sarcophagus, and imagine his surprise when it was empty. They proved Olivia-J was still alive, but they couldn’t stop her before she wired the hospital to explode. Margaux say she read about two civilians were wired to explode – Curtis and Jason Morgan. Curtis says it should have said Drew, not Jason. Jason was in Russia. Margaux says it must have been a surprise when Drew found out they were brothers.

Jason tells Carly that Nelle believed once the baby was born. Michael was going to divorce her, and file for sole custody, because she overheard a conversation between him and Jason. Carly is shocked that Jason helped Michael scam Nelle, since he’s the world’s worst liar. He says Nelle is nine months pregnant, and it wasn’t like she could take him out on a kayak. She would need help with an accident. She needed someone she could manage, someone who she thinks is in love with her. Chase got the recording of her asking him to kill Michael. Carly asks what more do they need? and Jason says, for her to confess to Zack’s murder and that Carly didn’t push her down the stairs.

Chase gives Nelle’s description to dispatch, and says she’s wanted for attempted murder. Sonny asks him what happened, and if this is the vehicle that ran Michael off the road. He says they were transporting Obrecht to Pentonville. She overpowered the guard, and the driver lost control. Sonny asks if she’s in custody, and he says they’re still searching. Michael’s turn. Michael says he got Nelle to admit to almost everything. Just before he got to his mom pushing her, he saw headlights and swerved, but they crashed. When he came to, Nelle was leaving. Chase asks if she was hurt, and Michael says just a scratch, and the baby was fine. She accused him of setting her up, which was true, but she incriminated herself. She couldn’t believe he would do that to the mother of his child. He tried to go after her, but his seatbelt jammed. It must have been Nelle’s silver lining of the night. The car was leaking gas, and she said too bad she didn’t have a lighter and left. He tried to free himself, but if his dad hadn’t shown up, would have died.

Nelle tells Brad that Michael doesn’t love her; she’s not sure he ever did. He married her to better his standing in court. He was going to divorce her and file for sole custody. Brad asks if she gave birth here, and she says there was an accident. A car swerved into their lane, but Michael was too busy making accusations about how she killed her first fiancé and gaslighted his mom. She was so terrified for the baby, she confessed. The next thing she remembers is that she saw headlights. She woke up in the passenger seat, and Michael was unconscious. She went off and tried to find help, but she got lost and went into labor. Brad asks if she delivered the baby by herself, and she says there was no one to help. He’s perfect and beautiful. Brad says, more like her than she knows. She asks why he keeps looking into the back seat of the car. What’s in the basket? He says he and Lucas got their son tonight.

Jason tells Carly that Nelle thinks the car is wired to crash, but Michael isn’t dropping her off like she believes. Nelle thinks the car is going to crash, and hopefully, will be desperate enough to tell him Michael what happened. The car is wired for sound and video. Carly asks if it won’t be entrapment, but he says Chase never suggested killing Michael. Nelle came up with that on her own. She wasn’t coerced to rig the car, and Michael was the intended victim. Carly says it’s brilliant, but she hates it.

Margaux asks if Drew doesn’t like to talk about his brother, but he says there’s not much to talk about. She asks if he remembers the things that happened to Jason as though they happened to him. He asks what she’s getting at, and she says she’s just trying to wrap her head around the incredible situation. She apologizes for making him uncomfortable, but he says they’re good. She says she seems to be apologizing again, and doesn’t know what else she can do to make amends. He insists it’s fine, but she says she’ll pick up the tab on her way out. She thanks him for an interesting evening, even though it’s only been five minutes. Curtis comes back, and says he thinks Margaux likes Drew.

Chase asks if Michael has any idea how much time has passed since Nelle left. He thinks forty minutes. Sonny wonders if Nelle thinks she’s a widow. If she thinks Michael died, she might turn herself in. Michael says she knows she incriminated herself, but up until now, it was a twisted narrative. If she thinks he died, she might say she only said it to make him slow down. Chase thinks between the recording and tonight, it should be enough for a conviction. Michael hopes she doesn’t realize he’s still alive; it’s safer for the baby if she turns herself in. Chase gets a call, he asks for a name on the fugitive, and tells them he’s still waiting on EMS. Sonny asks if it’s an update on Nelle, but he says the commissioner was called away. A single gunman broke Carly out. He asks if Sonny has any idea where they might be hiding, but Sonny says, no.

Lucas says Brad still isn’t picking up, and Julian says he’s probably knee deep in diapers already. Lucas says they spent so many hours, days, waiting; not trusting it would actually happen, and here it is. Brad is going to spend the rest of their lives lording it over Lucas that he was afraid to be happy, and he knew better.

Carly says she was so drugged up. Had she known Michael’s plan… Jason says she might not have done anything differently. Carly says, no, she wouldn’t have. It makes her nauseous that Michael risked taking Nelle on; she’s insane. Her whole goal has been to torture Carly. Some people might say she deserves it. Jason says he doesn’t, but she says his mother would. Monica will never forgive her for AJ, but now that Carly is a mother, she wouldn’t either. She knows she messed up, but Nelle is a psycho. She doesn’t think Nelle cares about anything. She took a chance on killing Michael, and knew nothing would hurt Carly worse.

Brad tells Nelle the baby wouldn’t wake up. He tried infant CPR and prayed for a miracle, but nothing did any good. Nelle says she’s sorry. He says he’s going to the hospital, and can give her a ride. She says she can’t go with him, but he can take her baby. He says she needs medical attention, but she insists she can’t go. Michael tricked her into making a confession to things she never did. He got it all on tape, so she has no chance. Sonny blames her for Carly’s breakdown, and he’ll try to take the baby. Brad says Sonny can’t do that. Nelle says he’s married to Carly’s brother; how can he not know that Sonny does what he wants. He’d rather servants raise the baby than for her to keep it, or he’ll send the child away. She’s going to lose him regardless. The only control she has, is over who takes him. She’d rather it be him than Sonny a million times over. He’s going through a tragedy, but good can come from it. Two loving parents, not the baby’s, but he’s hers, and she’s giving him to them. She tells him to think about it. Lucas will never have to look at an empty cradle or grieve over losing a son. Everyone will be happy.

Robert tells Finn the most likely scenario is Anna had intel they wanted. They tried to interrogate her, and got nowhere. Finn says, interrogate how? but Robert says it didn’t work. That’s why the invitation/ Anna talks or he dies. Finn says he’s been through that before. Robert asks if he wants to go through it again. Does he want to put his life on the line for Anna?

Margaux looks at the flash drive files, and makes notes. She wonders how much of his brother’s life Drew knows.

Carly is afraid now that Nelle has been pushed, she’ll start to unravel. Carly is considered crazy, and not responsible for what she does, but Jason is another story. He tells her that Diane is going to argue she had reason to fear for Michael’s safety. She says he had a gun, but he says they don’t know that. There will be nothing on the security footage, so there’s no proof. She asks, what about Franco? and Jason says Franco was an accomplice; he won’t say anything. Carly wonders how long they’ll have to stay in Canada, and Jason hopes less than three months. She says a while ago, a time out would have seemed like heaven on earth. Now she doesn’t want to leave her family, but if they don’t have her, they need him. Jason hears someone coming, and Carly hides. It’s Sonny, and she comes out and hugs him.

Lucas comes home, and wonders where Brad is. He got twelve messages, and Brad has been calling nonstop. Where did he go?

Nelle walks down the road. We hear sirens. She stands waiting as the lights flash.

Finn tells Robert, whatever he can do for Anna, he’s in. Robert suggest Finn get some sleep, and he’ll be back in the morning. Finn tells him the text said asap, but Robert says, that’s the way it works. They get ahead by getting them to act on their timetable. They want their hands on him to get the advantage. He has to go make arrangements, and tells Finn that his lizard looks pale. He should spend time with her while he can. I tell Robert that Roxie is a bearded dragon.

Sonny asks how Carly is, and she says she’s had worse. She asks if Michael’s plan worked, and he says there was a car accident. Michael is banged up a little, but fine. She asks about Nelle and the baby, but he doesn’t know. Nelle walked away and is nowhere to be found.

At the hospital, Michael asks Chase if there’s been an update on Nelle. Chase says she’s there. She was picked up on the side of the road. Michael hobbles into the waiting area, and sees Nelle in a wheelchair, holding the baby. She looks at him, and he asks if she had the baby. Because he’s blind.

Brad comes home, and tells Lucas that he took the baby for a drive. Their baby; their son. Lucas would really like to meet him, and Brad hands nuWiley over. Lucas says, he’s here, and kisses him. He says they’ve been waiting for him. They’re a family.

Michael asks if it’s a boy or girl, and Nelle says, a beautiful boy. He wants to hold the baby, and practically has to tug it out of her arms. She cries. He realizes the baby is dead. She says she’s sorry. Their son didn’t make it.

The camera pans out, and we see a tableau of Nelle sitting next to Michael holding the baby.

Tomorrow, Lucas asks where Brad went, Nelle tells Michael it’s his fault, and Elizabeth tells Sonny that she’s sorry.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy tells Hannah to go to her cabin; she’s on the verge of effing firing her, and wants to calm down. Hannah freaks a little. The captain paces, and calls Conrad to the bridge. She says he’s being manipulative and taking advantage. He didn’t do the right thing, and she’s ready to fire him and Hannah. She asks if he thinks it’s okay as bosun have the chief stew off the boat for five hours. He’s all humana-humana. Jamie tells Casey there’s a weird vibe on the boat. Kasey wants to know more.

The captain tells Conrad that they carried the boat while Hannah was sick. He wonders where this is coming from. The guests wanted to stay, and they’re supposed to do anything for them. She says, him, not Hannah. It was supposed to be one Coke, then back to the boat; yes or no? Hannah tells Jamie they took the guests to the beach club, and went on a tender ride as planned. Brooke says there’s a storm brewing. Conrad tells Captain Sandy that he didn’t know. All he knew, is they were supposed to go snorkeling. The captain hopes he’s telling the truth, and didn’t know he was supposed to bring Hannah back. She tells him to take a deckhand if he knows they’re setting up for dinner service. Hannah tells Jamie there’s nothing she can do about the anxiety. Captain Sandy tells Conrad that he has a bright future; now go.

Adam asks the guests how the beach club was, and Kenny makes a Donald Duck voice. Brooke is frustrated covering for Hannah. She knows the guests come first, but says Hannah can’t just do what she wants.

Hannah wants to talk to Conrad, but he says it’s probably not the best idea right now. She says it’s frustrating, and he tells her to deal with it. In his interview, Conrad says they’re not doing justice to their relationship on the boat. He should have stuck with his rule: don’t screw the crew. He asks if João has had a break, and says he’ll take some of João’s watch. João goes to eat, and Conrad tells Colin about what happened with the captain. Adam and the others watch them talking on the monitor. Conrad tells Colin to keep it between them.

Brooke sets up for dinner. She says she and Kasey have gotten closer, regardless of the João stuff. She tells João about the captain being frustrated that Hannah was off the boat. He says he’s not in a position to care, and strokes her leg. Captain Sandy calla Hannah to the bridge. Colin does carny voice, saying, step right up to the bridge and get disciplined by Captain Sandy. The captain asks Hannah if she thinks what she did was okay. It was supposed to be one Coke, and she was gone five hours. Yesterday, Brooke worked twenty-one hours while Hannah was ill, now she’s gone for five hours. Hannah says she was with the guests, but the captain says that’s not what the chief stew should be doing. She should have been back on the boat. That she thinks it’s okay is the most disturbing. She says, they’re done, and tells Hannah to stay away from her for the rest of the charter. In her interview, Captain Sandy doesn’t know what to do. She’s so angry, but needs to get through the charter and then decide.

Hannah still doesn’t know what she did wrong. Adam says there’s a lot of weirdness going on with the crew, but he needs to focus on the food, and – wait for it – knock it out of the park. Hannah finishes setting up for service, and tells Conrad that they should have a chat. Hannah teases Kenny, calling him a troublemaker, and tells Adam to get started. Captain Sandy calls Conrad to the bridge. Kenny says Adam is killing it.

The captain apologizes to Conrad, sorry that he bore the brunt of her anger. She’s upset with Hannah. She knows he takes his job seriously, and tells him to just do his job like he has been. He thanks her, and they hug it out. Adam’s minestrone looks fabulous, and we flashback to the last time when he couldn’t help himself with the onions. Kenny wonders if there are really no onions in it, takes a spoonful, and pronounces it delicious. Hannah asks if Adam has the onion game sorted, but he says he was busy cooking, and asks her to arrange it. In his interview, he says while she was away playing with Conrad, was he supposed to be organizing it? Nope. Hannah recruits João to help hide the onions, telling him just remember where they are. Kasey asks if Hannah had fun, and Hannah gets chummy with her.

Hannah serves crab stuffed lobster, and a filet for the no shellfish guest. Brooke feels like Hannah is trying to overcompensate by being friendly. Now she’s going too far the other way, and it’s creepy. Hannah tells Adam, the search is ready; let’s roll. He says there’s been more communication tonight than all season. Poached pear is served for dessert, and champagne is brought out to celebrate Desmond’s engagement. The champagne goes everywhere when Hannah pops the cork. She tells them, after she changes, they’re going to have a twist on the usual egg hunt. They’ll be searching for onions. The person who finds the most can throw chef overboard in the morning. In her interview, Hannah feels strangely calm. She says everybody can criticize all they want, but she knows what guests want, and what gets them excited. I guess I’m not chief stew material, since I never would have guessed an onion hunt.

The guests have three minutes. Kenny watches as the others hunt for onions. Amber and Kenny are the winners, which I guess means Amber found the most. Adam thinks Kenny would have won no matter what. On the deck, Hannah tells Conrad that she did nothing wrong. He says the captain doesn’t want to see them together. He starts to walk away, and she asks for a kiss goodnight.

It’s the final day. Adam says he’s wearing his board shorts in anticipation. João asks Kasey if she slept all right, and asks about the silverware placement. I’m guessing he’s trying for polite conversation. Kenny and Desmond throw Adam overboard, and the guests take pictures. Afterwards, Adam and Kenny hug. Adam is ready to cook breakfast, and anchor is pulled. The guests pump Kasey for information on any crew hook-ups, but she pleads ignorance. They mention “Ice” and Brooke flirting. Captain Sandy peeks in, and Kasey wonders if she heard them. In her interview, the captain says she knows everything and sees everything. She doesn’t care what they do, until it affects their work.

The table is decorated with candles and colored sea glass – my favorite. João steers the boat. Conrad sweeps up. He’s keeping his head down, and letting the work speak for itself. The captain calls Jamie to the bridge. Breakfast is served. Kenny tells Amber to put a salt shaker in her purse. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she wants Jamie to make decisions on when to rest; she’s not her mom. Conrad tells Adam about Captain Sandy saying he took Hannah away for hours. Adam says she thinks they were sucking face on the tender. Conrad thinks it blows, since João is having a relationship. Adam tells him to hang in through the charter, and bang on the beach somewhere. They dock.

The guests pack up, and the crew gets into their whites. There are lots of hugs. Kenny says they killed it. Everyone killed it, and everyone is awesome. He says he wants to give them a token of appreciation, and hands Adam an onion. It’s followed by giving an envelope to the captain, much to everyone’s relief. In his interview, Adam says Kenny was a looming cloud of the mistake he made, and to fix it makes him feel like a good chef. Well played, Adam!

Sandy calls Hannah to the bridge. She doesn’t want her kindness taken advantage of, and wants Hannah to show her how much she cares about her job. She’s not here to please the crew, and doesn’t want relationships to come up on deck. She says, the other day, it did, and we flash back to Hannah’s anxiety attach. Captain Sandy says she was watching her shake because she’s afraid to fall in love, and they carried it when she was ill. Hannah tells her that Kenny and Amber wanted the crew to come along. The captain says she told Hannah, one Coke and back to the boat, and she had no problem with that. Hannah claims she thought they were going on an excursion, and it wasn’t a clear conversation. What the captain doesn’t want is to go through that again. Hannah says she won’t be. Captain Sandy says, going forward, Hannah is to do her job, and everything she’s told. After that, they never have to work together again. That’s where she’s at. Hannah says, her too, and thanks the captain.

Tip meeting! Captain Sandy wants to talk about the elephant in the room. Emotional experiences, hook-ups, break-ups; she doesn’t want it coming upstairs. It gets messy. It’s a big boat with a lot of people, and a crew who has emotions. They’re to do their jobs on deck, and no chatter upstairs. They got it pulled together this charter with the quickest beach set up the captain has witnessed in her career. Kenny was happy, and Adam was amazing. He was impressed, and she was blown away that Adam let himself get tossed in the water. He redeemed himself. Adam says it was fun. The captain asks Jamie how she is, and Jamie says, better. Captain Sandy says, they need her. She tells the crew they knocked it out of the park, because we’re back to baseball references after giving that a break for a week. The tip is the biggest they’ve ever gotten – $25K; $2083 per person. In her interview, Kasey says they got their biggest tip without Hannah. Hannah tells the stews the important thing is to clean anything Captain Sandy can see. The crew gets to work.

The boat is cleaned, and Jamie shows off her x-rays. João asks how Colin is. He’s ready to go home. João says he felt like that at first, but he probably hasn’t been home for a year and a half. In his interview, Colin is sad that he and João aren’t as close as they had been before João hit on Brooke. He says it will be nice to get home and back to how he was. Everyone gets ready to go out. Conrad calls Hanna sweetie, and she says, not really. They head to shore.

In the car, Hannah talks about getting a BMW for her 21st birthday. She asks Conrad for cigarettes, and he says she owes him fifty euros. He’s sorry he can’t buy her a car. She says she has no expectations from Conrad. He’s made that clear. She can’t even get a pack of cigarettes from him, although she’s given him plenty of them. He has nothing to say, and she tells him have good night, and skootches as far away as possible. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want a penny-pinching relationship. She doesn’t want a guy busting her grill for fifty bucks.

On the way to the bar, Hannah tells Brooke that she’s not used to a man telling her that she owes him fifty euros and cigarettes. She’s not hungry, but she doesn’t want to go to bed. Everyone else is already at the table, and Brooke says Hannah is thinking about going home. Conrad leaves and finds Hannah on the steps, talking to Adam. Hannah tells Adam that she owes Conrad money, and he’s asking for it back. It’s not what she’s used to. Adam sees Conrad is there, and says maybe they should talk. Hannah and Conrad go for a smoke. Kasey asks what’s happening, and tell her quick before they come back. Hannah tells Conrad, he gives her a cigarette and thinks she owes him. She thinks it’s stingy. She says sorry, but if that stays on his mind, she’s probably not the girl for him. He says he didn’t know it was a problem. He says he didn’t think it was all that much money to her. She says it’s not the money. They just started dating. He says there’s a line she can’t cross. She guesses it’s fifty euros. He walks away.

Adam asks if they’re having wine, or going right to gin and tonics. João asks if he wants Jezebub now or later, and Adam says, as soon as possible. Conrad says Hannah isn’t prepared to swallow the fact that he cant buy her a house in Versailles. Hannah joins table, since she thought she’d be a grown up. She’s cold, and Adam gives her his flannel shirt. (He’s wearing a graphic T-shirt underneath it.) Kasey and Brooke high five over their biggest tip. In her interview, Kasey says it’s a big deal. It was a complicated charter, and João didn’t put a wedge between them like she thought he did. Hannah says she’s done for the night. Conrad says they can do this there or somewhere else. They leave together. Adam asks João if Jezebub is coming out, but João says, not yet.

Conrad says he’s not a guy who pays for everything. In his interview, he says when he was fifteen, his biological father got in touch with him. After that, he cut off all contact. He only wanted to make sure he didn’t have to pay child support money. With Hannah, instead of friends and family first, it’s about being rich. Now that it’s been mentioned, Hannah does talk about the labels on her clothing, accessories, and skincare products a lot. Conrad asks, what about a guy who makes her happy? She says it’s not about that. It’s that she’d have to adjust her lifestyle to one he can afford. Conrad laughs, and says he’s pretty sure it’s the one thing he can’t do. She says she just wanted to piss him off, and he says she nailed it. I think of that Red Baron commercial where the woman wiped up spilled milk with her sock, and is still wearing it. Conrad asks if Hanna is happy she pissed him off, and she says, kind of. He tells her it shows the spite behind person she is. He gets up, and tells her, goodnight. She grabs for his arm, but he keeps on walking. After thinking about it for a millisecond, I decide they’re both a-holes.

The rest go dancing. Conrad catches up. Hannah sits and smokes. Conrad dances with João. Everyone gets down and gets funky. Hannah joins them, and asks to talk to Conrad. She wants him to give something to Adam. He says she saw he was having a good time, and she walked away; talk to him. She says she didn’t think she’d find him acting like he didn’t care, and he says he was trying to drink and forget. Does she want to be happy? Kasey asks João if he’s okay, and he tells her, eff you. He says she’s been talking sh*t about him. I think Jezebub has arrived. He says she talks sh*t about him, when he tried to help her. She taught him something. She says he taught her something too. In her interview, she says she told Brooke to be careful. João is mad at her because he knows he can’t screw with her, and he doesn’t like it.

Conrad asks Hannah, which guy does she want? The one who makes her happy or gives her everything. Hannah accuses him of giving her an ultimatum. He asks if she’s happy with him or needs the money; he needs an answer now. She says, then that’s it. If they’re done, that’s it. He says he doesn’t want this, but Hannah walks away. Adam comes out, and calls for a taxi. He gets in with her, and Conrad goes back inside.

Next time, friends of Captain Sandy’s are the primaries, the wine is warm, Conrad threatens João, and Kasey and Brooke question Hannah’s work ethic. I thought at first it might be a repeat, but I checked the guide and it said new episode. I guess Captain Sandy has a lot of friends.

🍹 Because I Already Miss Southern Charm…

Austen makes Page Six.


🚌 The Origins of Humana-Humana…

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