August 6, 2018 – Carly on the Loose, Gina Has Opinions, Ashley Appears, Tyler’s Too Close, Saul Returns & a Little Grumpy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam meets Jason at the docks. She tells him for a wanted man, he’s taking a lot of chances. He says he needs another favor.

At the hospital, Monica tells Drew that she got a call that someone made a generous donation to the hospital in Michael’s son Jonah’s name. They wanted to remain anonymous, but it was him, wasn’t it? BTW, real Monica, Leslie Charleson, is back, and she looks terrific. More like she was relaxing on an island somewhere, than she’d had an accident.

At Kelly’s, Julian asks Ava what’s in her bag. She says it’s what she wanted to talk to him about. He says the way she’s clutching it, it’s either valuable or incriminating.

Brad and Lucas see Michael at the station. He asks if Brad is there to see Nelle. She snuck past guards, and they thought she might reach out to him. Brad says he hasn’t heard from her, but Michael says, even if he had, she’s back in custody thanks to Josslyn. Lucas asks if she made a citizen’s arrest, and Michael says he’ll put it this way – she’s her mother’s daughter. Lucas says he almost feels bad for Nelle.

Nelle tells Jordan that her baby’s death was caused by Jordan’s department. She has blood on her hands; Chase and Michael too. Jordan is truly sorry for her loss, but it doesn’t change the fact that she escaped police custody and fled. Nelle says she’ll never be able to get justice in Port Charles. Michael’s two families run this place – the Quartermaines and the Corinthoses. Jordan says Sonny didn’t make her confess to Zack’s murder or the attempted murder of Michael. They have everything they need to put her away. Nelle says if they did, she wouldn’t be sitting here. There’s something they still want from her, and it has everything to do with Carly.

On the phone, Sonny asks if Josslyn is okay, and thanks Max. Carly asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She doesn’t think it sounded like nothing. Sonny tells her that Nelle escaped from the hospital. If Josslyn hadn’t stopped her, she would have gotten away. She has superficial bruises, but she’s fine, and Nelle is back in custody. Carly says she should have been there, and now she’s taking off with Jason to Canada. She shouldn’t leave when everyone needs her.

Jason tells Sam that he’s going to try something. If it doesn’t work, he might have to go on the run. If he does, he can’t help Michael. Sam heard the baby was stillborn, and asks if he’s seen Michael. Jason says he’s at the safe house. He’s toughing it out, or trying to. He knows Sam knows what it’s like to lose a baby. Sam says, so does he. He tells her that he can’t be with Michael, and neither can Carly or Sonny. She says he doesn’t have to ask. She loves Michael, and will do everything she can.

Drew tells Monica that he’s sure plenty of people might have made an anonymous contribution. She says if he’s thinking of Sonny, there are plaques all over with his name one them; he’s hardly anonymous. Drew admits it was him, and she says it was beautiful gesture. It means a lot to Michael. They can’t bring Jonah back, but it will help other newborns. His life was brief, but he’ll have a lasting effect. If he’d like her advice, even though he didn’t ask for it, he shouldn’t be anonymous. He’s Drew Cain. Own it.

Ava tells Julian that it’s nothing incriminating. Not directly to her anyway. He asks why she’s nervous, and she says she’s just reacting to something someone else did; a problem someone else caused. He says, so she wants him to undo the problem, and asks if the sudden urge to do the right thing was influenced by Griff. She says it’s as much Julian’s fault as Griff’s. He says he wanted to do and be a better man for Kim, and he inspired her to be better. He ask if she’s relieved that Nelle was caught, but she says Nelle’s baby was stillborn. No matter what she did, no mother deserves to lose a baby. Julian says Michael lost a baby too. He doesn’t have much use for Michael, but as a father, Michael has his sympathy. He asks why Ava needed to see him. She says it will be easier if she shows him. She pulls a corner of the blanket out of the bag, and he asks if it’s what he thinks it is. Carly and Nelle argued over a blanket that mysteriously disappeared, and now he knows why. Ava says she needed leverage to keep Nelle quiet over something Nelle was holding over her head. He asks if it’s also something someone else did, and she says it’s not important. The blanket can somehow reappear. It will prove Carly is telling the truth, and free her. He says she’s doing this for Carly? Don’t kid a kidder. She’s afraid Nelle will give her up. She say she wants to put distance and closure in all aspects of the situation. He asks how she’s going to do that without getting caught, and she says, he is.

Jordan tells Nelle that she’s entitled to a lawyer, but she says she’ll stick with remaining silent. Jordan says she just lost a baby, not to mention a husband and her chance to inherit his money if he died like she’d planned. What does she have to gain by keeping silent about what she did to Carly. Nelle asks who says she did anything? Jordan plays the part of the tape where Michael asks her about gaslighting Carly. Nelle tells Michael that she’ll tell him everything if he pulls over, but he tries to get her to say Carly didn’t push her. Jordan says she was about to admit Carly never pushed her. She tells Nelle to finish her story, and for once, so the right thing. Nelle asks what’s in it for her?

Carly tells Sonny she won’t be there to help Michael with his grief. She won’t be there for Josslyn, who’s fourteen, and it couldn’t be a worse time for her to without her mom. Sonny says it’s only a matter of time before she’s cleared. In the meantime, Michael and Josslyn are with people who care. Not her, but they’re not alone. Carly asks, what about him? Jason will be gone and Michael is grieving. Who’s going to help him with his dad? He says sooner or later, Nelle will be on trial and go to prison where she belongs. Carly says it’s going to take a lot of time, and it’s the one thing she doesn’t have. She just wants it over.

Lucas tells Michael that he’s sorry; they both are. Michael says everyone has been very kind. He tells them congratulations; it’s amazing. Brad doesn’t think Michael wants to hear about it, but Michael says he does. They waited for months; they must have been surprised when a miracle showed up. Lucas says the baby wasn’t expected for another week. He was in surgery, and came out to a thousand messages from Brad. Brad says it’s time for the baby to eat. Lucas says he’ll just check at the desk, and make sure they still don’t need to talk to Brad. Brad tells Michael that the baby’s name is Wiley. Michael likes it, and asks to hold him. Brad gives Wiley to Michael, and looks worried.

Sam tells Jason that he should do anything he can to stay in Port Charles, not just for Carly, but for himself too. It took her a lot of years to accept that he’d do anything for Carly, and she realized it’s mutual. Carly isn’t afraid to take care of herself, but she depends on him, and he would go to prison for her in a heartbeat. She suggests he find another way. The list of people who need him is long, and includes Danny – and her. She doesn’t know how to define their relationship, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael tells Wiley that he’s lucky, and his dads know how lucky they are. Lucas agrees, and asks if Brad is okay. Brad tells them he has to say something; something he should have said a long time ago. Michael says Wiley is the one good thing that’s happening. He’s going to be raised in love. He was planned for, wanted, and hoped for, and their lives are better because he’s in them. When he’s done with his Blue Fairy speech, Michael says he didn’t mean to cut Brad off. Brad tells Michael that he said it all. Michael gives Wiley back to Brad, and leaves the station. Lucas says Michael is right. They are so lucky.

Julian asks Ava is he’s supposed to drop the blanket on Sonny’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run. She suggests he plant it in the Quartermaine nursery. If anyone notices, he can says he’s there to see Leo. Julian says if he gets caught, he’ll never see Leo again. She tells him to just plant it there, and voila! He says a lot could go wrong, and it’s a bad time for him to get arrested. Wiley just arrived. Ava begs him to do this as a favor. If he puts it back, this can all be over. He tells her that he’s way nicer to her than she deserves. She asks if that’s a yes, and he says, hand it over. He leaves, and sees Margaux sitting outside. She asks if she can have a word, but he keeps moving. She says, I guess not.

Drew comes by, and Margaux asks if he saw Julian. Drew says Julian used to be his father-in-law once or twice. She asks what that’s about, and he says the short answer is, not anymore. She asks if he’d like to join her, and he asks for a raincheck. He thinks Curtis gave her the wrong impression, and wants to set the record straight.

Jordan tells Nelle cutting a deal might be tricky, since she’s implicated for murder. Nelle says what Chase and Michael did is called entrapment. She was cornered into saying what she didn’t want to. Jordan says she confessed in the car, and Nelle says it won’t hold up in court; she was coerced. She would have said anything to get Michael to stop the car before it crashed. Jordan asks how she knew it would crash, unless she was counting on it and arranged it? D-oh!

Jason comes back to the safe house, and Carly asks if Josslyn and Michael are okay. He says Michael is okay, but why Josslyn. Sonny explains that she stopped Nelle from escaping, and punches were thrown. He says she’s proud of herself. Carly is proud of her too, but Josslyn needs her. She might be strong on the outside, but on the inside, she’s a vulnerable teenager. Sonny asks if she’s having second thoughts about going to Canada, and Jason says they might not have to.

Jason shows them the consent form, saying he got it from Sam. Carly says the signature isn’t even close. She looks at the date, July 16th, and says it was before Michael’s wedding and before she was drugged. There’s no way she signed it. Jason says there might be another way, but it’s risky.

Drew tells Margaux that Curtis thought there was something going on between them. Margaux says he did seem wingman-y. Drew says he just got divorced. Margaux was already aware of it, and he asks how she knows stuff. She says Curtis is his buddy, and works with Sam. He bought Aurora Media with her, and when they had their launch, Jason came through the skylight. It’s a matter of public record, and she’s just trying to follow the sequence. Drew was a Navy SEAL, and had his memories replaced with Jason’s. He was hit by a car and forgot, but eventually Jason’s memories came back. Drew says she’s accurate so far. She says all of his memories were stored on a flash drive. Margaux flashes back to looking at the information. Drew says at this point, the flash drive seems to be lost. He says it was nice of Curtis to be his wingman, but he’s not looking. She understands and appreciates that, but thinks it’s only appropriate to tell him to get over himself.

Lucas tells Brad they only wanted to talk about Nelle. Now that she’s back in custody, they’re good to go. He asks Brad what’s wrong, and Brad says he keeps thinking about the germs circulating in there. Lucas wonders when he last ate, and Brad asks what say it is. Lucas suggests they get take-out from Kelly’s, and go home with their son.

At the Quartermaine’s, Julian mumbles that Ava had better appreciate the things he does for her. He leaves the blanket in a dresser in the nursery.

Nelle tells Jordan it’s Chase’s word against hers. Jordan says funny she said that, since it’s her words that they’ll use to convict her. She plays the part of the tape where Nelle says the only way she can survive is if Michael dies, and asks Chase to find a way. Jordan asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want a lawyer.

Carly tells Jason it sounds great, assuming it will work. Sonny says, playing devil’s advocate, Canada is safer, easier, and the best idea. Carly just wants to get back to her life. Sonny says they both know she can get fixated on something, and make more trouble for herself. She says it’s riskier for Jason than for her. Jason says it’s her call.

Michael picks up a toy from the crib. Monica sees him, and asks if he’s okay. He says, no. He doesn’t think he will be for a very long time. Monica says he’s right, but he will get through this. She did. He says she’s one of a kind, and she tells him, thank God. Even she couldn’t put up with another one of her. He’s going to grieve, but he’ll endure. He asks how long it will take. She says from her experience, it will seem like forever until it doesn’t. Michael says, something to look forward to, and she hugs him.

Julian tells Ava, mission accomplished. The housekeeper let him in. He didn’t see anyone, so he’s in the clear, but it’s her last favor of the non-legal variety, now that Wiley has arrived. Here they are now. Lucas and Brad walk in with the baby, and Ava gushes over Wiley, calling him a born heartbreaker. Lucas tells Wiley, watch out; here comes trouble. Julian takes a picture. Brad goes to get the food, and Ava asks if he’s heard from Nelle. Jordan called to see if she’d contacted Ava. Brad says Jordan called him too, but Nelle is back in custody. Ava says, it’s a shame. She did all she could for Nelle. He says he knows the feeling, and she says, no one should lose a child.

Margaux tells Drew he’s not the only one not looking, and if she was, she wouldn’t need a matchmaker like Curtis. Drew says, good thing, since he’s not good at it. She wonders if when they do start looking, they need to use dating apps. Her phone dings, and Drew asks if she’s swiped right already. She has to go, but if he decides to put a toe back in the water… She leaves her card on the table.

Lucas tells Brad that his father likes to control things. Brad says he’s gone forty-eight hours without sleep, but can’t blame Julian for wanting to be included. Family means everything. Ava looks at Brad, Lucas, and Wiley, and remarks what a beautiful family they are.

Jordan tells Nelle that they everything they need to prosecute her for conspiracy to commit murder. In New York state, she can get life. Jordan says she’ll let Florida and Maine wrestle over the charges for Zack’s murder. She only hopes Nelle admits what she did to Carly. Nelle says Carly admitted she was crazy, and Jordan says Nelle gambled and lost. Don’t make it worse, perjuring herself over a crime they both know she committed. She asks what happened, and Nelle says she doesn’t feel well. She wants to go back to the hospital. Jordan says, the hospital she broke out of? She doesn’t think so. Jordan says to tell her what she needs to know. If Nelle is really sick, she’ll bring in a doctor. Nelle says she would like a lawyer now.

Michael looks through the baby clothes. Sam comes in, saying she thought she’d find him there. He calls her a good detective. He thought he’d pack everything up for the shelter. Sam asks if he’s sure it’s not too soon. She tells him they can go somewhere he can scream his lungs out. He says she just keeps thinking about how the kids can use these things, and it would be selfish to hold on to them. She offers to help, and he accepts. He says his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real. He remembers the first sonogram, and the first time he felt the baby move. He realized how his life changed forever, and now… She says he still has Jonah. He may not have been in the world long, but he will always be a part of Michael’s heart. The love he feels is reason to keep living for him. Michael says he doesn’t know how to do this. Sam tells him every day is a victory; every hour he doesn’t give in to despair. She wants him to be proud. He knows and is proud. He starts to put things in a box.

Julian takes more pictures. Ava says he looks like a normal, doting grandfather, He says he is, more or less.

Sonny asks Jordan what to expect. She says if his wife turns herself in voluntarily, she has questions. He says what about? The set-up by an admitted murderer she has in custody already? Why not set up a case for that instead of searching for his wife?

Margaux sees Jason at the docks. She got his text and was intrigued. He thanks her for coming, but she tells him to save it. Give her one good reason why she shouldn’t turn him in.

Sam tells Michael it’s okay. He says he’s just remembering how he ordered everything. Nelle picked out some things, but it was mostly him. He says Brad and Lucas have everything picked out already. Sam says they have everything in the nursery decorated within an inch of its life, but not so much the clothes. Does he want to give some to them from Wiley’s cousin Jonah? He hands her some clothes, and opens another drawer. He sees the baby blanket, and says he can’t believe it. He asks Sam if it looks familiar.

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly was drugged and tortured at Ferncliff. She was in fear for her life. If Jordan won’t talk about it now, then he’ll talk about it with someone else; the government, press, whoever will listen. She tells him there’s no need to involve the press, but he thinks there is. Ferncliff forged Carly’s signature on a consent form.

Carly walks into the interrogation room. She tells Nelle, long time no see, and smiles.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Ava that he loves her, Scotty is going to do everything in his power to win, and Carly tells Nelle that she messed with the wrong family.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki takes Tamra for a follow-up on her foot. Vicki asks the doctor when Tamra can whoop it up again. Vicki embarrasses Tamra and the doctor by talking about Tamra being naked in the hot tub when she broke her foot. Tamra would rather see a hot doctor in the OC than a late night ER doctor in Mexico. It’s a slow-healing fracture, but the doctor says if it doesn’t heal, she’ll need surgery. Tamra says having a broken foot sucks. How is she going to work out? She asks if Vicki she’s talked to Kelly. Vicki says no, but she told Kelly that she and Steve are friends with Michael and the woman he’s dating. In her interview, Tamra is Team Kelly, and says this was a bad move on Vicki’s part.

Emily goes to the gym, and her husband’s family tags along. She feels like she married them as well as her husband, but they all get along great. Mother-in-law Pary (angel in Persian) asks about Shane taking the bar exam. He hasn’t passed yet, and she wants to know how to help him. Emily knows what it takes, and says she can’t push him. In her interview, Emily says Pary thinks because she’s Shane’s wife, she can motivate him. Pary says if he doesn’t take it, Shane should shut up about taking it.

Kelly meets Vicki for coffee. In her interview, Kelly says seeing Vicki’s name on her phone made her feel like she had a pit in her stomach. We see a clip of Vicki calling her. Kelly says she thought could trust Vicki, but she’s on Michael’s side; that’s not a friend. She says she gets it, but she was upset because she heard it from someone else. When you’re friends, you share things. Vicki says she was going to tell Kelly when they went to dinner with Jolie, but didn’t want to involve Jolie, and she didn’t feel comfortable telling her on the phone. Kelly says she doesn’t roll like that. In her interview, Kelly says she’s a ride or die friend, and Vicki is fair weather. Kelly says she was livid. Vicki says Kelly screamed at her and she doesn’t want to be screamed at. She deserves respect. Kelly says respect is earned, and Vicki insists she’s going to have it.

Kelly tells Vicki that if she and Steve break up, she’ll make sure Vicki knows how it feels. She’ll hook Steve up and go one a double-date with him. Vicki knows it doesn’t feel good, and wants to fix it. She wants it to be us again. In her interview, Kelly doesn’t think Vicki is really sorry. She can forgive her, but still not trust her. She accepts Vicki’s apology. In her interview, Vicki says she did nothing wrong, and Kelly needs to look in the mirror, and figure out why she’s so temperamental.

Shannon is experimenting with some recipes. In her interview, she tells us about her yo-yo of weight loss and gain. She realizes it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Every time she goes off one, she thinks, now she can eat. Her friend, Marcy, has a connection with QVC, and thought Shannon should do a recipe book. She’s making healthy meals with a lot of flavor. Her daughters are helping do the taste test. She tells them if QVC doesn’t like the food, there’s no deal. Golden Retriever Archie prays that one of them drops something. The girls like the food, but think it’s a little too spicy. In her interview, Shannon knows she’s not the only one struggling, but you don’t have to eat like Tamra, having a piece of chicken that tastes like cardboard. Despite the criticism, the girls think she’s got a winner. One of them doesn’t like cheese though, which boggles my mind.

Gina and her mom, Susan, bring the kids to the zoo. Gina says having her mom there from Long Island is a help, and she doesn’t have to pay her. Gina asks how Susan likes California, and Susan asks if Gina is ever coming back to New York. In her interview, Gina says she originally didn’t know they would end up living apart. Him getting home earlier was one of the reasons why they moved in the first place. She thought it was the beginning of an amazing life, but it’s hard. She sends her husband a picture, and checks in.

Tamra and Shannon are meeting Emily and Gina for dinner. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon hates everybody who’s new. We flash back to her being nasty to everyone who has joined the cast since she did. She doesn’t expect it to go well, and can’t wait. Tamra has a little scooter thing to get around in. Kelly and Vicki also join them. We find out Shannon went to law school, but dropped out after her second year. She was engaged, and stayed because her fiancé didn’t like her being there. When they broke up, she left. I kind of understand this, although my experience was the opposite. When I was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to take tap dance lessons (we were both in theatre), and it was cheaper if I took them with him. I hated it, he graduated early and moved to NYC, and I switched to jazz. Shannon says she didn’t want anyone telling her what to do.

Gina orders an Old Fashioned, and Tamra thinks it’s some kind of shot. Shannon talks about spanx. Gina is anti-Spanx, and Shannon says she’s wearing three sets, but when she was thirty-three, she rocked her natural stuff too. In her interview, Gina doesn’t understand why people think she’s from New Jersey. She’s not offended, but it’s a totally different state. In her interview, Shannon says she’s been making healthy choices, and thinks it’s not that hard. We see her ask for the pizza to be passed her way, and she adds, then it spirals. Since she had a pastry, she might as well have a doughnut. She tells the girls about the QVC gig, and says there’s a 20% chance they’ll like it. Kelly says Shannon that she looks great, and Shannon says she’s single now. She mentions David dating someone twenty years younger. Vicki says it’s bizarre.

Kelly says what’s bizarre, is that Vicki hooked her ex up with a friend. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly accepted her apology. She wasn’t going to bring it up again. Vicki says her friend wanted to meet Michael. Kelly says Vicki didn’t tell her, and Vicki says she thought they already discussed it. She doesn’t know why it’s being brought up now. In her interview, Kelly claims she just wanted to get some other opinions. Emily says you should stick with the girl. Gina calls girl code, and basically says Vicki is a loser. She says she would have told the friend, eff you, I’m not hooking you up. In her interview, Kelly hopes Vicki learned her lesson, since she was schooled in being wrong. Vicki says that’s not how it happened. In her interview, stubbornly missing the point, Vicki says Kelly divorced Michael, and he’s available to date who he wants. Emily says they should make a pact that no one hooks up anyone’s ex with a friend.

Kelly’s new boyfriend walks in, and there’s immediate PDA. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s okay to flaunt her new boyfriend in the midst of a girls’ night. Kelly introduces him around. In her interview, Shannon doesn’t know if she’s ready to date. Part of her thinks it would be fun, but part of her thinks she’d be sick to her stomach. The PDA continues, and everyone is creeped out. In her interview, Emily is glad she’s married and not dating. The grass is not always greener. Sometimes it’s a sh*tty condo sitting on a vacant lot. The girls jet one by one, and Emily says, we’ll just leave you two alone.

Shannon tells Tamra a few things were awkward. Tamra says it was weirdest dinner ending ever, even for them. We flash back to the endings of a few of those dinners. Vicki tells Tamra that she and Kelly had closed the chapter, and then she brought it up. In her interview, Vicki says Gina is stepping into a cesspool of chaos, and should stay out of it. In the bathroom, Gina tells Emily this is what they have to look forward to with any second opportunities.

Tamra lights sage to get the negative energy out of the house. Is she not a Christian anymore? Eddie tells her not to burn the house down, and she says she’s just staging it. She asks the spirits to stop sh*t from happening to her and Eddie. In her interview, she tells us about Eddie drilling into the fire sprinkler while doing renovation. A smell is coming from the drain, her foot is broken, and Eddie’s heart is broken. Eddie says the doctor is going to prescribe stronger meds to restrict his heart rate. He has a friend who was in the exact same boat, and it took another procedure to fix. Tamra says they’ll never have sex again. Eddie tells her not to worry about that.

Gina visits Tamra. Tamra doesn’t want to beat around the bush, and says Vicki sent her a message. Gina says Vicki hates her. Tamra says Vicki didn’t say hate, but she doesn’t like Gina. Gina knew she was on Vicki’s sh*t list, but that’s Vicki’s issue. Tamra says Vicki wants everyone to agree with her; it’s her personality. Gina says she’s totally not that person. Even if she’s friends with someone, she doesn’t blow smoke up their ass. Thank you. She says if she’s asked her opinion, she’ll give it. In her interview, she says in New York, you know who likes you; in the OC, four out of seven hate your guts, but smile at you anyway.

In her interview, Emily says Shane’s mom bringing up the bar exam gives her anxiety. It’s a touchy subject, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle, or have Shane think she’s pressuring him, or that she’s not on his side. She’s always respectful to her mother-in-law, but doesn’t want Shane to think she’s talking behind his back. She tells Shane what his mom asked, and he says he’s taking the exam for himself, not for anyone else. Emily says that’s the only thing she wanted. Shane says the last time he took it, it was a rush. They were moving, and everyone was adjusting. He needs certain things in order, like the children’s schedules being taken care of. Emily says she can do that, and he tells her that he’ll also need to take a break from work, so he put in a notice. She assumes it’s not the next one in two months, and he says the one after that, ten months. In her interview, Emily says it’s a lesson in perseverance. She asks Shane to tell his mother.

Vicki meets Gina for a walk. In her interview, Gina says Vicki has the right to say she’s offended, but she has the right to her opinion. We see a clip of Vicki talking on the phone with Gina, who invites her on the walk. Gina says she wants to get to know Vicki, but also felt that stuff came up at the dinner, which was between Vicki and Kelly, but since it was brought up at the table, she was vocal about it. Vicki says everyone has an opinion, but unless it pertains to her, Vicki’s advice is to be cool with everyone. I translate that to mean, if you don’t agree, butt out. Gina says girls should stick together, and Vicki asks if that means she agrees that Vicki shouldn’t have said anything because her friend asked her not to. Nicely spun! In her interview, Gina says it’s a Jedi mind trick. Someone does something awful that you’re opposed to, and they twist it so you’re the bad person. She says it’s impressive, and she’s going to master it. Then she’s going to Jedi mind trick all the California bitches. She tells Vicki that she’s not a sh*t talker. Vicki says Gina is from New York; she might be. Gina amends that to, she might be, but to the person’s face. In her interview, Vicki says Gina can’t school her. Then she says a whole lot of words that amount to, it’s her sandbox, and she gets to choose who plays in it. Gina says Kelly was upset, and Vicki tells her that Kelly was fine when they’d met earlier. Gina says she clearly wasn’t, since she was bringing it up. Vicki says Kelly wanted to cause problems. Gina says it’s cool Vicki is standing by her decision, but it’s okay to disagree. She’s out of it now, and she’s not running to Kelly to discuss it. Vicki asks how she’s adjusting to California. Gina says she’s getting there. Vicki says when she first moved there, she kept thinking her mom would follow, but eventually realized it was about her and her kids. Now, it’s her daughter and her family. She asks how old Gina is, and finds out she’s thirty-three, the same age as Briana. She says Gina could be her daughter.

Next time, Tamra coaches Shannon at the gym, the girls play poker, Kelly won’t let it go, and Tamra feels helpless about Eddie.

🍸 Well, bless her heart. Ashley made an appearance on Southern Charm Savannah, so I halfway paid attention. Not that Ashley; the one from Savannah last season, who’s not in the cast this season. She met with Daniel, who said he’d always had a soft spot in his heart for her, even though she wasn’t very transparent about herself. She was transparent in the clip they showed from last time, playing golf in lingerie after suggesting she and the guys play strip golf. She told Daniel that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, which he felt was an intense cop-out, and was pretty much what she said to all of the guys’ girlfriends after the golf game. Hannah had a Chrismukkah party, designed by Bruce the party planner. It was impressive, but nothing like Patricia’s Winter Wonderland Ball in Charleston.

👠 TLC is rerunning the first season of Too Close to Home in the wee hours of the morning. Another Tyler Perry effort, I love this one too. Trailer park trash, Annie, shuns her roots and works herself up to a job in Washington DC, after which she proceeds to have an affair with the President. He has a heart attack while they’re having sex, and all hell breaks loose. All hell being mostly in the form of the First Lady (Heather Locklear). Annie ends up a fugitive and goes back home, where she reconnects with the very masculine, yet gentle of soul, Brody. A good reason alone for the ladies (and some gentlemen) to watch. It’s a great story. Unfortunately, there are only 16 episodes, as it was canceled after the second season, but it’s just delicious.

💼 Better Call Saul is back for a fourth season. I really like this show, but my dance card is filled. If yours isn’t, give it a try.

😾 A Bit of Wisdom From Grumpy Cat…






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