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October 30, 2018 – Britt Gets an Offer, the FBI Talks to Veronica, Some Love, the New Guy, No Zero, Decked But Unsure & Sublime


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


A mini version of the usual blow-by-blow commentary. I’ll be back to being long-winded after Halloween. Hopefully, it’s not too convoluted and I didn’t change tense. Too often anyway.

General Hospital

Sonny got what he needed to go up against Margaux, but needed to figure out the best way to use it. Sam wondered what Margaux really knew, and Sonny said parents go to their graves with their kids believing illusions.

Britt asked if she would get sprung if she betrayed her mother; the one who bore and raised her, and turned her into the woman she is today. Finn said what Britt was, was incarcerated. Britt said it was a tall order, but tell her more.

Chase saw Willow in the hospital parking lot, and asked her to step out of her car.

Lulu saw Michael at The Floating Rib and joined him. She said he was obviously not fine.

Laura and Carly went to the hospital, but Laura couldn’t find her husband. She told Carly that she was impressed at how she handled Ferncliff. Carly said it was good to go back with power. Carly said she’s glad she didn’t miss Mary Pat getting fired. Even though Laura had never met Mary Pat, she still found it gratifying. Carly was somewhat distressed about being close to seeing her Ferncliff neighbor, but Laura told her if they wanted to have an impact, they’d have to follow procedure. Carly said, procedure can hide a multitude of sins, and she was sure she wasn’t the only person who’s suffered.

Not-Doc saw Mary Pat at The Floating Rib. She said she knew they hadn’t seen the last of each other yet, but he said that day was fast approaching.

Sonny told Jason and Sam the letter suggested plenty, but didn’t prove anything. Jason said it would still blindside Margaux, and Sonny said, or liberate her. He told Jason, the most dangerous enemy is one with nothing to lose.

Laura told Carly that they could pressure Ned into doing a full investigation. They would see how far Ferncliff fell from being a rehabilitation center. Carly said there were no horror movies as scary as Ferncliff was. She couldn’t forget her neighbor’s screaming, crying, and endless pounding on the wall. She wanted concrete answers.

Mary Pat asked if not-Doc thought she was a tool he could use and forget about. I laughed, and said, no, she’s just a tool. Not-Doc said he had nothing but respect for her, but Mary Pat wasn’t feeling it. Not-Doc wanted to discuss things more privately, so they could come to terms as quickly and quietly as possible. He suggested they meet at the pier. When she complained there were no drinks at the pier, he swiped a bottle of tequila at the bar, telling her that he knew the owners. They let him get away with murder.

Michael told Lulu that he had things buried deep, and she wondered if that was to keep them from others or himself. Peter came to meet Lulu, and Michael said he had a thing to go to. Peter told Lulu that he couldn’t imagine losing a son. He showed her a spreadsheet, showing The Invader’s numbers being on the rise. He said it was in no small part due to her. The public couldn’t get enough of her take on the gruesome business of Ryan’s murder spree. Then he said he was spiking her latest installment, confusing Lulu and myself.

Chase showed Willow his ID, and she verified it with the PCPD.

Anna said she wanted Britt to lure Obrecht to Port Charles, where the WSB would take her into custody. Her release was contingent on her cooperation; or she could stay there. Britt said she had a sweet gig in the laundry room and wanted a better offer. She wanted a magic trick.

Britt said she wanted Emma to disappear. She’d poisoned Patrick against her. She told Finn not to be fooled by Emma. Anna said nothing, and Brit said she’d make a helluva poker player. She was just kidding, but they’d have to fatten the purse. She wanted her medical license reinstated, but Anna said no way was she allowing an embryo stealing quack to practice medicine. Britt said Rocco was a stupid name, and Ben was better. Finn admitted he liked the name Ben. Anna was over it, and said she made the offer. Britt could either stay or sleep in a comfortable bed. Britt agreed, but had one more condition that wasn’t negotiable.

Britt chowed down at The Floating Rib.

Sonny said Jeanette’s letters could be as damaging to him. Jason said he was never mentioned, but Sonny said there could be others. Jason had to agree that there could be more. Maybe Jeanette saved the details and hid them away somewhere. Sam thought maybe Sonny shouldn’t do anything; Margaux didn’t have anything on him. Sonny said she’d lock him up for jaywalking, and use his family to do it.

Lulu wondered why Peter didn’t want to publish the next installment. He said it was the subject he was wrestling with. He wasn’t sure the readers would be interested in a philosophical debate on the nature of evil. Lulu said she thought he’d like it.

Laura told Carly she’s doing what she needs to in order to come to terms with the trauma. Carly wanted her time there to mean something. Laura supported that, but Carly wasn’t sure she could trust her own memory because of the drugs they pumped into her. At one point thought saw her neighbor, and thought he was… She flashed back to seeing Ryan in the hallway.

At the pier, not-Doc insisted he cared what happened to Mary Pat. Mary Pat thought she deserved a merit award, saying she was a good soldier. She was loyal, and didn’t question him. She kept his secret. Now, she was the one out on her behind, and he was sitting pretty. It wasn’t fair. He pointed out that he wasn’t the one who tortured patients, but she thought torture was an overused word. He said it still meant something to him. She wondered if his reputation would survive if the world learned he was hiding a maniac. If she called The Invader, life as he knew it would be over. He said, not just his.

Chase told Willow that she was parked in a spot designated for authorized vehicles. She told him she was preoccupied, and he said she was asleep. She asked if that was illegal, and he said it was when you’re drunk. She told him that she was taking a moment, and wasn’t drunk. He made her walk a straight line anyway, then told her to move her car, but it wouldn’t start.

Laura asked Carly who she thought it was, but Carly says it couldn’t have been him. Michael joined them, and Laura said she was going to check Doc’s office again. She promised Carly that they’d fix the problem with Ferncliff.

Not-Doc told Mary Pat that they both had in an interest in being discreet about his brother’s presence. She didn’t know what she had to lose. He was housing his long lost serial killer brother under false pretenses. He said Ryan’s urges could be sparked, but she said he was locked up. It wasn’t like he could hurt anyone.

Sonny said Margaux pushed Carly into Ferncliff, hassled Mike, and buried her father next to Morgan. She was already after Kristina and Michael; who was next? Avery? Sam said Margaux could either send her mom to prison or back off. Jason said if she chose to cover it up, they had her.

Peter asked Lulu why she thought he’d have a specific interest in the topic. Because there wasn’t a worse test case than him being Faison’s son? She says he’s proof evil doesn’t necessarily beget evil. A good person can come from a bad upbringing. It doesn’t excuse what he did to Jason, but he has a good heart and a conscience. He asked if her hypothesis was that a moral compass came from upbringing or was biological, but she said she needs more data. She saw Britt, and said, hell no.

Finn brought a margarita pitcher to Britt’s table, telling her there didn’t have strawberry. She said the deal was off. Britt was just full of fun today. Lulu came over, and poured the entire pitcher on her head. There was nearly a melee, but Peter and Finn broke it up. Lulu was pissed that she wasn’t notified. Peter wondered what on earth was going on, and Lulu introduced him to his sister.

Not-Doc told Mary Pat that his brother was her patient too. He’s tried to rehabilitate him to stand trial. Mary Pat said she’d been at his side, making sure his needs were met. Laura calls, but not-Doc ignored it, telling Mary Pat that she was more important. Laura left a message that she had a lot to tell him.

Carly told Michael that she was holding Ferncliff accountable, and he was proud of her. He said he should take a page from her book. She asked if he meant diving into an impossible situation without a plan or thinking about the consequences, but he said more like facing things head-on. Margaux was chatting him up, and reminded him that Sonny killed AJ, asking how he could live with that.

Sonny said Margaux built her world around her father, and he wouldn’t want to be Jeanette. Sam though it seemed like he almost admired Margaux, but he said he gets it. He took a little girl’s father away. Skully gave the order, and Jeanette started the ball rolling, but he pulled the trigger. Jason said Margaux was coming after Sonny’s family, and Sonny says that’s why she had to be stopped. He thanked them for helping get the truth. Jason asked what the plan was, but Sonny said he’d take it from there.

Britt asked Peter if it was true that he held Jason captive for five years, then turned him loose to eliminate their father. He told her it was true, and she called him a genius. He asked if she was really Obrecht’s daughter, and she said when it was convenient. He told her about Obrecht tying him to a bed in a cabin and leaving him to almost burn to death. She asked him to imagine being raised by that. He suggested they get together to compare notes, and she thought lunch would be good. He noticed her angle monitor, and asked Anna why a WSB agent was chaperoning a convicted criminal. He assumed the search for Obrecht came up empty. Anna asked him to put a muzzle on Lulu. She was bringing Obrecht in.

Despite Chase’s help, Willow’s car still wouldn’t start. Lulu came along and told Chase that Willow was Charlotte’s teacher. She wondered what was happening, and Willow explained she was parked inappropriately, and was the perp. Lulu asked why she was at the hospital, and she said she was visiting a friend. Lulu messed around with the engine, and told Chase to have her try it again. It started, and Lulu told him that she was her father’s daughter. He could start a car without a battery. She also mentioned that Willow was single.

Mary Pat told not-Doc that he could swing a job for her at GH. Something with a desk. She could use some income in the meantime though, inferring that he was a wealthy psychiatrist who had money to burn. And even if he didn’t, he could find it. She was sure he’d do anything to make sure his brother got the care he needed. Not-Doc needed her to understand something. She earned something to tide her over, but once he got her a job, they were done. She said, maybe; maybe not. Who knew what the future would bring.

Sam thought Sonny couldn’t just show up, and Jason said once Jeanette found out what happened, she could cause problems. Sonny said Margaux was going to find out her father wasn’t as innocent as she thought, and her parents’ marriage wasn’t a happy one. He believed when she found out her whole past was a lie, she’d lose her motive to come after him.

Michael told Carly that he shot Margaux down. She crossed the line, and he threatened a full investigation. Carly was pretty pissed that Margaux brought up AJ after everything Michael’s been dealing with. He asked if he was really dealing with it. He’s going through the motions of grieving, throwing himself into his work, and saying it’s under control. She tells him there’s no wrong way to grieve, but he thinks he found one. He told her that he’s not fine; just the opposite, and thinks of Jonah all the time. He had to stop pretending he’s okay.

Anna told Peter that she wanted it kept out of the paper, and explained the deal with Britt to him. She thought she could trust Britt, since the deal was beneficial to her. If she could get Obrecht behind bars, it would ensure Peter a measure of safety. She told him that when she got Obrecht, she’d give The Invader an exclusive deal.

Britt asked Finn what was up with him and Anna, but he said it was none of her business. She asked if he knew about Anna and her father, and he said he knew how conception worked. She said it was a tough image to get out of your head. When Anna came back, Britt said she wanted a long, hot shower, and Anna informed Britt that she’d be staying with her.

Jason thought maybe he should confront Margaux. Sonny said Jason was detached, and it made sense, but he was the one going. He’s the one she wanted; they were just collateral damage. He had to face her and confront her with the truth. Out in the hall, Sonny called Margaux, and said it was time they had it out – just the two of them.

Carly told Michael it was hard to confront feelings, but he had his family by his side. He said if he was being honest, he’d feel like she wanted him to be okay so badly, he’d pretend to be okay so she wasn’t disappointed. Carly wished it didn’t make sense, but it did. She asked where he was going to get help from, and he showed her the pamphlet about the bereavement group, and said, from people going through the same thing.

Chase sees the same pamphlet in Willow’s car. She didn’t want to discuss it, and he told her it was nothing to be ashamed of. But if she didn’t want her business out there, keep it out of sight. She covered it up.

Willow went into the meeting of the bereavement group. Michael followed.

Laura told Lulu that they left Ferncliff with more questions than answers. Lulu said she’d had a long talk with Doc, and Laura asked if he seemed okay. Lulu told her that she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Not-Doc wanted to make himself clear to Mary Pat. Once she was on her feet, their association was over. Mary Pat thought that was short-sighted, and said there was no expiration date on partnerships. She said he didn’t know what the future might hold. She might call on him for his assistance. Her keeping his secret was worth that much. She tossed the tequila in the river, and walked away. Not-Doc spied a metal, pointed tool for opening crates. He pulled it out, looked at the pointed end, and said, hello.

Next time, Ava tells someone they messed with the wrong woman, Peter asks Maxie to a fundraiser, and not-Doc sees Felicia, saying it must be his lucky day.

The Haves and The Have Nots

David had gone into cardiac arrest. Justin was there, bugging Jeffrey, who finally told him, sit down and shut up. I applauded. David was taken to surgery.

The FBI arrested Veronica’s bomb dude for attempted murder. I guess Erica didn’t count?

Justin tried being his version of nice to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey wasn’t having it. He slapped the drink Justin offered him out of Justin’s hand. Justin said Jeffrey just wanted to be with that bitch nurse, referring to Madison, and Jeffrey said they were done. Jeffrey said it was because of Justin’s own choices, but Justin whined that Jeffrey did this. Jeffrey told him to get his ass out. Justin said Jeffrey didn’t know him, and Jeffrey said the problem was that he did know Justin, and they were through. Justin said he’d wait at their apartment, and acted delusional – i.e. normal for him.

Benny went to see Candace at the hotel, and told her that he was mad as hell. She told him, get in line. She was packing, but said she didn’t have enough money to get very far. She knew he didn’t sign the account transfer papers, but wouldn’t tell him how she knew. Benny told her that she had to stop lying, and she said once she got the money thing taken care of, she was getting out of the business. She suggested they apply for a loan, using the money in the account as collateral. She swore she wouldn’t send anyone else after Hanna.

After Benny left, Landon arrived with a dress for Candace to wear on her date with Charles. He told her she wasn’t leaving. There would be a car coming to take her to a restaurant where she was going to meet him. There would be reporters, and some questions were dicey, but they had them covered. She told him that he couldn’t force her to go, but he said she was chosen. Period. It didn’t matter what she wanted. He told her a hypothetical story about a woman The Committee wanted – the ones called the Kingmakers. Charles is a package, put together by people who want to see him in the Whitehouse. He tells her that they called in favors, and the woman was cleaned up, but still said no. Candace asked what happened. He told her to guess, since he was there with her. He told her to get dressed, be there, and don’t make Charles wait.

Bomb dude called Veronica, and told her that he’d gotten arrested. She suggested he call someone else. She couldn’t help him. He told the FBI guys that she paid him to plant the bomb, but hadn’t given him the money yet. They asked if he did it out of the kindness of his heart. He insisted that she was going to pay him, but they weren’t buying it. Still, they decided to pick her up for domestic terrorism. One guy thought it was risky, but the head guy said they could at least see how good she is. This was confusing, since it didn’t seem like they believed bomb dude.

Hanna told Derrick that he made her feel better, and he said she deserved happiness after all she’d been through. He told her he was taking her for two weeks in the Bahamas – on him. She noted that there was only one room with one king-sized bed, and told him that she was strong, not dead. They made out on the couch.

The doctor explained to Jeffrey that David got an infection from the stress on his heart, but he’d recover. Madison was concerned about the domestic violence in Jeffrey’s life, meaning Justin. He wanted Jeffrey to do something before it was too late, but Jeffrey insisted everything was okay.

Hotel manager Roderick called Kathryn. Jim wondered who was calling, since no one calls her because she has no social life. She told him to stay away from her phone. Roderick wanted to see her, and she pretended to schedule a business meeting. When Jim asked who it was, Kathryn told him it was no one, since no one calls her.

Wyatt wanted to get out of the house, saying he was fine now, but Jim wasn’t fooled, and told him, deal with it. Wyatt insisted Jim couldn’t keep him there, but Jim said he had a court order. Wyatt called George, pretending he had more information for his statement. George told him to come down to the office, but Wyatt said he couldn’t because of Jim’s court order. George said he’d get back to Wyatt. Wyatt told Jim to keep him there and see what happens. Jim told Kathryn that he had it under control, but she was like, yeah, right.

Wyatt wasn’t the only one who wanted out. So did David. Jeffrey told him that he couldn’t leave the hospital yet, and David asked if Jeffrey had gone through Erica’s things. Jeffrey said he hadn’t had a chance, since he’d been with David the whole time. He told David that he didn’t want to lose him, and not to scare him like that again. David said, she’s not going to win, and begged Jeffrey to find the information regarding Erica. Jeffrey asked Madison if he wanted to come along to David’s house.

Two FBI guys were waiting for Veronica when she got home; the housekeeper let them in. She told them that she had nothing to say, but head FBI guy said he begged to differ. He wanted her to come to the station, but she said she didn’t have to unless she was being arrested. He told her it was in regard to domestic terrorism, but she said she wasn’t going. Someone should have prepped him on who he was going to talk to. He said, someone did. She told him if he wasn’t arresting her, get out. They left, and she yelled at mysterious housekeeper Alice, who we never see.

Candace ended up meeting Charles. I was kind of meh on the dress, but it had a fabulous neckline. Charles thought she looked stunning. She told him that she was forced to be there. He said he lets his team do what they do, but maybe it was a bad idea, and they should go their separate ways after they enjoy the meal. She asked what would happen if she just left, and he told her that she was free to go. She asked if there wouldn’t be consequences, and says she was told about the other girl who said no. He asks, what happened? and she said she didn’t know, but it wasn’t good. He told her if she wasn’t afraid, go ahead and go.

Madison was impressed with David’s house. Jeffrey asked if Madison wanted to go upstairs; he had to look for something. Jeffrey thanked Madison for helping his dad, and also helping keep him calm. He found Erica’s address book, looked inside, and said, what the hell? Damn. Madison asked if he was okay, and Jeffrey said he had something to confess. He had a crush on Madison when they were in school together. Madison was surprised, since Jeffrey never said anything, and Jeffrey said, no one did. No one was out. Jeffrey told Madison he had problems with Bobby Safer. He harassed them both. Jeffrey wondered what happened to Bobby, and Madison said he was probably in prison. They stared at each other for a while, and Madison asked if Jeffrey found what he was looking for. Jeffrey kissed him.

You know it couldn’t just end there. Behind them, Veronica looked into the room, and said, who the hell is this?

Next time, Benny asks if Hanna is going to put him out, Candace asks Charles if he still wants her, and Kathryn gets busy with Roderick.

🏆 Honorable Mention…

Last week, I decided to forego Flipping Out to take a look at Ready To Love, which follows The Haves and The Have Nots. It’s a new matchmaking show that’s both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I liked it, and especially enjoyed the lament of a contestant who was a pastor. The ladies were concerned they’d have to live up to some kind of holy expectations, when really, he was just a regular guy. You can read about it here:

👓 Who Is He?

How am I not recognizing him? This is what I get for typing instead of watching.

🙏 Why, Lord, Why?

I’m going to have to watch Channel Zero: The Dream Door on the weekend On Demand. While I’m seriously pressed for time, I keep forgetting it’s on, since previous seasons have aired weekly. It’s on at 11 pm, which avoids conflict for most viewers, but I can’t imagine their ratings are as good this time around. I did catch Saturday night’s episode, and it looked really creepy.

❓ Who Knows?

You’ll definitely get a full Deck – the only show I was able to give full attention to – tomorrow, but other than that, I’m not sure what All Hallows’ Eve will bring. Besides extra calories.

🔮 Not Scary, But…

It has a bit of a witchy title. I also love this band. They have an interesting catalog of music. Although, sadly, their lead singer, Bradley Nowell passed away before they peaked. I don’t think he would have cared though.




October 29, 2018 -Information on Marino is Found, Tamra Puts Her Foot Down (Sort Of), Unsure Next Two Days & Skeleton Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam says she tried to forget, and tell herself she could live without him. But then when she sees him, even just for a moment, nothing else matters. Jason says he picked up the phone a dozen times, but couldn’t call. Him, who’s afraid of nobody and nothing. He was too afraid to say it out loud. Sam and Jason are going through the letters, and were just thinking out loud. So far, they’ve found noting helpful. Jason says he’s looking for something to figure out if Marino was in deeper than Margaux wants to believe. If they find some dirt she doesn’t want public, it might get her to back off of Sonny.

Finn says he and Anna never made it to Detroit. It’s the one place they’ve both never been. He suggests they take a trip now, unless she has a location on Obrecht. It’s their chance for a romantic getaway. She says, to Detroit? They discuss Avallon (France), but she says they’re not going.

Sonny and Michael are at The Floating Rib. Sonny says he’d love to spend more time with Michael, and asks how he’s doing. Michael says he’s okay. He’s trying not to isolate, but it’s tempting. Whenever that happens Sonny’s voice comes into his head. He says he’s trying, and Sonny says that’s all he can do.

Jordan and Curtis discuss wedding plans at another table. She says the hardest part is the seating chart. World War III could break out unless they focus. Curtis is trying not to focus on Aunt Stella’s boycott of the wedding.

Not-Doc walks through the hall at GH. He tells someone on the phone that he has to cancel because of an emergency, and his will office reschedule. He calls Laura, and leaves a message. He wishes she’d run her Ferncliff plan by him first. He’s on his way. Stella says she’s been looking for him. He says he’s in a rush, but she says, too bad. She has a bone to pick with him.

At Ferncliff, Laura asks if Carly is all right. Carly says this place tried to break her, but it didn’t. It might have succeeded if she hadn’t gotten out. She wants to see the patient who was next door to her, but Kay says she’s not authorized to open patient doors. Laura says she won’t leave until the door is opened. Kay leaves, and Laura asks Carly if she’s sure, but Carly wants to see it. He’s probably dangerous, but he was the only contact she had. She wants to finally put a face to the scream. She looks into the room, and I wonder why she can’t see him through the door window.

Anna can tell Finn is disappointed. He says he had visions of strolling on cobblestone streets and sleeping in late. She say she’d love to escape to Provence, but there’s something more mundane she has to do. They’re at the prison visitor entrance.

Sam says Jeanette and Skully were having an affair for years. She wonders how Jeanette got the letters she wrote to him, and Jason says maybe he had them returned to her after he died. Sam says, love makes you do crazy things, and they give each other a look. They need something to tie Martino to Skully. Jason says Martino laundered money himself on orders from Skully. If they can prove collusion, it would be a huge hit to Margaux’s reputation. Sam says, the DA having ties to organized crime; she almost feels sorry for her. Margaux created a fairytale about her father, and she’s going to find out it’s all lies. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Jason says she deserves what’s coming, and Sam reminds him she said almost. Jason says, Margaux is so obviously willing use anyone and everyone to get what she wants. Mike, Carly, Drew, Kristina. Sam says, she’s targeting everyone in Sonny’s life one by one. She wonders who’s next.

Sonny tells Michael that he knows how hard it is to keep going after you lose someone. The hard part is whether to shut down or reach out. He wishes he could tell Michael it will end, but grief has no time table. The only way out is through. It’s how you deal with it. If he wants to get busy with work, it’s okay. It’s all part of the process. Margaux walks in and sees them. Michael asks what he should know about Charlie’s Pub. Sonny says the DA wants his head, and she’s not going to stop until she gets it.

Curtis asks Jordan, what happened with the search for Marcus? She says, it’s a dead end. He’s been married more than thirty years. Curtis says, so much for pining for Aunt Stella.

Stella tells not-Doc that he still hasn’t signed the form she asked for days ago. He says he’s swamped, but she says that doesn’t mean he can’t deliver. He tells her, first thing tomorrow, but she says, now. Without it, the patient won’t get the care they need. She says she’ll wait, and he stomps off.

Carly looks in the patient’s door, and sees an empty room, answering my question. She says, no one is in there. The patient must be having treatment. Laura says, or they were discharged – or worse. Carly thinks Kay would have told them. She hopes whatever it is, it’s legitimate and with his consent. We see inside the room, and Doc is sitting under the door window, out of it.

Jason tells Sam that Margaux’s father made his own choices. The consequences should be his problem, not hers. Sam wonders how would he have known she’d spend her life trying to figure things out, and Jason says, you can put things on your kids without meaning to. Sam says they’re not talking about the DA, are they? Jason tells her, if something happens to him, he doesn’t want Danny think he was some innocent. His work is his choice, and he’s prepared to assume the risk. Sam says she wouldn’t tell him the details, but she would never lie. Jason says, even if it’s easier? and Sam says she’ll just tell Danny they were Jason’s choices in the life he had before Danny was born. Jason says, choices can’t be unmade, and Sam tells him it won’t be easy, but it beats the alternative. Look at Oscar. She understands why Kim was keeping him in the dark, but in the end the lies caused damage. Jason says they’re on the same page, and she says, as long as he does the same for her; tell the truth. Jason says he will, that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met, and Danny hit the lottery with her for a mom. Sam says she’s talking honesty.

Michael tells Sonny it’s clear his grandfather had something to do with the explosion. Is there anything he can do on his end? Sonny thinks Mike is okay; it’s just how the DA went after him. Michael says, even though he has Alzheimer’s? and Sonny says, she doesn’t care. The body turned out to be her father, and she’s determined to find out how he died. She’s convinced Sonny did something. Michael asks if she thinks his grandfather had something to do with it. Sonny nods, and says, or he’s covering. Michael asks if there’s anything for her to find out, and Sonny says, not that he knows of, but she’s not giving up. She even hassled Kristina. Michael says Kristina had texted that she wanted to talk to him. Sonny says Margaux has no way to get him, and tells Michael not to worry, but don’t be surprised if she comes knocking at his door. Michael hopes she does.

Back in her old room at Ferncliff, Carly says, a new bed, fresh paint, new furniture. Laura asks what was there before, and Carly says, not a lot. Laura thinks it must have been terrible, and Carly says she doesn’t miss this place. She flashes back to telling Doc about the Morse code, and him advising her not to engage. She knocks on the wall, and says that’s how she and the patient communicated, explaining that she used an app on the phone Jason snuck in. They guy wanted her help. She thinks about him so much. She wonders who he is, and what he did to get in there. She knocks again, and Doc hears. Carly wishes she could tell him. Mary Pat walks in with a box of her belongings, and says, going down Memory Lane, Caroline? Why is she allowed to wander around? Some maximum security.

Jason tells Sam that he never wants his kids to follow hsi path, but he’s already set an example as a father. Sam says parenting is hard. It changes the way you make choices. She’s already having nightmares about Scout getting into relationships. She doesn’t know how to guide her. There’s a tightrope between parenting and controlling. They go back to at the letters, and Jason says, bingo! He reads, the only way to be together is if Vincent is gone. He told her that he’d do anything for her, and if he meant it, prove it. Sam rubs her hands together, and gives Jason the phone.

Jason texts Sonny, saying he’s with Sam, and wants him to come by. Michael says he knows Jason is helping him with the DA, and Sonny says, gotta go. He leaves, and the bartender brings Michael another drink sent from Margaux. She asks if the seat opposite him is taken.

In the visiting room, Finn says Britt zeroed in on Patrick like a missile, and Anna tells him, the lies she planted had a ripple effect. She’s a treacherous, awful person. Finn says they should definitely spring her then. Anna says there is something about her that’s sane-ish, unlike her mother. Obrecht won’t let go of the idea that Peter is responsible for Nathan’s death. The only way going Peter is going to be safe is if Obrecht is behind bars.

Michael tells Margaux that he was just leaving. She introduces herself, and holds out her hand. He doesn’t take it, saying, he knows who she is. He doesn’t have a memory problem. She sent his mother to Ferncliff for something she didn’t do, after she forced his sister to paint her as a lunatic. Margaux says she didn’t know, but he says all she cares about is taking out Sonny. She says Sonny killed her father. Michael says he doesn’t know anything about that. She says, sure he does. Sonny killed his father too.

Carly asks if Mary Pat has all her things. Mary Pat says she does, but she has no place to put them. Her rent was raised 300%, and she can no longer afford her apartment. Carly says, bummer; sad. Mary Pat says it’s thanks to Carly’s petty revenge. Carly says she warned Mary Pat before she pumped her so full of drugs, she didn’t know her name. She made it clear that Mary Pat had a choice. She made the wrong one, and these are the consequences. Mary Pat supposes this is why her credit cards were all canceled. Carly says she told Mary Pat that she wasn’t like others. She’s not helpless, and wasn’t going to be victim to Mary Pat’s personal power trip. She said she had a long reach, and now Mary Pat is paying the price for ignoring her. Mary Pat says Carly thinks she knows everything, but she doesn’t. Carly does have a question. The patient next door isn’t in there. Mary Pat says, he’s not? Carly asks, what happened? and not-Doc runs in, asking what they’re doing there.

Not-Doc says he thought Mary Pat had been dismissed, and she says after nineteen years of dedicated service. She followed the guidelines she was given, and kept confidences. Carly tells him to get her out. Mary Pat says she’s leaving. It’s margarita night at The Floating Rib. She tells Carly, it’s been real, and Carly says, it’s been something. Mary Pat leaves, and not-Doc says if he’s known they were coming out on a fact-finding mission, he would have urged caution. He can’t have the next mayor running that kind of risk. If something happened, he’d never forgive himself. He hugs Laura.

Anna tells Finn that Obrecht is capable of anything. Although Britt is a schemer, she’s no threat. Anna doesn’t think she’s capable of physically hurting someone. She thinks she can suck it up and deal with Britt. The guards bring Britt in, and she says it’s lovely to see Anna.

Jordan asks Curtis if they can put certain people at neighboring tables, and they won’t kill each other. Curtis says if they try, he’ll throw them overboard. Stella comes in, and Jordan tells her that they’re doing seating arrangements. Stella says, the dreaded seating chart. Jordan says they’re still holding a place for her. Curtis hopes she’ll come, but Stella says she can’t.

Michael says Margaux will sink to any level. She asks if she got the facts wrong. Did Sonny not kill his father? Michael says, if she knew the facts, she know there were extreme extenuating circumstances.  He’s not talking about it to her, and she says she understands. He asks if this is the part where they cry on one another’s shoulders and commiserate. Then he helps her. It’s not a good plan, and his father isn’t the one she should worry about.

Sam wonders why Jeanette would keep over thirty years of incriminating evidence. Jason thinks she was probably confident they got away with it. Sonny arrives, and asks if they found something. Sam says Jeanette was definitely having an affair with Skully. Jason says in one of her letter, she asked Skully to get rid of Marino. Sonny says, Margaux’s mother is responsible for the hit. He’ll be damned.

Not-Doc says they’re not supposed to engage with the patients. Carly says she doesn’t care what he’s done, or how far gone he is, no one deserves to be treated like that. Not-Doc agrees, but reminds her that it’s a wing for the criminally insane. The only reason she was there was because of the lack of space. Kay comes back, saying they’re not allowed any contact, and not-Doc says it’s a tough place, and rules need to be followed. Kay asks for their IDs, and not-Doc says he needs to get back to GH. The next time, don’t take the matter into their own hands, or at least give him a heads up. He leaves, and Carly insists on seeing inside the room. Kay says they can’t do it, but Carly says she’ll call her lawyer for a favor, since she has a pending lawsuit with Ferncliff.  She says Mary Pat was in and out of patient’s rooms all day for any or no reason, Open the damn door now.

Britt asks who we have here, and Anna introduces Finn. Britt asks if he’s come to give her a physical, but he says he’s consulting. She says, bummer (word of the day). She tells him she’s a doctor too. Anna says it’s getting late, and Britt accuses her of being a buzzkill. She asks what business she and Anna have, and Anna asks what Britt last spoke to her mother. Britt says over a month ago; not since Nathan’s death. Ann is sorry about her brother. Britt thanks her, and says she heard she’s gained a family member. Anna says, Peter, and Britt says, no more Henrik? Anna says, he wanted to distance himself from father, and Britt says, don’t we all? She asks why her brother isn’t visiting, and Finn says, it’s hard when you’re being held hostage. Britt says her mom is up to her old tricks. Anna asks if Britt would like to meet him in more pleasant surroundings, like the MetroCourt. Britt tells her to make reservations for a few years from now, but Anna says what if she could make it happen soon?

Stella tells Jordan, for the record, she doesn’t think Jordan would do to Curtis what she did to Thomas. She understands that Jordan is remorseful. But it’s so much pain and loss, and when she thinks of that, she thinks of Jordan. Jordan asks if she can’t get past it, and Stella says she would if she could. Jordan gets it. Stella has every right to feel that way. Curtis says they’re going through with it, with or without her. Stella says she’s not about hoping it won’t happen, but she’s being honest with herself. A guest should approve of the marriage, honor the couple, and share in their joy. She can’t do that, and can’t forget who won’t be there and why. Jordan tells her, up until the minute they say I do, there will be a chair waiting for her.

Michael tells Margaux that his father is an excellent business man. Margaux says, the notorious Corinthos Coffee. Michael says if she wants to go after his father, go for it, but if she goes for him through other people – like his grandfather who has Alzheimer’s – they have a problem. ELQ does more for the city than any other company. He has friends who will listen to his legitimate concerns. She’s being unprofessional by pursuing Sonny because of a personal vendetta, and needs to watch her step. He can make things uncomfortable. She asks if it’s a threat, and he says, not a threat; the facts. He’ll do anything legal to protect his family.

Sonny asks how Sam got the letters, and she explains that she and Spinelli posed as insurance agents. Jason says he would be useless at impersonating someone. Sam says he was impressive last time, but Spinelli does have a flair for the dramatic. She says as soon as they mentioned Marino’s name, Jeanette’s eyes darted to the desk. Spinelli got her out of the room, Sam found the letters, and put them in her briefcase. Sonny says, she asked Skully to get rid of her own husband. If that doesn’t back Margaux off, he doesn’t know what will.

Curtis thanks Jordan for being gracious. Jordan says she respects Stella. She’s a good person who was dealt a crappy hand. She asks Curtis if he wants to postpone, and work on her more, but Curtis says he’s not losing the best thing that’s happened to him. Stella knows he loves her, and he has no doubt that everything will be okay, as long as he has Jordan.

Michael doesn’t think Margaux wants lawyers involved. She’ll be inviting a problem. Especially after how it shook out with his mother. She tells him, have a nice day, and leaves.

Sonny says he can’t thank Sam enough. He knows she took a chance. Sam says, it was worth it. He says it’s exactly what he needed for leverage against the DA. Now he just has to figure out the best way to use it.

Anna tells Britt, sign, and she walks out free. Britt says, nothing is ever free. What’s the catch? Anna says, it’s more of a quid pro. If she agrees to work with the WSB, and help trace her mother. She moves out, and Obrecht moves in.

Laura tells Carly that Doc asked them not to. If they cause an incident, it might hurt more than help. She promises to fix the problem, but not this way. Carly says they know their way out. Doc grabs the bedpost, and pulls himself up. He looks out the door window, and weakly says, Laura.

Not-Doc sees Mary Pat having a drink at The Floating Rib. He asks if he can join her, and Mary Pat says, somehow she knew they hadn’t seen the last of each other.

Tomorrow, Britt wants a better offer, Lulu says hell no, and Laura promises to fix what’s wrong with Ferncliff.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

When we last left, Shannon was going apesh*t. Vicki sent her a message saying they love her and let’s have a nice dinner tonight, but got no response.

Jamaica – Day 3. Tamra wonders if Shannon is okay. Vicki doesn’t like to see anyone that way. Kelly is scared to talk to her. Tamra doesn’t like being spoken to that way. In her interview, Tamra wants to be there to help her through this difficult time, but it’s hard being Shannon’s friend. Vicki wants to just enjoy the day, and Tamra asks if she’s going to twerk again. Emily is down with that. Gina is glad they’re moving on. She wants to have fun on vacation, and not talk about Shannon.

They go to the river. Dunn’s River Falls is 180 feet high. Kelly researched it, and climbing it is a must-do thing in Jamaica. Guide Andrew is there to assist everyone, and help them have a safe, fun climb. Kelly says, God help us. It’s not the most coordinated group. We flash back to that, and she’s right. She says one false move, and they’ll all go down. Tamra still can’t walk on uneven slippery surfaces, and Andrew tells her there’s a path along the side. She knows her doctor would have a fit. She was pushing it swinging on the rope and jumping into the water.

They start to walk up. Vicki says it’s against everything she believes, and they’re going against the current. Both of Kelly’s boobs fall out of her suit, and Andrew is like, woohoo. They wave to Tamra. In her interview, Tamra says the joy of watching is seeing them make a-holes out of themselves. Kelly keeps popping out, Vicki is falling on her ass, Gina is afraid of water. They slide down one of the slopes, and Tamra thinks it’s more fun watching them. Andrew promises they won’t die. In Kelly’s interview, she says it’s a bonding experience doing this outdoors as a group. Vicki wants down now. Kelly’s goal is to get up the waterfall in one piece. At the top, Andrew has them say, ya, mon, and they take a picture.

Vicki says they’re having a beach dinner tonight. Kelly thinks Shannon would have been funny on the waterfall. Vicki still doesn’t know where Shannon is, and she’s worried. She thinks they have to show compassion, and be together.

There’s a snack spread at the villa. Kelly says still no text back from Shannon. Vicki says they have to find her, and Tamra wonders if she went home. In her interview, Tamra explains that the hotel called in the middle of the night. They had a new villa with air conditioning, so they packed and left. Shannon chose not to go. She tells Vicki to call. Vicki calls the front desk and has them call Shannon’s room. Kelly thinks this is insanity, and Vicki feels uneasy. Kelly finds it absolutely rude, but Vicki asks, what if something happened? Kelly doesn’t think so. Me neither. I think she’s just an a-hole.

Gina thinks Shannon is immature. It’s a big deal and weird for her, and she hopes Shannon comes to dinner. Vicki pouts, but finally gets Shannon. Shannon says their overwhelming concern for her mental well-being is a kind of a joke. She’s been nothing but fun. Vicki says Shannon didn’t answer for 24-hours, and she was about to call the police. Shannon wanted a fun night, and it turned into a mess. Vicki says that wasn’t anyone’s intention. She asks if Shannon is coming to dinner, and Shannon says he was planning on it. She moved rooms, and tells Vicki to get her on the way to dinner. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s working on being less reactive. She thinks she’s acting like many woman do who are going through a nasty divorce. I say, no, she’s always been like this.

Vicki thinks Shannon is having a pity party of one, and she can’t help unless Shannon opens her mind and heart. They have to fix this. They’re friends. Shannon tells Vicki that when she’s upset, she needs to process. She’s hurt, and thought they were criticizing her, and judging her for being emotional. She’s doing her best to keep it together. She got an earful from Vicki last night. We flash back to Shannon claiming she defended Vicki, and Vicki saying Shannon called her a con-woman all over town. Vicki says Shannon hurt her. They went sideways, and for two and a half years, no one called her. After Brooks was exposed, she was abandoned. So she did her best be friends again. Basically ignoring what Vicki just said, Shannon says she’s not going sideways. She’s on a path, and doing well. With what she has on her plate, she’s doing the best she can.

Gina asks, what’s going on? and Tamra says Vicki is picking up Shannon. Shannon tells Vicki that she’s not crying every night. She’s excited about her life, and it pushes her buttons when people say she’s doing something she’s not. In her interview, Vicki thinks Shannon needs to stop and go to dinner and have fun. Kelly says, it’s like when you call your kid and don’t get a response. You get nervous. Emily says, and this is in a different country. Kelly says, then you get panicky; then mad. Vicki tells Shannon that they’re have a beach day tomorrow.

Vicki shows up with Shannon, and Kelly thanks Shannon for finally coming. They were worried about her. Shannon says she’s good; she’s there. In her interview, Kelly says it’s ironic that Shannon is the one with the least manners, since she’s gone to a lot of cotillions. Kelly says they were worried about her. Vicki suggests they let it go, and Shannon says, sorry. In Kelly’s interview, she doesn’t think Shannon has any idea of the stress she put on them, and how worried they were. She doesn’t need another freak out though, so she’s going with the apology.

Shannon says she’ll address the elephant in the room. She appreciates them giving her the time and space she needed to take a step back. She was incredibly hurt, and there are things that need discussing, but she needed space first. Gina says she was just trying to be Shannon’s friend. Shannon apologizes, saying she gets it. Everyone has stuff, but for her, it’s more than she’s used to. Emily says everyone feels like they’re supporting her, but it’s not reciprocated. They just want to be friends with her. Shannon says with Gina, she has a hard time because Gina is going through a divorce, but saying they’re still attracted to one another, and he’s her best friend. It’s what she wanted for herself. Her intent wasn’t to judge Gina, but when she started off her own divorce, it was the opposite of what it is now. Gina isn’t saying everything is perfect. Obviously, it’s not. It’s a hard transition. In the souvenir shop, she saw an ornament, and that was their thing, This is her journey, and she wants to be respected for it. When it comes to Shannon, she’s trying to be Shannon’s friend. Let her in. Shannon admits it’s hard for her to let people in. She’s sorry. In Tamra’s interview, she says Shannon owed Emily and Gina apologies a long time ago, but where’s hers? She’s so used to being the one who makes things better, but she’s not doing it this time, and Shannon doesn’t know what to do. They clink glasses. The food comes, and there are little glasses of salad dressing, which Tamra claims is soup. Everybody drinks it, and they’re all like, wtf? She starts laughing, and we all laugh with her.

The next day, everyone gets ready to hit the beach. In her interview, Shannon says she’s reaching out to Tamra. She’s a communicator. Friends have their ups and downs, and she hopes they listen to each other, make amends, and move forward. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s nervous. She doesn’t want another blow-up. She’s hoping they can resolve this, but she’s going to be 100% honest. If Shannon doesn’t like it, they’re done. Kelly thinks it’s important to have open communication. You can only be sad for yourself for a little while. The reality is, Shannon has a damn good life, and needs to get over herself. Kelly goes to get Emily and Gina.

Shannon tells Tamra that she’s reeling from dinner. Apparently, there are underlying issues with the friendship. Tamra says she was reactive. The only reason it got to where it was, is that she’s always negative. She needs to learn to decompress, put the phone away, and have fun in the moment. Shannon should learn from what Tamra’s gone through, but only complains. If you just complain, no one wants to hear it.

Kelly tells Emily and Gina it’s been hurry up and wait for Shannon the whole trip. Emily says she’s never come across someone so – and Kelly finishes, entitled. Emily says she’s not a doctor, but she thinks Shannon’s behavior is like her mom’s. There’s a chemical imbalance. Kelly says there are manic highs and lows. Emily thinks there’s a lot going on that Shannon doesn’t recognize. She’s dealt with it her whole life. She starts to get weepy, and says it was hard for her. In her interview, she says it wasn’t easy, growing up in the middle of nowhere in Ohio with no dad, and a mom with serious depression issues. Now she’s making me cry. She says, as a child, she didn’t recognize it. She didn’t know her mother was ill or needed help. In Emily’s interview, she says she spent her childhood trying to take care of herself and her sister. She’s the one who got her sister up and dressed for school, and when she went to college, gave her money. They had to stick together. She always thinks she’s put it away, but it surfaces all the time. Her mother didn’t realize early on, but is getting help now. Emily hopes Shannon gets closure and help, so she doesn’t have a lifetime of being depressed or upset. Kelly empathizes. Shannon had an amazing life, now it’s crashing down, and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Tamra tells Shannon that she doesn’t like being screamed and yelled at. She won’t be talked to like that. Shannon was also accusing her of being a sh*t stirrer. How was she stirring the pot? She’d been defending Shannon. Tamra says her husband was having an unplanned heart procedure, and she still went to Philadelphia. She just did that, and Shannon said that about her? She doesn’t deserve it. Shannon says she’s sorry Tamra feels that way. Tamra says that was a sh*tty apology. Shannon says it wasn’t her intention to hurt Tamra, and Tamra says, but she did. Shannon says, it’s a semantics game. Oh no it is not. I even made a sound when Shannon gave that lame apology. Saying you’re sorry someone feels like that, is just like a murderer saying he’s sorry they’re dead, instead of saying he’s sorry he killed them. That is a HUGE pet peeve of mine – a non-apology apology. When someone says they’re sorry, I always ask what for, so I know if they’re sincere.

Tamra says Shannon accused her of needing medication, when Kelly said that, and she was just trying to help. She could have just said it’s not for her, but instead started screaming. Shannon tells Tamra that Gina said she wasn’t a good friend, and Tamra looked at her like she was talking to nobody. Tamra says that was Gina’s observation, and not anything she said. The only thing she ever told Gina was that Shannon didn’t call when Eddie was in the hospital, and that was a month ago when the conversation happened. Since then, Shannon has been there for her. Shannon apologizes. In her interview, she says there are hurt feelings on both sides, and there has to be communication to have a healthy friendship. Tamra wants Shannon to put this sh*t behind her, and be happy. Shannon says she’ll get there. In Tamra’s interview, she says she doesn’t want the friendship to be one-sided. If it takes tough love, she’s going to do it. Shannon admits she needs to listen more. She has things to work on, and she’s going keep doing it. Tamra says it’s all she can do, and they hug it out.

Kelly wants fun time. She can’t take the bullcrap anymore. The ladies are back on the bus, going to Doctor’s Caves beach, where there are healing waters. Kelly loves the beach, and thinks it’s perfect, since they all need healing. Shannon says she needs a big dip in it. Tamra tells her about Vicki twerking. Emily and Gina go to get something to eat, and the other ladies go down to the shoreline and order tequila. Gina tells Emily that she wants to know what happened, and if Tamra got an apology.

The beach group gets in the water. I’d give anything to be there right now; it’s beautiful. And so calm. Emily and Gina order food, and Gina’s mom calls. She tells Susan that Jamaica is gorgeous. Emily says hello, and wishes they could meet. She tells Susan to come back soon. When the call is over, Emily gets emotional. Gina says she’s sorry, and hugs her. She says Emily is the best mom, and Annabelle is lucky. In her interview, Emily says she loves Gina, but she’s jealous. She wants that kind of relationship with her mom. It’s what Annabelle has with her. Gina’s heart hurts for Emily, and she says Emily is giving Annabelle what she wants. Emily says Gina’s mom is so sweet, and she can tell they have a great bond. Gina tells her not to be sorry. She wants Gina and Annabelle to be like that. Emily doesn’t want to mess anything up. She wants Annabelle to pick up the phone like Gina did, excited that her mom is calling. Gina says they butt heads, but they’re best friends. Even though Emily doesn’t have that, she’s not repeating the pattern. Emily says that’s why she had kids later. In Emily’s interview, she says her kids have a safe environment. She makes them dinner and breakfast. And her husband even brushes Annabelle’s hair. She never had that, and never felt, but she’s happy she can give it to her children. The food comes, and Emily hopes the others are having fun frolicking. Gina says, it’s such a crapshoot. and I laugh.

The girls get drinks in coconuts delivered to them in the water, and declare it good. Gina and Emily join them, and go into water. Tamra tells Gina that she stood her ground for the first time ever. She told Shannon it’s not what Gina meant to convey. Gina says she’s sick of hearing Shannon’s sh*t. Emily says she doesn’t want to upset Shannon, but she doesn’t want to walk on eggshells. In Emily’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if Shannon is aware of all the things Tamra has said, but she thinks it worked out because other factors haven’t surfaced.

Kelly sees a floating trampoline, and says she wants to go on the jumpy thing. Tamra goes back to being an old lady sitting on the beach, drinking and admiring the view. Kelly does a backflip, and she, Gina, and Emily jump around. Shannon gets a foot massage. Vicki notes the masseuse has good teeth. Tamra tells him if he didn’t, Vicki would buy him some. Oh snap. If you can’t remember back that far, Vicki had Brooks’s teeth fixed when they first got together. Tamra says Vicki is a dentist who twerks. Dude wants her to shake her booty, but Vicki doesn’t want to. He says she’s in Jamaica, and asks who wants her to twerk; he’ll pay her. She says she’ll pay him not to. In her interview, she says she’s not twerking. At fifty-six, it’s not good for you. Emily does a cartwheel fail into the water, and we all laugh.

The group goes shopping in the tourist area. Kelly sees a lighter that looks like a penis. Shannon says she’s the one who spotted it, and Kelly says she would spot a little d*ck. Afterwards, they head out to dinner. In her interview, Vicki says her rules for a successful dinner are, no talking about Shannon. The only subjects are the weather, how humid it is, and what the humidity does to their hair. Nothing deep.

Vicki asks what Gina liked most, and Gina says the raft. It was fun, and a big deal for her. Once you face your fears, everything is a party. Kelly enjoyed today; she loves the ocean. Everyone agrees her back-handspring was phenomenal. Emily loved the rope swinging. She doesn’t get do stuff like that three kids. Tamra thinks the whole trip was amazing, but her fight with Shannon was the best thing. As much as it hurt them both, she thinks there was growth from it. Shannon says, you learn and grow from your mistakes. It touches her heart, and solidifies that they’re best friends. It will be okay. Tamra says she’s sorry for telling Shannon eff-you. Gina says, sometimes you just have to say it. There’s only one thing that would make Tamra happier, if Gina and Shannon kiss, and Vicki twerks. Shannon and Gina lean across the table, and give each other a kiss. In her interview, Gina thinks it’s finally happening. Houston, we have contact.

They all chant for Vicki to twerk. She wants Tamra to twerk with her, and Tamra obliges. Emily tries to show Shannon how to twerk. Everyone clinks glasses, and drinks to twerking and friends. Ya, mon.

Next time, Vicki has a procedure, Emily goes to therapy with Shane, Gina talks to Shannon and butts heads with Tamra.

🎃 I’m not sure how tomorrow and Wednesday will shake out. I’m going to try to do recaps, but it all depends on time. I still have to put together candy bags for the trick-or-treaters and put up decorations. We can get up to 100 kids, and last year, I started to get worried that I was going to have to give out granola bars. I also have to take the dogs’ pictures on Wednesday. This year’s theme – Jurassic Bark. Luckily, my costume as a park ranger is simple and comfortable, and I was able to get most of it cheaply at Hot Topic. No time for glamour this year. This should be my worst problem.

💀 Ah, Halloween Nostalgia…


October 28, 2018 – Serious Trouble for Rick, a Return Returns, Vintage Spookiness, the Queen of Scream & Beetlejuice!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Michonne wakes up and looks at Rick. She kisses him, and gives Judith breakfast. She and Rick look out over the farm, and tend to daily chores. Michonne wakes up. She looks at her katana on the wall.

Outside zombies are feeding. Michonne slices and dices them.

Michonne studies something. She dispatches more zombies. She cleans her katana. Judith runs around playing. It’s night, and Michonne walks the perimeter of the town. She sees a zombie hanging from a noose. His wrists are also tied. While she’s staring at him flailing around, another zombie grabs her. She whacks it with a bat, and realizes it’s Lucille (the bat, not the zombie). She drops it like it’s hot.

I guess this is day to day in Alexandria.

Maggie loves on Hershel, and passes him off to the nanny, or whoever. She watches the bustle of the town from the balcony. She puts a crowbar in her backpack. Jesus says he has a letter from Georgie, but she says she’ll read it later. She’s going to pick up a few things, and Jesus wonders why she needs a crowbar for that. She tells him that he’s done a good job there, and she wants him to keep it up. She wants make things right, like they talked about. He says, like she made things right with Gregory? But they didn’t talk about that. He says, Negan deserved to die. Rick made the call when it wasn’t his to make. Jesus wants to be sure she’s not wrong in the same way, and wants her to be sure. A woman asks if Maggie is ready. She is, and Jesus watches her leave.

Rick watches the water. Eugene says Mother Nature has dealt them a serious bowl of whoop-ass. Rick asks what the chances are of the bridge holding. Eugene takes no pleasure in telling him the long-term isn’t good. He’s sorry. Rick thinks there’s got to be a way keep on with the project, but not with the numbers he currently has. Eugene says there’s a silver lining, and babbles about something neither Rick nor I understand. Rick thanks him, and Eugene says he’s sorry he didn’t do more; read more engineering books. Rick says he did do better. He’s not just a guy who read books. He made something. He got them there after everything, and that’s everything.

Rick sees Carol, and asks if she’s leaving too. She says she is. She’s taking her people home to the Kingdom. He’s seen it out there. He asks, what about the Sanctuary? and she thinks they should try standing on their own. Rick says, what if it goes down the same way as it did there? and she says, then it’s on them. The Sanctuary people don’t want them there. They don’t want Negan either; not most of them. It’s up to them to figure out who they want to be. Rick says, like she did, and Carol says, like they all did. Rick doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing, but if anyone gives him hope for how things can turn out, it’s Carol. She says she’s still trying to figure things out like everybody else. She’s sorry. She wanted it to work. He knows.

Jerry rides into camp. Jesus told him that Maggie is going to Alexandria, and thought Rick should know. Rick asks if they said anything else, and Jerry tells him that they said he would know what it means. Rick radios Rachel at Alexandria with an urgent message. If Maggie shows up, delay her at the gate, and alert Michonne. Do not let her in without an escort. Rachel says she’ll relay the message. Rick says if Maggie is listening, let’s talk. Rachel says she thinks Maggie is done talking, and picks up her magazine without passing along the message. Daryl asks, what’s going on? Rick tells him, Maggie is heading to Alexandria. She’s about to do something she might regret. Daryl says he’ll take Rick, and they get on the bike.

There’s a knock at Michonne’s gate. It’s Nora, and Michonne says, it’s that time already? Nora says, it’s not always bad news, and Michonne asks, what kind of day it is today? I guess Nora is like the town crier. Nora says, mostly bad. A fourth of the tomato crops were eaten by crows; there are too many to control. Nora wonders if the world starting have an edge over them, but Michonne thinks it will get better when the when windmill is up and running. Nora tells her that Negan won’t eat. Michonne says she’ll handle it. It’s her responsibility.

Daryl goes the wrong way. Rick tells him, pull over. He finally does, and they get off the bike. Rick asks, what is this? and Daryl says Rick knows what this is. Rick says he already called it in; Maggie isn’t making it through the gates. But Daryl says his message didn’t go through. Rick takes out his radio, and Daryl knocks it out of his hand. They tussle, and fall down a hill into a huge man-made pit. Nice job, Daryl.

Michonne brings Negan some food, saying, the hunger strike ends today. He says he’s not on strike. He’s not in the mood to eat, but it’s nice know she cares. She says they’re keeping him alive, and the living eat, so eat. She’ll be back in an hour and wants it gone. He asks if that’s all she’s got, and she says she’s got better things to do. He says if she wants him to eat, he wants her to stay and talk. They’re supposed to be making a civilization, but it’s hard to be part of that if he’s dead from starvation. She thought he wasn’t on strike. He says he won’t be if she stays and talks. She tells him twenty minutes is all he gets, then he eats every bite. She sits and says, let’s talk.

Roots at the top of the pit are the only way out. Rick jumps and grabs one, but it breaks. He asks if Daryl set that up too, and Daryl asks if he’s really laying this on him. Rick is the one who wanted to chase after her; let things be. Rick says, keeping Negan alive means something to them, and Daryl says, Negan being dead means something to Maggie. Rick gets why it does. Why she’s avoiding coming to Alexandria, hanging Gregory. He’s not blind. Daryl says Rick wouldn’t be alive if not for Glenn; he wouldn’t have found any of them. Did he forget? Rick says he thinks about it every day. He hates what he took from her, but he did what he had to do. Daryl says she’s doing what she has to do. Rick wonders if Daryl supports it. Daryl thinks leaving him alive is a symbol to the a-holes who hope they fail. Keeping him alive gives him hope. Maggie tried, but she couldn’t live with it, like Oceanside. Rick asks if Daryl is telling him that Oceanside killed those Saviors. Daryl says, they got what they deserved. Rick says he knew, and didn’t say anything, and Daryl says he couldn’t live with it either. Rick says if they kill Negan, it doesn’t work. He’ll be made a martyr. The war was for nothing. Everyone died for nothing. Carl died for nothing. Daryl says, what about the rest of them. With all the sh*t they’ve been through, did he think they couldn’t handle it? He tells them to have faith in others, when he doesn’t have faith in them. Rick says, not true. Daryl says he’d die for Rick, and would have died for Carl; Rick knows that, but he has to hear him. He’s chasing something for Carl that ain’t meant to be – let him go. Rick says he never asked anyone to die. Daryl knows. but maybe should have.

Negan thinks Michonne’s day is more boring than his. She’s stuck here with the C-team, while Rick and his merry band of bridge builders is out there. Why is that? She says she’s not stuck. Negan says he wasn’t meant to be rotting in a cell, and she wasn’t meant to be growing kale and kissing booboos. She says it’s more than that; they’re building communities with laws. He’s grateful his wife never saw him like this. Michonne asks, as opposed to the a-hole he was before? He says she deserved better than she got, Michonne says, what happened to her? He says, cancer. They would have loved a kid like Carl; she was lucky. She says she thinks about him every day, but he’s still there in everything they do. She sees him everywhere. Negan asks if she sees him in the cell, and she says, everywhere. He says Carl wasn’t her first, and she says, ten minutes and the food had better be gone. Negan asks how he died – it was a he, wasn’t it? Negan wonders if he had her eyes. Michonne says, His name was Andre; he didn’t make it. Negan says, sorry, and she says she’s made peace with it. He says maybe it’s better this way. His wife wasn’t made for this. She was weak, and when she died, it made him not weak. It’s the same with her. They were built for more; they still are. She’s behind walls, and he’s behind bars. Out there, it’s like an addiction. He says she knows what he’s talking about. He says she should be grateful, and she asks, for what? He says, that Andre is gone. He would have made her weak. She throws the tray against the wall, and storms out.

Gabriel is tied up at the trash heap. Anne, now Tardis Jadis again, wipes his brow and kisses his forehead. She has a captive zombie, an armless woman, with a bucket on her head. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but she says she does. She has only one place in life to go, and he’s the price of admission. He says he knows her. She’s afraid, but doesn’t have to be. She’s cherished. She says she’s not like him. He moved on from his past, and opened his heart; he let people in. He says he didn’t do that; others did. She did. He’s a better person because of her. She says she’s sorry it’s all for nothing. She removes the bucket from the zombie’s head, and it’s pretty decrepit, but wearing a fancy necklace. She moves it closer to him, using a metal thing gouged into its back. Gabriel says it’s his fault. She asked for help, and he failed. He pushes her away because he’s afraid. He talks about the beauty of God’s love and forgiveness. He hopes she forgives him someday, like he forgives her. At the point, the zombie is looming over him and drooling on him, but Anne pulls it back. She covers Gabriel’s mouth with a cloth, and knocks him out.

Carol tells Jerry, if they hurry, they can make it to the Kingdom by nightfall. Jed and a bunch of Saviors come out of the woods. They have guns, but so do Carol and her people. Carol suggests they lower their weapons, and no one gets hurt. Jed says Oceanside is killing them. Being that it’s war, they’ll get what’s coming to them. Carol says he’ll get everyone killed. Jed tells her she’s not the boss lady anymore. She’s a weak woman who got a lucky shot. He cocks his gun, and tells her to step aside. She lowers her weapon, and he takes her keys, She kicks the back of his knee, bringing him down. The Saviors run out of the woods toward them.

Daryl gives Rick a boost. Rick tries to grab a root, and gets it on the second try. He starts to pull himself up.

Michonne studies. She looks at her katana, and goes to the kitchen. She goes back to Negan’s cell with some food. She asks why he said those things, and he says he wasn’t trying to piss her off. She wonders why he’d care what she thinks. He says she never comes downs there; it’s always Rick or somebody else. She asks why it matters, and he says, they’re the same; all or nothing. They’re trapped, connected to the dead; same as him. He tells her that she can’t stand that they’re the same, and she says they’re not. They do what they need to get sh*t done. He gets a kick out of it, but she’s trying to make things better. She’s trying to bring people together, not pit them against each other. She compromises and sacrifices. She does get strength from the from dead, and makes no apologies for that. Her sons are gone, but the world will be better for her daughter, and every child who comes into it. Negan says she’s not scared she’s like him, but scared she’ll end up like him. Everything and everyone she loves gone, and trying to connect. It’s worse than nothing. She says as long as he’s still breathing, it’s not nothing, and tells him, time’s up. He’s going to eat one way or another. He’ll have to. He starts to eat, and asks her to wait. He says, there are things in this world we’re desperate to hold on to when there’s nothing left. Michonne says, the whole time, he thought she was his last best chance, and she laughs. He says he wants to see her, and Michonne says, no. They don’t have his bat. He asks where she is; what did they do with her? Michonne says she’s still out there. She tells him to eat, and leaves. Negan cries and bangs his head on the wall.

A zombie falls into the pit before Rick gets to the top. It’s followed by another, and Rick says there are more coming. Daryl pikes them in the head, and piles them to make a stepladder. More fall in, but Daryl and Rick are almost there. The zombies are reaching up and tumbling down. They grasp at Daryl’s feet. Rick pulls himself out. I think he should leave Daryl there, but he’s too nice. He looks around to make sure no more are coming, and grabs a sturdy branch still attached to a tree. He hangs on to it, to get him closer to Daryl. Daryl gets Rick’s hand, but slips. The next time, he gets a stronger grip, and Rick pulls him up. Daryl says, heads up, as another zombie hurtles toward Rick, and ends up in the pit. A horse with a saddle also appears out of nowhere. Rick says he’s staying. He’s not giving up; not yet. A cluster of zombies is coming up the road, and Daryl suggests Rick take them to the bridge. Rick says he’s not destroying the bridge; they need it. Daryl tells him, be safe. Rick leaps on the horse, and says, you too.

Gabriel wakes up in a metal shed filled with cobwebs. He walks out into the trash heap, and calls for Anne, Jaundice, or whatever her name is. He finds a note in his jacket pocket that says, if you want to go fast, go alone; if want to go far, go together. I need to go fast. He clutches it to his chest and cries. He sinks to his knees.

Michonne reads to Judith. It’s a story about a baseball game, and when she gets to a picture of a bat, it comes to the end pretty quickly.

Maggie and a couple of others ride to Alexandria, passing some dead zombies, which I know sounds redundant.

The zombie group follows Rick. As he rides past the bridge, there are tons of them on the other side, and he’s trapped. The horse panics and rears. Uh-oh. Rick is serious stuck. He gets knocked off, and becomes impaled on a metal pole sticking out of a cement block. He closes his eyes. The zombies come closer. This doesn’t look good.

Next time, Rick’s last episode. It’s hard to tell if he’s dead, alive, dreaming, or what. A cloud of crows is involved, and also a blast from the past.

🐓 Return to Amish is back on November 18 (TLC). Mary Schmucker is my favorite reality show cast member of all time. I can’t wait to see what those wacky Pennsylvanians are up to.

👻 Just Can’t Get Enough…

Weird vintage Halloween costumes.

🎃 Love Her…

Jamie Lee soldiers on.

🎪 A Great Moment in Cinematic History…

Some Halloweenish hijinks.


October 27, 2018 – The Talkers Walk & a Few Movies For Your Halloween Playlist


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

The names of those lost are read by Estes. He says the strength of the human soul will carry them through, and if they are the last generation of humans, they won’t be lost to the universe. The future of humanity is at stake. He stands in front of a memorial made of bricks containing the DNA of the dead. Red gives Sun the slide containing Lilly’s DNA.

George tells Roberta that Dante would have gone to Pacifica. They know him there, and anyone would help him. Citizen Z says he’s considered a hero. Roberta thinks as long as he’s on the run, the guiltier he seems, and there are vigilantes out to get him. CZ can’t wait to get to Pacifica. It contains the largest collection of books. Roberta asks what the population is, and George says, sixty-five adults, and six kids. It’s not perfect, but they’re trying to make it work. Everyone is equal there. Doc says, who’s have thought the apocalypse would be the great equalizer.

They see some people running. George thinks she knows them. She says they’re talkers; running from something or someone. Roberta and George follow a path, and Roberta notes that it’s seen a lot of traffic. They find a dead talker. George says someone ate his brains, and Roberta asks if that’s unusual. George says around there it is. Some guys with guns come out of the woods, and George recognizes their leader as Henry. He’s glad to see her; they didn’t know if she was alive. They saw the attack on CZ’s live cam. George says he’s there, and introduces Roberta, saying Roberta saved her in black summer. She tells Roberta that Henry was her professor. Henry thanks Roberta for saving George. In a way, she saved all of them. He tells George that they’ve doubled their patrol since the attack, and there are rumors of other outposts being attacked. He asks if she thinks Dante is involved. She says, no, and thinks it’s insane that he’s suspect. Roberta says she heard about talkers plotting against humans, but Henry says, that’s ridiculous. They’re human too. They live peace harmony. It’s not always easy, but they make it work. At least they did until last week.

Dante watches Pacifica through binoculars. He sees a caravan of cars going in, and says, let’s move.

Doc is impressed with the outpost. It’s what he thought a college would look like. George explains that they took the south end of campus, the library, and dining hall, and made them zombie proof. They have a chef, Amy, who’s a talker. CZ says she can’t eat anything she cooks. It’s like Beethoven being deaf. George says she has an opening for a taster, and thinks Doc would be perfect. He asks where he signs up.

The dining hall is empty, and George says it’s usually packed. She asks where everyone is, and the talker busboy shrugs. There are unfinished meals on the tables, and Henry says it looks like dinner was interrupted. They decide to go to the library. CZ says it’s what drew him and Kaya there. They have the largest collection of books under human control. George says they want send expeditions out to rescue books from the great libraries. Doc says Stephen King seems tame after eight years of the apocalypse.

George shows the a mural of the Pacifica family tree. It displays all the residents of Pacifica and the ancestors they can remember. There are so few survivors, they wanted to memorialize them. The yellow leaves represent humans; the green leaves, talkers; the brown leaves are those who died before the apocalypse; and the black leaves are for those who turned zombie. Doc says, it gets to you; seeing it laid out like that. Kaya’s nana is on a ladder painting, and CZ introduces her. He wants Roberta and Doc to meet his family, and Henry tells them he’s going to see where everyone is. Doc tells nana that he has something for her pipe for later.

They go to the nursery. CZ hugs his son. Kaya says he’s alive, and runs to him. He introduces Roberta and Doc, and they hug. CZ then introduces JZ, and Roberta asks who his little friend is. Kaya says she’s Ann Marie, and George says she’s a talker. Henry runs in, and tells them there’s a town hall meeting with no talkers allowed. It’s madness.

At the meeting, a guy named Danny says, Pacifica is all of them. It’s the point of the place. Another guy asks what he’s talking about. That’s utopia. This is real life. Danny says they’re not strangers or freaks His aunt is out there, and she feeds all of them. A woman named Beth is sick of the PCness, and acting like the talkers aren’t a threat to their survival. Danny says it’s their duty. Outside in the hall, Amy tells George they’ve been locked out, and the meeting is humans only. Danny is trying to convince them otherwise, but it’s scary. Why shut them out? George says she’ll sort it out, and goes in.

Mike lies on Sun’s examining table, looking pretty beat up, and she pokes at his. She asks if he feels something, and he says it feels like his right foot is there. He asks Sun to mercy him. He can’t live without his wife and kids. Sun says she can’t. She needs to know what keeps him talking. We see that Mike has no bottom half to his body. Red comes in, and tells him she’s sorry about him and his family. Sun tries to give him a biscuit, but he slaps it away. He doesn’t want anything to make it last longer. When he leaves, Sun tells Red that his family was killed in the blast, and it left him like that. It’s worse than being a zombie. The zombies don’t know they’re zombies.

10K comes to the lab, and Sun asks how he is. He wants to get out of there, but Red says he still needs to recover, and Sun is concerned about infection. 10K is worried that the longer they stay, the harder it will be to get out. Sun checks the cauterization on his arm, and says it’s healing beautifully. 10K says, it’s not. Sun tells him that Red went back and found his hand. He tells her to sew it back on, but she says, it doesn’t work like that. He can learn to live without it, and there are prosthetic options. Estes walks in, and asks if Sun has everything she needs to complete her research. It’s more important now than ever. He’s sorry about 10K’s hand, and tells him robotics can help. He has a meeting with the outpost leaders, and they’ll see where they go from here.

At the town meeting, Beth says she didn’t come this far to be eaten alive so they can feel better about themselves. George and Roberta walk in, and George asks if she can talk, and says, this isn’t like us. Roberta says, or it’s just like us. Danny says they’re discussing putting the talkers in quarantine. The other guy says, just until they know what’s going on, and Doc says, that’s a slippery slope. Beth says they have no right to put her family at risk. The talkers are dangerous. George says no one wants to put her family at risk, but Beth doesn’t want to hear that everything is going to be okay. She’s not sitting around waiting for something to happen. She storms out, and purposely bangs into Amy in the hall.

Simon (CZ) plays Simon Says with the kids. Beth stomps in, grabbing her child, saying she’s not playing with talkers. CZ says they’re just kids, and Beth says they can kill her child. Kaya says she’s hurting their feelings. They’re still children. Beth says they don’t get it.

Nameless instigator dude says, cut the bullsh*t. The talkers aren’t human. Doc thinks they’re not showing humanity themselves. George says, as long as they have biscuits, they’re fine. A woman says, what if they don’t have them? The delivery didn’t come. Dude says that’s why they need a quarantine. If George is so hell-bent on protecting them, they’ll all be safe. Henry says they’re talking about putting their families and friends into a camp. They’re not Nazis. The woman says there are more zombies than ever. What does he think is attracting them? They’re going feral. Amy comes in with the group from the hall, and asks who she’s calling feral? Danny tells her not to take it personally. Some of the humans start to chant, quarantine. A guy says no one is separating him from his wife, and a fistfight starts.

Roberta shoots into the air, and says now that she has their attention, sit down. She’s new around there, and please forgive her if she oversteps, but they say they want to form a new country. What kind would it be? The idea of quarantine comes from a place of fear. Vigilantes are spreading hate that comes from the same fear. They just came from finding a talker left to rot alive. The woman says they’re right to be afraid. Roberta says the zombie virus isn’t the only virus they need to be worried about. Acts of hate rooted in fear are a virus too, and will eat their brains faster than any talker. How can they dehumanize their neighbors, friends, and families? How can they see them as a threat? Is that a country they want to live in? It’s not one she’s willing to die for. George thanks her. She wants everyone to take a moment and look around the room, remembering who they are to each other. Each of them are there today because of the others. They’ve saved one another’s lives multiple times. They’re only alive because of each other. The talkers are their families and friends. Dude says, not anymore; they’re dead. George says, they are, but their soul is still in there. Who knew death would be on a sliding scale, but it’s the world they live in.

The woman says the talkers want to eat their brains. Amy says, not everyone’s; just hers. Ha-ha! George says as long as they get biscuits, they’re no more dangerous than humans. Probably less, considering this bunch. She knows they’re shaken by the attack at Altura, and they can’t rule out talkers being involved.  Dude ask if that’s why they’re looking for Dante, but George says he’d never be a part of it. Dude says he doesn’t know that, and neither does she. If not for him, none of them would be alive. Dude says they can’t trust the talkers, Dante included. Roberta says they have a chance at building a new world. Don’t build it on fear. George still has hope, and knows they do too. One day, the long dark howl of despair will be over. There will be an after someday, and when it comes, she wants to be able to live with herself. Roberta asks what George wants them to do, and George says, go home, rest, and remember what their dream is. One day, they’ll all be talkers. She hopes it’s different tomorrow. If Dante is on the run, it’s for a reason. Dude says, maybe he’s guilty. George says, if so, she’ll bring him to justice.

Roberta tells George that she and Doc will be on watch. Doc says, it wasn’t so pacifico tonight, but George says, they’re good people; they’re just scared. Roberta says they’re not taking chances. She walks George to her room, and Roberta wonders where George sleeps. George explains that she can’t sleep on bed anymore, and has a mat on the floor. Roberta says George did a great job calming the people. She see why they trust her. George says she did her best, and it all went to sh*t. Maybe it’s time for someone else to try. Roberta says, there is no one else, and George says she can’t be who they want her to be. Roberta says she can. There’s no one like them. They don’t get the chance to have doubts, because doubts make them hesitate, and when they hesitate, people die. She backs George 100%, but she has to ask. Does any part of her suspect Dante? George says he’s like a brother. It would be like Doc betraying Roberta. Roberta says there are few things she’s learned to depend on in the apocalypse, but Steven Beck is one of them. She asks George if she knew that was his real name, but George is already asleep.

We don’t see a face, but a guy puts a gun in his waistband.

Doc snores, as Roberta watches. The guy with the gun closes his door behind him, and Doc wakes up. Roberta motions for him to be quiet, and they go in opposite directions down the hallway. Some people are sneaking around, and Doc follows them. He gets to a door that leads outside, and he finds Roberta there. An alarm goes off. Everyone runs outside. George asks what’s going on, and Henry says, the talkers are all gone. She says, everyone? and Roberta says, everyone.

Doc, Roberta, and George arm themselves. George says they probably haven’t gotten far. Henry feels terrible; they’re probably scared. Doc says he blame them. George suggests they move quickly so they can catch up. Instigator dude says they should leave them go. They don’t belong there. Roberta says vigilantes are crucifying them. He says she doesn’t get it, and she says she does, more than he knows. CZ joins them with Kaya, saying she has intel for them. Kaya tells them the chef told her that they were headed into the woods, and they’re supposed to look for a symbol, a radiating sun. Kaya gives Roberta a paper with the symbol drawn on it, saying the chef left it behind. She told Kaya to thank Roberta for everything, and said don’t follow them. George thinks they’re safer in Pacifica than out there, but Kaya isn’t so sure. Roberta says it looks like someone is helping them, and there’s a talker underground.

Red wraps 10K’s wound. She says Sun is working on an interim solution. He asks how long it will take, but she tells him it’s hard to say with lockdown. He just wants something to pull a trigger with. Just asking, but if he’s so gung-ho about using a gun again, why isn’t he practicing shooting with his other hand?

In the woods, Roberta and company see some trucks go by. Henry says maybe it’s a delivery, but George says they’re not biscuit trucks. She finds a piece of Amy’s scarf. Some armed men come out of the woods and their leader asks if there are any talkers with them. George says she works with Estes, and he says he knows who she is. They’re looking for her pal, Dante, and he asks if she’s seen him. She says, not since the blast. Doc asks what they’re going to do with him, and the leader says, put him on trial. George asks, what court? Who are the judges? That’s what the vote was for. He says they formed a provisional court, and Estes is the judge. They’ll give Dante fair trial – then mercy him. If she helps Dante evade them in any way, she’ll be arrested too, for accessory to murder. Roberta doesn’t see where it’s a crime to help talkers, and he says, it’s the law, and he intends to enforce it. George says, there was no vote, but he says either report any contact immediately, or be subject to arrest. He tells his men, move out, and Roberta says they need find Dante before those guys do.

Sun puts blood on a slide and looks at it. She puts it in a case that says Alvin Murphy, and takes it to the memorial wall, sliding it into one of the bricks. Estes sees her, and asks why she’s not in the lab. She says she needed time to think. The last three tests were a failure, and the side effects were horrible. Estes wants her work to continue without interruption. She’s close to the protein that drives the behavior of the talkers. If they find it, they might be able to figure out what the black rain did to restore consciousness to the dead. Sun says they’re killing them in the process, but Estes says if they do nothing, the talkers will die anyway. Sun needs more time, and he says they don’t have it. If they don’t find a solution soon, they’ll have no choice but to treat talkers as zombies. They’ve seen what happens when they’re starving. He tells her that she has 48 hours.

Roberta asks Henry how long he’s known George. She’s known George since black summer. Henry says he’s known her longer than that. She was one of his students. There was something about her even then. Others got killed, but she she kept surviving, and took them with her. Doc says George seems nice, but he knows badass when he sees it. She could probably mercy a horde with her eyes closed. Roberta asks if there’s any chance that Dante is helping the talkers disappear, and George says, if he is, it’s for good reason. He’s saved too many humans to start killing them now. Doc finds the symbol painted on a tree, and calls the others over. George says they’re on the right trail, and Roberta says the paint is still wet. She tells Doc there’s something familiar about it that she can’t place.

George finds some supplies under a tarp, and says it could be a drop. They see a backpack, and she tells them it’s Dante’s. They hear a sound that Doc describes as a giant bug zapper. We see a zombie being poked with an electrified prod. George says, puppies and kittens, and Roberta says, a whole damn litter. A group of zombies moves toward them at a pretty fast clip.

Red tells 10K that he should get some food, but he says he’s not hungry. She says there’s a movie in the dining hall on a real They should go; it will take his mind off things. She says the movie is The Fugitive, and I literally LOL. I also wonder how many people will get the joke. The fugitive’s nemesis is the one-armed man. 10K says he knows what Red did, she did to save his life. Red says she’s not sorry, and she’d do it again. 10K says he’s done the same things. It’s not her. She’s the only thing keeping him going. If he can’t shoot, who is he? She says he’s ten thousand. He’s a good shot because of his mind and eyes, not because of his hand. He’ll have to learn again, and it’s all in there. She touches his head, and he says he needs to think.

Kaya tells CZ that George is sure Dante is innocent. CZ says it would be out of character. He’d lay down his life for them. Kaya asks why would anyone think did it? and CZ says, he was there before the blast, and no one has seen him since. He got it all on tape. Kaya asks where the tape is, and he says he handed it over to Estes for analyzation. She wants to see it, but he says he won’t get it back until after the investigation. Kaya says it’s uploaded to a server. CZ says she has that look in her eye again, and suggests the get started.

Doc asks when the cavalry is coming, and George says they are the cavalry. That’s what he was afraid of. These zombies are quick, and one takes Henry right off of a cliff. George goes after him, and Roberta wonders where they’re all coming from. Henry is up and running, a zombie close on his heels. George pikes it in the head, but another takes its place and knocks Henry down. George tackles the zombie, pummeling its face into oblivion. Doc says, damn. Have mercy.  George asks if Henry is okay. He thinks so, and wonders how many times she’s saved his life. She says she likes him as a human. Roberta notices the sweatshirt one of the zombies is wearing, and says this many zombies from Kalamazoo Water Park isn’t random. They hear an explosion. Kaya is on the radio saying, Pacifica…mayday… but she’s breaking up. Roberta takes the radio and asks if Kaya can hear her. Kaya says, Roberta… Pacifica…. mayday… Roberta help us. They hear another explosion, and Kaya says, attack… don’t know why… Roberta tells her, hang on; she’s coming. Henry says he’ll catch up. When the others are out of sight, he rolls up his sleeve, revealing a bite.

Sun goes into the lab, and sees Red is there. Red tells Sun that she borrowed some of her gear. There must be some way to make a trigger finger for 10K. Sun says, how about this? and shows Red a torch.

On the outskirts of Pacifica, there are dead bodies all over the place. Roberta tells the group to keep their eyes open. They could be anywhere. There’s another explosion. Roberta says not to rush in and get killed. It won’t do anyone any good. Beth is lying on the ground, bloody, and calls to George. She says, the dead; so many. Her baby; so many. They hear another blast, and Beth asks for mercy. Roberta aims her gun, but George stops her. She closes Beth’s eyes and mercies her.

Dante stands on a hill looking down at the outpost. He says, they have no idea what’s coming. Time to move. Humans don’t like being killed. We see a group with him, and Amy is among them.

Things fall around CZ at the library, as he calls for Kaya. He hears screaming. Outside, people are running, and it’s chaos.

The text says, to be continued…

Next time, Zombies + bombs = bombies, and Doc says he’s good.

👻 Beyond the Sanderson Sisters…

🎃 This Halloween, if you need a break from twenty-four hours of Hocus Pocus, and are looking for something less conventional, I have a few suggestions. The Cabin in the Woods never gets old for me, but my traditional Halloween go-to has always been The Midnight Hour. A TV movie from 1985, it was hard to find on DVD up until recently. The words TV movie alone might be off-putting, but I love this bittersweet Halloween tale. Some high school kids (who look to be about thirty-years-old) steal some costumes from a museum for their Halloween party, and cast a spell, inadvertently raising the dead. It boasts an eclectic cast, including a pre-Trek LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte-Harper, Dick Van Patten, and Kevin McCarthy from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s just not Halloween to me without it. You can watch the whole thing here:–ex_8

Another gem of a forgotten film is Ravenous, a story about soldier cannibals during the Mexican American War. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle star, and it doesn’t get much better. Well-written, wickedly funny, and gory as hell, it also features the most heart-pounding fall down a hill I have ever seen. You can find it on YouTube for a small fee, and you can read about it here:

If musicals suit your Halloween mood, both Shock Treatment and Phantom of the Paradise are definite contenders. While not exactly scary (well, it depends on what you’re afraid of), they fit the spirit of the holiday. The former was released as a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although I’m not sure why, since the only similarity is the film’s two lead characters are named Brad and Janet (Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper, who has a voice like honey). Also written by Richard O’Brien, it features much of the same cast, but is more of an homage to the evils of reality TV and the average person’s desire for fame. It bombed at the box office, but IMO is better than RHPS in some ways. You can also find it on YouTube, and get an interesting take on it here:

Phantom of the Paradise is somewhat Rocky Horror-esque, but was written by Paul Williams. Before you laugh, know that this is no Carpenters song. With a plotline that borrows heavily from Phantom of the Opera, it’s also a story about how far one will go to achieve fame. It will cost you a couple of bucks to watch the whole thing, but you can see the trailer for free here:

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The Cabin in the Woods, Phantom of the Paradise, The Midnight Hour, Ravenous, and Shock Treatment


October 26, 2018 – Sam Finds Some Love Letters, Z You Tomorrow, Creepy Quotes & Almost ‘Ween


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Since all news happens between 3 and 4 pm, my viewing pleasure was interrupted by everyone involved with today’s arrest patting themselves on the back. I almost got confused. They were thanking so many people, for a minute, I thought it was an awards show. I also kept thinking they were saying IUDs when they were saying IEDs.

General Hospital

So of course, they come back to a commercial. God forbid we miss one of those.

Kiki tells Sasha if she’d known Sasha was free, she would have arranged things. She thinks they should take getting to know each other up a notch now that she’s staying. She asks where Sasha is staying, and Sasha says Nina offered to put her up at the MetroCourt indefinitely, but she’s not sure she’s ready for that level of generosity. Kiki tells her Nina is her landlord. Sasha can stay with her, and accept Nina’s generosity without actually accepting it. Griff comes by, telling Kiki the decision still has to be made, and jets. Sasha says that was cryptic; she’s intrigued. Kiki says all the more reason to move in with her. She can tells Sasha everything she wants to know.

Elizabeth wonders if she held on too tight to Aiden. Why would he feel like the world is unsafe? Franco says, the world is unsafe. She ask why he won’t tell her what’s wrong, and Franco says, he’s a weird kid. Not in a bad way. Weird is awesome; he celebrates weird. He’s different, but hasn’t realized different is the best. It’s nothing she did or didn’t do. Before they met, he wasn’t comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t want Aiden to go through that, but Elizabeth says it’s not going to be solved in one afternoon. Having Franco on their side means they’ll be okay.

Lulu tells not-Doc that her first article sparked an online debate about the nature of evil. Not-Doc says, nature versus nurture, and Lulu says, or both. She wants to know why; what triggered him. Was it his environment or experiences, or something inside waiting to be set off? Not-Doc says the question for her readers should be who defines evil? The person passing judgement or the evil-doer. Did Ryan accept other people’s definition, define it himself, or was he someone who cast off social norms?

Ava introduces herself to Sasha, saying she’s Kiki’s mother. Sasha says Kiki didn’t tell her that her mom was in town. Ava says she wouldn’t. Unfortunately, they’re estranged. Sasha says she’s sorry, and Ava says, that’s what comes from sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend. Sasha says, her and Griff? Ava says she was more serious than he was, so it’s no surprise he moved on. Kiki is very casual. She should have realized sex was all he was after. She says she’s embarrassing herself, and they’ll work things out. In six months, Kiki won’t even remember Griff. In the meantime, she’s glad Kiki met Sasha, and hopes they talk again. She leaves, and Sasha is like, whoa.

Elizabeth and Franco talk about wedding plans. She asks if he thinks the flowers should be formal or wild. He says, both. She asks if he’s being diplomatic, and he says the formal flowers represent her beauty, and the wildflowers represent her passionate side. **ava about * thing but aiden decide if doesn’t get ird of prob have fun maybe they have fn tonight

Sam and Spinelli pose as representatives for the insurance company and visit Margaux’s mother, Jeanette. Sam says it must have been a loss for her daughter. Losing her father must have left a hole in her daughter’s life. Jeanette says she missed him. Spinelli asks her to forgive them, asking so many questions when she’s had a personal loss. Sam adds, but they need to clear up the claim. Spinelli says he died in 1985, and she reported him missing in 1985. She stopped paying the premiums, so the policy lapsed. Jeanette says, so she gets nothing? She waited all this time to find out he’s dead, and gets nothing? Sam says they don’t mean to disappoint her, and Spinelli tells her the time of death is taken seriously. Jeanette says they claimed they wanted to help. How is this helping? Spinelli tells her if she can prove he died between January and August, when the policy was active, they could award the claim. The authorities go by the year. Jeanette says, he died in March, and Sam asks how she can be sure. Jeanette says she just knew. She knew the moment he was walking out the door, he was headed to death.

At Ferncliff, Carly says the place looks better, and Laura wants to ask the head nurse about reform. Mary Pat walks in, telling someone, just because she lost her job doesn’t mean their days numbered. She sees Carly, and says, back so soon, Caroline? It was inevitable. Carly says she’s back with a visitor’s pass, like Mary Pat, and she’s brought a friend. Laura introduces herself, saying her husband is a psychiatrist there. Mary Pat says she’s very familiar with him, and knows all about his patients. He believes in treating violent psychopathic cases with kid gloves. A patient she warned him about repeatedly pumped her full of drugs. She could have had an allergic reaction or died. Carly says apparently, she didn’t do a good job. The new head nurse comes in, and tells Mary Pat to get her stuff and turn in her visitor’s pass. Carly says she was tortured for weeks; being fired is too good for Mary Pat. Laura says she’s looking forward to the tour. The nurse tells them her name is Kay, and Laura says both she and Carly have questions. An institution that would hire someone like Mary Pat has a lot to answer for, and she’ll be asking.

Not-Doc tells Lulu society makes a complex agreement of societal norms; what’s right and wrong. Psychopaths tend to refuse to abide by the contract. Lulu wonders if they believe what they’re doing is right, and not-Doc says, Ryan would say he was unencumbered by the confines of conventional wrong, so there are no consequences. Lulu asks if he didn’t care, or did he enjoy it because he believed society was wrong. Is someone like him curable? Not-Doc says she’s asking the wrong question. What he’d ask is do they wish to be cured?

Kiki gives Elizabeth a small token for her support in Kiki going up against Dr. Bensch. I miss what she says it is, but it looks like a Dr. Bensch chew toy. Elizabeth says she saw Kiki and Griff’s picture in The Invader, and Kiki says she didn’t even know about it until it was pointed out. Elizabeth says, by her mom? and Kiki says her mother was furious, and felt betrayed. Elizabeth thinks it’s a good thing she and Griff are distancing themselves. Kiki says, sooner or later, Ava drives everyone away who cares. She’ll drive Avery away too eventually. She should feel sad, but doesn’t anymore.

Ava sees Franco at the hospital. He says she seems chipper, and she says she’s in a good mood, thanks to Doc. Franco didn’t realize she was a regular. She says she finds therapy to be extremely liberating. He’s encouraging her to own her feelings, and stop apologizing for who she is. Franco says she spends a lot of time doing that. Ava says they betrayed her, and she’s the person at fault. He suggests making amends, but she says Doc doesn’t feel that way, and he’s encouraging less remorse. Franco wonders if it’s a long-term reverse psychology ploy, but Ava says he wants her to explore her anger and desire for revenge. She has natural impulses, and it’s not awful to feel how she’s feeling. France asks if she’s being forthcoming. He knows her, and encouraging her to explore her rage is like giving a pyromaniac a flamethrower, and telling them to play with it. Tell him that she’s not thinking of burning down Kiki.

Sam asks Jeanette how she knew Vincent was going to die, and Jeanette says, he had dangerous clients. When he didn’t come home, she feared the worst. She went to the police the next day, but either they didn’t take her seriously, or they were working for the same people. They suggested he walked out, but he wouldn’t have left Margaux; he adored her. She stopped paying the premiums because she believed he was dead, and if she was right about who did it, they’d never recover the body. Spinelli says after seven years, she could have had him declared legally dead, file a claim, and move on. She shows them a picture of Margaux as a little girl, and says that’s why she didn’t. How could she look at that face and tell her that her father was gone forever. Margaux thought he was coming back. Spinelli tells Sam that he feels unwell, and Sam asks if he took his medication. He tells Jeanette that he’s hypoglycemic, and it helps when he takes a pill. He ask if he can trouble her for a glass of water. She takes him into the kitchen. Sam puts gloves on, and snoops. She finds a locked drawer in the desk.

She gets it open, and rifles through it, finding a stack of letters tied with a ribbon in the back. Spinelli yells, thank you; it did the trick, and Sam puts the letters in her briefcase. Spinelli says he’s feeling better thanks to Jeanette’s orange juice. Jeanette asks if they can do this another time. It takes a lot out of her talking about Vincent, and she’s not sure there’s anything else she can tell them. Sam thinks they have enough information; they’ll call if they have any questions. Spinelli says they’ll give her claim to the higher-ups. Jeanette asks if she could still get a payout, and Spinelli doesn’t see why not. It’s a heartbreaking tale, and to weigh it against a few unpaid premiums would be heartless. Jeanette is surprised they would take her story into consideration. She’s never heard of a special effort to give money. Sam says, it happens all the time, and Spinelli says they didn’t come to debunk her claim, but find out the truth, so she can get what’s rightfully hers. Wow. If Jeanette believes that fairytale, I have some land in Florida for her to buy.

Ava tells Franco that Doc dares to test her limits, and inspires her to set some. While she can fantasize to her heart’s content about Kiki and Griff, they’re destruction won’t be at her hands. Franco asks if she’s hired someone else, but she says they’ve been left to their own devices. He says, impressive. Doc is a genius. Who knew he’d get through to two people like them?

Griff sits at Sasha’s table, saying he must have missed Kiki. Sasha says she had an errand to run, but they’re touching base later. Griff is glad Sasha is staying, and Sasha says she’s feeling better about it all the time. Griff says, it means a lot; family. Especially now. She ask why he means, and he says Kiki’s like is complicated. Sasha says that’s pretty much what Kiki’s mother told her.

Laura tells Kay that she’ll be seeing the areas Carly described in her statement. Kay says she’s not at liberty to discuss the statement, but Laura has it right there. It helps to know people. She wants a complete tour, including the rooms. Kay says a lot of the patients are criminally insane. She can’t allow access to the patients for Laura’s own safety. Laura says her daughter is the lead reporter on the article. Does Kay want Laura to give her a quote on how they were shut down and stonewalled? The public will ask what they’re hiding. Kay says she’s simply fooling policy. Laura says Kay can answer her questions and give her a proper tour. It’s up to her.

Griff says Ava spoke to Sasha? and Sasha says, she likes to share. Ava told her way more than she should know. Griff says Ava tends to exaggerate. Kiki is more realistic. Sasha says he’s part of it, but he says, only peripherally. They have to work it out between them. He doesn’t want to get overly involved.

Ava tells Franco she’s not going to torture Kiki. He’s glad, and Ava says she’ll live to regret it. Doc has encouraged her to move beyond regret. Franco says it’s much healthier to work it out through fantasies, instead of being stupid in real life.

Elizabeth tells Kiki, after what Ava put them through, she and Griff are entitled to some happiness. Kiki says, if her mother taught her anything, it was not to let anyone keep her down. Not even her mother.

Lulu thanks not-Doc. She can’t wait to share the information with her mom. Mental health and reform are at the top of her campaign platform. Not-Doc says it’s the reason he suggested she run. Lulu says when Laura heard about what happened to Carly at Ferncliff, she went on a crusade. They’re on a fact-finding mission at Ferncliff right now. Not-Doc says he should be there. Lulu thinks that’s sweet, but he’s probably too late. It’s happening as they speak. He says, Laura and Carly are at Ferncliff now? Lulu says she almost feels bad for the staff. If they’re hiding anything, her mom will find out.

Laura tells Kay that she wants to be clear. She’s not leaving until all the doors are opened. Carly says, starting with the room next to the one she was in.

Outside, Spinelli tells Sam that Jeanette was hospitable, and deeply suspect. She shows him the letters, and says they’re love letters – from Skully.

On Monday, Stella has a bone to pick with not-Doc, Michael tells Margaux that he knows nothing, and Mary Pat asks Caroline if she’s going down Memory Lane.

👹 Due to pre-Halloween activities, I won’t be able to see Z Nation and recap until tomorrow. <sob!>

👻 A Slew of Spooky(ish) Quotes

Do the scary thing first, and get scared later. – Lemony Snicket

If this fails, we’re gonna have a lot of pissed off ghosts coming back at us. – Doug Rennie (Meat Loaf), Ghost Wars

No man wants to kiss a girl in black. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

Kim D is in fact a cockroach.Michael Rappaport

Kim D is like a character on Game of Thrones.Robin Lord Taylor

My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. – Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), Snowpiercer

It’s lonely being a cannibal. Tough making friends. – Colonel Hart (Jeffrey Jones), Ravenous

Dead isn’t what it used to be. – The Man in Black, (Ed Harris), Westworld

Make your monsters human. – Boris Karloff

Hell is other people. – Jean-Paul Sartre

Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. – Aldous Huxley

The world is f**ked. – Luther Voz (Mel Gibson), Machete Kills

Yeah, I, uh, I had to dismember that guy with a trowel. What have you been up to? – Marty (Fran Kranz), The Cabin in the Woods

It’s the live ones you have to worry about. – my father when I got scared watching a horror movie. He was right.

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October 25, 2018 – Spinelli Brings Information, MJ Has an Intimate Gathering, Goodbye to Waverly, a SyFy Day to Remember & Dogs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells feeds Roxie, saying she must be starving. He’s glad she’s okay. He had a helluva night. He might sleep until Anna comes home – whenever that is. He sees the unmade bed, and says housekeeping is slacking, and gets in. Anna comes out of the bathroom in a negligee. He asks if she’s there or is he dreaming. She says, you tell me, and kisses him.

Nina gives Sasha a box. It’s something she’s passed in the shop window that always made her think of her baby. It’s an amethyst, February’s birthstone. She knows Sasha has to leave, and it could be a memento of their time together. Sasha says it’s beautiful, and Nina says it represents inner strength, energy, and healing. Sasha knows, and says it was St. Valentine’s favorite gem. It’s also called the couples stone; it engenders a deeper union between lovers. Valentin walks in, and Sasha tells Nina that her ex is in the house.

Maxie approaches their table. She’s sorry to interrupt, but Nina forgot there was an editorial board meeting. Nina starts to get up, but Maxie says she took care of it. Nina says she’s a lifesaver, and asks her to join them. She’s like Maxie to get to know her daughter. Nina says she loves saying that, and introduces them.

Oscar goes to Alexis’s office, and says he finished up one. He got a job as a busboy. It’s a little more than minimum wage plus tips. Alexis tells him he needs a place to live, and he says he’s signed up for roommate services. Alexis hopes they work fast. He has to prove he can take care of himself without parental assistance. He says he’s holding up his end of the deal. He needs to be able to decide what’s right for him in whatever time he has left. He opens the office door, and Julian is there.

Sonny walks into Charlie’s, and sees Margaux talking to Kristina, who’s behind the bar. She asks what Kristina’s favorite dish is. She needs comfort food; she had a late night. Kristina did too, and Margaux hopes it was more fun than hers. What was she doing? Kristina asks if she knows Margaux, and Sonny says she’s the new DA. She’s the one who sent Carly to Ferncliff. Now she’s gunning for Kristina’s father.

Jason visits Sam, and is surprised to find Spinelli there. It’s his great pleasure to be back amongst friends. Sam says, we’re glad see you, and Spinelli notices her choice of pronoun. Dare he wonder if they’re a collective now, working toward their long awaited, much desired reunion?

Sasha tells Maxie that she’s heard a lot about Maxie. Nina says she’s more like a sister than sister-in-law. Maxie says she feels the same way; they’ve been through a lot. Sasha is sorry about her husband, and wishes she’d known him. Maxie says he would have been thrilled she survived. Sasha can’t wait to meet James, and Maxie says James is her first cousin; he doesn’t have many blood relatives. Sasha says Nina has been telling her about her colorful family. Maxie says, there’s Britt Nathan has a sister who’s a criminal, like her mother. She points out Peter and says Britt’s mother held him prisoner.

Finn asks Anna when she got back; she didn’t mention the possibility. He says he was in surgery all night, and asks if she found Obrecht. Is she staying a while? She wonders if he wants to ask questions, or just dot-dot-dot. He would prefer dot-dot-dot. She says he’s probably exhausted, and asks if everybody lived. He asks if they can stop talking, and they get busy

Jason asks what he told Spinelli about matchmaking, and Spinelli says, to cease and desist, but they misconstrued his innocent remark. Sam says it was hard to misconstrue his reunion remark. He says their reunion is looked forward too. Including, but not limited to… He lists all the people who agree with them getting back together. Sam days they get it, but he has to understand it’s their life, and their relationship. What happens between them is their business. Spinelli gives his most humble apology, and promises to restrain himself in the future. Sam is glad to see him, but wonders what happened to the trip. Georgie came down with something and they had to cancel. She’ll be fine, but since she wouldn’t be able to fully experience the joys of Wacky Water World, they’re rescheduling. In the meantime, he comes armed with some intriguing information about Margaux.

Sonny says Margaux doesn’t know when to quit. Margaux tells Sonny that she came in for brunch; that’s all. Sonny says she knows Kristina is his daughter. Margaux says she also works there. Kristina asks her to get a table, saying the seats at the bar are reserved. Margaux says, for weekday brunch? and Kristina tells her their Bloody Mary was on Upstate Magazine’s top ten list. Margaux moves to a table, and Sonny thanks Kristina for getting rid of her; it shows her loyalty. She says even though she’s working for Julian? He says it’s her call; he understands. She says her mom never will.

Oscar asks Julian if his mom send him to talk Alexis into not taking his case. Julian says she asked him to speak to Alexis, but he can’t talk her into doing anything. He’s here as a friend. It’s not easy for his mom, or anyone. Oscar asks if Julian isn’t on his mom’s side. Does he still have a job? Julian says the job is still his. All he has to do is fill out the paperwork. Oscar thanks the both of them, and leaves. Alexis is surprised that Julian gave Oscar a job. He says, much to his mother’s chagrin. He thought Oscar just wanted to earn some extra money, and didn’t know it was about his legal right to his healthcare decisions. She says he knows she can’t discuss it. He says he knows Oscar is sick, and that his parents enrolled him in a medical trial to save his life. He knows what’s at stake. She asks, did he come to change her mind, or is what he said true, that he’s here as a friend?

Sasha tells Maxie that she knows she was born into colorful family. She wonders if mental instability is hereditary. Nina says she had problems and was institutionalized. Maxie says it was after she woke from a twenty year coma and was grieving the baby she lost. She’s fine now. Nina says she is; she overcame it. It was before she knew Sasha was alive. And here she is. Maxie says the nature versus nurture debate is interesting, and asks how Sasha’s mental health is.

Peter tells Valentin he assumes that’s Nina’s daughter. Valentin says that’s Sasha. Peter says Nina asking him about the discovery of his own mother makes sense now. Valentin asks if Peter discouraged Nina, but Peter says, quite the contrary. He encouraged Nina to reach out. Valentin commends him, and asks if that means he’s had a chance of heart toward Anna.

Anna apologizes for being gone so long; she would rather have been there. Finn says he was almost worried she was kidnapped again. She says they FaceTimed; he knew she was fine. He asks what happened. Did she find Obrecht?

Alexis wonders what makes Kim think Julian could change her mind. Julian says it wasn’t Kim’s idea. She went to Sam, and from what Sam said, she thought maybe he’d have some influence. Alexis asks if Sam still believes he has any sway. He doesn’t think that’s what Sam meant, but it’s what Kim heard. She’s desperate, and will do anything to prolong Oscar’s life. That’s why wants him in the trial. Alexis says, even if it denies Oscar the last vestige of control over his own life?

On the phone, Oscar says, the rent is how much? He just wants a room, not a whole apartment. There’s nothing cheaper? He’ll take an air mattress, a futon, anything. Welcome to the real world, Oscar.

Sonny knows better than to get between Kristina and her mother. Kristina says there’s nothing to get between. As far as her mother is concerned, she’s wasting her life and potential. Sonny says as long as she’s supporting herself, she can make her own choices. She tells him, she’s not defending Julian, but so far, Julian is treating her fairly, and Sonny says he’s there for her. With the DA hovering, he’s had family on his mind. He doesn’t feel good about not seeing her much, and misses her. She says she’s doing fine, or would be, if her mom would leave her alone. Sonny says that’s not happening. She worries like all parents. Kristina says, all parents whose kids are screw ups. Sonny says she’s not a screw up. She went through breakup; it’s a hard thing to go through. Margaux watches them. Kristina says, it was.

Spinelli says the murder of Margaux’s father may have been a crime of passion or simple greed. He had substantial life insurance, but his wife never tried to collect. Jason says she wasn’t convinced he was dead. Sam says, because they never found the body. Spinelli says they lived on a modest income. Sam suggests Skully was supporting them, but Spinelli wonders why there was no claim filed. Sam says, maybe she was hoping he was still alive, but Jason says, why would she want him alive? She was cheating on him. Sam says, maybe she was in love with two men. She had an affair, and felt guilty. Maybe declaring him dead was too much.

Anna tells Finn, what happened was a long arduous search. She had to do it for Peter. Finn says she had to protect her son, and ask long as Obrecht is lurking out there, he needs protection. Anna says she probably stopped lurking; she was getting nowhere. She missed him, so she came home.

Peter finds it ironic that Valentin is concerned about his feelings for Anna, since he thwarted her good intentions, delivering him to the hands of his father. Valentin says it was the worst decision at the darkest point of his life. He doesn’t expect Peter to forgive him, but hopes he forgives Anna one day. Peter says, slowly but surely, he’s rising from the evils of his father – with some help. He looks at Nina’s table. Valentin is doing the same. He hopes that the woman who makes him a better man forgives him someday. Peter says that’s a long road, and Valentin says, it’s worth every mile.

Nina tells Maxie that was a rude question. Sasha doesn’t think so. She says she’s not crazy. Everyone is out there in some way, but in terms of murder and mayhem, she’s normal. Maxie says she didn’t mean to be rude, but Sasha admires her for looking out for Nina. Maxie goes back to the office. Sasha thinks Nina is lucky to have such caring people in her life. Nina sees Valentin and smiles at him.

Peter sees Maxie at the elevator. He didn’t want interrupt, but wondered how James was. She’s sorry for dragging him to the hospital. He tells her not to apologize. He was just at GH and thinking they were lucky James was okay. She asks why he was at the hospital.

Valentin thanks Nina for inviting him to join them. She says it’s the least she can do. He was instrumental in getting Sasha to say. All he wants is her happiness. She says maybe he can talk to Sasha, and get her to stay a few more days.

Alexis tells Julian that Oscar just found out how sick he is, and he’s spinning and confused. The situation is untenable, and he has no control over any of it. Julian can see how he’d feel helpless. The last thing Alexis wants to do is add to Kim and Drew’s pain. She can’t fathom what they’re going through. They’re good people, but what they want and what Oscar wants aren’t the same. But maybe in time, they will be. Julian asks if she’s thinking she can make it right for both.

Sonny is glad Kristina is home, and glad she’s working. She faced that her relationship didn’t work out, and came home. Those are big steps. Kristina feels like a loser most of the time. Sonny says when she beats herself up, there’s family to pick her up. Family is his life support, and they’re just a phone call away. He also didn’t forget her birthday is coming up. He asks if she’ll allow them to show her how much they love her. She says, deal, and they exchange I love yous.

Daisy asks Kristina if that was her dad. Kristina asks, why? Daisy says she didn’t mean anything by it. He didn’t look like a customer, and Kristina isn’t the sugar daddy type. Kristina says, sorry, it’s her dad. She just had an encounter with that woman over there. She looks at Margaux, who waves. Kristina says she’s on the defensive. Daisy thinks she has something to take Kristina’s mind off of what’s bothering her.

Spinelli begs Sam for a thousand pardons. He didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Jason asks, what bad memories? Sam says, a couple years after Jason disappeared, she was backed into a corner about declaring him dead. There was craziness between ELQ and the Quartermaines, and Danny’s legacy. She was forced to face the fact he might never come home. It was a horrible time. Everyone told her to move on and get closure, and they were wrong. She understands why Margaux’s mom would be reluctant to face the facts. Spinelli thinks she might be projecting. Margaux’s mother’s feelings can’t possibly compare to Sam’s feelings for Jason.

😣 There was a twenty minute interruption here with news we already knew that couldn’t wait until 4 pm, but I On Demanded it later.

Peter says he was just having a check-up after the Obrecht incident. He has nerve damage in his hand, but otherwise, he’s fine. She asks if he ended up getting anti-anxiety medication, but he doesn’t think he needs it anymore. He’s coming through it – because of her.

Sasha says she has a job to get back to, and Nina says she never asked what Sasha does. She fills in at offices; she’s good at computer software. Valentin asks if she’s currently working. She says she put off any jobs because of her trip, but with temping, if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid. Nina says she could set her up with Crimson’s support staff. Sasha says her mother raised her to go her own way, but Nina says it’s not like she’d be putting her on the payroll; she’d be working. There’s also Peter, who might be able to use her. Nina says, just think about it. Think about making Port Charles her home.

Spinelli says Sam did what she had to do for Danny; why wouldn’t Margaux’s mother do the same thing? Sam says it might have stirred up questions about her and Skully, and Jason says there could have been an investigation, leading to Vincent’s death being a hit. Spinelli says, interesting theory, but there’s more. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonny, who got their text. Spinelli says he has information about Margaux that should be of interest to Sonny. Sonny says he found her cozying up to Kristina in Charlie’s Pub. She wants to use Kristina the way she used Mike. Margaux has crossed the line. Jason says they’re going to stop her. They’re close to getting what it takes.

Daisy asks if Kristina went to the concert. She didn’t get there, but Daisy says there will be others. She’s the organizer. They’re having a bonfire at the beach. Does she want to go? Oscar approaches them, and Kristina introduces Daisy. Oscar tells Kristina that he’s working there now, and Julian said she could set him up with the paperwork. He needs to be good at this job. He’s emancipating himself from his parents, like in court. Kristina’s mom is his lawyer.

Alexis tells Julian, a sixteen-year-old boy comes to her, terrified, desperate for her help. He wants a say in what happens over his own body. Julian says he’s choosing not to fight his illness. How can she be okay with that? She says if a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl wanted to keep her baby, but her parents were forcing her to give it up, she would fight, and not many would] question that.  Julian wouldn’t. He says no one in her corner when Sam was taken away. He understands her point, but also understands that nothing good will come from this. Oscar is estranged from his parents when he needs them the most. Alexis says, not necessarily.

Anna tells Finn that she tracked Obrecht until the trail ran cold. The WSB is running a check on all her contacts. She’s probably owed a lot of favors, and there are tons of hiding places she has access to. Finn says, a rat has to come out of his hole some time. Anna says when Obrecht does, she’ll be waiting. She owes it to Peter to bring her to justice. Until then, she thinks Finn can find something keep her occupied.

Maxie doesn’t think she did that much for Peter. She listened; just what he needed. She hopes he’s healing. Halloween is a fun holiday. She hopes he can relax and enjoy it. He says it will be his first one. Partly because he lived in the country, but he never had he desire to mingle with ghouls and monsters. They remind him too much of his father. So he and James will be celebrating their first Halloweens together. Has he decide on a costume? Maxie says she’s entrusted with the task. Would he like to come shopping with her? He would.

Nina is just grateful for Sasha’s visit; no pressure. She doesn’t want to get carried away again. Sasha says she’s getting used to it. Valentin says if she stays, Sasha can meet his daughter. He and Nina raised her. Nina says she’s lovely and so smart. Valentin thinks they’ll get along great, and she’ll see another side of Nina; the one that cares for a daughter. Sasha says she’ll call her temp agency, and steps away from the table. Nina thanks him, and he says Sasha obviously wants to get to know her better. Who wouldn’t?

Alexis tells Julian she’s merely advocating for Oscar to have control. She’s not arguing that he shouldn’t be involved in the trial. Julian asks if that means she agrees he should. She says she wants him to have every chance to beat his illness, and thinks deep down he does too. But he has to get there himself. Maybe if he thought his parents weren’t controlling him, he might make the right decision.

Kristina thought Oscar and his mom were super tight, and Drew seems cool. He says he just wants the right to make his own decisions. Kristina can relate to that, but never thought of hiring a lawyer. He needs a way to support himself and a place to live, which isn’t going well. He had no idea how expensive everything was. Maybe he’s naïve. Kristina goes to get the paperwork, and Daisy says she thinks she can help him.

Sonny thinks it’s odd Margaux’s mother never collected on the insurance. Spinelli says, after venturing further, he saw that hours after the remains were found, she filed a claim. Sam asks if she’s gotten the money yet, but Spinelli says no, since no premiums were paid all those years, and it was a murder. The insurance company is launching their own investigation.

Valentin doesn’t want to push his luck, but wonders if there’s any chance Nina and Sasha could come to dinner at Windemere. It’s not a romantic ambush, just dinner. Regardless of how she feels about him, it’s a delight to know her daughter better. She’s so much like Nina, and Nina radiates in her presence. There’s nothing better than seeing Nina’s joy. It’s a family dinner, nothing more. Nina accepts.

Peter asks if James is joining in on the costume quest, and Maxie says she’ll call and see if he’s napping. She asks if he wants to take the stairs, but he says he’s fine with the elevator. They get in, and smile.

Anna tells Finn the WSB is still looking for Obrecht. If she gets a location, she’ll have to go, but she needs backup. He asks if she means Robert, but she says him – if he’s willing. He says they’ll see. The last time they teamed up, they were imprisoned under threat of death, and unleashed Cassandra. And the food was terrible. She asks if that’s a no, but he says, no. They kiss and get busy again.

Oscar asks if Daisy knows of someone who needs a roommate. She says she shares a place with a lot of people. Nothing fancy, but it’s a bed. They pay what they can in exchange for helping out. It’s a fun place. She says he’ll love it, and Oscar says he already does. She tells him that she’ll text the address, and he can stop by. He tells her that he’s pretty handy, and she says he seems like a good addition. What is she involved with? A cult? Oscar says that proves he’s doing everything right. Kristina comes back with the paperwork. Daisy asks if Kristina wants the info about the bonfire, and Kristina says, why not?

Alexis tells Julian she got a text, and Oscar is a step closer to qualifying for the right to choose his own medical decisions. He’s found a place to live. Julian shudders to think at Oscar’s price range. He dreads telling Kim that she’s not backing off. He wishes Kim knew her like he did. He’s not sure what she has in mind, but he trusts her judgement. If anyone can find the King Solomon solution, it’s her. But whatever her strategy is, she needs to make it happen fast. As far as he can tell, Oscar doesn’t have much time.

Sonny thinks the insurance stuff isn’t making sense. Jason says Margaux’s mother was never straight with her on what went down between her father and Skully. Sonny says now she’s trying for the money. Sam thinks the only one with answers is Margaux’s mother. Sonny needs to know what she’s hiding to back Margaux off. He can’t have her doing any more damage to his family.

Tomorrow, Kiki thinks she and Sasha should take getting to know owe another up a notch, Lulu asks not-Doc if some people are just born evil, and Laura tells Carly no one will blame her if she wants to back out.

Shahs of Sunset

Mike picks up Reza, Reza is excited to see the property Mike bought. It’s a duplex he acquire 10+ years ago, and he picked up the house next door when it went into foreclosure. He thinks he has a good deal with the contractor, but Reza says he doesn’t have such a good track record. Reza says he’s concerned about the construction process. In his interview, Reza says Mike has great ideas, and usually Reza is the one who plans and executes them, and it turns out well. He tells Mike a two year project means two years’ worth of problems.

The place looks like a dump. The small amount of grass is dry and dead, and Reza says he can tell Mike isn’t doing a lot of landscaping. Mike says he bought it down-market, and it’s one of the fastest growing areas in LA. It’s something that’s going to live on forever – Mike Manor. Reza thinks he should reinvest. Why give up years? Mike says it will be years of creating something that can feed his family for years to come. In Reza’s interview, he says it scares him that his friend will be managing a $4-6 million project. Mike’s nerves are frayed already. He tells Mike to put it on the market, and if he doesn’t see the numbers he wants, move forward. Reza likes that it’s a collective family thing. He’s happy for Mike. He might end up surprising all of them, and dedicating himself to the project, transforming himself in the process. Reza has the feeling he’s going to end up on the job site, but he’ll do it with smile a and not be resentful.

MJ and Tommy go to the lawyer’s office. MJ says she’s the Susan B. Anthony of prenups. She’s rewriting the laws to favor women, and won’t get hoodwinked today. Tommy’s lawyer arrives, and Tommy is glad to see a friendly face. The lawyers leave the room, so they can have a last minute discussion. MJ says she’s ready, because it benefits her. Tommy says he barely walks out with a shirt, but if it doesn’t work out, that’s all he wants. He wants MJ to have peace of mind. He says, till death do us part, but they’ll probably kill each other before they walk away. She appreciates him being amenable, but if he leaves her for his secretary, she’ll kill them both, and he’ll walk the world without a penis. I guess she believes in ghosts? He says, let’s rock and roll. In her interview, MJ says she’s asking for whatever is fair, and whatever she wants is fair. They sign.

Destiney goes to an ice cream shop. In her interview, she says Persians like exotic flavor. It has to be rosewater-pistachio-saffron. Mom Tammy (Titi) meets her. Destiney says she spoke with Monique. She’s found someone who might be her father. We see a clip of Monique telling Destiney that she found an 86-year-old man who’s a good possibility, and to cross her fingers. Destiney tells Tammy that he might be in OC. Tammy says he’s supposed to be in Iran. He has another wife and children. Destiney says, what if moved there? In Destiney’s interview, she says this has been going on for months, and she has to keep being persistent. She wants Tammy to come with her. She doesn’t want Tammy to have any pressure, but she needs this. If she gets married, she can have a parent on each arm. She tells Tammy that if Monique calls and says it’s 100%, she’s coming. Tammy says, okay. They pinkie promise, and hug.

Nema’s mom visits. She lives on the east coast, but stops by when she’s traveling for work, and hangs out with him and Mona. In his interview, he says the details of their divorce are obscure. They married young, and it was arranged in Iran. He doesn’t know as they were ever madly in love. He thinks when someone in that position moves to the US, they feel more empowered, and can choose their own happiness. They don’t talk about it. Nema tells her that he and Erica aren’t together anymore. He tried to kiss another girl. His mother says that was stupid of him, and he knows. He says she moved out, and they’re not communicating outside of work. I’ll bet that’s awkward. He says he has a lot of baggage from not growing up with his parents. In his interview, he explains that the kids were to choose which parent they would live with. Their mom said they needed to pick right now. Mona was only two, and ran to their mom. Everyone took it as she was choosing her mom. Nema was four, and seeing his dad’s disappointment, ran to him. He still has PTSD to this day. The most important women in his life weren’t there for his whole life. It created a problem he never thought would happen. His mom starts to cry, and he tells her not to be upset; he’s working through it. Mona says, it’s no one’s fault. Nema experienced it, and he’s dealing with it. He says he’s feeling the chip on his shoulder going away. His mother and sister worked through it. Now it’s his turn.

Reza cleans up at the new house. Adam meets him there, and asks, how much longer? Reza tells him, ten weeks. Adam asks how they are with the budget. In his interview, Reza is finding it hard to grasp the what’s yours is mine concept. Adam is really asking how much money of his do they have left. He says, yesterday, he wrote a $50K check. They’re in for around $310K. When they started, Reza had a cool million in the bank. Seeing it fly out makes him feel anxious and unstable. Adam makes noises about having a baby again, and Reza says let him make it clear. As soon as the construction is done, and he doesn’t have to write any more checks, they’ll put the condo on the market and start the baby process. Adam asks if Reza has any fears or worries about having kids, and Reza says, obviously. What if there’s no more sexy time, and they grow apart and get divorced? Adam has his own fears and reservations, but Reza says none of them are around money. It’s a huge part for him. In his interview, Reza says he comes from a place where all marriages end in divorce. He’s predisposed to divorce. Adam says they’ll figure out the money thing, and Reza says he’s the one that has to do it. Adam tells him that they’re a team now, and Reza says, then Adam can figure it out. Adam suddenly has to go to work.

Adam goes to Asa’s boutique, and looks at sunglasses. Asa comes out from the back. In her interview, she says that her life is crazy, but she still keeps in touch. Mostly texting. Mike faded out, and she doesn’t want MJ near her or her family ever. She shows Adam her new swim line. He asks how mommy duty is, and she says, some things are easier now, but it’s a different type of life. It’s her greatest joy, and a whole new world. In Asa’s interview, she says having a child is the pinnacle of life’s meaning, purpose, and love. You’re like a slave, but you love it. She asks how the baby thing is going, and Adam says Reza was asking about budgeting, and he had to leave before Reza got anxious. Asa suggests maybe Reza doesn’t want kids. It’s important to make the person you love happy, both they both have valid feelings. You have to be ready for that commitment. Adam says he is. Asa says, a child challenges every aspect of your life, and tells him that they both have to speak their truth. He check’s out the blankets, but their $700. She gives him one as a housewarming gift, and something else for Reza for peace or namaste or whatever.

MJ sees the fertility doctor. She says they’ve been working toward this for four years. Last year, she and Tommy made an affirmation wall. It was a farfetched affirmation that came to fruition. The doctor tells her they did well. They have a beautiful embryo that’s normal and healthy. The goal is to implant it at the right time. In MJ’s interview, she says she was the one who was never getting married or having children. Me too, but I stuck to half the plan. She says Tommy changed that. He’s the man who showed her a special kind of love, and everything is worth it. She and the doctor FaceTime with him. The doctor says he’s happy to move forward, but thinks they should just transfer one egg because of MJ’s age category. Tommy says, let’s rock and roll, which is apparently his catch phrase. In her interview, MJ says she’s ready to get married, and take the next step. She beat the odds, and she’s not wasting the opportunity. She’ll be the most incredible mom ever.

MJ and Tommy invite everyone to an intimate gathering. Adam brings home the presents, and tells Reza that he saw his therapist, meaning Asa. He asks Reza, yes or no, do you want a kid? Reza says, when? and Adam says what about in five years? Reza says, yes, he’d love to have a baby, but Adam shouldn’t feel he’s owed a baby because Asa has one. Adam does want to raise their baby with hers, but Reza says he doesn’t want to keep up. They have a plan already, and it has a lot to do with finances. In Reza’s interview, he says they can’t make a vision for their lives based on what Asa and Jermaine are doing. He and Adam are a team. The had a plan, and he’s doing his part. He asks Adam what the plan is, and Adam says, move in, then have a conversation about having a baby. He promises they won’t have it again while they’re living in the condo.

MJ gets ready for the party. The wedding is a few days away, but she wanted an intimate gathering. It’s not just about the bride (I can’t believe she’s saying that). It’s about family, rejoicing, and having the best of times. Shervin brings GG on the back of his bike, and he says she’s the worst passenger in the world. She complains so much, he’d hoped his helmet would mute her voice, but it didn’t. Reza says GG is like kryptonite to Nema. He’s all about her. Nema, Mona, and Destiney arrive. Reza says he heard Nema tried to nibble on GG’s neck at her event. He says he has something of hers. She says she took her wedding band off, and Nema went home with it. She wonders if she should throw it away, and Vida says no. Shervin tells Reza they need his advice, but GG throws it into the pool, and he says, never mind. She wants everyone to leave her alone about it.

Everyone wonders where Mike is. MJ says she knows what happened – Morgan. We see a clip of Morgan telling MJ that Mike is forty-years-old, and he’s not changing. MJ says, this is a pattern. When he’s in a healthy relationship, he panics. He doesn’t want to hang up his bachelor, playboy life. Mike shows up with bouquets, and Adam says the last time anyone brought roses, someone got attacked. We see a clip of GG going after Adam when Reza set up the fake apology. Mike hands out flowers and energy bars. He appreciates their support; it means the world to him. He has one more gift for Reza. In Mike’s interview, he says if he’s learned anything, it’s that even if you love each other, relationships are fragile. You have to bring out the best to build stronger friendships. Know what you did that hurt someone, and not do it in the future. Mike brings out the cutest kitten ever, and says he loves Reza. If he ever lost his dog, he’d be a mess. Woody is a purebred Persian. In his interview, Reza says his cat Buzzy passed away, and was his most special thing ever. In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear had a sidekick, Woody, so it’s sweet. He says Mike is an amazing guy. He doesn’t always get to water on his own. They sometimes have to lead him, but the beauty of it is, he gets it.

Reza says if MJ gets the ring, it won’t be GG’s anymore. Nema says he’s insanely attracted to GG, and she asks if they should just do it, and get it over with. He asks if that’s what she wants, and she says she likes him. He says her texts have made that clear – I want to be in your head and other places. In GG’s interview, she says, every woman wants to be wanted. She admits to it, so why not have fun? She tells Nema, she wants what she wants in the moment, and if she wants him, she’ll make it happen. Reza says she’s turning Nema on just saying that. In his interview, Reza says GG isn’t the best judge of character. Shalom was a disaster. We flash back to Shalom’s meltdown. Reza says Nema is the Persian Poindexter, and they’re attracted to one another. It’s not easy to find. Nema says he’d like the opportunity to give her more than attention. GG tells him, having sex is normal; all species do it. Talk is cheap, and so far, he’s done a lot of it. She walks away, and he shakes his head.

Vida and MJ go to the floral warehouse. MJ’s vision for wedding is an ethereal, white, beautiful room with super high centerpieces; lots of white and natural green leaves, and a flower wall. We see a clip of MJ telling Tommy her idea of a flower wall with holes in it. A hand reaches out, and offers the guests their table numbers. Tommy asks how the hand knows who it is; telepathy? MJ says it sounds over-the-top, but you only get married once. She says she’ll be letting the floral designer decide. Vida says this is usually done six months in advance. In her interview, Vida says her mom was opinionated. She was the boss, and ran the family, and she’s like her mom. Wedding planner Lenora and florist Carly join them. The flowers are stressing MJ out. She’s hoping to execute a vision of classic and elegant. They discuss some color combinations, and Vida hates it. Lenora says she’ll love it, and Vida says they can’t force her. In MJ’s interview, she says since her father’s passing, her mother has been supportive and nurturing, but she’s seeing more of the old Vida coming back. She has a lot to get done in one week, and doesn’t want old Vida screwing up her wedding. They leave the task to Carly.

Shervin drives GG to the town hall. She asks him if she’s doing the right thing. She finally woke up, and realized she has to get a divorce now. She tells Shervin, don’t ever get married, and Shervin says he’s single and happy. He mentions that she’s still wearing the engagement ring, and she doesn’t understand why everyone is complaining. She still wears other jewelry Shalom gave her. Shervin explains that it represents marriage, but she says it represents engagement. Yeah, I know. In his interview, Shervin says GG liked saying she was married more than she liked being married. She puts the ring on another finger, and Shervin says he’s happy. As he drops her off, he asks her to seriously thinks about the ring and what it means. He tells her, good luck.

In her interview, GG says she’s worked hard on the important things in life, and not allowing Shalom to take that away. She’s worked hard to be a better person; to be happier, nicer, friendlier, and healthier, and that little shrimp isn’t taking it away. Bye, bitch.

Next time, Reza is hoping his haircare line pays for the baby, Monique says Destiney’s father isn’t in the US, Destiney thinks she’s setting herself up for failure, and a party the night before the wedding.

🏡 The end of Welcome to Waverly, which has been on all week, brought a tear to my eye. The participants didn’t want to leave, realizing that people are the same everywhere, no matter what their beliefs, and our differences are what makes America the amazing place that it is. I missed a lot of the show, but was glad they came to this conclusion, and it ended on an upbeat note. I’m a firm believer that if people would stop being babies, concentrate on what makes them the same, understand or at least tolerate the differences, and work together, we could all have much better lives. I don’t even like people, but I’m smart enough to know that being angry isn’t working. I’m sure this will be on rotation for a while, so catch it if you can.

😈Don’t forget, Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres tomorrow (Friday, October 26) at 11 pm on the SyFy channel. Z Nation is also on all morning, as well as a new episode at 9 pm. And if that wasn’t enough, in between  not 3 pm, but at 2:59 they’re also airing The Cabin in the Woods. I could pass out from all the pre-Halloween excitement.

🐶🐶 At the End of My Double-Dog-Duty & Garbage Detail…

Dogs, I love you, but you’ve been a real handful this week.


October 24, 2018 – Laura Decides to Run, Mama Dee Holds Class, Caroline Visits the Penthouse, Kate Quote, No Star, Close & Closer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura visits Alexis’s office. She says she came by for advice. Alexis hopes it’s not Valentin, but Laura says not legal advice. She needs Alexis’s opinion about a life choice. She needs a straight answer about an idea. It might sound ludicrous, but Alexis understands what’s at stake. She’s thinking about running for mayor again.

Olivia-Q brings Julian’s favorite customer, Leo, to Charlie’s. She has a full day, topped off by some campaign activities. She’d thought this time it was going to be easy, since Ned is running unopposed. Julian thinks Olivia has a knack for the political life, and thanks her for bringing Leo by. She says it sounded important on the phone, and he says somebody is in trouble.

Cameron sneaks Oscar out of his house. Oscar thanks Cameron for letting him crash there. Cameron tells him to hurry. If his mom sees Oscar, he’ll call Oscar’s mom. They make plans to meet at the park. Elizabeth comes down and asks Cameron what he’s doing; she thought he’d be sleeping in. He tells her that he’s heading to the library. He’s trying for an A on his English paper. He nearly runs right into Carly on the porch, and takes off. Elizabeth asks what brings Carly by, and Carly says Elizabeth’s son and her daughter.

Diane meets with Drew for coffee. She hopes Oscar’s case doesn’t get as far as court. She has a conference call, and tells him that she’ll meet him at her office later. Curtis sees Drew, and says, there’s his best man. He tells Drew there’s been a change of venue. In another development, Stella refuses to attend, but he hopes to turn that around. Drew says he should have called. He can’t be best man.

Kim shows up at Sam’s place. She needs Sam’s help to save Oscar’s life.

Elizabeth asks Carly if Cameron has done something. Carly says not that she knows of, but he and Josslyn have been spending a lot of time together. He brought her home from the pep rally. Elizabeth understands they went with friends. Cameron says by the time they got to her house, it was just the two of them. Cameron stayed and they had a great time. She’s not opposed to it, but wants to make sure she and Elizabeth are on the same page.

Cameron meets Oscar, who asks if he’s brought food. Cameron says he was almost caught twice; once by his mom, and once by Josslyn’s mom, and he wasn’t sticking around. Oscar wonders if anything is wrong with Josslyn, but Cameron says she’d text. Unlike him, she doesn’t keep secrets or play games. Oscar says it’s not a game. Cameron wants to know why Oscar was sleeping on his floor. Oscar says he and his parents can’t agree on anything, especially the decisions about his cancer. It shouldn’t be up to them; it should be up to him. Cameron says he’s starving, and Oscar says his sympathy is overwhelming. Cameron says he’s keeping Oscar’s secret and let Oscar crash at his house. What more does he want? Oscar asks why he’s spending time with Josslyn. Cameron says Oscar did everything to push her away, hurt her, and tell her to move on. Oscar says, not with him.

Julian tells Olivia that he’s been taking stock. He wants to spend time with those he cares about while he has time left. Olivia wonders what this is about. Is he sick, or is he a target since he left the business? He says he’s healthy and there’s no hit on him. Olivia says she’s having an insane day. Why did he want her to bring their son all way over to Charlie’s?

Curtis says the wedding is in less than a month. Drew doesn’t want to leave him in the lurch, but he has family obligations that need his undivided attention. Curtis asks what he’s talking about, and Drew says he’s trying to protect someone’s privacy, but he does want to talk since it’s affect the wedding. Curtis thinks it’s admirable, but drew is falling apart on the inside. Wedding or no, Drew is still his best man. He’s got Drew’s back, and whatever he tells Curtis stays between them. Drew sits down, and says, Oscar is sick. He might not make it.

Kim knows Drew told her about the trial for a new form of amino therapy. Oscar was accepted, and it starts December 1st. It’s his best option, but there are risks that he doesn’t want to take. He refuses to participate, and wants full control over his medical decisions. He hired an attorney. Sam wonders what kind of attorney would take the case without considering the circumstances. Kim says, her mother. He told them yesterday. Then Oscar took off and didn’t come home. He’s not answering her texts or calls, and disabled her tracking device. She has no idea where he is. Sam says he probably needed a minute. She asks if they tried to explain, and Kim says Oscar doesn’t understand what’s best and right. She was overly emotional, and didn’t handle it well. Sam thinks whatever happened can be fixed; certainly by December 1st. She wonders why Kim is there, and Kim says she doesn’t think Sam’s mom will listen to her, but she might listen to Sam.

Alexis says Laura is going to take another crack at the mayoral race? Laura asks if she thinks it’s too ambitious or presumptuous. Alexis says, no, but it’s past the deadline. Laura says she can start a grass roots write-in campaign. Alexis says it’s possible, but is she sure she wants to? She just came back. Laura says Alexis came in at the last minute and almost won. As a latecomer, she probably can’t win, but she can give a voice to a community consistently overlooked. Alexis says it sounds like she’s made up her mind. Laura says she heard the last campaign was nasty, and she’s on the fence as to whether she wants to expose her family to the vitriol. Alexis says it’s unavoidable. Laura thanks her. She came for honest feedback. Alexis says she loves Ned, but he’s pragmatic to a fault. Instead of possibly getting rejected, he adapts to his opposition’s style and matches it. She’s sick of politicians compromising their morals to keep their jobs. They go along to get along, and make trade-offs that hurt people. She remembers a time when politicians were idealistic. It was a profession where they believed in something, and they need it back. Someone in a position of power who can demonstrate strength through decency. Is she willing to answer that call?

Julian tells Olivia that he’s reached a point where he realizes that family is important. Olivia wonders if he’s going through a mid-life crisis, and suggest one of her brothers hooking him up with a sweet Camaro. Julian says he thought he caught her caring for a split second. She says she’d prefer to stay alive for Leo’s sake. Leo is used to him being around, and would miss him if he was gone. He thanks her for stopping by. She says he’s changed. He’s a better man since prison. She’s not talking about the bar, but Kim. He has good thing. She tells him, try not blow it. He tells her to give his regards to Ted.

Curtis tells Drew that he’s sorry. Drew says Oscar wants privacy, so he doesn’t want it to get around. Curtis says if Drew wants, he can look for Oscar, but Drew says if he doesn’t turn up, he’ll call. Curtis says he’ll be there any time. He feels bad that Drew thought he should do this alone. Drew says he’s not alone. He and Kim teamed up, and Sam knows and has been supportive. He needs to try and stop the lawsuit. He’s sorry about wedding, and wishes he could be there. Curtis says, for what it’s worth, he’s a praying man, and he’ll be sure to keep them in his prayers. Drew says it means a lot.

Carly knows Elizabeth can’t stand her, but they have to coexist for the people they have in common. If Elizabeth wants to be snarky or roll her eyes, do it to her, not Josslyn. Elizabeth wonders what she’s talking about, and Carly says Elizabeth came to the conclusion that Josslyn put Cameron up to shoplifting and was a negative influence. She thinks Cameron is a great kid, but if Elizabeth wants to keep them apart, she’d rather Elizabeth forbid it than sabotage them. No disappointed looks or eye rolling. She expects courtesy, and she’ll do the same with Cameron. Elizabeth asks if she’s finished, and Carly says, for now, and leaves.

Cameron asks Oscar, how about some gratitude? Oscar asks if he was waiting for a chance to swoop in. Him being sick is the best thing that could have happened to Cameron. Cameron says Oscar pushed Josslyn away, lied, tried to get her to move on, and now he’s getting upset when she does. Josslyn is strong enough to know the truth, and Oscar should know that. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks. Oscar says none of it would have happened if he didn’t have cancer. Cameron is sorry Oscar doesn’t like how it’s happening. If he needs to crash, Cameron’s got him, but he needs to start looking for a permanent arrangement before this blows up.

Sam asks Kim what Oscar’s reasoning is, and Kim says he’s afraid it will shorten his life, or he could end up brain dead. Sam says quality of life issues are a big deal. Kim tells her all treatments have risks. If they do nothing, he’ll die. It could be a matter of months, but if the treatment works, it could extend his life and possibly save it. Sam understands, and isn’t judging her. Kim asks why she’s hesitating. Sam told her that Danny is a survivor of leukemia. She knows what it’s like to be the mother of a sick child, and why you have to do everything to save them. She asks Sam to tell her mother to stop Oscar from making the biggest mistake of his life. One that could actually end it.

Olivia sees Laura and Alexis at the MetroCourt. She says she’s opening the ballroom in January. She wants to have an inaugural celebration, since she wasn’t able to last year. Laura says she might not have one this year, and not to count her chickens before they’re hatched.

Diane and Drew show up at Alexis’s office. Alexis asks if it’s an ambush, but Drew says Diane is representing him and Kim; they’re going to fight Oscar’s case. Diane says, as his parents, they have Oscar’s best intentions at heart, and she doesn’t think it should go any further. Alexis believes she’s right, but she’s not dropping the case.

Sam isn’t sure it’s right for her to get involved, and Kim asks, why not? Sam says if it’s possible that it will leave him brain dead, she understands. Kim says, all treatment comes with a risk. He’s a child, and looking at the worst case scenario. Sam also understands that it’s his risk to take. Kim thought she would understand, but Sam says she does, more than Kim knows. Years ago, Jason had a brain tumor. Not cancer, but it would have killed him. Because of where it was, surgery came with the possibility of becoming brain dead. Jason wasn’t afraid to die, but he was afraid to live in a bed, hooked up to machines. He refused to have surgery. He wanted to live out the rest of his life with her on his own terms, and he’s alive. She begged him to have the surgery. She wanted him to live; she loved him. Kim doesn’t understand why she won’t help, and Sam says she didn’t force him. It was his choice. He knew the risk and decided. That’s what Oscar is asking for. Kim says Jason is an adult; Oscar is a child, and this is his only chance to keep on living. Sam had said they were family because of their kids, and asked if she could help. Kim doesn’t need hand holding or a casserole. She needs Sam to help save their son, and ask Alexis to talk sense into Oscar. Sam says Alexis wouldn’t have taken the case on if she didn’t think she could handle it. There’s nothing Sam can say. She doesn’t have that kind of influence As much as she hates to admit it, she thinks there might be one person who does.

Oscar looks through Charlie’s window. Julian comes out, and asks if he shouldn’t be in school. Oscar noticed he has a help wanted sign. Julian says the position is full time, but Oscar says he’s sixteen; it’s legal for him to go to work. Julian says Oscar’s mom would have his head. Oscar says Julian asked if he could help, but he was lying – just like everyone else. Julian tells him, hold on.

Olivia hopes there are no hard feelings, and Laura can leave the last campaign behind. She hopes Laura comes to the ball in a few weeks. It would also mean the world to Ned if she’d offer her endorsement. Laura says she can’t, and Olivia guesses the water isn’t under the bridge. Olivia leaves, and Carly says she was being gracious. She’s surprised Laura turned her down. Laura says she can’t endorse Ned if she’s running against him. She’s officially announcing that she’s a write-in candidate for mayor of Port Charles. Carly gives Ned credit for revitalizing the commerce, but social services are slipping through the cracks. People will be thrilled that she’s running again. Carly asks how much Doc told Laura about her time in Ferncliff.

Cameron comes home, telling Elizabeth there’s been a change in plans. Elizabeth says Carly mentioned he’d been spending a lot of time with Josslyn. He asks if she was talking about the pep rally. Josslyn brought everyone and he went as a friend. It’s what they are. Elizabeth asks, what about Oscar? He told her that they broke up, but she says it’s not that cut and dried. She tells him, try to be sensitive to Oscar’s feelings, and he wonders why she’s asking that all the time. Why isn’t she sensitive to his feelings.  She says he doesn’t want to do something he’ll regret. He says, what’s to regret? and she tells him, go wash up.

Oscar and Julian shake hands. Kim walks in and says Oscar didn’t come home. She was worried. Oscar says he’s good, and jets. Julian says Oscar really does love her; it’s just a phase. She’s not so sure. He thinks she could use a cortado. If it’s any consolation, Julian will keep an eye on him. He just gave Oscar a job. Contingent on him staying in school. Kim says he has no idea what he just did.

Drew tells Alexis that as parents, they know what’s best. Alexis understands, and he says not to patronize him. He hopes she understands she’s enabling Oscar’s refusal of the only treatment that can help. Alexis says he feels powerless due to his age and illness; he has no control. She hopes to give him a sense of control and peace by allowing him to express himself. She thinks he deserves that. Drew says, not at the expense of his own life. Alexis says, if she doesn’t do this, Oscar will go to Scotty, who will turn it into a circus. He’ll make it a national debate, using the notoriety for his own benefit, and Drew’s son get lost in the shuffle. She’ll keep it private and respectful. Drew says, it won’t matter if Oscar is dead in a few months because he turned down the chance to save his own life.

Julian asks what he did wrong. Oscar might as well be there. If his teenage rebellion means getting a job, it’s probably a good thing. Kim says Oscar wants to prove to the court he can be self-sufficient. He wants to be emancipated. He’s suing to have control over his medical treatment. Julian knew it was serious, but had no idea his life was at stake. Kim says his only chance to beat it is if they win. Julian hugs her.

Drew says he’s willing to take it to the Supreme Court if necessary. She’s looking at it as a test case on legal ethics. They’re looking at it as parents, and want to give their child the best chance to save his life. He storms out, and Alexis asks Diane to tell her that she understands. Diane does, but says as mature as Oscar appears, he’s still a child. It’s his parents’ role to ensure he’s given the best chance at life. Alexis says he hasn’t been given a choice. Who knows what he would decide? Diane tells her she’s in for a big fight, and she’ll fight with everything she has. So will Alexis, and Diane says she expects nothing less.

Laura is shocked Carly was forced into treatment without her consent. And the horrible nurse who signed for her to get the procedure; it was fraud. Carly says she’s lucky she had a friend who looked out for her and got her out, but there was another patient. She never saw his face or heard his voice, but he tapped messages in Morse code on the wall. Laura asks, what messages? and Carly says, SOS, he was being held against his will. Carly wonders what if he doesn’t belong there any more than she did? Laura thinks maybe she can help. She wants to take a tour of Ferncliff. She’d love to have Carly come with her, but if it’s too painful, she understands. Carly swore she’d never go back, but if someone is being held against their will like her, she’ll make an exception.

Elizabeth asks Cameron why Carly was asking questions about Josslyn and Oscar. Cameron doesn’t know. He goes upstairs, but comes back and asks if Elizabeth is okay. She says she is, it’s just that a friend of hers is going through a hard time. He know it sounds random, but he loves her. He knows he doesn’t say it as much as he should, but he does. She says she loves him so much, and hugs him.

Outside, Diane is glad Drew waited. He hopes he didn’t make things harder, but Diane says she and Alexis understand each other. The deck is stacked against Alexis until Oscar can prove he can support himself without parental assistance. He’s an unemployed teenager, and she hopes the court dismisses it out of hand.

Oscar walks into Alexis’s office, saying he finished up one. He got a job. What next? Seriously? A job at Charlie’s, that’s not bartending, is going to pay the bills? Sign me up.

Julian tells Kim that he’s sorry. He didn’t mean to make it worse. Maybe he should tell Oscar the deal’s off. Kim says he’ll just get a job somewhere else. She’d rather have Oscar here with him; someone she trusts. He can’t believe Alexis is taking this on. Kim asks if he thinks she’s doing this because they’re together, but he says, not for a second. She’s not petty like that. Kim thinks she still has lingering feelings for him. He hopes so. Kim says she’s desperate. She tried to get Alexis to back off, and went to Sam. Sam told her the only person who might have influence over Alexis is him.

Tomorrow, Nina suggests Sasha make Port Charles her home, Oscar wonders if Julian has other motives, and Spinelli has intriguing information about Margaux.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra meets Jeremy at a photo studio. She loves working with him. She says the Hard Night Good Morning product was named for her. Now that her mom is retiring, it’s the first step in rebranding. She still wants to go with the original idea, but at forty-nine, she has good skin. She does look amazing without makeup. She says she’s going to be the face of the product. An eighteen-year-old holding the product isn’t a testimony to how well it works. She hired her husband for the shoot. She loves his work, and the price is good.

Kameron is at the grand opening of the Elizabeth W boutique. She was asked to help host the opening party. She met Elizabeth through a charitable organization. She knew Kameron is a fashionista, and has friends in the charity world. She knows women who would camp out to buy her clothes.

Cary asks LeeAnne how last night went, and LeeAnne says, heavy. She’s supposed to be planning a wedding, and D’Andra called her fake, saying she and Rick lived separate lives. Carly asks how long they’ve been together, and LeeAnne says over nine years. Carly says, that’s a long time to fake something. She can’t do it for thirty seconds. People need be more conscious of their words. In her interview, Cary says she’s past the drama from when LeeAnne hurt their family, but the irony isn’t lost on her that Brandi and D’Andra are making her relationship public. She hopes LeeAnne realizes how much it hurts. LeeAnne says when she pointed out that drinking is the only thing D’Andra does with Brandi, she asked if LeeAnne was calling her an alcoholic. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says if she showed up at a charity event sloshed, she wouldn’t be going to many. Nobody wants a drunk at a charity event. Cary tells her not to insert herself into the situation. She won’t win. LeeAnne says it will all come out in the wash. It always does.

D’Andra tells Jeremy that she stopped talking to LeeAnne. LeeAnne said she has a drinking problem since she’s been out with Brandi. She says there were only two instances of them drinking; her birthday, and a charity event. Jeremy says it’s none of her business. D’Andra says it’s childish. Childish and immature is how LeeAnne deals with things.

LeeAnne tells Cary that Brandi and D’Andra are bullying her. No one else has a problem with her. Brandi keeps insisting LeeAnne is unhappy, and jealous of D’Andra. We flash back to Brandi getting in LeeAnne’s face at the prom. LeeAnne says with them accusing her of all this sh*t, it can only be so long before people are saying D’Andra is drunk and an alcoholic. Cary says those are big words. Drink less; talk less. Get TF out of the way. She wonders why D’Andra invited LeeAnne to the cooking weekend, but LeeAnne says D’Andra’s mother invited her. In Dee’s interview, she says she thought they could spend some time mending fences, and there will be other people there.

LeeAnne thinks at some point she’s going to have to address the issue. In her interview, she says she spent high school with her head in in a locker, crying, because girls are mean. She doesn’t want go back in the locker. Kameron thinks LeeAnne needs to take a breath, but keep poking the bear, and it will bite. Cary hopes it doesn’t get to that.

Cary’s father put an article in a Danish newspaper to find their relatives, and cousin Camilla wrote to her. She’s a musician who works with her husband, and is having an album release in Copenhagen. She invited Cary, who wants to go. Her dad did a lot to reconnect with the family, so if she can do that, she might have a stronger relationship with her father. It’s important to him. She and Mark go over his schedule, since he’ll have to go to Zuri’s spring program. She thinks it would be fun to bring her girlfriends, and Mark thinks she should. He’ll go next time.

Cary FaceTImes with her parents, telling them about her plans to go to the concert. Her dad says her grandfather would be happy. He’s thrilled she’s making a connection. Cary says he’s tearing up, and going to make her cry. Her dad says her grandfather would probably have a tear in his eye too. Mark says it’s the best conversation Cary has had with her dad since they’ve been married.

Stephanie thinks she and Travis should get drunk and sloppy. Travis is going over the notes from Harvard, and she says she always wanted to date a Harvard man. In her interview, Stephanie says when he was gone for three weeks, she was almost a loony tune. She doesn’t like to be by herself. She deals with depression, and doesn’t want feel anxious or in a dark space. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s been on and off antidepressants and she sees a therapist. She’s trying to be healthier. She says nothing bothers Travis, and he tells her he has an eight hundred page book to read. He’s going to read it one page at a time, and that’s how she’ll deal with him not being there – one day at a time. In her interview, she doesn’t want this to change their dynamic. She doesn’t want him to come home and think he’s married to the village idiot. They talk about their ten year vow renewal. She says ten years is enough time, but it’s not so long that you look like Shar Peis getting married again. Travis says, ten years at a time.

Dee is hosting the cooking lesson at her best friend Marian’s house in Cedar Creek, so she doesn’t mess up her own. In her interview, D’Andra says her favorite thing, besides her husband, is cooking. It’s great for anxiety and stress, which she’s had a lot of this year. She tells Marian that she’s not really talking to LeeAnne, but she wants today to be more about fun and food. It’s been stressful lately. Dee says she and Marian used to fight, and Marian asks what she means by used to. In D’Andra’s interview, she says if Dee and Marian can get through their fights, there’s hope for her and LeeAnne.

LeeAnne and Rich arrive. In her interview, LeeAnne is hoping this is Dee’s way of telling her that she sees what’s going on, and thinks there’s a possible resolution. Dee tells everyone that men love good cooks, and the old adage is true – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’d like to add, a woman’s too. We all love good food. In LeeAnne’s interview, she loves Dee’s idea that food is how you keep men happy. Hers is… never mind.  She makes a gesture, and we’ll just leave it there. Dee says D’Andra says it’s her fault she has a weight problem. In her interview, D’Andra says while growing up, food was an escape. Who diets in fourth grade? I slowly raise my hand. She says she’s not a size two salad eater. Dee gives D’Andra an apron that says, queen bee. LeeAnne says she can finally be queen. We flash back to the great queen debate at Beaver Creek. In D’Andra’s interview, she thinks her mom is sending a message to LeeAnne not to mess with her daughter. If she says so. The rest of the guests trickle in.

Jimmy is Kameron’s mother-in-law, and the matriarch of the Westcott family. Kameron is being groomed to take over one day. Kameron has brought her along. She says Jimmy is a fantastic cook and could have her own restaurant, but Jimmy waves away the compliment, saying, that was back in the day. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s one of a few powerful woman in Dallas society that you wouldn’t want to cross. They’re making a meatloaf, and Dee starts by lining the pan with bacon. I think I’d have a bigger weight problem than D’Andra, and I don’t even like bacon. We learn that peppers are male and female; the female has four bumps, and the male, three. What difference it makes remains a mystery. Marian puts an entire bottle of ketchup into the meatloaf. D’Andra says they argue all the time about how much should go in, and LeeAnne wonders who would need so much ketchup? Dee instructs everyone to mix the meatloaf with their hands.

Kameron asks about Cary’s event. In her interview, D’Andra says it’s the elephant in the room, and she has to get it off her chest. She asks if LeeAnne thinks she’s an alcoholic. LeeAnne tells her that she never said that. She says she was concerned about her drinking too much with Brandi. D’Andra says that’s not what she heard. LeeAnne knows, and says she wishes Brandi would appreciate the other aspects of D’Andra’s character, other than being a drinking buddy. Kameron says nothing wrong with having drinks at an event, but it depends on the level. LeeAnne said Brandi was swaying. LeeAnne concurs, saying she was bobbing back and forth. We flash back, and yep, she was. D’Andra doesn’t remember it that way.

Dee asks LeeAnne, come and talk to Mama Dee. In her interview, LeeAnne says Dee is someone she’s always looked up to, and whose opinion she values. Dee has told her she’s like a second daughter. Dee asks how it worked out, and LeeAnne says she talked to D’Andra at Cary’s opening. She explained how hurtful it was for D’Andra to say she and Rich lead separate lives. It’s like saying he’s cheating. She doesn’t think she and Brandi understand the damage they cause. She and Rich spend all day together, and sometimes she goes out to a charity event and comes home. She wants Brandi to appreciate other aspects of D’Andra, instead of just looking at her as a drinking buddy.

Jeremy thinks whatever the girls are arguing about is bullsh*t. Rich says it will get worse before it gets better. That’s how the girls are. They have to go all the way to implosion. Jeremy is glad he has a penis. Rich says he’s glad Jeremy has a penis too.

Kameron tells D’Andra that she’s just saying be cautious. D’Andra says she’s almost fifty. She’s not going to worry about what people think of her. If she wants to play drinking games or day drink, she’s not affecting anyone’s life. Kameron says personally, she doesn’t care, but she doesn’t trust others not to talk. Two seconds after telling Brandi something, the whole world knows.

LeeAnne tells Dee that D’Andra has a lot of beautiful sides, but Brandi only wants to appreciate the side that gets drunk. Dee says she worries, since D’Andra’s father was an alcoholic, and he’s dead. She’s always warned her. LeeAnne says her grandmother warned her because there’s alcoholism in her family. In LeeAnne’s interview, she thinks Dee’s hearing her, but ultimately blood is thicker than water, and she’s water.

Jimmy tells D’Andra it’s a conservative city, and people talk. Kameron says LeeAnne cares and loves her. It hurts them if people talk about her, and the truth is, they do talk. Jimmy says if you march to a different drummer, you’re going to get criticized. D’Andra wonders why she can’t just do the things that make her happy, if she’s going to be judged anyway. Jimmy tells her LeeAnne is her friend.

Dee tells LeeAnne not to let it destroy the friendship. That would be ridiculous and stupid. She’s seventy-seven, and knows about relationships. They hug.

Jimmy says it’s impossible to stay on the road straight down the line. Whatever that means. Kameron has a friend she was counseled not to be around. Their reputation is awful, and someone might think she’s like that. In her interview, D’Andra says she knows why Jimmy is here. To warn her about Brandi, and her reputation, which is getting soiled. She wonders if it’s a warning about her friendship with Kameron. In Kameron’s interview, she says that Jimmy is like mama bear and protects her friends. She tells D’Andra, be careful.

With Bruin in tow, Brandi goes to a jewelry store with Travis to pick out something for Stephanie. She was there to help with the engagement ring ten years ago. Travis says Stephanie wants an eternity band. Brandi thinks ten years is a lot, and feels like they’re getting old now. In her interview, Brandi says ten years is a big deal LeeAnne can’t get to one. Really? She says she’s known Travis for twenty years, and he dated some winners. When Stephanie came along, Brandi told him that he was going to marry her. Stephanie depends on him; he’s her rock. She thinks it’s beautiful, and he gives Stephanie support, but she needs to feel comfortable about him being away. Travis orders a $41,500 ring.

The meal is complete. They sit outside, and the guys sit at their own table. LeeAnne says there are six sticks of butter in the mashed potatoes. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s in need of some emotional eating, and got it in. Dee gets up, and says, friendship and food go together. Life is short. One morning her husband kissed her goodbye, and said, see you at dinner, and she never saw him again. Every moment together is a miracle. They should select their friends wisely. You never know when you say goodbye if you’ll be saying hello again. She loves them all, and thanks Marian. LeeAnne says it touches her heart, and makes her a little sad. That she’s there should show D’Andra that she’s not willing quit on the friendship. She’s there. Say something.

Jeremy is a military photographer, and has awarded with Military Photo of the Year seven times. A mural of one of his famous photos is being unveiled, marines breakdancing in Africa. In her interview, D’Andra says when they were at the cooking lesson, it wasn’t the time to voice her opinion. Jimmy is an elder, and you don’t call them out for being wrong. Kameron was wrong to bring her. She doesn’t bring her mother to a dogfight; she fights herself. She’s pissed at Kameron. The speech about friendship got to her, so she invited LeeAnne and Rich. They need to talk one-on-one, and see how it shakes out.

Rich makes it for the unveiling. He says LeeAnne was going to try, but she’s at a fashion show. D’Andra understands Brandi has a baby, but LeeAnne chose to go to a fashion show. Stephanie says it’s a special moment. She and Travis have two of Jeremy’s photos hanging in their house.

Kameron says it was fun cooking. D’Andra says she thought she’d gotten a warning from Jimmy because she didn’t behave. It sounded like a warning about their friendship. Kameron says they were just telling her to be cautious because people are talking. D’Andra says it was hurtful, and she felt attacked. In her interview, Kameron is disgusted that D’Andra is even bringing her mother-in-law into the situation. To assume it’s an attack is mind-boggling. Kameron says Jimmy knows a lot of people; she’s not someone you want to piss off. D’Andra asks if that’s a threat, and Kameron says she’s trying to protect D’Andra from a trainwreck. Sometimes the truth hurts. In Kameron’s interview, she says D’Andra’s been wild lately, and people are talking. Kameron is offended, saying she’d never attack D’Andra. D’Andra says what she does is no one’s business. Kameron has had enough

Cary follows Kameron out. Kameron says she’s leaving. D’Andra is being a crazy bitch, saying Jimmy was being offensive. Cary says, talk to her. D’Andra asks Dee why they attacked her. Dee says, who cares? People talk. She’s learned how to work with it. She tells D’Andra not to feel embarrassed or upset. Let people what they want. In her interview, D’Andra says, it’s hard to walk away, and say you don’t care. Kameron tells Cary she’s done with it. People said mean hurtful things about D’Andra, and she defends, and gets treated like this. And disrespecting her mother-in-law? Peace out. Kameron gets in her car, and says, this is freaking insane.

Next time, Cary asks the girls to Copenhagen, Stephanie and Travis renew their vows, and Cary thinks the trip might be a disaster.

Below Deck

Ross tells Chandler that Rhylee can’t take instruction. Chandler should talk to the captain; nip it in the bud. Chandler wants to get through the charter, then do what they need to. Like the impetuous baby he is, Ross goes to the captain himself. He tells Captain Lee it’s not his place to say what he’s saying, but Rhylee doesn’t seem to know what’s happening in front of the guests. He thinks there’s a break in communication. In his interview, Ross says it’s frustrating. There’s no direction, and it’s making them all look bad. The captain is impressed by Ross. He knows what needs to be done, when the bosun should have the answers.

Kate calls around for local dancers and musicians. Adrian asks her if she wants to try something he’s making, and she says it’s going to be the first charter where she gains weight. In Kate’s interview, she says they’re throwing a luau. There will be dancers, fire throwers, and music. It will be spectacular. Josiah is her favorite stew she’s ever had. Rhylee has no regrets about how she dealt with Ross. They were in a dangerous situation. She’d rather he be upset than someone get injured. Ashton tells Ross there’s a Tahitian beach party tonight. Chandler is taking a nap. In his interview, Ross feels badly. He’s never thrown anyone under the bus before. It proves how frustrated he is.

Caroline tells Kate that she had issues with Chandler last night. He said he’d help, but when the time came, he went to bed. Kate thinks Caroline doesn’t understand that he has more responsibility. Usually the lower deckhands help with that. She agrees that 4:45 is too late to stay up. In her interview, Kate thinks it’s because Chandler didn’t give Caroline any attention; not that he didn’t help.

Ross says he’s just trying to pull his weight, and provide for his son and his son’s mother. It’s his motivation. Kate tells Adrian that Caroline is obsessed with Chandler. Adrian says she always looks like a  deer in headlights; it cracks him up. Caroline tells Chandler that she was totally wrong, and misunderstood what their joint role was. She apologizes. In his interview, Chandler has no idea what she’s talking about. He doesn’t thinks she knows where she is.

Captain Lee says he’ll be having dinner with the guests. Everyone changes to their blacks, and Kate decides to take Caroline with her for the picnic. They go ahead, and set up. Kate tells Caroline that she should have a baby with Chandler. If they conceive it on the boat, they can name it My Sienna. In her interview, Caroline loves everything about that idea, except everything about that idea.

Ross outs himself to Rhylee, saying he told the captain about a breakdown in communication. Captain Lee wanted him to be specific, and he mentioned her name. He’s sorry; he doesn’t know why. She asks what he said, and Ross says, nothing bad. In her interview, Rhylee says, are you effing kidding me? What has she done besides her job?

The guests go over to the beach with Josiah. Kate says, it’s a lot of work finding local musicians where you don’t speak the language, while you set up dinner on an island you’ve never been to. The guests arrive, the music starts, and they say it looks amazing. Kate is amazing. Captain Lee agrees. Adrian says one of his favorite nicknames is Merlin. He likes to do concoctions, and all of that is coming out in this dinner. Primary Alan asks Adrian to leave with him. He’s giving him all the tip money, and taking him.

Chandler says he’s getting some shuteye. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she only gets about five hours of sleep a night, and it’s effed up.

Kate asks if Josiah can hula. Caroline goes back with Ross to do turndown. When they get to the boat, Ross calls Chandler, but Rhylee says he’s on break. On the island, the native dancing starts. In her interview, Kate says, one of the great things about yachting is that you experience different cultures with the guests. That’s all she really wants to do. The fire dancers throw fire around.

Chandler and Caroline talk about traveling when the charter is over. Chandler says even though his dad is in the charter business, he’s jealous about the places Chandler has been, and he’s only twenty-eight. Caroline enjoys his company, but is being guarded. The guests head back. In his interview, Captain Lee says he’s never attended anything that came off like this. He’s blown away.

Chandler tells Ross to knock off for the night. Ashton can go too. Chandler sees all the crap left to clean up from the picnic, and radios Rhylee to meet in the beach club. He asks if she has this. In her interview, she says she wants to crash. She’s tired, but knows the junior crew get the sh*t jobs at the end of the day. Ashton tells Ross there’s no downtime. No one has had a break when they’re supposed to; it could be scheduled better. Rhylee is exhausted, and fed up with the boys. It’s wearing on her. I note that Chandler seems to get plenty of sleep.

Kate tells Caroline it went well. Caroline thinks it was more cohesive than the first charter. She says Kate and Josiah clearly have a strong connection, and she feels left out. She wonders if Kate thinks she’s ridiculous. Kate says Caroline is crazy, ridiculous, amazing, and finny. She’s the perfect third stew. In Kate’s interview, she understands why Caroline might feel left out, but she can sit with them. They’re not mean girls. This is why she doesn’t like threesomes. Someone always feels left out.

The crew prepares for the last morning of the charter. Anchor is locked, breakfast is served, and one guest says they’ll have no reason to eat after this. Nothing will taste good, and she’ll be in full depression. The crew changes to their whites. The captain wants to sync the fenders, which is a fancy way to say drop all the weights at once. When they dock, the guests don’t want to leave, but they have to. Alan says it’s the best charter they’ve ever done. He was blown away. Danyelle thanks them from the bottom of her heart. Alan takes out an envelope, saying, good tip, and another, saying, spectacular tip. He gives them both to Captain Lee. The crew applauds. Alan and Danyelle declare their love for each other.

For the past year, Caroline’s focus has been on her mom, and she can’t make friends or form relationships. Rhylee is feisty and intelligent, and she relates. While they’re changing, Rhylee complains about only getting five house of sleep. Caroline knows about Ross saying there’s a lack of communication. Rhylee says she knows how to communicate. Chandler calls for help with the luggage, and she says she’s changing, per instruction. He asks if she couldn’t see what they were doing. In her interview, she says he keeps talking about being boss. How about giving instructions beforehand? She gets some clothes on and goes to help.

Caroline knocks on the penthouse door (aka Kate and Josiah’s private bunk). Kate says it’s her penthouse too; it’s the interior penthouse. She feels badly because she and Josiah are always laughing together. They have yachtie shorthand. She wants to make an effort to include Caroline. Josiah says he and Kate are a perfect fit. They’ve both mastered the RBF.

Rhylee is tired of how she’s not allowed to speak unless she’s spoken too. Ross tells her she’s doing a great job, but she says she’s not comfortable talking to him about feelings. It’s tip time.

Captain Lee says everybody did a good job. The guests wanted a home run (a baseball reference – shades of the Mediterranean), and they did it. The food was a hit, Kate elevated the bar, and the synchronized fender drop was perfect. Alan wasn’t lying. They got $22K or $1820 each. Ashton says, yes, please. Party time. They have the night off. In his interview, Adrian says money doesn’t have that much value in his eyes. Of course not. The captain wants to see Chandler in the wheelhouse. Do as much as they can today, before they go out and wreck themselves, or rather, have fun.

The captain tells Chandler to have a seat, and asks how things are going with the crew. Chandler says everyone is trying help each other, but there’s always backlash to what’s said. An expression or comment from Rhylee on the back end. In Chandler’s interview, he says he’d be at his wit’s end if he was the captain. He’d fire her. He tells the captain that her attitude is piss poor. Captain Lee asks what he’s doing about it. Chandler says he doesn’t think they have the time to wait for a change or deal with it. In his interview, Captain Lee says Chandler has a hard-on for Rhylee, and not in the Biblical sense. He has his mind made up that she won’t work out, but all he sees is that she’s doing her job. She’s just hard to get along with. If Chandler wants him to get rid of her, he’s not doing it. He tells Chandler that they don’t have that luxury. It’s his issue to solve. One of his people felt there’s a breakdown in communication. He suggests a deck meeting before each charter, and schedule people who work best together. He’s going to need a clear line of communication so there’s no confusion. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never had a problem like this. Whoever went to the captain, should have come to him first. It makes the department look bad, him in particular.

Josiah and Kate have champagne. Kate wishes Caroline and Chandler would have sex. Josiah thinks Rhylee and Ashton would be like two crocs fighting over a ham hock or roadkill. On deck, Ashton suggests they knock off early. Chandler says they can be efficient tomorrow.

Josiah tells Kate every time they say Adrian is an alien, he doesn’t deny it. In her interview, Rhylee says she and Ashton have chemistry. She’d like to take it further, but she’s having fun flirting.

The guys sit outside and have a beer. Josiah asks if anyone thinks Chandler should hook up with Caroline, and Chandler wonders, what’s up with that? Josiah thinks they’re flirty. In Chandler’s interview, he says he likes girls who are down to earth and easy going. We’ll see. Josiah asks what Chandlers type is, and Chandler says, normal. They laugh.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Chandler says it was a tough charter. He’s hoping there are no issues tonight. The crew goes to a local lounge. They order espresso martinis, and talk about what they’re doing after the charter. Food comes. When they’re done, they have a shot. Ashton thinks Rhylee is naughty, but wants to be careful. Getting involved with a crew member can be complicated. Just ask Hannah.

Ashton asks what time they want to head back; he doesn’t want to piss everyone off. We flash back to him holding everyone up last time. Caroline goes out for a smoke. Chandler follows, and Kate says if they conceive a baby on the boat, she wants it named Sienna Kate. They go back to the car. Ashton says he’s had seven espresso martinis, and he’s still tired, He needs to drink more. Most. Uneventful. Night. Out. Ever.

Back at the boat, Rhylee and Caroline have dessert in the galley, until Chandler horns in. Rhylee leaves them alone, but nothing happens. I stick with my original assessment of the evening.

Rhylee teases Caroline that she and Chandler ate the cake like Lady and the Tramp. There’s a debate as to who the Tramp is. Kate and Josiah are wasted. Josiah says everyone is boring, and brings some ramen to Kate. She asks who he’d fired if he could. She’d fire Rhylee; she’s a moron. He loves Caroline, but thinks Kate needs to talk to her. Kate says they can’t go through another charter with so much talking . Caroline knocks on the door, and tells them she heard what they were saying. Kate tells her to come in, but Caroline says they’ll talk tomorrow. In her interview, Caroline says that they claim not to be mean girls, but they were talking behind her back. It’s upsetting, and becoming an effed up charter.

Next time, Kate wonders what’s wrong with Rhylee, the guests are disgustingly obsessed with social media, a used condom is left on a nightstand (eww!), and Caroline asks to see a doctor.

👉 Always On Point…

She has happy resting face. You know who has those? Lunatics. And Labradors. – Kate Chastain, in regard to stew Sierra, Below Deck, season four

⚾ Star was not on tonight, because, World Series.

🏁 I’m almost at the finish line of this overwhelming week, and I’m hoping I didn’t make too many editing mistakes. I haven’t had a chance to open that box from Oriental Trading yet, so I’m also hoping there wasn’t a huge mistake and it’s full of candy corn.

🏆 So Close…


October 23, 2018 – Oscar Prepares for Divorce, a Little Lucci, No Doesn’t Mean No to Charles, Deck Excuses & Longest


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Elizabeth watch the clouds in the park. Elizabeth can’t stop thinking about Aiden, and wondering what he’s afraid of. Franco says his teacher had come good ideas for how to draw him out of his shell. Elizabeth wonders how, as a mother, she can’t see what’s happening.

Kim apologizes for ruining Drew’s time with Oscar. Drew tells her it’s fine; it’s just hard to watch Oscar push them away. Kim says they’re his parents. He needs them, and needs the drug trial. It’s not negotiable. Drew thinks it’s important to give him space, and all the freedom they can now, in case they have to take it away.

Oscar asks if Alexis is really going to liberate him from his parents. She tells him the word is emancipation, and it’s more complicated than that. She’s willing to help, but he has to acknowledge, win or lose, it will come at a cost. It might break whatever bond they have. She’s seen it happen for a lot less.

At the MetroCourt bar, Ava looks at Griff and Kiki’s picture in The Invader. She orders a double.

Nina is glad Sasha decided to stick around. Sasha tells her to thank her ex. Valentin walks in.

Laura looks at not-Doc’s list, and says, Ryan’s victims. She wonders what he’s doing with that. Standing behind her, not-Doc was wondering the same about her.

Jason brings Kristina back to the townhouse, and Sam asks how much she’s had to drink. She says she’s not drunk, and Jason says, enough to lose her car keys. She says she was looking for her phone to call a car. Sam says she was all alone in the park, drinking. Kristina says she was contemplating her habit of making bad decisions. Like the bad decision Sam recently made. Sam says she’s not the one in park getting hammered. Looking at Jason, Kristina says she’s letting a grade A hunk go to waste. They obviously want each other.

Nina tells Sasha, Valentin does have a certain je ne sais quoi. She tells Sasha to pretend they’re talking, and Sasha says, they are talking. Nina makes like Sasha has told the funniest joke ever, and Valentin approaches the table. Nina says she’d introduce them, but Valentin knows Sasha already. He makes pleasantries and moves on. Sasha says Nina is totally into him, and asks why they split up.

Ava sees Griff and Kiki walk in. They see her too, and Kiki says, oh hell no. Griff asks if she wants to relocate, but she says if they retreat once, they’ll be doing it for the rest of their lives. She takes his arm, and Ava tells the bartender to hold her drink. Ava says she didn’t know Griff was a film buff, and wonders how long it will be before they cheat on each other.

Elizabeth wonders why she didn’t see it. Franco jokes that it’s no wonder; the boys are practically raising themselves. It’s obviously her fault. She tells him it’s not funny, but he’s trying to point out how absurd she sounds. She’s a terrific mother. She asks why she didn’t see it then. He says she’s terrific, not all-knowing. She says that’s what kids need; the gift they can give. Kids think that nothing can go wrong. They have that freedom because their parents are in control. Not all kids are so lucky.

Oscar tells Alexis this isn’t a temper tantrum. He’s not doing this to escape curfew. He wants to take control of his life; however much time he has. She says she’ll start prepping his case, and he has to get his life in order. He needs to start living independently; get a place to live, and a means to pay for it. He says, speaking of that… and she tells him not to worry about her. They’ll figure something out. She suggests he not tell his parents that he hired her; hold off until his affairs are in order. He says keeping secrets are how they do things; not him.

Drew asks Kim if Oscar has always been this stubborn, and she says, this, from a man who was court marshalled for disobeying a direct order. He says that was cleared up, but she says there was another one, but he came to his senses and backed down. He hopes Oscar inherited the good stuff. Oscar comes back, and Kim asks if he wants to talk about it. He says they’re not forcing him to do the trial. He’s divorcing them.

Not-Doc closes the door. Laura says, Kevin… and he tells her that’s his name, don’t wear it out. He said her name, but she was too busy snooping to hear him. She says she was trying to leave him a note. She didn’t like how they left things unfinished. She would have been out of there already, but the list was on the front of the pad. She asks if they’re the names of Ryan’s victims, and he says her memory is a marvel. He eyeballs the letter opener on the desk. She says she’s worried about him. She thinks the renewed attention to Ryan and his crimes is affecting him. She suggests he talk to a professional, but he says he doesn’t need help. She says they all need help sometimes. He says she’s just going to keep nagging, isn’t she? She says she’s worried about him, and he says his mother worried herself right into an early grave. She thought Ryan killed their mother, and he says, he did. He stabs her in the stomach with the letter opener, and says, just like that.

Laura asks, why? and he tells her to hush. Her troubles are over, and he’s free to reunite with Felicia. Elizabeth comes in, and sees Laura bleeding. Not-Doc says, it’s not what it looks like, and Elizabeth screams. No big surprise, Ryan is only fantasizing. Not-Doc says seeing someone would never work. Sometimes he thinks no one could understand, and he wonders if he was any kind of brother. Laura says he did what he could. Ryan went down a bad path. Not-Doc says he was ineffective, and Laura says Ryan was very sick, and in the end, beyond help. Not-Doc says he was concentrating his thoughts on the victims, not Ryan. That’s what the list is about. Laura says Felicia is on it, and swears she’s not his victim. He says, she’s not a victim per se, but it’s people Ryan had hurt. Laura says he left off Steve and Audrey. Not-Doc says they should have them over for dinner. Laura tells him, Steve is dead, and he says, of course. Forgive him. He got caught up in the past, and Steve’s presence is still strong at GH. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ned, who I sometimes forget is on this show.

Sasha apologizes, saying Nina’s divorce is none of her business. Nina says she might not give an answer, but Sasha can ask anything. The divorce is a sore subject. Sasha says she won’t bring it up again; it’s not like he’s her birth father. Nina says, Silas was her birth father. What happened is a sad story,  but there’s a silver lining. She calls Kiki over. Griff wonders who Nina is with. Kiki has no idea, but anyone is better than Ava. Ava tells her not to walk away, and Valentin suggests Ava leave her alone. Ava says he’s not doing much better, since Nina refuses to see him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden is having a hard time, and just needs extra attention. Elizabeth says she overlooked him, but Franco says, it’s tough being a kid. They’ll help him through it together.

Drew says, Oscar is divorcing them? Kim asks what he’s talking about, and he says he’s taking them to court. He’s getting emancipated, and living on his own. He’s going to support himself, and make his own decisions. They can’t force him to do anything. Drew gets that he’s mad, but this isn’t going to solve anything. Oscar disagrees. The one solution is court; it’s the only way. Drew says they can talk it out, but Oscar says it’s his life. Kim thinks it can’t possibly be legal, and Drew asks if Alexis put this in his head. Oscar says she’s his lawyer.

Kristina says Sam and Jason are hot for each other; everyone knows it. Do something about it already. She means have sex. Sam tells her that she’s going to find herself sleeping elsewhere. Kristina says they’re in that sweet spot where there’s no angst or drama. They’re happy with each other, and need to quit stalling. Put themselves back together like everyone knows they want to.

Nina tells Kiki that Silas was Sasha’s father, which makes her Kiki’s sister. Kiki is blown away, and Sasha says, it’s a lot to take in. Kiki says she didn’t know him well, and sits down. Sasha says she’s sorry for Kiki’s loss, but he’s just a name to her. Kiki must miss him. Kiki says she does. She’s sorry Sasha didn’t get a chance to know him. Sasha says she likes Kiki’s hair, then thinks she just made a stupid comment. Kiki says she likes Sasha’s hair too.

Ava tells Valentin that Nina will never take him back, but he says, fortunes change; some quicker than others. Nina thanks him for getting Sasha to stay, since she screwed up her first meeting with her daughter. Ava says, her daughter? and Nina says the daughter she had with Silas. She lived.

Ned tells Laura, welcome home. She asks how he’s enjoying being mayor, and he says it’s fulfilling, but exhausting. Cleaning up man-made disasters is hard. He’s glad she’s here to hold him accountable. Not-Doc asks what brings him by, and Ned says his brother. He suggests when the interviewers and bloggers come calling to ask him to relive Ryan’s reign of terror, he politely decline to comment. They need to move on, and leave Ryan where he belongs – in the grave. Not-Doc thinks perhaps Ryan is due for a resurrection

Sam says she doesn’t answer to Kristina, and while Kristina is living under her roof, it’s her rules. Go take a shower. Kristina goes upstairs, making waving gestures as she goes. Sam doesn’t know what say, and Jason says, there’s nothing that needs saying. Sam says Kristina was alone, drinking in the park. She thought she could handle her. Jason asks if she mentioned she’d been talking to Parker, and Sam says, that explains a lot. Nothing is worse than breaking up, even if you’re doing it for the right reasons. What you can’t see is that life goes on.

Drew asks if Alexis is really doing this? and Alexis says she’s taken Oscar as a client. She knows it’s upsetting, but if they decide to get an attorney, have them contact her. Kim asks if she’s aware of what she’s doing, and that Oscar is sick. Oscar says he told her everything. Kim says the medical trial that he wants to avoid, is their hope of shrinking the tumor. Alexis knows he was kept in the dark. She has enormous sympathy, but understands his desire for autonomy in regard to his body. She might do the same if she was in his place. Drew says she’s not, and Kim says she doesn’t know what’s right for their son. Alexis says she might argue that no one does, and Kim slaps her across the face. She doesn’t give a damn about Alexis’s legal perspective. She needs to look at it as a mother. It’s not a matter of abstract law; it’s life or death. Alexis is well aware of that, and she’s sorry. Oscar asks if that’s how they’re doing this, and walks away. Kim tries to go after him, but Drew holds her back. She says Oscar is her kid. She has rights. Elizabeth tells her not to cause trouble for herself. Drew says if it gets taken to trial. Kim says, assuming it will make it there, and flies out of Charlie’s.

Sam thanks Jason for coming to Kristina’s rescue. Too bad he can’t fix the rest of her life. Jason thinks she’ll be okay, and Sam says, she won’t be a relationship counselor. Kristina calls down that she’s getting water, and tells them, don’t be naked. Jason says that’s his cue; she’s got this. Kristina comes down, asking if she’s evicted. Sam says, not this time, and hands her the same coffee cup I use every day. She says whether to tell their mom is another story

Ned tells not-Doc and Laura that it was wishful thinking to think he could quash (yes, it’s a word, and he said it) talk about Ryan. He’s already talked to Lulu, who’s heading the story in The Invader. There’s no denying Ryan’s existence or place in history, but they don’t need Doc or Felicia to tell the story. Laura says they want to make it about the victims rather than Ryan. Not-Doc says he assumes the publication will control the final product with editing. Ned says if nothing else, Port Charles will be shown as a fine community. Laura asks Ned why she hasn’t seen anything about him running for reelection, and he says his campaign is minimalist. Why spend money when he’s running unopposed. Not-Doc says, unless Laura changes that.

Ava is shocked that Nina was in a coma for twenty years, and the baby survived. Nina says, she did, and she’s getting to know her half-sister. She asks to talk to Valentin in private. Ava watches while Kiki and Sasha laugh.

Nina thanks Valentin. He says she doesn’t owe him anything except an update. He asks how it’s going, and Nina says it’s better than their first meeting. Valentin tells her to just be herself.

Kiki understands Sasha is overwhelmed. She says, Nina is a good person, and not to let her energy put Sasha off. Sasha says she has a life waiting in Chappaquiddick, but has a life here she never dreamed of. She’s decided to stay for a few days, and Kiki says she’ll show Sasha around. Sasha says maybe Kiki can take her to a place less formal, where she can kick back and find trouble to get into. How about that bar Alexis used to troll?

Valentin tells Nina that he thinks Sasha would have come around with or without him. Nina is glad she didn’t have to find out, and thanks him.

Ava looks at the picture of Griff and Kiki again Griff says for what it’s worth, he’s not out to hurt her feelings. She says she hopes they’re happy together. Griff says she hopes they’ll be miserable, and she says, as they both deserve. He understands that she hates him, but she and Kiki still care about one another. Things might be broken, but they’re not beyond repair – not yet anyway. He leaves, and she calls him a sanctimonious bastard. She’ll show him broken.

Kristina asks if Sam is going to rat her out to their mm. Sam doesn’t want to, but doesn’t want to enable Kristina either. Kristina says the problem with a sober mom, is that you can’t get drunk without someone yelling, addict. Sam says Kristina admits she was drunk. Kristina says she was frustrated. Their mom was giving her more helpful career path suggestions. Sam says she worries, and Kristina says she controls. Sam says she could talk to Alexis, but Kristina says, don’t bother. Sam says, so they had a fight, and Kristina called Parker. Kristina says Parker is moving on with her life. She’s stuck there.

Jason sees Kim, and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s not okay, and not going to be. And she has no energy to chitchat. She apologizes, saying she does have something she’d like to ask. Does he have any influence with Alexis?

Oscar tells Alexis that he’s never seen his mother do something like that. Alexis says, it felt practiced. She understands how Kim feels, but she can handle it. She’s on board as long as he is. He wonders why he wouldn’t be, and she says that was just a taste of how the fight will be. His mother loves him, and wants him to live. Is he prepared for how much he’s going to hurt his parents? They’re going to fight just as hard.

Not-Doc tells Laura to throw her hat in the ring. Ned says he looks forward to working with her, but the ballot is closed. Unless she waits four years. Laura expects he’ll hear about it on his radio show. He says he’s all in, at 7 pm on Thursdays. He’ll be ready for her. He leaves, and not-Doc asks Laura who Ned thinks he is, telling his wife not to run for mayor. He’s a pompous, condescending, blowhard politician. Laura says he defeated Alexis, but not-Doc says he swooped in at the last minute, mounting a writing campaign. His heart broke last year when she had to drop out, and he’s not alone. She’s a hero to a lot of people. It’s undemocratic to deny her a chance to be elected. Laura says, it’s a massive undertaking. Not-Doc understands all the time and energy, and how it will take her away from him. But it’s for the greater good. If it means uplifting the city, he’ll take the hit.

Sam agrees to keep it to herself, as long as Kristina knows drinking is not the way to get her life back on track. Kristina says, duly noted, but what is? San says she’ll let Kristina know when she figures it out.

Kim knows Oscar told Jason about the tumor. He’s says he’s sorry. She knows he got Oscar to call them, and thanks him. He says she’s always thanking him for things anyone can do. She says, not everyone could get through to Oscar. He did. She wonders if he has the same influence with Alexis, but he doesn’t think he has any. She tolerates him, but doesn’t approve of him. Kim doesn’t approve of Alexis. If she doesn’t back off, she’ll be helping Oscar to make a decision that will kill him.

Franco tells Elizabeth, you never know. Maybe Alexis is just playing the long game. Elizabeth is thinking about the whole family as well. Maybe she convince Oscar to back down. Drew says, that’s a great theory, but he’s pretty sure Alexis is going to do her best to get Oscar what he wants.

Oscar tells Alexis that he’s willing to do what it takes. It’s his life, and he wants to live it on his own terms. Alexis says it’s not going to be an easy road for him. He’s going to have to show the court that he’s self-sufficient. He might not be able to achieve that if he goes home. He asks if he can’t stay with her, and he says it would undermine the case. She tells him, one more night won’t compromise things. She doesn’t want him on the streets. He says he may have an alternative.

Nina says she’s not succumbing to Valentin’s questionable charms, and goes back to the restaurant. He says, all in due time.

Sasha wonders what the best place is to dance. Griff asks Kiki if they should reschedule their date. Kiki introduces him to Sasha, who tells them to go and have fun. Griff asks if she’d like to join them, but she says she has Kiki’s number; they’ll catch up tomorrow. Sasha and Griff shake hands, and when he and Kiki walk away, Sasha stares at his butt. Ava sees. Nina asks Sasha how it went, and Sasha says, firmly in the plus column. Ava talks to herself, saying, Kiki and her new sister have the same taste in men. She can work with that.

Tomorrow, Olivia tells Julian not to blow it, Kim needs Sam’s help to save Oscar’s life, and Laura is thinking of running for mayor again.

🐻 She Won a Stand-Off With a Bear

For those who would like a little Erica in their life.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace asks how Charles got in her room. He tells her that his detail is on the top floor and got him in. She asks what he wants, and he says, congratulations would be nice. She knows he’s President, but he says technically, President Elect. She asks if he shouldn’t be in Washington, and he says he wanted to see her. She says she doesn’t want to see him. He tells her the room’s been swept, and her phone is scrambled until he leaves. She’s been a busy girl. They got her out of jail, and she’s been running a ring from there. A man fell to death who was after him, so she did them a favor. They have surveillance across the street. The body in the Maxwell case was inadmissible, but she wouldn’t give up her brother, and pinned it on Jeffrey. She’d make a good candidate. She asks, for what? and he says, First Lady. She says she has no desire, and tells him to get his ass out of there – now. He says, that’s not how it works. She’s been chosen. He’s chosen her. She threatens to give a committee all the information, and he says, that’s not how the machine works. She has a lot to learn. He asks if he slaps the sh*t out of her, will it make her change her mind?

She’s like, what? and he says if he slapped her to the floor, would she love him? She asks why he’s saying that, and he says that’s what she’s used to; what she likes. She likes the foolishness of being abused, and the death and destruction. He comes along, offering her a chance of freedom, and she insults him. She doesn’t want it. He asks, why? and she says, he didn’t want it. She wants him to leave, but he insists she hear him out. He told her had opportunities. He was hooked up with a lot of women; boring, tired, typical. He wants her. She has enough danger and unpredictability to keep him interested. Candace says it doesn’t make sense that he’d want her, and he says it shows what she thinks of herself. She has no idea what real power is. She’s excitement for him. Not a toy, but a beautiful, exciting woman. He’s been watching her; studying her. She’s angry about her son. Candace tells him not to talk about her son, and Charles says she carries his ashes in a suitcase. She says, he’s been through her things? He says she hasn’t even grieved him. Let him help her. He touches her arm, and she smacks his hand away. She says she is angry. Her son didn’t deserve that. He was innocent. Her mother says it’s on her because of the choices she’s made. Does he believe that? He says, yes, but he’s giving her the opportunity to get away from this pain. She says no, but he’s not accepting that. Not until she tells him why.

Candace says there is something very wrong with him. He has the world fooled, but he’s asking a former escort to be with him. He’s President Elect, and there’s something very wrong. She doesn’t trust it at all. Charles says there’s nothing wrong with him. He asks what she wants to know, and she says, it doesn’t matter. She’d have no way to check. One thing she’s learned is not to trust something if it doesn’t feel good, and this doesn’t. He’s hiding something, and she doesn’t want to be a part of it. She knows it in her gut. He asks if she wants him to walk out and leave her with all this, and she says, yes. He says she won’t be able to contact him soon. There will be a Whitehouse monitor to see who comes and goes. She says, good; it will be over for her. He says if she wants it to be. She does, but he says she’s going to change her mind before he leaves. She tells him, don’t count on it. He says he’s not leaving without her, and walks out.

At the Iron Bone, Mitch hears Mama Rose is getting upset. Mitch says he needs to talk to her. He’ll explain, and everything will be fine. One of the guys tells him that she won’t be there until the afternoon. In the meantime, Benny is still marked. Mitch asks if they can’t put a stop to it, and he’s told that’s not how it works. When Mama Rose says it’s off, it’s off. Everybody looking for Benny. Mitch freaks a little, and one of the guys asks if he’s fruity. What is it with this kid? Mitch tells him to watch his mouth. The guy says Benny owes the money, with interest. Mitch gets up to make a call, and the guy asks if he’s tweezing his eyebrows. Nice group.

Benny gets Mitch’s call at the bank. Mitch says they’re still after him. Benny says he gave Mitch the money to give to them, but Mitch says, they want the interest. He’s waiting on Grandma Rose. She’s the only one who can call it off. He tells Benny not to be stupid. Benny says he’ll try to get the money; let him work on it. Mitch tells Benny to let him know what he comes up with.

Benny comes back to the desk, and puts the pen back. He says he’s not signing, and Hanna asks the officer to give them a minute. She leaves, and Benny says he’s not signing it. Hanna says he let Candace get to him again. He asks, what if someone is after her? and Hanna says, she’s lying. And if she did, she made her bed; she has to lie in it. Hanna is giving the money back. Benny knows damn well how Candace does this, and wants to keep it. She lies and lies and lies, stolen from people, got own baby killed, and he wants to keep it. She knows she raised him better than this. She’s failed the both of them. She saw the pictures, and saw what Candace did to him. Benny says maybe he’s into it, but Hanna says she does this all the time; risking their lives, people looking for her. It’s not right, and he’s not standing by her side this time. She tells him to sign the papers, and he says, no. He leaves, brushing past the officer, who says, sorry. Hanna asks if there’s no way she can do on her own, but the officer says, no. It will sit there until they have both signatures.

Landon comes into Candace’s room with some gowns, and a woman who introduces herself as Adeline Mayfield. Landon says she’s managed every crisis brilliantly to get Candace in this position. Candace says she’s not going through with it. Landon says she thinks she has a choice. Adeline asks if she can see Candace’s body, and Candace asks how much money she has. Adeline tells Landon she needs a lot of work, and he says tell him about it. Candace says she’s sitting right there. Another woman is there, and Adeline says Barb will make sure she dresses appropriately. Adeline looks in the closet, and says her wardrobe has to go. Landon says he told her; spandex and glitter. He tells Candace that no one is looking unless she does something wrong. She’s to make Charles look good. He thinks the inauguration will be a good time for people to see her. Adeline says it gives her time wot lose a few pounds. She asks if Candace has considered Weight Watchers, and Candace says she loves bread. Adeline says that’s a problem. Candace says they’re insane, and Landon says, politics is insane. As long as Charles was running, it was fine for him to be a bachelor with kids who lost his wife. It was a great story, but Americans want him married now. She’s been chosen. Candace says she’s not marrying him. Landon says she didn’t make that choice; politics did. Charles needs a wife. They wanted a sweet, Southern girl, but he wanted an urban, ghetto, ex-gangster, crazy bitch. It sounds even crazier to him. She says she’s not going through with it; she’s not interested. They can act like they don’t hear her, but she’s a bitch who knows how to scream. He says she’s doing this. It’s happening, and it’s going to be great for her. So do it. He leaves, and she says, oy. Me too. It’s not like Candace has an ounce of fat on her.

Hanna goes to Kathryn’s, and says she’s not good. She still has the money. Benny won’t sign it over. His sister got in his ear and head; she showed up at the bank. Kathryn doesn’t know what to say. Jim appears, and asks where his damn money is. Hanna says her son refuses to sign it over, and they need both signatures. Jim pushes Kathryn out of the way, and Kathryn smacks at him. He asks what Hanna is doing with the money, calling her bitch. Hanna says she’s grown; don’t talk to her like that. He says she currently has $8 million of his dollars, that don’t belong to her. She knows that, and will get it back to him. He says it’s his son’s inheritance, and he wants it back. Wyatt pops out, and says, Hanna has his money? Jim tells him to go to his room; this doesn’t concern him. Jim says if Hanna won’t talk to her son, he will. Hanna says, no, he won’t. Jim says don’t tell him what to do, but Hanna says her son is off limits. She’ll talk to him. Kathryn tells Jim that Hanna said she’d handle it, and he asks how well that’s working. Hanna tells him not to threaten her or her son. If Jim hadn’t been laying with her daughter, they wouldn’t be in situation. Jim says he wasn’t laying with her; he was screwing her for money. It’s what you do with whores. She shouldn’t have blackmailed a judge. She put herself in a situation she didn’t understand. He tells Hanna to get out, but she says it’s not his house. She quits. Kathryn says she needs Hanna, and Jim says, let her go before she drives off in their dead daughter’s car. He tells Hanna she better be damn sure to bring back every cent or she has no concept of what’s going to happen. Hanna says it’s the last time he’s going to threaten her or her son. She leaves, and Kathryn follows her.

Kathryn asks Hanna to wait. Hanna says she’ll do her best to get the money. She’ll bring the car back, and get out of the house. Kathryn says she’s not Jim, but Hanna says she’s married to that SOB. He keeps threatening her son. Kathryn says she’ll talk to him. She promises nothing will happen to Benny. Hanna needs to go. She quits. Kathryn says she can’t. Hanna says she doesn’t want the car. Kathryn can keep it, and she’ll be out by the end of the month. Hanna storms down the driveway, and Kathryn goes back in the house.

Derrick is coming up the driveway, and asks where Hanna is going. She says she’s catching the bus, and he asks, what happened? He tells her, get in; she needs to calm down. He gets out, and she says she just came from the Cryers, and Kathryn’s triflin’-ass husband. Her damn daughter took his money, and put it in Hanna’s joint account with Benny. He won’t sign, and she needs to walk to the bus. He asks where her car is, and she says she left it. She’s about to go back to the house and get out. Derrick tells her, take a deep breath. She says she doesn’t need to take anything, and he tells her to breathe. She says this has nothing to do with her. She didn’t do this; Candace did. He tells her, it’s okay, but she says, no, it’s not. She doesn’t mean to take it out on him. He suggests he bring her home, and she says she doesn’t have a home. Kathryn doesn’t want to put her out, but she can if she gets mad at her. She can’t count on that. He says let him drive her. She says she’ll catch the bus, and he says he’ll follow. She starts waling, and he gets back in the car.

Kathryn asks Jim if he had to do that. He says she ain’t seen nothin’ yet. He’d better see the money. She calls him an idiot and an a-hole. He says he knows when someone is trying steal. Upstairs,Wyatt calls Candace. She says, Wyatt who? and he says the man whose $8 million she has. She tells him get off her phone, and he says he has something for her. He heard she got the money from his dad. Good for her. He’s not getting it, and from the sound of it, she isn’t either. Her mother was here, and her brother won’t sign. He doesn’t know how she got it, but she can get more. His mother has more accounts, and credit cards. She says, he’s telling her this because… He says he hates his parents, almost as much as she hates her mother. She says she doesn’t trust or like him, and he says, same for him. He doesn’t know how she did it, and she says because he’s an idiot, and disconnects. He calls her a bitch.

Veronica goes to the Artesian bar, and sees RK. She wants a hot, steamy cup of coffee. She gives him a small shopping bag with a shirt for Jeffrey, by his favorite designer in his favorite color. Jeffrey has moved in with his dad, but don’t worry, he’ll get to Jeffrey. She slides an envelope across the bar. It’s his first payment. He looks at the check, and says she’s got confidence in him. She knows he can do it. She pours her hot coffee on his arm, and he jumps away, asking what’s wrong with her? She says it was an accident. He needs to go to the hospital, and tell them he’s been burned. The hospital where Jeffrey is. He’s there with his dad now. I can’t believe RK is just standing there, instead of at least running water on it. She says she’s counting on him. She knows he’s got this. When he leaves, she asks for vodka. Not that cheap sh*t either. I hear you, girl.

David tells Jeffrey, go home. He wants the information on Erica’s family. Jeffrey says he will, but wants to stay there a while. He loves David, and asks if he’s okay. David keeps rubbing his chest, and says it’s tight. It’s nothing. He’s been laying around too much. Jeffrey says it’s too soon to be moving; relax. David says Jeffrey always brings out the best in him.

At the desk, Madison’s phone keeps ringing. The other reception nurse asks who it is, and Madison says, nobody. She says he must have a stalker. He says he should be so lucky. It keeps ringing, and he finally turns it off. He goes into David’s room, and Jeffrey tells him David’s chest is tight. Madison says he’ll have a doctor check his EKG. David asks how coffee was, and Jeffrey says David is embarrassing him. David says, that’s what dads do.

Outside the room, Madison tells Jeffrey that Justin called ten time. He didn’t answer. He asks if he can talk candidly, and gives Jeffrey a pamphlet on domestic violence. Jeffrey says he’s not in that; he’s a guy. Madison says, and? It can happen. He wanted to be friends, and now that he found out they’re both gay, he really wants to be friends. He doesn’t think he has a chance with that guy around. He’s known guys like him. Jeffrey can’t do anything with that guy around. Jeffrey doesn’t think Madison knows anything, and Madison says he knows the look on Jeffrey’s face when Justin comes around. Jeffrey says, what look? and Madison says, like right now.

Like magic, Justin is there, and says they seem chummy. Jeffrey asks if he doesn’t have somewhere to be. Justin asks if Madison doesn’t have somewhere to be, and Madison makes himself scarce. Justin says Jeffrey’s other friend got him suspended. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have to be there. All Justin cares about is being there. Jeffrey tells him, go home, and Justin says, to a place Jeffrey has never seen? If Jeffrey promises to come over, he’ll stop showing up. Jeffrey says he means following him. Justin says he’s being there for Jeffrey, because he cares. Jeffrey says he can do that by phone. Justin says he can’t because – the alarm goes off in David’s room. Doctors rush in, and Madison tells Jeffrey that he can’t come in.

Jeffrey asks, what’s going on? David flatlines.

Next time, David goes into cardiac arrest, Charles and Candace go out on the town, and Madison and Jeffrey share a kiss. One more episode before the half-season finale. If we must call it that.

🚣 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s rambling recap of Below Deck, where Chandler once again proves what a tool he is, and Ross proves that he’s a junior tool. This has been an especially tough week, since I’m on evening dog duty, and trying to get everything in place for Halloween. I put a surprising amount of effort into Halloween for someone over the age of twelve. Now where’s my checklist…?

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October 22, 2018 – Alexis Makes a Decision, OC Jamaican Invasion Day Two, a Welcome New Show & Says It All


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In the park, Oscar calls Alexis, and leaves a message. He asks if she’s thought more about taking his case. He sees the selfie of Josslyn and Cameron. Josslyn approaches him, and tells him, happy birthday.

At Charlie’s Julian asks Kim how she’s holding up. She says everything is good, knowing he’s still there for her. He asks if she wants to talk in private. She’s meeting someone, and says, maybe later. Drew comes in. He and Oscar are meeting for Oscar’s birthday, and she decided to join them. She says they’ll see how it flies.

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis sees she’s missed a call from Oscar.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar can’t avoid her any longer. She loves him, and isn’t going anywhere. Drew understands, but thinks Oscar might feel ambushed.

Alexis sees Kristina behind the bar, and says she want to talk about something that will affect Kristina’s future.

At the hospital, not-Doc calls to check on his patient, Todd Wilson. He says that’s good news. He’s glad the new medication is keeping him calm. Laura approaches him, and he says it’s a nice surprise. She tells him it’s her first board meeting since before she left for France. It was challenging, but she thinks it was a success. She asks if he wants to go for a drink, and he says he’d love to, but has a lot of work. She suggests dinner, but he’s monitoring a sleep study. He’ll see her at home later, okay? She says it’s not okay. Something is going on, and she’s not leaving until he gives her some answers.

Carly naps on the couch, and dreams of not-Doc tapping on the table at The Floating Rib, just like her neighbor at Ferncliff. She moves on to telling Doc about the Morse code, and him advising her not to engage. A lot of the patients are violent. Next, she dreams of the patient tapping on the wall, telling her that he’s being held against his will. She wakes up, yelling, no! Sonny comes in, and she says she was dreaming about a patient at Ferncliff. She never knew his name, but he was tapping messages in Morse code. Sonny is surprised she knows Morse code, and she says she got an app on the burner phone Jason gave her. She told Doc about it, and it must have left an impression. The other night, she walked past him at The Floating Rib, and he was tapping on the table. Sonny thinks it seems random, and guesses it left more of an impression than she realized. That’s why she had the dream. Things linger in the subconscious. She hears a knock, and jumps.

Not-Doc tells Laura, nothing is going on, unless being busy counts. She says he’s been busy since she came back, it’s like they’re still on separate continents. Scotty sees them, and says it’s good see her. She tells him it’s not a good time, but not-Doc says he has to get back to work. Scotty gives him a heads up that he was interviewed about the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Not-Doc wonders, why him? and Scotty says he represented Felicia. It’s good publicity for his practice. Not-Doc asks if he’s sure it’s good. If memory serves him correctly, Scotty lost. Scotty says, win some, lose some. Not-Doc leaves, and Laura asks if Scotty wants to go for a drink.

Kim tells Drew they don’t know if this might be the last… She has the right to celebrate with her son. Drew says Oscar might now interpret it that way. She says he’s interpreting everything the wrong way. She’s tried to be patient, and not show anger, but she’s not letting him throw his life away.

Alexis tells Kristina that she has a former client who’s an accountant. Kristina wonders when she gave Alexis the impression that she wanted to be one. Alexis says he’s really an actuary, and Kristina asks why Alexis can’t let her figure it out by herself. Alexis says she can, and it didn’t work out well in Eugene. She tells Kristina that she has no idea why she says things like that. Kristina says she has made awful life choices, because she keeps pushing back at Alexis. If she lays off, maybe Kristina will make the right ones. Alexis’s phone dings. It’s a voicemail from Oscar.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’s on her way to a pep rally. He says she was never a football fan, but she says that was before the d-line cheered them on at the last volleyball game. She’s returning the favor. Besides, Cameron is friends with some of the football players. She’s going with Cameron, but he can come too. Oscar would rather not be the third wheel on her date. She says it’s a pep rally, but he says, no. She says, so he’s really going to be alone for his birthday? He tells her that he’s got plans. As a matter-of-fact, he’s running late. Go team, or whatever. When he’s gone, she says, happy birthday, Oscar.

Kim tells Drew the reality is, they don’t have time to wait for Oscar to come around. They have to make the best decision in his best interest. He needs to be in the trial.

Mike tells Carly that he didn’t mean to spook her. Sonny asks why he knocked, and Mike says it’s polite for a guest to knock. Stella says they talked about this. This is where he lives now. Carly asks Mike for help in the kitchen, so she’ll have a snack for Josslyn when she gets home. They leave, and Sonny tells Stella that Mike seems a little off. Did it not go well on the first day?

Cameron meets Josslyn, and she chides him for always being late. He says he wasn’t going to skip soccer practice because he has a fake girlfriend waiting. She tells him that she saw Oscar. It was awkward and embarrassing, and he keeps looking at her like he wants to tell her something, but it’s probably just her imagination. She gives him a team shirt that matches hers. She says if they’re going to make it believable, they have to do it right. She wants him to show his Panther pride, and paint his face. That’s a no, but he offers to paint hers. She tells him not to make it look hideous for their selfie.

Oscar arrives at Charlie’s, and asks why Kim is there. She says she’s never missed one of his birthday celebrations, and she’s not starting now. He says, it makes sense. It’s probably the last one. He tells Drew thanks for ratting him out. Drew says they wanted to spend some time with him. Oscar says they want to pretend this already hasn’t gone to hell. He’s dying, and doesn’t want anything from either of them, but the right to live his life the way he wants.

At the MetroCourt bar, Laura tells Scotty it’s been way too long. Scotty asks if they’re doing this because she’s trying to make her husband jealous. She says she wouldn’t do that, but he says. there seems to be trouble in paradise. Laura says something is bothering her. Doc has been avoiding her since she got back. Scotty says, long distance relationships can be sketchy. Of all people, Doc should be sympathetic. During his last marriage, at the end he was off dealing with patient. Laura asks, what patient?

Not-Doc starts to make a list, writing numbers down the page. Alexis walks in, and he calls her Miss Davis. She says she supposes she deserves that. It’s what happens when you miss sessions. Maybe she did him a favor with the anniversary of the murders coming up. Everyone is talking about it. He says it’s a shame she never had a chance to meet Ryan.

Stella tells Sonny that she’s happy to report Mike thrived. It was good that he got out. He could have a conversation with a wrong number. She says the slip up is because he’s been on all day. Carly and Mike come back. Carly says the last time she gave Josslyn chips, she wanted crudités, so she could have something healthy. Josslyn doesn’t take after her. She says she’ll walk Stella out. Sonny asks Mike what he really thinks of the place, and Mike says he liked it. He also liked knowing he could come home. At the door, Stella tells Carly that she knew Sonny was concerned, but thought they were on the same page. The place was great; the perfect fit, and Mike responded well. Carly says it’s only temporary, but Stella thinks he will be in a long term facility eventually. He’ll need round-the-clock care. Stella thought Carly understood that more than anyone. Has something changed?

Alexis expected a lecture on avoiding, and not-Doc asks, is she avoiding? She says she avoided an argument with Kristina until she meddled in her life. She doesn’t like that Kristina is a bartender at Charlie’s. She’s better than that. Alexis found an entry level job, and when she told Kristina it was available, Kristina blew up. Not-doc wonders why she reacted like that, and Alexis says she’d promised not to meddle. She knew what she was doing, and did it anyway. Unpack that. Not-Doc looks at his notes, and asks if she thinks it’s somehow connected to her father.

Scotty tells Laura that Lucy had been prepping for the Nurses’ Ball, and all of a sudden, Doc was missing. He turned up in Seattle, seeing a patient. It wasn’t just once; it was weeks, then months. He made his patient a priority, and it didn’t sit well with Lucy. Laura is well versed in that part of the story. Scotty asks if she thinks he’s stepping out? She says, no, but it’s clear he’s struggling with something. It started about two weeks before she got home. He was late in returning phone calls, and sounded distracted. It got worse when she came home. She believes it’s because of Ryan.

Alexis says she barely knew her father. She never saw him; they barely had a connection. All of his attention went to her brothers. And by attention, she means he controlled them. What they read, what they studied, what they wore. They had no freedom. If you asked Kristina, she’d say Alexis treats her the same way.

Kim asks Oscar to sit down, and have a conversation about the future. She won’t tolerate the disrespectful attitude any longer. Oscar sits with them.

Kristina tells Julian she’s taking a break; she needs some air. He looks puzzled. Outside, she calls Parker. She makes small talk, saying she should have called sooner. She was thinking about Parker today. She says Parker didn’t have to pick up if it was a bad time. She can tell Parker isn’t alone.

Drew asks what’s on Oscar’s mind. Oscar wants to make his own decisions about his health. Kim asks what that entails, and he says anything he wants. Like dropping out of the trial.

Kristina asks why Parker answered if she’s on a date. Parker is at a faculty mixer, and Kristina says, now she’s embarrassed. Parker sounds happy, and she asks if things are going well. Kristina says she’s doing great. She’s super busy, catching up friends and family, and a new career she’s excited about. She’ll tell Parker some other time. She ends the call, and wipes tears out of her eyes.

Not-Doc wonders why it’s difficult for Alexis to let Kristina live her life. Alexis thinks it’s no surprise. She coddled Kristina into a state of arrested development. She doesn’t want Kristina to feel like she’s being controlling. if anyone should know how that feels, it’s her. Her father made life altering decisions for her. Not-Doc says, do tell. Alexis says she got pregnant in boarding school. He made her have the baby, and made her give it up for adoption. He didn’t consider her feelings at all. The stakes are different, but she and Kristina want the same thing. She says Mikkos did to dictate own life. She trails off, and not-Doc asks, where did she go?

Julian tells Kristina that she’s not going to make much money tonight. She looks like she could use some free time. He walks away, and she decides to leave. She looks at the tequila, and puts it in her bag before she goes.

Kim tells Oscar they worked hard get the spot in the trial. There are many people who would love to be in his place. Oscar says there will be more coming up, but Kim says they can’t afford to waste the chance. He says there’s no we; it’s just him, and he doesn’t want to waste time before the tumor kills him.

Josslyn and Cameron do cheers in the park. He says the other team is bigger and has a better record. Josslyn says, they’ll be playing not to lose, while their school will play to win. They have the mental advantage. If you want something bad enough, you fight for it. They take a selfie, and she tells him to look more enthusiastic. They take another one.

Kim wishes there was no risk of failure, but she can’t say that. If they do nothing, he’ll die. With the protocol, he has a chance. Oscar says, or die sooner. Drew says Kim isn’t just talking as a mother; she has a doctor’s perspective. Oscar says he doesn’t need advice from a hypocrite like Drew.

Carly tells Stella that she knows it’s not a permanent solution, but they can reevaluate down the road. Stella says the thought of a full-time facility seems to affect Carly. Carly says it reminds her of Ferncliff. Stella assures her, it’s nothing like Ferncliff. Carly says she’s projecting, when she should be taking action. Stella asks what she’s planning on doing.

Kim tells Oscar not to speak to his father like that. Oscar says Drew was upset that a medical procedure was done without his consent, and now he has no say in what happens. Drew says, that’s different, and Oscar says not from where he’s standing. Drew says, let them handle it; don’t throw away this one chance. Oscar wants them to let him do it his way.

Alexis tells not-Doc that she has a young kid in a serious situation. He has a critical decision to make, but he’s underage, and his parents want to make the decision for him. Not-Doc asks how she feels about it, and Alexis says she feels badly for him. She thinks the only thing she can do is give him a sense of peace and dignity. Allow him to express what he wants.

Laura says she felt Doc wanted to leave his brother in the past and respected that, but maybe she underestimated how much Ryan and his crimes affected him. Scotty asks if she’s going to get a shrink to shrink the shrink. She says she’s going to remind him that he has a wife he can confide in.

Not-Doc taps Morse code as he makes notes.

Sonny is glad Mike had a good time at the day center. Mike says it reminded him of camp. Like he used to go to in the Catskills, but no swimming hole. Sonny says, thank God, and they laugh.

Carly tells Stella that she was assured changes were made, and the bad staff fired, but what about the patients? The ones who had no Jason to help or no resources for a lawyer like Diane. They need someone to step up – her. Stella asks how she’s planning on going about it. Carly has no idea, but she’ll think of something. Stella says compassion for those suffering mental illness is a major priority in social work. If she can help, let her know. Carly thanks her for helping with Mike. Stella says, he’s a shameless flirt, but she doesn’t mind.

Cameron bikes back to the Quartermaine’s with Josslyn. She asks if he wants a snack, and he asks if they have any caviar lying around. She says they do actually, and he says chips are fine. She says they’ll have to hit up her mom’s junk food stash, and tells him that they’ll go through the kitchen.

Oscar wants to withdraw on the trial on thing. Why can’t he have a say. Drew says he’s staying in the trial. Oscar says he’s tried resolving this, and it’s no use. Happy birthday to me. He walks away. Drew tells Kim that he’s sorry. Julian watches.

Sonny and Mike go out on the patio. Mike guesses autumn is officially here. It came sooner than he expected; it snuck up on him. Sonny too. Mike says they didn’t make it to the Yankee game this yea. Sonny says, maybe next year. Mike sees Cameron’s bike, and says Sonny still has it. He kept it after all these years. Sonny says it probably belongs to a friend of Josslyn’s but Mike says he got for Sonny’s birthday. It was all he asked for. Sonny says, chopper style with a banana seat (which is funny, since I had a bike like that). Sonny says Mike never got it for him. Mike says he’s sure he did. Sonny wanted it for Christmas, and he couldn’t afford it. He promised it for Sonny’s birthday… then he made a bet; a sure thing that was anything but. Sonny says he was a kid; no big deal. Mike says he remembered it, so it was. Sonny tells him, forget about it, and Mike says, don’t worry. He won’t have a choice pretty soon. Mike just can’t be in a scene without jumping up and down on my heart. They hug.

Cameron’s phone dings. He and Josslyn have fifty-three likes. Josslyn’s phone dings, and she says, fifty four, fifty five. He says she owes him a lot of potato chips. Josslyn throws some chips at him, and they get into a chip fight. Carly sees, and smiles.

Still at Charlie’s, Oscar sees the picture of Cameron and Josslyn. Alexis comes in, and he says Kristina left. She says she came there to see him.

Kristina looks at a picture of Parker on her phone. She takes a drink, and deletes it.

Laura goes to Doc’s office. Not-Doc isn’t there, but she sees his keys. She thinks he must have stepped out. She decides to leave a note, and picks up his pad. She sees a list of women.

Alexis tells Oscar that she’s been doing a lot of thinking about his case. She’s not sure him refusing the trial is the right choice, but believes he has the right to make the choice. She’ll help him emancipate from his parents.

Laura looks at the list, and says, what is this? Felicia? Not-Doc is standing behind her.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Ava about her daughter, Oscar wants to divorce his parents, and Elizabeth screams and runs.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Night 2 in Jamaica: 90*F, 99% humidity. And no air conditioning. Shannon doesn’t know how she’s going to get ready. In her interview, Tamra says no one wants swamp ass when they’re going out to dinner. She gets on the limo bus, but Shannon and Vicki aren’t ready. They leave without them. Tamra says Emily will see fun Shannon. Gina says she’s fun Gina all the time.

It’s 9:30 and Shannon and Vicki finally get on another bus. They’re both tipsy, and bring some drinks along for the ride. A whole five minutes. They join the others. In her interview, Tamra thinks it’s rude to make people wait. She understands a little while, but this is an hour. Shannon says she’s having surgery next week, so this is the night to go. She’s having her eyelids redone, and it’s her last night to drink.

Kelly wants to show Gina her moves, like asking a guy if he has a mirror in his pocket, because she can see herself in his pants. BA-DUM-CHH! There’s some dating talk, and Shannon says she thought it was going to be a fun dinner; it isn’t. In her interview, Tamra says the conversation isn’t about her, so she’s bored. Emily thought they were getting fun Shannon tonight. Shannon says she’s never not fun, and Gina says maybe with other people. Shannon says she’s not comfortable with change, and Emily thinks Shannon won’t even give her a chance. Shannon says they had a great dinner together. We see a clip, and it looks like a very quiet dinner. Gina says she has to reintroduce herself every time they meet. Shannon starts getting animated, saying she has a lot going on; a lot of new. She starts waving her hands around, and several of the women imitate her. She says she has to make a future for herself. Emily says she has no time for Gina, and Shannon says don’t put words in her mouth. Gina says Shannon never even asks how she is or her kids are. Tamra thinks they feel she’s not making an effort, and Gina says Shannon won’t even look her in the eye. She didn’t even check on Tamra when her husband had heart surgery. Shannon asks if she’s serious. She’s trying have fun, because she keeps hearing they want fun Shannon. She says fun Emily has one glass champagne when they go out, and Emily wonders how that fits in. In her interview, Emily says she doesn’t need alcohol to be fun or make friends. Shannon says her friendship with Tamra is being criticized, and Tamra can tell them what a good friend she is. Everyone is like, come on Tamra, tell us, like it’s a scene from Grease.

Tamra stutters, and Shannon goes to the bathroom. Gina asks if she shouldn’t say the truth. Tamra follows Shannon to the ladies room. Shannon asks how dare anyone say that, when she has so much sh*t on her plate. It made her sound selfish. Tamra says she’s not being fair. Everyone has a lot of sh*t on their plate.

At the table, Gina asks if she’s not even allowed to say something hurts her feelings. Vicki thinks they should put a pin in it. In the bathroom, Shannon keeps rattling on about her divorce. Tamra says Gina is going through a divorce herself. Shannon says Gina’s husband isn’t berating her; she’s having sex with hers. Tamra gets it. It’s different. Shannon says in the beginning, she and David were having dinners together. Tamra says then she knows how Gina’s divorce will end up. Tamra tells Shannon that she thinks it’s time to flip the switch. When she wakes up tomorrow, think about what a great it will be. In Vicki’s interview, she says she’s friends with all of them. Visit her in Switzerland. That’s where she’s at.  Tamra tells Shannon not to wake up with a negative attitude, and Shannon says she wakes up overwhelmed, and wondering how to get everything done. Me too. The rich, they’re just like us! In her interview, Tamra says she loves Shannon, but the constant negativity, and dwelling on things that don’t matter is getting difficult.

The ladies meet in the hallway, and Kelly says Tamra feels that Shannon makes it all about herself. Shannon says they resolved it, and we flash back to Shannon and Tamra hugging it out. Kelly says they were only discussing how she didn’t ask about other people’s lives. Shannon says, great celebration. They get on the bus, and everyone is quiet. Tamra tells Shannon that she feels Shannon is always thinking about negative things, and doesn’t think about anyone else. Shannon says she thought that was resolved. Kelly tells Shannon that Tamra said she hadn’t been a good friend when Eddie was in the hospital. Shannon says they went through this; why did she bring it up? Tamra says the girls think she never asks about them or their kids. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s done being a punching bag. Shannon doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. In her interview, Emily says, this is the awkward bus. Very awkward.

When they get back, Vicki asks if anyone wants a nightcap, or are they going to bed? Shannon wants to wash her face, and can’t get off the bus fast enough. Vicki wants go with her, but Shannon gets testy with the camera person. She yells at them to stop following her, or she’s taking the mic off. Tamra comes out, and says Shannon has to stop this; she can’t do this. Shannon says she feels blindsided, and needs a minute; she deserves it. Tamra tells her just because someone disagrees with her, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. On the bus, Gina says someone needs to tell Shannon that she can’t behave like this. Tamra tells Shannon that she’s making a bigger deal out of it than she should; it’s not the end of the world. Everything is disastrous to her. In Tamra’s interview, she says they’ve all had a hard time with their divorces, and they’ve all had outbursts, but it’s been six months. Shannon can’t keep treating everyone badly because she’s getting divorced. Shannon whines that she needs to decompress for ten minutes. Respect her as her friend, and give her ten.

In Gina’s interview, she feels responsible for unleashing the beast that’s been chained up so tight. This has gone to another level, and she thought it was just vacation. They decide to have a nightcap. Gina says it was supposed to be a fun night. Can they have fun now? Emily says they just want to get to know Shannon, and are coming from a good place. Why does no one tell her that it’s not appropriate to scream and yell? Kelly asks how Tamra and Shannon can have a friendship if she doesn’t say anything? She wonders if Tamra is scared. Tamra says Shannon has never had to work, and in her head, she’s the busiest person ever. Kelly says she’s crying over her $13K rent when people are trying to eat. Emily says people would love to have that problem. In Emily’s interview, she says this seems like a common occurrence. Whenever things get heated, Shannon runs away. She’s seen behavior like this before. it’s erratic and concerning for her. Kelly and Tamra talk about Shannon crying every night, and calling in the wee hours. In her interview, Vicki thinks antidepressants might help. She went on them when she got divorced from Don. They got her through the bumps. We flash back to 2011. Kelly says Shannon is depressed. She thinks it has to be draining to deal with day in and day out. In her interview, Kelly can’t imagine living with her and being married to her. Emily tells Gina that she knows it was her dream to be friends with Shannon, but it’s not happening tonight.

Kelly and Vicki tell Shannon that they’ve been offered the villa next door, and it has air conditioning. Shannon doesn’t feel like packing. She’s hurt beyond. She resolved the issue with Tamra five weeks ago, but she keeps talking about it, and talked to Kelly. Vicki tells her to pack. Kelly says Shannon is being defensive. Shannon says she is because she’s a good friend. She defended Vicki to the end, and now Vicki is turning on her. Kelly says she’s not. In her interview, Vicki says Shannon hasn’t defended or stood by her; Shannon was totally against her. She’s never called, asked how Vicki is doing, hugged her, told Vicki she loved her. Vicki says Shannon told the world she was a con woman. Shannon asks if she wants to go there. I don’t know why they keep trying here. Shannon is obviously cruising down a river named Denial.

Shannon screeches that she’s a good person. Kelly says she’s going to give herself an effing heart attack. Relax. Shannon’s arms start flailing, and she says there are ten million things she should have told Kelly to relax about. In Kelly’s interview, she says there’s nothing they can say or do to calm Shannon down. Shannon says they have no idea what she’s been through, and Kelly says she’s been through it. Shannon says she doesn’t share the half of it, and Tamra says she was painted as a bad mother, and Simon tried to take her kids away. In her interview, Tamra says she’s divorced an a-hole before. Shannon calls her all day and night, crying. Shannon talks about it so much, Tamra feels like she’s a part of it.

Tamra tells Shannon that they’re concerned as friends. She’s crying every night. Shannon asks if she’s serious. Kelly says if she gets on meds, they can even her out. Shannon totally freaks, saying she’s not doing that. Vicki says, it will help; she had to take them. Shannon shrieks that this is a straitjacket intervention. I laugh, because that’s a real jump. She says she’s entitled to feel her pain. Tamra says she cries every night. She needs to just listen. Stop screaming for one time in her life, and listen. Shannon says she kept her head together to launch her business in five months. Tamra says she’s not the only one who has any sh*t, and walks out. Shannon insists she’s not sad, and asks Kelly how many times she’s said she’s excited about her life. She is not crying every night. In her room, Tamra says she can’t do this anymore. Be sad. Don’t get help. In her interview, Tamra says this has been building up. She’s been calling at 2 am when she can’t find her car, or crying hysterically because her makeup isn’t right. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon calls back and forth between her and Tamra until one of them answers.

Shannon asks why they’re coming at her. Kelly says she has to want to be happy, and Shannon insists she’s excited to be there. Tamra thinks she should STFU. Shannon says she’s not going on meds. Tamra says she’s going though pain. She gets it; everyone does. In her interview, Kelly says there’s nothing wrong with medication. She wises someone had some to give her, since Shannon is stressing her out. Tamra says no one can help, and no one can give criticism. Shannon says Tamra is acting like she’s a mental case, and Tamra tells her that she didn’t say that. Shannon maintains that Tamra said she should be on meds. She’s never spoken to Tamra that way. Tamra asks if no one is supposed to disagree, and Shannon tells her to keep stirring the pot. Which is funny, since for once, that’s not what Tamra is doing. Tamra tells Shannon to keep crying. Shannon says she’s going to bed.

Tamra goes to Vicki’s room. In Tamra’s interview, she says they moved to the new villa last night. Now they can bitch it’s too cold. Kelly calls Jolie. Vicki asks if Tamra has talked to Shannon, but Tamra says she has no words. Vicki tells her that Shannon was in the kitchen having vodka when she came in. It just masks the pain. Tamra is legit worried. Kelly talks to Emily, who isn’t looking forward to the hour and a half bus ride. It couldn’t get any more awkward. Gina is sorry. The crux of it was that Shannon hurt her feelings.

Vicki calls Shannon, and gets voicemail. She leaves a message that Shannon can go bobsledding and to the waterfall, or Vicki will stay behind. She doesn’t want Shannon to be alone. She doesn’t want Shannon sad or going home. It will be okay. In her interview, Vicki thinks there’s nothing worse than feeling abandoned by your friends. Although she’s hurt, she loves Shannon. She wants to show that she’s willing to make an effort to get her through this. Kelly says Shannon won’t talk to her. She’s called three times. Tamra says she’s not calling anymore. Kelly thinks Shannon is out of control. You can’t help people like that. They’re in Jamaica to have a good time. Vicki meets the girls wearing an all-lace top and pants number. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki is showing off, but did she do something to that butt? They head out on the bus with their tour guide.

Mystic Mountain is their destination. Kelly says having fun is what life is about. She knew they had to do bobsledding. Jamaica won the Olympics, and they have no snow. A convoluted conversation happens on the bus with the ladies confusing a parish being a division of land with a parish like a church. And then the guide confusing Emily saying my people in regard to the Mormons, with her saying white people. Maybe you had to be there, but I literally lol’d.  Tamra says she told Eddie that she had it out bad with Shannon, and he said, finally. She’s cleared out the negative energy. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie is over it. He asked how many disasters could one person have. Shannon calls day and night. Even her kids told her to stop picking up the phone. She reads Eddie’s text to them. He’s glad she let it out. Vicki says all they can do is move on and be there for her. Gina wishes Shannon was there. Why? She will just say she’s too fat to fit in the bobsled.

There are other rides at the park. Vicki wiggles her butt, and kind of twerks. Tamra says she could watch this sh*t all day. The guide catches Vicki literally with her pants down. In her interview, Vicki says this isn’t what a professional businesswoman should be doing – or a grandmother. Emily says this is what vacation is about; twerking and smacking ass. The bobsled is similar to those rollercoasters where you sit behind one another. There are three to a car, and the first one drives using levers on the sides. I have no idea how this works. They take sky cars to the ride, and the view is incredible. When they get to the ride, Emily is one of the drivers, and her goal is to get Tamra to pee her pants. Gina is the odd one out, and in a car by herself, but she can’t get it to go that fast, and she’s pissed. She says, it’s a little creepy by yourself. They do some shopping, and Vicki wants to get Shannon a shirt. Tamra wants to get friendship shorts. Kelly is hangry. She and Emily go to get a table.

Tamra loves this Vicki. They wonder if she had a Brazilian butt lift. Tamra makes Vicki stand, and feels her butt. She knows Vicki didn’t get that doing squats. Vicki says she’s been using a booty band. I have no idea what that is, but I don’t use any bands since I smacked myself in the face with one during Pilates. In Gina’s interview, Gina says Vicki is almost sixty, and can twerk with best of them. She wants to twerk her way through life. Tamra orders a Red Stripe, which is some kind of local brew, and Vicki says, Red Stripes give you happiness in your head. I want one! That’s probably the best commercial for them ever.

Vicki says she texted a long message to Shannon, saying they all love her, blah-blah-blah, and telling her how nice the new villa is. She hopes Shannon will join them for dinner tonight. She got no response, and hopes Shannon is okay. She was not happy last night. Gina wonders again why Shannon feels bad. She has a lot of money, business deals, friends; so she’s ten pounds overweight. Get over it; she’s not bedridden. Vicki says when she was leaving for the new villa, Shannon was in the kitchen, pouring a glass of vodka. It’s her pain medicine. Vicki thinks it’s a big red flag. Tamra say she shouldn’t be drinking if she’s depressed. Gina says the emotion is so big, it’s not just about the small thing that she tried to address.

Next time, the girls climb a waterfall, Vicki wants to call the Jamaican police, and Tamra has it out with Shannon.

🐄 Following the OC Wives was Welcome to Waverly, where seven city people move to a Kansas town with a population of 600. It’s an eclectic group, from a conservative gay hairdresser with a man bun (but who is not Josh) to a democratic politician. They’ll be living and working in a city they know nothing about. They all live in the same house, but each one also has a mentor, close to being in their own field. So far, I like it. Cast member Lamar summed it up that he was hoping to get something positive, and leave something positive, and make America work. It’s a tall order, but I’m hopeful.

😵 This Sums It Up Perfectly…





October 21, 2018 – Chaos in the Camp, Eli’s Horror, 90 Day News, a Wife Wedding, Bye-bye Birdie, No & Back Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

A lone zombie ambles around. He joins a group feasting on someone. Hopefully, no one we know. They leave the human salad bar, and Justin rises. We see FINAL WARNING painted on the side of a building.

Rich gets out of bed, kisses a sleeping Michonne, and checks on Judith. He touches a wall hanging of her handprint, and leaves the house. Alexandria is looking pretty good. Their garden is better than mind was this year. Rick picks a tomato, and puts it by a grave. I assume Carl’s.

Michonne tells him her mind won’t shut off. He says it’s good she’s leading. She keeps the place safe and figures out how to make it better. She tells him Judith has a cough. There’s no fever, but she wants to take Judith to Siddiq just in case. He says he’ll take the day. At the last report, things were good. Maggie will be there, thanks to her. Michonne says, Maggie is trying, but she’s still angry. So is Daryl, and maybe others. He asks if she wants him to go. She wants it to work. He says it will. Even if everyone’s not all in, they’ll get there. Like they did. He thanks her for everything she’s done and is doing, and for her. He kisses her. He suggests taking a break, and she asks if he wants her to stop creating the foundation of a new civilization. He can think of another way to build for he future. Apparently, it involves getting busy.

Maggie and a nameless dude drive a horse and cart. Some Saviors step into their path. She asks why they’re not at the bridge, and the main guy says they’re looking for a friend who went missing. She says she’s just getting there; the shipment went missing. He asks if she knows anything about that, and she wishes she did. Hilltop needs the fuel that was the trade. He takes a tomato and eats it. She ask what his name is, and he says his name is mud. I guess he’s just always wanted to say that? He says she’s the widow. The woman with the braid tells Maggie that his name is Jed, and they’ll make good on the fuel soon as they can. Jed is getting his tomato deducted from his tomato ration (or something like that). As they drive away, nameless dude tells Maggie that she can’t believe word from those a-holes. Maggie tells him she’s giving it a chance.

After Judith’s’ doctor’s appointment, Michonne and Rick have family day with Judith. They play with her, and Rick reads The Wizard of Oz. They see a guy running toward their house, and Michonne goes down to meet him. One of the Saviors went missing, and is dead, but it doesn’t look like an accident. Someone definitely took him out. Michonne takes Rick’s hand.

There’s rioting in the bridge construction camp. Gabriel, Rosita, and some others try breaking It up. Alden insists they’ll find out who did this, and it won’t happen again. Another Savior punches him, and Carol says, enough. The Savior suggests killing them all right there; it’s better than getting it in the back. Arat says they don’t want this, they just want protection. Dude’s money is on garbage lady, and another guy thinks it’s Rick, finishing what he started. The crowd starts to turn on Anne, and Gabriel tells them to stop before it gets too far. Daryl says, it won’t, and aims his cross bow. Rick comes riding through, and tells everyone, back off right now. Arat tells dude to let it go. Rick says he’ll find a way to make everyone feel safe, and tells them, start the redirect. By the look on Daryl’s face, you know he thinks this is a bad idea. Rick asks Gabriel if he knows where Anne was last night. Gabriel says she was on watch with him all night. Rick tells him to keep an eye on her. Even if it has nothing to do with this, she’s up to something. He needs someone he trusts.

Alden says a couple of guns would help, but Maggie says, no guns. That was part of the deal. Rick tells Maggie that first, they have to find out who killed Justin, then think about what to do about it. The Saviors are the majority of the work force. The bridge is for all of them; they have to keep them safe. Maggie asks who he thinks did this. He looks at Daryl, but says nothing.

In the coffee tent, Gabriel asks Anne if she’s all right. She heard what they said. She didn’t do anything. He tells her that Rick asked if she was with him all night, and he yes, but she left after they… He lied for her. He asks if saw anything that might explain Justin’s murder. She says she needs some rest. She has an early shift. He repeats the question. Anne says he thinks she’s hiding something, and he stays silent. She leaves.

Rick sees Daryl sharpening a knife. He tells Daryl they found a small, round, clean puncture wound in Justin. Smaller and cleaner than a bullet hole. It looks like an arrow. Daryl asks if Rick thinks he did it. Rich says, no, but others do, so he’s making sure. Daryl says if he was going to do it, he’d have done it in plain sight. He doesn’t know who, but knows why. So does Rick. Bringing all these people together; it was always going to happen. Rick thinks it’s the right thing to do. The future belongs to all of them. Daryl asks if it belongs to Glenn, Abe, Sasha, the Kingdom, Hilltop, and Oceanside. Think about what they would want; what they would do if they could. Rick says he does. He’s wanted it too; maybe more than anyone. But killing each other when the world already belongs to the dead isn’t the way – not anymore. He knows Daryl doesn’t agree. He’s just asking him to try. Let the people see him trying, and maybe everyone can move past what happened to what could be one of the best decisions he ever made. Like not killing the guy who left his brother on a rooftop to die. Oh snap.

Rick says, everyone coordinate. Stay sharp, eyes open. They sweep the woods. Maggie hears some activity, and says she’s checking it out. Cyndie says there’s a house ahead; it might be from there. She used to live there before Oceanside.

They come to a ramshackle cabin with a gas pump out front. Zombies are wandering around, drawn by a loose piece of metal, banging around on the roof. Maggie says they have to deal with it before it draws more, and gives Cyndie a pitchfork. She tells Cyndie that she’ll get the roof; she’ll get them. She quietly comes behind the zombies and whistles, as we all do when we want a zombie’s attention. Cyndie forks one in the neck. She goes up on the porch, and zombie fingers reach for her through the boarded up door. Her foot goes through the rotted wood, and she gets stuck. The zombies break through the boards. Maggie gets to the porch, and stabs them one by one. Cyndie struggles with a zombie, her hand nearly going through its throat. It’s hit with an arrow. Rick and Daryl have arrived. Maggie knocks the metal off the roof.

The find Oceanside’s Bea knocked out, and Arat gone. Bea says they were headed toward the road, and hit from behind. Maggie says whoever did it, has their equipment, and Arat. Daryl notes that Bea has thin, aluminum arrows.

Rick says they need to find Arat. Maggie says the Saviors did. Carol says they claimed she was supposed to be on watch, and if they don’t find her by morning, the Saviors are walking off the job. Jerry says they’ll nab them, and then figure out what happens; whether it goes Gregory or Negan. Rick looks at Maggie. Cyndie says, whoever it is, when the time comes, they’ll get what they deserve.

Rick searches with Carol. She tells Rick that the Saviors need to want to be a part of things. She saw it starting again today, and wanted to end it before it began. They might have to fight whether they want to or not. Rick says they can’t let it come to that. Every day when he wakes up, and has the feeling he should kill Negan, and just keep going; finish them all. In that moment, it’s all he wants. Then he remembers who they’ve lost. Not just from Saviors, but the whole way. He knows he needs to honor them. Build life, not take it. It’s them or the dead; every life counts now.

Daryl tells Maggie that he doesn’t want to play nice for Rick. Maggie isn’t sure, and Daryl says he isn’t either. Maggie says part of her wishes she could see things his way. She sees Hershel, and thinks of how things could have been. She has to let it go. What Rick is doing is best for the future; for Hershel. They see a crawling zombie, who sounds like cat I used to have. Daryl finds an arrow in him, but says it’s not one of his.

Anne goes to the trash heap with a flashlight and gun. She removes a pile of stuff, revealing a metal box. She takes a radio out of it, and says, it’s Tardis Jadis. She knows they’re in range; she saw the helicopter. (That’s right! There was a helicopter at the trash heap.)  She hears something, and looks around. The voice on the radio asks what she has; an A or B? I say, excuse me? She asks, was it them; did they take them? He says, no pickups, but the deal still stands. A or B? She says, neither. Just her. She paid her share. The voice says she’s been compensated. She asks what it will take, and he says, an A. Tomorrow.

Gabriel asks who she’s talking to, and she asks if he followed her. He says, were they right? Did she do something to Justin? No who talking to? What did she do? She says, bad things, but not this. He says he stood up for her. He cares about her. Tell him the truth. Did she trade people? She says she did, and he asks if that’s what she was going to do with him and Rick. She says, yes, and he asks, why? She says, for her people. It didn’t start that way, but it ended up there. He asks what the hell that means, and she says she tried. She saw and she tried. In Alexandria is where it first went wrong. They suspected her. Now Rick suspects her. When the Saviors came at her, everyone stood by – except for him. She asks him to leave with her. There’s another place. It’s far away, but if they go together, they can get there, and it will be different for them. She holds out her hand, and he takes it. She says, there’s only one thing; he can’t tell anyone, but if he trusts her and helps her with one small part of the deal, they’ll have a life like he can’t imagine. He says, whatever it is, he can’t do it. He has to tell Rick. She says he can’t choose her instead? He says, not like this, and she says, all this time, she thought he was a B, and knocks him out.

Rick and Carol look around. We hear zombie gurgles. Carol follows them, and sees a guy. Jed comes up behind her, grabbing her, and holding a knife to her throat. Rick draws his gun, and says, don’t. Jed asks if Rick can get him before he opens Carol up. Rick asks if he killed the others, but Jed has no clue who did. He’s not killing anyone – unless he has to. This is about the guns. They’re being hunted, and they’re a target while camping out. They don’t need a babysitter, but it’s protection time up. He tells Rick to toss the gun. Rick suggests they just be on their merry way. Jed says he heard Rick yakking about how every life counts with him, but if he doesn’t give up the gun, Carol’s life won’t count for sh*t. Rick tells Jed to think about it; after this, there’s no going back. Jed says, there’s no going back for Justin, not for them. He brings the knife closer to Carol’s throat, and Carol says, it’s over. Rick backs off, holding the gun upward. Jed relaxes, Carol gets him in the knees, and he buckles. Rick says, he’s down now. They’ll fix him up at camp. Carol wonders, why not take him out? and Rick says, every life counts.

It’s nighttime, and Daryl and Maggie trudge through the woods. Daryl asks how Maggie knows about the place. Maggie thinks it’s where they lived before. They go into a building, and hear voices. Out in the back, Cyndie and some of the Oceanside girls stand behind Arat, who’s on her knees. Cyndie says she’s going to beg like she made them beg. Bea has a her arrow drawn, and Daryl tells her, drop it.  He asks if she took out Justin with that thing, and she says he killed her husband. Cyndie says they’ve all done things, but no more after this. Maggie says, after this, it keeps going. Cyndie tells Maggie, this was their home. Her mother and grandmother founded it with a group. There were so many then; men, women, kids. They built a garden where she played. Then the Saviors came, and Simon wanted what they had. He gave a final warning, and after that, they ran; they tried to forget. Then Maggie’s people came and asked them to fight, and they did, because they couldn’t forget. After Rick ended it, they went along. They didn’t think they had a choice. Until she hung Gregory. They knew Rick’s rules were not the only rules. She showed them the way. It’s time. Maggie says, they did this because of her? Cyndie says, they murdered her mother. They shot her brother, right here. They took everything, because they could. Arat begs, and says they’re not like that anymore. Simon would have killed her too. Cyndie says her brother begged for his life; he was crying, and Arat smiled. She told Arat, he was only eleven. Then she shot him, and what did she say? Arat says she doesn’t remember, but Cyndie tells her, say it. Maggie asks what she said, and Arat says, no exceptions. Maggie looks at Daryl. Arat begs him to help her. Maggie and Daryl walk away, leaving Cyndie to make her own decision. As Maggie and Daryl keep walking, we see Arat shot by an arrow in the background.

It’s daylight. The Saviors walk out of the camp.

Maggie and Daryl continue walking down the road. Maggie says they did it because of her. She’s given it a fair chance. It’s time to see Negan.

Next time, Maggie wants to make things right. Rick tells Eugene there has to be a way, Tetrax Jadis let’s a zombie loose on Gabriel, and Negan has a beard.

👄 Useless trivia from tonight’s Talking Dead. When the trash heap set was used again, cats and armadillos were found living in it. See? We can live in harmony.

👹 I caught most of Eli Roth’s History of Horror tonight, and I love it. It definitely delivers what the title promises. It reminds me of the anthologies I used to buy in Barnes & Noble’s bargain section when I first moved to NYC. Eli Roth is another favorite of mine as well, being involved with the Tarantino group, and having directed Hostel, which is an excellent film. It’s one of those movies that makes me uncomfortable, but it’s so well done, I’ve watched it a few times.

💍 Tonight, a whole new bunch of fools couples started on their way to the K-1 visa on 90 Day Fiancé. One couple already has a baby, and I’m very excited to watch the moronic antics love stories unfold. Meet the newbies here:

😧 Speaking of Which…

Some updates on Before the 90 Days idiots cast members.

Because Nicole is too lazy for real work.

No surprise Angela has been on Maury Povich, since she confused The Couples Tell All with it. Destiny is real.

And it only gets creepier.

But then it gets better. Or at least more amusing.

And then creepy again.

🐣 A Sad Farewell…

Even a bird deserves to enjoy his golden years.

🍸 Favorite Wives…

High on my list. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Especially after being married to that cad Frazier, IRL.

And my favorite. She who can do no wrong.

🍫 No. Just No.

I got an email with the subject line: Pretzels are the new Halloween candy. Not unless you want eggs thrown at your house and don’t want to enjoy your leftovers.

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