October 24, 2018 – Laura Decides to Run, Mama Dee Holds Class, Caroline Visits the Penthouse, Kate Quote, No Star, Close & Closer


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General Hospital

Laura visits Alexis’s office. She says she came by for advice. Alexis hopes it’s not Valentin, but Laura says not legal advice. She needs Alexis’s opinion about a life choice. She needs a straight answer about an idea. It might sound ludicrous, but Alexis understands what’s at stake. She’s thinking about running for mayor again.

Olivia-Q brings Julian’s favorite customer, Leo, to Charlie’s. She has a full day, topped off by some campaign activities. She’d thought this time it was going to be easy, since Ned is running unopposed. Julian thinks Olivia has a knack for the political life, and thanks her for bringing Leo by. She says it sounded important on the phone, and he says somebody is in trouble.

Cameron sneaks Oscar out of his house. Oscar thanks Cameron for letting him crash there. Cameron tells him to hurry. If his mom sees Oscar, he’ll call Oscar’s mom. They make plans to meet at the park. Elizabeth comes down and asks Cameron what he’s doing; she thought he’d be sleeping in. He tells her that he’s heading to the library. He’s trying for an A on his English paper. He nearly runs right into Carly on the porch, and takes off. Elizabeth asks what brings Carly by, and Carly says Elizabeth’s son and her daughter.

Diane meets with Drew for coffee. She hopes Oscar’s case doesn’t get as far as court. She has a conference call, and tells him that she’ll meet him at her office later. Curtis sees Drew, and says, there’s his best man. He tells Drew there’s been a change of venue. In another development, Stella refuses to attend, but he hopes to turn that around. Drew says he should have called. He can’t be best man.

Kim shows up at Sam’s place. She needs Sam’s help to save Oscar’s life.

Elizabeth asks Carly if Cameron has done something. Carly says not that she knows of, but he and Josslyn have been spending a lot of time together. He brought her home from the pep rally. Elizabeth understands they went with friends. Cameron says by the time they got to her house, it was just the two of them. Cameron stayed and they had a great time. She’s not opposed to it, but wants to make sure she and Elizabeth are on the same page.

Cameron meets Oscar, who asks if he’s brought food. Cameron says he was almost caught twice; once by his mom, and once by Josslyn’s mom, and he wasn’t sticking around. Oscar wonders if anything is wrong with Josslyn, but Cameron says she’d text. Unlike him, she doesn’t keep secrets or play games. Oscar says it’s not a game. Cameron wants to know why Oscar was sleeping on his floor. Oscar says he and his parents can’t agree on anything, especially the decisions about his cancer. It shouldn’t be up to them; it should be up to him. Cameron says he’s starving, and Oscar says his sympathy is overwhelming. Cameron says he’s keeping Oscar’s secret and let Oscar crash at his house. What more does he want? Oscar asks why he’s spending time with Josslyn. Cameron says Oscar did everything to push her away, hurt her, and tell her to move on. Oscar says, not with him.

Julian tells Olivia that he’s been taking stock. He wants to spend time with those he cares about while he has time left. Olivia wonders what this is about. Is he sick, or is he a target since he left the business? He says he’s healthy and there’s no hit on him. Olivia says she’s having an insane day. Why did he want her to bring their son all way over to Charlie’s?

Curtis says the wedding is in less than a month. Drew doesn’t want to leave him in the lurch, but he has family obligations that need his undivided attention. Curtis asks what he’s talking about, and Drew says he’s trying to protect someone’s privacy, but he does want to talk since it’s affect the wedding. Curtis thinks it’s admirable, but drew is falling apart on the inside. Wedding or no, Drew is still his best man. He’s got Drew’s back, and whatever he tells Curtis stays between them. Drew sits down, and says, Oscar is sick. He might not make it.

Kim knows Drew told her about the trial for a new form of amino therapy. Oscar was accepted, and it starts December 1st. It’s his best option, but there are risks that he doesn’t want to take. He refuses to participate, and wants full control over his medical decisions. He hired an attorney. Sam wonders what kind of attorney would take the case without considering the circumstances. Kim says, her mother. He told them yesterday. Then Oscar took off and didn’t come home. He’s not answering her texts or calls, and disabled her tracking device. She has no idea where he is. Sam says he probably needed a minute. She asks if they tried to explain, and Kim says Oscar doesn’t understand what’s best and right. She was overly emotional, and didn’t handle it well. Sam thinks whatever happened can be fixed; certainly by December 1st. She wonders why Kim is there, and Kim says she doesn’t think Sam’s mom will listen to her, but she might listen to Sam.

Alexis says Laura is going to take another crack at the mayoral race? Laura asks if she thinks it’s too ambitious or presumptuous. Alexis says, no, but it’s past the deadline. Laura says she can start a grass roots write-in campaign. Alexis says it’s possible, but is she sure she wants to? She just came back. Laura says Alexis came in at the last minute and almost won. As a latecomer, she probably can’t win, but she can give a voice to a community consistently overlooked. Alexis says it sounds like she’s made up her mind. Laura says she heard the last campaign was nasty, and she’s on the fence as to whether she wants to expose her family to the vitriol. Alexis says it’s unavoidable. Laura thanks her. She came for honest feedback. Alexis says she loves Ned, but he’s pragmatic to a fault. Instead of possibly getting rejected, he adapts to his opposition’s style and matches it. She’s sick of politicians compromising their morals to keep their jobs. They go along to get along, and make trade-offs that hurt people. She remembers a time when politicians were idealistic. It was a profession where they believed in something, and they need it back. Someone in a position of power who can demonstrate strength through decency. Is she willing to answer that call?

Julian tells Olivia that he’s reached a point where he realizes that family is important. Olivia wonders if he’s going through a mid-life crisis, and suggest one of her brothers hooking him up with a sweet Camaro. Julian says he thought he caught her caring for a split second. She says she’d prefer to stay alive for Leo’s sake. Leo is used to him being around, and would miss him if he was gone. He thanks her for stopping by. She says he’s changed. He’s a better man since prison. She’s not talking about the bar, but Kim. He has good thing. She tells him, try not blow it. He tells her to give his regards to Ted.

Curtis tells Drew that he’s sorry. Drew says Oscar wants privacy, so he doesn’t want it to get around. Curtis says if Drew wants, he can look for Oscar, but Drew says if he doesn’t turn up, he’ll call. Curtis says he’ll be there any time. He feels bad that Drew thought he should do this alone. Drew says he’s not alone. He and Kim teamed up, and Sam knows and has been supportive. He needs to try and stop the lawsuit. He’s sorry about wedding, and wishes he could be there. Curtis says, for what it’s worth, he’s a praying man, and he’ll be sure to keep them in his prayers. Drew says it means a lot.

Carly knows Elizabeth can’t stand her, but they have to coexist for the people they have in common. If Elizabeth wants to be snarky or roll her eyes, do it to her, not Josslyn. Elizabeth wonders what she’s talking about, and Carly says Elizabeth came to the conclusion that Josslyn put Cameron up to shoplifting and was a negative influence. She thinks Cameron is a great kid, but if Elizabeth wants to keep them apart, she’d rather Elizabeth forbid it than sabotage them. No disappointed looks or eye rolling. She expects courtesy, and she’ll do the same with Cameron. Elizabeth asks if she’s finished, and Carly says, for now, and leaves.

Cameron asks Oscar, how about some gratitude? Oscar asks if he was waiting for a chance to swoop in. Him being sick is the best thing that could have happened to Cameron. Cameron says Oscar pushed Josslyn away, lied, tried to get her to move on, and now he’s getting upset when she does. Josslyn is strong enough to know the truth, and Oscar should know that. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks. Oscar says none of it would have happened if he didn’t have cancer. Cameron is sorry Oscar doesn’t like how it’s happening. If he needs to crash, Cameron’s got him, but he needs to start looking for a permanent arrangement before this blows up.

Sam asks Kim what Oscar’s reasoning is, and Kim says he’s afraid it will shorten his life, or he could end up brain dead. Sam says quality of life issues are a big deal. Kim tells her all treatments have risks. If they do nothing, he’ll die. It could be a matter of months, but if the treatment works, it could extend his life and possibly save it. Sam understands, and isn’t judging her. Kim asks why she’s hesitating. Sam told her that Danny is a survivor of leukemia. She knows what it’s like to be the mother of a sick child, and why you have to do everything to save them. She asks Sam to tell her mother to stop Oscar from making the biggest mistake of his life. One that could actually end it.

Olivia sees Laura and Alexis at the MetroCourt. She says she’s opening the ballroom in January. She wants to have an inaugural celebration, since she wasn’t able to last year. Laura says she might not have one this year, and not to count her chickens before they’re hatched.

Diane and Drew show up at Alexis’s office. Alexis asks if it’s an ambush, but Drew says Diane is representing him and Kim; they’re going to fight Oscar’s case. Diane says, as his parents, they have Oscar’s best intentions at heart, and she doesn’t think it should go any further. Alexis believes she’s right, but she’s not dropping the case.

Sam isn’t sure it’s right for her to get involved, and Kim asks, why not? Sam says if it’s possible that it will leave him brain dead, she understands. Kim says, all treatment comes with a risk. He’s a child, and looking at the worst case scenario. Sam also understands that it’s his risk to take. Kim thought she would understand, but Sam says she does, more than Kim knows. Years ago, Jason had a brain tumor. Not cancer, but it would have killed him. Because of where it was, surgery came with the possibility of becoming brain dead. Jason wasn’t afraid to die, but he was afraid to live in a bed, hooked up to machines. He refused to have surgery. He wanted to live out the rest of his life with her on his own terms, and he’s alive. She begged him to have the surgery. She wanted him to live; she loved him. Kim doesn’t understand why she won’t help, and Sam says she didn’t force him. It was his choice. He knew the risk and decided. That’s what Oscar is asking for. Kim says Jason is an adult; Oscar is a child, and this is his only chance to keep on living. Sam had said they were family because of their kids, and asked if she could help. Kim doesn’t need hand holding or a casserole. She needs Sam to help save their son, and ask Alexis to talk sense into Oscar. Sam says Alexis wouldn’t have taken the case on if she didn’t think she could handle it. There’s nothing Sam can say. She doesn’t have that kind of influence As much as she hates to admit it, she thinks there might be one person who does.

Oscar looks through Charlie’s window. Julian comes out, and asks if he shouldn’t be in school. Oscar noticed he has a help wanted sign. Julian says the position is full time, but Oscar says he’s sixteen; it’s legal for him to go to work. Julian says Oscar’s mom would have his head. Oscar says Julian asked if he could help, but he was lying – just like everyone else. Julian tells him, hold on.

Olivia hopes there are no hard feelings, and Laura can leave the last campaign behind. She hopes Laura comes to the ball in a few weeks. It would also mean the world to Ned if she’d offer her endorsement. Laura says she can’t, and Olivia guesses the water isn’t under the bridge. Olivia leaves, and Carly says she was being gracious. She’s surprised Laura turned her down. Laura says she can’t endorse Ned if she’s running against him. She’s officially announcing that she’s a write-in candidate for mayor of Port Charles. Carly gives Ned credit for revitalizing the commerce, but social services are slipping through the cracks. People will be thrilled that she’s running again. Carly asks how much Doc told Laura about her time in Ferncliff.

Cameron comes home, telling Elizabeth there’s been a change in plans. Elizabeth says Carly mentioned he’d been spending a lot of time with Josslyn. He asks if she was talking about the pep rally. Josslyn brought everyone and he went as a friend. It’s what they are. Elizabeth asks, what about Oscar? He told her that they broke up, but she says it’s not that cut and dried. She tells him, try to be sensitive to Oscar’s feelings, and he wonders why she’s asking that all the time. Why isn’t she sensitive to his feelings.  She says he doesn’t want to do something he’ll regret. He says, what’s to regret? and she tells him, go wash up.

Oscar and Julian shake hands. Kim walks in and says Oscar didn’t come home. She was worried. Oscar says he’s good, and jets. Julian says Oscar really does love her; it’s just a phase. She’s not so sure. He thinks she could use a cortado. If it’s any consolation, Julian will keep an eye on him. He just gave Oscar a job. Contingent on him staying in school. Kim says he has no idea what he just did.

Drew tells Alexis that as parents, they know what’s best. Alexis understands, and he says not to patronize him. He hopes she understands she’s enabling Oscar’s refusal of the only treatment that can help. Alexis says he feels powerless due to his age and illness; he has no control. She hopes to give him a sense of control and peace by allowing him to express himself. She thinks he deserves that. Drew says, not at the expense of his own life. Alexis says, if she doesn’t do this, Oscar will go to Scotty, who will turn it into a circus. He’ll make it a national debate, using the notoriety for his own benefit, and Drew’s son get lost in the shuffle. She’ll keep it private and respectful. Drew says, it won’t matter if Oscar is dead in a few months because he turned down the chance to save his own life.

Julian asks what he did wrong. Oscar might as well be there. If his teenage rebellion means getting a job, it’s probably a good thing. Kim says Oscar wants to prove to the court he can be self-sufficient. He wants to be emancipated. He’s suing to have control over his medical treatment. Julian knew it was serious, but had no idea his life was at stake. Kim says his only chance to beat it is if they win. Julian hugs her.

Drew says he’s willing to take it to the Supreme Court if necessary. She’s looking at it as a test case on legal ethics. They’re looking at it as parents, and want to give their child the best chance to save his life. He storms out, and Alexis asks Diane to tell her that she understands. Diane does, but says as mature as Oscar appears, he’s still a child. It’s his parents’ role to ensure he’s given the best chance at life. Alexis says he hasn’t been given a choice. Who knows what he would decide? Diane tells her she’s in for a big fight, and she’ll fight with everything she has. So will Alexis, and Diane says she expects nothing less.

Laura is shocked Carly was forced into treatment without her consent. And the horrible nurse who signed for her to get the procedure; it was fraud. Carly says she’s lucky she had a friend who looked out for her and got her out, but there was another patient. She never saw his face or heard his voice, but he tapped messages in Morse code on the wall. Laura asks, what messages? and Carly says, SOS, he was being held against his will. Carly wonders what if he doesn’t belong there any more than she did? Laura thinks maybe she can help. She wants to take a tour of Ferncliff. She’d love to have Carly come with her, but if it’s too painful, she understands. Carly swore she’d never go back, but if someone is being held against their will like her, she’ll make an exception.

Elizabeth asks Cameron why Carly was asking questions about Josslyn and Oscar. Cameron doesn’t know. He goes upstairs, but comes back and asks if Elizabeth is okay. She says she is, it’s just that a friend of hers is going through a hard time. He know it sounds random, but he loves her. He knows he doesn’t say it as much as he should, but he does. She says she loves him so much, and hugs him.

Outside, Diane is glad Drew waited. He hopes he didn’t make things harder, but Diane says she and Alexis understand each other. The deck is stacked against Alexis until Oscar can prove he can support himself without parental assistance. He’s an unemployed teenager, and she hopes the court dismisses it out of hand.

Oscar walks into Alexis’s office, saying he finished up one. He got a job. What next? Seriously? A job at Charlie’s, that’s not bartending, is going to pay the bills? Sign me up.

Julian tells Kim that he’s sorry. He didn’t mean to make it worse. Maybe he should tell Oscar the deal’s off. Kim says he’ll just get a job somewhere else. She’d rather have Oscar here with him; someone she trusts. He can’t believe Alexis is taking this on. Kim asks if he thinks she’s doing this because they’re together, but he says, not for a second. She’s not petty like that. Kim thinks she still has lingering feelings for him. He hopes so. Kim says she’s desperate. She tried to get Alexis to back off, and went to Sam. Sam told her the only person who might have influence over Alexis is him.

Tomorrow, Nina suggests Sasha make Port Charles her home, Oscar wonders if Julian has other motives, and Spinelli has intriguing information about Margaux.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra meets Jeremy at a photo studio. She loves working with him. She says the Hard Night Good Morning product was named for her. Now that her mom is retiring, it’s the first step in rebranding. She still wants to go with the original idea, but at forty-nine, she has good skin. She does look amazing without makeup. She says she’s going to be the face of the product. An eighteen-year-old holding the product isn’t a testimony to how well it works. She hired her husband for the shoot. She loves his work, and the price is good.

Kameron is at the grand opening of the Elizabeth W boutique. She was asked to help host the opening party. She met Elizabeth through a charitable organization. She knew Kameron is a fashionista, and has friends in the charity world. She knows women who would camp out to buy her clothes.

Cary asks LeeAnne how last night went, and LeeAnne says, heavy. She’s supposed to be planning a wedding, and D’Andra called her fake, saying she and Rick lived separate lives. Carly asks how long they’ve been together, and LeeAnne says over nine years. Carly says, that’s a long time to fake something. She can’t do it for thirty seconds. People need be more conscious of their words. In her interview, Cary says she’s past the drama from when LeeAnne hurt their family, but the irony isn’t lost on her that Brandi and D’Andra are making her relationship public. She hopes LeeAnne realizes how much it hurts. LeeAnne says when she pointed out that drinking is the only thing D’Andra does with Brandi, she asked if LeeAnne was calling her an alcoholic. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says if she showed up at a charity event sloshed, she wouldn’t be going to many. Nobody wants a drunk at a charity event. Cary tells her not to insert herself into the situation. She won’t win. LeeAnne says it will all come out in the wash. It always does.

D’Andra tells Jeremy that she stopped talking to LeeAnne. LeeAnne said she has a drinking problem since she’s been out with Brandi. She says there were only two instances of them drinking; her birthday, and a charity event. Jeremy says it’s none of her business. D’Andra says it’s childish. Childish and immature is how LeeAnne deals with things.

LeeAnne tells Cary that Brandi and D’Andra are bullying her. No one else has a problem with her. Brandi keeps insisting LeeAnne is unhappy, and jealous of D’Andra. We flash back to Brandi getting in LeeAnne’s face at the prom. LeeAnne says with them accusing her of all this sh*t, it can only be so long before people are saying D’Andra is drunk and an alcoholic. Cary says those are big words. Drink less; talk less. Get TF out of the way. She wonders why D’Andra invited LeeAnne to the cooking weekend, but LeeAnne says D’Andra’s mother invited her. In Dee’s interview, she says she thought they could spend some time mending fences, and there will be other people there.

LeeAnne thinks at some point she’s going to have to address the issue. In her interview, she says she spent high school with her head in in a locker, crying, because girls are mean. She doesn’t want go back in the locker. Kameron thinks LeeAnne needs to take a breath, but keep poking the bear, and it will bite. Cary hopes it doesn’t get to that.

Cary’s father put an article in a Danish newspaper to find their relatives, and cousin Camilla wrote to her. She’s a musician who works with her husband, and is having an album release in Copenhagen. She invited Cary, who wants to go. Her dad did a lot to reconnect with the family, so if she can do that, she might have a stronger relationship with her father. It’s important to him. She and Mark go over his schedule, since he’ll have to go to Zuri’s spring program. She thinks it would be fun to bring her girlfriends, and Mark thinks she should. He’ll go next time.

Cary FaceTImes with her parents, telling them about her plans to go to the concert. Her dad says her grandfather would be happy. He’s thrilled she’s making a connection. Cary says he’s tearing up, and going to make her cry. Her dad says her grandfather would probably have a tear in his eye too. Mark says it’s the best conversation Cary has had with her dad since they’ve been married.

Stephanie thinks she and Travis should get drunk and sloppy. Travis is going over the notes from Harvard, and she says she always wanted to date a Harvard man. In her interview, Stephanie says when he was gone for three weeks, she was almost a loony tune. She doesn’t like to be by herself. She deals with depression, and doesn’t want feel anxious or in a dark space. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s been on and off antidepressants and she sees a therapist. She’s trying to be healthier. She says nothing bothers Travis, and he tells her he has an eight hundred page book to read. He’s going to read it one page at a time, and that’s how she’ll deal with him not being there – one day at a time. In her interview, she doesn’t want this to change their dynamic. She doesn’t want him to come home and think he’s married to the village idiot. They talk about their ten year vow renewal. She says ten years is enough time, but it’s not so long that you look like Shar Peis getting married again. Travis says, ten years at a time.

Dee is hosting the cooking lesson at her best friend Marian’s house in Cedar Creek, so she doesn’t mess up her own. In her interview, D’Andra says her favorite thing, besides her husband, is cooking. It’s great for anxiety and stress, which she’s had a lot of this year. She tells Marian that she’s not really talking to LeeAnne, but she wants today to be more about fun and food. It’s been stressful lately. Dee says she and Marian used to fight, and Marian asks what she means by used to. In D’Andra’s interview, she says if Dee and Marian can get through their fights, there’s hope for her and LeeAnne.

LeeAnne and Rich arrive. In her interview, LeeAnne is hoping this is Dee’s way of telling her that she sees what’s going on, and thinks there’s a possible resolution. Dee tells everyone that men love good cooks, and the old adage is true – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’d like to add, a woman’s too. We all love good food. In LeeAnne’s interview, she loves Dee’s idea that food is how you keep men happy. Hers is… never mind.  She makes a gesture, and we’ll just leave it there. Dee says D’Andra says it’s her fault she has a weight problem. In her interview, D’Andra says while growing up, food was an escape. Who diets in fourth grade? I slowly raise my hand. She says she’s not a size two salad eater. Dee gives D’Andra an apron that says, queen bee. LeeAnne says she can finally be queen. We flash back to the great queen debate at Beaver Creek. In D’Andra’s interview, she thinks her mom is sending a message to LeeAnne not to mess with her daughter. If she says so. The rest of the guests trickle in.

Jimmy is Kameron’s mother-in-law, and the matriarch of the Westcott family. Kameron is being groomed to take over one day. Kameron has brought her along. She says Jimmy is a fantastic cook and could have her own restaurant, but Jimmy waves away the compliment, saying, that was back in the day. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s one of a few powerful woman in Dallas society that you wouldn’t want to cross. They’re making a meatloaf, and Dee starts by lining the pan with bacon. I think I’d have a bigger weight problem than D’Andra, and I don’t even like bacon. We learn that peppers are male and female; the female has four bumps, and the male, three. What difference it makes remains a mystery. Marian puts an entire bottle of ketchup into the meatloaf. D’Andra says they argue all the time about how much should go in, and LeeAnne wonders who would need so much ketchup? Dee instructs everyone to mix the meatloaf with their hands.

Kameron asks about Cary’s event. In her interview, D’Andra says it’s the elephant in the room, and she has to get it off her chest. She asks if LeeAnne thinks she’s an alcoholic. LeeAnne tells her that she never said that. She says she was concerned about her drinking too much with Brandi. D’Andra says that’s not what she heard. LeeAnne knows, and says she wishes Brandi would appreciate the other aspects of D’Andra’s character, other than being a drinking buddy. Kameron says nothing wrong with having drinks at an event, but it depends on the level. LeeAnne said Brandi was swaying. LeeAnne concurs, saying she was bobbing back and forth. We flash back, and yep, she was. D’Andra doesn’t remember it that way.

Dee asks LeeAnne, come and talk to Mama Dee. In her interview, LeeAnne says Dee is someone she’s always looked up to, and whose opinion she values. Dee has told her she’s like a second daughter. Dee asks how it worked out, and LeeAnne says she talked to D’Andra at Cary’s opening. She explained how hurtful it was for D’Andra to say she and Rich lead separate lives. It’s like saying he’s cheating. She doesn’t think she and Brandi understand the damage they cause. She and Rich spend all day together, and sometimes she goes out to a charity event and comes home. She wants Brandi to appreciate other aspects of D’Andra, instead of just looking at her as a drinking buddy.

Jeremy thinks whatever the girls are arguing about is bullsh*t. Rich says it will get worse before it gets better. That’s how the girls are. They have to go all the way to implosion. Jeremy is glad he has a penis. Rich says he’s glad Jeremy has a penis too.

Kameron tells D’Andra that she’s just saying be cautious. D’Andra says she’s almost fifty. She’s not going to worry about what people think of her. If she wants to play drinking games or day drink, she’s not affecting anyone’s life. Kameron says personally, she doesn’t care, but she doesn’t trust others not to talk. Two seconds after telling Brandi something, the whole world knows.

LeeAnne tells Dee that D’Andra has a lot of beautiful sides, but Brandi only wants to appreciate the side that gets drunk. Dee says she worries, since D’Andra’s father was an alcoholic, and he’s dead. She’s always warned her. LeeAnne says her grandmother warned her because there’s alcoholism in her family. In LeeAnne’s interview, she thinks Dee’s hearing her, but ultimately blood is thicker than water, and she’s water.

Jimmy tells D’Andra it’s a conservative city, and people talk. Kameron says LeeAnne cares and loves her. It hurts them if people talk about her, and the truth is, they do talk. Jimmy says if you march to a different drummer, you’re going to get criticized. D’Andra wonders why she can’t just do the things that make her happy, if she’s going to be judged anyway. Jimmy tells her LeeAnne is her friend.

Dee tells LeeAnne not to let it destroy the friendship. That would be ridiculous and stupid. She’s seventy-seven, and knows about relationships. They hug.

Jimmy says it’s impossible to stay on the road straight down the line. Whatever that means. Kameron has a friend she was counseled not to be around. Their reputation is awful, and someone might think she’s like that. In her interview, D’Andra says she knows why Jimmy is here. To warn her about Brandi, and her reputation, which is getting soiled. She wonders if it’s a warning about her friendship with Kameron. In Kameron’s interview, she says that Jimmy is like mama bear and protects her friends. She tells D’Andra, be careful.

With Bruin in tow, Brandi goes to a jewelry store with Travis to pick out something for Stephanie. She was there to help with the engagement ring ten years ago. Travis says Stephanie wants an eternity band. Brandi thinks ten years is a lot, and feels like they’re getting old now. In her interview, Brandi says ten years is a big deal LeeAnne can’t get to one. Really? She says she’s known Travis for twenty years, and he dated some winners. When Stephanie came along, Brandi told him that he was going to marry her. Stephanie depends on him; he’s her rock. She thinks it’s beautiful, and he gives Stephanie support, but she needs to feel comfortable about him being away. Travis orders a $41,500 ring.

The meal is complete. They sit outside, and the guys sit at their own table. LeeAnne says there are six sticks of butter in the mashed potatoes. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s in need of some emotional eating, and got it in. Dee gets up, and says, friendship and food go together. Life is short. One morning her husband kissed her goodbye, and said, see you at dinner, and she never saw him again. Every moment together is a miracle. They should select their friends wisely. You never know when you say goodbye if you’ll be saying hello again. She loves them all, and thanks Marian. LeeAnne says it touches her heart, and makes her a little sad. That she’s there should show D’Andra that she’s not willing quit on the friendship. She’s there. Say something.

Jeremy is a military photographer, and has awarded with Military Photo of the Year seven times. A mural of one of his famous photos is being unveiled, marines breakdancing in Africa. In her interview, D’Andra says when they were at the cooking lesson, it wasn’t the time to voice her opinion. Jimmy is an elder, and you don’t call them out for being wrong. Kameron was wrong to bring her. She doesn’t bring her mother to a dogfight; she fights herself. She’s pissed at Kameron. The speech about friendship got to her, so she invited LeeAnne and Rich. They need to talk one-on-one, and see how it shakes out.

Rich makes it for the unveiling. He says LeeAnne was going to try, but she’s at a fashion show. D’Andra understands Brandi has a baby, but LeeAnne chose to go to a fashion show. Stephanie says it’s a special moment. She and Travis have two of Jeremy’s photos hanging in their house.

Kameron says it was fun cooking. D’Andra says she thought she’d gotten a warning from Jimmy because she didn’t behave. It sounded like a warning about their friendship. Kameron says they were just telling her to be cautious because people are talking. D’Andra says it was hurtful, and she felt attacked. In her interview, Kameron is disgusted that D’Andra is even bringing her mother-in-law into the situation. To assume it’s an attack is mind-boggling. Kameron says Jimmy knows a lot of people; she’s not someone you want to piss off. D’Andra asks if that’s a threat, and Kameron says she’s trying to protect D’Andra from a trainwreck. Sometimes the truth hurts. In Kameron’s interview, she says D’Andra’s been wild lately, and people are talking. Kameron is offended, saying she’d never attack D’Andra. D’Andra says what she does is no one’s business. Kameron has had enough

Cary follows Kameron out. Kameron says she’s leaving. D’Andra is being a crazy bitch, saying Jimmy was being offensive. Cary says, talk to her. D’Andra asks Dee why they attacked her. Dee says, who cares? People talk. She’s learned how to work with it. She tells D’Andra not to feel embarrassed or upset. Let people what they want. In her interview, D’Andra says, it’s hard to walk away, and say you don’t care. Kameron tells Cary she’s done with it. People said mean hurtful things about D’Andra, and she defends, and gets treated like this. And disrespecting her mother-in-law? Peace out. Kameron gets in her car, and says, this is freaking insane.

Next time, Cary asks the girls to Copenhagen, Stephanie and Travis renew their vows, and Cary thinks the trip might be a disaster.

Below Deck

Ross tells Chandler that Rhylee can’t take instruction. Chandler should talk to the captain; nip it in the bud. Chandler wants to get through the charter, then do what they need to. Like the impetuous baby he is, Ross goes to the captain himself. He tells Captain Lee it’s not his place to say what he’s saying, but Rhylee doesn’t seem to know what’s happening in front of the guests. He thinks there’s a break in communication. In his interview, Ross says it’s frustrating. There’s no direction, and it’s making them all look bad. The captain is impressed by Ross. He knows what needs to be done, when the bosun should have the answers.

Kate calls around for local dancers and musicians. Adrian asks her if she wants to try something he’s making, and she says it’s going to be the first charter where she gains weight. In Kate’s interview, she says they’re throwing a luau. There will be dancers, fire throwers, and music. It will be spectacular. Josiah is her favorite stew she’s ever had. Rhylee has no regrets about how she dealt with Ross. They were in a dangerous situation. She’d rather he be upset than someone get injured. Ashton tells Ross there’s a Tahitian beach party tonight. Chandler is taking a nap. In his interview, Ross feels badly. He’s never thrown anyone under the bus before. It proves how frustrated he is.

Caroline tells Kate that she had issues with Chandler last night. He said he’d help, but when the time came, he went to bed. Kate thinks Caroline doesn’t understand that he has more responsibility. Usually the lower deckhands help with that. She agrees that 4:45 is too late to stay up. In her interview, Kate thinks it’s because Chandler didn’t give Caroline any attention; not that he didn’t help.

Ross says he’s just trying to pull his weight, and provide for his son and his son’s mother. It’s his motivation. Kate tells Adrian that Caroline is obsessed with Chandler. Adrian says she always looks like a  deer in headlights; it cracks him up. Caroline tells Chandler that she was totally wrong, and misunderstood what their joint role was. She apologizes. In his interview, Chandler has no idea what she’s talking about. He doesn’t thinks she knows where she is.

Captain Lee says he’ll be having dinner with the guests. Everyone changes to their blacks, and Kate decides to take Caroline with her for the picnic. They go ahead, and set up. Kate tells Caroline that she should have a baby with Chandler. If they conceive it on the boat, they can name it My Sienna. In her interview, Caroline loves everything about that idea, except everything about that idea.

Ross outs himself to Rhylee, saying he told the captain about a breakdown in communication. Captain Lee wanted him to be specific, and he mentioned her name. He’s sorry; he doesn’t know why. She asks what he said, and Ross says, nothing bad. In her interview, Rhylee says, are you effing kidding me? What has she done besides her job?

The guests go over to the beach with Josiah. Kate says, it’s a lot of work finding local musicians where you don’t speak the language, while you set up dinner on an island you’ve never been to. The guests arrive, the music starts, and they say it looks amazing. Kate is amazing. Captain Lee agrees. Adrian says one of his favorite nicknames is Merlin. He likes to do concoctions, and all of that is coming out in this dinner. Primary Alan asks Adrian to leave with him. He’s giving him all the tip money, and taking him.

Chandler says he’s getting some shuteye. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she only gets about five hours of sleep a night, and it’s effed up.

Kate asks if Josiah can hula. Caroline goes back with Ross to do turndown. When they get to the boat, Ross calls Chandler, but Rhylee says he’s on break. On the island, the native dancing starts. In her interview, Kate says, one of the great things about yachting is that you experience different cultures with the guests. That’s all she really wants to do. The fire dancers throw fire around.

Chandler and Caroline talk about traveling when the charter is over. Chandler says even though his dad is in the charter business, he’s jealous about the places Chandler has been, and he’s only twenty-eight. Caroline enjoys his company, but is being guarded. The guests head back. In his interview, Captain Lee says he’s never attended anything that came off like this. He’s blown away.

Chandler tells Ross to knock off for the night. Ashton can go too. Chandler sees all the crap left to clean up from the picnic, and radios Rhylee to meet in the beach club. He asks if she has this. In her interview, she says she wants to crash. She’s tired, but knows the junior crew get the sh*t jobs at the end of the day. Ashton tells Ross there’s no downtime. No one has had a break when they’re supposed to; it could be scheduled better. Rhylee is exhausted, and fed up with the boys. It’s wearing on her. I note that Chandler seems to get plenty of sleep.

Kate tells Caroline it went well. Caroline thinks it was more cohesive than the first charter. She says Kate and Josiah clearly have a strong connection, and she feels left out. She wonders if Kate thinks she’s ridiculous. Kate says Caroline is crazy, ridiculous, amazing, and finny. She’s the perfect third stew. In Kate’s interview, she understands why Caroline might feel left out, but she can sit with them. They’re not mean girls. This is why she doesn’t like threesomes. Someone always feels left out.

The crew prepares for the last morning of the charter. Anchor is locked, breakfast is served, and one guest says they’ll have no reason to eat after this. Nothing will taste good, and she’ll be in full depression. The crew changes to their whites. The captain wants to sync the fenders, which is a fancy way to say drop all the weights at once. When they dock, the guests don’t want to leave, but they have to. Alan says it’s the best charter they’ve ever done. He was blown away. Danyelle thanks them from the bottom of her heart. Alan takes out an envelope, saying, good tip, and another, saying, spectacular tip. He gives them both to Captain Lee. The crew applauds. Alan and Danyelle declare their love for each other.

For the past year, Caroline’s focus has been on her mom, and she can’t make friends or form relationships. Rhylee is feisty and intelligent, and she relates. While they’re changing, Rhylee complains about only getting five house of sleep. Caroline knows about Ross saying there’s a lack of communication. Rhylee says she knows how to communicate. Chandler calls for help with the luggage, and she says she’s changing, per instruction. He asks if she couldn’t see what they were doing. In her interview, she says he keeps talking about being boss. How about giving instructions beforehand? She gets some clothes on and goes to help.

Caroline knocks on the penthouse door (aka Kate and Josiah’s private bunk). Kate says it’s her penthouse too; it’s the interior penthouse. She feels badly because she and Josiah are always laughing together. They have yachtie shorthand. She wants to make an effort to include Caroline. Josiah says he and Kate are a perfect fit. They’ve both mastered the RBF.

Rhylee is tired of how she’s not allowed to speak unless she’s spoken too. Ross tells her she’s doing a great job, but she says she’s not comfortable talking to him about feelings. It’s tip time.

Captain Lee says everybody did a good job. The guests wanted a home run (a baseball reference – shades of the Mediterranean), and they did it. The food was a hit, Kate elevated the bar, and the synchronized fender drop was perfect. Alan wasn’t lying. They got $22K or $1820 each. Ashton says, yes, please. Party time. They have the night off. In his interview, Adrian says money doesn’t have that much value in his eyes. Of course not. The captain wants to see Chandler in the wheelhouse. Do as much as they can today, before they go out and wreck themselves, or rather, have fun.

The captain tells Chandler to have a seat, and asks how things are going with the crew. Chandler says everyone is trying help each other, but there’s always backlash to what’s said. An expression or comment from Rhylee on the back end. In Chandler’s interview, he says he’d be at his wit’s end if he was the captain. He’d fire her. He tells the captain that her attitude is piss poor. Captain Lee asks what he’s doing about it. Chandler says he doesn’t think they have the time to wait for a change or deal with it. In his interview, Captain Lee says Chandler has a hard-on for Rhylee, and not in the Biblical sense. He has his mind made up that she won’t work out, but all he sees is that she’s doing her job. She’s just hard to get along with. If Chandler wants him to get rid of her, he’s not doing it. He tells Chandler that they don’t have that luxury. It’s his issue to solve. One of his people felt there’s a breakdown in communication. He suggests a deck meeting before each charter, and schedule people who work best together. He’s going to need a clear line of communication so there’s no confusion. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never had a problem like this. Whoever went to the captain, should have come to him first. It makes the department look bad, him in particular.

Josiah and Kate have champagne. Kate wishes Caroline and Chandler would have sex. Josiah thinks Rhylee and Ashton would be like two crocs fighting over a ham hock or roadkill. On deck, Ashton suggests they knock off early. Chandler says they can be efficient tomorrow.

Josiah tells Kate every time they say Adrian is an alien, he doesn’t deny it. In her interview, Rhylee says she and Ashton have chemistry. She’d like to take it further, but she’s having fun flirting.

The guys sit outside and have a beer. Josiah asks if anyone thinks Chandler should hook up with Caroline, and Chandler wonders, what’s up with that? Josiah thinks they’re flirty. In Chandler’s interview, he says he likes girls who are down to earth and easy going. We’ll see. Josiah asks what Chandlers type is, and Chandler says, normal. They laugh.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Chandler says it was a tough charter. He’s hoping there are no issues tonight. The crew goes to a local lounge. They order espresso martinis, and talk about what they’re doing after the charter. Food comes. When they’re done, they have a shot. Ashton thinks Rhylee is naughty, but wants to be careful. Getting involved with a crew member can be complicated. Just ask Hannah.

Ashton asks what time they want to head back; he doesn’t want to piss everyone off. We flash back to him holding everyone up last time. Caroline goes out for a smoke. Chandler follows, and Kate says if they conceive a baby on the boat, she wants it named Sienna Kate. They go back to the car. Ashton says he’s had seven espresso martinis, and he’s still tired, He needs to drink more. Most. Uneventful. Night. Out. Ever.

Back at the boat, Rhylee and Caroline have dessert in the galley, until Chandler horns in. Rhylee leaves them alone, but nothing happens. I stick with my original assessment of the evening.

Rhylee teases Caroline that she and Chandler ate the cake like Lady and the Tramp. There’s a debate as to who the Tramp is. Kate and Josiah are wasted. Josiah says everyone is boring, and brings some ramen to Kate. She asks who he’d fired if he could. She’d fire Rhylee; she’s a moron. He loves Caroline, but thinks Kate needs to talk to her. Kate says they can’t go through another charter with so much talking . Caroline knocks on the door, and tells them she heard what they were saying. Kate tells her to come in, but Caroline says they’ll talk tomorrow. In her interview, Caroline says that they claim not to be mean girls, but they were talking behind her back. It’s upsetting, and becoming an effed up charter.

Next time, Kate wonders what’s wrong with Rhylee, the guests are disgustingly obsessed with social media, a used condom is left on a nightstand (eww!), and Caroline asks to see a doctor.

👉 Always On Point…

She has happy resting face. You know who has those? Lunatics. And Labradors. – Kate Chastain, in regard to stew Sierra, Below Deck, season four

⚾ Star was not on tonight, because, World Series.

🏁 I’m almost at the finish line of this overwhelming week, and I’m hoping I didn’t make too many editing mistakes. I haven’t had a chance to open that box from Oriental Trading yet, so I’m also hoping there wasn’t a huge mistake and it’s full of candy corn.

🏆 So Close…


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