October 26, 2018 – Sam Finds Some Love Letters, Z You Tomorrow, Creepy Quotes & Almost ‘Ween


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Since all news happens between 3 and 4 pm, my viewing pleasure was interrupted by everyone involved with today’s arrest patting themselves on the back. I almost got confused. They were thanking so many people, for a minute, I thought it was an awards show. I also kept thinking they were saying IUDs when they were saying IEDs.

General Hospital

So of course, they come back to a commercial. God forbid we miss one of those.

Kiki tells Sasha if she’d known Sasha was free, she would have arranged things. She thinks they should take getting to know each other up a notch now that she’s staying. She asks where Sasha is staying, and Sasha says Nina offered to put her up at the MetroCourt indefinitely, but she’s not sure she’s ready for that level of generosity. Kiki tells her Nina is her landlord. Sasha can stay with her, and accept Nina’s generosity without actually accepting it. Griff comes by, telling Kiki the decision still has to be made, and jets. Sasha says that was cryptic; she’s intrigued. Kiki says all the more reason to move in with her. She can tells Sasha everything she wants to know.

Elizabeth wonders if she held on too tight to Aiden. Why would he feel like the world is unsafe? Franco says, the world is unsafe. She ask why he won’t tell her what’s wrong, and Franco says, he’s a weird kid. Not in a bad way. Weird is awesome; he celebrates weird. He’s different, but hasn’t realized different is the best. It’s nothing she did or didn’t do. Before they met, he wasn’t comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t want Aiden to go through that, but Elizabeth says it’s not going to be solved in one afternoon. Having Franco on their side means they’ll be okay.

Lulu tells not-Doc that her first article sparked an online debate about the nature of evil. Not-Doc says, nature versus nurture, and Lulu says, or both. She wants to know why; what triggered him. Was it his environment or experiences, or something inside waiting to be set off? Not-Doc says the question for her readers should be who defines evil? The person passing judgement or the evil-doer. Did Ryan accept other people’s definition, define it himself, or was he someone who cast off social norms?

Ava introduces herself to Sasha, saying she’s Kiki’s mother. Sasha says Kiki didn’t tell her that her mom was in town. Ava says she wouldn’t. Unfortunately, they’re estranged. Sasha says she’s sorry, and Ava says, that’s what comes from sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend. Sasha says, her and Griff? Ava says she was more serious than he was, so it’s no surprise he moved on. Kiki is very casual. She should have realized sex was all he was after. She says she’s embarrassing herself, and they’ll work things out. In six months, Kiki won’t even remember Griff. In the meantime, she’s glad Kiki met Sasha, and hopes they talk again. She leaves, and Sasha is like, whoa.

Elizabeth and Franco talk about wedding plans. She asks if he thinks the flowers should be formal or wild. He says, both. She asks if he’s being diplomatic, and he says the formal flowers represent her beauty, and the wildflowers represent her passionate side. **ava about * thing but aiden decide if doesn’t get ird of prob have fun maybe they have fn tonight

Sam and Spinelli pose as representatives for the insurance company and visit Margaux’s mother, Jeanette. Sam says it must have been a loss for her daughter. Losing her father must have left a hole in her daughter’s life. Jeanette says she missed him. Spinelli asks her to forgive them, asking so many questions when she’s had a personal loss. Sam adds, but they need to clear up the claim. Spinelli says he died in 1985, and she reported him missing in 1985. She stopped paying the premiums, so the policy lapsed. Jeanette says, so she gets nothing? She waited all this time to find out he’s dead, and gets nothing? Sam says they don’t mean to disappoint her, and Spinelli tells her the time of death is taken seriously. Jeanette says they claimed they wanted to help. How is this helping? Spinelli tells her if she can prove he died between January and August, when the policy was active, they could award the claim. The authorities go by the year. Jeanette says, he died in March, and Sam asks how she can be sure. Jeanette says she just knew. She knew the moment he was walking out the door, he was headed to death.

At Ferncliff, Carly says the place looks better, and Laura wants to ask the head nurse about reform. Mary Pat walks in, telling someone, just because she lost her job doesn’t mean their days numbered. She sees Carly, and says, back so soon, Caroline? It was inevitable. Carly says she’s back with a visitor’s pass, like Mary Pat, and she’s brought a friend. Laura introduces herself, saying her husband is a psychiatrist there. Mary Pat says she’s very familiar with him, and knows all about his patients. He believes in treating violent psychopathic cases with kid gloves. A patient she warned him about repeatedly pumped her full of drugs. She could have had an allergic reaction or died. Carly says apparently, she didn’t do a good job. The new head nurse comes in, and tells Mary Pat to get her stuff and turn in her visitor’s pass. Carly says she was tortured for weeks; being fired is too good for Mary Pat. Laura says she’s looking forward to the tour. The nurse tells them her name is Kay, and Laura says both she and Carly have questions. An institution that would hire someone like Mary Pat has a lot to answer for, and she’ll be asking.

Not-Doc tells Lulu society makes a complex agreement of societal norms; what’s right and wrong. Psychopaths tend to refuse to abide by the contract. Lulu wonders if they believe what they’re doing is right, and not-Doc says, Ryan would say he was unencumbered by the confines of conventional wrong, so there are no consequences. Lulu asks if he didn’t care, or did he enjoy it because he believed society was wrong. Is someone like him curable? Not-Doc says she’s asking the wrong question. What he’d ask is do they wish to be cured?

Kiki gives Elizabeth a small token for her support in Kiki going up against Dr. Bensch. I miss what she says it is, but it looks like a Dr. Bensch chew toy. Elizabeth says she saw Kiki and Griff’s picture in The Invader, and Kiki says she didn’t even know about it until it was pointed out. Elizabeth says, by her mom? and Kiki says her mother was furious, and felt betrayed. Elizabeth thinks it’s a good thing she and Griff are distancing themselves. Kiki says, sooner or later, Ava drives everyone away who cares. She’ll drive Avery away too eventually. She should feel sad, but doesn’t anymore.

Ava sees Franco at the hospital. He says she seems chipper, and she says she’s in a good mood, thanks to Doc. Franco didn’t realize she was a regular. She says she finds therapy to be extremely liberating. He’s encouraging her to own her feelings, and stop apologizing for who she is. Franco says she spends a lot of time doing that. Ava says they betrayed her, and she’s the person at fault. He suggests making amends, but she says Doc doesn’t feel that way, and he’s encouraging less remorse. Franco wonders if it’s a long-term reverse psychology ploy, but Ava says he wants her to explore her anger and desire for revenge. She has natural impulses, and it’s not awful to feel how she’s feeling. France asks if she’s being forthcoming. He knows her, and encouraging her to explore her rage is like giving a pyromaniac a flamethrower, and telling them to play with it. Tell him that she’s not thinking of burning down Kiki.

Sam asks Jeanette how she knew Vincent was going to die, and Jeanette says, he had dangerous clients. When he didn’t come home, she feared the worst. She went to the police the next day, but either they didn’t take her seriously, or they were working for the same people. They suggested he walked out, but he wouldn’t have left Margaux; he adored her. She stopped paying the premiums because she believed he was dead, and if she was right about who did it, they’d never recover the body. Spinelli says after seven years, she could have had him declared legally dead, file a claim, and move on. She shows them a picture of Margaux as a little girl, and says that’s why she didn’t. How could she look at that face and tell her that her father was gone forever. Margaux thought he was coming back. Spinelli tells Sam that he feels unwell, and Sam asks if he took his medication. He tells Jeanette that he’s hypoglycemic, and it helps when he takes a pill. He ask if he can trouble her for a glass of water. She takes him into the kitchen. Sam puts gloves on, and snoops. She finds a locked drawer in the desk.

She gets it open, and rifles through it, finding a stack of letters tied with a ribbon in the back. Spinelli yells, thank you; it did the trick, and Sam puts the letters in her briefcase. Spinelli says he’s feeling better thanks to Jeanette’s orange juice. Jeanette asks if they can do this another time. It takes a lot out of her talking about Vincent, and she’s not sure there’s anything else she can tell them. Sam thinks they have enough information; they’ll call if they have any questions. Spinelli says they’ll give her claim to the higher-ups. Jeanette asks if she could still get a payout, and Spinelli doesn’t see why not. It’s a heartbreaking tale, and to weigh it against a few unpaid premiums would be heartless. Jeanette is surprised they would take her story into consideration. She’s never heard of a special effort to give money. Sam says, it happens all the time, and Spinelli says they didn’t come to debunk her claim, but find out the truth, so she can get what’s rightfully hers. Wow. If Jeanette believes that fairytale, I have some land in Florida for her to buy.

Ava tells Franco that Doc dares to test her limits, and inspires her to set some. While she can fantasize to her heart’s content about Kiki and Griff, they’re destruction won’t be at her hands. Franco asks if she’s hired someone else, but she says they’ve been left to their own devices. He says, impressive. Doc is a genius. Who knew he’d get through to two people like them?

Griff sits at Sasha’s table, saying he must have missed Kiki. Sasha says she had an errand to run, but they’re touching base later. Griff is glad Sasha is staying, and Sasha says she’s feeling better about it all the time. Griff says, it means a lot; family. Especially now. She ask why he means, and he says Kiki’s like is complicated. Sasha says that’s pretty much what Kiki’s mother told her.

Laura tells Kay that she’ll be seeing the areas Carly described in her statement. Kay says she’s not at liberty to discuss the statement, but Laura has it right there. It helps to know people. She wants a complete tour, including the rooms. Kay says a lot of the patients are criminally insane. She can’t allow access to the patients for Laura’s own safety. Laura says her daughter is the lead reporter on the article. Does Kay want Laura to give her a quote on how they were shut down and stonewalled? The public will ask what they’re hiding. Kay says she’s simply fooling policy. Laura says Kay can answer her questions and give her a proper tour. It’s up to her.

Griff says Ava spoke to Sasha? and Sasha says, she likes to share. Ava told her way more than she should know. Griff says Ava tends to exaggerate. Kiki is more realistic. Sasha says he’s part of it, but he says, only peripherally. They have to work it out between them. He doesn’t want to get overly involved.

Ava tells Franco she’s not going to torture Kiki. He’s glad, and Ava says she’ll live to regret it. Doc has encouraged her to move beyond regret. Franco says it’s much healthier to work it out through fantasies, instead of being stupid in real life.

Elizabeth tells Kiki, after what Ava put them through, she and Griff are entitled to some happiness. Kiki says, if her mother taught her anything, it was not to let anyone keep her down. Not even her mother.

Lulu thanks not-Doc. She can’t wait to share the information with her mom. Mental health and reform are at the top of her campaign platform. Not-Doc says it’s the reason he suggested she run. Lulu says when Laura heard about what happened to Carly at Ferncliff, she went on a crusade. They’re on a fact-finding mission at Ferncliff right now. Not-Doc says he should be there. Lulu thinks that’s sweet, but he’s probably too late. It’s happening as they speak. He says, Laura and Carly are at Ferncliff now? Lulu says she almost feels bad for the staff. If they’re hiding anything, her mom will find out.

Laura tells Kay that she wants to be clear. She’s not leaving until all the doors are opened. Carly says, starting with the room next to the one she was in.

Outside, Spinelli tells Sam that Jeanette was hospitable, and deeply suspect. She shows him the letters, and says they’re love letters – from Skully.

On Monday, Stella has a bone to pick with not-Doc, Michael tells Margaux that he knows nothing, and Mary Pat asks Caroline if she’s going down Memory Lane.

👹 Due to pre-Halloween activities, I won’t be able to see Z Nation and recap until tomorrow. <sob!>

👻 A Slew of Spooky(ish) Quotes

Do the scary thing first, and get scared later. – Lemony Snicket

If this fails, we’re gonna have a lot of pissed off ghosts coming back at us. – Doug Rennie (Meat Loaf), Ghost Wars

No man wants to kiss a girl in black. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

Kim D is in fact a cockroach.Michael Rappaport

Kim D is like a character on Game of Thrones.Robin Lord Taylor

My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. – Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), Snowpiercer

It’s lonely being a cannibal. Tough making friends. – Colonel Hart (Jeffrey Jones), Ravenous

Dead isn’t what it used to be. – The Man in Black, (Ed Harris), Westworld

Make your monsters human. – Boris Karloff

Hell is other people. – Jean-Paul Sartre

Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. – Aldous Huxley

The world is f**ked. – Luther Voz (Mel Gibson), Machete Kills

Yeah, I, uh, I had to dismember that guy with a trowel. What have you been up to? – Marty (Fran Kranz), The Cabin in the Woods

It’s the live ones you have to worry about. – my father when I got scared watching a horror movie. He was right.

💋 Until We Meet Again…



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