October 28, 2018 – Serious Trouble for Rick, a Return Returns, Vintage Spookiness, the Queen of Scream & Beetlejuice!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Michonne wakes up and looks at Rick. She kisses him, and gives Judith breakfast. She and Rick look out over the farm, and tend to daily chores. Michonne wakes up. She looks at her katana on the wall.

Outside zombies are feeding. Michonne slices and dices them.

Michonne studies something. She dispatches more zombies. She cleans her katana. Judith runs around playing. It’s night, and Michonne walks the perimeter of the town. She sees a zombie hanging from a noose. His wrists are also tied. While she’s staring at him flailing around, another zombie grabs her. She whacks it with a bat, and realizes it’s Lucille (the bat, not the zombie). She drops it like it’s hot.

I guess this is day to day in Alexandria.

Maggie loves on Hershel, and passes him off to the nanny, or whoever. She watches the bustle of the town from the balcony. She puts a crowbar in her backpack. Jesus says he has a letter from Georgie, but she says she’ll read it later. She’s going to pick up a few things, and Jesus wonders why she needs a crowbar for that. She tells him that he’s done a good job there, and she wants him to keep it up. She wants make things right, like they talked about. He says, like she made things right with Gregory? But they didn’t talk about that. He says, Negan deserved to die. Rick made the call when it wasn’t his to make. Jesus wants to be sure she’s not wrong in the same way, and wants her to be sure. A woman asks if Maggie is ready. She is, and Jesus watches her leave.

Rick watches the water. Eugene says Mother Nature has dealt them a serious bowl of whoop-ass. Rick asks what the chances are of the bridge holding. Eugene takes no pleasure in telling him the long-term isn’t good. He’s sorry. Rick thinks there’s got to be a way keep on with the project, but not with the numbers he currently has. Eugene says there’s a silver lining, and babbles about something neither Rick nor I understand. Rick thanks him, and Eugene says he’s sorry he didn’t do more; read more engineering books. Rick says he did do better. He’s not just a guy who read books. He made something. He got them there after everything, and that’s everything.

Rick sees Carol, and asks if she’s leaving too. She says she is. She’s taking her people home to the Kingdom. He’s seen it out there. He asks, what about the Sanctuary? and she thinks they should try standing on their own. Rick says, what if it goes down the same way as it did there? and she says, then it’s on them. The Sanctuary people don’t want them there. They don’t want Negan either; not most of them. It’s up to them to figure out who they want to be. Rick says, like she did, and Carol says, like they all did. Rick doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing, but if anyone gives him hope for how things can turn out, it’s Carol. She says she’s still trying to figure things out like everybody else. She’s sorry. She wanted it to work. He knows.

Jerry rides into camp. Jesus told him that Maggie is going to Alexandria, and thought Rick should know. Rick asks if they said anything else, and Jerry tells him that they said he would know what it means. Rick radios Rachel at Alexandria with an urgent message. If Maggie shows up, delay her at the gate, and alert Michonne. Do not let her in without an escort. Rachel says she’ll relay the message. Rick says if Maggie is listening, let’s talk. Rachel says she thinks Maggie is done talking, and picks up her magazine without passing along the message. Daryl asks, what’s going on? Rick tells him, Maggie is heading to Alexandria. She’s about to do something she might regret. Daryl says he’ll take Rick, and they get on the bike.

There’s a knock at Michonne’s gate. It’s Nora, and Michonne says, it’s that time already? Nora says, it’s not always bad news, and Michonne asks, what kind of day it is today? I guess Nora is like the town crier. Nora says, mostly bad. A fourth of the tomato crops were eaten by crows; there are too many to control. Nora wonders if the world starting have an edge over them, but Michonne thinks it will get better when the when windmill is up and running. Nora tells her that Negan won’t eat. Michonne says she’ll handle it. It’s her responsibility.

Daryl goes the wrong way. Rick tells him, pull over. He finally does, and they get off the bike. Rick asks, what is this? and Daryl says Rick knows what this is. Rick says he already called it in; Maggie isn’t making it through the gates. But Daryl says his message didn’t go through. Rick takes out his radio, and Daryl knocks it out of his hand. They tussle, and fall down a hill into a huge man-made pit. Nice job, Daryl.

Michonne brings Negan some food, saying, the hunger strike ends today. He says he’s not on strike. He’s not in the mood to eat, but it’s nice know she cares. She says they’re keeping him alive, and the living eat, so eat. She’ll be back in an hour and wants it gone. He asks if that’s all she’s got, and she says she’s got better things to do. He says if she wants him to eat, he wants her to stay and talk. They’re supposed to be making a civilization, but it’s hard to be part of that if he’s dead from starvation. She thought he wasn’t on strike. He says he won’t be if she stays and talks. She tells him twenty minutes is all he gets, then he eats every bite. She sits and says, let’s talk.

Roots at the top of the pit are the only way out. Rick jumps and grabs one, but it breaks. He asks if Daryl set that up too, and Daryl asks if he’s really laying this on him. Rick is the one who wanted to chase after her; let things be. Rick says, keeping Negan alive means something to them, and Daryl says, Negan being dead means something to Maggie. Rick gets why it does. Why she’s avoiding coming to Alexandria, hanging Gregory. He’s not blind. Daryl says Rick wouldn’t be alive if not for Glenn; he wouldn’t have found any of them. Did he forget? Rick says he thinks about it every day. He hates what he took from her, but he did what he had to do. Daryl says she’s doing what she has to do. Rick wonders if Daryl supports it. Daryl thinks leaving him alive is a symbol to the a-holes who hope they fail. Keeping him alive gives him hope. Maggie tried, but she couldn’t live with it, like Oceanside. Rick asks if Daryl is telling him that Oceanside killed those Saviors. Daryl says, they got what they deserved. Rick says he knew, and didn’t say anything, and Daryl says he couldn’t live with it either. Rick says if they kill Negan, it doesn’t work. He’ll be made a martyr. The war was for nothing. Everyone died for nothing. Carl died for nothing. Daryl says, what about the rest of them. With all the sh*t they’ve been through, did he think they couldn’t handle it? He tells them to have faith in others, when he doesn’t have faith in them. Rick says, not true. Daryl says he’d die for Rick, and would have died for Carl; Rick knows that, but he has to hear him. He’s chasing something for Carl that ain’t meant to be – let him go. Rick says he never asked anyone to die. Daryl knows. but maybe should have.

Negan thinks Michonne’s day is more boring than his. She’s stuck here with the C-team, while Rick and his merry band of bridge builders is out there. Why is that? She says she’s not stuck. Negan says he wasn’t meant to be rotting in a cell, and she wasn’t meant to be growing kale and kissing booboos. She says it’s more than that; they’re building communities with laws. He’s grateful his wife never saw him like this. Michonne asks, as opposed to the a-hole he was before? He says she deserved better than she got, Michonne says, what happened to her? He says, cancer. They would have loved a kid like Carl; she was lucky. She says she thinks about him every day, but he’s still there in everything they do. She sees him everywhere. Negan asks if she sees him in the cell, and she says, everywhere. He says Carl wasn’t her first, and she says, ten minutes and the food had better be gone. Negan asks how he died – it was a he, wasn’t it? Negan wonders if he had her eyes. Michonne says, His name was Andre; he didn’t make it. Negan says, sorry, and she says she’s made peace with it. He says maybe it’s better this way. His wife wasn’t made for this. She was weak, and when she died, it made him not weak. It’s the same with her. They were built for more; they still are. She’s behind walls, and he’s behind bars. Out there, it’s like an addiction. He says she knows what he’s talking about. He says she should be grateful, and she asks, for what? He says, that Andre is gone. He would have made her weak. She throws the tray against the wall, and storms out.

Gabriel is tied up at the trash heap. Anne, now Tardis Jadis again, wipes his brow and kisses his forehead. She has a captive zombie, an armless woman, with a bucket on her head. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but she says she does. She has only one place in life to go, and he’s the price of admission. He says he knows her. She’s afraid, but doesn’t have to be. She’s cherished. She says she’s not like him. He moved on from his past, and opened his heart; he let people in. He says he didn’t do that; others did. She did. He’s a better person because of her. She says she’s sorry it’s all for nothing. She removes the bucket from the zombie’s head, and it’s pretty decrepit, but wearing a fancy necklace. She moves it closer to him, using a metal thing gouged into its back. Gabriel says it’s his fault. She asked for help, and he failed. He pushes her away because he’s afraid. He talks about the beauty of God’s love and forgiveness. He hopes she forgives him someday, like he forgives her. At the point, the zombie is looming over him and drooling on him, but Anne pulls it back. She covers Gabriel’s mouth with a cloth, and knocks him out.

Carol tells Jerry, if they hurry, they can make it to the Kingdom by nightfall. Jed and a bunch of Saviors come out of the woods. They have guns, but so do Carol and her people. Carol suggests they lower their weapons, and no one gets hurt. Jed says Oceanside is killing them. Being that it’s war, they’ll get what’s coming to them. Carol says he’ll get everyone killed. Jed tells her she’s not the boss lady anymore. She’s a weak woman who got a lucky shot. He cocks his gun, and tells her to step aside. She lowers her weapon, and he takes her keys, She kicks the back of his knee, bringing him down. The Saviors run out of the woods toward them.

Daryl gives Rick a boost. Rick tries to grab a root, and gets it on the second try. He starts to pull himself up.

Michonne studies. She looks at her katana, and goes to the kitchen. She goes back to Negan’s cell with some food. She asks why he said those things, and he says he wasn’t trying to piss her off. She wonders why he’d care what she thinks. He says she never comes downs there; it’s always Rick or somebody else. She asks why it matters, and he says, they’re the same; all or nothing. They’re trapped, connected to the dead; same as him. He tells her that she can’t stand that they’re the same, and she says they’re not. They do what they need to get sh*t done. He gets a kick out of it, but she’s trying to make things better. She’s trying to bring people together, not pit them against each other. She compromises and sacrifices. She does get strength from the from dead, and makes no apologies for that. Her sons are gone, but the world will be better for her daughter, and every child who comes into it. Negan says she’s not scared she’s like him, but scared she’ll end up like him. Everything and everyone she loves gone, and trying to connect. It’s worse than nothing. She says as long as he’s still breathing, it’s not nothing, and tells him, time’s up. He’s going to eat one way or another. He’ll have to. He starts to eat, and asks her to wait. He says, there are things in this world we’re desperate to hold on to when there’s nothing left. Michonne says, the whole time, he thought she was his last best chance, and she laughs. He says he wants to see her, and Michonne says, no. They don’t have his bat. He asks where she is; what did they do with her? Michonne says she’s still out there. She tells him to eat, and leaves. Negan cries and bangs his head on the wall.

A zombie falls into the pit before Rick gets to the top. It’s followed by another, and Rick says there are more coming. Daryl pikes them in the head, and piles them to make a stepladder. More fall in, but Daryl and Rick are almost there. The zombies are reaching up and tumbling down. They grasp at Daryl’s feet. Rick pulls himself out. I think he should leave Daryl there, but he’s too nice. He looks around to make sure no more are coming, and grabs a sturdy branch still attached to a tree. He hangs on to it, to get him closer to Daryl. Daryl gets Rick’s hand, but slips. The next time, he gets a stronger grip, and Rick pulls him up. Daryl says, heads up, as another zombie hurtles toward Rick, and ends up in the pit. A horse with a saddle also appears out of nowhere. Rick says he’s staying. He’s not giving up; not yet. A cluster of zombies is coming up the road, and Daryl suggests Rick take them to the bridge. Rick says he’s not destroying the bridge; they need it. Daryl tells him, be safe. Rick leaps on the horse, and says, you too.

Gabriel wakes up in a metal shed filled with cobwebs. He walks out into the trash heap, and calls for Anne, Jaundice, or whatever her name is. He finds a note in his jacket pocket that says, if you want to go fast, go alone; if want to go far, go together. I need to go fast. He clutches it to his chest and cries. He sinks to his knees.

Michonne reads to Judith. It’s a story about a baseball game, and when she gets to a picture of a bat, it comes to the end pretty quickly.

Maggie and a couple of others ride to Alexandria, passing some dead zombies, which I know sounds redundant.

The zombie group follows Rick. As he rides past the bridge, there are tons of them on the other side, and he’s trapped. The horse panics and rears. Uh-oh. Rick is serious stuck. He gets knocked off, and becomes impaled on a metal pole sticking out of a cement block. He closes his eyes. The zombies come closer. This doesn’t look good.

Next time, Rick’s last episode. It’s hard to tell if he’s dead, alive, dreaming, or what. A cloud of crows is involved, and also a blast from the past.

🐓 Return to Amish is back on November 18 (TLC). Mary Schmucker is my favorite reality show cast member of all time. I can’t wait to see what those wacky Pennsylvanians are up to.

👻 Just Can’t Get Enough…

Weird vintage Halloween costumes.


🎃 Love Her…

Jamie Lee soldiers on.


🎪 A Great Moment in Cinematic History…

Some Halloweenish hijinks.


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