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November 29, 2018 – From Suspension to Suspect, Farewell to Farsi for Now & Fears


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Someone bangs on Ava’s door. Not-Doc says he doesn’t suppose ignoring it is an option. She tells him the world has a way of intruding when it’s least convenient. He says, let them wait, and kisses her. She opens the door to find Griff.

Anna tells Britt to keep Obrecht on the phone as long as possible. She needs to trace the call. Britt is surprised that with technology like caller ID, you still have to keep someone on the phone. Anna thinks once Obrecht starts talking, she won’t shut up. Britt is miserable and says Finn literally made her sick. She asks if this is really that important. Anna says Obrecht helped Faison keep her daughter prisoner for years, and tortured and nearly killed her son. It’s that important. Britt says, even if means killing her?

Maxie thanks Peter for bringing her home. He says whoever killed Kiki is still out there, and asks if she’s sure she wants to be alone.

Alexis comes into Charlie’s. She tells Julian that she knows they’re closed, but she can get it to go. He says she’s there for the pumpkin cheesecake, right? She asks if there’s any left, and he tells her. have a seat.

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn is asleep. After the bomb that dropped, she thought Josslyn would be up all night. She wishes she could take the pain away. She got Avery into her PJs, and she was out like a light. Sonny says, Ava never called to cancel, and wonders what she was thinking. Carly says, like always, about herself. Ava doesn’t deserve the two daughters she has.

Jordan tells Curtis the killer moved the body. She’s hoping they can catch a break. Curtis asks if there are any leads, and she says, Chase found something in Griff’s apartment that they need to talk to him about.

Ava tells Griff that Kiki already approached her about the Sasha situation, but he tells her that she needs to listen. She says Kiki wrote her off, and she surrenders. When her happily ever after crashes down, Ava will be there ready to be her mother. Griff says something horrible happened. Kiki is gone. She asks what he means. She dumped him? She finally came to her senses. He tells her, Kiki is dead.

Jordan says Griff isn’t at his or Kiki’s apartment. Curtis says, so he ran. Jordan thinks if he’s not in either of those places, he might be right.

Ava asks what Griff said, and he says he’s so sorry. She smacks him, saying, all the lies. He wishes it wasn’t true. She says, it can’t be true. Not-Doc asks what happened. Was there an accident? Griff says, not an accident. Ava says, that’s the only explanation. Griff says, she was murdered. Ava says, not her daughter, and tells not-Doc that since he’s a psychiatrist, he can tell when someone is lying. Not-Doc tells her, sorry, but he thinks Griff believes he’s telling the truth. She says, then he’s wrong too. He asks where she is, and Griff says her body was found on the Haunted Star.

Alexis eats, and says, so good. It looks good. She asks Julian to help her. She doesn’t want to finish by herself. He says, twist his arm, and sits. She asks how his first Quartermaine Thanksgiving was. A disaster? He says, mishap maybe. He wouldn’t call it a disaster. He knew she had something up her sleeve with Oscar, but she says her efforts paled in comparison to young love. Josslyn had more to do with it than she did.

Britt says she thought Finn infected her with the common cold. Finn says, with enhancements. She feels like she’s going to die, and he says everyone who gets it feels like that, but she won’t. She might even end up being stronger. Britt coughs, and Anna tells her, stop complaining. It’s a small price to pay. Britt doesn’t know if she can do it, and Anna says, fine. Then the whole deal is off the table, and she goes back to Pentonville. Finn tells her that he won’t be able to treat her there, but the virus should run its course in six months. She says, it’s blackmail, and asks Anna, what’s next? Anna says she’s already put out a media story. She might have exaggerated, saying Britt was on the brink of death. Britt is sure Obrecht has seen the story. She has an alert on Britt’s name. Finn says, that’s a thing? and Britt tells him, it’s not even a new thing. Britt asks how long the story has been out, and Anna says since yesterday. Britt wonders why Obrecht hasn’t she called yet, and Anna says maybe she overestimated Obrecht’s maternal instincts. Britt hates to say it, but that’s entirely possible. The bright side is, if she doesn’t call, Britt doesn’t have to worry about helping turn her in. Anna says, but if she does, Britt is one step closer to freedom. If she warns Obrecht, she’ll be back in the laundry room. Britt coughs some more.

At the nurses’ station, Finn looks at his phone. Anna asks if he’s setting up an alert for himself. He doesn’t say anything, and she asks if he got a text from Hayden about where to meet in Rome? He puts his phone in his pocket. She says he doesn’t have to hide anything, and she asks again if Hayden texted him. He admits she did. Anna asks if it’s about meeting at the Spanish Steps, and he tells her they were paid for by the French. Anna asks when she wants meet, and he says, the day after tomorrow. How does she feel about throwing coins in the Trevi fountain with him?

Julian tells Alexis that it was great spending time with Leo. She asks about the downside, and he says Kim asked him to do something. He said he would, and she found out he didn’t mean it. Alexis is feeling some déjà vu, but he says he disappointed Kim in the opposite way he disappointed her. All the times she asked him to leave the mob and he didn’t… He asks if she’s his lawyer now. She tells him, for the sake of this conversation, and he says Kim asked him to do something outside the boundaries of the law. As much as he wanted to make her happy, he knew it would make things worse between her and Oscar. Alexis asks if Kim is mad at him, and he says the one time he does the right thing. Alexis is proud of him. He asks how her Thanksgiving rated, and she says it was the best of the last three. She was only fired by an adolescent. Julian says, victory comes in all shapes and sizes. She says last year she got blowback from the girls about the press conference, and two years ago, she got drunk and ran Julian over with her car. He says, good times… He gets a call from Griff, and says, say that again.

Chase tells Jordan that the teams checked Kiki and Griff’s apartments. They found the broken vase, and at first glance, it was the only sign of a struggle. Ava storms in, and asks, what the hell is going on? Griff made an insane claim that she knows isn’t true. Not-Doc hides the cuff of his sleeve; it has blood on it. Ava wants to see her daughter. Kiki’s body is brought out in a bag on a gurney.

Anna says Finn is asking her to go to Rome when she’s on a manhunt, and he says, Rome waits for no one. She’s not abandoning looking for Obrecht, unless he wants three of them throwing coins in the fountain. He says he has no plans and no expectations, but would feel better If she was with him. The phone in Britt’s room rings. Anna dashes in, and puts on headphones. Britt answers. On a terrace, in what we assume is a foreign country, a dude says he’s looking for Dr. Westbourne, and Britt says that’s her. He asks when she last saw her mother, and she thinks it was when she told Patrick the truth about Ben. He puts Obrecht on the phone. Obrecht asks Britt to forgive her. She didn’t want anyone there to identify her. She asks if Britt is colluding with Anna to trap her, and if her own daughter is setting her up.

Peter tells Maxie, when he was growing up, family was an abstract concept that happened to other people. Now he knows who his mother is, and understands why she gave him up. Maxie asks if he forgives her, and he says he doesn’t think he hates her. Maxie says, baby steps. He has so much regret about not getting to know Nathan. Maxie says Faison killed Nathan, not him. He’s a decent guy. If Obrecht had succeeded in killing him, he wouldn’t be there to make sure she got home safe. She wins.

Alexis asks Julian what Griff wanted. Julian tells her that he said Kiki is dead. She was murdered. His niece was stabbed to death. Alexis says, oh my God; who would do that to her? Julian says Griff didn’t tell, and he didn’t ask. He says, Ava, and Alexis tells him to go; Ava needs him. He doesn’t know if he can do this right now, and she says he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Ava says that’s not her daughter; she’ll show them. She unzips the bag, saying, not her daughter. Not-Doc watches dispassionately. She sees Kiki, and tells her, wake up. Griff looks sick. Ava tells Kiki to listen to her mother. She knows Kiki wanted to teach her a lesson. She got it. She learned it. She tells Kiki to get up; open her eyes and sit up. She starts to cry, and wails, no! She weeps over the body.

Maxie wants to make a toast. Peter says, to today. Maxie says it’s all they have; live it for what it’s worth. She tells Peter find something to make him smile each day. If he succeeds, find two more things. Otherwise, he’ll live with regret, and no memories to cherish. He leans in for a kiss. She does too.

Britt tells Obrecht that Anna is there. She’s tracing the call and recording it. Obrecht asks how Britt could betray her, and Britt says, Anna is standing next to James Bond, Jason Borne, and Perry Mason. Did Obrecht think she’s cooperate after what they’ve done to her? And she’s one of three people who actually cares about Britt. Obrecht says she can’t be too careful. Anna is relentless. Britt wonders why Obrecht hasn’t asked how she is, and Obrecht says she knows Britt isn’t ill. If she’s not cooperating, she must be running her own scam. Britt says she’s sick, and starts hacking. Obrecht says she does sound terrible. Britt tells Obrecht that she’s in prison. It’s not a super-healthy environment. Obrecht asks, what’s wrong? and Britt says, they don’t know. Obrecht says they’re incompetent, and Britt says she’s in pain, and they enjoy watching it. Obrecht asks who her doctor is, and Britt says, Finn. Obrecht calls him a schweinhund, and says he has it out for her. Britt begs her to come.

Outside, Hayden texts Finn, asking him to please come. She’s made so many mistakes, and one of them was leaving him.

Not-Doc leads Ava away. He tells her to sit. She’s in shock, but needs to breathe. The body bag is zipped back up. Chase needs to ask Griff some questions. Griff says he spoke to the commissioner, but Jordan says they have to talk again. She asks when he last saw Kiki alive, and he says at the apartment. They spent the morning together. They were supposed to go to the wedding, but got a late start because she was so beautiful. They kissed, and one thing led to another. He got a call from Monica that a decision had been reached about his suspension, and there was a letter at the hospital for him.

Julian comes in, asking, what happened? Not-Doc tells him that Griff showed up at Ava’s with the news. Beyond that, they know nothing. Carly calls, and not-Doc answers. She asks if she called his number, but he says she dialed Ava. Carly asks if she’s there, and not-Doc says she is, but can’t speak. Carly asks if he can give her a message. She’s three hours late, and Avery is asleep. She’ll have to wait until morning. Not-Doc says Ava is late because her other daughter is dead. She was murdered. He ends the call.

Griff says he told them everything. Chase asks him to tell the commissioner how this ended up in his apartment. He takes out a plastic bag with a bloody knife in it.

Sonny asks if Carly reached Ava. She says she tried; Doc answered. Sonny asks, why? and she says, Kiki’s dead. She was murdered. Sonny wonders, who would do that to her? It doesn’t make any sense. While murder often doesn’t make sense, I’m wondering why they’re all jumping to the conclusion that it’s personal instead of something random.

Ava watches Griff. Griff ask Chase what that is. Chase says, a knife from his butcher block. Griff’s prints will no doubt be on it; will anyone else’s? Chase is waiting on the lab report, and tells Griff, it was wrapped in a towel, and tucked away in a closet. Ava suddenly goes nuts, calling Griff a murderer and asking, why?

Peter and Maxie are about to kiss, when the baby cries. Maxie says she has to check on the baby. Peter says he’s sorry; he shouldn’t have. She says her either.

Britt tells Obrecht, please, she has to come. Obrecht tells her to calm herself. Britt says she doesn’t want die there – or in prison. Obrecht says, don’t tell anyone she said this, but Dr. Finn is an exceptional doctor. Britt says, he’s too by book. She needs a revolutionary thinker. She needs Obrecht to come. Obrecht says she would if she could, but Finn won’t fail her. Britt asks what if she dies, and doesn’t get the chance to see her Mutter again. Britt hears something that sounds like an explosion in the background, and Obrecht says it’s a local ritual they inflict on them every evening. She has to go. Someone could trace the call. Obrecht says, goodbye, and Britt asks Anna if she kept her on long enough. Anna says she was calling from a scrambled line anyway. It doesn’t matter. Anna knows where she is.

Finn asks Anna if she had any luck. She says she couldn’t trace the call, but knows where Obrecht is; Havana. If she tries to arrest Obrecht, it could cause an international incident. Finn asks, when do they go? and Anna says, they don’t.

Julian says he’ll take Ava home, but Ava asks not-Doc to take her. He tells Julian that he’ll take good care of her. Julian asks Alexis, what the hell was that? and she says Julian can trust him. She’s truly sorry about Kiki. Julian says, him too. Sorrier than he can say. She was a great kid.

Jordan asks if Griff is okay. He guesses he is. Chase wants to get back to the knife. Chase’s phone rings, and he steps away. Griff says they were together all morning, until Monica called about the ruling on his suspension. Jordan asks if anyone saw them, and he says, no. She says, so there’s no one who can verify they were together. Alexis appears, and says he’s under no obligation to talk. He says he doesn’t know how the knife got there. All he knows is that he didn’t do it – or kill Kiki. Chase says the lab tests came back. The blood on the knife is Kiki’s blood.

Anna says she’s heading to Cuba, and Finn is going to Rome. He says, so much for being a team. Fighting bad guys and getting kidnapped was kind of their thing. She thinks it’s an excuse not to deal with Hayden. The longer he keeps avoiding her, the longer it will feel like an unresolved situation for the both of them. He doesn’t know what there is to resolve. She tells him, go to Rome. Settle things. She’ll go to Cuba, and figure out how to keep Obrecht away from her son.

Maxie tells Peter that James is fine. He says, what about them? and she tells him, pretend it never happened. He thinks he should get going, and she thinks that’s a good idea. He asks if she’s sure. The killer is still out there. She says she’ll sleep with her cell phone next to her. He’s sorry for what never happened. He leaves. She closes the door, and they stand on opposite sides with their backs to the wall. Peter sits down in the hallway.

Carly remembers seeing Kiki at Morgan’s memorial service. They were letting the lanterns go, and Kiki was watching. She looked so beautiful, and Carly remembers thinking how much Morgan loved her, and how happy he’d be that she was in med school. She had so much to look forward to. Sonny says, two beautiful people with bright futures, now gone.

Not-Doc gives Ava a drink. She leans on him.

Julian asks Alexis why she’s intervening. Alexis says, Griff has rights, and he’s too distraught to know what he’s saying. Julian says, or faking. He could be the murderer. Alexis thinks if Julian puts aside his dislike for Griff, he won’t believe it. Either way, he has the right to a competent defense. Julian says, he’s going to need it. Chase arrests Griff. Curtis watches as Chase reads Griff his rights.

Tomorrow, Terry asks if Oscar is ready for the trial, Anna says it’s not a random act, and Scotty tells Franco about Kiki.

The Shahs of Sunset – The Reunion, Part Two

GG has a smoke in the parking lot. She goes back inside.

Tommy didn’t want to tell Vida like this. He wanted to tell her the other night when they were out for her birthday. He shows her a video the sonogram. She congratulates them. They listen to the heartbeat. Vida says, soon MJ will be a mommy and she’ll be a grandma. Tommy says they haven’t told anyone. She doesn’t think they should say anything today. With so much going on, their news will be secondary. MJ wants to do it when everyone is together, and Vida suggests inviting them over. MJ wants to do it now, and Vida says she never agrees with anything. The break is over.

Andy goes to see GG. She says she doesn’t know how to fight back like that anymore. He says they’re concerned she’s smoking too much pot. She says Shalom was involved, and he asks if she feels like they’re conspiring against her with Shalom. She says it hurts her to react, and they see Lochnessa is still there. He thinks she should get dressed and come back, but leaves it with her.

MJ says it’s about courage – balls and courage – and vulnerability is a courage not everyone has. Nema says GG chose to villainize him, and got nasty on group chats. She said she was going to screw him in the ass with his sister’s hand. Yep. We see it, and she said that. He says he was talking with Mike, and she just chimed in. God bless them doing this for seven years, but you don’t talk about his family.

GG comes back out, and wants to sit where she has space. Mike moves over. Andy asks if there’s anything specific she wants to say, or does she just want to ease back in. She wants to ease. Andy says she expressed that she thinks the others believe they’ll win if they push and poke her, and she reacts. Reza says they want her to be open and honest. He doesn’t want her to physically attack anyone. He just wants her to use her words. Her stories don’t add up, and there’s always a legal excuse for why she can’t open up.

Andy says Destiney is a professional party planner, and the Shahs’ voice of reason. A viewer noticed that this season, Destiney’s friendships strengthened, especially with MJ and Reza. She says she feels closest to them. She starts getting choked up, saying she’s grateful for her connection with Reza. No one has ever seen a father that’s tangible for her, and it made them form the deepest connection. She thanks Reza. She can tell MJ things like a sister. How GG reacted to her earlier though, was on another level, nd has her questioning what they had. She was checking up on GG, and gets that she felt uncomfortable like she was being cornered. We flash back to that. Destiney says she thanks God that she’s a nice person and cares about people. GG thanks Go  for anger management, and that seh doesn’t punch people. Destiney can’t.

A viewer thinks Destiney is too picky, and asks what she has against uncircumcised penises. She says they’re prettier. MJ asks for a show of hands. Andy says, it depends, and Reza agrees, saying it can go either way. Andy asks if Destiney is dating anyone, and she’s dating three guys, one of them Persian. Andy asks Mike if he outted Destiney on Jeff Lewis’s radio show. He said think maybe Destiney likes women, and that’s why she’s so hard on men. Oh. He’s one of those people who think that must be the only reason you don’t want what they think you should. Andy says they have the clip, so we see that. In the clip, Mike claims he has good gaydar, and says Destiney touches him inappropriately, but she needs to be true to herself. If he was a woman, he’d be a lesbian. Destiney says if she’s not giving him attention, she’s a lesbian; but if she does touch him, it’s inappropriate. Reza says Mike told him to help her, like he’s the closet attendant. He thinks Mike is delusional. If a woman doesn’t like him, she’s crazy, married, or a lesbian. Mike says he loves the gay community, and helps gay Persian youth with their families. He was just trying to help. Destiney tells him he’s crazy in Farsi.

Andy says the most important relationship in Destiney’s life was the one that’s missing. We flash back to her meeting with PI Monique. Andy asks if there’s any update, and she says, no; it’s sad, and cries. Andy says her father could end up seeing the show, and asks what she’d want to say to him. She just wants to know he’s okay. She never dealt with this pain, and kept it inside. Andy asks how her mom and sisters feel, and she says it’s painful and hard.

Moving on. Before MJ walked down the aisle in white, wanted to blackout at her bachelorette party in Vegas. Andy says, every little girl dreams of Vegas for her bachelorette party. He tells MJ that her outfits elicited extreme reaction. He reads some comments from people mostly saying she should put more clothes on. He asks if she’s surprised, and she says, no, but their advice would be like Vida advice. A viewer asks if they don’t realize it’s inevitable after all that drinking, they’ll get in a fight. Andy asks if it ever doesn’t happen. GG says if they weren’t real friends, they could party like that, but things become personal and they get passionate.

Andy asks Mike about Morgan. He says he wanted her to come to Vegas, then he didn’t. It was the last straw for her. She thought he wasn’t taking her seriously, and ended things. MJ says she thought she was in a serious relationship. Mike says it’s not that they weren’t, just because she hadn’t met his parents – yet. MJ tells him, don’t waste a good woman’s time. He says he wasn’t wasting her time. She’s young, and they had an understanding. Whatever that means. Andy asks why MJ attacked Mike. MJ says when she’s pressed, the truth oozes out. We flash back to her asking if Morgan knows he’s not marrying her, and that she didn’t marry someone and cheat on them. Andy asks if they’re able to forgive, and Mike apologizes. He didn’t want to slut shame her, and doesn’t think she’s a slut. Andy asks if Mike thought Reza really wouldn’t tell anyone. We see the clip where Reza told Shervin about Mike and Morgan breaking up. Mike says 80% of the time, he’ll keep a secret. A viewer asks if Reza is afraid he’ll lose the friendship. Reza says it didn’t involve shade, and he didn’t tell everyone. He felt unappreciated, and that’s when Mike got up. We flash back to Mike saying he’ll never trust Reza again, and Reza saying he was carrying the friendship. Reza says he was talking about how he was feeling. MJ asks if Mike’s break-up was CIA information, and Mike says he’d just gotten divorced from Jessica. She tells him, stop living in Jessicaland. GG thinks they need to learn boundaries. MJ says it’s not a big betrayal, and Mike was blowing it up. Reza says, if he wanted to be shady, he’d be honest about it. In that moment, he was literally looking out for Mike’s ass. Andy asks how Mike feels now about trusting Reza. Mike says he takes it to heart, but it’s fine now. They fight over dumb sh*t. Reza says the two most important people, the ones that make him happiest outside of Adam and his family, are Mike and MJ. He talks to them every day. They bust each other’s balls, but he loves them. Mike puts his arm around Reza. He says Reza helps fix him. He can be Mike’s best friend, or a snake whose venom kills with one bite. It would take a lot more to break up the friendship.

Andy introduces the newest member of the cast – Nema. He asks why Nema wanted to be on the show. Nema says the opportunity came up, and he was starting to relate to his culture as an adult. Andy says some viewers think he’s deep and unbothered, but others think he’s pursuing GG to get a spot on TV. Nema thinks GG thinks so. GG says she didn’t at first. He says it doesn’t faze him. He was interested, and why shouldn’t he pursue someone he’s interested in. Reza says he had a girlfriend at home. Nema says the relationship was ending, and Mike says it wasn’t over yet. Nema admits he went about it the wrong way. He says GG’s reputation preceeds her, but his judgement was based on their interaction. It wasn’t until after filming, she came at him on social media and group chats. Andy asks if he still pursued her when the cameras were off, and GG says he thought she felt the same way. She played with him a lot. She asks what his fight with her is. She never denied flirting with him. He says he has no fight with her, and that’s fine. A viewer asks about the shade Reza threw at Nema about his white Lexus. Reza explains that an older Asian lady neighbor, Mrs. Chang, drives the same car, but a better version. It’s like he borrowed Mrs. Chang’s daughter’s car. Nema says they love to take shots at his Persianity, and it’s frustrating. He’s not the norm for an orthodox Persian. Neither is Reza. He should be the first person to understand breaking stereotypes. Reza says if he talks about Nema’s Lexus, and he can’t handle it, they can’t be friends. With the sh*t that really matters, he has Nema’s back. Andy asks if Nema is overly sensitive because it’s a side he’s reclaiming. Reza apologizes. He says now that he knows it’s a hot button, ti won’t happen. Destiney says, just communicate.

Andy tells us that GG came in with new beginnings, but one heavy relationship still weighing on her finger. He asks what’s the status, and GG says Shalom won’t sign the divorce papers. They were only married seven weeks, and Andy wonders what the hold up is. GG says he wants the ring back. We flash back to the appraisal, where GG is told it’s worth $165K. Andy asks if she’s wearing it. She’s not, but she’s not giving it back or selling it either. Andy asks if she still loves him, and she says, no. He asks how the cannabis company is doing, and she says, really well. One viewer thought she was sampling too much product when she did the presentation. Andy asks how high she was, and she says she’s the same, all day, every day. Andy asks if the other Shahs think GG has a problem, and MJ says, lately, she smokes so much, she’s not allowing herself to feel life. Andy hears genuine concern, but GG isn’t having it. She says she’s not causing problems, she doesn’t meddle, she’s not fighting, and she’s getting along with everyone. Andy asks what if she wants to get pregnant? She says she talked to the doctor already, because its going to be soon. She’s doing it on her own, and will degrade the right way.

The most popular question was about MJ starting a family. Andy asks what the hardest part has been, and MJ says being on hormones, and having a lot of emotional roller coasters while trying to implant embryos. He asks where they are in the process. MJ says on August 23rd, Shervin’s birthday, they had a successful transfer. She’s pregnant. Mike hugs her. GG tells Andy that MJ wasn’t drinking or around smoke, so she suspected. Reza knew already, and Destiney says she had a dream that she was pregnant and knew it meant something. MJ says she’s sharing it early on; she isn’t nine weeks yet. We find out she’s due on Mother’s Day. Mike ask if Vida knows, and MJ says they just told her, and we flash back to less than an hour ago. Tommy and Vida join the group.

Vida is excited and happy. Andy asks Vida if MJ will be a great mom, and Vida says they’ll have to see. GG says she and MJ might have a lot of issues, but thinks she’ll be an amazing mom. Andy tells us, to say there were high highs and low lows this season is an understatement. He’s sorry about MJ’s dad passing. It was clear how much he meant to her. A viewer asks how difficult it was to film the show during that time. Tommy thought it was cathartic. It made MJ go out. Otherwise, she could have retreated into depression. MJ agrees. She says for so many years, she was in so much pain, knowing the quality of life he was living. Andy asks Tommy about Shams, and Tommy says he was an exceptional human being. He did a lot for a lot of people. He loved MJ and Vida, and made him promise they’d stay in each other’s good graces, and get along. Andy asks Reza what about MJ reminds him most of her dad, and Reza says he was always in a good mood, and super generous. He’ll be eternally grateful to Shams. Vida thanks him for his kind words. Reza says they went to Las Vegas all the time, and MJ and Vida would come. He wondered, who takes his daughter and ex-wife to Caesar’s Palace? Reza says after a while, he wasn’t looking so well, and looked like he was suffering, and MJ would be smiling, stroking his hair, and joking with him. He found a new level of love and respect for her. He doesn’t have that experience with his own dad, and it melted his heart to see her taking care of him. Andy asks how MJ is honoring her dad, and she says she tries to embody him, and point out things he would say. Reza says she killed it in Vegas. She played his numbers, and literally couldn’t lose.

Andy says MJ refocused on her upcoming nuptials, and in the midst of Palm Springs partying, had a nice moment with Vida. We flash back to Vida says she’s sure Shams is looking at them. Andy asks Vida if she consciously lightened up because MJ needed her more. She says, of course. She feels closer to MJ, and when she’s not feeling it, she’s down and depressed. When they get together, it goes away. Andy says, when she looks back, does she think she was too hard on MJ? Vida says, everybody makes mistakes. They all applaud. MJ says what makes life sweeter is knowing the fun relationship she can have with her mom. She’s looking forward to a new chapter, and sharing motherhood with her.

Andy moves on to the love story no one saw coming, and MJ’s wedding. MJ says she wanted to be cooler than the other side of the pillow. Andy asks what stressed her the most, and she says when she came out and saw everyone who flew out to see them. We see a clip of her coming down the aisle, greeting everyone like she’s a politician before an election. She says she was out of control, and it was lucky she didn’t fall over. Tommy says, she did, and we flash back to that. Andy asks if she regrets not writing her vows in advance, and MJ says, it’s a huge regret. Reza says she ran it by him, and he thought he put the kibosh on it. He asks Tommy if his I do was planned. He says, no, and we see a clip of him saying, abso-effing-lutely, and the rabbi telling him, elegantly put. He says he uses that phrase a lot. Vida says, that’s very bad. Andy says it’s no surprise Vida had strong opinions, and asks Vida what her makeup and dress issues were. Vida didn’t like MJ’s dark makeup, one shade lighter than black. We never hear about the dress because Reza brings up his favorite moment, when Vida wished Tommy would finish already with the vows. Reza says he cried for five minutes; it was so funny. Andy says he couldn’t have enjoyed watching it more, and tells them, congratulations on the baby. We say goodbye to Vida and Tommy.

In keeping with the theme of celebration, they’re going to burn esfand, a traditional Persian ritual to clear the air, burn away the bad energy, and bring in the good. Andy asks the Shahs to share one good thing and something they want gone. They pass the incense burner as they answer. Reza wants the negativity out, and to keep his friends as close as he possibly can, because he loves them. Mike wants to keep away the haters. He says even though his friends might not always think his life is on the track they’d like it to be, he loves them, and knows they have his best interests at heart. GG wants to learn patience and understanding, and continue in good health, and have good relationships. Nema wants to get rid of the boundary issues that are a problem with the group, and wishes wealth and success for all of them. He wants to see them all take over the world. Destiney wants positivity and love, and for her friends to be healthy, wealthy, and have lots of sex. MJ wants the love to flow, and her family to grow. She wishes prosperity, success, and strength for all of them.

Andy concludes with saying, together they’ve shared the most beautiful and heartbreaking moments of their lives. At the end of the day, they’re family. He says, you are all close friends of mine, in Farsi. GG says he sounded Japanese.

I’ll miss the Shahs. MJ was right. It was a real roller coaster this season.

👓 And In Closing…

Food for thought. But hopefully not that spider.









November 28, 2018 – A Body in the State Room, Dallas Ends with a Frat Party, New Jersey Collides with Oklahoma & More OK


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina hurries Charlotte. Charlotte comes out in a party dress with sparkly polka dots and a sparkly unicorn headband. Nina says it’s the perfect dress for The Nutcracker. Valentin comes to the door and Charlotte says, surprise! She found someone for the extra ticket.

Josslyn visits Cameron. She says she talked to Oscar, and he asks how it went. She says he has an inoperable brain tumor, and didn’t break up with her because he didn’t love her, but wanted to protect her. It makes her crazy, thinking about all the time they lost. Cameron asks if he told her about the experimental trial, and she says she convinced him to do it. If not for himself, for her. Cameron assumes they’re back together, and she says, of course. He guesses she’s not that mad at Oscar for not telling the truth. She says, no. She’s mad at him.

Elizabeth, Franco, and the boys join Laura at Kelly’s. Laura asks Elizabeth how Thanksgiving was, and she says, great. Laura asks about the movie, and Elizabeth says Aiden picked it. Aiden isn’t very enthusiastic, and Laura suggests they have their annual post-movie pie. The waitress brings the menus, and tells Laura that she can’t imagine how hard it was to go public with her separation. Jake says, she’s not married to Doc anymore?

Not-Doc arrives at Ava’s apartment with pie and wine. He knows he’s late for dinner, but was hoping she had time for dessert.

On the Haunted Star, Griff asks Maxie if Kiki ever showed, but Maxie hasn’t seen her. She suggests he check the deck.

Outside of their room, Curtis tells Jordan that he wishes he had a better way to say this. She’s surprised the smoothest talker she knows is out of words. He says he loves her, and thanks her for marrying him and making him the happiest man alive. She loves him too, and he says she didn’t always make it easy. She tells him, the best things never are. They kiss, and Curtis asks if she’s ready to get their wedding night started. She says, let’s get this party started, but he wants to carry his queen over the threshold first. He picks her up, and carries her inside. They see something, and he puts her down. She says, oh my God, and we see someone is in their bed; a woman with her arm hanging out of the covers. Jordan says it looks like they have company, and Curtis says this is their room… Hello? They go over to the bed. Jordan touches the woman’s arm, and says she’s cold. She checks the woman’s wrist, and tells Curtis, there’s no pulse.

Valentin guesses Nina didn’t know he was coming. Charlotte told him Nina invited him. Charlotte says she wanted to do something special, like they used to as a family. Valentin says he’ll leave, but Nina says there’s no reason he shouldn’t join them. Charlotte says, yay! and Nina tells her, but she’s sneaky. She’s sitting in the middle.

Jordan tells Curtis that it’s officially a crime scene. She asks him to get Chase and Valerie. Tell them what happened, and that she needs them now. He leaves, and she calls to report a homicide in the state room at the Haunted Star. She needs uniforms and CSI.

Josslyn asks Cameron how long they’ve known each other. He says, forever. She says they practically grew up together. She assumed she could trust him, but he lied to her face multiple times about something important. Cameron knows it was important, but Oscar begged him to keep the secret. Josslyn says he was scared and hurting; not the best place to make decisions. Cameron is supposed to have her back. He says he didn’t want to be in the middle. If he could go back and not know, he would, but he can’t. Oscar was practically forcing him to keep the secret. Josslyn asks if he ever thought about how it would affect her, and he says, all the time. He figured Oscar deserved the bigger favor. Put herself in his shoes. What would she have done? Josslyn says she would have told him, and he says, really? He says she asked him to be her fake boyfriend, they were spending time together, and it was great. They started kissing, and he wanted to enjoy it, but he couldn’t because he knew the truth. It wasn’t happening because Oscar’s insensitive ass dumped her. It happened because Oscar is dying.

Laura tells the boys that keeping secrets can hurt people, so she chose to bring it out in the open. If they have any questions, it’s okay to ask. Jake asks if can have apple and chocolate pie. Franco takes Aiden and Jake to the counter. Elizabeth tells Laura that she should have prepped them better, but Laura says she chose to release it to the press. It’s one thing to write the words and another to live it.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he understands the art world can be cutthroat. Ava says, you have to trust your instincts, and be ready to act aggressively at a moment’s notice to get what you want. He asks if it works, and she says, you tell me.

Curtis tells Chase and Valerie there’s a body lying face down in his honeymoon suite. Chase tells everyone to stay where they are. The ship just became a potential crime scene. Someone asks what the crime is but he says it’s all the info they have. When they find out more, they’ll pass it along. Valerie and Chase go to the room, and Jordan says they have to secure the ship and do a search. No one goes in or out except law enforcement.

Chase tells Curtis that he’s secured the boat, and they’re waiting for back-up. Curtis says, hang tight. Valerie thinks they might benefit from Griff’s expertise, and asks him to come to the room.

Cameron is sorry, but Josslyn gets it. She never thought about how it was for him. She’s sorry. He was put in an impossible situation, and she’s being a total bitch. He says, maybe partial. She asks if she’s forgiven, and he says he’s joking. He wants it to be done; all the drama. He wants his biggest worry to be his soccer game or what’s for dinner. Josslyn and Oscar can walk in the woods, read poetry, and listen to symphonies, and he’ll be there playing video games. You do you.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Franco is good with the kids. Elizabeth says, sometimes better than her. Laura asks if she’s surprised, and tells her to join the club. She left one husband when she went to Paris, and came home to a different one. Elizabeth asks, what happened? and Laura says she keeps asking herself the same thing. Is it because she was gone to long or is it something with his brother? Elizabeth says, maybe both, but Laura says, there’s another factor. Elizabeth asks, what? and she says, not what; who. Ava Jerome.

Ava is sorry to be forward, but not-Doc likes forward. She says, in light of what’s happening with him and Laura… and he says, Laura doesn’t matter. It’s the two of them who matter. Ava says she’s worried she’s taking advantage, and he says this is where he wants to be. She shouldn’t hide her desires and instincts, or even dim them. Be proud, because she’s incredible.

Valerie brings Griff to the room, and Jordan says she couldn’t find a pulse. She thinks she’s dead. Griff says, she? They go in, and he drops the pashmina. He turns the woman over, and it’s Kiki. He checks for a pulse in her neck, and asks, who would do this to her? He tells Jordan, she’s dead. Jordan knows he wants to stay. She would too, but he needs to leave. They can’t contaminate the crime scene any further. She leads him out, and he picks up the pashmina on the way.

Franco asks Jake how Aiden is doing in school, but Jake doesn’t know. He heard some kids say Aiden is weird. Franco says, weird how? and Jake says, he doesn’t fit in. At the table, Laura says enough about her dysfunctional marriage; any improvement with Aiden in school? Elizabeth says they met with his teacher. She thinks he’s being bullied. Laura asks, by who? and Elizabeth says, apparently, the teacher isn’t allowed to say. It’s probably a good thing. Franco would show up with choice words for the parents Laura wouldn’t blame him. It’s hard to deal with at this age. She asks what the teacher suggested, and Elizabeth says, supporting him being open without confrontation, and how to self-advocate. Laura says, easier said than done, and Elizabeth adds, especially when you’re a little boy intent on shutting everyone out.

Griff comes back crying. Curtis says, oh no, Lulu says, no, and Maxie says, Kiki.

Not-Doc kisses Ava’s neck. She asks him to promise she won’t find him in bed with her daughter. He’s sure she’s a lovely girl, but youth makes her shallow, vapid, preachy, and judgmental. Why would he want that when he can have her?

Jordan asks if Griff is up to answering questions, and he says, sure. She asks when he last saw Kiki, and he says when they were at the apartment, getting ready. He got a call from GH, and they decided to meet there. Jordan says she never showed up, and Griff says he went to the apartment. The door was ajar, but it’s something that could happen if somebody left in a hurry. He found a broken vase on the floor, but again he thought she was just in a hurry. Jordan asks if that’s Kiki’s shawl he’s holding, and he says, it has blood on it. Jordan asks to see the shawl, and Chase bags it. He says it was a couple of drops, and he thought maybe she got cut from the vase. He never thought he was  walking in on a murder scene.

Nina, Charlotte, and Valentin return to their hotel room. Charlotte is all excited about having seen The Nutcracker. Nina says this ballerina needs to get her Pjs on, and Charlotte goes to change. Nina tells Valentin the carriage ride was a nice touch. He says he made arrangements before he knew he was invited. Nina asks if it bothers him that Charlotte lied. He thinks the word lying is a stretch. No harm was done in being manipulative to make the people she loves happy. Nina says he just outlined Charlotte’s total mindset. He asks if that means she’s happier because he’s there. She says it means she’s hungry, and wants room service.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s sorry, and he says, stop apologizing. Oscar is sick, so he gets a free pass. She was lied to, so she gets one too. She says, what about him? and he says, it always falls on the messenger. He quotes from Antony and Cleopatra, and she says, he just quoted Shakespeare? He tells her that they had a test last Friday, and she says there was no school. He says it was sometime last week. He steers her to the door, saying, call if she needs anything, but this is for her and Oscar to figure out. Next time they feel like keeping a secret, lying, or creating fake relationships, find someone else. She asks if she’ll see him soon, and he says he’ll be around. She leaves and he looks at a copy of Antony and Cleopatra he’s been reading.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she wishes Cameron was more sensitive. He wanted to watch football. Aiden had been begging them to take him to the movie, and she thought it would be nice to go as a family. If Cameron had gone, Aiden would have had more fun. Laura asks if Elizabeth said anything, but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She wonders if she did the right thing, and Laura says she’s a wonderful mother, and never question that. All that matters is that she loves the boys, and they know she does. Franco thinks they should go. Jake is second guessing the two pieces of pie. Elizabeth tells Laura that she’s better than a thousand Ava Jeromes, and don’t forget it.

Chase asks Lulu if she can think of anything else of relevance, but that’s a no. She’s the owner, but isn’t involved much in the day to day running of the place. Today, she’s just a wedding guest. Maxie says, it’s sad. Kiki had her entire life ahead. Chase asks if Maxie is ready to make a statement. Peter ponders and frowns in the background. Jordan says Kiki was killed elsewhere, and moved there. Valerie wonders how it was done without anyone seeing. She’s pulling up whatever they have on Griff. Jordan hates it, but thinks it’s the right call.

Ava and not-Doc get busy.

Crime scene photos are taken. I have to say, I didn’t see this coming.

Chase asks Maxie if she noticed anything suspicious in the parking lot. She says everything seemed normal, except Kiki not bang there. Griff kept checking his phone, and left briefly before the vows. Chase asks, how briefly? and she says, five minutes at most. He stayed at reception, left, and came back. She assumes he was looking for Kiki.

Jordan asks if Griff is comfortable with them searching his place. He says, whatever helps find Kiki’s killer. She tells Chase to do a thorough search of Kiki and Griff’s apartments.

Nina, Valentin, and Charlotte play Go Fish. Nina tells Charlotte to get the fishing rod out. Nina is looking for a six, and Valentin says he has one. She says it’s a nine, and he tells her to turn it upside down. Charlotte says he would do anything to give Nina what she wants. Valentin tells Charlotte it was wrong to lie to get Nina to invite him. Charlotte asks if she isn’t having fun, but he says that’s not the point. Charlotte says the point is them being together, and here they are together. Nina says, that’s a tough one to argue with. Valentin says Charlotte gets it from her.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Cameron is trying to redeem himself by letting the boys tell him about the movie, but Jake is doing all the talking. Aiden picked it, but it’s like he thinks his opinion doesn’t matter. Franco says, about that, and shows her a picture Aiden drew of the family, with himself as a tiny figure in the back corner.

At Kelly’s, the waitress tells Laura that she’s looking forward to having a strong woman in office. Laura says, if she wins, but the waitress says she will.

Ava hates to end the evening, but has to pick up Avery. She still has one daughter who loves her. Not-Doc thinks Avery can wait a few more minutes. As for Kiki… Ava says, put Kiki out of her mind? but he says, better yet, pretend she doesn’t exist.

The all clear is given for the guests to leave. Curtis thanks Lulu and Maxie for making the reception beautiful. Maxie is sorry it ended this way. He is too; not for them, but Kiki and those who loved her. Lulu tells Maxie she’s sticking around to see what else she can learn. Maxie wants to go, and Peter says he’ll drive her.

At home, Elizabeth tells Cameron, no more football. He’s done for the day. She shouldn’t have let him refuse to come. He knew how important it was to his brother. Can’t he see Aiden is struggling? She just asked for one day, and he couldn’t even do that. Does he have anything to say? Cameron says he knows Oscar has brain a tumor, and Josslyn knows too. He told her. He’ll try to be more careful with Aiden next time. He stomps off, and Elizabeth asks Franco if she could have made it any worse. He says, probably.

Josslyn goes to Kelly’s, and asks for a slice of apple pie to go. She takes Cameron’s gift out of her bag and opens it. it’s a picture of them together. She flashes back to when she told him that she had a crush on him when they were younger, and he kissed her.

Nina calls the desk to get Valentin a room for the evening. There’s nothing, and she asks them to bring up some pillows and blankets. She tells Valentin that he can sleep on the sofa. Charlotte says, a sleep over! and says they can have breakfast together in Central Park. Nina tells her, sleepy time, and Charlotte says, it was the best Thanksgiving ever. Valentin tells her to sleep well. Charlotte asks if Nina gets a kiss too, and Nina gives him her cheek. Nina and Charlotte go to bed, and Valentin looks proud of himself.

Jordan asks Lulu to leave with other the guests. She can’t have press at a crime scene. Lulu says she knows this isn’t the way Jordan wanted it to turn out, but she’s a beautiful bride. Curtis seconds that. Lulu leaves, and Curtis says, some wedding, huh? Jordan says she’s sorry, but he tells her it’s not like she asked for this. He likes watching her do her thing, and she says good thing he married her then. He says, it is, and they kiss. Her phone rings. Chase is at Griff’s apartment, and thinks he found something.

Someone bangs on Ava’s door, and she wonders who on earth that could be. It’s Griff.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Britt that she’s bringing Obrecht to justice, Carly thinks it doesn’t make any sense, and Obrecht asks Britt if she’s colluding with Anna.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie is excited for Travis to go to Harvard. She has everything covered, and thinks a frat party is the way to send him off. In her interview, Stephanie says, when she was in college, she made every mistake you could make. Some of her best memories were on the floor of a frat house. She adds, not having sex, and I’m not sure what to think. Brandi stops by. In Brandi’s interview, she says she didn’t drink or party in college because of the potential weight gain, but is ready to make up for it. Stephanie says there was a choice between a foam pit or a wet T-shirt contest, and she’s already seen enough from Cary’s dip in the Baltic Sea. So foam pit it is. She tries it out, and I wonder, where’d those baby ducks come from?

LeeAnne and Rich go to the Cathedral of Hope to check it out for their wedding. LeeAnne explains that it’s one of the most popular LGBTQ churches. You’re not judged for being different. She’s different, and fits in there. Reverend Dr. Neil comes out to greet them; he’s excited. LeeAnne says it sounds clichéd, but they complete each other. Where she’s weak, he’s strong, and vice versa. It seems more like she means they complement each other. Complete always irritates me. It sounds like you’re incomplete on your own. In her interview, LeeAnne says they found their way, no matter the bullfh*t created by her friends. They leave that outside of their universe. She and Rich check out the smaller venue, and decide on the date, April 27th. LeeAnne says it’s been a long journey.

Jeremy tells D’Andra that he’ll believe it when it’s signed. They’re meeting Dee at a restaurant. Today, she’s officially turning over the company. D’Andra says it’s just family and co-workers. She didn’t want any tension in the room. Dee thanks everyone for being there, and says it’s D’Andra’s time to shine. They sign the contract. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s fearful of future, but it’s the best time of her life. She can make it happen.

Afterwards, Dee and D’Andra sit and talk. D’Andra wishes her grandmother was there. Dee says, it’s a great day for family. She tells D’Andra that all she has to do is say, mom, I need you, and she’ll be there. All D’Andra wants is for Dee to be proud of her. Dee tells her that she keeps saying that, but Dee is proud of her today. She thinks D’Andra will reach heights she didn’t. In D’Andra’s interview, she says all she wanted was to hear her mother say she thought D’Andra was a success. Tonight, she did, and she believes it.

Kameron and LeeAnne meet to go shopping for Travis’s gift. LeeAnne chooses a beer bong. In her interview, Kameron says she doesn’t know what to get someone for a frat party. They’re usually more interested in being wasted. LeeAnne thinks it will be an attack LeeAnne party. No one believes Brandi stole her phone. In Kameron’s interview, she thinks Brandi took her time bringing it back. LeeAnne says if she’d cloned Brandi’s phone, the phones would have had to be near each other. If Brandi doesn’t like the word alcoholic, she has another one – stupid. She thinks it’s unbalanced. Stephanie hasn’t called her, and she hasn’t heard from D’Andra. Every ounce of her wants to walk in and say, the peaceful bitch is at home, banging on the singing bowl, and bitch LeeAnne is back to kick ass. She asks Kameron if Court is coming; Rich is out of town. They decide to go together if Court doesn’t go. They decide to get a cocktail.

Stephanie sets up for the party. Brandi shows up wearing her cheerleader uniform from high school. Oh, bully for her. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is reliving her glory days, and she’s all for it. The fridge is packed with Jell-O shots, and they do a couple. Stephanie says LeeAnne is going to be there, and Brandi says there are only so many times she can forgive and move on. She can’t take LeeAnne seriously because of Kameron’s voicemail. Now it’s a joke. We see a clip of Kameron leaving a message, saying LeeAnne was joking about cloning the phone. Stephanie says Kameron has LeeAnne’s back. In Brandi’s interview, she says she doesn’t think it’s funny. Brandi doesn’t get why Kameron thinks she owes LeeAnne. Stephanie thinks LeeAnne is a sense of security for her. LeeAnne is a strong personality, and protects her. In Stephanie’s interview, she says sometimes supporting someone isn’t being a good friend, but being a doormat. Stephanie says LeeAnne is Kameron’s safety net.

LeeAnne comes by Kameron’s place. She’s still in her robe, and says she didn’t wash her hair. She wants to dunk it in the bathtub, and asks if LeeAnne will help her wash it. LeeAnne is like, no way, as I would be. In her interview, Kameron says she always said no to foam parties because they’re gross and dirty. Kameron shows LeeAnne the costume she got; the yellow plaid suit from Clueless. They decide to be twinsies, and LeeAnne leaves to get something matching while Kameron gets ready.

Jeremy is ready to rock. D’Andra calls Dee, and says she’ll be seeing LeeAnne. She doesn’t know what happened. In her interview, D’Andra says she made an effort to mend the friendship at the fashion show, and was honest with LeeAnne. We flash back to LeeAnne telling D’Andra that she wouldn’t have been invited if they weren’t talking. D’Andra says it was a low blow, and Dee tells her, if it’s not working for all parties, they should go their separate ways. Jeremy agrees. He tells D’Andra to be strong, say her piece, and be done.

LeeAnne meets Kameron in a matching outfit. Kameron says everyone will stare at them like they’re mean girls. Kameron tells LeeAnne that they should stay positive, and not let anyone be mean to them. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s nervous about what might happen between Brandi and LeeAnne. Brandi gets away with way more. LeeAnne says she heard Brandi is wearing her cheerleader outfit. Kameron says Brandi never stops talking about being a cheerleader. When will it end? There’s more to that girl than being a cheerleader. LeeAnne says, is there?

The guests arrive. Mark asks Cary if he looks stupid. She says no, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. Cary is wearing a crop top and booty shorts. In her interview, Stephanie says Cary bought Converse, and thinks it’s a costume. Foam blows everywhere, even on the tables of food. Bleh. Mark is a Jell-O virgin, and takes a shot. Callie-Roo the kangaroo is back along with owner Chase. Brandi thinks it’s fitting for a frat party.

D’Andra tells Cary, Stephanie, and Brandi about her mother giving her the company. Kameron and LeeAnne arrive. D’Andra thinks Kameron is working LeeAnne. Brandi says LeeAnne couldn’t think of anything better to wear, since she didn’t go to college. How mean is that? And interesting how they both assumed it was LeeAnne’s idea. In Cary’s interview, she says the best thing about it, is that a third girl, who’s nineteen, showed up wearing the same thing.

Mark chugs out of the keg. Stephanie asks LeeAnne to please tell her that she didn’t tap into Brandi’s phone. LeeAnne says there’s so much evidence Brandi had her phone, that she wanted her to feel the torture she did when she lost her phone. It caused genuine stress in her life, and thought she’d put some in Brandi’s life. Stephanie says, so it was like tit for tat, and LeeAnne says, 100%, but her tat will always bigger than Brandi’s tit.

Brandi tells Kameron that she loves her, and it was shocking when D’Andra said LeeAnne claimed she stole her phone. She didn’t know LeeAnne was upset; she just picked up the phone and returned it. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she can only take so much, then has to give the person a dose of their own medicine. She has no ability to clone a phone. Stephanie says, so it was a lie, and LeeAnne says, it was a joke. In her interview, Stephanie says she wants LeeAnne to listen, and not feel attacked. She doesn’t want her to go back into that crazy hole either; it scares her. Kameron tells Brandi that she gets why Brandi would want the phone. She would steal a phone that had picture like that of her. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that there’s no rule that allows her to light someone on fire. If there was, so many people would be in flames.

Brandi says LeeAnne is not a reasonable human being. She left her phone in the bar. Who could believe Brandi was even that close to her? Brandi gets loud and squeaky, and tells Kameron to use her brain. In her interview, Brandi says, it’s hard not to think that LeeAnne puppeteers Kameron. Brandi says LeeAnne blames her for being drunk and leaving her phone, and tried to hurt her family. Kameron says LeeAnne thought she stole the phone. Cary thinks they should talk to LeeAnne. In Brandi’s interview, she says Kameron is supporting LeeAnne when she’s wrong. She’s officially LeeAnne’s bitch.

D’Andra joins the group, and says any lie is not okay. Kameron asks if D’Andra is done with LeeAnne too. As usual, D’Andra makes wishy-washy um sounds, and says she’s done with the lying. She’s had it up to there. When they were at the fashion show, she told LeeAnne that she would never not support her, but LeeAnne said if they weren’t speaking, D’Andra wouldn’t have been invited. In her interview, D’Andra says she realized she was disposable. LeeAnne used her to social climb, and now she’s using Kameron the same way. I’m not sure why what LeeAnne said was such a big deal. If they weren’t friendly, why would LeeAnne invite her? Stephanie doesn’t think Brandi stole the phone, but LeeAnne thinks it was because of the video. She wanted something on LeeAnne. Stephanie suggests they talk, but LeeAnne doesn’t want to ruin the party. Stephanie pulls Brandi over.

In Brandi’s interview, she says, out of respect for Stephanie, she’ll speak to LeeAnne. Stephanie tells Brandi that LeeAnne feels that Brandi stole her phone, but she told LeeAnne that she doesn’t think so. LeeAnne says she thinks Brandi thought she still had the images, and wanted to make sure they were gone. Brandi asks why would she hand it over? LeeAnne left it in the bar. LeeAnne thinks Brandi knew she’d eventually find it in the next room. They don’t believe each other. Brandi says the difference is LeeAnne lies. LeeAnne says it’s was a joke. When Brandi called her the wicked bitch of the west, she cried. Brandi tells LeeAnne that she didn’t say west. LeeAnne said she was an alcoholic. LeeAnne doesn’t think she ever actually called her that, but the not pot stirring pot stirrer, Cary, says she inferred it. LeeAnne says, that’s a totally different thing, and we flash back to that. D’Andra says that her mom said LeeAnne was concerned because she was an alcoholic. LeeAnne says she told Dee that she thought D’Andra was drinking too much, and she’ll deal with Dee. Brandi asks LeeAnne who she thinks she is, and gets in LeeAnne’s personal space, pointing her finger in LeeAnne’s face. So LeeAnne actually pokes Brandi with her finger. Yeah, I know, but I don’t blame her, and Brandi is obviously provoking her. That should be a codicil regarding the law about touching people. Brandi tells LeeAnne to take her ass out of there, and repeats variations of that. LeeAnne glares at her. Stephanie gets in between them, and Brandi says LeeAnne doesn’t scare her. Cary tells LeeAnne to stop it, and LeeAnne says, what about Brandi? Cary says, both of them stop it. In Cary’s interview, she says LeeAnne has impulse control issues, and jumps to aggression when she’s backed into a corner. Brandi is trying to make it worse. Cary tells Mark, they’re both effing crazy. Brandi starts crying. LeeAnne tells her, go ahead and cry. Be the MF-ing victim she created for herself. Brandi wails that she just wants LeeAnne out of her life.

Kameron and Cary go to the table where LeeAnne is sitting. Kameron asks what she’s doing, and LeeAnne says, watching Brandi cry after attacking her. LeeAnne asks Cary if Brandi didn’t attack her, and Cary confirms that, but says LeeAnne has to be better. LeeAnne says she didn’t try to escalate the situation, and Cary says, just walk away. LeeAnne lies on the ground, and asks Jesus to tell her wtf to do. She’s so alone. Cary says she’s there. Brandi is still weeping, and Cary tells LeeAnne, get up. LeeAnne asks Cary what she wants her to do. In her interview, Cary says, dramatic much? LeeAnne says Brandi started it, and thanks Cary for saying what she saw. In Cary’s interview, she says Brandi was pushing LeeAnne’s buttons, trying to get her to flip her sh*t to prove she hasn’t changed. Kameron gives LeeAnne kudos. She walked in, knowing Brandi was on the attack, and kept her cool. She stayed away, and Brandi came after her. In her interview, Brandi says it’s Stephanie’s party, and she feels caught in the middle. Why would Stephanie be in the middle? She’s Brandi’s best friend. LeeAnne doesn’t deserve her as a friend. I say, jealous much?

LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she thought she had as much right to be there. Stephanie says she’s not asking LeeAnne to leave. LeeAnne says Brandi started it.

D’Andra tells Brandi that, when LeeAnne stepped back, she saw LeeAnne’s personality change; it scares her. In her interview, she says it was the old LeeAnne, rearing its ugly head. At this point, she’s more interested in Brandi’s lightheartedness and fun. LeeAnne lives in a dark, looming, dreary place. D’Andra does some beer pong. Since it’s the finale, the text tells us that the company is doing well, D’Andra hasn’t spoken to LeeAnne, and she has more than $200 in her bank account. Are we going to have to hear all about that again at the reunion?

Cary suggests everyone get in the foam. We see that Kameron has found a distributor, but still needs a partner, and she’s developing a Sparkle Dog spray made from edible glitter. I saw her dog food online not that long ago. We’re told the renovations were completed at Mark and Cary’s house, but were an inch off-center, and it had to be redone. We also learn that Mark’s $70K stove has its own Instagram account. That’s just sad.

The date for LeeAnne and Rich’s wedding is April 27th, 2018, and D’Andra won’t be the maid of honor – for now. Since she’d actually be the matron of honor, I’ll just assume that’s what they meant.

Stephanie tells us that tonight was horrible, but her marriage is in an amazing place. She feels empowered. She’s learned life isn’t about loyalty, it’s about being real, and true to yourself. She wants to be authentic. We read that she survived without Travis for a month, but he’s going back to Harvard in February.

Kameron says she’s learned her instincts are on point. LeeAnne has been an inspirational person in her life, and she’s lucky to call herself LeeAnne’s friend. LeeAnne says Kameron is her rock. Kameron says she wants to make out with LeeAnne, but that would be inappropriate.

Brandi stands at the top of a human pyramid. We see that Bruin has been officially adopted. He’s learning to talk, and says, excuse me, when passes gas – which is often. Of course. D’Andra catches Brandi as she dives off the pyramid.

Next week – The Reunion – Part One – D’Andra reveals a secret she’s kept about LeeAnne, Stephanie still struggles with depression, a disgruntled florist is the one who spread rumors about Mark, Mama Dee makes an appearance, and D’Andra insists Rich is a cheater.

💫 When Housewives Get Personal…

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the trip to Oklahoma was still on, and when the ladies (term used loosely) went to Bartlesville, I got excited. What could be exciting about a town called Bartlesville in Oklahoma, you ask? Or you don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway. My abundant love for Pekingese dogs led me to join an online Peke dog group ages ago. Every few years, some of the members get together. Not enough to call it a convention, but a gathering perhaps. After I’d been in the group a while, they began to organize another one. I wasn’t planning on going, but found out it would be in Bartlesville. Which wouldn’t be exciting on its own, but my closest internet friend, who was not in the group, also lived there. We had never met in person, but she’d recently gone through a nightmare divorce, and we’d been wanting to visit one another. Cue Twilight Zone music… Seriously, what are the odds? I ended up having a blast, and although my friend only had a cat, she became an honorary member of the group. It was like a four-day PJ party. I have to warn you, should you decide to visit, all meals are beef with a side of beef. There is also okra. While I tolerate it in gumbo, I hate okra. But you’ve never tried it made the right way, they said. I did. I still hate it. Loved the breading, but inside, it was still okra.

Besides going to Bartlesville, the NJ Wives also learned how to show an animal. In this case, cows. They were given a lesson on to groom them in preparation for a show, and had a mock showing with just them. Teresa was afraid of the cows. Afraid. Of. Cows. And we’re not talking about a herd of stampeding cows either. Apparently, she isn’t a fan of large animals, including big dogs, because they can’t talk to you, so you don’t know what they’re thinking. Or they could ram into you. Did she learn nothing in prison?

The other standout was new Wife Jennifer, who I’m not too impressed with. I’m not sure what her deal is, but when she wasn’t bragging, she was complaining. My favorite part was when she FaceTimed with her little girl, who wailed that she couldn’t live without mommy, until mommy said she’d get her a $400 Barbie Dreamhouse, and the tears dried up real quick. Jennifer was incredibly rude to their hostess, who was a close friend of Marge’s. When Marge said Jennifer had the worst manners of anyone she’d ever met, Jennifer asked what she was going to do about it? Are we on a playground at an elementary school? At the end, she claimed she was just trying to fit in, but I don’t think that’s the way to do it. There was the usual Joe #2/his father drama, and Joe #3 got stuck playing nanny/butler/foot masseuse to Marge Sr. while Marge Jr. was away. Next time, we’ll see the fabulous house Jennifer kept bragging about, and other new Wife, Jackie, dares to bring up Joe #1 being in prison to Teresa.

🐮 Where New Jersians Meet…











November 27, 2018 – Hair Excuse, a Wedding Night Surprise, Down Two Out of Eight & Costello’s Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


👸 Hopefully, I didn’t miss any editing here. I had an appointment during GH time, and had to catch it on the fly later. The appointment was for my hair. My hairstylist said she had her work cut out for her. It’s been a while. Enough said.

General Hospital

The pastor says, a marriage is more than a union of souls; it’s a bridge. Two families coming together as one. He says the speak now or forever hold your peace thing, and they hear a door bang. Stella walks in.

Drew asks if Oscar there to see Julian, and Kim asks if something happened. Oscar says, something happened. Josslyn came to see him.

Carly finds Josslyn, and asks what happened. Josslyn says, Oscar, and Carly thinks it was an argument. Josslyn says he didn’t break her heart. Carly asks why she’s crying.

TJ tries to stop Stella, but she says she has to speak her piece. She approaches Curtis and Jordan, and says she’s sorry she’s late to the wedding. It took her a while to get there but she’s there now and hopes they forgive her. She sits. The ceremony continues. The pastor says, if you get there before it’s over, you’re on time.

Oscar says Cameron and Josslyn were only together to make him jealous. He deserved it. What he did to push Josslyn away blew up in his face. Kim swears she didn’t tell Josslyn, and he says Cameron did. Drew isn’t following, but he’s glad it happened. Kim says there’s been too much secret keeping going on. Oscar is glad Cameron told Josslyn, and Oscar told her everything. Monica comes out with Julian wondering what’s keeping them. Oscar tells Julian that he cleaned up and locked up. Monica says pizza is traditional on Thanksgiving there, and there’s a box with his name on it, confusing me, since, wasn’t the pizza mixed up with the food donation yesterday? Oscar says he’s changed his mind. He’s going ahead with the medical treatment. Happiness abounds.

Josslyn tells Carly, Oscar is really, really sick. He has a malignant brain tumor. Carly asks if she’s sure, and Josslyn says his mom knew for two years, and he found out a couple of months ago. That’s why broke up with her. He didn’t want her to deal with it. Carly is sorry. Josslyn can’t believe Kim kept it from him, but Carly is sure she did what she thought was best. She doesn’t know what she’d do, and prays she won’t have to find out. Josslyn says Cameron told her. He found out around same time Oscar did, and Oscar made him swear to keep it a secret, but he couldn’t do it anymore. Carly asks what Josslyn thinks they should do, but she doesn’t know. She tells Carly about the experimental procedure, and says, Oscar is fighting them on it. He doesn’t want to take the risk, but if he doesn’t have it, he has less than a year to live.

The pastor reads the vows. Curtis and Jordan say they’ll have each other as long as they live. The pastor asks everyone to uphold them in their marriage. It’s time for the rings to be exchanged.  Nina pretends not to have it and Curtis nearly has a heart attack. Lulu asks Griff what’s wrong. He says Kiki was supposed to meet him, but he guesses she got held up. The rings are exchanged. The pastor says, with the joining of hands, and giving and receiving of rings, he pronounces them husband and wife. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. They kiss.

Josslyn is sorry for being a baby. Carly says she’s being brave. Josslyn tells Carly she’s terrified, but Carly says, for now, try and be thankful. He might die. It might be little comfort, but they all will. Whether it’s Oscar’s time or not, is out of their hands, Josslyn did her best to convince him to fight, but it’s Oscar’s choice. She can’t make it for him.

Kim says this is the answer to her prayers. Drew says it’s a reason to give thanks. Monica says the pizza is in the living room. Kim doesn’t know what Monica, said but can’t thank her enough. Monica doesn’t think she was the deciding factor. Oscar says Josslyn made him realize taking risk was worth it if he can spend more time with her. Kim says they owe her their thanks. Julian wonders if he’s lost his number one busboy. Oscar still plans on working and living with his friends, and Kim asks, why? Oscar says he’s not ready for all that, and Drew says, one step at a time. He’s just glad Oscar is back with the family. Everything else will work itself out. Oscar says as long as Josslyn is included. She’s the only reason he’s going through with it.

Griff leaves Kiki another message, thinking she meant she’d meet him at the reception. He has good news to share. Laura asks if he still hasn’t heard from Kiki, and he says he doesn’t think he’s being stood up. Laura noticed they had a heated argument, and Griff supposes it was hard to miss. He says, it’s over now, and the best part of an argument is making up. Laura says, until you can’t.

Stella comes in with Molly and TJ. Molly thinks the place is amazing, but TJ says, not as amazing as the scene at the church. Stella says he underestimates her love of cake and champagne. Nina introduces the wedded couple.

TJ tells Curtis, take care of his mom, and Curtis promises. Curtis thanks everyone for coming out and supporting them. They have no idea how much it means to him. Stella approaches Jordan. She says she’s kept this for all these years in what used to be called a hope chest. She wasn’t fortunate enough to be a bride, but today is Jordan’s day, and she’d be honored if Jordan accepted it. She gives Jordan a fancy hanky. Molly says it’s the something old that was missing; the handkerchief. Stella is glad she added that last part. The first dance happens.

Drew asks if Kim is okay. She’s all over the place. She’s elated Oscar agreed to the trial, and thankful Josslyn convinced him, but sad that he’s still keeping her at arm’s length. Talking to him is like walking on eggshells, and she hates it; they’ve always been close. Drew says it’s overwhelming for everybody. She says it’s her fault, keeping it from him, but Drew is just happy that Oscar came to it on his own. He wonders if she’s upset because Julian didn’t follow through with the plan to kidnap their son, but everything worked out. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, he has someone he needs to express extreme gratitude to. He puts on his coat, and she asks him to tell Josslyn she says thank you too.

The cake is cut. It’s decorated in a black and white motif with a little silver bling. Lulu says Laura is putting on great front, but she knows something happened. Laura says she went to the gallery to return Ava’s donation, and she caught Ava with Doc. Lulu asks, how? and Laura says, in a passionate kiss. Lulu thinks it makes no sense. Laura says she had to see it to believe it. It hurts and she’s angry, but she still can’t stop worrying about him. Something is wrong. He’s had a major emotional shift, and isn’t acting like himself.

Nina asks to talk to Griff. She wonders where Kiki is, but he’s not sure. She asks if he’s talked to the police. If not, Chase is there, and he can tell Chase how Ava assaulted Sasha. He tells her that he and Kiki decided not to press charges. She says Ava assaulted her daughter by drugging her, and Ava will pay. It’s time for the bouquet throw, and Nina is dragged off. TJ tells Stella that she’s still a single lady, but she says she’s good eating cake. Nina catches it.

Josslyn feels outside of herself. It feels like she’ll wake up and it will all be a dream, but she knows it’s not. The last time felt like this was… Carly says, when Morgan died. Her too. She says Jason told her something she’s never forgotten; bad things happen fast, but we live through them slow. Sometimes things happen that are so bad and horrible, we can’t process it all at once, so we just go through it. Hour by hour; minute by minute. The house phone rings. Carly says, thank you, and tells Josslyn that she has a visitor.

Oscar likes the tradition of pizza on Thanksgiving. Monica says, the sign of a true Quartermaine. They’ve all had no choice but to like it. He thanks her for the history lesson about her family. She says he can start by referring to it as their family. He thanks her for the what ifs too, and she says, with treatment, hopefully those aren’t a factor anymore. And if anyone calls him a quitter, refer them to her.

Julian asks Kim if she doesn’t think it worked out better than forcing Oscar into treatment. She’s happy for that, and relieved, but she needed help. She thought he’d be there, but he lied to her. He says he wanted to help, but couldn’t do it for Oscar’s sake. She says it was her call, not his, but he says she involved him. He’s always there for her, and she knows that. She says she thought so, but she’s not so sure. She’s sorry, but she can’t trust him. She walks away, and he’s like, what?

Josslyn asks Drew if everything is all right with Oscar. He says, better than in a long time, and he has her to thank for it.

Curtis asks Stella if he can have this dance. He’s so glad to see her there. She says not as glad as she is to be there. She tells him that he looks handsome and happy, and he asks what made her change her mind. She says, a lot of things. She’s been mulling over Mike’s very wise words for a while, and ran into an old friend. It was a wakeup call; a reminder of what matters in this life, and what doesn’t.

Anna asks Finn to dance, and he asks if she values her toes. They dance, and as usual, their shoes are LOUD. She asks if Finn is planning on visiting Hayden. Isn’t he curious? Everyone shoes go, clonk-clonk-clonk. Finn says Hayden never mentioned a location, date, or time. Anna tells him that whatever he decides, she’s okay with it.

Griff finds Kiki’s door open. He goes inside, and calls her name, saying she left her door open. He looks in the bedroom, but she’s not there. He sees a broken glass on the floor.

Lulu tells Nina that Charlotte can’t wait to see The Nutcracker. Nina says she’ll have Charlotte call when they’ve settled into the hotel. Lulu tells her to make sure she sends pictures. Nina starts to go, leaving the bouquet on the table, but comes back for it.

TJ announces that the newly married couple is ready to depart; man your stations. Jordan says, here we go, and Curtis says they’re going to get started on their happily ever after. They walk down the bubble gauntlet and on to the honeymoon suite.

Alexis arrives at the Quartermaine’s as Julian is leaving. He tells her that Olivia invited him for dinner; can she believe it? Alexis says she’s there on business. Oscar called her. She asks if he has any idea what it’s about, and he tells her to ask him herself, and tell them goodbye; he wants to take off. He leaves, and Alexis goes in. She says her client phoned her. Anyone know what it’s about? Oscar says, with all due respect, she’s fired.

Drew tells Josslyn that Oscar agreed to the amino therapy trial. Carly says that’s great news, but Josslyn asks if he’s sure he’s not just hearing what he wants to. Drew says Oscar made the decision. He doesn’t know what she said, but she convinced him. He and Oscar’s mother are eternally grateful. Josslyn just wants him better, and Drew says, they all do. he says there are no guarantees, but it’s Oscar’s best chance. It’s just a chance. Josslyn says, whatever happens, she’ll be there for Oscar.

Griff calls Kiki again. He says it looks like she left in a hurry. Maybe they got their signals crossed, and she’s there. He’s going back to the reception. He says she left her shawl, and he’ll bring it. He picks it up, starts to leave, and looks back one more time.

Oscar appreciates Alexis taking the case, but decided to go ahead with the clinical trial. He won’t be needing her. She says she was never so happy not to file papers. Kim says he had help from a friend, and Monica supposes a very wise attorney as well. Alexis says, it’s good news, and a lot to be thankful for. Kim wonders about her bill, and Oscar says he’ll pay it. He plans on continuing to work. Alexis tells him to set up a college fund. She won’t take a penny. She just wants him to get better. She tells everyone, happy Thanksgiving.

Carly asks Josslyn how she is, and she says, better, now that Oscar will be getting treatment. Her phone rings. It’s Oscar, and Carly says she’ll let Josslyn have her privacy. Josslyn tells Oscar it’s good to see his name on her screen again. Oscar tells her that he just fired his lawyer. Josslyn asks how she took it, and he thinks she was relieved. She probably wanted him to have the treatment all along.

Drew comes back to the Quartermaine’s, and Kim asks how it went. He says Carly and Josslyn said they’d be there if their needed. He asks how Oscar is, and Kim says, good. He fired Alexis. He’s on the phone with Josslyn. He made it clear that he’s only doing it for Josslyn, and he’s definitely not ready to forgive her. Drew says, one step at a time. If the treatment works, they have the rest of his life to make it up.

Peter asks if Maxie needs a ride home. She says, that would be nice, but he hasn’t danced. It’s bad form not to dance at a wedding. They dance. Finn asks if Anna’s toes still hurt. Anna watches Peter and Maxie, and says it’s the first Thanksgiving her son has spent with her. Finn says, there are more to look forward to.

Valerie tells Chase that she got a call from the K-9 department. They wanted to know why one of their dogs was double-booked for public outreach. Since when do they do that? Lulu speaks into her recorder, saying, idea for a story. The wedding of Ashford and Ashford was more than just a photo op. On this Thanksgiving Day, it’s a real life love story with a happy ending, to remind us that love really can conquer all.

Griff sees blood on Kiki’s pashmina.

In the hallway of the hotel, Curtis tells Jordan that he wishes he had a better way to say this. She’s surprised the smoothest talker she knows is at a loss for words. He says he loves her, and thanks her for marrying him, and making him the happiest man alive. She didn’t always make it easy. Jordan says, the best things never are. They kiss.

Curtis says now they’re ready to get their wedding night started. He wants to carry his queen over the threshold. He picks her up, and brings her into their room. He puts her down, and she says, oh my God. There’s a body in the room.

Next time, Charlotte surprises Nina, Laura tells Elizabeth it’s easier said than done, and Jordan tells Curtis it looks like they have company.

Below Deck

Captain Lee tells Chandler that he thinks the time has come for them to have this chat he’s been putting off. He thinks it’s time to part company. They don’t have a chemistry, and he thinks Chandler can feel it too; it’s not a good fit. However he wants to tell the crew, is fine with the captain. He wants Chandler to have a good feeling. It just didn’t work out. After he leaves, Kate says he looked relieved. In his interview, Chandler confirms that he was relieved. He did what he could, and it wasn’t working. Captain Lee tells Kate the color came back to Chandler’s face. He thinks Chandler was overwhelmed.

Chandler tells the deckhands that the boat isn’t for everyone, and it’s not for him. He’s leaving today, and he’s relived. Ross is shocked. Rhylee says she’s sorry to see him go, and sorry they didn’t connect better. In her interview, she says she’s glad to see him go. Kate tells Caroline that Chandler made the decision. It was the right call, but they’ll miss him. Caroline is bummed. She didn’t see it coming. That’s because she’s too busy being bummed all the time.

Chandler packs. Adrian says, sorry to hear it. Caroline says, the whole situation in general sucks. Chandler says goodbye to everyone. In his interview, he says one thing he learned is that he’s only as strong as his team’s weakest link. Proving once again that he can’t take responsibility, and will always make excuses. He says he’ll always work on the sea, and he’s leaving with his head held high.

Kate marvels at how Caroline’s foot is almost normal size, but now she has a sinus infection, and needs antibiotics. In her interview, Kate says, here we go again. She’s tired of excuses, tired of pulling Caroline’s weight, tired of hearing about Caroline’s problems, and just plain tired.

Ross tells Rhylee they’ll be fine. In her interview, Rhylee says when you’re a man down, there should be equal share of the workload. She’s ready for more responsibility. Captain Lee calls Ross to the wheelhouse. In his interview, the captain says that people want to please Ross. He commands that kind of respect. He tells Ross they’re without a bosun, and asks if he feels comfortable stepping into that position. They probably won’t get another deckhand until after the next charter. In his interview, Ross says this wasn’t how he wanted to get there, but he’s ready for the challenge. The captain warns Ross that he’s not big on babysitting. Captain Lee calls Rhylee and Ashton in, and tells them about Ross’s new position. Ashton thinks he’ll do great. In Ashton’s interview, he says that Ross has natural leadership ability. He’s still concerned about the next charter though, since they need four deckhands. Rhylee says he’s a good man for the job. The captain tells Ross to do him proud.

The boat gets tidied. Caroline gets her antibiotics, and goes back to laundry. Kate sees the ice cream out, and asks who’s having it. It’s Caroline, and Kate tells her, after work. See how it worked for Chandler. Caroline thinks Kate has been covertly abusing her all season. Captain Lee makes a phone call to get a new deckhand.

In Caroline’s interview, she says Ashton has become her confidant. He’s done nothing to her; they’re pals. He’s sharp, observant, and a sweetheart. She tells him that she can’t win. If she’s bummed, she’s told to suck it up or go home by bi-polar bitch Kate. She has to take the abuse or leave. They keep telling her that she’s the best, but behind her back, they’re calling her nuts, and saying she can’t do the job. She tells Ashton it’s not a rank thing, but a respect thing. She’s been unhappy the entire season. Ashton says she needs to make her own changes, and make peace with it. Thanks, Dr. Phil.

The crew gets ready to go out. Caroline isn’t going, but wants a chat with everyone before they go. She’s giving her two days’ notice. Kate is like, okay… and Caroline calls Kate a bitch. I dunno. It’s pretty bitchy to give two days’ notice just before a charter, and just before the crew’s one night off.  There’s a lot she wants to say, but the crux of the issue is that she was scapegoated by those two, indicating Kate and Josiah. They should show her more respect. She tells Kate that she’s sorry she’s boring her. Kate says they’ll get through it. Caroline says she’s not that person who will eat sh*t with a knife and fork, and smile. She’s going to be true to herself <gag!>, and leave. Kate says she’s confused. Either Caroline was fake earlier – we see a clip of her telling Kate and Josiah how they’re the best – or she’s hot and cold. She’s sorry Caroline didn’t enjoy her time there, and thanks her for the two days. In Kate’s interview, she says, this is shots fired. Caroline blaming them for her embarrassing spectacle has unleashed her anger.  In her interview, Rhylee says she and Caroline are in the same position – low man on the totem pole. If you don’t have the right personality to fight back, you quit. Kate says after Caroline’s dramatic exit, she wants everyone’s passports. No one is allowed to leave before the next charter. In Josiah’s interview, he says, out of nowhere, they’re two men down. It’s nuts. They sing on the taxi going to the restaurant. Caroline feeds the stray dogs hanging out on the dock.

Ashton dances with a large number of women, figuring the law of averages says he’ll eventually score. Rhylee tells a guy not to grab her ass. Ashton brings along a girl in the taxi back. In her interview, Kate says anyone coming back to the yacht is a hooker. In the taxi, Rhylee asks the girl’s name, and she says, Vahine. Rhylee tries to introduce herself, and the girl thinks Rhylee is mispronouncing her name. Kate wants quiet, but Rhylee isn’t shutting up just because Kate told her to. Ashton is sitting behind her, and wants her to get out, so he an get out. He pushes the seat forward, and she shoves it back. Adrian is a big baby, and says it feels like she’ll attack him physically, and it’s not cool. Kate says Rhylee is a wild animal. On the boat, Rhylee is sick of these effing people. She tells Caroline that she gets it. She’s at her breaking point. Ashton and Vahine do the nasty in a car (?). Ross doesn’t care, as long as Ashton is on deck by eight.

Captain Lee has an errand to run. Ross goes over what he, Ashton, and Rhylee will be doing. In Ross’s interview, he says Chandler had a great work ethic, but lacked communication skills. He doesn’t want to make those same mistakes. Caroline is still in bed, and Josiah asks if she’s coming to work. She says, no. She changed her mind. He says she can’t change her mind. In her interview, she says all night she was having nightmares about Josiah and Kate. She doesn’t even want to work with them for two more days. He can go screw himself. She asks him to leave her cabin. Josiah says she put them in a really good position.

Kate asks, what’s going on? and Josiah explains how he went to Caroline’s cabin, and she’s not coming to work. She gave her two-day notice, now she’s saying she’s not working. He hopes she’s packed. Kate says she’s not a guest, and not being paid to sleep. She doesn’t know what else she could have done. She was sympathetic when Caroline’s mother was sick, when her foot was injured, and when she got a sinus infection. This is adding insult to injury.

They both go to Caroline’s cabin, but she’s locked herself in. Kate asks, who gave this nutcase a lock? Kate says they need her off the boat in one hour. Is she leaving? She can’t have much to pack. Kate says, this is an eviction. Work or leave. In her interview, Caroline says she wants to talk to Captain Lee before she goes – just out of respect. She also wants him to see the state they’ve put her in. Kate tells Caroline to be prepared to have her bags checked. Kate’s glad she’s leaving. Kate and Josiah put on loud music outside of Caroline’s door, and run. Ross is like, wtf? Adrian doesn’t agree with scaring people. It’s not cool. Ashton calls them instigators, and Josiah says they just need to get her off the boat.

Ross goes into Caroline’s cabin. Caroline tells him that Josiah asked if she was working. She didn’t want to discuss it with him, and when Kate came back, she locked the door, and Kate demanded she be off the boat in an hour. Hmm… that’s leaving out just a little bit. She starts crying, and Ross calls Kate and Josiah immature. In his interview, Ross says he has no room for this. Caroline tells him that she’s just rattled. He leaves, and she cries some more.

The captain is back on the boat. Kate asks if they can remove Caroline as soon as possible. Captain Lee calls Caroline to the wheelhouse. She tells him she gave her two days’ notice, and Kate and Josiah were banging on her door because she’d locked it, saying who gave this crazy girl a lock? Skipping a whole lot now. In his interview, Captain Lee wonders how things can go that south that quick. Caroline thinks it’s best she leave, and tells him it’s been a privilege to work under him. She’s sorry to let him down. The captain says it’s unfortunate how it turned out, but gets that she has to do what’s good for her. She asks for a hug. In her interview, Caroline says she would have liked some type of acknowledgement that this isn’t okay. She’s disappointed that no one is bothered by this behavior except her. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says if Caroline had come to him earlier, he might have done something, but suddenly, they’re down two out of eight. He’s going to discuss it with Kate, but they have the charter. He wants to get to the bottom of it.

Caroline says this has taught her that sometimes people don’t like you, or have it out for you, and you need to know when to leave. She feels sorry for Josiah and Kate, and thinks Kate is a bad person. She finally leaves, flipping a final bird as she walks down the dock. Okay, here’s what I think. Obviously, Caroline has a couple of disorders, but what she wants is attention, whether deserving of it or not. She mistook her job for something personal – which I can understand, since she lives with her co-workers – and got angry when she wasn’t given the attention one might get from family and friends. Although it’s possible she doesn’t have many friends, since I have the feeling that tragedy follows her, whether a random luck of the draw, self-inflicted, or perceived. Kate said it well on Watch What Happens Live, it’s not a corporate retreat for morale building. It’s. A. Job.

In the crew mess, Ross says they can handle it. Adrian thinks Rhylee is crazy. She’s aggressive, and he felt threatened. We flash back to them on the bus. He doesn’t want her to talk to him ever again. In his interview, he says that when he lived in Paris, there were people who treated him poorly. He cut toxic people out of his life after that. He only wants people who lift him up to be around him.

Captain Lee gives Ross his new stripes, saying, if he’s going to be bosun, he might as well look like one. The new charter guests Mario and Ann Marie run a real estate management firm and a yacht charter business. They enjoy the finer things in life, and expect only the best. Shannon, a friend of the captain’s who’s in yacht sales and charters, will also be coming, along with some others. They want a scrumptious tasting, a picnic be a waterfall, and all the toys. Kate says it sounds like a nightmare charter when they’re short staffed. In his interview, the captain says having yacht people come on board could be a catastrophe when they’re down two men. The pucker factor is in overdrive. Kate hopes it’s a gentle reminder for the crew to do team work, and sets the tone for the rest of the season. Captain Lee likes it.

Josiah and Kate organize the laundry. In Kate’s interview, she says the entire crew knows they’re short staffed. She hopes it makes them more motivated to help out.

The next morning, Josiah asks if the charter is over yet. Kate asks if the season is over yet.

Ross goes over what Ashton and Rhylee need to do. He thinks they’ll be all right. Kate and Josiah are still cleaning. Ross doesn’t know what the incident between Rhylee and Adrian was, but Adrian wants to be left alone. Rhylee says if he doesn’t want talk to her about it, fine. In her interview, she says if you don’t want to talk about it, don’t be talking about it. The captain calls Kate to the wheelhouse. He tells her, when Caroline left, she raised allegations that were serious. Kate doesn’t know what Caroline told him, but there’s not much truth in anything she says. Captain Lee says she had a script written down, and painted an ugly picture. He felt like he got hit in the head with a hammer. Maybe she can enlighten him. Kate says, when she quit the boat mid-season, and disrespected the people who picked up the slack when she was injured, and have been nice to her, it’s time to go. It’s not a hostel. In the captain’s interview, he says when you know someone as long as he and Kate have known each other, there are times that trust will be tested. We flash back to the time Kate folded a blanket into a d*ck rocketship.  The captain says, it’s disappointing. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever really get the details, and he can’t make a proper decision without the facts. It pisses him off to no end. They can’t afford to lose another person, and what’s the alternative? Sh*t service? He’s going into battle with an unloaded gun.

Ann Marie and Mario arrive. In her interview, Kate says they’re the worst possible guests right now. They have and know boats, and can make or break careers. Shannon tells the others to prepare for the  trip of a lifetime. In his interview, the captain says, sh*t. Kate does the tour, and the luggage is brought on the boat. The guests sit and have champagne, while Josiah schmoozes with them. In his interview, Ross says the deckhands have more responsibility, including new roles. Ashton is doing anchor checks, which he’s never done before. They’ll see how it goes. The yacht shoves off.

Rhylee cleans up the beach club. Kate gets drink orders. Anchor is dropped. The captain suggests lunch at two. It gives them time to schlep everything to the waterfall. In his interview, he says everyone has to step up, and take up the slack, including him. He thinks so far they’re doing well. Rhylee tells Ross that she wants to feel like she’s adding value to the crew. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s capable of doing manual labor, not just organizing, cleaning, and polishing. Being man down, it makes sense give her more responsibility. The guests use the slide. Kate takes the stuff to the waterfall.

Kate calls the waterfall breathtaking, and I agree. She says, moments like this that make yachting worth it – she he stands in the water for a moment – and then I hear my radio. Adrian packs up, and goes to the waterfall. When he gets there, he immediately starts griping. He thought they were set up already. He thought that’s why they came early. Any time they’ve done this before, it’s been set up already. I guess he forgot they’re down two people. In her interview, Kate asks, why is meditation guy the one having a temper tantrum? Kate tells him that Ross knows the situation. She’s sure he’s not rushing to get the guests there. Adrian realizes there’s no gas for grill, and radios Ross, who radios Rhylee. Ross tells the guests they have to pick up one more thing, and Mario says, not really prepared, are we? And so it begins…

In Captain Lee’s interview, he says they can’t have stakes like this with yacht people on board. Kate says all they can do is damage control and distraction; piña coladas. Ashton runs ahead with the gas for the grill. The guests are impressed with the set up. The table and chairs are in a shallow part of the water, with the chairs facing the waterfall. Josiah says he’s done a million excursions, and nothing compares to this waterfall. It’s like they’re in a Tahitian postcard. Mario says, going back home and not eating like this, will be disappointing.

Back at the yacht, Rhylee asks Ross if he left the ponchos and insect repellent she packed. He says he forgot. She’s sorry she said anything, and in her interview says she can’t win with these guys. Adrian leaves the picnic to a round of applause from the guests. The guests get in front of the waterfall, and Josiah takes pictures.

Ross thanks Rhylee for cleaning up, and Ross tells her to take a break. She feels like it doesn’t matter what she says or does. She’s doing what they want, putting her head down, and being a day worker. In his interview, Ross says that Rhylee immediately goes to another level, and makes you feel the need to go there too. He wants her to feel like part of the team, but she makes it difficult. He tells her that he doesn’t need any feedback or editing, and she tells him then don’t ask like he just did. He tells her, lose the attitude or ship out.

Next time, a new stew arrives, Kate says welcome to the sh*t show; get ready, the crew spends the day at a resort, and an accident happens.

🙇 Because It Is…

I like this band, and I’m tired.





November 26, 2018 – A Knot is Almost Tied, the OC Reunites, a Mexican Rehash, Some Dirty & the Dress


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna pops champagne. Maxie tells Jordan to leave her robe on. They don’t need any champagne/wardrobe malfunctions. They toast to Jordan. Anna says she’s privileged to have Jordan as a colleague, and proud to have her as a friend. She deserves every happiness.

Curtis calls Stella. He knows she said she wouldn’t be there, but he’d love if she changed her mind. He loves her; they all do. Nina joins him, and says, as best person, there are some things they need to discuss.

Monica opens a box, and asks what everyone thinks. Ned says it looks delicious. She asks, why tempt fate? They end up eating pizza every year anyway, so why not do it up proud this time? She contacted Chef Santora, and had gourmet pizza sent from his Michelin star restaurant. Olivia-Q tells Ned that Chef Santora has the same pizza oven she wanted. Monica wasn’t stressing over a dinner that was going to implode regardless. Now they can focus on the important things. The doorbell rings. Kim thanks everyone for bringing something for the soup kitchen. Ned answers the door. It’s Julian with boxes of food. He says, happy Thanksgiving, Ted. Kim comes out, and Ned tells her it was presumptuous to invite Julian. Olivia, who’s followed her, says Kim didn’t invite him. She did.

Bobbie arrives at Sonny’s. Michael tells her Carly will be late. There’s a minor crisis at the hotel. Bobbie asks about Josslyn, and Michael says he got a cryptic message that she’ll be home soon, but has to take care of something first.

Josslyn walks into Charlie’s. Oscar has his back to the door, and says, sorry, they’re closed. Josslyn says, great. They won’t be interrupted. Oscar asks what she’s doing there, and she says, asking for the truth. Is he sick?

Griff takes a selfie with Kiki, as they get ready for the wedding. She tells him, no more pictures until they get there, and he calls her a party pooper. She thanks him for making her forget how mad she is at her mom. Every time she lets Ava into her life, she does something awful like knock him over the head. Griff says, that was extreme, even for Ava. Kiki has a mind to turn her in to the cops.

At the gallery, not-Doc kisses Ava. In the doorway, Laura sees, and says, oh my God. She asked over and over why he wanted a separation. Now she knows.

Leo tells Julian that he drew a turkey for him. Julian suggests Leo show him, since he thinks Leo’s mom and Ted have things to talk about. Leo says, his name’s Ned, and Julian is like, oops, sorry.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he’s coming down with a cold, and has work to do. Josslyn tells him, stop lying. He’s sick, really sick, isn’t he? He says Cameron told her. He swore he wouldn’t say anything. She says, so it’s obviously true. He doesn’t want talk about it, and she says, just tell her. He says it’s none of her boyfriend’s business. She says Cameron isn’t her boyfriend. They faked the whole thing to make him jealous. Oscar says, it worked. Josslyn says, he still cares about her? and he says he never stopped.

Monica tells Drew that she texted Oscar, telling him that he’s welcome there if he changes his mind. Drew appreciates it, but doesn’t think Oscar will come. She says she tried to get through to him about the amino therapy, but Drew thinks Oscar wants to make his own choices. Monica wonders what happens if Oscar wins the legal right to decide treatment.

Stella arrives at the Quartermaine’s. Mike is glad to see her, but was hoping she would be a last minute cancelation. She asks what kind of greeting that is, but he says he was assuming she had another, more important, place to be.

Nina tells Curtis, always tell the truth. If the truth hurts, spruce it up, but never lie. Gifts help. But most important, never cheat. Curtis says he’s a grown man. He doesn’t need the talk. She says she’s been married a couple of times, and wants him to know what he’s getting himself into. Peter walks in, and Curtis says, back at her.

Kiki tells Griff they’d be better off if Ava was behind bars. He says, proving she drugged Sasha is harder than proving Sasha was drugged, and adds, the best revenge is a life well lived. Kiki says that’s not how her mom sees it. She’s not backing off unless they get lucky, and she finds someone else to focus on.

Laura says not-Doc was too much of a coward to tell her. Ava tries to tell Laura that they’re not having an affair, but Ava is the last person she wants to hear from. She was talking to her husband. Not-Doc says he was completely honest; their marriage is over. She says it’s bad enough that he was seeing someone behind her back, but he cheated with the person who sold out Nikolas’s memory. Does he have any idea what kind of betrayal that is? Maybe Ava can explain it to him, since she’s an expert on betrayal. Now he’s sunk to her level.

Leo wants to add a dog to his picture, and Julian tells him, every turkey needs a dog. Kim asks if they’re all set. If Oscar wins, Julian’s people grab him.

Brad and Lucas come in to Sonny’s. Brad apologizes for being late; Wiley was napping. Bobbie says Wiley is worth the wait. Lucas says, what about him? and she asks if he brought dessert. Brad sees Michael and asks what he’s doing there. Michael tells him that people usually say happy Thanksgiving, and Brad says he thought Michael would be at the Quartermaine’s. Michael says they always eat later. He asks to hold Wiley. Brad hands Wiley over, and asks where the bar is.

Ava tells Laura that not-Doc is telling the truth. Not-Doc says she wouldn’t it believe anyway, and asks if Laura is just about done here. Laura says she keeps looking in his eyes for a trace of the man she married, but she doesn’t see him at all. He’s like a stranger, and she’s probably better off. She tells Ava that she came to discuss her donation. She rips up the check, saying she doesn’t accept blood money, and storms out.

Kiki and Griff kiss, which leads to Kiki and Griff getting busy.

Anna gives Jordan a bracelet for something borrowed. She was wearing it the day they met; when she tried to arrest Jordan, who almost ruined her case. Jordan believes Anna’s words were, completely tanked her operation. Anna says, it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Molly has the blue; earrings that TJ gave her. They made her feel special. She says Jordan always made her feel welcome, and like a part of the family. Jordan says her son is lucky to have Molly, and she is too. Maxie has something new, but Lulu says she does too.

Ned doesn’t understand why Olivia didn’t warn him. She says she knew he’d object. He needed to see it with his own eyes, how much Julian means to Leo. Ned says he’s trying be mature about it. Olivia says no one is replacing Ned, but they owe it to Leo to be copacetic with Julian. Ned points out that Olivia is singing a different tune, but she says Julian has been a different man since he got out of prison.

Julian tells Kim that he’s been in touch with his former associates, but he needs her to think long and hard before it goes too far. Kim says she has, and she’s running out of options. If the court rules in Oscar’s favor, she’s going to need his help. Drew watches them.

Oscar says Josslyn is the first person he wanted to tell, and she asks why he didn’t. He says he saw the hell he was going to go through, and didn’t want her going through it with him. He wanted her to forget him, be happy, and move on. She asks, forget how? She loves him, and never stopped. She doesn’t care how hard it is. They’ll do what it takes to get him better. He tells her that he’s not going to get better.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he’s sorry; Laura was out of bounds. She says she’s used to being the town pariah. Her daughter blames every terrible thing that happens in the world on her. Not-Doc says she doesn’t deserve it. Ava says Laura walked in on a spur-of-the-moment kiss, and she doesn’t want it getting in the way of their reconciliation. He says they’re not reconciling, but he’s sorry he overstepped. She asks, who said he did? Whatever he felt, she felt it too. They kiss again.

Kiki tells Griff if they hurry, they can still be late for the wedding. He tells her she looks beautiful, and she says he’s very biased. Griff’s phone rings. It’s Monica, who wants to let him know the board made a decision about his suspension. Hospital policy prevents her telling him over the phone, but she left a copy at the hospital for him to sign. Kiki says they’re going to be even later, but he’s not sure he wants to know. Kiki says Monica wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t good news. He suggests she stay and get ready, and he’ll meet her at the church. He asks why they don’t get away for the holidays; someplace warm. It’s their last chance before life starts up again. She says she’d like that. They kiss some more, and she pushes him out the door.

Maxie tells Lulu that she said something old. Lulu insists Maxie told her to bring something new. Maxie asks why she would have said that when she was the one organizing things? Jordan says it’s fine. She doesn’t believe in old superstitions. Nothing is going to go wrong. Well, we all know what that means now that she said it.

TJ tells Curtis that he tried to get through to Stella, and just focus on how happy he and Jordan make each other. Curtis asks since when does TJ offer advice to his elders? TJ says he’s been in the same relationship for years. Curtis asks what his secret is, and TJ says, cherish what you have, and try not to screw it up.

Maxie comes out. Peter tells her that she looks beautiful. She blows him off, saying she has to say hi to Valerie. Nina says, he’s not leaving her unescorted, is he?

Alexis approaches Finn, and says she hopes Anna didn’t stand him up. He says, she’s the matron of honor. He thinks she’s helping Jordan. Alexis says she was just getting a dig in. He seems more dour than usual. He tells her that Curtis gave him a letter from Hayden. She wants to see him, but it’s probably not a good idea. Alexis says, probably not. He’s put that chapter behind him, right?

Josslyn asks what Oscar means. He says, according to the doctors, he has less than one year. Josslyn says, that can’t be true. His life just started. They have so many things to do together. He says that’s what he thought, but he has a malignant brain tumor; it’s inoperable. She says there must be some way to fight it. Jason had a brain tumor and survived. Oscar says there’s a drug trial that his parents want him in, and Josslyn says, good. That means there’s hope. He says he’s not doing it, and walks away.

Kim thanks Julian. Drew comes over to them, and says he heard Julian planning on kidnapping his son. Kim says it was her idea; anything he has to say, talk to her. He tells Julian to stay the hell away from Oscar, and Julian asks if Drew heard him say he was planning on taking Oscar out of the country. Kim is like, what? and Julian says he’ll leave them to it. Kim tells Drew it was her only option. Drew asks what if she gets Oscar to Brazil and he still refuses treatment. What’s her plan then?

Julian phones Lucas, and speaks with him and Brad. Lucas says he has to do some damage control, and leaves the conversation. Julian asks how Brad is holding up. Brad says he’s been doing some soul searching, and the truth is, Wiley is where he belongs. Julian asks if he’s ready to move on, raise his son, and be happy. Brad says he’s made peace with the choices he’s made, for better or worse.

Laura gets to the church. Lulu tells her that they’re about to start. She asks what’s wrong, and Laura says they’ll talk later. They go into the church.

Ava and not-Doc kiss some more. He doesn’t know what it is, but he wants to spend as much time as possible with her, and hopes she feels the same. Ava says they’re both Thanksgiving orphans. Why don’t they spend it together? He asks if she’s offering to cook, and she says, no, but she has turkey sandwiches. They can pour some potato vodka into cranberry juice and call it Thanksgiving. He’s glad he talked her out of leaving town, but she doesn’t now if she can stay. How long is Kiki going to be flaunting her relationship with Griff in her face? She would be better off if she wasn’t there, or Kiki wasn’t. Ava suggests they adjourn to her apartment. He says he’ll meet her there. He has business to take care of.

Kiki almost leaves, but goes back in for a wrap. Her word, not mine.

Sonny wants to give a pre-dinner toast. Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, and he wants to tell them the reason why. Mike suggests food, and Sonny says that’s good, but it’s always the time they get everyone together to give thanks for their blessings, especially family. He knows they’ve had a lot of losses, but they’ve also had incredible additions. Right on cue, Wiley makes baby sounds and looks super cute. Sonny says, funny about family; you can’t always choose who’s in it, but it’s the most important thing in the whole world. They toast. Stella ponders this.

TJ goes to find Jordan. She says he means so much to her, and he says he’s glad she and Curtis found each other. They deserve to be happy. She apologizes for not being there for him all those years when she was chasing bad guys. He says her job kept them apart, but she showed him to do the right thing, no matter what the cost. She’s his hero.

Drew tells Kim that Oscar isn’t a child. They can’t make him do anything, short of restraining him. She says, if that’s what it comes to. He tells her no ethical doctor would treat him under the circumstances. Kim wonders what’s wrong with Drew; what if Oscar dies? Drew says, if he does, he doesn’t want Oscar to live his last days as a prisoner. The decisions they make about Oscar are decisions they’ll have to live the rest of their lives with. She needs to think long and hard about what she’s going to do, since she has to live with it.

Josslyn asks why Oscar wouldn’t want treatment that would cure him. He tells her it’s experimental. People have improved, but someone died. She said without it, he’ll die anyway, but he says he doesn’t want his last days being lived as a vegetable, or so sick he can’t leave his bed. She asks what the risks are against the payout. That’s how her dad figures out business deals. He says it’s not a business deal; it’s his life. She tells him that’s why they have to find out what the odds are. Based on what he’s telling her, the odds are 100% that he’ll die without it.

Monica wonders why no one has picked up the boxes that Julian donated. Ned says he thought a volunteer picked them up an hour ago. Olivia says she saw someone carrying something out of the kitchen, but Monica says all the donated food is still there. She wonders what they could have taken, and they realize – the pizza.

Oscar doesn’t think it’s right for his parents to force him into the trial. They think it’s worth the risk, but it’s not their decision. He’s not doing this for them. Josslyn says, what about her? Oscar tells her that he already said he didn’t want to risk the time he has left. She says what about the time they already lost, and he says he thought he was protecting her. She says she can’t force him, but whatever he decides, she promises she’ll be there every step of the way. He hugs her.

Kim asks Julian why he let her think he was going to help her, when he had no intention of following through. She was hoping she could count on him. She walks away.

Griff gets to the church. He sits with Laura and Lulu, asking if they’ve seen Kiki. They haven’t, and he says he thought she’d be there be now. Lulu thinks she must be running behind.

Kiki is wandering around the apartment, looking for her pashmina. Seriously?

Mike tells Stella that he doesn’t mean to pry, but the fellow they ran into… Stella says, Marcus? What about him? Mike says he had the feeling they were more than old friends. Stella says, nothing gets past him. They were serious at one time. She’s often wondered what might have been had they stayed together, but wouldn’t change the life she has now, and knows Marcus feels the same. What’s done is done. There’s no use wishing to change the past. Mike says, the trick is to make decisions now that you don’t regret later. Good luck with that.

Nina asks if Curtis is ready for this, and he says, more than anything. Finn sits with Chase. The music starts. Anna comes in first, followed by Jordan with TJ. Nice dress. Double spaghetti straps with a lace overlay, and I’m loving the tiered skirt (see end of post for a pic I know my fashion descriptions suck). TJ brings the bride to her groom, and hugs Curtis. Jordan mouths, I love you, and the pastor begins.

There are take-out containers on the table, and Michael says that doesn’t look like Chef Santora’s work. Monica says they accidentally donated the gourmet pizza to the soup kitchen. She doesn’t think it would be a good idea to ask for it back, and Ned says it wouldn’t be good for his poll numbers. Michael says, no Quartermaine Thanksgiving ever goes as planned. Why change anything now? They sing, We Gather Together. I get teary, and feel grateful that GH has kept this tradition. Julian looks at Kim, who won’t look at him. The doorbell rings, and Drew leaves to answer it.

Josslyn comes home. She sits on the floor and cries.

Drew opens the door. It’s Oscar. Kim walks up behind Drew, and Oscar and his parents look at each other.

The pastor says, the bond of marriage is more than the union of two souls; it’s a bridge. Two families coming together as one. He says, if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. (Which, btw, is almost never said anymore, except for soap weddings.) They hear a door shut, and Stella walks in. Jordan looks worried.

Out in the vestibule, Griff calls Kiki. He leaves a message asking where she is. He’s getting worried. He gives one of his best worried looks.

Ava freshens her makeup at the gallery. Not worried at all.

Kiki who should be worriedfinds her pashmina, and opens the door to not-Doc.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian it’s her call not his, Carly tells Josslyn that she can’t make the choice for Oscar, and Stella has to speak her piece.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – The Reunion, Part One

Emily’s goal is to not threaten anyone. Kelly isn’t ready for this. Briana and Vicki FaceTime. Andy finds out Shannon hasn’t spoken to Tamra. Kelly wants an effing minute.

Shane has been blowing up Emily’s phone with what they’re going to say, and what she should say if they say that. We discover Shannon has lost thirty-two pounds, and Tamra got a lower face lift. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Vicki’s kids are worried about her going under again, and swears that’s it. They discuss Vicki’s insurance policy on Don. She figures she’ll get back the money she had to pay him in alimony.

On their trip to Mexico, Tamra, Shannon, and Vicki were the Tres Amigas, based on boobs, booze, and a broken foot. We flash back to their moments together on the trip. Andy tells us that at last year’s reunion, Vicki got to a place of forgiveness, and Vicki declares it awesome. Andy says she got a fresh. At first Tamra was all skeptical, but it got back to where they were. A viewer asks Shannon if David being out of the picture made them closer. Shannon says, not being married made it easier, and they made a pact to move forward. Andy brings up how Vicki said she never wanted to be that girl again when she was at the old lady party, referring to the younger girls. Emily says Vicki is that girl; she still parties. Gina says she was insulting, and it’s an opportunity to say she was wrong. Kelly calls her hypocritical; it’s her M.O. Vicki says she meant she doesn’t want to be single again. Her other M.O., pretending people misunderstood. Gina says he can’t help it if she doesn’t have a husband. Vicki apologizes.

Andy reads a viewer’s comment that Vicki claimed Brooks was her soulmate. They ask if Steve is her soulmate. Shannon’s opinion that they weren’t in love is brought up, but Shannon says, at the time, she had only met Steve briefly twice. She’s spent time with them since, and believes they’re in love. Emily admires their relationship. She’s met him, and she thought he was kind. Andy says Vicki was trying to keep a lid on her behavior because of Steve, and we flash back to her promising not to get naked wasted, and him telling her not to do anything she wouldn’t do in front of the grandkids. Tamra says she saw Vicki changing into someone she didn’t know, and she thought it was to make Steve happy. Andy says Steve did tell her to put a lid on it, and she did. Tamra agrees. Kelly jumps in, and they nearly get in an argument over this. Vicki tells Kelly, dial it down, and Kelly says don’t tell her what to do.

Andy says this season started with the final stop of Vicki’s apology tour, and the tour ended with an apology to Eddie. During the rest of the season, Vicki was trying to be the future Mrs. Steve. We see clips of Vicki putting the pressure on. Tamra wonders if Vicki is trying to convince herself that Steve is the one. Andy says it was sweet seeing Steve take care of Vicki after her surgery. Vicki doesn’t remember any of it, and saw it for the first time when everyone else did. She says Steve isn’t emotional like she is, so it’s interesting that she’s attracted to him, but his stability and kindness make him attractive. Andy asks when she thinks he’ll propose. She doesn’t think it will be a conventional proposal, and they’ll decide together. Andy says she kind of already has proposed to Steve, and we flash back to her asking him to marry her, and then saying, never mind, when he says, what? She repeats they’ll decide together when the time is right. Andy asks why they’re in couples therapy, and she says she doesn’t want to be divorced again. They haven’t gone yet, but she wants to make sure there are no red flags. Everything the counselor told her and Don turned out to be true, and they ended up getting a divorce. Gina wishes she had done it. Shannon says she did, and see how that worked out.

Andy asks for a show of hands on who thinks Vicki and Steve will get married. It seems to be only Shannon and Tamra, who says, season 14. Kelly thinks Steve believes marriage is just if you want to have children. He’s happy being with her, so what’s the point? Vicki says he’s been married three times. Emily thinks they’re committed to each other, and stand up for one another. Andy asks if Vicki wants to marry Steve, or just wants to get married. Vicki says she’s not in a hurry; they’re in a great place. A viewer asks if she thinks the new series Dirty John has similarities to her relationship with Brooks. Vicki says, completely. Andy explains it’s about a successful OC businesswoman who gets conned. Andy adds that Brooks is not a murderer, I assume giving away a huge plot point. Vicki says he murdered her self-esteem and pocketbook. She’s going after him for the latter. Kelly asks if he has any money to go after, and Vicki says she has a spreadsheet on him. Tamra thinks she should close that chapter, but Vicki says there’s no emotion; she just wants her money. Andy asks why Vicki fell for him, and she says he was complimentary. Kelly says he told her what she wanted to hear. Vicki says Don was a good husband, but she always felt inferior. Andy wonders if Brooks studied the show beforehand. Tamra is sure he must have. Andy asks if Vicki wishes she’d stayed with Don, and she says she wishes she hadn’t left Don for Brooks. We flash back to the reunion when Briana accused Brooks of breaking up her parents’ marriage. Vicki says she’s in a better place now, but it was five/six years of hell.

We see Gina’s introduction to the series. Andy says Matt was MIA, and Emily insists he exists; she’s met him. A viewer asks if Gina started the show knowing she was getting a divorce. Gina says she knew her marriage was in a down, but didn’t know it would end up in divorce. Shannon says her story is similar. She thought if David saw it captured on film, it would be a good thing. Gina thought so too, but Matt couldn’t film because of his job. His employer said no, and would have fired him. Obviously, they’ve seen the show. Emily wonders if he’d filmed with Gina, if they still would have divorced. We find out he comes home on the weekends, they’re not having sex, and they still haven’t told the kids. Gina says they’re afraid of having the discussion. Good Lord. Those kids are going to be in college by the time the know. Tamra asks how they’re explaining things, since it’s a small house. Gina says since Matt lives in another house when he’s working, they tell the kids that she’s working when she’s at the casita. Andy asks what the crux of the problem is. Gina says when Matt moved for his job, the relationship wasn’t enough. He’s not the kind of person who builds you up. He’s a good person and father, but not meant to be her husband. She feels bad, because no matter what happens, she respects and loves him; he’s the father of her children. She starts cry, and says they need to have a good relationship because that’s forever. Shannon says it’s hard on her kids. She doesn’t know if it’s better to go through a divorce when they’re bigger or little. Hers grew up with volatility.

Vicki’s Italian dinner is up next for discussion. Kelly says, smart people learn from their mistakes; wise people learn from others. Why? Who knows. Gina says instead of everyone telling her about their experiences, they should have gotten to know her and what her experience is. Andy brings up Vicki thinking that Gina must be divorcing because of an affair. Vicki says if sex isn’t happening in the marriage, people look elsewhere. Shannon says she had a two year dry spell, and never once thought about it. Of course, this is a bad example, since David was having an affair, which several of them point out. Gina thinks a marriage doesn’t end because of an affair, but the affair happened because there was a problem already. Andy asks about Gina not believing in God. Gina says she’s agnostic, but the kids were baptized just in case. Tamra was surprised, but says, to each their own. Emily doesn’t think morality and religion go hand-in-hand. Gina says she might get in the gates before Vicki.

Andy says Vicki and Kelly had been ride-or-die friends, but Vicki learned the cover-up was worse than the crime. We flash back to Vicki telling Kelly about her and Steve’s double-dates with Michael, and Kelly coming against Steve. Andy asks where they’re at today, and Kelly says they don’t speak. He asks how close Steve is to Michael, and Vicki says it caused problems. She doesn’t know when they last saw each other, and Michael is dating someone new. A viewer thinks when there’s a split, the friends should be able to hang out with both. Kelly says that wasn’t the issue. She was freshly divorced, and didn’t know Vicki had hooked Michael up. She heard about the double-dates from someone else. It would been fine if Vicki had told her. Vicki tells her that Michael said it was their business. Andy says it shows where her loyalty lies, and Vicki – who cannot seem to grasp what she did wrong here for anything – says Kelly was dating. Tamra doesn’t think it’s about the dating. Andy asks who thinks Vicki broke girl code, and Emily shouts in her yes vote. Shannon says Vicki should have said something, and Emily says Vicki should have told him that she and Kelly are friends, and she can’t be in that situation. Andy says even after their big fight, Vicki did it again. We see a clip from Watch What Happens Live, where Vicki said they’d gone on another double-date with Michael, but not with the same woman. Kelly says Vicki chose her side. Vicki doesn’t know if there are sides, because she loves playing the dimbulb.

Kelly says Michael has her back, and Vicki says he told her that their marriage was fourteen years of hell. Kelly wonders why Vicki is talking on his behalf. Andy asks how Vicki would have felt if it was Don, and she says she had friends who dated Don, and she didn’t care. They were divorced. Kelly says, Vicki is like a fart; silent, but deadly. Vicki says Michael told her not to share the information. Gina says it was her choice. Kelly says Vicki had no problem sharing what Shannon said in confidence on the bus. Oh snap! We flash back to that. Gina says Vicki has to take personal accountability.

Vicki says Kelly is an unkind person, and Kelly says, so is she – on the sly. Andy says Vicki claims Kelly will only date a man who has money. Kelly asks, if that’s the case, why isn’t she still with Michael? Vicki doesn’t think she loved him, which is just stupid, and Kelly says, of course she did. A viewer asks if Vicki sees a pattern with the men she dates. Kelly says she likes to have Steve do her dirty work. Why would he talk to Page Six? Vicki says he was just corroborating something. Kelly suggests she look at herself, and Vicki says she doesn’t use cocaine. Everyone is like, what? and Kelly asks if Vicki is saying that because she smoked some herb. They can do a drug test, and if she did cocaine, she would be skinny. Not necessarily, but that was really out of left field and nasty. Kelly insists Vicki is familiar with edibles, and everyone says, it’s legal. Vicki acts like she doesn’t understand what edibles are. Kelly says she’s the mother of a young kid. Vicki says she’s never with Jolie, and Gina says, Jolie was in summer camp. Vicki claims Michael said he has more time with her. Kelly gets teary, and Andy puts on his devil horns, and says Vicki just said Kelly uses cocaine and is not a good mother. Vicki tells him not to put words in her mouth. Michael said she’s not with Jolie because she travels a lot. Kelly says she has one week on, and one week off. Vicki says that’s not what Michael tells her, and Kelly says, she believes him? Andy asks if she gets why Kelly is hurt. Vicki says she’s not kind, and needs to take responsibility too. Emily says if she wants to fix things with Kelly, she can’t be friendly with Michael. She doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not, and it looks like they co-parent well. One steps up to the plate when the other has to do something. Kelly says when Michael was in Hong Kong, she never complained.

Vicki doesn’t like way Kelly treats people. If Kelly hits her, she’ll hit back. Andy wonders where they go next. Kelly says Vicki just accused her of doing drugs, and Vicki says Kelly called her fat. Kelly tries to figure out how these two things compare, and Vicki says drugs make people skinny. Kelly said she was a pig on social media. Kelly says she’s not a pig. Stunned Gina says everything they’re saying is not okay. Shannon agrees. They take a break.

Kelly and Gina head for the back. Still at their seats, Tamra tells Vicki that she can’t say that. Vicki says that’s what she heard. Emily says that doesn’t mean there’s evidence. Kelly tells Gina that it’s criminal. Vicki says Kelly went for her, so she’s going back at Kelly. Kelly gets her phone out, and tells the crew that she needs an effing minute. Vicki says Kelly can’t throw sh*t at her and not expect it back. Shannon says they did put up that tweet of Kelly saying she was a pig, but thinks they’re both being cruel.

Kelly calls Michael. She tells him that Vicki said she was a bad mom and does cocaine. Why would she say that? She told Kelly that Michael said he’d lived in fourteen years of hell with her. She said it on camera. Has he ever seen her do drugs? He says, never, and he didn’t tell them anything. She says she was always anti-drug.

Vicki says Kelly is playing the victim, and it’s ridiculous. Michael tells Kelly that they don’t even have a visitation schedule because they agree on everything. Kelly asks why Vicki is saying this, and Michael says he’s not responsible for what she says. Kelly wants to hit Vicki, like most of us at one time or another, and Michael tells her, control her temper. Gina comes in, saying Vicki can’t make up lies like this. Michael and Kelly agree, Jolie is the priority – always.

Vicki whines that Kelly called her a fart, and that’s mean. Shannon tells Vicki that she can’t say Kelly does coke unless she knows it. She’s not getting it.

Next time – the Reunion, Part Two – Shannon talks about custody now being an issue, Gina tells Emily that she shouldn’t have been talking about Shannon’s marriage, Gina doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t just own it, and Tamra tells Shannon that her favorite words are me and I.

✈ Tonight’s offering of Vanderpump Rules: Passport Edition was basically a rehash of the group’s trip to Mexico, and the brouhaha that occurred when James mistook the words hook up for hang out in reference to Kristen. Good times…  Next week, the season premiere of VPR.

💻 I saw the first episode of Dirty John, and so far, I’m intrigued. Like a Lifetime movie with much better writing, Connie Britton plays a single mother who finds a dude through internet dating. Her daughters are creeped out by him, but can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. Although there’s a huge red flag during their first date. And he’s way too perfect. I find internet dating a little creepy to begin with, so I’m definitely in.

👰 You Too Can Have a Soap Wedding…

Or at least the dress.



November 25, 2018 – The Whisperers Are Here, Two Thoughts & My Birthday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Zombies gather in a field. Jesus asks Aaron if he’s ever seen them do that before, and he says, never. Daryl joins them and suggests they circle around back with the horses, and pick up on foot. Jesus and Aaron are worried about the zombies milling around. Daryl says they should go; a storm is coming. They shove off. The zombies continue to mill. One looks up like they heard something.

Gabriel reads meditations to Negan. Don’t judge distraction; let it wash over you. Negan isn’t feeling it, and says, screw it. Gabriel doesn’t understand. Clearly, Negan wants help. Negan says maybe this is all they get, and Gabriel asks if he’s getting any benefit out of their sessions. Negan says he knows another week has passed. He tells Gabriel not to take it personally. He’s never getting out, but appreciates Gabriel. He has everything he needs. He has a window that’s as good as TV was. Gabriel says, it’s an important first step, but life needs meaning. Negan plays catch with a ball against the wall as he speaks. He says people talk outside the window like they don’t remember he’s there. That’s when he gets the really good sh*t. Rosita said things Gabriel would find interesting. Gabriel says he doesn’t need Negan to tell him how Rosita feels about him. Negan asks, who said she was talking about him? Gabriel says he’ll see him next week.

Outside, Gabriel sees a group come into the town. A woman tells him that messengers from Hilltop have said Rosita is hurt.

A rider flies through Hilltop, yelling, riders are coming! It’s Michonne and Siddiq, with the new people. Connie signs that she’s not excited, and tells Kelly to let her know if they seem suspicious. Diane (whose name I finally remember without having to look it up) tells Tara there are eight. Magna says they’ll shoot anyone who they don’t like the looks of, but Luke says, they’re solid looking; scrappy.

Michonne says they’ve come for Rosita. Diane asks who the others are, and Michonne says, they’re good people, looking for a home. She told them Hilltop might consider taking them. Diane gives Michonne a look, and removes her katana and other weapons. The others follow suit, including a reluctant Magna.

Michonne and company go into Hilltop. Michonne asks Tara where Jesus is, and she says he’s with a search party looking for Eugene. Eugene went out with Rosita, but wasn’t with her when she was found. Enid says she was unconscious when she got there, but she’ll be fine. Michonne asks how they knew Eugene was with her, and Tara says she was able to tell Aaron. It’s like the old gang back together. She tells Michonne that they’re probably on their way back already. She’ll have to wait for Jesus to get back. If they want to stay, they have to talk to him, and have to earn their keep. Kelly tells her that Connie says thank you. They all do. Siddiq tells Michonne it’s good they’re here, and Michonne says, yeah, but they yeah sounds more like, not really. She smiles; then doesn’t.

Magna says a group with a guy named Jesus running things sounds like cult. Siddiq tells Michonne that he didn’t know about Eugene, and these are their friends. Carol comes over and hugs Siddiq. Michonne says she didn’t expect to see her. Carol asks who her friends are, and Magna says they’re not friends. Michonne introduces Carol, who signs nice to meet you, but it’s all she knows. Siddiq tells them to come with him, and they’ll find out where they’re staying.

Carol asks Michonne about Judith and RJ. Michonne asks if Ezekiel is there, but Carol says just her. She’s dropping off Henry. He’s apprenticing with the blacksmith. She says he’s a good kid, with a big heart. He can see the world falling apart. She tells Michonne that they need the fair, and asks if Alexandria can’t send a delegation. Michonne says she didn’t want to turn them down, but Alexandria had their troubles too. Carol gets why it’s hard, but they’ve all lost something. They’ve both lost children, and they kept going. They’ve always been a family. Michonne says they still are, but the Kingdom is the Kingdom. Hilltop is there, and Alexandria is here, and in between, there’s a whole lot of broken world. They can’t pretend otherwise. They have to take care of own now. Carol says, it’s a shame, and Michonne says, but that’s how it is. They part company.

Jesus tells Aaron that Daryl used to come by, but never stayed. Aaron says they used to be explorers. They were looking for people, and a chance to be a part of something bigger. Maybe this is showing Jesus the way forward; the next step. He’d be a good leader if he stopped fighting it. He looks at Daryl out in the field, and says, he spent a long time keeping people away, but finding them is his thing. He wonders if Daryl will ever stop fighting too.

Daryl tells them the herd is coming for them. The wind is carrying the sound. He winds up a clock, and throws it into the field. He says, let’s put some ground between us and them, and they run.

Diane asks Carol if she can hitch a ride. The Kingdom needs her more than Hilltop. Carol says she’d like the company. Henry puts some boxes in the cart, telling her that he got an advance on his pay. He got some tools and nails for her to take home. She tells him that she wouldn’t be leaving if she didn’t trust him. He says he’ll be back for the fair. He’s going to make her proud, and she says he already has. She’s choked up, but holds it back, and drives away after waving goodbye.

Jesus tells Daryl that Aaron put the count at around one hundred and forty, and now it’s double that. Aaron wonders if it could be a different herd, or another one. The zombies march down the road, and Daryl says, as long as they’re going the other way, it doesn’t matter. We see the alarm clock in the field. No idea what significance this has, if any.

Enid sees Henry getting instructions on making a spearhead. When she talks to the assistant about something, Earl asks Henry if he wants to spend the evening with him and Tammy. He says that sounds cool, but he’s really tired.

Gabriel empties Negan’s bedpan. Negan tells him an elaborate scientific explanation about something that boils down to, every time Gabriel smells something that came from Negan’s ass, part of it goes up his nose. Sadly, I actually knew this information already. Gabriel tells him, shut up. For once in his life, shut his mouth. Gabriel says he keeps scratching. He thinks if he digs deep enough, he’ll find a person he can help, but he never does. He tells Negan that he sent Rosita out, and she got hurt. He doesn’t know how bad, and can’t help her because he has to be here with Negan. Someone has to be responsible for him. Negan says he’s sorry; he didn’t know. Gabriel says it’s bad enough he has to clean up Negan’s sh*t. He shouldn’t have to listen to it too. Negan seems disturbed.

Henry sees two boys and a girl around his age. One introduces himself as Gage. He says Henry was there during the war; he’s the kid with the stick. Henry says it was a long time ago. A girl introduces herself as Addie, and the other boy is Rodney. Gage says they’ve been watching him mope around, and Addie is seriously worried. They’ve always lived there, and Addie thinks it must be exciting to be someplace new all the time. Rodney asks about Oceania, and if it’s really all women. Henry says, mostly, and Rodney says he should have become a fisherman. Gage asks if Henry wants to hang out in the woods, and Henry asks if they don’t close the gate at night. Gage says whatever’s got him down, it’s not worth it. Life’s too short. Henry says, okay; he’ll do it.

Siddiq tells Michonne that he’s sorry he kept so much from her, but he’s on her side. Michonne knows people would still be angry, but that doesn’t make it easier. Siddiq says, it’s not too late to mend fences. Michonne says, it’s not, but she won’t. Not in the way they want her to. She didn’t make the choices she made because they were easy. At least they’re alive to hate her for it.

Rosita wakes up, and panics. Michonne tells her that she’s at Hilltop. Jesus and Aaron found her. Rosita says, Eugene! and Michonne says a group is out there tracking him. They should be back soon. Rosita says she knows where he is, but Siddiq says, they can handle whatever is going on. Rosita says, no; they can’t. There’s no way they can handle it.

The storm gets closer. Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron walk in the dark, using flashlights. That must be hard to hold along with a crossbow. Dog goes first into a barn, and digs at some hay. Daryl pokes at it, and hits something hard. Aaron asks if Eugene is in there, and Eugene says, affirmative. They lift a trap door, and Eugene comes out, totally shaken. He says he took a bad step, and dislocated his knee. They have to get out. The herd followed him, and they’re on their way back. Daryl says, they’re gone. They’re not looking for him. Eugene says they’re been there twice looking for him. It’s not a normal herd. Aaron asks what he means, and Eugene says when they passed by, he could hear them. They were whispering to each other. Aaron says, talking? Eugene says, Rosita heard it too; she can corroborate what he’s telling them. Daryl says they’ve got to get back. Dog barks, and I say, oh sh*t, out loud. Aaron says, no way it’s the same herd. Daryl says the herd’s got them cut off. Eugene is like, no, no, no, no, no!

Henry and his new friends drink and break windows. Some things never change. Henry falls over. He says if this is their idea of fun, he’d hate to see what happens when they get bored. Gage says they’ll show him now. They go outside where there’s a zombie in a pit. Gage laughs about it, and he and Rodney play ring toss, trying to get the rings on a metal thing stuck in the zombie’s head. He also has a few darts sticking out of him. Addie walks away. Gage tells Henry to try his luck. Henry pushes him out of the way, jumps in the pit. and kills the zombie. Gage asks what he did that for, and Henry says if he has to explain, Gage won’t understand. Gage is outta there.

The herd moves forward. I’m scared. They’re moving into the woods. Eugene is freaking out, and Jesus says, it’s not making sense. They shouldn’t have doubled back, and really shouldn’t have followed them to the barn. Eugene has a theory; the dead are evolving. They’re not dead in a sense that makes sense. Their brains are alive, and if their brains are alive, they can change. Daryl is like, what?! and Jesus says, it’s not any crazier than it already is. If the zombies can talk, they can learn strategy. He thinks they should split up, but Aaron says they’re stronger together. Jesus says that doesn’t help them. The only way out is to avoid a fight. Daryl and Aaron take Eugene, and Jesus goes the other way to distract the herd.

Negan continues to play ball. He notices the door move when a draft blows through. He gets up, and pushes the door open. Now what? He picks up his ball, gives a side smile, and tosses the ball behind him.

Tara tells Earl that Henry threw up on a pig, and then her boots. Henry says he’s sorry, and she says, good. She has enough to worry about and loved those boots. She’s going to bed. Earl thought he was too tired to do anything. The reek of crappy moonshine coming off him says that was a lie. He was found outside the gate, shouting. Does he want to explain how he wound up there? Henry says, no, sir, and Earl asks who gave him the booze. Henry is silent, and Earl says, okay. He offered take Henry on and teach him, but if this is how he treats his commitments, he can take his scrawny ass back to the Kingdom. Henry knows he screwed up, but the people back home are counting on him. His parents are counting on him. Earl asks, what the hell got into him? Henry says he saw his mom cry; she’s so tough. Before that, he was too excited to think about it, and understand what a huge deal it was. He guesses he didn’t want to think about it for a while. Earl says he’s been there. The minimum sentence for drunk and disorderly is two days, but he’ll talk to Jesus, and see what he can do. He tells Henry to get some sleep. He’ll have a lot of work to catch up on when he gets out.

This herd is scary. Daryl is on top of a box car, and lights a string of firecrackers. They smoke the place up and make noise. Dog barks. I’m going to have a heart attack. The herd keeps going, surprising Daryl. He quiets Dog.

Aaron and Jesus get Eugene to, oddly enough, a cemetery gate. The herd is following. The go through a spot where the stone is crumbling. Jesus tells them to follow the wall; there’s a gate somewhere. The zombies start tumbling in, following them. The gate is locked. Jesus and Aaron try to push Eugene over the wall, but it’s not working out. It’s as not good as it gets. The zombies are closing in. Aaron and Jesus stan and wait, weapons at the ready. As the zombies reach them, they fight; stabbing and slicing heads, piking and smashing skulls. Eugene quakes near the gate. The whispering zombies suddenly stop.

Michonne is on the other side of the gate, and calls to Eugene. She tells him to push as she pulls. Magna appears, and helps. Together they get it open. Jesus tells Aaron to go ahead, and goes all ninja on the zombies. Aaron tells him to move it.

O.M.G. A zombie comes up behind Jesus, and literally stabs him in the back. He whispers in Jesus’s ear, something about him not being where he belongs. I’m stunned. I was not expecting that.

Magna’s group flies out, and goes after more zombies with bows and arrows. Jesus’s killer is slain. Aaron kneels beside Jesus. Well, sh*t.

Lightening begins to strike. Looking at the zombie who killed Jesus, Daryl calls Michonne over. He looks at the zombie’s head, and cuts at its hair. At first, I think he’s scalping it, but the whole face comes away. Like that dude in Silence of the Lambs. Daryl turns the zombie over, and he’s a dead human.

We hear the words, circle round, being whispered. Dog barks. Through the fog, the Whisperers move closer. This bunch is trapped.

💀 This was the mid-season finale. Next time, there’s a new enemy and a new level of creepiness. Negan is on the loose and whistling again. AND DOG IS OKAY. For now. The show returns in February.

🌅 Mini Contemplations…

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why wait? Dream is now. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

🎂 They Say It’s My Birthday…

The party in my mind…


Probably closer to it…



November 23, 2018 – The Brain Biscuit Flour Mill, Walking Video, Mary Pat’s Head, a Wife Yes, Charm News, a Wife No, Thankful Quotes & Shaft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🍗 Hope a great Thanksgiving was had by all!

Z Nation

Roberta, 10K, and Addie walk on the road between wheat fields. Roberta notes that they need harvesting; they’re going to seed. Addie doesn’t know how many live humans are left to do the work. She says, welcome to the heartland, and asks what the plan is. Roberta says they’re going to find out what’s in the biscuits. Addie asks what the end game is, and Roberta says, help George get her new country going first. Addie thinks they’re more tear sh*t up types than building a nation types. Roberta says they have to make sure the right people are in charge, and George is a natural leader. As they get closer to the farm, they find several mercied bodies. Addie says they’re farm workers, and some are talkers. Roberta thinks someone doesn’t want the biscuits made. 10K asks if they hear that, a ghostly voice saying, feed us. Roberta signals them to move into an area where a bunch of cars are parked. We can hear, feed us, biscuits. It gets louder as they get closer. They hear, but don’t see anything.

A dude pops up among the cars, and Addie says he’s a talker. Robert says he might know something. They raise their hands, and walk toward him. Roberta says they come in peace. She knows they’re hungry, but have no biscuits. They can help. 10K asks, what happens when talkers stop talking? Roberta guesses nothing good. They’re surrounded. Addie doesn’t want to hurt them, and Roberta says, let’s try to make this non-lethal.

George and Doc drive up, and they get in. Roberta says, perfect timing, Addie says they got her message from Kaya. Doc asks where they’re headed, and she tells him a farmhouse up ahead. Doc says they’ll have just about enough gas.

In the fields, Pandora tells a talker, he must be starved. She knows where he can find tasty brains waiting to be nibbled. She pushes him, and says, go after them.

Doc pulls up at the farmhouse, and says they’re running on fumes. They go inside, and George blocks the door. 10K says the talkers must have been hiding in the wheat. They look hungry, and Roberta wonders what they’re eating. A farmhand comes out, and says he knows – brains. He takes off his hat, and shows them the top of his head. It’s gone.

Roberta says the talkers have been eating his brains? and he says, everybody wants a piece of Charlie. Addie asks what happened, but he thinks they ate that part. Roberta asks if anyone else is there, but Charlie isn’t sure.

Roberta asks George if she wants to talk about Dante. George says it was her fault. She shouldn’t have let him go. Doc says, that’s not true. George says he put his trust in her and what she believed in, and it got him killed. Addie says she got Dante killed? and Doc says, the vigilantes got him. They killed the captain and his guard too. They’re probably the same bastards who killed the others. Roberta hugs George, and George cries. She says they chopped him in pieces, and put him in a trashcan. He did it for her. He was still alive. She had to mercy him. Roberta says George did right. George asks, who would do that? and Addie says, humans. Doc says, maybe not. Maybe talkers. They left a sign saying, this is what happens to traitors. Addie says, Newmerica would be a better place if they got rid of the people. Doc says, maybe the zombies got it right; screw everyone. Roberta promises they’ll bring Dante justice. George says she can’t give up. She can’t let Dante’s death be in vain. She has to see it through, no matter what. She’s willing to die for a better world. Roberta says, that’s her girl, and if that’s all we got, that’s all we got.

Doc goes into the garage, and picks up a mason jar. He sniffs it, and says, that could curl your nose hairs. He dips his fingers in and licks them. Steam comes out of his ears, and he says, that’s ass-kicking hooch.

Addie looks around upstairs. 10K goes to the kitchen, and takes off the tin can hook he’s been using. His wound looks pretty sore. Doc asks how it’s going, and 10K says, it hurts like a bad mother – Doc says, shut your mouth, a reference to Isaac Hayes‘s Theme from Shaft that 10K doesn’t get. He thinks the wound should be cleaned up, but the water is brown. 10K doesn’t think they should use that water, and Doc says he has a perfect plan B.

Addie keeps looking. She opens a closet, and brings her pokey bat weapon down among the clothes. She hits someone. She says, you, and he says it looks like she has him where she wants him.

The talkers are moving fast, with Pandora behind them.

Addie says she should kill him. He says, put him out of his misery. She says or make him wish he was dead. He asks what she wants him to do, and she says, unbutton his shirt. He does, and she slides her weapon down him. He says, now what? and she tells him to kiss her. They kiss, and she says he stood her up. She waited two days; she thought he was dead. He says, you know how it is. Zombies. She sees he has a wound and asks what happened. He says someone shot him.

Doc tells 10K it might sting, and pours the hooch over the wound. Obviously in pain, 10K puts the jar to his mouth. Doc says he wouldn’t drink that, but 10K guzzles the jar down. He says he feels great, then throws up. Doc says it might take his mind off his hand for a while. Roberta asks if he’s okay, and Doc says, alcohol poisoning. He’ll be good in a day, or three. They put him in a chair. Roberta says the talkers are still lurking.

Addie brings the guy downstairs. Addie says this is her friend, Finn; he’s been shot. Doc bandages him, saying he lost a lot of blood; he’s a lucky man. Finn asks if the wound is that bad, and Doc says, no, he’s a terrible doctor. 10K gets sick again, and Doc says his next patient. Roberta asks how Addie and Finn know each other. Finn says his farmhands turned taker, and Addie helped him. Addie says, they hit it off, and Finn helped save a lot of talkers. He says, like Butch and Sundance. An aside here: I thought the scene with her asking him to unbutton his shirt was lifted from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But in the film, it’s Robert Redford and Kathrine Ross, and he’s waiting for her in her room. Roberta asks what happened? and Finn says when they came back, Charlie volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. They fed them tiny bits of brain. He had them rounded up to go to Limbo, when he was shot and the talkers were set loose. Somebody doesn’t want them to make biscuits. Roberta asks if he knows the secret ingredient. He says other than chopped brains, he doesn’t know what’s in them. He’ll show them what’s left.

He takes them to the manufacturing area, and shows them the machine that mixes brains into powder. Then it goes into the flour. George asks if they took it all. He says, there’s some flour left, but they took all the added ingredients. They’re the only source in the area. Not just for biscuits, but all grain. They don’t have much seed left, and need to harvest. Addie says, all of Newmerica could starve. They see where the fire was, and Finn says when he came to put it out, he got shot. Charlie got a machete in the head. He didn’t get a good look at them though. Roberta asks, if he had workers, does he think he could harvest? Addie says he’s bleeding again, and tells him to take it easy.

Doc and 10K come out in cowboy gear, twirling lassos. Doc says he was in a goat rodeo one time. He says they’ll round up the talkers, and Addie says, what could go wrong? Pandora says, looks like somebody wants to play cowboy. Let’s send them a stampede. The talkers move forward.

Finn tells Charlie, cue the dinner bell, and he hits on one of those triangle things, saying, come get your brains. Roberta and George get ropes ready. Roberta tells George that she’s still in shock. Some things are not meant to be seen, but she needs George’s head in it. Addie and Finn wait in a car. Finn says, it’s like old times, and Addie says, it was a month ago. He says, that’s old for the apocalypse. He’s glad she’s there. He was worried it was going to be just him and Charlie. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, yeah.

10K and Doc go talker hunting. Charlie continues to ring the triangle, saying, hot brains. He says, a little sriracha, spicy, the way they like it, and sprinkles some on his head. Addie and Finn rope some talkers. Finn tells Charlie, now, and he takes a piece out of his brain to feed them. Doc lassos a tiller, 10K says, yippee-ki-yo-ki-yay, and gets one with a net, but gets tangled up in it. Doc knocks the zombie out with a hammer. 10K asks if he’s dead, but Doc says, he’s already dead; he just stunned him. He suggests they tie him up before the others get back.

Pandora says, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Let’s nip this revolution in the bud.

Roberta and George go into the stables. George tells Roberta to watch herself. They’re almost completely turned. They see a talker in the shadows. Another runs past (I think it’s Pandora), but Roberta thinks they should get this one first. George says she knows he’s scared. She is too. It’s a scary world these days. She promises she’s not going to hurt him, and says it must be terrifying, but they have brains for him. A volunteer, Charlie, generously donated his brains until they get biscuits. They just have to secure him for his own safety. He grabs a hoe, and tries to hit George, but she gets him down. Outside, Pandora has set herself up with a gun. She says, it was nice while it lasted. She’s going to enjoy this.

10K comes up behind Pandora, but doesn’t see the gun. He says, there you are. He tells her this is for her own good. She’ll get some brains, and be humanish in no time. He’s not going to hurt her. Pandora’s cohort is behind him with a taser. They fight, and Pandora jumps in. Her crony gets 10K on the ground, and forces him to put his hook in his own mouth, but Doc has gotten the taser, and tasers him. He tells 10K he couldn’t help it, and suggests they corral these two.

The talkers have been put in a pen. Charlie asks what it is they’re doing again. Doc says they’re feeding the talkers so they don’t turn zombie. Charlie asks, what are they feeding them with? and Doc says, actually, brains; his brains. Charlie says, he’s cool with that, right? Doc says, as far as they know. Doc tells the talkers to make two lines. Pandora gives half-mask guy half a biscuit, and eats the other half.

Roberta wonders who’s been cutting off their supplies. George says, it couldn’t be talkers, but Roberta says people and talkers are easier to manipulate when they’re starving. George says they’re going to stop the revolution and bring justice to the world. Finn says, the world belongs to the dead now, and Addie says maybe it’s not theirs to claim. George says they all need each other to survive. That’s why they need a new country. Addie says, so far, George’s new country has done nothing but get people killed, including Dante. George says, maybe Addie is right, and she’s responsible for Dante’s death. It will haunt her until her mercy comes, but it’s not up to Addie to judge her. Addie says, not everyone shares her dream or her way of doing things. Roberta steps between them, and says they have no time for politics. Like it or not, they’re fighting the same fight together. They’re at war, and don’t even know who they’re fighting. Pandora watches them.

Charlie starts to sing Bicycle Built for Two. Doc asks how he’s feeling, and he says, lightheaded. BA-DUM-CHH! Doc leads him to a chair. Addie asks how he’s doing, and Doc says, not good. He keeps singing, and gets stuck on the word crazy, going, zee… zee… zee… Charlie asks Finn if it’s time. Finn says he saved them all. They’re alive because of him. Charlie asks, can he have his mercy now? and Finn says, sure. Charlie tells Finn goodbye, and goodbye whoever the rest of them are. Finn sings, and takes out the last of Charlie’s brain. Charlie is officially gone. Finn says, have mercy, and everyone is bummed

The talkers all sing Bicycle Built for Two, and Doc says, that was weird.

Finn says, since the water supply was cut off, they would have eventually died from drought. The hydraulic power that controls the flow of water was cut off after the first attack. George says it’s a Native American operation. She knows the chief. Roberta suggests they talk to some water keepers. Finn says he’ll stay there to keep an eye on the talkers. Addie kisses him goodbye.

Pandora pokes her friend, telling him if he doesn’t stop singing, she won’t hesitate to mercy him. She hates that song. Finn walks up, and says, what do we have here? It looks like they’re feeling more like themselves. He tells the talkers that after he gives Charlie a proper burial, and gathers some supplies, they’ll set off for Limbo. He thinks after dark is safer. He’s not doing well, and Pandora says, it won’t be long now before someone starts playing for the other team.

10K says his hand hurts like it’s still there. Doc tells him, it’s phantom limb syndrome. Eventually, it works itself out, and the brain ignores the signals. Roberta can’t figure out why the farm was cut off, and Addie says maybe they didn’t like George’s idea. George says they’re independent, but the is chief fact-oriented, and supported the referendum, seeing the positives. Doc asks if 10K is all right. 10K says he’s just hungover. Doc feels his forehead, and says he’s burning up; he’s not fine. He needs antibiotics. George thinks they can get help from the chief, and Doc says he knows all about Native American medicine. Together, Doc and 10K say, but we were nowhere near the Grand Canyon. They see a distress signal, and Addie says, Finn. Addie runs back to find him lying on the ground.

She moves him underneath a tree, and he says two talkers jumped him and set the others free. Addie tells him, hang in there, and Finn says he’s scared. He’s lost too much blood. She tells him not to be afraid; she’s there. Roberta goes through the wheat field, and a talker pops up. Roberta says, hey, Emma, it’s me. Emma looks like she’s about to attack Roberta, but hugs her. I’m assuming, in life, Emma wasn’t known for her social skills.

George goes through another field, and hears her name being called. Pandora crouches in the wheat.

Finn tells Addie that they had big plans. Addie says they can still do big things. He asks if she promises to keep their deal. If he doesn’t like it, she’ll mercy him. She promises. He asks if she thinks he’ll see a white light, and tells her, it hurts. He’s scared, and doesn’t want to turn. Addie tells him not to fight it, and he tells her that he loves her. She loves him too. He dies. She closes his eyes, strokes his face, and kisses him. He starts to shake, coughs, and wakes up. She says, so? He says, nothing hurts, and he’s not afraid. For eight years, every day since day one, he’s been afraid. Now he’s not. She tells him that she saved him some. The last piece of Charlie. He eats it.

Roberta and George join them, and Roberta says they rounded up all the talkers, except two. Finn says they’re probably the ones who jumped him. Roberta says, is he? and Addie nods. Roberta says, welcome back. She and George are going to catch up with Doc and 10K. Addie says she’s going to stay and help Finn get the talkers back to work, but after that… Roberta tells them to take care of each other. George tells Addie, see you in Newmerica. Addie says, keep dreaming, and George says, somebody has to.

Doc wonders where they are. He says 10K seems to be healing okay. If Roberta and George aren’t back soon, they should just head to the dam without them. He says 10K’s fever broke, and gives him some water. He hopes the water keepers are friendly. He’s shot by an arrow, says, they’ve got to be kidding, and falls over.

Next Friday – Ninjas! Spirits! Wait, what? Doc is a ghost, and enters 10K’s body. 10K feels old and kinda stoned.

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Which is kind of sad when you think about it. LVP is still on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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T-Rav charmed himself out of more than being a cast member.

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📣 Quotes of the Week

You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in your life—this I know for sure. – Oprah Winfrey, What I Know for Sure

In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices. – Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business. – Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus. – Stephan W. Hawking, New York Times Magazine interview

My gratitude for good writing is unbounded; I’m grateful for it the way I’m grateful for the ocean. – Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

I think that real friendship always makes us feel such sweet gratitude, because the world almost always seems like a very hard desert, and the flowers that grow there seem to grow against such high odds. – Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon

It has been said that life has treated me harshly; and sometimes I have complained in my heart because many pleasures of human experience have been withheld from me…if much has been denied me, much, very much, has been given me.Helen Keller, The Open Door

They do not love, that do not show their love. – William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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November 21, 2018 – Spencer is Everywhere, Dallas Returns Home, New Jersey Does Oklahoma & Thanksgiving Wishes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason comes to Sam’s place bearing doughnuts. Danny asks if he wants to watch the parade from the roof.

Cameron visits Josslyn, who needs help with place cards. They’re looking like not turkeys. He picks one up, and asks if this is supposed to be a turkey. She says that’s why she needs help. He says, first… and gives her a present.

Oscar meets Alexis at the MetroCourt. He hopes he’s not wrecking her Thanksgiving. She says she doesn’t cook, she caters. It’s going to be simple, since Jordan and Curtis’s wedding is happening. He says he’s closing Charlie’s after the breakfast shift, so people can go home to their families. She says he has one too. Spending time with them might do him some good.

Kristina is at Charlie’s bar, taking notes from a book. Sonny brings a press pass for the parade. She’s surprised he’s going, but he says, when Avery says go, we go. He asks her to come with them. Laura comes in and sees not-Doc. She says they could have done this at home, but he says he didn’t want to intrude on her holiday, and it’s easier to talk without Spencer being around. She says he’s at the parade. Not-Doc says she wanted to see him; he’s here. What is this about? She takes something out of an envelope.

At Windemere, Valentin hears the fireplace crackle. He goes into the living room, and Spencer hopes he doesn’t mind; it’s drafty at Windemere. Although the cold doesn’t bother him much anymore. The fires of vengeance keep him warm. That kid cracks me up.

Nina tells Sasha that after the wedding, they can pick up Charlotte and go to New York for The Nutcracker. She doesn’t want to overstep, but she’s excited about spending the holiday with her girls. Sasha says it sounds great, but she can’t go. Not after last night.

Ava speaks with a man at the gallery, confirming two tickets, one for her one for her kid. The flight to Montenegro is in three hours. He says they were the last two in business class one way like asked daughter and her leaving Port Charles and never coming back

Sam tells Danny to check on Scout. When he goes upstairs, Jason asks if Sam is okay. She says obviously, she’s sick. She felt it coming on last night at the bachelor/bachelorette thing, and woke up feeling like hell. He asks what he can do for her, and she says, leave. He doesn’t want what she has. He says he’ll manage. She just admitted she can’t make it upstairs. They planned to watch the parade together. She says, don’t say she didn’t warn him. He asks if he can get her breakfast, but she says she’s not hungry. She starts digging in the doughnut box, and Jason says he thought she wasn’t hungry. She says, she’s not. Not for food food, but these are doughnuts. She sneezes, and says, there’s always room for doughnuts.

Sonny can’t believe Kristina has to work on Thanksgiving. He says, there should be a law, and she says, there is; time and a half. He asks if she’s bailing on her family for cash, but she says it’s just for breakfast. He wonders when she’s coming by for turkey. She says she has other plans. He asks if she’s going to see Alexis, and she says something else. He asks what’s more important than family, and she says serving those less fortunate. Daisy comes in, and Kristina introduces her to Sonny.

Alexis asks Oscar, what about the Quartermaines. They’re good people and care about him. He says his dad will be there, and the second he shows up, Drew will call his mom. Then it becomes about him and the choices he’s making or not making. Alexis says it’s just about family spending time together. She doesn’t want him to spend it alone, and asks if there’s anyone else he’d like to spend Thanksgiving with.

Cameron tells Josslyn the gift is nothing major. He was hoping they could talk first. The phone rings. It’s Ava saying she’s going to be there in ten minutes to pick up Avery. Josslyn thought Sonny was taking her to the parade, but Ava says they agreed she would do it, and drop her back this afternoon. See that she’s dressed and ready. Ava looks at a picture of her and Kiki.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s physically fine, but it freaked her out. She’s sorry about The Nutcracker. Nina tells her, don’t worry. Just focus on getting well.

Valentin heard Spencer was back in town. He asks if Laura knows he’s there. Spencer says, the next mayor of Port Charles. She’ll be taking over, and the first thing she’s going to do is get rid of him.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he has a problem with one thing. He reads, we ask for space and privacy as we take time to strengthen our marriage. She asks if he wants her to rephrase it, but he’d prefer she remove it. She asks, why? and he tells her, saying they expect the marriage to survive intact feels like a lie. She thinks it’s funny he should say that. Everything about it feels like a lie to her.

Cameron tells Josslyn couples do stuff when they’re alone. She asks, what kind of stuff? She doesn’t want to give her parents the wrong idea. He says, it’s a little late. Everyone thinks they’re dating. She says they’re good at this, and he guesses they are.

Oscar tells Alexis not to worry about him. She says she’s a lawyer; it’s in her job description. He asks if it isn’t the mom in her talking, and she says, maybe. You can’t turn it off when you’re a parent. He says her daughters are lucky. They grew up with a mom who supported their decisions. She says she’ll pass that along to them when they want a laugh. He says, they wouldn’t agree? and she says, no, especially Kristina.

Kristina tells Sonny that they’re going to help serve dinner to the homeless, and they’re eating at the house afterward. Daisy asks if Sony wants to join them for dinner. Kristina says, to rescue others is to rescue yourself. Daisy says Kristina told them what a positive impact he’s had on her life, and he says not nearly the impact she’s had on his.

Not-Doc tells Laura, don’t do this. She says she’s heard his reasons, and doesn’t buy them. He’s sorry she’s distrustful. Maybe if he’d come to France… She says he’s not even trying to fix it, and he wonders what she can’t accept. She says the person there isn’t the guy she married, and she’s not letting up until she finds him again.

Valentin says he was letting Spencer be. He was hoping Spencer would outgrow his obsession, but he underestimated him. Spencer says, most people do. Big things come in small packages. Valentin says, noisy ones too. He heard from Charlotte that he was bragging that Laura’s chances at being mayor increased. It reminded him of how Nikolas thought he was ensuring the previous mayor. Has he taken a page from his father’s book? He wonders if Spencer knows the penalty for election tampering. Spencer says Valentin has a weakness, and he’s going to find it. Sasha comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Spencer asks who she is, and Valentin introduces them.

On the phone, Ava says, one quick stop, then straight to the airport. Nina steps into the doorway, and asks if she’s going somewhere. Ava doesn’t have time; she has a car waiting. Nina told Ava to keep away from her daughter, and she didn’t listen. She’s too hell bent on ruining her own daughter’s life. She gave Sasha a roofie; that’s assault. Before she calls the police, did Ava think it was going to work? Did she learn nothing from Morgan’s death? She does the same things over and over, and doesn’t think they’re bad, but they end up being very, very bad.

Laura knows not-Doc is keeping something from her. If it’s not about his brother, what is it? He doesn’t want talk about his brother, and she says, that’s the problem. He doesn’t want talk about anything. She keeps guessing and making assumptions; what’s the truth? If it’s not his brother, what is it. He says, them. He tried to be kind and gentle, but she refuses to hear it. She says she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing. She’ll tolerate a lot of things, but not being lied to. He says she wants honesty? Be careful. The truth hurts. He leaves.

Sasha asks how Valentin knows Spencer, and Spencer says he’s the rightful heir to the Cassadine estate. She asks what that makes Valentin, and he says, out of patience, and Spencer out of his house. Spencer says it’s his grandma’s house, and Valentin tells him to give her his best. Spencer says, as if she’d take anything from him. When he’s gone, Sasha says that kid has an attitude. Valentin says that’s the polite way of putting it. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, no.

Alexis tells Oscar that she butts in plenty. He asks if she’s ever forced her daughters to do what they didn’t want to, and she says, all the time. Parents do that, especially when their child is in danger of getting hurt. Safety is a priority. He asks why she’s on his side. She tells him that if a girl wanted an abortion in New York, she could do so without parental consent. There’s no reason he shouldn’t have the same autonomy over his own body. He asks, what if it was Molly or Kristina? What would she do then?

A bunch of construction paper turkeys are on the table, and Cameron says he’s more crafty than he thought. Josslyn thanks him for everything. He’s a good friend, and they have fun hanging out. He says they’ve known each other forever, haven’t hung out since they were kids. Josslyn says she had a crush on him back then. Too bad she was dressing up as ears of corn. He says he likes the look, and kisses her. He hopes that was okay, and she says, it was fine; more than fine. She wanted to. Cameron says, not like the first time, and she says, exactly. He asks what her plans are today. She tells him dinner and football. He says, her and the rest of the country. She says he’d be surprised. Last year, Oscar forced her to go on a hike. She apologizes, saying she shouldn’t have mentioned it. Cameron says she still likes him, doesn’t she?

Jason tells Sam that Scout is asleep. She’s jealous, and he says she can nap, but she’s not missing the parade. She says she took some medicine, and will feel better in no time. Danny goes to the kitchen, and Sam tells Jason that she knows she says she doesn’t need to be rescued, but sometimes it’s nice to be. He hands her tissues. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Josslyn says of course she still likes Oscar. They dated for over a year. Feelings don’t go away. He ended it, it hurt, and she did stupid stuff because of it. She’s done with that. She’s feeling good again, and Cameron is one of the main reasons. He asks if she meant that, or is she just trying get over Oscar. If there was no Oscar, would she be into him? She doesn’t know. There was. He helped her through it, but she’d be lying if she said fake kisses don’t feel nice. If he wants, they can try it for real, and see where it goes. He shakes his head, and says she wouldn’t be saying this if she knew. She says, knew what? and he tells her, Oscar’s sick.

Alexis tells Oscar that she’d like to think if she was in his mother’s extremely difficult position, she’d have the courage not impose, but he has to understand that parents, no matter what age their child is, still look at them as their baby, their responsibility and heart. What she knows for sure, is she’d fight to the death to make sure they had every moment on earth due them and more. She knows it’s not what he wanted to hear, but she’s not his parent; she’s his lawyer. Her goal is to make sure he has what he wants, and she’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen. She’s going home, and going to hug her daughters extra tight tonight, and be grateful for every second she has with them. She kisses his forehead, and tells him, happy Thanksgiving.

Sonny thanks them for the address, and says he’ll send all the food they need. Kristina thinks they’re all set, but Daisy says they can use more. She says Sonny is generous, and he says, that’s what today is all about. He leaves, and Kristina says, sorry. She’s not used to accepting handouts. Daisy says she’s getting there, or she wouldn’t have quoted chapter six verbatim. She’s a good student.

On his way out, Sonny tells Laura that she has his vote. She wishes everyone had his good sense. She says a check from Ava came across her desk. He thinks maybe she should return it, and she says that’s her intention.

Ava says Nina is preaching to her, when she ripped Ava’s child out of her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break. What’s Ava’s excuse? You don’t see her cruising the maternity ward looking for kids. She calls Ava soulless, and they go at each other. Not-Doc steps between them. Nina asks if Ava wants what’s coming to her, but not-Doc says she just made it serious. Nina says she’ll let the cops take from there, and hopes Ava chokes on her turkey. She storms out. Ava says she’s a lunatic; tossing accusations at her after what Nina did to her. Not-Doc says he’s there now, and won’t let anything happen to her.

Jason comes back downstairs, and finds Sam asleep on the couch. He looks at the medication she took.

Spencer comes to Charlie’s. Laura thought he was at the parade, but he says the seats weren’t close enough, so he left. Sonny says he has passes, and asks if Spencer wants to come. Laura thought he was going to be her date for the wedding. Sonny asks where Doc is, but she says he can’t make it. Sonny tells Spencer to show the cops a good time, and Spencer asks if they think the FBI will be there. Sonny says Jordan used to be with the DEA, and you know how they are. Spencer thinks Laura should go without him. He might cramp her style.

Valentin asks if Sasha knows what drug she was given. She says no, but she was knocked out, and she’s still woozy. He says he’s sorry. She’s had to deal with way more than he thought she would, and deserves more compensation. She says she’s fine, and he says she might not be if she’s sticking around. She says she’s leaving, and he says he can’t make her stay, but urges her to reconsider. if anything else happens, he’ll buy her the next ticket home; no questions asked. She looks at the check, and says in some ways it’s sad. Nina will never know how much he loves her, and the lengths he’d go to make her happy. It’s a huge romantic gesture, in a twisted way. He says twisted is kind of his thing. Nina sees them.

Ava tells not-Doc that she’s got to get out. She’s going to Montenegro to start; then underground. Not-Doc asks if they have any evidence. When she says no, he says, of course not. She’s too smart to be traced that easy. This is her home. Don’t let them run her out of it. People will miss her. She laughs, and says Julian is absorbed in his new life, and Kiki will throw a party. The whole town can come. There’s nothing for her there. She has no one. Not-Doc says she has him.

Oscar runs into Charlie’s, apologizing for being late. Kristina says, yeah, thirty seconds. She goes to get her stuff, and Daisy asks if he has another headache. He says he tried the breathing thing, and she asks if he’s been reading. He hasn’t had the time, but she tells him not to abandon the teaching. If you think it, it can be. Thinking hard about a million dollars right now.

Josslyn asks what Cameron means by sick; with what? He thinks she should talk to Oscar, but it’s bad. She says, how bad? and he asks if she remembers when Oscar went to the hospital with low blood sugar. It wasn’t low blood sugar. She asks how he’s long known, and he says for a while. His mom was acting weird – it’s a long story – and he figured it out. Josslyn asks if Oscar admitted it, and he says, yes. Josslyn says so that’s why he broke up with her. It’s the reason for everything, and he knew. She asked him over and over. She could tell something was going on, but all he did was sidestep and make excuses for Oscar. What about her? Why didn’t he try harder? He said she shouldn’t try to get back with Oscar, and now he’s going through this terrible thing and she’s not there. Cameron says he didn’t know what to do. Oscar was freaking out, and ordered him not to say anything. He doesn’t want to not honor a dying man’s wish, or lie to her. Which is worse? What was he supposed to do? Josslyn says, trust her with the truth, and let her figure out a way to deal with it. She goes upstairs, and he picks up the still-wrapped gift.

Kristina is ready to go. Daisy asks if they’ll see Oscar at the house dinner, and he says, maybe. Outside, Kristina thanks Daisy for something positive today. Daisy asks if her Thanksgivings are usually negative. Kristina says she eyeballs Sam while they compliment an inedible turkey. Daisy would love to know her whole family.

Alexis asks Danny how the parade was, and he says, awesome. He asks if she wants to go up to the roof and see, but she says they promised grandma they’d be there. She asks where mommy is ,and he says, upstairs in bed with daddy.

Jason tells Sam that she took the wrong medication, and knocked herself out. He tells her to get some sleep. Alexis is there to pick up the kids. She asks him to stay with her. He gets in the bed, and spoons her.

Sonny comes home, and sees Cameron there. He asks if he’s seen Josslyn, and Cameron says she left. He asks if Sonny can do him a favor, and give this to her. He hands Sonny the gift, and jets. Spencer is there, and tells Sonny, don’t look at him. Cameron has always been a mess.

Oscar hears Charlie’s door open, and says, sorry, they’re closed. It’s Josslyn.

Sonny tells Spencer that Avery will be down soon. She could get used to having her big cousin around. Spencer says don’t get his hopes up. The more he thinks about it, the more he’s convinced his place is in school in France.

Nina tells Valentin that she brought the dress Charlotte wants to wear today. She asks, what’s going on? and Valentin says he was giving Sasha some cash to buy Charlotte something nice in New York. Nina says she’s not going; she should be recuperating. Sasha says she’s worried and angry with Ava – Valentin says, and rightly so – but she’s more worried about Nina confronting Ava. Nina says she already confronted Ava, but Doc showed up before she slapped Ava into next week. She’s going to let the cops deal with Ava. There’s nothing and no one who can save her from what she did.

Ava asks how does she have not-Doc? He says he can’t be her psychiatrist, but they can have a different kind of relationship. One not bound by professional mores. They’re kindred spirits, and know each other in a way no one else ever could. She says he’s been more like a friend than a therapist. He tells her that she’s been more like a goddess to him than a friend. He kisses her, and Laura sees.

On Monday, the wedding and Thanksgiving, Nina needs to talk to Curtis, Josslyn tells Oscar to stop lying, and Laura doesn’t accept blood money. Tomorrow, a rerun of the November 27, 2000 episode.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Cary thinks LeeAnne’s delivery has changed for the better, and thinks LeeAnne is working on her behavior. Brandi says LeeAnne is talking behind her back; the same as before. Kameron thinks she’s not being fair. Brandi asks how it’s not fair, when LeeAnne is talking behind her back. Kameron says she doesn’t do that. Brandi asks, what about Mama Dee? Brandi despises LeeAnne. She hasn’t done anything to Kameron, so Kameron always has her back. She’s walking on eggshells. LeeAnne asks if Brandi thinks Stephanie is lying to her. Brandi says she thinks they’re all fake bitches. In her interview, Brandi knows LeeAnne hasn’t changed. She doesn’t understand how everyone can forgive and move on. LeeAnne has talked about people’s marriages and their finances. She even said that she and Bryan are adopting a baby to save their marriage. We flash back to that, a clip Brandi has apparently never seen because LeeAnne clearly says, how would you feel if I said… in making a comparison to what Brandi was saying about her. Brandi says, now she’s an alcoholic? It’s bullsh*t. Brandi leaves the table. LeeAnne holds back tears.

Stephanie follows her. D’Andra feels stuck in the middle again, and Stephanie says, so is she. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is her friend too, and no matter what, she can’t win. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she would never put her in the middle; it’s not worth it. She’d rather suffer the loss of the friendship than see that happen. Stephan wants to have Brandi’s back, but LeeAnne says she has nothing to prove. They’ve seen what a good friend she is. Stephanie gets why Brandi doesn’t feel supported. In her interview, Stephanie says they are kind of all fake bitches. She’s not being a friend to LeeAnne by not saying anything, making LeeAnne think what she’s doing is okay. Stephanie says LeeAnne has been calm, but one thing she needs to work on is not digging deep. She gives low blows, and says things that can’t be taken back. LeeAnne admits that when she’s hurting, she likes to hit them and watch them crawl away.

D’Andra calls Brandi, who’s at a bar down the street. D’Andra says she’ll meet her, and Brandi texts her the address. LeeAnne doesn’t want Brandi’s feelings to drag her and Stephanie back, but Stephanie says she’s her own person. In Cary’s interview, she says she expected someone to pitch a fit at dinner. She hopes nothing ever happens to her while they’re at dinner. She’ll be lying on the floor, and they’ll be fighting. LeeAnne asks what hope is left for her and D’Andra? She walked out the door – choice made. In her interview, Kameron feels badly. They’re all running away, but she has a bowl of ice cream in front of her and hasn’t eaten all week.

Stephanie meets Brandi and D’Andra, saying she left her phone at the hotel. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s glad they came, but feels betrayed. It’s easier to be friends with LeeAnne than have her back. Brandi thinks if they could feel what it’s like to be in her shoes, everybody would feel the hurt and anger she does. She thinks they should have supported her more. In her interview, Stephanie knows why Brandi is upset about the video, but she should have had a stronger opinion about LeeAnne calling her best friend an alcoholic. Stephanie says she warned LeeAnne about low blows, and saying things she can’t take back. D’Andra says sometimes she feels like she’s being split as a friend, and there’s no way it can be 50/50 with both of them. Brandi tells Stephanie not to feel stuck in the middle

Cary is taking Zuri to Tivoli tomorrow. She can’t be happier to send the women home, and spend time with Mark and Zuri.

Back in the US, D’Andra says she leaves town, and everything falls apart. Stephanie’s plants are slowly dying.

Leeanne goes to KB Studios, where she meets with the team for the fashion show. The show basically to launch her Infinity Dress that can be worn 175 ways. They discuss logistics. LeeAnne wants it intimate. She says it went from a vision in her head, to samples, to a stop motion video, to the fashion show. She’s invited everyone who can give her an opinion on whether it’s a viable product. She says, it takes a village, and thanks everyone.

Kameron says she didn’t eat enough in Copenhagen. She likes American food, and she was starving. She visits Cary, after stopping for a milkshake. Cary tells Kameron that she made a light lunch, and Kameron thanks Cary for feeding her. They toast to being back. In her interview, Cary says she stayed an extra day. It was fantastic; a life-changing trip.  Kameron can’t get over D’Andra and LeeAnne. She’s never been yelled at like that. D’Andra is scary. Cary asks if Kameron feels better since they talked, and Kameron says D’Andra is on friend probation. She has to earn Kameron’s trust back. Cary asks what happened with Brandi, and Kameron says, the last night in Copenhagen, LeeAnne lost her phone. She gave up looking for it, and was about to go to sleep. Brandi found the phone in a cushion, and brought it to the room. LeeAnne was like, uh-huh, and thinks Brandi went through the phone to make sure the video was gone. Cary says she loves Brandi, but doesn’t think she would know how to get into LeeAnne’s phone. Kameron doesn’t think it was intentional. Neither does Cary, but I do.

Stephanie walks with Brandi and Bruin in a stroller. Brandi tells her that LeeAnne thinks she stole her phone. In Brandi’s interview, she says LeeAnne’s phone was at the bar. When she knocked at the door, LeeAnne didn’t even make eye contact. She tells Stephanie, if she was going to do something, she would have flushed it down the toilet, or shattered it.

Kameron tells Cary that LeeAnne told Brandi, she cloned Brandi’s phone. Cary asks if Kameron thinks LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone, and in her interview, she says, it’s like CSI on crack.

Stephanie asks Brandi if she thinks LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone. She can’t imagine that LeeAnne would do that, but she’s tired of constant threats. In her interview, Stephanie says she thinks LeeAnne is trying to get even with Brandi and freaked her out. Now they’re fighting about a phone. Brandi says LeeAnne is the most vindictive person she’s ever met.

Kameron tells Cary that she’s going to LeeAnne’s fashion show. Cary wants to talk to her, and ask if cloning a phone is real.

Cary, Mark, and Zuri are living in her parents’ house, and as projected, the remodel took longer. The house isn’t livable yet, and probably not for another month. Her parents are coming for a visit from Palm Springs. They’re staying at a hotel because it’s too weird. Ann and Chris arrive. Ann says she’s sure Zuri must have stories to tell, and Zuri says, mommy went swimming naked. In her interview, Cary says, kids are so honest. Mark shows Chris pictures of Zuri in Copenhagen. Cary says she took the trip to honor Chris, their legacy and heritage. She wants him to know how much she loves and respects him. In Cary’s interview, she says that she and her father are alike in burying their emotions deep inside. They have a hard exterior shell to keep from feeling vulnerable. Chris says it made him happy. It’s the beginning of a new relationships. Cary gets choked up. In her interview, she says she and her father have always struggled with common ground. This is something they can share and bond over.

Kameron says, it’s great to be back. She loves not dealing with drama in the morning. She just has spilled milk and cereal drama. Court asks for the latest on Sparkle Dog, and Kameron says she has eighty emails. A national distribution agent was interested – we flash back to that – but now she’s mortified and embarrassed. He won’t think she’s professional if she didn’t respond quickly. She doesn’t want to give up Sparkle, but she has guilt trips about the children. Court says she can’t work full time at both things. She’s going to miss stuff. He wants her to chase her dreams, but he wants her at home. She says she hasn’t figured out the balance thing, but she thinks she’s going to find a business partner. One with more experience in the industry. Court thinks it’s a good idea. She has to be CEO of the house before she’s CEO of Sparkle. In Kameron’s interview, she said she’d been thinking about it, and it’s good to have priorities, but she can make Sparkle her second priority. She says she wants to focus on the children, especially since he says he doesn’t want another one. He says if the Sparkle sales do well, and she spends less on tacky pillows, maybe they can talk about a third kid. Kameron says she’ll have to sell lots of Sparkle.

Everything is set up for the show. LeeAnne is grateful, and loves her friend Steve (the event designer). That’s why he’s doing her wedding.

Cary joins D’Andra in her makeup room. They’re both still tired. Cary asks if D’Andra is nervous. Has she talked to LeeAnne. D’Andra says they haven’t spoken. Cary has chains put in her hair. They call Brandi. Cary tells her that they’re getting ready for the fashion show, and Brandi says she wasn’t invited. She’s making her kids feel special tonight. Brooklyn was mad, and destroyed her closet. She also took Brandi’s phone to school. D’Andra says, like mother, like daughter. She asks Brandi, what happened with cellphone clonegate? and Brandi says LeeAnne was crossing line in threatening her. She should have left LeeAnne’s phone in the bar. D’Andra says LeeAnne asked Rich to clone Brandi’s phone.

LeeAnne directs the name tags for the chairs. She says, drama queens all in a row. Flowers arrive from Stephanie, who’s sorry she can’t be there. LeeAnne thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever, and calls her. Stephanie is sorry, and would be there if it wasn’t Travis’s birthday. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she wanted to support LeeAnne, but didn’t want be in the middle of the phone situation, She dodged a bullet.

Cary tells D’Andra that she’s on friend probation with Kameron. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Kameron made a joke about it, and now she’s dangling it in her face. An adult doesn’t put someone on friend probation. Rich people problems. D’Andra gets why Kameron was hurt, but this is ridiculous. In her interview, Cary thinks D’Andra should STFU about it. Is friend probation a thing? She thought it was a joke. She tells D’Andra that you have to eat crow sometimes. D’Andra thought she already did.

Leeanne thanks her team, and says she believes in all of them; they’re amazing. In her interview, she says the dress is a hugely important potential money earner for the rest of her life. Honestly, I’d be surprised if it didn’t do well. The girls arrive, LeeAnne tells Cary that she nailed it with the chains. Kameron loves the set up; it’s like New York Fashion Week. D’Andra has no idea what to expect. It will either be a hot mess, a train wreck, or amazing. LeeAnne says Rick is out of town. D’Andra isn’t saying anything. Cary is surprised D’Andra knows nothing about the dress, since she and LeeAnne are supposed to be best friends.

Steve welcomes everyone to the launch of the ultimate little black dress, and introduces LeeAnne. She says it’s an idea she had fifteen years ago, and tells the audience, 175 ways, one dress. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the best case scenario is everyone thinks the dress is amazing. The worst case, they leave without saying goodbye. Cary says she’s more simplistic in style; she’s not a fruff – whatever that means. D’Andra thinks the attachments are an interesting choice, and if you don’t have a huge budget, it could be the answer to that. Kameron thinks it’s genius, and the dress is going down in fashion history. I agree; it’s amazing. In Cary’s interview, she says she’d rather buy 175 dresses, but she’s proud of LeeAnne. LeeAnne is introduced again as the diva of Dallas, and the queen bee. We flash back to the question of who is queen of the group. LeeAnne comes out in the basic dress in white, wearing a veil and carrying a bouquet. In her interview, she says, D’Andra claimed she’d never be in white walking down the aisle. Here you go, bitch! She’s in white, and walking down the aisle. D’Andra says it’s a jab directed at her. Both the comment and walk. She’d thought they were trying to patch things up.

Mom Jana calls Brandi. Brandi tells her to be careful what she texts or emails. LeeAnne hacked her phone, and has all of her private information. Jana thought that was illegal. In her interview, Brandi says she was relieved that her mom thinks it’s bullsh*t, but LeeAnne is officially a complete liar. She tells Bruin that grandma is opinionated, but they love her.

LeeAnne thinks it was a fabulous launch, and they did amazing. People totally got it. She and her team toast. LeeAnne mingles. A woman tells her the fabric is the bomb. Kameron asks where Brandi and Stephanie are. Cary explains that it’s Travis’s birthday, and Brandi is with her kids. D’Andra says Brandi wasn’t invited. Kameron says she’s still upset about the phone thing, and asks if they think LeeAnne really cloned the phone. D’Andra says, they can do that?

LeeAnne joins them. D’Andra is glad she made it. Come hell or high water, even if LeeAnne wasn’t talking to her, she’d still be there. LeeAnne says if they weren’t talking, she wouldn’t have invited D’Andra. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, that’s rude. She’s made every effort to mend the friendship, and LeeAnne is jabbing at her. LeeAnne says they’ve had a rough couple of months, and she wants it to get better. They’re like sisters. D’Andra says she could have opened LeeAnne’s phone with facial recognition. LeeAnne says she’s glad to have her phone back, and she didn’t clone Brandi’s phone; that was bullsh*t. D’Andra says, that’s not nice, and Cary says it was a joke. D’Andra says that minimizes what LeeAnne said. No one else thought it was a joke. It makes her sound insane. LeeAnne says, don’t steal her phone .She wonders why everyone focuses on what she does, instead of what that bitch does. She knows she’s supposed to be older and wiser, but how about mature Brandi up. It was her little punishment, like ice cream at the end of the day. Sorry. She deserves it. In her interview, LeeAnne says they refuse to see the mean girl side of Brandi. She’s gingerly sweet, with a side of bullsh*t that no one has seen. I dunno. I’ve seen it. And she stopped talking to Stephanie for months without even telling her why. Cary says she doesn’t think Brandi stole LeeAnne’s phone. Kameron thought she might have looked through it to see if the photos were gone. She sees both sides. In her interview, Cary says she gets that Kameron is a supportive friend, but she always agrees, and it looks like she’s playing both sides. D’Andra says LeeAnne is on a new path this year, and LeeAnne thinks she’s done well, except for that little lie. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne isn’t changing. The reality is, she’s still the same person. If she’s going back to her old habits, she’s not changing. She might be banging on a bowl, but she’s still the same person.

Next time, the finale, Rich and LeeAnne look at the chapel, D’Andra wants her mother to be proud of her, Stephanie has a frat party to send Travis off, and Brandi gets in LeeAnne’s face.

🐮 The highlight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was their trip to Oklahoma. Marge had been there before, and was apparently sh*tting her pants over the existence of coyotes. Melissa called Joe #2 via video chat to tell him that they woke up to a cow, and to show him the cow. No surprise, Teresa – who is still preparing for the fitness competition, so you can’t blame her for being cranky – got in a fight with Melissa. Teresa was glad to hear Joe #2 was hanging out with their poppa, but thought it was because Melissa wasn’t there, and he’d been choosing her over their dad. Melissa was ticked because she thought Teresa was tolerating her, instead of treating her like a real sister, and she didn’t think that was ever going to happen. She said she was never going to be what Teresa wanted, but regardless, they’re family, so they should try to make it work. They decided to enjoy the trip, but you know it’s not over. Speaking of sisterhood, Melissa thought she might have a long lost sister. Next week, more Oklahoma, and more fighting.

🍗 Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving…

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