November 20, 2018 – In the Museum of Mayhem, Charter Chaos, Jenni’s Last Flip, nuTJ, Vanderpump Vogues & Be Prepared


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

We’re at the Port Charles Museum of Mayhem. Jordan is led in blindfolded. Anna promises no strippers. Curtis is led in from the other side, also blindfolded. He says the strippers better be worth it. The blindfolds are taken off and he tells Jordan he was just joking about the strippers. Anna says their wedding party consulted with each other, and it’s clear what they don’t want to do. They vetoed bars, strip clubs – Chase adds, and skydiving – all that was left was the escape room. I note nuTJ is among the group. Anna wanted to make it more competitive, so the bachelor and bachelorette teams will be in separate rooms. Nina says they were short a sleuth, so she brought a ringer – Peter.

Laura runs into not-Doc when she’s leaving Kelly’s. She warns him that he’s about to have to answer a lot of questions about what’s going on with him.

Stella thought she’d never see Marcus again. He says, it’s been long time. She tells him that she tried to find him on social media, but had no luck. It’s probably for the best. She wasn’t sure he’d want to see her after their last fight. He says, it was a doozie. But age gives wisdom. She had to do right by her sister and her boys, and if she’d stayed, he wouldn’t have met his wife. She says, it sounds like it worked out for the best. He asks, how are the boys she raised? She tells him, Curtis is getting married tomorrow, and he says, congratulations. She must be thrilled.

On the phone, Carly asks Spinelli to break into the Ferncliff server. She needs to get the name of the person in the room next to her. She thanks him, then sees Ava sitting in the lounge. Ava says, how nice to run into her. She hasn’t seen Carly since her horrible ordeal at The Floating Rib. Carly says Ava usually keeps a low profile around her. Why is tonight an exception? What’s gotten her so brazen? Ava says things are finally going her way.

A trail of clothing leads to Sasha’s bed. Kiki walks in, and says, oh my God. I find it hard to believe if they were hitting the sheets, there would be several pieces of clothing lying on top of the covers, but okay.

Jordan says her team is going to wipe the floor with Curtis’s team. The host, who is barely paying attention, telling someone on the phone that he’s not waiting when his shift is over, asks them for their phones. He takes Jordan’s team to a dark room. Lacking enthusiasm, he tells them that they’ve just learned Helena Cassadine has stolen the formula for carbonic snow. She plans to launch another Ice Age. They have an hour to foil the plan and notify the authorities. The lights come on, and there are figures of all the Cassadines and their cohorts. Cool!

The host tells Curtis’s team that they’ve been kidnapped by Ryan Chamberlain, and taken to an abandoned funhouse. There’s a gas leak, and they have one hour to escape Ryan’s same fate. There are figures of various killers from Port Charles, including Franco. Carnival music starts.

Griff wakes up. Kiki says she didn’t want to believe it. She thought Franco must be wrong, and saw Sasha with someone else. He sees her, and jumps out of bed. He looks down, and realizes he’s naked. He says, this isn’t what it looks like, and Kiki tells him to stay away from her. He pulls on his pants, and goes after her. Sasha looks around for a moment, and goes back to sleep

Carly tells Ava most people would be traumatized to discover a headless body in their place of business. Either she’s immune to death, no matter how grisly, or she had something to do with it. Ava says she’s been cleared; Carly can’t pin it on it her. Carly says she can make Ava leave the premises. She tells Ava to get out or she’ll have security take her out the back way, near the dumpster, where she belongs.

Laura tells not-Doc, for the sake of her campaign, she had to release a statement about their separation. Reporters will want his side. He says he’ll tell them that they’ve grown apart. She asks if that’s what he thinks happened. He says they’ve been through this; she left town – Laura interrupts, noticing he took his ring off already.

On Jordan’s Team, Molly says, the best way to win is look for hidden clues; keys in drawers or papers can lead to the first clue. Alexis looks at Jerry Jax, and says she fails to understand why this generation thinks is fun. In the other room, Finn startles Sam, who tells him Diego Alcazar sent threatening text messages before he took his victim’s lives. TJ says Ryan was one sick puppy. Chase sees a “C” on Ryan’s knife. He doesn’t remember Lulu saying anything about that in her articles.

Not-Doc asks Laura, why wear his ring? Laura says the marriage isn’t over yet; they’re separated, not divorced. It’s a sign he’s moving on. Why is he so ready to let the marriage go? Why can’t they talk? Where is the man she fell in love with? He says he’s not the same man he was when she left for a year. She says, message received. He starts to go into Kelly’s, and stops. He says, Ava? Ava shows herself, and he says he’s surprised she’s still out and about. She tells him that she didn’t need the pills after all. She’s going to sleep like a baby tonight. She just knows it.

At the MetroCourt bar, Kiki orders vodka straight up. Griff runs in, and she asks him, please, stay away. He doesn’t know how to explain, and she says, it’s pretty straightforward. He says Sasha wanted to apologize, and called him; he can prove it. The message is gone, but he says he’s not lying. He wouldn’t cheat on her. She says he didn’t have a problem cheating on her mom.

Sam tells Peter that Heather Webber terrorized her, just like Franco. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – or should she say severed branch? Nina says, Peter is not Faison. Sam says, he’s responsible for keeping Jason prisoner for five years.  Peter thinks, for Curtis’s sake, it’s probably best if he leaves, but the exit door is locked.

Anna looks at the figure of Faison. Jordan thinks maybe this was a bad idea. The Floating Rib is calling their names. She asks who’s up for a margarita, and everyone is in, but the exit door is locked.

Peter says the exit is locked. He yells, saying he wants the hell out of there. Jordan says they’re breaking several fire codes. Molly says, the host is supposed to monitor the game at all times. Where is he? Asleep at his desk, wearing headphones, while they gesture at the cameras. A cleaning person comes through his office, but he doesn’t wake up. Finn says, and he seemed to have such a strong work ethic. Molly overheard him telling someone that he wasn’t going to wait. He was leaving at the end of his shift. They’re locked in.

Sam says they’re locked in, and the host took their phones. Curtis says they’re trapped in there for the night. Jordan says she can’t be locked in; she’s getting married tomorrow. TJ says there can’t just be one way out. Molly says they have to beat the game in time.

Maxie says they came to play the game, solve the puzzle, and enjoy the look on the guys’ faces when they beat them.

Finn finds what looks like an old wooden box, and gives it to Chase, saying it’s locked. Chase reads the bottom, which says, property of MOCA. He wonders what that is.

Maxie sees a gum wrapper, and wonders if it’s a clue. Lulu says she’s avoiding the question about her and Peter. Maxie says they have a lot of time if they’re stuck. Lulu says, it can’t happen; face your fears. She looks at the figure of Stavros, and finds a chess piece; a queen. Jordan looks around, and finds a small chest near Jerry Jax. It has a combination lock; four numbers. Anna asks if there’s a book by PK Sinclair in the bookcase. Molly finds Daughter of Eternity. Anna bets their first clue is in there.

Griff tells Kiki that she has to listen. He wouldn’t do that to her. Laura wonders what’s going on. Carly doesn’t know, but she’s going to have to ask them to leave if it doesn’t stop. Laura says, trouble in paradise? It’s going around. She starts to cry, and says her marriage is falling apart.

Kiki says she fell into this. If you cheat with someone, you’ll cheat on them. Griff says he only remembers walking into the room. He makes her feel the lump on his head, and she asks if things got crazy in bed. He asks, what if someone is trying to set them up?

Not-Doc tells Ava that she seems content. She says Kiki is going to realize what kind of man Griff is, and it’s only a matter of time before her daughter comes back to her. She thanks him for encouraging her to go after what she wants. Is he taking his own advice?

Stella tells Marcus that she’s happy Curtis is happy. He says that’s all they can ask. He wonders what about Tommy, and she says unfortunately, he passed away in Iraq. He asks how it happened, and she tells him, a friendly fire incident. She thinks of how alone he must have felt when he died. Marcus says, more than anything, you want someone to blame.

Some pages are marked in the PK Sinclair book. Jordan says they’re the combination to the lock. They open the box.

Sam thinks MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Franco had a show there, and staged it to look like Jason pushed him off the roof. Nina suggests something I don’t catch, and Curtis says the lock has letters and numbers like a phone. He tries a combination, and it opens.

Sam looks in the box, and takes out a black light. Chase says they’re used to find out how nasty hotel rooms are. Finn says, hit the lights. Curtis goes around the room with it. On the floor, he sees 716 555 0103. Nina says the host took their phones. Peter asks if anyone sees a phone.

Jordan finds a floppy disk, and they decide it must be clue for later. They keep looking. Alexis touches the Helena figure, and says, much warmer than the real thing. She shows Helena the watch, and says, mine. Looking at a brooch on Helena’s jacket, she finds a note. Molly says it’s a configuration for a chess game.

In Sasha’s hotel room, Griff asks if she remembers him showing up. She says, no, and she doesn’t remember sending him a text either. He says she has oversized pupils, one of the telltale signs of being drugged. Kiki bets she knows who did it.

Ava tells not-Doc that she saw him and Laura together, and thought they might be reconciling. Not-Doc says she’s a perceptive woman, but that’s not the case. They’re going public with the divorce. It’s for the best for many reasons.

Laura says she never should have dumped on Carly. Carly says she’s been there. Sometimes you need to talk about it to work through it. Laura says she never knew. Even in France they seemed in sync. When she came home, there was a weird distance between them. At first, she chalked it up to the anniversary of Ryan’s crimes, but now she doesn’t know. Carly thinks he has been acting strange. At the harvest festival, he snapped at her when she asked about the patient next to her in Ferncliff.

Sam finds a phone. Finn says, call someone. Sam says it doesn’t work, but she can text. Diego texted messages. She texts the number from the floor, and a combination pops up on the screen. TJ asks, what that’s supposed to mean?

Molly and Valerie play chess. Anna says there’s a missing peace. Lulu brings out the queen she found. When they place it on the board, they hear something open.

Peter, for reasons that weren’t said or I missed, says, turns the lazy Susan on a nearby table. Something unlocks. Chase says it came from the clown picture. They go over to this giant clown face, and slide it over. It opens into another room.

Maxie asks, what’s that, and Valerie says, the lock on the bookcase. She slides it over, and it opens to another room.

Curtis says Peter can crash his bachelor party any time. The others can get out.

Jordan’s group walks into a small office with a desk, computer, and wall clock. There’s a clock, and Maxie says they only have six minutes to get out. Jordan tries another door, but it’s locked too. Molly wonders if the computer can unlock the door. It has a floppy drive, so they put the disk in. It tells them, let the clues be the key to the password. It will unlock the door. If they don’t get it in three tries, the game is over. Whatever that means.

There’s a keyboard where Curtis’s group is. Peter asks if anyone knows how to play piano. Sam reads the combination, and they realize it’s notes. Nina thinks if they play it, it will unlock the door.

Carly tells Laura that she knows who’s currently in the room; Nelle. She doesn’t know for how long, but she was not the man howling next door when she was there. Laura asks why his identify is so important. Carly doesn’t know, but if there’s one person at Ferncliff who shouldn’t be there, she has to find out. She’s not giving up until she has answers.

Ava tells not-Doc, it’s a shame when a marriage has to end. Kiki flies up, and tries to smack her, but Ava grabs her arm. Kiki says she knows Ava drugged Sasha, and knocked Griff over the head to make it look like they slept together.

Marcus tells Stella that he felt angry when his wife was diagnosed. She says it’s hard to make peace with Tommy being killed. Marcus says he realized being angry wasn’t getting him anywhere. It was distracting him from precious time he could have spent with his wife. Since then, he’s spent time with her, and told her things he wanted her to hear, and it helped, but he’ll always regret the time he wasted.

Curtis plays something on the keyboard, but nothing happens.

The password is eleven letters. Jordan types in escaperoom, but that isn’t it. Anna says it has to do with the game, and Jordan tries portcharles, but is denied access again. Maxie says they have two minutes.

Nina asks Curtis if he’s sure he’s playing it right. Chase asks if there are any clues they haven’t used yet.

Anna says the prompt didn’t say it had something to do with the game, but specifically, the clues. They go over them, and put them together. Jordan types in iceprincess. At the same time, TJ figures out that the “C” on the knife means C sharp. Curtis plays again. Both solutions work, and they all get out.

Stella tells Marcus it sounds like he had a wonderful marriage. He says for every happy memory, he has a regret about a fight. When he found out his mother-in-law was coming to live with them, he didn’t speak to his wife for two days. It seems silly. What he’s learned is, anger can make you feel better sometimes, but forgiveness gives life. Anger only gives you more anger. He has to get back, and they hug. He’s glad to see her happy. When he’s gone, she ponders.

The bachelor and bachelorette groups meet back where they started. Jordan says they won. Confetti falls. Everyone cheers.

Griff tells Sasha keep drinking to flush the drugs out. Sasha asks if he thinks she was roofied. She didn’t have a drink. She ordered room service. She wonders why someone would want to drug her. Griff has a good idea

Ava asks not-Doc if she and Kiki can privately discuss this misunderstanding, and he steps away. She tells Kiki that she has no idea why she’s upset. Kiki says Franco told her someone she cared about saw Griff and Sasha together. She knows it was Ava. Ava asks if something happened, and Kiki says she knows it did. She drugged Sasha. She didn’t learn a thing after what happened with Morgan. She hit Griff in the head. What if he had brain bleed or was dead? She uses people as weapons, and tried using them to hurt her. Ava says she did it for her. She knows Griff will hurt her. Kiki tells Ava not to claim she did it for her. Ava can’t stand to see her happy. She has a weird competitive streak with Kiki about younger men. And when she’s hurt, she wants to make the world hurt as much as she did. When she was growing up, Ava let her do whatever she wanted, and she thought she had the coolest mom. But Ava really didn’t know how to be one. Maybe she didn’t want to. Kiki knows who she is now. Ava says, that’s not true. Kiki says every time she forgives Ava, and lets her back in her life, Ava hurts her in a new way. If Griff and Sasha want to go to the police, she won’t hesitate to back up their story. She leaves, and not-Doc comes back. He stands behind Ava, looking at his phone, but says nothing.

Laura says there might be a place in her administration for Carly. Carly says her temper is too short, and there are too many skeletons in her closet, even for a politician. She has to take a call, but makes Laura promise that she’ll reach out if she needs anything. When Laura is gone, Carly asks Spinelli if he has anything for her. A name?

Maxie is glad they’re not in that room anymore. Lulu says when she was looking at Ryan, she though how weird it was that someone so evil shared a face with someone so kind. She tells Maxie, he went by the name of Todd Wilson. Maxie says, a psycho by any other name is still a psycho.

Not- Doc steps away from where Ava is. On the phone, he says, the patient is agitated? Up his medication; it’s the only option. Another thirty milligrams. It will keep him calm. He knows Mrs Wilson needs to be calm.

Carly gets a pen, and thanks Spinelli. She writes down the name Wilson.

Tomorrow, Spencer asks if Valentin is threatening him, Sam tells Jason to leave, and Laura wants the truth from not-Doc.

Below Deck

Captain Lee tells Chandler this is about as effed up a deck crew as he’s seen. It’s beyond embarrassment. How can they load up a boat with supplies, and drop the guests off without them. It’s rudimentary Deckhand 101. Chandler’s crew is on him, and his excuses are silly. He’s not doing his job, and if the captain has to solve his problems, what does he need Chandler for? In his interview, Captain Lee says instead of just apologizing, Chandler is looking to make excuses. It’s a screw up. He tells Chandler that he’s excused.

Kate tells Josiah that the captain is pissed. A kid is wandering around, and Josiah juggles handling the drinks, and getting the kid back to where she belongs.

Adrian says he never had a whole table tell him the food was bad. Tonight, he’s blowing them out of the water. Kate tells Captain Lee that it’s the rock star party tonight, and he’s joining the guests for dinner. He tells her that his bosun is dropping the ball. In her interview, Kate says when the deck crew doesn’t do their job well, the interior tries compensate, so they still get a good tip, but it would be nice if everyone would do their jobs.

Ashton tells Chandler, if they’re all on the same page, they don’t need to know what do. Ross adds that they’ll make fewer mistakes. Chandler says, no one knew what was going on, and Ashton says that’s what needs to be addressed. Chandler thinks they need to dial that sh*t in; they’re on the fourth charter. There are always going to be surprises. The captain tells Kate, it’s one more fubar, and she says they’re almost at the end. In her interview, Rhylee says there’s no reason for Chandler’s attitude or mistakes. If it was her boat, she would have fired him.

Adrian is done with Caroline. He’s staying professional, but he’s working twenty-hour days, and she has so many problems. He can’t take it.

The guests get rock starred up. The captain joins them. Adrian says he’s doing the best he can, and hopes they enjoy it. The stuffed mushrooms get approval. Kate tells Adrian, they’re so happy. She’s not just saying that. He accompanies the pork tenderloin with cognac braised apples, and tells them, enjoy. Albert says, the food is excellent tonight.

Rhylee tells Ross that she finished blading the deck, and everything is put away. She appreciates him and Ashton speaking up. In his interview, Ross says he tries to respect Chandler, but it was a sh*t show today. One of the little kids asks Captain Lee if he knows how to make a tissue dance. He asks how, and she says, put a boogie in it. The captain laughs like he didn’t fall off his dinosaur the first time he heard that. Most of the crew goes to bed. Josiah calls home, saying the kids remind him of his niece. He loves being an uncle, but it’s hard being away when she’s growing up.

Chandler is dreading the day. His dad has a calm, collected style that he learned and likes to mirror. More like dazed and confused. The captain explains where they’re going. Chandler says they have no time to waste. The captain says dinner is at 5:30. They’re taking the pig out first, and will have to make several runs. He wants it to go smoothly.

In the morning, the guests ask for juice. Caroline asks Adrian if they have any in a box. That’s a no, so she has to squeeze oranges. In her interview, she says a group of ten is a lot for one stew. A guest says their Bloody Mary is terrible. Been there. Never order one of those at Friday’s.

Kate says if Caroline can’t handle coffee and croissant platters, they’re in trouble, and comes to Caroline’s rescue. Anchor is up and they’re on their way. Kate asks Caroline what she put in the drink; they want another one. In Kate’s interview, she says, Caroline’s foot is healed, but the bad news is, she’s still Caroline. Kate can cover for her, but Caroline is repeatedly telling Kate that she can’t do her job. This is about work, and she’s not doing it.

Chandler confers with Adrian, who says he’s roasting the pig on the boat. Chandler says he’ll get the beach stuff loaded. In his interview, he says he wants to be liked by his team, but wants the boat to be successful as well. He tells the deck crew that he wants everything the guests might want to do on board and on the beach. They need to make up for yesterday. Kate tells Josiah that Caroline couldn’t even handle a full breakfast. She’s almost getting worse. In his interview, Josiah says Caroline is like his Great Aunt May when she went through menopause. Just chill out.

A dolphin! Kate calls for local dancers and musicians. Chandler calls the captain about some petty thing, and Adrian is like, omg, figure it out. Kate tells Josiah, the hierarchy of safety is, safety, charter guests, captain, crew, and they make up a dance to that. Kate wishes Chandler would take it down a notch. She knows he’s walking on eggshells, but it’s a struggle for her not to put him in his place. Adrian explains that he’s cooking the pig at the boat, and finishing it on the beach. The guests will never know.

Caroline calls Kate, who asks her to organize the laundry room. Chandler tells Rhylee that he doesn’t want any more wet towels on the deck; use her eyes. She tells him to stop being condescending, and he says – wait for it – no back talk. He tells her to stop yelling, and she says she’ll yell, so he can tell the difference. I laugh, since I’ve said that. She tells him if he speaks to her condescendingly one more time, she’s taking it to the captain. In his interview, he says, don’t talk about it; just go to the captain. He tells her not to tell him how to do his job, and they’ll be fine. She needs to open her eyes. She tells him to speak to her with respect, and he says as soon as he gets it. She asks, where is his accountability?

Chandler asks the captain if it’s okay to go over to the beach, and Captain Lee reminds him to leave someone there. Ashton and Rhylee stay on board. Kate asks Josiah to stay on guest service, and she’ll pack. Chandler tells Ross they’ll be fine, but in his interview, Ross thinks it’s a difficult reef. It’s super shallow. He has confidence in his capability, but this is another level. He and Chandler take the supplies over. In Chandler’s interview, he says it’s a huge beach set up, and there can be no mistakes.

At the boat, the guests are using the slide. A little girl says, no sea vegetables allowed, which strikes me funny. Ross thinks the rescue tender can be used in shallow water during the day, but not at night. He tells the captain that he’ll explain when he gets back. On the yacht, he shows Captain Lee a shallow reef on the monitor, and says he’s not that confident about it. The captain says dinner is at five, the dancers are doing a twenty minute show; at that point, bring everyone back.

The captain radios that they’re sending the guests out at five. Ooh. It’s a tree coming out of the water, with birds sitting on it, in silhouette. Where’s my camera? Oh wait. I’m not there. <sob!> Captain Lee says he can’t have those guys out at night. They’ll sink one of the effing boats. He tells them, get going. He doesn’t like the way this is shaping up. He has to instruct Chandler on driving the boat, and says he shouldn’t have to tell anyone that.

Musicians play, mostly drums, as the guests arrive at the beach. The captain calls Ross, telling him, not after dark, even if he has to cut it short. The guests will have to live with it. He’d rather have that than someone getting hurt. Uh-oh. A guest is down.

Ashton and Chandler are literally carrying the female guests from the boat to the beach. There’s a shale walkway, and somehow, the guest Chandler is helping slips, or he slips, or something. In his interview, Ashton says, not only is Chandler dropping the ball, he’s dropping the guests. HA-HA-HA! Rhylee asks if the captain thinks the guests had a good time, and he says he wouldn’t know. He was too busy putting fires out. He radios Chandler, and tells him that they’re going with Plan B. Let the guests enjoy their time, and everyone else heads back. They’ll send a van to pick up the guests. It’s way too dangerous via boat. They’ll pick them up in the tender where it’s safer.

Chandler tells Rhylee about drying something somewhere, and she says she didn’t know they were doing that. he says, it’s common sense, and she says maybe she doesn’t have any. She’s over it. She’s done taking it from him. Ross tells her, just go in. He thanks her for working hard, and tells Chandler that he let her have a break. Chandler tells Ross to deal with her; he’s done. On the beach, the guests give compliments to the chef. He nailed it.

Kate calls for the taxi. The captain says he still has to assume everything was executed properly. It’s dark out now, and Chandler’s not around. Finally, Chandler radios, saying they’re coming in. Captain Lee tells Caroline to have drinks waiting when the guests get back. Kate gets the guests in a taxi, and while she and Josiah aren’t looking, a dog roots through one of their bags. The captain takes a picture of the Tahitian moon. He tells Chandler that Rhylee did a good job putting away the jet skis. Chandler must be boiling. Ha-ha!

The captain apologizes to the guests about the inconvenience, but it was in the interest of safety. Caroline manages to get some glasses of champagne on a tray, but then drops one. The injured guest says she got dropped, and Captain Lee says that means she was carried, and not successfully. He tells them champagne is waiting. Caroline radios about the broken glass, but not before Master Pearson steps on a piece and starts wailing his head off. The captain is like, wtf is going on? Caroline is like, f*ck! Pearson’s mom tells him it’s a battle wound, and the captain says he doesn’t even have one of those. He and Pearson fist bump. In his interview, the captain says, it’s a clusterf*ck.

Josiah and Kate clean up. Kate tells Josiah not to chop his fingers off folding the chairs; she can’t lose him. In her interview, she says once again, she and Josiah are doing all the work. There’s no reason why not one deck team member is helping. Josiah says, welcome to yachting. Albert makes the drinks. Caroline keeps apologizing. Captain Lee tells her to take care of the guests. Just get them what they need and relax. Chandler will clean up. She asks Pearson if they’re good, and he’s already forgotten about it.

In Caroline’s interview, she says she already felt like an a-hole. Knowing Pearson cut his foot on a glass she dropped makes her feel terrible. She gives Albert bandages. The guests need tequila stat. Kate is starving, exhausted, and angry. A guest tells Caroline that she’s not the best at mixed drinks. Kate comes to the rescue again. The dropped guest tells Rhylee that Chandler dropped her, and didn’t even apologize. Josiah gives her a cold compress. Kate says, it’s nuts, but she’ll just keep making drinks. Flesh wounds are not five star. In Caroline’s interview, she says, at this point, she’s overwhelmed and miserable.

The dropped guest complains to Chandler that he didn’t say sorry. He tells her, sorry; it was a hectic morning. Wow. He does have a problem with apologizing. She says Albert bandaged her. The captain watches all this. Caroline does laundry. Kate tells Captain Lee, it’s chaos. Guests are bleeding, there are dishes to be done, and drinks need to be made; she’s carrying towels back from the beach party in the dark. Something needs to happen. The captain tells her to keep the deck crew until she doesn’t need them. She tells Chandler to wash dishes. He says he’ll take a please. He’s the worst.

Ashton folds laundry. He thinks it’s fun. Caroline asks if he’s bad at science and driving. Kate asks for something from the beach club. Ross says he’ll do it. Kate asks who was on earliest, and tells them to knock off. In his interview, Ashton says, Kate taking charge is refreshing. Someone is taking charge.

Chandler is messing around in the galley, and Kate asks if he’s making dinner. She hasn’t eaten. He says he’s having ice cream, and she’s like, no, you’re not done. She tells him to put away the leftovers, and asks if any towels are out. She puts the ice cream back, and he whines that he was letting it thaw. She tells him worry about work first, and he asks why she’s trying to boss him. The captain is his boss. She asks if he didn’t hear the captain on the radio. He says he’s getting things done and will eat his ice cream as he wishes. This dude needs a smack in the face. She says it’s not happening yet, and he tells her Rhylee can finish. She knows he loves to delegate, but he’s a big boy, and he’ll get his ice cream. He says that’s the second time she’s disrespected him, and she says it’s past the second time. In Chandler’s interview, he says he busted his ass all day, and she’s a glorified housekeeper. I gasp out loud. Kate tells Chandler if he can’t understand the captain’s decision, she can’t help him. He says everyone was working hard. He mumbles that she’s disrespectful. In his interview, Captain Lee says he expected more. If it was just one thing, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there are so many. We flash back to all of those. He says they still have the rest of the season. How much is he willing to jeopardize or how much is he willing to bet Chandler will make a turn around? Chandler sits eating ice cream.

Ashton says he should have carried the guest. Aiden makes gluten-free chocolate muffins. Gluten-free sounds unappetizing, but they look delicious. Caroline says, it’s a bad day to be a deckhand. The anchor is up, and they’re moving. The way the kids are eating the muffins proves they’re good.

It’s time to say goodbye. Albert says it was the coolest vacation they’ve ever had. Torrie says she doesn’t want to leave. In his interview, Chandler says he’s ready for it to be over. This is the worst charter he’s ever done in his life. Albert says, in general, they had a great trip. Mistakes were made, but they all make mistakes. They really, truly appreciate it. It looks like a fat envelope. Kate says, cutest family ever. The captain says, let’s knock the soul out of this bitch. Kate wonders why he was looking at her when he said it.

Chandler knows he’s about to get his ass handed to him, and he’s terrified. I’m delighted. Captain Lee tells them, be in the crew mess in fifteen.

Captain Lee doesn’t know where to start. It was just horrendous. There were a lot of things they did wrong. The managed to award two purple hearts, one to kid; a first for him. They got $20K, but the captain thinks they left five on the table they would have gotten if they performed better. Tomorrow is another day. Kate thinks they tipped because they didn’t die. Rhylee is annoyed that the captain didn’t point out that the major problem is Chandler. I’d say Caroline is a close second.

The captain calls Kate to the wheelhouse. She doesn’t know why she’s being called, but she can tell he’s not happy about something. Captain Lee says he needs her to be witness. Kate says, not good. The captain radios Chandler, and tells him to have a seat. He thinks the time has come for them to have the chat he’s been putting off.

Next time, waterfalls, the primary is a charter broker and yacht salesman, Caroline accuses Kate of being abusive. Rhylee is sick of everyone. and someone needs to get off the boat in an hour. I can only hope it’s Chandler.

😵 Tonight was the Flipping Out season finale where Jeff and Jenni had their big fight. I hadn’t known he basically fired her. Long story short, she said she’d passed up a serious chance at a Nicholas Cage film, because the filming schedule would have interfered with her job as Jeff’s assistant. He called her a liar, saying there was no such opportunity, and she cried over him always squelching her dreams. He told her to take a week off, and then they met to talk. As he was talking, and saying he realized that he really was standing in her way, both she and I realized he was telling her goodbye. I thought he was being sneaky and phony in the way he did it, but I’m hoping to be proved wrong, and that he’s right in the long run.

🙋 Meet the New TJ…

Not sure what happened to the old one.

🍸 Vanderpump Rules Vogue…


🍗 In Preparation…









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