December 5, 2018 – Chase Gets More Intel, Dallas Reunites, a Little Jersey, Tiffany & Amy Who?


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General Hospital

At the hospital, Laura comes to the front desk. She tells Elizabeth her board meeting just got out, and don’t get her started. She asks if she can take Aiden to Kelly’s, and Elizabeth says, the more time he spends with his grandma, the happier he is. Laura asks if it’s okay if she talks to him about who’s bullying him, and Elizabeth says that’s fine; she hasn’t gotten anywhere. Laura asks how Franco is. She knows he and Kiki were close. Elizabeth says, he’s devastated. Kiki was like a daughter to him. She tells Laura that she’s a huge help with Aiden, and Franco will work through it the best way he knows how.

Franco paints in the art therapy studio. The tortured artist at work.

Willow stops by Lulu’s table at Kelly’s. She asks if Lulu has had a chance speak with Charlotte about the bullying. Lulu says, not yet. Valentin’s schedule and hers haven’t lined up. She was hoping things had calmed down, but Willow says, Charlotte’s behavior has become increasingly problematic. It’s at the point where she and the administration wonder if she’s in the right school.

Nina thanks Valentin for being able to stay at Windemere while they look for the monster who killed Kiki. He says she’s always welcome; his ulterior motives notwithstanding. He’ll sleep better with her under his roof, safe and sound. Charlotte runs in, and says Nina came home.

Drew says the first treatment wiped Oscar out, and Kim says Terry said it would. He wishes they could jump to the point where they know everything. Oscar opens his eyes. Drew says he did great, but he doesn’t feel so well.

Julian drinks alone at Charlie’s. The door opens, and he says they’re closed. Alexis walks in.

Chase looks at Kiki’s folder. Michael comes in, and Chase asks what he can do for him. Michael wants to know where they are in finding Kiki’s killer.

Drew tells Oscar that Terry said he’d feel worse before he feels better. Oscar says, so if he feels terrible, it’s working, but if he feels good, he’s in trouble. Drew says he wouldn’t say that exactly. Elizabeth comes in, and says she sees the patient is awake. Oscar says she means the guinea pig, and she says they’ll have him running on a giant wheel in no time. He tells her that he’s tired and achy, like he has the flu. She asks if he has a headache or nausea, and he says, not really. She tells him that Terry was her best friend in middle school, and he asks what Terry was like. Elizabeth says, always in trouble, mostly because of her. Oscar says Elizabeth was a bad influence? and she says, now, he couldn’t be in better hands. His vitals are good, so she’s going to check in with Terry. She leaves, and Drew knows Oscar is feeling rough, but he has something to make Oscar feel better. Oscar says he doesn’t even want pizza. He doesn’t know how anything could make him feel better. Josslyn comes in.

Lulu asks Willow if that isn’t extreme, and Willow says Charlotte has been very persistent in her behavior toward one student. She’s been sent to the guidance counselor and the principal, but there’s been no change. She might need a school with a more traditional approach to discipline. Lulu says obviously, they’d prefer not to move her. Willow hopes they can make it work, and Lulu says she’ll do everything she can to put an end to the bullying right away.

Nina explains to Charlotte that she and Sasha are staying for a visit. Charlotte says she’ll put Nina’s bags in her papa’s room, but Nina says, they’re just friends; they don’t sleep in the same room. Charlotte says they did in New York. Nina says the sleepover was fun, and they’ll do another one. She’ll sleep in the pretty pink room next to Charlotte, and when Sasha comes, they’ll do another sleepover; just girls. Valentin asks Charlotte to have someone fix up the room. When she’s gone, he apologizes if Nina felt uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to disappoint Charlotte, but thinks he should manage her expectations. She’s only staying in fear for her daughter’s safety. He says he and Windemere will always be there for her.

Michael tells Chase that Kiki was family. They shared a sister, and Kiki and his brother were in love off and on until he died. Now, she’s gone just as pointlessly. He’d just talked to her, and told her that Morgan wanted her to be happy. She deserved it. She deserved the best.

Julian knows Alexis means well, but he’s not in the mood for a lecture. She says, no lecture. Full disclosure, she’s representing Griff because she believes he’s innocent, and thinks Julian does too. Alexis wants the killer caught as much as Julian does. Griff being a viable suspect is a waste of time. Julian says Griff might not have killed his niece, but he wants Griff to suffer. He caused the estrangement between Kiki and Ava. Alexis says only one who caused that was Ava. She asks if he thinks Kiki would want Griff to suffer, and he says, no. He and Kiki weren’t close, but he assumed they’d have more time to know each other. He didn’t know it would be cut so short.

Elizabeth goes to the art therapy studio, and asks how Franco is. She hugs him, and he says he’s doing that thing where Kiki’s not gone. She’s just not there, and will walk in at any minute. Elizabeth says everywhere she goes, she thinks she sees her. She tells Franco that Cameron wants see him. She told him it’s not the best time and place, but he wants to see Franco anyway.

Lulu thanks Valentin for seeing her. She ran into Willow. They have to get Charlotte’s behavior under control before she’s kicked out of school. Nina says, not for teasing another child, and Valentin says Charlotte has to take accountability for her actions. Lulu is right. If they sit down now, before it’s gone too far, maybe the three of them can reach her. They have to put stop to it now.

At Kelly’s, Laura tells Aiden that his drawing has gotten good. She thinks he gets his talent from his mom. She asks what else he likes to do at school, and he says, reading. She says she likes to read too. What about his friends, like Bianca? What kind of games do they play? Aiden says, girls play girl games; boys don’t play those. Laura says, games are games; anyone can play. He says, not him. It’s against the rules. She thinks he just misunderstood the teacher. He says the teacher doesn’t make the rules in his class.

Josslyn is convinced Oscar can catch up with school as soon as he’s better. If all goes well, it will be before the PSATs. He says, if all goes well. He appreciates it, but asks if she isn’t jumping the gun. It’s his first day, and he feels terrible. She asks if that doesn’t mean it’s working, and he says, it means it’s happening; there are no guarantees he’ll get better. She asks if he’s worried he’s going to die, and spend his last few months on college prep. Any of them can die at any time, and he’s still there. If he’s on borrowed time, why wonder what’s the point? She thinks it’s better if he tells himself it’s only the first day, and things will get better. He’s in bed anyway; make most of it. He looks at her, and she adds, not like that. She asks if he wants to rea The Martian or Frankenstein.

In the hallway, Kim tells Drew maybe they shouldn’t have left Oscar alone, but Drew says, he’s with Josslyn. Kim says, he’s feeling badly, and Drew tells her that’s what Terry said would happen. Kim says, it’s hell being a doctor with a sick child. You know a lot of information. Drew asks what she’s read about the side effects, and she says, the fever means the therapy working. Unless it isn’t. Unless the symptom is a sign that something else is wrong.

Drew knows it’s hard for Kim to watch Oscar be sick, but no matter how bad it gets, they’re not God. Either way, they’ll wind up in the same spot; outside the hospital room, worried, and drinking too much coffee. Kim says Oscar could have skipped the trial, and then they’d be out of hope. Drew says, hope is a risky proposition, and tells her not to question her instincts.

Cameron visits Franco, who says, fair warning, he’s kind of a mess. Cameron just wanted to tell him sorry about Kiki. His mom told him that Franco was kind of like a father to her. Franco says from the time she was born until she was twenty-one, he thought he was her father. It turned out not to be true, but it’s close as he’ll come to having his own child. Cameron says, except for them. Between the three of them and mom, they still have a family. Franco is pretty sure Cameron doesn’t like him, and that’s okay. Cameron says Franco is okay. Franco gets weepy, laughs, and thanks him. They bro hug.

Lulu says, milk and cookies? and Nina says Charlotte’s not on trial. Lulu says they’re pointing out her bad behavior, not rewarding it. Charlotte sits with them, and Lulu says the three of them want to talk to her. Nina says she’s not in trouble, Valentin says they’re just checking in. How’s school? Charlotte says, good, and Lulu tells her, Miss Tate says the class was talking about respecting people’s feelings, and how what we say and do affects others. Nina says they know she’s never unkind on purpose. Valentin asks her if she remembers that he had a spinal condition when he was growing up. The other kids wouldn’t play with him. They teased him, and never knew who he was inside because they were so busy being critical about the outside. Lulu says, words and actions have consequences. To make another child feel bad, whether on purpose or by accident, is not okay. Nina asks if she understands that, and Charlotte says no one in her class looks like her papa. Can she go now? Lulu says they can talk about this more tomorrow. When Charlotte leaves, Nina says, see? Nothing is wrong. Lulu asks if Nina is kidding her.

Laura asks Aiden, who makes the rules if the teacher doesn’t? He says, someone, and she asks if they have a name. He says he can’t talk about it. Laura asks if he’s not allowed to say their name, and he says, the rules. Laura says she’s not in his class. The rules don’t apply to her. If someone is bothering him, he can tell her. He says, no thank you, and she says he doesn’t have to. She asks him to look at her, and tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too, and she wants him know he can tell her anything. There are no rules about what they can talk about together.

Chase apologizes to Michael, saying he didn’t realize he and Kiki were close. Michael doesn’t buy that Griff did it. Chase tells him, all can he can say is that the leads are being followed by the book. Michael sees Mary Pat’s folder next to Kiki’s, and asks if Chase thinks there’s a connection. If someone set up Carly, they could possibly have set up Griff too. Chase says they’re following all the leads.

Julian drinks some coffee, and thanks Alexis for coming there. She must have something better to do. She does, but knows him, and knows he shouldn’t be alone. She asks if he called Kim, but he says Kim has a lot going on with Oscar. Alexis asks if he hasn’t told her.

Elizabeth tells Drew and Kim, Terry confirmed it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Drew appreciates it, and she says, after Kiki, it’s nice to be able to comfort someone. Kim asks, what happened? Elizabeth says, Julian was here. She assumed he told her. Kiki was murdered.

Drew sees Franco, and says he heard the news. He wishes he had some words of wisdom, but he’s fresh out. Franco says, people are being nice. He doesn’t like it. He wishes he could find the bastard who killed Kiki, and murder him. He knows he’s being dark, and Drew says he’s no stranger to that. He wishes he could put a face on what’s killing his son.

Lulu doesn’t want Charlotte to think she’s been let off the hook. Nina says Charlotte is smart, wonderful, and perfect. Lulu says Nina can’t keep telling Charlotte that she’s perfect. She thinks it means she’s better than everyone else, and the rules don’t apply to her. She thinks other people’s feelings don’t matter. Is that what Nina is teaching her? No matter what she does, she’s not in trouble, and gets milk, cookies, and praise from her? There’s a lesson that she needs to learn. Valentin suggests they pick this up another time. Lulu says, it had better be soon, before the administration finds a school with a more traditional approach to discipline. Actions have consequences that don’t come with chocolate chips. Nina needs to trust that they’ll do what’s best for Charlotte right now, even if she can’t. She leaves.

Cameron joins Josslyn and Oscar. He tells Oscar that Kim forwarded an apology, but it’s no big deal. Josslyn goes to get something to eat. Cameron asks what all the papers are, and Oscar says the schoolwork he missed. Cameron laughs, and says with all this waiting, does he still want to go through treatment? He adds that’s probably one of the worst things he’s said, and he’s a horrible person. Oscar says he’s a good friend. He’s a good guy, and Oscar is glad Josslyn has him as a friend. Cameron says, he is too, and he has to go.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s okay now; the worst is over. She says, it comes in waves that you can’t predict. Kim blows in, and Julian asks if everything is okay. She says, it’s the first day, and everything went well. She’s sorry to be interrupting, but Alexis says she was just on her way out. It’s good Kim is here; Julian needs her. Alexis leaves, and Kim asks why Julian didn’t tell her about Kiki. He says, it didn’t seem right. Oscar is fighting for his life. Kiki would want her to be there, fighting with him. She asks what does he want, and he just hopes Oscar gets better. They hug.

Cameron sees Josslyn, and says he has to go. She says she’s thought a lot about what happened. How she treated him; forcing him to be her fake boyfriend, then being rude to him when he told her the truth about Oscar. She knows she messed up. If he wants to pretend he doesn’t know her, she wouldn’t blame him. He says they’ve known each other their entire lives. It’s a little late to pretend they’re strangers. She repeats that she knows she messed up, and hopes no matter how he feels about her, he’ll still be friends with Oscar. Cameron says he hopes Oscar feels better soon, and jets.

Willow sees Chase at the hospital. She says, how are you, detective? That’s his first name, right? Detective? Chase says he’s been meaning to call, and she says if she had a nickel for every time she’s heard that. She asks if he’s there on official business, or is there something wrong with him? He says official business, but the commissioner says they should breaks. He asks if she’s free tomorrow. He’d like to take her to dinner. She says, her own police escort? Why not?

Josslyn tells Oscar, for real? She got one of everything, and he’s not in the mood for anything? He says he has a craving for gelato. He doesn’t guess they have it there. She says, even if they did, does he want hospital gelato? She’ll get him some, but he’d better mean it this time. She’s not doing all this again. He asks for pistachio. She leaves, and he takes out his phone. He asks if someone can come to the hospital. He really needs them.

Nina says Valentin was quiet while Lulu was unloading on her. She supposes he agrees. He says he was thinking that Charlotte is lucky to have Nina in her corner. Nina says, but…? Valentin says she’s the center of his being, and he has to take a hard look at what he’s teaching her by example. If anyone is responsible for her behavior, and thinking it’s okay to get what you want at another’s expense, it’s him.

Josslyn sees Michael. She’s happy he’s home. They hug, and he asks how Oscar is. Josslyn says, terrible. He feels horrible, and he keeps finding ways to tell her that he won’t make it. She finds ways tell him he will. Michael says, if anyone can convince him, she can. She says as long as she’s with Oscar, she’s positive; she doesn’t have time to mourn Kiki, but when she leaves the room, her heart breaks all over again.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte has been watching him try to get her back, when she’s made it clear he should let her go. Nina isn’t excusing his behavior, but she understands. She nearly drove Sasha out of town. Valentin says he knew better, and he didn’t care. Nina says he cared deeply. One thing she knows, is that he’s an amazing father. And she loves him in spite of herself.

Cameron joins Aiden and Laura at Kelly’s. He looks at Aiden’s drawing, and asks what that’s supposed to be? Aiden says himself, and Cameron asks if he got hit by a shrink ray. He tells Aiden to enjoy himself as a bug, but don’t be a gnat. Be a ginormous bug that eats the entire city. Lulu comes in, and Laura tells the boys to go pick out cookies to take home. Lulu thanks Laura for letting her crash the party. Laura asks, what’s going on? and Lulu tells her that Charlotte’s teacher said she’d been bullying another kid. Laura asks if Lulu talked to her, and she says they both did. Surprisingly, she and Valentin are on the same page. She seemed unaffected. Like she doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that she’s being hurtful. Laura asks who the other child is, and Lulu wishes she knew. Laura looks across the room at Aiden.

Kim tells Julian that she’s there for him, no matter what. She hopes she didn’t do anything to make him feel otherwise. Julian says she didn’t. He didn’t want her to have two burdens. She promises she can take care of Oscar and be there for him, to give him all the love and strength he deserves. He kisses her hand, and they kiss.

Oscar thanks someone for coming. He needs to hire them again. Alexis asks what she can do for him, and he says, write his will.

Willow approaches the room where the bereavement group meets. She hesitates, and goes in. Michael gets out of the elevator, and also goes in.

Franco tells Elizabeth that during their last conversation, Kiki told him that she wanted him to have an incredible wedding. She wanted to have a celebration of family. Elizabeth asks if he feels he can’t do it right now, but he doesn’t feel they should postpone it again. Elizabeth says she loves him. The wedding will celebrate family, including Kiki and her memory, even if they have to wait a little longer. Seriously. I’d be afraid a dead body might show up.

Chase talks to a doctor, saying what he doesn’t get is why there isn’t more blood. The doctor explains that the instrument went through the sternum and punctured the lungs. Most of the blood stayed inside. Chase says, precision like that doesn’t happen by accident. The doctor says, either the killer is astronomically lucky, or skilled enough know where to strike.

Tomorrow, Willow asks Michael for help, Obrecht meets Finn and Anna, and not-Doc says it’s the last thing Laura is ever going to say to him.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – The Reunion – Part One

I already know we’re not going to get that teased secret about LeeAnne in Part One. They always do that with the previews. Omg, is Cary wearing something made out of tinsel? Andy says, the reunion starts now.

As always, Andy introduces the ladies. He asks Cary about dating Lance Armstrong, and she says it was only about six months. She was into athletes in her twenties and early thirties. Both Kameron and I are impressed when Andy guesses Kameron is wearing Tom Ford. Andy wants some peaceful vibes. LeeAnne says, focus on the sound until you can’t hear it any more. She makes an ohm noise, and everyone zens out, except for Brandi, who makes stupid faces. I’m not liking her at all this season.

Andy tells us, from mechanical bulls to beer bongs to Beaver Liquors, these Lonestar ladies kept the lol’s coming. We flash back to some of the funnier moments, like Kameron riding the mechanical bull at zero speed, and Callie-Roo the kangaroo. Kameron says, in her eyes, the bull was going fast. Andy makes Kameron say bowl and bull and they sound the same. Cary says It’s merging accents. Because the topic is going to follow me until I die, Andy asks about Stephanie’s vaginal rejuvenation. <sigh> He tells us that being in a Dallas legacy family comes with perks. We flash back to Beaver Creek, and Kameron’s massive home. Ugh. And Brandi getting emotional over something Kameron didn’t say. The queen of the group contest is also shown. We find out that Taylor Swift rented Kameron’s house. LeeAnne claims D’Andra said there wouldn’t be a show without her, and that’s how the queen thing started. LeeAnne says that D’Andra says they didn’t have a show until she got there. Brandi says LeeAnne claims to bring more to the show than anyone. D’Andra says she told In Touch that the show wouldn’t work without her, and all roads lead to LeeAnne Locken. We see that headline, but, tabloids. Andy says, it’s just kind of sh*t talking – i.e. no big deal. Leeanne says she’s the GIF that keeps on giving. Andy asks if a healthy ego isn’t part of being on the show.

Oh man, D’Aandra is going to make a liar out of me. That secret might be coming. We’ll find out after the commercial.

Leeanne tells D’Andra they need another sofa for her ego. D’Andra says she’s been holding a secret about LeeAnne for two years, and she’s revealing now. (Dammit!) LeeAnne told her that Cary fat shamed her husband during the first season, and would fat shame D’Andra. Cary says she never did that, and D’Andra has known her longer than anyone; she’d never fat shame anyone. Screw her for thinking that. We see a clip of Cary saying Mark was a fixer-upper. LeeAnne says she never said that, but Cary says D’Andra is the dumb bitch that believed it. That’s it? That’s the secret she’s been holding? She needs to turn in her Housewives card.

Andy asks LeeAnne if she was surprised Brandi and D’Andra made up. LeeAnne says she felt protective of D’Andra. Brandi asks what she needs to protect, and LeeAnne says it was an illogical feeling. Cary says she doesn’t trust Brandi, and LeeAnne agrees that she doesn’t, but in general, she’s not a very trusting person. Andy brings up how Kameron misheard what Stephanie said about bashing Brandi for adopting a baby. We flash back to that. Kameron says it was all a misunderstanding. Stephanie says it seemed like she was making it about herself. Cary says she should have just said her feelings were hurt for not being included and been done with it. LeeAnne thinks if she hadn’t been drinking, she wouldn’t have been as adamant. Andy wants to move on.

A viewer says Brandi is an inspiration, and asks about Bruin. I take a nap. Andy says Stephanie was the conduit, and Stephanie explains that she’d friends with a social worker, who told her about Bruin. She knew Brandi wanted a baby boy her whole life. She didn’t think it would happen. Another viewer asks how she came up with the surrogate lie so fast. She says she didn’t want to ruin the surprise, and it was the first thing she thought of. Kameron doesn’t think it’s okay to make a joke out of surrogacy, because of people going through fertility issues. Stephanie says she’s not making fun of people, and Andy thinks it was harmless. Kameron thinks she’s more sensitive because it took her a long time to get pregnant. D’Andra says it’s no one’s business, unless the person wants to share. Kameron says D’Andra gets in LeeAnne’s business all the time. Oh snap! D’Andra says, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, and Cary tells D’Andra not to flip it.

Andy says she lives in a new 10,000 square foot mansion in the most exclusive area of Dallas, but don’t let the glamorous façade fool you into thinking she’s shallow. We go down the Memory Lane of Stephanie revealing her history with depression. We see her vow renewal with Travis again. Andy says there was a lot of viewer feedback. She made a suicide attempt at twenty-two, and viewers want to know what motivated her to open up. Stephanie says she was sitting with LeeAnne, and she just wanted to open up. She and LeeAnne had never connected. She’d gone to a therapy retreat, and learned about the walls she’d put up. She realized LeeAnne didn’t know her very well, and it was an organic moment. Brandi says she knew about it, and Stephanie says she and her mom talked about it at first, but then it was ignored. She feels guilty because her family was terrified for years.  She made a rash decision because she didn’t love herself. She had no self-worth. She’d just come out of a bad relationship, and when it was over, she didn’t know who she was. Andy asks how her struggle manifests now, and she says she has to watch it. She’s been on antidepressants since she was a teenager. Andy asks if Brandi has been there when she’s been like that, and she says she has. LeeAnne says, brave people lead the way for other people to be brave. Andy asks if she’s worried about the show affecting her. Stephanie says she was concerned the first season. She wanted to please everyone, but got thicker skin. It’s one of the reasons why she went to the retreat. She’s the type of person who holds everything in and smiles, and it eats you alive. Brandi says she was asked who changed the most. She thinks Stephanie is braver, and has opinions of her own. LeeAnne says, it’s a beautiful thing to see. She wanted to find her voice, and she has.

Andy says she told us, if you can change yourself, you can change the world. We flash back on LeeAnne admitting her anger issues, her new zen, and making wedding plans. Andy asks if she’s still seeing a professional therapist or is she going to meditation classes? LeeAnne says she meditates every morning, and sees two therapists. One, once a week, for personal growth, and another, every other week, to make sure she’s taking the show in stride. D’Andra has a mini sh*t fit over LeeAnne not having told her that. LeeAnne says they’re not talking. Brandi wants their names. Tiffany (who I did not remember at all, but see below) told her that LeeAnne was never in therapy. LeeAnne says Tiffany has seen her go to therapy her entire life. Andy asks if she sees a life coach, but she says, nope. This is hardcore. She talks to the three-year-old and seven-year-old version of herself to investigate where her issues come from. Andy asks why she doesn’t want to give her therapists names, and LeeAnne feels it would violate their privacy. I wouldn’t do it either. Brandi says they can edit it out, and LeeAnne is like, yeah, right. Then Brandi will be on social media. Brandi says she’d give up the name of her GYN. Is she really this stupid? Or maybe she’s drunk. Ha-ha! Kameron says it’s none of Brandi’s business. A viewer brings up LeeAnne’s extra-large amygdala, and asks why she’s not on meds for her issues instead of blaming that. LeeAnne starts to answer, and D’Andra interrupts. She won’t shut up; then Brandi starts talking. Andy asks again, and LeeAnne explains that when emotion is triggered the blood all flows to the amygdala, which causes flight, freeze, or fight. D’Andra says last year, it was LeeAnne’s PTSD. LeeAnne says she still has it, and asks if D’Andra is making fun of people with PTSD. Cary says D’Andra is acting like an a-hole. D’Andra says Cary hasn’t had any opinions all year, and now she’s got a million. Cary say D’Andra is always telling her to shut up. Andy says LeeAnne seems more restrained this season, and D’Andra says, until the camera is off.

Andy says after LeeAnne talked about Mark getting sexual favors at the Round Up, why was she receptive to a friendship? Cary says she went in apprehensive. She also found out patient zero – who was the originator of the rumor – was her ex-florist, who was mad at her. Andy says, a disgruntled florist? and wonders if there’s any other kind. Cary says it was enlightening. LeeAnne says she’s still responsible for repeating it, and Cary says she was pissed as hell, but she gave grace. They’re working on the friendship. LeeAnne says she and Rich went to Cary and Mark’s place for dinner. D’Andra says it’s like an alternate universe. Letting someone into your house who claimed you got sexual favors. Cary says D’Andra has been in her house, and she’s made disparaging remarks. Like a diligent Housewife, Cary pulls out her phone, and says D’Andra hasn’t been a good friend.

Cary shows Andy a text where D’Andra basically said Brandi’s clothing line sucks, and Cary messes up people’s faces. Andy says it’s not like it was public. LeeAnne says she’s heard about it from other people. Cary says the bottom line is, she thought they were friends, and it hurt her feelings. LeeAnne says D’Andra has two phones, and D’Andra calls her effing delusional. Here’s where it gets convoluted because they’re all talking at once about some more nonsense phone stuff. Kameron asks if D’Andra thinks she made it up. D’Andra calls Kameron and LeeAnne Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Bitch. Kameron suggests they call AT&T, but Andy nixes that.

Andy has seen a lot of Housewives merchandising endeavors, but thinks LeeAnne’s dress is the best thing he’s seen. Me too! He asks if she’s had any offers from QVC, and she says, not yet, but she’s good with that. She wants the next six months to plan the wedding. Stephanie says, in the beginning, LeeAnne was trying hard, and resisted the temptation to react, but toward the end of the season, she was triggered. LeeAnne says she was pushed and pushed.

Andy says it looked like Brandi and LeeAnne were all right with each other, but when Brandi and D’Andra became BFFs, she wasn’t liking it. We flash back to LeeAnne telling D’Andra that she doesn’t trust Brandi, and Brandi saying she thought she and LeeAnne were moving forward. We revisit LeeAnne talking about Brandi and D’Andra getting drunk, and the fight at Stephanie’s party. Andy asks Brandi if she thought LeeAnne was going to hit her. LeeAnne asks if Brandi wanted her to. Andy asks if Brandi deliberately provoked LeeAnne. Doesn’t she see that she got in LeeAnne’s face? Cary tells her to admit it, and Brandi says she was, but she doesn’t regret it. She never touched her. Cary thinks she was antagonizing LeeAnne, and Stephanie agrees, but says LeeAnne was more aggressive. Andy says LeeAnne was hissing like a cobra, and asks if anyone was scared. Andy says back in the beginning, he thought Brandi and LeeAnne were fine, and Brandi says she was truly trying. LeeAnne asks what set Brandi against her. Andy even knows the answer to that one, and says LeeAnne warning D’Andra about Brandi. Brandi says when D’Andra told her at the rodeo, she knew LeeAnne was drunk, but waited until LeeAnne was sober to confront her. Unlike LeeAnne – who is a bitch – confronting her at a charity event. Kameron wonders how Brandi couldn’t have been drunk at the rodeo after two beer bongs. LeeAnne says she never told D’Andra not to trust her. She just said be careful. Stephanie thinks it hurt Brandi, and just snowballed.

Andy tells us about another accusation that rocked the group. He asks why LeeAnne thinks Brandi is an alcoholic. Kameron alerts D’Andra about her boob escaping from her dress. LeeAnne says when she went to Kameron’s event, she was tired, and shouldn’t have used that word. But if they go through all the footage of the season, it’s the only time she said that. Andy asks if she thinks Brandi has a problem, and she says, no. No one does, and he asks if she can understand why Brandi was upset. She was finalizing an adoption, and it’s a big accusation. LeeAnne tells him, when she said it, she didn’t attach it to anyone’s name. Regardless, it was wrong, she told everyone that, and apologized. Brandi say she did, but then said Brandi wasn’t sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic. LeeAnne says she was just being a smart ass. Brandi asks why she said it, and since she didn’t listen to LeeAnne’s previous answer, LeeAnne tells her that she shouldn’t have said it. She thinks Brandi likes to get drunk, but isn’t a drunk. Stephanie says when she was watching it, although LeeAnne wasn’t saying it, she was inferring it. She has to be careful of the words she chooses. Stephanie has known Brandi a long time, and knows she doesn’t have a drinking problem. It’s unfair because it’s untrue. It’s not okay. Andy thinks LeeAnne owes Brandi an apology. LeeAnne says she’s genuinely sorry. She said it in reference to Brandi, and it’s not her place. it won’t happen again.

Since we’re going to beat this to death, Brandi says LeeAnne wrote in her blog that she didn’t tell Dee that Brandi was an alcoholic, and she’d recorded the conversation. LeeAnne says she didn’t, but was certain she hadn’t said it. Andy says, so she lied in her blog. D’Andra calls her Lie-Anne. Andy says he was told she records a lot of conversations. LeeAnne says, phone conversations, and Cary says, that’s not okay, but LeeAnne says not with them. She’s talking about business conversations. Andy says, how Omarosa of her. He says she cops to lying a lot, and LeeAnne says she’s picking up from them. Brandi says, are you kidding?

Next time, Mama Dee joins the group, D’Andra thinks Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat, and phonegate.

🍝 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa told her two sisters that there might be another sister out there. She got this information from a psychic reader. Since this might be news to their mother, they were unsure of how to proceed.  Danielle and Marge mended fences. Daddy Gorga had eye surgery, and did a shot with Joe #2. Joe #2 heard he was the topic in Oklahoma. Melissa wondered why it was always two against one, and how Delores became part of their family conversations. There was a huge debate on whether any of them could control their husbands. The old school thinkers believing, the man is the head of the family, and the woman is the neck, and the wife has control over her husband emotionally. This led to new Wife Jackie putting in her in her two cents, which wasn’t well received by Teresa. Jackie asked if Teresa thought her husband would be in jail if she could control what he did. D’oh! Melania came in, and Teresa didn’t want to fight in front of her, but said it wasn’t effing over. Melissa appreciated Jackie sticking up for her, but didn’t think it was going to end well. Next time, a 1920’s themed party, and Danielle’s wedding plans. Well, we all know how that marriage ended up.

👣 Where is Tiffany?

Consider my memory refreshed.

📓 The Limbic System…

Where the amygdala resides.

🔬 The way your science teacher sees it…

Brain Cross-section with labels

😱 The way a zombie sees it…


💫 The way a stoner sees it…

Brain Anatomy - Limbic System










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