December 12, 2018 – Doc is Just Not Doc, a Final Skoal from Dallas, New Jersey Flash-cap & the First


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General Hospital

Sonny meets Spencer for breakfast.

Sasha gets a text from Valentin – convince Nina to return to Windymere. (Yes, that’s how he spelled it.) Nina joins her at Kelly’s, wanting the goodbye breakfast to be just the two of them. Spencer approaches, and Nina introduces Sasha. He says they’ve already been introduced, at the home Valentin stole from his late father.

Valentin goes to the interrogation room to see Obrecht. She says she summoned him last night. What took so long. He says she wasted her call. She needs a lawyer. She thinks he’ll be more effective than Darrow or Dershowitz. He’s not sure what he can do, and she says, make sure she isn’t punished for her vigilante justice against Peter.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt. He says they don’t have to do this, and she says, have breakfast? They absolutely have to.

In the elevator, Finn tells Anna that they said the words. She says, they did. He asks if she’s okay with that, and she says, more than okay. Him? He tells her they could probably say it again, and says he loves her. His phone rings, and she says she loves him too. He says it’s his brother. He asks what’s going on, and tells Chase that he’s on his way. Anna asks if it’s about Obrecht, but he says, someone else. He has to run. They kiss, and the elevator door opens. Anna gets out.

Maxie tells Peter it’s like hitting the reset button for them to start over. Peter asks, how?

Carly sees not-Doc at the hospital. He asks what she’s doing there, and she tells him, picking up a prescription for her father-in-law. She asks how Ava is, and he says, hanging be a thread; no thanks to her. She says Ava came after her, and he tells her, stop talking.

Ava looks at pictures of Kiki. There’s a knock at door. She opens it, saying she’s not up for a visit. It’s Laura with flowers.

Carly says, what the hell? Not-Doc wonders why she feels the need to criticize Ava at a time like this, since she knows what it’s like. She knows that Ava steamrolled him to get what she wanted. He says Carly’s past is just as checkered, even before she got together with Sonny. The deals he’s made are even worse than Ava’s, and she turns a blind eye.

Laura tells Ava that she wasn’t able to make it to the funeral, but she’s very sorry. Ava knocks the flowers out of her hands, and tells her, go to hell. She knows why Laura is there. She found Ava and Doc in an intimate moment, and that night, her daughter was found dead; killed by a maniac. Divine justice in just a matter of hours. Most people don’t enjoy satisfaction so quickly. Laura says she never thought that. She knows what it’s like to lose a child. Ava says that’s another reason Laura came to stick it to her, because she withdrew her testimony about Nikolas. Laura says she wasn’t thinking about it, but she is now.

Chase brings Griff into his apartment. Griff says Chase arrested him for a murder he didn’t commit. Where is Chase taking him now? Chase says his apartment. Instead of the drunk tank where he belongs. Finn arrives, and asks why he’s there. Chase says he and Griff are colleagues. He does the twelve-step program, and Chase figured he could help. Chase thinks Anna would want him there to help. Finn says Chase deals with drunks all the time, but Chase says, not one who just lost his girlfriend.

Maxie tells Peter that he’s James’s uncle, and helped bring James into the world. She also enjoys his company. He says he enjoys hers, and she tells him that she’s letting him into her life in a deliberate way. He says, the other night, they almost kissed. Does that go away? Anna approaches the table. She wants to let them know that Obrecht has been arrested and is in custody.

Valentin asks Obrecht if she’s hoping he’ll set her free, and she says, indeed he shall. He says they’re not on the best of terms. He cares about Peter, and she kind of held him captive, then set the fire that destroyed his stables. She says she’s a champion multi-tasker. He says, then she escaped. She says it’s not her fault the driver lost control of the vehicle. He says barring all that, the rest of crimes are enough to get her put away for life. She says he gave baby Henrik to his father, and she’s the problem? She knows Nina left him, and if he doesn’t spring her, he can say auf wiedersehen to Nina forever.

Nina asks Spencer when he was at Windymere. Sasha says, Thanksgiving morning. Sonny comes in, and Nina introduces Sasha. Spencer says it’s no surprise Valentin neglected to disclose their meeting. There were ugly threats on both sides. Nina asks Sasha what that’s about, and Sasha says there was talk about election tampering. They go to their table, and Nina asks what happened between Valentin and Spencer?

Sonny tells Spencer, before they order, why were he and Valentin talking? Spencer says, election tampering. He’s afraid there’s only one way to say this. He has heat on him.

Finn says Griff is coming back to work soon; that’s a good thing. Griff says he’s dreading it. It reminds him of Kiki. Finn knows the first impulse is to numb the pain, but drinking in the park in December? Really? Griff appreciates what Finn is trying to do, but can he leave him alone for a while? Finn gets what Griff is going through. When he lost his wife, the last thing he wanted was people doing things for his own good. Griff helped him with his addiction, and he hated him for it. Griff asks if it’s payback, and Finn says, yes. Every day that he’s free of the drugs, he thanks Griff. Not face to face; that would be weird. The best thing is for Griff to come back to GH. Not just for him, but everyone who loved and respected Kiki.

Laura admits she resents Ava not standing by Nikolas, Kiki’s death isn’t justice. Kiki didn’t deserve it, and neither does Ava. Losing a child is the most profound grief you can go through. Ava says she’s finding that out. Laura says, no matter what she’s feeling, her heart is with Ava on this. Ava thanks, and says, sorry, as she picks up the flowers. She asks Laura to forgive her for being defensive. She knows what people think of her. Laura sees not-Doc’s tie on the chair, and ask if he’s been staying there? Ava says, yes.

Carly wants to know how not-Doc can defend Ava. He says she’s done horrible things, but so has Carly. They all find reasons to justify their actions, but no one is all good or all bad, even Ava. What Ava needs and deserves is understanding and empathy, not judgement and condemnation. Carly says she’s saving that for later, and not-Doc says their conversation just went to the land of diminishing returns. Carly says she wants him to know that she got information about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Sonny asks Spencer, what kind of heat? Spencer says he wouldn’t want incriminate Sonny or expose him to charges of conspiracy. Sonny says that’s why he has Diane on retainer; tell him. Spencer asks, what are his thoughts about election tampering?

Nina can’t believe Valentin threatened Spencer. Sasha says, he didn’t. From what she saw, he was very patient with him. Nina says that doesn’t excuse what he’s done in the past. Sasha hopes she’s not overstepping, but Nina seems to be making excuses to distance herself from Valentin.

Valentin says Obrecht thinks she has leverage on him. She says she doesn’t think it, she knows it. He says, let’s hear it, and she says he gave Nina a daughter who isn’t really hers.

Not-Doc asks Carly why she’s fixated on that patient. She says she knows what happened to her at Ferncliff. Maybe the same thing is happening to him, or worse. He says she knows nothing about him, not even why he’s in there. He could be anything from a schizophrenic to a murderer. She says she found out his name. It’s Wilson.

Ava apologizes, saying Laura didn’t need to see this. Laura says, it’s okay. She should have realized he as staying there. That’s why he acted like a trapped animal when she came home. He wanted to run back to Ava. Ava thanks her for her kindness. If she’d known Laura was stopping by, she would have hidden her husband’s tie. She says there’s something Laura needs to know. Laura says there’s nothing she needs to know. Her marriage was obviously falling apart under her nose, and she had no idea Doc was with Ava while she was away. Ava says if Doc was unfaithful while Laura was away, it wasn’t with her. The first time anything happened between them, Laura was there. Laura says, when she walked in at the gallery? and Ava says, yes. That’s when this started.

Finn tells Griff there’s nothing he can say to make any of it better. No matter how much he drank or took drugs, it didn’t stop the pain. The only thing that does is people who care, if you let them. He has at least two; counting him and his brother as half. He tells Griff to take a shower; he smells bad. Griff toddles to the bathroom with his coffee. Chase says, for a while, he thought he made a huge mistake calling Finn, but he turned out not to be too bad.

Anna tells Peter that Obrecht is in custody, for his sake. Peter asks, what’s next? and she says Obrecht goes on trial. Peter is glad they’ll be putting that monster away for life. Anna is too. She starts to leave, and Peter thanks her. She leaves, and Peter asks Maxie if something is wrong.

Spencer tells Sonny that he inserted malware that caused chaos at the polling places. He bought time for his grandmother to campaign. Sonny asks if Valentin knows what did, and Spencer says he does, which begs the unfortunate question, should he take care of Valentin? Make him go away?

Nina tells Sasha that she doesn’t need to find a reason to distance herself from Valentin. He provides reasons on his own. Sasha asks if Nina doesn’t love him, but Nina says she’s hopelessly in love with him, but it’s not that simple. Sasha says it’s as simple as she wants it to be. The connection between them could light up a stadium. Nina has been crazy happy at Windymere. Now that she’s leaving, why let go of the joy? Why not become a family again with Valentin and Charlotte?

Valentin says Obrecht’s great niece confessed to him personally. She asks why he would believe her, and he says he offered her freedom for the information. Obrecht says, then he double-crossed her. She respects that. He says he made it his mission to track Sasha down. Obrecht says, all to make Nina happy. Except that girl is not Nina’s daughter. Sasha is a stranger. He tells her two separate DNA tests were run at independent labs; there could be no mistake. She says he made a mistake. He took DNA from Madeline’s dead body while she was watching.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not making excuses for Obrecht, but when Nathan died, her grief was so deep, she needed someone to blame. She thinks taking it out on him was wrong, and if he’d died, she would have been devastated. Peter says he didn’t die, so she can forgive Obrecht? Maxie doesn’t know if she’d call it forgiveness, but she understands. She knows Anna will bring justice for him, like Obrecht did for her son.

Obrecht explains that she was disguised as a vagrant seeking shelter in the church. We see Valentin open the casket. He says, after everything she took from Nina, she can finally give something back, and uses a swab, as Obrecht watches. Valentin asks if she was watching him from the vestibule in the shadows, what did she see him do? She says he was procuring a DNA sample. She didn’t know what the purpose was at the time, but now she knows it was to present Nina with what wants more than anything. Valentin says all her story needs is a dinosaur in a spaceship. She says all it needs is an audience of one. She doesn’t want to break Nina’s heart, but her circumstances are dire. She’ll do what she needs to, unless he does it first.

Nina tells Sasha that she’s not ready. Sasha says Valentin brought them together; he wants to make her happy. Nina says, he did, and Sasha says it’s been a joy getting know her mother.

Not-Doc says tells Carly that he can’t confirm the name, and she’ll take that as a confirmation. He wonders how she got it, and she says she has a hacker friend. He asks what else she knows, and she says just a name, but it’s a start. He apologizes for being sharp. Maybe he’s protective of Ava, but this is an entirely different matter. She can get in serious trouble. He suggests they make a deal, and she let him take it from there, and he’ll follow up. Carly asks how she knows he’s not stalling, and he says he’ll be in touch, but in the interest of confidence and the law they’re both skirting, no one else knows? She says, just her, and Sonny of course. He says, of course.

Nina says she and Sasha will be visiting all the time. Sasha says Nina can come visit, but she won’t be setting foot in Port Charles until the serial killer is put away. She’s worried about Nina though. her for her sake go back to win

Sonny tells Spencer, taking a life is wrong, and Spencer asks if this is one of those do as I say moments. He’s most mad at himself. It’s his own fault Valentin found out. He got in an altercation with Charlotte while he was there. Sonny suggests if he wants to sneak around, don’ t announce it. He says he’ll keep an eye on Valentin, and Spencer asks if Sonny can keep an eye on his grandmother too. That rotten man has ruined her. Sonny says he and Carly are looking out for her. Spencer says he loves Sonny, and Sonny says he loves Spencer too. And it’s out of love he’s going to tell Spencer something he doesn’t want to hear.

Sonny says, when Spencer chose to do something wrong to get what he wanted… Sonny has done that, and had to pay a price. He wants better for Spencer. Spencer says he didn’t understand before, but he does now. He’s sorry. Sonny says he doesn’t have to be. Just keep the Feds off his tail. Spencer says, or worse; his grandmother being disappointed in him. Sonny asks if it makes him feel sick to his stomach. The next time he has to choose between right and wrong, think about it. Otherwise, he’ll disappoint Sonny too.

Nina tells Sasha, now she has a daughter to stay alive for. Sasha tells her to take care of herself. She just found Nina, and would hate to miss her. They hug. Nina says she loves Sasha much, and Sasha says her too, calling her mom.

Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht’s reasons and motives were never a mystery. She wanted revenge, and he was the best target. Maxie says she did it for her son, like Anna brought Obrecht in. Anna is her godmother, and Maxie loves and admires her. She’s not perfect. She made mistakes where Peter was concerned, but she’s bending over backward to make amends. Can’t he cut her some slack. He jokes even if he forgives her for what happened when he was a baby, he can’t forgive her lousy timing. He brings up their near kiss, and she says she thought they agreed it never happened. He says he remembers it, and she says she does too.

Finn asks if Griff is feeling better, and he says, a little. He thanks Finn for the pep talk. Finn says his secret is safe. He got Griff car, and told them he’s going to the hospital. Griff says he’s not in any shape to see patients, but he can look over files. Finn asks if Griff wants him to come, but Griff needs to do it on his own, and the best time is now. He thanks them, and leaves. Chase asks Finn why he’s not going with Griff; he should have insisted. Finn says he’s sending someone better equipped than him.

Ava tells Laura that she and Doc were already separated when she got involved with him. She knows it doesn’t help, and Laura says it actually makes it worse; his behavior makes less sense for it to be that sudden. She tells Ava to be careful, and Ava asks if Laura is threatening her. Laura says, no, but Ava has a long, painful road ahead with Kiki’s death. She knows Ava thinks Doc will be there for her and is going to help her through it. She wouldn’t say this if he was acting normal. Ava asks if Laura is warning her away from her lifeline, but Laura says she’s trying tell her something’s wrong with Doc. He’s no one she recognizes. He’s just not Doc.

Chase asks if Finn likes scampi. Finn says, for breakfast? Chase says he made dinner for Willow, and has leftovers. Finn asks how the date went, and Chase says it started rocky, but he thinks it ended in a good place.

Anna is waiting for Griff, and hands him coffee. She says Finn didn’t want him to do this alone; he texted her. He thanks her. He’s not sure what happens now, and Anna says he’ll see Kiki everywhere. He says that’s how he ended up in the park. Everywhere in the apartment, there she was. He asks if he’ll see her around every corner, and Anna says he will. She suggests they go for a walk. She’ll be with him every step of the way. They’ll face the ghost together.

Not-Doc goes back to Ava’s place. He says, beautiful flowers, and she says Laura was there today. He says, today is getting better and better. She says, it’s all right. Laura was surprisingly civil. He says Laura isn’t the problem; it’s Carly. He ran into her at GH, and she wouldn’t shut up. Ava says it’s only a matter of time before Carly uses this to keep Avery away from her, and will probably send her a dry cleaning bill. But if Carly thinks just because Ava shoved her in the mud where she belongs, let them try. Not-Doc says Ava won’t pay for it, but Carly will.

Carly sees Laura, and says she was about to call. She spoke to Doc, and Laura is right. Something is way wrong. Laura says the change in his personality happened sooner than she thought. Carly asks if she thinks it has something to do with the anniversary. Laura thinks that’s part of it, but there must be more than that to cause such a radical change. If she knew what it was, she could understand. Carly asks if she thinks the marriage could be healed. Laura doesn’t think so at this point, but it might heal Doc.

Sonny tells Spencer admitted he did wrong, and if he feels the urge again, he can always call. One bad move can change your life, and the last thing he wants for his favorite nephew is regrets in life. All he wants is the best for him. They hug.

Nina tells Sasha that she wanted someone to call her mom. Now she’s acting like an idiot. Sasha says now that she’s gotten to know Nina, she’s heroic. She survived what her mother did to her, and here they are. Nina says everything that kept them apart doesn’t matter. She’s happy she found the other part of her heart. They hug and Sasha leaves.

Valentin sees Maxie and Peter. Maxie tells Peter it’s not a date. It’s a mutually agreed upon breakfast, but not a date date. He says they agree the kiss that almost happened actually almost happened. What they don’t know, they’ll figure out. Peter’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, who says they need to meet at Windymere. It’s important. Peter asks what it’s in regard to, and Valentin says, Obrecht.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Sam they need to rethink this case, Maxie asks Nina what’s going on with her and Valentin, and Kim has a confession to make.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – The Reunion, Part Two

And we’re back. Andy tells us Kameron usually has plenty to say, but when she’s not talking, she’s nodding. We see clips of that. Kameron says it means she’s on another planet when she does that. Wow. She really looks like Nicole Kidman. Andy thought she was being judgy, and finds it hilarious. Kameron never knew she did it until she saw herself on camera. Andy asks how Sparkle Dog is doing, and Kameron says she has a distributor. He asks how she feels when court is being discouraging and she’s not thrilled, but investing in companies is what he does for a living. LeeAnne thinks it challenges her.

Andy says D’Andra and Kameron are part of a Dallas family feud. We see clips where family names and society are evoked, including Jimmy’s contribution. Now I’m watching to see if Kameron starts nodding. We flash back to one of my favorite quotes, when Kameron says, it’s a very slippery slope from a butt plug to a butt dart. I have no doubt it is. They end with Kameron saying D’Andra is on friend probation. A viewer asks what the difference is, society-wise, between marrying into a family and being born into it. D’Andra says when you’re a debutante, you’re always held to a higher standard. Andy thinks it sounds like Pine Valley. He brings up Jimmy telling Kameron that she shouldn’t be friends with someone. Kameron says Jimmy was just giving her advice. D’Andra says Jimmy told Kameron to stay in the middle lane, and thinks she’s telling Kameron what to do. Stephanie says they’re lucky if that’s all they have to worry about. Good point. Kameron says it comes up constantly, and shows a lack of security. She hates the word society, and thinks it has to stop. Andy asks how the experience of the show has been. Kameron says it’s a judgy town, with no tolerance for bad behavior, and Andy says she’s judgy. Kameron says she has high standards for herself, but doesn’t expect them from other people. Stephanie says she’s been looked down on. Friendship comes at a price. A viewer thinks the only reason Kameron aligned with LeeAnne, is that she’s afraid of her. D’Andra agrees. Kameron says she feels most confident that LeeAnne would be straight up, since she’s open-minded. Brandi says Kameron is LeeAnne’s puppet. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she says that about anyone who likes her. She said it last year about someone else.

Andy asks D’Andra if she thinks Kameron is scared of LeeAnne, and she says Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat. She’ll take any spectrum of LeeAnne’s behavior, and find an excuse to make it okay. Andy asks if she thinks LeeAnne is sitting on Westcott family secrets, and D’Andra thinks LeeAnne has something on everyone there. Everyone is terrified of her, except Brandi. Cary asks what else LeeAnne could do to her? Stephanie says she’s not scared, but sometimes LeeAnne is self-sabotaging. She thinks Kameron is very loyal. LeeAnne asks is Stephanie hasn’t been loyal to fault to Brandi, and Stephanie admits that’s true. Andy asks Kameron if D’Andra is tarnishing the family name, but Kameron thinks that’s for Dee to answer. LeeAnne says there are two separate divisions in the Simmons family, and they’re not necessarily friendly to each other. Andy asks if D’Andra’s side is considered the black sheep side. LeeAnne tells him, it’s been said. D’Andra says LeeAnne isn’t part of it, so clap it. I guess that’s similar to Dorinda’s, clip! Cary thought D’Andra didn’t care about the society thing. Kameron wonders why D’Andra talks down to her about having married into it. What is she? From the ghetto? Cary says they sound like superficial bitches. Andy loves it. He asks which is the more important family, and Brandi says hers. He asks LeeAnne, who says she’s too intelligent for that conversation. Pass.

D’Andra and Kameron made peace in Denmark, but then Kameron told Cary that D’Andra was on friend probation. Kameron says D’Andra is the one who came up with the phrase, and D’Andra says it was a joke. Andy asks if she’s still on friend probation. Kameron doesn’t think so. She had taco salad at D’Andra’s after they came back. Stephanie says, bonding over taco salads, and Andy says, like the Montagues and the Capulets. (Romeo and Juliet’s families, for those not in the Shakespeare know, but I don’t think they bonded over taco salads.)

Andy asks if Cary and her dad are any closer after her trip to Copenhagen. She says, yes and no. They’re different people, and her getting in the hot tub naked didn’t help. They sometimes go months without speaking. She says, it’s unfortunate, and tears up. It’s something she’s always wanted, to have a deep connection, but she’s never gotten to that point. It’s now or never. She tells her mom, sorry about the hot tub.

Cary thought the trip to Copenhagen would help her bond with her dad, but it wasn’t all Danish and pickled herring. We see clips from the trip, including Brandi working hard to get sh*tfaced , the infamous Duber d*ck, and noooo! the phone. I’d forgotten for a minute. First, Andy wants talk about Brandi’s plan to get LeeAnne to admit she called Brandi an alcoholic. It seems not well thought out. Brandi says she thought it was a great idea at the time, and she’d prove a point. Andy asks if she admits she was trying to provoke LeeAnne; it was passive/aggressive. Cary says, it certainly was. Brandi says, it’s not fun throwing up fish. Andy asks why she cared that LeeAnne was taking a video, when the cameras for the show were there? Brandi says LeeAnne was being vindictive and malicious; she did it for selfish reasons. Cary’s family said, no cameras, and she wanted to respect that. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent, and handed the phone over. Andy says Cary was totally naked, and seems less bothered. Cary says, again, feast your eyes, but she understands that Brandi doesn’t trust LeeAnne. At same time, there were other cameras. LeeAnne says they were still in a volatile state, and she shouldn’t have done it. Andy asks Brandi if she stole LeeAnne’s phone, and she says she didn’t; she found it in the bar. Stephanie says she saw the phone too. Kameron says Brandi lied when she said there were no missed calls. LeeAnne says she called several times. Brandi says she would have answered it.

Cary is asked what LeeAnne said about Brandi’s phone, and she says, LeeAnne cloned it. LeeAnne explains what she said was that her phone has an app that clones the nearest phone if you try three times to break in. She doesn’t really have an app like that. Cary says, that would be amazing. Brandi starts yammering. Stephanie laughs. Kameron says Brandi is lying that she didn’t call LeeAnne’s phone, and she’s lost Kameron’s trust. Brandi says Kameron lies all the time. She asks Brandi to stand up and tell her what she’s lied about. Andy tells everyone to stay seated. The most important thing, is that LeeAnne got her phone back.

Leeanne and D’Andra were best friends for over 10 years, but that changed when accusations flew over finances, infidelity, and alcoholism. We flash back to D’Andra questioning LeeAnne about stalling over the wedding, the – ugh! – bank account with only $200 in it, D’Andra questioning Rich’s faithfulness, and LeeAnne’s concern over D’Andra’s drinking. Andy wants to dial back, and go through it. It started when D’Andra was pressing LeeAnne. D’Andra thought they’d start planning after the engagement, but it didn’t happen. She started worrying if Rich did it just to appease LeeAnne. Without skipping beat, Andy moves on to the $200 bank account. He says LeeAnne claimed she was trying to help D’Andra, and asks, how? LeeAnne says D’Andra and Brandi were shopping; she thinks drunk shopping, and she thought D’Andra should return it. D’Andra admits it wasn’t a good time for her to be spending money, and shouldn’t have spent it. Cary says, people talk, and D’Andra was talking about it. Kameron says, in Copenhagen, D’Andra said LeeAnne gave her a golden ticket. America can relate to having only $200 in an account. She thought D’Andra was crying crocodile tears. Andy says after D’Andra’s comment accusing LeeAnne and Rich of leading separate lives, she insinuated Rich was having an affair. D’Andra tells him that she never said Rich was cheating. In the confessional, she’d said she heard it from multiple people. Stephanie says D’Andra should say something like that face-to-face. If she heard something like that in an interview, she would feel betrayed. LeeAnne says she and Rich don’t have problems; he’s never cheated. D’Andra says two of his ex-wives sought her out, and told her a different story. I wouldn’t believe what an ex-anything said. D’Andra says one of them told her that she had no idea what she was saving LeeAnne from. LeeAnne says she’s going low again, and Kameron says, the way D’Andra is treating LeeAnne, she’s losing her trust. D’Andra says she did the right thing in trying to help. Andy asks if LeeAnne just doesn’t want to admit it, and she says if Rich was cheating, she wouldn’t be with him.

Alcohol also played a role in chipping away at LeeAnne and D’Andra’s friendship. Andy asks why D’Andra insisted that LeeAnne called her an alcoholic, when she didn’t. D’Andra says LeeAnne implicates things, but I think she means implies. LeeAnne says she thought all D’Andra and Brandi did together was drink. D’Andra says, that doesn’t mean it’s a problem, and Cary says, maybe it’s just a problem when she’s with Brandi. Andy says D’Andra admitted to having issues at one time, but alcohol wasn’t one of them. D’Andra says, when she was twenty-nine, she had a cocaine problem, and went to rehab for three months. She was living in L.A. at the time, and got caught up in the wrong crowd. Andy says, since LeeAnne is someone who knows about that, wouldn’t it be fair to say she was legitimately concerned? D’Andra says, it felt nefarious in every way. Ha-ha! Like and anti-Mary Poppins. Andy says they both made what the other considers nefarious comments, and they both say they did it out of concern.

Andy is bringing someone out who can give them perspective. The great and powerful Mama Dee. He says he requested her presence, since she seems to be someone they all listen to. Dee comes out with her purse, joking that she has to give D’Andra her allowance. Andy says she hasn’t taken the keys to the company back, and she says she’s retired and loving it. Andy tells her LeeAnne claims to be the one who named her Mama Dee, and Dee says it was when they were talking about the show, and LeeAnne wanted her to talk D’Andra into doing it. Andy asks if the ketchup meatloaf was good, and everyone agrees it was great. LeeAnne says there were eight sticks of butter in the mashed potatoes, and Dee says when she gets down to eight pounds butter at home, she panics. Andy tells Dee that LeeAnne never said D’Andra was an alcoholic, and Dee says LeeAnne was worried about her becoming an alcoholic. We flash back to what she said, and that wasn’t it. Dee says that’s how she heard it, and when you’re almost seventy-eight, you hear things different. And apparently have a built-in excuse to be wrong.

Andy asks what Dee thinks the real issue is between D’Andra and LeeAnne. She says when people care about each other and move on, they lose a diamond while collecting stones. I have no clue what that means. She says it’s sad, because at one time, they were best friends. LeeAnne thinks D’Andra wants to win, and when she doesn’t feel like she’s winning, takes steps to make that happen. Andy asks if LeeAnne thinks it has something to do with the show, and asks D’Andra if the show tore them apart. D’Andra thinks it did. Andy asks what they can do to on track, and Brandi says, make out. He asks if D’Andra can apologize. She says she thought she was doing the right thing, but looking back, she didn’t do the right thing. LeeAnne says she already did apologize. Andy asks if Mama Dee thinks there’s hope. She does, and tells everyone, they can’t change the beginning, but can all start where they are to change the ending. Andy asks what specifically can be done. Dee says they won’t like it, but she doesn’t give a rat’s ass wrapped around a rain barrel. She wants them to be best friends again, and will help them work toward that. Andy asks if that’s a viable option, and LeeAnne would love to see a relationship coach. That’s where we’re at? There are relationship coaches for friendships now? She says someone not attached to the issue, and D’Andra is willing to do that. Andy is all, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? with Mama Dee. She tells him to look her up when he’s in Dallas.

In their final moments, Andy asks if they had one do-over, what would it be? Stephanie says she waits too long to say how she feels. She wants to get better at that, and stay in the moment. Cary says she was overly honest. She’s reigning that in. Kameron wants to hold back on questions, and let things go. LeeAnne and Cary high-five with her. Brandi apologizes to Kameron for saying she’s a liar, and admits she might have seen the calls if she’d tried harder. D’Andra wants to be kinder and gentler. She tends to be a bull in china cabinet. LeeAnne says she has lots of things to work on, but wants to continue her journey of being a peace-filled person. Andy asks if she and D’Andra have anything say to one another. D’Andra says she’s sorry, and sorry she poked at LeeAnne. She should have had a more private conversation, and didn’t take LeeAnne’s feelings into consideration. LeeAnne thinks sometimes Dee forces D’Andra to see things differently with her opinions, and misses being able to protect her.

In Beaver Creek, D’Andra and Brandi invented a new drink; the Spitfire, tequila and Fireball. Brandi serves everyone shots, and Andy makes a face when he smells it. They all get up, but Kameron’s foot is asleep. LeeAnne says the shot will wake it up. One last skoal. They drink, Andy says, it’s terrible, and we’re out.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Frank Jr. was home, so Delores was ecstatic. Marge had the most gigantic sunglasses ever, and I’m so jealous. Danielle was a Bridezilla. She wants it all, and it’s about them being there for her. She was very demanding of her bridal party. I just expected mine to show up. I enjoyed Danielle’s Roaring 20s bachelorette party, but it’s sad when you know the marriage is going to be over in a matter of minutes. One of the strippers scared me though. He picked Danielle up, chair and all, turned her upside down and spun her around, balancing the whole deal on his head. Which was in her crotch. Honestly, had that been me, where his head was at would have been the least of my worries. No wonder Teresa is cranky. It’s no fun to be in training for something, and existing on lemon water and four ounces of fish every day. Teresa griped to Danielle about Melissa not having her back, and Danielle said, I gotcha, baby. Teresa said Jackie needs to apologize or be gone. Next time, Bimini, Marty makes an appearance, and Teresa has it out with Jackie.

🌍 The Vikings Started It…

The first skoal.


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