December 14, 2018 – Cameron Bakes Some Brownies, Welcome to Hackertown, Quotes of Seven & December Duo


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General Hospital

Curtis tells Jordan, surprise! Honeymoon at Kelly’s. She swears they’re going to Fiji – as soon as she closes the case. He says they both know investigations rarely go as fast as they’d like, but she’s making progress. She tells him that she keeps thinking something is right in front of her, but she’s not seeing it. He says she’s done a masterful job investigating links and gathering evidence. She thinks she doesn’t have much to show for it, but he has the feeling that’s about to change.

Julian sees Kim with her head on Drew’s shoulder, and gets back in the elevator.

At Turning Woods, Sonny asks Carly if everything’s okay. She says, a minor crisis at work, but it’s fine. He appreciates her coming, and she says she’s happy to be there for Mike. He’s not the one she’s mad at. Sonny asks if she wants to argue about Margaux right now. She says she’d like to forget Margaux exists, and focus on Christmas. They see Mike and Yvonne decorating a tree, and Carly says it looks like Mike is ahead of them.

At Kelly’s, Marcus tells Stella that Sonny claims it’s all innocent, but he’d like to see how Sonny would like it if someone was chasing after his wife. Stella doesn’t think he’s like it too much. Marcus says it’s torture looking at the person you love when they have no idea.

Cameron gets a text. I’ll bring the (weed emoji). You bring the money. His phone rings. Elizabeth tells him the sitter can’t stay late, but Cameron says he has plans. She asks what kind, and he says extracurricular activities. They look good on college apps. She says she needs him to go straight home, and he says, fine. He’ll be there. He gets another text. Meet me in one hour.

Valentin sees that Nina is packed and ready to go. He says she doesn’t waste time. She tells him it’s not like she brought her entire wardrobe. She was just keeping Sasha company. He says, and safe. There’s a serial killer loose in Port Charles. She says she has no reason to stay, but he says he can think of a few.

Lulu meets Laura at Charlie’s. Laura asks, what’s going on? and Lulu says, everything, wondering when it became December, like we all are. She wishes she could figure out who Charlotte is bullying, and Laura says, Aiden. Lulu says, Charlotte is bullying her own cousin?

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte will miss her. Nina says Charlotte knew she was leaving when Sasha did. Valentin says Sasha is safe in Chappaqua; what about her? There have been no arrests in Kiki’s murder, and there’s the killing of that nurse. Nina has confidence in Jordan and her team, but Valentin says there’s been no progress. He asks her to stay there. At least it’s a safe place.

Laura tells Lulu it’s getting worse. She doesn’t want to upset her, but she’s Charlotte’s mother. She needs to know what’s going on. Lulu asks if she’s talked to Elizabeth, and Laura says she knows Aiden is being bullied, but not that it’s by Charlotte. She’s surprised Charlotte’s teacher didn’t tell her, but Lulu says Willow is trying to diffuse the situation. She doesn’t want Charlotte to be publicly reprimand, or the kids might choose sides, and it will leave Aiden more isolated.

Alexis comes into Charlie’s, saying she’s there to whisk Kristina away for a late birthday celebration. They’re going to a spa, and Kristina can bring a friend. Kristina says she’s working all night, and Alexis asks if she can talk to the owner. Kristina says Julian is out, and wherever he went seemed important.

Sonny says the tree looks great. Yvonne sticks her finger on an ornament, and Sonny asks if she’s all right. Mike says she’s okay, and Sonny suggests getting a Band-Aid. Mike says it’s not necessary, and tells him to back off. Sonny says Mike doesn’t need to get excited, and Mike tells him, back off. Why is Sonny telling him what to do. He’s the adult, not Sonny. He asks where Sonny’s father is.

Through the window, Curtis sees Stella and Marcus in Kelly’s, and says, damn. He tells Jordan that Stella is with Marcus Godfrey. She asks if that’s the Marcus; the lost love of Stella’s life? He says, the one and only. He supposes he should thank him for inspiring Stella to show up at the wedding. She said she met an old friend who inspired her to put things in perspective, and guesses it was him. Jordan asks how Curtis tracked him down, but Curtis says he didn’t. Marcus has his own reasons to be in Port Charles.

Stella tells Marcus that Sonny sees his father seems happy. Marcus asks what he’s supposed to do; let it keep going on? She says she’s not telling him to do anything. He says she was never one without an opinion back in the day. She says she’s learned when to keep her place, and he says it’s her place now. She’s an old friend, and Mike is her client. If she has something to say, he wants to hear it. She tells him she thinks he’s being ungenerous. Not to Sonny or his father, but Yvonne.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s his father. Carly says he knows Sonny. He’s Mike’s son Michael. His name is just like Mike’s, but everyone calls him Sonny. Mike guesses he must have forgotten for a moment. Sonny says, it’s all right. He didn’t want intrude, but wanted to be there for the party. Yvonne asks if everything is all right. Does he know this young man? Mike says, he’s a good guy, and suggests they take care of her finger. When they’re gone, Carly says she’s so sorry, and hugs Sonny.

Alexis tells Kristina, it’s not fair. Julian keeps putting her in charge, and she’s not being paid for two jobs. Kristina asks her to stay out of it; she has enough to deal with. Alexis asks if Julian has been talking about Kiki’s death, and if he’s in a bad way. Kristina says he’s messed up about it, but his way of taking care of himself is taking care of others. He’s been looking after Kim and Oscar, and running errands for them. Julian comes in, and snaps at Kristina about the shaker being on the bar. Kristina tells Alexis that she prefers it when he’s out taking care of Kim.

Kim asks if Franco and Elizabeth want some food, but Elizabeth says they’ll take a raincheck. Kim says they owe her for the extra support and care she’s given Oscar. Drew says they appreciate it, and Kim adds, especially with what’s going on. Franco tells them that they postponed the wedding, partly because of Kiki. It seemed soon. Elizabeth says they’ve also got stuff going on with the kids.

Cameron tells Aiden to stay in his room until he finishes his homework. He takes out a box of brownie mix, and says, to bake or not to bake; that is the question.

Lulu can’t believe her daughter is bullying her nephew. Laura says, they’re both young, and it can be a wonderful teaching moment. Lulu says they’re getting through this time, and Laura asks if she and Valentin are still on the same page. Lulu says they are; Nina is the problem. She refuses to believe it. Laura says, no one wants to believe their child is capable of bullying, but it’s not uncommon. Kids are under pressure too, and don’t always deal with it the best way. Lulu says she’s going to win this time. If Valentin can’t discipline Charlotte, she will.

Valentin would like to believe he doesn’t frighten Nina, and she says he doesn’t. He’s not a threat to her health or well-being. He says, good to know. She says she just gets distracted around him, and doesn’t always make the right decision. It was great that he found Sasha. She loves him, and might always love him, but she can’t stay with him. She can’t pretend things didn’t happen that did. He says he’s not the same man he was when he gave Peter to Faison. He’s not the same man since he met her in the hotel hallway. Meeting her changed him forever. The man before her is the man he’s been ever since. She says she should go, and he says, please don’t. She can’t keep doing this; she doesn’t have it in her. He says she doesn’t have to do anything. He’s never going to stop trying to win her back, even when she says she doesn’t believe in them.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike and Yvonne are on their way back; they’re picking out games. She doesn’t know how aware Mike is about what happened, and Sonny says, it’s to be expected. Stella warned them. Carly says, that doesn’t make it easier. You can tell yourself that you’re prepared. You can read all the brochures, but knowing it is different than living it. Sonny says he tells himself it’s not that bad. Mike is still here, and still his dad, but the good times are less, and the bad times are getting worse. He doesn’t know how to handle it. He doesn’t know what to do. Carly says she doesn’t either, but they’re not doing it alone.

Stella tells Marcus that Yvonne has a special bond with Mike. They give each other light. Anyone can see it. Marcus says it’s how she used be all the time, and it means the world to him. Stella asks if it’s so wrong that Yvonne has a connection with Mike. He’s not a stranger at this state. Why deny her a friendship she enjoys? Marcus says she’s less present each day, and focused on Mike, not her husband. Does she know how hard it is to want something just outside your reach?

Kristina tells Alexis, birthdays don’t mean anything anyway. She’s learned every day is like a birthday, a chance to start over. Alexis doesn’t see the harm in celebrating. You only come into the world once. Kristina says, who knows? It could have been five hundred times. Alexis says, okay, Buddha. Does she believe in reincarnation. Julian comes back in, and complains about how the limes are being sliced. He asks why it’s so hard for Kristina to do her job. Alexis says it’s a bar, not an operating room; no one is dying. He needs to chill. He says he doesn’t tell her how represent her clients; don’t tell him how to run his business. She understands it’s a tough time, but don’t it take out on her daughter. Julian says, okay, she’s fired. He tells Alexis, thanks for the advice. He feels chiller already.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Aiden has a great teacher, who picked up on it. Franco gripes that she won’t cough up the name, and Kim says, it’s frustrating. Oscar went through it in middle school. Franco says he’s tempted to put Spinelli on retainer. Elizabeth says the other parents are dealing with it on their end, and she understands the child has been spoken to.

There’s a knock at Valentin’s door, and he says, someone is about to die. It’s Lulu. He tells her, it’s not a good time, but she says, too bad. They’re getting the message across to Charlotte before more damage is done. Nina asks if this is about the alleged bullying. Lulu says Nina has to stop running interference. They tried working it out together, and it was a disaster thanks to her. Nina says Lulu is taking the teacher’s word over her daughter’s, and Willow is PC to a fault. Kids need the room work out their own problems. It’s the other parents’ job to toughen up their kid. Lulu says the kid is her nephew, Aiden. Valentin asks if they’re talking about Aiden Webber. In her first moment of soap timing ever, Charlotte walks in and says, what about him?

Cameron is starting to bake, when there’s a knock at the door. Laura asks if his mom is home. He says she’s out, and he’s on babysitting duty. Aiden is there, and finishing his homework upstairs. She doesn’t want to interrupt, and Aiden says he was just working on an extracurricular activity. She says she’ll wait. He asks if he can get her anything, but she says she’s fine. He’s goes back to the kitchen, and is looking at something on his phone, when she walks in. She ask if she startled him. He says he was just focused on his phone, and she asks if this is the extracurricular activity. He says he’s supposed to make brownies for the bake sale, but he’s challenged. She says they’ll do it together.

Franco says they should go. Cameron is probably tired of babysitting. Elizabeth suggests Kim and Drew get some rest. The better shape the both of them are in, the better for Oscar. She and Franco leave, and Drew asks Kim about getting something for the staff. She gets on her phone, and says there’s a $500 credit in her account. It’s definitely a mistake. She makes a call.

Alexis finds Julian outside, tearing apart boxes. She asks if he thinks it’s a good idea to fire his first bartender on his first anniversary. He opened up Charlie’s a year ago. Julian says he doesn’t keep track, and she tells him, try sobriety. It makes you good at keeping track. He says he’s got enough problems, and she says he’ll have even more without Kristina’s help. He says she’s not fired; he’s just pissed off. He attacks the boxes. Alexis says she can tell. Does he want to talk. He says he shouldn’t lean on her; it’s not right. She tells him to talk to someone. His anger is toxic. He says things didn’t turn out way he thought they would. She says, they rarely do.

Charlotte asks why everyone is mad at her. Nina says they’re not mad, and Lulu says they’re upset about the way she’s been treating Aiden. Valentin says school is easy for her. Lulu says, it’s not like that for everybody. Valentin tells her, it’s important not to hurt others’ feelings, and Lulu adds, especially those who are having trouble in class. Charlotte says it’s not her fault Aiden is different. He’s so weird. She tried to help him, and tell him how to act, but he doesn’t listen. He does things differently, and that’s why no one likes him. It’s his fault, not hers.

Marcus says it’s nice to meet Jordan, but he should go. There’s a holiday party at Turning Woods. Curtis says he’ll walk him out. Jordan sits, and Stella asks how married life is. Jordan says she loves it, but she’d love it more if she wasn’t working twenty-hour days. Stella asks how the investigation is going. Jordan says she thinks she’s getting close. Stella says she has every confidence Jordan will close the case, and she and Curtis can pick up where they left off. Jordan appreciates that they have some time alone. She wanted to thank Stella for coming to the wedding. It meant everything, and she hopes it’s the start of things being better between them. If she can find Marcus after all these years, anything is possible. Stella asks if Curtis told her about Marcus, and Jordan says, some. She knew some herself because she went looking for him.

Outside, Curtis asks Marcus how Yvonne is doing. Marcus says, not well. She’ll never get better, and he’s accepted that, but he hopes she doesn’t decline too quickly. Curtis knows he and Stella have a history, and suggests Marcus let her help. She’s very talented in her field. Marcus says, she’s already done plenty.

Jordan tells Stella that she thought if she could find Marcus, and bring him back into her life, it might soften her attitude toward them. Stella asks if Jordan tried to reunite her with Marcus. Jordan says she wanted to explore the possibility, but when she discovered he was married, that was the end of it. Stella wonders why Jordan is telling her now. Jordan says she has to be honest if she wants to move on and be a family. She asks if there’s any chance for that.

Carly thinks Mike and Yvonne are cute. Yvonne lifts Mike’s spirits. Sonny is relieved that Mike found a friend. Carly says he’s sweet and considerate with her. Sonny says when Mike was first diagnosed, he thought Mike losing his memory was the worst thing, but now he thinks it’s going from the limbo before he forgets. That must be hardest; slipping away. He must feel alone. Carly thinks that’s why Mike is protective and territorial with Yvonne. Sonny says, it’s clear they have a connection. He can’t lose her.

Lulu says it’s not Charlotte’s job to tell her classmates how to act. The first rule – the only rule – is to treat others the way you want to be treated. How would she feel if someone told her how to act or what to like. Or embarrassed her? Valentin says he was teased mercilessly because of the way he looked, and she should feel bad. Lulu says, she’s not helping; she’s hurting. They know she can’t be best friends with everyone. Everyone is different, and it’s all okay. They’re just asking her to be kind and respectful to Aiden; to everyone. Charlotte starts to cry. Lulu says they know she’s a good person. She shows them every day. Charlotte says, deal, and Lulu says, good. Now there’s just one more person they have to show.

Cameron thanks Laura for the assist. She saved batch of brownies. Laura say they don’t get much of a chance to be together. She has some advice about his brother. Cameron says he tried to warn their mom it was going to happen. He was going to get picked on in school. Laura asks why Cameron thinks that, and Cameron says, he’s just different. He doesn’t fit in. Cameron knew that once Aiden hit a certain age, kids will see and pick on him. Laura says that’s astute of Cameron. His brother looks up to him. It would be wonderful if Cameron let Aiden know he’s great the way he is.

Franco and Elizabeth come home. Elizabeth says she didn’t know Laura was stopping by, and Laura says she was hoping they’d get a chance to talk. Elizabeth thanks Cameron, and tells him he’s off. He’s relieved of duty, and can go back to doing whatever he was doing. He’s already flying out the door, saying, home by ten. Elizabeth apologizes for him being rude, and Laura says, clearly, he was in a hurry; he forgot the brownies. Franco asks, did she just say brownies? as he eats one.

On the phone, Kim says she’ll check her email. She tells Drew that Julian got her a credit. It’s probably in her spam folder. She looks, and says there are several. He got someone to clean her apartment and grocery shop. She feels guilty; she’s kind of neglected him lately. Drew is sure Julian knows what she’s going through, and wants to help. Kim wishes she could return the favor or thank him in person. Drew says, Oscar is asleep. He’ll hold down the fort. She’d do the same for him. Just bring back pizza when she’s done. She leaves.

Alexis asks what Kristina is doing, and Kristina says figuring out if she’s been there long enough to get unemployment. Julian says she’s rehired. Alexis says, not so fast. Doesn’t he have something to say? He tells Kristina that he’s sorry, and Alexis says, how about a raise? He needs Kristina, and knows it. An extra five dollars an hour. Julian says, done, but she’s working overtime this weekend. Alexis tells Kristina, you’re welcome.

Laura says the brownies are for a drama class bake sale, and Elizabeth asks if she’s sure she heard correctly. Laura says, maybe he’s been bitten by the acting bug, and Franco says, who knew? They have a budding pastry chef. Laura says, he had help, and Elizabeth thanks her. Laura knows Cameron can be a handful, but he’s a great kid. Franco says he’ll drop the brownies by the bake sale.

Cameron goes to the hospital. Drew sees him, and gives him a hug. Cameron says he came to check on Oscar, and asks how he’s doing. Drew says, sleeping, but he’s doing better. He’ll tell him that Cameron stopped by. When Drew is gone, Cameron texts, don’t need the product. Deal’s off.

Kim finds Julian, still messing with the boxes. She says she appreciates what he’s doing. He says she could have texted or called, but she wanted to tell him in person. He asks, what? She says he’s amazing. He always comes through for her, and takes care of her, no matter what, and she wants to thank him.

Kristina gives Alexis a drink (non-alcoholic) with an uneven lime, on the house. She says Alexis still has the magic touch, and Alexis says, when has she never? She sees Kim and Julian hugging through the window.

Laura is glad she and Elizabeth are alone. She wants to talk about Aiden. The bell rings, and Elizabeth says, hold that thought. She opens the door to Lulu and Charlotte.

Valentin asks if Nina wants him to call for the launch. Nina tells him she’s not leaving after she saw the way Lulu talked to Charlotte. Valentin says Charlotte needed some tough love, but Nina says it was more than that. She’s going overboard. She’s more worried about protecting Aiden. It might stunt his development. She wants to stop Charlotte from being the incredible, independent girl she is. Valentin promises to be vigilant, but Nina says she’s staying.

Jordan tells Stella that her search didn’t lead anywhere, but she still butted into Stella’s private business. She hopes Stella understands and forgives her, or will. Curtis comes back, and asks, who’s hungry? Stella says she’s had her fill, and she’s due back at work. She looks at Jordan, and smiles, patting her on the shoulder. Curtis asks what he missed.

Sonny tells Carly it’s getting late. They should get his dad home before he gets fuzzier. Carly says he seems preoccupied. Mike and Yvonne gaze at each other. Carly thinks they should give them a minute. Marcus comes in as Yvonne touches Mike’s face.

On Monday, Franco has to tell Elizabeth something she won’t like to hear, Lulu says Charlotte needs to apologize to Aiden, Mike kisses Yvonne, and all Jason wants for Christmas is to spend the day with Sam.

Z Nation

We see a screen with texting. Kaya in the Skya: Are you there? They’re headed your way. Ghost King 2.0: Good. Kaya in the Skya: Can I trust you? Ghost King 2.0: Of course.

Roberta and George check out the fencing around Hackertown. A zombie gets electrocuted, and Roberta says, some of the wires can still be hot. Roberta bangs on a metal post. She says, 3 o’clock, and they draw their guns, but it’s Citizen Z. He’s sorry he’s late; he fell asleep. Roberta is glad he made it, and he says, just barely. Altura is locked up tight, and Kaya didn’t want him to go, but she gets it. They’re in a war.

They approach the building that houses Hackertown. CZ says it was a telephone switching center, and they built on the old hardware. There aren’t many digital malefactors left, but they’re pros. They spent many hours to crack Altura. They see a lock system with a small screen, and CZ says they have to prove themselves worthy by entering the next number in a series. The screen asks, what is the meaning of 42? George doesn’t get it. CZ says, it’s an old hacker joke. The answer is the total numerical value in the letters of the two words. He puts it in, nothing happens, and he says, or not. George kicks the door open, and they go in.

It’s dark, and they guide themselves with flashlights. They go down a hallway lined with equipment, and into another room. There are screens going and music playing. A voice tells them, hold it right there, and Roberta say they come in peace. A dude steps out into the light, and CZ asks if he’s the real Ghost King 2.0. He tells them that they have to answer a question. Roberta asks if he’s the troll under the bridge. Ghost King asks what’s the number one rule in hacking, and CZ says, information wants to be free. Ghostsays, the judges say cool, and he puts on the lights. CZ says he has something for him, and punches him in the face. He tells Ghost, Kaya in the Skya says, hello bitch.

Ghost asks what that was for, and CZ says he knows Ghost is trolling his wife. Ghost says it’s not his fault she’s hot. He asks how they got in, and George says they passed the test – for the most part. A guy in a hammock asks them to keep it down; he’s trying to meditate. Roberta says they need help. They need to see Estes’s computer. Ghost says, that’s impossible, and adds, it will take a few hours. CZ says, so they can do it, and Ghost tells him, no one said yes. What do they get out of it? He’d like a new laptop, a car, a shotgun… Roberta tells him to be realistic, and he says, in the unlikely event Newmerica is established, they want immunity in perpetuity for all cybercrimes they may have committed. George asks, what crimes? and he says, a little of this, a little of that. George says if he helps them now, she’ll try to get them a pardon in the future. They fist bump.

The sign on Limbo says, closed. Inside, Addie says if the talkers don’t get biscuits or brains, they’re going to have a problem. Murphy says tell him something he doesn’t know. He asks Doc how the miners are, and Doc says, great. As long as your definition for great is starving slowly and turning zombie. They look at the fish tank with the lithium bricks in it. 10K says it’s a dozen blocks of pure lithium. Addie says that’s why they were eating batteries. She saw them slicing the batteries, and putting the slices on their tongues. It works on the brain. Murphy asks how her truffle slicing skills are. They hear a noise, and Murphy opens the door. It’s Estes. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. It’s a pleasure to see him. Estes has his posse with him, and Murphy says he sees Estes brought his back up dancers. He tells Estes that they’re closed to the public right now. Estes’s men draw their guns, and Estes says he’s sheltering escaped talkers. He knows they’re here. Open up. Murphy asks if he has a search warrant. Estes says, this is the apocalypse. Stand back, and let them come in. Murphy stands aside, saying he should have cleaned up.

Inside, Doc, Addie, and 10K sit at a table, playing cards. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. Or at least what’s left of it.

Sun looks through a microscope, and says, negative. She says, it has to be here, and looks at another slide. Negative. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Red with another woman. Sun tells them that she’s the only one there. Red says this is her friend Becky. She came for help. Becky got sick while she was hiding her. Sun asks if she’s a talker, and Red says, yes. Becky says she’s hungry. Sun wants to see how dead she is, and examines her. She says, toxic shock. The infection has overwhelmed her body. People are becoming immune to everything; antibody resistant. There’s nothing Red could have done. Red says Becky needs a biscuit (sounds like a children’s book), but Sun says she doesn’t have any. They took them all. Becky suddenly punches Red.

Doc, Addie, and 10K continue to play cards. Estes tells his men, keep looking. He asks what the occasion for the mini reunion is, and Murphy says, it’s Thursday. Addie heard Doc is a maverick at strip poker. Doc tells her, one word of advice – later. Murphy tells Estes there’s a two drink minimum. Estes says Murphy was housing dozens of talkers, and Murphy says, says who? Estes says, everyone. Murphy says he doesn’t see any, and Estes tells him, seeing is one thing; believing is another, and he believes they’re here. He takes out a gun under the table. Murphy asks if Estes is going to believe him or his Spidey sense. Estes says he’ll wait it out. He orders water for everyone, and Murphy says, two bullets a glass. Estes tells him to put it Altura tab, but Murphy says they don’t have one. Doc shakes his head at Addie, who also has a gun. Estes nods to one of his guys, and the guy gives Murphy four bullets. Murphy says he’ll be right back, and Doc asks if he should deal Estes in. Estes declines.

Murphy pours two waters and smiles. Estes asks if Murphy has seen George and Roberta, and he says, nope. Estes says he thought they were friends. Murphy says he doesn’t have the chip in him now, does he? 10K says, go fish.

Ghost introduces his crew, Girl Boom, and Skip Grecko, the guy in the hammock. GHOST says Skip is the richest man in the world. He specializes in crypto-currency, and has been harvesting coin mines that are still in operation. Roberta wonders why, and GHOST says, sometimes hacking is the journey. A dude who’s pretty much a skeleton sits at a computer, and Ghost says, that’s Bones. He’s old school from the old freak phone era, and a ninja on the keyboard. He tells them, when you’ve only got one talker, a bag of biscuits goes a long way.

CZ asks if they have Estes’s password, and Ghost says, maybe. George says they can hack his laptop, and Ghost says, they have their own air gap email server – the full Hillary – but they’ll need someone inside. Kaya comes up on the screen, and Skip asks who the babe is. CZ says that’s the mother of his child. He tells Kaya that they need someone to get inside, and she says she can do it. Girl Boom says she’s in the system, and they can see what everyone is up to. Kaya is walking toward Altura’s headquarters, and Girl Boom says, there she is. She messes with the security system, so Kaya disappears from the feed. She says, no more Kaya

Kaya goes to the rear service entrance. Ghost says Bones has card keys and IDs. You wouldn’t know by looking at him, but he’s quite the catfisherman. CZ says they’ll need high clearance, and Ghost calls him Captain Obvious. He tells Kaya what to put in the keypad. She’s in, and CZ tells her to be careful.

Estes sees a security alert on his phone; unauthorized key use. He says, Ghost King 2.0, and Murphy says, what? Estes tells him, former employees that turned into vandals. Murphy says, he has a cell phone? Estes says it seems like his talker friends have vanished. He wishes Murphy would come to Altura. They could use his sales expertise. Murphy says, leaving so soon? Estes says they have an intruder. Search every inch, and keep quiet. If they want to hack, let’s hack.

Estes uses his phone to unlock and open the doors at Hackerville. Zombies walk in. Girl Boom says the power has been killed on the door locks. Ghost thinks maybe Estes is on to them, and CZ tells him to get Kaya out now. Ghost says they have company; every corridor has been breached. Execute order 666.

Kaya sneaks around. She tries to contact Hackerville, and asks, where are you guys?

Alarms go off. Ghost says they got this. CZ can’t believe they have drones. Skip, Girl Boom, and Ghost get into position, and several screens come up with the drones on them. Ghost asks Skip what the probability of success is, and Skip says, 32.33, repeating. Ghost says, better than usual; very nice. The drones fly, and a few crash into the walls. Ghost says Bones made modifications. The drones shoot at the zombies. It’s like a video game. Girl Boom slams a zombie in the head, and they laugh. Roberta is like, damn. Skip races his drone around some columns, and Ghost says, go for bookends. He tells Skip, get in on this, and the three of them surround a zombie, shooting at its neck until they slice his head off. George laughs, and Ghost says he didn’t expect that; it just happened. He says, uh-oh. They’re out of ammo. They slam the drones into the zombies’ heads, and it’s a bloodbath. Ghost is the only one left, then he’s out. He says, they crashed, but finished strong. CZ says, crazy, and Ghost says CZ has been doing it the hard way. A zombie ambles in, and Ghost says, time for the big guns. He takes out a metal box, and pulls up an antenna on it. A tiny drone floats out and flies around like Tinkerbell. George fights with the zombie, and holds a ladder between them. Ghost concentrates on the Tinkerbell drone, and it goes up the zombie’s nose. Ghost tells them, get down, and the zombie’s head explodes. George wants that.

Addie slices the lithium, using a razor blade. Murphy asks if she knows what she’s doing, and she says, no. She tells him she has to be careful cutting. It melts in their mouths. The talkers line up and she feeds them. 10K says there’s a kid missing, and Murphy says, it’s always something. His parents are there, and Doc says they’ll find him. They call out for Mason.

Red says Sun has been working with blood samples. Sun says by hand. Red wonders what Sun is looking for, and Sun says an anomaly, a mutation, something that gives immunity. Red asks if she’s had any luck. Sun says one sample showed immunity, but it won’t do any good. She shows Red the vial, and it’s labeled Murphy. Red says, great. Sun tells her that Murphy’s blood so full of crap, she doesn’t know which gene has what effect. On the examining table, Becky starts thrashing around. She wants brains.

Addie slices and feeds. The others look for Mason. 10K says, still no sign, and Murphy says, these talkers blend into the furniture. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Estes with Mason. Estes says he has something belongs to them.

Roberta asks how Kaya is doing. She says she’s outside Estes’s door. Girl Boom says, card swipe coming her way, and Kaya unlocks the door.

Murphy asks Estes if he thinks he’ll get away with this. Estes says he’s just trying to help them. Murphy says rounding them up, putting them in lockdown, vigilante justice. That’s not being supportive. Estes says, it’s for their own good. Doc says, even for the zombie apocalypse, that’s lame.

Out in the yard, 10K draws his gun.

Murphy asks what Estes really wants. Estes says he has the talkers hidden away. Murphy insists he doesn’t, and if he did, they’re not his to give. He doesn’t own them. Estes says then Murphy won’t mind if he takes them. 10K draws a bead on Estes, but as he’s about to shoot, there’s a gun at his head. Murphy tells Estes he’s just a simple busman trying make an honest biscuit. Estes says, cut the crap. 10K is led in. Murphy asks if this is trying to be supportive. Estes says he’s done wasting time. Disarm them.

They go inside, and Estes tells Mason that he’s sorry. There’s nobody there. His parents left him. He says Mason is shaking, even though he’s not. Estes says he’d be scared too, if his parents abandoned him. He’s never going to see them again. Mason cries silently, but we hear crying from behind a door. Estes opens it. Mason’s mother grabs him to her, and Estes says this is the thanks he gets for saving her boy. She’s welcome. He tells his crew, send more trucks.

Becky cis flipping around, and Red tells Sun, do something. Sun says there’s only one thing left to do. She gets a gun, and Red says, not yet. What about Murphy’s blood? Becky grabs Red’s throat. Red tells Sun to hurry, and Sun injects Becky with Murphy’s blood. Becky seizes, then relaxes. She says, wow, and tells Red that she’s sorry; she didn’t mean it. She thanks Sun, and asks, what’s happening? Red says she’s burning up, and Sun says, the infection that killed her is coming back. She’s dying all over again.

Kaya is in Estes’s office, and opens his laptop. She needs the password, and Ghost tells her, hold tight. They’re going to all run their antilogarithms simultaneously. CZ asks if she has the thumb-drive. As soon as she gets in, employ it. Ghost asks if it’s for his NSA toolkit, and CZ says, no. Ghost asks if he can have a copy, and CZ says, solid no. Ghost says, there are no more secrets. The NSA don’t care. CZ says he cares.  Ghost says he’ll get it from Kaya. He says, the last letter always takes forever, and Roberta says, mercy. The password is mercy. CZ says, look who has a future in hacking. He tells Kaya the password, and she’s inside.

Murphy asks Estes what’s going to happen to the talkers. Estes says he’ll take good care of them. They’ll be safe in their own space. Murphy decides he’s going with them. He’s got to. Estes says, technically speaking, he is a talker. He’ll be safe under their protection. Murphy says he feels safer already. Estes wishes he’d work for Altura. They have more in common than Murphy thinks. Murphy says, no they don’t. Estes says if he changes his mind, they have excellent dental. Hell, I’ll go.

Becky relaxes again. She asks Red to help her, and begins to flail around some more. Red wonders what’s happening, and Becky yells, make it stop. It’s actually pretty sad.

Kaya says every file looks suspicious. It might take a while. Kaya flips through the files, and Roberta says, anything. Kaya says, lithium mining, the biscuit supply mine running out, lithium from new sources. Roberta asks if there’s anything about Dante, but Kaya is still looking. She thinks she found something in the editing program. Estes has been editing a document to make Dante look guilty. George wonders why Estes would do that. A screen shows guys with guns walking down the hallway. Roberta tells Kaya, upload everything and GTFO.

Murphy gets in the truck. Estes asks if that’s everybody. Doc, 10K, and Addie remain, and Doc says, sorry; human. Estes says to leave them. They have no problem with humans. As the truck door closes, Murphy ask if he mentioned he was claustrophobic. Estes says it’s a short ride to air conditioned buses that will lead to new lives.

Red wipes Becky’s face. Becky has a short seizure. Sun gets the gun. Red says, no, but then tells Becky not to be afraid. Becky says Red tried, and she loves her. Red turns her back, and Sun gives Becky mercy. Red cries.

Kaya uploads the files, mumbling that you’d think Estes would have better Wi-Fi. She shows them a document, and asks if anybody knows what this is. George says it looks like it’s redacting, and wonders what it means. Roberta tells Kaya to get out now.

The guards look through the window of Estes’s office. Kaya closes the laptop. They walk in, but she’s nowhere. They look underneath the table, but there’s nothing. One of them closes the laptop.

At Hackertown, they look at the document on the screen. Some of it is still redacted, but it clearly says, final mercy. George asks, what’s final mercy?

Next Friday, the final battle is at hand. And it looks like Pandora is in the thick of it.

💭 Quotes of the Week

Have you no human consideration? * Show me a human and I’ll have it. – Bill (Gary Merrill) and Margot (Bette Davis), respectively, All About Eve

Thread count: yes. Washing instructions: do not wash. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls, after buying sheets at the Less Than A Dollar store

I said, ‘I’ll do it for nothing.’ Actually, I had to give him $4,000 dollars. I had to pay him to do the part. — Dick Van Dyke, recounting that he had to financially persuade Disney to allow him to portray Mary Poppins‘ banker, Mr. Dawes Sr.

When he saw Misery, my ex-husband said he didn’t see anything unusual up there.Kathy Bates

It’s obvious you’re not a woman. * I’ve been aware of that for some time. – Margot (Bette Davis) and Bill (Gary Merrill), respectively, All About Eve

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.Rupi Kaur

I’m fine. I’m a Spartan.Eddie Judge, The Real Housewives of Orange County

👯 December Double Whammy…















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