December 21, 2018 – A Quick GH, Saturday Zs & On the Christmas Menu


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

While I wasn’t able to be as annoyingly detailed today – ha-ha – but here’s a mini-cap.

Willow is the mother Julian convinced to give up her son. She asked Julian, what if Diane knew Julian was involved? It might void the adoption altogether. Julian said Willow put her son first and there’s no greater act of love, and that Wiley was better off. He showed her all the pictures he had, and said Brad and Lucas loved Wiley with every fiber of their being.

Toys for Tots was promoted, and used as a way to bring Chet back in his Marine uniform. We also learned he’s October in a beefcake calendar. He’s come a long way.

Cameron wrote a letter of apology to the court. He told the other boys that they had to tell mom when they did something wrong, and if they couldn’t do it alone, they’d do it together. Aiden asked Cameron how to get people to like him, and Cameron said the secret was to be himself. He told Aiden that kids his age are dumb, but after a while, they’d catch on.

Peter showed up at Anna’s for her Christmas Eve party thing. She told Finn it was a Christmas miracle. Peter was anxious for Maxie to get there, and helped Anna wrap gifts. They agreed he’d inherited her lack of talent in this area. Chase asked Anna if he could invite Willow, and she was fine with that. Anna told Peter she made a donation every year on his birthday to needy children, and gave him her WSB file on a flashdrive

Oscar got an early Christmas gift from his parents. He thought it was a pair of socks, but there were car key’s in the toe. Monica said that she had the perfect accompaniment to Oscar’s car, but he wouldn’t find out what it was until Christmas. She called all the patients to the hub. When Drew asked, for what? she said, tradition.

Jordan talked to Stella about Mike and Yvonne.

Willow – who’s hair is suddenly considerably darker – was about to go to the bereavement group, when she got the invite from Chase. She ran into Michael, telling him she didn’t want to smile and make conversation when she had a hole inside of her. Michael told her the only people who understand their loss are people who’ve experienced the same thing, and they went to the group together.

Mike told Sonny the disease was teaching him to be in the moment, and not get hung up on what’s coming in the future. Sonny said if Mike could do that, so would he.

Josslyn got pissed at Jason for not telling her Oscar was sick, and letting the time be wasted they could have been together. Jason said he kept Oscar’s secret to help him, but he hated it. Josslyn forgave him, because he made Oscar feel like someone was on his side.

Bobbie told Monica there was a Santa-sized problem. The moths rendered the Santa suit into a bikini.

Oscar wanted to help a sick little girl who thought Santa wouldn’t be able to find her. Drew called Sonny for help. Apparently, he has extra Santa suits on hand.

Monica read The Night Before Christmas, which annoyed the crap out of me. After she just got done talking about tradition, and how the Christmas story had been passed down from Steve to Alan to her, she read this? The tradition was them reading the story of Jesus’s birth, and I don’t give a blip how PC anyone wants to be – that’s what Christmas celebrates. Thanks GH for stomping on tradition. At least we still get pizza on Thanksgiving.

Bobbie ended up in the Santa suit.

Next time, Obrecht asks Nelle where her baby is. Not-Doc thinks he’s pulling it off, and Bobbie says someone can stay. I read online that the December 23, 2005 episode is supposed to air on Monday, but the guide says it’s a new episode, so your guess is as good as mine as to what we’ll see on Christmas Eve.

💀 Z you tomorrow for tonight’s new episode of Z Nation.

🎁 Wrap This…

A tie for my favorite Christmas song. I’ll post the other one tomorrow.

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