December 27, 2018 – A Stranger from Drew’s Past, Wars Begin, Some RealiNews & Beautiful Bites


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny meets Jason at the MetroCourt. He’s going to surprise Carly, and take her to the city. He says he’s been dealing with a lot with his father, and wants Carly to know she comes first. Jason tells Sonny that his problem is with the DA.

Griff doesn’t want wear out his welcome, but Anna says he’s family. He doesn’t think she and Finn need a house guest. Finn comes in, bringing Emma with him, who’s a young lady now (same actress though – brava!).

Kim says Oscar is sleeping and smiling. You’d never know what he’s fighting. Drew suggests she get a meal and massage, and she asks why he’s trying to get rid of her. He says, it’s New Year’s Eve. Oscar wants her to have fun. He feels bad, keeping her hostage at the hospital. She says she’s not a hostage, she’s his mother. Drew tells her Oscar said she would say that, and wants her to prove she cares by going out. Julian isn’t Drew’s favorite person, but he thinks Julian is what she needs right now. Kim asks how he knows what she needs. They didn’t even know each other until last year. He says he’s learned a lot in one year.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib, and asks Felicia if she can talk for a few minutes. She asks if Felicia is willing answer a few questions about when Doc had a breakdown, and started stalking her.

Not-Doc sees the back of someone sitting in not his desk chair. He asks if he can help them. A man turns around, and says, he guesses by the look on not-Doc’s face, he never expected to see him again. Not-Doc says he guessed right.

Emma tells Anna that her mom said she’s fine with the visit, as long as they don’t engage in international espionage. She asks Griff for a hug, telling him that she heard about Kiki, and she’s sorry. Griff appreciates that. She tells him that he shouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve. He says he’s happiest at the hospital helping people, so he’ll probably be there. She asks him to join them tomorrow for New Year’s Day. She wonders what Finn is holding behind his back; is it for her? He hands her a beautiful hatbox – the kind you only see on a soap opera – and tells her, open it and find out. It’s a fascinator. Anna puts it on Emma’s head, and Finn takes a picture of the two of them.

Laura tells Felicia that she’s trying to understand what’s going on with Doc. Felicia says she and Mac are trying to figure it out too. Laura says, it makes no sense. She thinks he’s headed for another breakdown. Felicia says, normally, she’d tell Laura to talk to a shrink, but Doc is the best one she knows.

Not-Doc assumes Peyton is there about the documentary on his brother, and asks how it’s going. Peyton says, great, thanks to him. Not-Doc asks if he wants a follow-up interview. He can even narrate to make it more authentic. Peyton says he has that wrapped it up with his own authentication. He’s here to shoot exteriors, but would love for him look at a rough cut. Think of it as a private screening. Not-Doc has a few things to clear up first, but will catch up with him. He asks if Peyton is still working out of the rental space at the pier. He is, and not-Doc says he’ll see him later. Peyton leaves, and not-Doc looks at his tablet. He sees an Invader article about the murders.

Jason tells Sonny that Margaux wants to take him down. Sonny says she stopped Marcus from having his dad arrested. She has a long game, but if her short game works for his dad, it will work for all of them. Margaux approaches their table, asking if it’s too soon to wish them a happy New Year. Jason says they were just talking about her. He was about to tell Sonny that she gave Drew the flashdrive with his memories. He’s not sure what she thought she’d get out of it, and she says, maybe she was just doing the right thing. Jason says, maybe. He has to go, and jets. Margaux apologizes to Sonny, saying she didn’t mean to drive his friend away. Sonny says she couldn’t if she tried. She has no leverage with Jason like she does with Drew.

Kim tells Drew that he and Oscar are trying to get her to go out with Julian, and Julian insisted she spend the evening with Oscar. Drew says, that’s generous; almost selfless. He doesn’t know if he could do that. If it was him, he’d want to celebrate with the woman he loves.

Anna says she’s going to get Emma settled. Emma tells Griff that she’s available to dance, if wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. They go upstairs, and Griff says, it’s amazing. All it takes is a funny hat and a memory of his father in a tutu, and all is right in Emma’s world. Finn says, it’s a good place to be. He tells Griff, what he’s feeling, he’s been there. Griff appreciates everything they’re doing, but nothing seems to help. Finn agrees, saying, people care when you don’t want them to, and inflict caring when you want to curl up in a ball alone. You don’t realize it until later. Griff wants to believe that – more than anything. He leaves, and Finn says, happy New Year.

Laura thanks Felicia. She knows none of these are good memories. Felicia says that’s why she and Mac went on the cruise, to get some distance from the anniversary of the murders. But she realized that if she was running from the coverage, she’d still be running from Ryan. A quarter-century later, he would still be affecting her. So she decided to do an interview with a television producer who’s doing a documentary. Laura asks, why? and Felicia says it would be done with or without her. She wanted them to know that Ryan wasn’t intriguing or glamorous. He was just a monster.

When not-Doc comes into Peyton’s work room, the film is running. Felicia is saying she survived Ryan, and his attempt to exorcise his own demons. Peyton says he’d appreciate not-Doc’s thoughts, but it’s a work in progress. He thinks Felicia is beautiful, and it’s easy to see why Ryan was obsessed. Felicia says, they first met in Texas. He was calling himself Todd Wilson. She should have sensed something was deeply wrong. Not-Doc breaks a pencil, and Peyton asks if he’s okay. Not-Doc apologizes, saying he’s fine. Felicia is dear old friend, and Ryan was his brother; his twin. It’s a bond even death can’t break up. Peyton says twins always talk about a special connection. Felicia touches on it; it’s a compelling interview. Felicia says Ryan made her life a living hell. It’s fitting that he died in a hell of his own making; an inferno.

Felicia feels just as in the dark about Doc as Laura. Laura says they both know he’s a good man. If he’s not acting like himself, something is wrong. Laura checks her phone, and sees the Invader headline: Two Gruesome Killings – One Killer?

At the hospital, Griff looks at the same article.

Margaux says Jason doesn’t approve of her. Sonny asks if she can blame him. Everyone knows she doesn’t approve of Sonny. She says he has his moments. He made a very compelling argument that she was losing herself in her vendetta against him. She decided to turn things around. He asks if that’s why she gave Drew the flashdrive. She says she was wrong to hold something as sacred as someone’s life and memories as leverage to get something on Sonny. She’s glad it didn’t work out. Sonny says he almost believes that.

Jason shoots pool at The Floating Rib. A strange man approaches him, and asks if he’s Drew. He can’t believe it; it’s really him. Jason says he’s Jason Morgan; Drew is his twin. The guy says he didn’t know Drew had one. He’d said he was brought up in a state home. Jason says they didn’t know until year ago, and the guy says, it’s such a trip. He knew Drew in Afghanistan. He was an independent contractor, and there was a lot of overlap with the SEALs. He introduces himself as Hank, and asks, how about a game? Jason racks, and Hank asks if Drew is still a SEAL. Jason can’t say, and Hank tells him that he didn’t mean to pry. Jason suggests he ask Drew himself; he’s living in Port Charles. The guy says, what are the odds of that? Jason almost clears the table in one shot.

Drew tells Kim that he can take her home, and there’s plenty of time to get ready. She says she’s not going anywhere, and reminds him about being stuck in New Year’s traffic last year. She asks if he remembers finding the CD, and says, Oscar is such a romantic. He was convinced she kept it in hopes of finding him. Drew says, it makes sense. He’s heard about himself, and he was fantastic. She says he was all right. She tells Drew, that kid never gives up, and Drew says, just like his mom. She adds, and his dad.

Margaux tells Sonny that Drew didn’t want the flashdrive. He said the past is past, and was more concerned about what’s best for his son right now. Sonny says, the kid’s got guts. It’s a shame he’s so young. Margaux says, it’s a shame for anyone; a kid or a jazz lover like Sonny’s dad. Sonny is grateful, and Margaux says he’s welcome, but wants it to be clear. He says, she’s the DA, and he’s an alleged criminal. Margaux says, alleged, and Sonny says, nothing has changed.

Emma gives Anna a bulldog keychain, and a bearded dragon keychain to Finn. She says the keys are to Anna’s house; it’s symbolic. Anna says, it’s very thoughtful, and Finn thanks her. She says she’ll leave them to discuss things. When she’s gone, Finn says he didn’t have the heart to tell her that he already has a key. Anna says, it’s not so much the gesture as the symbolism. Emma is saying that Finn should move in with her – again.

Griff is waiting at Doc’s office, and Laura asks if there’s a line. Griff says he’s not there. A shrink is like a cop or priest. There’s never one around when you need them. She’s glad she ran into him, and asks if he read Lulu’s article. He says that’s why he’s there; he needs answers. He thought someone who has looked into the darkest corner of the soul, and made a study, maybe… Laura says, maybe he can understand why Kiki had to die?

Doc is being interviewed in the film. Peyton asks what Doc can tell him about his brother. Doc says, he was misunderstood, like any artist, and he was an artist in his own way. He was too sensitive for this world. His pain was so intense, he needed others to feel it too. Like Goya and Van Gogh needed to experience it themselves to be appreciated. Not-Doc says, quite powerful, but he would cut all the stuff about Todd Wilson, and just focus on Ryan in Port Charles. Peyton says that would mean leaving out Gloria Wilson’s murder. Not-Doc suggests he just say Ryan killed his wife. Why mention Todd Wilson when there’s no such person? Peyton says, or is there? The funhouse is now a coffee franchise, and you’d never know it was there, which is fitting. Not one speck of Ryan’s DNA was found. That’s what inspired his ending. He asks if not-Doc would like a sneak peek. Not-Doc says, more than he could possibly know.

Hank tells Jason, good thing he didn’t bet money. He doesn’t remember Drew being this good. Jason says they’ve never played. Hank asks if Jason has Drew’s information. He wants to get in touch. Jason suggests he get Hank’s information, and he’ll pass it along. Hank grabs a napkin and pen, and writes it down. He says, tell Drew his buddy Hank is looking for him. He’ll remember. Jason says, memory is a funny thing, and takes a shot, finishing the game. Hank says remind him never to shoot pool with Jason again, and asks if he wants a rematch. Jason has somewhere to be, and Hank says, next time. When Jason is out of earshot, he calls Sam, saying there’s a quick change in plans. He needs to make a stop before coming over.

Margaux tells Sonny, don’t make problems for her, and she won’t for him. She has bigger fish to fry. He asks if she means a possible serial killer. She says two isolated homicides don’t make a serial killer, but he says, not according to the article. She says all it is, are theories. The police have yet make a connection between Kiki and Mary Pat’s murders. Sonny says, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Finn wonders if 2018 went uphill or downhill since his and Anna’s last New Year’s Eve. She says Cassandra tried to kill him, and he says Cassandra’s henchman tried to kill her. She says they lost Nathan. He remembers her pain, and he’s sorry he couldn’t take it away. Anna says he did. He says, not a lot, and she says, enough. She tells him that she found her son, and he says, pointing a gun at her. Anna asks, who hasn’t at some point? Finn tells her, on one hand, her fearlessness is attractive; on the other hand, it makes him realize how much he’d hate to lose her. She says she’s not going anywhere. Emma comes back downstairs, and asks if they’ve reached any important life decisions, like asking Finn to move in. Anna says she’s oddly old-fashioned, and thinks it should be up to him. Finn says, it’s 2018. He’s not sure that it’s necessary for the man to propose, and Anna quickly tells Emma, he means moving in. Finn says, there are no rules anymore for cohabitation; someone just asks. He begins to stumble over his words, says, yeah, and walks out. Anna says, did he just leave?

Griff doesn’t think they should just walk into Doc’s office, and Laura asks what Griff thinks he’ll do; get moodier? She just has one quick question, then Griff can talk to him. Doc took an oath to help people in pain. Griff is thinking of going to the gym; he just wants to smash something. To think it might be the same person, and the start of a pattern with more victims. He wants justice, but at the same time, it seems pointless. Any justice that comes will be too late for Kiki.

Not-Doc tells Peyton not to keep him in suspense; show him the ending. Peyton says it’s not taped yet. It just occurred to him last night. He hasn’t told another soul. He puts the film back on. Peyton is talking to the camera.What if Ryan didn’t die in the funhouse? No way out? What if there was a trap door, or the blast itself propelled him to safety? What if he walks among them? What does he look like? Perhaps anyone. Even me. Even you.

Sonny tells Margaux that he’s taking Carly to the city tonight, but just so she knows, Kiki was family. So if she needs help with whoever did this, all she has to do is ask. Margaux asks if he’ll reach out to his contacts in the legitimate coffee import business. He says he’s just trying help. He means what he said about paying back debts. Margaux says he owes her nothing, and she’s not sure they can ever be even. Some debts can’t be repaid. Some things can’t be taken back. He’s sorry she feels that way, and she says, it is what it is. He starts to leave, and she tells him, have a happy New Year. He says, same to her.

Kim tells Drew that she’s going to check on Oscar. He says he’ll go next; they can be a tag team. Oscar can spend double the time with his parents; he’ll love it. She says they’re getting good at it, but wishes they didn’t have to be. She leaves for Oscar’s room, and Jason comes in. He asks how Oscar is, and Drew says he’s sleeping, but all things considered, he’s pretty good. Jason doesn’t want to give him anything else to deal with, but a guy approached him at The Floating Rib, claiming he thought Jason was Drew. Drew says Jason doesn’t believe him, and Jason says he was too anxious to tell his story. He hands Drew the napkin, saying the guy said he used to call him Hank. Drew looks at the napkin.

Hank shoots pool badly by himself. He ponders while drinking a beer.

Emma tells Anna that she wanted the keychain to convince Finn to move back in. Anna says she wants that, and Emma asks if she doesn’t want it too. Anna says, he’s very tidy. Emma hopes she didn’t hurt his feelings, but Anna says he understands she meant well. It’s just that men like to think they make their own decisions. Emma says, then they should make them faster. Anna tells her, they’re not all the same. Some are more anxious and tightly wound souls, like Finn. It’s best not to push them. Finn let’s himself in, carrying a suitcase and Roxie’s cage. He says he used his keychain. So do they want him to move in or not? Anna and Emma say, yes! and Finn and Anna hug.

Laura tells Griff that she was never one to believe evil wins out. That’s why she chose to run for mayor. He says, to fight evil? and she says, to do some good. She’s sure she sounds naïve, and Griff says not to him, but he probably sounds naïve to a lot of people. She says they have that in common. She wants to make the world a better place. She’s sure he wanted that when he chose be a priest and doctor. He says he took an oath to do no harm, but if he could get his hands on the person who killed Kiki, and take a life for a life, part of him thinks he’d be doing the Lord’s work.

Not-Doc says, it’s a heck of an ending. Has he screened it for anyone else? Peyton says, not yet. When it’s put together, it’s going to be a real eye opener. Not-Doc says, that it might. Peyton asks what he thinks, and not-Doc says he has a few notes, and closes the door.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Drew that Oscar was conceived on New Year’s Eve, not-Doc says he’ll see if anyone is looking for Peyton tonight, and Laura tells Scotty that Doc is sleeping with Ava.

🍗 On Top Chef, the remaining twelve were surprised to hear they were going into restaurant wars in Lexington. On previous seasons, the wars didn’t happen until they were down to eight contestants, but this time, there would be three restaurants instead of two, with the teams already decided. First, a Quickfire challenge was in order. It was an amuse bouche-based challenge, and the chefs had to come up with the quick, perfect bite, that begins a meal to get you wanting more. Michelle won immunity with what Padma deemed, one beautiful bite. When the teams were divided, training the staff seemed to be harder than the cooking, with few having prior experience, and not many of them retaining what they had just learned. The show ended just as the chefs were about to open their restaurants, and Tom threw them a curveball, telling them it would be a double elimination.

🍵 A Little RealiTea…

Bad below deckhand.

I’m looking forward to Denise joining the pack, but I’m still just in it for the LVP.

I’m more shocked that Anfisa is waiting for Jorge while he’s in the slammer.

Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) got a cameo of them for Christmas from her beau Beau. I knew Beau was the right one for her. Colt and Larissa are possibly the most interesting 90 Day Fiancé couple this season. I think she’s really interested in him, which boggles my mind. And there’s already a cheating scandal. With him being the culprit. Mind more than boggled.

And the sweetest 90 Day couple. Come on, let him come to this country. So he punched out a few dudes. It’s not like they were strangers or his SO. The football players we have here already have done much worse.

🍤 Amuse Bouche…




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