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December 19, 2018 – Margaux Rescues Mike, Bimini Wasted, Sweet Move, My Delay & It’s Closer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Why even say it today?

Sonny tells everyone that Mike and Yvonne are at club Gemini. Carly says they broke out to listen to jazz? Marcus says they didn’t both break out; it was Sonny’s father. Sonny says his father probably didn’t know where he was going. Sonny wants to pick them up, and assumes Marcus is coming, Marcus says he is. He wants to see that Yvonne is okay. Sonny says she’s not in any danger, and Marcus says, not anymore. Sonny asks Jason to take Carly home, and leaves with Marcus. Carly tells Jason, of all people to rescue Mike; it’s Sonny’s new best friend, the DA.

In the interrogation room, Cameron explains that he and Josslyn were at Charlie’s, trying to figure out what Oscar could eat. They looked online, and found out that weed helps sick people have an appetite, but Alexis knows how long it takes for an application to be approved. Alexis says, a long time, and not long enough for Oscar. Elizabeth says there are going to be serious ramifications. Cameron asks if he’s going to jail.

Nina leaves Sasha a message, hoping she got to Chappaqua okay, and telling Sasha that she misses her. Valentin brings in some wood, and Nina asks when he started bringing in his own firewood. He tells her that he’s going for the brawny everyman. She says he’s a lot of things, but not an everyman. He says he heard her leaving Sasha a message. Nina says it’s not like she’s not going to see Sasha again. Valentin says have dinner with him, and she asks if it’s an invitation or demand. He says, whatever works. She opens the terrace doors, looks outside, and tells him, yes. She just wanted to check for an impending storm to strand them. Valentin says, no storm. Just him, her, the fire, and food. Nina says, and wine? He says, and wine. She says she’ll stay.

Sam asks Kristina if she wants to talk. Kristina says, no, then tells Sam that she completely humiliated herself. She tried to kiss someone who’s clearly not into her that way. Sam says maybe it’s not as bad as she thinks, but Kristina says, it was, and the worst part was coming home to her. Sam is like, thanks, and Kristina says Sam has a guy who loves her. She loves him back, and for reasons no one understands, refuses to be with him.

The doorman tells Mike, no cover, no entry. Yvonne asks if they’re in trouble. Mike says, what for? They’re just trying have fun. Margaux approaches, and asks if he needs help. She tells him that he knows her; they go way back. Mike asks if she works for the club, and she says, no, but she has some pull. She tells the doorman, how about going inside and getting them a table? He goes in, and Mike tells Yvonne that he told her it would work out all right. Marcus and Sonny show up, and Marcus asks if Yvonne is okay. Mike asks who the hell he thinks he is, and Marcus says, her damn husband.

Yvonne asks what’s going on. Marcus says, everything is fine. It’s him; Marcus. She says she doesn’t know a Marcus, and doesn’t know him, and Mike tells him, back off. Yvonne asks when the trio is going on. Sonny suggests they skip the club tonight. Margaux wants to ask Mike a question, and Sonny says this is no time for that. She asks him to trust her, and asks Mike who the greatest jazz pianist is; the first five in ascending order. Is he up to the challenge? He says, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans – Yvonne interrupts, saying she can’t believe he put Evans ahead of Monk. Mike switches them, and says, and the top one… And yes, I missed it, but he and Margaux said it together.

Jason asks Carly if she’s okay, and she says, no; she’s scared. He says, of Margaux? and she says, of where this is headed. If Sonny does this again, and gets with that woman, she won’t take him back. She won’t be able to.

Nina can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. Valentin says it sneaks up on you. She says it’s sparkly and magical, and the whole world glows. Valentin adds that everything smells good. She asks what he got Charlotte, and he says, what didn’t he get, but he thinks her favorite gift came from Nina. Nina says she didn’t get anything yet, but he says it was a doll she gave Charlotte when they first moved in. She told Charlotte, it’s easier to move with a friend. Valentin appreciated it, and Charlotte did too. Nina says it was the night of their first kiss. She’s not counting their one-night stand. He is. He’s glad it turned into so much more. She’s about to kiss him, and he says he’s tired, and she is too. Let’s call it a night.

Cameron tells Alexis that he texted Weed Guy to tell him the deal was off, but Weed Guy kept texting him, so Cameron went to meet him. Not to buy anything, but tell him in person the deal was off. Weed Guy said he couldn’t back out, and still owed the money, so he gave in. As he was handing it over, the cops showed up. Elizabeth asks why he didn’t just walk away. Alexis says she’s going to check on the charges, and see what they’re dealing with. Cameron swears he was trying to do something good. Elizabeth hugs him. She knows his intentions were good, but he not only broke the law, from a medical standpoint, it could have turned out badly. They don’t know how it would interact with Oscar’s condition or treatment. Introducing something new without approval could have been life threatening. Cameron asks if Oscar could have died, but Elizabeth is just saying they needed more information. That’s the reason fifteen-year-olds aren’t allowed to vote or buy alcohol. Cameron says, because they’re idiots, and Elizabeth says, they don’t think things through.Actions have consequences. The next time he has an idea, come to them. Franco says they promise to try and understand. Elizabeth says they’ll help him. Cameron tells them that he’s sorry, and Elizabeth knows he is. Alexis comes back, and Cameron asks how much trouble he’s in. She says she’ll talk him through what happens next.

Sam asks Kristina how this got to be about her and Jason. Kristina tells her to explain one more time why she and Jason aren’t together. Sam says, for one, Drew. She’s not throwing the relationship in his face while he’s dealing with Oscar. Kristina makes a sound like the wrong answer on a game show, and says they’re all adults. Sam says Danny; it’s confusing. Kristina makes the wrong answer sound again, and Sam asks what that noise is; it’s annoying. She tells Kristina, not to mention their mom is already concerned and has enough to deal with. Kristina says she’s grasping at straws. What’s next? Too dangerous? Sam sys she never said that, and Kristina asks, then why is she afraid to be with him? She says she’s not. She just needs to be sure of herself, so can be with him and still be her, if that makes sense. Kristina says, it does. Sam asks what Kristina is doing with herself, and Kristina has no idea, but she’s open to suggestions.

Nina asks Valentin, what just happened? She was about to kiss him, and he freaked out. He says he didn’t freak, he just said she should be leaving. She asks, why? Valentin says she knows he loves her. He’s desperate to kiss her, and wants sleep with her every night, waking up to find her there. But she’s said time and again it’s not what she wants. He’s being a gentleman. She thanks him, but isn’t it her decision? He says she already made it. She says, maybe she hasn’t. Is it up to her? He says it will always be up to her. Every time he’s with her, he wishes for something real, but it doesn’t happen, and he deals with it. He doesn’t want to have her if means she wakes up with regret. Nina says she’s not going to do that. She thinks he’s learned his lesson and won’t hurt her again.

Marcus says Yvonne must be tired. Is she ready to head back? She says Mike will take her, and Mike says, after the session. Marcus tells Yvonne, he can’t tell her how worried he was. She asks, why? and he says because she’s not supposed to be here. She says he doesn’t know her. Sonny tells Margaux that he wouldn’t have guessed she’s into jazz; you learn something new every day. she says, if you’re lucky. What about him? He says he had to acquire a taste for it. He was dating a girl in the 90s. She says, it always comes back to a girl, and he says, usually. She thanks the doorman for playing along, and he says they seem like nice enough people. Mike calls Sonny over, and Yvonne asks if she did something wrong. Marcus says, not her. A cop is there, and he says this man kidnapped his wife. He wants Mike arrested.

Carly tells Jason that they both know what happens when Sonny gets soft. Jason says, he feels sorry for Margaux, but doesn’t have to be that. She says, what if it is? He’s always been attracted to weaker women, and what happens every time?  Jason says, they fail him, and he comes back. Carly says, what if it turns into something else, and Margaux fails him. Where is Sonny going to go? She won’t be there for him. She’ll be done.

Alexis tells Cameron that he’s being released in his mother’s custody. They’re preparing the paperwork. Franco thought weed was legal, but Alexis says, it’s decriminalized. He’ll have to appear before a judge, who will figure out his punishment. She tells Cameron, in the meantime, no matter how well-intended, don’t bend, break, or misuse the law. Cameron asks if this is good, and she says, it’s better than jail. On her way out, she says he’s a good friend. Elizabeth says, a good friend who messed up big time.

Sonny asks to talk to Marcus. He says Marcus doesn’t want to do this. Marcus says he didn’t want his wife taken without consent. Sonny says Mike’s not in his right mind. Does Marcus want him to suffer for having Alzheimer’s. Marcus says it’s not about his father; it’s about his wife. Mike’s illness isn’t as advanced. He can still do things like this. Yvonne just goes along. She doesn’t know what’s right, true, real, or an unsafe situation. It’s not okay, whether Mike knows what doing or not. Sonny isn’t disagreeing, but hauling Mike into jail isn’t the answer. Yvonne asks Marcus if they can go home; she’s tired. He hugs her. Margaux thinks that’s a good idea. She tells Sonny to take Mike home. She’ll talk to Marcus. Mike tells Sonny it’s too bad he and his friend couldn’t join them. They would have had a good time. Sonny pats Mike’s back, and says, come on, pop.

Carly tells Jason that if Sonny disrespects his marriage and family, they’ll have to live with the loss. Jason takes Carly’s hand and says she’s never failed him. They have each other, and if the worst happens, they’ll deal with it, but believe it’s not going to happen. She says, all the signs are there. Jason says Sonny killed Margaux’s dad, and feels guilty. That makes him vulnerable, but there’s a difference between vulnerable and doing something stupid; throwing away everything that matters. He’s not going to do that. She asks what she’s supposed to do. Jason says, watch and wait. He knows she can be patient, and he’s asking her to because this is killing Sonny. He’s losing Mike little by little. She asks who’s standing by his side, and he says, she is, but it’s the toughest thing Sonny ever had to deal with. He needs her to get him through it. Carly says, fine, but if he sees Sonny taking things with Margaux too far, he has to promise to tell her.

Back home, Mike tells Sonny that he’s disappointed for Yvonne. She was so excited. He was too. Sonny says he’ll help Mike figure out some way to make it up to her. He says Mike knows he’s not supposed to take her out of the facility. Mrs. Godfrey isn’t like him, and can’t leave. Mike says, Mrs. Godfrey? and Sonny says that’s her full name. Her husband was very anxious when he found out she was missing. Mike asks if he knew she was married, and Sonny says he did. Mike says, sorry, and Carly tells him not to be. She suggests he go upstairs, clean up, and rest. It’s been a long day.

Jason asks Sonny how Margaux found them. Sonny says they were going into a club, and she saw him arguing with the bouncer. He doesn’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t shown up.

At Turning Woods, Margaux asks Marcus if Yvonne is okay. He says, safe and sound. She asks Marcus to sit with her. She understands the day was terrifying, but pressing charges against a sick man won’t help. He’ll have to prove Yvonne left against her will, or worse, that she’s incapable of making her own choices. Does he thinks that’s good for her in her condition? He doesn’t know what to do, and she tells him maybe think what Yvonne would want. Mike’s only crime was in doing something nice for her. Does Marcus think Yvonne would want him punished for that?

Alexis goes to Sam’s place. She tells Sam and Kristina that she was just at the police station with Cameron. He came up with the idea to make pot brownies for Oscar, but unfortunately, got arrested. Sam says it was poor judgement, but his heart was in the right place. Alexis tells Kristina that Cameron said he and Josslyn came up with the idea at Charlie’s, where she works. Did she tell them Alexis had pot when she was under chemo, and give him the idea. Kristina says, unbelievable. She didn’t see them, and didn’t tell them anything, but that’s the first place Alexis’s mind went. Never mind they could have looked it up. She just assumed it was Kristina making a bad decision. Good to know some things never change. She stomps upstairs.

Cameron takes it he’s grounded for the foreseeable future. He asks if Elizabeth is disappointed, and she says she’s worried. A lifetime of never being in trouble, and now she’s had to pick him up at the police station twice in a month. She understands, but he needs to pull his weight; not just words, but actions. He says he’ll be better. She hopes so. Franco tells him that they’ll work it out. Elizabeth tells Cameron that he has to sign the papers. Franco tells Elizabeth that Cameron did good, and she says, he learned. Franco kisses her forehead, and Cameron watches.

Nina says she blames Valentin for things that can’t be his fault. She wants to keep him away because she loves him. She’s never denied that. She tells him that she just needs to talk, so shh. He’s made her happier than she’s ever been. When he’s hurt her, it wasn’t deliberate or intentional. You’d think she’d be happy to be without him, or it would bring less pain, but she still feels it, She has feelings for him. She starts to cry, saying, she can’t stop loving him, so she’s doing the hurting. She’s hurting herself, but keeping them apart makes her unhappy, as well as him and Charlotte. There’s no reason for it. She asks if he still loves her, and he says like he never loved anyone. She says she never asked him to be perfect, and thank God, he never asked her to be. It comes down to that she’s happier with him in her life than she is without him. She’s going to take a leap of faith. Valentin says she’s done that, and regretted it. Nina says she never regretted it – ever. She still doesn’t. Valentin asks if sure. She grabs his face, and kisses him.

Mike comes downstairs. Carly asks what he’s doing; he’s supposed to be resting. He says he tried. He can’t stop thinking about what happened, and feels awful. Sonny tells him, don’t do that, and Carly says he was just trying make Yvonne happy. Jason says they can’t fault him for that. Mike wants to figure out some way to say he’s sorry. Sonny says he’ll help him. Carly says they all will.

Nina and Valentin get busy, and there’s a song part.

Elizabeth asks if Cameron is ready to go, and they leave the station.

Sam tells Alexis, sorry; it’s rough on both of them. Alexis asks how she can love someone so much and be incapable of communication? Sam says Kristina loves her too. She’s just going through a lot of crap right now. This didn’t help, but for whatever reason Kristina is giving Alexis grief, pushing against her is Kristina’s biggest motivator. Alexis says, lucky her, and Sam says it’s just Kristina’s thing. Alexis says she has her things too. She asks Sam if she should go upstairs, but Sam says, no give. Give her some space. She thinks Alexis should go, and hopefully, Kristina will accept her apology. Alexis says she won’t hold her breath. She tells Sam she loves her, and to tell Kristina the same.

Kristina calls Daisy. She says she hopes Daisy meant it when she said Kristina was always welcome to stay. She wants to take Daisy up on it; she’s ready. Sam sees another message from Linda Black. It says, I want to help you.

Margaux calls Sonny and asks how his father is doing. Sonny says, he’s resting now. She says she got Marcus to back off Mike. Sonny says that’s a huge relief. He’ll let his dad know. She tells him that he’s saying that like he’s off the hook; he’s not. The trio was one night only, and won’t be back for a year. He says he’ll make sure she has a front row seat next time. She says, that’s more like it. He says he appreciates what she did for his dad. He owes her.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad to stop torturing himself, Maxie tells Peter that Nathan wouldn’t want his mother going to prison, and Nina tells Valentin that she knows everything.

🚤 On Real Housewives of New Jersey, the girls and their guys, sans Joe #1, who’s away, went to Bimini. Apparently, Marty’s kids aren’t crazy about Danielle, who thinks they need to give her respect, or get out of her space. As usual, a gorgeous island was wasted on a bunch of harridans, and there were spats, along with Danielle acting all Bridezilla. The Marge wondered if that was even allowed the third time around. Juicy Joe (#2) couldn’t deal with Teresa and Melissa anymore. Teresa felt like Melissa should have had her back when Jackie commented on her husband, otherwise known as Joe #1, Not-So Juicy Joe, or Jailed Joe. She also didn’t want Joe to have any regrets after their father is gone, since she lost a year (when she was away) of time with their mother. Joe #2 said family is everything, Teresa came to the conclusion they should stick together, and the three of them hugged it out.

🏡 Sweet Home is moving to Saturday at 9 pm, but won’t be on this weekend. This is a really cute show. A reboot of Sweet Home Oklahoma, it’s much the same show, with Jennifer Welch at the forefront, and Tubbers, Pumps, and ex-husband Josh – the only man allowed a man-bun – as her sidekicks. The focus is also on Jennifer’s interior design business. She’s good at what she does, but also puts an interesting spin on things. Last week, she was renovating a house, once owned by a locally famous late drag queen, for her parents. As a surprise for her mother, she got a group of drag queens, who’d known the previous owner, to begin the demo. A nice departure from screeching Wives, Sweet Home is a hybrid of an HGTV program coupled with family-style reality, and it’s a perfect blend.

🐶 Why I’m Always Tardy For the Party GH

In her golden years, my little princess likes to take her sweet time eating lunch, as she’s being hand-fed.


😱 And Just In Case You Forgot…








December 18, 2018 – Valerie’s Double Whammy, Laura Unwisely Lectures Kate, and Six Days


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep, I missed the first minute and a half. Sigh…

Weed Guy – who looks like one of the Orphans from The Warriors – asks where Cameron has been. Cameron says, right here for the last five minutes. Weed Guy asks, what about the last hour? He’s been texting. Cameron says he lost his phone.

Franco looks at Cameron’s phone. A text says, where are u? Elizabeth comes in and he tells her that he has news, but she’s not going to like it. She asks if he heard about Aiden. The kid who’s been bullying him apologized. Franco says, great. That means the whole thing is over, right?

Jordan and Margaux look at evidence. Margaux says they’ve been staring at it all day, and still nothing. Jordan says they can’t even figure out a motive. Revenge? Putting on a show? Is one murder camouflage for the other? Mary Pat seems to have no connection to Kiki, except for her terrorizing Carly, and Sonny being the father of Kiki’s half-sister. Margaux says, Sonny has nothing do with this. Jordan didn’t say he did, but she’s curious as to why Margaux is suddenly defending him.

Sonny tells the one guy who works at Turning Woods to have the staff search the building. He tells Carly someone has to have seen them. She tells him there are security cameras everywhere. Sonny says Mike knew they were going home, and Marcus says Sonny’s father knew what he was doing. His father took Yvonne to get her away from him. God help him if she comes to any harm.

Sonny gets it. Marcus is having a hard time, but he’s not the only one concerned. His family is hurting too. Marcus says a member of Sonny’s family is hurting one of his. He’s not sitting around waiting for bad news. He’s calling the police.

Lulu comes into the station, and gives Chase a container of Olivia-Q’s chicken Parmesan. They had leftovers, and she was running errands, so she thought she’d drop some by. In her experience, cops forget to eat when they’re working late. Besides, she could use a break. It’s been a long day with the kids, and it’s nice to talk to adults. She figured he could use a break too. He says she figured right. She asks if he’s identified any other suspects, now that Griff has been cleared. Chase says she’s using the chicken as a diversion. Lulu asks what he’s talking about, and he says she’s working him to get inside information, so she can break the story.

Franco says, Aiden and Charlotte are cousins, and asks Elizabeth why Charlotte would be picking on him. Elizabeth says Charlotte claims she was only trying help. Aiden didn’t want to drag it out, so she didn’t delve any further. Charlotte said the other kids think he’s different and weird. It breaks her heart. No wonder he doesn’t want to go to school.

At Charlie’s, Valerie snacks on bar nuts. Kristina asks if she wants some wine, but Valerie says it will go straight to her head. She’ll have some sparkling water. Kristina asks if Valerie wants her to dig around in the kitchen for canapes, but Valerie says it will ruin her appetite. She asks what the book is; she’s not into the self-help trend. Kristina says, that’s an over generalization. Like saying she doesn’t like romance movies. Valerie says she doesn’t, and Kristina says she’s just watching the wrong ones. Kristina will have to show her the right ones, and change her mind about the book. Her volunteer friends swear by it. Valerie says that explains where she’s been. Her new friends are taking up all her time. Kristina says it’s not like she’s been avoiding Valerie. She’s been busy. She says Molly mentioned that Valerie kicked ass at Jordan’s bachelorette party with the escape room. Since Valerie has an advantage, she should have been graded on a curve.

Sam tells Jason that she could forward the email to Spinelli, but he’s very protective, and she doesn’t want him to overreact. It’s sweet, but he’ll go full metal jacket on a search and destroy mission. Jason asks, what’s wrong with that? and Sam says they don’t know if the person is a threat. They also don’t know they’re not. The only way to find out is to open the email. Sam reads, everyone may have forgotten about your past, but I haven’t.

Margaux tells Joran that she’s not defending Sonny. She’s just saying he’s not the culprit. Jordan asks why she’s so sure. Margaux says, Avery is Kiki’s half-sister, and if Sonny wanted to eliminate Mary Pat, why would she have Carly’s hair in her hand? Jordan thinks they should look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. Margaux asks if she wants to join her, and check out a trio at the jazz club. Jordan says she could use an evening of jazz, but she has to finish up. If she’s done early, she’ll be there. Margaux says Jordan might have to save her from being hounded by random hipsters. She leaves, and Jordan’s phone rings. She asks, what kind of incident?

Marcus calls the police to report his wife missing, saying the staff is unable to locate her. Carly says she spoke to someone about the security footage, and thinks they’re somewhere on the property. Sonny says, there’s no need to involve the cops. He’s worried. Last time, it was lucky Dante found his dad. He doesn’t know how his dad will be if a strange cop stops him. It could go bad. He might feel protective, and it could escalate from there.

Lulu tells Chase that she’d never exploit a friendship to get information. He says her readers enjoy keeping up, but she says she’d never run the risk of disrespecting him for that. He’s glad her moral compass is still intact. She asks if he has any information. He says, off the record, and not for publication, he’s not going to be her PCPD mole, and wants no future attempts at bribery. He tries to give back the chicken, and she says, honestly, she just wanted to bring him dinner. He admits to being totally hungry, and says he can heat it up in the breakroom. He leaves a folder at the front desk, and asks Officer Murphy for a copy of the report. He goes to the breakroom, and Jordan tells Murphy that she needs assistance. He leaves with Jordan. Lulu wanders over and looks at the unopened folder.

Valerie says she’s just glad Kristina is finding her place. The last time they spoke, she was feeling lost. Valerie is proud of her. Kristina is proud of Valerie too. She was promoted to detective on the fast track, and she lucked out with her partner. Valerie says Kristina is worse than Bobbie, and Kristina says don’t tell her that she didn’t notice he’s gorgeous, Valerie says, nothing is going to happen. Not after what happened with her brother. She and Kristina have been friends for almost two years, and Valerie wonders why she’s never asked what happened between her and Dante. Kristina says it’s none of her business. She remembers Lulu being shady, but thought she should stay out of it. Valerie says when she was growing up, she never got a chance to go out and socialize; she was busy taking care of her mom. She doesn’t regret it, but it can be isolating. Kristina says she must have had some friend, and Valerie says, one girl, but things got weird. All of her memories are connected to her mom, and her entire world died. She felt lost, met Dante, and it just happened. He’s handsome, but it was more than that. He was a great guy offering her a safe space when her world was unraveling, and she went too far trying to hold on to the feeling. Kristina admits to being the queen of overdoing it. She gets it.

Kristina asks if Valerie remembers what she’d said about Curtis; it was fun, but they never connected on a deeper level. She asks if Valerie has dated since then, and Valerie says, no. Kristina suggests maybe she’s scared to put herself out there. She might meet someone and need them too much. Valerie thanks her for the depressing insight. Kristina says if her new friends have taught her anything, it’s that you’re in control of the vibe you put out in the world. She’s going to help Valerie get ahold of hers. They’re going out, and Kristina is going to be her wingwoman. Valerie says she can’t promise she won’t let Kristina make out with her to make someone jealous, but then says she’s kidding. Kristina says she knows.

Cameron asks Weed Guy how many times he has to explain it. The deal is off. Weed Guy says, wrong. The product is here. Cameron says he doesn’t want it. He was going to make pot brownies for a sick friend, but he’s doing all right. Weed Guy says Cameron is talking when he should be paying. Cameron reached out. He wanted the deal, and the deal is happening.

Sam tells Jason, it’s either blackmail or a con. Jason can see how that might work. Sam is established in her life and financially secure. They might think she’ll just pay to shut them up. Sam says if that hadn’t already blown up in her face, and everybody didn’t know everything, she’d be vulnerable. They’re counting on her to say what she needs, and offer it up as a price. Jason says, the only way to win is not to play.

Valerie tells Kristina, even if she was interested in Chase, which she’s not – Kristina says she protests too much. Valerie finishes that Chase has no interest in her. He didn’t just volunteer at Career Day at the school, but showed up in uniform, bringing a police dog. No one has ever done that. Kristina says, it sounds like there’s an attractive teacher. Valerie wishes Bobbie would understand. Valerie is feeling light-headed, and Kristina says, instead of a snack, would she try something else? Valerie asks, try what? and Kristina asks if Valerie trusts her. Valerie nods, and Kristina leads her to a chair, telling her it’s a meditation technique her friends taught her. You channel the mind’s energy to heal the body. Valerie doesn’t know if she’s into that kind of thing, and Kristina says Valerie claimed she trusted her.

Sam asks if Jason thinks she should ignore the email. He says, no; she’s not hiding anything. He asks if there’s any ex out there who might file charges, but she says, no. They were too embarrassed, and most are gone by now. Jason says if the family came after her, the statute of limitations has run out, so they can’t hurt her legally. Sam asks what if they can hurt her some other way? Jason says they have to stop them, but she says they need to know who they are.

Lulu saunters over to the desk, and glances at the folder. Chase comes back, and thanks her. She says they had enough leftovers for a football team. He says there’s enough for two, but she says she already ate. He tells her to stop pretending, and she sits with him.

Marcus says his wife suffers from Alzheimer’s, and Sonny’s father took advantage of her illness to lure her away. Sonny says his father has Alzheimer’s too. They just went off; there was no criminal intent, and no need for the cops. Marcus says his marriage might be at risk. Jordan arrives, and tells them to be civil. They’ll find them. She tells an officer to start interviewing the staff. Daisy comes in, saying she heard they were looking for Mike and Yvonne. She saw them fifteen minutes ago, getting on a bus.

Chase asks if Lulu has heard from Dante, and she says, no. He apologizes for being tactless, but she says he’s not. Dante is his partner, and she would have told him if she had anything to tell. Lulu trusts Dante with the situation. She knows it’s hard to make contact when you’re on assignment. Chase says she can talk to him, but she says she and Dante have stuff to work out – and they will. The undercover assignment came out of nowhere, and Dante would understand how to handle the trouble Charlotte got herself into.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Aiden always preferred hanging around the house to going out like the other kids. She wishes she knew why Charlotte thought he’s not fitting in, and what he’s doing to make himself a target. It wasn’t like this other years, then all of a sudden, this happens in third grade. Kids that age are sweet and cruel.

Weed Guy tells Cameron it’s from his supplier, especially for him. No refunds. Cameron tells him, sell it to someone else, which is what I’m saying in my head. Weed Guy says, he bought it. Stiop wasting time, and pay him. Cameron says, or what? and Weed Guy says, it goes back to the supplier, who will look for him, and mess him up. Or he can pay what he owes, and walk away a happy man. Cameron takes out the money. Is this weed laced with crack? I’m finding it hard to believe the supplier would go that crazy over such a small transaction.

Kristina tells Valerie, it’s about letting go of excess baggage, and casting out negative thoughts that are getting in the way. Think about what’s left. All the things bring her joy; make her feel safe, protected, and loved. Can she see them? Valerie nods. She stands up, and they look at each other. Kristina kisses her, and then Valerie leans in for another kiss.

Daisy tells them that she saw Mike and Yvonne get on a bus. Marcus asks why she didn’t stop them. Didn’t she think to call? Sonny tells Marcus to let her speak. Daisy says, she’s just a volunteer, and didn’t know their status. She knows Mike comes there during the day, and assumed he had permission to go on an outing. Jordan says she did nothing wrong. Did she see what bus? Daisy says, no. She saw them get on. They were already off the property. That’s why she thought it was okay. She hopes they’re all right. She’s sorry. Jordan tells her, don’t be. She helped a lot. Carly suggests they call Josslyn, and see if they’re at the house. Jordan wants a list of bus stops. Marcus wants to press charges against Mike.

Sam tells Jason that she wants know about the person’s possible agenda, and their situation. Then she can decide how to deal with it. Jason agrees. She should know who the people are, and who she’s dealing with. He tells her to remember she has a lot of resources and people to help her. She says she’s counting on it. Jason’s phone rings. He thinks it’s Sonny, but it’s Carly on Sonny’s phone. She says they’re at Turning Woods, and Mike took off with another client, Yvonne Godfrey, about fifteen minutes ago on a bus. The police already searching. Jason asks, who invited the cops? and Carly says, Yvonne’s husband.  He’s upset, and so is Sonny; it’s pretty tense. Jason says he’s on his way. He tells Sam, Mike took off with a lady from the care center, and her husband called the cops. Let him know what she decides to do with the email.

Kristina and Valerie are still kissing. Valerie suddenly pulls away, saying, no. She can’t. Sorry. Kristina says, it’s all right. Valerie says she’s not gay, and not everything is about what Kristina wants. She takes off. Kristina calls after her, but she’s gone. Kristina says, God, what did I do?

Valerie sees Cameron handing Weed Guy money, and Weed Guy handing Cameron weed. She says she’s from the PCPD. They need to both stay where they are. Hands above their heads.

Daisy comes into Charlie’s, apologizing for being late. There was drama at Turning Woods. She says Kristina is crying, and Kristina says if she was polite, she’d pretend not to notice. Daisy says it’s not that way with friends. They stay in the truth. She’d like to help if Kristina lets her. At least tell her what happened. Kristina says she’s an idiot. She read a situation wrong. She saw what she wanted to see, and ruined one of her best friendships.

Valerie walks into the station with Cameron and Weed Guy. Chase asks if she’s the one who called for backup. She says she was on her way to meeting her aunt, when she interrupted a suspicious transaction. Weed Guy wants his phone call. His dad is going to sue. Valerie says they found enough weed in his backpack for intent to distribute. Chase asks if this is the customer, and Cameron says he can explain, but Chase tells him, don’t say anything until his mom gets there. Lulu sees him, and asks, what happened? He says, it’s a long story.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s worried about Aiden too, but there’s a more immediate concern. Elizabeth says, about Aiden? and Franco says, about Cameron. Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Lulu, and she asks if everything is okay. Lulu tells her, there’s no easy way to say this. Come down to the PCPD. Cameron has been arrested for trying to buy pot.

Weed Guy says they have nothing on him. Valerie says, only all the pot in his backpack, and he was in the middle of a transaction. Weed Guy says his dad is going to bust her down to traffic cop. Chase tells her to go, and Weed Guy tells him, don’t. Unless he wants to be named in the suit. Chase says he’ll take the risk. Let him introduce Weed Guy to the holding cell.

Sonny asks why Marcus is pressing charges. Marcus says Mike kidnaped his wife. Carly says she went willingly, and Marcus says she’s not in her right mind. Sonny says, neither is his father. Jordan says, safety is her first priority. She’s calling in a silver alert. Jason arrives, and Carly says, Mike took off. Sonny tells him the staff is looking, and now the cops are involved. He needs his people searching. If Mike is confused, Sonny doesn’t know what he’ll do if a strange cop stops him. He could run. Her husband is pressing kidnapping charges, and they have to stop this before it gets any worse.

Elizabeth gets to the station. Cameron says, before she freaks out – and she says she’s past that point. She thanks Lulu for calling, and Lulu says she’ll give them space. Cameron says he can explain, and she says she’d like to hear it from Chase. Chase says he was caught buying pot. Cameron says, it’s legal in three states, and Elizabeth says, not in New York, not to minors at all, and not under her roof period. Cameron says he was buying it for a friend. At the front desk, Lulu opens the folder and takes a quick picture with her phone while Valerie is typing. Valerie ponders something.

Kristina tells Daisy about the kiss, saying she scared her away. Daisy says, her? and Kristina asks if she has a problem with that. Daisy says, it’s 2018. She’s just never heard Kristina talk about romance or relationships in the group sessions. So she’s into women. Kristina say she identifies as bi most of the time, but labels change every week, so she doesn’t know who she is. Daisy tells her not to feel forced to label herself. She’s sorry about what happened, and hopes Kristina knows they’d never not accept her. They want their family to be their truest selves. Kristina says she needed to hear that. She doesn’t know what she would have done without them.

Sam hangs stockings on the chimney with care. Her phone dings. She looks at it, and sends a message. Ok, Linda. You made your point. Now tell me what you want.

Jason asks Sonny where he thinks Mike might have taken Yvonne. Sonny says Yvonne doesn’t remember she’s married, and Mike thinks they’re dating. Carly wonders where Mike would take her on a date. Sonny’s phone rings, and Carly says, it’s Margaux. Sonny tells Margaux that he’s in the middle of something. She asks if he’s looking for his father. She just found him.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Valentin if it’s an invitation or a demand, Cameron asks Alexis if he’s going to jail, and Carly tells Jason if Sonny does this again, she won’t take him back.

Below Deck

The boat is readied for a new charter. Rhylee gives Tyler instructions. She loves being the boss. She’d like to get out a whip and chain, but isn’t sure what she’d do with Tyler. Kate would like to tell Laura that she’s clearly full of sh*t, and doesn’t know what she thinks she does, but Kate doesn’t have the time to like or dislike her. She tells Josiah at least they have each other; the normal ones.

Ashton wants a proper chat with Ross. Ross says it’s obvious he cares about Ashton. After the accident, he needed to just grab him, but also wanted to kick his ass. In his interview, Tyler says Rhylee is his boss, but he’d like to see what she’s like when she’s not at work. Maybe without clothes on. He’s excited about going out tonight. Rhylee tells him, don’t get too loose, and he says he doesn’t want to have a baby in Tahiti.

The crew gets ready to go out. In Ashton’s interview, he thinks there’s an incredible vibe. He dodged a bullet, and the new crew members are like fresh breath. They go to a restaurant on the water. Adrian is trying figure Laura out. He’s in an open relationship, and it’s fun to have someone to flirt with. She enjoys it, so he’ll see where it goes. At dinner, Laura never shuts up. In his interview, Josiah says Laura needs to settle down. Maybe she loves the sound of her own voice. Kate asks Tyler about himself. He says he was supposed to go college, but got into an accident. Ten of them went over a cliff. No one died, but it ruined his athletic career. In his interview, he says he had no broken bones, but was on crutches, picking rocks out of his skin. It opened his eyes about playing it safe, and he decided to live like every day is his last. He says he started with firefighting, then got into yachting.

Kate wonders if they should go out or go back to the boat. Laura says, go out! Kate says she just got there, and she wasn’t asking her. Ashton says, awkward moment. He just works here. Laura says she worked hard before she got there. Kate thinks it’s impossible that she was working the same situation. In her interview, Laura says it was uncalled for; Kate disrespecting her in front of the crew. Ashton and Tyler step away for a smoke. Tyler asks if Ashton fancies any of the ladies, and Ashton says he likes Laura, but he’s not forcing it. He wants something more intense than hooking up. Laura joins them, and Ashton tells Tyler to give them a moment. He leaves, and Laura says, she’s feeling sensitive. Tyler goes back to the table. Adrian says Ashton is like the Terminator. He’s back from the future to screw whatever women he can. It’s like a mission. Laura tells Ashton that she’s never been disrespected. Ever. Geez, really? Lucky her. She tells him it was a bit of a punch in the chest and a shame when people are like that. He hugs her, and says he’s got her.

Adrian suggests they migrate to the bar. While standing at the urinals in the bathroom, Ross tells Tyler to go for it. He’d be doing Ross a favor. Since the top of the wall between the bathrooms is open, Rhylee hears, and calls Ross a dumb-ass. Ross calls himself effing stupid. Rhylee starts telling the others what happened. Ross interrupts, and she tells him STFU; she’s speaking. She says Ross is the one who kissed her. He’s not making her a fool. She was doing him a favor. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s being painted in a negative light, and it’s belittling. She wanders off. The rest of the crew gets into the taxi. Laura says this is the least wild yacht crew she’s ever worked with.

Ty wonders where Rhylee is, and Ashton says she walked back. When the others get to the boat, Laura thinks Tyler went to see Rhylee. He did, and gets in bed with her. Laura says she knows Kate spoke horrible sh*t about her; she can feel it. Josiah tells Kate that Laura heard they don’t like her. Kate is tired of the victim card. In his interview, Josiah says, he knows Laura is new, but you don’t come on the boat bitching about the chief stew. Kate comes back out and says she heard Laura doesn’t like them. Laura says it’s the other way around. Kate tells her it’s not polite to disrespect the interior. She has no problem giving her opinions about Kate. Kate goes back to her cabin. Tyler and Rhylee make out. Ashton and Laura go to the hot tub.

Laura is fed up. She tells Ashton she was attacked for no reason. Why does she deserve them attacking her? Ross joins Kate and Josiah in their cabin for a drink. Kate says, after Caroline, she’s sensitive to crew members thinking because they work together, there’s an alliance. Laura thinks Kate feels threatened by her. Kate tells Josiah and Ross that it’s not possible Laura was chief stew on a vessel of this standard. She also dropped seven champagne glasses before the guests’ arrival. She says, accidents happen, but all of Laura’s negative comments since she arrived aren’t an accident. Kate doesn’t trust her. In Ross’s interview, he thinks Kate is being rude to Laura. Ashton tells Laura it’s not about her, it’s about Kate. She’s right to be upset, but she’s stronger and better than that; let it go. Laura asks what she’d do without him. In her interview, she says she thought Ashton was a bro jock, and a bit of a player, but he has wisdom, depth, and feels like a friend from home. She tells him that he’s refreshing and nice, and they kiss.

Dogs mate on the dock. What is with all these dock dogs?

Adrian says Laura is thrashed, and she says, call the alarm. She and Ashton go up on deck, and get in a sleeping bag.

It’s time to get up, and everyone gets it together. Adrian isn’t sure how to read Laura. She could be using him as a game to get to Ashton. Ashton goes back to his own cabin, and Ross tells him that he head giggling from Rhylee’s bunk. Rhylee feels happy, and tells Tyler that he’s a good cuddle buddy. He does what she does, but does it better. Ashton tells Ross that he and Laura made out a little. Laura tells Adrian that they didn’t hook up; she’s making that clear. He’s sure everybody has their stories.

Captain Lee asks Ashton how he’s doing. He says his ankle is feeling better. In his interview, Ashton says the scary thought of not being able continue is gone, so he’s happy. He asks Tyler what happened between him and Rhylee. Tyler says they didn’t even kiss; they just cuddled. Rhylee said he couldn’t even get in his bed. In the galley, Josiah realizes it wasn’t the best time to tell Kate that Laura thinks she hates her. He should have waited until they were sober. In Kate’s interview, she says Laura has been getting on her nerves since she arrived. She’s not sorry she got frustrated. Hey, new girl, she’s the chief stew, and she has a voice too.

Kate asks where Tyler slept. He says Rhylee will tell her everything; he doesn’t remember. Kate asks, did they fork? and he says he probably tried. She asks, were they snuggling? and he says, yeah. Kate thinks it’s great. In her interview, she says, crew hook-ups are good for crew morale. It puts a spring in their step. It’s infectious, like STDs. The captain lounges on deck for the first time ever. At least that I’ve seen. Laura does laundry. In Laura’s interview, she says, it’s like when you’re sleeping, and there’s a mosquito buzzing, but you can’t find it. It’s how she feels about Kate’s negativity; it’s there, but she can’t kill it. Kate has to learn she can’t treat people that way.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. All of the guests are co-primaries across the board. The first ones being Helen and her fiancé Richard. Kate thinks Richard might be at the top of the mafia hierarchy. Why? I’m not sure. It’s the first time the group is traveling together. Adrian says usually the primaries are the main guests, but this time, they all are, so it should be interesting. They also want a Polynesian inspired dinner party, with the crew performing Tahitian entertainment.

Laura asks Josiah what happened last night. Josiah heard her tell Ashton that they don’t like her, and he told Kate. It’s probably all his fault. Laura says she was misinterpreted. In Josiah’s interview, he says he wasn’t keen on Laura, but she seems like a lovely girl. He hopes he can squash the issue. He doesn’t want it turning into another Caroline situation. Laura says she doesn’t want chatter behind her back. Adrian tells the crew that dinner is ready. Ross tells Rhylee that she misunderstood. He wasn’t referring to what she thought he was when he said Tyler would be doing him a favor, and he’s sorry it was taken the wrong way. She apologizes for misunderstanding, and he says he’s super regretful right now.

When it’s time for bed, Tyler asks Rhylee to cuddle. We hear pretty heavy breathing for cuddling. Rhylee giggles. In her interview, she says, last night, she had a great time, but only got two hours sleep.

Everyone gets ready for the guests’ arrival. Adrian talks to his girlfriend on the phone. He misses her. In his interview, he says they don’t often speak on charter, but it’s nice to talk to her. She doesn’t expect anything from him, but when he talks to her, he’s happy. He misses every part of the relationship. Provisions come in. Kate says, charter seven; everyone gets it. Laura helps Ashton put on his ankle brace. Captain Lee says, twenty minutes; everybody in their whites. Champagne is opened. Kate gets the leis. Captain Lee says, incoming.

The guests are welcomed. Kate gives the tour, and the luggage is retrieved. Josiah says Richard looks like the Italian mafia 100%. Fuhgeddaboudit. The captain tells the deck crew, distances are going to be critical. Stern lines are clear, and they move out. The guests wave to neighboring boaters. Laura asks Adrian if they have coconuts, and suggests making a coconut bra. Josiah tells her and Adrian to stop flirting. Adrian says if he was flirting, Josiah would know it. As usual, the table is beautifully decorated, this time with seashells. Kate calls Rhylee to help with the plates. In Kate’s interview, she says, Laura knows how to do laundry, and it’s all she needs from her right now. Life is a lot easier when you don’t bitch about your boss. Kate tells Rhylee what to take to the table. Laura asks if she should follow, and Kate says, no. Laura makes a face. In her interview, Laura says that’s what she’s trained for. It’s the biggest slap in the face, and she’s over it.

The guests declare the scallops and prawns perfect. Ross asks Tyler if he’s ever done the anchor drop. In her interview, Rhylee says she hasn’t been on anchor, and Tyler is beneath her. Josiah asks Kate, if they became friends with Richard, does she thinks he’d tell them how many people he killed? Ashton helps drop anchor. Captain Lee is impressed. Ashton is stepping up to the plate after a near-death experience. It’s the kind of initiative he likes to see. One of the guests asks Ashton if they can take a ride in the tender, and he says he’ll set it up. Kate asks Laura to meet her in the sky lounge. She tells Laura that she’ll be going with Ashton. Kate packs the bag with drinks, the guests board the tender, and away they go

Tyler says it’s not important for him to keep play and work separate, but he’s good at it. When he’s working, he does his job. When he’s not working, he thinks about having sex with Rhylee. Kate sees a striptease game in Helen and Richard’s cabin. She and Josiah look in the closet. Everything is black, and Kate wonders how many funerals she thinks she’s going to. In her interview, she says, black is chic, but it’s also 106 degrees in Tahiti. It hides the blood stains. On the tender, Laura waits on the guests. In her interview, Laura says if Kate thinks this is punishment, she’ll take it. Fresh air, a beautiful Tahitian island, and Ashton. I dunno. The crew is usually looking to get off the boat on an excursion, so I don’t know why she’d think that was punishment. Maybe she is stupid.

It’s starting to get dark when guests come back. Kate tells Adrian, dinner is confirmed for 8:30. Captain Lee asks Ross how it’s going, and how the new kid is doing. Ross says, great, and the captain asks if Rhylee is doing all right. Ross says he’s never seen her this happy. Captain Lee would like to keep that up through the end of the charter. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s playing it easy with Laura. He’s getting to know her, and thinks the garden is growing at the moment. Is that a euphemism for something?

Ashton helps Adrian clean mussels. Adrian asks Ashton, what’s going on with Laura? Ashton needs to figure out the vibe. He says there’s more to her than people think. In his interview, Adrian says Laura didn’t seem that into Ashton, and he thinks Ashton took it as a challenge. One more point on his scoreboard. Adrian feels sorry for her. The centerpiece is a gorgeous Tahitian floral arrangement, and the guests are impressed. Kate presents mussels stuffed with crab, and Helen says the chef is top notch. Kate fixes the turndowns that Laura just did, and asks her to come to the master suite. She tells Laura that maybe she’s confused about turndowns. She leads Laura to another cabin, and asks, what’s the deal with the bathroom? Laura says it wasn’t like this, and Kate says the master is the same way. Laura can’t understand why Kate is so aggressive. Kate says she’s not; she’s in a rush. Laura says, that’s cool, but she has to relax. Kate says she’s not relaxed because Laura isn’t doing the job she said she could do. Laura tells Kate that she needs to settle down. Kate tells her, just do turndowns. In Laura’s interview, she says the difference between hers and Kate’s styles is that she’d never make a stew feel like sh*t. She’s lived and worked all over the world, and never experienced this before. It’s unprofessional.

Kate tells Ross that Laura didn’t like her asking for the turndowns to be redone. She’d like to know how Laura would ask, and Adrian jokes that it was brutal. In her interview, Kate says she’s in the Twilight Zone. Laura is criticizing Kate’s job, when she can’t do her own. Helen says the dinner is like eating a painting. Everyone eats in silence because it’s so good.

Laura asks Kate for a word. Kate says she’s in the middle of dinner service, but Laura wants Kate to hear what she has to say. Kate says, fine, but not near where the guests are having dinner. Kate leads her downstairs, shushing her, and telling her that her voice carries. Seriously. I’m not believing Laura was a chief stew either. I can’t imagine anyone who was ever in that position would get loud with a superior in front of guests.

Laura tells Kate, this is insane, dude. Another red flag. Doubtful she’d be calling her superior dude if she had ever been in that position. She tells Kate to figure her sh*t out. There were hundreds of other ways Kate could have approached her. She had no right to go through the cabins. Laura says, you need to check yourself. Understood? Wow.

Next time, guest Helen has a crush on Adrian, Captain Lee talks to Laura, Kate says she’ll quit if Laura isn’t fired, and Laura won’t be a tally on Ashton’s checklist. I don’t blame Kate. Kate can definitely be a bitchy mean girl, but she knows her job, and no way should any of the crew members talk to her like that. We were both left with our mouths hanging open.

🎅 Just To Be Annoying…

It’s not like it’s on a different date every year. And how did it happen that Thanksgiving was even early this year, yet we’re still rushing around? Is this some kind of Christmas denial that no matter how much time there is, the last minute is suddenly here? And what about the floor show? In an empty house? In the middle of the night? Oh, wait, that’s from Rocky Horror.







December 17, 2018 – What’s In Those Brownies, Tales of James, Million Returns,Villains, Some Lala & Tuesday Morning


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first minute or so. I swear, I could get up at the crack of dawn, and I’d still be running late.

Cameron asks Oscar how he’s feeling. Oscar says, not great but also not horrific. Cameron ask if there’s anything he can do, but Oscar says there’s not much anyone can do until they know how the trial is going. Cameron gets a text: Meet me in Charlie’s parking lot. Bring $$.

Franco brings the brownies to the hospital. He sees Josslyn and asks if he wants one. She asks what inspired him to bake them, and he says Cameron baked them; for the bake sale at school. She asks, what bake sale?

Sonny tells Carly they should take his dad home before he gets fuzzier. Carly says he’s a little preoccupied; give them minute. Marcus walks in as Mike kisses Yvonne. Marcus asks what Mike thinks he’s doing, and gets in Mike’s face. Sonny steps between them. He knows Marcus is upset, but asks him to back off. Mike says he can take care of himself. A staff member comes in, and asks if there’s a problem, but Sonny says it’s just a misunderstanding. They can take care of it. Marcus says this is totally unacceptable. Carly understands, and promises they’ll figure it out. Yvonne says Mike is her boyfriend; they’re going steady. She says he gave her this, and shows them her hospital bracelet. Marcus takes her aside.

Lulu tells Charlotte to go look at the tree, and Charlotte figures that means they want to talk about her. Elizabeth is shocked that Charlotte is the one who’s been bullying Aiden. Laura says she figured it out after she talked to Aiden, then talked to Lulu. Lulu says she and Valentin told Charlotte under no uncertain term I was unacceptable, and just plain wrong. Charlotte is very sorry, and wants Aiden to know that. Elizabeth is having a hard time processing. Why would Charlotte be so mean to him? Lulu isn’t sure. Charlotte said he’s different and sensitive, and that she was trying to help him. Elizabeth asks how? Why does she thinks he needs to fit in? Lulu isn’t sure, and Laura says now that it’s out in the open, maybe he’ll tell them more.

Jason tells Danny, maybe his mom can explain. She knows better about Santa. Danny asks if this is like Halloween, where Jason didn’t remember stuff because of his accident. Sam tells Danny that sometimes Santa and his elves need extra help. That’s how every kid in the world gets presents. Danny says, so he’s like an elf? and she says, he’s Santa’s helper – and Santa notices.

Franco tells Josslyn, it’s the drama club bake sale. Josslyn says she hasn’t heard about it. Why would Cameron be baking something? He’s not in the drama club. It would conflict with his soccer practice. Maybe he’s trying to be nice. Franco says, so she knows nothing about the bake sale or Cameron being affiliated with the drama club? Josslyn says she’s been out of touch. She’s been with Oscar, and been busy with school, so she doesn’t know either.

Sam suggests a visit to Santa. Danny asks if she means just her and him, or all three of them. Jason tells Sam if he wants him there, he’ll go, and Sam says they’ll talk later. Danny asks if dad is coming home with them. Sam looks at Jason, and says, yes? Jason says, yes, and Danny says, it’s the best day ever. He wishes they could always be like this.

Marcus tells Yvonne that all residents wear a bracelet; for safety reasons. The two of them wear wedding bands for the love they share. They live together. Mike asks Sonny if it’s true Yvonne is married. She doesn’t know this man. Sonny knows it’s hard, and Mike says he doesn’t know a damn thing.

Marcus tells Sonny that his father was kissing his wife. Sonny says his father didn’t know; his memory is diminishing. Marcus insists Mike is manipulating Yvonne, and has no respect or regard for their marriage. He wants her for himself, plain and simple.

Back at Sam’s place, Jason tells Sam that she has to tell him what Scout and Danny want. She says he doesn’t have to buy all of the kids gifts. Her phone dings, and Jason asks if she’s waiting for something important. She looks at her phone, and he says, not it? She says, no, and he asks if she wants to talk about it. She says, what? and he says, what’s bothering her. She seems flustered. It must be important.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that Charlotte has something important to say to him. Aiden wants to go back to his room, but she says it’s important he hear Charlotte out. Charlotte says she’s sorry she hurt his feelings. She didn’t mean to. She thought he would get along better if she told him what to do. She was kidding sometimes, but she guesses he didn’t think it was funny. There’s no excuse, and she was wrong. Lulu asks if he accepts her apology.

On the phone, Franco says he’s calling on behalf of Cameron’s mother, and wonders if he could speak to someone in the drama department.

Cameron texts: Told u deal’s off. He tells Oscar it’s nothing important. Oscar wasn’t paying attention anyway, and apologizes if he nods off in the middle of a sentence; the treatment makes him tired. Cameron says he’s forgiven. Josslyn comes back, and Oscar asks why she didn’t tell him that he snores. She says, he doesn’t – much. Josslyn asks Cameron if he joined drama club. Oscar laughs, and Cameron says he can be dramatic. Josslyn tells Cameron that Franco said he’d baked brownies for a drama club bake sale. Cameron asks where Franco is, and Josslyn says, outside, with the brownies. She grabbed one for Oscar. She hopes he doesn’t mind.

Sam tells Jason, the fact that he picked up on it, is an indication that she’s more worried than she’d like to admit. She asks if he remembers a con she used to run. She would marry older guys, using an alias, wipe out their accounts, and disappear. He says, yeah, and she says, someone who knows tracked her down.

Josslyn says the brownies must be delicious. It’s the most she’s seen Oscar eat. Oscar wishes he felt hungry, and Josslyn asks what the secret is. Cameron says he used a family recipe – enjoy. He’s got to find Franco, and tell him that he’s confused about a couple of things. He leaves.

Out by the nurses’ station, Franco tells Cameron that he ran out so quick, he forgot these, showing him the plate of brownies. Cameron says Oscar ate a couple of nibbles, so that’s good. Franco says he’s confused. Laura was under the impression that Cameron made them for a drama club bake sale. Cameron says that’s what he told her that he was doing. He gets a text: Don’t care if u don’t want merch <weed emoji>. Still want $. Waiting for u.

Carly tells Marcus, no one is in control, least of all Mike and Yvonne; they both have Alzheimer’s. It’s painful and horrible, but they can make it more bearable by showing each other compassion. Marcus says the only compassion he has is for his wife. He leads Yvonne away. Sonny tells Mike that he has to talk to him about something. Yvonne asks Marcus if she did something wrong. There was mistletoe. Is she going to get kicked out for kissing? She starts to cry, but he tells her that she’ not in trouble. He just wanted show her something. It’s their wedding picture. She’s his wife, and has been for thirty years. Sonny tells Mike, the thing is, that’s Yvonne’s husband. Mike tells Sonny, she didn’t say she was marred. Carly says she doesn’t think Yvonne remembers. Mike says he didn’t know, and Sonny says maybe he wanted to forget. Mike asks if Sonny thinks he forgot on purpose to make time with Yvonne? Is that how little Sonny thinks of him?

Jason looks at Leland’s obituary. Sam says Curtis is investigating some interesting stuff. There’s nothing definitive, but the email address attached to the paper is under the name of one of her own aliases, Linda Black. Jason says someone is messing with her; did she reach out? She says she emailed, but hasn’t heard back. Jason asks if that’s why she keeps checking her phone. Sam hates to look back on that part of her life. Jason says she’s not that person anymore. She’s learned from it and moved on. Whoever is behind it, they’ll deal with them. If somebody is trying to shake her down or hurt her, they’ll stop them. Sam tells him, easy. She doesn’t know if they have an agenda. She’s not afraid; she’s more annoyed. Jason asks how long it’s been since she reached out, and she says, yesterday. It’s already taken too much of her time. She’s not attaching her phone to her hip. Jason says they’re making her wait on purpose to get in her head. Sam says she’s not playing their games because she can’t be controlled, especially when she has important business to conduct. Jason asks, what would that be? and they gaze at one another.

Marcus shows Yvonne pictures, and asks if she knows the people. She says, they’re his friends? He says, their friends. They were so young; maybe that’s why she doesn’t recognize them. He tells her to look closely, and asks if she recognizes the guy next to her. She says, it’s him. How could she not? Her big brother. He puts his arm around her.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s not trying to make him feel bad; he wants what’s best. Carly says they believe him. Mike says they think he pretends to forget. Sonny says he’s done it before. In September, when the DA and the commissioner was breathing down Sonny’s back. Mike says he doesn’t know what Sonny is talking about. Carly tells Mike that she thinks Sonny doesn’t want anyone feeling hurt any more than they already are. Yvonne doesn’t remember she’s married. It has to be hard on Marcus, and tough on Yvonne. Maybe Mike could remind her that she’s married if she forgets. She knows Yvonne cares for Mike. Mike says he can’t remember anything for her, or even himself. Trying to hold on to facts, is like trying hold on to snowflakes. Yvonne wants Mike to take her back to her room. Marcus follows.

Lulu asks Charlotte what else she has to say. Charlotte says she won’t tease Aiden. She promises. She’s done trying to change him. He says, okay, and she asks if that’s all he can say. She just apologized, but he didn’t say he forgave her. Lulu asks, how about it? Charlotte sincerely apologized. Aiden accepts Charlotte’s apology, and she thanks him. He ask if he can go, and when Elizabeth says he can, he jets.   Charlotte asks Lulu if she and her papa are proud of her now. Lulu says she’s proud, and knows Charlotte’s papa would be too. Laura says it’s big of her, and it’s appreciated so much. It’s important to take responsibility for our actions. Elizabeth agrees, and thanks her. Charlotte is glad she made Aiden feel better.

Oscar asks Josslyn about volleyball practice. She says he must be tired of her hovering all the time. Just ignore her. She’s not trying to smother him, but it’s hard; she loves him so much. She promises to do better. Oscar doesn’t mind, but he hates her worrying so much. She gets it. She gets annoyed when people are worried. She asks if he remembers when her mom was in Ferncliff, and he was worried? Now she sees it from the other end.

Cameron tells Franco that he did bake them for the drama club. Not because he’s in it. There’s a really cute girl, kind of artsy – in a good way – who told him about the bake sale. He thought he’d help out. Franco says he brought them to the school, and he knows there’s no bake sale. Cameron says, that’s the problem. The artsy girl is kind of weird, and wasn’t clear. They were just thinking about having a bake sale, so he baked them for nothing. At least Oscar got a bite. Franco asks Cameron if he’s nervous. Cameron says he has somewhere to be, and jets. Franco sees that Cameron forgot his phone, and calls after him, but Cameron is gone. Franco struggles with himself, then looks at it. He sees texts, and says, oh, dude.

Oscar says they’re good brownies. Is she sure she doesn’t want some. He can’t believe Cameron baked them for him. Josslyn says Cameron is deeper than people give credit for, especially Cameron himself. I’m just going to say it. Either there is no weed in the brownies, Cameron didn’t know how to bake them right, or no one realizes they’re high.

Aiden asks Elizabeth if Charlotte is gone. She asks if he wants to talk about anything, but he says, no thanks. She asks if it’s okay if she talks; it’s kind of important to her. He says, okay. She says she wants make sure he knows that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed. If someone is making him feel bad, he has Franco and his brothers to talk to. She loves him, and wants take care of him. He says he can take care of himself, and she says she knows that, but they have his back too. He’s the most wonderful boy with the biggest heart. Never let anyone tell him different. They cuddle, and she tells him that she loves him. She says it’s over now, and everything’s going to be okay. Aiden says, yeah, but doesn’t seem convincing. He runs upstairs.

Carly tells Marcus that they’re sorry about what happened earlier. Sonny asks where his father is, and Marcus says, in the screening room. He wasn’t about to put his wife in jeopardy, sitting in a dark room with Mike. Sonny says Marcus has to believe Mike didn’t know. Carly says maybe they should talk to Stella. With her insight, she’ll know what to do. Marcus hopes she has answers. He’ll be around more, so they’ll both remember who he is. Sonny knows he’s upset, but it’s a helluva thing. Marcus leaves, and Carly thinks they should take Mike home to watch the movie. They have the DVD, and they could all use some Christmas spirit.

Sam tells Jason, in the interest of teaching Danny the spirit of giving, she has something special. She goes upstairs, and Jason looks at the tree. He flashes back to when we were all a lot younger, and he and Sam brought home a Christmas tree. He tells her that she’s the only one who could go to the tree lot, determined get the biggest tree in the world, and get this. She says she felt sorry for it. It needs love, just like her. Sam comes back down, showing Jason a stocking with DADDY in glitter on the fur. Jason says it’s amazing. He wants to thank Danny, but she says, that’s the catch. Jason isn’t supposed to know it’s from him. She’s trying to teach him true generosity doesn’t expect anything in return. He tells her, the daddy part is a dead giveaway. She loves seeing Jason happy. Last Christmas, everything was muddled. Now, the kids are comfortable, and here he is. She was wondering if he could take a small part of his day and spend part of Christmas wit them. He says, of course. She tells him that he never says what he wants, and it’s impossible to figure out; Jason says he’ll prove it’s not impossible. What he wants for Christmas is just to spend the day with her.

Lulu and Charlotte go for ice cream. Lulu asks if Charlotte feels better, now that she apologized. Charlotte is glad she could be nice. Lulu is sure Aiden is happy that he won’t be bullied anymore, and Charlotte says, not by her, but there are other kids who think he’s weird too.

Aiden plays a video game. At the end, it says, you’re a loser Aiden. He closes the laptop.

Back at home, Franco looks at the phone. Elizabeth comes in. He says he needs to tell her something, but she’s not going to like it.

Cameron waits outside Charlie’s. He realizes his phone is gone.

Josslyn knows Cameron wants to help Oscar. Oscar thinks Cameron wants him well so he can kick his butt. Josslyn says the one time, Oscar beat Cameron up. Oscar says he was too embarrassed to admit it, but when Cameron said it was a sucker punch, he was right. Josslyn says it was stupid, and Oscar says it wasn’t. They were fighting over her. She says, exactly. It’s not up to them who she chooses. It’s up to her, and she chose him. She kisses him.

Carly tells the desk that Mike was supposed to be in the screening room. Sonny says he’s not there. The guy at the desk (the same guy who asked if everything was okay – apparently, they’re understaffed) says they’ll track him down. Marcus comes in, and says Yvonne isn’t in her room, but her bracelet was.

Sam says, Jason’s Christmas wish is to spend the day with her? He says, that’s it, and she says she doesn’t know how to fit it in the stocking. She says he might be more specific, and Jason says it’s up to her. They don’t have to do anything special. They can do whatever she wants for the kids. They don’t have to do anything extra for him. Just being with her, making breakfast, going for a walk, putting the toys together; whatever, as long as he’s with her. It’s the perfect present. Sam thinks that can be arranged. They get thisclose to kissing, and we’re out.

Tomorrow, Franco tells Elizabeth he has news she’s not going to like, Jordan asks Margaux if she’s defending Sonny, and Sam hears from “Linda Black.”

Vanderpump Rules

James says he’s a star. Katie tells him to pull up his pants. He says she shouldn’t be wearing those shorts; they’re not very flattering. As he walks away, he says, lose some effing weight. Kristen says she’s sober, but ready for a drink. Raquel tells Scheana that she doesn’t know what to believe. Hope isn’t a reliable source. Scheana doesn’t know what to believe either. In her interview, she says Hope isn’t to be trusted, but James cheats all the time. Raquel thinks he broke Hope’s heart, so now Hope is coming for her. In Scheana’s interview, she thinks Hope is exaggerating, but she’s not saying she’s lying. She adores Raquel. She’s new, and Scheana feels the need to be big sis. She tells Raquel that she doesn’t know what’s true.

Lisa walks down the street, hoping things are going as well at the other end. She gets to SUR, and asks Jax why the line is so long. He says they want to see her. Raquel talks to Hope. In her interview, Raquel doesn’t know what to do. If she believes James, she has to stand up for her boyfriend, but if she believes Hope, she has to break up with him. She asks Hope what went down at Coachella, and Hope says that was a minimal part of the big picture. James would tell her that he and Raquel weren’t really together. They had a falling out in November, and Hope thinks it was because he was afraid Raquel would find out. She’s been sleeping with him for years. She thinks Raquel is a beautiful person with a good heart. James is a horrible person, and Raquel isn’t. Raquel wants more proof. Because she is also a clueless person.

Stassi orders drinks from Jax. He asks what’s going on, and she tells him what James said. She says he’s said ridiculous sh*t to all of them. James blows in, demanding a lemon drop and a Pumptini. Stassi tells him to get out, and Billie carts him off, as he makes a suggestion about a dildo to Stassi. Stassi says she wishes. In her interview, Stassi says, if you took a bad James Bond villain, made him all sweaty and drunk on Fireball, and he was played by an emaciated Muppet, he would be less annoying than James Kennedy.

Lisa sees James, and tells him, don’t be drinking. He wants to know where Raquel is. In Lisa’s interview, she says he seems agitated and frenetic. Sometimes it’s best to let things be. If she talks to him right now, they’ll end up in a bloody row. She tells Raquel that James is on the edge. Raquel asks if he’s been drinking. Lisa says he has, and tells her to make sure he doesn’t have another sip. She’s sorry for the pressure, but she doesn’t want to deal with him.

Raquel tells James that Hope claimed she slept with him multiple times. He says, lies. Next. Raquel asks if he would tell her, and he says, tell that whore to go screw herself. Raquel says he’s getting way angry. In her interview, Raquel says she’s sick of girls walking in with accusations, saying they slept with her boyfriend. My advice is, get a new boyfriend, but she says the bottom line is, she wants to stay with James.

Lying on the couch, Schwartz asks Katie why they do it to themselves. Those half shots add up. Why do half shots when you do double the amount? Katie runs a blender, and he’s like, please, my head. She does it again, and he says he can’t take all that healthiness. Katie says Pride was intense. Schwartz says he loved Pride. She says it was fun until James got drunk, and tells him what James said. She says James looked at her body in disgust, and Schwartz says James has anger management issues. He went off on everyone. Katie says, she’s not okay with it. It can’t keep happening. In her interview, she says she’s not going to feel bad just because James feels rage, and has the gumption (yes, she used that word) to say gross words. We flash back for the second time. Schwartz says he’d give her a hug, but he can’t move. She comes over to him. He gets up, and he’s wearing a housedress. He says, it’s a mumu day, and he’s sorry James is an effing a-hole.

James puts together piece of furniture. Raquel says Pride was hectic. James says it was so much fun, then it was like he got hit by a bus. He thinks it’s bullsh*t the way they come for him. Raquel thinks it’s more like they came for her. In his interview, James claims he hasn’t had sex with Hope since he’s been with Raquel. Raquel says she’d want to know if he cheated. James’s phone rings. It’s Peter, who has to disinvite James to his birthday party. The way he was acting in the parking lot isn’t conducive to tonight. In James’s interview, he says it feels horrible. He guesses too much booze led to consequences. He tells Peter, happy birthday, and hopes he has a great night. Raquel says, actions have consequences. Remember that. He says it snuck up on him; Tom’s drinks don’t taste like alcohol. The next thing he knew, he was wasted. Raquel says she doesn’t love the guy he becomes when the drinking gets out of hand. She doesn’t want him to get fired, and Lisa wasn’t happy when she saw him. In her interview, Raquel says she wants him to stop drinking completely. Good luck with that.

Harrison! Lisa goes into SUR before hours, and Peter says Pride was a success. Teddi Mellencamp joins her, and Lisa introduces Teddi to Peter. Teddi says she hasn’t seen Lisa since… Lisa says it’s easier if she doesn’t talk about it. In her interview, Lisa says, normally, she knows how to cope, but since her brother passed away she doesn’t know how handle daily life. At first, she was a mess, and didn’t want to go out Teddi asks if Lisa remembers meeting her brother. He wants to officially move to L.A., and she was wondering if he could get an interview. He needs to make money, but also needs to meet people. Lisa asks Peter if they don’t need barbacks or bussers, and Peter says they can always use an extra hand. In a few years, her brother could be like him. He leaves, and Lisa says she’s sure if he’s related to Teddi, she’ll like him. She tells Teddi that she misses her brother. Teddi is sorry, and Lisa asks how many siblings Teddi has; it was just her and her brother. Teddi says there are five. She tells Lisa that she’s a good person; a kind person. Her brother knew how much he was loved, and it had nothing to do with her. In Lisa’s interview, she says she took a few weeks, but maybe it wasn’t long enough. Unexpected feelings surface, and she has to deal with it and keep going. She doesn’t really want to talk about it. I totally get the unexpected feelings. Grief can strike at odd moments. She tells Teddi that she’s happy to meet her brother and give him an interview.

Time for the birthday party. Scheana walks in with Adam. In her interview, Britanny says it’s surprising, after Scheana tried to hook her and Adam. Although she thought Scheana liked him, so not that surprising. Tom’s dad, Tony, joins the crowd. In Jax’s interview, he says that he loves hanging out with Tony. He never looks at him like Tom’s dad. He’s like one of the guys, and doesn’t look like a dad. The guys wonder who taught who to pose, and Tony mimics Tom’s squinting into the sun. He says he brought five pairs of shoes, and Tom is giving him sh*t for it. Kristen brings in a bunch of balloons. Peter arrives. Schwartz tries to inhale helium, and the balloon breaks, popping in his face.

Brittany asks for Scheana’s input about James. Scheana thinks Hope and James hooked up, but she’s not sure if Hope is telling the truth. She goes back and forth so much, Stassi wants her to clarify. Scheana says she’s always wanted to act like everything is okay when it’s not, but she’s not doing that anymore. In her interview, Stassi says she just flip-flopped on flip-flopping. Stassi tells Scheana that she wants to make sure everyone is happy with her, but it bites her in the ass. It makes everyone bitter because Scheana has no loyalty to anyone.

Peter tells Jax that he has good news. Lisa wants to put him back on the schedule. Peter jokes that Jax needs to pay off the ring. Jax says he needs more than that, but it will be a start. He hopes he remembers how to make a Pumptini. Ariana tells Stassi their party has to be ten times better. In her interview, Stassi says she always liked Ariana. Ariana is the one who didn’t like her. We flash back to Ariana being an insensitive a-hole and totally rude to Stassi for no reason. Stassi tells us that it was pretty easy to be friends. She just went to all the same parties and events, and followed Ariana everywhere. Either she was forced to take out a restraining order, or give in. It’s like stalking 101. In Ariana’s interview, she says she gave up wasting the energy it took to not be Stassi’s friend. They pinky swear, and hug. Scheana is worried she’s going to be on the outs. Ariana is one of her best friends, but she doesn’t know where she stands.

Tom makes drinks. Katie wants to have a girls’ night, without Scheana. Ariana thinks Scheana will be disappointed to not be included, but Katie says they don’t hang out with her. Katie is on a positive road with herself, and doesn’t want to be backsliding. Ariana says she doesn’t see Scheana as much as she used to. In her interview, Ariana says if Scheana isn’t invited, it’s up to her to work it out with them. She’s a big girl. Stassi says they’ve tried it all to be friends with Scheana. It’s on her.

Brittany and Jax go to a cheese shop. Brittany explains that she wants to make beer cheese. It’s a concoction from Kentucky, and she’s bringing it to L.A. It’s her mamaw’s recipe, and she grew up on it. It’s normally made with cheddar, but she wants to mess around with it. She’s going to make some test batches. The cheese concierge, or whatever he is, brings over a plate of different cheeses for them to try.

Jax tells Brittany that he likes it at SUR, and he’s glad to have his job back. Plus, he’ll be working with her. She tells him about the girls’ night, saying they’re going for Hollywood glamour. He says he’s going to be hanging with the guys. She feels sad for Raquel, and Jax says she looks dumb. Brittany isn’t comparing James and Raquel to them, because Jax told her truth, and James will never admit it. In Brittany’s interview, she says she int knows how it feels to be new in town, and have people questioning your relationship. We flash back to Stassi asking her, what if she’s wasting her best years? Brittany doesn’t want Raquel to go it alone. She wants to make sure Raquel knows she can be strong, stand up, and say he can’t do that. Jax says it’s bad when you can’t go anywhere without someone wanting to kick your ass. In his interview, Jax doesn’t see that James wants to change. He thinks he wanted to be better, but James doesn’t want it. Brittany calls Raquel to invite her, and Raquel says it would be awesome. Jax’s eyes bug out.

Jax asks what’s in a vodka and grapefruit. James wonders how they survived without him, when he has to be reminded how to make a two-ingredient drink. Tom comes in with Tony. In Jax’s interview, he says they have a different computer system and there are different bartenders, but he knows how to do his job. He doesn’t think anyone is looking at him under a microscope. Tony, Tom, and Schwartz sit down. Jax joins them, and Schwartz says he’s irritated. James is a complete a-hole, and insinuated Katie was fat. Jax corrects him, saying fat whore. Tony says he has to nip it in the bud. In his interview, schwartz says he’s not good at confrontations, but James insulted the love of his life, so reluctantly, he’s going to have to put his foot down.

James starts apologizing the second he sees Schwartz. He say he has no excuse; he’s a twenty-six year old man, and he’s embarrassed. Schwartz says James crossed the line. Katie isn’t fat; she’s sexy and luscious. Ooh. Much better than the usual curvy. In his interview, James says everyone is blowing it up into a humongous thing; bigger than her. What is wrong with this dude? He tells Schwartz what he did was disgusting, and he’s so sorry. He drank too much, and when he’s drunk, he goes for the jugular. Schwartz suggests he get some self-awareness, and get it together.

The girls meet all dressed up. in her interview, Stassi says it’s the perfect girls’ night; stiff drinks, outfits on point, and she doesn’t have to struggle to listen and talk over the sound of Scheana’s nails tapping on her phone all night.

Guys’ night is at Schwartz and Katie’s. Schwartz is making dinner when Tom comes in. Tom tells him that it’s one thing to be behind the bar, and another to have your own shaker. He gives a metal shaker to Schwartz, who says it looks like a sex toy, but he likes it. Jax comes in on his cooler scooter, which Tom thought he’d retired. He passes out beer, and tells the guys that he and Brittany are business owners. They’re starting a cheese company. Schwartz brings out the cheese-filled steaks he’s been cooking, and Tome says he still has PTSD. We flash back to the time Schwartz served Jax and Tom steaks that had been in his butt crack. Tom says, the steaks were really good though.

Brittany tells the other girls about inviting Raquel. Kristen thinks maybe her getting away can help her to figure it out. Brittany tells them that Raquel said she was coming. Stassi and Katie are like, whoa. Truth. I don’t get what these girls see in James. He has beautiful eyes, but other than that <noise like you got a wrong answer on a game show>. He’s scrawny, and his music is only okay. I’m not even a huge Kanye fan, and I can tell you that he’s certainly not the white Kanye. Ariana says Raquel doesn’t have any girlfriends, and Brittany says without them, she would have broken down. In her interview, Brittany says the only way she got through it was because she had a great group of girlfriends. know smile through it and dying inside might bring redneck out in her

Raquel arrives, wearing a jean jacket over a glam, sparkly fringed dress, and I can’t decide whether I like it or not. Kristen asks if James still has a job. Katie asks who needs to pee, and Kristen and Stassi go with her. To a bar on the other side of the room. Brittany tells Raquel that she wanted to check on her. Katie tells Stassi that she’s curious how Raquel feels about James being so derogatory towards women. Brittany asks Raquel if James was freaking out because she was going to be with them. Raquel says he was anxious, thinking it was going to be an ambush. Brittany says she wouldn’t let that happen, and Ariana say no one wants her to feel like she’s being attacked. Brittany asks if Raquel is aware that James has done some sh*tty sh*t. Ariana say Jax was the same way, and Brittany says she’s been there. She doesn’t want Raquel to be blind like she was. Raquel says it’s when he drinks. He doesn’t remember the conversation. He becomes a different person. In Brittany’s interview, she says that it’s easier for Raquel to believe James just has a drinking problem, to cover up the other problems. She’s not buying it. Katie and the others come back. Katie asks if Raquel knows that James made another rude comment to her. He goes as low as possible, and wants to hurt her. Kristen says he has a sh*tty temper when he’s sober. They hope he isn’t doing that to Raquel, and Raquel says, not unless he’s had way, way, way too much to drink. In Stassi’s interview, she says she felt put down all the time in her last relationship. She was blinded by what she thought was love. She wanted to make it work, and couldn’t see it for what it was. Raquel says she doesn’t want him to drink at all. Stassi say she doesn’t know Raquel very well, but as an outsider, taking in all these stories, it’s not good. Raquel says they don’t see the James she sees. They only see the guy who’s going out, partying, and getting drunk. It’s not a good side of him, but the James she sees, treats her like a queen. In Katie’s interview, she feels like she’s living in a Twilight Zone world, where monsters are able to do and say whatever they want. She tells the other girls that it’s making her not feel good about going to work. She’s talking to Lisa. This has to effing end.

Katie asks to talk to Lisa. Lisa asks if she’s okay. She says she is. Lisa asks if she has reason to be scared, and Katie says she doesn’t think so. They sit, and Katie says she was out back during a break at Pride. James came be, clearly drunk, and she told him to fix his pants. He gave her a disgusting stare, and said she should not be wearing those shorts. She’s fat. She says it was disgusting; he was so derogatory. Lisa doesn’t want Katie questioning how beautiful she is, since there was a time it would have affected her that way. She says James is in an idiot. Katie says, he gets away with abusive language toward women. In Katie’s interview, she says James has hurt and offended almost every person who works at SUR. We flash back to several clips of that. She tells us that his comment was the last and final straw.

Katie tells Lisa that she can’t show up at work and be subject to that kind of language. If he’s speaking to her like that, he’ll say it to anyone. Lisa didn’t realize the level and extent to which he was rude and ignorant. She saw him drunk at Pride, but chose not to deal with it. He was riding high, loving himself, doing his DJ thing. She glad Katie told her, and says she’ll deal with him. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t like anything that makes women feel less. She wants a place where people come to make money, has a joie de vivre, and where people can have a fantastic night. The people who work there don’t want to be insulted. Katie wants to know what Lisa is going to do, but Lisa says she doesn’t know yet. Katie says SUR has been her home and family for almost nine years, but she won’t work in a place where this is tolerated. Lisa asks if it’s an old tomato ultimatum. Katie says she’s only made one in her life – to Schwartz. We flash back to when she gave him six months to put a ring on it or she was moving on with her life. She says, and it worked. So maybe this is an ultimatum.

Next time, interviews for the TomTom staff, Ariana and Stassi plan their party, Lala tells Raquel to wake up. Lisa asks James who the eff he thinks he is, and as usual, James cries.

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December 14, 2018 – Cameron Bakes Some Brownies, Welcome to Hackertown, Quotes of Seven & December Duo


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis tells Jordan, surprise! Honeymoon at Kelly’s. She swears they’re going to Fiji – as soon as she closes the case. He says they both know investigations rarely go as fast as they’d like, but she’s making progress. She tells him that she keeps thinking something is right in front of her, but she’s not seeing it. He says she’s done a masterful job investigating links and gathering evidence. She thinks she doesn’t have much to show for it, but he has the feeling that’s about to change.

Julian sees Kim with her head on Drew’s shoulder, and gets back in the elevator.

At Turning Woods, Sonny asks Carly if everything’s okay. She says, a minor crisis at work, but it’s fine. He appreciates her coming, and she says she’s happy to be there for Mike. He’s not the one she’s mad at. Sonny asks if she wants to argue about Margaux right now. She says she’d like to forget Margaux exists, and focus on Christmas. They see Mike and Yvonne decorating a tree, and Carly says it looks like Mike is ahead of them.

At Kelly’s, Marcus tells Stella that Sonny claims it’s all innocent, but he’d like to see how Sonny would like it if someone was chasing after his wife. Stella doesn’t think he’s like it too much. Marcus says it’s torture looking at the person you love when they have no idea.

Cameron gets a text. I’ll bring the (weed emoji). You bring the money. His phone rings. Elizabeth tells him the sitter can’t stay late, but Cameron says he has plans. She asks what kind, and he says extracurricular activities. They look good on college apps. She says she needs him to go straight home, and he says, fine. He’ll be there. He gets another text. Meet me in one hour.

Valentin sees that Nina is packed and ready to go. He says she doesn’t waste time. She tells him it’s not like she brought her entire wardrobe. She was just keeping Sasha company. He says, and safe. There’s a serial killer loose in Port Charles. She says she has no reason to stay, but he says he can think of a few.

Lulu meets Laura at Charlie’s. Laura asks, what’s going on? and Lulu says, everything, wondering when it became December, like we all are. She wishes she could figure out who Charlotte is bullying, and Laura says, Aiden. Lulu says, Charlotte is bullying her own cousin?

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte will miss her. Nina says Charlotte knew she was leaving when Sasha did. Valentin says Sasha is safe in Chappaqua; what about her? There have been no arrests in Kiki’s murder, and there’s the killing of that nurse. Nina has confidence in Jordan and her team, but Valentin says there’s been no progress. He asks her to stay there. At least it’s a safe place.

Laura tells Lulu it’s getting worse. She doesn’t want to upset her, but she’s Charlotte’s mother. She needs to know what’s going on. Lulu asks if she’s talked to Elizabeth, and Laura says she knows Aiden is being bullied, but not that it’s by Charlotte. She’s surprised Charlotte’s teacher didn’t tell her, but Lulu says Willow is trying to diffuse the situation. She doesn’t want Charlotte to be publicly reprimand, or the kids might choose sides, and it will leave Aiden more isolated.

Alexis comes into Charlie’s, saying she’s there to whisk Kristina away for a late birthday celebration. They’re going to a spa, and Kristina can bring a friend. Kristina says she’s working all night, and Alexis asks if she can talk to the owner. Kristina says Julian is out, and wherever he went seemed important.

Sonny says the tree looks great. Yvonne sticks her finger on an ornament, and Sonny asks if she’s all right. Mike says she’s okay, and Sonny suggests getting a Band-Aid. Mike says it’s not necessary, and tells him to back off. Sonny says Mike doesn’t need to get excited, and Mike tells him, back off. Why is Sonny telling him what to do. He’s the adult, not Sonny. He asks where Sonny’s father is.

Through the window, Curtis sees Stella and Marcus in Kelly’s, and says, damn. He tells Jordan that Stella is with Marcus Godfrey. She asks if that’s the Marcus; the lost love of Stella’s life? He says, the one and only. He supposes he should thank him for inspiring Stella to show up at the wedding. She said she met an old friend who inspired her to put things in perspective, and guesses it was him. Jordan asks how Curtis tracked him down, but Curtis says he didn’t. Marcus has his own reasons to be in Port Charles.

Stella tells Marcus that Sonny sees his father seems happy. Marcus asks what he’s supposed to do; let it keep going on? She says she’s not telling him to do anything. He says she was never one without an opinion back in the day. She says she’s learned when to keep her place, and he says it’s her place now. She’s an old friend, and Mike is her client. If she has something to say, he wants to hear it. She tells him she thinks he’s being ungenerous. Not to Sonny or his father, but Yvonne.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s his father. Carly says he knows Sonny. He’s Mike’s son Michael. His name is just like Mike’s, but everyone calls him Sonny. Mike guesses he must have forgotten for a moment. Sonny says, it’s all right. He didn’t want intrude, but wanted to be there for the party. Yvonne asks if everything is all right. Does he know this young man? Mike says, he’s a good guy, and suggests they take care of her finger. When they’re gone, Carly says she’s so sorry, and hugs Sonny.

Alexis tells Kristina, it’s not fair. Julian keeps putting her in charge, and she’s not being paid for two jobs. Kristina asks her to stay out of it; she has enough to deal with. Alexis asks if Julian has been talking about Kiki’s death, and if he’s in a bad way. Kristina says he’s messed up about it, but his way of taking care of himself is taking care of others. He’s been looking after Kim and Oscar, and running errands for them. Julian comes in, and snaps at Kristina about the shaker being on the bar. Kristina tells Alexis that she prefers it when he’s out taking care of Kim.

Kim asks if Franco and Elizabeth want some food, but Elizabeth says they’ll take a raincheck. Kim says they owe her for the extra support and care she’s given Oscar. Drew says they appreciate it, and Kim adds, especially with what’s going on. Franco tells them that they postponed the wedding, partly because of Kiki. It seemed soon. Elizabeth says they’ve also got stuff going on with the kids.

Cameron tells Aiden to stay in his room until he finishes his homework. He takes out a box of brownie mix, and says, to bake or not to bake; that is the question.

Lulu can’t believe her daughter is bullying her nephew. Laura says, they’re both young, and it can be a wonderful teaching moment. Lulu says they’re getting through this time, and Laura asks if she and Valentin are still on the same page. Lulu says they are; Nina is the problem. She refuses to believe it. Laura says, no one wants to believe their child is capable of bullying, but it’s not uncommon. Kids are under pressure too, and don’t always deal with it the best way. Lulu says she’s going to win this time. If Valentin can’t discipline Charlotte, she will.

Valentin would like to believe he doesn’t frighten Nina, and she says he doesn’t. He’s not a threat to her health or well-being. He says, good to know. She says she just gets distracted around him, and doesn’t always make the right decision. It was great that he found Sasha. She loves him, and might always love him, but she can’t stay with him. She can’t pretend things didn’t happen that did. He says he’s not the same man he was when he gave Peter to Faison. He’s not the same man since he met her in the hotel hallway. Meeting her changed him forever. The man before her is the man he’s been ever since. She says she should go, and he says, please don’t. She can’t keep doing this; she doesn’t have it in her. He says she doesn’t have to do anything. He’s never going to stop trying to win her back, even when she says she doesn’t believe in them.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike and Yvonne are on their way back; they’re picking out games. She doesn’t know how aware Mike is about what happened, and Sonny says, it’s to be expected. Stella warned them. Carly says, that doesn’t make it easier. You can tell yourself that you’re prepared. You can read all the brochures, but knowing it is different than living it. Sonny says he tells himself it’s not that bad. Mike is still here, and still his dad, but the good times are less, and the bad times are getting worse. He doesn’t know how to handle it. He doesn’t know what to do. Carly says she doesn’t either, but they’re not doing it alone.

Stella tells Marcus that Yvonne has a special bond with Mike. They give each other light. Anyone can see it. Marcus says it’s how she used be all the time, and it means the world to him. Stella asks if it’s so wrong that Yvonne has a connection with Mike. He’s not a stranger at this state. Why deny her a friendship she enjoys? Marcus says she’s less present each day, and focused on Mike, not her husband. Does she know how hard it is to want something just outside your reach?

Kristina tells Alexis, birthdays don’t mean anything anyway. She’s learned every day is like a birthday, a chance to start over. Alexis doesn’t see the harm in celebrating. You only come into the world once. Kristina says, who knows? It could have been five hundred times. Alexis says, okay, Buddha. Does she believe in reincarnation. Julian comes back in, and complains about how the limes are being sliced. He asks why it’s so hard for Kristina to do her job. Alexis says it’s a bar, not an operating room; no one is dying. He needs to chill. He says he doesn’t tell her how represent her clients; don’t tell him how to run his business. She understands it’s a tough time, but don’t it take out on her daughter. Julian says, okay, she’s fired. He tells Alexis, thanks for the advice. He feels chiller already.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Aiden has a great teacher, who picked up on it. Franco gripes that she won’t cough up the name, and Kim says, it’s frustrating. Oscar went through it in middle school. Franco says he’s tempted to put Spinelli on retainer. Elizabeth says the other parents are dealing with it on their end, and she understands the child has been spoken to.

There’s a knock at Valentin’s door, and he says, someone is about to die. It’s Lulu. He tells her, it’s not a good time, but she says, too bad. They’re getting the message across to Charlotte before more damage is done. Nina asks if this is about the alleged bullying. Lulu says Nina has to stop running interference. They tried working it out together, and it was a disaster thanks to her. Nina says Lulu is taking the teacher’s word over her daughter’s, and Willow is PC to a fault. Kids need the room work out their own problems. It’s the other parents’ job to toughen up their kid. Lulu says the kid is her nephew, Aiden. Valentin asks if they’re talking about Aiden Webber. In her first moment of soap timing ever, Charlotte walks in and says, what about him?

Cameron is starting to bake, when there’s a knock at the door. Laura asks if his mom is home. He says she’s out, and he’s on babysitting duty. Aiden is there, and finishing his homework upstairs. She doesn’t want to interrupt, and Aiden says he was just working on an extracurricular activity. She says she’ll wait. He asks if he can get her anything, but she says she’s fine. He’s goes back to the kitchen, and is looking at something on his phone, when she walks in. She ask if she startled him. He says he was just focused on his phone, and she asks if this is the extracurricular activity. He says he’s supposed to make brownies for the bake sale, but he’s challenged. She says they’ll do it together.

Franco says they should go. Cameron is probably tired of babysitting. Elizabeth suggests Kim and Drew get some rest. The better shape the both of them are in, the better for Oscar. She and Franco leave, and Drew asks Kim about getting something for the staff. She gets on her phone, and says there’s a $500 credit in her account. It’s definitely a mistake. She makes a call.

Alexis finds Julian outside, tearing apart boxes. She asks if he thinks it’s a good idea to fire his first bartender on his first anniversary. He opened up Charlie’s a year ago. Julian says he doesn’t keep track, and she tells him, try sobriety. It makes you good at keeping track. He says he’s got enough problems, and she says he’ll have even more without Kristina’s help. He says she’s not fired; he’s just pissed off. He attacks the boxes. Alexis says she can tell. Does he want to talk. He says he shouldn’t lean on her; it’s not right. She tells him to talk to someone. His anger is toxic. He says things didn’t turn out way he thought they would. She says, they rarely do.

Charlotte asks why everyone is mad at her. Nina says they’re not mad, and Lulu says they’re upset about the way she’s been treating Aiden. Valentin says school is easy for her. Lulu says, it’s not like that for everybody. Valentin tells her, it’s important not to hurt others’ feelings, and Lulu adds, especially those who are having trouble in class. Charlotte says it’s not her fault Aiden is different. He’s so weird. She tried to help him, and tell him how to act, but he doesn’t listen. He does things differently, and that’s why no one likes him. It’s his fault, not hers.

Marcus says it’s nice to meet Jordan, but he should go. There’s a holiday party at Turning Woods. Curtis says he’ll walk him out. Jordan sits, and Stella asks how married life is. Jordan says she loves it, but she’d love it more if she wasn’t working twenty-hour days. Stella asks how the investigation is going. Jordan says she thinks she’s getting close. Stella says she has every confidence Jordan will close the case, and she and Curtis can pick up where they left off. Jordan appreciates that they have some time alone. She wanted to thank Stella for coming to the wedding. It meant everything, and she hopes it’s the start of things being better between them. If she can find Marcus after all these years, anything is possible. Stella asks if Curtis told her about Marcus, and Jordan says, some. She knew some herself because she went looking for him.

Outside, Curtis asks Marcus how Yvonne is doing. Marcus says, not well. She’ll never get better, and he’s accepted that, but he hopes she doesn’t decline too quickly. Curtis knows he and Stella have a history, and suggests Marcus let her help. She’s very talented in her field. Marcus says, she’s already done plenty.

Jordan tells Stella that she thought if she could find Marcus, and bring him back into her life, it might soften her attitude toward them. Stella asks if Jordan tried to reunite her with Marcus. Jordan says she wanted to explore the possibility, but when she discovered he was married, that was the end of it. Stella wonders why Jordan is telling her now. Jordan says she has to be honest if she wants to move on and be a family. She asks if there’s any chance for that.

Carly thinks Mike and Yvonne are cute. Yvonne lifts Mike’s spirits. Sonny is relieved that Mike found a friend. Carly says he’s sweet and considerate with her. Sonny says when Mike was first diagnosed, he thought Mike losing his memory was the worst thing, but now he thinks it’s going from the limbo before he forgets. That must be hardest; slipping away. He must feel alone. Carly thinks that’s why Mike is protective and territorial with Yvonne. Sonny says, it’s clear they have a connection. He can’t lose her.

Lulu says it’s not Charlotte’s job to tell her classmates how to act. The first rule – the only rule – is to treat others the way you want to be treated. How would she feel if someone told her how to act or what to like. Or embarrassed her? Valentin says he was teased mercilessly because of the way he looked, and she should feel bad. Lulu says, she’s not helping; she’s hurting. They know she can’t be best friends with everyone. Everyone is different, and it’s all okay. They’re just asking her to be kind and respectful to Aiden; to everyone. Charlotte starts to cry. Lulu says they know she’s a good person. She shows them every day. Charlotte says, deal, and Lulu says, good. Now there’s just one more person they have to show.

Cameron thanks Laura for the assist. She saved batch of brownies. Laura say they don’t get much of a chance to be together. She has some advice about his brother. Cameron says he tried to warn their mom it was going to happen. He was going to get picked on in school. Laura asks why Cameron thinks that, and Cameron says, he’s just different. He doesn’t fit in. Cameron knew that once Aiden hit a certain age, kids will see and pick on him. Laura says that’s astute of Cameron. His brother looks up to him. It would be wonderful if Cameron let Aiden know he’s great the way he is.

Franco and Elizabeth come home. Elizabeth says she didn’t know Laura was stopping by, and Laura says she was hoping they’d get a chance to talk. Elizabeth thanks Cameron, and tells him he’s off. He’s relieved of duty, and can go back to doing whatever he was doing. He’s already flying out the door, saying, home by ten. Elizabeth apologizes for him being rude, and Laura says, clearly, he was in a hurry; he forgot the brownies. Franco asks, did she just say brownies? as he eats one.

On the phone, Kim says she’ll check her email. She tells Drew that Julian got her a credit. It’s probably in her spam folder. She looks, and says there are several. He got someone to clean her apartment and grocery shop. She feels guilty; she’s kind of neglected him lately. Drew is sure Julian knows what she’s going through, and wants to help. Kim wishes she could return the favor or thank him in person. Drew says, Oscar is asleep. He’ll hold down the fort. She’d do the same for him. Just bring back pizza when she’s done. She leaves.

Alexis asks what Kristina is doing, and Kristina says figuring out if she’s been there long enough to get unemployment. Julian says she’s rehired. Alexis says, not so fast. Doesn’t he have something to say? He tells Kristina that he’s sorry, and Alexis says, how about a raise? He needs Kristina, and knows it. An extra five dollars an hour. Julian says, done, but she’s working overtime this weekend. Alexis tells Kristina, you’re welcome.

Laura says the brownies are for a drama class bake sale, and Elizabeth asks if she’s sure she heard correctly. Laura says, maybe he’s been bitten by the acting bug, and Franco says, who knew? They have a budding pastry chef. Laura says, he had help, and Elizabeth thanks her. Laura knows Cameron can be a handful, but he’s a great kid. Franco says he’ll drop the brownies by the bake sale.

Cameron goes to the hospital. Drew sees him, and gives him a hug. Cameron says he came to check on Oscar, and asks how he’s doing. Drew says, sleeping, but he’s doing better. He’ll tell him that Cameron stopped by. When Drew is gone, Cameron texts, don’t need the product. Deal’s off.

Kim finds Julian, still messing with the boxes. She says she appreciates what he’s doing. He says she could have texted or called, but she wanted to tell him in person. He asks, what? She says he’s amazing. He always comes through for her, and takes care of her, no matter what, and she wants to thank him.

Kristina gives Alexis a drink (non-alcoholic) with an uneven lime, on the house. She says Alexis still has the magic touch, and Alexis says, when has she never? She sees Kim and Julian hugging through the window.

Laura is glad she and Elizabeth are alone. She wants to talk about Aiden. The bell rings, and Elizabeth says, hold that thought. She opens the door to Lulu and Charlotte.

Valentin asks if Nina wants him to call for the launch. Nina tells him she’s not leaving after she saw the way Lulu talked to Charlotte. Valentin says Charlotte needed some tough love, but Nina says it was more than that. She’s going overboard. She’s more worried about protecting Aiden. It might stunt his development. She wants to stop Charlotte from being the incredible, independent girl she is. Valentin promises to be vigilant, but Nina says she’s staying.

Jordan tells Stella that her search didn’t lead anywhere, but she still butted into Stella’s private business. She hopes Stella understands and forgives her, or will. Curtis comes back, and asks, who’s hungry? Stella says she’s had her fill, and she’s due back at work. She looks at Jordan, and smiles, patting her on the shoulder. Curtis asks what he missed.

Sonny tells Carly it’s getting late. They should get his dad home before he gets fuzzier. Carly says he seems preoccupied. Mike and Yvonne gaze at each other. Carly thinks they should give them a minute. Marcus comes in as Yvonne touches Mike’s face.

On Monday, Franco has to tell Elizabeth something she won’t like to hear, Lulu says Charlotte needs to apologize to Aiden, Mike kisses Yvonne, and all Jason wants for Christmas is to spend the day with Sam.

Z Nation

We see a screen with texting. Kaya in the Skya: Are you there? They’re headed your way. Ghost King 2.0: Good. Kaya in the Skya: Can I trust you? Ghost King 2.0: Of course.

Roberta and George check out the fencing around Hackertown. A zombie gets electrocuted, and Roberta says, some of the wires can still be hot. Roberta bangs on a metal post. She says, 3 o’clock, and they draw their guns, but it’s Citizen Z. He’s sorry he’s late; he fell asleep. Roberta is glad he made it, and he says, just barely. Altura is locked up tight, and Kaya didn’t want him to go, but she gets it. They’re in a war.

They approach the building that houses Hackertown. CZ says it was a telephone switching center, and they built on the old hardware. There aren’t many digital malefactors left, but they’re pros. They spent many hours to crack Altura. They see a lock system with a small screen, and CZ says they have to prove themselves worthy by entering the next number in a series. The screen asks, what is the meaning of 42? George doesn’t get it. CZ says, it’s an old hacker joke. The answer is the total numerical value in the letters of the two words. He puts it in, nothing happens, and he says, or not. George kicks the door open, and they go in.

It’s dark, and they guide themselves with flashlights. They go down a hallway lined with equipment, and into another room. There are screens going and music playing. A voice tells them, hold it right there, and Roberta say they come in peace. A dude steps out into the light, and CZ asks if he’s the real Ghost King 2.0. He tells them that they have to answer a question. Roberta asks if he’s the troll under the bridge. Ghost King asks what’s the number one rule in hacking, and CZ says, information wants to be free. Ghostsays, the judges say cool, and he puts on the lights. CZ says he has something for him, and punches him in the face. He tells Ghost, Kaya in the Skya says, hello bitch.

Ghost asks what that was for, and CZ says he knows Ghost is trolling his wife. Ghost says it’s not his fault she’s hot. He asks how they got in, and George says they passed the test – for the most part. A guy in a hammock asks them to keep it down; he’s trying to meditate. Roberta says they need help. They need to see Estes’s computer. Ghost says, that’s impossible, and adds, it will take a few hours. CZ says, so they can do it, and Ghost tells him, no one said yes. What do they get out of it? He’d like a new laptop, a car, a shotgun… Roberta tells him to be realistic, and he says, in the unlikely event Newmerica is established, they want immunity in perpetuity for all cybercrimes they may have committed. George asks, what crimes? and he says, a little of this, a little of that. George says if he helps them now, she’ll try to get them a pardon in the future. They fist bump.

The sign on Limbo says, closed. Inside, Addie says if the talkers don’t get biscuits or brains, they’re going to have a problem. Murphy says tell him something he doesn’t know. He asks Doc how the miners are, and Doc says, great. As long as your definition for great is starving slowly and turning zombie. They look at the fish tank with the lithium bricks in it. 10K says it’s a dozen blocks of pure lithium. Addie says that’s why they were eating batteries. She saw them slicing the batteries, and putting the slices on their tongues. It works on the brain. Murphy asks how her truffle slicing skills are. They hear a noise, and Murphy opens the door. It’s Estes. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. It’s a pleasure to see him. Estes has his posse with him, and Murphy says he sees Estes brought his back up dancers. He tells Estes that they’re closed to the public right now. Estes’s men draw their guns, and Estes says he’s sheltering escaped talkers. He knows they’re here. Open up. Murphy asks if he has a search warrant. Estes says, this is the apocalypse. Stand back, and let them come in. Murphy stands aside, saying he should have cleaned up.

Inside, Doc, Addie, and 10K sit at a table, playing cards. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. Or at least what’s left of it.

Sun looks through a microscope, and says, negative. She says, it has to be here, and looks at another slide. Negative. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Red with another woman. Sun tells them that she’s the only one there. Red says this is her friend Becky. She came for help. Becky got sick while she was hiding her. Sun asks if she’s a talker, and Red says, yes. Becky says she’s hungry. Sun wants to see how dead she is, and examines her. She says, toxic shock. The infection has overwhelmed her body. People are becoming immune to everything; antibody resistant. There’s nothing Red could have done. Red says Becky needs a biscuit (sounds like a children’s book), but Sun says she doesn’t have any. They took them all. Becky suddenly punches Red.

Doc, Addie, and 10K continue to play cards. Estes tells his men, keep looking. He asks what the occasion for the mini reunion is, and Murphy says, it’s Thursday. Addie heard Doc is a maverick at strip poker. Doc tells her, one word of advice – later. Murphy tells Estes there’s a two drink minimum. Estes says Murphy was housing dozens of talkers, and Murphy says, says who? Estes says, everyone. Murphy says he doesn’t see any, and Estes tells him, seeing is one thing; believing is another, and he believes they’re here. He takes out a gun under the table. Murphy asks if Estes is going to believe him or his Spidey sense. Estes says he’ll wait it out. He orders water for everyone, and Murphy says, two bullets a glass. Estes tells him to put it Altura tab, but Murphy says they don’t have one. Doc shakes his head at Addie, who also has a gun. Estes nods to one of his guys, and the guy gives Murphy four bullets. Murphy says he’ll be right back, and Doc asks if he should deal Estes in. Estes declines.

Murphy pours two waters and smiles. Estes asks if Murphy has seen George and Roberta, and he says, nope. Estes says he thought they were friends. Murphy says he doesn’t have the chip in him now, does he? 10K says, go fish.

Ghost introduces his crew, Girl Boom, and Skip Grecko, the guy in the hammock. GHOST says Skip is the richest man in the world. He specializes in crypto-currency, and has been harvesting coin mines that are still in operation. Roberta wonders why, and GHOST says, sometimes hacking is the journey. A dude who’s pretty much a skeleton sits at a computer, and Ghost says, that’s Bones. He’s old school from the old freak phone era, and a ninja on the keyboard. He tells them, when you’ve only got one talker, a bag of biscuits goes a long way.

CZ asks if they have Estes’s password, and Ghost says, maybe. George says they can hack his laptop, and Ghost says, they have their own air gap email server – the full Hillary – but they’ll need someone inside. Kaya comes up on the screen, and Skip asks who the babe is. CZ says that’s the mother of his child. He tells Kaya that they need someone to get inside, and she says she can do it. Girl Boom says she’s in the system, and they can see what everyone is up to. Kaya is walking toward Altura’s headquarters, and Girl Boom says, there she is. She messes with the security system, so Kaya disappears from the feed. She says, no more Kaya

Kaya goes to the rear service entrance. Ghost says Bones has card keys and IDs. You wouldn’t know by looking at him, but he’s quite the catfisherman. CZ says they’ll need high clearance, and Ghost calls him Captain Obvious. He tells Kaya what to put in the keypad. She’s in, and CZ tells her to be careful.

Estes sees a security alert on his phone; unauthorized key use. He says, Ghost King 2.0, and Murphy says, what? Estes tells him, former employees that turned into vandals. Murphy says, he has a cell phone? Estes says it seems like his talker friends have vanished. He wishes Murphy would come to Altura. They could use his sales expertise. Murphy says, leaving so soon? Estes says they have an intruder. Search every inch, and keep quiet. If they want to hack, let’s hack.

Estes uses his phone to unlock and open the doors at Hackerville. Zombies walk in. Girl Boom says the power has been killed on the door locks. Ghost thinks maybe Estes is on to them, and CZ tells him to get Kaya out now. Ghost says they have company; every corridor has been breached. Execute order 666.

Kaya sneaks around. She tries to contact Hackerville, and asks, where are you guys?

Alarms go off. Ghost says they got this. CZ can’t believe they have drones. Skip, Girl Boom, and Ghost get into position, and several screens come up with the drones on them. Ghost asks Skip what the probability of success is, and Skip says, 32.33, repeating. Ghost says, better than usual; very nice. The drones fly, and a few crash into the walls. Ghost says Bones made modifications. The drones shoot at the zombies. It’s like a video game. Girl Boom slams a zombie in the head, and they laugh. Roberta is like, damn. Skip races his drone around some columns, and Ghost says, go for bookends. He tells Skip, get in on this, and the three of them surround a zombie, shooting at its neck until they slice his head off. George laughs, and Ghost says he didn’t expect that; it just happened. He says, uh-oh. They’re out of ammo. They slam the drones into the zombies’ heads, and it’s a bloodbath. Ghost is the only one left, then he’s out. He says, they crashed, but finished strong. CZ says, crazy, and Ghost says CZ has been doing it the hard way. A zombie ambles in, and Ghost says, time for the big guns. He takes out a metal box, and pulls up an antenna on it. A tiny drone floats out and flies around like Tinkerbell. George fights with the zombie, and holds a ladder between them. Ghost concentrates on the Tinkerbell drone, and it goes up the zombie’s nose. Ghost tells them, get down, and the zombie’s head explodes. George wants that.

Addie slices the lithium, using a razor blade. Murphy asks if she knows what she’s doing, and she says, no. She tells him she has to be careful cutting. It melts in their mouths. The talkers line up and she feeds them. 10K says there’s a kid missing, and Murphy says, it’s always something. His parents are there, and Doc says they’ll find him. They call out for Mason.

Red says Sun has been working with blood samples. Sun says by hand. Red wonders what Sun is looking for, and Sun says an anomaly, a mutation, something that gives immunity. Red asks if she’s had any luck. Sun says one sample showed immunity, but it won’t do any good. She shows Red the vial, and it’s labeled Murphy. Red says, great. Sun tells her that Murphy’s blood so full of crap, she doesn’t know which gene has what effect. On the examining table, Becky starts thrashing around. She wants brains.

Addie slices and feeds. The others look for Mason. 10K says, still no sign, and Murphy says, these talkers blend into the furniture. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Estes with Mason. Estes says he has something belongs to them.

Roberta asks how Kaya is doing. She says she’s outside Estes’s door. Girl Boom says, card swipe coming her way, and Kaya unlocks the door.

Murphy asks Estes if he thinks he’ll get away with this. Estes says he’s just trying to help them. Murphy says rounding them up, putting them in lockdown, vigilante justice. That’s not being supportive. Estes says, it’s for their own good. Doc says, even for the zombie apocalypse, that’s lame.

Out in the yard, 10K draws his gun.

Murphy asks what Estes really wants. Estes says he has the talkers hidden away. Murphy insists he doesn’t, and if he did, they’re not his to give. He doesn’t own them. Estes says then Murphy won’t mind if he takes them. 10K draws a bead on Estes, but as he’s about to shoot, there’s a gun at his head. Murphy tells Estes he’s just a simple busman trying make an honest biscuit. Estes says, cut the crap. 10K is led in. Murphy asks if this is trying to be supportive. Estes says he’s done wasting time. Disarm them.

They go inside, and Estes tells Mason that he’s sorry. There’s nobody there. His parents left him. He says Mason is shaking, even though he’s not. Estes says he’d be scared too, if his parents abandoned him. He’s never going to see them again. Mason cries silently, but we hear crying from behind a door. Estes opens it. Mason’s mother grabs him to her, and Estes says this is the thanks he gets for saving her boy. She’s welcome. He tells his crew, send more trucks.

Becky cis flipping around, and Red tells Sun, do something. Sun says there’s only one thing left to do. She gets a gun, and Red says, not yet. What about Murphy’s blood? Becky grabs Red’s throat. Red tells Sun to hurry, and Sun injects Becky with Murphy’s blood. Becky seizes, then relaxes. She says, wow, and tells Red that she’s sorry; she didn’t mean it. She thanks Sun, and asks, what’s happening? Red says she’s burning up, and Sun says, the infection that killed her is coming back. She’s dying all over again.

Kaya is in Estes’s office, and opens his laptop. She needs the password, and Ghost tells her, hold tight. They’re going to all run their antilogarithms simultaneously. CZ asks if she has the thumb-drive. As soon as she gets in, employ it. Ghost asks if it’s for his NSA toolkit, and CZ says, no. Ghost asks if he can have a copy, and CZ says, solid no. Ghost says, there are no more secrets. The NSA don’t care. CZ says he cares.  Ghost says he’ll get it from Kaya. He says, the last letter always takes forever, and Roberta says, mercy. The password is mercy. CZ says, look who has a future in hacking. He tells Kaya the password, and she’s inside.

Murphy asks Estes what’s going to happen to the talkers. Estes says he’ll take good care of them. They’ll be safe in their own space. Murphy decides he’s going with them. He’s got to. Estes says, technically speaking, he is a talker. He’ll be safe under their protection. Murphy says he feels safer already. Estes wishes he’d work for Altura. They have more in common than Murphy thinks. Murphy says, no they don’t. Estes says if he changes his mind, they have excellent dental. Hell, I’ll go.

Becky relaxes again. She asks Red to help her, and begins to flail around some more. Red wonders what’s happening, and Becky yells, make it stop. It’s actually pretty sad.

Kaya says every file looks suspicious. It might take a while. Kaya flips through the files, and Roberta says, anything. Kaya says, lithium mining, the biscuit supply mine running out, lithium from new sources. Roberta asks if there’s anything about Dante, but Kaya is still looking. She thinks she found something in the editing program. Estes has been editing a document to make Dante look guilty. George wonders why Estes would do that. A screen shows guys with guns walking down the hallway. Roberta tells Kaya, upload everything and GTFO.

Murphy gets in the truck. Estes asks if that’s everybody. Doc, 10K, and Addie remain, and Doc says, sorry; human. Estes says to leave them. They have no problem with humans. As the truck door closes, Murphy ask if he mentioned he was claustrophobic. Estes says it’s a short ride to air conditioned buses that will lead to new lives.

Red wipes Becky’s face. Becky has a short seizure. Sun gets the gun. Red says, no, but then tells Becky not to be afraid. Becky says Red tried, and she loves her. Red turns her back, and Sun gives Becky mercy. Red cries.

Kaya uploads the files, mumbling that you’d think Estes would have better Wi-Fi. She shows them a document, and asks if anybody knows what this is. George says it looks like it’s redacting, and wonders what it means. Roberta tells Kaya to get out now.

The guards look through the window of Estes’s office. Kaya closes the laptop. They walk in, but she’s nowhere. They look underneath the table, but there’s nothing. One of them closes the laptop.

At Hackertown, they look at the document on the screen. Some of it is still redacted, but it clearly says, final mercy. George asks, what’s final mercy?

Next Friday, the final battle is at hand. And it looks like Pandora is in the thick of it.

💭 Quotes of the Week

Have you no human consideration? * Show me a human and I’ll have it. – Bill (Gary Merrill) and Margot (Bette Davis), respectively, All About Eve

Thread count: yes. Washing instructions: do not wash. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls, after buying sheets at the Less Than A Dollar store

I said, ‘I’ll do it for nothing.’ Actually, I had to give him $4,000 dollars. I had to pay him to do the part. — Dick Van Dyke, recounting that he had to financially persuade Disney to allow him to portray Mary Poppins‘ banker, Mr. Dawes Sr.

When he saw Misery, my ex-husband said he didn’t see anything unusual up there.Kathy Bates

It’s obvious you’re not a woman. * I’ve been aware of that for some time. – Margot (Bette Davis) and Bill (Gary Merrill), respectively, All About Eve

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.Rupi Kaur

I’m fine. I’m a Spartan.Eddie Judge, The Real Housewives of Orange County

👯 December Double Whammy…















December 13, 2018 – Oscar Makes a Promise to Sonny, Leida Takes the Crown from Jax, a Little Chef, an Epiphany & More Epiphanies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie asks Nina if everything is okay. Nina says, better than okay. Her daughter said she loved her. Maxie says, wonderful, but Nina tells her that she said it while saying goodbye.

Valentin asks Peter if he’d like a drink, but Peter wants him to get to the point. What’s this about Obrecht? Valentin says the PCPD is charging her with abduction and unlawful imprisonment, and Peter is going to refuse to testify.

Curtis meets Sam at Kelly’s, and asks, what’s up? She says, him first. How did things go with Stella? He says she wasn’t thrilled with them showing up at Turning Woods, and him trying to be slick, saying he was there to see her, while Sam snooped around. Sam supposes he couldn’t get her to tell him more about the newspaper subscription, but he says, no; she did. She asked Marcus if he ordered it for his wife, but he had no idea what she was talking about. They assumed a well-meaning caregiver got a subscription in her name – or that’s what someone wants them to think. Sam says she called the paper again, and said she was Yvonne wanting to confirm the name on the account. Curtis says, let him guess. No dice. She says, trust only goes so far in Galina, but don’t sweat it. There may be another way.

Kim comes into Charlie’s, where Julian meets her with a cortado, double shot. Kim says there’s no coffee in her apartment. She did a scavenger hunt, and even looked in the decorative container she only looks in once a year. I have containers like that too. She thought, even if she found it, what’s the point? She has no milk. That shows how long it’s been since she’s gone shopping. Julian says he’s there to help; he means it. Kim says it means more than he knows. She has to get back to the hospital to be with Oscar. He tells her, go, and she jets.

Josslyn quizzes Oscar on famous people. A nurse comes in, and says it’s time for his test. Josslyn says he didn’t touch breakfast, and he says he’s not very hungry. Drew helps him up and out, and Oscar goes with the nurse. Sonny approaches Drew in the hallway.

Carly tells Jason that he just missed Sonny; he went to visit Oscar. Jason asks how Josslyn is, and Carly says, good. Outside of sleep and school, she’s been at Oscar’s bedside. She thinks she can will him back to health. Jason is sure Oscar appreciates the support. Carly doesn’t mind, but she’s concerned about the toll it’s taking on Josslyn, especially if he… Jason says she’s strong enough to get through anything, but Carly says, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean your heart can’t break. The house phone rings, and Carly says, you’re kidding? She’s walking to door. Jason asks if everything’s okay. She doubts it. She opens the door to Margaux.

Valentin asks Peter to listen to him. Peter asks why he should, and Valentin says, because the water is cold, and if he doesn’t want to swim to the mainland, he’ll give Valentin two minutes. Peter says, fine. let’s say he had a change of heart about the woman who imprisoned and tortured him for months. Say he doesn’t want her behind bars, where she belongs. What is he supposed to say to the police? Valentin says, off the top of his head, Peter didn’t get good look at the person holding him captive. Peter says, there were witnesses. People saw Obrecht after she set fire to the stables – with him and Valentin’s wife inside. Remember Nina? Valentin ran into the blaze to get her out. Valentin says Peter went into the stables of his own volition. He was on the run, after all. Peter says, malnourished and gravely injured. Valentin isn’t making sense. Valentin tells him, make up something; he is the writer. He just wants the charges against Obrecht dropped. Peter asks why he cares. Obrecht must have something really incriminating on him.

Maxie brings Nina coffee. Nina says she and Sasha had breakfast at Kelly’s. Maxie says she’s going to miss Sasha at the magazine. She did a great job. She’s bright and capable, and that will take her a long way. Nina agrees. She doesn’t blame Sasha for leaving. First, she’s drugged by Ava Jerome; then her sister is killed, and she’s brought in for questioning. Not to mention, the murderer is still at large. Maxie says, tell her about it. She was still at the wedding when they found Kiki’s body. Nina says sorry she had to deal with that alone. Maxie says she wasn’t exactly alone. Other people were there; cops and stuff. But enough about her. She wishes Sasha could have stuck it out longer. It’s probably because she was staying at Windymere. She doesn’t know Valentin well. Although it’s not like she was alone. Nina says, no more alone than Maxie was alone at the wedding.

Cameron introduces himself to Julian. He heard there might be a position as a busboy. Julian tells him that he needs parental permission to give a teenager a job , and he has the feeling Cameron’s mom doesn’t want him working there. Cameron says she’ll be cool when he tells her why. Oscar is going to be in the hospital for a while, and Cameron wants to make sure he still has a job when he’s better.

Josslyn makes up Oscar’s hospital bed when he leaves for some tests. Kim tells her that she doesn’t have to do that, but she says she doesn’t mind. The nurses have enough to do, and should focus on getting Oscar better. She sees the tray of untouched food, and says he didn’t eat dinner either. Kim says loss of appetite can be a side effect, but Josslyn says, he needs to eat. Kim says they’ll figure something out. Josslyn knows his favorite foods from Charlie’s, and offers to get something to go. Kim knows she wants take care of Oscar, but she needs to take care of herself too. Kim asks, how about getting some rest, and Josslyn asks if that’s what Kim is going to do.

Drew sees Sonny at the hospital, and asks if everything is okay with Mike. Sonny says Mike is all right. He’s there to see how Drew’s kid is doing. Drew says Oscar is having tests done, but if Sonny wants to stick around, he knows Oscar would appreciate it. Sonny says Oscar is a great kid, and means the world to Josslyn. He wants Drew to know if they need anything, just say so.

Jason tells Margaux, we meet again. Is she there to talk to him? She says she’s there to see Sonny, but Carly says he’s not there. Margaux says Sonny loaned her his scarf, and she wanted to return it.

Curtis tells Sam, whoever bought the subscription, did it online. He can input the account number, and click forgot password. When they get the email address, Spinelli can work his magic, and trace the IP address. He gets on the laptop, and it tells him where the new password info was sent. It’s too bad it doesn’t work like that. It would have said a new password was sent to the email address on file, but okay. He says, Linda Black. Does Sam know her? Sam says, quite well. She’s Sam.

Drew sees Kim, and asks how she’s holding up. She says she had no coffee in her apartment, which is symbolic of her life right now. The doctor in her knows she should just take nap. Drew asks why she doesn’t, and she says she doesn’t want to be away from Oscar. She just wants to hold on to every memory. She apologizes for the poor choice of words, but Drew says, it’s fine. He has some news she should know. Kim asks if it’s about his memories, and he says his memories are closer than he realized.

Margaux tells Carly that she ran into Sonny at their son’s grave. Carly asks if she happened to be loitering there, and Margaux says her father is buried nearby. Carly says, that’s right. Margaux deliberately chose the spot so they wouldn’t forget. Margaux says she and Sonny got to talking about the people they missed. He noticed she was cold, and lent her the scarf. Carly tells Margaux, leave it there, and she’ll walk her out. Margaux says, that’s not necessary, but Carly insists. Margaux tells her to thank Sonny, and Carly closes the door. Jason tells her, count to ten, but Carly says, the hell she will. What was Sonny thinking?

Oscar is back in his room, and Sonny asks Josslyn if the prisoner is allowed visitors. Josslyn says Oscar is all his. Sonny tells Oscar he wanted to see how he was doing. Oscar says Sonny probably won’t unload on him, since he’s in the hospital. He made Sonny a promise that he wouldn’t hurt Josslyn, and he hurt her on purpose, but he was trying to protect her. Sonny knows what it’s like to protect the people you love, even if you go about it the wrong way. If Josslyn understands, he does too.

Julian tells Cameron that Oscar’s job will be waiting whenever he comes back. Cameron says he’ll leave Julian a copy of his information in case he needs someone next summer. Josslyn walks in, and tells Cameron she’s picking up an order for Oscar. Why is he here? He says making sure Oscar’s job isn’t given away while he’s in the hospital. Josslyn says that’s cool of him. She’s glad they can still be friends.

Sam tells Curtis that Linda Black was one of her aliases. He asks if she used it while she was married to Leland, and she says, no. She used a different identity diff id every time, and never used the same name again. Curtis says they seriously need to rethink this case. Somebody knows about her past, and is using it to get her attention.

Carly says, that woman is lurking at her son’s grave, and Sonny gives her a scarf? Jason says Sonny feels guilty. Carly says he had no regrets until Margaux’s one-woman crusade to defend daddy. Margaux wants to put her head on her husband’s shoulder, and make him feel guilty, and the worst part is, Sonny is falling for it. Jason asks if she knows why he is, and she says, don’t know, don’t care. Jason says, Margaux lost her father when she was a little girl, and because Sonny is losing his own father, it makes him vulnerable. She says, that makes it worse. They can fight with each other about it, but Margaux will exploit that. She hates it that Jason is right. She wants to unload on Sonny, but can’t, even though he’s being an insensitive ass. Jason says he’s grieving over Mike, and she knows how grief messes with your head. She knows that more than anybody.

Oscar tells Sonny that his visit means a lot. Sonny asks if Oscar wants to get rid of him already. Oscar says, no, and Sonny says he’s joking. He tells Oscar to use his energy to get better. He asks if Oscar remembers when they first met. Oscar stood up to him. He wanted to protect Josslyn because he cared about her, like now. It takes guts. He asks Oscar to promise him something. He wants Oscar to stand up to the disease the way he stood up to Sonny. Can he promise to do that? Oscar promises, and they shake hands.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she ordered Oscar’s favorites online, and lists what she ordered. Cameron say she’s making him hungry, and she wishes Oscar felt that way. It’s a side effect of the treatment; he doesn’t want to eat. Cameron suggests he try weed. He’s read it can help with cancer patients. Julian is on the phone, looking for someone to do odd jobs, like running errands, a few days a week.

Valentin tells Peter, they have nothing on him. Peter says Valentin wants Obrecht released because of his generous spirit? Valentin says he might loathe Obrecht, but she’s one of the few family members Nina has in town. Peter says he has no intention of setting the women free who tried to murder him. Valentin says if not for him, for Maxie.

Nina tells Maxie that she asked Peter to be her date, so Maxie wouldn’t be tempted. Maxie says, at least she didn’t move in with him, and Nina says It’s her maternal duty to protect Sasha. She tells Maxie they’re two amazing, intelligent, strong – and gorgeous – females, who make their own decisions and stick to them. Maxie says, every time they decide to stay away from certain people, they find their way back to them.

Sam tells Curtis, they might be trying to reenter her life. He wonders if it’s an old mark, or someone connected to them, whose holding a grudge. Sam says, Amelia Coffey; her father was Sam’s last mark. He attacked her, and she had to kill him in self-defense, but they made peace. She’ll have to call Spinelli, so he can do a background check, but Sam doesn’t think it’s her. He asks if any of Sam’s other husbands have kids. Sam say she’d marry them, and ghost out. They never knew her real name, so there’s no way their kids would know. Curtis says, so she thought. Someone did. Jason walks in.

Valentin says Peter can’t deny he has strong feelings for Maxie, although she keeps him at arm’s length. Peter says they’ve made progress, but Valentin asks how long it’s going to last? The holidays are coming, her first without her husband. Maybe it would be better for him to be a good Samaritan, and set Nathan’s mother free. He can’t make Maxie’s family whole, but he can fix one part. Imagine Obrecht home, playing with her grandson. It would be a great Christmas present, and they can start the new year with a fresh beginning for him and Maxie. Peter says he needs time to think it over, and Valentin tells him, think fast.

Maxie tells Nina, no judgement. When Peter brought her home, she was trying to be brave, but in the morning, she found he’d slept in hallway to keep them safe, and felt relived. Nina says they thought Peter had all that baggage, but the truth is, he didn’t have any. Maxie says, Nathan didn’t either… except and ex-wife she found out about later. Nina says Maxie had baggage, and Maxie says, two full sets and a foot locker. Nina doesn’t love the idea of Maxie and Peter being together, but she has no say. She thinks Maxie needs some light in her life, and owes it to herself to see if they can work it out. Maxie says she’s happy they can talk about it, and asks, what’s really going on with Valentin? Nina says it was nice being at Windymere with Charlotte and Valentin, even if she was in the guest room. Maxie asks where that leaves the two of them?

Jason is sorry to interrupt, but Curtis says he’s not. He has to make a call. He goes outside, and Jason asks if he can join Sam. She says, please, and he asks if she’s spoken to Drew. She asks, why? Is everything okay with Oscar? Jason says, Drew has the flashdrive. He can get his memories back.

Kim asks Drew if Margaux just gave him the flashdrive after all this time, and he says, pretty much. Kim says he’s now holding the key to his past. It’s what he’s been searching for, for a year and a half. Why isn’t he beating down Andre’s door? He says he has a lot to lose. His memories of the past several years mean the world to him, especially the ones of his daughter and son. He can’t risk losing them.

Sonny comes home, and sees the scarf. He asks where it came from, and Carly says, Margaux dropped it off.

Cameron tells Josslyn that medical marijuana is legal in their state, but highly regulated, and they’re very strict in what it’s prescribed for. Josslyn thinks it’s weird that Terry wouldn’t prescribe it if she knew it would help. Cameron says he went into the trial at the last minute. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to go through the steps. Josslyn says, for a second, she thought they’d found a way to help. She leaves, and we all know what Cameron is going to do.

On the phone, Julian says he wants it to be a surprise, so no card.

Kim says, sorry. It’s an important choice that Drew is making. Drew says, not really. He doesn’t want to lose a single moment with his kids. He thinks she’d do the same thing. Kim just looks at him, and he says, what’s up? She has a confession to make. She asks if he remembers how she told him their relationship burned fast and bright. She imagined them having a future, even before she found out she was pregnant. One day he dragged her to an old town; she didn’t want to go. They saw a boy separated from his parents, and Drew was so good with him. He wiped the boy’s tears, and told him it would be okay. Then, as they walked to the sheriff’s office, Drew promised he wouldn’t leave until the boy’s parents got there. He was so calm and kind. They were chatting away, and Drew was showing the boy his patches, talking about superheroes, and they were debating Skittles or Starbursts. Drew says, clearly Starbursts. Kim tells him that’s what he said then too. She remembers thinking he’d be a terrific father. Drew knows he’s doing the right thing, but he’s still sorry Scout and Oscar will never meet that guy. Kim says the guy she’s gotten to know in the past year is pretty great.

Sam tells Jason that she understands why Drew won’t let go of his memories, especially with Oscar being sick. After Jason disappeared, the memories kept her going. Jason says his memories of her helped him get out of the clinic, and find his way home.

Margaux sees Curtis outside Kelly’s. She wanted to ask him about Drew. Is there anything she can do for him while Oscar is in the hospital? Curtis says she’s already done more than enough.

Sonny tells Carly that he ran into Margaux in the cemetery. She was cold – Carly says, and he gave her his scarf; Margaux told her. She says it was no accident that Margaux returned it in person. Either she wanted Carly to know, or wanted to see Sonny again. Sonny doesn’t thinks she has an agenda. Carly says, since when? She’s gone after Mike, Kristina, Jason, and her. Or has he forgotten Margaux is the one who remanded her to Ferncliff. Sonny says he’s sorry. They shouldn’t have gone with Diane’s strategy. Carly says, now it’s Diane’s fault? Before he knew she was Vincent Marino’s daughter, Sonny rightfully blamed Margaux. Diane planned for Carly to go to Shadybrook. Margaux wanted her in Ferncliff. Sonny says, it’s not a big deal. She was cold; he gave her a scarf. What was he supposed to do? Carly says, let her freeze.

Margaux tells Curtis that she’s trying to make amends with Sonny’s family. Curtis says making amends is good. She works closely with his wife, and he respects that, but Drew is his friend. He’s got Drew’s back. If she wants to know if there’s anything she can do, she can keep her distance. He walks inside.

Jason tells Curtis, good luck on the case, and leaves. Curtis tells Sam it doesn’t look like they talked about what’s going on with her. Sam says she’s keeping that between them, and he asks what’s their next move?

Valentin says Nina is home early. She says she’s not staying. She’s packing up her things, and going.

Maxie starts to get in the elevator. Peter is there, and says he was going to the MetroCourt for coffee – or something stronger. Would she like to join him? She says she pressed wrong button, so she’ll stay. She tells him not to wait too long to give her a call. They owe it to themselves to see this through. Dinner, she means.

Drew thanks Kim for sharing the memory. Kim says when she found him again last year, she has to admit she’d hoped they could pick up where they left off. Be a happy family. Drew says, in a way, he guesses they are that; a family. She puts her head on his shoulder. Julian sees them.

Oscar tries to eat an onion ring, but it’s not happening. Josslyn asks if he’s not in the mood for onion rings, and he says he usually loves them, but he’s not hungry. He appreciates her getting all of this. Josslyn says she’ll take them to the nurses’ station while they’re still hot. She also got a club sandwich. He can have it later if he wants, since it doesn’t matter if it’s hot.

Cameron writes a text. Trina, does the guy you’re seeing still have a weed hookup? Yep. Knew it.

Sam gets on the laptop, and Curtis asks if she’s going to poke the bear. She says, it’s better than being attacked by it. She writes, okay, Linda. You’ve got my attention.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s not seeing what’s in front of her, Lulu asks if Laura is telling her that Charlotte is bullying her own cousin, and someone is fired.

👑 Now That Jax Taylor Has Lost the Crown…

There’s a new worst person in the world on the block. Leida from 90 Day Fiancé, who understands nothing about priorities, budgets, and being engaged to someone because you love them, not because you want to live the good life in America. Honestly, I don’t know what these people are being told, but we are not all millionaires here. This woman has been bitching, whining, and screeching from the moment she set foot on US soil. It’s beyond me what Eric sees in her. Even if the sex is phenomenal, it can’t be worth listening to her tirades. From how he put her luggage in the car, to wanting a bed that cost five grand, she’s done nothing but complain. So far, when making wedding plans, she can’t shut up about the lavish, gargantuan first wedding her wealthy parents paid for, that hosted 2000 guests. I can’t imagine she has even two friends, and it’s no surprise it didn’t work out. I was actually having difficulty understanding why she got engaged to him in the first place, until she made one slip, saying that she could find someone else to marry and stay in America. Unfortunately, that comment blew past Eric, who didn’t even flinch, much less kick her not-that-attractive ass out of his car. I’d have left her by the side of the road and told her, goodbye and good luck, tossing her Louis Vuitton suitcases after her.

Internet trolls have been less than pleased with her behavior, and while I would never advocate threatening anyone – welcome to social media! – Leida is against bullying? Funny, coming from the person who’s been doing nothing but, and tried to bully her fiancé into abandoning his own child. Pissed because Eric has to pay child support, and won’t be keeping her in the manner to which she is accustomed, Leida demanded he stop paying it. Apparently, she also doesn’t understand it’s the law, and when he tried to explain it, she thought he should give up his parental rights. If things were so great for her in her own country, why the hell is she so desperate to be here?

🍤 On Top Chef, the contestants were taken to the Maker’s Mark distillery, and challenged to make a meal of Kentucky classics using Maker’s Mark. Padma was enamored of a creation called a banana corn dog, which prompted Tom to persist in making jokes about her having carny in her blood. An extremely pregnant Gail Simmons said a contestant’s catfish and pickles were an atrocity. I can’t imagine anything more sad and embarrassing. Which is why I would never be on one of these shows.

🚑 Just for Fun…

Get to know Epiphany, my favorite GH nurse.

💡 Epiphany Comes in Many Forms…















December 12, 2018 – Doc is Just Not Doc, a Final Skoal from Dallas, New Jersey Flash-cap & the First


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny meets Spencer for breakfast.

Sasha gets a text from Valentin – convince Nina to return to Windymere. (Yes, that’s how he spelled it.) Nina joins her at Kelly’s, wanting the goodbye breakfast to be just the two of them. Spencer approaches, and Nina introduces Sasha. He says they’ve already been introduced, at the home Valentin stole from his late father.

Valentin goes to the interrogation room to see Obrecht. She says she summoned him last night. What took so long. He says she wasted her call. She needs a lawyer. She thinks he’ll be more effective than Darrow or Dershowitz. He’s not sure what he can do, and she says, make sure she isn’t punished for her vigilante justice against Peter.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt. He says they don’t have to do this, and she says, have breakfast? They absolutely have to.

In the elevator, Finn tells Anna that they said the words. She says, they did. He asks if she’s okay with that, and she says, more than okay. Him? He tells her they could probably say it again, and says he loves her. His phone rings, and she says she loves him too. He says it’s his brother. He asks what’s going on, and tells Chase that he’s on his way. Anna asks if it’s about Obrecht, but he says, someone else. He has to run. They kiss, and the elevator door opens. Anna gets out.

Maxie tells Peter it’s like hitting the reset button for them to start over. Peter asks, how?

Carly sees not-Doc at the hospital. He asks what she’s doing there, and she tells him, picking up a prescription for her father-in-law. She asks how Ava is, and he says, hanging be a thread; no thanks to her. She says Ava came after her, and he tells her, stop talking.

Ava looks at pictures of Kiki. There’s a knock at door. She opens it, saying she’s not up for a visit. It’s Laura with flowers.

Carly says, what the hell? Not-Doc wonders why she feels the need to criticize Ava at a time like this, since she knows what it’s like. She knows that Ava steamrolled him to get what she wanted. He says Carly’s past is just as checkered, even before she got together with Sonny. The deals he’s made are even worse than Ava’s, and she turns a blind eye.

Laura tells Ava that she wasn’t able to make it to the funeral, but she’s very sorry. Ava knocks the flowers out of her hands, and tells her, go to hell. She knows why Laura is there. She found Ava and Doc in an intimate moment, and that night, her daughter was found dead; killed by a maniac. Divine justice in just a matter of hours. Most people don’t enjoy satisfaction so quickly. Laura says she never thought that. She knows what it’s like to lose a child. Ava says that’s another reason Laura came to stick it to her, because she withdrew her testimony about Nikolas. Laura says she wasn’t thinking about it, but she is now.

Chase brings Griff into his apartment. Griff says Chase arrested him for a murder he didn’t commit. Where is Chase taking him now? Chase says his apartment. Instead of the drunk tank where he belongs. Finn arrives, and asks why he’s there. Chase says he and Griff are colleagues. He does the twelve-step program, and Chase figured he could help. Chase thinks Anna would want him there to help. Finn says Chase deals with drunks all the time, but Chase says, not one who just lost his girlfriend.

Maxie tells Peter that he’s James’s uncle, and helped bring James into the world. She also enjoys his company. He says he enjoys hers, and she tells him that she’s letting him into her life in a deliberate way. He says, the other night, they almost kissed. Does that go away? Anna approaches the table. She wants to let them know that Obrecht has been arrested and is in custody.

Valentin asks Obrecht if she’s hoping he’ll set her free, and she says, indeed he shall. He says they’re not on the best of terms. He cares about Peter, and she kind of held him captive, then set the fire that destroyed his stables. She says she’s a champion multi-tasker. He says, then she escaped. She says it’s not her fault the driver lost control of the vehicle. He says barring all that, the rest of crimes are enough to get her put away for life. She says he gave baby Henrik to his father, and she’s the problem? She knows Nina left him, and if he doesn’t spring her, he can say auf wiedersehen to Nina forever.

Nina asks Spencer when he was at Windymere. Sasha says, Thanksgiving morning. Sonny comes in, and Nina introduces Sasha. Spencer says it’s no surprise Valentin neglected to disclose their meeting. There were ugly threats on both sides. Nina asks Sasha what that’s about, and Sasha says there was talk about election tampering. They go to their table, and Nina asks what happened between Valentin and Spencer?

Sonny tells Spencer, before they order, why were he and Valentin talking? Spencer says, election tampering. He’s afraid there’s only one way to say this. He has heat on him.

Finn says Griff is coming back to work soon; that’s a good thing. Griff says he’s dreading it. It reminds him of Kiki. Finn knows the first impulse is to numb the pain, but drinking in the park in December? Really? Griff appreciates what Finn is trying to do, but can he leave him alone for a while? Finn gets what Griff is going through. When he lost his wife, the last thing he wanted was people doing things for his own good. Griff helped him with his addiction, and he hated him for it. Griff asks if it’s payback, and Finn says, yes. Every day that he’s free of the drugs, he thanks Griff. Not face to face; that would be weird. The best thing is for Griff to come back to GH. Not just for him, but everyone who loved and respected Kiki.

Laura admits she resents Ava not standing by Nikolas, Kiki’s death isn’t justice. Kiki didn’t deserve it, and neither does Ava. Losing a child is the most profound grief you can go through. Ava says she’s finding that out. Laura says, no matter what she’s feeling, her heart is with Ava on this. Ava thanks, and says, sorry, as she picks up the flowers. She asks Laura to forgive her for being defensive. She knows what people think of her. Laura sees not-Doc’s tie on the chair, and ask if he’s been staying there? Ava says, yes.

Carly wants to know how not-Doc can defend Ava. He says she’s done horrible things, but so has Carly. They all find reasons to justify their actions, but no one is all good or all bad, even Ava. What Ava needs and deserves is understanding and empathy, not judgement and condemnation. Carly says she’s saving that for later, and not-Doc says their conversation just went to the land of diminishing returns. Carly says she wants him to know that she got information about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Sonny asks Spencer, what kind of heat? Spencer says he wouldn’t want incriminate Sonny or expose him to charges of conspiracy. Sonny says that’s why he has Diane on retainer; tell him. Spencer asks, what are his thoughts about election tampering?

Nina can’t believe Valentin threatened Spencer. Sasha says, he didn’t. From what she saw, he was very patient with him. Nina says that doesn’t excuse what he’s done in the past. Sasha hopes she’s not overstepping, but Nina seems to be making excuses to distance herself from Valentin.

Valentin says Obrecht thinks she has leverage on him. She says she doesn’t think it, she knows it. He says, let’s hear it, and she says he gave Nina a daughter who isn’t really hers.

Not-Doc asks Carly why she’s fixated on that patient. She says she knows what happened to her at Ferncliff. Maybe the same thing is happening to him, or worse. He says she knows nothing about him, not even why he’s in there. He could be anything from a schizophrenic to a murderer. She says she found out his name. It’s Wilson.

Ava apologizes, saying Laura didn’t need to see this. Laura says, it’s okay. She should have realized he as staying there. That’s why he acted like a trapped animal when she came home. He wanted to run back to Ava. Ava thanks her for her kindness. If she’d known Laura was stopping by, she would have hidden her husband’s tie. She says there’s something Laura needs to know. Laura says there’s nothing she needs to know. Her marriage was obviously falling apart under her nose, and she had no idea Doc was with Ava while she was away. Ava says if Doc was unfaithful while Laura was away, it wasn’t with her. The first time anything happened between them, Laura was there. Laura says, when she walked in at the gallery? and Ava says, yes. That’s when this started.

Finn tells Griff there’s nothing he can say to make any of it better. No matter how much he drank or took drugs, it didn’t stop the pain. The only thing that does is people who care, if you let them. He has at least two; counting him and his brother as half. He tells Griff to take a shower; he smells bad. Griff toddles to the bathroom with his coffee. Chase says, for a while, he thought he made a huge mistake calling Finn, but he turned out not to be too bad.

Anna tells Peter that Obrecht is in custody, for his sake. Peter asks, what’s next? and she says Obrecht goes on trial. Peter is glad they’ll be putting that monster away for life. Anna is too. She starts to leave, and Peter thanks her. She leaves, and Peter asks Maxie if something is wrong.

Spencer tells Sonny that he inserted malware that caused chaos at the polling places. He bought time for his grandmother to campaign. Sonny asks if Valentin knows what did, and Spencer says he does, which begs the unfortunate question, should he take care of Valentin? Make him go away?

Nina tells Sasha that she doesn’t need to find a reason to distance herself from Valentin. He provides reasons on his own. Sasha asks if Nina doesn’t love him, but Nina says she’s hopelessly in love with him, but it’s not that simple. Sasha says it’s as simple as she wants it to be. The connection between them could light up a stadium. Nina has been crazy happy at Windymere. Now that she’s leaving, why let go of the joy? Why not become a family again with Valentin and Charlotte?

Valentin says Obrecht’s great niece confessed to him personally. She asks why he would believe her, and he says he offered her freedom for the information. Obrecht says, then he double-crossed her. She respects that. He says he made it his mission to track Sasha down. Obrecht says, all to make Nina happy. Except that girl is not Nina’s daughter. Sasha is a stranger. He tells her two separate DNA tests were run at independent labs; there could be no mistake. She says he made a mistake. He took DNA from Madeline’s dead body while she was watching.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not making excuses for Obrecht, but when Nathan died, her grief was so deep, she needed someone to blame. She thinks taking it out on him was wrong, and if he’d died, she would have been devastated. Peter says he didn’t die, so she can forgive Obrecht? Maxie doesn’t know if she’d call it forgiveness, but she understands. She knows Anna will bring justice for him, like Obrecht did for her son.

Obrecht explains that she was disguised as a vagrant seeking shelter in the church. We see Valentin open the casket. He says, after everything she took from Nina, she can finally give something back, and uses a swab, as Obrecht watches. Valentin asks if she was watching him from the vestibule in the shadows, what did she see him do? She says he was procuring a DNA sample. She didn’t know what the purpose was at the time, but now she knows it was to present Nina with what wants more than anything. Valentin says all her story needs is a dinosaur in a spaceship. She says all it needs is an audience of one. She doesn’t want to break Nina’s heart, but her circumstances are dire. She’ll do what she needs to, unless he does it first.

Nina tells Sasha that she’s not ready. Sasha says Valentin brought them together; he wants to make her happy. Nina says, he did, and Sasha says it’s been a joy getting know her mother.

Not-Doc says tells Carly that he can’t confirm the name, and she’ll take that as a confirmation. He wonders how she got it, and she says she has a hacker friend. He asks what else she knows, and she says just a name, but it’s a start. He apologizes for being sharp. Maybe he’s protective of Ava, but this is an entirely different matter. She can get in serious trouble. He suggests they make a deal, and she let him take it from there, and he’ll follow up. Carly asks how she knows he’s not stalling, and he says he’ll be in touch, but in the interest of confidence and the law they’re both skirting, no one else knows? She says, just her, and Sonny of course. He says, of course.

Nina says she and Sasha will be visiting all the time. Sasha says Nina can come visit, but she won’t be setting foot in Port Charles until the serial killer is put away. She’s worried about Nina though. her for her sake go back to win

Sonny tells Spencer, taking a life is wrong, and Spencer asks if this is one of those do as I say moments. He’s most mad at himself. It’s his own fault Valentin found out. He got in an altercation with Charlotte while he was there. Sonny suggests if he wants to sneak around, don’ t announce it. He says he’ll keep an eye on Valentin, and Spencer asks if Sonny can keep an eye on his grandmother too. That rotten man has ruined her. Sonny says he and Carly are looking out for her. Spencer says he loves Sonny, and Sonny says he loves Spencer too. And it’s out of love he’s going to tell Spencer something he doesn’t want to hear.

Sonny says, when Spencer chose to do something wrong to get what he wanted… Sonny has done that, and had to pay a price. He wants better for Spencer. Spencer says he didn’t understand before, but he does now. He’s sorry. Sonny says he doesn’t have to be. Just keep the Feds off his tail. Spencer says, or worse; his grandmother being disappointed in him. Sonny asks if it makes him feel sick to his stomach. The next time he has to choose between right and wrong, think about it. Otherwise, he’ll disappoint Sonny too.

Nina tells Sasha, now she has a daughter to stay alive for. Sasha tells her to take care of herself. She just found Nina, and would hate to miss her. They hug. Nina says she loves Sasha much, and Sasha says her too, calling her mom.

Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht’s reasons and motives were never a mystery. She wanted revenge, and he was the best target. Maxie says she did it for her son, like Anna brought Obrecht in. Anna is her godmother, and Maxie loves and admires her. She’s not perfect. She made mistakes where Peter was concerned, but she’s bending over backward to make amends. Can’t he cut her some slack. He jokes even if he forgives her for what happened when he was a baby, he can’t forgive her lousy timing. He brings up their near kiss, and she says she thought they agreed it never happened. He says he remembers it, and she says she does too.

Finn asks if Griff is feeling better, and he says, a little. He thanks Finn for the pep talk. Finn says his secret is safe. He got Griff car, and told them he’s going to the hospital. Griff says he’s not in any shape to see patients, but he can look over files. Finn asks if Griff wants him to come, but Griff needs to do it on his own, and the best time is now. He thanks them, and leaves. Chase asks Finn why he’s not going with Griff; he should have insisted. Finn says he’s sending someone better equipped than him.

Ava tells Laura that she and Doc were already separated when she got involved with him. She knows it doesn’t help, and Laura says it actually makes it worse; his behavior makes less sense for it to be that sudden. She tells Ava to be careful, and Ava asks if Laura is threatening her. Laura says, no, but Ava has a long, painful road ahead with Kiki’s death. She knows Ava thinks Doc will be there for her and is going to help her through it. She wouldn’t say this if he was acting normal. Ava asks if Laura is warning her away from her lifeline, but Laura says she’s trying tell her something’s wrong with Doc. He’s no one she recognizes. He’s just not Doc.

Chase asks if Finn likes scampi. Finn says, for breakfast? Chase says he made dinner for Willow, and has leftovers. Finn asks how the date went, and Chase says it started rocky, but he thinks it ended in a good place.

Anna is waiting for Griff, and hands him coffee. She says Finn didn’t want him to do this alone; he texted her. He thanks her. He’s not sure what happens now, and Anna says he’ll see Kiki everywhere. He says that’s how he ended up in the park. Everywhere in the apartment, there she was. He asks if he’ll see her around every corner, and Anna says he will. She suggests they go for a walk. She’ll be with him every step of the way. They’ll face the ghost together.

Not-Doc goes back to Ava’s place. He says, beautiful flowers, and she says Laura was there today. He says, today is getting better and better. She says, it’s all right. Laura was surprisingly civil. He says Laura isn’t the problem; it’s Carly. He ran into her at GH, and she wouldn’t shut up. Ava says it’s only a matter of time before Carly uses this to keep Avery away from her, and will probably send her a dry cleaning bill. But if Carly thinks just because Ava shoved her in the mud where she belongs, let them try. Not-Doc says Ava won’t pay for it, but Carly will.

Carly sees Laura, and says she was about to call. She spoke to Doc, and Laura is right. Something is way wrong. Laura says the change in his personality happened sooner than she thought. Carly asks if she thinks it has something to do with the anniversary. Laura thinks that’s part of it, but there must be more than that to cause such a radical change. If she knew what it was, she could understand. Carly asks if she thinks the marriage could be healed. Laura doesn’t think so at this point, but it might heal Doc.

Sonny tells Spencer admitted he did wrong, and if he feels the urge again, he can always call. One bad move can change your life, and the last thing he wants for his favorite nephew is regrets in life. All he wants is the best for him. They hug.

Nina tells Sasha that she wanted someone to call her mom. Now she’s acting like an idiot. Sasha says now that she’s gotten to know Nina, she’s heroic. She survived what her mother did to her, and here they are. Nina says everything that kept them apart doesn’t matter. She’s happy she found the other part of her heart. They hug and Sasha leaves.

Valentin sees Maxie and Peter. Maxie tells Peter it’s not a date. It’s a mutually agreed upon breakfast, but not a date date. He says they agree the kiss that almost happened actually almost happened. What they don’t know, they’ll figure out. Peter’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, who says they need to meet at Windymere. It’s important. Peter asks what it’s in regard to, and Valentin says, Obrecht.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Sam they need to rethink this case, Maxie asks Nina what’s going on with her and Valentin, and Kim has a confession to make.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – The Reunion, Part Two

And we’re back. Andy tells us Kameron usually has plenty to say, but when she’s not talking, she’s nodding. We see clips of that. Kameron says it means she’s on another planet when she does that. Wow. She really looks like Nicole Kidman. Andy thought she was being judgy, and finds it hilarious. Kameron never knew she did it until she saw herself on camera. Andy asks how Sparkle Dog is doing, and Kameron says she has a distributor. He asks how she feels when court is being discouraging and she’s not thrilled, but investing in companies is what he does for a living. LeeAnne thinks it challenges her.

Andy says D’Andra and Kameron are part of a Dallas family feud. We see clips where family names and society are evoked, including Jimmy’s contribution. Now I’m watching to see if Kameron starts nodding. We flash back to one of my favorite quotes, when Kameron says, it’s a very slippery slope from a butt plug to a butt dart. I have no doubt it is. They end with Kameron saying D’Andra is on friend probation. A viewer asks what the difference is, society-wise, between marrying into a family and being born into it. D’Andra says when you’re a debutante, you’re always held to a higher standard. Andy thinks it sounds like Pine Valley. He brings up Jimmy telling Kameron that she shouldn’t be friends with someone. Kameron says Jimmy was just giving her advice. D’Andra says Jimmy told Kameron to stay in the middle lane, and thinks she’s telling Kameron what to do. Stephanie says they’re lucky if that’s all they have to worry about. Good point. Kameron says it comes up constantly, and shows a lack of security. She hates the word society, and thinks it has to stop. Andy asks how the experience of the show has been. Kameron says it’s a judgy town, with no tolerance for bad behavior, and Andy says she’s judgy. Kameron says she has high standards for herself, but doesn’t expect them from other people. Stephanie says she’s been looked down on. Friendship comes at a price. A viewer thinks the only reason Kameron aligned with LeeAnne, is that she’s afraid of her. D’Andra agrees. Kameron says she feels most confident that LeeAnne would be straight up, since she’s open-minded. Brandi says Kameron is LeeAnne’s puppet. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she says that about anyone who likes her. She said it last year about someone else.

Andy asks D’Andra if she thinks Kameron is scared of LeeAnne, and she says Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat. She’ll take any spectrum of LeeAnne’s behavior, and find an excuse to make it okay. Andy asks if she thinks LeeAnne is sitting on Westcott family secrets, and D’Andra thinks LeeAnne has something on everyone there. Everyone is terrified of her, except Brandi. Cary asks what else LeeAnne could do to her? Stephanie says she’s not scared, but sometimes LeeAnne is self-sabotaging. She thinks Kameron is very loyal. LeeAnne asks is Stephanie hasn’t been loyal to fault to Brandi, and Stephanie admits that’s true. Andy asks Kameron if D’Andra is tarnishing the family name, but Kameron thinks that’s for Dee to answer. LeeAnne says there are two separate divisions in the Simmons family, and they’re not necessarily friendly to each other. Andy asks if D’Andra’s side is considered the black sheep side. LeeAnne tells him, it’s been said. D’Andra says LeeAnne isn’t part of it, so clap it. I guess that’s similar to Dorinda’s, clip! Cary thought D’Andra didn’t care about the society thing. Kameron wonders why D’Andra talks down to her about having married into it. What is she? From the ghetto? Cary says they sound like superficial bitches. Andy loves it. He asks which is the more important family, and Brandi says hers. He asks LeeAnne, who says she’s too intelligent for that conversation. Pass.

D’Andra and Kameron made peace in Denmark, but then Kameron told Cary that D’Andra was on friend probation. Kameron says D’Andra is the one who came up with the phrase, and D’Andra says it was a joke. Andy asks if she’s still on friend probation. Kameron doesn’t think so. She had taco salad at D’Andra’s after they came back. Stephanie says, bonding over taco salads, and Andy says, like the Montagues and the Capulets. (Romeo and Juliet’s families, for those not in the Shakespeare know, but I don’t think they bonded over taco salads.)

Andy asks if Cary and her dad are any closer after her trip to Copenhagen. She says, yes and no. They’re different people, and her getting in the hot tub naked didn’t help. They sometimes go months without speaking. She says, it’s unfortunate, and tears up. It’s something she’s always wanted, to have a deep connection, but she’s never gotten to that point. It’s now or never. She tells her mom, sorry about the hot tub.

Cary thought the trip to Copenhagen would help her bond with her dad, but it wasn’t all Danish and pickled herring. We see clips from the trip, including Brandi working hard to get sh*tfaced , the infamous Duber d*ck, and noooo! the phone. I’d forgotten for a minute. First, Andy wants talk about Brandi’s plan to get LeeAnne to admit she called Brandi an alcoholic. It seems not well thought out. Brandi says she thought it was a great idea at the time, and she’d prove a point. Andy asks if she admits she was trying to provoke LeeAnne; it was passive/aggressive. Cary says, it certainly was. Brandi says, it’s not fun throwing up fish. Andy asks why she cared that LeeAnne was taking a video, when the cameras for the show were there? Brandi says LeeAnne was being vindictive and malicious; she did it for selfish reasons. Cary’s family said, no cameras, and she wanted to respect that. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent, and handed the phone over. Andy says Cary was totally naked, and seems less bothered. Cary says, again, feast your eyes, but she understands that Brandi doesn’t trust LeeAnne. At same time, there were other cameras. LeeAnne says they were still in a volatile state, and she shouldn’t have done it. Andy asks Brandi if she stole LeeAnne’s phone, and she says she didn’t; she found it in the bar. Stephanie says she saw the phone too. Kameron says Brandi lied when she said there were no missed calls. LeeAnne says she called several times. Brandi says she would have answered it.

Cary is asked what LeeAnne said about Brandi’s phone, and she says, LeeAnne cloned it. LeeAnne explains what she said was that her phone has an app that clones the nearest phone if you try three times to break in. She doesn’t really have an app like that. Cary says, that would be amazing. Brandi starts yammering. Stephanie laughs. Kameron says Brandi is lying that she didn’t call LeeAnne’s phone, and she’s lost Kameron’s trust. Brandi says Kameron lies all the time. She asks Brandi to stand up and tell her what she’s lied about. Andy tells everyone to stay seated. The most important thing, is that LeeAnne got her phone back.

Leeanne and D’Andra were best friends for over 10 years, but that changed when accusations flew over finances, infidelity, and alcoholism. We flash back to D’Andra questioning LeeAnne about stalling over the wedding, the – ugh! – bank account with only $200 in it, D’Andra questioning Rich’s faithfulness, and LeeAnne’s concern over D’Andra’s drinking. Andy wants to dial back, and go through it. It started when D’Andra was pressing LeeAnne. D’Andra thought they’d start planning after the engagement, but it didn’t happen. She started worrying if Rich did it just to appease LeeAnne. Without skipping beat, Andy moves on to the $200 bank account. He says LeeAnne claimed she was trying to help D’Andra, and asks, how? LeeAnne says D’Andra and Brandi were shopping; she thinks drunk shopping, and she thought D’Andra should return it. D’Andra admits it wasn’t a good time for her to be spending money, and shouldn’t have spent it. Cary says, people talk, and D’Andra was talking about it. Kameron says, in Copenhagen, D’Andra said LeeAnne gave her a golden ticket. America can relate to having only $200 in an account. She thought D’Andra was crying crocodile tears. Andy says after D’Andra’s comment accusing LeeAnne and Rich of leading separate lives, she insinuated Rich was having an affair. D’Andra tells him that she never said Rich was cheating. In the confessional, she’d said she heard it from multiple people. Stephanie says D’Andra should say something like that face-to-face. If she heard something like that in an interview, she would feel betrayed. LeeAnne says she and Rich don’t have problems; he’s never cheated. D’Andra says two of his ex-wives sought her out, and told her a different story. I wouldn’t believe what an ex-anything said. D’Andra says one of them told her that she had no idea what she was saving LeeAnne from. LeeAnne says she’s going low again, and Kameron says, the way D’Andra is treating LeeAnne, she’s losing her trust. D’Andra says she did the right thing in trying to help. Andy asks if LeeAnne just doesn’t want to admit it, and she says if Rich was cheating, she wouldn’t be with him.

Alcohol also played a role in chipping away at LeeAnne and D’Andra’s friendship. Andy asks why D’Andra insisted that LeeAnne called her an alcoholic, when she didn’t. D’Andra says LeeAnne implicates things, but I think she means implies. LeeAnne says she thought all D’Andra and Brandi did together was drink. D’Andra says, that doesn’t mean it’s a problem, and Cary says, maybe it’s just a problem when she’s with Brandi. Andy says D’Andra admitted to having issues at one time, but alcohol wasn’t one of them. D’Andra says, when she was twenty-nine, she had a cocaine problem, and went to rehab for three months. She was living in L.A. at the time, and got caught up in the wrong crowd. Andy says, since LeeAnne is someone who knows about that, wouldn’t it be fair to say she was legitimately concerned? D’Andra says, it felt nefarious in every way. Ha-ha! Like and anti-Mary Poppins. Andy says they both made what the other considers nefarious comments, and they both say they did it out of concern.

Andy is bringing someone out who can give them perspective. The great and powerful Mama Dee. He says he requested her presence, since she seems to be someone they all listen to. Dee comes out with her purse, joking that she has to give D’Andra her allowance. Andy says she hasn’t taken the keys to the company back, and she says she’s retired and loving it. Andy tells her LeeAnne claims to be the one who named her Mama Dee, and Dee says it was when they were talking about the show, and LeeAnne wanted her to talk D’Andra into doing it. Andy asks if the ketchup meatloaf was good, and everyone agrees it was great. LeeAnne says there were eight sticks of butter in the mashed potatoes, and Dee says when she gets down to eight pounds butter at home, she panics. Andy tells Dee that LeeAnne never said D’Andra was an alcoholic, and Dee says LeeAnne was worried about her becoming an alcoholic. We flash back to what she said, and that wasn’t it. Dee says that’s how she heard it, and when you’re almost seventy-eight, you hear things different. And apparently have a built-in excuse to be wrong.

Andy asks what Dee thinks the real issue is between D’Andra and LeeAnne. She says when people care about each other and move on, they lose a diamond while collecting stones. I have no clue what that means. She says it’s sad, because at one time, they were best friends. LeeAnne thinks D’Andra wants to win, and when she doesn’t feel like she’s winning, takes steps to make that happen. Andy asks if LeeAnne thinks it has something to do with the show, and asks D’Andra if the show tore them apart. D’Andra thinks it did. Andy asks what they can do to on track, and Brandi says, make out. He asks if D’Andra can apologize. She says she thought she was doing the right thing, but looking back, she didn’t do the right thing. LeeAnne says she already did apologize. Andy asks if Mama Dee thinks there’s hope. She does, and tells everyone, they can’t change the beginning, but can all start where they are to change the ending. Andy asks what specifically can be done. Dee says they won’t like it, but she doesn’t give a rat’s ass wrapped around a rain barrel. She wants them to be best friends again, and will help them work toward that. Andy asks if that’s a viable option, and LeeAnne would love to see a relationship coach. That’s where we’re at? There are relationship coaches for friendships now? She says someone not attached to the issue, and D’Andra is willing to do that. Andy is all, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? with Mama Dee. She tells him to look her up when he’s in Dallas.

In their final moments, Andy asks if they had one do-over, what would it be? Stephanie says she waits too long to say how she feels. She wants to get better at that, and stay in the moment. Cary says she was overly honest. She’s reigning that in. Kameron wants to hold back on questions, and let things go. LeeAnne and Cary high-five with her. Brandi apologizes to Kameron for saying she’s a liar, and admits she might have seen the calls if she’d tried harder. D’Andra wants to be kinder and gentler. She tends to be a bull in china cabinet. LeeAnne says she has lots of things to work on, but wants to continue her journey of being a peace-filled person. Andy asks if she and D’Andra have anything say to one another. D’Andra says she’s sorry, and sorry she poked at LeeAnne. She should have had a more private conversation, and didn’t take LeeAnne’s feelings into consideration. LeeAnne thinks sometimes Dee forces D’Andra to see things differently with her opinions, and misses being able to protect her.

In Beaver Creek, D’Andra and Brandi invented a new drink; the Spitfire, tequila and Fireball. Brandi serves everyone shots, and Andy makes a face when he smells it. They all get up, but Kameron’s foot is asleep. LeeAnne says the shot will wake it up. One last skoal. They drink, Andy says, it’s terrible, and we’re out.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Frank Jr. was home, so Delores was ecstatic. Marge had the most gigantic sunglasses ever, and I’m so jealous. Danielle was a Bridezilla. She wants it all, and it’s about them being there for her. She was very demanding of her bridal party. I just expected mine to show up. I enjoyed Danielle’s Roaring 20s bachelorette party, but it’s sad when you know the marriage is going to be over in a matter of minutes. One of the strippers scared me though. He picked Danielle up, chair and all, turned her upside down and spun her around, balancing the whole deal on his head. Which was in her crotch. Honestly, had that been me, where his head was at would have been the least of my worries. No wonder Teresa is cranky. It’s no fun to be in training for something, and existing on lemon water and four ounces of fish every day. Teresa griped to Danielle about Melissa not having her back, and Danielle said, I gotcha, baby. Teresa said Jackie needs to apologize or be gone. Next time, Bimini, Marty makes an appearance, and Teresa has it out with Jackie.

🌍 The Vikings Started It…

The first skoal.


December 11, 2018 – Ava’s Sideshow, Chicken is for Poor People, Vanderpump Change, OC Feuding & Todd’s Christmas


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yeah, yeah, I missed the beginning. Only up to the opening. I always think I’ll go back and watch it later, then it gets real later, and I don’t have a chance because of the pesky need for sleep. I had it on in the background, and the only important thing was that Laura joined Sonny in the chapel. Moving on.

Obrecht demands to be released and taken to her daughter. Finn says that’s not happening. Willow wonders if Chase wants to postpone their date, but he says he’ll take care of it. Finn tells him, get out while he can. Chase asks if things are under control, and Finn says, probably not, but they have Detective supercop Spencer there. Chase jets with Willow.

Nina tells Sasha it’s not a mistake. It’s quite the opposite. Her coming there was the ultimate gift. Sasha says, sorry she’s so shaky, but Nina says, don’t be. It’s been a draining day. Nina goes to get a drink, and Sasha and Valentin sit. Valentin knows things are difficult, and Sasha says, it was like an alternate universe. Going to the funeral for a sister who isn’t her sister. She can’t keep this up, not after putting Kiki to rest.

Sonny asks how Laura is. She says she’s been better. He’s surprised she didn’t come to the funeral with Doc. He knows there are issues, but in light of the circumstances… Laura says, rise above it and create a united front? Doc isn’t interested in that, and as a candidate for mayor, she thought her appearance might seem like she’s intruding on family grief. Sonny says it’s just his opinion, but he doesn’t think she’d ever intrude. She doesn’t think Ava would agree. Sonny asks why, and she says Ava is sleeping with her husband.

Carly knows Ava is hurting and wants to put it on her. She gets it, but the idea that it balances out Morgan – Ava interrupts, saying, Carly lost a child; so did she. Carly says she didn’t do anything to contribute to Kiki’s death, but Ava contributed to Morgan’s. Carly tells her, leave him out of it. Ava says she loved him too, and Carly keeps throwing it in her face, as if hers is the only grief that matters. She loved her daughter just as much as Carly loved her son. Maybe more. Carly suggests someone take Ava home. Not-Doc disagrees. This type of primal therapy can be the best way to get at anger and grief. Carly says she’ll go, but Ava says she’s not done.

Anna asks to be alone with the prisoner. Obrecht says, how dare Anna call her a prisoner? She’s a world renowned physician. Finn says she’s a world renowned something. Obrecht asks if he created the virus Britt has, and if he knows how to administer the cure. He says, nein. She demands to be taken to the hospital, but Anna says, there’s no rush. Unless she’s found a cure for the common cold. Finn says that would be a breakthrough, and Anna tells Obrecht that’s all Britt has.

Chase welcomes Willow to chez Chase. He’s going to light the candles, open the wine, and the shrimp scampi will be ready in no time. Willow is confused. He said he had to stop by to grab something. He says, surprise! He’s been taking an online cooking class, and with help from a meal prep service, he has a dish that will blow her mind. Willow says it’s their first date, and he thought it was appropriate to bring her back to his apartment? He says, it’s just dinner, and she says, no; it’s more than just dinner. She has no interest in being in his lair. She tells him, goodnight, and leaves. He wonders what just happened, and runs after her.

Valentin tells Sasha that he needs her to stay. She asks, why? it’s better for him if she leaves; less risk. He says, maybe, but things have changed since Kiki was killed. If she leaves, Nina will too. Sasha says, people are literally getting killed. She’s not going to be next because he’s missing his ex. Valentin tells her if not for him, do it for Nina. She’ll be devastated if Sasha leaves. Sasha says that was always the plan, but he says, plans change. Sasha says, it’s awful. She’s gotten to know Nina, and likes her. The last thing she wants to do is hurt her. Using soap timing, Nina appears, and asks what Sasha could do to hurt her.

Laura says, it’s an Interesting picture, isn’t it? and Sonny asks if Doc cheated on her. Laura says he claims he didn’t, but it doesn’t matter what she believes. She walked in on them kissing in the gallery. That’s all the information she needs. Sonny says he’s sorry, and shocked, and she says she is too. He says, maybe it’s a midlife crises, or he was caught in a moment of weakness. Laura says, he wants a divorce. He hand delivered the papers himself. Sonny asks if she still loves him, and she says she does. He says, then don’t give up. He and Carly divorced many times. Laura laughs, saying they have the record. He says they’re still standing. If they can do it, she and Doc can too.

Ava tells Julian to let her go. What more could Carly possibly do to her? Carly asks if she’s listening to herself. Me, my plan, my grief. It’s Kiki’s memorial, and she’s making it about her. Ava says she hasn’t been given the opportunity to mourn. Carly made her life miserable. Carly says, the sad, honest truth is, the only thing they can do to honor Kiki is make sure Ava doesn’t do the same thing to Avery. Ava lunges for Carly, and pushes her down, saying, Kiki was her daughter. Carly gets up and pushes back, saying, Morgan was her son.

Obrecht tells Finn and Anna, before she agreed to come, she tested the sample. It was Britt’s blood, and it was infected. Anna says, after Finn took the sample. Obrecht says, Finn did this? and he says, what goes around, comes around. Obrecht says, Britt isn’t really sick. Anna traded Obrecht’s fear for her daughter out of fear for her son. Her own daughter betrayed her.

Sasha tells Nina that she feel awkward, forcing Nina to move back to Windemere. Nina says Sasha isn’t forcing her to do anything. It’s not her first choice, but Sasha feels safe, and can forget her ordeal. Nina sees Willow come in. Valentin asks what’s up, and she says nothing she can’t fix.

Chase comes in behind Willow, and she says she can’t believe he turned on the siren. He says, it was an emergency. He just wanted to cook a nice meal, and show off his newly acquired culinary skills. She’s sorry she overreacted. He knows how it must have looked, and she says, a nice guy cooking her dinner? He says, since they’re at the bar, how about a drink? Willow gets a text from Nina. It says she hates to interrupt, but would Willow like to join them? Willow says she ordered wine, but might need something stronger.

Julian and Michael pull Ava and Carly apart. Carly says Ava is insane. The only solace in this, is that she won’t be able to torture Kiki anymore. Ava says, go to hell, and Carly says, you first.  Michael tells Carly, if Ava wants to trash Kiki’s memory, let her. She’s only hurting herself; let’s go. Ava tells not-Doc, she hates that woman. Not-Doc says, after 9/11, Queen Elizabeth said, grief is the price we pay for love. Consider the bill paid in full. Ava says he’s talking to her like Griff. Maybe he should think about joining the priesthood. He says he already found his true calling.

Laura thanks Sonny for the pep talk, but it takes two people to fight for a marriage. Although he and Carly broke up, they fought their way back to each other. Sonny asks if she doesn’t think Doc wants that, and she says he said so, several times. Sonny says, then he’s an idiot. He knows her well, and any man would be lucky to have her. If Doc doesn’t see that… Laura says when she looks at him, she doesn’t recognize him. When she looks into his eyes, it’s like a stranger looking back – or worse. Sonny asks what she means, but Carly blows in. He asks, what the hell happened? and she says, more like who. She’ll give him one guess. He says, Ava.

Anna tells Obrecht, from one mother to another, they need to stop the vicious cycle of retribution; it has to end. Obrecht snarks, says the woman locking her up. Anna says, Britt is free. She has the opportunity to start over. That was the deal. Obrecht asks if Britt even hesitated. Did any part of her want protect her mother? Anna says she’ll let Britt tell her. She wanted Anna to give her this before she left town. She gives Obrecht an envelope. Obrecht sits there looking at it, and Anna says she’s not reading it.

Willow comes over to Nina’s table, and Nina introduces her to Sasha. She tells Sasha that Willow is Charlotte’s teacher, and Sasha asks, isn’t Charlotte great? Willow says, she’s one of a kind. Nina thinks they had a productive conversation with Charlotte. Valentin says they talked to her about how one’s actions can deeply affect other people. Sasha asks if they’re sure she understood. It’s a hard concept for someone Charlotte’s age. Nina thinks Charlotte is an amazing girl, and not to be criticized. Willow says she doesn’t think that’s what’s happening, and Valentin say him neither. Nina says, Charlotte is a special girl, and should be recognized for that.

Willow sees several shot glasses lined up, and asks if Chase thinks she’s a boozehound. He tells her that she said something stronger, and he didn’t know her choice. She decides she’ll stick with wine. She says, if the meal is still salvageable, maybe they should head back to his place. She’s a sucker for shrimp scampi. She tells him, no sirens, and he says he’ll try to refrain.

Nina asks Sasha, what’s wrong? and Sasha says she’s leaving town.

Sonny tells Carly, leave it to Ava to turn Kiki’s funeral into a sideshow starring herself. Michael asks if Carly is sure she’s okay; he’s going to take off. Sonny says he knows it was a hard day, and he’s there if Michael wants to talk. Michael says he loves them, and leaves. Laura says, he’s a good son, and Carly says they lucked out. Sonny asks how it went down, and Carly says Ava homed in on her, saying Carly thinks this makes them even now, and should be happy. Sonny asks who was there, and she says, Michael, Julian, Franco, Ava, Griff, and Doc. Laura says Doc can’t be far from his new girlfriend. Carly says, what? and Sonny says, apparently, they’re a thing.

Julian tells Ava to focus on the real reason they’re here; paying their last respects to a brave, beautiful woman who inspired so much love. He says he’ll take her home, but Ava asks him not to be kind, understanding, or pity her. She tells them all to go. Julian asks her not to shut him out, but she says she knows what she needs, and right now, she needs be alone with her daughter. They all leave.

Ava says she’s so sorry, and cries. She puts her head down on the grave.

Anna says she’ll give Obrecht privacy. Obrecht opens the letter. It says, by the time she reads this, Britt will be on her way to a new life. She’s sorry she tricked Obrecht, but couldn’t see another way. She’s trying to be good, and stay on the straight and narrow. They’ll see how long it lasts. She loves Obrecht, and hopes she knows that, but if only one of them gets to be free, she’s choosing herself. Obrecht says she chooses Britt too. Anna comes back, and asks if she’s all right, but Obrecht says it’s between her and Britt. She wants her phone call. Finn says, nothing personal, but who does she have left to call? Anna says, Maxie is in Nina’s camp, and Nina is focused on her daughter. Obrecht is surprised, and anna says, she’s alive. The miscarriage didn’t happen, and there were two DNA tests to prove it. Obrecht wants her phone call now.

Sasha tells Nina, Kiki’s death was too much. She can’t be here. Nina asks if she doesn’t feel safe, even on the island. Sasha says a crazy woman drugged her, made it seem like she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend, and her daughter ends up dead. Nina asks where she’s going, and Sasha says she still has friends in Chappaqua. When she saves some money, she wants to travel. Nina says, maybe they can travel together. Sasha says, maybe, and Nina say she doesn’t want be pushy. She just wants Sasha to know she’s not getting rid of her, now or ever. They hug, and Sasha looks at Valentin.

Chase and Willow eat dinner, and Willow says it’s really good. Chase says she seems surprised. He cuts his finger while slicing off a piece of bread. She laughs, saying she’s paranoid about the killer, but he lacks the necessary knife skills. She gets a bandage out of her purse and hands it to him. He asks her to help a guy out; it’s hard with one hand. She puts the bandage on his finger.

Carly says, Doc wants a divorce to be with Ava. Laura says he insists the two aren’t related. It’s a rather cold departure from who is and what he stands for. She believes him, but can’t help worrying that something is off. It started from the moment she got back. The only thing that’s different is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Carly didn’t consider the affect it might have on him. Laura says, twenty-five years later, Ryan claims another victim – his brother.

Ave is glad Kiki can’t see her mess. She’s a mess, and she made a mess. Carly is right about one thing. Today was about Kiki, and she turned it into a circus. If she could trade places with Kiki, she would, in an instant. Not-Doc watches, as Ava messes with the dirt. She says, but she can’t. What she can do, is find the bastard who did this. That she will do. She promises Kiki that she’ll hunt them down and make them pay. She knows Kiki couldn’t count on her for a lot, but she can count on her for that. She cries, and not-Doc approaches.

Finn asks Anna who she thinks Obrecht is calling. Anna says, don’t know, don’t care. He asks if he can take her home, but she feels like she should check on Griff. Finn says, tomorrow might be better. He’s been where Griff is. Everyone is there on day one, and the next morning, you’re all alone. Anna is sure he’s right, and he says he’s always right. She says, no, and he suggests they agree to disagree. He remembers her mentioning something about being in love with him on the flight to Havana. Anna thinks he said first. Finn says they agree the words were said, and Anna says, they did nothing to commemorate it. She thinks they can fix that, and he says he’ll race her there.

Nina says she’ll miss Sasha. Sasha says at least they least she knows she accomplished one thing while she was here. She brought Nina and Valentin closer. He steps away to take a call. It’s Obrecht, who says they have much to discuss.

Willow thanks Chase for dinner. He’s glad she decided to come back to his lair. Willow says, it didn’t turn out too bad, and Chase says, considering how it started. Willow says she’s just keeping him on his toes. She says she should go, since there’s school tomorrow, and he says he’ll walk her home. He helps her on with her coat, and blows out the candles.

Michael sits at the MetroCourt bar. Franco comes in, and says he knows there’s no love lost between them, and there never will be, but Michael was special to Kiki. He was a hugely important part of her life. He thanks Michael for bringing her so much happiness. Michael says he may not have agreed with her, but believed she saw the best in him. He hopes Franco lives up to it. Franco does too.

Carly tells Laura, whatever is causing this with Doc, he’s going to 100% regret it. Sonny says, especially if it means losing her. Laura says they’re good for her ego, but she’s heading home. She leaves, and Sonny says, sorry about Ava. Carly says she’s survived worse. Sonny was thinking about ways to honor Kiki, and Carly says, give Avery the best life possible, and not let Ava do to her what she did to Kiki. Sonny says they’ll give her the life her sister would have wanted for her.

Laura calls someone, saying she hopes it’s not too late. She’d like to move forward with the terms of her divorce.

Ava asks how long not-Doc has been standing there, and he tells her that she’s wrong. She’s not a terrible mother. She gave her heart and soul; her all. The good and bad, the beautiful and ugly, the generous and selfish. Anything else would be a lie. Ava says, maybe she did, but he couldn’t save Kiki. Not-Doc asks, how? She’s not a mind reader. As difficult as it is to accept things beyond our control, it’s just life. She says, life is a travesty; a bitter, pointless joke. Not-Doc says, sometimes it is. Other times, it’s so glorious and radiant, you practically have to shield your eyes. She gets up, and asks him why he didn’t go. He says because she needs him. She says she never needed anybody. He says he’s here for her, and won’t go unless she tells him to get lost. She says, don’t get lost, and he says he won’t. He leads her out of the cemetery.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Finn if this is payback; Obrecht tells Valentin if he doesn’t spring her, he can say goodbye to Nina; and Carly asks what the hell is wrong with not-Doc

Below Deck

Man overboard. Ashton has gotten his foot caught in a line, and goes over the side of the boat. Rhylee radios the captain. Ashton gets pulled out into the water, away from the boat. His head pops up. Captain Lee tells them to get his ass out of water and on board. He’s okay, and the tender is sent out to him. The guests get an extra adrenaline rush that’s not on a jet ski. Ashton says he’s never been in that situation. As he was putting out the tow line, he stepped on it, and it wrapped around his ankle, pulling him off the boat. Rhylee says, thank god for Brent, the camera guy. He jumped in the water, and did what he needed to do. Ashton owes Brent his life. The whole thing is pretty intense.

The tender follows the Seanna to anchorage. Captain Lee asks what happened, but Ross isn’t sure. The captain says, it was a stupid move, and scared f**k out of him. Ross apologizes. In his interview, the captain says Ashton was thirty seconds away from dying. He doesn’t know how he’d feel, having to call Ashton’s parents to tell them that their son was dead, and he’s responsible. He has kids, and doesn’t know how he’d make that call. He needs a minute.

The guests talk about the accident. One of them says, when you’re gasping for breath, it seems like forever. In Kate’s interview, she says they don’t want people to know how dangerous the job is. That would be scary, but this was a reminder. Calling the tender, the captain asks Ashton if he’s okay physically. Ashton says his ankle is swelling. The captain says they’ll get him on board asap, and he’s already made a call to the doctor. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s not a pleasant situation, but he can’t pick Ashton up in open water. In Ross’s interview, he says he can’t wait to see Ashton, and give him a hug, but at the same time, wants to slap him for stepping on the line.

We get a break, and look at the beauty of Tahiti.

Lunch is prepared. Aiden says, the show must go on. Their job is distracting the guests from what went on, and it starts with lunch. He makes steak and shrimp, but fancier. It looks amazing. The captain drops anchor, and Ashton boards. Ross hugs him, and tells him not to do that to him again. It’s time for the jet skis. For the guests, not Ashton.

Ashton limps to his cabin. Aiden asks if he wants company. In his interview, Ashton says he should never have been on the water side of the line. He knows that, and was trained not to do it. When he hit the water, he was fighting to get his head up, and get air. It was the most intense force he’s ever felt around his ankle. He mentally prepared himself for his foot to be ripped off. If someone hadn’t gotten to him in time, he would have bled out, but Brent got the lines off just in time. The captain stops by, and says he thought it would be worse. Ashton says, it was stupid, but the captain would rather focus on how lucky they were that someone got to him in time. He tells Ashton to elevate his ankle. In Ashton’s interview, he says when he was on the tender, he was in tears some of the time, but at other times, he was calm. Laura asks if he’s okay, and Ashton says it was his fault. He shouldn’t have been on that side.

The guests get ready to use the jet skis. Kate tells Aiden, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. He says Laura is taking care of everything, but Kate doesn’t know if she’s helpful or annoying. Aiden says she was complaining about them cutting corners, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing well enough to be negative. In her interview, Kate says Laura has a lot of opinions. If she’s been a chief stew, she should put herself in Kate’s position, and not be hot from the start.

Josiah says he’s heard horror stories about yachting, but the main thing is to make sure Ashton is okay. They need to look after him until he’s better. Kate says she’s never had a crew member almost die in front of the guests before. The tender brings the doctor to the boat. Ashton explains what happened. She asks him to try and walk on it, and says it’s not broken, but the pain is going to increase. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s a massive relief, but he’s concerned about the pain.

Ross tells Ashton to rest up; he’ll pick up Ashton’s slack. Ashton jokes that Ross will see how much he actually does. Kate radios Laura. In her interview, Laura says she may or may not have shot herself in the foot. She forgot how mundane the job of third stew is. Although it doesn’t matter on this yacht; the bar is set kind of low. This one is a real jerk. Better than Caroline, but still a jerk.

Aiden says they had a rough start, so for dinner, he’s making chicken breast; comfort food. He loves surprising people by deconstructing everyday things, and giving them a new perspective. The guests get all weird about having chicken, even though the dish looks just as fabulous as always. They agree it’s done well, but it’s still chicken. One of them says that’s what poor people eat. Josiah asks if everything is okay, and a guest says, none of them put chicken on their preference sheet. He asks if they want something else, and she says she wants seafood. In her interview, Kate says the dish looks amazing. She thinks maybe he should have added shrimp with it, but they don’t have to act like a-holes. Josiah tells Adrian, and he makes scallops. In Adrian’s interview, he says even in the fanciest restaurants, they serve chicken. If they don’t want it, they should put it on the preference sheet. One of the guests says, chicken is not acceptable, and they keep repeating how they didn’t put that they wanted it on their preference sheets. They didn’t put lamb on their either, but they ate that just fine. Kate serves the scallops, saying Adrian made extra, everyone wins. A guest says he should have made scallops first. Here’s where I would get fired and go to jail, because I would punch them.

In his interview, Tyler says he started an agency, and crushed it, but the corporate world wasn’t for him. He lives off of adrenaline. Adrian getting pulled into the water wasn’t the kind of rush he was looking for though. Kate sees towels on the floor, and straightens up the cabins. In her interview, she says if Laura was a chief stew, and knows as much as she says she does, she’d know how to do turndowns. The guests go to bed, but a few of the ladies stay up drinking and dancing around under a disco ball.

Laura asks Aiden how service was, and he says the guests were super rude. He tells her that she forgot to do the turndown. She asks if Kate is mad, but he says, more like aggravated. In her interview, Laura says she doesn’t know what Kate’s deal is. She’s been working super hard, and would appreciate some positive feedback. Instead, she’s getting a mean girl thing. She gripes to Adrian that she has to do bitch work and clean up loose ends. Aiden says the third stew is supposed to do that and shut up about it. Some advice for her integration.

Laura asks if guest Carolyn wants to do yoga or Pilates, and then wakes up Kate to tell her that she’ll be doing Pilates with her.  Kate says there’s only one side of the bed, but it’s the wrong side she’s getting up on. Laura asks what happened with the turndowns, and tells Kate the only thing she didn’t do was the second bed. Kate explains that one guest wants water near their bed. Laura says that wasn’t relayed to her, and Kate tells her to ask. In Laura’s interview, she says she thought the vibe on the boat was not caring. Where is she getting this from? Captain Lee says no one goes past the second step, and shows Ross where the line should be. In his interview, the captain says, it’s Towing 101. This is simple. He tells Ross that no one has a reason to be down there for any reason. Ross feels good about it.

Laura sets up yoga with two guests. The anchor is secured. Captain Lee tells the deck crew to get the tender ready. Tyler tells Rhylee, ten minutes. She says she can’t do this life anymore. Adrian says when the guests act like drunken a-holes, it goes over his head. If the guests aren’t happy, it’s not his problem. Ross is paranoid about tow line now, and tells Rhylee to get away from it. Captain Lee radios to get their asses off the swim platform, and calls Ross to the wheelhouse. In the captain’s interview, he says Ashton was just swept off the deck, and they have to be told how effing stand. He asks Ross why Tyler is on the swim platform. He says it was Rhylee, and Captain Lee tells him to get her ass up there. He tells them the minute the stern line is released, they’re to get their asses off the swim platform. They can get the tender back, but not a life. He doesn’t want a replay.

Laura ends the yoga class with, namaste, and breakfast is served. Ross asks Rhylee why she wasn’t listening, and she tells him not to wake her up at the last minute. Ross starts talking over her, saying he told her to get away from the line, and she asks him to give her a second respond. He tells her, listen up, and she says it’s Chandler all over again. In his interview, Ross says she should know better, and get the f**k away from the line; leave it. He suggests they move away from the guests.

Adrian brings Ashton breakfast, and Ashton says he’s a legend. Ross says he told Rhylee to get away, and she says he told her to get behind; there’s a difference. He says he doesn’t have to explain himself, but she says if he doesn’t, she’s the one who gets reamed. He starts to walk away, and she says walking away is a bullsh*t move. He tells her to use her brain when he instructs her to do something. She suggests he instruct more than ten minutes before they do it. Now she knows what he means. He says it’s his fault. She tells him that she does what he says, and if he means something else, she can’t read his mind. In his interview, Ross says he’s tired of fighting. Sometimes you have to let things go, but with Rhylee, he’s taking the easy way out. He tells her they’ll work it out.

Kate suggests Adrian grill on the swim platform. They drop anchor. Kate tells Ashton to radio if he needs anything. Adrian is making carrot cake for the birthday dinner. In her interview, Kate thinks it’s annoying when anyone celebrates a birthday, unless they’re a child. They set up, and Kate says birthday girl Janet wants leis; it was on her preference sheet. Josiah says they all have to lay her, like we didn’t fall off our dinosaurs when that joke was told the first time. Adrian thinks the cake looks like a nipple, and tells Laura that he was inspired by her. In Laura’s interview, she says, he’s the cutest guy ever, but definitely has only one thing on his mind.

The guests arrive at the beach club, and Janet thinks the décor is cute. Adrian sets up a buffet, and Janet says her taste buds are having a party. Laura does laundry. Ashton gets up, and peeks in. He tells her as soon as his foot heals, they’ll go on the dance floor. The guests toast to Janet. Kate says they have a birthday surprise, and reveal the cake. Janet says, oh wow, so I guess it’s good.

Tyler tells Rhylee that he was engaged, but she’s married with kids now. In his interview, he says he was engaged to his high school sweetheart, but she wanted him to go into construction, and he wanted to be a firefighter. Rhylee says she was engaged, but they both cheated. Tyler tells her that she has some good years left, and she says she can still snag somebody.

Laura asks Adrian what the guests want for dinner, but he says he doesn’t talk to the guests about it. In Adrian’s interview, he says these guests want the most expensive dishes they can get. Tonight, he’s making lobster and beef. He’s going to make them the best food ever until they realize it. The dinner is pronounced delicious and perfectly cooked. The guests turn in. Wow. These people are early to bed.

Laura asks Ashton how he’s doing, and he says, soldiering on. It’s frustrating not doing anything, so he’s doing what he can. Rhylee tells Tyler that everything is ready. In Tyler’s interview, he says he has skills, but motor yachts are in a different category. He doesn’t mind Rhylee showing him the ropes. He has a lot to learn – and she’s hot. Ashton comes out, and hugs Tyler. The anchor is up, and the tender is cut loose. Even I’m nervous now, and watching the lines. I don’t know wth Adrian made for breakfast, but I’m in. Some kind of wraps with salmon cream cheese, apple turnovers, and the eternal crispy bacon.

Anchor is dropped, and they dock. Captain Lee tells the crew to get ready for guest departure. Primary Brandy says they all agree it was a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip. Her hat is off to the crew for handling a scary experience better than she would have. When the guests are gone, the crew changes out of their whites, and the deck furniture is covered. It’s tip meeting time.

The captain says, not even an hour in, and they’re out a guy, meaning Ashton. Captain Lee thought everybody did a good job. The tip is $16K, or $1300 each. Ashton thanks everyone for looking after him. Since he didn’t do any work, he doesn’t feel he deserves a tip, and wants to split it among the crew. Captain Lee says, that’s not okay; it’s not the way they roll. Rhylee says he would have done a lot of work if he could have. The captain say he’ll be having a meeting shortly, and it will be sobering.

Clean up starts. Rhylee tells Tyler that he was spot on, jumping in and listening. Captain Lee calls everyone to the sky lounge, saying it’s time for a come-to-Jesus meeting. What they’re about to watch is sobering. He’s going to show the film from Ashton’s accident. He wants them to see the actual footage, so they realize the severity of the situation. They watch, and he points to Ashton underwater. He says, Rhylee made one call, and it’s barely audible. At that point, Ashton was being dragged by his foot, and she should have said it three times. He’s still moving a boat that’s five-hundred tons, with one that’s two and a half tons behind it. As soon as the tender drew tight, it would have severed Ashton’s foot, and he would have bled out. Then he would be calling Ashton’s parents to tell them that their son is dead. In his interview, Ashton is surprised it happened so quickly. He’s been given a second chance.

The captain says it’s hard to watch, but these were the mistakes they made, collectively. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s hard to watch, and he needs a moment. He tells the group that they’re extremely lucky; Ashton, the luckiest of all. He tears up, saying he doesn’t want to lose a crew member like that; it’s not going to happen. He tells them, carry on. Everyone is choked up. In the captain’s interview, he says they averted a catastrophe by true luck. He wants them realize how fortunate they were. They need to care about themselves and their loved ones. In the end, it’s all they’ve got.

Later this season, fireworks, boob sweat, onesies, a top-notch chef, Josiah in gold lamé, Rhylee hooks up with Tyler, nasty guests, the boat goes sideways, Ross says enough’s enough with Rhylee, a guest falls off a jet ski, Laura tells Kate to check herself, and Kate wants Laura fired or she’ll quit.

🍸 Important news – Vanderpump Rules will be on Sunday at 9 pm. Why? Who knows. Bravo likes to mess with me. According to the digital guide, it will also be rerun in its regular slot on Monday.

🍹 Angst in the OC…

Vicki really shouldn’t have said that, but what else is new?

When is Shannon not breaking down?

🎄 Todd’s Christmas 2014

Even better than RudolphOne Life to Live‘s reveal that Todd Manning is the Lord heir. Todd using a crushed beer can as a tree ornament isn’t until the second link, but if you want to watch both, one leads into the other.