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January 30, 2019 – Not-Doc Visits Doc, Gordon Blesses Stone’s Throw, NJ Continues Their Embarrassment Tour, RIP Lou & Living Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The news breaks in to tell me it’s cold. Thanks. I wouldn’t have known.

Drew sees Kim at the MetroCourt bar, and asks if she wants company. She says that would be nice, and he says she’ll have what she’s having. She says, a sparkling water with lime. He says, sounds fun, and orders a real drink. She asks if he’s losing himself in work. She does it too. It keeps her from hovering. She knows they agreed to let Oscar live life the way he wants, but it’s hard.

Bobbie sees Lucas and Brad at the hospital. They’re dressed up, and she asks, what’s the occasion? Brad says, date night, and she says good for them. She wonders how they pried themselves away from adorable Wiley, but Lucas says he’s in good hands with his godfather. Michael loves Wiley as much as they do. Brad says, right.

Willow goes to Charlie’s, and orders coffee. Julian asks if there’s anything else, like proof he’s not seeing his grandson on the sly. She says she’s there because her yoga class is close by. Would he rather she go elsewhere, so he can violate their agreement? He says she signed off on the agreement that Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s child now. She says he signed off on staying out of Wiley’s life. He says he didn’t break their deal. How about her? Michael comes in with Wiley. This is starting to irritate me. All these people don’t want Julian around Wiley, yet they keep showing up with him at Charlie’s. And Julian is the bad guy.

Robert says Anna’s place is downright homey. Finn says, it’s quaint, but they make do. Anna serves tea. Robert suggests the put their domestic bliss to rest, and discuss Cabot. Anna says she finds Robert’s subtlety charming. He says she claims she’s never spoken to Cabot, but the bureau says otherwise. Who should he believe?

Not-Doc/Ryan arrives at Ferncliff. He says, it better be important. They should be able to provide whatever attention a patient needs, especially a sedated one. Head nurse Kay says they’ve done all they can. She had no choice but to get him there before it’s too late. They go into Doc’s room, and he’s lying unconscious on the bed. Ryan asks if he’s died.

Michael explains to Willow that Wiley’s daddies are on a date night. Julian says he might have to see Wiley’s ID. Michael says Wiley isn’t drinking, and he’s just there for takeout. Julian goes to the kitchen to check on Michael’s order, and Willow asks how Lulu is. Michael says she’s still shaken, but she’s going to pull through. They’re fortunate. Willow says Charlotte wasn’t in school. She feels terrible for Charlotte and her little brother. Michael says Rocco is staying with his grandmother. Lulu is doing well, considering. She has a lot of support. Julian tells Michael that the kitchen is backed up, so his order is delayed. Michael asks Willow to join them while he and Wiley wait, but Julian thinks that’s a bad idea.

Josslyn and Oscar stop by Charlie’s. Oscar says he didn’t realize how far it was from the library. Once he gets his license, they won’t have to trek there. Josslyn is glad he came back to school, and Oscar says, to be honest, he missed it. He missed this too. After all that time in the hospital, it’s nice feeling like a normal kid. Josslyn says she doesn’t mind spending more time with him. He asks if she’s bored yet. She says, no, and she could never be bored with him.

Kim tells Drew the news about Oscar traveled fast. She can see it on people’s faces. They don’t know how to act. Drew says he doesn’t want every interaction with Oscar being about making the most of the time he has left, but it’s always there. Kim says, it’s good to pretend to have a normal life, and an ordinary routine. Oscar went back school, and he and Josslyn are studying at the library. Just ordinary kids in high school. Drew says maybe they should follow suit, and be ordinary parents. He asks what she’s doing for dinner, and she says she has a freezer full of delicious microwave meals. Drew says, that’s very sad, and asks her to let him buy her dinner.

Finn says Robert can’t be calling Anna a liar, and Robert says, she’s a spy. It comes with the territory. Anna admits she’s stretched the truth once or twice, but he’s done the same. Anna says she lies when the circumstances dictate, but she’s never met Cabot. Robert says there’s proof otherwise, and shows her a picture of Anna with Cabot (whose back is to the camera).

Ryan tells Kay this is disappointing. How did they let this happen? Kay apologizes, and Ryan checks Doc’s pulse. Doc grabs him by the tie, and says, got you! Ryan breaks free, and says, not anymore. We realize Doc can’t see.

Kim says dinner is nice, and Drew says better than microwaved food. It’s a nice break in the new old routine. Kim says she’s forgotten how to live. Drew thinks maybe they should make a pact, and remember how to live now and then with the small stuff. She says she’s in; what’s next? He says there’s a long weekend coming up; President’s Day. They could take Oscar to the mountains. He can rent a cabin. Oscar will probably want Josslyn to come too. Lucas and Brad approach their table. Kim says they clean up well. Brad says they were in dire need of a date night, and Lucas says it’s a challenge not to think of their son. Kim says, you never stop thinking about your kids.

Josslyn asks if Oscar misses bussing tables, and he says, parts; not the floor mopping. He’ll always be grateful to Julian. He helped Oscar establish his independence. Josslyn is sure his mom appreciates it, but he says he never sees them together, and she doesn’t talk about him anymore. She’s been spending more time with his dad. Josslyn says, that’s nice (WOTD) for everyone involved.

Julian tells Michael that he likes spending time with Wiley, but Michael shouldn’t bring him there. He has a responsibility to honor his word not to be involved in Wiley’s life. Michael says as soon as the order is ready, they’ll be on their way. Julian thinks the solution is to keep his distance. Michael says they probably should have gotten takeout somewhere else, but then he wouldn’t have run into Willow.

Robert asks Anna if the picture rings any bells, but she says, no. She thinks it looks doctored; she can’t see Cabot’s face. Robert says her excuses are understandable, but not helpful. Anna says that’s not her. She’ll take a lie detector test. She’s never met the man, but she knows who did though.

Ryan asks when Doc went blind. Kay says, last night. They left messages, but didn’t hear back. He says, it must have happened at the same time. Doc asks what’s happening to him, and Kay says, the patient should be transferred to GH. Ryan says that’s the last thing he needs, but she says they have a world-renowned eye clinic, with expertise and resources Ferncliff can’t match. The patient went blind for no apparent reason, and standard protocol says he should see a specialist. He tells her, that will be all, and he’ll call if he needs her. He closes the door. He tells Doc, his identity was stolen, he’s locked up in a loony bin, and now he’s blind. It hasn’t been his year. Doc says if Ryan has an ounce of humanity, he won’t leave him like this. Ryan says, humanity is boring. Let’s talk business. Doc’s condition is treatable. Doc asks how he knows, and Ryan says he also went blind last evening. He had a terrible headache, and passed out. When he regained consciousness, he only saw darkness. He feels Doc’s pain, his panic, helplessness, and frustration. He was there a few short hours ago. Doc says, please, if there’s a way to restore his vision, get him treatment. Ryan says he’ll think about it. Meanwhile, he needs something from Doc.

Drew looks at Brad and Lucas, and tells Kim, clearly, those two are enjoying their night. She remembers when Oscar was Wiley’s age. Those are moments to cherish.

Brad says they owe Lucas’s sister. He thinks the wine she comped them is as expensive as their mortgage. He asks Lucas, what’s wrong? Lucas says, nothing. He’s wondering if he told Michael about Wiley’s diaper rash. Brad says, he did; twice. Lucas questions whether they should call and explain Wiley can still have formula, even though he’s transitioning to solid food.

Michael tells Willow it’s family drama that Wiley is mercifully too young to understand. He tells Wiley, ignorance is bliss. Willow asks if he speaks from experience. He says he, too, was surrounded by family drama he was too young to understand. He thinks that’s how he ended up being the responsible one. He says it’s more than she needed to hear, but she says she’s interested. He says his point is that kids pick up on more than adults realize, but she probably knows that, being a teacher. Willow says he should have been one; he’s good with kids. She apologizes for being insensitive. He says he was the second oldest in a large, complex group of siblings, and has experience with kids. She thinks it helps being around other children, especially one as perfect as Wiley.

Kim says she and Drew are starting out as parents, and Drew takes solace that he’s skipping not getting more than two hours sleep, tops. Kim doesn’t envy that, but would take Oscar at that stage in a heartbeat. She wouldn’t change a thing. Drew would. He should have been there. She says he’s been there when she’s needed him most.

Brad and Lucas make a deal to enjoy the evening out, and not talk about Wiley. Lucas asks what Brad’s thinking, and Brad says about how his life turned around. He was used to everything being about what he wanted, and now it’s about he-who-shall-not-be-named. Life feels bigger, more grounded. Lucas says he’s even learning to tolerate his father, in small doses. They’re growing up, and there’s only one person to blame. They both say, Wiley, and clink glasses.

Josslyn asks Michael how Lulu is. He says, much better, and introduces Willow to Josslyn and Oscar. He asks what they’re up to, and don’t say finding a way to access the catacombs. Oscar says, they did. They didn’t make it, but they got close. Josslyn decides to get hot chocolate, and leaves Oscar to tell the story. Julian tells Josslyn that he’s glad to see Oscar. He misses Oscar’s expertise in bussing. Josslyn says Oscar is better. He’s doing good, partly because of Julian. She thanks him.

Anna tells Robert, Alex. Find out where she was when the photo was taken. Finn says Anna’s twin had the meeting? Anna says Alex has an inconvenient habit of showing up in places she’d never go, and implicating her in things she’d never do. Robert says she was in Eastern Europe when the photo was taken, but that doesn’t explain how Anna contracted the virus. Anna says, it’s obvious.

Doc asks what Ryan wants, and Ryan says, information. Has he ever met a doctor named Arthur Cabot? Doc says he’s met a lot of doctors; be more specific. Ryan says Cabot had dealings with the WSB. Doc starts to say, why would he… Cabot? Ryan says, yes. Doc says they met years ago, at Cabot’s request. He wanted to discuss a mutual interest. Ryan says, which was? and Doc says, him. Cabot’s research focused on identical twins.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar was always her whole world; he has Scout too. She says, sorry. it just came out. He says it’s a valid question. He loves both of his kids equally. The relationships are different, but they’re still both his kids. She says she heard Scout is a miracle baby. Drew gives Scout credit. She had a helluva entrance into the world. Kim asks him to tell her.

Lucas asks if Brad wants anything else, but he’s good. Brad says, who are they kidding? They miss Wiley. Lucas says the good news is he’s just a phone call away. Lucas calls Michael.

Julian asks Josslyn what he’s done for a thank you. She says he took a step back. Now Kim can focus on being there for Oscar. When she first asked, she thought it was a long shot, and expected him to be selfish. He surprised her. She thanks him again, and says it means a lot to Oscar, who means a lot to her. Julian tells her to take care of Oscar. Busboys who don’t break dishes are a rarity.

Willow says she’d share Oscar’s story with her students, but doesn’t want them getting any ideas. Michael gets a call. Lucas says he can tease them all he wants. They’re being those parents. Michael says they’re pretty cliché. Wiley is getting a lot of attention and love at Charlie’s. Lucas says they’re wrapping it up, so he’ll swing by to get Wiley. Brad suggests Lucas go to the hospital to check on Lulu. He’ll get Wiley and bring him there.

Finn mumbles to Robert that Anna acts like she knows it all. Robert says he hates when she does what she does, and Anna says she can hear them. She has the advantage, being an identical twin. So is Doc. Finn wonders if it’s possible Doc’s twin contracted the virus, but Robert says, Ryan has been dead for twenty-five years.

Ryan asks Doc what the inquiry was, but Doc says he wasn’t interested in working with Cabot, and never found out. Ryan says he’d better not be holding out. Doc says he held up his end of the bargain. If there’s a treatment that can restore his sight, he wants it. Ryan thinks he’s better off in the dark. There’s been so much change since his absence. Doc says, Laura, but Ryan says she’s the least of his worries. She’s been elected mayor, and chose to be sworn in as Laura Webber. She finally gave up on their marriage. The divorce will be finalized soon. Doc says, good. Anything to keep her far away from him. Ryan says, ever the optimist. He might change his mind when he finds out what happened to Lulu. Someone tried to kill her.

Drew tells Kim it was cold, and Sam was abducted by her crazy aunt, Olivia Jerome. Kim says Julian told her stories, and Olivia sounds deeply disturbed. He says Sam escaped, but fell down an embankment in the snow. Kim says, she was all alone? and Drew says, she was. He’s never been that scared. He’ll never forget looking over the bridge, and seeing her. He got there just in time for the delivery. Scout was perfectly fine, but Sam passed out, and he carried them up the road. Kim says he was very lucky to be able to save his daughter.

Josslyn tells Oscar, once they’ve finished their homework, they can work on the planner. Oscar has some ideas, but the most important thing is to live every moment to the fullest. It will be easier when he gets his license. She reminds him it comes with restrictions in New York, but he says they can check out neighboring states without restrictions. Brad comes in, and thanks Michael for taking care of Wiley. Michael says he and Wiley had a bet going on how long Brad and Lucas would stay out. He won. Brad remembers that Willow is a teacher. He’d love to get thoughts on when Wiley should join a playgroup. Julian says he can help get Wiley in the car, but Brad says he was just getting know Willow.

Anna says they need to speak to Doc. Finn says he already denied knowing Cabot, but Robert says a lot of people lie during the first questioning, and the truth comes out in the follow-up. Finn says he’s a psychiatrist with strong ties to the community. Anna says in less than a year, he’s gone from having married Laura to hanging around with Ava. Maybe he’s not such an upstanding citizen. Maybe he’s covering up something. Assuming he’s a liar, how do they get him to tell the truth. Finn says this is no place for enhanced interrogation, but Robert doesn’t think it will come to that.

Doc asks what Lulu ever did to Ryan. Ryan says, it was strategic intervention. She was getting too close to the truth. He was concerned when she survived, but the trauma caused a memory block. She can’t remember a thing. His phone dings. It’s a text from Anna, saying she needs to talk. Come over immediately.  He tells Doc that he has to run. Doc says, get used to it. He’s going to be doing a lot of it when they realize he tried to kill Lulu. Ryan says he’s become an expert at avoiding law enforcement’s efforts, but Doc says, when Sonny finds out Ryan attacked his daughter-in-law, he’ll exact his own justice. Ryan says he and Ava are starting a new life away from Port Charles. Soon enough, the divorce will be finalized, and they’ll be leaving. Doc asks if Ryan is taking Laura’s money, but Ryan says they’re leaving with what they brought to the marriage. Doc says, except for the prenup. He tried talk her out of it, but Laura insisted. He figured they’d never need it. Now, Ryan is going to take off with the money intended for him. Ryan says Laura is nothing if not generous, and devoted to Doc. He thanks Doc for pointing it out. Doc says he’s done enough; leave Laura’s money alone. Ryan tells him not to work himself into a tizzy. Close his eyes, and have sweet dreams. Oh, forgive him. Doc doesn’t have to close his eyes anymore. He leaves, and Doc says, you’re the blind one, brother, and calls Ryan a fool. I’m guessing there is no prenup. I certainly don’t remember anything like that.

Anna thanks Ryan/not-Doc for coming so quickly. Finn says, with his help, they can prevent others from getting the virus. Not-Doc says he’ll try to help if he can. Robert says tell them about Cabot. Not-Doc asks them to forgive him. He completely forgot, but wracked his brain, and remembered meeting him. Robert asks if he recalls what they discussed. Not-Doc says, identical twins. Robert asks what Cabot was after, and not-Doc presumes information on his experience with his brother, but he had no interest, so he never got the details. Robert says Cabot was working with the WSB, but not-Doc says he reached out independently. It was years ago. It’s not possible it has anything to do with what’s going on now.

Kay tells Doc to relax, calling him Wilson. He says his name isn’t Wilson. It’s Dr. Kevin Collins. The man who just left was admitted as Wilson Ritter. Kay says he knows what happens when he gets too excited. She doesn’t want to see him in a straitjacket, especially now. He says there’s only one person who matters now – Laura.

Anna wonders if Doc told them everything. Robert isn’t sure. He seemed defensive, and too eager to leave.  Anna says they’ll have to look elsewhere. They know the virus was initiated by Cabot, but have more questions than answers. Why identical twins? Was the blindness intentional or an accident? Robert says, maybe the experiment went wrong. Finn says, even worse, what if it went right?

Drew tells Kim that he’s sorry he brought up the story, but she says she asked. It’s quite inspiring. It’s inspiring what a parent’s love and determination can do. Because of him and Sam, their daughter was kept warm, and because of that, their daughter is in their life. Drew says, now he’s in hers.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they might as well walk. They can still make it an adventure. It’s how you look at it. He says she’s right. It will be an adventure as long as he’s with her. They kiss.

Lucas comes to hospital. Bobbie asks, what happened? He says, date night ended earlier than expected. They missed Wiley. She tells him, better luck next time. He says, at the rate they’re going, it will be another ten years. She says, try again next week, and if they can’t stick it out, keep trying. It’s important that they spend time together; Wiley will have a happier life. Happy parents, happy baby. Lucas says he and Brad have been through so much, nothing can come between them.

Julian needs a word with Brad. Michael tells Willow that he’s starting to feel guilty, keeping her from yoga class. She says she’s in no rush.

Brad tell Julian that he can’t blame him for Wiley being there. Julian says Wiley isn’t the problem; it’s her. Brad says, the schoolteacher? Julian says, she thinks she’s Wiley’s birth mother.

Tomorrow, Kristina wants Alexis’s respect, Valentin will be in Peter’s debt, and Franco says whatever it is, he didn’t do it.

🔥 On 24 Hours to Hell and Back, this time Gordon dressed up like Mrs. Doubtfire to eat at Stone’s Throw, a family-owned, fine dining restaurant in Seymour, CT. Right off the bat, there was a bad smell. Literally. Gordon said the restaurant was so dated, if it wasn’t for the river view, no one would be there. Dry salmon, rancid lobster, and old, dry duck were served. At least no one spit in anything, but one of the biggest reveals was improperly stored and moldy food. Gordon thought the owner was in denial, and had checked out. Apparently, the whole staff was nose-blind as well. Opened clams were found disgusting, and no doubt contributing to the odor and some marinated chicken nearly choked Gordon when he took a whiff. He yelled a lot, made everybody smell stuff, and taught them how to cook. In changing up the décor, he discovered a beautiful slate floor under the crappy carpeting. When Gordon’s time was done, he said it was worth every brutal, painful moment. The owner felt alive again, and a million miles away from where he was. He found his voice, and fell back in love with cooking. Stone’s Throw was back. Three months later, the owner said standards were back, the staff was positive, and the operation was running smoothly. He and his wife were even able to get away. He said they were taking baby steps, but headed in the right direction. Next time, Gordon visits a family-run restaurant in Kansas City, with daughters so off-key, it will take more than 24 hours to get them to face the music.

🐪 The Real Housewives of New Jersey were still in Cabo. Jennifer admitted when tequila is in her, she’s not nicey-nicey. I don’t think she’s nicey-nicey without tequila. She went shopping with Teresa, Melissa, and Danielle, while the others stayed poolside. Melissa wondered why Teresa was feeding Jennifer shots, after six-months of abstaining herself. Why wake the beast? Jennifer insisted that the tequila had only given her courage to say how she really felt. I’m starting to think she’s just not likeable, drunk or sober. Melissa was pissed that Teresa kept giving Danielle and Jennifer passes for their bad behavior. At the pool, Marge found a picture of a monkey’s ass to confirm her point about Jennifer’s lip liner. At lunch, Melissa tried to prevent Jennifer from another tequila episode, but Jennifer took that as an opportunity to justify her previous attack on Marge. When Marge said that Jennifer’s husband slept in the pool house, Jennifer said she didn’t care where he slept. This left Marge wide open to intimate that Jennifer’s husband had a girlfriend. Afterward, Marge apologized – saying she’d only said it to hurt Jennifer – and Jennifer told Delores they didn’t make peace, but made nice. WOTD here too.

The ladies went on a camel ride, after feeding the camels some kind of fruit. It was so cool! Teresa wanted the smallest camel, and no surprise, was terrified. At lunch, Jennifer told everyone she was having a red party for her anniversary. In a clip, her husband figured that meant his bank account would be in the red. Because of her brother’s impending marriage, Jennifer was going to be spending a lot of the summer in Turkey, so the party was in a week. I’ve started wondering if you stop planning ahead when you’re rich, since they continually announce party invites five minutes before the event. During dinner, just when things were going well, Danielle brought up the monkey’s ass again. Then Teresa fueled the fire by focusing on what Marge had said about Jennifer’s husband. Marge said Danielle was irrelevant, and Danielle said she never saw Marge’s kids around. Marge wondered why Teresa couldn’t see through Danielle’s lies, saying, she’s an old dog with no new tricks. Danielle wouldn’t shut up about Marge’s kids and grandkids, and Marge finally threw a drink at her. Danielle then went off to the point where a producer, or security, or some outsider, had to get involved and intervene. In her interview, Delores said family was off-limits by unwritten law, and if Danielle had talked about her kids, she’d have no teeth left. Marge thought Danielle poisoned Teresa against her, and Melissa accused Teresa of drinking the Kool-Aid. She said Danielle had Teresa running in circles. The show ended with Melissa getting in Jennifer’s face. Since it was the later airing, there was no preview. Sometimes, I don’t know why I torture myself watching some of these shows. They go to the most spectacular places, and act like trash.

👽 I’ll Always Remember Him As Lou and Dan…

In Fame (1982) and V:The Final Battle (1984), respectively.

🎶 Memories…

Lee Curreri used to make my heart beat faster. Useless trivia: Lori Singer is Marc Singer‘s sister. Marc still makes my heart beat faster.





January 29, 2019 – Lulu Starts to Remember, Wyatt Hitches a Ride, Best Deck Ever, Tired & the Lion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu says, it’s right there; on the tip of her tongue. Jordan says she was working on her piece. and someone came to the door. Lulu remembers someone coming in. She sees not-Doc lurking in the doorway, and says, it was you. Ava arrives on the scene.

At Sonny’s place, Griff asks Sonny to tell him about Mike’s behavioral changes. Sonny says his mood changes are more frequent. He’s not just forgetting things; he’s disoriented and angry. Carly says Mike hit Sonny, and Griff says, unfortunately it’s not that uncommon. What the patient can control shifts day to day, and the lashing out is fighting for control. Carly says Sonny isn’t Mike’s enemy, but Griff says like small children, they attack who they love most; the relationships that are safest. Sonny wonders if it’s not doing Mike any good to be there anymore, and if it’s making life harder for Mike.

At the hospital, Curtis hears Stella say, Curtis Byron Ashford, and stops in his tracks. She says he didn’t tell her that he talked to Marcus about her. What gave him the right go behind her back?

Shiloh hopes this doesn’t change the way Kristina feels about him and the organization. She says Daisy’s confession has caused her to second guess the integrity of Dawn of Day. He says she can ask him anything she wants. He’ll repay her honesty in kind; he has nothing to hide. The only important thing is regaining her trust.

Alexis sees Julian at the hospital, and says she’s been thinking about him. He asks, what’s up? and she wonders if he talked to Kim. She’s hoping Kim is all right, and they patched things up.

Sam returns home, and Jason asks, how’d it go? He tells her Spinelli went to the hospital, and he has to stop at his place before dealing with the coffee shipment. They can get together tonight. Sam says, sorry; she can’t. They have to break up. Jason asks, why? and Sam says Kristina is in a lot more trouble than she realized.

Lulu says not-Doc was there. She saw him. He says he was just there, checking on her. Laura says he was there when Lulu woke up. Lulu says she thought… sorry. Laura thinks it’s too much, but Lulu wants to keep going. Jordan says she wasn’t alone. Does she remember who was at the door? Lulu says, mom. She remembers Laura came to get her for the launch. She cries, saying she’s sorry she didn’t go, and then this happened. Laura says it’s not her fault. She didn’t ask to be attacked. Jordan says Laura is right. She did nothing wrong. Ava says, you’d expect to be safe in your own office. Jordan says there are too many people, and asks if not-Doc isn’t still a patient. He says, technically, and tells Ava that they should go. He’s happy Lulu is awake. They leave, and Jordan tells Lulu that she’s sorry about what happened, but with her help, they’ll find the attacker. Lulu knows it’s important, and wants to remember, but there’s nothing there.

Ava asks not-Doc, what if Lulu remembers? Why leave? He says, Lulu needs rest, and she won’t get it with everyone hovering. He tells Ava, it’s not unusual to have no memory of an attack. Ava says, it’s only a matter of time. They’ll get the bastard who killed Kiki, and he’ll get what’s coming to him.

Mike tells Sonny that he was going upstairs, but Sonny tells him Griff is there. Mike says it’s good to see him, and Griff asks how he is. Mike says, good. He says he knows he’s late on rent, but he’ll have it in a couple days. Sonny says he doesn’t have to pay, but Mike says he’s good for it. He just can’t find his checkbook. Carly tells him, no rush. They know where to find him. He laughs, and says he’s just been very busy. Griff doesn’t want keep him, but Mike says he’s always happy to say hello to a friend of Sonny’s. If Griff is ever looking for a place to stay, these two are great. He goes upstairs, and Sonny says he didn’t know who they were. Griff says he handled it well. Sonny says his confidence was shaken, and he’s struggling to find a way. He wants Mike to hold on to his memories. Griff says he wants to make sure Mike has the best life he can, and Sonny says, even if it means lying. Griff says, even if Mike’s world is inaccurate, it works for him. It gives him the comfort and safety he craves. The disease moves in one direction. He’s seen personally how much this has meant to Mike. HIs mind is slipping, but he feels the love his family has for him. They thank Griff, and when he leaves, Carly holds Sonny.

Stella asks what Curtis thought he was going to learn. He ask what motivated her to contact Shondra? She says she already apologized for that. He says, and he accepted it. He loves her, and knows she thought she was doing what was best for him. She tells him, don’t act like he’s thinking about her best interest. Did he think talking about ancient history would be good for her? Curtis says he assumed there was a miscommunication. Marcus seems like a great guy. Maybe if they talk things out… She tells him to refrain from making assumptions about her life.

Jason asks Sam how it would help Kristina if they break up. Sam says, if she’s single, it will give Shiloh the opening he wants. She was at the Dawn of Day house, and Shiloh was so deeply concerned about their accusations, he opened his own personal investigation. Jason takes it Sam didn’t like what he found. She says she didn’t. He convinced Daisy to take the blame. Jason asks if she thinks Daisy is lying. Sam thinks she believes what she was saying. Daisy was desperate for Sam to think she was responsible. Jason says, too desperate, and Sam says, it was like her life depended on it.

Jordan tells Lulu that her mother left, and she went back to work. She spotted a discrepancy. Lulu says she went to the door. Jordan asks if it was open, but Lulu thinks it was locked. She remembers opening it. She starts crying, and Laura says she’s safe. Laura is there with her. A nurse comes in, and Laura tells her that Lulu is upset. The nurse suggests increasing the pain medication, but Lulu says she needs to remember; they’re stopping too soon. Laura says she’s done enough for now. Lulu says she’s sorry, but Laura tells her that he doesn’t need to apologize. Jordan is glad she’s safe. Jordan leaves on her LOUD shoes. Laura tells Lulu to rest, and know she’s safe.

Julian asks Alexis why she’s pushing him to be with Kim. She says Kim’s son is ill, and she needs him. She might go as far as to say he needs Kim too. He says he has his hands full, running Charlie’s, and she says, there’s more to life than work. Or so people tell her. Kim grounds Julian, and she’s worried about what will happen to him without her. He says, with all due respect, how his life turns out is no longer her concern.

Stella says she adores Curtis, but will thank him not to interfere in matters that don’t concern him. Now she has to meet Marcus at the MetroCourt to discuss what Curtis said to him. He says, it seems there’s air to clear. She says she’s a grown woman. If she wanted to rehash things, she would have done it already. Curtis tells her to cancel. Don’t bother to hear what Marcus has to say. She says, Marcus already made reservations, and he’s waiting. The least she can do is join him. She gets in the elevator, and Curtis smiles.

Kristina tells Shiloh that Daisy is the reason she became interested in Dawn of Day. Daisy was so open, and now she wonders if Daisy was playing her from the beginning. Shiloh understands why she feels that way, but Daisy was attempting to follow their practice of mending hurt and sewing common ground. Kristina say Daisy broke both her and Sam’s trust, and made Sam more suspicious. She admits she’s felt stronger and more positive after getting involved with the group. She doesn’t want to let go of the two positive things she’s gotten. Shiloh says, out of Daisy’s misguided actions, she uncovered truth, and shined the light on Kristina’s new viewpoint.

Jason wonders why Shiloh would call Sam out on her past using Daisy. Sam says Shiloh’s hands are clean, and he can still be the forgiving, kind mentor. Jason says, so her sister can’t see him for who he is, and Sam says, she bought his entire act. Kristina needs someone to believe in. He sees that, and takes advantage. He’s going to lead her down the wrong path, and isolate her from her family. If Sam is going to protect Kristina, she has to beat Shiloh at his own game.

Jordan gives a guard instructions about Lulu’s room. Not-Doc strolls past after eavesdropping, and Jordan apologizes for being short with him. He says he let his personal concern override his professional judgement. Objectivity is the only way they can be truly effective.

Griff meets with Laura, who called him to consult. Laura tells him that Lulu had a huge physical reaction when she tried to remember. She knows there’s probably trauma, but wants make sure there’s no brain injury. Griff says he’ll have a look. He prefers to examine her alone. He doesn’t her to want downplay the symptoms to save Laura’s feelings, and Laura can probably use the downtime herself. He leaves, and Ava sees Laura, handing her the eternally empty coffee cup. When, Lord? When will the make it seem like there’s coffee in those cups? Ava asks how Lulu is, and Laura says she’ll make a full physical recovery. She doesn’t know about the emotional trauma. Ava says, it may take time, but Lulu is strong. She’s glad Lulu was able to escape. She starts to leave, and Laura asks her to wait. She thanks Ava for checking on her daughter. Ava says she wouldn’t wish what happened on anyone’s daughter.

Carly asks what Sonny is thinking. He asks if he’s doing the right thing. Everything Griff said has come true. He wonders if he’s selfish, thinking he’s the only one who can do right by Mike. Upstairs, Mike packs. Carly says he’s not selfish. He’s a loving, good son, and he heard what Griff said. Mike knows they love him. Even when he’s past remembering anything, Mike will know how much they love him. And she hopes, despite the mistakes, misunderstandings, and years apart, that Sonny knows how much his dad loves him.

Jason asks how Sam is going to beat Shiloh, and she says, by out conning the con. He says she’s been confrontational so far. If she turns too quickly, Shiloh will suspect something. Sam says she has to let him think she’s vulnerable, and what’s more vulnerable than them breaking up?

Ava sees not-Doc packing, and asks if it’s a legitimate release, or is he busting out? He says he’s a free man, and she says, finally, some good news. He’s worried about her, thinking Lulu’s attack opened the wound about Kiki. She tells him, some days, his support is the only thing that gets her through. He says, now that Lulu is going to be okay, he thinks they should take the chance to get out of town. She says she can’t. She won’t leave without Avery, but he says he’s talking about just a vacation, not a permanent exodus.

Griff tells Laura and Jordan that he’d like to discuss his permanent assessment of Lulu. He’s found no markers indicating brain injury, but he’s ordered a CAT scan just in case. Laura says maybe they pushed too soon. Jordan asks how soon Lulu will be able to ID her attacker, but Griff can’t say. Her recall will get better as she regains strength, but a psychiatrist is better suited to address her memory loss. Laura goes back to Lulu’s room, and Jordan thanks Griff. He says he’s just as eager for Lulu to remember as everyone else. He wants Kiki’s killer found. Jordan gets a phone call. She asks if there are any updates; then says she has to call back. She sees not-Doc about to leave, and trusts he got a clean bill of health. He says he’s no longer a patient (interesting choice of words). She asks if he can join her in Lulu’s room.  Wow. She’s going to feel like a real jerk when the truth comes out.

Stella meets Marcus at the MetroCourt. She says she knows her nephew spoke to him. Marcus says Curtis was upset about how he treated her. Stella says, he had no right, but Marcus says, he had every right. Curtis loves her; he deserved to be called out. He’d decided not to interfere with Yvonne’s relationship with Mike, and was saying goodbye in a way. He lashed out at her, but it wasn’t her fault. The fault lies in the disease that took Yvonne away from him, and herself. Stella says, it’s devastating to lose someone you love, whether it’s gradual like with Yvonne, or quick… She says, any loss is painful, and he says, even if it was quick, like them?

Shiloh tells Kristina that Daisy isn’t evolved enough to be the outreach ambassador. Kristina asks him not to make her leave; she’d be crushed. He says he’s not, but he wants her to recommit to her learning. Kristina sees the bigger picture, and it makes her a perfect candidate. He can’t think of a better ambassador. She doesn’t know if she’s ready, but he says he sees her ability, and asks her to consider it.

Sam says she’ll tell Kristina that she realizes she and Jason have no future. She still cares about him, but needs time by herself to figure out who she is, and to stand on her own and figure things out. She’ll admit to Shiloh that she can’t stand on her own. He’ll offer enlightenment and guidance, which he’ll be eager to provide. Jason asks if she’s joining Dawn of Day, and she says she is. It’s the only way to find out what Kristina is getting into.

Kristina tells Shiloh, it’s a critical role, but he has faith in her. She accepts, and promises she won’t let him down. He has no doubt his trust is well-placed.

Marcus tells Stella that she never asked if he was willing to stay with her instead of taking the job. She says she knew he would have stayed. He worked hard to put himself through school; working two jobs, and still graduating at the top of his class. The opportunity in San Francisco was too good to pass up. He asks if she means positions like that are seldom offered to a Black man. Stella says, right out of school. He says she made her decision clear. She says her sister needed her. There was no way she could raise those two boys by herself. They had to break up, and she was right to do it. He’s had a wonderful life. He says he did. He and Yvonne loved each other deeply over thirty years, but it doesn’t lessen the love he felt back then for her. She was fierce, stubborn, and beautiful, and he was proud to be her man.

Carly asks Sonny if the arrangements have been made. Sonny says Mike’s room is waiting at Turning Woods. Mike comes down with a suitcase. He’s glad he caught them. He wants to thank them; they have a swell place. He appreciates them taking him in. Sonny asks if he’s going somewhere, and Mike says, it’s time to take the plunge. He’s moving in with Yvonne. He’s sorry it’s short notice, but Sonny says they knew the time would come. Carly says they’ve loved having him, and Sonny says there’s a room there any time he wants. Mike thanks them, and guesses he better be going. Yvonne is waiting, and she hates when he misses a card game. It’s also a long bus ride. Carly has an idea. Why doesn’t she give him a ride? He hates to impose, but says it beats public transport, and she’s the best looking cabbie he’s ever had. She goes to get her coat, and Mike tells Sonny, she’s a keeper. Sonny would like his gal; she’s a keeper too. He thinks he left his gloves on the bureau, and asks Sonny to watch his bag. Mike goes back upstairs, and Sonny decides to make sure his gloves aren’t in his suitcase. He opens it, and cries a little. He looks at the picture of them from the Nurses’ Ball, and puts it in the suitcase.

In Lulu’s room, not-Doc says it’s unclear what Laura is asking. Laura understands it’s important for Lulu to remember, but her first priority is Lulu’s health. She asks if remembering can be dangerous, and not-Doc says, the mind is fragile. Loss of memory can he the psyche protecting itself from experiencing trauma the patient isn’t ready to face. They could be forcing unforeseen consequences. Laura says Lulu wants to remember; she’s not fighting it. Not-Doc says they need to trust the message the brain is sensing. He tells her to be patient. Stop the questioning until Lulu has time to gather her strength. Jordan leaves to check on something, and Lulu says she can’t keep her eyes open. Not-Doc says, rest is still the best medicine, and Laura tells her to let herself heal. She thanks not-Doc, saying, despite everything that’s happened between them, she appreciates that he’s there for Lulu, and her. He says there’s nothing he wants more than to make sure Lulu is completely taken care of. It’s so clever how they word his dialogue. I love it.

Curtis arrives at the hospital, and asks Jordan, how is she? Jordan says, healing. Lulu should fully recover, but she has no memory of her attacker. Jordan doesn’t know when, or if, Lulu’s memory will return.

Kristina calls Alexis, and asks if she’s free for dinner. She promised to approach Dawn of Day with an open mind, so Kristina signed them up for a seminar tonight.

Sam calls Shiloh, leaving a message with her number. She hopes hear from him soon. Jason asks how this is going to work. Sam says he can visit Danny there, but here on out, they have to act like exes. Only in public; not in private. She just got him back, and doesn’t want lose him. He says she told him he could only visit Danny there, and she says, good thing he has a place of his own. She hasn’t seen his bedroom yet. He tells her to come over and see it for herself. She says maybe for now, they can use hers. He says, after what she just said? She tells him that they’re not officially broken up yet. He says he’s losing track, and she says she’ll keep track for both of them. She kisses him, and he picks her up, carrying her up the stairs.

Julian asks Ava if hanging around there is a good idea. She says as long as there’s a chance Lulu might remember who attacked her, she can’t go home. She knows it’s not rational, and Doc suggested they leave town for a bit. Julian says he should probably leave himself. A break would be good for her, and Port Charles is getting claustrophobic for him.

Laura tells Jordan that she’s worried about Lulu’s safety. She’s the only living witness, and could be a target. Jordan says she has cops posted at the hospital, and Laura says, as mayor, she wants as many on the street as possible. As a mother, she wants one whose sole purpose is her daughter’s safety. She asks Curtis if she can hire him to be Lulu’s bodyguard, and he doesn’t see a problem. Jordan thinks it’s a good idea. Curtis says, anyone coming for Lulu will have to go through him.

On the phone, not-Doc says he knows they’ve called several times. He’s busy. He says, Wilson? What kind of emergency?

Marcus tells Stella that their conversation is thirty-five years overdue. He hopes they have more. He’s staying in town to be close to Yvonne. Stella doesn’t see why they can’t be friends. It helps to have someone to talk to. He agrees, it does.

Carly asks Sonny where Mike is, and Sonny says he went upstairs. She says, it’s happening fast. Is Sonny sure he’s okay? He says if it makes his dad happy, he’s happy. She suggests he come with them. He might feel better seeing Mike settled in. He says she fakes it better than him, and he doesn’t want to make it worse. Mike comes downstairs. He says they’re such good people. He’d recommend this place to anyone. Sonny says it was good to have him there. They hug, and Mike says it was good to be there. They sure know how to make a guy feel at home. He hopes to see Sonny around. Sonny says he will. Mike and Carly leave. My heart cracks in half, as Sonny cries.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Robert that she’ll take a lie detector test, Drew asks to buy Kim dinner, Julian tells Willow he held up his end of the bargain, and Brad asks Lucas what’s wrong.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Landon goes to Charles’s room. He asks if Charles has tried to sleep, but Charles says he can’t. Landon asks if there’s anything he can do. Charles says he’d like to take his kids to the park without the Secret Service. He’d like to go to a restaurant, spit on the sidewalk, and ride his motorcycle. Landon says for the most part, not for the next eight years. He’s sorry. Landon says Charles is a single man; he can set up a date. Charles asks who will set it up? Howard? He laughs, and asks Landon if he’s seen the women Howard brings around. He’ll pass. Landon says, so it’s Candace? Charles pours a drink. He says she’s spellbinding. It was so good, the weekend they spent together. He felt free. They both came from nothing, and are both hustlers in their own way. Landon says Charles has standards and morals; Candace is low level. Charles says they cleaned her up. She just has to stay clean. Landon says her record is spotless. Is Charles considering seeing her again? Charles says he can’t help her. He’s just thinking about how she made him laugh. Landon says he needs to have fun. He can call Charles’s Army or college buddies. Charles says they look at him as President. Once he was no longer his mother’s son, he knew he’d lost everything. Even his mother looks at him different now. He knows why Presidents go grey in their first few years. He’s not prepared for that. Landon says he’ll be fine. Charles downs his drink, and says, tomorrow, but not tonight. He pours another drink, and one for Landon. Landon says he’s on duty, but Charles tells him, don’t act like they haven’t done this before. They toast to the Oval. I think. At first, I thought they said oatmeal.

Veronica watches a video of her and David’s wedding. They say they love each other, and they’re having lots of babies. She tells RK that David used to love her. Now he wants to hit her. He actually hit her. RK tells her, turn it off. He’s trying to sleep. She says David used to take care of her. RK turns the TV off, and she asks what’s wrong with him. He says it’s driving her crazy. She says she’s not crazy. Didn’t he see? David knocked her to the floor, and he didn’t do anything. He says he protected her. She says, Benny Young, and RK says there’s something seriously wrong with her. He thinks she should find someone, and get it checked out; somebody to talk to. She tells him that he’s disrespectful. He says he’s tired. She doesn’t like it, and wants an apology. He says, for what? and she says, saying she needs help. He says she does. He’ll apologize to himself for letting her wake him up. She tells him, get up, and keeps repeating it. She says, get out of her house, and he tells her to leave him alone. She says, get out now, and he says she’s one crazy bitch. She attacks him, saying she’s not crazy. He says he’s sorry all right. She says, okay, and gives him a peck on the mouth. He says, that’s more like it. He goes back to sleep, but I’d be afraid she was going to kill me in my sleep.

Veronica goes to the kitchen, and takes out some quick grits. She puts water in a pan, turns on the stove, and puts the water on to boil. She pours in the grits, saying she’s tired of him disrespecting her. She won’t have it. They’ve forgotten who she is; Veronica Harrington.

Charles and Landon are laughing it up. Charles thinks it’s time to call it a night. He has trouble getting to his feet, and Landon helps him. He doesn’t want the staff see him like this, but Landon is sure they’ve seen many presidents like that. He says he can’t even undo his belt. Landon helps him undress, saying he’s working out too much. Charles says he has to do something, and laughs. Landon undoes his belt. Charles wants something to take his mind off, just for a moment. Landon says maybe he can do that for him. Charles says he’d welcome anything. I say, oh, Landon, don’t, but he undoes Charles’s pants. Charles backs up, and asks what he’s doing. Landon says he’s sorry, and Charles tells him, get out. I say aw gee. I like them both, and find this sad.

Rocky asks if Candace wants anything else, and she says for him to get out of her face. He asks why she’s hostile. He said he was sorry. She says he told Oscar her plan, and Rocky says, she took care of him. She asks what he said, and he says, nothing; he’s sorry. She says she’ll beat a bitch out again. Is he saying she’s the reason Oscar jumped out the window; make it clear. He says he’s not saying that, and she asks for another drink. Landon comes down, saying he needs a double shot of tequila. Candace asks, what’s wrong? but he says, not now. He downs his drink, and she says she hasn’t seen him this disheveled since he peed his pants. He thinks he lost his job, and she asks what he did. He says he tried to go down on Charles; she’s the reason. She started saying he’s gay. Candace says, he’s not, and Landon asks, why say it? He tells Rocky to keep the shots coming. He tells Candace that she put the idea in his head. He was with Charles in his room, and they got drunk. He started helping Charles out of his clothes. She laughs, and asks what he said. Landon says Charles sobered up quicker than he thought humanly possible. He was angry as hell. She says he shouldn’t have done that, and he says she shouldn’t have said that. She says she was just trying to get under his skin. Landon asks Rocky to bill it to the room. Candace says, hers too? but he says, no. He hates her. He calls her a bitch, and she laughs.

Sarah parks in a lot, and when she gets out, Wyatt bangs from inside the trunk, saying, let him out. She opens it, and asks what he’s doing in there. He says he had to get away, and she asks why he’s in her car. He tells her it was the only way get out. She says his family is insane, and he says, tell him about it. Does she have money? She asks if he’s robbing her. He says he needs a fix, and takes her bag. She says he could help her with the DA, but he says he’s not doing anything unless she has money. She says if he helps her, they can go to her apartment and get money; she promises. She wants him to come with her and talk to her boss. Then they’ll go to her apartment.

Candace calls Mitch, who’s at his uncle’s bar. She asks how her brother is, and he says Benny is with their mom; he’s fine. She asks what happened, and he says he’s trying to find out. He’ll let her know if she tells him something. She’s with the President now? She says, no; she’s not. Mitch doesn’t know how the hell she pulled that off, and she repeats she’s not with him. She needs to talk, and asks where he is. He tells her that he’s at his uncle’s bar, and she says she’s coming by. She leaves the hotel.

Uncle Vinnie comes in, telling a guy he can’t help him; he don’t remember nothin’, and he’s got a business to run. Mitch asks what they said, and Vinnie says, they’re the Keystone Cops. Mitch asks what Vinnie told them, and Vinnie says he didn’t tell nothin’. The family refuses; they don’t talk to cops. Mitch asks if Vinnie knows about the Cryer kid, and, being a man of few words, Vinnie says he knows what he knows, and he’s going to get him. Mitch asks if he’s letting Benny go, and Vinnie says, it’s done. There’s no one after him… No one in the family. Mitch asks, who did it? and Vinnie says, the town is small. He’ll find out. He asks what’s with Mitch and this kid? and Mitch says they’ve been friends since high school. Vinnie doesn’t like it. Mitch asks who’s after Benny. Vinnie says he is, if he doesn’t get his money back. Mitch hands him the $45K, and Vinnie says, it’s got blood on it. Mitch asks if he’s never seen that before. It’s still green. Vinnie asks, where’s the interest? but Mitch says Benny can’t afford it; he has no money. Vinnie laughs, and says his friend has eight million in the bank. That’s why he got stabbed. Mitch asks what he’s talking about, and Vinnie says, Jim Cryer sent someone to stab Benny. He told then the right spot to hit. Not to kill him, but send a message. And they’re going to keep coming after him until he gives them the money. If they don’t get him, Vinnie will for the interest. Mitch asks for time, but Vinnie says his friend didn’t have the decency to bring the money himself, with eight million in the bank. He told Rose that he’d be getting the interest. That’s why she called it off. Mitch jets.

Jeffrey tells David that Madison is there. Madison says he has to change the bandages. David asks if it will make him more comfortable. Madison says, no, but it will help him heal. David tells him to do what he has to, and Madison starts peeling off the old bandages, and changing them. He asks Jeffrey to help. David says, that bitch. He doesn’t like speak ill of Jeffrey’s mother, but she did this to him, and blew Erica up. Jeffrey says, don’t get upset, but David says he’s not. He’s angry as hell, and scared of what he’s going to do. Jeffrey doesn’t blame him; she needs to be stopped. David says he’ll do it, and Madison says he can’t hear this. He’ll have to excuse himself. He asks if David needs any medication, but David wants to feel the pain. She did this to him, and he wants to feel it. He needs to feel it. Madison says, tomorrow, he’ll clean David’s wounds. He helps David to the bed. David tells Jeffrey that he loves him, and Jeffrey returns the sentiment. He says they’ll be downstairs. They leave, and David makes his way to his phone.

Jim’s phone rings. David says he’s done with that crazy bitch. One time she told him that she gave several different pieces of incriminating evidence to lawyers, in case anything happened to her. They could put them together, and it will create a picture that will put them away. Jim asks if David believes her, and David says, yes. Jim says they need find the lawyers. Veronica is smart, but not that smart. David says they have to do it quickly. He’s done. Jim says, it sounds final, and David says, it is. Jim asks what David is going to do, and David says Jim will know when he’s done. Jim says, God rest her wicked soul. David says, she was behind this; everything with Erica. Veronica and Candace set everything up. He’s getting even, and putting an end to this. Jim says, the only way to do it, is standing over her grave. He’ll be the grieving friend right beside him. David puts the phone back, and says, that bitch.

Jim calls to Leo, and asks if he’s found Wyatt. Leo says, no, and Jim calls him pathetic. He asks how Wyatt walked out, but Leo doesn’t know. Jim says, check the cameras, and Leo says his colleague is looking now. Jim tells him to grab his buddy, and get the hell out. Kathryn says, there you have it, but Jim doesn’t want hear it. If his son says one damn thing… He calls Leo back in. He asks where the other man was when Leo was guarding Wyatt’s door. Leo says he was making the rounds; walking the perimeter. Jim says, while Sarah was there? She was the diversion. Wyatt snuck out. He tells Leo to look at the footage from the camera facing the front. He bets Wyatt crawled under her car. Kathryn says, so the DA got him. The one thing he needed to bring them down. Wyatt is mad as hell, and will be singing like a bird. Jim doesn’t want hear it. He tells her, shut up, and Kathryn says, tell her again. He does, and she throws her drink in his face. She says, tell her again, and he says, bitch. Leo comes back, and tells them that Wyatt got in the trunk. Jim pushes past Leo.

Derrick cuddles Hanna, but she tells him, stop it. He says it’s hard laying this close. He can’t control it. She says, one night? and he says he’s trying. She tells him, go home if he can’t control himself. He calls her a tease. She acts ignorant, and he asks if she comes to bed in that every night. She’s wearing a lacy number with spaghetti straps, and she says, it’s just old nightgown. He says he saw old things in her bathroom when he was looking for towels. She’s got grandma muumuus, and she comes in dressed like that. She admits she wanted to look pretty. He says she is, but is that fair? She’s got him lying there, and comes in looking like that. She says, in all fairness, and puts pillows in between them. He laughs says, that’s not going to help. They laugh, and Benny comes in, saying he’s not feeling good. What in the hell…? He’s already not feeling good, and now he’s about to be sick. He tells Derrick, get up. He’d better get his ass out of bed. Derrick gets up, and Benny gets in the bed. What is he? Five? He tells Derrick to go. Hanna says she’ll walk him to the door. Benny says, he knows where it is, and what is she wearing? He tells her, put on a big-ass muumuu. Derrick says, busted. Benny tells him, don’t come back, and tells Hanna, don’t wear that no more. She says he’s a mess. A big old baby.

Derrick tells Hanna, sorry. She says she’s sorry. Benny is a knucklehead, thinking he’s protecting his mother. Derrick says Benny loves her. She knows that, and thanks him. Derrick thanks her, and she asks what she did. He says she tried. She says that brat is their way of escaping, but Derrick says, he won’t always be there. She tells him, go home. He kisses her, and says he thinks he’s staying. She pushes him toward the door, and he leaves.

Kathryn calls Roderick. She asks where he is; she wants to see him. He says he can’t. Her husband threatened him within an inch of his life. She says, that’s because Roderick has more inches, and she wants every one of them. Alrighty then. She says it’s not a polite request; it’s a demand. She wants to meet at her house, and Roderick asks if it’s the house she share with him. She says, yes, and he stammers. He’s sorry, but he likes his life. She asks if he’s really worried, and he says Jim is an intimidating man. She asks where he lives; she’ll come over. He doesn’t think that’s a good idea. It’s not a not nice place. She says she’ll be the judge. He texts her the address. Rocky asks what that was about, and Roderick says she’s coming to his house. Rocky asks if he remembers what Jim said. Roderick says, every word. Rocky asks if he’s kidding, and Roderick says he needs to hurry and clean up. Rocky says he’s asking for trouble.

Jeffrey tells Madison that he has the guest room set up. Madison asks if Jeffrey doesn’t want to sleep with him, but Jeffrey says, no. They don’t know each other that well. Madison says they knew each other well enough to make out. Jeffrey says his dad’s room is next door. It would be kinda weird. Madison says, especially since he’s noisy. Jeffrey is like, what? and Madison says he likes to let his partner know he’s having a good time.

Jeffrey asks how many partners Madison has had, but Madison isn’t ready to go down that road. He asks how many Jeffrey’s had, and Jeffrey says, two. Madison says, he’s a virgin. I guess he has a different definition of that than I do. Jeffrey says he’s fine with his two. Madison asks if the cop is one or two, and Jeffrey says, two. Madison says, it makes sense. That’s why Jeffrey is really into Justin. Jeffrey says he’s not. He’s just the one Jeffrey did the most with. Madison asks how they met, and Jeffrey says, long story. Madison says they’ve got all night, but Jeffrey isn’t telling him. Madison says, was it weird? Jeffrey has to tell him at some point.

Suddenly, there’s a red dot – a laser – on Jeffrey’s forehead. I gasp.

Next time, Charles wants talk to Landon, Mitch tells Candace that Benny needs to do the right thing, and Madison tells David that Jeffrey is in over his head.

Below Deck

When we last left, primary Krystal was in a drunken stupor on deck, and Kate wanted to get the hose.

Kate didn’t get into yachting to watch spoiled princesses sleep. She tells Josiah, get the hose out. She says Krystal has two legs; let’s go. It isn’t the preschool at the country club. Krystal doesn’t give a flying what they do, but she wraps herself up in a blanket, and stumbles to the main suite. Kate says, go live your best life. Krystal kicks Kim? Kam? – the bunch of them are like the Kardashians – out of her bed. The crew finally gets to go to bed. What an asshat.

Rhylee brings Krystal her tea in the morning, and gets reamed out for it. Krystal screams, don’t ever enter without her permission, and GTFO. Captain Lee says, anchor up. He thinks it’s been an epic season. They’ve had the highest highs, and lowest lows, and he still has the best goddam job in the world.

Adrian tells Laura that Ashton likes her butt. In his interview, Adrian says he feels comfortable with the friendship he and Laura have formed. Rooming together helped the relationship. He’s going to miss her a lot. He’s so clueless. Clearly she doesn’t feel as comfortable with him. She needs to stop hinting though, and just tell him.

Ashton tells Tyler that they missed out on the drama. Tyler says rich, spoiled clients aren’t his thing. Krystal acts like nothing happened at breakfast, saying she slept like a rock. Laura says, it’s one for the books. They’re acting like nothing happened. It’s the Twilight Zone, and it’s like they’re scared to talk about it. She takes breakfast orders. They order just about everything possible, and want it now. Laura tells Adrian, the main bitch is starving, and brings them biscuits to tide them over.

Ashton says it’s the last charter, and they don’t have much to do. They’re so well-oiled; mission accomplished. Krystal demands the slide, and wonders if they blow it up with their lungs. A collective sigh is heard from viewers everywhere. She wants the boat moved for some reason I don’t understand. Kate and Laura serve the food. They didn’t have ham, and Krystal says, it sucks, leaving her Eggs Benedict untouched. Kate brings it back. She hates thee people. She says she’ll take her own tip money to get plane tickets to get them out.

In Rhylee’s interview, she says she can still work with Tyler, but it’s awkward. The fact that nothing is going not come of this, is disappointing. Laura asks Adrian if she can have some avocado, but he says he needs them for the guess. Maybe if she asks nicely, and gives him a hug. She asks if he’s kidding, and he wonders what’s with the attitude. She says he’s being rude. She doesn’t need to hug him for an avocado.

The guests do the slide thing. Too bad Krystal can’t slide into another continent. Adrian asks Kate if they have an aquarium for the table setting. She’s never had a chef ask her about a table setting before. She says she does, and asks if he has live animals. It’s the last dinner, and Adrian wants it to be his max. He wants living things with a Tahitian vibe, and suggests hermit crabs with lights underneath. In his interview, Josiah says he’s tired, and doesn’t give a sh*t. Krystal bitches, and says she tries to live her best life. Kate and Josiah crack up.

Lunch is served. Uh-oh. It’s chicken. Surprisingly, the guests don’t complain, although they seem startled at the portion size, one of them saying they each got their own personal chicken. Adrian tells Tyler, ten minutes. He’s going to get changed, and then roll.

Laura visits Ashton, who has his leg up. In Ashton’s interview, he says their relationship has really progressed. The reality that they won’t be spending time together anymore, is sinking in. They’re running out of days, and it sucks. Tyler and Adrian go off in a small boat, and Adrian goes into the water. In his interview, he says he spent his youth snorkeling, and finding cool treasures. Kate thinks Adrian wants be the star their final night, and she appreciates it. He brings up a giant something.

Ashton says it looks like something out of Godzilla. Adrian says, it was a worthwhile trip. In his interview, Josiah asks, who wants to eat a lovely dinner while looking at a slug? Adrian is the most amazing chef and free diver, and got a slug? Kate wonders if he’s serious, and asks, why? Adrian tells the captain it had giant horns, and explains his idea. Captain Lee says, sounds disgusting. Krystal says she’s relaxed to the max. Kate tells Adrian, dinner is at eight, sharp.

Rhylee brings up the cage with the slug, and Kate is like, eww! She picks it up (wearing gloves), and it deposits something gross on her. She doesn’t like the idea at all. She understands the concept of a living tablescape. A neon jellyfish is a cool thing, but an ejaculating sea slug is something else. They decide to let it go. Adrian says he sees beauty in most things, but some people don’t. It’s disappointing. He says they’ll just go with the lights. He wishes he had another hour to prep. It’s the primary’s birthday, and there are fireworks at nine. An hour for a four-course meal is ridiculous.

The slide is put away. Everyone always hates it, and this time is no exception. Kate says the tablescape is more work than she needs, so she’s just using Rhylee’s coral collection with the lights, and calling it a night; The guests get ready for dinner. Adrian starts to plate. Laura does turndowns. Kate brings champagne to the guests. She realizes that she forgot balloons or streamers. In Kate’s interview, she says the primary is the most spoiled girl ever, and it’s her birthday, and she forgot. She tells Laura that she’s the birthday executive, and get to blowing. In her interview, Kate says she forgot the primary’s birthday, and Adrian is running late. She tells Laura, the clock is ticking. She’s not panicking, but definitely hustling. No, she’s panicking. Ross helps with the balloons. The first course comes out.

The guests toast to Krystal. She thanks them for coming, and doesn’t know what she’d do without them. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s like in school when the rich girl has a party. You all hate her, but want that goodie bag. Ashton helps with the balloons. The next course comes out. One guest says she’s testing the durability of her Spanx. The fireworks are about to start, and Kate tells Josiah to make the table look like a birthday celebration while the guests are gone. Adrian wants sparklers for the cake. He’s creating a disco tower. In her interview, Kate says he knows the longer it takes, the more stressed she is. He’s doing it on purpose.

Josiah comes up with an idea for Adrian’s disco tower. Kate tells the guests there’s a meteor shower, and to head to the crow’s nest. The other crew members fly into the room to decorate. The fireworks go off. Kam says it’s a present to Krystal from them. They come back, and everything is birthday partied up. Krystal cries. The cake comes out, and Happy Birthday is sung. Krystal says her heart is full. Kate tells Josiah, it’s the best audition she’s seen in a long time. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s proud of the crew rallying together, and knocking it out of the park. Captain Sandy would be proud at Kate’s turn of baseball phrase. The cake is served, and red wine is knocked over. Krystal wants everyone to come to the master bedroom.

Josiah and Laura clean up. Adrian didn’t even see the decorations, saying those bitches didn’t use what he brought. He should have done everything himself. Kate tells Laura that she did an amazing job, and thanks her. Kate asks Adrian why the sudden interest in snorkeling? He gripes about them not using what he’d gotten, but it was their choice. Kate thought it would be too distracting. Adrian accuses her of being passive/aggressive, and it’s tiring. In his interview, Adrian says he doesn’t appreciate Kate attacking him. Kate doesn’t want to end on a bad note. She’s enjoyed working with him and thinks he’s talented. He stops her there, and says, end of conversation. These chefs are always so temperamental.

We hear Kam through the closed door, saying, she’s exhausted. She organized everything for Krystal; the whole effing trip, and Krystal treated her like sh*t. Sitting on deck with Laura, Ashton says, after this, any other boat will seem too normal. Laura says Adrian is pissing her off. She tells Ashton about making a charcuterie tray, and asking where’s the meat. We see a clip where Adrian answers her, saying the meat is right there, indicating… oh, you know. She says he’s vulgar, and it’s always when no one else is around. In his interview, Ashton says he cares about her, and doesn’t want someone making her feel like sh*t, but she’s a big girl. She’s tough, but if she needs help, he knows she’ll ask for it.

Adrian says he feels like a new person. Kate says she does too. In Kate’s interview, she says they had an uncomfortable argument, but everything is fine. Adrian isn’t a bad person; he’s insecure, but that’s a battle he has to fight with himself. Captain Lee says he’s pulling anchor. In his interview, he says in the beginning, the crew was scattered, and now they’re focused. Everyone knows their job, and it’s a  credit to Ross. It’s time to leave Tahiti.

Ashton tells Ross that if he finds something in New Zealand, let him know. Ross thinks he’d like it there, but jokes that Ashton better stay away from Alison. Ross is stoked. In Ross’s interview, he says it’s taken a long time to realize what Alison means to him. She puts up with his sh*t, and he’s excited to see her.

The guests praise another excellent breakfast. In his interview, Ross says pulling into the dock one last time, knowing the season’s done, is bittersweet. The beer will taste good tonight. Captain Lee says, for the last time, into their whites. The crew lines up, and there are hugs down the line. Krystal can’t stop crying. She says the trip meant a lot, and they made it great. In her interview, Kate says she’s the most obnoxious human Kate has ever met. She’s never been happier seeing someone walk away from her. Everyone is thrilled it’s over. They squeal going back in.

Captain Lee says it was the best charter crew ever. He doesn’t have a bad thing to say about any of them. Kate says this is a first; he’s never said that before. The tip is $20K – $1650 each. The captain says, well-earned. He tells them that they’re working until five, and he means working. Afterward, the owner has arranged some entertainment for them.

Everyone gets ready, and when they come out, Tahitian dudes are playing conch shells. Girls in flower crowns put leis on them. They’re given drinks, and watch some Tahitian dancers. Josiah says, Tahitian dancers, food and music. What more could they possibly want? The captain says he’s leaving, but wanted to see the entertainment. He tells them to enjoy a dinner cruise, and thanks then for a great season. In Ashton’s interview, he says this is the last time he’ll be with them, and during the season, they became the closest of friends. They eat. In her interview, Kate says she’ll miss Josiah the most, but she loved their effed up family. After dinner, they go to a club.

Kate wonders why Rhylee isn’t dancing with Tyler. Adrian says he’s at the point where he’ll dance with anything, even random objects. Tyler is down, but then he’s back up. He’s on the couch, looking wasted. He’s asleep. Rhylee says, not her problem. He’s a grown-ass man. Passing out at a club helps her get over him. There’s nothing attractive about a sloppy drunk. They send him back in a taxi.

More dancing. Laura and Ashton kiss. Tyler gets back to the boat, stumbles around, and somehow gets into his top bunk. Ashton is still kissing Laura on the ride back. At the boat, Adrian says he had a blast. Tyler is passed out. Rhylee asks where Laura and Ashton are, but Kate says she doesn’t need to ask. Ashton covers the camera in their cabin. Everyone thanks everyone for a great season.

Ross says, today is the day. They’re done. It’s time to go. Laura approaches Adrian for a chat. She tells him sometimes the jokes he made were super inappropriate. It didn’t make her feel good. There were overly sexual comments; girls working in the kitchen always have to take sh*t. In his interview, Adrian says the way he was raised, sex is not a serious thing. Laura says she was raised conservative. In his interview Adrian says it’s something that’s just another part of life. He says she never said anything, or he would have stopped. She says she’s telling him now, but he wonders why she didn’t when he was doing it. She says he’s so over the edge, and was singling her out in front of people. In Laura’s interview, she says banter is an interesting thing, but when it’s sexualized, it crosses the line. She wants him to know in the future, someone else might not be cool. He says she needed tell him if she was offended. He’s sincerely sorry. In Adrian’s interview, he says he’d never want make anyone feel like that. He thanks her for coming to him.

Ashton tells Tyler that he fell asleep in a strip club before, and Ross asks if it’s the one he worked at. In his interview, Tyler thinks yachting is cool, but doesn’t know about it long term. He’s going back to firefighting. That’s the plan for now. Rhylee says it was good to meet him; he’s a cool dude. He thinks she’s cool too. If they can connect, maybe they should knock boots for old time’s sake. In her interview, Rhylee says Tyler was an unexpected gift. Nothing more happened, but she hopes it’s not the end of a friendship. She would do the yachting thing again, but differently. She wants respect, but has to give it too. She’ll always stand up for herself, but she has to work on her delivery.

In Ross’s interview, he says it was a roller coaster with Rhylee, but he’s glad they made it, and finished on a good note. In his interview, Adrian says he learned to be more patient with himself. He’s not perfect, but has to own up to his mistakes. He’s accepted a job as a private chef with a wealthy couple. He’ll see where it goes. Namaste. Ross is sad to say goodbye, but happy to be going home to his ex and see his kid. He’s proud of the deck team. He loves yachting, and is doing it for the long run.

Laura is happy the interior ended on a good note. Kate and Josiah are now her friends, and it couldn’t have ended any better. Kate says she’d have Laura on her team any time. Ashton is makes plans to spend time with Laura. He says the bonds between people are precious, and after his near-death experience, the first thing he wanted to do was hug everyone. In those moments, you discover what’s real and important. He leaves the boat with Laura, and says, new adventures. She says, exactly.

Kate says she’s going to have separation anxiety. In his interview, Josiah says he doesn’t plan too much into the future, but can see himself as a chief stew one day. He’s going to miss Kate. They’re amazing friends, and he thinks they will be forever. He leaves, and Kate cleans up.

She goes to see Captain Lee. He says, good crew. Kate says, it’s amazing when they all get along; it’s magical. In her last interview, she says, it was a wild ride, with near deaths, firings, ups and downs. Being in Tahiti made yachting feel new for her again. It was their best season ever.

Next time, the Reunion.

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Below Deck is my Downton Abbey.Rebecca Romijn, Watch What Happens Live

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I saw a TV ad for a Burger King’s King Box, and thought they said kink box. Want whips and chains with that burger? Hopefully, my editing is on point. Do people even say on point anymore?

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January 28, 2019 – Daisy Makes a Confession, the West Side is the Best Side, Bad Represent & Tuesday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kristina tells Shiloh that she’s working on the soup kitchen schedule, and asks if there’s anything else he needs from her. He says, her forgiveness.

Sam tells Jason that she wrote and deleted a dumb text, asking how Spinelli’s flight was. She was making up an excuse to contact him, but she didn’t need to. He made it home. Jason says, here he is, and they kiss.

On the phone, Jordan is frustrated. No DNA was found on the weapon, but they have the make and model of the knife. She tells the detective to look into which retailers sell it, and maybe a receipt or video footage will help. The longer it takes, the colder the trail gets. She wants answer not excuses. Curtis says she put the fear of God in someone. She says they caught a break, and she wants to be ready when Lulu wakes up.

Robert wonders why Doc would lie about having met with Cabot, and wants to question him. Anna says, he’s not a criminal, but Robert says, that remains to be seen. Finn says he has to make sure Doc’s recovery isn’t compromised, but Robert says they’re not waterboarding him. Not yet anyway. Anna says they need to know how both she and Doc contracted the same rare virus, and why he would lie about Cabot.

Totally changing the scene from Friday, not-Doc brings a pillow to Lulu’s bedside. Her eyes flutter, but she doesn’t open them.

Anna, Robert, and Finn see that he’s gone. Robert asks where the hell Doc is. Finn says Griff ordered some tests, but he’s nowhere to be found. Anna suggests the solarium or the roof. When she got her sight back, she wanted to savor somewhere with a view. Robert wonders if Doc is off savoring, or covering his tracks. Anna says Robert does have a point. If Doc lied about Cabot, what else did he lie about?

Lulu says, Mom? Not-Doc puts the pillow over her face.

Jordan tells Curtis that they looked over the security footage from the MetroCourt, but the book launch was the same night, so a lot of people came in and out. Curtis says the killer managed to take the body to the terrace, so they were familiar with the layout and security features, and knew how to avoid them. He asks about the tip line, and Jordan says they’ve gotten nothing credible. Mostly conspiracy theories. One thinks it must be a cop, but she already had the FBI vet her staff. They need a break in the case. Curtis wonders if she’s maybe too close. Jordan doesn’t deny it affected her in a personal way, and thinks the killer wants it that way; Kiki’s body was planted in their honeymoon suite. Maybe he’s trying to prove he’s smarter than they are, with the horrible killings and elaborate staging. She says, Lulu is a part of the media, and Curtis says, so was Peyton. Maybe she’s on to something. Peter discouraged Lulu’s story angle. Curtis wonders if Lulu was on to something too. Jordan says there’s something they’re not seeing. If Lulu is seeing it, it’s a game changer.

Kristina asks why Shiloh needs her forgiveness. He says when she was unburdening herself at the seminar, she seemed upset having to relive the past. She says, reliving the past is necessary to change the narrative. If Sam hadn’t jumped in, she might have unburdened herself even more. He says she still seems bothered, and she says she’s trying work through it. His book is helping; she feels better. He says Sam seemed adamant that they’d pushed too far, but Kristina says Sam doesn’t get what they’re doing. If she participated, she might get over her own obstacles. Sam doesn’t see that she’s stuck in between, and how get out from under. Shiloh understands why she’s upset with Sam; however, she should try to have compassion and empathy for her.

Sam tells Jason, it’s not normal. She’s super happy now, but when he was gone, she was pacing and making herself crazy, worrying if he was going to be taken away again. She has to accept and be grateful for what they have together. There’s nothing she can do to control it, so she should just enjoy it. He doesn’t want her to be afraid, but that’s her point. She’s not.

Sam says she’s been working hard to try and rebuild her trust and instincts, and know she can love without losing herself. He doesn’t have to worry about her worrying. She promises not fall apart every time he leaves. Jason says she seems confident. He tells her, last night was great, and this morning was even better. He takes her hands, and says when he woke up. and saw her smiling at him, he thought about how beautiful she is. Not just her face. All the ways he’s seen her; happy, sad, angry, determined, laughing out loud, playing dominoes, dancing in the rain – all these images, back to the first time he saw her in the interrogation room. She laughs. He says he looks at her, and thinks how incredibly lucky he is to love her, and have her love him. He’s never taking it for granted. They kiss.

Back on the phone, Jordan tells a detective, good work, and to check the records. Curtis says it sounds like she got a break, and she tells him, only one retailer sells the knife. Maybe the killer’s image is on the security camera recording. Curtis hopes they didn’t buy the knife online; it’s harder to trace. She says she has a detective on it. Her phone rings. Lulu is awake.

Lulu struggles, and not-Doc tells her, don’t fight it. She’s almost there. Her hands drop. Laura comes in with Dr. Lacey, startled to find not-Doc there. Having ditched the pillow, he says he came to check on Lulu. She needed help with her airway. Ha-ha! Not-Doc is a real comedian sometimes. Laura heard he couldn’t see, and he says he contracted a virus, but he’s fine now. He didn’t realize Lulu hadn’t regained consciousness. Laura says she’s waking up. Dr. Lacey kicks not-Doc out, and asks if Lulu can hear him. Laura says, it’s mom. She needs to wake up. Rocco and Charlotte want see her. Lulu starts to breathe heavier, and says, mom? Is that you? Laura says she’s there and Lulu is safe.

Shiloh tells Kristina that they all have pain and fear. She’s a lot like Sam and her mom. Kristina asks if he’s met her mom, and what did she say to him? She apologizes before he even answers, and he says, it was an enlightening experience. She says, Sam was bad enough, but he understands. Their paths crossed at the same time Sam’s past became an issue. Kristina says she told Sam it was a coincidence. There’s no way Shiloh would target Sam. He loves her faith and hope in him, and tells her to remember that when the truth comes out. She asks what he means, and he says, the mystery has been solved.

Since the kids are sleeping, Jason and Sam start to go back upstairs, but there’s a knock at the door. Sam wants to ignore it, but moves to the door. Jason tells her to get rid of whoever it is. It’s Spinelli, who asks if he’s perchance interrupting. Sam says, no, and they hug. She thanks him for the save, and he says she’s most welcome. He trusts the information was of use, and Jason says Sam saved him from drowning. Spinelli says, indeed; that’s most felicitous, and an interesting reversal of roles. Sam says she owed him one. Spinelli says it seems he picked a good time to visit. His friends radiate contentment. He tells them that there was a significant delay; the plane was stuck on the tarmac. He made use of the time researching Shiloh and Dawn of Day. He was able to confirm the emails are coming from inside the Dawn of Day house. Sam says she told Jason that Shiloh was lying all along. Sam’s phone rings. Kristina asks if she’s free. She needs Sam at Dawn of Day.

Laura thanks God that Lulu is awake. Still lurking around, not-Doc says she has incredible resilience. He needs to talk to Laura, but she has phone calls to make. He says she might want him to talk to Lulu, but she says he flatly turned her down when she asked him to talk to Aiden. He says recent events changed his perspective, and he wants to do what he can to help. Lulu is going to need counseling. Laura says she’ll let Lulu know about his offer. Right now, it’s important that she ID the killer. Not-Doc says they shouldn’t push her; she’s fragile right now. Laura says she’ll be there. Jordan is on her way to question Lulu.

Jason offers to come with Sam, but she thinks Shiloh will be less defensive without him there. Jason explains to Spinelli that they think Shiloh is targeting Kristina as a means to get to Sam. Kristina is in deep, and refuses to separate from Shiloh and the group. Spinelli asks if Kristina was aware that Sam stole Shiloh’s inheritance. Sam says, Kristina knows, and it makes Shiloh look better. He claims losing the money freed him up, and put him on the path to enlightenment. Spinelli says his research can attest that being spiritually aware was the last thing on Shiloh’s mind when he was David Henry. He was popular in school, and departed for Europe afterward, on an open-ended sojourn. When he had his reversal of fortune, he signed up with a global security firm, and fell off the grid, resurfacing as Shiloh. Spinelli wonders, if Shiloh is so enlightened, why is he dredging up Sam’s past?

Shiloh appreciates Sam’s presence. He has information that will bring peace, especially to her and Jason. He had a conversation with their mother, who shared her concerns. He says, Sam’s past became an issue when Kristina joined the group. The genesis of the emails Sam has been receiving had nothing to do with him, but he feels responsible. Daisy, who has been sitting on the couch, says, that’s not true. He’s not responsible. She was the one who sent the emails.

Robert tells Anna, Cabot worked for the DVX, and Doc lied about having met him. It’s not hard figure out that Doc worked for the DVX. Anna isn’t so sure it went that far. Finn says Doc is respected in his field, and doesn’t see him as a deep cover spy. Robert says he may have had a secret life they know noting about. Not-Doc returns to his room, and tells them he’s tired; please leave. Anna says they need him to clarify something. She’d asked if he knew Cabot, and the WSB has proof that he met with Cabot. They’re wondering why he’d lie about that.

Laura tells Lulu that she’s there. Lulu asks if Rocco and Charlotte are okay, and Laura says, they’re fine. Rocco is at the Quartermaine’s, and Charlotte is with Valentin and Nina. Charlotte insisted on coming last night, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Lulu says Charlotte is her good luck charm, and Laura tells her that’s what Charlotte said. She still hasn’t gotten in touch with Dante, but Lulu says, don’t. She might blow his cover. Laura asks her to stay awake for a little bit. Does she know what happened to her? Lulu says she was attacked, and Laura says, she survived. Everything will be all right. She’s strong and brave, and made it. Lulu says, they caught him, didn’t they?

Daisy tells Sam she was digging around in Sam’s past, and sent the emails from Linda Black. She’s sorry.  She read about Shiloh’s father being swindled in the book, and how it was a pivotal change for him. Kristina had also talked about how Sam once conned certain men. Kristina asks how Daisy could do that; she trusted Daisy. Daisy says she wanted Sam to heal, and Kristina asks, how? By digging up dirt? Daisy says she did research, and made an educated guess. When Sam replied, she knew she was right. Kristina tells Sam that she wasn’t gossiping. They’d been comparing their lives, and talking about how easy it was to get off track. Kristina says, unlike Sam, she didn’t have to take care of a brother. Sam doesn’t blame her. Kristina says Daisy harassed her sister, but Daisy says it was for the right reasons.

Spinelli tells Jason, when he was researching, he found that much of Sam’s history can be accessed – if you know where to look. Whoever sent the emails did a good job. Now that he has a decent signal, he’s going to trace them. Jason asks if he needs coffee, and Spinelli says, coffee? No. He needs answers. There seems to have been a thaw in Jason and Sam’s relationship. Who can he tell? He’s seeing Maxie and James later, as well as Lulu. Jason says he should have told him. Lulu was nearly stabbed to death.

Jordan comes into Lulu’s room. She’s glad to see Lulu awake. She asks if Lulu thinks she can answer some questions. Laura doesn’t know if she’s up for it, but Jordan says, every minute is crucial. Lulu asks if they’ve caught the killer, and she says, not yet. They did get valuable evidence, but have no ID. She’s hoping Lulu can help. Laura says she doesn’t have to, but Lulu says she can do this.

Anna tells not-Doc they know he and Cabot have met; they have proof. Not-Doc says it could be a different Kevin Collins, but Finn asks why he’s being secretive. His name and photo are in the file. Anna says Cabot did research for the DVX, and asks not-Doc to clarify what his association is. Not-Doc insists he doesn’t know him. He’s had dealings with a lot of people, and the name means nothing. He tells Finn, as his doctor, he has to ask them to leave.

Laura asks if Lulu is sure she’s up to it. Lulu wants to help, but everything is fuzzy, like she can’t wake up. Jordan tells her, no pressure, and sits on the bed. Jordan says Lulu was attacked in her office. Her mother confirmed seeing her at 7:15. She was working on a story, and planned to attend the book launch. At approximately 9:30, she arrived at the restaurant, and had been stabbed. Can she say what happened? Lulu says she was working on a story about the serial killer.

Not-Doc says he needs to rest from having the virus. Anna tells him it’s urgent that they get answers from him. They need his cooperation. Not-Doc loses it, and starts yelling that he doesn’t know. Leave. Please. Finn tells them, sorry, but as his doctor, he’s required to shut this down now. Anna and Robert leave.

Jordan says Lulu made come calls. Does she remember? Lulu says she called Dante. He told her that he loved her, and was going into deep cover, so he’d be out of touch. She left some messages for other people, and called Peter. She was annoyed that he wasn’t publishing her story. He didn’t like the direction the piece was taking. Lulu makes an effort to remember, and Laura asks if she wants a break, but she says, no. Jordan says they believe the attacker entered after Lulu made her phone calls. Does she remember who it was? She doesn’t know. All she remembers is getting in the elevator, and feeling sick; nauseous, and like she was going to faint. She remembers pushing the button; she had to get to her mom. Laura says she did. She made it to the restaurant, and saved her own life. Jordan asks her to think back. Does she remember leaving the office? Did she see anyone? Lulu doesn’t know. She starts to cry, saying she doesn’t remember. She’s sorry. Laura says, it’s all right. There’s nothing to be sorry about. The most important thing is, she’s all right. Jordan says, she survived. Lulu says, Kiki didn’t. Neither did the other two. She has to remember for their sake. Laura tells her not to pressure herself, but she says it’s coming back to her.

Spinelli tells Jason that he’s going to the hospital, and thanks him. Better Jason tell him than the shock of discovering it on his own. He says he’ll return to solve the mystery, but right now he’s going to focus on Lulu.

Sam says it doesn’t make sense. Daisy says she was trying to help. She thought Sam would be more receptive to Dawn of Day. Sam asks how she found out about the other guys, especially the one in Galina. Daisy says it’s not as hard as Sam thinks. She was a computer science major, and designed a search program. She found out about Leland, ordered a Galina newspaper, and cut out the obituary. Shiloh asks Daisy to tell Sam about the emails. Daisy says the name came up as one of the aliases Sam used, and she thought it would be more intriguing if she signed the email that way. Kristina says, try creepy. Daisy says she didn’t mean to harass Sam. Shiloh didn’t know, and would never do something like that. Kristina says how dare she target Sam? And her scheme backfired. There’s no way Sam would trust any of them now. Kristina stalks off. Shiloh says he doesn’t like this, but Daisy’s not malicious. She did something wrong for what she thought were the right reasons. Sam says, funny how that never works out. Shiloh asks how he can make it up. Sam doesn’t know, and asks what he has in mind. He gives her his number, and says if she needs anything, for any reason, call him. Sam takes the number, and leaves.

In the hallway, Finn tells Robert and Anna, sorry. He had no choice. He let it go for as long as he could, but there are liabilities. Once the patient throws a tantrum, it’s a breach of ethics. He knows there are inconsistencies in what Doc is saying. Robert says he found something in the notations. Doc met with someone else – Anna Devane. My guess is, he met with Alex.

Lulu says she was annoyed with Peter. She was frustrated that he wasn’t running the story, but she went back to work anyway. She was excited about a discrepancy. Jordan asks what it was, and Lulu says, it’s right there, on the tip of her tongue. Jordan tells her, try a different angle. Lulu says she was working on her piece, and someone came to the door. She remembers someone coming in. Jordan asks, who was it? Not-Doc lurks in the doorway. He’s doing a lot of that today.

Kristina give the schedule to Shiloh. He feels terrible, but she says, Daisy should feel terrible. She’s the one who decided to invade Sam’s privacy. He says Kristina sees it as a betrayal, and she asks, how can she not? He says he hoped Dawn of Day was built on sturdier ground, and doesn’t shift when a mistake is made. There’s also the power of forgiveness. Kristina says she’s not there yet, and he asks, where is she? He hopes this doesn’t change the way she feels about him or the organization. He asks what she’s thinking. I don’t know, but she sure looks pissed.

Jason asks Sam how it went, and tells her that Spinelli went to visit Lulu. He has to deal with a coffee shipment, and asks if he wants to do something tonight. She says she can’t do this. They have to break up.

Tomorrow, Stella tells Curtis to refrain from making assumptions about her life, Sam wants to beat Shiloh at his own game, and Lulu struggles to remember.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa asks how it’s going at TomTom. Nick Alain and his wife, Elena (Elena Alain?) are putting the finishing touches on the décor. There’s no water, electricity, gas, or sound system. In her interview, Lisa says they’re not officially opening for a few weeks, but committed to the Daily Mail TV party. Nick agrees that it’s not a good day to be showing the Toms around. There’s no time to explain things, and they’ll want details. Lisa says tomorrow, and Nick sighs.

Schwartz tells Katie that they’ll have to use the kitchen at PUMP. Katie says at least they have another one, and Schwartz says they have the hottest block. Ken calls, and Schwartz says he’s super excited. Tom joins Schwartz, and Lisa tells them not to come today; it’s too crazy. Not to panic, but there’s no water, electric, or gas. She’ll see them tomorrow. In his interview, Tom says it’s like your parents saying you’re going to Disney, and then telling you, here’s a Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser instead – but it’s empty. Tom has his outfit ready. Scheana has her housewarming today. She moved to Marina Del Rey, and Tom says, might as well move to Jersey. He’s obviously never been to Jersey.

Jax tells Brittany they might as well be going to Vegas. I know he’s been to Vegas, so he’s possibly out of his mind. They pick up Lala, and Brittany asks how Girls’ Night was. Lala says, great, but Billie claimed she wasn’t included because she’s trans. In Lala’s interview, she says she’s blocked Billie as far as her vision and ears go. She asks who’s going to be at Scheana’s. Brittany says, James and Raquel, and Jax says, ugh. She says, Tom and Katie won’t be there, and Lala says, they’re so lucky.

The other girls are having lunch. Katie toasts to Girls’ Night. Kristen asks about the Billie conversation. Katie says it’s not about her being trans, but about her being an a-hole. In her interview, Stassi explains how to get to Marina Del Rey, ending with going past flight attendants, divorcees, and old men with metal detectors. And this is where Scheana has chosen to live. Katie says, it’s geographically undesirable. I understand this, having lived in Queens.

Billie arrives at Scheana’s, along with James, Raquel, and some other dude. In his interview, James says Scheana finds it easy to cut him off. She’s flippy-floppy, wishy-washy, but the good thing about friends like that is, they always flip back to you. She gives them a tour of her new place. Another Queens comparison. Her place is huge with a great view, and I’m guessing it’s a lot cheaper for the space there, like Queens vs Manhattan. She says, the West Side is the best side. It’s worth the drive and traffic.

Jax doesn’t think so. He wants to bang his head on the steering wheel.

Schwartz asks if they’re there yet. Ariana says they’ve only been in the car 28 minutes. Schwartz feels like it’s been an hour. Tom explains to Ariana why they’re not checking out TomTom today. In his interview, he says he’s been known to get emotional in the past. We flash back to the various times he’s bawled his eyes out. Schwartz tells Tom, if he doesn’t cry, he’ll write Tom a check for five hundred dollars. Ariana says she’ll match it.

Scheana thanks everyone for coming to the West Side. In his interview, Tom says, it’s like over the hill and back again Hobbit style; a trek. For his birthday Tom wants a roller disco sexy 70s party. He and Jax are co-hosting, as Jax’s birthday is coming up too. Jax asks if there’s anyone Tom doesn’t want there. James arrives, thanking them for not disincluding him, which I don’t think is a word. In Jax’s interview, he says he’s having a joint roller skating party with Tom, and since Tom is friends with James, he’ll have to deal with the Elf on the Shelf for the night. Now that he mentions it, James does look like the Elf on the Shelf.

James tells Lala that he had a good studio session with Tom. Lala says it would have conflicted with what she’d said to him if she had gone. He wants things to be good. In her interview, Lala says she and James will never be back to what they were, but if he makes serious changes, she thinks they can be friendly. He asks how he can apologize to Randall. She says he has to do it. Otherwise, it will be fake.

Brittany tells Scheana and Ariana that she takes tiny things, thinks about them, and they turn into big things. Ariana says she can’t have stuff lingering. She can’t hold it in and feel bad. Scheana wonders if maybe there’s more to it, since Brittany got so upset the other night. Brittany tells them that she and Jax are going to therapy to prepare for marriage. Ariana knows they’re working on their relationship. In her interview, Brittany says, at the end of the day, it’s her decision. We flash back to Jax proposing. She knows he wouldn’t cheat on her again, or she wouldn’t have said yes. Wow. She knows a lot. Ariana tells Scheana that she should make friends with the boat owners. Scheana tells them she did it with Adam. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. She did that twice, and doesn’t want to do it again.

James tells Lala that he’s glad she came, not like the other girls. He thinks it’s because of him, but she says there are other reasons. Billie threw it out there that they were transphobic because she wasn’t tagged in a post. James thinks Lala is putting words in her mouth. Lala says Billie knows she effed up. Billie joins them, and James can’t jet fast enough. He’s way too sober to be in the middle of this. Billie tells Lala that she was upset. She wasn’t included in girls’ things her whole life. Lala thinks not to be included on a flyer is trivial. She put it out there that the girls are transphobic. Billie says (a little too quickly) she never said that word. Lala says she didn’t squash it on the first comment either. I totally get this. It falls under semantics. You can convey a meaning by not using the exact words or by what you don’t say. When someone says they didn’t say the exact words, it’s just an excuse to get out of what they did do. Lala says she calls a spade a spade. Billie says the first comment asked why she wasn’t invited, and if it was because she’s not a real girl, so coming from a trans experience… Realizing Billie isn’t going to own up to anything, Lala gets up, and says, dismissed. Billie follows her, shouting that Lala isn’t better than her. She thinks she’s better than everyone because she has a rich boyfriend. Lala calls her pathetic. She doesn’t care what Billie says about her, but dragging Lala’s man into it makes her a low down ho. She wasn’t excluded on purpose, and she put it on social media. They’re so loud, Tom hears them in the other room, and tells Schwartz he needs a chill day. Lala says Billie is being a psychopath. In Lala’s interview, she says she can’t pretend to know Billie’s struggles, but once she brings Lala’s man into it, she’s buried. Lala calls Billie a catty bitch, and Billie says Lala is always talking about other people. Lala says it’s not about other people; it’s about Billie. Stop flipping the script. She says Billie is low down and dirty. Ariana wants a Jell-O shot. Can’t say that I blame her. In her interview, Ariana says Billie wasn’t excluded on purpose, but you can’t say you’re an ally, and then speak over her every time she tries to explain how she feels. Too bad she didn’t actually hear the conversation. Billie whines to Ariana that Lala keeps slamming her for her own feelings, which sounds like she didn’t hear the conversation either. In Billie’s interview, she says she did everything to make sure her trailer park girl didn’t come out, and slap the sh*t out of Lala. To her credit, Ariana says Billie bringing it to social media made it bigger than it was. Billie says it’s her one regret. Ariana tells her, next time, write a draft and delete it.

Photographer Courtney meets with Scheana to take headshots. We flash back to Scheana meeting with her manager. In her interview, she says she’s done comedic stuff, which is where she feels comfortable. She wants to challenge herself. Like something where she’s chased and murdered. I can tells she’s really into her craft. (Yes. That was sarcasm.) Courtney asks what happened the other night, and Scheana says they did it again and again. Courtney wonders, what happens now? but Scheana says, nothing. She’s been single for a year, and wants to stay single. In her interview, Scheana says she has a casual friend thing with Adam. One of the producers asks Scheana if she had secret feelings about Adam when she was with Rob, but she doesn’t want to look like the girl who was thinking about Rob when she was with Shay, and thinking about Adam when she was with Rob. Adam comes into the shoot. Courtney has Scheana sit in front of a fan. She tells Adam about doing the fake orgasm with the acting coach, saying it’s what she used to do. He asks if she still does it, but she says he hit the right spot. In Scheana’s interview, she says she wants to stay single. It’s single Scheana summer. Courtney takes pictures. Scheana asks Adam if he’ll be lost without her tonight, but he thinks they can use a night apart. Yeah. I’d be rethinking this too, dude.

Schwartz and Tom, who’s carrying a giant vase, head to TomTom. Schwartz wonders if they should call to see if Lisa is ready. In his interview, Schwartz says he always wanted to own a bar, and now he’s doing it with Ken and Lisa. Lisa comes out, and wants them to put on blindfolds, but they swear not to open their eyes. We flash back to the various stage of TomTom’s development. When they get inside, they open their eyes. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Schwartz calls it a masterpiece. It’s a little steampunk, a little cozy old West Village; totally fresh. Schwartz says it’s the sexiest place he’s ever seen. He bows down. Tom says, it’s like a dream come true. They laugh hysterically at a photo on the wall of them kissing each other. Tom tells Lisa he’ll never forget this, and thanks her. Schwartz can’t believe everything she’s done for them. Lisa tells them stop; she’s going to cry. Schwartz knows they act like idiots, but they’re grateful. She says they’ll make it a success, and have fun doing it. Maybe one day they’ll have loads of them.

It’s Tom’s 36th birthday. Tom, Jax, and Peter have a drink. Tom says he invited James to the next round at a cigar bar. Schwartz says they had the big reveal, and Lisa killed it. Tom says they got a little emotional. Peter isn’t surprised. They order BJ shots, which are traditionally drunk with hands behind the back. The Toms manage it, but Schwartz nearly chokes, and chugs the rest.

Ariana and Brittany go to Hooters, so Brittany can pick up some merch. Ariana feels like she’s with Hooters royalty. Brittany thinks her being a Hooters girl was the tipping point in Jax asking her to marry him. She says they want to start a family right away.

Jax tells the guys that they want to start a family. Peter asks when a mini Tom is coming along. Jax says Brittany want three, but he wants two. Take it from me, never say, what’s one more? I did that when I had two dogs.

Brittany hopes she has triplet girls who are hot. It will serve Jax right.

Schwartz says Jax is going to have the hottest daughter, and Tom says God will be laughing. He can’t believe they’re talking about having kids. Tom thinks Ariana has to come to it on her own terms. She has a phobia about being pregnant. Jax says, as a woman, she doesn’t have as much time, and asks if he’s willing to adopt.

Brittany asks Ariana if adoption is an option. Ariana says if she’d already done all the things she wants to do. In her interview, Ariana says, first, she’d want to check off all the places she’s wanted to go. And she’d actually have to want to have a kid. She tells Brittany that Tom told her whatever she wants.

Jax asks Tom if kids are a deal breaker, and Tom says yes. In Tom’s interview, he says he wants one or two. Not to have that option is a deal breaker. Um… I think he better stop telling Ariana what she wants to hear then. He thinks she’s going to change, but that might not happen. Jax thinks they should discuss it sooner than later, but Tom says Ariana isn’t ready. He talks about taking steps first, including getting married. Jax says what if he does all these things, and Ariana says no? In Jax’s interview, he says, at this point, they don’t date for fun anymore. They’re looking for a life partner. From the looks of it, Tom and Ariana want two different things. The waitress tells them that Lisa took care of the bill. Tom wonders how she knew they’d be there, and Peter says he told her. We see a clip of Peter showing Lisa what a BJ shot is, and how to drink it. Jax asks if Tom had birthday sex, but he didn’t. Tom says he should have, and Jax tells him to jot it down for something to do later.

On to the cigar bar, where James joins the party. The guys act grown up, smoking cigars, and drinking out of brandy snifters. They discuss hall passes. Jax says if Brittany cheated, he would use it as leverage. They talk about which girls have taken a dip in the lady pond. Tom says he picked up Ariana and Lala once when they’d been out all day drinking; they were wasted. Lala told him that she was in love with his girl, and wanted her to come into the back seat. He tells them that Ariana did, and Lala starts going to ton. James says there’s no stopping a horny Lala, and tells them about her doing handstands in the bedroom. He says Jax ought to know, and Jax says he’s always starting sh*t. That’s why they don’t want him around. Tom tells them both to take a deep breath.

Lisa sees Billie at SUR, and asks how it’s been since Girls’ Night. Billie says she hasn’t talked to Katie, but she wants to. Lisa says it’s a misunderstanding. All of them are supportive of who she is. In Lisa’s interview, she says it’s important not to have a divide, and discrimination is one of the things they stand against. Billie tells Lisa that she and Lala got into it, so she’s avoiding Lala until she calms down. Lisa says it’s important for them to keep it in check while they’re working.

Lala goes to Jax and Brittany’s place. They’re making another Girls’ Night flyer, and Brittany explains how Lala should pose. In her interview, Lala says she’s bringing the girls out again for a good cause. Jax tells Lala how Tom told the guys about her and Ariana hooking up in the back seat of his car. Lala says they didn’t have sex in the back seat, and Tom is an a-hole. In Lala’s interview, she says, did it happen? Yes. Is she blowing Ariana’s spot up with Jax and Brittany? No. Jax thinks she should tell James not to discuss their sexual history in front of everyone. He repeats what James said about her handstand, and Lala says James is repulsive. Jax says not one thing has changed with him.

Tom dances around at SUR. He wants to thank Lisa, but Billie says she just left. Tom sees Ariana, who glares at him. He asks, what’s wrong? and she asks if he’s effing kidding her. She got a phone call about a story he told trying to sound cool. He says it’s not a big deal, but she says it’s her business. In her interview, Ariana says she’s not embarrassed or ashamed, but Tom betrayed her trust by telling the story to his guy friends. She says her sexuality isn’t meant to be told to the guys to sound cool. Tom says she’s been in a relationship with girl before, but she says it’s not his business to tell without running it past those involved. He says he was annoyed at the time, and she suggests he tell her he’s annoyed then. She tells him, get out of her bar. He wisely does.

Schwartz says the last time he went roller skating was in 1995. everyone is getting ready in their retro outfits. Stassi tells Beau that he’s Palm Springs 70s, while she’s Studio 54. He tells her that he’s good at skating. Stassi tells the Ariana and Lala story to Beau. In Stassi’s interview, she wonders what’s wrong with her that no girls are hitting on her. She tells Beau it’s like a real life porno.

Jax tells Schwartz that Lala lied about not being with Ariana. Schwartz says he’s all about it. Then says he’s just speaking in character.

Ariana tells Tom, obviously, they have things to talk about. When he talks about anyone’s sexuality without her consent, it’s not okay. Tom says part of him was annoyed by the situation; they were wasted. Ariana says she doesn’t talk about that stuff openly to the entire world. Now everybody knows. In her interview, Ariana says she’d rather not label things. If you’re attracted to someone, you’re attracted. They can be male, female, or anywhere in between. Tom doesn’t want to be that guy. The things he knows about her – her quirks, whatever – are valuable to him, and hopefully, they can move on. In Ariana’s interview, she doesn’t think Tom is malicious. Part of her is mad, but the other part thinks, you poor thing. You thought you were being cute. They exchange I love yous.

It’s roller rink time. Jax says it’s his 39th birthday. The 70s is his favorite era; he just loves the cars and the music. James asks Scheana what’s up with her and Adam. She says it’s amazing, but she doesn’t want anything complicated. In his interview, James says everyone knows it was a year in the making. He just wants a good story. What’s complicated about banging?

Even the bad skaters skate better than I do. Stassi says Beau is annoying with his bragging, and he falls. Lala hugs Ariana. Ariana says obviously when Lala called, she had no idea. Lala says Jax brought it up, and she decided to lie about it until they could talk. They agree there’s no shame, and Ariana says it’s not what happened; it’s that people are talking about their business. Lala says it’s awkward. She also thinks James’s behavior is unacceptable, and she’s not putting up with it.

Katie says, no one ever even talked about skating, and they’re all pros. She and Scheana sit down, and Billie joins them. Scheana makes herself scarce, which is surprisingly intuitive for her. Billie apologizes to Katie. She’s sorry lashed out with a tweet. Katie isn’t really having it, and Billie asks if she wants to keep the negative vibe going. Katie says, there’s another Girls’ Night next Tuesday. Obviously (WOTD), she’s invited. In Katie’s interview, she gets that, after a lifetime of being excluded, Billie is projecting, but she can’t accept that. So she’s keeping her distance. Billie thanks her, and Katie says she’s always been included.

Ariana and Brittany skate over with cakes for Tom and Jax. Lala calls James over, and he says, what now? She says she heard when he was at his boys’ outing, he was talking about her doing handstands. James says they brought it up; it was just an innocent joke. Lala says, at the end of the day, he’s going to respect her relationship. He tells her that he’s trying to be better. He wants to find right words to apologize to Randall, and asks if she’ll deliver a message. She says she’ll give him an email address. She tells Raquel, sorry she called her a twat. Raquel doesn’t say anything, since she’s probably too stunned. Lala says, you’re welcome, and skates off.

Next time, preparation for the Daily Mail TV party, Jax doesn’t know why his mom is angry, Schwartz tells James he did it to himself, James says he hates all of them and wants to know how to hide it.

🍑 Re The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Please, ladies (and I use the term loosely), if you are going to represent our country in a place like Tokyo, learn some freaking manners. This is exactly why I can’t watch this show on a regular basis.

🐕 The Best I Could Do…






January 25, 2019 – Robert Has Intel, Chefs in the Black, a Thief, a Question, Lucky Number Quotes & Rock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam wakes up next to Jason. She touches his face and he wakes. She says, it’s real, and he says, yeah; it’s happening. They kiss and exchange I love yous. Then get busy.

Carly sees Drew at the MetroCourt. She asks how Oscar is, and he says, they released him this morning. He asks about Josslyn, and Carly says they had a long talk. Carly understands what they were trying to do; live like there’s no tomorrow. Drew says, Josslyn has a tomorrow.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’d mainline coffee if she could. She hardly slept. He says, boys are awful; kids are mean. Aiden asks if he can play video games. Elizabeth thought he didn’t like them anymore, but Aiden tells her Jake said he’d play with him. She tells him, no online games. When Aiden is out of earshot, Jake asks if it’s because of what told them. Franco says it’s good he told them, and Elizabeth says she’s proud of him, looking after his little brother. Jake says he’ll make sure Aiden stays offline. He leaves, and Franco asks Elizabeth what’s up. She doesn’t know if Aiden is gay, or what that even means at this point.

At the station, Peter tells Anna that she didn’t have to stay all night. If he needs a lawyer, he’ll hire one. She says, in the meantime, she can help him with which questions to answer, and what to stay away from. He tells her that he doesn’t need saving. Maxie walks in, and asks if he’s sure about that.

Laura sits at Lulu’s bedside. She says the doctors are pleased with how she came through surgery, but she knew Lulu was a fighter. Their job is done. The rest is up to her. She needs to wake up. It’s time for her to open her eyes. Sonny comes to the door, and asks if it’s a bad time. Laura hugs him.

Not-Doc asks Ava how long he has to wait. She says, as long as the doctors tell him to. She can’t believe he’s in the medical field himself, and he says, they say doctors make the worst patients. He’s anxious to find out if his eyesight has been restored. Finn says his surgeon is here. It’s Griff, and Finn wonders if that’s a problem. Ava says, no, and Finn says he’ll leave them to it.

Robert is in the hallway, and says Finn is just the man he’s looking for. Can Finn get his ex to return one of his calls? Finn says, good to see him, and Robert asks, how’s the scar from the tracker installation? Finn says Robert makes a better spy than surgeon. Robert says he has intel on Anna’s sudden blindness.

Peter tells Maxie that she didn’t have to come. She says Laura promised to keep in touch. She asks how he is, and he says, better, now that she’s there. He wants her to tell Anna to go home. Anna says she’s not going anywhere. Jordan comes out, and says she has a few more questions. Peter tells Maxie that she doesn’t have to stay, but Maxie tells him, she’ll stay right there, and he goes into the interrogation room with Anna and Jordan. Peter doesn’t understand what’s happening, and Anna says he’s a suspect, and suggests he start acting serious. Jordan says the sooner he answers, the sooner she can eliminate him as a suspect. She shows him the shoe print, and says they found it at the crime scene. It’s a common type of shoe, and she noticed it matches the exact shoes he has on. Peter looks at Anna.

Laura says she held Sonny’s hand during Lulu’s surgery, now she needs to wake up. He says, she will. She asks if he’s gotten in touch with Dante, and he says he’s doing everything he can to reach him. Laura hates that he’s not there for Lulu. Sonny says Dante will hate it worse, if by the time they get to him, they’re giving him good news of a full recovery. Laura says, from his mouth to God’s ear. He says, she’s going to pull through. She’s strong, determined, and look who her mother is. Laura holds back tears

Carly tells Drew she’s glad both kids are okay. He is too, and she says they’re also clear on what not to do moving forward. Drew says. it’s a delicate balance. He wants Oscar to live life to the fullest, but at the same time, he wants to keep Oscar safe. Carly is so sorry. She doesn’t know how he’s standing. He says Scout helps. She makes him smile, no matter how the day is. I know what he means. I feel the same way about my dogs. He says, clearly, there are moments and people to be grateful for.

Jason makes breakfast, and Sam is blown away. Normally, her breakfast is something that goes from the freezer into the toaster oven. This is decadent. She says it’s familiar, but strange. Jason suggests they take it day by day, with no pressure to figure it all out now. He tells her that he’s hooking up with Spinelli today. She says Spinelli didn’t tell her, but the last time they talked, things were chaotic. Jason says Spinelli has been doing research, and looked into the emails from Linda Black. Jason gets a text that Spinelli’s plane is about to land. They’re going to meet at the MetroCourt. He offers to have Spinelli meet him at her place, but Sam says, no; he should go. She wants to get closer to figuring out what’s going on. Jason asks, what’s going on? and she tells him, don’t laugh. It feels like they’re back to the last time they were together. They were happy. He walked out, and she didn’t see him for five years. He says, this is different, and she says, why, because it’s light out? He says because he’s not walking into a dangerous situation, as far as he knows. He’s coming back. She tells him, sorry. She was having an irrational moment. It will pass. He says he’ll text when he gets there.

Sonny tells Laura, the police set up a tip line for leads on the killer. He wants to make a contribution to the reward. Laura wishes the didn’t have to offer a reward, but Sonny says it’s an incentive to come forward. She says it’s generous of him, and thanks him, but has to admit she has second thoughts about the tip line. The commissioner briefed her on the calls, and a few were well-meaning, but the majority were disturbing or from attention seekers. Sonny knows it’s frustrating, but still holds out hope. It only takes one person. Laura says, one person to lead them to the monster who did this to her girl.

Ava tells Griff that he looks like hell. What happened to his forehead? He has a cut above his eyebrow, and he says he had a shaving accident. She says he must have bad aim. Not-Doc asks if he should request a different doctor, but Griff says he’s capable of determining the success of the surgery. He takes not-Doc’s bandages off. Ava asks if he sees anything, and he says, only the most beautiful woman in the world. She kisses and hugs him.

Jordan asks Peter the size of his shoe, but Anna says, don’t answer. He says, twelve, and he’ll be happy to take his shoe off right now so they can examine it. Jordan says she might take him up on that. Anna asks if she can say if they’re the same size. Jordan says, if Peter is telling the truth, they’re not a match, but they still can’t be certain he’s not the attacker. Peter was the last person to talk to Lulu, and remains a suspect. Peter says he couldn’t possibly be the attacker. The night Kiki was killed, he was at Jordan’s wedding the entire night.

Peter comes out, and Jordan asks him to wait while they verify something. Maxie asks, what’s going on? and Peter says they can rule out him killing Kiki. Maxie says she can attest to him being at the wedding from start to finish. She tells Anna that Peter is in the clear, and Peter says she can go. Anna leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco she was blindsided last night. Now she’s had time to think about what it means. Franco asks, what? but she doesn’t say anything. He wants to ask her a question, and wants her to be 100% honest; he won’t judge. If it turns out Aiden is gay, would it be a problem?

Jason texts Sam that he’s safe at the MetroCourt. Carly sees him, and hugs him. He’s like, ow, because his ribs are sore. She thinks he should get checked out, but he says he’s fine. She says he doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t have hypothermia, does he? He asks if he looks like he does. She says when he said he swam from the harbor, she assumed the worst. He says he’s better than he’s been in six years. She promises to be gentle, hugs him again, and says she’s so happy for him and Sam. It’s about time.

Robert tells Finn he’s been doing research on Anna’s virus. He has intel, but she won’t return his calls. Finn says she’s dealing with her son at the police station. Robert says he’s shocked Anna’s offspring is in trouble. He asks Finn to make sure Anna gets the information, giving him a folder. He understands they’ve shacked up. Emma told him. Finn say the whole family is involved. Robert says if he plans on sticking around, get used to it. His ex is high maintenance. Good luck. Finn says he can handle it. Robert says he thinks he can. The elevator opens, and Anna comes out. Robert asks if her ears were burning. They were just talking about her.

Maxie tells Peter that he should consider being nicer to Anna. He says he’s being questioned about a murder, that obviously Anna thinks he’s capable of committing. The police are just doing their due diligence. Maxie says Anna is his mother. Of course she’s exaggerating the danger. She’s worried, and mothers do that. She reminds him of rushing James to the hospital. Mothers overreact. As a mom, she’s all in favor of kids forgiving their moms. Peter tells her, he’s not saying he hasn’t, but maybe. Maxie asks if he can let her in; nothing bad will happen. He says he’s slow to trust. Maybe he has room for one a yea. He’ll focus on Anna next year. Maxie asks who it is this year, and he smiles.

Carly tells Jason that she has a million questions, but won’t ask. What happened is his business, but please let her tell Sonny. Jason says, go ahead. She’s happy, and knew it was going to happen. She was right. He thanks her for believing in them. She says now she has to run his life, and he asks how that’s any different. She says she wasn’t crazy about Sam at the start, but Sam loves Jason for himself, not for what she thinks he could be. She’s not trying to change him. She might almost be worthy of him.

Jason gets a text that Spinelli’s plane is stuck on the tarmac. He tells Carly that Spinelli flew in this morning, but he came there for no reason. Carly says he came there to tell his best friend good news. He seems lighter; like a weight has been lifted off. He says the hardest thing about coming back was seeing Sam torn in two. She questioned herself, and struggled to make an impossible situation okay. She would have hated for him to take off, so he stayed, and let her make her own choice. Carly says, of course she chose him. It’s always been him. Sam is the love of his life. He says he has to be getting back, and thanks her.

Elizabeth asks what Franco means. Lucas is family. He says she’s not answering the question. She can’t believe he asked. Of course she’d have no problem. He knows she’d love Aiden, no matter what. He says he’ll rephrase the question. She says, Aiden being happy is all that matters. He can be proud, because they live in a time when he can be who he is. Franco says some people might disagree. The world is a scary place. There are people out there who don’t see things the way they do.

Laura tells Sonny that she’s scared. They’re part of an undesirable club. They both know, sometimes the worst can really happen. She cries, and Sonny says, but it didn’t happen. Lulu fought off the killer, and the doctors got to her in time. She’s going to wake up and be okay, and she’ll have her mother by her side. Laura hugs him and thanks him for coming. He tells her if she needs anything, let him know. He tells Lulu, don’t stop fighting your way back.

Griff tells not-Doc, like Anna, he’s made an exceptionally quick recovery. Whatever the virus is, it only requires minor surgery to correct. Not-Doc asks if he can leave, but Griff would like to run some tests first. Not-Doc says as long as it doesn’t take too long. He has pressing matters to attend to. In Lulu’s room, Laura strokes her hair.

Sam refuses to call Jason. She talks to herself, saying she can text, how was flight? Then she says, no, and puts the phone down. She tells herself that she’s not crazy. Jason is in a meeting with Spinelli. Everything is okay. She’s not calling him.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she realizes there are more struggles in life for Aiden than his brothers. She hates it, but people in general are more accepting than when they grew up. They’re lucky to be in a city that fights against discrimination. She tells him, in some cities, it’s legal to fire someone for being gay. Franco says, someone has been on the internet. She says, they have something else to focus on besides whether Aiden is gay or not. They need to stop the bullying.

Maxie tells Peter a story about James breaking his grandmother’s window with a baseball already. She thinks James can go pro. Peter says his uncle will be cheering him on. Jordan comes back, and says the video footage confirms he was at the wedding, and has nothing to do with the murder. He asks if he’s free to go, and Jordan says, don’t leave town. He says he has no plans go anywhere. He looks at Maxie, and they hug.

Anna asks what Robert is doing there. Robert says she wanted information, and he thought if it was so important, he’d bring it himself. She asks if they don’t have people for that, or has his budget been cut? Robert looks at Finn, and says, high maintenance or high maintenance? Finn says she’s overthinking. Robert shows her a paper from the folder, and asks if a name jumps out at the bottom of the page. Who else worked with Dr. Cabot? She says, Kevin Collins.

Speaking of which, what happened to the real Doc, Kevin Collins? Last we left him, he was hatching a plan to save Laura. I’d say it’s a fail so far.

Laura says Lulu has always run on her own schedule, even when she was a tiny little girl. No one could rush her. So she’s going to try and be patient; let her wake up in her own time, but if could hurry a little bit, that would be great. Lulu squeezes Laura’s hand, and Laura says her name.

Carly says she has something to tell him that he can’t tell anyone. Sonny asks if he’s being indicted. Sam and Jason are back together. He says she’s been claiming that’s going to happen. She’s excited for them, and wants Sonny to tell her that she’s right. He says she’s right, and they hug.

Sam looks at her phone and paces. Jason comes in. She runs to him and hugs him. He says he told her he’d come back.

Jake and Aiden ask for a snack and soda. Elizabeth says yes to the snack, and no to soda. She says, it’s too early for sugar, but they can split a cupcake. Aiden starts to say it makes no sense, but Jake interrupts, saying they can still have a cupcake. Elizabeth hugs Aiden, saying she’s so proud of him. He runs to join Jake in the kitchen. Franco says, it’s going to be fine. She knows.

Maxie tells Peter that she has to pick up James. He’s at his grandmother’s, who only allows beachballs now. She asks if he wants to come. James would love to see him. Peter says not as much as he wants to see James.

Ava says she hopes Griff is taking care of himself. He says it’s just a cut. She says she doesn’t care, but Kiki did. She doesn’t think he’d want to disrespect her memory. Griff doesn’t want to talk about her. Ava says, talk about Lulu then. She understands the surgery went well. Griff says, Dr. Lacey is hopeful, and his prognosis is that Lulu will pull through. He confirms it looks that way. Ava says, when she does. Lulu can give her the name of the bastard who killed her daughter.

Laura asks if Lulu just squeezed her hand, and Lulu does it again. Laura tells her, good job. She’s getting the doctor. Laura jets, and Lulu’s hand moves.

Anna says it’s listed that Doc worked with Cabot. Finn says he claimed to have no connection to the Bureau or Cabot. Anna says, he lied. She wonders why he would do that.

Lulu opens her eyes. She sees not-Doc approaching her bed. He looms over her, and says, hello, Lulu.

On Monday, Shiloh says the mystery is solved, Robert says Doc may have had a secret life, and not-Doc tells Lulu not to fight it.

🔥 On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, the newly black-jacketed chefs had to recreate Gordon’s Eggs Benedict, while guessing the secret ingredients in the hollandaise. Seeing Heather’s eggs, for the first time ever in the history of Hell’s Kitchen, I thought I could do a better job. Gordon wouldn’t even eat Bret’s offering. There was stern talk about broken hollandaise, whatever that is, and Heather, Bret, and Motto were stuck on the obligatory clean-up duty. Ariel and Mia won the challenge, and some indoor skydiving. Not only was both Canadian bacon and prosciutto a factor, shallots and paprika were the secret to the sauce, and both chefs had each gotten one. The remaining chefs were also allowed to tag along on the outing. Bret did some tagging on the kitchen wall using Scrubbing Bubbles. The restaurant was crowded with everyone from a Rams quarterback to actors I’ve never heard of. It was the first time the chefs were going to be working together as one team. Mia was the worst, flustered as hell (no pun intended). After dinner service, Gordon said they had a great start, but couldn’t maintain It. It looked like Mia was going out the door, but in a surprise move, it was Heather; two chefs nominating her. She said her goal had been to be a good example for her son, and she achieved that. Next time, an intoxicating episode where Gordon is left speechless. Not even a bleep.

🔎 Sounds Like An Inside Job…

Geez. Lala turns her back for one second.

🌴 Temptation Island Is Back…


☝ Quotes of the Week

I am almost inclined to set it up as a canon, that a children’s story which is enjoyed only by children, is a bad children’s story. The good ones last. A waltz which you can like only when you are waltzing, is a bad waltz.C.S. Lewis, On Stories

Fill your mind with knowledge — it’s the only kind of power no one can take away from you.Min Jin Lee, Pachinko

I was built to fire once. Like a musket. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

I’m drawing the line. Do not read the Latin. – Marty (Fran Kranz), Cabin in the Woods

A dead Cheerleader isn’t great for morale. – Coach Parker (Sean McNabb), Cheerleader Nightmare (Lifetime)

What do you have to lose? Certainly not your virginity. – Aalsa, 76-year-old, on dating younger men, Dr. Phil

Catfishing is when you go on the internet and pretend to be someone you’re not. You know, like everyone on the internet. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

🎷 May Your Weekend Do It Too…




January 24, 2019 – Sam Pays Jason Back, Chefs on Board, 90 Shutdown, King Quotes & Waking to Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam sees Jason in the water, floating face down. She dives in

Marcus meets Curtis at Kelly’s, and asks what Curtis wants to talk to him about. Curtis says, Aunt Stella.

Mike and Stella walk into Sonny’s house. Mike says he didn’t know he liked Bingo so much. Stella thinks he likes Bingo with Yvonne. He asks if she saw the look on Yvonne’s face when she won. She has the best smile this side of the equator. He says Stella has a good one too. She asks what he’d like to do, and he says, about what? She tells him that his caretaker is on a break, and she promised Milo she’d stay with him. He wonders who Milo is, and she reminds him that he’s one of Sonny’s guards. She says they can hang out until his caretaker comes back. Mike says he has to get the last bus home. His parents will be worried sick.

Aiden, Jake, and Franco come home, laden with shopping bags. Aiden says, it was amazing, and Franco says, amazing prices. Aiden asks if they can bake something; the cupcake recipe looks good. Jake says their mom will kill them if she comes home and they’re still up. Franco says, that doesn’t sound like her, and Jake asks if he’s met her. Franco tells him to look at his brother’s face; he’s so happy. How could their mom be mad at a face like that? Jake suggests they get their bake on.

Kim tells Oscar that he has to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. He says, nothing happened, but she says he had a seizure. He tells her, it’s over, and Josslyn was more traumatized than he was. She totally stepped up. She says, it’s his turn. She knows he doesn’t want to stay, but he’s going to. Do it for Josslyn.

Carly hasn’t heard from Jason, and says he has to be fine. Josslyn says he’d better be. He saved her life.

Sam surfaces, and dives again. This time, she brings Jason up, and drags him toward the pier. He comes to, and pulls himself up, with Sam helping. I think about how cold he must be.

Stella tells Mike, it’s too late to catch the bus. She’ll call his parents, and tell them it’s best if he spends the night. Sonny and Carly have his favorite foods, and a room just for him. He says he didn’t like long bus ride anyway, and being so far from Yvonne. Stella says things must be good with them, and he says, especially since that man’s not getting in the way. She says, that man has s name; Marcus. He made an enormous sacrifice for his wife. Mike says, he gave her up? and Stella says, he did. Just like she gave Marcus up a long time ago.

Curtis tells Marcus that Aunt Stella would have his hide if she knew he reached out. He can’t stand that she’s suffering. He feels bad about how things went down at Turning Woods; she thinks she ruined the friendship. Marcus says if anyone did, it was him. She did nothing wrong.

Jake asks if can help decorate. Aiden says they’re doing flowers with the Russian piping tips Franco bought. If they do it right, it will look like a bouquet. Jake tastes the batter, and says, amazing. Franco tastes it, and says, dude, you’re a genius. He applauds, and says the chef should take a bow.

Carly tells Josslyn that Jason probably lost his phone in all the excitement. Josslyn says, it was stupid. What was she thinking, going to the catacombs, at night no less, when they’re closed off? Oscar wanted to go. Carly gets it; Josslyn wants Oscar to live life to the fullest. Sonny says she has to be careful. Josslyn says, now she put Jason in danger too. Carly says Josslyn knows what it’s like to lose a family member in an accident, and Sonny says she has to be aware, and not take risks. Carly tells her, going on an adventure is one thing; putting herself in danger is another. Josslyn says she’s really sorry, and Sonny holds her.

Sam asks if Jason is okay. He thinks so. She tells him that Spinelli accessed the records, and found out the aqueduct came out there. Jason says, it was so cold in the water. By the time he got there, he could barely move his arms. She says he popped up for a second, so she knew he was there. She guesses she owed him one.

Jason calls Carly, saying he’s fine. He found a way out. It’s all good. Carly asks if someone is with him, and he says Sam is there. He asks how Josslyn is, and Carly says, fine. Oscar has to stay the night for observation, but it didn’t seem to do him any harm. Carly asks him to promise he’s not dying; the kids are all right because of him. He promises, and she tells him, put Sam on. Sam says, he’s not dying, and Carly asks if she’s sure he’s okay. Sam says he’s a little banged up, and they’re both cold, but he’ll make it. Carly tells Sam to take care of him, and Sam says she thought she’d leave him out by the pier. Carly doesn’t really think that’s funny, and Sam says she will, even if she has to take him to the hospital. Carly wants an update later.

Carly tells Sonny and Josslyn that Jason is okay. Sonny asks, what happened? and Carly says Jason got stuck, but found a way to swim out. Sonny asks if he’s coming to the hospital, but Carly says that’s a hard no. Josslyn asks Elizabeth how Oscar is doing, and Elizabeth says, great, but he’ll be even better after a visit from her. Carly tells her, go, but they have to leave soon. Elizabeth says she’s clocking out herself. Carly and Sonny hug.

Aiden mixes colors. Jake says he’s an artist too. Franco thinks he should bring the cupcakes to school, but Jake says it’s not a good idea. Franco asks, why? and Jake says the school is getting crazy about what they bring in. The sugar will make them bounce off the walls. Franco says, Aiden made three dozen cookies for the bake sale. Bouncing off the walls is a guarantee. Aiden says, five minutes to go. Franco says they’re going to bed. They can frost the cupcakes in the morning. The boys go upstairs.

Sam tells Jason his ribs are probably bruised, and he has hypothermia. He needs to see a doctor. He says he doesn’t like hospitals, and she says, nobody does, but let them take a look. He tells her, not tonight, and she says, fine. He says she doesn’t have to watch over him, and tells her to go home and take a hot shower. She says he’s out of his mind. He’s coming home with her.

Elizabeth comes home, and asks, what smells so good? Franco says, cupcakes, and she asks if he baked. He asks if she wants the good news or bad news first, and she says, bad. He says, the bad news is the boys went to bed ten minutes ago. The good news is, Aiden had the best time baking the cupcakes, and Jake was helping. It’s a night he’ll never forget. Aiden was wildly enthusiastic, and wants to bring the cupcakes to school. Jake appears, and says they can’t let him do that.

Marcus tells Curtis, Stella did nothing wrong. He was too hard on her; she was only trying help. But he was freeing his wife up to find happiness with another man, and he lashed out. He was desperate to blame anyone for the illness. Curtis says the illness affects Marcus too, but Marcus says, that’s no excuse to blame her. She’s the best woman. Curtis doesn’t understand. Marcus and Stella are both loyal and genuine. What went wrong?

Stella sets up a card game, telling Mike that she used to play it with her fiancé. He asks if she’s getting married, but she says it was way back; they never made it. He asks if the bozo left her high and dry, but she says he was wonderful. She was afraid he’d have regrets, so she ended things and never looked back. She thought they’d reconnect, but royally screwed it up. Mike asks her to refresh his memory. Who are they talking about> She says, no one; sorry. They play cards.

Kim understands Oscar’s motivation, but it’s not okay. She says they need to discuss how this looks moving forward. Josslyn comes in, saying she wants to tell Oscar goodnight. Kim says she’ll be outside. Oscar tells Josslyn that her timing is literally perfect. He was just about to get a lecture. Josslyn says she got the same thing from her mom and Sonny, but they’re not wrong. She wants to do everything on the list, but they need to be smarter. He says she’s probably right. She says, probably? and he says, she’s right. She tells him Jason is okay, and Oscar says he’s doing better. He feels pretty good, except for one thing. She asks if he wants her to get a nurse, but he says, not unless she wants him to kiss the nurse instead.

At Sam’s house, she asks how Jason feels. He thinks he’s warming up. She gives him some brandy, and he says he’ll drink it if she takes a shower; she was in the water too. She says she was in a wetsuit. She’d rather go downstairs, and make something warm to eat. He asks what she’s making, and she says chicken tenders and broccoli with cheese sauce; microwave food. He tells her, wait. She’s still cold. She can take a shower on her own, or he can carry her into the shower. She tells him, drink the brandy, and goes to the shower. He drinks.

Elizabeth asks Jake why Aiden can’t bring the cupcakes to school. He says the kids are already teasing Aiden. It’s the last thing he needs; they’ll make fun of him. They’re setting him up to get hurt. He says Franco teaches art therapy; why doesn’t he know this stuff? Franco says, clearly, Jake has to walk them through it. Elizabeth says they thought it was better. Charlotte isn’t picking on Aiden anymore. Jake says, it started with her, but it’s way worse. Elizabeth asks, how much worse? Jake shows them a message on the laptop, and says, they’re calling him Gayden.

Marcus tells Curtis that he had a job offer in San Francisco. They were making plans, but after Curtis’s father’s funeral, she broke the engagement. She was setting him free. No discussion; no options. She was moving in with her sister, and helping out. If he’d died a year later, it would have been different. They would have been married, and figured out how to deal with it together. Curtis says, instead, he died, and Stella decided for both of them.

Carly, Josslyn, and Sonny return home. Mike calls Josslyn Mary, and asks if she want play stickball tomorrow. She asks Sonny if it’s okay, and Mike says, after school, and they’ll do their homework first. Sonny doesn’t see why not. Josslyn tells Carly that she’s exhausted, and Carly asks Mike if he’s tired. He is, and Josslyn says she’ll show him to his room. He says, thank you, Mary. They go upstairs, and Carly tells Stella that Mike has started calling Josslyn Mary. Stella asks, who’s Mary? but Sonny’s not sure. He thinks it’s some girl from the old neighborhood. Stella says that kind of confusion isn’t uncommon, but she didn’t realize it was a regular occurrence. Sonny says it’s not, but Carly says he’s been doing it more frequently. Stella says, everybody looks good, and she’ll see them soon. Carly thanks her. After she leaves, Sonny asks if Carly herd what wasn’t said. He did. It’s time, isn’t it? I tear up.

Sam and Jason clink glasses in front of the fireplace. Sam takes a bite of a grilled cheese sandwich – that looks so good – and she says, it’s delicious. No wonder Danny loves spending the night with him. Jason says he loves having Danny there. Sam asks what he’s going to tell Danny about today. He asks what she means, and she says, mommy saved daddy’s back. He says, that’s a small part of the story, but she says she rescued him. He says, yes she did. She tells him to pinch her. She can’t tell him how many times she went to bed and dreamed of a different ending the night he disappeared. She’d gone into the water to look for him, but couldn’t’ find him, and she would dream that she rescued him, pulled him out, and he was there with her. Then she’d wake up, and he wouldn’t be there. He says he’s there now, and thanks her for saving him. They kiss.

Elizabeth wonders why kids are so mean. Jake says, if Aiden brings in purple cupcakes he made, they’ll tease him more. He was so excited – Elizabeth should have seen him. If he brings the cupcakes in, it will ruin all that. Elizabeth tells Jake he’s a good big brother. He’s trying hard protect Aiden, but he can’t always fight Aiden’s battles for him. Jake asks what he should do, and Elizabeth says, be there for him; look out for him. If he’s alone on the playground, play with him. Franco says, maybe Jake is right, but Elizabeth says, if they discourage him from being proud, they’ll discourage him from being himself, and they don’t want that. Jake doesn’t either. Elizabeth tells Jake that she loves him so much. It’s sad Aiden is going through a rough time, but it will get better. They’ll love him through it. She tells Jake, go upstairs, and follows. Franco looks at the laptop, and sees the message that calls Aiden Gayden.

Kim tells Oscar, they need to chat. Oscar knows what he did was stupid beyond stupid. She understands why he did it. He has a terminal diagnosis, and has the right to live the way he wants to while he can, but that’s not the same as risking his life – or someone else’s. She tells him, think about Josslyn, and do what he thinks she would want. He gets it, and says they talked about it. They won’t pull anymore stunts. But he is going to explore, take chances, and push limits. He doesn’t want to have any regrets. Kim doesn’t want him to have regrets either. They hug.

Curtis asks Marcus why he didn’t put up a fight. Marcus says partly because he was hurt, but partly because he knew her. Curtis has known her all his life. When she makes up her mind, you can’t change it. Curtis says, especially when it comes to family. Marcus says, then he found Yvonne. It was a happy marriage. His aunt was more an unanswered question. He was grateful in a way. If Stella hadn’t left him, he never would have met Yvonne, and he wouldn’t trade his life for anything. He imagines Stella feels the same way, raising him and his brother. Curtis says, life is crazy, and Marcus says he’s glad they had Stella. She did a phenomenal job raising him. Make sure to tell her. Curtis says he could tell her himself. Marcus says, goodnight.

Sonny tells Carly when Stella was talking, he knew his dad’s best life was not there with him anymore. He doesn’t care how much money he spends or people he hires. Mike is better off at the facility with Yvonne. He’s happier there than at home. He sees Mike happy. His eyes light up, and his mind is better. Carly says he remembers more there than he does at home. Sonny says, so that’s it? He lets Mike go? Carly asks if he’s ready to do that, and Sonny says, it would be selfish to keep him there. That’s not how he wants it to end.

Jason asks if this is okay, and Sam says, perfect. They get busy, and there’s a song part.

Franco asks what Elizabeth is thinking. She asks what he’s thinking. Franco says, does she think Aiden is gay, but she doesn’t know. He asks, would it surprise her? and she says, no. It’s been something in the back of her mind, but it’s the first time she’s said it out loud. And it’s not because he’s falling in love with baking. She wonders if this is something he’ll discover about himself. Franco says, if it happens, they’ll be there every step of way.

Stella sees Curtis at Kelly’s. He says, a minute earlier, she would have run into Marcus too. She asks if they talked, and he says they did. He has a question for her, but she says, another time, please. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, fine. He tells her, be real with him. She says she just came from Mike, and she’s sensing next time he sees her, he won’t know who she is. The disease just takes. Curtis asks if he can get her some tea. She says he was on his way out, but he says, is she kidding? He always has time for her. He takes her hand.

Sonny tells Carly, it feels so final; like admitting defeat. Carly says, no. It’s just the opposite. He knew before this started that his father wouldn’t have wanted any of them to see him fade away. He had so much dignity. Sonny says, out of the love he has for the father he remembers… he has to let him go. At this point, I grab a tissue. He says, but he’ll need her help, because saying it is one thing, and living through it scares the hell out of him. She says she’s there with him, beside him, wherever he needs her to be. She’s not going anywhere. She hugs him, and we see a picture of Sonny and Mike with the Luke’s sign behind them from the Nurses’ Ball.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow. He says he loves her, and he’s missed her. Sam loves him, and missed him too.

Tomorrow, Laura tells Lulu to wake up, Robert makes an appearance, and Ava asks not-Doc if he can see anything.

🔪 Captain Lee and Captain Sandy weren’t so much drivers as guests on tonight’s Top Chef. The captains greeted the chefs, who were split into teams, and showed them their respective galleys – which were family-style, and way too small, but still bigger than my kitchen. Captain Lee put a new spin on his usual, let’s get your/the party started, and told the contestants, get your stuff, get on board, and get after it. The teams threw houseboat parties on Lake Cumberland, with Emeril Lagasse being the guest judge. Brian’s pork fell apart (not a euphemism), which caused him to gripe that he didn’t get much sleep the night before, and basically blame the others for not having his back. I’m not sure what he wanted them to do. Hold it together with toothpicks? I didn’t mind seeing him pack his knives and go. He was proud of the way he competed, which is a nice way to go out, but he got more annoying as the season went on, and was starting to remind me of Colt on 90 Day Fiancé. Next time, the chefs go to Nashville.

💍 Now It’s Personal…

The shutdown didn’t affect me – until now.

💬 Continuing the Vibe…

Wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

😴 And So To Bed…


January 23, 2019 – Maxie Visits Nathan with News, NJ Goes to Cabo, Teresa Competes, All Decks on Chef & Bad Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I knew my on-time streak was too good to be true. I missed the beginning.

At Nathan’s grave, Maxie reads Yankee news to Nathan. She says, it must be hard, watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees. She’s sorry she didn’t break the news sooner. She probably shouldn’t do it today, their anniversary, but some secrets just don’t keep.

Charlotte asks Valentin if mommy is still mad about Aiden. Valentin says, not in the slightest. Charlotte says mommy told her it’s important to stick to the schedule, and Valentin says, unfortunately, the schedule had to be rearranged. Mommy’s been hurt.

Jordan tells Laura that detectives are coming the MetroCourt and surrounding area, and talking to guests and employees. They’ve gathered all the security footage, and they have several pieces of evidence. She asks how she should handle the press, and Laura asks if they’re pressuring her. Jordan says, not yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Laura tells her to stick to saying there’s an active investigation going on. In the meantime, she’ll craft an appropriate statement. She asks what the police know about this guy.

Anna tells Finn that she and Doc have some mutual friends, and he’s helped her a couple of times over the years. Finn asks if she ever worked directly with him, and she says she saw him a couple of times as a patient, but he referred her to Andre. She tells Finn the WSB is large; he could have been contracted for research on an operation. She asks if he thinks what Doc has is connected to her virus, and Finn says the results will be there any minute. If it is the same virus, it’s one more piece of the puzzle.

Ava tells not-Doc that he was talking in his sleep about Lulu. It’s understandable, given what happened. Not-Doc says, she’s gone? Poor Laura. Ava says, she’s alive, and still in surgery. He says, so she still may succumb, but Ava says, she still has a fighting chance; not like Kiki. She hopes Lulu makes it, so the bastard who did this won’t claim another victim.

Sam calls to Jason. She can’t see him. We hear sirens. She looks around for something she can use, and finds a roll of cable. A fireman arrives, and says they got word a man is trapped in the cellar. Sam says they have to get him out. She can’t hear him. Underground, Jason looks around with a flashlight. He calls to Sam, and asks if anyone can hear him. There’s no answer, and he says, okay. Somebody built this place so there’s got to be a way out. He sees a grate.

Maxie tells Nathan, James growing up fast. He’s strong and independent, like him. She’s learning a lot from him. How to stand on her own two feet again, and let new people in her life. There’s something else she needs to tell him. She’s getting closer to his brother. He came to town in a bad way, and made terrible decisions, but in spite of that, he’s a really good person. The thing is, she wouldn’t mind getting to know him better, but she keeps coming up with reasons not to let him in her life. She knows Nathan would want her to move on and be happy, but how can she do that? The only reason she was able to go on was James, and she’s scared to let someone in; to care again. She asks him to give her a sign. She adds, if he could get someone up there to create a waterproof mascara… Peter is behind her. He says he can’t help with the makeup, but will this do? He hands her his hanky.

Nina tells Charlotte that mommy is in the hospital, but has the best doctors. Charlotte wants to see her, but Valentin says she can’t right now. Mommy needs to rest, and have no distractions. Charlotte says she’s not a distraction. Mommy says she’s her luck charm, and she needs to see her. She begs, saying mommy needs her.

Jordan tells Laura that they couldn’t extract any tissue from under Lulu’s nails, but Laura knows she would fight back. Jordan says they have the knife, and they’re checking for prints. They also have a partial shoe print they believe belonged to the assailant. It appears to be a man’s shoe, but there’s nothing unique about it. Something stood out in the position though. Lulu left a blood trail, and the shoe print isn’t angled as it should be. It’s possible the killer got distracted, not realizing Lulu was still alive. Maybe she defended herself, wounded him, and got away. They’ve notified the ER to be on the lookout for someone who’s injured. So far there’s nothing.

Not-Doc asks Ava, what’s taking the doctors so long? What are they looking for?  Anna and Finn come in, and Ava asks what they’re doing there. Not-Doc asks who she’s talking to. Finn says it’s him and Anna. Not-Doc says he’s an infectious disease specialist, and Anna is a WSB agent. Anna says she had a temporary loss of vision that turned out to be from a viral infection. Ava says, she got her sight back? Which is kind of a stupid question, since obviously Anna can see. Anna says, yes, and she asks if they think it’s the same virus. Finn says they’ll know when they get the lab results back. They need to ask him a few questions. Anna asks if he’s ever worked for the WSB or the DVX.

Sam tells the fireman that she tried to give Jason her hand, but he wouldn’t take it. The fireman says he might have dragged her down too. She says she used her phone light, but couldn’t see him. The hole is too deep.

Jason looks through the grate. Water is pouring in. He pulls at the grate but it’s not budging.

Sam paces up above. The fireman says, sorry for the delay. There was a break in the floor; the planks are rotted. It looks like he fell though. He tells Sam the area is too deep to access. They’ll have to use special equipment, which they’re coordinating. The best case would be five or six hours. There’s a network of tunnels, some dating back to the 1800s. They have to do a detailed search. Sam thanks him. She steps away, and calls Spinelli. He asks if something is wrong, and she says she needs help. She wants him to look into the Port Charles engineering records, or the records from the water department. He asks what he’s looking for, and she says, the tunnels under Port Charles.

Maxie says this isn’t the first time, and asks how Peter manages to have an ample supply of hankies. He says he’s not keeping tabs, and asks why she’s out alone with everything going on. She says she’s safe with Nathan, and asks him why he’s out. He says he comes there from time to time, to talk to his brother. Maxie says she does too. She asks Peter if Nathan ever talks back, and he says, not yet. How about to her? She says, all the time. In the wind, a sudden ray of sunshine. She mostly hears his voice in her head. She knows Nathan so well; she knows what he’d say and how he’d say it. She told him about the Yankees. Peter says, tough. She says just when she thinks she’s through the worst of the grief, it knocks her flat, like a tidal wave. She guesses it never ends. He says, probably not, but in time, it will be less like the ocean, and something she can wade back into, like a tide. She asks, when? and he says, whenever Nathan tells her it’s okay to let it go.

Charlotte says mommy will feel better if she sees her. Valentin needs her take to the hospital. He tells her he will, but she has to be brave, and do what the doctors say. Charlotte asks if she can get mommy a scone, and Valentin tells her to pick some out. When she leaves the table, Nina says she understands why, but does he think it’s wise? Seeing Lulu hooked up to machines could be traumatic. Valentin is doesn’t think it’s of concern unless it’s to say goodbye. Nina says she likes Lulu; she respects her. Tell Lulu she’s praying for her. She’s not coming because she’d just be in the way. She wants Charlotte to focus on her mother. Charlotte comes back with a bag of scones, and Nina explains that she’s going to let Charlotte spend time with mommy. She’ll be waiting at home. Charlotte is glad she moved back. It makes everything better.

Not-Doc says he wasn’t a spy. Why the interrogation? Finn says, it’s hardly an interrogation. Anna says they want answers, and thinks he would too. Wouldn’t he want to know where and when he picked it up? He says he can’t recall coming into contact with any agent except her. He’s a simple psychiatrist. She asks if he ever met Arthur Cabot, and he says he’s afraid not. He tells them he’s feeling dizzy. Finn checks his eyes, and says, prior to the onset, he experienced an acute headache. Does he remember what he was doing? Not-Doc flashes back to attacking Lulu. He says, nothing out of the ordinary. Finn asks if he came in contact with any foreign substances; maybe an object. Not-Doc flashes back to holding Lulu’s driver’s license, and says, nothing he can think of. We see his coat on a chair.

Sonny says, no one should jump to conclusions, but does it look like the same person who killed Kiki and Mary Pat? Jordan says it does, and he asks if they have proof. She says, there are certain indicators, but it’s privileged information, and she can’t talks in front of Sonny. He makes himself scarce, and Laura asks what she has.

Not-Doc says the dizziness is better, but he’s getting tired. Ava says he’s too polite. It’s been quite stressful. Finn says he’ll see about the lab work, and have a nurse check not-Doc’s vitals. Not-Doc says he’d rather get some rest. Ava can keep an eye on him. Finn says he’ll be back with the results. He and Anna leave, and Ava asks what that was all about. Not-Doc says he has no idea. He asks if she’ll get him some herbal tea; it might help him relax. He asks where his coat is, and she says, on the chair. He wonders if she’d mind getting information about Lulu. As soon as she leaves, he gets up.

Jordan says the wounds are almost identical. The killer was aiming for the heart with surgical precision. He’s someone familiar with human anatomy. Laura asks if there’s anything else, and Jordan says, Lulu’s driver’s license was missing.

Doc gets up, and stumbles. He crawls to the chair, and feels around until he finds his coat. He gets Lulu’s driver’s license out of the pocket, but drops it.

Sonny asks Laura if she’s okay. Laura says she’s been briefed. It was the serial killer who attacked Lulu. Jordan says she’ll call when she knows more. Laura tells Jordan that she needs Lulu’s cell phone to see if she can contact Dante. Jordan says she can’t return it yet. Sonny says they need to check the calls, and asks if all the communication is accounted for. Jordan says, all but one. Whoever she spoke to before the attack.

Anna tells Finn that she doesn’t think she and Doc have barely spoken in the last ten years, let alone the last ten months. How is it possible he contracted the same thing she had within days? Finn says it’s another piece of the puzzle. He sees the lab results are in. Anna goes to Laura, and hugs her. She asks if there’s anything she can do to help the investigation. Sonny asks if she happens to know where her son is?

Maxie tells Peter, everyone says let go, move on, but no one tells you how to do it. He says, it doesn’t mean erasing Nathan’s memory. She says, no; just betraying it. He says it’s not a betrayal to be happy. In a sense, it would honor him. He loved selflessly, and would want her to find happiness; whatever that means to her. She cries, and he says he’d give her a hanky, but she already has it. He asks what Nathan is saying now, but she says, nothing. She can’t hear him. Nina shows up, saying she’s been trying to get ahold of Maxie, but then remembered the date, and thought she might be there. Maxie asks what’s wrong, and Nina says, Lulu was attacked.

Not-Doc feels around on the floor, panicking. He finally finds Lulu’s license under the bed. Ava walks in, and asks, what happened? Is he all right?

The grate hangs open. Sam tells Spinelli that the firefighter said the floor is broken. Jason fell through. Spinelli tells her all the floors are eight feet above surface level, and she tells him they said it was too deep to access. He says the distillery is located over the old water system, and leads to the harbor, but the documents he’s looking at are from 1910. He believes it lets out near Pier 55.

Alone at Nathan’s grave, Nina says Maxie already told him the Yankees lost. Next year. There’s  good news too. James is amazing; he’s the light of her life, and so much like Nathan. Maxie is incredible with him. His mom is back in town. They’re fighting, but she dotes on James. A lot is happening that’s confusing in her life. She misses him. She leaves a couple of quarters on the headstone, in case someone needs it. She says Maxie misses him too. She’s thinks Maxie is moving on, but Nina doesn’t hold it against her. She knows Nathan never would.

Jordan tells Anna that Lulu was attacked in her office, and Peter was the last person who called. She’d like to question him. Anna asks if she thinks he had something to do with it, but Jordan says she doesn’t know until she questions him. Anna says, he had nothing to do with this. Sonny says he kept Jason prisoner for five years, chased after him from Russia, and he kept Jason’s identity hidden. Jordan says the sooner he comes in, the sooner they can exonerate him. Anna says, he’s far from perfect, but he’s not a serial killer. Jordan says the sooner they can eliminate him as a suspect, the better.

Laura sees Valentin come into the hospital with Charlotte. She asks why Charlotte is out so late. Valentin says he assumed Lulu isn’t allowed visitors, but Charlotte insisted. Laura tells Charlotte that her mommy is with the doctors, and can’t see her right now. Charlotte says they’ll wait until they can, but Laura says, it might go on a long time. It’s best for her to go home with her dad. Charlotte says mommy needs see her, so she can tell her it’s okay. Laura says, it’s going to be okay. She knows because Charlotte’s mommy was in the hospital when she was a tiny baby. She was very sick, and got better against all the odds. That’s how Laura knew she was a fighter, and won’t let anyone or anything beat her. Charlotte bets she learned it from Laura, but Laura thinks she learned it from Lulu. And when she’s better, Charlotte will learn it too.

Maxie and Peter run into the hospital. Anna tells Peter that Jordan is looking for him. He says he saw messages, but just wanted to get them there. What is it about? Jordan asks him to come to the station to answer questions, but he says he’s not going anywhere until he knows Lulu is all right. Jordan says she needs an account of their phone conversation, and his whereabouts for the last four hours.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he wanted to turn on the TV, and couldn’t find the remote. Ava was going to see about Lulu, but doesn’t don’t want leave him alone. He says he’s just clumsy. Ava wants to support him the way he did her. He says no one has cared like her. There are a few well-intentioned people, but he doesn’t feel about them the way he does about her. He tells her, don’t forget that – whatever may come. She kisses him. Finn walks in, saying he’s sorry to interrupt. He has the lab results, and some answers.

Valentin and Charlotte start to leave, and Charlotte runs back, giving Laura the scones. Laura promises to give them to Lulu as soon as she sees her. Valentin thanks her. Laura sits, taking a deep breath. Sonny asks how she’s holding up. She says, it’s been a long night, and wonders why the doctors won’t tell her anything.

Peter tells Jordan that he went to Lucy’s book party, and went for a walk. Unfortunately, there’s no one to corroborate that. She says he made a phone call to Lulu. He says it was about her story angle; he wasn’t going to run it. She wanted to publish privileged information. Jordan asks how she reacted, and he says, she wasn’t happy. Jordan asks if she argued, and he says, she tried, but he shut it down; one of the perks of being a publisher. Jordan wonders if he wanted to make it clear what happens when he doesn’t get his way. Really? They think it might be Peter? Come on.

Finn tells not-Doc that his blindness can be fixed by surgery. Not-Doc asks if he knows what caused it, and he says the same virus Anna had.

Dr. Lacey tells Laura that Lulu is in recovery. The wound was severe, but clean, and they were able to repair the damage. Barring any complications, she’ll make a full recovery. Laura thanks him, and hugs Sonny.

Finn tells not-Doc that Monica knew of his concern. Lulu is out of the OR, and expected to make a full recovery. He says, wonderful news, but his face is too funny. His face is saying, omg, I’m screwed.

Sam goes to the pier. She sees Jason in the water, and dives in.

Tomorrow, Oscar wants no regrets, Curtis talks to Marcus, and Sonny is baffled that they’re letting someone go.

✈ On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa wanted to approach her mother about the extra sister that was somewhere out there, according to a medium. She, and the two sisters she knows for sure she has, took their mom out to dinner. Melissa told her the medium said she didn’t have two sisters; she has three. Her mother was pretty blasé about it, and it wasn’t the booze they’d plied her with. She really didn’t seem to care all that much, although she joked that she’d welcome the new sister, but go after her whore of a mother. Marge had a focus group of kids help her with designing the new hospital robes for children, and planned her gala to raise funds for the same.

Former Mr. New Jersey, Frank, continued to help Teresa getting ready for her competition. Teresa wondered if living with Frank wasn’t holding Delores back from a love life. Gee, ya think? She couldn’t believe how much time and effort had been put into the competition, thinking it was crazy for two minutes on stage. Frank Jr. also competed in the Junior Men’s division. Teresa looked fabulous, and got third place. Delores said she felt like a parent to both of them. Teresa said the experience changed her. For the first time, she did something completely for herself. She decided she liked the lifestyle of clean eating and working out, and wanted to keep it going. This didn’t stop her from indulging in tequila on the girls’ trip, since afterwards, it was fun in the sun in Cabo. That’s one thing Danielle has going for her. The face she makes when she even hears the word tequila is exactly how I feel when I hear it.

The ladies chipped in for a $2K necklace that Marge gave Teresa at their first dinner in Mexico. It’s was beautiful, a gold bar (love bar jewelry!) with the word strong in diamonds. Jennifer made a weird stink about it at dinner because her brother is a jeweler and they didn’t use him. I have the feeling that one shouldn’t drink. The second she gets a cocktail in her, she exhibits bizarre behavior. She called Marge ugly, and when Marge said she had bad manners, Jennifer said she did and owned it. Marge gave it back, and Jennifer lost her appetite. Danielle and Teresa followed her out, with Danielle backing her up all the way for being nasty to Marge. Admittedly, what Marge said was pretty immature – that Jennifer’s lip liner made her mouth look like a monkey’s a-hole – but, Jennifer did start it. (I know you are, but what am I?) Again, keep her away from the booze. She gets way out of line, even though she claimed to be on point like nobody’s business. I don’t even know what that means. BTW, Jennifer’s little girl, Olivia – the same one that screeched at her on FaceTime when she was away for a weekend – wailed at her in person this time, demanding Jennifer not leave the family. My Lord, that kid is cruising for some sort of attachment disorder. Next time, more Mexico, a camel ride, and a drink is thrown. Best quote tonight: There’s no rest for the Marge.

🏆 A Fit Theresa Is a Happy Teresa…

But what does Juicy Joe think?

🔪 Don’t forget, Thursday night (January 24th), Top Chef merges a bit with Below Deck when houseboat parties are helmed by Captain Lee and Captain Sandy.

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January 22, 2019 – Stuck in the Cellar, David Threatens Veronica, the Last Charter Begins, Something Tasty & Midweek


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As Drew waits, Chase reports Josslyn and Oscar missing, saying to check the access to the catacombs. Carly joins Drew. Chase says Oscar disappeared a few months ago, and asks if Drew thinks it’s the same. Drew says, Oscar didn’t take off, and Carly says, Oscar and Josslyn wanted to explore the catacombs, but that was hours ago.

Underground, Oscar lies with his head in Josslyn’s lap. He comes to, and she tells him they have a little problem.

On the phone, Michael says Lulu is still in surgery. It will be a couple more hours, and they’re going to have to tell Rocco. He’ll call when he knows anything. Lucas comes out, and tell him that Dr. Lacey is an excellent surgeon, but Lulu’s injury is severe, so it’s too soon tell. Michael says they’re in for a very long night.

Brad brings Wiley to Charlie’s. Julian asks why Brad didn’t tell him that he was coming by. Brad says he was hoping Julian wasn’t there.

Sam tells Jason about the seminar, saying Daisy was doing the talking, but it was definitely Shiloh pulling the strings. Kristina’s past was drug out for everyone to see. Carly calls Jason, and says she needs him there. She’s at Rice Plaza. When he gets there, she’ll explain. Josslyn is in trouble.

Michael tells Lucas it’s not official yet, but the police think whoever attacked Lulu is the same person who killed Kiki and Mary Pat. His dad was keeping watch over the whole family, and had someone watching Lulu’s house. No one expected her to be attacked in her office. As soon as she regains consciousness, she can ID the killer. Lucas says, in the meantime, like Michael said, it’s going to be a long night. Michael thinks they should all get something to eat and regain their strength. Then he’s going to make phone calls.

Julian says, Brad brought his grandson, and hoped he wasn’t there? Brad thought he was at the book launch, but Julian says his bartender called in sick, and he decided to cover. Since Brad is there, he can spend some time with Wiley. Brad says he doesn’t know how they would have managed without Julian, and hands Wiley to him.

Shiloh orders tea to go at Kelly’s. Alexis comes, and asks if his name is Shiloh. He says, yes, and asks who she is. She introduces herself, adding that she’s Kristina’s mother. She thought she recognized him; she’d seen his picture. They shake hands, and she says her daughter is impressed with him. He says, the feeling is mutual. She’s a welcome addition to the house. He says he’s met Sam as well, but she knows that. She’s just wondering if, when he invited Kristina into the group, he knew her older sister was the one who wiped out his inheritance.

Carly thanks Jason and Sam for coming. She’s going out of her mind. Josslyn and Oscar told Cameron that they wanted to explore the catacombs hours ago, and she’s worried they’re lost.

Chase tells Drew the access is padlocked. There’s no way they went in through there. Drew asks how many tunnels there are, and Chase says, six. Different departments use different tunnels. They’re not far from the park. If Josslyn and Oscar didn’t get in through the Plaza, they have to look for an alternate entrance.

Carly tells Jason and Sam what happened to Lulu. She’s in surgery right now, and Sonny is waiting with Laura. Kim had told her that she couldn’t reach Oscar or Josslyn, and Sam says if they’re underground, there’s no signal. Carly says Cameron said they’d wanted to explore, and there was a rumor the catacombs could be entered through the service tunnels at Rice Plaza. Sam knows another way in, and thinks Josslyn does too.

Oscar sits up, and Josslyn asks how he feels. He says, cold. She tells him it’s harder to find way out. He tells her it feels like someone stuck an ice pick in his temples. She says she’s sorry, but he says he wanted come as much as she did. He asks if she called for help, but she says there’s no service. They’ll have to climb out. Oscar wants her to help him to the ladder. She doesn’t want to risk anything happening; what if he has a seizure on the ladder. He says he won’t, but she says they have no idea how seizures work. He tells her that she’ll have to go for help.

Julian asks if he ever thanked Brad for the picture of Wiley on his naming day. Brad says, it was no big deal, but Julian says it was to him. They’re sitting on one hell of a secret. They could both lose Lucas if the truth comes out. They’re in this together. That’s why he appreciates anything Brad can do to bring Wiley there. Brad says he’ll do what he can. Most days, he’s able to forget that Wiley isn’t the original baby they adopted. He tells himself he wasn’t wrong, and it’s for the greater good, but when he sees Julian, it reminds him of how easy it could come crashing down. Michael and Lucas come in, and Lucas asks, what’s going on?

Shiloh asks if Alexis would care to join him. She says it should only take a minute. Either he knew or he didn’t that Sam is Kristina’s older sister. He says he didn’t know, and Alexis says, so it’s just a crazy coincidence? Shiloh doesn’t believe in coincidences, and says it’s the universe at work. He asks what Kristina told her, and Alexis says she’d said he created the Dawn of Day project. They do community outreach, helping the homeless and under-served. He asks where she wants him to start, and she says, the beginning is always a good place. He says, in the beginning, his name was David Henry Archer. His father made a load of money in advertising, set up a trust fund, and forgot about him. He got word that his father had married a much younger woman, Cheryl Richards, but he never met her or even saw a picture of her. They were married six months, Cheryl cleaned him out, and disappeared. It did put a crimp in his finances. Alexis says he must hate Sam, but he says, on the contrary. She saved his life.

Sam tells Carly that the cellars under the distillery lead to the catacombs. Jason asks how Josslyn would know.

Chase tells Drew, it doesn’t look like anyone has been down there. Drew says he’s coming with Chase, but Chase says he’s going to a restricted area. He’ll check it out, and let Drew know if he finds something.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny and Michael were discussing the distillery over the holidays. They were going over redevelopment. Drew joins them, and tells them the cops say the entrance is padlocked; no one has been down there. Carly thinks they’re right. Josslyn and Oscar weren’t there.

Josslyn asks what if Oscar has a seizure? He says then he has one. It won’t matter if she’s there or not. Keeping his head in her lap isn’t exactly expert medical attention. She says it’s better than leaving him to have a convulsion. He could be dead, and he didn’t even thank her. He says no one knows they’re down there, they have no phone service, and if she doesn’t go for help, how will they get out? She says it’s a construction site, and a crew will be there in the morning. He asks, what if they fall asleep, like they did in the freezer? She says they’ll keep each other talking. He says he’s never seen her panic like this. Two people are stuck in hole. Should one climb out and get help, or both stay and freeze? She tells him to sit. He doesn’t have far to fall that way. She tells him if he dies she’ll never forgive him. He tells her not to be mad, but she says, too late. She’s sorry he thinks holding her holding his head doesn’t matter. At least she kept his airway open. She continues berating him as she goes up the ladder. A rung breaks, and she falls. Oscar asks if she can hear him, and yells for help. She sits up, and he says he thought she was dead. She says she’s not, and he hugs her.

Lucas accuses Brad of going behind his back, bringing Wiley there. Julian says, it’s not like that, and Brad says he stopped for coffee. He didn’t think Julian was there. He was supposed to go to the book signing. Lucas guesses Julian had a change of plans too. Lulu was stabbed tonight. Julian asks if she’s okay, but Lucas says, it’s too soon to tell; she’s in the OR. Lucas asks Michael to watch Wiley a minute. He needs to talk to Brad. He and Brad go outside. Michael asks Wiley why he’s out so late. Is he a party animal or a night owl? Michael’s parents said he was a party animal, but he grew out of it. Julian says, must be nice, referring to how Michael is allowed to be with Wiley. Michael says he didn’t hold a knife to the throat of someone he claimed to love. Julian says he’s worked hard to turn his life around, but Michael says he still did it. Julian asks if he wants to compare him to Sonny, who’s kept Michael in danger his whole life. Michael says he chose to have a relationship with Sonny. Julian asks, had his son lived, if he thinks they’d be close. Michael says, just because Julian has a better relationship with Lucas and Sam doesn’t mean his kids owe him forgiveness. Julian asks why Michael thinks he has the right judge him. Michael says he doesn’t. He said he’d look after Wiley, and doesn’t think he should be talking to Julian.

Willow comes in, and sees Michael with Wiley. She asks who his friend is, and Michael says his godson, Wiley. She smiles.

Shiloh tells Alexis that he needed money fast. He was comfortable with risk, and became an industrial security contractor. He ended up in Afghanistan. He was on the supply side, and they were tight with the SEALS. That’s how he knows Drew, and how Drew pulled him out of the firefight, and saved his life. She says she thought Sam saved his life, and he says, she did. She put him on the right path. If not for her, he would have OD’d or crashed his car into a wall. Life was meaningless; a hollow existence. He was looking for oblivion, and would have found it. Alexis says, so being penniless is the best thing that happened to him? He says he didn’t think so then, but yes. Drew saved his life, and he was on the road to a transformational experience. He had to reevaluate his life, and had to decide what do with the new life handed to him.

Carly, Sam, and Jason get to the distillery. Carly says they’re doing renovations. She asks Sam where the cellar was before, and Sam points.

Oscar says Josslyn wasn’t breathing, and she says she got the wind knocked out of her. She’ll go slow, and just be more careful. Oscar says she was right the first time, but she says he was. They have to get out. Oscar grabs her arm, and tells her that he said don’t do it. She tells him, let go of her, and he apologizes. He asks her, please don’t go. He couldn’t stand it if anything happened. She says nothing will. Carly calls out to Josslyn, and looks down. She says they’ll get them out.

Chase radios in that they’ve searched the service tunnels, and no one has been there. He tells them to find Oscar and Josslyn’s parents. He’s going to the hospital. He’s done there.

Josslyn tells Carly that Oscar was unconscious for a bit. She’d tried to climb up. Oscar says, she fell, but she says she’s fine. Drew has arrived, and says they’ll figure it out. He’s got to get Oscar out. He doesn’t think they can wait for the first responders. Jason says, let’s do it.

Shiloh tells Alexis, back to the present. He didn’t know Drew lived in the city; they’d lost touch. Alexis assumes he didn’t know Sam and Drew had been married, and he says, nope. She says the woman who swindled his father and the man who saved his life live there, and he’s there, and it’s the result of the universe at work. He asks how else she can explain it. She says maybe he was looking for one or both of them. Her only interest is how Kristina fits in.

Outside Charlie’s, Lucas asks what Brad was thinking. Brad says he didn’t know Julian was there. What’s the big deal? Aren’t they in a good place? Lucas says they might be in his personal life, but that doesn’t mean he wants Julian to spend time with his son. Brad doesn’t see the harm, but Lucas says Brad doesn’t know Julian like he does, and they made a promise to the birth mother.

Julian watches as Michael tells Wiley to shake Willow’s hand. Willow says she should go. She just remembered she has workbooks to grade. Michael asks if everything is okay. Did he do something to upset her? She looks at Wiley.

Brad tells Lucas that window closed. Their agreement isn’t legally binding. Lucas says, maybe not, but he wants to respect the birth mother’s wishes. She gave up so much so they could have a family.

Shiloh tells Alexis that he was introduced to Kristina by her friend Daisy. She was a welcome volunteer, but he had no idea she had ties to Drew or Sam. He made the connection slowly, in pieces. He met a guy who looked like Drew, who turned out to be hi brother. Jason put him in touch with Drew, but it was a disappointing reunion. Drew didn’t remember anything. Shortly after Kristina moved in, she invited Sam and Jason over. Sam put the pieces together, and confronted him. Alexis says he must have been astonished, but he says, not really. The pieces fell into place like they should.

Drew goes down into the cellar, and hugs both Oscar and Josslyn. Jason climbs down. He tells them, the floor is shaky, and makes a worried face. He says, come on. Josslyn hugs him, saying she’s sorry about everything. He says it’s okay; he and Drew will get them out. Drew asks how Oscar is feeling, and Oscar says, to be truthful, he has a bad headache and feels weak. Drew asks, how’s his vision? Oscar thinks it’s normal, unless it’s not dark down there. Drew laughs, and says his vision is fine. He tells Oscar that he’s going to climb up; Drew will support him. Oscar asks, what about Josslyn? and Jason says he’ll get her out. Drew brings Oscar to the ladder, and says, one rung at a time. As he gets close to the top, Sam grabs Oscar’s hand, and pulls him up.

Drew comes next. Carly calls down that they’re okay. Josslyn was afraid they weren’t going to make it. They didn’t know how to get out. Jason says she’s doing great; just a little longer. He puts his jacket on her. Drew wants to take Oscar to the hospital. Oscar calls to Josslyn that his dad is taking him to the hospital, and she says she’ll see him there. He’s sorry for what he said, and she says she’s sorry too. She loves him. He says he loves her too, and Drew says, let’s go. He helps Oscar up, and they leave.

Josslyn tells Jason that she didn’t want to say it before, but the ladder is falling apart. He thinks it should still take her weight. She asks, what about him? and he says he’ll catch her if she falls.

Michael doesn’t want to put Willow on the spot, but he’s left messages about the field trip to ELQ that she wanted to set up, and didn’t hear back. She says she’s sorry; she’s been busy. He asks if he did something to upset her; he wants to make it right. He values her friendship. She say she value his too. He’s been great, and didn’t offend her. She looks like she might cry, when Brad and Lucas come back in. Michael introduces Willow, and Lucas says he hopes Wiley was polite. Willow says, he’s quite the charmer. Lucas says Wiley had to take a ride because he was getting too fussy. Lucas takes Wiley from Michael, and says he’ll meet Michael back at the hospital. Michael says he’d be the first to say Lucas should be with his family. When they leave, Michael calls himself an idiot. He knows what this is about.

Alexis asks Shiloh if this is when he tells her it’s the universe, but he senses she’s not ready hear this; Sam too. He can’t break Kristina’s confidence, and Alexis says it seems to be easier for Kristina to confide in him than her mother. Shiloh says he looks at her, and sees a wonderful role model. Why wouldn’t Kristina be intimidated, and think she can’t measure up? Alexis asks if she said that, and he says Alexis will have to take it up with her. From what he’s observed, the gulf between mother and daughter is enormous, but there’s love on both sides.

Jason tells Josslyn, once she starts climbing, get out as quickly as possible. He says, she’s coming up, and Carly says she’s got her. As Josslyn climbs, the ladder starts to separate from the wall. Carly tells Josslyn to look at her, and grabs her as she nears the top, pulling her up and out. Josslyn says she’s fine. Carly asks if she hit her head, but Josslyn says she didn’t black out. Carly still wants to take her to the hospital. Josslyn asks, what about Jason? and Sam says she’ll stay. He’ll be okay; she promises.

Jason screws around with the floor. Carly says she’s taking Josslyn to the hospital. The fire department is coming. Josslyn thanks Jason for everything, but he says he just gave her a boost. She rescued herself. Sam looks down and sees the floor isn’t in good shape. Carly tells Sam to call when Jason is out. Jason picks up the rungs from the ladder. Sam tells him that Carly and Josslyn just left. He asks if she’s sure they can’t hear him, and Sam asks, why? He says he doesn’t think he can wait for the fire department.

Michael tells Willow that he was holding Wiley, and it’s hard seeing a baby without thinking of the one you lost. She knows he understands. She’s not sure anyone else does. He says if she needs to talk, he’s there. She says she might take him up on it, but not tonight. He tells her that Charlotte’s mother was attacked, and she asks if Lulu is okay. He says she has a lot of support from her family, and hopefully, she will be. He has to get back, and asks if he can walk Willow to her car. She says, that would be great. As she’s leaving, she looks back at Julian, who looks grim.

Alexis says Shiloh is somewhat perceptive. She sees why people are interested in hearing him speak. He says, good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. He’s just trying to give others the benefit of his mistakes, so they can live better lives. She asks if that’s what he’s trying to do for Kristina. He says the better question is what Kristina is doing for herself. Alexis admits Kristina has been more confident and composed since getting involved with his group. He invites her to come, and she says maybe she will. She’s not ready for that, but she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for Kristina’s sake. He hopes she comes around one day, and she says she’s skeptical by nature. He says he used to be skeptical too; until the universe opened his eyes. He says it’s been pleasure, and she thanks him for taking the time to talk to her. He says it’s the most painless cross examination he’s ever had.

Jason tells Sam that he’s coming up. The floor is about to give out. He starts climbing up the ladder, but it separates completely from the wall. Sam tells him to take her hand, but he falls backward.

Tomorrow, Charlotte asks why her mommy isn’t coming, Finn asks Anna how well she knows Doc, and Jason asks if anyone can hear him.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Madison’s phone rings. Justin picks up, and Jeffrey asks if it’s Justin, but Justin hangs up. Justin downloads something called Info Swiper.

At home, Jeffrey asks how David is doing. David says, okay, but Jeffrey doesn’t think he looks it. David asks if the nurse is there, and Jeffrey says, not yet. David needs his bandages checked, and Jeffrey says he can do it, but David says, call the nurse. He asks how Jeffrey found out about Erica and his mother. Jeffrey says he found Erica’s book. David wants to see it. Jeffrey brings it to him, and he tells Jeffrey to go see the nurse. He looks at the book and says, bitch, you have done it now.

Justin picks up the crowbar, and kicks Madison. A security guy asks what he’s doing. Justin claims he found Madison, but the guy tells him, don’t move. Justin calls him a rent-a-cop, and punches him in the gut with the end of the crowbar. Justin walks away, and the guy radios for help.

Sarah is still waiting for Jim, but finally decides to leave. Her phone rings while she’s on her way to the car. It’s George, and she says she’s at the Cryer’s. He knows, and she says Jim knows about the wire. He snatched it off her, but she’ll get the bullet. George says she’d better. She has until the end of the day. Either way she’s in trouble, but he’ll go easy on her. For the record, she disgusts him.

Candace says Charles is quiet. He says he’s thinking. She asks, what about? and he says she can’t ever talk to him like that again. She says it’s who she is, and he repeats never talk to him like that again. She says what if she does, and he tells the driver to stop the car. He tells her, get out. He’s done. She calls him a son of a bitch, and he says, another strike. She says, go to hell. They’re in the middle of nowhere. Is he having her dragged out? He says he’ll do it his damn self, and she says she’d like to see that on the news. Landon asks if everything is okay. Charles says, Candace was just leaving. Landon says, let’s go, but she doesn’t budge. Charles says he’ll do it himself, but Landon says, no. The press is right behind them. Landon tells the driver to take her to the hotel. Candace says Charles better do what he says.

Mitch helps Benny to his bed. Hanna thinks Benny should have stayed at the hospital, but he says he’s fine; don’t worry. Hanna asks if Mitch’s people are coming back, but Mitch says he’s going to handle that right now, and tells Benny, just get better. Benny tells him where the money is, and to give it to his uncle. Mitch doesn’t know if it will work, but says he’ll see what he can do. He takes the money from the fireplace. Hanna asks if Benny is really all right, and Benny says he’d be better if that dude went home. Hanna says he’s all right.

Hanna goes downstairs. Derrick asks how it’s going, and Hanna says Benny is all right. He asks how she’s doing, and she thanks him for everything. She says she can’t go anywhere, and he says, the Bahamas can wait. She’s tired, so he’ll go. Hanna wants him to stay, and he says, the couch isn’t so bad, but she says, not there; in her room, in her bed. No sex but she wants him to hold her. She doesn’t want to be by herself tonight. He says he’s there, and they go upstairs.

Madison is checked out. The doctor says he was hit pretty hard. Madison thinks he knows who did it; some officer who harassed him. He says he’ll tell the police about it, and the doctor asks if he has someone to take him home, but Madison says he’ll call a friend. He calls Jeffrey, but Justin picks up, pretending to be Jeffrey. Madison says Jeffrey’s friend hit him in the head, and asks why he sounds funny. Justin says he has a cold, but Madison says he just left him. Justin says he just started to feel it. Madison says, Justin? and Justin says, no; it’s Jeffrey. Madison hangs up. He looks at his phone. Justin erased Jeffrey’s number and put in his. Madison says, son of a bitch (WOTD).

Jim pulls up while Sarah is still there. He asks what the hell she’s doing there, and she says she needs to talk to him. He tells her that she needs to get out of there. He grabs her and checks for a wire. He says he doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Does she understand? She repeats she needs to talk to him. He wonders if the police are hiding or someone is taking their picture. He tells her, get in the damn house.

Inside, Jim tells Leo to get lost, and asks what the hell Sarah wants. She says she can’t go to jail. Just give her the bullet, and she’ll give it to them. If she doesn’t, she’ll be prosecuted. He says she should be; she broke the law. She says she did for him, and he knows it. He says she did it because she wanted him. He wasn’t interested anymore, and she missed the sex. She says, none of that is true, but he says, all of it is. She tells him to stop. She’ll go to prison, and her life will be ruined. He says, it’s already ruined. She takes her blouse off, and he says, not that impressive. She begs him not to let this happen to her, but he says it’s done. He tells her to beg for it, and she says, please.

Kathryn walks in, and asks, who’s this? Jim says she remembers Sarah. Kathryn says Sarah looks like she could use a drink. Sarah says, no thank you, and Kathryn tells her, don’t get dressed. If she had that body, she’d never wear clothes. Jim says Sarah might want to listen to Kathryn. She’s quite the witch. Kathryn says the kind that can put a spell on her and her beautiful body will have holes in it. Jim says she’s done it before, and Kathryn says, Veronica will blow a bitch right up. She looks Sarah over, and says she’s the assistant DA Jim has been with. Sarah says, yes. Jim says she’ the one so hopelessly in love with him that she stole evidence without his knowledge, and brought to him, thinking it was the right thing to do. Kathryn says Sarah was practically stalking her, and all this time, she was after Jim. Sarah says, none of that is true, but Jim says they’ll let a jury decide. Sarah says she doesn’t want anything to do with this. Neither does Kathryn, but she’s married to it. Kathryn says she’s not too bright. Sarah grabs her stuff and leaves in her bra. Kathryn says, see you in court.

Sarah gets in her car. Unbeknownst to her, Wyatt is in the back seat. She drives away.

Kathryn asks if Jim thinks it’s going to work. He asks if they have a choice. He tells her that she can’t go after Veronica. Veronica is the only one can make the whole thing fall down around them. Kathryn says if they’re going to do it bad, they should do it really bad, and get over it. Jim calls Leo in, and asks where Wyatt is. Leo says, in his room. Jim asks what he’s doing, but Leo isn’t sure. Jim asks if he’s paying Leo to not be sure. He wants Leo to know what Wyatt is doing 24/7. Kathryn says, nice body. Maybe she’ll try him. Jim tells her to act her age, and she says as soon as he acts his.

Leo goes upstairs, and knocks on Wyatt’s door. There’s no answer, and he goes in the bedroom. Wyatt is nowhere to be found. Leo radios the other guard, who hasn’t seen anything. Leo tells Jim, sorry; he’s gone. Jim asks, where? Leo doesn’t know, and Jim tells him, search everywhere. Find him, bring him to Jim, and park outside his door from now on. Kathryn laughs, saying that’s a real idiot Jim hired. Jim doesn’t want to hear a word. Kathryn says, pretty, but dumb, and he says she has one of those attributes. She says he has both, and he says it’s the kindest thing she’s ever said to him.

Candace goes to her room, and Charles goes to his. Landon follows her. He’s like, what the hell? and she says she’s not doing this. She starts packing, and says she’s getting the hell out. He asks, where? and she says, anywhere not near him. Landon says, good, and starts throwing her stuff into her suitcase. He’s never seen someone so stupid, and hell bent on living in a hell they created. He’s not letting her take Charles down. Charles will be drinking himself to sleep. When she’s around, he doesn’t do that. He feels something that Landon doesn’t understand. Candace says, he wouldn’t; he’s gay, but he says he’s not talking about sex. Charles is the President Elect, and she treats him like crap. She says, if she didn’t, he’d walk all over her. She knows that type. Landon says, he’s not. He’s been around Charles a long time. Candace says Landon is in love with him. Is she the fake woman? Is Charles gay? Landon says, is he? Candace says, yeah; that’s what it is. Charles walks in, and says, is that what she thinks? She says, you tell me, and Landon leaves.

Charles is tired, and says if she wants to leave, please go. He won’t bother her again. She asks if he’s gay, and he says she knows he’s not. She asks how she knows, and he wonders what she’s doing. She says she wants to know. He says she knows he’s not gay. She’s trying to hurt him, and it’s not going to happen; she can’t. She says, she can, and he says, she did, and wants to cut deeper. He knows she’s in pain. He’s said it a million times, but she doesn’t want to change. When they were sitting with her mother, he thought what a fool he is, thinking he can change her, when he clearly knows better. He can’t. You have to want change, and she doesn’t; that’s clear. She asks if he’s done. He says, absolutely, and I feel sad. He leaves.

Jeffrey goes to the hospital, and asks where Madison is. The receptionist says, he left. There was an incident; he got mugged in the garage. Jeffrey asks if she knows where he is. He’s been trying to call, but there’s been no answer. He asks the receptionist to call him. She does, and Madison picks up. She tells him Jeffrey is there, looking for him, and he says he’s coming right now.

Madison walks in, and Jeffrey asks what happened. Madison says he knows what happened. Jeffrey says Justin hurt him, but Madison says he’s got a strong head. I desperately want to make a joke. Jeffrey says, Justin hit him in the head? He can’t believe it. He says he’s going to call Justin, but Madison tells him, don’t. It’s what he wants. He just needs a ride to Jeffrey’s dad’s place. Justin totaled his car. He asks why Jeffrey didn’t call, and Jeffrey says he’s been calling. Madison tells Jeffrey to call his phone, and it only rings on Jeffrey’s end. Madison says Justin blocked his number, and put his number in where Jeffrey’s was. The dude is dangerous. Jeffrey says he didn’t know it was this bad. Both Madison and I say, how could he not? Jeffrey says he can talk to Justin, and calm him down. Madison says he can’t. He suggests they go see about Jeffrey’s dad.

Candace sits at the Artisian bar. Rocky asks if she’s leaving, and she says she wants a drink. He’s sorry, but she doesn’t want to hear it. He wants to make it up, and she says, he can. How much money does he have? He says, not a lot, but she needs some cash to get her out of there and to another hotel. He’s sorry, and she says he’s good for nothing. Roderick joins them, and she asks him for cash. He says he’s sorry, and asks, what’s going on? She says she needs to get out of there. He says he can’t book her, but she doesn’t want to deal with this. She needs to go. He tells her to talk to him. He’s never seen her like this. Is she okay? She says there’s too much going on there. He tells her, Kathryn knows, and Candace asks, what happened? He says he told her when she was trying to fire him; she turned it around on him. Candace repeats, there’s too much going on, and now it’s over. All that work, and no money. He asks what she wants him to do, and she says she doesn’t care.

Derick asks if Hanna ‘s sure about him staying there. She says she is; is he sure? Can he do this? No sex. He says he’s a man, and she says if he can’t, he can go home. He says, he’ll try; he’ll do his best. She says, if he starts, he’s going home. He wants to take a shower; it’s been a long day. She says she doesn’t need him smelling all good, but she’ll wash his clothes while he’s in there. She doesn’t want Benny to see him walking around in a robe. Derick goes in the bathroom and hands her the clothes. She says, God, help her make it through this night.

RK tells Veronica that she drinks too much. She says he’s too young to tell her what to do. She calls for Alice, but RK says she’s gone. Whatever Veronica needs, he’s got her. She says, what she needs, is for him to get the hell out of her house. He says, that’s not going to happen. She says she’s tired of him. He says he knows she likes him, and wants it. She tells him, stop it, and he says it’s hard for her to control her urges around him. She says David hit her. RK says she saw him coming to her defense, and she asks if he thinks he can handle David. He’s more man than RK will ever be. He asks if she wants to protect the man who hit her, and she says he’s always been a good man. Until he cheated. RK tells her that David said he didn’t do that, but she insists he did. She’s going to call him. RK suggests she not make phone calls or text while drunk.

David’s phone rings. He tells Veronica that he knows Erica was working with her. She asks if that girl told him that, referring to Jeffrey. She says he hit her, and he says, yes; he did. She says he left her on the floor. He’s glad she remembers. She says she hates him, and he says, the feeling is mutual. She sent a woman in to try and get to his heart. Veronica laughs, saying, she didn’t try; she got him. He thought he’d found love, but instead, he found a whore. She knew right away, but he couldn’t tell Erica was a prostitute sent by Candace. He should be glad someone blew Erica up, but instead he wants to hit her, after all she’s done for him. David says he’s going to kill her.

Veronica puts the phone down, obviously shaken. RK says he told her not to call. She pours another drink, and chugs it down.

Next time, Charles gets drunk, David wants to feel the pain, Sarah tells Wyatt that his family is insane, and David wants to put an end to this.

Below Deck

Two guests fall of the jet ski, and the jet ski takes off on its own. Captain Lee is beyond pissed. The jet ski is 900 pounds with no driver, and there are two guys in the water. He doesn’t want another accident. He tells the crew, get that jet ski in here, and picks up the two guys. One asks if they went too far, and the captain says he’s not happy. Josiah asks Rhylee if they got told off. Captain Lee says they could have been killed. When the driver falls off, and the jet ski keeps going, what do they think happens? What if they got hit in the goddam head? They admit it’s their fault, but the captain isn’t looking to assign blame. He wants to keep everyone safe. Out of the guests’ earshot, he thinks they’re a handful.

Rhylee asks Kate to make sparkling unicorn drinks. In her interview, Kate says they’re vodka, ice, soda water, sprinkles and whatever the hell else is around. They’re never made the same way twice.

Thankfully, the jet skis are put away. Tyler and Josiah talk about future plans in the crew mess. Tyler doesn’t know where he’s going after this. Kate comes in, and tells him that he looks different in his Alaskan sweater. Josiah asks if he loves Rhylee, and he says, yes. Kate puts on the radio, and tries to get him to say it again, but Tyler knows what she’s doing and won’t say anything. In his interview, Tyler says he knows what he wants at the moment. He doesn’t want any more, but doesn’t want less. He’s quite the philosopher. Kate asks if they’re naming their daughter Seanna Kate.

It’s time for the wig party. Why anyone would want this, I don’t know. I’ve worn wigs for Halloween, and they rarely end up staying on my head long. They make your head hot, and become annoying quickly. Rhylee asks Laura what it was she heard on the radio. Laura says it wasn’t her; it must have been Kate. Kate tells Rhylee that when Josiah asked him the first time, he said yes. In her interview, Rhylee says she doesn’t want a f***boy. She also doesn’t want Tyler to be shy with other people around.

Adrian makes crispy asparagus and crab. I die a little. He says it’s been a long season, and he has no patience. The guests want lot of food, so he’s making huge portions. Rhylee says she heard Ashton kissed Laura. She tells Laura that she thinks Ashton plays it cool, but likes her. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s been since he’s bonded with a girl. He loved his last girlfriend, but they stopped adding value to each other’s lives. They weren’t meant to be together. Is that a really nice way of saying they lost interest in each other? Ashton wants to see what happens.

In his interview, Josiah says he did judge a book by its cover, and in the end, the guests were nothing like the bullies from school. Kate and Laura put on wigs. Adrian dies laughing. Charley says the humidity is not working with his wig. Told you. That wig is annoying already. Kate brings the food. Josiah says Laura looks like Susan. She says, Susan who? and he says, just someone named Susan. Adrian says he puts energy into every dish, and when the guests don’t get the food when it’s warm, it pisses him off. One guest can’t eat crab, and sends it back. Adrian complains they didn’t have it on their preference sheet. Josiah thinks Adrian didn’t do his yoga today, since he’s not very Zen. Charley announces that he’s full for the first time during the whole trip.

Laura wants to know more about Ashton’s past, and asks, who’s baby Ashton? He says his mom and dad were unhappy, and all he remembers is fighting. When they divorced, he stayed with his mom, and was with his dad on the weekends. He wants to make sure his kids don’t go through what he did. In her interview, Laura says it’s nice that he’s comfortable enough to open up to her. She knows what a good relationship is, and wants that comfort level. It’s what she’s looking for.

Josiah takes pictures of the guests in their wigs. I’m surprised those wigs stayed on their heads the whole time. My wig would be off to them, if I hadn’t taken it off already. Everyone crashes.

I can’t get over how beautiful Tahiti is. Tyler tells Rhylee that he thinks they should grab drinks after the charter, but not with crew. They’re compatible, and their parts fit together. She’s laughs, and he says, parts of their personality. Whta was she thinking? He tells her dress to impress.

Adrian hits on Laura as she’s making juice. In Laura’s interview, she says sometimes chefs can be forward, but there’s a fine line people can cross, and Adrian is approaching it quickly. Adrian makes breakfast. Captain Lee says they’re lifting anchor now, and they’re out of there. Adrian makes Eggs Benedict, and the guests have accompanying Bloody Marys. And I am so jealous. Kate hates them. She asks if she can help Laura, and brings the drinks.

Tyler says he plans to have his own boat, and Rhylee tells him how great her fishing skills are. She says she’s incorporating herself into his life. In his interview, he says the quickest way to scare him off is by forcing yourself into his future plans.

Rhylee tells Kate that Tyler asked her out for drinks. In his interview, Josiah is excited. He can see Rhylee and Tyler riding across America in a truck, using a bucket for a toilet, and a different bucket for a shower. Kate wants to hear everything. The captain asks for radio silence until they dock.

It’s time for the crew to change into their whites. Kate tells the guests the crew is lined up on the aft deck, and Charley says, they’re lined up at the bar. She makes farewell martinis. Charley tells the crew that he’s legit emotional. If they could give them $100K, they would, but they gave everything they could. He’s so sad. Laura says he’s so hard core.

Tip time! Captain Lee says the guests were everywhere, and the crew crushed it. The tip is $17K, which he thinks is light (me too) considering how high maintenance they were, but it was well-earned by everyone. They have one more charter. They can go off the boat tonight, but no partying. They have no time, since the charter starts tomorrow. The crew flips the boat. Ross talks to his son Kai, and baby mama Allison. He still loves her. She’s the one person who fully understands him. After the season, he’s going to New Zealand, and hopes to have the family back together.

Tyler has a beer while he gets ready. In her interview, Rhylee says she and her fiancé broke up two years ago. She’s nervous because she hasn’t dated much, but excited. In Tyler’s interview, he says he likes Rhylee, and wants to treat her nice, but feels pressured that she’s interjecting herself into his life. The reality is, they’re going home. It’s not going to last. Adrian calls his mom. In his interview, he says it’s hard to be away. What happened with his father strengthened his bond with his mother. Having obnoxious charter guests has made him reconsider his line of work. He was offered a chef position in New York, and never considered living there, but he’s open to new experiences.

Tyler and Rhylee go out. He doesn’t want to talk about work, and they make small talk for a while. He says this weather is his dream weather. I space out for a millisecond, and somehow they’ve gotten on the topic of relationships, or the future, or a future relationship. Tyler says if they’re in the same town at a later date, that’s rad. Rad? He doesn’t want to hold back his life for anyone else. Rhylee feels that things happen as they happen. Another philosopher. Maybe Tyler should rethink this. They could go into the fortune cookie writing business together. In Tyler’s interview, he says, it’s like summer camp. You hook up, but then you go home. He’s never experienced being in love. When a girl says she loves him, that’s when he pumps the brakes. Rhylee says she’s got it. In her interview, she wonders, what’s the deal? He’s telling her he’s not interested? She tells him that she speaks what’s on her mind.

Kate, Adrian, and Ross are called to the wheelhouse for the last preference sheet meeting. Krystal is the primary. She’s an investment banker who wants to ring in her birthday with friends. Kamuran wants to surprise her with organizing fireworks. They’re coming in the late afternoon. Kate says it sounds like they want to party for the entire charter. She thinks they’ll be full-on, but cool. They just want to drink wine and laugh; it should be easy. Everyone is looking forward to it.

Adrian asks Rhylee how the date went, and she says good, but in a way that makes it sound like, meh. Ashton asks Tyler if he had a good time. Tyler says, yeah, but with only slightly more enthusiasm. In her interview, Rhylee says she didn’t expect that from him, and it hurts. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to be part of her life. She doesn’t know what do. They’re not on the same page. She tells Ashton that she’s not sad; she’s tired. Everyone heads out to the bar.

They go to the same bar they were at last time. Kate thinks it will be the perfect final charter. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s seen that face on Rhylee before, and it’s not smiley Rhylee. He asks what Tyler did to Rhylee, but Tyler doesn’t know because he’s turned out to be a clueless jerk. He says she asked what his plans were, and he wants to captain smaller boats, and do his own thing. Then she intertwined her idea with his. He doesn’t want to break her heart. Ashton asks if he thinks she wants more. In his interview, Tyler thinks Rhylee is super hurt. He wants everything to be cool when they wake up, and they could just go back to banging. Nice. He asks, what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing if you both feel that way. The crew goes back to the boat. That was fast. Kate says, it was a lovely evening. Ashton and Laura go to the crow’s nest and cuddle.

Tyler asks Ashton, what happed in the crow’s nest? Josiah tells Laura that he’s jealous. In Tyler’s interview, he says it’s awkward. He asks Rhylee why she has no energy. She says, hm… and he says, whatever.

Three hours to charter. Provisions come in. In Kate’s interview, she says they’re so close to the finish line. She can picture herself on the couch, watching Netflix, and hugging her dog. Laura tells Rhylee that Tyler said she was trying to jump in his future plans. Rhylee says, it would have been nice to have a good connection, but whatever. Everyone gets in their whites.

The guests arrive. Captain Lee welcomes them, and says they’re ready to get their party started. Kate gives the tour. She says they have exercise equipment if anyone wants it, and the guests laugh. Adrian is excited; he’s ready for vacation. He’s physically and mentally tired, but hopes he finishes strong. The guests want old fashioned Old Fashioneds. The boat moves out.

Laura is looking for meat, and Adrian says he has it right here. She says she doesn’t like that sh*t. In her interview, she says it’s not funny, and inappropriate for a work environment. And they’re bunking buddies. It’s effed up and gross. A charcuterie platter is served. The boat drops anchor. Kamuran talks to Kate about the fireworks and cake for tomorrow night. The water toys come out, and the guests goof around on the trampoline, and jump into the water from the boat.

A few of the guests have a low-key argument on the deck. One says, let’s have fun tonight (how this starts an argument, I don’t know). Krystal says they’ll always get the truth from her. Chelsea says she doesn’t want to be rude. Maybe Krystal says she’ll have to leave if she is. Chelsea starts crying and says sorry. Krystal says she can’t do a fake apology. Chelsea leaves in tears, and Krystal tells another guest she didn’t bring it up, and they better back her up on that. Laura asks if they’re okay, and Krystal says she is. Chelsea is crying, but no one cares. Laura asks if she should check on Chelsea, but Krystal says she doesn’t give a flying if Chelsea goes home. Laura says, you do you. She tells Kate there’s a huge drama with the primary, and Chelsea is bawling her eyes out. It’s sad, but funny. The argument continues as the guests go to their rooms, one saying Chelsea was trying to apologize. Laura and Kate follow them at a distance. Krystal says she was being a whore about it. Whatever that means. She says she doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s pissed. Kate says she doesn’t care what they’re fighting about; she loves it. She can’t wait for dinner. As Krystal is still yelling, Kamuran closes the door to the suite.

It’s dinnertime, and I can’t wait either. Kate asks Josiah what mood the guests are in, and he says he’s scared. Laura asks who’s going to win, and Kate says, Bitchface Killah. Adrian says he’s seen all forms of craziness with guests, so he’s just going to focus on the food and do the best he can. The guests all toast, except for Chelsea. Josiah says it looks like she’s falling asleep. Kate feels badly for Chelsea. It’s like Mean Girls at sea. Adrian calls for Laura. Chelsea gets up and leaves. She seems like she’s drunk or on Valium or something. The other guests babble about nothing. Chelsea goes to her room, and sits on the bed, her head in her hands. It’s scallops for dinner. Laura tells Kate that Chelsea left the table.

Rhylee tells Tyler about what Laura claimed he’d said; that she tried to include herself in his future, and she doesn’t want to appear like that. In her interview, she says, good thing she didn’t pick out her wedding dress. At this point, Krystal is so drunk, she needs subtitles. She jus gonna take nap, and lies down on one of the deck seats. Kate wonders if she’d do this at the country club. The primary is done, and sleeping in the fetal position. Kate says, sleeping bitch. Guests Kamuran and Kelly try to get her up, but nothing doing. Kate thinks the others are all fiends, and invite Krystal because she pays. Josiah says, they skate. Kate asks if he wants to help move her. In Kate’s interview, she says she would love nothing more than to watch Krystal roll into the ocean and drift away, but liability. Josiah tells Krystal that she can’t sleep out there. Krystal tells Kamuran, don’t touch her, effing Kam. Kamuran say she needs to go inside. Be an adult. Krystal starts hitting at them. In his interview, Josiah says, she’s wrapped herself in a shame cocoon, and is refusing to move. Krystal tells Kamuran to shut her mouth now. Kamuran say she’s effing nuts, and walks away. Kate feels bad for Krystal’s husband.

Kate asks what Kamuran recommends, and Kamuran says, let her sleep. In her interview, Kate says, hell no; not happening. She tells josiah this is ridiculous. She didn’t get into yachting to watch spoiled Princess Krystal cry and sleep on the aft deck. She will cut a bitch. Kate doesn’t give a flying. She tells Josiah, get the hose out.

Next time, the finale <sob!>, fireworks (literally), more arguments, native dancing, wrapping up the season, Laura confronts Adrian about being inappropriate, and a sea slug.

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January 21, 2019 – Three Collapses in Port Charles, Girls’ Night In, New Shows, Leida Drama, Gaga in Vegas & Speechless


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny and Carly walk into the MetroCourt. Carly asks if going to Morgan’s grave helped, and Sonny says, maybe. But eventually they need to do what needs be done. Carly wonders why Ava is there.

Lucy tells Ava that she doesn’t know what Doc was thinking taking up with the likes of her. Ava says for someone who’s been with him off and on for years, she knows very little about him.

Curtis tells Laura that Ava and Lucy are squaring off. If it gets physical, who does she like? Laura says if he quotes her, she’ll deny it, but its Lucy all the way. She’ll take Lucy over Ava any day.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t know Doc. He’s a good person, and has a deep, wonderful heart filled with compassion and forgiveness. While Ava is a toxic cocktail of vanity and misery.

Elizabeth congratulates Kim on delivering a baby in the parking garage. Kim is distracted, and says Oscar hasn’t checked in.

Underground, Josslyn stomps on a floor, and asks Oscar what he thinks. He says, amazing. It sounds hollow. She says the catacombs are below them.

Sonny tells Carly that he and Ava agreed on a truce for Avery’s sake. Carly thought Ava was leaving town, and says, as good a psychiatrist as Doc is, he made a mistake trashing his marriage to be with Ava.

Lucy says Ava is full of bile and malice, and alienates anyone unfortunate enough to see a sliver of good in her.

Laura asks Jordan if there’s any news. Jordan says all the precincts reported in, and there have been no bodies found. She says it’s awful to be relieved at something like that. She asks how the book launch went. Curtis says, it was interesting, but nothing major happened – until now.

Ava says Lucy is just jealous that she and Doc are together. Lucy says, it’s not going to last, and thinks it’s just pity. It’s not in Doc’s nature to abide anyone who causes harm to others.

The doorknob to Lulu’s office jiggles. She asks, who’s there? It’s not-Doc. She lets him in, and says she thought he was going to the party. He says he got her message, and his plans changed. He closes the door behind him. She asks how many people Ryan killed, and he tells her, nine. She says, only seven came up when she was researching it. When her back is to him, he slips her driver’s license out of her purse. He lists the women Ryan killed, but she doesn’t have two of them. He says the names didn’t come up anywhere because the murders were never solved.

Anna sits in a wheelchair at the reception area, and Finn asks if she isn’t jumping the gun; she’s not discharged yet. She asks if that isn’t just a formality. He tells her the hospital functions on formalities, and she’s supposed to stay in her room in the meantime. She wants to put this behind her, but she understands how lucky she is. Finn says her body responded to treatment, and Griff has given her the all clear. She says, thank God it’s over, and thanks him for dealing with the virus. She wishes she knew how she got it, and he says he does too.

At Chase’s apartment, he takes Willow’s coat. She says she never appreciated Port Charles like she does now. It’s nice to enjoy a meal in safety. Chase says he can eat in the hallway and be a lookout, but she says she wouldn’t want him to do that. He wants her to feel safe with him.

Josslyn tells Oscar, the cellar was built in 1850, and the town can’t decide whether to fill it in or fix and preserve it. Oscar votes for preservation. It’s a piece of history. He can’t believe they haven’t explored the catacombs yet, but Josslyn says she’d forgotten about it. She tells him that the seniors had to be lying, and if they found a way in, there’s no reason the two of them couldn’t. Oscar says, maybe they missed one. Josslyn says the Black Duck was built over the catacombs. There’s got to be a way in through there.

Michael thanks Lucas for meeting him. Lucas says, it sounded serious. Michael wants to talk about Wiley’s future. Lucas asks if he means in general, or something specific. Michael gives him a document, and says he’s set up a college fund. Lucas says Michael is too generous, but he can’t accept it. Michael asks Lucas to let him do this; he loves Wiley, and it has nothing do with him losing Jonah. He’s Wiley’s godfather, and he wants to help. Lucas thanks him for his generosity and courage. He doesn’t know how Michael does it. He can’t imagine losing Wiley.

Laura sits with Sonny and Carly. Laura suggest Carly give her mother a call. Laura only came in toward the end, but she guesses the book isn’t just about the town; it’s about the people who live there. Sonny asks if he should be worried, and Laura says he should be warned. No one was left unscathed.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t deserve Doc, and Ava says, but she does? Lucy says she didn’t kill anybody’s father, but Ava says not everybody might agree. Lucy says, Victor swallowed the necklace all on his own, and she tried to save him. That makes her worthier than the woman who killed Connie Falconari, and tricked Sonny into murdering AJ. Ava says she didn’t do that. Lucy says she just hasn’t been convicted. Ava says Lucy is right about Doc. He has a kind forgiving heart.

Lulu asks if Ryan told not-Doc about the murders before he died, and why didn’t he tell the police? Not-Doc says it’s a shame a driver’s license doesn’t capture a person’s soul. She asks what he’s doing. He says she’s an investigative reporter. Tell him what she thinks he’s doing.

Finn tells Anna that he neutralized the virus, meaning it will never flare up again, as opposed to it being dormant, where there are no signs, but the virus is still active. She asks how long she’s had it, but he says they have no way of telling. It could have been years. She says if it’s been in her body indefinitely, what changed? Why did she go blind?

Chase gives Willow a glass of wine, and she thanks him for making it easy. He says she’s the one making it easy. It’s nice to be with someone so honest. Some people in his life haven’t been. He says he’s heard it’s unattractive to talk about exes on a date, but she says she likes hearing about other people’s mistakes. Then she doesn’t feel as bad about her own.

Laura suggests Sonny encourage Dante to come home. The long separation from Lulu isn’t good. Sonny says he didn’t know it would be so long. Laura wonders why the WSB can’t do a manhunt without a member of the local police. Sonny says, the man he’s chasing almost killed Luke. Lucy asks if she could talk to Sonny, and Laura tells them, have fun. She and Carly leave the table, and Lucy tells Sonny the book launch was a huge success, and thanks him. Carly asks Laura if she’s expecting someone, and Laura says her daughter was supposed to cover the book launch, and missed the entire thing. Sitting alone, Ava wonders where Doc is.

Lulu tells not-Doc that he’s scaring her. Her mother and husband have been worried about him for some time, thinking the anniversary of the murders took its toll on him. He says, they certainly had an effect. She says she wanted to make sure the victims were treated respectfully, including him. He says he’s not one of Ryan’s victims. She says he had a breakdown and convinced himself that he was Ryan, and he seems be thinking that way now. He says, for the record, her articles weren’t displeasing. Pedestrian writing aside, she managed to capture a spark of Ryan’s genius. She tries to run around him, but he says, time’s up. He’s given her hint after hint, and the truth is staring her in the face. She sees who he is. She says, not Ryan; he’s dead. He takes out a knife, and tells her, if she’s going to be a reporter, she needs to be diligent about checking facts.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they’re on top of the catacombs. She’s sure there’s an entrance, but they’ve been over every inch. There’s no way in, unless they go through the floor. Oscar doesn’t think that’s a good idea; the floor is shaky as it is. The boards are probably rotted since it was built in 1800. Josslyn says she’s sorry, but he’s glad they came. She says she wanted to make one thing work, but he tells her, after weeks of sitting in the hospital playing Go Fish and Celebrity, he’s doing something cool. It doesn’t matter if they make it to the catacombs. They’re here together.

Kim wishes she could keep Oscar all to herself, and Elizabeth says, he’s her baby. Kim says, he’s also fifteen, and she wants him to have a normal life, until he can’t. She supposes that doesn’t include hanging out with mom. Elizabeth thinks she should share that with Josslyn. She can get him to fall in line. Kim says she and Drew have given him free reign over his time, on the condition he check in every three hours to let them know he’s fine. It’s been great up to now. It’s been three hours and fifty-two minutes. She thinks she should be saying it’s probably nothing to worry about, but Elizabeth says, when it’s your kid, you worry.  

Lulu lies on the floor. Not-Doc cleans his knife. She struggles to get up, and he says he missed. He won’t make that mistake again. All of a sudden, he grabs his head and drops to the floor. Lulu stumbles around him. He makes a grab for her, but she gets out the door. Not-Doc passes out.

Chase tells Willow, his ex was one huge mistake in a series of catastrophic ones. She did a number on him. He’s past it, but part of something like that sticks with you. Willow kisses him, and he says that was a nice surprise. She says for her too. He wants her to know he’s not the kind of guy who thinks dinner and drinks entitle him to something else. He likes her too much to rush in and screw things up. She says, if anyone screwed up, it’s her, letting him believe something that’s not true. She wants to set it right. She needs to come clean.

Carly says Sonny told her about Ava’s request. To be clear, there’s no way they’re going to let her leave town with Avery, never mind the country. Ava says Avery is all she has left. She shouldn’t have come to Port Charles in the first place. Carly thinks she should leave, and Ava says she needs to have her one remaining child with her, at least part of the time. Carly tells her to do what she needs to do, but Avery stays there. The elevator door opens, and Lulu staggers out to Laura, dropping to the floor. Laura says she’s been stabbed; call 911. She tells Lulu to stay with her. Ava says, just like Kiki. Lucas puts pressure on Lulu’s wound, and tells her, keep breathing. Laura begs Lulu to stay with them and breathe.

Finn tells Anna that he could go through other cases, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. The nature of the virus and it’s transfer remain a mystery for now. She says she called Robert, asking for any intel on the virus. He hasn’t called back yet, so that means he probably does, and he’ll let her know in his own sweet time. Finn says, spies are weird, and Anna says, yeah.

Willow tells Chase, when they first met, he saw a pamphlet on grieving parents in her car. She said it was for someone else, but she lied; it was for her. Chase tells her not to be offended, but he wouldn’t be a good detective if he hadn’t figured that out. She says he knew all along, and he says he strongly suspected, but now that she’s told him, he’s sorry for her loss. She says that’s why she’s so bad at dating. She’s only ever been with one man; the baby’s father. He says she doesn’t have to say anything, but she wants to talk about it. They didn’t stay together. He says, losing a baby is hard, but she says she didn’t lose the baby. That is, he didn’t die. In the support group, they think that’s what happened, but she couldn’t find a group that matched her situation. Her baby is alive, but she gave him up for adoption. Um… I’m sure there’s an online group for that.

At the hospital, the doctor says there’s one internal wound, and heavy bleeding. Lucas tells Laura that Lulu has been stabilized, and they’re getting her to the ER as soon as possible. She’s lost a lot of blood, but he thinks she got to them in time. Laura says she came by Lulu’s office; why did she leave? Sonny tells her not to blame herself.

Not-Doc feels around for the elevator button. I guess he can’t see? One of the doors opens, and he gets in.

Carly tells Ava that she’s free to go, but Ava says she’s waiting for Doc. Carly says she may want to call him. Lulu was attacked, and only hotel guests are allowed in the building. Carly says she’s going to the hospital, and Ava asks for an update when she gets there. Not-Doc stumbles out of the elevator, feeling around. Ava asks what happened. He says he thought the electricity went out, but the elevator was still moving. He can’t see. Called it.

The doctor tells Laura that Lulu is stable, and in the OR now. They won’t know how severe her injury is until they operate. Laura asks to see her, just for a moment. She goes in, and Elizabeth tells her that Lulu isn’t in any pain. Laura goes to Lulu’s bedside, and pets her head. She tells Lulu that she loves her. So many people do, especially Rocco and Charlotte. They need her, and Laura needs her. She begs Lulu to please stay with them.

Carly arrives, and asks how Lulu is. Sonny says she’s stabilized. Carly says she called Valentin, and both kids are asleep. She prays when they wake up, they still have a mother.

Willow hopes Chase doesn’t think she didn’t love her baby enough to take care of it. He doesn’t, and she says she knows she did the best for her son, but there hasn’t been one second when she doesn’t miss him. Chase can’t imagine how hard a decision it was. At least she knows he’s alive and well, and in a good home. She says she almost didn’t go through with it. She almost took her baby back. Chase asks why she didn’t? and she says he was already in a loving home; that’s what she was told. As much as it hurts, she believes he’s better off.

Carly tells Sonny that Lulu isn’t the only reason she’s there. She and Ava found Doc. He said he had a terrible headache, and lost his sight. They’re checking him out now, but there’s no explanation so far.

Curtis and Jordan examine Lulu’s office. Curtis says it looks like she put up a fight, and Jordan says, damn right. Judging from the blood on the floor, she was stabbed by her desk, and moved out. When she stood up, the killer must have still been there. Curtis sees the knife on the floor. He says, it’s the same M.O., but this time, they left their weapon.

Ava says not-Doc must be terrified, and he says he’s been through worse. He wonders if anyone knows how he lost his eyesight so quickly. Ava tells him Carly said something about Lulu being attacked. He asks if she’s all right, and would Ava do him a favor, and check on her and Laura. She says Lulu is in surgery, and she’s the last person Laura wants to see. He says she’s asking for both of them. He thinks she’d feel better if she knows another child didn’t suffer the same fate as Kiki. Ava says she’ll ask the nurse.

Kim asks Carly if she’s heard from Josslyn. She can’t reach Josslyn or Oscar. Carly says Josslyn told her that they wanted work on the planner. Kim says they want to cross things off the list, and hopes they didn’t do anything foolish.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he wants to stay; he likes it there. Josslyn thinks he’s just saying that to make her feel better about her brilliant inspiration being a total lapse. He says she’s more disappointed than she is. She wishes she could make it better, and he says she is, by being there. She says she’s been wishing for miracles, even though she knows he hates them. Wishing for them and hating them are both weird. He says he hates how people use them as an excuse not to talk about death. He’s dying, and maybe he wants to talk about it now and then. Josslyn says if he wants to talk about death, they can. She can’t promise not to get emotional, but anything he wants to say, she’ll listen. He can’t imagine being gone. He imagines what it would be like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his dad. He doesn’t think as much about the actual climbing, since that requires training; just about being at the top. She’s with them sometimes, and sometimes, it’s just her and him. That’s when it’s the most beautiful. The worst part of thinking about dying is leaving her, and how much he’ll miss her. He puts his arm around her, and she snuggles against him.

Willow tells Chase the baby’s father couldn’t be in the picture for all kinds of reasons. She tells herself that she did the right thing, but knowing her son is out there, and someone else is holding him is more painful than she imagined. She says now she’s completely derailed the evening, but he says, not at all. He’s glad she told him. So is she, but she still thinks she should go. Chase says he’ll walk her to her car.

Michael tells Laura that he heard chatter on the police radio that evidence was found in Lulu’s office. Sonny asks if it’s enough to ID the killer, but Michael doesn’t know. Laura says there were officers everywhere, and the killer still managed to attack her daughter. She doesn’t know what it will take to stop him.

Curtis sees a bloody footprint on the floor, and says, jackpot. Jordan says they’ve finally caught a break. The killer has stared making mistakes. Curtis says if they find the owner of the shoes, they’ll find the serial killer.

Ava tells not-Doc that Lulu is’t good. She may not make it. He heaves a sigh of relief, but says, that’s just awful. Ava shows him his shoes, which are in a bag, and says she’ll make herself useful. She’ll take those home, and bring back some slippers for him. She leaves.

Elizabeth tells Anna that Lulu was attacked. She’s in surgery, and Doc is in the hospital too. He says he can’t see. Anna tells Finn that they need to find Doc.

Carly tells Elizabeth that she’s been calling Josslyn and Oscar, and getting no response. She asks if Elizabeth can call Cameron.

Josslyn is freezing. She suggests they go back to her house, make popcorn and hot chocolate, and watch a movie. Oscar passes out. Josslyn tells him it will be okay.

A lot of collapsing going on today.

Tomorrow, Chase introduces his godson to Willow, Oscar wonders how they’ll get out if Josslyn doesn’t go for help, and Carly tells someone Josslyn is in trouble.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR, which is now open for brunch. Billie wanted to host something to promote the LGBTQ profile, and it’s packed. Lisa asks why James is there, and he says he’s there to say hi to Billie. Lisa says Billie defended James at the meeting, and he says he came to support her brunch. Lisa is glad to see him sober. Billie comes over and says people are loving it. She’s grateful to Lisa. Lisa talks about going to Stassi’s new event.

Stassi is on the phone, setting up photos. Outfit of the Day is now a holiday she started. Beau comes out in overalls, and she’s like, no. He says he’s comfortable. She asks if he can find something to wear that he’s just as comfortable in, but that’s not that. The day is about being yourself, and expressing your individuality and unique style, but she has to draw the line somewhere, and the line is at overalls. She explains that she found a company where she could submit a holiday. They told her to get a website up, and it was approved. In her interview, she says Patrick thought OOTD was cringy, and she’d have to sneak off to take photos. Beau is supportive, even making her a hashtag to hang up. She tells him that she’s doing everything to be good, but no matter what, her mom constantly tells her that she’s not good. We flash back to one of the many times in two episodes that Dayna was being an a-hole. Stassi says she needs a break from her mother. Beau tells her not to get wrapped up in all that, and she says she’s a holiday owner now.

Billie says it’s all about the good vibe. Kristen comes in with Katie, and Billie wonders why she’s there. Tom says, she’s been banned from the restaurant four times, and Billie says, Lisa needs to re-ban her. In Billie’s interview, she says, starting sh*t is Kristen’s thing, and her energy smells like dogsh*t. My question is, why is Billie looking like a somewhat dowdy 50s housewife? She goes over to their table, and says it’s random to see them there. The last time they talked, it wasn’t good. They were talking about James negatively. Kristen says Billie doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and Billie says he’s one of her close friends. Kristen doesn’t think Billie should be friends with him at all, but Billie says Kristen is holding a lot of anger, and campaigning hate. Katie says Billie is campaigning to get Kristen banned. In her interview, Katie says, there are bottles of tequila behind the bar that have been at SUR longer than Billie. Billie says she doesn’t want drama, and Kristen says she’s there as a customer, and Billie is creating drama at her table. Kinda weird. Billie tells them, enjoy brunch, and disappears, poof! because she knows what Kristen said is true.

Stassi tells us this is the begging of the empire she wants to create; her own version of Lisa’s empire, but instead of classic elegance, National OOTD day is more like, basic bitch. Tom says since he’s off duty, he can flex his OOTD. Schwartz wants a National Mumu Day.

Jax wonders if he was disrespectful. Brittany tells Jax that she hates conflict, especially with Lisa.

Katie tells Scheana what happened with Billie. Lala says it’s pathetic. She tells the girls that she’s going to the studio with James tonight. Katie wanted them come over to make flyers. In her interview, Katie says she wanted the girls to come together and make something new for Tuesdays. Katie is confused as to why Lala wants to hang out with James, especially when they’re figuring out Tuesday. Lala says, at one point, James was her only friend. Kristen appreciates that, but she doesn’t know what to say. Katie thinks the only way James will hit rock bottom is if he thinks he won’t have Lala in his life. He thinks it’s all good now. In Lala’s interview, she says she let her guard down, and felt for James, but now that she’s been talking to Katie and Kristen, her gut is speaking to her. She feels like James played her again, and Lala is no fiddle

Lisa agrees with Stassi that dressing up enhances your self-esteem. Stassi gives an interview, saying she loves classic, feminine, timeless styles. Lala wants Tom and Ariana to make a baby. Ariana asks if she can do it in a test-tube, and wonders when men will be getting pregnant. In Tom’s interview, he says him getting pregnant might be the only way he and Ariana will have a baby. Knock him up. Lisa joins them. Tom wonders when the big reveal is. In her interview, Lisa says she and Ken have been working tirelessly on TomTom. We see a clip of that. She tells Tom it’s going to be in a few days when everything is unwrapped and in place.

Stassi has Beau check Instagram, and he says OOTD is on fire. Stassi is pleased that thanks to her, all these people are taking pictures of themselves in their outfits, when they’d never felt confident enough before. She wants to do it every year. More and more people will get involved, and one day it will be a federal holiday, and schools and banks will be closed. You’re welcome. She tells Beau that she’s going to try so hard, and puts a piece of burger in his mouth with hers. Bleh.

Brittany and Scheana take pictures in front of a flower wall. Brittany tells Lisa that she was a nervous wreck at the meeting. She doesn’t usually speak her mind. When she did, she didn’t want Lisa to get mad at her, but Lisa said she was disappointed. In Lisa’s interview, she says if she based every decision on business and money, Jax wouldn’t be there. She tells Brittany, when Jax was yelling, she didn’t need his input. Not everything is black and white. Jax joins them, and Brittany tells him they were talking about the meeting. Jax says when he sees his fiancé crying, he has to step up. Lisa say she’s not ready for his attitude again, but he says he’s just defending his fiancé. She says he doesn’t need to be negative and rude, and maybe she needs to teach him how. He thinks she should focus on James. Lisa says she doesn’t need him telling her that. In her interview, Brittany says that she used to think she made Jax look better, but now that they’re engaged, when he acts like this, he makes her look worse. Lisa says she was talking to Brittany. Jax says he just wanted to apologize, but Lisa says she missed the apology. Jax says he’s sorry, and Lisa thanks him. In Jax’s interview, he says he can’t win with Lisa. She’s always going to treat him like the old Jax. James could set fire to SUR, and she’d say, Jax, you thought about doing this. Brittany tells Lisa that she and Jax go at each other, but Lisa says he’s working for her, and needs to show respect.

Ariana goes to Katie’s. Katie says everyone is an hour late. Jax came by, yelling about how Brittany is stressing out. Ariana says she’s not doing this for the next year; making everything about the wedding. In her interview, Katie says Jax was screaming that Lisa was on Brittany’s case, and how no one believes he’s really changed. There’s eleven months until the wedding. Chill. The other girls arrive, and they discuss having a girl’s night. Katie says they’ll forget who James is. Brittany says they’re about to blow that sh*t out of the water. They don’t need James. Ariana says Tom is going to the studio with James, who asked him to bring his trumpet. She was like, Tom, please don’t.

But he did, and we hear him playing badly. He tells James to make him sound like Lala. James was expecting something sexy and sultry, which Lala could have given him. In his interview, he says he sees her in her Rolls with her coffee, and he’s paying out of pocket for studio time. If you say you’re going to come, show up. Tom doesn’t want the sound synthesized, and James says he loves the organic sound. In this case, I guess organic means bad. Tom asks if he’s as good as Lala, and James says, yeah, but I don’t think he’s saying that in his head. Tom asks if James and Lala are friends again, and James says, it’s complicated.

The girls decide on Girls’ Night In for the name of their event. Lala tells them that she loves them.

James says the girls act like they’re playing Duck, Duck, Goose; a child’s game. He wonders who the duck is that the chicks are following, causing his game reference to make no sense. That Katie is doing his Tuesday night is a gutting feeling. In his interview, James says Katie won’t stop reminding him what a bitch she is. She wants to change everything, but the people were coming there for him. James says he hopes it goes well. He sounds sincere, confusing me even more.

In Lala’s interview, she says every person in the world has seen her boobs, so she doesn’t mind bringing them out for a good cause. They create a flyer with the text covering Lala’s nipples: SUR presents Girls’ Night In. Katie thinks Jax should chill out. In her interview, Brittany thinks everyone is waiting for them to mess up. We flash back to various comments from the others about Jax. Brittany wonders when everyone is going to believe they’re happy. Brittany tells the girls that she’s on the brim of freaking out. She leaves, saying she’s not doing this sh*t anymore, but isn’t specific about what this sh*t is, other than saying something unintelligible about her relationship. Back home, she tells Jax that she’s going to lose it, and to give her a second.

Scheana thinks Brittany lets little things affect her in a big way. Jax quickly blows  in and out, the girls telling him to let Brittany freak out. Scheana gets a text from Brittany saying she’s not mad at them. She’s just having a bad weird day. Katie wonders if she’d feel this way if she wasn’t marrying Jax.

Jax asks if Brittany is all right; what’s going on? She says she’s about to lose it. These are her best friends, and Katie was complaining about Jax talking about the wedding. She keeps hearing everyone talking, and it’s giving her a pit in her stomach, thinking Lisa is mad at her. She feels like she’s constantly keeping the peace between Lisa and Jax. Jax says he was sticking up for her. She says she knows that, and Jax says he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. She feels like they have to prove they’re in a great place, but Jax says only to themselves. In Brittany’s interview, she feels like their friends are pulling them back to the same place, and she just want everyone to be happy for them. Jax tells her, don’t worry about it.

Lala and Scheana go to see Lala’s acting coach, Shannon. In her interview, Scheana says she’s dusting off her acting chops, and went back to her old manager. She hasn’t been in class for a long time. She prefers cold reads, but she and Lala are doing some improv. Shannon tells Lala that she’s Scheana’s boss, and Scheana has been screwing up a lot at work. Scheana starts telling Lala her excuses, which sound exactly like things out of Scheana’s real life. In Lala’s interview, she says Scheana is being herself. She loves acting because she gets to be everyone who isn’t her, but Scheana is so vain, she can’t imagine being anyone else. Shannon wants to play with illusions, and tells them to act out orgasms. In Scheana’s usual TMI way, she says she’ll be great at this, since she never had one until last year. They both go for it, and Lala says the Oscar winning performance goes to Scheana.

Stassi visits Katie and Schwartz. Stassi tells Katie that #NationalOOTDDay got over a thousand posts. Katie says Stassi really turned it out. She’s excited for tonight. Schwartz says he likes to take the high road, but hopes they’re more successful than James. Katie wants make everyone happy whose been bummed, but then yesterday happened. Billie took to social media, saying the girls at her job didn’t include the trans girl. She’s trying to insinuate that they left her out because she’s trans. Ariana says she even asked Billie to come. Now she’s gone on a smear campaign. We see a clip of her asking Katie about inviting Billie, and Katie says everyone is invited, but she does need her to help. Katie says she doesn’t pretend to know the adversity Billie has come up against, but she’s had nothing but compassion and support.

Scheana doesn’t like what Billie has been saying on social media. It’s not about her being trans. Lala says it’s hurtful. In her interview, Lala says she liked Billie when they first met, but in the past year, she’s been nothing but rude. She stirs the pot, and now she’s liking posts that are saying the girls at SUR are transphobic. Now it’s a thing. Schwartz says if she feels left out, it’s a real thing, but she should have approached them personally. Katie says she only had the people over who were planning the party, but Billie was invited to the party. Stassi says Billie acts the opposite of what she says her message is.

At SUR, before Girls’ Night In, Peter tells Katie if they’re replacing James, he was there several nights a week. She says tonight isn’t about James, and it’s a trial run. Manager Diana tells her the room is packed. In her interview, Katie says they got a masseuse, a sparkle bar, and DJ Mickey. James isn’t the only person that can make a ton of money for SUR. Ariana brings in some fancy vodka for shots, promising it’s like liquid gold. Kristen says, it’s insane; so many people. In Stassi’s interview, she says they don’t need James to be successful.

Raquel asks James if every Tuesday night is going to be Girls’ Night, and James says he hopes not. Tom arrives. In his interview, Tom says he’d like to be at the first Girls’ Night In, but they’re having a night in with robes and rosé. He wants to make sure James knows he’s there for him. DJing on Tuesday nights was his identity. He says Schwartz says it’s already packed, and there’s a line out the door. In James’s interview, it pisses him off that Katie is having her night on Tuesday, and now Lala’s boobs are getting the credit.

The place is jumping, but people are packed so tight, I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. Everyone is taking photos, and the girls are dancing on the bar, and pouring shots. Lisa tells Ken, the girls have done it. James won’t be thrilled, but she has to give the girls their due. She says, it must be girl power or p*ssy power or something. Billie arrives, whines that she wasn’t included, and didn’t know about the event until it was posted. I assume along with everyone else who wasn’t in on the planning, so…? In her interview, she says, as a child, she wasn’t allowed to go to girls’ things, and missed out on a lot. It made her feel like she was wrong, and she felt a rush of shame at not being included.

Ariana climbs over the bar, going over to see Billie. She says she doesn’t want Billie to feel excluded. And Billie asks why she left out the trans woman. Ariana says it’s becoming something it’s not. It’s her personal beef with Katie that has to be worked out. in her interview, Ariana says she’s in the middle of two girls who are her friends. She has empathy for Billie’s position, but at the same time, Billie just had an altercation with Katie. Ariana wouldn’t invite her either. Katie asks, what’s going on? and Billie repeats her gripe about not being included. Katie says, tonight is for everyone, so stop making it something it’s not. Her posts are perpetuating the insinuation that they’re discriminatory. Billie says they never included the trans woman. In Billie’s interview, she tells us that she never called them transphobic. She just liked a few comments from supportive people about being excluded. She tells Katie, an apology would have been good. Katie says Billie is the one who needs to apologize. Billie says Katie doesn’t get it. Cis privileged for sure. Katie tells her, stop it. Ariana wants them to be able to talk it out, but says no one is listening to her.

Katie tells Lala what Billie said about her being cis privileged. Lala says, eff that bitch. In her interview, Lala tells us that she doesn’t quite know what that means, but if it came out of Billie’s mouth, it’s effed up. 

Lisa tells Katie, it’s crazy, and asks if they’re doing this every Tuesday. Katie asks if Lisa wants them to, and Lisa says she does. Katie says she’ll do it. The line down the street blew her expectations out of the water, but to hear Lisa say it, confirms it. Katie tells the others, and they toast to Girls’ Night In. In Kristen’s interview, she dances around, saying she won. James is done.

Tom listens to his own playing, and makes faces, saying things like, that’s gotta go. He tells James, edit the sh*t out of that,

Lisa says, it’s a raving success. Billie joins her table, and Lisa asks if she’s having fun. Billie says, no. She wasn’t included in the planning, and didn’t know about it until it was posted. She says she wasn’t tagged in the original post. Lisa knows she’s coming from her trans experience of not being included, but she’s here. Billie ignores this, and says she’s trans and it’s Girls’ Night; her pronoun. They’re not being sensitive. Lisa gets how much Billie has endured, but thinks that’s a separate issue. The girls probably organized it between themselves, but that has nothing to do with Billie being trans. She’s never heard a negative comment about that, and everyone has had the utmost admiration for Billie. In Lisa’s interview, she understands that Billie’s had a difficult journey, but they’ve all been welcoming and supportive. Once again ignoring what Lisa just said, Billie tells Lisa that her feelings were hurt. Katie is crying about her weight all the time. Lisa says, it wasn’t deliberate, but Billie says if Katie can pull the fat card, she can pull the trans card. Lisa says she’s not hearing any more of this nonsense.

Next time, Billie tells Lala she’s not better than everyone just because she has a rich boyfriend, Lala calls Billie a psychopath, Tom has an 80s roller rink birthday party, and the big reveal.

👸 Interesting. IMO, they treated Billie exactly like one of the girls. If we’re pissed at you, we’re not including you in the planning of the party. She’s also seems to have confused the planning party (if you want to call it that) with the event itself. Seems to me they never even considered her to be anything but one of the girls. and it’s her own projection. I get why, but she needs to woman-up and admit she’s wrong. On Twitter.

📺 I saw a preview for Mexican Dynasties, premiering Tuesday, February 26th at 10 pm, and it looks good. Don’t Be Tardy starts its new season on Sunday, February 17th at 9 pm. As much as I don’t care for Kim Zolciak, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and especially Kim on RHOA, I like this show. Zany is the perfect word for it.

🙊 After Watch What Happens Live, at 11:30, Bravo aired a new show, Dating: No Filter, and I think it’s a keeper. It’s like People’s Couch, but the people on the couch are critiquing couple’s first dates. The dates were pretty awful, but the critiques were funny as hell. They’re airing episodes all week at 10:30 pm on E!

Gay guy after being asked by his date if his family knows he’s gay: We haven’t had that talk yet.

Commenter: Have they seen that shirt?

📓 BTW, Andy Cohen has a stenographer? Stenographers still exist who aren’t retired?

🏥 Leida Continues Her Pursuit of a Medical Career…

No, wait. She doesn’t.

The Instagram post where she promises we’ll never have to see her on TV again. I believe it if you believe it.

😍 Because I Love Her…

No surprise, Lady Gaga’s Vegas looks are incredible.

🎶 Since We’re On the Subject…

My favorite Gaga song.


January 18, 2019 – Lucy Launches Her Book, a Bit of Chef, Yolanda is Done, a Plethora of 90 News, Dirty Documentary, Quote Quid, MLK & Sedation


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Due to a mini-emergency beyond my control, I miss the beginning. Why this stuff has to happen as it’s nearing 3 o’clock is beyond me, but that’s always when there’s breaking news or a press conference, or the government has something to say too. It’s a conspiracy. Moving on…

Lucy thanks everyone for coming. She says her security detail is there to assist the PCPD to protect them from the worst serial killer since Felicia, her bestie and fellow push-up bra lover, inadvertently brought Ryan to Port Charles. It’s all in her book, which she’s going to read from. She asks Felicia when Doc is going to show up, and Felicia says she keeps his schedule in her other bra. Mac suggests having some of the signature cocktails he’s whipped up.

Nina wants Maxie to be honest, and Maxie tells her to remember she asked for it. Peter brings over some cocktails, but Maxie says she needs to talk to Nina, so he finds somewhere else to be. Maxie says she can’t tell Nina what to do, but she should follow her heart. Nina says if they opened her chest, her heart would be wearing a dunce cap. Maxie says, whatever Nina’s answer is to Valentin, they’ll always be family.

At the podium, Lucy says she wanted to dedicate the evening to her top investor, but he hasn’t arrived yet. In lieu of that, she’ll read the first passage about Port Charles’s most iconic citizen, Sonny Corinthos. She reads about Sonny’s attraction to strong women.

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t need a shrink. She says they need professional advice. He says that’s why he’s got caregivers. They just had a bad day. Carly says, it wasn’t a bad day; Mike punched Sonny in the face, thinking he was a stranger trying to rip him off. Sonny says Mike still has good days, but Carly says, the good days are becoming less. Sonny tells her, when he left Mike, he seemed calm and lucid. Carly asks how long he thinks that will last. Mike is getting worse, and will continue to get worse until there are no more good days. Sonny asks if she can’t she see things from his point of view. She knows he wants to repair the damage, and make peace out of the hurt and anger. She gets it, but ignoring this helps no one, least of all Mike. She doesn’t know what to do, but he doesn’t either. That’s why she wants to talk to Doc.

Not-Doc hears someone at the office door. It’s Ava, and he says he told her that he had appointments, but she thought she’d check in. She asks if he’s spoken to Sonny and Carly about allowing Avery out of the country. He says they’re meeting in a few minutes, and she says, perfect. She’ll join them. He says, actually… and she says she’s not going anywhere.

Lulu says Laura must be cursing fate. She’s mayor for one day, and walks into a mess. Laura says she’s cursing the serial killer. The idea that he’s copying Ryan terrifies her. There are already three innocent people dead. Is he killing six more to reach Ryan’s final count? When she closes her eyes, she sees the list with nine names on it. Lulu asks where she saw it, and Laura says, on Doc’s desk. He made a list of Ryan’s victims.

Not-Doc tells Ava not to take it the wrong way, but her presence might be counter-productive. Ava says, on the contrary. It could get heated, and he won’t get a word in edgewise. He says he’s a professional, and she says, exactly. He doesn’t know how to fight fire with fire. He needs his own dragon. He says he’d rather she save her fire for when the celebrate their victory. She asks if he’s seducing her into leaving, and he says he can do this for her, and will. He’d do anything for her; wait and see. He kisses her, and says he’ll meet her at the book party later. He thinks he can hold his own. It’s a side of him she’s never seen.

Sonny thought Carly was pissed at Doc. She say he called and apologized. Despite how weird he’s been acting, he was a huge help when she was at Ferncliff. They could use a session to gain perspective. Sonny says he has perspective, but she says he doesn’t. He needs to talk it through rationally with someone who understands the emotion. Sonny wonders if Carly thinks Doc will agree with her. She says he’s spoken to a shrink before, but he says, this is different. She says, not really. It’s a crisis, and she’s not letting it tear them apart. She asks him to do this for her. They need to deal with it.

Lucy continues to read, the woman who puts the B in bitch, Bobbie Spencer, avenged herself against the man who did her wrong – Damien Smith. Bobbie asks if the book includes Lucy affair with Bobbie’s then husband, Jake, and how she lost her underwear in front of the whole town. Lucy asks what her point is. Bobbie says she can’t wait until Lucy sees who Doc is with now. Payback.

Valentin thinks it’s amazing. The town consists of flawed, deeply complex individuals; some more than others. Lucy has a passage especially for him. Proving that evil is genetic, the brooding Valentin extorted Nikolas into signing over his entire estate… Not content with that, he shot Nikolas on Cassadine Island, and Nikolas fell to his death. Nina says, that’s not how it happened. Maxie asks if there isn’t a happier story in Port Charles’s history. Lucy says, it is history, but okay. She did an interview with Robin. She starts to read about Faison, and Peter thinks she should go back to the Cassadines. Maybe a different one. Lucy tells him, it’s not polite to interrupt a lady while she’s speaking, and continues to read. While Faison poisoned the town, he used mind control to sew discord between Robin’s parents. Maxie says they can read more in the book, or does Lucy have something else? Lucy reads about BJ’s accident leaving her brain dead in 1994, and how Tony made the unbearable decision to donate her heart to Maxie. Bobbie looks distressed, but Lucy continues, and tells them how Tony listened to the beat of his daughter’s heart in Maxie’s chest. Everyone is bummed.

Lulu asks Laura why Doc would have a list of Ryan’s victims. Laura says, he didn’t want his brother glorified, and wanted the dead to be remembered, so he made a list. Felicia was on it, but he sees her as a victim even though she survived. Lulu hates to tell her, but the book launch awaits. She tells Laura that if she sees Doc and Ava, ignore them. Laura could use some moral support, and Lulu says she’ll be there as soon as she finishes up. When Laura is gone, Lulu gets on her laptop. She looks up how many women Ryan killed, and sees it’s seven.

Carly thanks Doc for agreeing to see them. Sonny knows he’s going out of town with Ava. What he does is his business, but he’s not allowing Ava to take Avery. He’s not sure she won’t disappear. He doesn’t trust her, and doesn’t think Doc should. Doc asks if they’ve come to talk about Ava and Avery, but Carly says they want to talk about Sonny’s father. Not-Doc locks the door, and says, force of habit. He doesn’t want any interruptions during a session. Carly says they need to know how to go forward. It’s as if Mike is becoming a different person. Not-Doc says they’ve come to the right place.

Nina sees Curtis having one of Mac’s drinks, and says she didn’t think he was the designer cocktail type. He says, when in Rome... She asks if he’s happy for her, moving back to Windymere, and she and Valentin finding their way back against all odds. He asks if this is a permanent move. She says she’ll tell him what she told Maxie. Hopefully, he can be happy for her regarding any of her decisions, but Curtis makes no promises.

Willow and Chase look at Lucy’s book. Willow says she’s clearly running with the wrong people. Chase tells her, if it wasn’t for double jeopardy, the book would put some people away forever. She asks, when he’s not hanging with criminals, who does he run with? He says he’s quite wild. He and his brother raise hell. Sometimes, they get coffee. They might even get two, and sometimes he doesn’t even finish the first one. Who does she run with? She says she’s a lone wolf. He says he can see that. The first moment he laid eyes on her, he thought, wolf. He has an idea. How about if they run together? Metaphorically, unless she likes jogging. She says, that’s not a bad idea.

Peter tells Mac, hearing about the transplant made him aware of how precious Maxie is. Mac hopes Peter did as he asked, and cut the link between Ryan and the recent murders. Peter says he did. He gives Mac his word, which means something these days. There’s nothing more important than keeping Maxie and everyone she loves safe. Maxie approaches, and asks if they’re talking baseball. Mac says they’re talking about how important she is to all of them. Lucy grabs Felicia, and asks, where’s Laura? Felicia is sure she’ll be there soon. Lucy wonders who Doc is coming with.

Laura sees Bobbie, and asks if she’s okay. Bobbie says she’s fine, but the passage brought back bad memories. Laura says, Lucy is no tower of tact. Bobbie appreciates Laura being gracious given their complicated history, which is concisely and thoroughly explained in the book. Laura thought it was about the town. Bobbie adds, and the people who inhabit it.

On the phone, Lulu says Dante caught her at work. She’s’ fine, but wishes he was home. She asks what he means by she won’t be able to reach him for a while. How long? She says it’s good he’s closing in on Rog. She tells him, do what he needs to do. She misses and loves him. After she hangs up, she thinks about Laura saying there were nine names on the list.

Lulu calls Doc, but he ignores it. Carly tells him that when Sonny was a kid, Mike walked out. They patched things up over the years, more or less. When Mike was diagnosed, Sonny bent over backwards for Mike to stay with them. Sometimes, Mike doesn’t know where is or who Sonny is. Sonny says Mike has nobody. He needs to make sure Mike is cared for and knows he’s loved. Carly says it’s at the expense of Sonny’s own well-being. Not-Doc thinks he knows where this is coming from. It’s about Morgan, the son they couldn’t save.

Lucy reads about Felicia fighting Ryan off, and being sent to the loony bin until the truth came out. Thanks to Mac, both her heart and head were healed, Mac thinks it’s time for a break and his signature cocktails. Lucy suggests he call one of them a Tracy – half bitters, and half sour. Felicia mumbles, how about the Lucy? A thin glass of bourbon with a necklace stuck in it. Lucy comes over and says maybe she read the room wrong, but is Felicia mad at her?

Felicia asks for a moment. She says, why would she be mad? Lucy only dredged up painful memories of her past in front of a room of people. Lucy says it’s the anniversary of the killings, and she’d be remiss not to mention it. Felicia sees her perspective, but didn’t want to relive it tonight. Lucy apologizes, and Felicia begrudgingly accepts. Bobbie asks Lucy if she’s mentioned Doc is seeing someone. Lucy asks if she can say who it is. Ava comes in, and Lucy says, no way is Doc seeing that sleaze Ava.

Not-Doc says, grief doesn’t die. It manifests in a number of ways, and he thinks Sonny’s grief is related to how he’s dealing with his father. He was unable to keep Morgan safe. Mike is declining, and Sonny wants to keep him close in a way he couldn’t with Morgan. It’s human, admirable, and particularly poignant. Sonny asks how it can be made easier, and not-Doc suggests they visit Morgan’s grave. Carly says they do at least once a week. Not-Doc says, tell him the things they’d say if he was still there. Sonny asks what that has to do with his dad? and not-Doc says he can use it as a tool for talking to his father, who isn’t really there either. Carly says they could do it tomorrow, but not-Doc says, why wait when they can start healing tonight? Sonny says they’re supposed to be at the book party, but he’d rather talk to Morgan. Carly agrees, and thanks not-Doc. Sonny says, it helped, and not-Doc tells them to call his assistant if they want a follow up. After they leave, he takes out a knife, and says something tells him they won’t need it.

Valentin says Nina is avoiding him. He did ask her to marry him. She says she needed time to consider it, and he asks what she’s decided.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s sorry. She twisted his arm to get him there. He says, it’s a publishing event, and she says, from a rival publisher. And he had to listen to Lucy dredge up his demented father. He says, it’s always painful, but he didn’t run away screaming. Good thing he came.

Mac suggests he bring Felicia his carbonic snow concoction. She says she loves his concoctions.

Lulu leaves a message for not-Doc, and calls Peter. He wonders where she is, and she begs him to reconsider the story. She has new information. If it checks out, he’ll see the connection. Peter tells her that he said no, and that’s final. He wants her to come cover the party that he assigned to her. He hangs up, and Maxie says remind her never to work for him. He says he wants to keep everyone safe, especially her. She tells him, that’s what Nathan would have said.

Bobbie has had all of Lucy and the book she can stand. Laura would love to join her, but as mayor, she has to put in an appearance. Bobbie says if she decides to forget the dignity of her office, and rip Lucy’s hair out, good luck. Laura says Lulu is coming, and there won’t be any catfights. Bobbie thinks Lulu would be the first to cheer her on.

Chase says he and Willow are on a date, but he’s surrounded by cops, so he feels like a slacker. He can’t enjoy it. He suggests they make a run for it, and she agrees, saying, that’s what wolfs do.

Felicia congratulates Maxie. Maxie says she should have paid more attention to the contents of the book. Felicia says they have more important things to talk about; like her and Peter. Maxie doesn’t think she should be feeling this way today. It’s her and Nathan’s anniversary. Felicia says it’s okay if she’s not ready to move on, and it’s okay if she is. She needs to focus on what she wants. Whatever happens next is entirely up to her. Maxie says there’s somewhere she needs to be.

Nina tells Valentin that she loves him, loves being with him again, and loves her life right now. It’s perfect. He asks why not make it more perfect. She wonders why not just be together. He says if that’s what she wants, that’s what he wants. She says she wants to go home.

Not-Doc listens to the message from Lulu. She says her mother told her that he had a list of Ryan’s victims, but there were nine instead of seven. She’d love to meet with him and go over them. Not-Doc looks grim.

Laura asks if Curtis has heard from Jordan, and he says she’s still at work. Laura says Jordan briefed her, and she’s aware Curtis found a possible link; good work. He hopes it doesn’t get publicized, and wonders if she can’t talk to Lulu. She says she doesn’t know how much influence she has with Lulu, but Peter already killed the story.

Ava congratulates Lucy, who can’t remember inviting her. Ava says, yet here she is. Lucy tells Ava to stop spreading lies. No way is Doc involved with her. Since Lucy and I are the only ones who call him Doc, Ava isn’t sure what she’s talking about, then realizes she means Kevin. She says, he’s a wonderful man, and they share a deep, meaningful connection. Lucy tells her that if she is involved with Doc, then listen, and listen good. There’s a thing or two she needs to know about him.

Sonny and Carly go to the cemetery. Sonny doesn’t know what to say. Carly tells him to take as much time as he needs.

Lulu’s office door rattles. It’s not-Doc. She tells him that he scared her, and he says he got her message. She says she thought he’d be at the party. He says, unfortunately, his plans changed. He closes the door.

On Monday, Willow tells Chase that she let him believe something that’s not true, Michael wants to talk to Lucas about Wiley’s future, and Lulu asks not-Doc what he’s doing.

🍠 I caught Top Chef late last night, and my takeaway points were: don’t play it safe, don’t cook scared, and being called out by Tom is like being called to the principal’s office. Brandon packed his knives and went, because of slimy tartare. Next time, chefs on a houseboat, manned – and womaned – by Captain Lee and Captain Sandy (Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean). I’ll be making it my businesses to watch those reality cultures collide.  You can see all about it here:

💃 Back and Healthier Than Ever…

Like Yolanda still doesn’t look fabulous.

👹 Still Nasty After All These Months…

Leida is still ahead of Jax for most awful human being.

🎰 Maybe the Third Time’s the Charm…

Frankly, I’d like to strike Coltee on the head too.

👫 It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over…

So, is it over? Love Anfisa’s weigh-in. Funny how she eventually became a voice of reason, when in the beginning, she was much like Larissa.

👋 That Didn’t Take Long…

Interesting how Fernanda accused Larissa of wanting a green card so she could do modeling.

💥 A Disney Cartoon and a Potential Nazi Walk Into a Bar…

Asuelu and Steven, respectively.

💍 How It Works…

The creation story of 90 Day Fiancé.

💻 Hopefully, you’re catching up on Dirty John. While you’re doing that, don’t forget the companion documentary, Dirty John: The Dirty Truth, on rotation on Oxygen.

📝 Quotes of the Week

What the hell is that?Dr. Terry Dubrow, Botched, and something you never want to hear a surgeon say

The thoughtful soul to solitude retires.Omar Khayyam

That’s the problem with goals. They become the thing you talk about instead of the thing you do. – Cherry (Rose McGowan), Planet Terror

I have learned that not diamonds, but divorce lawyers, are a girl’s best friend. – Zsa Zsa Gabor

The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with shoes.Kenneth Cole

🙇 Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 🙇


👍 Weekend Goals…

Brush with celebrity. I saw Joey Ramone on the street once in NYC.










January 16, 2019 – Oscar Begins His Future, New Show, Fun Couple, Bye Trev, Recommending John, Birthday Betty & Milania Can’t Wait


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Alexis thanks a staff member for the use of the space. She says they can’t be disturbed unless the hospital is on fire. The woman says they all know how important the meeting is. Alexis looks at an envelope that says, to remain sealed until all parties are gathered.

Finn sees Anna in the hallway, and asks what she’s doing up. She wants to watch the sunset in the solarium, and he says it sounds lovely, but shouldn’t she be resting? She tells him that she’s going stir crazy. He says she was somewhat blind this morning. Would it kill her to rest? She says she’s not resting until she figures out how she caught the virus.

Nina fixes the book table, telling Valentin nothing is beneath her if she wants it done properly. He says she’s doing a lot for Lucy, but she says the book is about Port Charles. It’s good publicity for the city. It’s crazy how quickly they got on their feet after the earthquake. Valentin loves her civic mindedness, and she says she’s going to see if she can join the school board. She’s not running for an office; she just wants to contribute. Valentin asks for what reason, and she says, Charlotte of course, but she wants every child to get the best education possible. She’d also like some authority when dealing with Charlotte’s teacher. Valentin thinks Willow means well, but Nina tells him not to let Willow’s sweet face fool him. She’s threatened by strong women, and taking it out on Charlotte. Valentin says, speak of the devil.

Cameron uses a stick to pick up litter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before in Port Charles. Laura and Lulu come by. Laura asks how it’s going, and he says he loves it more than juvenile hall. Laura hopes it’s taught him to think his actions through before he gets in trouble, but if he does, taking responsibility is the only way to go. He asks if they ever got in trouble when they were younger, and Lulu says, no way; they were angels. Laura says, downright saintly. He says he’ll try to learn from them, and continues on his way. Lulu wonders if that will be Rocco ten years from now, and Laura says he’ll make it through like they did.

Josslyn and Oscar see Cameron, and Josslyn asks how the inauguration went. Cameron says it went well, but you’d think out of respect for the new mayor, people would throw their trash away. He asks what they’re doing, and Oscar says, planning their future.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina is dying for someone to go a seminar. As much as she doesn’t want to, it will get her closer to Shiloh. Jason thinks that’s exactly what Shiloh wants.

Cameron says he doesn’t need to plan his future; it’s been mapped out for him. He’s picking up trash, then has to write an essay to his drug counselor on why he doesn’t need pot to deal with his problems. Josslyn asks if the counselor realizes Cameron has never smoked. Cameron says he doesn’t by it, even though, in his case it’s true. Oscar says he’s sorry, but Cameron takes full credit for his stupid idea. He’s lucky it didn’t work out. He thinks it’s too cold out there for planning the future, but Josslyn says they’re going to the library, It’s warm, free, and has a lot of information. Oscar says they want to do as muchas they can in the time he has, reminding me of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Lulu asks Laura how her first day was. Laura says it was good, but intimidating. Lulu is proud Laura took her ring off, and was sworn in using her maiden name. She knows it’s still a loss, and it hurts. Laura says if she lets herself go there, she’ll cry, and it’s not a good look for the mayor. She asks if Lulu will be home later, but Lulu says she’s attending the book launch. Laura says she’ll see Lulu there. The book promotes Port Charles, so the mayor should put in an appearance. She’s surprised Lulu is covering it, but Lulu says her story got nixed, so book launch, here she comes. Laura suggests taking bets on how many wardrobe changes Lucy will have. Lulu thinks the people there are bound to be at each other’s throats.

Nina is surprised to see Willow, who says Chase invited her to the launch party. She knows she’s too early, so she’s going to wait for him outside. Valentin says she’s welcome to stay, and Nina tells her to make herself at home, but she wants to see how far behind Chase is. When she leaves, Valentin thanks Nina for taking the high road. He tells her to be cordial with her enemies; they’ll never see her coming. Nina says Willow isn’t her enemy, but Valentin says, if she becomes one, it’s better to be on good terms. She tells him he has a devious mind, and he says he’s never hidden that from her.

Josslyn refers to the journal, and tells Cameron it’s a work in progress. They’ll have to revise some of it. Cameron asks if it’s anything embarrassing. She hands him the journal, and says, proceed with caution. He says, the dog show is crossed out, and Oscar says, see? She says they can watch Best in Show or spend more time with Annabelle. Cameron says, it’s not the same, but Josslyn promises it will be fun. Oscar says he doesn’t know much about Port Charles, and Josslyn says there are a lot of places Oscar hasn’t seen and done. They’re going to hit the high points.

Sam tells Jason that they already talked about this. He says it doesn’t feel right. He thinks Kristina is the on ramp, but Sam is Shiloh’s target. Sam say she used to be a con, and knows what she’s looking for. She’ll see it a mile away. Jason says they know his M.O. He gets people to trust them, finds out their vulnerabilities, and uses those against them. Sam says she’s not vulnerable, but Jason says, yes, she is.

Jason says Shiloh knows what she did, but Sam says she did it to take care of her brother. He says Shiloh will use it against her, and he hates that Shiloh can bring back that pain. She says she’s been through worse. He thinks maybe there’s another way. Why shouldn’t he go? Sam says Shiloh will take one look at him, and know he’s not interested. Everyone in the house will be on edge, and no one will open up to her about what’s going on in there. He tells her, be careful. He doesn’t trust this guy. She says, her neither, but Kristina does, and she has to figure out why.

Cameron says, Oscar has never been on the ferry? It’s cool. He suggest they take the north ferry; it goes to Sawyer. Josslyn asks why they’d want to go there, and Cameron says his mom likes it; they have a bunch of antique stores. Josslyn says they also have a high school full of cheating cheaters who cheat. Cameron calls her a sore loser. Their football team lost, and she’s not over it. Josslyn says the referee called a fumble when there wasn’t one. Cameron and Oscar laugh. She says it’s not funny, but Oscar says they’re in awe of her passion and school spirit. He’s glad he’s not from Sawyer, which they won’t be visiting.

Nina tells Valentin if she fusses long enough with the books, she won’t have to deal with Willow. She doesn’t like the way Willow treats Charlotte or her. She couldn’t love Charlotte any more than if Charlotte was her own, and Willow treats her like an inconsequential person in Charlotte’s life, with no real roll. Valentin knows how to fix that.

Finn tells Anna to rest, and she says he’s taking the guardian angel thing too far. He prefers saint, and doesn’t think she should push this. Anna tells him, if she lies down, she’ll get drowsy. Then she’ll close her eyes. Finn says she’s afraid when she opens them, she won’t see. She knows it sounds silly, but he says, it sounds reasonable. She says it would make her feel better if she knew how she got it. She asks if he’s found out anything with his research.

Monica congratulates Laura, who says Monica’s nephew ran an admirable campaign. Monica admits she supported him, but has every faith that Laura will do the city proud. Laura takes it Monica got a call from Alexis, and Monica assumes she did too. Scotty joins them, and tells them they’re gabbing when they have a lot to do, and hustles them in. Alexis tells them, have a seat, and thanks them for coming. She’s the executor, and there to read Gail’s last will and testament. She was instructed not to open the seal until they were all present. Lucy and Serena agreed they could represent them, as well as Leslie, who’s out of the country. She breaks the seal, and opens the envelope.

Sam arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is excited she came, and can’t wait to show Sam around. Daisy says it’s good to see her again; she’ll love the seminar. It’s called Unburdening Your Past. Shiloh welcomes everyone; visitors, friends, and wandering souls. It’s good to have them.

At Charlie’s, Drew appreciates Jason meeting him. He asks if Jason heard about Oscar. Jason says he knows the medical trial didn’t work; he’s sorry. Drew says the thing is, he and Oscar’s mother are trying to find a way to help him face the end of his life. Josslyn is a big part of it, and that’s why he needs Jason’s help.

Alexis reads the majority of Gail’s assets are in a trust, managed be a neutral third party. Scotty asks, what about the house, Gail’s book royalties, and personal stuff like his father’s watch? Those things are sentimental to him. Alexis says there will be a codicil to address personal items. There’s an education fund for any children Serena might have, with the hopes someone in the family carries on the tradition of medicine. The trust will be used to further endow mental health services at GH. Monica says, leave it to Gail to think of others. Laura suggests putting her picture on the memorial wall, but Alexis says, not so fast. There’s a catch.

Willow tells Lulu that Chase is stuck, and Lulu says she’ll buy Willow a drink. She can tell Willow all about what it’s like being involved with a detective. She wants to apologize again for Charlotte’s behavior. Willow says she doesn’t have to. As much as they don’t like it, bullying happens. Lulu trusts Charlotte has been an angel since the stern talking to. Willow is silent, and Lulu says, or not. Willow says she thinks another conference is in order, but Lulu says they’re there now.

Valentin tells Nina the last few weeks with her and Charlotte under the same roof is all he wants. He’s never been happier. Nina says, her too. He knows they said they’d take it slowly, and he agrees with that, but they are a family. He sees no reason for an arbitrary waiting period to postpone the inevitable. He asks her to marry him again.

Anna asks what Finn has found out. He says according to his research, the virus has been eradicated. Anna asks why she got it, and Finn says he’s determined who patient zero is. Arthur Cabot, an East German doctor. Anna says, wow, and Finn asks if she knows him. She says she knows of him. He did medical research for the DVX.

Nina asks Valentin if that’s a proposal. He says it’s a proposal for permission to propose. He wants to know they’re on the same page, but he’s afraid if he rushes things he’ll push her away. She tells him to continue. He says he loves her; he always has. He wants to marry her again, and rebuild their family with Charlotte; get on with living their lives as soon as possible. Is she interested? Lulu asks if she can have a moment, and Valentin says they’re busy. She says, it can’t wait. Willow shared troubling news about Charlotte. Willow was hoping to discuss it privately after school, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say to Nina as well. Willow says she’s aware that Charlotte has been struggling with her grade in history; the subject matter doesn’t interest her. She’d been getting C’s, but last week, they had two quizzes, and she got an A on both. Nina asks what the trouble is, and Willow says she’d updated the seating chart. Charlotte is now sitting by her friend, Kendra, and she and Kendra’s quizzes had identical answers. Even the wrong ones. Nina says Kendra must be cheating off of Charlotte, but Lulu says, no. Charlotte is doing the cheating.

Josslyn and Cameron tell Oscar about how amazing the sugar cookies from Eckert’s are. They remember finding a hidden box. They snuck out, ate them all, and fell asleep. Cameron says they must have been in a sugar coma. By the time they got home, everyone was panicked, and they were in so much trouble. Josslyn says you’d think she’d have psychological scars, and hate sugar cookies. Oscar asks why they’ve never been to Eckert’s. Is it a long way out of town. Or in Sawyer? Josslyn says, no. She always wanted to take him there, but figured there was no hurry. Cameron says, okay. They’re going on the south ferry, and go to Eckert’s. What else? Oscar says he’s always wanted to check out the catacombs.

Shiloh thanks them, and tells everyone, the first step in self-actualization is to realize you’re not alone. People are in a constant state of past memories, and responsible for their own lives; no one else’s. He asks Daisy to assist him, and asks, who would like to share a painful memory, unburden themselves, and move on?

Drew tells says Josslyn is a lot like her mother, and Jason agrees. Drew says Oscar doesn’t have a lot of time, and he’s worried Josslyn is costing Oscar time he doesn’t have. Jason asks, how? and Drew says, by encouraging him to look for cure; a miracle that doesn’t exist. Jason isn’t sure what Drew wants him to do. Drew says Carly listens to him. Maybe he can talk to her, and she can explain to Josslyn. Okay I’m not getting this at all, since Josslyn made it clear that wasn’t happening. They were moving on to do fun stuff. Drew needs to get out more, or listen better, or something. I’m also wondering if this is a selfish move because he wants to spend time with Oscar.

At Dawn of Day, the group applauds a guy who shared, and Shiloh asks if anyone else cares to have a session. Kristina says she’ll go. He tells her to close her eyes, and think back to a memory that’s holding her back. One she keeps reliving over and over again. Daisy asks where she is, and Kristina says, her mother’s old house. How old is she? Seventeen. Is she alone? Kristina says, no. Daisy asks, who’s there? Her boyfriend, Kiefer. What’s he doing? He’s angry with her. Why? She blew him off to be with another guy. Daisy asks what he did, and Kristina says, called her a bitch for doing it in a dress he bought for her. What else? He slapped her so hard, she fell to the floor. Daisy asks if she ran away, and Kristina shakes her head. Why? She thought it was her fault. Did she break up with him? No. Did she tell someone? No. Daisy asks, why? Kristina says, she didn’t… and stops. Daisy says she didn’t want to lose him, did she? She was glad he was jealous. Even when he scared her and hurt her, him paying attention to her is what mattered. Sam says, that’s enough, and goes to Kristina.

Scotty asks Alexis, what kind of catch? She says, the hospital will only receive the endowment if the provisions are met. Monica asks if the provisions are listed, but Alexis says, it’s unclear. It says the parties will be summoned back for further instructions. Was Gail channeling Helena?

Nina says, first, Willow accuses Charlotte of bullying, and now she’s saying Charlotte is a cheater. Willow says, Kendra’s test scores have been consistent. If Charlotte is still struggling, she’ll be glad to tutor her. Nina says she definitely wants her stepdaughter tutored by the teacher who thinks she’s a bully and a cheat, and storms off. Valentin tells Willow that he and Charlotte have been studying together. Willow is right, Charlotte is very intelligent. And she’s capable of lifting her scores without cheating.

Sam asks what the hell is wrong with Daisy. Kristina says she was just trying to help, and Sam says, by saying Kristina felt like she mattered when she was being hit? She had no idea the relationship was like that. Sam says she thought Daisy was Kristina’s friend. What’s wrong with her? Kristina says, there’s nothing wrong. She’s carried the shame she’s been living through, and their support is helping her heal. Okay, this makes two people who’s lack of understanding is flummoxing me today. I would think Sam is savvier than this.

Finn tells Anna that he double-checked, and didn’t find any connection between the doctor and the DVX. Anna says, his name came up repeatedly. The DVX was interested in biological weapons; the kind that make the subject sick, or more susceptible to mind control – Faison’s area of expertise. Finn  says, not so random that she contracted the virus, and she says, not at all.

Lulu tells Willow that she and Valentin have differences, but for the most part agree on Charlotte. She believes Valentin has been working with her, and wonders if that’s possibly why she improved her score. It’s also possible Kendra was cheating. Willow says, maybe. She doesn’t know anything for certain, but she doesn’t think Charlotte is being malicious. Lulu asks what Willow thinks would drive her to cheat. Willow says she’s found when young students cheat, they’re motivated by fear of disappointing the adults in their life. Lulu says Charlotte’s family has been through a lot of changes lately. She’s sorry about Nina. She’s hotheaded, but means well. Willow says, clearly, she cares about Charlotte.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow thinks Charlotte is a bad seed. Valentin says he told her that Charlotte has been studying, and lifted her grade without cheating. Nina asks if Willow apologized, but he says he didn’t ask her to. He waned to tell Nina that he’s grateful for her defending Charlotte. Calling Charlotte her stepdaughter means, somewhere in her heart, he’s still her husband.

Scotty wants a closer look, and Alexis gives him the document, saying there’s nothing she hasn’t already shared. He says, so it basically says, to be continued. She’ll let them know when she learns about anything else. Alexis leaves, and Laura says, Gail left them with a mystery to solve. And now that I’ve mentioned it, what ever happened to the mysteries Helena left when she died? If she’s dead, which I’ll never believe. What about that tea pot in the painting?

Kristina tells Sam she brought discord from outside the process. Sam says it’s unfair. She’s dealing with her own trauma. Kristina says they’ll be happy to help her confront it and move on, but she says she’s just taking it in right now. Shiloh says they’ve all been there. He tells everyone it’s a good time to wrap it up. He thanks them for coming, sharing, and opening their hearts. Sam is sorry she embarrassed Kristina. Kristina says she knows it seems strange, but the group is helping her. She and Sam say goodbye. Shiloh thanks Sam for coming. She has one question. How is he qualified to run a self-help group? He says they all have darkness in their past. She should understand that more than most. He hopes she comes back. She says she will.

Drew tells Jason that he’s afraid Josslyn might make things harder. Jason says he’ll talk to Carly, but doesn’t think Drew needs to worry. Josslyn is like her mother, but he thinks she has the courage to face reality, no matter how much it hurts. She might be fighting, but she’ll fight to make sure whatever time Oscar has left is good.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn that there are passageways that date back to the Civil War. Cameron says, cool! They should explore them. Josslyn thinks the entrances were closed off, but Cameron says, not all. At least that’s what he heard. Josslyn says, from who? and he says, some juniors and seniors found a way in. Oscar asks if he knows how, and Cameron smiles.  Yeah. We already know what’s going to happen here.

Tomorrow, Ava says she’s not going anywhere, Nina wants Maxie to be completely honest, and Lulu wonders why Doc has a list of Ryan’s victims.

🌺 I checked out Backyard Envy – another new home design show on Bravo – and I’m liking it. It’s nothing I’d miss Below Deck for, but a beach-inspired rooftop meadow? I’m in. The cast members are likeable as well. A discussion on how many plants sound like STDs made me laugh. One in four men will get eucalyptus this year.

😆 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were a riot on Watch What Happens Live. They’re naturally funny people, but it was extra amusing seeing two relatively big stars discuss reality shows with such seriousness – and accuracy. I bet they’d be fun to watch TV with. I could see them doing People’s Couch.

🍴 I didn’t see Top Chef tonight, because Dr. Phil had a cyber-stalker on. How could I resist that? I did, however, enjoy the hell out of Hell’s Kitchen last Friday. You know it’s bad when Gordon stops everything in the restaurant kitchen, and says, come over here, to everyone on the team. Choclatier Valerie Gordon was a guest, and Trev was out the door, because of what Gordon called his downward spiral. And it was his third time being nominated for apron removal. Gordon told him he just wasn’t ready. He griped on his way out the door, proving Gordon’s point. Piss off seems to be the phrase of the season. Next time, three rookies and three vets will vie for black jackets, and an untimely injury happens.

😲 All I have to say about the end of Dirty John is, wow. It was well worth watching, and if you didn’t, it’s On Demand, and no doubt Bravo will rerun it. The acting is superb, the tension high throughout, and the ending a real shock. Having seen the real life subjects on other shows, I already knew what was going to happen, but it didn’t diminish any of the punch. I made noises out loud. Enjoy the marathon and the ride.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Betty!

Keep enjoying those hot dogs and vodka.

🎶 A Thousand Times Better Than At the Listening Party…

Either Milania woke up, or someone directed the hell out of her. This is actually pretty cute.