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February 27, 2019 – GH Encore, Beverly Hills Does the Bahamas, Dynasties, Joe #2 Joins the Reunion, a Date With NYC, Flack Promo, & Thursday Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Was an encore episode today. I have no clue why. It took me a moment, but when I saw Franco and Kiki, I didn’t think he was out of Ferncliff and she was back from the dead. Had this been Port Charles, maybe.

So, moving on… or really, back…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Destination: New Providence Island, Bahamas. In the limo to the hotel, Dorit suggests drinks on her terrace this evening. LVP says wouldn’t that be their terrace. LisaR thinks the hotel is Bohemian in a grand way. Everyone gets their own personal butler, and the suites are amazing. Erika’s glam squad meets her in hers. She says everyone else is too cheap to bring a glam squad because I guess it doesn’t occur to her maybe they don’t want a bunch of people waiting to pounce on them with glam tools at all times.

Dorit asks LVP if she’s happy they’re friends. LVP says right now, she’s reaping the benefits, but doesn’t know if it will last. Dorit says she’s being negative on this very positive trip. In her interview, Dorit doesn’t know what’s going on, but maybe LVP is holding a grudge about the dog even though she thought they were past it. LVP says she’s grateful to be there and have a few days respite.

Denise asks LisaR if dress is casual, but LisaR says, with these girls, it’s probably dressier, but she can wear what she wants. Teddi and Kyle have some food in their suite. Teddi says Cruz and Jagger connecting is huge, but when they disagree, Dorit won’t admit she’s wrong. Kyle says she was wrong once, and it was the worst day. Ha-ha! That was pretty funny. I’ll have to remember it.

Dorit thinks this is a good opportunity for her and LVP to connect and be together. In Dorit’s interview, she says the death of LVP’s brother has taken a profound toll, and she wants to be there for her. LVP says it’s been an exhausting few months. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP, and thinks she’s been through a lot. She tells Teddi that she doesn’t think LVP is over the dog thing, and Teddi is hoping they can have a real conversation, because if they start jabbing, someone might explode.

Dorit gets her hair done by her stylist, who she wasn’t too cheap to bring along. LVP thinks Dorit looks like her dog Schnookie. Now that she mentions it… LisaR arrives first. There’s a whole bar set up on the terrace with two bartenders. Erika is next, along with her 70” ponytail hair piece. Denise shows up in a tank and shorts. In her interview, she says she wasn’t expecting fancy. She packed the wrong sh*t, and learned quickly. Dorit says she’s booked an island for the next day. LVP and Kyle talk away from the others. LVP tells Kyle that she feels strange, and talks about appreciating what you have when you see how quickly you can lose it. In Kyle’s interview, she says LVP is having ups and downs, and is very emotional. She’s not the LVP Kyle knows. LVP says she looks back, and doesn’t remember one thing she argued with her brother about. In her interview, Kyle says her relationship with Kim is strained, but they’re talking. She’s still estranged from Kathy. LVP thinks they should celebrate life, family, and friends when they get a chance, and encourages Kyle to make up with her sister.

Teddi tells them when she was a kid, she used to tell the other kids she was adopted. I understand this. I would have done it too, but unfortunately, my family members all look way too much alike. Denise says she embarrasses her kids on a regular basis. LisaR joins LVP and Kyle. LVP says they were talking about life and its challenges. It’s why they drink. Butler Elvis is bringing his cat for LVP to cuddle with tonight. Kyle says she should find out if Dorit is allergic, but maybe she’s just allergic to dogs. LVP refuses to talk about it. In her interview, LVP says, bringing it up is just stirring the sh*t. The dog sh*t. She doesn’t believe there was any malintent on Dorit’s part.

Denise checks on her kids, but knows the girls are safe with Aaron. He’ll get them to school on time and feed them. LisaR sniffs around for the dog fiasco information, no pun intended. Teddi gives her a capsulized version. LisaR asks what part she’s playing. LVP gave her the information, but doesn’t want take responsibility. She set them up. In LisaR’s interview, she says, it’s a set up to make Dorit look bad. LVP wants to punish her about the dog. She can’t do it, so she’s having them do it, and she’ll say it’s not her fault. If she’d just asked Dorit why, and said she was mad, it would have been done. Now, it’s like high school. In her interview, Teddi thought her relationship with LVP was good, but no one likes to be set up or lied to. Kyle doesn’t want to rock the boat, which is what she’s best at.

They set off for the private island, Long Cay. Dorit says they can go swimming, have a massage, and own the Bahamas. We find out it’s where Denise did her Playboy shoot. That time, she brought her parents and daughter, so this trip is very different. Yet another butler welcomes them. Dorit says, nothing but the best and first class. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Said by a rich person who can’t fathom just doing it any way you can. LVP and Denise get a massage. The others hang out on the beach. Everyone freaks over a jellyfish. Erika tells them, no one got bit; quit ruining her vacation.

LVP thinks it’s great that Denise’s adopted daughter is close to her sisters. Denise is glad she adopted her. LVP talks about Max having had a lot of questions just a few years ago. In her interview, Denise says after the divorce, she decided to adopt. She tells LVP it’s difficult on playdates because her daughter can only say a few words. A chromosome disorder is causing delays. LVP says it must be rewarding, but challenging. Since Denise’s mom passed away (sadly, at 53) before the adoption happened, Denise knew her mom would send her the right son or daughter. Denise wonders if they should join the others. LVP says the others are quiet, and it’s making her nervous.

They find the ladies drinking on the sandbar. Denise goes into the water, while LVP stays on the beach. After a while, she says mommy wants them to get out so she can dry them off for lunch. A beautiful lunch under a gazebo. I guess she’s gone back to being a huge sh*t stirrer, since LisaR claims that Dorit told her whatever needs to be said will be taken care of at lunch, and Dorit looks a little surprised. In her interview, her excuse is that there is stuff not being said. So I guess it’s her job to fix that. She’s really starting to irritate me. Kyle says she’s having a good time. LisaR says she can go either way. I guess it depends on which way the sh*t is being stirred, and if it’s her stirring it. Camille thinks they can move forward. Dorit says she and Teddi have their differences, but their children bonded, so she feels better about the situation. Teddi agrees. Erika says she’s having a great time, and LVP is happy to be among friends who are supportive, but it’s making her emotional. In LVP’s interview, she tells us that Erika sent her a couple of lines of condolence after her brother died, but she wishes Erika had called. Erika thought it was the best way to convey her sympathy, but LVP felt she was distant. Erika says she’s sorry LVP feels that way, but it wasn’t her heart. In her interview, Erika says that when LVP’s brother passed away, she wasn’t comfortable calling, so she wrote it out. She’s never known anyone who felt a condolence note wasn’t good enough. She tells LVP, sorry it wasn’t good enough for her. In LisaR’s interview, she wonders who criticizes a sympathy card, but no one teaches you how to go through the grieving process. Oh gee, thanks for the slack. At this point, I just wish they’d get off LVP’s jock. LVP suggests they move on. Erika says, don’t bring it up again, and they can, but she’ll defend herself to the effing bone. She tells LVP, don’t make her out to be the bad guy. In her interview, Erika says if LVP thought she was cold before, hell has now frozen over. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m sick or what, but I’m disliking a lot of these women tonight.

Erika says she would have loved to connect with LVP privately, but here they are. Then this same genius says LVP seems sad. Seriously, did she lose a few marbles in the water or is that ponytail too tight? She says she thought LVP would want peace and quiet. In LVP’s interview, she says the other ladies sent flowers, and she’d hoped she and Erika were closer than that and could have talked. Kyle thinks LVP is brave, and supports her. LVP gets weepy, and tells them to stop. She just wants to enjoy the moment. She says she loves Erika, and Erika did nothing wrong. Denise – who’s about ready to ask, how about them Mets? – thanks Dorit for inviting her. Erika wants Denise to give her a Bond girl moment. In her interview, Denise says she didn’t come out of the water, but should have; it would have been a sexy shot. She gets in, and they take a video of her walking onto the beach. After that, it’s time to go back.

LVP feels like an idiot, being emotional. Denise is sweating bullets over what to wear. Kyle helps Teddi put lashes on. LisaR says her butler had a bubble bath with rose petals ready for her. She doesn’t understand what happened with Erika, so Erika shows her a copy of the sympathy note, saying it’s always important to have an insurance policy when dealing with someone slippery. She knew there would be an issue. Funny how LisaR keeps saying she doesn’t understand and needs to know, and then faults LVP because the people she’s pumping for information give it to her.

The ladies go to a restaurant for dinner. They discuss names, and Kyle explains she was named after football player Kyle Rote. Her parents thought they were having a boy. Teddi says she was supposed to be Baby Doll. It was that or Teddi Joe. Since her father was thankfully on the road, her mother chose Teddi. Seriously, John Mellencamp? You would name your girl child Baby Doll and subject them to a life of ridicule? And which Baby Doll would this be? The one from the Tennessee Williams’ play or Suckerpunch? Kyle is feeling weird because of the conversations about the dog. Dorit says she thought she and LVP resolved it. Teddi tells her about John prancing the dog out when she and Kyle were at Vanderpump Dogs. In Teddi’s interview, she says she and John have a relationship, and thinks he was told to tell her about it. She thinks it’s a pattern. LVP likes to make her friends look bad, but keep her hands clean. Kyle thinks LVP should have protected Dorit, but can’t control her employees. If Dorit had handled it properly in the first place, there wouldn’t be this scene. Dorit claims she thought the dog was going to a wonderful home, and makes sure to remind everyone that it bit her kids. Denise can’t follow this at all, and has no idea what thee bitches are talking about. I might note, she does not dig for any further information either, because she knows it’s not her business. LVP says the dog ended up in a shelter, but Erika says Dorit didn’t give it to the shelter. No one said she did, but she was supposed to contact LVP first before the dog went anywhere, and that’s the bottom line. Most breeders also have that in the contract. Should you no longer be able to care for the dog, they reserve the right for the dog to be returned to them. It’s honestly a wonder some of these women got to where they are, since they’re such idiots. LisaR says the information would be out there if LVP didn’t want it to be. It sounds like a set up. LisaR is worried about LVP; she’s slipping. LVP says she doesn’t believe for a second that Dorit is guilty of giving the dog to the shelter. She thought it would be okay, but should have given it to her. Dorit gets emotional, and LisaR hugs her. LVP asks why she’s upset, and the ladies gather around Dorit because we’re five. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP, but thinks she wants to punish Dorit and protect their relationship at the same time. Her employee shouldn’t have said anything. LVP agrees with that, but didn’t know Teddi would be gossiping. Teddi tells her not to turn it around. It’s how they were told. Dorit says it’s like there was an agenda. Teddi says she doesn’t want to be a scapegoat. In her interview, LVP says they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. She’s annoyed that her integrity is being questioned, and would rather have stayed home and gotten a root canal. Maybe Teddi’s parents should have gone with just Baby, since she wants to call it a night, and leaves the table.

I’m seriously steamed about this dog debacle. Not at Dorit, and not at LVP, who can do no wrong, but occasionally has a slip. It’s with Teddi, Kyle, and LisaR, who seem to be the ones keeping it going. Maybe John – who, it was made clear, was very pissed about this – should have kept his opinion to himself, but there were a few things Teddi could have done. One was tell him to keep it to himself. Why did she listen in the first place? Obviously she was interested, so barring that, she could have kept her opinion to herself. Ditto Kyle, who even keeps making jokes about it. But the worst one of all is the Wicked Witch of Rinna, gleefully rubbing her hands in the background as she stirs the pot. Even if LVP’s idea was for the other two to get the information out there, do they not have minds of their own? Teddi, Kyle, dudes, no one held a gun to your heads, making you listen or pass anything along. So if anyone is paving the way for a problem with Dorit, it’s you. I’m sure LisaR would say that’s exactly what LVP wants me to think, but again, these chicks aren’t five, fifteen, or even close to twenty-five. If it’s that easy to manipulate them, I’d like a signed blank check please.

Next time, snorkeling, spinning, Teddi insists LVP gave instructions to John, and Ken shows LVP some incriminating texts.

💃 I also watched Mexican Dynasties last night. I’m already in love with the chihuahua, whose name is Taco or Nacho or something (Sancho? Fred?), but my jury is still out on the people. I don’t mind how colorful, loud, and out there they are – hell, that’s why I was watching – but I got that we’re better than you vibe, which is a no for me, so we’ll see.

🍷 On Part Two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, we started with Teresa grabbing Andy’s cards to throw them at Jackie, but Andy grabbing them back. Too bad. Although even funnier was Jackie reminding Teresa that she was on parole, to which Teresa responded by calling Jackie a white trash bitch. Jackie also talked about her parents having been on house arrest, but not together. Apparently, they would have been at each other’s throats. This actually left me with more questions than answers. New girl Jennifer’s opulence was discussed, and she might have sixteen bathrooms, but we found out she only has one that’s her go-to. Literally. We also discovered there are ways to find out if the shoe fits before a Turkish arranged marriage, although Jennifer felt it was all in the kiss anyway, and I agree. Andy actually used the word canoodling when referring to tabloid articles about Teresa stepping out on Joe #1. Melissa still hasn’t found another sister, and Teresa griped that Melissa had a sister there already, and was sitting on the wrong side of the couch. Like she made the seating arrangements. This caused Melissa to eventually say, no wonder she was looking for another sister; she needs back-up. What it really looks like is that Teresa is jealous of her relationship with Jackie.

Delores had a moment of honesty when she said Teresa was still stewing about what Jackie had said about Joe #1. Joe #2 joined the group, and was the voice of reason to no avail. There was a Memory Lane of clips with Juicy Joe and the family. Even I feel bad about the kids. Teresa hoped it wasn’t a decision she’d have to make, but admitted she wasn’t moving her kids to another country if Joe was deported. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy claimed he was shocked to hear it, but I wasn’t. I never once thought she was hauling ass to Italy. I’m more shocked (and sad) that I don’t like Teresa very much anymore. For someone who has been through so much and accomplished so much, she’s even hostile about a compliment or a joke. Maybe Joe #2’s suggestion that she use that thing in her drawer (i.e. the Rabbit) more often is a good one. Next time, the other guys and Danielle join the group.

⚠ Best line of the night, said by Joe #2: Shut up both of you; stick a knife in my effin’ eye.

🗽 Next Wednesday, March 6th, The Real Housewives of New York City will begin their new season at 9 pm.

🌟 More Proof Stars Are Just Like Us…

But only if we’re a-holes. And also a promo for Anna Paquin‘s new show, Flack.

💭 Thinking About…


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February 26, 2019 – Franco Does His Interview, David Asks Veronica to Try Again, Beverly Hills Postponement & Something Happy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase calls Lulu, and asks if she’s heard from her mother Lulu says she’s tied up in a meeting, so the mayor’s office might know. He says he tried that, and Lulu asks if she should be worried. He says, no, and she tells him to keep her posted. Peter asks Lulu if everything is okay, and she tells him, city hall seems to have misplaced her mother. He asks if she wants to postpone the interview, but she says, no. She’s sure the city is on it. He says she doesn’t have to do it, but she says Franco killed three innocent people and attacked her. She damn well wants to find out why.

Ryan has Laura’s phone, and listens to the message from Chase, asking her to check in with the PCPD. Ryan says, happy hunting, and goes into Charlie’s. Ava is at the bar, and he hopes he didn’t keep her waiting. She says she’s waited her whole life for a man like him. What’s a couple more minutes. They kiss. Julian watches from a distance.

Franco is put in leg irons.

TJ goes to Jordan’s room, and Curtis says his mom had emergency surgery. Her blood pressure spiked because of the damaged kidney.

At their session, Neil tells Alexis she’s been candid and articulate about her history with dangerous men. She says she can’t lie; it’s public record. He asks if she wants to lie, and she says, yes. She’s embarrassed about her choices. He says they touched on how she shares traits with her father. Theories suggest that our choices reflect what we see inside ourselves, and we’re attracted to it. He says just for fun, what makes her dangerous?

Jason looks at Sam in a way you just know he’s sending her brain waves. Sam cracks him across the face, turns, and sees Shiloh. Nice ESP move. She asks, what’s wrong with him? She told him over and over, it’s done. Accept it. She tells Shiloh he shouldn’t witness this, but he says he needs to help Jason. Jason says, Sam seriously isn’t buying this guy?Kristina looks in, and asks if everything is okay. Sam tells Jason that, aside from Sonny, they have nothing to do with each other. Accept it. Sam wants to talk to Kristina.

Alexis tells Neil that she’s a lawyer and mother. She doesn’t see herself as dangerous. He says she grew up in a home where violence was the trade. He asks if anyone has feared for their life in her presence. She asks, how much time does he have?

Ava wants to tell her brother the big news that she and Doc are together. She thinks Kiki would be happy that she’s placing her trust in the right man. Ryan says, on that note… and opens a ring box. He puts a giant, teardrop-shaped sparkler on her finger, saying she’s his soulmate. He’s spent a lifetime looking for her, and he’s not letting her go. They kiss. Chase comes in, and says he’s been trying to reach Doc. Ryan says he’s in a private moment, but Chase says, it can’t wait. He’s wondering when was the last time he saw his wife. Ava says, ex-wife. Chase didn’t realize the divorce was finalized. He asks Julian if the mayor has been in lately. Ava says Doc doesn’t know where his former wife is, because he’s focusing on his soon-to-be wife.

Peter tells Franco, here are the rules. Franco says he doesn’t like rules. Peter tells him, while they’re live streaming, he’s to speak when he’s spoken to. No playful banter. If he evades or goes off-point, they’re done. Is he clear? Franco says, crystal.

Sam tells Kristina that she knows it seems to be coming out of nowhere. Kristina is surprised Sam and Jason are breaking up, and Sam says, so was she. She thought they’d be ending up together, but spending time at DOD gave her clarity. Jason never put her first. From the beginning, she lived by his terms. She had to be there when he wanted, but when she needed him, he’d always be going off. Kristina says he would put Carly before her and the kids. Sam says going down that road leaves her broken, and she’s not doing it again.

Shiloh is glad Jason’s sight is restored. Maybe now he can see the truth. Sam wants to move on. Let her go.

Molly brings Curtis some food. The doctor comes out, and explains the damaged left kidney was causing the spike, and had to be removed. Curtis asks if there were no other options, but TJ says people function with one all the time. The doctor says her recovery requires constant supervision, and asks if he has questions. Curtis says his head is spinning, and TJ says he’ll take it from here. He tells Curtis that Jordan is in good hands. She made it through surgery, which is huge. Curtis says, she’s not out of the woods yet, is she? TJ says. she will be.

Alexis doesn’t think she’s a dangerous person. Neil says, if he asked others, would they think so? She says, they’re dead. She ran over her daughter’s ex with a car, but it was at night, and he popped out of nowhere. Neil says, so it was an accident? and she says, not like it was the first time. She was accused of stabbing a man, and throwing him off a balcony, but he ran into her knife, and accidentally fell over the balcony. He’s surprised no one has recognized the pattern. Nothing is ever her fault.

Ryan understands why Chase would have no knowledge of his divorce being finalized. Chase asks where and when it was finalized, and Ryan says it’s none of his business.

Ava tells Julian that Doc loves her for her, without reservation. Julian is concerned she’s jumping into marriage too soon, but she asks him, please be happy for her.

Ryan tells Chase that Laura would disappear for months during their marriage. Chase says that was to be with her grandson; he knew where she was. Ryan insists they went for days without speaking, and says, she’ll surface when she’s ready.

Ava looks at the TV, and says, oh my God. A live interview. Lulu says Franco is going to explain why he killed his victims, and Ryan makes a frowny face.

Lulu says they’re streaming live from Ferncliff, known for housing the criminally insane. She’s been invited by Franco Baldwin, who recently confessed to the murders of Kiki Jerome, Mary Pat Ingles, and Peyton Manning, and the attack on her own life. She asks why he’s owning up to it now? He asks why he shouldn’t take well-deserved credit.

Chase continues trying to get ahold of Laura.

Julian asks if Ava is okay. She says, no. She believed in Franco, and defended him. She asks Ryan, if it’s possible she could have been trusting Kiki’s killer all this time.

Alexis tells Neil, horrific things keep happening to her. Now it’s her fault? He thinks it’s like being struck by lightning twice; three times. She survived, and her family is a mess, but she’s not? How does being struck three times have nothing do with her, when she’s standing in a rainstorm with a metal rod? He says, time’s up. Ha-ha! Everyone who’s been in therapy, knows how Alexis feels right now. He says they’ll have to leave everything until the next session. She says he’s leaving her in an uncomfortable place. He says maybe that’s where she needs to be.

Ryan steps aside, and texts Chase from Laura’s phone.

Lulu says after Franco’s brain tumor was removed, he was on the path to redemption. He got a job at the hospital, became engaged to a nurse, and the father to her three sons. He asks if that’s a question. Lulu says he had everything, and threw it away to murder. Why it was so easy? He says everyone bought the reform story, so he had the time and space to explore his creative vision. She says he talks like the murders were works of art. He says they were all works of art. The head in the apple barrel, the body at the art gallery, the body being part of the snowman display. And his favorite, the girl in the wedding bed. How could he not love that? She says Kiki was supposedly like a daughter. He says, at her funeral, people at it up with a spoon. She was too beautiful not to kill. At Charlie’s, Ava says, that’s it? Kiki was beautiful, so he killed her? Julian wants to turn it off, but Ryan says, don’t. It’s hard for Ava to watch, but it will help her process it. Ava says it sounds like he murdered for art and he’s proud of it. Julian says Franco is a sick, messed up, freak. He’s sorry she’s going through this.

Chase gets the text from Ryan as Laura, saying she’ll catch up with him later. He sees Alexis, and asks if she’d happen to know where Laura is. She says she’s been trying to get ahold of Laura, but Laura isn’t returning her calls. He says he’s under the impression that the divorce is finalized, but she says as far as she knows, no papers have been filed, and there’s been no communication. It’s very uncharacteristic, and she’s getting concerned. Chase says he’ll find Laura, and let her know.

Alexis goes into Charlie’s. She needs to ask Julian a favor. On the television, Lulu says Franco takes pride in it, and has been successful; one to five steps ahead of the police. He says it was almost dull. She suggests they talk about her. What went wrong? Hmm… I didn’t even think of that. He says, nothing.

Kristina tells Sam she can’t believe she didn’t see it. The way Jason is controlling is subtle and insidious. He doesn’t get in her face, but withdraws. Sam says or he’s running to Sonny and Carly. Kristina says he’s been dictating the relationship, and Sam says, not anymore.

Shiloh thanks Jason for following Sam. She’s already evolved, and his mistrust of the organization helped further her path. He was also trespassing. Jason asks if he should call a lawyer. Shiloh asks if he thinks it’s necessary, and Jason says, you tell me.

Curtis says it’s a good thing TJ is studying be a doctor. He feels useless. Molly says there’s a million other situations where he’d be her go-to guy. He thanks her. He and TJ appreciate her being there, and she asks where else she would be. TJ checks on Jordan, and says she looks good for someone who’s been through what she has. Her blood pressure has stabilized. Curtis asks if she’s awake, but TJ says she needs all her energy. They want her to rest for now. Curtis hugs TJ and thanks him for explaining, He needs a clear head, and goes to walk around. Molly says TJ is scared, isn’t he? He says, terrified.

Franco tells Lulu that he made a mistake. Pride goeth before a fall. He thought she’d bleed out. He’s not sure what went wrong. It was a  real opportunity for performance art. In his mind, the elevator doors would open to this beautiful blonde corpse. A special moment. She says so it wasn’t personal. He says he had no beef with anyone, and thanks her for understanding. A lot of people don’t get it. There was nothing personal. He needed to set a scene. Lulu says, let’s talk about timing. His murders coincided with the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Was it a copycat> Franco laughs, and she asks why it’s funny. He says it’s funny because it’s funny. There was nobody more basic and uninspired. Ryan was a poser. Franco is better at everything than that guy. He did get his start a lot earlier. He was four when he pushed his foster brother down the stairs. Sadly, he lived, but clearly, Franco has gotten better.

Ryan stand up as Franco says, it laid the groundwork; practice makes perfect. Ryan has to go. He has a patient to look after. Ava understands. He tells Julian to look after her, and Julian says he always does.

Franco says the best part is, he feels like his evil genius is growing in his brain. He’s guessing the tumor is back, and that means a get out of jail free card.

Shiloh tells Jason that Sam is a member of their community, and falls under his protection. He advises Jason to heed his warning, and proceed accordingly. Jason asks if that’s a threat.

Kristina tells Sam that she’s sorry. All these years, she though Sam and Jason were romantic; the ultimate definition of love. She didn’t realize what Jason was doing. The DOD has Sam’s back. Jason doesn’t stand a chance.

Chase sees Curtis, and asks how Jordan is. Curtis says it was dicey for a minute. She had emergency surgery, and they’re just waiting for her to wake up. He asks if the mayor reached out, but he hasn’t heard. Maybe she got in touch with the hospital. Chase thought she’d reach out directly.

TJ thinks how long it took for him to forgive his mom, and let her in again. He judged her so hard. Who he to do that? Molly says he’s talking like she’s gone, and she’s not. He says, what if she doesn’t pull through, and dies without him telling her that he loves her. Molly says she’s not dying; she has too much live for. When Molly first met her, she as really nervous, but liked her right away. She could tell how much she loved TJ, yet was willing to share him. Molly says she always felt included, and welcomed. It meant everything. His mom is amazing that way, like him. She imagines his dad being like Curtis, but more serious. TJ says she’s spot on. She knows his uncle and great aunt, but he’s the one most like his mom. He has to ask himself if he’d love her any less if he was mad because someone messed up. He says, no. She asks if it would make him question their love for him, and he says, no. She says that’s exactly how his mom feels.

Julian pours Alexis some coffee. LOUD coffee. She asks what’s going on with Ava and Doc. Julian says they’re engaged. She thinks the world is upside down right now. He says, whatever is going on, he’s there. She asks, why? She hasn’t been that nice, but he says that’s only recently. She doesn’t get it. He says she’s not as scary as she thinks. He tells her it’s on the house, and she calls him a big spender. She leaves, and Ava sits down, saying vodka, straight up. He says, it’s not even noon. He feels that he’d be remiss if he didn’t say something, but he thinks she’s getting in too deep too fast with Doc. She says she was remembering the first time she saw Franco. He came into the gallery like he owned the place. He was up and coming; dangerous, but talented. She didn’t care. What happened to Kiki is her fault. She’s the one who let Franco believe he was her father, and let that maniac into her life. Look what happened. She can’t believe she bought it. He played them all.

Peter asks Lulu how she’s doing. She says, okay, and he says she was heroic in there. Even his father didn’t speak the way Franco did. She says, something feels off. He says, about Franco? and she says, about all of it.

Kristina goes to Jason’s room. Shiloh tells Jason that he said what needed to be said. Kristina appreciates the times Jason saved her, but Sam is better off without him. Shiloh is sure he speaks to all of them, and wishes Jason good health. <gag>

TJ thanks Molly for coming and bringing food. She says, that no one will eat. She wouldn’t be anywhere else. She loves him, and she’s proud of him. Her boyfriend becoming a doctor. People depending on him, saving lives. Someday, someone will need him to do the same thing, and he will. He says, damn straight, and Molly says his mom is going to pull through.

Chase asks Curtis to wait. Before the accident, Jordan left him a message about an urgent assignment. Does he know anything? Curtis says, whatever it was, it will have to wait until she wakes up.

Ava tells Julian, know what she’s learned? She doesn’t know anything about anything. She was wrong about Griff, Morgan, and Franco. He says she’s too hard on herself. She says the only person who makes sense, and makes life bearable is Doc. He tells her she’s moving too fast? So what? She’s been wrong about everything and everyone until now. What does she have to lose?

In his cell, France says, choke on that, you murdering SOB. Come and get me. Ryan storms in, telling Franco that he’s made a terrible mistake.

Elizabeth asks Drew how she’s supposed to keep believing in Franco, Ryan tells Franco to tell the truth, Scotty wonders when Doc is kicking Ava to the curb like Laura

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Hanna and Candace jumped Jim, and I was laughing my ass off.

He fights back, but he’s no match for these two. Candace is kicking the crap out of him, and Hanna pulls her off. Diane says she’s calling the police, but Jim says, don’t. Hanna wants her to. She wants them to know that Jim sent someone to stab her son. Candace tells her to be careful; they’re in his house. Does she have proof? He’s smarter than that, and they’ll be in jail. Jim tells Hanna to listen to that bitch, and Candace tells him, shut up, before she punches him one more time. If he if goes after her brother, he’d better go after her too. Hanna swears if he comes near any of her kids, she’ll kill him. She promises in Jesus’s name. He says he’s so scared, and she says he should be. I would be. Hanna means business.

Kathryn walks in and asks what the hell is going on? What is Candace doing in her house? Hanna says the SOB sent someone to stab her son while Benny was sitting on the porch. Kathryn says she’ll beat his ass worse than they did. Jim says she has no idea what’s going on. Those two have their $8 million dollars, and he wants it back. Kathryn says it doesn’t belong to him, and he calls her an ignorant slut, channeling Dan Aykroyd on SNL back in the day. He wants the money back now. If he doesn’t get it back in 24 hours… Candace asks what he’s going to do, but he says he’ll let the suspense build. He tells them to get out of his house, but Kathryn reminds him that it’s her house. She tells him, get upstairs and change, and he asks who he’s talking to. She says the woman who’s had him by the balls, and is about to cut them off. The father of her son. He says she doesn’t even know where her son is. He’s in jail where this slimy bastard and her kids should be. He goes upstairs. Candace tells Hanna that’s what they think of her. Kathryn asks her to leave. She wants Hanna to stay, but Hanna has to get out. Kathryn says she’ll handle Jim; she promises.

Benny and Mitch are in the driveway. Benny asks, what happened? and Hanna says he shouldn’t be there. He says Candace shouldn’t be there, and asks why she is. Candace says, beating someone’s ass. Jim threatened him again. Benny wonders why Candace can’t see that it’s her fault. It’s not her money. She insists it is, and he says it needs to stop. He tells her to look, and shows her a picture of her son. Mitch tells him to lay off, and tries to get him to leave. Jim comes out on the balcony, and says, get the hell off his land, reminding me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained. Benny says he thinks he’s a big man. He thinks he’s better than they are, looking down on them. He knows he did this to Benny. Jim says then Benny knows what he’s capable of. Benny says he didn’t finish the job. What Jim wants is his money. Jim says Mitch should take Benny to the hospital while he still has a pulse. He asks if Benny’s tummy hurts. Kathryn tells him, get in here now.

Kathryn says she’s had more than enough. Jim says what she’s had more than enough of are her little boys. She asks if he can smell them on her. He says if he finds her with them again… She asks if he’s going to stab her too. He wants the money back. Kathryn tells him it would be a mistake to go after Hanna or her son. He says, says who? and she says her. Don’t make her go off rails again. He says she treats Hanna like Hanna is her mother, and Kathryn says Hanna helped her when she had cancer. Jim says, what? Kathryn says she had cancer, and he didn’t even notice. He doesn’t have the right to ask any of this. He wasn’t there. He says, Hanna took care of her, showed her sympathy, and somehow she thinks it’s worth $8 million. She tells him, keep it up, she’ll let Hanna have every last dime. He says then she’s even stupider than he thought. Hanna nursing her back to health is one more reason for him to hate her. He goes upstairs, and Kathryn says it’s one of the one thousand reasons she already hates him.

David sees Madison on the front steps. Madison says David should be in bed. David knows, and asks why Madison is sitting there. Madison says no one answered the door. David says, Jeffrey’s not home? Madison… Madison doesn’t know. David asks if he’s sure, but Madison says David needs to be checked out, and follows him in.

Jeffrey visits Justin. Justin knew he’d come back. Jeffrey says he never left. Justin wants him to see the apartment, but Jeffrey says he’s taking care of his dad. Justin begs him to go, and Jeffrey says okay. Didn’t we already have this conversation? Jeffrey says he can drop Justin off. Justin asks if he can’t stay and see it. Jeffrey says, not today, and Justin says, tomorrow. Jeffrey says his dad is probably wondering where he’s been. Justin asks where? and Jeffrey says the cafeteria. Justin says, talking to him? and Jeffrey says, no. Justin says, good; he doesn’t like him. Jeffrey says there’s nothing going on, and Justin says, since when? Jeffrey says Madison was trying, but he wasn’t interested. Justin smiles and says because Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he’ll see what they’re saying about Justin’s discharge. Justin says he loves him, and Jeffrey says he loves Justin too. This is creeping me out. A lot.

George wants Wyatt to put a bulletproof vest on for his testimony. Wyatt asks where the doctor is, and George says outside. Wyatt says, send him in. He’ll tell the grand jury whatever George wants, but he wants to see the doctor first. He tosses the vest out of the way. The doctor comes in, and George steps outside. Wyatt asks where the heroin is, but the doctor says he can’t give Wyatt heroin. He can give Wyatt a drug to help him detox. Wyatt asks what the hell? He wants heroin, but the doctor says he can’t give him illegal drugs. George comes back, and Wyatt says, no deal. George tells him that he’ll stay in jail then. Wyatt tells the doctor give him the pills. The doctor gives him one pill, saying it’s that strong. George asks how long before it takes effect, and the doctor says it depends on Wyatt’s tolerance. George tells the court clerk to ask for a recess. Wyatt says, come on; let’s go. George says he’s wired; let the pill take effect. He tells Wyatt, sit. Wyatt says he’s not sitting; let’s go. George says, no way. He’s waiting for Wyatt to calm down. Wyatt says he’s calm, and George tells him that he’s wearing the vest.

Madison changes David’s bandages, and says he’s healing well. He’s overdoing it, but looking good. David wants Madison to find out where Jeffrey is. Madison looks out the window, and says David’s wife just pulled up. Does David want him to call the cops? David says, no; call Jeffrey. David goes downstairs, and lets Veronica in. She says she thought about what David said, and she’d like to try. David asks if she means to make this work. She says, it’s been too messy. Too much nastiness; just too much. David agrees. She’d like to try. He says it would make him happy. She says she does love him. She was consumed with rage. He says he’s been a fool. She says, when she saw the house… He tells her, it was supposed to be hers. I almost feel badly for her, since she seems sincere. She says she’s going to stop drinking. He says he doesn’t like what does to her. She knows, and asks, can he forgive her? He can; he has. He loves her, and love conquers all. She asks how do they start over? and he says they can start slow, by dating. Like they did when they were in college, before the insanity. She wonders if they can go back to time of the chili parlor. She thanks him, and moves in for a hug, but it’s painful.

She’s sorry, but he says, it’s okay. It’s just that the nurse changed the bandages. Veronica says she should meet her, but David says, it’s a man. He calls upstairs, and Madison comes out. She says she doesn’t think they need him anymore; they’ll find someone else. David says it’s difficult to be able to do this. He had to call in favors at the hospital. Veronica tells herself to pick her battles. Why not just concentrate on getting back on track? she can’t keep living this way. She says he knows Jeffrey, and asks if David gets it now. He does. Jeffrey walks in, and David says they were just talking about him. Jeffrey asks, what’s going on? and David says his mother stopped by. Jeffrey asks, why? David puts his arm around Veronica, and says they’re working on getting back together. Jeffrey says he’s got to be kidding. Is he insane? Veronica says he’s finally came to his senses. David offers to walk her to her car, but she tells him, stay and rest. She’s sorry she got him up. She tells him to call her about chili dogs, and he says it won’t be too long. They kiss, and Jeffrey can’t even look.

When she’s gone, Jeffrey asks what’s going on. David says he told Jeffrey. Jeffrey says, she’s a snake. She’ll kill him. David tells Jeffrey to let him handle his mother. He gets why Jeffrey is visiting Justin; he gets it from them.

Roderick sees Candace in the hotel lobby, and thanks her. She tells him, go to hell, and asks, where’s Rocky? Roderick says he and RK are off. She’s thinking of a new plan, and she needs them ready to go. He asks what they’re doing, and she says she’ll let him know. He asks if she’s sure she’s okay. He’s never seen her like this. She says she needs every photo and video of Jim. Roderick offers her a drink, and she says, okay. He brings the vodka bottle over, and pours a shot. She drinks it down. He says, another? And she downs that too. She says, more, and he says, rough day? She says not as rough as his will be. She gets up, but Charles’s entourage is coming through. She asks Roderick why he’s still there, and Roderick says, you tell me.

Landon sees her, and tells her, come on. She says she’s not in the mood. He asks her to sit with him, but she doesn’t want to sit. He says, stand with him then, and she asks why he’s still there. Landon wonders what’s wrong with her. She says, nothing, but he says she’s been crying. She asks if she looks like the kind of girl who would be crying? and he says she looks like the kind of girl who needs a friend. Landon orders what she’s having. He wants to talk to her about him. She says she’s done with both of them. He says Charles told him about her in the bathroom crying. She says that’s why she doesn’t trust people. He tells her, stop it. She’s in pain, and he just wants to help. She asks why? Did Charles tell him to? He says he asked Landon to find someone for her to talk to. She says, so she can be with him? but he says, no. So they can help her. She says she’s not crazy, and he says he never said that. She says she doesn’t need a therapist, and he says he never said that either. She’s grieving. She starts to cry, and he tells her, come on. They leave.

In his room, Landon tells Candace to sit, and gives her some water. She says she’s embarrassed; she’s a wreck. He says she’s on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. She can’t stop shaking, and needs to control her breathing. She says her mother and brother were showing her pictures of her son. Charles knocks at the door. Landon tells her, relax. He tells her don’t fight or run. They should talk.

Charles comes in and sits down. He says she doesn’t look well. She says she’s fine; not enough sleep. He asks why? but she doesn’t know; something is off. He says his doctor can give her something to sleep, but she’s been drinking. He asks how much she’s had, but she doesn’t know. He tells her, try and rest, but she says she can’t. She doesn’t need…. He says she doesn’t need his help, get away, shut up, he doesn’t know her. He knows she can’t sleep. She says she thinks about her son. Every time she closes her eyes, all sees is him in the casket in his suit. She can’t see anything else. She says she’ll be okay, but Charles says, he’s not. He understands. He gets it. He’s been there. She’s sorry for what she did to her son, and what she did to Charles. He says they’ve both done things they regret. He’s so much like her. One day, he’ll tell her everything. She has to ask herself why she’s tired. He was too, on the path he was on. He was exhausted. He he had to do the right thing, and it brought him there. He’s giving her the same choice and chance to rest on the right path. She asks, why her? and he says he chooses her, like some people chose him. She says she can’t get her heart broken again. He says neither can he. She says every time she lets her guard down, it’s exactly the same. He tells her to let her guard down, and open her heart. Just try one more time. He promises he’s him. She says, him who?  He says, the guy she was made for. Try one more time. He holds her.

Next time, Candace doesn’t know where to start, Wyatt testifies, Jeffrey asks Madison not to tell his father, Wyatt gets thrown in a van, and finds a gun.

🌴 Postponing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills until tomorrow. I watched it, but would never be able to do it justice with my editing at this hour. I’m loving Denise Richards so far, who just seems confused about all the conflicts. The others, not so much. Whether LVP is manipulating the Dorit/dog situation is immaterial. Why are these women passing along info if they think they’re being led to do it by her? So they can bring it up at a nice dinner in the Bahamas? Bleh. Tired of the schoolgirl stuff. These ladies are way too old for that. I liked Teddi at first, but now she acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, as she stirs every pot available.

🌞 Because I Can Use Something Happy…

And this is about the happiest video ever.




February 25, 2019 – A Sad Sorry, Stella Realizes She’s Wrong, Lala Takes a Break, Something New, From GH to Oscar, Rainbow Bridge & Best Girl


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Starting off with an apology. Normally, I’d do more editing than this, but tonight, my Best Girl Forever went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I’m exhausted. For a little over 16 years, we had a great run. So please forgive any mistakes, things I missed, or details that I just didn’t deal with.

General Hospital

Jason comes to at the hospital. Carly sits next to his bed. She says he’s okay; that’s all that matters. He says he can see; that’s all he cares about. She tells him that he’s staying until he gets cleared by the doctor.

Sam tells Shiloh that he doesn’t have to stay. He says he’s there for consolation, support, coffee, whatever she needs. She wants to get a prognosis on Scout and Danny’s dad.

Finn explains the virus to Drew. Anna says Finn was able to neutralize the virus. Drew says he remembers pulling out of the garage, and asks if he hit anybody.

Curtis sits next to Jordan’s bed. He says he was told the best thing for her is rest. He’s not asking her to open her eyes, but she can give his hand a squeeze. Nothing happens, and he says she was always a stickler for the rules. He tells her to rest. Her man will be there when she wakes up. Stella brings him some coffee, and he tells Jordan that Aunt Stella is there with some much needed caffeine. He says he won’t be far. In the hallway, Stella says she talked to the doctors, and Curtis asks what the hell is going on.

At the MetroCourt, Peter asks Maxie if there’s no word from the lab. She says no, even though the promise next day service, but they’ve made a promise to figure out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter or Valentin’s plant.

At another table, Valentin is happy to have a moment alone with Sasha. She wonders how can be so calm. Nina loves him, and she thinks he loves Nina, but she doesn’t want Nina to end up heartbroken. That’s why Valentin thinks it’s best for all parties involved if Sasha cuts her visit short. Nina breezes in, says she needs a private conference with her daughter, and whisks Sasha off.

Anna asks Jason how the patient is, and he says, ready to leave. Carly says, no leaving. Anna say she thought while he’s waiting, he’d want to find out what made him go blind in the first place. The HN242 virus is rare, and causes a hemorrhage that results in blindness. He says like what happened to her. She says it has to do with the memory transfer procedure, and Carly says Andre did that, but Anna say it wasn’t intentional. The original doctor, Dr. Cabot, did a study of identical twins. One of the subject pairs was her and Alex.

Shiloh wonders how Jason found the tower, since he had no idea where they were going. Did she tell him? Sam says she didn’t know. She doesn’t need permission to go wherever with whomever. Maybe his mom told him, since she left the kids there. he says he saw a gun, so Jason must have had it in his hands. Sam says he always carries. It must have jarred loose when he fell. Shiloh asks if she’s sure Jason wasn’t going to shoot him.

Finn tells Drew the virus was neutralized, and there’s no chance of the blindness reoccurring. It will take a few days to recover, so no skydiving. Kim tells him it’s time to get some rest. He thinks it’s a good time to talk through what happened. He was driving and he couldn’t see, and got an incredible headache. He asks if he stopped the car, and Kim says, Jordan was hit.

Stella tells Curtis that Jordan shattered two ribs, and a kidney was punctured. If her blood pressure becomes dangerously high, they may have to remove it, but want to save both if possible. They’re monitoring the situation, as there was also blood trauma to the other kidney. It’s serious. If both are compromised, they can explore other options, but they’re not there yet.

Nina wants to talk bridesmaid dresses. She wants Sasha to get something she loves, but there are factors to consider, like the month – they’re looking at May – and the time of day. Sasha thinks maybe Nina’s dress should be figured out first. Nina says she needs help with everything, and asks her to consider staying in Port Charles until the wedding.

Valentin asks if Peter has a minute. Peter hesitates, but Maxie says, sure. They step away, and Valentin says he needs to ask for a little favor; actually, not so little. He wants Peter to be his best man.

Anna tells Jason that Cabot adapted a use for serum, and the DVX held on to the serum and the memory transfer notes, making them available to Andre, who used it on him and his brother, who suffered a hemorrhage around the same time.

Sam tells Shiloh it’s crazy. Since Jason came back, he’s been trying to recapture what they had, no matter how many times she tells him no. Shiloh says he’s sorry Jason is so possessive, but it tells him all he needs to know.

Jason ask if Anna and Alex were the first subjects, if Alex has her memories. Anna doesn’t think so, saying it doesn’t feel that way.

Sasha tells Nina that Chappaquiddick isn’t the moon, and they can meet in the city if Nina wants to check out dresses. Nina doesn’t want to pressure her, but asks if she’d consider staying. She wonders if she’s overwhelming Sasha, who says she’s not overwhelmed; she’s blown away. Nina has a generous heart. She’s so welcoming and open. That’s what makes it so hard turning her down, but she wants to be honest.

Curtis tells Stella that Jordan risked her life every day for a number of years. Now she’s a police commissioner with a desk job, relatively safe in comparison, and critically injured in ICU. If he wasn’t so scared, he laugh at the irony. She says he and his brother served in areas that were high risk. The possibility of losing them paralyzed her. She bargained with herself, and asked God for the grace to get her through. When Tommy died, the prayer changed a little. She thinks he should try it. They join hands.

Carly says Anna likes Jason. He guesses it’s the spy stuff. Carly says Anna didn’t even try getting her to leave the room. Jason says she probably knew if would be a futile effort. Carly says he and Anna must have bonded last year while they were tracking Faison’s son, but Anna lied to him the whole time. She starts sounding a little irrational, and Jason asks if she’s jealous of Anna. She’s just saying they’ve gotten close. Jason says, she’s Robin’s mother. Jason asks when he woke up, who was sitting beside him. Her. Just like he’d be there for her. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says Sam texted her. He asks if Carly is okay, and Carly says the doctors claim the worst is behind him, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, but she was. All the feelings came back. She missed and needed him. He’s her best friend, and she’s going to need him for the next v months. He needs to remember how important he is to her. He asks what’s going on, and she says she’s pregnant.

Shiloh sees that Sam has gotten over Jason, even if he’s not evolved enough to do the same. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to see a sunrise. He has to get back to the house, and when he leaves, she says, finally.

Drew asks where Jordan is, and Kim says in ICU. They’re monitoring her internal injuries. She was operated on last night, and came through well. Drew wants to see her, but Kim says she’s heavily sedated.

Curtis tells Jordan that he never thought he had a chance; that she would love him like he loved her. He loved her as a friend first, a partner, a sister-in-law. Still, he couldn’t deny her beauty. He was clear on the boundaries, but when Tommy died, their family blew apart, and she was out of his life. He had to train himself not to think about her, and the long boring stakeouts where they bonded over lake trout sandwiches, and she made him laugh. But the universe brought them back together, and he was able to see what he couldn’t receive back then. Right or wrong, he loved her the whole time. If he hasn’t made that clear, shame on him.

Valentin knows Maxie told Peter that he and Nina are getting married again. He could probably scrape together a respectable human being, but he’d rather have a friend. Peter asks if that’s what they are. Valentin says he’s known Peter since he was born, and after his tragic mistake, he did his best to right his wrong. He wants Peter to know what Nina means to him. Peter says he’d be honored. They hug, and at the table, Maxie says, that does not bode well.

Cabot tells Anna that he was just leaving. She says, no, he’s not.

Jason asks if Carly is sure, and she says both she and Sonny saw the ultrasound. Sonny left to find Dante in Turkey. Jason asks if he needs support, but she says Brick set it up. Jason insists he can go, but Carly thinks it’s important that he stick to recovering. He asks what about her. It was a risk when she was pregnant with Josslyn. She says she’s taking it easy, and she hasn’t had chips in days; no stress either. He says she should be home relaxing, but she says he can’t stress her out, and she’ll try to leave before he does. He has to do what she wants for the next seven months. He says if that’s what she needs, they’ll figure it out. He asks if she’s excited, and she says she’s scared, nervous, and surprised. She never thought this would happen, but now that she knows, she’s really excited. Jason is too. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam, who says she was freaking out when she saw him at the bottom of the stairs. She kisses him, and says she thought he was dead. He says there’s nothing to worry about.

Curtis tells Jordan that maybe he was too ambitious about the honeymoon. She wanted to go to New Orleans. Why not do that? They can plan a long weekend, forget police work, and hold hands in the garden district. They’ll just do them. Stella says Curtis has a visitor; she’ll stay. Curtis finds Drew in the hallway. Drew doesn’t know what to say; he’s sorry. He wishes he could take it back. Curtis says, it was an accident; stuff happens. Kim and the other doctors are hopeful. There was no spine injury, which is major. They did surgery, and are waiting to see how it goes. Drew says if there’s anything he can do, he will. Curtis says the doctors are taking good care of her. He heard Drew was found unconscious. Drew says apparently his crazy vision was an unhappy surprise from his past. He’s sorry.

Stella says she owes Jordan an apology. She owes Jordan several.

Sasha says it’s Nina’s wedding. She can be supportive from a distance, but wants to focus on Nina. Valentin asks if it’s a closed meeting. Sasha says she needs time to think. So does Nina. After Sasha leaves, Nina tells Valentin that her daughter has a mind of her own. Valentin say she has an independent streak, but Nina wishes Sasha would be independent and outspoken in Port Charles. Valentin says he asked Peter to be his best man, and Peter agreed.

Maxie asks Peter what Valentin wanted, and Peter says Valentin asked him to be his best man. Maxie asks what he said, and Peter tells her, yes. He says she doesn’t seem surprised, but she’d like to know his reasons. He says he doesn’t want to keep any secrets from her.

Cabot says he gave them a thorough briefing on the memory transfer study, but Finn says, not thorough enough. Anna says Andre successfully transferred memories from Jason to Andrew. Finn says there must have been something promising in the original study for them to allow it to continue. Anna asks if Cabot ever transferred memories from her sister to her.

Jason thanks Sam for texting Carly. Sam says she had to keep her distance. Carly wonders how far she’s taking this. Shiloh took her to an isolated location. What if Jason hadn’t been there? Sam says he was, and this has nothing to do with her; it’s about Sam’s sister Jason tells Sam that Carly is pregnant, and can’t have stress. Sam hugs Carly, and apologizes for being snippy. Carly says she started it. She says Jason promised that he wouldn’t leave until a doctor gives the okay, but If he has to take care of himself, so does she. Sam says a baby is pretty great, and asks if Carly Jason is okay. He says he just has a little leftover headache. She asks what happened, but he says, her first. What happened in the tower? Wasn’t he listening on the phone?

Stella says she made Jordan the focus of her grief and loss, and her anger over Tommy’s senseless death. She judged Jordan for her mistakes, and held them against her. It was never her place. Now she sees the time she wasted, and the needless pain it caused, dividing the family, issuing an ultimatum. If she wasn’t so stubborn, she’d have admitted that Jordan was an admirable woman, with the courage to face her mistakes and the strength to take them back. She hopes she can follow and learn from Jordan’s example. She admits she was wrong, and will do everything in her power to make it up to her.

Nina says she’s surprised, but in a good way. She doesn’t think Peter’s motives are altruistic. Valentin says, neither were his. He knew Peter was more likely to say yes with Maxie there, and Maxie was more likely to be supportive if Peter is best man. Nina asks if their wedding is going to be Maxie and Peter’s date night.

Peter tells Maxie that getting close to Valentin doesn’t mean he’s going to betray him. He’d prefer Valentin be an ally than an adversary. The results are in.

Cabot says memories aren’t widgets; they’re not defined by quantity or mass, but he believes there was something. Anna asks what it was, and he tells her to ask her sister. Alex is the curator of her own memories. He has a plane to catch. Anna introduces him to Agent Grey, who will be his escort to Steinmauer. He says they’ve had his full cooperation, and provided them with everything he knows. Anna tells him to have his lawyer call her. He’s escorted out. Finn says he’s not the first doctor to pad his research, and exaggerate his success. Anna says, it sounds farfetched, but what if he’s telling the truth? If she has memories that aren’t her own, it could make a huge difference. Hmm… could Peter be Alex’s son?

Cabot tells the guard that he has to check with a patient. The guard steps away (okay), and Cabot asks how his favorite patient is. He says the same thing happened to him, and it was terrifying. Fortunately there’s a cure.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants Maxie to be happy; she’ll get there. She feels like Maxie is slipping away from her, and it makes her more grateful to have Sasha in her life. She didn’t outright refuse to stay in Port Charles. This thing might work out. Valentin says he’s counting on it.

Carly sees Peter, and apologizes for interrupting. He tells her that he’s happy with his office. She’s glad to hear it. She says there’s something else. She just left Jason, who had a health scare that stemmed from Dr. Andre’s procedure. She’s sure when all this started, Peter didn’t know they’d end up in the same city, and have people in common; people who have given him a second chance. Don’t blow it. She leaves, and Maxie tells him that she almost jumped in there, saying he’s changed and is committed to being a new person, but she realized the only way to prove it is by actions. He says he’d rather prove it to her. She doesn’t set up impassible standards, and they accept. Maxie asks him to read the results. She’s too nervous. Subject A is Nina. What does it say about Sasha. He says it’s not a match. Maxie says then Sasha is a fraud. He doesn’t think it has to do with Sasha. It’s says she’s an African American female. She says she must have taken the wrong clippings. Back to square one. Now what?

Stella tells Jordan that she would have been mortified if Jordan had gotten in touch with Marcus, but fate did the work for her, and Stella admits she had the right idea. Curtis stands in the doorway. She asks how long he’s been eavesdropping, and he says, long enough. The machines Jordan is attached to start to go crazy. Stella calls for the nurse, and takes Curtis outside. The doctor thinks Jordan needs emergency surgery.

Jason tells Sam that he heard Shiloh ask her to spend the night with him. That’s why he headed up the stairs. Then he blacked out. She says she heard him fall. It wasn’t the rescue she was looking for, but it worked out better. Shiloh thinks she’s grateful. She’s going to keep playing it out. She has no choice; if it’s the only way to reach Kristina. She has to, and needs him to back her up. She can’t do it alone. He says he’ll back her up, as long as there isn’t another trip to the tower. They kiss, and Shiloh sees.

Tomorrow, Curtis says Jordan’s not out of the woods, Lulu interviews Franco, and Sam pretends she and Jason are done.

Vanderpump Rules

Kristen hugs Katie, and says she loves her. Katie says she loves Kristen too, but last night was crazy. In Katie’s interview, she says last night, Kristen lost her goddam mind. She was knocking on doors, asking for cigarettes, and threatening to leave in the middle of the night. Kristen wants to be chill, and stop freaking out. She says Carter was texting her about James. In her interview, Katie says Kristen claims her meltdown was about James being at guys’ night, but she hasn’t been happy in the relationship with Carter. Kristen says she’s not the only one who feels that way, but Katie says she’s the only one acting that way.

Jax announces drinking sucks as you get older. Schwarz thought vacation was supposed to be fun and guilt free. Jax remembers in his heyday going out for multiple days in a row of drinking. He’s drinking a quarter of that, and sick as a dog. Schwartz thinks Peter hooked up, but Jax wasn’t comfortable. He tells Schwartz about calling the girls. In his interview, Schwartz says it’s refreshing to see Jax remorseful. Schwartz asks if it doesn’t feel good to have zero temptation, but Jax still doesn’t want to be put in that situation.

Katie tells Kristen that she literally fell, and was arguing on the ground. She couldn’t even stand up to finish the argument. She gave up. Lala says it’s their final day in Solvang, and they’re going to a winery/ranch. She knows how to give bitches a good time. She’s not drinking because Randall thinks it’s a horrible combination, but she does keep sniffing the various vintages. She says it’s not easy for her; it’s pure torture. Brittany passes on drinking too. She tells them, last night, she was sick; waking up every hour to throw up. She thinks she might be allergic to something. Um… maybe she’s allergic to drinking too much?

Stassi tells the girls about Jax and Beau calling her and Brittany. She 100% believes what they said, and thinks they handled it perfectly. He didn’t have to call her. The old her would been a mess. Progress. Everyone comments on how beautiful the scenery is. Stassi and Kristen stay at the outdoor table and drink wine, while the others go for a walk. Stassi says Kristen seems normal today. She doesn’t think the problem is James. She thinks it’s bigger than that. Kristen admits her and Carter are not great. She doesn’t need to be screamed at. Stassi says she can be in a relationship where someone loves her. is happy to be with her, and supports her, and isn’t demanding she take care of everything. In Stassi’s interview, she says behind Kristen’s crazy nature, she’s one of the most wonderful people Stassi has ever met. She wants Kristen to be with someone who appreciates it, and gives love back. She doesn’t think Kristen thinks she’s lovable, and it breaks her heart. Stassi says she learned the hard way. Kristen feels the need to defend Carter, since he’s not sh*tty all the time. In her interview, Kristen says it’s like she has a teenage son, and doesn’t think Carter is trying hard enough. Stassi says she needs to be with someone who’s excited to be around her. She excited, but sorry, she doesn’t want to have sex with Kristen. Kristen says, even on a girls’ trip?

Lisa adjusts the flowers at TomTom. Giggy! Tom has wanted someone to pinch him ever since he saw his name. He loves it, and will never get used to it. Lisa says she’s invited Sly, a top mixologist, to come and give them advice. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t often bring in someone like that, but TomTom is different form the others, and focused on cocktails. She sent the Tom’s recipes to Sly, and if something doesn’t fly, she’ll tell them. Tom is sure she’s talented, but they dedicated months to just the cocktail menu. In Tom’s interview, he says he’s $100K invested in the bar, but at what point do Tom and Tom get to contribute to TomTom? Lisa says he’s not a mixologist, and Sly is going to show them some stuff. She says she always thinks she knows everything until someone knows it better. She tells them, trust her; they might learn something. In her interview, she says they can have a cocktail that costs $30 and takes a half hour to make, but that’s not what business is about. It has to be time and cost effective, and also bloody delicious.

Lala does some horseback riding, while the other girls watch. She hasn’t been on a horse in years, and says it’s about trusting each other. Lala does some circles. Afterwards, she takes a walk with Stassi, and tells her that you have to be calm for the horse to stay calm. It was good. Stassi asks how Lala is doing. Lala doesn’t know. She’s in a big funk, and it’s getting worse; more real. It sounds morbid, but her dad is just a memory now, and she misses him. She starts to cry, and Stassi cries with her. Lala says she retreated from everyone, including Rand. It’s a heavy thing, and she’s angry it happened. Stassi thinks Rand understands. Lala says she loves him so much. In her interview, Lala says he’s done a good job of taking care of her while she’s been up and down about her dad. She says her dad isn’t going to see her get married or have babies. Her mom told her that Rand had called her dad, and asked if he could have Lala, and take care of her. Stassi says she’s lucky. Lala knows that. Her world crumbled, and she’s so sad right now. Me too. Stassi is so sorry.

Jax isn’t drinking. Tom says they’re still on staycay, and he’s saying he can’t drink? Tom puts a drink in front of him anyway. Tom tells Jax about Sly coming in on Saturday; it’s a collaborative effort. Jax wonders what percentage of the place is the Toms, but Schwartz wants whatever’s best for the bar. Jax asks what they’re bringing to TomTom if not drinks? Schwartz says their heart and soul. In Jax’s interview, he thinks it’s a slap in the face. He tells Schwartz and Jax they’ve given this so much time. Lisa gave them permission to go for it, and they did. If their drinks don’t make it to the menu, he doesn’t know if he wants to stay in. In Schwartz’s interview, he says he never thought about what he’d do if Tom backed out. Would Lisa want move forward? Would he? He doesn’t want just Tom. Tom says top notch bars are doing the cocktails they submitted. They can’t not do it. Well, I would think Sly would know this. What a baby man dude is being. Crying before he’s hurt.

It’s time to go home, and Stassi wears PJs on the PJ. Lala thinks she was born for this lifestyle. Stassi says she’s spoiled now.

An hour and a half later, the girls are back at work. Brittany is so tired, she’s slap happy. Scheana says going back to work at SUR after being on a PJ is humbling. What is life?

In his interview, James says PUMP used to be his stomping ground. Lisa is trusting him to DJ Billie’s Equality event. Lisa introduces Billie, who says she’s working from the ground up, like Equality does, starting with civil rights. Lisa asks James what he’s been up to, and he tells her that he went to boys’ night, but he didn’t drink. She says he’s young enough to change. She tells him, do a good job, and don’t let Billie down. He’s concerned about girls’ night. It was his baby, and he put the work into it. Lisa isn’t discussing it now, and James asks, when. She says she’s not putting a time on it. He has way bigger problems, like the rest of his life. In his interview, he asks if he needs to get a tattoo. He tells Lisa that everyone at SUR wants him back. Lisa says he’s not listening, and being disrespectful. In Lisa’s interview, she says there has to be an element of contrition. She doesn’t know if he’s learned his lesson, since all he’s concerned about is getting his job back. It’s like opening a Christmas present before the holiday. She tells him, who says he’s coming back?

Stassi is hungover, and needs dog love. She tells Beau that she made a drink for him. She’s still in her PJs and wearing sunglasses. She says he’s looking at her like she has a gun trained on him, and he says she looks like a drunk, blonde Ray Charles. He’s been hungover since Wednesday, after they were out until 5 5 am. Stassi says she’s not mad about them being out so late (early?), but she’s mad about them bringing around a bunch of whores. He’s perplexed, and says she’s looking at him like he did something, and she says it’s manipulation, but she feels guilty guilt-tripping him. In her interview, she says when he looks at her like she’s a hunter gunning for him, it melts her ice cold heart. She tells him her friend Kristina is having a barbecue at her place in Santa Monica tomorrow. In her interview, she says Kristina is one of her oldest friends there, and got her the job at SUR. Beau is down with that. Stassi has decided her life sucks. You can do anything on a PJ. She lists things like walking around and going to the bathroom, and Beau says he can do the same thing when he flies Delta. He asks if they had Movies on the back of the seats. She says, no, and he makes a dismissive hand gesture (not the finger).

Schwartz is choosing his outfit for the meeting, and tells Katie that he doesn’t want to overcompensate. He’s thinking young CEO. Katie Says Lisa dresses for everything. He should be her male counterpart. In her interview, Katie says the success of TomTom means a lot to the both of them. It can fund their family and future, so they need to have faith. Schwartz tells her Tom got heated, and threatened to back out if none of their drinks make it to the menu. Katie says that would hurt, but their drinks great. It’s their bar too, and they have to own that sh*t. She says their drinks are worthy of the cocktail menu. In his interview, Schwartz feels like Rudy at the end of the movie. He hears Lisa chanting, Schwartzy! Katie thinks they have solid drinks. He says she has solid lips. They kiss.

Stassi tells Kristina there are many she’d come to the west side for, but Kristina is number one. Katie brings a plant, and explains about the Toms being at a meeting. As they’re pulling in, Kristen asks Carter not to be an a-hole. In Kristen’s interview, she says what Stassi said about Carter was unkind and intrusive, but not completely wrong. Kristen starts drinking immediately. She tells Carter that whenever there’s an issue, he barks at her, raises his voice, and cusses. He says when she comes home, she bitches about her day. She says he’s her boyfriend, and they’re going to disagree. It’s always his way or the highway, and it doesn’t work that way. In her interview, Kristen says as hot as Carter is, she’s attracted to the drive. Carter says they’re both stubborn, and whines that the therapist is always on her side and gives her more time. Kristen tells him that’s not the way therapy works. She says she’s uncomfortable. She loves him, but she’s going outside.

Brittany and Jax arrive, with Lala right behind. Lala says she wants vino, and Stassi wonders why today? They just went on a wine trip, and she didn’t take a sip. Maybe things are not great in Lalaland. Ariana tells Katie, whatever’s on the grill smells good. They talk about the meeting, and Katie says the Toms came up with some good stuff that hasn’t been seen before. We see a clip of Tom making ice diamonds, and some kind of foam. Why does anyone want foam anything to happen? Ariana says if they can’t get their drinks on the menu, it won’t be very good. The arrogance runs high.

Lisa tells Sly that each place has its own identity, and this place is different. She wants drinks equally different. The Toms arrive, and she introduces Sly. In Tom’s interview, he says she might be qualified, but Sly doesn’t know them, and he hopes she does them a solid or adios TomTom. Lisa tells them, watch, listen, and learn from the best. Sly says it’s more than beautiful cocktails. The drinks need to be cost effective. Sometimes you can take a basic drink, and add just one element. It’s easy for the staff and profitable for the bar. In his interview, Tom says he sees his dream of getting cocktails on the menu slipping away. Geez, if that’s all it takes, maybe he’s in the wrong business. Lisa says Sly has been over the list with a fine-toothed comb. Lisa asks if Sly liked any of the cocktails, and Sly asks if she’s hooked up to a lie detector. Lisa asks, how many got through? and Sly says, ten. Everyone is happy again. She says she did a few tweaks, and goes through them. Tom says it’s amazing. He thought they’d be lucky to get one or two though. In her interview, Lisa says she likes to see them winning; that’s why they’re here. They committed, and came out smelling like a rose. In Schwartz’s interview, he says, Schwartzy! He’s relieved that his friend and business partner isn’t abandoning him. They all clink glasses with whatever is there.

Jax can’t find the vodka, so he’s drinking wine. Lala feels that she and Rand aren’t on the same page. She  gave up alcohol for him, and when she came home, he was not acting okay. He’d been partying to the point where he didn’t even know his own name, and was slurring his words. She was in wine country, didn’t drink any of it for him, and this is what he’s doing. Is he effing kidding? She feels betrayed. They made a pact. She’s going through a hard time, and needs a partner. a soulmate, someone to back her up. He said she’d been unloving and harsh in the past week. She starts to cry, saying she decided to take a break from him. Brittany and Katie tell her they’re sorry. Lala doesn’t think she can be with him. He kept her Gucci slides, taking them back so she’d remember. Um… wouldn’t she remember better if she had them? In her interview, Katie says it’s ridiculous, like taking away a child’s toys. Lala knows she can afford her rent and car on her own, but her life is going to be different; no traveling on a PJ to Mikonos. She says there’s a lot of steak out there. and no matter what, she can live that way. You just need a mouth. I’m guessing you might need a little more than that. Brittany says at least she’s optimistic about the future. Katie and Brittany tell Lala they love her.

Still coming this season, Katie wants Schwartz to listen to her for once, James lacks emotional control, a trip to Mexico, a dinosaur costume (the good kind), Brittany tries on wedding dresses, the engagement party, Lisa tells James maybe his future doesn’t include SUR, and Tom calls Katie a bully.

💃 Mexican Dynasties premieres on Bravo February 26th at 10 pm.

🏆 She Wore Oscar de la Renta…

And received an Oscar. Coincidence or meant to be?

🌈 Run Free…


February 24, 2019 – Daryl Gives the Wrong Answer, It’s Not What It Sounds Like, Grace is Still Under Fire, Riding, Awkward & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel asks what Jerry wants to tell him. Jerry swore he wasn’t saying anything, so Ezekiel can’t either. He asks Carol to swear too. Nabila is pregnant. He’s going to be a daddy. Ezekiel says, it’s the future of the Kingdom, and congratulates him. Carol says they’re coming. Apparently this is a flashback, since Jesus and Tara arrive to give them some food. Ezekiel is glad hear the worst has passed. Jesus tells him, Maggie wanted to come, but she’s still sick. Carol is surprised to see Tara, and Tara says not as surprised as Michonne is going to be when she finds out Tara isn’t coming back. She took more supplies than she was supposed to, and took something else. Maggie isn’t Michonne’s biggest fan right now, and they thought it better that Ezekiel hang onto it. Tara hands him a leather tube, and says she won’t be going back to Alexandria. Ezekiel says he hasn’t given up the idea the charter embodies. When the time comes, they’ll reunite and sign it together, a community that can begin anew as one. Jesus says, in the meantime, Ezekiel will be the keeper. It’s what they’re counting on. Jerry asks if Ezekiel is going to read it or not. Ezekiel takes it out, and reads over the Community Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Forward in the present day, Ezekiel is still reading. Dianne tells him, five minutes. He says it’s good to have her back. Carol asks if Dianne knows something she doesn’t. Carol is going off to hunt, and Ezekiel says he assumed the queen would be handling preparations for the fair. She asks him not to call her that. She still feels the empty nest. Or maybe she just missed him while she was gone. Calling her my love, he says he missed her too. In a few days’ time, they feast. It’s all going to work out.

Maybe not at Hilltop, where Alpha has come for her daughter. She knows they have her. Daryl tells her, leave now, and no one gets hurt. Alpha says, wrong answer. She puts her hand up, and a ton of zombies and/or Whisperers come out of the woods.

Earl says he has arthritis, but Tammy is acting like he’s on his deathbed. She says he might as well have, spilling hot metal everywhere. Enid prescribes something, and says she should take a break; Tammy thinks retirement is in order. He says he’s not retiring, and he’s not taking a break. He has horseshoes to finish before the fair. Outside, Tammy tells Enid, the guys being gone brought his stress back, but Enid shouldn’t lose hope. They’ll turn up. She asks what happened, and Enid says the ones who killed Jesus are out there.

Tara says if they piss Alpha off, they might get killed. Magna says they don’t even have a horse. Alpha asks which one leads. Daryl asks, what does it matter? Alpha says his people crossed into their land; no conflict. His people killed their people; no conflict. She’s done talking. I guess she’s also leaving out that her people killed Jesus. I’d call that a conflict. She tells him, bring out her daughter or there will be conflict. Daryl says he’s getting her. Henry tells him, no, but Daryl says she’s not getting Lydia. She’s done talking, but he isn’t, because he’s just that crazy.

Ezekiel tells Carol to go back with the others. She asks why he’s scared to tell her what he’s doing. He says he’s not, and asks Jerry if this is the face of a scared man. Jerry says, no comment. Ezekiel says it’s a side mission. He’s picking up one last item for the fair. Nothing she’d be interested in. She says, try her, and he says what about if he shows her?

Jerry says, movie time. The group stands in front of a theater. Zombies crowd the lobby.

Alpha gives a signal. Connie watches from the cornfield. Daryl approaches her. He says she can’t have Lydia. If it’s a fight she’s looking for, they have enough firepower to light them up. He hears a baby crying, and says they brought a baby out there. Alpha says, they’re animals. Animals live out there. Animals have babies. He seems to want conflict. She doesn’t, so she’s proposing a trade. Two captives wearing zombie skin masks are brought forward, and revealed to be Luke and Alden. She wanted to kill them, but she wants her daughter. One of hers for two of theirs. It’s a good trade, and that’s why going they’re going to take it. Now bring her daughter.

Carol tells Ezekiel that a projector is really not something they absolutely need. He says it’s dangerous, but they’ve worked it out. Like a cobra strike. She asks if it’s worth it, and he says Henry used to love movie nights. It’s been five years, and the young ones don’t know what a movie is. Bringing cinema back from the dead, the sense of whimsy and wonder, will make gathering together something they’ll never forget. And if joy and lifelong friendship aren’t worth fighting for, he doesn’t know what is.

Ezekiel turns on a boombox. The zombies file out of the theater following the music, as zombie will do. Ezekiel, Carol, and some of the others go in, Jerry can’t find any bulbs, and Dianne is pretty sure the expiration date on the popcorn butter is just a suggestion. A zombie toddles out of the arcade, and Jerry takes care of it. A bunch of zombies are stuck in and around the popcorn machine. Jerry sees the projection room, and says it’s their last chance. Ezekiel knows what to do. Cobra strike.

A Whisperer asks Alpha if he should lead them away, but she says no. Get back for now. Luke looks around, and sees Connie in the cornfield. He signs to her, stay hidden. The dead are coming.

Tara asks what Daryl thinks. He thinks they should give Lydia back. Yumiko says Henry and Lydia are gone. They start hunting. Daryl calls Dog, and has him sniff something. Alpha waits, and the Whisperers mill around. A baby cries, and the mom holding it looks antsy. Alpha locks eyes with her, and kind of shrugs. The mom leaves the baby on the ground. Alpha says, the land of the dead needs to live in silence. If the mother can’t quiet the child, the dead will. Natural selection.

Enid tells Daryl that she knows where Henry probably took Lydia. She’s known him since he was a kid, and he likes her; he can talk to her. Daryl says, no! as zombies toddle toward the baby. Luke signs to Connie, baby. Connie sees the baby, and hits the nearest zombie with a slingshot. She runs out, and grabs the baby. Now what? The zombies move toward her, and she runs into the field with the baby, but a zombie follows. I assume right now it’s a huge disadvantage not to be able to hear. She jabs one in the head, but here comes another. She puts the sling around her neck. One more pops out, gets in her face, and she pikes it. More are coming. Suddenly, Daryl, Kelly, Earl, and Tammy are there, and hustle Connie out of the cornfield.

Jerry finds a bulb in the projector, and says, they’re in business. Dianne tells him, grab and go, but he says, it’s fra-gee-lee (the way the father in A Christmas Story pronounces it) for real. Ezekiel asks Carole for a hand on a side mission. He wants a poster box frame for the charter. She thinks he’s dreaming, and doesn’t want him to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. What if the fair isn’t enough? What if more trade and training isn’t enough. She thinks they should talk to Jesus if things get worse, and maybe stay at Hilltop, at least until they find someplace better. Ezekiel asks, what better place than the Kingdom? A knight tells him that the boombox died. The zombies start getting loud. Jerry gets the bulb out of the projector, and puts it in bubble wrap, telling Dianne, let’s bounce. He drops his precious package, and we both say, oh sh*t.

Lydia looks at a wooden coin. Henry says Hilltop made it, but it didn’t work. She says her mother wasn’t supposed to come. She broke own rules. Maybe her mother misses her. Henry says, maybe. Lydia says, maybe she’s sorry, but Henry says, no she’s not, People like that don’t get to be sorry. Enid calls to him from outside. He tells Lydia to stay there. She says she doesn’t want to go back. Enid say if she could do something to help, she would. No one wants this, but Lydia doesn’t belong to them. Her mother will kill Luke and Alden if they don’t give her back. Henry says there’s got to be another way, but Enid says, there isn’t. She’s sorry. Henry says, it’s not fair – or right. She says it isn’t, but it’s something they have to live with, and he asks, how? She says when she was his age, she saw her parents die it. It changed her. I it became about surviving. Someone else died, someone special, who left her a letter reminding her that just surviving isn’t living, and they live with it by staying who they are, and not letting it change them. Lydia comes out says she’s going to go; she has to. Henry says, no, but she says she wants to be with her mother. They’re her people she misses them, even though I’m not sure what there is to miss. She say she’ll miss him too, but she’ll be okay. So will he she. She kisses him. This is actually a little sad, and I rarely have any feels for this show anymore.

Daryl brings Lydia out to Alpha. I’m feel a little stressed because I liked Luke in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and anything could go wrong. Lydia walks forward, and Luke and Alden are released. Alpha’s responsibility is done though, and they have to take their own gags off. Enid hugs Alden, and says she never wants let go of him. Lydia tells Alpha, sorry, and thanks her mother for coming to get her. In response she gets a crack across the face. Then Alpha hugs her, and says, call her Alpha.

Jerry tells Ezekiel that he got it, bubble wrapped, in one piece, after he dropped it somewhere between rows R and W. Ezekiel says they need to move before the horde is upon them. Jerry wants to stay and fight, and Carol asks if the queen’s call counts for something. She agrees with Jerry. A few kills each, it shouldn’t be too hard. Ezekiel says she doesn’t need to do this for him. She tells him, who says it’s just for him? She’s doing this or what? The zombies break free of the popcorn machine, Carol and some of the others use bows and arrows. Ezekiel does some does slicing and dicing. Carol wants him to be safe. They’ve lost so much, and with Henry gone… Ezekiel says he’s safe with her. He’s there with her. Jerry says they’ve got the projector going. Ezekiel says they have to be smart; be ready for every eventuality. Maybe they’re done losing. Carol says, maybe. We see a spray-painted quincunx symbol (I’m not making that up) on the back of a sign that the drive past, which we can safely assume has significance. Read all about it below.

Henry gets why Daryl had to do what he did, but that doesn’t make it okay. Daryl tells him that he never said it did. Henry asks what Daryl did to live with it. Daryl wonders what he’s talking about, and Henry say he saw the scars on Daryl’s back. He thinks knows more than anyone what sent Lydia back to her mother. He wonders how Daryl can live with that. Daryl says, the world is sh*t sometimes, and you live with it. Sometimes that’s all you can do. He did what he had to do today. They all did. He walks away

Ezekiel dusts off the poster box, and Jerry tests out the projector. He, Ezekiel, and Carol smile. Ezekiel and Carol kiss.

Magna and the others drink. Connie kicks back. Earl and Tammy won the baby lottery, and are taking care of the Whisperer child. Jerry is the father of three now, and bounces a baby.

Adeline gives Daryl a note she found in Henry’s room. Couldn’t live with it – gone to find Lydia. Connie sees him leaving, and writes, where are you going? He shows he the note and says he’s going to find Henry. She writes that she’s going with him. He says, no, but she shows the words to him again. He says, why? and she writes that she couldn’t live with it either. They leave together, and the gates close behind them.

Next time, Lydia walks again, Henry follows Lydia, Lydia claims she lied and they need to be ready, and Michonne says it’s dangerous. Like that isn’t the status of pretty much everything.

🎷 It’s All About That Quincunx…

Told you I didn’t make it up.

📺 I Remember Her…

I didn’t realize Brett Butler was playing Tammy. She used to do a stand-up act, and had a sitcom for a hot minute.

🚴 McRide…

It was a special night for Melissa McBride (Carol) on Ride With Norman Reedus, and a different kind of ride for him. They went to Scotland to uncover Melissa’s heritage, and she was thrilled with the results. They even ended up in a pub in a building that was not only the last known address of her great-something grandfather, but had once been owned by a McBride family. I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy this show.

🏆 For Those of You Who Still Care…

I haven’t bothered watching the Oscars in many years. I was well-aware that the year I actually knew two of the nominees – oddly enough, two Williams, Hurt and Hickey – could never be topped, so I haven’t watched it since. TBH, I never really cared much anyway, since it’s kind of meaningless. It’s not like the audience is voting. This was kind of a fun article though.

☕ The Best I Can Do…

Although it does say it all.



February 22, 2019 – Anna Makes the Connection, Packed, Sonny’s Trio, a Roach by Any Other Name, OctQuotes Plus One & the Best Medicine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny asks if Robert plans on leaving his son out in the cold. Robert says he’s not leaving him behind, and Sonny asks if he got the okay to bring Dante home.

Sam tells Jason that she’s meeting Shiloh at the MetroCourt. Jason asks if Shiloh gave any indication where they were going. She says, no, and Jason says Shiloh is testing her. She thinks it’s good if she goes no questions asked, so he’ll trust her. She knows Jason hates it, but she has to make sure Shiloh doesn’t think she’s playing him.

Curtis talks to TJ on the phone, wanting to get together, but TJ is busy. Drew joins him, and says if TJ thinks he’s busy now, wait until he’s chief of staff. Curtis says he was hoping to have coffee with TJ, since he was dropping Lulu off. Drew asks how she’s doing, and Curtis says, physically, she’s fine, but the arraignment got the better of her. Drew says, she’s not the only one.

Elizabeth sits in her car. Terry knocks on the window, and Elizabeth nearly has a heart attack. Terry says she didn’t mean to scare her; she should have known better. She asks if everything is okay, but Elizabeth says, no; far from it.

Jordan is going to talk Franco through it one more time. He’ll choose one lucky reporter, and give a no holds barred interview; telling them all the gory details. The performance of a lifetime. He’s going to hit the killer in the one place he’s vulnerable – his ego. He’ll have to reveal himself. Franco says so he’s going to turn the tables; manipulate the manipulator. She says, it’s the most effective tactic. Franco says, there’s only one problem. He’s not doing it.

Ryan and Ava go to the MetroCourt. He tells Carly that he wants to order the best champagne. Ava says they’re celebrating a major event. They’re getting married. Carly asks how his wife feels about that.

Laura yells for help. Doc tells her to rest; she’s been at it for hours. She says she looked everywhere, but can’t find another exit. Their best hope is someone hearing. Doc says if anyone could hear, they’d have been there by now. He thinks they should take a step back and regroup. Besides, he missed her. She says, that’s the silver lining in this very, very dark cloud. They might be in the basement at Ferncliff held captive by a madman, but they’re together.

Finn asks if Cabot is confirming Anna was a test subject. Anna says, it never happened. Cabot says she doesn’t remember participating in the study, because she wasn’t supposed to.

Jason tells Sam that he has both of their phones set up. He can track her even if he can’t see her, but he’ll have to keep his distance. Sam says she can handle herself. Shiloh may just want to get her alone to brainwash her with DOD propaganda. Jason says, that’s what he’s worried about. She doesn’t know what she’s walking into. He tells her, keep her eyes open, and if something goes wrong, he has her back.

Cabot tells Anna that she was drugged and abducted; a necessary evil to further the cause of science. She says, he’s lying, but he asks if there aren’t stretches of time she’s missing. How else can she explain her exposure to the virus? She had no adverse reaction at the time. The virus remained dormant for years, and began to manifest, causing blindness. Anna lunges for him, but Finn takes her out in the hallway. She says she needs answers, but Finn suggests she take a minute to calm down before she strangles Cabot. She wants to smash his face. Finn says they need him to keep talking first. They need more information to confirm what they suspected about her being infected with the virus. She asks what that really tells them. It doesn’t explain Doc. He wasn’t a part of the study. His brother has been dead for twenty-five years.

Carly tells Ryan, last she heard, he was still married to Laura. Ava says she knows how to spoil a celebration, and Carly tells her there are other restaurants. Ryan says he and Laura are getting divorced. She’ll find it beneficial as well. She asks, in what universe? He says he can help with any co-parenting issues, and Avery will have one more stable person in her life. Carly says he helped her in Ferncliff, but he’s anything but stable right now. She tells them the restaurant reserves the right to refuse service, so mind their manners. When she’s gone, Ava tells Ryan he might have kicked a hornet’s nest, and Carly could cause trouble for them. He says he could just kill them.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she knows she’s been AWOL. She didn’t mean be a bad friend. Elizabeth says Oscar needed her, but Terry says she could have still found time to be a friend. When Franco was arraigned, Elizabeth was confident there had been a mistake, and he’d be exonerated. She was so sure it would work out. Elizabeth says, all that changed today. She was hoping to pull it together before her shift. Terry asks, what happened? and Elizabeth says, Franco pled guilty. He’s not guilty; that much she knows. Something else is going on.

Franco say pleading guilty in front of Elizabeth without being able to explain was horrible. Now Jordan wants him to spread the lie over the entire world. She asks what he thought the plan was? That he’d just be evaluated and it would work out? He says she wanted time to catch the killer, and he’s given it to her. She says, the killer’s ego will betray him. Franco needs to get under his skin, so the killer confronts him. Franco asks how she knows he’s not going to just get killed.

Sonny tells Robert that Dante did the WSB a favor, tracking Rog. Now they’re going to leave him? Robert says, it’s dangerous. They just can’t risk violating borders. He won’t stop until Dante is back, but he needs time. He also doesn’t need Sonny making waves. He could alert the hostiles to Dante’s whereabouts. Sonny understands, and Robert says he’ll be in touch. Robert leaves, and Sonny calls Brick, saying he needs Brick’s help.

Ava asks where Ryan has been hiding his delicious wit, and he says she brings out the best in him. She plans to do that for the rest of their lives, but says Carly had a point. They can’t move forward yet. Maybe they’re getting ahead of themselves with the celebration. He says why put their happiness on hold? and tells her to order whatever she wants, as long as it’s the best. He’ll be right back. He has to wrap up a few loose ends.

Doc tells Laura that he’s so sorry. She says it’s not his fault. He says he should have known better. He should have thought it through, and taken precautions. She says Doc was shocked that Ryan was still alive. That’s why Ryan got the jump on him.

Curtis says it must have sucked, hearing that Franco pled guilty, but Drew says he can’t shake the feeling that it’s a maneuver, and Franco has an agenda; an ulterior motive. Or maybe he’s kidding himself. Curtis says, no, he’s not. There’s more going on than Drew realizes.

Jordan tells Franco it’s a secure facility. If anyone gets in who’s unauthorized, they’ll know. He says what if it’s someone who’s authorized? Jordan gives him a burner phone, telling him to hide it. It’s only to be used as a last resort. He takes the phone, and starts dialing. She asks what he’s doing, and he says what he should have from done from the start. Tell Elizabeth the truth.

Elizabeth tells Terry that she knows Franco is innocent. There has to be another reason. Terry says, okay, and Elizabeth says Terry thinks she’s crazy. Terry says, the truth is, she doesn’t know him well, so she doesn’t share what Elizabeth has, but she has faith in Elizabeth. If she believes there’s more to the story, she trusts her. Elizabeth thanks her, and says, if Franco doesn’t trust her, she’s not sure they stand a chance.

Shiloh meets Sam at the MetroCourt, and introduces him to Carly. She’s heard about the good work he’s doing in the community; her daughter helped with the coat drive. He says she’s Kristina’s stepmom, and she says Kristina is very important to her. Sam says they should get going; it’s getting late. Outside, she says he still hasn’t told where they’re going. He says that’s because it’s a surprise. She says that’s great and all, but she has children. They’re at their grandmother’s, and she thinks it’s a good idea to let them know where she is. He tells her, placing trust in others helps us trust ourselves, which doesn’t really address what she said, but okay. He says when she sees what he has to show her, all of her doubts will disappear.

Robert joins Anna and Finn. He thinks Doc was used in the experiment, but doesn’t know if he remembers. Anna says it’s possible it took place when Ryan was still alive. Robert says good thing they have access to someone who can give them all the answers. They go into Cabot’s room, and he asks if they’ve calmed down. Anna says they have other questions, and Robert says there’s no immunity deal for him, and it will go a long way in reducing his sentence if he’s cooperative. Cabot asks what they want to know. Anna says his superiors wouldn’t sign off on a study like that unless it had a purpose. What was the objective? Cabot says to transfer the memories from one person to another.

Elizabeth tells Terry that she put all her faith in Franco. When he was considered a suspect, her trust never wavered. So much so, she married him last night at the police station. She wasn’t letting the world tell her what kind of man he is. Terry asks if her invitation got lost in the mail; no present for her. Elizabeth is sorry; she’s a mess. She thought if she cried it out, she’d feel better, but it’s not helping. Terry says Elizabeth doesn’t want to cry. She wants to scream.

Jordan tells Franco, stop. Franco says if they’re putting it out there that he’s the real killer, Elizabeth will be vulnerable. The phone makes a beeping sound, and Jordan says he’s blocked from making calls not to her. She knows it’s tough, but promises the less Elizabeth knows, the safer she’ll be.

Doc tells Laura, it’s ironic. He spent months having conversations with her; what he’d say, how he’d say it, if he had the chance. Now here she is, warm and real, and by his side, and he can’t find the words. She says, don’t try so hard. Just say how he feels. Ryan let’s himself in, and asks how the big reunion is going. Isn’t Laura a sight for sore eyes? Oops. He guesses not. Doc says it’s not like him. Whenever he visits, he risks being seen. Why take the chance? Unless his elaborate charade is beginning to unravel. Laura says Doc may be right. Ryan looks hairy, flustered, nervous. Ryan says he’s totally committed to his course of action. He came finish what he started. He takes out a knife.

Sam and Shiloh enter what looks like a lighthouse. Shiloh says, we’re here, and Sam asks, where is here? I don’t catch the name, but it’s some lake. Sam says she’s never heard of it, and he says it’s in a corner of Lake Ontario. He says the tower used to be taken care of by the harbor master, but it’s been vacant for a long time. I wonder why it looks like someone lives there. There are even coats hanging by the door. Shiloh says when he left Afghanistan, he was looking for a way to change his life, but had no idea how. He wandered aimlessly, and found the tower. He’d never heard of it, and never been there. Call it fate. She asks why he thinks he was led there, and he holds out his hand. She hesitates, but takes it, and they go up the stairs. Jason comes in, and follows, but stays way behind.

Terry tells Elizabeth crying hasn’t worked because she’s not sad. Elizabeth says Franco just pled guilty to multiple murders. Terry says she can feel sorry, but she must be furious that he was keeping her in the dark too. She’s angry, and needs to feel it. Let it out, so she can get on with her day. If she needs to scream, go ahead. It’s just her. Feel the anger, and scream at everyone who let her down or underestimated her. Let it out. Elizabeth lets loose with a scream. Terry says, better? and Elizabeth laughs, saying, a little, yeah. Terry asks if there’s more in her, and she says, yeah.

Jordan tells Franco that she’s moving in a detective she can trust, but until then, he has to do his part. She says he has to call his lawyer on the Ferncliff landline, and have him set up the interview. He says, convince him this is another good plan, but she says she’s late to dinner with her son. She’s about to leave, and her phone rings. Franco says he had to be sure it worked.

Drew asks Curtis if Jordan told him something. Curtis says she’s holding her cards close. Let’s just say his hunch is that Drew’s hunch is correct. He can’t see the big picture, just pieces. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Laura tells Ryan not to get any closer, and tells Doc, he has a knife. Ryan says, not quite, but it will do the trick. Doc stands in front of Laura, and says Ryan will have to go through him first. Ryan says Doc is jumpy. He’s not there to take their lives, as satisfying as it sounds. He needs something first. Laura says he has an envelope, and Ryan says, which he’s using his letter opener to open. It’s his signed duplicate of their divorce papers; her divorce papers. His lawyer wanted him to mail them, but he knew she wouldn’t be at home. So if she doesn’t mind… He holds them out, but she slaps them out of his hand, and says, go to hell. He says, it’s tempting, but there’s someplace else he’d rather be. Laura says he wants to sever ties with her so he can marry Ava, but she’s not helping him hurt Ava more than he has already. He thinks she should review this. He’s armed, stronger than them, and can see. It can play out to its long, bloody conclusion, or she can cooperate. What’s it going to be?

Sonny sees Ava sipping champagne, and asks Carly what she’s doing there. Carly says, celebrating her engagement to Doc. He asks if she’s stressed, but she says, not one bit. She asks where he went, and he says he met with Robert. It wasn’t good news. The WSB can’t go after Dante without a diplomatic incident. She says, so he’s planning on going?

Ryan says he could just kill them, and Doc tells him to stay the hell away from Laura, stepping in front of her. Ryan asks where his calm, shrinky demeanor is. Ryan tells Laura to get behind Doc, so he can mortally wound him, and leave him bleed out, while he ends her life. She says she’ll sign. He thought she might. She signs the top paper, and he says she forgot the yellow stickies. She signs the other pages, which I might add are LOUD papers. Ryan takes the papers, holds out his hand for the pen, and I laugh. He leaves, and Laura tells Doc, he’s gone. They hug.

Cabot says, the study produced a painless, efficient way to extract information. There was no need for torture or coercion. They could just transfer the memories to someone else. Anna and her sister were in the first trial. Anna asks if he’s trying to say her memories were extracted and given to Alex. Cabot says, it’s the other way around. Finn says the study must have been a bust. Anna doesn’t have Alex’s memories. He failed. Anna says, no, he didn’t.

Shiloh tells Sam no one lives there, but it’s far from empty. She understands this place is special to him, but what happened here? She does something with her phone. Jason is coming up the stairs, and can hear what they’re saying. Shiloh says he came looking for a purpose. He was drawn to the shore. Standing there, looking at the vast expanse of water in the moonlight, he saw what he thought would be his shelter. He came in and found this room. He curled up on the floor, and fell asleep. He was cold and alone, but a few hours later, he was awakened by a brilliant light, a powerful light. The break of dawn was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Sam says, Dawn of Day, and he says, precisely. His moment of clarity. Right then, he knew his calling was to bring light to as many people as he could. Sam says it’s a beautiful story, but she doesn’t know why he couldn’t tell her in Port Charles. He says she has to experience it personally. It’s very intimate. When she sees the dawn break, she’ll know her path. Is he going to slip her drugs? Because yeah, it’s nice story, and I’m sure a gorgeous daybreak, but does he really think he can get over on a serious con artist with a sunrise?

Sonny tells Carly that he talked to Brick. He can get across the border. Carly says Brick can get Sonny in, but can Brick get him out in one piece? Sonny says, Brick is a professional. He doesn’t want to leave her, and won’t be gone long. She tells him, go. Bring Dante home to meet his new brother or sister.

Elizabeth thanks Terry for forcing her to get that out. She thinks she can handle going work now. She gets out of the car. Terry offers to cover for her, make a show of how sick she is, like in high school. Remember the excuses she used to write? Elizabeth says, thanks, but no. She actually needs work. Terry says she’s still a night owl. If Elizabeth’s shift ends, and she needs a friend to talk, have a drink with, or scream, she’s there. They hug. I’d love to see more of Terry. She’s a very charming character.

Franco tells Scotty that he needs to ask a favor. Get in touch with someone from The Invader for him. He thinks it’s time to tell the world his side of the story.

Ryan returns to the MetroCourt. He hands Ava the papers, saying he had a hunch, and went back to his office. Those were waiting for him. Laura signed. He guesses she decided to put their marriage to bed. He toasts to them, saying, nothing can stand in their way now. They clink glasses.

Laura says Doc must be disappointed in her, but he says, no. He’s glad she did it. Nothing would delight Ryan more than to take the person he loves the most away, knowing he’s powerless to stop it. Laura asks if that’s what it was like living with Ryan; if he destroyed everything Doc created. He says no part of his life was safe. He’s sorry for everything she’s been through with him. Laura says their marriage is off, and it leaves Ryan free to do God knows what to Ava. It never occurred to her. Everyone thought he was dead twenty-five years ago. Doc says, it doesn’t matter. They’re together, and if they get out of this, he’ll marry her all over again. They kiss.

Sam says, sunrise is hours away, and Shiloh says it’s not like she has someone to go home to. Spend the night with him. She’ll see. Jason takes out his gun.

Drew calls Elizabeth, leaving a message. He says they need to talk about Franco. He gets in his car, and backs out of the spot.

Finn says, Anna has Alex’s memories? She says the memories weren’t transferred to her, but Andre took the study to use as a basis for his procedure. He built on the work already done. This means there are two other unwilling participants in the study.

Drew gets a headache while he’s driving out of the garage. His vision becomes blurry.

Jason’s vision becomes blurry, and he tumbles down the stairs. Sam hears, and runs out. She sees Jason at the bottom of the stairs, and runs down to him. She asks if he can hear her.

Walking through the parking garage, Jordan calls Chase.

Drew passes out, and his car hits Jordan.

On Monday, Curtis asks Stella what’s going on, Maxie tells Peter the results are in, and Valentin asks Peter for a favor.

🔪 For the record, last night, Justin packed his knives and went on Top Chef.

🎸 Sweet Team…

Once again Maurice Benard proves that he’s not just that kind of family man.

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It’s that cock-a-roach Kim D.

📞 Quotes of the Week

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself. The other for helping others. – Maya Angelou

More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision. – Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco), The Sopranos

Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others. – Unknown

They’re both like human emojis. – commentator Cara Connors, Dating: No Filter

We are all born mad. Some remain so. – Samuel Beckett

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Roughly speaking, losses hurt about twice as much as gains make you feel good. – Richard H. Thaler

If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.Corrie ten Boom

What I did or said should never be more important than why I did it or said it. – Andrea Kelly

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February 21, 2019 – Ava Gets a Proposal, a Bit of Phil, MJ’s Plight & Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly calls Olivia and leaves a message. She says her schedule is booked. She needs a huge favor, and asks Olivia to take over some of her meetings. Things are busy there. Sonny asks how much she’s handing off. Kim told her to reduce her stress. He doesn’t know how much she told Olivia, but Carly says they agreed not to tell anything yet. He asks about her diet, and she promises to eat only organic potato chips. He says she’s supposed to reduce her stress. He’s not taking any chances on her health. Josslyn comes in, and asks if she’s sick.

Sam meets Jason on the pier. She tells him that he should stop by and see the kids, but he says he’s going to be busy tailing her and Shiloh.

Harmony approaches Shiloh at the café, or whatever that new place is. He asks if she shouldn’t be in Beechers Corners, like they agreed. She says she needed to see him. She came to give him a warning.

Ava asks Franco, how he could do it? He told he that he loved Kiki, and would never hurt her. Jordan walks over, and Ava says she’s going. Ava wonders why Ryan is smiling, but he says he didn’t realize he was doing it. She asks if he’d mind telling her why, and he says, justice was done without the anguish of a trial. The nightmare is finished; it’s over for her. She says, it doesn’t make any sense. She wonders if Franco doesn’t understand the difference between innocence and guilt. Why would he plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, especially this one? Ryan says perhaps her faith in Franco is misplaced.

Curtis tells Lulu that he’s making one last check-in before his service is no longer required. It’s all over the media. Lulu says she expected closure, but…

Jordan asks how Franco is. He says, before today, there was one person in the world who believed in him. Now, because of her and her stupid plan, he’s lost Elizabeth.

Elizabeth goes home. She takes a photo of her and Franco down off the mantel, and looks at it. She’s about to smash it, when the doorbell rings. It’s Drew. He holds her.

Finn tells Cabot the surgery seems to be successful. Anna says, it’s time for quid pro quo. Tell her how she contracted the virus. Cabot says she seems more anxious to talk to him than he was to see again. She says they had a deal. He says it was more like extortion. Exchanging his eyesight for information isn’t the act of a moral person. Finn asks if he’s going back on the deal, and Cabot asks if Finn is going to repossess his eyes if he doesn’t talk. Finn says he’ll need continued treatment. If he refuses to tell them what they want to know, treatment ain’t coming, and the blindness will reoccur. Cabot gives his word (like this means something); he won’t back out. Anna says, it’s the ethical thing to do. Cabot says he stipulated he’d give them the information in return for his eyesight. Until the bandages are removed, he has no way of knowing if they held up their end of the bargain. Robert says, it should be a half hour. Cabot says they might be in a hurry, but he has all the time in the world.

Ava tells Ryan that Julian was concerned she’s become dependent on him. Ryan says Julian is in no position to comment on their relationship. Did Julian get to her? Ava says when Ryan didn’t show up, her imagination got the better of her. Nice as it was to hear the words, she figures she’s not meant for love, and it’s the beginning of the end. He can’t believe she’s getting insecure about their relationship now. He’s in it for the long haul. She can’t start doubting when they’re so close. She says, close to what?

Jordan tells Franco that he can and will be exonerated. He asks what if the murderer doesn’t kill again? He’ll be stuck up the river. Jordan says, that’s not an option. He says the DA needs a win, and the people he loves are the most vulnerable. She knows it isn’t easy, but he’ll prove his innocence to the world. Isn’t that what he wants? He says, more than anything, he wants be with Elizabeth. She says, then make it happen. She’s going to get him to Ferncliff for his evaluation.

Still in the courtroom, Lulu thinks about going to the door in her office. She flashes back to thanking someone for taking the time to stop by. She almost falls over, but Curtis catches her.

Elizabeth asks Drew what she’s supposed to tell the boys. How can she look in their eyes? Drew asks if she thinks he did it, but she says, it makes no sense. Why would Franco say he murdered all those people? Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco did what?

Carly tells Josslyn that she just had her annual checkup. She’s okay, but just wants to take it easy with work. Josslyn was hoping to ask her something.

In the hallway, Finn asks Anna if she’s okay. She says, no, and he says he figured. She says the man in there somehow blinded her. How is that possible? He tells her, look on the bright side. Cabot was blinded too. Anna tells him that he always knows what to say.

Shiloh says Harmony could have called, texted, or emailed, but she drove out there. She says she made sure Jason had just enough information to satisfy him. Shiloh says, then Jason has been taken care of, and she says, except he hasn’t been. A man showed up asking questions, and she thinks it was a PI sent by Jason. She doesn’t think Shiloh knows what he’s up against. Jason is determined to bring him down, and she’s not letting the rest of them go down too.

Jason tells Sam there was an Incident in Beechers Corners. Shiloh has a heated argument with one of his followers. The follower quit, and turned up dead in a motel outside the compound. It was a drug overdose, and an investigation as to where the drugs came from. Shiloh was the prime suspect, and they were about to bring him in, when one of his followers confessed. Sound familiar?

Josslyn tells Carly that Oscar didn’t get his junior license. She gets why, but they were bummed. They went to see Cameron, since he has a license. Carly asks where they want to go, and Josslyn says, Niagara Falls. Oscar has never been there, and the weekend is coming up. Cameron could drive them. Carly asks if it would be like a double date, but Josslyn says Cameron and Trina are just friends. Carly isn’t comfortable with it. Josslyn says they’re not spending the night, since with a junior license, Cameron has to be back by midnight.

Cameron says, Franco admitted he did it? but Drew says, all he did was plead guilty. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know why; he didn’t tell her, but she knows in her heart Franco is innocent. Cameron says if she believes that, she’s completely lost her mind.

Ryan tells Ava that they’re so close to living the life they want, where they can put the pain behind them. He needs her to believe that. She says the pain of losing her daughter will never be behind her. He knows she’s been disappointed by people, but he’s not one of them, and will prove it. He takes her hand, and asks her to marry him.

Curtis takes Lulu to the hospital. Sonny sees them, and asks if she’s okay. She says she was just lightheaded; it was nothing. Curtis says, it was something. She passed out at the courthouse. Lulu says she wasn’t unconscious, but Curtis says she had no balance and no clear sense of where she was. She says Franco pled guilty, and she wasn’t expecting it. Sonny says, that sick SOB killed Kiki? Curtis says Lulu’s vitals are fine, and no one blames her if it was too much. She says, it wasn’t about what happened. She was prepared, but when they took Franco away, she had the overwhelming feeling something was very wrong.

Ava says Ryan isn’t serious, and he says, as a heart attack. She says, for starters, he’s already married. He says, technically. He’s not saying right this second. They have to get a permit. Um… I think it’s called a license. She says, it’s too soon after Kiki’s death. He tells her, the moment they connected, he knew what he’d been missing his entire life. He wants them to spend their lives together, here or on the other side of the world. He belongs to her, and hopes she feels the same way. He wants to be her husband. He feels more like a god when he treats her like the goddess she is. She says he’s already married to Laura, but he says, not for long.

Jordan takes Franco to Ferncliff. He changes into the regulation garb, is searched, and has his picture taken. He’s led to a cell, and the door closes loudly behind him.

Sam tells Jason, it’s starting to make sense. Daisy took the fall for sending her the emails, but there’s a big difference between harassment and murder. Jason says Shiloh is more of a threat than they originally thought. Sam says, then it’s more important than ever that she go with him.

Harmony tells Shiloh that his arrogance will be the downfall of them all. He’s not the only one who stands to lose if Jason keeps digging. He needs to leave Port Charles, lay low, and stay out of Jason’s way. Shiloh says she needs to go back to Beechers Corners like they agreed. As long as she keeps sending him updates, everything will be fine.

Jason tells Sam that they need to know what they’re dealing with. Sam says Shiloh has a history of manipulating women. He’s manipulated Kristina, and now he’s working on her. The sooner they get something criminal on him, the sooner they get Kristina out of there. Jason says he’ll be tailing her every step, and tells her to keep the cell phone GPS monitor on. They just found their way back to each other. He can’t risk losing her.

Harmony asks Shiloh what’s up with him and Sam? He says he finds her fascinating. Harmony asks what’s the real reason, and he says she has an Interest in the program. He thinks it’s time he takes her to the tower. She asks, why tempt fate? He says if he keeps Sam close, the more distant she’ll become with Jason. Harmony is concerned that once Jason is done with Shiloh, he’ll come after the rest of them. He says the students have to trust that their teacher knows what he’s doing. She hopes he does.

Carly tells Josslyn that Cameron isn’t an experienced driver. Josslyn says it will be during the day. Carly asks, what if there’s a storm or Oscar has a seizure? Josslyn says they’ll take him to the hospital or home. Carly asks if she ran it past Kim. Since there’s no answer on that, Carly says they weren’t planning on letting her know, were they?

Cameron says, now Franco confessed? but Elizabeth says, he didn’t do it. He asks if she’s listening to herself. Franco is saying he’s guilty, and she refuses to listen. She’s in a toxic relationship with a murderer, and she can’t see what it’s doing to them, taking him back over and over. She’s sick. Drew tells him not to talk to his mother that way. Cameron says Drew can’t talk to him that way. If she doesn’t care enough to tell his brothers the truth, he will. He storms out.

In Franco’s cell, Jordan asks how he’s holding up. He’s not sure, and tells her to check in a few days and see if he’s been drugged. She says he’ll be fine. He’s only there for a two-week evaluation. He tells her to ask Carly. A lot can happen in a short time. She says if anything does, she’ll make sure he gets an audience with the mayor. He says if they realize he’s not the one who attacked Lulu, it might put Elizabeth in the crosshairs.

Lulu asks if it’s weird that she only remembers part of the attack, and Curtis says, the mind protects you by choosing what you remember, and when. She wishes her brain would trust her more. She remembers Franco coming at her with the knife, but not how she got away. Curtis says, by Franco pleading guilty, there isn’t a trial. She won’t get to tell her story for the record. Lulu says that doesn’t mean she’s given up her voice. Robert joins them, and thanks Sonny for coming. Sonny thanks him for reaching out. He says he has sensitive information, but Sonny says he can talk in front of Lulu. Lulu asks if it’s about Dante. Did the Bureau find him?

Anna tells Cabot to open is eyes. He says, thank God, and Finn, for giving him back the gift of sight. Anna asks Cabot to tell her now how she contracted the virus that blinded them, how it’s connected to the DVX, and why her sister was involved? He says the last question is the easiest. Her sister was one of their subjects, and an ideal one. Anna asks, why? and he says, isn’t it obvious? Because she was Anna’s twin.

Anna asks if they were using Alex as a conduit to get to her. He says it wasn’t because Alex was her twin, but a twin. An identical twin. The initial study linked the physical and emotional reactions, and in some sets, they felt what the other was feeling, sharing both pain and joy. Finn says the studies aren’t legit, and Cabot says, not yet, but if the link exists, imagine the possibilities? Especially for those trained in diplomatic secrets. Finn says his first thought is always how a covert op can benefit from his work. Cabot says it’s worked for the enemy, and Anna was perfect for the study. Finn asks if this means he worked for the DVX. Anna thinks he’s lying.

Lulu knows Sonny asked Robert to find Dante. Robert says they tracked him to Turkey. There was a rumor Rog was working in the area, and Dante followed him.

Josslyn asks Carly, please be reasonable, then says, forget it. Carly says, hold on. How about if she and Sonny take off work for the weekend. They’ll drive to Niagara Falls, and stay there, the four of them. It will be a whole lot of fun. Josslyn thinks, that depends on your definition of fun. Carly says it’s her best offer. Cameron comes in, and Josslyn says they were just talking about him, but they’re definitely done. She takes Cameron out on the terrace, and says his timing couldn’t be more perfect. Her mom is being impossible. He asks if she wants to trade. His mom married a serial killer. Franco pled guilty, and admitted to the murders, but she’s too blind to realize she married a monster.

Elizabeth asks Drew, what if Cameron is right, and she’s lying to herself? Drew asks what her gut tells her. She says, the same thing as her heart. Franco didn’t kill anyone, and there’s a reason why he pled guilty. She hates that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her what’s going on. If they don’t have trust, what do they have? Drew asks, what’s next?

Franco tells Jordan that he wants 24-hour surveillance on Elizabeth and the boys. Jordan wonders whose pet she ran over in a former life to get this job. She would have to explain the real reason. Franco says, and if it leaks out, all this will be for nothing. She says as long as the killer is focused on him, he won’t focus on Elizabeth. When Franco takes credit for the killer’s work, he won’t be able resist.

Ryan tells Ava that Laura understands why the marriage has to end. She won’t stand in their way. The only people who can stand in their way are Ava and him, and it won’t be him. Ava says she’s never been married, and he tells her that she was just waiting for the right man. He knows he’s not on one knee, and can’t promise there will be no adversity, but whatever they face, he can promise they’ll face it together. What does she say?

Anna says if they believe Cabot, his study would require a set of twins. She never did a study. Cabot says, not willingly, but she did. She just doesn’t remember.

Lulu asks how they’re going to bring Dante home, and Robert says he’s working on it. That’s as much as he can tell her; sorry. She says, her too, and leaves. Sonny asks what Robert is saying, and Robert says, Dante has gone rogue. He’s acting as a private citizen, and the Bureau is hesitant to help. They don’t want to create an international incident. Sonny asks if Robert is planning to leave his son out in the cold.

On the phone with Olivia, Carly says nothing is wrong. She has a lot going on at home, and was hoping to go over the calendar.

Cameron tells Josslyn that Franco confessed to everything, and his mom is in complete denial. He couldn’t be a part of her standing by that psycho no matter how his brothers get hurt. He had to get out. Josslyn says she does too. She suggests they leave for their trip tomorrow. What does he say?

Elizabeth tells Drew that she has no idea what this means for their marriage. They agreed no more secrets – ever. Drew doesn’t know how realistic that is. Everyone keeps secrets, even with the best intentions. He’s sure Franco has a good reason. She says, he’d better. Drew says it sounds like she’s not giving up. She knows with everything in her that he’s innocent, and she’s going to continue to fight for him. He says, it has to be rough, but she says she’s ready. He thought maybe she might want the rings that she left behind. He puts them on the table. She says, maybe. Not right now, but hopefully soon she’ll be ready to put them back on. He puts on his coat, and asks fi she’s okay. She nods.

Franco asks Jordan, how is she so sure the killer won’t be thrilled, and get on with his life? She says, he needs the spotlight. Pleading guilty is one thing, but taking credit for his genius and ingenuity, and stepping into the spotlight he’s created? He won’t like it. Franco asks how he’s going to steal the spotlight.

Ava says Ryan is insane. He says he’s been called worse. She says, what the hell? Let’s do it. They kiss.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll know where she is at all times. If anything goes wrong, he’ll be there. Sam’s phone rings. She says, it’s him. Shiloh asks where she is, and she says she’s just getting home. He’s figuring they should meet at the MetroCourt, and go from there. She says it’s going to be dark out by the time they get there. Is he sure he wants to go tonight? He says, absolutely sure. Is she having second thoughts? She says she’s excited to see it; whatever it is. He says it’s going to change her life.

Tomorrow, Franco says he’s telling Elizabeth the truth, Laura yells for help, and Jason says they have to make sure Shiloh isn’t playing Sam.

🎥 Sorry. No Top Chef tonight. I’m still sick, and I’m hoping to be in dreamland by the time the rerun is on. At 8 pm, Dr. Phil won out with Instagram personalities (debatable) whose lives were being ruined by social media. Actual Instagram personality Amanda Cerny joined them via SKYPE, and hit the nail on the head by pointing out the problem was they had no lives outside of social media. One guy was very sweet and seemed to already understand his issues, but another guest was a horrifying girl who put the narcissist in narcissist, and claimed she would be dead without social media. She also said, no offense, but old people are ugly. Dr. Phil asked how he wasn’t supposed to take offense to that, and she said – because I said no offense. Clearly, she overestimates the power of her words, and I can’t wait for her to get old.

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Poor MJ. Rooting for her to get through the pregnancy with no further problems.

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February 20, 2019 – Laura & Doc Reunite, Tamale Hell, the NJ Reunion is On, Teresa Tidbits, Laughing & More Harry


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Maxie says Peter doesn’t have to keep her company. Peter says she told him that she wasn’t leaving without the test results. He tells her, it was a brilliant idea. She says it was easy to think of the manicure, but he says he meant Nina, and she says she got a sample from her coffee cup at Crimson. Soon they’ll find out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter, or Valentin manufactured the whole thing. A part of her doesn’t want to know.

At Kelly’s, Valentin says he’s pinching himself over Nina saying yes. She says he suckered her, and has just himself to blame. He gave her the greatest gift – her daughter. And here she is now.

Josslyn and Oscar sit at the counter. Oscar reads a letter saying, due to his medical condition, the DMV is unable issue him a driver’s license at this time. He says, like he has so much time left. Josslyn says she’s sorry.

Cameron reads Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is proud of him. He says, for being bored out of his mind? but she says for taking the time to catch up on his schoolwork. She’d be prouder if he stepped up to support Franco. He says, if she believes Franco, he does too. She says she’s on her way to the arraignment. She wants to tell him something she doesn’t want him to hear from anyone else. Last night, she visited Franco at the police station, and they got married. Cameron laughs, then says, oh my God, she’s not joking. She shows him her ring, and says they’re now husband and wife.

Franco fingers his ring. Jordan asks how he’s holding up, and he says, so good. it’s the best day of his life. She knows it’s hard, but trusts him to make the right decision.

On the phone, Ava tells Ryan she thought they were going to meet, and head to the courthouse together. Call her. Julian asks, what’s up? She doesn’t seem happy to see him, and she always is. She says, it’s Doc. They were going to the arraignment together. He’s like, hmm… and she says, what? He says, nothing, but she says, it’s obviously something. He tells her, Doc seems to be taking over her life lately.

Alexis sees Lulu at the courthouse, and asks why she’s there. Lulu wants to see Franco charged with her own eyes. Alexis asks if her mother is with her, but Lulu says she just got a text. Her mother is tied up with mayoral stuff. She knows Laura wanted to be there, so it must be important.

Laura comes to, and she sees Doc lying near her. She asks if that’s him, and they hug. Sitting nearby, Ryan says, that is so touching. Does anybody have a tissue? He walks toward them.

Maxie tells Peter that it feels unfair; vindictive, like she’s out to get them. She doesn’t want Sasha not to be Nina’s daughter. Peter says she just wants the truth. She says she doesn’t want Nina walking into deception again. She wonders why Valentin has to do horrible things, and why he can’t leave Nina alone. She doesn’t get it. Peter does.

Nina remarks on Sasha’s manicure, and she tells Nina that it was Maxie’s idea. She invited Sasha to get her nails done. Valentin says they were talking about the upcoming nuptials.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they can still make the road trip happen. Oscar asks how they’re doing that. Hitching a ride? Taking the bus? She knows what they need, and tells him, come on.

Cameron says Franco is his stepdad, and Jake and Aiden’s. He can’t believe the marriage went down at the police station, but she says it was very meaningful. He asks if she’s lost it. Is she out of her mind? He knows she thinks this guy is great. She says Franco is her husband. She loves him, and she’s not turning her back on him. Cameron says there’s a difference between not turning her back and marrying him. What about Jake and Aiden? She says Franco loves Cameron’s brothers. Cameron tells her, this is life or death important. He asks if she couldn’t have waited, What if she’s wrong? She says, Franco didn’t kill anyone, and he says, that’s not true. Look on the internet. She says Franco worked hard to change. She believes him, and so do Cameron’s brothers. He says, they’re young enough to believe the sanitized version. He hopes Franco doesn’t make bail. He doesn’t want her bringing a potential murderer into their house.

Franco tells Jordan that Elizabeth is his entire world, and he’ll do what it takes to prove he’s worthy of her. The background music is from a Robert Rodriguez film, and it’s not the first time. Scotty tells Franco to tell the truth, and he’ll handle the rest. He knows what to do.

Ava tells Julian that Doc is keeping her sane right now. He’s glad she has someone helping her with her grief, but he wonders, if she hadn’t lost Kiki, if it would be so great. She says he’s not in a position to make that decision. She’s barely hanging on, and Doc is like an anchor. She can talk to him about anything, and that’s what she needs.

Alexis asks if Lulu is sure she doesn’t want Alexis to sit with her. Lulu says she’ll be fine. She’s lucky to have survived. Even if there’s no testimony today, she needs to be in court for those who can’t be. Alexis says she’s a fighter. She’s sure Lulu’s mother is proud.

Ryan wants Doc to tell Laura where they are. Oops, he forgot Doc can’t see. They’re in the basement at Ferncliff. It feels more like a dungeon. He says, back in the day, they brought the ultimate crazies there. He asks if they hear that. Voices from the past welcome them to hell. Hope you enjoy your stay. Laura says it was him the whole time. The perverted half that shouldn’t have been born. Ryan says he’s been resurrected. That should prove he deserves to live. He has the ability to evade the police too. Poor Franco. Laura says, oh my God. It was him. He says her daughter would have been the fourth if he hadn’t been struck blind. She says he’s a sick SOB and monster. He says it’s time for her to have a talk with her daughter. He’s taken the liberty of coming up with a script. No tricks, like with the prenup business. Laura wonders why she would help him when he’s going to kill her anyway. She tells him, get on with it, but he says, make the call.

On the phone, Lulu asks where is she? Laura say she’s still trapped in a meeting. That was an odd word for him to use. Was he being funny, or did he make a mistake? Lulu says, the arraignment is going to start. She wishes Laura could be there, but Laura says she can’t get away. She’ll call later. Ryan is glad she was convincing. It makes it so much easier. Laura says, to kill them? but Ryan says, he won’t; not yet anyway. He can’t take the chance their bodies will be discovered. Doc tells Ryan that he screwed himself. He would have gotten away with his ruse if he hadn’t killed. It was his own lack of self-control, giving in to his demented urges, that put him in this predicament. The only way out, is to get gone. Laura wishes Doc could see Ryan’s face. Ryan knows he’s right, and hates it. It must be hard, accepting that his brother is smarter than him. Ryan says see how smart his brother is when they’re starving and rotting. He leaves, and Doc asks if he’s gone. Laura says he is. She really him missed him so much. He says she has no idea. They kiss.

Ava has to get to the courthouse, and Julian says he’s just a phone call away. She tells him he should concentrate on her relationship less, and concentrate on his own relationship more. He says he and Kim are good. She was talking about Alexis.

Alexis goes into Kelly’s, and Nina calls her over. Valentin asks her how the watch is. She says any watch can keep time, but this one came with a message. Valentin asks if it’s about the power of love, but she says. more like the perils. Nina says they’re getting married, and this time it’s going to be different. She’s going to have her daughter by her side. She wanted to talk to Alexis in a legal capacity. She’s changing her will.

In the courtroom, Margaux asks if everyone is ready. Elizabeth approaches Franco, telling Jordan that they’re married. Lulu asks if Elizabeth is insane. Elizabeth is sorry for what happened to Lulu, and grateful she’s okay, but her husband didn’t attack Lulu. She believes him. Elizabeth and Franco look at each other, and I mentally beg him to give her a signal.

Lulu asks if this was Scotty’s idea. A cheap attempt at sympathy. Scotty tells her, go away. Margaux tells Lulu, don’t engage. It’s just the first step. She’ll get her chance. Jordan says Lulu has her word. Justice will be served.

Ryan gets to the courthouse. Ava says she left messages, and he says he was dealing with a patient. She says – wait for it – in dire straits, she hopes. Come on. They’re making a joke with that phrase now. He says he’s here for her now. Is she ready? She says, not really.

Oscar and Josslyn descend on Cameron, bearing food. Cameron says he and his mom got into it, but it doesn’t matter. Josslyn tells him the DMV won’t issue Oscar a license. Oscar says he has a car he can’t drive. How sad is that? Cameron guesses the trip is off, but Josslyn says, wrong. There’s a knock at the door, and Cameron hopes it’s not the tabloids. Trina walks in, and asks if someone mentioned road trip. They eat.

Peter tells Maxie, by no means is he defending Valentin, but he can see him going to these lengths for Nina, the incredible woman who swept him off his feet. He loves her. What is he supposed to do? Win the girl the way he knows how. Maxie says, by giving her the thing she wants most, because he can, but it’s a lie. Peter says, he doesn’t know how he’d live the rest of his life without this dazzling woman who changed him, and opened his soul. Of course he’ll lie. He has to. Maxie doesn’t know. What’s the point of being loved like that if your heart gets broken anyway?

Nina would like to include everyone in her will; Valentin, Sasha, and Charlotte. Sasha says she doesn’t have to, but Nina wants to. Alexis says her plate is full, but she can draft a copy in a couple weeks, and send it to Crimson. She walks away, and Nina follows. She tells Alexis that she’ll pay double the fee if the papers are drawn up before the wedding.

Sasha tells Valentin that she’s super uncomfortable.  Valentin asks if it’s more or less than the prospect of the wedding. He knows she tried to talk Nina out of marrying him.

Laura tells Doc that if his blindness is what Ryan had, it can be cured. He says, since they don’t have to rush, tell him everything that happened to her. She says she came home early to surprise him. As soon as she got there, she felt something was off, but didn’t know what it was. Ryan was pretending to be him. but everything between them was different. He says, like what? and she says, there are too many things to list. He tells her to give him the Cliff Notes. She says, one thing was, when she got back, he wasn’t happy to see her. Then, he conjured up a cold as an excuse for them not to be close. After that, he had a sleep study, and was out all night. He kept finding excuses to stay apart. Then one day, out of the blue, he asked for a separation, so he could be freed up to be with Ava. She says, my God. Ava. Does he thinks Ryan is going to kill her?

The People vs Franco Baldwin. Margaux says there are three charges of first degree murder, and the additional charge of attempted first degree murder. The judge asks Scotty how his client pleads. Scotty tells Franco, you know the drill. Franco looks at Jordan. Elizabeth smiles at him. The judge asks if he needs to repeat the question. Franco pleads guilty on all charges. Everyone looks shocked. Jordan’s face is like, good job.

Elizabeth asks what he said. Scotty tells him that he left out a key word. Franco says he knows, and Scotty asks what’s wrong with him? Ava doesn’t understand what’s gong on. Ryan says, neither does he. I’ll bet. Lulu says, thank God. Scotty asks for a moment with his client. He asks if Franco has lost his mind. Jordan tells Scotty that she knows he’ll invoke New York State vs Pedigrew. It won’t save him. Scotty says he knows exactly what he’s doing. The plea should be viewed in light of the mentally ill, and he refers to New York State vs Pedigrew. I laugh, thinking Jordan said that on purpose to remind him. Margaux says, he pled guilty, and the people agree. Scotty says, if the accused is incapable of assessing their innocence or guilt, their competency has to be evaluated before they’re sent to prison. It’s not just the law, it’s the humane thing to do.

Josslyn says Cameron has a car and a license. He says, a junior license. She wonders where they can go and be back by dark. Oscar says he’s never been to Niagara Falls, and it’s less than a hundred miles away. Josslyn says, if they leave by 7 am, they’ll get there and back, no problem. She knows Cameron is on probation. Trina says, because of her. She hooked him up. He brushes it off, but says he’s kind of grounded for the rest of his life. Josslyn says they’ll find someone else to drive. The last thing she wants is more trouble. She wants to see Niagara Falls. Oscar says, he does too… before he dies, and Trina asks if he really just went there. None of them have been there, and Cameron says, then that’s what they’ll do. I’m excited, since I spent a lot of time there as a kid, but on the Canadian side. It was a three-hour drive from our house.

Alexis tells Nina, if she’s harboring doubts about her once and future husband, maybe she shouldn’t marry him again. Nina says it’s not about doubting Valentin, or marrying him. It’s about committing herself to creating a family – fully. Is Alexis going to help or not?

Valentin says Nina told him what Sasha said. Sasha says she likes Nina. She likes him too. She sees how much he loves Nina. It’s beautiful and romantic, but she sees the likely ending not being happy. He says he can handle it. He can pull this off. He can keep these balls in the air. He has to. She’ll says she’ll see. He likes that she’s concerned about Nina, and glad they’re attached. He doesn’t think he has to protect Nina from her. Sasha says he doesn’t.

Laura says has no idea. None of them did. She actually thought she’d deluded herself about how much he loves her. Doc says, no, and Laura says, he’s still there. He hasn’t changed. Doc says, except for the eyesight. Laura says she kept looking in his eyes, trying to find him. She couldn’t. Now she knows why. She loves him. He says he loves her too, and they kiss some more.

Margaux says, the defense is clearly stalling. The right response is prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. The judge thanks her for the instruction, but he also knows the law. He hereby remands Franco to the state mental hospital – Ferncliff – for two weeks, until his mental competency is determined. Everyone is looking at everyone, and they all look more puzzled than anything else.

Alexis tells Nina that Valentin is her family too. He’s a Cassadine, and lethal. She’d tell Nina to ask her nephew, but she can’t. She doesn’t know how Nina can marry someone who’s done what Valentin did. Nina suggests Alexis tell her. It seems like the pull to Julian is pretty strong. She asks Alexis to put a rush on the papers. Julian comes in.

A lab technician comes out, asking if Maxie is the one who called ahead to arrange a DNA test. Maxie wants to see if it’s a match. The technician says they’re crazy busy. Unless it’s an emergency, it could take up to ten days. Maxie says, that’s too long. What if it is an emergency? The technician asks, what kind? and Maxie suggests giving her a list of what constitutes an emergency, and she’ll pick one. The technician says, that’s not how it works. Maxie says she’ll figure something else out. She tells Peter, now what?

Laura asks when the whole thing started. How long has Doc been in there. He says, the end of August; he regained his memory Labor Day weekend. She says, when he visited her in Paris… and he says it was all him. She says she didn’t come back for another month. It’s when he started missing phone calls, and cutting them short. It wasn’t like him. He says, it wasn’t him. She asks how he did it all this time. He says the memory of her and their love kept him going. He knew sooner or later, she would be the one to figure it out, and find him. She says she almost did. She came so close months ago. She and Carly came, because Carly wanted to make sure no one got abused like she did. She was also adamant about wanting to see the patient in the room next to her. He says that was him. She says she looked in, but it appeared empty. He says he was on the floor, but he heard them. Or thought he did. She says, it was her. She’s so sorry. The staff was there to open the room, but she stopped Carly because Ryan stopped her. He referred to it as a breach of protocol. This could have been done with months ago. She says, she’s here now. He says, they’re here now. They kiss yet again.

Ava is shocked. Lulu thought she’d feel vindicated. Ryan says, she doesn’t? She says, something feels off. Ava feels the same way. He’s going to Ferncliff. Maybe they’ll find the answers they need there. Elizabeth approaches Franco.

Josslyn says, so everyone is in for this weekend. Oscar can’t wait. He wants to kiss her by the Falls at sunset. Trina says they’re making her nauseous. Cameron says he can make everything happen except the sunset. Oscar says they’ll take what they can get. Josslyn says, Niagara Falls, here we come!

Maxie searches on her phone. She tells Peter there’s a lab in Poughkeepsie that can do them in 24 hours. She can make it before they close, and be back just in time to get James. If she says something before she leaves, Felicia will get it out of her, and Mac will give her a lecture. Peter asks if he told her he got a new sportscar. He’ll drive. She says he doesn’t have to. He knows. She thanks him, and says, on the plus side, she won’t be going into labor.

Nina comes back to the table, and Sasha tells her to talk wedding details. If she’s going to be maid-of-honor, she wants to know what she’s getting into.

Alexis is glad she ran into Julian. She wants to clarify what she said about therapy, when she said she was discussing the future. She was talking about the big picture; putting their relationship in the proper place, and not repeating the same mistakes. It’s not about their future. Julian wishes her luck. Just so she knows, even though he moved on and he’s happy, he would never consider what they had to be a mistake.

Laura tells Doc there has to be another way out. She’s going to try and find it. He’s sorry. He took a big chance provoking Ryan. He could have snapped and killed them both. Laura thinks he played Ryan perfectly. For months, he had everyone around him fooled, including her. It was Doc’s turn to be brilliant. He convinced Ryan to leave them there, alive. Now she needs him to use that big brain to help her find a way out.

Elizabeth says, why? and Franco says, because it’s the right thing to do. Interesting how he worded that. She slaps him across the face, throws the ring at him, and walks out. He picks the ring up, and you can tell he wants to cry.

Tomorrow, Cameron asks Elizabeth if she’s completely lost her mind, Harmony gives a warning to Shiloh, Jason says Shiloh is more of a threat than they thought, and Ryan asks Ava to marry him.

🍲 This week, Gordon spent 24 Hours to Hell and Back in LA at Los Toros, a decades old Mexican restaurant. Founded in 1967, the only Mexican restaurant in Chatsworth, they were known for their classic family recipes and strong margaritas. At this point, overworked owner Nick Sr. was in astronomical debt – $450K, including $200K on credit cards – and having health problems. One of them being, no surprise, high blood pressure. Taking over when his dad passed at 63 (!), Nick Sr. wanted to pass it on to his kids, but they didn’t seem very eager to take on the business. His daughter being busy with a family of her own, and his son just not ready. Gordon dressed up as a dad visiting the restaurant with his family. I actually liked the colorful busyness of the décor, but it might have been better suited to a boho patio than an eating establishment. The menu was one of those giant things where you know they can’t possibly do everything well. At Gordon’s meal, there was prepackaged food, rancid beef, and a bad aftertaste. Aware that Gordon would be coming – how long can he keep this secret a secret? – Gordon got out when he noticed how much the employees were looking around for him. The hidden cameras revealed unsafe temperatures, a filthy kitchen, and spoiled food. Nick Sr. immediately started arguing over things that were right in front of his face, and he was one of those, no; you, arguers. It was even pointed out how very many people got sick after eating there. Being a military man, it was also revealed that Nick Sr. was a control freak, and wouldn’t let his general manager daughter handle much of anything. Gordon knew he could fix the restaurant, but wasn’t sure he could fix Nick Sr. In speaking privately with him, Gordon found out that he hadn’t wanted to take over the business, but did it for his father. Now, he felt like his kids didn’t want to be there. Gordon thought the kids needed to step up, and Nick Sr. needed to go, but Nick insisted he wanted to be committed. Gordon created a new menu, smaller, and elevating the flavors. He showed Nick Sr,’s kids the video of their dad’s story, and discovered they were more interested than Nick Sr. thought. Gordon reinvigorated the staff, installed the best kitchen equipment, and toned down, yet turned up, the design. The relaunch had a shaky start, with raw chicken and a lack of communication, but the staff got it together, and Gordon said they now had a team. He said the atmosphere difference was night and day, and when Nick Sr. had doubts, to look at his dad’s picture, now hanging on the wall. At the three month mark, customers were amazed at the changes, and the kids were more assertive. Nick Sr. even went on a vacation with his wife Lucia. He was looking forward to what the future held. Next week, a two-hour, two restaurant finale, with two stubborn families, two daughters in distress, two chefs trying to hang on to their jobs, and two Gordons.

🍸 Andy said The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Reunion Part One looked like a sequin factory explosion, and he was right. There were a lot of sparkles,, jumpsuits, and jumpsuits with sparkles. Still living in her old house, Delores felt making a decision while she was in a vulnerable position (i.e, feeling the empty nest) wasn’t the answer. She isn’t sure what she’s going to do, but said she didn’t have to make a decision now. David’s house had been sold, and Frank was building him a new one, but Dolores made it clear that she wouldn’t be moving in unless David put a ring on it. We also found out that Dolores comes from a Paterson cop family, and once worked as a correction’s officer. In other news, Frank Jr. is single. The mail order bride and monkey’s a-hole comments were addressed, and Jennifer responded by harping that Marge Sr. was an adulteress, carrying on a twelve-year (!!) affair. When the Marge explained how monkey’s show off by displaying their behinds, I thought Melissa would lose it, and Delores did. We also discovered that Marge had been having an affair with Joe #3 for a good year and a half before they left their spouses. Everyone was pretty surprised, but I tried not to pass judgement, since I don’t know these people or what all else was going on. It did sound pretty unsavory, but the only people whose opinions matter, are the ones involved. Of course there was a discussion about (ugh) the necklace, bringing us to our first best quote: tequila doesn’t really help. Teresa called Jackie a stalker because she came to one book signing, and Jackie said she loses brain cells talking to Teresa. Teresa also griped at Melissa for not being on her side of the couch, giving us the next best quote of the night from Melissa – just because you raise your voice, doesn’t mean you’re right.  For some reason, Teresa had it out for Jackie most of the night, saying Jackie didn’t even talk to her own sister. I guess Teresa doesn’t watch her own show, since that was resolved at the end of the season. She also wasn’t paying attention at the reunion, since Andy had already discussed this with Jackie. Jackie said she wasn’t on the Teresa Show, but Teresa begged to differ. Then, when Teresa acted like a big shot because she had some best sellers under her belt, Jackie said she didn’t even write her own books and used a ghost writer. I doubt she’s any Carole Radziwill though. As usual, things kept degenerating, and when Teresa brought up Jackie’s comment about Joe #1, it ended with Teresa calling Jackie a cold-hearted bitch, and getting ready to throw something at her. What happened to the Zen and stuff? Throw her back in the pokey. Next time, the eternal question. Will Teresa leave Juicy Joe if he’s deported?

🍅 Just As Juicy As Joe…

Could Teresa have a boy toy?

Or is this the real story?

And is this the real real? Personally, I don’t see her moving to Italy.

😆 Still laughing about the ending of last night’s HAHN episode. Hanna and Candace jumped on Jim like starving dogs attacking a filet mignon. It sure surprised the hell out of me, but Tyler Perry will do that.

😷 Now I Have It…

My husband has the man flu, and now I have… something. I’m trying to ignore it, because I don’t have time for it.

So for no reason other than I can’t think that hard, and yesterday’s tune reminded me of how good the soundtrack is.



February 19, 2019 -Maxie Gets a Sample, Jim Gets a Beat Down, a Bahamas Trip is Planned & Sleeping


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😫 Dog sick. Husband sick. Hoping it doesn’t reflect in the editing.

General Hospital

In the examining room, Carly tells Sonny, it’s always so cold. There’s no clock in there either, like they freeze time while you’re trying to find out if your whole world’s about to change. Kim walks in, saying Carly’s OB asked her to cover the appointment.

Drew meets Jason on the pier. He tells Jason that he had another chat with Shiloh. Shiloh made a point of reaching out, and he wants to know why. Who is this guy? Besides Kim, Shiloh is the only person who remembers Drew’s past. He wants to know what kind of game Shiloh is playing.

Sam goes to The Floating Rib, and meets Shiloh. She has a question. He says he doesn’t have the answers to everything, but she says it’s about him. He tells her, fire away. She asks if, as leader of DOD, does he get a day off, or is he playing hooky? He says right now, he’s just a guy having a cup of coffee with a girl.

Michael meets Kristina at Kelly’s. He asks, is it him, or is she smiling? Kristina says, it happens. He says, it’s great to see proof. She says that’s why she asked him to meet her. She wants to talk about a new direction she’s going in.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s about to find the truth about Sasha.

Sasha goes to the nail salon, and tells the receptionist she has an appointment. It’s probably under Maxie Jones.

Curtis answers Lulu’s door. It’s Margaux, who asks if Lulu is available. She’s there to prep her for the arraignment. Unless she’s not up to facing Franco yet.

Drew tells Jason that he was doing all the talking. Initially, Shiloh was interested in what happened in Afghanistan, but then he told Shiloh about the memory switch with his twin. He seemed caring and concerned, but also too anxious. He only relaxed when Drew told him he wasn’t getting the restoration procedure. Since he claims they were so close, why would he be disappointed? For all that buddy talk, Shiloh seemed relieved that he doesn’t remember anything.

Shiloh tells Sam that the sister loyalty is compelling. She asks if sisters aren’t supposed to be loyal, and he says, of course, but people often find them because other support systems failed. Sam says that makes her so sad, thinking her sister would go to DOD because of that. Shiloh says from what he’s seen, Sam and her mother are devoted to Kristina, Sam says, more than devoted. He says he thought they would be distant, but his take might be tainted because of the last time their lives intersected. She asks if he’s calling her out now, but he says, no. He’s calling himself out for having preconceived notions, thinking she was the same person. She says, who stole his father’s money? He knows as well as she does that people change. She’s not the same person as she was before. Shiloh has no idea who she was before, but he’s more and more captivated by this person.

Peter says, about Maxie’s caper with Sasha… She says, it’s not a caper; it’s a mission. She doesn’t want to jinx it by talking about it anymore. He says he’s going to see Lulu, and Maxie has an idea. She’ll stop by Lulu’s when she’s done, and give him an update. He says he’ll be waiting with bated breath, and she says, as well he should.

Carly tells Kim it’s not urgent; they can reschedule. Kim says they can do that, but it’s not fair that she knows when they don’t. According to the bloodwork, congratulations. Carly is officially pregnant.

Margaux tells Maxie that she’s not required to be at the arraignment, but Lulu says she wants Franco to see her standing on her own two feet, and she wants the judge to look at her before sending that psycho to jail. Her mom will be with her. Margaux says, the mayor, even better. She says today is all about his plea, and if bail will be given. He still insists he didn’t do it. She tells Lulu, when he pleads not-guilty, don’t react, dispute with him, or interact with the judge. She’ll get her chance to talk when they go to trial. She asks if there are any questions, but Lulu says she’s covered everything. Curtis has a question. How is Franco?

Lulu asks how Curtis can ask that about the man who tried to kill her? She hopes he’s miserable, preparing for a lifetime in prison. He says they have an eyewitness, and a mountain of evidence, but Franco still maintains he’s not guilty. He wonders if Franco’s had a complete break with reality. Why throw away everything he’s struggled to build? To kill three people, and attack Lulu with no provocation? Margaux doesn’t care why; just that he did, and she can prove it.

Kristina tells Michael, it’s liberating, letting preconceived notions go, and letting her guard down, being aware in the present moment. She knows it sounds cliché, but Michael says, cliché or not, it’s working for her. She thanks him for not having to defend her choice. Sometimes her family makes her feel like she should keep looking over her shoulder. Michael says he’s also gullible, but she says, only in his personal life, not with business. That’s why she’s come to him for help.

Stella sees Marcus at Kelly’s, and asks him if the seat next to him is taken. She never knows if he’ll be glad to see her or rue the day they met. He says she’s the exact person he needs to be around. She asks, what’s wrong? and he says he’s feeling sorry for himself; the Valentine’s Day blues. She gathers it was different this year. He says he and Yvonne both loved Valentine’s Day. He would get her the biggest box of candy; not even the good kind, just the biggest heart he could find. This year, he got to watch her mooning over another man’s gifts. In his mind, he didn’t take it personally, but in his heart, he had rage. Not at them, but at Alzheimer’s.

Maxie tells Sasha sorry she’s late. She loves the color Sasha chose, and tells her, it looks best on short, square nails. Sasha was just planning on having them filed, but Maxie says, there’s nothing worse than the right color on the wrong execution. Sasha says, okay; trim her nails.

Drew asks if Jason dug up anything else. Jason says Shiloh founded a house in Beechers Corners with a woman named Harmony, whose real name is Lorraine. She was his right hand until he came to Port Charles, and she stayed in Beechers Corners. It seemed like she’s hung up on him, and was upset he moved on without her. Or maybe it’s because he’s interested in Sam, the woman who fleeced his father. Spinelli is doing some digging. Drew tells Jason, if he finds out anything, let him know, and jets.

Sam says she wants to be better, but she wants to see Shiloh; who he is. He says, someone who doesn’t pose a threat to her little sister. She understands why Kristina is there, but wants to find out more about him than the DOD guy. She’s the one who’s compelled now. He suggests they take a trip, and she asks, where? Hawaii? He wants her to take a drive with him. There’s something she needs to see in order to understand. She asks if she can’t have a hint, but he says, nope. He tells her to follow her instincts, and he hopes she makes the right decision.

Curtis admires how Lulu survived, and how she’s determined to move forward to see justice done. But he knows the criminal prosecution system, and at some point, they’ll want to know how she got away. She says she has no idea. He thought hypnosis brought back the entire event. She doesn’t know how it works, but apparently, she got so upset, Doc brought her out of it before she could remember the rest. Curtis asks if she thinks someday she’ll want to know the rest of it. She was thinking about that, and thinks when Franco is put away and she’s sleeping through the night, she’ll ask Doc to put her back under. She thinks it will help her recover. Curtis says she’s very brave. The doorbell rings. Curtis goes to answer it, and Lulu says she’s sure it’s fine. He says, that depends on who you ask. It’s Peter with flowers. He wanted to see Lulu at the hospital, but it was only immediate family – or Maxie. Curtis says he’s taking off, and Lulu thanks him. Peter asks if she’s okay, and she says, all things considered. She’s not 100%, but she’s standing there, and has an incredible story to tell.

Sasha tells Maxie, it seems hypocritical. If not for Valentin, she wouldn’t be in Nina’s life. When she first met him, he admitted his greatest regret was losing Nina. He made it sound like the most romantic thing ever. Maxie is sure it is – to him. She asks for a tissue, and surreptitiously takes the nail clippings out of the trashcan. She says, Nina is too honest and trusting, and expects others to be the same way. Sasha says, in all fairness, Valentin admits to everything Nina called him out on; his crimes and mistakes. Maxie says, that she knows of. If the he was as good at changing as he is at apologizing. Every time he turns over a new leaf, there’s another dirty secret under it.

Kim tells Carly and Sonny that they were spot on about the conception date. The sonogram confirms it. She’s six weeks along. They look at the sono, and Carly says, their baby.

Sasha tells Maxie that she did her best to discourage Nina from accepting Valentin’s proposal. She brought up Nina’s doubts, their history, and his history. Maxie wonders how it backfired, and Sasha says Nina told her, hearing Sasha saying it out loud, made her realize the past is past, and her future is with Valentin. She appreciated Sasha for putting it in perspective. Maxie says she hates perspective, and Sasha says, perspective is the worst. Who knew Nina would run back to him? Maxie says, classic Nina. Sasha has never met anyone like Nina, and she means that in the best way. Maxie says Nathan was a lot like Nina. They were total opposites in some ways. Nina is impulsive; Nathan liked to plan. Nina leads with her emotions; Nathan was rational, most of the time, but had her big heart and stubborn streak. Sasha says, it sounds like they made quite a pair. Maxie says, now that Nathan is gone, it’s even more important that the people who love her, protect her against people who want to use her big heart against her.

Kristina tells Michael, for the past few years, she’s been frustrated and confused, playing the role of the family screw-up. It’s a role she created for herself, being a disappointment. Michael says she’s never been a disappointment, and she says he’s taken the role as protector. She loves him for that, but hopes can he can invest in her future. She has a business proposal. She has no access to her trust fund until she’s thirty, and would like to borrow some money.

Marcus tells Stella that his Valentine gesture would be lost on Yvonne, but he couldn’t resist buying candy. Instead of a big box, he sent small boxes to the home, enough for everybody. Stella says it was a healing gesture. He’s keeping the tradition alive in a healthy way, and honoring what they had. He says, she’s right. It made him feel better; a little bit anyway. Stella says, a little better is still better. He likes the way she looks at the world. She says she’s not always rainbows sunshine, and he says, doesn’t he know it. Curtis comes in, and Marcus says his aunt is a ray of sunshine today. He asks, isn’t she always? Stella says they all know the answer. Marcus wants to give Curtis a long overdue thank you. If they hadn’t talked, he would have missed the opportunity to close a chapter in their history. He’s lucky to have her as a friend.

Peter hands Lulu a laptop, saying, more practical than flowers. The police impounded her laptop, but he persuaded them to copy the hard drive onto the new one. She says she felt like her right arm was missing. She’s getting back to work. He says, no work until she’s 100%, but she tells him, stop thinking like a friend, and think like a publisher. She has a great personal story for the front page. He says he’s not profiting from her attack. Murphy can do the report. Lulu says the events surrounding the crime are her personal story, only told through her eyes, in her voice. If he doesn’t want to publish it, there plenty of others who will.

Kim comes back to see Sonny and Carly with some follow-up. She says there are a lot of factors, and Carly says, like her age? Kim says there are many women older than she is who have babies, but yes. Couple with her previous history, her pregnancy is high risk. Sonny asks what the odds are of her having a stroke. Kim says, right now, relatively low, but that could change without warning. She tells Carly to be careful to check her blood pressure, manage stress, eat right, manage stress, get enough rest, manage… Carly gets it. Sonny says he’ll make sure she takes it easy. Kim says, if anything fells off, call. She’ll schedule another sonogram in a few weeks. She congratulates them again. When she’s gone, Sonny and Carly look at each other. In the hallway, Kim looks pensive.

Maxie arrives at Lulu’s, and Lulu wants her to tell Peter how difficult it is to change her mind. Maxie asks if he doesn’t know that already. Lulu says she wants to write a firsthand account of the attack. Peter is concerned that remembering will take it’s toll on her healing. Maxie tells him, throw in the towel. He’s already lost. Lulu leaves to charge her new laptop. Peter asks if Maxie thinks Lulu putting down her story for posterity is a good idea. Maxie thinks if it’s too much, Lulu will stop. If not, he has an amazing story. He asks how it went, and Maxie says she got an amazing (WOTD) manicure, and a bonus. A DNA sample from Sasha.

Kristina asks Michael to lend her $1500, and she’ll make payments with interest. If all goes according to plan, she plans to pay him back in a matter of months. He appreciates her well thought out proposal, but she can go to her dad and ask for money for school. She says her dad will give her a gift or a handout; it’s the last thing she wants. He says it’s free money, but she says, it’s at a cost. She’ll have feelings of guilt and failure. She needs to pay her own way.

Marcus has to go. Curtis tells Stella, it’s nice seeing her have a friend. She says, friends are good to have.

Kim looks at old pictures of Oscar on her phone. Drew joins her, and she says, long time, no see; it’s been forty-right hours. It’s nice to have a little respite from worrying about Oscar. Not that she’s not worried, but she got to give people good news today. She says she’s been meaning to show him this, and he looks at a picture of Oscar at about four years ole. He says, that face. It must be a real picture of the actor, because yeah, that face. Kim says, even then, Oscar was so much like him. She asks if he ever wonders… Never mind. Drew says, what?

Shiloh sees Margaux at the bar. He says he sees she signed up for more seminars. She says they’re resonating with her, and he’s glad they’re helping. She says the timing wasn’t a moment too soon. He tells her that people find Dawn of Day when they need to, and she says, however it works, she was lucky. He asks what led her there, and she says she was desperate to achieve a certain outcome, and betrayed a friend in the process. He asks, how so? She says it’s so out there, she doesn’t think he’ll believe her. He says, try him. She says, basically, she was in possession of information that was the key to her friend’s past that he couldn’t remember. She valued her end game more than his trust, and tried to use the information as leverage to get him to do something he didn’t want to.

Jason gets a text from Spinelli, but we can’t see what it says. Sam comes along, and asks what he’s doing there. He says, getting some air. Her? She says she lost something, and he says he’ll help her look. They walk over to a more private spot and kiss. He asks what Shiloh wanted, and she says to chat her up. He wants her to go away with him. Jason says, that would be a bad idea.

Michael tells Kristina, something he learned from his bereavement group is that you’re responsible for your own healing. He’ll lend her the money, and let her pay him back with interest. She thanks him. He has one condition. They need to have lunch together more often. She says, deal.

Sasha comes into Kelly’s, and Curtis says nice to see her. She says he sounds surprised. He is, a little. When they first met, she was opposed to the idea of any mother but the one who raised her, but here she is. She says he’s not half as surprised as she is. She promised herself meeting Nina would be a drive-by, but Nina dares you not to care, and then you can’t stop. He’s glad she feels that way. He’s the one who tracked her down, and has a personal stake in it. He’d hate to be the one who put Nina in a position to be hurt. She says, no one wants that. He says, when Valentin hired him, he was skeptical. It was too perfect. Valentin came up with the one way to guarantee that Nina would forgive him. He was on guard in case it was a set-up, but everything seems legit. Not just the DNA, but her connection with Nina. He hopes she’s as genuine as she seems.

Maxie tells Peter it shouldn’t be a problem to get a sample from Nina. They can find out if she and Sasha are really mother and daughter, or if it’s a plot by Valentin. Peter says Valentin is a formidable guy, but he’s never gone up against anyone like her. Lulu comes back, and says the temperature has gone up since she left the room. Enough about her. She wants to talk about them.

Kim asks if Drew wonders what it would have been like if they’d raised Oscar together. He says it’s crossed his mind. She wonders if it would have been a disaster, with him stationed all over. She’d still have had to raise him by herself. He doesn’t know. She knew him then, and knows him now. What does she think? She asks if he wants wishful thinking or honest, and he says, honest. She thinks he would have been a wonderful father to their son. He asks if that isn’t wishful thinking, and she says it’s both.

Carly asks what Sonny is thinking. She knows it’s a lot to take in. He says it’s not like they didn’t think or talk about it, but she says, hearing it from a doctor… Sonny says, it brings it home. What does she want to do? She says they have so many people who love them, and who they love. She believes the baby is a blessing. He takes her hand, and they hug.

Margaux tells Shiloh that she betrayed her friend. He says, betray is a strong word, but she says he trusted her, and she tried to take advantage of that. She tried, and failed. She had the key to his past it the palm of her hand, and he refused the deal. Shiloh asks what she means by in the palm of her hand, and she says it was a flash drive; a file with everything. Shiloh says, business records? but she says, mostly personal memories. His whole life. Shiloh asks, what happened to it? and she says her conscience got the better of her, and she gave it back. She’s hoping one day he’ll look. She doesn’t know. It’s up to him.

Jason tells Sam it’s too dangerous, but she insists there’s no way Shiloh will hurt her. I’m wondering how him saying go for a drive turned into some big trip. He says Spinelli got more information; he’s not sure. She says she’s going on the trip. He tells her, slow down and make a plan. She says they have one, and tells him that she’ll get all the information she can. He says that doesn’t mean she needs to go on a trip, but she says she knows what she’s doing. The guy likes to talk. She’ll get the information they need, so they don’t have to pretend. They can be together. He holds her, and kisses the top of her head.

Tomorrow, Cameron says it’s life or death important, Peter tells Maxie that they’re going to find out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter, and Ava is barely hanging on.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Stay away from Jeffrey, got him? Justin lies on the floor, bleeding.

Jeffrey asks if David is sure, and he says he is. He’s tired of being laid up. He wants his car keys. Jeffrey asks, what about mom? Every time he gets in his own car, he worries. David says Veronica knows the FBI is watching her every move. Jeffrey asks where David is going, and he says, just out. Jeffrey’s phone rings, and David asks, is that him? Jeffrey says, who? David says Jeffrey knows who he’s talking about. It rings again, and David tells him, answer it.

Justin says he’s hurt, and Jeffrey asks, what happened? Justin tells him not to act like he doesn’t know. He sent them there. Jeffrey says he didn’t send anyone anyplace. Justin asks, who did? David takes the phone, and says he sent them. Justin asks who it is, and he says, Jeffrey’s father, Judge Harrington. Justin calls him a SOB, and David says he’s already not abiding by the rules. He tells Justin not to contact his son again, Justin says, okay, and David gives the phone back. He tells Jeffrey to let him know if Justin contacts him.

Outside, David says he’s fine. Jeffrey says he’ll start it up, but David isn’t going to let him do that. He knows what Jeffrey is trying to do, but his mother knows she’s being watched. Jeffrey wants to be sure, but David says he doesn’t have to be; he’s fine. He tells Jeffrey go inside, and don’t worry about that boy. He won’t bother Jeffrey again. Jeffrey thinks David wants him to go in so he doesn’t get hurt. David tells him to touch the car. He does, and an alarm goes off. David says he had one installed on both of their cars. If it’s touched, even with a finger, the alarm goes off and he gets a text. Jeffrey goes back in, and David gets in his car. BOOM! Just kidding. He drives away.

Jeffrey makes a call. I’m starting to think he’s an idiot. Justin’s phone rings, and Jeffrey asks if he’s okay. He tells Justin that he’s sorry, and Justin asks, why did he let them do this? Jeffrey says he didn’t; he’s sorry. Justin thinks he’s losing a lot of blood, and needs Jeffrey to come help. Jeffrey says, call an ambulance, but Justin says if Jeffrey doesn’t help, he wants to die. He says Jeffrey doesn’t know how much he loves him. He did this for him. He’s never loved anyone like him before. Jeffrey makes him crazy, and his dad sends guys to beat his ass. What hell is that? Jeffrey apologizes again, and Justin says, then come help him. Jeffrey says he can’t. He’s taking care of his dad. Just call an ambulance. Justin hangs up. Jeffrey calls 911, but doesn’t know the address. He asks them to hold on, and scrolls through his texts

Kathryn is all happy with her threesome dudes. She says she loved it. Rocky says he did too. Roderick gets up to use the bathroom, and she tells him, hurry back. In the bathroom, he makes a call. I don’t want to know where he was hiding the phone.

Candace’s phone rings. She gets a picture of Kathryn in bed with them. She tells Roderick, good boy. Get her more. She’s sorry he has to sleep with that beast. He says she knows he’s a freak, and she says, do you. He has to get back. Candace doesn’t trust Rocky, but Roderick says he’s got this. She asks if the man is still there. He says yes, and a whole bunch of secret service are there. Roderick goes back in.

Kathryn is dressed, and asks him to zip her up. She has to go home. Roderick says, no, and she tells him that he lies so well; she’s beginning to like it. He says maybe someday she’ll believe he’s into her. She believes he’s into her money. He says he’ll miss her, and she tells him, keep it up. Maybe one day he’ll convince her. She leaves, and Rocky smacks Roderick with a pillow. Roderick says, it’s fine, but Rocky says, it’s not. She reminds him of his mother. Roderick says he’ll come out on top, and Rocky says, he’s sick. He jets, and Roderick says he likes her.

Hanna goes in where Candace sitting. Hanna asks what she’s doing there, and Candace says, trying to see Jim. Hanna says, that woman’s husband? Candace says Kathryn doesn’t care; why does she? Kathryn is in a hotel room right now with two men. Hanna says she doesn’t know that, and Candace says she’ll text a picture to Hanna. Hanna tells her not to send filth to her phone. Candace says those guys work for her. Kathryn has no idea how hard she’s being played. Hanna says Candace won’t stop, and Candace says, can’t stop, won’t stop. Hanna calls her crazy, and she says she gets it from her mom – or dad. She wishes she knew who he was. She prefers Hanna doesn’t talk to her, and Hanna is good with that. Candace can’t believe Hanna used to work there, cleaning up after these people. Hanna says, it’s better than selling her ass. Candace says she made more in one night than Hanna probably made in a year. Hanna asks if the President is Candace’s next victim. Is she blackmailing him? Candace says she has a bunch of secrets, and Hanan says she won’t be satisfied until she’s dead. Candace says, it will be a welcome relief. Hanna says none of it means anything, and Candace says, no. Nothing.  Hanna tries to show Candace a video of her son, and she tells Hanna to stop. Hanna doesn’t understand why it’s getting to her. She thinks Candace is realizing it could be her fault. Candace says, turn it off or she’ll do it. Hanna would love to see that happen. Candace puts in ear buds. Hanna sits on the arm of the couch, playing the video, and Candace bops her head to music.

George tells Wyatt that he’ll get out as soon as he talks to the grand jury. Just tell them what happened, and he’s free to go, but he has to tell the truth. Wyatt says, okay, but he wants a fix first. George says he can find one after he leaves, and Wyatt says then he’s not doing a damn thing. George says, Sara is on the stand right now. He needs Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t care. Not until he gets what he’s asking for. George threatens to release Wyatt to his father. Wyatt says it’s the devil he knows. George says, it’s a devil far worse than he knows. He tells one of the staff to get the doctor. Give Wyatt something; fix him. She says, it’s risky, but George says, just get it done.

Jeffrey calls 911 to find out if the ambulance was dispatched. The operator says Justin called himself. Jeffrey asks if he was picked up, but she says, it was dispatched. He asks if she knows where Justin was taken, but she can’t give him that information. Jeffrey has to call him.

Madison arrives at work. The nurse in reception chides him for getting preferential treatment. Madison says it’s a very powerful family, and his co-worker says, the mother is crazy. Madison doesn’t know anything about that, and the nurse says, speaking of crazy, there’s a loony one in three. Madison asks him not to do that to him. He says the administration might give him special treatment, but he doesn’t have to. Madison goes into the room, and sees Justin. Justin says see what Jeffrey did to him? Madison thinks he’s special. Madison says Justin isn’t threatening him. Justin says he’s not, but this is what’s going to happen. Jeffrey doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Madison starts to leave, and Justin says, don’t love him. Jeffrey will turn on Madison. Trust him.

The nurse asks Madison what happened, and Madison says he can’t help him. It’s the guy who attacked him in the parking garage. The nurse says Madison told security he didn’t remember, but Madison says he knows it’s him; there’s surveillance of him. The nurse says he was seen in the vicinity, but the camera near Madison’s car wasn’t working. Madison says, he made it that way. The nurse suggests he tell the police, and Madison says, he is the police. He knows it’s him.

Jeffrey walks in, and says he was told Justin was there. Madison can’t believe Jeffrey is there to see him, and takes him to Justin’s room. He thinks he and Jeffrey trying to get to know each other is a mistake. He doesn’t think Jeffrey should call again. Jeffrey says, done. Justin says he didn’t think Jeffrey would come. Jeffrey is glad Justin went to the hospital. Justin says the neighbors called, but Jeffrey says, funny. 911 said he called. Justin insists he didn’t. Jeffrey asks how he is, and Justin says, missing him. Jeffrey tells him, don’t start. He has to get control of himself. He can’t keep doing this. Justin says, he knows. He just loves Jeffrey so much. Jeffrey says, it’s not love; it’s infatuation. There’s someone he wants Justin to talk to; Dr. Chambers. He’s an amazing psychologist, and can help. The only person Justin wants to help is Jeffrey, but Jeffrey says he can’t. Justin says they did this to him because he loves Jeffrey. Jeffrey says they did it because Justin threatened him. Justin says Jeffrey’s dad did this, and asks if he deserved it. Jeffrey says, maybe. For the record, Jeffrey is sorry it happened, but Justin needs to know if do this again, what comes back will be even worse. He has to go. Justin begs him not to. He asks if he’ll see Jeffrey again, and Jeffrey says he’s sure Justin will. Justin ask if Jeffrey will come see the place. Jeffrey says he’ll have to be careful, but yes, if it makes Justin happy. Justin says he loves Jeffrey, and Jeffrey says he love Justin too. Once again confusing the hell out of me. Just asks for a kiss, but Jeffrey says, no.

Jeffrey tells Madison, sorry, but Madison says, don’t be. Jeffrey says Madison wouldn’t understand, and Madison says, nope; he wouldn’t. Jeffrey says he has to respect it. Madison says, sorry to disappoint him, but unfortunately the bruises on the back of his head won’t let him. Jeffrey says he’ll see Madison at his dad’s. Madison says he’s trying to get a replacement.

Benny sits with Mitch in Mitch’s car, looking at pictures on a phone. Mitch told him it burned down. Benny asks where the Cryers live now. He doesn’t know, and Benny makes a call to Hanna, but gets voicemail. Mitch says, try Candace; she knows everything, but he get voicemail there too. Mitch says, she’s probably with the President. Benny asks what he’s talking about, and Mitch says, she was with Charles Frederickson, the President, when he was at the hospital. It was like a circus, secret service and everything. He says, Candace one-upped herself. What’s even crazier is, he likes her. Mitch heard him telling their mom how fond he is of her. Benny’s sister is going mess around and get First Lady now. Benny says he’s tripping, but Mitch says, anything goes in that place. Benny still gets voicemail, and Mitch suggests Veronica. He says he’s not calling that chick. Benny tells Mitch to call his family, and Mitch says he’ll probably get hell for this.

The FBI watches Veronica’s house. She pulls in, and marches over to the van, waving as she walks. She knocks on the window, and tells them, if they’re going to do surveillance, they may as well come in. They politely tell her, no thank you, ma’am, and she says they’re not fooling anyone in the van. She tells them, do what they must. She sees David pull into her driveway, and says, now that’s who they need be watching. David gets out of his car, and she goes back.

David sees they have their eyes on Veronica, and asks if he can come in. She asks how his back is, and he says, not good. She says she’s sorry, and they go inside. She says it looks like he’s getting around fine. He says, pain killers; she should know about that very well. She says, unfortunately, she does. She tells him, have a seat, but he’d rather stand. He asks if Alice is there. Veronica says she’s being sued for a hostile work environment. He’s sure it’s a lie. He wants to talk. She asks him if he recognizes the rug. The slight red blood stain where he slapped her to the floor. He doesn’t see any stains, but she says they’re there. She purposely didn’t clean them. She wanted to remember the moment he was dead to her. He says they both have those days. His was the day she sent Erica to him. She says she didn’t do that, but he says, she did. She ask if he’s there to kill her as he threatened to. He says, no. He’s there because he’d like to take her to dinner. We all go, wha-a-at? along with Veronica. He realized he’d gone way too far, and he’s there to apologize. She doesn’t trust him. What’s he up to? He says he realized how much he loves her. He was wrong to try to replace her. She tells him, get out. He says he’s serious, but she means it; get out. He says, okay, but he loves and misses her, and he was very wrong. He hopes she can forgive him. She repeats, get out, and he leaves. She sits down, visibly shaken.

Jim asks Diane where they are, and she says, the living room. He says, well, well, well. What a surprise. What do they want? Candace tells him, let Hanna go first. He asks what’s on her mind. She says if anything else happens to her son, she’ll finish him. Jim scoffs at the idea, and Candace says Hanna might not be able to do anything, but she can. He says, what? Show pictures of old Jim naked around town again? He doesn’t give a sh*t. He went after her brother because she’s the bitch whore who took his $8 million. She says he’s the bitch, and he’s not getting it back. He says, get the money today, or there will be three more stabbings. Hanna wishes he’d send someone. He asks if she thinks she scares him. What’s she going to scare him with? He says, she doesn’t scare him at all, calling her bitch. She says she’s not a bitch, and takes her earrings off. We all know what that means. Jim apparently doesn’t. He says she’s a bitch, and Candace is a trifling bitch. They’re both bitches. Hanna says she told him to watch what he says to her, and suddenly, they’re both on him, beating the crap out of him. I cheer.

Next time, Hanna says she’ll kill Jim, Kathryn is ready to cut them off, Mitch visits Jim with Benny, and David wants to get back together with Veronica.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle visit LVP. She asks why LVP has no guard dog, and LVP says she has the swans. That’s a really good point. Swans are beautiful, but can be mean. They get in Lisa’s car. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP. She’s been going through a hard time, but they laugh anywhere they go. This time, they’re going for some kind of facial procedures, and discuss it on the way

Kyle says they’ll be looking like different people when they come out. In Kyle’s interview, she says they live in a town where nobody ages. They have to do the latest and greatest treatments. We see a clip of Kyle and LVP talking with Paul Nassif (Botched). The doctor comes out. LVP says she wants to rejuvenate her neck. He asks if she wants laughing gas, and she says, oh yes. Kyle asks if he has some to go. LVP inhales it, and Kyle takes a video of her getting loopy. She says, it’s like drinking a bottle wine without a hangover. She tells Kyle, have one, holding out the tube. It will make her stress go away. LVP realizes Kyle is filming her, and says, it’s not funny, but does she look beautiful? In her interview, LVP says she and Kyle love to have a laugh. After everything she’s been dealing with, a brief respite is something important. The doctor says she has a brand new neck. He asks Kyle what she’s doing. She can’t decide, but thinks something with her eyes.

Erika is meeting LisaR and Dorit at a restaurant, and orders an Arnold Palmer while she’s waiting. When they get there, she orders a bottled beer. Dorit and LisaR reminisce about the kegs of their high school and college days. Dorit tells LisaR about the robbery. Kyle thinks they should get a Doberman or Rottweiler. Erika suggests a German Shepherd. In Dorit’s interview, she says with everything that happened after the Lucy situation, she thinks it’s safe to say they’re family is putting getting a dog on the back burner. She says she can’t bring herself to talk about it, and could use a getaway; a girls’ trip. They talk about Tahoe, and Erika thinks they have a house there. Thinks. They have several houses, including one near Kyle, but she’s never been to that one. We see a clip of her telling Tom about the pool tiles she picked out falling apart. She’s good worrying about one place. She’ll get to the others someday.

Dorit says her sister went to a new place in the Bahamas, Bahamar, and said it was exquisite. In her interview, Dorit thinks a trip would be a great way to connect, and a safe space for them to duke out their issues, and find a way forward. Dorit says she’ll draw a map, and they’ll make a plan.

We meet Denise’s boyfriend, Aaron. Daughter Sami tells Denise she failed her English test; Denise asks if she needs a tutor, and Sami thinks that might be a good idea. In her interview, Denise says she was being provocative in the past, and the effect on future kids wasn’t something she thought of back then. Now she has two daughters, Sami and Lola, whose father is Charlie Sheen. Since she and Charlie are both nuts, they have a shot at being normal. She adopted Eloise when she was born as a single mom. There was a rumor that she was Charlie’s child with a hooker, but that’s false. She laughs. They recently moved to Malibu, and Aaron moved in with them. It’s four bedrooms; simple, beachy, clean, Zen. She thinks it’s a fresh start for all of them. She and Aaron have been together over a year, and she feels like he’s her soulmate. He does frequency work, balancing the body, and she met him when she started going to his clinic. She tells us she’d have to video what he does for people to understand, but it’s fascinating and crazy. With her ex Charlie, if she hung the toilet paper wrong, it was like she burned the house down. She’s grateful for this relationship. She asks Sami about homecoming, and Sami say she hasn’t been asked yet. She tells Sami that she can’t date until she’s sixteen anyway. In Denise’s interview, she says her parents were strict, and she couldn’t date until she was sixteen. I actually don’t think that’s too unreasonable, although I was slightly younger. She wonders if she’s doing her kids a disservice because of her own wild ways. Sami says she wants a boyfriend, now that Denise said she can’t have one Sami calls Charlie, and asks if she’s allowed go with a guy to homecoming. He says he trusts her judgement that he’s the right person to go with. Denise says, whatever. She’s not mad, but she disagrees.

PK and Dorit have wine. He says he had an aggravating week. He’s been on tour for four weeks. He thinks they’ve both had trying, long weeks. Dorit says she had dinner with Erika and LisaR. She thought it would be nice to go on another trip. It will bring them together. He says she’s not asking Teddi, but she says she was thinking of it. With everything that happened, she wants to give it a chance. In her interview, she says they took a baby step at Kyle’s party. She’s hoping Teddi doesn’t interfere in her business, and not make a mountain out of a molehill about the dog situation. They had some differences – we see a clip of the argument over Dorit being late – but they’re trivial, and Dorit wants to put it behind them. PK thinks it’s super cool of her. She says they’ll go there, clean the slate, and move forward. In Dorit’s interview, she hopes that LVP knows she had the best intention with Lucy, and wants to move forward. She tells PK, wish her luck. He says she doesn’t need it. The ladies are the lucky ones.

LisaR and Teddi walk in the hills. Teddi is getting ready for a half-marathon. They see a huge rattlesnake, and LisaR says better here than at her house. Harry doesn’t like to kill them. We see a clip of him showing the kids a baby rattler in a jar. LisaR asks, whose husband does that? I’d probably be the same way. I relocate spiders. Teddi says her work stuff is good. The business has grown, and now she has a different lifestyle. LisaR asks about her taking an acting job. Teddi says she almost turned it down. She doesn’t know if she’s a decent actor. In her interview, we see a clip, and she says he doesn’t think it’s going to lead to an illustrious acting career. She did it to have fun, and just see if she could do it. She tells LisaR that she had big dreams when she first moved there, but put on weight. She was sent out for pilot season, and got a call from her manager that she needed to lose weight or no one would hire her. She didn’t realize it was contingent on her losing weight. She said she was never doing it again, and took a negative turn, developing a problem. Food was her best friend. In her interview, LisaR says they all have issues with their bodies. In the business, you have to look a certain way. Teddi says, it went on for years. It didn’t define her, but it did define what she does. The second you’re not practicing what you preach, you’re a complete fraud. LisaR gets it. Teddi says posting her workouts every day keeps her humble.

Kyle goes to Mauricio’s office. He says everyone is out working; Vera is at an open house. Kyle thinks she might go; she loves looking at them. Mauricio says there are some great properties on the market. Kyle thinks her eye is blinking too slow, and he laughs. She tells him, it’s not funny. In her interview, she says she’s a hypochondriac. There. She said it. As a mom, she doesn’t feel complete without her husband and kids being together. That’s when she’s 100% Kyle. Each one that leaves is difficult, and now Sofia is going to college. We see a clip of everyone at the dinner table, and Mauricio asking what they should do before she leaves. Sofia suggests they have a party every Friday until she goes. Mauricio likes it. Kyle sys her dream was to be a mom and have kids. The last one will be hard. Mauricio says he had to sleep in an awkward position to cuddle with Portia. I identify, since I do that for my dogs. He knows it’s not lasting long. Kyle gets weepy, and Mauricio says it’s not like it’s the first time. She still has two more babies. She says, life changes every time one of them leaves. Mauricio says they’ll also get married, and she’ll be a grandmother with amazing grandkids. She says she’s preparing herself by… she doesn’t know how to prepare. Since she has dogs, it’s easier. Dogs make everything easier. I said that, not Kyle.

LisaR gives the dogs cupcakes. Amelia brings in her new French bulldog puppy, who tries to nurse on he. She tells LisaR about seeing a mom and daughter who looked like they were suffering with an eating disorder, and it was hard to watch. In LisaR’s interview, she says when she first realized something was wrong, her immediate response was, you gotta eat. It scared the sh*t out of them, including Amelia. Amelia says, no matter how many deaths she heard about, all that mattered was her skinniness. She doesn’t want it to happen to other people. She could have died. In her interview, LisaR says, it’s a scary thing when your child is suffering. You feel helpless. Amelia says all of her friends think about calories. They see the bread basket, and it’s like, holy sh*t. LisaR says Amelia started watching food shows, and she thought it was weird for her to want to see people eat. Amelia hopes that people in the industry stop putting on a façade of perfection. In LisaR’s interview, she says she’s always been aware of her weight and what she look like, but that’s not who she is. She tells Amelia about Teddi’s struggle, the agent asking her to lose weight and her gaining two hundred pounds as a result. It triggered her in the opposite way. In her interview, LisaR says she sees the brutalities in the business, and she doesn’t want it to be the only thing her daughters focus on. She thinks she and Harry have shown them there’s more out there. Amelia says she gets so many comments on Instagram, asking how she got out of it. She’ll never be out of it. LisaR says when Amelia came out publicly, she was shocked and proud. She showed everyone something others would never do, a vulnerability that’s so fragile. LisaR is proud of her.

In the car, LVP tells Ken that he’s rear-ended too many people. He says it’s not his fault. She says if he rear-ended them, it’s his fault. She tells him that if you end up in bed with someone and rear-end them, it’s your fault. That LVP. She loves dirty talk, which is so much less dirty with a British accent.

Kyle tells Sofia that she feels guilty about going to the Bahamas. Sofia says she’s not leaving yet, and they’ll be together in DC when Kyle drops her off. Kyle begs her not to leave.

Ex pasty chef Chris Ford sets up shop at LisaR’s. In her interview, she says everyone is away, and there are only so many bikini shots she can put on Instagram to get attention. So she invited the ladies over, including Camille. She tells everyone that Kyle is at a tequila tasting, and won’t be there. Neither will LVP; there’s something wrong with Giggy. 😢

LVP meets Ken at Villa Blanca. Harrison! She says she’s emotionally depleted, and couldn’t put on a brave façade for LisaR’s party. She orders some food, and says TomTom is doing well. Ken says it’s been a lot of work, especially the last two weeks. She asks what he thinks about her going on the Bahamas trip. It’s terrible timing. Ken says, it’s a must. She should go anyway. She says she hasn’t been herself, and has been emotional, but she’s never been there. In her interview, she hopes it will give her a renewed vigor; a fresh outlook. She asks if he’s going to keep Giggy by his side at all times. Ken says Giggy isn’t well, but he’s a strong little bugger. We see a clip if Giggy at the vet. He’s going to need a pacemaker, and LVP asks about the chances of him not surviving. The doctor says less than 20%, and they’ve never lost a patient. LVP thinks it will be a bit of a challenge, but she can use some time away. Dealing with Dorit has been exasperating. The way she handled it, the dog ended up in a kill shelter, when she should have just given Lucy to them, but she loves Dorit anyway. She’s taking the plunge and having fun again. Ken toasts to the Bahamas. She tells Ken that he’s not going to have fun. He’s going to work.

Everyone arrives. There are various small dessert treats in bowls – macaroons, candies, and such – on the gigantic kitchen island. Chef Chris has the ladies write notes to their loved ones, and put their chosen ingredients inside a chocolate half-heart with the note on top. Then they melt the edge of the other half, and fuse them together with some kind of spray. They decorate them with what seems like metallic spray paint. In her interview, Denise says she wouldn’t refer to this as baking or pastry. There’s no dough. She doesn’t know how they’re calling it pastry class. Pastry or not, it’s cool. They go into the dining room for pastry eating class. There are all kinds of sweets on three-tiered dishes. Dorit is weird about the calories, asking if she can take it home. In her interview, Erika says she eats dessert every day. You’re not going to blow up, and if you do, you can work it off. Eat the effing cake.

Erika asks Denise how she met Aaron. Denise says after a few times of going to his center, they had sex in one of the rooms. They’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s still technically married, but they’ve been separated for two years. We find out that the future ex-wife is Nicole Sheridan, who Harry was married to for eleven months. In LisaR’s interview, she says, there’s intertwining stuff going on. LisaR explains that Nicole went to a Michael Bolton concert, and ran off with him. She thanks him to this day. They toast to Michael Bolton. LisaR says she wouldn’t have her beautiful children without them. In her interview, Teddi says she’s never had that urge when she sees Michael Bolton, and I literally LOL. Teddi talks about meeting Edwin, but I’m laughing too hard from her interview comment to hear what she says. We learn they do it twice a week, and it’s very scheduled. In her interview, Denise says she gets it on with Aaron every day. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t recall ever talking much about sex to my friends other than, was it good? and maybe questions about something weird.

The ladies pack for the trip. Of course Erika has her assistants helping to put her outfits together. She says she’d better stop eating now. At almost 6 am, it’s time to leave. Kyle kisses one of the dogs goodbye, and closes the door way too loudly on her way out. They meet at the airport. Dorit wants their trip to be luxurious, glamorous, and fun. They’re flying in a private jet, and it’s a brand new resort. First class all the way. LisaR asks, who doesn’t want to fly in a private jet? Erika says not many people get that experience. One day, you’re in the Gulf Stream, and the next, you’re flying coach. It not about how you got there, but that you’re effing there.

I’m dying because I wish I could be on one of those jets. Even if it’s just for a half hour like on Vanderpump Rules. These girls have a lot more food on board – there’s an entire buffet. Dorit explains what she’s organized. They’re going to a private island for lunch, and massages will be available. All of the rooms are beautiful. She asks if LVP wants to stay in a suite with her, but LVP doesn’t want to share. I would think she might want a room to herself, in case she needs to be bummed for a moment. Erika says she’s available. LVP says Dorit has snoring and gas problems. LisaR says, she’s back. Cheers! Kyle says, it’s all fun and games, and then one jab goes too far.

Next time, omg this place they go to – it’s incredible – LVP wants to move on, Erika says she’ll defend herself to the bone, Teddi says she never told a soul, while LisaR looks like the cat who ate the canary. Hmm…

🔺 You Don’t Need To Have a Point, To Have a Point…

where I should be is sleeping, so I’ll let Harry lead me off.

February 18, 2019 – Laura Makes an Inspection, Solvang Will Never Be the Same, Lots of Lisa & Made It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis accompanies Lulu and Spencer back to Lulu’s house. He wants to do a sweep first, but Lulu says they don’t need to live in fear. Franco is in jail.

Franco asks if Jordan wants him to take the fall for crimes he didn’t commit. She says it depends on what he’s willing to do. He says, whatever it takes, and she tells him, plead guilty. He says, no, he’s not, but she says he told her that he’d go as far as it takes. He says not if he has to confess to brutal crimes he didn’t commit. She says, it’s the only way to draw the killer out.

Curtis tells Lulu that Franco is the alleged killer; it hasn’t been proven. Spencer if says if Lulu says Franco attacked her, that’s what happened. Lulu says they have nothing to worry about. They go inside. Lulu turns on the lights, and everyone yells, surprise! Lulu almost has a heart attack. As we all would.

Various interactions happen at The Floating Rib. Alexis sees Michael. She asks where his Valentine is, and he says, running late. He asks if she’s meeting someone. Kim thanks Julian for meting her. He says he’s glad to spend Valentine’s Day time together, even if he is patronizing his competition. Chase asks Willow if she’s okay hanging out. She seems distracted. She says, everything is fine. He tells her that he’s going to say this once, and never bring it up again unless she does. He thinks her giving up her son is the most unselfish act he’s ever heard of. Brad tells Lucas that he’s not in his 20s anymore; he’s tired. Lucas says they have two more hours of freedom. They can’t neglect their relationship. They need to set an example for Wiley of a healthy marriage, so he gets a partner he can trust. Someone who will love him, and never lie to him. Willow and Brad lock eyes.

At Ferncliff, a night nurse tells not-Doc/Ryan that he’s there late. Ryan says, mental health doesn’t take a night off. He goes into real Doc’s cell. The night nurse sees Laura in the hallway, and asks if he can help her. Doc asks, who’s there? and Ryan says, what’s the matter? Can’t he see for himself? Ryan slams the door behind him, and says, Doc made a big mistake. He lied to him.

Alexis says tells Michael that Diane is her Valentine. They’re supposed to meet and catch up. She’s going to step outside to call. On her way out, Kim asks to talk to her. She’d like to set the record straight.

Willow keeps staring at Brad, and Chase is like, hello? She says she was zoning out; it was a long day at school. He asks if she has a problem with Brad, but she says she hardly knows him. Chase says she seemed off when he saw them at the MetroCourt, now she’s staring. She says, what are you getting at, detective? and Chase says Brad seems to make her feel uncomfortable.

Lucas says his mom sent a picture of Wiley – sleeping. She says they should trust he’s okay, and enjoy themselves a little longer. Can Brad manage that? Brad says he’ll prove it by buying the next round. He goes to the bar, and Michael sits with Lucas. Lucas says he and Brad are out per Wiley’s grandmother’s orders. Michael says he’s flying solo until his date arrives.

At the bar, Julian tells Brad that every time he sees Willow, Brad isn’t far behind. Brad says he’s sounding paranoid. He and Willow are on the same page. Julian asks if Brad told Willow that her baby died, and he replaced it with another baby.

Nina apologizes to Lulu. Lulu says she’s okay, but it was definitely a surprise. Nina says she should have known it would startle Lulu, and Charlotte says they thought they were doing something nice. Lulu says they did. She missed Charlotte so much. Charlotte says she missed Lulu more. Spencer says he must be on his way, but Lulu tells him to stay. He never spends time with his cousin. Spencer says he called a car. She tells him, cancel it. It’s important to spend time with family.

The night nurse recognizes Laura as the mayor. She says she was hoping for an unannounced visit. She has clearance to do one at any time. He suggests she come during visiting hours, but she says, that would defeat the purpose of it being unannounced. She wants to do one now, and he tells her there are no supervisors there to take her on a tour.

Doc says Lulu must have identified Ryan as her attacker. Ryan says Doc’s credentials in hypnosis took care of that. Doc asks if he planted false memories, and calls Ryan a bastard. Ryan says Doc is in no position to cast judgement. He tricked Ryan into believing there was a prenup. He wouldn’t have caught it if not for Ava, who said it wasn’t Laura’s marital style. Unfortunately, he mentioned it already, and now Laura is suspicious, which he supposes was Doc’s intention. Doc has forced his hand. Now he has to deal with Doc and Laura. Doc is up first.

Charlotte asks if Lulu likes the welcome home, mommy sign; she made it. Lulu says, it’s beautiful, adding, isn’t it? to Spencer. He says, it’s charming in a DIY way. Charlotte says they did their best to keep it a secret, and Curtis says they were stealthy. Lulu tells her that seems like a lot, coming from a PI. Charlotte says, some secrets pay off, but some don’t. Right, Spencer? Nina brings out cookies. Charlotte wishes she could have brought Dante home to Lulu. Lulu does too. Charlotte announces that papa and Nina are getting married again.

Laura knows the night guy is doing his job, and commends him for it, but she’s clearly allowed to inspect when she feels the need. If he wants to call a supervisor, she’ll be happy to speak to whomever, but do now. Time is of the essence.

Doc tells Ryan the last person to have insight about Laura would be Ava. Ryan says, Ava is very insightful. She’d said the cold practicality of a prenup isn’t in Laura’s nature. Doc disagrees, and asks if Ryan and Ava are making plans for the future. Ryan says they’re in love, but there are a few remaining obstacles to remove. Doc says Ryan has a terrible habit of underestimating people. He always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. It was all Laura’s idea. He asks if she denied it, and Ryan says she refused to discuss it until their lawyers were present. Doc says he can prove it’s real.

Jordan tells Franco, the killer is an arrogant egomaniac. He loves attention, and is going to be jealous. Franco says, of a guy in prison? but she says Franco will be taking credit for his hard work. It will be all over the press; if it bleeds, it leads. Franco will be enjoying the fruits of the killer’s labor; appropriating his work. He’ll try to one up Franco, and reclaim the spotlight. She tells him to trust her. If he follows her lead, he won’t get burned. He understands what she’s saying, but she’s not taking into consideration the people who believe in him. It would destroy Elizabeth.

Lucas shows Michael the picture of Wiley. Michael is embarrassed about waiting for an online date, but Lucas says there’s no shame in it. He’s the CEO of ELQ. He can’t be hanging out in bars looking for dates. A girl comes in, and Michael asks if she’s Zoey. She is, and says it’s nice to meet him. He’s better looking in person. That almost never happens. They’re usually a foot shorter, and a decade older. He thanks her for not catfishing him too. Since he’s in business, he knows how important first impressions are. She asks how hers is going so far.

Willow tells Chase that he’s imagining things. Brad doesn’t make her uncomfortable. He says he’ll retire his detective hat for the night. She says, too bad it’s too late for karaoke, and he says, next time. I’d like to know how late it is, since those things usually end like 1 am. Willow says he sounds confident. He doesn’t mean to brag, but he’s a decent singer. She says, like in the shower? and he says, the Nurses’ Ball. She says she heard about that, and he tells her that his partner Dante tricked him into thinking the whole department was performing. When he got up there, he found out he was doing a solo. He was terrified, but admits to being an easy target. She asks why he moved to Port Charles, and he says, there was an opening at the PCPD. She says, of course, but what drew him there? He says being close to his brother is a big perk, but he was following up on an old case; cleaning up a mess he made early in his career. A story for another time. Her turn. Why did she come to Port Charles? She says she was running away from a toxic situation there was no hope of fixing. He asks if it was about the father of her child.

Brad tells Julian that Willow has no clue, and he’d like to keep it that way. She approached him. Julian says Brad chose to engage, and Brad asks, what is he supposed to do? It’s a good thing he did. She said she won’t interfere with Wiley’s life. Julian tells him, she says that now, but Brad says she doesn’t even want him telling Lucas. Julian says there’s no reason why he should, right?

Alexis tells Kim, if this is about Julian, she knows they’re back together, and she’s happy for them. Kim feels worse now about how she acted when Alexis was trying to explain. She had a lot on her mind, but are they okay? Alexis says, absolutely fine, and Kim thanks Alexis for hearing her out. On her way back, Alexis nearly runs into Neil. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says hello to her too.

Curtis says Valentin and Nina are getting married again? Nina says, yes, and she’s thrilled. Curtis asks why she accepted, and she says, it’s a complex situation. She doesn’t think they should discuss it now in from of the kids, and he suggests the kitchen. Lulu thinks that’s a great idea, and tells the kids to stay there. Charlotte and Spencer sit on the couch, with their arms crossed, looking at each other. In the kitchen, Lulu says, spill. Curtis asks, when did forgiving Valentin turned into marrying him? Nina says, he’s proven himself in the last couple months. He brought her daughter back. Curtis gets that she’s grateful, but that’s no reason to get married.

Doc tells Ryan, the safest thing for Laura is to go through with the divorce. He doesn’t want to hold it up. She might get suspicious if Ryan doesn’t follow up. Ryan says he’s bluffing; there’s no prenup. Doc says it’s in his office. Ryan says he made himself comfortable there, and didn’t see it. Doc says, most people don’t frame their prenups. It’s in a safe behind his accreditation. Ryan says, there’s no safe, and Doc says, so he looked behind the accreditation? He didn’t think so. He asks if Ryan wants the combination or not. Ryan asks why Doc would help him, and Doc says, normally, Ryan isn’t this obtuse. He’s not helping him; he wants Laura away from him. Ryan can see for himself; he’s not going anywhere. Ryan knows where to find him. Laura stands in the hallway, just a few feet away.

Kim sits with Lucas. He says his mom is watching Wiley. Date night round one didn’t last. She recalls them sprinting out of the MetroCourt, and he says they couldn’t wait to get back to Wiley. He knows it’s ridiculous, but Kim says it’s hard to leave them at that age. Enjoy it while they can. She would give anything to relive those days with Oscar. Lucas says, sorry, but she tells him, don’t be. She loves talking about her son, and loves hearing Lucas talk about his son.

Willow tells Chase that she’d rather not discuss the baby’s father. They should just try to have fun. She asks him to tell her more about his solo. What did he sing? He says, Feel It Still. She loves that song. She says, there has to be a video online, and finds it on her phone.

Julian asks Brad, what good it would do for Lucas to know anything? Brad hates keeping secrets. Julian says Brad isn’t the only one keeping it; he is too. It’s a major complication for someone who’s trying to be more honest. He asks if Brad realizes how quickly it could fall apart. Brad asks if Julian isn’t the one who kept saying it would be okay, but Julian says, what happens if the real birth mother gets her act together, seeks him out, and wants her baby back?

Michael suggests he and Zoey order margaritas, and see where it goes. He says what attracted him to her was her volunteer work. She says, her what? He says she teaches English to migrant workers. She tells him that the site asked her to describe her best day. She didn’t think she’d get much attention if she was honest.

Alexis tells Neil that she was just leaving. He says if she’s leaving on his account, don’t. She says it’s not because of him, and points out Julian, saying, her ex. Neil says if it’s because of her ex, that’s her call, but he can change his plans.

Charlotte asks if Spencer is okay. He seems on edge. Is he hiding a secret? He says it’s none of her business. She doesn’t think his grandmother would be happy to find out he tampered with the election. He says he’s totally prepared to tell her, and deal with the consequences.

Lulu says she’s with Curtis. Nina can’t let gratitude cloud her judgement. Nina says, it’s more than gratitude. She said yes for Charlotte’s sake. She can be more involved in Charlotte’s life, and Willow will take her seriously. Lulu says, that’s not the issue. She doesn’t trust Valentin, and doesn’t think she ever will. Nina says Valentin has been kind to Lulu. He’s made mistakes, but so has she, and one recently. She accused the wrong man of attacking her. Nina doesn’t think it’s Franco at all.

Franco tells Jordan that he Just married the woman of his dreams. Does she know what it will do to Elizabeth to hear him say he’s the killer? She tells him to focus on what he has to gain. He’ll be responsible for bringing Kiki’s killer to justice. He says no one wants that more than him, and Jordan says it’s his chance to stop this freak. Isn’t it worth being wrongly accused? He says she’s asking a lot, but she reminds him that he said he’d do anything. He wants Elizabeth’s input before he makes a decision, but she says, no one else can know; not even Curtis. If they’re going to pull this off, it has to stay between them.

Laura ducks into a doorway when Ryan comes out of Doc’s room. When he’s gone, she looks through the room window, but Doc is in the bed with his back to her. Of course.

Willow tells Chase that he’s so good. He says, ha-ha, but she means it. She asks if he’s performing again this year, and he tells her that he has a gift for her in the car. He goes to get it.

Michael tells Zoey that he keeps busy with work, and likes to spend personal time with his family. He has two little sisters, and recently became a godfather. The dads made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Zoey is paying no attention whatsoever, since she’s messing with her phone. He asks if she’d like another round. Hello? He tells her if there’s someplace she’d rather be, don’t let him keep her. She says she should probably get going. She has another date; it’s the last one. He asks how many she’s been on tonight, and she says he’s her third. He doesn’t know whether to be impressed or offended. She says, dating is rough, and not to overthink it. You have to weed out the weird ones, and make the most of your time. He sarcastically says, romantic, but she says, practical. He says it was nice to meet her. She says he’s his favorite so far. Call her later. Maybe next time, she can give him a full evening. They can get to know each other better.

Brad looks at Willow, and tells Julian there’s no way Lucas would allow her near Wiley. Julian asks what makes him so sure? Lucas joins them, saying he’s reclaiming his husband. Kim also wants her date back, and Brad apologizes for monopolizing him. Kim tells Julian she’ll have to take a raincheck. She has to go; a patient is in labor. She’ll make it up to him. Next time she’s free, she’s his for Valentine’s Day romance. They kiss, and she leaves.

Alexis tells Neil that he doesn’t have to leave. They survived their awkward last encounter. He thinks they handled it well, and she says at least it wasn’t the same as Dr. Melfi running into Tony Soprano. He tells her, just don’t say toodle-loo at the end of their sessions. Zoey walks up to Neil and says he looked younger in his pictures. Bye. Neil says, that was mortifying, but she says she’s seen worse. He thinks he needs a drink. He goes to the bar, and Julian ask Alexis who her new guy is. She says he’s not her guy, but Julian says it’s the second time he’s seen them together. What’s the deal? Is she seeing Mr. Smoothie. She says, it’s Dr. Smoothie, and yes, she is seeing him. He says, good for them, but she says it’s not what he thinks.

Franco says Elizabeth wouldn’t tell, and Jordan is sure she wouldn’t, but they can’t risk the killer catching on. To protect everyone, they have to be kept in dark. He says he’s not doing it unless Elizabeth knows. She says she can’t force him, but if he doesn’t do it, he’ll get convicted and sent to prison for the rest of his life.

Lulu asks if Nina thinks she’s mistaken. She saw Franco. He trapped her behind her desk, pulled out a knife, and stabbed her. Nina says maybe she’s projecting about what he did before. She knows him very well. He’s not capable of that kind of violence. Lulu says Nina never knew the old violent Franco. She can’t see that he’s regressed. Nina asks if Lulu is saying Franco killed Kiki, a girl he adored like his own. Lulu wonders why she’s explaining this to Nina, since she’s marrying a killer. Nina says, it was self-defense. It wasn’t murder; Valentin was defending himself from Lulu’s brother. Curtis tells them, keep it down. The kids don’t need to hear this.

Charlotte wonders how long Spencer would survive a correctional facility. He says he’d be fine, but his grandmother isn’t going to let that happen. Charlotte says, she’s sworn to uphold the law. She’ll have no choice but to turn him in.

Finally! Doc turns over, and Laura sees him.

Michael asks if Willow scared Chase away. She says, maybe. She brought up his Nurses’ Ball performance, and he fled to the parking lot. She asks about his date, and he says it was more of a drive-by. It was hard to engage for five minutes. They couldn’t get past the small talk. He tried, but she was more interested in her phone. Willow says, it’s hard finding people to connect with, especially people who understand what they’ve been through. Chase comes back, and asks Michael how his Valentine’s Day is going. Michael says, abysmal. He was just telling Willow how his date escaped. Chase asks if he wants to join them, but Michael decides to go home. Chase gives Willow a gift bag. He tells her not to be offended, but her fingers are always freezing. She unwraps a pair of gloves, saying she loves them. She kisses him, putting her hand on his face, and he says, much better.

Julian says, so Neil is Alexis’s new shrink; how’s it going? She says they made a tentative foray into murky territory. He says, the tortured history of their relationship, but she says it’s not the history that concerns her. It’s more the future. She leaves, and he sits there puzzled.

Jordan tells Franco that the DA has more than enough evidence to secure a conviction. He says, planted evidence. She says, it’s just as likely, with his history of social violence, he killed them and kept the driver’s licenses as trophies. He says there’s no way anyone would believe he hurt Kiki. Jordan agrees the lack of motive is a concern, but it barely registered with the DA. She’ll get a speedy conviction, and look like a hero. Franco never paid for his earlier crimes, and the other devastation he left in his wake. Franco says she wants to see him convicted, but she says, wrong. She doesn’t believe he’s responsible for the murders she’s investigating. That means the killer is at large, and this is the best way of catching him. Franco will be a public disgrace for a short time, but then he’ll be exonerated, and the city will be grateful. Or, he can go to trial, and there’s nothing she can do to protect him from conviction. She tells him, take the night and think it over. She’s sorry this is where they are, but she’s his only way out of this mess.

Lulu says, to be honest, she doesn’t remember every specific detail, but she has no doubt Franco is the one who tried to kill her. The only other thing she remembers is how focused she was on her research. Curtis asks what she was researching, and she says something about Ryan’s murders. He asks if she explored that with Doc, and she says, yeah, but it muddled things more for her. Like this conversation. She leaves the kitchen, and Nina and Curtis look at each other.

Spencer asks Lulu if she’s had any word on his grandmother’s arrival. She says Laura must have gotten sidetracked with something important.

Laura says, my God! It can’t be. She knocks on the window. Doc sits up, asking if it’s her. He stumbles to the window, knocking over a chair. They look at each other for a moment, but then Laura falls to the ground. Doc calls to her, telling her to answer him. Ryan stands over her with a syringe. He looks in at Doc, and smiles.

Tomorrow, Lulu has an incredible story to tell, Curtis hopes Sasha is genuine, and Drew wants to know what type of game Shiloh is playing.

Vanderpump Rules

We go back to James’s brother Harry applying for a job at SUR, and Guillermo making James cry. Outside, James apologizes to Harry. He says Harry has a way of keeping calm. James can’t keep calm at work; that’s why he’s in the position he’s in. He’s stopped drinking, and knows it hasn’t been much time, but he’s keeping focused. He’s proud of Harry, and wants to take Harry shopping for new clothes; his treat. They hug.

Jax tells Peter, it’s got to be weird; Lisa firing James, and hiring his brother. Peter says James is learning. He hopes so anyway. He’s DJing for Billie’s party at PUMP. In his interview, Jax wonders if James and Lisa buried a body somewhere. He doesn’t understand why she keeps hiring him back. Jax tells Peter that he’s setting up the bar. He’s like the old Jax. Geez, let’s hope not. Jax means to say he uses the job as a buffer, but says fluffer instead (google it). Peter laughs. We flash back to Jax being an a-hole to various women. He tells Peter, growing up sucks. That it does. He lets Peter know about guys’ night. He tells Peter there will be girls. He lives vicariously now.

Still in Solvang, the girls wander around. In her interview, Stassi says she’s already noticing things about Kristen that are unsettling. We flash back to her eating a flower off of the lawn at the bar. Stassi says, she’s definitely not acting like herself. They go into a weird, little variety store where there’s some really cute stuff. Stassi says she’s been dating Beau eight month, and couldn’t be happier. For the first time, she’s able to trust a boyfriend. She didn’t know it was possible. Lala tells her that Beau brings out a great side in her. Lala asks Scheana how she’s feeling, and Scheana says, weird. She thinks she’s taking what Lala said too much to heart. We flash back to Lala telling her that she’s trying too hard. Scheana says she feels like she should be quiet more. In Lala’s interview, she says she told Scheana that she should be careful about oversharing with Stassi and Katie, but doesn’t want her to be a mute. The girls try some wine. I guess there’s even wine tasting in the stores there. In her interview, Kristen says her friends are a-holes. They think it’s fun to pick on her when they travel. She insists they’re terrorists too. She just doesn’t shove it in their face.

Harrison! Lisa goes to TomTom. She tells one of the workers that the party was amazing, from what she remembers. In her interview, she says now they actually have to open the restaurant. Enough money has gone out. Now they need to bring it back in. She tells the bartender the inspection is on Tuesday. Then they can start cooking. Tom brings in the alcohol freezing machine. She says it doesn’t go with her design, and asks if Ken and Nick know to be ready for this monstrosity. In Tom’s interview, he says he’s confused as to his role. They loved the machine, and he’s not understanding why it doesn’t fit the décor now. No one else is doing anything like this. He asks when the real opening party is going to be, and Lisa is thinking only one hundred people, so they can sit down, look at the menu, and get the whole experience. It’s a whole different ballgame. They’ll be enjoying the space as they would going to dinner there. There will be great music and lighting. In Lisa’s interview, she says it used to be a sex shop, and we flash back to her and Ken checking it out, and Lisa not being able to turn off a novelty vibrator. She says now she can say it’s a sexier than a sex shop. Tom tells her, the girls are out of town, and the guys are doing a staycation. They’re sharing the same hotel. Lisa is skeptical, even though Tom says they’re wearing chastity belts. She says Jax would still shag one of their girlfriends when they were sleeping. They laugh it off, and Schwartz asks, what’s the worst that can happen?

Tiny chairs for sale! Brittany calls Jax from the store, encouraging him to get moving. He says he’s a big boy, but she says she thought he’d at least have been on his way. In her interview, Brittany says she’s not being his mom, but wants to know what’s going on. She has a right, considering what she went through last year. He says, there’s a party coming up at PUMP. James is DJing, and he thinks James got his job back. He’s a cat with nine lives. Kristen hears, and wants to go. Stassi tells her, take a breath. In her interview, Kristen says Lisa keeps giving James chances, but holds sh*t against her that she did five years ago. She’s literally the only person not worthy of a second chance. She’s done. Stassi tells her not to put more energy into it, but Kristen says she’s telling Lisa to suck her d*ck; she’s over it. Stassi tells her, take a breath. Kristen jets, and Brittany wonders where she went.

They go to restaurant, telling the hostess, there’s another one on the way. Lala says Kristen wasn’t happy when they left. In Lala’s interview, she says she’s not about to chase Kristen around. It’s not happening. She put the trip together so they could have a good time. Ariana says Kristen knows what restaurant they’re at. Ariana wonders, why be upset about James doing a party? Stassi has no idea what happened, and Katie says Kristen was incoherent. Kristen comes in. Stassi thinks Kristen should tell them what she’s feeling. Kristen doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but Stassi can’t figure out why James working at PUMP has this effect on her. Kristen says she’s tired of James being given chances, while he treats good people like sh*t. In Kristen’s interview, she says, of all the guys she’s dated, nothing has infuriated her more than James. They should Just understand. We flash back to James being a d-bag to Kristen. Ariana tells her not to let it take over. Enjoy the day. Kristen says Carter texted her the same thing, but her insides are boiling. Katie says it’s poison to her, and Kristen says she can’t help it; she’s been trying for years. Katie says, find a way. It’s not healthy.

SUR is jumping. Harry is working, and Peter shows him what to do with stacking the dishes for takeaway. Lisa comes in. Peter explains he’s been serving drinks because they’re understaffed. Lisa tells Harry that his brother hasn’t set the best example, but Harry says he’s his own person. He’s proved that. Lisa says he started today. He hasn’t proved it yet. In her interview, she says, he’s so reminiscent of James when he first started. It’s eerie. Peter says Harry is still doing better than James did. James was okay as a busser until he started drinking full pitchers of sangria. Lisa asks how he got them, and Peter says, Kristen. Lisa says, there you go.

The guys gather at the hotel, in the outside area of the bar. They haven’t heard much from the girls, but Beau says he saw the private plane video. Tom suggests they take bets on who’s having the first meltdown. Schwartz says, Kristen always does. Jax says he mentioned guys’ night to James. Schwartz says he has a good heart; he just can’t control himself. Tom asks if it’s cool if he gives James a call. Jax wants to be drunker, and says James isn’t spending the night. Tom is glad people are coming around.

Lala tells the girls that it’s an early day tomorrow. They’re heading to the first winery at 9:15. The waitress brings tequila shots. Scheana says she never used to do them, and wonders what was wrong with her. Katie says she heard Scheana and Adam went to bang town. Stassi says they can live vicariously through Scheana having sex. Scheana says they just hang out a lot. In her interview, Stassi says, Scheana is full of sh*t. She’s seen her with Adam on Instagram a dozen times in a month. They’re always going out, and it’s always on social media. Stassi thinks Scheana shouldn’t be evasive, and Brittany admits she told them. Scheana asks, why? It was a secret. She says she wants to be open, get along, and be part of the group. She gets teary, and says it feels like when she shares, they make comments behind her back, like about Rob. In Katie’s interview, she says Scheana’s relationship with Rob was prime to make fun of. We flash back to Scheana saying Rob’s name ten million times. Stassi says no one is trying to hurt her. Scheana says she asked Katie to braid her hair, and got no response. She figured they weren’t at that level, but now she’s asking who Scheana sleeps with. Lala thinks Scheana is genuinely trying. Katie says Scheana said some messed up stuff about her, and she’s trying to get over it. In her interview, Katie says Scheana publicly shamed her marriage, and cut her off as a friend. We flash back to Scheana yelling that Katie and Schwartz’s marriage is fake. Katie wonders why Scheana is so sorry now, when she’d said her life was better without Katie, and the friendship was fake. In Scheana’s interview, she says, they’re getting to the point where she doesn’t think the friendships will ever be half of what they used to be, but she’s not going to stop trying. Katie tells her, give it time. Let them get reacquainted. There’s plenty of other stuff they can talk sh*t about. They laugh, and Stassi says, girls’ night is the best.

Peter arrives. He asks if there’s an agenda. Tom points out that Peter is single, and Peter says he wants boobs in his face tonight. James also joins them. In his interview, he says he was so happy when Tom called. He’s come so far. He hasn’t been drinking, and he’s not having one now. He orders an Arnold Palmer. Tom, Peter, and James go to the bar. Schwartz asks if Tom is wingmanning, but has a hard time putting that word together. He says he’d be rusty picking up girls.

At the bar, the guys meet a group of girls. Tom orders drinks, and gets a Melted Snowman for James. In his interview, Tom explains, the ingredients are the same as in an actual snowman – it’s ice and water – but he wanted James to feel included. It’s an old bartending trick. Peter says he just wants to have a good time. In Tom’s interview, he tells us that a good wingman should be cool, not be a creep, and should build the guy up. Peter is too modest to tell you, but he’s a bonified hero. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Did I mention he has a great relationship with his mother?

Tom suggests the girls come back to his room. Jax didn’t think they were really bringing them back. One of the girls asks if they’re celebrating something, or just having fun. James says it’s his three and a half weeks sober party. Jax tells Beau that he’s not telling them what to do, but this is putting him in a tough situation. Beau says it’s just for Peter to have a good time. Jax tells Beau that he’s sweating, and asks if he’ being a baby. In Beau’s interview, he says, Jax looks like a reformed junkie in a crackhouse. Jax tells Beau that he’s in a good relationship, and he’s trying to be the person Brittany wants him to be. This would be a step back. Peter says they’re going back to Tom’s room.

The room is more like a suite, and absolutely gorgeous. The Toms go, ohm-m-m with their foreheads touching. Jax thinks this is a bad idea. He’s calling Brittany. He doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but knows Brittany would be uncomfortable with him in this situation. Tom says he brought supplies, and he’s making cocktails. In his interview, he says, some people travel with stuffed animals; some people travel with baby bottles, referring to Scheana and Lala, respectively. He travels with a bar kit, so he can always be ready with a good cocktail. James gets music going. Everyone, except James, drinks, and they dance.

The girls play Never Have I Ever. Schwartz says Katie texted she misses him, and he texted back he misses her too. In his interview, Schwartz says guys trips have gotten him into trouble in the past. He nearly ruined his relationship with Katie because of one. There’s one rule that should be glaringly obvious – don’t black out. He’s got this. Carter texts Kristen, telling her that James showed up. She says it makes her sad. She wants to go home, but he tells her, relax. In her interview, Kristen says, James gets his job back, then weasels his way back in with her friends, and now he’s near her boyfriend. It’s the poison icing on the sh*t cake. In Tom’s room, everyone does model walks. James announces the winner of the fashion walk-off, hotel room edition is Schwartz. Peter disappears with one of the girls. Jax tells Beau to come out on the balcony. Beau calls Stassi, but gets voicemail. Tom brings one of the girls out. Schwartz doesn’t know if it’s the old make out slut him, but he thinks these are situations he needs to avoid. It feels dangerous, and he kind of wants to run away.

Jax tells Beau to call Stassi one more time. He gets through, and she’s with Brittany. Jax says they’re still at the party. Peter met some random girls. They came back to the room, and he and Beau wanted to tell them. Brittany asks if he’s saying there are ho’s in the hotel room. Jax says they both feel uncomfortable. Stassi says, it’s guys’ night. Tell them go TF home. She’ll tell them. Beau says he and Jax are bonding over it. In Stassi’s interview, she says that the one who cheated on every girlfriend is the one Beau is bonding with and feels safe with. She feels super comforted. Brittany says the girls aren’t staying. They need to talk to them. Tom sprays champagne all over the place. Stassi says it’s inappropriate. The see the party, which is on the verge of drunken mess, and Stassi says they’re out of their effing minds. Byesies. Jax doesn’t know if he feels better or not.

The girls go to a very casual bar, possibly the hotel lobby. Lala says, at this point, they’re all babysitting Kristen. Trying to get a drunk Kristen to sit in a chair is impossible. They order water, and Kristen wanders outside. Lala is worried, and follows, asking where she’s going. Katie doesn’t know what’s going on. She said, come here, and Kristen was fighting her on it. Lala asks Kristen, what’s wrong? and tells her to come back inside. Ariana suggests she have some water. Kristen tells her, chill. She thanks Katie for being an a-hole. Katie says she’s not making sense. What happened? Things were fine a second ago. Kristen says Carter is telling her what’s going on; stop interrupting. Katie tells her, sit down, and Kristen moves away, falling over a table. Katie says, here we go. She’s a mess. She tells Kristen, go to bed. Kristen says Carter is texting her about the boys, and telling her what to do. Katie gives up; clearly there’s no helping at her at this point. She tells Kristen to go. Kristen leaves, and Lala says, that was trashy.

Katie says Carter is calling the shots about what Kristen is supposed to do. She thinks she should call Schwartz, and find out what happening.

Katie asks where Schwartz is, and he says, the staycation. She asks who’s there? He says the guys, and Peter met some random girls he invited up. She says it’s supposed to be guys, but he promises it’s fine. She tells him, find out what Carter texted Kristen. He says he’s scared; don’t make him do that. Katie sighs, and says, put Carter on the phone. Schwartz calls Carter over, saying the girls are upset with him or something. She says there’s a situation with his girlfriend. She’s being an embarrassment. She fell over a table, and ran out the door. She’s effed up, and she was talking about him texting her crazy sh*t. She wants to know what’s going on. Carter asks Jax, what’s going on? and Katie says she’s asking him what he texted Kristen. Carter says, nothing. In her interview, Katie says she just told him that his girlfriend fell over a table. Can he give a flying about it? She says she can see the texts on Kristen’s phone later, or he can tell her now. She’s good at this. He says he didn’t say anything bad, but Katie says Kristen freaked out, and ran out of the hotel. He says, don’t worry about it. He’ll take care of it. Ariana asks what he means by take care of it? Beau says they’re the good guys. At least he is.

Katie tells Brittany and Stassi what happened. Scheana says if they trust their guys, why are they worried about it. Scheana asks if James was there, and Katie says, yes. Ariana thinks they should stop acting like James has power over everybody. They have no idea what set Kristen on a spiral. Katie thinks Carter isn’t good for her; they’re miserable. Stassi says there are always problems. It’s not about Kristen’s traveling issues. We see clips of Kristen telling the girls about Carter being a bad boyfriend. Katie says, she’s not happy. Stassi says, he doesn’t pay for anything. Carter literally does nothing. She says that wasn’t her place, and now she feels weird. Everybody knows it, but no one says anything. That’s what Kristen is so upset about. It would be different if she was paying for everything, and he was nice to her; or if he’d go to couples therapy, but he doesn’t want to. Stassi thinks any man who refuses to pay rent or anything else is a bad guy. In her interview, Stassi says, Kristen’s anger is misdirected. She doesn’t care about James. He’s a convenient excuse to mask her issues with Carter that she refuses to face.

Next time, Lisa says James has way bigger problems than coming back to SUR, Stassi tells Kristen that Carter doesn’t treat her well, and Lala wants to take a break from Randall.

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LVP news. First, a sad farewell.

Her RHOBH status.

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February 17, 2019 – Alpha Arrives at Hilltop, Extra Dead Tidbits & Lydia


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

An announcement over a loudspeaker says, remain calm follow and instructions. A lot of people run around, getting ready for something. 23 DAYS is written on a wall. A couple with a little girl is in a back room. The woman calls the man Frank, and says they have to wait it out. He says, the world is going to hell, and they’re pretending it’s not. The girl says they can’t go out; they’ll get sick. They have to wait for the doctor to come, and make it better. Frank says, nobody’s coming, and we find out the little girl is Lydia. Her mother says, daddy is just kidding, and sings Lydia, the Tattooed Lady to her. (See below for another version.) Lydia looks at her father.

Lydia tells Henry that she remembers the look in his eyes. She can still see it; how cold it iswas. She wonders why she’s telling Henry. He says, it beats the quiet and being alone. Outside, Daryl listens. Henry says, walking around in dead people’s skins is pretty messed up. Lydia says, thinking Hilltop isn’t going to fall like every other place is messed up. She tells Henry that his dad’s an a-hole, like hers. He says Daryl isn’t his dad. He doesn’t even want to be there. Daryl is only there to do a favor for his mom. She thought his mom died, and Henry says she’s his second mom. She’s tough. Not somebody you want to mess with. He asks what happened to Lydia’s dad.

We see Frank with blood pouring out of his neck. Lydia says. he didn’t survive. Her mom kept her alive and safe. She’s a lot like his mom. You don’t want to mess with her either.

Magna’s group goes through the woods with Tara. They see a cluster of what look like zombies feeding, and Yumiko says maybe dead; maybe not. She tells them to keep their distance. Watch their hands; they could have knives. They’re noticed, and kill the zombies (or not) one by one, using arrows, a pokey stick, and Kelly’s slingshot. When all of the zombies are dead, Magna tells them, find the masked ones. They discover the dinner is Luke and Alden’s horses. Kelly says, maybe they tried to bail? and Tara says, check for tracks. Kelly tells them, Connie says the horses were cut open and skinned with knives; these aren’t just the dead. Magna thinks they should go in different directions, but Tara says, it’s not safe. The walkers aren’t walkers. The girl is a liar. There could be three or three hundred of them. She tells them that they need to stay behind the walls until they make a plan, and they find out what this is. Kelly says, what if they don’t? but Tara says they will. Let’s go.

Henry asks if Lydia wants an egg. He can roll it to her. She says he doesn’t have to take care of her, but he says he’s just being nice. She asks why, and he says when he, his brother, and dad were found, they were pretty messed up too. It took a lot of someone being nice to make okay again. She says, hunger is a gift, and asks if he thinks she’s messed up. He asks how hunger is a gift, but she says if she has to explain, he wouldn’t understand. It will never be okay again. Henry says, says who? and she says, her dad.

Lydia flashes back again. We hear, please stand by, on the loudspeaker. A guy says, it’s been the same message for a day. Are they doing this or what? Frank tells Lydia’s mom (whose real name is unknown as far as I can find) to get their stuff. They’re moving out. She asks what he’s doing, and Frank says, getting the hell out. She tells him, it’s too dangerous. Let them go; they’ll play it safe. He says Lydia is coming, but she says she doesn’t want her child harmed. He tells her to never suggest he doesn’t care about his kid. She says they’re not going, and he calls her a bitch. Lydia asks if Halloween is coming up. She found a costume. She holds up a sheet, saying she can be a ghost. Frank says, every day is Halloween. How can he see all these freaks, and still be hopeful? He starts to shave off his beard, telling Lydia’s mother that she’s the one who liked it; he can’t stand it, and he’s doing what he wants now. Lydia and her mom play checkers. Her mother says, checkmate, and Lydia says, that’s chess. She tells Henry, He… she always said that. He says her mom sounds nice. Lydia says, yeah, but it’s not real convincing. Henry says his second mom found him. Ezekiel is his second dad; they’re leaders from another community. That’s where he’s from. She asks if it’s far, and what it’s called. He says it’s called The Kingdom. It’s about a day’s ride. Daryl busts in.

Daryl tells Henry that he’s getting out, and unlocks the door. Outside, he asks Henry what the hell is wrong with him, telling her about The Kingdom? It’s where Henry is from, and he has family there. Henry says, he was listening? Daryl says they’ve been switching off, and Henry says they were using him. Daryl says, it was working too. Henry says Lydia is a good person, but got messed up out there. She’s right about Daryl; he’s an a-hole. If he wants answers, he can get them himself. The cheese Lydia sits alone.

Lydia hears Daryl come in, and sits up. He sits outside her cell. She thought he came to kill her. He says he brought her something for her ear. She keeps pulling on it like it hurts. She says, no, and he says he doesn’t give a sh*t. Two of their people went missing. Their horses were half-skinned and half-eaten. Does she know anything about that? She says, how could she? She’s been there. He asks if her mom kills the people she crosses, and Lydia says she does what she has to do.

In Lydia’s flashback, a man says they’re running out of food, and haven’t seen daylight in weeks. Her mom tells him, shut up. The guy starts going stir crazy, banging on the boarded up window, calling for help, and Lydia’s mom knocks him down. She gets in his face, leaning on his throat, and tells him, shut up. He’s pathetic, and there’s no room for him there. Shut his mouth. Does he hear her? Not anymore. He’s dead. Beardless Frank holds Lydia, and sings to her softly

Lydia tells Daryl that he used to sing that to her when she was scared. She was scared a lot back then. Daryl asks how old was she? and she says, five, six st most; who knows? Daryl says her mom did what she had to. Lydia looks troubled. He throws the pill bottle into the cell. He says, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a lot of good people there. They’ll help her if she helps them. She asks for some water. He scoops some up with a ladle, and holds the bottom of it through the bars. She asks if he thinks she’ll hit him with it. She tries attacking him, but he grabs her arm. He sees bruises all over it. She spits at him.

Back at Hilltop, Yumiko tells Magna, they should go back out. They’ve been gone too long. They could be hurt. Magna says she almost screwed up for them in Alexandria. They got a second chance. If they go against Tara, they could lose everything. Kelly says Luke would want them to be together. There’s a way they can sneak out; she saw the kids do it. Yumiko says, it’s Luke. Minute by minute, day by day; they’re ride or die. They have to do it, even if costs all this. She asks who’s in, and everyone raises their hands. Yumiko says they meet tonight..

Daryl messes with a branch, telling Lydia that some dads beat the sh*t out of their kids with a stick or a belt, but these a-holes ain’t picky. They use what’s laying around. A good switch from a birch tree ought to work. Her dad sounds like one of those dads, except the part when he sang to her when she was scared. Those dads like it when you’re scared. The thing is, it was the only part of her story that didn’t sound like bullsh*t. He saw the bruises on her arm; they’re from a beating. If her dad is dead, who gave them to her? She says, her mom. Daryl asks where she is, and Lydia says he should be glad he doesn’t know. He asks, where’s her camp? Why is Lydia protecting her? She’s safer there. She says, this place isn’t real. Things won’t change, and they’re all acing like it will. Her mom walks because that’s what the dead do. It’s their world, and we have to live in it. What her mom does, she does for a reason. She beats Lydia because she loves her. Daryl says, bullsh*t, and Lydia says, when you stay soft, people die.

This time, in Lydia’s flashback, her mom sits in a chair, her head shaved. Someone in the background says they should wait until morning; it will be safer. Everyone agrees. Frank – again with a beard – tells Lydia, it’s okay. Her mom and dad are there. She doesn’t have to worry. Everything will be all right in the morning. When everyone is sleeping, Lydia gets out of bed, and sneaks over to the corpse of the guy her mother killed. His body is under a blanket. She uncovers his face, then covers it again. She starts to leave, and his hand moves. He sits up. She turns around, sees him, and screams. Frank grabs her, and the zombie bites Frank’s throat out. Her mother picks her up.

Daryl says it wasn’t her fault. Lydia says she was stupid. She deserved to die. Her dad was soft, now he’s dead. Daryl asks what he was supposed to do? Watch his little girl get bit? She says, if you can’t bend, you break. He broke. Daryl says they’re making it better. They’re building it back up. Changing it back. She says he doesn’t belong with these people. Maybe used to, but not anymore. He’s hard; they’re soft.  He says she doesn’t know sh*t about him. He starts to leave, and she says she told him about what happened to her, tell her what happened to him, but he walks out.

Magna’s group sneaks out. At the fence, Yumiko watches for the guard. They hide inside a cart with wood piled on it.

Henry says Daryl could have asked him to help. Daryl keeps walking, and Henry asks where he’s going. Daryl says, this is a waste of time. She’s Tara’s problem. Henry asks, what’s going to happen to her? Did someone beat Daryl too? He once heard his dad ask his mom why her hair was so short. She said her first husband grabbed it when she tried to get away from him, and slammed her against the wall. One day, she cut it off, so he couldn’t. He guesses it took this long for her to feel safe again. Sometimes Daryl acts like the type of guy who slams people against walls, but Henry doesn’t think that’s it. Daryl says Henry shouldn’t listen to people talk. Henry says, just because her people bad, doesn’t mean she is. She’s just scared. Daryl can show her there’s nothing to be afraid of. Daryl says, no, not just him. Henry can do that.

In the woods, Yumiko doesn’t think the tracks they’re seeing are the same, but Kelly disagrees. She says the dead don’t do that. Yumiko says Kelly is thinking about Coalport, but if they hadn’t left, they’d be dead like the others. Kelly says they didn’t have a choice. Yumiko says, they did. Their choice was not to die. A zombie pops out of the trees behind Kelly, who stabs it in the head. They see more coming, and Yuniko says, it’s too dark and dangerous to be looking for Luke. Kelly says they can’t give up. They love Luke. Yumiko says they need to go back, and Magna says, she’s right. Connie says they’ll come back when they have a plan – all of them. Kelly says when they got separated Luke is the one who found her. She starts to cry, and Connie hugs her. She tells the others to go back. She’ll stay with her sister. They reluctantly leave. Something tells me this is a bad, bad idea.

Henry visits Lydia. He tells her it’s just him. She asks if Daryl sent him, but he says Daryl doesn’t know he’s there. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk to her. He likes her, and thinks she’s a good person. He wants to show her a good place with good people. He unlocks the door, and she asks if he’s letting her out. He says, for a bit. Be quiet, and stay out of sight. Cool? She says, cool.

He helps her out of the root cellar. They duck back when someone comes by, but trip and fall. Lydia digs in the dirt, and eats something. She digs again, and shows Henry a worm. She holds one out to Henry. At first, it’s a no, but then he takes it and swallows it. He says he just ate a worm. She smiles, and says he did. He helps her up, and they walk around. He shows her the doctor’s office, saying, Enid is a good doctor. She’s surprised they have a doctor, and he says, you name it, they’ve got it. She feels around on a carpentry table behind her and fingers a hammer. She asks how long they’ve been there, and he says six years, but it’s only going to keep growing. She says places like this aren’t supposed to exist. Her mom told her they couldn’t. That’s why… A baby starts to cry. She puts the hammer down, and grips her head. She flashes back to being with her parents, but this time, the narrative is different. Her mother kills the guy, and shaves her head, saying, they’re going to do what she wants now. She holds a knife to Lydia’s throat, says, this is how they live now, and puts a skin on Lydia’s head. Lydia tells Henry to put her back in her cell. He’s puzzled, but says, okay.

As Henry locks her in, he says he’s sorry, and starts to leave. She asks him to wait. She asks if he could stay with her tonight. Please. He lies down in front of her cell, and they hold hands through the bars.

Daryl comes down in the morning. Henry says, she didn’t want to be alone. He asks if her ear still hurts, and Lydia says, everything hurts. She still has the pills, and he gets water for her, putting the ladle in between the bars. This time, she drinks. She says her mom isn’t coming for her; none of them are. When someone dies, or gets taken, they move on, like they never existed. That’s how it’s always been. Unless they have no choice, they don’t come into contact with big groups. That’s why she asked about the communities. So she’d have something to give them. Otherwise, they have no reason to take her back. Henry says, Lydia is her daughter. Doesn’t it matter? Daryl says they’re missing people. Lydia says if her mother came across them, she can’t think of a reason she’d keep them alive. She’s sorry. He asks if they have a camp somewhere, and she says under a bridge, maybe a mile east, but they don’t stay in one place long. Henry asks if any of her story is true. She says she thought all of it was. She needed it to be, but had it mixed up. It was a lie, but she wasn’t lying. Her mom told her over and over for years. Deep down, she knew what her mother was, and knew what she did.

Back in Lydia’s past the dead guy has become a zombie, and tears a different guy’s throat out. It’s pandemonium with everyone running around. Her mother starts prying off window boards, and says they’ve got to get out. Frank says, those are our friends. She says, they’re panicking. The three of them are getting out of there. He says she can do what she wants, but Lydia stays with him. Lydia’s mom says, the hell she does. He tells Lydia, it’s okay, and to wait there. They’ll come back. Lydia says, don’t go, but he jumps into the fray. Her mother follows, but slams Frank up against a wall. Lydia tells Daryl and Henry that she was scared. Her mom was there with that cold look in her eye. Then she got her knife. Lydia starts to cry, and Daryl says, it’s okay. They’ve heard enough. She’s sorry she can’t help them. She’s sorry she wasted his time. He says she didn’t.

Magna and Yumiko go back to Hilltop. They see Tara up on the fence, and Yumiko says she’ll talk to her.

Henry asks Daryl why would Lydia’s mom do that to her kid? Lydia thinks it’s her fault her dad died.  Daryl says, some people are not meant be parents. Henry asks, what happens now? Can she stay with them? Daryl says, we’ll see. He’s going to get her fresh clothes, and talk to Tara and see about that camp. Henry says he’s glad Daryl and his mom are friends.

Yumiko joins Tara, who asks what they found. Yumiko says, nothing. It was wrong of them to leave. She wishes they’d realized it sooner. She should have. She sees two guards bringing Kelly back, along with Connie walking parallel on another path. Tara says the guards saw them sneak out, and they weren’t taking any chances. She gets why they did it, but next time they want to challenge one of her decisions, talk to her. She doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing there, but she doesn’t want any more people to die, including them.

Yumiko looks through the binoculars, and sees a group of Whisperers coming toward Hilltop. They’re perilously close to Connie. Kelly sees, and tries to run to her, but the guards hold her back. Connie signals for her to stay, and runs into a cornfield, which is probably another bad, bad idea. Tara looks out, and freaks. She yells for Daryl.

Here they come. Lydia’s mom pushes her way to the front. Daryl watches, along with Tara, Yumiko, and Magna. The Whisperers stand at the gate. Lydia’s mom says, she’s Alpha. She only wants one thing from them. Her daughter.

Next time, the Whisperers have captured Luje and Aldon. Daryl tells Alpha that she can’t have her daughter, and Alpha says, wrong answer.

ℹ Some useless trivia I got from Talking Dead. Yip Harburg who wrote Lydia, the Tattooed Lady, also wrote all the songs for The Wizard of Oz. And to turn that into six degrees of Walking Dead, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was being read to Judith in an earlier episode. Another tidbit was that the set for Lydia’s past memories was also The Sanctuary set, since it wasn’t in use at the time.

🐥 Say the Magic Word & the Duck Comes Down…

And how an elephant got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.