February 12, 2019 – Laura Confronts Franco, Justin Gets a Delivery, Date for Loving, RK Movie, Sad News Abounds in Beverly Hills, NYC’s Return & Staying Up


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General Hospital


Drew tells Jordan that Franco didn’t do it.

Cameron has obviously been in a fight. Elizabeth asks what happened, and he says her boyfriend was arrested for attacking Lulu and killing people. Everyone knows.

Peter and Maxie arrive at the MetroCourt, and see the sign for their Valentine’s Day dinner. Peter says, Valentine’s Day is around corner. Maxie says no one does it better than the MetroCourt. They have the most romantic menu. Nina is sitting with Valentin and Sasha, and calls Maxie over. Peter is chilly toward Valentin, and Nina suggests they ignore whatever’s going on between those two. She says she’s about to share some amazing news. Sasha tells her not to keep them in suspense. Nina says she and Valentin are getting married again.

Sonny opens the door to Spencer. He says the guardhouse said there was an intruder on the premises, and Spencer says a hale and hardy hello to him too. He’s carrying a large heart-shaped box, and Sonny wonders if it’s for him. Spencer thought his presence would be enough to brighten Sonny’s existence. Sonny says it is, and Spencer tells him that he’s going to rescue Valentine’s Day for his grandmother, and especially Aunt Lulu.

Franco plays ball with rolled up sweatshirt in his cell. Laura comes in, and he says he knows what the police are saying, but he didn’t do it. Laura says her daughter says otherwise, and so do the police.

Maxie congratulates Nina and Valentin. Valentin says Nina has made him a happy man. Maxie says marriage is hard work, and no one has worked harder. She tells Nina it’s a real surprise. She thought Nina was… Nina says, she was. She was happy with how things were; now she’s happy with what things are. Peter asks what changed her mind, Nina says Sasha was a big part. Sasha asks what she did, and Nina says Sasha reminded her that time is precious, and you can’t get it back. She and Sasha have been granted more time, and it’s what wants with Valentin. Everyone knows they love each other. Maxie says she read the ads in Crimson – all seven of them. She wants to be a family with Valentin. Maxie says Nina’s happiness is all she wants for her. Valentin wants to keep her that way. All of his transgressions are out in the open. He can’t right the wrongs, but he can spend his life trying. Peter trusts he’ll handle Nina with the utmost care. Maxie says, or else, and they all laugh. Valentin thinks champagne is in order. Peter says he and Maxie have things to discuss, and they sit at another table. Valentin goes to order the champagne, and Nina tells Sasha that she’s trying to get used to Maxie and Peter being a semi-couple, and be happy for them. She hopes she was convincing, and Sasha says, very. Maxie’s happiness is the most important thing, and she’s happy with Peter. She’ll guesses she’ll get used to it. Sasha says her intention was never to convince Nina to marry Valentin. In fact, she strongly suggests Nina reconsider.

Franco tells Laura that he didn’t kill those people, and he didn’t lay a finger on Lulu; he swears. Laura asks if that’s supposed to mean something to her. He says he didn’t do it, and she says, cross his heart? He knows what she wants, but he can’t express guilt and remorse for murders he didn’t commit. She says because the tumor was taken out and he’s a changed man. Convenient. He tells her to talk to Elizabeth. She believes him; trust her. Laura says she does trust Elizabeth. In all matters except this one. Elizabeth has the incredible misfortune of believing she loves him. Her judgement is compromised. He says Elizabeth is the one person who sees him. The only other person who ever did was Kiki. Laura is sure Kiki got a glimpse of the real him when he plunged the knife in her lungs. She asks if he watched while her life drained out. He says he’s not an innocent man, but he’s innocent of this. She says society made a mistake, giving someone like him a second chance. She’s going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s calling the school. He says he didn’t get in a fight because of Franco. He got in a fight because his mom is engaged to a serial killer. She says she hopes Cameron told them that Franco isn’t, but Cameron says, he only used to be. Elizabeth asks if he was taught that people are innocent until proven guilty. He says it’s school, not a courtroom. They have all the evidence they need. She says, including the teachers? She’s going to have a chat with them tomorrow. Cameron says she let Franco live there, despite his past, which is famous, but she says he’s not that person anymore. He says, no one believes that except her.

Jordan tells Drew that the killings are reminiscent of Franco’s pattern, Lulu remembers him, and that’s not the only evidence she has. If Drew has proof, hand it over. Otherwise they’re done. He tells her that Jim Harvey tried kill Franco. He was strangling Franco, but still, Franco couldn’t bring himself to take Jim’s life, even if it meant saving his own. Drew had to pull the trigger.

Sonny is happy to see Spencer, but wants him to be upfront and honest. Spencer says he has been so far. Sonny asks why not go to Laura first. Spencer says, after she became mayor, she was busy with official duties, then Lulu was attacked. Sonny is a humble coffee importer. How is he going to wreak justice – coffeewise? Sonny says don’t make him ask a second time. Spencer says he needs intel on hi grandmother. He needs to know what he’s walking into. Sonny says, so far, he and his sources haven’t heard anything about Valentin revealing Spencer’s secret. He asks to stay the night, and Sonny says as long as his grandmother won’t mind. He’s sure she’s going to love the chocolate. Spencer says it’s the least he can do, after what Doc put her through. Sonny wants him to come clean first. Spencer says it will take away her joy. She called him a scourge. Sonny is like, what? and Spencer tells him, she said whoever tampered with the election was a scourge, so since it’s him… Sonny says he has to unscourge himself. Surprise his grandmother, and tell her the truth.

Sasha says all she talked about was why Nina shouldn’t marry Valentin, and Nina agreed with her. Nina says she felt that way at the time. Sasha asks, what changed? and Nina says, his past mistakes don’t matter more than the man he is now. He makes her happy, when she lets him, and she wants to let him. Sasha asks if they’ve set a date, and Nina says, no, but she wants to set one as soon as possible. She’d be the happiest mom alive if Sasha would agree to be her maid of honor. Obrecht approaches the table, and says she must be Sasha. She can see the resemblance to Nina; she could be her Britta’s sister. Nina introduces her Aunt Liesl, and Sasha says she’s heard so much about her. Obrecht says she hasn’t heard nearly enough about Sasha. Tell her everything. Peter tells Maxie, it just got more interesting. Maxie takes out her compact, and uses the mirror to watch them. Obrecht wants to hear everything about Sasha. Where has she been all these years?

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s sorry for what happened to him, but she’s not apologizing for loving Franco or bringing him into their lives. The person who did this needs to apologize, and the school for allowing it to happen. He says the police have evidence, but Elizabeth says she doesn’t. Cameron says that’s because it would hurt her too much to face the fact Franco has been lying the whole time, or his tumor came back, or she’s crazy. She says Franco is innocent. It will be over soon, but in the meantime… He says he doesn’t care about idiots talking trash, but Aiden and Jake are still little. How are they going to handle things the kids are saying about Franco, and the things they’re saying about her?

Drew says it’s not his place to tell Jordan what happened between Jim and Franco. She says she read the files; it’s all there. He says then she knows what Jim did when Franco was a boy. If it had been TJ, what would she want to do? She says she hopes someone would intervene, but he says, off the record. If TJ was violated, what would she want to happen? She says, off the record, she’d want to kill the son of a bitch. Drew says, him too, but Franco couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill the man who molested him, so how could he kill people he didn’t know, and someone he loved so much. She says, maybe he relapsed, and Drew asks if she thinks that’s possible. She says it’s not outside the realm of possibilities. Drew says, if she can’t trust him, at least take a better look at the pieces. They’ve got the wrong guy. Drew leaves. He sees Curtis in the hallway, and says, all yours. Curtis says, for what it’s worth, he’s sorry about Franco. He knows Drew had hoped Franco turned things around. Drew says he guesses he wasn’t sure Franco had – until now.  

Curtis goes into Jordan’s office. She’s studying Franco’s file, and he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s just thinking. He says he talked to Drew in the hallway, and he believes Franco is innocent. What does she think?

Franco says, for the sake of argument, say she’s right; he’s a monster. Why? why now? He has everything he ever wanted; Elizabeth and a family. It’s his job to take care of his family. Laura says it’s a perfect cover for him to sneak out and kill again. He says he wouldn’t use them like that. She says he would strap a bomb to her daughter’s body. Franco says he did something horrible. Whether he was in control or not isn’t the question; did he do it? Laura says, he did. He says, exactly. It has to be a vividly awful memory for Lulu, and not remembering who attacked her in her office. Laura says she remembered the attack. He says it wasn’t him, but it’s entirely possible that perhaps she was seeing him to fill in the blank. Laura thinks it’s more possible that Lulu was seeing his face because he stabbed her. Franco says, Lulu is wrong. He’s sorry she got hurt, but she’s wrong. It wasn’t him.

Obrecht says, champagne, and not just any champagne, the best. She’s touched. Valentin says that’s one word for her. She says they’re one flute short. Valentin says it’s a family celebration. She says Nina is her family, and Sasha.

Maxie tells Peter that Obrecht just swiped a champagne glass for herself, and Valentin didn’t stop her. Peter says, it’s not right.

Sasha laughs at Valentin and Obrecht’s banter, saying it’s almost like they don’t like each other. Obrecht says she has beautiful perception and a subtle bite. Who else could she be but Nina’s daughter. She can’t tell Sasha how much she’s looking forward to getting acquainted.

Elizabeth sits with the boys in the living room. She says people are saying scary things about Franco. Cameron tells them, they should see the other guy. Elizabeth knows they have questions. They can ask her anything, and she’ll answer the best she can. Aiden asks if Franco hurt the lady in the apple barrel, and Jake asks why he hurt Aunt Lulu? She says Franco doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Jake asks if it was an accident, but Elizabeth says, no; he didn’t do it. Aiden asks if grandma is a liar, and Jake wonders why Franco is in jail. The doorbell rings. It’s Drew, who thought he’d check on her and the boys. She says his timing couldn’t be more perfect. Aiden tells Drew, Franco was arrested, but mom says he didn’t do it. Grandma says he did. Does Drew know who’s right?

Drew says, people make mistakes. Their grandma is making one. and the police are making one. Franco didn’t hurt anyone. He loves them, He has hurt people before, but there’s no way their mom would let him live there if she didn’t trust they’d be safe. Cameron says, if he’s such a great guy, why was he arrested? Drew says Lulu remembered Franco did something bad, but she remembered wrong. Aiden asks if she’s lying, but Drew says, no; she’s making a mistake. He doesn’t know why. Elizabeth says there could be a lot of reasons they don’t know, and the police have to confirm or rule them out. Cameron asks, what are the odds of them ruling him out? Drew says he spoke to the commissioner. He explained that Franco is a good man, and the evidence is misleading at best. They have the wrong guy. Elizabeth asks if they have any other questions. Jake asks if Drew can visit more often. Elizabeth tells them it’s time for bed. Jake asks if Drew can come upstairs with them. Elizabeth tells Cameron to wait. She’ll get some ice.

Jordan tells Curtis that Drew was asking the same questions that have been in her head. He says, any answers? and she says something is off. Curtis says, definitely. He’s there to talk it through. She says the victims weren’t random; they each have a special connection. Curtis says, Franco crossed paths with each of them, but there was no acrimony with anyone. No one had anything good to say about Mary Pat, but no one recalled her clashing with Franco. Peyton wanted to set up a meeting. She says, maybe he had something on Franco, but Curtis says, according to Franco, they never even met. Then there’s Kiki. Franco says he loved her like a daughter. Jordan says he believed she was. It was ages ago, but everyone confirmed they had a bond. Curtis asks, what about Lulu. They had a history of violence. Jordan says that was a decade ago. He went from town crier to a respected member of the medical community. He worked hard to become worthy of Elizabeth. He had a lot to lose. What threat would they pose? These aren’t run of mill killings; they were done with skilled precision. Curtis says it was someone not new at murder. Jordan says, Franco is the obvious suspect, and Curtis says, too obvious.

Spencer is beyond shocked that Sonny wants him to tell his grandmother the truth. Her marriage is over, Lulu was brutally attacked, and the only brightness in her day is her being mayor – and him. Sonny asks if Spencer doesn’t think he owes her the truth. Spencer thinks the kindest thing is if she never knows the trick he played. Sonny tells him, it’s 100% true that it’s not about the crime. It’s always about the cover-up. Spencer asks if he’s sure that’s an accurate statistic. Sonny asks what’s bugging Spencer more; that he did it or that Valentin knows. Spencer gets it, and Sonny asks who Laura hates most. Spencer says, Valentin, and Sonny asks if he thinks she’d be happy that Valentin has power over him. Spencer says, of course not. Sonny wants to give him some more advice. Never let your enemies hold secrets over you.

Obrecht says, before they toast, she wants to say she’s moved. She’s surprised with them gathering in celebration of her new advice column for The Invader. Nina says she’s working for Peter? Maxie closes the mirror. Valentin says that’s not what the celebration is about. Nina asks why they didn’t know, and Valentin says he did. He says the press release was truly spectacular. Nina says her family isn’t short on self-confidence.

Maxie doesn’t like it one bit. Peter says, Valentin can take care of himself. Maxie says she’s worried about Nina. She’s sitting with two pathological liars. Peter tells her that Valentin would never purposely hurt Nina, but Maxie says if he and Obrecht go up against each other. Nina could get caught in the crossfire.

Obrecht says if they’re not celebrating her prosperous new career, to what do they owe this special vintage. Nina says she accepted Valentin’s marriage proposal. Obrecht says Nina has a generous heart. Nina says he puts her happiness before his. Because of Valentin, she has two incredible daughters.

Peter asks if Maxie thinks they’ll hurt each other. Maxie knows Obrecht is a lunatic, but she cares about her. What she’s done doesn’t hold a candle to Valentin’s ruthlessness. There are things they’ve never even seen. Peter says he has to tell her something. She asks where it is on a scale of one to he’s secretly her husband’s brother? He says when he didn’t press charges against Obrecht, he said it was because she’s part of Maxie’s family. He meant it, but it was also partly because Valentin asked him. Valentin also suggested he give Obrecht a job. She asks why he didn’t tell her. He says it goes along with what she was saying about Valentin. She asks if he thinks Valentin has a secret he doesn’t want Nina to know, and Obrecht is in on it. He says, that seems to be the case. She’s blackmailing him, but with what?

Drew asks Cameron if the guys at school are giving him a hard time about Franco. Cameron says he could say that. He thanks Drew. He knows Drew’s visit meant a lot to Jake and Aiden. Drew knows Cameron is a stand-up guy by the way he takes care of his brothers, and the kind of friend he is to Oscar. He knows how hard it is to take a side when everyone tells you you’re wrong. Sometimes small-minded people pick fights over it, but it’s not his fault. Elizabeth says Cameron also defended her, but he doesn’t have to. Cameron says he does. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about Franco, but he doesn’t want them to think they can say stuff about her. He goes upstairs.

Curtis tells Jordan there’s something else that doesn’t fit. Even if Franco was inspired by the attention that Ryan Chamberlain got on the anniversary of the murders, there’s no way he could have known about Ryan keeping the driver’s licenses as souvenirs. It was never made public. Jordan says there were no fingerprints on them; not even the victims’. She says, he could have wiped them down, but Curtis says, why, if he was keeping them as souvenirs? And why keep them where they can be found? Franco might be a lot of things, but he’s no idiot. Jordan says, if the licenses were planted, then Franco was framed, and the real killer is out there, waiting to strike.

Laura tells Franco that Doc thought he’d helped him. Franco says Doc did. Laura says Doc thought he became a changed man, worthy of Elizabeth’s love. Franco believes he is, but Laura says even excellent psychiatrists make mistakes. It must have hurt Doc to find out Franco deceived him. She read the truth. They have Doc’s notes of their sessions. It’s all there in black and white. He is a monster.

Sonny tells Spencer that he can’t spend all his time looking over his shoulder. He has to man up, and face the consequences head on. Spencer says, consequences are one thing; his grandmother is another.

Franco tells Laura that he has no idea how that twisted garbage found its way into Doc’s files. He’s not that person. If Doc said otherwise, then Doc isn’t the man Franco thought he was. Laura considers this.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s going back to the hospital. If the killer is still out there, Lulu is in real danger. Jordan doesn’t think they’d risk taking suspicion away from Franco by hurting Lulu. Curtis says, if she thinks it’s a set-up, is she going to drop the charges. Jordan says, no. She’s going to throw the book at him.

Elizabeth thanks Drew. The boys needed hear from someone who believes in Franco who’s not her. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she’ll get though it. She’s glad Franco has Drew in his corner. Drew says he’ll do what he can. If Elizabeth needs anything, let him know. She sees the wedding flyer, and says, there is something.

Obrecht toasts to Nina and Valentin. May they have a life free from strife and comeuppances, and filled with joy. May they all get what they most desire.

Peter tells Maxie, blackmail requires leverage. There’s only one thing Valentin fears – losing Nina. Maxie says the one thing Nina has wanted is a child to replace the one she lost. Peter says, and she suddenly appears alive and well. Maxie says, and they’re engaged again. Whatever Obrecht has on Valentin, it has something to do with Sasha.

Tomorrow, Kristina asks Alexis to give DOD another try, Jason has questions for Shiloh, and Willow says Brad knows who she is.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Hanna tells Mitch to repeat himself. Jim had Benny stabbed? Bennie nods, and she asks Mitch if that’s true. Benny says, tell her, and Mitch says, yeah. She asks how he knows. He doesn’t want to get into it, but she tells him, shut up and tell her. He says his family is really connected, and Benny says he’s telling the truth. She asks if Jim was threatening Benny in jail, and says, she’s got him. Benny asks what she’s going to do, but she walks out. Mitch is sorry. Benny tells him to stop her, but Mitch wonders how he’s supposed to do that. Benny says they’re going to the Cryer’s. Mitch helps him up.

On the phone, David tells someone that he needs something handled. A police officer is harassing his son; Justin Lewis. He wants a clear message not to go near his son again. He listens, and says he likes it, and would like it immediately. He thanks them. Madison tells Jeffrey that his dad wants to see him. Jeffrey asks if Madison told him. Madison says David just wants to see him; just talk to him. Jeffrey asks if Madison thinks he knows his dad. He doesn’t. Jeffrey asks if Madison is doing this in the hopes David will help Madison be with him. Madison says Jeffrey’s dad is a nice guy, and is going to help him. David calls down. Jeffrey says he’s done talking to Madison about this, and goes upstairs.

Jeffrey asks if David slept well, but Davis says he should be asking Jeffrey. He asks if something happened last night. Jeffrey has covered this up for too long. He asks if that boy pointed a laser at him, and Jeffrey says, yes, but he talked to him. It was just a laser pointer. David says Justin is sending a message he doesn’t like and won’t tolerate. Jeffrey asks how he knew about Justin coming there, and David says there are cameras all over. Did Jeffrey ask him to come? Jeffrey says, no, but he’s harmless. David is going to make sure. The behavior isn’t acceptable. Jeffrey asks what he’s going to do, and David says, make sure Justin understands the cost of harassing his son. He needs to be alone – now. Jeffrey leaves. David says, Lord help him.

Madison tells Jeffrey, sorry. He hopes whatever David did, it keeps Jeffrey safe. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know. He says Madison gets one strike. Madison says he was trying to help Jeffrey, but Jeffrey says he has two more left.

At the Artisian bar, Rocky complains that RK is always late. RK says that crazy broad tried to burn him. Rocky wonders why she didn’t. RK sees Justin, and Rocky asks if he’s a john. RK says, no; a cop. Rocky says he’s going on a break. Good luck. RK goes to Justin’s table and asks how he can help him. Justin says he needs a drink. He wants RK to bring it to his room, but RK says he can get room service. Justin wants him to do it, but RK says, not going to happen. Justin says, it’s happening. Does RK want him to tell everyone what RK does and who he is? RK tells him, go ahead. Justin says maybe he’ll have a chat with the manager, and RK repeats, go ahead. Justin says, why doesn’t RK make it easier? Find a room, give him the number, and meet him there. RK asks why the hell he’d do that, and Justin says because he said so. RK tells him, go to hell. He’s not letting Justin do that to him again. Justin acts ignorant, and RK says he knows what he did at the police station. Justin says, he got out, didn’t he? RK says, after Justin got off. Justin thinks it’s a fair trade. Get the room. RK suggests Justin get the hell out of there. Justin says he’s talking to the manager on the way out.

Justin goes over to Roderick. He says he’s a police officer, and RK has a rap sheet longer than his arm. Roderick says, that so? He didn’t know that. Justin says, now he does. Be more careful who he hires. Roderick says he’s right, and asks to see RK in the back. Justin sits back down.

Roderick asks RK, what the hell is with the cop? RK says Justin felt him up when he arrested him, and he wants him to go to a room. Roderick asks, what’s the problem? and RK says he doesn’t swing that way. Roderick says he can’t have heat on the operation. RK’s got to get rid of him. RK says he’ll tell Justin that he’s fired. Roderick says, okay, and tells RK to pack his things. RK asks if Roderick is really firing him. Forget it; he quits. Having quick second thoughts, RK says he needs the money. Roderick says, then go make nice.

RK goes back to Justin’s table. Justin says, look who still works here, and RK says, not for long. Justin says RK should have gone with him, but RK says he’ll never go anywhere with Justin. Veronica sits with Justin, and asks, what this girl talking about? She asks RK for coffee, and says, hello, officer. Justin is silent, and just stares at her. She asks, does he like? No? He wouldn’t know how to like this. RK brings her coffee, and she says he’s not pouring it. He says, hell no, and she says she burned his arm one time, and he acts like a little bitch. Like the one in front of her. RK tells her to pour it herself. Justin starts get up, and she says, uh-uh.  Sit. Let’s chat. How is he? He says, better than her. He doesn’t have to deal with an FBI investigation. She says, he’s trying to come for her. She saw his wife the other day in court. She was sad, holding her head down. Veronica told her, don’t be sad, and don’t hold your head down. She’s not the first one duped by a flaming homo, and won’t be the last. She started to cry. She’s a delicate little thing. Justin says he’s on suspension. He has nothing to lose. She says she heard he’s about to be brought up on charges. Sexual assault again Wyatt while he was in jail. RK is back, and asks if that’s why Justin arrested him. Justin had his hands all over him in the back of his car. Veronica asks if this is how Jeffrey got arrested. Did he feel Jeffrey up too? This is his M.O. She bets there’s more to it. If the station did some digging, they’ll find out it’s serial. She asks RK if he’s wiling to testify. RK says, damn right. She says, the DA is going to love this. Justin gets up. She tells him, walk, Miss Honey. Walk, bitch. RK laughs. She asks if Justin really did that to him, and he says, yeah. She says, okay. Thank you for that. One down, one to go. She pours her coffee and smiles, saying, he learns fast.

She asks where RK is going, and he says, far away from her. The last time he sw her, she assaulted him with grits. She says it was a gesture of love. He says she’s crazy. She says, they say she is when she’s drinking. He says she’s a different person when she drinks. She says she’s Veronica – and several other people. He doesn’t like it; he’s not coming back. She says that’s not why she’s there. She’s brought undercover officers there to arrest him for stealing her jewelry. He says he didn’t take anything. She asks if he thinks she’d let his hood ass run around her place without cameras on. Is he telling her the video is lying? Tell the damn truth. He says he took them, and she says she knew that. Where are they? He tells her that he pawned them. She says he better get his ass over there and get her things, or he’s going with the officers.

Roderick sees Kathryn. She says she’s checking on her hotel. Shall they look at rooms? She asks where the young man is who works at the bar. Roderick says he just left, and she says Roderick can catch him before he leaves. RK needs to talk to Roderick, but Roderick says, not right now, and tells him, get back to work. Kathryn sees Veronica, and wonders what the hell she’s doing there.

Kathryn says hello to Veronica, and they make phony small talk. She asks what Veronica is doing there, and Veronica says, having coffee. Her? Kathryn says she owns the place. She doesn’t need a reason to be there. Veronica says from what she saw, Kathryn is there for that young man. Their body language wasn’t boss and employee, but cougar and kid. (Shouldn’t that be cub?) She says like when a woman is lying on the floor, you know she’s dead. Kathryn says, the FBI is on to what happened to David; it’s out of local jurisdiction. Veronica says, let’s hope they get their man. Kathryn hopes it’s not a woman. Veronica says, only a diva with an ax to grind would be so bold. It’s nice to see Kathryn, but she has to go. She has a team of lawyers protecting her secrets. Kathryn says, very smart. Veronica says she is. She tells Kathryn, take care, and leaves.

Rocky and Roderick approach Kathryn’s table. She starts to leave with them. A man tells them, step back. Kathryn says it’s her hotel, but the guy says it’s the President Elect. Charles goes by with the Secret Service. She asks Roderick why she didn’t know he was here, and Roderick says it was on the news. Rocky says he stays there a lot; he seems to like it. She asks if he’s had any contact with their services. Roderick says, no. She says, too bad. She didn’t vote for him. She was with her.

Charles tells the guys, that will be all, but not Landon. When they’re alone, he asks how Landon’s jaw is. Landon says, okay. Charles checks Landon’s face out, and says, not that bad. Landon says, nothing a little makeup can’t cover. Charles says his wife claimed he had a problem saying he was sorry. He wants to prove her wrong. He’s sorry. Landon says, it’s okay, but Charles says he was way out of line. Why didn’t Landon tell him that he was gay? Landon didn’t think it was important. Charles asks if Landon is attracted to him, and Landon says, yes. Charles is a very attractive, sexy man. Charles says he has no desire to be with the same sex at all, but appreciates Landon’s honesty. He asks if it’s going to be a problem, since they’re working closely. Let him know now. Landon is good at his job. Landon says it will be no problem; trust him. Charles says he respects Landon, and expects the same. Landon asks if he can speak freely. Charles can’t believe he’s really asking that after what he tried. Landon says, touché. He knows Charles likes her. (Interesting. He always refers to Candace as her.) When she’s around, Charles is better. When she’s not, he’s bitter and mean. Landon asks Charles to let him work on her for him. Charles says Landon can’t make her do or become what she doesn’t want to. Landon says, let him try. Charles says, be his guest.

Madison comes downstairs. Jeffrey has his face in his phone, and Madison asks if he’s still not talking. Jeffrey says Madison has a job to do; he should do it. Madison says Jeffrey’s dad is resting, and he’s going to his nighttime shift at the hospital. Is Jeffrey really going to act like this? He obviously cares about Justin. Jeffrey says he doesn’t want his dad getting to him. All his life, his dad has handled his problems. He can handle this. Madison says he can’t. That guy going to kill him. Jeffrey says Madison doesn’t know Justin. Madison says, no, but he works at the hospital. He sees it all the time. He knows the signs. Jeffrey says he knows the psychology. Madison says he’s too close to see it for what it is. Is the sex that good? What would make Justin crazy enough to do what he does? Jeffrey says when Justin’s not crazy, he likes him. Madison says Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he can’t talk about it anymore. Madison says he wants Jeffrey safe, with no havoc in either of their lives. Jeffrey asks if Madison doesn’t have somewhere to go. Madison says he’s wasting his time there. Jeffrey is glad he knows that. Madison blows out, and Jeffrey says, don’t slam my dad’s door, bitch.

George finds Wyatt in the interrogation room. Wyatt wants to talk to him – now. George says he has it bad. Wyatt says he didn’t do anything. The bitch put it in his pocket. George says everyone there says they’re innocent. Wyatt says he’ll do it. He’ll testify. He wants out. George asks, why in such a rush? and Wyatt says George knows why. A guy out there is trying to kill him. He asks if he’s still there, but George doesn’t know who he’s talking about. Wyatt says he told George that he’d do it. Get him out. A guy comes in, and says something to George. He tells Wyatt that he’ll be right back.

Jim is in the reception area, and he says George has his son. Does he mind telling him why? George says, possession. Jim asks why George is holding him; he has no priors. George says, tell the judge. Jim says, let him out, and George asks if that’s a threat. Jim says he’s sick and tired of George. George says he’s just getting started. He has enough on Wyatt for him to serve twenty years. Jim says Wyatt is broke. He couldn’t have afforded it. George says he got from somewhere. Jim says George sent his whore to his house to get his son. Get him out right now. George says Jim doesn’t scare him. Jim says George isn’t railroading his son. George says Jim has something that belongs to him. Jim says he has nothing that belongs to George, and wouldn’t admit it if he did. George says Kathryn is going down, and so is he. Jim says, so arrest him, and George says, it’s coming. Jim says, bring it on. George says he’s not seeing his son, but Jim says he’s his son’s lawyer. George says Wyatt refused him as counsel. Jim says George thinks he has the power in this matter. George says he does. Jim says he’ll go to the Attorney General. George says he won’t answer Jim’s calls. George walks away, and Jim says, sh*t.

Hanna goes to the Cryer’s. Housekeeper Diane answers, and tells her that they’re out. Hanna asks if anybody is home, but Diane says, no. Diane asks if Hanna can help get out a stain, but Hanna says she doesn’t work there anymore. She’ll just sit and wait. She sits on the sofa, and the doorbell rings. It’s Candace, who asks for Jim. Candace says she’ll wait, and tells Diane to call Jim now. She sees Hanna, and asks what the hell she’s doing there. Hanna asks what the hell is Candace doing there. Candace says, none of her business, and Hanna says all she’s been doing is cleaning up Candace’s business. Hanna goes to another room and sits.

Diane calls Jim. She says Hanna’s there, and so is her daughter. He asks what they’re doing, and she thinks staring at each other. Should she ask them to come back? He tells her, serve them tea, and have them wait. Tell them he’s on his way.

There’s a flower delivery of yellow roses for Justin. The delivery guy says they’re from Jeffrey. Justin says it’s not what he thinks. The guy says he’s not thinking anything. Justin says, it’s not like that. If it was, it would be weird. He goes inside to get a tip. Three guys follow him in. He turns around, and sees them. The flower guy grabs him, and throws him down. They proceed to kick the sh*t out of him, then punch him. Justin gets one guy, but then they really stomp him.

Next time, Kathryn has another three-way, George tells Wyatt that he’s free to go if he says what happened, Veronica doesn’t trust David, and Hanna slaps Jim.

💔 If Loving You is Wrong will be having a two-night premiere, on March 19th and 20th, at 10 pm.

⛪ I happened to catch a commercial for Madea Family Funeral, and it looks like Rome Flynn (RK, HAHN) is a main character.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Giggy! LVP and Kyle are having a fight. LVP insists she didn’t say that about Kyle, and isn’t going to admit she did something that she didn’t. Ken tells Kyle that LVP would never say that about her. Kyle says maybe she cares more about her image. Ken tells Kyle she’s not LVP’s friend; get out. LVP says she’s done with Kyle, and Kyle leaves.

Two months earlier.

Kyle makes breakfast, and asks if the kids are going to be around on weekend. They’re having people over. The ladies all get a text, saying Kyle is having a pool party this weekend.

Teddi and her husband recently bought a new house – five houses away from where they were. Her husband has been stalking it for years because of the view. it went on the market, and guess who had to buy it? She’s kind of in love with it. She’s doing great businesswise, with thirty coaches, and five hundred clients. It’s a learning curve, and she has to remind herself, balance.

LisaR wants to spend every moment with her girls. It’s important because they’re working so much. She and her daughters attend goat yoga. No way I could concentrate with a bunch of cute goats sniffing at me. LisaR says, it’s the funniest weird LA thing she’s ever done, and she’s done a lot of weird things. They’re dying laughing, and their French bulldog plays with the goats. Last year Delilah was living in NYC, but realized she was lonely. LisaR is thrilled that she wants to move back. Delilah makes it clear she won’t be living with her parents; there’s not as much freedom. In her interview, LisaR says at age eleven, Delilah couldn’t leave the house because of anxiety. Considering she moved away for a year, it’s a huge win. LisaR thinks it’s good she’s taking a step back. It’s surreal watching the girls grow up; it goes by fast. We see some old clips of them. LisaR says they don’t need her as much as she would like, but she’s proud of them.

LVP brushes the ponies. Giggy still has a cold, and she worries about him. She explains that he’s had fainting episodes, and has be in an incubator. His heart is slowing down, and they need to give him CPR and massages to bring it back. She tells Ken there were only two siblings in her family, and suddenly, her brother is gone. In her interview, she says the passing of her brother is still fresh. So many people have taken their lives recently. People say it’s selfish, but she knew him well enough to know that wasn’t the case. It was a cry for help that went horribly wrong. He was her partner in crime while they were growing up. Whatever happened, it was the two of them. She tells Ken that she moved his photo off her desk; she couldn’t keep looking at it all the time. She thinks work is a good distraction, and Ken says it’s the best distraction. She went back to work two days after the funeral, and it’s only when people bring it up that she gets emotional. She’s a strong woman and can cope with most things, but wasn’t prepared for this. Ken says you grieve properly for a month, come out, and carry on. You can’t grieve for the rest of life your life. LVP thinks you always grieve. Geez, this is all too much for me.

Teddi visits Kyle. They giggle over being in a boxing class with Justin Bieber. Kyle tells Teddi that one of her eyes is bigger than the other. I assume she means the pupils. Teddi tells her it looks better. In Kyle’s interview, she says she has general anxiety disorder. Her parents both died from cancer, and she automatically imagines the worst. Kyle shows Teddi around. In her interview, she says they have so much in common; it’s an easy friendship. Teddi asks if Kyle is nervous about the security stuff, and Kyle says all of the cameras and alarms are working. She didn’t want to stay in the house after they were burglarized. We flash back to the reunion where she talked about how they took everything, even sentimental things she can’t replace. She tells Teddi about seeing a mountain lion on the property.

Erika chills champagne, and Dorit arrives. In her interview, Erika says she’s gotten more interested in having people over. Dorit tells her about Boy George being on tour. They clink glasses. Dorit says she’s had a sh*tty days that tipped her world upside down. They were robbed when they were away; all her handbags and jewelry were taken. Wonder if it’s the same one that burgled Kyle. She says they’ve been hit five times. Erika knows what it’s like. Dorit laughs, saying they left one horrible necklace her husband got her for Valentine’s Day. The burglar had the nerve to leave it. Afterward, she went to Utah, and climbed a mountain. In Dorit’s interview, she says she doesn’t classify herself as an athlete, but told herself she could do it. She tells Teddi that she had a mental breakthrough. It’s like a switch flipped, and the gas is back in the tank. It was her biggest spiritual awakening to date. She says her daughter has more purses than mommy right now.

At Vanderpump Dogs, manager John greets Teddi and her daughter. In her interview, Teddi says her daughter is obsessed with dogs, so Teddi brings her there to play with puppies, and they don’t have to commit yet. She explains that she hosts cycling rides for charity, and got to know John through doing one for Vanderpump Dogs. Kyle joins them, and LVP arrives. They fawn over the precious babies. John brings out a dog, and asks if Kyle recognizes it. Kyle thinks something is strange, and wonders why they’re staring at her. John says it’s the dog Lucy that Dorit adopted. She (the dog, not Dorit) ended up in a shelter, and Vanderpump Dogs was called because Lucy had been microchipped. LVP doesn’t want to talk about it, and I’m perplexed as to why anyone would be staring at Kyle. Since there’s no explanation, I’m assuming maybe she’s just paranoid.

Dorit tells Erika that the dog wasn’t the right fit. She bit the kids, and bit PK in the face. We see a picture of him with what look like scratches on his nose. I’m guessing the kids were probably rough with the dog, and PK shouldn’t have put his face there. Dorit was thinking the dog was going to a beautiful home, but ended up in a shelter. LVP called her and didn’t seem mad, just shocked like she was.

John says it wasn’t handled properly. LVP says this isn’t helpful, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Teddi says Dorit should have come to her, and LVP says maybe Dorit believed Lucy was going to a good home. John says he’s pissed. Everyone is pissed, and he’s been dealing with it for a week. In LVP’s interview, she says she doesn’t think Dorit deliberately gave the dog away to a shelter. They go in the back where some dogs are in crates. John explains they keep them for seven days of observation to make sure nothing is wrong. LVP says she wishes Kyle had come to TomTom for the Daily Mail party. Kyle says LVP is full of sh*t, and she’s not doing this. She landed at 4 am, and LVP said it wasn’t even her party, acting like it was no big deal. In her interview, Kyle repeats that LVP said it wasn’t her party, and didn’t even invite her. Kyle says Dorit drops off a dog, and LVP gives her the benefit of the doubt. She’s not doing this again. LVP is being a bitch to her, but Dorit can bring a dog back, and gets away with it.

In Kyle’s interview, she says LVP likes to make her look bad in front of other people. She’s watched when friends did sh*tty things, and LVP has made excuses. We flash back to that. She says you don’t do that to one of your closest friends. LVP says Kyle hasn’t come to the restaurant once, but Kyle says it wasn’t finished, and she’s not doing this. On the side, Teddi tells Kyle that LVP is super sensitive right now. Kyle says she can feel it. LVP wants to start with her, and she’s been there for her. LVP apologizes, saying she made an idiot of herself. It’s not like her to lose her sh*t. Teddi says that’s’ what happens when you hold it in. In Kyles interview, she says that after LVP’s brother passed, there’s been ups and downs. One minute, everything is good, and the next, it’s not. It’s understandable. LVP sits on the steps and cries, calling herself an idiot. Teddi tells her not to be hard on herself.

LisaR gets ready for company. Denise Richards comes to the door. In her interview, LisaR says they go back in many different lifetimes. We see a clip of them talking about knowing each other for almost thirty years. She thinks Denise will blend in well. Denise is a seasoned old bitch like she is. Dorit arrives, followed by Erika. Erika asks how LisaR and Denise know each other, and LisaR says she saw Denise at Wilhelmina when Denise was sixteen. Erica says she loved Denise in The World is Not Enough, and Denise says she got slammed for that movie. They talk about Charlie Sheen. LisaR says she did a movie with him, and in the first scene, he was licking her toes. They’re like, eww! and we see a clip of that, which we can never unsee. They laugh about the margaritas being strong.

Dorit and PK meet LVP and Ken for dinner. Dorit asks how LVP is feeling, and LVP says she compartmentalizes, says it’s just a bad time in her life, and moves on. She can’t bring him back. In her interview, Dorit knows it’s affected LVP, no matter what she’s saying. She can see it; it’s physical. LVP wants to clear up the dog thing. She knows Dorit had no malintent. PK says she knows Dorit didn’t mean for that to happen, and LVP says that’s why she defended Dorit. She knows Dorit had the best intentions. PK says it was a mistake that could have been made by anybody. LVP says that’s why they make stringent rules, and put a $5K penalty in the contract. PK says, but the mistake was made by a best friend. In Dorit’s interview, she admits she signed the contract, but didn’t look at it with a fine-toothed comb. LVP says John lost his mind, and it got heated at the center. She tried to shut it down, but people are talking about it. Dorit wants to know who discussed it, and what they said. LVP says John spoke to Teddi; he’s close with her. In her interview, Dorit says LVP sent her a text that Teddi was aware of the situation, but made it seem like it was fine. She’s surprised there’s a different tone now, and Teddi is talking about it. She doesn’t want her private matters discussed with anyone, especially Teddi. They decide to move on.

There’s an amazing spread happening at Kyle’s. In her interview, she tells us when they were burglarized, they hadn’t had any celebrations there yet. This makes it feel like home, not just a house. Guests begin to arrive. Ooh! A Snow-Cone machine! Camille walks in, followed by LisaR and Denise. Kyle says she once belonged to a Hollywood moms group that Denise and LisaR were a part of. They would get together for potluck dinners, and it’s how she got to know Denise. She’s known Charlie since she was a teen. Her old boyfriend, C. Thomas Howell, used to hang around with him, but she wasn’t happy about it. You never knew what was going to happen – or what they’d bring home.

In her interview, Dorit says, in the past, she’s been a target of Teddi’s attacks. In the back of her mind, she’s thinking Teddi knows about the dog situation, and wonders how Teddi is going to torture her. The party is in full swing. In Teddi’s interview, she says Dorit isn’t mentioning anything, and she’s not going to with the kids there. In Dorit’s’ interview, she says they’re doing what they do in Beverly Hills. Put a smile on their faces, and put it behind them.

LVP and Ken show up. Ken hopes they saved some food. LisaR tells LVP she’s sorry, but LVP would rather not talk about it. In her interview, LisaR says, grief is a tricky thing. LVP keeps a stiff upper lip, and doesn’t want to deal with it. She doesn’t want get to the deep feelings. Kyle is feeling weirdly guilty. They had a conversation about Dorit, but no one is saying anything. I guess bringing up inappropriate topics at parties is the norm now. She says they probably don’t want to put Dorit in a bad situation. If you get the reputation of not caring for an animal, you’re screwed.

Mauricio does some grilling. LVP and Denise talk kids. Denise adopted another one, but she thinks Charlie is her dad. LVP sits on the porch with Camille. She asks if Camille is excited to get married. We see a clip of her showing off the ring. It’s stunning. LVP says it’s been eight years. She should have gotten married a few times by now. It’s Hollywood for God’s sake. Dorit and Teddi’s boys play together. In her interview, Teddi says her past with Dorit isn’t good, but the kids don’t care. They want spend time together, so figure it out, moms. Ken snoozes in the living room. It’s probably one of several living rooms. LVP talks about her car having been stolen, along with Charlie Sheen’s, and the cars going over a cliff. I’d like to hear more of that story.

The ladies, minus LVP, talk about how it was a different time when they were teenagers. Teddi says Boone’s Farm (a way too sweet, disgusting wine cooler) was their thing. Teddi uses the word winning, and everybody laughs about how Charlie used that word. In Teddi’s interview, she says, who knew saying winning would make her look like a loser. Thanks, Charlie. Erika announces that Teddi’s kid is peeing in the pool like a champ. LVP Hollywood kisses Kyle goodbye, but she’s wearing a wide-brimmed hat that gets in the way. Kyle says she can’t get near LVP, and LVP says the hat is intentional. Kyle sighs.

Next time, Kyle says somebody is hell bent on getting the story about Dorit out there, and the text says the real story is more shocking. This season, there will be a trip to Europe, more performing from Erika, Denise gets married, Brandi (ugh) is back, Teddi makes it rain, Camille calls LisaR a mean girl, and Kim accuses Denise of lying.

🗽 The new season of The Real Housewives of New York City begins on Wednesday, March 6th, at 9 pm.

🎀 In Wrapping It Up…

Hoping that the hour doesn’t reflect in the editing.

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