February 14, 2019 – A Jailhouse Wedding, Rumble in the Chef Jungle, Quotes of Love & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam brought Jason something. Danny made him a card. She tells him the scribble is from Scout. He loves it. She loves him. She hates that they’ll be separated on Valentine’s Day, but says she knows it counts least as a holiday. He agrees that he’s not a huge Valentine’s Day celebrating person, but he’s looking forward to celebrating with her. She asks if she can get that in writing. He says she knows he loves being with her. She has to go to the party, then she’s picking up the kids up, but she doesn’t have to leave now. They kiss.

Shiloh tells Kristina, job well done. She must be proud. She says she can’t take credit; she had help. He asks if she has any idea when her sister is arriving.

Franco is thrilled to see Elizabeth, but says she shouldn’t be there. She has a family to look after. She says one member of her family is at the police station. He’s part of her family, and she wonders when that is going to sink in. He says there’s nothing she can do for him. She says, maybe not, but there’s something she can do for them. They’ve been putting it off for too long. She wants to marry him. He says he wants to marry her too. She says, let’s do it. Right here right now.

At the MetroCourt, Ned and Olivia wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day. Ned says this time they got it right. Olivia agrees they haven’t had the best luck with that, but Ned says, this year, it’s going to change. He slides a keycard over to her. He says, not just any room; 610. He asks her to let him set the scene. Her, drunk as a skunk, about to adopt every dog in the animal shelter. That’s the night he fell in love with her, and he’s been falling ever since. They kiss. I have no idea what he’s talking about, so I must have missed that episode.

In bed, Carly tells Sonny, making love in the middle of the afternoon is a luxury. Sonny says, Valentine’s Day is just getting started. She says she thought they agreed not to exchange any gifts, but he says he loves to surprise her.

Robert tells Cabot, come on. He knows there are certain aspects of his research he never intended to be made public. Cabot asks why he should tell them, and Anna says, if he doesn’t answer their questions, he won’t get his sight back. He knows that voice. Alex Devane. Anna says, yes; it’s me.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a hard year; everything with his father. He leaned on her. She says they’re a team, but he says he couldn’t have done it without her. He needs her. Always. He doesn’t say it enough. He loves her and appreciates her, and there’s no one he’d rather walk this crazy world with. She says, funny he should say that. He tells her that he made reservations for dinner, and they have to get going. He got the best table, and doesn’t want to lose it. It will be a night to remember. She laughs, and when he’s out of earshot, she says, you could say that again.

Kristina says she’s sure Sam will show up soon, and Shiloh tells her to let him know. Valerie walks in, and Kristina say she didn’t know Valerie was coming. Valerie says Kristina did invite her. Along with everyone else on her MyFace page, but it was an invite. Kristina thought Valerie had been avoiding her, but Valerie says it’s totally forgotten. She’s sorry she overreacted. She was caught off guard, and didn’t handle it gracefully. Kristina says, and she did? Valerie wants to be friends again, if that’s cool. Kristina says, absolutely. Shiloh wonders where Sam is.

Spinelli arrives at Jason’s place. He hopes he’s not interrupting. Is he? Sam says, it’s okay. She was just leaving. She’s going to the Dawn of Day party. Spinelli implores her, proceed with caution. From what he’s uncovered, Shiloh is quite dangerous. He’ll fill Jason in. Sam says she’ll see Jason tomorrow. Jason tells her, be safe. When she’s gone, Jason asks Spinelli, how dangerous is he? Spinelli says, murderously so

Cabot asks, is it Alex Devane or Alex Merrick now? It’s been far too long Anna says, it has. Because of a bounty on her head, she couldn’t make herself known sooner. He asks, why now? and she says she needs to know about the project they worked on together. He says, wait. She’s not Alex. She’s the other one.

Franco says Elizabeth is joking. He asks if she realizes it’s just the two of them, and she says she realizes they keep putting it off because life gets in the way, and she’s done. It’s time they get in life’s way. He says, no. She can’t marry an accused killer behind bars. It’s not the wedding of her dreams, or what she deserves. She says all she needs is him. What does he say? Will he marry her?

Spinelli tells Jason, the story Shiloh spun is that his father was a ruined man after Sam wiped out his finances. It’s a compelling story, but far from complete. After Sam fled, Shiloh’s father registered a patent, and there was a bidding war over the rights. He was on his way to another fortune. Jason asks, what stopped him? and Spinelli says, his death. The brakes failed on his car. It was a freakish accident, considering it was a brand new high end vehicle. Jason asks if Spinelli thinks the brakes were tampered with, but Spinelli says, that’s unclear. He needs to do more digging. Jason says, do that. Start with what happened to the patent.

Shiloh is glad Sam made it. Kristina watches them, and Valerie asks if she’s okay. Does she need to talk? Kristina says if anyone should apologize, it should be her for getting the wrong idea. She’s been talking about it in group sessions. She tells Valerie, this place is amazing. They listen without judgement. She used to beat herself up over mistakes, but the truth is, there are no mistakes. Shiloh taught her, every choice, right or wrong, lays a brick in the path we walk. Every choice leads you to the now. Knowing that is the first step to self-acceptance. Valerie says, it sounds nice.

Shiloh hands Sam his book, and says, a gift. She says she already read it; cover to cover. He says, and…? She says she couldn’t help notice there was something missing – him.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny says he wanted to take Carly someplace else, but it is the best food in town. Is she okay with it? She says she’s okay with anywhere, as long as she’s with him. He tells the waitress that he ordered champagne, and she leaves to get it. He slides an envelope over to Carly. He asks if she remembers when they got married, they made a list of places they wanted to go. She says they’ve gone to almost all of them. He says, except one. Azores. Carly thought it was too difficult to get too, but Sonny was convinced otherwise. He says they’re leaving in three weeks. She seems hesitant, and he asks if she doesn’t want to go. She says she doesn’t know if she’s able to. He asks, why?

Anna says Cabot is mistaken, but he says, don’t bother denying it. He knows her sister quite well. Let him guess. That isn’t a medical colleague either. Robert says, Robert Scorpio, WSB. Anna says, who they are doesn’t change a damn thing. If he wants his sight back, he’ll have to answer questions, or her friend won’t treat him. Cabot says they’ve already overplayed their hand. He appreciates the attempt to trade on his familiarity with Dr. Merrick, but it’s apparent this is part of a WSB investigation. If they want his cooperation, they have to treat him first.

Sam noticed there’s not much in the book about Shiloh’s family. She knows about them, but doesn’t know anything about him. They sit. She remembers he told her that he never wanted to settle down, and his followers are his family, but is that entirely true? There had to be someone he was serious about at some point. Shiloh says his father’s personal experience left him closed off to sharing his life with another person. Sam says he means his father’s experience with her.

Sonny asks if Carly has too much work. She says they have a lot going on in general. There’s been a lot of turmoil in the past year; too much. She thinks life is like childbirth. Problems cause agony when you’re going through them, but when you get to the other side, the pain fades, and you’re left with the good. They’ve had trying times in the past year, but also beautiful moments she’s grateful for. Sonny says he’s grateful for her. She made him see it was important to spend time with his dad. She saw that, knew that, and helped him wrap his mind around it. Carly says she sounds amazing. Sonny says she’s not just an amazing mother, but an amazing wife. She’s his friend, and she loves him, period. it means a lot to him. Carly asks if he’s trying to make her cry. He says, no. he’s trying to get her to give him a kiss. She says she loves him.

Sam wonders how could Shiloh put himself out there, when he’s been so burned? He supposes it makes sense, but that’s not the only reason. He realized in order to find happiness, he had to find peace within himself. Sam says that resonates with her. He asks when she’s going to stop running, and find peace within herself?

Franco tells Elizabeth that his heart is so filled with her. He won’t marry her there. She asks, why not? and he says because he’s in jail, and no one is there to marry them. Unless Cliff is ordained. He calls over to the guard, and asks if he’s ordained. Cliff laughs, and Franco says he thinks that’s a no. Elizabeth says she thought about that recruited a person for the job. Drew comes in, saying, I heard you crazy kids want to get married.

Elizabeth thanks Drew for coming. Drew says she approached him last night, and she says she thought someone important to them both should do the honors. Franco asks if he’s ordained, and Drew says, it’s so easy, it’s frightening. Franco says they have no witness. He calls to Cliff, who asks, what now? Franco asks if it isn’t his job to keep eye on them. By definition, he thinks makes Cliff a witness. He tells Elizabeth that it’s insane. She knows, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Valerie tells Kristina, now that they’re not avoiding each other, they can hang out again. Kristina says there are some great introductory seminars that she thinks would be perfect for Valerie. She’ll get a brochure.

Shiloh puts hands on each side of Sam’s face, and tells her, close her eyes. He says they get so sidetracked on their path, their thoughts become robots. They worry about the past, which is behind us, and the future is just imagination. What’s important is the present; the here and now. He asks, when is she? and Sam says, now. Kristina watches Shiloh touching Sam’s face.

Spinelli tells Jason, the plan is for him and Sam to focus on Hank/Shiloh, and he’ll focus on the father, and whatever fate befell him. Jason is sorry Spinelli isn’t with Ellie on Valentine’s Day, but Spinelli says he took the precaution of booking a flight home. Jason tells him, have fun, and tell Ellie that they said hi. Spinelli missed the sound of we. Jason says, the patent first, and Spinelli says he’ll call. Jason thanks him, and Spinelli spontaneously hugs him.

Kristina tells Sam and Shiloh, sorry to interrupt. Sam tells her to stay, but she says she has to go back to the event. She goes back to Valerie, wanting to show her the brochure, but Valerie has to get going. She has an early shift. She thanks Kristina, and says, it was fun. Call her. It’s great that she wants to spend time together. They hug. Valerie leaves, and Kristina looks panicked.

Sam gets up, and Shiloh asks if she’s leaving. Sam thinks it’s a good idea. It’s Kristina’s place; her home. She doesn’t want Kristina to think she’s stepping on her thing. Shiloh says, if Kristina thinks that, she’s not observing their tenets. She tells him, she’s trying to be sensitive; that’s all. He understands, and asks if she’ll come again. She says, yes, of course. She’ll see him around. He looks over at Kristina.

Outside, Sam calls Jason. She says she’s on her way out to pick up the kids. He asks how it went, and she says, good. He asks if she talked to Shiloh, and she says, it was pretty creepy. It’s so weird how he gets people to do things for him, and think it’s their idea. He asks about Kristina, and Sam says, she was pretty possessive. She thinks Kristina has a thing for Shiloh. Jason says, they’ll figure it out, and she tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow. He tells her, happy Valentine’s Day, and she asks if it killed him to say that. He says, no; he loves her. She says she loves him too.

Shiloh tells Kristina that her sister knows a lot about him. Kristina noticed they spent a lot of time together, and admits it bothers her. She doesn’t think she’s as enlightened as she ought to be, but he tells her not to be too hard on herself. He asks what level she’s at, and she says she’s only done the introductory course. He says the kind of enlightenment he’s talking about isn’t touched on until later. She says she doesn’t have the money for those courses. He says if she needed surgery, she’d find the money. Perhaps she should think about paying the same attention and importance to her soul. It’s something to think about. Can you say Scientology?

Finn tells Cabot, the terms are non-negotiable. Cabot says everything is negotiable. It’s not just hi vision on the line. If he answers their questions, he’ll be betraying people who could retaliate by killing him. If they want him to risk death, the operation comes first. Anna says, fine. Finn will neutralize the virus, and then talk. Cabot says, deal. Robert says he’ll make the arrangements. Cabot says he likes Anna

The news breaks in. Then when they come back, it’s to a commercial. Thanks, ABC.

Anna tells Cabot the feeling isn’t mutual. He says she has the same tenacity as her sister. How is she? She doesn’t know; they’re not in contact. He supposes he’s not surprised. They were always like oil and water. Robert comes back, saying the travel arrangements are made. They’re staying in a hotel tonight, and flying to Port Charles in the morning. Cabot says, fantastic. Anna thanks Robert, and he says, don’t mention it. He means it. He had to violate twelve protocols to move this bastard. He says, ready, doc? and wheels him out. Finn asks if Anna is okay. She says, something he said… It’s probably nothing. He tells her, happy Valentine’s Day, but she says they probably missed it. He says it’s a Swedish clock, but he’s still on Port Charles time. He kisses her.

Franco asks, what about rings? but Drew says Elizabeth thought about that, and shows him the wedding rings. Franco is impressed. He thinks Drew has a bright future as a wedding planner. Franco says Drew doesn’t have to do this, but it means a lot. Drew says he’s connected to Elizabeth through the boys, and they’ve been through some stuff. He thinks of Franco as a brother. One he’d like to choke half the time, nonetheless. He asks Franco to do him a favor. Treat Elizabeth right. She’s one of the good ones. Franco knows. Elizabeth comes back, and they join hands.

There’s a music part. Olivia and Ned get busy. Why are they even in this episode? Carly and Sonny kiss. Sam goes to Jason’s place, and let’s herself in. He asks, what about the kids? She says Monica wanted to take them somewhere, and it was hard to say no. They get busy.

Elizabeth says she didn’t know what expect when Franco came into her life. She never guessed he’d teach her the most important lesson she’d ever learn. Love is completely, unabashedly, insane, and the craziest thing of all is, that’s what makes it so beautiful. She’s forever grateful, and she’ll love, honor, and cherish him until death they do part. Drew says it’s Franco’s turn. Franco says, this is all he’s got. He loves her, and hopes it’s enough. He’s totally down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He loves her. He says, Elizabeth Imogene Webber, till death do they part. Drew tells him, well said, and asks if Elizabeth takes Franco as her husband. She does.

Drew asks if Franco takes Elizabeth to be his wife. He does. Drew says, by the power vested in him by the internet, he pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss through the bars.

Jason and Sam bask in the afterglow. She asks where he got the flowers, and he says he asked the flower lady. She thinks he means the florist. He asked what she suggested for someone who doesn’t like a big deal, but secretly likes holidays. Sam asks if she picked them out, but he says she told him whoever it was is a lucky woman, and went to the next customer. He asks if it was a bad choice. Sam says, it was a good choice. The florist was right; she’s a lucky woman. She wants to be nowhere else but with him. Jason gets it now. The point of Valentine’s day isn’t about chocolate and flowers. It’s about not taking love for granted. It’s about saying those words. He loves her so much. She loves him too. They kiss, and probably get busy again, but we don’t see that.

Ned asks Olivia who she’s calling. She says, the animal shelter; who does he think? She’s calling room service. They should open another bottle. He’s in. All in with her, forever. She says, room service can wait.

Back home, Sonny asks if Carly wants a drink. She says, no. She wants to sit with him for a second. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s great. She was just thinking about life, them, everything. How it has its ups and downs. she thinks as long as they have each other, and hold on to that connection, they can handle anything life throws at them. He says, sounds great, and she says, good. She’s pregnant.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Peter the secret is about Sasha, Lulu says Franco is going to get what’s coming to him, and Carly asks if Sonny doesn’t want this baby.

🔪 On Top Chef, Art Smith was a guest judge for the Quickfire challenge, a spice taste test while blindfolded. I noted that Padma should really lose the white eyeliner. No. Just no. Sara was the winner, naming all twelve spices she tasted. The next challenge was for the chefs to create their own spice blend in honor of KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Courtesy of Art, we find out the Colonel didn’t achieve success until age sixty. There’s hope! The chefs only had a half hour to fry up some chicken. There was no elimination escape, but there was a $5000 prize. Sara was the big winner there too, totally redeeming herself from the boxed biscuit fiasco last week. Next, for the elimination challenge, the chefs had to work together on a progressive menu based on six of Muhammad Ali’s most memorable fights. The dinner was served at a charity gala being held at the Muhammad Ali Center, with Laila Ali as guest judge. Gail Simmons was also back, after having her baby. Eric came out on top, with something called fufu, a plantain dish from Africa. His course also represented the Rumble in the Jungle, aka the Ali vs George Foreman fight in 1974. Eddie had to gather up his knives and take a hike, the judges feeling he didn’t go far enough. He said being in the competition was about confidence and getting out of his own shell, and he thought he came out a better person and chef. Next time, who knows? I wasn’t paying attention. But in the useless brush-with-celebrity trivia department, I once saw Muhammad Ali in an elevator and he smiled at me, making my heart go pitty-pat.


💖 Speaking Of Hearts…

A few Valentine related quotes.

Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love. – Winnie the Pooh, aka A.A. Milne

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. – Jean Anouilh

We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.Eleanor Roosevelt

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. – 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

💞 Because It’s Still Valentine’s Day Somewhere…


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