February 26, 2019 – Franco Does His Interview, David Asks Veronica to Try Again, Beverly Hills Postponement & Something Happy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase calls Lulu, and asks if she’s heard from her mother Lulu says she’s tied up in a meeting, so the mayor’s office might know. He says he tried that, and Lulu asks if she should be worried. He says, no, and she tells him to keep her posted. Peter asks Lulu if everything is okay, and she tells him, city hall seems to have misplaced her mother. He asks if she wants to postpone the interview, but she says, no. She’s sure the city is on it. He says she doesn’t have to do it, but she says Franco killed three innocent people and attacked her. She damn well wants to find out why.

Ryan has Laura’s phone, and listens to the message from Chase, asking her to check in with the PCPD. Ryan says, happy hunting, and goes into Charlie’s. Ava is at the bar, and he hopes he didn’t keep her waiting. She says she’s waited her whole life for a man like him. What’s a couple more minutes. They kiss. Julian watches from a distance.

Franco is put in leg irons.

TJ goes to Jordan’s room, and Curtis says his mom had emergency surgery. Her blood pressure spiked because of the damaged kidney.

At their session, Neil tells Alexis she’s been candid and articulate about her history with dangerous men. She says she can’t lie; it’s public record. He asks if she wants to lie, and she says, yes. She’s embarrassed about her choices. He says they touched on how she shares traits with her father. Theories suggest that our choices reflect what we see inside ourselves, and we’re attracted to it. He says just for fun, what makes her dangerous?

Jason looks at Sam in a way you just know he’s sending her brain waves. Sam cracks him across the face, turns, and sees Shiloh. Nice ESP move. She asks, what’s wrong with him? She told him over and over, it’s done. Accept it. She tells Shiloh he shouldn’t witness this, but he says he needs to help Jason. Jason says, Sam seriously isn’t buying this guy?Kristina looks in, and asks if everything is okay. Sam tells Jason that, aside from Sonny, they have nothing to do with each other. Accept it. Sam wants to talk to Kristina.

Alexis tells Neil that she’s a lawyer and mother. She doesn’t see herself as dangerous. He says she grew up in a home where violence was the trade. He asks if anyone has feared for their life in her presence. She asks, how much time does he have?

Ava wants to tell her brother the big news that she and Doc are together. She thinks Kiki would be happy that she’s placing her trust in the right man. Ryan says, on that note… and opens a ring box. He puts a giant, teardrop-shaped sparkler on her finger, saying she’s his soulmate. He’s spent a lifetime looking for her, and he’s not letting her go. They kiss. Chase comes in, and says he’s been trying to reach Doc. Ryan says he’s in a private moment, but Chase says, it can’t wait. He’s wondering when was the last time he saw his wife. Ava says, ex-wife. Chase didn’t realize the divorce was finalized. He asks Julian if the mayor has been in lately. Ava says Doc doesn’t know where his former wife is, because he’s focusing on his soon-to-be wife.

Peter tells Franco, here are the rules. Franco says he doesn’t like rules. Peter tells him, while they’re live streaming, he’s to speak when he’s spoken to. No playful banter. If he evades or goes off-point, they’re done. Is he clear? Franco says, crystal.

Sam tells Kristina that she knows it seems to be coming out of nowhere. Kristina is surprised Sam and Jason are breaking up, and Sam says, so was she. She thought they’d be ending up together, but spending time at DOD gave her clarity. Jason never put her first. From the beginning, she lived by his terms. She had to be there when he wanted, but when she needed him, he’d always be going off. Kristina says he would put Carly before her and the kids. Sam says going down that road leaves her broken, and she’s not doing it again.

Shiloh is glad Jason’s sight is restored. Maybe now he can see the truth. Sam wants to move on. Let her go.

Molly brings Curtis some food. The doctor comes out, and explains the damaged left kidney was causing the spike, and had to be removed. Curtis asks if there were no other options, but TJ says people function with one all the time. The doctor says her recovery requires constant supervision, and asks if he has questions. Curtis says his head is spinning, and TJ says he’ll take it from here. He tells Curtis that Jordan is in good hands. She made it through surgery, which is huge. Curtis says, she’s not out of the woods yet, is she? TJ says. she will be.

Alexis doesn’t think she’s a dangerous person. Neil says, if he asked others, would they think so? She says, they’re dead. She ran over her daughter’s ex with a car, but it was at night, and he popped out of nowhere. Neil says, so it was an accident? and she says, not like it was the first time. She was accused of stabbing a man, and throwing him off a balcony, but he ran into her knife, and accidentally fell over the balcony. He’s surprised no one has recognized the pattern. Nothing is ever her fault.

Ryan understands why Chase would have no knowledge of his divorce being finalized. Chase asks where and when it was finalized, and Ryan says it’s none of his business.

Ava tells Julian that Doc loves her for her, without reservation. Julian is concerned she’s jumping into marriage too soon, but she asks him, please be happy for her.

Ryan tells Chase that Laura would disappear for months during their marriage. Chase says that was to be with her grandson; he knew where she was. Ryan insists they went for days without speaking, and says, she’ll surface when she’s ready.

Ava looks at the TV, and says, oh my God. A live interview. Lulu says Franco is going to explain why he killed his victims, and Ryan makes a frowny face.

Lulu says they’re streaming live from Ferncliff, known for housing the criminally insane. She’s been invited by Franco Baldwin, who recently confessed to the murders of Kiki Jerome, Mary Pat Ingles, and Peyton Manning, and the attack on her own life. She asks why he’s owning up to it now? He asks why he shouldn’t take well-deserved credit.

Chase continues trying to get ahold of Laura.

Julian asks if Ava is okay. She says, no. She believed in Franco, and defended him. She asks Ryan, if it’s possible she could have been trusting Kiki’s killer all this time.

Alexis tells Neil, horrific things keep happening to her. Now it’s her fault? He thinks it’s like being struck by lightning twice; three times. She survived, and her family is a mess, but she’s not? How does being struck three times have nothing do with her, when she’s standing in a rainstorm with a metal rod? He says, time’s up. Ha-ha! Everyone who’s been in therapy, knows how Alexis feels right now. He says they’ll have to leave everything until the next session. She says he’s leaving her in an uncomfortable place. He says maybe that’s where she needs to be.

Ryan steps aside, and texts Chase from Laura’s phone.

Lulu says after Franco’s brain tumor was removed, he was on the path to redemption. He got a job at the hospital, became engaged to a nurse, and the father to her three sons. He asks if that’s a question. Lulu says he had everything, and threw it away to murder. Why it was so easy? He says everyone bought the reform story, so he had the time and space to explore his creative vision. She says he talks like the murders were works of art. He says they were all works of art. The head in the apple barrel, the body at the art gallery, the body being part of the snowman display. And his favorite, the girl in the wedding bed. How could he not love that? She says Kiki was supposedly like a daughter. He says, at her funeral, people at it up with a spoon. She was too beautiful not to kill. At Charlie’s, Ava says, that’s it? Kiki was beautiful, so he killed her? Julian wants to turn it off, but Ryan says, don’t. It’s hard for Ava to watch, but it will help her process it. Ava says it sounds like he murdered for art and he’s proud of it. Julian says Franco is a sick, messed up, freak. He’s sorry she’s going through this.

Chase gets the text from Ryan as Laura, saying she’ll catch up with him later. He sees Alexis, and asks if she’d happen to know where Laura is. She says she’s been trying to get ahold of Laura, but Laura isn’t returning her calls. He says he’s under the impression that the divorce is finalized, but she says as far as she knows, no papers have been filed, and there’s been no communication. It’s very uncharacteristic, and she’s getting concerned. Chase says he’ll find Laura, and let her know.

Alexis goes into Charlie’s. She needs to ask Julian a favor. On the television, Lulu says Franco takes pride in it, and has been successful; one to five steps ahead of the police. He says it was almost dull. She suggests they talk about her. What went wrong? Hmm… I didn’t even think of that. He says, nothing.

Kristina tells Sam she can’t believe she didn’t see it. The way Jason is controlling is subtle and insidious. He doesn’t get in her face, but withdraws. Sam says or he’s running to Sonny and Carly. Kristina says he’s been dictating the relationship, and Sam says, not anymore.

Shiloh thanks Jason for following Sam. She’s already evolved, and his mistrust of the organization helped further her path. He was also trespassing. Jason asks if he should call a lawyer. Shiloh asks if he thinks it’s necessary, and Jason says, you tell me.

Curtis says it’s a good thing TJ is studying be a doctor. He feels useless. Molly says there’s a million other situations where he’d be her go-to guy. He thanks her. He and TJ appreciate her being there, and she asks where else she would be. TJ checks on Jordan, and says she looks good for someone who’s been through what she has. Her blood pressure has stabilized. Curtis asks if she’s awake, but TJ says she needs all her energy. They want her to rest for now. Curtis hugs TJ and thanks him for explaining, He needs a clear head, and goes to walk around. Molly says TJ is scared, isn’t he? He says, terrified.

Franco tells Lulu that he made a mistake. Pride goeth before a fall. He thought she’d bleed out. He’s not sure what went wrong. It was a  real opportunity for performance art. In his mind, the elevator doors would open to this beautiful blonde corpse. A special moment. She says so it wasn’t personal. He says he had no beef with anyone, and thanks her for understanding. A lot of people don’t get it. There was nothing personal. He needed to set a scene. Lulu says, let’s talk about timing. His murders coincided with the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Was it a copycat> Franco laughs, and she asks why it’s funny. He says it’s funny because it’s funny. There was nobody more basic and uninspired. Ryan was a poser. Franco is better at everything than that guy. He did get his start a lot earlier. He was four when he pushed his foster brother down the stairs. Sadly, he lived, but clearly, Franco has gotten better.

Ryan stand up as Franco says, it laid the groundwork; practice makes perfect. Ryan has to go. He has a patient to look after. Ava understands. He tells Julian to look after her, and Julian says he always does.

Franco says the best part is, he feels like his evil genius is growing in his brain. He’s guessing the tumor is back, and that means a get out of jail free card.

Shiloh tells Jason that Sam is a member of their community, and falls under his protection. He advises Jason to heed his warning, and proceed accordingly. Jason asks if that’s a threat.

Kristina tells Sam that she’s sorry. All these years, she though Sam and Jason were romantic; the ultimate definition of love. She didn’t realize what Jason was doing. The DOD has Sam’s back. Jason doesn’t stand a chance.

Chase sees Curtis, and asks how Jordan is. Curtis says it was dicey for a minute. She had emergency surgery, and they’re just waiting for her to wake up. He asks if the mayor reached out, but he hasn’t heard. Maybe she got in touch with the hospital. Chase thought she’d reach out directly.

TJ thinks how long it took for him to forgive his mom, and let her in again. He judged her so hard. Who he to do that? Molly says he’s talking like she’s gone, and she’s not. He says, what if she doesn’t pull through, and dies without him telling her that he loves her. Molly says she’s not dying; she has too much live for. When Molly first met her, she as really nervous, but liked her right away. She could tell how much she loved TJ, yet was willing to share him. Molly says she always felt included, and welcomed. It meant everything. His mom is amazing that way, like him. She imagines his dad being like Curtis, but more serious. TJ says she’s spot on. She knows his uncle and great aunt, but he’s the one most like his mom. He has to ask himself if he’d love her any less if he was mad because someone messed up. He says, no. She asks if it would make him question their love for him, and he says, no. She says that’s exactly how his mom feels.

Julian pours Alexis some coffee. LOUD coffee. She asks what’s going on with Ava and Doc. Julian says they’re engaged. She thinks the world is upside down right now. He says, whatever is going on, he’s there. She asks, why? She hasn’t been that nice, but he says that’s only recently. She doesn’t get it. He says she’s not as scary as she thinks. He tells her it’s on the house, and she calls him a big spender. She leaves, and Ava sits down, saying vodka, straight up. He says, it’s not even noon. He feels that he’d be remiss if he didn’t say something, but he thinks she’s getting in too deep too fast with Doc. She says she was remembering the first time she saw Franco. He came into the gallery like he owned the place. He was up and coming; dangerous, but talented. She didn’t care. What happened to Kiki is her fault. She’s the one who let Franco believe he was her father, and let that maniac into her life. Look what happened. She can’t believe she bought it. He played them all.

Peter asks Lulu how she’s doing. She says, okay, and he says she was heroic in there. Even his father didn’t speak the way Franco did. She says, something feels off. He says, about Franco? and she says, about all of it.

Kristina goes to Jason’s room. Shiloh tells Jason that he said what needed to be said. Kristina appreciates the times Jason saved her, but Sam is better off without him. Shiloh is sure he speaks to all of them, and wishes Jason good health. <gag>

TJ thanks Molly for coming and bringing food. She says, that no one will eat. She wouldn’t be anywhere else. She loves him, and she’s proud of him. Her boyfriend becoming a doctor. People depending on him, saving lives. Someday, someone will need him to do the same thing, and he will. He says, damn straight, and Molly says his mom is going to pull through.

Chase asks Curtis to wait. Before the accident, Jordan left him a message about an urgent assignment. Does he know anything? Curtis says, whatever it was, it will have to wait until she wakes up.

Ava tells Julian, know what she’s learned? She doesn’t know anything about anything. She was wrong about Griff, Morgan, and Franco. He says she’s too hard on herself. She says the only person who makes sense, and makes life bearable is Doc. He tells her she’s moving too fast? So what? She’s been wrong about everything and everyone until now. What does she have to lose?

In his cell, France says, choke on that, you murdering SOB. Come and get me. Ryan storms in, telling Franco that he’s made a terrible mistake.

Elizabeth asks Drew how she’s supposed to keep believing in Franco, Ryan tells Franco to tell the truth, Scotty wonders when Doc is kicking Ava to the curb like Laura

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Hanna and Candace jumped Jim, and I was laughing my ass off.

He fights back, but he’s no match for these two. Candace is kicking the crap out of him, and Hanna pulls her off. Diane says she’s calling the police, but Jim says, don’t. Hanna wants her to. She wants them to know that Jim sent someone to stab her son. Candace tells her to be careful; they’re in his house. Does she have proof? He’s smarter than that, and they’ll be in jail. Jim tells Hanna to listen to that bitch, and Candace tells him, shut up, before she punches him one more time. If he if goes after her brother, he’d better go after her too. Hanna swears if he comes near any of her kids, she’ll kill him. She promises in Jesus’s name. He says he’s so scared, and she says he should be. I would be. Hanna means business.

Kathryn walks in and asks what the hell is going on? What is Candace doing in her house? Hanna says the SOB sent someone to stab her son while Benny was sitting on the porch. Kathryn says she’ll beat his ass worse than they did. Jim says she has no idea what’s going on. Those two have their $8 million dollars, and he wants it back. Kathryn says it doesn’t belong to him, and he calls her an ignorant slut, channeling Dan Aykroyd on SNL back in the day. He wants the money back now. If he doesn’t get it back in 24 hours… Candace asks what he’s going to do, but he says he’ll let the suspense build. He tells them to get out of his house, but Kathryn reminds him that it’s her house. She tells him, get upstairs and change, and he asks who he’s talking to. She says the woman who’s had him by the balls, and is about to cut them off. The father of her son. He says she doesn’t even know where her son is. He’s in jail where this slimy bastard and her kids should be. He goes upstairs. Candace tells Hanna that’s what they think of her. Kathryn asks her to leave. She wants Hanna to stay, but Hanna has to get out. Kathryn says she’ll handle Jim; she promises.

Benny and Mitch are in the driveway. Benny asks, what happened? and Hanna says he shouldn’t be there. He says Candace shouldn’t be there, and asks why she is. Candace says, beating someone’s ass. Jim threatened him again. Benny wonders why Candace can’t see that it’s her fault. It’s not her money. She insists it is, and he says it needs to stop. He tells her to look, and shows her a picture of her son. Mitch tells him to lay off, and tries to get him to leave. Jim comes out on the balcony, and says, get the hell off his land, reminding me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained. Benny says he thinks he’s a big man. He thinks he’s better than they are, looking down on them. He knows he did this to Benny. Jim says then Benny knows what he’s capable of. Benny says he didn’t finish the job. What Jim wants is his money. Jim says Mitch should take Benny to the hospital while he still has a pulse. He asks if Benny’s tummy hurts. Kathryn tells him, get in here now.

Kathryn says she’s had more than enough. Jim says what she’s had more than enough of are her little boys. She asks if he can smell them on her. He says if he finds her with them again… She asks if he’s going to stab her too. He wants the money back. Kathryn tells him it would be a mistake to go after Hanna or her son. He says, says who? and she says her. Don’t make her go off rails again. He says she treats Hanna like Hanna is her mother, and Kathryn says Hanna helped her when she had cancer. Jim says, what? Kathryn says she had cancer, and he didn’t even notice. He doesn’t have the right to ask any of this. He wasn’t there. He says, Hanna took care of her, showed her sympathy, and somehow she thinks it’s worth $8 million. She tells him, keep it up, she’ll let Hanna have every last dime. He says then she’s even stupider than he thought. Hanna nursing her back to health is one more reason for him to hate her. He goes upstairs, and Kathryn says it’s one of the one thousand reasons she already hates him.

David sees Madison on the front steps. Madison says David should be in bed. David knows, and asks why Madison is sitting there. Madison says no one answered the door. David says, Jeffrey’s not home? Madison… Madison doesn’t know. David asks if he’s sure, but Madison says David needs to be checked out, and follows him in.

Jeffrey visits Justin. Justin knew he’d come back. Jeffrey says he never left. Justin wants him to see the apartment, but Jeffrey says he’s taking care of his dad. Justin begs him to go, and Jeffrey says okay. Didn’t we already have this conversation? Jeffrey says he can drop Justin off. Justin asks if he can’t stay and see it. Jeffrey says, not today, and Justin says, tomorrow. Jeffrey says his dad is probably wondering where he’s been. Justin asks where? and Jeffrey says the cafeteria. Justin says, talking to him? and Jeffrey says, no. Justin says, good; he doesn’t like him. Jeffrey says there’s nothing going on, and Justin says, since when? Jeffrey says Madison was trying, but he wasn’t interested. Justin smiles and says because Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he’ll see what they’re saying about Justin’s discharge. Justin says he loves him, and Jeffrey says he loves Justin too. This is creeping me out. A lot.

George wants Wyatt to put a bulletproof vest on for his testimony. Wyatt asks where the doctor is, and George says outside. Wyatt says, send him in. He’ll tell the grand jury whatever George wants, but he wants to see the doctor first. He tosses the vest out of the way. The doctor comes in, and George steps outside. Wyatt asks where the heroin is, but the doctor says he can’t give Wyatt heroin. He can give Wyatt a drug to help him detox. Wyatt asks what the hell? He wants heroin, but the doctor says he can’t give him illegal drugs. George comes back, and Wyatt says, no deal. George tells him that he’ll stay in jail then. Wyatt tells the doctor give him the pills. The doctor gives him one pill, saying it’s that strong. George asks how long before it takes effect, and the doctor says it depends on Wyatt’s tolerance. George tells the court clerk to ask for a recess. Wyatt says, come on; let’s go. George says he’s wired; let the pill take effect. He tells Wyatt, sit. Wyatt says he’s not sitting; let’s go. George says, no way. He’s waiting for Wyatt to calm down. Wyatt says he’s calm, and George tells him that he’s wearing the vest.

Madison changes David’s bandages, and says he’s healing well. He’s overdoing it, but looking good. David wants Madison to find out where Jeffrey is. Madison looks out the window, and says David’s wife just pulled up. Does David want him to call the cops? David says, no; call Jeffrey. David goes downstairs, and lets Veronica in. She says she thought about what David said, and she’d like to try. David asks if she means to make this work. She says, it’s been too messy. Too much nastiness; just too much. David agrees. She’d like to try. He says it would make him happy. She says she does love him. She was consumed with rage. He says he’s been a fool. She says, when she saw the house… He tells her, it was supposed to be hers. I almost feel badly for her, since she seems sincere. She says she’s going to stop drinking. He says he doesn’t like what does to her. She knows, and asks, can he forgive her? He can; he has. He loves her, and love conquers all. She asks how do they start over? and he says they can start slow, by dating. Like they did when they were in college, before the insanity. She wonders if they can go back to time of the chili parlor. She thanks him, and moves in for a hug, but it’s painful.

She’s sorry, but he says, it’s okay. It’s just that the nurse changed the bandages. Veronica says she should meet her, but David says, it’s a man. He calls upstairs, and Madison comes out. She says she doesn’t think they need him anymore; they’ll find someone else. David says it’s difficult to be able to do this. He had to call in favors at the hospital. Veronica tells herself to pick her battles. Why not just concentrate on getting back on track? she can’t keep living this way. She says he knows Jeffrey, and asks if David gets it now. He does. Jeffrey walks in, and David says they were just talking about him. Jeffrey asks, what’s going on? and David says his mother stopped by. Jeffrey asks, why? David puts his arm around Veronica, and says they’re working on getting back together. Jeffrey says he’s got to be kidding. Is he insane? Veronica says he’s finally came to his senses. David offers to walk her to her car, but she tells him, stay and rest. She’s sorry she got him up. She tells him to call her about chili dogs, and he says it won’t be too long. They kiss, and Jeffrey can’t even look.

When she’s gone, Jeffrey asks what’s going on. David says he told Jeffrey. Jeffrey says, she’s a snake. She’ll kill him. David tells Jeffrey to let him handle his mother. He gets why Jeffrey is visiting Justin; he gets it from them.

Roderick sees Candace in the hotel lobby, and thanks her. She tells him, go to hell, and asks, where’s Rocky? Roderick says he and RK are off. She’s thinking of a new plan, and she needs them ready to go. He asks what they’re doing, and she says she’ll let him know. He asks if she’s sure she’s okay. He’s never seen her like this. She says she needs every photo and video of Jim. Roderick offers her a drink, and she says, okay. He brings the vodka bottle over, and pours a shot. She drinks it down. He says, another? And she downs that too. She says, more, and he says, rough day? She says not as rough as his will be. She gets up, but Charles’s entourage is coming through. She asks Roderick why he’s still there, and Roderick says, you tell me.

Landon sees her, and tells her, come on. She says she’s not in the mood. He asks her to sit with him, but she doesn’t want to sit. He says, stand with him then, and she asks why he’s still there. Landon wonders what’s wrong with her. She says, nothing, but he says she’s been crying. She asks if she looks like the kind of girl who would be crying? and he says she looks like the kind of girl who needs a friend. Landon orders what she’s having. He wants to talk to her about him. She says she’s done with both of them. He says Charles told him about her in the bathroom crying. She says that’s why she doesn’t trust people. He tells her, stop it. She’s in pain, and he just wants to help. She asks why? Did Charles tell him to? He says he asked Landon to find someone for her to talk to. She says, so she can be with him? but he says, no. So they can help her. She says she’s not crazy, and he says he never said that. She says she doesn’t need a therapist, and he says he never said that either. She’s grieving. She starts to cry, and he tells her, come on. They leave.

In his room, Landon tells Candace to sit, and gives her some water. She says she’s embarrassed; she’s a wreck. He says she’s on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. She can’t stop shaking, and needs to control her breathing. She says her mother and brother were showing her pictures of her son. Charles knocks at the door. Landon tells her, relax. He tells her don’t fight or run. They should talk.

Charles comes in and sits down. He says she doesn’t look well. She says she’s fine; not enough sleep. He asks why? but she doesn’t know; something is off. He says his doctor can give her something to sleep, but she’s been drinking. He asks how much she’s had, but she doesn’t know. He tells her, try and rest, but she says she can’t. She doesn’t need…. He says she doesn’t need his help, get away, shut up, he doesn’t know her. He knows she can’t sleep. She says she thinks about her son. Every time she closes her eyes, all sees is him in the casket in his suit. She can’t see anything else. She says she’ll be okay, but Charles says, he’s not. He understands. He gets it. He’s been there. She’s sorry for what she did to her son, and what she did to Charles. He says they’ve both done things they regret. He’s so much like her. One day, he’ll tell her everything. She has to ask herself why she’s tired. He was too, on the path he was on. He was exhausted. He he had to do the right thing, and it brought him there. He’s giving her the same choice and chance to rest on the right path. She asks, why her? and he says he chooses her, like some people chose him. She says she can’t get her heart broken again. He says neither can he. She says every time she lets her guard down, it’s exactly the same. He tells her to let her guard down, and open her heart. Just try one more time. He promises he’s him. She says, him who?  He says, the guy she was made for. Try one more time. He holds her.

Next time, Candace doesn’t know where to start, Wyatt testifies, Jeffrey asks Madison not to tell his father, Wyatt gets thrown in a van, and finds a gun.

🌴 Postponing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills until tomorrow. I watched it, but would never be able to do it justice with my editing at this hour. I’m loving Denise Richards so far, who just seems confused about all the conflicts. The others, not so much. Whether LVP is manipulating the Dorit/dog situation is immaterial. Why are these women passing along info if they think they’re being led to do it by her? So they can bring it up at a nice dinner in the Bahamas? Bleh. Tired of the schoolgirl stuff. These ladies are way too old for that. I liked Teddi at first, but now she acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, as she stirs every pot available.

🌞 Because I Can Use Something Happy…

And this is about the happiest video ever.




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