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April 29, 2019 – A Trap Is Set For Ryan, Brittany’s Enchanted Forest, a Dark Game, a Quad of Views & Kitty’s Theme Game


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Sonny makes lasagna, telling Jason that he cooks for Carly when he can. Sam comes in, and Sonny says he thought she was at DOD. She says she’s on her way, but wanted to stop there first. She heard the session with Kristina didn’t go well. Her mom said Sonny thought they were getting through, but then Kristina shut down. Sonny says, Shiloh did a number on Kristina. He asks if Sam found out where he keeps the Pledges. She says she’s getting there, and Sonny says they need her help to get Kristina’s Pledge back.

There’s a knock at the DOD door. Shiloh answers, saying they don’t have to knock. The door is always open. He introduces himself, and the man at the door says he’s Mark Turner. He walks in on incredibly loud shoes, and Shiloh asks what led him to them. Mark wonders where he begins. The theme from Love Story plays in my head.

Curtis phones Jordan to see how she’s doing. She says, good, adding that dialysis is just a small part of her life. Curtis says it’s vital to her existence, and she asks if he called to remind her. He says he called because he misses her. She says she misses him too, but she can survive a few days without him. He says she’s shattered his illusion, and she asks if he’s getting anywhere. He says the pharmacy break-in is a hot topic with local gossip, especially among the junkies. He found a user who might have something. A dude who looks like Jesus shows up, but says his name is Timmy. Curtis hands him breakfast.

Lucy sees Jordan, and tells her that a lot folks are still talking about Curtis’s big proposal at last year’s Nurses’ Ball. She’s wondering if he’ll perform his magic again this year. Jordan says he’s out of town, but she’ll check with him. Lucy wonders what about a magic act together? Franco approaches, saying he has an idea for a Nurses’ Ball number; it’s a duet. Lucy says, that’s sweet, but it might be dicey. Not that he isn’t talented, but it’s the whole murder confession thing. Jordan says he was an invaluable help to the PCPD, and without him, they might not have realized Doc was really Ryan.

At the cemetery, Lulu tells Laura that she pitched the exclusive interview with Ava to Peter, and he gave her the green light. Laura says, Ryan will definitely be following the Port Charles news. Lulu says first, they have to put Ava and Kevin together, and post it on the internet. Is Laura sure she’s ready for this? Laura says, let’s get it done, her new catch phrase. At the cemetery entrance, Felicia tells Mac this is a group effort, and they need him on the team. Mac says, after all she’s been through, she’s still committed? She says Ryan isn’t getting the jump on them this time. When he comes back, they’ll be ready. Ava arrives, and asks if everything is in place, and where the guest of honor is. Doc says, right here. Let’s give my brother the memorial he deserves.

Sam thinks Spinelli might be the right choice, but Jason says he was already involved, and someone might recognize him. Sonny tells her, if there’s any trouble, get the hell out. They also need to tell Kristina that what she said doesn’t matter; nothing can hurt him. Sam says she needs to get into the records, and has to go. Jason tells her, be careful, and Sonny says, good luck. She leaves, and Jason asks if there was any fallout after Kristina used the phone. Sonny says she eventually calmed down, and is with Neil. Jason says if anyone was looking for Kristina, they would have heard by now.

Mark says it was like Shiloh was speaking to him, and reads from Shiloh’s book. If you can’t find love outside of yourself, search inside. That’s why he’s there; Shiloh changed his life. Shiloh asks how he learned about them, and he says he saw Shiloh speak at the plaza. He was convinced when he saw how they reached out to the homeless, and he bought the book. He’s hoping he can learn to search inside too. Shiloh says, it’s an honorable goal. He wonders why Mark went to the seminar, and Mark says he told himself he wasn’t going to do this. Shiloh tells Mark, give the pain to him. Mark says his girlfriend left him. She said he was too clingy and dependent, with no job and no life of his own, and she’s right. He just wants to make people happy. Can Shiloh help him? Shiloh believes they can.

Jordan sees Margaux, and says despite the joint statement, Franco is still getting blowback of his false confession. Lucy asks Margaux if she has any special talents, and Margaux says she’s good at putting criminals away, but Lucy says she’s asking if Margaux sings, or does magic, or that aerial thing with silks. Margaux says she did synchronized swimming in college, and Lucy says she’ll get back to her on that. Ta! Jordan explains the Nurses’ Ball to Margaux. Margaux says she’s heading to the station, and says they can talk about whether another joint statement is necessary on the way. Jordan says she’s having coffee with her son. Margaux says, no offense, but Jordan doesn’t look good. Jordan jokes about forgetting to put on blush, and Margaux asks if she’s sure she’s okay. Chase and Valerie approach, and Valerie says they want to open an investigation. Chase tells them that Kristina has disappeared.

Felicia tells Laura that Doc loves her, and only her. Laura doesn’t like the situation, but she can do it. Ava says Ryan will lose what’s left of his mind when he sees her with Doc. Mac reminds them, crazy isn’t stupid. Ryan is never more dangerous than when his ego is bruised. Doc says this time; they have the upper hand. When he sees they’ve declared him dead, Ryan will think he’s in the clear, and return. Lulu says it will be covered by The Invader. She’s putting it up on the website, and guarantees it will be trending in no time.

Laura says there’s been evidence of a pharmacy break-in in the Niagara Falls Area. Drugs were taken that are the same ones you’d need if you lost a limb. Ava says, there are also the calls. It’s just breathing, but she’s sure it’s Ryan. Laura says the authorities have closed the case, but that doesn’t mean a PI can’t continue it. Curtis is up in Canada investigating the break-in. Doc says, until then, they have their own work to do.

Curtis tells Timmy that he just want information about the break-in at the pharmacy. Does he know about it? Timmy asks what’s in it for him, besides breakfast?

Jordan says she hasn’t heard anything about Kristina being missing. How long has it been? Chase says, more than 48-hours. Jordan suggests she took off; it’s not unheard of. Valerie says, except Kristina called her from a blocked number asking for help. That’s all she got out when the line went dead. If she called Valerie, Kristina must be in real trouble. They’ve been on the outs since Valerie criticized her friends. Jordan asks if Kristina is in with a bad crowd, and Chase says, yeah. Jordan asks where Kristina was last seen, and Chase says, she was at the DOD house.

Mark tells Shiloh that he wants to take as many classes as he can. Shiloh says Mark mentioned he didn’t have a job, and the class fees are on a sliding scale. Mark says his situation is just the opposite. His parents died in a car crash; the brakes were defective, and there was money from the car company. He’s an only child, so he got it all, but he’d give up everything to have his parents back, or if Gillian hadn’t left. In his book, Shiloh says perfect comfort is found in untold sacrifice. He thinks Shiloh can help him. Shiloh hopes so. Sam comes in, and Shiloh introduces their newest seeker, saying, he’s there for the introductory class. Sam hopes Mark gets as much out of it as she did. Mark asks if Shiloh will be there, adding he’s probably too busy. Shiloh says he enjoys watching new people find their path. He tells Mark to go in the back, where the other members are, and asks Sam if she’s heard from Kristina. Sam says their mom spoke to Kristina, and she’s still working things out. Shiloh hates that Kristina’s doubts got the better of her, but Sam says she’ll come back home after a while. Shiloh hopes it’s before Sam joins the Trust, and Sam says she was hoping the same thing. That’s why she’s there.

Neil comes by Sonny’s place. Sonny tells Neil coking relaxes him and helps him think. Neil says Kristina told him at length how she doesn’t blame Shiloh for her getting kidnapped. She kind of implied Jason is hard to catch. On one hand, she respects him, but on the other, she’s angry for him taking away the thing she wants. Jason asks if she still doesn’t know what would have happened, and Neil says she’ll only shut down. When she’s not isolating herself, she’s been playing board games with Max. They seem to have a good rapport. Sonny says, she’s known Max her whole life. Neil tells them that Kristina said she might be ready for another family meeting soon. He didn’t change her mind; Alexis did. Kristina witnessed Alexis breaking down. She saw Alexis’s distress, and is starting to realize they’re motivated by love. Sonny says, she’s got that right. Neil says he’s discovering that Kristina is a unique and intelligent woman. Underneath Shiloh’s dogma, she’s vibrant. Sonny asks if she mentioned anything about the Pledge she gave Shiloh.

Neil says she didn’t mention anything, but he doesn’t expect her to. Sonny says he thought they were starting to get through, and Neil says they’ve made inroads, but still have a long way to go. The closer Kristina gets to reclaiming herself, the worse she’s going to feel about the Pledge, especially if it incriminates Sonny. Sonny says, that’s impossible, and Jason says, Kristina doesn’t know about the business. Maybe she exaggerated or lied, but there’s no proof; nothing that can be takes to the cops. Sonny says, the worst that can happen is an investigation will be opened, but it won’t go anywhere. He thinks that should be explained to Kristina, but Neil asks, what if he’s wrong?

Sam tells Shiloh that she was going to suggest they go upstairs, but he has new seekers. He can’t abandon them, or they’ll be disappointed. He’ll see her afterward.

Jordan says DOD was on their on radar until Jason got picked up. Chase says Michael was worried about Kristina’s well-being. She was about to take a big step, having been chosen for some honor. Jordan asks what he means, and he says the group is secretive. Margaux says Jason was released because Shiloh insisted they let him go. She ask if Chase is sure Kristina’s family doesn’t know where she is.

Sam sneaks upstairs to Shiloh’s office, which seems pretty easy to get in with a bobby pin, so they’re not all that good at being secretive. She sees the files are color-coded, and says, why make it easy? She flips through the file folders, looks through one, shakes her head, and puts it back. She finds her own folder, and takes it out.

Timmy tells Curtis, breakfast is good, but Curtis has to make it worth his while if he wants Timmy to talk about the pharmacy job. Curtis guesses there’s no chance he’d do it to save people’s lives. Did he have anything to do with it? Timmy says someone wanted to hire him, but he turned them down. Curtis asks. what about the drugs that were stolen? He gets why someone would steal painkillers, but what about the other stuff? Was he keeping it for himself? Timmy says he didn’t do it. Curtis tells him, talk first; then he gets the money. Maybe he can give Curtis a theory. He hands Timmy a bill, and Timmy says he was given a list. Curtis hands him another bill, asking who the person was who gave him the list.

Franco shows up at the cemetery. He says when Ava said this was happening, he didn’t believe it. Why give that evil bastard a ceremony? Doc says, closure, and Ava says, to end the nightmare for good.  Franco says at least she’s given up on her ridiculous idea of luring him out of hiding. Laura says, good riddance. Doc says he wishes he’d healed Ryan, and they’d grown older together, like twins should. He was given the greater gift; intelligence and sanity, but failed Ryan. He had hoped Ryan could find peace, but maybe in death he’ll be healed; conquer his demons and find peace. Franco hopes he rots in hell, and from high above, Kiki gets to watch. Lulu films everything.

Laura says her daughter was stronger and smarter than Ryan. Her life is beginning, and his is over, thank God. He lost and they won. Felicia says Lulu beat him, and you know who else beat him. Her and Mac. All those times he said he was smarter than they were; who’s smarter now? He gave himself the punishment he deserves. They all step on the dirt. Ava says, Franco is right. He deserves to rot in hell for eternity, but her beautiful girl isn’t looking down on him. Heaven is filled with good things, and there’s no room for his memory. Kiki has forgotten him already. Like she will, as he deserves to be forgotten. Doc says amen. He puts his arm around Ava, and holds her. Franco is like, hmm… Lulu continues to film.

Curtis asks who hired Timmy. He says they didn’t have a business card. Curtis says they must have been in trouble, or injured. Give him something. Timmy says, it was a woman.

Jordan asks Valerie if she followed up, and Valerie says she went to the DOD house. Shiloh claimed he doesn’t know where Kristina is. Sam claims not to know either. Jordan asks if Sam seemed concerned, but Valerie tells her that Sam said Kristina was off somewhere to clear her head, and that Alexis had heard from her, but then why would she call asking for help? Margaux wonders if Alexis knows where she is. Chase thinks something is off, and people know more than they’re saying.

Neil says Kristina’s greatest asset is also her greatest liability. She knows her family loves her, and is acting in her best interest. If they confront her about the Pledge, and she admits she betrayed someone she loves, it will hurt her self-worth. The only thing worse, is if the person she betrayed is arrested and tried, causing lasting hurt. Sonny says, the chances are next to nothing, and Neil asks if he’s willing to bet Kristina’s future on next to nothing. Sonny says, no, and Neil tells him, don’t ask about the Pledge.

Sam goes through her own folder, and I tell her to stop lollygagging. Under her picture, it says, despite commitment issues, she’s likely worthy of the DOD Trust. She says, that’s right, Shiloh. Tell her his secrets so she can take him down. She sees a photo of when she was blindfolded, with Shiloh looking at her.

Sonny wonders if Kristina said anything about the phone call, but Neil says she only told him that she’d called a friend. Sonny asks if it was Shiloh or someone else from DOD. Neil tells Sonny, Kristina said it was someone she knew before DOD. Someone she had to cut ties with because of DOD. Her confession was full of regret. Jason says, Valerie Spencer, and Sonny says, that makes sense. Neil says Alexis heard her ask for help, but she didn’t have time to explain before they took the phone. If her friend suspects she’s being held against her will, they could call the police. Sonny says, the problem is, that Valerie is the police. She’s a detective with the PCPD.

Mark walks back into the living room with Shiloh. He says it seems so clear when Shiloh speaks. He’d like to hear more about cutting out negative people, and Shiloh says they can plan a course of study. Mark wonders where to start, and Shiloh says, the classes aren’t sequential. He can start where he wants. Mark also wants to volunteer. Can Shiloh show him online, or does he have an app? Shiloh says they don’t really post about those things. Mark bumps into another member, sending the books in his hands flying. Mark helps pick everything up. Shiloh asks the guy if he’s seen Sam. He has some new reading material for her from the library. The guy says he hasn’t, and Shiloh apologizes to Mark, saying he has to go. Mark asks if he can have a tour; he didn’t know there was a library. Shiloh suggests Mark stay for dinner, and afterwards, he’ll give Mark the grand tour. Shiloh extracts himself, and Mark sends a text. Upstairs, Sam looks on the back of the photo, and it says, it will be interesting to see what secrets she pledges. She takes out her phone, and reads a text that says, Shiloh looking for you. Get out now. I suspected Mark was working for her when he wouldn’t let Shiloh leave the room.

Jordan asks if Chase thinks Kristina’s family is involved, but Chase says, it’s so murky, he can’t tell. She hasn’t answered her phone in days. Margaux says she called Valerie, and Valerie says, it sounded like she got caught. She could be in danger. Jordan thinks they should open an investigation, but Margaux disagrees. Why waste time and resources? Alexis claims Kristina is away taking a breather. There’s no reason for an investigation. Maybe the call to Valerie was a prank. She said they weren’t on good terms. There’s no reason to waste resources on a non-event. Chase wonders who she’s protecting – Sonny or Shiloh.

At the MetroCourt, Ava says she needs a drink. Lulu says she uploaded the film, and it’s definitely click bait. It’s already been picked up and posted elsewhere. Laura hates to leave the party, but has mayoral duties. Franco sees Ava at the small bar, and asks what’s going on with her and Doc. Ava calls Doc over, and Franco asks if she can’t talk to him unless this guy is there. Ava says he may as well know. She went to see Doc to help her find closure. At first, she was in denial, blaming Doc for Ryan’s crimes, but as they talked, they felt a connection. They were both betrayed, and understand each other’s shame and grief. Doc is everything Ryan pretended to be. Doc says Ryan stole his life, and ruined Ava’s. They need to be with someone who understands. Lucy walks in, and says he has to be Ryan. Her Doc would never touch the likes of Ava. Doc says it’s really him, and Lucy asks what he’s doing. He says, comforting a kindred spirit. Lucy says the last time she saw him, they were honoring Gail, and she delivered him to Laura. Doc says he hurt Laura too much. Felicia and Mac join them, and Lucy says Doc is talking and saying things, but he’s not making any sense. Felicia says, it’s okay, but Lucy says, it’s so not okay. Lulu says, there’s nothing that can be done, and Lucy says, the hell there isn’t.

Neil tells Sonny, if the police get involved, there could be severe ramifications. Sonny says, Valerie and the PCPD can look until hell freezes over, but they won’t find Kristina. Jason says they’ve had a lot of experience. Neil tells them, exit therapy is not an exact science. If it doesn’t work, and Kristina turns them over to the police, it could be a catastrophe.

Sam leaves Shiloh’s office. Shiloh sees her, and asks what she’s doing there.

Margaux says Chase is out of line. Valerie tells Chase, let’s go. They gave it their best shot. They leave, and Margaux asks if Jordan is ready to go or is Jordan going to question her judgement too? Jordan says she’s still going to see her son. Margaux leaves, and Jordan hopes Curtis is getting somewhere. She leans on the wall, and starts to call him, but the phone drops out of her hand, and then she drops to the floor.

In the elevator, Chase tells Valerie they can forget about the DA and do an investigation without approval. Valerie is in.

Curtis asks Timmy if the women left a name or said why she wanted the drugs. Timmy says he has to go. Curtis says he has a hundred dollars total, if Timmy coughs up the name of the woman who wanted him to boost the drugs.

Lucy tells Doc that when the truth was revealed that Doc unleashed Ryan, she was the only one who stood up for him. She even gave him a place to live. Doc understands and appreciates it, but asks her to please trust him; he knows what he’s doing. Lucy says, not from where she’s standing. She’s talked to his neighbors, and he hasn’t even been home for the past few nights. Don’t tell her… She looks at Doc and Ava, and tells him, consider himself evicted. He can find a bed on the street. He’ll be so tired of Ava. By the time the Nurses’ Ball rolls around, he’ll be heartbroken and friendless. Felicia tells her that they need to talk about it, but Lucy says, apparently, there’s nothing left to say, and leaves in tears. Franco asks if Ava is okay, and Ava says she’s fine. Franco says, from where he’s siting, she doesn’t seem all right. He leaves, and Mac says that Ava is good at playing her roll. Lulu says the video is trending, and Mac says, it worked. Felicia says they need to hope against hope that it got Ryan’s attention. Ava’s phone rings.

Tomorrow, Finn asks Elizabeth if she’s heard from Hayden, Neil says they have another complication, and Stella finds Jordan.

Vanderpump Rules

The theme of the engagement party is enchanted forest. Brittany is thrilled at how the venue looks. Jax signs the last of the checks. In his interview, he says, it’s a solid wedding, never mind an engagement party, but this is the new Jax. He rolls with the punches. He tells Brittany that she’s worth it. She goes to change.

Tom is figuring out what he’s wearing. He tells Ariana that he’s toying with wearing a hat. Ariana doesn’t think he should upstage the groom. He says it’s a constant challenge.

Lala decides to wear a headpiece. She wanted to wear a crown, because she has to let bitches know what’s up. Whatever that means. She’s queen?

Stassi tells Beau that she can’t believe they’re going to Jax’s engagement party. Jax is still an a-hole, but doesn’t take out on Brittany or them anymore. Beau can’t open a bottle, and Stassi asks him to give it to her. He’s skeptical, but she opens it easily. She asks, who’s your daddy?

Schwartz tells Katie that he wants to wear a TomTom onesie. He can’t picture Katie pregnant. He thinks she’ll be a monster of a human. I think it could go either way.

Lala says she’s going to continue not drinking. She tries to be a good human, but takes all her downfalls out on Rand. Scheana says Adam won’t speak to her because she went on a date. Lala think if he doesn’t want that happening, he should do something about it. She says Scheana always gives it her all, and they end up walking on her. Scheana starts crying, and Kristen says she’s not pregnant, right? That’s a no. She tells the girls that Adam loves penguins, and she found out you can adopt one from the aquarium. I’m laughing because she probably thinks you’re actually adopting it like you would a child or a pet. She says if Adam is still mad at her after she got him an effing penguin, they’re done. I’m with you, Scheana.

Stassi tells Beau that she’s trying be conscious of everything; recognizing the moments she can go off. She had her birthday freak-out. Unfortunately, but it happened. We flash back to her calling Beau incessantly, then slamming the phone on the floor. After that, her mom told her that she was the problem, and she was lucky to have him. Beau says it was awful and unacceptable. She saw a freaking witch, and she’s never tried to better herself before.

Ariana tells Tom that she’s thinking of talking to Lisa at the party. Because in the reality TV world, the best time to bring up your personal beefs is at someone else’s event. Preferably someone who’s totally unrelated to the problem. Ariana says she’s known Lisa for eight years. There’s no reason not to be able to speak respectfully and honestly about something that’s bothering her. In Ariana’s interview, she says Lisa encouraged the Toms to go to Mexico, then publicly shamed them. Exaggerate much? Tom says a huge falling out would suck and affect things, but Ariana says it would only one person’s fault, because she’ll be respectful.

James sees therapist Anita. He tells her that he’s trying his best to keep his temper. He was controlled, and when there was a group vacation to Mexico, he didn’t take the news well that he wasn’t invited. He blew up at the hosts of the trip. We flash back to that. He doesn’t understand the mentality of being angry and not doing anything about it. She asks about his drinking, and he says he’s only had a couple of beers here and there. I laugh because in the old People’s Court shows with Judge Wapner, any time someone said they just had a couple of beers, the judge would look at Bailiff Rusty and practically roll his eyes, knowing it was probably more like a six-pack. James insists he hasn’t gotten drunk, and has only had two at the most. He’s more comfortable doing that, than going a party and being the sober guy. He thinks he’s more charismatic when he drinks, and doesn’t think he’d be that person without it. He tells her that Lisa says he’s full of self-doubt. In his interview, he says he thinks too much when he’s sober. He’s twenty-six; he can make his own decisions. Anita suggests he focus on what he should do for himself, not what he can do for others. He says not caring what they think is impossible. She tells him, the more power he gives to how people look at him, the worse he starts to feel he’s not good enough. He says he wishes he’d said different things at different moments. Then life would be different. Ha! Don’t we all wish that, and yes it would. A real Confucius, that James.

Scheana says they’re not only going to celebrate Brittany and Jax, but to party. They get on a party bus, and Lala asks if there’s a stripper pole. Of course there is. Brittany says they have Kentucky in the building. Tom goofs around on the pole. In Tom’s interview, he says if things ever went south with TomTom he has to have something to fall back on. Right now, he’s falling back on the pole. Jax sees a video, and he’s jealous he’s not on the bus. Brittany notes Lala’s headpiece, and says everyone is on theme. She hopes Lala isn’t upset that she’s not a bridesmaid. In Brittany’s interview, she says she can’t have twenty bridesmaids, and hopes Lala doesn’t kick her ass. We flash back to Lala yelling at James. Brittany doesn’t want anyone to feel sad or left out it. It makes her feel guilty inside.

Scheana hates the tension between her and Adam. She wants to make it better, but he won’t even make eye contact.

Jax says Brittany looks beautiful. I do too, but I’m surprised she isn’t more on theme. Brittany thinks the place looks amazing. In her interview, she says she’s living the fairytale dream. Lisa and Ken arrive. Giggy! Jax says they only have beer and wine. There are certain people he doesn’t trust with tequila. He’s one of them.

Scheana says, depending on how tonight goes with Adam, she might Uber home. She tells the girls that Ethan wanted to make her dinner. He did, and two bottles of wine later, went downtown for a half hour. It doesn’t necessarily lead to a home run. Then she says, Adam won’t do it, it’s not his thing, and we all go, what? I’m not getting this at all. He won’t commit; says she can date others, but gets mad when she does; and he’s not satisfying her sexually. Oh yeah, sign me up. Scheana is not the brightest bulb in the box, but she deserves better. She consistently picks guys who are unavailable in one way or another.

The bus arrives. Jax and Brittany pose by the flower wall. Brittany hugs mamaw. Tom opens champagne with a knife. Brittany’s father tells Lisa that when Brittany first came out there, Lisa was like a mom. He didn’t have to be so concerned about her safety. Lisa’s concern for Brittany’s welfare made it better. Lia says Brittany is a lovely girl. She’s happy to be there for Brittany, and watch her grow. Don asks if Jax asks if Jax has really changed, and Lisa thinks he has. He has Brittany by his side, and it’s made a difference. In Lisa’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if it will last, but Brittany is the best thing that’s happened to Jax. That’s the only thing they all agree on. Don says, every man needs a good woman, and Lisa says, hopefully only one. She keeps telling her husband that. Jax introduces sister Jenny to Lisa, and they show her their tattoos.

Brittany says she has a permanent smile, and tells Lala that she didn’t want her to feel left out. Lala says this is Brittany’s day, and she should have whoever she wants. She has an engagement gift; it’s from her and Rand. She gives Brittany an envelope, and inside she finds a voucher for a trip to Cabo on the private jet. In her interview, Brittany doesn’t know what’s worse. That she had to talk to Lala about not being a bridesmaid or that Lala rewarded her for that with the trip of a lifetime. She feels like a little turd. Lala says just tell her when, and they’ll fuel the jet, and have the best time ever.

Schwartz tells Adam that he can feel the tension. He can put a knife between Adam and Scheana. He asks if the catalyst is Scheana being with another dude. Adam says he asked if she slept with him, and she said yeah. Kristen tells Scheana to be honest and real. Hopefully he will too. Schwartz tells Adam that he doesn’t think it’s a deal breaker. In his interview, Schwartz says in his relationship, he learned, resistance is futile. You have to cave, and make the commitment. Commit to Scheana and see what happens. He laughs, and slaps his knee. Adam asks to talk to Scheana.

Adam says he doesn’t know where to start. Scheana says for the last eight months, everyone has been saying they love each other, but he says he doesn’t have feelings for her. He says he doesn’t know if he’s ready. She told him if he dated, she’d be upset. She says he told her that he didn’t care if she dated, as long as it wasn’t someone he knew. Raising his volume like ten notches, he screams they talked at the white party, and she screwed another guy. Lisa comes by, but hangs back from intervening. Schwartz is dancing with Katie, and says he’s going to twirl her so he can access the situation. Scheana asks Adam if he loves her. He looks away, and she tells him, answer the question. He says, no. She was just with another guy all weekend. She says she thought about him the whole time, and he says, thanks for the consideration. That makes it so much better. She says she’s so sorry she did something that made him realize he has feelings for her, but if she hadn’t, would he ever speak up? No. They’d have just kept on doing the same thing. She did it just to see how he felt. He gets up, and she tries to stop him. He says she’s trying to rationalize it, and Scheana says she’s finishing the conversation. She asks him for a hug, and he reluctantly responds. He says, please. He needs to walk away. In her interview, Scheana says, even though they’re not in a relationship, she feels like they literally broke up. Adam can’t jet fast enough.

At SUR, manager Monica sees James has a reservation, and reminds the waitress that he no longer works there. He and Raquel are seated and order. In his interview, James says everyone at the engagement party will be so wasted. He makes fun of them, imitating them drunk. He says he didn’t expect an invite, although he would have gone had he gotten ne. He tells Raquel that he hopes they’re invited to the wedding. Raquel says for that to happen, he’ll have to change his approach with everyone. He says he’s so in love with her, she’s all he wants. She says he doesn’t want to any more cheating accusations. James says, then there’s hope for him. He never cheated on her. I don’t think any of us believe that, and Raquel says, now that they live together, it will be harder to make something up. She’ll be with him every day.

Scheana cries, and shows Kristen the adoption paper for the penguin with Adam’s name on it. Kristen asks if he knows, again, like it’s a real kid. Scheana weeps and shakes her head. Tom takes a drink from Ariana’s flask. Ariana asks if Lisa would like some warm, disgusting tequila, but that’s a hard no. In Ariana’s interview, she says she loves Tom. She doesn’t show her commitment with a wedding, but she’s doing the bravest thing she can possibly do – go to bat for him with Lisa. She tells Lisa that she loves and respects her, but she said something about the Toms not working hard at TomTom. She’s not going to lie; it bummed her out. They would have never gone on the trip if Lisa hadn’t said to go. Lisa says the Toms have a playful relationship, and she’d never want to ruin their friendly banter. Ariana thinks when people see it, they’ll think the Toms are idiots. Lisa says one of the reasons she wanted to work with them was they’re youthful energy and sense of humor. Ariana says they have more to offer than that. She can’t speak for Schwartz, but Tom is probably one of the hardest working people she’s known. We see Tom with the beer bong. She says, especially when it comes to something he loves, and he loves the bar. She doesn’t want people thinking they’re somebody Lisa pulled from the gutter. Omg, now she’s on another planet. Lisa tells her to lighten up. In Lisa’s interview, she says she enjoys teasing the Toms, and they give her good reason and good cause. Their personas aren’t serious. They’re not Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Lisa tells Ariana, their names are on the building. That says a lot. Ariana wants them to be able to earn the same love and respect they fee for her. She loves and respects Lisa so much. Lisa hopes so, and they hug.

Brittany hugs her dad. Schwartz tells Jax, what a difference a year makes. It’s cliché, but 100% true. Jax says he used to wonder who he needed to be each day. He acted differently with different people, and got to the point where he couldn’t even keep up with what he was telling people. In Tom’s interview, he says Jax’s lies were on a different level. His parents owned 70% of CVS, he was waiting to be a firefighter, his modeling career was taking off, he was roommates with Channing Tatum. Tom says, let’s promise to always be friends, no matter what happens. He appreciates Jax’s dad, but wants to toast to Jax.

James asks Raquel if they’ll get married one day, and she nods. He says he loves her so much. In her interview, Raquel says she sees marriage down the road, and babies. She and James are perfect for each other. Her eyes don’t look like she believes it. She always looks trapped. The waitress tells James, sorry, but no employee discount. He says the meal was expensive, and he needs a shot. I can’t tell if that’s a joke or not, and I don’t think Raquel can either.

Lisa sees Beau, and asks if he’s looking for his princess. He says he was bringing her another drink. Lisa says Stassi seems happy with him. No one ever validated her; they suppressed her. She can see that Beau loves her a lot. He says he does, and Lisa wonders if he’s going to ask Stassi to marry him. He says he is. In her interview, Lisa says he listens to Stassi, and doesn’t try to make her into something she’s not. He nurtures her, cares for her, and loves her more than he does himself. Stassi joins them. Lisa says she and Ken were engaged three months, and they’ve been married for thirty-six years. She says she told Beau he was lucky to have Stassi. Stassi says her mom said she’ll mess it up. We flash back to the horrifying things Stassi’s mother was saying about her – to Beau. In Stassi’s interview, she says she felt herself bringing negativity and insecurity into the relationship, and sabotaging it. She tells Lisa that it makes her want to be combative; like, fine, she’ll do it. Lisa says Stassi is a strong woman, and similar to her. That’s why she’s always had an affinity for Stassi. Her mother’s negativity has nothing do with her . Stassi says both of her parents are on marriage number four. Beau says they’re not their parents. Lisa points out the way they look at each other. Stassi says she loves Beau him so much. Lisa says, it hurts, and Stassi agrees. Lisa promises it will be fine, and tells them to enjoy each day. In Stassi’s interview, she says it reconfirms she’s on the right track. Ken and Lisa are goals. She wants Beau to follow her everywhere, holding one of their dogs. Giggy! Lisa tells them, never prove her wrong.

Scheana wails to mamaw that she wants be happy. In Jax’s interview, he says, the party is amazing, but if he had one complaint it would be that Scheana found some way to make it about herself, because she wants to marry Adam tomorrow. Get your sh*t together. Scheana hugs mamaw, who asks if she wants to come to Kentucky for a few days.

Mamaw tells Schwartz that she never had a beer in her life. He says her beer cheese is awesome. It’s time to cut the cake. Brittany says it’s a practice round, and she and Jax feed each other. Stassi asks Don how proud he is. He says he wants to be on board 100%, and she says he sounds like her dad. She tells him that you have to trust, or it will drive you seriously crazy. In Stassi’s interview, she says she knows Jax has lied, cheated, and duped them all in the past, but this is the first time he’s proposed. She thinks she owes it to them to root for them. She tells Don, as long as Jax makes Brittany happy, technically, that’s all that matters. He says he’d take more comfort in that if he heard it from Jax. We flash back to Jax telling Don that he’ll always be number one. Stassi says if Jax messes up, they’ll crucify him; light him on fire. She’ll take a hot spike, and shove it up his ass. Don laughs. Scheana gets her drink on, and babbles about Adam. She says she did it to see if he cared; now it’s effed up. Jenny asks if Jax is happy, and tells him not to doubt who he is. She’ll always be in his corner, whether he’s a d*ck or the nicest person on earth. In his interview, Jax says his sister has the same qualities their father had. He can’t imagine life without her. She says she still doesn’t trust telling him anything. He says, that will never change. He can’t help himself.

Lisa asks for the mic. She says tonight is the night many of them thought would never happen. Jax has grown up. They’ve surrounded, supported, and loved him. It’s been a challenging year, but life is about obstacles to overcome, and challenges to rise to. With Brittany as his partner, they’ll go a long way. But if he messes with her Kentucky muffin, she’s coming for him.

In Lisa’s interview, she tells us, they say a leopard doesn’t change its spots, but the leopard she married did. If there’s hope for Ken Todd, there might be hope for Jax Taylor.

Brittany thanks everyone, and says they’ve gone through a lot, but have gotten so much support and love from everyone. They’ve never been happier. In Brittany’s interview, she says she knows people had doubts, but she sees their family and friends there, supporting him. They all love her and Jax. She tells the guests that she loves Jax more than anyone in the world. She’ll never give up on him. In her interview, she says the hell with people’s opinions. She believes they’ll get their happily ever after. In Jax’s interview, he says he doesn’t care what people think. He knows how much wants this, and loves her. It just fuels his fire to prove them wrong. Brittany says, everybody dance!

Tom tells Lisa that he needs her for something very important. She says, whatever it is, she’s not doing it. He shows her the beer bong, and she asks why she’d want do that. He says it fulfills the partnership. He and Schwartz have created a special bedazzled funnel with LVP on it. In Schwartz’s interview, he says it cements a partnership by funneling a beer. In Lisa’s interview, she says she never drank much beer, and never did a beer bong, but… she never turns down a dare. She bongs the beer, Tom yells, the queen! everyone cheers, and Lisa bows. In her interview, she says, and that’s the way you leave a party. Good night. She tells Ken, it was disgusting, burps, and says, sorry.

Next time – the Reunion – James is in shambles, Billie and Lala go at it again, Beau says watching the pilot scared him, Andy asks how Lisa is coping and she needs a moment, Lala says Raquel comes to her when it’s feeding time and expects not to get feasted on, James calls Brittany’s family a bunch of hillbillies, which doesn’t go over real big. Note to James: this is not how you get invited to the wedding.

I hope it works for Brittany and Jax. I’ll probably never like Jax, but it doesn’t matter. Brittany loves him, and I like her. I hope she gets her fairytale ending.

👑 Cue Game of Thrones title theme. It was time for the big battle, between the dead and everyone except Cersei. Besides doing a lot of staring at people, the Red Woman said some magic words, and the Dothraki suddenly got swords of flame. This made for great cinematography, but sadly, they fell into a trap. After that, everything was so dark throughout the entire battle, it was hard to see what was going on. I thought it was my TV until I read another blog post on it specifically (see below).

Edd got killed defending Sam, and Sam ran. Tyrion almost made Sansa smile, and it seemed like she actually mulled over them getting back together for a moment when he joked about it. I made noises when the Night King swooped down on zombie Viserian, and I also said, do something red lady! There was a giant zombie or a zombie giant that Lyanna ended up killing by stabbing in the eye, but she got squashed for her trouble, while the Hound took notes. Good thing Arya learned to move like a cat from that Zen/sword master, because she needed that skill to hide from meandering zombies later. Beric and the Hound teamed up, after the Hound just got done saying they were doomed no matter what. They ended up saving Arya, who crashed through a wall along with several zombies. Beric was a goner, but the Hound dragged them both away. Then the Red Woman finally showed up, yapping about purpose. Zombie dragon had a fight with Jon’s dragon, and Dany’s dragon incinerated the Night King, but he turned out to be like Yul Brynner in Westworld, because he just stood there laughing. Well, he had the same expression he always has, but he wasn’t even singed. Jon stupidly followed him, and the Night King raised his army back up from the dead, along with everyone who had just died. It was like, are we going to have to do this all over again?  And what good is Bran if he just sees stuff, and can’t do anything about it? The whole thing was just a mess. Ser Jorah saved Dany, but paid with his life. Jon Snow had enough, and extracted himself from the Night King’s minons, walloping everyone in his wake. The Night King had bigger fish to fry, heading for Bran. Theon was a big hero, saving Bran’s life for a millisecond at the expense of his own, but again, why? As the Night King stood in front of Bran, Arya flew out of nowhere and stabbed him with the dragon glass dagger. He shattered, and so did all the other Wights. Once again, who’s gonna clean up that mess? The Red Woman said, forget this, tossed her necklace, turned into a naked old lady, and dissolved. It was relentless and amazing, and IMO the best part was the shock of the recently dead rising.

This show is literally awesome. I find myself sitting with my mouth hanging open. I felt the same way about the books. The genre isn’t even my thing, but I was hooked from the first page.

Best quotes:

Jon: The Night King is coming. * Dany: The dead are already here.

Sansa (after Arya hands her a dagger): I don’t know how to use it. * Arya: Stick them with the pointy end.

👓 A Few Viewpoints…

Glad it wasn’t just me. Other people noted the darkness as well.

The death toll.

A simple review.

My favorite snarky recap.

🐱 Now For Something Completely Different…

And pretty weird.







April 26, 2019 – Oscar Gets His Wish, nuShams, a Shower, Wives at Coachella, Vicki’s Suit, a Feud, Joe’s Oust, Tamra Served, a Divorce, Two Quartets of Quotes & a Catch


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first couple of minutes. Mea culpa and all that.

Sonny tells Michael that they all could have done better, but Neil said it’s a process. They have to keep trying until they reach Kristina.

Kim asks Oscar to come inside from the terrace. Oscar says they were just talking about how nice it was being outside, but Drew agrees it’s getting chilly. Oscar asks to see the picture Monica took of them. Kim shows him, and says his grandmother took a lot of great pictures today. Oscar says, there’s one person missing. Jason comes out on the terrace, and Oscar says he’s glad Jason made it.

Outside Kelly’s, on the phone with Robin, Anna says that she and Robin’s dad were reminiscing about working in Italy. She has a gift she’d like to give Robin; a bracelet they bought in Italy. It’s not valuable, but it’s kind of priceless. It reminds them of how lucky they are that she’s their daughter, and Anna wants her to have it. She says Finn is there, and he’s fine.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Peter that her mom caught her up on a few developments. She knew there was a chance that Ryan could be alive, but finding his severed hand was news. Peter asks if that’s why she came back, to chase the Ryan Chamberlain story. She says Ryan came thisclose to taking her life. Now she knows exactly what she needs. He’s afraid to ask, and she says, a one on one with the object of Ryan’s obsession – Ava Jerome.

At the Crimson office, Nina tells Sasha to go home and get back in bed. Sasha says she’ll be fine. Maxie needs an objective opinion about what dress to wear. Sasha sneezes, and Maxie says, for the sake of her date, maybe Sasha should keep a safe distance. Nina says the worst that will happen is, she’ll have to cancel, and wait seven days. Sasha asks if Nina is still mad at Peter. Nina says he ran a DNA test behind her back. Some things aren’t forgivable. Sasha says Nina says it was her privacy that was invaded, and she forgave Peter. Why can’t Nina? She also forgave Maxie. Nina says, Maxie is family, and Maxie says, so is Peter. Nina says, for all his good intentions, all she can see is that he tried to take her daughter from her. Maxie says Nina has already forgiven her; she might as well forgive Peter. Sasha says, Maxie is right. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Let it go.

Michael tells Sonny and Carly that he’d promised he wouldn’t judge Kristina or the situation. Carly says his sister joined a cult. How open-minded are they supposed to be? They’re not saying she’s stupid. She wanted to find new experiences that make her happy, and that’s a good thing. Shiloh took advantage of her. Michael asks what she’s saying, and she tells him not to judge himself. They need to fall back and regroup. Michael gets that, but he lost patience, and stormed out. Sonny says, it was emotional for everyone. Neil will tell them when they can reach out again. Michael starts coughing, and says, maybe they can get together and talk about what they’re going to do for the next session, so they’re not blindsided.

Oscar tells Josslyn and Cameron about changing his name. Cameron says, technically, he just added a hyphen. Is he hyphenating? Oscar tells Cameron not to jump on his moment, and says, Oscar Nero Quartermaine at their service. He says he wouldn’t have changed his name without checking with his mom first, and she’s awesome for saying yes.

Julian arrives at the Quartermaine’s, and tells Olivia that Oscar’s mom said it was okay for him to come. Olivia says she’s trying to be supportive without getting in the way. From now to the end, it’s all about Oscar. He says, Kim probably already told her, but her help is appreciated. Olivia says Kim did tell her, but it’s still nice to hear. He wishes he could do more. Olivia can’t believe she’s saying this, but Julian might be just what she needs right now.

Kim asks Drew to pull rank, and tell Oscar that he needs to rest. Drew tells Oscar it’s nap time, but Oscar asks for a minute to speak to Jason alone.

Anna asks what the chances were of Robin calling. She’s glad she didn’t FaceTime, since she’d been so upset. Robert says she had a nasty scare. It was of her own creation, but she’s still entitled to feel relieved. She says she is. Finn asks how Robin is, and Anna says, she called up to see how her mom was doing. Her mom. Robert says, it’s got a nice ring to it. Anna says Alex’s mind games can’t take away Robin being her daughter. Robert says she’s his daughter too. Anna says, their daughter, and she wouldn’t change a thing. Robert asks if Finn would.

Lulu tells Peter that Ryan became obsessed with Ava. He murdered her daughter, and posed as Doc. She consented to have sex with Doc, not Ryan. Peter asks if she thinks Ava wants her story told. Lulu says she’ll be respectful and careful; she promises. Peter asks if she’s sure she’s okay. It’s not the only major event she’s carrying. Lulu says, Dante? That’s different. He didn’t abandon his family. As much as she loves and misses him, she knows he’s where he needs to be. Peter asks if she’s saying that Dante left because he loves her. She says, he did. It hurts like hell, but it’s the price you pay for loving someone. Peter says she makes it sound like it’s worth it, and she says, love always is.

Maxie goes to the Crimson closet, and looks at dresses. Nina tells her, go with the black, but Maxie is afraid it says Protestant in mourning, and she’s neither. Nina knows she loves and misses Nathan, but he’d want her to move on and be happy. Maxie says, just not this soon with this guy. Nina says, while she has her reservations, that’s her problem. It’s just that it’s happening so quickly. Maxie says, it’s one date. Nina says they both know that’s not true. If it goes the way Maxie wants it, Peter will become more than James’s uncle. He’ll be permanent and close. Maxie says, no matter what happens, Nina will always be a part of the family. Nathan… Nina says, would tell her to back off. She can hear his voice in her head telling her to stop. She tells Sasha that she would have loved him, but Sasha is passed out at her computer. Nina shakes her, and Sasha says, she’s okay. Nina says, she’s not. She’s burning up.

Carly tells Michael that he’s burning up. Go home, and get in bed. He says before she airlifts him to GH, he’ll nip it in the bud. He needs to be sharp when they see Kristina. He also doesn’t want to get anyone else sick, especially Carly and the baby, so he’s going to take off. Sonny says he’ll let Michael know when Neil calls. Michael leaves, and Carly says, nothing from Josslyn. Sonny says, maybe that’s good news, and Oscar is holding his own. Carly says, it’s not day to day; it’s hour to hour. She knows what’s coming for Josslyn, but can’t stop it. Sonny says, what she’s going through is devastating. Nothing can prepare her for what’s going to happen. Carly has to let her go through it, and be there when it does. Carly says she needs to let Josslyn feel what she’s going to, but wants to show her there are good things in the world to look for too, like the new baby. Avery appears, and says, what baby?

Oscar doesn’t mean to pressure Jason, but wants to make sure he didn’t change his mind about being executor. Jason says, whatever Oscar needs, he can count on him. Oscar thanks him, and Jason asks if he needs a hand getting back inside. Oscar says there’s one more thing Jason can help him with.

Finn tells Robert, any changes in the dynamic between him and Anna are their business. Anna says she’s happy. She can’t imagine things getting any better. Robert tells Finn, there’s no point in gilding the lily, old man. Finn says he’s glad they’re all on the same page, but he needs to get to work. We see Robert’s hands under the table, holding Finn’s engagement ring (I apparently missed how he ended up with it), and Finn makes a gesture to Robert behind Anna’s back. When he’s gone, Anna asks Robert if he’s happy now. Robert says he thought Finn would never leave, and Anna asks why he’s still giving Finn a hard time. What’s wrong with him?

Lulu tells Peter that she didn’t come home because Rocco was bored, or because she was done decompressing. She needed to be with the people who are there for her; her mom, Maxie, and Charlotte. Just being around them makes her feel better, and she needs to be there for them. That’s what love is. He says he wouldn’t know. The only emotions he had for his father were fear and hatred, and when his father wasn’t around, relief. He didn’t know his mom existed until he came to Port Charles, and their relationship is tenuous at best. She says there’s never been anyone else he loved? Be completely honest. He says he doesn’t know if he can love someone else.

Sasha tells Nina, it’s just a cold or a 24-hour bug. She’ll be fine by this time tomorrow. Nina says, by this time tomorrow, she’ll be on antibiotics. She asks if Nina has had a flu shot. Maxie says she needs to handle it before she spreads it around. Nina says, no more arguing. Sasha is coming with her.

Sonny says Avery was eavesdropping? He mom is great at it. Carly says Avery asked a question, and deserves an answer. Sonny was going to tell her when they time was right, but he guesses the time is right now. He says Avery has heard him and Carly talking about having a baby. How would she feel about a baby brother or sister? Avery looks around, and asks where they are, but Sonny says, a baby takes time. Carly says they don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but the baby will need love, and it helps to have a big sister. Sonny tells Avery that’s what she’s going to be. She’s going to be a big sister. Does it make her happy?

Jason and Oscar go back inside. Jason tells Oscar he can’t do it without Kim’s permission. Oscar asks Kim if Jason can give him a ride on his motorcycle. Kim asks if they’re insane, and Julian says he’s not sure that’s a good idea. Kim says, Oscar could have a seizure and pass out. Olivia adds, there could be an accident. No matter how careful Jason is, they happen. Oscar asks Drew what he thinks. Drew thinks it’s a good idea, and Kim says he can’t be serious. Drew says it doesn’t have be far. Jason can stay on the property. Olivia says. it’s insane in his condition. Josslyn says, it’s what Oscar wants, and Cameron says, there’s so much he can’t do that’s on his bucket list. Why not do this? Kim says it’s nice they want to risk her son’s life for a thrill ride, but they’re not his mother. Every moment is precious. Oscar says, please? He’ll never get to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Jason says if something goes wrong, he can stop safely until help comes. Josslyn says Kim can trust Jason not to let anything happen to Oscar. Oscar says, just one time, and Kim says he will be wearing a helmet.

Robert tells Anna that he just wants her to be happy. She says, today is a banner day then. She is really happy. He says, tastes change, and she asks why he’s saying that. Because she chose a fundamentally good man, who’s dedicated his life to helping people? He says, as opposed to one who runs around shooting people? She says she cherishes the time she and Robert had together, and the day they created their daughter. Robert says, Robin. She’s their daughter, and always will be. She tells him, stop messing with Finn; give him a break. He tells her, so be happy. This guy better be worth it. Anna says, he is. She leaves, and Robert takes the ring out of his picket and looks at it.

Nina brings Sasha into the hospital. She tells Finn, Sasha has a fever, and is going in and out of consciousness. Sasha says it’s just a cold, or the early stages of the flu. Nina informs her that, during the first World War, more people died from the flu than bullets and bombs. Finn has a nurse take Sasha to an examining room. Nina says she might be overreacting, but she didn’t raise Sasha, and has no knowledge of her medical history. Finn says, Sasha is an adult; they can just ask her. He’s going to confer with the nurse, and be in to check on Sasha. He leaves, and Michael gets off the elevator.

Sasha waits in the examining room. Michael walks in, and sneezes. Sasha says she told him that she’s not good for him.

Lulu tells Peter that she knows for a fact he knows how love. She’s seen the way he is with Maxie. He delivered Maxie’s baby on the side of the road, and slept outside her apartment to keep her safe. She sees how he is with her. He’s nurturing and protective. He’s got the love thing down. He just didn’t know what it was. Maxie comes in. She’s surprised to see Lulu, and they hug.

Julian asks Olivia if it would be okay for him to see Leo, and she suggests they go together. Julian asks, what if he’s sleeping? and she says, they’ll wake him up. They might not get a laugh, but they’ll definitely get sounds.

On the terrace, Drew tells Kim that he knows where Oscar gets his bravery. She says she’s not brave. She just didn’t have the strength to say no to the both of them. She ask why Drew said yes. Drew says he wants Oscar to make the most of the life he has left, even if it means taking a risk or two. We hear the Jason’s motorcycle go past.

Maxie says she has so much to tell Lulu. Sasha really is Nina’s daughter. Lulu says she thought that’s why Sasha came to town. Maxie says, long story. It goes haywire, then comes back. Lulu says, right now, she has an interview to prepare for. She looks at Peter, and before he can say anything, says she’ll take that as a yes. She jets, and Maxie asks what they talked about.

Sasha tells Michael to keep his distance; she’s contagious. He says, too late for that. She’s sorry she gave him whatever, but he says maybe he gave it to her. She says, just so he knows, it was totally worth it. Nina comes in, and says it’s nice of Michael to check on Sasha. She asks if he’s there for a Board meeting, and he says he’s there to get a prescription. It turns out he and Sasha have something in common. Finn asks Sasha when she noticed her temperature rising, and she says, this morning at the gym. Ha-ha.

Carly asks Sonny how Avery is taking it, and he says she couldn’t wait to tell Laura. She’s asking about names, and Carly suggest they find out if it’s a boy or girl first. She asks what he’s thinking about. Whatever he’s got going on, tell her, so she doesn’t make up something in her head. He says, it’s all good. Her checkup was good. Everybody is happy. She doesn’t know why he can’t relax and enjoy it. He says for the same reason she can’t.

Back at the Quartermaine’s, Oscar says it was awesome. Jason says Oscar kept trying to get him to go on the highway, and Kim thanks him for not listening. Josslyn says she knew he’d be okay. Oscar tells Cameron that he should get a bike like that. Kim says Oscar should rest now, but he has one more favor to ask. It would mean a lot if his dad and Jason could figure out how to be brothers.

Maxie says she didn’t mean to put Peter on the spot. He says Lulu kind of left him in the lurch, and he has a ton of work. She says she understands. The cover proof is a total disaster. Maybe they should reschedule. He says she already got a sitter, but she tells him it’s fine. They’ve waited this long; they can wait until they don’t have to squeeze it in. She tells him to go, and he flies.

Anna sees Finn at the hospital, and he asks if everything is all right. She says, actually, she and Robert had a trip down Memory Lane. He says, they’re done already? It’s a lot of history. He would expect it to be a longer walk. She says it reminded her of how happy she is. He asks, how happy is that? and she says, pretty happy. She doesn’t want to keep looking in the past. They kiss, and she says she’ll see him tonight. When she’s gone, he sends a text.

Robert’s phone dings. He reads, you have something of mine. Robert looks at the ring again, and smiles.

Carly tells Sonny, no offense, but she feels like she’s handling the idea of a new baby a little better than him. He says, more than little. She says she’s still scared everything could go wrong, but thinks the odds are in their favor, and they’ll have a healthy baby. Sonny says, what if they don’t? If they get more, they’ll love more, and the more they have to lose. Carly says she’s learning something from Josslyn. She’s staying in the present, and that’s where she’s focusing. She only has Oscar today. She’s trying to do the same thing with the baby. It’s all good today. The baby is healthy today, and so is she. Sonny says, today be happy. It’s all they have. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Nina runs into Michael, and says, he’s still there? He says he figured he’d check in on Sasha, and asks if she’s seeing visitors. Nina says she was given something for her fever, and will probably be drowsy, and shoves him into the room. Sasha says, Nina? Michael asks if she wants him to get Nina, an she says, Nina. She wishes Nina was her real mother.

Jason says he never thought he and Drew would find common ground, but now.. Drew says, Oscar? and Jason says, yeah. Drew thinks him for giving Oscar a ride, and Jason thanks Drew for trusting him with his son.

Kim asks Julian how Leo is. Julian says, good. She tells him that he doesn’t have to hold back. He’s allowed to have a healthy son, and be happy about it. She thanks him for coming. He says she’s welcome, but he’s not sure what good he’s doing. She says he doesn’t have to do anything. He’s there, and that’s what matters. They hug.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he needs to talk to Cameron a moment. Josslyn says, guy stuff? and Cameron tells Oscar, don’t be embarrassed. It’s brave of Oscar to come to him for manly advice. Josslyn leaves, and Oscar tells Cameron to get out his phone. He needs to make a video. Cameron hesitates, and Oscar says, trust him. Cameron starts filming. Oscar says, hey, Joss. If you’re seeing this, it means I’m gone.

On Monday, Franco has an idea for the Nurses’ Ball, Doc says they’ll give Ryan the memorial he deserves, and Neil asks what if Sonny is wrong?

🍵 My Teacup Runneth Over…

🍼 Baby Shams News…

M(J)other and baby doing fine.

☔ A Shower of Gatsby Proportions…

All the parties in the world won’t answer my question of, why, Brittany, why?

👟 I Hate Myself For This, But…

I had a fleeting thought of the same thing. Not that I’d ever be mean about it, or post it on social media. Although my thought was more along the lines of, what fifty-year-old woman wants to use a Porta Potty? Then again, anyone from RHOBH probably brings along their own private toilet.

💸 Good Luck With That…

Apparently, now that Vicki has realized she kissed a frog, she wants a princely sum. Does she think Brooks got a job?

📣 Team Kelly For Me…

Not because I’m on her side necessarily. I just don’t like Tamra.

✈ Getting the Feels Over People I Don’t Like…

Juicy Joe seems to be on a slippery slope. I’ve been watching them for so long, they’re like family. Like those annoying cousins you have to include because it’s Thanksgiving.

🚮 Bellino Baloney…

Not. Tamra’s. Year. Although I’m sure she’ll skate.

💍 And I Felt Nothing…

I was just watching their segment of Our Journey So Far. I hadn’t really seen their whole story during the regular 90 Day Fiancé season. They seem like nice people, but she has some problems, and he’s a player, so no surprise.

🔊 Quotes of the Week

All this unbridled joy has given me quite an appetite. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?Phyllis Diller

Always watch where you are going. Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the forest that was left out by mistake. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Acting Childish seems to come naturally, but acting like an adult, no matter how old we are, just doesn’t come easy to us.Lily Tomlin

Walking and talking are two very great pleasures, but it is a mistake to combine them. Our own noise blots out the sounds and silences of the outdoor world.C.S. Lewis, from Surprised by Joy

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.Vincent Van Gogh

There are no victims, only volunteers.Dr. Phil

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.Albert Einstein

Normally I don’t drink in the afternoon, but it’s still morning. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

🎣 May Your Weekend Catch Be Plentiful…

Weekend hope…


Weekend reality…


Because, why not?


April 25, 2019 – A Good Day In Port Charles, Runway Elegance, 90 Day Approaching, Watching Live & Funny Lady


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura and Doc lounge around, kissing, and saying I love you. Laura says she’s been missing his last name and can’t wait to use it again. He says, it might be a while. She asks if he’s meeting Ava and Felicia today. He tells her it’s the last thing he wants to do.

At The Floating Rib, Ava asks if Felicia is ready to put her plan into action. Felicia says she has one problem. Ava asks, what’s that? Mac comes out, and says, me.

Josslyn and Oscar practice their song on the terrace at the Quartermaine’s, but Oscar is feeling tired. Josslyn thinks they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and he perks up a little.

Cameron goes to the hospital for his community service. Elizabeth wants him to know she’s the only mom he’s got, and she loves him. Eventually they have to find their way through this. He’s not exactly communicative, and moves on. Epiphany asks how that went, but Elizabeth doesn’t know.

Outside Kelly’s, Anna thanks Robert for coming. He says, before she starts, there’s nothing she can tell him that will make him believe he was with Alex. If she wants to torture herself, he’ll hold her hand through the entire miserable episode, but he knows why he fell in love with her. He knows she gave birth and she’s Robin’s mother. She says he’s right.

Carly meets Bobbie at the hospital, and thanks her for being there. Bobbie says it’s always good to have an extra set of ears when you’re listening to the doctor. Carly says genetic testing isn’t her favorite, but Bobbie says it’s standard, and nothing is set in stone; it’s just theoretic. Carly says she and Sonny just want someone to say the baby is healthy. Bobbie is surprised Sonny isn’t there. Carly isn’t. He’s dealing with a situation – it’s not dangerous, but it’s important. Bobbie says, more important than Carly and the baby? Carly says, that situation is urgent; hers isn’t. Bobbie asks if there’s any chance Sonny is using it to keep his distance. Carly says, maybe a little. He doesn’t want her to die, and if everything goes okay, the baby will be a whole sibling to Morgan, and a living reminder of the son they lost. Bobbie says, it’s a gamble in more ways than one. Carly says Sonny has to deal with things his way, and she has to deal with them her way. She just wishes their ways were the same, but they’re not. Bobbie says she’s not alone. She’s there for Carly, whatever she needs. Bobbie’s phone rings, and they go in.

Drew asks Josslyn how it’s going, and Josslyn says, Oscar fell asleep. Monica says, what’s better than a nap in the sunshine? and I’m in. Josslyn says she has an errand to run, but she’ll be back. After she leaves, Kim says she’s so grateful for Josslyn. What she’s giving Oscar is such a gift. Monica thinks Josslyn would say he’s given her just as much.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany, it is what it is. Cameron just hasn’t bonded with Franco the way the other two have. Maybe he’s resistant because of his age. Maybe it’s because of who Franco used to be, or maybe both, but she can’t seem to fix it. Epiphany says, don’t. You can’t force people bond. Elizabeth loves her son; he loves her. Elizabeth says, and he loves his brothers. Epiphany says they’re good people. That’s what matters. They might bump along for a little bit, but eventually find out they have more in common than they thought. Elizabeth wants to bridge the gap, but Epiphany says they have to build that bridge on their own. Elizabeth says it’s no Brady Bunch, and Epiphany says, reality is more complicated. People say give it time for a reason. Sometimes it’s the only way.

Anna says she owes Robert an apology. He warned her about going down the rabbit hole, but she did anyway. Robert loves the apology; it happens so rarely. What made her come to her senses? Anna shows him the bracelet, and asks if he remembers it. He says she saw it at a stall in Castellammare. They were halfway through their mission, and she had to have it. Of course, she had no money, so he bought it to shut her up. She says she wore it through the whole mission, and through Robin’s conception. When she saw the picture, it was like a freight train hit her. Alex never had this. Robert says he was never with Alex. He was always with her.

Elsewhere, Finn looks at the engagement ring.

Felicia makes herself scarce, and Ava asks Mac if he’s not tired of living in fear that Ryan will show up and finish his twisted game. She wants more than that. Mac says she wants to bump Ryan off, and he doesn’t blame her, but she’s not getting Felicia involved in a murder conspiracy. Ava says she wants to bring Ryan to justice, and Mac says they’re not helping to kill him. Whatever she’s cooking up, keep it to herself. Felicia comes back, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they all have the same mission – to keep Ryan from killing again, whatever it looks like.

Doc says the part he played, the sin of treating Ryan in secret… Laura tells him to try and stop beating himself up about it. He says he is. That’s why he’s teaming up with Ava and Felicia. It’s part of his amends, but they’re also right. The best way to lure Ryan out is to make him believe Ava has taken up with his hated twin. Laura says, a necessary evil to bring Ryan to justice. She says it’s hard for him be around Ava, isn’t it? He says, yes. What his brother did, the shambles he made of her life… He could never say this to her, but he knows why Ryan killed Kiki. It wasn’t a random, spur of the moment thing, or because she was young, beautiful, and blonde. He did it because she was Ava’s. Maybe to impress her, or it was what he thought she wanted, but he thinks Ryan did it to make her more vulnerable, and to need him. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Kiki is dead because her mother got involved with his brother. Laura says it’s not Ava’s fault either, and Doc says, no, it’s Ryan’s, but it circles back to him. That’s why it’s physically painful to look at Ava. Her life will never be the same, and he played a big part in that. Laura hugs him, saying it’s painful for her too. She doesn’t want him near Ava, but if it’s what has to be done, they can get through it, as long as they’re together. He says he shut her out once, and can’t tell her how much he regrets it. He’ll never do it again. There’s no way he’ll do this without her. She says lucky for him, he doesn’t have to.

Kim feels Oscar’s forehead as he sleeps on the terrace. She goes inside, and Monica asks how their boy is. Kim says sleeping. No surprise; he had a rough night. Monica asks if the headaches are worse. Kim says they are, and his left side is weaker. Monica says she can call Terry and have a consult about pain medication, but Kim says, no. Oscar is working on a song for the Nurses’ Ball with Josslyn. It’s as if they’re trying to turn back the hands of time. Monica says, if that was possible, she’d join them.

Josslyn sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He says, community service? She says he promised to be there for Oscar. He says he will be, after he’s finished. She asks when was the last time he saw Oscar? and he says they texted last night. He’s sorry he’s strong, and Oscar is sick and dying, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Josslyn says, when Oscar is gone, he’s gone; there’s no looking back. Oscar needs Cameron to be there for him. Cameron says he’s got it; freak out on his own time. Right now belongs to Oscar. He asks if that’s what Josslyn does, and she says, yeah. He hugs her, and she asks where he’s been. He tells her that he’s sorry.

Carly’s OB asks how she’s feeling. Carly says, great. The doctor asks about nausea and fatigue, and Carly says, so far, so good. Bobbie asks how Carly’s blood pressure is, and the doctor says she’s in range. Carly knows that can change, and promises she won’t ignore medical advice. The doctor wishes all the patients were like her. She says Carly’s first son was born prematurely, which could be caused by hypertension. It’s all the more reason to keep an eye on things. Bobbie says Carly has lots of extra eyes on her. The doctor asks about her other pregnancies, and Carly says Morgan’s birth was normal, and the doctor has the records for Josslyn. Michael had a heart defect, a hole that was corrected, and there have been no other problems. The doctor asks if Michael doesn’t have a different father, and Carly says, yes, but she’d still like the baby monitored. The doctor says they’ll do a test later in the pregnancy, and asks if she has any other concerns. Carly says her daughter has kidney disease, but the doctor says most renal diseases aren’t inherited. Carly asks, what about being bipolar? Her husband is, and she wonders what the chances are of the baby inheriting it.

Anna tells Robert that she’s sorry she opened that horrible can of worms. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Robert says, she’s in love. Finn wouldn’t be his first choice, but he does something for her, and he’s got her spiraling. Anna says, that’s so Robert; thinking he knows her better than she knows herself. He says he does. She’s dredging up mistakes from her past to convince herself that she shouldn’t be happy. For a smart woman, she’s a basket case. Correct him if he’s wrong. She says that’s one of her favorite pastimes, but she thinks he might be right. He says an apology and this? He takes out his phone to record the moment. Anna makes him put the phone away, and says she thinks he might be right. She’s afraid to be happy.

Robert tells her, of the two of them, she’s made the most progress in turning her life around. At this point, she’s attracting her own misery. She says, true, and he asks if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says, here it comes. Let the past stay where it is; in the past. They can’t change it, and at this point, she needs to start moving forward. Allow herself to be happy. How she does that is her business. She says one thing she doesn’t regret is falling in love with him. He says, that makes two of them. He says, there were disasters, and she says, a lot, but they have an amazing daughter to to show for it. They hug. Finn arrives, and Anna waves to him behind Robert’s back. Finn says, good news, or bad?

Mac says he’s on board – to a point. Ava says Ryan needs to be dealt with, and if the cops won’t do it, it’s up to them. Mac says if Ryan gets shot execution style, they’ll all be in trouble. It will be premeditated. They can call Ryan evil, but it doesn’t give them the right to assume they can commit murder. Doc walks in, and says, that’s quite an assumption.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is doing. She says, he’s tired and weak, but still Oscar; playing music and writing poetry. Cameron adds, telling lame jokes, and Josslyn says, absolutely. She tells Cameron, this is it. They’re not getting any more time with him. He asks how she’s so chill with this, and she says she’s not. She can’t stop and think, so she’s trying to make as many memories as she can. He says she’s amazing, but she says, no. She asks if he’s coming by the Quartermaine’s today. He says he is, but he needs to get something first. Josslyn starts leave, and Cameron says he knows he’s been a crappy friend, but swears he’s there for her. She knows.

Monica sits near Oscar with Scout. She pats his leg, and he opens his eyes. She says, sorry to wake him, but Scout wanted to show her big brother her toys. Oscar says, cool. Monica tells him that Josslyn has to run an errand, but will be back soon. He says, Scout is so little. She won’t even remember him. Monica says she might not have the memories, but she’ll know him; they’ll tell her stories. Oscar thinks it would be cool if Scout climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with their dad in his place. Monica says, please don’t mention that. She’d like to live a little longer before she has a heart attack. Scout might not have memories of him, but part of her is connected to him through their father. And that is forever. He’s glad something is. She takes his hand.

Drew comes back to the Quartermaine’s, and Monica tells him Scout is having her nap. She asks how lunch was, and he says he’s never eating again. Even after he told Olivia he wasn’t hungry, she kept piling food on his plate. Oscar says he had no idea how many different kinds of pasta there were. Monica thinks Olivia is making some of them up. Oscar tells Drew that he should take Scout to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Monica suggests something more local. There’s a great hill in the park. Drew asks, what’s the thrill in that? Monica says, no thrill equals safe. She wants to take a picture of them, and goes to get Kim. Drew asks how Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, it’s a good day.

Anna tells Finn, when she saw the bracelet in the picture, she felt sorry about the crying, hammering, and sleepless nights. The whole thing was stupid. Robert says, it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. Anna says she bought it while they were on assignment, and Robert asks, who bought it? She says he did, and she had it the entire time. Finn says, meaning Alex never did. Robert says, Robin is, and always will be, their daughter.

The doctor tells Carly, a bipolar parent does give a child a genetic vulnerability, but it’s by no means a given. She asks if Carly’s husband has other biological children, and Carly says, three. She asks if there are any symptoms. Carly says Dante is fine. Kristina is iffy, but she doesn’t think that’s the problem, and Avery is too young to tell. The doctor says there’s no test for it, and it can skip a generation, but they should concentrate on what they can control. The mother staying healthy and informed. She says if there are no more questions, she’ll tell the staff that Carly is ready for the test.

Drew finds Elizabeth and Josslyn in the sitting room, and he says, Oscar just woke up from a nap. Elizabeth asks how he’s doing today, and Drew says, it’s been a good day. He’s says Oscar is with Monica and his mom, and asks Josslyn to hold up a minute.

Oscar says he was thinking about something, and it has nothing do with how he feels about Kim. She’s his mom, and the most important person in his life. If it’s okay with her, he’d like to add Quartermain to his name. Monica tells him, by the way, he’s already a Quartermaine, like the rest of them. Oscar feels lucky to have found this family, who welcomed him, no questions asked. He wants the name to be part of his legacy. Kim says, Oscar Nero Quartermaine. He asks what she thinks. She thinks finding his father, and the family that came with him means a lot to Oscar, as it should. Do it. He asks if she’s sure. It doesn’t change… Kim says, anything between them. She knows. Do it. Monica thinks it’s an honor that he wants to add the family name to his. They all smile.

They go back inside, and Drew asks if they want to fill him and Josslyn in. Oscar says he’s changing his name. From here on out, he’ll be Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Cameron arrives, and says, way to boost his social status. Oscar asks if he’s jealous, and Cameron asks if he’s kidding. The Quartermaines are insane. No offense. He says he went home to pick up some cards; his mom always brings them out when they’re sick. Josslyn asks what’s with the bag of peanuts he has, and he says they don’t have chips. Monica brings out a case, and suggests they use these. Oscar’s great-grandfather was a dedicated poker player. Oscar thinks maybe they should stick with the peanuts, but Kim says he’s a Quartermaine now, and it’s part of Quartermain tradition. Cameron says they need a fourth, and Oscar asks Drew. Josslyn says as long as he’s not a sore loser. Drew doesn’t know. He’s never lost.

Doc tells Ava that she’s only ever seen the good side of Ryan. The one in love with her, who would do anything to make her happy. She hasn’t seen his vengeful side. She says Ryan hasn’t seen hers either. The woman he knew was a grieving mother, so devoted and human, who would let him lead her anywhere. Now she knows he killed her daughter, and she’s going to make him pay like no one ever has. Doc says they’ll do what they need to, and see that he does.

Anna says she’s never been so relieved. Robert says except when Robin turned out to be alive. Anna says, that was a miracle, plain and simple, Robert says miracle describes their kid; she’s perfect. Finn is happy for her. Anna says she is too. Robert says, there it is – happiness. She says she’s not looking back anymore. She’s going to focus on the future, and make the most of every moment. Finn says, sounds like a plan.

Anna thanks them for being patient. She’s sorry, and Robert tells her, do away with the apologies. Enough is enough. Anna wants to FaceTime with Robin, and goes inside Kelly’s to freshen up. Finn thinks she’s not completely over the memory thing. Robert says he just watched a woman claw her way back from eternal purgatory. It will be fine. Finn says, yeah, and Robert tells him, learn to read the signs better. Finn is sure Robert could teach a class. Robert says, if it could ensure Anna’s happiness, he would.

Epiphany calls Carly in for her test. Carly thanks Bobbie, and Bobbie says, good luck. Carly says she’ll take all she can get.

Laura sighs, and looks at her phone. She calls Lulu, leaving a message for her to call back when she has a chance. Laura has a lot to tell her.

Ava says, so they’re all on board. Mac just wants to say it one more time. They trap Ryan, and turn him over to the authorities. Felicia says she’s in. Doc says he is too. Ava says, all right. Let’s get started. The sooner Ryan believes they think he’s dead, the sooner they’ll be rid of him.

Oscar raises Drew twenty dollars. Josslyn and Cameron fold. Drew asks if Oscar is bluffing, or has a hand. Oscar says, one way to find out. Drew says he’s out, and Cameron asks what Oscar has. Oscar shows his cards, and says, nothing. Drew wants the hand back. Monica tells Kim and Elizabeth, if there was ever any doubt that Oscar was a Quartermaine, it’s gone now. They laugh, and Cameron deals another hand.

Tomorrow, Anna asks why Robert keeps giving Finn a hard time, Carly tells Sonny that Avery deserves an answer to her question, and Oscar asks to speak to Jason alone.

👗 On Project Runway, the contestants were to interpret elegance inspired by weird items in one of Brandon Maxwell’s see-through button bags. The designers picked from ten bags, drawing lots to see who went first, second, etc. The range was pretty wide; peacock feathers, a blue display hand, a silver mirror set, a mini Grecian bust, an orchid, a bottle of rosé, dollar bills, headphones, lemons and limes, and a perfume bottle. Another word thrown around a lot by the judges and Christian, was restraint. There was a flash challenge photo shoot, where everyone took pictures of their own models. This had something to do with audience votes, and I still have no idea who won. The big winner was Jamall, with a black and white plaid strapless gown that was really gorgeous (I love a nice plaid!), and looked like a different dress from every angle. Sonia was out, basically for being boring. Her effort was a lovely slate strapless gown with a slit on the side. I’ve started to wonder if there’s any other kind of gown but strapless, since bridal dresses seem to have gone that route too. Sonia’s problem was that she didn’t finish the kimono that was supposed to go with it, giving the model a scarf/sash instead. In her parting speech, she said, as you get older, you realize not everything is where you shine. She was glad for the opportunity, but also glad to get back to her own thing. The twist here was that, had she not had immunity, Hester would have most likely been gone. IKR? The designer we’ve come to expect wonderful surprises from, landed a dud. She decided to take a chance on a gown she’d always wanted to make – with pasties on top. This actually might have been a daring, progressive choice. God knows, we’ve been seeing it for years at music awards shows, but not in a way you’d call elegant. However, her fabric of choice was taffeta. Making pasties out of taffeta turned out to be a bad, bad idea. The darts caused them to be pointy, and they ended up looking like, as one judge described them, lime green fortune cookies. Nice try, but no. Even the model thought the idea was poorly executed, but then again, they were attached directly to her skin with fabric glue. Yikes. The other big loser was Tessa. Not for her runway project, but her attitude toward curvy models. She got dressed down by Brandon, and quite a few people on Twitter, because of her concern in working with a larger form. She just stopped short of being genuinely insulting, but Nadine already covered that a few episodes ago. What bothers me even more, is neither Tessa or Nadine are what you’d call slim, so… If you’re going to design for people, design for people, and shut up if those people are not your ideal shape.

💍 In preparation for the upcoming new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? – this Sunday, May 5th, at 8 pm on TLC – I checked out the preview. The station also revamped last season’s 90 Day episodes to capsulate the individual couples’ stories. I’d forgotten how irritating these people were. Like the way Pedro’s mother says his name, with the emphasis on the dro. Really, just Pedro’s mother in general is irritating. It also brought back other fond memories, such as Libby and Andrei’s idea for a wedding in Moldova getting squelched by her family. And how, every time I hear Moldova, I think it sounds like a country Groucho Marx made up. You can check out the trailer for the new season here:

📺 I can’t handle Judge Judy’s new hairstyle. It’s just not right. I thought it was a messy bun, but on Watch What Happens Live, Andy gave her a mazel for a ponytail, and showed a side view. I find this change less than mazel-worthy. I wouldn’t give it a jackhole either, but if there’s some shout out for no, just no, that’s what I’d give it. And while I’m on the WWHL subject, the hysterically funny Jackie Hoffman was a guest this week. She’s visited the Clubhouse before, and IMO is one of the best guests they’ve had on. Besides having a talent for comedic spontaneity, she has an impressive acting resumé. I was absolutely blessed to see her in Hairspray on Broadway (along with Harvey Fierstein!), but the list is quite long. If you get a chance to see her in any capacity, do.

😂 And While I’m On the Subject…

I literally lol’d when she talked about LuAnn and the fish room.








April 24, 2019 – Laura Approves Ava’s Plan, Ramona Continues To Be a Lying Jerk, a Thought, NoNo NeNe & Bunnies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the small bar in the MetroCourt, Curtis says he only billed Julian for actual time and expenses. Julian gives him a check, saying he covered that and then some. Ava joins them, saying, she hopes Julian gave Curtis a severance bonus, since he hired Curtis as her bodyguard without her consent. Julian says if she changes her mind, he’ll put Curtis back on the payroll. Ava says, thanks, but he was right. She’s been chasing a boogieman to avoid her grief, and it’s no use. Ryan is dead.

Laura tells Doc, maybe Ava’s plan is not so crazy. He says she can’t be serious. She must see how reckless it is. Laura says she’s not convinced Ryan isn’t dead, but if there’s a chance Felicia is right, they shouldn’t sit idly by and wait for Ryan to strike. He’s expressed his jealousy before. Doc says, provoking him nearly got Franco killed, but she says they didn’t know. Now they can predict him better, and know how he operates. Doc asks if she wants him to pretend to be enamored of Ava. She says to sell Ryan on the story, she thinks they’ll have to end their marriage.

TJ wants an honest conversation with Jordan, and asks if she thinks she can do that. She says, yeah; what’s up? He says he’s seen her records, and knows she’s in danger of losing the kidney she has left. She says, it’s nothing serious, but he says he’s a med student, and knows better.

Willow says Harmony practically gave her to Shiloh when Harmony’s job was to protect her. Harmony is her mother. Harmony says she’s more than Willow’s mother. She’s the only friend Willow has. If it wasn’t for her, Shiloh would have known Willow was pregnant when she left. I just have to say it. Harmony is so stunning; I have a hard time looking at anyone else when she’s on the screen.

Chase asks Michael what his family did with his sister. Michael says she left town to clear her head. She’s fine, and she’s in contact with her mother. Chase asks if Michael doesn’t think the timing is a coincidence. It’s safe to move on Shiloh because Michael’s family took her.

Shiloh tells Sam that they must shed what remains between them. First, the physical; then, the spiritual. Sam slips her phone in the back of her waistband, and starts to unbutton her shirt. Shiloh asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s ready. Shiloh reminds me of creepy Uncle Ernie.

Jason asks Sonny how it’s going. Sonny says Kristina bought everything Shiloh taught her. He doesn’t know what it will take to break through. Jason says, Brick might be able to help. He has proof Kristina was drugged.

Neil tells Alexis that exit therapy can be unforgiving, and to go easy on herself. Alexis thinks it can only be up from there. She wonders if she should invite Molly. Inside the house, Kristina tells Valerie to pick up the phone. On the DOD porch, Valerie gets her call. It says unknown caller, but she answers. Alexis tells Neil that Molly is the most level-headed of all of them. She looks in her purse for her phone, and realizes it’s gone. Valerie answers, and Kristina says she needs help. She’s glad Valerie picked up. Valerie asks if everything is okay. Alexis goes back in and finds Kristina with the phone. Kristina hangs up, and Alexis asks what she thinks she’s doing. Kristina says, getting the hell out of there. It’s not happening, and this is Alexis’s last chance. She’s holding Kristina against her will. It’s illegal, and she’ll have Alexis arrested. Neil too.

Sonny says, that son of a bitch. He knew what the test would show, but when he sees it… The bastard gave Kristina narcotics. She could have OD’d. He tells Jason, he’s not continuing with this. Eliminate him. All right. That’s what I like to hear.

Sam says she trusts Shiloh. She fiddles with her phone, and Shiloh continues unbuttoning her shirt. Valerie knocks on the door, finds it open, and walks in. Sam tells Shiloh, someone is there, and he says don’t let it distract her. Valerie calls for Kristina.

Willow says she doesn’t know what Harmony is talking about. Harmony says Willow should have disposed of the pregnancy test after she left town. Willow can’t believe she dug in the garbage, and Willow says Shiloh had them combing the countryside around the compound. Anyone else would have told him. Shiloh has no idea Willow was pregnant with his child when she left. Willow thanks her, and Harmony says she wants to meet her grandchild.

Doc calls Ava. He tells her that he and Laura have reconsidered her plan. They’re in.

Alexis asks Kristina, please just try to work with them. Kristina says like she has an option. Alexis says she does, but it will be easier if she cooperates. She asks who Kristina called, and Kristina says Alexis is scared. She’s afraid because she kidnapped her own daughter. Alexis says Kristina was rescued form a cult, and Kristina tells her, stop saying that. Alexis is just scared because she knows it’s wrong. Neil tells Kristina, calm down. Everything will be okay. Kristina says he should be scared too. Does he think they’ll get away with this? Alexis asks again who Kristina called, but Kristina says she doesn’t have to tell Alexis a damn thing, and goes upstairs.

Shiloh asks what Valerie is doing there. She says she tried knocking, but the door was unlocked. Shiloh says, it always is. She had no idea Sam was involved with DOD, and Sam says she started taking courses a while ago. Shiloh asks what he can do for her. She says she’s not there on police business; she’s looking for Kristina. Shiloh didn’t know they speaking again, but Valerie says she hadn’t seen Kristina at Charlie’s. Shiloh says she hasn’t been there for a few days. Valerie says Molly thinks she turned her back on DOD, but it struck her as odd, since she loves it there so much. Sam tells her that their mom said Kristina needed to clear her head, so she has no idea where she is.

Michael tells Chase that Alexis says Kristina is fine. Chase wonders if Kristina would agree. Michael is hoping she’s free from Shiloh’s influence, and has turned a corner, and Chase hopes that’s the truth. If his family has taken her against her will, it will give Shiloh a weapon he won’t hesitate to use.

Harmony asks what Willow had; a boy or a girl. Willow says, a boy, and Harmony asks what his name is. She can’t wait to meet him. Willow says she was pregnant with a boy, but miscarried. Harmony says she’s sorry. Willow is too, and Harmony says she should come home. Willow says, DOD isn’t her home. Shiloh isn’t her friend or teacher. She promised herself that she would never go back, and she never will. Harmony says Willow suffered the loss of a child on her own. How sad, and yet, how convenient.

TJ tells Jordan to stop talking to him like he’s a child. Dialysis only delays the inevitable, and if her remaining kidney fails before she can get a transplant, she’ll die. She says she knows, and he asks if Curtis does. She says, no, and TJ can’t say a word to him.

Julian tells Curtis that Ava won’t be happy until she sees Ryan’s corpse. Curtis says hopefully, he’ll find some proof either way. He’s headed to Canada to follow a lead. He’s going to see if Ryan survived. Julian isn’t the client on this case, but it doesn’t mean he can’t be.

Ava knows Laura was opposed to the plan, but Laura says she changed her mind. Ava guesses Felicia helped her realize the opportunity. Laura says the most important thing is, she and Doc made the decision together. Doc says they’re going to hold off on a public reconciliation, and Laura adds, until Ryan is brought to justice. Ava that’s what they all want, for Ryan to finally face justice. Ava wants a drink to celebrate, and goes to the bar. Laura follows, and tells Ava she wants to clarify things, so there’s no room for misunderstanding her position.

Jason thinks Sonny should reconsider the timing. Neil is just getting started with the deprogramming. Kristina will blame herself. She’s made mistakes, but always had a place to go back to. She could count on Sonny. She looks up to him. If he takes Shiloh out, he risks losing Kristina forever. Jason knows it would hurt Sonny, but it will hurt Kristina worse.

Neil asks if Alexis can find out who called. She says it’s a Port Charles area code, but it’s no one in her contacts. Neil wonders if it’s someone from DOD. Alexis says, possibly, and suggests calling back, but he says, no. It would cause too much attention. He looks at the number, and checks online. He says, it’s definitely a cell number in New York, but there’s no other information. I don’t know what he thought he’d get online for free. Alexis asks, what if they call back? and he says, don’t answer. She can’t believe she left her phone. Neil says maybe she wanted Kristina to find it. She asks why she’d do that, and Neil says to spare Kristina the pain they’re putting her through.

Willow tells Harmony, there was nothing convenient about it. It was the hardest thing she’s gone through. Harmony apologizes for her poor choice of words. It’s emotional for her too. Finding Willow, finding out she had a grandson who didn’t make it. She asks if Willow wants to talk about what happened, and Willow shakes her head. She asks why Harmony didn’t tell Shiloh that she was pregnant, and Harmony says she wanted to give Willow the opportunity to make the right decision on her own. Willow thanks her, and Harmony says, Shiloh doesn’t realize he almost had a son. Willow says Harmony isn’t saying anything, is she?

Valerie wonders if Kristina is staying with out of town friends, but Sam has no idea. She didn’t say where she went, just that she was clearing her head. Valerie hopes she does. The last time she saw Kristina, she seemed confused. She says, if Kristina checks in, have her call. Shiloh says, it’s up to Kristina, and Valerie says she gets how free will works. Shiloh was under the impression that Kristina had moved on from their relationship. Valerie says, you never know, and asks Sam to make sure Kristina gets the message. She leaves, and Shiloh tells Sam that she did great. Sam says she was just telling truth. She has no idea where Kristina went. Shiloh isn’t talking about that, but her willingness to shed barriers. She tells him that he’s a great motivator. Shiloh thinks they’re ready to take this to the next level.

Laura tells Ava, if they do this, she needs to establish boundaries in Ava’s relationship with Doc. It’s just for show; nothing more. Ava says, is she joking? Laura asks if it looks like she is, and Ava says it’s her neck on the line. Doc too. It’s a sting. Laura says, it’s a fake romance, and a fake affair. Remember every minute that he’s married to her. If for some reason she forgets, or the lines get blurred, remember that she’ll answer to Laura, and she doesn’t want to be on Laura’s bad side. Ava says Laura can rest assured she has zero interest. When she looks at Doc, she sees the face of the man who murdered her daughter. It’s not easy for her either. Laura says, let’s hope it works. Laura returns to the table, and Doc asks if everything is settled. Laura hopes so. She can’t believe he and Ava will be an item. He says he can’t either. She asks if they should stage a public argument to kick it off. He has a better idea for how to spend their last night together.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis is picking her up, and she’d appreciate it if he didn’t say anything. TJ asks if she means don’t mention her life is at risk from kidney failure. She says she’d rather they spend the time loving each other, than Curtis worrying. Let her handle it her way.

Chase tells Michael that kidnapping is false imprisonment, and he could be facing criminal charges. Valerie comes in, and Michael says she can have his seat. He jets, and Valerie says, he couldn’t get out faster. She asks if he knows where Kristina is, and Chase says, no. Did she have any luck at DOD? She says, sort of. Before she went inside, she got a call from Kristina.

Harmony says she’s not telling Shiloh. She’ll give Willow the opportunity to tell him herself. Willow says that’s the last thing she wants. He can never know she was pregnant. Harmony let Willow join the Trust, knowing she’d have to sleep with him, thinking she’d score points. It backfired. He liked Willow too much, and Harmony was jealous. It’s so twisted, and so sad, because the thought of Shiloh makes her skin crawl. Obviously, Harmony would do anything to get his approval. Even pimp out her own daughter.

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s ready to take things to the next level. He asks if she’s sure; it’s a big step. She asks if he has doubts about her, and he says, none at all. She thinks she’s proved she’s willing to take down barriers with him, and for him. He makes it easy. All she needs is here. He thinks she’ll make a wonderful addition to the family, and she says nothing would make her happier. He wants her to go home, and wait. He’ll let her know the next step of the process. She can’t wait.

Sonny tells Jason that he’ll leave Shiloh alone until Kristina is stronger. Jason wonders if it would help if Sonny tells her what would have happened. Sonny asks if he means Shiloh sleeping with her, but Jason says he has proof she was drugged. Sonny says Neil told them if they push, she could shut down, and she’ll think they’re lying. If she said anything to Shiloh that incriminates Sonny – and she probably did – Neil says she’ll drown in guilt. If they keep pushing, she’s going to shatter – Neil’s words.

Alexis tells Neil that the future of her relationship with her daughter and career are on the line. Does he really think she’d sabotage that? He says, not intentionally, and she says, don’t shrink her right now. He says, people often unconsciously sabotage their own interests. It’s human. She says, so unconsciously she’s trying to keep Kristina from the pain of deprogramming? He says it’s not his job to tell her what she’s thinking. She asks why is she paying him? and he says to guide them through the process. She respects his professionalism, but not the abstract ethical work game. Stop waxing philosophical, and tell her what to do. He tells her, trust the process. If they push too hard, Kristina will shut down. Alexis asks if he knows he’ll be implicated as well, and he says he’s well aware of the risk. Alexis gets why she and Kristina’s family is doing this, but why him? He says he doesn’t want lose someone else to this. She asks what he means by someone else.

Sam goes to the docks, and finds Jason. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she doesn’t know if she can do this.

Harmony comes back to DOD. Shiloh asks how Willow is, and she says hostile and defensive. He’s sorry to hear that. Since she’s Willow’s mother, he thought she could reach her. Harmony says she tried, but Willow is absolutely determined not to… He says, what?

Alexis says it’s not the first time Neil said he’d been personally affected. He says he’s already touched on topics that breach ethics. He’s not disclosing personal details. She says, so he admits it’s personal? He says he told her that he had experience with families in similar situations. They don’t always have a positive outcome. She asks, what about her daughter. Does he think she can recover?

Valerie tells Chase that Kristina barely had time to say anything when the line went dead. There was no number, so she couldn’t call back. Chase asks if she thinks Kristina hung up. She says, or someone else ended the call. Chase says, Shiloh? but Valerie says she saw him right afterwards, and he was with Sam. They both said Kristina was off somewhere to clear her head, and she doesn’t see why they’d lie. Chase tells her, back up. Sam was with Shiloh?

Doc and Laura get busy. I start thinking about what I want for dinner. There isn’t even a song part.

Ava calls Julian, and asks, what’s going on? He says, tell him. She’s the one up to something. She didn’t just drop her vendetta. Does he need to be worried? She tells him, relax. She has everything under control.

Laura and Doc bask in the afterglow. She says she missed this. He says he missed her. She says, tomorrow, their relationship becomes secret. He suggests they just enjoy tonight. They have a lot of time before tomorrow morning. She laughs, and they kiss.

Curtis tells TJ that he’s taking his gorgeous woman to dinner, and asks if he’d like to join them. TJ says there’s nothing he’d like more than to be a third wheel. Enjoy. Curtis needs a favor. He says he’s heading to Canada on a case, and asks if TJ can look after his mom. Jordan says she’s a big girl; she can handle herself. Curtis says, a little back up never hurt. He asks if he can count on TJ, and TJ says, of course (🍷).

Jason tells Sam about Shiloh accosting him at the gym. If he can get Jason to punch him a second time, Shiloh will press charges. When he saw he wasn’t getting anywhere, he left. Sam says she found the room where the Pledges are kept, but she got interrupted. Jason says, tell him where it is, but she says, it’s too dangerous. She has reason to be there. It’s near the attic room. Shiloh showed it to her today. He says she’s obviously upset by what happened, and Sam says Shiloh wanted to give her a lesson in reveling herself. He took off his shirt, and wanted her to do the same. Valerie shouted for Kristina, and that stopped the whole thing. Jason says, did he ask her to drink anything? and she says, why? He says, Brick tested the cup, and found traces of narcotics. She asks if there’s any way to trace it back to Shiloh, but he says, nothing that would hold up in court. She says then she has to keep going. She has to get the evidence to take down this sleazy bastard.

Shiloh asks what Harmony is talking about. She says Willow made a new life, and wants nothing to do with her. Shiloh is sorry it didn’t go well. Harmony is too, but it gave her clarity about her purpose, and the best way for her to serve. She thinks it’s time she goes back to Beechers Corners.

Valerie tells Chase that Shiloh came out shirtless, and Sam was buttoning up. She knew Sam was studying there, but didn’t think it had gone that far. She was crushing big time. Maybe with Sam being there, Kristina bailed. Maybe it’s legit. Chase says that’s not impossible, but Michael was stonewalling. Valerie says, standard procedure for the Corinthos clan. Chase says there are two possibilities. Kristina took off on her own, or they took her. Either way, she’s a missing person, and he thinks they need to investigate.

Willow picks up a book she dropped at Kelly’s She sits at the table, and looks like she’s about to cry.

Michael meets Sonny at the MetroCourt. He says he met with Chase, and he’s asking a lot of questions. He told him that Kristina contacted Alexis, but he didn’t buy it. He knows how bad DOD is, so it’s not a big jump to realize they wanted to get her away. Sonny doesn’t care what Chase thinks. He has no proof, and he’s not getting any.

Neil tells Alexis, it helps to have a strong support system, and Kristina does. Alexis says a highly dysfunctional one, a crazy extended family, a criminal father, and a neurotic mother. Neil says, families aren’t without complexities. But love, loyalty, and commitment count. Alexis wonders what else she can do to help. Kristina listens from the stairs. Neil says, there’s nothing to do but what they’re doing. Alexis says when she looks in Kristina’s eyes, she doesn’t recognize the person looking back. She doesn’t recognize her own daughter. Neil knows, and tells her, be patient. Use the right words and phrases, Alexis says she wants her daughter back. Neil hugs Alexis, and Kristina watches.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Felicia that they’re ready to put their plan into action, Josslyn tells Oscar that they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and Carly wonders what the chances are for the baby inheriting something.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Parked in a limo, Bethenny sees Sonja, and yells, hey, hooker! as she walks past. Sonja doubles back, and says she thought it was just an everyday person calling to her. She gets in the limo, and Bethenny introduces driver Albi. Sonja says, last night was fun. Bethenny says it started off pleasant and boring, then it took off. They laugh about Bethenny kissing Barbara. Bethenny says, Tinsley has gotten herself in a real mess. Sonja says, her mother always told her, users get used. Bethenny says, marry for money, you pay for the rest of your life. In Sonja’s interview, she says Tinsley is using Scott to get on her feet again, and Scott is using Tinsley as a pretty girl to be seen with, and party with. Bethenny says it seems a strategic operation to lock an unlockable guy down. Sonja says, it’s weird; a façade. Bethenny wonders who can’t call their boyfriend. She and Sonja are going to Brooklyn to see Sonja’s friend, artist Hunt Slonem. Sonja owns many pieces of his art, and collected it when she could afford to. They marvel at the outlets as they drive past, and say Costco! together.

LuAnn leaves an Al-Anon meeting with Tinsley. In her interview, LuAnn explains that Al-Anon is a group that offers recovery programs for the friends and families of alcoholics. She thought it would be beneficial for Tinsley – and for her – since she has a history of alcoholism in her family. Tinsley says she doesn’t mind sharing her stories, but doesn’t like speaking in public. She felt strange and guilty talking about her anger toward her dad. She and LuAnn have coffee. In Tinsley’s interview, she can’t say how she feels about the experience. She isn’t sure if she’s going to continue, but she’s glad she made the initial step, and tried. LuAnn asks what happened when Tinsley lost her sh*t with Bethenny? LuAnn says Tinsley is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it’s like a high wire act. Tinsley says they’re not living in the same place, and she feels like he’s not comfortable with who she is; the public person. She tells LuAnn, it’s officially done, and they’ve broken up. LuAnn asks when this happened. In her interview, LuAnn says, that should be the headline. Tinsley is burying the lead story. Tinsley says it happened after the dinner. She feels strangely relieved. In Tinsley’s interview, she says when she got home, she called Scott. She said she needed more; she needed him to be there. He said no; he can’t. So that’s all she wrote. I have to say, she doesn’t seen very sad about it. Just the opposite. LuAnn is glad she’s decided to move on. Tinsley says she tried and tried, and it didn’t work. She has to move on. LuAnn says, it’s a big step, going to a meeting, and hugs her, saying, she should be proud of herself. Tinsley says she has the circus on Saturday, and LuAnn says she’ll be awesome.

Sonja feels guilty. Hunt has been there a year, and she hasn’t seen him. I’m not always a fan of modern art, but I like what he’s doing. There are quite a few bunnies represented, and Bethenny asks why they’re his signature. Hunt says he’s actually more of a bird person, but it’s the Chinese zodiac symbol for his birth year. He was born in the year of the rabbit. In her interview, Sonja says she knows Bethenny has been collecting art, and wanted share Hunt with her. She doesn’t with everyone. They look at the pieces, as well as his personal photographs. Bethenny sees a framed photo of Hunt and Sonja, and also one with Tinsley in it. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, it’s really real. The time before Tinsley turned into a pumpkin. She got a mug shot and restraining order, and vanished. Now she wants to be a princess again.

They hear a lot of bird sounds, and follow them to Hunt’s aviary in the back. Bethenny says she’s taking pictures of this normal circumstance. Hunt says everything is everywhere, and Bethenny wonders where TF is she? A parrot wolf whistles. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s never been any place like this, much less an art gallery, and everyone is acting like it’s normal. She thinks a bird pinched her ass. Hunt puts fezzes on Sonja and Bethenny’s heads. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, Sonja was never more of a Morgan than today. It legitimizes her stories.

Dorinda goes with Tinsley to the Big Apple Circus. In her interview, Tinsley says she grew up going to New York City, and they went to the circus every year. This means everything. She’s back in NYC, and back to the place where she needs to be. Her dad would be excited for her. VP of brand marketing, Shoshana, greets them, and tells Tinsley that her outfit is very cute. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s super jealous. She should be in the circus. They watch the acrobats practice, and Dorinda takes pictures. Shoshana says Tinsley doesn’t have to, but can go up there if she wants. Dorinda thinks this could have been one of her talents. She knows how to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Dorinda gets into a harness, and climbs up. Tinsley says she’ll do the watching. Dorinda swings a couple of times, and floats down to the net thing. In her interview, she says it confirms she’s so the circus. It’s Tinsley’s turn, and in her interview, she says Dorinda might be trying to outshine her, but the guest ringmaster is moi.  Tinsley climbs up. Dorinda is hoping they see Tinsley’s fear, and make her honorary ringmaster. Tinsley remembers watching the circus as a child, and it’s crazy that she’s up there. In her interview, she says it feels special, exciting, and cool. She does some swings, and thinks maybe it’s her new calling. Shoshana says, since Tinsley isn’t afraid of heights, she’ll be coming down in lyra hoop.

LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja go to T Bar, where they run into mutual friend Michael. In her interview, LuAnn says he’s an UES fixture. Sonja declares you should only marry old guys, and not have sex with them. I’m not sure how you stay married then, but okay. LuAnn insists she hasn’t had sex with him, but Sonja has the feeling they did something. Mario shows up. In Sonja’s interview, she says Mario wasn’t himself when he and Ramona split up, and was behaving oddly. She remembers when they were one big happy family. We flash back to 2011-12. He says he bears gifts, and gives Ramona some turtle jewelry he found in the office. We flash back to turtle time, as if we could ever forget. He also found some True Faith Jewelry T-shirts. In her interview, Ramona says Mario was going through a midlife crisis, and in a weird dark place. It was like she didn’t know him, but he’s back to the charming, fun guy she married, who was great to be around. Sonja talk to Michael, and LuAnn makes herself scarce. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, Ramona is like a schoolgirl; giggly, and googly-eyed.

Ramona tells Mario that she waited to get married because she wanted it to last forever. Mario thinks there should be a new rule, and marriage should be a renewable contract. Every seven years or so, the couple decides if they want to renew. Ramona thinks communication is important. You have to say why you’re not happy, and not wait until things go to sh*t. LuAnn joins them. She thinks it’s a good idea, and asks if this means he’s renewing. In Ramona’s interview, she says Mario is still easy on the eyes, and she likes flirting with him, but she doesn’t think she wants him back.

Dorinda books a hotel suite for a spa day. She wondered what she could do to get the girls together, and nothing but the Plague would keep them away a spa day. She also has a bone to pick with Ramona. They went to the Angel Ball together, and Ramona ditched her for bigger, brighter, faster, richer. We see a clip where they’re seated at the same table, and Ramona switches tables to sit with someone else.

Sonja explains that she has to go to a luncheon, and is going to leave early. Dorinda says she’s staying at the same hotel while her apartment gets done; she’s moving next week. She says it got to the point where she didn’t even want to get her old apartment cleaned. She’s over it. We see pictures of her new apartment. Sonja says she’s going to talk to Barbara. She’s been making faux pas with the group. Dorinda approaches Ramona, saying Ramona didn’t tell the truth to Page Six. In her interview, Dorinda says Ramona told the paper she was just table hopping at the Angel Ball. She needs to admit she ditched Dorinda for a better table, after she said they were going together. Barbara says, is this spa day? Ramona tells Dorinda she didn’t have any control over where she was sitting, and Dorinda says she took someone else’s seat. They came later. Ramona claims her ticket was for table 61, and we flash back to five minutes ago, when the staff clearly told her it was table 62. Ramona swears on her daughter’s life, as she jumps up and down in front of Dorinda, making hand gestures. In Dorinda’s interview, Dorinda says Ramona wants it to go away, and if she insists it didn’t happen, it will, but it’s not. Dorinda says she was upset. She went there for Ramona. Ramona says Dorinda made a huge scene, but Dorinda tells her that she just said it wasn’t cool. Ramona says she’s not making it up, and pushes Dorinda. Physically pushes her. Surprisingly, Dorinda doesn’t punch Ramona’s lights out, and only says, don’t push me. Ramona says Dorinda isn’t listening to her. Wow. Really? Leave that stuff for the family. In her interview, Sonja says Dorinda nailed Ramona for social climbing. Ramona went to the Angel Ball for the first time the year before, so she was gung ho to hop to tables and leave Dorinda in the dust. Dorinda tells Ramona that she didn’t bring John because Ramona said it was a girl’s night. In her interview, Ramona babbles about not knowing how the tables were set up.

Tinsley arrives, and asks why Sonja is all decked out. Sonja says she has a luncheon to go to, but she’ll be at the circus. Dorinda tells Ramona, thank God she had a friend from London at the Angel Ball, or she wouldn’t have known anyone there. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she doesn’t like this side of Ramona. She’s been self-involved lately. Lately? She has met Ramona, right? Ramona decides that the people who do the seating lied. They saw Dorinda was upset, and threw Ramona under the bus, lying about which table she was supposed to be at. Barbara also has to leave early to go to a job site. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s not going to be mad again, since she’s in healing mode, but it’s sh*tty that Sonja and Barbara knew she had the day planned, and they’re leaving. It was a huge endeavor. Sonja tells Barbara that she needs to connect to Dorinda, and Ramona. Sonja was shocked when Barbara said she didn’t like Ramona. Has Sonja met Ramona? We see clip at the Berkshires dinner, where Bethenny asks Barbara if she likes Ramona, and Barbara says, not so much. Dorinda tells her the feeling is mutual, so they’re all set. Sonja tells Barbara, it got back to Ramona. In Sonja’s interview, she says the best approach is to tell Barbara right away when there’s something wrong between her and Ramona. Because Ramona will kill you in your sleep. Sonja tells Barbara, just bring it down a notch.

Dorinda tells Tinsley that Ramona lied to Page Six. Tinsley says she doesn’t look at Page Six unless someone tells her that she’s in it. In her interview, she says when you’re on the cover is when you have to care about it. We see the New York Post headlines with her mug shot. LuAnn isn’t able to come to the circus, and Bethenny has her daughter. Ramona says she called it. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she can’t stay mad at Ramona; they’ve done this for twenty years. She just wants to get it behind them. LuAnn comes in, wearing this amazing necklace made of huge metal circles. In her interview, LuAnn says spa day is a good fill in for popping a champagne cork. Barbara tells Dorinda that they got off on the wrong foot. Dorinda isn’t sure why, and Barbara says she wants them to support and empower each other. She doesn’t want to fight. She wants a reset. Dorinda agrees, and says she respects Barbara. They decide to pick up the phone and discuss things rather than yell.  Dorinda says this means a lot, and they hug. It’s been bothering her. She and Barbara are alike; tough on the outside, but with a big heart. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Barbara finally got that she’s being used. Dorinda has always been her friend. It’s like the lightbulb went on.

Dorinda shows LuAnn the suite’s upstairs. The go out on the terrace. Tinsley tells Sonja that she and Scott broke up. Truth or Dare triggered something in her with the phone call. Scott has a difficult time being in that part of her life in New York. In her interview, Sonja thinks this is healthier for Tinsley. Scott isn’t a bad guy, but sometimes people just aren’t right for each other, and Tinsley depends on him too much. Tinsley tells Bethenny the second she walks in the door. In her interview, Bethenny says, with Tinsley, there’s never any foreplay. Just jam it in, no lube, and let’s get started. Bethenny asks if the dinner, and Tinsley says, yes, but it’s fine. Bethenny says Tinsley is the poster child for break-ups, since she’s always so happy about it. Tinsley says it wasn’t right, but she didn’t know how to define it. Bethenny congratulates Tinsley, and hugs her. Tinsley says she’s surprisingly calm. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she feels vindicated. She’s putting her I-Know-It-All badge back on. Tinsley is relieved that she’s moving forward – starting Sunday. Bethenny says it’s ironic she’s going to be a ringmaster. She was not the master of a ring in her relationship. Tinsley tells Barbara and Ramona the news, and Barbara says she’s sorry. Tinsley has to repeat why it’s actually a good thing. In her interview, Dorinda says Tinsley has had so many break-ups and getting back together, she doesn’t know, but okay. Bethenny asks how single’s night went, and LuAnn says, guess who walked in? Bethenny guesses Tom, but LuAnn says, Mario, and Ramona acted like a schoolgirl. They all ask if Ramona hooked up with Mario. LuAnn says she took him home, but Ramona says, no. He walked Coco, and she stroked his face with cream. Not hers; her skincare line. In her interview, Ramona says, that’s it, girls. She’s sorry they don’t get it.

Barbara asks how Ramona is, and Ramona snarks, how does Barbara think she should be? This woman is so not worth it. Barbara says she’ll be there until 1:30 if Ramona wants to talk. Ramona says Barbara loves wrap dresses, which makes total sense. She thinks Barbara should change it up. Barbara suggests Ramona take her shopping, which causes Ramona’s brain to short out and say, but Barbara is now known for the wrap dress. Barbara says Ramona can show her what she likes. Ramona asks, why? since Barbara doesn’t like her. Barbara says she’s sorry. She said something she shouldn’t have, and would like to get to know Ramona better. Ramona asks why Barbara said it, and Barbara says sometimes you get caught up in the moment, and apologizes again. Ramona accepts it, but refuses a hug. In Ramona’s interview, she says she was ready to come at Barbara, but couldn’t. Who would think a wrap dress would disarm this conversation? They butt bump instead.

This season – the Big Apple Circus, dance class, sitting on Santa’s lap, LuAnn’s new house, pottery class, LuAnn records Feelin’ Jovani, a trip to Miami, Bethenny tells Tinsley that they don’t have time to wait for a man to get a baby, Dorinda cries over her boat, Bethenny says not everything is about LuAnn, LuAnn says nobody can rock her boat, Bethenny has it out with LuAnn, and then breaks down.

📰 On Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked guests LuAnn and Barbara if they thought Tinsley really reads Page Six. Frankly, I’m not sure Tinsley even reads.

👠 As per usual, I’ve just been glancing at The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season if it came along in a gap between other (more preferable) shows. Kenya no longer being on the show was the final nail for me, but I’d been inching away because all they did was screech at each other. And also, NeNe. I get that she’s going through a hard time, but her a-hole attitude started way before the hard time started. I saw quite a bit of their three-part reunion, and she was beyond rude. She was out of her mind rude. Eye rolling, face making, nasty even to Andy, and turning every positive into a negative. She thinks she runs the show and can literally push people around. Possibly she does, since I just read she got a raise, but I can’t understand why she’s still on the show. Apparently, she even physically attacked a cameraman. I guess she creates buzz, and hasn’t caused anyone to go to the hospital – yet. Get the popcorn ready.

🐰 Hunt’s Bunnies…

His name is a little ironic.



April 23, 2019 – Shiloh Wants Sam to Shed What’s Between, Beverly Hills Meets Boy George, Who Is Jennifer & Late Earth


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Michael tells Kristina that he wants to be there for her, and asks her to come home with him. She says he doesn’t understand. She made a promise, and can never go back home. Alexis says, that’s not true; she’s stronger than she thinks. Kristina says Alexis thinks it’s so simple. She can just turn her back on DOD, and everything would be okay. Sonny asks why she can’t break away. Is Shiloh holding something over her?

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s ready to take the next step in her commitment to DOD. She wants to prove that her faith in him is as strong as his faith in her. He says, it’s almost time. Soon, she’ll take her place with him among the Trust. She asks what the Trust is, and he says his inner circle. The true part of DOD.

Chase goes into to Kelly’s with nuValerie. He sees Willow, and Valerie asks if he wants to order. He says he’ll have whatever. Valerie rolls her eyes, and goes to the counter. He tells Willow that he and Valerie are on the clock, but he missed her last night. What was she up to? Apparently getting a new hair color and cut.

At the hospital, Molly tells TJ that her sister is caught up in cult, and all she feels is dread. Curtis approaches with a quick question for the doc-to-be. He asks about a medication, and TJ says it’s an antibiotic. He asks about another one, and TJ says it’s an anticoagulant, and asks if someone lost a limb.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib. Felicia thanks her for coming. She thinks they need to clear the air Laura wasn’t aware the air needed clearing, but Felicia says it felt tense when they parted ways. Laura asks if she means when she and Ava proposed to use Ava as bait. Felicia says Ava can’t do it alone. She needs a new boyfriend to make Ryan jealous.

Ava tells Doc that they’re going to use his brother’s own hand to bury him. Doc says, Ryan is dead, but she says, he’s out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike, but she’s going to strike first, and Doc is going to help her.

Laura gets that Felicia and Ava want be proactive. It’s their right, but she’s just starting to put her life back together. She needs to leave Ryan behind. Felicia says, without knowing if he’s dead? Laura asks what the alternative is; to live in fear or consumed with revenge? Felica says, not revenge, justice. Laura says they’ll have to agree to disagree. Felicia takes out a journal, and says, you know what living in fear is? Read this.

Doc thinks it’s supremely unwise to engage his brother in a duel, but Ava says, it’s more of an ambush. He tells her, let the police deal with it. She says they’re not looking for him, the FBI has moved on, and the DA closed the case. It’s up to them. They need to spread the word that what’s left of Ryan is buried, and they’re moving on. Give him a false sense of security. Doc says he’ll come straight for her, and she says she’ll be ready. He says, Ryan will never fall for it, but she says, he will. He’ll be too focused on her, and the man helping her get over him.

Curtis asks if TJ has dealt with a missing limb, but TJ says it’s a guessing game they play. Did he guess right? Curtis says it’s privileged information related to a case. He’ll let TJ know when it wraps. Curtis asks about Jordan, and TJ says she’s not done with her treatment yet. He knows his mom is the queen of positive spin, and wonders if she’s as good as she says she is. Curtis says she was lightheaded, but that and fatigue are within the realm of symptoms. TJ says they can also be outside the realm, but Molly thinks if it was serious, Jordan would tell him. TJ asks if there’s anything Curtis isn’t telling him, and Curtis says there’s nothing he’s not telling him about Jordan’s health.

Sam asks Shiloh what she has to do. She’s more than ready. He says, soon, and she wonders why mention it if she’s not ready. Shiloh says, an aspiration. Sam says they have a connection, and are getting close. Try her. He won’t disappointed. She promises. Harmony comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Shiloh says they were just broaching the subject of the Trust. Harmony says, he told Sam? Sam asks if it’s a secret, and Harmony says it’s an invitation only membership. Sam asks how she gets an invitation, and Harmony says she has to prove her worthiness. Her journey has just begun, and her path is long and winding. Sam guesses that’s a no. She asks, who’s in charge? Harmony or Shiloh?

Willow says she has a friend who’s been studying, but isn’t sure that’s the path they want to take. Chase says it took a while before he decided to be a cop. Willow says, sometimes a commitment to anything is better than uncertainty. Chase says she’s a great teacher. She wishes she’d known that sooner, but he says she can use her experience to help her friend. She says her friend isn’t ready to hear what she has to say. Chase says, they will. Give it time.

Sonny tells Kristina that they’re all there help her. What does DOD have on her? Why can’t she walk away? She says she’s not scared. She can’t leave because it’s her home. They’re her family; a better family than this one. Michael says they all love her. She says they’re trapped in a prison of their expectations, and Alexis asks what that means. Neil thinks they need to take a breath, and asks Kristina to tell them more what she thinks their expectations are of her. She says they expect her to be a screw-up. They don’t trust her judgment. DOD sees her for who she is. Alexis says she’s acting like she didn’t exist before DOD; like nothing meant anything before. Kristina says she had no direction or purpose. She was lost, and DOD helped her find her place. She’ll be damned if she lets that go.

Doc asks if Ava wants him to pose as what? Her boyfriend? She says, confidant, lover; call it what he wants. All that matters is that Ryan sees he was replaced. Doc says, he’ll never believe it. She says he’ll never believe Doc swooped in to comfort his brother’s obsession? It will work. Doc says, it’s ill-conceived. Ava says, worst case, Ryan is really dead, and they’ve wasted their time. Doc says the worst case is failure of imagination. Say, for argument’s sake, Ryan is alive. He falls for the charade, slips out of her trap, and gets the drop on her. What does she think he’ll do? She could ask the dead women he left in his path, but she can’t. Ryan murdered them, and will murder her.

Laura says, it’s a dream journal, and Felicia says, nightmares. She had them after her first go around with Ryan, and for months after the fire. Tom Hardy thought a record would help her confront her fears. Laura asks if it helped, and Felicia says, it was a start. A manageable way for her to start talking about her feelings. Laura thanks her for sharing her personal feelings; she’s honored. Felicia says, there’s more where that came from. They cropped up again when the press about the twenty-fifth anniversary started. She hasn’t had a night without one since learning Ryan was alive. Lulu might want to keep a journal too.

Willow tells Chase, sorry. They could have hung out, since her friend couldn’t see her. He says, tonight? She thinks that’s good, and says she’ll get back to him. Valerie returns, and Chase introduces them. Valerie says they met briefly on New Year’s Eve. Chase suggests she make sure the car is still there, and she says she’ll do that. He tells Willow that he has to run, but if she needs someone to talk to, a sandwich, or moral support, call him.

Alexis tells Kristina that her so-called friends aren’t helping her find herself. They took advantage of her. Kristina admits she was at a low point when she ended things with Parker, but they showed her not to wallow in it, and gave her a way out. Sonny ask, at what cost? Kristina says, no price is too high. Neil asks if she’s happy, and she says not much, since she’s been kidnapped. He says, outside these walls, is she happy in DOD? She says happier than she’s ever been. He asks if she sees herself being happy ten years from now at DOD. She doesn’t see why not, and he asks if she can describe her future. Alexis asks where she’ll be living, and what she’ll be doing. Kristina says she’ll be doing good works, and spreading Shiloh’s lessons wherever they’re needed. Sonny asks if she wants to teach someone else’s lessons her entire life.

Shiloh wants Harmony to look for their friend (i.e. Willow). Harmony asks Shiloh to wish her luck, but he says luck is a lie. All she needs is faith in herself. He touches her heart, and concentrates. He tells her to take all her nerves and unease, bundle them in the palms of her hands, and give it to him. He can take it; bear her burden. She puts her palms on his chest. She thanks him, saying she’s recovered her strength to do what needs be done. He says she can do it, and she leaves. Sam asks what that was about, and he says she’s awfully inquisitive. He thinks it’s time they remedy that.

Alexis doesn’t recall Kristina ever wanting a job of service. She wanted to be a dancer, and was dedicated to that. Michael says he went to every recital. Kristina says, that was a hobby, not a calling. Neil asks if she still dances, but she says, only in clubs. Michael asks when was the last time she did that, and she says she has other priorities. Sonny says she was interested in the coffee business, and came to him with ideas about Perks. She wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business. Kristina says, so? and Michael says she liked it enough to go to business school, and wanted to intern at ELQ. Kristina says she was trying other things. Michael says he never thought she would limit herself. Neil asks if she can pursue a hobby, career, or relationship outside of DOD. Do they have room for her if she pursues something outside?

Outside Kelly’s, Valerie tells Chase the car is where they left it. He wants to swing by the DOD house. Valerie wonders why, and he says Shiloh is a real dirtbag. Valerie says she heard him speak once. Chase says, and…? She says she couldn’t agree more. Molly and TJ come by, and Valerie says, this should be interesting. She asks Molly how things are going with Kristina, and Molly says, things are going well. Kristina came to her senses, and left the DOD house.

Sam tells Shiloh that she didn’t mean pry; she’s just curious. He says she’s like him; searching and exploring. He didn’t mean to suppress her investigative spirit. The Trust is made up of DOD members, but there’s more to it than that. She says she wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t a mystery. He prefers to call it intimate. The core members within it forge ideas. Sam understands why it has to remain exclusive, but Shiloh thinks she’d be an excellent addition. Sam says, Harmony didn’t think so.

Willow feels someone standing at the table, and says, back so soon? She looks up to see Harmony, who says, it’s been a long time… Willow.

Curtis tells Jordan that she just missed TJ and Molly. She asks about the stolen pharmacy items, and he says her brilliant son confirmed they’d be exactly what Ryan needed. They still don’t have much, and she asks about surveillance footage. Curtis says there’s nothing, but the pharmacy is in a remote location. He thinks Ryan is hiding somewhere nearby, and she says he needs to find out.

Ava tells Doc that Ryan thinks he knows what she’s capable of, but he has no idea. She can take care of herself. He says she’ll have to do it on her own. He has too much to lose. She says, like what? He’s a pariah in the town, GH shut him out, and he’s going to have a hard time finding new patients. Laura is done with him. Ava has a sudden realization, and asks if Laura has taken him back.

Felicia tells Laura that if Lulu is like her, she’ll be looking over her shoulder until Ryan’s death is confirmed. Laura says he’s probably at the bottom of Lake Ontario, but Felicia says they need to be sure. If he’s alive, their plan will draw him out. It’s their best shot at getting his victims and their families some measure of peace. Doesn’t she want that for Lulu? For this to work, they need her by their side, helping to paint the right picture for Ryan. They can’t afford to wait, because Ryan won’t.

Neil asks Kristina if belonging to the DOD community means she can’t commit to anything else. She says she’s fulfilled, and doesn’t need anything else. He says, that may change in the future. She says, the future is imagination. She lives in the present, and they refuse to look at that, because then they’d have to understand and accept what they’re doing to her. Alexis says she’s not free, and Kristina says she’s listened to what they had to say. Now she wants out.

Harmony asks if Willow is taking care of herself. She can’t see getting used to Willow’s new name, and Willow says it’s not like Harmony was the name she was born with. They take the names that suit them. Harmony says, names don’t mean much anyway. Willow can call herself anything, and DOD would take her back.

Valerie asks Molly if she thinks it’s okay for her to call Kristina. Molly says she can try, but she probably won’t pick up. She’s called Kristina a dozen times. Valerie ask where she is, and Molly says her mom said Kristina went somewhere to think and get her head on straight. Valerie says if Kristina checks in, tell her that she’s thinking about her. Molly and TJ leave, and Chase says, Kristina left DOD days ago. Valerie says, that’s great, and he says, as long as she left on her own.

Sam wonders when she can join the Trust, and Shiloh says, soon. He tells her, have patience. They’ll love and welcome her, but as the name implies, they’re bonded in trust with one another. They have to all agree to take her in their hearts, and she needs to prove she’ll take them into hers. She asks if that’s what he means when he talks about the Pledge.

Curtis says he need be there with Jordan. Jordan loves being with him, but she he doesn’t have to be constantly at her side. She can get through it on her own. She has the department behind her, and TJ and Stella will help. Curtis loves that she and Stella are on good terms. She says no one else is looking for Ryan, and she can’t use any resources. Curtis is the only one who can find him

Ava says Doc’s brother nearly killed Laura’s daughter, and she’s taking him back? He says they love each other, and they’re picking up the pieces. Ava supposes it helps that Laura’s daughter survived. Hers did not. She has no pieces to pick up, just a grave to visit. He’s truly sorry, but won’t shut out Laura again, not even to catch his brother. Ava says Laura would be in on it. Doc worked with her daughter at the hospital. He saw how bright and full of promise she was. His brother murdered her. If they have a chance to catch him, he doesn’t get to say no. He owes her.. He says he’ll owe her for the rest of his life, but hers is not the only debt he has to pay, and he won’t settle their account at the expense of his wife. He walks out.

Doc finds Laura at The Floating Rib, and she tells him that Felicia was trying to get her on board with their plan to flush Ryan. He says Ava tried to recruit him to pose as her new partner, so she can bait Ryan, but he said he wouldn’t do that to her. Laura’s phone rings, It’s Jordan, who says she might have a lead on Ryan. It’s not much, but worth looking into. Unfortunately, it’s in Canada. Laura says, it’s out of Jordan’s jurisdiction, but Jordan says that’s not the issue. However, she has someone to get him, if he’s there to be got.

Molly asks TJ, what’s wrong? TJ says she doesn’t want to know, but she’s asking anyway. He shows her some paperwork, and she asks if he stole his mom’s medical file. He says no; he copied it. Not the whole thing, just the analysis of her kidney function. Since she started dialysis, she’s been hiding something.

Willow tells Harmony that she’s not coming back. Harmony says she caused a commotion when she left. They searched high and low. Shiloh was surprised she was only as far as Port Charles. Willow says she’s happy. She has friends, a job, and a purpose. Harmony says DOD needs a teacher, and could benefit from her expertise. Willow says she teaches a real curriculum, not Shiloh’s beliefs. Harmony says Willow believed once, but Willow says, not anymore. Harmony asks if Willow knows how much Shiloh misses her.

Chase tells Valerie that Michael is worried about Kristina. She’s shut down since getting involved with Shiloh and DOD. He wonders why she’d suddenly take action after months of being in it. Valerie says maybe she called Michael when she left, and he asks, why not Molly, but Valerie says Michael is older and has more resources. Chase flashes back to Michael saying he can protect Willow because of his and his father’s connections and resources. He says what if Michael used them to take Kristina out of DOD. Valerie asks if he means kidnap her. Knowing Kristina, she wouldn’t take that well, and dig in even harder. She’d fight to go back. Chase says it could go sideways, and give Shiloh more leeway. Valerie says they can’t let that happen. They need to find her themselves.

Sonny says Kristina’s not leaving until they’re done. Kristina says they want to brainwash her, but Michael says that’s Shiloh’s M.O. They’re trying to wake her up. Alexis says Shiloh wants her dependent on him. He wants her to have no other choice but him. Kristina calls them hypocrites. She can leave when she wants. The only people holding her captive are her own family. She can’t do this. They said she could end it when she wanted. Michael asks if she has any idea where she lands after being in the Trust. She says they’ll celebrate her progress, and Michael asks, how? Kristina tells him, say it, and Neil says, enough. Michael says, damn right it is, and walks out. Sonny follows him out. Michael says he can’t stand seeing her like this. She’s not hearing them. Sonny says it will take a while to get through. Michael’s phone dings. It’s a text from Chase, asking him to meet at The Floating Rib. Michael says there may be another way. Inside, Kristina tells Alexis that they’re committing a crime. If they let her go now, she’ll forget it. If they keep her, when she gets out, she’ll have them arrested.

Shiloh tells Sam, when the time is right for her to join the Trust, the Pledge will be explained. She hasn’t completed her initial training yet. Sam says he always keeps her in the dark, and eager to want more. She’s only scratched the surface of his knowledge. He ask if she thinks she’s ready for the next step. She says she is, and he suggests they do it now. He takes off his shirt.

Ava tells Felicia that Doc turned her down flat. Felicia thinks he should do everything in his power to catch Ryan, but Ava says he won’t do anything to jeopardize what he’s got going on now. Laura took him back, and Ava doesn’t think Laura is going to let him go again, even if it’s just pretend. Not even if it helps catch Ryan.

Laura tells Doc, If Ryan is alive and out there, she wants him caught. Doc says, Ava’s plan is too dangerous, but Laura says, sometimes the best plans are. He ask what she’s saying, and she says, maybe Ava’s plan is not so crazy after all.

Curtis guesses he’s going to Canada, and Jordan says he won’t be gone long. It’s just across the border. He says it might as well be across the universe if he’s away from her. They kiss, and Curtis leaves. TJ sees Jordan, and hugs her. He’s like to have an honest conversation. Does she think they can do that? She asks, what’s going on, and he says he saw her records. He knows she’s in danger of losing the kidney she has left.

Kristina asks Alexis to trust her. Believe in her, and let her go. Alexis says she’ll go straight back to DOD. Kristina says that’s her choice. Make it stop now, and she’ll forget what happened. She doesn’t want to hurt Alexis. Alexis tells Kristina to do what she has to. So will she. Kristina is staying. Alexis goes outside, and tells Sonny that she had to get out of there. Neil says they have some work to do. Kristina reaches under the couch, and finds her phone.

Valerie goes to the DOD house. Chase calls, an tells her that he’s waiting for Michael. She says she’ll let him know what she finds. She gets an incoming, unknown call. Kristina says, come on; pick up.

Sam asks what Shiloh is doing. He says, revealing himself. Most people think the body is something to conceal. They have to get over that fear. Fears stop people from committing themselves. He asks her to reveal herself. What has she got to hide? He holds out his hand, and she takes it.

Michael tells Chase he couldn’t have better timing. He’s been thinking about Shiloh and DOD. Chase says, him too, and he’s been thinking about Kristina. What did Michael’s family do with his sister?

Harmony tells Willow that Shiloh wants her back. He loves and forgives her. Willow says she doesn’t forgive Shiloh – or Harmony. Harmony says she did nothing wrong. Willow says Harmony gave her over to Shiloh when her job was to protect her. Harmony is her mother.

Shiloh takes Sam to the attic. He says they’re going to shed what’s between; first, the physical, then the spiritual. Sam walks in, and he closes the door. Sam puts something in her waistband behind her. Shiloh stands there staring at her, while she starts to unbutton her shirt.

Tomorrow, Ava says Ryan is dead, Alexis asks who Kristina called, Shiloh wants to take it to the next level with Sam, and Sonny tells Jason to eliminate him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Teddi and Kyle go to a place called Petite ‘n’ Pretty. Kyle says photographer Samantha reached out from Instagram for Portia to model a kids’ make-up line. Kyle says Portia is good at make-up, and would like to be a make-up artist or YouTube star. Teddi tells daughter Slate it’s for the shoot only. In her interview, Teddi says the world of make-up has changed since she was a kid. She didn’t want to wear it until 8th grade, and then it was black nail polish and black eyeliner. Her mom wasn’t thrilled, so then she died her hair eggplant. That actually sounds like a cool color. Kyle checks out Camille’s bridesmaid dresses, and doesn’t want to be one because it has a capped sleeve, which is not her friend. Mine neither. She asks Teddi when the RV trip is happening, and we see a clip of Teddi saying Edwin got an RV, and they should go on a trip. In her interview, she says Edwin got it so he could improve his tailgate experience. The rich – they’re not just like us. The photographer shoots some pictures of Portia and Slate.

In LisaR’s interview, she wishes Harry were there. He’s like a human Xanax. She calls Erika in New Jersey, who says tonight’s show is sold out, so she’s super excited. In her interview, she says it’s almost like going on a date with a really hot guy. LisaR tells her LVP didn’t show for Camille’s shower, and told Camille she wasn’t invited. We flash back to that. In her interview, LisaR thinks if you’ve been friends a long time, you should communicate, not just turn your back on them. She tells Erika that she asked Lois what she thought about the whole saga, and Lois thinks it’s bullsh*t Erika says she’ll be back tomorrow

Denise works out. She says she has a built-in trainer with Aaron. And a babysitter. In Denise’s interview, she says she loves working out with him. She forgets how hot he is. Every morning, they have sex and then workout, so it’s like a double workout. She feels bad about LVP not showing up again. We flash back to the dinner for Lois, and LisaR saying that LVP was working at PUMP, but sent her best wishes. She tells Aaron that she and LVP are having lunch. She thinks there was miscommunication and hurt on both sides, and should probably stay out of it. In her interview, she says she wants LVP to know the women still care about her. Being a mediator comes with experience. She had to do a lot with her ex-husband. She gets a text about the guy Sami is going to the homecoming dance with, and says it’s hard to watch her kids become adults. Aaron says they’ll always be her daughters. She gets weepy, and says she feels like she effed up a lot with their dad. She doesn’t want them to remember the fights, but Aaron says she protected them. In her interview, Denise says how she chose to relate to the dysfunction was to hide it from the kids. She doesn’t know if that was a disservice. She tells Aaron, life is short, and childhood is short. He says, enjoy every moment. He wouldn’t change anything about his life, because it led to him being there with her. Can this guy be any cooler? He says that he might have kids out there. She’s like, what? and he says he’s just kidding.

In Dorit’s car, Jagger plays a pretend guitar, and sings, rock and roll, over and over. They’re on their way to visit Kyle. Two-year-old Phoenix immediately accosts Kyle’s daughters. Dorit says she’s mature for two, and when she sees big kids, thinks obviously they’re her friends. She and Jagger hang with the girls, while Dorit and Kyle go outside. Dorit says she has a dream backyard, and Kyle wishes she’s had it when the kids were smaller. The dogs are rambunctious, and she says they’re a lot. She asks if they’re really seeing Boy George playing at the Greek. Dorit says didn’t invite LVP. She doesn’t want to exclude her, but doesn’t want to crowd her either. Kyle says she’s in the same boat, so she gets it.

LVP shows a friend her kitchen in progress. She says she wants to erase every memory from the past three months. In her interview, she says the negativity seems to have gone out the window with the renovation. It was $300K, but worth every penny. She’s distanced herself because she’s had no space for tears, sadness, or being under attack. Denise isn’t part of it, so she’s looking forward to seeing her. She meets Denise at Villa Blanca, and gives her two wedding presents, pink porcelain vases. I think they’re vases anyway. In LVP’s interview, she says she’s seen compassion in the way Denise interacts with children. She has an authenticity that LVP has warmed to. They order drinks, and Denise says LVP seems better, but they haven’t seen much of her. LVP says that’s been her choice. Denise says they love her, and she feels bad about Kyle. LVP tells her that when you swear on your children’s lives, that’s serious. The whole situation is ugly, and it hurt her feelings. She doesn’t need it in her life.

Kyle asks Dorit about LVP meeting with Denise. Dorit thinks Denise is going in with kid gloves. She’s had experience with similar personalities with her ex. Kyle asks if she’s suggesting LVP is like Charlie Sheen. Although they are both Virgos.

LVP tells Denise it was embarrassing and humiliating. In Denise’s interview, she says when she was humiliated in the past, the easy thing would have been to cancel interviews. LVP has chosen to retreat, but if she can’t explain it, you’d think she’d want to repair things; not throw away the friendships. Or at least want to defend herself if she didn’t do it.

Kyle says friends call each other out, and you grow and learn. LVP makes herself a victim. When she’s called out, she freaks out and bolts. She can’t face people. We see clips of past times when LVP has bolted. In Kyle’s interview, she says she wants LVP to come back and figure it out. In Dorit’s interview, she says since the Radar Online articles came out, she hasn’t seen or heard from LVP. She and Kyle had the argument. What did she do?

Denise tells LVP, friends can say hurtful things, but still respect each other. LVP says she was called a liar. You don’t treat people like that if love them. You don’t let a friend go to bed in tears. Denise repeats they still love her, and LVP says, it’s a shame. Denise agrees it is, and says LVP is fun and she’s missed. In her interview, Denise doesn’t get how LVP can just throw the women out. She tells LVP about the RV trip, but that’s a hard no. In LVP’s interview, she says even if Denise had said shopping with George Clooney in Paris, she would take a pass. It’s a definite pass on an RV trip. She tells Denise not to feel the need to defend her. Denise says she’s not, and LVP asks, why not? What kind of effing friend is she? They laugh.

Erika and LisaR pick up Teddi for the concert. They have a glass of champagne. In her interview, Erika says her first show was fabulous. They added a few more shows, but she has a few hours in LA. She can’t think of a better way to spend them. There’s a mechanical bull out back, and Erika says the last time she rode one was at her great-grandmother’s funeral. She clarifies that it was in a bar afterwards. Kyle and Camille join them. In Camille’s interview, she says she loves LisaR, but thinks she was extremely rude at the dinner. However, life is too short to hold grudges. Teddi’s youngest has a meltdown, not wanting her to leave. Teddi calls Edwin to help with the transition, and he peels the kid off of Teddi.

Dorit sees PK backstage, and he says he talked to Ken. We see a clip of him on the phone, telling Ken they’ve gone adrift. He asks why they don’t have lunch, and see if two old gits like them can sort it out. Ken tells him, LVP is tired of those women, and PK tells him not to confuse him and Dorit with Teddi and Kyle. He tells Dorit that Ken said he’d talk to LVP.

Erika tells the women about the tour as they travel to the concert on what looks like an empty bus. Teddi tells them that she sent a text to LVP. She whips out her phone, and reads the text. She hopes LVP is well. She knows they have an issue, and don’t see eye to eye, but thinks it’s best to move on. She has no ill will, and thinks they can co-exist in the group. In Kyle’s interview, she says, sure. LVP will just move on. Sorry Teddi. You’ll be in this for a while. Teddi thinks Camille should have said something to LVP about not being invited. In her interview, Kyle says Camille plays both sides of fence. Which is funny, coming from her. Camille says she and LVP have no beef.

The ladies go backstage, where there’s a nice spread. They eat and drink. Teddi says it’s not her first time at this rodeo. She loves the vibe, and seeing what the artists are like behind the scenes. Kyle asks if Erika has a backstage like this, and she says she does. Teddi asks if Erika gets in character before a show, and Erika says, everything is amplified and bigger. Kyle wonders about eye contact, and says in her fantasies, she would be talking to everyone in the audience. PK and Dorit enter with George. George tells them Gladys Knight is going on stage with him. Billy Idol is also there, and everyone gets excited. In LisaR’s interview, she says Billy is a gorgeous, sexy heartbreaker. She does know he was in his prime almost forty years ago, right?  Denise has been excused because of family night, but in her interview, LisaR asks if LVP isn’t PK’s best friend. Why isn’t she here? What is she doing? Why is it your business?

At Villa Rosa, we hear LVP whispering sweet talk. She brushes one of the pups (I think Schnookie), and tells him how wonderful he is.

Dorit tells the women that PK offered to talk to LVP and Ken. In Kyle’s interview, she thinks if PK has a breakthrough, it’s better for the whole group. Billy Idol arrives with some other people, and um… what I said. Mr. Chow’s (of the restaurant) daughter is with the group, and Teddi says she used to work for the restaurant. In her interview, she says, when she first moved to LA, her parents helped her move, but that’s it. So she got a hostess job. LisaR acts stupid meeting Billy. In LisaR’s interview, she says it’s cool being backstage, and hanging out with your idols in person.

Denise helps her middle daughter with homework. In her interview, she says she would have liked to go, but family comes first. She tells her daughter that she’ll probably never use that math in life, but at least she knows it. She and Aaron sit with the pups. He asks how things are with Charlie, and Denise says he filed to lower the child support. The press was right. She texted him, saying they could work it out discreetly and privately. It’s been twelve years she’s been dealing with this. In her interview, she says she never anticipated the journey she’d be on after her divorce. They had no prenup, and she didn’t ask for half of his money, because she’s not a greedy effing whore. How he blew all the money, she doesn’t know. (Probably on greedy effing whores. And drugs.) She says he should have given her half. She could have put it away for him.

The concert starts, and they embarrass me by screaming and dancing. Dorit loves margarita Kyle, who does splits and flips. It’s the true Kyle Richards. George introduces soul greatness Gladys Knight, who, I might add, did not meet with the Wives because she’s probably smarter than that. Erika has to run. In her interview, Dorit says it’s always exciting being with the girls, but this takes it to another level. George sings with a choir, and everyone lifts their phone lights, like we used to do with lighters. Admittedly, it’s safer, but it’s not nearly as atmospheric. In Kyle’s interview, she says there’s been so much negativity, it’ nice to laugh and have fun. It feels like they’re sixteen years old. Afterwards, they visit with George who says he called out a woman who was Facebooking on her phone all night. Kyle says she would worry about being vulnerable on stage, and PK says she can’t even get on with her best friend. Maybe she’s the one with issues. Kyle says he’s in the same position, and he says it was a joke. Kyle says LVP isn’t talking to him either, but he says he’s talking to Ken. In her interview, Kyle says the whole reason she got into this situation was speaking on his wife’s behalf. Now he’s giving her a jab, and getting into LVP’s and Ken’s good graces. Dorit says it’s the English way of joking, and knows it can be hurtful. Kyle says they’re in the same boat, but PK says he’s not. The ladies leave, except for Dorit. Outside, Camille says that was a nasty comment. Dorit tells PK that they don’t know him that well. He says it was a s joke, but she thinks he should say he’s sorry. Kyle tells the women that it’s disrespect to his own wife. Teddi says, whatever conversation he had with Ken got him there. Kyle says, good luck having sex with your wife tonight. The others laugh.

Dorit tells PK that what he said diminishes what happened. He says he made a joke, and she says she knows it. We all know it, since he’s said it five times now. In Dorit’s interview, she says PK’s great sense of humor is one of the things she loves about him, but he put his foot in his mouth, and it bit her in the ass.

The ladies hang out at the bus. In her interview, LisaR says PK loves to stir the sh*t. She knows because she loves to stir the sh*t. (At least she’s owning it.) Dorit joins them, and says she fully understands how Kyle feels, but she needs to understand the context. He’s comfortable with her and loves her; it didn’t come from a bad place. It was in poor taste and stupid, but he wasn’t being mean. Teddi interjects, and Dorit says let her have a conversation for two seconds. Teddi mumbles to Kyle that the way Dorit sai that was inappropriate, and Kyle says, calm down. Frankly, I think Teddi constantly butting in is inappropriate. In Teddi’s interview, she says when things get heated, she and Dorit don’t communicate the same way. She ask why Dorit is yelling at her, and Dorit says she won’t shut up. Can Teddi give her thirty seconds. In Camille’s interview, she says she and Dorit don’t have the best friendship, but she’s with Dorit on this one. Teddi is a know-it-all, and it’s not the right time to assert herself into the conversation. Kyle says her fight with LVP started because she was defending the two of them. Dorit says her fight is about her and LVP. Kyle says in defending Dorit, she had to be honest. In her interview, Teddi says it’s hard to watch them. They both want LVP’s friendship, and are vying over who’s the better friend.  Dorit and Kyle step away from the others.

Kyle says a joke is supposed to be humorous. On the sidelines, LisaR says jokes are supposed to be funny, and she doesn’t think PK or LVP are funny. She wishes she could have some British humor. Maybe they shouldn’t be friends with British people. In her interview, she says she wishes she could hide behind British humor, but she’s just an a-hole with iconic hair and big lips. Teddi wishes Dorit wouldn’t snap when there’s an issue. Dorit wishes Teddi wouldn’t constantly chime in. LisaR has joined them, and says maybe Dorit snapped because she’s sick and tired of it. Dorit says she’s sorry if she was aggressive. She didn’t mean to be, but she came down to set the record straight with Kyle. Kyle knows PK is a good guy. She was offended in the moment, but isn’t going to carry a grudge. In her interview, Kyle says she’s not going to hold on to it forever, but right now, she’s pissed off. Eff you, PK. That’s British humor.

Next time, Camille tells Denise that Teddi is a know-it-all, PK and Dorit have lunch with LVP and Ken, and Dorit thinks it’s difficult to believe that LVP didn’t have anything to do with it.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex looks at the DNA test, and says, oh my God. Dr. Raston says she retested the samples that were left. Alex says, this is real? and the doctor thinks Alex should have a conversation with Brad. Alex says they’re getting a divorce, and doesn’t see the point. The doctor says lies and secrets got her here, and it’s obvious she has another one. The board meeting is tomorrow, and she asks if Alex can make it. Alex says she will. Dr. Raston says she needs Alex there. This is her life and career that she’s never faltered in. Alex says she’ll be there. The doctor doesn’t know the results Alex was looking for, but can tell it’s a shock. She leaves, and Alex looks at the results again.

Eddie puts Esperanza in a cell. She says he thinks it’s funny, and he says, absolutely. She just stole from a restaurant, and now she’s just another citizen. He walks away, and she tells him, come back. He says he can’t hear her. Kelly is in the next cell, and asks what Esperanza is doing there. Esperanza says Eddie locked her up. It’s okay. When she gets out, he’s done. Kelly is sorry, and Esperanza asks if she’s seen Lushion. Kelly says, earlier, and Esperanza asks how she’s doing. Kelly says don’t worry about her. Is she okay? Kelly says she’s better. She’s trying to keep some faith. Esperanza says they’re all working hard to get her out. Kelly appreciates it. She misses her son, and Esperanza says she’ll bring him there when she gets out, but Kelly says, no. She’s not ready to see him. She can’t look into his eyes. Esperanza thinks it would do her good, and give her strength.

Lushion comes by. He tells Kelly that they came up with a good game plan. They’re going to talk over dinner. He says, hang in there, and Kelly suggests he tell Esperanza hang in there too; she’s next door. He’s like, what? and asks Esperanza what she’s doing there. Esperanza says, what does he think? Eddie. He unlocks the cell, and says Eddie keeps pushing the envelope. Eddie walks over, and says, no. Esperanza stole from a restaurant, and resisted law enforcement. Lushion takes her out, and she pushes Eddie. He says she’ll have an assault charge too, and if she gets behind the wheel of a car, a DUI. Lushion stops him, and Eddie asks if Lushion is going to hit him. Lushion says, no. He’ll call Steven to do that. Eddie says they think they’re funny. He’ll get Esperanza later.

Esperanza calls Larry, and leaves a message. She sees Steven, who asks, what’s wrong? She says, nothing, but he knows different. She says, Eddie, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she’ not upset over nothing, and she tells him Eddie arrested her for not paying at a restaurant. She didn’t have her wallet, and asked him to pay. Steven says she had lunch with him? Why? She says why is he asking all these questions? She was just talking to Eddie. Steven asks, about what? and she says she doesn’t need him to know. She walks away, and Eddie walk up. He tells Steven, let that one go. That broad is bad news. Steven says the only bad news around there is him. Lushion tells Eddie, get to work, and tells Steven don’t waste his time.

Rick wants to talk to Lushion. He brings Lushion to the interrogation room, where Margaret is waiting. Rick introduces her, saying she’s the chaplain at Calvary and the prison. Margaret says she saw Kelly, and Lushion says she’s having a hard time. She tells him, Kelly said something that made her pray hard. She’s not the only girl. She thought the women were going crazy because Travis was a handsome kid. When Rick called, she began to pray. She doesn’t want to take anyone down. Lushion says, Travis is dead, but she says what if she’s wrong. Lushion suggests she tell them, and let them be the judge. She says her loyalty is to the church. Um… shouldn’t her loyalty be to God? Lushion wants to show her something, and brings up a picture of Justice on his phone. He says, her son. She’s a good mother. He knows a woman like her, a child of God, wouldn’t want this to go on. She says, this was a bad idea. She needs to leave. Lushion says she can break the cycle of pain, but Rick says, let it go. Margaret leaves, and Lushion says they shouldn’t have let her go. Rick says, this will take finesse, and she’s weak. Rick says he’s working on it, and they’ll talk later. Lushion says he’s seeing Ian tonight, and Rick says, be careful with that and what he says. Lushion says right now, they have to trust somebody. Rick says the church is like a bunch of gangsters, but Lushion just wants to hear what Ian has to say. He tells Rick he’s doing a good job.

Marcie and Brad go out to eat. She asks what this is about, and he says, it’s very simple. He was at work, thinking about her, and wanted to talk to her about something. She asks if she needs to brace herself, and he says, maybe. Will she marry him? She laughs, and says they talked about this. He says they talked about dating. She says he was just trying to work things out with Alex, but he says, it’s not going to work. She says they’ve been through a lot, and hurt. He says they both deserve better. He loves her. She says she loves him too; they’re incredible friends. He says that’s what makes it so perfect. She says, when he went back to Alex, that hurt. He says he had to make sure it was over, and she says what if she wanted go back to Randal to make sure. He asks if she’s seriously thinking about it, and she says, yeah. He says, really? and she laughs. She says that’s why they’re not ready to be in a relationship. He can’t even tell when she’s lying. He tells her, don’t do that, and she says, it was a joke. She says, it’s a little sudden. He shows her a round diamond ring, and asks her to marry him. She can’t believe he went this far. It doesn’t feel right, and she has to say no. He asks if it’s her boyfriend. She says she’s not into Ian. They’ve been over this. She asks him not to be disappointed, and he asks her to k about it. She agrees, and he says all he knows is that he doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. There’s no one else he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Larry sits on his car, looking over some papers. Randal pulls in, driving a surprisingly unsexy car. He tells Larry, go to hell, but Larry says he needs to see this. He knows Randal is angry, but he needs to see this. Randal says, go home, and Larry says, no. Randal says, fine. Stay out there all night. Larry says, please, let him in, and Randal says he hates Larry. Larry says he won’t after he sees this. They go inside, and Larry tells Randal, look at it, giving him some papers. Randal asks what the hell it is, and Larry says PIs fill it out for recent divorcees; all the dirt they can find. This is what was found on him. Randal says, it was a long time ago. Larry says Randal can see why he had him sign. Randal says there’s no way Marcie would know unless he told her this sh*t, but Larry says, it’s easy to find. Randal says it was settled out of court. Larry tells him, just because it was settled, doesn’t mean he was right in gaslighting a patient. He was fired from the hospital for it. Marcie could have taken everything. After some discussion about the word gaslighting – making someone think they’re crazy – probably for the edification of the audience, Larry says, mind games. Randal is good at it. Randal says it was never proven, and it was sealed. Larry says it depends on the kind of attorney, but he could be destroyed. He might not be able to testify, or be party to the jury selection. Randal tells him, get out. Larry says Randal should be thanking him. He saved Randal. Randal asks if he’s done, and Larry says, no. He wants a drink. He pours one for himself, and one for Randal. He’s not leaving until Randal apologizes. Randal says that’s not happening, and Larry asks if he hasn’t paid enough penance. Randal takes the drink. He tells Larry, keep trying him, and see what happens. Larry pours another.

Kelly sits on the floor of her cell, bummed. Rick stops by. She says he’s not in uniform, and he tells her that he’s headed to church; Calvary. She asks why? and he says he’s working on something; trust him. She says she’s trying to. After everything Travis put her through, it’s hard. He says he’s working on something to help her, but he needs her to be strong. He remembers when she reported Travis the first time; she was strong. She says that was before Travis beat her down. He says she still hasn’t run, but she says, look around him. She’s in jail. He says, not for long. She wonders how he can be so sure. He says he’s just asking for a little time. It will be okay. She has him and Lushion working on it, and they’re going to figure it out. She says, okay, and he promises he won’t leave her. he won’t let anything happen without a helluva fight, and they’re fighting to the end. He needs her to fight too. She says she’s doing her best, and he tells her that he’ll see her in the morning. Stay strong.

Randal tells Larry, get out, again, and Larry says, one more. Randal says he’s not playing. His phone rings. He says he’ll be going to the hospital, and he’s bringing his attorney. When he’s done with the call, he tells Larry to be sober and fresh for the meeting at the hospital tomorrow. Larry says, just so Randal knows, he’s going to keep harassing Randal until he forgives him. Larry gets in his, also unsexy, but still cool, car, and drives off.

Tanya strides up to Randal’s house, and knocks on the door. She asks him why he said those things to her the other day. He asks what he said, and she tells him, don’t talk to her again. He says, okay, and she says, stop looking in her windows. He says, but she’s so beautiful, and she says she’ll call the police. She’ll tell her husband. He laughs, and says she’s crazy. She says she’s not crazy. He thinks she is, and asks why she came over. She says to tell him he’s a liar, and don’t talk to her again. He says she’s the one who came over to his house. Don’t bring her ass over there, and he won’t talk to her. She tells him, don’t look at her naked, and he asks if she enjoyed looking at him. She says he’s a sad little man, and he says, clearly, she didn’t get a good enough look. Does she want to try again? He starts to unbuckle his belt, and she leaves. He tells her, don’t be afraid, but she keeps moving.

Tanya runs into Natalie on the sidewalk. Natalie asks if Randal is bothering her, and Tanya says, yeah. He’s been looking in her windows. Natalie is sorry, and suggests she close the curtains. Tanya says she needs the light; it helps her. Natalie says she should call the police. He won’t stop. Tanya says, he’d better stop. Natalie think she should tell her husband, but Tanya says, he already has enough on his plate. Natalie says she needs to tell somebody, and Tanya says she’ll think about it. She thanks Natalie for helping her the other night. She knows her husband told Natalie about her condition. It doesn’t happen unless she doesn’t take her meds. Randal watches from the open doorway because he’s creepy that way. Natalie says she’ll tell Lushion, and he’ll tell Randal’s ass. Tanya goes home, and Randal yells where’s Natalie’s car? Who walks to the grocery store? They don’t do that in this neighborhood. There’s no corner store, liquor store, check cashing place, or place to get her weave done. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m not quite sure what that was about, since he described a lot of neighborhoods in NYC, and like convenience is a bad thing.

Larry is in his office, and hears a noise. He asks, who’s there? and Eddie says, his worst nightmare. Larry says, some people’s sweetest dream. Eddie asks if Larry is trying to take him down with Esperanza. Larry says he has no idea what Eddie is talking about. Eddie asks if Larry knows how many people have tried to take him down. Larry imagines quite a few. His fellow officers; rookies. They’ve tried, and failed. Eddie says, miserably. Larry suggests Eddie come by, but Eddie says he’s not into Larry’s fruity ass. Larry asks if he’s into Joey. They have a few mutual friends he met with earlier; Peter, Joey, Andrew. Eddie asks why the hell they were there, and Larry says, testimony against him. When he’s done with the case he’s handing to the DA, Eddie won’t need to be worried about him, but a gang of guys like him, doing far worse. Eddie tells Larry now is the time to stop before it gets extremely ugly. Larry says, it’s too late for that. Eddie says, if he has nothing to lose, he might as well take Larry out. I assume he doesn’t mean to the movies. Larry says not if he gets to Eddie first. Eddie says they’ll see about that, and Larry guesses they shall. He’ll see Eddie soon. Eddie walks out, and Larry asks if Eddie knows he has an ass like a Black girl. A loud laugh pops out of my mouth. I love Tyler Perry’s shows because the dialogue is so clever, and often very real.

Ian arrives at Lushion and Natalie’s house. Natalie tells them to talk while she checks on the roast. Ian asks how Lushion has been. Lushion says, anxious. Is he taking Kelly’s case? Ian says he’s doing it, and Natalie says, thank you, Lord. Lushion tells her not to take the Lord’s name in vain, but I’m not sure how that applies here. Ian says Lushion does realize it’s going to be tricky. He has to break client privilege to rep her. He has to figure out a way around it. Evidence can help. He can’t tell Lushion what it is. Lushion says Ian’s got to give him something, and Ian says he knows where to look. Rick works at the church. Lushion says, Rick is trying to get information. The chaplain said there could be more victims. Ian says, find the others. Lushion says, then what? How is Ian going to rep Kelly while working for Larry? Ian says he’d want Justice on the stand, but doesn’t think they’ll even have to go to court. If they have evidence, the DA will offer a deal. Lushion says, Kelly won’t take a deal. Ian says it’s an election year, and the DA won’t want to be embarrassed, especially in front of a public defender. Lushion asks if he thinks the kid can do it, and Ian says, it will change his career overnight. Get the evidence. Lushion says it would be nice if Ian would point him in the right direction. Ian says, it’s real close. Closer than he thinks. Now I’m trying to figure it out.

Alex knocks at the door. She thanks them for inviting her. Natalie introduces Ian, saying he’s the attorney she was telling Alex about. Natalie tells Ian, this is… Ian says, Jennifer. They’ve met. Natalie says, no; Alex. Ian says, Jennifer, and Alex says, no. She’s Alex. He says, sorry. He thought she was someone else. Natalie says she’s about to get dinner started, but Alex wanted to know if Ian could look over her divorce papers. Lushion is like, hey, but Ian says, it’s okay. He’ll do it; not a problem. Natalie says they want it by tomorrow. Ian asks why the rush, and Alex says, long story. Ian guesses they’ve got a long dinner ahead. Natalie says there’s plenty of wine, and calls Alex Jennifer. Ian apologizes again, saying Alex really looks like her. Alex hopes she was nice, and he says she was, extremely. Lushion asks if they’re ready to eat, and Ian says he’ll look at the papers after dinner. Alex says they’re at her house. She’ll get them later, and he says he’ll walk her.

For a long dinner, we see none of it. Alex and Ian walk to her house, and she thanks him again. It’s been tough. He says he understands. He does a lot of divorce cases, and it’s never easy, but this one is different/ He feels like there’s something missing from the story. Alex asks what that’s supposed to mean, and he says she just had a baby. He says she doesn’t have to tell him, and she says, maybe one day. They go inside.

Alex pays the sitter, and thanks her. She asks if Ian would like a drink. He says, sure. He lives across the street. She wants one too, but before she can get to the bar, Ian takes her in his arms, and is about to kiss her.

Next time – the finale – Tanya does a painting of Randal, Alex says she has no idea what Ian is talking about, Randal wants to get Dr. Raston fired, Ben trashes Randal’s’ house, and Ian asks if the baby is his. Which is what I’d been wondering since I saw him call her Jennifer on the commercial.

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April 22, 2019 – Someone Gives Doc a Hand, Brittany Hunts For the Dress, Mini Throne Recap, Throne Theory, Behind the Throne, Funny Throne & a Song from Thrones


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Doc and Laura kiss. A messenger brings a package for Doc. Doc asks who it’s from, and the messenger says, someone named Chamberlain. Doc signs for the box, and I wonder if he’s left-handed in real life. He opens it, and there’s a Styrofoam container inside. He opens that, and as I suspected, a frozen hand is inside. Laura is like, omg, and turns away.

Scotty goes to Ava’s apartment, and asks, what’s the emergency? She says she needs a hero, and he’s just the man for the job.

Sasha laughs at a story Michael is telling about forgetting to get off of a ski lift. She says he totally knows his way around a mountain. She used to go skiing all the time, and he says maybe someday they could hit the slopes. She says, maybe. Does he know what she wants to hit now? He knows what he wants her to say, but doesn’t think that’s it. She says, the shower.

NuTJ (who I’m still not used to) says Molly was quiet on the walk over. She says she was thinking about the nutjob Kristina is involved with. He says, it’s not like it’s the first time she’s gone off the grid, but Molly says, it’s never been like this. Other times, at least she responded to texts, but it’s been radio silence. Alexis approaches, and says she’s been looking for Molly. Molly asks if Kristina is okay, and Alexis says, she will be. Molly asks what she means, and Alexis says she hasn’t been completely honest about Molly’s sister.

Neil explains to Kristina that the purpose of the circle is to create a space where all voices are of equal importance. There’s no hierarchy or leader. Kristina says if her voice was equal, she wouldn’t be a captive, and he’d let her go. Nice try.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny tells Carly that he just wants his daughter back. Who’s to say the deprogramming will work? Sam appears, and says it will. For Kristina, it has to.

Shiloh walks into the gym, which is not the start of a joke, and sees Jason near the heavy bag. He asks if he can have a go at it. Jason remains silent, and starts punching the bag. Shiloh laughs, and guesses he should take that as a no.

Sonny tells Sam there are other options. Kristina can’t be involved if the cult leader is gone. Sam thinks the only way for Kristina to unhook from it, is therapy. Carly wonders what if Kristina said something incriminating. Sonny says, at worst, she could have said he gave orders to have someone eliminated. It would be a lie, but she could have exaggerated to impress that dirtbag. Sam thinks the same thing, but if Shiloh exposed what Kristina said his crimes were, she’d fall apart. They have to find her pledge, and make sure it never sees the light of day. Sonny asks what her next move is, and Sam says, go to the house, and see what she can find. They wish each other good luck. Sonny says, they’ll need it. After Sam leaves, Carly says she thinks Sam has lost it.

Harmony looks through some folders. She crosses out Willow’s real name on one of them, and replaces it with Willow Tait. She looks at the picture of Kristina and Shiloh.

Neil admits to Kristina, however well-intentioned, kidnapping her was unfair. Out of curiosity, what would she tell a friend who was being held against their will by their loved ones? She says she can show him. She picks up Shiloh’s book, and reads, the problem lies within the person who’s afraid of an unresolved interior experience in dealing with loss. Neil says he’s unfamiliar with the material, and asks if she can tell him more conversationally. She says her parent’s history with loss makes them afraid of losing her. He thanks her for the clarification.

Michael and Sasha talk about their favorite places to ski. Sasha doesn’t want to sound snobby, but says she’d go with Aspen; the terrain is good. Michael says, the waffles are too. One time the place was closed, and he almost cried. She says she has to get back there, and Michael says he almost went this winter. He booked the trip, but his sister Avery’s nanny got sick, so there was no one to take Avery on the bunny hill. Sasha is impressed that Michael would cancel Aspen to take his sister on the bunny hill, and asks if he walks on water. He tells her to never underestimate toddler charm.

Doc takes a look at a paper inside the box, and tells Laura, it’s from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It’s Chamberlain remains, not from Ryan Chamberlain. He tells Laura, a severed hand doesn’t necessarily mean a fatality. She asks if he thinks Ryan is out there, and he says, in her heart of hearts, doesn’t she? She doesn’t know. She tells him that she understands they still have issues, but believes they can work through them. She thinks that won’t happen until he moves back home. He says there’s nothing he’d love more, but doesn’t think he should until he does more work on himself.

Shiloh says Jason has made it clear that he’s hostile toward him and DOD. He’d considered that Jason kidnapped Kristina, but he was convinced otherwise by Sam. The more he trusts Sam, the closer they become.

Carly tells Sonny that Shiloh is supposed to believe Sam loves him. Now that freak is talking to Danny, and Jason has to put up with it. That’s how she sees it. Sonny agrees, saying, no one wants it over with more than he does, but if it helps Kristina recover by playing it out, he’ll do it. Shiloh will be dealt with.

Michael wishes he could stay, and Sasha asks if he’s riding to another sister’s rescue. He says, actually… and she asks if everything is okay. He hopes so. She tells him not to let her keep him, and asks if it’s cool for her to hang out. He tells her to stay as long as she wants, and writes down his number. She says, digits; it’s getting serious. He thinks maybe they can go to the gym again, or catch a movie; no expectations. She says she’s only in town until her mother’s wedding, but she’d like that. She’ll text him. He leaves, and she looks at the number and smiles.

Molly ask Alexis where her sister is, and Alexis says, she’s safe. She’s working on her issues, and that’s all she can tell Molly. Molly knows better than to press, and Alexis thanks her. All Molly wants is for Kristina to be normal again, and get away from that creep Shiloh. Alexis says that’s all she wants too; her three girls to be safe.

Neil tells Kristina that her family is waiting for permission to speak with her. Kristina says, they’re not known for their communication skills. They don’t hear or see her. He asks how he can help. Would it work for her if had a signal. She can say, she’s not okay with this, and he’ll stop and redirect the conversation to a more constructive place. She says, it sounds okay, and he asks if she’s ready. She tells him, go for it, but it won’t change anything.

Ava tells Scotty to sit. He asks if he should be nervous. She says, no. They’re friends; good friends. She’d venture to say he’s her best friend in Port Charles. He says, as opposed to some other location? She laughs and says he gets her. No one else ever has, and he’s never afraid to say what he really thinks. He tells her that she’s laying it on thick. He can see smoke coming out of her ears. What plan is she cooking up? She says, a plan in which he plays a key role. He asks what she wants him to do. She says, fall in love with her, and kisses him.

Ava says it’s not that farfetched. Scotty says he has feelings for her; he always did. Another place, another time; however, they’ve never kissed. He asks what she wants, and she says Ryan is alive. He tells her that if he thought that was true, he’d shackle himself to her, but Ryan is dead. She wishes that was true. She knows Ryan is obsessed with her, and knows she and Scotty have a close connection. She depends on him in times of need. If Ryan thought they were together, he would surely surface, and when he does, they’ll be ready. He asks if she’s serious, and she says she is. She wants justice for her daughter, and he can have the justice denied him when he prosecuted Ryan.

Sam goes into the DOD house. She sees the folders Harmony was looking at on an ottoman, quickly looks through them, and puts them back. Harmony walks in, and asks what she’s going there. She says she needs to see Shiloh. Harmony says she doesn’t know where he is. Sam sees Kristina’s folder under Harmony’s arm, and says she’ll wait. Harmony tells her to suit herself. Sam’s sorry if she interrupted Harmony’s project, and asks if she needs help. Harmony says it’s private material, far above her level, but thanks anyway. She goes upstairs, and Sam follows at a distance.

Shiloh tells Jason that Sam is learning the DOD courses faster than any student he’s ever had. Danny is incredible as well. He wonders if Danny will get his life outlook from his mom or be emotionally stunted like his father. Jason walks away, and Shiloh says he didn’t want a workout anyway. Jason has sweated enough for the both of them.

Harmony goes into Shiloh’s office. Sam puts an ear to the door, then ducks around the corner when Harmony comes back out. Harmony locks the door. When she’s gone, Sam tries it just to make sure.

Michael goes to the MetroCourt, and gives Carly a hug. She says he’s in a good mood. Would he care to share what contributed to that? He says she can ask, but he’s not answering. She says there’s a secret behind his smile, and he says it’s monumental. He’s grabbing coffee before he meet Sonny about Kristina. If there’s anything to know, she’ll be the first one he tells. She says that’s not nearly enough, but she’ll have to take it. He leaves, and she ponders.

Sonny tells Alexis that Michael is on his way. Alexis says she talked to Molly, but told her as little as possible. She knows Kristina is safe, but Alexis feel badly for not including her. She was the first one to recognize DOD was a cult, but she’ll just make Kristina defensive. Neil joins them, and asks if they’re still waiting for Michael. Sonny says he’ll be there soon. Neil says it’s important that they understand there are multiple steps in the process. Sonny and Alexis have strong, powerful personalities, and are used to being in control. They’ll have to leave that at the door. They’re not in charge, and can’t steer the outcome. Kristina recognizing that she can make decisions is critical to her recovery. If they can’t abide by that, they need to leave. Sonny says Michael is the most level headed of the group. Alexis adds, and the closest to Kristina. Neil says that doesn’t always work in their favor. Kristina already feels betrayed by being kidnapped, and they have to catch up. Are they ready to do the work? Sonny says, ready.

Laura asks Doc what kind of work he needs to do, and he says, on his arrogance; his God complex. Ryan always thought he was the smartest person in the room, and Doc thinks he shares that opinion of himself. She says he’s really been thinking about it, and he tells her he’s been talking to a colleague. She says, therapy, and he says, don’t’ knock it. Always being right gets in the way of life, and when taken to the extreme, leads to where they ended up. He wants no part of that grandiosity, and doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Laura says he won’t, but he wishes it was that simple. His justifications and explanations were just his ego, and it resulted in people getting killed, Lulu being attacked, and pain for everyone involved. Laura says he’s not the one who killed them. Doc says it’s not the same thing, but he was still destructive. He needs to confront and deal with these tendencies in himself, and acknowledge his faults and culpabilities. She says he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Laura tells Doc, anything she can do to help, she wants to do it. Doc asks if she’s not still angry at him, even a little. She says he made a mistake, but he’s a good man. The fact that he’s willing to face those parts of himself proves it. If it doesn’t interfere with his soul searching, she’d love it if he searched his soul at home. He says that’s why he didn’t tell anyone, especially her, that Ryan was alive. He knew she’d call him on it, and tell him to turn Ryan in. He didn’t want that, so he kept it from the person he loved most. He’s so sorry. She says she forgives him, and they hug.

Ava says Scotty must regret how the case turned out. He says he does. Felicia ended up in jail instead of Ryan. It was a travesty. Ava says she’s giving him a chance to fix it won’t do it. As much as he cares about her, right now she’s filled with grief, and jumping into the vodka bottle. She says she’s drinking coffee, but he says it’s just a matter of time. How many times has he picked her up off the floor since Kiki died? She says Ryan murdered her daughter because he could; for fun, or maybe he chose Kiki because she was Ava’s daughter. Scotty gets it. It haunts her. She says she needs to be the one to kill him. Look into the eyes of that sick, sadistic man, and tell him it’s for her daughter. Will he help her? Scotty doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation, pretending to be dating her. She tells him, take advantage of her. It’s his last chance. He suggests they get some fresh air, clear their minds, and come up with another plan. She tells him, if he doesn’t want do it, he needs to get out, and he leaves.

TJ tells Molly that he knows how much she loves her sister. He loves Kristina too. She has some great qualities. Molly says, but…? He says she’s had bad things happen to her. Kiefer was the worst, but she survived. She’s had the benefit of money, education, and the support of her family, but she’s never learned responsibility, and how to get herself out of trouble; bail herself out. Molly says Kristina thinks she’s taking ownership by joining DOD, but it’s the exact opposite.

Sam gets into the office, but hears Shiloh call Harmony. She leaves, closing the door behind her, and jets.

Neil says Kristina’s family is there to talk after agreeing to the basic ground rules. Kristina asks where Molly is. Alexis says after their recent friction, they thought it best she sit this one out. Kristina ask about Sam. She’s a DOD member and supports her. Is that why she’s not there? Neil says it’s not about defending points of view. It’s about Kristina’s needs and feelings. Alexis’s phone rings. She checks it and ignores the call. Kristina asks how they’re supposed to talk when Alexis can’t turn off her phone. Neil says that’s a good point. Why not start there.

Shiloh finds Sam in the living room, and she says she’s there to see him.

Laura says, marriage is a partnership, and it can’t always be Doc taking care of her. Sometimes she gets to take care of him. They save each other. She asks if he’ll come home. He kisses her, and thanks her. She says she didn’t do anything, but he says, yes, she did. She asks what he’s going to do with that thing, and he says take it to the morgue for starters; then destroy it. At least part of Ryan will be behind them. He’ll meet her at home. He needs to make a quick stop on the way.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Sasha asks Carly if she can get something to go. Carly gives her a menu, and notices she’s wearing a sweatshirt from the gym. She says her husband owns that place, and asks how Sasha likes it. She says she had the best workout this afternoon. Carly says, good to know. I believe she’s put two and two together, and come up with Michael and Sasha.

Kristina says her mother’s phone shows a lack of respect. It’s like their entire relationship. That’s why she chose DOD. The way they communicate reflects her need to be heard. Sonny doesn’t get it, and Neil says communication is more successful when the speaker and listener both understand the message. Can she make that easier? She said her mother’s phone shows a lack of respect; how so? Kristina says, when it rings, Alexis disappears. Alexis says that’s not true, but Neil says if Kristina feels that way, it’s true to her. He asks her to restate how she feels the need to communicate. She says she hates when they talk. They never get past her mistakes. They love her, but she thinks they’re saying love her more if she was different. Neil asks how she feels when she leaves their conversations, and Kristina says, terrible; completely disconnected. At DOD, they only ask who she is now, and who she’s willing to be. She doesn’t feel lonely with them like she with her family. She starts to cry, and says she got tired of being lonely.

On the phone, Jason thanks Brick, saying, that’s what he thought. Carly asks what he found out. Jason tells her, residue from a narcotic was in the cup. She wonders what happened at GH, and he’ll give her one guess. She says, Shiloh.

Doc sees Ava at the MetroCourt bar. He was hoping to find her there. She says, dare she ask why? He says he’s had unsettling news about his brother.

Scotty runs into Laura at the hospital. He doesn’t mean to be insensitive, but asks if she’s seen Doc. She says he just left, and asks if something is wrong. He says, Ava is cooking up a plan to bring out Ryan, who’s dead as a doornail. It’s outrageous.

Michael tells Kristina that he brought her this, and gives her a keyring. She says, Mexico. He says they’re family is amazing, but it’s also big and complicated. There’s a lot of history, screw ups, baggage, you name it. Shiloh is offering something that seems positive and wonderful, but something he’s learned in business is, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. He takes her hand, and says she might not believe it, but he thinks she’s really smart and perceptive. She gets a read on people before anyone else. He knows if she really listens to what Shiloh is saying, beneath the flowery message, he’s saying, do what I tell you; trust me, not yourself. Michael misses her, and she says she misses him too. He says let him be there for her. Come home with him. God knows there’s plenty of room. Kristina says he doesn’t understand. She made a promise, and can never go back home.

Sam tells Shiloh that Harmony said he’d be back soon, so she decided to wait. There’s something she wants to say. He tells her that he always welcomes her thoughts. She says she’s been thinking about it, and wants to take the next step in her commitment to DOD. She wants to prove her faith in him is as strong as his faith in her. He says that’s good to hear. It’s almost time. Soon, she’ll be ready join his Trust.

Carly says, Kristina was drugged. She knows Jason isn’t taking the information to the cops, so what’s next. He says he’s going to handle Shiloh himself.

Scotty tells Laura, it’s a hair-brained idea. It would never work, but Ryan is dead. Laura says, if he isn’t, it’s a suicide mission. Anyone who takes her up on her offer is out of their mind.

Doc tells Ava that he knows the hand is disturbing, but he wanted her to hear it from him. He’ll take care of everything from now on. She can put his brother behind her. She doesn’t think she can, but they can use Ryan’s hand to bury him.

Tomorrow, Felicia tells Laura that their plan will draw Ryan out, Molly says Kristina has finally come to her senses, and Shiloh tells Sam she can take her place in his Trust.

Vanderpump Rules

Ariana sets up the bar at SUR. Tom says he’d help, but he’s no longer an employee. This is her first Brunch with Billie, and Tom tells her, get ready; it gets crazy. Lisa comes in and asks Tom what was up with that briefcase full of money. She thinks Schwartz is ridiculous. What was she supposed to do with that? Has he never heard of a cashier’s check? In her interview, Ariana says she respects Lisa as a businesswoman, but doesn’t like the way she’s been treating the Toms lately. We see clips of Lisa lecturing them at various times. Ariana says it’s starting to wear on her. She doesn’t understand the mentality. Um… I think it is a business mentality, since these guys can drift. Tom tells Lisa that James wants to talk to her, and she says, he always does. In Lisa’s interview, she says James thought it would be easy to get his job back, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about him learning a lesson. At some point, she’ll talk to him. She tells Tom and Ariana that she feels like a therapist, and should have a couch.

Jax’s sister Jenny and her husband Patrick arrive at the apartment. In his interview, Jax says his sister is important to him. She’d give the sweater off her back for anyone; she’s like their dad. Jax points out a bottle of Fireball that their dad drank from. Since their mom won’t be at the engagement party, he’s glad Jenny is there. Brittany’s mom Sherri, and a slew of other relatives show up. In Brittany’s interview, she says she loves her family, and it means the world to her that they’re here. None of them have ever been to LA or even traveled that much. Hashtag: blessed. Dad Don prays over the food. It’s the first time Jax has seen him since the summer, and he feels intimidated, but isn’t bowing down for forgiveness. He says when he’s doing good and feels good, it shows. He has to make himself happy first. He jokes that he put all the furniture together, but then admits Brittany did, saying she likes doing it. Yeah. She probably reads the directions, and gets it right the first time. Baby Presley is there, and in his interview, Jax explains that he helped Jenny and Patrick raise money to have a baby in vitro a couple of years ago. We flash back to the fundraiser, and Jax saying he’ll match the total. He says they were very grateful, and he can basically say he bought them a baby.

Brittany talks about going dress shopping. Mamaw says despite their ups and downs, it’s worked out for good, and she loves them both. Jax brings out a box with his dad’s ashes in it, so he can join them. Brittany suggests putting the ashes in something nice, but he says he likes to bring his dad places. I… never mind.

Scheana tells Adam that she’d mentioned her friend Ethan is back in town, and he wants to make her dinner. Adam says he was being honest saying he didn’t care if she dated other people, but he stays at her place all the time. She says she doesn’t want that to change, and he asks if this guy is spending the night. In Scheana’s interview, she says Adam claims he doesn’t care if she dates or hooks up with someone else. Ethan wants to cook her dinner, so she’s calling his bluff. I’m guessing cooking dinner must be a euphemism for dinner and something else. She asks, if she and Adam are going out and having sex, why aren’t they dating? He doesn’t know if he wants to be exclusive, but he doesn’t want her to go out with other guys. So in other words, he has a double-standard. She says she just won’t post anything. Seriously, I’m confused as to what it is they are doing if that’s not dating.

Stassi, Kristen, and Katie wait for Brittany at the bridal shop. Kristen says Brittany is getting married in a castle, and wants the appropriate dress. They decide to each pick one out that they’d like her to try on. Stassi feels like she’s going to be a bridesmaid, but wonders if it’s awkward since Jax is her ex. Kristen thinks she’d make an amazing maid-of-honor because she has OCD obsessive energy that she’s willing to pour into the wedding. In her hope for attention, I guess Kristen is just going to overlook the fact that she and Brittany are not that close. Brittany arrives with all of her female relatives. Stassi says this is going to be the best day ever. There’s a welcome sign and hors d’oeuvres, and the girls have already started drinking. Brittany says she wants a fairytale wedding, In her interview, she says she’s thought about her wedding dress her whole life, and now it’s her turn. She had a My Size Wedding Barbie, and wore the gown all the time. A producer asks who she was marrying, and she doesn’t think anyone. She just got excited about the dress. Mamaw says she was married 54 years, and it seemed like a day. Was he away all the time? Katie thinks Stassi will be next. Sherri says she and Mamaw never gave up on Jax. They were with him the night his dad passed, and he said now he would be the man his dad wanted him to be. After that, they saw a change.

Jax and Jenny go to a tattoo parlor. (Sounds like a children’s book.) They want one of their father’s favorite sayings in his handwriting. Jax asks what Jenny thinks of Brittany’s family, and she says she loves them. He says there are more to come. He asks if she thinks it’s weird their mom isn’t there. Jenny says he has to go with how he feels. In his interview, Jax says he hasn’t talked to his mother since his dad died. Jax says she won’t be at the engagement party, and asks if Jenny is okay with it. Jenny says she didn’t tell them that their dad was in the ICU. In Jax’s interview, he says he can’t forgive his mom for not saying how sick his father was. Jenny says, even if it had just been a body, she would have wanted to say goodbye. Jax wonders if somehow their dad told her not to say anything. Jenny thinks he didn’t want to be a burden, but would have wanted them there. Jax says their dad claimed he would never set foot in a tattoo parlor, and here he is. Yes. Jax brought his ashes along. In Jax’s interview, he thinks he should get an urn, but wants to have his dad around. He says he’s gotten some amazing tattoos, and some not so amazing. Stassi was a bad choice, but Carmen was a terrible choice. The tattoo they’re getting says, make good choices, love you, Dad.

Brittany models a dress while wearing a tiara, Stassi says, the dresses are Disney princess AF. There’s basic Cinderella, sexy Ariel, fun and flirty Elsa. Like a stylish wedding Disney threw up – in the best way possible. In Brittany’s interview, she says she knew best friend Cara was going to be her maid-of-honor before she knew Jax would be her husband. The first dress is her favorite, but she wants try a few more first. She asks for Katie to come back with her. She tells Katie that Cara is going to be her maid-of-honor, but she’d like Katie to be her matron-of-honor. Since these kids are so well read and worldly, Katie isn’t sure what that means; she’s not an old matron. Brittany tries to explain it’s because she’s married, but Katie still seems confused. She wonders if she has to put on a bonnet and churn butter, but if it helps Brittany to have a better wedding, she’ll do it. Honestly, I love this show, but a lot of the cast is vacuous and/or socially inept. No wonder they have the need to band together, and now James and Raquel are wandering aimlessly, like there are no other people in LA to hang out with.

James asks SUR manager Monica where Lisa is. I swear there’s an audible sigh, and she tells him, in the garden. James hunts Lisa down, and says he found her. She says he’s sent twenty-three texts; obsessive much? He says he wants to talk to her about See You Next Tuesday. He has some good ideas, like an astrology laser space party kind of thing. She asks if he’s not understanding that he’s not working there. He says the girls are lazy, and didn’t even show up last Tuesday. She suggests he stop worrying about everyone else, and worry about himself. He whines, and she tells him not to act like a three-year-old. It’s the third time he’s been in this position. Does he think he’s changed? She asks if he’s drinking, and he says, a couple beers isn’t drinking. I’m pretty sure beer has alcohol in it, and that you can get drunk on it too. In Lisa’s interview, she says she made it clear that he has to be 100% sober if he’s going to work there, and he hasn’t proven himself. She tells him, alcoholism runs in families. His mother was honest about that. She notices his attention is wandering, and asks him to focus. He says SUR is his everything. He feels at home there, and grew something from scratch. He guesses this is the last time he’s asking. In James’s interview, he says he can’t believe he’s not being given one more chance. He guesses he needs to prepare for what’s next. Lisa tells him that he’s a person who should never drink again, and could screw up his future, but he’s not doing it there. James bounces.

Stassi, Kristen, Ariana, and Tom have dinner at TomTom. Ariana is glad to be there, enjoying the food and drink, and not tending bar at SUR. Ariana is annoyed about Lisa interrupting an interview by a food blogger. She was talking to Tom about how hard they were working, and Lisa asked if he told the blogger where they just were. She not only suggested they take a trip – we flash back to Lisa saying they’d better do it now, before the real work starts – when they got back, Lisa used it as an opportunity to trash the Toms. Since somehow Ariana wants to make this about herself, she says, in essence, Lisa is saying she’s an idiot to date someone who’s an idiot. In her interview, Ariana says they’ll never be equal to Lisa, no matter what they accomplish, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some level of respect. Tom says he and Lisa have never been closer, but he’s still a punching bag, along with Schwartz. Ariana thinks she should talk to Lisa at the engagement party. She’ll be respectful, but tell Lisa that she’s talking sh*t about her partners, when they’re good at what they do. There’s a reason she wanted to work with them; they’re awesome. In Stassi’s interview, she says, confronting Lisa is the worst. She’s done it. We flash back to that, and she says, legit, the idea of confronting Lisa is the best laxative ever. Ariana says, you can’t disagree with Lisa, or you’re on her sh*t list. Kristen nods so hard, her head is going to fall off.

Pup at TomTom! Adam joins them. Ariana says Scheana is on a date, and Adam says that’s what he hears. Ariana says Scheana has asked him five times if he minded, and he said no. He tells her that he doesn’t think he’s ready for commitment. Tom says if Adam needs help, let him know, even though he doesn’t know how he’d help. Adam asks if Tom wants to kill a guy for him, and Tom says, oh, Adam is mad at Ethan now.

Meanwhile at Scheana’s apartment, Ethan cooks. In her interview, Scheana says they met about a year ago, and hooked up once. She says, even though she’s thirty-three, but Botox makes her look twenty-five, so the young guys all want to go out with her. She does a Snapchat update. The girls at TomTom get the post, and Stassi feels uncomfortable. In her interview, she says, it’s awkward AF, and so Scheana, . Getting snaps of Scheana’s new date is enough to make a male model’s head explode. Ethan says it’s been two years since Scheana was married, and she says she’s just been doing her. Ariana tells Adam that Scheana sent a video, and he wants to see it. Scheana asks Ethan if he was ever in threesome. He says, um… what about her? In her interview, she says in her early Hollywood years, she had some fun times. Ethan toasts to the dinner. Scheana tells him that she was never that girl who needed to be married, and wants to be an independent woman. This, coming from the same woman who had her wedding photo blown up to the size of a wall. She asks how long he’s in town, and he says, three and half weeks. She asks if he wants to hook up again, and he says, if it happens, it happens. Tom asks Adam if he’d have a harder time being with her, or watching her go off with someone else. Adam says he tries not to think about it. It sucks and it’s uncomfortable AF. He’ll see how it goes. Tom says they’re definitely screwing. Scheana and Ethen make out on her bed.

Lala meets Lisa at TomTom. Lisa approves of Lala’s outfit, saying last time at SUR, she looked like she was sponsoring a brothel. Lala takes that as a compliment, but Lisa says she’s seeing a mature man, and she wants him to be proud of the way she handles things. She says she let Lala’s last outburst go. She could have raked Lala over the coals, but they’d both been through something tragic. However, it’s not permission to lash out. In her interview, she understands that Lala is having a hard time. The most important thing is for Lala to be proud of herself, and Lisa doesn’t think she would be, considering how she’s been behaving. She sees Lala’s loyalty, and thinks James benefitted from having her on his side. She can point him in the right direction. In Lala’s interview, she thinks she’s capable of offering direction to someone. If her dad was there to give her advice, he would say forgive and let it go, but it’s hard to do. She tells Lisa that she’s feeling sensitive to people today, so she’ll text him. Lisa tells her, grab those big ears, and shake him.

Brittany enthusiastically shows Jax her bridesmaids’ favors, even though he can barely pay attention. She already knows she wants Cara to be her maid-of-honor. She’s even thinking of a dance for the bridesmaids. She wants it all. The girls and one dude arrive at the restaurant. Brittany gets excited all over again greeting them. After they’re seated, she has them open a teeny message in a bottle, and Stassi marvels that Brittany made the tiniest scroll ever. Except maybe for that guy who puts things on the heads of pins. Brittany says, everything is on theme. The scrolls reveal the bridesmaids. In her interview, Brittany says the hardest thing was not knowing who to choose as a bridesmaid, and trying to pick. In Kristen’s interview, she says, clearly, she would be the best choice as maid-of-honor. She asks Brittany who’s walking with who. We don’t get that answer, but Brittany tells everyone that Cara is her maid-of-honor, and Katie is her matron-of-honor. In her interview, Kristen says that she’s jealous, but Cara had a twenty year head start, and Katie is married, so there’s that. Brittany has everyone open a gift box at the same time. Inside, is a rose under a glass dome. Stassi says, it’s just like Beauty and the Beast. In Stassi’s interview, she says, Jax is like the Beast; big, sweaty, and terrible manners. But the Beast loved Belle, and turned into Prince Charming, so you never know.

Lala asks talk to James outside. She wanted check up on him. A lot has come his way, and he crashed hard. She had a conversation with Lisa, and thought she should talk to him. He drifts, and she asks him to pay attention. She says she can’t stop giving a sh*t about someone, and wants to know where his headspace is. James says he’s good. He’s still working on himself. She tells him they can talk about the things she’s done to people, but wants him to know she’s not sitting on her high horse. She asks him again to pay attention, but he says it’s hard to make eye contact with someone he hasn’t spoken to lately. In his interview, he says he misses their friendship, but if he put this Lala next to that one, she’s a completely different person – for the worse. Lala doesn’t want to see him down and out, and getting kicked when he’s not fighting back anymore. He’s not the James she knows. She tells him when he wants to lash out, pick up the phone. James says he’ll probably call his therapist. Lala thinks he seems defeated, and sees him spiraling. She’s speaking from a place she’s been in on her own, and she doesn’t want that to happen to him. If he needs someone who understands, he knows her phone number. In her interview, Lala says he’s not ready to take ownership and accountability, but at some point, he has to own up to his own sh*t, look in the mirror, stop pointing fingers, and listen to her. He thanks her for the chat. In James’s interview, he says even if he wanted the friendship back, Lala isn’t the same, and he doesn’t trust her not to be how she’s been recently. He’s over it. He’s done.

Brittany introduces college friend Lyndi, and says Cara introduced her to Jax. Scheana is busy on her phone, and says Adam hates her, because now is the time to bring up Scheana stuff. Ariana asks how her date went, and after drawing this attention to herself, Scheana says, today is about Brittany. Brittany thought it was okay with Adam if Scheana dated. Scheana says he’s mad. What happened to, don’t ask, don’t tell? I’m double-minded here. She said she wouldn’t post about it, yet still sent the other girls a video, and basically rubbed his nose in it. But he also asked to see it when she sent it to her friends. He didn’t have to look. Either way though, he has every right to be mad. Katie says Adam has feelings for Scheana. Scheana says he hates her now, and he’s her best friend. Stassi says Scheana claims Adam is her best friend, and they’re also having sex. It’s a relationship. Scheana doesn’t want to talk about it. Brittany says her bridesmaid thing is over. Now it’s girl time, because she’s the loveliest human being on earth. Since Jax is a frontrunner in being the worst human being on earth, we’ll see if good ultimately triumphs over evil.

Jax brings future dad-in-law Don dad to TomTom. There are a bunch of brothers, but I only catch the names Wes and Blake. Jax says all he has to do is show up to the wedding, the way it is for most grooms. He thinks it seems like a lot of work. They’re in an open-air section, and Don says it’s a good thing it’s not raining. Wes or Blake says it rains money in LA. Don says it seems like the big rock Jax gave Brittany is important, but what’s important to him is the faithfulness behind it. In Jax’s interview, he says he knew this would happen. Jax admits it’s terrible that it took his dad’s passing for him to figure this sh*t out. Don says he screwed up royally, which didn’t please him at all, and probably no one else was pleased. Jax says he was going through personal issues. Don wants to know Jax is trying, and doing his best. That’s his concern. In his interview, Jax knows he screwed up, but how many times is he going to get the third degree? Jax brings up the bachelor party, and Don says, surely, he’s not invited. Jax says. bad things are going to happen. The brother I think is Wes, says if Jax screws up, they’ll make his life a living hell. Don asks if he got everyone’s blessing. Possibly Wes asks if he’s going to love and cherish Brittany the way they do. In his interview, inching forward in the running for worst human, Jax says he doesn’t know what decade they live in, or maybe it’s how they do things in Kentucky, that you always take care of your spouse. He clearly does not know the meaning of the word spouse either. He asks, what about him? Shouldn’t Brittany love and cherish him? and Wes (I think) says Brittany does love and cherish Jax. Jax says he’s not going anywhere, and maybe Wes says it comes down to how they talk to each other. Jax says it’s hard for him. He needs to have the last word. He says he loves Brittany more than anything, and because we can add stupidest human being on the earth, he adds he has to take care of himself first. He’ll always be number one.

Next time – the finale, and it’s a lot – Schwartz shows Katie a TomTom onesie, Scheana says Adam won’t speak to her, Ariana says she’s talking to Lisa, the engagement party happens, Raquel tells James that he has to change his approach with everyone, Lisa tells Ariana to lighten up, and Adam confronts Scheana.

👑 The Game In a Nutshell…

On Game of Thrones, it was the night before the war, and what might be the last night of anyone’s or everyone’s life. Brienne saved Jaime’s neck by vouching for him, and Dany and Sansa made nice because they both love Jon. Tormund showed up, and made googly eyes at Brienne. Arya saw that the Hound was back, but no more roadshow for them. Arya is all growed up now, and since it might be their last night, wanted to know what it was like – with Gendry. When she started asking him for his sexual history, I was like, is she…? Yes, she was. Tyrion noted the irony that most of them had fought the Starks at one time or another, and now they were defending them. Tormund didn’t understand why Brienne couldn’t be a knight, and Jaime pointed out that you didn’t need a king to knight someone, only another knight. Brienne of Tarth became a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and we all got misty-eyed. Podrick sang a song around the campfire, and Missandei kissed Grey Worm goodbye. Then the hard part. Jon told Dany about his heritage. She acknowledged that if it was true – only his best friend and brother had confirmed it – that he would be heir to the Iron Throne. But before there could be further discussion and reaction, everyone got called off to war. The dead had arrived.

🙇 Best quote: Jaime: Everything I did, I did for my house and my family. I’d do it all again. Bran: The things we do for love.

💭 A Possible Theory…

Could Podrick’s song be a clue to the finale?

📡 Some Commentary…

Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video. My favorite subtitle: ♫ somber music plays ♫

👄 For Your Amusement…

A recap from Betches you could definitely hang out with.

🎶 And For Your Listening Pleasure…

Podrick sings Jenny of Oldstones.




April 19, 2019 – A Package Comes For Doc, More Kiefer, Observed This Week, HAHN Return Date, a Heavenly Number of Quotes & Weekend Edge


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina meets Valentin at the MetroCourt, and tells him that she arranged a playdate between Aiden and Charlotte. Charlotte was amenable, and she’s glad Miss Tait didn’t diminish that part of her. She can’t help thinking about how Maxie and Peter believed Obrecht was blackmailing him. She asks what that’s about.

Maxie and Peter find Obrecht at Charlie’s. Maxie asks why she vanished before the results of the DNA test came in. Wasn’t she curious? Obrecht says she couldn’t bear to witness her niece’s broken heart when she found out Sasha wasn’t her daughter.

Sasha punches the heavy bag at the gym. Michael comes in and asks who’s face she’s imagining. She says, herself.

Laura looks at an article about Ryan’s hand being found. Elizabeth joins her, and Laura asks how Aiden is. Elizabeth gets a text, and says, Nina wants to arrange a playdate for Aiden and Charlotte.

Jordan sees Franco at the hospital. He asks how she is, and she says she’s getting used to her new routine of early morning dialysis. She asks about him, and he says he’s fully recovered. He’s hoping the discovery of Ryan’s severed hand means he’s no longer on the earth. She says the authorities are convinced of it, but it never hurts to be extra cautious. Franco says the upside is, now they can tell the difference between Ryan and Doc. Good point! Doc comes down the hallway, startling them.

Ava walks into her apartment, and sets the alarm. She hears someone in the hallway, and takes out her gun. She says she knows Ryan is out there, and tells him to show himself. It’s Curtis, who says, relax. She asks how long he’s been following her, and he says, not long. She tells him come in and explain himself. She asks, what’s going on? and he says he’s the protection her brother hired. Julian is worried about her. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll hurt herself or hurt Ryan.

Laura wasn’t aware that Charlotte and Aiden were friends, and Elizabeth says Aiden never said anything. Laura hopes it’s progress, and Charlotte is trying to get along with him. Elizabeth has the sneaking suspicion Franco had something to do with it. Laura says he’s invested in the boys. Elizabeth understands he has good intentions, but wishes he’d talk to her first. Is it too much to ask for full disclosure? Laura says, apparently so.

Doc tells Franco and Jordan that he has both hands. Jordan is glad Doc was released, but he says, Nora gets the credit. He was just clearing out his office. Franco asks if he’s going to practice elsewhere. Doc doesn’t know. He still has his license, and is waiting to see if he gets reinstated, but if there are patients that want to see him, he’ll rent a space. He continues on, and Jordan says she hopes Franco isn’t planning on leaving town. He asks how he ended up under investigation.

Obrecht tells Maxie not to worry. Nina will forgive her for running around with Peter, and planning to take away her daughter. Maxie says she’s already been forgiven, and Obrecht asks if Nina has finally seen Valentin for the liar he is. Peter says Nina and Valentin are more in love than ever. Obrecht says even after they exposed him? Maxie says, there was nothing to expose. The test proved that Sasha really is Nina’s biological daughter.

Michael has his turn on the heavy bag, and says Sasha can have it back, but she says she already had a great workout. She asks whose face is on it for him, and he says a guy who’s been messing with his sister. Sasha thinks that’s sweet, and he holds the bag for her while she gets in a few more punches.

Valentin tells Nina that Maxie and Peter made an assumption based on erroneous speculation. They couldn’t have known what happened with her and Cassandra. Nina says Valentin wanted to call the police, but she said no because of her record. They should have called. Now Obrecht is holding over her like a sword. Valentin says Obrecht isn’t turning her in. She’s just using it to get what she wanted from him. She’s sick and twisted, and not asking him for a favor if she can blackmail him. He says they have everything they can want; Charlotte, Sasha, and a bright future. He suggests they not look back in the shadows, but toward their wedding with their daughters. Nina says he found the child she thought she’d lost, who’s now in her life, and he has Charlotte. They have everything they want. It’s a dream come true, but dreams aren’t made to last. How can she erase the past when she thinks she’s only seconds away from the next heartache? Valentin says they have a bond that’s unique. The naysayers and critics will never get it. He takes her hands in his, and says, what they have is stronger than anyone knows.

Obrecht says, Sasha is actually Nina’s daughter and her niece? It’s truly miraculous. Maxie is glad for Nina’s sake, but since it’s not about Sasha, what secret is Obrecht holding over Valentin’s head? Obrecht doesn’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about, but since they’re pestering her, she’s moving to another location. They’re interrupting her flow, but she’s grateful for the uplifting news. Outside, she flashes back to seeing Valentin at Madeline’s casket.

Laura tells Elizabeth, if only Doc had said something, she would have known they’d switched places, and could have avoided the devastating loss. Elizabeth says, it wasn’t malicious. Doc made a terrible mistake, but others have been forgiven for much worse. Laura says she was relieved when Doc’s case was dropped, and Elizabeth says, so was she. It would have been terrible if Doc went to prison for his brother’s crimes. Laura thought so too, but she doesn’t know how go forward. Their marriage is in limbo. Alexis drew up divorce papers but she couldn’t bring herself to sign them. It’s not just about her though. Lulu had a massive panic attack when she saw Doc with Laura at home. It’s part of why she suggested Lulu go away. Elizabeth says, Lulu is strong; she’ll get through it. Laura says, it’s a good place to heal. She’s never been more confused. Despite his mistakes, she still loves Doc as much as she ever did.

Franco asks Jordan what he did now, but she says, he’s not a suspect; just the opposite. She’s asking because the PCPD wants to acknowledge his help with the investigation. Because of him, they uncovered the truth, and the full extent of Ryan’s crimes. She tells him to be around next month, and he tells her to let him know the date. She says he did a great service, but doesn’t think he was heroic. They both know she dragged him kicking and screaming, and blackmailed him. She says, he got the job done, and they’re grateful.

Franco sees Doc at the elevator, and says, when Doc lands somewhere, let him know. Doc asks if he wants and appointment, and Franco says Doc got him more than any other shrink. Elizabeth reminded him of that. Doc says he left Franco open to Ryan’s lies and manipulation. No other shrink failed him like that. Franco says Doc helped him. He listened, offered insight, and never judged. He’s trying to follow Doc’s example. Doc says he’d welcome the opportunity to work with Franco again. Franco says he’ll think about it.

Ava says, so her brother took it upon himself to hire a bodyguard, and Curtis says, you’re welcome. She says, thank you, but no thank you. Curtis says Julian knew she was on edge, and if Ryan is still alive, she’s his number one target. It’s for her peace of mind. She has no doubt he’s excellent, but she has no intention of being followed around. She has to live her life. He says, or what’s left of it. What’s she doing with a gun? She says, so she can protect herself. He says, it’s smart to take precautions, but reverting back to her bad ways and giving Ryan vigilante justice, not so much.

Nina is worried that Obrecht knows a secret that can ruin them, and will do it again, but Valentin says she knows where her bread is buttered. And she has priorities. She wants to see James, and has to be on good terms with Maxie to do that. She can’t do that, and be blackmailing him. Nina says, it makes sense, but Obrecht rarely makes sense. She’s smart and unpredictable, and wants to tear them apart for no reason. Obrecht walks in, and waves.

Sasha tells Michael, good workout. He helps get the tape off of her hands, and asks if she’s sore. She says, a little. He rubs her hand, and she says, how about him? She rubs his hand, and he says, a little. She gets up, and says the last time they saw each other, she couldn’t get away fast enough. He asks if it was something he said, and she says, yeah. He asks if he did something offensive, and she says, no. He opened up wide about his ex, and she hasn’t been up front. He’s looking for someone in life whose honest like him, not like her. Michael gets up, and walks away.

Maxie tells Peter that Obrecht seemed unexpectedly surprised and relieved to find out Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Peter agrees, and Maxie wonders what she’s holding over Valentin’s head. There’s definitely something suspicious about him too. Peter doesn’t think so. Some things should be kept hidden. Maxie asks if they shouldn’t find out what the truth is, so Valentin doesn’t hurt Nina again.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she wouldn’t be with Franco if it wasn’t for her. She would have lost out on a loyal man who adores her and the boys. She knows at its core, Franco’s heart is in the right place. What it comes to is, who is the man at his core? Laura says she’s right. The fundamental man is what matters most. Elizabeth has to go, but tells Laura that she saw Doc earlier at the hospital. He was cleaning out his office. She thinks moving is going to be tough. Laura thanks her, and makes a worried face. Since Griff is no longer around, Laura definitely makes the best one.

Ava tells Curtis to let Julian know she fired him. She has no need of his services. Curtis says, technically, she didn’t hire him, so she can’t fire him. She says she can make it impossible for him to do his job; call him out, blow his cover, tell the cops he’s stalking her. He doesn’t doubt she can drive him crazy, but he was there when she saw Kiki in a body bag. He’ll never forget it; it broke his heart. He’s sorry for her loss, and would like to help. She says he can help by getting the hell out of there. He goes to the door, turns to look at her, and leaves. Ava takes out her gun, and says, come on, Ryan. Come and get me.

Michael returns to Sasha, who says she thought she’d run him off this time. He says he went to the ice machine, and puts some on her hand. He says she’s not being clear, and she says he values honesty, and there have been times in her life when she’s been less than. Michael tells her not to beat herself up. He just offered to buy her a drink, not get married. She says she wanted to close any doors before they opened to avoid any… whatever. He say hypothetically speaking, if she doesn’t regret the untruth she told, is it possible she might like him, or is that what she’s lying about? Sasha says she’s not lying about liking him. She’d never lie about that.

Maxie says Valentin lobbied for Peter to retract his statement. Why do it without leverage? Peter says he knows Valentin would want to protect Nina. Maxie says, that’s how the DNA test started, and Peter says, and now look how it turned out. They’re just starting to rebuild their relationship. Maxie says, if Sasha hadn’t intervened, she’d still be tiptoeing around Nina. Peter thinks she should stop trying find something. He wouldn’t mind not spending their downtime waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maxie is afraid it will drop on Nina first, but Peter says, she’s a big girl. She knows who she’s remarrying. Let her be happy. Maxie wonders how he can say that, when Valentin caused him so much pain?

Valentin says Nina should suck it up for James’s sake, but she says she’s not there yet. Obrecht says she saw Maxie and Peter. They told her the good news. She’s relieved and happy. Nina says, is she? Does Obrecht really care about her? She walks off, and Obrecht asks if Valentin would care to explain the hostility. She’s sure it’s his doing. He says she’s rightly assuming that, since she was blackmailing him. She says how would she do that without leverage? Sasha passed another DNA test that proved she’s Nina’s daughter. How did he arrange that?

Curtis meets Jordan in that new cellar-like café. Curtis says Ava is on to something. When she said she doesn’t believe Ryan is alive, she doesn’t just believe it, she’s hoping he is. Jordan asks, why? He says a serial killer got her to fall in love with him, and murdered her daughter. What’s she going to do? Wait for him to be brought to justice, or seek it for herself? The only problem is, if Ryan is still alive, how did he survive without a hand? There was mad blood loss, the risk of infection, and he had to be weakened. Jordan says, he had help, but if he did, they’re probably dead already.

Franco arrives at Ava’s apartment, and asks why she needs to see him. She says she needs a boyfriend, and he’s the perfect man. He says they did that. It didn’t work out then, and it won’t now. Besides, he’s married. She says he’ll just be posing. Putting on a show to lure Ryan out. Franco says, the last time, he got stabbed for his trouble. She says it just needs to be convincing enough to make Ryan jealous. Lure him out of hiding, and into a trap. He says a presumably dead serial killer, and she says they can make him pay. Finally and forever. They can do this for Kiki.

Doc thanks Elizabeth for whatever she said to Franco on his behalf. She says his mistake doesn’t negate how he helped Franco. He made Franco whole, and she’ll always be grateful. She hopes things work out for him. He goes to the elevator, and Laura comes out. She heard it was moving day. He says he’s clearing out his office to make room for his replacement. She says no one can replace him. He says, apparently Ryan did. He can’t forget, the hospital sure can’t, and he’s certain she can’t either. She says, no, but she can put it in perspective.

Peter doesn’t want Maxie to have a grudge on his behalf. He doesn’t want revenge on Valentin, and neither should she. Maxie says Anna put him up for adoption, doing what she thought was best, and finding a loving home. Valentin wrecked it by giving him to Faison. Peter says he also instantly regretted it. If not for Valentin, his father would have tangled up his destiny. His father was evil, and now he’s dead. He prefers to leave the past in the past, where it can’t hurt him.

Obrecht asks Valentin, if the DNA test was positive because Sasha is really Nina’s daughter, why was he standing over Madeline’s coffin? Perhaps Nina should hear about it. He says she’s brave, but slow to appreciate the gravity of her situation. As long as he and Nina happy, she’ll be happy. When they’re not happy, all bets are off the table.

Franco tells Ava, it’s a fantastically terrible idea. She says, fantastically brilliant. Ryan is already jealous of him. Imagine if he found out Franco had taken his place in her bed. He says, not happening. She says Ryan murdered her daughter, and she won’t rest until he’s dead. He tells her, find another patsy. God help them – and her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she checked all of the doctors in the area. Curtis says maybe it’s someone other than. She says they checked within a hundred mile radius. He says he got a text that pointed him in the right direction.

Laura says when she found Doc at Ferncliff, even when the situation was deeply terrifying, she was also overcome with a sense of joy, because realized the idea that he’d stopped loving her was a lie. He’s a sweet man, patient with her precious grandchildren, and took a bullet for her. That man is still around. The one who she loved, and still loves. He says he never stopped loving her. She says maybe this is the place they can start over. They kiss.

Maxie thinks it’s great that Peter has made peace with Valentin. She underestimated him. She didn’t know he was so evolved. He says don’t give him too much credit. Valentin is in a prison of his own making. If he’s lying, he’s living in fear that Obrecht will tell Nina. Maxie asks if he thinks it’s worth it to ask Obrecht. He says not on his account. He doesn’t care; that’s the point. There are consequences. He had rage for his father, and he paid the price. She and Nathan did. He can’t go back to that life. He knows true happiness; moving forward with her.

Obrecht says Peter and Maxie worked in Valentin’s favor. Why the powerplay? Unless he’s keeping a secret. He says she should be asking how she can keep Valentin happy. She has far more to lose than he does. He walks out.

Michael puts ice on Sasha’s hands, and asks how she’s feeling. She has a question first. She wants to apologize for running out at the bar; it was rude. He says, accepted. What’s the question? She asks if he thinks they can still be friends. She doesn’t need… whatever, but she could use a friend. Something uncomplicated, a have a hit at the heavy bag friend. He says he’s completely on board. An uncomplicated friendship.

Which they immediately decide to complicate by getting busy. Surprising everyone with an unexpected song part.

Elizabeth asks if Franco knows anything about a playdate between Charlotte and Aiden. Franco says he told her that he went to see a friend. He explained what was going on to Nina. Knowing that Charlotte was a pint-sized influencer, he said he thought if she became friends with Aiden, the other kids would fall in line. He knows he should have run it by her first. She says, maybe he should have, but she’s discovered she loves him for making their life better and, boneheaded husband that he is, she’s glad he’s all hers.

Ava calls Scotty, and asks him to come over. She’d love to see him.

Curtis tells Jordan, if Ryan is alive, he would need things like bandages and painkillers. He put his feelers about to pharmacies up north, and got a hit. Shortly after Ryan disappeared, a pharmacy near Niagara Falls was burglarized. They never caught the perp.

At the hospital, a messenger comes with a package for Doc. Doc asks who it’s from, and he says, it’s from someone named Chamberlain. I’m guessing it’s the hand.

On Monday, Scotty asks what plan Ava is cooking up; Shiloh tells Jason the more Sam trusts him, the closer they become; and Laura freaks out at what’s in the box. Yep. It’s the hand.

🚑 Kiefer Confirm…

The experts validate that Alexis confessed. Again I ask, where’s the leverage?

👀 Some Observations From This Week…

There has been some internet brouhaha about throwing a piece of cheese on a toddler’s head, to see the reaction when it sticks. Apparently, some people are concerned it will traumatize the kid for life. Highly doubtful. I’m sure there are also PETA members crying out because people are throwing cheese at dogs’ heads. Dogs definitely won’t be traumatized, and will eat the cheese. Maybe these toddlers can learn from the dogs. One time when I spit baby food at my father, he checked to make sure my mother wasn’t looking, and threw a spoonful back. Or so I heard. And none of my problems come from post-traumatic baby food throwing.

A large portion of Mexican Dynasties has focused on Adan’s musical career, and how wonderful his family thinks he is. There seems to be only one person (Doris… I think) being sensibly minded, and saying they’re not being objective. He’s just not that good. It’s not that he might not become that good, but he’s not going anywhere right now. He’s a mix of a second rate Back Street Boy, and a poor man’s Ricky Nelson. He needs both training and to come into this century.

I watched If There Be Thorns last weekend, and Heather Graham hasn’t changed since she was Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. Is it a great plastic surgeon? Amazing genes? A deal with a witch? What?

I saw two email subject lines this week that were of concern. One was – Gucci for Kids. I don’t even own anything from Gucci. Okay, maybe a pair of sunglasses, but I wasn’t seven when I got them. And the other – Prom Anxiety Text Line. I’m sorry, but can kids deal with nothing among their circle of IRL friends anymore? Have they become so socially inept, they need to consult a phone hotline because they got a zit on prom day or their hair is flat? What happened to Glamour magazine?

📺 The Haves and The Have Nots will return on Tuesday, May 7th. It doesn’t look too promising for Derrick with the lion tattoo. I almost threw up at that reveal.

📟 Quotes of the Week

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

Love does not dominate; it cultivates. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. – Winnie the Pooh

Prepare children for the real world, not the one you wish them to have.Dr. Phil

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. – Stella Adler

That doesn’t just go away.Jax Taylor, when asked if he’s still into sucking toes

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.Andy Warhol – or maybe time just passes as things change.

🎆 The New Weekend’s Here!


I don’t know if it’s glory I’m on the edge of, but catching up on sleep, definitely.