April 12, 2019 – Someone Watches Ava, a Sublime Accident, Another Ax Falls, Nine Quotes Plus One & That Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Spencer says, at last the board meeting is over, and Laura says, her sentiments exactly. He says she should have let him stay home, but she was concerned about him booking more travel. He says, think of the frequent flyer miles. You’re welcome. He tells her that he’s trying to find Lucy or Epiphany. He has some ideas for the Nurses’ Ball.

Finn is trying to find the right words, and all he comes back to is how great he feels when he’s with her. That’s not entirely romantic, but he was sleepwalking, and she came along and blackmailed him into working with her. That’s still not romantic, but what he’s trying to say is, he doesn’t want to go back to sleep and wake up without her by his side. Will she marry him? We see he’s talking to a teaching skeleton in the hospital. He says, better or worse than the last one? Yeah that’s what he thought. The skeleton is no more help than Roxie. Laura watches through the window, and smiles.

Anna pours tea, and Robert asks why she’s being domestic. She says now that things have calmed down, they can relax and catch up. Robert doesn’t think they’re the catch up types. There’s nothing else to bring him there? She says, nothing.

Sasha joins Peter and Maxie at Charlie’s. She says they don’t have to take her to lunch, but Maxie says, after running the DNA test, lunch is the least they can do. Peter says they want a chance to make it right.

Curtis goes to Nina’s office, and she asks how Jordan is. Curtis says, Jordan is Jordan, but that brings him to why he’s there. Nina said she’d use her publishing platform to reach out for a kidney donor. How’s that going?

At the courthouse, Jordan tells Margaux, if they pressure the Canadian authorities they might still press on with the Ryan Chamberlain case. Margaux says there’s no reason to ask for favors or allocate resources. Chamberlain is dead. Case closed. Move on. She leaves, and Ava says, just like that, the search for the man who murdered her daughter is finished.

Nora comes in wearing sunglasses, and sipping coffee. Doc says, late night? and she says her son got engaged. His fiancé, Destiny, throws a great party. Doc asks if she has any idea why they were summoned. The jury selection isn’t for two weeks. She says she requested it. If all goes well, there won’t be a trial.

Laura knocks on Finn’s door, and he asks to what he owes the pleasure? She wants to consult his medical expertise, and asks if he thinks Ryan could have survived.

Spencer tells the vending machine that it’s a useless piece of junk. He should sue. Valentin says, allow him, and bangs on it. Spencer’s selection drops down. Valentin says Charlotte told him that Spencer was in Port Charles, and he was wondering if they’d run into each other. He asks why Spencer is at the hospital, and Spencer says he’s waiting for his grandmother. Valentin asks how she is, and Spencer says, fine; he’s taking care of her. Valentin is sure that brings her comfort. Spencer asks if Nina has finally realized that he and Sasha are up to something.

Sasha tells Maxie and Peter that Valentin really seems to love Nina. She doesn’t think he’d do anything to hurt her. Peter says she’s right, to a point. He would definitely manipulate circumstances to his advantage, and they thought he was doing it with her. Maxie says, in doubting him, they called Sasha’s integrity into question. She really means herself; she’s the one who wanted to snoop. She’s sorry. Sasha says Maxie barely knows her, and it’s clear how much Nina means to her. Maxie hopes Nina feels that way eventually. She’s barely speaking to Maxie.

Nina tells Curtis that they did appeal to their readers. They got a lot of responses, not the right candidates. Curtis suspected as much. Donating a kidney is a big ask. Nina asks again how Jordan is doing, and he says she’s doing her thing; working around appointments. Nina says patients can be on dialysis for a long time, but he says dialysis doesn’t lend itself to Jordan’s career. She’s going to need a kidney sooner than later. Nina says she’ll put something else out. She takes his hand, and says they don’t need a lot of responses. They just need the right match. He says, on another note, he’s taking on more work. It helps with the income and keeps him from hovering. He asks if Nina has any assignments, but she says, not lately. She’s been dealing with an investigation she doesn’t want. He asks, what? but she says, forget it. It’s not going to happen. Peter and Maxie spent the last month trying to prove Sasha isn’t her daughter.

Doc asks Nora if a trial Isn’t inevitable, but she says she found an interesting precedent. There’s no way they can find him guilty. He says, but he is. She says, guilt and responsibility are two different concepts. One gets you therapy time, and the other gets you prison time. Let her do her job. Margaux comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Nora is glad she could make it on short notice. Judge Chua comes in, and says she understands there’s a motion Nora would like to file. Nora requests that all charges be dropped against her client.

Jordan tells Ava, the US and Canadian authorities are satisfied that Ryan is dead. Ava says, they recovered his hand. So what? If it was up to Jordan, would she call it off? Does she believe Ryan is dead? Jordan says her opinion doesn’t carry any weight, but Ava says it does with her. She’d like to hear it before… Jordan says, before what? Ava says, it doesn’t matter. Jordan says she has no resources at her disposal, but Ava does, doesn’t she?

Laura tells Finn that the forensic report says Ryan was alive when his hand was severed, and it was a clean cut. They claim the separation was possibly done by a propeller blade. He says it’s not his area of expertise, but Laura says he’s an excellent doctor, and she respects him. What is the likelihood that Ryan survived?

Robert and Anna laugh over old times. He says he did impress himself. Anna says it’s like when Sean put them together. Robert was flying by the seat of his pants, and she didn’t know what she was doing. He says, but they got it right; better than right. She says it’s murky for her. She’d like to hear his memories, any detail. Robert says, now they get to the real reason for the trip down Memory Lane. What’s going on? She says she’s just feeling the subject. He says, back in the day, he couldn’t tell when she was lying. Now he can read her like a book. She’s terrified; why? She says, what if it wasn’t her on the first mission? What if it was Alex, and she’s really Robin’s mother?

Margaux says it’s a matter of record that Doc admitted Ryan to Ferncliff under an assumed name. They have the records, as well as his statement. He deliberately concealed Ryan from the authorities. This is no more than a stall tactic. Nora says, if the DA would let her continue, she’ll demonstrate her request is based on sound reason and precedent. Judge Chua finds sound reasoning impressive, as well as respect for the court’s valuable time. She tells Nora to briefly outline her request. Nora says her client is charged with aiding, abetting, and obstructing justice by harboring a fugitive. His actions are irrelevant. Ryan wasn’t a fugitive at that time. He was a dead man.

Jordan tells Ava that her son was Kiki’s friend. If the department gets the slightest hint that Ryan survived, she’ll get the case moving again. Ava says she can’t sit and wait while Ryan chooses his next victim. Jordan asks what she intends to do.

Finn tells Laura, if the hand was cleanly severed, it improves the chance of survival, but blood loss plus time equals death, unless there was medical attention. Laura says, what if he did get medical attention? Finn says if the proper tourniquet was applied, it would cut off the blood loss. It the wound was cauterized or sealed, it’s possible he survived. She thanks him. He’s sorry he didn’t have a more definitive answer. He’s curious. Wouldn’t she prefer him dead? She says, it would be a lot easier on a lot of people, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that simple. She hopes she’s not overstepping, but she noticed he’s about to ask someone a big important question. He says she saw? She says, just a little. He’s sorry she had to witness that, but now that she did, perhaps he could ask her opinion as a discerning woman. He shows her the ring, and asks what her take is on it. She says, wow; she’s going to love it. He’s got this. She tells him, good luck, but she’s sure he won’t need it. He thanks her.

Robert says Anna is Robin’s mother and he’s her father. He’s always known that. She says, what if he’s wrong? What if it’s not her memory? He said the memory had to be significant. Robert says she’s had a lot of significant memories, but she says, what if this the one? He says he was there. They were trapped on an island, roped into a wedding ceremony, and nine months later, Robin turned up. She’s Anna’s daughter. She says, prove it. He doesn’t respond, and she says, he can’t. No one can.

Valentin isn’t sure what Spencer is implying, but Sasha is a welcome addition to the family. Spencer says he and Sasha are in cahoots about something. Maybe he should tell Charlotte. Then she’ll have to admit her poppa is a liar and a thief. He says Charlotte was concerned when Spencer told her that he’d rigged the election. She didn’t know what to do, so she told him. He told her not to worry; the truth always comes out in the end. Spencer says he never admitted anything to Charlotte, but Valentin says one concerned call to the election board, and they’ll know a machine was tampered with that Spencer had access to. He asks if Spencer knows the penalty for election fraud. His being a minor will have no bearing on the punishment. He needs to think about that before he throws threats around.

Anna says she and Alex are Identical twins. There’s no DNA that can prove which one of them is Robin’s mother. Robert insists she is, and she says that’s what he wants to believe. He asks if she doesn’t think he’d know the difference between her and Alex. She says, now, yes, but they were strangers then. It was their first assignment. He had nothing to compare her behavior to. It could have been Alex all that time. He says if he wasn’t watching her unravel, he’d be insulted. She say she’s worked it out. Alex could have been impersonating her, and gotten pregnant. She had the baby in secret, and realized she couldn’t handle a child. Cabot proposed the mind study, and Alex had those memories transferred to Anna, who believed she had Robin, and raised her as her daughter. But what if she’s not?

Nina tells Curtis the third test proved again that Sasha was her daughter. He wonders what made Maxie and Peter think otherwise. She says they don’t trust Valentin. She sees that Maxie hasn’t given her a layout, and says Maxie should be doing her job instead of playing detective. It’s convoluted. They think there’s some deal between Valentin and Obrecht.

Nina calls Maxie, and asks where the layout for the May issue is. Maxie thought she had a few more days, and says, it’s a little rough. Nina says, no excuses. Get it on her desk. Maxie says she needs to go. Nina moved up the deadline. She’s sorry to cut lunch short, and asks for a rain check.

Laura finds Spencer, and Valentin addresses her as Madam Mayor, saying he and Spencer were just talking about her. She says he’s not to approach Nikolas’s son. Is she making herself clear? He says, crystal. She says it’s still fortunate she ran into him. They need to create a visitation schedule for while Lulu is out of town. Valentin doesn’t think so.

Ava says she’s taken enough of Jordan’s time. Jordan says grief doesn’t allow her to break the law, and tells her not to jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. Ava says, there is no investigation. Ryan is dead. Case closed. She walks off, and Jordan makes a call to Julien. She says they need to have a conversation about his sister before she does something she’ll regret.

Margaux says Ryan clearly wasn’t dead when Doc was treating him. Nora says he was initially presumed dead for seven years, and then declared dead in absentia. Legally speaking, the state recognized him as deceased, and no longer a fugitive. Her client broke no laws. Margaux says in the case she’s referring to, the defendant was brought up on fraud charges for faking a death. Nora says that was a civil issue, not federal, and based on an insurance payout. Doc didn’t defraud anyone. She has another precedent from a case being tried now. Margaux says she’s doing this so Doc can evade prosecution. He worked to conceal Ryan from the authorities, and because of his actions, a violent psychotic was free to kill people. It was his moral obligation to let the authorities know. Nora says, moral perhaps, but the court is not in the business of legislating morality.

Ana says Robin has been the one constant in her life. The thought of her not being Robin’s mother, and not being Emma’s grandmother… Robert can’t imagine a greater loss. Greater than twenty years in Steinmaur or facing a firing squad. She’s punishing herself. Nothing else is going on. She says if he doesn’t want to help her, he can leave. He says, no. She started it, and they’re finishing. She never forgave herself for being a double-agent. The WSB closed the files, but didn’t punish her, so she’s deciding to punish herself. Don’t punish the rest of them. Don’t rewrite history and trash the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him.

Nina tells Maxie that she’ll look at it. Maxie doesn’t leave, and she asks if Maxie wants a cookie. She’s doing her job; that’s all. Maxie says she knows how much she screwed up. She was just trying to protect Nina. Nina says Maxie set out to prove her fiancé and daughter were conspiring to deceive her. If it was the truth, it would destroy her. She tells Maxie to go, but Sasha walks in, and tells her to wait. Nina owes it to herself to hear Maxie out.

Valentin tells Laura that she’s not Charlottes legal guardian, and she’s not on the custody agreement. Lulu is out of town, and made no provision for that. Her wishes are meaningless if there’s no court order. She made no arrangements, which gives him full custody. Laura says he’s taking advantage of that, but he says he wants things to be amicable. If Charlotte wants to see her, and it doesn’t conflict with any of their schedules, it’s fine. He asks if Spencer is staying with her. Considering his and Charlotte’s checkered history, it might get awkward. He tells her to think about it. She might find they agree on this matter.

Nora says Ryan was declared dead. It’s legally impossible to aid and abet a dead man. There was no crime, and the case can’t stand. Judge Chua is ready to rule. She says Doc sheltered his brother, known to be a violent psychotic, from the proper authorities. It was a severe lapse in judgement, and his actions contributed to three murders and a near fatal attack, carried out by his brother. Nora is correct though. There’s no clear legal precedent to continue. She’s ruling that the charges be dropped.

Robert is going to say it as many times as Anna needs to hear it. She’s Robin’s mother, and he’s Robin’s father. She says that doesn’t make it true. He says she’s going down a rabbit hole of her own making, created from three parts guilt and one part paranoia. Finn comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Anna says she told him. Robert says, he wasn’t there; he didn’t live it. She’s chasing shadows. Finn agrees, but thinks it has nothing to do with Alex or the memory transfer. It has to do with Anna’s past. Robert says, he wasn’t there. Stay out of it.

Nina appreciates Sasha’s input, but it doesn’t concern her. Sasha says, it does. When she and Nina first met, they didn’t hit it off. Sasha wouldn’t even let her in, but then they started to bond. She felt jealous of Nina’s relationship with Maxie at first. They were already family, and she was missing that. Family is family, no matter how they’re formed. Families are messy. People make mistakes, and cross boundaries. The trick is to remember that love forgives and keeps us together. She says us because Maxie is her family too, and Sasha forgives her. Maxie appreciates that, and starts to leave, Nina says, wait.

Peter sees Valentin outside Charlie’s. Valentin asks if he wants a hair sample. Peter says he owes Valentin an apology for doubting his intentions. Valentin says, he’s not a saint, but he’d never hurt Nina. Peter says, not intentionally, but actions have unintended consequences. Valentin asks if Peter was sincere in saying he’d be his best man, or if it was part of his strategy. Peter says, a little of both. He has a good idea of how far Valentin would go to make Nina happy, and this was definitely in his wheelhouse. It turns out Valentin was vindicated, and he’s glad. He wants to see them happy. Valentin’s phone rings, and he says he’s got business to attend to.

Margaux says she intends to appeal. The judge says that’s her prerogative, but her advice is for Margaux to consider the potential drain on her resources in prosecuting a defendant that poses no danger to society. Even if she secures a conviction, it won’t bring back the victims. She’ll just be pursuing a headline; a slippery slope she’s gone down before. The judge dismisses the court. On her way out, Margaux says, this isn’t over. Doc asks Nora, what just happened? and she says she saved his butt. He says what about the appeal? and she says he heard the judge. When Margaux realizes she’ll just further embarrass her office, she’ll drop it. He says, three people are dead, and all he gets is a stern talking to. She says she can’t help him wrestle with his conscience. Her job was to get him exonerated. If he wants to pay his debt to society, there are all manners of charities who would welcome an experienced psychologist. At least wife got her bail money back. He agrees, there’s that.

Anna can’t live with the uncertainty hanging over her head. She needs to know if Robin is her biological daughter. She can retrace her steps or find documents to uncover the truth; whatever it is. Robert says she can do it without him. He knows the truth, and he’s not standing there watching her torment herself. He tells Finn that he’s in for it.

Nora phones Bo. She says she’s done with the case, and will be home around eight. How about celebrating by ordering in burgers from Roadie’s? (Aw, nice nod to OLTL.) She starts to leave the courtroom, and sees Valentin. He says, fancy seeing her there.

Nina and Maxie hug. Maxie is sorry she went behind Nina’s back. Nina understands, but asks her to be up front in the future. Maxie says, deal. She says Sasha stuck her neck out for her, but she’s not sure why. Sasha says, sometimes, even with the best intentions, you dig a hole, and before you know it, you’re in too deep to climb out. If she was in Maxie’s position, she would want Nina’s forgiveness.

Spencer tells Laura that he and Charlotte have a mutual appreciation for her, but they differ on other subjects; like her loathsome poppa. Doc comes out, and Laura tells Spencer to go find Epiphany. Doc tells her that he’s there to file and appeal to the hospital board. The charges were dropped. She says, fantastic. He says it seems he can’t be guilty if said fugitive is already declared dead. She says, on the subject of Ryan, she heard his hand was recovered. She spoke to Finn, and he thinks it’s possible he could be alive. Doc wishes he could say for certain Ryan is gone, but he just can’t. She knows a couple of people who agree. He says, what about her? She tells him, the Canadian authorities seem convinced he’s dead, so she guesses they have to wait. In the meantime, good luck with his appeal. She can’t a part of it, since she can’t be objective, but if she did have a say, she’d vote for him to stay at GH. He thanks her, and says, it means a lot.

At Charlie’s, Ava orders a vodka martini, very dirty with three olives. She says, scratch that, and orders coffee to go. Someone watches her through the window. She says Julian has been telling her to cut back. In this case, he’s right. She needs her wits about her. Outside, someone ducks away as she comes out.

Next Spencer tells Nina that her knight in shining armor is blackmailing him, Valentin needs Nora’s services again, and Jason is working an angle to take Shiloh down.

🎸 Because They’re One Of My Favorite Bands…

Better an ATV than an OD.


🌷 Farewell Tulip…

Another good one bites the dust, and joins Z Nation and Channel Zero in the graveyard of shows that I loved.


👄 Quotes of the Week 

Other people’s definitions of you, sometimes they’re more about making themselves feel better. You gotta define yourself.Christopher Moltisanti

It’s the wrong way to meet your neighbors. – Good Samaritan who helped a victim in the shooting spree of an Uber driver in Kalamazoo

They’re all going on forty.Chef Tracey Bloom, referring to Kim Zolciak’s daughters, Don’t Be Tardy

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. – Joyce Meyer

Adventure is worthwhile in itself. – Amelia Earhart

A woman should be two things: who and what she wants. – Coco Chanel

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.John Wooden

If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

These creatures don’t deserve our protection; they deserve our absence. – Sir Benjamin (James Cromwell), Jurassic World; The Lost Kingdom

Every time someone’s driving somebody I lose. – Spike Lee, after losing the Oscar to Green Book. He had previously lost to Driving Miss Daisy.

💸 It’s That Time Again…

The weekend and taxes. Somehow, it just doesn’t go together. I don’t even know if Santeria can help me, but the song makes me feel better.


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