April 23, 2019 – Shiloh Wants Sam to Shed What’s Between, Beverly Hills Meets Boy George, Who Is Jennifer & Late Earth


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General Hospital

Michael tells Kristina that he wants to be there for her, and asks her to come home with him. She says he doesn’t understand. She made a promise, and can never go back home. Alexis says, that’s not true; she’s stronger than she thinks. Kristina says Alexis thinks it’s so simple. She can just turn her back on DOD, and everything would be okay. Sonny asks why she can’t break away. Is Shiloh holding something over her?

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s ready to take the next step in her commitment to DOD. She wants to prove that her faith in him is as strong as his faith in her. He says, it’s almost time. Soon, she’ll take her place with him among the Trust. She asks what the Trust is, and he says his inner circle. The true part of DOD.

Chase goes into to Kelly’s with nuValerie. He sees Willow, and Valerie asks if he wants to order. He says he’ll have whatever. Valerie rolls her eyes, and goes to the counter. He tells Willow that he and Valerie are on the clock, but he missed her last night. What was she up to? Apparently getting a new hair color and cut.

At the hospital, Molly tells TJ that her sister is caught up in cult, and all she feels is dread. Curtis approaches with a quick question for the doc-to-be. He asks about a medication, and TJ says it’s an antibiotic. He asks about another one, and TJ says it’s an anticoagulant, and asks if someone lost a limb.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib. Felicia thanks her for coming. She thinks they need to clear the air Laura wasn’t aware the air needed clearing, but Felicia says it felt tense when they parted ways. Laura asks if she means when she and Ava proposed to use Ava as bait. Felicia says Ava can’t do it alone. She needs a new boyfriend to make Ryan jealous.

Ava tells Doc that they’re going to use his brother’s own hand to bury him. Doc says, Ryan is dead, but she says, he’s out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike, but she’s going to strike first, and Doc is going to help her.

Laura gets that Felicia and Ava want be proactive. It’s their right, but she’s just starting to put her life back together. She needs to leave Ryan behind. Felicia says, without knowing if he’s dead? Laura asks what the alternative is; to live in fear or consumed with revenge? Felica says, not revenge, justice. Laura says they’ll have to agree to disagree. Felicia takes out a journal, and says, you know what living in fear is? Read this.

Doc thinks it’s supremely unwise to engage his brother in a duel, but Ava says, it’s more of an ambush. He tells her, let the police deal with it. She says they’re not looking for him, the FBI has moved on, and the DA closed the case. It’s up to them. They need to spread the word that what’s left of Ryan is buried, and they’re moving on. Give him a false sense of security. Doc says he’ll come straight for her, and she says she’ll be ready. He says, Ryan will never fall for it, but she says, he will. He’ll be too focused on her, and the man helping her get over him.

Curtis asks if TJ has dealt with a missing limb, but TJ says it’s a guessing game they play. Did he guess right? Curtis says it’s privileged information related to a case. He’ll let TJ know when it wraps. Curtis asks about Jordan, and TJ says she’s not done with her treatment yet. He knows his mom is the queen of positive spin, and wonders if she’s as good as she says she is. Curtis says she was lightheaded, but that and fatigue are within the realm of symptoms. TJ says they can also be outside the realm, but Molly thinks if it was serious, Jordan would tell him. TJ asks if there’s anything Curtis isn’t telling him, and Curtis says there’s nothing he’s not telling him about Jordan’s health.

Sam asks Shiloh what she has to do. She’s more than ready. He says, soon, and she wonders why mention it if she’s not ready. Shiloh says, an aspiration. Sam says they have a connection, and are getting close. Try her. He won’t disappointed. She promises. Harmony comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Shiloh says they were just broaching the subject of the Trust. Harmony says, he told Sam? Sam asks if it’s a secret, and Harmony says it’s an invitation only membership. Sam asks how she gets an invitation, and Harmony says she has to prove her worthiness. Her journey has just begun, and her path is long and winding. Sam guesses that’s a no. She asks, who’s in charge? Harmony or Shiloh?

Willow says she has a friend who’s been studying, but isn’t sure that’s the path they want to take. Chase says it took a while before he decided to be a cop. Willow says, sometimes a commitment to anything is better than uncertainty. Chase says she’s a great teacher. She wishes she’d known that sooner, but he says she can use her experience to help her friend. She says her friend isn’t ready to hear what she has to say. Chase says, they will. Give it time.

Sonny tells Kristina that they’re all there help her. What does DOD have on her? Why can’t she walk away? She says she’s not scared. She can’t leave because it’s her home. They’re her family; a better family than this one. Michael says they all love her. She says they’re trapped in a prison of their expectations, and Alexis asks what that means. Neil thinks they need to take a breath, and asks Kristina to tell them more what she thinks their expectations are of her. She says they expect her to be a screw-up. They don’t trust her judgment. DOD sees her for who she is. Alexis says she’s acting like she didn’t exist before DOD; like nothing meant anything before. Kristina says she had no direction or purpose. She was lost, and DOD helped her find her place. She’ll be damned if she lets that go.

Doc asks if Ava wants him to pose as what? Her boyfriend? She says, confidant, lover; call it what he wants. All that matters is that Ryan sees he was replaced. Doc says, he’ll never believe it. She says he’ll never believe Doc swooped in to comfort his brother’s obsession? It will work. Doc says, it’s ill-conceived. Ava says, worst case, Ryan is really dead, and they’ve wasted their time. Doc says the worst case is failure of imagination. Say, for argument’s sake, Ryan is alive. He falls for the charade, slips out of her trap, and gets the drop on her. What does she think he’ll do? She could ask the dead women he left in his path, but she can’t. Ryan murdered them, and will murder her.

Laura says, it’s a dream journal, and Felicia says, nightmares. She had them after her first go around with Ryan, and for months after the fire. Tom Hardy thought a record would help her confront her fears. Laura asks if it helped, and Felicia says, it was a start. A manageable way for her to start talking about her feelings. Laura thanks her for sharing her personal feelings; she’s honored. Felicia says, there’s more where that came from. They cropped up again when the press about the twenty-fifth anniversary started. She hasn’t had a night without one since learning Ryan was alive. Lulu might want to keep a journal too.

Willow tells Chase, sorry. They could have hung out, since her friend couldn’t see her. He says, tonight? She thinks that’s good, and says she’ll get back to him. Valerie returns, and Chase introduces them. Valerie says they met briefly on New Year’s Eve. Chase suggests she make sure the car is still there, and she says she’ll do that. He tells Willow that he has to run, but if she needs someone to talk to, a sandwich, or moral support, call him.

Alexis tells Kristina that her so-called friends aren’t helping her find herself. They took advantage of her. Kristina admits she was at a low point when she ended things with Parker, but they showed her not to wallow in it, and gave her a way out. Sonny ask, at what cost? Kristina says, no price is too high. Neil asks if she’s happy, and she says not much, since she’s been kidnapped. He says, outside these walls, is she happy in DOD? She says happier than she’s ever been. He asks if she sees herself being happy ten years from now at DOD. She doesn’t see why not, and he asks if she can describe her future. Alexis asks where she’ll be living, and what she’ll be doing. Kristina says she’ll be doing good works, and spreading Shiloh’s lessons wherever they’re needed. Sonny asks if she wants to teach someone else’s lessons her entire life.

Shiloh wants Harmony to look for their friend (i.e. Willow). Harmony asks Shiloh to wish her luck, but he says luck is a lie. All she needs is faith in herself. He touches her heart, and concentrates. He tells her to take all her nerves and unease, bundle them in the palms of her hands, and give it to him. He can take it; bear her burden. She puts her palms on his chest. She thanks him, saying she’s recovered her strength to do what needs be done. He says she can do it, and she leaves. Sam asks what that was about, and he says she’s awfully inquisitive. He thinks it’s time they remedy that.

Alexis doesn’t recall Kristina ever wanting a job of service. She wanted to be a dancer, and was dedicated to that. Michael says he went to every recital. Kristina says, that was a hobby, not a calling. Neil asks if she still dances, but she says, only in clubs. Michael asks when was the last time she did that, and she says she has other priorities. Sonny says she was interested in the coffee business, and came to him with ideas about Perks. She wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business. Kristina says, so? and Michael says she liked it enough to go to business school, and wanted to intern at ELQ. Kristina says she was trying other things. Michael says he never thought she would limit herself. Neil asks if she can pursue a hobby, career, or relationship outside of DOD. Do they have room for her if she pursues something outside?

Outside Kelly’s, Valerie tells Chase the car is where they left it. He wants to swing by the DOD house. Valerie wonders why, and he says Shiloh is a real dirtbag. Valerie says she heard him speak once. Chase says, and…? She says she couldn’t agree more. Molly and TJ come by, and Valerie says, this should be interesting. She asks Molly how things are going with Kristina, and Molly says, things are going well. Kristina came to her senses, and left the DOD house.

Sam tells Shiloh that she didn’t mean pry; she’s just curious. He says she’s like him; searching and exploring. He didn’t mean to suppress her investigative spirit. The Trust is made up of DOD members, but there’s more to it than that. She says she wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t a mystery. He prefers to call it intimate. The core members within it forge ideas. Sam understands why it has to remain exclusive, but Shiloh thinks she’d be an excellent addition. Sam says, Harmony didn’t think so.

Willow feels someone standing at the table, and says, back so soon? She looks up to see Harmony, who says, it’s been a long time… Willow.

Curtis tells Jordan that she just missed TJ and Molly. She asks about the stolen pharmacy items, and he says her brilliant son confirmed they’d be exactly what Ryan needed. They still don’t have much, and she asks about surveillance footage. Curtis says there’s nothing, but the pharmacy is in a remote location. He thinks Ryan is hiding somewhere nearby, and she says he needs to find out.

Ava tells Doc that Ryan thinks he knows what she’s capable of, but he has no idea. She can take care of herself. He says she’ll have to do it on her own. He has too much to lose. She says, like what? He’s a pariah in the town, GH shut him out, and he’s going to have a hard time finding new patients. Laura is done with him. Ava has a sudden realization, and asks if Laura has taken him back.

Felicia tells Laura that if Lulu is like her, she’ll be looking over her shoulder until Ryan’s death is confirmed. Laura says he’s probably at the bottom of Lake Ontario, but Felicia says they need to be sure. If he’s alive, their plan will draw him out. It’s their best shot at getting his victims and their families some measure of peace. Doesn’t she want that for Lulu? For this to work, they need her by their side, helping to paint the right picture for Ryan. They can’t afford to wait, because Ryan won’t.

Neil asks Kristina if belonging to the DOD community means she can’t commit to anything else. She says she’s fulfilled, and doesn’t need anything else. He says, that may change in the future. She says, the future is imagination. She lives in the present, and they refuse to look at that, because then they’d have to understand and accept what they’re doing to her. Alexis says she’s not free, and Kristina says she’s listened to what they had to say. Now she wants out.

Harmony asks if Willow is taking care of herself. She can’t see getting used to Willow’s new name, and Willow says it’s not like Harmony was the name she was born with. They take the names that suit them. Harmony says, names don’t mean much anyway. Willow can call herself anything, and DOD would take her back.

Valerie asks Molly if she thinks it’s okay for her to call Kristina. Molly says she can try, but she probably won’t pick up. She’s called Kristina a dozen times. Valerie ask where she is, and Molly says her mom said Kristina went somewhere to think and get her head on straight. Valerie says if Kristina checks in, tell her that she’s thinking about her. Molly and TJ leave, and Chase says, Kristina left DOD days ago. Valerie says, that’s great, and he says, as long as she left on her own.

Sam wonders when she can join the Trust, and Shiloh says, soon. He tells her, have patience. They’ll love and welcome her, but as the name implies, they’re bonded in trust with one another. They have to all agree to take her in their hearts, and she needs to prove she’ll take them into hers. She asks if that’s what he means when he talks about the Pledge.

Curtis says he need be there with Jordan. Jordan loves being with him, but she he doesn’t have to be constantly at her side. She can get through it on her own. She has the department behind her, and TJ and Stella will help. Curtis loves that she and Stella are on good terms. She says no one else is looking for Ryan, and she can’t use any resources. Curtis is the only one who can find him

Ava says Doc’s brother nearly killed Laura’s daughter, and she’s taking him back? He says they love each other, and they’re picking up the pieces. Ava supposes it helps that Laura’s daughter survived. Hers did not. She has no pieces to pick up, just a grave to visit. He’s truly sorry, but won’t shut out Laura again, not even to catch his brother. Ava says Laura would be in on it. Doc worked with her daughter at the hospital. He saw how bright and full of promise she was. His brother murdered her. If they have a chance to catch him, he doesn’t get to say no. He owes her.. He says he’ll owe her for the rest of his life, but hers is not the only debt he has to pay, and he won’t settle their account at the expense of his wife. He walks out.

Doc finds Laura at The Floating Rib, and she tells him that Felicia was trying to get her on board with their plan to flush Ryan. He says Ava tried to recruit him to pose as her new partner, so she can bait Ryan, but he said he wouldn’t do that to her. Laura’s phone rings, It’s Jordan, who says she might have a lead on Ryan. It’s not much, but worth looking into. Unfortunately, it’s in Canada. Laura says, it’s out of Jordan’s jurisdiction, but Jordan says that’s not the issue. However, she has someone to get him, if he’s there to be got.

Molly asks TJ, what’s wrong? TJ says she doesn’t want to know, but she’s asking anyway. He shows her some paperwork, and she asks if he stole his mom’s medical file. He says no; he copied it. Not the whole thing, just the analysis of her kidney function. Since she started dialysis, she’s been hiding something.

Willow tells Harmony that she’s not coming back. Harmony says she caused a commotion when she left. They searched high and low. Shiloh was surprised she was only as far as Port Charles. Willow says she’s happy. She has friends, a job, and a purpose. Harmony says DOD needs a teacher, and could benefit from her expertise. Willow says she teaches a real curriculum, not Shiloh’s beliefs. Harmony says Willow believed once, but Willow says, not anymore. Harmony asks if Willow knows how much Shiloh misses her.

Chase tells Valerie that Michael is worried about Kristina. She’s shut down since getting involved with Shiloh and DOD. He wonders why she’d suddenly take action after months of being in it. Valerie says maybe she called Michael when she left, and he asks, why not Molly, but Valerie says Michael is older and has more resources. Chase flashes back to Michael saying he can protect Willow because of his and his father’s connections and resources. He says what if Michael used them to take Kristina out of DOD. Valerie asks if he means kidnap her. Knowing Kristina, she wouldn’t take that well, and dig in even harder. She’d fight to go back. Chase says it could go sideways, and give Shiloh more leeway. Valerie says they can’t let that happen. They need to find her themselves.

Sonny says Kristina’s not leaving until they’re done. Kristina says they want to brainwash her, but Michael says that’s Shiloh’s M.O. They’re trying to wake her up. Alexis says Shiloh wants her dependent on him. He wants her to have no other choice but him. Kristina calls them hypocrites. She can leave when she wants. The only people holding her captive are her own family. She can’t do this. They said she could end it when she wanted. Michael asks if she has any idea where she lands after being in the Trust. She says they’ll celebrate her progress, and Michael asks, how? Kristina tells him, say it, and Neil says, enough. Michael says, damn right it is, and walks out. Sonny follows him out. Michael says he can’t stand seeing her like this. She’s not hearing them. Sonny says it will take a while to get through. Michael’s phone dings. It’s a text from Chase, asking him to meet at The Floating Rib. Michael says there may be another way. Inside, Kristina tells Alexis that they’re committing a crime. If they let her go now, she’ll forget it. If they keep her, when she gets out, she’ll have them arrested.

Shiloh tells Sam, when the time is right for her to join the Trust, the Pledge will be explained. She hasn’t completed her initial training yet. Sam says he always keeps her in the dark, and eager to want more. She’s only scratched the surface of his knowledge. He ask if she thinks she’s ready for the next step. She says she is, and he suggests they do it now. He takes off his shirt.

Ava tells Felicia that Doc turned her down flat. Felicia thinks he should do everything in his power to catch Ryan, but Ava says he won’t do anything to jeopardize what he’s got going on now. Laura took him back, and Ava doesn’t think Laura is going to let him go again, even if it’s just pretend. Not even if it helps catch Ryan.

Laura tells Doc, If Ryan is alive and out there, she wants him caught. Doc says, Ava’s plan is too dangerous, but Laura says, sometimes the best plans are. He ask what she’s saying, and she says, maybe Ava’s plan is not so crazy after all.

Curtis guesses he’s going to Canada, and Jordan says he won’t be gone long. It’s just across the border. He says it might as well be across the universe if he’s away from her. They kiss, and Curtis leaves. TJ sees Jordan, and hugs her. He’s like to have an honest conversation. Does she think they can do that? She asks, what’s going on, and he says he saw her records. He knows she’s in danger of losing the kidney she has left.

Kristina asks Alexis to trust her. Believe in her, and let her go. Alexis says she’ll go straight back to DOD. Kristina says that’s her choice. Make it stop now, and she’ll forget what happened. She doesn’t want to hurt Alexis. Alexis tells Kristina to do what she has to. So will she. Kristina is staying. Alexis goes outside, and tells Sonny that she had to get out of there. Neil says they have some work to do. Kristina reaches under the couch, and finds her phone.

Valerie goes to the DOD house. Chase calls, an tells her that he’s waiting for Michael. She says she’ll let him know what she finds. She gets an incoming, unknown call. Kristina says, come on; pick up.

Sam asks what Shiloh is doing. He says, revealing himself. Most people think the body is something to conceal. They have to get over that fear. Fears stop people from committing themselves. He asks her to reveal herself. What has she got to hide? He holds out his hand, and she takes it.

Michael tells Chase he couldn’t have better timing. He’s been thinking about Shiloh and DOD. Chase says, him too, and he’s been thinking about Kristina. What did Michael’s family do with his sister?

Harmony tells Willow that Shiloh wants her back. He loves and forgives her. Willow says she doesn’t forgive Shiloh – or Harmony. Harmony says she did nothing wrong. Willow says Harmony gave her over to Shiloh when her job was to protect her. Harmony is her mother.

Shiloh takes Sam to the attic. He says they’re going to shed what’s between; first, the physical, then the spiritual. Sam walks in, and he closes the door. Sam puts something in her waistband behind her. Shiloh stands there staring at her, while she starts to unbutton her shirt.

Tomorrow, Ava says Ryan is dead, Alexis asks who Kristina called, Shiloh wants to take it to the next level with Sam, and Sonny tells Jason to eliminate him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Teddi and Kyle go to a place called Petite ‘n’ Pretty. Kyle says photographer Samantha reached out from Instagram for Portia to model a kids’ make-up line. Kyle says Portia is good at make-up, and would like to be a make-up artist or YouTube star. Teddi tells daughter Slate it’s for the shoot only. In her interview, Teddi says the world of make-up has changed since she was a kid. She didn’t want to wear it until 8th grade, and then it was black nail polish and black eyeliner. Her mom wasn’t thrilled, so then she died her hair eggplant. That actually sounds like a cool color. Kyle checks out Camille’s bridesmaid dresses, and doesn’t want to be one because it has a capped sleeve, which is not her friend. Mine neither. She asks Teddi when the RV trip is happening, and we see a clip of Teddi saying Edwin got an RV, and they should go on a trip. In her interview, she says Edwin got it so he could improve his tailgate experience. The rich – they’re not just like us. The photographer shoots some pictures of Portia and Slate.

In LisaR’s interview, she wishes Harry were there. He’s like a human Xanax. She calls Erika in New Jersey, who says tonight’s show is sold out, so she’s super excited. In her interview, she says it’s almost like going on a date with a really hot guy. LisaR tells her LVP didn’t show for Camille’s shower, and told Camille she wasn’t invited. We flash back to that. In her interview, LisaR thinks if you’ve been friends a long time, you should communicate, not just turn your back on them. She tells Erika that she asked Lois what she thought about the whole saga, and Lois thinks it’s bullsh*t Erika says she’ll be back tomorrow

Denise works out. She says she has a built-in trainer with Aaron. And a babysitter. In Denise’s interview, she says she loves working out with him. She forgets how hot he is. Every morning, they have sex and then workout, so it’s like a double workout. She feels bad about LVP not showing up again. We flash back to the dinner for Lois, and LisaR saying that LVP was working at PUMP, but sent her best wishes. She tells Aaron that she and LVP are having lunch. She thinks there was miscommunication and hurt on both sides, and should probably stay out of it. In her interview, she says she wants LVP to know the women still care about her. Being a mediator comes with experience. She had to do a lot with her ex-husband. She gets a text about the guy Sami is going to the homecoming dance with, and says it’s hard to watch her kids become adults. Aaron says they’ll always be her daughters. She gets weepy, and says she feels like she effed up a lot with their dad. She doesn’t want them to remember the fights, but Aaron says she protected them. In her interview, Denise says how she chose to relate to the dysfunction was to hide it from the kids. She doesn’t know if that was a disservice. She tells Aaron, life is short, and childhood is short. He says, enjoy every moment. He wouldn’t change anything about his life, because it led to him being there with her. Can this guy be any cooler? He says that he might have kids out there. She’s like, what? and he says he’s just kidding.

In Dorit’s car, Jagger plays a pretend guitar, and sings, rock and roll, over and over. They’re on their way to visit Kyle. Two-year-old Phoenix immediately accosts Kyle’s daughters. Dorit says she’s mature for two, and when she sees big kids, thinks obviously they’re her friends. She and Jagger hang with the girls, while Dorit and Kyle go outside. Dorit says she has a dream backyard, and Kyle wishes she’s had it when the kids were smaller. The dogs are rambunctious, and she says they’re a lot. She asks if they’re really seeing Boy George playing at the Greek. Dorit says didn’t invite LVP. She doesn’t want to exclude her, but doesn’t want to crowd her either. Kyle says she’s in the same boat, so she gets it.

LVP shows a friend her kitchen in progress. She says she wants to erase every memory from the past three months. In her interview, she says the negativity seems to have gone out the window with the renovation. It was $300K, but worth every penny. She’s distanced herself because she’s had no space for tears, sadness, or being under attack. Denise isn’t part of it, so she’s looking forward to seeing her. She meets Denise at Villa Blanca, and gives her two wedding presents, pink porcelain vases. I think they’re vases anyway. In LVP’s interview, she says she’s seen compassion in the way Denise interacts with children. She has an authenticity that LVP has warmed to. They order drinks, and Denise says LVP seems better, but they haven’t seen much of her. LVP says that’s been her choice. Denise says they love her, and she feels bad about Kyle. LVP tells her that when you swear on your children’s lives, that’s serious. The whole situation is ugly, and it hurt her feelings. She doesn’t need it in her life.

Kyle asks Dorit about LVP meeting with Denise. Dorit thinks Denise is going in with kid gloves. She’s had experience with similar personalities with her ex. Kyle asks if she’s suggesting LVP is like Charlie Sheen. Although they are both Virgos.

LVP tells Denise it was embarrassing and humiliating. In Denise’s interview, she says when she was humiliated in the past, the easy thing would have been to cancel interviews. LVP has chosen to retreat, but if she can’t explain it, you’d think she’d want to repair things; not throw away the friendships. Or at least want to defend herself if she didn’t do it.

Kyle says friends call each other out, and you grow and learn. LVP makes herself a victim. When she’s called out, she freaks out and bolts. She can’t face people. We see clips of past times when LVP has bolted. In Kyle’s interview, she says she wants LVP to come back and figure it out. In Dorit’s interview, she says since the Radar Online articles came out, she hasn’t seen or heard from LVP. She and Kyle had the argument. What did she do?

Denise tells LVP, friends can say hurtful things, but still respect each other. LVP says she was called a liar. You don’t treat people like that if love them. You don’t let a friend go to bed in tears. Denise repeats they still love her, and LVP says, it’s a shame. Denise agrees it is, and says LVP is fun and she’s missed. In her interview, Denise doesn’t get how LVP can just throw the women out. She tells LVP about the RV trip, but that’s a hard no. In LVP’s interview, she says even if Denise had said shopping with George Clooney in Paris, she would take a pass. It’s a definite pass on an RV trip. She tells Denise not to feel the need to defend her. Denise says she’s not, and LVP asks, why not? What kind of effing friend is she? They laugh.

Erika and LisaR pick up Teddi for the concert. They have a glass of champagne. In her interview, Erika says her first show was fabulous. They added a few more shows, but she has a few hours in LA. She can’t think of a better way to spend them. There’s a mechanical bull out back, and Erika says the last time she rode one was at her great-grandmother’s funeral. She clarifies that it was in a bar afterwards. Kyle and Camille join them. In Camille’s interview, she says she loves LisaR, but thinks she was extremely rude at the dinner. However, life is too short to hold grudges. Teddi’s youngest has a meltdown, not wanting her to leave. Teddi calls Edwin to help with the transition, and he peels the kid off of Teddi.

Dorit sees PK backstage, and he says he talked to Ken. We see a clip of him on the phone, telling Ken they’ve gone adrift. He asks why they don’t have lunch, and see if two old gits like them can sort it out. Ken tells him, LVP is tired of those women, and PK tells him not to confuse him and Dorit with Teddi and Kyle. He tells Dorit that Ken said he’d talk to LVP.

Erika tells the women about the tour as they travel to the concert on what looks like an empty bus. Teddi tells them that she sent a text to LVP. She whips out her phone, and reads the text. She hopes LVP is well. She knows they have an issue, and don’t see eye to eye, but thinks it’s best to move on. She has no ill will, and thinks they can co-exist in the group. In Kyle’s interview, she says, sure. LVP will just move on. Sorry Teddi. You’ll be in this for a while. Teddi thinks Camille should have said something to LVP about not being invited. In her interview, Kyle says Camille plays both sides of fence. Which is funny, coming from her. Camille says she and LVP have no beef.

The ladies go backstage, where there’s a nice spread. They eat and drink. Teddi says it’s not her first time at this rodeo. She loves the vibe, and seeing what the artists are like behind the scenes. Kyle asks if Erika has a backstage like this, and she says she does. Teddi asks if Erika gets in character before a show, and Erika says, everything is amplified and bigger. Kyle wonders about eye contact, and says in her fantasies, she would be talking to everyone in the audience. PK and Dorit enter with George. George tells them Gladys Knight is going on stage with him. Billy Idol is also there, and everyone gets excited. In LisaR’s interview, she says Billy is a gorgeous, sexy heartbreaker. She does know he was in his prime almost forty years ago, right?  Denise has been excused because of family night, but in her interview, LisaR asks if LVP isn’t PK’s best friend. Why isn’t she here? What is she doing? Why is it your business?

At Villa Rosa, we hear LVP whispering sweet talk. She brushes one of the pups (I think Schnookie), and tells him how wonderful he is.

Dorit tells the women that PK offered to talk to LVP and Ken. In Kyle’s interview, she thinks if PK has a breakthrough, it’s better for the whole group. Billy Idol arrives with some other people, and um… what I said. Mr. Chow’s (of the restaurant) daughter is with the group, and Teddi says she used to work for the restaurant. In her interview, she says, when she first moved to LA, her parents helped her move, but that’s it. So she got a hostess job. LisaR acts stupid meeting Billy. In LisaR’s interview, she says it’s cool being backstage, and hanging out with your idols in person.

Denise helps her middle daughter with homework. In her interview, she says she would have liked to go, but family comes first. She tells her daughter that she’ll probably never use that math in life, but at least she knows it. She and Aaron sit with the pups. He asks how things are with Charlie, and Denise says he filed to lower the child support. The press was right. She texted him, saying they could work it out discreetly and privately. It’s been twelve years she’s been dealing with this. In her interview, she says she never anticipated the journey she’d be on after her divorce. They had no prenup, and she didn’t ask for half of his money, because she’s not a greedy effing whore. How he blew all the money, she doesn’t know. (Probably on greedy effing whores. And drugs.) She says he should have given her half. She could have put it away for him.

The concert starts, and they embarrass me by screaming and dancing. Dorit loves margarita Kyle, who does splits and flips. It’s the true Kyle Richards. George introduces soul greatness Gladys Knight, who, I might add, did not meet with the Wives because she’s probably smarter than that. Erika has to run. In her interview, Dorit says it’s always exciting being with the girls, but this takes it to another level. George sings with a choir, and everyone lifts their phone lights, like we used to do with lighters. Admittedly, it’s safer, but it’s not nearly as atmospheric. In Kyle’s interview, she says there’s been so much negativity, it’ nice to laugh and have fun. It feels like they’re sixteen years old. Afterwards, they visit with George who says he called out a woman who was Facebooking on her phone all night. Kyle says she would worry about being vulnerable on stage, and PK says she can’t even get on with her best friend. Maybe she’s the one with issues. Kyle says he’s in the same position, and he says it was a joke. Kyle says LVP isn’t talking to him either, but he says he’s talking to Ken. In her interview, Kyle says the whole reason she got into this situation was speaking on his wife’s behalf. Now he’s giving her a jab, and getting into LVP’s and Ken’s good graces. Dorit says it’s the English way of joking, and knows it can be hurtful. Kyle says they’re in the same boat, but PK says he’s not. The ladies leave, except for Dorit. Outside, Camille says that was a nasty comment. Dorit tells PK that they don’t know him that well. He says it was a s joke, but she thinks he should say he’s sorry. Kyle tells the women that it’s disrespect to his own wife. Teddi says, whatever conversation he had with Ken got him there. Kyle says, good luck having sex with your wife tonight. The others laugh.

Dorit tells PK that what he said diminishes what happened. He says he made a joke, and she says she knows it. We all know it, since he’s said it five times now. In Dorit’s interview, she says PK’s great sense of humor is one of the things she loves about him, but he put his foot in his mouth, and it bit her in the ass.

The ladies hang out at the bus. In her interview, LisaR says PK loves to stir the sh*t. She knows because she loves to stir the sh*t. (At least she’s owning it.) Dorit joins them, and says she fully understands how Kyle feels, but she needs to understand the context. He’s comfortable with her and loves her; it didn’t come from a bad place. It was in poor taste and stupid, but he wasn’t being mean. Teddi interjects, and Dorit says let her have a conversation for two seconds. Teddi mumbles to Kyle that the way Dorit sai that was inappropriate, and Kyle says, calm down. Frankly, I think Teddi constantly butting in is inappropriate. In Teddi’s interview, she says when things get heated, she and Dorit don’t communicate the same way. She ask why Dorit is yelling at her, and Dorit says she won’t shut up. Can Teddi give her thirty seconds. In Camille’s interview, she says she and Dorit don’t have the best friendship, but she’s with Dorit on this one. Teddi is a know-it-all, and it’s not the right time to assert herself into the conversation. Kyle says her fight with LVP started because she was defending the two of them. Dorit says her fight is about her and LVP. Kyle says in defending Dorit, she had to be honest. In her interview, Teddi says it’s hard to watch them. They both want LVP’s friendship, and are vying over who’s the better friend.  Dorit and Kyle step away from the others.

Kyle says a joke is supposed to be humorous. On the sidelines, LisaR says jokes are supposed to be funny, and she doesn’t think PK or LVP are funny. She wishes she could have some British humor. Maybe they shouldn’t be friends with British people. In her interview, she says she wishes she could hide behind British humor, but she’s just an a-hole with iconic hair and big lips. Teddi wishes Dorit wouldn’t snap when there’s an issue. Dorit wishes Teddi wouldn’t constantly chime in. LisaR has joined them, and says maybe Dorit snapped because she’s sick and tired of it. Dorit says she’s sorry if she was aggressive. She didn’t mean to be, but she came down to set the record straight with Kyle. Kyle knows PK is a good guy. She was offended in the moment, but isn’t going to carry a grudge. In her interview, Kyle says she’s not going to hold on to it forever, but right now, she’s pissed off. Eff you, PK. That’s British humor.

Next time, Camille tells Denise that Teddi is a know-it-all, PK and Dorit have lunch with LVP and Ken, and Dorit thinks it’s difficult to believe that LVP didn’t have anything to do with it.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex looks at the DNA test, and says, oh my God. Dr. Raston says she retested the samples that were left. Alex says, this is real? and the doctor thinks Alex should have a conversation with Brad. Alex says they’re getting a divorce, and doesn’t see the point. The doctor says lies and secrets got her here, and it’s obvious she has another one. The board meeting is tomorrow, and she asks if Alex can make it. Alex says she will. Dr. Raston says she needs Alex there. This is her life and career that she’s never faltered in. Alex says she’ll be there. The doctor doesn’t know the results Alex was looking for, but can tell it’s a shock. She leaves, and Alex looks at the results again.

Eddie puts Esperanza in a cell. She says he thinks it’s funny, and he says, absolutely. She just stole from a restaurant, and now she’s just another citizen. He walks away, and she tells him, come back. He says he can’t hear her. Kelly is in the next cell, and asks what Esperanza is doing there. Esperanza says Eddie locked her up. It’s okay. When she gets out, he’s done. Kelly is sorry, and Esperanza asks if she’s seen Lushion. Kelly says, earlier, and Esperanza asks how she’s doing. Kelly says don’t worry about her. Is she okay? Kelly says she’s better. She’s trying to keep some faith. Esperanza says they’re all working hard to get her out. Kelly appreciates it. She misses her son, and Esperanza says she’ll bring him there when she gets out, but Kelly says, no. She’s not ready to see him. She can’t look into his eyes. Esperanza thinks it would do her good, and give her strength.

Lushion comes by. He tells Kelly that they came up with a good game plan. They’re going to talk over dinner. He says, hang in there, and Kelly suggests he tell Esperanza hang in there too; she’s next door. He’s like, what? and asks Esperanza what she’s doing there. Esperanza says, what does he think? Eddie. He unlocks the cell, and says Eddie keeps pushing the envelope. Eddie walks over, and says, no. Esperanza stole from a restaurant, and resisted law enforcement. Lushion takes her out, and she pushes Eddie. He says she’ll have an assault charge too, and if she gets behind the wheel of a car, a DUI. Lushion stops him, and Eddie asks if Lushion is going to hit him. Lushion says, no. He’ll call Steven to do that. Eddie says they think they’re funny. He’ll get Esperanza later.

Esperanza calls Larry, and leaves a message. She sees Steven, who asks, what’s wrong? She says, nothing, but he knows different. She says, Eddie, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she’ not upset over nothing, and she tells him Eddie arrested her for not paying at a restaurant. She didn’t have her wallet, and asked him to pay. Steven says she had lunch with him? Why? She says why is he asking all these questions? She was just talking to Eddie. Steven asks, about what? and she says she doesn’t need him to know. She walks away, and Eddie walk up. He tells Steven, let that one go. That broad is bad news. Steven says the only bad news around there is him. Lushion tells Eddie, get to work, and tells Steven don’t waste his time.

Rick wants to talk to Lushion. He brings Lushion to the interrogation room, where Margaret is waiting. Rick introduces her, saying she’s the chaplain at Calvary and the prison. Margaret says she saw Kelly, and Lushion says she’s having a hard time. She tells him, Kelly said something that made her pray hard. She’s not the only girl. She thought the women were going crazy because Travis was a handsome kid. When Rick called, she began to pray. She doesn’t want to take anyone down. Lushion says, Travis is dead, but she says what if she’s wrong. Lushion suggests she tell them, and let them be the judge. She says her loyalty is to the church. Um… shouldn’t her loyalty be to God? Lushion wants to show her something, and brings up a picture of Justice on his phone. He says, her son. She’s a good mother. He knows a woman like her, a child of God, wouldn’t want this to go on. She says, this was a bad idea. She needs to leave. Lushion says she can break the cycle of pain, but Rick says, let it go. Margaret leaves, and Lushion says they shouldn’t have let her go. Rick says, this will take finesse, and she’s weak. Rick says he’s working on it, and they’ll talk later. Lushion says he’s seeing Ian tonight, and Rick says, be careful with that and what he says. Lushion says right now, they have to trust somebody. Rick says the church is like a bunch of gangsters, but Lushion just wants to hear what Ian has to say. He tells Rick he’s doing a good job.

Marcie and Brad go out to eat. She asks what this is about, and he says, it’s very simple. He was at work, thinking about her, and wanted to talk to her about something. She asks if she needs to brace herself, and he says, maybe. Will she marry him? She laughs, and says they talked about this. He says they talked about dating. She says he was just trying to work things out with Alex, but he says, it’s not going to work. She says they’ve been through a lot, and hurt. He says they both deserve better. He loves her. She says she loves him too; they’re incredible friends. He says that’s what makes it so perfect. She says, when he went back to Alex, that hurt. He says he had to make sure it was over, and she says what if she wanted go back to Randal to make sure. He asks if she’s seriously thinking about it, and she says, yeah. He says, really? and she laughs. She says that’s why they’re not ready to be in a relationship. He can’t even tell when she’s lying. He tells her, don’t do that, and she says, it was a joke. She says, it’s a little sudden. He shows her a round diamond ring, and asks her to marry him. She can’t believe he went this far. It doesn’t feel right, and she has to say no. He asks if it’s her boyfriend. She says she’s not into Ian. They’ve been over this. She asks him not to be disappointed, and he asks her to k about it. She agrees, and he says all he knows is that he doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. There’s no one else he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Larry sits on his car, looking over some papers. Randal pulls in, driving a surprisingly unsexy car. He tells Larry, go to hell, but Larry says he needs to see this. He knows Randal is angry, but he needs to see this. Randal says, go home, and Larry says, no. Randal says, fine. Stay out there all night. Larry says, please, let him in, and Randal says he hates Larry. Larry says he won’t after he sees this. They go inside, and Larry tells Randal, look at it, giving him some papers. Randal asks what the hell it is, and Larry says PIs fill it out for recent divorcees; all the dirt they can find. This is what was found on him. Randal says, it was a long time ago. Larry says Randal can see why he had him sign. Randal says there’s no way Marcie would know unless he told her this sh*t, but Larry says, it’s easy to find. Randal says it was settled out of court. Larry tells him, just because it was settled, doesn’t mean he was right in gaslighting a patient. He was fired from the hospital for it. Marcie could have taken everything. After some discussion about the word gaslighting – making someone think they’re crazy – probably for the edification of the audience, Larry says, mind games. Randal is good at it. Randal says it was never proven, and it was sealed. Larry says it depends on the kind of attorney, but he could be destroyed. He might not be able to testify, or be party to the jury selection. Randal tells him, get out. Larry says Randal should be thanking him. He saved Randal. Randal asks if he’s done, and Larry says, no. He wants a drink. He pours one for himself, and one for Randal. He’s not leaving until Randal apologizes. Randal says that’s not happening, and Larry asks if he hasn’t paid enough penance. Randal takes the drink. He tells Larry, keep trying him, and see what happens. Larry pours another.

Kelly sits on the floor of her cell, bummed. Rick stops by. She says he’s not in uniform, and he tells her that he’s headed to church; Calvary. She asks why? and he says he’s working on something; trust him. She says she’s trying to. After everything Travis put her through, it’s hard. He says he’s working on something to help her, but he needs her to be strong. He remembers when she reported Travis the first time; she was strong. She says that was before Travis beat her down. He says she still hasn’t run, but she says, look around him. She’s in jail. He says, not for long. She wonders how he can be so sure. He says he’s just asking for a little time. It will be okay. She has him and Lushion working on it, and they’re going to figure it out. She says, okay, and he promises he won’t leave her. he won’t let anything happen without a helluva fight, and they’re fighting to the end. He needs her to fight too. She says she’s doing her best, and he tells her that he’ll see her in the morning. Stay strong.

Randal tells Larry, get out, again, and Larry says, one more. Randal says he’s not playing. His phone rings. He says he’ll be going to the hospital, and he’s bringing his attorney. When he’s done with the call, he tells Larry to be sober and fresh for the meeting at the hospital tomorrow. Larry says, just so Randal knows, he’s going to keep harassing Randal until he forgives him. Larry gets in his, also unsexy, but still cool, car, and drives off.

Tanya strides up to Randal’s house, and knocks on the door. She asks him why he said those things to her the other day. He asks what he said, and she tells him, don’t talk to her again. He says, okay, and she says, stop looking in her windows. He says, but she’s so beautiful, and she says she’ll call the police. She’ll tell her husband. He laughs, and says she’s crazy. She says she’s not crazy. He thinks she is, and asks why she came over. She says to tell him he’s a liar, and don’t talk to her again. He says she’s the one who came over to his house. Don’t bring her ass over there, and he won’t talk to her. She tells him, don’t look at her naked, and he asks if she enjoyed looking at him. She says he’s a sad little man, and he says, clearly, she didn’t get a good enough look. Does she want to try again? He starts to unbuckle his belt, and she leaves. He tells her, don’t be afraid, but she keeps moving.

Tanya runs into Natalie on the sidewalk. Natalie asks if Randal is bothering her, and Tanya says, yeah. He’s been looking in her windows. Natalie is sorry, and suggests she close the curtains. Tanya says she needs the light; it helps her. Natalie says she should call the police. He won’t stop. Tanya says, he’d better stop. Natalie think she should tell her husband, but Tanya says, he already has enough on his plate. Natalie says she needs to tell somebody, and Tanya says she’ll think about it. She thanks Natalie for helping her the other night. She knows her husband told Natalie about her condition. It doesn’t happen unless she doesn’t take her meds. Randal watches from the open doorway because he’s creepy that way. Natalie says she’ll tell Lushion, and he’ll tell Randal’s ass. Tanya goes home, and Randal yells where’s Natalie’s car? Who walks to the grocery store? They don’t do that in this neighborhood. There’s no corner store, liquor store, check cashing place, or place to get her weave done. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m not quite sure what that was about, since he described a lot of neighborhoods in NYC, and like convenience is a bad thing.

Larry is in his office, and hears a noise. He asks, who’s there? and Eddie says, his worst nightmare. Larry says, some people’s sweetest dream. Eddie asks if Larry is trying to take him down with Esperanza. Larry says he has no idea what Eddie is talking about. Eddie asks if Larry knows how many people have tried to take him down. Larry imagines quite a few. His fellow officers; rookies. They’ve tried, and failed. Eddie says, miserably. Larry suggests Eddie come by, but Eddie says he’s not into Larry’s fruity ass. Larry asks if he’s into Joey. They have a few mutual friends he met with earlier; Peter, Joey, Andrew. Eddie asks why the hell they were there, and Larry says, testimony against him. When he’s done with the case he’s handing to the DA, Eddie won’t need to be worried about him, but a gang of guys like him, doing far worse. Eddie tells Larry now is the time to stop before it gets extremely ugly. Larry says, it’s too late for that. Eddie says, if he has nothing to lose, he might as well take Larry out. I assume he doesn’t mean to the movies. Larry says not if he gets to Eddie first. Eddie says they’ll see about that, and Larry guesses they shall. He’ll see Eddie soon. Eddie walks out, and Larry asks if Eddie knows he has an ass like a Black girl. A loud laugh pops out of my mouth. I love Tyler Perry’s shows because the dialogue is so clever, and often very real.

Ian arrives at Lushion and Natalie’s house. Natalie tells them to talk while she checks on the roast. Ian asks how Lushion has been. Lushion says, anxious. Is he taking Kelly’s case? Ian says he’s doing it, and Natalie says, thank you, Lord. Lushion tells her not to take the Lord’s name in vain, but I’m not sure how that applies here. Ian says Lushion does realize it’s going to be tricky. He has to break client privilege to rep her. He has to figure out a way around it. Evidence can help. He can’t tell Lushion what it is. Lushion says Ian’s got to give him something, and Ian says he knows where to look. Rick works at the church. Lushion says, Rick is trying to get information. The chaplain said there could be more victims. Ian says, find the others. Lushion says, then what? How is Ian going to rep Kelly while working for Larry? Ian says he’d want Justice on the stand, but doesn’t think they’ll even have to go to court. If they have evidence, the DA will offer a deal. Lushion says, Kelly won’t take a deal. Ian says it’s an election year, and the DA won’t want to be embarrassed, especially in front of a public defender. Lushion asks if he thinks the kid can do it, and Ian says, it will change his career overnight. Get the evidence. Lushion says it would be nice if Ian would point him in the right direction. Ian says, it’s real close. Closer than he thinks. Now I’m trying to figure it out.

Alex knocks at the door. She thanks them for inviting her. Natalie introduces Ian, saying he’s the attorney she was telling Alex about. Natalie tells Ian, this is… Ian says, Jennifer. They’ve met. Natalie says, no; Alex. Ian says, Jennifer, and Alex says, no. She’s Alex. He says, sorry. He thought she was someone else. Natalie says she’s about to get dinner started, but Alex wanted to know if Ian could look over her divorce papers. Lushion is like, hey, but Ian says, it’s okay. He’ll do it; not a problem. Natalie says they want it by tomorrow. Ian asks why the rush, and Alex says, long story. Ian guesses they’ve got a long dinner ahead. Natalie says there’s plenty of wine, and calls Alex Jennifer. Ian apologizes again, saying Alex really looks like her. Alex hopes she was nice, and he says she was, extremely. Lushion asks if they’re ready to eat, and Ian says he’ll look at the papers after dinner. Alex says they’re at her house. She’ll get them later, and he says he’ll walk her.

For a long dinner, we see none of it. Alex and Ian walk to her house, and she thanks him again. It’s been tough. He says he understands. He does a lot of divorce cases, and it’s never easy, but this one is different/ He feels like there’s something missing from the story. Alex asks what that’s supposed to mean, and he says she just had a baby. He says she doesn’t have to tell him, and she says, maybe one day. They go inside.

Alex pays the sitter, and thanks her. She asks if Ian would like a drink. He says, sure. He lives across the street. She wants one too, but before she can get to the bar, Ian takes her in his arms, and is about to kiss her.

Next time – the finale – Tanya does a painting of Randal, Alex says she has no idea what Ian is talking about, Randal wants to get Dr. Raston fired, Ben trashes Randal’s’ house, and Ian asks if the baby is his. Which is what I’d been wondering since I saw him call her Jennifer on the commercial.

🌎 Because I Missed It…

And I like globe stuff.




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