April 24, 2019 – Laura Approves Ava’s Plan, Ramona Continues To Be a Lying Jerk, a Thought, NoNo NeNe & Bunnies


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General Hospital

At the small bar in the MetroCourt, Curtis says he only billed Julian for actual time and expenses. Julian gives him a check, saying he covered that and then some. Ava joins them, saying, she hopes Julian gave Curtis a severance bonus, since he hired Curtis as her bodyguard without her consent. Julian says if she changes her mind, he’ll put Curtis back on the payroll. Ava says, thanks, but he was right. She’s been chasing a boogieman to avoid her grief, and it’s no use. Ryan is dead.

Laura tells Doc, maybe Ava’s plan is not so crazy. He says she can’t be serious. She must see how reckless it is. Laura says she’s not convinced Ryan isn’t dead, but if there’s a chance Felicia is right, they shouldn’t sit idly by and wait for Ryan to strike. He’s expressed his jealousy before. Doc says, provoking him nearly got Franco killed, but she says they didn’t know. Now they can predict him better, and know how he operates. Doc asks if she wants him to pretend to be enamored of Ava. She says to sell Ryan on the story, she thinks they’ll have to end their marriage.

TJ wants an honest conversation with Jordan, and asks if she thinks she can do that. She says, yeah; what’s up? He says he’s seen her records, and knows she’s in danger of losing the kidney she has left. She says, it’s nothing serious, but he says he’s a med student, and knows better.

Willow says Harmony practically gave her to Shiloh when Harmony’s job was to protect her. Harmony is her mother. Harmony says she’s more than Willow’s mother. She’s the only friend Willow has. If it wasn’t for her, Shiloh would have known Willow was pregnant when she left. I just have to say it. Harmony is so stunning; I have a hard time looking at anyone else when she’s on the screen.

Chase asks Michael what his family did with his sister. Michael says she left town to clear her head. She’s fine, and she’s in contact with her mother. Chase asks if Michael doesn’t think the timing is a coincidence. It’s safe to move on Shiloh because Michael’s family took her.

Shiloh tells Sam that they must shed what remains between them. First, the physical; then, the spiritual. Sam slips her phone in the back of her waistband, and starts to unbutton her shirt. Shiloh asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s ready. Shiloh reminds me of creepy Uncle Ernie.

Jason asks Sonny how it’s going. Sonny says Kristina bought everything Shiloh taught her. He doesn’t know what it will take to break through. Jason says, Brick might be able to help. He has proof Kristina was drugged.

Neil tells Alexis that exit therapy can be unforgiving, and to go easy on herself. Alexis thinks it can only be up from there. She wonders if she should invite Molly. Inside the house, Kristina tells Valerie to pick up the phone. On the DOD porch, Valerie gets her call. It says unknown caller, but she answers. Alexis tells Neil that Molly is the most level-headed of all of them. She looks in her purse for her phone, and realizes it’s gone. Valerie answers, and Kristina says she needs help. She’s glad Valerie picked up. Valerie asks if everything is okay. Alexis goes back in and finds Kristina with the phone. Kristina hangs up, and Alexis asks what she thinks she’s doing. Kristina says, getting the hell out of there. It’s not happening, and this is Alexis’s last chance. She’s holding Kristina against her will. It’s illegal, and she’ll have Alexis arrested. Neil too.

Sonny says, that son of a bitch. He knew what the test would show, but when he sees it… The bastard gave Kristina narcotics. She could have OD’d. He tells Jason, he’s not continuing with this. Eliminate him. All right. That’s what I like to hear.

Sam says she trusts Shiloh. She fiddles with her phone, and Shiloh continues unbuttoning her shirt. Valerie knocks on the door, finds it open, and walks in. Sam tells Shiloh, someone is there, and he says don’t let it distract her. Valerie calls for Kristina.

Willow says she doesn’t know what Harmony is talking about. Harmony says Willow should have disposed of the pregnancy test after she left town. Willow can’t believe she dug in the garbage, and Willow says Shiloh had them combing the countryside around the compound. Anyone else would have told him. Shiloh has no idea Willow was pregnant with his child when she left. Willow thanks her, and Harmony says she wants to meet her grandchild.

Doc calls Ava. He tells her that he and Laura have reconsidered her plan. They’re in.

Alexis asks Kristina, please just try to work with them. Kristina says like she has an option. Alexis says she does, but it will be easier if she cooperates. She asks who Kristina called, and Kristina says Alexis is scared. She’s afraid because she kidnapped her own daughter. Alexis says Kristina was rescued form a cult, and Kristina tells her, stop saying that. Alexis is just scared because she knows it’s wrong. Neil tells Kristina, calm down. Everything will be okay. Kristina says he should be scared too. Does he think they’ll get away with this? Alexis asks again who Kristina called, but Kristina says she doesn’t have to tell Alexis a damn thing, and goes upstairs.

Shiloh asks what Valerie is doing there. She says she tried knocking, but the door was unlocked. Shiloh says, it always is. She had no idea Sam was involved with DOD, and Sam says she started taking courses a while ago. Shiloh asks what he can do for her. She says she’s not there on police business; she’s looking for Kristina. Shiloh didn’t know they speaking again, but Valerie says she hadn’t seen Kristina at Charlie’s. Shiloh says she hasn’t been there for a few days. Valerie says Molly thinks she turned her back on DOD, but it struck her as odd, since she loves it there so much. Sam tells her that their mom said Kristina needed to clear her head, so she has no idea where she is.

Michael tells Chase that Alexis says Kristina is fine. Chase wonders if Kristina would agree. Michael is hoping she’s free from Shiloh’s influence, and has turned a corner, and Chase hopes that’s the truth. If his family has taken her against her will, it will give Shiloh a weapon he won’t hesitate to use.

Harmony asks what Willow had; a boy or a girl. Willow says, a boy, and Harmony asks what his name is. She can’t wait to meet him. Willow says she was pregnant with a boy, but miscarried. Harmony says she’s sorry. Willow is too, and Harmony says she should come home. Willow says, DOD isn’t her home. Shiloh isn’t her friend or teacher. She promised herself that she would never go back, and she never will. Harmony says Willow suffered the loss of a child on her own. How sad, and yet, how convenient.

TJ tells Jordan to stop talking to him like he’s a child. Dialysis only delays the inevitable, and if her remaining kidney fails before she can get a transplant, she’ll die. She says she knows, and he asks if Curtis does. She says, no, and TJ can’t say a word to him.

Julian tells Curtis that Ava won’t be happy until she sees Ryan’s corpse. Curtis says hopefully, he’ll find some proof either way. He’s headed to Canada to follow a lead. He’s going to see if Ryan survived. Julian isn’t the client on this case, but it doesn’t mean he can’t be.

Ava knows Laura was opposed to the plan, but Laura says she changed her mind. Ava guesses Felicia helped her realize the opportunity. Laura says the most important thing is, she and Doc made the decision together. Doc says they’re going to hold off on a public reconciliation, and Laura adds, until Ryan is brought to justice. Ava that’s what they all want, for Ryan to finally face justice. Ava wants a drink to celebrate, and goes to the bar. Laura follows, and tells Ava she wants to clarify things, so there’s no room for misunderstanding her position.

Jason thinks Sonny should reconsider the timing. Neil is just getting started with the deprogramming. Kristina will blame herself. She’s made mistakes, but always had a place to go back to. She could count on Sonny. She looks up to him. If he takes Shiloh out, he risks losing Kristina forever. Jason knows it would hurt Sonny, but it will hurt Kristina worse.

Neil asks if Alexis can find out who called. She says it’s a Port Charles area code, but it’s no one in her contacts. Neil wonders if it’s someone from DOD. Alexis says, possibly, and suggests calling back, but he says, no. It would cause too much attention. He looks at the number, and checks online. He says, it’s definitely a cell number in New York, but there’s no other information. I don’t know what he thought he’d get online for free. Alexis asks, what if they call back? and he says, don’t answer. She can’t believe she left her phone. Neil says maybe she wanted Kristina to find it. She asks why she’d do that, and Neil says to spare Kristina the pain they’re putting her through.

Willow tells Harmony, there was nothing convenient about it. It was the hardest thing she’s gone through. Harmony apologizes for her poor choice of words. It’s emotional for her too. Finding Willow, finding out she had a grandson who didn’t make it. She asks if Willow wants to talk about what happened, and Willow shakes her head. She asks why Harmony didn’t tell Shiloh that she was pregnant, and Harmony says she wanted to give Willow the opportunity to make the right decision on her own. Willow thanks her, and Harmony says, Shiloh doesn’t realize he almost had a son. Willow says Harmony isn’t saying anything, is she?

Valerie wonders if Kristina is staying with out of town friends, but Sam has no idea. She didn’t say where she went, just that she was clearing her head. Valerie hopes she does. The last time she saw Kristina, she seemed confused. She says, if Kristina checks in, have her call. Shiloh says, it’s up to Kristina, and Valerie says she gets how free will works. Shiloh was under the impression that Kristina had moved on from their relationship. Valerie says, you never know, and asks Sam to make sure Kristina gets the message. She leaves, and Shiloh tells Sam that she did great. Sam says she was just telling truth. She has no idea where Kristina went. Shiloh isn’t talking about that, but her willingness to shed barriers. She tells him that he’s a great motivator. Shiloh thinks they’re ready to take this to the next level.

Laura tells Ava, if they do this, she needs to establish boundaries in Ava’s relationship with Doc. It’s just for show; nothing more. Ava says, is she joking? Laura asks if it looks like she is, and Ava says it’s her neck on the line. Doc too. It’s a sting. Laura says, it’s a fake romance, and a fake affair. Remember every minute that he’s married to her. If for some reason she forgets, or the lines get blurred, remember that she’ll answer to Laura, and she doesn’t want to be on Laura’s bad side. Ava says Laura can rest assured she has zero interest. When she looks at Doc, she sees the face of the man who murdered her daughter. It’s not easy for her either. Laura says, let’s hope it works. Laura returns to the table, and Doc asks if everything is settled. Laura hopes so. She can’t believe he and Ava will be an item. He says he can’t either. She asks if they should stage a public argument to kick it off. He has a better idea for how to spend their last night together.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis is picking her up, and she’d appreciate it if he didn’t say anything. TJ asks if she means don’t mention her life is at risk from kidney failure. She says she’d rather they spend the time loving each other, than Curtis worrying. Let her handle it her way.

Chase tells Michael that kidnapping is false imprisonment, and he could be facing criminal charges. Valerie comes in, and Michael says she can have his seat. He jets, and Valerie says, he couldn’t get out faster. She asks if he knows where Kristina is, and Chase says, no. Did she have any luck at DOD? She says, sort of. Before she went inside, she got a call from Kristina.

Harmony says she’s not telling Shiloh. She’ll give Willow the opportunity to tell him herself. Willow says that’s the last thing she wants. He can never know she was pregnant. Harmony let Willow join the Trust, knowing she’d have to sleep with him, thinking she’d score points. It backfired. He liked Willow too much, and Harmony was jealous. It’s so twisted, and so sad, because the thought of Shiloh makes her skin crawl. Obviously, Harmony would do anything to get his approval. Even pimp out her own daughter.

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s ready to take things to the next level. He asks if she’s sure; it’s a big step. She asks if he has doubts about her, and he says, none at all. She thinks she’s proved she’s willing to take down barriers with him, and for him. He makes it easy. All she needs is here. He thinks she’ll make a wonderful addition to the family, and she says nothing would make her happier. He wants her to go home, and wait. He’ll let her know the next step of the process. She can’t wait.

Sonny tells Jason that he’ll leave Shiloh alone until Kristina is stronger. Jason wonders if it would help if Sonny tells her what would have happened. Sonny asks if he means Shiloh sleeping with her, but Jason says he has proof she was drugged. Sonny says Neil told them if they push, she could shut down, and she’ll think they’re lying. If she said anything to Shiloh that incriminates Sonny – and she probably did – Neil says she’ll drown in guilt. If they keep pushing, she’s going to shatter – Neil’s words.

Alexis tells Neil that the future of her relationship with her daughter and career are on the line. Does he really think she’d sabotage that? He says, not intentionally, and she says, don’t shrink her right now. He says, people often unconsciously sabotage their own interests. It’s human. She says, so unconsciously she’s trying to keep Kristina from the pain of deprogramming? He says it’s not his job to tell her what she’s thinking. She asks why is she paying him? and he says to guide them through the process. She respects his professionalism, but not the abstract ethical work game. Stop waxing philosophical, and tell her what to do. He tells her, trust the process. If they push too hard, Kristina will shut down. Alexis asks if he knows he’ll be implicated as well, and he says he’s well aware of the risk. Alexis gets why she and Kristina’s family is doing this, but why him? He says he doesn’t want lose someone else to this. She asks what he means by someone else.

Sam goes to the docks, and finds Jason. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she doesn’t know if she can do this.

Harmony comes back to DOD. Shiloh asks how Willow is, and she says hostile and defensive. He’s sorry to hear that. Since she’s Willow’s mother, he thought she could reach her. Harmony says she tried, but Willow is absolutely determined not to… He says, what?

Alexis says it’s not the first time Neil said he’d been personally affected. He says he’s already touched on topics that breach ethics. He’s not disclosing personal details. She says, so he admits it’s personal? He says he told her that he had experience with families in similar situations. They don’t always have a positive outcome. She asks, what about her daughter. Does he think she can recover?

Valerie tells Chase that Kristina barely had time to say anything when the line went dead. There was no number, so she couldn’t call back. Chase asks if she thinks Kristina hung up. She says, or someone else ended the call. Chase says, Shiloh? but Valerie says she saw him right afterwards, and he was with Sam. They both said Kristina was off somewhere to clear her head, and she doesn’t see why they’d lie. Chase tells her, back up. Sam was with Shiloh?

Doc and Laura get busy. I start thinking about what I want for dinner. There isn’t even a song part.

Ava calls Julian, and asks, what’s going on? He says, tell him. She’s the one up to something. She didn’t just drop her vendetta. Does he need to be worried? She tells him, relax. She has everything under control.

Laura and Doc bask in the afterglow. She says she missed this. He says he missed her. She says, tomorrow, their relationship becomes secret. He suggests they just enjoy tonight. They have a lot of time before tomorrow morning. She laughs, and they kiss.

Curtis tells TJ that he’s taking his gorgeous woman to dinner, and asks if he’d like to join them. TJ says there’s nothing he’d like more than to be a third wheel. Enjoy. Curtis needs a favor. He says he’s heading to Canada on a case, and asks if TJ can look after his mom. Jordan says she’s a big girl; she can handle herself. Curtis says, a little back up never hurt. He asks if he can count on TJ, and TJ says, of course (🍷).

Jason tells Sam about Shiloh accosting him at the gym. If he can get Jason to punch him a second time, Shiloh will press charges. When he saw he wasn’t getting anywhere, he left. Sam says she found the room where the Pledges are kept, but she got interrupted. Jason says, tell him where it is, but she says, it’s too dangerous. She has reason to be there. It’s near the attic room. Shiloh showed it to her today. He says she’s obviously upset by what happened, and Sam says Shiloh wanted to give her a lesson in reveling herself. He took off his shirt, and wanted her to do the same. Valerie shouted for Kristina, and that stopped the whole thing. Jason says, did he ask her to drink anything? and she says, why? He says, Brick tested the cup, and found traces of narcotics. She asks if there’s any way to trace it back to Shiloh, but he says, nothing that would hold up in court. She says then she has to keep going. She has to get the evidence to take down this sleazy bastard.

Shiloh asks what Harmony is talking about. She says Willow made a new life, and wants nothing to do with her. Shiloh is sorry it didn’t go well. Harmony is too, but it gave her clarity about her purpose, and the best way for her to serve. She thinks it’s time she goes back to Beechers Corners.

Valerie tells Chase that Shiloh came out shirtless, and Sam was buttoning up. She knew Sam was studying there, but didn’t think it had gone that far. She was crushing big time. Maybe with Sam being there, Kristina bailed. Maybe it’s legit. Chase says that’s not impossible, but Michael was stonewalling. Valerie says, standard procedure for the Corinthos clan. Chase says there are two possibilities. Kristina took off on her own, or they took her. Either way, she’s a missing person, and he thinks they need to investigate.

Willow picks up a book she dropped at Kelly’s She sits at the table, and looks like she’s about to cry.

Michael meets Sonny at the MetroCourt. He says he met with Chase, and he’s asking a lot of questions. He told him that Kristina contacted Alexis, but he didn’t buy it. He knows how bad DOD is, so it’s not a big jump to realize they wanted to get her away. Sonny doesn’t care what Chase thinks. He has no proof, and he’s not getting any.

Neil tells Alexis, it helps to have a strong support system, and Kristina does. Alexis says a highly dysfunctional one, a crazy extended family, a criminal father, and a neurotic mother. Neil says, families aren’t without complexities. But love, loyalty, and commitment count. Alexis wonders what else she can do to help. Kristina listens from the stairs. Neil says, there’s nothing to do but what they’re doing. Alexis says when she looks in Kristina’s eyes, she doesn’t recognize the person looking back. She doesn’t recognize her own daughter. Neil knows, and tells her, be patient. Use the right words and phrases, Alexis says she wants her daughter back. Neil hugs Alexis, and Kristina watches.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Felicia that they’re ready to put their plan into action, Josslyn tells Oscar that they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and Carly wonders what the chances are for the baby inheriting something.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Parked in a limo, Bethenny sees Sonja, and yells, hey, hooker! as she walks past. Sonja doubles back, and says she thought it was just an everyday person calling to her. She gets in the limo, and Bethenny introduces driver Albi. Sonja says, last night was fun. Bethenny says it started off pleasant and boring, then it took off. They laugh about Bethenny kissing Barbara. Bethenny says, Tinsley has gotten herself in a real mess. Sonja says, her mother always told her, users get used. Bethenny says, marry for money, you pay for the rest of your life. In Sonja’s interview, she says Tinsley is using Scott to get on her feet again, and Scott is using Tinsley as a pretty girl to be seen with, and party with. Bethenny says it seems a strategic operation to lock an unlockable guy down. Sonja says, it’s weird; a façade. Bethenny wonders who can’t call their boyfriend. She and Sonja are going to Brooklyn to see Sonja’s friend, artist Hunt Slonem. Sonja owns many pieces of his art, and collected it when she could afford to. They marvel at the outlets as they drive past, and say Costco! together.

LuAnn leaves an Al-Anon meeting with Tinsley. In her interview, LuAnn explains that Al-Anon is a group that offers recovery programs for the friends and families of alcoholics. She thought it would be beneficial for Tinsley – and for her – since she has a history of alcoholism in her family. Tinsley says she doesn’t mind sharing her stories, but doesn’t like speaking in public. She felt strange and guilty talking about her anger toward her dad. She and LuAnn have coffee. In Tinsley’s interview, she can’t say how she feels about the experience. She isn’t sure if she’s going to continue, but she’s glad she made the initial step, and tried. LuAnn asks what happened when Tinsley lost her sh*t with Bethenny? LuAnn says Tinsley is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it’s like a high wire act. Tinsley says they’re not living in the same place, and she feels like he’s not comfortable with who she is; the public person. She tells LuAnn, it’s officially done, and they’ve broken up. LuAnn asks when this happened. In her interview, LuAnn says, that should be the headline. Tinsley is burying the lead story. Tinsley says it happened after the dinner. She feels strangely relieved. In Tinsley’s interview, she says when she got home, she called Scott. She said she needed more; she needed him to be there. He said no; he can’t. So that’s all she wrote. I have to say, she doesn’t seen very sad about it. Just the opposite. LuAnn is glad she’s decided to move on. Tinsley says she tried and tried, and it didn’t work. She has to move on. LuAnn says, it’s a big step, going to a meeting, and hugs her, saying, she should be proud of herself. Tinsley says she has the circus on Saturday, and LuAnn says she’ll be awesome.

Sonja feels guilty. Hunt has been there a year, and she hasn’t seen him. I’m not always a fan of modern art, but I like what he’s doing. There are quite a few bunnies represented, and Bethenny asks why they’re his signature. Hunt says he’s actually more of a bird person, but it’s the Chinese zodiac symbol for his birth year. He was born in the year of the rabbit. In her interview, Sonja says she knows Bethenny has been collecting art, and wanted share Hunt with her. She doesn’t with everyone. They look at the pieces, as well as his personal photographs. Bethenny sees a framed photo of Hunt and Sonja, and also one with Tinsley in it. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, it’s really real. The time before Tinsley turned into a pumpkin. She got a mug shot and restraining order, and vanished. Now she wants to be a princess again.

They hear a lot of bird sounds, and follow them to Hunt’s aviary in the back. Bethenny says she’s taking pictures of this normal circumstance. Hunt says everything is everywhere, and Bethenny wonders where TF is she? A parrot wolf whistles. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s never been any place like this, much less an art gallery, and everyone is acting like it’s normal. She thinks a bird pinched her ass. Hunt puts fezzes on Sonja and Bethenny’s heads. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, Sonja was never more of a Morgan than today. It legitimizes her stories.

Dorinda goes with Tinsley to the Big Apple Circus. In her interview, Tinsley says she grew up going to New York City, and they went to the circus every year. This means everything. She’s back in NYC, and back to the place where she needs to be. Her dad would be excited for her. VP of brand marketing, Shoshana, greets them, and tells Tinsley that her outfit is very cute. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s super jealous. She should be in the circus. They watch the acrobats practice, and Dorinda takes pictures. Shoshana says Tinsley doesn’t have to, but can go up there if she wants. Dorinda thinks this could have been one of her talents. She knows how to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Dorinda gets into a harness, and climbs up. Tinsley says she’ll do the watching. Dorinda swings a couple of times, and floats down to the net thing. In her interview, she says it confirms she’s so the circus. It’s Tinsley’s turn, and in her interview, she says Dorinda might be trying to outshine her, but the guest ringmaster is moi.  Tinsley climbs up. Dorinda is hoping they see Tinsley’s fear, and make her honorary ringmaster. Tinsley remembers watching the circus as a child, and it’s crazy that she’s up there. In her interview, she says it feels special, exciting, and cool. She does some swings, and thinks maybe it’s her new calling. Shoshana says, since Tinsley isn’t afraid of heights, she’ll be coming down in lyra hoop.

LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja go to T Bar, where they run into mutual friend Michael. In her interview, LuAnn says he’s an UES fixture. Sonja declares you should only marry old guys, and not have sex with them. I’m not sure how you stay married then, but okay. LuAnn insists she hasn’t had sex with him, but Sonja has the feeling they did something. Mario shows up. In Sonja’s interview, she says Mario wasn’t himself when he and Ramona split up, and was behaving oddly. She remembers when they were one big happy family. We flash back to 2011-12. He says he bears gifts, and gives Ramona some turtle jewelry he found in the office. We flash back to turtle time, as if we could ever forget. He also found some True Faith Jewelry T-shirts. In her interview, Ramona says Mario was going through a midlife crisis, and in a weird dark place. It was like she didn’t know him, but he’s back to the charming, fun guy she married, who was great to be around. Sonja talk to Michael, and LuAnn makes herself scarce. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, Ramona is like a schoolgirl; giggly, and googly-eyed.

Ramona tells Mario that she waited to get married because she wanted it to last forever. Mario thinks there should be a new rule, and marriage should be a renewable contract. Every seven years or so, the couple decides if they want to renew. Ramona thinks communication is important. You have to say why you’re not happy, and not wait until things go to sh*t. LuAnn joins them. She thinks it’s a good idea, and asks if this means he’s renewing. In Ramona’s interview, she says Mario is still easy on the eyes, and she likes flirting with him, but she doesn’t think she wants him back.

Dorinda books a hotel suite for a spa day. She wondered what she could do to get the girls together, and nothing but the Plague would keep them away a spa day. She also has a bone to pick with Ramona. They went to the Angel Ball together, and Ramona ditched her for bigger, brighter, faster, richer. We see a clip where they’re seated at the same table, and Ramona switches tables to sit with someone else.

Sonja explains that she has to go to a luncheon, and is going to leave early. Dorinda says she’s staying at the same hotel while her apartment gets done; she’s moving next week. She says it got to the point where she didn’t even want to get her old apartment cleaned. She’s over it. We see pictures of her new apartment. Sonja says she’s going to talk to Barbara. She’s been making faux pas with the group. Dorinda approaches Ramona, saying Ramona didn’t tell the truth to Page Six. In her interview, Dorinda says Ramona told the paper she was just table hopping at the Angel Ball. She needs to admit she ditched Dorinda for a better table, after she said they were going together. Barbara says, is this spa day? Ramona tells Dorinda she didn’t have any control over where she was sitting, and Dorinda says she took someone else’s seat. They came later. Ramona claims her ticket was for table 61, and we flash back to five minutes ago, when the staff clearly told her it was table 62. Ramona swears on her daughter’s life, as she jumps up and down in front of Dorinda, making hand gestures. In Dorinda’s interview, Dorinda says Ramona wants it to go away, and if she insists it didn’t happen, it will, but it’s not. Dorinda says she was upset. She went there for Ramona. Ramona says Dorinda made a huge scene, but Dorinda tells her that she just said it wasn’t cool. Ramona says she’s not making it up, and pushes Dorinda. Physically pushes her. Surprisingly, Dorinda doesn’t punch Ramona’s lights out, and only says, don’t push me. Ramona says Dorinda isn’t listening to her. Wow. Really? Leave that stuff for the family. In her interview, Sonja says Dorinda nailed Ramona for social climbing. Ramona went to the Angel Ball for the first time the year before, so she was gung ho to hop to tables and leave Dorinda in the dust. Dorinda tells Ramona that she didn’t bring John because Ramona said it was a girl’s night. In her interview, Ramona babbles about not knowing how the tables were set up.

Tinsley arrives, and asks why Sonja is all decked out. Sonja says she has a luncheon to go to, but she’ll be at the circus. Dorinda tells Ramona, thank God she had a friend from London at the Angel Ball, or she wouldn’t have known anyone there. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she doesn’t like this side of Ramona. She’s been self-involved lately. Lately? She has met Ramona, right? Ramona decides that the people who do the seating lied. They saw Dorinda was upset, and threw Ramona under the bus, lying about which table she was supposed to be at. Barbara also has to leave early to go to a job site. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s not going to be mad again, since she’s in healing mode, but it’s sh*tty that Sonja and Barbara knew she had the day planned, and they’re leaving. It was a huge endeavor. Sonja tells Barbara that she needs to connect to Dorinda, and Ramona. Sonja was shocked when Barbara said she didn’t like Ramona. Has Sonja met Ramona? We see clip at the Berkshires dinner, where Bethenny asks Barbara if she likes Ramona, and Barbara says, not so much. Dorinda tells her the feeling is mutual, so they’re all set. Sonja tells Barbara, it got back to Ramona. In Sonja’s interview, she says the best approach is to tell Barbara right away when there’s something wrong between her and Ramona. Because Ramona will kill you in your sleep. Sonja tells Barbara, just bring it down a notch.

Dorinda tells Tinsley that Ramona lied to Page Six. Tinsley says she doesn’t look at Page Six unless someone tells her that she’s in it. In her interview, she says when you’re on the cover is when you have to care about it. We see the New York Post headlines with her mug shot. LuAnn isn’t able to come to the circus, and Bethenny has her daughter. Ramona says she called it. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she can’t stay mad at Ramona; they’ve done this for twenty years. She just wants to get it behind them. LuAnn comes in, wearing this amazing necklace made of huge metal circles. In her interview, LuAnn says spa day is a good fill in for popping a champagne cork. Barbara tells Dorinda that they got off on the wrong foot. Dorinda isn’t sure why, and Barbara says she wants them to support and empower each other. She doesn’t want to fight. She wants a reset. Dorinda agrees, and says she respects Barbara. They decide to pick up the phone and discuss things rather than yell.  Dorinda says this means a lot, and they hug. It’s been bothering her. She and Barbara are alike; tough on the outside, but with a big heart. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Barbara finally got that she’s being used. Dorinda has always been her friend. It’s like the lightbulb went on.

Dorinda shows LuAnn the suite’s upstairs. The go out on the terrace. Tinsley tells Sonja that she and Scott broke up. Truth or Dare triggered something in her with the phone call. Scott has a difficult time being in that part of her life in New York. In her interview, Sonja thinks this is healthier for Tinsley. Scott isn’t a bad guy, but sometimes people just aren’t right for each other, and Tinsley depends on him too much. Tinsley tells Bethenny the second she walks in the door. In her interview, Bethenny says, with Tinsley, there’s never any foreplay. Just jam it in, no lube, and let’s get started. Bethenny asks if the dinner, and Tinsley says, yes, but it’s fine. Bethenny says Tinsley is the poster child for break-ups, since she’s always so happy about it. Tinsley says it wasn’t right, but she didn’t know how to define it. Bethenny congratulates Tinsley, and hugs her. Tinsley says she’s surprisingly calm. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she feels vindicated. She’s putting her I-Know-It-All badge back on. Tinsley is relieved that she’s moving forward – starting Sunday. Bethenny says it’s ironic she’s going to be a ringmaster. She was not the master of a ring in her relationship. Tinsley tells Barbara and Ramona the news, and Barbara says she’s sorry. Tinsley has to repeat why it’s actually a good thing. In her interview, Dorinda says Tinsley has had so many break-ups and getting back together, she doesn’t know, but okay. Bethenny asks how single’s night went, and LuAnn says, guess who walked in? Bethenny guesses Tom, but LuAnn says, Mario, and Ramona acted like a schoolgirl. They all ask if Ramona hooked up with Mario. LuAnn says she took him home, but Ramona says, no. He walked Coco, and she stroked his face with cream. Not hers; her skincare line. In her interview, Ramona says, that’s it, girls. She’s sorry they don’t get it.

Barbara asks how Ramona is, and Ramona snarks, how does Barbara think she should be? This woman is so not worth it. Barbara says she’ll be there until 1:30 if Ramona wants to talk. Ramona says Barbara loves wrap dresses, which makes total sense. She thinks Barbara should change it up. Barbara suggests Ramona take her shopping, which causes Ramona’s brain to short out and say, but Barbara is now known for the wrap dress. Barbara says Ramona can show her what she likes. Ramona asks, why? since Barbara doesn’t like her. Barbara says she’s sorry. She said something she shouldn’t have, and would like to get to know Ramona better. Ramona asks why Barbara said it, and Barbara says sometimes you get caught up in the moment, and apologizes again. Ramona accepts it, but refuses a hug. In Ramona’s interview, she says she was ready to come at Barbara, but couldn’t. Who would think a wrap dress would disarm this conversation? They butt bump instead.

This season – the Big Apple Circus, dance class, sitting on Santa’s lap, LuAnn’s new house, pottery class, LuAnn records Feelin’ Jovani, a trip to Miami, Bethenny tells Tinsley that they don’t have time to wait for a man to get a baby, Dorinda cries over her boat, Bethenny says not everything is about LuAnn, LuAnn says nobody can rock her boat, Bethenny has it out with LuAnn, and then breaks down.

📰 On Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked guests LuAnn and Barbara if they thought Tinsley really reads Page Six. Frankly, I’m not sure Tinsley even reads.

👠 As per usual, I’ve just been glancing at The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season if it came along in a gap between other (more preferable) shows. Kenya no longer being on the show was the final nail for me, but I’d been inching away because all they did was screech at each other. And also, NeNe. I get that she’s going through a hard time, but her a-hole attitude started way before the hard time started. I saw quite a bit of their three-part reunion, and she was beyond rude. She was out of her mind rude. Eye rolling, face making, nasty even to Andy, and turning every positive into a negative. She thinks she runs the show and can literally push people around. Possibly she does, since I just read she got a raise, but I can’t understand why she’s still on the show. Apparently, she even physically attacked a cameraman. I guess she creates buzz, and hasn’t caused anyone to go to the hospital – yet. Get the popcorn ready.

🐰 Hunt’s Bunnies…

His name is a little ironic.



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