April 25, 2019 – A Good Day In Port Charles, Runway Elegance, 90 Day Approaching, Watching Live & Funny Lady


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura and Doc lounge around, kissing, and saying I love you. Laura says she’s been missing his last name and can’t wait to use it again. He says, it might be a while. She asks if he’s meeting Ava and Felicia today. He tells her it’s the last thing he wants to do.

At The Floating Rib, Ava asks if Felicia is ready to put her plan into action. Felicia says she has one problem. Ava asks, what’s that? Mac comes out, and says, me.

Josslyn and Oscar practice their song on the terrace at the Quartermaine’s, but Oscar is feeling tired. Josslyn thinks they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and he perks up a little.

Cameron goes to the hospital for his community service. Elizabeth wants him to know she’s the only mom he’s got, and she loves him. Eventually they have to find their way through this. He’s not exactly communicative, and moves on. Epiphany asks how that went, but Elizabeth doesn’t know.

Outside Kelly’s, Anna thanks Robert for coming. He says, before she starts, there’s nothing she can tell him that will make him believe he was with Alex. If she wants to torture herself, he’ll hold her hand through the entire miserable episode, but he knows why he fell in love with her. He knows she gave birth and she’s Robin’s mother. She says he’s right.

Carly meets Bobbie at the hospital, and thanks her for being there. Bobbie says it’s always good to have an extra set of ears when you’re listening to the doctor. Carly says genetic testing isn’t her favorite, but Bobbie says it’s standard, and nothing is set in stone; it’s just theoretic. Carly says she and Sonny just want someone to say the baby is healthy. Bobbie is surprised Sonny isn’t there. Carly isn’t. He’s dealing with a situation – it’s not dangerous, but it’s important. Bobbie says, more important than Carly and the baby? Carly says, that situation is urgent; hers isn’t. Bobbie asks if there’s any chance Sonny is using it to keep his distance. Carly says, maybe a little. He doesn’t want her to die, and if everything goes okay, the baby will be a whole sibling to Morgan, and a living reminder of the son they lost. Bobbie says, it’s a gamble in more ways than one. Carly says Sonny has to deal with things his way, and she has to deal with them her way. She just wishes their ways were the same, but they’re not. Bobbie says she’s not alone. She’s there for Carly, whatever she needs. Bobbie’s phone rings, and they go in.

Drew asks Josslyn how it’s going, and Josslyn says, Oscar fell asleep. Monica says, what’s better than a nap in the sunshine? and I’m in. Josslyn says she has an errand to run, but she’ll be back. After she leaves, Kim says she’s so grateful for Josslyn. What she’s giving Oscar is such a gift. Monica thinks Josslyn would say he’s given her just as much.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany, it is what it is. Cameron just hasn’t bonded with Franco the way the other two have. Maybe he’s resistant because of his age. Maybe it’s because of who Franco used to be, or maybe both, but she can’t seem to fix it. Epiphany says, don’t. You can’t force people bond. Elizabeth loves her son; he loves her. Elizabeth says, and he loves his brothers. Epiphany says they’re good people. That’s what matters. They might bump along for a little bit, but eventually find out they have more in common than they thought. Elizabeth wants to bridge the gap, but Epiphany says they have to build that bridge on their own. Elizabeth says it’s no Brady Bunch, and Epiphany says, reality is more complicated. People say give it time for a reason. Sometimes it’s the only way.

Anna says she owes Robert an apology. He warned her about going down the rabbit hole, but she did anyway. Robert loves the apology; it happens so rarely. What made her come to her senses? Anna shows him the bracelet, and asks if he remembers it. He says she saw it at a stall in Castellammare. They were halfway through their mission, and she had to have it. Of course, she had no money, so he bought it to shut her up. She says she wore it through the whole mission, and through Robin’s conception. When she saw the picture, it was like a freight train hit her. Alex never had this. Robert says he was never with Alex. He was always with her.

Elsewhere, Finn looks at the engagement ring.

Felicia makes herself scarce, and Ava asks Mac if he’s not tired of living in fear that Ryan will show up and finish his twisted game. She wants more than that. Mac says she wants to bump Ryan off, and he doesn’t blame her, but she’s not getting Felicia involved in a murder conspiracy. Ava says she wants to bring Ryan to justice, and Mac says they’re not helping to kill him. Whatever she’s cooking up, keep it to herself. Felicia comes back, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they all have the same mission – to keep Ryan from killing again, whatever it looks like.

Doc says the part he played, the sin of treating Ryan in secret… Laura tells him to try and stop beating himself up about it. He says he is. That’s why he’s teaming up with Ava and Felicia. It’s part of his amends, but they’re also right. The best way to lure Ryan out is to make him believe Ava has taken up with his hated twin. Laura says, a necessary evil to bring Ryan to justice. She says it’s hard for him be around Ava, isn’t it? He says, yes. What his brother did, the shambles he made of her life… He could never say this to her, but he knows why Ryan killed Kiki. It wasn’t a random, spur of the moment thing, or because she was young, beautiful, and blonde. He did it because she was Ava’s. Maybe to impress her, or it was what he thought she wanted, but he thinks Ryan did it to make her more vulnerable, and to need him. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Kiki is dead because her mother got involved with his brother. Laura says it’s not Ava’s fault either, and Doc says, no, it’s Ryan’s, but it circles back to him. That’s why it’s physically painful to look at Ava. Her life will never be the same, and he played a big part in that. Laura hugs him, saying it’s painful for her too. She doesn’t want him near Ava, but if it’s what has to be done, they can get through it, as long as they’re together. He says he shut her out once, and can’t tell her how much he regrets it. He’ll never do it again. There’s no way he’ll do this without her. She says lucky for him, he doesn’t have to.

Kim feels Oscar’s forehead as he sleeps on the terrace. She goes inside, and Monica asks how their boy is. Kim says sleeping. No surprise; he had a rough night. Monica asks if the headaches are worse. Kim says they are, and his left side is weaker. Monica says she can call Terry and have a consult about pain medication, but Kim says, no. Oscar is working on a song for the Nurses’ Ball with Josslyn. It’s as if they’re trying to turn back the hands of time. Monica says, if that was possible, she’d join them.

Josslyn sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He says, community service? She says he promised to be there for Oscar. He says he will be, after he’s finished. She asks when was the last time he saw Oscar? and he says they texted last night. He’s sorry he’s strong, and Oscar is sick and dying, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Josslyn says, when Oscar is gone, he’s gone; there’s no looking back. Oscar needs Cameron to be there for him. Cameron says he’s got it; freak out on his own time. Right now belongs to Oscar. He asks if that’s what Josslyn does, and she says, yeah. He hugs her, and she asks where he’s been. He tells her that he’s sorry.

Carly’s OB asks how she’s feeling. Carly says, great. The doctor asks about nausea and fatigue, and Carly says, so far, so good. Bobbie asks how Carly’s blood pressure is, and the doctor says she’s in range. Carly knows that can change, and promises she won’t ignore medical advice. The doctor wishes all the patients were like her. She says Carly’s first son was born prematurely, which could be caused by hypertension. It’s all the more reason to keep an eye on things. Bobbie says Carly has lots of extra eyes on her. The doctor asks about her other pregnancies, and Carly says Morgan’s birth was normal, and the doctor has the records for Josslyn. Michael had a heart defect, a hole that was corrected, and there have been no other problems. The doctor asks if Michael doesn’t have a different father, and Carly says, yes, but she’d still like the baby monitored. The doctor says they’ll do a test later in the pregnancy, and asks if she has any other concerns. Carly says her daughter has kidney disease, but the doctor says most renal diseases aren’t inherited. Carly asks, what about being bipolar? Her husband is, and she wonders what the chances are of the baby inheriting it.

Anna tells Robert that she’s sorry she opened that horrible can of worms. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Robert says, she’s in love. Finn wouldn’t be his first choice, but he does something for her, and he’s got her spiraling. Anna says, that’s so Robert; thinking he knows her better than she knows herself. He says he does. She’s dredging up mistakes from her past to convince herself that she shouldn’t be happy. For a smart woman, she’s a basket case. Correct him if he’s wrong. She says that’s one of her favorite pastimes, but she thinks he might be right. He says an apology and this? He takes out his phone to record the moment. Anna makes him put the phone away, and says she thinks he might be right. She’s afraid to be happy.

Robert tells her, of the two of them, she’s made the most progress in turning her life around. At this point, she’s attracting her own misery. She says, true, and he asks if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says, here it comes. Let the past stay where it is; in the past. They can’t change it, and at this point, she needs to start moving forward. Allow herself to be happy. How she does that is her business. She says one thing she doesn’t regret is falling in love with him. He says, that makes two of them. He says, there were disasters, and she says, a lot, but they have an amazing daughter to to show for it. They hug. Finn arrives, and Anna waves to him behind Robert’s back. Finn says, good news, or bad?

Mac says he’s on board – to a point. Ava says Ryan needs to be dealt with, and if the cops won’t do it, it’s up to them. Mac says if Ryan gets shot execution style, they’ll all be in trouble. It will be premeditated. They can call Ryan evil, but it doesn’t give them the right to assume they can commit murder. Doc walks in, and says, that’s quite an assumption.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is doing. She says, he’s tired and weak, but still Oscar; playing music and writing poetry. Cameron adds, telling lame jokes, and Josslyn says, absolutely. She tells Cameron, this is it. They’re not getting any more time with him. He asks how she’s so chill with this, and she says she’s not. She can’t stop and think, so she’s trying to make as many memories as she can. He says she’s amazing, but she says, no. She asks if he’s coming by the Quartermaine’s today. He says he is, but he needs to get something first. Josslyn starts leave, and Cameron says he knows he’s been a crappy friend, but swears he’s there for her. She knows.

Monica sits near Oscar with Scout. She pats his leg, and he opens his eyes. She says, sorry to wake him, but Scout wanted to show her big brother her toys. Oscar says, cool. Monica tells him that Josslyn has to run an errand, but will be back soon. He says, Scout is so little. She won’t even remember him. Monica says she might not have the memories, but she’ll know him; they’ll tell her stories. Oscar thinks it would be cool if Scout climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with their dad in his place. Monica says, please don’t mention that. She’d like to live a little longer before she has a heart attack. Scout might not have memories of him, but part of her is connected to him through their father. And that is forever. He’s glad something is. She takes his hand.

Drew comes back to the Quartermaine’s, and Monica tells him Scout is having her nap. She asks how lunch was, and he says he’s never eating again. Even after he told Olivia he wasn’t hungry, she kept piling food on his plate. Oscar says he had no idea how many different kinds of pasta there were. Monica thinks Olivia is making some of them up. Oscar tells Drew that he should take Scout to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Monica suggests something more local. There’s a great hill in the park. Drew asks, what’s the thrill in that? Monica says, no thrill equals safe. She wants to take a picture of them, and goes to get Kim. Drew asks how Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, it’s a good day.

Anna tells Finn, when she saw the bracelet in the picture, she felt sorry about the crying, hammering, and sleepless nights. The whole thing was stupid. Robert says, it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. Anna says she bought it while they were on assignment, and Robert asks, who bought it? She says he did, and she had it the entire time. Finn says, meaning Alex never did. Robert says, Robin is, and always will be, their daughter.

The doctor tells Carly, a bipolar parent does give a child a genetic vulnerability, but it’s by no means a given. She asks if Carly’s husband has other biological children, and Carly says, three. She asks if there are any symptoms. Carly says Dante is fine. Kristina is iffy, but she doesn’t think that’s the problem, and Avery is too young to tell. The doctor says there’s no test for it, and it can skip a generation, but they should concentrate on what they can control. The mother staying healthy and informed. She says if there are no more questions, she’ll tell the staff that Carly is ready for the test.

Drew finds Elizabeth and Josslyn in the sitting room, and he says, Oscar just woke up from a nap. Elizabeth asks how he’s doing today, and Drew says, it’s been a good day. He’s says Oscar is with Monica and his mom, and asks Josslyn to hold up a minute.

Oscar says he was thinking about something, and it has nothing do with how he feels about Kim. She’s his mom, and the most important person in his life. If it’s okay with her, he’d like to add Quartermain to his name. Monica tells him, by the way, he’s already a Quartermaine, like the rest of them. Oscar feels lucky to have found this family, who welcomed him, no questions asked. He wants the name to be part of his legacy. Kim says, Oscar Nero Quartermaine. He asks what she thinks. She thinks finding his father, and the family that came with him means a lot to Oscar, as it should. Do it. He asks if she’s sure. It doesn’t change… Kim says, anything between them. She knows. Do it. Monica thinks it’s an honor that he wants to add the family name to his. They all smile.

They go back inside, and Drew asks if they want to fill him and Josslyn in. Oscar says he’s changing his name. From here on out, he’ll be Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Cameron arrives, and says, way to boost his social status. Oscar asks if he’s jealous, and Cameron asks if he’s kidding. The Quartermaines are insane. No offense. He says he went home to pick up some cards; his mom always brings them out when they’re sick. Josslyn asks what’s with the bag of peanuts he has, and he says they don’t have chips. Monica brings out a case, and suggests they use these. Oscar’s great-grandfather was a dedicated poker player. Oscar thinks maybe they should stick with the peanuts, but Kim says he’s a Quartermaine now, and it’s part of Quartermain tradition. Cameron says they need a fourth, and Oscar asks Drew. Josslyn says as long as he’s not a sore loser. Drew doesn’t know. He’s never lost.

Doc tells Ava that she’s only ever seen the good side of Ryan. The one in love with her, who would do anything to make her happy. She hasn’t seen his vengeful side. She says Ryan hasn’t seen hers either. The woman he knew was a grieving mother, so devoted and human, who would let him lead her anywhere. Now she knows he killed her daughter, and she’s going to make him pay like no one ever has. Doc says they’ll do what they need to, and see that he does.

Anna says she’s never been so relieved. Robert says except when Robin turned out to be alive. Anna says, that was a miracle, plain and simple, Robert says miracle describes their kid; she’s perfect. Finn is happy for her. Anna says she is too. Robert says, there it is – happiness. She says she’s not looking back anymore. She’s going to focus on the future, and make the most of every moment. Finn says, sounds like a plan.

Anna thanks them for being patient. She’s sorry, and Robert tells her, do away with the apologies. Enough is enough. Anna wants to FaceTime with Robin, and goes inside Kelly’s to freshen up. Finn thinks she’s not completely over the memory thing. Robert says he just watched a woman claw her way back from eternal purgatory. It will be fine. Finn says, yeah, and Robert tells him, learn to read the signs better. Finn is sure Robert could teach a class. Robert says, if it could ensure Anna’s happiness, he would.

Epiphany calls Carly in for her test. Carly thanks Bobbie, and Bobbie says, good luck. Carly says she’ll take all she can get.

Laura sighs, and looks at her phone. She calls Lulu, leaving a message for her to call back when she has a chance. Laura has a lot to tell her.

Ava says, so they’re all on board. Mac just wants to say it one more time. They trap Ryan, and turn him over to the authorities. Felicia says she’s in. Doc says he is too. Ava says, all right. Let’s get started. The sooner Ryan believes they think he’s dead, the sooner they’ll be rid of him.

Oscar raises Drew twenty dollars. Josslyn and Cameron fold. Drew asks if Oscar is bluffing, or has a hand. Oscar says, one way to find out. Drew says he’s out, and Cameron asks what Oscar has. Oscar shows his cards, and says, nothing. Drew wants the hand back. Monica tells Kim and Elizabeth, if there was ever any doubt that Oscar was a Quartermaine, it’s gone now. They laugh, and Cameron deals another hand.

Tomorrow, Anna asks why Robert keeps giving Finn a hard time, Carly tells Sonny that Avery deserves an answer to her question, and Oscar asks to speak to Jason alone.

👗 On Project Runway, the contestants were to interpret elegance inspired by weird items in one of Brandon Maxwell’s see-through button bags. The designers picked from ten bags, drawing lots to see who went first, second, etc. The range was pretty wide; peacock feathers, a blue display hand, a silver mirror set, a mini Grecian bust, an orchid, a bottle of rosé, dollar bills, headphones, lemons and limes, and a perfume bottle. Another word thrown around a lot by the judges and Christian, was restraint. There was a flash challenge photo shoot, where everyone took pictures of their own models. This had something to do with audience votes, and I still have no idea who won. The big winner was Jamall, with a black and white plaid strapless gown that was really gorgeous (I love a nice plaid!), and looked like a different dress from every angle. Sonia was out, basically for being boring. Her effort was a lovely slate strapless gown with a slit on the side. I’ve started to wonder if there’s any other kind of gown but strapless, since bridal dresses seem to have gone that route too. Sonia’s problem was that she didn’t finish the kimono that was supposed to go with it, giving the model a scarf/sash instead. In her parting speech, she said, as you get older, you realize not everything is where you shine. She was glad for the opportunity, but also glad to get back to her own thing. The twist here was that, had she not had immunity, Hester would have most likely been gone. IKR? The designer we’ve come to expect wonderful surprises from, landed a dud. She decided to take a chance on a gown she’d always wanted to make – with pasties on top. This actually might have been a daring, progressive choice. God knows, we’ve been seeing it for years at music awards shows, but not in a way you’d call elegant. However, her fabric of choice was taffeta. Making pasties out of taffeta turned out to be a bad, bad idea. The darts caused them to be pointy, and they ended up looking like, as one judge described them, lime green fortune cookies. Nice try, but no. Even the model thought the idea was poorly executed, but then again, they were attached directly to her skin with fabric glue. Yikes. The other big loser was Tessa. Not for her runway project, but her attitude toward curvy models. She got dressed down by Brandon, and quite a few people on Twitter, because of her concern in working with a larger form. She just stopped short of being genuinely insulting, but Nadine already covered that a few episodes ago. What bothers me even more, is neither Tessa or Nadine are what you’d call slim, so… If you’re going to design for people, design for people, and shut up if those people are not your ideal shape.

💍 In preparation for the upcoming new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? – this Sunday, May 5th, at 8 pm on TLC – I checked out the preview. The station also revamped last season’s 90 Day episodes to capsulate the individual couples’ stories. I’d forgotten how irritating these people were. Like the way Pedro’s mother says his name, with the emphasis on the dro. Really, just Pedro’s mother in general is irritating. It also brought back other fond memories, such as Libby and Andrei’s idea for a wedding in Moldova getting squelched by her family. And how, every time I hear Moldova, I think it sounds like a country Groucho Marx made up. You can check out the trailer for the new season here:


📺 I can’t handle Judge Judy’s new hairstyle. It’s just not right. I thought it was a messy bun, but on Watch What Happens Live, Andy gave her a mazel for a ponytail, and showed a side view. I find this change less than mazel-worthy. I wouldn’t give it a jackhole either, but if there’s some shout out for no, just no, that’s what I’d give it. And while I’m on the WWHL subject, the hysterically funny Jackie Hoffman was a guest this week. She’s visited the Clubhouse before, and IMO is one of the best guests they’ve had on. Besides having a talent for comedic spontaneity, she has an impressive acting resumé. I was absolutely blessed to see her in Hairspray on Broadway (along with Harvey Fierstein!), but the list is quite long. If you get a chance to see her in any capacity, do.

😂 And While I’m On the Subject…

I literally lol’d when she talked about LuAnn and the fish room.








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