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June 28, 2019 – Kim Asks Shiloh For a Favor, NOLA Charm, a Peek At Chefs, Nasty NeNe, Four Cups Of 90 Tea, Three Wives, Two Pump Rules, DecaQuotes & Weekend Heap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina welcomes Drew back. She asks if he’s got a second. She wants to tell him what’s going on around there. He asks her to be specific, and she says she would have appreciated a heads up that he was selling Aurora. He tells her not to take it personally. He didn’t consult any employees. She says he knows how much Crimson means to her. When she was introduced to Jax, she thought he was a great guy, and someone she could work with. Jax stands in the doorway, but her back is to him. She tells Drew, he sabotaged her with the first project. Maybe not he’s not such a great guy, and just pretending. He said he wanted to build Crimson up, but maybe what he really wanted was a tax write-off. She’s asking why he sold her beloved magazine to a playboy who buys and sells companies like vintage handbags. Jax says that’s the first time he’s heard that metaphor.

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Valentin that his background check cleared. He’s starting today. Valentin wants to know everything, and says, no detail is too small. Curtis says Jax pleaded nolo contendere to an FCC violation, and it cost him millions. He took a plea so his brother and father could walk. He had to take a loss, but after five years, ended up back on top. Valentin wonders what corners he cut.

Sasha leaves Michael a message. She guesses his project is keeping him busy. She hopes he can make it tonight.

Michael meets Sonny and Carly at the hospital. He apologizes for being late, and says, it’s been a wild 24 hours. Carly asks what he and Jason got into in Beecher’s Corners. He says, it’s a long story. Jason got arrested, and he helped break him out. Carly says, he helped break Jason out of jail? Michael says he looked like an innocent bystander. Don’t worry. Carly says she is, and Sonny says, what the hell? Michael says it was bad timing, but they did find a witness. Carol Lockhart confirmed that Shiloh is a murderer.

Shiloh tells Kim that Oscar spoke often about her. What kind of woman she is; strong, fierce, and loving. Kim says Oscar was angry at her when he was living at the DOD house. Shiloh says, love and anger are different sides of the same coin. It shows how much he loved her that it was shining through in the midst of their difficulties. He knows her loss is immeasurable, and he’s sorry. She says, Oscar’s not lost. She feels him, but it’s not enough. She wants him back for real, and she knows how, but nobody wants to help her. Will he help bring Oscar back? He takes her hands, and says, of course (🍷). He’d do anything to help her. She says she needs to be mother. She tried to explain to Drew, but he didn’t understand. She can’t do it alone, and wants help. He says he needs her to say the words. She wants him to father a child with her?

In the interrogation room, Willow doubts any prisoner get chamomile tea before lights out, and Chase says she’s a special case. The judge might be completely misguided, but he thinks he’s doing the right thing. She asks if Chase thinks she should cooperate, and he says he thinks there’s a better way to protect Wiley than sitting in a jail cell.

Lucas tells Brad that Bobbie thanks them for giving her Wiley this evening. It gives her incentive to manage her treatment. Brad says, it’s the magic touch. Lucas says Alexis called, and asks why Brad didn’t tell him that he’d talked to her. Brad says Lucas had so much going on with his mom’s diagnosis, and he didn’t know how to tell him that her strategy is to reveal Wiley is Shiloh’s son. Lucas says it makes sense, but Brad says as soon as they admit it, Shiloh can claim him. Lucas says, then the case will be judged on their merits. Getting out in front of it is their best chance of retaining Wiley. Brad says, Alexis is wrong, and thinks they should take Wiley and run. Pack the car, get the hell out of Port Charles, and never look back.

Michael tells Sonny and Carly, when Shiloh was arrested, he had Carol brought to him, and convinced her to make a false confession. She had nothing to do with his death. Michael’s phone dings, and he says, dammit. He had dinner plans with Sasha. Carly says, go. It sounds like he could use a night out. He tells them, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says he’s texting Brick about following up on his plans for Dev. Some steps need to be taken before he can become a citizen. Carly wants to know what’s going on, but Dr. Navarro is ready. They go into the examining room.

Kim says she’s giving Shiloh the wrong idea. She appreciates his support, and that he’d be willing to go that far, but she wants a baby that’s part her and part Drew, like Oscar. Shiloh says obviously he can’t help her on that front. She says she could use some guidance. After Oscar died, she read all his DOD literature, and the notes he took. Some of the classes caught her attention. He asks which classes? and she says the ones on persuasive arguments, and how to get through on a spiritual level. Can he teach her how to get through to Drew? He asks if she wants him to teach her how to persuade Drew to have another child with her. She wants Drew to understand the importance of it. She already suggested it, but he doesn’t remember loving her. What they had is lost. It’s on the flashdrive with Drew’s other memories. Shiloh says she and Drew don’t have a relationship. Is she in a relationship with anyone else? She says she’s seeing Julian, but he turned her down before she realized Drew has to be the father. Julian has a lot on his mind anyway. He has some custody issue going on with his son.

Brad says, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago; it’s up to Lucas. Lucas says, no. This is crazy. Running isn’t an option. Brad says they have every right to move, and no obligation to stay. Lucas says, so they pack up and move to North Dakota. The suit will still proceed, and when the truth comes out, it will be assumed they knew Shiloh didn’t give his permission. They’ll be culpable. They’ll be fugitives, and if they’re caught, there’s no way they’ll keep their son. Brad says Lucas’s brother-in-law is an expert at making people disappear. Sonny can help. Lucas says, if they disappear, they and Wiley can never contact their family again. Is that what he wants for their child?

Willow asks if Chase thinks the only way to protect Wiley is to tell Shiloh the baby is his. Chase says she has more agency than she realizes. She can convince the judge that Shiloh is a threat to Wiley’s well-being. She says it will give Shiloh legal claim to Wiley. The only way to protect him is to not disclose Shiloh is his father. Chase says she’ll be in contempt of court. She says she is already, and he asks how much longer she thinks she can keep this up. She says as long as she has to, even if it’s the rest of her life.

Nina says it’s convenient Jax is there, and he asks, how’s that? She says instead of expressing her concerns to Drew, she should be expressing her concerns to the source. He asks if that’s what she was doing, expressing her concerns? It sounded a bit disparaging. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Drew says he’d like to help, but whatever dispute they have, it’s not his business. The terms of the sale are clear. Jax says he’s the sole owner of the print division, and Drew is the sole owner of the TV, radio, and streaming platforms. While they’re under the same umbrella, they operate independently. Drew says, sorry. Nina doesn’t work for him. She works for Jax.

Curtis says he still has paperwork to fill out, and Valentin doesn’t want to keep him. Next time, he wants something viable. Curtis says he can’t give him anything if nothing is there, but Valentin is sure he’ll find plenty. Curtis leaves, and Valentin approaches Sasha’s table. He asks if the seat is taken, and she says, it will be soon. He says he’ll warm it up. He’s been wanting to connect. Sasha says, about…? He tells her, the wedding is in September in Verona, and she says, like Romeo and Juliet. He says after the wedding, she’s free to go home to Chappaqua. She says, there’s been a change of plans. She’s decided to make Port Charles her home for good.

Michael comes to the interrogation room, and says he’s glad both Willow and Chase are there. He’s not glad Willow is in custody, but he wanted to talk to them both. He asks Willow how much she told Chase about her father, and she says, he knows everything. Her father intentionally OD’s because she chose her initiation ceremony over him. Michael says, that’s not what happened. She says she knows he’s being kind, but takes full responsibility. She came to terms with it a long time ago. Michael says her father didn’t commit suicide. He’s sorry tell her, but her father was murdered.

Dr. Navarro comes into the examining room, and asks if Carly or Sonny have any questions or concerns. Carly says they’re just ready to see how the baby is doing. Sonny asks if she thinks there are any complications. She says the protein levels can signify a number of things, but most are benign or manageable. She does a sonogram, and says, the baby is approximately twelve inches long, and… Sonny asks if everything is all right. She says she needs to consult with a colleague. She tells Carly to get dressed, and she’ll be back. Carly asks if something is wrong with the baby, but the doctor says she can’t give Carly a prognosis until she has a consult.

Jax says Nina was a major factor in his decision to buy Aurora. Nina says she thought he wanted to stay in Port Charles because of his daughter. He says she’ll always be his first consideration, but when he assesses a potential investment property, he looks at both the property and the personnel, and he wanted to keep her. He respects her opinion, but wants to make it clear, it’s his magazine. Nina says if he wants his magazine to be better, he needs to give her plenty of room. He says she’s putting Ava on the cover. How much room does she need? Nina says she hates Ava, but it will give the magazine a profile boost. He agrees, and says they’re on the same side. Drew wonders if it’s too much to ask that they shake hands and go about their day. Curtis comes to the door, and asks if it’s a good time. Drew says, it’s a great time. Nina asks why Curtis didn’t tell her that he was in the running for head of security. He says he didn’t want to jinx it, but she says she could have put in a good word. Jax says, his background speaks for itself. Drew says he could have pulled some strings for him, but Curtis says he wanted to get the job on his own without anyone clearing the way.

Willow says her father wasn’t murdered, and Michael says, it’s a lot to process. He and Jason went to see Carol in Beecher’s Corners. Willow says Carol is the one her father got the drugs from, but Michael says, she was brought before Shiloh, who convinced her to confess so he could be exonerated. He’d been arrested, and told her he’d been scapegoated. He said DOD would fall apart unless someone sacrificed themselves to exonerate him, so she went to the police and lied. Willow asks why Shiloh would kill her father. Michael says her father wanted her out of DOD, and Shiloh couldn’t let that happen.

Shiloh tells Kim that he wasn’t aware Julian had a son young enough be in a custody battle. She says, it’s actually his grandson. His son Lucas has a baby boy. Shiloh says, Brad is his husband. Odd that he hasn’t seen Brad lately. Kim says, a baby can hijack your life. Everything else takes a backseat. He asks her to tell him more, but she doesn’t know the specifics. She was focused on Oscar, and didn’t ask. She knows it’s a source of stress for Julian. He’s concerned the biological father will make a bid for custody, and Julian thinks he’s a dangerous man. I ask Kim, why? Why are you telling him this?

Lucas tells Brad, if they skip town, they’ll have to change their identities. They can never tell Wiley who he is, and he’ll grow up in a lie, thinking he’s someone else. Is that the kind of life Brad wants for their son? Lucas doesn’t, or for them. Brad says, if it keeps Shiloh away from Wiley, it will be worth it. Lucas says he’s right. Keeping Wiley from Shiloh is the most important thing. They can’t break the law, and have to be smart about it. He thinks Alexis is right. He thinks they have to be honest about who Wiley’s father is. Well this is going to be interesting when the DNA doesn’t match.

Nina and Curtis say they’ll catch up soon. Nina leaves, but in the hallway, Jax asks her to wait. He tells her, congratulations on the early ad sales. It’s quite a feat. Ava is creating a buzz. Well done. She says she wanted to talk to him about Josslyn interning at Crimson. He says sometimes he forgets he has a teenage daughter, and can’t make her decisions for her. Nina says she tripped over the same stone with her daughter Sasha. When they met, she tried way too hard, and had to remind herself that Sasha is an adult, and doesn’t need her input on everything. She’s glad she and Valentin have a few years left before Charlotte is independent. Jax says they have common ground. The most important thing to them is their daughters.

Valentin says the time for Sasha to return is after the wedding. She says she doesn’t have much going on in Chappaqua since he recruited her to be Nina’s daughter. He says, timing is everything, and they agreed. She says she didn’t expect it to pan out the way it did. She cares about Nina, and Port Charles feels like home. She has a stake in this too. He says not much of one compared to him, and she says, it’s not about him. She has other reasons. He says, Michael?

Chase asks Michael if there’s any corroborating evidence. Michael says Carol is willing to go on record with her story, but a cop stopped her and Jason before they could leave. Willow asks if it was Billy Price, and Michael says it was. She asks how they got away, but Chase says he’s cutting Michael off here for his own good. Willow wonders if her mother knew Shiloh was planning on killing her father. Michael says, if she didn’t, this might open her eyes. It would help a lot if she’d stop protecting Shiloh. Willow doesn’t believe her mom could do that. Shiloh must have lied to her too. Michael promises it will all work out, and she thanks him. Michael leaves, and she says she can’t believe this. Shiloh timed her initiation so that she’d be busy, and her dad would be alone. She says, oh, God. She slept with him after he killed he father. Chase holds her as she quietly freaks about that.

Kim thanks Shiloh for coming by, and he says he’s glad to be of service. She opens the door, and Julian is there. He asks what the hell Shiloh is doing there? and Shiloh says he was just leaving. When he’s gone, Julian asks Kim why he was there. She says she was just asking for advice, but Julian says he doesn’t trust Shiloh around women. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about him.

Carly tells Sonny, it feels like hours. He says the doctor has a procedure, and she’s playing it safe. Dr. Navarro comes back, and Carly asks her to please tell them what’s wrong with their baby. The doctor explains that there’s a pocket of fluid preventing part of the spinal cord from protection. The bones haven’t fused. She says it’s spina bifida, and Sonny asks how serious it is. She says they won’t know until after the birth. Many babies with spina bifida go on to lead thriving lives. Carly says, but not all, and the doctor says in some cases it can lead to developmental impairment.

Brad runs into Charlie’s, looking for Julian. The bartender says he took off, and to try his cell. Shiloh comes in, and says he’s glad he caught Brad.

Kim says Julian is telling her the man her son went to for spiritual guidance has been drugging women and coercing them to have sex? Why didn’t he tell her sooner? She even read Shiloh’s book, so she would feel closer to Oscar. Julian says all he knew was Alexis had reservations. He didn’t know Shiloh was a sexual predator until Sam told him that Kristina had gotten involved with DOD. She’s lucky she got out before Shiloh hurt her. Kim says she’s in shock. She was hanging on his every word. Julian asks why Shiloh was there, and she says she wanted some help from somebody. He says that’s why he’s there. He’s worried about her, and so is Drew. Kim asks if Drew told him what happened; that she wanted to have a baby with him.

Valentin asks Sasha how much she knows about Michael. She says he’s got a huge, complicated family, and he’s genuinely kind, a rare quality. Valentin says, he also heads a major corporation, and has a significant amount of the Quartermaine fortune. She says she’s not after his money, but Valentin says, if Michael hasn’t investigated her yet, someone from his huge, complicated family will. He vetted her, and knows she’ll stand up to scrutiny, but if they go sniffing around, they’ll find out she’s not Nina’s daughter. She promises Michael’s family has no reason to go digging into her background. They’re not serious. He’s just a nice guy she enjoys spending time with. Valentin says he speaks from experience; lying to someone you love is a special kind of pain. You wonder every day if you’ll get discovered and lose everything. If she has any sense at all, she’ll get out now. He leaves, and Michael arrives.

Dr. Navarro tells Carly that they’ll monitor the situation, and determine the severity as it gets closer to the birth. She’ll need to have a C-section. Sonny asks if Carly is at higher risk, but the doctor says, no. Any surgery is a risk, but it’s relatively low. Carly asks if it’s anything she did or didn’t do that contributed, but Dr. Navarro says she did nothing to cause the condition. She leaves to give them some privacy, telling them to contact her anytime if they have questions. Sonny holds Carly, and she cries a little.

Sasha tells Michael that she was worried he stood her up. He says, sorry for being off the grid. Things with his family are kind of crazy. She asks if everything is okay, and he says, it’s headed in that direction. He hopes she wasn’t too bored, and she says, not at all. Valentin looks at them, and Nina joins him. She says, aren’t they adorable? and he says, they’re an attractive couple. She says, they’re perfect for each other. Just like them.

Jax goes back into Drew’s office, and asks what he missed. Curtis says he was sharing his security analysis, and pitching some changes that are easy to implement. Drew says the unknown factor is Jax.

Julian tells Kim that Drew didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. Julian put it together; that’s why he’s there. She asks if he’s breaking up with her, and he says, not at all (phrase of the day). He says he’s not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt that she went to Drew, but he understands her going to Oscar’s father. If she’s going to have a child, she wants it to be a full sibling, and he can never give that to her. She thanks him for understanding, and he says he just wants her to be okay. She wonders how that’s going to happen, and he says she needs help. She asks if he means a psychiatrist or a grief counselor, and he says they can guide her. She says she doesn’t need guidance. He says he wants her to be better. She says there’s no getting better. Oscar is gone, and she’s never going to see him again.

Shiloh asks if Brad is all right. He seems stressed. Brad says he’s not, but Shiloh says, clearly something is troubling him. They can talk. Brad says he was just looking for his father-in-law, but he’s not there. Shiloh says, the offer stands, and hopes Brad comes back to DOD when they’re in a new location. Brad tells Shiloh to stay the hell away from him, and jets.

Willow says Chase probably has to take her back to her cell. She knows he thinks she should cooperate, but she’s not changing her mind. Chase says he’s the one changing his mind. He never doubted Shiloh is a dangerous criminal. Now they have a witness. They’ll reopen the investigation into her father’s death, and prove Shiloh killed him. He tells her, stay stubborn. Don’t cooperate. It will buy them time to get a statement. It might be enough, but they’ll keep learning the truth.

Shiloh sits at Charlie’s bar. He flashes back to Brad telling him, the birth mother insisted the adoption be closed. She said the birth father was never in the picture. She picked him and Lucas as parents, but now she wants to change the terms. She lives in Port Charles, and keeps finding ways to insert herself in their lives. Shiloh smirks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She doesn’t know. It’s a lot. The worst case, their child will have a difficult life. Sonny says any baby they have will have their love, no matter what, and that’s all that matters. He hugs her.

On Monday, Maxie says this is terrible, Chase talks to Mac about Willow, and Shiloh says he knows who his son is.

🍹 In case you’re still interested, Southern Charm New Orleans is back on Sunday nights at 9 pm. While the original Southern Charm is one of my favorites, I just never got drawn in by its sister show. Sadly, the couple with the little dogs divorced, and they were the only ones I was marginally interested in. I also liked that girl who was on the periphery and liked to stir the pot. I don’t remember her name, but she seems to be gone now anyway. It’s always been one of those shows where, if there’s nothing else on, it’s better than sitcom reruns.

🍗 On the other hand, MasterChef is as good as ever. I finally got a chance to see an episode from the current season, where the cooks were barbecuing for 100 guests, including some former finalists. They were divided into two teams, and the winners (blue) also made the biggest blunder, with team member Subah forgetting to turn on the grill. That’s kind of important. There were still eighteen contestants, so I didn’t even bother taking names, but I did note the captain of the red team, Sarah, could have been the sister of Teddi from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not only do they look similar, it was eerie to watch Sarah having the same speech inflections, mannerisms, and taking of responsibility – aka owning it. It was a bit of a cliffhanger, since the elimination challenge won’t be shown until the next episode. It also gave me a couple of MasterQuotes:

I need a whiskey or cold beer really bad right now. – Name unknown, but a thought probably shared by everyone.

We should never have sent out raw food, like, period. – Noah, after his team lost.

🌎 NeNe Vs the World…

NeNe used to be fun. Even her ongoing feud with Kim Zolciak was fun. Who can forget, close your legs to married men? But it seems like now she has an ongoing feud with everyone. I stopped watching RHOA a while ago because the whole show became all about shade, and NeNe’s behavior has gotten worse as the years have gone on. I caught some of the last reunion, and she didn’t have a kind word for anyone. I feel badly about Greg’s illness, and realize it’s been a difficult road, but she’s just using it for one more excuse to act any way she pleases. She needs to retire her crown. She was dethroned by her own ego long ago.

😵 A Mess and Stressed…

Well, that’s what happens when you ship in a twenty-year-old Jamaican playboy.

🙈 My Favorite Awful Couple…

And this is what happens when you move in with a guy, his mother, and their cats.

💪 By George, I Think She Really Loves Him…

Or maybe he’s letting her babysit the weed. Either way, it looks like Anfisa is only stepping out on George with some free weights.

💫 Maybe He Just Lives In Another World…

This doesn’t sound like they’re remaining friends.

🗽 Breaking Down Bethenny’s Breakdown…

She just said what we were all thinking.

🏢 While Juicy Joe Languishes…

Teresa gets busy.

💔 At Least It Keeps Her On the Show…

Apparently, Matt isn’t such an every girl’s dream after all.

🌠 Lance Bass To the Rescue…

So Jax and Brittany are really going to do this thing?

👠 The Queen Has Spoken…

And I don’t mean Ariana.

📡 Quotes of the Week

Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead.Fannie Flagg

I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear. – Martin Luther King Jr.

What we need is to use what we have. – Susan Sontag

Never be limited by other people’s imaginations. – Dr. Mae Jemison

The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and accountability.Dr. Phil

Sometimes it’s better to be alone than be in bad company. – dude on Mexican Dynasties

A friend is what the heart needs all the time.Henry Van Dyke

What does it mean to regret, when you have no choice? – Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), The Hours

Fake is as old as the Eden tree.Orson Welles

You cannot find peace by avoiding life. – Virginia Wolfe (Nicole Kidman), The Hours – In other words, get your face out of your phone.

🚴 Go Out and Slay It…

Whether you’re a warrior or not.








June 27, 2019 – Jason’s Great Escape, Website Heart Help, a Finale At Christmastime & Friday Delight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Running into Sam in the park, Shiloh says he’s had such a good day, nothing can spoil it. Not even her. She asks, why? What happened? Her phone dings. She sees a text from Michael. In BC – Jason 911. Shiloh hopes it’s not bad news. His phone rings. It’s Billy, who says, the Beecher’s Corners PD has a guest – Jason Morgan. Shiloh says Billy knows what to do. Billy tells Jason that he’s in serious trouble. Shiloh asks if Billy is clear on what’s expected, or does he need to be specific? Billy says it will be done right, but he can’t promise it won’t be painless. Shiloh says, he who learns must suffer. Make sure Jason gets a lot of learning in before the end. Billy says he will.

Julian tells Alexis no way is Shiloh getting his hands on Wiley. Alexis asks if he thinks that because the adoption files aren’t there. He says he thinks that because Wiley isn’t Shiloh’s son.

Bobbie reads a pamphlet at reception. Epiphany tells her the shifts are covered, and she won’t have to pull anyone. Bobbie ignores her, and Epiphany asks if she’s okay. She says, sorry. She was just distracted. Epiphany tells her again that they’re fully staffed, and she doesn’t need to transfer any personnel. She asks again if Bobbie is okay, and Bobbie says she’s having a family crisis, but it will work itself out. Everything will be all right. Epiphany says she doesn’t sound convinced. Bobbie says, Lucas has enough to be worried about. He shouldn’t be focused on her. Epiphany asks why Lucas would have cause for concern about her, and Bobbie says she was just diagnosed with type two diabetes.

Drew tells Kim it can’t happen. She says she got things mixed up in her head. She thought they were a package deal; her, him, and Oscar. Drew says, they are. They’re his parents, and that’s not going to change because Oscar is gone, but they can’t recreate that by having another baby. She understands and accepts his decision, but says they can still make a baby and go their separate ways.

Billy tells Jason, hands through the bars. He wanted to take him to a peaceful place, but here is fine. No surveillance or witnesses. Jason attempted to escape, and he did what needed to be done. Michael is brought in, babbling about virtual reality, and acting drunk. Billy asks who’s this? and the cop doesn’t know. He found him wandering around. Michael says, no matter how many virtual trees you have, none of them will ever shade you. Ha-ha! I like this Michael.

Sam tells Shiloh to stay away from her. Shiloh says, something changed. She used to be attracted to his presence. She says she was playing him, and he says, revisionist history. She and Willow can deny how they felt, but he knows the truth. She says he wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked him in the stomach. He says, so defiant; just like Willow, who’s in jail because she wouldn’t disclose the whereabouts of his son. Sam says sounds like her kind of woman. He says he’ll welcome Willow back when she comes to her senses, just like he will Sam. Sam says, when hell freezes over. He says she bears his mark, and she informs him that tattoos can be removed these days. He says she can remove it, but she’ll carry it with her always, regardless. Just like her mother.

Alexis asks what Julian means, and Julian says, what makes a father isn’t DNA; it’s looking after a child, and being there for them. Shiloh has done none of that. Alexis says by that logic, Julian shouldn’t have a relationship with Lucas, but he does. He says so she thinks Shiloh should be allowed to have Wiley? She says she’s trying to figure out what he’s done. She wants him to understand how inherently difficult this is. If Shiloh finds out, there’s no guarantee Lucas and Brad will retain custody. Julian asks what the chances are that Brad and Lucas will hold on to his son.

Bobbie tells Epiphany that she started wondering how she let it happen. All the patients she’s dealt with; how could she not see it in herself? She has to rethink everything. Epiphany says Bobbie needs to come with her someplace private. They can do this as friends, colleagues, or medical professionals, but they’re going to talk.

Kim tells Drew that she had it in her head that because they had a baby, they were meant to be together. She’s sorry; she didn’t mean to put him on the spot. He says, it’s more than that, but she says, it doesn’t have to be. She’s letting him off the hook. Just do this one thing for her. They don’t have to be intimate. There’s artificial insemination. Drew says she wants a child through a lab experiment to raise by herself? She says she did it with Oscar, and he says she raised Oscar by herself because he wasn’t there; she had to. She knows how important it is to Drew to be a father, and he would want to with this child. It’s up to him. Whatever level of involvement he wants. Drew says, what about the hypothetical child? What might they want? Oscar just needed to know his father, and had so many questions. He can’t do that to another kid. She says he can help make Oscar’s brother or sister, and be the father he couldn’t be to Oscar.

Michael is tossed into the cell, and asks what he’s doing there. He didn’t do anything. The cop says, public intoxication, and drunk and disorderly. Michael says, drunk; absolutely. In public, technically true, but he wasn’t disorderly. The cop says he ran into traffic. He’s lucky he didn’t get run down. Billy suggests he give them his name, and they’ll call someone. Michael says, no one understands. Identity is personal; existential. Don’t they read Plato or Aristotle? The cop tells Billy, it’s no use. Ask him anything, and he launches into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about reality, existence, and the ancient Greeks. Billy says he can sleep it off there. The cop asks what about the other prisoner? and Billy says, don’t worry about him. He’ll deal with him later. They leave, and Jason asks what the hell Michael is doing. Michael says saving him. Jason says, by getting thrown in jail? and Michael says he learned from the best.

Epiphany tells Bobbie that type two is serious. It requires you to be proactive with treating and monitoring it. Bobbie understands and appreciates her concerns… Epiphany says, let her finish. She realizes Bobbie is a nurse, and accustomed to being strong, resilient, and above all, able to cope. Diabetes doesn’t have to change that. Bobbie says, that’s easy to say, but when it comes to living it… Epiphany says, it’s challenging. She should know. She has it.

Drew says it’s not as easy for him, and Kim says, it’s as easy as being happy (which I’m not sure is that easy). Wouldn’t it fill him with joy? He says never wants to have a child to be placeholder. Have them grow up and realize their parents had them out of grief for a lost sibling. He doesn’t want to pin their hopes and dreams on a child. It’s too much pressure for anyone. He’s sorry she’s feeling this way. It kills him to let her down, but he can’t do this.

Julian asks Alexis to put her lawyer hat on and give her professional assessment. What are the odds that Lucas and Brad will keep Wiley? She says she’s never had a case this tricky. He says, that bad, huh? She says as despicable as Shiloh is, he has legal rights. They were violated when Willow had Wiley adopted without consulting him or even letting him know the child existed. His claims are valid. His lawyer is already petitioning the court to unseal the records for Baby Boy Tait. She asks Julian what they’re going to find when they open the file. He says, dummy papers, and Wiley being adopted by people who don’t exist. She asks if he thinks that will be the end of it. Diane’s records will be subpoenaed. She’ll fight it, and it might take years, but eventually, they’ll be turned over. The records will provide sufficient grounds for a DNA test. His tampering made Brad and Lucas complicit. He thought he was improving the situation, but he jeopardized it. There’s a slim chance she can salvage it, provided he doesn’t do anything outside the law. He says, duly noted. She says, and promptly ignored. He says he’s just trying to be there for his kids because he wasn’t there early on. He understands there were extenuating circumstances, but that doesn’t forgive what he did. It could have been different if he’d looked beyond himself. Alexis thinks he’s acting just acting as self-absorbed as ever.

Sam asks what Shiloh just said about her mother. He says he saw Alexis in court, and she lacked her usual composure. She says he tends to do that to people. He thinks she was uneasy about the nature of  Kristina’s Pledge because she believes it had something to do with her. Sam laughs and says, the Pledge is gone. He taps his head, and says, they’re all up there. They’re hard to forget. Sam says there’s no proof; just unsubstantiated memory. He says Kristina’s Pledge might not be important to her, but all the Pledges are to him. Even hers, had it been real. Sam says she’s run a lot of different cons in her time. Some of them on people she despised.  He comes very close to the worst. He asks if she remembers the blindfold exercise they did. He can feel the energy between them. In time, they could make it work. No tricks. Something she and Jason could never have. She asks what he just said about Jason. He says see for herself. Lucas flies out of nowhere, and pushes Shiloh back. He tells Shiloh, stay away from his sister, husband, and son.

Jason asks if Michael doused himself with whiskey. How did he know what happened? Michael says he took Carol’s ankle monitor to the diner. When she came back, she was terrified. She said Billy stopped them just as they were about to leave, and was charging him with kidnapping. Jason asks where she is now, and Michael says, she’s safe. He walked her home. She said it was her fault they got stopped. Jason says, she’s a nice person and took a huge risk. He wanted Billy to focus on him because he doesn’t want Shiloh to retaliate against her. He appreciates the help, but it’s going to get ugly. The cop that brought Michael in seemed okay, but Billy is the exact opposite. He thinks Billy is Shiloh’s enforcer. Michael asks if Jason still knows how to pick a lock. Jason says he needs a paperclip. Michael says he’s ahead of Jason, and takes one out of his shoe.

Alexis says Julian claims to have seen the error of his ways, but inserting himself into this custody situation is just to make him feel better. He asks what he’s supposed to do, and she says, stop helping. Let her do her job. He says her best idea is to notify Shiloh that Wiley is his child. She says, it’s called strategy. Staying one step ahead not playing catch up. He’s a con man and predator, and has everyone on edge, including her. They had a run-in in court, and it made her realize how close he is to pushing her over the edge. Julian asks what he did, and Alexis says, he just did what he does. She gets where he’s coming from, but they need to play it smart. That’s as close to an apology as he’s going to get at this junction. He says, accepted. He trusts her. He just disagrees with her strategy. He thinks they should keep their mouths shut. We’ve left no trail to follow. She says, who’s we?

Lucas asks if Shiloh hasn’t done enough damage. Leave his family alone. Shiloh touched his sister. Leave his family alone or he’ll live to regret it. Sam says Shiloh can’t hurt them anymore, and drags Lucas away.

Bobbie says she had no idea, and Epiphany says there’s no reason she should. She keeps her medical information private. She knows what Bobbie is facing. It knocks you for a loop. She was diagnosed in 2016, and managing it has been rough sometimes, but she’s on top of it. It doesn’t define her. Bobbie says she’s done a wonderful job, but Epiphany says, not always. She followed the guidelines, took her medication, and monitored her sugar, but a diabetic’s heart is at higher risk for a stroke or heart attack. It can happen even if the sugar is under control. She didn’t expect any issues, but about a year after being diagnosed, she had a heart attack.

Drew, say he’s sorry, but Kim says, don’t apologize. It only makes it more humiliating. She’s hurting, and so is he, but he wants to continue hurting. She knows any child they have will be loved. If he doesn’t want to help, fine. She’ll figure out another way. He asks what she means, and she says it doesn’t concern him. He knows it’s none of his business, but thinks she should take a moment. She says she doesn’t have a moment. The clock is ticking. It’s not his problem; she’ll deal with it. He wants to sit down and talk, but she doesn’t want to talk anymore. She just wants to be alone. She opens the door, and he asks if he can call tomorrow. She says, if he wants. She doesn’t look at him as he leaves. She closes the door, and slides to the floor crying.

Kim hears a baby crying. She looks around frantically. Oscar is there, and when he opens his mouth, the baby cry comes from it, reminding me of Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. She covers her face, and when she looks again, he’s gone. She makes a call, and asks someone to come over. She needs to see them.

Jason thinks Michael is too involved; it doesn’t concern him. Michael says it does. Doesn’t Jason thinks he’s trying to protect Wiley? Jason says, of course (🍷). Michael says he thinks about Jonah, but he doesn’t get confused. He’s aware his son is gone, and thinks about the events leading to his birth. He thinks of the night he was born, and how he could have been saved. He might still be alive if Michael had made different choices. He asks himself if he could have saved Jonah. So he has to do everything in his power to save Wiley. Does that make sense? Jason says, perfect sense. He gets the door open, and says, that’s it. They’re free. He quietly slides the door open, then shuts it.

Lucas calls Shiloh an SOB. Sam tells him, stop; take a breath. Yes, he is an SOB, and much more, but although it’s tempting to go after him, it’s just feeding into his hands. Lucas says Shiloh was looming over her, and he lost it. She sincerely appreciates that, but tells him, hold back about the family. He asks if she thinks Shiloh suspects. She doesn’t know. Shiloh might assume Lucas is jealous because he’s spent more time with Brad. He’s a sexual predator, and his past is catching up to him. She guarantees it. She asks if he’s going to be okay, and not go after Shiloh. He says, it’s tempting, but no. She has to go, but she’ll fill him in later.

Epiphany says she was determined diabetes wouldn’t limit her, or change how she did her job, or live her life. She followed the guidelines, but guesses she was resentful, trying to convince herself that she was still her, and could do everything like she did before. Bobbie says that’s what she’s telling herself. Epiphany says it’s only partly true. Her life is as full as ever, but she has to accept accommodating he illness. It was a relatively minor heart attack. She and Milo were on vacation. That’s why no one knows. She was scared, terrified, and furious at herself. She was lying in hospital, looking at Milo, and seeing the worry on his face. It finally hit home. She had the option of embracing treatment and following the guidelines, or stay in denial until it killed her. She tells Bobbie, learn from her mistake. Do it right the first time. If you’re not fully managing your heart risk, you’re not fully managing the diabetes. The good news is, she has options.

Alexis asks Julian if it was a two or three man operation. He says she doesn’t want to know the details. She hopes it wasn’t an old associate who will leave him indebted. They need Brad and Lucas’s hands to be clean. He says it wasn’t, and she asks, who was it? He says someone close to her, and she says, what the hell? He used her daughter? He says, Sam loves Lucas. She’s also Wiley’s godmother. She says Sam’s also the mother of her grandchildren. He says, Sam can handle herself. Alexis says she’s going to try using a legal way to remedy the mess he made. From now on, stay out of it.

Drew comes into Charlie’s. Julian sets up a shot, and says he looks like he could use one of these. Drew says he’s here about Kim. Julian says, she has a tough road ahead, finding peace after Oscar’s death. It’s not easy. Drew says it’s how she’s going about it that has him worried. Julian says Drew can’t tell her it’s wrong. Drew says, even if it’s unhealthy? It’s completely nuts, and he can’t help. Not the way she wants. Julian asks, what way is that?

Kim opens the door, and says thanks for coming. Shiloh is there, and I say, oh! so loud the dogs look at me. He says, it’s no trouble. He’s always available to those in need. Man, I cannot wait for this guy to get his.

Bobbie says it helps, knowing Epiphany has been through this, and hearing what she did. Epiphany has a last piece of advice. Let those who love you help. Milo is wonderful and supportive, but never controlling. He knows her restrictions better than she does. Bobbie says guys like that are few and far between. Epiphany says Bobbie has children who love her. Don’t try to tough it out alone. If she has questions, she knows who to ask. Epiphany tells her to take care of herself.

Michael rants, asking, do you want to live your life staring at a screen? Billy and the other cop come in. Billy says Michael is talkative, but harmless, and wants him taken to the local hotel. As he’s about to open the cell door. Jason gets it open first, and knocks him out. He draws Billy’s gun on the other cop, and says they’re going to find a way out, and nobody will get hurt.

Jason tells the cop to put his gun on the floor; slow. Put his cell phone on the floor – now. He tells Michael, kid, come here, and has Michael help drag Billy into the cell, telling the other cop to get in too. Jason asks for the keys. The cop says he’s buying trouble, but Jason says today’s the cop’s lucky day. He seems like a nice guy. Find a better place to work.

Drew tells Julian, Kim misses Oscar, and he needs to talk to her, but be gentle. Encourage her to get help. Julian thanks Drew for letting him know. Anything he can do, other than the thing she wants, he’ll take care of it.

Kim apologizes to Shiloh for calling out of the blue. He says she sounds like she’s in great need. Understandably. She says she’s not normally needy. He doesn’t know her well. He says he feels like he does. Oscar told him about her, and it was clear what kind of woman she is; strong, fierce, loving. She says he was angry with her, but Shiloh says, anger and love are different sides of the same coin. It shows how deeply he loved her if it shined through in the midst of their difficulty. She says she misses him so much. He’s sorry. He knows her loss is immeasurable. She says, Oscar’s not lost. She’s seen him. She feels him, and wants him back for real. She knows how to do that. No one will help her. Will he help her bring Oscar back? He takes her hands, and says he’ll do anything to help her. Eww!

Sam picks up Michael, and asks where Jason is. He says right behind him. It’s a long story. Carol admitted she made a false confession, and is willing to talk, but it will be tough getting her out of Beecher’s Corners though. Jason gets in the car. He tells Sam, not too fast, and they leave.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Jax that she needs plenty of room, Sasha tells Valentin that she’s making Port Charles her home for good, Michael tells Willow that her father was murdered, and Carly asks if there’s something wrong with the baby.

❤ During one of the commercial breaks, Epiphany and Bobbie suggested those with type two diabetes check out this website: to help you take care of your heart.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s Christmas in NYC. My favorite time of year there. LuAnn meets her director at the Grammercy Theater. In her interview, LuAnn says they’ve been prepping for six months sold out be a blast she says the girls ae coming at seven her mom coming ram knew did it on purpose we flash back a slap in the face

Dorinda and Sonja go to coolsculpting to get ready for bikinis after the holidays. Sonja likes any procedure that’s non-invasive. The doctor calls their outer thighs flanks, and in her interview, Sonja thinks it sounds like a cut of beef. It’s so not sexy. Dorinda wonders what’s going on with Tinsley. She’s not an idiot. Sonja says, there was no cashflow until Scott, and Dorinda thinks he’s taking care of her. Just be honest. She’s not going to pass judgement. In her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t know anything more about Tinsley than she did when they met. She wants what’s best for Tinsley, but just tell them the truth. Sonja says, you can only get away with bullsh*t in the city for two years. Ding-ding! Two years are up. I had no idea there was a timeframe on bullsh*t in NYC.

Bethenny calls Sonja. In her Bethenny’s interview, she says she just got back from being in Boston with her boyfriend. For two days prior, she was in the ICU. She’d gone into anaphylactic shock. She drank some hot soup, and suddenly felt itchy, and her hands get swollen. Paul asked if she wanted a Benadryl. It turned out this particular miso soup had fish flakes in it, and she’s had a severe fish allergy her whole life. By the time he came back, she was unconscious. He managed to get the Benadryl and some water down her throat, and called 911. When she was in the ER, she heard a doctor say five more minutes, and she would have been dead. She tells Sonja, if no one had been with her, she would have been dead. It’s freaking her out, and she doesn’t want to be alone. In her interview, Bethenny says Paul saved her life. He acted like everything was okay the whole time, but she could see in his face how worried he was. She hopes she’s up for the party tomorrow. Sonja tells her to rest. Housekeeper Lanie comes in, and she and Bethenny hug. Bethenny cries.

Dorinda gets to theater first, and looks at all the swag LuAnn sells. Tinsley arrives with flowers. Dorinda asks how she is, and in her interview, feels like she got a recorded response. Sonja is wearing her own dress. She says she should have worn her LuAnn necklace, and buys another one. In her interview, she says they’ve been saying sh*t, at least she can wear one of LuAnn’s necklaces. This looks preplanned. It’s a strapless dress and she was wearing no necklace whatsoever?

In Ramona’s interview, she says she and Dorinda are doing great with their relationship, and she wants Dorinda and Sonja to know how much she loves them. That’s why she’s having the party. Sonja knows about it already, but Dorinda won’t find out. She’s into aesthetics, and wants to make it special. She gets to the restaurant, and gives everyone orders, telling them, let’s get this place going. Make it look like a party. The manager asks if she wants a job there. In her interview, she says she steps in and gets it done. That’s who she is. John suggests they hide, and yell surprise, and Ramona thinks that’s a great idea.

At the theater, the women wonder where LuAnn is. Sonja says there’s nothing worse than waiting for a cabaret star. She goes backstage, and LuAnn’s son, daughter, and mom are there. She tells LuAnn that Barbara, Tinsley, and Sonja are there. LuAnn says Ramona isn’t coming, and asks about Bethenny. Sonja says she won’t be there. She was very ill; no bullsh*t. In Sonja’s interview, she says it’s typical LuAnn. Her first question is, is Bethenny there? She nearly died, and LuAnn was in the group text. She’s too much. In the lobby, Barbara tells Tinsley that she’s sorry about Bambi, and Dorinda brings up the topic of freezing the dog again. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s feeling a weird energy. Why is Dorinda making jokes about her dog? They go backstage to the dressing room. In her interview, LuAnn says she has to prepare. Even parents don’t go backstage ten minutes before their kid’s elementary school play. She loves them, but she has to go on. Outside, Dorinda wonders why they came, since LuAnn doesn’t seem like she wanted them there.

In the car, Dorinda says LuAnn would be mad if they didn’t come, but they come, and she gets annoyed. She wants them to be part of the audience in her cabaret and her life. LuAnn gets on stage, saying, Christmas has arrived, and sings Jingle Bells. In her interview, she says when she’s on stage cheering and calling her name, it melts her heart. She was one of seven kids, and didn’t get much attention. She somehow inserts Jovani into the song lyrics. She says she kept her promise. She didn’t use Dorinda’s name, but Dorinda didn’t say anything about Jovani.

The women get to the restaurant, and Ramona tells John to get the cakes. He asks if he looks like a cake guy. Too late. In Sonja’s interview, she says Barbara did ruin the surprise, but she did a good job keeping the secret; the party is for Dorinda too. The cakes make it to the table, and the guests hide in a small room. Ramona meets Dorinda and Sonja, and brings them into the private area. Everyone does the surprise thing, and Dorinda is genuinely surprised. In her interview, she says Ramona did something nice for her, and it’s sweet that she arranged it. In Sonja’s interview, she says whatever Ramona’s motive, she pulled it off. Sonja’s friends were there, so she gives it to Ramona for throwing a fabulous party. Ramona says it was all worth it to see the look of surprise and happiness.

Dorinda wants to talk to Tinsley. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s sensing weirdness, and doesn’t know what’s happening, but wants it over with. Tinsley babbles about not being able to go to Dorinda’s aerobics class, and Bambi. She says she doesn’t have a child. Dorinda says she’s sorry about Bambi, but thinks there’s something amiss with the bigger picture. Nothing tracks. Tinsley is still in the mix with Scott, but acts like they’re broken up. Tinsley says they are. In her interview, she says just because they’re still in communication doesn’t mean they’re back together. She still talks to her ex-husband. She’ll text who she wants to – if she’s not blocked. Dorinda calls Sonja over, and says Tinsley isn’t being honest. Ramona appears, and says she’s hiding something, and they want her to be forthright. Tinsley says she’s not hiding anything. Ramona says she’s still involved with Scott. Tinsley says it’s ridiculous. Sonja asks who’s buying her clothes. Tinsley says she is. She doesn’t have a kid. Maybe that’s where her money goes. She’s not dating Scott. She says friends don’t act like this. Dorinda says she’s being deceitful, and Tinsley says this is a gang mentality. Dorinda says if they knew her better, they wouldn’t be so curious. Tinsley says they’re done. This is crazy. In Tinsley’s interview, she says this is why she doesn’t talk to them. They spin everything, and it’s not the truth.

LuAnn sings Money Can’t Buy You Class. In her interview, she says no way their party was better than her party. She thanks everyone for coming.

Ramona picks up Dorinda on the way to Bethenny’s S’mores and Whores party. She says Dorinda looks like a sexy Santa wife. Dressed as Santa, Albi drives Bethenny to the venue. He says she seems 100% better. She says, it’s been a tough week. She had a near death experience, and just wants to hug everyone. She says the craziest thing happened. Going to the ER, she felt Dennis pulling at her. She didn’t think it; she felt it. She asks if Albi believes in things like that, and he says he does. She says she talks too much about Dennis, and he says she talks about him every day. She says, she’s done. Let Dennis be where he is; stay there. In her interview, she says she misses him and thinks about him every day. He wanted her to be happy. He said she’d find someone to love her and treat her the way she deserved. This was some sort of closure. She’s not going with him. She tells Albi, Santa just got flipped off, and he says, no respect. He still loves his people though. Albi is way cool.

Dorinda tells Ramona that she had zero idea about the party. Ramona is happy she was surprised. Sonja joins them, and says instead of Santa’s little helper, Dorinda looks like Santa’s little hooker.

Bethenny gets to the venue, and meets with the party planner, giving last minute instructions. The planner points out the nutcracker piñata. In her interview, Bethenny says that she doesn’t have parties for a bunch of married old ladies. These girls come to play. She says she realizes things are fleeting, and just wants to connect. Ramona says Mario invited her to a New Year’s Eve party in Boca. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she doesn’t get it. They’re not even co-parenting anymore. Ramona is glad she and Bethenny are in a good place, and hopes it stays that way. She tells Bethenny, for someone who was almost dead, she looks good. There’s guy walking around with oysters in a bucket, preparing them individually. The women make lots of jokes about sucking it down. In Sonja’s interview, she says that’s the way Ramona likes her oysters, and some other things. I don’t want to know.

Ramona tells Bethenny that Barbara had the audacity to tell Sonja she couldn’t come to the party because of LuAnn’s show. Sonja didn’t know it was for her, and Ramona had to tell her. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, poor Sonja. It’s like ruining a twelve-year-old’s surprise party, and makes her feel sad. She tells the party planner that a cake with a sparkler is coming out, and to make it about Sonja. Dorinda says they went to see LuAnn, but she said she couldn’t see them because she was getting ready for the show. She was getting ready to sell holy candles with her face on them. Ramona says she uses those to pray to God, and Bethenny says she’d be praying to LuAnn. Ramona thinks it’s sacrilegious. Sonja says, she’s a bonafide diva. Ramona wonders if LuAnn thinks she’s Joan of Arc. Bethenny says, she’s not the Virgin Mary. In her interview, Sonja says, deliver us from LuAnn.

LuAnn has arrived. She tells Bethenny that she looks good, and Bethenny says she feels better. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Bethenny looks pretty damn hot for someone who just almost died. They ask how LuAnn’s show went, and she says, great. Sonja says she couldn’t wait for them to leave. LuAnn says, it’s nice they came, but she had to get prepared. That’s show biz. Ramona asks if she’s the Virgin Mary now, pointing out her candles look like religious candles. LuAnn says if she doesn’t like it, don’t buy one. In LuAnn’s interview, she can’t believe Ramona is schooling her on religious morality. Give her a break.

Tinsley needs some wine after last night. Sonja tells Ramona that Tinsley is never there to bond or contribute to the conversation. She’s a different breed. Tinsley says they ganged up on her, but Ramona says, that wasn’t the intention. Tinsley says she’s shared everything. In Ramona’s interview, she says they don’t know what to believe, and she doesn’t really care. She just wants Tinsley to be happy. S’mores are served. Barbara shows up, and Tinsley drinks more wine. She suggests she and Dorinda make a pact. No more talking about Scott. They broke up, and aren’t together. Their fight shouldn’t be about him. Dorinda says, it should be about other things? and Tinsley says if they throw down, it’s not going to be about Scott. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’ll speak about anything she wants, but she promises. She pinkie swears. Tinsley should be saying she wants to work on the friendship. Tinsley wants a shot.

Bethenny, LuAnn, Barbara, and Sonja have a group hug. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, life is a cabaret. It’s her cabaret, and she’s living it.

Bethenny asks, who’s ready to have fun? The piñata comes down. She says, it’s for Dorinda to beat the sh*t out of. Ramona goes first, and LuAnn is next, saying, it’s therapeutic. Tinsley is ready to beat the sh*t out of the piñata after last night. Sonja separates the head from the body, reaching way up. In her interview, LuAnn says the sun doesn’t shine until they’ve seen Sonja’s ass. Sex toys fall out, and the women dive for them. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, the desperation of this group wanting sex toys is amazing. Bethenny has another surprise for Sonja. Some hot guys in suits bring out a cake with sparklers, and Bethenny says, happy birthday. Everyone sings. Sonja tells Bethenny that she loves her. In her interview, Sonja says never in a million years would she imagine getting a cake from Bethenny. The dudes start to strip, and Sonja says if anything is a Christmas miracle, it’s these boys. It’s the icing on the cake. Ramona isn’t a stripper type of gal, but wants to be in the moment, so when in Rome… She puts her hands all over one of the guys.

It’s the finale, so we see that, Ramona’s house is still on the market – and so is she. And she and Harry are just friends. Sonja says she couldn’t be happier. Her house is rented, her apartment is a jewel, and her creative juices are flowing. The text tells us that her daughter was accepted to an Ivy League school, and she has new renters.

Bethenny says, it’s been a crazy year. She’s learned a lesson to take care of herself, emotionally and physically, and live every day like it’s her last. One of the strippers balances her upside down in a chair on his head. Yes, you read that right. She says, and today might be her last. We read that she’s buying not selling. She bought a townhouse with Paul, and decided against selling SkinnyGirl for now. Tinsley believes 2019 will be her year. (Yeah, me too. Good luck with that.) She says, it’s her life. Back off. We read that she maintains she and Scott aren’t together, and after staying with her mom in Palm Beach for a while, she’s back in New York, but has downsized her hotel room. John gives Dorinda a kiss. Her blurb says there was a flood at the Berkshires house that even the fish room couldn’t survive. She’s making it nice-r. LuAnn says the might knock her show, but she’s found a purpose in life. She’s going to do what makes her happy, and her cabaret act just keeps getting bigger. She’s riding the wave for as long as she can. The final passage tells us that, subsequently, LuAnn violated her probation, and was taken into custody again. She has stricter probation terms, but isn’t letting it stop her cabaret tour.

They take a group photo.

Next time, Part One of the Reunion. And it does not look Jovani pretty.

📠 Getting Right To It…

This would have been earlier, but I was hung up with an important phone call, so it was late when I watched the Wives. For whatever reason, this song is on a list of Best Songs About Friday, and it’s one of my favorites, so…

June 26, 2019 – Jason Gets Thrown In the Pokey, Shep Loses His Charm, Representing Shiloh, Happy Anniversary & Close To It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jerkface Billy walks up to Jason’s car. He says he thought the plates looked familiar. We meet again, Mr. Morgan. It confuses him though, since he told Jason not to come back. He cut Jason come slack last time. He thought Jason was a smart fellow and would know he’s not welcome.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Brad that she’ll let him know about the court order. Julian asks what happened, and she says the court ordered that Willow divulge the whereabouts of her son. She has confidence that Diane will stand up for Wiley. In perfect timing, Diane calls.

Shiloh asks Zara if Willow will be all right. It pains him to see her in handcuffs, but he’s hoping she comes to her senses. Zara says she admires his faith in humanity, but they can’t be waiting for Willow to see the light. She’s petitioning the court to unseal the adoption records. He asks how long that will take, and she says, that’s up to the judge to decide, but it will be at least a week, possibly more. He thinks they might not find the records, and she asks if he’s implying the records might have been scrubbed. He says since he’s been in Port Charles, he’s learned the mother of his child seems like a mild-mannered schoolteacher, but she has powerful friends.

At the hospital, Lucas asks if Bobbie got his text. She says, three nurses are out sick, and there’s been a measles outbreak in pediatrics. Thanks, parents who don’t vaccinate their children. Ha-ha! I love when they slip current concerns in like that. She asks how things are going, and if Shiloh is getting closer to finding out the truth. Lucas says nothing is happening, but he’s there to discuss the results of her blood test.

Kim and Drew listen to the CD that Oscar found. She says, this song was Oscar’s favorite. Technically, it was their favorite. Drew says, like our song? Something they danced to? She says, among other things, and kisses him.

Sam waits in the park for Jason to call park. Curtis comes along, and Sam asks how Jordan is. He says she’s already stressing him out. She got out of the hospital today, and you’d think she’d go home and rest, but she went straight to the PCPD. Sam can’t say she’s surprised. Curtis says, Mac is doing a wonderful job, but she can’t leave it be. He’s giving it an hour, and then pulling the plug and taking her home. Sam says now that Jordan is back to work, maybe they can drum up business for Ashford and McCall. He regrets to inform her that he’s dissolving their partnership.

Jason tells Billy that he’s not in Beecher’s Corners. According to the sign, he’s just beyond the limits, and according to Billy’s badge, his jurisdiction stops there. If he doesn’t mind, Jason will be on his way. Billy does mind, and wants to get a better look. Carol has her face turned away from him, and he tells her to look his way. He recognizes her, and asks what she’s doing

Alexis tells Brad that Willow refused to say anything about the baby. Brad says, Willow said she’d protect him, and she did. Alexis says Shiloh’s attorney argued that Wiley was in imminent danger. The judge asked Diane if she was involved with the adoption, and she refused to answer. He was going to jail her for contempt of court, when Willow unloaded on Shiloh. She called him a liar and a fraud, and a bunch of other things; then she lost it. She told Shiloh that he was the father of the baby, but he’d never find his child. (I don’t remember her saying specifically that he was the father; only that she’d had a baby and he’d never find it.) She refused to say anything about the baby or where he was. Julian says, brave woman, and Alexis says, brave woman or not, she’s in jail for contempt. Julian says, they can’t force her to talk, but Alexis says, they don’t have to. The court will order the adoption records be opened, and they won’t find anything, will they?

Lucas brings Bobbie into his office, but she doesn’t see why it’s necessary. It was a fluke. She was tired, she hadn’t eaten, and was dehydrated. She’s also been upset with all the craziness going on. She’s sure she’ll feel better when it’s over. It’s exactly the same thing that’s been going on with Brad and his stomach. They’re terrified that Wiley’s biological father will take him away. Lucas tells her, sit down listen. It’s not the stress. The test was positive, and she has type two diabetes.

Drew tells Kim, hold off. He gets the yearning and the want for comfort. She says it’s not what he thinks, and he says they spent months caring for Oscar. He gets it. Kim says they found the strength to face the terrible truth together. Drew says the traveled halfway around the world, and she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t want a reprieve, to forget. She says she doesn’t want to forget, but there’s one way they can heal. She wants a baby – their baby.

Curtis tells Sam he took a job as head of security at Aurora Media. The salary is more reliable. Sam says he doesn’t have to justify it to her. She knows what they’ve been through, and it’s a lot, plus there’s the high cost of medical expenses. It’s not like she helped the business either, considering she was focused on bringing down Shiloh and DOD. He asks how that’s going. Word on street is DOD was exposed as a cult, and it’s sinking fast. She says, not fast enough. Shiloh has the ability to rise again, and this time he has extra motivation – a child he believes to be his.

Jason says they need to get back to Port Charles. Carol isn’t feeling well. Billy says that explains why the diner is closed. He says Carol has an ankle monitor, so they know where she is. She’s not in Beecher’s Corners, which is a violation. He knows she’d never do something like that, so she must be there against her will because Jason coerced her and is trying to abduct her.

Shiloh thanks Zara, and suggests she donate part of her exorbitant fee to reestablish DOD in Port Charles. They’re under attack from the powerful interests he mentioned, and have been dispossessed. They need a new home. Now he’s more motivated than ever to lead the faithful because of his child. She explains what she does, and that the exorbitant fee is for a lawyer’s expertise. He says she’s good, and she says, so is he. He’s going to have to explain to the court why he deserves custody. Why they should give a child to a father who no longer has a home, and who was arrested for sexual assault. He says he was never convicted, but she says, not guilty and innocent are two different things. He’s paying her to tell him the truth. Does he want to hear it or not?

Alexis asks Julian if that’s what he meant by taking care of things; tampering with the adoption file. He says, what’s done is done, and he would do again. He loves his kids as much as she loves hers. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for them. She says, forget the laws he trampled on. If the court finds out he tampered with the records, he won’t be protecting Wiley, but endangering him. He’ll give Shiloh the ammunition he needs to blow Julian’s family apart.

Drew thinks Kim isn’t thinking clearly, but she says she’s never been more sure of anything. Being a mother is a huge part of her. He says she’ll always be Oscar’s mom, but she says she’ll never be her full self if she doesn’t take care of a child. They can create a new life; give a child all their love. Drew thinks she hasn’t fully recovered. She had altitude sickness, and was talking like Oscar was still with them. She says, he was; he is. He heard what Cameron said. They felt Oscar’s presence. He heard them. Drew gets it. They wanted to reach out because they’re still in pain, like he and Kim are, and they’d like to believe Oscar responded. He would give anything to have another moment with Oscar again. Their son is gone, and noting wishful or magical… Kim says he told her that Oscar was waiting on Mount Kilimanjaro. Drew tells her, what he said was that once they were there, Oscar would be at peace, and live on in their memories. She says he’s not hearing her. They created a beautiful, wonderful, brave, and compassionate human being. They can do it again, but this time be together, and make sure Oscar lives on long after they’re gone.

Sam says Jason still hasn’t gotten back to her, and Curtis realizes she’s not just trying to get the goods on Shiloh. Sam says she and Jason were never apart. She had to play on Shiloh’s vanity to make him think she was a believer, so she could access the inner workings of DOD. He says her getting so deeply involved with a place like that never made sense. Sam says she had to protect her sister, like he looks after Jordan, emotionally and financially. She thinks Aurora is a good fit for him, and she’s happy he’ll have Drew’s back. Curtis says he’ll damn sure do his best. She says he’ll also be working for Jax, and he asks, what can she tell him about his new boss?

Billy says he’ll remove Jason by force, and Jason tells him that he has nothing to say without his attorney. Billy tells him to step out of the car, and pushes Jason when he does. Carol says Jason didn’t hurt her, and Billy says it’s a good thing he found them in time. His jurisdiction doesn’t matter if he’s stopping the act of committing a crime.

Shiloh gets agitated, saying he’s being treated like a criminal. He’s losing his rights when he didn’t break the law. He’s not going to let Willow get away with it. Zara hopes he got that out of his system. Seeking revenge on the mother of his child will only backfire. He apologizes, saying he momentarily let his baser emotions take control, and he forgot his own practices of forgiveness and reconciliation. She tells him, better, but he needs to convince the judge, who will see only concern for the child. Try again, from the top.

Brad says he reached Molly. She took Wiley to the park. He needs to calm down, since Wiley is a sensitive kid. Julian says, Wiley is protected. There’s no way Shiloh can find him, right? Alexis says it will take time for Shiloh connect Wiley to the baby Willow gave up. Brad says, Lucas won’t be okay with this, and Julian says, it will be fine. They do whatever they have to for their kids. Brad says, so they just continue to take care of Wiley, while Willow stays behind bars until she can’t take anymore and cracks. Alexis says, another possibility is to get ahead of the problem. Tell the truth. Tell the court the child they’re looking for is Wiley.

Bobbie asks if Lucas is sure, and he says he ran the test a few times to be certain. Her blood sugar is sky high, and she’s not producing glucose like she should. Bobbie says she’s a nurse and would have known, but he says she knows it’s easier to diagnose others than themselves. She says she’s recorded the symptoms for a hundred patients. Lucas says she said herself she’s having blurry vision. Bobbie says she just thought she was getting older. He says, and there’s her thirst. She says everyone she knows is terrible about drinking water (ugh. color me guilty of that), so she just chalked it up to that. She takes care of herself. This shouldn’t be happening. He says he’s sorry, but it is happening, and the bottom line is, she has to deal with it. She knows what it can lead to. She says, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, kidney disease, blindness. Lucas tells her if she doesn’t want to say it, he will. It could lead to her death.

Kim promises Drew that she’s not delusional. She’s not suggesting a replacement for Oscar. He was unique, irreplaceable. They didn’t raise him together, and she knows Drew regrets missing out on things. This could be their chance to create a new child. Drew says, their chance? Isn’t she forgetting someone? What about Julian? She says, it has nothing to do with him, but Drew says, yes it does. No matter how he feels about Julian as a person, he sees they have something real. As much as Oscar wanted them back together, he saw it too. She says Julian doesn’t want to. He said someday, maybe later, which means not ever. Drew says, let him piece it together. She asked Julian to give her a child, and he said no because he cares about her state of mind. She says going to Julian was wrong. It’s between them. They lost a child, and it’s up to them to create a new one. I keep getting this mental picture of a Frankenstein lab.

Sam tells Curtis, when she first came to Port Charles, she and Jax were in a relationship. It didn’t work out. He asks how she feels now. She says, he’s a businessman, and knows how to turn a profit and make things work. Curtis says, a shark, and Sam says, an entrepreneur with shark-like tendencies. He plays hardball, but doesn’t cheat. If he’s asking if Jax would be a good boss for him, she says, yes. He asks if Jax is a good fit for Drew, and she thinks he’ll raise Aurora’s profile, and make the business more successful. Curtis is glad to hear it, and she says, her turn. What’s with all the questions?

Jason is in a jail cell. Billy says he has no one but himself to blame. Unless someone put him up to it. Is he an errand boy? He wonders what Jason wants with Carol. She made a mistake, but paid her debt to society. It would be a shame to use her against a good man like Shiloh. Billy asks if he doesn’t know how to talk. Jason says he’s entitled to a phone call; that’s the law. Billy says he gets one call, but the cell service there has been in and out. Jason asks what about the pay phone, but Billy says it’s been out of order for weeks. He won’t get his call until morning.

Zara asks Shiloh to tell the court why the child should be placed with him. He says he wants the privilege of raising his son, not for selfish reasons, and not for him to follow in his footsteps or walk in his shadow. Shiloh wants him to be his own man, follow his own path, and learn from his father’s mistake. Shiloh wants him to care for the weak and helpless; people who aren’t able to find a family of their own. Zara says he needs to drop the DOD spiel and get real. The judge will see right through him. She tells him, keep rehearsing until she believes he’s speaking from the heart, and try harder to cover his real motive. He means to get Willow too. He says ideally a child should be with their mother and father. She says she thought so.

Julian asks if Alexis is suggesting Brad volunteer the information that he adopted Shiloh’s son. What will that accomplish except handing Wiley over without a fight?  Brad is with Julian on this one. Alexis says Shiloh claims he’s never going to stop. If he can prove they knew and withheld the information… Brad says, it will make Shiloh look like a victim. Julian says, he’s a con man and a sexual predator. Alexis says they all know that, but the law is on his side this time. He’ll come for them for sure, but if they say they didn’t know, and thought the birth father was out of the picture, they’ll look like loving, honest parents. The court will weigh that against Shiloh and all his baggage. It will be a compelling case for custody. Julian says, screw the moral high ground. There’s no record that Wiley is Willow’s son. Brad says Shiloh will never give up. Even if they get custody, the judge might reverse the ruling, and one day they’ll get a knock on the door. Alexis says nothing is going to happen overnight, and it will stall the proceedings if the court orders a DNA test. Brad says they can’t let that happen.

Drew says he doesn’t want to add to Kim’s pain; the hurt she’s feeling inside. She needs to let herself grieve. Take the time to decide when she’s ready. Kim says she’s ready now. They felt Oscar’s presence. He says, they’re children; kids who lost their friend and want to feel he’s still there. Kim says, he is. The séance brought his spirit back.

Curtis tells Sam that he just wants to know what to expect. Obviously, he and Drew are tight, but Jax is a wildcard. If he’s monitoring security, the more he knows about everyone on the job, including the new guy at the top, the better he can do his job. Sam thinks Curtis will prove himself invaluable to both Drew and Jax. But if he changes his mind, and doesn’t want to wear a suit and tie, she’s not changing their business card. She gives one to him, and he says he’ll keep that in mind. They hug, and I feel sad.

Bobbie tells Lucas, she knows all this. He tells her, read it anyway. She says she already has, to patients. He asks her to tell him what it says. She says she needs to be more vigilant with her diet and exercise, check her blood sugar, and take medication every day. He says the section about heart health worries him most. She says her heart is fine, and he says, now. But her heart’s at risk and more prone to seize. Two out of three diabetic deaths are due to heart disease, not sugar. She says she’ll make sure to take medication if needed, but he says she’s still at risk, even if it’s under control. She knows he’s a doctor… He says he’s her son. He can’t stress enough for her to take care of her heart. She has a good one, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to it. She hugs him.

Alexis says, the DNA test can only help. Shiloh has to prove he’s the father, and it will buy them time. It’s not about chromosomes, but about what’s best for Wiley. Julian wonders what they do; grab Wiley and leave? Alexis understands the impulse run, but it would be the worst thing. She knows it’s a leap of faith, but she believes being honest is the best way to hang on to Wiley. Brad has to go, and Alexis says she’ll set up an appointment to go over everything with him and Lucas. Julian says it will work out somehow. Brad leaves, and Alexis tells Julian, stop feeding into their panic. He’s not helping. He says, she is? She’s asking for more than a leap of faith. It’s a gamble with Wiley’s life. She asks what he thinks he did tampering with the documents that prove Wiley’s adopted.

Drew doesn’t think the séance worked, and tells Kim that what Cameron was talking about was more abstract. Kim says, even if it was wishful thinking, they can still keep Oscar’s spirit alive by creating a brother or sister. He says that’s no way to honor their son. Oscar was willing to go to court to gain independence. No matter how much they love their children, there comes a time to let them go.

Curtis leaves a message for Valentin, saying what better way to investigate Jax than from inside his own company. For the record, he isn’t just doing it for the paycheck. He wants to make damn sure no one takes advantage of his friend Drew.

Sam says Jason should have texted by now. Shiloh appears, and says if she’s looking for Curtis, he just saw him in Oscar’s Meadow. He hopes it’s a consolation to Oscar’s parents. He tells her, despite everything, he still has high hopes for her.

Brad brings Wiley to the hospital to see Lucas. He tells Lucas that they need to talk. Bobbie sees them, and asks how her handsome grandson is. She’s glad Brad is feeling better, and takes Wiley from Lucas. She says she loves him and has no intention of missing single second of his life. She plans to be around a long time. She tells Brad and Lucas to never leave her in the dark again. Lucas promises, and says he loves her. She says she loves all three of them. Her family is her life.

Julian tells Alexis that they have different methods, but their goal is the same. They do whatever it takes to protect their children. She says what if what he did does more harm than good. He asks if it’s ever occurred to her that her way could do more damage. She says she can’t talk in riddles. What does he know that she doesn’t? He tells her, all he’s going to say is, there’s no way in hell Shiloh is going to get his hands on Wiley.

Kim tells Drew, he’s right. Oscar would be the first person to tell her that she needs to let him go, but he also wanted a family who would live on after him. Drew says she and Julian are still together. They can make it happen when the time is right. She say he doesn’t understand. They don’t need be together to have a baby. There’s another way.

Billy says the diner is closed, so no supper for him. He’s going to check on Carol, and Jason says Diane Miller is his lawyer. If he doesn’t talk to her within 24 hours, they’ve violated his rights. The arrest will be thrown out. Billy says Jason doesn’t know how things work in Beecher’s Corners. Jason says Diane will sue. Beecher’s Corners will have to pay a fortune in damages, and he’ll lose his badge. Think about it. What will happen when he has no uniform, and can’t push people around? Billy tells Jason, back off, and watch himself or he’ll get the firehose.

Sam asks Shiloh to please tell her that he’s sleeping in the park because he was evicted. He says he’s having such a good day, nothing can spoil it. Not even her. Sam’s phone dings and she gets a text: In BC – Jason 911. Shiloh hopes it’s not bad news. His phone rings, and it’s Billy. Billy says he thought Shiloh would like to know the Beecher’s Corners PD has a guest – Jason Morgan. Shiloh says he knows what to do. Billy tells Jason that he’s in serious trouble. Right up to his neck.

Tomorrow, Epiphany needs Bobbie to come with her, Sam asks what Shiloh just said about Jason, and Billy promises it will be painless.

Southern Charm

The sun rises over the Smoky mountains. Whitney brushes his teeth with a battery-operated toothbrush. Shep says, time’s a-wastin’. It’s time to go to Nashville, and start all over again. He asks how Craig feels. Craig says nothing, and Shep says, that good. Austen and Shep have beer for breakfast. Shep says they ate and drank well. Craig says Shep pissed him off pretty bad. Shep tells him, easy, and Craig says, it’s not acceptable. Shep says he was kidding and he’s sorry. He calls a truce. He asks Craig to help him cook the eggs. In Austen’s interview, he says he’s seen it a million times. Shep says what he wants, then says he’s sorry, and it’s all good. Driver Nate comes back, and they pack up. Four hours to Nashville.

Chelsea meets Danni at an OB’s office. Danni tells Chelsea that, since she was twenty-five, her mother has been saying she should freeze her eggs. Chelsea says, it’s too much pressure, but she doesn’t know if she wants kids. Danni does. Danni says she wanted a good friend with her, and hasn’t spoken to Kathryn since the pillow party. Kathryn hurt her feelings, and there hasn’t been an apology. Chelsea says they all do things they regret and say things they don’t mean. Danni says she’s not Kathryn’s doormat. In her interview, Chelsea says, there’s a side to Kathryn you don’t want to be on the wrong end of, but it seems petty to end a friendship over this.

Chelsea looks at a diagram of the uterus, and says she can’t believe a baby fits in there. She knows nothing about this stuff. I would hope she’d know the basics. The doctor comes in, and Danni says she wants to learn more about freezing eggs. The doctor explains that hormone injections stimulate the ovary into producing eggs, and the injections are given over a period of ten to fourteen days. Chelsea asks if you give them to yourself, and the doctor says, yes; it’s a hard process. After that they do an egg retrieval. Danni knows your most fertile in your twenties, and says she’s thirty-four. The doctor says, right this second, it’s not that different as far as how many eggs she has, but the quality goes down the longer you wait. Chelsea asks about the expense, and she says it’s anywhere between ten to fifteen thousand a cycle, and sometimes it takes more than once. Chelsea says, even then there’s no guarantee, and the doctor says, no. Chelsea thinks Danni should do it, and Danni says she guesses she should. She doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic.

The guys arrive in Nashville. Wow. It’s very neon-y. They go to the Fairlane Hotel, and up to an amazing room with a firepit and the largest terrace ever. Austen says they have to bring people back there. In his interview, Shep says if Austen can’t get girls to come back there; Austen, we have a problem. They get ready to go out. Shep practices introducing himself. Shep asks if Craig noticed he shaved, and Craig says he didn’t realize. Me neither. Austen says Madison sent him a picture of herself looking hot. He wonders what the purpose is, and Shep says to mess with his head. There are 500 better looking girls out there, and she was doing that while she was dating him. I assume he means with other people.

They go to a restaurant, and Craig questions Shep’s choice of wine. Shep and Whitney make a big deal about how much it costs, and say they deserve it, being elder statesmen. Craig looks at an article on his phone, and says Kathryn filed documents seeking full custody, and Thomas filed a counterclaim. There’s a reason for her panic attacks. He asks Whitney if Kathryn was acting like she is now when they were hanging out over the summer. Whitney says he can’t answer that, since they weren’t hanging out. Craig tells him that Kathryn said they hooked up, but Whitney says that’s not true. Craig says he didn’t know it was a secret, and Austen tells Whitney to just say he banged Kathryn. Shep says it’s none of their business. At this point, the sommelier can’t believe what she’s hearing. Craig says their brains work differently, and Shep says that’s because he’s smart. Craig says he’s sabotaged dinner, and Whitney says Craig started it. Austen and Craig go outside, and Shep says Craig has no class.

Craig tells Austen that Shep is on his high horse, so he needed a change of scenery. Austen says Shep acts like he’s the smartest one in the room, and Craig says, he’s mean. He puts others down to make himself feel better. It’s sad. At the table, Shep says, Craig is obnoxious. He has a personal assistant, even though he has nothing going on. Whitney asks if Shep is mad at Craig, but Shep says Craig is hard to stay mad at. Austen and Craig come back. Craig says he needed a break. It’s been close quarters. Whitney says they’ve been quarantined a long time. They clink glasses, and all is good. For now.

Patricia rings for Michael, who brings Chauncey in. She’s gotten a little antique French bonnet for Chauncey. He likes to dress up. She tries getting it to stay on his head properly, and Michael thinks it’s not the right shape for a Pug. She doesn’t think it’s going to work, and abandons the idea. She tells Michael that she got a fabulous dinner set, and she’s thinking of changing the guy’s dinner party. Now that they’ve gone to jail (I guess by they, she means Thomas?), she’d have to change the seating. She mentioned the idea to Madison about getting the girls together. It might be amusing. In Patricia’s interview, she says, in the past, she’s always had guy’s dinners. We flash back to one of those. She decided with the metoo movement going on, she’s getting with the program, and having a girl’s dinner. Michael asks about menu, but she hasn’t gotten that far. She says, there’s always tomorrow, and Michael says, Scarlett said something about that.

The guys go to a bar, and chat up some girls. Whitney says he’s too old to do shots. They tell every girl they meet about the penthouse they’re staying in. Shep horns in on Austen, taking over a conversation he’s having about golf. Austen tells Craig that if Shep hits on one more girl he’s talking to, he’s going to kill him. In Austen’s interview, he suggests if a girl wants to get Shep’s attention, start talking to him. There’s a breathalyzer on the wall, and they all test themselves. Austen misses Madison. He wonders if he’s helpless or hopeless. In his interview, he says they have a connection. He tries to ignore it, but it’s glaring. He tells a random girl, it was the whole purpose of the trip, and let’s some strange guy know he told Madison that he loved her.

In the morning, Shep tries to get everyone up, saying their flight is at 10:30. We see a clip of them at 4:30, still dancing and drinking in the hotel room with the girls.

Naomie gets out ingredients for an Indian meal. Metul comes over, and she says she’s making butter chicken, his favorite. She tells him, there’s no guarantee it will be as good as his mom’s. She got the recipe off of Amazon. In her interview, she says she can cook basic things, but Indian food is a whole other animal. Metul makes her want to cook; it’s a way to show love. Metul reads off the directions, and says it’s supposed to be marinated and refrigerated overnight. Naomie says, sh*t, and he asks if they should order sushi. She says she wants to do it, and asks if it looks like what his mom makes. He says, no; so sushi? In Naomie’s interview, she says Metul is one of best things to happen to her. The pressure not to mess up is high. She uses half and half instead of cream. He tells her the finished product looks good. He says he’s never made it from scratch. They eat, and she says, something’s missing. He says, it’s missing an Indian person who’s good at cooking. So sushi? I like Metul.

Chelsea visits Kathryn. She suggests the get down to business. The last time she saw Kathryn, they were hanging out at Craig’s. She and Danni were talking, and Kathryn thought they were saying something about her. We flash back to them lying, saying they were talking about the trip. Kathryn says it wasn’t Chelsea. Danni said some things on the girls trip that bothered her. Danni was coming at her in front of everyone, and it was unfair. We flash back to Danni reading Kathryn the riot act at the treehouse dinner. Kathryn says Danni never said those things to her, and it was disappointing. Chelsea thinks Danni is protective of her, but Kathryn says Danni could have talked one on one. Chelsea says, they’re so close, something was bound to come up. It’s hard to find people you can trust. In Kathryn’s interview, she says the thing she regrets most is not bringing up the way she felt sooner. They’re better friends than this. Danni has seen her when she was crazy Kathryn, pregnant Kathryn, and Thomas and Kathryn Kathryn, and has still been by her side. not judging her. She tells Chelsea that she and Danni have been best friends for six years. It means so much, and she lost a lot of that.

Michael prepares the table, while Patricia does place cards. She says the theme is the artichoke dinner. They’re starting with fresh artichokes, and dip, then pasta and poached pear. She tells Michael she’ll await the guests. Naomie and Madison arrive first, and Patricia ask about Naomie’s new boyfriend. She asks if Metul is Turkish, and Naomie says he’s Indian. Patricia says some of the most beautiful people she’s met are Indian. Danni comes in next. Patricia says Chelsea and Austen were talking on the porch for two hours at the pillow party, and Chelsea says it was about the texts Madison sent. Madison said the problem stemmed from Danni having something to say about her transgression. Danni says she told Craig, which wasn’t very smart. Naomie is sitting in between Danni and Madison, and in her interview, says she feels like laser beams between them are cutting through her head, and she wants to hide. Danni says a guy she was dating told her, and she told Craig, which was the dumbest thing she could possibly do. Madison says Craig isn’t the one to blame. It shouldn’t have been a topic of conversation. Danni says she didn’t make it up, but Madison says, it was fuel for the fire. Danni is sorry that Madison got hurt. Cameran arrives, and asks if Kathryn is coming. Patricia says she is, and Cameran asks if Danni and Kathryn are good. Danni says they haven’t talked. Patricia heard Kathryn has a new boyfriend, and the girls tell her that he’s a politician. She says, oh dear, and Naomie says she googled him and he has almost naked pics out there. They all bring the pictures up on their phones, and Madison says, his penis looks like a Ken doll. Cameran asks if it’s a selfie, and Patricia says, hand it over, putting on her glasses. Chelsea thinks it wouldn’t look good if Kathryn walked in while they were looking at pictures of her boyfriend’s pecker. Wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever known anyone to use that word. Is it a Southern thing?

Michael greets Kathryn, saying, they always save the best for last. I would love to have a Michael. Kathryn has brought a friend along, another Madison. Patricia says she heard Kathryn has a new beau, but Kathryn says, they’ve apparently broken up. He’s not what she thought he was, but whatever. She’s over it. She says, looking at it from the outside, she understands now where they were coming from. She asks if Danni wants to talk, and Cameran tells them, go.

Kathryn asks how Danni has been. Danni says, emotionally exhausted, and Kathryn says, same. Danni says she’s sorry, but Kathryn says, don’t be. She didn’t listen, and now she had time to reflect. She says Danni raised some red flags, and Danni says she had concerns. She thought when she told Kathryn about them, she was coming from a good place, but after they came back, Kathryn’s tone changed. She was shocked at what Kathryn said to her at Craig’s party. Why go there? Kathryn can’t go there all the time. Kathryn says she’s working on it, and Danni says, it hurt. Kathryn says when Danni brought up things on the trip, it felt like baggage being put on the table, and she snapped. In her interview, Kathryn says she’s used to people talking sh*t about her, because she was with someone who she acted crazy around. She also went to rehab, and lost her kids for three years. But Danni shouldn’t be the target. Danni says she had no ill intent, and Kathryn says she doesn’t think there was. She gets it now. She loves Danni. It feels like they broke up. Danni says she doesn’t feel that way, but more like Kathryn was flirting with another guy on Instagram. They laugh, and the gong rings. Dinner is served, and Kathryn hopes Patricia doesn’t think she’s starting drama

Patricia points out that the napkins were owned by the King of Bavaria. Cameran holds hers up, and it’s nearly the size of the table. Patricia says the theme of the dinner is artichokes, in the food and porcelain. In Kathryn’s interview, she says Patricia is the person everyone aspires to be. She’s going to be humble AF, and admit she wants to impress her. Patricia instructs the girls on how to eat an artichoke. She tells them not to worry; there’s more food coming. She says when she does the guy’s dinner, they’re raucous. The girls are reserved. Cameran says that’s because they’re sober, and suggests they do shots. Patricia says someone offered her a Jell-O shot, and Cameran says, that’s low class. Chelsea says they’re her favorite. They do a tequila shot (Kathryn has water), and Cameran makes that face I do when I drink tequila. Like it’s the worst tasting thing on earth. Because it is. Patricia comes close to that face too. In her interview, Patricia says she wondered what taking a shot was like. She prefers a martini. Me too, Patricia. Me too.

Madison says she’s single again. Chelsea says Austen isn’t ready to be a man, and Madison needs a man. Madison thinks Austen is influenced by Shep’s lifestyle, and manipulated into thinking that’s the way to go. Chelsea thinks it’s a Southern man thing. Patricia says, Southern men don’t grow up. She’s not including Whitney, since he always worked. Madison says Shep called her a white trash hairstylist. In Naomie’s interview, she says, Shep has never worked a day in his life, so he can shut up. Cameran says she thinks Shep is suppressing anger. There’s something underlying that he’s angry about. Madison says maybe he’s still bitter about her declining him when she was married. Fingerbowls are brought out, and Cameran says, this is so extra. She asks Patricia, if Whitney doesn’t get married, can she divide her stuff among them? Naomie asks, what if Whitney and Kathryn get married? Patricia says she’s heard rumors to that effect. She wouldn’t be unhappy, and she’d be assured a grandchild.

Shep goes to the pet shop. He’s getting a dog, and shows the clerk a photo of his pup to come. It’s a French bulldog, and adorable. He says he’s naming it Craig. It’s a homage and a jab at Craig. He already owns one Craig; now he’ll have two. He looks he looks at collars. He sees a black tie collar, and the clerk asks if his dog will be going to any galas. Shep says, if he meets someone. In his interview, Shep says the two Craigs are alike. They sleep a lot, and get excited easily. He buys about $500 worth of dog stuff, which actually doesn’t seem excessive to me. He says now he has two Craigs who cost him money.

Human Craig meets Kathryn and Austen for dessert and coffee. Kathryn asks how the trip was, and Austen says camping didn’t work out that well. Craig says, at dinner, Whitney STFU real quick when he brought up Kathryn. Austen says Craig just asked how she was when they were hanging out last summer. He pretended not to know what Craig was talking about. He thinks it’s a weird thing to deny, just hanging out. Who cares? Kathryn says she’s tired of being insecure about the situation. It’s just frustrating. In her interview, she says everyone knows, but his continuing to deny it makes it more of a conversation. Austen says Shep acts like he’s smarter than everyone, and Craig says, he’s turning into a huge a-hole again. Kathryn says he flipped out on her, and we flash back to the pillow party and him calling her a child. She says, the next morning he was totally normal. Austen says, when that side of Shep comes out, run for the hills. He exploded about Madison, calling her a white trash hairdresser, and saying his mom wouldn’t even let someone like her in the house. To him, everyone is less than. Kathryn says Madison talked about it at Patricia’s dinner party.

She asks if Madison and Austen have hung out, and Austen says he hung out with Madison last night. Craig and Kathryn exchange glances. Austen says the trip was a clusterf**k, and when he came back, he wanted to hang out with her. Craig tells him to stop saying they’re broken up. How does he expect to get over her if they’re hanging out? Austen wants him to stop talking about this. Cold turkey doesn’t work for some people. In Craig’s interview, he calls Austen a p*ssy. Austen says he misses her. He’s disappointed that he let Craig, Shep, and Danni get in his head. That’s what blew up this whole thing, and effed everything up.

Next time, Craig the puppy arrives, Kathryn and Naomie get hypnosis therapy, Cameran has a birthday party, and Craig and Austen argue.

📂 New Girl Lawyer In Town…

Given my poor history with getting and or spelling names right, it didn’t surprise me to see her name spelled as Zahra. However, to add to my moniker confusion, in the link, it’s spelled Zara. I give up. I was right about recognizing her though. I’ve seen her perform stand-up before.

👍 I just have to say it. Chaka Kahn was looking good on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Technically, the 10th Anniversary show is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 pm, but all week there’s been a cavalcade of special guests and trips down Memory Lane. Even though I think if Andy ever called me sweetie, in that sarcastic way he does, I might punch him in the face, I have great admiration for his drive, business acumen, and fanboy ways. His talk show combination of Playboy After Dark and PeeWee’s Playhouse is a lot of fun, and a nice change from the usual late-night offerings.

💞 Just Like the Weekend…

There’s nothing I’d like to be closer to more. Is it Friday yet? No? <sob!>







June 25, 2019 – Fruit From a Poisonous Tree, Camille Says Too Much, Candace’s Past Catches Up & In Fashion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sorry. I missed the beginning. I’m having a busier week than usual, and I’m wishing Tuesday was Friday. Anyway, nothing happens in the first minute that we won’t find out about in the next 59. Moving onward…

Dev brags about his exciting life in Turkey, and Josslyn brags about Sonny’s boat. Dev wants to drive one of the boats, and asks, how different can it be from driving a car? Josslyn tells him, ask Sonny. They go out on the terrace, and Sonny wants to introduce Dev to his father. Mike says he’d know this kid anywhere.

Mike asks Dev how he’s doing, and how’s his mom? Sonny asks who Mike thinks Dev’s mom is. Mike says his cousin Gladys. Sonny says, Gladys has a son? Mike says, Brando, but Sonny just said his name was Devon. Carly doesn’t think Davon is who Mike thinks he is. Mike says, it’s not like that hasn’t happened before. He remembers Josslyn though – always. They hug. Josslyn tells Sonny that Devon has a question. Dev asks if driving a boat isn’t like driving a car, and he should be able to pick it up with no problem. Sonny says, that would be a no, and Josslyn says, told him.

Kim thanks Cameron for the flowers, saying it’s thoughtful. Cameron asks, how was Kilimanjaro? Then says, dumb question? Drew says, not at all. It was hard and sad, but rewarding. Kim says, letting go is proving to be a challenge. Cameron says, Josslyn feels the same way. They all do, but her especially. Kim asks how Josslyn is doing, and he says, okay. She came up with the idea of communicating with Oscar’s spirit. Drew says, like a séance? Cameron nods, and he asks if they did it. Cameron says he, Trina, and Josslyn did, and Kim asks, did it work?

Bobbie asks what Julian was thinking, destroying Wiley’s records? Julian says Lucas asked him to protect Wiley, and Bobbie says, so he did something illegal to make Brad and Lucas lose their son? He says they’re not losing Wiley. Lucas came to him for a reason. He wanted results without asking too many questions, and Julian delivered. She says what he’s done is irreparable, and he might have lost Wiley for all of them. Scotty comes in, and asks if there’s a problem. Julian says, everything is fine. He tells Bobbie, he did what he had to, to protect his grandson from his biological father. Bobbie says, because he’s dangerous? Now Julian knows how she’s felt about him for the past five years.

Carol tells Michael that she doesn’t want trouble. He says he doesn’t want to give her any. He wants to make it better for her; clean up the mess Shiloh left her in. She says she has no interest in talking about Shiloh. He says his little sister was briefly a member of DOD, and he has an idea of what she’s going through. He’s guessing at some point she didn’t think she had much purpose, and here came Shiloh. He acted like her biggest champion, but then something happened. Kelly’s father wanted her out, and then OD’d. Shiloh was charged, and he reached out to her, saying she was the only one who could help him. In the car, Jason listens to everything.

Diane cites a case, and says the evidence was obtained illegally, and therefore inadmissible. The judge asks how it applies here, because I guess he never graduated from judge school. Diane says the plaintiff alleges that he was given birth records. If such records exist, they’re protected under HIPPA, and no one is allowed access to them without the permission of her client. Any records obtained are a violation, making the proceeding invalid.

At the Beecher’s Corners diner, Michael tells Carol, Shiloh was arrested and charged for drugging Douglas Miller (who I keep wanting to call Dennis Miller). That’s why he needed her help. He would have been found guilty, and the only way to save him was if a brave person took responsibility. So she sacrificed for the greater good of the group, and had Shiloh’s utmost gratitude and trust. How is he doing so far? She tells him when he says it out loud, she sounds like a sucker, doesn’t she?

Diane makes a motion to dismiss, but Zara says, the welfare of the child takes precedence. She cites a case, but Diane says the case doesn’t apply. To use it, the child would have to be in imminent physical danger. There’s a mountain of legal precedents and numerous Supreme Court hearings that state the fruit from a poisonous tree is inadmissible. The judge says if there’s the slightest chance the child is in jeopardy, they’ll proceed. He orders Willow to turn over the information. He’s just not very good as a judge. You’d think he’d actually want to find out first if there’s imminent danger to the child. Once the records are released, it’s not like he can take it back.

Scotty tells Julian, calm down. Julian says Bobbie is the one throwing a fit in his pub. Bobbie says Julian and Lucas might share blood, but he’s no more a parent than Wiley’s biological father. She tells him, stay away from anything Wiley. Julian says, thank God he doesn’t have to listen to her anymore. He starts to walk out, and Scotty asks if Bobbie is okay, telling her to sit down. Bobbie says, Julian makes her blood boil, and she collapses.

Cameron tells Kim, at first there was nothing. Then they were just talking, laughing, and telling funny stories, when they thought Oscar was there. Drew asks what made them think that, and Cameron explains about the water rippling. Drew hopes they got comfort, and Cameron says they did. He did hopes Drew and Kim did too. He has to get back garbage duty, and Kim thanks him again. After Cameron leaves, Drew tells Kim that’s a new one for him; it’s a bit intense. Kim says, everyone is trying to keep Oscar alive in their own way. Let’s do it. Let’s keep Oscar alive.

Carly asks Josslyn what she’s doing, and Josslyn thinks she might go to the park. Carly suggests she take Dev. Josslyn is sure he has plans, but he says he doesn’t. She tells him the park will be boring after Ankara, but he says he’s open-minded. They leave, and Carly tells Sonny that she thinks she likes Dev. Sonny says, good. He thinks he might have found a way for Dev to stick around. Mike looks at his tablet, and laughs.

Mike says, they don’t make TV like they used to. Sonny asks what Gladys’s last name is, and Mike says, Corbin, unless she’s changed it. Brando’s dad was a deadbeat, and didn’t stick around. Not that he has any room to talk. Carly says, that’s water under the bridge, remember? He says she’s asking him? Sonny asks if Mike knows where she lives now, and Mike says the last he heard, she was in Connecticut. But speaking of marriage, he and Yvonne talked this over, and they were hoping Sonny and Carly would stand up for them at their wedding.

At the park, Josslyn says she’ll text a friend who might want to meet them, and realizes she doesn’t have her phone. Dev says, this phone? showing it to her. She asks, did he pickpocket her? and he says he’s just proving a point. She says, that he’s an ass? He says, that she should be more careful with her personal security. She says, it doesn’t apply, coming from the guy who robbed her. Cameron appears, and asks if this guy robbed her.

Kim and Drew have some wine after dinner. Drew is liking it, and Kim tells him that they found the wine together. They went to a vineyard in Napa, and took a case home. Drew says, good for them. She made his favorite meal, and served his favorite wine. What’s going on?

Michael says Carol believed in Shiloh, and he said he believed in her. Then, he betrayed her. Carol tells him, Harmony said Shiloh wanted to see her, so she went. It was upsetting to see his spirit and energy languishing behind bars. He asked if she was willing to help, and she said of course. She would do anything. Then Shiloh laid it out, exactly as Michael pictured. He said she’d be saving him, his mission, and every single person he could help. So she confessed. Michael says he’s sorry. She says they didn’t have any proof. Why did he make her do it? Michael says, because Shiloh killed Douglas Miller.

Diane tells the judge, with all due respect, this is a blatant violation of her client’s rights, and she’s going to instruct Willow not to answer their questions. Zara says Willow can’t, but Diane can. If an attorney’s actions affect the case, they can be held to answer. She cites a case, and Diane says, that was a real estate transaction. They can’t compare the two. This entire process is subject to appeal. The judge says, it’s within the plaintiff’s rights. Today, Diane is in his courtroom, and today she’ll answer his questions.

Carol tells Michael that Douglas OD’d; Shiloh would never do something like that. Michael says, Kelly (aka Willow) was Shiloh’s favorite, and he didn’t want to lose her. Carol says, he didn’t want to lose any members, but Michael says, Kelly was a special case. Imagine Kelly’s father wanting to pry her out of DOD. The same night Kelly was supposed to meet with him, Shiloh held her initiation, so she was completely occupied. It was the perfect opportunity for him to kill her father. Carly says, oh my God. Michael says, he couldn’t risk losing his prize student. He had Carol take the fall. Carol asks why he’s telling her now. It’s too late to fix it. Michael says, come with him. Tell what she knows on record, and they might reopen the case. They’ll find out it’s Shiloh, not her, that should have been behind bars, and her record will be clean. She says, no one will believe her, but he says, Shiloh is making mistakes, and more evidence exists than he’s had the ability to cover up. He gives her his card, and tells her, look him up online. He has the best lawyer in the state, and she’s Carol’s if she wants. It’s time to stop Shiloh from inflicting misery, and she can make it happen.

The judge asks if Diane didn’t represent Willow in the adoption? She says, it’s attorney/client privilege. He says he’ll cite her for contempt. She says, obviously she’ll be going to jail, but unlike him, she knows her client’s rights and will continue to fight, no matter how many obstacles or bogus precedents are thrown her way. Let the chips fall where they may. Willow gets up. Diane tries to stop her, but she says she wants to say it. She had a baby, but Shiloh will never find him. Shiloh smirks.

Bobbie says she’s fine, but Scotty say, tell someone who didn’t see her faint. He tells Lucas that she passed out. Bobbie says she skipped breakfast, and the day got away. She’s okay. She’ll just get a granola bar, and get back to work. Lucas wants to check her out, but she asks if he shouldn’t be focused on Brad. He says, Brad went home to rest. He’s fine; she passed out. He insists, and Bobbie says, all right.  

Josslyn says Dev picked her pocket. Cameron says, what the hell? and Dev says, as a friend. Cameron says Josslyn knows him? and Josslyn says he’s staying with them. Cameron is confused, and Dev says he was teaching her a lesson; showing her to be more careful with her personal belongings. Josslyn says she felt nothing, and Cameron says, that’s so cool. Can Dev teach him? Josslyn is like, what? and Cameron says he feels it would be a good life skill. Josslyn says not if he winds up in jail. Cameron says Josslyn’s phone is always hanging out, along with her wallet. She storms off, and Dev asks if she wants her phone back. She says she’ll buy a new one. Cameron tells Dev that she’ll forgive him – eventually.

Sonny tells Mike, sure, and Carly says they’d be honored. Mike goes to call Yvonne with the news. He can’t wait. Carly tells Sonny that Mike is so cute and happy. She asks what he’s cooking up, asking about Gladys. Sonny says, her son could be Dev’s age. Carly asks if he’s passing Dev off as a family member, and he says, the timing works. He could be related. Carly asks if he thinks it’s a good idea. He says he thought she liked Dev. She does, but says Sonny has a lot on his plate. He says he’ll make a phone call, and see where it goes. Mike comes back, and says Yvonne thanks them from the bottom of her heart. Sonny asks if Mike is ready to go. Mike says they have celebrating to do.

Cameron and Dev find Josslyn, and Dev gives her back her phone, telling her, take more care this time. She looks at the plaque for Oscar’s Meadow, and Cameron explains Oscar was a friend who recently passed from a brain tumor. Dev is sorry for their loss. Cameron says Oscar’s family dedicated this part of the park to him, and they all spread wildflower seeds. Dev says, looks like they grew. Cameron says they miss him, and Josslyn says Cameron believes he was there, right? Cameron explains to Dev, when they were laughing and telling stories, the saw the water move, and it felt like him. Dev says he’s sorry, but it wasn’t their friend. Josslyn says they heard something, but Dev says it was him. He ran into some chairs on the patio, and he hid when she came out. Josslyn says he might have been there, but Oscar was too. The water moved. Dev says, people die all the time. It’s not fair, but it’s final. Dead is just dead.

Kim tells Drew that she’s sorry. it seems strange and out of the blue, but being close to him makes her feel close to Oscar. Drew says he’s all for remembering their son. Kim says when he was deployed, he left her the greatest gift; their child. Oscar made her think of him. He reminded her every day. Drew says sometimes when she moves a certain way, makes a gesture, or says something, he sees Oscar. She says she sees him in Drew too. All the time.

Lucas asks Bobbie if anything happened before she fainted. Was she stressed or confused? Bobbie guesses she was pretty thirsty, and Lucas says she seems dehydrated. He’ll run an IV with fluids. She says it’s not necessary, and he says it’s cute how she thinks it’s a suggestion. He asks if she’s felt tired or run down lately, but she says, nothing out of the norm. She’s been a little groggy now and then, but she’s had additional work in the past month. He asks about headaches, and she says, now and then. When she’s trying too hard to focus, her vision is a little blurry, but she made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. He says he’s taking some blood and running a test. She says, hemoglobin A1C? Does he think she has diabetes?

Michael introduces Carol to Jason. He says she’s going on record, and tells Jason to take her back to Port Charles. She asks why she can’t go with Michael, but he says Jason will get her there and under protection. The sooner she’s out of there, the better. Jason says she’s helping people he cares about. He won’t let anything happen to her. She says it’s not that she doesn’t want help. She has an ankle monitor; she can’t leave town. Jason says, don’t worry. He has a way around it.

Willow tells Shiloh that he’s evil and vile, with his disgusting smug smirk. He even has the judge fooled with his lies. The only thing he cares about is himself. He’ll never get near her child. No matter how many documents he steals, lies he tells, or people he drugs, she’ll never let him. I’ve often wondered why this actor was hired to play Shiloh, since I don’t find him particularly compelling. But now I know. It’s for his smirk. He smirks even better than Griff looked worried. Like he’s doing right now. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’d like nothing better than to wipe it off his face.

Sonny comes back from dropping Mike off, and tells Carly, good news. Brick found Gladys in Bridgeport. She wonders if they shouldn’t send Dev back to Turkey, and get him a visa. Sonny had Jax deported, so he obviously has a connection in immigration. Why wouldn’t it work the other way. It just has to be the legal way. Sonny says if they ship Dev off and hope everything works out, he’ll bolt. Carly says he’s probably right. He says Dev got himself this far. The rest is up to them.

Josslyn thanks Dev for his incredible insight. She knows Oscar is dead. She lived through it. The last thing she needs is a lecture from him. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says, apology accepted. Cameron asks if they’re just going to keep staring at each other, or are they going to help pick up garbage.

Drew and Kim listen to the CD that Oscar found. He says she could have found a better hiding place. She says Oscar was the most curious person she’s ever met. It was only a matter of time before he found it. She says this was Drew’s favorite song. Technically, their favorite. He says, as in our song? Like to dance to? She says, among other things, and kisses him. Yep. Saw that coming.

Lucas tells Bobbie to go home and get some rest. She appreciates the concern, but thinks it’s excessive. She went through this with him when he was younger, and she says she thinks he’s projecting. She’s just wiped out. If she feels better, she’ll know it’s a reminder to slow down and take better care of herself. Lucas leaves, and Bobbie tells Scotty not to lecture her about her health. He suggest she indulge her son. Hopefully he’s wrong, but while she’s waiting, he’s here for her if she needs him.

Willow tells Shiloh, go ahead. Lie to the judge; the world. He’s not getting what he wants. Zara asks how much more they have to listen to, and tells Diane to get her client under control. Diane tells Willow to sit down and let her handle it. The judge says Willow admits to having had a baby. She’s to turn the records over to the plaintiff. She says, no. She won’t do it. He says she’s in contempt, and tells the bailiff to take her into custody. Chase gets up, and says he’s with the PCPD. He can handle it. Shiloh says Chase is Willow’s boyfriend; he can’t do this. The judge says it’s his courtroom; his rules. He tells Chase, take it from here, and Chase reads Willow her rights. He cuffs her, and she says she understands.

Michael sits in the diner with the monitor. Jason and Carol are ready to leave, but a voice says they thought the plates looked familiar. It’s the cop who arrested Jason last time, and he says they meet again, which confuses him. He told Jason not to come back to Beecher’s Corners.

Tomorrow, Curtis wants to dissolve his partnership with Sam, Lucas has the results of Bobbie’s blood test, and Zara asks if Shiloh wants a hearing or not.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Provence, France. Teddi struggles awake, and calls for Kyle, who says she can’t live her life today. Teddi kind of remembers dinner. She thinks she was crying. Kyle says she was. Teddi asks if there was a fight. Kyle tells her, Erika asked if they were pushing her out, and left the table.

LisaR is at the breakfast table when they come in. Kyle tells Teddi that LisaR was her therapist last night. Teddi doesn’t remember dinner. In her interview, LisaR is amazed that Teddi is upright; never mind remembering dinner. She tells Teddi that she said Erika wasn’t having fun, and didn’t want to be with them. Teddi says, she didn’t say that, but LisaR says she did. Kyle says she couldn’t articulate what she wanted to say, so she let it go. In Kyle’s interview, she says when she’s with Erika, she sometimes wonders if Erika is in a in bad mood. LisaR thinks Teddi should talk to Erika. Dorit comes in, and asks if they’re doing archery today. Teddi has anxiety.

In her interview, Erika is disappointed in Kyle and Teddi. She’s been a good friend to them, and what happened last night was not cool. LisaR goes to Erika’s room, and tells her that Teddi doesn’t remember anything she said. She thinks Teddi is probably going to talk to Erika, and thought she should give Erika a warning. She says Teddi and Kyle feel bad, and Erika says she’s sure they’re devastated, with just the slightest hint of sarcasm.

The women gather outside. In her interview, Dorit says when they’re in a group, and there are unresolved feelings, or something hasn’t been said, she can feel it. They meet instructor Thierry, and get set up with bows. Dorit doesn’t know if she wants to stand next to Kyle. Kyle says that’s probably a bad idea, and if anyone is mad at her, stand the other way. I can safely say I’m better at archery than all off them. Put together. LisaR can’t even hit the target, and in her interview, she says she’s athletic, and it’s pissing her off. She’s not stopping until she hits it. Finally, she manages to get an arrow within the circle.

Kyle wants to talk to Erika, but not at the same time Teddi is. Teddi tells Erika that she wants to start by apologizing. She’s taking responsibility for her bad behavior. When Erika is with her one on one, she’s beyond kind and a good friend, but sometimes when they’re in a group, Teddi feels a disconnect; like Erika is irritated. She takes it on, and feels uncomfortable. In Erika’s interview, she doesn’t know if Teddi is apologizing or blaming her for the behavior. Erika says she wondered who was this Teddi. Teddi says, at the end of the day, she was drinking and said a bunch of sh*t. Erika says, drunks and children tell the truth. In her interview, Erika believes internally, Teddi thinks she’s fake. We flash back to Teddi saying that Erika seems fake with her friendships. Teddi says when she feels Erika’s mood, it triggers her. It’s not personal. Erika says she takes personally, and Teddi says she’s sorry. Erika appreciates the apology, and in her interview, says she’s accepting it, since Teddi beats herself up more than anyone.

They come back to cake and tea. Kyle says she’s sorry she hurt Erika’s feelings. Erika says she did, and Kyle says she wasn’t articulating what she was trying to say. Erika has been good to her, and she’s disappointed in herself. In her interview, Erika says there are few people who have the ability to hurt her feelings, and she considers Kyle a close friend. She didn’t expect it. She tells Kyle that she was out of line. She thought they had an open and honest friendship. Kyle says she thought she was being honest, but it came out the wrong way. Kyle is sorry she hurt Erika’s feelings, and Erika thanks her. It’s time to pack.

Dorit tells PK that they had a great time. The group moved to a different level of closeness and bonded. Kyle shows Faye pictures. Erika tells Mikey that Kyle and Teddi were on a mini crusade for two nights, saying she should be mad about the way LisaR acted on Farrahween. She wonders if anyone has ever dressed up as them.

Dorit is excited about the Kitson windows. In her interview, she says it’s a landmark store on one of the busiest streets in LA. She tells PK that she has a concept, but needs to build on it. PK thinks she should reveal nothing in the window, saying he’s just giving her artistic ideas. She says she now has a Teddi swimsuit, and the Camille cover-up. It has holes in it, much like the things that come out of Camille’s mouth. In Dorit’s interview, she says after she designed it, she found out Camille was talking sh*t behind her back. We flash back to LisaR telling Dorit that Camille was talking about her. Dorit tells us, not knowing what she said makes it worse. She says she’s seeing Camille tonight, but she doesn’t intend on saying anything. She feels bad about Camille’s situation, and doesn’t think it’s the right time. PK tells her to be supportive and super kind, even if she doesn’t want to. Dorit says Camille is a cover-up with holes in it.

The women are meeting at a restaurant, and LisaR has brought bags of clothes for Denise and Camille, since they lost everything. The others arrive, and I wonder why no one ever asks for name brand liquor in their drinks. Is that just a given in their world? Denise arrives, and LisaR gives her a bag, Denise appreciates her thoughtfulness. (Just to be clear, I’m talking about a shopping bag. She didn’t just shove some clothes in a garbage bag.) In Denise’s interview, she says at first glance, it didn’t seem bad, but there was soot in all their furniture and clothes. LisaR says it must have been terrifying. Camille joins them, and there are lots of (phony) hugs. She asks how Denise is doing, and Denise says, not as bad as Camille. LisaR says, you never think you might be in a situation where you have no clothes – or house.

They order. Camille says, it’s so real; it’s overwhelming. She doesn’t know where to begin. They were evacuated, and then her assistant Scott passed away. We see clips of him and Camille. In her interview, Camille says it’s a great loss. Erika asks about the house at the beach, and Camille says, thank God, it’s all right. In Camille’s interview, she says she’s feeling homeless. It’s her main home (my italics). She says her daughter is getting antsy; she’s bored, and being such a diva. Her business manager is also out of the country. She thinks she’s cursed. Confucius LisaR says, life happens the way it happens. Her luck sucks. She says Denise’s marriage has been put through a lot. Camille says they had a rough start. She complains about David having to go out and get new ski boots, when she didn’t even have a coat, so she went to a consignment store across the street. She found a thirty-year-old Burberry that’s probably dusty, but at least she has a coat. In LisaR’s interview, she says, why would anyone have empathy for the wealthy? Damn straight. I wouldn’t mind a dusty Burberry coat. Denise says at least she has the financial means to rebuild. In Camille’s interview, she says Denise doesn’t understand. She’s lucky her rented house didn’t burn down. They toast to new beginnings. Not liking Camille in this episode, but cutting her slack because of the fire. Maybe she had sentimental stuff that was destroyed.

PK and Dorit go to Kitson. In her interview, Dorit says Beverly Beach is only sold online. They’re branching out, and she’s freaking out. She has a lot to do, and a lot to prove. She looks at the mannequins and thinks the scene is disproportionate. She’s not getting a sense of the strong vibe she wants. PK is pleased she’s getting involved, and she says she needs to do it herself with her own hands. She gets in the window, and moves everything around. In her interview, she says her friends are coming, and she wants it perfect. Here she is, putting out fires in the eleventh hour. That’s probably a poor choice of words. She tells PK, it’s already looking better. If she says so.

Teddi meets Denise for clothes shopping at BA&SH. Denise needs everything. In Teddi’s interview, she says, Denise is cool as a cucumber, no matter what’s happening. If she had 1% of Denise’s chill, she’d be in a good place. They look around, and Teddi asks Denise, what are the next steps? Denise says they can’t live in the house; the power lines are down. It’s terrible, but Camille lost her home. Denise knows everyone is upset with Camille, but she’s glad no one brought it up. Teddi says they all wanted to have a conversation with her before Provence, but not under the circumstances. Denise asks if Camille seems okay. Teddi has no idea how she’d be. In her interview, Denise says that no matter what the challenge, she finds something positive. Teddi thinks Camille is having a rough time; she can see the highs and lows. Denise wishes she could see that it’s traumatizing and devastating, but it’s also the opportunity for a fresh start. I felt the same way after being flooded in Hurricane Sandy. And I don’t have nearly as much furniture now, after realizing how much I had while throwing it out.

Denise wants to hear about the trip. Teddi says she was a hot mess, and a d*ck to Erika. She had to apologize. Denise tells her not to beat herself up about it. Teddi says she knows her limit when she’s dinking regular alcohol. Denise says, you can’t go sideways. Drink what you know. I hear that.

Dorit says she’s stressed, but feels good. Beverly Beach is taking off, and she’s excited for her friends to see it. It’s time to celebrate. She loves a reveal. The women arrive at Kitson, and fawn over the line. Camille is excited about having something named after her. Teddi loves her suit; it’s sporty. In LisaR’s interview, she says Dorit designing a suit for Teddi is the biggest olive branch she’s ever seen. We flash back to Dorit saying she named the pieces after women who brought something to her life – i.e. not Teddi. LisaR says maybe naming the cover-up after Camille signifies that she’s always covering her tracks. It’s kind of perfect. Camille says the more time she spends with Dorit, the more bad she feels [sic] about what she’s said in the past about her.

Everyone takes a glass of champagne and goes outside. In her interview, Kyle says the Kitson window is kind of a big deal if you live in LA. Everyone gushes, and I think it’s okay, but then she didn’t name anything after me. In her interview, Camille points out that they used garbage bags to cover the windows. Truth! Dorit invites everyone out to dinner, and PK says he’ll see her at home. They get in the limo bus. Dorit says she had a lot of fires to put out – no pun intended. Camille laughs, and in Dorit’s interview, she says Camille says it’s no problem, but it will haunt her. She’s sure of it.

They sit at a table by the fireplace. Erika sits next to Kyle, and in her interview, says she wants Kyle to know they’re good. Kyle says they’re having a party for the agency, who has opened their 25th branch. It’s going to be at a listing downtown, and she hopes they can all make it. The food comes, and it looks phenomenal. They toast to Dorit. LisaR says they’ve come a long way. We see a clip from early on, where LisaR asked if people were doing coke in Dorit’s bathroom, followed by one of them hugging. LisaR says, who’d have effing thought it?

Dorit says they’ve had certain things with a friend that they haven’t worked through. Geez, talk in code much? She asks if anyone has seen her, meaning LVP, and no one has. Kyle says, it’s really sad. Dorit says she’s been sent endless invites, but hasn’t turned up or shown up. She mentions Camille’s shower and wedding, and Camille says, she should have come. LisaR says Camille let her off the hook, and shouldn’t have so easily. Denise says this isn’t fair; she just lost her effing house. Why are they talking about this right now? LisaR says they weren’t going to bring it up, but Camille says she doesn’t want anyone holding on to anything. It’s independent of her house situation. If someone is hurt, she wants to know. Kyle says her conversation with them about LVP was contradictory to what she said to People magazine. LisaR says it’s bad timing, and in her interview, says she’s doing her best to be gentle. She didn’t necessarily want to bring it up, but Camille gave her the cue to talk about it. Camille says it wasn’t meant to hurt their feelings. She has to be more in the moment. In Kyle’s interview, she says there’s no middle ground with Camille. She’ll say whatever to appease someone, or come at them with a dagger. Teddi wonders what Camille is saying behind her back. In Camille’s interview, she says she’s fed up with Teddi pushing herself into the conversation. Camille is sure Teddi has said stuff about her, but Teddi insists only to her face. In her interview, Camille says Teddi has talked about certain ladies. She’s not being honest with herself. Everyone needs to take a step back, and think about what they’ve said about each other. Camille says, so she’s a flip-flopper and Teddi is a know-it-all. She’s been called worse. We flash back to Dorit calling Camille a c-word, and Andy reading mean tweets at a reunion. LisaR tells Camille that she said things about Dorit, and she told her to ask Camille about it. I notice that LisaR left out the part where she told Dorit that Camille said things about her. Camille say she had to get to know Dorit. She didn’t trust her. She didn’t know where Dorit was getting her money from. Dorit asks what she’s talking about. In Camille’s interview, she says, be careful what you ask for.

Camille says Dorit’s husband filed for bankruptcy, and we flash back to PK saying he’d been taken down. Camille wondered where Dorit got her fancy cars, diamonds, and glam. In her interview, Camille says Dorit comes across as someone pretending to be someone she’s not.  In Beverly Hills, they’re leery of people who live beyond their means. They might want to be your friend for the wrong reasons. Dorit says her husband has built two successful businesses, and the bankruptcy was ten years ago. Camille says PK owed money to someone close to her. Denise says, this crosses the line, but Camille says, Dorit came after her. In Dorit’s interview, she insists PK doesn’t owe any of Camille’s friends money. Dorit can’t believe Camille was discussing her finances. LisaR says she was vague. In LisaR’s interview, she says she knows what going after someone’s husband is. We flash back to LisaR throwing s glass at Kim. #WhatDidHarryDo

Camille says she knows for certain, and Dorit says don’t threaten her. Camille says she’s protecting Dorit, and Dorit calls her a snake. In Camille’s interview, she thinks maybe PK hasn’t been open about everything, and Dorit might not know what’s going on. She says he owes over a million dollars to a company. LisaR suggests she not say anything else. Denise says, just keep eating. Dorit says she’s done talking to Camille. Camille says she’s not lying. She didn’t want to talk about it. Denise says she can protect Dorit by not saying anything. Camille says, if she doesn’t, she’s two-faced. She doesn’t think the timing is great, and Denise says she doesn’t think what’s going on now is either. Kyle says, everybody gets hurt. LisaR says, stop right now, and Camille says she felt like she was being attacked. At some point, it feels overwhelming. Dorit says, it was so low, and Camille says Dorit kept coming at her. Denise wisely says, two wrongs don’t make a right, and Camille says, true. Denis tells her, don’t hit below the belt. In Dorit’s interview, she says Camille is vicious and mean. After tonight, she’s done. Denise says, this doesn’t need to be effing talked about at a goddam dinner. Before this, she had a nice time with them at dinner. The women start to get up, and everyone says, see you Thursday.

Next time, Mauricio’s agency party happens, Camille tells LisaR that she’s the mean girl, Camille tells Denise to back off (Denise tells Camille effing ditto), LVP is crowned, and Camille visits LVP.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace asks Charles what this means. He says, it’s not good. It means they have to put distance between them. She needs to step away from him. She thought he had her cleaned up, but he says, apparently someone is extremely pissed at her. She says, that’s a long list, and he says, a very powerful one. He’s sorry. She says he sounds like he’s done. He says he’s had to make sacrifices to be there, and she says she’s not worth another one. He says, it’s not as simple as that. She asks if this means they’re not dating anymore, and he says, it would be hard. She says there’s no emotion in this at all for him, and he says, this could get uglier. He’s so sorry. She says, it’s okay. Her mom always said, nobody gets away with nothin’, and it’s all come back to find her. It’s all good. She never once thought this could or would work. It was too good to be true. He says maybe in the future they could see each other. She tells him, he says that, but she sees the truth in his eyes. She should go. She wishes she could do the right thing, and say it was good and the experience was great, but she can’t. She’s so pissed. At him for giving her hope, and at herself for believing his bullsh*t. He tells her that he’ll get her money for a plane ticket, but she says she doesn’t need him to get her anything. The next time he decides to break a heart, make sure it’s not a cold-hearted bitch who knows how to get even, Mr. President Elect.

Charles tells Candace that she has to leave through the garage. In the trunk of a car. She says the only way she’s leaving is through the front door. He tells her not to make it harder, but she says she’s not leaving like a two-dollar whore. He says he thought he had it handled. She can’t go out the front, and she says, watch her. Oliver and the security guys come in, and Charles says he can’t let her do this. Candace tells them, move. Charles tells her that she has to go out the back, and she says, make her. She’ll scream. He tells her, don’t do this. She says he brought her there. She was fine before he came along. He says her life was a mess, and she says, a mess she could handle. She can’t believe he’s going to let this happen. He says he’s trying help. She says he’s helping himself. It was all about him. She tells the guys to move, and tells Charles, make them move. Charles tells Oliver to take her, and two men come alongside her, taking her by the arms. Charles turns his back, disappointing me greatly. Oliver asks Charles if she’s going to be a problem, and Charles says he can count on it.

David calls Jim, and says he did it. Jim says, did what? David says, she’s dead; he couldn’t help it. Jim asks where? and David says, at her house. Jim says, the FBI is looking at her house. David knows, and Jim asks how he could lose control like that. David says he had to do it. Jim asks where she is, and David says, in the pool. Floating. Jim says, just leave her. Get out of there. David leaves, tracking wet footprints from the pool to the front door. I’m no detective, but I’d say he’s leaving some evidence.

Veronica comes to, and says, son of a bitch. She goes inside, and says, try to kill her after all she’s done for him? He tried to kill her? She goes upstairs, saying, wtf?

Jeffrey sees Madison at the ER reception desk. Madison asks what he’s doing there, and Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to know. Justin is there. Madison says, what did he do now? Jeffrey says, it’s not what he did. It’s what his mom had done to him. Jeffrey got a call because he’s listed as next of kin. Madison looks on the computer, and says, he was just brought in. He’s down the hall. He asks if Jeffrey wants to see him, and Jeffrey asks if he’s okay. Madison doesn’t know, but Jeffrey can see him. Jeffrey thinks he’ll just go home, and Madison says he’ll page the doctor. He pages Dr. Harry, and I wonder if Debbie has taken on a second career. Madison says he was wrong about Jeffrey. He’s in love with Justin. Jeffrey says he isn’t. Madison says he thought Jeffrey was just trying to help, and maybe Jeffrey convinced himself of that, but he’s in love. Jeffrey says, so what? and Madison says he thinks Jeffrey needs to find out where that comes from. Jeffrey says Madison already gave him the psychiatric speech. Madison asks if it’s working, and Jeffrey says it’s just because he’s not into Madison. The doctor comes out, and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t look something like Debbie Harry. Jeffrey asks how Justin is, and she says he has several broken bones, his jaw is broken, and he was violently raped. Jeffrey asks if he’ll be okay. She says she thinks so; he’s pretty broken. She asks if Jeffrey would like to see him, but Jeffrey says, no. He just wanted to check. He thanks her, and she tells him, sorry about his friend. Jeffrey asks Madison if what they did is okay, and Madison says, no; it’s not. Jeffrey says Madison wonders why he cares. Madison knows his parents. He’s the only one with a heart.

Jim pulls into Veronica’s driveway with David. He says he’ll be right back. He goes inside, and out to the pool, but doesn’t see her. So he was going to do this by himself? David waits, looking distressed. Jim feels the carpet, and looks at the stairs. He goes back out.

Jim goes back to the car, and says, David drowned her in the pool? David says, yes, and Jim says, this pool? He says, yes, and Jim asks how long he held her under. David doesn’t know; forever. Jim says, Veronica was a lifeguard in college. He didn’t do a good job. David says, that’s not funny, and Jim says, he’s not laughing. There were footprints, and water everywhere, up the stairs. He didn’t kill her. She’s not there. He says David looks relieved, and David says he is. Jim says, no. Is he crazy? David says he was so angry he lost control. Jim asks if he understands what that means. That bitch will be on his ass more than ever. He hopes David has weapons at the house. He doesn’t think David gets it one bit, but David says he does. Jim says he’ll take David home. The crazy bitch is probably looking at them right now. God help them.

Oliver tells Charles that Candace is back in Savannah. He asks if he can speak freely, and Charles says, why not? Oliver knows Charles liked her. Landon filled him in. Charles asks if Oliver has ever had a woman who made him feel alive. Oliver says he has, and Charles asks, where is she? Oliver says they divorced. Charles says, so he does understand. Oliver asks if he wants it professional, and Charles says, yeah. Oliver tells him, make a statement saying he didn’t know what she did. Then he’ll have to trash her and discredit her. I’m wondering why. Wouldn’t it make him look better if he didn’t and said he feels badly about the whole thing? Oliver says, it will be ugly. Charles knows, and Oliver says he’s sorry. Charles asks if he’s wrong, choosing destiny over her. Oliver says his destiny isn’t about her. Charles tells him to prepare a statement, and he’ll look at it. Go easy on her. Oliver says he will, but if she comes out against Charles, the gloves will be taken off, and it could get ugly. Charles knows, and tells him, just prepare a statement. He asks if Oliver thinks Landon is behind this. He disappeared, and this happened. Oliver says, Landon went to New York to try to stop this. Charles doesn’t know; he’s missing something, and doesn’t think he can trust Landon. Oliver says, Landon is a lot of things, but not this. Charles wants to be sure. Oliver says, the plane will be ready in an hour.

Hanna tells Benny, now she knows why Candace isn’t returning their calls. She tells him, put on the TV. A newscaster is saying he doesn’t know how the President can be with a prostitute. She’s blackmailed some high profile men. Benny says, dammit. Hanna says, she’s not going to call them back. She’s got the money. There’s a knock at the door. Hanna wonders if it’s Derrick, and Benny asks, what did he do? Hanna says she doesn’t want to see him, and leaves the room. It’s Candace, and Benny says they just saw the news. Candace asks if Hanna is there, and Hanna comes out. Candace says Hanna was right; about everything. Benny asks if Candace is all right. She says she loved him, and thought he loved her, but her past came back to haunt her. Hanna asks, what happened? and Candace says he told her to leave, and that she couldn’t be around him. Hanna says, okay. She’ll start over. Candace says, with what? She doesn’t have anything. Hanna says she has to ask. Candace says she has the money. She called Jim, and asked for his account number so she could send it back, but then this happened. Hanna says she has to send it back. Candace says she won’t have anything, but Hanna says, it’s not hers; she still won’t. Candace just wants to go far away, and start a new life. Hanna says, what about her brother’s life. He came here again. She has to give it back. She has to start doing the right thing. It won’t do anything but add to her heartache. Candace asks, will it stop? She thought it would because she was going straight, but that’s how it started. He treated her like trash. Hanna says she’s sorry, and Candace says, he just switched up. Hanna says, sometimes you don’t know a man. You don’t really know him at all. Candace says, okay. She’ll give the money back. Hanna says, that’s good, and Candace asks if she can stay the night. Hanna says, of course, and Candace says she might need to stay a while. Hanna says as long as she’s doing the right thing, Candace will always have home with her. Hanna is proud of her. Candace thanks her

Veronica goes to the station, and gives the desk sergeant a list of her clients. She says they all made bail, and have been released. The judge signed release, and she wants them out now. The sergeant says, it’s a process, but she doesn’t care. He asks an officer to get him O’Reilly.

Wyatt calls the Artisian and asks for RK. He says, he doesn’t? He tells them he has RK’s wallet, and asks if he left a contact number. RK drove his mom home last night. He writes something down.

RK is out walking. He asks what Wyatt wants, and Wyatt says he has jewelry. RK says he has enough jewelry. Wyatt tells him that he has ten carat diamond earring studs. Those would be pretty big studs, but okay. RK says maybe he can do something with that. Wyatt asks RK to help him out, and RK says he needs more already? Wyatt says, quit judging him. RK says he needs rehab, and Wyatt says his dad is taking him somewhere upstate, but he won’t make it if he doesn’t get something. RK says, fine, and Wyatt tells him, be careful. His dad is around. RK says he’ll contact his boy, and call right back.

RK calls Candace, who surprises him by answering. He says he heard, and he’s sorry, but a dude is after her. He came to the hotel, and wanted them to roll her, but he didn’t. He doesn’t know who the guy is, but he’s after her hard. He didn’t give her up though. She asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and he says he wouldn’t do her like that. If she needs anything, trust him; he’s got her back. She asks where Rocky is, and RK says, probably at the hotel, but she can’t go there. They’re crawling all over the place. They have surveillance of her and the President Elect. Everything. The s*t is hitting the fan. If she was there, they have it. She thanks him, and he says it’s a burner phone, and she can reach him on it.

It’s confirmed. The Attorney General’s name is Kyle. He’s waiting when Jim gets home. Jim says he knows who Kyle is, and asks him in. Kyle says he has a beautiful house, and Jim says his wife is in charge of the décor. Kyle says, Kathryn. Is she well? Jim asks if he knows her, and Kyle says, no. Is she home? Jim says she isn’t, and Kyle says, good. They can have a talk. Jim says they can also have a drink. Kyle wants something strong, and Jim suggests bourbon. Kyle says, straight. Jim pours the drinks, and joins Kyle. Kyle asks if he knows her, showing him Candace’s photo. Jim says he does, and Kyle asks, how well? Jim says that bitch kidnapped and blackmailed him, and currently has eight million of his dollars. Kyle asks how that happened, and Jim says, she’s a smart woman. Kyle says she’s seeing the President Elect, and Jim says he heard the rumor. Kyle says, it’s true. Jim asks if Kyle wants him to help protect Charles from her, but Kyle says that’s not his party, and once the current administration is out, they’ll appoint a new AG. He wants revenge. She robbed him. Jim says, welcome to the club. Kyle says it was only $1800, and Jim wonders why he’d go through all this trouble. Kyle says he’s doing it for the principle. He wants to know everything. Jim says he knows a lot. He has a problem that’s causing difficulty in his life, and if he helps Kyle with his problem, maybe Kyle can help him. Kyle asks what it is, and Jim says, his son. Kyle says, Wyatt. Jim asks if he knows Wyatt, and Kyle says he learned a lot about Jim’s family. Jim says, Wyatt was involved in a hit and run, and Kyle says, Lindsay Castile. Jim tells him, the local DA arrested them for hindering the prosecution and tampering with evidence. Kyle says he’s aware of that, but there’s nothing he can do. Jim says, sure there is. He’s the Attorney General of the United States. Kyle says he came to take down the President, not to jump into the local DA’s business. Jim says they can destroy this bitch, and take his guy down, but Kyle has to make his problem disappear. Kyle says, no way he can do that, but Jim says, sure he can. He can turn it into a Federal matter; say it involves civil rights. He can take the case away from the DA, and throw it out for lack of evidence. Kyle says, what about the DA? and Jim says, screw the DA; he’s the Department of Justice. They both laugh. Jim sees no reason why Kyle can’t roll everything into the same case. Kyle says Jim is a smart one. Jim says he’s a judge, and the DA has no evidence. Kyle says the Grand Jury just met, and Jim tells him, say it’s a matter of national security. Kyle says Jim knows his law. How the hell did he let a two-bit hooker get him in that situation? Jim asks, how did he? and Kyle says, touché. They have a deal. He tells Jim that his bourbon sucks, and Jim says he’ll break out the good stuff. Kyle likes the way Jim thinks, and Jim likes the way Kyle drinks. Kyle tells him, save money on somebody else.

In the car, Veronica tells a dude she has something else. She tells him to meet at this address tonight. He says, another beat down? but she says, nah. She wants every a-hole in that house dead. He says, it’s like that? and she says, yeah; it’s like that. Tonight. Be there. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to come over and do what they did before. She says they already did, and he’s not very good. Get out of her damn car. He says she’s cold blooded, and she says she knows that. She’ll see him tonight.

Kathryn invites Broderick in. He asks where they are, and she says, his new home. He asks whose place it is, and she says, it used to be her son’s. Now she owns it. He says, no way, and she says, why not? No one will find him there. Her husband doesn’t know she still owns it. She consolidated accounts at the bank. Broderick is hesitant, and Kathryn asks, what is he afraid of? Deportation? Her husband? Her? He says, the first two. No one ever done anything like this for him before. She says, there’s always a first. He wonders how can he repay her, and she says let her think about that. There are a few tricks he does that she loves. He thanks her. She touches his hair, and says, sure. He says he’ll get her a drink. Her phone rings. It’s Derrick. She says she’s been calling and calling him. She’s not home, but she’ll be there later, and she’ll call him back then; she can’t talk now. She says she spoke to Hanna. That’s why she needs to talk to him. Broderick brings out the drinks in his underwear. He wants to show her how grateful he is. She says, please do. They clink glasses. He takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom. They kiss in the doorway.

Veronica leads her posse to David’s house. She waits by the driveway, having a smoke, while they go to the front door.

Next time, the finale; Benny says he’ll handle Jim’s bitch ass, Veronica checks on her handiwork (i.e. Justin), Kathryn asks if Broderick would love her if she was broke, and Wyatt cocks the gun.

👡 I Don’t Know How Fashionable It Is…

But it’s definitely late.

June 24, 2019 – A Wonderful Surprise Costs Willow, Prince Charming Does Lunch, Pillow Talking, Bethenny’s Nightmare, Forgotten Film & Vacation In My Head


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie shows Ava dresses from the Crimson closet, but nothing is suitable. Ava is concerned they don’t share the same vision. Maxie says she’s trying to get a sense of Ava’s vision, so she can pick the perfect pieces to tantalize readers into wanting to read the riveting interview inside. She has to scream survivor, but whisper victim. Ava says, that’s the problem. She’s not a victim, and that includes the image she wants to project on the cover. She gets a phone alert for dinner with Kiki.

Curtis tells Jax to contact him after he’s checked out Curtis’s references. Don’t believe a word Drew tells him; he’s biased. Jax takes it they know each other. Curtis says they’ve dumpster dived together, dug up a crypt, and narrowly escaped suffocation in a locked room filled with smoke. Jax tells him, say no more. He’ll have HR send the paperwork. Curtis leaves, and Josslyn joins Jax. He asks if she wants something to eat, but she says she’s already had breakfast, with her surprise new family member. Jax says she must be referring to Sonny’s cousin. He tells her, don’t worry. He didn’t take the bait either. If it gets too crowded there, she can always move in with him.

Curtis calls the hospital, saying he wants to make arrangements for Jordan’s discharge. He says, say what?… She what?

Chase hears applause, and goes out into the squad room. Jordan says she’s back on feet, and well on her way to recovery. She thanks them for their support and well-wishes. It helped more than they know. Now back to work. Chase says, nicely done, and Jordan says she’ll have to relinquish her position to the acting commissioner, and tells Chase that Mac Scorpio will be taking over. He says he has no problem with that, but does she? Is that why she’s there?

Jason meets Michael, who says Willow trusts him, so he knows he can tell Jason. The man who OD’d in Beecher’s Corners was Willow’s father.

Carly startles Bobbie at the hospital reception desk. Bobbie asks if everything is okay, and Carly says she’s just picking up some prenatal vitamins. Bobbie is glad, since there’s only one family emergency allowed at a time. Carly asks, who’s sick? Bobbie opens the door to the examining room. Brad is there, and says, it’s getting worse.

The judge announces, David Henry Archer vs Willow Tait. He asks where Diane’s client is, and Diane says she’s been unavoidably detained, but will be there shortly. The judge hopes so, since he intends to move forward whether she’s there or not. Shiloh smiles.

Willow tells Nina to let Charlotte know she’ll cherish the photobook. She has to go. Lulu says she can’t go, but Willow says she’s already late. Elizabeth says they have one more thing for her, and Lulu promises it will be worth the wait. Principal Schultz walks in, and says, before she goes, he’d like a word with he about her future there at the school. Willow sees a call from Diane coming in.

Josslyn asks how she’d move in with Jax, since he doesn’t even have a place. He says he’s about to make an offer, but just needs her stamp of approval. She tells him not to buy something based on whether she likes it, and he says he wants them both to like it.. She says she’s not sure about moving. She’s comfortable with her mom and Sonny. Avery would miss her, and a new baby is coming. Jax says, no pressure. They’ll fix up a room for when she visits, and if things change in the future, they’ll deal with it. She says, it’s strange to think about the future. You assume things will happen, and people will be there, but sometimes they’re not. He says, never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. She says, Satchel Paige. He used to tell her that after a rough volleyball game. Oscar was always quoting things too. He was a nerd that way, and she loved it. She supposes that’s because Jax does it too. He asks if she’s saying he’s a nerd? and she says, not even. She says it’s hard to think about anything right now, and he says he has something that might help. He grabs her hand, and says, let’s get out of here.

Ava looks at her phone. The message asks if she wants to confirm the reservation. Maxie asks if she’s okay, and Ava says everything is fine. It’s just one of those appointment reminders from a restaurant out of town. She and Kiki went last year after the article on Dr. Bensch came out. Kiki was worried about talking to Ava, and how she would take it, but when the truth came out, she was so proud. She thought they were moving forward to a new, stronger relationship. She wanted to go back to the restaurant, but Kiki was too busy with med school. So she made Kiki promise when she was done for the summer, they’d go back; a year from the date the article ran. She never dreamed she’d have to cancel because… of what happened.

Michael tells Jason that Willow blamed herself for her father’s death. She was supposed to meet him when Shiloh announced it was time for her initiation. Jason says, so she was being drugged and tattooed while her father was dying. Michael says she doesn’t think it was an accident. She thinks Shiloh murdered him. She’s sure of it, and so is he. Jason says him too. They just have to prove it.

Carly asks, what happened? and Bobbie says, Brad has been complaining of severe abdominal cramps. Lucas is on his way. Carly asks what the doctor said, but Brad says the doctor can’t help him. No one can. It’s too late. He’s dying.

Willow sees she missed the call from Diane. She says she wasn’t aware she had a future at the school, and Principal Schultz says he was misguided, and apologizes. He’s officially inviting her back to be a member of the teaching staff next year.

Chase asks if Jordan knows how long Mac will be filling in. She says her recovery is a work in progress. Mac is a consummate professional, and the PD is in good hands. Curtis walks in, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he could ask her the same. What the hell is she doing?

Bobbie says maybe the ER doctor could look at Brad, but his abdomen isn’t rigid and he has no fever. His blood pressure is elevated, but there’s no indication of immediate danger or dying. Brad thinks he could have stomach cancer, but Bobbie says he should know it presents differently. He says he feels awful; maybe it’s an ulcer. Bobbie says she can arrange for a test, and Carly says it wouldn’t hurt to rule it out, but does he really think he has an ulcer? He doesn’t know, and asks what Bobbie thinks. She thinks he has a bad case of acid reflux or he’s having an anxiety attack.

Jordan asks Chase to give her and Curtis a moment. She asks Curtis where he gets off, chastising her in the middle of the squad room? He asks where she gets off, signing herself out without telling him? she wasn’t aware she needed his permission. He says he’s her husband and partner. He loves her; till death do them part. She could have at least allowed him to escort her out after major surgery. She says, sorry. She should have waited. He says she didn’t because she wanted to come there, and knew he’d be against it. He says Mac’s got this, and she needs to take it easy. She says she feels fine. She feels so good, maybe she doesn’t need to rest. Maybe she’s ready to resume her role as commissioner.

Principal Schultz tells Willow that a group of parents came to him with their concern about her termination; almost her whole class. Not only the parents, the faculty too, lobbied on her behalf. And the numbers don’t lie. Almost all of her students have improved their grades. In reevaluating the whole year, her assets outweigh her missteps. She’s a gifted educator. Willow thanks them for what they did on her behalf. She knows not everyone agrees. Nina says it’s true she didn’t speak on Willow’s behalf. but as it happens, she does agree, and thinks Willow should stay. The principal says, since Willow’s students are on a field day, maybe she wants to go over her contract with the union rep. Willow asks if they can schedule it for another day. Nina asks if she has somewhere better she needs to be.

Diane calls Chase, telling him that she’s calling from the courthouse. Willow is late and not answering her phone. The judge isn’t having it, and is going to start without her. She tells Chase, find her and get her there immediately. He says he’s got it, and jets. Diane runs back into the courtroom.

Jason tells Michael, according to Spinelli, Willow’s father had no history of substance abuse. Michael says Shiloh doesn’t typically attend the initiation ceremony until later, and Jason says giving him time to go to the hotel. Michael says Willow told him that Shiloh slept with her after he murdered her father. Jason says, someone else took the rap. Carol Lockhart. She served some time, and is now waiting tables in Beecher’s Corners. Michael says Jason is on the town’s radar, but Jason says he’ll find a way around it. Michael suggests he go in Jason’s place.

Maxie tells Ava that they can reschedule. Nina will understand. Well, probably not, but Maxie will convince her. Ava says she agreed to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Ava, so that’s what they’re going to get. She wonders about the other choices, and looks through the clothing rack. Jax comes in with Josslyn, who asks what Ava is doing there. Jax tells her, be nice. Ava chooses a dress, and leaves to try it on. Jax tells Josslyn that Ava is contracted to do the cover. He’s going to try and teach Josslyn a valuable lesson. You don’t have to like or approve of people you do business with, if it’s a mutual, beneficial agreement. Josslyn asks if the next one can not include Ava. He says it can be arranged. Maxie asks what she can help with, and Jax says he wanted to run something by Nina, but she can also weigh in. He’s thinking about a summer internship there for Josslyn. Maxie thinks it’s a great idea. She can teach Josslyn everything she knows, and Josslyn will probably be running the place by the end of the summer. She says, hold that thought, and runs off. Jax asks what Josslyn thinks. Josslyn says she thinks he should have asked her about it first.

Brad asks if Bobbie thinks he’s a hypochondriac. She says he mentioned that he was under stress. Is there something going on that would cause him extreme anxiety? She can order the tests, or Doc is back on staff. He says he’d rather take the endoscopy. Bobbie says another option is talking to his mother-in-law. Brad says he didn’t want to trouble her, and Carly says he hasn’t told Bobbie what’s going on?

Willow says she’s sorry. She’s honored and happy, but has somewhere she really needs to be. Nina says after the parents moved heaven and earth to have her reinstated, she can’t even stay to thank them? Willow says they have her sincere appreciation. Chase runs in, and says they have to go, and she flies out the door with him. Nina says they can see where her priorities are.

Diane requests a brief recess. The judge asks if Shiloh had any difficulty getting to court on time. Zara suggests perhaps Willow stalling, and Shiloh says she could be fleeing with his child as they speak. Diane says, first he has to establish that there was a birth. Zara says they’ve established that Miss Tait had a child, and Diane asks how they obtained privileged information. It’s protected under HIPPA, and Willow never signed a release.

Jax agrees he shouldn’t have assumed, and Josslyn asks why he did. Her mom does it all the time, but he never does. He says the last time he saw her excited was when she was there with Maxie. Josslyn says they weren’t talking about Crimson; it was something else entirely. She thinks it would be fun, but he can’t sign her up for things like she’s six and it’s volleyball. He says he’ll do better, but she has to admit volleyball turned out good; she’s crushing it. He’s proud of her, and he’s not apologizing, because he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they hug.

Curtis tells Jordan, let him get this straight. She’s ignoring the doctor’s advice, and jumping back in to a fast-paced, intense job. Go for it. She says he’s usually not sarcastic, and he says she’ll set her recovery back. Why risk it? Mac is more than capable of holding things down while she’s away. She says that’s what she’s worried about. He says she’s not that insecure, and Mac doesn’t want her job. She says she’s on medical leave, and disability only pays 50%. In the meantime, her medical expenses are soaring. He doesn’t want her worrying, and says he took a job that will more than make up the difference.

Lulu asks Franco and Elizabeth what they make of Willow’s leaving. Franco gets a call, and Elizabeth says she doesn’t know why Willow wouldn’t stick around to go over her contract. Lulu wonders if Willow wants to come back. She tells Elizabeth that she got the wedding invitation, and she’s looking forward to it. Elizabeth says, it’s just a reception. Franco and the boys insisted they have a party. Lulu says she knows Elizabeth said she was happy to exchange vows in a prison cell, but come on. Elizabeth says, okay; she’s happy. She tells Lulu about the venue. Done with his call, Franco asks what they’re talking about, and Elizabeth says, the reception; she kind of into it. He says, don’t be. He doesn’t think it’s even going to happen.

Carly meets Lucas in the hallway, and tells him, Brad is okay. Bobbie thinks it’s just stress. Brad told her everything. Lucas guesses he’d better face the music. He can’t let Brad to it alone. He goes in the examining room, and Brad says, Carly ratted them out. She says, for their own good. Lucas says he’s sorry, but Bobbie says they have a lot on their plate, and not to worry about it. She asks if they’ve spoken to Alexis, and asked what the chances are that the court will unseal the records. Lucas says, they can’t be unsealed, and Brad says, the records don’t exist. Bobbie says, the time for anything less than full disclosure is over. Spill. Lucas says he told Julian, and Bobbie says, he got rid of the records?

Willow comes running in. Diane tells her, calm down; she got there. There’s been a recess, but the judge is going to rule once they resume. Willow says, but she wasn’t there, and Diane says he’s allowed to rule without hearing her.

Nina comes back to Crimson with Valentin. Valentin tells Josslyn that he enjoyed her performance at the Nurses Ball. She’s a talented young woman. Maxie says she’s there about a possible internship, but Jax says he might have gotten ahead of himself. He has another matter to discuss with Nina though. He, Nina, and Valentin go into her office. Valentin closes the door, but Jax says it’s a business matter. Nina says, it’s fine. Whatever he has to say, he can say in front of Valentin.

Maxie says Josslyn isn’t feeling the internship? Josslyn says, it’s not that she doesn’t want it. She thinks it would be fun. It’s just that her dad got the wrong idea when he saw their conversation. Maxie asks if she didn’t tell him about reaching out to the other side. Josslyn says, no, but she did talk to Lucy, who gave her some good advice. She tried a séance with some friends. They tried reaching out, and she thinks it worked. Oscar was there with them. Ava overhears.

Jax tells Nina that he’s hired a new head of security. He believes she’s worked with Curtis before.

Jordan says, so Curtis is now head of Aurora security? He says he just needs to sign the paperwork. She asks if it’s something he truly wants, or is he doing it because of her and the bills piling up? He wanted to remain self-employed. Is he taking a corporate gig because of her. He says, it’s not your typical corporate gig. Hypothetically, he was hired by one party to run a long con on the other party.

Franco tells Elizabeth the venue has a mold issue, and they’ve canceled all reservations. She says she knew it was too good to be true. Franco says they wanted to do it nice, and Lulu says, maybe they still can, after what she put them through. Franco says, no one blames her. They’re just glad it’s over. She says she’d still love to make amends. She owns the perfect venue for a wedding reception, and says she’d be honored to have it on The Haunted Star – free of charge. Elizabeth doesn’t think it’s such a great idea.

Bobbie says, leave it to Julian to make it worse, but Lucas says, he only did what he was asked. Now there’s no record. She says, that they know of. Does he think there’s something else out there? He doesn’t know, but Carly says, Shiloh is a master manipulator. There’s a good chance he’ll realize Wiley is his son. Lucas says, there are no records to tie them together, and Bobbie hopes he’s right. It could easily go the other way. When the records are unsealed, the court will realize they were tampered with. Bead says, his stomach, and Lucas asks for a moment alone with him.

In the hallway, Carly tells Bobbie, sorry. She knows from experience cover-ups don’t always work out. Bobbie says she’ll be back soon. She has business to take care of.

The judge comes back, and says it’s nice of Willow to join them. She says she’s so sorry. If she could just explain… He says, it’s not necessary. He’s made his ruling, and the court is ruling in favor of the plaintiff, David Henry Archer aka Shiloh.

Nina tells Jax that she’s worked with Curtis, and he’s a good friend. He asks if she approves, and she says, in theory. Taking a corporate job doesn’t seem like him. Valentin says he does have financial pressure after Jordan’s transplant, but Nina wonders why he didn’t mention it to her. Jax says she’ll have to ask him.

Josslyn tells Maxie about how they thought, if Oscar could hear them, he’d be laughing his ass off. It’s true; he would be. They all relaxed and started to remember the good times and funny things. They were still holding hands, and Trina saw the water ripple. Maxie asks if they thought it was Oscar, and Josslyn says, that’s why the glass was there. If the spirit visits, they signal their presence by rippling the water. She swears Oscar was with them. She knows it sounds crazy. Maxie says, not to her. Josslyn says, feeling him there, and being together and happy felt good. Like he was okay, and it gave some sort of closure. It meant everything to her. Ava looks at her phone, and confirms the reservation.

Jordan says, Curtis is working with Valentin to spy on Jax, and the job is a cover? Curtis says, it’s a win-win, and he gets a corporate salary. Jordan says what he’s doing is a felony, and he says he’s not stealing secrets; he’s just gathering information and providing a useful service. Jordan says, he’ll be head of security? He says he’ll be tightening the ship, and making sure the company is safe. She asks how he thinks Drew will feel, and he says, if he turns up something, that’s good for Drew. She doesn’t like it. Jax has an excellent reputation. He’s a brilliant businessman. She’d choose him over Valentin. Curtis says he would too – if he was looking for a bestie. This is business. Jordan says, exactly. Why is he choosing to do business with the bad guy?

Elizabeth tells Lulu that The Haunted Star holds unpleasant memories for Franco. Lulu understands, but Franco says he thinks it’s the perfect place. Lulu says the last thing she wants is to stress them or trigger sadness on a day that should be their happiest. Franco says he’s been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff. The past is past, and a place is just a place. They get to choose the energy and memories. He chooses happiness with their friends and family, but it’s her call. Elizabeth tells him that he keeps saying he’s doing it for her, but it’s for the both of them. She says, if he’s sure, and he says he is. What could possibly go wrong?

Bobbie goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says, oh Lord. What brings her by? She says her grandson. Julian says she sees more of Wiley than he does. He seems great, and Lucas and Brad couldn’t be happier. She says, no thanks to him, and slaps him across the face.

Michael goes into diner. The waitress says they’re closed, but he says he only needs a few minutes. Is her name Carol Lockhart? Outside in the car, Jason listens in.

Shiloh thanks the court. Willow asks Diane, what happens now? Diane says, it’s a temporary setback. They’ll file an appeal to overturn the order. The judge says Willow is ordered to turn over all relevant information on the child she gave up for adoption to the plaintiff. Shiloh smirks, and I say, that’s not how any of this works.

Tomorrow, Bobbie tells Julian that he might have lost Wiley for all of them, Sonny thinks he’s found a way for Dev to stick around, and Jason won’t let anything happen to someone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I’m just going to say it. I think Aesha and Anastasia are one person. It’s driving me nuts. Not only do their unconventional names start with the same letter, they look alike.

10:15. Captain Sandy says they failed today in the food department. Mila tells Anastasia at least nothing was sent back. The captain tells Hannah that they’ll give the guests a hardy breakfast. Jack asks if Mila requested Anastasia, and Mila says the captain told Anastasia to go to the galley. In his interview, Jack says he feels bad for her, but it’s her own doing. She’s completely incompetent. The size of her balls are huge. She has to be mental to take on this job.

In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s drawn to Jack. Their personalities click, but she’s not going out of her way to find a guy. The guests go to bed. Anastasia says she was sh*tting her pants during dinner service. She calls her mom, and tells her all about it. Mila comes in, and talks to Anastasia’s mom in Russian, and says Georgian girls are great. Everyone goes to bed. João gets a message from Brooke, telling him, good luck. Colin says he and João have gotten closer because of sympathy over Brooke.

Mila wants to show Captain Sandy that she doesn’t need help. The captain tells Jack to haul anchor. I hear wrong and think one of the guests ordered scrapple, but it was scrambled eggs. I’m relieved. I went through a scrapple phase many years ago, but no one should eat scrapple, especially on a luxury yacht.  The guests toddle in for breakfast. Captain Sandy calls João to the bridge. Anastasia does cabins. Mila attempts to make pancakes, but their misshapen and awful, reminding me of the one and only time I made pancakes, and they were better. She throws them out. The guests are hungry, and demanding the pancakes. Hannah wonders, how hard can they be? She sees that Mila is using boxed batter, and says, a chef who doesn’t know how to make batter is a problem. Mila suggests Hannah cook, and Hannah says Mila already has her third stew. She’s been serving sh*t to guests, so don’t come at her with anything. In Hannah’s interview, she says, a chef who can’t cook pancakes is not an effing chef. One of the guests (Jennifer’s husband?) complains about it taking an hour to make pancakes. He’s bailing. In the captain’s interview, she says she’s given Mila multiple chances. We flash back to the nachos… and the cake… and the crab. Captain Sandy says, she can’t make pancakes? Come on.

Hannah tells the guests sorry about breakfast, but the dude says it’s fine. Sandy suggests lunch ashore to Jennifer, saying she’ll join them. She tells Jack to do something with his hair. She tells João that she’s friendly and kind, but now she’s getting pissed. Anchor goes down in Villefranche-sur-Mer. The captain tells Hannah they need quality of food. In her interview, Hanna says had a look at what’s causing her anxiety. The best thing she took out of it was, if there’s anything she can’t control, there’s no point in stressing about it. Just do the best you can and hold on for the ride.

Hannah makes reservation for eight people at two. The captain calls Anastasia to the bridge. She wants Anastasia to run with dinner. It’s the guests’ last meal, and she wants it to be amazing. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s a lot of pressure to control the galley, but from what she’s seen, she’s the better chef. The water toys are out, and the guests play. Jack takes Jennifer out on a jet ski, and she flirts with him. In his interview, he says he knows where the line is, but he’d risk his life to bang Dr. Jen; never mind his job. He tells Travis that he hasn’t had sex in ten days, and they were up close.

Captain Sandy calls Mila to the bridge. She thinks Mila is overwhelmed. Being brutally honest, she’s having Anastasia do dinner. She’s sorry, but she needs Anastasia to cook. Mila asks if the guests were happy yesterday, and the captain says, no. The steaks had no flavor, and they weren’t seared. Mila stupidly says, they ate them, and Captain Sandy says, they were hungry. She needs Anastasia to take the lead. Mila says she’s happy to work together in the galley. In Mila’s interview, she says it does strike her ego, but she’s not a quitter. She cries in the bathroom.

Hannah asks Anastasia if they can do an Italian dinner, and they go over some things. Mila says if Hannah doesn’t want to discuss it with her, she can cook herself. Hannah says that’s not what she get paid for, and the food is being sent back by the guests. In her interview, Anastasia says she can’t listen to them. Mila says Hannah is doing a perfect job, and Hannah says the guests are happy with service, but not the food. Mila gripes that Hannah isn’t talking to her face, and Hannah tells Mila that she’s saying it to her face. Anastasia needs to cook because her food is sh*t.

The guests and Captain Sandy go to a restaurant on shore. In his interview, Jack says his hair has always been a mess, but it’s never been an issue. João tells him, it has to be proper, and Jack says, business in the front, party in the back, making a high pony. João laughs. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s used to being the third stew, and just asking what she should be doing today. Now, she needs to write a menu, and she has no idea where Mila is. In Mila’s interview, she says she’s being tolerant (ha-ha! interesting word choice), but it’s not limitless. There’s a piece of meat the size of a dinosaur leg on the counter, and Anastasia asks Mila what it’s for. Mila says it’s just something she wants to cook. Anastasia say she’s getting stressed. She needs space, and the meat keeps appearing.

The guests love the restaurant. Colin talks to his mom on the phone. In his interview, he says in the ferry world, you work eight to ten hours, and go home. In yachting, it’s random people. and he has to get used to them. Sandy loves the view in the restaurant. There’s no wind, and she can see the boat. She doesn’t know if Anastasia is the right solution. It’s a massive job, and she hopes Anastasia doesn’t crack.

João helps Hannah. Aesha feels like they’re all doing the time for someone else’s crime. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s using her mom’s meatball recipe. She guesses they must be Georgian balls. In Mila’s interview, she never expected Anastasia to be giving her instructions. She’s not feeling it. João tells Hannah that he messaged Brooke, and she says he’s not even drunk. In his interview, João says he’s been opening up to Hannah, which is surprising. In her interview, Anastasia says Mila is her sous chef tonight. She can make a simple salad, but that’s the extent of it. She can’t take a risk that the guests will return the food.

Hannah meets the guests with hand towels. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s vegan, but tries everything she makes. You have to make sure everything tastes good. After she tastes the meatball, she spits it out, and in her interview, Mila says, effing vegans. The guests give high praise to Aesha’s margaritas. The deckhands discuss their dating profiles. Colin asks if Travis’s is small d*ck, big heart. Travis reads it, and Colin asks how many matches he gets. Travis says, about seventeen a year. They talk about stranger danger, and Colin says his word was snuffleupagus. But then he told his mom that he’s twenty-nine; he’s a big boy now.

João moans about Brooke to Captain Sandy, who tells João that he’s a good person, and did nothing wrong. He says he never trusted anyone, and giving his trust was the hard part. The captain says he’s got to feel it. Have a cry; it’s healing. In his interview, João says as much as he tries to hide how he feels, he can’t bottle his emotions when it’s someone he trusts, and he’s opened up to Captain Sandy. The captain says they’re not going to sleep together, but he can trust her. In João’s interview, he says she reminds him of his mom. She hugs him, and tells him that he can come to her any time. She loves him. They hug again.

Hannah asks João to pop the towels in the laundry. She wants to keep Aesha on cabins, and asks if the deckhands can do service with her. Travis says he and Jack can do it. Captain Sandy is eating with the guests. Hannah tells Anastasia, whose reaction is, arrgghh! She’s already cooked, so she can’t take the captain’s preferences into consideration. It’s another person to judge her, who also happens to be her boss. The guests take pictures on deck. Aesha hates doing the cabins. She’s a people master, and she can’t talk to the bed. Hannah tells Anastasia that the guests aren’t sitting yet, and Anastasia is annoyed because the appetizers have been plated, and there’s horseradish foam involved. In her interview, Mila says she sees Anastasia’s panic. And I see that she seems to be enjoying it. Like it’s Anastasia’s fault the guests didn’t like Mila’s food.

The appetizer is served is served, but neither Jennifer nor Sandy eat raw meat, so Hannah brings theirs back.  Anastasia says carpaccio is an Italian staple, and there was nothing on the preference sheet. She shrugs, saying they can eat the salad. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, if they don’t like her food, that’s on them, imitating Mila, Colin eats the shunned appetizers, and the salad goes out. Aesha tells Jack that she’s proud of him for learning the washing machine. He tells Travis that he’s jacking he plates like he’s the best waiter in the world. They joke around, and Anastasia tells them to be quiet; she needs to concentrate. In Jack’s interview, he says he finds a girl who bosses him around quite attractive.

In Mila’s interview, she says if Anastasia wants to serve dry meatballs, go for it, again smirking. Spaghetti and meatballs are served. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, it’s not groundbreaking. Now she’s nervous about every meal that comes out of the galley. One of the guests announces they’re a meatball expert, and everyone eats in silence for a moment. The meatballs are pronounced well done – not as in tenderness, but as in done appropriately. The captain is thrilled that the guests are happy. Anastasia says the dessert is in three parts. In her interview, she says she wants to do something she knows tastes good, and she’s making affogato, but a lot of the dessert is smoke and mirrors because it’s interactive.  She explains the dessert to the guests, telling them it’s basically gelato with a shot of espresso, but she’s added a shot of Grand Marnier. Pancake dude asks if she’s sure she isn’t Italian, and she says, fuggedaboutit. The captain says, it’s the best part of the meal. Hannah and Anastasia high-five in the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she wouldn’t be happy if she was in Mila’s position, but she seems to be taking it in stride. That means either she’s really patient or used to it.

While they do the dishes, Hannah asks if Colin is homesick, and he says, a little. She says she doesn’t feel it anymore. A few of the guests sort of dance. Anastasia calls her mother. One of the guests (not pancake dude; other dude) says he’s going skinny-dipping. In Travis’s interview, he says there’s a universal love for skinny-dipping. One of the women decides to jump in with him, and Travis thinks she’s in shape for an old bird. Sexy.

It’s the last day of charter. In her interview, Mila says it’s not in her nature to give up. You have to adapt to different things, and not see them as a problem. Jack asks João what the plans are, and João says dinner and drinks. He doesn’t think Mila is going to stay. Travis hopes there isn’t a yelling fest at Mila tonight. In the galley, Anastasia tells Mila her pancake batter is too thin, but Mila says they’re Russian pancakes, which are more like crepes. If she says so. The guests believe it, and like them though. Captain Sandy calls João her protégé. In her interview, she says she’s interested to see where he goes in life. He’s hungry and grateful for all of his experiences. The guests pack.

The crew gets in their whites. Hannah says the saving grace was that the guests were Captain Sandy’s friends. João asks Hannah if she thinks Mila is going to get fired. She does, and he says chefs do about 50% of the work. They work alone, and it’s all about the food. Hannah tells him the tip is divided, no matter who does how much work. I’d always thought that was kind of unfair. The deckhands dock the boat, and Captain Sandy tells them, well done. The crew says goodbye to the guests. Jennifer says they were impressed how Captain Sandy managed the staff, along with their concerns. The deckhands were in the water, engaging, teaching, and helping them, and it didn’t go unnoticed that she made changes that made the experience better. She gives the captain an envelope, and it’s kiss-kiss, back to work.

João tells Jack not to bring back any loose strangers. Jack asks why they need loose strangers when they have loose crew members. Hannah asks Aesha how she feels about Jack. Aesha says she likes watching him, but she’s more attracted to him as a brother. Hannah says she’s not supposed to be attracted to her brother, even though we both know what she meant. Time for the tip meeting.

Sandy says they all know there were challenges in the galley. She thanks the deck team. and commends Hannah. She tells Anastasia that she loved the dessert. Well done (phrase of the night). The tip is $i8K, $1430 each, which the captain didn’t expect. Aesha says she thought it would be closer to $500 total. In his interview, João says it’s because the team pulled together. In Hannah’s interview, she wonders who would accept a tip when they almost single-handedly effed up the charter. Hannah has a smoke, while chatting with Anastasia. Aesha jokes around and blows a fart near Hannah’s head (I kid you not). Hannah says Aesha is the dirtiest bitch she’s ever met in her life.

Captain Sandy says no matter how many times she’s talked to Mila, it’s always, yes, captain; she has respect. She calls Mila to the bridge. Hannah tells Anastasia she worked hard to help Mila. The captain says Mila’s attitude is amazing, and she can see Mila has passion for what she does. I wonder if the captain and I are seeing the same person. Other than crying in the bathroom a couple of times, and gloating over Anastasia having it tough, she’s sleepwalked through the whole season. Captain Sandy says, it’s a pleasure coming into the galley. In Mila’s interview, she says during charters where the food was great, and there was a problem with the captain, she thought maybe it was her personality. Hearing that Captain Sandy thinks she has a great personality is pleasant [sic]. Not exactly what the captain said, but again, did I miss something? A whole lot of something? She tells the captain that she wants to show she can do it. She wants to prove it to her. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, it’s hard to find a chef mid-season. If she has no chef, she has no charter. What does she do?

Dammit. I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.

Next time, a serious wind comes up fast, Anastasia is scared, the crew parties, Colin isn’t fitting in, and the anchor ends up on deck.

👻 At Least He’s Not a Ghost This Time…

But Stuart Damon has lunch with some ghosts from Alan’s past.

🙊 Another Other Way…

Pillow Talk’s Annie and David spill some tea.

🎪  Bethenny’s Circus Continues…

Suckerfish Hoppy sinks to a new low.

👠 I Forgot All About This…

And surprisingly, have never seen it. Now I want to. It’s campier than the Met Gala. Which most guests missed the mark on anyway.

June 20, 1980 – The Biggest Gay History Day Since Stonewall. “Can’t Stop The Music” Opens Starring Bruce Jenner and The Village People!

🌉 Just Like a Vacation…

Not really, but the pictures are pretty. Behold, Villefranche-sur-Mer.



June 23, 2019 – Daniel’s Plane Comes In Handy, Alas Adieu, Spotted & Triple Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Daniel listens to the blues. He puts Skidmark’s collar on, and tells him, let’s add to the collection. Skidmark takes off and barrel races some zombies in a parking lot. As they get distracted by the cat, Daniel stabs them in the head. He pops open the door to an empty store. There’s gunfire, and a zombie falls out. He turns it over, takes keys off of their belt, and says, thanks for the car. He loads the car up with supplies, and tells Skidmark, three traps to check, and they’re going home.

The record ends. Daniel puts his guns back in the rack, and puts away the supplies. He takes a page off the calendar, and sets it on fire in the grill. He puts a can on the grill, and heats up some chili. He puts the record back on. I guess he likes this song. Daniel eats, and shares his plate with Skidmark.

On the radio, Sarah asks Victor, what if he finds Charlie? but Victor says, he won’t. Charlie was at the stadium for weeks before they found her. Charlie sneaks around some cars, and sees a covered plane. Victor radios Charlie, and says, when he leaves, open the gate. Skidmark hangs with Charlie. She opens the hangar, and Daniel calls for Skidmark. Charlie gets in the back of Daniel’s car. He puts some guns in the back, without seeing her hiding under a blanket. He goes back in, and she tells Victor, he’s gone. Victor says, get out of there. but she says she can handle it. and gets back under the blanket.

Dylan looks at The Little Prince, and Lucy says she gave the book to someone his age once, and it helped them both through tough times. John tries to get June on the radio, but has no luck. He says they’re still looking for Shari. Alicia says she and Morgan are going into the woods; the web of the dead has to be on the other side. Dylan says, they’re not in the woods. Alicia says, they? and Dylan say they saw them when they first came and set up camp. Alicia asks why the kids didn’t tell them, and Morgan says they don’t have to be afraid. He shows Dylan a map, and asks where the camp was. Dylan points, and Alicia says they’re going to find their friend, and find the people who did this. Luci says she’s going to fix the CB, get Victor, and see what’s up with the plane. Dylan says he’ll help. The sooner they get the plane, the sooner they can leave, right? Luci says, the sooner they can all leave. Morgan leaves with Alicia.

Victor uncovers the plane. He says it’s not his color or style; he prefers a G-4, but she’ll fly. He’s going to load her up, and bring her to his friends. He goes inside to check out the controls, but there are none. On the radio, he asks where the six-pack is. Sarah asks if he’s talking about brew or abs; although he won’t find either. He says, the instrument gages. He needs them. He sees a note on the windshield that I don’t understand – something about canal 8. Daniel is on the radio, and Victor takes out his gun, asking where Daniel is. Daniel tells him, relax; he’s nowhere near the warehouse. If was there, he would have made good on his promise. Victor wonders how he knew, and Daniel says he knows Victor. He was right. Victor hasn’t changed. Sarah gets on the radio, and says she knows Daniel’s got a beef with their friend, and it’s justifiable, but why not give them the plane, and let them be on their way? Daniel asks who this is, and tells Sarah to stay away from Victor. He has a talent for hurting anyone near him. Victor says he hasn’t hurt anyone, and Daniel says he sent a child to do his dirty work. He tells Charlie, show yourself, and Charlie sits up. Victor says, if he hurts her… Daniel says he’s not going to hurt her. He’s going to save her from Victor.

Sarah asks if Victor is going to sit there like a turd in a toilet. He could be talking Daniel into giving them the plane. Wen says it’s hard to talk with your head blown off, but Sarah says that’s not happening to anyone. She asks if Victor is giving up because Daniel doesn’t think he changed. They need to keep cranking, and get that bear in the air. They need to get Charlie; and get everyone else. Victor says he can’t fly the plane without instruments. Wen says the instruments have to be somewhere. Don’t make him look by his lonesome. Victor laughs, and says, come on. They join him, and look through the lot and warehouse.

Charlie asks where Daniel is taking her. He says he’s not going to hurt her. She says he shouldn’t blame Victor. Daniel says he knew what he was doing, and Charlie says, he has his reasons. Daniel says she’s a child, and he knows better. She looks at a map that he’s labeled Collection. She asks if he set up the traps, and he wonders if she’s been watching him. She says, no, and he says he didn’t. She says he’s been disarming them: why? He says she asks too many questions, and puts come music on his boombox, placing it on the dashboard.

Dylan asks Luci what the book is about, and how can it help? She says, a pilot crashes his plane in the desert. He finds a prince who’s left his planet, and is traveling from place to place, Dylan asks why the prince left, and Luci says, to learn things, and meet new friends. Dylan asks what he what learned, and she says, to look beneath the surface, and not be afraid of the unexpected. She tells him that if he wants to talk, he can talk to her. He goes inside to get tape for her, and radios Annie and Max, He says, ollie, ollie, oxen free. Max asks if he’s alone, and tells him, be careful. He says they cut down more growlers by the gas station. Dylan says the people they met didn’t do it. They’re just trying to find their friend. Annie says, who did this then? In the distance, they see someone in a uniform and helmet dispatching zombies, and they hide under some bushes. Luci comes in, and sees Dylan just standing there. He says he couldn’t find the tape. Luci says, it’s in the back. Let’s go.

Daniel stops at a bodega, and tells Charlie, wait there. Skidmark comes with him. He looks into the store, and zombies press against the other side of the window. He tells Skidmark, this one going to be tricky. Charlie is there, and says he can slip in the back way, throw something like a can of artichoke hearts – no one ever takes those – and he can get what he needs while she covers him. That’s what she used to do when she was on her own. Sometimes she would use music to distract them. Except she didn’t kill people to do it. Daniel knows what she’s thinking, and says he didn’t do this. He inherited the warehouse from someone who did kill, so things could sit on a shelf. She asks, why are those things still there? and he says, it’s hard to find people to help these days. She says, that’s not true. One came to his door asking for help. Now go find artichoke hearts.

Daniel tries the back door. It’s locked, and he messes with the lock using a knife. Skidmark looks in the front window, and the zombies gather. He jumps onto the ledge, agitating them more. He moves to the other window, because the writers want to give me a heart attack, since we can never have nice things on these shows. Inside, a zombie sets off a rigged machine gun, and the windows shatter. The zombies walk through, Charlie and Daniel run to the car. Daniel calls for Skidmark, who jumps inside. He says, one day he’s going to leave Skidmark behind, and they take off.

Charlie asks Daniel how much ammo he has, and he says, half of what it would take. He doesn’t want to draw more of them. They can outrun the herd, but it’s going to grow, and he needs to stop it. He’s going to lead them to the warehouse, and pick them off one by one.

Alicia and Morgan get to where the campground is supposed to be, but there’s nothing. Alicia thinks Dylan must be confused. Morgan says, he’s been though a lot, and she asks if Morgan thinks he’s telling them everything. He calls Luci, and says they’re at the coordinates Dylan gave them, but there’s no camp, and no sign there ever was. They’re going into the woods. He says if John and June come into range, have them meet there. Dylan says, no. Go to the old utility road. Morgan asks, what’s there? and Dylan says, just go. Morgan says they want to make sure what happened to Annie and Max doesn’t happen again, and Dylan says, they’re not dead. They lied. He lied. They faked whole thing. Morgan asks, why? and Dylan says they were scared. He’s sorry, but they need help. Please? Morgan is like, dammit!

Annie and Max wait. Max asks if it’s clear. Annie thinks they left, and peeks out. She doesn’t see anything, and tells Max, okay. Release the bond. He lets go of the rope holding the zombie roadblock, but the first zombie turns around and knocks Annie down. A cluster of zombies looms over her, and Max pulls her out. They get away, but she’s limping, and their gun gets left behind.

Charlie radios Victor, and says she’s fine. Valentin asks where the instruments are, and Charlie says with them. Daniel asks if Victor thinks he would leave them where Victor could get them. Victor is begging him. Their friends lives are in danger. He asks Daniel to bring the instruments back, and Daniel says, they’re doing that, but they picked up some friends. Charlie says, there’s a herd behind them. Daniel tells Victor, make sure the gate is in place. If they have to, they’ll climb over. Sarah says, there’s a bit of a hole – about 36 feet wide. They had to break the fence to get the bird out of its cage. Charlie asks why Daniel is laughing. He tells her, he said he would help, and they’re going back like this. Instead, he’s putting their lives at risk, the same thing as Victor did. He stops the car, and asks if Charlie knows how to drive. She says, kind of, and he tells her to take the instruments to Victor. Take the plane, and go. Charlie doesn’t want to leave Daniel, but he says her friends need help, and they can’t be helped without the plane. He’ll take care of the herd. She asks, how? and he says the same way she used to. He gets out, and takes the boombox with him. He tells her, go, and she gets behind the wheel.

Daniel leads the herd, and Charlie watches in the rearview mirror. It’s lucky this herd isn’t too fast.

Victor says, Daniel just handed them over? She says they would have led the walkers there, and Victor says Daniel would have hurt them like he hurt Daniel. Sarah says they’ve got to get that bear in the air. Victor gets Daniel on the radio, and Daniel says he’s sorry about what happened. He’s sorry he tried to kill Victor. Victor is sorry Daniel is in pain, but if he’s putting himself in danger to teach Victor a lesson, don’t. Daniel says Victor still thinks it’s about what he did to Daniel at the dam. Victor asks, what is it about then? and Daniel says the same thing it’s always about with him – lies. Alicia asks what he means, and Daniel says, tell them how he kept Daniel from Ofelia. Victor sighs, and Daniel wants to hear him say it. Victor tells the others that Daniel got separated from his daughter. Victor said he knew where she was, but he lied because he needed something from him. When Daniel finally got to her and found her, it was too late. Daniel says Victor wasted time he didn’t have. He couldn’t tell her what he wanted her to know. Charlie asks what it was, but he says, it doesn’t matter now. Charlie says they can’t just leave him. Victor said he wanted to help people. Here’s someone they can help.

Max and Annie limp through the woods. Annie says they can’t outrun them, and stumbles. The zombies bear down on them, but Morgan and Alicia come up behind them, and pike the zombies in the head. Annie asks how Alicia and Morgan found them, and Morgan says their brother said they were in trouble.  Alicia says he was worried about them. Annie says they have no idea what’s going on. Morgan says they’re not going to hurt them, and it’s just the four of them now. Suddenly, a bunch of armed kids surround them, and cock their guns, pointing them at Alicia and Morgan. Annie says, it’s not just them. Morgan throws his stick down.

Daniel walks down the highway, leading the zombies. Victor says he’s sorry. He’s not asking Daniel’s forgiveness, just a chance to show Daniel that he’s not that man anymore. Let them help him. Wen says he’s been itching to bring down the hammer for some time now. They’re coming in hot. Daniel looks in the distance, and sees Al’s truck barreling toward him. It stops sideways on the road, and the gun window opens. Daniel runs to the truck, and Sarah says, now! Wen pulls the lever, but nothing happens. She says, again! but it’s the same result. Daniel bangs on the truck. Sarah opens the door, and kicks at the zombies, but there are too many. Daniel slides underneath. Sarah tells Victor, they’ve got a problem.

A flatbed truck carrying the plane joins them. Underneath Al’s truck, Daniel stabs zombies in the head, one by one. He’s lucky they haven’t figured out a way around the other side. Victor gets out of the flatbed, and tells the zombies to come that way. They move toward the flatbed. Victor gets into the plane, and starts it up. The zombies begin walking into the propellers, and get sliced up. After there’s no zombies left walking, the engine quits, and the plane is covered in blood.

Victor helps Daniel up, and gives Daniel his hat. Daniel says he’s not going to shoot Victor in the face. Victor pats him on the back.

Luci lifts the communications tower back up, and thanks Dylan for helping. Annie radios, and asks what Dylan told them. He says, they’re telling the truth; they just want to help. Annie says, that’s stupid, but Morgan says they can help each other. Alicia asks them to please put down the weapons. Max appeals to Annie, and she nods. The kids lower their guns. Morgan says he thinks the people who were there before, the people who scared them, are the ones who took Al. Who are they? The offer still stands. They just need to know where Al is. Max says they can help find Al, but they can’t leave. Alicia asks, why? Morgan says the people who are back at the camp are their parents, right? Annie says, they were, and Morgan says he’s sorry.

Daniel burns another calendar page, and heats up a pot of something. Charlie asks what Daniel was going to tell his daughter. Daniel says, every day brings a chance to start over; a chance she has to get it right. Something tells him that Charlie needs hear it too. She asks where he’s going. He says there’s a reason he’s been on his own this long, and he needs to take care of it. She asks if he wants company, but he says her friends need her. He tells her that he set the record player up, and asks her to look after Skidmark. He says they’re welcome to stay until they find their friend. Consider everything theirs, except this. He takes a cigar from Sarah, and says a friend wanted him to save it until things get better. He nods at Victor, and leaves.

Before going out the door, Daniel looks back, and watches them eating. Skidmark jumps on the table, putting his face in everyone’s plates, and Victor pets him.

Luci gets radio going, and calls Victor. She asks how it’s going with the plane. He says he managed to help someone using it, but in doing so, the engines were damaged beyond repair. He wishes he had better news, but they’ll find a way to bring Al home. Dylan tells Luci, the pilot crashed in the desert. How did he get out? She says, he fixed the plane. He put it back together, and flew away. Dylan says, if he could do it, so can she.

Annie explains they had weapons and uniforms. They saw two, but there could be more. Alicia tells Morgan, this place isn’t safe. Morgan says he and his son stayed after the point they shouldn’t have. Alicia is surprised he has a son. He says he couldn’t bring himself to kill his son’s mother either. She asks their names, and he says, Jennie and Duane. Max says, wait. He hears something. He tells everyone, get down! and they all fall flat. A wind blows through, and Max says, stay down. A helicopter rises above the trees. Alicia asks, what the hell was that? Annie says, it’s the people; they came back. Max says he didn’t think they would.

Next time. Al doesn’t know how much longer she can stay, but she’ll get as much as she can. Al kicks ass, but takes no names – only videos.

🎭 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

I was saddened to hear Franco Zeffirelli has gone to that great director’s chair in the sky. Best. Romeo, And. Juliet. Ever. I also loved his film adaption of the life of St. Francis of Assisi, Brother Sun, Sister Moon. His work was incredibly beautiful.

🔎 Sightings…

Crystal R. Fox (Hanna, The Haves and The Have Nots) is playing Bonnie’s (Zoë Kravitz) mother on Big Little Lies this season. And just from hearing his voice for two seconds on the preview, I spotted Colson Domingo (Victor, Fear the Walking Dead), who will be Ali in the second episode of Euphoria.

🐒 Because One Wasn’t Enough...

And a bunch of monkeys should take your mind off of it.


June 21, 2019 – The Last Class Collides With Court, Shiloh’s Lawyer, the Other 90, New 90 News, Four Plus Four Quotes & Weekend Living


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev scarfs down food. Sonny asks if he’s still hungry, and Carly says they still have Olivia’s leftover ziti. Dev is all for it, and says they’re too kind. Sonny frowns and ponders as he sips his coffee.

Curtis meets Valentin at Kelly’s. Valentin says he expects daily updates, but Curtis says he’s not working for Valentin. Valentin says Curtis knows Jax, and knows he’s a shark. Nina needs protection.

At the MetroCourt, Jax gives Nina the projection figures for Crimson. She says Crimson’s readership is already up since they announced Ava being on the cover, and the team is thinking up new ways to cash in on her notoriety. He asks, what about after that? and she says, the next issue will be even better. He says she sounds confident, and she says she thought liked that about her

Willow gets ready to welcome the parents for the students’ awards ceremony. Elizabeth, Franco, and Lulu arrive early. Elizabeth has brought cupcakes, and suggests Willow have one before the kids devour them. Franco says he’s just the delivery guy; Aiden made them all by himself. Apparently, Franco isn’t qualified to ice a cupcake. Willow says she’ll miss Aiden’s baked goods almost as much as she’ll miss the kids. Diane calls, reminding Willow that they have court this afternoon. Willow says she’ll be there by three, but Diane would prefer 1:30, so they can go over their strategy. She can’t stress the importance of Willow’s timely presence. Willow says she’ll absolutely be there, but just can’t miss the award ceremony. Diane commends her dedication, but is asking her to prioritize. The hearing will make sure Shiloh never gets near her son, so be on time. Willow says she will be.

Diane goes into the courtroom, and asks what Alexis is doing there. Alexis says her hearing ran late, then admits she wanted to run into Diane. Diane says she plans to keep Willow out of Shiloh’s crosshairs, and Alexis asks her for specifics. Diane understands she’s worried, but says, trust her. There’s no legal evidence to prove Shiloh’s biological relationship. Alexis says Shiloh tends to make his own interpretation of the law, and she’s concerned about the judge. Diane suggests she spend her energy unloading on Neil, or vice versa. Alexis says she was just offering a sounding board, but Diane says she doesn’t need one. What she needs, is for Alexis to leave, so Shiloh doesn’t see their heads together. Shiloh says, too late, and I wonder why he’s like, three hours early.

Elizabeth tells Willow that they have an ulterior motive. Franco says they didn’t want to do this in front of the other parents. Lulu gives her an envelope from the MetroCourt, and says, it’s the ultimate package for services and lunch. Willow says, it’s too much, but Lulu says for Willow wrangling her kid and Nina, it falls short. Elizabeth doesn’t know what they would have done her helping Aiden. Willow says, he toughed it out, and he will, until he finds his place. Elizabeth says she played a big part in making him tougher, and Franco says they’re working on something else. He tells Lulu, what about the other thing, and Lulu gives her a wine bag. Franco says, don’t drink it all in one place, and Elizabeth says, or alone. She thinks Chase will like it. Willow says she hopes they have reason to celebrate.

Alexis says she was just relaying her hard-earned knowledge of Shiloh’s depravity to Diane. Diane says she’s itching to get it on record. Shiloh says he’s in pain, and he thinks they take pleasure in it. Alexis says she’s getting off on it, and Diane adds, what she said. Shiloh knows Alexis has a sadistic streak, but Diane is a mystery. He says she should take a class to plumb her psychic trauma. She says, hard pass. Her phone dings, and she steps away. Alexis says Shiloh can try to prove he’s the father, but he won’t be able to do it. He tells her to wait, but she has nothing more to say. He tells her, just listen.

Josslyn watches Dev eat. He asks if there’s something on his face, and she says no; she’s just curious. How does he know Sonny? He says, they’re friends. She asks who he thinks called Sonny for him. If not for her, he’d still be at the PCPD. He says if not for her, he wouldn’t have gotten arrested in the first place. She asks who was holding the bag of stolen property? and he says she’s right. It was foolish, and she saved him. How can he ever thank her? Carly tells Sonny, that kid can eat. Sonny says, it looks like he hasn’t had three squares in a long time. She says Dev didn’t come to the US under conventional circumstances, and they’re not a low key family. People are going to notice.

Valentin tells Curtis that Jax is charming, sophisticated, and has the golden touch when it comes to business. But if he digs deeper, he’ll see the first business Jax had was co-run by his brother Jerry, a convicted arms dealer and smuggler. Curtis says Valentin should be the last one to talk. As far as he can see, Jax is a legitimate businessman, like Drew. Valentin says Drew gave Nina a wide berth and proper respect. Jax has other designs. He wants to be involved in the day to day running of the magazine, and it’s already created friction. Curtis says, so Nina came Valentin for help? He has a friendly warning; let Nina fight her own battles. If he sticks his nose in, she might turn on him. Valentin tells him to look into Jax and his agenda, and make sure there’s no conflict of interest. Curtis says, hers or his? Valentin says hers are his, because he loves her and needs to protect her. He hopes Curtis understands.

Jax asks if Nina still thinks he’s too good to be true, and she says, that’s yet be determined. He drops down from the sky, charming and gorgeous, bringing champagne, assures her that they’ll make Crimson bigger and better, and then sabotages her. He says he got Ava’s signature, and she says after he unloaded on her. Nina has to bite her tongue until it bleeds, but she has her eyes on the bigger prize. He says she saved the magazine for the greater good, and he’s grateful. She says, not grateful enough to give her the autonomy she had before. He says they were underfunded and overextended, and would have gone under. He has faith they can take Crimson to new heights. If she wants it to be successful, they need to trust each other and work as a team. She says maybe she’ll quit his team and go to another one.

Valentin says he was under the impression that Curtis’s wife recently had transplant surgery, and Mac is acting commissioner. Curtis says, so? Valentin says maybe he’d appreciate another stream of income. He’ll compensate Curtis handsomely. Curtis says, research only? and Valentin tells Curtis to bring him whatever his research uncovers, and he’ll act on it, or not, of his own accord.

Jax asks if Nina wants to quit, and she says it makes her want to walk when someone questions her. She doesn’t want to leave, since she poured her blood, sweat, and tears into the magazine, making it her own. He says it would hurt to let her go, but he will. She says she has a daughter and stepdaughter, and more going on in her life than just the magazine. Jax says he’d be disappointed. Under her leadership, he thinks the magazine will not only survive, but thrive. She’s honed the content, expanded the readership, and gave the magazine a voice beyond fashion, but collaboration and sacrifice lie at the heart of business. She asks if he thinks he can do it on his own, and he says, maybe he can, but he doesn’t have to. They both want success, but if they can’t agree on how to achieve, and if she can’t work with him, she’s free go. He warns her though, she won’t have it half as good anywhere else.

Robert approaches the table, and says, Jasper Jax. Nina takes it as her cue to leave. There’s somewhere she needs to be. She says, until they meet again. Jax says he looks forward to it, and Nina says, but will she? Robert says, the old Jax charm not working like it used to? Jax assumes he’s representing the WSB. HIs hands are clean. Robert says it’s not Jax’s hands he’s worried about.

Dev tells Josslyn that he’s short on cash. How about flowers? There are beautiful rose bushes outside. She says, those are Sonny’s, and advises him not to touch them. He asks how he can show his gratitude, and she suggests he shower her with information. Where is he from, and how does he know Sonny? He says, it’s complicated, and she says they’ll start easy. What’s his real name? Sonny says he has to take care of some things. Dev asks where they’re going, but Sonny says Dev is staying put. Dev says he barely knows Carly and Josslyn, but Sonny tells him, stay out of trouble. He’ll have his guys keep an eye on things. Carly promises to take great care of Dev, and Sonny says he’ll be back soon. Everything has to be sorted out. On the side, he tells Carly, obviously Josslyn is asking questions, but the less she knows, the less he has to lie about.

Shiloh apologizes for failing Alexis. He thinks if they built upon her initial success, the distance between them wouldn’t be as daunting. She asks if he believes that insipid drivel. He says he pities her, but pities her daughters more. Now he sees how they came by their faithlessness; they learned from her. She says he can’t possibly be lecturing her on family and love. He says he has a son, and would never do anything to hurt him. Can she say the same about her and her children?

Dev asks Josslyn if she has any Idea where Sonny is going. She suggests he ask Sonny, since they’re friends. He says she’s Sonny’s stepdaughter, but she says Sonny never tells her about his business, or anything questionable. That might explain why she knows next to nothing about him. He asks if she thinks he’s questionable, and she says, is he? Carly asks Josslyn to pick up Avery’s toys on the deck. She goes outside, but crouches under the window to listen. Carly asks if Dev is still hungry, and he says it was delicious. She wonders what he did to help Sonny and Dante in Turkey. He says, not much, but she says, Sonny said otherwise, and Dev wouldn’t have left if he wasn’t in danger. They need to talk about how to make things safe, for him and her family.

Sonny tells Jax, the rumor at the Bureau is that where Jax goes his low-life brother follows. Jax says he hasn’t seen Jerry in years. After he escaped Steinmaur, Jax doesn’t know where he went. Robert says he was a no-show at their mother’s funeral. Jax says he didn’t see Jerry. Robert says, didn’t or didn’t want to? He hasn’t gotten over Jerry’s role in Robin’s captivity. If Jerry so much as checks the weather in Port Charles, he’ll dismember him. Jax says, if they’re going to co-exist, they have to get along. Robert says his date is there. Nice chat. He leaves, and Curtis approaches. Curtis says Jax is one of a kind. Jax says he doesn’t know Curtis, and Curtis says he doesn’t, but he will.

Robert asks Sonny why he didn’t come by to say hi, but Sonny says he has enough Jax in his life. Robert suggests Sonny cut to the chase. Sonny says, the WSB owes Dev, and it’s time to pay up.

Nina stands outside of Willow’s classroom, where Valentin finds her. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says psyching herself up for the final judgement round. Willow will be gone after this, and she was excited, but she and Jax got into it. She threatened to quit, but it’s as likely as her quitting Valentin. It’s impossible. He tells her, once more, unto the breach, and they go in.

Willow tells the parents that the kids will be there any minute; find a spot, and get their cameras ready. She thanks them for coming. She’s had an amazing year. It’s been a privilege and rewarding to teach this third grade class. The class has had its ups and downs, but that’s true of any class. The unique way they came together was impressive; both individually and as a group. She might be their teacher, but she did just as much learning, thanks to the kids, and their parents’ commitment to their growth. It’s been a hard year at times, but she wouldn’t change a second. She looks at Nina.

Diane sees a woman in the hallway, and says, Zara Amir. Her reputation precedes her. Zara says Diane’s does too. She’s had success in family court, but Diane has had more in criminal court. Although Sonny Corinthos has had his share of custody battles. Diane says she never discusses her clients if they’re not present. Zara says Diane’s client this time is Willow, and hers is Shiloh.

Alexis says Shiloh will be glad to know she’s working on her relationship with Kristina. He hopes that’s true, but he’s worried about Kristina’s well-being. She was his finest, most trusted student. It was satisfying to both parties. Kristina worked hard and gave of herself; it’s a bond not easily broken. Nothing can erase the Pledge she made to him and DOD. Alexis must know all about that. He’s sure Kristina shared its meaning, for her in particular, or hasn’t she?

Alexis tells Shiloh that she knows what Kristina’s Pledge was; blackmail. She knows it hinges on her, and Shiloh says, but not how? She says whatever Kristina told him, he misunderstood or it’s old news. If he was going to use it, he’d have done it by now. He says, the Pledges are sacred; made in confidence. He’d never divulge them or use them as leverage or blackmail. She says, come and get me, you SOB. He says even though she’s exhibited rage, he can’t give up on her or her daughter. They have so much work left to do. Interesting that Alexis used the term old news. I’m always surprised that Shiloh has come as far as he has, when he can’t even seem to do simple research. He would have quickly found out Kristina’s Pledge was exactly that, old news.

Diane says, impressive. Zara managed say Shiloh with a straight face. Zara says, the fact remains, Diane’s client concealed a child from her client, and he was denied his parental rights. And she intends to prove it.

Jax asks how Curtis found him. Curtis says Aurora wouldn’t be using him to revamp their security if they knew his ways. Jax says, Drew mentioned him, and said Curtis wasn’t interested. Curtis says that’s not what he said. He said he needed to think about it. So he thought. If he takes the job, they’ll be up close and personal. He can’t protect them unless he knows them inside and out. Is he ready to open up?

Dev tells Carly that he doesn’t want to cause a problem. He’ll leave. Carly says, no. Sonny will fix things. He says he’s a stranger in her home, and she says they can fix that. Tell her about his family. He says, anything but that. She asks where he learned to speak English, and he says, TV, movies. He can do an American accent. It’s impressive. Carly says, almost as impressive as him lifting Sonny’s cell phone. Dev says he’s a professional. She says if he hadn’t tried to steal Sonny’s phone, he wouldn’t have been there to save his life.

Sonny tells Robert that his people were supposed to provide protection for Dev. Robert says, he and his people have parted company. Sonny says, it sounds like it wasn’t mutually agreed upon. Ignoring that, Robert says he reached out to a former colleague. The Bureau agreed to give Dev a new identity, a place out of harm’s way, and some cash, but Dev took one look, and bolted. He probably thinks they’re a bunch of backstabbing bastards. They don’t think Dev is an asset or obligation. He’s just someone else’s problem.

Alexis tells Shiloh not to even think about contacting her daughters. He says he’ll honor her wishes. She’ll need to have a word with them though. They can’t seem to stay away from him. Zara comes in, and tells Shiloh, let’s talk. Diane asks why Alexis is still there. Alexis says, thank God Diane came back. He’s a cancer. Diane agrees, and says she’s going to win this case. Alexis says, he’ll still walk. Her baby’s not safe until that man is behind bars – or in the ground.

Sonny asks Robert what the situation is, and Robert says, not all of Raj’s people are in custody. Dev is still a target. Sonny says, maybe. He managed to evade the Bureau, and slip into the US. It seems to him, Dev is good at looking out for himself, but he turned up on Sonny’s doorstep, and he has him at the house. If anyone asks questions… Robert says, he hasn’t seen him. Which is the truth, as it turns out.

Carly can’t imagine how hard it was to make it there, and Dev says, it was difficult, but he’s not without talents. She asks why he’s alone, and he says the Bureau offered him assistance, but it didn’t meet his needs. She says Sonny’s assistance is more to his liking. He says, it was a leap of faith, and he’s been rewarded. She says that Milo picked up some clothes for him, and he can shower and change. He thanks her, and she tells him, pull back on the humble gratitude. A little goes a long way.

He goes outside, and finds Josslyn under the window.

Jax tells Curtis that he’s not used to potential employees approaching him. Curtis says he didn’t want to take the job if Jax didn’t want him to. Why waste both their time? Jax says, if Curtis is hired, Curtis will have access to his life. He can’t speak for Drew. Curtis says a lot people say that until the excavation begins. There are secrets buried for so long, they forget they had them. Jax says he doesn’t have any, and Curtis says he’s not thinking hard. He puts a stack of papers about an inch thick on the table, and says he managed to find all this in a matter of minutes.

Franco tells Aiden that he’s a budding rock star. Lulu says she’s proud of Charlotte. Nina says Charlotte doesn’t want to be late for the relay race. Charlotte wishes they were riding instead. Valentin says, in honor of her award, they’ll take the horses out when they get home. Lulu tells Charlotte not to forget about the gift. Aiden presents Willow with flowers, and Charlotte gives her a book of photos to remember the year. Charlotte is going to miss her. Willow says she’ll miss Charlotte too, but Charlotte says, fourth grade is just one floor up. She’ll still see Willow next year, right?

Josslyn asks Carly how long Dev is staying. Carly doesn’t know, and Josslyn asks if she doesn’t care about Sonny bringing home a random kid from Turkey for an indefinite stay. Carly asks how Josslyn knows he’s from Turkey, and Josslyn says she heard him tell her. Yes, she was eavesdropping, but this was completely unexpected. Carly says Josslyn just had to ask, and she would have told her. Josslyn says whatever Carly told her, she’d have to accept, so she wanted to hear it firsthand. She wishes Dev hadn’t caught her. It was too embarrassing. Josslyn says, now that she knows the truth, they need to figure out what to do next. Carly suggests cleaning up the toys. When Sonny gets home, they’ll figure out what happens next

A staff member comes into Willow’s classroom, and says Principal Schultz wants to speak with her. Willow says she has a pressing appointment, and the woman says she’ll try to hurry him. Franco says she doesn’t want to keep the principal waiting, and Willow says he’s not her principal anymore. She can’t be late. Nina has one question. Charlotte got all A’s, and Willow gave her the Kindness Counts award. Willow says Charlotte worked hard on showing kindness and concern to her classmates. Her grades speak for themselves. If they put her in the accelerated program, she’ll thrive, but Willow thinks she’ll miss her friends. Valentin appreciates her candor, and says they expect great things from Charlotte. Willow wishes she was going to be there to see them.

Diane says Alexis didn’t just threaten someone’s life in front of an officer of the court. Alexis says she was speaking metaphorically. Diane tells her, get her head on straight, and she’ll be fine. Alexis says, will she? Diane goes into the courtroom, and Judge Walters sits on the bench. The bailiff announces, David Henry Archer vs Willow Tait. Um… wouldn’t they be using her real name, since they’re using his? The judge asks where Diane’s client is.

Willow says she must be going. Lulu says she can’t go. Willow says she’s going to be late, but Lulu promises it will be worth it.

Carly says, Robert was fired? and Sonny says, more like forced retirement. He’s not happy. Carly says that’s not good for him, but Sonny says it doesn’t change his obligation to protect Dev, now that he gave the WSB the slip. Josslyn comes back in, and asks, what’s up with their guest. Carly says, the question of the hour. Dev joins them, and Sonny asks if he likes his room. Dev says it’s comfortable, and Sonny says it’s his for the summer. He’s staying for the summer, and after that, they’ll see. Methinks Sonny might put him to work. Josslyn asks what to say to people, and Sonny says, meet Dev; it’s short for Devon, his cousin. Josslyn says he has a cousin named Devon? and Sonny says, he does now.

On Monday, Curtis asks Jordan what she’s doing, Willow is late for court, and Jason tells Drew that Shiloh murdered Willow’s father.

💼 The New Lawyer in Town…

Rumor had it that it was going to be Ric Lansing or Nora Buchanan (my pick), but, in the end, it was a new character, Zara Amir.

💍 Another 90 Baby…

My favorite franchise, 90 Day Fiancé, never seems to run out of ideas to milk the original idea. This season, besides my favorite within my favorite, Pillow Talk, TLC is presenting 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, where Americans go to another country in the hopes of making it to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? I don’t know what the consolation prize would be here, since none of the Americans seem to be jonesing for citizenship in another country. I’m happy to say, the people are just as awful though. I’ve never recapped this franchise, simply because I don’t want my attention divided as I stare in horrified fascination.

The Other Way’s cast includes Jenny and Sumit (from India), she being thirty years his senior. Under normal circumstances, who knows? This could probably work out, but at 30, he’s still under his parents’ thumbs, and they didn’t want him marrying Jenny. She’s coming anyway, and he rented an apartment, telling his parents he’s moving for a job. I don’t care what country you’re from; that seems a little old to be lying to your parents about living with someone in anticipation of marriage. Although I’m sure one of the reasons they’re unhappy with the match is that they won’t be getting any grandchildren. When they first met online, Sumit was catfishing Jenny – he’d been bored at his job, but came clean later, when he developed feelings – but they actually seem like nice people. Even if he is parent whipped, and she’s insane for moving to a place she’s unfamiliar with, bringing only $6K and a pipedream.

Then there’s Corey and Evelin (from Ecuador), whose name sounds way too much like Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe. Evelin stayed in the US for six months, but didn’t take to it the way Corey would have liked. She told him if it was going to work out, he’d have to move to her country. He’d also given her a bunch of money, some of which was to buy a bar and start a business. The catch was, it had to be in her name, since he wasn’t a citizen of the country. All of this would be fine, except she does not seem into at all. She barely seemed interested in the relationship. And in the last episode, she did not meet him at the airport. Rut-roh.

Next is the obligatory, seems meant to be if not for those obstacles, couple, Tiffany and Ronald (from South Africa). Tiffany has a son, and Ronald has a gambling addiction. She promised she’d be there when he got out of rehab, and they’re getting married in a few weeks. This could definitely work, but his recovery is a little fresh. He also has some, albeit dismissed, criminal charges on his record, which is why Tiffany had to go the other way.

We haven’t seen Deavon and Jihoon (from South Korea) yet, but she’s having his baby.

Sliding in from the original 90 Day Fiancé, is Paul and Karine (from Brazil – like way out in Brazil). Paul is still the same nutjob he was on the other show, somehow getting past the criminal charges that were keeping him out of the country, and having a meltdown at the airport when he was told, due to an embargo, he could only bring two bags. They’re married already, Karine is pregnant, and a town on the Amazon is the last place Paul should be living. While he’s learned no Brazilian whatsoever, she’s taking English classes so she can tell him what an a-hole he is in his native tongue.

Speaking of married already, so are Laura and Aladin (from Qatar). Apparently, you need a marriage license to even check into a hotel together, so they tied that knot. While the age gap isn’t quite as wide as Jenny and Sumit – Aladin is the younger this time, by 22 years – the odds seem slimmer. They are drastically not on the same level in the looks department. I’m not saying looks are all that important, and I’m certainly not saying it doesn’t happen, but it seems unlikely it would happen this way. He’s a trainer with a six-pack, and she’s a not-exactly-fit retired lady who lives in Florida. She plays Bingo. And not Drag Queen Bingo either. Bingo for retired people in Florida. With her son. I do have to give her props on catfishing her first husband when she suspected an affair. As her alter-ego, she told him there was nothing she loved more than a bald-headed man. When he asked her to shave his head because he wanted to try the style, she knew her marriage was over. I don’t see this lasting, but who knows?

🍵 The Other Tea…

Laura’s reels in her ex.

And jumps the shark.

Meet the cast.

📣 Quotes of the Week

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.Langston Hughes, American playwright

Chinese sons think their moms fart Chanel No. 5. – Peik Lin (Awkwafina), Crazy Rich Asians

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; and the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward

We are no longer happy as soon as we wish to be happier. – Walter Savage Landor

You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. The bad days make you realize what a good day is. If you never had any bad days, you would never have that sense of accomplishment!Aly Raisman

The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. – Joshua Harris

What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork. – Pearl Bailey

Everything I know I learned from dogs.Nora Roberts

🎸 These Guys Live For the Weekend…

Don’t we all? But this is more the reality:


Than this: