June 21, 2019 – The Last Class Collides With Court, Shiloh’s Lawyer, the Other 90, New 90 News, Four Plus Four Quotes & Weekend Living


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev scarfs down food. Sonny asks if he’s still hungry, and Carly says they still have Olivia’s leftover ziti. Dev is all for it, and says they’re too kind. Sonny frowns and ponders as he sips his coffee.

Curtis meets Valentin at Kelly’s. Valentin says he expects daily updates, but Curtis says he’s not working for Valentin. Valentin says Curtis knows Jax, and knows he’s a shark. Nina needs protection.

At the MetroCourt, Jax gives Nina the projection figures for Crimson. She says Crimson’s readership is already up since they announced Ava being on the cover, and the team is thinking up new ways to cash in on her notoriety. He asks, what about after that? and she says, the next issue will be even better. He says she sounds confident, and she says she thought liked that about her

Willow gets ready to welcome the parents for the students’ awards ceremony. Elizabeth, Franco, and Lulu arrive early. Elizabeth has brought cupcakes, and suggests Willow have one before the kids devour them. Franco says he’s just the delivery guy; Aiden made them all by himself. Apparently, Franco isn’t qualified to ice a cupcake. Willow says she’ll miss Aiden’s baked goods almost as much as she’ll miss the kids. Diane calls, reminding Willow that they have court this afternoon. Willow says she’ll be there by three, but Diane would prefer 1:30, so they can go over their strategy. She can’t stress the importance of Willow’s timely presence. Willow says she’ll absolutely be there, but just can’t miss the award ceremony. Diane commends her dedication, but is asking her to prioritize. The hearing will make sure Shiloh never gets near her son, so be on time. Willow says she will be.

Diane goes into the courtroom, and asks what Alexis is doing there. Alexis says her hearing ran late, then admits she wanted to run into Diane. Diane says she plans to keep Willow out of Shiloh’s crosshairs, and Alexis asks her for specifics. Diane understands she’s worried, but says, trust her. There’s no legal evidence to prove Shiloh’s biological relationship. Alexis says Shiloh tends to make his own interpretation of the law, and she’s concerned about the judge. Diane suggests she spend her energy unloading on Neil, or vice versa. Alexis says she was just offering a sounding board, but Diane says she doesn’t need one. What she needs, is for Alexis to leave, so Shiloh doesn’t see their heads together. Shiloh says, too late, and I wonder why he’s like, three hours early.

Elizabeth tells Willow that they have an ulterior motive. Franco says they didn’t want to do this in front of the other parents. Lulu gives her an envelope from the MetroCourt, and says, it’s the ultimate package for services and lunch. Willow says, it’s too much, but Lulu says for Willow wrangling her kid and Nina, it falls short. Elizabeth doesn’t know what they would have done her helping Aiden. Willow says, he toughed it out, and he will, until he finds his place. Elizabeth says she played a big part in making him tougher, and Franco says they’re working on something else. He tells Lulu, what about the other thing, and Lulu gives her a wine bag. Franco says, don’t drink it all in one place, and Elizabeth says, or alone. She thinks Chase will like it. Willow says she hopes they have reason to celebrate.

Alexis says she was just relaying her hard-earned knowledge of Shiloh’s depravity to Diane. Diane says she’s itching to get it on record. Shiloh says he’s in pain, and he thinks they take pleasure in it. Alexis says she’s getting off on it, and Diane adds, what she said. Shiloh knows Alexis has a sadistic streak, but Diane is a mystery. He says she should take a class to plumb her psychic trauma. She says, hard pass. Her phone dings, and she steps away. Alexis says Shiloh can try to prove he’s the father, but he won’t be able to do it. He tells her to wait, but she has nothing more to say. He tells her, just listen.

Josslyn watches Dev eat. He asks if there’s something on his face, and she says no; she’s just curious. How does he know Sonny? He says, they’re friends. She asks who he thinks called Sonny for him. If not for her, he’d still be at the PCPD. He says if not for her, he wouldn’t have gotten arrested in the first place. She asks who was holding the bag of stolen property? and he says she’s right. It was foolish, and she saved him. How can he ever thank her? Carly tells Sonny, that kid can eat. Sonny says, it looks like he hasn’t had three squares in a long time. She says Dev didn’t come to the US under conventional circumstances, and they’re not a low key family. People are going to notice.

Valentin tells Curtis that Jax is charming, sophisticated, and has the golden touch when it comes to business. But if he digs deeper, he’ll see the first business Jax had was co-run by his brother Jerry, a convicted arms dealer and smuggler. Curtis says Valentin should be the last one to talk. As far as he can see, Jax is a legitimate businessman, like Drew. Valentin says Drew gave Nina a wide berth and proper respect. Jax has other designs. He wants to be involved in the day to day running of the magazine, and it’s already created friction. Curtis says, so Nina came Valentin for help? He has a friendly warning; let Nina fight her own battles. If he sticks his nose in, she might turn on him. Valentin tells him to look into Jax and his agenda, and make sure there’s no conflict of interest. Curtis says, hers or his? Valentin says hers are his, because he loves her and needs to protect her. He hopes Curtis understands.

Jax asks if Nina still thinks he’s too good to be true, and she says, that’s yet be determined. He drops down from the sky, charming and gorgeous, bringing champagne, assures her that they’ll make Crimson bigger and better, and then sabotages her. He says he got Ava’s signature, and she says after he unloaded on her. Nina has to bite her tongue until it bleeds, but she has her eyes on the bigger prize. He says she saved the magazine for the greater good, and he’s grateful. She says, not grateful enough to give her the autonomy she had before. He says they were underfunded and overextended, and would have gone under. He has faith they can take Crimson to new heights. If she wants it to be successful, they need to trust each other and work as a team. She says maybe she’ll quit his team and go to another one.

Valentin says he was under the impression that Curtis’s wife recently had transplant surgery, and Mac is acting commissioner. Curtis says, so? Valentin says maybe he’d appreciate another stream of income. He’ll compensate Curtis handsomely. Curtis says, research only? and Valentin tells Curtis to bring him whatever his research uncovers, and he’ll act on it, or not, of his own accord.

Jax asks if Nina wants to quit, and she says it makes her want to walk when someone questions her. She doesn’t want to leave, since she poured her blood, sweat, and tears into the magazine, making it her own. He says it would hurt to let her go, but he will. She says she has a daughter and stepdaughter, and more going on in her life than just the magazine. Jax says he’d be disappointed. Under her leadership, he thinks the magazine will not only survive, but thrive. She’s honed the content, expanded the readership, and gave the magazine a voice beyond fashion, but collaboration and sacrifice lie at the heart of business. She asks if he thinks he can do it on his own, and he says, maybe he can, but he doesn’t have to. They both want success, but if they can’t agree on how to achieve, and if she can’t work with him, she’s free go. He warns her though, she won’t have it half as good anywhere else.

Robert approaches the table, and says, Jasper Jax. Nina takes it as her cue to leave. There’s somewhere she needs to be. She says, until they meet again. Jax says he looks forward to it, and Nina says, but will she? Robert says, the old Jax charm not working like it used to? Jax assumes he’s representing the WSB. HIs hands are clean. Robert says it’s not Jax’s hands he’s worried about.

Dev tells Josslyn that he’s short on cash. How about flowers? There are beautiful rose bushes outside. She says, those are Sonny’s, and advises him not to touch them. He asks how he can show his gratitude, and she suggests he shower her with information. Where is he from, and how does he know Sonny? He says, it’s complicated, and she says they’ll start easy. What’s his real name? Sonny says he has to take care of some things. Dev asks where they’re going, but Sonny says Dev is staying put. Dev says he barely knows Carly and Josslyn, but Sonny tells him, stay out of trouble. He’ll have his guys keep an eye on things. Carly promises to take great care of Dev, and Sonny says he’ll be back soon. Everything has to be sorted out. On the side, he tells Carly, obviously Josslyn is asking questions, but the less she knows, the less he has to lie about.

Shiloh apologizes for failing Alexis. He thinks if they built upon her initial success, the distance between them wouldn’t be as daunting. She asks if he believes that insipid drivel. He says he pities her, but pities her daughters more. Now he sees how they came by their faithlessness; they learned from her. She says he can’t possibly be lecturing her on family and love. He says he has a son, and would never do anything to hurt him. Can she say the same about her and her children?

Dev asks Josslyn if she has any Idea where Sonny is going. She suggests he ask Sonny, since they’re friends. He says she’s Sonny’s stepdaughter, but she says Sonny never tells her about his business, or anything questionable. That might explain why she knows next to nothing about him. He asks if she thinks he’s questionable, and she says, is he? Carly asks Josslyn to pick up Avery’s toys on the deck. She goes outside, but crouches under the window to listen. Carly asks if Dev is still hungry, and he says it was delicious. She wonders what he did to help Sonny and Dante in Turkey. He says, not much, but she says, Sonny said otherwise, and Dev wouldn’t have left if he wasn’t in danger. They need to talk about how to make things safe, for him and her family.

Sonny tells Jax, the rumor at the Bureau is that where Jax goes his low-life brother follows. Jax says he hasn’t seen Jerry in years. After he escaped Steinmaur, Jax doesn’t know where he went. Robert says he was a no-show at their mother’s funeral. Jax says he didn’t see Jerry. Robert says, didn’t or didn’t want to? He hasn’t gotten over Jerry’s role in Robin’s captivity. If Jerry so much as checks the weather in Port Charles, he’ll dismember him. Jax says, if they’re going to co-exist, they have to get along. Robert says his date is there. Nice chat. He leaves, and Curtis approaches. Curtis says Jax is one of a kind. Jax says he doesn’t know Curtis, and Curtis says he doesn’t, but he will.

Robert asks Sonny why he didn’t come by to say hi, but Sonny says he has enough Jax in his life. Robert suggests Sonny cut to the chase. Sonny says, the WSB owes Dev, and it’s time to pay up.

Nina stands outside of Willow’s classroom, where Valentin finds her. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says psyching herself up for the final judgement round. Willow will be gone after this, and she was excited, but she and Jax got into it. She threatened to quit, but it’s as likely as her quitting Valentin. It’s impossible. He tells her, once more, unto the breach, and they go in.

Willow tells the parents that the kids will be there any minute; find a spot, and get their cameras ready. She thanks them for coming. She’s had an amazing year. It’s been a privilege and rewarding to teach this third grade class. The class has had its ups and downs, but that’s true of any class. The unique way they came together was impressive; both individually and as a group. She might be their teacher, but she did just as much learning, thanks to the kids, and their parents’ commitment to their growth. It’s been a hard year at times, but she wouldn’t change a second. She looks at Nina.

Diane sees a woman in the hallway, and says, Zara Amir. Her reputation precedes her. Zara says Diane’s does too. She’s had success in family court, but Diane has had more in criminal court. Although Sonny Corinthos has had his share of custody battles. Diane says she never discusses her clients if they’re not present. Zara says Diane’s client this time is Willow, and hers is Shiloh.

Alexis says Shiloh will be glad to know she’s working on her relationship with Kristina. He hopes that’s true, but he’s worried about Kristina’s well-being. She was his finest, most trusted student. It was satisfying to both parties. Kristina worked hard and gave of herself; it’s a bond not easily broken. Nothing can erase the Pledge she made to him and DOD. Alexis must know all about that. He’s sure Kristina shared its meaning, for her in particular, or hasn’t she?

Alexis tells Shiloh that she knows what Kristina’s Pledge was; blackmail. She knows it hinges on her, and Shiloh says, but not how? She says whatever Kristina told him, he misunderstood or it’s old news. If he was going to use it, he’d have done it by now. He says, the Pledges are sacred; made in confidence. He’d never divulge them or use them as leverage or blackmail. She says, come and get me, you SOB. He says even though she’s exhibited rage, he can’t give up on her or her daughter. They have so much work left to do. Interesting that Alexis used the term old news. I’m always surprised that Shiloh has come as far as he has, when he can’t even seem to do simple research. He would have quickly found out Kristina’s Pledge was exactly that, old news.

Diane says, impressive. Zara managed say Shiloh with a straight face. Zara says, the fact remains, Diane’s client concealed a child from her client, and he was denied his parental rights. And she intends to prove it.

Jax asks how Curtis found him. Curtis says Aurora wouldn’t be using him to revamp their security if they knew his ways. Jax says, Drew mentioned him, and said Curtis wasn’t interested. Curtis says that’s not what he said. He said he needed to think about it. So he thought. If he takes the job, they’ll be up close and personal. He can’t protect them unless he knows them inside and out. Is he ready to open up?

Dev tells Carly that he doesn’t want to cause a problem. He’ll leave. Carly says, no. Sonny will fix things. He says he’s a stranger in her home, and she says they can fix that. Tell her about his family. He says, anything but that. She asks where he learned to speak English, and he says, TV, movies. He can do an American accent. It’s impressive. Carly says, almost as impressive as him lifting Sonny’s cell phone. Dev says he’s a professional. She says if he hadn’t tried to steal Sonny’s phone, he wouldn’t have been there to save his life.

Sonny tells Robert that his people were supposed to provide protection for Dev. Robert says, he and his people have parted company. Sonny says, it sounds like it wasn’t mutually agreed upon. Ignoring that, Robert says he reached out to a former colleague. The Bureau agreed to give Dev a new identity, a place out of harm’s way, and some cash, but Dev took one look, and bolted. He probably thinks they’re a bunch of backstabbing bastards. They don’t think Dev is an asset or obligation. He’s just someone else’s problem.

Alexis tells Shiloh not to even think about contacting her daughters. He says he’ll honor her wishes. She’ll need to have a word with them though. They can’t seem to stay away from him. Zara comes in, and tells Shiloh, let’s talk. Diane asks why Alexis is still there. Alexis says, thank God Diane came back. He’s a cancer. Diane agrees, and says she’s going to win this case. Alexis says, he’ll still walk. Her baby’s not safe until that man is behind bars – or in the ground.

Sonny asks Robert what the situation is, and Robert says, not all of Raj’s people are in custody. Dev is still a target. Sonny says, maybe. He managed to evade the Bureau, and slip into the US. It seems to him, Dev is good at looking out for himself, but he turned up on Sonny’s doorstep, and he has him at the house. If anyone asks questions… Robert says, he hasn’t seen him. Which is the truth, as it turns out.

Carly can’t imagine how hard it was to make it there, and Dev says, it was difficult, but he’s not without talents. She asks why he’s alone, and he says the Bureau offered him assistance, but it didn’t meet his needs. She says Sonny’s assistance is more to his liking. He says, it was a leap of faith, and he’s been rewarded. She says that Milo picked up some clothes for him, and he can shower and change. He thanks her, and she tells him, pull back on the humble gratitude. A little goes a long way.

He goes outside, and finds Josslyn under the window.

Jax tells Curtis that he’s not used to potential employees approaching him. Curtis says he didn’t want to take the job if Jax didn’t want him to. Why waste both their time? Jax says, if Curtis is hired, Curtis will have access to his life. He can’t speak for Drew. Curtis says a lot people say that until the excavation begins. There are secrets buried for so long, they forget they had them. Jax says he doesn’t have any, and Curtis says he’s not thinking hard. He puts a stack of papers about an inch thick on the table, and says he managed to find all this in a matter of minutes.

Franco tells Aiden that he’s a budding rock star. Lulu says she’s proud of Charlotte. Nina says Charlotte doesn’t want to be late for the relay race. Charlotte wishes they were riding instead. Valentin says, in honor of her award, they’ll take the horses out when they get home. Lulu tells Charlotte not to forget about the gift. Aiden presents Willow with flowers, and Charlotte gives her a book of photos to remember the year. Charlotte is going to miss her. Willow says she’ll miss Charlotte too, but Charlotte says, fourth grade is just one floor up. She’ll still see Willow next year, right?

Josslyn asks Carly how long Dev is staying. Carly doesn’t know, and Josslyn asks if she doesn’t care about Sonny bringing home a random kid from Turkey for an indefinite stay. Carly asks how Josslyn knows he’s from Turkey, and Josslyn says she heard him tell her. Yes, she was eavesdropping, but this was completely unexpected. Carly says Josslyn just had to ask, and she would have told her. Josslyn says whatever Carly told her, she’d have to accept, so she wanted to hear it firsthand. She wishes Dev hadn’t caught her. It was too embarrassing. Josslyn says, now that she knows the truth, they need to figure out what to do next. Carly suggests cleaning up the toys. When Sonny gets home, they’ll figure out what happens next

A staff member comes into Willow’s classroom, and says Principal Schultz wants to speak with her. Willow says she has a pressing appointment, and the woman says she’ll try to hurry him. Franco says she doesn’t want to keep the principal waiting, and Willow says he’s not her principal anymore. She can’t be late. Nina has one question. Charlotte got all A’s, and Willow gave her the Kindness Counts award. Willow says Charlotte worked hard on showing kindness and concern to her classmates. Her grades speak for themselves. If they put her in the accelerated program, she’ll thrive, but Willow thinks she’ll miss her friends. Valentin appreciates her candor, and says they expect great things from Charlotte. Willow wishes she was going to be there to see them.

Diane says Alexis didn’t just threaten someone’s life in front of an officer of the court. Alexis says she was speaking metaphorically. Diane tells her, get her head on straight, and she’ll be fine. Alexis says, will she? Diane goes into the courtroom, and Judge Walters sits on the bench. The bailiff announces, David Henry Archer vs Willow Tait. Um… wouldn’t they be using her real name, since they’re using his? The judge asks where Diane’s client is.

Willow says she must be going. Lulu says she can’t go. Willow says she’s going to be late, but Lulu promises it will be worth it.

Carly says, Robert was fired? and Sonny says, more like forced retirement. He’s not happy. Carly says that’s not good for him, but Sonny says it doesn’t change his obligation to protect Dev, now that he gave the WSB the slip. Josslyn comes back in, and asks, what’s up with their guest. Carly says, the question of the hour. Dev joins them, and Sonny asks if he likes his room. Dev says it’s comfortable, and Sonny says it’s his for the summer. He’s staying for the summer, and after that, they’ll see. Methinks Sonny might put him to work. Josslyn asks what to say to people, and Sonny says, meet Dev; it’s short for Devon, his cousin. Josslyn says he has a cousin named Devon? and Sonny says, he does now.

On Monday, Curtis asks Jordan what she’s doing, Willow is late for court, and Jason tells Drew that Shiloh murdered Willow’s father.

💼 The New Lawyer in Town…

Rumor had it that it was going to be Ric Lansing or Nora Buchanan (my pick), but, in the end, it was a new character, Zara Amir.


💍 Another 90 Baby…

My favorite franchise, 90 Day Fiancé, never seems to run out of ideas to milk the original idea. This season, besides my favorite within my favorite, Pillow Talk, TLC is presenting 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, where Americans go to another country in the hopes of making it to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? I don’t know what the consolation prize would be here, since none of the Americans seem to be jonesing for citizenship in another country. I’m happy to say, the people are just as awful though. I’ve never recapped this franchise, simply because I don’t want my attention divided as I stare in horrified fascination.

The Other Way’s cast includes Jenny and Sumit (from India), she being thirty years his senior. Under normal circumstances, who knows? This could probably work out, but at 30, he’s still under his parents’ thumbs, and they didn’t want him marrying Jenny. She’s coming anyway, and he rented an apartment, telling his parents he’s moving for a job. I don’t care what country you’re from; that seems a little old to be lying to your parents about living with someone in anticipation of marriage. Although I’m sure one of the reasons they’re unhappy with the match is that they won’t be getting any grandchildren. When they first met online, Sumit was catfishing Jenny – he’d been bored at his job, but came clean later, when he developed feelings – but they actually seem like nice people. Even if he is parent whipped, and she’s insane for moving to a place she’s unfamiliar with, bringing only $6K and a pipedream.

Then there’s Corey and Evelin (from Ecuador), whose name sounds way too much like Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe. Evelin stayed in the US for six months, but didn’t take to it the way Corey would have liked. She told him if it was going to work out, he’d have to move to her country. He’d also given her a bunch of money, some of which was to buy a bar and start a business. The catch was, it had to be in her name, since he wasn’t a citizen of the country. All of this would be fine, except she does not seem into at all. She barely seemed interested in the relationship. And in the last episode, she did not meet him at the airport. Rut-roh.

Next is the obligatory, seems meant to be if not for those obstacles, couple, Tiffany and Ronald (from South Africa). Tiffany has a son, and Ronald has a gambling addiction. She promised she’d be there when he got out of rehab, and they’re getting married in a few weeks. This could definitely work, but his recovery is a little fresh. He also has some, albeit dismissed, criminal charges on his record, which is why Tiffany had to go the other way.

We haven’t seen Deavon and Jihoon (from South Korea) yet, but she’s having his baby.

Sliding in from the original 90 Day Fiancé, is Paul and Karine (from Brazil – like way out in Brazil). Paul is still the same nutjob he was on the other show, somehow getting past the criminal charges that were keeping him out of the country, and having a meltdown at the airport when he was told, due to an embargo, he could only bring two bags. They’re married already, Karine is pregnant, and a town on the Amazon is the last place Paul should be living. While he’s learned no Brazilian whatsoever, she’s taking English classes so she can tell him what an a-hole he is in his native tongue.

Speaking of married already, so are Laura and Aladin (from Qatar). Apparently, you need a marriage license to even check into a hotel together, so they tied that knot. While the age gap isn’t quite as wide as Jenny and Sumit – Aladin is the younger this time, by 22 years – the odds seem slimmer. They are drastically not on the same level in the looks department. I’m not saying looks are all that important, and I’m certainly not saying it doesn’t happen, but it seems unlikely it would happen this way. He’s a trainer with a six-pack, and she’s a not-exactly-fit retired lady who lives in Florida. She plays Bingo. And not Drag Queen Bingo either. Bingo for retired people in Florida. With her son. I do have to give her props on catfishing her first husband when she suspected an affair. As her alter-ego, she told him there was nothing she loved more than a bald-headed man. When he asked her to shave his head because he wanted to try the style, she knew her marriage was over. I don’t see this lasting, but who knows?

🍵 The Other Tea…

Laura’s reels in her ex.


And jumps the shark.


Meet the cast.


📣 Quotes of the Week

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.Langston Hughes, American playwright

Chinese sons think their moms fart Chanel No. 5. – Peik Lin (Awkwafina), Crazy Rich Asians

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; and the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward

We are no longer happy as soon as we wish to be happier. – Walter Savage Landor

You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. The bad days make you realize what a good day is. If you never had any bad days, you would never have that sense of accomplishment!Aly Raisman

The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. – Joshua Harris

What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork. – Pearl Bailey

Everything I know I learned from dogs.Nora Roberts

🎸 These Guys Live For the Weekend…

Don’t we all? But this is more the reality:


Than this:


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