July 12, 2019 – Shiloh Replaces Willow, Bravo Save the Queen, Three Times Three Quotes & Weekend Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev and Sonny walk into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s. Dev tells Sonny, Bensonhurst, New York City, and Sonny tells him, just say Brooklyn. He says Dev is doing good with Corinthos and Corbin, and he wants to move on to something more important. He needs to know who Sonny’s enemies are.

Jax walks into Nina’s office while she’s getting flowers for Obrecht. When she’s finished, she says she should get some for him too; he saved her aunt. He says he and Finn were just there at the right time. Nina wonders what the deal is between him and Hayden.

Finn asks Chase if something is wrong, and he says that’s what he’s trying to figure out. He needs to ask Hayden some questions. She says, ask away. He says, in public? but she says she doesn’t mind. Finn tells her the detective is his brother. Hayden says, since when? Chase says he’ll tell her the whole story on the way to the station. She asks what it’s about, and he says the attempted murder of Obrecht. Finn says, it’s a mistake, and Hayden asks if it’s some kind of joke. Chase says, not at all, and tells Finn he has orders. Hayden says, it’s ridiculous, but goes with him. Finn follows. Laura and Lulu come out of the elevator, and Chase greets Laura saying, Madam Mayor. Hayden is surprised, and Laura tells her, lots has changed since they last saw her. Hayden says she’s getting that impression.

Going into the restaurant, Lulu asks if Laura knew Hayden was back, but she says this is the first she’s heard. Valentin approaches them, and asks to talk to Lulu about Charlotte’s schedule for the rest of the summer. He knows she’s spread thin with Dante out of town for the foreseeable future. He’s there to pick up the slack where Charlotte is concerned.

Maxie and Peter wait at the WSB. Maxie tells Peter, relax, but he says, it’s not every day he walks into the enemy’s lair. She says, they’re not the enemy anymore. He’s one of the good guys. He says, some might disagree, but she says plenty will agree when they reunite Dante with his family.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh is on his way to GH to pick up DNA test results he’s had run on Wiley. Mac comes out, saying he has a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest, and Jason tells him that Shiloh is at GH. Mac says it makes his job easier. Sam says she’ll see him there, and he tells them he hopes they don’t think he’s deputizing them. Sam says it’s personal to her. Shiloh didn’t just hurt her, but hurt her family. Mac says, what the hell. He’s only a temp anyway.

Curtis tells Jordan that he can get used to that kind of check-up. Jordan says, only good news. He says her kidney is functioning properly, and she’s on track with the anti-rejection meds. They couldn’t ask for much more. Jordan says, the green light to go back to work, and he says she’s impossible. She’s glad her recovery is going smoothly, and she’s aware of how lucky she is, but she’s going stir crazy. Curtis says, not for much longer.

Shiloh tells Lucas that Wiley is his son, and he has the DNA test to prove it. Lucas says he can’t take Wiley away from his parents. Shiloh says he’ll be just as good a dad as Lucas and Brad ever were. Better.

In the interrogation room, Chase asks Hayden, if given the opportunity, would she push Obrecht over the side? She says, tempting, but no. Is she under arrest? He says, it’s just a friendly chat. She says they’re not friends, and she doesn’t speak to the police without her lawyer present. Finn looks through the window. Chase goes out to the squad room, and Finn asks him to go easy on Hayden. Chase says, she’s making it difficult for herself. Finn says, that’s her style. Under the cutting remarks, there’s a really good person. Chase says it sounds like Finn knows her well. Who is she?

Jax says Nina has been given the wrong impression. Nina says, on second thought, she doesn’t need to know. His personal life is just that – personal. He says she brought it up, but she says upon further consideration, they should keep their relationship professional. His private life is his, and hers is hers. Jax gets a call from Hayden, who says she needs a lawyer. Finn’s brother dragged her to the police station for the attempted murder of Obrecht. He says, Liesl? And she asks if he knows another one. After he hangs up, Nina asks what was that about her aunt? but he says he can’t say. He wouldn’t want to share personal details.

Valentin tells Lulu that he’s offering to have Charlotte stay for the summer. He thinks it would be good for her. She says she’d prefer to stick to the court ordered schedule, and he says, fine. He just thought he’d free her to work on her marriage. Laura says, Lulu has lots of help from her family – like Sonny. She wonders how Sonny would feel about Valentin interfering in his son’s affairs. Valentin says she doesn’t need thinly veiled threats. They’re on the same team, wanting the best for Charlotte. He was just trying to help.

Sonny tells Dev, Josslyn’s father isn’t dangerous, just irritating. He’s bound to run into Jax, since he’s living with Josslyn. He’s going to wonder who Dev is. Dev says there is one way to avoid that, and Sonny asks what he has in mind. Dev suggests he not go to school.

Michael visits Willow in her cell. He asks how she is, and she says, good. Better, now that he’s there. She has great news. He just missed her mother. She got a temporary release from Pentonville to give the police her statement, incriminating Shiloh. He says, so she turned? and Willow says, completely. Something shifted, and it’s like she finally saw the scope of Shiloh’s crimes. They’re arresting him now. He’ll never get his hands on Wiley.

Shiloh says Lucas did a great job, but he’ll take it from here. Unfortunately, Wiley won’t remember who Lucas is, but Shiloh will. Lucas grabs him, calling him a son of a bitch, and slams him up against the wall. Jordan and Curtis run over, and Shiloh tells Jordan to arrest Lucas. She says, no can do. She’s in no position to make an arrest. Mac joins them, and says he is. David Henry Archer, you’re under arrest.

Willow tells Michael that she was totally shocked when she saw Harmony. After all this time, Harmony was like her mom again; like she was before DOD. She said she saw Shiloh for who he is. She says Michael will never guess who her mother’s cellmate is – Nelle. She said Nelle talks about Jonah all the time. It sounds like she misses him as much as Michael does.

Shiloh asks why Mac isn’t arresting Lucas. Lucas assaulted him. Mac asks if there are witnesses. Curtis says he didn’t witness any assault. Just two guys, having it out. Mac asks if anyone saw anything different, and Jordan says, nope. Even though nobody asked him, Shiloh thinks he might name his son David Henry. Wiley is too precious a for his son. Lucas says Wiley isn’t his son, but Shiloh says when the court sees the DNA evidence, they’ll think differently. He tells Sam that she can visit, and she says if he’s in Pentonville, she just might.

Sonny says Dev is going school. End of discussion. He tells Dev that he has to have an education in order to succeed in this country. Dev is concerned that Josslyn and her friends will see how far behind he is, and he’ll draw attention to himself. Sonny says he’ll get Dev a tutor. Dev says he looked it up. He’s old enough to drop out. It’s a waste of his talent. He wants to be out learning in the real world, working for Sonny.

Chase asks if Hayden is Finn’s ex-girlfriend, and Finn says, ex fiancé. It’s complicated, and ended badly. Chase asks if he’s defending Hayden, and Finn says she made mistakes, but there’s no way she’d try to kill Obrecht. Hayden saved his life. Chase says maybe one day Finn will trust him enough to tell him the whole story. Finn sighs, and Chase says, maybe not. Jax comes in, looking for Chase. He introduces himself, and says they have a friend of his in custody – Hayden.

Laura tells Lulu not to let Valentin get to her, but Lulu admits nothing he said was untrue. Dante is gone indefinitely, and he’s not in touch. He told her not to wait. She has two kids at home, and every day she goes to work, going on fake dates for an investigative piece that makes her miss Dante. She should be respecting him, and give him the space and time he needs to heal. Laura says Lulu has been an angel. It’s natural she’d want answers. Lulu says she’s feeling resentful, when Dante is trying to get the help he needs. What about the help she needs?

A WSB agent looks at Maxie and Peter’s ID’s. He says he hopes the know how much trouble they caused their friend. He’ll have to be relocated. Maxie says it’s important they speak to their friend about his family. They have a lot to talk about. He goes back into the office, and Maxie asks Peter if he noticed the guy was armed. Doesn’t he think that’s excessive? Peter says, not necessarily. Maybe Dante is being protected.

Michael tells Willow, Nelle is broken, and can’t be repaired. Whenever she’s kind, it’s because she’s manipulating someone. No one should believe a word she says. She’s sorry to upset him, and he says the night Jonah was born, Nelle put him in Michael’s hands. She cried the right tears, but he knew deep down that she liked seeing him hurt. He wishes he could bring Jonah back, but his son is gone. He’ll be damned if he lets Shiloh take Wiley away. Willow says he won’t if he never knows the truth, but Michael says Shiloh got a call from GH that the DNA test results are in. He’s afraid it will prove he’s Wiley’s father.

Mac asks if Shiloh is coming, or does he have to cuff him? Shiloh asks what the charge is, and Mac says, extortion, false promises, and he’s a suspect in the death of Douglas Miller. (Once again, I almost type Dennis Miller.) Sam says she’ll testify that he threatened her. Lorraine will also testify against him. Shiloh looks confused for a moment, and Sam says, she stopped calling herself Harmony. Jason says he doesn’t have an alibi for the night Douglas died. Sam says, it’s over. He’s over. Shiloh says Harmony would never do that. She’s his son’s grandmother. Mac tells an officer to cuff Shiloh. He’s under arrest. He reads Shiloh his rights.

Sonny asks what Dev thinks he does, and Dev says, he’s in the coffee business. Sonny says Dev isn’t a citizen. The further away he is from customs, the better. Dev says he can make himself useful. He could be the solution to a problem Sonny never knew he had. Sonny asks if that’s what Dev had in mind. Was he looking for a safe place, or a place in Sonny’s business?

Chase says Hayden’s record is something. Fraud, fraud, blackmail, false statements, perjury, and her favorite, fraud. How could his brother have wanted to marry her? Finn said she was capable of a lot of things, but she’s not a killer. Finn has never mentioned her before. Why should he believe her? She says Finn has a habit of compartmentalizing. Chase asks her to tell him all she knows about his brother, and what he needs to know about her.

Valentin goes up to the Crimson office, and Nina asks how it went with Lulu. He says, as expected. She had no interest in him taking care of Charlotte for the summer. She says, but he did it anyway, and she admires him for it. She says something is bothering him. If it’s not Lulu, what is it? Valentin says, Jax. Her new boss is not forthcoming. He doesn’t think Jax is concerned about Crimson, but concerned with what happens between the two of them.

Dev says he was in full survival mode when Sonny met him. It’s the first time he’s thought about his future. Sonny says if he gets an education, he can be anything he wants. Dev says he wants to stand on his own; be respected, and not be afraid of anyone. Like Sonny. Sonny says if Dev wants his trust, it has to be earned. He’ll keep Dev in mind for a business opportunity, but he has to learn when to take no for an answer. Go to school. Dev says, if Sonny insists. He does, and tells Dev to think about nailing down the background. He’s sending Dev to the MetroCourt. Carly will give him a job there. Dev says, not the warehouse? Sonny says if he wants to prove himself, do it by taking direction.

Valentin tells Nina that Jax has files on him and Cassandra. He has a source who’s seen them, and is working on what’s inside and why they exist. Nina says, no offense, but considering his reputation and last name, it would be surprising if Jax didn’t have a file on him. Valentin asks, why have one on Cassandra? Nina asks what he thinks is in it, and he says he doesn’t know. That’s what his source is working on. She asks him why he doesn’t just say it. His source is Curtis.

Chase asks Hayden to tell him about the relationship his brother kept secret. They can exchange stories. Jax is brought in, and Hayden says, her white knight. Where’s his horse? Chase says security footage cleared Hayden. She says he knew she was innocent, and just wanted to pump her for information about his brother. Mac says if they’re finished with whatever that was, he’s bringing in a prisoner that might interest Chase. He leaves, and Shiloh smirks his way in.

Willow asks how Shiloh obtained DNA proof. Michael doesn’t know, but Shiloh was dropping hints at Oscar’s will reading. She says, if he can prove he’s Wiley’s father, she’s there for no reason. It’s all for nothing.

Sam tells Lucas to go home to Brad and Wiley. He says he’s not okay to drive, and she says she’ll drive. Lucas wonders how he’ll face Brad, and Sam says he doesn’t have to. It’s over. Lucas says, is it?

Laura asks what kind of help Lulu needs, and she says the kind Dante gave her. The one she knew, who would do everything he could to support his family while he was gone. That’s not the person he is right now. He hasn’t been himself since he came back from Turkey. Laura wonders if being separated makes it harder to heal. Lulu says she’s not a psychiatrist. Laura says, but they have those there. Lulu asks if the WSB doesn’t know how to handle it best. It’s not their first experience in deprogramming. Laura says their mission statement is to help all over the world, but they don’t treat their agents well. They’re not fighting for her marriage. Lulu says, so she has to.

The agent tells Maxie and Peter that their visit can’t be accommodated at this time. The patient refuses to see them. Maxie asks if he told them who they were, and that it’s on behalf of Dante’s wife, who’s worried sick. The agent says, he’s aware of that, and doesn’t care.

On the phone, Jordan suggests Robert involve the Feds in a case against Shiloh. Curtis gives her the eye, and she says, it’s just a call, not a stakeout. He tells her, he didn’t say anything. If he did, it would be that it’s the most engaged he’s seen her in moths. Finn approaches them, and says he talked to Jordan’s kidney doctor, and her kidney is the picture of health. And she shows no sign of infection. Jordan asks if she can go back to work, and he says her surgeon needs to decide, but he’ll put in a good word. He has an ulterior motive. Maybe she could make a call, and clear Hayden of Obrecht’s near-drowning.

Jax brings Hayden back to his office. He says the reason she kissed him at the reception was because she wanted Finn’s attention. She says she was happy to see him. He says, for Finn’s benefit, say something. If she doesn’t tell him they’re not together, he will.

Nina says Curtis is conveniently made head of security at Aurora just before the files are uncovered. She’s telling Drew. Valentin says, please don’t. She’ll blow Curtis’s cover. She says, Drew will be in the dark, and he asks her to give him time to find what he can. She doesn’t like keeping secrets or having them kept from her. Valentin says he’s worried they’re the crux of Jax’s plan. She says, because of Cassandra? and he says he can’t think of another reason. No one knows that they were involved in Cassandra’s near-death. She says they do, and Finn, Anna, and Obrecht. That leaves Cassandra.

Lulu asks if Sonny has a minute. He asks, what’s wrong? She says, the same thing that’s been wrong for months – Dante.

Lucas tells Sam that he remembers getting his acceptance letter to med school. This is the opposite. A paper never felt so heavy. It’s proof of Wiley’s father; proof he can be taken away from them. Sam says, it will never happen. Lucas says she doesn’t know that. Shiloh has been exposed as a criminal a hundred times over, and got away so far. Sam says the judge isn’t letting him near Wiley or taking him away.

Michael tells Willow, nothing went to waste. Her being there gave time for Sam and Jason to build a case. Shiloh is going to be convicted, and go to prison. Willow asks, for how long? Ten years? Five? Michael says he murdered her father. He’ll get life. She says what if he’s wrong? What if Shiloh beats this charge like he’s beaten everything else? What if he goes free, and takes Wiley? Michael says the test results aren’t admissible. They’ve come this far, and fought so hard; they can’t give up. He’s going to GH to see what’s going on. She thanks him for being there for her and Wiley. He says there’s no place he’d rather be.

At the station, Mac says, the evidence is quite damning. Chase says there’s no reason to keep Willow in custody now, and Mac says he’ll call Diane. Shiloh is brought in, and he says he wants a lawyer. Mac asks if he can afford one, and he says he has stock in ELQ. He can afford the best. This case isn’t going to stand. It never does.

Jax says he and Hayden have a business arrangement. They’re not together. She says she’ll tell Finn, and he suggests she do it sooner rather than later. They have a job to do. Don’t let issues with her ex get in the way.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He asks her to call when she gets the chance. It’s nothing urgent. He just wants her to know Hayden is back in town.

Nina asks Valentin why Jax would connect them to Cassandra, unless someone told him. They didn’t, Obrecht didn’t, and she can’t see Anna or Finn doing it. Valentin says, there’s only one option. Jax and Cassandra are in touch. Jax comes into the Crimson office with Hayden. He says he was helping Hayden with a legal difficulty, and wants to get on with the budget meeting. Nina says Valentin can walk Hayden out, but Jax says, she’s part of this. Starting immediately, all financial decisions go through her. Jax tells Nina to say hello to her new CFO.

Laura gets a call from Mac saying Shiloh is under arrest. She says she can’t hear, and steps away from the table, leaving her bag on it. Dev comes in, and knocks her bag down. He starts to pick it up, and Jason takes it from his hand. They stare at each other.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. she says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry to hear that, and asks if there’s anything he can do. Lulu says he found Dante and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again.

Maxie tells the agent that Dante’s wife is worried sick. He tells them, wait there. Someone will be there soon to show them out. Maxie says she doesn’t accept this, and goes into the office. She says, Dante! No!

Jordan says Curtis didn’t tell her Hayden was back. He says the information got lost. Chase went overboard. He can’t believe Chase dragged Hayden to the PCPD. He wishes they were following her lead. He thinks they want her back. She asks if he’s suggesting she go back to work. They get in the elevator.

Chase goes to Willow’s cell. He tells her Shiloh has been arrested, and Judge Walters ordered her release. They kiss.

Sam tells Michael that he just missed the party. Shiloh was arrested. He says, fantastic. He asks about the DNA results, and Sam says he didn’t get to open them. Michael tells Lucas to destroy them. I can’t believe no one has actually bothered to take a look at the results.

Shiloh is brought into the cell, and says hello to Willow. He says he won’t be there long. He’ll be free soon. Free to be you and me a father to his son Wiley. A new day will dawn. It always does. Zzzzz…

Michael says, rip it, burn it, get rid of it. Sam says the records will still be there. There’s nothing to stop Shiloh from confirming he’s Wiley’s father. Not really answering that question, Michael says, it’s not legally admissible. It’s a failed threat. Genes don’t matter. Wiley has only two parents he needs or knows. Get rid of it. Lucas rips the envelope up, and throws it into the trashcan.

On Monday, Laura talks to Hayden, Jason says there’s going to be trouble for everyone, and Lulu says it’s time to make it right.

👠 The Sainted One…

Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who basically got ousted from her friend circle by mean girls. But they own it, which makes it okay.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. –Mark Twain

Every burden is a blessing. – Walt Kelly

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.A. J. Liebling

The best proof of love is trust.Joyce Brothers

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure. – James Altucher

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.Ann Landers

You can’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. – guest on Dr. Phil, while discussing his alcoholic mother

👯 May Your Fantasy Match Your Reality…

The real weekend situation.

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What is in my head.

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