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August 30, 2019 – Elizabeth Has a Brilliant Idea, News About 90, Bethenny Bolts, I’d Rather Ghost Than Fish, Septad Quotes & Another One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Charlie’s isn’t open yet, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Ava, who tells Julian, they need to talk. Julian asks if it can wait, but she says, it can’t. This came in the mail. She shows him an envelope, and says, a letter from Ryan.

Kristina and Sam meet at the MetroCourt for breakfast. Kristina reminds Sam that she works nights, and isn’t usually up this early. Sam thanks her for making an exception, and Kristina says she loves sister time. Sam does too, but Kristina says, the timing is too perfect.

Felicia asks if James had fun, and Mac says they bonded over the Yankees. Felicia says, the game put James to sleep. Then Mac fell asleep. He says, two peas in a pod. He didn’t mention this, since they were having a good time, but now Jordan is back, and he’s not Commissioner anymore. She says, Mac will be back by her side, running The Rib where he belongs.

Peter watches Maxie sleep. He flashes back to his conversation with Shiloh. Shiloh asks if Peter will help him get out, or would he prefer to face Robert? Everyone Peter cares about will know he was in on Drew’s kidnapping, and he was the Cassadine’s project manager. Maxie wakes up, and says she can spend the morning showing him how much she loves him. He says he loves her too. She asks, what’s wrong? He says he’s new to this, but he thinks in order for them to have each other fully, they have to tell each other the whole truth. She asks if this is about what he was trying to tell her the other day, that he’s as bad as Shiloh. He says, no. He’s worse than Shiloh.

Franco looks at the plaque in Oscar’s Meadow. Jason shows up, and Franco says, well, if it isn’t his father’s favorite son. He’s visiting the memorial of the son he never knew.

In the interrogation room, Chase tells Shiloh, chill. His hearing was delayed. Shiloh says, excellent. They can talk about Wiley. Chase says Wiley is safe with his fathers, and Willow is safe with him. Shiloh can’t touch them. Shiloh says he will when he gets out, but Chase says, that’s not going to happen. Alexis walks in, and says she thought her client was being brought up. Shiloh says, just the lady he’s looking for.

Elizabeth runs into Kim at the hospital. Kim says she was just introducing her former patients to Dr. Navarro. Elizabeth says, when that’s squared away, is she really leaving? Kim says, once Julian closes on Charlie’s, she’s hoping to get out as soon as possible. Elizabeth says Kim has been busy. Is that why Kim has been avoiding her, or does it have something to do with Franco?

Franco says Jason doesn’t consider Oscar to be his son. man of few words Jason says, no, and Franco says Jason still considers him Franco. Jason says that’s his legal identity. Franco says he’s glad he’s not that guy. He wants nothing to do with that guy or his crimes. Cabot and Shiloh did the world a favor with the memory transfer. Jason says the people who love him disagree. A lot of those people, he cares about. That’s why he can’t stand by and watch Franco hurt them.

Ava reads, dear Ava; to my precious goddess. I’ve been feasting off the memories of your visit for days. She says, it wasn’t a social visit, and Julian says he doesn’t know what she thought she’d accomplish. She says she went to peace about Kiki’s death. She asked Ryan to let her go, so Kiki could rest, but he gave her nothing. Julian tells her, tear up the letter. He doesn’t know why she opened it.

Kristina says Sam is keeping an eye on her while Shiloh is at the courthouse. Sam says, a little. She’s glad Kristina is free of Shiloh’s influence. Kristina says, more than free. She can’t wait to testify against him. Sam is worried that Shiloh is going to wiggle his way out of it. She doesn’t want him coming after Kristina. Kristina says, he wouldn’t dare. Not only does she have her father’s protection, she’s been brushing up on her boxing. There’s nothing to worry about.

Franco says Jason is talking about Elizabeth, but Jason says, not just her. He’s bound to meet Monica Quartermaine. Franco says, his stepmother? Jason says she didn’t know he existed. She has questions about Drew’s childhood. Will he answer them for her? Franco says he’ll talk to people who accept him as he is. It was difficult with Elizabeth. He can’t be the man she wants him to be. It would be better if he could take off. He’d like to start his life. Go someplace where nobody thinks he’s someone else. Jason asks how he’s going to manage that. Everything he has belongs to Franco. Franco asks what he has. A family who thinks he’s someone else? They want him to be the man they know. Kim can’t even look at him. She thinks he’s someone else, and so much time has passed, he’s ancient history. Jason says, what about Franco’s life? He made promises to Elizabeth and her sons. Is he okay with breaking those? Jason leaves, and Franco looks at the plaque again.

Kim apologizes for not returning Elizabeth’s calls. She didn’t know what to say about Franco. She knows Elizabeth saw the kiss. It took her completely by surprise, and she had no idea what was going on. Elizabeth asks if she’s seen Franco since, and Kim says she ran into him, and he wanted to know about Oscar. He considers himself Oscar’s father, and wanted to know everything. It’s very disconcerting. She sees Franco, but hears Drew. Elizabeth knows it’s confusing. How is she doing with it? Kim says she’s okay. She knows what’s going on now, and she’s just handling it.

Maxie says she told Peter before, there’s no comparison. He was an innocent victim of his father, and he’s moved on. He’s a good person, and he can’t tell her otherwise. He says, stop. He  has to get this out, and she’s making it harder. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s responsible for everything that happened to Drew and Jason.

Felicia tells Mac, that’s great news. He’s free to come back to The Floating Rib. He says he’s been offered a permanent position as Chief of Detectives, but he said he’d ask her first. She asks if it’s something he wants to do, and he says he thinks so. She tells him, accept the position.

Maxie says Peter isn’t responsible; Helena and his father are. He did what he could to keep Jason alive, so he could return home. Peter says he stashed Jason away to keep him in reserve, until he could use Jason to kill his father. He planned the whole thing, move by move. The best way to abduct Drew, and leverage Andre to be cooperative. She asks what he’s saying. He says he wasn’t brought in after the procedure. He was there from the beginning. She doesn’t believe him, but he starts to cry, and says he was there in Afghanistan with Helena when she delivered Drew. He painted himself as the victim so he could win the good graces of the people of Port Charles. He’s no innocent. He’s as guilty as Helena and his father.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she knows Franco’s not Drew. She tried to make it clear that she intends to spend the rest of her life with Julian. She’s sure Elizabeth is still planning to spend her life with her husband. Elizabeth says, absolutely. She’s just waiting for Andre to give Franco his memory back. Kim is sorry Elizabeth has to  go through this. She hopes the situation gets sorted out before she leaves, so when she goes, she knows they’re happy. They’ll talk before she leaves. Kim gets in the elevator.

Kristina tells Sam, she hates that she bought into Shiloh’s BS. Sam says, not anymore, and Kristina says, never again. He has no power over her. He’s lost his last piece of leverage.

Alexis says if Shiloh is looking for her to represent him, forget it. He says he’s not. His court appointed attorney encouraged him to plead guilty. Alexis says his attorney is better than he deserves. He’s lucky. He says he does consider himself a lucky man. Not only is he a father, he’s been given time to reflect on the people who have enriched his life, her daughter among them. Sam was an inspiration, but Kristina taught him the most important lessons.


Image result for swearing symbolsYou will never believe what happened here. The screen froze, and then it said I wasn’t authorized to view the channel. WTF, ABC? A new message appeared which led me to believe somehow Verizon had mixed up ABC with a sports channel, and a sports package is about the only thing I don’t subscribe to. After juggling remotes and rebooting, it came back. I’m in desperate need of sleep, and it’s not On Demand until the wee hours, but I only lost about five minutes. You’ll figure it out, as I did.


Elizabeth tells Scotty, an ankle monitor was a great idea, but Scotty says, it’s not forever. Franco is going to split as soon as it’s off. Elizabeth says, they have to stop him from leaving town. By force if necessary.

Kim goes to Oscar’s Meadow. She tells Oscar that she’s going to miss coming there to visit. She hopes he knows, everyplace in Port Charles makes her think of him. It’s a reminder, and makes her miss him more. She’s going to try and make a new start in Manhattan, but he’ll always be with her, no matter where she is. Franco appears, and asks why she didn’t tell him about this place. She says, she didn’t have a chance? (Her question mark.) She says, it’s Oscar’s Meadow. The Quartermaine family arranged it with the city, and they dedicated a spot to him. They put up the marker, and they all came after Oscar’s memorial to scatter wildflower seeds, and share a moment with Oscar that they remembered. He asks what moment she chose to share, and she says, encouraging him to have a relationship with his father.

Maxie tells Peter, she doesn’t understand. He’s been so good to her, and he’s close with James. She let him into their lives; into her heart. She loves him. He says he loves her too. He’s sorry. He’ll be the man she wants him to be, but he needs to be honest. He helped destroy Jason and Drew’s lives, and now Franco. He tried to keep it contained, but Shiloh is blackmailing him. Shiloh said he’s going public if Peter doesn’t help him get free. Picking up her phone, Maxie says, forget Shiloh. She’ll do it. Jason busts in, and shoots Peter. Peter wakes up, and Maxie asks, what’s wrong? Wow. Did they fool me.

Kristina asks Sam and Jason how they’re so solid. She can barely remember the last time she was in a real relationship. Not some sick excuse Shiloh encouraged. Sam says it will happen for Kristina too. Kristina says, someday she’ll find a love as great as theirs. Right now, she’s working on herself; figuring out what she wants, and going for it. She has to go, but Sam asks her to stay. She tells Sam, don’t worry. Shiloh is going straight to Pentenville. She leaves, and Jason asks if she’s really as good as she seems. Sam says, yes; she is. It makes everything they went through worth it.

Scotty says they can’t put Franco in a cage. It’s bad enough he has the ankle monitor. He was so desperate, he even tried to get Bobbie to put Franco in quarantine so he wouldn’t bolt. Elizabeth bets Bobbie didn’t like that, and Scotty says she threw drink in his face. He doesn’t blame her; it was unethical. He doesn’t think they can trap Franco like a rat. Elizabeth says, what if there was a legal way? One if, when Franco comes back, he’ll understand? She’s his wife, and if he’s mentally incapacitated, by law she’s permitted to make choices for him. She can argue that he’s not in his right mind, which is the truth. Once guardianship is granted, she can have him committed to Shadybrook, and when Andre gets there, she can make the decision to have the procedure done. Scotty says she wants Franco committed? She asks if he wants his son back. It’s the only way. Frankly, I’m surprised the hospital would even let him out, but that’s GH for you.

Franco asks what else Kim can tell him about the memorial. She says, Oscar wanted it to be a joyful occasion, and despite everything, it was. Oscar planned the whole thing, and everyone showed up. He says, even when Oscar was dying, he was making plans. He sounds like his mother. Kim was always making lists and planning. Kim says she’s learned to appreciate spontaneity. He says, as soon as she got used to a good surprise, they got one when he was deployed. She says, Franco was at the memorial, with Elizabeth and Cameron. He wishes he’d been there. He wishes he’d gotten to know their son. He thinks it might have changed things. She says she’s in a relationship now, and he asks if things are serious with Julian.

Kendra tells Alexis she has a new life plan for her. Alexis says, that’s a lofty goal. Can’t they start with cutting out junk food and exercising a little? Kendra says she can tell Alexis is ready for the holistic approach. It’s about inner strength, not just inner thighs. Julian asks if he can borrow Alexis, and she introduces him to Kendra, adding, Kendra is whipping her into shape. Julian asks if Kendra is a personal trainer, and Kendra says, among other things. He thinks Alexis is perfect as is. Julian brings Alexis over to Ava, who asks if there’s any way to get Ryan to stop writing. There must be a law against it. Alexis says she’s afraid there isn’t.

Mac says Felicia agreed pretty quickly. She just said she wanted him back. She says, yes, but she knows how much he adores police work. She was trying to make the end of his job less of a  letdown. It’s wonderful. He says, to be clear, she’s okay by herself? She says, okay with it? She loves it. Ever since he’s been gone, she’s made a million changes. She’s put locally sourced organic and vegetarian options on the menu, and their microbrews are a big hit. She had a single barrel whiskey tasting last week, and the revenues were never higher for a weekday. Their revenue overall has been higher than it’s ever been. Seeing how happy he’s been, inspired her to give her all to the restaurant. And when he comes home, it’s exciting, because it gives her an opportunity to miss him. He says he noticed an uptick in their nocturnal activities. She says, sexy cop, and he says, hot business woman.

Maxie asks if Peter had a bad dream, and he says, yes. She asks what it was about, and he says, losing her. She says, that’s not going to happen. She loves him, and she’s not going anywhere. She says they have plenty of time to order room service and make love before she has to get James. That will drive the demons away. He says he’d love to, but he can’t. He got a text about something he forgot at work. He must have dozed off after he read it. She says, nothing like work stress to freak you out. He says, sorry, and she says they’ll see each other later. It’s not the end of the world.

Sam tells Jason, they don’t have to worry about Kristina. She’s really good. She asks, what is it? and he says he ran into Franco again. He’s determined to leave town. Jason wanted to offer Franco money to just go.

Scotty tells Elizabeth, good idea. She can make medical decisions for Franco, but they still have a lot of trouble. They have to find Andre and reverse the procedure, but Franco is still locked up. She says, for his own good. Scotty wanted Franco quarantined. He says, but it was stupid, and Bobbie talked sense into him. He doesn’t want to force Franco, but Elizabeth says, it’s clear he’s incapable of making decisions on his own behalf. Scotty says, because he’s thinking like Drew, not himself. She says, exactly. Once the monitor is off, they’ll lose him forever. Scotty says, what if he hates them anyway? and she says, who cares? It’s temporary. He says, what if the reversal doesn’t work? Elizabeth tells him, when Franco gave himself up, he told Cameron to tell her that he’d be back. He can’t keep his promise on his own. Franco needs them, and Scotty needs to help his son.

Kim tells Franco, it’s very serious. She tried to keep it casual, but before she knew it, she fell in love with Julian. He asks, what about before Julian? She never married? She says, no, and he says she must have had other serious relationships. She says she dated, but Julian is the first man she’s fallen for since Drew.

Ava says, there’s got to be something that can be done, but Alexis says, unfortunately, prisoners have rights too. Ava can write refused on the envelope and send it back, but that won’t necessarily stop him. Ava says, he’ll never stop. What if they ask the warden to stop his outgoing mail? Alexis says, the warden isn’t obligated to do that, and if they do, Ryan will have a legal case that he was denied his first amendment rights. Ava knows he’s not going to stop, and Alexis suggests Ava not read them. Ava says Alexis has been a lot of help, and walks off. Alexis tells Julian, she wishes she could do more to help. He says, the law is the law. He tells Kendra not to be too hard on Alexis. She’s pretty perfect as it is. He leaves, and Kendra says he thinks highly of Alexis. Alexis suggests they not go there, and Kendra says they’ll get to work reaching her personal lifestyle goals. She hands Alexis her analysis.

Shiloh asks if there are any pictures on his phone that Chase would like to share with him. He’s sure Willow would want to share her son with the man she loves. Chase gets in Shiloh’s face, and tells him, watch it. Chase leaves to see what’s going on, and Shiloh bangs his head on the table. Peter walks in through the side door, and Shiloh asks where the hell he’s been? Peter says, it takes time, and Shiloh tells him, work harder or all of Port Charles will know his dirty little secret. He wonders when people will learn secrets are never safe?

Sitting in Julian’s office, Ava tells Julian she can’t believe a prisoner has the right to torment her like this. He tells her, tear it up, shred it, burn it. Don’t let it get to her. Ryan has done enough damage. She says she’s never hated anyone more, but Julian says she’s giving him the power, just give him nothing. He leaves, and she starts to tear the letter up, but doesn’t.

Alexis tells Kendra, it’s really a major overhaul. It’s a big exercise plan. Kendra says, a new mindset requires physical change; a new relationship to the body. Alexis asks if Kendra is sure she’s not trying to kill her.

Peter tells Shiloh that he hasn’t forgotten their agreement. Shiloh says he’s minutes away from his hearing. His attorney wants him to plead; there’s no way he’s avoiding the charges. Peter says he won’t do time, as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Chase comes in, and asks what Peter is doing there. Peter says Mac must not have told him. The Invader is doing an exclusive on Shiloh. Chase says he wasn’t told, and wonders who would want to read that garbage. He tells Shiloh, his hearing  is about to start, and pushes him out the door.

Maxie tells Mac, Chief of Detectives is fantastic. He says Maxie’s mom is on her way to making The Floating Rib the hottest spot in Port Charles. He’s happy. Maxie says she is too. She and Peter are madly in love. Mac says, that’s good news.

Sam says Jason didn’t actually give Franco money to leave? He says he tried to get through to him for Elizabeth’s sake. Sam asks if Franco listened, but Jason doesn’t think so. He doesn’t think anyone can convince Franco to stay.

Scotty tells Elizabeth that he can’t stand the idea of losing his son. It seems like just yesterday, he found out Franco was his son. He won’t give up. Elizabeth ask if he’ll help her, and he says, yes, he will. She hugs him and thanks him. He says he’s got to move fast. He has to get to the judge, and present his case for guardianship. And he has to make it fast before the ankle monitor comes off, and before Franco convinces Kim to be with him.

Franco asks if Kim remembers the CD he made for her. She says, Oscar found it a couple years ago. He says she kept it, and she says, Oscar made a copy and gave it to Drew, in the hope he’d remember. He didn’t. Franco says he remembers every second. He chose the songs hoping to remind her of a moment they had together. Kim says, this was a bad idea, and starts to walk away. Franco grabs her hand, and says he just wanted to tell her that he’s leaving town.

Monday’s episode will be a repeat of May 6, 2019. On Tuesday, Franco says Kim has made him rethink everything, Jordan tells Curtis that spying on Jax is a bad idea, and Sonny tells someone not to try to renegotiate their deal.

💍 All Kinds of 90…

Where are the previous 90 Day Fiancé couples now?

The Other Way, and the idiot who doesn’t realize he’s being catfished, even though there are so many red flags, we can’t count them.

The latest on Before the 90 Days.

And the new Pillow Talk season begins September 15th at 11 pm. I can’t wait!

💔 My Heart…

Bethenny is leaving the RHONY again. It’s one of the few Housewives shows I’m still keenly interested in, and she was a big reason. I wonder if Jill Zarin will vie for the spot?

👻 Even Better Than Catfish…

The only halfway captivating thing about Catfish, is watching those two losers get excited over nothing. But this looks good.

☝ Quotes of the Week

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If you’re turning American on me, I shall be going downstairs. – Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), Downton Abbey

It’s better to come from a broken home than live in one. – Cindy Bakersfeld (Dana Wynter), Airport

He who has God and everything else has no more than he who has God only.C.S. Lewis, from The Weight of Glory, compiled in Words to Live By

The pen is the tongue of the mind. – Horace

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama

🙆 Here We Are Again…

Enjoy the long one, and the good weather if you have it, and hoping all stay safe from Dorian. See you at Dead time on Sunday.








August 29, 2019 – Curtis Takes an Offer, Fredrik Loves Miami & Tomorrow Is Now


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Alexis brings up MakeMeAMatch on her laptop. She searches for ByrneBrain. (Sorry Dr. Byrne, I’ve been spelling your name wrong). She looks up Neil’s profile. Molly comes in and looks over her shoulder. She asks if that’s Dr. Byrne, and Alexis slams the laptop shut.

TJ visits the station. Jordan says it’s a wonderful surprise, and he says, especially since she’s not supposed to be back full time until tomorrow. She says if he doesn’t get on her case, she won’t get on his about how he should be studying. He calls a truce, and she asks if he’s going to tell her, doctor’s orders to take it easy. He says he’s not a doctor yet. She tells him they’re taking out another student loan, but he says they’ve done enough, and have medical bills. She says with Curtis having a few other gigs outside of Aurora, and her being back on the job, they’re set financially. End of discussion. He says, Curtis has another job outside of Aurora?

Valentin tells Curtis that he knows Curtis cares about his wife, and he’ll do anything to protect her and her daughter. He discovered Sasha. Curtis says he will find Cassandra, but he won’t apprehend her. He’ll turn her over to the WSB. Valentin says that does him no good. He wants Curtis to find Cassandra and walk away. Don’t ask questions. Curtis asks if he’s supposed to trust Valentin to handle her, any way he sees fit. Valentin says he’s supposed to be a professional, and fulfill the assignment. He’ll worry about the rest.

Sonny tells Nina, something has to be done about Cassandra. The cops can’t find her, and she escaped the WSB. He doesn’t want anyone else they love hurt. She wishes him all the luck in the world. He says he doesn’t need luck. He needs to know where she is. Nina wishes she knew. He asks if it’s true that Cassandra targeted Sasha because of her. If so, he’s wondering if there isn’t more to the story. She tells him that he’ll have to keep wondering, and says, please leave. He says he’s not going anywhere, and she says, then she will. He says they’re not done, but Jax shows up and says, Sonny is. Are they going to have a problem? Sonny says, Jax to the rescue. Maybe he can get Nina  to tell him why her daughter and his son got caught in drug lord’s crosshairs

Robert tells Michael that he got Chase’s report, but wanted to talk to Michael directly. He thinks Michael might have registered something he’s not aware of that could put them on Cassandra’s trail. Michael says he’s played their encounter over and over again in his mind, and he thinks Robert is right. He may know how find Cassandra. Robert asks what he’s got, and he says, Sasha isn’t the only one who’s sick.

Finn tells Sasha, there’s room for improvement. He’s going to order a second round of antibiotics at a higher dose. She asks what the odds are that they’ll work. Is he able to cure her?

On the phone, Hayden asks if her daughter went to bed with no trouble. She says, of course (🍷) not; she’s an angel. She says she got her daughter’s art project, and give her a kiss for mommy. She looks at a finger painting.

Molly tells Alexis that she’s working on her story for The Invader, and was hoping to get more work done. She asks Alexis how stalking her daughter’s doctor is going. Alexis says, it’s not. If she wanted information, she would have signed up for a premium membership. Molly asks why he was on the screen; is she signing up? Alexis says she decided against it, but Molly thinks she should put herself out there. Molly liked Finn, and thought they had a chance. It would be nice for Alexis to be open to possibilities. Hayden approaches, and says, she couldn’t help but overhear. Alexis dated Finn?

Finn tells Sasha, in an ideal world, she would have taken the antibiotics within 48 hours of being symptomatic. Sasha says, but she didn’t. Where is this going? What are her chances of recovery? Finn says they’re dealing with unfamiliar territory. He can’t give her odds, and even if he could, they’d just be numbers. The state of mind is important to recovery, and he’s been where she is, but he’s still here.

Michael tells Robert that he thought it was insignificant at the time. Robert asks what he remembers, and Michael says when they were having breakfast, Cassandra had to take medication. He glimpsed the prescription bottle, and saw it was for beta ferremax. It’s been banned in most countries, including the US.

Jax tells Sonny, Sasha is in there fighting for her life. Sonny is sympathetic, and says it could just have easily been Michael. Nina says, Michael wasn’t the target; Sasha was. Cassandra’s vendetta is against her, and personal. Sonny asks if she’s sure. What he’s waiting to hear is why.

Curtis says, say he does what Valentin asks. He tracks down Cassandra and walks away. What happens when she turns up dead. Valentin says Curtis is making a large assumption. He’s just asking Curtis to find her. Curtis says his wife is recovering from major surgery, and he’s supposed to chase this woman across the globe; a woman who’s avoided detection by the WSB. What makes Valentin think he can find her? Valentin says, because he’s motivated. It’s personal to him. She tried to kill Nina’s daughter, and he wants justice. Curtis says that means he’d have to turn her over to the authorities, but Valentin thinks she has connections inside. Curtis says, it’s their jurisdiction, not his. Valentin says he might not have jurisdiction, but he has money. Bring her to him, and he walks away with $5 million.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis is in demand, and picks up clients here and there. He says, Aurora’s cool with that? and she says, apparently so. TJ says it’s his business, unless he’s doing it to keep TJ from taking another loan. Jordan says, what if he is? Let them do it. He should count his blessings that he has people who love him, and are in a position to help. He says she’s starting to sound like Aunt Stella, and she says maybe she’s channeling Stella, since she got a postcard today – from Paris. She’s glad Stella is hitting it off with her cousin, and they went on a railway tour of Europe, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t jealous. But if anyone deserves a holiday in Europe, it’s Stella. TJ says, don’t misunderstand. He’s happy Stella found her cousin, and they’re seeing Europe together, but he thinks it’s weird that the match first said it was a closer genetic relative.

Curtis tells Valentin they have a fundamental misunderstanding. No amount is enough for him to be involved in murder. Valentin says he’s jumping to conclusions, but Curtis says, no one offers that much for a simple tracking. Valentin says he’s protecting his family. It’s a lot of money; think what he could do with it. Think of it as doing his civic duty with sweet perks. Curtis says he’ll chalk it up to desperation, which is why he won’t report it to his wife, but he strongly advises Valentin to drop this. If anything happens to Cassandra, the authorities will know where to look. Valentin says, don’t worry. Cassandra is a fugitive, and fugitives disappear all the time. Curtis says Valentin lives in a world with blurred lines. He does too sometimes, but there are some lines he won’t cross.

Michael tells Robert that ELQ was interested in the patent. The drug is used to treat anemia, but it never got approval. Other countries followed suit, and ELQ lost interest. Robert says, there must be some countries that approved it, and Michael says, there are. If Cassandra needs to take the medication regularly, that means she has to go to one of those countries to have it refilled. Robert says, hmm…

Finn asks if Sasha has heard of Blackwood’s Syndrome. She hasn’t, and he says, it’s pretty rare. It sets the immune system against itself. The symptoms are manageable, but the prognosis was terminal. Sasha asks if she’s terminal, and he says, not at all, but he was. His wife died from it. Imagine how determined he was to beat it. He did years of research. It was trial and error, and he experimented on himself. He found a cure, and now it’s not considered a death sentence. He asks, is she a fighter? Does she have the same strong will and is she stubborn like him? She nods, and he says, don’t give up. He’s not ready to throw in the towel, and she shouldn’t be either.

Hayden tells Alexis she wasn’t aware Alexis and Finn knew each other. Alexis says it was a brief time when they were in recovery. She doesn’t think she’s breaking any confidence, given their history. Hayden asks if Finn talked about their history, but Alexis says, it’s kind of a grey area. She’s not supposed to talk about meetings or their time together. It’s kind of sacrosanct. Molly says she’d better get her own table, or she’ll never finish her Cassadine article. Hayden says, she’s writing an article? and Molly says she has an internship with The Invader. She’s writing a piece about her crazy family, the Cassadines. Hayden says, sounds fascinating.

Alexis tells Molly that she’s not concerned Molly will make the Cassadines look awful, since most of them are, but she’s curious why Molly would acknowledge her connection to them. Molly says Peter suggested it, and he’s the publisher. Hayden thinks it’s a great idea. Not all Cassadines are bad. Hello? Molly isn’t sure what she means, and Hayden says she’s Nikolas’s widow, therefore a Cassadine. Molly says she married into the family, but Hayden says, so did Helena. She’s just as much of a Cassadine as Helena. Alexis isn’t sure she’d acknowledge that. Hayden says she could talk to Molly about her time at Windymere, and they could swap stories about the house, like the creepy passageways and trophy room. Molly probably explored it as a kid. Molly says she and Spencer used to sneak around a little when she was babysitting. Hayden asks if she wants to talk, but Molly says she has work to get done. Some other time. Hayden says they’ll set something up, and moves to her own table. Alexis asks, what the hell was that about? but Molly isn’t sure she wants to know. In meantime, Alexis should consider signing up for a premium membership. There could be someone out there for her, and she doesn’t even know it. Neil walks in, and they smile at each other.

Jax would like to know why Cassandra has a grudge against Nina, but now isn’t the time. They need to put their energies into tracking her before she hurts someone else. Sonny says he’s on it. He likes Sasha, and his son cares about her. He’s hoping she pulls through. He leaves, and Jax asks if Nina is okay. She supposes he should thank him, but suspects his chivalry was as much to provoke Sonny as it was about defending her. Jax asks if it can’t be both. He and Sonny are too close to risk open confrontation, but if he sees Sonny behaving badly, he’ll call Sonny out. She’s welcome. While they’re clearing the air, she’s also welcome for him not holding a grudge He knows what she and Valentin are up to.

Robert asks if Michael remembers the countries where the drug is still allowed. He doesn’t, but says, there’s not many. Robert says he’s been a great help. This is the best lead they’ve had all month. Now if they can just narrow it down.

Hayden sees some cactus plants on the window ledge at Charlie’s. She remembers Finn giving her a cactus, and telling her that he didn’t know what she would like. She didn’t seem like a bouquet of sunflowers kind of girl. Finn walks in. He asks what’s that in Hayden’s hand?

Alexis tells Neil that she’d say it’s funny meeting him there, but it would be a lie. He says they seem to have impromptu sessions there, or The Floating Rib. She remembers his bill on the napkin. Her phone rings, and she says it’s a client who she’s been meaning to call. He says he’ll get some club soda, and goes to the bar. Alexis opens her laptop, and he turns around, seeing himself on the screen. She notices, and slams it shut again, telling the client she’ll call them tomorrow. She tells Neil, that was just… He says, his dating profile. She says, to be fair, he’s not her therapist anymore. She didn’t cross any boundaries. He sits, and she also wants him to know that she only saw his picture. She didn’t see his profile because she didn’t pay for a  premium membership. She didn’t see any details. He ask if she wants to, and she says, no shrinking. He says, none intended. She says, he can relax; she didn’t see his deets, and he tells her, she doesn’t have to pay for that. She can ask him anything.

Jordan tells TJ, Stella was told these kind of errors aren’t uncommon, and the website referred her to the disclaimers in the agreement. TJ asks if she means the boilerplates that make you click on every possible scenario. The ones no one could possibly read or understand? Jordan says, in Stella’s case, it really seems to be a glitch. The phantom relative disappeared after her cousin was discovered. TJ has to bounce, but wanted to wish her luck. She tells him to tell Molly hi, and thanks for the raw chocolate balls. He asks if she really ate them, and she says, Curtis mostly, but she tried them. They weren’t bad. Does he like them? He says, they’re raw, but they’re chocolate. He leaves, and Jordan opens an envelope.

Jordan calls Curtis, and he says please don’t tell him she’s working late. She says she’s wrapping things up, but maybe they can meet for dinner. They can have a nice meal, and talk more about how to proceed from there.

Jax tells Nina that he saw Valentin and Curtis talking on several occasions. Then she confronted him about his secret file on Cassandra. There’s nothing secret in it. It’s all public information. He’s sure Curtis told her. She tells him not to act like a total innocent, and he says he hired Curtis in faith, and he was a plant all along, spying on him. What was he looking for? Nina says she has no idea what he’s talking about. Valentin and Michael join them. Michael says he’s there to see Sasha, if it’s all right. Nina says he’s just the medicine she needs. Jax says, Sasha is the number one priority. They’ll talk when she’s better. In the meantime, he’ll be in his office, changing the locks. He leaves, and Valentin asks how much he knows. Nina says, all of it.

Michael asks how Sasha’s tests went. Did she get an A? She says, if A is for abysmal. He says she looks better already, but she says, liar. He asks where Finn is. Has he given her updates? She tells him, Finn was very candid, and Michael says, he has that reputation. Sasha is happy that she didn’t get anyone else sick. She couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to Nina, Charlotte, or him. He says he was thinking. He knows her adoptive mother passed away, but does she have any other family that should  know she’s in the hospital? She says it sounds like he’s writing her off. He says that’s the last thing he wants to do; he just wants to help. He’s noticed every time he asks about her past, she deflects. Why is that?

Hayden tells Finn, it’s a finger painting. It’s from Aiden. Finn asks if Aiden isn’t a little old for finger painting, and she says she was babysitting, and wanted something to keep him occupied. She didn’t know what was advanced enough; she’s not good with kids. He remembers. He notices the cacti on the windowsill, and she smiles. She says, him and Alexis? He never mentioned it. He didn’t realize he had to. She says he doesn’t; she’s just surprised. He says he also dated Obrecht. Robert comes in.

Hayden says Finn isn’t Obrecht’s type. She’s into blondes. He says, maybe that explains why it didn’t last. Robert tells Finn that he just got off the phone with Anna, and he’d like to enlist Finn’s help in seeking a mutual acquaintance. Does he have a minute? He tells Hayden it was nice to see her again. Finn tells Robert he knows that look. Robert says, let it suffice to say anyone who hurts Anna will be confined to a dark, black place. Finn says, that won’t be necessary. Robert says, he thinks he has a lead on Cassandra, but needs Finn’s help in tracking her down.

Nina tells Valentin, she was upset, and told Jax that they knew he had a file on Cassandra. Just tell her that she blew it. Valentin says, it’s okay. She’s been under a lot of stress lately. Jax would have found out sooner or later. Jax probably saw him talking to Curtis. Nina says she should warn Curtis, but Valentin says he will. Stay the hell away from Jax; he has a connection to Cassandra. She says, he doesn’t. There’s nothing in the file that’s not public domain. He’s never even met her. Valentin says, she believes him? She says, actually, yes. She does.

Jax sees Curtis at the MetroCourt, and says, just the man he was looking for. Curtis says he’s having dinner with his wife, but they can talk business until she gets there. Jax says, it won’t take long. It came to his attention that Curtis is entered his office under false pretenses, and had access to his personal files. He has a pretty good idea who Curtis is working for. He supposes now that Curtis has been busted, that job is over. Curtis nods, and Jax says, one more thing. He’s fired.

TJ asks Molly how it’s going, and she says, lower than low. She’s thankful for the break, but in reality, she hasn’t written much about her complicated family history. He says, families can sure be complicated. She asks if everything’s okay, and he says he stopped by the PCPD. Jordan thanks her for the coconut balls. They were talking about Aunt Stella’s new cousin, and they can’t figure out how the site misdid the information. Molly asks if he wants to get Stella’s money back, but he says he’d settle for an explanation that made sense.

Alexis reminds Neil that he’s talking to someone skilled in cross-examination. He says he thought she just wanted to ask him a few questions. His likes and dislikes, his favorites; things she’d get on the dating app. She says they can do that. What’s his favorite suisine? He says, Mexican, and she asks his favorite color. He says, green, adding, she’s never filled out a dating profile, has she? She asks if he doesn’t like the questions, and he suggests she dig deeper. She asks if he has any hobbies. What does he do in his free time? What brings him joy? He says he likes to ski, and likes music. He has a wicked sound system, and his vintage collection is second to none. That doesn’t surprise her. He seems like a classic rock guy. He says, of course (🍷), but his taste isn’t limited. He lists several genres, and says he likes the Talking Heads. She says, who? and he says, it’s like a dagger to the heart. She says, no dagger references. He says, sorry, and she says, cat or dog? He says, dog. Cats are smart, and make him uncomfortable. (He should have met my dog Juliet. She was so smart, she made me uncomfortable sometimes.) She asks if intelligence makes him uncomfortable. He says not at all, but thinks he needs to reedit his profile. He’d said he wanted something uncomplicated, but realized that doesn’t work for him. He’s looking to meet somebody multifaceted and upfront. Somebody who cares about family, and has an advocacy streak. Somebody who can’t be contained, and is a challenge to him. Somebody like her.

Neil asks if Alexis learned what she wanted to know. She says she’s learned enough for now. He says, good. They’ll have to do it again. She says she’d like that, and hands him her bill, saying, she doesn’t let her clients pour their heart out for free.

TJ tells Molly, genetics was one of the first courses he took, and he’s had others since then. With the kind of DNA test done now, it’s almost impossible for a close relative and a third cousin to get mixed up. Molly asks if he thinks they’re some kind of fake.

Valentin texts Curtis, but he ignores it because Jordan arrives. He asks if everything is okay, and she says she just got some information that knocked her for a loop, but she realized it’s fine. He says, tell him, and she says the insurance isn’t covering as much as they’d hoped. (The struggle is real.) They can always appeal, but if they don’t pay the bills on time, their credit will take a hit. Curtis says, how about if they kick back on the expensive restaurants? They can go to Kelly’s or the Rib. She says she had a momentary freak out, but between their jobs, they have a handle on it.

Hayden gives Molly her number, and says she meant it. She’d love to keep in touch about the article. They can trade information on the Cassadines.

Finn tells Robert, he guesses it makes sense that hypochondriac Cassandra is relying on a drug like that. Robert asks, in the countries where it’s legal, are there any strong channels of distribution? Finn says, not many. Bolivia probably has the most organized operation. Robert says, Sandra being so good at hiding, Bolivia is as good a place as any.

Michael says he doesn’t want to pressure Sasha. If there are things she regrets, he doesn’t care. He just cares about her. He knows they just started, but he’s already in it for the long haul. Sasha says that’s simultaneously the sweetest and scariest thing he could say. He asks, why it’s scary. She says it’s sweet, because he’s the rarest of things – a legitimately nice guy – but it’s scary, because the better she gets to know him, the more afraid she is to lose him. He says she won’t lose him, and she says, when she gets out of this room – when Finn works his magic and she’s cured – she’ll tell him everything. He deserves to know, even if he won’t like it very much.

Sonny sees Jax at the MetroCourt, and Jax asks if there’s something else. When Cassandra went after Sasha, Michael could have easily been collateral damage. They both have a reason to want to stop her. Jax says, if he finds out anything, or gets a location, he’ll let Sonny know. Sonny says he’ll do do the same. One more thing. Nina is hiding something about Cassandra. Jax might want to look into that.

Nina tells Valentin, she accused Jax of conspiring with Cassandra, and he looked her in the eye and denied it. Valentin asks if she believes Jax, and she says, whatever his agenda is, it’s not malicious. He’d never pair up with someone like Cassandra. Jax is not a threat. Cassandra is. Does he have any leads? His phone rings, and he says he may in a moment. It’s Curtis, who says he’s out at Aurora. Jax fired him. Valentin says he’s sorry, and Curtis says he’d like to talk more about Valentin’s recent offer. Valentin smiles.

Tomorrow, Mac tells Felicia about being offered the new position, Shiloh says just the lady he’s looking for, Peter tells Maxie the truth, and Jason tells Franco that he just can’t stand by and watch him hurt them.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis did his first negotiation in two years, alongside his new partner Ronita. To offset the apartment with no amenities, they collaborated with a nearby hotel, offering a membership for their amenities. An offer was made, but the seller had turned down the same amount earlier, and was about to turn it down again. Her broker thought she should take it, and she said she’d always trusted him, so she did. Luis said it was the first time he had a 50/50 split, but Ronita deserved it. He’d been hesitant to come back to real estate, but said it turned out to be bicycle stuff.

Steve wore prosthetics to turn himself into Mel, his alter ego, who will probably be him in twenty years. God, I hope not. He wanted to spy on Jess during her open house for his peace of mind, since she was repping him and his brand. She scored points for a confident representation, being the expert, adding humor, and making a personal connection.  She got even more points for recognizing him. He told her that he wanted to see her action, and she commanded room; she’s an agent. Jess got a legit offer for the apartment Steve used to live in. Unfortunately, the seller decided not to sell, thinking the market would improve. Steve told us that everyone was feeling renewed optimism, but it was still a downward market. He was afraid it could devastate Jess. It seems like sellers aren’t understanding the way the market works at all. I kind of understand this, since I have an eBay store, and on the opposite end, all buyers seem to want everything for a dollar now. Steve told Jess the bad news in an art gallery, so she couldn’t freak out too loudly. She felt defeated for putting in effort, but getting no reward. She thought she got too emotionally involved, but Steve said that’s what makes her right. She told him that she was discouraged, and wanted to go home. He suggested she turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone, and she told him that she was in her 30s. She didn’t want to step anymore. Steve gave her an advance on her commission to the tune of what she would have made. He wanted to show her that he had faith in her.

Ryan was given a property called the Life Saver Box because it was where the candy was once made. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately next to a construction site. Construction that had been going on for two years already. And they start at 8 am. The buyer had to move quickly, since they’d bought a house in L.A. Ryan got the bad news that the buyer for the apartment by the highway was backing out, with no explanation, which led to him being fired by the seller. They decided to go in another direction. Whatever that means. Ryan was getting pretty bummed out, since another team member’s deal had just died because of no financing. Amelia ended up talking him down, telling him that he couldn’t keep falling apart. It was like the world’s coming to an end every single time. He told her he couldn’t control the market, but gets yelled at like he can. He just wanted to do good work. Amelia told him if he can’t change it, he can’t freak out about it. it was always going to be tough, and they had to teach the baby coping skills. She found out Ryan’s dad was the same way, and pointed out, it’s something children learn. She told him, home should be his safe zone. Otherwise, when would it end?

Fredrik had a buyer who lowered their offer by $50K, since the seller, who was selling for her daughter, was taking too long to respond. The seller was like, no way, and he said he had another client who was interested in renting at $20K a month. Can you imagine 1) having that kind of money, and 2) being willing to pay that much? He said he would also still be able to show the apartment while the tenant lived there. That was also a hard no, and she said the apartment could sit there. She was headed for Miami. Fredrik landed a property in Soho, that had a parking garage, but the price tag for the garage was a million dollar. Fredrik told the seller, people never pay more than $500K. Considering what a nightmare parking is in NYC, that’s probably reasonable. Fredrik followed the seller to Miami, and asked her to revisit the offer, trying to explain that the buyer realized the property wasn’t worth as much in the time she lollygagged. She didn’t want to budge, and the buyer’s broker said she was holding them by a thread. In the end, the offer was taken, and Fredrik loved Miami.

Next time, new guy Tyler comes on the scene and tells us to watch out, and Steve would like nothing more than to go toe-to-toe with Fredrik.

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August 28, 2019 – Cassandra Must Be Found, a Reunion Ends With Charm, Posh World, Without Joe, Laverne’s Wisdom, Breaking Now, an Idea & Victoria’s Heart


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jordan tells Curtis she’s clear. She’s gotten the go ahead to work full time. His baby is ready to roll. She asks, what’s wrong? and he wonders why she can’t work part time. She says she could, if she didn’t mind losing her sanity. She can only delegate so much for so long. She needs to get back to work.

Michael tells Sonny that he just came from the hospital. Sasha is sicker than they thought.

Monica thanks Jax for coming to the hospital. She’s called anyone who worked in close proximity to Sasha. They’ve identified her illness. It’s the Avian flu, a strain they haven’t even seen before. In the meantime, anyone who’s had contact with Sasha has to be tested, and have a round of anti-virals. He asks if the symptoms wouldn’t have shown up by now. She says, in all likelihood, but it’s a precautionary measure. They’re using an abundance of caution. He asks about the prognosis, but she says she can’t even speculate. They don’t even know if they caught it in time.

Valentin talks on the phone to Charlotte, who’s in the park with Lulu and Rocco. Charlotte tells him about her softball game. He says he’s sorry he can’t be there today, but she says her mom took a video. She gives Lulu the phone, and she asks how things are going. Valentin says, it’s all wait and see. She tells him, please give Nina her best, and tell her that she’s praying for Sasha. Don’t worry about Charlotte; she’s totally fine. He thanks her, and says he’ll be in touch. Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte successfully stole two bases. She gets it from her father. Nina says she needs something else from him. He says, anything, and she tells him that she wants Cassandra – alive or dead. Can he arrange it for her?

Jason sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks if he’s waiting for his mom. He says he’s here on his own. He wants to talk to Franco’s doctors.

Elizabeth says, hi, and Franco says if she’s on her way out, he can come back. She says, that’s okay. She was going out to look for him. He asks if she’s there by herself, and she says the boys aren’t there; just her. He says he figured that he owed them both a conversation. He can tell her a little bit about himself, and she can tell him about the man he used to be. She invites him in, and says, welcome home.

Robert shuffles through files, looking for one on Shiloh, and another on Cabot. Mac finds them for him, and asks why he won’t use the software. Robert says he likes the feel of paper, and he’d also have to learn it. He thanks Mac, even if he alluded to Robert being some kind of dinosaur. Mac says he didn’t,  and Robert says they work well together. Where else can he kick his little brother around? Mac says his days as Commissioner are over.

Jordan tells Curtis that congratulations would do. He congratulates her, and she thanks him. He says he’s really concerned that she’s pushing it, but she says she got clearance to work full time. She’ll be drawing full pay, and he can ditch his job with Valentin, or Jax, or both. He asks why he’d do that, and she says he’s bordering on corporate espionage. He says it’s helping them making bank, and they can knock out the medical bills and put away some for TJ’s college fund. She asks what he’s going to do if Jax finds out he’s taking money from Valentin? He says he’ll handle his business. She says, and she’ll handle hers, but he can escort her to the station first.

Elizabeth shows Franco a drawing Jake did. She says Jake is her middle child. He’s an artist like the both of them. He was instrumental in promoting Jake’s talent. She asks if it looks familiar. He just looks at her, and she says she knows he needs time. She ask if he’s hungry. Her youngest, Aiden, baked cookies. He’s the one who discovered Aiden was a gifted baker, and he’s Aiden’s sous chef. He says he already ate, but she says she’ll bring some out anyway. He must still have the same taste buds, and he loved Aiden’s cookies. He says he thinks it would make things easier if she didn’t refer to him as Franco. He’s Drew. Elizabeth says, sure. She didn’t mean to offend him. He says, nobody does. Except maybe that German woman, the doctor. Elizabeth says Obrecht considers herself a good friend of his… of Franco’s. She’s direct and intense. He says she also slapped him. She actually tried to slap some sense into him. Elizabeth says, sounds like her. What did she have to say? He says she told him the life he’s living doesn’t belong to him, and to get out of Franco’s way. He doesn’t understand. Why would anyone want that? Why would they want to be around a killer?

Cameron tells Jason that he tried to register for a class with a philosophy professor, but it was too early. He read that Descartes said, I think, therefore I am. If Franco started to think he was Franco, and really believe it, it might help. He thought he’d run it by Franco’s doctors. He asks if Jason thinks it’s dumb, but Jason says he can talk to Monica, and arrange it. Cameron thanks him, and says it’s just hard to understand how everyone is going along with this. How could Franco forget his family and loved ones? Jason knows what it’s like, doesn’t he?

Jax tells Monica, the flu is contagious. It’s strange how only one person contracted it. Monica says, especially since Sasha has never been to Asia. It’s a matter for law enforcement now. It’s no accident that Sasha came down with the flu.

Nina asks Valentin how they can make it happen. He says they do nothing. He’ll take care of it. Nina needs to know there are no more threats to her family. She can’t do this again. She feels helpless and out of control. Valentin says, those days are over, but she says that person is still inside of her. She knows the signs. He says he knows she’s a strong woman, and knows he loves her. He has those protective feelings too. He tells her to take care of Sasha, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Michael tells Sonny, as a precaution, he’s getting a round of anti-virals. Sonny asks what about Sasha? and Michael says they’re afraid they took too long to diagnose her. They’ve never even seen the strain in this hemisphere. Sonny wonders how Sasha contracted it, and Michael says it was on purpose by someone on the island – Sandy Lance. Sonny knows her by Cassandra Pierce.

Charlotte asks Lulu when they’re going home, but Lulu says Rocco’s game isn’t over. Charlotte wants to go to Windymere. It’s been forever, and she left her doll in the trophy room. Lulu knows Charlotte misses Nina and her papa, but they’re taking care of Sasha. Charlotte asks if Sasha will be better soon. Rocco runs over, and says he hates this game. He wants to go home. Lulu says he can’t quit, and Rocco says, it’s okay for his dad to quit, but not him? He asks if his dad is ever coming home. Dustin appears, and asks if someone lost their glove.

Mac tells Robert that he thinks Jordan is returning tomorrow; end of mission. Robert says, what if it doesn’t happen? What if Jordan gets kidnapped by pirates, and the mayor gives Mac the job? Mac says he’s not out to steal Jordan’s job. Robert says he’d rather sling drinks and keep cleaning up after drunks than admit he likes police work? Jordan comes in, and says she just got clearance to work. From the sound of it, it’s not a moment too soon.

Sonny tells Michael that Cassandra wanted him to help her import something, but he told her he wasn’t importing it into Port Charles. Maybe Sasha is collateral damage, and Cassandra was trying to get to him? Michael says, no. She sent a picture to Nina as a message. She wanted Nina to know it was payback. Sonny says, for what?

Elizabeth says, Franco’s not a killer. Franco says, kidnapping, assault, arson, murder. She asks where he got this, and he says, the internet. She tells him, Franco did bad things while he was sick. He found out he had a brain tumor, and when it was removed, he was cured. Franco says now he knows he’s not sick, but Elizabeth disagrees. He says she’s not the only one objecting, She says she’s lost a husband, and her children love him, and want him back. He says, wanting doesn’t make it so. She says if anyone can undo what happened it’s Andre, the man who perfected the procedure. Drew is bringing him back from Ethiopia.

Cameron says Jason used to be a Quartermaine until the accident; that’s what his mom told him. Jason says, that’s right. Cameron says he didn’t remember his old family, changed his name, and found a new one. Jason says it wasn’t as easy for him as it seemed. The Quartermaines wanted him to be someone he wasn’t. Cameron says, that’s what’s happening to Franco. Jason says he used to feel that way about the Quartermaines, but time passed, and he eventually found a new relationship with them. They got to know him as he is now. Cameron asks how long it took, and Jason says, years. Cameron says his mom and brothers don’t have years for Franco to figure out that they matter to him.

Curtis gets a text from Valentin – Must see you asap at GH. He tells Jordan that he has to go. Jordan tells Mac and Robert that she doesn’t officially return to full time until tomorrow. Sonny comes in with Michael, and says he’s there about Cassandra Pierce. Robert says they’re aware of the situation, and Mac says they’ve been pulling files. Sonny wants her found before someone else gets hurt, and Mac says, odds are, she’s not in Port Charles. Robert says they were on to her after she escaped. Mac says they know she’s flying under the radar. Sonny knows all about that.

Jax asks Nina how Sasha is, and she says she’s waiting. He says, alone? and she tells him that Valentin just left to take care of business. Jax says Monica filled him in a little; how can he help? Nina laughs, and says, him? He says he knows Finn has a good reputation, but he has connections. She says he can drop the phony concern. She knows he doesn’t care about Sasha or her. He says, that’s not true, and she says he wouldn’t know truth if he was shot up with the bird flu. He’s been lying to her since he came into her office. She knows about his secret file on Cassandra Pierce. That woman is the reason her daughter is sick. That psycho almost killed her daughter.

Jason tells Cameron, there’s no way to predict what will happen with Franco. They don’t even know if it’s reversable. Cameron asks what he should do, and Jason says, try not to pressure Franco. Cameron has to accept Franco is as confused as he is. Jason didn’t make allowance for how other people felt, and he regrets that. Cameron says Jason’s loved ones were older, and had perspective. His brothers are still young, and look up to Franco. Jason admires that Cameron wants to fix it, but he’ll have to wait. Cameron says his brothers need Franco. The more time he’s away, the more screwed up they are, and they’ve been through so much already. Franco needs to suck it up, and come home.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Drew was going to Afghanistan for him, but never mentioned Ethiopia. She says he just found out where Andre was yesterday, and diverted the plane. Franco says Drew didn’t mention it to him, and Elizabeth is sure Drew was in a hurry.  Franco thinks it’s part of a larger plan to keep him there, but Elizabeth says, Drew wouldn’t do that. Franco says, he’s wasting a trip. He’s not talking to any doctor. As soon as this bracelet is off, he’s gone. Elizabeth tells him not to do that to the people who love him. They can help him. He asks why he’d want help. Help means the end of him.

Monica asks Jason for a favor. He says, anything, but she tells him, don’t say that until he’s heard her out. Jason was with Franco when he got arrested; how did he seem? Jason says, angry and confused. He insists he’s Drew. Monica is afraid he might bolt. This might be her only chance to find out what Drew was like growing up; the son she and Alan never got to raise. She doesn’t want to let the opportunity slip through her fingers. Jason says she may have to. It might already be too late. I’m surprised at Monica being so selfish. She already went through this with Jason, and should know better than to push. I could understand if she wanted it for Drew, but for her own personal interest? Really?

Franco says the doctor will screw with his head, and chances are, it might not work. Or even worse, it does. She knows it’s incredibly selfish, but she’s asking anyway. The boys want her to fight for him. He says he doesn’t know them, and they don’t know who he is and who he loves. It’s his chance to get back the life he was robbed of. She says, that Drew was robbed of. He’s robbing her of her husband. He says, it’s not him. He doesn’t remember marrying her. The ring he’s wearing, a symbol of vows he doesn’t recall making. Wearing it is dishonest. He tries to hand it to her, but she doesn’t take it. He says he’s not trying to hurt her or her children, but he wants to get on with his life. He puts it on the table, and Cameron walks in.

Lulu introduces Dustin, saying, he’s a teacher. Rocco asks what he teaches, and Dustin says, including and not limited to, snake wrangling, jumping out of planes, a bunch of other crazy stuff, and baseball fielding. Lulu tells Rocco, if he’s nice, Dustin will give him some tips. Dustin says, only in exchange for a signed game ball, and gives a ball to Rocco.

Jordan tells Sonny, there’s only so much they can do in their jurisdiction. Robert says Michael and Sasha encountered Cassandra on Sonny’s island, and Sonny says he’s made some calls. If anything goes down, he’ll hear about it. Jordan asks if he’s going to share, and Sonny says, share and share alike. Nina said Cassandra is after her. Don’t they think her story might help give them a lead? Jordan says they know how to do their job. Sonny says, then they don’t need him, but Robert wants to ask Michael some questions. He wants to know more about their interaction with Cassandra. Michael tells Sonny to go. Michael goes into the interrogation room, and Jordan asks, what if Sonny finds Cassandra first? Mac says let him look. It will keep him out of their hair… her hair. Jordan says, about that…

Curtis tells Valentin if he wants another update on Jax… Valentin says, forget Jax. He needs help with something more important – protecting his family.

Jax asks Nina, how sick is Sasha? She says, Sasha and Michael crossed paths with Cassandra, and now Sasha has been diagnosed with a strain of bird fly never seen in this hemisphere. She shows him the picture, and says, then she got this text. Does he know where Cassandra is? Jax swears he doesn’t, and Nina says she feels so much better. Never mind about the angle he’s been working against her and Valentin since she caught him in her office unannounced. He has a file on Cassandra. Jax says he has nothing to do with her. She asks if she’s supposed to take his word, and he says he has nothing against her. He admires her. Valentin is another story. Nina says while he avoids answering her questions, her daughter could be dying. Spare her his false concerns and empty promises, and tell her the truth or get out. He says, it is the truth. What’s happening is horrible, and all he wants to do is help. He thinks there’s more to Cassandra’s relationship with Valentin than he’s letting on. She might want to protect herself. No matter what she thinks of him, he’s not her enemy. She says, if this is how he treats his friends, she doesn’t want to be his friend. He leaves, and she sits on the bench and sobs.

Jordan wants to clear the air. She knows Mac enjoyed himself. He says he has, and she says she understands he’s done a terrific job. Word is, her people wouldn’t mind keeping him around. Robert says he knows Mac wants to be in a leadership position, so he can affect change. Mac says he never considered this more than temporary, and Robert says it was his idea. Jordan says it was hers; he just agrees with her. She asks Mac, how does Chief of Detectives sound?

Curtis tells Valentin that protecting his family isn’t a one person job, but he can reach out to his contacts. Valentin says he can hire his own bodyguard. He needs Curtis as a detective. He needs Curtis’s problem solving skills. He needs him to find Cassandra before the WSB does, but Curtis doesn’t think she’ll be easy to find. Jax sees them talking.

Sonny approaches Nina, who tells him, go away. She already had enough with Jax. Sonny says she has a problem with Jax? Been there, done that. Nina says, and he’s overwhelmed with sympathy. He says she’s worried about her daughter, and he may be able to help. He tells her to round up Valentin, and tell him about their history with Cassandra.

Jason tells Monica, Drew knew Alan was his father. He figured it out in high school. He saw Jason’s picture in the paper, and knew Jason had to be his twin. He assumed they just wanted one twin. Monica says, nothing could be farther from the truth. He says, Franco did not want to listen, but she says she has to let him know. He doesn’t think Franco cares. Sorry, but his best advice is to let Franco be.

Cameron says Franco is home, but Franco says, it’s not like that. Elizabeth says, he just came by talk things out. Cameron asks why she looks upset, and she says, it’s been upsetting. Cameron says Franco can make it easier, but Elizabeth says. he’s doing the best he can. Franco says they haven’t met, and Cameron introduces himself. He knows Franco doesn’t remember, but those two freaks, Dr. Cabot and Shiloh, wanted to do a memory transfer on him. He was hooked to the machine, when Franco showed up and took his place. He owes Franco more than he can ever repay. Franco asks if he’s okay, and Elizabeth says they’re all okay. Cameron asks Franco to stay for dinner, but Franco asks if they can just agree to take things slow. He’s had his fill for tonight. He starts to leave, and Cameron stops him, saying, he doesn’t get to leave

Monica says she has to reach out. Drew should have been a Quartermaine from day one. Jason says she won’t get through on the first try, or probably the second or third. She says she’ll try as long as it takes for him tell her his story. So she can tell him hers. Jason is sorry, but she says, don’t be. He says, not for that. For the way he treated her and Alan. It took too long for him to see from their perspective. Monica says, he’s himself, and that’s all that matters to her.

Cameron says Franco has to stay. Franco says he’s not the guy Cameron wants him to be, but Cameron says he just needs Franco there. Franco had a life, and a family, and it’s on him to try and keep it going. Franco says, sorry. He can’t be something he’s not. He walks out, and Cameron slams the door. He asks, how anyone can be that selfish? Elizabeth says, he doesn’t mean to be. Cameron says, his wedding ring, and picks it up. He says, that’s why Franco was there,  to return the ring. What’s wrong with him? She says, it’s not his fault, but Cameron says he stole Franco’s life, and there’s nothing they can do to get it back. Elizabeth says, please, Cameron. He starts to cry, and slaps the ring into her hand. He runs upstairs, and Elizabeth looks for her phone. She makes a call, and says she needs a lawyer.

Lulu says she knew Rocco could do it. Dustin says, he just forget to close his glove. He has the same problem. Rocco whispers something to Lulu, and runs off. Dustin asks what he said, and Lulu tells him that he said, Dustin is cool. He says, best review ever.

Mac says Robert knew about this, and was pulling Mac’s chain. Robert says, it was a test, and he passed. Jordan says, her team respects him, and the squad could use his leadership skills. Say yes. He says he has to clear it with his lady, unless they told her in advance. Jordan says, with her approval, welcome back.

On the phone, Michael tells Diane he doesn’t need a lawyer. He tells Robert that Diane wanted him to remind them that it’s voluntary cooperation. Robert says, duly noted and appreciated. He read Michael’s account, but wants to hear it. He might remember something he’s not aware of. Michael says he’s been replaying it over and over, and thinks Robert is right. He may know how to find Cassandra.

Val knows Curtis cares about Nina, and will do what he can to protect her. He’s not asking lightly. Curtis says he’s not taking it lightly. If he finds Cassandra, he’ll turn her in to the WSB. Valentin says that does him no good. Find her, and walk away. And ask no questions.

Sonny tells Nina, something has to be done about Cassandra. The cops can’t find her, and she escaped from the WSB. He doesn’t want to see Nina hurt, and she’s a target. Nina says, please leave, but he says he’s not going anywhere. She says, fine, then she will. Sonny says he’s not through, and Jax says, yes he is. Is there a problem?

Tomorrow, Robert says they have their best lead, Valentin tells Curtis that he’ll get $5 million if he finds Cassandra, and Sasha asks Finn if she’s terminal.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part Two

Backstage, Madison is nervous. In another room, Danni says it was personal, and not a good example, especially for a mother to be saying.

Andy welcomes us back like we were the ones who left, and welcomes Danni, who’s joining the reunion. Andy starts with Kathryn’s sobriety. Austen says what she did on Watch What Happens Live was ridiculous. He couldn’t believe the things she said. We flash back to last week, where Austen said he was upset when he tweeted in, and Kathryn said don’t think for an effing second he can come after her sobriety. Back up. Naomie says she got aggressive with Austen just now, but someone saw her drinking when she was on the show. Kathryn asks, who? and Naomie says, a mutual friend. Kathryn says she’d tell them if she drank, because she can. Cameran says, no one is coming at her, but at the same time be honest. Craig says, no one knew if she was allowed to drink, so they just said she wasn’t, and covered for her for the last six months. Andy says there were several reunions where Kathryn felt they were coming against her, and they say the opposite. Shep says, what they’re  trying to say is, they protected Kathryn more than she knows.

Andy says Kathryn planned the treehouse trip, and then was MIA for the days before it. A viewer says, Danni isn’t Kathryn’s mom. If she seems testy, maybe it’s because Danni is crowding her. He asks what Danni meant when she said Kathryn was never held accountable? Danni says, Kathryn gets a lot of passes, especially from her. She wanted Kathryn to have valid reasons why she wasn’t responding. It can be perceived as obnoxious or irresponsible. Kathryn thinks she made a bigger deal about it than it was. Andy asks why she was defensive, and Kathryn says she’s used to her phone ringing, and it being Thomas, or her lawyer, or something else not good. Cameran says she can’t alienate other people who don’t have ill intentions. Kathryn says she talks to her actual friends, and Chelsea asks if they shouldn’t expect a  response since they’re not real friends? Just tell them she’s busy. Kathryn says just so they know, Thomas can bring this up in court. Danni rolls her eyes. Andy asks if that shouldn’t motivate her to be better, and Kathryn says she’s just trying to focus on her kids. Andy says she knows how that makes people feel, and Kathryn says when it’s more than one person, she gets overwhelmed with being ashamed, and portrayed as a terrible friend. Andy asks if she and Danni think it was an unfair representation of their friendship. Danni says they have a unique friendship. She can depend on Kathryn, but not all the time. She says Kathryn has been hanging out with Madison, and Kathryn says their kids play together. Austen says they didn’t hang out just one time, and Kathryn tells him, she didn’t say that. She needed someone for supervision with the kids. Austen thinks she’s playing both sides, and Kathryn says she has no one else, and Andy explains, Thomas approved Madison to supervise the kids. Kathryn says she thought it was okay with them, and she was being decent. Shep says she shouldn’t have to ask if it’s okay. She knows it’s not, because it bothers her friend. Danni has been there for her. Kathryn says she’s in the middle, and it’s a hard place to be. She loves Danni. Danni is her best friend, but it’s way more complicated in her mind. She doesn’t want Madison to feel like she did when no one talked to her. Cameran says, Madison put herself there. Craig says he thinks Madison is manipulative. It’s hard to see Kathryn with someone who caused problems. Andy says she didn’t realize it would go to that level. Naomie says Madison is manipulating Kathryn to hurt Danni, or Kathryn is afraid of her, and wants to keep her enemies closer. Austen says she’s not just asking Madison to watch the kids. If she likes Madison, admit it. Kathryn says she does. Madison makes her laugh. We take a break. Well, they take a break anyway.

Andy says, fresh off a family scandal, Eliza wasted no time getting back in the saddle of society. He asks if it was the hardest time after her father’s affair, and she says she doesn’t like to talk about it. She starts crying – that didn’t take long – and says they were so close. She felt uncomfortable and unwanted everywhere she went. Andy says he’ll change the subject, but she might not like this one either. After her debut at Patricia’s dinner party, viewers thought she was like a bull in a china shop. We flash back to her talking stupid at the party, ending with her saying Kathryn could be a surrogate. Andy assumes she meant no harm by the comment about Kathryn, and Shep says, Eliza is harmless, sweet, and docile, but her social awareness is lacking. Eliza says she’s only twenty-three; she’ll learn. Cameran says she talks too much, and Eliza says she does when she gets nervous. Andy asks if Eliza feels unfairly judged for her relationship with Thomas. Eliza says she’s used to people not liking her because of her family, but she can’t control that. Connie from Houston asks what she sees in Ashley that the rest of the world doesn’t? Eliza says she sees the good in everyone in her life. Ashley didn’t hurt her, so why be mean? Andy asks why she invited Ashley to the skeet shoot. Did she think Ashley would mend her relationships. Eliza says she knew Ashley said mean things to Kathryn, and she thought it was terrible, but she didn’t know Ashley had offended almost everyone there. We flash back to that fiasco. Chelsea says she’s all for forgiving, but Ashley goes about it all wrong. Eliza says Ashley made her look like an idiot for giving her a second chance. Andy asks if they’re still friends, and Eliza says they talk occasionally. He asks if her family is still friends with Thomas, and she says, absolutely. She can’t speak on his behalf, but she’s not leaving him hang out to dry for something that she has no involvement in.

Andy tells us that Chelsea has a brand new house, and brand new man. Dating a professional sailor means a long distance relationship, and it’s causing some to wonder how they keep it afloat. We find out no one has met Nick, and Chelsea says, when he’s in town, his time is short, and they’re trying to spend time together. A viewer asks why Chelsea is so trusting. For all she knows, he has a girl in every port. Andy says, it’s a fair question, and Chelsea says they communicate often and well. Andy asks how dangerous his job is, and Chelsea says, very. There were two fatalities in the last race. A viewer says Chelsea’s dad seems hesitant about her picking men who aren’t around. Chelsea thinks he’s afraid of her moving away, since she’s done it before. Andy asks what Austen thought about her dad calling him a housecat. Austen says she seems like more of a housecat, since she goes to work and goes straight home, but Chelsea says, a housecat is a gamer who hadn’t gotten out much, and her father shouldn’t have said that. A viewer asks if Chelsea feels like an anomaly among her privileged, trust fund friends. Chelsea says she doesn’t think about that, and Austen says no one has a trust fund except Shep. It’s a silly thing to say. Andy says the perception is that they don’t have jobs. Shep says it’s not like he’s raking in government money. Would he be more liked if he worked in a coal mine? Chelsea says she’s had a job since she was fourteen. Even if she won the lottery she’d have a job. If she wasn’t working, she’d feel worthless.

Andy switches gears. There’s been a new drama with Austen and Chelsea every year, and this year it was the screenshots Madison sent to Chelsea of Austen talking about her. Austen says he was venting to Madison, and guesses he was angry. Chelsea says when she first posted about Nick, there were comments about her finally finding a man, and getting rid of Austen. Austen was tagged, and she’s sure it made him angry. Andy says, it wasn’t flattering. Shep asks if Austen didn’t regret it, and Austen says he ate crow. Andy says Chelsea forgave Austen, and took him under her wing to reform his party ways. We flash back to her saying Shep and Craig are bad influences Shep says it bothered him, and made him angry. Chelsea says Austen asked for her advice, and he can take it or leave it. It won’t hurt her feelings. Kathryn says he respects Chelsea’s opinion; that’s why he asked. Andy says goodbye to Eliza, who we already forgot was there anyway.

Craig says if there was ever a time for him to take Adderall, it would be now. Madison comes out, and Andy asks what the status of her and Austen’s relationship is. Austen says they’re not together, and Andy says they’re not friends with benefits? Austen tells Andy, he didn’t say that. Madison says, they’re not together together. Danni asks when they last slept together, and Madison says, last night. Andy says, it’s complicated is the answer, and he promises not to play the video. He does want to talk about it though. Austen claimed he didn’t hook up with the women, and nothing happened. Austen says he’s as honest as a heart attack. Kathryn shakes her head, and says, he hooked up with the blonde one. Craig seconds that. Austen says he was so drunk, and Madison says he blacked out. Andy asks why the blonde’s panties were off, but Austen honestly doesn’t remember. A viewer doesn’t understand how Austen possibly cheated and it was recorded on video, but Madison hooked up with someone when they were temporarily broken up, and she’s the crazy one. Andy asks if Kathryn thinks it’s a  double standard, and Kathryn says, it’s definitely a pattern . It’s typical of the men to blame it on the girl. Shep says they’d tweeted they were together. Austen says he thought things were good between them. Madison says she saw Michelle at a party, and said, woman to woman, did she have sex with Austen? and she said, yes. She told Austen, eff this; she’s done, and they didn’t talk. Cameron says, that’s not a solid relationship. Shep says, it doesn’t matter. You can do anything to Austen. Madison thinks Shep should focus on his own relationships, and leave theirs alone. Craig says Austen calls him crying because she posted a picture, and she tells him to mind his own business. Andy asks what they fight about, and Madison says, mostly Shep and Craig. Craig says she blames them for the DM stuff. They didn’t send it, she did. We flash back to Danni telling Craig about a friend DM’ing Gentry about Madison. Craig says she deflects to everyone else. Austen says, it was made into a big deal, but what mattered is, she didn’t personally send it. Danni says she clearly communicated what happened. She didn’t say Madison sent it. Madison says, after the video, her clients were saying, girl, come on, get out there, and a friend wanted her to meet Gentry. Danni says she heard enough chit chat around town. She didn’t think it was a big deal because she thought Madison was single. She couldn’t keep track of their relationship. Craig knew their status, and did what he wanted with the information. Andy asks if Danny regrets telling Craig, and she says she does. Craig says, it’s Madison’s fault, and no one else’s. Danni says Madison started a bunch of sh*t, and reached out to her boyfriend. Chelsea says thinks it got blown out of proportion, and Madison took her anger out on Danni. Dannie says all she did was try to mitigate it. Madison is a bully and a psycho. Madison asks why she’s so upset, and Danni says, for many reasons. Andy says it’s a great spot to take a break.

Andy says, while the boys whisked Austin away on an RV trip to get over his breakup, Madison divulged to Chelsea that Shep called her white trash. He asks what the definition is, and Madison says, working class, not born into money, and he’s better than she is. Austen says Shep said it to him, and he wasn’t pleased. Shep says Austen told him she’d cheated, and he told Austen, good; get rid of her. He says you have country, who are the best folks, but also have redbacks. I guess those are like rednecks? Cameran tells him not to say white; just say trash. Kathryn says Shep called her white trash at the pillow party. Does he feel that way about her? He says she was acting trashy. It was crazy talk. She thinks it’s harsh to call someone trash. Andy says Shep had to know it was going to get him labeled elitist, which he’s already labeled all the time. Shep says Andy should see his Palm Beach friends, but Andy says it doesn’t sound like he wants to. Shep says it manifests when he sees someone not raised properly. Andy asks what he means? Is it good manners to call someone trash? Shep says, Eleanor Roosevelt said, if you can’t say something good about someone, sit next to me. (Not totally accurate, Shep, but close enough that I’ll let it pass.) The hoity toity aren’t exactly the bastion of being nice to one another. Andy says, Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady, not Brooke Astor. Shep thinks he means that etiquette lady (I assume he’s referring to Emily Post or Amy Vanderbilt), and Andy has to explain who she is (New York socialite and philanthropist). For Shep claiming to be so well-read, he’s not really. He knows some big words. A viewer thinks Madison turned Shep down at some point, and Shep says he’s never made a secret of that. He was whispering in a cheap blonds ear (ugh. he just can’t not insult people), and she wasn’t having it. We flash back to a barbecue where she told him, don’t even. Andy says, another theory is that, in Shep’s world, the one thing worse than losing a girl, is losing one to Austen. A viewer who works in couples therapy says she’s seen couples who hate each other, and as a professional, doesn’t think Shep hates Madison. In fact, he loves her. She asks if he’ll ever admit it to himself. Shep says, they’re both too strong willed. He would never admit defeat, and neither would she.

Changing topics. To help Cameran get her mojo back, the gang headed to Colorado, and Craig unloaded emotional baggage before they got to the baggage claim. We flash back to Craig losing it at the airport, ending with Chelsea telling him to check his pants for a vagina, because he’s being a p*ssy. Chelsea says she was mortified, and the feminists were on her ass, but she’d had enough. Craig says he was just trying to get them on the bus, but Andy says he was frothing at the mouth. Andy says, the weed dinner was fun to watch, and Shep says, it was awesome. In case everyone forgot, Andy says, Kathryn got upset. BadGuyAndrew tweeted, they’re hypocrites. They attacked Kathryn, treated her like an addict, and said her kids should be taken away, then got high the whole trip like there was nothing wrong. Andy says, Austen knew her history and never checked with her or thought about it? Austen says, she knew for weeks, but Kathryn says, that’s not true. She knew a week before, but don’t be dramatic. Austen says, she was silent until she finally asked who arranged the dinner. Kathryn says, on the after-show, he said she did it for attention. We see a clip of that. Andy says Cameran said she didn’t two f**ks. Kathryn say she thought she’d be fine. It was literally the first time she’d been around it. I have to add, it wasn’t like they just passed a joint either; it was everywhere and in her face. And these dudes are LOUD when they’re high. Andy asks what bothered her more, being around it, or no one asking if it was okay. Kathryn says what bothered her most was the guilt that she wasn’t with her kids for months. Austen genuinely apologizes, and Kathryn says, bullsh*t. He says she’s right, it is, and Danni is like, what? Shep says they’ll do a mushroom dinner next time Andy says, we’ll leave it there.

Andy asks if Madison thought she and Austen would get back together in Colorado. Madison says, yes, and Andy says she was obviously upset after talking to him in the hot springs. We flash back to that, and Andy says, after talking to Shep, it escalated, and she revealed something private. What made her go there? She says, at that point, she had so much rage, she blacked out and said something she shouldn’t have. She felt provoked, and felt like Shep was constantly coming after her. Danni asks why she got brought in. She knew both Madison and Austen had animosity toward her, but didn’t know to what extent. It was hurtful, humiliating, and not true. She starts  to cry, and says she doesn’t know how Madison came up with it. Andy asks if Austen made it up. We see a clip from eight hours earlier, where he’s telling Madison that he didn’t make it up. Austen says it could have been misconstrued; maybe he took it wrong. Kathryn asks if he’s sure he didn’t make it up for fun. Austen says he would never make it up for fun. Andy says, so Shep told Austen. Shep says he and Danni dated eight years ago. Practicing to be a future Housewife, Danni says she has her medical records with her. Andy says they called Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine, who said it’s pretty common. Cameran says, it’s effed up. She would be mortified if someone said that about her. She thinks any of the women would be. Andy brings up Shep saying Austen should tell Madison STFU. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, and she says she kind of agreed. Austen asks if she’d want Jason to tell her STFU, and she says he has told her that when she’s been out of line. So she STFU. Andy asks who thought it was wrong for Shep to bring the girls from the threesome video to Patricia’s party. Austen says, it was a d*ck move. Shep says, it was salacious. See? Big word. Andy says it was messier than any of the Housewives. Andy says Shep has been espousing manners and upbringing; how well people are raised. Is that an example? Shep says he’s not fighting back with fists. It’s his little way of fighting back. Danni says it’s his way of saying Austen and Madison’s relationship is a joke. She says she’s not surprised at anything  hateful toward her from them. Andy asks if Shep enjoyed inflicting pain on them, and Shep says they bicker all the time; it was just another night. He and Chelsea have a history. Chelsea asks him to say her last name, so no one thinks it’s her. Shep says he might have taken her anyway. The other girl was manufactured be him, and approved by Craig. Naomie says they could hardly form words, and Kathryn does a Valley girl imitation. Andy asks if Shep has any regrets, and Shep says, not giving the proper amount of respect to Austen’s relationship, despite his protestations. Andy asks Austen and Madison what’s happening in regard to them sleeping together. Austen doubts tonight and Madison says, probably not. Andy is leaving it there.

Outside, Madison tells Danni that she feels sh*tty about what she did. Danni says, it’s a nightmare when the guys get together. Whenever they’ve had bad communication, the guys are involved. They agree to call each other directly from now on, and hug.

Martinis are passed out, with Kathryn opting for water. Andy thanks them for being there, and sharing their lives. He has one final question. Last year, Naomie was a strong voice for female empowerment, but this year, came off less strong. Naomie agrees, but says she was navigating a new relationship. It wasn’t just about her any more, and she was mindful of another person’s feelings. She thinks that’s normal, if not healthy. Andy asks if Craig is ready to put his angry outbursts in the past, and focus on his burgeoning pillow empire. Craig says he’s working toward being happy, enjoying every day, and finding someone. Andy asks what’s happening for Kathryn in the next year, and she says, hopefully, she’ll be settled in the house she’s renovating. Her kids will be happy and safe, and that will make her happy. He asks if Austen and Shep repaired their friendship, and Shep says, never better. Austen says they took time apart, now they’re better than ever. Andy says, even if Austen dates beneath him? and Shep says he’ll be supportive as possible. Andy asks if Cameran is positive she’s one and done, and she says one is all she can handle. He asks if Chelsea has any upcoming adventures with Nick, and she says, New Zealand. He’s going to be there for eight months. Andy wants to see him on the show, but Chelsea says, he’s not about it.

Andy gives Shep the last word of the season. Shep says, it’s been a tough one for a lot of them, but they’re going to keep doing it and have fun. They enjoy each other’s company, and he’s a better person for having known them. They’ll always be connected, for better or worse. They toast to that. Andy says, Patricia sent a toast via Dorothy Parker. I like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I’m under the table; after four I’m under my host. Shep says he had a toast, and Andy tells him, go ahead. He says, there are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be. Shep tells them, they earned this, and they drink.

Even though Shep infuriates me, I’ll miss them. <sniff>

✈ Spicy Vacay…

They invited me, but I couldn’t make it. I was washing my hair.

👙 While Juicy Joe Rots On ICE…

Teresa goes ringless in Greece.

🌈 A Lesson For Us All…

Laverne Cox tells it like it should be.

💣 Break This…

A little tease.

Walter Jr. has grown up nicely.

🎭 During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Betty Gilpin (GLOW) suggested a remake of Streetcar Named Desire using the Vanderpump Rules cast. Jax as Stanley, Lala as Stella, and Stassi as Blanche. I thought about this for a hot second, and it actually might not be a bad idea, but I’d switch it to Stassi as Stella and Lala as Blanche. After all, Lala has always depended on the kindness of strangers. The ones with private jets.

💫 Sometimes It’s In My Head All Day…

A catchy tune from solo Posh.

August 27, 2019 – Nina Makes a Viral Connection, a Day In LA For Gina & So Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

It’s been a while since I missed the first minute, but I did today. I don’t even know how I ended up running late, but jumping in and moving on.

Kim flashes back to Franco telling her that he’s definitely not Franco, and kissing her. Elizabeth calls, but Kim doesn’t answer. Elizabeth says she’s just checking in, and asks Kim to give her a call back.

Michael asks Finn if he has an update. Finn says Sasha gave him permission to share her medical information with him. He’s diagnosed the strain of flu. Michael says then he can start treatment, and find out how she got it in the first place

Nina’s phone dings, and she slips out of Sasha’s bed. She sees a picture sent from unknown. It’s the photo of Cassandra with Michael and Sasha in Puerto Rico. She says, oh my God, and Sasha asks, what is it? Is everything okay?

Sonny tells Chase, it’s not the best time; they’re finishing a family celebration. Chase says he’ll try to keep it brief. Can he come in? Sonny says, why not? Sonny tells Carly and Jason that Chase wants to ask questions about Barry Siegler. Chase says, according to his wife, he never came home. He asks if Barry was in trouble, but Jason says, not that he’s aware of. Chase says he interviewed the workers, and they didn’t remember anything that led to a dispute. Dev comes in, and asks if they’ve seen Josslyn. Chase asks if Dev minds if he asks a few questions about the coffee warehouse.

Nina tells Sasha, it’s a deadline she forgot about. Sasha is sure she’ll be forgiven. Nina is the boss, and she’s been a little distracted. Nina says she should take care of it, and she’ll be right back. Outside, she sees Valentin, and says she thinks she knows who’s behind Sasha’s illness. She shows him the picture, and says the bitch targeted her daughter.

Michael says, the Avian flu? He didn’t know it was passed from person to person. Finn says, it’s usually animal to human, but Sasha said they weren’t in any contact with birds on the island. Michael says, no direct contact, but why is Sasha sick and he’s not? He’s not, right? Finn wants him to have a round of antivirus as a precaution. Michael would probably have demonstrated symptoms by now, but better safe than sorry. Michael goes with Finn.

Franco asks why Obrecht slapped him. She says she’s not housekeeping. (Dammit. Figures I’d miss that.) He’s not sure that gives her the right to slap him, and has half a mind to call security. She says half a mind is how he got into trouble. She’s his friend, and the friend who is gong to get him through this fiasco. She’s heard everyone coddling him. He thinks he’s Drew. He says he is, and she says Franco is her best friend; perhaps her only fried. He’s helped her, and she’s returning the favor. She refuses to share his delusion. He asks if that’s what the slap was for; to shock him into remembering he’s Franco. She asks if she should try it again, but he thinks not. She seems like a bit of a lunatic. She says, coming from someone who claims to be someone else. He says she seems to care about Franco. He’s terribly sorry, but he’s not Franco. He’s Andrew Cain.

Julian sits with Kim in the park. He tells her the sale is almost finalized. He’s thinking of buying into a bar in New York, and maybe getting another piece of real estate. Kim says when her place closes, they can get their new apartment. Julian says he was thinking he could set her up with an office with the funds from Charlie’s. She can go back into private practice when she’s ready. He’s been thinking about their new life together, and he’s excited. Kim says she is too. She thought they could start their new journey in another way. She says, marry me, Charlie.

Chase tells Dev that Barry didn’t come home, and his wife is worried. Sonny asks if it’s an interrogation. Does he need a lawyer? Dev says, it’s okay, and Chase asks if there were any conflicts with Barry. Dev says, everyone loves Barry. He’s a good guy, and showed Dev the ropes. Chase asks if Dev can think of anything else, and Dev says, Barry was in a good mood. He was planning a vacation. Chase asks, where to? and Dev says he doesn’t know. Barry wanted to surprise his wife, and she hates Atlantic City. Does Chase think Barry is in trouble? Chase doesn’t know, and thanks them for their help. He leaves, and Dev says he thinks Chase bought it. Did he do good or what?

Julian says, Kim is proposing? She says, yes. She’ll get down on one knee, if he prefers. They’re starting new life, and could make it official. Nothing fancy; just the courthouse. He says, clearly they’re not on the same page. He loves her very much, and nothing would make him happier, but he’s worried that she’s making a proposal to make a statement. Kim says, that’s what love is about. Getting married is a statement you give to the world that you love each other. He says, given the circumstances, he thinks it’s more of a statement to Franco.

Obrecht says Franco truly doesn’t remember? Franco says he’d appreciate it if she’d just call him Drew. She says, not a snowball’s chance in hell. He’s not that man, despite his memories. He says he never asked to be a guinea pig, yet here they are. The person he is, is Drew. Obrecht is livid she wasn’t told sooner. GH is going to get an earful for not consulting her when this fiasco happened. He says, she’s a doctor? She says, indeed, and she’s had more experience than anyone else in this matter. He says, she’s had experience with memory transfer? and she says she could have been doing the necessary research to find a way to undo everything. He says she’s assuming he wants it undone, and she says, don’t be ridiculous. Of course (🍷) he wants to be restored to his full self. He says, maybe it’s not possible. He knows this body isn’t his, but his mind and memory is. He feels sorry for Franco, and sorry for the people who care about him and miss him, but he wants to live as he is.

Epiphany drops by Elizabeth’s house. She says she was on a break, and thought she’d stop in and check on her. Don’t tell anybody. She asks, what’s going on? and Elizabeth says she’s waiting to hear from Drew. He tracked down Andre, and is going to bring him back to see if he can’t do a reversal. Epiphany says, that’s not what she meant. Everyone is focused on Franco. She wants know if Elizabeth is okay. Elizabeth hugs her.

Bobbie tells Scotty that she’d do anything to help. He asks if she means that, and she says, sure; let’s hear it. Scotty says, Franco thinks he’s Andrew Cain, and has no reason to stay in town. Bobbie says, he has a legal one, the ankle monitor, but Scotty says, once that comes off, there’s no reason he wouldn’t skip town. Scotty wants to keep him there until they can figure out what can be done. Bobbie says, it’s out of their hands, but he says, maybe not. Nina’s daughter is in the hospital in quarantine. Bobbie says, isolation, but yes. He says, say Franco got the same virus. If that happened, the hospital would have to officially quarantine him. Bobbie says, theoretically, yes. If someone in authority makes the diagnosis. He starts to take her hands, and she throws her drink at him.

Valentin and Nina approach Finn. Valentin says they think they know how Sasha got sick. Nina shows him the picture, and says she’s sure he recognizes the woman. Finn says it’s possible Sasha was purposely infected, and it’s possible it was Cassandra. Nina says her daughter was obviously targeted on purpose. Finn says he was just considering possibilities. If the illness was designed to inflict maximum damage, it might be hard to treat.

Sonny asks Carly if there’s any chance she’d like to go out on the terrace for some fresh air. She goes, and Dev asks if he did something wrong. Sonny says he was chatty with the detective. Jason says they didn’t ask him to lie, and Dev asks if they wanted him to tell Chase there was a giant fight and Barry tried to frame him? Sonny says they understand Dev is trying to protect them, but this is not the way to go about it.

Kim tells Julian, forget she said anything. She’s clearly getting ahead of herself. Julian says, tell him the proposal has nothing to do with Franco thinking he’s Drew. Kim says making it clear where her heart belongs is a factor, but the proposal being premature doesn’t change that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. The crazy stuff did make her want to make sure everything is settled now. She doesn’t want to wait. Julian takes her hand. He says he wants to spend the rest his life with her as well, but not for the wrong reasons. She asks if he loves her, and he says, of course (🍷). Kim says, but it’s not enough. Julian says, ever since Oscar passed away she’s been making impulsive decisions. He doesn’t want the rest of their lives to be one of them.

Franco tells Obrecht, if it’s true that Drew was in the military, he lost his identity for years. He can live a life that he wouldn’t trade for anyone else’s. Obrecht says he’s fighting for a life that doesn’t belong to him. He’s throwing way a remarkable life. He’s a world famous artist. She’s his biggest fan, and she knows deep within his soul, there’s something only Franco can communicate with – art. Franco says, sorry. None of it is clicking. Obrecht says, then think about everyone who loves him. Her, his father, his stepsons, and most of all, his wife. Franco says, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany, sorry. She told herself she wouldn’t cry. Epiphany says, don’t you dare apologize. She has the right to let her feelings out. Elizabeth says, in the  grand scheme, she should consider herself lucky. Franco’s not dead or sick. Epiphany says, he’s just not there. Elizabeth says she can’t help thinking that he won’t come back. Epiphany says, don’t think that way. Elizabeth says she’s  trying, but she’s a mess. Anyone else in her shoes would cry or scream. Epiphany says, whatever it takes. That’s what he friends are here for. Elizabeth says she’s got that part down. She just wishes she could get through to her husband.

Michael tells Sasha, Finn thought it was a good idea to give him a round of anti-viral drugs. She hates putting him through this, but he says, it’s just a precaution. It’s not her fault. Sasha says, lucky him. Finn thinks she might have been diagnosed too late for the drugs to work. Michael says, if that’s the case, they’ll find another way. They’re not giving up without a fight

Finn tells Valentin and Nina that he’s racing the clock. He needs to alert the CDC, and tell the WSB and the PCPD that Cassandra is involved. Valentin says it will dredge up skeletons he doesn’t want out of the closet. He asks if they can’t keep it under wraps for now. Finn says he doesn’t want to cause Valentin trouble, but he had to alert the authorities before Cassandra tries it on someone else.

Dev tells Sonny, the cop was out of line, showing up like that. Sonny’s not to blame for Barry skipping out on his wife because he got fired. He was just trying to help. Sonny says Dev told the cops an elaborate story. Dev says, one they’ll believe, but Sonny says, one they can pick apart and disprove. What if they ask Barry’s wife why she hates Atlantic City? The next time, Dev needs to remember three words – I don’t know.

Kim tells Julian that she loves him. It’s one reason she doesn’t want Drew in her life anymore. She wants a new life, on solid ground Julian says, not based on impulse. She say she’s been talking to the doctor about her impulsivity, and not thinking about consequences. She wants to get to the root of it, and work through it. Not just for herself, but for them. He holds her.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth, for every cloud, there’s a silver lining. The last she heard, Franco was wearing an ankle monitor because he punched a cop. He can’t leave. Elizabeth says, that will only last so long. When he’s not being kept there, Franco will vanish for good. She keeps telling herself, the Franco she loves is buried underneath, but it’s taking every ounce of strength she has. She  thinks if she keeps pushing, she’ll push him further away. Epiphany says that’s the most ridiculous thing she’s ever heard.

Obrecht says she doesn’t know Franco finds appealing about that mouse, but he and Elizabeth care for each other. It would be foolish to throw that away, along with the rest of his life. Her phone dings, and she says she’s being summoned to the hospital. They’re not done. She’ll see him again. Soon. He tells her to keep her hands to herself. She says, no promises. She knows he feels as though he’s Drew, but his fingerprints and DNA say otherwise. Those are true to him; only him. Perhaps he should fight for the life that truly belongs to him.

Bobbie tells Scotty, it was a  hard sell speech. She was waiting for the other shoe to drop. He says, it’s 100% about Franco. It has nothing to do with them. Bobbie says, it doesn’t feel that way. He says he’s happy they’re back together, but desperate to save Franco. He thinks she’s the only one who can help. She says, not by bending the law or risking her nursing license. It’s a new low for him. He says it’s all he’s got. Bobbie says, that’s not true. He says, Lee and Gail are gone, Serena keeps her distance, and Karen – his gift of sunshine – was killed too young. By the time he knew he had Logan, it was too late. He might have made a difference with Franco. He thinks he made Franco a better person. Now he’s gone. Bobbie hugs him.

Nina and Valentin go to Sasha’s room. Nina says it wasn’t actually a work thing she left for. Sasha says Nina seemed upset, and Nina tells her, when Sasha was falling asleep, this picture was sent to her. She shows Sasha, and Sasha says, Sandy Lance. Valentin says, who? Michael says, a woman they met on the island. He was hoping to get ahold of her to see if she’s sick. Sasha asks if everything is okay with Sandy, and Valentin says she’s fine as far as they know. Nina says, but she lied to them. Valentin says, her real name is Cassandra Pierce, and she’s a major drug trafficker.

Carly says Jason is kidding her. Barry tried to frame Dev? Jason says they had their doubts about Barry, but they finally caught him. He thought Dev was an easy target. He talked way too much. Carly says, he’s a kid. He shouldn’t have been put in that situation. Sonny has a reputation of taking care of street kids. He’s amazing, but this is too close to him. His choices aren’t in Dev’s best interest. Jason agrees.

Dev tells Sonny, he’s got it. He’ll remember it next time. Sonny says, if they keep pressing, tell them to direct their questions to him or Jason. Dev says, understood. Sonny tells Dev to go upstairs. Dev asks if Sonny knows what happened to Barry, but Sonny says he has no clue.

On the phone, Finn says he’ll keep Anna posted. He loves her too. Chase asks if he wants to grab something to eat at Kelly’s, but he says, another time would be good. He says he’s glad Chase is there. His next call was to the PCPD. Chase asks, what’s going on? and Finn says they might have a dangerous situation on their hands.

Sasha says, that woman is a drug kingpin? Valentin says, among other things. She’s extremely dangerous. Nina thinks it’s intentional, but Valentin says they don’t know for sure. Nina says, it’s consistent with her previous crimes. Michael says she claimed a deal fell through with his dad. Was he the target, and Sasha got in the way? Nina says, no. It’s because of her.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t mean to be blunt, but Elizabeth is turning to Drew and everyone else for advice, when the only person’s opinion that’s important is hers. There’s no blueprint for what’s happening with Franco. She has to listen to her heart and trust it. What’s her heart telling her? Elizabeth says, to go find Franco, and fight for him. Epiphany says, it sounds like she knows what she has to do.

Julian walks Kim to her appointment at the hospital. He’s glad they had the opportunity to talk everything through. Kim is too, once the embarrassment faded. He tells her not to be embarrassed. He wants to be clear. She’s the most important thing to him, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He’s going to spend the rest of his life with her. They kiss, and Franco steps out of the elevator. Now there’s something he hasn’t considered. Maybe there are people who don’t want the old Drew back.

On the terrace, Sonny asks if Jason filled Carly in. Carly says maybe after Barry tried to cheat Sonny and blame Dev, he decided to relocate, and neglected to tell his wife. She knows how to handle the fallout, but doesn’t want Dev in the middle. Sonny doesn’t think Chase will ask any more questions. Carly says, Dev could be deported, and Sonny could face time. Sonny says he’s not going to let it happen. He’s going to keep Dev where is, and keep an eye on him. Dev listens in.

Epiphany ignores Obrecht, who says, excuse me. Her niece needed her here for some reason. Epiphany says, that’s correct. A round anti-virals. Shall we? Obrecht asks if there’s no other nurse, but Epiphany says, only the best for her.

Chase tells Finn, it’s awful. Poor Sasha. Finn says it appears she was intentionally infected. Chase says they know Cassandra was in Puerto Rico; have there been any other sightings? Finn says not that he knows of. She could easily be in Port Charles. Nina and Sasha need protection. Chase says, so does Finn. He has a history with Cassandra. Finn says he’ll be fine. Chase says, be careful. He might be a target.

Nina tells Valentin, it may be too late to treat Sasha, but he says, Finn is one of the best. He has an international reputation. Nina says Sasha never should have been put in this position. It’s all her fault. The only reason Sasha is sick is because she’s Nina’s daughter. They look into Sasha’s room.

Michael tells Sasha, it’s a long process, and she says, no kidding. It never crossed her mind that Sandy was anything but friendly. She’s sorry. He says, for what? and she says, for getting him involved in this. It was just supposed to be easy and fun. Now he’s here by her sad side while she has the Avian flu. Michael says if she wants to go back to casual when she’s better, it’s her choice, but he has no intention of leaving her side until they can walk out together.

When Kim comes out of her appointment, she sees Julian waiting for her. She says she thought they were meeting back at the bar, but he says he has nothing more important. He asks how her appointment went, and she says, good. She appreciates him waiting; he didn’t have to. He says he already told her, he’s not going anywhere.

Scotty says he’s not taking advantage of Bobbie or their relationship. He’s desperate to help Franco. She says, she’d do anything legal for him in a heartbeat. Scotty asks if she’d put her feelings about Franco aside, and she says, for him? Sure. He means a lot to her. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem they can solve. It’s up to Franco to decide whether he wants to forget his old life or not.

Elizabeth is about to go out, and opens the door to find Franco there.

Tomorrow, Jordan asks Curtis if he’s involved in corporate espionage, Cameron says Jason knows what it’s like, Nina accuses Jax of lying, and Michael asks Sonny if it’s payback.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

The women leave the restaurant. In the car, Tamra says, it was not a nice comment. It’s a freakin’ rumor. In Tamra’s interview, she says Vicki and Kelly are still at odds. There are things going on between them that aren’t nice. We flash back to about a half hour ago to where Vicki said Kelly knows that she knows more than she’s saying. Tamra says now Vicki is saying she has something worse than the coke story. In Shannon’s interview, she says she heard the train rumor when Vicki did, and her mouth has been shut since she did. This is not okay. She explains to us what a train is, and I go, ♫ la-la-la! ♫ Shannon says, it doesn’t leave the car, and Gina says, this is where it lies and dies. In her interview, Shannon says, to put a notion out there that a woman would have sex with multiple men while others are watching is disgusting. She wants no part of the rumor. In Tamra’s interview, she says, it’s a secret club; no one can talk about the train. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, there are so many things being said about Kelly that aren’t true. She feels Kelly has to know.

Twelve hours later… Shannon and Tamra get ready to go walking. Tamra suggests bringing knives in case they run into a mountain lion. Shannon says she had fun last night, and Tamra says, it was a lot of information. They start to walk. Tamra says Braunwyn’s laugh is like a dolphin. She imitates it, and Shannon tells her to stop. The mountain lions are coming.

Braunwyn gets food ready for Gina and Kelly, who are coming over. One of her children says the organized food is good, Braunwyn explains she has friends coming, and she wanted it to be pretty. Gina comes in, and meets the kids, In her interview, Gina says she got a call from Kelly, who asked her about what was discussed in the car. Braunwyn called and told her everything after they left Tortilla Republic. Kelly is pissed because now, everything is spilling into the rest of the group.

Shannon tells Tamra that she had fun with Gina, but she seems down. Tamra says, she is. She’s not talking about what she’s going through, but she got some news that shook her world. We flash back to Gina telling Tamra about Matt’s affair. She could use Shannon’s support. In Shannon’s interview, she says she doesn’t like seeing anyone in pain. If Gina is going through anything like she did, she wants to help. Tamra says she can relate.

Kelly arrives at Braunwyn’s house. Gina asks if she left her sunglasses case at Kelly’s; it has her keys in it. Kelly hasn’t seen it, and Gina says she can’t find her keys. She has no passport, no license, and no keys. She’s not adulting well.

Tamra tells Shannon that she talked to Kelly about Gina never having been to Rodeo Drive. She told Kelly that they’re going to take her, but Kelly won’t go if Vicki is there. Let whatever happens, happen at this point. Shannon says she’s not getting involved. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s not taking sides. They’ve both been cruel to each other. She’s taking the nice side.

Gina says she heard Kelly was upset, and wonders where the rumor is coming from. Kelly says, it’s coming from Vicki. In her interview, Kelly says when she came back from Aspen, Braunwyn called her. She said there was a rumor circulating. It’s absolutely ludicrous. She’s never done a threesome, let alone a train. She tells Gina that Vicki is a liar. She lied about cancer. She’s dangerous. Gina says Kelly needs to stop slinging it back. Let it go. We flash back to the pig message Kelly sent Vicki. Kelly says she’s not talking about Vicki. She wants nothing to do with her. In her interview, Braunwyn says when they agreed not to talk about it, she thought they meant don’t tell anyone else. not don’t tell Kelly. If she didn’t tell Kelly, she’d feel like a liar. Kelly thanks her for the heads up, and she says that’s what friends do. She’d rather be the bitch that starts sh*t than a liar. Kelly tells her that Gina has never been to Rodeo Drive. Kelly says she’ll come alone. Gina says she’s going to pop her Rodeo cherry. Braunwyn says, it’s pink, shiny, and filled with diamonds.

Gina goes to see therapist Lynette. She says she’s a disaster, and Lynette says they’ll figure out a way to take the stuff that sucks, and make her stronger. Gina says she’s hard on herself about the DUI, but now she has it in perspective. It was a reality check. She was trying to hold everything together. She needed distance from the stress of it all. She’s also been dealing with another thing in the last six months. Matt is dating the girl he had the affair with. She hadn’t told anyone because she wanted to protect her family. She starts to cry. In her interview, she says she holds everything in, and thinks she can handle it all. It gets to the point where it’s too much builds. You realize you were holding in poison in your body that can kill you. She tells Lynette that it was either him or her. She was drowning in his secrets, and she can’t anymore. Lynette thinks it brought to light her enabling him. In Gina’s interview, she says it was enabling not just Matt, but herself too. Nobody wants to feel like they’re not good enough. Gina says she has to accept that she’s not in charge of Matt’s life. Lynette says, it’s part of the healing, to reclaim being in control of your own life. Gina says, in time, she won’t care as much. Lynette says it will happen. Gina says, it can’t get worse. She went to jail, there was adultery, and a divorce. Never say it can’t get worse, because, oh yes it can.

We flash back to Emily explaining about doing a surprise dance for Shane in Vegas. Braunwyn says she’s not sure if she could do it. Emily goes to a class, bearing champagne. In her interview, she explains she knows Jackie Siegel (six degrees – the Queen of Versailles was just on Below Deck Mediterranean), and she owns the Westgate hotel. She asked if she could dance in one of the shows, and Jennifer Romas, the show’s choreographer, offered her help. Emily thinks it’s empowering as a female, to get on stage and not care, since she’s not the typical OC body type. Jennifer shows her and another dancer a cha-cha step. Braunwyn and Kelly come to watch. On the way there, Braunwyn says she’s a dance mom, and these are her people. Emily tells them that she thought it would be a good gift for her and Shane’s ten year anniversary, but he’s not comfortable with it. They got in an argument about it, and it hurt her feelings. Braunwyn says he’s outside his comfort zone. In her interview, Braunwyn thinks it’s weird that Shane isn’t supportive. Sean is supportive, even if he doesn’t agree with her choice. Her husband supports everything she does. If she was doing a lingerie show, he’d be front and center, and ready with a hotel suite upstairs afterward. Kelly and Braunwyn watch as Emily dances with the other two girls. In Kelly’s interview, she says she feels bad for Emily, but she wasn’t shocked that Shane shot her down. We flash back to Kelly calling him a p*ssy. She says, she’ll put it this way, he’s not a man’s man. If Emily’s husband doesn’t want to go, she’ll support Emily. Braunwyn tells Emily, this is different from kick ball change. Braunwyn feels bad. she wants Emily’s husband to be there, but she wants to be there.

At 5 am, everyone is getting ready for the trip at Braunwyn’s house. In her interview, Braunwyn says her family is headed for Beaver Creek. This is the first year she’s not going with them. She explains to the youngest that mommy has to meet with someone that’s going to help with her book. She tells us, logically, she knows it’s just a few days, but it’s a shift in the family dynamic. She gets weepy, saying, she’s always been in charge of everything. She needs to be needed. Being a  caregiver is her natural state. She jokes that she likes it when the kids are sick so she can baby them. It’s a hard pill to swallow as a mom, that they’ll be okay without her. They leave, and while most of us would go back to bed, Braunwyn drinks coffee alone and cries.

Gina meets Tamra for lunch. She tells Tamra that she decided to do a creativity center for her kids. We see a clip from three hours earlier, when Gina talked to her parents about Sienna being behind in her developmental skills. Tamra asks how Matt is with it, and Gina says, he’s good about it. He goes with her to the doctor visit. That’s his contribution; now it’s on her. Tamra asks if she’s thought of asking him to move back to the area to help. Gina says she was going to, but hearing about the girlfriend messed her up. Tamra says, hopefully, she goes away. In Tamra’s interview, she says, it’s a screwed up thing. Matt  not only stabbed Gina in the heart by cheating, now he’s in a relationship with her. He stabbed, twisted, pulled the knife out, and is watching her die slowly. They order. Tamra says Shannon called totally upset about Emily bashing her on social media. We see a clip of Emily telling Gina that Shannon was talking smack about them on a podcast. Tamra says Shannon didn’t say anything bad; it was hearsay that was repeated. We hear a clip from Jeff Lewis’s podcast where he says he spoke with Shannon, and she’d said Emily or Gina were going to be let go from the show. Then Emily blasted Shannon on Twitter, instead of asking her about it. Tamra says, you can’t go on social media and attack people, like she’s never done this. Gina says she spoke to Shannon. Shannon cared enough to let her know, and Gina appreciated that. In Gina’s interview, she says Shannon wasn’t open to being her friend, but she is now, so she’s walking through the open door. Tamra says she thought Emily was an attorney. Doesn’t she know never to put anything in writing? Gina says her emotions get the best of her. Tamra says, like at Eddie’s birthday party, where she threatened to kill Kelly. Her lashing out shows she’s an insecure person. Gina smells trouble.

The ladies get in a limo bus, and go to L.A. In her interview, Shannon say she’s knows what it’s like going through a divorce; it’s not fun. Friendship is what you need to get you through a hard time. She tells Tamra, they’re doing some shopping and having lunch. After that, she has a surprise. Tamra says, just so they know, she’s not fully on board with the surprise. Gina is afraid now. In Emily’s interview, she asks, in what alternate universe is Shannon planning a day in L.A. for Gina? They apparently clicked. It’s surprising, and a little weird, but whatever. Emily helps Shannon practice her Spanish. Like me with French, Shannon understands more than she speaks. In Shannon’s interview, she says, not fun Emily is now my friend. Crazy. in Spanish.

Braunwyn says she grew up around a rock band. Her mother couldn’t afford a sitter, so she  took Braunwyn on tour. In her interview, she says her mother was in the band Candy Apple. Looking back, she doesn’t remember much, but having her own kids now, wow, not cool. They get to Rodeo Drive. Hey! It’s Villa Blanca. Shannon wants everyone to pick out a piece for an outfit for Gina. Gina tries everything on. I hate to say it, but these clothes that are probably hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, don’t look much different than what I can get from somewhere like Nasty Gal. In Gina’s interview, she says if she knew sharing her feelings and emotions would score her an $800 outfit, she’d have spilled her guts long ago. Tamra calls Shannon out for wearing Spanx. In Shannon’s interview, she says she has a history of wearing three Spanx at the same time. We flash back to that, and she says, if she’s down to one, she’s making progress. Emily tells Gina, it’s okay to ask for help. Gina thinks Emily is doing the same thing she did, and feels it’s coming out negatively. Emily says she feels overwhelmed and has anxiety. In her interview, Gina says if Emily can’t pinpoint the issue, it’s because maybe she doesn’t want to. She thinks something is going on with Shane. They step outside, and Emily cries. She tells Gina that she can’t do this. She’s barely being a good wife, mother, and attorney. She’s just hanging on to each aspect. She says she’s having an anxiety attack, and Gina asks if she wants to go back on the bus, but Emily says, she’s okay. She just feels lost right now. I have an idea. How about losing some weight? Like about 150 pounds of Shane.

In the store, Shannon asks if something is going on outside. Could there not be a drama free hour? In her interview, Shannon says, it’s supposed to be Gina’s day, and where is she? Outside with crying Emily. She knows it doesn’t sound nice, but there’s been no mention of the tweet. We see Emily’s tweet, which says Shannon has lost 40 pounds of fat, but gained 400 pounds of jealousy. #FrozenFishIsRiveting. It’s hearsay. Why is everyone pretending it’s okay? Emily says she’s in a temporarily difficult situation. Shane is studying for the bar, and staying in a hotel. He hasn’t been home in ten days. We see a clip of Emily telling Pary it’s the first time in ten years there’s been no contact. Emily tells Gina that she’s reluctant to share things about her marriage. She doesn’t want the women jumping on the bandwagon of bashing her husband. Gina says when she went home to Ohio with Emily, she saw who Emily really is. We see pictures of Emily being happy. They hug. Tamra tells Shannon, you don’t empower with negative thoughts.

They leave the store, and Shannon tells Gina to take it all in. They go to a hotel for lunch, and sit outside. In her interview, Gina says, she loves being friends with Shannon. It’s like having and Amex black card. it comes with its perks. They order, and Braunwyn leaves to call Sean. Emily needs to clean one of her contacts, and leaves the table. Tamra asks if she’s crying, and Gina says, no, but she’s not herself. She thinks something is  going on that Emily’s not talking about. Kelly thinks the problem is with Emily’s husband. Tamra isn’t understanding why she’s so quick to fight. In Tamra’s interview, she says they all lash out when something is going on, but no one knows what Emily is going through. If she’s not opening up, it makes them think she’s just an a-hole. Emily comes back, and Kelly asks if everything is all right; talk about it. Emily says she was at dance rehearsal, and her phone was blowing up. Everyone wanted to know if she’d heard what Shannon said, and she was hurt. Shannon says she didn’t go on the podcast, and Emily says she understands that now, but wonders why it was misconstrued. Shannon says, it was hearsay. As a lawyer, she should know. Emily says that’s why she’s apologizing, and Shannon says Emily should have texted yesterday. She attacked Shannon’s weight loss, and the successes she had after a difficult year. She had a difficult year last year, and now Emily is having one. Emily admits she’s wrong,  and it’s 100% on her. She hopes Shannon will accept her apology. We all wait, and Emily says she wants to move forward. In Shannon’s interview, she says with the snap of a finger, Emily wants to start fresh, Emily says she takes responsibility for everything, and Shannon says it’s all good. She’s done talking about it. Cheers to moving forward. In Tamra’s interview, she says, no one knows what was said because they weren’t there. That’s why people should stop gossiping.

Emily wants to ask a question about when they went to Tortilla Republic. Gina said that something came up about Kelly. In Shannon’s interview, she says, Kelly wasn’t supposed to find out. Don’t any of them know what pact is? Kelly says it’s ridiculous and disgusting. Emily asks if Vicki saying something about Kelly? Jolie calls, and Kelly gets up. She says she doesn’t give a f**k. Why is Emily bringing it up? They can eff off – all of them.

Shannon asks how Kelly knew about it, and Braunwyn says she called Kelly. In her interview, Tamra asks if she thought something good would come of it, if she told Kelly that Vicki had said she was pulling a train. She’ll go ballistic. Tamra goes out where Kelly is sitting, and Kelly says, it’s obnoxious, the way they’re coming at her. Tamra knows Kelly is upset, but she can’t tell them to all eff off. Kelly says, she just did. In Kelly’s interview, she says they’re supposed to be having lunch; having a good time. it’s absurd. She doesn’t want to talk about something that’s not true. Kelly wonders why it’s Emily’s business. At the table, Emily says, all she knows is that Vicki was telling her that she wished Kelly well. She just wanted to get along, and empower each other. We see a clip of Vicki, who says she’s not fighting. No one will win. Emily says, then Vicki tried to create drama at the restaurant. Shannon leaves to make sure Kelly is okay. Kelly asks Shannon why she didn’t say something. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon always answers with something like, she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Her feelings are hurt by Shannon not telling her. Kelly doesn’t want talk about it anymore. It’s disgusting. Her daughter is calling because she wants to check on Kelly, and she probably knows.

Gina say she looks like a bad friend for not saying anything. In her interview, Tamra says, it was a stupid move for Braunwyn to tell Kelly. It should have come from Vicki and Shannon if they heard it. It’s not her fault. Emily says she’s on Kelly’s side, but Kelly says Emily wasn’t even there. Why is she opening her mouth? Emily says she’s pissed at Vicki telling her these things. Gina doesn’t like that Kelly feels defensive, and Kelly says she’s not asking for Gina’s opinion. Gina says she’s giving it anyway. Kelly tells her, shut up. In Kelly’s interview, She says Gina should be the last person giving her advice. She loses everything, and her kids are running amok. She’s a disaster. Gina says it was supposed to be her day, and Kelly says, STFU, and it will be her day. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she stands by her decision to tell Kelly, but she doesn’t want them mad at her. Everyone is turning on each other. She just wants to be quiet and invisible. Gina says, a  really good day in Beverly Hills.

Next time, Shannon says they’re going on a double-decker tour bus, a hip-hop class, Tamra asks if Braunwyn is a troublemaker, and Gina misses her court date resulting in a warrant for her arrest.

😴 It Is For Me…

And I don’t even know how it happened.







August 26, 2019 – Michael Reweds Caroline, a Cougarish Charter & Long Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kristina tells Sam, it’s a little weird. She knows Sonny and Carly love each other, but it’s a little over-the-top. Sam says, it’s a huge, romantic gesture, and they’re going with it. Kristina says they can take break from the non-stop drama, enjoy the flowers and cake, and each other. Sam says, bring It on. Kristina can think of another couple who should do something over-the-top romantic. Jason walks in.

Diane and Alexis stumble into the park wearing workout clothes. Diane wonders what was on Alexis’s mind. Bootcamp, outside, in August. Alexis says, it was a fundraiser. Diane says they’re dead. A woman, also in workout wear, comes by and tells them, good job. Alexis asks Diane if she heard that. She said good job. Diane says Alexis is buying, and she’s getting a burger, fries, and dessert. A cheeseburger would sit well.

Hayden asks Jax how his lunch with Obrecht went. He says they had a nice time. Obrecht is actually smart. Hayden says Obrecht despises her, but Jax is sure she can handle it. Obrecht is a helpful ally against Valentin. Hayden asks how Nina will feel about that.

Nina visits Sasha in quarantine. She asks how her girl is, and Sasha says, tired. Michael was there, and he was so sweet. He wanted to stay, but she told him to go be with his family. Nina knows she’s no substitute, but she can try. She asks if Sasha wants anything, but she just wants to know what’s wrong with her.

Finn tells Epiphany that he knew it was possible, but he was hoping that wasn’t the case. Epiphany asks if it can be treated.

Chase and Willow walk in the park. Chase asks if she’s okay, and she says it’s the fifth time he’s asked. She’s good; is he all right? He doesn’t know how do this, so he’s  just going to. He asks if she remembers when she called his apartment a lair. She does, and says, who eses that word? No one. Why is he bringing it up? He says he was curious, and asks how she feels about sharing said lair with him?

Sonny asks if Carly is down, but Kristina says, not yet. Sam asks if Sonny is nervous, and Kristina says he’s done it before. He says, once or twice, maybe more. Michael comes in and says he parked in Sonny’s spot. Sonny says his car’s not there? Carly comes down in her bathrobe and says they have a problem. She can’t find Josslyn. Dev is gone too. Sonny says, no Dev, no Josslyn, no car. What’s wrong with this picture?

At the MetroCourt, Alexis tells Diane that she should hydrate. Diane says she plans to, and drinks some wine. She wonders, why the torturous workout, worthy of the Marines? Alexis says she wants to broaden her horizons and create challenges. She joined a book club, and joined a group that works for prison reform. Diane asks if that was recommended by a certain therapist, but Alexis says he fired her. So she went to her old therapist, and he fired her too. Diane says she was fired by Neil again? So he can pursue a romantic relationship? Alexis says, no. To get her out of his life. Diane asks, what happened? and Alexis says they got stuck in an elevator, and Neil opened up about his daughter. The next morning, he came to her house, and said they’d gotten too personal. He said he may have felt a personal connection, and she mentioned she may have felt one. Diane says, suddenly, everything is falling into place.

Carly wants to call Josslyn, but Jason says he’s sure it’s fine if Josslyn and Dev are together. Josslyn and Dev walk in, and Sonny asks why they took the car without permission. Dev says, not to worry; he’s an excellent driver. Josslyn confirms that, but Sonny says, that’s not the point. Dev says, thanks to Sonny, he has a license, and Sonny says that doesn’t mean he can just take the car. Josslyn says it’s her fault. She was having trouble getting a ride, and Dev offered to drive her. Carly asks, where? and she says she knows it’s not formal, but they’re renewing their vows, and Carly needs a bouquet. Josslyn hands her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Willow says, Chase is asking her to move in? He says, poorly, but yeah. Too much too soon? She says, it’s wonderful. He just needs to be honest. He says, always, and she says, is he asking because he wants to live with her all the time, with all her stuff, or asking because she’s out of a job, and has to find a cheaper place? He says, it’s not a pity offer. He wants live with her; all of her.

Nina sees Finn, and says, here’s the deal. If he can’t diagnose her daughter and heal her, she has no qualms… Finn says he knows what’s wrong. Sasha has the flu. Nina thought he already tested for that, but he says, not this one. That’s how rare it is. He had his suspicions but wasn’t sure he was right. It’s the Avian flu. Nina didn’t think the bird flu was a thing anymore, and Finn says, that’s how rare it is now. She says now that he knows what’s wrong, he can treat Sasha. Finn says yes, but possibly they’re too late

Jax tells Hayden, the pragmatic part of him wants Nina to be happy. It’s good for business and the magazine. Hayden says, and the personal part? He says he likes Nina. Not like that, but he wants her happy and adjusted. At the same time, loving someone like a Cassadine is just a disappointment in the end. She asks if he’s speaking from experience, and he says, his brother is like that. He loves his brother, but Jerry can’t grasp why Jax won’t stand by when he wreaks havoc. Valentin is smart and amoral. He clearly worships the ground Nina walks on, and she thinks she knows him, but she doesn’t. If Valentin loses, that means Nina does too.

Finn tells Nina, treatment is supposed to begin 48 hours after the symptoms begin. Nina says it’s been a lot longer than that, and he says he’s starting Sasha on medication. She’s right on the cusp, so time will tell. Nina says there must be something else he can do. He wishes there were. Nina ask,s what happens if the drugs don’t work?

Epiphany gives Sasha some pills, saying, hopefully, it’s something that will make her feel better. Finn will be in shortly to explain. Sasha takes the medication.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s, and Kristina asks how Sasha is. Michael says, not great, but she insisted he come. Kristina says, a nice, happy, normal family gathering. He says, them normal? and she says as close as they can get. Bobbie and Mike come in. Mike asks Sonny if he’s ready to tie the knot. Bobbie adds, again, and Sonny says, more ready than he’s ever been.

Josslyn comes down with Avery, who makes a very cute flower girl. Everyone says how beautiful she is, and Josslyn asks if she knows what really makes her beautiful. Avery says, her heart. Bobbie gets the kids together for a picture. Mike says Sonny did that, and Sonny says, incredible. Mike says he and Yvonne were looking at pictures from their wedding, and he saw Sonny was there. He realized he was a little bit out of it, but now he knows, so thank you. Sonny says, it was an honor to be there. He’s happy Mike is sharing this day with him. Mike says, you and me both, and they hug.

Sonny waits under an archway. Avery comes in, scattering rose petals. He picks her up, and Carly walks down the aisle. They smile at each other.

Diane says she and Max went on a romantic cruise. Alexis says, a booze cruise? and Diane says, potato, potahto. Neil was there with a woman. Alexis says, good for him, and Diane asks, why is it good? Alexis says, he was having a good time. Diane asks, who said he was having a good time? Alexis says, he wasn’t? Diane says, it wasn’t a disaster – no one got tossed overboard – but she managed to overhear a bit of their conversation. Okay, she eavesdropped. Both of them agreed there would be no second date. Alexis says, so it was a first date. Diane says, blind-ish. They met online. No reaction? Alexis says she knew he dabbled. Diane says she went online to look up his profile. He goes by BernBrain, in case Alexis is interested.

A woman looks online at headlines about Alexis. Lawyer Acquitted of Hit and Run. We see it’s the girl from the park.

Willow says living with Chase is going to be amazing. He agrees with her. About living with her. He knows what it’s like to live with himself. She asks if he’s lived with someone before, and he asks if his college roommate counts. She says, no, and he asks if she has, and she says no (unless you count the forty-seven people she lived with at DOD), and he says they’ll be newbies together.  She says, it’s scary, and he promises to leave the seat down. She says she’s serous. Everything is going great with them. What if this ruins everything?

Sasha says, bird flu? Finn says, it might sound strange, but has she had any contact with birds, either in Port Charles or Puerto Rico? She says, no more than anyone else. He asks if she was in the water, and had any contact. She says she was in the ocean, but nothing enclosed. He says it’s rare for it to be contracted human to human, but they’ll have to test anyone who had close physical contact with her before she showed symptoms. She says, Michael.

Sonny says Carly looks beautiful. He says, dearly beloved. He means it; he and Carly love them all. He thanks them for being there for the vow renewal. It means a lot. Carly says, let’s do it.

Hayden says, Nina is a spoiled little rich girl, but Jax says, it’s not like she had an easy life. Hayden says, who has? She had to crawl on broken glass to come back to Port Charles. Nina also has a comfortable money cushion. Poor Nina. Boo-hoo. She thought he would be immune, but she guesses not.

Finn lists some people who need to be tested. Nina asks, how long before the medication kicks in? Finn says he gave Sasha the highest dose, but it might be a couple days until they know if it’s been too long. It’s all they have. Nina asks if GH is equipped for this. If it was his child, would he think they’d get the best possible care there? He says, yes. There’s nowhere else in the world he would want them to be.

Willow asks Chase, what if they annoy each other? He says, not possible. She says, very possible she’ll screw up. He says, what if he does? He’s a clean freak. She says she figured that out already. He knows how to fold a fitted sheet. He promises to teach her. She says what if it’s too crowded for him? The worst thing would be to suck it up and go along with it, if it turns out to be a mistake. He tells her, stop looking for the worst case. They’ll tell each other if they’re getting on each other’s nerves. He asked her because he loves her. He loves being with her, and thinks they can turn this into something special. Instead of looking for ways it can go wrong, look at how it could go right. Willow says, when he puts it like that… He asks if that’s a yes, and she says, yes. She’d love to move in. They kiss.

Alexis says she’s not looking up Neil’s profile, and Diane asks if she’s not curious. Alexis says she isn’t, and Diane says, liar. Why doesn’t she admit, she’s got it bad for Neil, and he’s got it bad for her. It’s wildly evident. Alexis says Neil doesn’t want anything to do with her. Diane says she probably evokes feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in… maybe ever. Why is she making it hard? There are no boundaries. He’s not treating her. Why don’t they behave like consenting adults? Alexis says, too messy. Diane says, Alexis wants messy? She repped a client with an incredibly sexy and flexible bodyguard, and they just decided to go there. It was the best decision she ever made. She found her soulmate. Alexis says that’s wonderful for them, and Diane says it can be for her too. There has to be a happy medium, so she doesn’t end up with no one, or saying yes to a homicidal maniac like Julian. Alexis says, he’s moving to Manhattan with Kim. Diane says, change the subject much? Alexis asks if it worked, but Diane says, no.

Carly says she’ll always love Sonny, even though it’s not always easy. Sometimes she wants to stop loving him. God knows she’s tried, but she can’t. He’s been it for her from the beginning, and will be to the end. Got it? He does, and she says, she, Caroline, takes him, Michael… Avery asks, who are those people? Everyone laughs, and Carly says, she, Carly, takes Sonny to be her husband. To have and to hold, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish forever. Sonny says, his turn, right? He doesn’t know what to say that she hasn’t already. She’s it for him. During the worst of times, she’s the hand he reaches for, and in the best of times, like today, she’s the hand he reaches for. He repeats the vows, and Carly says she loves him. He says he loves her more than she’ll ever know. Sonny says, ready, and Avery says he may kiss the bride. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Sasha tells Nina, she doesn’t have to stay. Go back to Windymere, and take Charlotte out. Lumiere should probably be exercised. Nina says Lumiere is fine. Unless she’s hovering. She admits she can be a lot. Sasha says Nina has no idea how grateful she is for her. Nina says she feels the same about Sasha.

Jax asks if Hayden would like Nina more if she had less money. She says Nina would be more likely to stay at Crimson. He asks if she has regrets, and she says she wouldn’t have embarked on this journey if she didn’t think it was worth it. He says they have to find the codicil in Mikkos’s will. If they can get their hands on that, the Cassadine fortune will be restored to its rightful heir.

At Sonny’s place, everyone hugs, and there’s a song part. The cake is cut. Sonny and Carly feed each other a piece, and feed a piece to Avery. Carly gets ready to toss the bouquet. Sonny tells Avery that she’s too young, but he’ll get her one when she’s old enough. Michael tells her not to give dad a heart attack. Kristina tells Carly, aim for Sam, and Carly says, don’t worry. She throws the bouquet, and all the girls move out of the way so Bobbie catches it. Sonny says, uh-oh, Scott.

On the phone, Chase says he’s on it. Willow says, duty calls? and he says, unfortunately. She says, it’s very fortunate. She has packing to do. He says he has to make space. Willow can’t wait to help with the cooking, and he asks if there’s something wrong with his. She says she’s looking forward to them learning together. He says he’s looking forward to learning all kinds of things. He’ll see her at home. She says she’ll see him at home.

Diane asks how Alexis feels about Julian moving, and Alexis says, fine. Diane says, just fine? Alexis says, Julian and Kim are working out; they didn’t. Diane reminds Alexis about her erotic dream, and says she can put the fun in dysfunctional. No boot camp, no book club – what’s next? Cats? The woman from the park stops by their table, and introduces herself as Kendra. She’s wondering if they’d be interested in a personal trainer. Diane says she told them good job. Why would they need one? Kendra says she has a  holistic approach. Healthy body, healthy mind. She has some testimonials… Diane says, no thanks, and Alexis says, sure. Alexis looks at her tablet, and says, impressive. Kendra gives Alexis her card. When she’s gone, Diane says she has to talk to Carly about keeping pushy salespeople out.

Bobbie needs to drive Mike home. Mike can’t wait to tell Yvonne about the wedding. Carly asks him to tell Yvonne that they missed her. But they’re happy he’s there on their special day. Mike says it’s special that he was there. They hug, and Bobbie and Mike leave. Sam and Jason kiss, and Sam says she’ll see him at home. Kristina says, it was perfect. Sam tells Sonny and Carly that she loves them so much. Carly says they love her too. Sam congratulates them, and leaves. Michael says, they’ve done it again. He’s glad he was part of it. Carly asks him to tell Sasha that they’re thinking about her. He says he will, and they hug. Sonny tells Carly, they did it, and they kiss.

Hayden asks if Jax has a plan. He says he does. He’s going to convince Obrecht to let him in the trophy room. She says, don’t tell her why. He doesn’t trust her, does he? He says, of course (🍷 ) not. He knows taxidermy is not her cup of tea, but she says, it’s not the animals. It’s the picture of Helena on the wall. Okay. Now they’re talking about the painting. Is the will behind it or something?

Epiphany asks if Finn still needs her; she has an A1C appointment. He tells her, go. She’s been a tremendous help. She doesn’t understand how it can be the Avian flu. If Sasha wasn’t in Asia, and didn’t have contact with birds, how did she get it? Finn says, there’s one other way; tainted food. She says, it’s not a food borne illness, but Finn says, someone purposely contaminated something Sasha ate. He can’t think of another alternative. He tells her to go, and good luck with her A1C.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s so tired. Nina says, sleep. The body does its best healing when sleeping. Sasha says, body, help her out. Nina’s phone dings. She sees Sasha is asleep, and slips out of the bed. She looks, and it’s a text from unknown. She says, oh my God, and sees a picture of Michael and Sasha with Cassandra.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s happy. She’s not sure when he suggested it, but now she’s glad they went through with it. He says, so he’s right. He’s always right. Carly says, and humble too. She thinks they should stop, take a breath, and appreciate where they are. She’s lucky. The doorbell rings. It’s Chase (why didn’t the house phone ring?), and Sonny asks what brings him by? Chase says he has a few questions about a missing person. He works in Sonny’s coffee warehouse. His name is Barry.

Tomorrow, Kim asks Julian to marry her, Obrecht slaps Franco telling him snap out of it, and Dev asks Sonny if he did something wrong.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Colin asks to speak with Captain Sandy. He says he heard abut June. She’s young and has a passion for yachting; he doesn’t. He doesn’t know if it would be better if she stayed on as a deckhand. The captain says he’s an amazing human being. To step aside to allow someone else to pursue their career, speaks volumes about his character. He’s an asset to her, and she needs him. If he left, it would be a disaster. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she needs a professional deck crew, and that’s not June. She tells Colin, June will make it. She’ll give June a reference. Please don’t leave. She needs him. He says he’ll stay, and she hugs him, telling him that he’s amazing.

Anastasia is happy she gets to finish the season with the Aesha and Hannah. Hannah suggests she keep her earpiece in. June asks Aesha if Colin is upset, and Aesha tells her about Colin going to the captain. June says, he’s such a good guy. In her interview, June says, he’s so sweet and selfless. She would never let him leave. Colin tells João that he’s staying. The captain said she needs him. João is relieved, but Colin feels terrible. In João’s interview, he says he’s trying to contain his happiness out of respect for June and Colin.

Hannah asks Travis if he’d mind rooming with Ben. In her interview, Hannah explains that yachting is one of the few professions where males and females room together.  We flash back to her talking to Jack and Aesha about rooming together. She tells us, either she’s speeding their relationship along or dooming it. June tells Colin that he’s sweet and selfless. He says, it made sense, and they hug. In June’s interview, she says she’ll miss Colin and Aesha, who’s a good person. Her biggest regret is not opening herself up. She was overwhelmed being the new girl and it took over her emotions. She hugs João. She tells us, it’s not end of her career. She’ll see many, many more boats.

Aesha tells Anastasia, this is why she avoids dating on boats. You go from dating to living together straight away. In her interview, she says she’s still holding out on Jack. Without an emotional connection, she might as well do it herself. The captain calls a crew meeting in the main salon. She tells them that June was let go, and a new chef is coming. They can still knock it out of the park. ⚾ Hannah says she has her dream team back. Everyone gets busy cleaning. Aesha and Travis switch rooms. In Travis’s interview, he says he built a friendship with Jack, and they laughed their asses off. Having that taken away, he’s a bit devastated.

Hannah looks out the window, and says, oh God. Ben walks to the boat. Captain Sandy says she’s heard amazing things about his cooking. Nothing like being flown right into it. In his interview, Ben says, hello lovelies. I am ba-a-ack. He’s introduced to everyone, and Hannah asks what he’s been up to. He says, a lot of catering. In Ben’s interview, he says he has a catering business out of Fort Lauderdale, but he’s been traveling, cooking all over the US. The captain says he can use Anastasia in the galley. Aesha asks when was the last time Hannah saw him. Hannah says, three years ago. We flash back to them clashing. In her interview, Hannah says he’s a great chef, and the guests love him, but she’s nervous about his extremes. He’ll have your back or stab you in it. We flash back to Ben talking to the captain (not Sandy) about problems with Hannah. Aesha asks if they didn’t get on, but Hannah says they did. We flash back to them flirting, and Aesha says, it’s going to be interesting.

Anastasia shows Ben which burner doesn’t work, and which one is temperamental. Travis says, hopefully the chef is cool, and Colin says, good thing about moving in with your girlfriend after only dating a month is, nothing goes wrong. Aesha tells Jack, so many changes this morning. In his interview, Jack says, at first, he sh*t himself. Good on her, making him wait, but he’s dying to have sex with her. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says, it’s all you, Ben.

The captain says, it looks like high maintenance guests. Laura, the primary, is a philanthropist and self-proclaimed wine snob. She’s coming with her best friend Samantha, and six of their closest friends. The want a welcome shot of tequila, and cocktails or wine in their hands 24/7. Hannah says, her kind of party. Captain Sandy says, they expect the best food ever; they’re used to top notch service. Ben says he’s only as good as his last service, or in this case, the first one. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s actually doubting himself. This is the toughest job in the world, and he had it easy on dry land. The provisions come in. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’ll give Ben as much help as she possibly can, but at the same time, if you give Ben an inch, he’ll take a mile. The crew changes into their whites.

Ben says, two hours isn’t enough time to assess anything. He’s cooking blind; going from experience and instinct. The crew goes out to greet the guests, and Ben says, here we go. The captain tells the guests, as soon as their luggage is unloaded, she’ll start their journey. Hannah gives them the tour. Ben looks over the preference sheets. Jack notes that there are two cars of luggage when there’s usually one. In Colin’s interview, he says, it means a lot to finish the season strong, and forget the craziness. Hannah asks how Ben is doing, and he says, it is what it is. He asks how the season is, and Hannah says, good. She asks if he’s seeing anyone, and he says he’s trying not to. In his interview, Ben says, Hannah is wonderfully blunt. He enjoys that quality. He has no time for mind games. Ultimately, he knows where he stands. He tells Hannah, it’s hitting him. He feels like he was smashed by a train.

In her interview, Captain Sandy says the deck crew has really stepped up. She trusts them, and knows they’ll do a good job. Anastasia tells Aesha that she feels rusty, and doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s so happy. The boat pulls out. One guest says she’s drunk already, and another says it’s good for them. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, being third stew is so easy. She gets the same tip as Ben, and a miniscule amount of stress. Ben does stretches in the galley, saying, he lost his sea legs. The guests visit the bridge, impressed by a chick in command. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s worked hard on her relationship with Captain Sandy and her relationships with the girls. She doesn’t want Ben screwing it all up. The guests ask about eye-candy João, and one of them stands at the bow looking at him, while the wind blows up her dress to reveal no underwear. I can’t unsee that. Anastasia helps Ben, and in her interview, she says everyone has forgotten she’s a third stew again. The galley is not fun, and she doesn’t want to do it again.

Hannah says Anastasia has literally been yanked from her every charter. She’ll give Ben a break for one charter, but she’s not allowing him to take away her ability to do a good job in the interior. The guests make rude comments about the deckhands, and flirt with Jack. In his interview, he says he’s not complaining. I can’t imagine making suggestive comments to a waitstaff or someone in a public service job. It’s appalling when the yacht guests feel they’ve spent so much money, they can treat the crew any way they like. Aesha sets the table. In his interview, João says Jack is finally working, Colin is staying, and Travis is doing his job. What more can he ask for right now? Jack sees jellyfish, and João says, they’re everywhere; it’s too many. In his interview, he says he’s never seen so many. If a guest gets stung, one of them will have to pee on them, and he doesn’t know how well that’s going to go. BTW, that’s an old wives tale, and I’m surprised he doesn’t know that. Hannah seats the guests.

The guests are enjoying the food. I missed Ben. In Ben’s interview, he says he has to kill it on the first meal. It sets the stage. Otherwise, the guests will be scrutinizing you throughout the whole charter. Hannah tells Ben they think the food is amazing, and would like a chat with him. He’s like, uh-oh, but she says, it’s good. Captain Sandy asks Anastasia what it’s like working with a trained chef, and Anastasia says, you learn a lot. Jack tells Aesha that he gets off at six. A guest wonders how Ben is going to top this meal. Ben visits the guests, who immediately ask if he’s single. When he says he is, one says, fresh meat. If they don’t like dinner, he’ll get a spanking. He says, a challenge. In his interview, he says, he just got on. He’s not ready to get off. In Travis’s interview, he says Ben seems like a nice chap, but he can’t laugh his tears off like he does with Jack. And he also sleeps naked.

João and Jack curse the jellyfish. Captain Sandy tells João to get the water toys ready, but he says he’s worried about the jellyfish. They compromise with the jet skis. Jack takes Laura for a ride, and Hannah makes espresso martinis. Anastasia puts Laura’s clothes into the washer instead of steaming them as requested. Natalie tells Travis that she’s Canadian, and the Canadians and Australians have a connection. He says his dad was born in Canada, so he’s a citizen. A golf game is set up in the water, and the guests hit balls off the deck. Lots of ball and hole jokes. In Colin’s interview, he says there’s nothing like a good cougar flirt to take his mind off of not being home. Jack and Aesha cuddle in their bunk. Anastasia asks how Ben is feeling, and he says, better. Aesha finds out that Anastasia mixed up the washing with the steaming, since she couldn’t remember what Aesha said. Aesha tells her, don’t wash it if she’s unsure. In Aesha’s interview, she says, the last thing you should do is wash it if you don’t remember.

Ben gives Anastasia the dinner menu. Colin thinks it feels like a bachelorette party, and Jack does a fabulous imitation of a bunch of girls getting ready for one. Laura looks for the dress she wanted steamed, and the captain says she’ll get it. Aesha explains what happened, and Laura says it’s only supposed to be dry cleaned. Aesha says Anastasia accidently washed it. In the captain’s interview, she says, Anastasia has no real concern. Hannah has to  make sure she gets back in the flow. Ben says he has big issues. The range basically works when it feels like it. In Ben’s interview, he says it’s a beautiful reminder of why he attempted to leave yachting. Unnecessary difficulties. He tells Anastasia that they need to be replaced, period. Send the bill to the owner. Done.

Ben tells Hannah try not rush the guests with dinner. The oven is slowing down. In Hannah’s interview, she says she forgot how different Ben’s energy is. He projects his own stress on the people around him. If he’s happy, they’re happy. if he’s pissed off, they’re pissed off. Samantha says they need food. Anastasia says two guests are still in their cabins. Samantha tells Hannah that they’re not waiting. Anastasia helps Ben with the plates. A guest announces that she’s pre-menopausal and horny. The captain promises to have dinner with them tomorrow. Hannah is glad Colin didn’t leave. He says it made more sense after he thought about it. Anastasia starts on the cabins. In her interview, she says she’s feeling very rusty, and trying to remember details. Travis clears the plates. Hannah tells Ben the guests are impressed. Ben wonders why some of the guests didn’t touch the first course, but Hannah doesn’t know. In his interview, Ben says, full plates coming back are heartbreaking. He’d rather the boat sink and the guests eat everything. He thinks the quail egg might have scared them, and Hannah agrees. Laura tells her friends it would be fun if they had their own ladies palace, and lived together because men are a-holes. Ben curses the stove, and in his interview, he says burners are important on yachts. It’s working one second, then it’s not. The only things that give him control over the service have stopped working. Hannah and Travis tells Ben about Mila being homophobic, and he asks if she knows Putin is gay.

Hannah announces the main course. Ben asks her if the guests are at least enjoying it. She says, it’s just that they’re drunk, and it’s hard to get anything out of them. The guests talk more about being horny. The captain drops by to ask how the dinner is, and tastes it. She says, it’s not hot. Um… that could be because they were too busy talking about their lady parts to eat it when it was put in front of them. Captain Sandy tells Ben, the food isn’t hot. He says, it’s ridiculous, but he has to move on. Travis tells the captain that their tender floated away. She goes on deck to find a guy returning it. In her interview, the captain says never before in her career, has she had a stranger return the tender. She asks Travis, who tied it up? He says he didn’t, but he should have put a stern line on it, so it’s his fault. They both say, unbelievable.

Next time tumbling without undies, a fight between the guests, Ben has never walked into situation this disastrous, Hannah oversleeps, Ben says Travis is either drunk or dead, and the boat drags anchor.

🚀 Because I Think It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Week…

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August 25, 2019 – Alicia Paints Her Own Tree, the Mess That Is Potomac, Kelly’s New Squeeze, Kate Explains, Big Baby Tom & Monday Jump Start


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia goes to the tree that says, if you’re reading this you are still here. she asks, but where are you? A zombie pokes out of the bushes, his arms tangled in them. One arm falls off as he pulls himself out. Alicia takes a knife out of her back pocket. The zombie faceplants, but another comes from the other direction. A third comes out of nowhere, and grabs Alicia. She calls for Victor. She accidently drops her knife, and as she’s fumbling around for it, Victor comes up from behind, and pikes the zombie in the head with Alicia’s old weapon. Just for good measure, he gets a few more that have arrived. He asks if she’s all right. She is, and says she’s sorry, but he tells her, don’t be. He finishes off the bush zombie, and Alicia asks him, does he ever get the feeling the universe is trying to tell him something? They keep going.

Alicia checks a map. Victor says they’re low on fuel. She asks if he doesn’t think they’ll find the convoy. He says, even if they do, what help they can be? He’s not sure it’s good for Alicia be out there. What does she think this person is going to do that they can’t? She isn’t sure, but she does know how she feels when she sees the trees. A man’s voice on the radio asks if anyone is there. Alicia copies, and he asks who it is. She says, you go first, and he says, Alicia? Victor says, he saw the tapes? and he says, Mitch? Victor says, it’s Victor. How may they assist him? He says his name is Wes, and Victor owes him a ride.

Wes’s motorcycle is loaded on the back of the truck. Alicia asks, what happened? and Wes says all these holes spontaneously erupted in his bike. Some a-holes did it. He thanks them for the movie. This all happened because he was busy watching it. He says Logan is a big fan of theirs, and Alicia asks why Wes didn’t call sooner. He says he didn’t know if they were real. Usually people who claim to be good, are just the opposite. He thought he’d push his bike home, but he can’t. His brother is waiting, and probably thinks he turned into an eater by now.  Victor kills a passing zombie. Alicia tells Wes, get in.

Al and Morgan go inside a bank. They get rid of some zombies in the lobby. Al tells Morgan it might be time for a new stick, but he’s good. Al opens the vault. Morgan asks how she knew the combination, and she says she went out with a manager a while back. When she opens the door, a zombie pops out, and she dispatches it. A dead employee lies on the floor, apparently a suicide, and Morgan says, a helluva way to go. He asks if Al doesn’t think it’s overkill, but she says, no; it’s smart. If something happens to them, the tapes will survive. Morgan says if something happens to them, he’s not sure there will be anyone left to watch them. Al says if Logan and his d*ck squad keep trashing the truck stops, they need as many backups as they can get. She asks why he joined her, and Morgan says he didn’t think it was smart for her to be out on her own.. She asks if he’s going to make her work for it, and he says, there’s nothing to work for. He goes to the car to get the bags of tapes.

Wes asks how long they’ve been looking for the person who painted the trees? Alicia says he saw the tape. He asks how that’s going, and she says, it’s going. He tells them not to take it the wrong way, but don’t they have bigger fish to fry? Victor says, there’s no fish frying for them, and Alicia says they’re trying to help where they can. This is different. She needs to meet them. Wes asks what she thinks is going to happen if she does, and she says she wants to know how they do it. Wes says, the trees? It’s just paint. She wants to know how they see the world they way she wants to. Wes says if they find them, let him know how it goes. He can’t see it ending well. It hardly ever does. Alicia says, sorry about what happened with Logan, but Wes says, it’s okay.

Zombies feed on a deer by the side of the road, just to get some gore in. They drive past to a police station. Wes says, home, sweet home. He hands the tape back, but Victor says, keep it. You never know. Wes appreciates the lift, but Victor wants to thank Wes. He says they needed a reminder of why they’re out there. Wes says he’ll tell his brother what’s up. Alicia says they’ll unload the bike, and leave Wes some gas. Alicia closes the gate, and they hear gunshots from inside. A wounded guy runs out, Wes chasing him. The guy jumps in the truck, and Wes starts to follow, but Victor stops him. Wes shoots at the truck, but it gets away. He shoots a zombie just because, and runs out of bullets. One gets close, and Victor intervenes. Victor takes it that wasn’t Wes’s brother.

Wes gets out more guns, and throws one to Victor. They shoot zombies, and gas comes out of the bullet hole in one of them near Victor. He says, teargas, and tells Alicia, get inside. He’s coughing up a lung, but picks up the weapon, telling Wes to get inside too. He finishes off the gas-infused zombie. Inside the station, Alicia pours water on his eyes, and asks if he can see. It’s just a blur, and he groans. She puts water on a cloth, and tells him to hold it on his eyes. Alicia wonders what the hell that was, and Wes says, people are people; that’s what he means. That man pulled a gun on him a while back, and took his sh*t. Alicia asks if that’s why Wes brought them there; to kill him. Wes says he brought them there to take it back; that was a bonus. Alicia says, his brother? and Wes says, he doesn’t have one, but he did for a while. Victor says they can’t let the guy die; they have to find him. Alicia says there’s still time, and Wes asks if she’s kidding him. He shot first. Victor looks at all the zombies crowding the door, and says they’re not leaving any time soon. Alicia asks how many Wes has killed. He digresses, and she says he can’t kill one, let alone a herd. She guesses they’ll find out if he can help.

Al puts the tapes in a safe deposit box. Alicia radios, and Al asks if she’s okay. Alicia says she knows they’re not supposed to broadcast their location, but she’s not sure what to do. They need help, and there’s not a lot of time. Alicia asks Victor if he can see anything, and he says, not yet. She says Al and Morgan are trying to find the guy, and Victor says, they will. Alicia says Victor has been doing what she can’t for a while, so she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t want to kill the dead, but she does want to help. Does he think both are possible? Victor says, maybe not, but he’s willing to keep on trying until the universe tells them otherwise. She takes his hand.

Al speeds along, while Morgan reads the map. He says a junction is coming up that should put them on the same road the guy took off on. They see Logan’s truck, and a line of men blocking the road. Al says, great. Morgan tells her to stop, and they get out. Al asks Logan if he’s moving his rig, but he says he seems to have run out of gas. Morgan says, someone’s life is in danger, and Al asks if Logan is really doing this. Logan says they don’t seem to give a damn about putting their own lives at risk, but care about everyone else. If they don’t want the guy to bleed out on the side of the road, and want to make good on their promises, tell him where the damn oil fields are. He gets silence, and says, they’ve got all day and then some. He wishes they could see things the same, but face it, they can play this out, but they both know where going. It sucks, because he’s really grown fond of them. Tick…tick…tick…

Al asks Morgan, what about the service road? but he says, too far north. If they hadn’t come across Logan there, he would have stopped someone else. They have no time for this. They walk up to Logan, and Logan says, where is it? Morgan asks why he needs the gas. They might be able to help him. Logan asks if Morgan thinks that take what you need horsesh*t works on him. He came up with it. He bought it then, but he doesn’t now. Morgan says, they do. It could work out for him. He just has to let it. Logan says, it’s bigger than they are, but it’s going to help people. Just not in the way he likes; it’s big boy stuff. He’s tired of waiting. Grow up or die. He wants to know where the fields are. He’ll even settle for a quick look at the journals. Morgan says they can’t do that, and Logan says, they’re going to let the sad sack die by the side of the road. This is the kind of pragmatism and non-stupidism that makes them more alike than Morgan thinks. Morgan says if Logan gets the field, it will put more lives at risk. They’ll find another way to get where they’re going. He tells Al, come on. Logan says, a bit of friendly advice. Helping other people isn’t going to make Morgan feel better about not helping them. Morgan says, who? and Logan says, his wife and son. Morgan says, what did he say? and slams Logan up against the side of the truck, pressing his stick against Logan’s throat. Al stops him from going any further, but Logan looks pretty scared. He tells Morgan if he doesn’t want people in his business, don’t put it on TV. Morgan walks away, and tells Al, let’s go.

Zombies clamor at the windows of the police station. Alicia says, it must have been important, what he took. Wes says, it was. He thinks the pr*ck took it when he left. Isn’t Alicia going to ask what it was? She says, why? and he says, so she can tell him a story. She can relate it to herself; a lesson to impart. Alicia says they’re out there, trying to help. He says, he knows, and hates to burst her bubble, but he’s not like the woman in the mine field. He doesn’t need his wounded soul healed, or be set on the right path. The guy was an a-hole. He just wants back what the guy took. Alicia says, what if he doesn’t get it? He’ll have shot the guy for nothing, and could have died for nothing. Wes says, somebody’s got it, and Alicia asks if it has anything to do with what happened to his brother. She lost a brother too. He says, they’re two peas in a pod. Alicia says she’ll find another way out. Wes says, he died. Nothing melodramatic, no great story. He just went out for condensed milk, and didn’t see an eater coming, and that was that. Alicia says she’s sorry, and the motorcycle? Wes says, it was his. He knows what she’s trying to do. She sees a guy who’s taken a bit of a beating, and thinks maybe she can appeal to the part that lost a brother, and she can change him; bring out the light. That’s got nothing to do with why they’re here, or why he shot that scumbag. She asks, then why did he do it? He says, this is the way things are. We shoot we kill. If it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. Al radios, telling Alicia about Logan’s roadblock. Wes says, see what he means? Alicia says, it doesn’t have to be like that. He hasn’t killed anyone yet, and the guy is still out there. They can help him.

Alicia gathers some weapons and ammo. LOUD zombies scrabble at the door. Victor is there, and Alicia tells him that she thinks she can get a squad car; she saw where the keys are. She tells Victor, stay there. He asks if she’s sure about this. She hasn’t killed any dead since before the plane. She says someone out there needs their help. If this is what it takes, this is what it takes. Wes says, wait. He’ll clear them. He’ll help her. He knocks on the door, and says, this is going to get loud.

Wes goes to the back of the house, and outside. He moves to the front, and begins to knock off the zombies one by one. They start moving toward him, and he keeps taking guns out of a gym bag. When he’s gotten them all, he radios that he’s heading to the back now. Alicia looks over sets of keys, and finds the right ones. A lone zombie walks right through the glass door. Victor runs in, and Alicia says he can’t see. She grabs a pipe, and says, sh*t. I don’t really get this business about not wanting to kill the dead, since they’re dead. They’re deteriorating. Isn’t it just putting them out of their misery? <sigh> Alicia raises the pipe, and flashes back to the times she’s killed zombies. While she’s busy visiting Memory Lane, Victor stabs it in the back of the head. He asks, how many more? but Wes sees what’s going on, and shoots the rest of them. He asks if Alicia and Victor are okay.

Morgan is thoughtful as Al drives. She says they can take the farm road, and go the rest of the way on foot. She tells Morgan that she’s sorry, and he asks, why? She says she shouldn’t have put that in the documentary. Morgan says he knew it was there, and he was okay with it. Al says he didn’t seem like it back there, and Morgan says, they made the documentary to show who they are; get people to trust what they had to say, and know who they were. That’s just who he is. Al says, bullsh*t. That’s not just who they are – ghosts. What they lost doesn’t define them. Maybe what they do. Maybe. Maybe it’s what they’re running from. Alicia radios, and Al asks if they found him. Alicia says, yes, but it’s not what they’d hoped for. Alicia stands next to an empty car, while a very slow zombie walks down the road. Alicia says, sorry, and Wes says, why? He’s getting it back.

Wes follows the slow zombie. When he gets close, he says, hey. The guy turns, but he’s not dead. He throws the bag at Wes, and then jumps on him. He puts his hands on Wes’s throat at squeezes. Wes feels around for his knife. He finally gets ahold of it, and jabs the guy in the side. He says, where is it? His manuscript. The guy says he just wanted to finish it. Wes takes the manuscript out of the bag. The guy says, it’s good stuff; really good stuff, and dies. Alicia says Wes killed the guy because the guy stole his book? Wes stabs the guy in the head, and says they made him care. He never should have radioed. They were right, but that doesn’t mean they’re right at this moment. At the end of the day, people are people. They leave you wanting more. He starts to go down the road, and Alicia picks up the manuscript. She says, your book. Wes says, he died for it. He can keep it, and resumes walking.

Al and Morgan bury the manuscript thief. Alicia looks at the manuscript, and Victor asks, how is it? Alicia thinks Wes wrote it for his brother. That’s why he wanted it back. He just wanted to write books. We see the last line says, if you are reading this, it means you’re still here. She says, the trees. Wes painted them. Victor says, sorry. He knows that’s not what she was hoping to find. Alicia says he’s right. She’s not going to find what she’s looking for from anybody else. She paints over the writing on the tree, and starts something new. I’m wondering if Wes’s brother didn’t paint the trees though. That would make more sense.

Wes keeps walking, and sees another tree that says, if you are reading this, it means you’re still here. He touches it, and nearly cries, looking at the ground. Maybe his brother is buried there? I have all kinds of questions this week.

Victor looks at Alicia’s tree. She’s painted a bird (a dove?) on it. He says, beautiful. She made it her own. A zombie toddles up, and he says he’s got it, but she says, no, and stabs it in the neck. Victor asks if she’s good, and she says, yeah, she’s good. She climbs up on the car, and writes on the tree: no one‘s gone until they’re gone.

Morgan looks at the new tree, and Al asks if he’s ready to head out. He says she was wrong and she was right. He’s not running from anything, but he’s not a ghost. He’s not just what he lost. He holds on because it’s connected to everything. Al says, the good stuff. Morgan says he’s even seen a little lately; Jenny, Dwight – how he used to be. Every time he tries to get past it and put it  behind him, he gets worried that he lost some good too, so he holds on to it – all of it. Al says they’ll make sure he doesn’t lose anything he doesn’t want to. Morgan asks, how? and she says, tell her about his wife and son. He laughs, and says, okay.

The safety deposit boxes rattle at the bank. Everything shakes, and the vault door falls open. Logan says, we’re in. A woman in a truck says, she’s on it

Logan and his men look through everything. Logan finds the tapes, and I curse him out. The woman from the truck arrives, and asks how he knew they were there. He says, like he told them, it’s bigger than themselves. A guy says the journals aren’t there. Logan says they’re going to check the tapes. Someone slipped up, and the location is there somewhere. This is yesterday. How about tomorrow?

Next time, Logan says they’re about to buy a ticket to the promised land, Dwight tells Sarah the beer isn’t bad, and John has an idea.

😵 Potomac Worked My Last Nerve…

But I’ll always respect a betche’s opinion.

🎢 From Milk Man To Plastic Surgeon To…

Like a rolling stone, Kelly is movin’ on.

🚤 What Happens On Deck…

While watching a Below Deck marathon in honor of Chef Ben’s return, I learned about the stages of drunkenness, according to Kate Chastain. This is fun, I love everyone, I really love everyone, I hate you, I hate my life, Goodnight.

💃 But Rick Perry Was Okay?

I’d rather see Lamar Odom go.

To be fair, the opposition’s rebuttal.

🌌 This Ought To Liven It Up…

Another Monday is here all too soon.























August 23, 2019 – Robert Confronts Peter About Shiloh, a Whole Bunch Of Great Quotes & Le Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly knocks at Jax’s hotel room door, saying, room service. Jax says he already ate, but she says the coffee is for him; the muffin is for her. She’s just checking to see if there’s anything he needs. He says not that he can think of. Is there something he can help her with perhaps? She says she’s glad he’s there, and asks if he has any leads for a permanent place. He says, not yet, and she says she needs him out by noon. Just kidding. For all she cares, he can stay forever. He says, it’s tempting, and she tells him it’s nice for her and Josslyn that he’s there. They’d like if he’d put down permanent-ish roots. He asks, what’s up? and she says she was speaking with Josslyn obviously, and she didn’t know what to make of Jax and Obrecht. Jax supposes he should wake Obrecht up, so Carly can ask her directly.

Cameron asks if Josslyn wants some pastry. There’s a lot left over, and Aiden wants to make a special one that he makes with Franco. Josslyn says, it’s rough, and Cameron says, Aiden doesn’t understand. The Franco that’s walking around isn’t the Franco he loves, and that Franco might not come back.

Jason, Sam, and Danny go to the park for Danny’s softball game. Sam tells Danny that she and his dad will be watching. He runs off, and Sam asks if Jason hears that. She tells him to close his eyes and take a deep breath. She takes his hand, and says they’re right there, in this moment, and everything is peaceful. Jason says he’s waiting for the ambush, and she asks why he’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On the phone, Peter says give him a chance to figure it out. Yes, he remembers what’s at stake. He says, Shiloh? Hello? He tuns around, and Robert is there.

Monica asks if Finn has made any progress, and he says the virus is getting more aggressive. Michael gets annoyed, and says he thinks it’s time to use his resources, but Monica says she’s sure Finn is researching every avenue. Epiphany reminds Michael that it’s a hospital, and the patient can hear his voice. He apologizes, and Epiphany says, in the meantime, Sasha would like to see him. Get in there. Michael tells Finn, sorry. He shouldn’t have spoken like that. Finn says, if he was in Michael’s position… Michael says he’d try like hell to find a cure. Finn says he wishes he knew what they were fighting, and Michael says, that makes two of them.

Ava wakes, and opens her laptop. She starts reading comments about her Crimson cover. She fed her daughter to a serial killer, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her? The daughter got what the mother deserved. What kind of narcissist parades on the cover of a magazine, and trades her daughter’s murder for attention? Ava says, they’re not wrong. She puts her had in her hands. Kiki says, boo-hoo. Be honest. Did she really think the magazine article would give her a shot at redemption? Ava says, Kiki.

Michael says he heard Sasha wanted to see him. She says she does, but doesn’t want to make him sick. He says they have quite the conundrum. He wants to see her, but doesn’t want either of them to get sick. She says she’ll get right on that. He asks how she’s feeling. She tries to answer, and has a coughing fit. He gives her some water, and she tells him that he should go; it must be boring. He asks if she’s ever sat through a financial update at a corporate shareholder meeting. She says, no, and he says she doesn’t know boring. She asks if he’s supposed to be there, and he says, yeah. She says good thing she’s sick. He says he was thinking about their next date; a summer concert in the park. Sasha says she would love that, but she’s not getting out any time soon, and they both know it.

Monica tells Finn that Nina is pressing her for answers. Where are they? Finn says he’s consulting with some specialists, and they’re hoping to isolate the virus. Monica says, until they do, get out of the hospital. Get something to eat. Nothing from the cafeteria or in a wrapper; a decent meal. And take a walk in the sunshine. She says he looks like a damn vampire. Ha-ha-ha! A nod to Silas from Port Charles. I still miss that show.

Sam takes food out of a cooler, and says they’re having a picnic like a family. It feels like they’re regular people. He asks if she wants him to be a regular person. She says she thinks she’s as settled as she’s ever going to be, but it’s not so bad. Jason says, not bad at all.

Robert says Peter is just the man he’s looking for. Will he do Robert the honor of joining him for a cup of coffee? Peter says he appreciates Robert phrasing it like a request. Robert asks if Peter would care to enlighten him as to why he was visiting the prison. Peter assumes Robert already knows he was visiting Shiloh. Robert says what he doesn’t know, is why?

Kiki takes Ava’s laptop. Ava says she’s really there. Kiki reads, Ava doesn’t care that her daughter’s dead, as long as she got the cover photo shoot. Ava says, that’s not true, and Kiki asks if Ava is mad because she can see past the excuses to how black her soul really is. Ava says she’s filled regrets. Kiki says the only thing she regrets is, the one man who truly got and understood her, is the same man who stabbed her to death. Ava says she hates all of it. She fell for his lies. Kiki says he was obsessed with her, and when she heard his adoration, nothing else mattered; certainly not her daughter. Ava is disappointed in her. No wonder she chose him over her daughter. Ava says Kiki is everything to her. She needs Kiki’s help. After all that’s happened, all the things she did, she can never find any peace. Kiki says, what a coincidence. Because of Ava, neither will she.

Carly tells Jax, it’s not funny, and he says, but the look on her face is. She says he didn’t answer the question. He says, whose? Hers or Josslyn’s? Obrecht is a fascinating woman. She has a certain panache. Carly asks if that’s French for she lures children to her gingerbread house so she can eat them. He says, there’s nothing going on. They just wanted to continue their conversation from the park, after the softball game. By the way, they won, so they’ll be playing Corinthos Coffee. He’s looking forward to the game. She says she wanted follow up about the lunch he was having with Obrecht. He says, she’s an interesting woman. They were talking about her concern over Sasha. The doctors haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing her illness. Carly says, the uncertainty alone must be driving Nina crazy. He says, Nina is going out of her mind, but between them and Valentin, they should be able to help. Carly says she thought Sasha could help Michael move on. He says, she still can. Carly knows; the positive thinking thing. Now answer her question. He says, there’s no torrid affair. Carly is concerned that someone else will get their hooks in him who’s even more dangerous – Hayden.

Josslyn tells Cameron, it’s not his fault. He says his mom tells him that a thousand times a day. Josslyn says, that’s what moms do. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Trina, who says, he lives. Why wasn’t Cameron at soccer practice? He says he didn’t feel like kicking a ball he can’t aim at Shiloh. She asks what to tell the team, and Cabot says tell them he was kidnapped by a mad scientist. She says they’ve seen the news; they already know. He’s going to lose his spot as a starter, and he loves soccer. He says he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout about Franco. Been there; done that – a lot. He wishes he could drop out period, and Josslyn says maybe he can. They could get tutored together. He says, she’s not coming back? and she says, not if she can help it. Trina tells them to find their brains, and put them back in their heads. They’re coming back to school.

Peter tells Robert that Shiloh is interested in doing a piece for The Invader. First, he went to get Shiloh’s consent, and then they went over the details. It required a personal visit; the prison doesn’t take messages. Robert says he’d like a copy of any recording, but Peter says he has none to give. Robert says when it happens, he’d like a copy, but Peter says, freedom of the press. Robert says, his job as DA is to build a case. If Peter gets in the way, he’ll charge Peter with obstruction of justice

Sam wonders why Danny is batting lefty, and Jason says the pitcher is a southpaw. Sam gets up, and says she’s going to talk to the coach. Jason says, in front of Danny and the other parents? She says, no, and he asks if she’s going to give Danny pointers. She says, that would be obnoxious; she’d never do that. He asks what she is going to do, and she says they are going to sit and finish lunch, and she’s going to let him distract her. He asks, how? and she says, talk to her about anything. She gets silence, and says, why not talk about Shiloh, Franco, and Drew? They know Shiloh sold fuel in Afghanistan. Why does Jason think he wanted the money? Jason says he thinks the money was a bonus. Shiloh feeds off of control. It’s a thrill for him, having the power to manipulate other people. Sam says, he’s behind bars now. She hopes there’s nobody there he can manipulate.

Jax tells Carly, it’s strictly business; nothing romantic. Hayden is just an employee, and an asset. Carly says Hayden’s not stupid, but she’s left a long trail of pain. Like what she did to Finn. He asks what she’s worried about, and she says she’s just looking out for him. He’s a catch. He says, so he’s been told. Maybe they should agree not to talk about the other’s romantic choices. She says, okay, and he says Josslyn isn’t the only one he’s worried about. How’s the pregnancy going? She says, we’re good, and he asks if she’s sure about that. She says she couldn’t be better, and Jax says he hasn’t forgotten the risks she took carrying Josslyn to term. She says all the bedrest in the world couldn’t have prepared her for the kidnapping. He asks if she and the baby are in danger.

Epiphany tells Sasha, say the word, and he’s out of there, but Sasha says, Michael is on board. Epiphany says she needs to rest. Sasha says, five more minutes, and Epiphany says, fine, but that’s it. She has her eye on him. When she’s gone, Michael tells Sasha, don’t hold it against him, but Epiphany still scares him. She says she’d wonder what was wrong if Epiphany didn’t. She tells him, suddenly, she’s tired, and he says he’ll let her rest, but she asks him to stay until she falls asleep. It will be about ten seconds. He takes her hand, and she says, there’s something she can’t get out of head. What if this happened for a reason? He says, it’s probably a virus, and Finn will figure it out. She says, what if it’s not a virus? What if it’s karma? What if all this is the punishment she deserves?

On the phone, Finn says it’s nice to hear her voice. She’s always telling him if he sees Robert or Peter to say hi. They’re standing about ten feet from him. Does she want to speak to them? He says he didn’t think so. He loves her too.

Peter tells Robert it comes down to journalistic integrity. Finn comes by, and tells them, Anna says hi. Peter asks when she’s coming home. Finn says, Drew located Andre in Ethiopia. He’s hoping Andre can restore Franco’s memory. Robert says, it’s a long shot, but Finn thinks Andre can be more helpful than Robert gives him credit for. Robert says, they’ll see.

Ava asks what Kiki means that she can’t find peace? Kiki asks what upsets Ava more, her spirit not being able to rest, or that it’s because of her? Ava says maybe if Kiki tells her how to help, Kiki can do the same for her. Kiki says she wants a transactional relationship. Kiki looks on the laptop, and reads some more. Kiki stopped being Ava’s daughter when she stole Ava’s boyfriend. Ava says she cares about Kiki’s happiness. It was all she wanted. Kiki says she wanted it on her own terms. She didn’t want Kiki with Morgan, so she tampered with his medication. She didn’t want Kiki with Griff, so she knocked him out and posed him in bed with Sasha, and arranged for Kiki to find them. Ava says she was angry, and she was wrong. Kiki says Ava resents it when Kiki calls her on the hell she’s caused, and she’s upset that Kiki won’t get over it. She killed Connie, destroyed Morgan, and almost charged Mike with kidnapping. How sorry is she really, that Kiki is gone?

Ava says it’s not what she wanted. She didn’t reach out for Kiki to treat her this way. Kiki says she seems to be under the impression that the dead take requests. And here Ava is, using her death for attention. Ava says she thought she was with Doc, and Kiki says nothing is ever her fault. She made Kiki’s murder about her. Ava says she wanted forgiveness. She didn’t mean for all this to happen. Kiki reads, Ava Jerome is toxic, and should never have contact with another human again. She says Ava wanted the public to see her the way she sees herself – a martyr – but this is the way she really is.

Carly tells Jax, everything has been covered. She even promised to go on full bed rest if necessary. He asks if it’s all good with the baby, and she says he has a history of high risk pregnancies. Why should this be any different? If anything comes up, they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it, but they’re not there yet. In the meantime, they have an amazing, wonderful daughter, and she’d go through everything again for her. Jax asks how Josslyn is doing. She puts on a brave face. Carly says she’s healing, bit by bit. She sees it, but doesn’t know if Josslyn does. Josslyn is dreading school without Oscar, and floated the idea of finishing at home. Jax says, maybe it’s a good idea, but she says, it’s a terrible idea. He says he can take her on an educational trip around the world, but Carly says, that’s not an education; it’s a vacation. He says she can see the world away from the painful memories, but Carly says they’re not letting their daughter run away.

Josslyn tells Cameron and Trina that she doesn’t know if she can go back. Everything seems trivial. Cameron says he hates how Franco is all over the media. Trina says they’re going to be juniors. They’re finally upper classmen. There’s soccer, letter jackets, and prom. Soon, they’ll be inheriting the school. Cameron says, maybe it’s not that bad. Josslyn says, maybe for them, but nothing makes facing it without Oscar any better for her.

Monica comes by the park to watch Danny play. She tells Sam and Jason, it’s a nice respite from a lousy day at the hospital. Sam says they have food, but Monica has to get back. She asks them to tell Danny she’s proud of him. Jason thinks he heard her cheering. She leaves, and Jason asks, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Sam says she got an email from Drew. He’s on his way to get Andre.

Finn scarfs down food at the MetroCourt bar. He tells Peter and Robert, sorry; long night at the hospital. Peter asks what he’s saying, since he’s talking with his mouth full. Finn says, it’s probably a long shot, but Andre is the best shot Franco’s got. Cabot worked on the original memory transfer, but Andre took it to the next level. Finn’s phone dings, and he says, the test results are in; he has to run. He grabs the rest of his sandwich, and thanks Robert for lunch, handing him the check.

As Sasha dozes, Epiphany asks if Michael would stay; it’s good for Sasha. She only smiles when he’s there. Sasha says she heard that, and Epiphany asks if she doesn’t know better than to listen other people conversations. She leaves, and Sasha says, still scary? Michael says, hell yes. Sasha says she’s terrified about what she just told Michael, and Michael says he thinks he’s gotten to know her pretty well. She says he doesn’t realize she’s done things.

Carly tells Jax that she knows it’s a terrible loss. Jax says, she’s sixteen, and Carly says, that means she’s young and resilient. She’ll find her way through with her friends. Jax says consider his request, and Carly says maybe a gap year after high school, but she’ll probably want to stay with her friends. Jax says, also sixteen. They can’t understand what Josslyn is going through. Carly says, Josslyn needs to know normal is possible. It’s not going be the same, but she’ll find her way out, and not on a yacht. Jax says, when she puts it that way… Maybe they can do one semester. Carly says, Josslyn is going to miss Oscar wherever she goes. If she’s going to move forward, she needs to know she’s capable of moving on, on her own. She has to do this; give herself permission to have fun without Oscar. Jax says, so she picks up where she left off? Kick back, and maybe get in trouble? Carly can’t believe she’s saying this, but yes. Jax says they have to teach her to be a kid again. Carly says, whether she wants it or not.

Sam tells Jason that Andre is working in Ethiopia, with a mental health initiative. Drew is going to get him on a plane to Port Charles, then head to Afghanistan. He recovered the money, and wants to return it to Afghanistan as some sort of humanitarian aid. Jason says, at least some good will some of it. Does Drew think Andre can reverse the procedure? She says, yeah, and Jason says he doesn’t know about science, but Franco has no intention of going back to his old life.

Ava says she can’t go on like this, and Kiki says Ava went on after her boyfriend stuck the knife between her ribs. Ava says she was wrong about Ryan. There’s got to be something she can do to redeem herself. Just tell her what to do, and she’ll do it. Kiki wishes she could help, but she can’t. Ava asks, why not? Kiki is still her daughter. Why can’t she help? Kiki says, why does Ava think? She’s dead. She disappears.

Ava wakes. She calls for Kiki, but there’s no answer. She opens the laptop, and reads. Ava Jerome should lock herself away forever. She deserves to die alone. She closes the laptop, and says, it looks like you got your wish, Kiki. I’m alone… alone… alone.

Carly says so she and Jax have a united front. Josslyn is going back to school, and staying there. Jax says, absolutely. Carly says, if she keeps her grades up, Josslyn can go on a highly educational trip with her dad. Jax says Carly is open-minded, and Carly says she knows; she’s amazing. He says he’ll have to run it by his sister wives, Obrecht and Hayden. She says, not funny, but it would be funny to watch the two of them duke it out. He says, over him? She doesn’t care. She’s just looking out for him, and he says he’s always there for her, no matter what.

Cameron says, he knows it’s not the same without Oscar. Trina says, Oscar was cute and smart; the whole package. Cameron says he’ll miss him, but he didn’t like him. Trina says he loved Oscar like a brother. Cameron says, he did, but he didn’t like him. Trina says it’s her duty to remind him how close they were, and he says, how lame. Maybe he could try out for the lead in the play. That’s a lame thing Oscar would love. They come up with other lame ideas, because Oscar was lame. Josslyn says she knows what they’re trying to do, and it sounds great.

Jason tells Sam, Franco was looking for a fight. When he wouldn’t take the bait, Franco punched Chase. He never saw Franco so angry. He didn’t want to hear about his old life or how to bring it back. He considers himself Drew. Sam says, he’s not. Jason says, if he woke up, and Jason was gone, and these people were telling him that they all wanted him to have his old life. If he couldn’t connect, and they tried to force him back to what he used to be, he’d fight with everything he had.

On the phone, Peter says, listen carefully. Drew is on his way to find Andre Maddox. Make sure he doesn’t.

Michael tells Sasha, everybody has done things. It’s comforting to believe there’s a balance, but there are terrible people who reap rewards, while virtuous people are taken from over and over. She says this isn’t having the inspirational effect he wants it to. He says good things happen for no reason at all, and he’s been feeling lucky since they met.

Finn asks Epiphany if that’s it. She hands him an envelope, and says, rushed and ready. He looks at the paper inside, and sighs. He says, no, no, no. How is this even possible? He and Epiphany look through the window at Sasha and Michael.

On Monday, Epiphany asks Finn if it can be treated, Carly tells Sonny let’s do it, and Sasha tells Nina that she’s grateful.

🔊 Quotes of the Week

You’re already putting a stink in the room, and you’re not even there yet. – Elizabeth, 90 Day Fiancé

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. – James Stephens

You wanna fly? You gotta give up the sh*t that weighs you down. – Toni Morrison

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is. – Francis Bacon

This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes. – Hannah Arendt

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course. – Billy Graham

When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. – Dr. Seuss

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought. – Albert Szent-Györgyi

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

Like What you do, and then you will do your best.Katherine Johnson

There’s things going on in that house that need to be addressed by a professional. – son-in-law of a hoarder, Hoarding: Buried Alive

Something has to change in the world. Without change, young people will have no future. – Donatella Versace

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare

Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.Marshall McLuhan

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.Eleanor Roosevelt – Or as a friend of mine once said, only you can make you feel like an a-hole.

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August 22, 2019 – Shiloh Has a Request, Ryan Gets a Caveat & Don’t Cry


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she’s making the place cheerier for her nephews. Elizabeth says she knows Hayden is more comfortable behind a desk, but Hayden says her comfort level has expanded in the last couple of years. Aiden and Cameron come in. Cameron tells Aiden that their Aunt Hayden is staying, and Aiden asks, where’s Franco?

Curtis asks Finn if he’s got a minute. Finn says he just got done, and Curtis says he needs to get in touch with Finn’s fiancé. Finn says Anna is still out of town. Does Curtis want him to relay a message, and Curtis says he has to find out if Anna has been in touch with Andre.

Ava goes to the MetroCourt, and finds her phone on the bar. She says, while she’s there… and orders a vodka martini, filthy, with three olives. Doc startles her. She says, it’s nothing personal. She’s got to get used to the same face. He doesn’t want to bring up unpleasant memories, but he’s been thinking about her. She says she doesn’t have to be psychic to know that Laura told him that she’s seeing one. She tells Doc that Chelsea is effective, and Doc asks if she’s helping Ava contact her daughter. Ava says, yeah, but she doesn’t need Chelsea’s help. Kiki contacted her directly.

At Charlie’s, Lucas tells Julian it’s not too late to change his mind. Julian knows he and Lucas are in a better place, but he’ll be close enough to call, and far enough away not to screw anything up. Willow joins them, and asks if he’s thinking of selling, and Julian says, it’s a done deal. Lucas tells Willow, Julian is moving to Manhattan, and leaving his own family here. Julian says he has every intention of staying in Wiley’s life. Just like Willow.

Maxie tells Lulu that she knows you’re supposed to sip the wine and spit it out, but she thinks it’s a waste of wine. Lulu swirls her wine around, and Maxie asks, what’s the matter? Too oxidized? Lulu says, of all the ride share drivers in the world, Maxie had to call that one. Dustin offers them two new glasses, saying, a buttery chardonnay that pairs well with salmon. Maxie says, it’s a shame Peter couldn’t join them, and make it a foursome.

Shiloh says when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, Jason. He kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says they’re back to Shiloh’s lack of proof. Shiloh says he’s an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter says it’s Shiloh’s word against his, but Shiloh says with Peter’s track record, who’s going to believe him? Especially that cute number he brought to the Nurses Ball, Maxie. Peter says he publishes a newspaper. He has nothing to do with the legal system. Shiloh is going to be put away for the rest of his life. Shiloh says he has faith, but Peter says, it’s not that simple. Shiloh says he’ll find a way, unless he wants everyone to know he helped kidnap Drew and Jason, and was Helena’s project manager.

Cameron tells Elizabeth, Aiden was asking about Franco. He told Aiden that she’d explain. Hayden says she’ll go upstairs, but Elizabeth tells her, please stay. It’s a family discussion. She wanted to have this discussion with Jake there, but he wanted to go to camp, so she’ll have to explain later. Aiden says, explain what? and Elizabeth says, Franco can’t be there right now, but their Aunt Hayden will be there while Franco is getting better. Aiden asks, what’s wrong? Is he sick? She says, he has something kind of like amnesia. Does Aiden know what that is? Aiden says, you forget everything and don’t know who you are. Did Franco forget them?

Ava tells Doc, she was sleeping, and Kiki appeared at the foot of her bed. She was wearing the same dress she was wearing when she was killed. Doc asks if Kiki spoke to her, and Ava says, no words. She just stared, really stared into Ava’s soul, and she woke up. He asks what Chelsea said, and Ava says Chelsea told her that she doesn’t do dreams. But a certain Dr. Freud made a career out of dream analysis. Maybe it’s Doc’s department. What does he think her daughter is trying to tell her?

Peter asks who they’ll believe; Shiloh the cult leader, or Peter who turned his life around, and was accepted by the good people of Port Charles? Shiloh says let him tell Peter about the good people of Port Charles. They love you when you’re on top, but they’ll cut your throat if you fall from grace. And Peter is headed for a fall. They’ll turn on him, and once Shiloh plants the seed of doubt, Robert will look into everything Peter has said. He’ll just sit back and watch as Peter’s blameless existence unravels. Peter tells Shiloh, he never said he was blameless. Outside the room, Nelle listens in. Shiloh says Peter’s nearest and dearest will know he delivered Drew, and drugged Jason, and put him in the gulag. Peter asks how he knows Shiloh will keep silent, and Shiloh asks what choice does he have?

Elizabeth tells Aiden that she knows it’s difficult, but they have to be patient. Franco is confused. Hayden offers Aiden another pillow, and says she’s new at this warm fuzzy stuff. It will be okay. Cameron says they’ve got this. Elizabeth says if Aiden has questions, ask away. Aiden says Franco was going to help him make a cake; they got all the ingredients. Cameron says he’ll help, and Hayden says she’s not good at that, so she wants to see a master at work. They can keep a piece in the freezer for Franco for later. Aiden asks who will make them feel safe? and Elizabeth says they’ll all have to pitch in. Hayden says, that’s what families are for, right? Elizabeth says, right.

Doc tells Ava that he’s glad Chelsea didn’t say the dream was a message from the other side. Ava says, Chelsea is transparent, non-judgmental, and honest. She doesn’t question Chelsea’s honesty or ethics, but she thinks Ava was just dreaming. Doc says he’s read dreams are nothing more than a message from your unconscious about a repressed desire or an unfulfilled wish. Something you don’t allow yourself to think when you’re awake, but can in the freedom of sleep. It’s not about what Kiki is trying to tell her. It’s about what Ava is trying to tell herself.

Dustin brings over more wine, and Maxie thanks him, saying he’s gone above and beyond by sticking around. He says one good thing about the job is that he gets to choose his own hours. He asks what Lulu thinks, and she says she can’t taste the herbs or the hint of lime, but it’s good. Maxie thanks him for waiting. He gets five stars and a ten. Lulu agrees.

Peter tells Shiloh that he knows about change and redemption. Shiloh tells Peter, make sure he gets his share of redemption, and he’ll return the favor. Set him free, and he’ll do the same for Peter. Peter leaves, and makes a call to Maxie in the hallway. She asks if Peter wants to join them. He says he can’t, but wants her to meet him at the MetroCourt in twenty minutes. He’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Lulu that she’s got to go. Dustin can keep her company. Don’t do anything foolish.

At the prison, an alarm sounds. Nelle is mopping the hall, and a guard tells her, it’s a lockdown; she knows the drill. He puts her in with Shiloh, and cuffs them to their chairs. He says he’ll be right back, and Nelle tells Shiloh, it looks like it’s just the two of them.

Aiden asks if they can get take-out; he wants dumplings. The doorbell rings, and he says, maybe it’s Franco, but Cameron doesn’t think so. It’s Curtis. Hayden says she has some errands to run, and Elizabeth thanks her. They hug, and Hayden leaves. Curtis apologizes for just dropping by. Elizabeth asks Cameron to help Aiden with something upstairs. When they’re gone, Elizabeth asks Curtis, what’s going on? He says he’s passing on a message from Drew about Franco.

Ava says maybe Doc is right. What she’s trying to tell herself is that she didn’t deserve anybody as good, as beautiful, and as perfect. Doc says, if we all got what we deserved… Ava says Chelsea told her that she drinks too much, and Scotty just wants to drink with her. He used to be Franco’s shrink. Does he really think Franco believes he’s Drew? He says he can’t comment on a patient. Franco walks in, and Ava calls to him. He says, no, ma’am. That’s not his name. He says Doc is the doctor who treated him in the hospital, and Doc asks if he’d like to join them. Franco declines. No more people who think they know him.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Willow says Julian just told them the news. She’s brave, making a new start in the Big Apple. Lucas says he’ll miss them both, and Julian says they’ll expect a visit as soon as they’ve found a place. He tells Kim that he’s already found a buyer for Charlie’s. Olivia wants another restaurant, so it will stay in the family. Kim guesses there’s nothing keeping them now. They can go tonight.

Finn waits for the elevator, and Hayden comes out. She says she has some Crimson related questions for Nina, but Finn says, she’s still in isolation with Sasha. Hayden was hoping Sasha’s condition had improved; it’s awful. She can only imagine how Nina is feeling. Finn says, can she? and she asks if he means how can someone as cold and heartless know how Nina feels.

Nelle tells Shiloh, this is what passes for speed dating, but you can’t move on. Shiloh says, you have to laugh. It’s a survival skill. Nelle says she’s nothing if not a survivor, and he says, him too. She says, he’s Shiloh. She recognizes him from the book jacket of Every Day is a New Dawn. He says what he does is a service, but she says, not to everyone. Lorraine is her cellmate, and told her about him and the baby he’s trying to steal.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt, and asks, what’s going on? He says there’s something she needs to know. He just left Pentonville. He was visiting Shiloh.

Curtis says, Franco is determined to return the money to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, he’s wearing an ankle monitor, but Curtis asks if she thinks it would stop him. She says, of course (🍷) not. Curtis doesn’t either. He says, neither does Drew, but Drew came up with a workaround. Franco stays while Drew goes to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, Drew is making the trip in Franco’s place? He says, he’s making it for both of them. Drew might not remember, but he still wants to see justice done. Elizabeth thanks him. He says there’s more he hasn’t told Drew. He has a location on Andre.

Finn tells Hayden, he didn’t mean it like that. She says he did, but he says she’s not cold and heartless. He heard her when he was on the phone with Elizabeth. She showed up, and said she’d be there for her sister and her nephews. He’s proud of her. She says she didn’t do it for him, and he says he knows that. She says before he leaves, would he stop in and tell Nina that she’s thinking about her. He says whatever is going on in her life, he’s glad she came home. After he’s gone, she says she hopes he means that.

Peter says, dammit. He forgot something he has to do. Maxie asks if he wants to tell her about seeing Shiloh.

Doc knows Franco is having a rough time. He helped the original Franco recover his memories. This is completely different, but he’s a good listener. Just ask Ava. He leaves, and Franco guesses that makes her Ava. Here’s where she says they have a long, fascinating history. She says, actually, they do. He says, now she’s going to tell him that she wishes that guy would come back. She says, some do want him back, but more hope the transformation is permanent. He says, an honest woman, and she says, to a fault. He sits, and says, how about if she gives him the real story about this Franco.

Dustin brings Lulu a spicy red from Argentina, but she says, no thanks. He asks if it’s the vintage or the company, but she says she has no complaints about either. He says the last time they spoke, she was still working on the burglar story. What happened? She says she wasn’t getting anywhere, so her editor assigned another reporter, and she’s been relegated to wine tastings. He says the talent of Lulu Spencer is wasted on it, but she says she’s changing her byline and driver’s license. He says she told him that her divorce was in the works, and she says, it’s now a done deal. He says he’s sorry. Actually, no. He’s not.

Shiloh tells Nelle that Harmony, or whatever name she’s using, is a discontented creature, looking for enlightenment in all the wrong places. Nelle says, between his sheets? Lorraine told her that Shiloh was her lover and guru, and then went after her daughter. He says her daughter had a baby that she gave up in an illegal adoption. Willow gave the baby up without his consent. The child belongs to him, and he’s going to claim his son. She says he’s being tried for everything from fraud to sexual assault to murder. What makes him think he’ll beat the charges? He says he has faith in human nature. It’s never let him down yet.

Peter doesn’t know how to start, and Maxie asks why he visited Shiloh. He says he thought Shiloh just wanted some publicity. Some men are a prisoner forever to their past, no matter how much they want to be someone better. Maxie assumes Peter empathizes, and wants to help, but Peter is nothing like him. He’s accepted his past, and put it behind him. She only cares about the man he is now; the man she loves. Yeah, she said that. She loves him, and that’s all that matters.

On the phone, Curtis says, Andre is in Ethiopia, volunteering as an intern for a mental health initiative. He’ll send an email with the details. Good luck. Elizabeth asks what Drew said, and Curtis says, he’s diverting to Ali Baba (not really, but he said it really fast, and it kind of sounded like that). He’ll find Andre, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles.

Franco tells Ava, alrighty then. Go ahead. She’s a person who hates Franco. She says, sorry, no. She appreciated Franco. He was her friend, and a wonderfully talented artist. She’s shown his work. Franco asks if he was her partner, but she says, more like kindred spirits. Plenty of people hate her too. He says, like who? She says he’s looking at numero uno. He says, she really is an honest woman. What did she do? She says betrayed someone she loved; someone who once loved her. He says, it’s never too late to make amends. She says, he’s been given a second chance. There’s nothing that can undo what she’s done, but he has a chance to reinvent himself. Lucky bastard. Don’t blow it.

Dustin tells Lulu, condolences, and she says, they’re appreciated – briefly. He knows divorce is painful, but it’s worse being in limbo. At the softball game, he could see that she was worried and distracted, but then she picked up a mitt and had fun. She should do that more often. He bets her kids need to. She says, Charlotte and Rocco; they have names – and faces. He asks if he can see them, and she takes her phone out. He says, they look like great kids. Happy, and still young enough to be excited to go back to school. She says, excited as they can be that the summer vacation is over. He says, him too, and she says, that’s right. He’s a teacher. He says, wine tasting is just his summer gig. She says, no more ride share, but he says he put his number in her phone, if she wants to play catch. Rocco’s dad probably takes himSorry. She says, it’s fine, and he says he’s there if she needs to talk. She thinks she needs to call it a night, and he says he’s driving. I’m wondering how she’s going to write anything about the wine tasting, since she wrote nothing down. Her phone was even in her purse.

Julian tells Kim, they have no place to live yet. She says they can get a hotel room, and stay there until they find an apartment. They can check out the neighborhoods, and don’t have to take the first apartment that comes along. I’m wild with jealousy. There, I said it. He asks, what about her patients? but she says there are just a few, and she can transfer them to another doctor. He asks if she saw Franco, and she says she did. He knows it’s weird and upsetting, but he’s Franco, not Drew. She says she knows that, and he says, then what’s the rush? What’s she afraid of?

Lucas shows Willow pictures of Wiley. He tells her that Wiley only knows one word, dada. He’s convinced Wiley is talking about him, and Brad is sure it’s him, but Wiley also calls plush pig and oatmeal dada. Willow says, he’ll figure it out, and he says, someday, Wiley will know who his mother is.

Nelle says, something tells her Shiloh is counting on more than faith. How is he paying for this? His assets have been frozen or are embargoed. He says, once upon time he gave a boy named Oscar a place to stay. Oscar was grateful, and his kindness was rewarded. Oscar turned out to be a Quartermaine. Sadly, Oscar died young, but left Shiloh shares in ELQ. Enough to buy a small firm. The guard comes in, and says, lockdown is over. Nelle tells Shiloh, to be continued.

Maxie asks if Peter heard what she said. He says he did, and he loves her too. She tells him, he said it like it’s sad, but he says, it’s wonderful; it’s everything. She says, but he’s not ready to believe someone could love the son of Faison, even if he’s Anna’s son too? He says she makes him believe anything is possible. She says, it is, as long as they love each other. He says he does love her, and kisses her. She says, better. What was he going to tell her about his visit to Shiloh? He says Shiloh wanted to pitch a tell-all to The Invader. She says she has to admit, as big a creep as he is, she bets Shiloh has an interesting story to tell.

Elizabeth tells Curtis that Andre knows more anyone, even Cabot, about memory transfer. He can figure out a way to reverse it. Curtis says, that’s the hope, and Elizabeth says she knows there are no guarantees. With Andre’s help, Franco will find his way home.

At Charlie’s, on the phone, Hayden says she’s right on time. Mommy loves hearing her voice. What did she do today?

Finn talks to Anna, and says he misses her too. Tell him about her day.

Lucas says he sent Willow a picture of Wiley. Willow feels blessed to be part of Wiley’s life in any way. Lucas says, when Wiley is old enough to understand, they’ll tell him about her. They’ll figure it out. She says, the only important thing right now, is that Shiloh is no longer a threat. Wiley is safe with the parents who love him.

Kim tells Julian that she’s always been like this. Once she makes a decision, she wants to get on with it. Julian says they don’t have to rush. She says, no but hopes he fast-tracks the closing. The sooner they start their life together, the better. She kisses him

Franco finishes his beer, and thanks Ava for the interesting conversation. She says, it’s on her, but he insists. She thanks him, and he asks if she knows Kim. She says she does, and he says, does she have Kim’s number?

Lulu sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and says, next time she’s thinking of texting a ride share driver, don’t. Maxie asks if Lulu didn’t have a good time, and Lulu says, that’s beside the point. Maxie says the only point she wanted to make is having Lulu feel better about the divorce. Lulu wouldn’t say she feels better, but she’s starting to accept it. Maxie is glad Lulu is coming to terms with it. That means Maxie can share her wonderful news. Peter had a legit reason to call. It wasn’t just to leave Lulu with Dustin. She told Peter that she loved him, and he loves her too. Lulu gets super excited, and hugs Maxie. She says, fantastic. She’s happy for Maxie, and asks where he is. Maxie says, he got called away. Lulu wants to make sure he knows how lucky he is… and possibly he can pull some strings to get her a more interesting story than what’s going on in Port Charles life. Maxie says, Shiloh wanted sell his side of the story to The Invader, but Peter turned him down. He thinks Shiloh just wants press. And it’s dangerous to be involved with a creep like that.

Peter goes back to the prison, which must have 24/7 visiting hours. Shiloh says, that was quick. Peter says, if word ever gets out… Shiloh says he knows, and Peter says, yes. He’ll help.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Kiki what to do, Sam tells Jason that Drew is on his way to get Andre, and Sasha tells Michael it’s the punishment she deserves.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis said there was more to the story about him becoming a father, but didn’t tell us what it was. He let Ronita know about the baby, but wasn’t ready to practice diaper changing on hers. He was stepping all over Ronita during a showing, and afterward, she let him know she understood it wasn’t intentional, but it wasn’t cool either. She said if he was going to take over, she might as well not be there. She appreciated him giving her a start, but said her position had evolved. She kept his name alive while he was gone, and without her, he would have had to start over. He realized he’d been looking at her like she was still his assistant. During the next showing, Luis let Ronita shine, and introduced her has his business partner. A client also saw a post Luis made about his depression while he was in Paris, and wanting to end it all. At first, he thought this might reflect negatively on him, but it turned out one of the seller’s closest friends had committed suicide, and she gave him kudos. He told us he’s so glad he’s there.

A developer enticed Ryan with three luxury apartments in NoHo – one with 23 foot ceilings – each about 4500 square feet. There was a beautiful old firehouse across the street, which I suppose could be a drawback, but (no surprise) Ryan turned it into a selling point by saying, what better protection do you need? I was amused because when I first moved to Manhattan, I lived across the street from a firehouse. You get used to it. By the time I went home for vacation, I couldn’t sleep there because it was too quiet. Ryan was nearly beside himself with joy until he found out about the developer’s caveat. To get the listings, he would also have to take on a 233 unit luxury rental building in Harlem that was still under construction. Rentals alone aren’t a broker’s favorite thing, and actually to be avoided at all costs unless you’re just starting out. He said he’d have to think about it.

Steve asked girlfriend Luiza to move in with him, from London to NYC. She said yes very quickly, which surprised me. BTW, not only does she look like a model, she speaks five languages and is a master chess player. Steve was renting an apartment from a friend in exchange for having floated the friend. When Steve said he was moving, the friend gave him the listing. In turn, Steve gave his agent Jess the listing. She’d been one of his closest friends since high school, and she’d been feeling nervous due to a bad market and no steady paycheck. Steve gave a mini lesson in sales, and we learned to make a personal connection when selling. Other takeaway points were don’t just give the potential buyer the basic facts; don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; don’t be too serious; envision the space; and read the customer. There really wasn’t any Fredrik, but next week he’s going to Miami, and Ryan breaks down

🍷 In Honor Of the Spicy Red…

Tea tomorrow, Argentina tonight. The real version. From Patti Lupone. Enough said.





























August 21, 2019 – Drew Finds What Shiloh Wants, Morgan’s New Digs, a Charming Reunion Starts, Extra Kathryn & Goodbyes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason asks Barry (the warehouse foreman) if he’s sure he didn’t misplace the money. Barry says, no, but the kid was listening while they were talking. Jason calls Dev over, and says he needs to ask Dev a couple of questions about the bank deposit.

At the MetroCourt, Ava finishes a martini. Sonny walks in, and tells her, tomorrow is her day with Avery. He hopes she’s not hung over.

Cameron sits in his car, while the engine runs. Trina comes by, and tells him, idling is bad for the environment. Cameron asks what she’s doing there, and she says she was going to ask him the same thing. The last time she checked, he wasn’t allowed to drive. He says he’s not driving.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that she’s looked through tons of medical journals, and even called Patrick for insight. Scotty says, and they don’t know any more than they knew yesterday. Franco’s condition is still irreversible. Elizabeth doesn’t understand how it was done in the first place. Drew joins them, and says, at least they know why now. The worst motivator – money.

Kim asks Franco what he wants to talk about, and he says, Oscar. In ten years, from the moment he was deployed until his life was stolen, she never thought to mention they had a son?

Lulu visits Maxie at Crimson, and Maxie says she’s been calling. Lulu says, sorry, and Maxie asks how it went. Lulu says, Olivia is in major denial, and thinks they can get through to Dante. Maxie says, if only that were possible. Lulu says, Sonny was great. He was supportive and sympathetic. Maxie asks if it’s official, and Lulu says she and Dante are divorced.

Shiloh sits across from Peter, and says welcome to his humble abode. Peter says he doesn’t know why he’s there. Shiloh does. He’s curious. Shiloh knows what he’d like forget. He knows more than Peter thinks.

Ava says, a lecture from the great Sonny Corinthos. It’s been so long. He says she slept with a serial killer who killed her daughter. Her life is falling apart. It’s not Avery’s fault, and he doesn’t want to take Ava back to court, but he will if she keeps slipping. She asks how she’s slipping, and he says she delivered a message from Kiki to Avery. Ava says, good God, he would. He’d take a daughter away from her mother. He says he’d be doing Avery a favor. After the magazine article about Ryan, he guarantees a judge would agree with him. He walks off, and Ava orders another martini. Chelsea arrives, and says Ava wanted to see her? Ava says, it happened. Last night, Kiki came to her.

Maxie asks how Lulu is feeling, and Lulu says, same old. It hit her this morning. She’s no longer Mrs. Dante Falconari. Maxie asks if she’s still Lulu Falconari, but Lulu doesn’t know. She hasn’t had time to think about changing her name back. She guesses she should, but Rocco might feel better if they have the same name. Maxie says Lulu has plenty of time. She shouldn’t have even asked. Lulu says, it’s a legitimate question. It feels weird, holding on to Dante’s last name when they couldn’t hold on to anything else.

Shiloh tells Peter that he’ll give him the Cliff Notes. In 2012, Shiloh was working as a contractor in Afghanistan. He and his buddy Tex were involved in illegal business deals. Drew found out, and was going to turn them in, but before that happened, Shiloh was contacted by Helena. She wanted a pair of twins delivered. Shiloh set Drew up, and knocked him out. Helena came to claim her prize, they made an exchange, and he walked away. Peter was hoping for something more dramatic, but Shiloh says he hasn’t gotten to the best part. He said he walked away, but he never said he left.

Kim says she had a relationship with Drew that she and Franco never did. Franco says he knows for certain this might not be his body, but these are his memories. He remembers her, the time they spent together in San Diego, and what it feels like to be in love with her. They had a kid who’s gone that he never got to know, and it breaks his heart.

Drew tells Elizabeth and Scotty that Shiloh was selling fuel on the black market, along with another SEAL, Tex. It was a huge sum, and Franco told him where they hid it. That’s why he was turning them in. Elizabeth says, but he never got the chance. Drew says that’s why Shiloh was dead set on finding it. Scotty says, all for some spending money. Shiloh is in lockup. Where is he going to be spending money? Drew asks Scotty for some privacy, but Scotty says, if it’s about his son, he needs to know. Drew promises it’s not about Franco. Scotty asks Drew to keep him in the loop, and leaves. Elizabeth asks where the money was hidden, and Drew says, in Tex’s wife’s car. She says, and Franco remembered? What now? Drew says, it’s a Subaru Outback. She says, like the car Oscar left Cameron. Drew says he thinks it’s the same one.

Trina asks what Cameron is doing, and he says, selling the car. There’s a buyer on his way to meet him. Trina says leaving Cameron the car was one of Oscar’s final wishes, and he’s just going to unload it? Cameron says, it’s been bad luck. If he hadn’t had the car, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped, Franco would still be himself, and his mom wouldn’t be miserable. Even before Oscar gave him the car, it was nothing but trouble. They got stuck in Niagara Falls, Oscar got insanely sick, and a serial killer showed up. It’s a curse, and the best thing to do is get rid of it.

Dev says he doesn’t know what Jason is talking about. Jason tells him, don’t start off by lying. Dev heard them talking about the deposit. Dev says he heard the conversation, but he never touched the money. Barry says, sure he did, and Dev says Barry is trying to get him fired. Barry says he tried, but this punk has got to go. He has nothing but respect for Sonny and Jason, but he runs a tight ship. There have been problems since Dev got there. He’s spilled more than one bag. He knows Dev is family, but he’s lazy, disorganized, and hasn’t done jack. He’s stealing, and it makes Barry look bad. Jason asks Dev if he’s been slacking, but Dev says, no. Jason asks if he’s dropped bags, and Dev says, a couple. He’s not good at loading, but it doesn’t make him a thief. Okay, he is a thief, but he didn’t steal the money. Sonny walks in, and says, what money?

Chelsea tells Ava that Kiki made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Ava. Ava guesses Kiki changed her mind. Chelsea asks how Kiki contacted Ava, and Ava says she thought she was sleeping, but when she opened her eyes, Kiki was there. She was standing at the foot of Ava’s bed, wearing the dress she had on when she died. Ava kept calling her name, but she didn’t answer. Kiki just stared at her. She couldn’t tell if it was with love or hared. Chelsea has to tell her; what does it mean?

Maxie says Lulu took her ring off. That’s kind of a big deal. Lulu says, it was the next logical step. She’s not married anymore. Maxie hates this for her, but having been there when Dante shot Peter, she thinks Dante is making the right decision in letting her go. It doesn’t make it any less painful, but the decision was made out of love, and what’s best for them. The only way to really honor that, is to move on. Lulu says she thinks it’s right. Conceptually, she gets that she should move forward with her life, but she doesn’t know how. Maxie says, she has a fantastic idea. What about Lulu’s hunky ride share driver? Lulu says his name is Dustin, and he’s not hers. Maxie is being ridiculous. Maxie says, why not? and Lulu says, they’re not in high school. Maxie asks to see Lulu’s phone, and says, here he is. Why does Lulu have his contact info? Lulu says, in case she needs a ride. Maxie says, what kind of ride? and I nearly fall off my chair, laughing. Lulu says she just lost love of life. Maxie says, he’s super cute and really nice. Lulu says what will help he move on is to forget men, and focus on her career.

Elizabeth says, no way it’s the same car that belonged to Tex’s wife; it’s been seven years. It’s just a coincidence. Drew doesn’t think so. He’s having flashes, pieces old life. Elizabeth asks if they’re memories, but he says, not as filled out. It’s more like instinct. Elizabeth says, part of him senses the memory he lost? He says when he saw the car, he knew he had to buy it. Elizabeth says, maybe if Drew is having flashes, Franco is as well, and Drew says, God willing. Elizabeth asks if he think the money would still be there after all this time. He says, there’s only one way to find out.

Cameron tells Trina, if Oscar knew about what happened, he’d be fine with him selling the car. Trina says, there’s been some crappy stuff, but don’t forget the good luck. Getting stranded, sharing a room, and talking the whole night. For the first time, he wasn’t just Josslyn’s friend, but hers too. Cameron says, it was pretty cool. A guy comes to the car window, and asks if this is the car for sale. Cameron says, yes, but Trina says, no.

Dev tells Sonny that Barry is accusing him of stealing money. Sonny asks, why? and Barry says Dev heard them talking. Sonny wonders what that proves, and asks Jason, what happened? Jason says they needed to get cash deposited, and Dev was close by when they were talking. Initially, Dev denied hearing them, but Dev says Barry is lying to get him fired. Sonny says, there’s one way to solve it. Search Dev.    

Chelsea tells Ava, in her experience, dreams just dreams, and she’s not an interpreter. Ava says, it was so real, but Chelsea doubts Kiki was visiting her. Ava says she knows it was Kiki, and Chelsea says she has a fairly good idea what Kiki would tell Ava. Pull herself together. She’s not doing anyone any good by sitting there drowning in martinis. Scotty interrupts, and Ava introduces Chelsea as her psychic, but Chelsea says, paranormal influencer. Before she leaves, she tells Scotty that he has her sympathy. Turmoil surrounds him. He sits, and Ava says, go ahead. This is where he tells her that she’s drinking too much, and to lay off the psychics and booze. He says, just the opposite. He’s buying. He calls for martinis.

Franco asks Kim what Oscar was like. Drew told him some things, but not everything. What did he want to do for a living? Did he have a hobby. She says, please don’t. She knows it’s difficult, but right now, it’s bordering on cruel. She just lost a son. Hearing him relive experiences they never shared. She has to relive Oscar’s loss all over again. He says he’s sorry; she’s right. Whatever he’s feeling is nothing in comparison to her grief. She had their son for sixteen years, but he’ll never have the chance to know him. She says he never gave himself… Drew never gave himself that chance. He left after Oscar was conceived. He didn’t know she was pregnant. They’d both decided it was best that it ended when he was deployed. He says, is that what she wanted? She says, nope, but she figured if it had been important to Drew, he would have reached out, but he never did. He asks what she’s saying. He wrote to her every month for two years.

The car buyer says, if they need to talk it over… Is the car stolen? Trina says it belonged to a friend who died from a brain tumor. He left it to Cameron in his will. It means a lot to them. He asks if it’s still for sale, and she asks if he’s serious. He has no heart; it’s so not cool. Cameron says think what they can do with the money. Trina says what’s happening now with his family sucks, but this won’t solve anything, and will only make it worse. Cameron gets out of the car with the paperwork. A payment statement for $9000 appears on Cameron’s phone. At the bottom, it says accept or decline. Cameron hesitates, and Drew appears. Drew says he has to talk to Cameron.

Peter tells Shiloh that he needs to talk to a lawyer or priest. This has zero to do with him. Shiloh says it has everything to do with him. He found a vantage point and hid. He had to see what Helena was going to do with Drew. He flashes back to Helena saying she’s so pleased to partner with him. We see Peter is with her. She says she knows he can make it happen. She’s found him very efficient.

Jason says Dev has no cash on him, and Sonny says, check his jacket. Jason pulls a wad of money out of the pocket, and Dev swears it’s a set-up. Barry planted it. Barry says, sorry. He knows Dev is Sonny’s cousin, but it’s obviously a lie. Sonny says, actually, he’s not sure it is. Jason says the deposit was $10K, and there’s only $7K there.

Lulu tells Maxie that her Invader story fell by the wayside. Maxie says, the online burglar? and Lulu says he’s struck another twenty times. She was pulled from the crime beat, and is now on lifestyle focus. She’s going to a wine tasting in Rice Park. Maxie says, tonight? and Lulu asks if she wants to come. Maxie says, Lulu had her at wine. She’s in.

Chelsea sees Elizabeth, and introduces herself, saying she’s a paranormal influencer. She knows Elizabeth’s husband now has Drew’s memories. She read all about it in The Invader. She says, yes. That’s what Sibley meant when she told Elizabeth to hold on tight to Franco. Elizabeth asks if Chelsea knows that, and Chelsea says she can sense it. Elizabeth says, since Chelsea has some understanding of what’s to come, has she lost her husband for good?

Kim says, he wrote letters? and Franco says he wanted her to know how foolish he’d been. He missed her and loved her, and wanted to have her in his life. When she didn’t respond, he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Kim says she never received the letters. in fact, she wanted to try and reach him. She was told by his superiors that his assignment was too sensitive; there was no way to reach him. He believes she knows him, and she has to know if he knew he had a kid, he’d move heaven and earth to be with his son – and her. He takes her hand, and suggests they go somewhere private and talk. He feels there are so many things unsaid. She says she doesn’t think that’s a good idea, and walks away.

Cameron asks what Drew is doing there, and Drew says his mother used the tracking app. He asks who the guy is, and Cameron says he’s there to buy the car. Drew says he’s selling it? He can’t, but it has nothing to do with Oscar. Trust him on this. The guy says, dude, do we have a deal or not? Cameron hits decline, and says, sorry; no sale. The guy says he’s got to be kidding, and Drew tells him he can leave. The guy says, thanks for wasting his time, and Drew says, thanks for leaving. He goes, and Drew tells Cameron, there’s something in the car that belongs to someone else, and he needs to look. Cameron says he cleaned the car himself; there’s nothing in there. Drew says, let him have a shot. If he can’t find it, he’ll give Cameron the money. He digs in the trunk for ten seconds, and says, found it. He brings out a package wrapped in brown paper that’s a good 12” x 10”. Cameron asks, what the hell is that? I realize I’m excited, even though this is a ridiculously unbelievable scenario, and it’s fictitious money in the first place.

Sonny says here’s what he thinks happened. He brought his cousin in, and put him to work, and it annoyed Barry. Barry says, that’s not what happened, and Sonny tells him, shut up. He thought to himself, three thousand bucks; he could use the money. He could blame the kid, because he thought Sonny wouldn’t do anything to his family. Barry pulls the money out of his pocket, and says, sorry. He knows it was stupid. Sonny says he’s stupid. He tells Barry, keep it. It’s his severance pay. Sonny hands him the rest, and says, take this too. He advises Barry to relocate to another coast. Barry can’t get out fast enough, and runs out the door. Dev is surprised Sonny believed him. Tell him why.

Shiloh says Peter was running a job, and helped load Drew into the truck. He didn’t know where they were going, but it was nowhere good. He remembered Helena had to acquire the other twin. Peter says, it’s an interesting tale, but he has no proof. Shiloh says, come on, Henrik, and Peter says his name is Peter. Shiloh says Peter is smarter than that. He took Drew, and they both know it.

Scotty tells Ava, Franco looks and sounds the same, but he’s not the same. Ava says, he really believes he’s Drew? Scotty says he doesn’t know what’s going on. Franco believes he’s a Navy SEAL who just got back from Afghanistan. Nobody has a clue how to bring Franco back. Ava says, lucky Franco.

At the hospital, Drew sees Franco, and asks if he’s all right. Franco doesn’t know if it will ever be all right. He asks if Drew got it, and Drew asks him to go somewhere more private. They go to a bench around the corner, and Franco asks if it’s all there. Drew says, $1.5 million. Franco says, it will be an honor and privilege to return it to the people of Afghanistan. Drew asks, how? and Franco says he’ll go today. Drew says he’s wearing a monitor, and Franco asks if he knows a way to get it off. Drew says, or Franco could breathe, take a minute, and let things settle down. Franco doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Drew says, wait. If this is that important, he has access to a private jet. Franco says, he’ll fly him to Afghanistan? Drew says, no, but he’ll go in his stead.

Sonny knows Dev steals, but he’s too smart to steal from Sonny. It’s not his way; it’s not professional, especially with Jason there. He says, the bags; don’t do it again, and tells Dev, get to work. Dev says, yes, sir. Sonny says Jason said there would be trouble. He was right. Jason says, it turned out to be a good thing. There were concerns about Barry. Sonny wants Jason to check on Barry. You never know what he’ll do. Make sure Sonny’s message is loud and clear. Jason says, will do.

Maxie tells Lulu, her mom and Mac are all set to watch James. Lulu knows Maxie is coming along for her benefit, and appreciates it. Maxie says Lulu would do the same for her, and has. She says she’ll meet Lulu downstairs. She’ll call a car. Lulu leaves, and Maxie calls Dustin. She says she needs to arrange a pick-up.

Trina tells Cameron, that was totally, completely insane. He says, it was in his car the entire time. Trina says it’s his car again. He says he should have listened. Maybe the car is good luck after all. Not that he’ll see any of the money. Trina says that’s why he keeps her around.

Scotty asks if Ava just said, lucky Franco. She asks if he knows what she’d give to forget the mistakes she’s made, and forget the terrible things that happened to her and Kiki. Franco has been given a gift. He’s a new person with no recollection of the atrocities he’s committed. Scotty says what about the Franco they love now? The artist, the guy who just got married. Doesn’t he want to remember that? Ava says they’re the same person. The Franco they loved knew things about himself that he didn’t like. He doesn’t have to carry the weight of that anymore. She thanks Scotty for the drink, and leaves.

Shiloh says, when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, how he kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says Shiloh has lack of proof. Shiloh says he was an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter asks who will believe Shiloh? Shiloh says, no one, especially the girl Peter brought to the Nurses Ball. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, to get the hell out. And Peter is going to make happen.

Elizabeth asks if Chelsea has anything to tell her. Chelsea asks for her hands. She puts her hands under Elizabeth’s, and closes her eyes. She opens them, and says Elizabeth needs to keep a firm grip on the one she loves – no matter what.

Franco tells Drew that he’s never been in Afghanistan – that he remembers. He doesn’t know the locals. Drew says any contact Franco/Drew has had is gone – it’s been seven years – but Drew has contacts. Franco asks who he can trust, and Drew says he trusts his own instincts, the same instincts Franco has as him. Franco says Drew has so much keeping him there, but there’s nothing there for him. Kim comes by with some boxes, and Drew asks if she’s okay. She says, sorry to interrupt, and heads for the elevator. Franco says she’s not interrupting, but she gets in, and the doors close. Drew says, she’s still grieving. Franco knows, and says so is he. So is Drew taking the blood money back to Afghanistan? Maybe he’s right. Drew should take it back, and Franco will continue his journey there in Port Charles. Drew gives Franco some money, saying he’s going to need it for a new life and a place to stay. Franco asks if it’s a loan, and Drew says, yeah, although I doubt he means that. They wish each other good luck. Drew gets in the elevator, and the doors close.

Tomorrow, Curtis wants to pass a message along to Elizabeth from Drew, Franco asks Ava about the guy he is who he doesn’t remember, and Nelle tells Shiloh it looks like it’s just the two of them.

🏩 Morgan Checks In…

He now resides at the Grand Hotel.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part One

Chelsea says, everyone seems very angry. No one is making eye contact. Cameran says she’s fine. Everyone gets ready. Austen is wearing a barrette, and I wonder if he’s going to wear it on stage. Craig says, Shep’s a mess. The guys investigate the bar in the background of the set, but the bottles are all empty. Craig says it’s after a night with them.

Andy welcomes us to the Season Six Reunion, and tells us to get ready for some good old-fashioned pearl clutching. They have loose ends to tie up. We find out Craig’s pillows are gracing the couches. Andy greets everyone. They all look great, but Kathryn is the belle of the ball in a purple gown with matching eyeshadow. Andy says while the women were busy running the world, the guys were running around the schoolyard. He asks if Shep’s trust fund makes him unmotivated, but Shep says he hasn’t touched it in a long time, but did in his twenties. A viewer points out that Austen is attracted to entrepreneurial go-getters, when he’s been messing with a beer recipe for years. He should get it together or date less motivated women. Shep says, none of this matters. Just smile and try not to hurt anyone should be the goal. Andy asks if Shep was that way this season. He says, not necessarily, but if you punch first, he’ll punch last. A viewer asks Cameran who will mature faster, the boys on Southern Charm or Palmer? She says she’s seen changes in Craig and Shep. It’s slow, but they’re moving up. She says Palmer is going to be two, and she’s a Scorpio like Cameran, strong-willed and always moving. Andy says we watched Cameran struggle to be a stay-at-home mom, and still hang on to the old her. She says she used to party. She didn’t do drugs, but got drunk. She smoked weed two or three times. Andy says on a scale of Shep partying, and she says, probably a two. Andy reminds her about hooking up with Brad on The Real World, and we see a fifteen year old clip. I don’t remember it, so I’d probably stopped watching that show by then. Cameran says Brad was the total opposite of what she was used to in the South, and that’s what attracted her.

Viewers related to Cameran’s struggle to try and be the perfect mom, but others thought she was whiny. One viewer says she wishes working was an option and not a necessity. Cameran says when you’re on TV, it’s like a mirror. Watching that made her cringe, and she thought she was a lucky bitch to have the choice. She came across as stuck up and privileged. Kathryn says every mom thinks and feels the way she said. Cameran says she got more support than negative comments, but feels guilty complaining when she’s in a position of privilege. If she didn’t work, they’d still eat. She likes to feel independent, and gets both sides. Andy asks how many of the guys would like their wife to stay home. Craig doesn’t think it’s their choice. Shep says his mom did that, and with three kids, it was a full time job. Craig says his parents shared the roles equally. Cameran thought stay at home moms had it easy. Austen says he was raised by an aunt. Because his parents both worked, he had a live-in babysitter. He says he’s attracted to a woman with her own career who won’t not rely on him to bring home the bacon. Andy asks if Cameran ever hired a nanny, and she says she decided why pay someone when she can do it herself? Palmer is growing and changing so quickly, she doesn’t want to miss anything. Chelsea thinks Cameran is more emotional, and gets teary-eyed when she talks about Palmer. Cameran says, when you have a baby, another part of your brain opens that was never there. Craig says, look at her, all grown up.

Andy says, Shep finally has a reason to go home at night – Lil Craig. He asks if Shep’s had any luck picking up women at the dog run. He says no, and wants to be clear that he doesn’t do that. A viewer says, Shep is the last person who should own a dog, since he lost his date in a ditch. We flash back to him telling that story, and he says he’s always ahead because he gets anxious, and didn’t realize until he got to the ocean. Andy asks why he didn’t listen to Cameran in his pursuit of real estate. He says she doesn’t know James Island, but she says she does. She thinks he wanted to have a hand in something new. Andy says, he always does. Viewers found him to be bully on the camping trip. We watch mean Shep goes camping again. Craig says, Shep was awful on that trip. Shep says, it’s an older brother thing. Andy asks what Cameran’s reaction is, and she says, Shep takes it too far. He gets in the in zone, and there’s no getting through. It’s one of his few negative qualities. She thinks he needs to do some self-introspection, and figure out what gets him to that point. Craig says he gets to a nasty level, and it seems like there’s something darker behind it. He sees blood in the water, and smiles. Shep says he cops to it. He can be snobby, elitist, and rude, but he can also be generous, kind, and jovial. They all have those things within. Andy says they’re talking anger. Shep says he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Andy says he’s made them cry, and they’re his friends. Andy asks about Patricia’s dinner, when the women all said he’d made them cry in the past. Shep says it pissed him off, and Cameran says, wrong answer. Shep says, it’s in the moment, and apologizes to anyone who he upset. It denotes that they’re on a certain level, and he feels close enough to take it to another level. Cameran says he takes it to level ten. Shep says he knows everyone’s soft spot. He doesn’t want to go there – don’t make him – but if he does, he goes full speed. He’s not perfect. Andy suggests it’s suppressed anger. Shep says anger isn’t his overwhelming personality trait. If someone thinks it is, they don’t know him. He wouldn’t waste anger and emotion on someone he doesn’t care about. Andy says, it’s not just anger, but arrogance. Shep says he tries to suppress it, but it’s there. He grew up wanting for nothing, and his grandmother was a pistol, who would make snide comments. It can’t help but seep in. I dunno about that. I had a grandmother who said things like, they’re Jewish, but they’re nice, and I didn’t come out a bigot. (Although to be fair, she was also abusive.) Cameran says he needs to be aware that people who don’t agree with him aren’t necessarily evil or dumb. Andy says when he looks at those he’s upset, does he think he was out of line at times? Shep says, probably, but he knows he’s been forgiven. Andy asks, is it all forgiven?

We don’t get that answer. Back from the break, we move on to Naomie. She and Metul have been together a year and a half. A viewer asks if Naomie tracks him like she did Craig, and she says they share locations. Andy asks what’s the plan? and she says Metul has two more years of residency, followed by a fellowship year. He asks if Cameran has any advice, and Cameran says there are positives and negatives. Their partners are committed, solid, and independent, but the negative is, they work a lot. Some weekends, Jason works 48 hours. She doesn’t see him at all. Andy asks if Naomie and Metul have discussed the next step, and she says they’ve talked about moving in together. She sees him pretty much every day. Andy says Metul set off the Twittersphere, and asks what Jason thought about Cameran drooling over him. Cameran says, Jason wasn’t happy. She had to tell him it’s a joke. Andy says fans reacted not so well to Metul telling Naomie what eat. We see a clip of Metul instructing Naomie to stay away from bread, and Craig gives Naomie a Rice Krispy Treat. I guess he took it out of his pocket? Andy asks if it’s hard dating someone so regimented. Naomie says, Metul was just being nice, and came off like an a-hole. Austen says, it was not a good look. What was shown was him being controlling. We flash back to Metul and Naomie in the gym, where IMO, it seems like he’s acting like a trainer. A viewer asks if Metul really told Naomie not to go on the trip, but Naomie says he told her to do what she wanted, but it made him uncomfortable. He’d never tell her what to do. Shep asks if she thinks it’s cultural. His dad’s best friend and business partner is Indian, and said he understood. Naomie says, Metul was born in DC. She says, watching the show, his personality didn’t translate well. Not everyone is comfortable with cameras in their faces. Andy says Metul didn’t sign up for the show. Shep thinks Metul is funny, and Naomie says that’s because he knows Metul. Cameran thinks Metul is warm.

Andy says Naomie had an Icy experience of her own, when the others were in Colorado. We flash back to her meeting with Ashley. He asks what made her do it, and Naomie says, morbid curiosity. She wondered what Ashley could possibly say or do, and she wasn’t disappointed. He asks if Kathryn knew, but Kathryn doesn’t remember when she found out. She says Ashley is weird. She has no ability to read social situations. To say Naomie gave her the idea that Kathryn was open to talking to her, blew her mind. Ashley thought she was going to apologize, and jump right back into the group. Kathryn says Ashley called her Pippi Longstocking – which Kathryn thought was funny – when she came to apologize.

Andy says, last summer, in an effort to get over Naomie, Craig made a pilgrimage to the Bahamas. He came back with a new attitude and assistant, life coach and life manager Anna. We see clips of Anna trying to organize Craig’s life. Andy says it seems like Anna does everything for Craig, and Craig says, it’s nice to have help. Andy wonders if Naomie used to do the same thing, but Naomie says she basically yelled at Craig for not doing it. Craig says now he’s up to speed, and doesn’t need Anna as much. He wants to be the male Martha Stewart. Cameran says some of them didn’t believe he’d actually get started, but in the last few months, he’s put the pedal to the metal. Andy says there have been a lot of tweets on Craig’s progress. Craig says he stopped taking Adderall, and Andy asks if he has ADHD. Craig says the doctor said he does, but it wasn’t the healthiest thing for him to continue to take it after law school. Naomie talks about him abusing it, and Craig says he doesn’t sleep well anyway. He’d go until he crashed. He finally had a reason to stop in the Bahamas. Cameran says he looked healthier when he came back. Andy asks why he started taking Adderall again, and Craig says, because it was there.

It’s time for pillow party talk. Andy asks about the eyeliner Craig was wearing, and Craig says it was the day after Halloween, and he got two days out of it. And the girls like it. Andy asks, what’s the deal with the nail polish? and Craig says it’s for a charity. He has one nail on each hand painted differently from the others, and he says it’s for the one kid out of five who doesn’t report being abused. Andy asks why Craig was upset that Austen had taken Chelsea’s advice about going home at a decent hour. Craig says Austen bailed on him. Chelsea says, it was like it was 9 o’clock. Austen says Craig had no running mate, and Craig says he needed a wingman. There’s nothing wrong with going home, but it was a Saturday night. Austen says it was a Thursday, and Craig is a crackhead. Cameran asks if Craig was taking Adderall. He says he was, and Cameran says that was probably why. Andy asks if Cameran thinks Craig is addicted, and she says, 100%. It’s prescribed for good reason, but when you abuse it, and mix it with alcohol and no sleep, it’s a recipe for effing disaster. That’s why Craig he went into rages. Craig says he hasn’t taken it in eight weeks. Andy asks if that’s what they were seeing in the airport, but Craig says that was Whitney, and justified, but he shouldn’t have acted like a nutjob at Cameran’s party. Austen says he apologized. Andy asks what exactly the airport anger was about, and Craig says Cameran wanted to spend time with them, and Whitney was trying to pull her off the bus. Naomie says if she’d gone on the trip, Craig’s anger would have been directed at her. Andy asks why Kathryn thought Craig was still in love with Naomie. Kathryn says, not so much in love as having unresolved feelings. He didn’t have closure. Craig says he felt it wasn’t resolved, but they had the conversation, and it was. Naomie says she realized she’d gotten closure in a different way, and couldn’t understand why Craig needed it. Craig says his frustration was gone after they talked. Andy asks for a show of hands if they think it’s over, and it’s unanimous.

Changing topics. Andy says Kathryn continues to navigate co-parenting and a custody battle. Kathryn says Kensie is five now, and Saint is three. Kensie will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Andy asks how often she sees them, but she tells him she can’t comment on any custody specifics, and she can’t disparage Thomas. He asks how the co-parenting is going, and she says she keeps it all business. She heard Thomas has a girlfriend. Andy says, not Ashley? and she says, no. He asks if she’s still dating Hunter, and she says she is. He says it’s the first time she’s dating someone her own age. Kathryn says, ever. There are definitely differences. She’s used to men twice her age and already established, but she and Hunter can grow together, and they connect on that level.

Andy reads a tweet from Kate Chastain (Below Deck), thanking Kathryn for making leather pants the go anywhere pants for 2019. Kathryn says they’re like yoga pants, but make you look dressed up when you’re not. She adds they’re from Amazon, and only ten bucks, but I’m sure they sold out by the time she finished the sentence. Andy says viewers are liking how the friendship with Kathryn and Patricia has evolved. They could run the world. One viewer says Patricia was awful to Kathryn for so long, she questions if Kathryn forgives her, or wants a seat at the table. Kathryn says she’s forgiven Patricia, like other people on the couch. She’s also stopped caring what people say. She’s been called every name in the book, but her favorite name is mommy. Aww! Andy asks about Whitney denying having sex with her. We flash back to when he told Kathryn they had different interpretation, and Andy asks if it’s a Bill Clinton situation, but Kathryn says, that’s a negative. There is no second interpretation. He doesn’t want to discuss what happened. A viewer says, if anyone should deny it, it’s Kathryn. Another one tweets, a fifty-one year old man is too terrified of his mommy and his perceived social standing to admit he’s been in love with Kathryn from the beginning. Andy says that’s what Craig has always maintained. Craig says he thinks Whitney has a soft spot for Kathryn, but at the end of the day, doesn’t want to discuss it. Kathryn says a lot pf people got pulled into the situation with her and Thomas that shouldn’t have been pulled in. The easiest thing is for them to distance themselves. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, since she and Whitney are friends. Cameran says she thinks he didn’t want to get pulled into the legal mess. Kathryn says, what sucks for her is, it’s unfair. She can’t control it, but it still falls on her. She’s afraid people won’t want to be around her or be her friend because of Thomas. We see some headlines, and Andy says in a Daily Mail article, Thomas claimed she’s a mentally unstable sex addict, with a prescription drug and shopping problem. I’m surprised he didn’t add that she was a kleptomaniac. He also alleges she failed a drug test. Kathryn thinks he’s diagnosed her with everything in the book.

Andy says fans accused Kathryn of being in another state during her last appearance on Watch What Happens Live. We see some clips, and he says they got lots of tweets. On Instagram she posted that it was her anxiety. He asks why she was so nervous, and she says she had so much going on with the legal stuff. It’s hard to edit everything you say to protect yourself; it’s stressful. Craig says he was bummed. Cameran says, it was uncomfortable to watch. It looked like something was the matter. Andy asks what’s the status of her sobriety. Kathryn says she doesn’t smoke weed; nothing illegal. Andy asks if she can drink, and she nods. He says, and she doesn’t have a problem. She shakes her head, and says it’s not like she’s out partying. He asks if she was drinking that night, but she says, no. He asks Austen if he saw the show, and Austen says he was very disappointed. We see a clip where Austen tweeted into the show, saying Madison lied and begged the guy not to tell Danni, and Kathryn saying, time’s up. Austen says he wondered what was wrong with her. He and Craig both got burned. Does she remember? He says it doesn’t seem like she remembers being there. Kathryn says she hasn’t re-watched the show because she’s too embarrassed, but don’t think he can come after her sobriety. He needs to back up. He can do this sh*t with Madison all day long, but seriously?

Next time – Part Two – Madison joins the circle, Shep is in the hot seat, and Danni also makes an appearance.

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People managed to write an entire article based on a nod.

What she couldn’t talk about.

⛅ How Did It Happen?

Like it’s not bad enough Southern Charm is nearly done for the season, how is it that summer is nearly over and I haven’t been to the beach once?























August 20, 2019 – Franco Gets Some Offers, Gina Reveals a Not-So Secret, the Swedish Way & the Middle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells the warehouse guy that three shipments have been delayed. The driver said the problem is at the warehouse. Jason wants the numbers, and the guy says he’ll get on it. Sonny comes in. Jason says he wasn’t expecting Sonny, and Sonny says he wants to see how his new hire is working out.

Carly gives Dev his severance pay. He says he worked there less than a week, but Carly says he made a lasting impression. His skill set will be put to better use working for Sonny. Dev can’t wait to see what Sonny will teach him. At a nearby table, Jax asks Josslyn if that isn’t Sonny’s cousin Dylan. She says, Devon; Dev. Jax asks if they shouldn’t have a proper introduction. Dev is living with his daughter. Josslyn says Dev gets a little defensive about where he comes from, and Jax is intimidating. Jax says he’s the coolest dad ever. Hayden appears, and says, cooler than the flipside of a pillow. How is it a charmer like Jax hasn’t been snapped up?

Peter reads from his tablet to Maxie. Can Cabot’s unholy work be undone? He asks if they’ve assessed the Franco situation clearly, and Maxie says, sorry. She’s underwater with the projections. Peter offers to leave, but she says he’s the only thing keeping her sane. Unlike Shiloh. They have two Drews and no Franco. It’s either a nightmare or a dream come true. Peter says, it would take a mad scientist to figure it out. Obrecht runs in, and says she has a 911 fashion emergency. I don’t know why, since she looks gorgeous.

Monica is looking at Franco’s brain scans, when Kim comes in. She wants to apologize for missing their appointment. Something came up. Monica thinks she knows what that something is.

Scotty doesn’t know how much longer they can hold Franco. Drew says, he slugged a cop, but Scotty says, he’s still entitled to due process. He thinks he’s someone else, and needs treatment, not jail. Drew says Franco might leave before they can help him, and Curtis adds, assuming he’ll accept help.

Franco tells Shiloh, everyone he’s met is dying to tell him all about Franco’s life. He doesn’t want to hear it from Shiloh too. Shiloh asks if he wants to know how he ended up there, and who’s responsible. Franco says he doesn’t know much, but knows for certain he can’t trust Shiloh. Shiloh says he’s the only person Franco can trust.

Maxie tells Obrecht, it’s a lovely dress. Obrecht says Maxie doesn’t like it, and Maxie says, it’s a teensy bit bold for lunch. Obrecht says they’re going to the MetroCourt, not Kelly’s. Maxie says maybe she can go through Crimson’s closet and get Obrecht some options. She wouldn’t want to send Obrecht out overdressed to… what? Obrecht says, if Maxie must know, she has a rendezvous. Maxie says, a date? but Obrecht says, nothing so bourgeois as that. It’s a getting-to-know you lunch. Maxie asks who she’s getting to know.

Hayden asks why Jax is unattached. Josslyn thinks he refuses to settle for a pretty face with nothing to back it up. She tells Jax that she’ll see him later, and goes to check in on her mom. Hayden asks what she ever did to Josslyn, and Jax says, she takes her cues from her mother. Hayden offended Carly by pretending to be Drew’s wife. Hayden tells him that she’s had a complication with the project. He’s sorry to hear that, since she reassured him everything was fine. She says he was supposed to keep the attention off Windymere, when she was caught off guard by the Witch of the Black Forest. Now it’s his job to do damage control.

Curtis says Franco doesn’t seem to remember being Franco. He thinks he’s Drew. Drew says, he wants to get out of town, and Scotty says, maybe it’s the best thing. Drew says, it could be, but Elizabeth doesn’t think so. He thinks Franco is going to be released soon, and he said he be on the first bus out of town.

Monica says she can’t imagine what Franco has been through; his mind being at the mercy of that man. Kim says, he saw a child in danger, and sacrificed himself, like any father would. Monica says, Franco is gone, and in his place is Drew from 2012, when his memories were stolen. When she heard about the mess, it was late, and Franco had already left. Kim says she saw him. He’s like a man wearing a mask. His face and voice are different, but the things he says about her, and what he knows about her… He knows how to kiss her.

Curtis asks if Drew thinks Franco will take off. Does he have anywhere else to go? Drew doesn’t know, but if he bolts, they’ll lose him. Scotty says he’s got a workaround, but doesn’t think Franco will like it.

Shiloh tells Franco, all he’s asking for is the location of the money Tex hid, and he’ll fill in the rest of the blanks. Franco says he’s supposed to take Shiloh’s word for it? Shiloh says he has no reason to lie, but Franco says, everyone else seems to think so. Shiloh says they see him as Franco; a friend, a son, a husband. Franco is the guy they want back, and at every turn, they’ll deny his experiences, his life, his existence, all in the name of Franco. They’ll inundate him with their own experiences and stories. They know as soon as he learns about his life as Drew, the harder he’ll fight to keep it. Does he know he has a son?

Jax says, Hayden set him up on a date with Obrecht? Hayden says Obrecht was threatening to turn her over to Valentin or the cops. Jax says Hayden was so confident she had things under control, but she says she didn’t count on anyone coming home early. He says she should always count on it when snooping around someone’s house. She says Obrecht will be satisfied with some sparkling conversation, and a flash of his pretty smile.

Josslyn tells Carly that her dad is asking questions about Dev. Carly asks what she said, and Josslyn says, that he was Sonny’s cousin, and he’s defensive about his past. It’s half true. All true, now that they have paperwork. Carly is sorry to put Josslyn in this position, but Josslyn says, it’s not a problem. Carly says Sonny has the best intentions, and Dev does need their help, but whenever it’s not okay, they need to know.

Maxie shows Obrecht a dress, and Obrecht asks if sackcloth is in. She had no idea, and thinks it’s better to be slightly overdressed. Maxie says how about if she dresses it down. She hands Obrecht a black lace shawl, and says she can start with mysterious, and graduate to assertive. Obrecht says the last time Jax saw her, she was caked with dirt and sweat. Maxie wonders how the lunch arose, and Obrecht says they have a matchmaker. Peter says, it must be their first match. Obrecht says Jax is in business, and she’s in medicine, but they both have daughters. Maxie says, and they’re both beautiful people; two of her faves. Obrecht thanks her, and says, the shawl is lovely. She asks Maxie if she’s wasting her time, and Maxie says, no time with Jax is wasted. She tells Obrecht that he’s great. Keep an open mind, and enjoy lunch. Hayden pops in, and says someone is waiting downstairs for Obrecht. Obrecht says, wish her luck, and Maxie says, good luck. Obrecht and Hayden leave, and Peter asks if Maxie is sure she did the right thing in not telling Obrecht about Franco. Maxie says, reality can wait until after lunch.

Shiloh says Franco has no idea, does he? Franco says he does not have son, but Shiloh says Kim was pregnant when he was deployed. Franco says he’s lying, and Shiloh says, ask her. Ask anybody. Oscar Nero. Franco says he saw Kim, and thinks she would have mentioned it. Shiloh asks if he thinks anyone would when they want him gone. A guard comes in, saying transport for Pentonville is there. As he’s taken out, Shiloh tells Franco, there’s so much more he doesn’t know. He only has one shot, and Shiloh will shoot straight. All he’s asking for is a simple exchange. Franco knows where he’ll be; don’t be long. The guard leads Shiloh away.

Scotty tells Drew, good thinking. Drew says, hopefully it will give Franco pause if he’s considering leaving town. Shiloh is led out, and he tells Drew that he just took a stroll down Memory Lane with him. The old him. Now there’s a guy he could do business with. Scotty asks what Shiloh said to his son. Drew tells Shiloh there’s no coming back from Pentonville. Shiloh says he doesn’t know about that. He’s not one for enclosed spaces.

Monica says Franco kissed Kim? Kim says he remembers her in a way Drew doesn’t, but he’s forgotten what made him Franco. Monica says from her understanding, the procedure can never be reversed, but Kim says, they’re working on it. Monica asks, what happens to Franco in the meantime? She can’t imagine Elizabeth wants to bring someone in with the boys who treats them like a stranger. Kim says, he seems to be uncomfortable around anyone who expects him to be Franco. Monica says, he needs somewhere to stay, and someone who recognizes him as the man he claims to be.

Monica says Kim’s might be the only face in town familiar to Franco. Kim says, Franco is carrying memories of a relationship he never had, and experiences that aren’t his. Monica says, those are real to him. He may be willing to get help from her because of that. She could possibly persuade him to stay in Port Charles. Kim says Monica is saying that because she wants to know about Drew’s childhood. Monica says, in part. Bizarre as the circumstances are, this might be a chance to learn about the boy she and Alan never had a chance to raise. Kim sympathizes, but thinks she’d only be adding to Franco’s confusion. Monica says, his memories can’t be restored if he’s not around. Kim can keep him there. Kim says she can’t. Monica says she’s not trying to tell Kim to leave her relationship with Julian, or break up Elizabeth’s marriage. She’s just saying, be his friend. Kim says, okay; she can do that – from a distance. She also wanted to give Monica this. She hands Monica a paper, and says it’s her resignation. She’s leaving Port Charles.

Curtis tells Drew that he’s coming up empty in the search for Andre. He left Anna a message, but she’s not very reachable. Drew thanks him, and says he has something else on his mind – Shiloh. Curtis says don’t waste his energy on that waste of space. He can’t touch Drew. Drew says he’s not concerned about himself. There’s power in words. What if Shiloh got in Franco’s head?

Scotty tells Franco, good news. He cut a deal. Franco asks if he’s free to go, and Scotty says, yes and no. The new DA values Franco’s heroics, so they don’t want bad publicity. However, he’ll have to wear an ankle monitor, and stay within the city limits until his day in court. Franco says monitors are for repeat offenders, but Scotty says, and flight risks. It’s a good deal. Trust him.

Hayden comes back to the Crimson office, and Maxie says she’s Obrecht’s matchmaker. Hayden prefers facilitator, but Maxie says she’ll call Hayden something else if Obrecht gets hurt. Hayden asks if Nina is in, but Maxie says she’s still at the hospital. She gives Hayden the projections, and asks if this is what she came for. Hayden asks if Maxie isn’t creative, and Maxie says she likes to think so. Hayden asks how she learned to run numbers, and Maxie says she’s been there forever. She probably picked it up along the way. Hayden asks what else she picked up.

Obrecht meets Jax, and says he started early. At Carly’s table, Josslyn says, earth to mom. Carly asks what’s up with Josslyn’s father and Obrecht? but Josslyn says, no clue. Carly says, first Brad, now Jax. What is Obrecht up to with their family? Josslyn says her dad can take care of himself, but there is something Josslyn wanted to discuss with Carly and Sonny. She thought she should do it with them all together, but thinks it’s better one on one. It’s more effective. She was looking at her schedule for the fall, and she has all of the most boring teachers. Carly says they can talk to the administration, and make some changes, but Josslyn has a different idea. How about forgetting school altogether?

Dev arrives at the warehouse, and Sonny says he’s late. Dev apologizes, saying he was at the MetroCourt picking up his severance pay. Sonny says he expects his employees to be on time, and Dev says, understood. What does Sonny need help with? Does he need a driver? Sonny says he drives himself. He has another agenda for Dev. Moving the beans. Jason tells Dev to see the foreman. Dev leaves, and Sonny tells Jason to be on him. He wants to see how Dev is doing. Jason says he will.

Drew asks Scotty how it went. Did Franco agree to the monitor? Scotty says he knew his son, but now that he’s someone else, he can’t read the signals. Drew says he’s going to pay Franco a visit, and make sure Shiloh didn’t get his hooks in him. He leaves, and Curtis says he has to get back to work. Scotty tells Curtis that he doesn’t want to get in Drew’s face, but what is he going to do to make it right with Franco? Curtis says, every bit of this is on Shiloh, not Drew. Drew wants Franco back as much as Scotty does.

Monica says, Kim is leaving GH? Kim says she already started transitioning her patients, and she’ll be available to whoever takes over. Monica says she’d like to make a counteroffer. Kim is an excellent OB/GYN, and she’d hate to lose her. Kim says, it’s not the job. It’s Port Charles. It’s Oscar. She needs a fresh start, somewhere where every new memory isn’t colored be the absence of her son. Monica asks if Kim thinks moving to New York is going to fix that. Kim says it’s all she can think of right now. She won’t be alone. Julian is going with her. He’s already found a buyer for Charlie’s. Monica asks if she’s had any second thoughts since Franco ended up with Drew’s memories.

Drew tells Franco that he heard there was an offer from the DA. He hopes it works out well for him. Franco says Drew hopes it keeps him in town, and Drew asks if he wants to leave. Franco says, not yet. He has unfinished business. Drew says, with Shiloh? Franco says, he’s a chatty guy. He did have something to offer. Drew says, anything that comes from Shiloh, comes with a cost. Consider the source. (My dad always said that too.)  Franco asks what Drew has to sell, and Drew says he’d like to grab a beer with Franco He’d like to know what his life was like before, and here Franco is with the memories. Franco asks what’s in it for him? and Drew says, name the price. Franco says he’ll tell Drew anything, up to and including what went down in Afghanistan, providing Drew tells him about Oscar.

Hayden tells Maxie that she’s been budgeting shoots and analyzing fashion trends, and never thought of getting her MBA? It could open a ton of doors, and put her way ahead of the competition. Maxie says, for what? and Hayden says, editor-in-chief. Maxie says there are tons of people more qualified, and she has James to think about. Hayden says, that’s what child care is for, but whatever. She leaves, and Peter asks Maxie, what’s the matter with her?

Carly says Josslyn wants to drop out? but Josslyn says, no. She thought they could hire a tutor or she could be home schooled. Carly says even with the time Josslyn missed, she nailed her finals. Josslyn says, that’s different. Emotionally, she was on auto pilot. Everyone around her was respectful, and they didn’t expect much, but now summer has passed and everyone is talking what they did over the summer. It’s all so inconsequential. Carly says Josslyn has to find meaning in it, or tread water until she does. Josslyn says, they’re high school things with high school people; it’s pointless. Carly takes Josslyn’s hands, and says she knows Josslyn has been through a lot of things that are difficult for other kids to relate to, but she doesn’t want Josslyn to miss out. She knows it’s going to be hard, but she believes in Josslyn. They’ll address her concerns, but dropping out is not an option.

Obrecht asks Jax how the surf is, and he says, nothing beats Bell’s Beach. She’s sure it’s exciting, and he asks if Obrecht surfs. She says he wouldn’t catch her dead in the water. Wait. He nearly did. She thanks him, and he thanks her for not saying anything to Valentin about finding Hayden. She says, Valentin gets what he deserves. Jax says Valentin is going to be part of her family again, and she says, don’t remind her. She didn’t come discuss Valentin. She came to get to know him better. He hopes Hayden didn’t give her the wrong idea, but she says she has no misconceptions. He appreciates her silence, and she says he needn’t worry. She just expects conversation. He says he enjoys an intelligent woman.

Sonny joins Josslyn and Carly, who says they were talking the upcoming school year. Josslyn says she wants to be home schooled. She doesn’t want to go to the school without Oscar. Sonny says they’ll see what they can do, and Josslyn says, see? He understands. Carly says, no dividing and conquering. Josslyn says she’s not doing that, but she doesn’t know how to face the school.

Dev drops a bag of coffee beans, and Jason tells him, be careful. They don’t want the bag to split. He knows Dev is trying to save a trip, but the lazy man works twice. Dev says he’s not lazy, but Jason says he’s always finding a shortcut. There are no shortcuts to respect. It has to be earned. He has to be consistent, and put in the work, even when no one seems to notice. Sonny has given him a chance, and so far, there’s not much he’s done to prove himself.

Maxie asks Peter where that came from. He asks if she realizes what she just did. She trivialized her strengths, and said a lot of people could do her job. She says that’s not what she just did, and if she did, she didn’t mean to. He says she’s so used to being number two, she can’t imagine being number one, but he has enough imagination for the both of them. He sees her running this place. He sees her doing anything she sets her mind to.

Curtis tells Scotty that he knows how frustrating and hopeless he must feel, but it’s not hopeless. Drew is trying to talk to Franco, and he’s still working on finding Andre. They figure if anyone can undo it, it would be Andre. Scotty asks where Andre is, and Curtis says that’s what he’s trying to figure out.

Drew tells Franco about Oscar, and shows him a picture. Drew says he loved Oscar. Oscar was his hero. Franco says, was? and Drew says, cancer, a brain tumor, inoperable. It took Oscar’s body, but Oscar didn’t let it break his spirit. He lived to the fullest. Franco asks when it happened, and Drew says, May 1st of this year. Franco says he missed having a son by a few months. Drew gives him the phone, and says there are other pictures and videos on it. A guard lets Drew into Franco’s cell. Drew says, Shiloh is the worst kind of liar. The type of guy who would use the death of a child to persuade a man to walk away from everyone who loves him. He’s asking Franco not to do this. He’s asking him not to walk away, and not let Shiloh win. He wants Franco to talk to him, starting with Afghanistan.

At the warehouse, the foreman tells Jason there’s a problem. The deposit they were supposed to make? The money is missing.

Carly watches Jax and Obrecht with her mouth open. She says she has to find out what’s happening, and jets over to the menus. Sonny asks Josslyn if she and Dev are getting along, and Josslyn says they’re okay. Sonny says they have to keep the lines of communication open. If it doesn’t work out at school, they’ll consider another option. She asks if he means it, and he says they want her to be happy.

Carly picks up some menus, and goes over to Jax’s table. She asks if they need anything, but Jax says they’re fine. She asks Obrecht if there’s any word on Franco, and Obrecht says, I beg your pardon? Carly says, last she heard, he was at the hospital. Obrecht says he works there, and Carly says, she doesn’t know? Obrecht tells her, explain, and Carly says she thought someone would have told her. She shows Obrecht her phone, and says, read for herself. Obrecht says she has to go, and thanks Jax for lunch. Carly sits, and says he’s welcome, but Jax doesn’t look too thrilled.

Drew says he should have killed Shiloh when he had the chance, and Curtis asks what Shiloh did now. Drew says what he told Curtis. He got in Franco’s head, and told him about Oscar. Curtis says, Shiloh is a piece of work, but Drew says, it backfired. Franco told him what Shiloh was after from their time in Afghanistan. Shiloh’s accomplice, Tex, got the money back that they’d made on the black market, but never told Shiloh where it was. Tex did tell Drew before he died. Curtis asks, where is it? and Drew says, in Tex’s wife’s car. Curtis says, that money is long gone, but Drew thinks he knows where it is.

Kim hopes Monica gets what she wants, and Franco stays in town, but it can’t be because of her. Monica says Kim told her that he seemed familiar. What if she gets to New York, and wonders what if? Kim says she wondered for seventeen years. What if Drew had known she was pregnant? What if he’d quit the Navy, and they’d raised Oscar together? Answering that wouldn’t have changed anything then, and it’s not going to change anything now. Monica says she can’t blame a girl for trying, and Kim says, she never could. You do what you have to, to hold on to your family. She knows that as well as anyone. She leaves, and runs into Franco in the hallway. He asks if they can talk.

Maxie tells Peter, it’s one thing to dream up layouts, concepts, and editorials. She couldn’t run Crimson. Peter says, Crimson is Nina’s, but Maxie could start her own magazine. Look who he was before her, and who he is now. Maxie says that’s who he always was, and he needs to own it. He says she needs own how amazing she is, and kisses her. His phone rings. It’s a collect call from Pentonville. He says he’ll accept the charges. It’s Shiloh, who says they met at the Nurses Ball. He thinks he and Peter should sit down and chat. It would be beneficial for both of them.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Chelsea that Kiki came to her, Elizabeth asks Drew if he thinks the money is in Cameron’s car, Lulu is officially divorced, and Shiloh tells someone (Peter?) that he knows more than they think.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly asks if Vicki has ever seen her do cocaine. Vicki says, never. Kelly wonders what Shannon is whispering to Tamra about, and Shannon says she told Vicki to express what she needed to. Kelly doesn’t know how the rest of them hang out with Vicki. Maybe they’re better than she is, because she can’t do it. She says, it’s not fun for her, and goes inside. Tamra follows, and asks Kelly if she wants her to make Vicki leave, but Kelly says, no. She has to get ready for Aspen anyway. In her interview, Kelly says Vicki hurt her, but hurt her daughter worse. Braunwyn suggests Vicki start doing stuff she doesn’t have to apologize for. Braunwyn says Vicki has said things about a lot of people, but Vicki says she doesn’t know the situation. Gina says she heard Vicki called her another jailbird. Vicki says, that’s a lie. Don’t listen to gossip, unless it’s from her. Sometimes I wonder if Vicki listens to what comes out of her own mouth. In Gina’s interview, she says clearly, Vicki has zero respect for her. She saw the text, and Vicki is lying to her face.

Shannon tells Braunwyn, it’s very hard for her to let people in. She has a lot of acquaintances, and only a few close friends. She felt an instant connection with Braunwyn, and is hoping to go out with her for a cocktail or two.

Steve sees Vicki, who tells him Braunwyn’s conception of her is not correct. He laughs. Vicki tells Braunwyn not to listen to outsiders. Braunwyn says she listens to her gut. Vicki says she’s not being nice, but Braunwyn says she’s being honest, and Vicki leaves. Tamra thinks they’ve found a new tres amigas, and feels Braunwyn up. I don’t know if these girls don’t get enough at home or what, but I can honestly say not one of my girlfriends has ever done that to me. They also seem to make out with each other on a pretty regular basis. In Tamra’s interview, she says she likes Braunwyn. She has great energy, is adorable, and she’s pint-sized, like her. She has a bit of a girl crush, and Braunwyn kind of looks like her. It’s so bizarre. Maybe not if you’re a narcissist.

Shannon and Tamra get on the bar to show them how it’s done. Braunwyn joins them. Eddie says, this is why they don’t have parties.

Gina calla mom Susan, and asks how long until she and dad Gino are there. In her interview, she says it couldn’t be a better time for them to come, with all the stuff that’s been going on. She needs their support. Susan and Gino arrive, and Gina says she has a lot of pictures and things for daddy to hang. She also has a leak already. In Gina’s interview, she says, it’s useful to have a husband. When you have one who does these things, you get used to it. It’s not like she was left with information on how to do everything. She regularly forgets to put the trash out. Susan says, it looks like a good place to start over, and Gina says, a fresh start. Susan doesn’t want to talk about anything heavy, but says Matt’s been hitting her up on the phone, and she doesn’t know why. In her interview, Gina says her parents know some things, but not everything. It’s hard to upset your parents. It’s heartbreaking for her. Susan asks, what happened? and Gina says, it’s hard, and you try your best. Stuff obviously happened in the past, and she’s tried to protect the children, but it’s sad to her. She starts to cry, and Susan says she’s past the anger. She has to let the hurt in, and let the feelings start. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s not ready to accept what’s going on. Susan says she can’t put a happy face on all the time. It comes back to get you. Gino says she’s done a great job with the kids, keeping them protected. Susan says, there’s no straight line to divorce.

Shannon meets Braunwyn for those cocktails. Braunwyn says she just got the cold weather clothing out of storage. Shannon asks if she’s going on a trip, and Braunwyn says the family is going on a ski, and she’s joining them at the end. In Shannon’s interview, she says she met a new girl, and wants to spend time with her again. The new Shannon is something different. Braunwyn says there was some making out at the party (what did I say?), and Shannon thinks it’s good for them to act like teenagers from time to time. She doesn’t know if it’s too early in the conversation, but she spoke to Vicki the day after the party. She said that Braunwyn told her that she goes with her gut, and didn’t like her. Braunwyn says, in their first interaction, Vicki said hi to every person in the room, and walked past her. In their second interaction, she was petting Sean. Vicki won’t say hi to her, but will pet her husband. We flash back to those. Shannon says when she and Vicki first met, she was a good friend. They had so many good times. She thinks if there hadn’t been a divorce, she wouldn’t have gotten over it. We see a clip from the reunion where Vicki said Shannon’s husband beats her. Shannon says she doesn’t have her husband anymore. She always forgave Vicki, and let it go. Vicki’s been a good friend. Braunwyn says she doesn’t know Vicki, and can’t judge. She likes Kelly, and feels for anything that affects the kids. It’s hard to put yourself out there. They’re moms first, and if there’s a chance that someone will do something that hurts the kids, it scares her. Shannon asks Braunwyn to tell her about her daughter. Braunwyn says from the time she was little, she was a dancer, and she became a competitive dancer, and the center of the family. In her interview, Braunwyn says she toured the country with Rowan; it was a full-time job. She and Sean put everything else on hold. She tells Shannon that Rowan has OCD pretty bad. At one point, getting out of bed was hard. She was acting out, and they went to a specialist. Rowan went to New York for the summer; the doctor thought it would be good for her. When she came back, she’d lost twenty-five pounds, and wasn’t talking to them. For the first time, she felt hopeless. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, as a mom, she felt like a failure. It had been going on longer than they knew, and she wondered if she’d had fewer kids, would it have happened? She felt guilty. She says they had to send Rowan away to get help, and got to take a break. Rowan was her shining star, the perfect kid, and it changed how they parented the rest of the children. They went from thinking they wanted the kids to have straight A’s and go to Harvard, to just wanting them to be happy. Shannon starts to cry.

Braunwyn asks if Shannon is okay, which is pretty funny considering she was the one telling the sad story. Shannon says she’s going through the same thing. She had three straight A kids, who were totally confident. After the divorce, one of them told her they weren’t going to be better than a C student. Now, she doesn’t give a sh*t. God will put them in the place where they need to be. Braunwyn hugs her. In Shannon’s interview, she says she grew up with fighting parents, and duplicated that with her kids. She feels guilty. She just wants them to be happy. She tells Braunwyn that she wants their kids to meet. She says she has twins, and Braunwyn says that hardly ever happens naturally. Shannon says when you go to a Def Leppard concert, that’s what happens. Braunwyn says she’s never going then.

In her interview, Tamra says mom Sandy has been living with her brother, and they call her to bitch about each other. Her mom needs her own apartment. She’s retired now, and Tamra found one for her. It happened to be in an old folks home. I assume she means senior living. Honestly, Tamra needs to check herself. Frequently. She tells Sandy that she heard Friday nights get wild. The residents jump into the pool with their clothes on because they’re drunk. She says, don’t be that person, and tells Sandy, take her clothes off first. In Tamra’s interview, she says she sees a BJ happening, and wonders why did that enter her mind? Eddie brings in a wedding dress box, and Tamra says it’s from her wedding to Simon. Sandy says, it’s a nice dress. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thought she’d thrown it away. She had no idea her mother was holding on to it. Susan says she’s carried it from house to house. Why? is a really good question.

Gina visits Emily. Emily opens champagne, but Gina wisely passes. Emily asks if Gina remembers her talking about arranging things in Vegas for her anniversary. We see a clip of Emily telling Gina that she’s planning a trip after Shane takes the bar exam. She always wanted to dance in a production, and wants to dance for Shane. Emily tells Gina that Shane was asking questions about the trip. She doesn’t lie well, but never thought he wouldn’t think it was cool. He wasn’t mean, but made it clear that he wasn’t comfortable. In Gina’s interview, she says from her personal experience, she knows Shane doesn’t even want cussing in his home. We flash back to him talking about Gina being drunk and cursing. The fact that Emily would even think that’s something he’d like her to do is shocking. Gina thinks there’s a bigger issue going on. Emily says she had visions of Shane being proud that she got up there and danced, and did it for him. Surprise! Emily says she got so stressed, her alopecia came back. Gina asks if they’re still fighting, but Emily hasn’t talked to him in two days. They have to address it, but he’s studying. He’s staying at a hotel for the next two weeks. It’s fine with her, since she wants him to pass, but it’s a lot. He said he didn’t want to stop her, and to make it a girls trip. Gina says that’s not in the cards for her. They took her license, and lost her passport on Christmas Eve. She’s having a bad year. Emily says she knew something was wrong at Tamra’s party. Gina says, it’s hard to talk about, and Emily says she’s always here for Gina. Gina says she’s always alluded to things; if she doesn’t say it, it didn’t happen. If she doesn’t talk about it now though, she never will. It happened before she met Emily. She says she can’t talk about it, and gets up, saying she needs a minute. Wtf? What is it? Did they have a threesome or something?

Gina says she’s just going to do it, and tells Emily, it’s really bad. When they moved there. when their youngest was four months, Matt had an affair. In Emily’s interview, she says she knew Matt was having an affair, but being Gina’s friend, she never brought it up. We flash back to Gina being flip about getting the divorce, and talking about how they were still getting along so well. Gina says therapy opened her eyes to other problems they had. Once they filed for divorce, she didn’t think it was necessary to share. In her interview, she says she thought she was doing the right thing to protect the kids. She didn’t want the kids to think their father was a bad person. He’s not. She doesn’t want be the reason anyone looks at him that way. She tells Emily that she wasn’t with him anymore, so it didn’t matter and she let it go. They were co-parenting well, and she was proud of them. The other day, she found out he was still seeing the same woman, and has been for six months, but he didn’t tell her. She felt bad, and it hurt. Emily asks how she found out, and Gina says she saw a Valentine’s Day card from her. In her interview, she says finding the card brought her back to the moment when she found out. She didn’t want go back there and be angry. She says she can’t have a deeper relationship with him because she feels hurt. Emily says she probably feels more because same girl, and Gina says, of course; they think they’re in love. Emily wonders if he ever stopped seeing her, but Gina couldn’t say. She’ll never know, and it doesn’t serve her well to think about it. It’s already taken so much. She’s having the worst year ever. She gives up. Emily says, don’t give up. She feels like whatever happened affected Gina more than she let on. She tried to protect him, but having a strong façade and moving on hasn’t served her or her mental health well. In Gina’s interview, she says she feels a sense of relief. She’s been holding it in for so long. Not being able to talk about it, it felt good to just say it, and maybe finally heal from it. Emily says she’ll get through it, and be happy. Gina says she doesn’t want this person in her life, and Emily says, of course. Gina hates her. Emily doesn’t even know her, and hates her. They laugh, and Emily wonders if they could send her on a fake trip that she won. Gina says, good plan, and Emily hugs her.

Kelly says they guilted Jolie’s dad into getting her Gucci shoes for ther thirteenth birthday. In Kelly’s interview, she says they’re on their mother/daughter Aspen trip. Jolie is growing up too fast, and she wonders, where’s her baby? They do some skiing. Kelly says it’s nice to be drama free, and away from all the chaos in Orange County. Vicki saying she’s never with her daughter is a bunch of bullsh*t. We flash back to the reunion where Vicki said just that. Jolie centers and grounds her. She’s the most important thing to Kelly.

Braunwyn and Rowan go to Channelstars, where Sean works. He wants to catch them up on fashion stuff. He says maybe Rowan can be a sponsor at Coachella with her line. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says Rowan is a classical dancer, and started a dancewear line. When her mind is busy, she’s happier. If she can get fixated on healthy, it doesn’t help with her OCD, but it keeps her body healthy. They sit down, and Sean talks about needing fresh content. In her interview, Braunwyn says support from parents is important. They’re happy to help fund Rowan’s clothing line. If parents have the ability to help their kid’s dream happen, it’s a good feeling. Sean puts on a video of Rowan showing a piece from the line. He says new weekly content creates interest. People aren’t just interested in what the brand is up to, but what she’s up to. They buy it because of her personality. Rowan says her line is the embodiment of her made into dancewear. Braunwyn says it’s a healthy way to channel herself. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she can be productive. When she was Rowan’s age, she just wanted to watch MTV all day. She’s proud of Rowan, and excited for this amazing opportunity. She thinks there’s a void they’re going to fill.

Gina picks up Tamra. Gina says, there’s so much sh*t going on; it’s not good. She doesn’t want to talk at dinner, but Matt had an affair. She never said anything, because she felt it was in the past, but the day before the party, she found a card in Matt’s car, and discovered they’d been together for the last six months. In Tamra’s interview, she says she heard rumors, but didn’t say anything, since she knew Gina didn’t want to talk about it. Tamra says she’s got to move on, and Gina says she’s dating a guy with a Porsche. I says it sounds like a good start.

They go to Tortilla Republic, and order drinks. Shannon and Braunwyn arrive. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she had such a good time at the party, she thought she’d like to get to know everyone better. It will be fun. Shannon says she was talking to Vicki, and she wasn’t thinking when she said they were going out. She thinks Vicki’s feelings were hurt that they didn’t ask her. Braunwyn asks if Shannon thinks she should invite her, and Tamra says it’s up to her. Braunwyn says she can’t make this decision. Shannon calls Vicki, who doesn’t need to be asked twice. She says she’ll be right there. She was just lingerie shopping with Emily. The women talk about getting together for some shopping, and Gina says she’s never been to Rodeo Drive. In Gina’s interview, she says she hasn’t avoided LA because it’s where Matt lives, but she has three kids, and can’t be gallivanting around LA. She’s busy being a mom. Vicki arrives, and no one seems happy except Shannon.

Braunwyn tells Vicki, sorry. She thinks she made a judgment call based on things she didn’t fully understand. Kelly told her how hurt Jolie was, and she overreacted. Vicki says, start fresh, and Gina says, love you guys. Braunwyn toasts to an amazing year, and they drink shots. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says they got through the worst of it. Now they can have fun. She asks if VIcki and Emily bonded, and Vicki says, Emily is actually very cool. Tamra says Vicki doesn’t like new people either, and we flash back to all the new girls Vicki hasn’t liked. She says she liked Kelly right away, and Tamra asks how that worked for her. Vicki says she has no respect for Kelly. She’d never talk about someone’s appearance. She’s a bully. How would Kelly like it if she said that about her daughter?  Shannon suggests they try to have a conversation. They both gave low blows. Tamra say she sees both sides, and Vicki says she does too. She’s taken accountability for her part. Tamra asks if she’s tried to apologize, and Vicki says she won’t be subjected to being told she looks like a pig and she’s ugly. It’s not okay. Gina asks what the problem is then, and Vicki says Kelly knows that she knows more than she’s said. Tamra asks what it is, and Vicki says she’s not telling them. Tamra asks if she’s talking about the train, and Vicki says she’s not talking about it. In Vicki’s interview, she says they had a code of silence. They’re not talking about the choo-choo train. Nothing good will come from it, and it would be super damaging. Gina says Vicki claimed Kelly had a coke habit. Vicki says she never said that. Gina says Vicki is now implying she knows something that’s clearly worse; something more than the worst thing she’s already said. Vicki says, let’s talk about something else.

Next time, Rodeo Drive shopping, Shannon confronts Emily, Kelly says Vicki is a liar and dangerous, and Kelly tells everyone to eff off.

🎭 A Simple Sentiment…

Now this is a man after my own heart. I like the Swedish system too.

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