August 4, 2019 – The New 90, Heartbreak At Sea & Goodbye Sunday


What I Watched Today

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90 Day Fiancé

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiered. I’m so obsessed with this franchise, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Like Paul in The Other Way, the series has a repeat customer, Darcey. This time, loving a dude from England. Considering her experience last time with Jesse from Amsterdam – the poor man’s Alexander Skarsgård, who would have made a wonderful Nazi – I’m surprised she’s throwing her hat in the ring again. From the previews, it looks like another accident waiting to happen,.

I’m also in the thick 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (Mondays at 9 pm, although I watch the later rerun encore performance), where one half of the couple is an American moving to another country for the love of their lives. While I don’t recap any of the franchise – since these train wrecks need my full attenton – since the dead aren’t walking tonight, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on the couples from The Other Way, and maybe you’ll watch with me. To make it simple, the first half of the couple is the one moving to the country listed with them.

Paul and Karine – Brazil

We’ve met these two before, on Before the 90 Days. Paul is an absolute mess, a germophobe with a sketchy past. His ex has a restraining order out on him, and he’s been arrested for stalking, as well as arson. Apparently, he set fire to his own property. Since he’s terrified of any and all ailments, from malaria to a piranha biting his junk, the Amazon is not the best place for him, although it’s pretty funny for us. Karine is now pregnant, and Paul is trying to get Brazilian citizenship. At present, that’s been hung up, since the Brazilian government considers his crimes akin to terrorism. Paul already threw a huge tantrum after finding out his visa was denied, so good luck with that.

Tiffany and Ronald – South Africa

These two met when she was on vacation, so IMO, that’s slightly better than a dating app. Still not a good enough reason to pack up your life and head to another country, especially when the guy has an arrest record as long as my arm. And she has an eight-year-old son. Did I mention Ronald is also a gambling addict fresh out of rehab? It would be hard to pick a worst factor, but Tiffany didn’t even know the details of Ronald’s criminal history before she was getting on a plane with her kid. While Ronald actually seems like an okay guy – which doesn’t necessarily make him a catch – one of the first things he said to the son was, do you know what human trafficking is, my boy? Of course he didn’t, so Ronald explained to his future stepson that he had to be careful because traffickers were looking for a child just like him. This isn’t just starting off on the wrong foot, It’s just plain wrong.

Cory and Evelin – Ecuador

I’m very confused by this couple. Not only soes her name sound suspiciously like Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe, she doesn’t really seem to like him a lot, even though she says I love you on occasion. The show started with her having spent several months in America with him, but definitely missing home. After pumping quite a bit of money into the relationship – for real estate and funding a bar as a business, nothing in his name – he sold his everything and followed her. She’s created a bizarre catch-22 for him. She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to get married, yet she’s also made it clear she wants him to take care of her. If she doesn’t marry him, he won’t be able to get a visa and work, so I’m not sure how she expects him to do that. She didn’t even bother meeting him at the airport, her excuse being she wanted him to learn things on his own, and not be dependent on her. She also complains about his complaining, because he prefers having things like hot water and mosquito netting. Oddly enough, there are rumors that these two were married before the show started. So who knows?

Deavan and Jihoon – South Korea

Another couple who met face-to-face first when Deavan was on vacation, but in a twist they never saw coming, she became pregnant. She already has a four year old that seemed out of control on a trip to Las Vegas, where Jihoon’s parents met them for a visit. Hoping to ask their blessing for the marriage, it wasn’t looking good – and Deavan was looking mighty weepy and tired. No surprise, since daughter Drucilla was climbing on the counters, and sticking her hands in everyone’s food. Why nothing she did nothing was beyond me, but maybe she just didn’t have the energy after chasing Drucilla around the airport. She also practices attachment parenting, which may or may not be related to this misbehavior, but was a real surprise to Jihoon, when she told him that her daughter sleeps with her every night. Deavan’s mother swooped in, taking Drucilla off of everyone’s hands, and Jihoon’s parents gave their blessing. Deavan smiled for the first time, and finally seemed to relax. Her groom-to-be also got her an engagement ring, even though he’d said that’s not a common practice in his culture. Despite the hurdles they’re going to have to overcome, they seem like the golden couple in this mess of six. They also seem like sweet people, and his parents were very cute, so I’m rooting for them. I just hope that kid learns some manners.

Jenny and Sumit – India

This one is kind of sad, and I’m also rooting for them. Their thirty year age difference – Jenny being the older of the two – genuinely doesn’t seem to matter. They clicked online, then clicked in real life, and Jenny left everything behind to follow her heart. They stand out in a crowd, but Sumit also stands up for his lady. Except where his parents are concerned. While it seems bizarre for a thirty-year-old to require his parents approval, per Sumit’s culture, that’s the case. Apparently, his parents can interfere with the wedding plans too, should they so desire, even though he’s in his thirties. Telling them that he took a job in a city with too long of a commute (yes, he lives with them), Sumit and Jenny are living together, but their funds are going to run out quickly, as Sumit has no job, and Jenny can’t work without a visa. It remains to be seen if they’ll make it to the altar, but it’s not for lack of wanting to. And they too, seem like lovely people.

Laura and Adadin – Qatar

The age gap is smaller, although it’s still the dude who’s younger, I think the cultural gap is the widest here. To put it in Laura’s words, they have chemistry, but he’s not rocking her world in the bedroom. It sounds like he’s pretty straight-laced, but when she made her big move, she brought along some (contraband!) sex toys to spice things up. He was not happy. What separates them from the other couples is that they’re already married. In Qatar, unmarried couples can’t stay in the same hotel room, so they got hitched. She’s now moved in, and it’s a big change from playing Bingo in Florida. While I’m all for saying age is just a number, I’m skeptical of Aladin, who, if I’m being honest, is way higher on the good looks scale. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I wasn’t loving the way he was treating her prior to her trip there. He was periodically blocking her both personally and on his social media when they had a disagreement, exerting his control and (no surprise) triggering her insecurity. If this isn’t a huge red flag, I don’t know what is. This just seems like a bad, bad idea.

You can meet the couples here:

😞 An Equal Opportunity Disease…

I was saddened to read that Captain Lee’s (Below Deck) son passed away from an accidental overdose. I have no doubt that he and his wife are wonderful parents, but addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, what color you are, or how well you were raised. My heart goes out to The Captain and Mary Anne, as well as all who knew and loved Joshua.

🚴 Moving On…

Another one come and gone.

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