August 7, 2019 – Shiloh Finds a New Subject, Shep Is Not Charmed & Don’t


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General Hospital

Blah-blah-blah. They’re telling me the weather is bad, even though I can look out the window too.

At the MetroCourt, Laura asks a distracted Scotty if he’s with her. She was talking about a retaining him if Lulu’s divorce should happen. He says he’ll do it pro bono, but he needs her to do a favor for him. She asks, what kind? and he says help him get rid of a con artist, looking at Ava’s table nearby. Laura asks if he means Chelsea.

Chelsea says Ava asked to meet, and now she’s messing with her cell phone. I know that feeling. Ava says she was shutting off her social media alerts. She thought the frenzy would die down by now, but guesses her fifteen minutes is lasting longer. Chelsea asks her to cut to the chase. Ava says she tried to do right by Kiki. She went to see Ryan, and asked him to exhibit remorse and let her go. Chelsea says she doesn’t need to have psychic power to know how that went over.

Valentin brings dinner to Nina and Maxie. Maxie takes the bag into the reception area, and Nina says she and Valentin need to talk about what happened last night. He says he thought it was excellent. She says, it was amazing, but she’s talking about before that, with Hayden and Jax.

Finn calls Jax, saying he got the number from Bobbie. He wanted to check on Hayden. He saw her earlier, and wants to make sure she’s okay. Hayden walks into the MetroCourt, and Jax says he’s looking at her right now. She seems fine. Finn thanks him. Hayden sits down, and asks who that was. Jax says, Finn.

In her hospital bed, Sam startles awake. Jason tells her, she’s okay. She repeats, she’s okay, but then says, she’s not okay.

Cabot goes into a brick building with the address of 721.

Elizabeth and Franco go to Rice Plaza. Elizabeth wishes Cameron would clean his room this well. He’s supposed to meet them, and he’s late again.

Cameron yells at Shiloh to let him go, as Shiloh ties him to a chair. Cabot walks in, and asks, what’s going on? Shiloh tells him, meet his new subject.

Laura tells Scotty that she sees two women having drinks. Scotty says he sees a woman with a hook in her mouth being reeled in. Laura asks what he wants her to do, and he says put his tax dollars to work. She says it’s not her place to tell Ava how to grieve. Scotty says, mayor, pillar, beacon, and Laura says, ray of sunshine? Scotty says, that too. She tells him, Ava lost her daughter in the worst possible way. How she gets through it is her business. He says he knows about grief. He’s got no problem with Ava getting on with her life, it’s who she’s doing it with that bugs him. Laura says she thought he came to Elizabeth and Franco’s reception with Bobbie, and he says they’re in talks right now. He’s not cozying up with Ava. They’re friends. Laura is a friend. If he saw vultures over her head, he would shoo them away. He’s just asking for old time’s sake. Do him a favor.

Chelsea tells Ava, she could have told her seeing Ryan wouldn’t give her satisfaction or closure, It’s not what psychotic killers do. Kiki appreciates the attempt, but Ava has to make a different kind of amends if she wants to reach Kiki. The kind that will test her like she’s never been tested. Ava says she’d do anything for Kiki. Suddenly, Chelsea stares into space, and says, give a hoot; don’t pollute. Chelsea says they’ll have to pick this up later; she’s leaving. She tells Ava, try not to be too mad at him. He means well.

Hayden asks how Finn got Jax’s number, and Jax says from Bobbie. He says Finn just wanted to know how she was. She was kind of out of it. She says she’s never been so obliterated. She needs some hair of the dog. He says he doesn’t get it. Unless she drinking before he picked her up – she says, no – she only had one drink. She says she can’t explain it, and he wonders if someone else can.

Nina asks Valentin if he still thinks Jax and Hayden were looking for something at WIndymere. He says, doesn’t she? He knew it the second Hayden went off with the nonsense about the diamonds. Nina says, what is it then? He doesn’t know, and she says, but he’ll be keeping an eye out? He says, always.

Maxie tells Sasha, a vacation together? It must be getting serious. Sasha thinks she caught the bug.

Sam tells Jason that she thought she’d die in the freezer. She did everything she could. She did not, and I’m not letting it go. She says she kicked, struggled, and tried to scream, but she couldn’t breathe; there was no air. She thought that was it. She’d never see him, Danny, Scout, or anyone she loves again. She knows everything is okay now, but.. Jason says, she’s scared, and she nods, saying it freaked her out. He says, whatever she needs, or whatever she’s feeling, he’s there. He knows her, and knows how strong and resilient she is. He knows she’ll get through this. Shiloh can’t break her. She’ll be okay. She hugs him.

Elizabeth leaves Cameron a message, telling him video games are a privilege, not a right, and she’ll take them away faster than he can say Minecraft. She tells Franco, you’d think the prospect of a car would instill responsibility. She doesn’t want to be late for work. He tells her, go. He’ll make sure Cameron gets home. She tries to hand him the car key, but he says, no. She asks if this is about what the psychic said. He says she told him, don’t take the drive. She knew it would be a nice night. Maybe they’ll bond on the walk.

Cameron tells Shiloh, let him go. This is crazy. He starts yelling, and Shiloh tells him, stop. He already told Cameron, no one can hear him. No one knows he’s there, or even knows he’s gone. Shiloh promises if he’s a good boy he won’t get hurt, but if he’s a pain in the ass, all bets are off. Got it?

Maxie asks if Sasha is feeling okay. Sasha says she’s just tired. She thinks the vacation caught up with her. Maxie says, there are worse reasons to be under the weather. She’s just going to say it. Michael is the best; the best of the best. And he’s been through the ringer. Sasha says she knows, and Maxie says she’s really lucky. Don’t screw it up.

Nina wishes she had a better read on Jax, and Valentin says, he can’t be trusted, and he’s connected to Cassandra. She says, Jax doesn’t seem like the type to team up with a drug dealer. He says, Jax’s brother is at the top of the WSB and Interpol most wanted list. Nina says they don’t think St. Peter is a murderer because of his father Faison. Valentin says, Jax is up to something. He might have a hard time convincing Nina that Jax is evil and sinister, but has he convinced her that Jax isn’t as transparent as she thought? How can he convince her more? She says he’ll never know until he tries, and they kiss.

Jax asks what was going through Hayden’s mind? She just put it all out there about Finn. She says she didn’t, but he says, she kinda did. She says she suddenly felt the need to tell the truth. It was building, and she couldn’t hold back. One drink, and it was out the window. It was like an out of body experience. She was talking, and nothing could keep her from telling the truth. He asks if she was going to tell Finn the real reason they were there, and she says, 100%. If Jax hadn’t jumped in, they’d have heard the whole plan. Jax says, which is what they wanted exactly. She says, oh my God. Does he think they laced her drink?

Laura says Scotty has been playing the old friend card a lot, and he says it’s the card he was dealt. Laura doesn’t think Ava wants to hear what she thinks, but Scotty says, go right for the psychic. There are laws in this state about crystal balls. Send her back to her carney folk where she belongs. Laura says, it could backfire, and maybe Ava is getting closure. Scotty’s phone rings.

Cabot tells Shiloh that’s not the subject they agreed on. Shiloh says Jason got the jump on him, but lucky for them, the universe dropped this kid in his lap. Cabot asks if he didn’t make it clear, the procedure is designed for twins. Shiloh says, improvise. Cabot asks, what about Drew? but Shiloh says he couldn’t get him. Cabot says they agreed Jason would be in the chair, and SHiloh delivered a child to him. Shiloh says it’s what they’ve got, and what they’re working with. He can’t go back. The cops will be all over him. Cabot says, then he’ll take his leave, but Shiloh grabs him, and says no one ever abandons him. Funny, since most of his followers did. Cameron continues to struggle against his bonds.

Franco sees Chelsea in Rice Plaza. He says he’s been avoiding cars, and golf carts, even though he doesn’t golf too much. She says she’s getting a different message. He asks her to elaborate. She stares into space, and he asks, what’s going on? She tells him, forget what she said. He has to take that drive.

Laura approaches Ava’s table, and Ava invites her to sit. Laura says Scotty is worried about her. Ava says, not worried enough to scoot himself over. Laura guesses he thinks the situation has progressed beyond that point. Ava asks, what situation?

Hayden asks if Jax thinks they tried to drug her with truth serum. He doubts Nina was involved, but poisons are a Cassadine trademark. They already knew there was an ulterior motive to inviting them to Windymere. Hayden says, oh my God. She could have told Finn… She could have demand he break up with Anna. Jax asks if it’s so bad if Finn knows how she feels. She says she would have gotten there eventually, and now she doesn’t know what to do. Jax ask if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says he’s giving it anyway. He thinks she should let Finn go.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Finn what she missed. He says, the usual death-defying acts by Jason and Sam. He asks if she’s heard of Shiloh, and she says, the guy running the cult? Finn says, that’s the one. She looks at Sam’s chart, and says, Sam was trapped in a freezer? Finn says, she’ll be okay. They sure know how to keep it interesting. Elizabeth says she’s grateful for her uninteresting life. Which, IMO, is still pretty interesting.

Sam tells Jason that she went to the motel to look for the flashdrive. She found it, and was getting the hell out of there, but when she opened the door, there he was. She can’t remember what he did to her, but the next thing she knew, she was in the freezer and couldn’t get out. Jason says, it was a set-up. She was the bait, but Shiloh is after him. She asks, why? Drew has the information he needs from their time in Afghanistan. He says Shiloh wanted to imprint Drew’s memories in him, because they’re twins. Sam says from what Faison told them, memory mapping wouldn’t have worked because of Jason’s brain damage. Jason doesn’t think Shiloh cares. He’s lost it. That’s why he’s not going to win.

Franco says, Chelsea told him… She says she knows what she told him. She was wrong. He says, she’s a psychic. How could she be wrong? She tells him the drive is an easy decision. It’s what happens afterward that’s the hardest thing he’ll ever do. She’s sorry she wasn’t right the first time, but she’s sorrier for what’s to come. His phone rings, and he tells her, stay there. He answers, saying, it’s not a good time, and Scotty says, Cameron is in big trouble.

Cameron keeps trying to break the straps, but can’t get free. Cabot tells Shiloh, there’s no need for violence. Shiloh says, no one said that. In the eyes of the law, they’re co-conspirators. If he goes down, so does Cabot. The only way out is to download the information. Then they can disappear forever. Cabot begs him to see reason. The procedure has only been performed on twins. Shiloh says Cabot was looking to branch out. Cabot says, eventually. The idea was to apply the procedure to unrelated subjects, but only after further research. Shiloh says, he’s speeding up the timetable, but Cabot says, it was never meant for someone so young. There’s no telling the consequences on a developing mind. It could be altered in a way they don’t intend. He could be rendered insane or even killed.

Scotty says Franco’s kid just got a parking ticket. A meter maid used to date wrote the ticket, and he was parked illegally at 721 Dewitt. Franco asks since when is Scotty dating a meter maid, and Scotty says she saw his permit in the window. Franco says, Cameron lost his license, but Scotty says, he didn’t get the memo. Franco wonders what Cameron was doing in that neighborhood, and Scotty says, whatever he was doing, he’s not parked in the right place. He’ll buy the meter maid a T-bone, and take care of it. Just find him, and get the car up on blocks.

Cabot tells Shiloh, proceeding is dangerous at best, and at worst, lethal. Shiloh says they’ll shoot for the best alternative. They’re both facing life in prison; what’s one more crime? Get on with it. Cameron is freaking out. Shiloh and Cabot go back in. Shiloh laughs, and says he’ll have to tighten Cameron’s bonds, since they’re getting loose. When he comes near Cameron, Cameron kicks him, saying, freak; let go of him. Shiloh almost pops Cameron one, but Cabot stops him. Cabot says, it might be prudent to restrain his feet as well, and Shiloh says, good idea.

Jason tells Sam, layer by layer, Shiloh is losing things, and his options are becoming smaller. He’s fixating on Afghanistan, and the information Drew has. He’s got tunnel vision. Sam says, it doesn’t make sense, but Jason says, Shiloh doesn’t care. He’s losing it. The good thing is, the more desperate Shiloh becomes, the more sloppy he gets. Sam says, and the more dangerous he’ll be. Jason isn’t saying they shouldn’t be on their guard. They know what Shiloh is capable of, but his hold over people is done. He has no one to hide behind anymore. That makes him more vulnerable.

Laura says Scotty is concerned about the company Ava is keeping. She says, who? Chelsea? Laura says Scotty is convinced Ava is being taken advantage of, but Ava says she can take care of herself. Laura says she knows, but Ava is still grieving, and nobody wants to see her preyed upon again. Ava says Chelsea isn’t a serial killer, and to be honest, she’s helping. Laura hopes that’s true. Ava asks if she doesn’t believe in that kind of thing, and Laura says, she doesn’t know, but Ava deserves peace. Ava says there’s no peace for her, but that’s okay. She just wants peace for Kiki. If Laura thought Nikolas was as restless as she knows Kiki is, she’d do everything in her power to unburden him.

Jax tells Hayden, as one business partner to another, it’s been a while. Finn has obviously moved on. She should too. He asks if that’s why she agreed to work with him; so she’d have a chance to fight for Finn. Hayden says she’d be lying if she said it hadn’t crossed her mind, but things have changed. In the meantime, things with Valentin have gotten serious and personal. That eurotrash and his Park Avenue princess poisoned her. Jax says it was meant for him. He has no reason to suspect Nina, but she brought up Cassandra Pierce. Cassandra is the key. Why are they so worried about what he knows?

Sasha tells Maxie, she is lucky. Michael seems too good to be true. Maxie says, probably because he is. Sasha says she’s going to take it slow; make sure they’re on the same page about where they are, and where they’re going. And they’ll get wherever that is when they do. She asks Maxie if she passed, and Maxie says, with flying colors.

Valentin says he’s so glad he’s on Nina’s team. She tells him, funny he should say that. The Ava issue is done, they’ve relatively handled the Jax situation. They can turn the attention back on themselves. They have a date in September, and the preliminary arrangements have been made. Now they need to ramp it up. It’s around the corner, and she doesn’t want to waste one day or one minute before marrying him. They kiss.

Maxie comes in with a giant display of flowers, saying, delivery. Sasha follows her in, and Nina asks, how was the island getaway? Sasha says, unreal. They had the best time. She thought she’d catch up on work, but she’s beat. She’s going to head home. Nina wants to give her the big news first, and asks Maxie for a drumroll. Nina says, she and Valentin are getting married. Maxie says they knew that already. Nina says they probably assumed it would be postponed again, but no. They’re fully committed to the September wedding date. It’s going to take a lot of work. Maxie says she’s going to have to pull next month together, and Nina says she’ll help.

Jax says Valentin has upped the ante. He tells Hayden not to be fooled. There’s nothing refined about Valentin. Now he’s on to them, and they’re in a dangerous position. Hayden says it’s going to be harder to snoop around Valentin’s office, or that creepy trophy room. Unless they exploit a weakness; Charlotte – Jax says, that’s out of the questionor Nina. Jax doubts Nina knows anything. He thinks they should let Valentin think they’re harmless, and when his guard is down, get him.

Laura tells Ava, after Nikolas died, she didn’t know how to go on. Ava asks how she did it. How did she even get out of bed in the morning? Laura says, Spencer. She knew he needed her. Ava says she tries to feel that way about Avery. When Avery asks if Kiki is happy, she lies, and says yes, but she doesn’t know. Laura says she needs to look inside herself to find peace. Ava says what if she doesn’t find it, and Laura says, keep looking. Not with a psychic; that might prolong the pain, and they make money off of people’s pain. Ava says she is in pain, but she’s also still herself. Laura laughs, and Ava says that Chelsea knows things no one could possibly know. If Laura doesn’t believe it, try it for herself.

Jason tells Sam, there’s an APB out for Shiloh and his accomplice. Elizabeth and Finn come in, and Elizabeth asks if Sam is okay. Sam says, accomplice? Is it someone from DOD? Jason says, no. It’s the doctor who developed memory transfer – Cabot. Finn says, Arthur Cabot? His work was based on using twins. Anna and her sister were his initial subjects. Finn ran into him, and warned Drew, but had no idea he was working with Shiloh. Jason says maybe Cabot stands a better chance at getting something off the flashdrive. Finn asks doesn’t he need Jason or Drew to make it work? and Jason says, not necessarily.

Franco leaves a message for Cameron, saying he knows Cameron is on a joyride, but stay put. Franco is coming to get him, and Cameron is going to owe him big time.

Cameron says he won’t tell a soul, but Shiloh says, sorry; no can do. Cameron asks if they know Jason is his half-brother. His dad is going to kill them. Shiloh says he’s connected to Jason? Even better. Cameron says, please don’t do this. Shiloh says, Drew survived; Cameron will too. Cameron says they can’t make him forget everything, and Shiloh says he won’t even remember being scared. Cabot injects him with (I assume) a sedative.

Scotty sits with Ava, and she says his pal already took a crack at her. Scotty tells her to fasten her seatbelt. She’s in for a bumpy ride. She says her eyes are wide open, and it’s fine. He asks her to do him a favor, and keep the psychic away from his son. He doesn’t need that. She thanks him, and he says, for what? She says he knows what.

Laura calls Chelsea. Laura says she’s heard a lot about her, and understands she has a special way of helping people. She thinks she might be in need of that kind of help.

Jax tells Hayden that he has every intention of gaining Nina’s trust. Not just in a business sense; he genuinely likes her. She’s creative, intuitive, and smart. He’s way ahead of Hayden.

Nina asks how Valentin knew they’d have something to celebrate? He says he didn’t. They’re not from him. Nina reads the card. Thanks for making my early days at Aurora memorable. Here’s to many more. Jax. Sasha keels over.

Franco gets to 721 Dewitt. He knocks on the door, and yells for Cameron. He turns the knob, and the door opens. Wow. I would say Shiloh is getting sloppy, but Cabot was the last one in, so really?

Finn tells Jason that he thought the procedure was supposed to be used on twins. Jason says there’s a better chance of success, but theoretically, it can be performed on anyone. The real concern is the subject ending up in a vegetative state.

Franco hears Cabot and Shiloh arguing. Cabot says he wanted to complete his life’s work, and Shiloh tells him, stop whining and get the job done. Franco opens the door, and sees Cameron in the chair. He asks, what’s going on?

Tomorrow, Finn says it’s not looking good, Drew tells Curtis that he won’t believe who Cabot has been calling in Port Charles, and Franco asks if Cameron has been given Drew’s memories.

Southern Charm

Chelsea meets dad Ken for lunch. She says she missed him, and they order hushpuppies and fish bites. I guess it’s the Southern version of fish and chips. Ken asks how her boyfriend Nick is doing with his travels, and she says he gets to be on the water and travel; it’s awesome. In her interview, Chelsea says she knows her father’s fears about her dating someone who’s not around a lot, but you love who you love. She tells Ken that she’s still figuring her next move with work. She was thinking about going into business with Madison. Madison has been doing hair forever, but the more she thinks about it, it doesn’t make sense. Their personalities are different, and if they had a disagreement, it might be pretty intense. In Chelsea’s interview, she says, seeing how Madison reacted in a stressful situation, she wonders, would Madison attack her in a stressful business situation? She says, best friends go into business, and end up hating each other, and Ken says, he did. A couple of times. It’s good for years, then you’re faced with a lawsuit. He thinks if she can do it, do it on her own. He says, she can do it, and she says, strong like bull, something my father used to say.

Danni visits Kathryn, who says she’s in love. He lives in Nashville, and writes music. In her interview, Kathryn says a girlfriend invited her to Nashville for the weekend. There was a couples dinner, and the friend invited a guy. They hit it off. His name is Hunter. She thought he was dressed classic Nashville country singer. They stayed up talking all night talking. He’s silly, funny, and wonderful. Danni says she’s glowing. Kathryn unpacks the food Danni brought, and asks what’s up with her? Danni says she talked to Madison. We flash back to Madison making a jerk of herself, and embarrassing Danni. Danni says Madison feels bad, and said she took her issues with Shep too far. Unfortunately, Danni was involved. Kathryn thinks she’s genuinely sorry, but it doesn’t mean she excuses the behavior. Kathryn says she feels like she and Madison connect on a mom level, and she doesn’t want it to affect her friendship with Danni. Danni says she’s more put off by Austen. Everything stemmed from him. Kathryn says Eliza texted her. She’s finally having a fox hunt. Who would like to tally-ho? Kathryn swears Eliza googles classic Southern activities. She doesn’t even know what tally-ho means. She wonders if they dress up like it’s a reenactment. She has a red vel jacket. Danni says she has to go. Tally-ho.

Ashley visits Eliza at the hotel. In Eliza’s interview, she says she feels for Ashley, but she’s irritated and feels betrayed. She worked hard get Ashley a platform where she could apologize, and move on with a clean slate. We flash back to whatever mess that was. They sit, and Eliza says she hasn’t seen Ashely since Airy Hall. Ashley thanks Eliza for her facilitating that. If it wasn’t for Eliza, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity. Because of that day, she had had a chance to talk briefly to Naomie. Eliza asks if it went well, and Ashley says Naomie is a straight shooter. She asked if Naomie thought Kathryn would ever talk to her, even if they ran into each other; would she be open to talk? We see a clip of Naomie saying, no, no, and no. But since Ashley is delusional, she says she felt a little opening, and hopes to get another chance. In her interview, Eliza says, in the Bible, Peter was forgiven seven times. Six more to go. She tells Ashley that she has a fox hunt coming up.

Craig and Austen meet for drinks. Craig tells Austen that he has a partner in the pillow business, and they’re making moves. Austen says he had a conversation with Shep. Craig asks if Shep said he won’t be friends if Austen goes back with Madison or did he just say it a betrayal of his trust? Austen says, both.  Craig says, so it was basically an ultimatum. As a friend, Craig doesn’t think it’s healthy, but he’d still be friends. Shep looks at it as Austen is choosing sides. Craig’s personal opinion is that Danni should be mad at Madison for involving her, Shep should be mad at Austen for spilling his secret, and Austen should be mad at Madison for breaking his trust in various ways. Austen should also be mad at Shep for not being a good friend and giving him an ultimatum. He says Austen picked a hellvva spider web to be in. Austen says Madison called him up, and said he’s afraid of what his friends think, and it’s kind of true. He can’t bring her to a party without Craig and Shep looking at him like he’s an idiot. How is their relationship supposed to survive when they’re telling him what to do? In Craig’s interview, he says he gives Austen the same proposition he gave Naomie the day he left. If the world ends tomorrow, and he could take one person to go live on an island somewhere, who would he take? Who’s on the island with him? Austen says, he’d take Madison.

Cameran meets Shep for dinner. She tells him his sweater looks like Mr. Rogers, and he says he’s trying to be more domestic. He did his due diligence on the land he purchased. It’s going to be challenging. Cameran says, because it’s on a marsh. He asks, how did she know? In Cameran’s interview, she says, what does she know? She was only at the top in sales at her company last year. Shep orders ginger ale, and Cameran is impressed. She says she’s proud of him. He says they’ll see how long he can last. She asks how long it’s been, and he says, three days. He’s got to start somewhere. She asks if he talked to Austen, and Shep says he and Madison can ride into the sunset as far as he’s concerned. He won’t be around to watch. In Shep’s interview, he says, you think you know someone, but you don’t. It’s a shock to his system. He tells Cameran that Austen and Madison were buddy-buddy on the trip. Cameran says, maybe she has something on him. Maybe he’s a sexual deviant. Shep knows he is. He has information; he just doesn’t use it. Cameran won’t let up until Shep tells her. On Valentine’s Day, Austen spelled out butt stuff? in rose petals on the bed. She said okay. Cameran and I make the same face, and Shep admits, it was an amazing move. Cameran doesn’t even know what to say.

Kathryn calls Danni, and tells her that she got a text from Ashley. Danni says, what?! and Kathryn says that’s what she said. She reads the text to Danni, with Ashley saying she was invited to the fox hunt, and doesn’t want to have drama. She wishes Kathryn no ill will, and no pressure to talk. She wishes Kathryn the best. Kathryn doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s never done anything to Ashley. She has no mental space left for this mental person. She can’t. In Kathryn’s interview, she says she’ll give Ashley major props if she keeps to herself, but if Ashley comes to her, she’ll just tip her hat. I guess that means keep moving?

Austen meets Madison for dinner. He says he hasn’t seen her, and she says she doesn’t know how to act around him. He asks where her head is at, and she says she’s not 100% sorry for what she said about Shep, but she’s sorry for telling on him. He says he knows Shep pushed her, but it’s the second time now that she’s totally hurt him. The friendship is strained because if information he told her. In the beginning, he’d never been so happy, and it spooked the hell out of him. In his interview, he says in the beginning, Madison came to him, and said she was ready to put down her walls, and be with him fully. When that happened, something snapped in his head, and he wondered, does he marry her and jump into the daddy roll? He sabotaged the whole thing. We flash back to the aftermath of his infamous threesome. He tells Madison, that was clearly one of the worst decisions he’s made in his life. Since then. he’s had to claw his way back for them. He wants make it work. They’ve been through so much together. He loves her. She says she loves him too, and they kiss. I’m not a corny-loving person, but that made me smile. He says he truly wants to make it work, and she says, let’s do it. 100%, not half-assed any longer. He asks if she has an early day, and she says she moved stuff in case things went well. They clink glasses.

Airy Hall; Limehouse Plantation. The horses are unloaded. Eliza’s Aunt Nina is the master (ha-ha – spellcheck gave the selection of hamster) of hounds. In her interview, Eliza says she was tally-hoing when she was super little, but started joining the hunt at nine. Her aunt created the club, and is the founder. She says a lot of preparation goes into a hunt. The hounds need to be trained. They’re hounds, not dogs, and get offended if you call them dogs. You have the huntsman and the control masters. The huntsmen follow the masters, and the members follow the huntsman and hounds. Red coats are for masters, and black coats are for huntsmen. Tally-hoers provide refreshment for those riding. It’s basically being drug around while drinking.

Shep picks up Bailey. He asks if she’s wearing fox, and she says she wants to warn them what’s coming. Shep says he’s tired; he fell off the wagon. Bailey says he fell hard. He says he hasn’t seen a lot of people in a while, and he and Austen are in nuclear winter. In his interview, Shep says Bailey is a great friend. They had a brief romance – we flash back to that – and she introduced him to Austen. He tells Bailey that he’s disappointed and hurt by the whole thing. She ask if he’s going to try talking to Austen, but he says, no. He’s not giving Austen a big hug.

They get to the hunt, and Bailey says hello to Austen. Shep barely asks him how it’s going, and Austen says, well. In his interview, Austen says, Shep is like a stranger right now. He feels the tension. Naomie tells Chelsea it’s intimidating. Port is served in paper cups. Craig demands drinks immediately. In Eliza’s interview, she says, fox hunting is not for the feint of heart. You have to be able to hang on for dear life. Bailey gives Craig a cup of port. He takes a sip, and asks if it’s Robitussin. I agree. I don’t like port much either.

Danni picks up Kathryn. Her car beeps as she backs up, and Kathryn says, it sounds like Ashley when she tries to speak.

Ashley arrives at the hunt. Ready to ride in the back of a hay wagon, Craig sees Ashley, and says, take your positions. Ashley gets on. Craig asks Naomie how she feels, and she says, awkward. The bitch doesn’t listen. In Naomie’s interview, she says what did she tell Ashley? Don’t come near Kathryn. Don’t do it. Just don’t. And she’s here anyway.

Chelsea and Naomie think it’s too cold to ride, and decide to stick with the hay wagon party. Chelsea says she’s not snuggling with Austen, referring to Madison’s jealousy over an Instagram of her and Austen a long time ago. Eliza thanks everyone for coming. She thanks the masters and the landowners, her grandparents. She explains that no foxes would be harmed. They’re doing a drag with a fake scent. If they use a real one, the hounds will go after real foxes, and she wants to protect them. Oh, okay. I’d be into this then. It was creeping me out a little before. Craig says he has zero clue as to what’s happening. There’s no fox, no guns, and he’s on a hayride. It really looks like a lot of fun. If you’re outdoorsy. Which I am. The hounds lose the scent. In her interview, Eliza tells us, if they lose the scent, the hunt ends, and you’re done riding for the day. Craig puts a scarf on his head like a babushka.

Danni and Kathryn finally get to the hunt. Danni says she’s nervous. She doesn’t want to see negative people. Kathryn says everyone looks awesome. They talk to Eliza, apologizing for being late. Ashley walks past with some friend whose name I either don’t know or don’t remember. Kathryn’s hair is done in two long braids, and she’s wearing a nouveau Victorian outfit. Ashley tells the friend that Kathryn looks like Pippi Longstocking, and continues to call her Pippi. I realize my mouth is open, because I can’t believe she’s so juvenile and crass. She never disappoints in that area. She can’t control herself, even a little. Shep says he’s so hungry, he could eat a horse. Austen tells Craig that he and Madison are giving it another shot. Craig asks if he means at being exclusive, and Austen says he told Madison he loves her. Craig asks what she did, and Austen says she cried and said she loved him too. Craig has no problem with them trying again, but if she doesn’t treat Austen well, he’ll still be friends, but he’s not giving a f**k. They go in to eat. Cameron compliments Kathryn’s outfit, and Kathryn says she was channeling Beyoncé’s Formation.

A young German Shepherd and Lil Craig circle each other and sniff butts. Shep jokes that this is his cheat day. Inside, Don helps Eliza out of her riding getup, and she tells him that she invited Ashley and Kathryn. At one of the tables, Cameran suggests she and Kathryn role play; she’ll be Ashley. She does a perfect imitation, saying she wishes Kathryn the best, then saying she’s not listening. Kathryn says her coattails have holes. This show always makes me laugh at least once.

Ashley approaches Kathryn, saying her name, and I laugh because Cameran was spot-on. She asks if they can have a conversation. Austen says, oh sh*t. Shep says, hell has frozen over. Eliza watches from inside, and Don says, this should be interesting. Kathryn and Ashley go to a private bench. Craig says he’s going to make sure they don’t get physical – i.e. he wants to eavesdrop. Ashley thanks Kathryn for being approachable, and say she should have apologized a long time ago. What she said to Kathryn was none of her effing business. We flash back to Ashley behaving abominably. Ashley says who is she to tell someone how to raise their kids, or what kind of mother they are? Kathryn asks when she realized that, and Ashley says when she went home to visit her family in California. They didn’t talk to her; they were disappointed. Her sister said she’s a mother. If someone said that to her, she’d want to kill them. Austen says it looks like Ashley is doing a lot of a talking. Craig says that’s who should be talking. Ashley wants Kathryn to know she was never a threat. She wasn’t trying to break up her family. She was actually supportive of Kathryn and Thomas’s relationship. She was Kathryn’s biggest fan. Kathryn says Ashley said just the opposite to her. Ashley says, after the fact. Whatever the hell that means. Kathryn doesn’t know how Ashley could go from the polar opposite to here. She doesn’t buy it.

Ashley asks what it is Kathryn doesn’t buy; her apology? Kathryn says she doesn’t buy Ashley being nice to her. Ashley says they’ll probably never speak again after this, and Kathryn says she hopes. Ashley says she owes Kathryn an apology. It was never her place say or do what she did. She’s not asking for Kathryn’s forgiveness. She wants peace. If she sees Kathryn, she doesn’t want any hard feelings, animosity, or tension. They can wave, and wish each other well. I would totally buy this, if she hadn’t just insulted Kathryn a hot minute ago. Kathryn wants to feel safe and normal. Ashley says Kathryn needs to know that she’s deeply sorry; sorry for hurting Kathryn. She wishes she could take it back. Who was she to speak that way? Kathryn says she appreciates it. It was nice of Ashley. She gets up, says she does wish Ashley the best, and walks back to the party. Danni tells Shep that Kathryn is done. She gave Ashley her ten minutes. Shep says he tried to listen. Kathryn joins them, and says she was not emotionally prepared. In Kathryn’s interview, she says no way could she forgive the sh*t Ashley said about her. Hell no. Effing no.

Ashley tells her tiny group of pretend friends that she and Kathryn don’t speak the same language. They can’t understand each other. They’ll never get there. Eliza comes alongside Danni, saying she didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. Danni says Eliza scared her. She thought Eliza was the one. She asks Kathryn how it went; she observed and it was stressing her out. Kathryn says they talked, but they’re not friends. Eliza says, it could be worse. Danni says, someone could be in the pool.

Lil Craig inspects the pool, but is a good boy, and doesn’t jump in. Shep says it would be freezing, but he’d have to jump in after him. Shep and Austen get drinks, and Shep walks away without saying anything. In Austen’s interview, he says, it’s so stupid. He’s tired of the awkwardness; they’re grown men. He sits with Shep, who says he’s missed having Austen around. Austen says this isn’t how they normally act, but Shep doesn’t know how to talk to Austen right now. Good Lord. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a dude wanting to end a friendship over the other dude’s girlfriend.

Austen says, the bottom line is, he and Madison decided to hit the reset button. Shep says, in the face of all that’s happened, Austen is still staying the course. Shep doesn’t know how to reconcile that. He thinks it’s crazy. Austen says he can’t help that he thinks about her. If it blows up in his face, it’s his own fault. He wishes he didn’t feel like that, but he does. Neither one of them knows what to say. Shep says he’s not that interested. Austen says he hopes it doesn’t drive a spike in their relationship. It’s so silly. Shep doesn’t know. In Shep’s interview, he says he’s never broken up with a friend before. It’s new territory for him. He tells Austen, he’s out, and the worst thing he can do is check out.

Next time, the finale – Patricia throws a cocktail party, Ashley says Patricia is going down, Austen says it’s an ambush, Ashley makes a scene, and Shep asks Madison if it’s the final straw.

🚫 Like Naomie Said…

Just don’t.

The following is a fake trailer used in Grindhouse. Some images may not be for children. Or maybe anyone.


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