August 26, 2019 – Michael Reweds Caroline, a Cougarish Charter & Long Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kristina tells Sam, it’s a little weird. She knows Sonny and Carly love each other, but it’s a little over-the-top. Sam says, it’s a huge, romantic gesture, and they’re going with it. Kristina says they can take break from the non-stop drama, enjoy the flowers and cake, and each other. Sam says, bring It on. Kristina can think of another couple who should do something over-the-top romantic. Jason walks in.

Diane and Alexis stumble into the park wearing workout clothes. Diane wonders what was on Alexis’s mind. Bootcamp, outside, in August. Alexis says, it was a fundraiser. Diane says they’re dead. A woman, also in workout wear, comes by and tells them, good job. Alexis asks Diane if she heard that. She said good job. Diane says Alexis is buying, and she’s getting a burger, fries, and dessert. A cheeseburger would sit well.

Hayden asks Jax how his lunch with Obrecht went. He says they had a nice time. Obrecht is actually smart. Hayden says Obrecht despises her, but Jax is sure she can handle it. Obrecht is a helpful ally against Valentin. Hayden asks how Nina will feel about that.

Nina visits Sasha in quarantine. She asks how her girl is, and Sasha says, tired. Michael was there, and he was so sweet. He wanted to stay, but she told him to go be with his family. Nina knows she’s no substitute, but she can try. She asks if Sasha wants anything, but she just wants to know what’s wrong with her.

Finn tells Epiphany that he knew it was possible, but he was hoping that wasn’t the case. Epiphany asks if it can be treated.

Chase and Willow walk in the park. Chase asks if she’s okay, and she says it’s the fifth time he’s asked. She’s good; is he all right? He doesn’t know how do this, so he’s  just going to. He asks if she remembers when she called his apartment a lair. She does, and says, who eses that word? No one. Why is he bringing it up? He says he was curious, and asks how she feels about sharing said lair with him?

Sonny asks if Carly is down, but Kristina says, not yet. Sam asks if Sonny is nervous, and Kristina says he’s done it before. He says, once or twice, maybe more. Michael comes in and says he parked in Sonny’s spot. Sonny says his car’s not there? Carly comes down in her bathrobe and says they have a problem. She can’t find Josslyn. Dev is gone too. Sonny says, no Dev, no Josslyn, no car. What’s wrong with this picture?

At the MetroCourt, Alexis tells Diane that she should hydrate. Diane says she plans to, and drinks some wine. She wonders, why the torturous workout, worthy of the Marines? Alexis says she wants to broaden her horizons and create challenges. She joined a book club, and joined a group that works for prison reform. Diane asks if that was recommended by a certain therapist, but Alexis says he fired her. So she went to her old therapist, and he fired her too. Diane says she was fired by Neil again? So he can pursue a romantic relationship? Alexis says, no. To get her out of his life. Diane asks, what happened? and Alexis says they got stuck in an elevator, and Neil opened up about his daughter. The next morning, he came to her house, and said they’d gotten too personal. He said he may have felt a personal connection, and she mentioned she may have felt one. Diane says, suddenly, everything is falling into place.

Carly wants to call Josslyn, but Jason says he’s sure it’s fine if Josslyn and Dev are together. Josslyn and Dev walk in, and Sonny asks why they took the car without permission. Dev says, not to worry; he’s an excellent driver. Josslyn confirms that, but Sonny says, that’s not the point. Dev says, thanks to Sonny, he has a license, and Sonny says that doesn’t mean he can just take the car. Josslyn says it’s her fault. She was having trouble getting a ride, and Dev offered to drive her. Carly asks, where? and she says she knows it’s not formal, but they’re renewing their vows, and Carly needs a bouquet. Josslyn hands her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Willow says, Chase is asking her to move in? He says, poorly, but yeah. Too much too soon? She says, it’s wonderful. He just needs to be honest. He says, always, and she says, is he asking because he wants to live with her all the time, with all her stuff, or asking because she’s out of a job, and has to find a cheaper place? He says, it’s not a pity offer. He wants live with her; all of her.

Nina sees Finn, and says, here’s the deal. If he can’t diagnose her daughter and heal her, she has no qualms… Finn says he knows what’s wrong. Sasha has the flu. Nina thought he already tested for that, but he says, not this one. That’s how rare it is. He had his suspicions but wasn’t sure he was right. It’s the Avian flu. Nina didn’t think the bird flu was a thing anymore, and Finn says, that’s how rare it is now. She says now that he knows what’s wrong, he can treat Sasha. Finn says yes, but possibly they’re too late

Jax tells Hayden, the pragmatic part of him wants Nina to be happy. It’s good for business and the magazine. Hayden says, and the personal part? He says he likes Nina. Not like that, but he wants her happy and adjusted. At the same time, loving someone like a Cassadine is just a disappointment in the end. She asks if he’s speaking from experience, and he says, his brother is like that. He loves his brother, but Jerry can’t grasp why Jax won’t stand by when he wreaks havoc. Valentin is smart and amoral. He clearly worships the ground Nina walks on, and she thinks she knows him, but she doesn’t. If Valentin loses, that means Nina does too.

Finn tells Nina, treatment is supposed to begin 48 hours after the symptoms begin. Nina says it’s been a lot longer than that, and he says he’s starting Sasha on medication. She’s right on the cusp, so time will tell. Nina says there must be something else he can do. He wishes there were. Nina ask,s what happens if the drugs don’t work?

Epiphany gives Sasha some pills, saying, hopefully, it’s something that will make her feel better. Finn will be in shortly to explain. Sasha takes the medication.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s, and Kristina asks how Sasha is. Michael says, not great, but she insisted he come. Kristina says, a nice, happy, normal family gathering. He says, them normal? and she says as close as they can get. Bobbie and Mike come in. Mike asks Sonny if he’s ready to tie the knot. Bobbie adds, again, and Sonny says, more ready than he’s ever been.

Josslyn comes down with Avery, who makes a very cute flower girl. Everyone says how beautiful she is, and Josslyn asks if she knows what really makes her beautiful. Avery says, her heart. Bobbie gets the kids together for a picture. Mike says Sonny did that, and Sonny says, incredible. Mike says he and Yvonne were looking at pictures from their wedding, and he saw Sonny was there. He realized he was a little bit out of it, but now he knows, so thank you. Sonny says, it was an honor to be there. He’s happy Mike is sharing this day with him. Mike says, you and me both, and they hug.

Sonny waits under an archway. Avery comes in, scattering rose petals. He picks her up, and Carly walks down the aisle. They smile at each other.

Diane says she and Max went on a romantic cruise. Alexis says, a booze cruise? and Diane says, potato, potahto. Neil was there with a woman. Alexis says, good for him, and Diane asks, why is it good? Alexis says, he was having a good time. Diane asks, who said he was having a good time? Alexis says, he wasn’t? Diane says, it wasn’t a disaster – no one got tossed overboard – but she managed to overhear a bit of their conversation. Okay, she eavesdropped. Both of them agreed there would be no second date. Alexis says, so it was a first date. Diane says, blind-ish. They met online. No reaction? Alexis says she knew he dabbled. Diane says she went online to look up his profile. He goes by BernBrain, in case Alexis is interested.

A woman looks online at headlines about Alexis. Lawyer Acquitted of Hit and Run. We see it’s the girl from the park.

Willow says living with Chase is going to be amazing. He agrees with her. About living with her. He knows what it’s like to live with himself. She asks if he’s lived with someone before, and he asks if his college roommate counts. She says, no, and he asks if she has, and she says no (unless you count the forty-seven people she lived with at DOD), and he says they’ll be newbies together.  She says, it’s scary, and he promises to leave the seat down. She says she’s serous. Everything is going great with them. What if this ruins everything?

Sasha says, bird flu? Finn says, it might sound strange, but has she had any contact with birds, either in Port Charles or Puerto Rico? She says, no more than anyone else. He asks if she was in the water, and had any contact. She says she was in the ocean, but nothing enclosed. He says it’s rare for it to be contracted human to human, but they’ll have to test anyone who had close physical contact with her before she showed symptoms. She says, Michael.

Sonny says Carly looks beautiful. He says, dearly beloved. He means it; he and Carly love them all. He thanks them for being there for the vow renewal. It means a lot. Carly says, let’s do it.

Hayden says, Nina is a spoiled little rich girl, but Jax says, it’s not like she had an easy life. Hayden says, who has? She had to crawl on broken glass to come back to Port Charles. Nina also has a comfortable money cushion. Poor Nina. Boo-hoo. She thought he would be immune, but she guesses not.

Finn lists some people who need to be tested. Nina asks, how long before the medication kicks in? Finn says he gave Sasha the highest dose, but it might be a couple days until they know if it’s been too long. It’s all they have. Nina asks if GH is equipped for this. If it was his child, would he think they’d get the best possible care there? He says, yes. There’s nowhere else in the world he would want them to be.

Willow asks Chase, what if they annoy each other? He says, not possible. She says, very possible she’ll screw up. He says, what if he does? He’s a clean freak. She says she figured that out already. He knows how to fold a fitted sheet. He promises to teach her. She says what if it’s too crowded for him? The worst thing would be to suck it up and go along with it, if it turns out to be a mistake. He tells her, stop looking for the worst case. They’ll tell each other if they’re getting on each other’s nerves. He asked her because he loves her. He loves being with her, and thinks they can turn this into something special. Instead of looking for ways it can go wrong, look at how it could go right. Willow says, when he puts it like that… He asks if that’s a yes, and she says, yes. She’d love to move in. They kiss.

Alexis says she’s not looking up Neil’s profile, and Diane asks if she’s not curious. Alexis says she isn’t, and Diane says, liar. Why doesn’t she admit, she’s got it bad for Neil, and he’s got it bad for her. It’s wildly evident. Alexis says Neil doesn’t want anything to do with her. Diane says she probably evokes feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in… maybe ever. Why is she making it hard? There are no boundaries. He’s not treating her. Why don’t they behave like consenting adults? Alexis says, too messy. Diane says, Alexis wants messy? She repped a client with an incredibly sexy and flexible bodyguard, and they just decided to go there. It was the best decision she ever made. She found her soulmate. Alexis says that’s wonderful for them, and Diane says it can be for her too. There has to be a happy medium, so she doesn’t end up with no one, or saying yes to a homicidal maniac like Julian. Alexis says, he’s moving to Manhattan with Kim. Diane says, change the subject much? Alexis asks if it worked, but Diane says, no.

Carly says she’ll always love Sonny, even though it’s not always easy. Sometimes she wants to stop loving him. God knows she’s tried, but she can’t. He’s been it for her from the beginning, and will be to the end. Got it? He does, and she says, she, Caroline, takes him, Michael… Avery asks, who are those people? Everyone laughs, and Carly says, she, Carly, takes Sonny to be her husband. To have and to hold, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish forever. Sonny says, his turn, right? He doesn’t know what to say that she hasn’t already. She’s it for him. During the worst of times, she’s the hand he reaches for, and in the best of times, like today, she’s the hand he reaches for. He repeats the vows, and Carly says she loves him. He says he loves her more than she’ll ever know. Sonny says, ready, and Avery says he may kiss the bride. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Sasha tells Nina, she doesn’t have to stay. Go back to Windymere, and take Charlotte out. Lumiere should probably be exercised. Nina says Lumiere is fine. Unless she’s hovering. She admits she can be a lot. Sasha says Nina has no idea how grateful she is for her. Nina says she feels the same about Sasha.

Jax asks if Hayden would like Nina more if she had less money. She says Nina would be more likely to stay at Crimson. He asks if she has regrets, and she says she wouldn’t have embarked on this journey if she didn’t think it was worth it. He says they have to find the codicil in Mikkos’s will. If they can get their hands on that, the Cassadine fortune will be restored to its rightful heir.

At Sonny’s place, everyone hugs, and there’s a song part. The cake is cut. Sonny and Carly feed each other a piece, and feed a piece to Avery. Carly gets ready to toss the bouquet. Sonny tells Avery that she’s too young, but he’ll get her one when she’s old enough. Michael tells her not to give dad a heart attack. Kristina tells Carly, aim for Sam, and Carly says, don’t worry. She throws the bouquet, and all the girls move out of the way so Bobbie catches it. Sonny says, uh-oh, Scott.

On the phone, Chase says he’s on it. Willow says, duty calls? and he says, unfortunately. She says, it’s very fortunate. She has packing to do. He says he has to make space. Willow can’t wait to help with the cooking, and he asks if there’s something wrong with his. She says she’s looking forward to them learning together. He says he’s looking forward to learning all kinds of things. He’ll see her at home. She says she’ll see him at home.

Diane asks how Alexis feels about Julian moving, and Alexis says, fine. Diane says, just fine? Alexis says, Julian and Kim are working out; they didn’t. Diane reminds Alexis about her erotic dream, and says she can put the fun in dysfunctional. No boot camp, no book club – what’s next? Cats? The woman from the park stops by their table, and introduces herself as Kendra. She’s wondering if they’d be interested in a personal trainer. Diane says she told them good job. Why would they need one? Kendra says she has a  holistic approach. Healthy body, healthy mind. She has some testimonials… Diane says, no thanks, and Alexis says, sure. Alexis looks at her tablet, and says, impressive. Kendra gives Alexis her card. When she’s gone, Diane says she has to talk to Carly about keeping pushy salespeople out.

Bobbie needs to drive Mike home. Mike can’t wait to tell Yvonne about the wedding. Carly asks him to tell Yvonne that they missed her. But they’re happy he’s there on their special day. Mike says it’s special that he was there. They hug, and Bobbie and Mike leave. Sam and Jason kiss, and Sam says she’ll see him at home. Kristina says, it was perfect. Sam tells Sonny and Carly that she loves them so much. Carly says they love her too. Sam congratulates them, and leaves. Michael says, they’ve done it again. He’s glad he was part of it. Carly asks him to tell Sasha that they’re thinking about her. He says he will, and they hug. Sonny tells Carly, they did it, and they kiss.

Hayden asks if Jax has a plan. He says he does. He’s going to convince Obrecht to let him in the trophy room. She says, don’t tell her why. He doesn’t trust her, does he? He says, of course (🍷 ) not. He knows taxidermy is not her cup of tea, but she says, it’s not the animals. It’s the picture of Helena on the wall. Okay. Now they’re talking about the painting. Is the will behind it or something?

Epiphany asks if Finn still needs her; she has an A1C appointment. He tells her, go. She’s been a tremendous help. She doesn’t understand how it can be the Avian flu. If Sasha wasn’t in Asia, and didn’t have contact with birds, how did she get it? Finn says, there’s one other way; tainted food. She says, it’s not a food borne illness, but Finn says, someone purposely contaminated something Sasha ate. He can’t think of another alternative. He tells her to go, and good luck with her A1C.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s so tired. Nina says, sleep. The body does its best healing when sleeping. Sasha says, body, help her out. Nina’s phone dings. She sees Sasha is asleep, and slips out of the bed. She looks, and it’s a text from unknown. She says, oh my God, and sees a picture of Michael and Sasha with Cassandra.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s happy. She’s not sure when he suggested it, but now she’s glad they went through with it. He says, so he’s right. He’s always right. Carly says, and humble too. She thinks they should stop, take a breath, and appreciate where they are. She’s lucky. The doorbell rings. It’s Chase (why didn’t the house phone ring?), and Sonny asks what brings him by? Chase says he has a few questions about a missing person. He works in Sonny’s coffee warehouse. His name is Barry.

Tomorrow, Kim asks Julian to marry her, Obrecht slaps Franco telling him snap out of it, and Dev asks Sonny if he did something wrong.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Colin asks to speak with Captain Sandy. He says he heard abut June. She’s young and has a passion for yachting; he doesn’t. He doesn’t know if it would be better if she stayed on as a deckhand. The captain says he’s an amazing human being. To step aside to allow someone else to pursue their career, speaks volumes about his character. He’s an asset to her, and she needs him. If he left, it would be a disaster. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she needs a professional deck crew, and that’s not June. She tells Colin, June will make it. She’ll give June a reference. Please don’t leave. She needs him. He says he’ll stay, and she hugs him, telling him that he’s amazing.

Anastasia is happy she gets to finish the season with the Aesha and Hannah. Hannah suggests she keep her earpiece in. June asks Aesha if Colin is upset, and Aesha tells her about Colin going to the captain. June says, he’s such a good guy. In her interview, June says, he’s so sweet and selfless. She would never let him leave. Colin tells João that he’s staying. The captain said she needs him. João is relieved, but Colin feels terrible. In João’s interview, he says he’s trying to contain his happiness out of respect for June and Colin.

Hannah asks Travis if he’d mind rooming with Ben. In her interview, Hannah explains that yachting is one of the few professions where males and females room together.  We flash back to her talking to Jack and Aesha about rooming together. She tells us, either she’s speeding their relationship along or dooming it. June tells Colin that he’s sweet and selfless. He says, it made sense, and they hug. In June’s interview, she says she’ll miss Colin and Aesha, who’s a good person. Her biggest regret is not opening herself up. She was overwhelmed being the new girl and it took over her emotions. She hugs João. She tells us, it’s not end of her career. She’ll see many, many more boats.

Aesha tells Anastasia, this is why she avoids dating on boats. You go from dating to living together straight away. In her interview, she says she’s still holding out on Jack. Without an emotional connection, she might as well do it herself. The captain calls a crew meeting in the main salon. She tells them that June was let go, and a new chef is coming. They can still knock it out of the park. ⚾ Hannah says she has her dream team back. Everyone gets busy cleaning. Aesha and Travis switch rooms. In Travis’s interview, he says he built a friendship with Jack, and they laughed their asses off. Having that taken away, he’s a bit devastated.

Hannah looks out the window, and says, oh God. Ben walks to the boat. Captain Sandy says she’s heard amazing things about his cooking. Nothing like being flown right into it. In his interview, Ben says, hello lovelies. I am ba-a-ack. He’s introduced to everyone, and Hannah asks what he’s been up to. He says, a lot of catering. In Ben’s interview, he says he has a catering business out of Fort Lauderdale, but he’s been traveling, cooking all over the US. The captain says he can use Anastasia in the galley. Aesha asks when was the last time Hannah saw him. Hannah says, three years ago. We flash back to them clashing. In her interview, Hannah says he’s a great chef, and the guests love him, but she’s nervous about his extremes. He’ll have your back or stab you in it. We flash back to Ben talking to the captain (not Sandy) about problems with Hannah. Aesha asks if they didn’t get on, but Hannah says they did. We flash back to them flirting, and Aesha says, it’s going to be interesting.

Anastasia shows Ben which burner doesn’t work, and which one is temperamental. Travis says, hopefully the chef is cool, and Colin says, good thing about moving in with your girlfriend after only dating a month is, nothing goes wrong. Aesha tells Jack, so many changes this morning. In his interview, Jack says, at first, he sh*t himself. Good on her, making him wait, but he’s dying to have sex with her. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says, it’s all you, Ben.

The captain says, it looks like high maintenance guests. Laura, the primary, is a philanthropist and self-proclaimed wine snob. She’s coming with her best friend Samantha, and six of their closest friends. The want a welcome shot of tequila, and cocktails or wine in their hands 24/7. Hannah says, her kind of party. Captain Sandy says, they expect the best food ever; they’re used to top notch service. Ben says he’s only as good as his last service, or in this case, the first one. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s actually doubting himself. This is the toughest job in the world, and he had it easy on dry land. The provisions come in. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’ll give Ben as much help as she possibly can, but at the same time, if you give Ben an inch, he’ll take a mile. The crew changes into their whites.

Ben says, two hours isn’t enough time to assess anything. He’s cooking blind; going from experience and instinct. The crew goes out to greet the guests, and Ben says, here we go. The captain tells the guests, as soon as their luggage is unloaded, she’ll start their journey. Hannah gives them the tour. Ben looks over the preference sheets. Jack notes that there are two cars of luggage when there’s usually one. In Colin’s interview, he says, it means a lot to finish the season strong, and forget the craziness. Hannah asks how Ben is doing, and he says, it is what it is. He asks how the season is, and Hannah says, good. She asks if he’s seeing anyone, and he says he’s trying not to. In his interview, Ben says, Hannah is wonderfully blunt. He enjoys that quality. He has no time for mind games. Ultimately, he knows where he stands. He tells Hannah, it’s hitting him. He feels like he was smashed by a train.

In her interview, Captain Sandy says the deck crew has really stepped up. She trusts them, and knows they’ll do a good job. Anastasia tells Aesha that she feels rusty, and doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s so happy. The boat pulls out. One guest says she’s drunk already, and another says it’s good for them. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, being third stew is so easy. She gets the same tip as Ben, and a miniscule amount of stress. Ben does stretches in the galley, saying, he lost his sea legs. The guests visit the bridge, impressed by a chick in command. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s worked hard on her relationship with Captain Sandy and her relationships with the girls. She doesn’t want Ben screwing it all up. The guests ask about eye-candy João, and one of them stands at the bow looking at him, while the wind blows up her dress to reveal no underwear. I can’t unsee that. Anastasia helps Ben, and in her interview, she says everyone has forgotten she’s a third stew again. The galley is not fun, and she doesn’t want to do it again.

Hannah says Anastasia has literally been yanked from her every charter. She’ll give Ben a break for one charter, but she’s not allowing him to take away her ability to do a good job in the interior. The guests make rude comments about the deckhands, and flirt with Jack. In his interview, he says he’s not complaining. I can’t imagine making suggestive comments to a waitstaff or someone in a public service job. It’s appalling when the yacht guests feel they’ve spent so much money, they can treat the crew any way they like. Aesha sets the table. In his interview, João says Jack is finally working, Colin is staying, and Travis is doing his job. What more can he ask for right now? Jack sees jellyfish, and João says, they’re everywhere; it’s too many. In his interview, he says he’s never seen so many. If a guest gets stung, one of them will have to pee on them, and he doesn’t know how well that’s going to go. BTW, that’s an old wives tale, and I’m surprised he doesn’t know that. Hannah seats the guests.

The guests are enjoying the food. I missed Ben. In Ben’s interview, he says he has to kill it on the first meal. It sets the stage. Otherwise, the guests will be scrutinizing you throughout the whole charter. Hannah tells Ben they think the food is amazing, and would like a chat with him. He’s like, uh-oh, but she says, it’s good. Captain Sandy asks Anastasia what it’s like working with a trained chef, and Anastasia says, you learn a lot. Jack tells Aesha that he gets off at six. A guest wonders how Ben is going to top this meal. Ben visits the guests, who immediately ask if he’s single. When he says he is, one says, fresh meat. If they don’t like dinner, he’ll get a spanking. He says, a challenge. In his interview, he says, he just got on. He’s not ready to get off. In Travis’s interview, he says Ben seems like a nice chap, but he can’t laugh his tears off like he does with Jack. And he also sleeps naked.

João and Jack curse the jellyfish. Captain Sandy tells João to get the water toys ready, but he says he’s worried about the jellyfish. They compromise with the jet skis. Jack takes Laura for a ride, and Hannah makes espresso martinis. Anastasia puts Laura’s clothes into the washer instead of steaming them as requested. Natalie tells Travis that she’s Canadian, and the Canadians and Australians have a connection. He says his dad was born in Canada, so he’s a citizen. A golf game is set up in the water, and the guests hit balls off the deck. Lots of ball and hole jokes. In Colin’s interview, he says there’s nothing like a good cougar flirt to take his mind off of not being home. Jack and Aesha cuddle in their bunk. Anastasia asks how Ben is feeling, and he says, better. Aesha finds out that Anastasia mixed up the washing with the steaming, since she couldn’t remember what Aesha said. Aesha tells her, don’t wash it if she’s unsure. In Aesha’s interview, she says, the last thing you should do is wash it if you don’t remember.

Ben gives Anastasia the dinner menu. Colin thinks it feels like a bachelorette party, and Jack does a fabulous imitation of a bunch of girls getting ready for one. Laura looks for the dress she wanted steamed, and the captain says she’ll get it. Aesha explains what happened, and Laura says it’s only supposed to be dry cleaned. Aesha says Anastasia accidently washed it. In the captain’s interview, she says, Anastasia has no real concern. Hannah has to  make sure she gets back in the flow. Ben says he has big issues. The range basically works when it feels like it. In Ben’s interview, he says it’s a beautiful reminder of why he attempted to leave yachting. Unnecessary difficulties. He tells Anastasia that they need to be replaced, period. Send the bill to the owner. Done.

Ben tells Hannah try not rush the guests with dinner. The oven is slowing down. In Hannah’s interview, she says she forgot how different Ben’s energy is. He projects his own stress on the people around him. If he’s happy, they’re happy. if he’s pissed off, they’re pissed off. Samantha says they need food. Anastasia says two guests are still in their cabins. Samantha tells Hannah that they’re not waiting. Anastasia helps Ben with the plates. A guest announces that she’s pre-menopausal and horny. The captain promises to have dinner with them tomorrow. Hannah is glad Colin didn’t leave. He says it made more sense after he thought about it. Anastasia starts on the cabins. In her interview, she says she’s feeling very rusty, and trying to remember details. Travis clears the plates. Hannah tells Ben the guests are impressed. Ben wonders why some of the guests didn’t touch the first course, but Hannah doesn’t know. In his interview, Ben says, full plates coming back are heartbreaking. He’d rather the boat sink and the guests eat everything. He thinks the quail egg might have scared them, and Hannah agrees. Laura tells her friends it would be fun if they had their own ladies palace, and lived together because men are a-holes. Ben curses the stove, and in his interview, he says burners are important on yachts. It’s working one second, then it’s not. The only things that give him control over the service have stopped working. Hannah and Travis tells Ben about Mila being homophobic, and he asks if she knows Putin is gay.

Hannah announces the main course. Ben asks her if the guests are at least enjoying it. She says, it’s just that they’re drunk, and it’s hard to get anything out of them. The guests talk more about being horny. The captain drops by to ask how the dinner is, and tastes it. She says, it’s not hot. Um… that could be because they were too busy talking about their lady parts to eat it when it was put in front of them. Captain Sandy tells Ben, the food isn’t hot. He says, it’s ridiculous, but he has to move on. Travis tells the captain that their tender floated away. She goes on deck to find a guy returning it. In her interview, the captain says never before in her career, has she had a stranger return the tender. She asks Travis, who tied it up? He says he didn’t, but he should have put a stern line on it, so it’s his fault. They both say, unbelievable.

Next time tumbling without undies, a fight between the guests, Ben has never walked into situation this disastrous, Hannah oversleeps, Ben says Travis is either drunk or dead, and the boat drags anchor.

🚀 Because I Think It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Week…

And why not?














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