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September 29, 2019 – A Finale of Emo Proportions, Thoughts, a Goodbye, a Little More & a Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

When we last left, Morgan had called Ginny asking for help.

Duane runs through the woods, and falls. He thinks he hears Shari on the radio, but he can’t really decipher what she said. He throws the radio, which is probably a bad idea. He finds the convoy, and tries Al’s van, but it’s locked tight. He hears something, and drops down behind the van, getting his gun ready. He sees horses legs, and draws his gun. He comes out, but there are only empty saddles. The horses just stand there, and he nuzzles one.

The opening credits feature a horse in the field. I hope they keep the credits this way next season. It’s been a fun little detail.

Morgan says he wasn’t sure Ginny was in range. She says now that they have Texas tea on tap, they’re always in range. She told him the future wasn’t across that bridge, but there’s no use crying over spilt milk. She asks where they are, and he says, Humbug’s Gulch. She says that was the biggest settlement she came across; 263 people in one spot. She tried to help them, but their crackpot leader was blind to realty, and made the wrong call. She’s glad they’re making the smart one. He says there’s room for all of them there. They just need help clearing the place. Ginny says, that place is beyond repair. Time for them to move on to greener pastures. He asks if she’s going to take everybody, and she says they take what insures the most survivors. He wants her word that they’ll be kept together, but she says, no can do. She’s putting them where she thinks they’ll do best. Morgan says he has to do right by everybody, and Ginny says right is for people who want to feel good, and can’t make the hard calls. She has 800+ people, and they’re thriving. How many does he have? He says, forty-one… no, forty. She says, sorry about Tom. She wonders if Morgan is finally ready to protect the future. Should she come and get them, or not? Everyone waits. The fence holding the zombies in, starts to give  little. Morgan says, yeah, and Ginny says they’ll be there by the end of the day. They won’t be together anymore, but they will be alive.

Morgan says he’s sorry, and walks off alone. He finds Grace sitting with June, and asks how Grace is doing. She says she’s been better. June says she did everything she could, and Grace thanks her. June says Grace did too, and leaves. Grace offers Morgan some candy beansies. She says, the guy she told Morgan about, the one at the plant. She told him how she felt because she was afraid they weren’t going to make it. They actually… She thinks the reason it happened, is that they knew it was the end. That’s why she didn’t want to let him tell her what he wanted to. He says they will see each other again, but she says, no; they won’t. For once, she knows how much time she has left. Until Virginia gets there. She’s not going to take Grace. She only cares about the future. Morgan says he won’t let that happen. She takes his hand, and says he might not have a choice.

Al flips through the videos. John telling June that he doesn’t want to wait. When they get to the Gulch, he wants to get married. Alicia painting a tree, and saying she hopes she keeps getting a chance to do this. Grace, saying she wants to be around long enough to see the looks on everyone’s faces when they get there. Al closes the camera. John asks June if she’s all right. She says she doesn’t want to be the person she was before she met him. He says she doesn’t need him to be her. June says she knows. She didn’t want any of this to happen. John says now they have something to fight for.

We hear horses. I’ll bet it’s Dwight. Yep, here he comes with the team. John says, well, look at you. Dwight says they can make it work. Al asks where he found them, and he says, roaming around what’s left of the convoy. Do they know what this means? If the horses are alive, there’s water nearby. They can make it work. They don’t need her.

They brace the fence with everything from garbage cans to pieces of wood. Alicia tells Victor that she’s not afraid anymore, and takes her weapon from him. Morgan asks Alicia what she’s doing, and Alicia says she found what she needed, and she’s not losing it. They’re not separating. She thinks they can clear this place. Dwight says the have to do it right. Zombies are beginning to reach through openings in the fence. Alicia thinks it will hold, and they can clear it. June says they have to try. Victor says they’ll need more than water. They’ll need food and medical supplies. Daniel says, Virginia isn’t walking away without a fight, but Dwight says, if they don’t fight, they’ll lose more than that. He is what he is because of how they think. John says they’re outnumbered and out-armed. Hamilton plays in my head. He says, if she comes with half the people she did before, it could get real messy real quick. They start axing zombies in the head, and put more things against the fence. Daniel says they’ll take care of the dead, then deal with Virginia. Morgan looks at a Wyoming, Y’all! billboard behind Daniel, and smiles. He says, maybe both at the same time. He tells John to get the horses, and tells Alicia to get everyone, and take them as far away as she can.

On horseback, Dwight, Victor, June, Daniel and Morgan with Grace sitting in front of him, lead the zombies away. Morgan says it’s not their intention to kill anyone. Just take what they need, and make Virginia understand not to bother them.

Al examines a downed zombie, and motions to the others. The Gulch is a real ghost town now, and the soundtrack has whistling like an old cowboy movie or something by Tarantino. Wes says the place is rough around the edges. Alicia says, it was the same with the stadium when her mom found it. They’ll rebuild it into something more. He said he needed a new medium, right? He nods.

Morgan says, all right. They can manage. He needed this. John tells June that he thinks it will work, and she says maybe they did bring everyone to the right place. John thinks they did, and says, when they get back, he’s going to make an honest woman of her. Dwight says, there it is. There’s a field where they can lead the zombies until it’s time. About a mile or so, there’s a river. Victor says there’s an access road; she’ll come from there. Morgan asks Victor and Daniel to keep watch, and they ride out. June thanks Dwight, who says they all do the  best they can. June tells him that Virginia might be able to take him to Shari. Dwight says when he was out on his own, he thought he heard Shari on the walkie. It could have been the heat, but he’d like think it was her guiding him to do the right thing. They don’t want someone like Virginia hanging over their heads. June asks if they’re ready, and they lead the zombie herd to the field.

The group at the Gulch checks out the church. Jacob says, it’s very Old Testament; they probably play the oldies there. Alicia tells Al, if the others need help, they’ll step in. Al tells everyone, she knows where the horses came from. She shows them some keys, and says, Virginia is more full of sh*t than they thought. Either I missed something, or the connection there is very cryptic.

Daniel tells Victor patience; and he uses the term loosely. Victor says they could be giving Virginia the upper hand. Daniel says they might be going too far, He hasn’t decided. Does Victor thinks they should give up and join Virginia? Victor thinks they should consider the opportunity. They should dissect what it means. It might not be as bad as they imagine. Daniel says she’s not giving them a choice, and that’s all they need to decide.

Morgan and the others wrangle and corral the zombies, riding the horses around the herd. Dwight doesn’t think they can keep it up much longer. John Shoots one that comes to close, and another that comes too close to June. He says, cattle are usually worried about us eating them. Morgan steers the horse around Grace, and she says, next time, maybe they can do this without training wheels. He says they’re going to do this.

Daniel and Victor see Ginny’s cars coming, and Victor whistles over the radio. Dwight says, it’s the signal. John rounds up some stragglers, and says, get them turned around. Dwight’s horse freaks a little.

Ginny sees the caravan trucks, and tells her guys, fuel them up. Luci gets out, and Daniel is like, damn. Victor looks, and says, oh my God. He whistles again, and June says, it’s the signal. Daniel tells them, call off the herd. Luciana is with them. John tells the others to turn around. Daniel asks what Victor is doing, and Victor says he’s heading back to tell them to arm up. He rides off, and my heart is in my throat. Dwight axes the zombies getting close to his horse. He’s surrounded and I can’t watch. Through my fingers, I see him jump off and out. I think, poor horse, and bastards! simultaneously. Dwight lies there for a moment, and takes off limping. The zombies follow.

Crap. Where’s everyone else? Dwight comes to some rapids, and says, sh*t. Zombies are coming, and John says they’ve got to get there first, or Dwight is done for. They tease the zombies, and shoot a few. Dwight looks for an opening. He tells the others to go back; he can handle himself. They’re like, no way, and ax more zombies in the head. Dwight says he knows what it’s like to live with someone who doesn’t believe the same things. He can’t let that happen to them. He runs, and Morgan asks if Grace wants to try it without training wheels. She take the reins, and he jumps down. He bangs his pokey stick on the ground to attract attention, then stabs, stomps, and pushes, flying through the herd. Dwight falls, and Morgan says he’s not leaving Dwight behind. He and Dwight take care of some stragglers. John leads the zombies into the water, past Morgan and Dwight, who are hiding in the bushes. I laugh as the zombies tumble down the rapids. Wheee! John, June, and Grace are on the other side, and the zombies are gone. Dwight says they can’t fight Virginia without the walkers. Morgan says if they don’t fight, she wins.

Al says, they didn’t die because they refused help; they died because they fought back. She killed them. That’s where the horses came from. If they fight her, they’ll die too. Wen says, maybe not if Victor is a smooth talker. Alicia says they have to hold on to what they have. Morgan radios, saying they’re outnumbered and out-gunned. Any chance they had, just went down the river. Al asks if they should give up, and Morgan says, make sure everyone survives. They did what they came to do. They helped lots of people. The only way it will mean something is if they stay alive. Dwight asks if they should just turn themselves in. Morgan says Virginia can take them wherever she wants. She can separate them, but she can’t make them forget what they did or who they are. Al says, it’s the end game, but Morgan says, not yet. There’s still time left. Alicia asks, for what? and he says, for them to live the way they said they were going to.

Wes and Alicia paint the church for June and John’s wedding. June thinks the dress is perfect, and John says he thought so too, when he found it in the costume shop. Dwight gives his and Shari’s wedding rings to John, telling him that he’s standing because of them. He doesn’t know what’s in store for his life, but he’s going to live it on his terms, and when he finds Shari, they’ll want a fresh start. They won’t need these. Jacob officiates. He asks if John takes June, and John says he loved her since the first day she washed up on his shore. June takes John, but when she puts the ring on his finger, it doesn’t fit. Charlie gives him something to string it on, and June tells him, don’t lose it, as she puts it over his head. June and John join hands. Jacob says they live in a broken world, but with each union, a piece is set right With pleasure, he pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss, and John breaks the glass per Jewish tradition. Jacob says, mazel tov!  Daniel and Grace sing, It’s All Right, while Charlie accompanies them on the guitar. Al films. Everyone marvels as the sun suddenly streams between the boards of the ceiling and walls. They hear the cars approach. Morgan says, this is it. The kids are gathered. John and June kiss.

They get ready. Morgan comes out, and Ginny says they tidied the place up. She’s heard some good chatter on the walkie, and Victor told her about the stunt they were trying to pull. She hopes they’re not thinking about one last hurrah. Morgan says, no. They asked for help; they’re going to take it.. Ginny says, good, and Morgan says, but she has to take all of them. That means Grace, the elderly, the sick, and injured. She has to give heath care to all of them, or none of them. She says he’s in no position to make demands. You don’t get sauce on the side at the soup kitchen. (Who does she think she is? Dr. Phil?) Morgan says she won. Let them win too. They’re all alive. Since she’s all about value, that should be priceless to her. Ginny says, anything else? He says the only way it will work is if they have a guarantee not to lose a single one. Otherwise, then they’ll both lose. They stare at each other.

Ginny looks perturbed, and finally says, goddammit. Fine. It’s worth saving a few bullets over. She says they have a long drive ahead. Adios yesterday; hello tomorrow. Morgan goes inside. Ginny smiles.

Luci says, it’s going to be okay. She gets in a truck, and it drives off. Al tells Ginny that her van can be a bitch. It breaks down more than you’d think, but she keeps it running. She asks why Ginny is doing this, and Ginny says, maybe it’s right. This can’t last. She takes Al’s camera, and says, that’s not a lie. Al will see she’s speaking the truth, and Ginny is going to make Al tell her what she knows about the about the helicopter. Sarah tells Wen that she’s never leaving anyone in the rear view again. She’s pushed into one of the cars. Victor tells Alicia that he needs to curry favor with Ginny. They’ll be fine. They can do more damage from the inside. A guy takes Alicia’s weapon, and Ginny says Alicia won’t need it. Daniel tells Ginny to remember who he is.

Charlie runs to Daniel, who tells her everything will be fine. He’ll find her. Charlie babbles a little, and he says she has to go. A guy puts Skidmark in the bed of a truck. Daniel says they travel together, and the guy says, not anymore. I call him all kinds of names, mostly using the f-word, and some I just made up.

Al gives June the tape of the wedding, saying they gave it to her, but June and John should have it. John tells June, they’ll find their way back to each other. She says she knows. They’re pulled away from each other, and June gives John the tape. John says he’s not sorry for a single moment, and tells June that he loves her as he’s pushed into a truck. June tries not to cry, and gets in another car. Morgan tells Grace that they’ll take care in way he can’t. Grace says, somehow, it doesn’t feel like the beginning of the end. Morgan doesn’t know what will happen to them, but when they were in the mall on the carousel, he felt something. It scared the hell out of him. He only felt that way one other time, with Jenny. Maybe this is different, maybe it’s the same with her, but it feels like it’s a possibility. Whatever happens, or wherever they end up, he needs her to know that. She says, okay. Ginny brings a man over, and says, he’s Doc Holt. He’s in family medicine, but did a rotation in oncology. She asks if this is what Morgan had in mind, and Morgan says he appreciates it. The doctor takes Grace’s arm, and she tells Morgan, she felt it too. She needs him know that. the doctor leads her to the car.

Morgan watches as the cars go. He walks over to Ginny. She says, ready? He asks where she’s taking him, and she says he gets to stay there. She has to protect the future by not repeating the past. She takes out a gun, and he says she doesn’t have to do this.. She says she does. Morgan whips his stick up, and knocks her in the head. He gets her good, but he’s shot near his shoulder. She struggles, but finally sits up. Morgan is having more difficulty, and tries to reach for his stick, but Ginny gets to it, and tosses it across the street. She stumbles over to a body, and takes a gun from it. Morgan crawls backward to a porch, and pulls himself up the steps. Ginny stands over him and cocks the gun. She says she resents his face so much, and shoots, but it’s a prop gun.

Ginny radios Doc Holt, and asks how sick Grace is. Morgan says, please, don’t hurt her, like begging would make a difference to this bitch. The doctor says, Grace isn’t sick; she’s pregnant. Ginny laughs, and asks how far along she is. The doctor says, it’s hard to tell; three or four months. She’s malnourished. She says she’ll meet him at the lodge. She tells Morgan, what they were doing had no future. She hopes he dies, but that’s not the point anymore. She hopes he heard her. She gets in her jeep, and drives away Morgan pulls himself inside the church.

On the radio, Morgan says if someone is listening, what they were doing wasn’t about just doing right. It was about the future. They fought for the future; they fought hard core. It was for her; for all of them. So if Grace is listening to him, live. A small crowd of zombies heads for the church. Morgan says, all of you, if you can hear me, just live. The zombies get closer.

💬 One question. Wouldn’t zombies get weaker as time went on, and they kept losing their parts and such? Just a thought. Even though I didn’t catch the whole show, it was great to see Talking Dead back again. I don’t know if it means anything, but Lennie James (Morgan) was not a guest. So does that mean he’s not dead? I went through so many emotions with this finale. There was horror, sadness, and even humor. Ultimately, I was left angry, but also looking forward to the next installment.

😞 It was also the season finale of Preacher tonight, and the end of the series. What a shame. I haven’t been able to keep up with it as much as I would have liked, but it was a fun show. IMO, it was also the show that most looked like a graphic novel.. Adios, Padre.

👹 Changes Are A-Comin’…

FTWD’s showrunners tease us.

💀 Okay, So It’s a Little Early…

But relevant to tonight’s TV, and you knew it was coming, right?


September 27, 2019 – Elizabeth Takes a Stand, Bit Parts, a Villain With Style, DeciQuotes & What We Live For


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Why break this week’s streak? I missed the beginning. 🏆

Lulu meets Laura outside Charlie’s. Lulu senses an ulterior motive for the breakfast invite. Laura says she senses right. Dustin comes out of Charlie’s.

Elizabeth asks nurse Sheri how Franco is. Sheri says he seems fine. He’s polite, and even made a point of thanking her for breakfast. Elizabeth goes in to see him. He says, today’s the big day. Next stop Shadybrook. She says, it doesn’t have to be like this. He can help her fix it.

In the interrogation room, Jason tells Jordan, when he got on board the Haunted Star, he saw Shiloh standing over Sam, who was bleeding, so he made a move. Jordan asks, what kind of move? and Diane says, a dance move. What does she think? It was obvious Shiloh was a threat, and going to hurt Sam. Jason says he shot Shiloh, and went past him to Sam. Jordan asks if he checked for a pulse, but he says, no. Jordan says, he’s an expert shot; why didn’t he shoot to wound Shiloh? Diane asks if she’s taking a statement or cross examining her client. It doesn’t matter. He came to the defense of a helpless victim. There was no crime. It’s not even a misdemeanor. Jordan asks, what happened next? Jason says Sam was bleeding, he bandaged her wound and they went on deck. Sam is an expert pilot, so she headed for the bridge while he stayed on deck. That’s where Shiloh attacked him with a gaffing stick (I say, a gaffing stick disguised as a baseball bat), and they struggled. Jordan says it must have been quite a struggle. Shiloh had a lot of bruises. Diane says Jason was well within his rights to defend himself. Jordan asks, what next? and Jason says Shiloh managed to trip him. He was defenseless, with no weapon, and that’s when Sam shot Shiloh with a flare gun. She saved his life.

Sonny waits with Dev outside the room. Dev doesn’t get why he needs a lawyer. He didn’t do anything wrong. Just the opposite. Some people are calling him a hero. Sonny says, damn straight he’s a hero. There’s something still bothering Sonny though. After all they’ve been through, and Sonny and his family welcoming Dev into their home, he still planned on walking away.

Josslyn tells Carly, if anything, having Dev around helps. He’s not all wrapped up in that time. She doesn’t remember Oscar just by looking at him. It’s nice. Carly says she’s so sorry. Josslyn has reminders everywhere; there, school, volleyball. Josslyn says she looks up where Oscar used to sit, and doesn’t even realize she’s doing it until she sees the empty spot. It goes back and forth. Feeling the distance, like she’s watching a play, and feeling too much, where anything, even the strum of a guitar, will set her off. Carly takes Josslyn’s hand, and says, grief gets confusing, and it’s awful. It’s seemingly endless, but it will get better. It did with Morgan. Josslyn says, yes, but for some reason, this feels different. She doesn’t know if it’s because she’s older, or her time with Oscar was intense, but she keeps waiting to wake up, and feel the weight lifted. To finally be able to breathe. Carly says, it will happen, and Josslyn asks, when? Carly says, when she’s ready.

At Charlie’s, Julian tells Cameron, if he sees Dev, thank him, and tell him that his bill is comped from now on. Cameron says he’ll deliver the message. Trina says it sounds like Dev did Julian a solid, and Julian says Dev rescued his grandson. Family is everything.

Dustin sees Lulu and Laura outside Charlie’s, and asks, what’s going on? Lulu says they’re having a mother/daughter breakfast. She tells him, good call on the coffee. It has to be better than faculty room coffee. She asks if she told Laura that Dustin was a teacher, and Laura says she mentioned it. Cameron and Trina come out, and Dustin says that’s his cue. He can’t be late to class. Laura and Lulu are left alone, and Lulu asks, on a scale of one to ten, how awkward was that? Laura thinks they should chat. Lulu asks if they have to, and Laura says, yes.

Franco doesn’t know how he can help Elizabeth. Clearly, she’s in control. She says she can imagine how he resents her. He says he doesn’t. He did, but now he just feels sorry for her, and not in any condescending way. It’s clear how much she loved her husband. She says, more than she thought possible. Franco says, she wants him back, but that’s not going to happen. She says, Andre believes he can reverse the procedure. If it works, he’ll return to his family. Franco says, she’s fixated on one outcome, and not looking at the other possibilities. In three out of one, she loses her husband forever.

Lulu tells Laura that she doesn’t know how to feel about Dustin. It happened so fast. Laura says, maybe too fast. Lulu says, definitely, but does that automatically make it wrong? Laura says, not necessarily. Tell her more. Lulu says, he’s kind and funny, and good with the kids, especially Rocco. Rocco could use a man in his life. He’s been miserable since Dante left.

Olivia storms into Charlies, asking if Julian is kidding her. He says, sorry, and she says not as sorry as he’s going to be when she drags his ass to court. The money is in escrow. He says, it’s perfectly legal. He changed his mind, and the sale is off. There’s nothing she can do about it. She says, watch her.

Franco tells Elizabeth, one, Franco returns. Two, Drew’s memories remain, and he’s fine with that. Three, Drew’s memories intensify, and he’s fine with that too, but not enough to risk four, where he’s a vegetable. She can’t force him to go through with it. Elizabeth says legally she can. He’s not competent to make his own decisions, and as his wife and legal guardian, she can decide for him. He says there’s a one in four chance he’ll be a vegetable. She can drag it out as long as she likes, but she’s already lost.

Josslyn tells Carly, she feels alone. Now because of them; they’re there when she needs them. She doesn’t know what to say or how to talk about how she feels. Carly says, grief is tricky. You start pretending you’re feeling better because you think that will make it easier. Please don’t do that. Josslyn says she’s trying not to. She’s sorry. She wishes she was handling it better. Carly says she’s handling it fine. She gets up and goes to school, and finds a way to navigate. She couldn’t be more proud of Josslyn. And little by little, life will make sense. She promises. Josslyn says she’ll never stop missing Oscar, and Carly says, no; never. But it will get more manageable. Eventually, when she comes across Oscar’s picture or hears his name, it will bring a smile to her face instead of making her feel like she does now. She says she loves Josslyn, and Josslyn says she loves Carly too. Carly says, Milo is waiting, and she doesn’t want to be late. Josslyn says, time to navigate, and Carly tells her, she’s got this.

Dev says he didn’t mean to seem ungrateful, but he knows he’s making trouble for Sonny’s family. He thinks it’s better for him to go. Sonny says it’s not better for anyone if Dev goes. They all want him to stay. He wants to get something straight. He trusted Dev, and wants the same trust in return. If something comes up, come to him. They’ll fix it together. Dev throws his arms around Sonny, and hugs him.

Sam tells Jordan that she saw Shiloh standing over Jason, and had no time to react. She shot Shiloh in the back. He stumbled, and fell overboard. Josslyn says, there was no struggle? No chance he was pushed? Sam says, no chance. Diane says her client has given a full accounting of her actions, and it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. Dragging it out will just be wasting time. Jordan agrees, and says she needs a quick break, then she’ll move on to Dev’s statement. She leaves, and Diane tells Jason and Sam that they both did well. A touch too much detail, but she doesn’t see a problem. Her phone rings. It’s Kim, and Diane says she got the message. She did some research, and the bad news is, Elizabeth can’t be prevented from committing Franco to Shadybrook, but the good news is, they can’t keep him indefinitely, and she can’t force him to undergo the memory transfer procedure. She’d like to help, but she’s too busy. She’s afraid her plate is full right now.

Julian says the last thing he wants is a conflict with Olivia, but the sale fell through. So unless she’s going to order… She asks if he’s kicking her out, and he says, there’s not a lot to discuss. Olivia says, this isn’t over, and heads for the door. Laura asks Lulu if she thinks Rocco needing Dustin is maybe part of the attraction. Lulu says, of course (🍷) she wants her son to be happy, but she was drawn to Dustin the first time they met. Now it’s more intense since she slept with him. Olivia flies over to their table, and says, she what?

In the park, Dustin says he moved the class outside because it’s appropriate for the book they’re studying, which is… Cameron says, Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Dustin says he just wanted to make sure they’re on the same page. He wants them to consider, not just what Thoreau did, but why. What inspired him to remove himself from society and go to Walden’s Pond to commune with nature? Trina says he was sick of the rules that governed society, and how the main goal is chasing money. Cameron says it makes you wonder if money and status is it, or we’re meant for something bigger. Dustin reads from the book. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Josslyn gets up and jets.

Dev tells Jordan, when he woke, Sam was there. She managed to get Shiloh to let him and Wiley go. He took Wiley and ran to the docks, where he saw Jason. Jason asked where Sam was, and Dev told him. Jason instructed him to get Wiley to the hospital. Diane asks if that’s when Peter showed up, and Dev says, yes. He asked Peter to drive them, and he did. Jordan says what Dev did took courage. She just has one more question. What was he doing on the Haunted Star in the first place?

Sam asks Sheri if there’s any way she can find out when Franco is being transferred. Sheri, who is obviously not liking Sam, says she can’t give out that information. Sheri remembers standing outside the door and listening when Jason told Sam, it’s never easy to pull the trigger, and Sam replying she didn’t do it just for him. When she saw Shiloh, she kept thinking of all the horrible things he did to her sister, Wiley, Willow, and her, and had to make sure he never hurt anyone ever again. I find out later on – link below – that Sheri is an admirer of Shiloh’s. The weird thing is, she acted fine when she bandaged Sam’s wound, but now she’s obvious?

Elizabeth tells Franco, she doesn’t want to force him. She hates it, but she has to. She knows with everything in her, that Franco would want to fight for him, for them, for their family, and future together. So that’s what she’s going to do. She leaves, and Sam approaches her. Sam says she heard Franco was being transferred to Shadybrook today. Elizabeth says, it’s for his own good, but Sam says if she was Elizabeth, she wouldn’t do it.

Jason visits Carly, who asks how it went at the station. He says, as well as it could. He and Sam gave their statements. He doesn’t think there are going to be any issues. Carly says they did the world a favor, getting rid of Shiloh. He says, Sonny is still there with Dev. Jordan is talking to him. She asks if Jason is worried, and he says, Dev is a loose cannon with a fake ID. Suddenly, Carly feels something, and Jason asks if she’s okay. She says she’s just worried about Josslyn. She’s felt off all morning, but at this stage of the pregnancy, she’s uncomfortable all the time. She says, weird, then doubles over.

Olivia tells Laura and Lulu that she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Laura says, yet somehow she did. Olivia says she heard Rocco’s name, and it got her attention . She saw Rocco having fun with Dustin at his birthday party, but he said Dustin was Lulu’s friend. She had no idea they were intimate. Lulu says she can’t deny what Olivia heard, but she’s not going to apologize. She’s a grown woman, and unmarried. Her divorce is final. Olivia asks if that’s what this is about – payback? Sleeping with someone else before the ink is dry. Laura says, that’s enough.

Dustin finds Josslyn at the Oscar’s Meadow plaque. He gets that she wants to be alone, and as much he’d like to respect that, he can’t. He’s responsible for her whereabouts, since he brought her to the park. She says she’s sorry she ran off, and Dustin says she needed a minute. He assumes this is the Oscar she wrote about? She says the person she loved most in the world, and now he’s gone. She doesn’t know what to do with that.

Jordan says, it was late, and the Haunted Star was closed for repairs. Dev said he was surprised when Shiloh showed up, so he wasn’t following Shiloh. Dev says, no, and she asks what he was doing on the boat. Diane says Sonny was concerned that Lulu was having trouble with the renovation, and sent Dev in to check it out. Jordan says, he sent a sixteen-year-old to evaluate construction? Sonny says he totally trusts Dev.

Elizabeth says she’s not doing this with Sam. It’s none of her business. She knows how Sam feels, and that she doesn’t like Franco. Sam says she’s been where Elizabeth is. When Jason had the malignant brain tumor, the surgeon told him that the operation could leave him incapacitated. He chose not to have it done, and she accepted his choice. They spent what she thought would be his last days together, and he changed his mind. He made the decision to have the surgery. Elizabeth says, Franco has already refused, but Sam says she’s missing the point. If something happens to Franco, Elizabeth will never forgive herself. Franco wouldn’t want that. Elizabeth tells Sam, don’t tell her what Franco would want. Sam isn’t helping her, so go. Please just go. Sam says, for what it’s worth (which should be my new drinking game phrase), she’s sorry Elizabeth is going through this. She gets in the elevator. I think Sam might be missing the point that there’s a big difference between Franco and Jason’s situations. Jason could have died, but he still would have been Jason.

Jason looks at his watch, and tells Carly, it’s every ten minutes, and she says she’s in labor. She can’t be. The C-section isn’t scheduled for another two weeks. He says, the baby has other ideas, but she says, it’s too soon. He wants to make sure she and the baby have everything need, and tells her, let’s go.

Laura tells Olivia, Lulu and Dante are divorced. Olivia says she’s aware of that, and Laura says. Then she knows it’s okay for Lulu to move on. She doesn’t owe Olivia any explanations. Lulu says she wants to make one thing clear. She’s not getting back at Dante. She would have stood by for as long as it took, but Dante didn’t want to. Laura says Dante wanted the marriage to end, and as painful as it is, Olivia ask to respect it. Olivia says, it was Dante’s choice, but not because he didn’t love Lulu or the children. He’ll get better; he’s coming back. Lulu says she held on to that hope for a long time, but she can’t live the rest of her life like that. Laura says, apparently Dante can’t either. Olivia says she’ll speak for him in his absence. Lulu barely knows a man she’s bringing into her and Rocco’s lives. Does she think that’s a good idea? Lulu says other than Rocco’s birthday party, and playing baseball with him, Dustin hasn’t been brought into Rocco’s life. Laura says, Lulu always puts her kids first. Olivia knows she’s a good mother. Until or unless Rocco is reacting negatively, she’ll respect Lulu decision. When she’s gone, Lulu says, that was fun. Laura says, not the way she wants to start the day. Lulu thanks Laura for having her back, and Laura says, always. Lulu says Olivia was getting ahead. She and Dustin are nowhere near serious. Laura says, good.

Josslyn tells Dustin, Oscar should be there. It’s so wrong that he isn’t. He would have loved Dustin’s class, especially Walden. He loved hiking, and everything about nature. He lived deliberately, and like Thoreau wrote, he didn’t get to live long enough. Dustin says, he sounds like a wonderful young man, and Josslyn says, the best. He deserved more time. They deserved more time. She tells Dustin, when she says things like that, she wants to scream. Dustin asks, how so? Josslyn sits on a bench, and says she feels sorry she’s alive and he’s not. Dustin asks if she’s discussed that feeling with anyone, and she says, a little, but nobody understands. They think they do, but they don’t. He says maybe she needs to talk to someone who does – her. He sits with her, and asks if she’s thought of keeping a journal. It’s a great way to work through her emotions. She doesn’t have to be careful, or watch what she says, or care what people think. It’s unfiltered. Josslyn says, like a diary. He says if she puts words on paper, without judgement or editing, it will start to clarify her feelings. It will help her know herself better. She says she’ll think about it.

In a hospital bed, Carly tells Jason, there’s no way to stop the labor. Sam comes in, and Carly asks if anyone has been able to reach Sonny, but Jason says he’s still with Dev. Sam says she’ll track him down. Jason says she’s got him, and tells her that she needs to breathe. Carly says he must feel like he’s spent his whole life telling her to breathe. Jason says, sometimes. She says she’s so scared. So many things can go wrong. He says, nothing will. Because this baby has her for a mom.

Dev tells Sonny that he might as well skip the rest of the school day, but Sonny says, get to school. Dev laughs, and thanks Sonny for what he said. Sonny says, he meant every word. Diane comes out, and Sonny thanks her. She says she’s looked into the adoption question. He asks how it’s going, and she says this is one time he might not get what he wants. Adopting Dev would be very complicated, and shine the light on areas he doesn’t want. Sonny’s phone dings, and he says, Carly is having a baby. Diane asks what he’s doing there. Go. Good luck. He jets, and she says, never a dull moment. Sheri comes in, and asks to see Jordan. She needs to speak with her. It’s important.

Franco is taken out of his room. Franco tells Elizabeth, for what it’s worth (what did I say?), he’s sorry he can’t give her what he wants. He’s brought into the elevator, and the doors close. Elizabeth says, then she’ll have to force him.

Lulu asks Laura if she agrees with Olivia deep down. Is she being irresponsible, or using Dustin to get back at Dante? Laura thinks Dustin is a nice guy, but she just wants to be clear, where is Lulu? Lulu says, grieving the end of her marriage. Laura says, it’s a big deal. She believes in Lulu, and she’s glad Lulu met Dustin, but thinks she should go very slowly; protect her heart. It happens to be very important to Laura.

Dustin tells the class to read to page 67 for tomorrow. They have five minutes to get back, or his job’s on the line. They all start walking. Cameron tells Josslyn that he and Trina wanted to find her, but Dustin wouldn’t let them. Josslyn says Dustin is really cool. They talked, and she felt like really heard her.

Sam talks to Michael on the phone, telling him that the baby is early. His mom is fine, and his father is on the way. She gets another call, and says she’ll talk to him later. It’s Jordan, who says they need to talk. Sam says she’s in the middle of something, but Jordan says she needs to see Sam right now. Sam says she answered all of Jordan’s questions, but Jordan says she has one more.

Carly says Jason has been there for the birth of every one of her kids. She was hoping Sonny would be there for this one. Sonny walks in, and says he heard she got started without him. Jason says, just in time, and Sonny takes his place at Carly’s bedside. Sonny kisses the top of Carly’s head, and holds her.

On Monday, Willow tells Harmony that Shiloh’s dead, Kristina asks someone if they’ve met before, Nelle is glad to finally meet someone, and Carly tells Sonny it’s time to meet their baby.

💉 About Nurse Sheri…

It’s not true. There are small parts.

💣 Willkommen…

Love her, hate her, or love to hate her, Obrecht has made her home in Port Charles.

🎺 Quotes of the Week

After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were, After the second you see them as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world. – Oscar Wilde

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. –  Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

We live in the day of social media. Before that, I guess you just screamed out the window.Porsha Williams, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

All ideas in a truly free society should always be open for discussion. – Bryant McGill

Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.Oscar Wilde

Only do what your heart tells you. – Princess Diana

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances. – Martha Washington

It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. – Charlotte Whitton

Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests. – Charles Lindbergh

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. – Rita Mae Brown

⛺ What Thoreau Said…

See you when we again fear the dead together. In the meantime, take what you need, leave what you don’t.



September 26, 2019 – A Body Goes To the Morgue, No Fever For Disco, Cove This, Karma Is a Lawsuit, a New Way To Survive & Almost October


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis goes to Neil’s office. He says it’s unexpected, and she says she kissed him. He says he knows; he was there. She says she liked it, and he asks if that’s a problem. She wants to know how he feels about it. He remarks that the tables have turned, and she says she has two tickets for a concert in the park, but he says he has plans.

Julian leaves a message for Lucy to call. Ava comes in, worried that she didn’t get a chance to give her brother the send-off he deserves. He says she’s just in time to say, I told you so. He’s not going anywhere; at least not with Kim. They’re done.

Hayden meets Curtis outside Kelly’s. She congratulates him, saying he wasn’t even trying, and put an international fugitive behind bars. If it wasn’t for him, Cassandra wouldn’t have been caught. He says, right place, right time. She says he was searching the Haunted Star. Did he have any luck finding the codicil to Mikkos’s will?

Nina and Valentin walk into Charlie’s. Nina can’t believe they’re getting married in a few days. Valentin says he’s counting the hours. She says she has non-stop butterflies in her stomach. The best part, besides marrying him, is that her daughter made a full recovery. She can’t shake the feeling that there’s a connection between Sasha’s illness and their wedding announcement. She believes Cassandra targeted them because of their happiness.

At the hospital, Michael tells Willow, thank God Wiley is okay. Willow says, he’s safe and sound with Brad and Lucas. She even got to hold him for a minute. Michael ask how she’s doing, and she says, grateful. She was just in the chapel giving thanks, and praying Wiley is too young to remember this. Michael says, soon, Shiloh will just be a bad dream. He holds her, and Sasha sees.

Peter tells Laura, it was just one of those lucky things. Right place, right time. She says he’s not a cop or a mobster, so what was he doing down at Pier 55 so late at night? Maxie runs in, and hugs Peter, saying she’s glad he’s okay. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says, Amy called. She told him how Peter saved Wiley’s life when that psycho Shiloh kidnapped him. Peter says he didn’t do it alone. Laura says he’s being modest. If he hadn’t been on the docks, it all could have gone very differently. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s the PCPD, excusing herself to take the call. Maxie says she’s glad Peter was there to save Wiley, but why was he on the docks by himself late at night?

Laura asks if Chase has an update, and he says, the Coast Guard is still looking for the Haunted Star. They believe the fugitive is onboard with the hostage – Sam McCall.

Jason leans on the railing of the boat. Shiloh comes up behind him with a baseball bat, since they’re always playing baseball on the Haunted Star. He misses Jason by a mile, and Jason grabs the bat. Shiloh won’t let go, and they struggle. Shiloh finally trips Jason, and Jason falls. Shiloh says he’s so sick of Jason. He’s waited a long time for this. He raises the bat, but Sam shoots him in the back, and he falls into the water. Sam and Jason look at each other.

Jason tries to take the gun, but Sam doesn’t want his fingerprints on it, so she sets it on the floor. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s good. She asks where Shiloh is, and Jason says he’s gone. She’s heard that before, but he says she shot him in the back with the signal gun (I was wondering why it was red). He’s gone. She says, thank God, and Jason holds her.

Peter tells Maxie, he was looking for an apartment. He’s tired of living in a hotel room, and decided to check out the loft conversions in the Riverside area. It’s supposed to be the next up and coming neighborhood. Maxie guesses that’s why he took all the cash out of the bank.

Willow tells Michael that she was frantic. At one point, she even tried to convince Chase that she should go with Shiloh. Never mind they had no way to contact him, since he’s a fugitive. Michael knows how it feels to be desperate to help. She says for all the good she did, and he says she did him a lot of good. She pointed out the importance of forgiveness. Sasha joins them, and Willow says she should go. Sasha tells her that she’s glad Wiley is going to be okay. When Willow is gone, Michael admits he admits he talked to Willow when he was upset, but he didn’t give her any details about Sasha’s situation. She appreciates that, but she wouldn’t blame him. She has zero right to judge. He says neither does anyone else, including him. He’s made his share of mistakes. She says she hates being in limbo. She wants to get this over with and tell Nina the truth.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants their wedding day to be filled with happiness, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. When she put out the announcement, they were so happy. Maybe they were too open about their happiness, and Sasha paid the price. He says, they’re not to blame; Cassandra is. The authorities are dealing with Cassandra, and nothing, or no one, is getting in the way of them becoming husband and wife.

Ava asks Julian, what happened? He said things were going great between him and Kim. She says, let her guess. His past got in the way of his happily ever after. He says, not his past; Kim’s. He bets Ava wasn’t expecting that.

Alexis says she knew she made a mistake. Who goes out with their therapist, and takes them to drag bingo on a date? Who does that? She’s a boundary crossing, relationship challenged, disaster. She has the emotional IQ of a shovel. He asks how things are going with her new therapist. She says, not well. He says it takes time, but she says she’s only recapped up to age fifteen. She’ll be a hundred and ten by the time she gets to now. He wants to say something controversial in regard to their current situation. Let’s not over analyze. She says, one date, and two hours in an elevator, and she’s broken him. He doesn’t even know who he is now. He says he’s surprisingly open-minded and unexpectedly spontaneous. She says he should put that in his dating profile. He says maybe he shouldn’t have one.

Ava asks if Julian wants to talk about it, and he says, not particularly. He’s sorry she rushed over. She says that’s okay, but now that he’s staying put, there is an appointment she doesn’t want to miss. He tells her to go, and she says she’s there if he wants to talk. She’s glad he’s staying. He’s one of the few people in town who has her back, for whatever it’s worth. He says, it’s worth a lot. Ava starts to leave, and runs into Nina, who says, excuse me. Ava says, no. She doesn’t think she will. Nina is one reason her life is such a mess right now.

Curtis tells Hayden if he’d found anything, he would have told her. She says she’s just getting impatient. They’re no closer to finding the codicil, and his billing hours are growing. He says lucky for her, she’s not footing the bill. She asks why he decided to search the Haunted Star. The Cassadines haven’t owned it in decades. He says Laura thought it was worth taking a shot, and she says, he brought Laura into this?

Laura finds Chase at the pier, and asks if there are any updates. He says, the Coast Guard has the Haunted Star on their radar. A  speed boat is missing, backing up Dev’s story that Jason is going after the ship. Laura says, he’s trying to save Sam. She doesn’t fault him for that, but hopes he can get it done without anyone getting killed.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh was wearing a bullet proof vest. He should have checked Shiloh’s pulse; he should have made sure. He’s sorry. She says, it’s better this way. The cops are always looking excuse to charge him. This way it’s obvious it was self-defense. He says she’s bleeding, but she says, it’s not a big deal. He wants to get her to the ER. He says he’ll pilot the ship. He thanks her for the save, and she says, anytime. They kiss.

Alexis says Neil is still on the dating site. He says he thought his profile would be deleted when he deleted the app from his phone. He gets on his laptop, and says, let’s make this definitive. He reads, are you sure you want to delete your profile? He hits yes.

Sasha tells Michael now that she’s decided to tell Nina that she’s not her daughter, it seems cruel to be part of the wedding, like she’s part of the family. Michael says, it’s for the greater good. It’s only until after Cassandra’s trial. Sasha says she knows. If she admits she lied to Nina, it will cast doubt on her testimony. He says they can’t risk it, but she says that doesn’t make it any easier. How is she supposed to make it through discussing wedding details with Nina and Valentin? He says he can go with her.

Ava tells Nina that Crimson isn’t the freshest voice, but Nina needs to have a conversation with her social media director. The comments are still coming in, and they’re vile; do something about it. Nina asks if they’ve crossed line to hate speech. Ava says the it’s because of the hatchet job of an article, but Nina says it’s what Ava agreed to, and she was well paid for it. Ava says she agreed in order to get her side of the story out there, so people would understand the hell she’s been through. Nina says, what was printed was the truth. If Ava is so upset about what people on the internet think about her, she suggests trying not to be a horrible person. She should look in the mirror instead of at the comments. Valentin asks if everything is okay. Nina says, it’s fine. Ava says, that’s something, Nina of all people judging her, after what Nina did to her. And now she’s getting ready to marry the man who murdered Nickolas. Nina says it was in self-defense, but Ava says she was there. She saw it, and it wasn’t self-defense. Valentin says she signed an affidavit saying it was. Spencer’s lawsuit was thrown out for lack of evidence. She should read what she signed, and remind herself when she sobers up. Ava tells Nina to get the trolls off her back.

Curtis tells Hayden that he and Laura worked a case a few months ago, and they work pretty damn good together. Laura is pretty motivated, since she doesn’t like Valentin. Hayden wonders if it’s too close home, and Laura might be a bit too biased. Curtis says he doesn’t need objectivity. He needs someone who knows Helena better than anyone.

Maxie says she found a bank slip in Peter’s room for $35K in cash; like a bank robbery amount. He says, it’s a seller’s market, and helps if he puts a down payment in cash. She says he had no reason to withdraw it before she asked him to find his own place. What’s really going on?

Jason and Sam arrive at the pier, and Laura asks, what happened? Chase asks, where’s Shiloh? and Jason says, he’s gone. Sam says she killed him, and Jason says, she had no choice. Shiloh was trying to kill him. Chase asks where the body is, and Jason says, overboard. Chase asks if Shiloh fell or was pushed. Jason says he can ask all the questions he wants with their lawyers present, but he has to get Sam to the hospital. She’s bleeding. Laura tells, go, and Chase says someone will contact them. Laura tells Chase that she has to draft a press release. Is Chase going to search the boat? He says, CSU will cover it, and will confirm or disprove Jason and Sam’s story.

Neil’s plans are with Alexis, and they decide to meet at the southeast corner of the park. Alexis opens the door, and Ava is there. Ava says she didn’t realize anyone would be here; she can wait. Alexis says she was just leaving. Ava says if Alexis wouldn’t mind, stop by Charlie’s if she has time. Julian is bent out of shape. He would never ask, so she’s asking for him. Alexis says she’s sorry Julian is having a hard time, but he’s not her concern anymore, and she leaves.

Julian asks Nina if he wants to know what that was about, but she doesn’t think he does. Sasha and Michael come in, and Valentin says Michael is a surprise. Michael says Sasha asked him to tag along. Sasha says she got hung up at the hospital, and Nina asks if everything is okay. Michael says, for the most part, yes. There’s a lot they’re learning, but Shiloh kidnapped Wiley. Julian says, Wiley was kidnapped? but Michael says, he’s okay, and he’s with Brad and Lucas at the hospital now. Julian picks up his phone.

Laura sees Curtis outside of Kelly’s, and tells him that she can’t work on the case for a few days. Hayden comes out with some food, and says, next time Curtis wants to bring in a third party, it might be nice to notify the person that hired him in the first place. She sees Laura, and says, hi. Laura says she won’t keep them, and Hayden says she knows Curtis told Laura about the codicil to Mikkos’s will. Laura says Mikkos left a codicil?

Peter tells Maxie that she’s right. He hasn’t been completely honest. He’s been searching for an apartment for weeks. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t say something, and Peter says he wanted to find a place big enough. Not just for them, but with room for James, and Georgie when she visits. He wanted it to be perfect, and he was waiting for the right time. She kisses him.

The nurse tells Sam that it doesn’t appear serious. She’ll clean it up, bandage it, and Sam will be good as new. She leaves, and Jason says, it could have been worse. Sam is glad Wiley is okay, and Jason asks if she is. She says, yeah. She has a clean bill of health. He says he’s not talking about her arm. She says Shiloh was coming after him. She did what had to be done.

Julian leaves a message for Lucas, saying he heard Wiley was mixed up in something with Shiloh. He asks Lucas to call him; he’s worried. Alexis comes in, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s not sure. His sister said he was in a bad way, and could use a friend. Julian says he has a lot going on; it’s personal. She ask if he wants to talk. He says, no, and she asks if he needs to talk.

Neil sits with Ava, and suggests they begin with what brought her there. She says she hasn’t had the best experience with therapy, and he says, yet she still feels the need to find help. Why not talk about her experience with her last therapist? She says, the story was everywhere. The pathetic woman who unknowingly slept with her daughter’s killer. He says he doesn’t make assumptions before he’s met a patient, and she asks if it was some kind of a test to see if she’s telling the truth. He says she seems angry. Is she angry with him? She asks him to forgive her. She had an encounter just before she came, with one of the few people in the world who can manage to get under her skin, Nina Reeves. He asks, why? and she says they have a complicated history. It goes back long before either one of them lived in Port Charles. They know each other’s darkest secrets. Ava resents the new life Nina is creating for herself. It’s the height of hypocrisy when she wags her finger at Ava, and calls her an awful person, considering what she’s done to Ava. And considering she shares a bed with the man who took Nikolas from her.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s going to make sure everything is perfect. Nina doesn’t want her do all that maid-of-honor stuff. She just wants Sasha to stand next to her. And one other little thing. She hears Maxie is planning a bachelorette party. Does Sasha have any  idea what’s in store? Sasha says she’ll have to wait and see, and Nina says Sasha knows how much she hates surprises. D’oh! Sasha has a big one too.

Hayden says, Curtis didn’t tell Laura? Laura says he didn’t even tell her who he was working for, and Curtis says he honors his clients’ privacy. Laura asks if this is the document that could bring Valentin down, and Hayden says, yes. It seems Helena found out Mikkos named Valentin as an heir. Helena wasn’t having it; she wanted her progeny to inherit it. Valentin was a bastard, so she convinced Mikkos to name his children and descendants as his exclusive heirs. That means Valentin is out. Laura says, they know who stands to benefit the most.

Jason tells Sam, it’s never easy to pull the trigger, even on someone like Shiloh. Sam says she didn’t just do it to save Jason. She saw Shiloh standing over him, and kept thinking about all the horrible things Shiloh did to her sister, Willow, Wiley, and her. She wanted to make sure he never, ever hurt anyone again. The nurse comes in with a fresh bandage.

Chase looks around the deck of the Haunted Star. He gets a call on the radio from the Coast Guard, telling him that he’d better get over there. They found something.

Alexis says, Kim slept with Franco? and Julian says, Franco, Drew, whatever the hell he’s calling himself. Alexis says, the important question is, who Kim thinks Franco is. He has to admit, these are extenuating circumstances. She’s sure they can patch things up. Julian says, maybe if it was an isolated incident, but it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone knowing you’re always going to be in the shadow of the love of their life.

Neil says, Nikolas? and Ava says, Cassadine. He’s Alexis’s nephew; it’s a small world. She has no idea why she brought him up. Neil says maybe they should explore that. She says it’s hardly the most important thing on her mind. She’s suffered so much in the last few years. She buried her own daughter. Does he have any idea what that’s like? He says, why did she mention Nikolas? and she says, she told him that she didn’t know. He tells her make something up; the first thing on her mind. She says, he was the first… Neil says, first what? and she says, the first of the losses, each one more painful than the last. First, there was Nikolas, then Morgan and Kiki. Nikolas was murdered, and it feels like it was the beginning of this endless pain. Neil asks how long they were together, and she says she could hardly say they were together. They only became close in the last few weeks of his life. He says, yet the time they spent together had a profound impact on her. She says, when she compares him to the relationships she’s had with men since – Griff, who only saw the good in her; the light, and Ryan, who only saw darkness – they saw what they wanted to see. The caricature of a woman they could shape in their own design. Neil says, not a real person, who has wants, needs, and desires. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas saw all of her, and still wanted her. He asks if that’s rare in her experience, for a man to know all of her. She says she knows she’s not the first woman to feel the world sees her as an angel or a demon. That’s why she wanted to share her story; to show the world there’s more to her. She doesn’t deny she’s done wicked things, but beyond the headlines, labeling her as a victim or a monster; she’s a real person. Her daughter is gone, and her life has been destroyed. She’s in pain all the time, and they just want to pile it on. He asks, who does the piling on?

Laura says, that would make Spencer the heir, and Curtis says, that’s the theory. No one has actually seen the codicil. Hayden says, it makes sense enough that they believe it exists. Spencer is a great kid. She’d like to see him recover what’s his. Laura says, Spencer doesn’t always know what’s best for him, because he is a kid, and she’s his guardian. The Cassadine estate never brought anything to anyone but misery. Maybe he’s better off without it. Hayden says, why let Valentin walk away with the estate? It’s not his. Laura says she sounds just like Spencer right now. Is he the one who told her about the codicil and put her up to this search?

Maxie sees Sam and Jason on their way to the elevator and runs over to them. She hugs Sam and asks if she’s okay. Willow joins them and says Chase told her what happened. She thanks them and Peter for saving Wiley. She says they’re all heroes. A body is wheeled past, and Jason says, it looks like they found Shiloh.

Julian tells Alexis, he should probably get back to work. He appreciates the talk, but doesn’t need it. Alexis says she wants him to be happy. He deserves it. He tells her, thanks.

Ava tells Neil, after the article was published, she made the mistake of reading the comments online. Now she can’t stop, it’s like… He says, a compulsion. She says, yeah. The things they’re writing about her, they’re vile. They hurt. At least the hurt is coming from the outside for a change. She’s been in so much pain for so long. The grief, the feelings of betrayal, rage, and hatred. She needs for them to stop. She feels like she’s losing her mind. Neil says, the first step in getting better is admitting there’s a problem, and then asking for help.

Hayden says her associate wishes to remain anonymous. Laura doesn’t like Spencer getting involved. She doesn’t want him getting his hopes up about something that might not exist. Curtis hears her, but given the family politics, it makes sense that Helena would squeeze Mikkos until she had the codicil. If it exists, the estate belongs to Spencer, not the man who killed his father. Laura agrees, but from now on, they deal with her. Spencer is completely off limits. Hayden says, sure. She doesn’t want Spencer to get hurt either. On that note, she has to go. She asks if Curtis wants a ride, and Curtis says he’ll touch base with Laura tomorrow. Laura says, you bet you will. When they leave, she makes a call, leaving a message for Spencer. She says she knows it’s late where he is, but when he wakes up, give her call. They need to talk.

Nina is sure whatever Maxie has in store will be wonderful, but she wants Sasha to promise not to overextend herself. Sasha says she’s not, and tells Nina not to worry. Nina says she expects Michael to keep an eye on Sasha. She suggests Michael go to Valentin’s bachelor party, and Valentin says he still doesn’t think it’s necessary. Nina says he was determined not have one, but Peter convinced him otherwise, and Michael is like part of the family. Valentin agrees, and Michael says he wouldn’t miss the chance to give Valentin the send-off he deserves.

Chase says Willow probably doesn’t want to be there. The body is going to go to the morgue. She asks if it’s Shiloh, and he says, the body was recovered from the water; it’s all he can say until it’s identified. Willow says, she can do it. He asks if she’s sure, and she nods. He says, ready? Sam takes Jason’s hand. Chase brings Willow over to the body. The bag is unzipped, and it’s Shiloh. I’m pretty surprised, having thought they would leave his exit open. She says, that’s him. David Henry Archer. Shiloh. Chase thanks her. He says, the official identification has been taken care of. The autopsy can begin. Shiloh’s body is zipped back up, and wheeled away. Maxie says she wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but she’s going to sleep better knowing Shiloh can’t hurt anyone anymore. Peter says he couldn’t agree more. Sam can’t believe it’s finally over.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Olivia there’s nothing she can do about it, and Olivia says, watch her; Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s already lost: Josslyn says the problem is her, not Dev; and Jason says Sam saved his life.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was more of a bit player this week, but still came in strong. The property he was showing – where they had the book launch that was shown in Gotham magazine – he was showing got more attention with him in a week, than it had in a year with other brokers. A Brazilian art collector showed keen interested, but his main concern was installing an elevator. He was in a wheelchair, and it was non-negotiable. Steve got an architect to draw up plans, had it greenlit by the board, and got the deal done. The seller did have to throw in a 400 square foot apartment they owned in the same building, but hey, that’s a closet to a billionaire.

Luis felt like he’d never left real estate. Since it was a buyer’s market, he decided to focus more on the buyer end. He told Steve about his new baby girl, Leela, and we saw a clip of mom Nikita giving birth. Leela was adorable, and I noted how gorgeous Nikita looked, in full makeup, immediately after giving birth. Luis couldn’t describe how he felt; humbled and grateful to be where he is, and to have Leela in his life. Steve had to keep quiet about his own pending fatherhood, since we know how superstitious his girlfriend is, and she doesn’t believe in announcing it until the 2nd trimester. Luis explained that he and Nikita weren’t together for now, but were co-parenting.

Fredrik wasn’t getting a bite on the disco pad, and only a few nibbles. A drag queen who looked, but couldn’t do loud, explaining a drag queen’s 9 to 5, is 9 pm to 5 am. With the construction in the area going on, it wasn’t going to work. And in the boy-did-I-have-it-backward department, Fredrik was also bummed by Derek saying that he wanted to move to L.A. From the previews, I’d gotten the impression it was the other way around. The recent snowstorm wasn’t helping any, and Derek complained that he hated New York in winter. He’d grown up in Africa, enjoying life outside, and wanted their kids to have the same thing. Fredrik had thought they’d move one day, but his idea was that it would be more in the future.

Tyler wasn’t having the best day either. Wanting to move on to higher priced listings, he managed to get a smaller unit in a building in the hope of getting a larger one when it sold. The coolest thing about this property was coving lighting. LED lights come out from the top molding near the ceiling. The whole place was done using it, and it looked beautiful. The developer had never heard of Triplemint, where Tyler works, but Tyler talked his way in by playing up how the have the best lead generation platforms, and algorithms like no one else. I’ll take his word for it. The developer did. Tyler told us it was undeniably challenging to be competing with someone who had over a billion dollars in sales, i.e. Ryan. Tyler had a 9 a.m. open house, where only one broker showed. That was a complete bust, since she was sure her client wanted more space for their kids, and it was only something like 4500 square feet. Tyler said he was the definition of an emotional eater.

Ryan told us that he thought it was adorbs how Fredrik was opening a chain of offices, just like Ryan had already done. The photographer friend he had in mind for Fredrik’s disco pad had definite interest. Ryan told driver Gary, when you dance, you put positive vibes out in the universe. In response, Gary applauded. It was the sound of two hands clapping. Ryan started his campaign for his new property near Hudson Yards. It didn’t dampen his enthusiasm when he found out they were giving several units each to various brokers, and Ryan got three when he thought he was getting the building. The area being in no man’s land, Ryan began by rebranding the whole neighborhood, SoHY – south of Hudson Yards.  He pasted decals with the announcement on sidewalks and in the middle of the literal street. He said the only people looking up or out are tourists, and I had to laugh. He’s right. He told us New Yorkers were looking down as they walked, at their phones. I look down too, but it’s to make sure I’m not stepping in sidewalk gum. He thought he probably needed a permit, but time was money. He’d rather ask for forgiveness than lose the deal while asking for permission. He made an offer on Fredrik’s listing, but neither side was budging.

Next time, and insane penthouse, Ryan dons a magician’s cape and top hat to promote SoHy, Fredrik goes to LA, and Amelia goes into labor.

💡 Just In Case You Were Wondering…

What light coving looks like.

LightCoving LightCoving2

🐶 Don’t Mess With the Dog Lady…

I don’t have to tell you what pride goeth before.

🌍 Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, Outmentor…

I haven’t watched this in a while – and really, how was anyone ever going to top Richard Hatch establishing the rules of the game? – but it’s interesting to see how they try to keep it fresh.,%202019_02_22_07

🍂 It Won’t Be Long Now…

And the countdown to Halloween begins. And the song begins about two minutes in.

September 25, 2019 – Aiden Visits Franco, a Busy Day For Dallas In Mexico & At the Copa


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Oops, I did it again. Missed the first minute or so. If you were here between two and three in the afternoon, you’d understand.

Laura comes into the hospital with Aiden. She ask him to sit while she speaks with Chase. Aiden asks if they’re solving crimes together, and Laura says they’re trying to solve a bunch of crimes. He tells her, go for it. Laura asks Chase what he has for her, and he says the Commissioner is coordinating with the FBI, and she’s alerted all the stations, especially between there and Beecher’s Corners. They have the airport, train stations, and bus depots covered. Laura asks, what about the docks? It’s the quickest way for Shiloh to get to Canada. She’s speaking from experience.

Epiphany goes to Franco’s room, and he asks if she’s a friend of Franco’s or his. When he says that… She says she knows what he means. And she knew Drew well enough to know what kind man he is. Franco says, and he’s not measuring up? She says there’s only one person she cares about in this whole mess – Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she wishes there was another way. He says committing Franco is hard core, but Elizabeth says, he’s had major brain trauma, and doesn’t know who he is. He thinks he’s Drew. It’s a symptom. Cameron asks how long Franco is going to be locked up, and she says he’s in the hospital for his own safety un the procedure can be done. The last thing he told Cameron before this happened, is that he’d be back. Cameron says, he wants Franco back as much as anyone, but the procedure could get rid of all of his memories and he could be a living vegetable. Elizabeth says, those are the risks.

Sonny tells Jax, aside from Josslyn, his family is none of Jax’s business. Jax says he saw the reunion at the MetroCourt between Dev and his grandmother. They looked like strangers, not family. Sonny says they don’t get along. That’s why he wanted Dev to live there. Jax asks why Sonny thinks he should consider that BS, and Sonny says, it will make Jax happy – Sonny’s first priority – and he has his answer. Everything is easy when you have nothing to hide. Jax says usually when Sonny has nothing to hide, the people he loves get hurt.

Carly thanks Josslyn for coming to the hospital with her. Josslyn says Carly is pregnant with a broken foot. She wasn’t going to let her fend for herself. She feels like she’s doing something, even if it’s waiting on her. Carly asks her to get them a snack, and Josslyn says she’ll get whatever Carly wants – that’s healthy. Carly says she doesn’t want healthy, but she’ll take water and fruit. If not she’s not there when Josslyn gets back, it means she finally got in to see Bobbie.

Lucas tells Bobbie, it’s time to bite the bullet. Carly is in the waiting room. She asks why he called his sister, and he says because she’s his sister, and Bobbie’s daughter. Bobbie says her daughter is eight months pregnant with a broken foot. It’s the last thing Carly needs, and she’ll just hover. He should have left well enough alone. Lucas says she probably heard it on the news, and Bobbie asks if he thinks it’s on the news. He says a carjacking and an abducted baby is probably trending by now. He also wants to know there’s someone with her. He needs be with Brad.

In the chapel, Brad prays. Willow comes in, and says she can come back, but he asks her to stay. She kneels next to him, and they join hands, praying together.

Dev tells Wiley, he usually tries to avoid cops, but Jason said to call 911, and Wiley takes priority. Peter tries to sneak by, but Dev notices him, and asks him to wait up. Peter asks if he’s okay, and Dev says he’s got to take the baby to the hospital. Can Peter give him a ride? It’s an emergency. Peter says he’ll take them.

Sam says all Shiloh’s talk about how losing his father’s money made him a better man was a con. He says she should know. He doesn’t blame her. His father was stupid for marrying her, and giving her access to his bank accounts, but who wouldn’t? He gets close, but she pushes him away. She says he has no Harmony, no drugs, no Carol to bail him out. He says she has no cover and no Jason to save her. There’s no one to help her or back her up. She says he’s just another con. He says, this is no con, and pushes her onto the sofa.

Sonny asks Jax, what’s with him? Josslyn told him that Dev was a good friend. Jax says he loves Josslyn, but for all her maturity, she’s still a teenager who just lost the boy she loves. She’s sad and confused, and grasping because she needs to focus on something. Sonny says she and Dev don’t get along most of the time, and they’re making progress. Jax doesn’t like it. Josslyn is emotionally exposed, and as long as Dev is around, he’s going to find out what’s really going on.

Laura sees Cameron, and says she was just looking for his mom. He says he was just with her; she’s probably in Franco’s room. Aiden says, Franco is in the hospital? Is he sick? Cameron says he’s just there for a check-up. Aiden asks Laura for some money for the snack machine. She gives him something, and tells him, stay where she can see him. Laura asks what Franco is doing there, and Cameron says his mom is having Franco committed. She says she had no idea. She didn’t know it was that bad. Cameron asks if Laura thinks Elizabeth is doing right the thing. Laura says being sick is nothing to be ashamed of. All psychiatric hospitals are not snake pits. He asks if she thinks Franco belongs there, and she says he doesn’t know who he is. Cameron says he wants Franco back, but not if he’s a vegetable. It will be like losing him all over again. This time for good.

Franco tells Epiphany, he doesn’t believe it will come as a surprise, but Elizabeth isn’t his favorite person. Epiphany says, why? Because she’s fighting like hell to get her husband back and fighting to keep her family together? He says, at what cost? His entire existence is at stake. This might be the end of him. Epiphany says she’s not blind to the soul. She believes they exist. He asks if she believes he has one, and she says he has a fine soul. It just doesn’t belong where it is. He says, if Elizabeth has her way, his days are numbered.

Carly can’t believe Jason didn’t call her, but Bobbie says, he’s been a little busy. Carly says he still could have called. He definitely should have called when she told him Shiloh had Wiley. Bobbie says he was helping her with a timeline for the police, so they could have a complete account. Jason probably didn’t call because he knew it would upset her, and there’s nothing she can do. Carly says she can sit with Bobbie. She promises Jason will find Wiley. He’ll do whatever it takes. Bobbie says she’s counting on it.

Willow finds Chase, and he asks how she is. She says she realized there is something she can do to help. Shiloh doesn’t just want Wiley; he wants her. She can let him believe he has her. Convince him that he won, that she’ll go with him, and they can be a family. That’s how they can lure him out in the open, and get Wiley back.

Lucas goes to the chapel, and Brad asks how his mom is. He says, awake and alert. Carly is with her. Brad says, that’s nice of her, and he says, that’s what family does in a time of crisis. They all pitch in. Lucas sighs, and says, it’s getting late. It’s past Wiley’s bedtime. Brad takes his hand, and puts his head on Lucas’s shoulder. He says he knows.

Shiloh says Sam can pretend she doesn’t want it to happen, but they both know the truth. She says his father was right about him. He was actually a nice guy, and they had some long talks. Shiloh is sure they did – when Sam wasn’t fleecing him. Sam says his father had his suspicions, but said he didn’t care if she was a gold-digging whore, as long as his worthless son never got his hands on his money. Shiloh says, he never said that. She says his father didn’t care if Shiloh spent his money when he was alive. It kept him out of his father’s house and out of his sight. Sorry. She touches his face, and says, his words, not hers.

Chase tells Willow, first of all, they don’t know where Shiloh is, and there’s no way in hell he’s using her as bait. He’s not taking the risk. She says she knows it will work, and the only thing that matters is making sure Wiley is safe.

Shiloh says it doesn’t matter what his father thought. He ended up like every other guy who crossed him. His father underestimated him, up until the day he cut his brake lines. He wonders, when the car was tumbling down the hill, if his father knew it was him who did it.

Laura sees Elizabeth, and says there’s an ongoing kidnapping situation she has to keep an eye on. Aiden is with Cameron. Brad and Lucas are beside themselves. Elizabeth asks if there’s any news, but Laura says, nothing. Bobbie is there. Jason found her by the side of the road, and Laura is going to talk to her later. Cameron seemed worried; he told her that Elizabeth had Franco committed. She’s sure it was a hard decision, but Elizabeth says, not with everything at stake. Does Laura think she went too far? Laura says, not at all. She’s getting Franco the help he needs. It’s just so clear that it’s torturing all of them. She hopes it’s resolved soon.

Franco tells Epiphany that he seriously underestimated Elizabeth’s resolve. She says because of Elizabeth, he climbed the highest mountain from the lowest valley. When he looks around, remember the straps aren’t what’s holding him to the bed. It’s the unbreakable strength of the woman who loves him. She calls him Franco, and slams the door. Aiden sees Franco is in the room.

Peter asks if Dev should find someone. Josslyn sees them, and says evidently, they found Wiley. How? Where? Dev says he saved Wiley from the crazy guy on the boat. Sam saved him; he just helped. Willow joins them, asking where he found Wiley. Is he okay? Dev says he seems good, but he’s no expert. Willow asks to take him, and Chase says, it’s okay; she’s his mother. Willow takes Wiley, and thanks God. She tells Wiley, it’s okay.

Aiden goes into Franco’s room. He says he got Franco’s favorite candy from the machine Franco showed him. Franco says he could use some candy right now. He guesses Aiden is one of Elizabeth’s boys. Which one? Aiden introduces himself, and Franco says, nice to meet him. Aiden says Franco really doesn’t remember him, and Franco says, no. Sorry, but he doesn’t remember Aiden at all. Aiden looks sad.

Elizabeth asks Cameron where Aiden is. She thought Laura left Aiden with him. Cameron says he thought Laura was leaving him with her. Elizabeth asks where was the last place Cameron saw him, and he says, the vending machine. He’ll check there, and then the cafeteria. Elizabeth looks into Franco’s room, and Aiden is saying, that’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Franco says he didn’t know that, and Aiden says, so many people don’t. He feeds Franco a piece of candy. He says Franco’s got to remember this one. The first time they made cookies, he opened the flour upside down, and got the flour all over himself. Franco put flour all over himself, so Aiden’s mom wouldn’t know which one of them made the mess. Franco asks if she figured it out, and Aiden says she laughed. He made Aiden’s mom laugh a lot. Elizabeth watches, and smiles.

Josslyn tells Carly and Bobbie, Wiley is back. Bobbie says, thank God. Is he all right? Josslyn says, he’s downstairs, and everyone is fussing over him. Carly asks if Jason found him, but Josslyn says, Dev did.

Chase asks how Peter got involved, and Dev says Peter gave him and Wiley a ride. Jason went after Sam, and told him to take the baby to the hospital. He showed up like he knew.

Brad and Lucas take Wiley from Willow. Lucas says, Wiley’s big adventure, and Brad says, welcome home. He tells Lucas, like it’s no big deal.

Sonny says, Dev is safe, Josslyn is safe, and Wiley showed up. Jax says he can call off his security forces, and Sonny says Jax can’t leave it alone, even though Josslyn isn’t in harm’s way. Jax says he can’t take Sonny’s word for it. If the roles were reversed, Sonny wouldn’t either.

Dev tells Chase that Shiloh is on the Haunted Star. Sam got Shiloh to let him and Wiley go. As soon as they got off, it pulled away. Chase says he’ll need Dev to come to the station and give his statement. Dev asks if he’s in trouble, but Chase says, on the contrary, and calls Jordan.

Sam asks Shiloh if that’s a threat. He has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and nowhere to run. He’s wasting his time. Shiloh grabs her and she pushes him back. She tries to hit him with a liquor bottle, but he grabs it out of her hand and smashes it on the ground. I didn’t know they’re making those bottles out of safety glass now. He throws Sam to the ground in the middle of the glass. He says not this time, and starts to unbuckle his pants. His body jerks, and he falls to the ground. Jason stands there with a gun.

Jason asks if Sam is okay, and she hugs him. She says she tried to get away, and Shiloh threw her to the ground. He tells her that she has a deep cut, but he doesn’t think anything is broken. She asks how he knew she was there, and he says he saw Dev. He told Dev to call 911, and get Wiley to safety. Sam says, Dev had her phone, and called. He told her that he was on the Haunted Star, so she came. Dev was unconscious, and Shiloh had Wiley. Jason says Dev told him what she did; how she talked Shiloh into letting them go. She says she never worked so hard, and Jason says, she did it. She saved Wiley. He suggests they get out.

Josslyn tells Sonny that Carly is at the hospital. She’s making sure Bobbie is okay, and told her to head home. Jax asks how Dev became the hero, and she says he should have seen Dev. He walked in with Wiley in his arms. Walked is the wrong word. It was like in the movies, when astronauts head to a rocket ship in slow motion. Jax says, iconic, and she says, that’s it. Or maybe she just thought it was like that. It was a miracle. Jax says, a combination of luck and timing make miracles, and Wiley had both. He wonders how Dev ended up there, and Sonny says Dev needs to rest. Jax asks what the final verdict is; where is Josslyn staying? She says she’s going to stay there, but she’ll walk him out. He says he’s looking forward to hearing more about Dev’s adventure. Sonny tells Jax, goodnight. When Jax is gone, Sonny tells Dev, he did good. He was brave, and fast on his feet. He kept his word, and Sonny is proud of him.

Elizabeth messes with her phone, and goes into Franco’s room. She tells Aiden she’s been looking everywhere for him. He says he wanted to see Franco. He ask if she’s mad, and she says she’s not mad, but she thinks they should let Franco rest now. She starts to walk Aiden out, and Cameron asks if everything is okay. Aiden says they were just talking about the good old days. He tells Franco, if that’s not his favorite candy anymore, let him know, and he’ll get something different for him. Franco thanks him for the visit. Aiden says they used to have a good time together. He’s sorry Franco doesn’t remember.

Laura sees Peter, and asks if she can have a word. He asks how he can be of assistance, and she says she understands he played an important part of what happened at the pier. Is that true?

Elizabeth tells Franco, sorry. She had no idea Aiden knew he was there. He says she didn’t bother to tell her children she was having him committed? She says she told Cameron, but the other two are too little to understand. She knows Franco hates her. He says he doesn’t hate her, he’s just not crazy about what she did, and he understands her sending in her rug rats to jog his memory. She says she would never use her sons to manipulate him. He says he believes her, and she thanks him for being kind. Aiden misses Franco. Franco says he can see that. She says she’s sorry it’s come to this, and he says, so is he. She says, at least now, maybe he better understands why it’s worth her fighting for. She leaves.

Josslyn tells Jax that she can’t believe she thought her mom was sending her to boarding school. Sorry. He says all she has to know is that she’s loved, wherever she chooses to live. She guesses she’s pretty lucky. He says he’s glad the misunderstanding was resolved, but to be honest, he’s not comfortable with her living there full time with Dev. She says, him rescuing Wiley was iconic; some might say heroic. Jax doesn’t know about that.

Dev tells Sonny, now that the excitement’s over… Sonny says, he’s hungry? Dev says, always, but Sonny’s been so good to him. He appreciates it. Sonny asks what the problem is, and Dev says it’s just that he doesn’t want to cause trouble. He doesn’t want to disrupt their lives more than he has already. Sonny says he wants Dev there, and Dev says he’s generous, but Dev thinks it’s better for him to move on. Sonny says he’s not going anywhere. Like it or not, Dev is stuck with them.

Carly gets a text from Lucas, and tells Bobbie, it says, fast asleep at home, with home in all caps. Kids are so precious, and they love them so much. Most of the time, they convince themselves that life will unfold as planned, and take their safety for granted, If they hold on too tight and smother them, they’ll resent it. But one day, the world shows up, and shows how fragile they are. All they can do is look at them, and tell them they love them. Bobbie says she’s going to let Carly in on a secret – the feeling never goes away. Carly smiles.

Peter tells Laura that he just gave Dev and Wiley a ride. It wasn’t much of a role. Laura says, thank God this time he didn’t have to deliver the baby. He says he loves Maxie and James, but once was enough. Laura has one question. Why did he go down to the docks in the first place?

Chase gets a message that a fugitive is on the Haunted Star, heading out to open water. A hostage is believed to be on board.

In the chapel. Willow thanks God for her son’s safe return, and for bringing him back to his family. And for watching all of them who love him. She says, please, Lord, protect Wiley from the evil of this world, especially Shiloh. She knows she’s not supposed to wish this, but she hopes He sends Shiloh straight to hell.

On the Haunted Star, Jason asks if Sam is sure that she can get them there. She says, in her sleep, but he’s going to have to be the one who guides her into the mooring. That makes her the captain. He says, aye, aye, captain. She thanks him for the save, and he says, anytime. She goes to the bridge. Jason leans on the railing, and I can’t believe they didn’t make sure Shiloh was dead, or tie him up, because he comes up behind Jason with a baseball bat (that he just happened to find on a boat). He misses, and they struggle. Jason makes Shiloh hit himself in the head with the bat a bunch of times, but they continue to struggle. Shiloh trips Jason, and he falls. Shiloh says, he’s so sick of Jason. He’s waited for this for so long. He raises the bat.

Tomorrow, Neil tells Alexis the tables have turned. Valentin tells Nina nothing is getting in the way of them becoming husband and wife, Sasha wants to tell Nina the truth, and Maxie asks why Peter was on the docks.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Careyes, Mexico, Day 2. Kameron says Stephanie is the best roommate. They went to bed at a reasonable hour. Stephanie says she puked at 2 am, but tried not to wake Kameron. In her interview, Stephane says LeeAnne was talking about her past, and it was dark. She threw up and cried a little because she’s sensitive. Kameron says that was good tequila. Kary calls Eduardo, and tells him that they’re doing a workout, hanging by the pool, then going to a polo match. The women gather for breakfast. Kary tells them that they’re going to a polo match, and then going to the Copa for a spiritual encounter. I’m confused, since the only time I went to the Copa, was to see Bette Midler. In Kary’s interview, she explains that it’s a huge cup built around a cliff, and they’ve been going since the kids were little. It’s all about good, positive energy.

Leeanne doesn’t like working out. In her interview, she says she knows the Botox and fillers are confusing, but she’s old. Kary doesn’t understand why LeeAnne doesn’t want to join in, but LeeAnne says her calves already hurt from yesterday. Kary tells Brandi that LeeAnne’s story is heartbreaking. She had a bad childhood, and went through a lot. We flash back to LeeAnne talking about the molestation she suffered. In Brandi’s interview, she says, of course. LeeAnne told the one person who never heard about it. It’s Kary’s initiation to the group. Welcome, Kary! Brandi tells Kary that she’s been hearing about LeeAnne’s childhood for the past four years. We flash back to LeeAnne giving speeches at various events, and talking to the group. Brandi says as long as Kary is having fun, ignore her. In her interview, Brandi says she and LeeAnne are in a good place, and it bothers her when LeeAnne brings up the past all the time. She thinks sometimes it’s an excuse for bad behavior.

Kary shows the women how she runs up the stairs two at a time. Kameron thinks the stairs are extremely dangerous, but to be honest, she needs a workout. It’s going to be bikini season soon. D’Andra says the stairs are a bitch, but she’s not letting them get this old bitch. Kameron says, this will probably just burn off one margarita. Stephanie asks if LeeAnne is in her room, but Kary doesn’t know where she is. We see LeeAnne fully dressed, sleeping on a couch.

They get ready to go to the match. Kary says it’s a new day to be positive. She doesn’t want one complaint. They drink a shot. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kary’s mind is made up about who she is, and she’d rather prove someone wrong. So she’s biting her tongue, and making the best of it. They get in the van, and Stephanie asks who has the tequila. Kary pulls out a bottle, and everyone takes a sip. D’Andra’s sip is more like a chug. They get to the polo match, and in her interview, Kary says that people come from all over the world to play polo there. She’s arranged for a private match. Friends, tequila, and hot men on horses; all of her favorite things. Kameron says she needs to potty, but the bathroom is miles away. We see a map of where Kameron is in relation to the bathroom, and it’s not miles, but looks pretty far. She says she can barely walk two feet; she’s got so many margaritas in her body. They go behind a horse trailer. LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she thinks they’re peeing in the bushes. In Kameron’s interview, she says, with peeing outside, you just get the job done and move on. Pretend it didn’t happen. D’Andra asks if LeeAnne regrets not rooming with Kary, but LeeAnne says she got the impression Kary wanted the room to herself, since she said it’s her room where she stays. D’Andra understands LeeAnne is confused, but she offended Kary. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, when LeeAnne is confronted with her true feelings, she reveals whatever version is appropriate to make herself look the best. Accountability is LeeAnne’s problem. LeeAnne says she didn’t realize she offended Kary.

Kameron says she’s in so much pain. LeeAnne asks if they just squatted behind the trailer, and Kameron says she couldn’t make it. Polo manager Suzanne asks for someone to throw the ball in, and the match begins. Kameron says her dad broke his pelvis falling off a polo horse. In Kameron’s interview, she says her dad was a professional polo player when she was younger. She grew up on a polo field, and feels at home. Stephanie says she’s always wanted to go to one. She loves Pretty Woman, and wanted that experience. In Brandi’s interview, she says she doesn’t get polo. So, tequila it is. They clink glasses. Brandi says it will be a spiritual encounter because of tequila. She goes to look at the horses close up. In her interview, she says she and Brian used to own an equestrian center, and she speaks horse fluently. D’Andra asks where the toilet is, and Kary points. Brandi goes with her. D’Andra is worried about poison ivy. Kary says they can hear D’Andra from the table, and Stephanie says when D’Andra gets drunk, she gets loud. D’Andra tries to do a cartwheel, and fails miserably. Brandi tells her don’t add it to her resumé. They each try to do a cartwheel. In her interview, Brandi says Kameron is the worst. She looks like a flamingo trying to do a cartwheel. LeeAnne feels like she’s watching interpretive dance, and does one perfectly. Kary follows, also with a perfect cartwheel. In Kameron’s interview, she says if you match your undies to your outfit means there’s a chance she’ll be good friends with you.

Brandi and Stephanie take a walk. Brandi asks how everything is going, and Stephanie says, awesome. The best part is that she always feels like Brandi is a security blanket, but she’s doing fine. At the table, Kameron says they probably have a lot to talk about, since they’re not rooming together. Kary says, that was the idea; so they could get to know each other. Stephanie and Brandi sit, and Stephanie says, it was heavy yesterday with LeeAnne’s story. Now that sh*t is in her head. It’s effed up. Brandi says she feels like LeeAnne makes excuses, and uses it to manipulate people. Like, the reason she’s negative is because of this. It’s become an excuse. Stephanie says, it’s depressing, and Brandi says she’s so sensitive to people’s feeling. Stephanie cries, proving Brandi’s point. She says sometimes, it affects her mood. In her interview, Stephanie says, you don’t talk about it just because you’re having bad day. It’s a sensitive topic. It can make her think of her own suicide attempt and depression. She tells Brandi, it’s good. She just felt out of her element, but that’s when you grow right? Brandi says she loves Stephanie. Stephanie says, love you more. In Stephanie’s interview, the producer asks why she tries to put on a happy face. She says, people don’t like to be around people who don’t make them feel good. She wouldn’t have any friends.

Kary announces that they’re going to the Copa. The women make a last pitstop behind the trailer.

It’s like a giant silver colander, sitting on a mountain by the sea, with a ladder going up into it. Kary says it was built by local artists. It’s a sound bowl used for meditation. If it doesn’t bring positive energy to this group, she has no idea what will. In her interview, LeeAnne says it’s literally a ginormous meditation bowl. All she can think of is, perfect timing, universe. Bang that bowl, MF. They go inside, where spiritual healers Danny and Niki are waiting. Niki says, they want them to be aware of what they’re experiencing in the moment. They’re invited to experience the intention of coming into the present. (Yeah. I know.) They’ll be dipping into their senses, mostly sound, and in a deep state of realization. They’re instructed to keep their receptors open, and the ability to receive and relate. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s not much into mediating. We flash back to LeeAnne trying to teach Kameron and D’Andra to meditate, and Kameron not being able to control her laughter. They lie down while Danny rubs the perimeter of the bowl with a soft mallet. Niki tells them to relax and exhale. She waves feathers around them, and Danny holds a pendulum over them.  The sun sets. Niki tells them, stretch, and wake up their body in a way that feels organic. Eyes closed; heart open. Give thanks to the ancestors of the land for hosting them. Namaste. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s had an issue with her business and friends, and it’s the first time she’s felt relaxed in a while. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, she feels the tension released. Kary says she knew they would love it.

They head to dinner. In Kary’s interview, she says D’Andra is the funniest drunk ever. It reminds her of spring break. D’Andra burps on the way to the restaurant. They walk in, and LeeAnne says Kameron is struggling with the ceiling. It is pretty low, and made out of (I think) fishnet. Brandi tells Kameron that scorpions live in it, but Kameron doesn’t buy it. Brandi dances on the table, and LeeAnne says she really does need to raise the roof. Stephanie joins Brandi, and in Kameron’s interview, she says she’s about to put her plate on the same table where their dirty feet are. She’s all for dancing on the table, but after you eat. They drink a shot, and order food. Stephanie orders ravioli. You know, that traditional Mexican dish. Kary says she’s in love with Kameron, and Kameron says Kary is so fun, and she’s having the best time. In Kary’s interview, she says Kameron is a team player. She’s funny and real. D’Andra says she feels like LeeAnne was upset when Kary said she was negative. LeeAnne’s feelings were hurt. LeeAnne says she loves D’Andra, but thinks she and Kary should step aside to have that conversation. Kary starts to get up, and D’Andra says, they need to have that conversation… LeeAnne says, in front of everyone, because D’Andra demands it. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, drunk ass D’Andra needs to stop talking. D’Andra tells Kary to sit her effing ass down, and talk to LeeAnne now. LeeAnne tells Kary, yes. This is where sh*t gets real. Sidebars aren’t good for the group. She tells them to sit down.

D’Andra gets all weird. Kary tells LeeAnne they all says things they don’t mean, and she’s very vocal. If LeeAnne thinks she’s being a certain way, tell her. If she didn’t make LeeAnne feel welcome, she’s sorry. LeeAnne thanks her, and Kary says for LeeAnne to pick her name so they can get to know each other, and LeeAnne not wanting to room with her, hurt her feelings. LeeAnne says she’s sorry, and Kary says she felt like LeeAnne clearly didn’t want to room with her. She’s having the hardest time getting to know her, and hopes they get there. They have a lot of friends in common, and she would love for LeeAnne to give her a chance. LeeAnne says, it was a miscommunication. When Kary said it was her room, she thought Kary didn’t want to room with her. Brandi – who is quickly getting on my nerves this season – tells LeeAnne, Kary didn’t say that. We flash back to where Kary clearly did. LeeAnne says she’s not arguing. There’s going to be no argument between them unless Brandi wants there to be. In Brandi’s interview, she says it’s the old LeeAnne. Every time she thinks they’ve moved forward, it’s new day, same bullsh*t. There’s always an excuse. Just say you didn’t want to room with her. LeeAnne says she felt unwanted, and felt like it was all against one. She didn’t sleep all night. She cried, and took sleeping pills. She’s sorry. It was a mistake. She’s sorry she got drunk, and if she offended Kary in any way, it wasn’t intentional. Brandi says Kary doesn’t know LeeAnne like they do. It’s a repetitive thing with her. Kary says Brandi’s experience with LeeAnne is different than hers. She wants her own experience. At the end of the day, just move on. Kameron says, it’s important to put in the effort to get to know each other. If they’re not proactive, the group won’t work. They need to stick up for each other, and voice their opinions. She felt put on the spot. Would Brandi tell Stephanie that she doesn’t want to room with someone else? Brandi says she’d tell her, suck it up, sister, but Stephanie wasn’t asking to room with her. Kameron feels they need to get over the clique thing. Brandi asks if she thinks this is a clique, and Kameron says she’s grateful to be rooming with Stephanie. She’s never gotten to know her, because they’re never separate. Brandi says Kameron was the one calculating the room situation. She leans over the table, getting in Kameron’s face, and Kameron gets up and throws her napkin at Brandi. Brandi gets up and throws it back. She tells Kameron, suck a d*ck, and Kameron says, that was trash. She’s done with Brandi. Brandi says, eff you.

Outside, Kameron tells Kary that Brandi had no reason to use the eff word to her face. It’s bad manners, and she was mortified. That was freaking trash, and she’s done. She doesn’t want to be a part of it. She and Stephanie have a good relationship. They all have their own voices, and can voice an opinion. She agrees with LeeAnne in certain situations. Kary says it’s good to be loyal, but Kameron says, it’s not about that; it’s about voicing their opinions. She doesn’t like a clique, and she’s sick of it. Sick of how, when she deals with one, she has to deal with the other. Stephanie comes out. In Stephanie’s interview, she says the trash comment hurt Brandi to the core, but when she sees two people fighting, and one person is broken, she needs to make sure they’re okay. Kary says she feels Kameron is miscontrived [sic]. People says she’s LeeAnne’s little dingleberry. Stephanie says it’s like that for her with Brandi. She gets it. LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she thinks it’s time to go home. D’Andra insists she’s drunk; she’s just tired. LeeAnne says she might argue that point, but not now. D’Andra says, that’s not nice. She hasn’t done anything to LeeAnne, and she’s tried to be supportive all night, LeeAnne says she appreciates the support. Support her now. D’Andra says she is, but LeeAnne says when she’s sober, they’ll have a conversation. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says if someone offered to sever her head from her body right now, she’d pay them, so she doesn’t have to sit there with inebriated, can’t even speak English, D’Andra. D’Andra starts laughing.

Kameron says Kary gave her a chance, and got to know her, but she doesn’t feel like the group has done that with her. Stephanie says she’d gone out of her way to get to know Kameron. In her interview, she says, at first, she felt like Kameron had a stick up her ass, but they’ve made progress. Everything she’s saying is taking them back to a negative place. Kameron says she feels attacked. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Kameron called Brandi trash with the intention to hurt her. She did it on purpose, and it’s a sh*t thing to do to someone you say is your friend. LeeAnne tells D’Andra they need to go back to the van. Then has to explain that they came in a van. She asks if D’Andra wants hold on human while walking

They all go back to the van. In Kameron’s interview, she says she hasn’t seen D’Andra this trashed in a long time. D’Andra falls, and her legs go up in the air. LeeAnne tells her that her Spanx are showing. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she always tries to land like a lady – we flash back to her gracefully falling off a stone lion – and here’s D’Andra on the ground, spread eagled. They manage to get D’Andra into the van. Kary asks if they can all be okay. Kameron says she’s sorry she threw her napkin. Brandi said the eff word, it scared her, and she felt attacked. Brandi says Kameron called her trash. Kameron says she’s sorry, but Brandi said the eff word. In Brandi’s interview, she says she doesn’t believe Kameron’s apology. She’s called her that more than once. They apology is BS. We flash back to (I think) the first season when Kameron thought it was trashy of Brandi to harass her with Sexual Chocolate (aka Brandi’s sex toy). LeeAnne has to explain to D’Andra that they’re in a van in Mexico, but not Tijuana. Brandi says D’Andra officially wears granny panties. In Brandi’s interview, she says, you know D’Andra is coming when she’s drunk. She’s loud. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, D’Andra will talk really high, then say something really low, and does an imitation. LeeAnne watches D’Andra, looking horrified. D’Andra announces that she’s going in the pool. In Kary’s interview, she says, vacation D’Andra is a situation, but if she wants to go swimming, why not? Somehow, D’Andra manages to get a bathing suit on. Brandi is in the pool, and Kary asks if she and Kameron made up. Brandi says Kameron called her trash, and it’s not the first time. She wonders if that’s what Kameron really thinks of her. Kameron doesn’t know how they got in this fight, and can’t believe she threw a napkin. LeeAnne thinks the best thing would be to go to bed.

Kary asks Kameron to join her and Brandi. LeeAnne escapes while she can. Kary doesn’t understand why it’s the second time Kameron has called Brandi white trash. Kameron says she didn’t say white. Kameron says she was referring to Brandi’s actions as being trash, not her. In Brandi’s interview, she says it triggers old memories. Her parents wouldn’t allow her to bring classmates home. They lived in a trailer, and people judged her, her whole life. Brandi says she didn’t tear down Kameron’s character. It triggered her, and made her feel like she’s not good enough to be part of the group. Kameron can’t believe Brandi is playing the victim. She didn’t even apologize. Brandi says Kameron used the word trashy. It was a trashy thing to do to throw a napkin in Brandi’s face. Kameron says she was mortified at her own behavior. She gets up, and leaves.

Brandi tells Kary, that’s the problem. Kameron wants to think she’s playing the victim. She can’t. Kary says, sorry. D’Andra sits on Stephanie’s bed, laughing like a lunatic. She says this is why Jeremy loves her. In her interview, Stephanie says she appreciates being entertained, but doesn’t know what D’Andra is doing. She feels like D’Andra wants her to have sex. D’Andra asks if Stephanie is having fun, and they laugh. Brandi tells Kary that she doesn’t know why this happened, and starts to cry. Kary hugs her, and says, it’s okay. I roll my eyes. Kary tells Brandi not to be upset. It’s Kameron’s deal; remember that. Brandi doesn’t understand why it keeps coming up. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s not playing the victim. She wants Kameron to own. She said it to hurt Brandi. She claimed Brandi’s behavior was trashy, but she believes Kameron thinks she’s trash. Stephanie tells them to do something about D’Andra. She joins Kary and Brandi, and Kary says Brandi is crying because of Kameron. Stephanie says Brandi wants Kameron to understand that her words are hurtful. Kary says Brandi didn’t think Kameron was sorry. Brandi says she just wants Kameron to hear her. D’Andra needs help turning the lights off. In Brandi’s interview, she says, it’s like having a drunk child, but she lightens the mood. Brandi tells Stephanie that Kameron is now excusing the situation by saying her behavior is trashy, when she really thinks Brandi is trash.

Stephanie says she’s angry at Kameron for saying she’s not being a good friend. It’s not her fault, and Kameron should apologize to Brandi. She doesn’t want to sleep in the room with Kameron, but she does. D’Andra is still howling, and does a Tarzan yell.

Holy! These girls can sure go on about nothing.

Next time, a Mother Earth ceremony in a sweat lodge, a group shower, Brandi confronts Kameron, and LeeAnne asks if they think she wants pity.

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September 24, 2019 – Sam Gives Shiloh a Plan, Finding Wellness & Undecided


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Peter goes to his room, and dumps cash out of a bag.

Maxie asks Spinelli when Georgie has her first break from school. Spinelli asks if she’s thinking about visiting, but she says she thought Georgie could come there, and spend time with her, James, her mom, and Mac – and Peter.

Peter puts the cash in a bag. He flashes back to Shiloh saying he wants all the cash Peter can get his greedy little hands on, and bring it to the Haunted Star. If he sees the cops or any backup, he’ll sing like a bird about Peter’s involvement with Helena. He can kiss his sweet life and cute little Maxie goodbye.

Josslyn finds Kristina in the kitchen, and asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s a twenty-something raiding her dad’s fridge. Josslyn says, it’s hard not to. Sonny always has the best stuff. She asks if Josslyn is sleeping out tonight, and Josslyn says, maybe for a lot of nights. Her mom and Sonny are sending her to boarding school.

Carly tells Jax, they were looking at schools for Dev. Sonny says, she was looking. Carly says she’d never send Josslyn to boarding school. Jax thinks maybe they should tell her that. It wasn’t communicated very well. But say she did want to move in with him; for the record, he’s okay with it.

Willow sees Chase at the hospital. He says he was about to call her, and she says she was distracting herself from the trial by setting up her classroom. He says he’s sorry, but he has bad news. Shiloh escaped. She drops the box she’s holding, and says,  what?! How? He doesn’t have the details, but Shiloh is definitely on the loose. Brad overhears.

Bobbie tells Jason and Lucas, Wiley was in the car when Shiloh drove off. Lucas says he’s got to call the cops. Outside the room, he calls the PCPD to report a kidnapping – his son. Bobbie can’t believe this is happening, and starts to freak a little. Jason tells her to look at him. When the cops come, she has to be able to help. They need to get the timeline right. He knows she can do this. She says, okay.

Shiloh says, all that time he was telling people about fate, it was all BS. He never believed it, but it turns out he was right. Fate brought him what he needed. He has his son and two hostages. Sam says he’s not that delusional. He’s running out of time, and they both know it.

Kristina asks Josslyn if they actually said they were sending her to boarding school, but Josslyn says, no. She found a pamphlet. Unless Sonny is going back for his diploma. Kristina thinks that ship sailed, and asks how Josslyn feels. Josslyn says she’s not surprised, and Kristina says, she’s kind of shocked. Josslyn says, she made a big deal out of starting school without Oscar, and she cut the first day. Kristina says, it is a big deal. She can imagine how hard it is. Josslyn says, so can they. She was vocal in not wanting to be at PCHS. Maybe they think boarding school is the answer. A place that won’t remind her of Oscar. Kristina says, think about it. If Josslyn was away, she wouldn’t have to put up with the constant drama and insta-cousins. She’d have some distance, and that might be a good thing.

Jax thinks sending Dev to boarding school is a great idea. Sonny says, of course (🍷) he would. Jax asks if Sonny doesn’t think it’s strange that he’s putting a random boy’s needs ahead of Josslyn’s. Sonny says, if it was a choice between sending Josslyn or Dev, of course (🍷) he’d send Dev, but if Josslyn wants to live with her dad, he has no problem. Carly says he wouldn’t care that Carly would be devastated? He says he would hate it, but they have a lot going on, and a baby coming. If Josslyn decides she wants to live with her dad, he’s not opposed to it. Carly says, Josslyn is making a decision based on false information. She thinks they want to ship her off to boarding school. She can’t believe Josslyn thinks that. Jax says, she was confused, and Sonny says, let’s clear up the misunderstanding. Jax says, let’s.

Chase asks Brad where Wiley is. Brad says he should be on his way home from his swimming lesson with his grandmother. Lucas comes out of the elevator, and says Chase beat him to it. Willow says at least they know Wiley is safe. Lucas says Brad didn’t get his page. Shiloh has Wiley.

Jason goes over the timeline with Bobbie, step by step. She knows it was 4:45 when they go on the road. It was the last time she looked at her watch, and she knew Wiley was hungry. Shiloh pulled her over soon after that. She asks Jason to tell her that Shiloh’s not getting away with this. Jason tells her, not if he has anything to say about it.

Dev wakes up. Sam says he’s with her. He hit his head. She asks how many fingers she’s holding up, and he says, two. There was a guy there – Shiloh. Shiloh says he still is. Dev asks how he stole the baby, but Shiloh says he didn’t. Fate dropped the baby in his lap, and Dev’s call brought Sam into the mix. Thanks for that. Sam asks him to give Wiley to her. He asks, why? and she says she’s Wiley’s godmother. He’s scared, and he knows her. He says, if she tries anything… and she says she would never. Let him put his arms around someone he knows. Shiloh hands Wiley to her, and she tells Wiley, it will be okay. Shiloh says, soon he’ll get what he’s waiting for, and they can be on their way. She asks if he really thinks it will be that easy. He took the kid and the baby. Shiloh says, his baby; his son. Sam says his only hope of getting out is to let Dev and Wiley go.

Josslyn tells Kristina, somewhere everyone and their mother doesn’t know Oscar died. Kristina says, it’s a lot of weight to carry. Josslyn asks if Kristina thinks she should go, and Kristina says she thinks it’s a good option. Either way, she’s giving something up and getting something cool. She just has to choose which way works for her. Kristina says she’s out of there, and Josslyn thanks her for the talk. Kristina wishes Josslyn good luck, and Josslyn says she’s going to need it. Kristina leaves, and Josslyn gets out her laptop. She googles the boarding school, and says, let’s see what they’re all about.

Maxie tells Spinelli, for someone who says they know nothing about kids, Peter is great with them. He’s so sweet with Rocco, and James is nuts for him. James is fortunate to have a relationship with his uncle. It would be nice if Georgie did too. Spinelli says Georgie FaceTImes with Rocco once a week. Maxie says she’s talking about Peter, but he knew that. He says he did, and she says she knows he’s never going to like Peter, since he was involved in what happened to Jason. He says, what happened to Jason? he was kept in prison for five years, away from his family and everyone he loved. Maxie says she knows better than to ask Sam and Jason to spend time with someone who – in part – was responsible for their separation, but Peter has really turned his life around. He’s amazing to her and James. He won Mac over. Spinelli says, a monumental feat, and Maxie says, Anna loves him, and he talks to Robin on a regular basis. He wants to visit her and the kids. She knows Spinelli has a grudge, and doesn’t blame him, but Peter makes them happy. He makes her happy. He asks, how happy is happy? and she says she sees Peter in her life forever. That’s why she really wanted all of them to get along. Spinelli says, all right. He’ll look into Georgie’s October break. Maxie thanks him, and hopes one day he gives Peter a chance to prove him wrong. She leaves, and Spinelli says, highly doubtful, Maxinista.

Lucas tells Brad that Shiloh was wearing a guard uniform, and flagged his mom down. She didn’t recognize him until she was out of the car, He took the car, and Wiley was in it. Willow says, no, and Brad asks if there’s any idea where they are. Lucas says, there will be. Willow says, what if they disappear? Brad wonders, what if Wiley is in the way of a shootout? Chase says, Robert has the FBI and every precinct within 100 miles looking for them. Lucas says, and his mother’s car? Chase says, they’re looking for that too, but if Shiloh is smart, he ditched it. Brad says, this is really happening. Wiley could be anywhere.

Jason tells Bobbie that he found her at 5:10. That leaves twenty minutes unaccounted for, and he didn’t pass Shiloh on the road. A cop comes in, and says someone reported a kidnapping. He was told to get Bobbie’s statement .Jason asks if she wants him to stay, but she says she wants him to find her grandson. He leaves, and tries to contact Sam when he’s in the hallway. He hears his own outgoing message, and asks where she is.

Shiloh says he let Sam play him once before. How dumb does she think he is? He has two hostages, his son, and he’s five hours away from Canada. He’s all set. Sam says a SWAT team will be there soon. They’ll take him out before they hit international waters. Wiley is missing, and everyone will know Shiloh took him. That’s kidnapping, and traveling with a minor. He’s a sitting duck. Go ahead. If he thinks it’s smart, go on with his plan. He says if she’s got a better plan, he’ll take it.

Sonny, Carly, and Jax find Josslyn. She says she saw the pamphlet, but Carly says, it’s not for her. They were looking for schools for Dev. They’d never send her away. Carly wouldn’t survive. She’d have to move to the campus. Jax says this is why they have conversations; so they’re all on the same page. Josslyn says they must think she’s a drama queen. Carly says they’re not sure Port Charles is the right fit for Dev. They thought they’d look into different situations. Josslyn says, because of her? but Sonny says, no. Dev was dropped on them, and maybe it’s the best thing. Josslyn says, no. Dev loves it there. Now it makes sense. She doesn’t know if he saw the pamphlet, but she thinks he’s worried they’re sending him away. She doesn’t think boarding school is the solution for Dev, but she was taking to Kristina, and maybe it’s not a bad idea for her.

Willow says, the one saving grace is that she doesn’t think Shiloh would hurt Wiley. Chase doesn’t either, but Willow says he could disappear with him. They could never see her… Lucas and Brad’s son again. Chase says, that’s not going to happen, because Shiloh can’t win. Chase isn’t going to let him.

Lucas tells Brad, Shiloh is crazy, and a million other things, but he’s not going to hurt his son. They’re going to find him, and when they do, they’ll return Wiley to the parents who love him. That’s them. Brad says, Wiley doesn’t deserve this. He’s an innocent little baby, and Brad is the one who put this in motion. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him.

Jason calls Spinelli, who tells him that his family is at DEFCON one, with Maxie in love with the man who held Jason captive. Jason says he needs to know the last time Sam used her phone. Spinelli asks if she’s in trouble, and Jason says, Shiloh escaped custody. Spinelli says he’s on it.

Maxie goes up to Peter’s room, as he’s leaving. He says their timing is off. He’s on his way to a meeting. She says, tell them he’s running late, and pushes him back into the room.

Carly asks if Josslyn wants to go to boarding school, and Josslyn says, Kristina made some good points. She’d have space while she was reinventing herself. Carly says remind her to have a conversation with Kristina. Josslyn says, she was just trying to be helpful. If Josslyn went away, she’d want it to be a decision she was involved with. Jax says they can talk; put all the options on the table. Josslyn says she doesn’t know what she wants’; she’s so messed up. Jax says she’s not, and Carly says she’s just finding her way. Josslyn says it’s not the best time to be making decisions. She’s not jumping into something she knows nothing about .Carly says, so she’s staying home? and Josslyn says she is. She hates how she made it something it wasn’t. Dev had nothing to do with anything. Her issues are all hers. Carly needs a minute alone with her daughter.

Sam says she does have a good idea. She’s piloted her own ship. They can get to Canada on the Haunted Star. It will at least buy him some time, but nothing works unless he lets Wiley and Dev go. He won’t be charged with kidnapping a minor and a baby. Shiloh says, he’ll still have her? She says, it’s not the best option, but yeah. He says she’s delusional if she thinks he’d give up his son.

Out on the terrace, Jax says he’ll just say it, and Sonny says he always does. Jax says, something is going on with Dev that Sonny isn’t disclosing. He knows Carly would never go along with anything that would hurt Josslyn, but she could be pressured into not such a great situation, especially when there’s so much invested in it. Sonny thanks him for the insight on his wife. Jax says he’s not pressing the Dev issue – for now. If things get worse, he’s going to come to Sonny for answers, and Sonny is going to give them to him.

Carly wants to make it clear that her daughter comes first. She respects it if Josslyn wants more time with her dad; she’s okay with it, but wants Josslyn to be happy. Josslyn says she’s okay, but Carly says clearly, she’s not. She thought they were sending her to boarding school. Josslyn says she was an idiot to think that. Carly is an awesome mom and does a great job. She feels stupid, putting them through so much. She wants to leave things the way they are. Carly asks if she’s sure. They can reassess if anything changes. Josslyn says she never jumps to conclusions, and can’t believe she did. One of the trillion awful things about losing Oscar, is that she feels like she lost herself, or the person she used to be. Carly says she’s right there, and Carly will keep telling her until she believes it

Willow wants Chase to call for an update, and he says he’s do anything for her, but the squad is looking. They’ll tell him as soon as they find anything. Calling them is a waste time they can’t afford. Willow feels like she’s losing her mind; waiting, and not knowing what happened. Chase asks what he can do, and she says he’s already doing it. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Lucas asks what Brad is talking about. When he signed up for classes, did Brad know who Shiloh was? Brad says, no, and Lucas says, exactly. He thought he was being the best father. Things happen. it’s life. That doesn’t mean it’s Brad’s fault.

Peter says Maxie is in a good mood. She says she is. Georgie is coming for an extended visit. She can’t wait for him to spend time with them. She’s thinking it might be time for a new place; a permanent place. A home somewhere she and James can come, and leave a toy or two, and an extra toothbrush. Peter loves that, and she says, good. She’s ready to go all in with him. She’ll have both kids, and knows they can start looking to the future. He says there’s nothing he wants more, and they kiss.

Jason says, anything? and Spinelli says, a pox on spyware and firewalls. Jason says Spinelli installed them, and Spinelli says, they’ve proven inconvenient at the moment. He says he’s in, and tracking Jason’s phone. Sam’s last known location is Pier 55 an hour ago. Spinelli asks if he should meet Jason there, but Jason says, sit tight. He might need him and the computer. Sit tight. Spinelli says he shall.

Sam asks who Shiloh is waiting for. It’s too late; he should probably just go. He’s sick, demented, and twisted, but she doesn’t think he’d want anything to happen to the baby. He doesn’t want the baby with a SWAT team there. His best bet is to let the others go. If anyone follows them, he’ll have her Dev swears he’ll tell them he didn’t know who Shiloh was or where he went. He’ll say he was too scared to talk to him, and that’s not a lie. Just let him and the baby go. Sam says, Wiley will be in the line of fire. It’s his choice. Shiloh says, one thing she said made sense. He has too many hostages.

Carly tells Josslyn, it’s a  hard thing. Oscar’s death was a huge disruption. No one expects her to have figured it out right away. Eventually, but she gets to decide. No one has a stop watch. She had to grow up emotionally so fast. Carly is so proud of how she met the challenge with grace. She’ll have stumbling blocks and make mistakes. The only advice Carly has is something Jason has been telling her for a long time. It took years for her to figure out, and she still needs to be reminded. Take a breath, and count to ten. Just hold on a little bit, and figure out if it’s a fact or feeling. If it’s a feeling, take a breath and figure the thing out. Josslyn says, it’s easy for Jason to say; he thinks everything out. Carly says, he’s so annoying that way. It’s not easy, but she’ll have a lot of people surrounding her who love her and have her back. They’re not trying to control her. It just means they support her. She and Josslyn hug.

Jax tells Sonny that he can’t send Dev away now. Josslyn doesn’t want that, and if he does, she’ll blame herself. Sonny says, then Dev stays. Jax says Sonny dug a hole, and Carly and Josslyn are at the bottom. He doesn’t like it. They get along for Josslyn and Carly’s sake, but if he’s put on the spot, the incentive for playing nice is greatly reduced. Sonny says, fine. It was fine before Jax got there, and it’s still fine. Jax asks if he thinks Josslyn is fine, but Sonny says, she’s grieving. It has nothing to do with Dev; it has to do with losing her boyfriend. What will make it worse is if they start fighting. Jax says, agreed, and Sonny says, then let’s not do that. They go inside, and Carly asks, what did they miss?

Chase gets off the phone, and Willow asks if it was good news. He says, it’s not bad. They found Bobbie’s car. There’s no sign of Shiloh or Wiley, and the car seat was gone. Willow asks how that’s not bad news, and he says, it means Shiloh is on foot, or attempting to get out of town another way. The airport, bus, and train stations are flooded with officers waiting to pounce. They’re going to catch him. Willow prays he’s right.

On the phone, Spinelli says his concern is alarmingly high. Maxie made it clear that Peter, aka Faison Junior, may become Georgie’s stepfather. He listens for a moment, and says, she absolutely does, but one doesn’t keep Jason in Russia for five years by accident. He’s going to pour over Peter’s records. He needs to prove to Maxie that Peter is no good before Peter hurts her and or her children.

Maxie and Peter start to get busy, but he says, no. He’d love nothing more, but he has to make this meeting. She says, so he’ll talk to Lucy tomorrow about finding a place. She picks up his bag, and tells him not to forget it. It’s heavy, and she asks, what’s in this? A dead body? He asks if she’s leaving, but she wants to freshen up. They’ll talk later. He kisses her one more time, and says he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he leaves.

Shiloh looks at Sam holding Wiley, and says, what a pretty picture. It could have been them. She couldn’t see it; too much fear. He tells Wiley that he’ll find him, whatever it takes. Sam gives Wiley to Dev, and tells him, go. Run. He leaves with the baby, and Shiloh puts his arm around Sam. He says she told him she could get this thing to Canada. Take them there. She says, that’s what she’s going to do.

Chase tells Willow, if the PD notifies him in a concrete way, he’ll be on it. Nothing will stop him from putting Wiley back in her arms. She says he won’t be put there, but she knows what he means. He holds her.

Brad asks what he’d do without Lucas, and Lucas says he’d be without coffee. He’s just as worried as Brad is, but Brad says he’s not losing it. How does he stay calm? Lucas asks if they’ve met. It’s a complete façade. He’s not super human. He’s wondering if Wiley is okay, or if he’s hungry, cold or scared. What’s keeping him from being completely terrified is, he’s furious that Shiloh, or anyone, could take Wiley away from his rightful parents. What monster does that?

On the phone, Maxie tells Georgie, sweet dreams. She sees some kind of receipt under Peter’s bed, and picks it up.

Carly says if Josslyn wants to spend more time with her dad, she’s okay with that. Jax just needs to make a home for her. He says he was ready put in an offer for one, and the funniest thing happened; Kate’s old place is back on the market. Sonny says he heard that, and was going to buy the place. They could be protected from difficult neighbors. Jax should move closer to the city. He’s sure Josslyn would love that. Jax says, Kate’s place would be convenient. He could put in a gate between their properties. Carly laughs. Josslyn runs in, and says she just knocked on Dev’s door. When he didn’t answer, she went in. A lot of his stuff is gone. She thinks he ran away.

Dev finds Jason on the pier, and gives Wiley to Jason. Peter is about to walk through, but sees them, and stays hidden. Dev says he tried to call. They needed help. Jason asks where Shiloh is, and Dev says, on the boat with Sam.

Shiloh tells Sam, the autopilot sure is something. He drinks a shot, and says she doesn’t have much to say when he’s right. Funny. After all the conversations they had, they never talked about his dad’s yacht. He’s sure she was on it quite a few times. He spent a lot of time there too. He knows all about the autopilot, and knows how to set it.  He can get himself to Canada.

Tomorrow, Franco says he’s days are numbered, Carly says they’ll find Dev, and Willow tells Chase how to lure Shiloh out.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

In the ER, the nurse asks if Shannon wants to press charges. Shannon hopes Kelly understands the severity of what she did. Tamra asks what happens, and the nurse says they’ll call her in and make a police report. Shannon says she’s not going to do that. The nurse says she’s required to ask, and to let her know if Shannon decides otherwise.

The women left at Villa 7 decide to join Gina for dinner, but find there are candles, but no flashlights. They each take a couple of candles and hike over to the other villa. While the chefs prepare dinner, crystal healer Lindsey shows up. She puts a crystal in Gina’s hand, and tells her to breathe in the energy from her hand. She asks how Gina feels, and Gina says she feels happy. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s been through some gnarly sh*t this year. If you say, hold this rock and your problems will go away, she’ll do it.

Braunwyn, Tamra, Kelly, and Emily come in. Gina tells Kelly that Shannon is upset about Kelly hitting her on the head. She thinks Shannon is overdramatic, but Kelly shouldn’t have done it. Kelly says she knocked some sense into that bitch. She says, it wasn’t even that hard, and taps Gina on the head. Gina says, don’t effing touch her. Gina calls Kelly an effing bitch, and says, it’s too much. She leaves the room, and Emily says Gina’s not at fault. Kelly says she barely did it, but Emily tells her, go apologize.

Gina says she’s going home; don’t touch her. Kelly crossed lines, and she’s out of control. Kelly says, no, you, and they go back and forth for a while . Kelly says she’s been nothing but a good friend, and Gina says she could embarrass Kelly, but Kelly does a good enough job herself. Kelly says she doesn’t get warrants out for her arrest. Braunwyn tries to intervene, and Kelly tells Gina, it was a joke. Gina says she’s not in a place to take a joke. Kelly says, it was a joke, and hugs Gina. In her interview, Braunwyn says lashing out is a survival technique for Kelly. I’ll hurt you before you hurt me. She’s the same way, so she recognizes it. The waitstaff does not know what to do. They waiver between staring straight ahead and giving each other the side-eye. In Kelly’s interview, she thinks Shannon and Gina should get the stick out of their assess, and clear energy will flow through.

The lights come back on, and everyone is suddenly happy. Kelly says, let’s just party. Gina thinks Kelly has deeper issues with Shannon. Kelly says she doesn’t play for no reason, and Gina gives unsolicited advice. Gina says she doesn’t tell her friends what they want to hear. Kelly says she could take Gina’s  advice if she was accomplished. In her interview, Kelly says Gina’s life is a hot mess, while hers is in a good place. She tells Gina that she hasn’t been to jail, but Gina says she has. We flash back to Kelly talking about being in the clink. Kelly says she’s not in debt. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says her kids don’t even do this. They’re in a beautiful place, and attacking on the lowest level. Gina tells Kelly, eff off. Braunwyn says they’re all friends. Gina is like their little sister. Gina says she’s more like the older sister. In her interview, Gina says she acts more mature than most of them. When did she become Skipper? Braunwyn says she didn’t mean it in a bad way. Gina says she’s going home.

Emily wants to talk to Gina, but Gina wants to go home. Her kids are crying for her, and this is the sh*t she’s putting up with. We see a clip of one of her kids wailing over the phone about her being gone. Emily says she’s effing pissed, and Gina says she is too. Emily asks what she did, and Gina says Emily was pressuring her about Vegas. She couldn’t go, and it’s been the worst time of her life. Gina starts crying, and Emily tells her, all she said was that Gina was her best friend. Gina says of course she wasn’t going. Emily should understand that, being a lawyer. In the living room, Kelly says she can’t take it. They’re at a wellness center, for Pete’s sake. Braunwyn laughs like a dolphin. Emily says Gina wouldn’t even talk to her. How does she think that made Emily feel? She was texting and calling, and getting no response. Who’s been there for Gina? In Emily’s interview, she wonders how she’s supposed to take the opportunity to be a good friend if she’s shut out. Gina says she’s so effed up, and she’s not even trying. Emily asks, what’s going on? and Gina says her feelings were hurt by what Matt did. In Gina’s interview, she can’t grasp why Emily doesn’t understand. She’d like sympathy for more than a day and a half. She tells Emily that Shannon and Tamra understand what she’s going through. Emily wasn’t around. Emily says she’s always around; she’s never not responded. Gina shoved her out, and got mad about something stupid. Gina says, it’s not stupid to her, but then, she’s not accomplished. Emily tells Gina that she didn’t say those things. Gina says she’s going to her casita, and leaves. Emily cries.

Shannon is sprung from the emergency room. She and Tamra get in a car, and Shannon says she has a splitting headache, and he vision is still blurry. Tamra says it was nice of her not to have Kelly arrested. In Shannon’s interview, she says they did a CAT scan. She needed that check that said she’s good. Tamra calls the villa, and Kelly asks what wrong with her? Braunwyn asks if Shannon is okay, and Kelly says, of course she’s okay. Tamra says she wasn’t going to let Shannon go to the hospital by herself, but Kelly says Tamra knows Shannon is full of sh*t. Tamra says Shannon has a mild concussion. Shannon says they did a CAT scan, and Kelly ask if they found a screw loose in Shannon’s head. In her interview, Shannon says, Kelly has a cruel way of speaking to people. She laughed when Shannon said the doctor told her she had a concussion. With the exception of altercations with her ex, no one has ever spoken to her like that. Shannon says, Kelly is a crazy bitch, and Tamra says she’s been telling Shannon for years that Vicki says Kelly is aggressive. Shannon says she’s in the freaking twilight zone right now. BTW, this is only five and a half hours after their arrival.

Kelly tells Emily that Gina is a dumbass. Emily doesn’t know why Gina is mad. She tried talking to her. She never thought anything could come between them. Kelly says, this is ridiculous. It’s Negative Nancy sh*t. In her interview, she says everyone is uptight, and finding a reason to be upset. She’s with old people. She takes some food to go. The staff is totally baffled, looking at the empty, beautifully set table. Emily drives the cart back, and things fall out as they go.

Gina sits by herself. Tamra comes in, and asks if Kelly is there. Gina says, no. She just went off. Shannon follows Tamra in, and Gina asks if she’s okay. Shannon says she has a concussion. We see a clip of Shannon and Tamra discussing the level of said concussion. Gina says Kelly hit the top of her head, and told her she’s not an accomplished woman because she doesn’t have homes and millions of dollars. While I think Kelly needs to keep her hands, and most of her words, to herself, Gina is taking that accomplished thing out of context. Tamra says they know Kelly is an a-hole. Don’t take it to heart; it’s just Kelly being stupid. Shannon says Gina is raising three young children by herself; she’s accomplished. Shannon says when the nurse asked if she wanted to bring in the police, Tamra’s mouth dropped open. If someone hit Kelly on the head, and she had a headache and blurry vision, she would have said, absolutely. Gina asks why she didn’t press charges, but Shannon says she can’t go back to being angry. Gina says she told Emily that she’s mad at her too, and Emily said she’s sorry she wanted Gina to go to Vegas. She gives up.

Braunwyn tells Emily that she’s sorry. She didn’t know Emily and Gina were such good friends. Emily says they did everything together, and talk every day. Braunwyn says, now Gina is hanging out with Shannon and Tamra, and they don’t like her; they never did. Kelly says they don’t like her either. They take a little thing and make it into a big thing. They don’t need them.

Shannon says she’s turned off by Kelly. She should have better things to say, than saying she wants to draw in Costco and Walmart. We flash back to that, I still don’t see what was wrong with her wanting a successful business venture. Tamra says, it looked superficial. Shannon asks if they should add up d*ck moves, and they agree it’s been a d*ck day. Tamra calls Vicki, who asks how Shannon is. Shannon says she has a headache, but feels better. She tells them Steve said what Kelly did is a felony. Shannon should report what happened. Shannon tells Vicki that she said no, and Vicki says she has up to a year. Tamra says it sounds like Vicki is pushing for it. Vicki says she doesn’t like anybody hurting anybody. Tamra tells her, hurry up.

Kelly calls Brian, and babbles incoherently about ding-dongs, and hitting on a bowl.

Shannon says Kelly has issues, but the one who guarantees sure fire fun when they travel is Vicki.

Vicki arrives, double-fisting take-out from In & Out Burger. She asks if Shannon is okay, and Shannon says she’s okay, but still has blurry vision. She had a drink, but the doctor said it was okay. In Vicki’s interview, she says, they need to up Kelly’s medication. They clink glasses, but there’s no specific toast.

Tamra tells Gina, these two a-holes were up until 4 am, laughing and screaming. We see a video from Vicki’s phone of her and Shannon roughhousing at nearly 4:30. Tamra doesn’t know how she’s getting them up. Tamra says Kelly wants her to call, so she will. Tamra asks why Kelly is so angry with her, but Kelly says she didn’t yell at Tamra; she yelled at Shannon. Shannon asks why Kelly was yelling at her. She tells Kelly to come to the villa, but Kelly says, Vicki is there. Tamra says they’ll keep Vicki in the bedroom. Vicki tries stepping out, and Tamra orders her to go back.

Kelly comes in with Emily, and Shannon says she’d been looking forward to this trip, but there’s been constant disrespect from Kelly. Kelly thought it was funny to hit her with a mallet. In her interview, Braunwyn says, it’s beautiful out. She just wants to go outside and find the wellness. Shannon tells Kelly that she’s never had someone speak her so cruelly. Kelly said she called it. Kelly says she knew it was going to happen, and it happened. Gina tries to interject, but Kelly says she’s not talking to Gina. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s not permitted to speak. This is so far from zen. Kelly says she wants to have a good time, and move on. Shannon says she didn’t want Kelly laughing when the doctor said she had a mild concussion. Kelly says Shannon doesn’t have a concussion, or she wouldn’t have been drinking. We see a clip of Kelly telling Brian that Shannon and Vicki stayed up until 4 am, partying. Brian says you wouldn’t do that with a  concussion. In Kelly’s interview, she says, people need to see Shannon is a schemer. Kelly asks, what’s wrong with them? Shannon tells Kelly not to talk to her like that. She’s been nothing but a friend . Kelly asks if Shannon thinks for one second that bringing Vicki along makes her a friend. Vicki ruined her life, and they know that. Kelly gets up, and Tamra says she wants to discuss what’s really the issue. Shannon says it’s the way Kelly talks to people. Kelly says, not about the way Shannon schemes, and Shannon says she doesn’t scheme, and there’s nothing healing about this. Tamra says they’re all different, and react differently. Shannon went to the doctor, and it’s not a scheme. Kelly should have just said she hopes Shannon is okay. Kelly acknowledges she should have said she was sorry. Tamra says she goes into defense mode, and Kelly says she admits to that; she has issues with Shannon. We flash back to some of those, and she says she doesn’t know if Shannon likes her, but she doesn’t trust her. Tamra says maybe they can all work on their issue there. Kelly says she came to be better, and to better herself. She and Shannon hug. Shannon says Kelly has issues.

Gina tells Emily that she’s not doing it anymore; she’s not engaging. She doesn’t deserve this. Emily says she didn’t sleep last night. She started thinking about what Gina said. Gina says she thinks something is going on, and she thinks it has to do with Shane. She’s been spilling her guts, and Emily is asking what’s bothering her. When she said it was the Matt thing, Emily acted like it should be something new, as if that wasn’t enough. She told Emily when she was at Emily’s house, and Emily said she was there for her. It’s a process, and she opened up to Shannon and Tamra, and they’ve been taking her out and keeping her busy. In Emily’s interview, she says, Shannon didn’t know Gina’s name last year. She tells Gina, it’s one-sided. They treated her like sh*t for a year. What does Gina want from her? Gina says she needs Emily to be more sensitive to how it looks for her. Emily says, if Gina is worried about her image, why is she drinking a bottle of tequila in the back of a bus with Shannon? In Gina’s interview, she says Shannon is helping her through a hard time. Apparently, Emily has been judging her. Gina says Emily was dancing for her father-in-law on her anniversary, instead of her husband. There’s something weird about that. Emily says she never did a thing to Gina, and tells her, eff off.  

Vicky asks Tamra what they’re doing today; staying in their pajamas? Tamra says she’s going out and doing something. One of the options is aerial yoga, so she’s going for that. In Shannon’s interview, she says, it wasn’t a very good start. Kelly tells Gina that she’s to talk. Gina says she doesn’t listen, and Kelly insists she does, but Gina comes at her. Gina says, the bottom line is, she’s going through a lot of sh*t that she can’t tell Kelly about or doesn’t want to. Kelly will throw it back in her face. She’s always going to bat for Kelly. Vicki came to Annabelle’s birthday party, and tried to talk about a rumor. We see a clip where Gina tells Vicki, she doesn’t want to hear it. Gina says she told Vicki to her face to stop talking about it. Then, her kids are crying for her not to go on this trip. Kelly pats Gina, who says, and Emily is mad at her. Kelly says Gina is shaking; that’s not good. She holds Gina, and Gina says she’s having a hard time, and Matt had an affair a long time ago, before she knew them. Kelly thinks Gina needs to stay home with the kids. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s sorry she snapped at Gina. She needs to let go of her anger, and let the zen in. Gina says she held it in for so long, and all keeps coming out now.

Emily tells Braunwyn that Gina said she should cancel Vegas, since her husband didn’t want go. She didn’t want to cancel. She wanted to be proud of herself and feel confident. It feels like she was stabbed in the heart. Kelly says she talked to Gina, and she’s upset. She had a breakdown. Emily says Gina attacked her and made fun of her, saying she danced for he father-in-law. She did it for herself. Kelly says, everyone wants to fight. They decide to go to the aerial yoga. In Emily’s interview, she says she feels emotionally drained. She’s at a wellness retreat trying to get well, and she needs snacks and a nap. Where’s that yurt?

Braunwyn and Gina walk. Braunwyn tells Gina that she’s sorry she called her a little sister. She meant it as a term of endearment. Gina doesn’t think she said it with malice. She was already pissed off. Braunwyn says she didn’t know Emily was working on her relationship with Emily. She thought it was ending. Gina asks where Braunwyn got that impression, and Braunwyn says that’s the impression Emily gave them when she came back. Gina says she loves Emily, but Tamra and Shannon have been helping her through stuff. It has nothing to do with Emily. Braunwyn says Emily isn’t close with the rest of them, and Gina says she’s been trying to get Emily to open up more. In her interview, Gina says Emily is concerned about her other friendships instead of theirs, and that’ what affecting their friendship.

Yoga instructor Mary Grace welcomes the other women to aerial yoga. Gina tells Braunwyn that she loves Emily; they’re best friends, but Shannon and Tamra have been helping her through stuff. It has nothing do with her. Braunwyn thinks Emily should get close with everyone, and Gina says she’s been trying to encourage that. In her interview, Gina says Emily’s concern with her other friendships instead of theirs, is what’s affecting their friendship. The silks are set up. In Emily’s interview, she says her back hurts. She’d rather use the aerial thing as a hammock, and have someone bring her snacks. Gina and Braunwyn come to a circular path lined with stones. A guide tells them to walk with awareness, and they get notepads. They’re to write what they want to let go, and leave it in the center if they want.

Kelly mumbles about Vicki coming in. Mary Grace explains some moves. In Kelly’s interview, she says it’s like a knife in her heart. She dreads seeing Vicki. She’s afraid Vicki is going to bully her and pick on her. Oh no, there’s another bowl involved. Someone makes ringing sounds with it.

Gina and Braunwyn walk back. Gina says, in her head, she thought there was still a chance that she and Matt would end up together. She was talking to her therapist about it. She tells Braunwyn, this sh*t is hard. In her interview, Gina says she understands she needs to let go of this idea. She cries, and tells Braunwyn, it might sound stupid, but there’s something about physically writing the words and leaving them, that lets her know she’s really going to move on. It’s scary, but it feels good.

Emily asks what they’re going to do. We hear crickets, and Vicki asks how about them Mets was her Vegas thing? Emily says, good, and Vicki asks if she danced. She says she did, and Tamra asks why she and Shannon weren’t invited. Emily says she didn’t think they’d want to go. It went back and forth. She didn’t know if Shane was going or if it was going to be a girls trip. Tamra says if she didn’t want them to go, whatever. Emily says she wanted to go with people who are supportive and kind. Shannon says it’s not like she told them why; it wasn’t even brought up. Kelly says Tamra called Emily Shrek, and Emily says they make fun of her. We see a clip where Tamra is being nasty, and telling Gina that Emily is an animal; she’s like Shrek. In Emily’s interview, she says, when you attack someone’s physical appearance, it’s as low as you can get. She tells Tamra that she feels there’s no interest in getting to know her, and Kelly says Tamra doesn’t put forth any effort. Tamra says Emily doesn’t either. Emily asks what Tamra wants her to do. She feels like she’s always shot down when she reaches out. Tamra says they can’t be close if Emily doesn’t open up. In her interview, Tamra thinks Emily puts on a persona. She can’t understand someone like that. Tamra says Emily doesn’t need to be defensive. Emily says she apologizes, and wants to move forward. Vicki says no one has the intention of hurting each other, but Kelly says Vicki is always asking for dirt on her, and that’s her intention. Vicki says, that’s not the truth. Kelly says Vicki is a wackjob, and Vicki says, that’s not what happened.

Next time, naked ladies in the pool; Gina and Emily talk, and Emily says she felt abandoned; Tamra tells Vicki, if she doesn’t see something herself, don’t repeat it; and Kelly calls Vicki an effing psycho.

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September 23, 2019 – Shiloh On the Loose, Last Day Of the Last Charter, B-ing Strong, Another Season, a Sudden Goodbye, Some Fluff & Portable Party


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So sorry – I missed the very beginning. Sometimes dog duty calls. You’ll figure it out.

Confined to a hospital bed, Franco says, now is when Elizabeth tells him it’s a huge misunderstanding and he’s being released. He guesses not. Clearly, Elizabeth is a very determined woman. She tells him that he gave her no choice, since he won’t accept what the surgeons have told him. He was leaving town, never to return. He says she’s keeping  him from the woman he loves; the woman who had his child. He has no interest in hurting Elizabeth, but she needs to accept the truth. He loves Kim. Elizabeth has no claim on him, and no right to keep him. Scotty comes in, and says, not true.

Kim tells Julian that she tried to call him. He says he got her message, but he was stuck at Charlie’s with some last minute repairs. By the time he was done, he figured she was in bed, and he crashed in the back room, like old times. Kim says, it seems like a million years ago. He says her message sounded sad; what’s happening? She says she wanted to tell him how grateful she is for him. He says he’s the one who’s grateful. She changed his life. She made him a better man. He knows that now. The other day, he came close to making a choice he would have regretted, and would have put their future in jeopardy, but he had a moment of truth. He saw her beautiful face and knew he couldn’t betray her faith in him. She hugs him, and he says, from now on, it’s the Manhattan skyline and Sundays in Central Park. How about if he helps her take her luggage down. They’ll throw what they need in the car, and go tonight. Kim notices the envelope she was going to leave for him.

Epiphany tells Carly, Dr. Navarro is ready. Carly tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to wait, but he says his place is there. Epiphany says, sometimes he gets it right, and he says, if he doesn’t, she’ll tell him. Epiphany says, right again, and wheels Carly off to her appointment.

On the phone at the Haunted Star, Dev asks when the ferry is leaving. He says, tomorrow morning. His destination? Canada. All the way to Port Stanley.

Josslyn gives Jax the boarding school brochure, and says she found this. Her mom and Sonny are thinking about it for her.

Finn tells Peter that he’s misinformed. Franco isn’t his patient. Peter says Finn knows about Franco having the option of his memory being restored.   ** peter som ptions correct restor mem** Finn asks if he’s doing a story on Franco, or is he asking because of his own interest. Peter says, selling newspapers and driving internet traffic is a priority, but his interest is also personal. Finn says, that’s right. Peter was there for the initial transfer. Maybe Peter can answer some questions for him.

Chase tells Jason and Sam, the van was found abandoned, and the guards were gone. There’s no trace of them; nothing. The only thing they found is a pair of handcuffs. Sam says, Shiloh is a menace, not a superhero. Chase wonders if DoD helped Shiloh escape, but how would they know the route? Jason says, maybe it was an inside job.

Shiloh is sorry Bobbie recognized him, but she says, Just keep going, and she won’t tell anyone. He says then she won’t mind if he borrows her car. He opens the door and sees Wiley in the car seat. She tells him, just go. She’ll give him all the money in her purse. He tells her that she has something far more precious. She can give him his son.

Franco says Scotty and Elizabeth were in this together. Scotty was never going to defend him; he was going to drag out the trial as long as possible. Who’s his real client? Him or Elizabeth? Scotty says, his son. He just doesn’t know it yet. Franco says Scotty’s son is gone. Scotty can’t help him. Scotty says he’s done his research, and the law is clear. A spouse can file for guardianship when the husband or wife is incapacitated, and make medical decision. Franco says he’s not Scotty’s son. Scotty says Franco doesn’t believe his own driver’s license, and doubts who he is. The whole world is wrong, and he’s right. They’ll see how that plays out in court. Franco says it’s his life, and he gets to decide how he lives it and who he spends it with. Elizabeth says he told her at their wedding reception that he wanted to be by her side for the rest of his life. He told Cameron that he’d be back. So yes, she’s fighting for him to have that chance. He says, strapped to a bed in a mental ward? She says she’s not doing this to punish him. She’s doing this because she loves him.

Julian tells Kim, it felt good realizing he’d turned a corner with his character. The first step in being a man she can be proud of, and who will make her happy for the rest of her life. He sees the envelope, and asks, what’s this? Their first love letter? Does he have to write one? He knows he’ll get choked up when he reads it. Kim says it’s not what he thinks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay, and Epiphany says, she’s doing well. How is he? He says he’s good, and she tells him have seat with her. She says, there are a lot of nervous daddies out there, even the experienced ones. Sonny knows how that is. She says he thinks he does, but because they’re friends, she’s going to be straight with him. Because she’s the head nurse, she reads the repots and confers with the doctors. Sonny asks if she knows the diagnosis. Epiphany says, every parent leaving with a newborn is facing something. Sometimes it’s right away, sometimes later, but all babies are perfect in God’s eyes. Does he get what she’s saying? He does.

Jax tells Josslyn that he can’t imagine her mom would want to send her away. Josslyn suggests it’s because she cut classes the first day, but Jax says, of course (🍷) not. They’re just worried about her. They know it’s been difficult for her without Oscar. Did she mention transferring schools? Josslyn says, no. She mentioned something about being homeschooled, but she wasn’t serious. Jax says maybe she misunderstood, but Josslyn says, how? There’s only one reason she found that. They want to send her away.

Peter tells Finn that his father was adamant about wanting Jason killed as soon as the transfer happened, but he hid Jason in the hospital. jason was severely injured, and it took years of rehab and care. Finn says it would have been nice if he’d let the family know, but Peter says he couldn’t take the risk. Finn says, fair enough. He saved Jason’s life. Peter says Dr. Cabot had it out for him. He wishes he could have done more. Franco has Drew’s memories, and Andre hopes to reverse the procedure? Finn says Andre thinks he can, but he was clear on the possible risks; there’s a one in four chance Franco will be in a permanently vegetative state. Peter says, tragic, and Finn says, the other outcomes are, he could restore Franco’s memories – Peter says, the best outcomeor there could be no effect. Franco will just continue with Drew’s memories. Peter says, disappointing, and Finn says, or they could intensify. He’ll have a clearer recall of Drew’s past; his capture and what happened when he was in Faison’s hands.

Jason asks Chase if there was any sign of a struggle. Chase says, nothing obvious; no blood trail. Someone had to be in on it. Chase’s phone rings, and he says he’ll meet them there. He tells Jason and Sam, one guard was found unconscious; a blow to the head. They’re bringing him to GH. He’s going to question the guard, assuming he regains consciousness. Jason asks where he was found, and Chase says, not far from the prison. Is Jason thinking of driving out there? Jason says he might take a look, and Chase says keep him informed. He leaves, and Sam asks what Jason is looking for. Jason says, the best option of escape is by boat. He thinks Shiloh is going to head for the closest port, lay low, and wait for the next boat. She asks what he wants her to do, and he tells her, go to GH. See if she can listen in when Chase questions the guard. His phone battery is low, so Sam trades phones with him. She tells him, be careful, and he says, her too. This is what the two of them always say instead of goodbye or see you later.

Bobbie yells for help. She shouts that her grandson was kidnapped. She tells herself, think. She decides she’ll have to walk to get help, but she gets dizzy. She falls to the ground, unconscious.

Franco says, he gets it. As misguided as it is, Scotty loves his son, and Elizabeth obviously loves her husband, but that’s not him. Franco is gone and he’s not coming back. Scotty says he doesn’t know about that. There could be a chance. Franco says, it’s a risky procedure. Elizabeth says he’s hung up on his fantasy past with Kim because he can’t hack the reality they share. He forgot, but she didn’t. There’s something else he doesn’t realize. She knows the real Drew Cane. The one who won medals, and took the flight to bring Franco back to himself, and them.

Kim tells Julian, the past came crashing back and took hold of her. She realized her mistake, and how it could affect her future; the future with him. He says, this is about Franco, He brings back memories of Drew. It’s like having the time back, and she remembers how Oscar came to be. He helped keep Oscar alive. Julian understands. Kim suggests they just go to New York like they planned. She’s ready to go tonight. Julian knows Kim and Franco kissed, and he accepted that, but was there more? What exactly happened last night?

Epiphany wheels Carly back out, and Carly says she and the baby are fine. Epiphany says she looks forward to meeting the baby. In the meantime, go home and enjoy their last few weeks of sleeping through the night. Sonny tells her that he appreciates her words. She leaves, and Carly asks what that was about. Sonny says, friendship. He asks what the doctor said, and she says, the ultrasound showed the baby is right on schedule and getting bigger. The position hasn’t changed. Sonny says they should take Epiphany’s advice and rest. The 2 am feedings are going to happen sooner than later. Carly says Avery has a school bake sale tomorrow. Sonny has to bake brownies. He says he’s not doing it, and she says then he needs to stop by the MetroCourt and get some pastries. Lucky she owns it.

Jax tells Josslyn that he could see floating it past Sonny, but he can’t imagine her mom considering boarding school. She says she knows she’s been stressing Carly out. Maybe she thinks they’d be happier with some distance. Jax says, it’s the last thing she wants. They’ll figure something out. Josslyn says she has. She’s moving in with him.

Peter says, so there’s still a chance to restore Franco to himself? and Finn says, that’s the best outcome for him and Drew. Anna blames herself for giving Drew Andre’s location, but there’s no way she could have known. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he has to get back. Peter says he looks forward to doing this again. He’ll pay the tab, and Finn can get the next one.

Shiloh brings Wiley to the Haunted Star. That boat has been more active lately than it is when it’s open. Dev watches Shiloh from his hiding place.

Chase asks how the guard is doing, and the doctor says, he’s lucky. There’s no apparent injury, and his vitals are good. There’s no sign of head trauma, but they’re doing a CT scan to make sure. The guard opens his eyes, and Chase says he’s in the hospital. The guard says, they’ve got to catch him. Chase says they’ve got that covered, but he says, not just Shiloh. The other guard jumped him, and set the prisoner free.

Sam answers Jason’s phone, and says, Dev? Dev says he needs Jason. Tell Jason that he’s on the Haunted Star. Tell him… The phone goes silent. Dev has been knocked out.

A car pulls up near Bobbie. Jason runs over to her, and asks if she can hear him.

Scotty says Franco made a choice, and now he’s making one for him. Franco gave his life for someone he doesn’t recognize. He wishes it didn’t have to be this way, but it is. He has to get going, and tells Franco this is what’s right. He hopes one day, Franco thanks his father for what he did. Sometimes loving someone means making a difficult choice for someone else. Franco says they want him to undergo a procedure that could leave him in a vegetative state. If they loved him, they’d forget he existed. Just like they said; he’s nothing but delusion. Elizabeth says, forget about him. How can he do this to Franco?

Julian says, what happened last night was more than a kiss, and Kim says, wow. He guesses he should have taken her call, but he was too busy getting ready, while she was too busy getting busy. She says she never meant for it to happen. She says she was leaving. Her mind was made up, and in an instant, everything changed. It would be so easy to put it on Franco, but she’s to blame. It’s so familiar. It was like reconnecting with Oscar’s father. Julian says, and that’s what she wants. Why would she want a guy who sold his restaurant to follow her? Who changed his life, and became better for her? For them? Kim says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know how to grieve Oscar, or how to deny Franco when he remembers everything about her and Drew. She can’t pretend it’s orderly. It’s messy, and complicated, and she doesn’t know what to do. Julian says she’s in pain and wanted comfort, but instead of turning to him, what did she do? Was she going to run away… He says, that’s what the letter is about. She says she was going to explain, and he asks, how? She’s leaving him for another man; thank you, have a nice life. That about sums it up.

Jax says he’d love nothing more than to have Josslyn move in with him, but he wants her to have her own room that she can decorate herself. She can’t until he buys something. They’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on; he promises. He didn’t come halfway around the world for her to go to boarding school. She tells him that she’ll spend the night in his suite tonight.

Peter’s phone rings, and he says, is it done? Shiloh asks if Peter means is he dead? No, sorry. It didn’t happen. Peter probably expected to hear from the guy he planted to kill Shiloh, but he’s not there. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, an apology for starters. He’s all about redemption, even for people who don’t feel the same. He has two phones. The burner phone he’s talking on, and another one he came across. It has names like Jason and Sonny in it. Peter asks again what he wants, and Shiloh says, cash. He wants all the cash Peter can get his greedy hands on. He’s on the Haunted Star, and if he sees any backup, he’ll sing like a bird about Peter’s involvement with Helena. He can kiss the sweet life he’s created goodbye.

The doctor asks in what condition Jason found Bobbie, and he says, she was unconscious. The doctor asks if she regained consciousness at any point, but Jason says, no. He asks if Bobbie has any preexisting conditions, and Jason says he thinks she was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Sam gets to the Haunted Star and sees Dev on the floor. She runs over to him. Shiloh pops out, and says it’s nice of her to join them. Can he make her some tea? It’s going to get pretty crowded on that boat in about fifteen minutes.

Elizabeth tells Franco, in nursing school, they were taught to be objective. She called on her skills, and weighed the risks. She searched her heart, and knows what she stands to lose. It shouldn’t be new to him. In Afghanistan, he put his life on the line every day. He got awarded for distinguishing combat action and extraordinary heroism. She wants him to be Drew. Be that hero again.

Julian says maybe he was wrong, thinking he was the only one who could help; that love was that powerful. He guesses it’s not. He’s not perfect. He never has been. He can spend the rest of his life not breaking any rules, and never catch up. She says he’s the only reason she’s functioning at all right now. He says he could forgive her. How can he blame her for wanting to ease the pain of losing her son, but then he finally has to admit that it’s always been Drew. Not the phantom, the feeling in love exalted memory. Not just the guy, the war hero she fell in love with seventeen years ago. She says she loves him too, but Julian says, just not the same way. She’ll never go over to him. It’s always been Drew.

The guard tells Chase that he’d never worked with the other guy. Chase asks what his name was, and the guard says, it was pure vanilla, Dave Smith. Chase says he’ll run it anyway. He asks if the guard can give a description; a general description is fine. The guard says he’ll do his best, and Chase says that’s good enough for him.

The doctor tells Jason that Bobbie is in a hypoglycemic state. Her blood sugar spiked, but they started treatment, so she should be fine. Jason says he needs to speak to her; it’s important. The doctor says, she’s in and out; make it quick. Jason goes in, and Bobbie wakes up. He asks if she can tell him what happened. She says, Shiloh.

Sam says, he’s breathing, and Shiloh says, of course (🍷) he is. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His call did bring Sam to him, so maybe it’s fate. Here they are, together again, but this time there’s no Jason to get between them. Well, not right this minute.

Elizabeth tells Franco, if he’s really Drew, be Drew. Do the right thing, and make the sacrifice. He says, easy for her to say. It’s an experimental procedure, and he has a one in four chance of being a vegetable. She says she’s not taking it lightly, but she knows if there’s a chance for Franco to come back, he’d take it. She knows Franco is in there. The man she’ll love forever. The man who was willing to die for her son. She’ll never stop fighting for him. She’ll never stop fighting for them.

Julian puts the envelope down. Kim asks if he’s not even going to read it, and he says, no. He doesn’t need to. Besides, it’s addressed to someone else. His name is Julian. He walks, and I say, good job, Kim.

At the MetroCourt, Jax approaches Carly and Sonny’s table. Carly asks, what’s up? and Jax says, a miscommunication. At least, Josslyn hopes it is. Sonny asks if something is going on. Josslyn was fine earlier. Jax says, not now. She’s pretty upset. She wants to move in with him, and she’s staying at the hotel tonight. Carly asks, why? and Jax shows her the brochure, saying, because of this. Josslyn thinks it’s for her.

Jason asks if Shiloh took Bobbie’s car. Bobbie says he pulled her over, and told her to get out. He was wearing a uniform, and she thought he was a police officer. She didn’t recognize him until it was too late. Lucas comes in, and asks, what happened? Jason says he found Bobbie passed out, and Lucas asks, where’s Wiley? His mom picked Wiley up. Jason asks if Wiley was still in the car when Shiloh pulled her over, and Bobbie says, Shiloh has Wiley.

Sam thinks they should get Dev to a hospital, but Shiloh says, he’ll be fine. She says he knows nothing about kids, and he’s out of options. He’ll never make it. His best hope is to give himself up. If he helps Dev, it will work in his favor; she’ll speak up for him. Shiloh says, that’s really nice, but no way. There’s no way she’s conning him. She’s right. He doesn’t have experience with kids, but he’s willing to learn. He brings Wiley out, and says, luckily, he has Wiley to teach him.

Tomorrow, Jax says if it gets worse he’s coming to Sonny for answers, Brad tells Lucas this wouldn’t have happened if not for him, and Shiloh says he has too many hostages. Just wait five minutes, he’s going to have a lot more.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Antibes, France. In her interview, Anastasia says, hallelujah. She and Jack finally had sex, and she’s pleased with the merchandise. She tells Hannah that she only had an hour of sleep. Hannah feels like she’s under a microscope. Her whole season was based on her relationship with Captain Sandy, and she’s not messing it up now. João says he has a virus and a fever, but he’s fine to work. In the captain’s interview, she says she can’t allow João to infect the crew. He needs rest, and she needs to quarantine him. She tells Travis to be the bosun. He has to pick up the guests in Monaco. In Travis’s interview, he says he actually knows more than João. Provisions come in, and Anastasia asks Ben to help, which totally offends him. He tells Hannah to tell her stews not to tell him what to do. The inside dining table is totally covered with all kinds of decorating supplies that Hannah has pulled out. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says the weather is unreliable, especially now that winter is coming. She has to depart early to pick the  guests up. The pressure’s on.

Travis jokes that one must have a deep-rooted passion to do yachting. The sea is seriously rough, but he thinks it will be an easy charter. João’s temperature is still 102. In Colin’s interview, he says Travis has had a million years’ experience, and he’s great, but off the boat, they have problems. The only prescription for João is more yachting. The captain calls for the interior to be on deck. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s been in yachting for fifteen years. He started as a first officer on his first job, but the captain found out he could cook, and the rest is history. In João’s interview, he says he’s hearing Travis on the radio. He thinks Travis is doing a doing great job, but wants to be doing his job. They dock.

The boat is readied for the last charter. The captain calls all crew to the main salon. She tells them that they’ve been challenged by the weather, but hopefully, they can do water sports on the last day. João is looking forward to seeing what they pull together for the last charter. In Hannah’s interview, she says, when they have to stay in, the interior goes up a notch. Ben says, less love, more work. In his interview, he says, the last charter has to be perfect. It would be a shame for him to fly in all the way from Florida to do three half-assed charters. The guests arrive.

Captain Sandy welcomes the guests, saying, the weather is obviously not the greatest of conditions, but they’re happy the guests are here. Champagne is served, and Hannah does the tour. In her interview, Hannah says guest Dan is looking fine, but – she slaps her own hand – that’s not happening. Anastasia says it’s the first time she’s ever seen guests pack light. João tells Colin that he’s tired, and Colin says he’s got this. Ben makes up a cheese plate. He follows the plate to the guests, and says they’re not agreeing with each other on their preference sheets. In his interview, he says it puts a strain on cooking when the guests have nothing else to do but eat. He tells them he’s making a five-course dinner, and no one said they don’t like snails. One guest is leery, and he asks what if he hides it? and she tells him that would be okay.

Hannah tries to eat, and wonders why the girls aren’t answering the radio. The captain wonders why Colin is ordering drinks, and tells Hannah to have one person keep an eye on the guests. In the captain’s interview, she thinks because the stews are friends with Hannah, they think they don’t have to do their jobs. Jack and Aesha flirt. Ben tells them to get out of the galley and make themselves useful. In Hannah’s interview, she says they have two massive theme parties. She’s been spending her break and sleep time making sure this goes off without a hitch, to impress the guests and the captain.

João says he’s freezing, and Colin says João looks like death. He’s going to sleep in the crew mess just to be safe. Colin tells the captain that it’s a million degrees, but  João is freezing. The guests talk about their college days, and a Willie Nelson concert. In Aesha’s interview, she says, it’s so boring. It’s the most boring thing in the world. There’s nothing more boring than that. Anastasia wants to wow the pants off the guests. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy coming down on Hannah about table décor. The captain checks out the Great Gatsby themed table, and says, it looks great. In her interview, she says, finally. It’s what she’s been wanting, and she’s loving this. Colin tells Aesha about sleeping in the crew mess, and she invites him to share her and Jack’s cabin.

The guests dress up for the Great Gatsby dinner. Ben tries to open something, but can’t. Colin does that desperate thing many of us do, trying to open it with his teeth. Ben is having trouble finding a serving spoon. He says the guests requested a French themed menu, and he’s throwing the book at them. Shouldn’t that be le livre? He jokes about hiding the snails. A couple of crew members gather in the galley, but Ben says he wants silence when he’s plating, and it’s like a circus in there. Possibly the biggest exaggeration ever. Now he can’t find his plating tweezers. In his interview, Ben says he usually doesn’t want to eat his own food, but he feels like he’s missing out on this dinner. Big risks yield big rewards, and it was bloody good.

Aesha and Jack hug. He wonders, since they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, is it all downhill from here now? She’s not sure, but he hasn’t seen her in her granny panties yet. In Jack’s interview, he says maybe he should have put it off for a little longer. A few guests get in the hot tub. Dan flirts with Hannah, and in her interview, she says she can look, but can’t touch.

Travis is glad this is the last charter. Captain Sandy says they’re going to leave the dock, and show the guests what they can do with the yacht crew. I’m not sure what that means, since it’s not like they make the food or entertainment. Do they have hidden talents? Will they be the cancan dancers??? Anastasia has set the indoor table, and the captain asks why, since the weather is beautiful. Anastasia says Captain Sandy is right; she made a poor judgement call. It was a mistake. The captain tells her, take everything out, and Anastasia curses her life as soon as Captain Sandy is out of earshot. They prepare for departure, and pull out. They anchor down, and the guests have breakfast. João feels great, and whistles while he gets dressed. He can’t wait to go back. Captain Sandy tells them to put out the water toys. It will be amazing. João says he’s 100% better, but the captain doesn’t want him to be around the guests. Hannah calls for Anastasia, who is busy taking pictures. In Hannah’s interview, she says, here we go again, and we flash back to June, June, Hannah. She says, you can do your job for two more days.

Hannah doesn’t want to come down on Anastasia with an iron fist. Anastasia works well with praise, but crumbles under criticism. The water toys go out. Colin thinks it’s a baller move for primary Randy to bring his girlfriend on a trip like this. He takes his dates to McDonald’s to eat off the dollar menu. Hannah confirms the cancan dancers. Ben thinks he hit the wall again. João is surprised the boat hasn’t sunk. In Ben’s interview, he says Hannah is pressured to have the stews like her. Friendship overrides hierarchy, and when there’s no hierarchy, there’s no accountability. He tells Hannah, the girls nap longer than he sleeps. Captain Sandy tells Ben, it’s like the last supper. She’s noticed that the chefs she’s worked with count meals, not days.

João says he’s good for anchor watch. He feels guilty, and thinks it’s the least he can do. Everyone can get a full breakfast. Cancan dancer Mandy calls Hannah, saying she and the dancers at on the dock. Travis goes to pick them up. Anastasia says she’s never been so committed to table décor. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when Hannah applies herself, and applies it to her team, it’s mind blowing. She doesn’t want to come down on Hannah to get this result. The guests are seated for dinner, and are properly impressed with the table.

The captain asks João how he’s feeling, and he says he’s a little bit under the weather. The dancers warm up. Insecure Ben asks if there have been any comments, but Aesha says, no. He wonders why something wasn’t eaten, and Aesha suggests he check with Hannah, since she’s been at the table more. In his interview, Ben wonders why Hannah is rushing things. He can’t be rushed, and she knows this. Ben tells Captain Sandy that he’s losing it. He’s forgetting what he just did. João and Jack snap towels at each other. Hannah tells the guests that she’s taking them upstairs for a little surprise.

The cancan girls dance. In her interview, the captain says she’s proud of Hannah. She tells Hannah, it’s mind blowing (her phrase of the week). Everyone loves it, and she wishes they’d seen more of it. In Aesha’s interview, she says the interior stepped up, and she’s proud of them. We did a great job. Jack takes to Hannah about Dan, asking if she can suggest they meet when the charter is over. The guests are ready to go to bed, and Dan asks if he can have a whiskey nightcap. He meets Hannah in the longue bar. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s the last night of charter, and she deserves a break. She asks if Dan has had a good trip, and says it’s a pity he’s not staying longer. They flirt without flirting, and Hannah finds out that he’s seeing someone at home. He says, it’s very new, but her balloon has already deflated. João walks by, and in his interview, wonders what he interrupted. In the galley, he jokingly tells Hannah to maintain her professionalism, and she says she is.

Anastasia complains to Ben that she has nowhere to poop after her morning coffee. She doesn’t want to wake up Hannah. Thanks for the visual. Travis tells the deckhands to put all the water toys out, so when the guests wake up, they’ll be happy. Anastasia makes parchment paper for the decorations. Captain Sandy comes out, and tells Anastasia the table isn’t set. The deckhands have the toys out, and she didn’t even have to ask. That’s real yachting. Why can’t she get interior to work that way. Anastasia says they’re not having brunch until 10:30, but the captain says, a set table is a priority. It’s number one. She tells Anastasia to wake everyone up. She’s pissed. Hannah tells the captain the same thing Anastasia did about brunch being at 10:30, and says she has no idea why a table wasn’t set.

In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s getting excuse after excuse. It’s the last day of the last charter, and she’s sick and tired of having this conversation. Aesha tells Anastasia that it’s a Captain Sandy typhoon; she’s pissed. The captain tells Hannah, if someone wakes up, there’s nowhere to sit and have coffee. What’s inviting? Hannah says, the view is inviting, but the captain says there’s nothing on the table. Hannah says she’s never done that, since the glassware might get salty. Captain Sandy says, then put the décor out. If she chartered the boat, she’d want the table set when she wakes up. She wants Hannah to make sure everyone is up. The deck crew is up. They were on anchor watch, and washed her effing dishes last night. She tells Hannah not to exacerbate her already upsetness [sic]. Wisely, Hannah says, sorry. In Hannah’s interview, she says her main priority has been to build a relationship with Sandy. She’s shut her mouth, had no breaks, and barely slept. She’s effing done. Find yourself another chief stew. The captain gripes some more, saying Anastasia said they’re too busy, when the deck crew has set up, and there’s nothing going on with interior. Where’s the OJ? Anastasia says brunch is at 10:30, but Captain Sandy wants it now, and she wants everybody up.

Next time – the Finale – Jack wonders how João puts up with him, a fire on a nearby boat, Captain Sandy wants to cry, Hannah says she can’t do it anymore, and the captain says yachting is not Hannah’s passion.

📖 Turning a Page…

Bethenny keeps on keepin’ on.

☎ Best Lawyer Ever…

I only saw the first season and a half, but I would definitely call Saul.

🌇 Farewell To the Captain…

The Devil’s Rejects is high on my list of favorite horror films, but he had quite an illustrious career. There’s also an early roll call of the celebrity dead on the page.

👠 The Important Stuff…

The clothes and parties.

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September 22, 2019 – Living For Tomorrow, Exes Reunite, Frozen Joe, Vanderpump Spin-Off & Autumn Theft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A video plays, similar to the one Al made, but it’s Ginny’s group. Tom says they got lucky. Then they got unlucky. The worst was when went things went bad. They couldn’t grow food. Another guy says, they lost so much. A third says, they needed help. The story goes on, switching between various people. They were ready to split when she showed up. Everything changed. They built something bigger and better. We’re alive because of them – because of her. Ginny says it’s not about her, or any single person. It’s about how they get from today to tomorrow. She talks about going to settlement after settlement, places filled with good people, and good ideas. They needed help. A guy says they fixed water the supply and helped them grow food. Before, they were barely surviving. Now, they’re thriving. Ginny says they’re building a future every day. Each one holds a key; that’s why they wear these. Ginny shows a key pinned to her lapel. She says, it’s not about how her group helps them; it’s about how they help each other. They fix what’s broken. The world gives people every reason to doubt helping each other, but they can. So if they see someone wearing a hat like hers, or a pin, they’re here to help. They can be reached on channel five on the walkie. Each of them holds a key to more help, and more future. Al says, that’s not the truth, and smashes the TV. The opening titles are seen through a cracked screen.

June says they’ve been driving five days; it’s tough. Al says she’s making another video to show everything. She begins filming. Morgan says, it isn’t easy; it’s hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. Alicia says it imparts the way they’re doing things, and Dwight says, the right way. June says one tank of gas can get them through tomorrow. Wen says, Luci stayed, but they’re going to get her back. Sarah says Ginny told them what they’re trying to do is impossible. Tom says they’re going to make the impossible possible. Al says they don’t have to make a fake documentary to prove them wrong. This is how they did it. This is the truth.

Grace gets intravenous something, and thanks Morgan. He asks if he can get her anything else. She tells him, candy beansies, if he sees them. June says Grace is dehydrated, and it’s hard for her to keep food down. Al asks if June thinks it’s the radiation, and June says, it could be, or it could be something else. She needs to find some medical journals .

Morgan says he wasn’t there when she needed him. He wasn’t there when the rest of the world needed him in Tanktown. He’s here now. Al says he told her that he needed to let Grace know something; did he? He says, no. It doesn’t matter. Grace thinks she has an idea, but she’s not sure if it’s just what she wanted them to say. Morgan says, being away from everyone was hard, but good came out of it. Tom says he thought they’d kill him when they  found him. Virginia was scared to trust people, but here he is. He guesses he’s lucky. He flashes back to seeing Janice coming up the road toward him. He says, they found his sister. Janice says, they found her brother. They found him. Tom says he wanted to help with the documentary. What they’re doing is working. What they’re doing has room for everyone – not just who Virginia deems useful. Everyone is useful. People need to see that.

Alicia paints a tree, and Al asks what she’s going to do when they find a home. She hopes she gets the chance keep doing this. When she first started, she’d hoped to find the artist, but it helped her. It’s how she wanted to be. Art makes sense to her. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Daniel radios from the strip mall, and June asks how the school is. He says, it burned down. There’s nothing left. On the video, June says she wasn’t thinking of anything except making sure they landed, and she picked the right direction. It felt right. Jacob says she has what some people spend their whole lives looking for. Wes says, he thought it was bullsh*t. He’s now part of said bullsh*t, and it turns out, it’s not bullsh*t. Al asks if he’s going to paint again. He says, we’ll see, and looks at Alicia painting a tree.

Grace teaches Charlie the guitar. On the video, she says she wants to be around long enough to see it. The look on everyone’s  faces when they get there. She wants to know everyone is going to be okay.

Morgan asks Grace if she has enough for one more push. John says they may have to leave some of the vehicles behind. Victor wonders if maybe they shouldn’t change direction. There’s nothing out there. Tom tells Al that she might want to turn the camera off. She might not want to document this. Al says she wants to show things as they are. Morgan says, breach, and Dwight kills a zombie that’s invaded their space. He takes something off of the body, and says, look at this.

On the video, Alicia says, sometimes the universe has a way of speaking to you. It’s a Sheriff’s badge, and John says, it’s from the Gulch. Maybe it’s closer than they thought. It was designed to operate without gas or electricity, and there’s a fence around the perimeter. Victor says John doesn’t know what it’s like; he hasn’t been there in years. Morgan says they’ve exhausted everything that’s in the area. If John is right, this will work. On the video, Dwight says, they saved his life before Maybe lightening can strike twice. June feels like it’s the right place, and Alicia says she thinks they found it. Daniel asks if it has a barbershop. Morgan says, if it’s what John says it is, it’s worth it.

Grace yells for June. Morgan runs toward the truck where Grace is resting. Tom is inside with her, and moves out of the way. June checks the pulse on her neck, and asks if Grace can hear her. She tells Morgan, Grace is severely dehydrated, her blood pressure is low, and she needs more fluids. Morgan says, or what? and June says they need to get moving.

Al films, and Daniel says he thought they should take everything they could at the mall. June says she thought she could help treat Grace, if she knew what was going on. She doesn’t even know what to do. She can treat the symptoms; it’s all she knows. Morgan asks how long Grace can go without fluids, and June says, not long. He tests the radio, and says they’ll circle back to the convoy, and get what they need. Sarah says it’s a detour, but there’s a shortcut further north. Morgan says Grace will want to see it. Tom says, this is the part you wouldn’t see on Virginia’s tape. It’s the part you never do.

John and Morgan look through stuff in a storage area. Morgan radios June and Alicia, and says, any luck? But Alicia and June are empty-handed on their end. Morgan thinks they shouldn’t have left, but John says it will be all right. Keep looking. Back with the others, John asks June if Morgan and Grace have something going on, but she’s not sure; maybe. He says, it’s a bittersweet thing, and she tells him, go ahead and ask. He says, okay. He doesn’t want wait anymore to get married at the Gulch, right away. June thinks it’s a great idea. John says he loves her, but keep it under her hat.

John radios Al, and asks how it’s looking, and Al says, got it. She tries to stab an errant zombie who gets the better of her, and they fall to the ground. Alicia nails it from behind. She picks up the fluids they’ve gotten for Grace, and smiles. On camera, Alicia says, it was the only thing she had, and it was taking over. Now it’s not the only thing she has. Morgan asks Grace how she feels, and she says, better. She thanks him, and they smile at each other. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s just glad she’s feeling better.

Sarah says they’ll take the shortcut back in the truck. Ginny can suck it. They made a detour because one person was sick. What they’re building is the future. At least he future they want to be a part of. Wen says, it was a risk. So were Christmas lights on the runway. John says, they were as good as dead, but they didn’t give up. Wes says, they risked their lives. Sarah radios that the bridge it out.

At the bridge, Charlie films. Part of the bridge is breaking down. Alicia says, the semi is too heavy, and Victor says he’s not so sure they should even be standing there. Morgan says they can leave the tanker behind, but John says they’ll never get to the Gulch. Morgan says they’ve got to figure out how to patch the hole. A cable on the bridge snaps. John yells, get off the bridge, and Morgan says, don’t back the tanker up. The bridge starts to give a little. Morgan thinks they should try to cross with one person every twenty feet. Dwight says they have company. Ginny drives up, with her entourage, and says it looks like they could use a hand. Guns are drawn.

Ginny asks if they’re having trouble with the tanker, but Morgan says it’s nothing they can’t handle. He sees they’re making good use of the gas, and Ginny says, it beats saddle sores. She tells everyone to put their guns down. If she’d wanted them dead, they would be dead. She says hi to Tom, and Al says he’s helping them get the story. Ginny asks, which story? He says where she gets her ass handed to her by them. The people need to know the truth. Ginny says, there’s truth and there’s truth. She hopes he picks the one that leaves the most people alive. Morgan asks how she knew where they were, and she says she’s had her eye on the convoy. They could learn something from each other. Morgan and his group have stretched the petrol farther than she thought possible. Then they went out of their way to get medicine, when people are dying. She can’t help if they don’t ask. Victor asks what she means by help, and she says, it means something different to everyone. Victor says, like what? Lay her cards on the table. She says she’s sorted out who provides what, and they need good people; there aren’t many left. Tom asks why she tried to kill him, and she says he became a liability. She’s not going to apologize for her methods, not when she gets results. She tells Dwight that she checked on his wife. He cocks his gun, but then lowers it. She says an engineer she met said he broke bread with Shari. She seemed worried about him. Morgan says, stop, and Ginny says Dwight never said her name. How else would she know it? Morgan says they’re here because they do things different from her. They’re going to keep doing to keep people alive. Ginny says, not much longer. They both want the same thing, they just have different ways of getting there. If anyone wants to try the way it works, they’re welcome. Morgan says, she’s right. If anyone would rather be with her, they should go now. There are no takers, and Dwight says he thinks the choice is pretty clear. Ginny says he has a good hold on them. Victor laughs, and says her strategy of following them isn’t particularly efficient. Ginny says, it’s not? Boys… Her henchmen shoot in the air, and she says it’s like calling the kids to dinner. There’s a herd down the road, and they might be the soup de jour. When they need her help, give a holler. I’m thinking her recruitment tactics aren’t the greatest.

Morgan says, get ready to cross. Everyone, out of the cars now. Said zombie herd starts coming toward them, Morgan says they’ll buy as much time as they can. Everyone grabs stuff out of the cars, and runs. Victor slices and dices. Morgan whacks the zombies with his new and improved pokey stick, and Al stabs whatever she can. The zombies barrel right through the line of cars. Dwight encourages the group to run. Morgan yells for them to get over the bridge. He asks how they’re doing with the patch, but Tom says, it’s not ready yet. Morgan tells Tom, forget it, just go, and another cable snaps. Morgan asks if they can get the tanker over the patch, but that’s a no, so they leave the truck. Tom refuses to go, and gets knocked down when the hole opens up more. The zombies fall through the bridge. I laugh, but then there goes the tanker. Tom jets to join the others, but he stops, saying, he has this. Cables snap as he’s talking, and he’s last seen on camera, screaming as he falls.

Back at the convoy, Al is editing, but the battery dies. Morgan says, it’s okay, but she says she has to get this right, for them; for him. Morgan says, then that’s what they’ll do. It’s not the end of the road. He won’t let it be. They go outside, where everyone else is waiting, sitting in front of the C&L boxcar. Morgan asks if Grace can walk. She says Tom died for the detour; for her. Janice looks in the water. Jacob asks if she wants him to say a few words, but she says, not here.

They stand in the woods. Morgan says Tom believed their story wasn’t over, and wanted to be with people who do what they did for one of their own. And he wanted Ginny to know that. Right, Janice? Janice says, he told her that he wanted to finish it, and Morgan says, then that’s what they should do. Right, everyone? They all nod, and he says, let’s go. He tells Alicia, it’s not going to be easy. They start to walk.

And walk… and walk. Wes tells Alicia, he’s been thinking when they get there, he’ll paint with her. It doesn’t have to be trees. He might need a new medium. She smiles. They walk some more. John approaches Jacob, and asks if it’s a good time for a question. Jacob says, it depends on the question. John asks if he does weddings, and Jacob says, gentiles? He’s always wanted to try one. Morgan asks if he just heard what he thought he heard. John says, it’s going to be a quiet affair, and June says she doesn’t want to make a big deal. Morgan thinks it might be what everyone needs. It will remind them why they’re doing this thing. John says if Morgan’s not busy, he needs a best man. The continue to walk. The road looks endless.

Dwight asks if Al is still filming. She says, as long as there’s a story to tell. Daniel says he doesn’t know Morgan that well, but hear him out. We don’t know how long we have in the world. If we have things to say, we should say them. They stop a moment, and Janice asks if Al is getting this. Al says, you bet she is. They see the billboard for Humbug’s Gulch. Janice says she wants Ginny to see this. See why she lost. I’m worried that it’s not going to be there anymore. Morgan tells Grace, good. One last push. He wanted to say… She tells him, don’t say it. It will make things harder. They look at each other. He he nods, and says he’s glad she’s here to see this. She says, her too, and squeezes his arm.

They finally make it, but it’s as I feared. Sort of. Al takes out the camera. Zombies have invaded the Gulch. Janice says, it can’t be. Maybe it’s the wrong place. John looks through the binoculars, and says they’re up against every gate. They’d be hard pressed to even get inside. Morgan says, they’ll find another way. Victor says, how? They have no food, no water, and their supplies are on the other side of the bridge. June says, there’s nothing else out here, but Jacob tells her that her faith got her this far. She says she needs more faith, and Alicia says they can’t give up. Charlie says they can walk back to the cars, but Wes says they’ll never make it. Daniel says they barely made it here, and Wen says, even if they could, there’s no gas for the cars. Victor says there’s one thing they can do. Al turns the camera off, and Victor asks, why? She wants people to see things the way they are. He does, and now she sees them the way he does. They got to somewhere; here they are. He reminds her there are children with them. The truth is, if they do this, they can live for tomorrow. Morgan ask if anybody can think of something else. Say it now.

Al says she thought this wasn’t going to be the end of the story, but it is. She knows what it means. Dwight says if they call her, there’s no going back. Al says, people are going to die, and Victor says they tried a different way. They can look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow. Dwight says, if they throw in with her, there might not be a tomorrow. He starts to leave, and Morgan tells him, don’t go. They’re miles from anything. Dwight says he’s walked this far before. June says she’s sorry, but John says it’s not her fault. They all thought it was a good idea. Al says, if they’re going to do this, then they should do it. Morgan tells Janice that he really is sorry. I say, don’t do this, but he radios, saying if Virginia is listening, they need her help. The camera pans out, and we see them clustered together on top of the hill.

Next time, Al thinks they can clear the Gulch, John says they have something to fight for, and Daniel says Ginny isn’t walking away without a fight.

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Things are heating up for Gizelle.

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It’s not looking good for Juicy Joe.

But Teresa seems to be dealing.

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I’m still hoping for that Vanderpump Dogs spin-off.

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Summer has been declared officially over. Moving on.

September 20, 2019 – Shiloh Testifies, Winner Winner Made the Best Dinner, Casting Call, Date Revealed, a Feud Revisited, a Dozen Minus One Quotes & Not My Saturday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny leaves Carly a message that he left the trial early. He couldn’t stand looking at Shiloh’s face. Jason will fill her in. He’s getting lunch. He’ll improvise in getting her something.

Carly is also on the phone. Carly realizes the semester started already, but Dev is a fast learner, and she feels the school is a perfect fit. She says she thinks an interview is a great idea.

Dev and Josslyn sit outside Kelly’s. Josslyn thinks the essay is a waste of time. Dev asks if she’s not a Nathaniel Hawthorne fan, and she says she’s not a fan of the assignment. Rather than explaining the symbolism of light and dark, she’d like to discuss whether it’s misogynistic or feminist. The reason it’s dark in some of the scenes is because it’s nighttime. The end. She says he’s quiet; is something wrong? He says no, and she asks if he’s still worried about school. He remembers hearing Carly tell Sonny that they’re going to have to send Dev away. He says, maybe a little.

Lulu and Maxie bring lunch into the Crimson office. Lulu says their lunch is long overdue. Maxie agrees. Lulu has updates, and Maxie asks if they’re about hot Dustin. Lulu says she’s still mortified about her mother walking in on them. Maxie is sure her mother is too, and suggests a heads up next time. Lulu asks to change the subject. Lulu asks how James is, and Maxie says, delicious. Lulu asks how it’s going with Peter, and Maxie says, so good. She’s almost nervous.

On the phone, Peter says they’re not going to get another opportunity like this again. There can’t be any mistakes. Understood? Sketch guy being a guard says, don’t worry. After today, Shiloh won’t be a problem for anyone.

Shiloh is sworn in. Sam makes a meh face at him.

Sonny sees Dev and Josslyn outside Kelly’s, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says, homework with a side of homework. Sonny says, already? and Josslyn tells him, the teachers aren’t being easy on them. Sonny says, hit the ground running, but she says, it feels like they’re sprinting. Sonny tells Dev to take some time off from the warehouse; they’ll survive without him for a bit. Sonny is proud of them, staying on top of things. Josslyn says she’s not ditching, and going back to being an outstanding PCHS student. Sonny says, good. It’s one less thing for her mom to worry about with the baby on the way.

Bobbie stops by to visit Carly, saying she had time before picking up Wiley. Carly says she misses Wiley, and Bobbie says they’re going straight to the Y for his swimming lesson. Lucas and Brad are both working, and didn’t want him to miss it. Carly says Bobbie is living up to her World’s Best Grandma mug. Bobbie says she’s hoping to stay on the same streak with Carly’s little one. That’s why she’s there. She wanted to go over a few things. Carly’s due date is approaching like a freight train, and she hasn’t shared her birth plan. Carly says Dr. Navarro scheduled her for a C-section weeks ago. Bobbie is surprised that she’s having a C-section.

Peter walks into the Crimson office. He says he was going to ask Maxie to lunch, but Lulu beat him to it. He asks for a raincheck, and Maxie gives him a kiss. He asks if Lulu shouldn’t be working on her story, and she says it’s the first break she’s gotten. The pet fashion show was a longer time investment than she anticipated. Maxie asks did she at least have fun, and Lulu says, yes – for the first hour. Peter asks, how long? and she says, four hours of dressed up pets with punny supermodel names. Peter is sure she found a good angle. She says she tried, but she’s craving more. She knows she promised that she wouldn’t ask for another professional favor, but she’s desperate. Can he please convince her editor to put her back on the crime beat?

Shiloh’s lawyer, Miss Soto, asks his name and his occupation. He tells her to call him Shiloh, and says he’s the founder of Dawn of Day. She says they’ve heard testimony about the supposed horrors that happened within his organization. It he the leader of DoD, and is it a cult? He says, no; absolutely not. He takes issue with the term leader. No one person is above another in their organization. She asks what they do, and he says, community outreach mostly; clothing and food drives, and beautification projects. She asks if he’d describe the members as volunteers who better the community, and he says he would, but a more vital component is that they’re a self-help organization. She asks him to elaborate, and he says they believe, in order to heal the world’s wounds, they have to heal theirs first. They’ve helped many lost and misguided souls, some of which are in attendance today. Kristina came to him confused and troubled, alienated from her family. He put her in their outreach program, and watched her blossom into a self-assured young woman. Alexis was involved in a highly toxic, abusive relationship with her ex. The work they did helped move her to a stable more mature relationship. (Huh? Does he mean her relationship with the shrink she needed to help untwist Kristina’s mind from what Shiloh did to her?) He says Sam was unlike her sister and mother. She came to him under false pretenses, saying she needed help working on her co-dependency issues with her son’s father. It became clear that she had an ulterior motive, and ultimately conspiring with the man who tried to kill him – Jason Morgan.

Jennifer objects, saying, the witness is assuming facts not in evidence. Shiloh says, the fact is, Jason threw him down a flight of stairs. Jennifer says, unsubstantiated allegations, and the judge says, sustained. He tells Miss Soto to keep her client focused. She asks if Shiloh takes issue with Sam’s testimony, and he says he takes issue with the fact that she’s lying. Jennifer objects again, saying, inflammatory, and it’s overruled, but the judge advises defense counsel to tone down the rhetoric. Miss Soto asks what might have motivated Sam into giving false or misleading testimony? Shiloh says it might have had something to do with their past history. She asks him to elaborate, and he says, years ago, Sam married his father under a false name, and wiped out their family’s life savings.

Peter says he’ll mention Lulu’s concerns to her editor, but his help comes with a price. He wants her to assure him that she’ll stick to reporting. No more vigilante stuff, and going after the suspects herself. She agrees, but Maxie thinks the crime beat might not be good for Lulu. She won’t have time to hang out with hot Dustin.

Josslyn tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to cause her parents any stress. She knows the baby needs to be the number one priority right now. Sonny is glad to hear it. He asks if they need a ride, but Josslyn wants to finish her essay so she can enjoy her weekend. Sonny says he’ll see them at home. Dev tells Josslyn that he’s glad to get a head start. Josslyn says she can’t take another pep talk. He says he’s just glad she hasn’t written off school.

Bobbie asks why Carly opted for a C-section, and Carly says Dr. Navarro thought it was a safer option. She’s sorry she didn’t tell Bobbie. It must be pregnancy brain. Bobbie tells her, enjoy that excuse while it lasts. She asks if Carly is getting nervous, and Carly says, a little. Bobbie says she’s doing everything right. There are advantages to a C-section, especially if a difficult delivery is anticipated, but they’d know that by now if there were serious complications with the pregnancy.

Carly says, actually, there is something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby. Bobbie asks what it is, but Sonny comes in. He gives Carly some take-out from Kelly’s, and Bobbie says Carly was about to tell her something about the baby. What’s going on with her grandchild? Carly says they know the sex of the baby, but decided not to tell anyone. Bobbie says Carly can’t even tell her own mother? and Carly says she wanted to, but she changed her mind. Bobbie says they’re not having a big reveal party, are they? Sonny says, absolutely not. Carly thinks it’s better to surprise the whole family, and Bobbie says, at least they’re all in the dark together. She’d love to stay, and weasel the truth out of Carly, but she has to get Wiley. She leaves, and Sonny says, Carly isn’t telling her mom? Carly says she thought about it, but the more she thought, the more it sense not to tell her. They won’t know the severity until the baby is born. It’s in her mom’s best interest. She’ll just hover, and Carly wants the next few weeks to be peaceful. Sonny says, all right then; it’s settled. They’ll wait until the baby is born.

Josslyn tells Dev, just being in that building brings up memories of Oscar. She’s constantly reminded that Oscar is gone. Dev says he’s sorry, but Josslyn says, it’s okay. It’s not, but she doesn’t want to stress out her parents. She doesn’t want to mess up too bad, or make them think she’s losing it. There’s no telling how far they’ll go if they think they need to protect her.

Carly hands Sonny the boarding school brochure, and asks what he thinks. He says, it seems good. Carly says she’s done research, and thinks it’s a perfect fit for Dev. She’s been in touch with the school, and spoke with the administrator. They’ll have to interview Dev personally, of course (🍷), but they’re open to taking him this semester, even before the holidays. Sonny says, stop, now. He never agreed to send Dev away.

Peter says he didn’t know Lulu and Dustin were serious. Lulu says, they’re not. Despite what Cupid has to say, they’re not a thing. Maxie says, they are. Lulu says, not serious enough to affect her career decisions. She doesn’t know what the conflict between her work and social life is. Theirs don’t conflict. Maxie says she’s not exactly hunting criminals, just those of the fashion variety. Lulu says she’s just second-in-command at a national fashion magazine. Peter says, only until she’s running her own fashion magazine. Lulu says, what’s that? and Maxie says, it’s nothing. Lulu says, it’s something. It’s something Maxie doesn’t want Peter to tell her. Is she leaving Crimson?

Miss Soto asks if he’s sure Sam was aware of the connection. He says she confronted him directly, but he assured her that he’d long since forgiven her. She didn’t believe him, and did everything in her power to remove him from Port Charles. Jennifer objects, saying Sam isn’t on trial, but Miss Soto says, it’s motive. Sam would have reason to fabricate her allegations against Shiloh. The judge says, sustained, and tells the jury to disregard speculation with regard to Sam. Miss Soto has no further questions. Jennifer says Shiloh stated everyone in DoD was equal. That’s actually not true, is it? Some were more equal than others. How did the Trust operate? He says it was the highest level of the organization. Jennifer says, and Trust members were expected to have sex with him? He stammers, and she says, yes or no? Did the initiation into the Trust conclude with them having sex with him? He says, it has on occasion, and Jennifer says, how many times? Five? Ten? Fifty? Give her a number. He says he doesn’t keep track of that sort of thing. She shows the court a stack of papers, and asks if these sworn affidavits, given by his victims, will sharpen his memory. How many women were initiated into the Trust? How many were ordered to drink the drugged tea to lower their inhibitions? We flash back Kristina’s initiation. Jennifer asks, how many did he mark with his tattoo? We flash back to Sam’s initiation. Jennifer asks, how many did he sexually assault? We flash back to Shiloh finding Willow in her classroom. She says she wants him to leave, and he says that’s not what he wants. She made a promise to never leave him, and she broke that promise. Miss Sotto objects, and Jennifer says, withdrawn.

The judge adjourns for the day. The defendant is remanded to Pentenville. Shiloh is cuffed, and taken out. Chase tells Willow, she was amazing. He’s proud of her. Kristina says she could use a drink, or two, or ten. She asks Willow, any interest? Willow suggests they get the hell out of there. Chase says he’ll text her, they exchange I love yous, and Chase leaves. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam, it was a most satisfying day. Shiloh looked trapped. Sam says she should have known Shiloh was going to use her past against her; he always has another card to play. Jason says her testimony was strong, but they have to cover every possible angle. He tells Spinelli to investigate the connection between Peter and Shiloh. He asks if Sam is okay, and she says she can’t believe he used her past against her. I’m not sure why. He says they knew this was coming when Shiloh opted to stand trial. His only hope is to cast doubt on the witnesses. Sam says she can’t let it get to her. Not after what he did to Kristina.

Sketch guy approaches the guard with Shiloh in the hallway. He says, the warden wants this to be a two man operation.

Carly thought they were on the same page, but Sonny says, obviously not. He didn’t think she was going to schedule an interview. She says nothing has been scheduled. She just got available times. He doesn’t think it’s right to send Dev off. Maybe he’s wrong. She says she doesn’t know what he wants her to do. She won’t ask Josslyn to continue to lie, and she won’t do it to Dev either. He knows his presence there means Josslyn has to lie. Sonny says he knows he’s asking a lot for Josslyn to be patient during this arrangement. Carly says, it’s not sustainable. He says, maybe they could consider letting Josslyn move in with Jax for a while.

Josslyn doesn’t want to talk about school, and asks Dev to talk about literally anything else. How is it working in the warehouse? Dev says, fine, and she wonders if he can be more vague. He says, things are okay, and she tells him that he’s going to flunk English if he doesn’t expand his vocabulary. How’s it really going? He says, good so far, but he feels like not relating, the way some people talk to him. Josslyn asks if they talk down to him, and he says they think Sonny made up the position to keep him busy. He feels like he’s in the way. Not just at the warehouse but at home too.

Peter says, it just came out, and Lulu says, this is happening? Maxie says, nothing is happening. She’s not leaving Crimson. Peter is fixated on the idea that she can run her own magazine. Lulu asks why Maxie is reluctant, and Maxie says she’s happy at Crimson, and she loves working with Nina. Lulu asks if she doesn’t want more. Maxie tells Peter, now that he hijacked their catch-up session, she’s politely asking him to leave. He gets up, puts his jacket on, and tells Lulu, one more thing. She shouldn’t rock the boat at work until he’s had a chance to speak with her editor. She thanks him, and says she’d love to get back to crime. She’s love to cover the Shiloh trial. He says, too dark, but she says, it’s torture waiting for other reports instead of just being there. He says he knows the feeling. In the hallway, he flashes back to Shiloh threatening him, saying he’s an eyewitness. Peter can deny it, but with his track record, who would believe him? Especially not that cutie he brought to the Nurses Ball, Maxie Jones. Shiloh says he wants the hell out, and Peter is going to make it happen.

The real guard says, the warden didn’t say anything, but sketch guy says, with all the media attention the case is getting, and all the crazies coming out of the woodwork, he thought there should be help just in case. The guard says, whatever the warden wants. Sketch guy’s phone rings, and he says he needs to take the call. Start the van, and he’ll be out in a second. It’s Peter, and sketch guy says, the situation is being handled. Peter says, it had better be finished by the end of the trial. Keep him posted. Peter turns around, and Spinelli is standing there.

Carly says Sonny wants Josslyn to move in with Jax? He thinks it’s the least damaging thing for her and Dev. Carly tells him to forget that idea; it’s not happening. She won’t help Dev at Josslyn’s expense. He says he never meant to prioritize Dev; he was just thinking out loud. She tells him, keep thinking. That plan doesn’t work for their family. This is Josslyn’s home, and it will devastate Avery. The first thing she does in the morning is ask where Josslyn is. He says he would never sacrifice their family for Dev. He’s just trying to help the kid out. Carly gets that, but he’s not Dev’s father. Maybe the best way to protect Dev is keep him at a distance. He says he’s not hanging Dev out to dry, but she says they would never do that. He says, sending Dev to boarding school feels that way, but she says, they’d be sending him to a place to create the life he wants. He won’t have to worry about fielding questions about his past. He’d be free. Why she thinks he wouldn’t be fielding questions at another school, I don’t know.

Josslyn says he’s not getting in the way, but Dev says it’s not fair for her to lie. It’s a lot. He appreciates everything they’ve done for him. Josslyn knows he’s grateful, and he says he’s serious. He wants her to know it’s meant a lot – whatever happens. She asks what that means, and he says, it just means that anything can happen to anyone at any time. He doesn’t want to go another day without apologizing. He’s sorry he was a jerk at the beginning. If he suddenly wasn’t around, he’d want her to know how much it meant to him. Josslyn tells him to stop auditioning. He already booked the gig. He’s not going anywhere. She says she’s heading home, and asks if he’s coming. He says he’s staying there. He’s hoping inspiration will strike. She says she’ll see him at home – where he’s not getting in the way.

Lulu asks Maxie to tell her about the new job opportunity. Maxie says there isn’t one, and Lulu says, not until she leaves Crimson. Maxie asks why she would do that. It’s part of her DNA. She asks if Lulu remembers when they were both assistants. Lulu knows Maxie is passionate about it, but she’s not obligated to stay. Maxie says her own fashion magazine is a fantasy. There’s no offer on the table. Starting a magazine is asking to fail. Lulu asks what she’d do if she was put in charge, and Maxie says, it would have to be online. Crimson has an online presence, but she’d want the site to be the crux of the enterprise. She’s want to see a lifestyle brand. They’d do things like affordable concerts, interviews with influencers, the history of fashion designers. Lulu says, so she hasn’t thought about this at all.

Sam asks what Robert thinks. He says Shiloh’s testimony could have gone better, but thinks the jury will see through it. Jason hopes he’s right. Robert says they all want Shiloh brought to justice, but it has to be by the legal system. Not Jason’s personal brand.

Peter says Spinelli snuck up on him, and Spinelli says he’s well-versed the techniques of stealth and surveillance. He hopes he didn’t disturb Peter’s call. Peter says, it was business, and Spinelli wonders how Shiloh’s trial is business. Peter says Spinelli can read about it if he has The Invader online. Spinelli says he didn’t mean to overstep. He was just curious about Peter, since Peter is getting close with his daughter’s mother.

Robert hopes Jason isn’t planning retaliation. All eyes are on the trial. If something happens to Shiloh, the PCPD and his office will know where to start asking questions. He leaves, and Sam asks if he’s kidding. It’s an unfair, unnecessary lecture. Does he think Jason is going after Shiloh while he’s in custody? Jason says Robert thinks he wants Shiloh dead, which is true. He thinks Jason can get to him, which is also true. If the system fails, he’s going to deal with Shiloh personally. Robert can ask all the questions he wants, but there won’t be any proof. Chase sees them, and says, dammit! Shiloh is gone.

Sonny says he’ll keep an open mind, and Carly tells him, don’t take too long. They have to make a decision before the next semester. He promises a decision will be made before the baby is born. She says her goal isn’t to pick on Dev, or push him away. Her goal is to support her daughter. If Josslyn wants to divide her time between them and Jax at some point, they’ll have that conversation as a family. She’s not uprooting her daughter for Dev. She wants Josslyn to pick what’s right for herself.

Dev looks travel options from Port Charles to Montreal. Wow. The flights are pretty cheap. Like, thirty-nine bucks.

Maxie says, sorry to ramble, but Lulu says she’s not rambling. She sounds excited, and Lulu is proud of her. Maxie says she has a big notion of what she’d like to do, but she’s not an entrepreneur; she’s a fashion editor. She’s not qualified to launch a magazine. Lulu says, it sounded like a smart business plan. Maxie says Lulu is too kind. Lulu says when she was considering switching careers and becoming a journalist, it seemed like a pipe dream. But a close friend told her it took three things to make her dream a reality – talent, drive, and commitment – and Maxie has all three. Maxie says, she did say that, didn’t she? Lulu says, she did, and she was right. Maxie says it’s great to about it, but it’s not happening. She’s not leaving now; no way, not yet. The last few years have been rocky for her, and things are just settling down. Besides, she likes how much time she has to spend with James and Peter. Why jeopardize that?

Josslyn gets home, but no one is around. She sees the brochure, and says, boarding school?

Spinelli suggests he and Peter do a double date. Peter asks if Spinelli wants to go out with him and Maxie, but Spinelli says, and Ellie, of course (🍷). The next time they’re all in the same city, they can grab dinner. Peter says, sounds great. Spinelli says with the holidays coming, he’ll be back soon, and Peter suggests he run some dates by Maxie. She can set something up. Peter leaves, and after an extremely awkward moment with Peter waiting for the elevator doors to close, Spinelli makes a call. He says it’s the Jackal, and he needs a trace on a cell phone call.

Sam asks Chase how Shiloh could be gone? He was cuffed and under guard. Chase says, the van never made it back to Pentenville.

Bobbie is pulled over. She asks the officer if there’s a problem. The officer is Shiloh, and he says, afraid so.

On Monday, Finn wants to ask Peter some questions, Franco tells Elizabeth that she has no claim on him, Josslyn thinks she’s being sent away, and Bobbie calls for help.

🍰 If You Didn’t See It…

I missed the first hour of the MasterChef finale, but apparently, everything was getting so close, Joe resorted to complaining about plate colors. Some of the plates were truly unique. One looked like an open book – at least I hope it was a plate, and not really a book, which seems a little unsanitary. The other plate design that caught my eye had a pair of hands on it, which made it look like they were holding the food. Nick got the boot before the end, an undercooked piece of seabass being his undoing. The consolation prize was Joe offering to take Nick under his wing. It came down to Dorian and Sarah, and desserts. Dorian said her dessert was her way of bringing her mom into the kitchen, and Joe said when he ate her food, he got to know her better. She told her story on a plate, and it took major talent to do that. Sarah made some ganache, and I don’t really know what that is, but it was chocolate, and it looked amazing. Both Sarah and Dorian received a Viking kitchen, which was sweet, but would never even fit in my postage stamp sized kitchen. In the end, it was Dorian who got the quarter million, the trophy, and the chance to train in all three of the judges’ restaurants. At age 45, she was thrilled to prove you should always go after your dream. I’m sure Sarah won’t do too badly either. It’s like being one of the finalists on American Idol. There are still plenty of perks.

🍗 If you’re interested in auditioning for the next MasterChef, you can go to: I laughed to myself, thinking I should go in there and make boiled hot dogs and scrambled eggs.

🏩 Wondering If Tad Is Still a Cad…

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Colonel Sanders?

💰 The Return of Tuc…

The 80s? Wall Street? Lamborghinis? Don Cheadle? I’m in.

👠 A Feud For the Ages…

One of my favorite frenemy pairs.

📡 Quotes of the Week

After all, what did they have in common? She was a lawyer, and he was a sandwich. – Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sex in the City

Raise your voice, not your words; it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. – Rumi

Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.Aristotle

Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens. – Roy T. Bennett

I cannot let the fear of the past color the future. – Julie Kagawa

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. – Mark Twain

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.Jules Renard

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.George Bernard Shaw

Justice ain’t about bringing back the dead. Justice is about justice. – Tadzu Lempke (Michael Constantine), Thinner, by Stephen King

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. – William Shakespeare

👓 It’s a Conspiracy…

Everyone seems to have a more fun Saturday than me too. Warning: bad words.












September 19, 2019 – Shiloh’s Trial Begins, a Tale of Two Tonys, Jeff’s Big Mouth & Hawaiian Vibe


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael comes out of the shower, and asks Sasha how long she’s been up. She says long enough to see the news alerts flood her phone. He asks, what happened?

Valentin walks Nina into Crimson, telling her, everything’s still there. He’s sure someone would have told her if anything catastrophic happened. She says she left Crimson in good hands. Maxie is her number one number two. The problem is, Maxie is soon going to be number one, and she’s going to be number AC1490. He tells her not to borrow trouble, and she says, who’s borrowing? With Cassandra in custody, it’s just a matter of time before she winds up in prison.

At the station, Laura asks how their guest is. Jordan says, demanding a doctor and disinfectant for the interrogation room. She can’t wait to get rid of Cassandra. Robert says, it won’t be long; the WSB is coming to pick her up. Laura hopes not too soon. She goes in to see Cassandra, who’s wiping the table with a tissue. She asks if Laura is aware of the pig sty the police force is running. Crack dens are cleaner. Laura says she’ll take Cassandra’s word for it. Cassandra demands to see her ambassador. Jordan is bringing Sonny in, and says they don’t have one from Monaco in Port Charles. Sonny asks if he’ll do.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks Jason if Sam is nervous. She answers her own question, saying, the only things that make Sam nervous are shopping trips and personal relationships. He says, she’s looking forward to  testifying against Shiloh. Maxie says it will be easier for her, since she never believed in that stuff anyway. She feels sorry for Kristina and Willow. She doesn’t think the trial will go on for long; obviously, Shiloh is guilty. Jason asks if Peter will be there. He seems to have taken a personal interest in the case. There was a big article in The Invader this morning. She says, crime drives traffic. It’s not like it was a sympathetic piece. Shiloh is going down. Jason says, maybe. Maxie asks why he sounds unconvinced, and he says, Shiloh was offered a deal and insisted on a trial. He must still think he has a shot at acquittal. Spinelli appears, and says, that’s why they called in the big guns. Maxie jumps up, and hugs him.

Sketch guy meets with Peter at the docks, and Peter asks if he was followed. Sketch guy says he knows what he’s doing, and Peter says, then why is Andre still alive? Sketch guy says if Peter’s changed his mind about paying him, he can take care of Shiloh himself.

Chase walks into the empty courtroom to find Willow sitting on the stand. She says she wanted to get there before the place filled up. She wanted to remind herself what it feels like to be on the stand. He asks if she’s nervous, and she says she’s eager to get this done, and stop Shiloh from hurting anyone again. A guard brings Shiloh in, and he says he’d never hurt Willow. He loved her. And she loved him. He promises when this is over, they’ll be together again.

At the MetroCourt, Kristina practices her testimony for Alexis. She says she’s confident if it hadn’t been for her parent’s intervention, she’d still be under Shiloh’s control today. Alexis tells her, be careful. She doesn’t want to come across like she has a vendetta. Kristina says, she does. She can’t wait for Shiloh to go to prison. Alexis says, it’s not solely on her. Kristina says she wants to do her part, and Alexis says she will. She’s strong, and that’s who she’ll be on the stand. She’s proud of Kristina for taking back her strength and agency. Shiloh couldn’t hurt her now if he tried. Kristina is sure he will.

Maxie asks Spinelli how Georgie is; she looked great in her first day of school outfit. Spinelli says he and Ellie are grateful for her consultation. Georgie loved the outfit, and she was a hit with her peers. Maxie says she chose the dress because it looked great, and it was unique enough to stand out. Jason says, Maxie, and she says, right; the trial. Maxie asks why Spinelli is being called to the stand, and he tells her Robert said they might want background on the operations in Beecher’s Corners. She tells him, remember, clear concise statements, don’t volunteer anything, and don’t ramble. He laughs, and says he’s fully prepared. He asks if they’ll have a chance to dine while he’s there, if she’s not too swamped handling Crimson single-handedly. Maxie says, Nina is coming back, and the pressure will be off. He says she sounds disappointed. She says she was happy to do it, but she’s just as happy to hand it back. She needs to get back to work, and leaves. Jason says it’s good to see him, and Spinelli says, it’s good to be seen. It appears there’s work aplenty waiting.

Peter gives sketch guy a bag, and says he’ll need this. He’ll get the rest of the money upon completion of the job, and he’ll be richly rewarded. If he fails, they’ll both be up the creek. Understood? Sketch guy takes a gun out of his waistband, and says, after today, David Henry Archer will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Shiloh says Willow looks pale, and asks if she’s sleeping well. He says Chase must know about her restless legs. Chase starts to move toward Shiloh, but Willow stops him. She says she’ll sleep like a baby when Shiloh is in prison for the rest of his life. He asks how she’d know how a baby sleeps; she got rid of theirs. Chase says, Willow sacrificed her own happiness to protect her baby from him. She says, Wiley’s where he’s supposed to be, with two parents who love and protect him. Shiloh says, two fake parents are no substitute for one real one. She can’t stop it. One day, Wiley will know his true father.

Michael says, they found Cassandra? and Sasha says, hiding out on the Haunted Star. Talk about close calls. Does he think Cassandra came to finish her off? Michael says, it doesn’t matter. She can’t do anything to anyone. She’s going to prison. Sasha says, she’ll be there beside her pretty soon.

Nina asks Valentin if he thinks Alexis has time to defend a would-be murderer. He says they’re not hiring Alexis. She says Alexis probably wouldn’t want to defend his fiancé anyway. They’ll stick with Diane. He says they’re not hiring Diane. He’ll take care of Cassandra. Nina tells him he’s not to go near Cassandra. He’s a father… He silences her with a kiss, and asks if she trusts him. She says she does, and he says, then trust him.

Laura wonders where Cassandra’s lawyer is. Jordan says, no one showed up. In the meantime, she’s not talking to them. Robert says, maybe she’ll talk to Sonny.

Sonny tells Cassandra that he advised her to stay away from Port Charles the last time they met. She says, yet here she is. He says it’s not the worst mistake she’s ever made. The worst mistake was poisoning Sasha, and risking poisoning his son. He’s going to make sure that never happens again.

Michael tells Sasha that she’s not going to Pentenville. She can’t believe he’s standing by her, and he says, he was mad, but after he cooled off, he realized sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. There’s time for them to figure it out between them. Sasha says, in that time, Nina could have her arrested. Michael says they’ll get her situated with a lawyer, and construct the best way for this to come out. She asks if there’s any good way for Nina to find out she lied about being her daughter. He says Sasha didn’t dream this up. She was Valentin’s pawn, and made an error in judgement. The point is, she’s rectifying it. As far as crimes go in this town, hers don’t rate.

Jordan tells Laura, a couple of minutes with Sonny, who knows what Cassandra will offer up in exchange for protection from him? Laura asks if Robert doesn’t have a case to prosecute, and he says he’s waiting for his third counsel. A woman walks in, and he introduces her as Jennifer, an ADA. Laura asks what the chances are of conviction, and Robert says, excellent. Shiloh was a fool to pass up the offer. Jordan says for the victims’ sake, she’s glad he did. They deserve their day in court. Robert says he’s going to give them just that.

Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back. She suggests he do the same, but he says, threats from a holding cell don’t play. She says she’s giving him advice like he gave her. She might be out of the game, but she’s still in the loop. The sentiment among their colleagues is that he’s outgrown his place.

Valentin comes into the station. Laura asks what he wants.

Cassandra tells Sonny, if he hadn’t refused partnership with her two years ago, he wouldn’t be in this position. He says, what position? and she says, vulnerable to those disinclined to share. He asks if she’s saying people want what he has. He thanks her for the news flash, and says, have a nice life – what’s left of it. Jordan brings Valentin in, and asks if Cassandra is under the impression he’s a lawyer. Cassandra says, why call a lawyer when you can call a old friend? Jordan leaves, and Valentin says, she wanted to see him? She says, last night. Next time, come when she calls. Valentin asks, or what is she going to do? Tell the police his wife drugged her and left her for dead? Cassandra says, ex-wife. The police are hardly motivated to follow up on that, and the police aren’t likely to take her word over Nina’s. He knows that, but Nina doesn’t, does she? And apparently, that suits him just fine.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s had some incredible experiences, living this life. Meeting him for one. He’s glad he’s on the good list. She says working at Crimson; being part of the process, and working with Maxie. She’s so smart and fun, and has a great sense of style. Maxie was in no hurry to bond like Nina, and she had to work to earn Maxie’s respect. What she’s saying is, Maxie is going to hate her like everyone else. Michael says Maxie is one of the biggest liars he’s ever met. She faked a pregnancy and perjured herself in court. Her daughter Georgie was supposed to go to someone else. Stuff happened, and she lied. Long story short, she tried pass her daughter off as the other couple’s kid, until she couldn’t go through with it. Sasha says, wow, and Michael says the point he’s making is, that Maxie found a way to turn it around. She dug a hole deeper than Sasha’s, and found a way to rise out of it. He’s confident that she will too. She wants to believe that, but even if he’s right, and she pulls a Maxie and turns into someone wonderful, that doesn’t lessen the pain Nina will feel, or Charlotte, or even Valentin. He did this because he really loves Nina. This isn’t her way to get out of telling the truth; she just wishes it’s not going to hurt so many people. He holds her.

Maxie is surprised to find Nina at Crimson. Nina says she thought she’d show up, and give Maxie a break. Maxie says, when Nina sees the surplus, it’s because she brought in the last issue under budget. Nina says Maxie is amazing. What would she do without her?

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him. Spinelli asks if he thinks Shiloh was provoking him, and trying to undermine Sam’s testimony, but Jason doesn’t think so. Spinelli asks, what other reason he would have to contact the person most responsible for his downfall? Jason says that’s what he wants Spinelli to research. Shiloh made a special point to drop Peter’s name, and he wants to know why.

Peter walks into the courtroom. He and Shiloh stare at each other.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s trying to be more mindful, as they say in group. Alexis asks if group isn’t helping, and Kristina says, it’s fine, but right now, it feels like work. It was easier talking to Neil. Alexis asks if she wants to go back, and Kristina asks if it’s possible. Alexis says, of course (🍷), but if she’s considering that, she might want to consider a little wrinkle. Kristina asks, what kind? Alexis says she and Neil are seeing each other.

Kristina says, Alexis is dating her shrink? Alexis’s shrink? Was this before or after Kristina got treatment? Alexis says, very after. Kristina asks if it was after Neil was Alexis’s therapist, and Alexis says, nothing untoward happened. They’ve been careful to address all the implications and pitfalls. Being her daughter doesn’t betray any of Kristina’s confidences. Kristina says, with her or Neil? and Alexis says, both. Kristina doesn’t know what to think or how to feel. She’s been pouring her heart out to Neil, and now Alexis is dating him. Alexis says Neil would never tell her anything, and Kristina says she knows; confidentiality. She’ll need some time to adjust. Alexis says, nothing is more important than Kristina. If Kristina doesn’t want her to see Neil, say the word. Sonny approaches, and asks if Kristina is ready to go. He wonders if everything is okay. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she has a referral for another client, and has to go. She’ll try to get to court as soon as possible. She jets, and Sonny asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina says, if she never hears those words again…

Valentin tells Cassandra, they have an understanding. There’s nothing more to discuss. She asks if it’s been so long since he laid eyes on Charlotte’s surrogate. The world thinks Claudette is dead, but they both know she’s very much alive. He says the photo she sent is long gone, and she says, who needs a photo when she has Claudette? She tells quite a story about him. Valentin doesn’t think Cassandra has checked on that since she was in a coma, or she would have learned that Claudette has long since flown the coop. Cassandra says it would be in his best interest to work with her. He says, au revoir. Prison or hell, he hopes she rots somewhere. He leaves, and Laura says, good talk? He says, it’s good to clear the air sometimes. Laura says Cassandra gave her the impression that she could do a lot to hurt him. He says he gets that a lot, and leaves.

Maxie is on the phone, and hears Nina yelling her name. She says she has to run. Nina tells Maxie there’s a glitch in her scheduled meetings, but Maxie says, all meetings are on Thursday now. It was an experiment to address chronic lateness, and no one’s concentration is broken. No meetings are longer than forty-five minutes. It works; she swears. Nina wishes she’d known, but Maxie says she didn’t want to bother her. Nina says she’s sorry, and thanks her, saying her mind’s not in the game. She keeps thinking about Cassandra and Sasha.

Sasha tells Michael that Lucy texted her about a  test shoot. Maybe she’ll be behind bars by then. Michael tells her wait until she sees a lawyer. She wonders how she’s going to face Nina in the meantime. Nina is excited about the wedding, which isn’t going to happen when she finds out. Michael says he’ll get her through it; it won’t be much longer. She says, a few more weeks of living a lie? She’s a pro. He hugs her.

Spinelli has misgivings about Jason’s quest. Maxie loves Peter, and he’s in James and Georgie’s lives. Jason says, all the more reason to be sure of him, but Spinelli says, Maxie is sure about him. Jason says, she’s been wrong before. He tells Spinelli, poke around and see if there’s a connection between Peter and Shiloh.

Jennifer says she needs Willow to project agency to the jury. They need to believe she’s testifying because she wants to. Willow says she is. Chase wonders why Peter is there, and Willow tells him The Invader is giving Shiloh a lot of coverage. He says, but Peter’s not a reporter; he’s a publisher. Robert says Peter is probably there to see him fail, but he’s in for a big shock. Jennifer tells Willow do all she can to make eye contact with the jury. She can look at Shiloh, but don’t direct her testimony at him. Sketch dude has shaved, and poses as a guard. Peter looks at Shiloh. Jason comes in stares at both of them. Peter leaves, and Spinelli says, curious.

The judge speaks with the attorneys. Sam asks Kristina where their mom is, and Kristina says Alexis said she’d be there soon as she can. Sam asks if they got in a fight, and Kristina says, not really… Not yet anyway. Mom is dating their shrink. Sam says Molly told her. Kristina wishes Molly had told her. Michael comes in, and Willow smiles.

Jennifer tells the jury, it’s not a complicated case, but it’s difficult to listen to. They’re going to hear ugly testimony about an ugly man – David Henry Archer. He’s a fraud, a thief, an extortionist, and a sexual predator. He’ll have a separate trial for kidnapping, assault, and murder. He lured in the vulnerable and the lost, and asked them for money, their innermost secrets, and finally sex, to prove themselves worthy of his attention. He deserves no less than imprisonment for the rest of his life. Shiloh’s lawyer says her client is a victim. A victim of prosecutorial overreach, police misconduct, religious persecution, and entrapment. Her client is a spiritual man. The people who hate him are using the justice system to exercise their jealousy. Don’t let them ruin a good man. Shiloh smiles at Willow. The people call Willow to the stand. She gets up.

Jordan says Cassandra requested a moment with Laura, and Laura says she agreed in the hope Laura might incriminate herself. But she asked for Laura’s help, In return for helping Laura destroy Valentin. Jordan says, interesting that Valentin was her only phone call. Alexis comes in, and Laura asks if she shouldn’t be at Shiloh’s trial. Alexis says she has to meet a new client. She goes into the interrogation room, and Cassandra says she’s delighted to have a lawyer with such prestige as Alexis. She’s heard a great things. Alexis says there’s not a lot she can do for Cassandra. The WSB is extraditing her. Cassandra says Alexis has to fight the extradition. She can’t leave Port Charles.

Nina asks if Maxie wants to get breakfast, but Maxie says she has a lot of work to do. Nina says it hasn’t gone unnoticed; the way she stepped up. The time and effort she put in, not just to keep Crimson afloat, but to make it thrive. Maxie says she was glad to keep things going, and Nina says, now she’s throwing herself into the wedding. She appreciates it. Maxie says, what are sister-in-laws for? Nina says she’s going to do right by Maxie. Maxie says Nina doesn’t have to do anything, but she’s been thinking about next moves. Sasha comes in, and Nina hugs her.

Nina asks if Sasha heard about Cassandra, and why isn’t Sasha resting? Sasha says, the elevator isn’t very taxing. Nina asks how things went with Michael. Sasha says they had a long talk, worked some things out, and tabled some others. Nina says, good. She’s glad to see Sasha out of the hospital. Soon, Sasha will be standing up for Nina at her wedding, and she’ll be striking a pose for Deception. Sasha says she doesn’t think she’s going to take Lucy up on her offer. Maxie asks if Sasha is for real. Lucy doesn’t ask just anyone. Nina says, if it’s not Sasha’s thing, it’s not her thing. Sasha says it’s too much of a commitment, and she doesn’t think it will be possible for her to leave town. Valentin comes in, and says he needs to discuss something with his wife.

Alexis says Cassandra wants her to fight the extradition? Cassandra says she prefers to face justice there. Alexis says Cassandra can’t defend herself against the WSB in Port Charles. Cassandra says, surely she can trump up some charges; unlawful imprisonment, attempted murder. Must she do Alexis’s work for her? Alexis says she has no interest in trumping up charges. Cassandra says she just needs Alexis to buy her some time to secure her position and make the deal. Alexis says if all Cassandra wants is a delay, she can do that. Cassandra says she’s going to need one more call to secure funds. She’s so pleased to have Alexis in her in corner. She takes Alexis’s hand, which makes me suspicious for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she took it.  It was weird.

Jordan tells Laura that when she worked undercover for the DEA, Cassandra was on their radar. Compared to her, Valentin is a choir boy. Laura says Jordan doesn’t know Valentin the way she does. Jordan asks if it’s possible Laura knows him too well. She has every reason to hate Valentin, but maybe it’s blinding her to the dangers Cassandra presents. Laura says, even if Cassandra could give them evidence against Valentin, they’re going to lose her to the WSB. Alexis comes out, and says, maybe not. Cassandra decided to fight the extradition. She’s staying in Port Charles.

On the stand, Willow says, her parents were seekers. Harmony says, she was looking for more from life. Kristina says, she found it in Shiloh, in Dawn of Day. She thought she found the answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask. Jennifer asks what he wanted in return, and Kristina says, at first, it was money. Willow says, then secrets. He said it was vital in establishing a bond of trust, but really it was blackmail material. Harmony says, he wanted her to groom young women, and lead them to his bed. If they hesitated, she was to spur them along. Jennifer asks, how? and Harmony says, drug them. Shiloh’s lawyer ask if she’s currently an inmate in Pentenville for drugging women. She says, yes, and his lawyer asks why Shiloh isn’t with her if she was coerced? Harmony says she covered for him. She was protecting him, but not anymore. The lawyer asks if prison is more difficult than Harmony thought, and Robert objects. She asks Willow if her client forced himself on her, and Willow says, no. The lawyer says, so she made a conscious decision to sleep with Shiloh, and for that he should go to prison?

Shiloh’s lawyer asks Kristina what happened to the cup. Why is there no lab report? Why is there no one to substantiate the claims? The court listens to the recording of Sam’s almost initiation. She tells Shiloh that she doesn’t need drugs; she wants to experience everything. He tells her that he wants her transition to be painless, and to trust him. Sam says, there’s the evidence, in Shiloh’s own words. Jennifer asks if she was taken to GH, and Sam says, yes. Jennifer asks if she was given a toxicology scan, and Sam says she was. There was the presence of the drug in her system. Jennifer presents the court with the report, and asks if it’s something Sam took willingly on this, or any other, occasion, and Sam says, no. Shiloh’s lawyer asks Sam to tell the court how many times she slept with Shiloh’s father before stealing his fortune and ruining him? Shiloh smirks.

Maxie asks Sasha what she’s going to tell Lucy. Sasha says she should do it in person. She should get used to giving bad news. She leaves, and Peter comes in, and asks what he missed. Maxie says, a lesson in turning down a once in a lifetime opportunities. He says he’s sure they’re going to get a ton of them when word gets out about how she’s been running Crimson. When she’s ready to spread her wings, there are plenty of people ready to see her fly.

Nina asks Valentin how it went with Cassandra. He says he spoke to her, and she knows she overplayed her hand. She can’t accuse Nina of anything, because she’s just a drug trafficker. And Nina is the sexy editor-in-chief of Crimson magazine. He thinks the WSB is coming for her, and has her totally contained. Nina says someone broke Cassandra out before. What if they come back?

On the phone, Cassandra says she knows she should have listened, now listen to her. Her options are nil. If they don’t come to her aid, she’ll have no choice but to give them up. She says, good to hear. Laura comes in, and says she’s been thinking about Cassandra’s offer, but Cassandra says, it was nothing. She was bluffing.

Alexis sees $10K has been deposited to her account.

Maxie tells Peter she’s too busy helping run Crimson to fantasize about a big career move. She thought he’d be at the trial. Jason mentioned he’d shown an interest in it. He says he likes to leave the nitty-gritty to his staff. He’d just get in the way.

Jennifer tells the judge, any past relationships Sam has had have no bearing on the case. The prosecution has no further questions, and the judge tells Sam to step down. The prosecution rests. The defense calls David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh to the stand. On his way there, Shiloh half winks at Kristina. Willow rolls her eyes.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Maxie if she’s leaving Crimson, Carly says there’s something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby, and Jason tells Sam that he’s going to deal with this person.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Tyler needed to up his game. His boss wanted him to start showing high level listings, in the $5-$10 million range, which he found intimidating. The firm also needed brand recognition. He checked out a property where the owners were interviewing different brokers. I didn’t catch the location (and didn’t recognize it), but the apartment was on the ground floor, as big as a freaking warehouse, and filled with art of all mediums. Ryan was interviewed as well – there was a lot of crossing over in this episode. The owners had done a renovation themselves, and were all about details, like a working porthole in the shower that opened to a wind tunnel. There was also a leather floor, which the owners’ leather guy friends helped create. Tyler said he knows a few leather guys, telling us that he’s a believer in the power of humor. He did make the owners laugh, but instead of clinching the deal, Tyler decided to give them space. He believed the dude was not emotionally ready to let go, but his wife was, and would talk him into it.

In his visit to the same apartment, Ryan could see it was the owners’ baby, a space they were passionate about. Ryan told the dude that Picasso wasn’t done after one, and it was time for him to go to his next canvas, and he agreed. Ryan told us that time kills deals, and if he waits, another broker will swoop in and get the listing. When Tyler found out that Ryan had landed the listing, he said it was soul crushing. He visited Ryan at his office, and Ryan wondered if Tyler was there to hit him over the head and take his listing. What Tyler wanted to know, was what Ryan was doing that he wasn’t. One of his daily affirmations is to become 1% better every day. In Ryan’s interview, he said that he and Tyler probably did the same thing. He just did it better. He told Tyler that he was a chameleon, and if he has confidence in himself, the clients have confidence in him. He’s selling enthusiasm. When they get hesitant, he finds out what their why is. It’s not about pushing something they don’t want. If they didn’t want sell, and weren’t really ready, they wouldn’t have called. Time kills deals. In his interview, Tyler said sometimes his heart gets in the way of closing a deal. It was time to be more assertive.

In advertising the listing, Ryan wanted to make a viral video. He asked a couple members of his team what gets the most views on YouTube, and they told him, kids and music. He decided on a music video. People would think it was funny because he doesn’t dance. It also makes him uncomfortable, which is what people want to see. He told his guys to find him a director.

Steve had an upper West side listing. It was basically handed to him, which he thought was great, but he didn’t get to establish a connection with the owners. While on his way to see it, he told driver Will that pictures sometimes don’t tell the whole story, like with internet dating. It was in a pre-war building, and had been used mostly by artists. Norman Rockwell had once lived there. Will asked if he could have a look too. In his interview, Steve said Will had spoken to him about joining the team, but you need to be super qualified. He said he can’t hate Will for seeing him as an opportunity. He told Will, if he could park in ten minutes, he could come up. The apartment was a penthouse, a triplex with a private vestibule. Steve explained it was done in Memphis design. Founded by Ettore Sottsass, it uses bold color and large patterns. It was big in the 80s, and now popular again. Actually finding a parking spot in the allotted time – a feat that alone should give him a position on Steve’s team – Will made it, and Steve let him practice a sales pitch. It wasn’t that great, but Steve schooled him a little. The property had been on the market for a year, and since all the brokers had already seen it, Steve decided on a different kind of open house. He visited publisher friend Lynn (Hamptons, Gotham, et al), and pitched the idea of having a publishing event there. It just so happened that Assouline Books, connected to the magazines, was having a book launch for New York by New York, so it was the perfect storm. Steve said it was a win for everyone – the publisher, the book, and him. Gotham has 65,000 subscribers, so there would be a lot of people seeing the apartment. Lynn also hit Steve up for being in Hamptons magazine’s best dressed spread. The launch was a success, with Steve using what he called Ninja style brokering. Not everyone was there to buy, but if he sniffed out someone who was, he pounced.

Fredrik had a property in Hudson Square, or as he also called it, old New York. It was a big area in the disco club days, but had now been rezoned as residential and was emerging. He met seller Kathy at the gym, and she was looking to sell her penthouse in a building built in 1920 that was originally a paper factory. Kathy had combined two apartments, and it was pretty amazing, from the original tin ceilings to the disco hallway. There was cool stuff everywhere, and Fredrik sat in a tiny chair to talk to Kathy. She was a little nervous about that, and told him, you break; you buy, but he said, he breaks; he sells. Fredrik needed to find that one buyer, and had the idea for a disco party, capitalizing one the energy of the building. Kathy wasn’t sure how that was going to sell the apartment, but agreed. While Fredrik was discussing it with Kathy at the gym, Ryan showed up. Fredrik told him about the disco party, and Ryan said disco was cool – for old people – but said he’d come anyway. If he gets a chance to get dressed up and be awesome, he’ll do it.

At the brokers open, Fredrik was dressed a la Tony in Saturday Night Fever. Much to his delight, quite a few people showed up in costume. He said had they showed up in suits like they were ready for the board room, it would have felt boring or dated; this way, they were loving it. While discussing the vibe, a broker informed Fredrik that one of the Beastie Boys had lived there. In his interview, Fredrik disclosed that he didn’t know who the Beastie Boys were, and thought they were big in disco. I guess he was mixing them up with the Village People, although I’m not sure how that’s possible. The seller showed up in costume, as did Ryan – the same costume Fredrik had on. He said it was the one-size-fits-all disco outfit. While Ryan had a photographer friend interested in the ground floor apartment with the art, he thought Fredrik’s disco penthouse might be more appropriate for his friend’s needs, and cheaper. The downside was, it was surrounded by construction, that would be there for the next twenty years. A disco party goer insisted on a dance-off between Fredrik and Ryan, and somehow Ryan won. He said he had it in the bag, but Fredrik said it was rigged. Ryan said he didn’t go not to win.

Next time, Ryan puts ads literally on the street, Derek tells Fredrik how much he hates L.A., and Tyler’s boss gets a call from Ryan.

🏫 And She Has the Sarcasm Level Of a Sixth Grader…

I guess the option of keeping his thoughts to himself didn’t occur to Jeff.

🌴 🍹 Rock Your Grass Skirt… 

Why does it sound like everyone is having a more fun Friday than me?


















September 18, 2019 – Peter Turns the Tables, Dallas Goes To Mexico, Back To Camp In 1984, a New Word & Donovan’s Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth is about to knock on Kim’s door, when Kim opens it halfway. Franco tells Kim, there’s no point in dragging things out. There’s nothing there for him, and there’s nothing there for her. It’s not easy, but they’ll make up for the time they lost. They kiss. Elizabeth sees, and Franco locks eyes with her. Why he opened them while he’s kissing Kim, I have no clue.

Sitting outside Kelly’s, Cameron tells Josslyn that he doesn’t know why they look at the menu, and she says, they know it by heart. He says he’s surprised she wanted him to meet her. He thought she’d be at volleyball practice. She says she can afford to miss a practice; she has plenty of time to make it up. The second she steps on the court, all she’ll be thinking about is serving, and setting up the next shot. Cameron asks if that isn’t the point, and she says, it’s supposed to be, but she’s supposed to be thinking about Oscar.

Inside Kelly’s, Dustin calls Lulu, who’s at the MetroCourt. She says she didn’t expect to hear from him. He says he thought they had a great time. She says, it was eventful. He says, aside from her mom… but she asks, how is it that he doesn’t see that’s not the only glaring thing? and don’t say it’s because he only has eyes for her. He says, okay, he won’t, but it’s true. He asks if she wants to get together this weekend. She says, maybe. She’ll text him, and let him know. Maxie joins her, and  asks if she was on the phone with hot Dustin. Lulu says she was, and Maxie sits and says, tell her everything.

Jason meets Sonny at the bar. Sonny asks if there’s been any word on Drew, but Jason says, nothing new. Sonny says, this is a big mistake, and hurt a lot of people. Andre being stabbed, and Drew’s plane going down; someone wants to take them both out. Jason says Drew wasn’t as lucky as Andre. Andre was able to sketch the guy who attacked him. Does he look familiar? He shows Sonny a picture on his phone.

The guy in the sketch wanders around the docks. Peter meets him, and gives him an envelope. The guy looks inside, and says it isn’t the fee they agreed on. Peter says he only completed half the assignment. The guy says he can stick around and finish the job, but Peter says, it’s too risky. He’ll have to find another way.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s never seen the guy. Has Jason? Jason says not that he remembers. Shiloh calls Jason, and says he has important information for him.

Elizabeth says Chase told her Franco was there. No more ankle monitor. He says he’s a free man. Elizabeth says that’s what she was afraid of, and apparently, she had a right to be so. He’s leaving? Franco says he’s sorry she’s in pain. He’s sorry she lost man the man she so obviously loves. She says, her husband. He says he’s sorry he’s not that guy. The only solution that will make it bearable for everyone is if he goes. Elizabeth asks if he thinks this is bearable. He doesn’t know what to say, and tells Kim that he’ll be at Pier 55 at 10 pm. He leaves. I tell Elizabeth to punch Kim out now, while no one is around. Instead, she says they need to talk.

Lulu says, there’s nothing to tell, and Maxie says she’s a liar. Spill. What did he say? Did he ask her out? Did she say yes? She should go, and get her feet wet. Not all the way, but she can wade in. He’s a super good-looking, super nice guy. She asks if Lulu remembers the butterflies from a first kiss, and whatever else that follows. Lulu says she’s going to stop Maxie there. They had a first kiss, and whatever else. Maxie asks what Lulu is talking about, and Lulu says she and Dustin had sex today.

Dustin reads Josslyn’s English paper.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she had a talk with her brother. It was mostly him talking to her, but he made sense. Oscar would want her to move on. He told her himself, and she will sometime soon, but it has to feel right. Everything is about the future, picking colleges and making out applications; it’s all anyone is talking about. The more absorbed she gets it that, the more removed she is, and leaving Oscar behind. Cameron asks if that isn’t the point of moving on. Josslyn says she will, and he says, just not today. She says she wants to grieve a little longer; Oscar deserves it. She says, and this where he tells her what’s going on with him. He says he’s fine, but Josslyn says, he’s not. What’s up?

Peter tells sketch guy that he can’t risk it. Now Franco knows. He needed Andre killed. Sketch guy says he wasn’t prepared for the target to be skilled in self-defense. Peter says he should have been prepared. In light of his track record, Peter is giving him 70%, rather than 50%. He tells sketch guy to go.

Jason asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says his trial starts tomorrow. He’s looking forward to seeing Sam on the stand. Jason asks again what he wants. Shiloh tells him to check out The Invader. They did a piece on him, and Peter greenlighted the piece. He thought Jason would be interested. Jason hangs up, and Sonny asks what that was about. Jason says Shiloh is trying to tell him something about Peter.

Elizabeth asks if she can come in, but Kim doesn’t think Elizabeth wants to do this right now. Elizabeth says her husband just informed her that he’s leaving town and wants Kim to go with him. She thinks they need to do this now. She comes in, and sees the pillows and blanket on the floor, and says, oh my God. Kim slept with him. Kim says, yes, and Elizabeth says, all she gets is a yes? Kim says she knows it’s not fair. Franco did the noble thing, and the procedure happened, but he doesn’t remember being Franco. As far as she’s concerned the man who left is Drew. Elizabeth can’t believe Kim is saying this. Kim says he doesn’t remember loving Elizabeth; he doesn’t remember her period. He remembers Kim, and they’re in love. Elizabeth says, that’s not Drew, but Kim says, it is. He’s just in another body. She doesn’t want to hurt Elizabeth, but Franco is Drew in his head and heart. He doesn’t want to hurt her either. Elizabeth says, Kim doesn’t want to hurt her? She should have thought of that before she had sex with Elizabeth’s husband.  Elizabeth cracks Kim a good one across the face, and I cheer.

Cameron says, you know how they say, be careful what you wish for? and Josslyn finishes, because you might get it? Cameron says he knows what it means. He spent so much time hating on Franco, and wanting him to go away. Now Franco is gone, and he should be glad, but he’s not. He hates every minute of it. Part of it is watching his mom and brothers being miserable and confused. His mom is the worst. She’s getting more desperate and sad, insisting Franco is coming back. Josslyn asks if Cameron doesn’t think he is, and he says, the whole transfer procedure isn’t perfect science. Josslyn asks what the other part is that he hates, and he says he’s grateful for Franco saving his life. Josslyn says she is too, and he tells her that he’s realizing how completed Franco made their family. He made their house a real home, and now he’s gone. Josslyn says, it’s terrible, but hopes Cameron knows it’s not his fault. He knows, but feels like he put so much energy in the universe, and finally got what he wanted. But it’s not what he wanted at all.

Sonny asks if Jason thinks Shiloh is trying to intimidate him. Jason doesn’t think so, and Sonny asks, why the call? Jason says he dropped Peter’s name, saying he greenlighted an article on Shiloh in The Invader. He doesn’t know what it means, but he’s going to find out.

Maxie says, okay. She was not expecting that. Lulu asks if she’s horrified, and Maxie asks, why? They’re two consenting adults who enjoyed themselves. She did enjoy it, right? Lulu says, that’s not the point. Maxie says, that’s always the point. Where did the magic happen? Lulu says, the Haunted Star. She was giving him a tour, and he was regaling her with nautical tales. They got swept up, and went to one of the staterooms. Maxie loves the story, but Lulu says, not how it ends. Her mother walked in, with Curtis. Maxie says she’s trying to picture it, but Lulu says, don’t do that. It was one of the most mortifying moments in her life. Karma in a nutshell. Maxie says, it’s payback for what? and Lulu says her divorce is only half a second old, and she falls into bed with the first guy who shows interest. What’s wrong with her?

A guard deposits Shiloh in the visiting area . Peter sits on the other side of the glass, and Shiloh asks where he’s been. Peter says he’s been busy putting out fires. Shiloh says he thought he was the biggest thing that could burn Peter. Peters phone rings. It’s Jason, and Shiloh says he may have called Jason and mentioned Peter’s name. Peter asks why the hell he did that, and Shiloh says Peter knows why. What he didn’t tell Jason is what Peter did to him and his twin, and that he’s responsible for imploding their lives. He just put Peter on Jason’s radar, since he’s been dragging his feet. Peter says, things have been crazy, but Shiloh doesn’t care. His trial starts tomorrow. Get him the hell out of there.

Jason tells Sonny that Peter didn’t pick up. He asks what Sonny thinks of him, but Sonny doesn’t really know him. Jason says the guy held him captive for five years. He wants to present himself as a good guy, but he wanted Jason to kill his dad, and lured Anna in, and was planning to kill her. Sonny wonders what’s his connection to Shiloh, but Jason has no idea. Maybe Maxie and Lulu know something. Jason asks how Carly is, and Sonny says, physically, she’s fine, but she’s worried about Josslyn. She skipped the first day of school. It’s not surprising; she’s been dreading going without Oscar. Jason asks if Carly is upset, and Sonny says, she gets it to a point, but she turned it into a thing about Dev. She thinks Dev is making Josslyn’s life harder. What does Jason think?

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s sorry about what’s happening to him and his family. It’s terrible; there’s no other way to put it. She asks if there’s anything she can do, and he says, talking helps. She says she’s available any time. No one has come out to take their order, so she goes inside. Dustin sees her, and says he was just reading her essay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she loves talking about this with her ex-father-in-law across the room. Maxie says, the operative word is ex. Sonny knows Dante divorced her. Lulu says, and she was already with someone else. Maxie says her mom and Curtis got an eyeful. Lulu groans, and Maxie says, being interrupted isn’t a big deal. Maxie is happy for Lulu, but she needs to remember that she’s in rebound city. It’s a great place to be, but she doesn’t want live there. Lulu says she’s clear on that, and Maxie tells her, go for it.

Peter says, Jason can’t stand Shiloh, and Shiloh says he’s not president of Peter’s fan club either now. They had a deal. Either spring him or he’s going to tell Jason everything. Peter says if Shiloh tells Jason, he’ll have to confess to his own crimes. Stealing the money, and his deception of a Navy SEAL. If he implicates Peter, he implicates himself.

Franco approaches Cameron’s table, and Cameron says, Franco. Franco says, still Drew. He thinks they should talk.

Elizabeth says, this is insane, and Kim says, but it’s real. Elizabeth gets that Kim’s son died, and she’s an emotional wreck, but she’s snapped if she thinks this is real. It’s an illusion. Kim says Elizabeth keeps saying that, and Elizabeth says, because it is. Her husband was subjected to a hideous procedure, and he’s delusional. Now Kim took advantage. She’s made every excuse in book for Kim, but there’s no excuse for this. She slept with a married man. Kim says, he’s not married in his heart, and Elizabeth says she has a certificate and three boys who say otherwise. Kim says, sorry, but it’s Drew’s life. It’s his choice, and she knows who he’s choosing. Elizabeth says, he’s not Drew, and he’s not in his right mind. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Kim does, and she did it anyway. It’s unforgivable. Kim says it would be, if she’d seduced him and tore their family apart. It was already torn. He’s not Franco, and not Elizabeth’s husband. Kim feels horrible for her, but Elizabeth is acting like Kim’s the one who imploded Franco’s memory, and set this in motion. Drew wanted this; they both did. Elizabeth says, call him Drew one more time… Kim says Elizabeth has a right to be angry. If their roles were reversed, she would be angry too, but Franco is gone, and Elizabeth can’t get him back any more than she can get Oscar back. Elizabeth says, watch her.

Kim asks if it can even be reversed, and Elizabeth says, when it happens, Franco will be back and not Drew. Kim asks how she knows. There’s no science that says it’s possible. Elizabeth tells her, Andre says it is. Kim says Drew’s memories are on a flashdrive; they’re real and tangible. Unlike the Drew now, Franco has no baseline. How is Andre going to get his memory back? Elizabeth doesn’t know, but she knows it can be done. Kim says she’s not facing reality, and Elizabeth says Kim is the one who’s not facing reality. Kim says, it’s an untried procedure. Why does Elizabeth think it will work? Because she wants it to? Elizabeth says, so does Franco, and her boys. They need him. Kim says, please. She’s heard enough. Oscar told her about Cameron’s opinion. Don’t put it on them. Elizabeth is the one who needs him. it’s sad that he doesn’t exist anymore, but Drew is here, and has the right to make his own choices. He did, and he didn’t choose Elizabeth.

Franco sits with Cameron. He says he didn’t ask for any of this. He does wish there was some way he could help Cameron and his mom and brothers, but he’ll never be the man they need him to be. Cameron asks if there’s any chance they could stop him, but Franco says he’s not giving up the woman he loves and the life he has. Not even if it means they don’t get the person they love back. Cameron asks what his plan is, but Franco isn’t entirely sure. Cameron asks if he’s leaving, and Franco says, it’s too difficult for everyone if he sticks around. Cameron says, before he leaves, he wants to tell Franco about the man he’s replacing.

Dustin tells Josslyn, he knows they hate it, but he likes to assign an essay right off the bat. She says, to annoy them? but he says, to get to know them. He says hers was thoughtful and comprehensive. She deserves an A, but as impressive as it was, it left him wanting more.

Jason tells Sonny, there are a lot ways to help Dev that aren’t adoption. Sonny tells him, that’s what Carly says. She thinks he’s projecting Morgan onto Dev. Jason is sure she’s just worried about Josslyn. The bigger thing is, they have a baby coming. Dev is taking time and energy, when they’re having a child who will need their time and energy.

Shiloh tells Peter that his public defender says there’s no way he can beat the charges. What’s one more crime? What’s one more miscalculation or error in judgment? They don’t have to talk to him, just read a paper. Andre has a near-fatal stab wound; Drew is presumed dead. Peter has been trying hard to convince everyone he’s not the son of an evil man, but secrets have a way of coming out, If Jason wants the truth, Shiloh has nothing to lose, but Peter stands to lose everything.

Maxie says, a hottie ride-share driver English teacher… Lulu says, his name is Dustin, and Maxie continues, hot Dustin is okay for the stateroom, but not for falling in love. That’s the last thing Lulu needs. Lulu agrees, and Maxie says she’ll be Lulu’s biggest cheerleader, unless she sees Lulu getting in too deep. Sonny and Jason approach the table, and Jason says he was hoping Maxie could answer a few questions about her boyfriend. Maxie says if he has a question, he should ask Peter directly. Jason says he called, but Peter’s not picking up, and she says she’ll do her best. He says The Invader is running a story on Shiloh tomorrow, and Maxie says she knows about it. After all the crap he pulled, Peter is one of good guys now. Lulu asks where this is coming from, and Jason says Shiloh called him. He made a point of mentioning the story, and dropped Peter’s name. Sonny says they’re trying to figure out why.

Peter tells Shiloh, okay; he’ll put a plan in place for his escape. Shiloh laughs, and says he was under the impression there was already a plan in place. He thinks he’ll have another conversation with Jason. Peter says he’ll come through. Shiloh knows he will. He’s worked hard to polish his tarnished reputation. What would his mother think if the truth came out? Or that perky girlfriend of his? Peter tells Shiloh that he said he would, and he will. He’ll be in touch. He slams the phone down and leaves. Shiloh says, he’ll be waiting.

Dustin says he was tempted to give Josslyn a B. She says he told her it was good, and he says, one of the best. She’s clearly bright, and technically, it’s on point, but he senses she’s capable of going deeper. He says he’ll see her in class, and she picks up her order.

Cameron needs to say what a great guy Franco was. Franco says from what he’s heard, not everyone feels that way. Cameron says he came around. Franco showed up in time to save him. If he hadn’t, Drew would be in this body. Franco says, that would be awkward. Cameron says he owes a lot to Franco. Not for the way Franco treated his mom and brothers – he was amazing – but for how Franco treated him. Franco deserved his respect. Franco thanks Cameron, and tells him, good luck. They shake hands, and Cameron says, good luck to him too.

Kim tells Elizabeth, Drew made it clear. He doesn’t want to go away. Elizabeth says that’s because Kim is encouraging him into thinking they have a life together. It would have never gotten this far if she’d told the truth. Kim says, the truth is obvious, and Elizabeth is ignoring it. Elizabeth says forget about her, which seems easy for Kim to do. What about Julian? How can she do this to him? He’s willing to leave his entire family, and start a new life for her; with her, because it’s what she wanted. She doesn’t care? Kim says, of course (🍷) she does, but Elizabeth says, not enough to not destroy him by having an affair with her husband. For the last time, he’s not Drew, and will never be Drew. Kim says, they’re going in circles. She’s not changing her mind, and would like Elizabeth to go. Elizabeth says, gladly. I call Kim names. When Elizabeth is gone, Kim calls Julian. She gets voicemail, and says she wishes he’d picked up. She needs to talk to him right now. She wants to tell him how grateful she is for everything. She thanks him, and hangs up. She writes a note, starting, Dear Charlie…

Elizabeth calls Scotty, and says, Franco is leaving town – now; in a matter of minutes. He told Kim to meet him at Pier 55 at 10 pm. No more stalling. They have to do something now, or they may never see Franco again.

Josslyn brings the order out to Cameron. She starts to tell him about what Dustin said, and asks, what’s wrong? Cameron says, he doesn’t know if this is the best or worst news, but Franco is gone. Josslyn hugs him.

Maxie frowns, and says, that was weird. Lulu says, not really. Jason and Sonny have personal reasons to want to see Shiloh go down. They’re probably covering their bases, and making sure The Invader isn’t printing fake news. Maxie wonders why Shiloh would be talking about anything with Peter.

Sonny says Maxie seemed surprised at a connection between Shiloh and Peter, and Jason says, it was news to her. He needs another set of eyes. Sonny says, let him guess. Spinelli.

Peter waits at the pier. Sketch guy shows up, and says he thought Peter wanted him out. Peter says, there’s been a change of plans. He’ll get his 30%, plus a bonus. The guy says, in exchange for…? Peter says, taking care of David Henry Archer. Yes!!!

Franco waits at Pier 55. Kim shows up, and I’d like to drop kick her into the water. He says she came, and she says, how could she not? They kiss, and she says, they’re really doing this. He says they are, and she just has one question. Where are they going? He doesn’t know. Does it matter? Anywhere they want. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s with her. She suggests they go to the airport, and he says, it’s a good place to start. He takes her suitcase, but two orderlies grab him, and say he’s coming with them. He’s in custody. Kim tries to intervene, but one of them says she’ll have to speak to a judge. They inject Franco with something, and Kim tries to fight with them, but they take him away. She starts to call the police, but Elizabeth appears, and says, don’t. Kim says, Elizabeth did this, and she says Kim gave her no choice.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin it’s only a matter of time before she goes to prison, Shiloh tells Willow when it’s over they’ll be together, and Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie calls Travis at work. She tells him that D’Andra had to cancel her meeting with him. She texted at 1:30 am. He wants to hear the text, and Stephanie says D’Andra had been getting her hair done since 6 am. It wasn’t working out, her hair was dyed several times, and wouldn’t turn back to blonde. She’s not being unprofessional, but has to sleep. Travis says, it’s very unprofessional. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she set up a time for D’Andra and Travis to meet and discuss D’Andra’s business. Now Travis is pissed at her, but she doesn’t know how it’s her fault. He says in his 30 some odd years of business, he’s never heard of a hair emergency. He doesn’t care if she wears a hat; she should show up. Stephanie says he’s not Beyonce. He says he’s going to call D’Andra, and Stephanie tells him to be nice to her friend. Don’t piss her off. In her interview, Stephanie says Travis’s toughness and aggression are good for business and their bank account, but not so good in relationships. When things go wrong, Travis become Mariah Careyish. Travis gets voicemail, and says he did his part, and didn’t get her message until nine, when they were supposed to meet at eight. He thinks it was disrespectful. The thing about business is, you have to show up or nothing is going to happen. Happy birthday.

Leeanne and wedding planner Steve go to see Nardos, a costume designer. LeeAnne tells Nardos that she’s excited, but behind. In her interview, she says, hi. My name is LeeAnne, and I’m a procrastinator. Nardos says they have six weeks, and it usually takes six months. LeeAnne knows she wants to show her figure in the front, but have a train. Steve says LeeAnne has to see it, and LeeAnne says everyone is ten years old in the bridal magazines. In her interview, she wonders if she has to look at mother-of-the-bride dresses for inspiration. Nardos does some sketches, telling LeeAnne, the back should be a statement. LeeAnne says, that’s what everyone stares at for a while. Nardos asks about the budget, and LeeAnne asks what she can get away with. Nardos asks how $10K sounds, and LeeAnne says, that’s a scary number. Nardos says, how about $7K? and Steve says, so many people want to do things for LeeAnne. She’s always hesitant and humble about accepting things, even though she does so much for them. In other words, he’s asking her to give LeeAnne the dress for free. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, it’s an awkward moment. She knows Nardos does amazing work. If she had the money, she would write a check, but she can’t. A reminder of where she comes from. Nardos says it would be an honor to do her dress, and tells LeeAnne, breathe. Steve wonders if they can put it on Kameron’s bill. LeeAnne asks if she can send Rich a picture, but Steve says he can’t know anything about the dress.

Life coach Carmen goes to Stephanie’s house. Stephanie tells Carmen that she’s not taking care of herself, and knows she’s not visiting Carmen like she should. She’s not centered and she’s anxious. In her interview, Stephanie says, last year, when she opened up about her suicide attempt and depression, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She’d been true to herself, and was living an authentic life. She felt connected. Strangers started reaching out, and a lot of them were suicidal. She couldn’t take the pressure, and started spiraling. She tells Carmen that she’s considering taking antidepressants again, but feels like it’s a step backward, and feels shame. Carmen asks, if she met a beautiful young girl who’d been put on antidepressants, would she say that? Stephanie says, not at all, and Carmen says Stephanie wants the standard for herself to be extraordinary. Stephanie says she struggles with self-esteem. Carmen asks when was the earliest she felt that way, and Stephanie says, kindergarten. Carmen tells her, try to remember how that felt. What would she say to her youngest self? Stephanie says, you’re perfect the way you are. You’re enough. Carmen thinks she needs to take a step in building her self-worth, and Stephanie says she feels like she spent the majority of her life hiding who she really is. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, sometimes you need to go on vacation to escape life. I try to remember what the word vacation means, and she says she’s looking forward to going to Mexico. Carmen says, whoever you are, is perfect. Who told her that? Stephanie says, she told herself.

Jeremy does the laundry. D’Andra says she hasn’t done it since college. She’d rather work three or four jobs. Jeremy says he was taught in the military, and he likes it. He asks if she’s talked to Travis, but she doesn’t know what to say. As a man, he’s not going to understand. Jeremy says he doesn’t understand. Travis doesn’t want to hear her hair story. Just say she effed up. She says she didn’t know he didn’t get the message. Jeremy looks at her, and she says, but it’s her fault. He says, it is. In her interview, she says she’s embarrassed, but it’s important that she call. She took some time out of his life, and was expected to show up. She has to do it now, or he might think she’s a flake, and has no interest in business. She doesn’t want him to get the impression she doesn’t care, because she does. Jeremy says, good luck.

D’Andra calls Travis. She says she apologizes. She’s sorry for missing the meeting. It’s her fault, and she knows she took his time. She’s sorry for how she handled it, and hopes he gives her a chance to meet with him again. She’d love to have his help. There’s a really long pause, and she asks if he’s still there. He says he knows crazy things happen sometimes,  but when there’s an apology, everything is good after that. She says, it won’t happen again. She hangs up, all weepy.

Everyone packs for the trip.

Rich asks if LeeAnne has talked with D’Andra. Nobody apologized to him, and he’s at the bottom of it. He’s forgiven people when they haven’t asked for forgiveness. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the Christian thing to do. LeeAnne says they talked, and she’s not mad. Rich says she’s doing a good job, and tells her to pack. She looks at a sheet she was given, and wonders what this hiking sh*t is. Why are they going hiking? Don’t they know her?

Kameron shows up at the airport with three huge bags for the weekend. Stephanie has been scared to go to that part of Mexico. She heard they’ll put your head on a stick. Kameron practices her Spanish. Badly.

They arrive at Puerto Vallarta. In Kameron’s interview, she says, in her yearbook, she was voted most likely to get lost in the airport on the way to college. She was also voted most like be on the cover of Cosmo, so she guesses it’s okay. Kary tells them, the worst part is the drive to the house. She opens champagne on the bus, and they drink out of Solo cups. Kary puts names in a hat, and says, whoever they pick is who they’ll share a room with. In her interview, she says she’s trying to mix it up, so they interact and get to know each other. LeeAnne says, but she has seven bedrooms. In Brandi’s interview, she says, D’Andra is probably the hardest to room with. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, D’Andra has sh*t everywhere, all the time. And she hogs the bathroom. LeeAnne says, D’Andra is a hot mess of a roommate. In D’Andra’s interview, she says it looks like two tornados met a cyclone. LeeAnne is paired with Kary, Stephanie with Kameron, and Brandi with D’Andra. Brandi says she did not win the lottery on this trip.

They make a stop on the way to Careyes, to go to the bathroom and buy liquor. LeeAnne says, this sh*t sucks, and wonders why they didn’t just fly the whole way. Stephanie feels like she’s been in the car for days. Mind you, this is a two hour ride, and while two hours is usually my limit, I don’t get champagne and comfy seating. In Kary’s interview, she says they’re driving through a rural area, and it’s not glamorous. It sure isn’t. At the place they stop, the toilet has no seat and the door is a curtain. Or as Kameron puts it, a hole in the floor with flies. Stephanie says, it looks like gremlins have peed and pooped in it for years. LeeAnne says it’s the most disgusting thing she’s ever done, and I’m sure that’s saying a lot. They get back on the bus, and hand sanitize.

It’s worth the two hour drive. It’s absolutely beautiful. Kameron says, it feels like something out of a James Bond movie. She wants to get on a fabulous metallic bathing suit. Kary tells D’Andra she’s happy they were able to come and celebrate. LeeAnne thinks taking a helicopter would have been better. Kary says the property has been in Eduardo’s family for about thirty years. It was one of the first trips he took her on, and it’s like her own special paradise. She gives them the tour. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says there are seven bedrooms, and only six of them. She’s not sleeping in the same bed with someone else. Kary says whatever name they got, they have to stay with that person. She thinks LeeAnne is  trying to get out of rooming with her, and it’s disrespectful. In her interview, LeeAnne says, the place is like a Stairmaster on crack. While going down yet another set of stairs outside, she says, clearly, you can’t drink too much and walk around this property. In Kary’s interview, she says she’s trying to get to know LeeAnne, and LeeAnne is disregarding all of it. She points out a footbridge that looks long and extremely frightening, but she tells them, it’s a fun experience. LeeAnne says she’s not doing it, but Kary says she’s done it a million times. Her kids have done it. In her interview, Kary says LeeAnne is ruining the vibe, and she asks LeeAnne if she’s always so negative about everything in her life.

Kary says LeeAnne has been complaining since they got there. We flash back to ten seconds ago when LeeAnne was complaining about the ride. In Kary’s interview, she says she won’t bring negativity into her world. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the host just aggressively came at her. Here’s my beautiful home, and you’re a negative bitch. She’s not negative. She used to have an inspirational blog. In Brandi’s interview, she says, somebody finally called LeeAnne out for her bullsh*t. She loves Kary. Kameron thinks the bridge is scary. They unpack. In D’Andra’s interview, she says it doesn’t surprise her that LeeAnne wants her own room. She likes to be in control or she’s not happy. LeeAnne tells herself, don’t kill anyone. Jail is not worth it. Stephanie and Kary look at the view. Kary feels like LeeAnne doesn’t care to get to know her. She says LeeAnne always picks something to be negative about LeeAnne. LeeAnne asks Kameron if she’s being negative, and Kameron says, no. In Kameron’s interview, she doesn’t get why LeeAnne is often misunderstood in this group. She’s not paying attention to any negative comments. She wants Mexico to be fun and fabulous, and she’s going to have a margarita with a little pink umbrella in it. Kameron tells LeeAnne that her feelings would have been hurt if Kary had said that to her, and LeeAnne says she’s offended. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says not only has Kary not given her a chance, she’s been made to feel unwelcome.

Dinner is served. Kary says it’s a traditional Mexican dinner. In her interview, Kary says her nanny was also an amazing cook, and was her mom’s nanny. D’Andra tells Brandi their room looks like a bomb went off. LeeAnne says she’s roomed with D’Andra, and Kameron says, it’s scary. She’s seen it. She asks how Kary met Eduardo, and Kary says, through friends. They were both married when they met. She tells them, D’Andra dated Eduardo’s brother Guillermo. He’s still not married. D’Andra says she schooled him for everyone. In D’Andra’s interview, she says had she known he had a vacation home like this, she would have put in more effort. Kary says there’s been a dynamic change in coming there since the kids are older. She wants to leave something for her daughter, so she started a jewelry line. We see pictures. There are a lot of pieces with large beads; pretty, but not my style. Kameron says it’s nice having Sparkle Dog. Before that, she had an allowance. Kary says she hates that; she’s not his child. In her interview, Kary says she and Eduardo both grew up with money, but with her mom’s drinking, they lost most of it. She tells the women, she thinks it’s important to have your own money. When you get older, what if he decides to leave? Women without their own money are in a vulnerable place. In Kameron’s interview, she says, in Dallas, a prenup is expected. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, Jeremy didn’t even read it; he just signed it. In Brandi’s interview, she says she and Bryan had no prenup, since they both had nothing. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says they don’t have a prenup, but she guarantees Rich is never going to leave. In her interview, Kameron Says she heard that some wives have to weigh in, and get an allowance accordingly. She would eat a big cupcake every day. Brandi leaves the table, and after a while, Stephanie wonders where she is. She goes to look.

Stephanie knocks on Brandi’s bedroom door. Brandi is lying on the bed, and Stephanie asks if she wants to sleep or come upstairs. Brandi says, sleep. She’s tired. By the time Stephanie says, okay, Brandi is snoring. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s had a poop that’s worn her out. She thinks that’s what happened to Brandi. Stephanie tells the others that Brandi passed out, and they laugh. Kameron says, she wasn’t even doing shots. LeeAnne says Brandi was the first one at the airport; she was there at 6 am. Kary says she’s been doing birthday things for her daughter, and Kameron remarks on how fast the time goes. Kary ask if LeeAnne never wanted babies. LeeAnne says she had a difficult childhood. Kary says she did too. Her mom was an alcoholic, and her parents were divorced. Life is too short for negative energy. LeeAnne says she had a different childhood. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, that’s Kary’s her opinion, but she’s not in LeeAnne’s shoes. Kary doesn’t know her. LeeAnne says, because of the molestation, she didn’t trust men or women. Kary asks if she’s serous, and LeeAnne says, 100%. Why would she lie? She says, it still affects her; it’s permanent damage. Most people who have been what she’s been through commit suicide by age thirty. She’s only tried three times. And given the opportunity, she’d try again tonight. In Kary’s interview, she says, LeeAnne wants to get married and she’s taking about killing herself. What is she thinking? I actually figured it was a dig at Kary. LeeAnne says life was not pleasant for her most of the time. She apologizes for being negative, but she didn’t get much positive growing up. She’s learned to live with what she has. In D’Andra’s interview, she says depression runs in her family, but LeeAnne uses it as an excuse. We flash back to D’Andra telling them about her father’s suicide. She says she doesn’t want to be another person jumping on the tragedy train. Kary says  she’s sorry, and LeeAnne says, don’t be. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, being dark and depressing is a way for LeeAnne to purposely shut the conversation down, and it works. It makes things very uncomfortable. Stephanie asks when they’re waking up. LeeAnne says, when God wakes them up. And if he doesn’t, she’ll thank Jesus for her time on earth.

Next time, D’Andra gets trashed, Stephanie thinks LeeAnne makes excuses to manipulate people, and Kameron and Brandi argue.

🏊 More 80s For Me…

I watched the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984, and I’m liking it. Freak Show is my favorite season, but this looks to be a close second. A combination of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Friday the 13th, a little Halloween, and Jane Fonda’s workout video, it takes place at a summer camp that is just about to reopen. The scene of a mass murder years ago, one of the victims survived, and has purchased the camp, and the counselors have come a day early. However, it seems Mr. Jingles has escaped from the mental hospital, and is up to his old murderous tricks. As if that wasn’t enough, Matthew Morrison (Glee) is a counselor sporting a 70s porn mustache.

🍺 In Case You Were Wondering…

Tallboy – A 16-ounce can of beer. And now an official dictionary word, thanks to Merriam-Webster.

🌻 Another Thursday…

In Jersey no less.