September 12, 2019 – A Close Call For Obrecht, It’s a Girl, Good Reality, Scheana Moves On, Off To College, Only Bethenny & Justice Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly thanks Jax for coming by. She just got off the phone with Michael, and Josslyn is okay. Michael thinks going back to school was tougher than she realized. Jax says that doesn’t excuse her walking off campus and not returning their texts. She asks what he wants to do about it.

Dev finds Josslyn in Charlie’s. He says Carly has been texting, as well as Trina. Josslyn says, her dad has too. He suggests they get going, but she tells him there’s no law that says they have to leave together. He can leave now, and she’ll catch up. She’s not sure how long it will take for her to finish her latte, or she might go to the library. Whatever she decides to do, she’ll be fine. He asks why she’s afraid of going home, but she says she’s not. Sonny has come in, and says, maybe she should be. She knows how her mom gets when she’s worried, and she’s worried about Josslyn.

At Charlie’s, Ava wonders how much she could get for her penthouse. Julian asks if she’s moving, and she says she wouldn’t if she could get a guarantee of no more letters from Ryan. She should have killed Ryan while she had the chance. Lucas texts Julian a picture of him, Brad, and Wiley.

Obrecht helps Sasha with walking, and tells her, baby steps. Sasha says Obrecht doesn’t have to babysit her. Obrecht says, nonsense. They’re family, and in this together now. if only Sasha had met Britt. The resemblance is striking. They could be sisters instead of cousins.

Valentin tells Nina, Sasha is on her way to recovery. Nina can spend the night with him. Nina says she can’t relax about Sasha as long as Cassandra is on the loose.

Curtis and Laura meet in the café. She says it’s quieter than Charlie’s, and if they’re seen in public, people might wonder why she’s talking to him about an international criminal. Curtis says he’s sorry for bringing up bad memories. Helena passed away before he moved to Port Charles. Laura says, dead and gone, but not forgotten. In her experience, Helena’s reach can extend from beyond the grave.

Josslyn tells Sonny, in the beginning, it was fine, but it got to be too much; the combination of everything ordinary, but Oscar not being there, and he never would be. So she left. Sonny says the issue isn’t that she left, but she didn’t tell her mom. She says she’ll try to explain when she gets home. Dev tells Sonny that his day was pretty good. He thinks he did the Corbin name proud.

Ava tells Julian, it’s ironic. Sonny has how many kids, and another on the way. He makes their lives miserable, but they adore him. Kiki wouldn’t speak to her when she died, and they keep Avery away from her every chance they get. Julian is planning to move away from his kids. They’re a fine pair.

Carly tells Jax that she wants to be on the same page before Sonny gets home. Jax thought they were on the same page for their daughter, and Carly says she’d like to avoid a clash. He says his sole interest is Josslyn, and also Carly. She’s in her third trimester, and isn’t supposed to have stress. Josslyn shouldn’t cut school for any reason or not answer their texts. Carly says she’d like to cut the stress, and focus on Josslyn, instead of being a buffer for him and Sonny. He asks if he’s just supposed to suck it up, and she says, yeah. He asks when it’s his turn to make outrageous demands, and Carly says she’s trying to see it from his perspective, but Sonny is doing the best he can. Jax says he’ll have to take her word for it. Carly says Josslyn ran into Michael, he texted that she was fine, and just confirmed it with a phone call. He thinks Josslyn is afraid to come home because of the trouble she’ll be in. Jax thinks they should see how she feels about splitting her time between their homes.

Laura suggests they start with what Curtis already knows. He says he knows Helena was a big bad somebody who hurt a lot of people. He’s surprised at her reach; he wasn’t aware she cast such a long shadow. Laura guesses Helena is the worst of the Cassadines, and that’s saying a lot. He says, presumably, there’s no love lost, and Laura says she loathes Helena, and the feeling was more than mutual. Helena blamed her for the death of her eldest son. Stavros was obsessed with Laura, and also happen to be Spencer’s grandfather. For his sake, she doesn’t dwell on the detail. Let’s just say he was insane, and Helena did everything she could to enable him. Curtis says, one could say Laura’s knowledge of Helena is up close and personal. If anyone wanted to know the ins and outs, she’s the person to ask. She says, Alexis might beg to differ, but she’d say she has the most experience. She wants him to tell her more before she talks. She’d like to know why he needs the information.

Valentin says he wants to put Cassandra behind them as much as she does. Nina  wishes Sonny had said he’d deal with her, and Valentin says, he still might. He’s controlled all criminal activity in Port Charles for the last twenty-five years – allegedly. He says allegedly, because most of the time, any charges didn’t stick. That’s because Sonny is careful and a planner. He wouldn’t tell them about it if has a plan. Cassandra made an error in targeting their family, and it went from bad to worse when Michael came into her crosshairs. One thing Sonny does, is protect his family. Whoever targets his children, disappears, and he hopes Cassandra does.

Carly tells Jax, one bad first day doesn’t require new living arrangements. He says they’re just talking options, but she says he doesn’t even have a place. Why is he pushing it? He says, Josslyn didn’t have to ditch school. All she had to do was call, but she didn’t; she disappeared. Carly says, she’s grieving. She needs space and reassurance. She should be able to come home, and get support and limits. Jax says, the home she comes to could also be his. He’s not trying to take her away, but with Sonny’s cousin living there, and a baby on the way, it’s getting crowded. Josslyn, and Dev come in.

Ava is sorry her grief is cramping Julian’s style. Julian says, in a few days, he’ll be turning the place over to Olivia, packing up the car, and driving to Manhattan with Kim. He needs to make sure Ava will be okay. Doesn’t she think he cares? Ava says, not enough to stay and look out for her. That’s okay; she’s not his responsibility. He’s moving on to the next chapter in his life. She has herself.

Obrecht says, she thinks it’s time she and Sasha discuss who Sasha is to Nina, who Nina thinks she is, and how they can preserve the illusion for all concerned. Sasha would like to says they’re on the same side, and Obrecht says, they are. Nina’s side. Her niece gave her heart to Sasha and Valentin, and they need to guard her happiness. She can never learn the truth about either of them. Michael joins them, and asks why Obrecht is there. Obrecht says she’s more qualified to oversee Sasha’s recovery. Sasha says, maybe better qualified, but not better built. She’ll be back at Windymere tomorrow, and Obrecht can put her through her paces. Obrecht says it will be a good chance for them to get to know each other better, and share their secrets. Until then, don’t overtax herself. She must be at her best for the wedding, lest she disappoint Obrecht’s niece. Sasha has fast become Nina’s whole world. Obrecht leaves.

Valentin tells Nina, try not to worry. They’re safe; Cassandra is a fugitive. Nina says, it didn’t stop her before, but Valentin says they didn’t have this level of protection. The authorities are looking for her too. He suggests they put their energies somewhere else. She says, like their wedding? He says, unless she wants to postpone again. She says they’re doing this. She’s not waiting anymore. She messes with her phone, and says she posted it. Once it’s posted, there are no take backs. Is he ready for this? Because there’s no getting off this ride. He says he doesn’t want to get off this ride, and they kiss.

Carly asks Josslyn if she’s okay, and Josslyn says she’s fine. She’s sorry to make Carly worry. Jax says it’s not okay to ignore their texts. Josslyn says, Michael texted, and they knew she was okay. Carly says she was relieved, but what if she hadn’t run into Michael? She can’t disappear like that. Josslyn says, by third period, she lost it. It was like nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything was different because Oscar wasn’t  there; life was going on without him. She had to get out, so she left. Jax says, leaving her pregnant mother worrying. Josslyn says Jax told her it was fine if she left, but he says he didn’t say to just leave and disappear all day. It was irresponsible and selfish. Josslyn tells him, she said she was sorry. She doesn’t know what else she’s supposed to tell them. She runs upstairs, and Carly says she’ll talk to her. Jax says he’d like to be part of the conversation, and she says he’s welcome to join her, but she doesn’t want Josslyn to feel like they’re ganging up on her. Jax sees her point, and asks her to tell Josslyn that he loves her, and to call him tonight. He suggests the three of them have breakfast this weekend, alone, so they can talk. Carly says it works for her. Sonny comes in, and Jax asks how Dev’s first day was. Dev says, fine, and Jax asks if he found his way around. PC High is pretty big. He asks how it compares to Dev’s previous school, and Dev says, it was a bit of an adjustment, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Jax says, he’s not familiar with Bridgetown schools. Sonny says, Bridgeport, and suggests Jax can go now.

Curtis tells Laura, he’s not at liberty to discuss the nature of his inquiry. She asks who hired him. She needs to know what’s going on. He says he needs information on Helena, and Laura says, she was deranged; a throwback to the dark ages. Helena blamed her and Luke for the death of her true love Mikkos. She put a curse on them on their wedding day, and spent the next thirty years making sure it came true. She failed miserably. Laura survived, and Helena is dead. She’s earned that break, and needs a good reason to dredge up the memories. He says, word on the street is, prior to her death, Helena concealed a valuable artifact on a Cassadine property. She asks, what kind? and he says, the kind that could turn the tables on Valentin.

Nina tells Sasha that Valentin is insisting she sleep in her own bed tonight, and Sasha says, he’s right. Nina needs a break from the chair. Are you kidding me? They couldn’t even bring in a cot for her? Nina tells her if she needs anything, call. She’ll come back tomorrow to take Sasha home. Sasha likes the sound of that. Nina says she loves Sasha, and Sasha says she loves Nina too. Nina and Valentin leave, and Michael says he should probably get going, but Sasha asks him to stay. He says, Epiphany won’t like it, and she asks if he’s still afraid of her. Michael says, yes, adding, Epiphany isn’t afraid of anybody, even Obrecht. Sasha thinks that’s a lesson she could use a tutor for. Michael says, you can’t choose your relatives, but if you’re lucky, you can choose how much time you spend with them. He admits Obrecht is a lunatic, but she seems devoted to Nina, and by extension, Sasha. Why does Obrecht intimidate her?

Julian tells Ava, if he thought she meant that, he’d have left long ago. Ava asks if he wants her to beg. It won’t make a difference. He’ll be off to heal his wounded girlfriend. He says, Kim can’t do it herself. She’s not as strong as Ava. He asks how much Ava had to drink before she came, and she says, enough to tell him the truth. You can’t leave yourself. Kim is going to grieve no matter where she is, and he’ll still be him. What about the energy and effort he’s put in to become the friendly neighborhood barkeep? Julian says he wants a fresh start, and Ava says, she’s tried; over and over again. The world doesn’t let you forget who you are, and they’re Jeromes. You think you’ve put it behind you, but then circumstances will change. You find yourself backed into a corner, an learn how quickly you can maneuver into the person you’ve always been. Obrecht walks in.

On the terrace, Carly tells Josslyn, the weather is going to change soon. She’ll miss the nice nights. Josslyn says, that’s it? and Carly says, fall is nice; the nip in the air, and sweaters are great. Josslyn says Carly’s not letting her have it? Carly tells her, her dad said what needed to be said. Josslyn says she knows he’s right, and Carly says Josslyn scared her. Josslyn says, sorry, but Carly says, let her finish. She can handle Josslyn skipping school, but being unavailable and not returning texts can’t happen. She needs to know where Josslyn is. When most parents don’t hear from their kid, they assume their kid is afraid to come home because they’ll be punished. Theirs is not a typical family. When she doesn’t hear from Josslyn, and she disappears from school, Carly’s mind goes to a different place.

Dev tells Sonny, classes were okay, and the kids were nice. They didn’t ask too many questions. He still thinks it’s a waste, and he’d do better working in Sonny’s warehouse. Sonny says Dev won’t get anywhere in life without an education, and if he’s not in school, people will ask questions. And the same people will figure out who he is. Dev says, like Josslyn’s father.

Nina sees Jax in his office, and says he’s there late. He says he was looking for papers he wants to take home, and she says, her too. He asks how Sasha is, and Nina says, she’s doing so much better. Her recovery is on track, she’s walking and talking, and Finn thinks she can be discharged tomorrow. Jax says he’s relieved. He would hug her… Nina says she’d let him if she didn’t know he was out to destroy Valentin.

Obrecht orders a vodka and tonic. Ava says, no karaoke at The Floating Rib? Obrecht says she was banned, but it’s only temporary. There was an unfortunate incident during Drag Bingo involving a feather boa and her cards. Words were exchanged. She tells Ava she’s buying, and Ava asks what they’re drinking to. Obrecht says her grandniece’s long life. Her prognosis turned for the better. Julian says he’s glad. Happiness is hard to argue with. Julian feels the same way when he sees Lucas with Wiley. Obrecht says, even at the expense of his real parent. Ava asks what she means, and Obrecht says, bad choice of words. She meant his biological parent; a little slip. She knows how powerful a mother’s love is for her children. Julian mixes their drinks, and slips something into Obrecht’s.

Sasha tells Michael that she and Obrecht are still getting to know each other. Michael says, so are they. What struck him is that he’s never seen Sasha intimidated. Maybe he’s reading it wrong. But if there was any time to be intimidated, it was Wiley’s birthday party when she was surrounded by his crazy family. She says, they were nice, and Michael says, she took it in stride. With Obrecht, it seems different. She says he’s right. Obrecht does make her nervous. She puts Sasha on edge because she knows Sasha’s not the person Nina wants her to be.

Laura tells Curtis, she was at the reading of Helena’s will. If there was a valuable artifact or something that would bring Valentin down, she thinks she would know. There was nothing mentioned in the will. How does Curtis know it exists? He says his employer is convinced it does. Laura says, and it can bring down Valentin? He assumes that appeals to her, and she says, it does. He has to remember Valentin is Charlotte’s father. Whatever happens to him, also happens to Charlotte. He says, right, but she also has to think about her grandson. If the job gets done, there will be no need to keep an ocean between Spencer and Valentin. Spencer can return home permanently.

Sonny says Dev figured out Jax. Impressive. They can’t stand each other. Jax wants to take Sonny down, but not at Dev’s expense. Dev doesn’t think Jax likes him, but Sonny says, what Jax doesn’t like is a teenage boy living under the same roof as his daughter. Dev asks if him being there is causing trouble for Josslyn, but Sonny says, Josslyn is going through a lot. She’s going to go through the same thing, with or without Dev.

Carly tells Josslyn, it’s not a conversation she wants to have, but the reality is that Sonny is her husband and Josslyn’s stepfather. A lot of people want what they have, hate them for having it, and will hurt them to get it. So when Josslyn disappeared and didn’t return her texts, Carly’s mind went to a dark place. Josslyn says she’s really sorry. She didn’t want make Carly worry. Carly knows that, and she’ll get over it, but she needs Josslyn to promise to talk to her. She knows she’s asking a lot of her. She has a lot of stuff going on at home and school, and if it’s too much, Josslyn has to tell her or her dad. She can’t keep it bottled up. The more you hold back, it turns to poison. She takes Josslyn’s hand, and says it will hurt her more in the long run than if she just tells them how she’s feeling. Let them help her. Josslyn nods.

Jax tells Nina that she’s gone through hell, and he has his own daughter’s drama. Can they do this tomorrow? She says she’s just stating a fact. He has files on Valentin and Cassandra. It’s no accident, and he’s up to something. She doesn’t know what his agenda is, but thinks Aurora is a cover for it. She’s going to make sure Drew knows. He says, that’s not possible, and she says, what the hell does that mean? Valentin pops in, and says he thought they were leaving. Nina says they are, but Jax doesn’t want her to share her suspicions with Drew. Jax says, Drew is missing, and presumed dead. He’s the sole remaining CEO of Aurora.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s not the person Nina wants, and Obrecht knows it. She sees through to who Sasha really is. Michael says Obrecht is no one’s idea of a good judge of character. She’s made Sasha question her calls, when she’s come to trust her instincts She asks, what do his instincts tell him? He says, that she has a story to tell, and there’s an ugly part. So does his story. If she doesn’t turn away from his, he won’t from hers.

Obrecht is passed out on the bar, and Ava says, who knew she was such a lightweight? Julian tells Ava that her ride is there, and she says he can’t wait to be rid of her. He wants to get away because she reminds him of the things he wants to forget. Like happiness is fleeting for people like them. Regret like a slow poison. You don’t know where it came from, but you wake up and can’t breathe. She doesn’t blame him for trying to get away, but he can’t escape himself. He walks her to the door, saying he loves her, but she’s had a little too much. She asks if he’ll be mad at her in the morning, but he says, absolutely not. She’s given him a lot to think about. Ava says he’s still her brother, always and forever. She toddles off, and Julian goes back to the bar and an unconscious Obrecht. He picks up his paring knife. Great weapon of choice.

Dev says, maybe it would be easier if Josslyn didn’t have to keep the truth from her dad. Sonny says, it’s not an option to tell the truth. Josslyn and Carly come back in, and Sonny asks if everything is okay. Carly says, it’s good, and Josslyn says, sorry to worry them. Sonny is just happy she’s okay. Carly suggests Josslyn and Dev get cleaned up for dinner. Josslyn goes upstairs, but Dev says he has to get a book out of the car. Sonny asks Carly if everything is really okay. She says, tonight it’s okay. What did Dev say? Sonny says he’s just concerned about Josslyn lying for him. She says, he’s perceptive. They do need to discuss what they’re going to do with him. Sonny says he’s not looking forward to it, but Carly says, it’s not working. They have to send Dev away for everyone’s good, including Josslyn’s. Dev listens from outside the door.

Laura says Curtis makes a good case. He asks her to tell him what she knows, and she says she’ll do better. She can think of a couple of places Helena may have hid the artifact, and she’s going to help him find it. He laughs, and says, she’s mayor. She doesn’t have the time. She says he made a case to bring her grandson home; she can make the time. Congratulations. He has a partner again. They high-five.

Julian raises the knife… and stabs the cutting board. He tells Obrecht, time to get up and get a cab to go home. She’s drunk.

Michael says he’s going to go; Sasha needs her rest. Sasha says she promised him answers, and he says, when she’s fully recovered. Still being in the hospital is just getting there. That comes after she’s discharged. She can tell him what she wants, or not. He’s got the only answer he needs. Finn told him that she’d be okay. He kisses her, and tells her, get some rest.

Nina ask if there’s no chance of finding Drew alive. Jax says he’s hired crews to help search, but the plane went down in the Gulf of Aden, and the wreckage was confirmed. He’s sorry to tell her like this. Nina says she can’t remember the last time she saw Drew. His poor family. He’s been so supportive; it doesn’t make sense. Valentin tells her, let’s go, and they leave. In the hallway, Nina says she was so happy. Her daughter pulled through, and she’s going to marry Valentin. She was on top of the world. He says she will be again, with him, and sooner than she thinks.

The index finger of a manicured hand taps on the table. The other hand holds a phone showing Valentin and Nina’s wedding announcement. The woman smashes the phone down, and we see the announcement through a cracked screen.

Tomorrow, Peter needs to tell Valentin something,

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York…

Ryan interviewed agents for a new rental team to deal with the building he’s obligated to broker. Amelia’s mom came to stay for a while, and when Ryan brought a baby outfit home, he got schooled in Greek superstition. Not only is it bad luck to buy gifts for the baby before it’s born, you can’t walk over a pregnant woman’s legs. This can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck. It’s also necessary to give in to every demand the pregnant woman makes, or the baby could be born with a birthmark in the shape of what’s been requested. A rule obviously made up by a smart, but demanding, pregnant woman. Ryan didn’t want his baby coming out shaped like ice cream, so he said he’d take the outfit back. He built a rental team from his interviews, but developer David wanted to put things on hold, since the apartments were still under construction. Ryan explained to us that he’d named several buildings to make the apartments more recognizable, rather than just listing them by number address, and it helped with sales. David nixed the name the Smile, but I would have too. It’s not exactly the Gibraltar or the Jacqueline. Later, Ryan’s team received a list from David, of twenty-five things they were doing wrong with the property in the Great Jones building. It sounded absolutely bogus. For example, one thing was not playing up the history, when Ryan went so far as to dress in costume for an open house. He found out David had gotten the information from other brokers, and said they were just trying to get the listing, but he decided to take it seriously. The complaints went after what he’s about; his commitment and work ethic. He told his team to get to work. He met with David, who was about to fire him. Ryan told David that the accusations were false, and drummed up by jealous agents, trying to get the property. What Ryan really thought the problem was, was the market, so his team came up with several new ideas in seven hours, including informational booklets. He also suggested the penthouse be sold first, and the others, one by one. He said buyers were tired of new developments. He offered to split the cost 50/50 with David, of the $150K it would take to do what was needed. David was impressed, and decided to keep Ryan, but told him to save the hug for after he sold the apartment.

Steve was still looking for a rental for childhood friend Phil. Steve told us a common conundrum with people looking for investment properties, was that they start thinking about themselves and their personal taste. Luiza was in London, tying up some loose ends, so Phil and Steve hung out like the old days. They did some boxing, some cryotherapy (Steve did anyway), and shots at a bar. Phil had looked at two units in the same building, one of them being brokered by Fredrik. They made an offer of a million less than the asking price, one of the factors being that it was competing with another apartment in the building. Fredrik felt it was way too low because of the parking spot, and countered at only a hundred thousand less than full ask. While Phil and Steve enjoyed their time at the bar, Steve called Fredrik’s competitor, said they were in active negotiation with Fredrik on the other apartment, and got the apartment at the $6.5 million they’d offered Fredrik. This one was on a lower floor, but also had a terrace, whereas the other apartment did not. Fredrik called while they were in the bar, and Steve gave him the good news that Phil had taken the other apartment for well under seven million. Back from London, Luiza had gotten the baby’s gender in an envelope from the hospital. She wanted to find out together with Steve, so she gave it to a balloon company, and got a balloon. When they popped it open – Steve made Luiza chase a moving target – pink confetti flew out. Steve and Luiza are having a girl.

Tyler’s seller Jillian was in panic mode. She needed to sell quickly because they’d already found their dream home. The other property on his plate was in the Mercantile building, where people were paying $8-$12K a month to rent (my heart). He decided to have a residents’ event, and turn renters into buyers. He recruited friend Oz Pearlman, a mentalist from America’s Got Talent, to come to his open house. He was amazingly accurate, and even explained a little about how he gauges people’s reactions to his questions. Some things were still a mystery though, and I wondered how the blip he did it. Tyler’s brother Zack also paid him a visit. Tyler explained that he and Zack were complete opposites – he being out there energetic and gay, and Zack being lumberjack straight and quiet – but somehow their relationship works. Zack was getting ready to drive a van through South America with his wife for the next year. He showed Tyler the van, and described how he was going to revamp it for travel. That there would be the lack of a toilet, caused Tyler to wonder how they came out of the same woman. Not getting any offers yet for the Mercantile, Tyler also did private showings for non-residents. He found the problem to be that there were competing properties that were more of a blank canvas or a turnkey property – something immediately available to move in to. The apartment had been very specifically renovated, with a little girl’s room and a walk-in closet turned nursery, and the owners were still living there. When he found out the time frame had changed, and Jillian’s family couldn’t move for another few months, he suggested getting a temporary rental for them, and re-renovating the apartment to be more attractive to buyers. They could put off selling, and do it when the time was right, getting a better price. Since the sellers owned the apartment outright, they could afford to wait. He told us moving was the second most stressful thing (death and divorce being number one and three, respectively), and he wanted to show his buyers that he cared about the transition they were going through, including being patient. I have to confess, I thought he might be a d-bag from the previews, but that’s very selfless. He’s tipping the scales toward good guy.

Most of Fredrik’s story was with Steve, but he did have an open house on what turned out to be the coldest day of the year. Steve was supposed to be there, but was forty-five minutes late. By then, a lot of the people had left. Fredrik wanted Steve to come up with Phil’s offer, but Steve held firm, reiterated that it was a buyer’s market, and you know the rest. Fredrik met with broker Younghee, and Pomeranian, Hendrix the Dog, and told her about Phil buying the other apartment. He said a comp was established, and affected everything. She called her seller, and spoke in an Asian tongue, so Fredrik couldn’t listen in and kibbutz. He said the only solution was for him to learn every language in the world. The seller wanted another $100K, and Fredrik’s buyer took it.

Next time, Ryan competes with Tyler for a listing, and Fredrik and Ryan dress up like Tony in Saturday Night Fever.

💬 Along with Southern Charm and Below Deck (I prefer the original, but the Med ain’t bad), IMO, Million Dollar Listing New York is one of the best reality shows. While I don’t mind a good catfight, many of the Housewives shows have deteriorated, while these shows have grown. Below Deck is a different animal, with the crew changing over frequently, and the guests ever-changing, but I include it because the focus is less on the fighting, and more on the job and the vacation. Unless the fighting is among the guests, and we get to laugh along with the crew members. I miss Josiah who gave me one of my favorite quotes when guest Crystal drunkenly refused to leave the deck to go to bed, and swatted at anyone who tried to encourage that. She’s wrapped herself in a sort of shame cocoon. Many of the cast members in SC and MDLNY have grown from basically bratty young adults to contributing members of society. Well, Fredrik is still a little bratty. Many of them have kids and serous careers now, which I’m sure accounts for a lot of the change. All three have one major thing in common – the cast seems to genuinely care about one another. While they might be at odds at times, deep down they feel affection for each other. They make me smile and laugh more than I’m shocked at the stupidity and/or obnoxiousness. Proof positive that reality TV is more than table flipping and wig pulling.

To end my mini diatribe, I include another quote, this time from Captain Sandy (Below Deck Mediterranean) who I was recently watching in Captain Sandy’s Yachtrageous Moments, a compilation of scenes from seasons past. When I wake up thinking about you, it’s not a good day for you, because it’s probably your last day.

🍸 Adam Who…?

I guess having a relationship, but insisting they didn’t, didn’t work out.

🌺 All Growed Up…

I don’t think any of this stuff is from Five Below either.

👰 Funny, I Didn’t See It That Way…

I never thought Bethenny meant anything except Suckerfish Hoppy still won’t legally let her go.

👓 Probably Not My Weekend…

But I like the beat.








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