November 10, 2019 – Negan Does Bonding Exercises, More Than Hair Pulling, Thirsty Maloof, Say Thanks & a Yo-Yo For Negan


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Carol wakes. It’s still dark out. She washes her face, and makes some coffee. She packs her knapsack and arms herself. She looks at her gun in the drawer.

Daryl is sitting on the porch smoking I don’t know what. Carol gets some food to-go, and heads out. Daryl comes up behind her, and asks if she’s feeling better. He asks where she’s going she tells him, to look for Negan. He asks if he can come along.

They get to a cliff in the forest, and Daryl asks if she thinks he crossed the border. He can’t see Negan putting on a mask, but she says, stranger things have happened. She takes out binoculars, but Daryl says Negan isn’t going to be wandering around to be spotted. He’s not dumb. She scans the vista, and Daryl asks her to tell him what they’re doing out there. She says, looking for Negan, and he says, tell him what they’re really looking for. She says, the horde. They have to find it and destroy it.

In the infirmary, Dante jokes that a tiny part of Cheryl is thrilled that she’s sick, so she can spend more time with him. She says, oh yeah. She’s puking because she has a crush. He says it’s a textbook case of the butterflies. Emotions manifest themselves in different ways. The heart wants what it wants. He checks her vitals, and she says she’d break him like a twig. Siddiq comes in, wearing Coco in a snuggly, and asks Cheryl how Dante is doing. She says, the jury is still out. Dante acts crushed, and says he thought they were having a moment. Siddiq says, this makes seven, and Dante asks how Rosita is. Siddiq says, same as everyone else. They have to keep everyone hydrated, and wait it out. Dante tells Siddiq to lap up the daddy/daughter sh*t while he can. They grow fast. He reaches to hold the baby, but Siddiq says he has some boundaries. Dante says, his bad, and tells Siddiq, go; have fun. If Siddiq needs him to peek in on Rosita, say the word, and he’ll make sure she’s on the mend. Boundaries again? Siddiq nods, and Dante says, noted.

Carol she’s Daryl a map, and says she’s been tracking them along the border. A small group connected at the jungle area. She thinks they should stake out a spot, and Daryl says they should see where the Whisperers go. They’d need a big place. He points to a spot on the map, and says they wouldn’t be able to sneak in without starting sh*t. They should figure out where they are, and tell the council. He asks why she didn’t say anything, and she says, after what happened with Alpha, she didn’t want to worry him. She asks if he’s sticking around, and he says she’ll need him, but she tells him that she’s picked up a few things over the years. He says they’ll see.

As he walks blindfolded with the Whisperers, Negan says he wants to join; he’s a joiner. Give him a damn application. They’re a class outfit, with their back to nature paleo vibe. And no more being eaten by the dead; that’s the real selling point. They’re a survivor’s wet dream. He asks if they’re going commando under there, and Beta has enough. He turns around, and puts crisscrossed knives against Negan’s neck. Negan calls him the Jolly Green Giant, and tells him to cool his jets. Beta says, no more noise. He’ll slit Negan’s throat and be done. Negan says he’s never properly introduced himself. He’s Negan (as we all are, I add in my head). For the last eight years, he’s been locked up by their enemy. Take him to his leader, and he’ll spill every secret he knows. Beta takes Negan’s blindfold off, and puts it in his mouth as a gag. I laugh.

Eugene thanks Nabila for choosing to assist in the radio relaunch boon. She says she’s happy to be part of the Hilltop AV club. He asks if he can show her the souped up soviet satellite version of the radio, and asks if she can parlez-vous Russian. She says, nyet. That’s all she’s got. He says, you haven’t lived until you’ve bounced a transmitter off the biosphere. She says, it sounds cool, but she’s got to get back to the kids. He tells her, there’s no expiration date on the invite, and she tells him to have fun. When she’s gone, he says, solo trip it is. Let’s see how far you fly. He turns the radio on hears Rosita’s voice. She tells him that she was looking for him. She just wanted to see what he was up to. She jokes that she has a fever, so she could be delirious. He asks what she has, and she says, it’s just a bug; she’ll be fine, and Coco is okay. What’s he up to? He says he’s revamping the radio set-up, but everyone wants a slice of Eugene. She asks if he’s coming back soon, and he says, to be honest, he hadn’t given it much thought, but it’s good to hear her voice. She says, her too. Some sparks fly out of the back of the radio, and he says there’s been a malfunction.  Mother of pearl. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, he has to fix the radio proto before it all goes fubar. He’ll call back this afternoon.

Daryl and Carol (why do their names have to rhyme?) take turns throwing acorns at a can, trying to knock it over. Both fail miserably, missing by a mile. Carol says, without his crossbow, his aim isn’t that good. He says, it’s not his thing, and she says it’s not hers. His acorn grazes the can, and he says he wins, but she says he’s got to knock it over, not kiss it. He calls her a sore loser. She finds two acorns fused together, and says she’s got a double-capper. She says it’s good luck, and gives it to him, telling him, maybe it will help with his aim. He tells her to watch her own throws. She asks how Hilltop is, and he says, fine. The king sends his best. She asks how Connie is, and he says, she’s fine too. Carol says she sees, and he says, it’s not like that. She says, why not? There’s not many people left to find, much less good ones. Why not? He asks why it matters, and she says, because it does. They don’t have to be alone. He can’t hide out with Dog forever. Daryl knocks the can over, and says, see? His aim is better already. He says he’s hungry, and asks if she has any food. She takes out the loaf of bread she got for the trip. He glances in her bag, as she breaks off a hunk of bread for him. He looks out, and says, see that? She looks through the binoculars, and a group of zombies comes trickling out of the woods. She gives the binoculars to him, and he says, Whisperers. She smiles.

Beta tells Alpha that Negan cannot be trusted. She looks over at Negan, and says, test him. If he passes, he’s worthy; if not, kill him. Beta says, it’s a mistake, showing him their ways. Alpha says questioning her judgement is becoming a regular occurrence. The Alpha is to be obeyed. He says he was only thinking of their people. She asks if it’s finally time for Beta to be the Alpha, and he kneels before her. Negan watches, as Beta says, never. Negan smiles.

Negan asks Beta if he’s Beta with benefits, and he slides his little omega in on the side. Beta says if Negan says anything about Alpha, he’ll kill him. Negan says, keeping it professional; he respects that. He saw Beta kneeling – not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s tickled the d*cks of many a fine man. He’s had people kneeling before him, and understands the benefit that sh*t provides. He’s never done it himself, and admires Beta’s self-restraint. And respectfully, the bald head thing tightens his britches.

Siddiq goes to Rosita’s house to grab a change of clothes. He finds her on the couch, and says he thought she was supposed to be in bed. She says she was feeling better, but now she feels worse. He says she’s going on a field trip to the infirmary. She protests that she has so much to do, and sits up. She says, sh*t, and Siddiq says, how about if they all go? He helps her up and out the door.

Eugene sits at the radio, trying to call Hilltop, but only gets static. He plays with the dial, and says, it’s Tater Bug, live over open channels. If anyone is out there, give him a copy.

Continuing to watch the zombies, Carol says, it’s getting bigger, and Daryl says, they’re gathering strays. Carol says the sun is going down. They should see where the zombies go, but they have to get closer. Daryl asks if they were to cross the border, would she? and she says, if that’s what it takes. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to take another shot at Alpha, and she says she didn’t say that. She asks what his problem is, and he says, if they’re going to do this, they have to be smart. They have no back-up. It’s just them in the middle of the night. Carol asks, since when are they not enough? Daryl says if they mess up, everyone else pays. She says, they already did, and they’re going to keep paying, no matter what side of the line they’re on. She tells him that she has to pee, and leaves. When she’s out of sight, he looks in her bag.

When Carol comes back, she asks if he found what he was looking for. He asks if she brought her gun, and she says, no; he took the ammo. He says there’s still ammo in the storage room, and she says she didn’t bring the gun. He can frisk her; go ahead. He says, okay. She asks if they’re enough or not, and he says, all right; he’s still in. It might as well be them. They move ahead.

Negan asks if he’s going to be bathed and reborn into the Whisperers’ image, or will he have a mission or quest? Beta throws a shovel at Negan, and says, dig. Negan says, he can do that. Is there anything in particular Beta is going for, as to size, depth, or width? Beta says, just dig. Negan digs. The background music is a twist-type song, Yo-Yo (see below, yo), as Negan hangs a piece of skin on a branch. It’s not that big and kind of ragged, and Beta hangs a piece next to his that’s a larger, perfect square. Negan is digging up bodies, and he and Beta drag them to a pile. I wonder when Negan got a fade? Is the a hair stylist among the Whisperers?

At the Whisperers’ camp, Beta, a boar hunting expedition is in progress, and Beta gives Negan a pocketknife. A Whisperer shoots a boar with an arrow, and Negan is left to finish it off. It knocks him down, but he still manages to kill it. It’s put in a cooking pit, and covered with dirt.

Siddiq brings Rosita to the infirmary, where a lot of people are waiting. Dante yells out to grab a seat; he’ll be with them in a second. Siddiq asks, what the hell is going on? Dante thinks the illness is spreading faster, and they’re out of antibiotics. Siddiq gets angry, and tells Dante to start crushing herbs, giving him a list of what to put together. It’s going to get worse if they don’t get ahead of it.

Daryl and Carol go to the border. Daryl says, if things go sideways, they head back. If they get split up, this is where they’ll meet. Carol says, be safe, and Daryl says, luck is on their side. They go into the woods.

Negan says he took the bastard down. This is the kind of badass sh*t he’ll do for his new family. Beta says, only those good enough to walk among them may eat. Negan says he helped cook, and kill the damn pig. He at least deserves a piece of bacon. Beta throws him to the ground, and Negan says, whatever you say, boss. He sits with another Whisperer, who gives him something to eat. Well that was nice.

Eugene says, it’s Tater Bug on the open air. Any interested airholes, come on back. Anyone, anywhere, it’s Tater Bug. A woman’s voice says, hello? She receives him loud and clear. He asks if she’s really out there.

The group of zombies moves into a clearing. Carol and Daryl watch. Daryl signals Carol to go another way, but she shakes her head, indicating she wants to stay. He starts to step forward, and his foot crunches some twigs. The zombies have supersonic hearing, and follow the noise. Daryl backs up against a tree, and they go past. He lifts the crossbow, and begins to slink away. A straggler heads in his direction.

Eugene says he would have prepared the proper remark if he’d known he was going to establish first contact. He thought he was wasting his time. He thinks they should exchange questions in order to grease the wheel. He asks where’s her location, how long she’s lived there, and how many people live there? And do they need to continue to say over? Over. The woman doesn’t think she should share that information, but she’s okay with not saying over. He understands. He asks if she’d like to hear his life story. Should he skip ahead? She suggests he start when he was born, and he tells her that he was born in Dallas. She says she’s from Pennsylvania. Stroudsburg. He says he knows it well. As an adolescent, locomotives were his jam, and his parents took him to the railroad museum for his birthday. He mentions the ice cream shop, and she says, the Inside Scoop. She was there all the time. They might have been there on the same day. He says he does have a critical question. Cake cone or waffle cone?

The straggling zombie comes up behind Daryl, and he cracks it’s neck. He slits it open, and pulls out its guts, smearing them on himself. Other zombies come by, but just keep walking. We hear whispering. I think it’s, why are you here?

Siddiq sits by Cheryl’s bedside, and she says it’s been ages since got so much attention from a young man. Siddiq says, it’s kind of his job. She says he’s all gloom and doom. She feels like she’s napping next to the Grim Reaper. He says, sorry; he’s just concerned. She says, in this world, most people don’t get the luxury of drifting off in a comfortable bed. Dante comes in, and Siddiq tells him to get some rest. About what he said… Dante says, no worries. He gets it. They’re stuck with pre-industrialized meds, but they’ll figure it out. Siddiq appreciates his help, and Dante says he should. He’s kind of amazing. They laugh, and Siddiq says, get some rest.

Siddiq checks Rosita’s forehead. Coco cries, and he picks her up. He tells her, it’s okay, and rocks her. He starts to drift off, and hears whispering. He opens his eyes, and he’s on one of the windmills, holding Coco.

Negan continues to travel with the Whisperers and their zombie crew. He says he and Beta are clearly not jiving. He gets it. Beta’s got to be a tough guy to keep everyone in line. He had guys to keep his sh*t tight. Beta says he’s not like Negan, and Negan says, whether Beta likes it or not, he’s joining. They’ll have to find a way to get along. Beta says Negan will never be one of them. He’s too loud, too weak, and too full of ego. He’s a waste. Negan says, cards on the table, he’s not there for Beta. He’s there for Alpha. Throw him, test him, he doesn’t give a sh*t. He ain’t going nowhere. Beta says, finally. Something they can both agree on. Negan won’t be going anywhere. Beta kills a zombie – or a Whisperer, I have no idea. Negan says he was just making a joke. He thinks Beta would be impressed if he wasn’t so pissed off.  Negan kills another zombie and/or Whisperer, and  the knife breaks. He’s suddenly surrounded.

Daryl finds Carol with a Whisperer she has tied up. Daryl says, what the hell? Carol says he saw them, and she’s taking him back. They can see what he knows. Daryl asks if this was her plan all along, but she says no. He asks, what’s this? indicating the plastic tie around the man’s wrists. She says it was in her bag; he must have missed it. She tells him they have no time to argue.

Still talking over the radio, Eugene says roller rinks make no sense, according to the risk and reward analysis. Along with the combined humiliation, it wasn’t his favorite pastime. He says it’s been a very enjoyable conversation, and at the risk of said humiliation, can they have a real talk? She says, it’s been great, but she doesn’t know him. He might be a threat. He asks what if he shares specifics, and she says, who’s to say she’s not a threat to him? People are dangerous. Eugene says he’s well aware of that, yet he has a twinge in his belly that leans toward the good column in the alignment chart. He does know her. His given name is, Eugene Hermann Porter. He proposes they continue their convos in the hope of building more approval and interest. There’s a moment of silence, and she says, well, okay, Eugene Hermann Porter. She’d like that very much. He says, so they’re in agreement? She says, they are, but they have to keep it between them for now. She wants to trust him, but if she hears anyone else, she’ll know she can’t. He says, okay. Just her and him. Copy that. Over.

The Whisperers work at hanging skins. Beta tells Alpha, he was weak. She says she expected more. Negan comes out of the woods, and says he’s ready for his goddam skim suit. They’ll need an extra-long tape measure for his humongous balls. He walks up to Alpha, and says, he’s Negan. They haven’t formally met, but he sure as hell knows who she is. Whether his reputation precedes him or not – he kneels – he’s all in. Whatever she wants, whatever he’s got, it’s hers. Beta is like, whoa. Alpha looks Negan over, and puts her finger to her lips. She says, shh… and he smiles.

They were definitely speaking my language with this episode. Negan is exactly what the Whisperers needed.

Next time, Carol tells Daryl it’s the only way, Alpha tells her people that she lvoes them, and Siddiq jumps into the water.

💢 Exactly Why I Stopped Watching…

While I never mind the occasional catfight, these girls take it too far.

👠 Remember Her…?

I remember her accusing ex-husband Paul (Botched) of abusing the children during the divorce proceedings, and that I didn’t believe it for a second.

🙌 Make Their Day…

🎶 Now Known As Negan’s Theme…

This is the first episode I’ve really liked in a long time.


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