December 2, 2019 – Pizza At Last, a More Chill Charter & Working Hard


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Robert, who says he was wondering when he’d see Violet again.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth if she thinks his outfit is appropriate. She tells him that he looks great, and asks what he’s doing. He tells her that Monica thought he should experience at least one Quartermaine Thanksgiving. She says, it’s an experience, all right. He says, that good? and she says, he’ll see.

Monica walks into the living room to find Brook Lynn folding up the turkey decorations. She asks who said Brook could do that? and Brook says it looks like the Macy’s parade parked itself there. Monica says she and Olivia have an agreement. Olivia can decorate however she wants, except for the fake tree at Christmas. Brook says it’s Monica’s house, and Monica says, it is. And if Olivia wants to gild it with paper turkeys, she can. Olivia comes in, and says, it’s all right if Brook takes them down. Maybe she went overboard with the turkeys. If it bothers Brook that much, she can get rid of them.

Lucas tells Brad, be honest. Whatever it is, they’ll get through it. Just promise to tell the truth. Brad says Lucas is right. He has been keeping something. Lucas says, let’s get started, and Brad says, it’s Obrecht. He should never have gotten involved with  her. Now Britt is adding pressure. Lucas tells him, just stop it. If Brad doesn’t want to tell the truth, don’t, but don’t lie to his face.

Michael, Josslyn, and Dev play cards. Carly tells Josslyn to take it easy on Dev, but Josslyn says, Dev wanted to play. Dev says he’s an expert card player, but Michael says, famous last words. So is Jax, and he taught Josslyn before she was in kindergarten. Josslyn tells Michael not to exaggerate. She was in second grade at least. Carly asks Sonny if the fire is ready, and he says, yeah. He gets a drink and goes out on the terrace. The doorbell rings, and Michael goes to get it. It’s Sasha, and he asks how she is at Texas Hold ‘Em.

Neil asks if Julian is sure, and Julian says he saw Kendra throwing away the exact same kind of container behind Charlie’s. Neil says, Alexis got sick that same night; that’s no coincidence. He’s going to call Alexis again. She needs to know Kendra is dangerous.

Kendra parks her car, and tells Alexis, here we are. Her final destination.

Franco tells Elizabeth, before goes to the Quartermaine’s, he’s going to stop by Oscar’s Meadow to say goodbye. Elizabeth says she needs him to know something. All this time, she’s been saying Franco is in there – and she believes he is – but she’s aware that she’s not talking to Franco right now. The sacrifice he’s making means everything to her and the boys, and all she can think to say is, thank you. She’s grateful, and won’t forget him. It probably doesn’t mean much… He says, it does. Happy Thanksgiving. She tells him, happy Thanksgiving, and he leaves. Epiphany says, there goes one brave man.

Ned hugs Brook, telling her, happy Thanksgiving. Monica asks what’s the matter with Olivia? What does she mean, it’s all right if Brook takes down the decorations? Olivia thanks Monica for having her back, but she’s decided it’s in everyone’s best interest if she tries to get along with Brook. Monica asks if she’s lost it. She knows Brook is like her grandmother, and if she doesn’t, it won’t take her long to figure it out. There is no getting along. If she wants to survive, she has to stand up for herself or get trampled. Leo comes downstairs, and asks where Gobble is. That’s his favorite turkey. Brook says he fell, and she has to put him back up. Lulu and Rocco come in through the terrace, and Brook asks if Lulu couldn’t find a family of her own to celebrate with. Lulu says, oh good. Brook is home.

Brad asks Lucas to listen, and Lucas asks, why? Brad says he swears on Wiley; on everything sacred. He’s not cheating. He loves Lucas, and everything he’s done is to preserve their marriage. Lucas tells him, just say it. He’s got to be brave enough to tell Lucas. If they have no communication, they have nothing. It would be fine if it was just the two of them. They could cut their losses and move on, but it’s not just the two of them. They have Wiley too.

Neil leaves a message for Alexis to call him asap, and that if Kendra stops by, don’t let her in. Julian says Kristina isn’t answering, and Molly says she hasn’t heard from Alexis since earlier today. That’s not good. Neil says he’s calling the police.

Kendra tells Alexis, time to wake up. She’s going to miss all the holiday fun. Alexis’s eye’s fly open, and Kendra says, there she is. Happy Thanksgiving. Testing; one, two, three. Can she wave or wiggle her toes? How about a smile? Kendra says, that was quick, but the paralysis doesn’t last long. Just long enough for her to explain how Alexis destroyed her family. This is usually where things for a killer often go wrong. As Tuco said in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: if you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

Neil tells Julian the police can’t do anything until Alexis has been missing for 24 hours. Julian wonders what if they told the police the reason? Neil says, the best they can do is send some officers to Kendra’s house. They’ll need more of a motivation to search. Julian says, let’s start with motive. Why would Kendra target Alexis?    

Robert thanks Anna for her kind invitation. Finn says he was in on it; so they’re both kind. Violet shows Robert her new teddy bear from her daddy. Robert says her daddy is full of surprises. So is Anna. Anna suggests Violet teach Finn the hand clapping game. It’s complicated, and she has some things she needs to discuss with Robert right now. Robert says, right now?

Maxie tells Andre that she’s fascinated by his work. He does the procedure, then what? Andre says, ideally, Drew’s memories and personality will be stripped away, allowing Franco’s personality to resurface. Maxie says, because it’s always been there, and he says it’s like painting over something. Restoration is tricky. You can accidently fix the top layer more firmly in trying to remove it. She says, then Drew would become more Drew? and he says, he would possess more sharply tuned memories of Drew’s life. Maxie asks Peter if he can believe this, and he says, no; he can’t.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she’s been focused in getting Franco back, and she believes she’s 100% right that he’s in there, but in the process, she ignored the man he is now, and his integrity. He’s giving up his life so Franco gets his back. How can she pay back something like that? Thank you seems inadequate. Epiphany says, sacrifice doesn’t mean giving something up that’s not important. It means giving up something important in order to gain something more important. The family is more important, and it’s right. Elizabeth says, all she can say is thank you, and Epiphany says, isn’t today the day for it? Be thankful. Elizabeth says, she is.

Dev rakes in the chips. Carly says, Josslyn… and Josslyn says Dev beat her fair and square. Michael says she never showed her hand, but Dev says he had a great hand. Sasha says she folded. Dev wants to quit while he’s ahead, but Josslyn says, he can’t. Mike had to go back to Turning Woods, and Sonny is depressed. They need to make it okay for him. Sasha says, besides, it would be unfair for Dev to leave the table. She wants a chance to recoup. Michael thanks her for playing along, and she says she’s a pretty adaptable date.

Brook asks if Olivia is attempting a pizza-free Thanksgiving, and Ned says, she’s not just attempting it; she’s doing it. Leo asks if Danny and Scout are going to be there, but Monica says, not this year. Jason is taking them to see the Rockettes. Lulu is like, Jason? and Monica asks if she can picture it. Ned says, no, and Monica says, he wanted to make it a special day. She asks what Lulu and Leo did, and Lulu says they went to the Port Charles parade. Rocco says it was awesome. The marching band was cool, but he liked hanging out with Dustin. He sat on Dustin’s shoulders, and Dustin put his arm around mommy to keep her warm. Brook makes a face. Monica goes out on the terrace, and calls Epiphany. She says she needs Epiphany’s help. How fast can she get there?

Olivia tells Leo and Rocco that there’s a new board game in the playroom, and takes them upstairs. Brook says she needs some air, and goes out to the terrace. Lulu says she could use some too, and stomps after her. She asks when Brook got back, and Brook says, a couple of days ago. Lulu asks how long she’s staying, and Brook says she’s curious. Was the ink dry on the divorce papers before Lulu started dating? Lulu says Brook can’t possibly be judging her. Brook says she’s just pointing out that Dante is the most decent guy she knows. Lulu says, Dante asked for the divorce. She didn’t want it. Brook says, Dante has PTSD, and in typical Lulu fashion… Lulu says Brook has no idea what she’s talking about. She wasn’t there. Brook says she’s there now, and Lulu says, lucky them.

Monica tells Ned that Olivia thinks she’s trying to keep the peace, but she’s just creating more tension. Ned says Olivia is doing the best she can; they all are under the circumstances. Monica says they both know Brook has an agenda. She didn’t just fall out of the sky for no reason. Ned asks if she can’t be thankful, but Monica says, no. Find Brook’s ulterior motive, and get her under control. Monica can only allow so much when it comes to family. Olivia comes in, and asks where Lulu and Brook are. She realizes, and says, they’re out there alone? That’s not good.

Brook tells Lulu, it boggles her mind how Lulu can call herself a Spencer. She talks about how strong and resourceful and blah-blah-blah she is, but when her man has been traumatized, and she’s feeling hurt, she hooks up with the first guy who comes along. Lulu asks what she was supposed to do. Dante abandoned her. She sees Olivia, Ned, and Monica have come outside.

Carly goes out on the terrace, and tells Sonny they’re just waiting for him to work his magic. She asks if he’s okay, and he says he knows how lucky he is. He’s grateful for what he has. He doesn’t want to be that guy. The one who walks into a room and sees everybody who isn’t there. He’s not going to be that guy, but he needs a minute. He’ll be right in. Carly says, for the record, he’s allowed to be that guy. She kisses him.

Carly says, it’s almost turkey time, and Josslyn asks how Sonny is doing. Carly says, he could be worse, but Michael says, or he could be better. Carly says she has to make a phone call.

Lucas tells Brad, when they adopted Wiley, they were committed to stay together forever, and raise their son in a happy home. It’s exactly what happened to him. His sister died, and his parents blew apart. If he’d known they were going to do that to Wiley, he’d have never gone down that road in the first place. Lucas’s phone dings, and he takes an antacid. He says they should have said, thanks, but no  thanks, to Willow. It would have been better than decimating their son’s life. If Brad doesn’t want to tell the truth for him, do it for Wiley. Lucas’s phone rings, and he says he has to take it; it’s his sister. Carly asks if he’ll do her a huge favor. Can he please come for dinner? They had to send Mike back, and Sonny is taking it hard. She doesn’t want an empty seat. Will he do this for his sister? Lucas says, absolutely. They’ll be there. Brad asks, where? and he says, Thanksgiving dinner at Carly’s.

Neil and Julian look at their phones. Neil tells Julian that Kendra has a psych degree, and she’s a life coach whose clients give her five stars. Julian says he’s looking for news; an arrest or being the victim of a crime. Neil says, it’s almost like Kendra didn’t exist until nine years ago. Julian says she graduated from high school in Port Charles, 2004. Neil says, so she’s a local, and Julian says, it looks that way.

Kendra tells Alexis that Kiefer was their family’s everything. Their mom called him her star, and you’d think it would have made her jealous, but it didn’t. He really was a star. He was charming, sweet, and athletic until he had the misfortune of getting involved with Alexis’s daughter. She doesn’t pretend to know what went on at home; they had a sick, sad relationship, but Kiefer didn’t deserve to die. Her seventeen-year-old brother had a meltdown in a ditch because he was so upset about Kristina. He was in the middle of the road at night, and Alexis ran him down. She’s a murdering bitch.

Josslyn asks why Michael and Sasha changed their minds, and Michael says Sasha was looking for turkey, and he’s had enough of pizza. Sonny says he has some ziti he was going to send over, and Sasha asks if they’ll explain why the Quartermaines always have pizza for Thanksgiving.

Lulu says she’s sorry. She’ll grab Rocco, and go. Olivia says she made a huge meal, and she’d like them to be there for it. Lulu says, even though she said something she wishes she could take back. Olivia asks her to name one family who didn’t have a member blurt out something stupid today that they don’t wish they could take back. She hugs Lulu, who says she’s really sorry. Olivia says she’s going to check on dinner. Brook says, some things never change, and Lulu asks, what’s that supposed to mean? Brook says Lulu has everyone feeling sorry for her, while she’s snuggling with a new dude in front of her kids. Lulu says, this, coming from the tramp who seduced her husband. Ned says, it’s Thanksgiving, and they’re all family. Lulu and Brook both say, she is not my family. A blood-curdling scream is heard.

Andre tells Maxie and Peter, there’s no way we can remember everything. Think how crazy you’d go if you could recall every minute that you lived. She says, no thanks, and he says, we need our memories reinforced; sparked. His phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. Maxie tells Peter, sorry, and he says she has nothing to apologize for. She says the conversation made him uncomfortable, and she knows why.

Anna asks how Robert can judge Finn, when the same thing happened to him. Robert admits, it’s not Finn’s fault that he just found out about Violet, but it’s Finn’s fault that he didn’t tell Anna. Anna says she was out of town, and Robert says there’s an invention called the cell phone. He resents that Finn wants to have his cake and eat it too. Anna says, if Finn wants cake, he can have it. If she needs Robert to stick up for her, she’ll tell him, but don’t take it upon himself to do it. Anna’s phone rings, and she answers rather abruptly. It’s Robin, and Anna says, no; she’s not arguing with Robert. Robert takes the phone and says, yes; they’re fighting, but it’s not about her.

Brad says he can’t deal with Lucas’s family right now, but Lucas says, too bad. His family is part of them being married; at least for now. Brad tells Lucas to go without him. His family won’t care. Lucas says, it’s Thanksgiving and Wiley is there. Brad is going. If it’s the last holiday they have with Wiley as a family, they’re going to make it count for something. Does Brad want to drive or should he?

Julian tells Neil there’s still no answer. Neil says he asked for information about Kendra on the alumni page, saying he’s a classmate searching for her. Julian suggests getting information from social media.

Kendra tells Alexis, after Kiefer died, her dad went off the rails, but before Alexis judges him what would she have done if Kendra’s if father ran down Alexis’s daughter. Her brother died and her father died, leaving her and her mother. They had to move on with their lives. Not that Alexis would care, but they haven’t had a home-cooked Thanksgiving since Kiefer died. They always ate in restaurants. This year, she convinced her mother to go on a cruise because celebration is going to be different. And that includes Alexis. She drags Alexis out of the car.

Maxie says Peter still feels guilty about his part in the Jason/Drew memory thing, but he was just the delivery guy. He’s not his father. Peter says he knows, but she says, does he? He doesn’t destroy innocent lives when they’re inconvenient. He makes them better, in particular, hers and James’s. She’s lucky to have him. He says, he’s the lucky one, and holds her.

Robert tells Anna that Robin said the business with Finn and Violet is dredging up memories that Anna wants to blame herself for and shouldn’t. And he should cut her some slack. Anna says they have the smartest daughter, don’t they? A timer goes off, and Anna says, the wishbone is ready. Finn asks Violet what it will take for him to master the last step in the clapping game, and she says, practice. Anna asks if she’d like to make a wish with daddy.

Dev says, Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey and football? but Sonny says, it is there. Michael says, the Quartermaines are the exception. Sasha asks, why? and he says, no one knows. It’s been that way since he can remember.

Olivia comes into the living room, and Ned asks, what the hell happened? Olivia wails that it’s all gone. Brook Lynn took it. Franco walks in, and Olivia tells Ned that Brook said the day was young. She had to ruin it. She couldn’t give Olivia one Thanksgiving. Ned doesn’t believe Brook had anything to do with it, and Olivia says he’s siding with her. Brook says Olivia just accused her of stealing, and Lulu says, like Brook never stole before. Brooke tells Lulu to go be with her own people, and Ned suggests they need a bottle of holiday spirit. Olivia says, a perfect meal, gone. Monica gives Franco a drink. Olivia says, it didn’t walk off on its two little drumstick legs, along with the sides. Monica flashes back to meeting Epiphany on the terrace, and giving her a bunch of trays covered with tin foil. Epiphany asks if this isn’t Thanksgiving dinner, and Monica tells her to give it to the staff. The day has to be perfect. Franco says he doesn’t know why Monica is smiling. It looks like a disaster. Monica says, with the Quartermaines, disaster is a family tradition.

As Lucas drives, he asks Brad what he did, and Brad says, nothing. Lucas says Brad didn’t get insecure overnight. What was it? Looking back, it was around the time they got Wiley. He thought that’s what they both wanted, but maybe Brad didn’t, and didn’t know how to tell him. He was desperate to be a father, but that’s exactly when Brad changed. Was he feeling stuck or trapped? Brad says he wanted Wiley, but he wanted Wiley too much.

Neil gets a message from a former classmate of Kendra’s. He tells Julian, back then, Kendra’s last name was Bower. Julian is like, hmm…

Alexis lies in the middle of the road, in front of Kendra’s car. Kendra says she was out there living her half-life, and out of the clear blue sky the phone rings. It was a man named Shiloh, who told her that her dad was right all along. Alexis ran Kiefer down on purpose, and Kristina knew about it. So she’s going to do to Alexis what Alexis did to her brother, and who knows? Maybe she’ll get away with it. Maybe she can spin the story like Alexis did. She’s so sorry. She was in a hurry, and didn’t see Alexis until it was too late. When Alexis sees the headlights coming for her, she can tell herself now she knows how Kiefer felt. Kendra gets in the car and starts it.

Carly says, going back to 1994, the Quartermaine’s have a bizarre Thanksgiving curse. No one knows why. Sonny says, every year, something goes wrong with the turkey. Josslyn says, dogs, robbers… Sonny says, frozen pipes, and Carly says, and pizza saves the day. Sasha wonders why they keep trying, and Carly says, that’s part of the curse. Sonny says, thank God everything always goes right at his house. No curse here. He goes into the kitchen.

Ned brings in a bunch of take-out pizzas. Franco says, this happens every year? and Monica says, without fail. Leo asks if it’s time for pizza, and Ned says, almost. Brook says, first they sing; then eat. They sing We Gather Together, and the camera pans over photos of Edward, Lila, and Alan. You know, this always gets me all teary.

Elizabeth wonders where the food came from. She tells Epiphany that she knows it’s not hospital food. Epiphany, it’s one more thing to be grateful for.

Anna gives Finn and Violet the wishbone. Finn tells Violet, get a good grip. Close your eyes, and make a really good wish. Violet gets the big end and says, she hopes daddy gets his wish too. He says, she is his wish.

Brad says it all changed when they got Wiley, and Lucas says he knew it, but Brad says it’s not the way he thinks. There’s so much Brad hasn’t told him. Lucas asks what that means. Tell him. Brad says Wiley isn’t the baby they adopted. He’s Michael and Nelle’s son. Lucas suddenly can’t get the brakes to work.

Neil asks Julian if the name rings a bell, and Julian says, vaguely. From a long time ago. Neil says nine years ago, Alexis accidently hit Kiefer Bower with her car, and he died. Kendra must be family.

Kendra starts the car. You know what’s going to happen. She backs up, presumably to run over Alexis better.

At the same time, Lucas tells Brad, the car won’t stop. Something is wrong with the brakes.

Their car collides with Kendra’s car.

Tomorrow, Kristina asks where he mom is, Sonny tells Jax that he doesn’t have to pretend, and the aftermath of the crash.

Below Deck

Rhylee tells Ashton don’t walk away. He says she belongs on a fishing boat in Alaska, and she tells him, buy her a ticket and she’ll go back. She asks what his problem is, and he says, her. She says he still hasn’t explained it. He says she upset everyone around her, and she fails to see why her ordering something Paleo bothered Kevin so much. He says she has a problem with men in authority, and she asks why he thinks they’re the only men in authority. Ashton continues to walk away, and Tanner tells Rhylee that she’s lost and he feels sorry for her. She tells him F-U, and asks who he is to be getting involved when she and Ashton are talking? Ashton apologizes to Courtney. Tanner says all their dinners were fine until Rhylee got there, and Kate asks Tanner if he blames Rhylee. He says he does, but she disagrees, saying, Kevin is intense, loudmouthed, and overbearing. In her interview, Kate says it was a relief. Thanks. You handle him for a while. Kevin acts like he’s Gordon Ramsay, but he’s not Gordon Ramsay, and she has the feeling Gordon Ramsay is more pleasant to be around. Agreed.

They walk to another bar, because, why not? Kevin is loud, and acts like a moron. Rhylee tells Kate, they say she’s combative, and Kate says she has Rhylee’s back. Kevin has been obnoxious all night. In Rhylee’s interview, she says the last place she wants to be hanging out is with a-holes. She thought it was going to be a fresh start, but obviously she didn’t account for this. She wonders if it’s foreboding, if it’s going this way already.

Tanner gets pretty drunk, and we see double along with him. Kevin wonders where Tanner is, but Ashton doesn’t know. We do. He’s in a porta-potty getting sick, while the others dance. In his interview, Tanner says this is where he usually clocks out. He dances and acts like a moron. He takes Simone’s hand, and says he wants to hook up with her so bad. They kiss, and I think, blech. I hope he rinsed his mouth. In Simone’s interview, she says, damn, son. You took your time. The cheese Ashton dances alone. Kate asks Simone how the dance floor is, and Tanner jumps on her. In Courtney’s interview, she says, they’re clearly not afraid of PDA. Kevin acts stupid, and screws around with a street sign. Ashton tells him not to break things. They all go back to the boat, and everyone falls asleep in the taxis. Kate says she’s never taken an Uber this long in her life.

They still need to walk down the dock, and Kevin is totally passed out. Ashton and Tanner revive him, and he does the chicken. Back on the boat, Courtney visits Brian, and tells him that Kevin and Rhylee were fighting over appetizers. Tanner and Ashton put Kevin to bed, and Kevin says he loves them. He also says Rhylee in his sleep. In Simone’s interview, she says, it’s so confusing. She wonders what she’s getting into, but can’t fight the attraction. Tanner asks if she wants to go to bed, and she says, if it’s just to sleep, okay. If he’s thinking of something else, it’s not happening, and she’s stern.

In the morning, Simone says, o-m-g (which she says a lot), and Tanner says, Jiminy Cricket (which he says a lot). In his interview, Tanner says he doesn’t remember going to bed with Simone, but it was bound to happen. There was sexual tension there. She’s a hot chick with a phenomenal ass; he’s in. Captain Lee asks how Simone is, and she says, well rested. He laughs, saying, he detects a note of hesitation there. Brian is disappointed and frustrated. He thought his leg would be okay by now. The thought of losing his job is bad, but he’s at the point where he’s wondering if he’s going to lose his leg. Kate has coffee, Tanner mops, and Kevin says he’s sorry he argued about appetizers to no one in particular. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not oblivious to the fact that fighting with Ashton and Kevin was not a good idea. She’s quick to anger, and gets her temper from her dad who met the Fed Ex man with a shotgun at Christmastime. (Not the tip they’re looking for.) She is who she is, but she’s going to try her best no to rock the boat. Ashton asks Tanner about his sleepover, and Tanner says the only real thing he remembers is Rhylee arguing with Kevin, then Ashton. Rhylee comes out, and asks what Ashton wants her to do. He stammers, and in her interview, she wonders if this could get less awkward, and laughs. He asks her to do some boat stuff, and she folds some huge thing up. Tanner tells Ashton something like this has never happened before, and Ashton says he doesn’t want to deal with the drama and issues. In Ashton’s interview, he says to be 100% honest, he doesn’t like Rhylee. Her bad attitude pisses him off. Ashton radios Rhylee to meet with him. In her interview, she says you know when you’re getting called after a night like they had last night, you’re going to get chewed out.

Ashton tells Rhylee, they had words, and unfortunately, it happened already. He doesn’t know what happened exactly, or why Kevin acted the way he did, but the way she reacted and came across was why he reacted. Holy! Why doesn’t he just come out and say he has a double standard. He tells her, moving forward, he wants to deal with things in an appropriate way. In Ashton’s interview, he says history is repeating itself, but they’re here to make money. He has to do his best for all of them. He tells Rhylee, no hard feelings, and they hug. Kate irons, and the captain calls her, Ashton, and Kevin for the preference sheet meeting.

Captain Lee says it’s going to be a shortened charter with a half-dozen ladies. The primary is Lynn, and the guests are all moms, who can’t wait for a much needed girls trip. Kate recognizes Wendy from last season, and the captain says, she was a guest of Steve’s – Mr. Foam Man. We flash back to Steve in a hot tub of foam, and Wendy wondering if she can hide in the galley. Kate says if she remembers right, Wendy is relax and chill, and that’s what she needs this charter. The captain says they’re foodies, and their favorites are Asian and Italian. They want a white-themed dinner party, and lunch on the beach.

The crew gets the boat ready, and Kevin radios Rhylee to meet with him. Kate tells Ashton that she thinks they’re both in the wrong, but blames Kevin more because of his rank. It’s not the way to welcome a new crew member. Kevin tells Rhylee that it got too heated, and he didn’t want to back down. He apologizes, and she says she appreciates that. In his interview, he says he’s a bad drinker sometimes, and you can’t have bad blood on the boat. Rhylee says they’re both spitfires, and he says he should have red hair too. In his interview, Kevin says he likes to see how quickly someone bounces back after an argument, and Rhylee is quick. Rhylee tells him that she doesn’t want to hold grudges. They hug.

Tanner asks Simone if she wants to do a sleepover, and they kiss. I’m happy for her, but puzzled, since he didn’t seem that interested before. They have their sleepover, and I don’t think I needed to see that. Nor did Simone’s grandparents. In her interview, Simone says she feels happy and warm inside, and I totally sit on several jokes.

Everyone does whatever they do to get the boat ready. Courtney says they have to make anti-wrinkle fabric. She can’t live this way. The captain goes to see Brian, who says the swelling is down, but his leg’s still not right. Captain Lee wants to send Brian to the hospital for some IV antibiotics. In the captain’s interview, he says it’s been three days, and he’s not seeing significant progress. The reality is, if Brian can’t do his job, he’ll have to get someone who can. He tells Brian that he’ll make the arrangements.

In the crew mess, Rhylee asks Simone how last night went, and Simone says, it was nice; they cuddled. Rhylee asks if Simone isn’t looking for more than canoodling, and Ashton says Rhylee is really asking why they haven’t banged yet. Simone says she likes to take her time. Provisions come in. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s going through a lot of emotions. He doesn’t want to lose his job, but this could be serious. He’s worried and scared, and he’s in Thailand. Who knows what could happen? Kate tells Brian that she hopes it’s nothing, and he leaves for shore.

Ashton has a quick deckhand meeting, giving them their schedules. Kate says Simone is on late, Courtney is in the middle, and she’ll be on early. Ashton tells the deckhands, they’re man down, but it’s been that way for the last four charters. The crew gets ready to greet the guests. Kate tells Captain Lee that she usually has a horrible feeling at this moment, but feels great right now, and it scares her a little. She gives all of the guests leis. The captain welcomes them, saying they have fun things planned. He’s going to hand them over to Kate for the tour, then get the party started. Rhylee is startled to see they bring their own flotation devices. Kate tells the guests that the beach picnic will be at 1:30. The yacht heads out.

Int Kate’s interview, she says, Simone doesn’t know how to cut citrus. It’s like Helen Keller cutting oranges. Tanner tells Ashton that he went Downton on Simone’s abbey, while all he got in return was hand stuff for a second. In Ashton’s interview, he says, maybe Kate is right, and Simone isn’t great at service. Rhylee joins them, and Tanner repeats his story. She says Simone claimed they just cuddled, and he says that’s his idea of cuddling. Anchor is dropped in Koh Hong, Krabi. Lynn asks the captain to join them for dinner, and the water toys are dropped. Kevin says he has no white food for the white party, and discusses Italian dishes with Courtney. In his interview, he says Kate isn’t a foodie, but at least Courtney has a palate. She went to good restaurants with her mom and dad, after the pony rides.

Brian calls the captain, and says the doctor was glad he came in. The infection was worse than he’d thought, and his knee had to be cut open. He lost some flesh because the infection was eating away at it, and he now has a hole in his knee. He can’t get it wet or pick up anything heavy, but he thinks it will be much better soon. In Captain Lee’s interview, he’s sure Brian doesn’t feel good about the situation either. If Brian can’t recover quickly, he’s no good to them. He tells Brian that he’d better ease into it. They don’t want a relapse.

Kate shows Courtney a beach cave she found. It’s her dream beach picnic cave. It’s like the VIP room in a club; secluded, dark, and away from the general public. She hates picnics. This is the new thing. Ashton says he sees a blonde with a gimpy leg approaching, and Captain Lee tells him to kick Brian in his good one, and tell him, welcome back. Brian boards the boat.

In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s making sushi for the picnic. It’s super fresh, and easy. Kate says it looks great, and he says, it looks like sh*t. The captain sees Brian, and says, the prodigal son returns. They’re glad to have him back. He tells Brian, get changed and get to work. In Kate’s interview, she says she tried service using Simone last charter, but Courtney is good at it; Simone is not. Kate looks into the water, and it’s loaded with jellyfish.

Tanner tells Kate that she picked a cool spot. Ashton remarks on their being bats, and Kate is like, well, it is a cave, and wonders if Ashton could hang a disco ball in it. The guests are brought over, and Kate tells them that she’s never thrown a picnic in a beach location like this. Lynn marvels at the disco ball, and says, nature is amazing. Back on the yacht, Simone is getting annoyed, and says she should be more adamant about Kate using her for service. Lunch is served, and one guest says her chakras are opening.

Kevin calls his daughter, saying, it’s important for them to connect, even if it’s just emojis. He sends her a bunch of frogs, and she responds with poop emojis. They discuss an upcoming holiday, and in his interview, Kevin says the reason he’s in yachting is to provide a better life for his daughter. His mom had three jobs, and was working all the time. He says, it’s hard to be away, but he’s concentrating on the job. Ashton says the tide has dropped, and with the coral and sea urchin in the water, the guests will need shoes to get back to the tender. Captain Lee has Rhylee water bike the shoes over. Despite all their efforts, on the way to the tender, a guest says she has something sticking on her, and it’s a sea urchin. In Ashton’s interview, he says, any guest injured in their care is a sh*t show. He calls the captain to let him know. Kate tells Tanner, she’s wearing weird shoes, sweating, and getting bitten by bat cave bugs. In the captain’s interview, he says the sea urchins are bastards. They have spikes, and if you step on one, they leave it in you. It’s barbed, so you can’t pull it out, and it has to dissolve. The best thing to use is vinegar. The guest soaks her foot in a bucket of vinegar, and I file away a note in my mental first aid kit. Rhylee totes Kate back to the boat, and Kate jokingly hassles her the whole way, asking if she can’t go faster.

Because of the heat, the guests want dinner indoors. Kate can’t believe they requested the dining area closest to the pantry. It makes everything difficult. In her interview, Kate says, it’s a white party, but considering the guests’ alcohol consumption all day, it will probably be more of a blackout party. Wow. These women are really loaded. A couple of them barge in on the captain while he’s changing, Lynn remarking that he’s in nice shape for working on a boat. Geez. Has she seen how hard the work is? Kate asks Simone to do turndowns, and in her interview, Simone thinks this is a joke. It’s ridiculous. She’s a mathematician, and speaks several languages. She calls home, and her grandmother (?) says if she feels something isn’t right, she has to stand up for herself. Simone suggests Kate is upset because she’s smarter than Kate, and her grandmother says Simone doesn’t have a PhD in folding towels, which I think is Kate’s whole point.

The captain arrives at dinner, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and white pants. The guests are all in white with tiaras. Kate says it’s nice and quiet in the galley, and it has a calmer vibe. Kevin turns on a blender, and she says, except for the appliances. She tells Courtney, dinner is going surprisingly well, probably because the guests are so hammered. The guests make lewd comments to the captain, which he just laughs off. I’m reading his book, Running Against the Tide, right now. He’s a tough dude. Lynn says they want everyone to party with them, and they don’t want everyone to have to work. I’ll volunteer for that.

Simone says she can’t be confident in service if she doesn’t get to do it. Lynn complains to the captain about having a hard time finding a man, and he says, it will happen when it happens. Wendy barges into the galley, and decides she wants to help serve. Kevin and Kate rescue the dishes of food she tries to pile onto her arm, and Kate gives her one, saying it’s for the captain, and it’s the most important one. Simone sees, and is miffed that Kate doesn’t want her on service, but she has a guest doing it. Like this was Kate’s idea.

Somehow, Wendy manages to get the plate in front of Captain Lee, who’s lucky he’s not wearing it. Kevin presents his take on tiramisu, and the captain tells Kevin that the meal was good. Simone whines to Tanner that she’s supposed to be second stew. In Simone’s interview, she says she has the experience, and that’s why Kate made her second stew. Kate needs to treat her like it. What Simone is failing to grasp is that she couldn’t even open a bottle of wine, or make basic drinks, and there’s no time for on the job training.

The guests agree that Captain Lee is a silver fox. Courtney notes that the captain ate fast. He asks how Lynn got from Chicago to California, and she says she followed the Grateful Dead. Kate and Courtney nearly die laughing in the pantry. She tells the captain that she lived in a VW bus, sold stir fry, and did piercings. Captain Lee says, it’s a revelation. Everyone miraculously goes to bed without incident. Kate eats something, while she tells Rhylee that she’d been expecting progress from Simone, but her patience is getting less. She asks Courtney where Simone is, but Courtney doesn’t know.

Simone is crying in her bunk bathroom. Kate radios, and Simone says she’s in the bathroom, but Kate can tell she’s upset. She suggests Courtney check on Simone, but Simone blows through, barely acknowledging anyone. Very passive/aggressive. Kate follows her, and says she doesn’t understand. In Kate’s interview she says she doesn’t love Simone’s sulking. She’s not good enough at her job to sulk. Her good attitude is her best quality. Don’t lose that. Simone tells Kate that she doesn’t know what’s going on, and why she isn’t a part of service. Kate says she assumed Simone knew the job well enough that Kate wouldn’t have to tell her everything. Simone says she assumed if she was on late, she’d be doing service. In her interview, Kate says Simone acts like she owes her, but Simone isn’t good at her job, and training is a gift.

Kate tells Simone that she’s not sure Simone is ready. Simone says she’s second stew, and Kate says she’s not sure Simone is a great second stew. It’s not personal, but when Simone hides in the bathroom for twenty-five minutes, then comes out very sullen… Simone says she knew she was going to talk to Kate about it, and people have been asking her what’s gong on. Kate asks if Simone has discussed this with other crew members. Kate should be the first person Simone discusses it with. Simone says she can appreciate why Kate feels it’s not okay, and Kate says she’s not saying she feels that way; she’s telling Simone it’s not okay, and Simone made the department look bad. Simone says she didn’t, but Kate says, she’s telling Simone that she did.

Next time, instead of washing the boat, the crew washes elephants (SPOILER ALERT: Baby elephants are very cute!); Rhylee outs Tanner to Simone; and the captain has a come to Jesus meeting with a crew member.

🐎 Back In the Saddle…

Hope everyone enjoyed the break. I’ve been stockpiling some tea as I go through my thousands of emails, three-quarters of which have the words Black Friday or Cyber Monday in them. Seriously, just send me one good one and I’ll get the message. Hope you enjoyed your time off, if you had it, and if not, at least you didn’t have to get back to routine. You were already there.










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