December 5, 2019 – No More Ghosts For Ava, a Shiny New Runway, Flying On the Ground & Magical December


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

First of all, my bad. It wasn’t a cufflink under the bed, but Nikolas’s ring. I guess when I think Cassadine, I think fancy. So I amend what I said. Instead of cufflinks that stay put, Nikolas needs to get that ring resized.

I missed the first minute or so, but it was nothing earth-shaking. The only important point was that Valentin and Martin snuck into the gallery to look for Helena’s portrait.

Nina visits Ava at Shadybrook. When Ava sees her, Ava says, no more ghosts.

Sam is brought to Nelle’s cell. Nelle says the guard can’t leave her alone with this woman; she’s a murderer. Sam brings her stuff in, and Nelle says, isn’t this cozy? Sam tells her, don’t get attached. She has a parole hearing tomorrow, and will be gone in ten seconds. But looking on the bright side, Nelle is still there. Nelle says Sam is too. That can only mean one thing – time to catch up.

Sasha asks Michael how everyone is, and he says, tense, especially around Julian, but everyone is rallying around Lucas. Sasha suggests getting coffee, since it looks like they’re in for a long night. Willow asks if there’s been any further word from the hospital, but he says, nothing yet. He hopes it’s good news soon, so Wiley can be back in his fathers’ arms.

Brad sits by Lucas’s bedside, while Bobbie and Julian stand outside the room. Julian asks why the hell Lucas was driving the car, and Bobbie says she’s asked the same thing. A few seconds later or earlier, and everything would be different. But it wasn’t, and now Lucas… You just never know.

Carly sees Sonny, and asks how Alexis is. Sonny says she’s being kept overnight for observation, and Kristina went home. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s trying to figure out what happened. One minute, they were home, counting their blessings, and the next, Lucas is on a ventilator, fighting for his life. Chase comes by, and she asks if he has any more information about the cause of the accident.

Carly calls Bobbie over, saying there’s an update in the investigation. Chase says he’s sorry. He wishes he could tell them more. He spoke to Jordan, and the preliminary investigation is inconclusive. There seemed to be something wrong with the brakes, but the car was so badly damaged, they can’t figure out why. The car has been impounded, and they’re going over it with a fine-toothed comb. He’ll keep posted. Carly apologizes; she thought there would be more information. Bobbie says even if they could tell what the problem was with the car, there’s no reason Lucas should be fighting for his life. He’s supposed to be home with his husband and little boy. None of it makes sense.

Julian watches Brad sitting by Lucas. Epiphany tells Julian that Lucas is getting the best care. Julian asks what the machine on the right is, and she says, a ventilator. He asks if it’s breathing for Lucas, and she says, not really, but it’s supporting his effort to breathe. He says all the times he’s seen those, he never paid much attention. He never thought one would be breathing for his son.

Michael comes downstairs, and says, Wiley is in bed. Fingers crossed that he’s too tired to realize he’s not home. He sees that he forgot Wiley’s favorite toy, and brings it upstairs. Sasha tells Willow, before they get interrupted again, she’s dying to know; what did the test say? Willow takes Sasha’s hand, and says, it says false alarm. She’s not pregnant. Sasha asks how she’s handling it, and Willow says, it’s the preferred outcome for now. They hug.

Nina sits next to Ava on the floor, and says she’s not a ghost. Ava says, she was selfish and betrayed him. Now he haunts her. She has to pay for what she’s done. He’s in hell, and he’s there with Kiki. It’s her fault. Nina asks who told Ava that? Does she think Kiki belongs in hell? Ava says, no; not her sweet girl. Nina says, it was lies. Who was it? Who told her Kiki is in hell? Ava says, Nikolas, and Nina says, Nikolas Cassadine?

Jax says when Nikolas came to him, he was sympathetic to his cause. He wanted Nikolas and Spencer to have what’s rightfully theirs. Nikolas says there was also the payoff, but Jax says it was never about the money for him. It was about setting things right for Spencer. Since then, he’s compromised his friends, and stalled his daughter’s moving in. He can’t do it anymore. He’s done. He’s not going to be responsible for Violet growing up without a mother. Nikolas tells him, what if he said even though Hayden is in danger, she isn’t?

Epiphany wheels Brad out, but he says he wants to wait in his husband’s room. She says they have to examine Lucas, and Carly says, it will only take a minute. Brad doesn’t care, and Epiphany says, despite being in an accident where he has a concussion and bruised ribs, Brad is refusing to rest. Brad says, it’s all his fault, and Sonny asks, why? Brad says, it was his car; he should have been driving. Carly tells him not to think like that, and Sonny asks why Lucas was driving. Brad says they were having a fight, and he was upset, so Lucas drove, and here they are. Sonny says Lucas will want Brad in fighting shape when he wakes up. Carly says they’ll get him if anything changes. He asks, who’s with Wiley? and she says, Michael insisted. Brad knows how much Michael loves Wiley.

Nelle tells Sam that she met Shiloh in Pentenville. She has so many questions. He loved to talk about Sam. He had a way of expression; a sense of romantic depth. Sam says, in his dreams, and Nelle says, poor Shiloh. He fell for Sam, and she killed him. Sam loves Jason, and he’s killed a lot of people, but he gets paid, so that makes it fine. Sam says being behind bars has affected Nelle’s fantasy life. Nelle says she’s not wearing a wire, and not trying to incriminate Sam. She won’t be there much longer. Sam says Nelle’s not in touch with reality. Nobody is coming there to get her out. No one wants her to go home. Sam gets into the upper bunk.

Nina asks Ava to tell her what meds they have her on. Ava says, the little white ones, but today, they were orange. They said it would help her sleep, but she doesn’t want to. That’s when he comes. Nina says, Nikolas? and Ava says, sometimes Kiki, but Kiki doesn’t want anything to do with her. She’s very faint. Nina asks if Nikolas is more vivid, and Ava says Nikolas will never forgive her. She tried to make peace, and gave him what he asked for, but he’ll be back. They both will. They always come back.

Valentin looks around the storage room at the gallery, and Martin flips through some paintings. He asks what they’re doing, looking for secrets and clues. Valentin tells him not to leave the paintings in disarray, and Martin says he didn’t realize there were demerits for being untidy. Valentin says, it’s called evidence, and he doesn’t want Martin leaving it. Just look for the painting. Martin says he realizes this is his fault, but he said he was a criminal lawyer, not a lawyer who commits crimes. Valentin says Jax won’t get the codicil before him. It’s a legal document, and Martin is there because he’s essential. He tells Martin to check for any storage invoices, and Martin asks what Valentin is doing. Valentin says he’s going to crack a safe.

Nikolas tells Jax, Violet will get her mother back. When he was at Windymere, he heard Valentin make Hayden an offer to turn on them. Jax asks if she said she’d take it, and Nikolas says, Valentin made it clear that if she didn’t play ball there would be consequences. She was about to tell him everything, they got interrupted, and Hayden got out. Jax asks if that’s when she fled, and Nikolas says he made her more fully convinced. Jax asks him to define fully convinced, and Nikolas says he staged an incident. Hayden was grabbed by a man who she thought Valentin sent. Jax says, Nikolas staged an attack? Nikolas says he gave Hayden the impression she was in danger if she didn’t go, and leaving behind Violet was the only way to get Valentin to believe she was in hiding. Jax asks if Nikolas sees nothing wrong with what he’s done, and Nikolas says he was putting safety first. Jax says, by terrorizing a mother to leave her child? Nikolas is supposed to be the good Cassadine.

Jax says, circumstances have changed, but Nikolas says, Hayden is safe, Violet is safe, and Ava still has the painting stashed at the gallery. If he goes now, he can have it by tonight, and Hayden can come home. Jax asks what makes Nikolas so sure Ava told him the truth? Nikolas says he persuaded her, and Jax asks if he wants to know. Nikolas says, it’s not important, and asks Jax to hold off calling for now. He’s on his way, and he’ll be in touch. Jax tells him, don’t take too long.

Chase goes to Sonny’s house. He says he can’t stay; he’s just checking in. He asks how Willow is, and she says, all right. He asks if she was hanging out with Wiley, and she says she was. He’s asleep now, but it helps to be around him. She asks, what’s going on? Did he come by just to check on her? He says, only in a comforting boyfriend kind of way; not a controlling or creepy way. She says, duly noted, and he tells her to let him know if he’s going too far. They were talking before the accident, and it seemed like Willow had something on her mind. She says she did, and she’ll tell him all about it. Just not right now. He asks if she’s sure it can wait, and she says, absolutely. He kisses her, and says he has to get back on the job.

Michael sees Chase to the door, and says his mom texted. She said they did a preliminary investigation. Chase says, it was inconclusive. He doesn’t want to speculate, but the undercarriage of the car was too damaged to find out if there was a problem with the brakes. It doesn’t sit well, but forensics should have more information. Michael asks if Chase thinks the car was tampered with, and Chase says, so far it’s been inconclusive, but when he knows, Michael will know.

Julian tells Bobbie that he deserves to be in there, not Lucas. Bobbie says she’d rather it be anyone else, but it’s not. It’s Lucas, and all they can do is wait and pray. Julian says he’ll give her some privacy, but she follows him. She says she’s seen the way he’s stepped up for Lucas, and tried to do the right thing. The truth is, Lucas found room for Julian in his heart, and somehow, some way, he must be worthy of that love. Right now, Lucas needs all of their love if he’s going to get through this, including Julian’s. Julian doesn’t know what to say, and she tells him, thank you will suffice. He says, thank you, and she says he’s welcome. See? They’re getting along, for the moment. It’s what their son would want.

Nina helps Ava up and into the bed. The nurse asks how it’s going, and Nina says, not great. What kind of meds do they have her on? She’s hallucinating dead people. The nurse says she’s not at liberty to discuss it, and visiting hours are over. Nina says, give her a minute, and she’ll be right out. She tells Ava that she has to leave. Ava asks why she was there, and Nina says she had an art question, but she’ll ask another day. Ava grabs her, and begs her not to go. Don’t leave her there. Nina tells her to listen. Ghosts aren’t real. She’s dreaming, and the meds aren’t helping. Nina promises to talk to someone; a lawyer, or the mayor. If anyone can straighten it out, Laura can. Ava asks if Nina can get Nikolas to stop, and Nina says, consider it done. Ava cries, and Nina promises Nikolas is dead. Ava saw it herself. She has nothing to fear from him. Nina sees the ring on the floor, and says, what the hell is this?

Nina says she needs Ava to focus. She shows her the ring, and asks if it looks familiar. Ava says, yes. She’s seen that design before. Nina says, so has she. It’s tattooed on Valentin’s arm. She asks where Ava has seen it, and Ava says, Nikolas. He had a ring like that. Nina wants Ava to her tell her more about the Nikolas that she saw. What did he want exactly?

Nelle wonders how Sam handles Carly in the middle of her relationship with Jason. Carly was overbearing with Michael, and micromanaged him. Jason is Carly’s BFF. She tells Sam, it’s just us girls. Sam can tell her. Does she have to share? Sam says, no, but does Nelle know what they do share? The fact that they’re excited about Michael being with Sasha. He’s falling in love, for real this time. Nelle says she heard he moved on. So has she. Sam asks if she’s making it up, or trying to get a guard fired. Nelle says, it’s nothing as scandalous as that. Just a lasting connection that has the potential to change her life forever. She can’t wait to share it once she’s released. It shouldn’t be long now. Sam says Nelle is absolutely insane. She tried to kill Michael, the son of the alleged most powerful crime lord, and she wants to get out? Nelle asks if that’s a threat, and Sam says, no; why? Is she that shaky? Nelle says she believes good things come to those who wait, and she’s been very patient.

Michael says he’s off to the MetroCourt kitchen. They’re preparing food for the hospital staff. Sasha says, let her do it. She wants to actually do something. He says she can save the day, and kisses her, saying, for the record, she’s very good company. She tells him to let his mom know she’s on her way. Wiley cries, and Willow says she’ll go upstairs.

Carly is glad Wiley is too young to understand, and Sonny says, Wiley doesn’t have to be afraid. Bobbie tells Carly that Epiphany is with her brother. Julian says, it’s like a revolving door. Carly asks how Bobbie is feeling, and Bobbie says she never wants to look protein bar again, but no worries. Carly says, it’s almost time for Donna’s feeding, and Sonny says he’ll go. He tells Julian, Wiley is back at the house. If Julian wants to see him, he’d be welcome.

Martin looks at a painting, remarking that it’s a culture clash of some sort. Valentin gets the safe open, and Martin says he has to admit, it’s impressive. They hear someone, and Valentin says, get down. They hide among the paintings.

Chase visits Sam, and Nelle says she knew he couldn’t stay away. He says he’s there for Sam. He’s sorry she’s hearing this way, but Lucas and Brad were in a car accident. Nelle asks if Brad is all right, and Looking at Sam, Chase says, Brad is pretty banged up, but he’ll be fine. Unfortunately, Sam’s brother wasn’t so lucky. He’s on life support, and they don’t know if he’s going to make it.

Epiphany finds Brad back in Lucas’s room, and says he only rested ten minutes. He says, it’s called a power nap. He tells her excuse me, and by that, he means go away. She says Lucas would be upset with them both if Brad doesn’t take care of himself. Brad says, good. If Lucas is pissed, that means he’s alive, and he can deal with Brad however he wants.

Bobbie tells Carly that Lucas is coming off the ventilator soon. They’ll see if he can breathe on his own. Carly says, that’s a good thing, right? Bobbie says, yeah, but when you take a patient off, there’s this terrible silence while you’re waiting for them to take their first breath, and you pray never to be in that position again. Carly says she’s so sorry, but Bobbie says if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that control is an illusion. Live as best you can, because so much of life is completely out of your hands.

Sonny feeds Donna, and Michael says, she loves her dad. Sonny tells him, don’t take personally. Michael asks if there’s any news, but Sonny says, they’re just waiting. The doorbell rings, and Sonny tells Michael to get it, but don’t get upset. Sonny invited him. Michael opens the door to Julian.

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Jax says he doesn’t know when Hayden will get this, but he’s giving her the all clear. She can come back to Port Charles; there’s no threat. She has his word that she and Violet will be safe. Sasha comes to the counter, and says she’s picking up food for Carly. Jax tells Hayden to call back soon as she can. Sasha says Jax is working late, but he says, it’s personal stuff. Sasha asks if he’s seen Nina. How is she? He says, cards on the table. He doesn’t know why Sasha is helping Valentin. If she’s doing it to protect Nina, thinking she’s lying for Nina’s own good, she’s wrong.

Nina asks Ava to tell her what Nikolas’s ghost wants. Ava says, he wanted to know where it was. Nina says, where what was? and Ava says, the painting. An awful portrait of Helena. He wanted it. Nina needs Ava to listen to her. She says she doesn’t think Ava saw a ghost. She thinks Nikolas is alive. He’s been alive, and he’s been tormenting Ava and using her to get what he wants.

A guy in a mask (i.e. Nikolas) walks past Valentin and Martin. Valentin jumps up, gun in hand, and tells him, don’t move. Turn slowly. Nikolas turns around, and Valentin tells him, take off the mask. Let’s get acquainted.

Valentin says, slowly, and Nikolas grabs the gun. Valentin punches him, and the gun falls, while Martin cowers. Nikolas runs out the side door, and Martin asks, who was that masked man?

Sasha tells Jax that she’ll say it as many times as he needs to hear it. He says he knows. She acted alone. He doesn’t think she’s a con artist or cold-hearted, but thinks she’s desperate and believes Valentin might be her chance to make it right.

Martin says, Valentin never told him it involved firearms. Valentin says if Martin had picked up the gun and pointed it at the guy, they would know who he worked for. Martin says, or shot them both. Valentin might have been in special ops, but he’s a lawyer. Valentin asks if Martin doesn’t find it odd that someone would be breaking in at the same time they were there, and Martin says it was no random break in, but the guy wasn’t tall enough to be Jax, and it wasn’t Hayden. Valentin doesn’t know why, but there was something familiar about him.

Nikolas runs. He stops and takes off his mask.

Nina thinks she and Ava should join forces; an unholy alliance. She’s tired of the Cassadine men, and their lies and mind games. She asks if Ava doesn’t think it’s time to put an end to it, once and for all. Ava says, no more ghosts, and Nina says, damn right. No more ghosts.

Brad, Carly, and Bobbie stand outside Lucas’s room. Brad says he doesn’t know how to do this. Lucas is the strong one, the good one. Without him… Bobbie tells him, when BJ passed, she thought she’d never set foot in the hospital again. She was convinced she didn’t have the strength. Carly says she did, and here they are. Bobbie says, because the miracles she’s seen there outweigh the losses. One thing she’s learned is, if they’re going to survive, they can’t give in to fear. They have to lean in to the hope. Brad goes into Lucas’s room, and tells Lucas that he loves him. After everything, please remember that.

Nelle asks Chase, what about Wiley? He says it doesn’t concern her, and Sam asks if Wiley was in the car. Chase says, Wiley is safe. He wasn’t in the car. Nelle says he could have led with that, and Sam tells her, shut up. She asks where Wiley is, and Chase says, Wiley is fine. He’s with Michael.

Sonny says, daughter/father bonding, and tells Donna, get used to dad. Willow asks if she can get anything for Julian, and Michael comes down with Wiley, saying, grandpa came to visit. Julian thanks him, and takes Wiley. He says, Wiley is getting so big. He doesn’t want Wiley to worry. Grandpa will take care of everything. Daddy Lucas will wake up. Don’t worry. Julian will make sure Lucas will be with him forever.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Maxie that Brook Lynn is back; Peter tells Elizabeth, if he’d made different choices, she wouldn’t be in the position she’s in; and Franco says it’s the last thing he can do as Drew for Drew.

👗 And You Get a Model…

Project Runway’s new season began tonight, and I always feel like I do at the beginning of Survivor – too damn many contestants for me to remember all their names, but they’ll be weeded down to a manageable few soon enough. You can meet them all at the link below, but it seemed like most of them had heads so big, I was surprised they all fit in the same room. Many of them already had serious careers going, and I wondered why they even needed the exposure. I do have to add, contestant Victoria is from Moldova, a place I’d never heard of before, that has now been popping up everywhere on reality shows. Karlie Kloss informed the contestants that this time around, there would also be the Siriano Save. Much like they used to do on American Idol, if mentor Christian Siriano thinks an eliminated designer is worth it, he’ll bring them back. #CloutGoals. Their initial meeting was at the TWA hotel in JFK airport, which fascinates me. The hotel, not the airport. The airport is one hassle after another, but I digress. Their first task was to split into teams of two – collaboration equals innovation – and design for travel in the future; a jumpsuit for daytime excursions into the great unknown, and a chic outfit for happy hour at the space hotel. They had $400 and 45 minutes to shop at Mood, and it was on. The best laugh of the night came when Alan – who thought he was too cool for school – left his organza at the shop, and had to make clothing out of air. I was actually hoping he’d be the first to go, but he was one of the bottom four, so close enough to maybe make him think twice about bragging. The winning team was Sergio (who had designed Billy Porter’s outfit for the 2019 Tonys) and Brittany, with Brittany’s jumpsuit being the big winner and scoring immunity for her. Asma and Jenn were the losing team, and both were out, having failed themselves and each other (ouch!). This was a little disappointing, since each of them had intriguing niches; Asma designing for the modern Muslim woman, and Jenn designing modern Goth. When introducing the contestants, we saw some of their previous work, and these two were brilliant, but not so much on their first runway. Jenn’s jumpsuit was boring, and Asma’s happy hour dress was unfinished and had way too much going on. Brandon Maxwell did give the best quote of the night, saying, to me it was just like… why? So far, I’m rooting for Nancy, who left the corporate world at 58 years old (she’s 64 now) to pursue her design dream. You go, girl!

Ultimate Repurposing…

An airline terminal reborn.




🎇 Leaning On Hope…

I saw this movie for the first time not long ago. I know, hard to believe, but no one told me Chris Sarandon and William Hickey were in it. Bill haunts me even from beyond the grave…










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