January 21, 2020 – No Trial Soap For You, Jim’s Kidnap Plot Thickens, Tom Rains On Stassi’s Book Signing & Morning Gibberish


What I Watched Today

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GH was preempted in the US today. SPOILER ALERT – here it is anyway. I’m guessing this will be shown tomorrow, but it looked like a last minute decision today, so who knows?

General Hospital

Mike tells Sonny, nice place, as they walk into a bar. Sitting at the bar, Jason sees a guy with a gun, and yells for everybody to get down. There’s a bunch of shooting, all at the same time in various locations with various characters ducking and running for cover. Question mark over my head.

Sonny walks into a bar with Mike and Jason, which is not the beginning of a joke. Mike says his back hurts, and asks what the place is. Sonny says he heard there was great pastrami there, and thought they’d have lunch. Mike flirts with the waitress, who goes to get him coffee. He says, she’s a firecracker. Sonny shows Jason a table, and says Mike used to sit there. Jason asks if it was his betting office, and Sonny says, pretty much. He thought bringing Mike there might spark something, but it’s different now. The chances of having an incident there are high. This has to work.

Michael sees Josslyn on the docks, and thanks her for meeting him there. He knows it’s random, but he’s meeting the mayor there. She asks what’s so important he had to meet in person. He says he’s moving Nelle into the Quartermaines. Josslyn says, oh hell no.

At the MetroCourt, Nelle tells Carly, it’s a bond that can’t be broken; once you conceive a child with someone. Michael wasted no time asking her to move in. Carly says she heard about Nelle’s little stunt at the hospital. Nelle asks if she’s referring to her how she survived a brutal attack by Ryan, but Carly says she meant Nelle’s run-in with Wiley. They both know she’s not the maternal type. Nelle says she’s just being cruel. It’s been over a year, and she still aches for her son. Carly tells her, mention Jonah one more time, and see what happens.

Sasha and Willow sit at one of the tables, and Sasha says, so that’s Nelle. Willow says, lovely, isn’t she? Sasha says she’s glad Nelle won’t be anywhere close to Wiley, but Willow says she’s freaking out. Brad is completely off the rails, and now he’s solely responsible for Wiley’s well-being. What is she going to do?

Lulu asks if Charlotte had fun at Crimson, and Charlotte says, the best. Nina says they made her work, and Lulu suggests Charlotte clean up and they can head out. Jax says, she’s an art director in the making. Lulu thinks Valentin’s arraignment is happening as they speak, and asks how Nina is. Nina says she’s fine, and Lulu says she thinks Robert’s goal was to get the judge to deny bail. Hopefully, Nina won’t have to worry about him showing up, and Lulu won’t have to worry about him sniffing around Charlotte. It won’t be a problem once she gets full custody. Nina ask if Lulu thinks keeping Charlotte away from Valentin is a good idea. It seems extreme, and they can all agree that Valentin and Charlotte love each other. Lulu says, of course (🍷), but Valentin has a funny way of showing it. Nina thinks it might do more harm than good, but Lulu says they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. Right now, all she cares about is keeping her daughter safe, and that can’t happen if she’s with Valentin.

On a private plane, Ava tells Nikolas she can practically hear him brooding. He says he’s sorry he’s not over his son cutting him out of his life a couple of hours ago. She says, Spencer is furious; maybe even hates Nikolas. He asks if that’s supposed to make him feel better, and she says she’s been there. Suck it up. Spencer is alive, which means he still has a chance to repair the relationship. He says he’s not giving up on his son. Everything he’s done has been for Spencer. She says, it seems to her, everything was done to get revenge on Valentin. He says, to reclaim the estate. He had to protect the Cassadine heir. She says, it’s pretty clear Spencer would prefer he protect his son. He asks if that isn’t the same thing, and she says, an heir is the legacy of a powerful family; a son is a child who needs his father.

At the courthouse, Martin tells Valentin, the judge is running late, but Valentin is just glad to be out of the cell. Martin is hoping the judge grants him bail. Laura appears, and says as someone who’s up for attempted murder, and has the means to disappear, she doesn’t think so. Valentin asks if she’s there to exert undue influence on the court, but she says she doesn’t need to. He’s the one who tried to kill Ava, kidnapped Charlotte, and committed fraud. He says, none of that is true; he was taking Charlotte to a hotel. She says, what about evading arrest? and Valentin says he wasn’t. He had no reason to believe he’d be arrested. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Robert comes out with a paper, and asks Martin, what’s this? Martin says, a motion to dismiss. The attempt on Ava’s life never happened.

Sonny tells Jason, it’s Mike’s last shot. Jason says Sonny has done everything he can do. Now it’s up to Mike and the treatment. Sonny says he knows Alzheimer’s doesn’t take any orders, and if Mike is too far gone, he’s too far gone. But he’s worried about Mike spending the night in the clinic. Jason says at least it gave them an opportunity to call a meeting. Sonny showing up in Brooklyn wouldn’t have looked good if he didn’t check in with the five families. I laugh because that sounds so stupid – like five cheese pizza or something. Sonny says, not that he’s crossing any borders, but him being in Brooklyn could be misinterpreted. I laugh again, since that’s stupid too. Sonny is from Brooklyn. Who wrote this? Mike comes back and says Maggie told him that his coffee is on the house. He’s still got it. Sonny says he does.

Nelle says, just because Carly is angry that Michael still has feelings for her… Carly tells her, give it up, and Nelle says, no. Carly says, having Nelle out in the world again is unsettling and painful, but what she’s not getting is, the crap she pulled last time isn’t going to work. They all know her act. That’s what’s going to drive her straight back to Pentenville.

Willow tells Sasha, technically, she has no legal rights to Wiley. She signed the adoption papers, and Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s son, but when she was considering them as parents, Lucas was always the winner in the dad department. He was the responsible one, the dependable one. Brad is nice, but he almost let fresh-out-of-prison Nelle move in with him. What does that say about his mental state? Sasha says Willow is afraid of what happens if Lucas never wakes up, and Willow say she’s terrified. How can she be okay with Brad raising her son on his own?

Josslyn asks if Michael is insane. Whatever strategy he thinks he’s working, this is Nelle they’re talking about. He says he’s aware… and she says, that Nelle is a complete psycho?  And a liar, and a killer? The last time he tried to work a strategy on her, his car ended up on the side of the road, and he almost died. Nelle is evil, and will kill him if she gets the chance, because he’ll never love her, and Nelle will never accept that. She’s sorry, but he can’t die.

Nikolas says, growing up with his mother and uncle, he was always taught to put the Cassadines first. His worth was based on being the prince. Ava asks if he liked that, and he says he hated it. He didn’t realize he was treating Spencer the same way. She says she never managed to learn not to put herself before her own child. She let her own desires come between them again and again. She thinks if she’d put Kiki first, her daughter might still be alive.

Laura tells Martin, that’s absurd. Everyone at Windymere saw Nikolas carry Ava in, soaking wet, and they both say Valentin pushed her off the parapet. Martin says, they also saw Ava drink her body weight in vodka. As for Nikolas, the court is supposed to take the word of a man who pretended to be deceased for three years, so he could get revenge on the man he’s accusing of this crime? Valentin thinks the term he’s looking for is, unreliable witness. Martin says, once the murder charge is dismissed, there’s no reason for no bail. Laura says, he’ll run, but Martin says Valentin will voluntarily give up his passport. Robert says he’s got a closetful of them. Valentin says he’s not going anywhere. Not without his daughter.

Lulu helps Charlotte on with her coat, and sees the chopped up picture of Sasha. She asks, what happened there? and Charlotte says, Nina did it. She goes to say goodbye to Nina, and tells Nina that her papa had Butterscotch moved to mainland. She asks if Nina wants to come with her to the stables; they can ride like they used to. Nina wishes she could, but she has to work, and says maybe another time. Charlotte hugs Nina, saying she loves and misses her. Nina says she feels the same, and Charlotte leaves with Lulu. Nina tells Jax that Charlotte is sad and lonely because of the choices she made. He looks at his phone, and wonders what’s taking so long.

Mike chats with Maggie about the Mets, and Jason says he’s in a better mood than when they got there. Sonny hopes there’s a good looking nurse at the clinic. His dad is golden when he turns on the charm.

Nelle tells Carly, she’s never going back to Pentenville, and Carly says, sure she is. Nelle asks, why? Because Carly says so? Carly says, no, because crazy rolls off Nelle in waves, and she can’t resist doing something evil and stupid that will come back to bite her. She’s going to do it to herself, so go ahead, plant herself at the Quartermaines. It’s just going to be entertaining. Nelle in the same house as Monica, after trying to kill her beloved grandson? They’re going to treat Nelle like the trash she is, and Carly can’t wait to watch.

Sasha tells Willow to just find the action she needs to take. They’re all there to support her.

Michael tells Josslyn, he’s a grown man who can take care of himself. Wiley is a baby, whose whole world is spiraling out of control. She says, no one knows what’s going to happen with Lucas, and Michael says, the one father Wiley can depend on is absent, and he’s left with Brad, who wasn’t steady to begin with, and now he’s unraveling. He was going to let Nelle move in with him and Wiley. Josslyn says, never, and he says now she understands why he had to move Nelle in with the Quartermaines. It’s the only way to keep her away from Wiley. She says, wrong. She has a better solution. Take Wiley away from Brad.

The guard tells Robert, Judge Vasquez will be ready in twenty minutes. Laura says she has an important meeting to go to, and Valentin says she’ll be missed. She says if he wants Charlotte to come through this whole, he should start cooperating with her. She’s the voice of sanity. He suggests she act like it, and call Lulu off. He doesn’t want his daughter to be a casualty in the never-ending war with the Cassadines. He knows they agree in wanting Charlotte to be happy, so no matter how much he and Lulu despise each other, they’re going to have to find some common ground. Charlotte is more important than that. Laura tells Robert to let her know how it goes, and leaves.

Nina asks Jax what he means by it’s taking too long, and he says, if he told her, it wouldn’t be a surprise. She says she’s had enough surprises in her life. He says, too late, and a server brings in a room service table. She says he’s come full-circle with the champagne, and he says he had the cheese flown in from Switzerland. She says, of course (🍷) he did. He says he’s not making light of her situation or feelings, but believes there’s a lot to celebrate. He opens the champagne.

Nikolas says he’s sorry for Ava’s loss. She says, and for exploiting it when he haunted her? He says, yes. It was a terrible thing to do. Being away from Spencer was torture, but he could hold on to his fantasy of their triumphant reunion, but she’s right. He still has a chance to be with his son. The thought of him being gone for good… She says, it’s a pain no parent should have to bear. He’s sorry she has to carry that, and she says she knows the perfect way he can make it up to her. Sign the post-nup.

Nelle tells Carly that she remembers that day at the police station vividly. The hatred in Carly’s eyes, and the vitriol Carly spewed at her. But what she remembers the most is how smug Carly was. Who’s laughing now? She has 5% of the ELQ shares and her own room at the Quartermaines. The best part is, she didn’t have to be rescued. She did it on her own. Carly tells her not to exaggerate. She had help; Shiloh and Ryan. Nelle says Carly doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. Carly doesn’t know what she can do, what she’s done, or how she can blow Carly’s entire world apart. Carly says she’s not listening to Nelle’s delusional babble. She has errands to run. Nelle ponders the word errands.

Josslyn tells Michael, if Lucas doesn’t wake up, and everyone agrees Brad is a crappy father, Wiley’s real mother is right there. Have Willow revoke the adoption and take Wiley back. Wiley will be safe, and Nelle won’t have to live with the Quartermaines. Problem solved. Michael says, that’s not the way it works. Adoptions are legally binding. You can’t just change your mind. Willow chose Brad and Lucas as birth parents, and Brad is Wiley’s father. They have no choice but to help and support him. Josslyn says, that is such bull. Lucas chose Michael to be Wiley’s godfather so he could protect Wiley when Lucas couldn’t. Ask himself what Lucas would want him to do. Laura arrives, and Josslyn says she has to run, and tells Michael think about it. Laura asks if he’s ready to talk waterfront renovations.

Jason tells Sonny, the biggest regret of his life is how hard he was on Alan. He wouldn’t let Alan in, even though he tried and tried. And then he died. Sonny says, it’s not like Alan didn’t make mistakes, and Jason agrees he did, but for a lot of years, Sonny was way more mad at Mike than Jason was at Alan, and he was able to overcome it. He was able to reach out to his dad and take care of him. He wishes more than anything he would have been able to give Alan one tenth of what Sonny has given his father. He can never make that right again, and wants Sonny to know what he’s doing. Mike might not understand, but Sonny is a good son, and he’s giving Mike everything he has.

Ava tells Nikolas, she won’t hand over the original codicil until he makes their relationship official. He thought that’s what marriage did. She laughs, and says they’re not exactly a conventional couple. Their relationship will be fluid, a partnership. He says she forced him into this position, and now expects him to work with her. She doesn’t see why not. She helped him with Spencer, didn’t she? She doesn’t want to tear him down; she wants to see him on top, and wants to be right beside him. They’re both smart, some would say ruthless, and she thinks they’d make an incredible team. All he has to do is sign. She hands him a pen, and he says he’ll do it. On one condition.

Nina asks what they’re toasting, and Jax says he told her when people get their hearts broken, they can either wallow in it or choose the fun side of the island. It was easy for him to say, but it occurred to him that she might need a tutorial on the good side of life. She says, this is it? He’s the most arrogant man she’s ever met. Good thing he’s cute. He says he’s had his share of setbacks and broken dreams, but he realized there’s a choice. You can let it hold you back, or you can move forward. The only thing they’re in control of is their attitude. They toast to moving forward. He says, so she thinks he’s cute?

Lulu runs into the courthouse, and asks Robert if she missed it. He says, the judge saw fit to grant Valentin bail. He dropped the attempted murder charge for lack of evidence. She says, what about the other charges? and he says, all non-violent. Valentin comes out, and Robert tells him, congratulations. He saved his own butt again. Valentin asks Lulu how Charlotte is, and she says none of his business. He says she’s his daughter, and they still have joint custody. That means he can see her whenever he wants to. She says not after she files a restraining order against him.

Mike talks to Maggie about the old days, and taking his son for a root beer float for breakfast. It was their secret. She says his son was a lucky kid, and Mike says he was a lucky dad. Sonny asks if Mike is bothering her, but she says is he kidding? She spends her days waiting on rude, bored, pissed off people, and he’s a real charmer.

Laura tells Michael that she’s envisioning a public and private sector initiative. They’re going to make the run down area inviting, welcoming, and most of all, safe for the citizens of Port Charles. That means it has to be more than parks and gardens. She wants restaurants and shops. She wants it to be beautiful and useful. He says it’s an ambitious plan, but is she sure she wants to go all the way to Pier 55? Maybe they could just look at the first fifteen piers or so. She says she respects his wanting to leave part of the waterfront… untouched. She thought of that herself, but her concern about that is, the part that hasn’t been renovated wouldn’t be safe unless they do the whole thing. It’s a worthwhile project, and she hopes ELQ will get behind it.

Carly tells Gladys that she has to get some paperwork, and they can head over to the warehouse.

Nelle catches Willow on her way to the elevator, and asks if she’s going to Brad’s. She commends Willow, spending time with the child she gave away. She wonders if every time Willow leaves, she feels like she’s giving him up all over again. Willow gets in the elevator, and says she’s heartbroken that Michael had to lose his child, but she’s increasingly grateful that Nelle isn’t a mom. The elevator doors close, and Nelle says, bitch.

Nikolas tells Ava, an open marriage won’t work. He doesn’t want people to think she’s cheating on him. She has to appear like a doting wife. She says she’s not having sex with him. If that’s a condition, she’ll burn the codicil the first chance she gets. He says he’s not interested in sleeping with her either. He just wants her to be faithful. She asks if it’s the middle ages. He says he doesn’t trust her not to trash his reputation. A man whose wife is cheating on him is seen as weak. She says, an infidelity clause. She assumes it doesn’t just apply to her. He says, so they’re agreed. If she cheats on him, she gets nothing. She says, and if he cheats on her, she gets 90% of his assets; 10% for the little guy. She says, deal? and they shake hands. She guesses they’re stuck with each other, and toasts to a long and chaste partnership.

Valentin tells Lulu, all this time, she’s accused him of being evil incarnate for killing Nikolas, but he didn’t kill Nikolas, did he? Her brother is alive and kicking. She says, no thanks to him, and he says, now she has to come up with a new excuse to take away his daughter. He’s not going to allow Charlotte to be poisoned by her particular brand of lunacy. Do her worst. Bring it, because he can handle her. Lulu stomps off, and Martin says, that looked tense. Valentin says, Lulu wants to issue a restraining order, and Martin says, they’ll crush it this afternoon. Valentin says, why not now? and Martin says he has an important probate hearing about Shiloh’s will. Nelle is anxious to submit her claim for the ELQ shares. Valentin says, she’s been a useful distraction. The Quartermaine and Corinthos families are in a spin. Martin says if Valentin hadn’t insisted, he wouldn’t have taken her case. Valentin asks if Nelle has any idea Martin isn’t working for her, but for him, and Martin says, not a clue.

Nina tells Jax about going to a party in the Hamptons and meeting a boy by a cheese plate. They danced under the stars, and it was breathtaking. He suggests they dance there, and holds out his hand. She takes it, and he spins her around. They dance, and she asks if there’s anything he can’t do. He says fly a spaceship, but he wants to learn. She’s liking this fun side of the island, and he tells her stick around; it gets better. He kisses her.

Sonny tells Mike, they have stuff to do, but they can come back. Maggie says it was great meeting him.

While Laura takes a call from Robert, Sasha shows up, and asks if Michael is still at his meeting. He says they’re taking a break. He sees she made a decision, and she says she accepts his invitation to move in. He says he thought she wasn’t sure, but she says that was before the whole Nelle thing. She wants to help. Michael shouldn’t have to deal with Nelle alone.

Gladys looks around the warehouse, while Carly checks some paperwork. Tony comes out, and Carly tells him that Sonny signed some things and asked her to drop them off. Gladys has wandered into another area, and Tony asks her to step away from there.

Mike tells Sonny, it’s a nice place. Sonny thinks so too. Jason sees a guy at the bar with a gun, and yells, everyone get down! The guy starts to shoot.

Josslyn says she lost her journal, and looks around. A guy pops out from behind a wall, and she yells for Michael to watch out. The guy starts shooting.

Another guy starts shooting at the warehouse. Tony pushes Gladys out of the way, and Carly dives behind the bags of coffee.

At the pier, Laura runs toward Josslyn, and gets hit.

No previews on the video I saw.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Kathryn says she can’t believe she’s getting arrested, and George tells her, he can’t say he’s sorry. This is for Jennifer. Kathryn says she has nothing to do with it, and George asks why Jim had his assistant try to steal evidence. She tells him to ask Jim. Arrest Jim, if he’s still alive. He asks if she wants to answer questions there or at the station. She says she was just shot at, and he’s doing this now? Hanna tells her, calm down, but she says she won’t. Hanna tells her, it’s okay, and Kathryn asks if George realizes the power she has in this town. George says, it doesn’t matter. She says she’s a wreck. Her son just tried to kill them, and he’s arresting her. The officer tells her, don’t resist, and Hanna says, just go with them. Kathryn says she’ll resist all she wants to. She’s Kathryn Cryer, and she’ll have all their jobs. Hanna follows as she’s led away.

Outside, the reporters clamor for a story. Wyatt tells Kathryn, he let her live tonight; remember that. She tells him, remember he’ll live to regret it. He asks why they’re arresting her, and George says for Jennifer’s murder. Wyatt says, finally, and Kathryn says he’ll be sorry. He needs to pay for what he did. He says she’s paying for what she did to Jennifer, and she says he’ll be paying for the rest of his life. He says he’s been paying for it since birth, bitch. Kathryn is put in a police car, and I’m surprised the reporters aren’t tripping over each other to get photos.

The car pulls away. Wyatt calls Hanna over, and asks her to pray for him. She says she will, and he suggests she pray to him. He was God tonight. She says, no, he’s not, and he says he killed that bastard and let Kathryn live. If that’s not God, he doesn’t know what is. Hanna says he needs help, and he says she should be happy he killed that bastard. Both her and Benny should be happy. She says she’s not, and he says he let Benny live. She asks what he’s talking about, and Wyatt says he heard Jim was going to have Benny kidnapped until he got the money back. Hanna asks who Jim would call to do that, but Wyatt doesn’t know. He says he’s sorry; God is tired and doesn’t have time. She says, Lord help him, but he says he’ll help himself. He asks if she wants to know how he did it, and she shakes her head. He says she should have seen Kathryn fall into the tub. The look of fear of death was magnificent. Hanna tells him, goodnight, and walks away. She goes inside and leaves Benny a message to call her. She tells George that Jim was planning on kidnapping her son because his sister has money that belongs to him. George says, Candace? Why would she have his money? Hanna doesn’t know, and says she was planning on giving it back. She asks if her son is in danger, but George doesn’t know. She leaves another message for Benny.

Candace gets a call from Hanna, who asks where her brother is. Candace says, out with Mitch. Hanna asks if they said where they’re going, but Candace says, they weren’t specific. Hanna tells her that Jim was going to have Benny kidnapped until she gave him the money. She wants Candace to find her brother, and Candace says she’ll call Benny and Mitch. She tells Hanna not to worry, and Hanna says, that man is crazy. Candace asks how Jim is, and Hanna says, he was shot. They took him to the hospital. Candace tells her that Benny is with Mitch; no fool would bother them. Mitch is a Malone, and that name sends people shaking. She’ll find Benny.

Charles looks at Candace’s phone number, and moves on to Gretchen. She asks how he is, and he says, not so good. She asks where is he? and he says, in Detroit. She says she’s on her way. He’s been on her mind. He says he’ll let the Secret Service know she’s coming.

Outside the Cryer house, David goes through the blockade with Jeffrey. He asks George, what happened? and George says, Wyatt shot Jim, and attempted to shoot Kathryn. David asks how Jim is, but George doesn’t know. He asks where Kathryn is, and George says she was just taken to jail for Jennifer’s murder. David asks who can tell him about Jim, and George says there’s an investigator inside, Donnelly. Jeffrey asks Wyatt what he did, and Wyatt says, he did it. He told Jeffrey he was going to, but Jeffrey didn’t believe him. Jeffrey tells Wyatt not to say anything, and Wyatt says, it’s the truth. Jeffrey says they’re going to take him to jail, and Wyatt says, good. He’s sick of this life. Jeffrey says, at some point, Wyatt is going to realize what he’s doing. Wyatt yells, he shot Jim Cryer.

David asks Donnelly how Jim is, but Donnelly isn’t sure. David asks if Jim is in the hospital or morgue, and Donnelly says, he went to the hospital. David wonders where Wyatt got a gun, and Donnelly says it was an old model shotgun. Jim’s only saving grace were that the bullets were for quail hunting. It’s still a shotgun blast though. Hanna comes out, and David asks if she knows what happened. She says all she knows is that Wyatt shot Jim, and shot at Kathryn, but didn’t shoot her. When she got there, they were taking Jim out on a stretcher. David asks if he was breathing, and she says they took him to the hospital. David says he’s got to get over there, but Hanna tells him, wait. He and Jim are thick as thieves. Did David know Jim was planning on having Benny kidnapped? Who would he call to do that? David says he doesn’t know what Hanna is talking about, but she says she knows he knows who to call. (Veronica actually might be at the top of that list.) She tells him, leave her son alone, and he insists he doesn’t know what she means. Jim might not be alive, do they need to have this conversation now? She says, damn right. Benny is her son. She knows how David is about his son, and Benny is hers.

Outside, David tells Wyatt, don’t admit anything, and Jeffrey says he told Wyatt to stay quiet, but he doesn’t care. David says he’s going to the hospital to check on Jim. Jeffrey says, what about Wyatt? but David says there’s nothing he can do. Wyatt says there’s nothing he can do for Jim either.

Veronica calls Derrick, who looks like he’s less than thrilled to hear from her. He asks if she knows what time it is, and she says she needs to talk to him – not on the phone. He says he’s not coming to her house, but she says, yes, he is. She’ll be waiting. He tells her, suit herself, and she says she’ll see him in thirty minutes. She hangs up, and he says, bitch.

Gretchen tells Charles that she really missed him. He says, it hasn’t been that long, but she says, eleven months. How is he really? He says he’s okay, and she says she saw the news about that girl. How did  that happen? He says, long story, and she says she has all night. She wondered how he got involved with someone like that, and he says he didn’t call to talk about that. He should probably just go to sleep, and she says, let her stay. She can take his mind off her; like old times. He asks if she isn’t dating a guy, and she says they broke up. Charles asks, when? and she says when he called. He hopes she didn’t come because she thought they were getting back together, and she says she came to tell him how much she missed him and wanted him. She knows she can take his mind off whatever it is. She opens her coat, and she’s wearing lingerie underneath it. She walks upstairs, and he follows.

On the phone in his hotel room, Landon asks Adeline if she’ll do this for him. She really is a good girl. He says, come on. He took care of her daughter, and had the story killed. He’s not threatening her, he’s just asking for a favor. Can she fix this? Please? He says he loves her. Drinks on him – forever. He makes a kissy noise into the phone. There’s a knock at the door, and Landon pulls himself together. He opens the door to find Scott. He was surprised Landon called in the middle of the night; the President Elect’s most trusted advisor. Landon thanks Scott for seeing him. He asks how Scott’s wife is, and Scott says, good. He asks how the baby is, and Scott says, beautiful, but Landon didn’t call to talk about that. Landon says, no, and tells Scott, have a seat. Would he like a drink? Scott says, no, and asks, what’s going on? Landon says Scott needs to come clean with him. Scott says, about…? and Landon says, the Attorney General. It’s completely off the record. Scott tells Landon, he has nothing to say about the AG, and Landon says, what about Candace? Scott says he knows nothing, but Landon says Scott knows what happened in Savannah. Scott went there secretly, and knows something is going on. He asks again how Scott’s wife is, and Scott says he already asked. Landon says, is his marriage good? and Scott says, so Landon is playing this card. Landon says, no cards; just honest conversation. Scott says Landon wants leverage, but Landon says he has it already, and Scott says, what does he want to know? Landon asks why the AG is so hot after Candace, and Scott says, she robbed him. She had no idea who he was. Landon says, how much? and Scott says, not even $2000. Landon says, he saw a way to get back at her, and bury Charles. Scott says Landon didn’t hear it from him. Landon thanks him, and says he’s been very helpful. Scott says, that’s it? He’ll take that drink, but Landon says, no. He’s running with this. They’ll talk later. Scott repeats, Landon didn’t hear it from him. Scott says he’ll be calling Landon for a favor very soon, and Landon says he’ll count on it.

Oliver walks into Landon’s room, and Landon says, he just walks in now? Oliver asks if Landon has a new boyfriend, and Landon asks what he wants. Oliver says Charles just called, and wants to see him. (BTW, when anyone talks about Charles, they never use his name, they just say he or him.) Landon says he was counting on that. Oliver says Landon might not want to tell Charles his idea about the girl, but Landon says, watch a master at work. He knows Charles like the back of his hand. Oliver says, so does he, but Landon says he knows him. He calls Oliver a little weasel, and tells him, go to bed. And cut his hair. He looks like a rooster. Oliver says he just got a trim, and Landon says, ridiculous… little bitch.

Benny and Mitch make it rain at the club. Benny wonders where his phone is, and Mitch says he left it in the car. Benny’s worried about his mom, but Mitch would rather look at the girls. Benny says Mitch has his phone, and Mitch shuts it off. He and Benny clink glasses. Mitch says Benny forgot his phone, but he better not have forgotten his wallet. Drinks are on him. They toss some more bills in the air.

A stripper talks to a couple of guys leaning against the wall, and then approaches Benny. She asks if he wants a dance. He says she’s pretty, but he’s good. She says, this one’s free, and Mitch says she’s speaking Benny’s language. She leads Benny to the back, and the two guys watch . Mitch notices them, and watches them watching.

There’s a knock on Broderick’s apartment door. It’s Rocky, who says he brought Broderick’s tally, and hands him an envelope. Broderick says Rocky is still running girls? Rocky tells him, don’t get excited. Business is pretty slow, but he figured Broderick must be out of money by now. Broderick says, quite the opposite. Rocky says Broderick is really going to stay there. What’s he going to do? Broderick says, live it up. He found the deed for the place, and it’s paid for. Rocky doesn’t want to burst Broderick’s bubble (say that three times real fast), but he thinks it could backfire. Broderick says, he’s got this, and asks how things are at the hotel. Rocky says, not bad, but what choice does he have? Broderick asks if the FBI guy has been around, but Rocky hasn’t seen him. There’s been no sign of anyone, so Broderick can come back to work. The two of them running the show would be awesome. Broderick looks in the envelope, and asks if Rocky has heard from RK? Rocky says he told Broderick, RK is long gone. He’s smart. He says he already told Broderick once, be careful. Broderick says, and he already told Rocky once, he’s got this. Rocky says he’s crazy, and leaves.

Charles and Gretchen bask in the afterglow. She says she missed him, and he says he missed her too. She asks why he was with Candace. What was that about? Gretchen suggests Charles call her, and he asks why she’s bringing it up. She says he called her by Candace’s name – twice. Then he tried to cover it. Don’t lie. She knows him. He says he’s sorry, and she says, don’t be. He can’t help where his heart is. The sex was also angry. He was digging into the mattress so hard, he broke two nails. He says, it’s been a long time, and she tells him, just admit it. Why did he call when he wanted to be with her? Doesn’t he want to find out what this is? He asks if she saw the news; she’s a mess. Gretchen says, so is he. He says he managed his mess, but she says Candace doesn’t have the means or resources to manage hers. He says, it’s out now, but she says, he can fix it. Have his guys do what they do. He says Candace won’t see him or talk to him. He was really mean to her. Gretchen says he knows how to turn on the snake charm; she’s there. He says, it doesn’t take much, and she says she’ll remember that. She gets out of bed, and he asks her to stay the night. She says, no; she has to get back to her guy. Charles thought they broke up, and she says, they did. He’s in her bed. She left him to come to Charles. Charles says, cold blooded, and she says, just as he is. He says, daddy spoiled her, and she tells him, don’t blame her because she’s an heiress. He thanks her, and she tells him not to thank her like a whore. Save that for Candace. She puts her coat back on, and tells him, goodbye.

Benny is mesmerized by the booty in his face. The girl asks what he’s drinking, and he says, tequila, straight up. She takes a sip, and straddles him, putting her arms around his neck. Behind his back, she slips something into his drink. He asks why she’s doing this, and she says she’s paying her way through school. He asks why it’s free, and she asks if he’s seen the other dudes out there. She’s doing this for her, not him. He takes his drink back, and she tells him to touch her. He drinks more, and touches more. She throws him back on the bed, and gets on top of him.

Celine sees Jim being wheeled into the hospital, and asks Madison if it’s Jim Cryer. Madison says he can’t tell her, but she looks at the chart in his hand. She says she knows Jim. Madison asks, how? and she says he’s the father of her two sons. He says, sorry, and she asks, what happened?  Madison says, he got shot. She asks if he’ll make it, but Madison doesn’t know. She asks, who shot him? but Madison just shakes his head.

Hanna calls Candace, who’s looking around the club, and asks if she found Benny. Candace says, no. Hanna asks where she is, and Candace says ,where they usually go. She called Mitch, but he’s not answering either. Hanna hopes Benny is all right, and Candace says she’s sure he’s fine. Hanna tells Candace to call her back, and Candace asks where she is. She says she’s still at the Cryer’s. Candace asks if everything is okay, and Hanna says, no. Candace asks how Jim is, and Hanna tells her, go find her brother. Candace says she’s going to try one more place.

There’s a knock at Landon’s door. It’s Oliver again, and Landon asks why he’s back. Oliver says, sorry, and Landon says he thought it was someone else. Oliver says he needs to tell Landon about the drama in Savannah. Landon says, Candace, and Oliver says, it’s the Cryers and Harringtons. There was a shooting; a drive-by or something. What has Landon gotten the President Elect involved in? He’s just saying. Landon tells him to say it on the other side of the wall and down the hall. Oliver leaves, and I realize how much Landon looks like Andy Cohen. He calls Jeffrey, who’s sitting in his car. He says he heard about the drama, and Jeffrey says he’s fine. He and his dad just got out of the hospital. Landon says Jeffrey doesn’t sound good, and Jeffrey says he has a lot going on. Landon says he’s in Detroit with the President Elect, who’s getting ready to move. Landon wishes he was there, and Jeffrey asks if he’s still on that. Landon says, always, and Jeffrey says he’s flattered, but he’s not into Landon. Landon says he knows, and he gets it. Jeffrey says, sorry. He’s got to go. Landon says he just wanted Jeffrey to know he’s thinking about him. Jeffrey thanks him, and Landon drains his glass.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. It’s Derrick, who asks what she needed to talk to him about. She says Derrick’s boy Real gave her up. He said she was the one who had him plant the bomb. Derrick says, why call him? and she says she blames him. Does he want to go back to jail? He says he doesn’t give a damn. He didn’t do anything. She asks if he knows how many people are in jail who didn’t do anything. He asks what she wants, and she says she wants Real’s information. Everyone he loves; his girlfriend, his mama, everything. He says he’s out of that life; do it herself. She asks if he’s forgotten how it goes, and who she is. He’ll do this. He says he knows she’s the whore who sleeps with her clients; the whore who thinks she’s above the law; the whore who hates the gutter so much, she can’t wait to lay in it. She asks if that’s an invitation. Get her the information she needs, or she’ll go after everyone he loves.

Mitch looks around, and one of the strippers asks what he’s looking at. He says he’s checking on his boy. She asks if he wants to go in the back, and he asks if it’s free. She says, no, and he asks why Benny’s dance was free. She says they don’t do anything for free there. She realizes she’s said too much, and Mitch runs into the back. He looks through the rooms, but doesn’t find Benny.

Next time, Jim needs a jumpstart, Veronica visits Kathryn in jail, Candace beats the crap out of the stripper, and Kathryn tells Wyatt he’s going to pay for what he did to his father.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and Beau make dinner for Stassi’s mom Dayna, and brother Nikolai, who has really grown. Beau refuses to share his secret recipe. Stassi is glad her family is there, since a year ago, it wouldn’t have happened. In her interview, Stassi says, last year, she and her mom had a falling out. Her mom said mean things. We flash back to that, and Stassi says her mother was over-emotional and irrational, and it was too much for her. Nikolai says they could have talked in private. In Stassi’s interview, she says her brother has always been incredibly mature, and we flash back to several examples. She asks if Nikolai has read her book. He says, some of it, and she asks if he read the part where she lost her virginity. Beau suggests skipping that chapter. Dayna asks what their plans are, and Stassi says Beau is going out for boys night, and she’s doing a walkthrough at TomTom for her book signing. In Stassi’s interview, she says, ending the book tour with friends is so special. She doesn’t know if she could have written the book without them. They’ve given her a sh*t ton of material.

At SUR, server Dayna asks Charli what she’s had from the menu. Charli says she’s never had pasta in her life. She has a  theory that pasta is what makes everyone gain weight. Dayna says, yeah, it’s a thing; carbs. Danica joins them, and says she’s heard nice things about Charli from Scheana. In Dayna’s interview, she says, of course Scheana likes Charli. She’s a mini-me. Take selfies, wear dino-stompers, just don’t make me eat pasta. Danica tells them that her ex-boyfriend, Brett was disrespectful, so she pushed him. We see a clip of her telling Lisa that Brett suggested a threesome, so she shoved him. Lisa is sympathetic, but says Danica put her hands on Brett, so they have to suspend her. Danica says she’s picking up shifts, since she’s broke. She’ll be serving tonight. Scheana says she has to pick up her new SUR dress, talk to Max – Dayna rolls her eyes – and then she’s going out. Danica goes to see if her dress is in, and the others laugh about her not wearing a bra. Because we’re fourteen. I don’t even know if a fourteen-year-old would care about that.

Lisa comes into SUR, orders her usual rosé, and tells Brett no soliciting a ménage a trois in her restaurant.  Scheana tells Lisa that she needs to have her SUR dress hemmed, and needs to have a little chat with Max. He made a comment to Brett – the new Brett, not this Brett – that she’s boy crazy. Lisa says, no, but I’m not sure if she’s being sarcastic. In Scheana’s interview, she says Max pursued her, and sent her pages of texts. Now he acts like it’s too much too quick. He did this, not her. Lisa asks if Scheana is concerned about Brett hearing it, and Scheana admits there’s a crush, but she doesn’t want to date him. It upsets her, because she thinks Max should have more respect for her. Lisa tells her, relax. Let it come to her. Scheana says she’s in a weird place in her life right now.

It’s guys congregate at Shelby’s, in an outdoor area. Jax asks about new employee Brett, and how training with Scheana is going. He thought they were dating the way Scheana was hanging on to him. Brett says she wants to see Aladdin with him. Max says, speaking of the devil, and looks at his phone. He says he’d texted something about them going to Shelby’s, and Jax says, why? Max says when they went out, she talked about how she’s freezing eggs, and was off birth control. It got to be too much. In Jax’s interview, he says he hasn’t dated in a while, but if he was on a date, and a girl talked about her effing eggs, he’s pretty sure he’d run. Max says, she’s like a stage-five… and Brett says, clinger. They have a discussion on spooning, and preferring to be the little spoon. In Jax’s interview, he says he likes being the big spoon because he’s a man. He doesn’t know how those emo dudes get any action. Tom says he hopes Stassi and Schwartz figure it out for the book signing, and Jax says he thinks they’re doing a walk-through today. In Tom’s interview, he says what bothers him most is the lack of consideration for him on Stassi’s part. She didn’t ask him; she asked Schwartz.

Stassi and Schwartz check out the outdoor seating area. In Schwartz’s interview, he says the book signing is two days from now. Max has bartenders lined up, and Tom is excited to host. He definitely wants everyone to know he’s the owner. Stassi suggests they do everything outside, and people can get drinks inside. She suggests a table for signing, and Schwartz says they’re collaborating. He tells her, no charge because she’s family.

The guys clink glasses, and Jax says, to many more… Brett says, talks about Scheana. They laugh, and Jax says he wishes they could come to Miami, but his 40th is next. Scheana walks out, and I die laughing at their faces. It’s like someone threw cold water on them. She sits next to Max, and asks if she can borrow him. Why don’t they go do tequila shots? Tom says, okay; let’s do shots, and they all go into the bar. Beau says he feels like he’s in high school right now. I dunno. I thought when you say you’re going to borrow someone, you and the someone are the ones who step away.

Scheana asks Max how it’s going as far as Brett hanging out with the guys. Max says, it’s awesome. Scheana jumps right in, and says, she likes attention, but wouldn’t say she’s boy crazy. And what he’s saying about them hanging out. She really liked him; it was more than a fling, and he owed her respect. She knows he hasn’t been an angel. Last week she found out about several of the girls he slept with. Which is fine; he’s single. You do you.

Inside at the bar, Beau says, poor Max. Brett wonders what they’re talking about

Scheana whips out her phone, and says she’ll read Max a few things he sent to her. Since I can’t possibly type as fast as she can talk, the highlights I get are, he’s obsessed, she’s beautiful, she’s a smoke show, he feels lucky, she’s a good cuddler, he hit the jackpot, and he wants to kiss her more. She says he’s not the person she hung out with at Thanksgiving. She’s not crazy; they had a thing. She doesn’t buy an Apple watch for someone who’s a one-time thing. In Scheana’s interview, she says they went to football games and dinners, and he acts like she doesn’t know him. Dayna might have seen his d*ck, but she’s seen his heart. He can’t say what a  girl wants to hear just to get laid. She tells him that he’s become a f***boy, and he agrees. He says he may not have been good to other women, but he never led them on, and he’s sorry he did that with her. Scheana tells him, as a friend, a word of advice – don’t sleep with staff. He says he knows he hooked up with Dayna, but she was in the midst of going from TomTom to SUR, but they’re not dating.

At Villa Rosa, the day of the book event, Lisa reads to Ken from Stassi’s book. Giggy! Lisa reads about Stassi losing her virginity, and how she’d known nothing of grooming her lady parts. In Lisa’s interview, she says she wanted to be there, but has a prior engagement. We see a clip of her getting Puffy’s suitcase, which is teeny tiny. She says, reading about Stassi’s fluffy nether-regions is a hair too much. We see another clip where Brittany calls Versailles, Ver-sails, and Lisa says, wtf is that about?  She asks if Ken can believe Jax is actually getting married. Ken says, Jax isn’t the marrying type, and Lisa tells him, they said that about him, but she took him down. He says he’s a lucky man, and she says he is. Giggy acts all roly-poly, like dogs will sometimes do. Lisa says she’s got to pick up Pandora and Jason, and she’s still thinking about Stassi’s fluffy who-ha.

Stassi tells Beau that she woke up to a text from Tom that he sent at 2 am, and reads it to Beau. Tom says he found out about the book party today, with no word from her. They have no bartenders, and he and Schwartz aren’t bartending, so he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Don’t put this on him or them, or he’ll literally kick her TF out of TomTom, and all her wristbands. In Stassi’s interview, she says if they had to staff at the last minute, it has nothing to do with her. He’s effing out of his mind. He’s also a liar since we just saw a flashback of him discussing it with Schwartz.

She asks Beau if she responds, and he says, no. She says, what could she possibly say? Why is he so angry? Beau tells her to take a screenshot and send it to Schwartz; see what he says. She says she keeps going over it in her head. She asked Lisa, and did a walk-through with Schwartz. Beau says, there’s got to be an explanation. In his Instagram stories, he posted about being out with James. James doesn’t like Stassi, so maybe… Stassi says ever since she and Tom met, he’s acted like a psycho ex. If he causes a scene, she’s going to lose it.

Scheana enlists friend Janet’s help in altering her dress. She wants it borderline her ass hanging out. Danica and Charli join them, and Danica tells them that Brett gave her the money she would have made while she was suspended, saying it was all his fault. Then they had sex. They try the dresses on, and modify them. Danica says she never wears underwear at SUR, since she likes the feeling the breeze. Scheana tells them about calling Max a f***boy. She says, they had a thing, but she doesn’t think he prioritized it. Charli says, it was temporary, and Scheana says she bought him a watch. She’s notorious for buying boys presents. She has a penguin. We flash back to her adopting a penguin for Adam. (Later, on Watch What Happens Live, she said the penguin remains in her name.)

Lisa’s business partner Nathalie gives Dayna and Brett employee handbooks, explaining that the books answer questions about who to go to if there are issues. Dayna points out that the books are pink, and asks if that’s Lisa, and Nathalie says, they have to be pink. She leaves, and Dayna asks how Brett’s training is going. He says, Scheana has been super nice, and asks why Dayna is making a face. She says that hasn’t been her experience, and Brett says he doesn’t know how Scheana treats other girls, but she’s the only one he can talk to casually. They’ve hung out, but he told her that he values her as a friend, and doesn’t want to give the wrong impression. Dayna says, he friendzoned Scheana? Did he say, it’s not you, it’s me. Tell her that he did.  He says he didn’t, but had to say something. She crashed boys night at Shelby’s, and asked if she could borrow Max. Dayne wonders why. In her interview, she says she’s new to LA, and Scheana is putting her Scheana spin out there, trying to make people not like Dayna. It’s nice to have someone as a friend. She tells Brett, Scheana seems unstable.

Schwartz thanks his three bartenders for pinch hitting at the last second. JoJo says he’s never been a bartender before, but thinks he can do it. In Schwartz’s interview, he says the bartenders Max had lined up, fell out, and Tom rage texted Stassi like it was her fault. It was a bit of a scramble, but he handled it. These things happen in their industry. Stassi arrives, and there’s already a long line. In her interview, Stassi says she has the best fans. She realizes she said fans, and calls herself a douche. She thanks Schwartz and the bartenders for being there, and tells Schwartz that she’s shook. She has no idea where Tom is coming from. Schwartz says he got bit by a spider, and he’s in the ER – he’s not kidding. In Stassi’s interview, she says, who gets bit by a spider? Was he hanging out in a comic book? We see a comic where Tom gets bit by a spider while out with James, getting turnt. He ends up with the superpower of narcissism, and a mediocre power to rage text. He becomes Sandyman, the world’s most annoying superhero ever.

They set up the book table. Jax says he’s nervous about the bachelor party. In Brittany’s interview, she says it’s two days until Miami, and she wants Jax to have the best time. In Jax’s interview, he says, it’s the greatest thing that Brittany doesn’t have him on a leash. Brittany continues, saying, after they’re married, he’s never going to a strip club again. Jax says he doesn’t think it will be the last time.

Schwartz asks if everybody is good. Stassi comes in, and the crowd cheers and chants her name. She thanks them, and tells them TomTom is the best, and they should eat there. She says when she started writing, she was told to write about what she knew, and she knew about being a basic bitch. She reads from her Witches of WeHo chapter, ending with, friends work through sh*t. Which is why she can be best friends with someone who slept with her ex-boyfriend. She says, sorry, to Brittany, who says she’s used to it. Stassi thanks everyone for coming, and tells them, get wasted. Nikolai says he’s proud, and hugs Stassi, and her mom also hugs her. In his interview, Schwartz says, it was a rocky morning, but it turned out great. The drinks are flowing, and everything is going swimmingly. Stassi is happy, and he’s happy. Uh-oh. Here comes trouble – Tom and Ariana.

In Tom’s interview, he says of course he sent Stassi a text message. He was trying to figure out how to make TomTom not look like sh*t. Schwartz asks, what happened? and Tom says at 2 am, he was wondering how he was going to staff the event. Schwartz tells Tom that he said he’d take care of it. Tom says JoJo has never bartended, and David is going to work a 12-hour shift. In his interview, Tom says the bar is never open this early. They can’t have bartenders working 12-hour shifts. Schwartz and Stassi don’t understand, but it could have been avoided if Stassi had come to him. Katie says Tom saying he’d kick her TF out was too aggressive, and Schwartz says, it was childish. Ariana says, what’s childish is to not have proper staff lined up the night before the event. Schwartz says, it’s an echo chamber of negativity.

Katie says, Tom is ruining something great because he can’t stand that someone else is getting the attention. In Tom’s interview, he says they’ve all known him enough years to know his biggest fear in life is coming across jealous. He says only Katie would say something like that. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’s not Katie Maloney’s Bar & Grill. Katie tells him not to talk to her like that. Schwartz says, let him talk. Tom created something in his head with limited information. The way to deal with it isn’t rage texting while sh*tfaced. By now, Stassi has come over there, and asks, what’s not okay about a bunch of customers buying drinks? Was she supposed to kiss his ring? She talked Lisa, who owns 90% of the restaurant, and did a walkthrough while he was out at boys night. How dare he? He’s a selfish, egotistical POS. How dare he text her those things? He’s mad because this isn’t about him. It’s not good enough that his name is in lights on the front of the restaurant. She did nothing wrong. Tom says she never does, but she’s already walking away. Tom says that was extremely out of line. Katie and Beau follow Stassi. In the bathroom, she says, it’s bullsh*t. She wanted this to be an intimate thing for the end of the tour. At the bar, Tom tells Schwartz, he thought it was supposed to be 15 people, but Schwartz says, they said 50 or 60 when they discussed it. We see a clip to back that up. Tom tells Schwartz, he can make drinks, but doesn’t know how to staff. Schwartz tells Tom not to belittle him. He handled it, and Tom overreacted. Tom says he’ll come back when it’s over. In his interview, Tom says Stassi has no respect for him as the owner. They’re doing this as a favor, for free. As far as Schwartz goes, they have a lot to talk about. I guess, as owner, he feels that allows him to take irrational anger out on someone who has nothing to do with the situation. Stassi tells Schwartz, she’s sorry she yelled, but Schwartz says she had to get it out. She says Tom has lost his mind, and Schwartz says he’s pissed too. Stassi says she’ll write about it in her next book.

Dayna asks to talk to Scheana, saying she wants a moment to touch base, since this is her last training session. She gets that Scheana and Max are friends, but wants to make sure there’s nothing there. Scheana says they flirt, but that’s just their personalities. She points out that Dayna and Max aren’t dating, and Dayna says, it’s new, and in that awkward stage. Scheana asks if Dayna is going to be pulling over every girl Max talks to, or is it just her. Dayna says it seemed like Scheana was questioning Max’s intentions. In Scheana’s interview, she says it doesn’t feel great watching Max bang all the girls. They used to worry about getting Jaxxed. Now they have to worry about getting Maxxed. Dayna says the only reason she was asking about it is, she wanted to know if it was still going on, which she wants no part of. In her interview, Dayna says she’s excited about Max, but thinks Scheana butting in might have screwed it up. Scheana wants her to feel like just another notch in Max’s belt, which Scheana clearly was. Scheana thinks Dayna is making more of it than there is. She and Max were really a thing, and woman to woman, she thinks Dayna should be careful and guard her heart.

Schwartz and Katie sort of pack for Miami. Schwartz says there are a ton of things that have to be done at the last second. He and Tom have to hash this sh*t out. It’s like a rainy cloud over a huge success. Katie says, everyone was happy, until Tom showed up and started screaming. She tells Schwartz, do what he has to so they can deal with Miami. No one is happy with Tom. In Schwartz’s interview, he says he should be thinking about where to drink Miami Vice style, and what boobies to shove in Jax’s face, but now he’s focused on this sh*t. Katie says, Tom is entirely wrong, and Schwartz says, 100%.

On the phone, Ken says Tom was doing her a favor, and she was screaming at him. He’d have her removed. He says he’ll talk to Lisa. He tells Lisa, Tom is spitting blood. Stassi was screaming at him, and shouting in front of customers. Lisa says, at her own event? That’s not okay. Giggy! In Lisa’s interview, she says she didn’t envisage this problem at a book signing. It’s not New Year’s Eve or Halloween or Pride; it’s a book signing. Ken tells her to speak to the manager. She needs to know the real story. Lisa says, welcome home.

Schwartz brings his own chair to Tom’s house. In Tom’s interview, he says they could have kept the furniture that came with the house, like Schwartz and Katie did, but he wanted to pick out his own furniture. It’s a BYOC situation. Schwartz asks how the bite is, and it looks pretty nasty. Schwartz suggests the venom made Tom go off the rails. Where was his head at. Tom says he found out at noon they didn’t have actual bartenders, and it isn’t okay. Schwartz tells him to chill. It was a low key event, low maintenance. They could have done it in their sleep. In his interview, Schwartz says, in the worst case scenario, he would have hopped behind the bar. Deep in Tom’s subconscious, serving Stassi is so painful, he’d rather kick her out. He says the bigger issue is Tom going apeshit at a friend and client. Tom says she didn’t pay. She also humiliated and made a fool out of him in front of the restaurant. In his interview, Tom says when Stassi screamed at him, it was throwback princess brat Stassi. We see side by side flashbacks. Schwartz says, she was fighting fire with fire, but Tom says, she was fighting fire with an atomic bomb. She said he was jealous, and everyone heard. It made him look bad. Schwartz says, it will never happen again, and Tom says, she’s literally banned. Stassi is to be thrown out immediately if she comes in the restaurant.

Next time, Miami baby, Carter texts Kristen, Dayna tells Lisa some people don’t want her at SUR, Lisa calls Tom to find out what went down at TomTom, and Beau confronts Tom.

🌟 This Is About My Speed…

Not the good morning part, but the nonsense lyrics.

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