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August 22, 2019 – Shiloh Has a Request, Ryan Gets a Caveat & Don’t Cry


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she’s making the place cheerier for her nephews. Elizabeth says she knows Hayden is more comfortable behind a desk, but Hayden says her comfort level has expanded in the last couple of years. Aiden and Cameron come in. Cameron tells Aiden that their Aunt Hayden is staying, and Aiden asks, where’s Franco?

Curtis asks Finn if he’s got a minute. Finn says he just got done, and Curtis says he needs to get in touch with Finn’s fiancé. Finn says Anna is still out of town. Does Curtis want him to relay a message, and Curtis says he has to find out if Anna has been in touch with Andre.

Ava goes to the MetroCourt, and finds her phone on the bar. She says, while she’s there… and orders a vodka martini, filthy, with three olives. Doc startles her. She says, it’s nothing personal. She’s got to get used to the same face. He doesn’t want to bring up unpleasant memories, but he’s been thinking about her. She says she doesn’t have to be psychic to know that Laura told him that she’s seeing one. She tells Doc that Chelsea is effective, and Doc asks if she’s helping Ava contact her daughter. Ava says, yeah, but she doesn’t need Chelsea’s help. Kiki contacted her directly.

At Charlie’s, Lucas tells Julian it’s not too late to change his mind. Julian knows he and Lucas are in a better place, but he’ll be close enough to call, and far enough away not to screw anything up. Willow joins them, and asks if he’s thinking of selling, and Julian says, it’s a done deal. Lucas tells Willow, Julian is moving to Manhattan, and leaving his own family here. Julian says he has every intention of staying in Wiley’s life. Just like Willow.

Maxie tells Lulu that she knows you’re supposed to sip the wine and spit it out, but she thinks it’s a waste of wine. Lulu swirls her wine around, and Maxie asks, what’s the matter? Too oxidized? Lulu says, of all the ride share drivers in the world, Maxie had to call that one. Dustin offers them two new glasses, saying, a buttery chardonnay that pairs well with salmon. Maxie says, it’s a shame Peter couldn’t join them, and make it a foursome.

Shiloh says when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, Jason. He kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says they’re back to Shiloh’s lack of proof. Shiloh says he’s an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter says it’s Shiloh’s word against his, but Shiloh says with Peter’s track record, who’s going to believe him? Especially that cute number he brought to the Nurses Ball, Maxie. Peter says he publishes a newspaper. He has nothing to do with the legal system. Shiloh is going to be put away for the rest of his life. Shiloh says he has faith, but Peter says, it’s not that simple. Shiloh says he’ll find a way, unless he wants everyone to know he helped kidnap Drew and Jason, and was Helena’s project manager.

Cameron tells Elizabeth, Aiden was asking about Franco. He told Aiden that she’d explain. Hayden says she’ll go upstairs, but Elizabeth tells her, please stay. It’s a family discussion. She wanted to have this discussion with Jake there, but he wanted to go to camp, so she’ll have to explain later. Aiden says, explain what? and Elizabeth says, Franco can’t be there right now, but their Aunt Hayden will be there while Franco is getting better. Aiden asks, what’s wrong? Is he sick? She says, he has something kind of like amnesia. Does Aiden know what that is? Aiden says, you forget everything and don’t know who you are. Did Franco forget them?

Ava tells Doc, she was sleeping, and Kiki appeared at the foot of her bed. She was wearing the same dress she was wearing when she was killed. Doc asks if Kiki spoke to her, and Ava says, no words. She just stared, really stared into Ava’s soul, and she woke up. He asks what Chelsea said, and Ava says Chelsea told her that she doesn’t do dreams. But a certain Dr. Freud made a career out of dream analysis. Maybe it’s Doc’s department. What does he think her daughter is trying to tell her?

Peter asks who they’ll believe; Shiloh the cult leader, or Peter who turned his life around, and was accepted by the good people of Port Charles? Shiloh says let him tell Peter about the good people of Port Charles. They love you when you’re on top, but they’ll cut your throat if you fall from grace. And Peter is headed for a fall. They’ll turn on him, and once Shiloh plants the seed of doubt, Robert will look into everything Peter has said. He’ll just sit back and watch as Peter’s blameless existence unravels. Peter tells Shiloh, he never said he was blameless. Outside the room, Nelle listens in. Shiloh says Peter’s nearest and dearest will know he delivered Drew, and drugged Jason, and put him in the gulag. Peter asks how he knows Shiloh will keep silent, and Shiloh asks what choice does he have?

Elizabeth tells Aiden that she knows it’s difficult, but they have to be patient. Franco is confused. Hayden offers Aiden another pillow, and says she’s new at this warm fuzzy stuff. It will be okay. Cameron says they’ve got this. Elizabeth says if Aiden has questions, ask away. Aiden says Franco was going to help him make a cake; they got all the ingredients. Cameron says he’ll help, and Hayden says she’s not good at that, so she wants to see a master at work. They can keep a piece in the freezer for Franco for later. Aiden asks who will make them feel safe? and Elizabeth says they’ll all have to pitch in. Hayden says, that’s what families are for, right? Elizabeth says, right.

Doc tells Ava that he’s glad Chelsea didn’t say the dream was a message from the other side. Ava says, Chelsea is transparent, non-judgmental, and honest. She doesn’t question Chelsea’s honesty or ethics, but she thinks Ava was just dreaming. Doc says he’s read dreams are nothing more than a message from your unconscious about a repressed desire or an unfulfilled wish. Something you don’t allow yourself to think when you’re awake, but can in the freedom of sleep. It’s not about what Kiki is trying to tell her. It’s about what Ava is trying to tell herself.

Dustin brings over more wine, and Maxie thanks him, saying he’s gone above and beyond by sticking around. He says one good thing about the job is that he gets to choose his own hours. He asks what Lulu thinks, and she says she can’t taste the herbs or the hint of lime, but it’s good. Maxie thanks him for waiting. He gets five stars and a ten. Lulu agrees.

Peter tells Shiloh that he knows about change and redemption. Shiloh tells Peter, make sure he gets his share of redemption, and he’ll return the favor. Set him free, and he’ll do the same for Peter. Peter leaves, and makes a call to Maxie in the hallway. She asks if Peter wants to join them. He says he can’t, but wants her to meet him at the MetroCourt in twenty minutes. He’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Lulu that she’s got to go. Dustin can keep her company. Don’t do anything foolish.

At the prison, an alarm sounds. Nelle is mopping the hall, and a guard tells her, it’s a lockdown; she knows the drill. He puts her in with Shiloh, and cuffs them to their chairs. He says he’ll be right back, and Nelle tells Shiloh, it looks like it’s just the two of them.

Aiden asks if they can get take-out; he wants dumplings. The doorbell rings, and he says, maybe it’s Franco, but Cameron doesn’t think so. It’s Curtis. Hayden says she has some errands to run, and Elizabeth thanks her. They hug, and Hayden leaves. Curtis apologizes for just dropping by. Elizabeth asks Cameron to help Aiden with something upstairs. When they’re gone, Elizabeth asks Curtis, what’s going on? He says he’s passing on a message from Drew about Franco.

Ava says maybe Doc is right. What she’s trying to tell herself is that she didn’t deserve anybody as good, as beautiful, and as perfect. Doc says, if we all got what we deserved… Ava says Chelsea told her that she drinks too much, and Scotty just wants to drink with her. He used to be Franco’s shrink. Does he really think Franco believes he’s Drew? He says he can’t comment on a patient. Franco walks in, and Ava calls to him. He says, no, ma’am. That’s not his name. He says Doc is the doctor who treated him in the hospital, and Doc asks if he’d like to join them. Franco declines. No more people who think they know him.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Willow says Julian just told them the news. She’s brave, making a new start in the Big Apple. Lucas says he’ll miss them both, and Julian says they’ll expect a visit as soon as they’ve found a place. He tells Kim that he’s already found a buyer for Charlie’s. Olivia wants another restaurant, so it will stay in the family. Kim guesses there’s nothing keeping them now. They can go tonight.

Finn waits for the elevator, and Hayden comes out. She says she has some Crimson related questions for Nina, but Finn says, she’s still in isolation with Sasha. Hayden was hoping Sasha’s condition had improved; it’s awful. She can only imagine how Nina is feeling. Finn says, can she? and she asks if he means how can someone as cold and heartless know how Nina feels.

Nelle tells Shiloh, this is what passes for speed dating, but you can’t move on. Shiloh says, you have to laugh. It’s a survival skill. Nelle says she’s nothing if not a survivor, and he says, him too. She says, he’s Shiloh. She recognizes him from the book jacket of Every Day is a New Dawn. He says what he does is a service, but she says, not to everyone. Lorraine is her cellmate, and told her about him and the baby he’s trying to steal.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt, and asks, what’s going on? He says there’s something she needs to know. He just left Pentonville. He was visiting Shiloh.

Curtis says, Franco is determined to return the money to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, he’s wearing an ankle monitor, but Curtis asks if she thinks it would stop him. She says, of course (🍷) not. Curtis doesn’t either. He says, neither does Drew, but Drew came up with a workaround. Franco stays while Drew goes to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, Drew is making the trip in Franco’s place? He says, he’s making it for both of them. Drew might not remember, but he still wants to see justice done. Elizabeth thanks him. He says there’s more he hasn’t told Drew. He has a location on Andre.

Finn tells Hayden, he didn’t mean it like that. She says he did, but he says she’s not cold and heartless. He heard her when he was on the phone with Elizabeth. She showed up, and said she’d be there for her sister and her nephews. He’s proud of her. She says she didn’t do it for him, and he says he knows that. She says before he leaves, would he stop in and tell Nina that she’s thinking about her. He says whatever is going on in her life, he’s glad she came home. After he’s gone, she says she hopes he means that.

Peter says, dammit. He forgot something he has to do. Maxie asks if he wants to tell her about seeing Shiloh.

Doc knows Franco is having a rough time. He helped the original Franco recover his memories. This is completely different, but he’s a good listener. Just ask Ava. He leaves, and Franco guesses that makes her Ava. Here’s where she says they have a long, fascinating history. She says, actually, they do. He says, now she’s going to tell him that she wishes that guy would come back. She says, some do want him back, but more hope the transformation is permanent. He says, an honest woman, and she says, to a fault. He sits, and says, how about if she gives him the real story about this Franco.

Dustin brings Lulu a spicy red from Argentina, but she says, no thanks. He asks if it’s the vintage or the company, but she says she has no complaints about either. He says the last time they spoke, she was still working on the burglar story. What happened? She says she wasn’t getting anywhere, so her editor assigned another reporter, and she’s been relegated to wine tastings. He says the talent of Lulu Spencer is wasted on it, but she says she’s changing her byline and driver’s license. He says she told him that her divorce was in the works, and she says, it’s now a done deal. He says he’s sorry. Actually, no. He’s not.

Shiloh tells Nelle that Harmony, or whatever name she’s using, is a discontented creature, looking for enlightenment in all the wrong places. Nelle says, between his sheets? Lorraine told her that Shiloh was her lover and guru, and then went after her daughter. He says her daughter had a baby that she gave up in an illegal adoption. Willow gave the baby up without his consent. The child belongs to him, and he’s going to claim his son. She says he’s being tried for everything from fraud to sexual assault to murder. What makes him think he’ll beat the charges? He says he has faith in human nature. It’s never let him down yet.

Peter doesn’t know how to start, and Maxie asks why he visited Shiloh. He says he thought Shiloh just wanted some publicity. Some men are a prisoner forever to their past, no matter how much they want to be someone better. Maxie assumes Peter empathizes, and wants to help, but Peter is nothing like him. He’s accepted his past, and put it behind him. She only cares about the man he is now; the man she loves. Yeah, she said that. She loves him, and that’s all that matters.

On the phone, Curtis says, Andre is in Ethiopia, volunteering as an intern for a mental health initiative. He’ll send an email with the details. Good luck. Elizabeth asks what Drew said, and Curtis says, he’s diverting to Ali Baba (not really, but he said it really fast, and it kind of sounded like that). He’ll find Andre, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles.

Franco tells Ava, alrighty then. Go ahead. She’s a person who hates Franco. She says, sorry, no. She appreciated Franco. He was her friend, and a wonderfully talented artist. She’s shown his work. Franco asks if he was her partner, but she says, more like kindred spirits. Plenty of people hate her too. He says, like who? She says he’s looking at numero uno. He says, she really is an honest woman. What did she do? She says betrayed someone she loved; someone who once loved her. He says, it’s never too late to make amends. She says, he’s been given a second chance. There’s nothing that can undo what she’s done, but he has a chance to reinvent himself. Lucky bastard. Don’t blow it.

Dustin tells Lulu, condolences, and she says, they’re appreciated – briefly. He knows divorce is painful, but it’s worse being in limbo. At the softball game, he could see that she was worried and distracted, but then she picked up a mitt and had fun. She should do that more often. He bets her kids need to. She says, Charlotte and Rocco; they have names – and faces. He asks if he can see them, and she takes her phone out. He says, they look like great kids. Happy, and still young enough to be excited to go back to school. She says, excited as they can be that the summer vacation is over. He says, him too, and she says, that’s right. He’s a teacher. He says, wine tasting is just his summer gig. She says, no more ride share, but he says he put his number in her phone, if she wants to play catch. Rocco’s dad probably takes himSorry. She says, it’s fine, and he says he’s there if she needs to talk. She thinks she needs to call it a night, and he says he’s driving. I’m wondering how she’s going to write anything about the wine tasting, since she wrote nothing down. Her phone was even in her purse.

Julian tells Kim, they have no place to live yet. She says they can get a hotel room, and stay there until they find an apartment. They can check out the neighborhoods, and don’t have to take the first apartment that comes along. I’m wild with jealousy. There, I said it. He asks, what about her patients? but she says there are just a few, and she can transfer them to another doctor. He asks if she saw Franco, and she says she did. He knows it’s weird and upsetting, but he’s Franco, not Drew. She says she knows that, and he says, then what’s the rush? What’s she afraid of?

Lucas shows Willow pictures of Wiley. He tells her that Wiley only knows one word, dada. He’s convinced Wiley is talking about him, and Brad is sure it’s him, but Wiley also calls plush pig and oatmeal dada. Willow says, he’ll figure it out, and he says, someday, Wiley will know who his mother is.

Nelle says, something tells her Shiloh is counting on more than faith. How is he paying for this? His assets have been frozen or are embargoed. He says, once upon time he gave a boy named Oscar a place to stay. Oscar was grateful, and his kindness was rewarded. Oscar turned out to be a Quartermaine. Sadly, Oscar died young, but left Shiloh shares in ELQ. Enough to buy a small firm. The guard comes in, and says, lockdown is over. Nelle tells Shiloh, to be continued.

Maxie asks if Peter heard what she said. He says he did, and he loves her too. She tells him, he said it like it’s sad, but he says, it’s wonderful; it’s everything. She says, but he’s not ready to believe someone could love the son of Faison, even if he’s Anna’s son too? He says she makes him believe anything is possible. She says, it is, as long as they love each other. He says he does love her, and kisses her. She says, better. What was he going to tell her about his visit to Shiloh? He says Shiloh wanted to pitch a tell-all to The Invader. She says she has to admit, as big a creep as he is, she bets Shiloh has an interesting story to tell.

Elizabeth tells Curtis that Andre knows more anyone, even Cabot, about memory transfer. He can figure out a way to reverse it. Curtis says, that’s the hope, and Elizabeth says she knows there are no guarantees. With Andre’s help, Franco will find his way home.

At Charlie’s, on the phone, Hayden says she’s right on time. Mommy loves hearing her voice. What did she do today?

Finn talks to Anna, and says he misses her too. Tell him about her day.

Lucas says he sent Willow a picture of Wiley. Willow feels blessed to be part of Wiley’s life in any way. Lucas says, when Wiley is old enough to understand, they’ll tell him about her. They’ll figure it out. She says, the only important thing right now, is that Shiloh is no longer a threat. Wiley is safe with the parents who love him.

Kim tells Julian that she’s always been like this. Once she makes a decision, she wants to get on with it. Julian says they don’t have to rush. She says, no but hopes he fast-tracks the closing. The sooner they start their life together, the better. She kisses him

Franco finishes his beer, and thanks Ava for the interesting conversation. She says, it’s on her, but he insists. She thanks him, and he asks if she knows Kim. She says she does, and he says, does she have Kim’s number?

Lulu sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and says, next time she’s thinking of texting a ride share driver, don’t. Maxie asks if Lulu didn’t have a good time, and Lulu says, that’s beside the point. Maxie says the only point she wanted to make is having Lulu feel better about the divorce. Lulu wouldn’t say she feels better, but she’s starting to accept it. Maxie is glad Lulu is coming to terms with it. That means Maxie can share her wonderful news. Peter had a legit reason to call. It wasn’t just to leave Lulu with Dustin. She told Peter that she loved him, and he loves her too. Lulu gets super excited, and hugs Maxie. She says, fantastic. She’s happy for Maxie, and asks where he is. Maxie says, he got called away. Lulu wants to make sure he knows how lucky he is… and possibly he can pull some strings to get her a more interesting story than what’s going on in Port Charles life. Maxie says, Shiloh wanted sell his side of the story to The Invader, but Peter turned him down. He thinks Shiloh just wants press. And it’s dangerous to be involved with a creep like that.

Peter goes back to the prison, which must have 24/7 visiting hours. Shiloh says, that was quick. Peter says, if word ever gets out… Shiloh says he knows, and Peter says, yes. He’ll help.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Kiki what to do, Sam tells Jason that Drew is on his way to get Andre, and Sasha tells Michael it’s the punishment she deserves.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis said there was more to the story about him becoming a father, but didn’t tell us what it was. He let Ronita know about the baby, but wasn’t ready to practice diaper changing on hers. He was stepping all over Ronita during a showing, and afterward, she let him know she understood it wasn’t intentional, but it wasn’t cool either. She said if he was going to take over, she might as well not be there. She appreciated him giving her a start, but said her position had evolved. She kept his name alive while he was gone, and without her, he would have had to start over. He realized he’d been looking at her like she was still his assistant. During the next showing, Luis let Ronita shine, and introduced her has his business partner. A client also saw a post Luis made about his depression while he was in Paris, and wanting to end it all. At first, he thought this might reflect negatively on him, but it turned out one of the seller’s closest friends had committed suicide, and she gave him kudos. He told us he’s so glad he’s there.

A developer enticed Ryan with three luxury apartments in NoHo – one with 23 foot ceilings – each about 4500 square feet. There was a beautiful old firehouse across the street, which I suppose could be a drawback, but (no surprise) Ryan turned it into a selling point by saying, what better protection do you need? I was amused because when I first moved to Manhattan, I lived across the street from a firehouse. You get used to it. By the time I went home for vacation, I couldn’t sleep there because it was too quiet. Ryan was nearly beside himself with joy until he found out about the developer’s caveat. To get the listings, he would also have to take on a 233 unit luxury rental building in Harlem that was still under construction. Rentals alone aren’t a broker’s favorite thing, and actually to be avoided at all costs unless you’re just starting out. He said he’d have to think about it.

Steve asked girlfriend Luiza to move in with him, from London to NYC. She said yes very quickly, which surprised me. BTW, not only does she look like a model, she speaks five languages and is a master chess player. Steve was renting an apartment from a friend in exchange for having floated the friend. When Steve said he was moving, the friend gave him the listing. In turn, Steve gave his agent Jess the listing. She’d been one of his closest friends since high school, and she’d been feeling nervous due to a bad market and no steady paycheck. Steve gave a mini lesson in sales, and we learned to make a personal connection when selling. Other takeaway points were don’t just give the potential buyer the basic facts; don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; don’t be too serious; envision the space; and read the customer. There really wasn’t any Fredrik, but next week he’s going to Miami, and Ryan breaks down

🍷 In Honor Of the Spicy Red…

Tea tomorrow, Argentina tonight. The real version. From Patti Lupone. Enough said.





























August 21, 2019 – Drew Finds What Shiloh Wants, Morgan’s New Digs, a Charming Reunion Starts, Extra Kathryn & Goodbyes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason asks Barry (the warehouse foreman) if he’s sure he didn’t misplace the money. Barry says, no, but the kid was listening while they were talking. Jason calls Dev over, and says he needs to ask Dev a couple of questions about the bank deposit.

At the MetroCourt, Ava finishes a martini. Sonny walks in, and tells her, tomorrow is her day with Avery. He hopes she’s not hung over.

Cameron sits in his car, while the engine runs. Trina comes by, and tells him, idling is bad for the environment. Cameron asks what she’s doing there, and she says she was going to ask him the same thing. The last time she checked, he wasn’t allowed to drive. He says he’s not driving.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that she’s looked through tons of medical journals, and even called Patrick for insight. Scotty says, and they don’t know any more than they knew yesterday. Franco’s condition is still irreversible. Elizabeth doesn’t understand how it was done in the first place. Drew joins them, and says, at least they know why now. The worst motivator – money.

Kim asks Franco what he wants to talk about, and he says, Oscar. In ten years, from the moment he was deployed until his life was stolen, she never thought to mention they had a son?

Lulu visits Maxie at Crimson, and Maxie says she’s been calling. Lulu says, sorry, and Maxie asks how it went. Lulu says, Olivia is in major denial, and thinks they can get through to Dante. Maxie says, if only that were possible. Lulu says, Sonny was great. He was supportive and sympathetic. Maxie asks if it’s official, and Lulu says she and Dante are divorced.

Shiloh sits across from Peter, and says welcome to his humble abode. Peter says he doesn’t know why he’s there. Shiloh does. He’s curious. Shiloh knows what he’d like forget. He knows more than Peter thinks.

Ava says, a lecture from the great Sonny Corinthos. It’s been so long. He says she slept with a serial killer who killed her daughter. Her life is falling apart. It’s not Avery’s fault, and he doesn’t want to take Ava back to court, but he will if she keeps slipping. She asks how she’s slipping, and he says she delivered a message from Kiki to Avery. Ava says, good God, he would. He’d take a daughter away from her mother. He says he’d be doing Avery a favor. After the magazine article about Ryan, he guarantees a judge would agree with him. He walks off, and Ava orders another martini. Chelsea arrives, and says Ava wanted to see her? Ava says, it happened. Last night, Kiki came to her.

Maxie asks how Lulu is feeling, and Lulu says, same old. It hit her this morning. She’s no longer Mrs. Dante Falconari. Maxie asks if she’s still Lulu Falconari, but Lulu doesn’t know. She hasn’t had time to think about changing her name back. She guesses she should, but Rocco might feel better if they have the same name. Maxie says Lulu has plenty of time. She shouldn’t have even asked. Lulu says, it’s a legitimate question. It feels weird, holding on to Dante’s last name when they couldn’t hold on to anything else.

Shiloh tells Peter that he’ll give him the Cliff Notes. In 2012, Shiloh was working as a contractor in Afghanistan. He and his buddy Tex were involved in illegal business deals. Drew found out, and was going to turn them in, but before that happened, Shiloh was contacted by Helena. She wanted a pair of twins delivered. Shiloh set Drew up, and knocked him out. Helena came to claim her prize, they made an exchange, and he walked away. Peter was hoping for something more dramatic, but Shiloh says he hasn’t gotten to the best part. He said he walked away, but he never said he left.

Kim says she had a relationship with Drew that she and Franco never did. Franco says he knows for certain this might not be his body, but these are his memories. He remembers her, the time they spent together in San Diego, and what it feels like to be in love with her. They had a kid who’s gone that he never got to know, and it breaks his heart.

Drew tells Elizabeth and Scotty that Shiloh was selling fuel on the black market, along with another SEAL, Tex. It was a huge sum, and Franco told him where they hid it. That’s why he was turning them in. Elizabeth says, but he never got the chance. Drew says that’s why Shiloh was dead set on finding it. Scotty says, all for some spending money. Shiloh is in lockup. Where is he going to be spending money? Drew asks Scotty for some privacy, but Scotty says, if it’s about his son, he needs to know. Drew promises it’s not about Franco. Scotty asks Drew to keep him in the loop, and leaves. Elizabeth asks where the money was hidden, and Drew says, in Tex’s wife’s car. She says, and Franco remembered? What now? Drew says, it’s a Subaru Outback. She says, like the car Oscar left Cameron. Drew says he thinks it’s the same one.

Trina asks what Cameron is doing, and he says, selling the car. There’s a buyer on his way to meet him. Trina says leaving Cameron the car was one of Oscar’s final wishes, and he’s just going to unload it? Cameron says, it’s been bad luck. If he hadn’t had the car, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped, Franco would still be himself, and his mom wouldn’t be miserable. Even before Oscar gave him the car, it was nothing but trouble. They got stuck in Niagara Falls, Oscar got insanely sick, and a serial killer showed up. It’s a curse, and the best thing to do is get rid of it.

Dev says he doesn’t know what Jason is talking about. Jason tells him, don’t start off by lying. Dev heard them talking about the deposit. Dev says he heard the conversation, but he never touched the money. Barry says, sure he did, and Dev says Barry is trying to get him fired. Barry says he tried, but this punk has got to go. He has nothing but respect for Sonny and Jason, but he runs a tight ship. There have been problems since Dev got there. He’s spilled more than one bag. He knows Dev is family, but he’s lazy, disorganized, and hasn’t done jack. He’s stealing, and it makes Barry look bad. Jason asks Dev if he’s been slacking, but Dev says, no. Jason asks if he’s dropped bags, and Dev says, a couple. He’s not good at loading, but it doesn’t make him a thief. Okay, he is a thief, but he didn’t steal the money. Sonny walks in, and says, what money?

Chelsea tells Ava that Kiki made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Ava. Ava guesses Kiki changed her mind. Chelsea asks how Kiki contacted Ava, and Ava says she thought she was sleeping, but when she opened her eyes, Kiki was there. She was standing at the foot of Ava’s bed, wearing the dress she had on when she died. Ava kept calling her name, but she didn’t answer. Kiki just stared at her. She couldn’t tell if it was with love or hared. Chelsea has to tell her; what does it mean?

Maxie says Lulu took her ring off. That’s kind of a big deal. Lulu says, it was the next logical step. She’s not married anymore. Maxie hates this for her, but having been there when Dante shot Peter, she thinks Dante is making the right decision in letting her go. It doesn’t make it any less painful, but the decision was made out of love, and what’s best for them. The only way to really honor that, is to move on. Lulu says she thinks it’s right. Conceptually, she gets that she should move forward with her life, but she doesn’t know how. Maxie says, she has a fantastic idea. What about Lulu’s hunky ride share driver? Lulu says his name is Dustin, and he’s not hers. Maxie is being ridiculous. Maxie says, why not? and Lulu says, they’re not in high school. Maxie asks to see Lulu’s phone, and says, here he is. Why does Lulu have his contact info? Lulu says, in case she needs a ride. Maxie says, what kind of ride? and I nearly fall off my chair, laughing. Lulu says she just lost love of life. Maxie says, he’s super cute and really nice. Lulu says what will help he move on is to forget men, and focus on her career.

Elizabeth says, no way it’s the same car that belonged to Tex’s wife; it’s been seven years. It’s just a coincidence. Drew doesn’t think so. He’s having flashes, pieces old life. Elizabeth asks if they’re memories, but he says, not as filled out. It’s more like instinct. Elizabeth says, part of him senses the memory he lost? He says when he saw the car, he knew he had to buy it. Elizabeth says, maybe if Drew is having flashes, Franco is as well, and Drew says, God willing. Elizabeth asks if he think the money would still be there after all this time. He says, there’s only one way to find out.

Cameron tells Trina, if Oscar knew about what happened, he’d be fine with him selling the car. Trina says, there’s been some crappy stuff, but don’t forget the good luck. Getting stranded, sharing a room, and talking the whole night. For the first time, he wasn’t just Josslyn’s friend, but hers too. Cameron says, it was pretty cool. A guy comes to the car window, and asks if this is the car for sale. Cameron says, yes, but Trina says, no.

Dev tells Sonny that Barry is accusing him of stealing money. Sonny asks, why? and Barry says Dev heard them talking. Sonny wonders what that proves, and asks Jason, what happened? Jason says they needed to get cash deposited, and Dev was close by when they were talking. Initially, Dev denied hearing them, but Dev says Barry is lying to get him fired. Sonny says, there’s one way to solve it. Search Dev.    

Chelsea tells Ava, in her experience, dreams just dreams, and she’s not an interpreter. Ava says, it was so real, but Chelsea doubts Kiki was visiting her. Ava says she knows it was Kiki, and Chelsea says she has a fairly good idea what Kiki would tell Ava. Pull herself together. She’s not doing anyone any good by sitting there drowning in martinis. Scotty interrupts, and Ava introduces Chelsea as her psychic, but Chelsea says, paranormal influencer. Before she leaves, she tells Scotty that he has her sympathy. Turmoil surrounds him. He sits, and Ava says, go ahead. This is where he tells her that she’s drinking too much, and to lay off the psychics and booze. He says, just the opposite. He’s buying. He calls for martinis.

Franco asks Kim what Oscar was like. Drew told him some things, but not everything. What did he want to do for a living? Did he have a hobby. She says, please don’t. She knows it’s difficult, but right now, it’s bordering on cruel. She just lost a son. Hearing him relive experiences they never shared. She has to relive Oscar’s loss all over again. He says he’s sorry; she’s right. Whatever he’s feeling is nothing in comparison to her grief. She had their son for sixteen years, but he’ll never have the chance to know him. She says he never gave himself… Drew never gave himself that chance. He left after Oscar was conceived. He didn’t know she was pregnant. They’d both decided it was best that it ended when he was deployed. He says, is that what she wanted? She says, nope, but she figured if it had been important to Drew, he would have reached out, but he never did. He asks what she’s saying. He wrote to her every month for two years.

The car buyer says, if they need to talk it over… Is the car stolen? Trina says it belonged to a friend who died from a brain tumor. He left it to Cameron in his will. It means a lot to them. He asks if it’s still for sale, and she asks if he’s serious. He has no heart; it’s so not cool. Cameron says think what they can do with the money. Trina says what’s happening now with his family sucks, but this won’t solve anything, and will only make it worse. Cameron gets out of the car with the paperwork. A payment statement for $9000 appears on Cameron’s phone. At the bottom, it says accept or decline. Cameron hesitates, and Drew appears. Drew says he has to talk to Cameron.

Peter tells Shiloh that he needs to talk to a lawyer or priest. This has zero to do with him. Shiloh says it has everything to do with him. He found a vantage point and hid. He had to see what Helena was going to do with Drew. He flashes back to Helena saying she’s so pleased to partner with him. We see Peter is with her. She says she knows he can make it happen. She’s found him very efficient.

Jason says Dev has no cash on him, and Sonny says, check his jacket. Jason pulls a wad of money out of the pocket, and Dev swears it’s a set-up. Barry planted it. Barry says, sorry. He knows Dev is Sonny’s cousin, but it’s obviously a lie. Sonny says, actually, he’s not sure it is. Jason says the deposit was $10K, and there’s only $7K there.

Lulu tells Maxie that her Invader story fell by the wayside. Maxie says, the online burglar? and Lulu says he’s struck another twenty times. She was pulled from the crime beat, and is now on lifestyle focus. She’s going to a wine tasting in Rice Park. Maxie says, tonight? and Lulu asks if she wants to come. Maxie says, Lulu had her at wine. She’s in.

Chelsea sees Elizabeth, and introduces herself, saying she’s a paranormal influencer. She knows Elizabeth’s husband now has Drew’s memories. She read all about it in The Invader. She says, yes. That’s what Sibley meant when she told Elizabeth to hold on tight to Franco. Elizabeth asks if Chelsea knows that, and Chelsea says she can sense it. Elizabeth says, since Chelsea has some understanding of what’s to come, has she lost her husband for good?

Kim says, he wrote letters? and Franco says he wanted her to know how foolish he’d been. He missed her and loved her, and wanted to have her in his life. When she didn’t respond, he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Kim says she never received the letters. in fact, she wanted to try and reach him. She was told by his superiors that his assignment was too sensitive; there was no way to reach him. He believes she knows him, and she has to know if he knew he had a kid, he’d move heaven and earth to be with his son – and her. He takes her hand, and suggests they go somewhere private and talk. He feels there are so many things unsaid. She says she doesn’t think that’s a good idea, and walks away.

Cameron asks what Drew is doing there, and Drew says his mother used the tracking app. He asks who the guy is, and Cameron says he’s there to buy the car. Drew says he’s selling it? He can’t, but it has nothing to do with Oscar. Trust him on this. The guy says, dude, do we have a deal or not? Cameron hits decline, and says, sorry; no sale. The guy says he’s got to be kidding, and Drew tells him he can leave. The guy says, thanks for wasting his time, and Drew says, thanks for leaving. He goes, and Drew tells Cameron, there’s something in the car that belongs to someone else, and he needs to look. Cameron says he cleaned the car himself; there’s nothing in there. Drew says, let him have a shot. If he can’t find it, he’ll give Cameron the money. He digs in the trunk for ten seconds, and says, found it. He brings out a package wrapped in brown paper that’s a good 12” x 10”. Cameron asks, what the hell is that? I realize I’m excited, even though this is a ridiculously unbelievable scenario, and it’s fictitious money in the first place.

Sonny says here’s what he thinks happened. He brought his cousin in, and put him to work, and it annoyed Barry. Barry says, that’s not what happened, and Sonny tells him, shut up. He thought to himself, three thousand bucks; he could use the money. He could blame the kid, because he thought Sonny wouldn’t do anything to his family. Barry pulls the money out of his pocket, and says, sorry. He knows it was stupid. Sonny says he’s stupid. He tells Barry, keep it. It’s his severance pay. Sonny hands him the rest, and says, take this too. He advises Barry to relocate to another coast. Barry can’t get out fast enough, and runs out the door. Dev is surprised Sonny believed him. Tell him why.

Shiloh says Peter was running a job, and helped load Drew into the truck. He didn’t know where they were going, but it was nowhere good. He remembered Helena had to acquire the other twin. Peter says, it’s an interesting tale, but he has no proof. Shiloh says, come on, Henrik, and Peter says his name is Peter. Shiloh says Peter is smarter than that. He took Drew, and they both know it.

Scotty tells Ava, Franco looks and sounds the same, but he’s not the same. Ava says, he really believes he’s Drew? Scotty says he doesn’t know what’s going on. Franco believes he’s a Navy SEAL who just got back from Afghanistan. Nobody has a clue how to bring Franco back. Ava says, lucky Franco.

At the hospital, Drew sees Franco, and asks if he’s all right. Franco doesn’t know if it will ever be all right. He asks if Drew got it, and Drew asks him to go somewhere more private. They go to a bench around the corner, and Franco asks if it’s all there. Drew says, $1.5 million. Franco says, it will be an honor and privilege to return it to the people of Afghanistan. Drew asks, how? and Franco says he’ll go today. Drew says he’s wearing a monitor, and Franco asks if he knows a way to get it off. Drew says, or Franco could breathe, take a minute, and let things settle down. Franco doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Drew says, wait. If this is that important, he has access to a private jet. Franco says, he’ll fly him to Afghanistan? Drew says, no, but he’ll go in his stead.

Sonny knows Dev steals, but he’s too smart to steal from Sonny. It’s not his way; it’s not professional, especially with Jason there. He says, the bags; don’t do it again, and tells Dev, get to work. Dev says, yes, sir. Sonny says Jason said there would be trouble. He was right. Jason says, it turned out to be a good thing. There were concerns about Barry. Sonny wants Jason to check on Barry. You never know what he’ll do. Make sure Sonny’s message is loud and clear. Jason says, will do.

Maxie tells Lulu, her mom and Mac are all set to watch James. Lulu knows Maxie is coming along for her benefit, and appreciates it. Maxie says Lulu would do the same for her, and has. She says she’ll meet Lulu downstairs. She’ll call a car. Lulu leaves, and Maxie calls Dustin. She says she needs to arrange a pick-up.

Trina tells Cameron, that was totally, completely insane. He says, it was in his car the entire time. Trina says it’s his car again. He says he should have listened. Maybe the car is good luck after all. Not that he’ll see any of the money. Trina says that’s why he keeps her around.

Scotty asks if Ava just said, lucky Franco. She asks if he knows what she’d give to forget the mistakes she’s made, and forget the terrible things that happened to her and Kiki. Franco has been given a gift. He’s a new person with no recollection of the atrocities he’s committed. Scotty says what about the Franco they love now? The artist, the guy who just got married. Doesn’t he want to remember that? Ava says they’re the same person. The Franco they loved knew things about himself that he didn’t like. He doesn’t have to carry the weight of that anymore. She thanks Scotty for the drink, and leaves.

Shiloh says, when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, how he kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says Shiloh has lack of proof. Shiloh says he was an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter asks who will believe Shiloh? Shiloh says, no one, especially the girl Peter brought to the Nurses Ball. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, to get the hell out. And Peter is going to make happen.

Elizabeth asks if Chelsea has anything to tell her. Chelsea asks for her hands. She puts her hands under Elizabeth’s, and closes her eyes. She opens them, and says Elizabeth needs to keep a firm grip on the one she loves – no matter what.

Franco tells Drew that he’s never been in Afghanistan – that he remembers. He doesn’t know the locals. Drew says any contact Franco/Drew has had is gone – it’s been seven years – but Drew has contacts. Franco asks who he can trust, and Drew says he trusts his own instincts, the same instincts Franco has as him. Franco says Drew has so much keeping him there, but there’s nothing there for him. Kim comes by with some boxes, and Drew asks if she’s okay. She says, sorry to interrupt, and heads for the elevator. Franco says she’s not interrupting, but she gets in, and the doors close. Drew says, she’s still grieving. Franco knows, and says so is he. So is Drew taking the blood money back to Afghanistan? Maybe he’s right. Drew should take it back, and Franco will continue his journey there in Port Charles. Drew gives Franco some money, saying he’s going to need it for a new life and a place to stay. Franco asks if it’s a loan, and Drew says, yeah, although I doubt he means that. They wish each other good luck. Drew gets in the elevator, and the doors close.

Tomorrow, Curtis wants to pass a message along to Elizabeth from Drew, Franco asks Ava about the guy he is who he doesn’t remember, and Nelle tells Shiloh it looks like it’s just the two of them.

🏩 Morgan Checks In…

He now resides at the Grand Hotel.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part One

Chelsea says, everyone seems very angry. No one is making eye contact. Cameran says she’s fine. Everyone gets ready. Austen is wearing a barrette, and I wonder if he’s going to wear it on stage. Craig says, Shep’s a mess. The guys investigate the bar in the background of the set, but the bottles are all empty. Craig says it’s after a night with them.

Andy welcomes us to the Season Six Reunion, and tells us to get ready for some good old-fashioned pearl clutching. They have loose ends to tie up. We find out Craig’s pillows are gracing the couches. Andy greets everyone. They all look great, but Kathryn is the belle of the ball in a purple gown with matching eyeshadow. Andy says while the women were busy running the world, the guys were running around the schoolyard. He asks if Shep’s trust fund makes him unmotivated, but Shep says he hasn’t touched it in a long time, but did in his twenties. A viewer points out that Austen is attracted to entrepreneurial go-getters, when he’s been messing with a beer recipe for years. He should get it together or date less motivated women. Shep says, none of this matters. Just smile and try not to hurt anyone should be the goal. Andy asks if Shep was that way this season. He says, not necessarily, but if you punch first, he’ll punch last. A viewer asks Cameran who will mature faster, the boys on Southern Charm or Palmer? She says she’s seen changes in Craig and Shep. It’s slow, but they’re moving up. She says Palmer is going to be two, and she’s a Scorpio like Cameran, strong-willed and always moving. Andy says we watched Cameran struggle to be a stay-at-home mom, and still hang on to the old her. She says she used to party. She didn’t do drugs, but got drunk. She smoked weed two or three times. Andy says on a scale of Shep partying, and she says, probably a two. Andy reminds her about hooking up with Brad on The Real World, and we see a fifteen year old clip. I don’t remember it, so I’d probably stopped watching that show by then. Cameran says Brad was the total opposite of what she was used to in the South, and that’s what attracted her.

Viewers related to Cameran’s struggle to try and be the perfect mom, but others thought she was whiny. One viewer says she wishes working was an option and not a necessity. Cameran says when you’re on TV, it’s like a mirror. Watching that made her cringe, and she thought she was a lucky bitch to have the choice. She came across as stuck up and privileged. Kathryn says every mom thinks and feels the way she said. Cameran says she got more support than negative comments, but feels guilty complaining when she’s in a position of privilege. If she didn’t work, they’d still eat. She likes to feel independent, and gets both sides. Andy asks how many of the guys would like their wife to stay home. Craig doesn’t think it’s their choice. Shep says his mom did that, and with three kids, it was a full time job. Craig says his parents shared the roles equally. Cameran thought stay at home moms had it easy. Austen says he was raised by an aunt. Because his parents both worked, he had a live-in babysitter. He says he’s attracted to a woman with her own career who won’t not rely on him to bring home the bacon. Andy asks if Cameran ever hired a nanny, and she says she decided why pay someone when she can do it herself? Palmer is growing and changing so quickly, she doesn’t want to miss anything. Chelsea thinks Cameran is more emotional, and gets teary-eyed when she talks about Palmer. Cameran says, when you have a baby, another part of your brain opens that was never there. Craig says, look at her, all grown up.

Andy says, Shep finally has a reason to go home at night – Lil Craig. He asks if Shep’s had any luck picking up women at the dog run. He says no, and wants to be clear that he doesn’t do that. A viewer says, Shep is the last person who should own a dog, since he lost his date in a ditch. We flash back to him telling that story, and he says he’s always ahead because he gets anxious, and didn’t realize until he got to the ocean. Andy asks why he didn’t listen to Cameran in his pursuit of real estate. He says she doesn’t know James Island, but she says she does. She thinks he wanted to have a hand in something new. Andy says, he always does. Viewers found him to be bully on the camping trip. We watch mean Shep goes camping again. Craig says, Shep was awful on that trip. Shep says, it’s an older brother thing. Andy asks what Cameran’s reaction is, and she says, Shep takes it too far. He gets in the in zone, and there’s no getting through. It’s one of his few negative qualities. She thinks he needs to do some self-introspection, and figure out what gets him to that point. Craig says he gets to a nasty level, and it seems like there’s something darker behind it. He sees blood in the water, and smiles. Shep says he cops to it. He can be snobby, elitist, and rude, but he can also be generous, kind, and jovial. They all have those things within. Andy says they’re talking anger. Shep says he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Andy says he’s made them cry, and they’re his friends. Andy asks about Patricia’s dinner, when the women all said he’d made them cry in the past. Shep says it pissed him off, and Cameran says, wrong answer. Shep says, it’s in the moment, and apologizes to anyone who he upset. It denotes that they’re on a certain level, and he feels close enough to take it to another level. Cameran says he takes it to level ten. Shep says he knows everyone’s soft spot. He doesn’t want to go there – don’t make him – but if he does, he goes full speed. He’s not perfect. Andy suggests it’s suppressed anger. Shep says anger isn’t his overwhelming personality trait. If someone thinks it is, they don’t know him. He wouldn’t waste anger and emotion on someone he doesn’t care about. Andy says, it’s not just anger, but arrogance. Shep says he tries to suppress it, but it’s there. He grew up wanting for nothing, and his grandmother was a pistol, who would make snide comments. It can’t help but seep in. I dunno about that. I had a grandmother who said things like, they’re Jewish, but they’re nice, and I didn’t come out a bigot. (Although to be fair, she was also abusive.) Cameran says he needs to be aware that people who don’t agree with him aren’t necessarily evil or dumb. Andy says when he looks at those he’s upset, does he think he was out of line at times? Shep says, probably, but he knows he’s been forgiven. Andy asks, is it all forgiven?

We don’t get that answer. Back from the break, we move on to Naomie. She and Metul have been together a year and a half. A viewer asks if Naomie tracks him like she did Craig, and she says they share locations. Andy asks what’s the plan? and she says Metul has two more years of residency, followed by a fellowship year. He asks if Cameran has any advice, and Cameran says there are positives and negatives. Their partners are committed, solid, and independent, but the negative is, they work a lot. Some weekends, Jason works 48 hours. She doesn’t see him at all. Andy asks if Naomie and Metul have discussed the next step, and she says they’ve talked about moving in together. She sees him pretty much every day. Andy says Metul set off the Twittersphere, and asks what Jason thought about Cameran drooling over him. Cameran says, Jason wasn’t happy. She had to tell him it’s a joke. Andy says fans reacted not so well to Metul telling Naomie what eat. We see a clip of Metul instructing Naomie to stay away from bread, and Craig gives Naomie a Rice Krispy Treat. I guess he took it out of his pocket? Andy asks if it’s hard dating someone so regimented. Naomie says, Metul was just being nice, and came off like an a-hole. Austen says, it was not a good look. What was shown was him being controlling. We flash back to Metul and Naomie in the gym, where IMO, it seems like he’s acting like a trainer. A viewer asks if Metul really told Naomie not to go on the trip, but Naomie says he told her to do what she wanted, but it made him uncomfortable. He’d never tell her what to do. Shep asks if she thinks it’s cultural. His dad’s best friend and business partner is Indian, and said he understood. Naomie says, Metul was born in DC. She says, watching the show, his personality didn’t translate well. Not everyone is comfortable with cameras in their faces. Andy says Metul didn’t sign up for the show. Shep thinks Metul is funny, and Naomie says that’s because he knows Metul. Cameran thinks Metul is warm.

Andy says Naomie had an Icy experience of her own, when the others were in Colorado. We flash back to her meeting with Ashley. He asks what made her do it, and Naomie says, morbid curiosity. She wondered what Ashley could possibly say or do, and she wasn’t disappointed. He asks if Kathryn knew, but Kathryn doesn’t remember when she found out. She says Ashley is weird. She has no ability to read social situations. To say Naomie gave her the idea that Kathryn was open to talking to her, blew her mind. Ashley thought she was going to apologize, and jump right back into the group. Kathryn says Ashley called her Pippi Longstocking – which Kathryn thought was funny – when she came to apologize.

Andy says, last summer, in an effort to get over Naomie, Craig made a pilgrimage to the Bahamas. He came back with a new attitude and assistant, life coach and life manager Anna. We see clips of Anna trying to organize Craig’s life. Andy says it seems like Anna does everything for Craig, and Craig says, it’s nice to have help. Andy wonders if Naomie used to do the same thing, but Naomie says she basically yelled at Craig for not doing it. Craig says now he’s up to speed, and doesn’t need Anna as much. He wants to be the male Martha Stewart. Cameran says some of them didn’t believe he’d actually get started, but in the last few months, he’s put the pedal to the metal. Andy says there have been a lot of tweets on Craig’s progress. Craig says he stopped taking Adderall, and Andy asks if he has ADHD. Craig says the doctor said he does, but it wasn’t the healthiest thing for him to continue to take it after law school. Naomie talks about him abusing it, and Craig says he doesn’t sleep well anyway. He’d go until he crashed. He finally had a reason to stop in the Bahamas. Cameran says he looked healthier when he came back. Andy asks why he started taking Adderall again, and Craig says, because it was there.

It’s time for pillow party talk. Andy asks about the eyeliner Craig was wearing, and Craig says it was the day after Halloween, and he got two days out of it. And the girls like it. Andy asks, what’s the deal with the nail polish? and Craig says it’s for a charity. He has one nail on each hand painted differently from the others, and he says it’s for the one kid out of five who doesn’t report being abused. Andy asks why Craig was upset that Austen had taken Chelsea’s advice about going home at a decent hour. Craig says Austen bailed on him. Chelsea says, it was like it was 9 o’clock. Austen says Craig had no running mate, and Craig says he needed a wingman. There’s nothing wrong with going home, but it was a Saturday night. Austen says it was a Thursday, and Craig is a crackhead. Cameran asks if Craig was taking Adderall. He says he was, and Cameran says that was probably why. Andy asks if Cameran thinks Craig is addicted, and she says, 100%. It’s prescribed for good reason, but when you abuse it, and mix it with alcohol and no sleep, it’s a recipe for effing disaster. That’s why Craig he went into rages. Craig says he hasn’t taken it in eight weeks. Andy asks if that’s what they were seeing in the airport, but Craig says that was Whitney, and justified, but he shouldn’t have acted like a nutjob at Cameran’s party. Austen says he apologized. Andy asks what exactly the airport anger was about, and Craig says Cameran wanted to spend time with them, and Whitney was trying to pull her off the bus. Naomie says if she’d gone on the trip, Craig’s anger would have been directed at her. Andy asks why Kathryn thought Craig was still in love with Naomie. Kathryn says, not so much in love as having unresolved feelings. He didn’t have closure. Craig says he felt it wasn’t resolved, but they had the conversation, and it was. Naomie says she realized she’d gotten closure in a different way, and couldn’t understand why Craig needed it. Craig says his frustration was gone after they talked. Andy asks for a show of hands if they think it’s over, and it’s unanimous.

Changing topics. Andy says Kathryn continues to navigate co-parenting and a custody battle. Kathryn says Kensie is five now, and Saint is three. Kensie will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Andy asks how often she sees them, but she tells him she can’t comment on any custody specifics, and she can’t disparage Thomas. He asks how the co-parenting is going, and she says she keeps it all business. She heard Thomas has a girlfriend. Andy says, not Ashley? and she says, no. He asks if she’s still dating Hunter, and she says she is. He says it’s the first time she’s dating someone her own age. Kathryn says, ever. There are definitely differences. She’s used to men twice her age and already established, but she and Hunter can grow together, and they connect on that level.

Andy reads a tweet from Kate Chastain (Below Deck), thanking Kathryn for making leather pants the go anywhere pants for 2019. Kathryn says they’re like yoga pants, but make you look dressed up when you’re not. She adds they’re from Amazon, and only ten bucks, but I’m sure they sold out by the time she finished the sentence. Andy says viewers are liking how the friendship with Kathryn and Patricia has evolved. They could run the world. One viewer says Patricia was awful to Kathryn for so long, she questions if Kathryn forgives her, or wants a seat at the table. Kathryn says she’s forgiven Patricia, like other people on the couch. She’s also stopped caring what people say. She’s been called every name in the book, but her favorite name is mommy. Aww! Andy asks about Whitney denying having sex with her. We flash back to when he told Kathryn they had different interpretation, and Andy asks if it’s a Bill Clinton situation, but Kathryn says, that’s a negative. There is no second interpretation. He doesn’t want to discuss what happened. A viewer says, if anyone should deny it, it’s Kathryn. Another one tweets, a fifty-one year old man is too terrified of his mommy and his perceived social standing to admit he’s been in love with Kathryn from the beginning. Andy says that’s what Craig has always maintained. Craig says he thinks Whitney has a soft spot for Kathryn, but at the end of the day, doesn’t want to discuss it. Kathryn says a lot pf people got pulled into the situation with her and Thomas that shouldn’t have been pulled in. The easiest thing is for them to distance themselves. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, since she and Whitney are friends. Cameran says she thinks he didn’t want to get pulled into the legal mess. Kathryn says, what sucks for her is, it’s unfair. She can’t control it, but it still falls on her. She’s afraid people won’t want to be around her or be her friend because of Thomas. We see some headlines, and Andy says in a Daily Mail article, Thomas claimed she’s a mentally unstable sex addict, with a prescription drug and shopping problem. I’m surprised he didn’t add that she was a kleptomaniac. He also alleges she failed a drug test. Kathryn thinks he’s diagnosed her with everything in the book.

Andy says fans accused Kathryn of being in another state during her last appearance on Watch What Happens Live. We see some clips, and he says they got lots of tweets. On Instagram she posted that it was her anxiety. He asks why she was so nervous, and she says she had so much going on with the legal stuff. It’s hard to edit everything you say to protect yourself; it’s stressful. Craig says he was bummed. Cameran says, it was uncomfortable to watch. It looked like something was the matter. Andy asks what’s the status of her sobriety. Kathryn says she doesn’t smoke weed; nothing illegal. Andy asks if she can drink, and she nods. He says, and she doesn’t have a problem. She shakes her head, and says it’s not like she’s out partying. He asks if she was drinking that night, but she says, no. He asks Austen if he saw the show, and Austen says he was very disappointed. We see a clip where Austen tweeted into the show, saying Madison lied and begged the guy not to tell Danni, and Kathryn saying, time’s up. Austen says he wondered what was wrong with her. He and Craig both got burned. Does she remember? He says it doesn’t seem like she remembers being there. Kathryn says she hasn’t re-watched the show because she’s too embarrassed, but don’t think he can come after her sobriety. He needs to back up. He can do this sh*t with Madison all day long, but seriously?

Next time – Part Two – Madison joins the circle, Shep is in the hot seat, and Danni also makes an appearance.

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What she couldn’t talk about.

⛅ How Did It Happen?

Like it’s not bad enough Southern Charm is nearly done for the season, how is it that summer is nearly over and I haven’t been to the beach once?























August 20, 2019 – Franco Gets Some Offers, Gina Reveals a Not-So Secret, the Swedish Way & the Middle


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Jason tells the warehouse guy that three shipments have been delayed. The driver said the problem is at the warehouse. Jason wants the numbers, and the guy says he’ll get on it. Sonny comes in. Jason says he wasn’t expecting Sonny, and Sonny says he wants to see how his new hire is working out.

Carly gives Dev his severance pay. He says he worked there less than a week, but Carly says he made a lasting impression. His skill set will be put to better use working for Sonny. Dev can’t wait to see what Sonny will teach him. At a nearby table, Jax asks Josslyn if that isn’t Sonny’s cousin Dylan. She says, Devon; Dev. Jax asks if they shouldn’t have a proper introduction. Dev is living with his daughter. Josslyn says Dev gets a little defensive about where he comes from, and Jax is intimidating. Jax says he’s the coolest dad ever. Hayden appears, and says, cooler than the flipside of a pillow. How is it a charmer like Jax hasn’t been snapped up?

Peter reads from his tablet to Maxie. Can Cabot’s unholy work be undone? He asks if they’ve assessed the Franco situation clearly, and Maxie says, sorry. She’s underwater with the projections. Peter offers to leave, but she says he’s the only thing keeping her sane. Unlike Shiloh. They have two Drews and no Franco. It’s either a nightmare or a dream come true. Peter says, it would take a mad scientist to figure it out. Obrecht runs in, and says she has a 911 fashion emergency. I don’t know why, since she looks gorgeous.

Monica is looking at Franco’s brain scans, when Kim comes in. She wants to apologize for missing their appointment. Something came up. Monica thinks she knows what that something is.

Scotty doesn’t know how much longer they can hold Franco. Drew says, he slugged a cop, but Scotty says, he’s still entitled to due process. He thinks he’s someone else, and needs treatment, not jail. Drew says Franco might leave before they can help him, and Curtis adds, assuming he’ll accept help.

Franco tells Shiloh, everyone he’s met is dying to tell him all about Franco’s life. He doesn’t want to hear it from Shiloh too. Shiloh asks if he wants to know how he ended up there, and who’s responsible. Franco says he doesn’t know much, but knows for certain he can’t trust Shiloh. Shiloh says he’s the only person Franco can trust.

Maxie tells Obrecht, it’s a lovely dress. Obrecht says Maxie doesn’t like it, and Maxie says, it’s a teensy bit bold for lunch. Obrecht says they’re going to the MetroCourt, not Kelly’s. Maxie says maybe she can go through Crimson’s closet and get Obrecht some options. She wouldn’t want to send Obrecht out overdressed to… what? Obrecht says, if Maxie must know, she has a rendezvous. Maxie says, a date? but Obrecht says, nothing so bourgeois as that. It’s a getting-to-know you lunch. Maxie asks who she’s getting to know.

Hayden asks why Jax is unattached. Josslyn thinks he refuses to settle for a pretty face with nothing to back it up. She tells Jax that she’ll see him later, and goes to check in on her mom. Hayden asks what she ever did to Josslyn, and Jax says, she takes her cues from her mother. Hayden offended Carly by pretending to be Drew’s wife. Hayden tells him that she’s had a complication with the project. He’s sorry to hear that, since she reassured him everything was fine. She says he was supposed to keep the attention off Windymere, when she was caught off guard by the Witch of the Black Forest. Now it’s his job to do damage control.

Curtis says Franco doesn’t seem to remember being Franco. He thinks he’s Drew. Drew says, he wants to get out of town, and Scotty says, maybe it’s the best thing. Drew says, it could be, but Elizabeth doesn’t think so. He thinks Franco is going to be released soon, and he said he be on the first bus out of town.

Monica says she can’t imagine what Franco has been through; his mind being at the mercy of that man. Kim says, he saw a child in danger, and sacrificed himself, like any father would. Monica says, Franco is gone, and in his place is Drew from 2012, when his memories were stolen. When she heard about the mess, it was late, and Franco had already left. Kim says she saw him. He’s like a man wearing a mask. His face and voice are different, but the things he says about her, and what he knows about her… He knows how to kiss her.

Curtis asks if Drew thinks Franco will take off. Does he have anywhere else to go? Drew doesn’t know, but if he bolts, they’ll lose him. Scotty says he’s got a workaround, but doesn’t think Franco will like it.

Shiloh tells Franco, all he’s asking for is the location of the money Tex hid, and he’ll fill in the rest of the blanks. Franco says he’s supposed to take Shiloh’s word for it? Shiloh says he has no reason to lie, but Franco says, everyone else seems to think so. Shiloh says they see him as Franco; a friend, a son, a husband. Franco is the guy they want back, and at every turn, they’ll deny his experiences, his life, his existence, all in the name of Franco. They’ll inundate him with their own experiences and stories. They know as soon as he learns about his life as Drew, the harder he’ll fight to keep it. Does he know he has a son?

Jax says, Hayden set him up on a date with Obrecht? Hayden says Obrecht was threatening to turn her over to Valentin or the cops. Jax says Hayden was so confident she had things under control, but she says she didn’t count on anyone coming home early. He says she should always count on it when snooping around someone’s house. She says Obrecht will be satisfied with some sparkling conversation, and a flash of his pretty smile.

Josslyn tells Carly that her dad is asking questions about Dev. Carly asks what she said, and Josslyn says, that he was Sonny’s cousin, and he’s defensive about his past. It’s half true. All true, now that they have paperwork. Carly is sorry to put Josslyn in this position, but Josslyn says, it’s not a problem. Carly says Sonny has the best intentions, and Dev does need their help, but whenever it’s not okay, they need to know.

Maxie shows Obrecht a dress, and Obrecht asks if sackcloth is in. She had no idea, and thinks it’s better to be slightly overdressed. Maxie says how about if she dresses it down. She hands Obrecht a black lace shawl, and says she can start with mysterious, and graduate to assertive. Obrecht says the last time Jax saw her, she was caked with dirt and sweat. Maxie wonders how the lunch arose, and Obrecht says they have a matchmaker. Peter says, it must be their first match. Obrecht says Jax is in business, and she’s in medicine, but they both have daughters. Maxie says, and they’re both beautiful people; two of her faves. Obrecht thanks her, and says, the shawl is lovely. She asks Maxie if she’s wasting her time, and Maxie says, no time with Jax is wasted. She tells Obrecht that he’s great. Keep an open mind, and enjoy lunch. Hayden pops in, and says someone is waiting downstairs for Obrecht. Obrecht says, wish her luck, and Maxie says, good luck. Obrecht and Hayden leave, and Peter asks if Maxie is sure she did the right thing in not telling Obrecht about Franco. Maxie says, reality can wait until after lunch.

Shiloh says Franco has no idea, does he? Franco says he does not have son, but Shiloh says Kim was pregnant when he was deployed. Franco says he’s lying, and Shiloh says, ask her. Ask anybody. Oscar Nero. Franco says he saw Kim, and thinks she would have mentioned it. Shiloh asks if he thinks anyone would when they want him gone. A guard comes in, saying transport for Pentonville is there. As he’s taken out, Shiloh tells Franco, there’s so much more he doesn’t know. He only has one shot, and Shiloh will shoot straight. All he’s asking for is a simple exchange. Franco knows where he’ll be; don’t be long. The guard leads Shiloh away.

Scotty tells Drew, good thinking. Drew says, hopefully it will give Franco pause if he’s considering leaving town. Shiloh is led out, and he tells Drew that he just took a stroll down Memory Lane with him. The old him. Now there’s a guy he could do business with. Scotty asks what Shiloh said to his son. Drew tells Shiloh there’s no coming back from Pentonville. Shiloh says he doesn’t know about that. He’s not one for enclosed spaces.

Monica says Franco kissed Kim? Kim says he remembers her in a way Drew doesn’t, but he’s forgotten what made him Franco. Monica says from her understanding, the procedure can never be reversed, but Kim says, they’re working on it. Monica asks, what happens to Franco in the meantime? She can’t imagine Elizabeth wants to bring someone in with the boys who treats them like a stranger. Kim says, he seems to be uncomfortable around anyone who expects him to be Franco. Monica says, he needs somewhere to stay, and someone who recognizes him as the man he claims to be.

Monica says Kim’s might be the only face in town familiar to Franco. Kim says, Franco is carrying memories of a relationship he never had, and experiences that aren’t his. Monica says, those are real to him. He may be willing to get help from her because of that. She could possibly persuade him to stay in Port Charles. Kim says Monica is saying that because she wants to know about Drew’s childhood. Monica says, in part. Bizarre as the circumstances are, this might be a chance to learn about the boy she and Alan never had a chance to raise. Kim sympathizes, but thinks she’d only be adding to Franco’s confusion. Monica says, his memories can’t be restored if he’s not around. Kim can keep him there. Kim says she can’t. Monica says she’s not trying to tell Kim to leave her relationship with Julian, or break up Elizabeth’s marriage. She’s just saying, be his friend. Kim says, okay; she can do that – from a distance. She also wanted to give Monica this. She hands Monica a paper, and says it’s her resignation. She’s leaving Port Charles.

Curtis tells Drew that he’s coming up empty in the search for Andre. He left Anna a message, but she’s not very reachable. Drew thanks him, and says he has something else on his mind – Shiloh. Curtis says don’t waste his energy on that waste of space. He can’t touch Drew. Drew says he’s not concerned about himself. There’s power in words. What if Shiloh got in Franco’s head?

Scotty tells Franco, good news. He cut a deal. Franco asks if he’s free to go, and Scotty says, yes and no. The new DA values Franco’s heroics, so they don’t want bad publicity. However, he’ll have to wear an ankle monitor, and stay within the city limits until his day in court. Franco says monitors are for repeat offenders, but Scotty says, and flight risks. It’s a good deal. Trust him.

Hayden comes back to the Crimson office, and Maxie says she’s Obrecht’s matchmaker. Hayden prefers facilitator, but Maxie says she’ll call Hayden something else if Obrecht gets hurt. Hayden asks if Nina is in, but Maxie says she’s still at the hospital. She gives Hayden the projections, and asks if this is what she came for. Hayden asks if Maxie isn’t creative, and Maxie says she likes to think so. Hayden asks how she learned to run numbers, and Maxie says she’s been there forever. She probably picked it up along the way. Hayden asks what else she picked up.

Obrecht meets Jax, and says he started early. At Carly’s table, Josslyn says, earth to mom. Carly asks what’s up with Josslyn’s father and Obrecht? but Josslyn says, no clue. Carly says, first Brad, now Jax. What is Obrecht up to with their family? Josslyn says her dad can take care of himself, but there is something Josslyn wanted to discuss with Carly and Sonny. She thought she should do it with them all together, but thinks it’s better one on one. It’s more effective. She was looking at her schedule for the fall, and she has all of the most boring teachers. Carly says they can talk to the administration, and make some changes, but Josslyn has a different idea. How about forgetting school altogether?

Dev arrives at the warehouse, and Sonny says he’s late. Dev apologizes, saying he was at the MetroCourt picking up his severance pay. Sonny says he expects his employees to be on time, and Dev says, understood. What does Sonny need help with? Does he need a driver? Sonny says he drives himself. He has another agenda for Dev. Moving the beans. Jason tells Dev to see the foreman. Dev leaves, and Sonny tells Jason to be on him. He wants to see how Dev is doing. Jason says he will.

Drew asks Scotty how it went. Did Franco agree to the monitor? Scotty says he knew his son, but now that he’s someone else, he can’t read the signals. Drew says he’s going to pay Franco a visit, and make sure Shiloh didn’t get his hooks in him. He leaves, and Curtis says he has to get back to work. Scotty tells Curtis that he doesn’t want to get in Drew’s face, but what is he going to do to make it right with Franco? Curtis says, every bit of this is on Shiloh, not Drew. Drew wants Franco back as much as Scotty does.

Monica says, Kim is leaving GH? Kim says she already started transitioning her patients, and she’ll be available to whoever takes over. Monica says she’d like to make a counteroffer. Kim is an excellent OB/GYN, and she’d hate to lose her. Kim says, it’s not the job. It’s Port Charles. It’s Oscar. She needs a fresh start, somewhere where every new memory isn’t colored be the absence of her son. Monica asks if Kim thinks moving to New York is going to fix that. Kim says it’s all she can think of right now. She won’t be alone. Julian is going with her. He’s already found a buyer for Charlie’s. Monica asks if she’s had any second thoughts since Franco ended up with Drew’s memories.

Drew tells Franco that he heard there was an offer from the DA. He hopes it works out well for him. Franco says Drew hopes it keeps him in town, and Drew asks if he wants to leave. Franco says, not yet. He has unfinished business. Drew says, with Shiloh? Franco says, he’s a chatty guy. He did have something to offer. Drew says, anything that comes from Shiloh, comes with a cost. Consider the source. (My dad always said that too.)  Franco asks what Drew has to sell, and Drew says he’d like to grab a beer with Franco He’d like to know what his life was like before, and here Franco is with the memories. Franco asks what’s in it for him? and Drew says, name the price. Franco says he’ll tell Drew anything, up to and including what went down in Afghanistan, providing Drew tells him about Oscar.

Hayden tells Maxie that she’s been budgeting shoots and analyzing fashion trends, and never thought of getting her MBA? It could open a ton of doors, and put her way ahead of the competition. Maxie says, for what? and Hayden says, editor-in-chief. Maxie says there are tons of people more qualified, and she has James to think about. Hayden says, that’s what child care is for, but whatever. She leaves, and Peter asks Maxie, what’s the matter with her?

Carly says Josslyn wants to drop out? but Josslyn says, no. She thought they could hire a tutor or she could be home schooled. Carly says even with the time Josslyn missed, she nailed her finals. Josslyn says, that’s different. Emotionally, she was on auto pilot. Everyone around her was respectful, and they didn’t expect much, but now summer has passed and everyone is talking what they did over the summer. It’s all so inconsequential. Carly says Josslyn has to find meaning in it, or tread water until she does. Josslyn says, they’re high school things with high school people; it’s pointless. Carly takes Josslyn’s hands, and says she knows Josslyn has been through a lot of things that are difficult for other kids to relate to, but she doesn’t want Josslyn to miss out. She knows it’s going to be hard, but she believes in Josslyn. They’ll address her concerns, but dropping out is not an option.

Obrecht asks Jax how the surf is, and he says, nothing beats Bell’s Beach. She’s sure it’s exciting, and he asks if Obrecht surfs. She says he wouldn’t catch her dead in the water. Wait. He nearly did. She thanks him, and he thanks her for not saying anything to Valentin about finding Hayden. She says, Valentin gets what he deserves. Jax says Valentin is going to be part of her family again, and she says, don’t remind her. She didn’t come discuss Valentin. She came to get to know him better. He hopes Hayden didn’t give her the wrong idea, but she says she has no misconceptions. He appreciates her silence, and she says he needn’t worry. She just expects conversation. He says he enjoys an intelligent woman.

Sonny joins Josslyn and Carly, who says they were talking the upcoming school year. Josslyn says she wants to be home schooled. She doesn’t want to go to the school without Oscar. Sonny says they’ll see what they can do, and Josslyn says, see? He understands. Carly says, no dividing and conquering. Josslyn says she’s not doing that, but she doesn’t know how to face the school.

Dev drops a bag of coffee beans, and Jason tells him, be careful. They don’t want the bag to split. He knows Dev is trying to save a trip, but the lazy man works twice. Dev says he’s not lazy, but Jason says he’s always finding a shortcut. There are no shortcuts to respect. It has to be earned. He has to be consistent, and put in the work, even when no one seems to notice. Sonny has given him a chance, and so far, there’s not much he’s done to prove himself.

Maxie asks Peter where that came from. He asks if she realizes what she just did. She trivialized her strengths, and said a lot of people could do her job. She says that’s not what she just did, and if she did, she didn’t mean to. He says she’s so used to being number two, she can’t imagine being number one, but he has enough imagination for the both of them. He sees her running this place. He sees her doing anything she sets her mind to.

Curtis tells Scotty that he knows how frustrating and hopeless he must feel, but it’s not hopeless. Drew is trying to talk to Franco, and he’s still working on finding Andre. They figure if anyone can undo it, it would be Andre. Scotty asks where Andre is, and Curtis says that’s what he’s trying to figure out.

Drew tells Franco about Oscar, and shows him a picture. Drew says he loved Oscar. Oscar was his hero. Franco says, was? and Drew says, cancer, a brain tumor, inoperable. It took Oscar’s body, but Oscar didn’t let it break his spirit. He lived to the fullest. Franco asks when it happened, and Drew says, May 1st of this year. Franco says he missed having a son by a few months. Drew gives him the phone, and says there are other pictures and videos on it. A guard lets Drew into Franco’s cell. Drew says, Shiloh is the worst kind of liar. The type of guy who would use the death of a child to persuade a man to walk away from everyone who loves him. He’s asking Franco not to do this. He’s asking him not to walk away, and not let Shiloh win. He wants Franco to talk to him, starting with Afghanistan.

At the warehouse, the foreman tells Jason there’s a problem. The deposit they were supposed to make? The money is missing.

Carly watches Jax and Obrecht with her mouth open. She says she has to find out what’s happening, and jets over to the menus. Sonny asks Josslyn if she and Dev are getting along, and Josslyn says they’re okay. Sonny says they have to keep the lines of communication open. If it doesn’t work out at school, they’ll consider another option. She asks if he means it, and he says they want her to be happy.

Carly picks up some menus, and goes over to Jax’s table. She asks if they need anything, but Jax says they’re fine. She asks Obrecht if there’s any word on Franco, and Obrecht says, I beg your pardon? Carly says, last she heard, he was at the hospital. Obrecht says he works there, and Carly says, she doesn’t know? Obrecht tells her, explain, and Carly says she thought someone would have told her. She shows Obrecht her phone, and says, read for herself. Obrecht says she has to go, and thanks Jax for lunch. Carly sits, and says he’s welcome, but Jax doesn’t look too thrilled.

Drew says he should have killed Shiloh when he had the chance, and Curtis asks what Shiloh did now. Drew says what he told Curtis. He got in Franco’s head, and told him about Oscar. Curtis says, Shiloh is a piece of work, but Drew says, it backfired. Franco told him what Shiloh was after from their time in Afghanistan. Shiloh’s accomplice, Tex, got the money back that they’d made on the black market, but never told Shiloh where it was. Tex did tell Drew before he died. Curtis asks, where is it? and Drew says, in Tex’s wife’s car. Curtis says, that money is long gone, but Drew thinks he knows where it is.

Kim hopes Monica gets what she wants, and Franco stays in town, but it can’t be because of her. Monica says Kim told her that he seemed familiar. What if she gets to New York, and wonders what if? Kim says she wondered for seventeen years. What if Drew had known she was pregnant? What if he’d quit the Navy, and they’d raised Oscar together? Answering that wouldn’t have changed anything then, and it’s not going to change anything now. Monica says she can’t blame a girl for trying, and Kim says, she never could. You do what you have to, to hold on to your family. She knows that as well as anyone. She leaves, and runs into Franco in the hallway. He asks if they can talk.

Maxie tells Peter, it’s one thing to dream up layouts, concepts, and editorials. She couldn’t run Crimson. Peter says, Crimson is Nina’s, but Maxie could start her own magazine. Look who he was before her, and who he is now. Maxie says that’s who he always was, and he needs to own it. He says she needs own how amazing she is, and kisses her. His phone rings. It’s a collect call from Pentonville. He says he’ll accept the charges. It’s Shiloh, who says they met at the Nurses Ball. He thinks he and Peter should sit down and chat. It would be beneficial for both of them.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Chelsea that Kiki came to her, Elizabeth asks Drew if he thinks the money is in Cameron’s car, Lulu is officially divorced, and Shiloh tells someone (Peter?) that he knows more than they think.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly asks if Vicki has ever seen her do cocaine. Vicki says, never. Kelly wonders what Shannon is whispering to Tamra about, and Shannon says she told Vicki to express what she needed to. Kelly doesn’t know how the rest of them hang out with Vicki. Maybe they’re better than she is, because she can’t do it. She says, it’s not fun for her, and goes inside. Tamra follows, and asks Kelly if she wants her to make Vicki leave, but Kelly says, no. She has to get ready for Aspen anyway. In her interview, Kelly says Vicki hurt her, but hurt her daughter worse. Braunwyn suggests Vicki start doing stuff she doesn’t have to apologize for. Braunwyn says Vicki has said things about a lot of people, but Vicki says she doesn’t know the situation. Gina says she heard Vicki called her another jailbird. Vicki says, that’s a lie. Don’t listen to gossip, unless it’s from her. Sometimes I wonder if Vicki listens to what comes out of her own mouth. In Gina’s interview, she says clearly, Vicki has zero respect for her. She saw the text, and Vicki is lying to her face.

Shannon tells Braunwyn, it’s very hard for her to let people in. She has a lot of acquaintances, and only a few close friends. She felt an instant connection with Braunwyn, and is hoping to go out with her for a cocktail or two.

Steve sees Vicki, who tells him Braunwyn’s conception of her is not correct. He laughs. Vicki tells Braunwyn not to listen to outsiders. Braunwyn says she listens to her gut. Vicki says she’s not being nice, but Braunwyn says she’s being honest, and Vicki leaves. Tamra thinks they’ve found a new tres amigas, and feels Braunwyn up. I don’t know if these girls don’t get enough at home or what, but I can honestly say not one of my girlfriends has ever done that to me. They also seem to make out with each other on a pretty regular basis. In Tamra’s interview, she says she likes Braunwyn. She has great energy, is adorable, and she’s pint-sized, like her. She has a bit of a girl crush, and Braunwyn kind of looks like her. It’s so bizarre. Maybe not if you’re a narcissist.

Shannon and Tamra get on the bar to show them how it’s done. Braunwyn joins them. Eddie says, this is why they don’t have parties.

Gina calla mom Susan, and asks how long until she and dad Gino are there. In her interview, she says it couldn’t be a better time for them to come, with all the stuff that’s been going on. She needs their support. Susan and Gino arrive, and Gina says she has a lot of pictures and things for daddy to hang. She also has a leak already. In Gina’s interview, she says, it’s useful to have a husband. When you have one who does these things, you get used to it. It’s not like she was left with information on how to do everything. She regularly forgets to put the trash out. Susan says, it looks like a good place to start over, and Gina says, a fresh start. Susan doesn’t want to talk about anything heavy, but says Matt’s been hitting her up on the phone, and she doesn’t know why. In her interview, Gina says her parents know some things, but not everything. It’s hard to upset your parents. It’s heartbreaking for her. Susan asks, what happened? and Gina says, it’s hard, and you try your best. Stuff obviously happened in the past, and she’s tried to protect the children, but it’s sad to her. She starts to cry, and Susan says she’s past the anger. She has to let the hurt in, and let the feelings start. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s not ready to accept what’s going on. Susan says she can’t put a happy face on all the time. It comes back to get you. Gino says she’s done a great job with the kids, keeping them protected. Susan says, there’s no straight line to divorce.

Shannon meets Braunwyn for those cocktails. Braunwyn says she just got the cold weather clothing out of storage. Shannon asks if she’s going on a trip, and Braunwyn says the family is going on a ski, and she’s joining them at the end. In Shannon’s interview, she says she met a new girl, and wants to spend time with her again. The new Shannon is something different. Braunwyn says there was some making out at the party (what did I say?), and Shannon thinks it’s good for them to act like teenagers from time to time. She doesn’t know if it’s too early in the conversation, but she spoke to Vicki the day after the party. She said that Braunwyn told her that she goes with her gut, and didn’t like her. Braunwyn says, in their first interaction, Vicki said hi to every person in the room, and walked past her. In their second interaction, she was petting Sean. Vicki won’t say hi to her, but will pet her husband. We flash back to those. Shannon says when she and Vicki first met, she was a good friend. They had so many good times. She thinks if there hadn’t been a divorce, she wouldn’t have gotten over it. We see a clip from the reunion where Vicki said Shannon’s husband beats her. Shannon says she doesn’t have her husband anymore. She always forgave Vicki, and let it go. Vicki’s been a good friend. Braunwyn says she doesn’t know Vicki, and can’t judge. She likes Kelly, and feels for anything that affects the kids. It’s hard to put yourself out there. They’re moms first, and if there’s a chance that someone will do something that hurts the kids, it scares her. Shannon asks Braunwyn to tell her about her daughter. Braunwyn says from the time she was little, she was a dancer, and she became a competitive dancer, and the center of the family. In her interview, Braunwyn says she toured the country with Rowan; it was a full-time job. She and Sean put everything else on hold. She tells Shannon that Rowan has OCD pretty bad. At one point, getting out of bed was hard. She was acting out, and they went to a specialist. Rowan went to New York for the summer; the doctor thought it would be good for her. When she came back, she’d lost twenty-five pounds, and wasn’t talking to them. For the first time, she felt hopeless. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, as a mom, she felt like a failure. It had been going on longer than they knew, and she wondered if she’d had fewer kids, would it have happened? She felt guilty. She says they had to send Rowan away to get help, and got to take a break. Rowan was her shining star, the perfect kid, and it changed how they parented the rest of the children. They went from thinking they wanted the kids to have straight A’s and go to Harvard, to just wanting them to be happy. Shannon starts to cry.

Braunwyn asks if Shannon is okay, which is pretty funny considering she was the one telling the sad story. Shannon says she’s going through the same thing. She had three straight A kids, who were totally confident. After the divorce, one of them told her they weren’t going to be better than a C student. Now, she doesn’t give a sh*t. God will put them in the place where they need to be. Braunwyn hugs her. In Shannon’s interview, she says she grew up with fighting parents, and duplicated that with her kids. She feels guilty. She just wants them to be happy. She tells Braunwyn that she wants their kids to meet. She says she has twins, and Braunwyn says that hardly ever happens naturally. Shannon says when you go to a Def Leppard concert, that’s what happens. Braunwyn says she’s never going then.

In her interview, Tamra says mom Sandy has been living with her brother, and they call her to bitch about each other. Her mom needs her own apartment. She’s retired now, and Tamra found one for her. It happened to be in an old folks home. I assume she means senior living. Honestly, Tamra needs to check herself. Frequently. She tells Sandy that she heard Friday nights get wild. The residents jump into the pool with their clothes on because they’re drunk. She says, don’t be that person, and tells Sandy, take her clothes off first. In Tamra’s interview, she says she sees a BJ happening, and wonders why did that enter her mind? Eddie brings in a wedding dress box, and Tamra says it’s from her wedding to Simon. Sandy says, it’s a nice dress. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thought she’d thrown it away. She had no idea her mother was holding on to it. Susan says she’s carried it from house to house. Why? is a really good question.

Gina visits Emily. Emily opens champagne, but Gina wisely passes. Emily asks if Gina remembers her talking about arranging things in Vegas for her anniversary. We see a clip of Emily telling Gina that she’s planning a trip after Shane takes the bar exam. She always wanted to dance in a production, and wants to dance for Shane. Emily tells Gina that Shane was asking questions about the trip. She doesn’t lie well, but never thought he wouldn’t think it was cool. He wasn’t mean, but made it clear that he wasn’t comfortable. In Gina’s interview, she says from her personal experience, she knows Shane doesn’t even want cussing in his home. We flash back to him talking about Gina being drunk and cursing. The fact that Emily would even think that’s something he’d like her to do is shocking. Gina thinks there’s a bigger issue going on. Emily says she had visions of Shane being proud that she got up there and danced, and did it for him. Surprise! Emily says she got so stressed, her alopecia came back. Gina asks if they’re still fighting, but Emily hasn’t talked to him in two days. They have to address it, but he’s studying. He’s staying at a hotel for the next two weeks. It’s fine with her, since she wants him to pass, but it’s a lot. He said he didn’t want to stop her, and to make it a girls trip. Gina says that’s not in the cards for her. They took her license, and lost her passport on Christmas Eve. She’s having a bad year. Emily says she knew something was wrong at Tamra’s party. Gina says, it’s hard to talk about, and Emily says she’s always here for Gina. Gina says she’s always alluded to things; if she doesn’t say it, it didn’t happen. If she doesn’t talk about it now though, she never will. It happened before she met Emily. She says she can’t talk about it, and gets up, saying she needs a minute. Wtf? What is it? Did they have a threesome or something?

Gina says she’s just going to do it, and tells Emily, it’s really bad. When they moved there. when their youngest was four months, Matt had an affair. In Emily’s interview, she says she knew Matt was having an affair, but being Gina’s friend, she never brought it up. We flash back to Gina being flip about getting the divorce, and talking about how they were still getting along so well. Gina says therapy opened her eyes to other problems they had. Once they filed for divorce, she didn’t think it was necessary to share. In her interview, she says she thought she was doing the right thing to protect the kids. She didn’t want the kids to think their father was a bad person. He’s not. She doesn’t want be the reason anyone looks at him that way. She tells Emily that she wasn’t with him anymore, so it didn’t matter and she let it go. They were co-parenting well, and she was proud of them. The other day, she found out he was still seeing the same woman, and has been for six months, but he didn’t tell her. She felt bad, and it hurt. Emily asks how she found out, and Gina says she saw a Valentine’s Day card from her. In her interview, she says finding the card brought her back to the moment when she found out. She didn’t want go back there and be angry. She says she can’t have a deeper relationship with him because she feels hurt. Emily says she probably feels more because same girl, and Gina says, of course; they think they’re in love. Emily wonders if he ever stopped seeing her, but Gina couldn’t say. She’ll never know, and it doesn’t serve her well to think about it. It’s already taken so much. She’s having the worst year ever. She gives up. Emily says, don’t give up. She feels like whatever happened affected Gina more than she let on. She tried to protect him, but having a strong façade and moving on hasn’t served her or her mental health well. In Gina’s interview, she says she feels a sense of relief. She’s been holding it in for so long. Not being able to talk about it, it felt good to just say it, and maybe finally heal from it. Emily says she’ll get through it, and be happy. Gina says she doesn’t want this person in her life, and Emily says, of course. Gina hates her. Emily doesn’t even know her, and hates her. They laugh, and Emily wonders if they could send her on a fake trip that she won. Gina says, good plan, and Emily hugs her.

Kelly says they guilted Jolie’s dad into getting her Gucci shoes for ther thirteenth birthday. In Kelly’s interview, she says they’re on their mother/daughter Aspen trip. Jolie is growing up too fast, and she wonders, where’s her baby? They do some skiing. Kelly says it’s nice to be drama free, and away from all the chaos in Orange County. Vicki saying she’s never with her daughter is a bunch of bullsh*t. We flash back to the reunion where Vicki said just that. Jolie centers and grounds her. She’s the most important thing to Kelly.

Braunwyn and Rowan go to Channelstars, where Sean works. He wants to catch them up on fashion stuff. He says maybe Rowan can be a sponsor at Coachella with her line. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says Rowan is a classical dancer, and started a dancewear line. When her mind is busy, she’s happier. If she can get fixated on healthy, it doesn’t help with her OCD, but it keeps her body healthy. They sit down, and Sean talks about needing fresh content. In her interview, Braunwyn says support from parents is important. They’re happy to help fund Rowan’s clothing line. If parents have the ability to help their kid’s dream happen, it’s a good feeling. Sean puts on a video of Rowan showing a piece from the line. He says new weekly content creates interest. People aren’t just interested in what the brand is up to, but what she’s up to. They buy it because of her personality. Rowan says her line is the embodiment of her made into dancewear. Braunwyn says it’s a healthy way to channel herself. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she can be productive. When she was Rowan’s age, she just wanted to watch MTV all day. She’s proud of Rowan, and excited for this amazing opportunity. She thinks there’s a void they’re going to fill.

Gina picks up Tamra. Gina says, there’s so much sh*t going on; it’s not good. She doesn’t want to talk at dinner, but Matt had an affair. She never said anything, because she felt it was in the past, but the day before the party, she found a card in Matt’s car, and discovered they’d been together for the last six months. In Tamra’s interview, she says she heard rumors, but didn’t say anything, since she knew Gina didn’t want to talk about it. Tamra says she’s got to move on, and Gina says she’s dating a guy with a Porsche. I says it sounds like a good start.

They go to Tortilla Republic, and order drinks. Shannon and Braunwyn arrive. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she had such a good time at the party, she thought she’d like to get to know everyone better. It will be fun. Shannon says she was talking to Vicki, and she wasn’t thinking when she said they were going out. She thinks Vicki’s feelings were hurt that they didn’t ask her. Braunwyn asks if Shannon thinks she should invite her, and Tamra says it’s up to her. Braunwyn says she can’t make this decision. Shannon calls Vicki, who doesn’t need to be asked twice. She says she’ll be right there. She was just lingerie shopping with Emily. The women talk about getting together for some shopping, and Gina says she’s never been to Rodeo Drive. In Gina’s interview, she says she hasn’t avoided LA because it’s where Matt lives, but she has three kids, and can’t be gallivanting around LA. She’s busy being a mom. Vicki arrives, and no one seems happy except Shannon.

Braunwyn tells Vicki, sorry. She thinks she made a judgment call based on things she didn’t fully understand. Kelly told her how hurt Jolie was, and she overreacted. Vicki says, start fresh, and Gina says, love you guys. Braunwyn toasts to an amazing year, and they drink shots. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says they got through the worst of it. Now they can have fun. She asks if VIcki and Emily bonded, and Vicki says, Emily is actually very cool. Tamra says Vicki doesn’t like new people either, and we flash back to all the new girls Vicki hasn’t liked. She says she liked Kelly right away, and Tamra asks how that worked for her. Vicki says she has no respect for Kelly. She’d never talk about someone’s appearance. She’s a bully. How would Kelly like it if she said that about her daughter?  Shannon suggests they try to have a conversation. They both gave low blows. Tamra say she sees both sides, and Vicki says she does too. She’s taken accountability for her part. Tamra asks if she’s tried to apologize, and Vicki says she won’t be subjected to being told she looks like a pig and she’s ugly. It’s not okay. Gina asks what the problem is then, and Vicki says Kelly knows that she knows more than she’s said. Tamra asks what it is, and Vicki says she’s not telling them. Tamra asks if she’s talking about the train, and Vicki says she’s not talking about it. In Vicki’s interview, she says they had a code of silence. They’re not talking about the choo-choo train. Nothing good will come from it, and it would be super damaging. Gina says Vicki claimed Kelly had a coke habit. Vicki says she never said that. Gina says Vicki is now implying she knows something that’s clearly worse; something more than the worst thing she’s already said. Vicki says, let’s talk about something else.

Next time, Rodeo Drive shopping, Shannon confronts Emily, Kelly says Vicki is a liar and dangerous, and Kelly tells everyone to eff off.

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August 19, 2019 – Franco Remembers Helena In Afghanistan, Travis Goes To Far & Martha Heats It Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the PCPD, Drew tells Scotty that he knows how it sounds. Scotty says, tell him how it sounds, and Drew says Cabot took his memories and put them in Scotty’s son’s brain. Franco thinks he’s Drew. Sound perfect? Scotty says, it sounds like horse manure. He needs to see his son. Drew says he needs to prepare himself. The man he’s looking to find isn’t in there.

Jordan and Curtis look through the interrogation room window at Shiloh. Curtis says he thought Jordan was just coming back part time. She says, this is part time. They’re finally taking that bastard down. She goes in and gives Shiloh a phone to make a call. She tells him, don’t forget to say goodbye. He’s going to Pentonville for a long time. She leaves, and he punches in a number. He says he has some information they might find interesting about Alexis Davis.

Alexis walks into Charlie’s, and Julian says it’s a nice surprise. What brings her there? She says she’s the new owner’s attorney. He asks if she’s trying to get rid of him, but she says she’s trying to be supportive with his next chapter. Sam comes in, and Julian thanks her for coming. She says he told her it was important. Is it good? He says, it can be. He’s moving to Manhattan with Kim, and was hoping to say a proper goodbye.

Hayden puts a plate of pastries on Elizabeth’s coffee table. Elizabeth comes downstairs, and asks, what’s this? Hayden says, breakfast. Elizabeth says, it’s a great presentation but… Hayden says, she’s too upset to eat? Elizabeth says she couldn’t sleep. Franco spent the night in jail. Hayden hands her a cup of coffee, and Elizabeth thanks her. Hayden says, that’s what sisters are for. Elizabeth is glad Hayden is there, but moving in? Does she know what she’s doing?

Olivia runs into Sonny’s place, and says sorry to keep him waiting. She sees Sonny along with Lulu and Robert, and says, this must be about Dante. Lulu says, it is, and Olivia asks what’s going on with her son? Robert says he still has connections at the WSB, and was told they had to move Dante. Olivia asks, why? Is Dante in some kind of danger? Robert says, he’s safe enough. Lulu says, he’s not well. They have to face truth. Dante is not coming home.

Jason visits Franco in his jail cell. Franco says, apologies for staring. It’s a difficult situation. Apparently, he’s the victim of a memory experiment gone wrong. Can he ask Jason something? How does something like this happen? He tells Jason, take his time. Obviously, he’s not going anywhere.

Olivia asks what Lulu is talking about. Of course (🍷) Dante is coming home. Maybe it will take a while, but Lulu of all people should know how strong Dante is. Robert says, Dante suffered a setback. The WSB has deemed the deprogramming counterproductive, but they’ll still physically treat him. Lulu says he’ll get medication and talk therapy for his PTSD. Olivia says, if they can’t fix Dante, they can send him home. Robert says, that would be ill-advised, but Olivia asks how he’s supposed to get better without being around the people who love him. Send him home, and they can help him get through this. Lulu says she wants to agree, and Sonny says, but she doesn’t. Lulu thinks they have to stop holding Dante to promises he can’t keep.

Sam says Alexis is taking this in stride. Doesn’t she have conflicted feelings? Alexis says she always will. Kim and Julian are good together, and she’s seen Julian step up. Sam says, it’s okay for Julian to turn his life around for Kim, but not for her, and her feelings aren’t hurt? Alexis says if the next big chapter in Julian’s life is good for him, and he can close the door on the worst parts, great. She wishes they were all that lucky.

Still on the phone, Shiloh says, no. He doesn’t have a personal relationship with Alexis. He just wants to see justice served. He’s glad the information was helpful.

Drew tells Scotty, even if Franco doesn’t recognize him, Franco will still need him as a lawyer. Scotty says he knows. He’s not walking away from Franco – never. Curtis says, poor guy. Jordan says, it’s a small comfort, but there’s no way Shiloh will get off. They have an iron-clad witness in Cameron, and he can testify. Curtis says, Cameron is going to have to live with what he witnessed. Jordan says, they’re horrible memories, but at least they’re his. If not for Franco, Cameron would be walking around with Drew’s memories.

Franco asks Jason why the memories were given to him in the first place. Jason explains that Helena Cassadine wanted to turn him into her personal assassin, but the mind control technique she was using didn’t work on him. That’s when she found Drew and took him from Afghanistan. Franco says he remembers, and Jason says, he remembers being taken? Franco says, he remembers being in Afghanistan.

Franco tells Jason that he gives them credit. They’re all sticking to the same story. Jason says he’s not there to convince Franco, but Franco’s not so sure. That could be precisely why he’s there. Jason says the doctor who did this to him is in jail, and has no idea how to undo it. Franco says, it’s not something you can look up. Jason says the cops have the equipment and the flashdrive with Drew’s memories on it. That’s why he doesn’t remember anything between the time he was in Afghanistan, and the time he woke up in the hospital. Franco says perhaps he was mistaken in asking Jason for help. Jason says, his call, and leaves. Franco throws the food tray against the bars.

Hayden tells Elizabeth, when she was away, she did a lot of thinking about family; family that she’d like to have if she has the chance. She ask if she and Elizabeth look sisterly now; she has no frame of reference. Elizabeth says, yes. It’s more sisterly than anything she’s done with her other sister. Hayden says, great. The thing is, while she was pregnant, and needed support, she did what she always did – run away. She didn’t allow anyone to help her when she needed it, so she appreciates being there for Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she wouldn’t want it any other way. Hayden says, good. Whatever happened with Franco, however long it takes, she’ll be there – physically there, for Elizabeth and the boys. She’s all in. It’s her family.

Drew tells Jason that Scotty is seeing Franco. He doesn’t think Scotty understands what he’s walking into. Jason says, it’s a lot to process. Drew supposes seeing it firsthand will clarify tings. Curtis says, funny. Two years ago, Franco was the most hated man, and completely turned his life around. Jason starts to leave, but Jordan stops him. She says, believe it or not, she’s glad to see him. She has some good news, and he says, Shiloh’s dead? She says, not that good, but they’re shipping him off to Pentonville this afternoon. Franco is the last man he’ll ever hurt.

Scotty goes in to see Franco, who asks what he wants. Scotty asks if a father can’t shoot the breeze with his son. Or help him get out of jail. Franco says if must be difficult for Scotty – if what everyone says happened is actually happening. Scotty says he knows it seems like crazy talk. Franco asks if Scotty doesn’t believe it, and Scotty says he didn’t. Franco says, Franco is his son? Why did he name him Franco? Scotty says, he didn’t. Franco came to him later in life. He gave himself that name. Franco asks if he’s a little… and makes a crazy gesture. Scotty says, he’s an artist. Franco says he’s sorry, but he’s not Scotty’s son. if it’s any condolence, he’s no one’s son. He never had a father. Scotty says, how about having a lawyer? Franco thinks he might need one, and Scotty says he does, and he’s offering. Scotty leaves to talk to the cops, saying he’ll be right back. Franco leans his head on the bars. Shiloh is led in, and deposited in the cell across from Franco. Franco glares at him.

Julian tells Sam that he and Lucas made peace. He wonders what to call his relationship with Sam, and she says they don’t have one. He says she’s his daughter, and she says he’s her biological father. That’s it. He says, for better or worse, he’s Danny and Scout’s grandfather. She says it doesn’t change the fact used his grandchild as collateral. He says he can’t undo his mistakes, but he’s trying. He’s just asking her to see the whole picture. Give him a chance to spend time with her and his grandchildren before he leaves. Sam says, okay. She’ll find some time when they can all get together. He can bring Kim if he wants. He asks if he can bring Leo, and she says, of course (🍷). He says it’s more than he hoped for.

On the side, Sonny says, between just him and Robert, he told Dante that he’d probably adjust, and said just stick it out. It will take time. He should have said something different. Robert wonders what makes Sonny think he could have kept Dante from the condition he’s in, and Sonny says Dante is his son. He should have said something. Robert says Sonny didn’t break Dante, and won’t be the one to fix him.

Franco says, hello, Hank. He says Shiloh doesn’t recognize him. Take a closer look, but fair warning. He’ll pull Shiloh’s head through the bars and take it off his shoulders. Shiloh says, Drew. It’s been a long time. Franco says, not for him. For him, it seems like just yesterday. Shiloh says they all process time differently. He can’t remember when he saw Drew last. Franco says he can. He flashes back to being in Afghanistan (with Jason’s face). He’s sitting down, writing something, and Shiloh knocks him in the head from behind. Shiloh ties his hands behind his back, and someone says, get him up.  Shiloh says, delivered as promised, and Helena says, isn’t he the handsome one? She has such plans for him.

Olivia tells Lulu that she’s not accepting the diagnosis. Dante needs to know how much he’s loved. She doesn’t care how changed he is. She’s his mother, and will never give up on him. Robert says he’ll see what he can do. Olivia says he answered quickly; what’s the catch? Robert says, no promises. He’ll do the best he can. She hugs him, and says she knows he will. She thanks him, and he says he’ll keep her posted. Robert leaves, and Olivia says, a little progress. Lulu says, definitely. Now that Robert is gone, she wants them both to know that she decided not to agree to Dante’s request for a divorce. Olivia gets excited, but Sonny says, let her finish. Lulu says, there’s something else. She also decided not to contest, which means after twenty days, the divorce will be final. Olivia asks, twenty days from when, and Lulu says, from when she was served. Olivia says that’s’ coming up quick. She knows he doesn’t want it. It’s just his illness talking. She knows Dante would never want to leave Lulu. Lulu says she’d never choose divorce, no matter how sick Dante was, and Olivia asks how that’s different from her letting it happen? Lulu says she has to accept it, if Dante believes he’s doing what’s best for all of them. Olivia says, even if she doesn’t agree with Lulu’s decision, she has to respect the reason she’s making it. Sonny says, in the meantime, is there anything he can do to help? Lulu says Rocco could use a reminder of how much his dad loves him. Olivia says they’ve got that covered, and Lulu says, it’s hard enough for Rocco to handle Dante’s absence. His only job is to be a happy little boy. She doesn’t want him worrying that he needs to be the man of the house, or step up to fill Dante’s shoes. One more thing. She loves both of them, and even though Dante is divorcing her, she’s not going anywhere. They will always be her family. Olivia hugs her. Lulu says she’s sorry, and cries.

Jordan tells Scotty, sorry, but Scotty says it’s not like he wasn’t warned. His son thinks he’s someone else, and doesn’t know him. He’s just a stranger, but he is of some use as a lawyer. He wants his son out, and Jordan says that won’t be hard; she’s holding him on a shoestring. Scotty wonders what will keep Franco from hightailing it out of town, with all these yahoos telling him that his mind was erased. He wouldn’t blame Franco if he wanted to get away as quickly as possible.

Jason goes to Charlie’s, and tells Sam and Alexis, Shiloh was denied bail. They’re sending him to Pentonville today. Alexis thanks him for sharing the information. Sam hopes Shiloh rots, but Alexis says, that’s too good for him. She has to get back to work; she has an eager client. Sam asks Jason, what’s wrong? He says he went to see Franco, and tried explain the memory transfer, but he doubts Franco believed him. Sam says, maybe Franco is better off.

Curtis and Drew drop by Elizabeth’s house. Curtis says they just left the PCPD. Drew says, unfortunately, Franco doesn’t know them anymore. He wishes he could make it okay, and Elizabeth says she already promised herself and Cameron that she wasn’t giving up. There has to be something they can do to help. Curtis sits with Hayden, and asks if this is her idea of a home cooked breakfast. She says she made it from scratch, and he says, clearly. He says he doesn’t know Elizabeth very well, but he’s guessing Elizabeth didn’t ask Hayden to stay. Hayden says Elizabeth asked before, and she said no. This time she offered, unsolicited and unselfishly. All she asks is constant praise. Curtis is glad she’s with her sister. He’s proud of her. She thanks him, and he says he never pictured her as the domestic type. She says, a lot has changed since she was away.

Shiloh says Drew betrayed their friendship, and threatened to turn him in. Franco says they were never friends. Shiloh says he figured that out, then offered Drew a way out. Franco says Shiloh offered him a cut. Shiloh says it damn near broke his heart, but it also freed him. If Drew had no loyalty to him, why should Shiloh have loyalty to Drew? He thought he was going to send Shiloh to prison. Franco says, looks like he wound up there anyway. Shiloh says, not for long. He just needs to get his money. Franco says the money Shiloh stole? He knows where Shiloh stashed the cash, but he didn’t tell Shiloh then, and he’s not telling Shiloh now. Shiloh says, it doesn’t matter. We flash back again to Afghanistan. Drew says Shiloh is working as a civilian contractor, and this is an act of treason. Shiloh hits him, knocking him out. Helena says she appreciates brutality, but his lacks finesse. She tells one of her men to come and make sure this idiot hasn’t wasted her trip. The man checks Drew’s pulse, and says, he’s good. For Shiloh’s sake, she hopes he stays that way. If he doesn’t, there won’t be anywhere for Shiloh to hide. She tells her guy to pay Shiloh, and he gives Shiloh an envelope. He asks Helena what she’s going to do with Drew. She says, if she told him, that, she really would have to kill him.

Alexis tells Julian that she has great news. Shiloh has been denied bail, and is heading straight to Pentonville. And he will be convicted. Julian tells her that he tries not to take anything for granted, but if Shiloh is convicted, he’ll no longer be a part of Wiley’s life. Lucas and Brad can raise him as their own in peace. Sam asks if Jason wouldn’t choose Drew’s past over Franco’s. Jason says, even with the little they know about Drew. He grew up in a state home, but he was well-adjusted. Sam says, while Franco turned out terrible. Maybe he’s better off staying Drew. Jason agrees, but doubts Elizabeth does. Olivia comes in, apologizing for keeping Alexis waiting. She says Alexis didn’t tell Julian? Alexis says she didn’t want to deprive Olivia from seeing the look on Julian’s face. Julian says, Olivia is buying Charlie’s? and Olivia says, surprise!

Lulu tells Sonny, it could have gone better, but he thinks it’s as good as it was going to get. He wants Lulu to know how much she means to him. He knew her as a scrappy little kid. She’d be climbing the monkey bars, and he’d yell at her to get down. She says her teachers loved it, and Sonny says it’s been a pleasure watching her grow up. And she chose his son. Lulu says she’d like to think she and Dante chose each other. Sonny says, however it happened, it’s a blessing. She’ll always be a part of his family, and he wants her to know that’s never going to change. She thanks him, and hugs him.

Elizabeth asks Drew, what about Cabot? Are they sure he can’t undo the procedure? Drew says, as far as Cabot was concerned, it only works one way. Curtis wonders if he’s sure it can’t be undone; no one has ever tried. Cabot had nothing to do with the transfer between Drew and Jason. It was Andre, Hayden is shocked that Andre was in on it, and Drew says, he took it to a whole new level. It was meant to cure Alzheimer’s. When Andre gave him the flashdrive, Drew considered having his memories replanted, but there were risks. Andre said either nothing could happen at all, or his new memories would be deleted, or he could fall into a coma he’d never wake up from. Hayden wonders if they’re not jumping the gun. Why would Franco even agree? He did it the first time out of love, but now he has Drew’s memories, and has no connection to them. Elizabeth says it’s her job to find a way to convince him. It’s Drew and Curtis’s job to figure out how to get it done.

Shiloh wonders what it feels like being in the wrong body. It must be strange. It must be terrifying to not see yourself in the mirror. Franco says, it’s upsetting, but he’s going to make sure Shiloh pays for everything he’s done. Shiloh asks if he thinks the money is still hidden, or someone found it. Franco says, that’s the question for the ages. Did Shiloh stash it where it could be found, or in a secure location. Shiloh will never know, but he doesn’t need to worry about that. He’ll be in prison for the rest of his life.

Sonny says, Dante is in a dark place. It’s a battle that will take time. He knows Dante’s heart and mind, and he’ll find his way back to Lulu. He would never abandon Rocco. Lulu hopes he’s right. In the meantime, she’s grateful that Sonny and Olivia are Rocco’s grandparents. She can’t think of better people to guide Rocco through this. Sonny says, whatever she needs. She leaves, and Sonny sighs. Outside, she looks at her ring, and takes it off.

Julian says he had no idea Olivia wanted to buy another restaurant. Olivia says Leo loves the place. Although it does concern her that their young son already has a favorite bar. She wants him to be proud of his papa, and what he’s achieved. She wants to preserve that. Julian asks if she’s going to leave it the way it is, and she says she is. Except for one thing. She’ll finally get her pizza oven. Alexis says she has all the permit information and forms. And she loves pizza, but they all know that. Julian laughs, and says, look at them, getting along like grownups. Alexis says it’s a good look for the future.

A woman looks at various headlines about Alexis on her tablet. Lawyer Acquitted in Hit and Run.

Jason tells Sam that he’s sure Elizabeth is desperate to reverse the process. It’s tough for Franco though. He doesn’t even want to hear the name Franco. He doubts he wants Franco’s life.

Curtis wonders how they get the ball rolling, and Drew says, find Andre.

Hayden gets that Elizabeth and Franco love each other, and knows it’s a deep, abiding love. Elizabeth says, but what? Hayden says the Franco that Elizabeth knows is gone. The Franco at the PCPD thinks she’s a stranger. How is she going to convince a stranger, who owes her nothing, that she’s not trying to take his life from him? Elizabeth says she has to convince him that regaining the life he lost is more important.

Shiloh tells Franco that he’s not asking for a favor. He’s offering an exchange. Tell him the location. Franco says he’ll tells Shiloh what happened. Shiloh ambushed him, and knocked him out cold. Shiloh definitely had an accomplice, who showed up after he passed out. He flashes back to Afghanistan, and Helena tells Shiloh, one more thing. His silence and loyalty. If he fails her on either front, he won’t live long enough to spend the money. She says, that’s all, and Shiloh leaves, but goes around he corner and continues to listen. Helena says, there you are. She can’t say much about the Judas he hired. He nearly killed her prize. He’s not just handsome and helpless, but invaluable. Shiloh says he’ll give Franco the name if Franco tells him where the money is. Franco says, hard pass. Shiloh asks what he’s going to do, keep the money for himself? That’s not who he is. Franco says Shiloh is right. He’ll use it for humanitarian aide; a small gesture. All he knows for sure is that Shiloh is never getting it. Shiloh says Franco’s not doing that, and Franco asks, why not? Shiloh says it would be better spent on information that will change his life.

Tomorrow, Hayden tells Jax there’s been a complication with their project, Sonny asks Jason how his new hire is doing, Obrecht has a date, and Shiloh tells Franco there’s so much more he doesn’t know.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The French Riviera. A guest says the key lime pie was great, but a hair was on the other end. Anastasia says it’s not hers, and he says it’s not his. Other than the hair, he was enjoying it. In the galley, Aesha sprays whipped cream into her mouth. Travis is about to, when Anastasia and the captain come in. In her interview, Anastasia says she takes responsibility for everything to do with the food. She brings the guest another piece. The guests applaud the meal.

Hannah tells June that she can have some downtime, which June miraculously hears that over the radio. Hannah asks Anastasia for a sandwich, and says she should come back to the interior. Anastasia says Captain Sandy believes in her, and she can’t give up now. In Hannah’s interview, she says she respects Anastasia for stepping in, but being a chef on a 48’ sail yacht is different than being one on a 160’ motor yacht. Anastasia calls her boyfriend, and tells him that she just finished with these ridiculous people. He says he can imagine how exhausted and stressed she is.

The boat is readied for the second day of charter. June fights with the juicer. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, watching June struggle is hard. Aesha shows June how to turn it on. The water starts to get rough, but the captain assures the guests that it will calm down when they get around the corner. She announces that the seas are rough, so everyone be careful, especially the chef with the knives. Breakfast is served. João and the captain watch as Jack half-assedly cleans the bannisters. Captain Sandy tells João, go get him, and João tells Jack that the captain is watching him. Do it properly, or not at all. He’s making himself look busy, but he’s not doing anything. In João’ s interview, he says he’s at his wit’s end about how to make Jack work. Jack tells João, speak to him with respect, and João says he’s tried. They need to speak about Jack being fired. He looks like a nob, cleaning half a rail, and it makes João look stupid. Jack is going to look like an a-hole if he’s fired before the season ends. Jack asks what João wants from him, and João says to work at his level best. In Jack’s interview, he says he’d so bored. He tells João to deal with watching him; he’ll be watching as well. They shake hands.

A guest gets sick over the railing. Aesha lets Jack know. Another guest suggests the sick dude have some mimosa to wash his mouth out. A cameraman who got splashed, walks by shaking his head. In Aesha’s interview, she says it’s the first time a guest has thrown up on her. She’s lost her spewginity. Anchor is dropped, and the water toys are set up. Hannah suggests the beach club in Pamplona. The guests are down for that, so she tells João. She tells Anastasia that dinner will be at eight, and tells June to set up at quarter past seven. June says, twenty-five, explaining that any time someone says, quarter, she has to say that. I’ve been wondering for a while if June maybe has an issue, and this possibly confirms it. For some reason, she also thinks Hannah means 7:30, and quarter past has to be explained.

The guests go to the beach club. Captain Sandy tells Jack, make João proud. Jack thinks up a way to hide an area that’s being cleaned from the guests, and says, that’s show business. In her interview, the captain is glad Jack is finally taking some initiative. He’s making a visual experience for the guests. That’s yachting. In his interview, Jack says João is a lost cause. He has to win over Captain Sandy, and has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Sitting with Hannah on the beach, Travis says he needs to be kinder to his body. Hannah thinks that’s a good idea, and says they might have had a date. In Travis’s interview, he says he misses Australia. He hasn’t been home in two years. It’s nice to drink and forget where you are. Hannah says maybe it’s good it worked out that way. He says he just wanted a bang anyway, then says he’s joking. She says, no, he’s not, and he says, she’s right. The guests decide they want to go back, and say goodbye to San Trope.

Anastasia tells Hanna, dinner is going to be surf and turf, with apple crisp for dessert. I’m in. Captain Sandy asks the deck crew to unload everything. The guests dance around in the lounge. June psyched for the Mardi Gras party, and decorates the table with feathers, masks, and beads. Hanna inspects it, and in her interview, she says, June can’t tell time, but makes a damn good Mardi Gras table. In June’s interview, she thinks she’s doing a good job. She’s getting along with everybody, and opening herself up more. Anastasia sees it’s 8:45, and says the guests want everything hot, but they’re not seated on time. The guests get dressed like they’re actually going somewhere. They put on masks at the table.

In the galley, Colin eats Nutella from the jar. One of the guests talks about Martha Reeves stealing wine from him. They were both at a party where they were supposed to bring their own. She brought nothing, and took his bottle. Anastasia races against the clock, and says she’s going to plate two at a time. While serving, Aesha gets confused as to who’s getting the well-done steaks. The guests are talking so loudly, she can’t hear Hannah through her earpiece. Hannah goes out with two more, and the guests discuss money at top volume. Maybe the food gets cold because they’re busy yapping so much. Anastasia interrupts to ask how the food is. In Hannah’s interview, she says Anastasia lacks the praise that comes with the chef job, but you can’t interrupt the service flow or the guests’ conversation. She tells Anastasia to let her know if she has questions for the guests. She’s used to being a stew, and as a chef, shouldn’t do runs to the table.

Colin asks Jack how things are going with Aesha. Jack says, sweet, and asks if Colin has someone waiting back home. Colin says, no. He’s lazy when it comes to dating. In Colin’s interview, he says, it’s fun having a boat crush, but he’s been single for a while. Apparently, girls don’t realize how handsome his mom says he is. Captain Sandy visits with the guests, and wants to know how the steak is. One of them says, damn good. The lobster is damn good too. Hannah brings back one rare steak that should have been well-done. Anastasia thinks the steaks got mixed up. In the captain’s interview, she says, part of the job is admitting when you’re wrong. Just admit it, cook the steak, and move on. Apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream is served. I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and I want dive into the TV. One guest doesn’t like the texture of apple crisp. He already seemed like a real crab-ass, but that borders on insane.

The crew cleans up. Hannah feels like Anastasia is stressed. She tells Anastasia, It’s not a normal situation to be in, and not to think she has anything to prove. The guests only remember the times they weren’t happy. She can see it’s getting to Anastasia, and Anastasia says, it is. A lot.

June says she likes Colin. He cares about others, and she has the feeling he’s a good guy. Aesha and Jack steal kisses. June goes in the galley to make juice. She a sees oil smoking in a pan on the stove, and wonders if the vent is open. Anastasia runs in. In her interview, Anastasia says, the galley is full of smoke. It’s not June’s responsibility to be watching, but take initiative to not let the boat burn. In Jack’s interview, he says he doesn’t want to stay, but doesn’t want to leave. The guests are ready for breakfast. They goof around so much, the pancakes are cold. Aesha says she’ll bring them a fresh batch. She tells Anastasia it’s not her fault. They’ve been at the table for ten minutes. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she loves cooking, but… Aesha brings the fresh pancakes along with Anastasia. Anastasia tells João that she’s ready for them to be gone. João says, it’s a lot. In his interview, he says if you’re not up to being a seven-star chef, you shouldn’t do it. She’s doing a fantastic job, but an amazing chef and being a yacht chef is a big difference. He tells her, let’s end the season with a bang. I was going to make a joke here, but it’s too easy.

Anchor is brought up, and the guests pack. The captain docks, and the crew gets in their whites. The guests chatter about how much fun they had. The primary, whose name I’ve already forgotten, tells Captain Sandy that they had a great time. The cold food was a bit of a downer, but they enjoyed themselves. He gives the captain an envelope, as a parting gift. The captain tells the crew, it’s time to turn it around, and to change their clothes. Anastasia is glad that’s over. Jack says he can’t wait to wash the boat. Travis gives Hannah a little vintage book on how to be a good lover. In her interview, Hannah says when Travis is sober, she likes him. She’s a sucker for dysfunctional people.

Time for the tip meeting. Captain Sandy says, it was a pretty wild charter. However, the galley has been a challenge. She tells Anastasia that she lost her rhythm, but they’ll figure it out. The tip is $14, 000 or $1100 per person. In João’s interview, he says, bad food, bad tip. Anastasia goes to the bridge, and asks if the captain has a minute. She’s kind of feeling that maybe she bit off more than she can chew. She’s feeling a lot of anxiety. She’s never experienced anxiety like this in her life. She’s just learning, and it’s not training school. She’s not sufficiently trained, and her mental state is not good. Captain Sandy says, it’s a hard job. She thinks Anastasia is phenomenal, and she appreciates her stepping in. She’ll reach out to the other chef. Hopefully, they’re still available. Anastasia says, if not, she’ll buckle down. She just wanted to voice it in case she has a mental breakdown in the kitchen. The captain says she won’t.

Jack and Travis wash down the jet skis. João says if he can make them work using positivity, rather that than a stern talking to, he’ll take it. Anastasia tells Hannah it was good to talk, and Hannah hugs her. In the galley, João thanks Jack for raising his work game. Jack gets all excited over his first compliment. He grabs João in a hug, and João says, don’t ruin it. Aesha sits with them, and Jack says he’s gotten his first compliment. They all applaud.

In her interview, Aesha says that if someone showed would have told her she’d meet a guy on a yacht, she would have said, eff off. Now she wonders who she is. She laughs with Jack in her bunk. João wonders what will happen if the captain finds a new chef. Will Anastasia be let go, or June? It’s a sticky situation. Colin says it has nothing to do with June. Anastasia says she’s nervous. She doesn’t know what this means for her position. The crew exits the boat. Colin says, let’s get our drink on, and Travis says he’s getting pissed as a lizard. That reminds me of a friend in the UK who’s in a group email thing with me. One night, she sent a message saying she was pissed as a fart. My immediate assumption, was that she was angry about something, but after thinking about it, the lightbulb came on, and I realized she’d been out partying.

Travis is drunk already when he gets in the taxi, and accidentally whacks Aesha. Jack suggests another double date. In Hannah’s interview, she says, it’s typical downhill Travis. Stop asking her out. She doesn’t want to go out with someone who acts like that.

When they get to the restaurant, João thinks everyone is keen to get well hammered. Travis wonders if he can piss in a plant outside. Hanna refuses to sit next to him, and Travis says she can’t be mad at him. She says, when he’s sober, she likes him. She can’t deal with him like this. She thinks he would have apologized had he been sober. They order, and Anastasia tries to get Travis to eat something. In Travis’s interview, he says Hannah is annoyed about measly sh*t. Her complaining is petty. Colin asks about Hannah’s yachting career, and if she had a passion for it. He says he’s just cleaning sh*t all day. He’d rather have a job back home. He’s thirty-one, and wants to think about settling down. It’s all a matter of preference. In Colin’s interview, he says, in yachting, you’re traveling for months at a time, jumping from boat to boat. At home, where he’s a ferry captain, he has an apartment with a queen size bed.

Travis asks if they have to be civilized all the time. Hannah says he seems like an unhappy person. In her interview, she says he reminds her of her brother, Scott. He’s a good person at his core, but he has demons. Travis changes when he drinks. Maybe she’s trying to save him because she wasn’t able to save the relationship with her brother. June tells Colin that she’d like to take a purser course. She wants to do the business side of yachting. João asks if Hannah is okay. In João’s interview, he says he feels protective of Hannah. She’s striving to be a better person, and she’s doing a great job. Travis brings her down. She deserves better.

Hannah joins Travis at an outside table. She says he’s being stupid. There are better ways to deal. Jack says he doesn’t want to think about things, and Hannah says if he’s behaving like this, she doesn’t want anything to do with that. Jack comes by, and Hannah goes back inside. Jack and Travis follow. Anastasia is leaning on her hand, snoozing a little, and out of the blue, Travis smacks her cheek. She is really startled, and so is everyone else. It was loud too. João practically teleports over to Travis, and says, you don’t effing do that. Travis acts like it’s no big deal, and tells João, sit down, mate. João says this is where he effs someone up. Travis says, it’s a joke, but João says, it’s not a joke. Hannah says Anastasia isn’t laughing. Anastasia says, fine. Travis asks why João is blowing up, and João says, it was hard. Travis says, it was a love tap to wake her up. Anastasia leaves the table, and goes outside.

Hannah follows Anastasia, and tells her, joke, or no joke, she doesn’t care. Inside, Colin says that wasn’t a love tap. In Colin’s interview, he says it’s the part of yachting culture he doesn’t like. The crew gets drunk, and he’s embarrassed for other people’s actions. João says Anastasia is crying because of Travis, and Travis says João is exaggerating. Outside, Anastasia tells Hannah, he can’t get that drunk. You don’t slap someone. Jack tells Travis to apologize, and Travis tells him, eff off. He says he meant it as a joke. João says, it’s not effing funny; it’s sick. Anastasia tells Hannah she’s been dealing with alcoholics her whole life. It’s not okay anymore. In her interview, she says her ex-boyfriend was an alcoholic, and laid his hands on her. She’s dated alcoholics before. They’re the nicest people when they’re sober, but when they’re drunk, they change. Yep. Been there; did that too. She says, it’s gotten to the point where she’s not dealing with it. She’ll be damned if it happens to her again.

Travis says, this is bullsh*t, and Colin says, it’s not bullsh*t. João tells Anastasia that he’s sorry, and Hannah says they’re going back to the boat. Colin tells Travis that he smacked Anastasia pretty hard. He tells Travis that he’s not listening; Colin is trying to look out for him. Just admit what he did.

Hannah and Anastasia leave for the yacht, and Anastasia says, comfy clothes, and lots of wine. In the taxi, June says Anastasia didn’t see it coming. It’s hard because they’re good friends too. João says if Jack was sober, he wouldn’t have done that. Aesha thinks Travis was too drunk, and it was taken wrong. Then João reacted strongly. In her interview, she says, had it been her, the outcome would have been different. João is on his high horse, and should let it go. Travis lies in his bunk, eating a bowl of spaghetti. Aesha tells João, chill out. Everyone gets back, and goes to bed.

They roll out in the morning at around 6:30. Travis says maybe he was more heavy-handed than he thought. In his interview, he says he just wanted to have a laugh. He needs to apologize. He feels terrible. Jack wonders where his effing underpants are. Travis goes to see Anastasia in the galley, and says, in his eyes, it was a love tap. Did he hurt her? She says, it definitely stung. It shocked her because she was dozing. He says he was in d*ck mode, and trying to have a laugh. In Anastasia’s interview, she says a big part of her wants to not care, but she’s exhausted, and still processing. He promises it won’t happen again. Travis and Jack clean the jet skis and joke around. João says they want to get as much done as possible. Travis apologizes to Colin for telling him to eff off. Colin says he just thought it was harder than a love tap. In her interview, June says she’s getting in the groove. She’s been working her ass off, and finally found her footing.

In the galley, June tells Colin that she got everything done. They eat leftovers. June wants a TV dinner, and Colin wants Lunchables. Anastasia tells Hannah that it wasn’t okay. She’d love to have a conversation with Travis in private. He needs to fully understand what he’s done. It’s her duty to everyone whose personal space has been invaded not to brush it off. She tells Travis that she needed time to process. He says he was so drunk he didn’t understand the force when slapped her, and she says, it’s not okay. It was so loud, and people are sticking up for him. She’s sick of it. She’s sick of no repercussions for his actions. She’s sick of him getting drunk like that, and how everyone keeps protecting him; her included. He says it’s not okay to call him a woman beater, and she says she’s not calling him that. What’s upsetting her is his complete abuse of alcohol. The rest of them have one drink, and already he can barely sit up in his chair. We flash back to that. She says, it’s embarrassing for them. When he’s drunk he turns into a different person. He says, to be honest, it’s not a problem. He’s deeply, sincerely sorry. He didn’t gage it properly, and can’t apologize enough. In Travis’s interview, he says, he feels sh*tty, and he does seem to be drinking more than the rest of the crew. He needs to reevaluate how he’s drinking, so he’s not ruining other people’s nights. He tells Anastasia it’s not happening again. She has his word. They hug.

Travis tells Jack, it’s unacceptable; she’s 100% right. He says he got steamrolled, and Jack tells him, don’t get smashed. In his interview, Jack says he’s trying to do it in a friendly way, even though he might have the same opinion.

João gives Jack his daily list, and says, get cracking. Colin asks Anastasia if everything is all right. She says she’s nervous about it., and wonders if she’ll get her old job back. It’s been difficult. The captain gets a text, and calls June to the bridge. She tells June that when she was called in, the captain was in a jam about their chef, and the third stew stepped in and covered for them. She has a chef coming now, and Anastasia has done an amazing job. The captain can’t let her go. She did them a favor. June says, so Anastasia is going back to the third stew position. Captain Sandy says June’s position is now redundant. She has to let June go. June says, that’s not nice. In her interview, June says it’s not like she didn’t think this might happen. The captain says, it’s work; like anything else in life. June says she did them a favor, and flew in at the last minute. Captain Sandy says, and she was paid for her service. It’s not personal. June is an amazing human being. June says the captain doesn’t know her. If she’d gotten to know her… Captain Sandy says June’s not hearing her. She has no room to keep her. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, sometimes, that’s how it goes. She wishes she could have spoken to June earlier, but she didn’t know how it would land

Captain Sandy calls João and Hannah to the bridge. Anastasia asks, what’s up? and June says, you don’t do that to people who helped you when you needed help. The captain let her go, because a new chef is coming. Anastasia says she’s taking it hard, but it’s not personal; she’s amazing. June asks if she knew, but Anastasia says she didn’t. She did know they might find a chef, and her job wasn’t guaranteed. June thinks they all knew. They had to. She stepped in not because she wanted it, but she needed to for the team. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she feels bad for June, but if anyone deserves a spot thee, it’s her. She’s not going home so June can stay. June tells Hannah that she wishes Hannah had come to her sooner. Hannah says she didn’t know the situation. They can’t let Anastasia go because she stepped in. June says she worked hard, but Hannah says even if she had been the best third stew ever, it would be the same. June says, it’s all good. In her interview, June says Hannah doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her feelings. She knew, and would have told Anastasia or Aesha if it was them. She can’t get any respect. João asks to talk to the guys on deck.

João tells them that the captain let June go. They’re getting a new chef, and Anastasia is going back to third stew. Inside, Aesha gets why it happened that way, but says June was the pawn. June says she feels used. On deck, Colin wonders if there’s a way they could keep June, but João says it’s not their choice; it’s the captain’s choice. Colin says June is a yachtie; he’s not. It’s not fair to let her go just because there’s no space. Someone who has passion should stay. He doesn’t. In João’s interview, he says, what are you doing? What are you doing?! Jack says Colin should think about it. Colin says, it’s not right for her to do that, but he’s going to think about it.

Hannah tells Aesha that a new chef is coming, and she’s thinking of putting her in with Jack. She says it’s better than sharing with someone she doesn’t know. Jack tells João, Colin is so kind. Anastasia is welcomed back to the team, and the interior has a group hug. June packs. Colin polishes. Travis tells João that he thinks Colin is going to offer to leave so June can have a position. I’m wondering how Colin thinks this will work out, since they don’t do the same job. João says he can’t tell him not to. Colin hugs João, and says he respects him. They need more like him. João wipes tears from his face, and tells Colin not to listen to anyone. If this is what he wants to do, do it. In João’s interview, he says he would do anything for Colin. Colin gave him a chance, and made João one of his best mates when he didn’t deserve it. In his interview, Colin says, it’s a tough decision. As upset as he is, saying goodbye is bittersweet, but he’ll have his life back, He radios Captain sandy, and asks if she has a few minutes.

Next time, high maintenance guests, the captain asks Colin not to leave, Anastasia is feeling rusty, a jellyfish invasion, and Ben is finally back.

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August 18, 2019 – Zombies At Bridgeview Mall, Competing To Be Real, the Newest Larissa & Sunday Blues


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

A voice on the radio says he saw their video at the gas station. His name is Charles. He was called Chuck when there were people still around to call him Chuck. He asks, when they get there, do one thing – kill him. He got bit, and wants to help like they asked. Where he is, has everything they need under one roof; bookstores, places to get clothing, a food court, and even an urgent care unit. Anyone listening – if anyone is listening – by the time they get there, he’ll already be gone. He doesn’t have a gun, or he’d do it himself. We see zombies in a mall, and someone putting up boards to make a gate. He says he’s wearing a red jacket, and should be easy to spot; he’s holed up in the security office. He asks to be buried someplace outside. Under the stars.

A zombie toddles up to a wooden gate. A hand comes through from the other side, grabs the zombie by the collar, and repeatedly smashes it’s head against the gate. Dwight walks through, and says, sh*t. He wasn’t kidding. Morgan follows, along with Grace, and says, it’s like before. Dwight asks if Morgan thinks it will be enough, and Morgan says it will be. Grace grabs some jelly beans from a candy store, and says, let’s go find him. Dwight says he’ll stay there and pick up the strays. Morgan takes some candy, and Grace tells him, careful. The candy beansies could be jawbreakers now. He says, candy what?

Grace and Morgan go to the security office. They see one of their boxes there, but no Chuck. There’s an iPod in a charger on the desk, along with a note. Morgan asks if Grace talked to him, and shows her the note. It’s addressed to her, saying the iPod is loaded with some of Chuck’s favorites. He hopes they’re okay at double-speed. Grace says, no. He must have remembered what she said on the tape. He said he’d be there. They see a chair with broken ropes tied to it. Morgan says, it looks like he tied himself to it, until he turned. He must have broken loose and wandered off. Grace says, he couldn’t have gone far. Morgan asks if she’s okay, and she says her blood sugar is low. That’s why she grabbed the candy beansies. He says, what does she keep calling those? Dwight calls them to come.

The three of them look down at the zombies gathering on the ground floor, and Dwight says their voices must have drawn them out. Grace wonders if Chuck is down there, and Morgan says it might take a while to find him. Dwight says they’re thinking of going down there to kill someone who’s already dead? Morgan tells him, Chuck said he’d have on a red jacket. Suddenly, Grace keels over. Morgan asks Dwight to get the first aid kit. He tells Grace to stay with them.

Ooh. This week’s credits are creepy cool. The background is a weird-ass carousel in an empty field, and a little calliope music to go with it.

At the Lone Oak gas station, Daniel loads up Skidmark, and tells the others, they need to keep moving. He plays some music over his walkie.

Morgan says Grace’s name, and asks if she can hear him. He tells her that she passed out. She says, candy beansies aren’t what they’re called? and he says, no. Jelly beans. He asks if she’s all right. She says her mom was an interesting woman. She made up answers, and always had to be right. Grace says she thought jelly beans was a brand name. She’s glad she didn’t find out too late. He says, the generator is downstairs. It’s the best they’re going to do. He asks if what happened had anything to do with… Grace says, radiation? He asks if it’s just a matter of time, and she says, it could be anything; she doesn’t know. Morgan asks if there’s anything he can do. Dwight joins them, and asks if she’s okay. She says she just got a nap on a real mattress, with fresh sheets, and she faced the truth about jelly beans. She’s good. Dwight turns on his walkie, and they hear Daniel’s music. Dwight says Logan’s people were at a truck stop not far from there. What if Logan finds out where they are? Grace says they were careful, but Logan might have heard the same messages that brought them there. Dwight says, Logan is pissed about the gas, and Morgan says if Logan is hitting truck stops, they’ll need what’s in the mall more than ever. He tells Dwight to go back, and bring the trucks, so they can load them up. Send the kids out through the back roads. Grace says she’ll stay with Morgan, and Dwight goes to get her some water from the car.

Outside the mall, Dwight gives a flat of water to Morgan. Morgan tells him, be careful. Dwight says Morgan isn’t being careful. They both chose something else. They could have given up the oil fields. Morgan says, but other people needed them. Dwight says he’s already been on the wrong side. You turn off your conscience and heart. When that happens, it’s harder to turn back on. He wonders if they’re now going to live looking over their shoulders. Is that how it’s going to end with them? Morgan says he has faith in people; he has to. He has faith in Dwight already. If Logan’s men come at them, they’ll redirect them, and try to make it something other than a fight. Dwight says they might need more than that, but Morgan thinks he already said it. They’re not being careful; they’re doing right. He hopes Logan and his people see that. He goes back in, and Dwight takes the radio out. He calls Daniel, and asks where he is.

Grace listens to A Tale of Two Cities on the iPod. She watches the zombies, and loads a gun. We see a sign that says Bridgeview Mall. She’s about to walk down the escalator, when Morgan calls her name, and she stops.

Morgan tells her, they said they’d bury Chuck, but he wouldn’t want her to be in the ground next to him. Grace says she wasn’t going down there for him. She going for herself. She’s seen people die from radiation poisoning. She’s seen them get cancer. Every time she coughs or loses her breath or feels a butterfly in her stomach, she wonders if this is it. The beginning of the end for her. It’s no way to live. Morgan doesn’t understand, but she says, there’s an urgent care clinic off main concourse. They have an X-ray machine, and maybe an ultrasound machine, if she’s lucky. She wants to know. She needs to know. He asks how he can help, and she says help her get to the generator, and she can take care of the rest. He asks if there’s nothing that can be done, and she tells him there isn’t. He says, they’ve got work to do. Grace says, after that, they’ll find him.

Dwight stops to pee by the side of the road (why?), and someone holds a gun to his head. He asks if they’re with Logan. Whatever they came there for, they’re not going to find. He was hoping they’d follow him. Why else would he say where he was going on an open channel? A dude knocks him out with the gun butt. Dude says Dwight is right. He didn’t think Dwight would say that.

A remote-controlled car with metal scoops tied to the back (like tin cans on a newlywed’s car), lures the zombies. Morgan works it, and we can tell he’s having fun. He tells Grace, when they get to urgent care, they can get to the generator from the back halls. Morgan keeps moving the car toward a carousel, and they follow the zombies at a distance. Morgan sees the urgent care sign, but Grace is gone. A zombie kicks the car, and it gets trampled on. Grace follows a guy in a red jacket, and takes out a knife. She steps on something, and it makes a noise. The zombies turn around. Morgan sees what’s happening, and doubles back. Grace kills a zombie in a red jacket, but now they’re coming from the other side too. Grace and Morgan lock themselves in a GNC-type store.  Zombies clamor at the door. Morgan says, it’s done, and Grace says she thought it was Chuck, but the zombie was dead too long. Morgan says she was trying to help. He checks a door, and says, it’ll be all right. Dwight will be back in the morning. They’ll get to the generator. They just have to wait until Dwight gets back,

Dwight wakes up in a boxcar. Dude says he can’t figure out why Dwight would do a dumbsh*t thing like walk around with an unloaded gun. Dwight says, dumbsh*t like following him with a walkie, so he can find out where everyone else is? Dude says he reloaded Dwight’s gun. Dwight says, and Dude is going to shoot him unless he tells where the others are. What does Logan want with them anyway? He’s sure it started with good intentions, until it became their bread and butter. The question Dude has to ask himself is, is he just an a-hole now, or has he always been an a-hole? Dude says he’s always been an a-hole. At least according to his mama. He hits Dwight, and Dwight says look at his face. He’s been through worse, and from worse people. Dude says he’s sure he’ll think of something if Dwight doesn’t give him what he wants. Dwight says he can keep trying, and when Dwight gets free, they’ll see. Dude leaves the boxcar, pulling the door down.

Grace listens to her book, and Morgan gets them some protein drinks. She says it’s all her fault. Morgan says, she’s brave; making most of what she’s got. They should all be doing the same. She says she’s so not brave. He says she is, and he’s seen it. She says when she was eight, she loved horses. Her parents took her to a dude ranch. She’d never seen one up close, and saw a white mustang. She went up to it and put her hand on it. The horse turned away a bit, and it looked funny. She ran to her mother’s arms, and her mother tried to tell her it was a natural reaction. She tried to get Grace on the horse, but she wouldn’t go. Morgan says she was just a kid, and Grace says she kept screaming. She never went back. She started a life. She was great at her job, but not much else. It doesn’t matter now. Morgan says she can always find another horse to ride, and she asks if he’s seen one not torn to pieces. He says he has, and he’s ridden a couple. She says she’s still playing it safe. Doing what she can today, because she’s too scared to start something she won’t see to the end. Morgan asks, what if the ultrasound tells her something is wrong? Is there anything to be done? She says, before, she might have had a fighting chance, but no. She asks if he raced cars with his son. She doesn’t think she’s seen him smile like that before. She saw the tape. They’re here because he’s helping her with her problem. The least she can do is help him with his. She’s cooking pad tai and listening books on double speed; let her do something while she can. He says, it’s not the type of problem that can be fixed in a day. He looks at the zombies still at the door, and says they have another problem to deal with. The door starts to crack, and he says, let’s get to that generator.

Dude comes back with a gym bag, and Dwight asks if he brought back a pair of pliers. Dude says he’s been thinking about Dwight’s question, but he has no clue why Logan wants the gas. When you go that long without something, it makes you do crazy things to get it. He can understand that. Right, Dwight? Dwight asks how Dude knows his name, and Dude says you can’t go a mile without finding one of their tapes. When he saw Dwight’s part, he thought, he gets this guy. He’s broken up about what gets them all –snatch. He takes a plastic bag of letters out of the bag, and Dwight says, don’t touch that. Dude says, when you get good snatch and lose it, watch out. He tosses the letters on floor one by one. He reads from one, honey – that’s cute. He lights the corner on fire. Dwight starts to get up, and Dude says, that’s not a good idea. He’s going to burn them until Dwight tells him. Maybe he’ll find her himself. She sounds like a sweetheart. In a blink-and-you-miss-it move, Dwight gets the gun from Dude. Dude says, do it. Dwight’s an a-hole too, right? Dwight sees the letters, and says, right, knocking Dude out.

Morgan and Grace go through the back hallways. He tells her to turn off her headlamp. She says she won’t be able to see. He says he knows. He sees the zombies coming, and says he needs her to turn it off, and get down. Don’t overthink this. He’s got it. She does as he asks. He starts fighting the zombies, and she hears his stick fall. She turns her light back on, and sees that a zombie has Morgan down. She stabs it, and says, got it? He says, he would have, and thanks her.

They find the generator, and Grace says they always seem to end up around them. She tells him, it might take a minute, and she tinkers with the generator. He says, his boy was six when he got him one. He can’t remember why. Maybe good grades. Grace asks his son’s name, and he says, Duane. He used to race that car up and down street until it was too dark to see, and Morgan would smile. He’s always been a serious guy. Grace says, really? He says, except with his son. That’s how he knew it was right on the first date. He had on a giant, stupid smile all night afterward. Grace says she wouldn’t want to say goodbye to that either. He asks if she has somebody, and she says, no. He says, why not? and she says for the same reason she didn’t get on the horse. She met a guy who was smart and kind, and let her keep thinking jelly beans were candy beansies. It was right. That’s why she didn’t let it happen. She says she’s jealous of him. He did it. He went for it. He’s the brave one, not her. Now he has that smile. She gets the generator going, and everything in the mall turns on. Homage to Dawn of the Dead, I suppose?

They open the door, and Morgan pikes a zombie. They see the urgent care center. The zombies are headed for the arcade (no surprise), and Morgan and Grace struggle with the gate. The alarm goes off, and the zombies turn in their direction.

Grace shoots, and Morgan uses his pokey stick as they go to the escalator. Grace starts going up, and Morgan follows, but a zombie pulls him down. He struggles with it until Grace finally gets a clean shot. Morgan runs back up. He says, it’s the only way out, and asks how many bullets does she have? She gives him the usual answer of, not enough. He tries working the off switch, but the escalator keeps going, and the zombies keep coming. Grace tells him that she’s out. Morgan looks around for something to block them. As he pikes zombies, she finds an electrical box, opens it, and stops the escalator. She makes it go the other way. Morgan nearly slips down, but she pulls him back off. They go into a maintenance office, and Grace starts shutting things off. She finds a set of keys, and says, let’s go. They look out to a roof landing, and see Chuck. Morgan says, he’s alive.

Dwight opens the truck, and tells Dude, get out. He walks out behind Dude, and tells him, turn around. Dude says, just get it over with, and Dwight asks if Dude knows why the gun isn’t loaded. It’s because Dude is right. He’s an a-hole, or used to be one. The way things are going, he didn’t trust himself to not be that again. Someone gave him a second chance. The same chance he’s giving Dude. Dude asks what the hell Dwight is talking about. Dwight says, when Dude walks out of the woods, he has a choice to make. Go on being an a-hole, or figure out someone else to be. This is such a great moment, I almost cry. Dwight cuts Dude’s wrist ties off, and tells him, go. Dwight walks back to the truck.

Grace says, Chuck. Chuck says, they came. Morgan says they’ve been looking for him, and Check says, sorry about changing things up. He didn’t know how much time he had, and figured he’d make his move while he could. The zombies followed him up the stairwell. He hopes they didn’t cause any headaches. Grace says they had no problems whatsoever. She asks why he’s up there, and he says he wasn’t sure how long they’d be. He’d asked them to bury him under the stars, and he got to thinking if he could make it to the roof, he could see them one last time. It was his luck that it’s a cloudy night. At least he’s got company now. Grace says she’ll be right back. She has something she thinks could help. Morgan sits next to Chuck.

Grace brings back one of those things that makes stars on the ceiling. She sets it up so that it shines on an overhang. Chuck says, it’s perfect, and thanks her. They all smile.

Morgan buries Chuck outside. Grace puts a stuffed turtle on the grave. They stand in silence.

Back inside, they go to urgent care. Morgan says he’ll wait by the door, in case any more stragglers come by. Grace says she doesn’t want to know. He says, sorry; what? She says she doesn’t want to die.  She wants to make it. She believes there’s more, no matter what happens. He says, that’s brave, and she laughs. She says, it’s being alive; really alive. She tells him, sorry to make him go through all this, and he says they did what they came there to do. She says, they did. He says Dwight will be back with the others in a few hours. They should get some sleep. She says she’s not tired, and says she knows there’s juice left in the generator.

Grace rides on the carousel. She asks Morgan if he’s going to make her ride by herself. He says he is, and she tells him. come on. He gets on, and they laugh. She says he looks like a natural.

The caravan gets to the mall. Morgan and Grace come out to meet them. Daniel hopes there’s a Cinnabon; he really likes those. Morgan says he didn’t see one. Daniel asks if there’s a Sin City, but Morgan doesn’t think so. Daniel says, a Bunnery? and Morgan says, no. Dwight walks up, and Morgan asks, what happened? He says he ran into one of Logan’s guys on the road. He let the guy go. He’s not doing careful. Morgan says, he’s doing right. Dwight says they should get out, so Logan’s guys don’t find them here. Tess says they passed a ranch that needs to be cleared, but they’ll help.

Daniel cuts Dwight’s hair and gives him a shave, as Grace listens to the end of her book. I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Dwight is now clean shaven. Morgan looks around and smiles. Daniel asks what he’s smiling about, and Morgan says, no reason.

Morgan approaches Grace’s truck. She says she’s got them gassed up, and she grabbed some protein bars. He says he’s not going. I say, nooo. He says, Al is out there on her own. She should have backup. He thinks that’s where he ought to be. Grace says, of course, and he tells her, be safe. He’ll see her soon. She nods, and says, see him soon. He leaves, and she looks as disappointed as I feel. She watches him get in his car, and a tear rolls down her cheek. He sees her in the rearview mirror, and watches her as he drives away, wiping tears from his face.

The episode ends with us all feeling cheated out of a romance we were sure was coming.

Next time, Alicia is in trouble, Logan demands to be told where the oil fields are, a new guy joins the crew, and Morgan says, what if?

🍸 The Struggle Is Real…

I don’t know about Desperate or Real, but these two would be perfect on Mob Wives.

🗽 So I Guess She’s Staying Here…

I can’t keep up with Larissa’s court saga any more than I can keep up with how many procedures she’s had.

😔 Almost Right…

Not so much a blue Sunday, but blue because it’s Sunday. I will never, ever get the 60 Minutes clock ticking out of my Sunday head.

































August 16, 2019 – Call Him Franco One More Time, Pride For GH, Some Carrrlos, Crossover Guest, Oh Brad, a Celebration, Endless Wedding, Life Reflections, Teddi’s Heartbreak, Three Squared Quotes & Weekend Shantay


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny’s doorbell rings, and Carly says it must be family, since no one called on the house phone. It’s Sam, who says she knows she should have called, but she’s got good news and bad news.

Josslyn and Dev walk into Charlie’s. Josslyn says, it’s better than the library. Dev says, it would be better without books, but she says he’s got to get caught up for the fall. They can grab something to eat while they work. He says he worked all day at his coffee job. She tells him, that’s just a summer job. He has to be ready for school. He needs good grades and good test scores to get into a good college. He needs college to survive. He says, it’s a waste of time. He’s going to prove himself to Sonny, and be a truly valued member of Sonny’s organization.

At the hospital. Monica asks Drew if he’s seen Kim. She made an appointment to talk to Monica, but never showed up. It’s not like her. Drew says, a lot of people aren’t acting like themselves. Monica asks, what’s going on? and he asks if she has time to talk private

Hayden sees Finn at the reception desk. She hopes he knows she didn’t mean it when she didn’t want to see him again. He says they’ve probably both said things they don’t mean. She says, probably. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about her sister Elizabeth, and Hayden says, what about her?

Elizabeth goes home. She sits on the couch and looks at her ring. Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco’s not here? Is he still at the hospital? Is he going to be okay?

Franco says, Jason Quartermaine. Jason says he’s half right. Jason Morgan. He’s Drew’s twin.

Sonny says, the bad news must be about that bastard Shiloh. Carly says Jason told them what he tried to do to Cameron. Sam says, everything? and Carly says Shiloh kidnapped Cameron, and planned to use the flashdrive to imprint Drew’s memories on him, but Franco showed up and took his place. Sonny says, it’s a helluva story. Sam says Robert told them. She’s happy Cameron is okay; that’s the good news. Sonny asks what the bad news is, and Sam says, the procedure worked. Franco woke up with Drew’s memories, and thinks he’s Drew.

In her office, Monica says she knows Franco was admitted for trauma, and that the episode involved Shiloh and an unscrupulous doctor. She didn’t know Franco was subjected to a memory transfer. Who benefits from that? Drew says Cabot wanted to continue his life’s work. He’s a misunderstood genius. Shiloh wanted information; probably something Drew learned in Afghanistan. Monica is glad Franco took Cameron’s place, but it must be devastating to Elizabeth. He says, she’s broken up about it, and Monica says, what about him? Drew says it looks like Franco remembers his life before 2012, but he’s not only remembering. Franco thinks he’s Drew. Even seeing his own face didn’t shake his belief. Monica asks if Drew isn’t a bit upset, and he says, that doesn’t begin to cover it. He’s mad as hell. His memories and his life have been stolen twice.

Finn says, it’s a long story, and Hayden says her head hurts thinking about it. He says, his too, but he thought she should know, for her sister’s sake. She says she appreciates it. If Franco has Drew’s memories, and doesn’t remember his real life, then he knows nothing of his life with Elizabeth or the boys.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s glad it’s just them. She wouldn’t know how to explain it to the boys. He asks if Franco will ever get better, and Elizabeth says, he needs to time to come to terms with his new reality. Once that happens, they can figure out a way to reverse it, and he can come back to them. Cameron says she’s talking like it can happen with the snap of a finger, but they both know it’s not like that. If it was, Drew would have done it long ago. Elizabeth says, it’s not easy, but the doctors are already looking at Franco’s tests. They’ll figure out a way. GH has the best doctors. Cameron says, don’t treat him like a kid. He knows it’s bad; he was there. It could have been him. Where is Franco? Maybe he can talk to him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know. Cameron says Franco needed to get away from them? and Elizabeth says, he’s confused right now. He thinks he needs to get away from everybody who’s telling him who he is, when he’s insisting he’s someone else. Drew said the best thing to do is fight for him. Try to get him to remember the life he had. The one waiting there for him. Cameron says, sounds good. He’s willing do that too, but how do they do it if Franco won’t come home?

Franco tells Jason that someone showed him his own face, and he didn’t look like himself, but Jason does. He didn’t know Jason even existed until he saw Jason’s photo in a newspaper. It was the state champion soccer team, and there he was; MVP. A rich kid with his face.

At a nearby table, Willow tells Chase that she has a lead on a job that’s teaching related. She has no problem with waiting tables, but… Chase is staring at Franco and Jason. She says, the job really is 24/7. Even when he’s off-duty, he’s not off-duty. Chase asks, where’s this coming from?

Franco says he did research at the library. It wasn’t difficult, since the Quartermaines are a prominent family. He learned about their father Alan, and their mother Susan, his mistress. She died and he dumped Drew, but kept Jason and raised him. Jason says, no; that’s not what happened

Sonny asks if Sam has spoken to Drew. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was trying to console Elizabeth. Carly asks how Elizabeth is feeling, since Franco is running around with Drew’s memories? Sam says, optimistic. Drew is telling Elizabeth that Franco will come around when he remembers their love. Carly says, it’s a romantic scenario, but not likely. Drew still has Jason’s memories. They haven’t faded or worn off. What are the chances it will be different with Franco?

Josslyn tells Dev that he needs to work hard this summer, and not in the warehouse. He needs to hit the books if he wants to navigate American high school. Dev says they should discuss what classes he needs to take, and she says, American history. The teacher is big on the Civil war. He says she must want them to read The Civil War Diaries. He cites some other books, and she says he knows those authors? He’s read them? He says, of course (🍷). Hasn’t everyone?

Hayden says, if a doctor did it, can’t another doctor undo it? Finn would like to think so, but it’s complicated. To start, they’d have to convince Franco that he’s not Drew. She says, it’s a horrible mess, and he says it’s not the mess he needed to speak to her about. She mentioned she’s working at Aurora. Has she been in the Crimson office? She asks, why? but he’s not sure how to say it. She may have been exposed to a serious contagion.

Monica says the flashdrive had Drew’s memories on it? and Drew says, yeah. He’d all but forgotten he had it – there was so much going on – except when Shiloh asked him about it. Monica asks if Drew wanted nothing to do with it, and he says using it would have meant losing the memories he’s made since he came to Port Charles. He’d have no memories of his children, and he couldn’t make that sacrifice to learn about himself. Monica gets it, and thinks Drew made a good choice. What she doesn’t get, is why he’d hang onto it. He says he thought it was in a safe place. He wasn’t even thinking about it, but in the back of his mind, he thought maybe one day his memories could be replanted without him losing his recent ones. He never dreamed Shiloh would steal it, and plant his memories in someone else. Monica is glad Shiloh is locked away, but Drew says, it doesn’t do Franco and Elizabeth any good. They were just beginning their life, and it was ripped away. To make it even harder, Franco doesn’t realize what he lost. Elizabeth does.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she has no idea where Franco is. Cameron asks if she wants him to talk to the boys, but she says, no. She wants them to know as little as possible. He asks, what if they read it on the internet, or hear it from their friends? She says she’s going to tell them Franco has a medical problem, and the doctors are working to solve it. Cameron asks how they can convince Franco he belongs there, if he doesn’t remember who they are? Cameron takes out his phone, and Elizabeth asks who he’s calling. He tells her, Sonny, but she asks him not to call. She says she appreciates that he wants to fix things for her and his brothers. Cameron tells her, Franco said he wouldn’t quit on their family, so they can’t quit on him, even if doesn’t know it.

Jason says the family didn’t know about Drew. He was given away to a woman named Betsey Frank, and Alan was never told he had twins. Their parents never knew, or he and Drew would have grown up with them, but that has nothing to do with him.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu was candid about what it’s like… Chase says, to put up with a cop? She says, no; to love one. She felt awkward, discussing it with Lulu, considering what happened with her and Dante, but Lulu wanted to talk. Chase takes it Lulu was illuminating. What did she learn? She says, nothing she didn’t know. Loving someone who puts their life on the line is difficult, sometimes terrifying. Like when he texted her that he was at the hospital, and she rushed there thinking he was hurt in the line of duty. She had a sudden surge of terror that she might lose him. He asks if it scared her off. Is his job too much for her? She says she’s right there, isn’t she?

Carly tells Sonny that if she’s learned anything after what happened to Drew, it’s that there’s no way to force someone to see the truth. Not at first. Sonny says, Franco will come to terms with it on his own, and seek help – if there is any. She says, what if there isn’t? Will Franco spend the rest of his life thinking he’s Drew? And are they supposed to treat him like a version of Drew? Do Elizabeth and the kids spend their lives with a stranger?

Hayden tells Finn that she thought it was the flu, not a serious contagion. Finn says it’s a flu strain, but he doesn’t know if it requires isolation. Until he figures it out, he needs to test everyone who was in close proximity of Sasha. Hayden asks, is it fatal? Could she have it and not know, and have passed it to someone else? He says he didn’t mean to alarm her. It’s mostly precaution. She seems fine. She has no symptoms, and minimal contact with Sasha. She says she’s been places that Sasha frequents; most recently, Windymere. She was there the night of the storm. Alcohol made her say a lot of things, but she doesn’t think it was the flu talking.

Drew tells Monica, even if Franco agreed to a reversal, it could seriously backfire. Andre made it clear that there could be put into a permanent coma. Monica says maybe Franco is better off living the rest of his life with Drew’s memories. He says, what about Elizabeth and the boys? They’re grieving a husband and stepfather. Franco is alive, but he’s dead to them. Monica says, as devastating as it is, there’s a silver lining. Drew loves the optimism, but isn’t sure he follows. Who would benefit from it besides Shiloh? She says, how about him?

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Franco truly loves them. If there’s an inkling of memory left somewhere, he’ll grab ahold of it, and ride it back to them. Cameron says Franco risked everything for him. He put it all on the line for him. The only way Cameron can repay him is to bring him back somehow. She says, remind him of the life he shared with them. No matter how Franco feels or doesn’t feel, it doesn’t change how they feel. They’ll go on believing in him, caring for him… Cameron says, and go on loving him, right? They hug.

Jason says his your name is Franco, and his wife’s name is Elizabeth. Franco says he’s never even met anyone named Franco, and he just met Elizabeth. If everything goes according to plan, he’ll never lay eyes on her again.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu said, Dante and Nathan were two of a kind. They were strong, and needed to make the world a better place. Lulu recognized that about Chase too. Chase says he’s honored to be in the same category. Willow guesses that’s why she relates so well to him. It’s why she became a teacher. Not that wrangling third graders compares. He says he’d rather do what he does. She’s seriously brave to face down eight-year-olds. He thinks teachers are heroes. One in particular inspired him to make a difference in becoming cop. Willow asks, who? and he says, his dad.

Franco says the solution for everyone’s problems is for him to just leave Port Charles. Jason asks if he’s sure he wants to do that, and Franco says, yes. Why? Is Jason going to try and stop him?

Carly asks how Sam is doing after her ordeal with Shiloh. Sam says there’s nothing like being locked in a nasty freezer to make you appreciate life. You think it’s your last breath, and appreciate life a lot more. Sonny says he had a reminder at his dad’s wedding. Sam apologizes, saying she forgot. Carly says it was so sweet. She especially enjoyed the minister. Sam thought it was in name only, and Carly says, he was a minister of convenience. Mike was having an episode, and thought Sonny was the pastor. Sonny says he started out with dearly beloved, they said their own vows, and professed their love. Then he and Carly decided to renew their vows.

Josslyn asks Dev, who is he? Dev says, Sonny’s cousin from Bridgeport. Josslyn wonders what a street kid from Turkey knows about literature, and Dev says he knows a lot of stuff. He picked it up from tourists. She says, a lot kids grow up on the street, but few of them turn in it into education. What makes him different?

Finn tells Hayden, if her contact was minimal, he has no reason to believe she’s infected. She asks if he thinks it’s okay to be around children, like Elizabeth’s kids. Finn thinks the more time she spends with Elizabeth and her family, the better. They’re going to need support until Franco comes home; assuming he’s coming home. Hayden says maybe there’s a brilliant doctor who’s not afraid to take risks. Finn says neurology isn’t his specialty. She says he saved her life, in more ways than one. Don’t sell himself short.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry it took all this for him to see the guy she saw all along. She says Josslyn is at the library with her cousin, and they’re going to Charlie’s afterward. Does he want to meet up with them? He says he’d like to stay there tonight, if it’s okay with her. She says, it’s more than okay.

Franco asks if Jason is still rich. Jason says he does okay. Franco says, give him some money. Float him a loan, and he’ll take the next bus out of town. Jason says how about if he finds Franco a room for tonight, and tomorrow, Jason can take him to some people who can help him. Franco says he doesn’t need a doctor or a shrink. He’s comfortable with who he is.

Chase tells Willow that his dad loved to teach, and he was good at it. He made his students come alive and want to learn. That’s how he inspired Chase to make a difference. His dad instilled it in him and Finn, and they each chose their way of making a difference. The problem is, you can’t always turn it off when it’s inconvenient. Willow says she’s beginning to understand.

Franco tells Jason, on second thought, keep his money. And as long as he’s stuck there, until he figures a way out, stay the hell away from him. Jason says, like it or not, he’s connected to a lot of people in this there. He can’t just disappear. Jason calls him Franco, and Franco says that’s the last time he’s going to let anyone call him that today. Chase watches.

Sam tells Carly and Sonny, it’s so exciting. Congratulations. She asks if it will be a church wedding, and says it probably depends on the season. And Avery can be the flower girl. Carly interrupts, saying they’re not that far, and Sonny says, it will be a simple, family celebration. Carly says, it’s not a wedding redo. They’ll speak their hearts surrounded by the people they love, including their newest family member. She touches her baby bump. Sonny says they’ll appreciate what they have with the people closest to them.

Dev tells Josslyn, the greatest treasure isn’t gold or diamonds, but education. His mom told him that. She had big plans for him. Josslyn says, she sounds like a good woman. He says he couldn’t let her down, so he decided to continue his education, whether or not it was in a classroom. Josslyn thinks she would be proud. She asks him to tell her more about his parents. There’s so much she doesn’t know. He says, there’s nothing to tell.

Drew tells Monica that he never imagined someone would be forced to end up with his past; especially someone he cares about. He can’t see a silver lining. Monica says he hasn’t thought it through. He doesn’t have to choose. He can keep the memories he has, and Franco can tells him about the man he used to be. Drew says Franco could fill him in at the expense of Elizabeth. Monica says, it’s Shiloh’s doing. She hopes it can be undone, but doesn’t he want to know more? She thinks she does. Drew says, the twin Alan didn’t claim, and she says, the twin he never knew existed. They missed out on Drew’s childhood, and his youth. It would be a chance to fill in the blanks. For the family too. The more they know about him, the closer they can become. Doesn’t he want that too?

Finn says he recalls he and Hayden saved each other. She says, he wins. He still reached out after she embarrassed herself at dinner. He could have just left her a message. He says she’s fun to tease. He’s not keeping score, and hopes she isn’t. He says he could never hate her. He was in love with her, and it hurt when she left, but he learned a long time ago that life is too short to keep grudges. Hayden is glad he told her what’s going on with her sister. She has to figure out how to get Elizabeth through this. Does he have a suggestion? He thinks she already knows what to do.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, go upstairs and get ready for bed; she’ll straighten up down there. He hesitates, but then goes. She looks at her ring, and flashes back to Franco in the jail, saying he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He says, I love you, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Till death do us part. Elizabeth wipes the tears from her cheeks.

Jason says he’s not going to fight Franco. Franco says if Jason calls him Franco one more time, he might not have a choice. Chase asks them if everything is okay. Franco says no one is talking to him. Chase calls him Franco, and Franco punches him in the face.

Sam says she assumes she and Jason will be invited, and Carly says they’ll be at the tippy top of the list. Sam says she can help, but she’s not good at that kind of thing. Sonny says they’re keeping it small. Sam says, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says if Carly wants a big, splashy wedding, he can rent a place, but she says she loves keeping it small. They could do it on the terrace. Sonny says that would make him happy, having it at home. When they’re apart, this is just a place to live in, but when they’re together, it’s a home. Because of her. She’s his whole life. Carly says, right back at him.

Josslyn tells Dev that she didn’t mean to offend or pry. He knows all about her family. She’s just curious to know more about his real family. He says she does. He’s a Corbin.

Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Finn, and she asks if he’s had any word about Franco. He was hoping she had some, but she says, nothing. He’s sorry. He wishes there was something he could do. For what it’s worth, he’ll talk to Monica, and tell her Elizabeth needs some time off. It’s a difficult situation, and she has the kids. It won’t do anyone any good if she runs herself into the ground. She says, good advice. She might take it. Her doorbell rings. I know we were all hoping for Franco, but it’s Hayden. She tells Elizabeth, don’t just stand there. Help her get settled. She’s moving in, and won’t take no for an answer. They hug. On the other end of the phone, Finn smiles.

Drew tells Monica, sorry. It strikes at his core. He knows exactly were Franco is; he’s been there himself. He can’t take advantage. Monica says, the memories are his, and Drew says, technically, they are, but Franco believes they’re his. Frankly, he doesn’t think Franco would share them if he asked. Monica tells him, think about it. Something good could come of this yet.

Jason tells Franco, settle, and Chase says he just hit a police officer. Franco asks how he was supposed to know that. Chase isn’t wearing a uniform. Jason tells Franco, do himself a favor – shut up. Chase says he’ll take it from there, and arrests Franco. He asks if Franco understands his rights.

On Monday, Julian tells Sam he was hoping to say a proper goodbye, Shiloh has information someone might find interesting, Scotty wants to see his son, and Lulu tells Olivia that Dante isn’t coming home.

🏥 Now If She Can Just Get a Storyline…

I love Terry, and wish she had more screen time.

🎨 Remember Him?

It’s Carrrlos! The man of many talents, who also taught Don Draper how to be Zen.

👠 Sashay Shantay…

A crossdressing crossover.

🎉 A Milestone…

Brad reaches his 200th episode.

🎂 Happy Birthday To Obrecht…

Fun will be had!

👰 No GH Talk Is Complete Without It…

The longest wedding celebration in history.

📺 A Trip Down Llanview Memory Lane…

Great photos!

✋ Raise Your Hand If You Identify…

Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. And she looked far from fat.

🙊 Quotes of the Week 

War is like love; it always finds a way.Bertolt Brecht

Never let a cat in. It’s really a person who’s reincarnated, and it will bring in all the bad Jews. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke GIrls

Men are like floors. If you lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for the rest of your life. – Kathy, s’Mothered

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. – Noel Coward

Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said. – Katherine Boo

I love being a woman … But I wanted to have a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I did that very early on. I want every woman to have that.Diane von Furstenberg, NY Post interview, Page Six

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

I’m like Rumpelstiltskin. Everything I touch turns to gold. – delusional guest on Dr. Phil – just in case you’re not up on your fairytales, it was King Midas who turned everything to gold.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Unknown

💃 Sashaying Away…

Until there are dead to fear, the weekend is my oyster. Or at least a clam shell.


August 15, 2019 – He’s Not Franco, a Theory, the Market’s Not Good, a Message From Sam & Moody Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Robert tells Jason and Sam that Franco has no recollection of his own life. He thinks he’s Drew Cain, and was implanted with Drew’s memories from before he came to Port Charles. Sam says, evidently, they were on the flashdrive. Franco knows nothing about Drew’s life.

Kim thinks Franco should sit down. She’ll find Elizabeth. He says while she’s at it, maybe she can find that loving feeling. She says, what? and he tells her that he said it to her. He actually sang it to her. She was wearing heels and a little black number, and he was in his dress whites. He grabbed the mic, and did his best Tom Cruise imitation. Does she recall what she said? Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. Kim is like, whoa, and he kisses her. Drew and Elizabeth see them, and Kim pushes him away. She asks, what the hell is he doing?

Julian tells Lucas that Kim was determined to leave no matter what. She told him that herself. Lucas says, so it’s not an idea they came up with together. It makes him wonder, if she was going to leave with or without him… Julian says, why go with her? He understands where she’s coming from. She’s going through a rough time, and needs to look after her well-being and survival. Lucas says, most people forget about self-care when they’re in grief. (I cringe, since I hate buzzwords; self-care in particular.) Julian says it doesn’t make him love her any less, and he’s glad she asked him to go with her. Brad walks in, and Lucas says he’s glad Julian feels that way, but it affects them too. He tells Brad that Julian and Kim are leaving Port Charles. Brad says Julian can’t leave.

Valentin runs into Finn, and asks if he has an update on Sasha. Nina is taking a break, and it would be nice to give her good news when she gets back. Finn says he can only discuss Sasha with family, but Valentin says he and Nina are engaged. Finn says, congratulations, but the regulations are still clear. He’ll update Nina, and she can fill him in. Valentin says while he has Finn there, can Finn give him an update on the search for Cassandra?

Jax pays the tab at The Floating Rib. He asks what Peter and Maxie are talking about, and Peter tells him, heads up about Obrecht. She was so distracted, she couldn’t even swing the bat, and she clapped every time Jax got a run, even though he was on the opposing team. Maxie says she has a crush on him. Why does he think she went racing home to change?

Digging around the trophy room, Hayden says, where could it be? It’s not in Valentin’s office, and it’s not there. Obrecht walks in, and says, two pairs of eyes are better than one. If Hayden tells her what she’s looking for, she might help Hayden find it. But if not, she might turn her in to Valentin. Hayden says Obrecht startled her. Obrecht says she caught Hayden off-guard; they’re two totally different concepts. Hayden says she lost an earring, and Obrecht tells her to stop twisting her story. With all the lies, she’s about to suffocate. She broke in to steal something. Hayden says it’s not what she thinks, but Obrecht says she’s clearly breaking and entering. Why waste time calling Valentin? She’s simply going to call the police.

Valentin asks Finn if there have been any further sightings of Cassandra since she was seen in Italy. He assumes Anna is keeping Finn posted, but Finn says Anna isn’t looking for Cassandra. Valentin says he’ll talk to Anna himself; he’s just looking for information. Finn asks, why the sudden interest in Cassandra?

Peter says, Obrecht went all the way back to Spoon Island to change? He laughs, and Maxie tells him, be kind. Obrecht is working hard to turn her life around, and she’s James’s grandmother. Jax says he’ll be cordial, and Maxie has no doubt he’ll be the perfect gentleman. Jax steps away, and Peter says he’d be terrified if Obrecht was crushing on him. Maxie says Jax is probably used to all the women throwing themselves at him. Peter says he hopes not her, and she asks why she’d want Jax when she has him. Jax gets a text from Hayden that Obrecht is there.

Obrecht says Hayden seems nervous, and Hayden says Obrecht just told her that she’s calling the cops. Obrecht says she won’t if Hayden comes clean. Hayden says she has permission to be there, but Obrecht highly doubts it. Nina would have mentioned it. She says she’ll call Nina to confirm, but Hayden says not to bother Nina. She’s with Sasha at the hospital. Obrecht is well-aware of it. Nina is beside herself with worry; which makes it even less likely that she gave permission for Hayden to rummage through her home. Hayden says Nina’s assistant called her, and Obrecht asks how long she’s been there. Hayden says, not that long. She was on the launch just a short time ago. Obrecht says she was on the launch just a short time ago, and the driver didn’t mention another passenger. Although when they were pulling up, she saw that unsavory Quinn’s boat speeding away. Hayden says Obrecht’s vision hasn’t suffered with age, and Obrecht says neither has her ability to spot a thief and swindler. No doubt Hayden has fond memories of the house. It contains pieces of priceless art spread throughout it. She could take one or two, and hope they won’t be missed. Why else would she be snooping? Hayden swears it’s nothing like that. Obrecht says an oath from someone who’s done multiple acts of fraud, embezzled two or three times, and fled town after stealing from the hospital. Compared to Hayden’s self-serving audacity, she looks like Joan of Arc. Hayden’s phone dings, and Obrecht says someone is trying to reach her. Perhaps her accomplice. Obrecht grabs Hayden’s phone, and reads, Obrecht at Windymere; get out now. She says, from Jax.

Sam says, there’s got to be a way to reverse the procedure, but Jason says, Andre designed the transfer to work on Drew. He remembers Jason’s life, and the memories haven’t faded. The treatment hasn’t worn off, and the closest Andre came to a fix was to give Drew his original memories back. Andre said he took a baseline of Drew’s memories before the procedure and put them on the flashdrive. He wonders if Cabot took a baseline of Franco’s memories, but Robert says, it seemed to be an improv at the last moment. Sam asks what the options are, and Robert says Cabot told them Franco could either live with Drew’s memories, or risk being in a vegetative state.

Franco asks Kim, what’s wrong? and she says he kissed her in front of his wife. Elizabeth tells him that he’s confused, and he says, not about this. He remembers everything about Kim. She forced him to go to Oldtown and find that lost kid. They debated what candy was best. The kid said Skittles, and he said Starburst, but she remained undecided. (Reminder: Kim had this conversation with the real Drew when he thought he was Jason.) It was New Year’s Eve, and they’d found out he was going to be deployed again. They watched the fireworks, and Kim said it was perfect, although they both knew they’d have to say goodbye. Then they said goodbye. Tell him she doesn’t remember now.

Brad says Julian can’t move, and Julian asks, why? Brad says, plenty of reasons. They’re used to him being a part of their lives. Julian says he’s just going to Manhattan. Lucas says they can visit, and bring Wiley. They can make an adventure out of it, and maybe make it monthly. Lucas’s phone dings, and he says, sorry. It’s the hospital, and he has to check on a patient. They’ll pick this up later. He leaves, and Julian asks Brad what his outburst was about. Brad says if Julian leaves town, he’s screwed. Julian says, how so? and Brad asks what they do if Wiley’s real biological parents show up to claim him? Up until now, everyone believes Wiley’s dad is Culty McCult from DOD, but Willow didn’t give birth to him. Who else can he turn to? Technically, until Wiley is eighteen, this is kidnapping. If Julian leaves, Brad will have no one else to talk to. Julian says, maybe that’s a good thing. He won’t have the option to come to Julian to fix things. It’s not healthy. As long as Shiloh is behind bars, there’s nothing to worry about. Move on with his life. It’s not like anyone else knows. Brad flashes back to Obrecht saying she knows his deepest, darkest secret, and him telling her that she poured her heart out to Franco. He tells Julian, nobody else knows.

Obrecht says Jax is colluding with Hayden? Hayden says she wouldn’t call it that. Obrecht wonders why someone of Jax’s stature would lower himself. Hayden says they’re working on a project. Obrecht asks, what kind? and Hayden says if she knows Jax, she knows they’re working on something good. Obrecht says she’s reaching her threshold of tolerance. She sends a text from Hayden’s phone, and Hayden asks what she’s doing. Obrecht says, cleaning up her mess. Jax gets a text that says, she’s gone. All set here.

Jax says he’s taking off, and Peter says, before Obrecht returns? Jax says he has phone calls to make that are in different time zones. He leaves, and Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht will be disappointed she missed him. Maxie says she doesn’t want to encourage it. Obviously, Jax isn’t going to reciprocate, but it’s the healthiest thing Obrecht has done in a long time; a step in the right direction. Peter says, better than holding people hostage, and Maxie says, better a crush than her usual secrets and lies.

Julian tells Brad that Shiloh is going to be sentenced to consecutive life sentences. There’s no reason to be paranoid. Brad says, Shiloh’s medical records are attached to Wiley’s. If anyone cross-references them, it will be a disaster. Julian asks if there’s anything Brad can do to stop that from happening, and Brad says, it wouldn’t be too difficult to change them. Julian says that’s what he thought about the adoption records, and it blew up in their faces. He tells Brad, learn from his mistake. Do nothing. There’s no reason for anyone to cross-reference the records. The best thing to do is nothing.

Jason thanks Robert for keeping them in the loop. Robert says he’ll reach out if anything comes up. Jason tells Sam what they did to Franco is like what they did to him in Russia. There’s nothing worse than trying to escape, and continually being drugged. Sam says she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

Franco tells Kim, even though he looks different, he’s Drew. Elizabeth tells him to stop. He’s upsetting Kim. Franco says they fed him some garbage about memory transfer, but he knows her, and knows she knows him. Kim says she does know him. He’s Franco Baldwin. Franco says he’s never met the guy, and walks away. Elizabeth asks him to just tell them where he’s going. He says he’s sorry, but he doesn’t know her, and doesn’t want to. Please leave him alone. He gets in the elevator, his back to the door. Kim says somebody needs to tell her what the hell is going on.

Valentin tells Finn that his interest in Cassandra is hardly sudden. He has a host of reasons why he wants to see her locked up, like Finn and Robert. Finn tells him, if he says so. Robert comes by, and says he just got off the phone with Anna. She saw Cassandra hanging out in Newfoundland. He wonders why, and Valentin says, if she’s trying to sneak into the country, that’s where private jets refuel. He makes a hasty exit.

Franco goes to The Floating Rib. Peter asks Maxie if that’s Franco, and she says, he looks terrible. Franco asks for whiskey, Irish, neat, two. The bartender asks for an ID (why?), and Franco says he had an ID in his wallet, but he threw it away. The bartender takes it he’s over twenty-one, but he can’t drink for free. Franco pulls some money out of his pocket, and puts it one the bar. He repeats his order, and downs the two shots in succession.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Cameron is okay because of Franco. Kim says, but he doesn’t know he’s Franco, and thinks he’s Drew back in 2012? Drew says they’re trying to wrap their heads around it themselves. I’m not sure why it’s hard for him to do, since he went through it himself. Elizabeth says it’s all they can do until they find someone who can reverse the procedure. Kim says the man who walked out remembered how they met, and their time together. They’re memories to him; he believes they happened. Drew says like he believed he lived Jason’s life. Kim asks what they’re going to do, and Elizabeth says, find someone to reverse the procedure. She needs her husband back. Kim wonders what she can do to help, and Drew tells her make sure Franco realizes they have no history together; be insistent. Kim understands. She needs a minute.

Maxie goes up to the bar, and says, hey, Franco. Franco says, go ahead. Call him that one more time. She asks if he’s okay. Peter joins her, and asks how Franco is doing. Franco throws the shot glass, and says that’s not his name

Brad goes to the hospital, and sees a computer unattended. He brings up Wiley’s records, and then Shiloh’s records.

Obrecht tells Hayden to have patience. She made sure Jax has no reason to follow Hayden, and deleted her history. The last thing Obrecht needs is to be implicated in Hayden’s scheme. Hayden asks if this means Obrecht is letting her go, but Obrecht says, on the contrary. It will take twenty minutes for the police to reach the island, giving Hayden plenty of time to repair her makeup for her mugshot. Hayden asks what she can offer Obrecht in return for her silence.

Jax sees Valentin at the hospital, and asks how Nina is doing. Valentin says, fine; he told her to take a break and get some air. Jax asks how Valentin is, and Valentin says there is something Jax can do for him.

Finn appreciates Robert keeping him in the loop, but wonders if it was a good idea to share information about Cassandra with Valentin. Robert says it was rubbish. He never said squat about Cassandra. But if Valentin thinks she’s getting closer to Port Charles, he’s more likely to show his hand, and they can figure out what that bastard is really up to.

Franco calls Maxie ma’am, and says his name is Andrew Cain. Please don’t call him Franco. Maxie asks if he’s drunk. The bartender says he doesn’t want any trouble, but Peter says, there isn’t any, and pays for the glass. Maxie says, sorry, and the bartender recognizes her as he owner’s daughter. She and Peter go back to their table, and Maxie says, oh my God. What is going on? Why is Franco calling himself Andrew? Peter thinks he knows.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll never forgive Franco for what he did to her and Michal. She says neither will she. Jason says, according to Robert, Franco saved Cameron’s life, or at least his mind, and that should count for something. Sam says, he thinks he’s Navy SEAL Drew. Does Jason think he can tell Drew about his past? Jason says he doesn’t know; maybe.

Brad types something into the computer. Lucas comes up behind him, and asks what he’s doing.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says, perfect timing. He’s been looking at potential investments in Manhattan. He asks, what’s wrong? and she says she’s not sure where to start. He says the predictable, how about the beginning?

Elizabeth flashes back to Franco in jail, telling her that he loves her, and he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. Till death do us part. She starts to cry, and says, sorry, but Drew says, don’t be. Elizabeth says after what she and Franco have been through, she might have lost him forever. He tells her, don’t think like that. She says she should look for Franco, but she doesn’t know where to start. He says she probably doesn’t want to hear it, but he thinks they should give Franco space. Elizabeth thinks they need to find a way to reverse the procedure. Drew says, the doctors still need time to work it out. Maybe it won’t last. Sam joins them, and says she just heard what happened. She asks if Cameron is okay, and Elizabeth says, as okay as he can be. Drew says, Franco isn’t. Sam says Robert told them; she’s so sorry. If the doctors say it’s okay, she’d like to speak to him. Elizabeth says, he left a while ago. He’s gone. Sam wonders, where would he go?

Peter asks Maxie if Franco said he was Drew Cain. Maxie wonders if he’s hallucinating. Peter says, or he had a memory transfer. Maxie says, ha-ha, then says, oh my God; he’s serious. Peter says the flashdrive is out there, and it has the Drew’s baseline memories from before 2012. It’s the same flashdrive he bargained with for his freedom. Maxie asks if Peter thinks Franco has been implanted with Drew’s memories. Peter asks if she can think of another explanation. She says, not really, but it seems bizarre. He says, if he’s right, it’s partly his fault. She asks, in what universe? and he says he had a chance to give it back, but he selfishly kept it to bargain for his own freedom. Now the memories are in the wrong person. She says, insanity aside, there’s no way it’s Peter’s fault. It’s not like he wanted it to happen. Peter says, that’s most certainly true. The last thing he wanted was Drew’s memories in anyone else.

Lucas says he didn’t know Brad was coming back, and Brad says he was just checking some things. Lucas says it’s Wiley’s birth father’s medical records, and Brad says he never had a chance to look at them. Lucas says, so he decided to look without him? How rude. Brad says, sorry. They should find time together to review it. Lucas says, that’s weird. It doesn’t list Wiley’s inherited heart condition. Brad says, not that weird. They should print it out and look at it when they have clear heads. Lucas says his head is clear. It’s the first thing he looked for. Maybe the doctors missed it. Or Shiloh is lying. Brad says, it wouldn’t be the first time. Lucas tells him to pick up Wiley, and he’ll see them at home. Brad says, can’t miss family dinner.

Obrecht says if Hayden thinks she can be bribed, she’s sorely mistaken. Hayden can’t buy her off with what she came to steal. Hayden says she’s offering much more. Obrecht says she’s listening. Hayden thought she would, but Obrecht says she didn’t consent yet. Out with it. Hayden says, let her go and tell no one, and she’ll get Jax to have dinner with her.

Jax tells Valentin that he knows what it’s like, waiting for answers as to when his daughter was going to get better. He thought Nina could use a distraction for however long she can stand him. If they can get some business done, it’s a bonus. Valentin says he appreciates what Jax has done, but moving forward, he’ll be handling everything. Thanks, but Nina and Sasha are in capable hands. He’ll let Nina know Jax stopped by. He leaves, and Jax shakes his head.

Robert tells Finn that he hasn’t actually spoken to Anna, and he’s not sure what he’s going to say when he does. Finn asks, what’s going on? and Robert says, Cabot wants to cut a deal. If they drop the charges, he’ll point out the memories Anna has that belong to Alex.

Maxie says Peter has made mistakes in the past; so has everyone else. He says, not at his level, and she says, think how much he’s learned and grown. He’s more than Faison’s son now. He’s found goodness because Anna is his mother. He says maybe she’s seeing what she wants to see, and it’s too little too late. Maxie says, even if that was true, she’s not going anywhere. She cares about who he is here and now, and in the future. She takes his hand, and they leave. Franco sits at a table, and has a beer.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she has no idea where Franco went or if he’ll be back. Sam knows there’s no way to reverse the procedure, and Drew says part of Franco is buried beneath, and they need to get it out. It’s the only way to fight. Elizabeth asks, with what? What do they do? He says, everything they can to remind Franco about the life that’s waiting for him.

Julian asks Kim if she sincerely believes Franco thinks he’s Drew. There’s no chance Franco is putting it on? She says, none. He truly believes he’s Drew, and remembers things he couldn’t possibly know. Details that were only important to her and Drew. He says, so it’s real. She says, listening to him talking about things he never lived through was so…. Julian says, upsetting? All the more reason they need to leave town. The more Franco remembers things that happened, the more confusing things will get.

Jason walks into The Floating Rib. He and Franco stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Hayden she might have been exposed to a serous contagion, Cameron says he was there, and Franco calls Jason a rich kid with his face.

💡 Theory for today. Maybe Hayden wasn’t lying when she said it was something good. Maybe they know Nikolas is alive, and he’s asked them to look for something. I’m not so sure we saw that painting for nothing.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan had a $15 million listing – reduced from $20 million – in an okay neighborhood, in a market where nothing over $10 was selling. This seemed to be the running theme throughout the episode – the market is bad. The property was fantastic – over 8200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 8½ baths, and a pool. If I had a spare $15 million, I’d buy it. Ryan loves nothing more than a crazy event, and this time invited tech people. He used 3D printing to his advantage, as well as a virtual tour (there was a real tour as well). Eventually, he got some bigwig broker to take a look, and they settled on something around $12.8 million, mostly because there was no completed C of O – i.e. Certificate of Occupancy. Take it from me, that’s a hard phrase to say when you’re drunk.

Luis came back full force, kind of. He went back to see his assistant, Ronita, who’s been running the show for two years, as well as becoming a new mother. Luis explained that he gave away all of his expensive, tailored suits because they felt like superhero costumes. He told us, it has nothing to do with what you’re wearing, but what you exude, and is now wearing nail polish. He wanted to find a way to dance with Ronita without stepping on each other’s toes. They did just fine, being chosen after a seller interviewed several brokers. We’ll see if their camaraderie sticks throughout the selling process. We also found out at the end, that Luis is expecting a baby girl. Well, he’s not having the baby, but you know what I mean.

Frederik got back together with his former assistant Jordan, who’d asked for help with a Tribeca listing. It was another humongous property – with a hallway was as long as a city block, that Fredrik couldn’t help but dance down. The problem again was the market. Fredrik insisted the sellers would not get what they were asking. The sellers thought maybe they’d wait for a better market, and Jordan got weirdly down, telling Fredrik that he takes every loss personally. Fredrik told him that it wasn’t a loss, and if it turned out to be, they’d fight for it. But it was better to take a pass, than have it sit there. Jordan said he regretted bringing Fredrik on. Much to Fredrik’s dismay, Jordan went back to the sellers, and suggested they give it a go their way, at top price.

And Luis got the award for best in attitude, saying he’s still got it, but he never lost it.

🏃 Where You Going, Billy…

Cryptic indeed.

And they’re dating IRL…?

🙇 Wishful Thinking…

I kept thinking Thursday was Friday, but it’s here now.