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February 15, 2018 – Mike Revisits the Past, a Mixed Bag & I Spy Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki drags Spinelli inside her apartment. She looks for her phone, throwing things around. Spinelli tells her to use his, but she says everyone is having a romantic evening, and here she is yelling. Spinelli asks if he should call someone, so she isn’t alone, and she asks why, when she has him? She grabs him and kisses him.

Amy apologizes to Griff for speaking out of turn regarding his love life. She says if he can find happiness he should hang on to it for as long as he can. If Ava makes him happy, that’s all that matters. He says he’s in luck, because Ava makes him very happy

Ava lights candles and puts rose petals on the bed. I can’t even express how annoying I think rolling around on sticky petals would be. I have no clue why everyone thinks this is so romantic. She looks at Griff’s text, and practices saying I love you.

Michael sees Sonny at the hospital. He’s looking for Mike. He went to run an errand, and Sonny hasn’t heard from him. He’s getting worried.

Carly answers a call from unknown caller, who says, I’m here, and hangs up. She doesn’t exactly look worried or scared. How is this plan supposed to work?

Alexis runs into Finn at the hospital. He accuses her of following him. She says she’s trying to distract herself, and asks if Anna’s mixed signals have gotten any clearer.

Anna goes to the Otisville, New York Correctional Facility. She thanks Andre for seeing her so late. He says it’s like boarding school with jumpsuits. She tells him Faison is dead. He heard, and says it must be a great relief, He doesn’t think she’s there to tell him what he already knows, and says if she needs a shrink, his license was suspended. She says she wanted to see her friend. There’s something she’s never told a soul about Faison. A secret she’s been running from her whole life. She had a baby, and it was his.

She says she never told Faison or anyone else. Andre says that’s understandable. Anna says Faison had a son, Henrik, who was responsible for holding Jason at the clinic. She thought it was a possibility Henrik was the baby, but Valentin knew more about what happened to her child than she did. She didn’t hold the baby or look at it; she couldn’t. According to Valentin, the midwife said it was a little girl. She never doubted her decision to give the child up – until now. She can’t stop thinking about her. She’s consumed with her, and doesn’t know how to act around anyone. Andre asks who she’s talking about.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Anna aren’t a couple. Alexis says she and Julian aren’t either, but it doesn’t stop the signals from being mixed. She inherited Laura’s schedule, and Charlie’s was booked for the viewing party. Finn says she did fine the other day, but she says it could be lethal combination if she loses; failure, her ex, and a bar. He sees her problem, and asks if he should come with her.

Spinelli says he’ll get Kiki some water. She thinks she’s losing her touch, but he says his heart is fully engaged elsewhere, but even if it wasn’t, he’d be remiss to take advantage. She insists she’s not drunk. Well, maybe a little. She doesn’t feel good.

Griff starts to leave. Spinelli calls Amy. He says he’s in a delicate situation, and would be grateful for her help. He’s at Kiki’s apartment. He escorted her home, and thinks she has alcohol poisoning. Amy calls Griff back to the desk, and tells him about Kiki. Griff says her apartment is on the way to Ava’s, and to tell Spinelli he’ll be there shortly

Carly calls the pay phone back. That lonely pay phone in the middle of Port Charles nowhere. The doorbell rings. It’s Diane. Carly is snippy, and Diane asks what got her in a foul mood. Carly says she just got a weird phone call. It’s as if she… but she doesn’t finish.

Michael asks when Sonny last heard from Mike. Sonny says Mike went to buy flowers for his lady friend, and left his phone. He went to all of Mike’s places, but no one has seen him. He must have gotten distracted. Michael thinks he’ll turn up, but Sonny is worried he’s in serious trouble.

Nelle sit at the counter at Kelly’s, and tells the baby their plan is working. I’d like to know how she came to that conclusion. She orders some decaf, and Mike pours it.

Ava calls Griff, but gets voicemail. She calls the hospital, and asks if Griff has left. Amy says he should be getting to Kiki’s apartment soon. Ava hangs up before Amy can explain.

Griff asks Kiki what’s going on. He heard she had too much to drink, and asks if she’s eaten. She says, shots, but he meant food. He tells Spinelli he can handle it from here. Spinelli wishes her a restful night and a minimal hangover. Kiki tells Griff that Spinelli left like everyone does, and begs Griff not to leave her too. He says he won’t.

Ava keeps calling Griff, but there’s no answer. She tells herself to get a grip. There has to be a reasonable explanation.

Carly tells Diane it’s probably a prank. Diane has forms for Sonny to sign, but Carly doesn’t know when he’ll be back, and asks if she can sign them. He’s setting up a trust for Avery, so being the legal guardian, Diane needs his signature. Diane asks Carly to tell Michael to return her calls. It’s never too early to plan for his child’s future. Carly asks her to wait; she needs some advice.

Michael tells Sonny that Mike always got in messes now and then, but came out okay. Sonny says when he’s pushed to a corner, he runs. If that’s the case, he has to find him.

The waitress asks if she can help Mike, telling him only staff can serve customers. He drops the coffee pot, and she says she’s calling the police. He tells her to go ahead.

Andre asks who Anna is thinking of letting into her life. Who does she fear sharing the secret with? She says anyone. Just the thought of telling Robin scares her, but there is someone she needs to confide in; one person in particular. She takes Andre’s hand and says she’s not being fair. He says they’re friends, and he has nothing but time. He can’t help her if she won’t tell him what’s going on. Who is she thinking of letting into her life?

Carly tells Diane that Nelle is going to be tied to their family for the rest of her life, and she’s concerned about what that means. If Nelle wanted to keep her and Sonny from the baby, she could. Diane says she’d have to show cause, but there may be things from their past they don’t want to come to light. She says Michael would fight the injunction, but Nelle is the biological mother. She has no criminal record, and would probably be shown in a favorable light. She wonders if Carly has reason to think she’d take it that far. The last she heard, Nelle was playing nice, and the last thing she’d want is to alienate Michael. Carly says all she knows is that if Nelle could get rid of her, she would, in a heartbeat.

A cop comes into Kelly’s, and the waitress explains about Mike. The cop asks Nelle if Mike threatened her, but she says she assumed he worked there. The cop asks if he can help Mike, and Mike tells him to ask the waitress who she thinks she is, telling him what to do; he runs the place. She says he doesn’t work there. Mike takes out his wallet to show his ID. The cop reaches toward him, and Mike backs up, sending the wallet flying. They argue, and Nelle picks it up. She sees pictures of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny tells Michael that he punished Mike for walking out on the family, but decided to learn from his mistake. He wasn’t there for Dante, but for Michael and the kids there was nothing more important than being a good father; being consistent, and showing how much they meant to him. He knows Michael will do that for his child. Michael’s phone rings. Nelle says she knows it sounds weird, but asks if he knows a Michael Corbin. Michael says that’s his grandfather, and Nelle tells him to get to Kelly’s right away.

Griff goes to the kitchen to get Kiki some water. She says he’s so good, it makes him bad. She struggles with taking her top off, and he tries to help her put it back on. Ava walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on here?

Andre asks if Anna is seeing someone. She says they got close, but the secret closed back in on her, and she had to push him away. Now Faison is dead, but the secret still weighs on her. Andre says he spent the better part of the last decade running from his fears, and tells her not to make the same mistake. If he deserves her heart, he deserves her truth.

Finn tells Alexis that she needs someone in her corner, but he knows asking for help isn’t easy. She asks how she should introduce him; as her date or her sober buddy? He says both, and she calls him a sober buddy date. She says when she’s nervous, she likes to eat, and asks if he wants to get something. He says he’d like that.

Griff tells Ava it’s not how it looks. Ava says a chatty nurse told her Griff was there, and she was worried something was wrong. Griff says Kiki had too much to drink. Kiki tells Ava that she drunk-dialed Dillon, and he was with another girl. Ava thinks she should sleep it off, and Kiki toddles to the bedroom. Ava tells Griff it’s not a good look for an aspiring doctor to be carried out of a bar. He tells her not to be mad; Kiki is going through a rough time. She says it’s not Kiki who she’s angry with.

Diane tells Carly that draconian as it is, it’s nearly impossible to sever parental ties. Nelle has a shady past, but it’s not enough. Speaking as her attorney, she tells Carly to stay out of it; it’s Michael’s problem to solve. Diane says he can be very canny, and tells her to look at how he got custody of Avery. He can be ruthless when motivated, and nothing is more motivating than being a parent. Diane’s phone rings. She says it’s the international firm, and she’ll call later, but Carly tells her to call now. She’ll tell Max to meet her at the restaurant. Diane says she won’t even bill Carly – it’s her Valentine’s Day present. She leaves, and Carly looks at her phone.

Sonny and Michael arrive at Kelly’s. Nelle says she didn’t know who to call, and Michael says she did the right thing. Mike tells Sonny to let the cop know he did nothing wrong, unless pouring coffee for customers is against the law. The waitress says he was serving customers and cleaning up; he wouldn’t get out. Sonny tells Mike they don’t know he hasn’t worked there in years, and don’t know he used to manage Kelly’s. Mike says he didn’t think it through, and might have lost his temper. He apologizes. He hasn’t been sleeping well, and gets mixed up. Michael tells the cop that Bobbie owns the place, and he can call her, but the cop recognizes their names. Sonny offers to pay for anything Mike broke, and takes him outside. Michael thanks Nelle. She’s just glad his grandfather is okay. Michael says he won’t forget this.

Carly tries calling the number again, but Sonny interrupts, coming in with Mike. She asks if he made it to the florist. At first, Mike is confused, but then says he didn’t get to it. Michael says they were closed, and Carly tells him there’s always tomorrow. He tells them he’s beat, and goes upstairs. Carly asks where he was. Michael has to leave, and says Nelle did them a big favor. Carly gives Sonny a look.

The waitress gives Nelle a plate on the house; she saved the day. Nelle tells the baby their daddy seemed grateful. Maybe it’s not necessary to destroy Granny Carly. She feels the baby kick, and says clearly it disagrees. The closer she gets to getting back with Michael, the more Carly will be gunning for her. She has no choice but destroy Carly before Carly destroys her.

Ava tells Griff that she spent her whole night looking at the phone. Didn’t it occur to him to call her? He says she told him to meet at her place, no matter how late it was. Since her surgery, she’s made him feel like he’s in the wrong. She says it was Valentine’s Day, and he says he thought she’d want him to take care of Kiki. She tells him it’s become a pattern, and not just with Kiki. He says he’s a sympathetic person, and asks if it’s a problem. She admires him for it, but just wishes one night he’d put her first, especially when she was about to – He says, about to what?

Alexis and Finn go to Kelly’s. Alexis asks him to order for her, and says she’ll be right back. Finn cleans the empty cup on the table with his napkin. Anna walks in, and says she’s meeting someone; she won’t be in his way. He says she’s not. She says there’s something she wanted to tell him about the two of them, but Alexis comes back.

Griff asks Ava if they can’t forget about it, and move on, admitting he should have kept her in the loop. The relationship thing is new to him. He tells her that they still have a few more minutes. They can pick up where they left off. Kiki calls for her mom. Ava says there’s always next year.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike was serving customers like he used to at Kelly’s. She says her mom did say he could always come back. Sonny says the look on Mike’s face when he realized what was happening seemed like he didn’t know how got there. He thinks something must be wrong with Mike. Carly hugs him.

Anna tells Finn he doesn’t have to explain. Diane comes in, and grabs Anna. She says Max is waiting, and pulls Anna away. Alexis tells Finn that Anna is wrong about what she thinks. Finn says she made her position clear, and he doesn’t think she cares. Diane tells Anna that no one is happier than her about Alexis moving on, but when did that become a thing? She says she’s been contacted by a Swiss bank to handle Faison’s estate in North America, and Anna is a beneficiary.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava if he should pretend nothing happened, Sonny tells Mike it will be over with before he knows it, and Monica apologizes for interrupting Nelle.

💬 Odds & Ends

🎥 The Lifetime network is like Bruce Campbell. It’s finally accepted and embraced its identity as a channel that shows promising movies with crappy endings, and is churning them out like crazy. Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story aside. There are always exceptions to the rule. I like to call it the hangover network, since you can snooze off and on through an entire day of films, but still won’t feel like you missed anything.

📺 That being said, UnReal returns to Lifetime on Monday, February 26th at 10 pm.

🍲 Winner of MasterChef’s season six, Claudia Sandoval now judges the chefs on MasterChef Latino (Sunday at 8 pm on Telemundo). A fiery, stylish redhead, she quickly became one of my favorites. If her last name sounds familiar, it’s also the last name of the Tom who isn’t Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules. As far as I know though, they are not related.

🔪 Tonight, on Top Chef, Chris packed his knives and went.

📖 The Book of John Gray is back on Tuesday, March 13th at 10 pm on OWN. Snagging TBN’s spot-on description: John Gray continues to defy descriptions and labels by seamlessly integrating worship, laughter, preaching, exhortation, and encouragement into one package. I loved this show the last time around, and hope I can squeeze it in.

😳 In this age of not offending anyone (yes, I’m rolling my eyes), why are women still made to look so ridiculous in commercials? The one that’s  irking me in particular is for the Kyleena IUD, where the women get really stupid looks on their faces while trying to remember if they took their pill. Then suddenly, they realize they didn’t have to! I dunno. I think I’d recall if I’d had surgery to insert a foreign object into my body, but that’s just me.

🚴 Almost…






February 8, 2017 – Franco’s Muse is Back, Scary Chefs, a Cuppla TV Tidbits & the Truth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki asks Elizabeth about the reception. Elizabeth says they’re having a hard time picking the right venue. Ava suggests the gallery, and Kiki thinks it would suit them. Elizabeth says she’ll run it by Franco. He has a lot going on

Franco paints a stairway to heaven. I don’t really know what it is, but it looks like a black light poster from the 70s.

At the hospital, Nelle thanks Michael for coming to the appointment. He doesn’t want to miss anything. She suggests calling the baby by its name, unless it a problem.

Carly asks Jason how he likes his new decor. He approves, and thinks he’ll be comfortable.

Alexis asks Sam how things are going. She says, great, all things considered. Faison is dead, and the only lead they have is his newly discovered son Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that he’ll stay on board until they find a replacement. Drew refuses to accept his resignation without an explanation. He can’t walk away without saying why he’s going. Peter says he accomplished what he came to do.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. He tells her that for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He’d play this game with her, but his wife wants her gone, so he suggests they cut to the chase. Why doesn’t she just ask him what happened to the child she had with Faison? She asks what he’s talking about, and he asks if that’s all she has. She’s a wonderful liar – it’s what made her a great spy –  but he understands the paradox of a secret too painful to keep. She starts to leave, and he tells her to go ahead and run away, but she’ll never get the answers she came for.

Michael says he knows Nelle meant well, but thinks they should come up with something else. Nelle says she thought it was a good way to honor Morgan’s memory, but Michael says it brings up painful memories about their loss and the mistakes they made while grieving. Nelle assumes it’s Carly who doesn’t want it, but Michael says he doesn’t either.

Elizabeth sees Franco’s painting, and says it’s illuminating. His muse is back in full force. He tells her the best way to work things out is with a paintbrush. She asks if this is the result of his session with Doc. He doesn’t want to give Doc all the credit, but it was Illuminating. Elizabeth thinks she knows what the painting means.

Carly babbles to Jason about having the boys over. She says now it’s Jason’s turn; it’s his place. The boys will visit, and they’ll make memories. He hopes so, and she tells him, don’t hope; make it happen. He’s the most determined person she knows. When he decides to do something, he does it. She tells him to decide to have a relationship with his boys. If anyone tells him not to, they’re wrong.

Peter tells Drew that he’s still in shock from the shooting. He was lucky to come away spared, but Nathan didn’t. He didn’t see Nathan get shot, but he saw the aftermath with Maxie begging him not to leave her. He tried to staunch the bleeding, but not enough. it sounds cliché, but afterwards, he questioned his life, and if wants to spend it behind a desk. Drew asks if he’s going to the Himalayas to search for enlightenment, and says maybe he should just take some time off. Peter says he knows what he needs to do. Drew tells him that since he’s been there, the revenues are way up, and so is the readership. Peter says he told Drew the company had potential, and he’s glad to realize some of it. Drew tells him that he’s part of the Aurora family, and he hates to see him leaving. Peter thanks him, saying up until now, he didn’t know what it was like to have family.

Valentin asks Anna if she isn’t tied of running. She says she’s tired of him talking in riddles. He says he was clear; he knows she had a child with Faison. She asks how he came to know? He talks about a school in London much like Hogwarts, but it was a spy school. There was a beautiful princess at the school, and a crooked man, ugly as a troll. He knows what happened on a dark sinful night, when the princess went to Brussels where a midwife was waiting to help deliver a child. Anna runs to the door. He says he thought it was Alex, but it was her all along. She asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she doesn’t want to know, and she tells him he wasn’t there. He tells her to let him finish the story without interruption, and she comes back in.

Elizabeth says the painting is Franco crawling out of a dark place into something new and unknown. He says that’s more than Doc would say. Elizabeth is proud of him, but doesn’t want to interrupt. He tells her she’s the most important thing to him. She explains how Ava offered the gallery for their reception. He thinks that’s uncharacteristically generous, and she was probably trying to impress Kiki. He’s glad though, since he thought they’d have to set up food trucks outside the brownstone. They decide to have lunch, and discuss the plans.

Nelle tells Michael she thought naming the baby Morgan would help the contention. He says it was after Morgan died that she drugged his father and pretended to sleep with him to hurt his mother, Naming the baby Morgan will only bring back old pain. His family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the baby. He suggests they wait until the baby is born, and come up with a name they both like. She asks if he means a name he likes, and asks if there’s anything else he’d like to dictate. He tells her that he wants to discuss anything they can compromise on, and be by her side as much as she’ll let him. She calls him exasperating. One minute, he’s unreasonable, and the next, he’s incredible.

Jason tells Carly that Danny is coming over. He’s nervous about it, since Sam has always been there. Carly says Danny knows he can trust Jason, and is safe with him. Jason asks how, and she says she’s sure Danny senses that his mom feels the same way. Sam knows that if she needs him for anything, he’ll come through. She knows she’s safe with him.

Sam explains to Alexis how Jason and Sonny figured out Faison had another son – Henrik. They think he was involved in the switch with Jason and Drew. Alexis asks if he’s still at large. Sam says she and Drew didn’t know the truth until after Faison was shot. Drew accused Jason of withholding information, but she thinks he wanted proof before saying anything. Alexis wonders if Sam had been alone, would Jason have told her from the beginning? Sam agrees that he didn’t want to put her in the middle. Alexis says, like when they kissed on New Year’s Eve?

Drew tells Peter that if he feels the same way tomorrow, he and Sam will respect his decision. Peter doubts that he’ll change his mind. They part company.

Sam tells Alexis the kiss was mutual. They talked about it, and it’s over with. Alexis suggests she keep her distance just to be safe. Drew calls Sam, and tells her something came up at work. She says she can meet him at the office, but he says he’ll come to her. They need to talk, but he’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Alexis that she needs a favor.

Valentin continues his story. In spy school, the crooked man was hopelessly in love with the princess, and hoped to win her over with a daring act of devotion. He hoped she would see the real him, past his physical defects. Her most obvious weakness was ambition. She wanted to leapfrog over the other recruits, and wanted to bring down the biggest baddie – Cesar Faison. She knew he was already fixated on her, and saw an in using his weakness. Anna says she wanted to destroy him. Valentin says he saw her when she stole away from school. He followed her. Anna says he should have stopped her, but he says this isn’t about him; it’s a story from his perspective. He asks if she wants him to stop, but she says, no. He says he followed and watched as she blended in. He watched her go through a door and come out in disguise, looking like a common call girl. She fooled everyone but him. He followed her out of London, and she went to pub where Faison would be. He was drunk when she sat next to him, and she got him drunker before she left. Rumors were flying that she’d stolen intel from Faison. No one knew how, but he did, and knows she got more than she bargained for. Anna tells him to stop it, but he says she’s made it this far. If she leaves now, she’ll miss the best part of the story.

Anna doesn’t deny her ambition, and isn’t apologizing for it. She wanted the glory of bringing him down. He was sick, and paid women to impersonate her. She thought she could pass herself off as one of them. Valentin says it was a dangerous game that went further than she expected, which brings them back to Brussels. He talks about the creaky stairs the midwife had to go up. Anna wonders how he could know that. He says she took a spontaneous leave of absence from school. There was a lot of speculation, but a contact told him where she was. By the time he got there, the room was empty with no sign of a mother with her child. Anna asks how does he know what happened, and he says he never did. She just confirmed it. She just confirmed she knows nothing whatsoever about birth control too.

Drew tells Sam that Peter tendered his resignation, saying he did what came to do, whatever that means. Sam thinks maybe he was shaken up over the shooting. Drew says he asked Peter to take time to think it through, but he seemed certain. Jim intrudes, saying the fates conspired in his favor. Sam introduces them, and Jim says he plans to be a major advertiser when the Charles Street project kicks into gear. Drew reminds him that’s if the proposal passes, but Jim thinks it will. He goes to the bar to get drinks.

Franco and Elizabeth come in. Franco sees Sam and Drew, and says it’s busy; maybe they should go somewhere else. Elisabeth says she’s ready for comfort food and beer. She tells him that if he’s going to stare, he should just say hello. He thinks Drew would prefer he play in oncoming traffic. They sit, and Jim says, hey, Bobby, small world.

Kiki doesn’t want to overstep, but asks Michael and Nelle if the baby is okay. Nelle says they’re just there to sign up for mom classes. She says she’s exhausted, and asks Michael to sign them up. She leaves, and Kiki says, so Michael is getting his Lamaze on; she wants a video. He says that’s not happening. She’s glad to see he’s getting along with Nelle, as long as she understands. She says they seemed affectionate, but Michael says Nelle understands there’s nothing between them. Actually, there is. It’s called a baby.

Ava tells Nelle it looks promising, and Nelle says the baby is bringing them closer. Ava asks what about Granny Carly, and Nelle says that’s a bit of a setback. Ava says that Carly is not going to give up without a fight, but Nelle says she won’t have fight left in her after what she’s planning. The details have yet to be finalized, but she might need Ava’s help to pull it off.

Jason tells Carly that Sam wants him to keep his distance. Carly insists Sam needs for him to wait until she can admit her love for him. Alexis comes by to drop Danny off. Danny thinks the place is cool. Carly says great taste runs in the family. Danny is puzzled by that, and Jason explains she means that she picked everything out, and is glad he likes it. He tells Danny welcome to his new place; it’s Danny’s new place too.

Danny brought Jason a present; a drawing of him and Annabelle II. Danny tells Jason about a Star Wars game he likes, and Carly says what a coincidence. There just might be Star Wars stuff in his room. He and Jason go to check it out, and Carly asks Alexis why Sam couldn’t bring Danny. Alexis says she had a work issue. Carly questions if it’s really that she can’t trust herself around Jason. Because Carly knows how everyone in the world thinks and feels better than they do.

Jim sits with Drew and Sam. He says it wouldn’t hurt to have a mayor who’s pro-business, and asks if they’re planning to endorse anyone. Sam says that would be unethical, since her mom is a candidate, and Drew is related to Ned. Jim asks if it’s Drew as in Andrew. He’s putting it together for the first time, and explains that he used to know Drew and Franco when they were kids. He dated Betsy, and used to call them Bobby and Andy. Sam asks if he knows anything else he can tell Drew about his past. Jim says, not much. He and Betsy broke up, and later he heard Drew had died, but that turned out to be untrue. He’s clearly alive and well. He says what a crazy coincidence that the three of them are in the same town. They were meant to reconnect. Drew stares at Franco.

Valentin tells Anna that he had the word of the midwife, but never knew for sure. Now he knows the truth; she gave birth to Faison’s child. Anna says the child had a monster for a father. Valentin agrees. That’s why he never told anyone. Crying, she thanks him, and asks if he knows what happened to the child.

Kiki tells Michael she’s celebrating with her mom about getting into med school. He tells her that the hospital is throwing a celebration for incoming students, but she says it seems to be a couple’s thing. She doesn’t want to go and be interrogated about where Dillon is. Michael tells her not to let him ruin her moment. She should go to the party and celebrate. She says she’ll think about it.

Ava asks Nelle how she can help. Nelle says she’ll need more flexible hours. She’ll get her work done, but needs extra time for the baby’s sake. Ava tells her to consider her hours as flexible as she needs.

Jason asks Carly if she wants to stay for dinner, but she says it’s a big night for them. They should order pizza and watch basketball. Jason asks what kind of pizza Danny wants, and Danny says whatever Jason is getting, calling him dad. Carly tells him to get used to it. It’s who he is to Danny, and always will be.

Sam asks if Jim can shed any light on Drew’s past. Jim says Drew is lucky to be alive after what Bobby did. The little psycho tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. Drew gets up to go after Franco, but it’s all in Franco’s head. In reality, Jim tells Drew that he was always building things. It’s not surprising that he built a company. He’s looking forward to them doing business together. He leaves, and Sam asks if it’s her, or was he holding something back? Drew was wondering the same thing. Franco looks at his lucky rabbit’s foot.

Valentin tells Anna that the midwife said she couldn’t bring herself to look at the baby. He assumes it’s because if she did, she would never let go. The midwife told him that Anna begged her to find the baby a home; a place she could grow up happy, healthy and unaware of her father. Anna says, she? Valentin tells her that she had a girl. Surprise!

Kiki tells Ava that she wants to go to The Floating Rib, but Ava says she deserves champagne, not a bib. They’re going to the MetroCourt. She says maybe soon, she’ll have something to celebrate too.

In the hallway, Carly’s phone rings. It says unknown, and no one is there when she answers. Nelle hangs up at a payphone. I haven’t seen one of those in years. No wonder Jim thinks Port Charles is behind the times.

Franco and Elizabeth get ready to leave. Drew gets up, and asks why Franco never told him that Jim knew them as kids. Franco says it’s ancient history. Drew picks up the rabbit’s foot that Franco dropped and hands it back.

Valentin tells Anna that the story has a happy ending. The midwife honored her wishes, and found a happy home for the child. She never knew who her father was, and Faison never knew she existed. So Anna got what she wanted. He tells her good night, and she leaves. Outside, she smiles, and says she wanted a girl.

Peter’s phone rings. He answers, telling the caller they should be aware he’s leaving Port Charles. Valentin says that would be a mistake.

Tomorrow, Nathan’s funeral.


Mike’s girlfriend, Rita (Suanne Spoke), was also the NYC bartender who helped Jason hide when he was on his way back from Russia. He gave her Huxley’s “lucky” watch, so I wonder if this is ever going to factor in. I’m sure that watch was more than a watch.

🍰 This week’s Top Chef had the contestants cooking up desserts in the Stanley Hotel, which inspired The Shining. The challenge was to create their worst nightmare on a plate. For the most part, it was disappointing. One cook had been afraid of seeds as a child. Okay… Another cook wanted to recreate an egg exposing an unborn chick when cracked, which he claimed was a real thing. It was all I could do not to scream at the TV that this is a misconception. When you crack open an egg, and there’s a spot that looks like blood, it’s not a pre-peep; it’s a discoloration. In order to produce a chicken, an egg has to be fertilized. By a rooster. Farmers aren’t going to do that if they only want eggs. Bruce ended up having to pack his knives because of some undercooked barley. At least it wasn’t risotto, although oddly enough, he had wanted to cook it like risotto. Step away from anything risotto.

😬 This weekend, AMC will be having a Walking Dead marathon, as well as a preview of season 8B. When did seasons start sounding like apartment numbers?

🎭 Imposters returns to Bravo on Thursday April 5th at 10 pm. It’s a great show and worth checking out. Lots of fun, lots of drama, and lots of surprising twists.

✋ What’s up with this “my truth” business? The truth is the truth; there’s no yours or mine. What people seem to mean is their point of view of the truth. Everybody has one, but usually the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. #StopItPlease




February 2, 2018 – Carly is Worse Than Nelle, a Helluva Winner, Idol Return & Six Not-So-Blind Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie sees Nathan next to her in bed. He asks how she slept, and says she looks like she’s seen a ghost.

Ava comes into Kelly’s. The waitress comments on her hair, telling her how great it looks; she can actually see her face now. Ava remembers Carly and Sonny saying that she’s ugly on the inside, and her telling them that her daughter would know her. She spills the coffee. Kiki walks in with Avery.

Sonny talks to Caruso on the phone, and asks what about his father? What kind of trouble is he in?

Carly tells Nelle that she always knew there was something deranged behind her eyes. She asks how crazy you have to be to spend a year in a mental hospital, and how crazy Nelle is now? Nelle should ask her the same about Morgan. Regardless of how manipulative Nelle is, this is starting to tick me off. Nelle tells her it’s none of her business, and Carly says it is; she cares about her grandchild. Nelle says if she cares about the baby to back off, since stress isn’t good for it. Carly says Nelle is volatile and her judgement is questionable. That’s not good for a mother. Nelle asks if Carly is going to try to say she’s unfit. Carly says not her, but if Michael were to think that she was… Nelle raises her hand to smack Carly, and Carly stops her, saying she shouldn’t have done that.

Jason tells Drew and Sam that they were working on theories, including Faison saying that Drew knows more than he realizes. Drew sarcastically says Faison is a very believable guy. Sam asks Jason to tell them everything he knows. If Drew really did know Henrik, it might spark something.

Maxie says Nathan is there, and he asks where else he’d be? He has the late shift, and they can spend the whole day together. She tells him that she had a horrible dream. Faison came to her office, and Nathan saved her. Nathan says of course he would, but she says it’s not just that. Faison shot him, and he didn’t make it; she lost him. He says it’s all right. They start to kiss, and she wakes up. She cries, saying, don’t let this be real.

Kiki asks Ava what’s wrong, and Ava says it’s just a klutzy waitress. The waitress gives her the stink eye as she cleans up. Way to make friends. Ava asks her to make another, and make sure the lid is on tight. Ava offers to treat Kiki and Avery to some hot chocolate, but Kiki says Avery will be pinging off the walls with the sugar. Ava says she knows it’s a lot to ask, and Kiki tells her, then don’t. Carly and Sonny have been decent, and she wants to honor their wishes.

Carly says Nelle has a violent streak, and Nelle says Carly provoked her. Carly accuses her of being a perpetual victim. Nelle says she wanted a reaction, and got one. She’s sure Carly is going to run off and tell Michael. Carly says he needs to know Nelle slapped her and that she lost control. She can’t blame it on the hormones. God help me; I’d like to slap Carly. I certainly wouldn’t goad a pregnant woman. Nelle says she has no right to bring up the past. It has no bearing on who she is today, or her capacity to be a mother. Carly disagrees, but says she’s been wrong before. She doesn’t have to bring Nelle down. Nelle is her own worst enemy, and handling the job fine on her own.

Drew asks Jason if Henrik and the traitor are the same person. Jason says they think so. Klein was working for a client who wanted him brought back to Russia. He thinks the client wanted him contained before Faison found out he was alive. The client was in Port Charles, but they found out nothing until they found Britt. She said Faison freaked out when he discovered Jason was alive, and said the traitor double-crossed him. Britt said she had no idea who it was, but when they found Britt, they found something else – a manuscript by PK Sinclair. Faison didn’t write it, but when he read it, he tried to burn it. Drew asks what it was about, and Jason says the main character was betrayed and destroyed by his son. Sam asks if he thinks the main character is Henrik.

At Maxie’s apartment, Nina looks at a picture of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie comes out, and tells her that she had the worst nightmare. She’d woken up, and Nathan was there like nothing happened. She was so relieved; her heart unfroze. She held him, and could feel him, warm and alive. Just as they were about to kiss, she woke up. She knows she was dreaming, and now she’s awake, but she can’t help but feel it was real, and this is the nightmare. She needs Nina to make her hear it. Nina says, Nathan is gone.

Jason figures the traitor, the client, and PK Sinclair are the same person, and also Faison’s son. They made contact. Drew notices that Jason keeps saying “they,” and asks who he’s working with. Jason says, Sonny and Spinelli. They went to Anna, who said she had no idea there was a son. Spinelli found an email for PK Sinclair. They reached out, and he replied. Obrecht confirmed there was a son, and they wanted to set up a meeting. Drew asks if he knew before the wedding. Jason says he did, and Drew says, yet he chose to keep it to himself.

Carly asks Sonny if everything is okay. He tells her that his old associate from the city called with information about his father, Mike. He’s is living in Brooklyn, and got himself in trouble. He’s guessing Mike fell off the wagon, is gambling again, and owes the wrong people. He tells Carly he’s going to Brooklyn, and she says something doesn’t feel right.

Ava tells Kiki she needs this. Kiki says Sonny and Carly were clear about the rules. Ava did something she can’t take back. Ava asks if Kiki thinks keeping her child from her is okay. Kiki says they have their reasons, and she can’t say she’s in complete disagreement. Ava says that Avery deserves to know her mother. She just wants to hold her for a minute. Kiki hands her over. Ava tells Avery how much she loves her, and tells Kiki that Avery isn’t afraid this time. It makes everything she went through worth it. She tells Kiki that she had a dream where Carly and Sonny were telling her that Avery would never know her, but here she is now. Kiki says Michael is coming in, and he can’t see Ava with her.

Maxie asks Nina where her parents are, and Nina says they were up all night, so she thought she would come. Maxie appreciates it, but says she doesn’t need a babysitter. Nina says it helps them to help her. She suggests Maxie have some yogurt; it’s good for the baby. She goes to look for Maxie’s vitamins, and Maxie sees literature from the funeral parlor on the table.

Kiki asks Ava to give Avery back. She does, and goes to the counter, where the waitress continues to throw shade with her eyes. Michael is happy to see his little sister and big sister. Kiki tells him about taking Avery to the botanical gardens. He sees Ava, and Kiki explains they just bumped into her; it wasn’t planned, and Ava was just leaving. Ava says she supposes she was. When she gets outside, she looks at them through the window.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike hasn’t gambled since Sonny put him in a program years ago. Sonny has kept tabs on him, and would have known. Sonny says if Mike wants to gamble, he will, and if it’s his first time hearing about it, that means he’s in with the wrong crowd. Carly tells him to at least take Jason.

Drew says that Jason told them to get out of town, but never mentioned Faison’s son. Jason thought when he got something concrete, he’d share it. He and Anna waited for Henrik in the park, but that’s when the trouble happened at the hotel. Drew wonders if Henrik could have shown up afterward, but Jason says Anna was there the whole night. She thought someone might have been watching, but never revealed themselves. Drew says he could have been there, and approached him. Jason says he was keeping Sam and the kids safe. He tells them the email account has been shut down, but Faison told him Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Drew thinks Faison could have just been making him chase his own tail and look for a ghost. Jason says he’ll let them know if he finds anything, and Drew says, truthfully this time? He leaves, and Drew tells Sam if they want to find Henrik, they’ll have to do it on their own.

Ava sees Nelle at the MetroCourt. Nelle apologizes, saying she knows they were supposed to meet a buyer in the lobby. Ava says the buyer canceled, and asks Nelle who she was picturing when she impaled the cherry in her drink? Carly? Nelle says Carly is upping her game by digging into her past. Ava says, not to scare her, but be prepared. Anything Carly finds out about her past that she can use, she will, to prove Nelle is an unfit mother.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s place, and Carly tells him there’s a problem. Sonny says Mike is in trouble, but Carly says she’s not convinced. Why would he start gambling again? Sonny says maybe he hooked up with a friend, found a sure thing, fell behind in his rent, and thought he’d use the card tables to compensate. He can’t help himself. Carly thinks it’s a trap. What if Faison set him up? Jason says Faison is dead. Carly asks why Sonny didn’t tell her, and he says he was going to, but things came up. Sonny leaves, and Carly asks Jason if he’s really dead. Jason says he is, and Carly says he won’t get his answers. Jason tells her he did get some answers. Faison told him why he was replaced with Drew. Faison’s mental conditioning didn’t work on him because of his brain damage. Drew was used because Faison and Henrik needed an asset they could control. Carly says he did blow up The Haunted Star. She asks if he’s told Drew, and Jason says, yes, but he told Sam first.

Drew tells Sam that they need to go to Anna. Andre gave her the flash drive. Sam says he put it in a Christmas ornament, and Anna didn’t even know she had it. Drew says she’s close to the situation. She confirmed Faison had a son, and has WSB contacts. Sam is afraid the problem is that they’ll be doing what he said Faison wanted Jason to do – run in circles chasing a ghost.

Maxie looks at a funeral brochure, and asks, what’s this? Nina says she and Felicia thought it might give her some ideas, so she’s not so overwhelmed. Maxie pushes everything onto the floor, saying she’s way past overwhelmed. They should be planning a nursery, not his funeral. Nina says she just wanted to help. Maxie says her husband dead. Everything she counted on and dreamed of, plans for her whole life disappeared in the time it took Faison to pull the trigger. Unless Nina can bring him back from the dead, there’s nothing she can do. Nina says she’s sorry, but she lost her brother too. They hug and cry.

Jason tells Carly that he went to tell Drew, and Sam showed up as he was leaving. He explains how Faison found Drew by accident when he was researching a SEAL team, and saw Jason’s face. It was hard for Sam, knowing it was so random. If he’d looked at another team, things might have gone differently. Carly says, it never would have happened, but Jason tells her not to look at it that way. Carly says she can see Sam’s point of view. Now Maxie is grieving the way Sam grieved for him.

Sam says even if they find Henrik and he cooperates, what can he tell them? They still need the flash drive, and it’s gone. Drew says they’ve talked about it more than once, but he can’t go on with Jason’s memories in his head. He needs to know who he is for both their sakes.

Ava tells Nelle it was all she could do to convince Kiki to let her hold Avery. Nelle says Carly is using Avery as a wedge between her and Kiki. Ava says Carly has no limits when it comes to protecting whoever she deems family, even if it means keeping a child away from their rightful parent. Nelle says, like Michael’s biological father, adding, as if Carly has led a spotless life. Ava calls Carly a staggering hypocrite. Nelle should try to strengthen her bond with Michael, and hopefully, he’ll be more open-minded. Sonny didn’t hesitate to swoop in while Ava was in the burn unit, and got full custody of Avery, so they have all the power. Nelle asks, who says she has to take it lying down?

Kiki wants to make it clear to Michael that she respects his parents’ limits. It was selfish of her mom to push it. Michael is sorry she’s stuck in the middle. Kiki says, not really, but Michael says she is Kiki’s mom, so she can’t be indifferent. He knows his kid will feel the same about Nelle. Kiki asks if they’re really trying to co-parent. He says the emphasis is on trying. They’re making things up as they go along. Kiki thinks he’s going to be a great dad. She remembers how he was with Avery. She and Morgan were wrong. Michael says he was no shining angel, but Kiki says he was the one willing to look past his own hurt, and do what’s right. She knows he’ll do that with his own kid.

Nina knows how Maxie feels; she’s grieving too. She thinks about things Nathan did as a child, and then things he said last week. She missed so many years with him, but she was lucky to have seen the man he became. Maxie says he was a spectacular man, with kindness and heart. She knew it the first night they met. We flash back to when Maxie was leaving to find herself. Nathan tells her that she doesn’t seem bad the way she is, and she tells him not to burn the apartment down. She and Nina hold hands.

Sonny uses the Star Trek transporter to get to Mike’s apartment in Brooklyn. He bangs on the door, yelling that Mike isn’t answering his phone. He came all the way out there; now open up.

Michael tells Kiki passing her medical exams is a big deal, and she should be proud of herself. He congratulates her, and she says now she just needs to attend med school and get a degree. He asks her what someone who’s the last in their med school class is called, and she says, a doctor. BA-DUM-CHH! She tells him she’s always had trouble sticking to anything, but he says with this, she let nothing stand in her way. She says, not even Dillon, and asks if he heard they broke up. He says he got that impression, and he’s sorry. Kiki knows he had mixed feelings, and he asks what happened. She says they gave each other space to pursue their goals, and got lost in it. He says it’s hard to develop a relationship when you’re separated. She says it goes both ways. The more time you share, you get close, whether you want to or not. Hmm… is she talking about Griff or Dr. Bensch?

Ava advises Nelle to make Michael an ally. Carly is relentless. She wouldn’t stop until she pried Avery away from her. Nelle says Ava can be relentless too. Look at her face. She took control of her destiny, and did the impossible. Why not again? Ava says she’ll think about it. Nelle says if they play it right, she can get her child back, and Nelle won’t lose hers in the first place. Ava tells her not to underestimate Carly. Once she puts a target on your back, she won’t rest until she takes you out. Nelle says she has no choice but to take Carly out first.

Carly tells Jason that people say heartbroken all the time, but really mean disappointed, sad, or upset. Heartbroken is what it sounds like; your heart is broken. You can’t breathe. It’s like a weight on your chest. The pain is so strong, you can’t move. Like how it was for Sam when he disappeared. She kept going for Danny’s sake, and did okay. She built a life for herself, and was as happy as she could be with a broken heart. Then, he comes back. Not someone she thinks is him, but him, and she’s not heartbroken anymore. She’s confused, and doing the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right reason, but she knows he’s alive in the world. When she comes up with the courage be with him, she can. Jason tells her to stop it. She says she knows he’s trying to do the noble thing, and wants Sam to be happy, but her love isn’t going away. Waiting for her to admit it, isn’t doing anyone any good. He loves her. Go and fight for her.

Drew tells Sam that his only valid memories are from the past three years, there in Port Charles. She asks what about Kim, but he says it was just a flicker of recognition. Sam says if his memories are gone, that wouldn’t have happened. Faison said that the mind control wouldn’t work on Jason because of his brain damage, but maybe it didn’t fully work on him either, or the process wasn’t as good as they thought. She believes who he is, is still inside of him. They don’t need the flash drive. He can remember on his own.

Maxie looks at the brochure again. She asks Nina to go through it with her. They can figure out what Nathan would want. Nina thinks Maxie should do it with her mom. Maxie says it’s the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do, but she’s doing it for Nathan, and it would be nice if Nina helped her. Nina says okay; they’re family. We see Nathan sitting behind them on the couch. He kisses the tops of both their heads. They look at each other. <sniffle>

On Monday, Griff wishes he had done more for Nathan, Nelle says Carly isn’t an issue anymore, and Michael asks what Carly did. Everything. Carly is the worst.

🍗 It was the Hell’s Kitchen finale tonight. Benjamin and Michelle were the final two, and their families joined them before they had to get cooking. This is also where the previous contestants help the final two in the kitchen. I always think this must be a double-edged sword. You know they’re good, but you can’t help wonder if they’re going to throw a hair into the soup. Michelle won the big prize – being head chef at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas with a $250K salary – amid much fanfare and confetti. Benjamin said he had no regrets. I’m guessing he won’t do too badly in his next endeavor.

🎤 After its fake quick retirement, American Idol will be back on Sunday, March 11th. Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry will be judging, and the hardest working man in show business (besides Tyler Perry), Ryan Seacrest will be back to host. I’ve heard we won’t be privy to the bad auditions, so why bother? I actually haven’t paid much attention to the show since Scotty McCreery’s win. It was such a stellar season – and with Lady Gaga coaching and performing – I just felt it couldn’t be topped. I’ll probably take a peek somewhere along the line though.

 🔊 Quotes of the Week

My life is an ever-swirling toilet that just won’t flush. – Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), Happy

Let haste not be the ruler, lest we forget the purpose. – Arklon (Wings Hauser), Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Not in a million years would they say this stuff in person, because they know they’d get punched right in the face. When they’re behind a keyboard and a screen name, they feel they can vent their frustrations and anger and rage. – BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss, on cyber harassment

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.Jim Rohn

I love the Lord; it’s Christians I can’t stand. – Dr. Phil (I hear you, Phil.)

I can take it or leave it, but I’d rather take it. – an alcoholic on the Dr. Phil show



January 22, 2017 – A Disagreement Between Sonny and Anna, Pride Day at SUR, Summer House Returns & It’s Suppertime


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason ponders on the footbridge, and flashes back to New Year’s Eve with Sam.

Sam looks out on her balcony, and flashes back to talking to Jason on the docks, and telling him that she loves Drew. Molly and Alexis arrive. Alexis asks if she’s ready to get married.

Curtis and Jordan join Drew. Curtis says the justice of the peace should be there soon, and to enjoy his last single moments. He’s getting ready to be married for real this time.

Carly tells Bobbie that she should have given Josslyn more credit. Bobbie says sometimes it feels good to be wrong. Carly is relieved about Josslyn, but says too bad she can’t say the same for Michael.

Michael meets Nelle at the hospital, but missed the prenatal appointment, but Nelle shows him the sonogram; the first picture of their baby.

Sonny tells Anna that Faison knows Heinrich is gunning for him. They have to use Heinrich as bait. Anna says they can’t exploit him like that. if Sonny orchestrates a meeting, he’ll start a war, and they don’t know who will get caught in the crossfire.

Faison caresses an unconscious Obrecht’s face.

At the MetroCourt, Laura wants to talk to Lulu. Lulu thinks Laura wants her to take a step back from reporting, and reevaluate things, but Laura knows better than to try talking her out of something she wants to do. Saving the world is genetic. Ned approaches their table, and apologizes to Laura about how quickly the race got nasty; it wasn’t his intention. He says his problem is with Julian, not her or Alexis. He guarantees a clean, fair fight, and a race they can be proud of.  Laura tells him that he didn’t have to apologize. She appreciates the gesture, but it’s wasted on her. She’s dropping out of the race.

Anna says Faison wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own son, and Sonny tells her that she says that like it’s a problem. Anna says they don’t know him; he could be an innocent, which would explain why he allowed Jason to live. Sonny says he paid several thugs to bring him back to Russia, and along the way, they shot up the MetroCourt and took Sam hostage. He asks if that sounds innocent. Anna says if he died, any chance of Jason’s questions being answered or Drew getting his memory back will be over.

Drew tells Curtis he doesn’t think they can squeeze in a bachelor party. Curtis says it’s tradition for the groomsmen and groom to share a drink before the ceremony, and pulls out a bottle. Monica arrives.

Spinelli finds Jason. He says there’s still time. Sam is marrying Drew, and he has to stop it.

Jordan gets a work call, and it’s something she has to check on personally. She tells Drew sorry, congratulations, and give Sam her best. Drew tells Monica that he appreciates her being there; it means a lot that’s she’s stood by him. She says she wouldn’t miss it. He’s Alan’s son, and she wishes she’d known him and raised him like she did Jason, but since that didn’t happen, she’d like to adopt him. He laughs, and says they missed that boat. She says it’s just a formality, but makes him and Scout legally part of the family. They may not know the next chapter, but he’ll always be part of the Quartermaines. Monica is looking really good. For a while, she had too many fillers in her face going on, but whatever she’s doing now, keep doing it.

Nelle tells Michael that they have a beautiful, healthy baby. Michael asks if she knows if it’s a boy or girl, but she says she wanted them to find out together. He says it’s her body, but she tells him it’s their baby, and she wants him to be involved in every step of process. She says the baby’s heartbeat was loud and strong. He can hear it at the next appointment. Carly and Bobbie join them.

Anna tells Sonny that she doesn’t think there’s a reason to involve Heinrich. She knows how to bring Faison out in the open. He’s obsessed with her, and it clouds his judgement and allows her to control things. It would also help if she had no surprises. With that in mind, has Sonny made contact? Sonny says he has the email address for PK Sinclair. If that’s Heinrich, then yes. He shows her the email exchange, and she tells him if PK emails again, don’t respond. Call her and they’ll figure out a plan. He says he doesn’t think he can do that.

Spinelli says Jason might still make it, but Jason says he’s not interrupting the wedding. Sam wants this, and loves Drew. Spinelli asks if he’s told her that he loves her, but he says that would make it hard on her. Spinelli says it would take an act of tremendous courage, but even if he doesn’t do it for himself, he needs to save Sam from making a mistake that will only bring her grief.

Curtis brings in the justice of the peace. The wedding begins. Molly walks in first, followed by Sam, wearing a white, cocktail length, lacy confection. Danny is the ringbearer. They stand before the officiant.

Anna tells Sonny it’s not a suggestion. Sonny doesn’t want trouble with her. She might be cop, but she’s Robin’s mother. She’s brave and honorable, and doesn’t deserve the hell Faison put her through. If he could back away, he would, but if Heinrich is his best shot, he’s taking it. If he calls, Sonny is using him, with or without her permission. She says she’ll see herself out. Outside, she calls Robert, telling him that she needs him to intercept some email messages, and divert them to her account. She tells him to make sure there’s no trace of the original address.

Carly asks why Michael and Nelle are at the hospital, since she’s too stupid to guess. Nelle says it was her first ultrasound, and gives her the picture. Michael says there’s no question he’s the father. Carly says she’s happy for him. Bobbie wants to look at the paternity test results, and Nelle tells her to get them from Michael, since she had them sent directly to his office. She adds that the baby is healthy, thanks for asking. She leaves, and Michael thanks them for being mostly civil. Bobbie thought they did pretty well. Carly says this is real and happening, and she supports him and the baby. They hug, and Michael goes to work or whatever he does.

Ned is surprised Laura is dropping out. Lulu says she had it in the bag, no offense to Ned. Laura says her family has to take precedence. Spencer had bad skiing accident in France, breaking both legs, and she has to go. She has the time and means right now, and hopes Lulu understands. She does, but she’s disappointed; she knows the campaign was important. Laura says it still is. Ned tells her that he’s sorry to see her go; she was a formidable candidate. He didn’t expect to win on a technicality, but she says he didn’t win anything yet. She wants to discuss terms; what he’s going to promise her in exchange for her endorsement.

Spinelli says Jason would take any risk or suffer any injury to save Sam. Jason says she doesn’t need saving. Spinelli says he watched her at the police station when their identities were sorted out. She knew all along, but pretended to believe Drew was Jason because he believed it. She lied for his benefit, and Spinelli thinks that’s why she’s marrying him. She’s sacrificing her happiness because of misguided loyalty. The same thing he’s doing now.

The couple has prepared their own vows. Drew tells Sam that people say their lives didn’t start until they met the person they’re going to live their life with, but with him, it’s literal. So much wasn’t true, but she gave him what was – love. He might have no past, but he’s thankful for his future with her. He takes the ring from Danny, and promises to love, honor, and cherish her until death and beyond, if that’s possible. Sam says when she was thinking about the vows, she kept thinking how much has changed in past couple of months. She realized the important things that last and matter stayed the same. She still loves and adores him. They share an incredible bond, and had the chance to make an amazing family. She has a life with him, but never expected it to be richer and fuller than she could imagine. It’s a life she wants to continue to share with him, always. She takes the ring, and promises to love, honor, and cherish him to death and beyond. They do the I dos. Do-be-do-be-do. The officiant pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Anna goes home, and finds her door open. She draws her gun. She calls for Obrecht, but finds Jordan, her gun also drawn.

Obrecht is lying on some straw, and I wonder where there’s a barn in Port Charles.

Laura tells Ned that he’s going to need more than the backing of his supporters; he needs her support, but it will cost him. Ned says, hypothetically speaking, what would be the cost? She tells him that she wants tight limits on the redevelopment, but he says it’s up to the voters to decide. She wants him to designate the pre-war buildings to be left alone, and she’ll give her endorsement. He says he can give suggestions, but can’t make it happen. If he made that promise now, it would be in bad faith. Laura appreciates his candor. He says she was a worthy opponent. And would have made a fine mayor. They shake hands. When Ned leaves, Lulu says they lost.

Spinelli tells Jason that he was the first person, maybe the only person, who treated Sam with respect as a person in her own right. Because of that, she learned to respect and know herself. That’s not the case with Drew. They don’t know who he would have been if he’d been left in his own life. He doesn’t know himself, and can’t give of himself or give her that support. Jason says he’s making assumptions, but Spinelli says he saw him at the station, seemingly expecting Sam to fill his needs, giving little thought to what she needed. Jason says he doesn’t break the law or put lives at risk. Jason is true to himself, and out of that truth, can give Sam the love she needs. She made a wrong choice for the wrong reasons. Jason tells him to stop. He’s heard him, and it’s appreciated, but he has to leave Sam alone. Spinelli says that Sam told him in the early says, she had an unfamiliar feeling with him; one she liked, but couldn’t place. Then she realized he made her feel safe.

Curtis toasts to the bride and groom, saying may their joy outweigh their sorrow, and their good days outweigh the bad. May they rest easy in each other’s arms tonight, and all the days to come. Danny also makes a toast, saying, mommy and daddy, happy wedding! Sam smears Drew’s face with cake, and says gotcha.

Michael drops by Sonny’s. He tells Sonny about the paternity test, and that he’s definitely the father. Sonny asks how he feels, and Michael says he’s trying to wrap his head around the fact that he and Nelle will be connected by the baby. Sonny tells him to remember the baby comes first. Michael is concerned about it being a wedge. Nelle started out plotting against the family, and now she’s carrying their grandchild; he doesn’t want a rift. Sonny tells him to always trust that he’ll never lose Sonny’s love. He’s Michael’s father, and loves him unconditionally, and knows he’ll love the baby the same way.

At the MetroCourt, Bobbie asks how Carly is holding up, and Carly says, just dandy. She doesn’t know how she feels about Michael being a father, and her a grandmother. How is she supposed to be happy with Nelle in their lives? They see Nelle, and Carly tells her that was quite a performance at the hospital; now they get the encore at the MetroCourt. Nelle says she has no idea what Carly is talking about. Carly says Nell and her son are connected by the baby, but that’s where it begins and ends. If she’s thinking of going further, don’t. Nelle says how Michael feels is up to him. Monica arrives, and Nelle says she’s meeting her for dinner. Carly makes faces, and Monica asks if she has a problem with that. Nelle hopes she didn’t pull Monica away, but Monica says it was a small wedding, and Drew and Sam would rather get going. Carly is surprised that they’re married. Nelle says she’ll get a table. Bobbie tells Monica to be careful. Monica says regardless of the past, Nelle is carrying their great-grandchild, and they should try to get along. Bobbie says she’s doing so at her own risk. Carly tells her that Nelle will soon show her true colors.

Jordan says a neighbor called, thinking something was going on at Anna’s place. It’s been fully swept, and everything is fine. Anna tells her about Obrecht showing up drunk, and thinks that’s probably what the neighbor heard or saw. She tells Jordan that she looks great, and Jordan explains that she was Curtis’s plus one for the wedding. Anna can make it up to her by explaining why Obrecht was drunk, and asks if it’s about Faison. Anna says it’s nothing, and Jordan tells her to promise to call if she needs help. Anna thanks Jordan for checking on her, even though she didn’t have to. Jordan says surely Anna knows her by now.

Obrecht’s phone rings. Faison picks it up. We’re still not actually seeing him; just his hands or the back of his head.

Anna leaves a message on Obrecht’s phone, saying she shouldn’t have left. Anna needs to know if she’s okay, and asks her to call back. Anna gets a text, saying, I’m fine. Anna texts back that they aren’t finished, and the return text says, don’t worry, Anna. I’ll be seeing you soon.

We see the phone in Faison’s hand. Obrecht starts to wake up. She wonders what happened. She looks up, and gasps.

Michael is surprised at how well Sonny is handing it. Sonny says he has no use for Nelle, but has faith in Michael. Michael asks, even after he got involved with Nelle? Sonny says she took advantage of his good nature, but the baby is innocent. No matter what happens, Sonny is behind him, and will support whatever decision he makes.

Bobbie tells Carly to let it go. Monica is Michael’s grandmother, and gets to decide how to deal with Nelle. She thinks it’s a mistake, but it’s her mistake to make. Bobbie goes to get a table. Carly says Michael can do whatever wants, but that doesn’t mean she can’t talk him out of it. She makes a call, telling someone she needs to talk about Nelle Benson.

Laura asks to talk to Alexis. Alexis is sorry she dropped out of the race, but understands that family comes first. She’s bummed about Ned running unopposed. Laura doesn’t think it will be that smooth for him, and Alexis says it sounds like she has a replacement. Laura says she does, and she’s perfect. Alexis asks who the lucky candidate is, and Laura says, you.

Drew and Sam bask in the afterglow. He says he’s excited, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Still on the footbridge, Jason remembers when we were all children. Sam says he’s a good friend, and she wishes she was a better friend to him. She’s figured out why she sleeps better when she with him. He makes her feel safe.

Tomorrow, Jordan says she’s going to come down like a ton of bricks, Lulu make a pitch to Peter, and HE’S BACK!!!

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR where the Pride Day party is being organized. Stassi is in charge of dressing the staff. She jokes that she shouldn’t have a problem getting the staff’s respect, considering she was the drunk girl stealing goat cheese balls off passing trays not long ago.

The guys go to a Reiki session. Peter is a regular; he has all his chakras together. Jax thought they were going to push pebbles around with a rake, but instead is subject to some meditation. It’s probably not hard for him to empty his mind. After the meditation, instructor Kelsey asks where everyone is at. Schwartz says he’s been drinking too much, Peter feels like he’s doing too much, and Tom thinks he’s stagnant. Jax tears up, and tells everyone about screwing up his relationship with Brittany. In his interview, he says no one has asked how he’s doing in all this, and I break out my violin. Kelsey gives him some attention and a hug, and Tom gives a voice to my thoughts when he says it wouldn’t be surprising if Jax ended up trying to sleep with her. I just don’t get what any woman sees in him. And he’s not that good looking. He’s no Brad Pitt. He’s not even Charles Bronson – two ends of the handsome spectrum.

The girls go to a spa or plastic surgeon or wherever you get Botox, and talk while they fill out paperwork. Lala says she’s having lunch with Katie. She likes Katie, and wonders if Scheana’s relationship is really talked about as much as she claims it is. Ariana thinks Scheana’s insecurities are getting the best of her, and everyone should mind their own business. Scheana brings up the Rob rumor. She says he laughed about it, but feels him pulling away.

In her interview, Stassi says it’s fun to have a girls’ night where everyone dresses up. The girls, minus Scheana, go to an outdoor bar. They discuss Scheana’s reaction to Rob making out with someone else. Brittany says she tried to explain that Katie just didn’t just make it up. The waiter knows the area where Brittany is from, and flirts with her. Kristen is glad she’s getting her mojo back. Katie asks how she’s doing. Brittany says she’s decided to work it out with Jax. I can’t take it. Stassi tells her that Jax will say he’s going to get help, and then be the same. He’s doing the bare minimum to keep her. She tells Brittany that he’s never once broken up with a girl in his entire life.

Lala, James, and Logan go out for drinks. James orders a double shot of bourbon, and toasts to getting drunk. My stomach turns when he chases the bourbon with maple syrup. In his interview, he explains that he’s curbing his drinking, but occasionally something comes over him. However, he can stop any time. Raquel is moving in, and we see a clip of James clearing out a whole drawer for her. Things start to get dicey when Lala tells them about asking for a bite of Raquel’s pasta at James’s event, then eating all of it. James calls her bitch, surprising all of us. James gets crazy, and tells her not to eff with his bitch. He follows that gem with saying Lala’s boyfriend will get bored soon, and be done with her, going on to next pretty blonde. In her interview, Lala says he turns into a werewolf when he drinks. Lala tells him to learn his place, and know how to talk to someone when they’re a friend. She stomps out, and Logan tells James to go after her. Outside, she asks wtf is wrong with him? It was a joke, and he should know who has his back. He says it’s not about the pasta, and repeats that several times. In his interview, he says it’s about respect for his girlfriend. Lala tells him to get out of her face. He wants to talk later, but she tells him to get lost.

Scheana asks the girls if they were talking about her last night. A friend of her mom’s was at the same restaurant, and heard her name. What are the odds of that? Brittany says Katie believes Scheana thinks she started the rumor. Scheana says Rob doesn’t need this. He’s too busy to deal with their BS. Brittany says Katie didn’t make it up, but Scheana insists she added to it. Brittany wonders why she’s getting so mad if it isn’t true.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. It’s still a huge mess. Tom says they’re holding up their end of the bargain with sweat equity, and getting down and dirty. In his interview, Schwartz says Katie made him promise not to drink, do shots or have guys’ night. He did all three at once, but he came home to a loving reception, and it caught him off guard. He thinks he was subconsciously testing her to see how she’d react. Tom has to show him how use a protective mask. Schwartz says he’s not an engineer.

Katie shows the girls a picture that Tom sent of Schwartz sleeping on his couch. In her interview, she says a year ago, she would have rage texted and insulted his penis, but today, they’re talking it out. Marriage is good for them. She told him that she doesn’t like waking up alone. She tells them that Schwartz said he was falling in love with her all over again. Everyone goes, aww!

Lisa and Ken show up at the site. Schwartz is happy to be doing something, not just talking about it. Lisa asks if he and Katie are okay. Tom says Schwartz slept at his house, but that happens sometimes. Lisa tells Schwartz they’re going to sit down and go over his marriage vows. He says they’re right here, pointing to his heart. He tells Lisa that he wants to hug her, and she tells him to get away. In her interview, she tells us that he’s too old for puppy dog antics. Schwartz is married now, and needs to handle his responsibilities.

Kristen talked to Brittany’s mom, and wants to surprise her with a visit. Brittany has been crying that she wants her mother, so Kristen is flying Sherri out to LA. If she can’t talk sense into Brittany about breaking up with Jax, no one can.

It’s Pride Day, which can’t exist without Lisa, who is wearing pink from head to toe, including a humongous pink hat with big flowers. Rob comes by SUR. Scheana tells him she’s lost her smile. He says that life is hard enough, and she needs good people in it. In her interview, Scheana says if loses him because of what they said, there’s going to be a problem. She tells Rob that she loves him, but we don’t hear him say it back. I don’t know if that’s because he doesn’t, or it’s edited that way. I’m on to Bravo about that.

Stassi dresses Brittany in a flower child outfit. She looks really cute. Lisa sees Lala on the street in a sort of Wonder Woman getup. She tells Lisa about her fight with James. In her interview, Lala says if James doesn’t kiss her ass and apologize a million times, she’ll have no choice but to move on. Lisa says he’s lucky she wasn’t there or she would have boxed his ears, and he has ears to box. Ha-ha-ha-ha! He does have big ears.

Stassi dresses the other girls. She tells Jax if he doesn’t paint his face, she’ll put him in a flower crown, but he’s not into dressing up. Stassi thinks hitting her stride; everyone looks hot. Scheana tells Lala about Rob coming by SUR, and that he was sweet, acting like it doesn’t bother him, but it’s affecting her. Lala tells her to ignore it. In her interview, Lala says Scheana strives for perfection. She’s lost weight because she’s not eating; it’s obvious she’s stressed. Lala tells her to let the girls talk.

Pride is in full swing, and SUR is crowded already. Lisa thanks Tom for being festive. Jax insists he’s festive enough in a black T-shirt. Lisa introduces Billie, SUR’s trans hostess, to the crowd. Lisa supports her and applauds her journey. Billie talks about how supportive Lisa has been in giving her a job and accepting her. In his interview, Jax tells us that he had no idea Billie was trans when he met her. Whatever she had done, she got money’s worth. Billie tells him that she likes his vibe, and thinks he has his own sh*t to go through. I highly doubt their stories are the same, but I’m guessing everyone is drunk at this point. Lisa tells Stassi, good job. Schwartz motorboats Katie. In her interview, Katie says that she’s working on being more easy-going, and Schwartz Is working on not blacking out. It’s progress.

James hugs Logan and Jax. Jax doesn’t know what going on, and says it’s weird. In his interview, James says Logan and Raquel fill different voids in his life. Raquel is his emotional connection, and Logan is his party side. They drink doing that hooking arms thing. Scheana joins them. James says he’s never losing Logan as a friend. They love each other as best friends. Logan says more. It’s a deep relationship, and he looks out for James. Raquel says something is going on.

Brittany says she’s the opposite of Scheana, and eats when she’s stressed. Lisa sits down with Scheana. In her interview, Lisa says she knows Scheana well, and is seeing a fragility about her. She asks what’s going on. Scheana says she feels physically ill. She’s let Katie, Kristen, and Stassi affect her relationship, and she’s better when she’s not around them. She tells Lisa that they said something that wasn’t true, and starts to cry. She says it’s the happiest she’s ever been, and wonders why they want to bring her down. She wails that they’ve been perfect. Lisa reminds her about how she said things were fine with Shay. We flash back to Scheana telling Lisa that her relationship with Shay is amazing. Lisa tells her even if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Scheana says they’re meant to be together. Lisa tells her to eat something and pull herself together. Lisa goes to the kitchen, and grabs a plate of food, like the mom she is. She plops it in front of Scheana, telling her she looks like a nervous kitten, and she won’t have it. In her interview, Scheana says it’s refreshing to have a boss like Lisa, who is also a friend. I’d never say Lisa isn’t the best boss ever, but it’s not like Scheana has had a lot of jobs. Katie is wondering who took the plate of food she ordered for a customer. That would be the one in front of Scheana.

Rob arrives at SUR. Scheana says she can’t let them affect her life and relationship. It’s all good now, and she just wants to eat a sandwich. She has her smile back.

Brittany counts her tips. She made $576, which she informs Jax was hard work. Good for her. I can’t imagine doing her job. Jax tells her how pretty she looks and that he got compliments on her behalf. In her interview, she says he thinks he’s a charmer. She loves him, even though he’s a dummy.

Meanwhile, at PUMP, James asks if Lala a still mad at him. She says he’s one of her dearest friends, but his behavior is unacceptable. She tells him not to mention her name unless it’s something positive. She trusted him, and needs to feel safe. He apologizes, saying sometimes he’s an idiot and effed up. In his interview, he says he has a lot of acquaintances, but few friends. When things get complicated, he needs to straighten it out right away.

Kristen and Katie come by Brittany and Jax’s apartment. In her interview, Kristen says Brittany is the best thing to happen to the group, and she refuses to watch Jax bring her down. Brittany’s mom walks in. Jax looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Next time, Sherri talks to Lisa, Sherri talks to Jax, Lala talks to Katie about Scheana, and Schwartz calls Scheana the fakest faker ever.

🏊 Summer House is back, and still just as stupid. Like a slightly older version of The Real World, a bunch of boring friends rent a house in the Hamptons that I would kill for, and proceed to spend the summer in a blackout. It didn’t take long before the arguments started, although there was a nice diversion when a couple of cast members decided to head back to NYC for the Gay Pride Parade. I assume this was filmed around the same time as Vanderpump Rules, but too bad Lisa wasn’t attending this one. Maybe she could whip these kids into interesting. If I had a fabulous house in the Hamptons, it’s not likely I would rent it to a bunch of drunken morons. I’ve also never had the desire to spend an entire summer with a bunch of other people in one house, but if I did, I guarantee they would be more intriguing and dimensional than this group

🍆 I discovered a cooking show that premiered in November, but is new to me, and it looks like a lot of fun. It’s Suppertime with Matty Matheson airs Tuesdays at 6, 6:30, and 7 pm on Viceland. You can read more about Matty, “the John Belushi of the Toronto food scene,” here:


Matty Matheson


January 19, 2018 – Obrecht Drunkenly Spills the Tea, a Chef Mention, Six Wise Quotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna talks into a recorder about Faison, and the latest on his more than one son. There’s a knock at the door. She picks up her gun.

At the hospital, Doc literally runs into Valentin while he’s texting, and Valentin suggests he concentrate on walking. Doc says he’s looking for new subjects, and asks if Valentin would like to volunteer. He’d love to study him. Valentin says he’s going away with Nina, but first he’s going to investigate taking Laura’s seat on the hospital board. Doc asks if he hasn’t taken enough from her.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Laura to explore every option, but Laura says no way she can work around it. She takes down the posters, and tells Julian the campaign is over. She’s dropping out of the race

Anna opens the door. Obrecht falls in.

No word from PK Sinclair. Jason says maybe they’re doing it wrong. Even if they draw Faison out, the best they can do is kill him. Sonny says the sooner the better, but it won’t prevent what Jason lost. Doesn’t he mean bring back? Unless there’s a time machine I don’t know about

Sam says her dress is perfect. Drew can’t wait to see her in it, and she can’t wait to marry him.

Anna asks what happened, and realizes Obrecht is drunk. She tells Anna that she’s an adult, pfft! She says she came in an Uber, and Anna wonders why she didn’t Uber to her own home. Obrecht asks what she did with Faison. Anna tells her sorry to disappoint, but he’s not here. Obrecht says it wouldn’t be the first time Anna held him captive. Anna says, as much as she would have liked it to, her place didn’t come equipped with pits and dungeons, but if he showed up, she’d call the WSB. She asks if Obrecht knows where to reach him. Obrecht says she wouldn’t be there if she had a way, but he hasn’t been responding. She thinks he’s coming for his son, and then her. Then he’ll come for Anna.

Sam says the florist will be coming, and a couple guys from the MetroCourt to move furniture. They agreed to get married at home, and she thinks they should take the opportunity to make it meaningful, beautiful and special. She says they deserve it. He says he doesn’t deserve her.

Jason tells Sonny that he was with Sam on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t want Carly to think he was okay with it, but it did give them a chance to be together without anyone else’s opinion. They talked, and played dominoes, but she said something he’s been thinking about. She wasn’t the same person as she was when he got shot. Time passed for her, but not for him. Sonny thinks it’s just an excuse. If he tells her he loves her it will break her heart, but he can’t lie to himself. Sam is going to love him forever – the same way he loves her.

Jason shows up at Sam’s, because the Russians taught him how to build a Star Trek transporter.

Laura tells Doc this is a situation where she can’t delegate. Spencer’s welfare comes first. Someone will step up and take her place. Alexis says, what if Ned runs unopposed?

Kim comes by Charlie’s. Julian introduces her to Stas, his chef, saying she wants to try their signature dish. Stas says he can’t do avocado toast today, or much of anything else. The delivery was rotten. Everything they ordered is worthless. He doesn’t know what happened, but Julian thinks he does

Sonny tells Spinelli they’re going to wait. He doesn’t want Sinclair thinking they’re eager or getting suspicious. He tells Spinelli to deal with the high-tech stuff, and he’ll deal with negotiations.

Anna asks Obrecht to help her locate Faison and save herself. Obrecht says she’s trying to protect Nathan. He’s brave and naïve, and has no idea what his father is capable of. It’s not the physical danger, but the way he can toy with one’s mind, like he did with Anna’s. Anna says they’re on the same side, but she needs something to work with. Obrecht has nothing, not even a way to plead with him for Nathan. Anna doesn’t know why she kept Nathan a secret, since Faison always wanted a son. Was she ever tempted to tell him? Obrecht says her love for him doesn’t make her blind to his failings. He would have tried to control and fashion Nathan in his image, and would have destroyed him. She knows because she saw how he dealt with his other son.

Drew comes downstairs, and Jason says he’s there to give them a heads up. He and Sonny are working on getting Faison out of hiding. They’re close, and it could get dangerous. Drew tells him now isn’t the right time; he and Sam are getting married in a couple of hours. Jason thinks they should take kids on the honeymoon and stay away a while. Drew asks if he’s sure he wants to do this alone. Sam says they’ll take the kids.

Julian shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do to improve Julian’s coffee experience. Julian tells Sonny his grocery delivery was tampered with. Sonny asks if he wants a bouncer. Julian says they’re not dealing with delinquents; it’s much worse than that.

Alexis tells Laura that she’ll draft a press release. Laura tells her to say she’s dropping out for personal reasons, but remains committed to Charles Street. The residents can still fight redevelopment by voting no on proposition whatever. She has faith, and thinks they’ll make the right choice. Alexis hopes they have a choice to make.

Doc tells Valentin he already has what he wants; does he need Laura’s seat on top of it? Valentin says the Cassadine family has a vested interest in the hospital. He came across some papers about the bailout, and says the hospital would have closed without Cassadine money. He wants to continue the tradition. Doc wonders what experience he has, and Valentin says he can offer his expertise in logistics and financials, and they need both. Laura appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Doc tells her that Valentin wants her seat on the board, and she asks what makes him think he’d be welcome? He tells her, big checks. She asks if he’s buying his way in. Valentin says he’s going on his way before she launches into her litany of perceived transgressions. He reminds her they’re just allegations which have no proof.

Anna tells Obrecht that there’s no mention of Faison having one son, let alone two, in any of the WSB folders. Obrecht says she made sure there was nothing to tie Nathan to Faison. Maxie should have left well enough alone. She tells Anna the other son’s name was Heinrich, and he was of little interest to Faison, who sent him to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Anna wonders why. Given how arrogant Faison is, she would think he’d be thrilled with a son to carry on his name and follow in his footsteps. Obrecht asks if she’s that blind. She doesn’t need a WSB file for this. The reason is simple; Heinrich was Faison’s son, but not Anna’s.

Jason plays pool by himself at The Floating Rib. Kim walks in and asks if he needs someone to break.

Drew tells Sam that the kids are coming with them to Tahiti. She wonders how they can get ready that fast, but he says they’ll get what they need there. She asks what about Aurora, and he says they hired Peter for a reason, and it will be fine. She says this isn’t about the honeymoon, but about Faison.

Anna asks what Obrecht knows about Heinrich’s mother. She says the mother had even less to do with Heinrich than Faison, and disappeared after giving birth. Anna asks how he came by the child, but Obrecht says she never asked and he never told her. He wanted nothing to do with Heinrich, but Heinrich was devious, and tried to emulate Faison’s ways, always wanting his approval. Nathan is handsome and charismatic, and Faison would have doted on him. Now that he’s been rejected, he’ll want revenge. He won’t come to connect with Nathan, he’ll come to punish her for lying and making a fool of him. What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from her? Anna says he won’t have that chance. The time for Faison hurting people is done. She and Obrecht together will see to that.

Sonny ask if Julian thinks Ned is responsible for the sabotage of his bar. Julian corrects that to gastropub, and says maybe not personally. Jim Harvey has been buying up real estate, and those who refuse to sell are finding it hard to go about their daily lives. He wonders if Sonny subcontracted some of his men to help Jim do the dirty work. Sonny tells him he promised Mary May Ward that he’d never go near Charles Street. He tells Julian to sell; the neighborhood would be better off without him. Julian says he’s not the problem; Jim Harvey is. If Sonny doesn’t wake up, he’ll find himself a stranger in his own city.

Doc tells Laura that Spencer with two broken legs mixed with boredom, is a recipe for disaster. She says that’s why she’s flying to France. Doc says he’ll reschedule his appointments, but Laura says his patients need him. He says she and Spencer need him more, and wonders how she’ll maneuver a kid with two broken legs. She says she’s not bringing him back; she’s just staying until he’s capable of getting around himself. He asks if Spencer wouldn’t be more comfortable back home, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near Valentin. Doc says he’ll visit as often as he can. He asks what about the election, and she says a candidate can’t take six weeks off.; she had to step down. Doc is concerned Ned will win by default, but Laura says not if a person steps up who understands the issues, and has been by her side on the campaign trail. They’d be primed to take over. Doc asks if she means him. I’m laughing about the “campaign trail,” since it’s been all of a week.

Kim calls Jason a pool shark. She says he looks just like Drew, but he’s nothing like him. Drew liked to kid around and had swagger, and liked to talk more. Jason breaks, and she says, same as him, a pool shark. Jason swears he’s not, but Kim wonders if she’ll get a chance to shoot. She tells him that she has personal question, but feel free not to answer. Was he trying to get back home for the entire five years? Jason says he can only account for six months. Before that, he doesn’t know. Kim bets he thought everything would be the same, and he says until he saw the date. He didn’t believe it at first; he didn’t want to, but had to face it, so he came straight home. It’s mostly been good. He couldn’t go back to his old life, but he’s good with the one he has now. She wonders how he’s dealing with Sam. He says he trusts her to make the right decisions, and she chose Drew. They’re getting married tonight.

Sam asks Drew, what if Faison shows up? Won’t he want to confront him? Drew says he’d like to choke every answer out of him, but if finding out about the past is less important than his future with her. He wants the kids to be protected. Sam says she loves him, and goes upstairs to get ready.

Jason tells Kim, sorry to blindside her. She says she’s happy for them. They already thought they were married, so it makes sense to make it official. She doesn’t know why she was surprised. Jason says you can know something in your head, but it takes your heart a while to catch up. She wonders if his heart is still catching up. Julian comes in, and asks if she had dinner. Kim says no, and he offers to buy it for her to make up for the lack of avocado toast. She tells him as soon as she finishes the game, but Jason says he’ll quit while he’s ahead.

Julian tells Kim that he thanks God his daughter is with Drew and not that bastard. Kim hadn’t known Sam is his daughter. He says they’re estranged, but he still worries about her. He wishes she would stay away from Jason. He tells Kim not to let his blue eyes fool her. He’s a mob enforcer; a professional killer.

Laura tells Doc that he’s a natural, but he says Ned’s camp will have a field day, especially with his serial killer twin. She says there’s always something to work around, but not to count himself out. He says it would be like gifting the election to Ned. He knows Spencer needs her. She puts family ahead of her ambition to do good, and it’s one of the reasons he loves her.

Obrecht wakes up on Anna’s couch, and sees a note. It says she should stay there and sleep it off. Don’t go out. She has reason to be afraid. Obrecht says she can take care of herself.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone (probably Brick) to see if there’s anything to find on Jim Harvey and Niagara Equities. Anna comes in, using the same transporter Jason did, and Sonny asks if it’s about Faison. She tells him that Obrecht showed up at her house, distraught and drunk. She’s worried about Nathan, but Anna assured her they would find Faison. Sonny asks if she wants to compare notes, and she asks if he has something. He wonders if he’ll get incriminated, but she says if he has a lead, she doesn’t care how he got it. This is one case where the end definitely justifies the means.

The tickets to Tahiti are delivered. Drew wonders if he’s been to Tahiti before. Sam gets ready. She thinks about when she married Jason.

Jason ponders at The Floating Rib, and has a beer.

Doc says who knew a skiing accident in France would have ripple effects on politics in upstate New York? Laura is concerned about letting everyone down, but Doc says she galvanized the neighborhood. It’s about everyone coming together to stand for what they believe in. She says he sounds like a mayor to her.

Obrecht leaves Anna’s house. Someone knocks her out from behind. We see Faison’s hand taking out a cigarette out of his case.

Sonny tells Anna that they made contact with PK Sinclair. She says his real name it Heinrich. Faison had a child with an unknown woman, who gave him up at birth. It’s unclear how he found out, but he regarded the child as an annoyance, and sent him to boarding school even though he admired his father. Sonny says the father rejects the son too many times, and the son goes after him. Once he gets the son, he can use him to get Faison. Anna says, like hell.

On Monday, Sam prepares for her wedding, Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam are both sacrificing their happiness, and Anna says orchestrating a meeting between Faison and Heinrich will start a war.

🍳  Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four. For this week’s twist, the contestants guided athletes through making their signature dishes, using only verbal instructions. Robin went home, but she said that she and her pet rock would do just fine. Okay…

📣  Quotes of the Week

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Dale Carnegie

You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.Anonymous

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

You will fail. It’s a matter of when. The true test is if you can continue and stand up and accept failure and move forward.Lady Gaga

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.Georgia O’Keeffe

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.Louis L’Amour

🎇 Everybody’s Workin’ For It…


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December 29, 2017 – Yes They Kiss, This, That, Some Dogs, a Shower & a Cornucopia of Quotes for the New Year


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna tells Robert that Cassandra was on Spoon Island. She asks him to let her know when Cassandra is in custody. She loves it when a plan comes together. Finn asks if she just quoted The A Team. He guesses he should start packing. He and Roxie can now move around the cabin. Anna tells him that he was never her prisoner, and Roxie can stay as long as she wants, but he says they’re a package deal. He asks if she’s glad to get rid of him, but she says Cassandra isn’t in custody yet. Maybe he should stick around.

Valentin asks Cassandra if this is necessary. Cassandra tells Valentin that he’s lucky she brought him there, instead of leaving his body for his Amazon wife to stumble over. She reminds me of Natasha in the Bullwinkle cartoons, but toned down a hundred notches.

Nina texts Valentin yet again. She wonders why he’s not there for their anniversary.

Dante asks Lulu what the next big story is, but she hesitates to answer the question.

Carly and Sonny make out at the bar. He asks where Jason is, but she says she doesn’t know. Sonny says he tried talking him out of going to Russia to look for Faison, but wonders if he found an earlier flight to St. Petersburg.

Drew looks for Monica at the hospital, but Kim says he missed her. He was hoping for a ride. His car won’t start, and he needs to meet Sam. It’s an hour wait for a cab, and Kim asks where they’re supposed to meet. He tells her the Haunted Star.

Sam asks what Jason is doing there. He says he’s supposed to meet Sonny, but she tells him that she and Drew rented the boat for the evening. He realizes they’re moving, and asks if Drew is driving. Sam says no; Drew’s not there yet. It’s on autopilot, and they have to stop it.

As Anna putters around to make a New Year’s Eve spread, Finn says there’s no reason to stay while she and the WSB take down Cassandra. She says any minute now, but you don’t pronounce the patient cured until the tests come back from the lab. She tells him to do what he wants, and he asks if she wants him to leave. She calls him impossible, and he says she’s deflecting and not facing her feelings. She says what she feels is satisfaction; Cassandra is going to be put away for a long time. She would feel ecstatic if Finn could acknowledge her success. He says if it wasn’t for him, she’d still be eating croissants in Monaco. She tells him he’s grown a huge ego. He says if he’s reading it correctly, she’s asking him to leave.

Cassandra tells Valentin that life with a wife and child hasn’t just made him soft; it’s made him stupid. He betrayed her in the most obvious way. She’s surprised he doesn’t realize his mistake. When he knocked the phone out of her hand, Eric discovered the bug. Cassandra doesn’t realize the obvious. If Valentin had planted that bug, he never would have knocked the phone out of her hand.

Nina calls Valentin, and gets voicemail. She wonders why he isn’t there yet.

Lulu tells Dante that she wants something bigger than the Lomax story. She and Peter kicked around some ideas. He asks what they settled on, and they see Nina frantically talking. She tells them that Valentin is late, and not answering his cell or the house phone. Lulu asks if she thinks there’s something wrong with Charlotte. Nina says the babysitter isn’t picking up either. She doesn’t know what to think.

Carly tells Sonny that Jason is more than capable of taking care of himself. Sonny asks what she did. Did she do what she always does, stepping in? Carly says it’s what Sonny wants. Didn’t he just try to convince Jason that Sam was the one for him? Sonny says he got nowhere, and so will she. Whatever she was planning, is not going to work.

Kim gives Drew a ride. He tries to call Sam, but says the reception on the boat is sketchy. Kim asks if there’s someone else he can call, and he explains that there is no one else. He rented the boat, so they could have it to themselves. He tells her that there’s no captain, because it’s on autopilot, and Kim is amused about the technology.

Sam tells Jason the autopilot did what it was supposed to, and pulled away from the pier. Now they’re adrift because they shut it off, and when they did that, it also cut the engine. They shut it off, and the wrong people are on board. She says she should have known how the emergency shut-off works. Sam starts to babble about how the boat should have an analog control system, and says they’re going to be stuck for a few hours. She tries to call Drew, but there’s no service.

Jason tells Sam, sorry. She says it’s not his fault, but thanks him for not saying, I told you so. He thinks this is happening because of him. Carly told him to meet Sonny there. Sam says she was at Aurora and heard their plans, since Lulu announced them, and she must have found a way to delay Drew. Jason says she took things too far, and he needs to talk to her. Sam says there’s nothing he can say or do to change her mind. Carly isn’t trying to convince him, but her. Carly wanted to put them alone together to try and change her mind.

Carly tells Sonny to wait and see, and let nature take its course. He wonders when has she ever done that? She says whatever is going to happen, will happen, and it’s out of their hands. Sonny says Jason is with Sam because of her.

Nina gets ahold of the babysitter. Charlotte is fine, and Valentin left a while ago. She says he should be there soon. Lulu wonders why she’s worried, and Nina says he’s probably picking up gift. It’s their one-year anniversary. Lulu says it’s been one year since they teamed up to keep Charlotte from her mother. Lulu is too old to be such a brat, and I’m really starting to dislike her. Dante asks what’s going on, and Lulu says Valentin is up to something, and Nina is covering it up. I hope her career bombs. Making wild assumptions is not what a good journalist does.

Valentin tells Cassandra not to blame him for her carelessness. She hired him because he was the best. If he was going to bug her phone, she’d have never known it. Cassandra says he lies like breathing, and needs some incentive to tell the truth. She tells Eric to beat the truth out of him.

Finn accuses Anna of practically pushing him out the door. She says just because she pointed out his massive ego, he doesn’t need to go out in the cold. She tells him they could celebrate the new year together, or he could act like an adolescent who can’t wrangle a date with his crush, and leave. She’s proved he’s terrified. Finn says if he’s terrified, she’s petrified. She can’t admit she wants him to stay. She asks if he wants to stay, and he says he’d love to.

Jason calls the harbor master, but they’re not a priority. It will be at least three hours before a tow comes, but they can figure out something in the meantime. He looks behind the bar, and brings out a set of dominoes. He challenges her to a game. She asks if the rules are the same. He says whoever loses a round, takes a shot of tequila. Sam tells him that he’s on.

Anna tells Finn that she has champagne for her, cider, and several kinds of sparkling water. She also makes a killer grilled cheese. He can’t think of better way to ring in the new year.

Cassandra’s phone rings (when did she have time to get another one?). She tells Eric to take a break, and answer the phone. Cassandra wonders if Valentin was planning on taking over himself, but he says he never wanted anything to do with her organization. He wanted to be left alone with his wife and daughter. He tells her it’s their one-year anniversary, and Cassandra says he takes new beginnings literally. Valentin says Nina asked him spontaneously. She wanted to strengthen his position in his custody case, and risked everything for him. Cassandra says he makes it sound idyllic. Valentin says, not idyllic, but real. As long as Nina and Charlotte are by his side, the rest of the world can burn. Cassandra realizes he really means it. He says she knows he didn’t do this, and she’s wasting her time. She needs to find the leak in her organization. Eric comes back, and Cassandra tells him to let Valentin go. Eric says that the authorities just seized her factory.

Dante asks if Nina has reason to believe Valentin is involved in something criminal. Lulu says it’s not like he hasn’t killed anyone – like her brother. Please. Give it a rest. Nina says she’ll find him herself.

Carly goes off to play hostess. Sonny tells Dante and Lulu that he got thank you cards from the kids. Lulu says it was Charlotte’s idea. She told the kids that you always send a thank you when you get a gift. They talk about the kids, and Lulu says it’s amazing that Sonny is willing to drop everything for his family. A huge question mark hangs over my head, since not long ago, Sonny gave up trying to get out of the business for them. She tells Sonny that with Dante, sometimes work gets in the way. Dante says he’s looking for Faison, and asks if Sonny is looking too. Sonny asks if he’s had any success, and Dante says he was going to ask the same thing.

Kim and Drew are stuck in traffic. She says it looks like everyone is trying to get somewhere before midnight. He tells her, sorry, and she asks him to get her glasses from the glovebox. He wonders if she needs glasses, why she’s not wearing them now, but she says it’s only when her eyes are tired at night. Me too. Drew gives her the glasses, and sees a CD marked 2003. He asks if it’s the one that she gave him. She asks if he listened to it, and if it triggered any memories.

Sam says it’s only her first shot, but Jason has already had two. He tells her she’s gotten good at the game, and she tells him that she and Drew play sometimes. She doubts this is what Carly had in mind. She was Carly’s least favorite person, and now she’s the only one who can make Jason happy. Jason says Carly feels bad because she pushed Sam to Drew when she thought it was him. Sam says nobody pushed her. She’s not with him because of Carly, but because she loves him. A lot has changed; she changed. Jason says it wasn’t five years for him. He woke up at the clinic, and had no idea how much time had passed. All he could think about was coming home, but he’s glad she didn’t wait, and went on and lived life. She has Drew, Danny, and Emily Scout. He missed her, but can’t miss the life they didn’t have. As long as she’s happy, he’s good.

Cassandra says someone located the factory by using the bug; her operation is completely lost. Valentin says she got played, and had better get out of the country, and live to fight another day. She wonders if it wasn’t him, who did it? She was always so careful. The lightbulb comes on, and she says, Finn. Valentin asks how he would know how to do something like that, and Cassandra says his girlfriend would. She knew Anna had ties to the WSB, but since Anna didn’t try to hide her identity, she assumed Anna wouldn’t go after her business. She says Finn played her perfectly. Valentin tells her to leave him out of it, but she says she has to take care of Finn, then him. His marriage won’t see the new year; what a shame. She leaves with Eric, and Valentin struggles against his bonds. I totally get why she wants to go after Finn, but what did Valentin do? Or is he just a reminder that she’s stupid?

Anna and Finn toast to a happy new year, and better days. Finn says the water was a good year. He suddenly tells Anna that he has to go. He just needs to go out for a while. He wants to make a fresh start between them, and it will be worth it. He won’t be long. I say, oh no, don’t leave, to the TV.

Sonny doesn’t know Faison’s location. Dante tells him it’s an active investigation. The bartender tells Sonny that he can’t find Carly, and asks if he’ll give her a message. Tell her that he’ll be happy to take care of any special projects she has moving forward.

Sam asks if Jason is drunk. He says no, and she tells him the game is fundamentally unfair. He can drink five times as many shots, which means she has to win fives times more. She doesn’t think she’s ever achieved it, since she’s never seen him drunk. He moves a domino, and she asks why he made such a stupid play? He tells her that he was distracted, but she says he’s losing on purpose. He doesn’t want to see her drunk. Jason, the tough hitman, is too polite to get a lady drunk, unless she’s his lady. They agree that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Jason says it’s almost midnight. If they get up on deck, maybe they’ll see some fireworks. He helps her on with the coat that Maxie picked out.

Robert calls Anna, saying they haven’t found Cassandra yet. She says she’ll lock up, and stay armed until they do. She starts to go upstairs, and the door opens. She says, Finn, we have a problem. By the look on her face, I don’t think it’s Finn.

Nina keeps texting Valentin, and wondering where he is.

Lulu toasts to a new career. Dante asks Sonny to make a resolution to share information on Faison, and Sonny says he will if Dante will. Lulu wants to text Laura to see if she’s enjoying her honeymoon, but Dante suggests she’ll enjoy it more if Lulu doesn’t text her. Sonny tells Carly that she seems happy, and she says she is. He asks if it has anything to do with the bartender. He told Sonny to tell her that he’d be happy to do any special projects for her. She says the employees are always looking for extra work. Sonny tells her that if you start the new year with a lie, you’ll be lied to for the rest of the year.

Dante wonders why Lulu was asking about Faison, and tells her that she has to work on her technique. Is she going after him herself? She avoids the question, and he tells her that Faison is dangerous and a psychopath. Stay away from him. She says she will, if he will. He says he’s a cop; it’s his job. She says he has to accept her career the way she does his. He says not when she’s on the path of a predator. She says they have a problem then.

Carly tells Sonny that she may have arranged for Sam and Jason to get stuck somewhere. Sonny asks if it’s somewhere dangerous, and she says, no, but private. He asks what about Drew, and she says she paid the bartender to tamper with his car. Sonny says she’ll be the first person he’ll blame, but she doesn’t care; she’s doing him a favor. He’ll never be happy with Sam, because Sam won’t be happy without Jason.

Kim tells Drew that he believed in staying in the moment, and not looking too far ahead. He also liked to enjoy a song and a sunset. He used to say, don’t waste chance to live what’s right in front of you.

Sam’s coat deserves a mention. It’s white, soft military style, with a nipped waist and pleats. She tells Jason that Danny loves fireworks, just like his dad. She asks when Jason gave the city money to rebuild, if it was because the fireworks were good from there? He says it was for a lot of reasons, but that was one of them.

Finn gets back with flowers, but there’s no one there. He puts them on the desk, and looks for Anna.

They’re just going to leave me hanging all over the place in this episode, aren’t they?

When Finn comes back, Cassandra is there, smelling one of the flowers.

Valentin continues to struggle. He remembers his and Nina’s wedding, and saying the vows.

The countdown begins. Alone, Nina says, happy anniversary, Valentin.

Dante and Lulu kiss. He wants her to be an award winning journalist, but wants her safe. She promises she will be.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows her intentions are good, and he loves her for that. She’s a force of nature, and his life means nothing without her. She loves him the same way. They kiss.

Kim is like, sorry, happy new year. Drew says he’ll go the rest of the way on foot. He says to tell Oscar, happy new year, and she says the same to Sam.

Sam and Jason watch the fireworks. She says it’s beautiful. He looks at her, and says, beautiful. They look at each other, and he holds out his hand. They get closer. We flash back to when she was drunk, and they danced. They begin to dance on the deck, and we flash back to when they danced under Chinese lanterns in the rain. They dance, and gaze into each other’s eyes. They kiss, while Auld Lang Syne plays.

We get the end-of-the-year full credits, but no preview.

✈ I’ve probably seen it a million times, but suddenly realized that’s Ashley Jones (Parker, General Hospital) in a Priceline commercial with Kaley Cuoco (Penny, The Big Bang Theory). Turns out they’re good friends, and last spring, Kaley helped throw Ashley a safari-themed high tea baby shower. You don’t see one of those very often, and how’s that for useless trivia?

Since we’re still in holiday TV interruptus, I watched two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen tonight. I’m so out of the loop with this show, it didn’t really matter, but nothing makes it feel like home more than Gordon Ramsay bleepity-bleep-bleep-bleeping his way around a kitchen. Especially when he tells the contestants they’ve made a blunder that’s “the worst in the history of this competition.” I wish I had a quarter for every time he’s said that. I know the phrase is supposed to be a nickel, but, inflation.

 🎊 Some Quotes to Usher in the New Year

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.C.S. Lewis, from The Abolition of Man, Compiled in Words to Live By

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Knowing what must be done does away with fear.Rosa Parks

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.Charles Dickens

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. – Albert Einstein

To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.
Reba McEntire

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something. – Neil Gaiman

Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.Benjamin Franklin

New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change.Sarah Ban Breathnach

😸 Here’s Where I’m Supposed to Say…

See you next year – ha-ha! but I’m not going to. It’s so cliché. Whether you rock your new year in at home or take it to the streets, enjoy, but enjoy safely. As for me, been there, done it all, when it was safer and less expensive. I’ll be ringing in the new year with Chinese food, liquor and Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time. Stop laughing.

Wishing you all good things in 2018 – and all the best in TV!

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🐆 And if You’re Inclined to See What a Safari-Themed High Tea Baby Shower is All About…

So Wild! Inside Ashley Jones’ Safari-Themed High Tea Baby Shower

🎅 And Because I Can’t Resist…

Casey'sFirstChristmasMA34239211-0004122MA36022691-0007 (2)

Casey’s First Christmas


September 29, 2017 – Patient 6 is Good with a Paperclip, Z Nation Returns, So Does Hell’s Kitchen & Michael Berryman


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Alexis and Sam visit Jason. Alexis encourages Sam to get moving on her follow-up appointment with Dr. Bensch. Sam wants to reschedule, but Alexis and Jason won’t let her. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Franco is nervous to return to the art therapy program. Elizabeth says he’ll be fine. She tells him good luck, and takes Jake to visit Jason.

In Russia, the nurse checks Patient 6’s vitals. Dr. Kline says he’s lucky to be alive. He tells the nurse that greed comes back to bite you. They offered him a fortune to keep Patient 6 there, but he’s more trouble than he’s worth. The doctor can’t wait to get him out of there.

Someone comes into Ava’s room while she’s sleeping. It’s Griff.

Patient 6 is being transported today, and Dr. Kline wants no trace of him having been there. When the doctor leaves the room, Patient 6 takes out a paperclip.

Ava asks why Griff is there, and he says to see her. He tells her that she has no idea how beautiful she is.

Kristina goes to Parker’s office. She tells Parker that her brother-in-law is awake. Parker says it’s amazing, and the family must be relieved. Kristina says that Molly will be missing a class or two. They go the extra mile for the people they care about, like she just did.

Dillon meets Kiki for lunch. He notes she ordered two lunches, but one of them is for Dr. Bensch, who suddenly appears. He has to jet though, and tells Dillon he’s welcome to the lunch.

Sam tells Alexis that they’re early, and Dr. Bensch isn’t available yet. She wants to leave, but Alexis says no, they’ll wait. Sam doesn’t like Jason being alone. Alexis says her sisters will be happy to help, but Sam doesn’t think so, and says on second thought, Jason could use some alone time. Alexis asks if she’s going to talk to Julien. She thinks somebody should tell him. Sam asks if that somebody is Alexis.

Griff picks up a hand mirror, and shows Ava her face. She looks normal again. He says she’s as gorgeous as ever. If only she worked as hard to heal her soul as she has her face. She wakes up.

Griff calls Anna. He leaves a message saying he narrowed the location of the clinic, but doesn’t have an address. Franco comes in the locker room. He tells Griff they reinstated the art therapy program. Griff asks if he’s been in contact with Ava, but Franco hasn’t talked to her. Griff says that she seems to be MIA, and Franco wonders why it’s stressing Griff out.

Dr. Kline asks if Ava is all right. She tells him that she’s just having bad dreams. He says the first procedure went smoothly, and wants her rested for the next. He goes to get her something to help her sleep.

Patient 6 screws around with the paperclip, trying to get the cuffs open.

I have an interruption, but don’t miss enough to slog through the pirated video online.

Jake goes to get something, and Jason tells Elizabeth that he’s doing well. Elizabeth says he’s strong, but they’ve been there for him. Jason asks if she means her and Franco.

Franco asks if Ava owes Griff money. Griff says that he thinks she’s in trouble, and Franco suggests he get a hazmat suit if he’s going to deal with her. Griff tells Franco that they’re friends, and Franco finds it hard to believe, since they’re polar opposites. Griff says like Franco and Elizabeth.

Patient 6 drops the paperclip, and I say bad words. Someone picks it up. It’s Ava, who just took a tremendous chance unless they have adjoining rooms.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he sees Franco got back in touch with his artistic side. She says the exhibit was old paintings, but he did get the art program back at GH. Jason says they’ll be living and working together now; so much togetherness. She wonders if Jason has a problem with that. Jake shows Jason some pictures he’s organizing. Jason asks if he’s missing one, and Jake wonders if he’s talking about the one he and Franco did together.

Franco tells Griff about giving the money from the exhibit to the hospital. Griff says the old pieces must have stirred up feelings, and Franco says he’s been talking to Elizabeth. Griff mentions the painting he didn’t want to talk about, and Franco starts to singsong, Griff and Ava sitting in a tree. Griff says he has confusing feelings, and Ava is halfway around the globe and hurting. Franco asks what he’s doing there then, and tells him to go find her.

Patient 6 works with the paperclip on the cuffs. Ava chatters at him, saying she can’t believe he can free himself with a paperclip, and he tells her that she should go. She says, and miss this? She’ll take her chances.

Sam tells Alexis that she hasn’t had a perfect scorecard with love either, and veers in the direction of danger. She wouldn’t change anything, but it hasn’t always been easy. Alexis says she doesn’t want Sam to make the same mistake she did with her children. Molly is the good one, but they haven’t always seen red flags. Look at Kristina.

Kristina tells Parker that she’s been bombing in her business classes, and shows Parker her latest dud paper. Parker says economics isn’t her forte, but Kristina says she’s not there for help. She thinks the universe is trying to tell her something. Parker suggests it’s to study more. Kristina thinks maybe she should focus on real world experiences. Parker wonders why she’s getting the feeling that it’s a done deal. Kristina says she dropped her classes. Now there’s no more obstacles preventing them from seeing each other.

Kiki wonders if Dillon is jealous, and he says who wouldn’t be. Dr. Bensch gets to spend massive amounts of time with her, and now he’s buying her lunch. She says it was a sandwich, but Dillon says fries were included – that’s huge. Kiki says she’s also busy with school, her study group, and him. Dillon knows if it weren’t for Dr. Bensch she wouldn’t be on the fast track, but wishes he was helping. Kiki asks how she would function without the foot and backrubs, and conversation about non-medical things. He says he’ll walk her back to the hospital. He tells her please, how could he be jealous of a middle-aged guy in scrubs. Ouch.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s needs to get out and join the dating pool. Alexis is like, no way, and Sam asks if she’s still holding a torch for Julien. Alexis says it’s more like a match, but Sam says the best thing to do is move on. There are a ton of eligible bachelors in Port Charles; pick one. Dr. Bensch shows up, and Sam introduces him. He says he’s already reviewed her stats, and she’ll be in and out quickly. She says that she wants to get back to Jason, and they make small talk about that. Sam tells Dr. Bensch that they’re thinking of having a party for everyone who had a hand in taking care of Jason, so he’s invited. She tells him he can bring his wife or girlfriend, and he tells her he’s single and straight. She says a handsome doctor who’s unattached; what are the odds?

Griff tells Franco that finding Ava is easier said than done. Franco asks if he has any idea where she is, and Griff tells him a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia. Franco asks what’s the hold-up? Grab a Russian dictionary, and hop on the next flight. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do when he gets there, and Franco tells him to hit up every hospital. Someone will point him in the right direction. Griff says that he’s waiting for friend to call back, and Franco says he can wait in Russia and be productive, or wait here, wringing his hands.

Patient 6 finishes getting free from the cuffs. Ava can’t believe he did that. He tells her to go back to her room; he’s going home. She asks how he’s going to do that, and if he even has a passport. She tells him that they’re planning on moving him today. He hears someone in the hallway, and tells her to get out. He waits behind the door, and when the guard or orderly or whatever he is comes in, Patent 6 jumps him and they fight.

Jake brings up the picture of Jason and Franco, but Elizabeth says that wasn’t Jason; it was a neighbor boy. He looks a lot like Jason, but Franco explained that it couldn’t have been him. Jake shows them a picture of Jason as a boy on his tablet. Elizabeth says there’s a resemblance, and Jake says they could be twins.

Patient 6 and nameless guy continue to fight. Patient 6 finally knocks him out. Ava comes back out, and asks who the hell he is.

Sam asks Dr. Bensch to ease her mother’s fears about her health while she goes to change. Alexis asks a couple of questions, but he has the feeling she already knows the answers. She strikes him as a woman who does her research. She asks if she strikes him as a woman who lets her daughter run roughshod over her, and says he must know what Sam is trying to do. He says she’s trying to set them up, but he likes it.

Parker thinks Kristina is being impulsive, but Kristina says that doesn’t mean she’s making a mistake. Parker says that Kristina’s parents don’t like her as it is, now she’s dropped out of school because of her. Kristina says that wasn’t the only reason, and they’ll come around once they get to know her. Parker asks what if they don’t, and Kristina says that she’s an adult and makes her own choices. The business degree isn’t what she wants. She thought Parker had feelings for her, and wonders if she’s wrong.

Griff says that Franco makes good points. Franco asks if the conversation was actually helpful. Griff says it was strange, but it got him thinking. Franco tells him that from personal experience, the only thing worse than not getting what you want is not living at all.

Elizabeth tells Jake that it’s just a coincidence. There’s only one Jason, and there’s no one else like him. Jake says he’s like Jason, and Jason hopes in good ways. He asks how Jake’s therapy is going, and Jake says they talk about Star Wars. Jason thanks Elizabeth for bringing him, and says the next time, Jake will be able to visit him at home. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Patient 6 cuffs the now unconscious nameless guy to the bed, and goes through his pockets. He looks into the hallway, and tells Ava it’s clear and to get out. She tells him there’s a ton of security between there and the front door. He says he’s not going that way. She says that she doesn’t even know his name, but good luck, whoever you are. He thanks her and says that he owes her. She leaves, and he fiddles with his mask.

Parker tells Kristina that she’s not wrong. She has strong feelings, but education is important. Kristina says the timing isn’t right. Parker doesn’t want her to regret what she’s doing, but Kristina says that life is short. Between business and love, she’s picking love. Parker asks if she’s free for dinner. Kristina says she is, and Parker says it’s a date.

Jason stares at the postcard, and looks at the phone.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth and Jake how the visit went. Jake informs him that people can hear you when they’re in a coma. Elizabeth asks how Franco’s first day back was, but he says he’s just getting started. He asks Jake if that’s true what he said about being in a coma. Jake says that his father said he could hear him, he just wasn’t strong enough to talk back. Franco flashes back to talking to Jason, saying if they’re connected to wake up and tell him who he is, so Franco can figure out who he is, and why he’s done what he’s done.

Franco’s phone rings. It’s Jason. He says he’s been awake for almost two days and Franco hasn’t visited. He’s disappointed. He asks why Franco doesn’t come over right now.

Ava is back in her room, looking at a magazine, when Dr. Kline comes in with something to help her sleep. He tells her that success can’t be rushed. She’ll realize when they’re done, and she’s back to her old self. He gets a message that it’s time to transport Patient 6.

Griff leaves a message for Anna that he’s on his way to the airport, and if her contacts come through, to call him. Kiki says she was totally eavesdropping. He says that he wanted to see her anyway. He’s going after her mom. She asks if he’s found out where she is. He tells her not the exact location, but he’s narrowed it down. He says it’s better than waiting and doing nothing. He’s done trying, now he’s going. She asks how he can help, and he asks if she speaks Russian. That’s a no, so he tells her to hold down the fort and pray. Kiki tells him if he finds her mother – he says when – to tell her that she loves her.

Dr. Kline finds the guy cuffed to Patient 6’s bed. He makes an announcement that Patient 6 is on the loose. Everyone should be on the alert. Do not let him make it outside.

Patient 6 runs through a hallway and busts through a door. What do you know? Ta-da! It’s Steve Burton. Like we didn’t know this.

On Monday, Michael accuses Nelle of lying, Jason wants to know why Franco visited him in the ICU, and Paitent 6/Steve Burton/ real Jason (?) needs a favor.

Z Nation

Two years later. Roberta watches as zombies suddenly catch fire in a wasteland. Acid rain starts to come down, and her face melts. She screams.

Roberta wakes up inside of a cocoon in a laboratory. She pulls a tube out of her mouth. Her hair is blonde. Thanks to HDTV, I can see every pore on her nose. She gets up, dressed like a futuristic go-go dancer, in a white crop top and shorts, with little transparent boots. Her hands shake. She strolls around, and picks up a hammer. She walks out to the hallway, and rounds a corner. She sees a child who screams at her. She sees the acid rain in her mind again, and faints.

Roberta opens her eyes to find Murphy standing over her, looking like a normal person. She tells him he’s looking dapper, and he says look who’s back in town. He thought she was dead. He asks if she’s okay, but she’s not sure. He tells her that he’s been cured, and she is too. The bullet that passed through him, hit her. She asks where they are, and where everyone else is. He says she’s been in a coma a long time. She tells him that she was having some weird dreams, and asks how long she’s been out. He tells her for two years. Roberta asks about the others, but Murphy says they didn’t make it. I don’t believe it though. He helps her up. She says she has to get out of there, but he says there’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing left but rotting Z’s.

They get in an elevator. The elevator opens into a park, and Murphy welcomes Roberta to Zona. He tells her they made it; they beat the apocalypse. She can’t believe the rest are all dead, but he says things got so bad in the old world, they’re probably better off. He misses them, even 10K. He tells her that she owes enjoying her life to everyone who didn’t make it. She tells him that she needs to change, but he tells her that it’s Thursday, and clothing is optional. He’s right, because we see two nakey people walk by. Roberta says she hasn’t known the days of the week in years. Murphy gives her the tour.

Murphy tells Roberta that they have all seven days, like when it was pre-Z. They have everything except zombies and the clap, which they eradicated. They stroll through the town, and everyone says hello to Murphy. He tells Roberta that they have tennis, golf, and other recreational activities, like real people, and everything is free when you’re with The Murph. Roberta rolls her eyes, and he says he can’t help it if they owe him their lives. She asks if the vaccine worked, and he says of course. With his blood and the best lab money could buy, what could go wrong?

He takes Roberta to the Giant Museum of Humanity, where they saved what they could, the best of the best of humanity. There’s everything from an Elvis suit to the last case of pop rocks. Roberta sees her reflection in a display case, and touches her hair. She wanders into the hallway, and a guard asks to see bar code. He looks on her wrist, and talks into his radio, saying that there’s a possible unvax. Murphy says she’s with him and introduces her as General Warren. The guard apologizes, and she says that she just woke up from a coma. They continue to walk, and she’s surprised that Murphy made her a general. He says he wanted to make sure they took good care of her.

All dressed up, Roberta and Murphy get into a self-driving car. He can’t wait for her to meet The Founder. He saw it coming before it was coming, and saved what’s left of civilization. He saved humanity, at least the richest of them. She asks what about the rest of the planet, and he says it’s too late. They have a small boat, and can’t save everyone.

A guy runs through the forest, chased by zombies. We see Doc (told you), who has a beard down to his waist, and looks like Moses. He says, now is the time for all good men to kill some puppies and kittens, and mercies the zombies by wielding two hammers. He says it’s a beautiful sight. 10K pops out of nowhere, and head butts him before he realizes it’s Doc.

Up in a treehouse, Doc sits with 10K and Red. 10K says he could have killed Doc, but Doc says it would take way more than a head butt to bring him down. He tells 10K that it’s a nice set-up. It’s been almost two years since they’ve seen each other, and Doc says time flies when you’re killing Z’s. He wants to talk to them about a place called Newmerica, a safe zone in Northern Canada where there are no Z’s. 10K is skeptical, but Doc says it feels right. He tells them that the US government is involved (again, what could go wrong?), and they’re trying to get to the north before snowfall. There’s a waystation refugee camp for survivors. 10K says they have a good spot already. Red says he’s the first human they’ve seen. Doc thinks they might not get another chance, and looking at his beard, asks for a pair of scissors.

A woman is trapped in a car with a zombie, while two men are outside. One has a gun, but he says there’s only one bullet. Another car pulls up, and it’s Addie and Lucy, both rocking a punk-type look, with Addie sporting an eye patch. Addie tells them they’re there to help. Addie gets the woman out of the car, and Lucy calms the zombie. One of the men thanks them, and says they’re going to Newmerica. The other man shoots the zombie. Lucy asks why he did that, and he says it was their mom. The people drive off. Lucy asks Addie if she’s sure she wants to go, but Addie thinks they don’t have a choice. Lucy says, Zona; time to jet. Hey, she used my word.

Murphy tells Roberta that The Founder is a cool guy for being called The Founder, He tells her not to let his appearance frighten her. Really? What could be scary after fighting zombies for years? He used his own blood for the first vaccine, and failed. Not everyone has Murphy’s corpuscles.

OMG! The Founder is Michael Berryman! I love him! Murphy introduces Roberta, but he says everyone knows General Warren. He forgot how beautiful she is. He kisses her hand, and says they’ve met before. He tells Roberta that they all owe her undying gratitude for delivering The Murphy alive. She says it wasn’t easy; half the time she wanted to kill him herself. The Founder takes a breath from his portable oxygen tank. He says she’s funny too. They’ll want her in the gene pool. He says he’d like for her to meet his friends.

The door opens to a group gathered around a dining table. The Founder says he’d like to introduce a hero’s hero, and his new best friend, General Roberta Warren. They all stare at her. The Founder starts to clap, and they follow his lead. The applause gets faster. It’s a weird Stepford-like moment.

At the refugee camp, Dr. Sun directs some workers, and tells some new people to stay within the parameters, especially after dark. A woman complains to a guard that they’re Z bait. He tells her that they take everyone’s welfare seriously, and he thinks she needs a hug. He hugs her, and she calms down. He tells her that human contact is important. He feels better now; how about her? She says if he tries it again, she’ll shoot him. He says, fair enough.

Doc, 10K, and Red arrive at the camp. Dr. Sun hugs them, and asks what happened to Doc. He says that 10K thought he was a Gandalf zombie and coldcocked him. Then he has to explain The Lord of the Rings to 10K.

At the dining table, Murphy says there’s no one more badass than Roberta. One time she chopped the head off of a mutual friend. She says he was already dead, and they barely knew each other; Murphy exaggerates. The Founder tells her that there’s no need to be humble. Roberta says now that they’re cured, they need to learn how to fight. Murphy says not him. Zona is Z free, and his traveling days are over. The Founder tells her that if reports are correct, the last of civilization is in Newmerica. They’ve clawed their way back, and will do it again. He tells her it’s time for renewal, and making way for a new world. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and he feels fine. They can’t wait another decade for the last Z to die of starvation. The moment is here. The window of opportunity to save humanity is closing. They have the shield of the vaccine and the sword of wisdom. It’s time for a reset. Everyone toasts to a reset.

Addie drives like a maniac, trying to shake someone following them. They’re nearly creamed by a huge ball of zombies rolling through, but it misses them and rolls into the car behind them. Addie laughs, and Lucy tells her that it’s not funny; a zombie could have been hurt. There are two soldiers in the car, and the zombies go nuts banging on it. The windshield breaks.

A woman makes small talk with Roberta. The Founder says that he heard her two favorite things are chocolate and killing zombies. He had his pastry chef make a special dessert for her – a chocolate volcano zombie head cake. Murphy tells her that the brains are cherry custard. Roberta cuts into it, and flashes back to repeatedly stabbing a zombie. When she comes back to reality, all of the guests are covered in chocolate and cherry, and she’s destroyed the cake.

Red talks to Sun about the treehouse, and how she hated to give it up. Sun tells her it’s hard to let go of a shred of security. Red asks if she thinks Newmerica is real. She does, but also thinks maybe people need something to believe in. Sun asks Red about 5K. Red says they’d finally made it – we see this as she’s talking – but 5K fell down a hill and was surrounded by a huge flock of crows. When they flew off, 5K was gone. She hopes to see him again one day.

In the car, Murphy tells Roberta that she knows how to make a first impression. Roberta apologizes, and says she has to get out of there. Her hand shakes, and Murphy asks if she’s okay. She says something is wrong with her, and she has to go. She jumps out of the car, and starts to run, avoiding the guards by hiding behind trees. She sees a golf cart, puts on the boots she finds in the back, and rips her gown to make it shorter. She drives the cart to the lab. When she walks inside, a guard tries to stop her, she puts some martial arts moves on him, and he’s down. Ditto the next one. In her mind, she sees the wasteland. She sees a large metal gate with a sign that says zombies beyond this point. She lifts it up, and it opens to the ocean. Guards come up from behind her, and take her away.

Roberta is strapped to a gurney and riding in some kind of medical vehicle, like a rolling examining room. Murphy is there, and she asks where she’s going. He tells her she could have killed the guards, and she can’t go around killing things like she used to. She tells him that he doesn’t understand, and he says to enlighten him. He tells her that she’s the one who doesn’t understand. There’s no one left to save but themselves. He asks her not to go PTSD on him, when this is the first good thing to happen since day one.

Doc gives 10K a box of ammo. 10K asks him what if it sucks, and Doc tells him that life is a crapshoot. He’s young. He might even want to start a family. 10K says that Red doesn’t want children after what happened to 5K. He tells Doc a different story, and we see it differently as he’s talking. When they were searching, they saw this huge black cloud of crows at the bottom of a hill.  They thought they saw him standing in the middle. When the flock cleared, they realized he’d sacrificed himself to save him. We see his clothes and a bloody mess. Doc tells 10K that for not being blood kin, 5K was a lot like him. 10K asks if that’s supposed to make him feel better. Doc says nope. I love Doc. He reminds me of my father.

Another stopped car looks like they’re in trouble. Lucy wonders why everyone in such a hurry to get to Newmerica. She and Addie walk toward the car, but suddenly Lucy tells Addie to stop. She says there are no Z’s there. Instead, it’s a group of guys with guns.

At the camp, a guard tries to contact Rolling Thunder One on his radio, but there’s no answer.

Lucy and Addie are tied up in the back seat. Lucy tells them to let Addie go; she’s the one they want. Using her thoughts, Addie tells Lucy to leave them alone. Keep her eyes on her, and be ready to move. Addie scratches at her non-eye, which I guess is so we can see it. It’s gross, but far from the worst thing on this show.

In her mind, Roberta walks through the wasteland. She sees a control panel, and is about to press a button. IRL, her hand starts to shake. In her dream, she looks up and sees a gigantic stingray (the fish, not the car) floating through the sky. The vehicle stops. Murphy tells her to wake up. She tells him to get her out. He starts to unstrap her, when the door opens. Murphy recognizes Dr. Teller. The doctor tells them to come with him. He has no time to explain.

Back at Zona, one of The Founder’s dinner guests wears a protective suit while he messes with a zombie hand in the lab. It starts to disintegrate until it’s only bones.

Next time, Murphy says it’s not good.

🔪 This time around, Hell’s Kitchen is pitting 16 All Stars – those who did not win in their season, but were still winners in their own right – against each other. The prize is being head chef at Gordon’s Las Vegas restaurant, which pulls in a salary of a quarter of a million dollars. There were a lot of flashbacks from the previous seasons, highlighting the various contestants. The first challenge was a men versus women thing, and the men won. They got to go down a sky slide made of glass from seventy stories up. Which may or may not be your idea of a win. I don’t have the names down, but one of the guys was pretty frightened, and I don’t blame him. He did it anyway, and my hat’s off to him. It did look like fun, but I’d be scared out of my mind. Afterward, was dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and Wolfgang himself was trotted out to greet them. The women got the thankless tasks of cleaning up from the initial opening of the contest. This consisted of taking down the bleachers, taking up the red carpet, and best of all, picking up the zillion pieces of confetti that were dropped. Robyn, who got a one out of five, sinking the ladies’ team, consulted her tiger eye, telling the group that it answers yes or no questions for her. One of the other women made a great point in saying that she guessed Robyn didn’t ask about the salmon. <snort> They should vote her off just for thinking she hears from a tiger eye. Next time is an elimination.

Quotes of the Week

Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all – in which case you fail by default.J.K. Rowling

For to be free is not merely to case off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.Nelson Mandela

Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got six months. – a character in the Lifetime movie, Break-Up Nightmare, although probably pretty old.

In Honor of Tonight’s Z-miere

An interview:


Michael Berryman

There were many, but I liked this one.