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February 9, 2020 – The Shahs Return To Sunset, Oscar This & King Of Best Songs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shah of Sunset

Clips from Memory Lane are interspersed with where everyone is at now. A producer asks MJ what holds them together, and she says, love. We see a clip of what’s to come between her and Reza, and it’s not love.

We rewind to a month earlier. In his interview, Reza tells us that he lost 50 pounds. He’s trying to get his body from the 20s back. He didn’t appreciate it when it was happening, and it goes away quickly. He says he and Adam are getting better. Adam and Reza plan for a housewarming party, and we flash back to them in the process of building. The new house is gorgeous, except for the backyard, which Reza declares a disaster. He isn’t sure if MJ can make the party, and hasn’t invited GG yet. We flash back to the reunion, where GG tells everyone that she’s being sued by Shalom, as the result of something Mike, MJ, and Reza did. Reza says he doesn’t want to be a bitchy queen, so he’s inviting her.

GG tells her friend Yasmin that she hasn’t been invited, and she’s pissed. Yasmin tells her to take a breath, and wait. GG says she’s been giving everyone their space, but Yasmin thinks GG should actively mend some relationships. GG thinks she can do it with Destiney, and she loves Adam, but she’ll deal with Reza in time. In GG’s interview, she says she has embryos on ice, and she’s going to get pregnant, No doubt she’ll stop smoking weed when it happens. Yasmin says there are so many horror stories about ruined bodies, but GG says she’s going to be a MILF. Yasmin cooks something, and it sets the fire alarm off.

At the market, Destiney tries to get Mike to try natural Viagra, but he says he doesn’t need it; he’s Persian. Mike has a new girlfriend, Paulina, and it’s the first time he’s dated a Persian girl. She’s a vegan, and he goes to Destiney for cooking tips. Mike tells Destiney that he knows how to treat a woman. Destiney is skeptical, considering what happened with Jessica, but Mike says it was a bad relationship. We flash back to some of that. He says Paulina has completely changed his vibe. In Destiney’s interview, she says, dating is a bitch. It’s like finding needle in a haystack, and needle the needle is rusted. With her bad luck, and Mike being hooked up, she feels like she’s in Groundhog Day and Twilight Zone at the same time.

Reza talks about Adam’s butterfly incubator, and how he has a flare for parenting. Adam says MJ is ready to pop, and Reza asks if he still wants to have kids. Adam says he’s having second thoughts, and Reza asks if it’s because of relationship. Adam says, partly, but Reza gets stressed out easily, while he’s at the other end of the spectrum. If the baby pukes on Reza’s Gucci shoes, it might cause friction. Then Reza will resent the kid and/or Adam. The bottom line is, it’s part Adam’s career, and part Reza’s attitude, and also their past history. Reza says he’s confused and thirsty. He’s having some water, and moving back to Iran.

Reza meets Nema for a drink. Nema is all happy about his new veneers, and shows Reza that he’s wearing his gold chain. Reza says Nema’s Persian went from a 6½ to a 10. Nema asks how married life is, and Reza says, great. We flash back to two seconds ago. Nema says they’re late bloomers. He’s on the upswing, but everyone is wifed up and married. Even Mike is with new ex-wife number two. Reza says, Paulina is rich and her ex is rich. In Reza’s interview, he says, Mike won the Persian girlfriend lottery.

Mike makes dinner for Paulina. In his interview, he says he’s completely changed his life. A year ago, he was living the single life, but he’s 40, and doesn’t want to stay single; he wants a family. He found someone to give him what he’s looking for in life. Everything is amazing, from their deep discussions to the way she kisses him. He says, when you know, you know, and he knows. She’s his soulmate. Aww! She pronounces the food delicious, and he says she’s everything he wants in a woman, and he loves her. She wonders why she never met him before, and she says she got married young, at 19. She wasn’t looking something serious, and hearing he cheated, she would have said he didn’t deserve a second chance. In his interview, he says he made sure he was transparent and honest with her. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. He tells her that he’s completely different. She says he adores her children, and she wants to marry him. He says when they’re ready, it will be great.

GG and Destiney meet for lunch. Destiney orders a heathy dish, while GG stuffs her face with pizza, among other carb-laden things. GG tells Destiney that she felt cut off from everyone, but had a different kind of friendship with Destiney. She felt like she’d popped off at Destiney – we flash back to the reunion – and apologizes. Destiney says they’re different people, and GG says she couldn’t take it anymore; she’s apologizing. Destiney tells GG that she’s too aggressive, and we flash back to about a dozen examples of that. GG insists it was only one time. She gets up, and says she’s done with it, and yells that Destiney is lying. She’d never raise a hand to one of her best friends. Destiney reminds GG of an incident at the fair where GG shoved her, and GG walks out. At this point, the whole restaurant is watching. GG smokes some weed, and comes back. She tells Destiney that she needed a minute. She kept reaching out to Destiney, and wants her to understand. She asks where Destiney wants to go with this. Destiney says she gets GG, and thinks they should take it day by day. In Destiney’s interview, she says GG is cuckoo, but she loves her. GG takes Destiney’s hand, and asks Destiney to feel her and her apology. In GG’s interview, she says it’s more familiar for her to be turnt up than to calm down. Destiney says, it means a lot.

Reza, Adam, and an entire team prepare for the party. In his interview, Reza says he’s going full-on Annette Bening in American BeautyI will sell this house today. He says Adam isn’t as neurotic, and will give him sourpuss, but he’ll hug and love Adam, and everything will be fine in the hood.

Reza thinks a bunch of drunk Persians and lanterns may not mix. In his interview, he says Destiney is a genius with cocktails, and he asked her to come up with a Persian cocktail or two, to feature on the menu. The backyard was Beverly Hillbillies, but party planner Kevin Lee waved his magic wand, and spread gold fairy dust everywhere. It does look fabulous. Destiney instructs the bartenders on her creations, and in her interview, says she loves their culture. The spices are on a whole different level. Adam finds the first drink a little tart, and Destiney says, Reza likes tart. Adam says, not a tart attitude. In Destiney’s interview, she says she can’t look at Adam without feeling horrible. He sent some raunchy-ass stuff to her friend Ali. We see a clip of Ali showing her his phone, and saying he doesn’t know what Adam’s intentions are. In her interview, she asks, how you tell someone you care about, you’ve heard some sh*tty-ass information about their relationship? She doesn’t want to believe Adam cheated, but something is going on.

Everyone begins to arrive, including Mona, Shervin, and some childhood friends. Reza’s friend Sara doesn’t have a lot of Persian friends in LA, so he introduces her around. In Mike’s interview, he says you never come to someone’s house for the first time empty-handed, and he sent the biggest bunch of flowers possible. He finds his flowers on display, but realizes there’s no card, and shows Reza the card that should have been with them on his phone. In Reza’s interview, he says he loves Paulina, and she dresses impeccably. Everyone compares jewelry, saying things like, this is Cartier; this is LV, until Mike finally says, this is my dool (slang for penis). I literally lol.

GG shows up, bringing the cutest succulent garden, and a llama balloon. She says Reza is skinny, and he says he stopped eating. She starts to go out to the patio, and turns around. She tells Reza, she has to go. She didn’t think Shervin was going to be there. Reza says he didn’t know she and Shervin had beef. Mike tells her not to run off, and she, Mike, and Reza, sit on a side patio. In her interview, GG says she was hardcore focused on her company. We flash back the her launch event, and she says she found out Shervin got involved in the CBD space too. It was a stab in the back. Reza asks to talk to GG alone, and Mike makes himself scarce. Reza tells GG that he  loves her, and wants to be back in a good place. He’ll be hurt if she leaves. They haven’t been talking, but he loves her, and wants the best for her. Her life has been off limits, and he does better when he’s in her life. GG says they don’t get along because they’re too similar, and Reza says, almost identical. She says, it’s like the Bloods and Crips uniting. He says, you go, Nipsy, and they hug.

Mike continues to look for the card, poking through the bouquet. Outside, Paulina talks about her tattoos, and says she wants to add her and Mike’s wedding date. In Nema’s interview, he says, Paulina wants to marry Mike yesterday, but he has a tendency to have a wandering eye. She says, the two of them until death. GG sees Nema, and in her interview, says, it’s like walking chicklets. In Nema’s interview, he says, maybe the moment has passed where they’d be friends who have hot sex. Instead, they’re friends who go to brunch. Reza announces they’re playing charades. Destiney is the first up with pogo stick, and Shervin has booty call. Destiney finds Mike still looking for the card, and says Ali told her something about board game night; they played strip Jenga. I’m not sure how anyone could say that with a straight face. We see a clip of Ali telling Destiney that Adam has been playing with other guys. Mike asks what if Destiney’s SO played strip poker with chicks? and she says she’d cut his d*ck off.

Destiney and Mike go to a private area outside with Reza. Mike says he doesn’t think it’s true, but supposedly Ali got weird tests from Adam that had sexual undertones. He thinks Adam can be funny like that. Destiney says Ali told her that when Reza was out of town, Adam played Jenga, and they were all naked. Reza says, okay… and Destiney says she didn’t want to tell him, but Reza says he wants know. Either he and Adam will end up together or apart, but whatever happens, he’s glad they told him. He thanks them, and says he’ll get to the bottom of it. Either some weird sh*t is going on, or it’s innocuous. Either way, always tell him. He excuses himself to say goodbye to some guests. When he comes back, Mike says, maybe it’s nothing, but Reza says, always tell him, and let him decide. Mike says, Destiney told him. Destiney tells Adam that she loves him. In her interview, she says she feels like a POS. they worked so hard on their marriage, and she’s the messenger who’s effing it up. Who wants to be a part of that?    

The guests are mostly gone, and the DJ packs up. Adam sits outside with Reza, and Reza asks if Adam was playing strip Jenga there, or somewhere else. Adam screws up his face, like he smelled something bad, and… to be continued.

This season: MJ delivers Baby Shams, Mike proposes, GG gets pregnant, and MJ and Reza go to war. Parties, possums, Tommy wants to break Reza’s legs, Destiney is spiraling, and Mike does drag. New friendships, new relationships, new struggles, new hope. 

🎭 Read All About It…

Mostly because I didn’t watch it. I was thrilled to hear Bong Joon Ho was the big winner, since Snowpiercer is one of my favorite films, and horrendously underrated.

Some highlights.

Some Memory Lane.

Something odd.

And most important, the fashion.

🏆  Another Winner…

Even the king of the beasts needs a break now and then.

February 25, 2019 – A Sad Sorry, Stella Realizes She’s Wrong, Lala Takes a Break, Something New, From GH to Oscar, Rainbow Bridge & Best Girl


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Starting off with an apology. Normally, I’d do more editing than this, but tonight, my Best Girl Forever went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I’m exhausted. For a little over 16 years, we had a great run. So please forgive any mistakes, things I missed, or details that I just didn’t deal with.

General Hospital

Jason comes to at the hospital. Carly sits next to his bed. She says he’s okay; that’s all that matters. He says he can see; that’s all he cares about. She tells him that he’s staying until he gets cleared by the doctor.

Sam tells Shiloh that he doesn’t have to stay. He says he’s there for consolation, support, coffee, whatever she needs. She wants to get a prognosis on Scout and Danny’s dad.

Finn explains the virus to Drew. Anna says Finn was able to neutralize the virus. Drew says he remembers pulling out of the garage, and asks if he hit anybody.

Curtis sits next to Jordan’s bed. He says he was told the best thing for her is rest. He’s not asking her to open her eyes, but she can give his hand a squeeze. Nothing happens, and he says she was always a stickler for the rules. He tells her to rest. Her man will be there when she wakes up. Stella brings him some coffee, and he tells Jordan that Aunt Stella is there with some much needed caffeine. He says he won’t be far. In the hallway, Stella says she talked to the doctors, and Curtis asks what the hell is going on.

At the MetroCourt, Peter asks Maxie if there’s no word from the lab. She says no, even though the promise next day service, but they’ve made a promise to figure out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter or Valentin’s plant.

At another table, Valentin is happy to have a moment alone with Sasha. She wonders how can be so calm. Nina loves him, and she thinks he loves Nina, but she doesn’t want Nina to end up heartbroken. That’s why Valentin thinks it’s best for all parties involved if Sasha cuts her visit short. Nina breezes in, says she needs a private conference with her daughter, and whisks Sasha off.

Anna asks Jason how the patient is, and he says, ready to leave. Carly says, no leaving. Anna say she thought while he’s waiting, he’d want to find out what made him go blind in the first place. The HN242 virus is rare, and causes a hemorrhage that results in blindness. He says like what happened to her. She says it has to do with the memory transfer procedure, and Carly says Andre did that, but Anna say it wasn’t intentional. The original doctor, Dr. Cabot, did a study of identical twins. One of the subject pairs was her and Alex.

Shiloh wonders how Jason found the tower, since he had no idea where they were going. Did she tell him? Sam says she didn’t know. She doesn’t need permission to go wherever with whomever. Maybe his mom told him, since she left the kids there. he says he saw a gun, so Jason must have had it in his hands. Sam says he always carries. It must have jarred loose when he fell. Shiloh asks if she’s sure Jason wasn’t going to shoot him.

Finn tells Drew the virus was neutralized, and there’s no chance of the blindness reoccurring. It will take a few days to recover, so no skydiving. Kim tells him it’s time to get some rest. He thinks it’s a good time to talk through what happened. He was driving and he couldn’t see, and got an incredible headache. He asks if he stopped the car, and Kim says, Jordan was hit.

Stella tells Curtis that Jordan shattered two ribs, and a kidney was punctured. If her blood pressure becomes dangerously high, they may have to remove it, but want to save both if possible. They’re monitoring the situation, as there was also blood trauma to the other kidney. It’s serious. If both are compromised, they can explore other options, but they’re not there yet.

Nina wants to talk bridesmaid dresses. She wants Sasha to get something she loves, but there are factors to consider, like the month – they’re looking at May – and the time of day. Sasha thinks maybe Nina’s dress should be figured out first. Nina says she needs help with everything, and asks her to consider staying in Port Charles until the wedding.

Valentin asks if Peter has a minute. Peter hesitates, but Maxie says, sure. They step away, and Valentin says he needs to ask for a little favor; actually, not so little. He wants Peter to be his best man.

Anna tells Jason that Cabot adapted a use for serum, and the DVX held on to the serum and the memory transfer notes, making them available to Andre, who used it on him and his brother, who suffered a hemorrhage around the same time.

Sam tells Shiloh it’s crazy. Since Jason came back, he’s been trying to recapture what they had, no matter how many times she tells him no. Shiloh says he’s sorry Jason is so possessive, but it tells him all he needs to know.

Jason ask if Anna and Alex were the first subjects, if Alex has her memories. Anna doesn’t think so, saying it doesn’t feel that way.

Sasha tells Nina that Chappaquiddick isn’t the moon, and they can meet in the city if Nina wants to check out dresses. Nina doesn’t want to pressure her, but asks if she’d consider staying. She wonders if she’s overwhelming Sasha, who says she’s not overwhelmed; she’s blown away. Nina has a generous heart. She’s so welcoming and open. That’s what makes it so hard turning her down, but she wants to be honest.

Curtis tells Stella that Jordan risked her life every day for a number of years. Now she’s a police commissioner with a desk job, relatively safe in comparison, and critically injured in ICU. If he wasn’t so scared, he laugh at the irony. She says he and his brother served in areas that were high risk. The possibility of losing them paralyzed her. She bargained with herself, and asked God for the grace to get her through. When Tommy died, the prayer changed a little. She thinks he should try it. They join hands.

Carly says Anna likes Jason. He guesses it’s the spy stuff. Carly says Anna didn’t even try getting her to leave the room. Jason says she probably knew if would be a futile effort. Carly says he and Anna must have bonded last year while they were tracking Faison’s son, but Anna lied to him the whole time. She starts sounding a little irrational, and Jason asks if she’s jealous of Anna. She’s just saying they’ve gotten close. Jason says, she’s Robin’s mother. Jason asks when he woke up, who was sitting beside him. Her. Just like he’d be there for her. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says Sam texted her. He asks if Carly is okay, and Carly says the doctors claim the worst is behind him, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, but she was. All the feelings came back. She missed and needed him. He’s her best friend, and she’s going to need him for the next v months. He needs to remember how important he is to her. He asks what’s going on, and she says she’s pregnant.

Shiloh sees that Sam has gotten over Jason, even if he’s not evolved enough to do the same. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to see a sunrise. He has to get back to the house, and when he leaves, she says, finally.

Drew asks where Jordan is, and Kim says in ICU. They’re monitoring her internal injuries. She was operated on last night, and came through well. Drew wants to see her, but Kim says she’s heavily sedated.

Curtis tells Jordan that he never thought he had a chance; that she would love him like he loved her. He loved her as a friend first, a partner, a sister-in-law. Still, he couldn’t deny her beauty. He was clear on the boundaries, but when Tommy died, their family blew apart, and she was out of his life. He had to train himself not to think about her, and the long boring stakeouts where they bonded over lake trout sandwiches, and she made him laugh. But the universe brought them back together, and he was able to see what he couldn’t receive back then. Right or wrong, he loved her the whole time. If he hasn’t made that clear, shame on him.

Valentin knows Maxie told Peter that he and Nina are getting married again. He could probably scrape together a respectable human being, but he’d rather have a friend. Peter asks if that’s what they are. Valentin says he’s known Peter since he was born, and after his tragic mistake, he did his best to right his wrong. He wants Peter to know what Nina means to him. Peter says he’d be honored. They hug, and at the table, Maxie says, that does not bode well.

Cabot tells Anna that he was just leaving. She says, no, he’s not.

Jason asks if Carly is sure, and she says both she and Sonny saw the ultrasound. Sonny left to find Dante in Turkey. Jason asks if he needs support, but she says Brick set it up. Jason insists he can go, but Carly thinks it’s important that he stick to recovering. He asks what about her. It was a risk when she was pregnant with Josslyn. She says she’s taking it easy, and she hasn’t had chips in days; no stress either. He says she should be home relaxing, but she says he can’t stress her out, and she’ll try to leave before he does. He has to do what she wants for the next seven months. He says if that’s what she needs, they’ll figure it out. He asks if she’s excited, and she says she’s scared, nervous, and surprised. She never thought this would happen, but now that she knows, she’s really excited. Jason is too. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam, who says she was freaking out when she saw him at the bottom of the stairs. She kisses him, and says she thought he was dead. He says there’s nothing to worry about.

Curtis tells Jordan that maybe he was too ambitious about the honeymoon. She wanted to go to New Orleans. Why not do that? They can plan a long weekend, forget police work, and hold hands in the garden district. They’ll just do them. Stella says Curtis has a visitor; she’ll stay. Curtis finds Drew in the hallway. Drew doesn’t know what to say; he’s sorry. He wishes he could take it back. Curtis says, it was an accident; stuff happens. Kim and the other doctors are hopeful. There was no spine injury, which is major. They did surgery, and are waiting to see how it goes. Drew says if there’s anything he can do, he will. Curtis says the doctors are taking good care of her. He heard Drew was found unconscious. Drew says apparently his crazy vision was an unhappy surprise from his past. He’s sorry.

Stella says she owes Jordan an apology. She owes Jordan several.

Sasha says it’s Nina’s wedding. She can be supportive from a distance, but wants to focus on Nina. Valentin asks if it’s a closed meeting. Sasha says she needs time to think. So does Nina. After Sasha leaves, Nina tells Valentin that her daughter has a mind of her own. Valentin say she has an independent streak, but Nina wishes Sasha would be independent and outspoken in Port Charles. Valentin says he asked Peter to be his best man, and Peter agreed.

Maxie asks Peter what Valentin wanted, and Peter says Valentin asked him to be his best man. Maxie asks what he said, and Peter tells her, yes. He says she doesn’t seem surprised, but she’d like to know his reasons. He says he doesn’t want to keep any secrets from her.

Cabot says he gave them a thorough briefing on the memory transfer study, but Finn says, not thorough enough. Anna says Andre successfully transferred memories from Jason to Andrew. Finn says there must have been something promising in the original study for them to allow it to continue. Anna asks if Cabot ever transferred memories from her sister to her.

Jason thanks Sam for texting Carly. Sam says she had to keep her distance. Carly wonders how far she’s taking this. Shiloh took her to an isolated location. What if Jason hadn’t been there? Sam says he was, and this has nothing to do with her; it’s about Sam’s sister Jason tells Sam that Carly is pregnant, and can’t have stress. Sam hugs Carly, and apologizes for being snippy. Carly says she started it. She says Jason promised that he wouldn’t leave until a doctor gives the okay, but If he has to take care of himself, so does she. Sam says a baby is pretty great, and asks if Carly Jason is okay. He says he just has a little leftover headache. She asks what happened, but he says, her first. What happened in the tower? Wasn’t he listening on the phone?

Stella says she made Jordan the focus of her grief and loss, and her anger over Tommy’s senseless death. She judged Jordan for her mistakes, and held them against her. It was never her place. Now she sees the time she wasted, and the needless pain it caused, dividing the family, issuing an ultimatum. If she wasn’t so stubborn, she’d have admitted that Jordan was an admirable woman, with the courage to face her mistakes and the strength to take them back. She hopes she can follow and learn from Jordan’s example. She admits she was wrong, and will do everything in her power to make it up to her.

Nina says she’s surprised, but in a good way. She doesn’t think Peter’s motives are altruistic. Valentin says, neither were his. He knew Peter was more likely to say yes with Maxie there, and Maxie was more likely to be supportive if Peter is best man. Nina asks if their wedding is going to be Maxie and Peter’s date night.

Peter tells Maxie that getting close to Valentin doesn’t mean he’s going to betray him. He’d prefer Valentin be an ally than an adversary. The results are in.

Cabot says memories aren’t widgets; they’re not defined by quantity or mass, but he believes there was something. Anna asks what it was, and he tells her to ask her sister. Alex is the curator of her own memories. He has a plane to catch. Anna introduces him to Agent Grey, who will be his escort to Steinmauer. He says they’ve had his full cooperation, and provided them with everything he knows. Anna tells him to have his lawyer call her. He’s escorted out. Finn says he’s not the first doctor to pad his research, and exaggerate his success. Anna says, it sounds farfetched, but what if he’s telling the truth? If she has memories that aren’t her own, it could make a huge difference. Hmm… could Peter be Alex’s son?

Cabot tells the guard that he has to check with a patient. The guard steps away (okay), and Cabot asks how his favorite patient is. He says the same thing happened to him, and it was terrifying. Fortunately there’s a cure.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants Maxie to be happy; she’ll get there. She feels like Maxie is slipping away from her, and it makes her more grateful to have Sasha in her life. She didn’t outright refuse to stay in Port Charles. This thing might work out. Valentin says he’s counting on it.

Carly sees Peter, and apologizes for interrupting. He tells her that he’s happy with his office. She’s glad to hear it. She says there’s something else. She just left Jason, who had a health scare that stemmed from Dr. Andre’s procedure. She’s sure when all this started, Peter didn’t know they’d end up in the same city, and have people in common; people who have given him a second chance. Don’t blow it. She leaves, and Maxie tells him that she almost jumped in there, saying he’s changed and is committed to being a new person, but she realized the only way to prove it is by actions. He says he’d rather prove it to her. She doesn’t set up impassible standards, and they accept. Maxie asks him to read the results. She’s too nervous. Subject A is Nina. What does it say about Sasha. He says it’s not a match. Maxie says then Sasha is a fraud. He doesn’t think it has to do with Sasha. It’s says she’s an African American female. She says she must have taken the wrong clippings. Back to square one. Now what?

Stella tells Jordan that she would have been mortified if Jordan had gotten in touch with Marcus, but fate did the work for her, and Stella admits she had the right idea. Curtis stands in the doorway. She asks how long he’s been eavesdropping, and he says, long enough. The machines Jordan is attached to start to go crazy. Stella calls for the nurse, and takes Curtis outside. The doctor thinks Jordan needs emergency surgery.

Jason tells Sam that he heard Shiloh ask her to spend the night with him. That’s why he headed up the stairs. Then he blacked out. She says she heard him fall. It wasn’t the rescue she was looking for, but it worked out better. Shiloh thinks she’s grateful. She’s going to keep playing it out. She has no choice; if it’s the only way to reach Kristina. She has to, and needs him to back her up. She can’t do it alone. He says he’ll back her up, as long as there isn’t another trip to the tower. They kiss, and Shiloh sees.

Tomorrow, Curtis says Jordan’s not out of the woods, Lulu interviews Franco, and Sam pretends she and Jason are done.

Vanderpump Rules

Kristen hugs Katie, and says she loves her. Katie says she loves Kristen too, but last night was crazy. In Katie’s interview, she says last night, Kristen lost her goddam mind. She was knocking on doors, asking for cigarettes, and threatening to leave in the middle of the night. Kristen wants to be chill, and stop freaking out. She says Carter was texting her about James. In her interview, Katie says Kristen claims her meltdown was about James being at guys’ night, but she hasn’t been happy in the relationship with Carter. Kristen says she’s not the only one who feels that way, but Katie says she’s the only one acting that way.

Jax announces drinking sucks as you get older. Schwarz thought vacation was supposed to be fun and guilt free. Jax remembers in his heyday going out for multiple days in a row of drinking. He’s drinking a quarter of that, and sick as a dog. Schwartz thinks Peter hooked up, but Jax wasn’t comfortable. He tells Schwartz about calling the girls. In his interview, Schwartz says it’s refreshing to see Jax remorseful. Schwartz asks if it doesn’t feel good to have zero temptation, but Jax still doesn’t want to be put in that situation.

Katie tells Kristen that she literally fell, and was arguing on the ground. She couldn’t even stand up to finish the argument. She gave up. Lala says it’s their final day in Solvang, and they’re going to a winery/ranch. She knows how to give bitches a good time. She’s not drinking because Randall thinks it’s a horrible combination, but she does keep sniffing the various vintages. She says it’s not easy for her; it’s pure torture. Brittany passes on drinking too. She tells them, last night, she was sick; waking up every hour to throw up. She thinks she might be allergic to something. Um… maybe she’s allergic to drinking too much?

Stassi tells the girls about Jax and Beau calling her and Brittany. She 100% believes what they said, and thinks they handled it perfectly. He didn’t have to call her. The old her would been a mess. Progress. Everyone comments on how beautiful the scenery is. Stassi and Kristen stay at the outdoor table and drink wine, while the others go for a walk. Stassi says Kristen seems normal today. She doesn’t think the problem is James. She thinks it’s bigger than that. Kristen admits her and Carter are not great. She doesn’t need to be screamed at. Stassi says she can be in a relationship where someone loves her. is happy to be with her, and supports her, and isn’t demanding she take care of everything. In Stassi’s interview, she says behind Kristen’s crazy nature, she’s one of the most wonderful people Stassi has ever met. She wants Kristen to be with someone who appreciates it, and gives love back. She doesn’t think Kristen thinks she’s lovable, and it breaks her heart. Stassi says she learned the hard way. Kristen feels the need to defend Carter, since he’s not sh*tty all the time. In her interview, Kristen says it’s like she has a teenage son, and doesn’t think Carter is trying hard enough. Stassi says she needs to be with someone who’s excited to be around her. She excited, but sorry, she doesn’t want to have sex with Kristen. Kristen says, even on a girls’ trip?

Lisa adjusts the flowers at TomTom. Giggy! Tom has wanted someone to pinch him ever since he saw his name. He loves it, and will never get used to it. Lisa says she’s invited Sly, a top mixologist, to come and give them advice. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t often bring in someone like that, but TomTom is different form the others, and focused on cocktails. She sent the Tom’s recipes to Sly, and if something doesn’t fly, she’ll tell them. Tom is sure she’s talented, but they dedicated months to just the cocktail menu. In Tom’s interview, he says he’s $100K invested in the bar, but at what point do Tom and Tom get to contribute to TomTom? Lisa says he’s not a mixologist, and Sly is going to show them some stuff. She says she always thinks she knows everything until someone knows it better. She tells them, trust her; they might learn something. In her interview, she says they can have a cocktail that costs $30 and takes a half hour to make, but that’s not what business is about. It has to be time and cost effective, and also bloody delicious.

Lala does some horseback riding, while the other girls watch. She hasn’t been on a horse in years, and says it’s about trusting each other. Lala does some circles. Afterwards, she takes a walk with Stassi, and tells her that you have to be calm for the horse to stay calm. It was good. Stassi asks how Lala is doing. Lala doesn’t know. She’s in a big funk, and it’s getting worse; more real. It sounds morbid, but her dad is just a memory now, and she misses him. She starts to cry, and Stassi cries with her. Lala says she retreated from everyone, including Rand. It’s a heavy thing, and she’s angry it happened. Stassi thinks Rand understands. Lala says she loves him so much. In her interview, Lala says he’s done a good job of taking care of her while she’s been up and down about her dad. She says her dad isn’t going to see her get married or have babies. Her mom told her that Rand had called her dad, and asked if he could have Lala, and take care of her. Stassi says she’s lucky. Lala knows that. Her world crumbled, and she’s so sad right now. Me too. Stassi is so sorry.

Jax isn’t drinking. Tom says they’re still on staycay, and he’s saying he can’t drink? Tom puts a drink in front of him anyway. Tom tells Jax about Sly coming in on Saturday; it’s a collaborative effort. Jax wonders what percentage of the place is the Toms, but Schwartz wants whatever’s best for the bar. Jax asks what they’re bringing to TomTom if not drinks? Schwartz says their heart and soul. In Jax’s interview, he thinks it’s a slap in the face. He tells Schwartz and Jax they’ve given this so much time. Lisa gave them permission to go for it, and they did. If their drinks don’t make it to the menu, he doesn’t know if he wants to stay in. In Schwartz’s interview, he says he never thought about what he’d do if Tom backed out. Would Lisa want move forward? Would he? He doesn’t want just Tom. Tom says top notch bars are doing the cocktails they submitted. They can’t not do it. Well, I would think Sly would know this. What a baby man dude is being. Crying before he’s hurt.

It’s time to go home, and Stassi wears PJs on the PJ. Lala thinks she was born for this lifestyle. Stassi says she’s spoiled now.

An hour and a half later, the girls are back at work. Brittany is so tired, she’s slap happy. Scheana says going back to work at SUR after being on a PJ is humbling. What is life?

In his interview, James says PUMP used to be his stomping ground. Lisa is trusting him to DJ Billie’s Equality event. Lisa introduces Billie, who says she’s working from the ground up, like Equality does, starting with civil rights. Lisa asks James what he’s been up to, and he tells her that he went to boys’ night, but he didn’t drink. She says he’s young enough to change. She tells him, do a good job, and don’t let Billie down. He’s concerned about girls’ night. It was his baby, and he put the work into it. Lisa isn’t discussing it now, and James asks, when. She says she’s not putting a time on it. He has way bigger problems, like the rest of his life. In his interview, he asks if he needs to get a tattoo. He tells Lisa that everyone at SUR wants him back. Lisa says he’s not listening, and being disrespectful. In Lisa’s interview, she says there has to be an element of contrition. She doesn’t know if he’s learned his lesson, since all he’s concerned about is getting his job back. It’s like opening a Christmas present before the holiday. She tells him, who says he’s coming back?

Stassi is hungover, and needs dog love. She tells Beau that she made a drink for him. She’s still in her PJs and wearing sunglasses. She says he’s looking at her like she has a gun trained on him, and he says she looks like a drunk, blonde Ray Charles. He’s been hungover since Wednesday, after they were out until 5 5 am. Stassi says she’s not mad about them being out so late (early?), but she’s mad about them bringing around a bunch of whores. He’s perplexed, and says she’s looking at him like he did something, and she says it’s manipulation, but she feels guilty guilt-tripping him. In her interview, she says when he looks at her like she’s a hunter gunning for him, it melts her ice cold heart. She tells him her friend Kristina is having a barbecue at her place in Santa Monica tomorrow. In her interview, she says Kristina is one of her oldest friends there, and got her the job at SUR. Beau is down with that. Stassi has decided her life sucks. You can do anything on a PJ. She lists things like walking around and going to the bathroom, and Beau says he can do the same thing when he flies Delta. He asks if they had Movies on the back of the seats. She says, no, and he makes a dismissive hand gesture (not the finger).

Schwartz is choosing his outfit for the meeting, and tells Katie that he doesn’t want to overcompensate. He’s thinking young CEO. Katie Says Lisa dresses for everything. He should be her male counterpart. In her interview, Katie says the success of TomTom means a lot to the both of them. It can fund their family and future, so they need to have faith. Schwartz tells her Tom got heated, and threatened to back out if none of their drinks make it to the menu. Katie says that would hurt, but their drinks great. It’s their bar too, and they have to own that sh*t. She says their drinks are worthy of the cocktail menu. In his interview, Schwartz feels like Rudy at the end of the movie. He hears Lisa chanting, Schwartzy! Katie thinks they have solid drinks. He says she has solid lips. They kiss.

Stassi tells Kristina there are many she’d come to the west side for, but Kristina is number one. Katie brings a plant, and explains about the Toms being at a meeting. As they’re pulling in, Kristen asks Carter not to be an a-hole. In Kristen’s interview, she says what Stassi said about Carter was unkind and intrusive, but not completely wrong. Kristen starts drinking immediately. She tells Carter that whenever there’s an issue, he barks at her, raises his voice, and cusses. He says when she comes home, she bitches about her day. She says he’s her boyfriend, and they’re going to disagree. It’s always his way or the highway, and it doesn’t work that way. In her interview, Kristen says as hot as Carter is, she’s attracted to the drive. Carter says they’re both stubborn, and whines that the therapist is always on her side and gives her more time. Kristen tells him that’s not the way therapy works. She says she’s uncomfortable. She loves him, but she’s going outside.

Brittany and Jax arrive, with Lala right behind. Lala says she wants vino, and Stassi wonders why today? They just went on a wine trip, and she didn’t take a sip. Maybe things are not great in Lalaland. Ariana tells Katie, whatever’s on the grill smells good. They talk about the meeting, and Katie says the Toms came up with some good stuff that hasn’t been seen before. We see a clip of Tom making ice diamonds, and some kind of foam. Why does anyone want foam anything to happen? Ariana says if they can’t get their drinks on the menu, it won’t be very good. The arrogance runs high.

Lisa tells Sly that each place has its own identity, and this place is different. She wants drinks equally different. The Toms arrive, and she introduces Sly. In Tom’s interview, he says she might be qualified, but Sly doesn’t know them, and he hopes she does them a solid or adios TomTom. Lisa tells them, watch, listen, and learn from the best. Sly says it’s more than beautiful cocktails. The drinks need to be cost effective. Sometimes you can take a basic drink, and add just one element. It’s easy for the staff and profitable for the bar. In his interview, Tom says he sees his dream of getting cocktails on the menu slipping away. Geez, if that’s all it takes, maybe he’s in the wrong business. Lisa says Sly has been over the list with a fine-toothed comb. Lisa asks if Sly liked any of the cocktails, and Sly asks if she’s hooked up to a lie detector. Lisa asks, how many got through? and Sly says, ten. Everyone is happy again. She says she did a few tweaks, and goes through them. Tom says it’s amazing. He thought they’d be lucky to get one or two though. In her interview, Lisa says she likes to see them winning; that’s why they’re here. They committed, and came out smelling like a rose. In Schwartz’s interview, he says, Schwartzy! He’s relieved that his friend and business partner isn’t abandoning him. They all clink glasses with whatever is there.

Jax can’t find the vodka, so he’s drinking wine. Lala feels that she and Rand aren’t on the same page. She  gave up alcohol for him, and when she came home, he was not acting okay. He’d been partying to the point where he didn’t even know his own name, and was slurring his words. She was in wine country, didn’t drink any of it for him, and this is what he’s doing. Is he effing kidding? She feels betrayed. They made a pact. She’s going through a hard time, and needs a partner. a soulmate, someone to back her up. He said she’d been unloving and harsh in the past week. She starts to cry, saying she decided to take a break from him. Brittany and Katie tell her they’re sorry. Lala doesn’t think she can be with him. He kept her Gucci slides, taking them back so she’d remember. Um… wouldn’t she remember better if she had them? In her interview, Katie says it’s ridiculous, like taking away a child’s toys. Lala knows she can afford her rent and car on her own, but her life is going to be different; no traveling on a PJ to Mikonos. She says there’s a lot of steak out there. and no matter what, she can live that way. You just need a mouth. I’m guessing you might need a little more than that. Brittany says at least she’s optimistic about the future. Katie and Brittany tell Lala they love her.

Still coming this season, Katie wants Schwartz to listen to her for once, James lacks emotional control, a trip to Mexico, a dinosaur costume (the good kind), Brittany tries on wedding dresses, the engagement party, Lisa tells James maybe his future doesn’t include SUR, and Tom calls Katie a bully.

💃 Mexican Dynasties premieres on Bravo February 26th at 10 pm.

🏆 She Wore Oscar de la Renta…

And received an Oscar. Coincidence or meant to be?

🌈 Run Free…


February 24, 2019 – Daryl Gives the Wrong Answer, It’s Not What It Sounds Like, Grace is Still Under Fire, Riding, Awkward & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel asks what Jerry wants to tell him. Jerry swore he wasn’t saying anything, so Ezekiel can’t either. He asks Carol to swear too. Nabila is pregnant. He’s going to be a daddy. Ezekiel says, it’s the future of the Kingdom, and congratulates him. Carol says they’re coming. Apparently this is a flashback, since Jesus and Tara arrive to give them some food. Ezekiel is glad hear the worst has passed. Jesus tells him, Maggie wanted to come, but she’s still sick. Carol is surprised to see Tara, and Tara says not as surprised as Michonne is going to be when she finds out Tara isn’t coming back. She took more supplies than she was supposed to, and took something else. Maggie isn’t Michonne’s biggest fan right now, and they thought it better that Ezekiel hang onto it. Tara hands him a leather tube, and says she won’t be going back to Alexandria. Ezekiel says he hasn’t given up the idea the charter embodies. When the time comes, they’ll reunite and sign it together, a community that can begin anew as one. Jesus says, in the meantime, Ezekiel will be the keeper. It’s what they’re counting on. Jerry asks if Ezekiel is going to read it or not. Ezekiel takes it out, and reads over the Community Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Forward in the present day, Ezekiel is still reading. Dianne tells him, five minutes. He says it’s good to have her back. Carol asks if Dianne knows something she doesn’t. Carol is going off to hunt, and Ezekiel says he assumed the queen would be handling preparations for the fair. She asks him not to call her that. She still feels the empty nest. Or maybe she just missed him while she was gone. Calling her my love, he says he missed her too. In a few days’ time, they feast. It’s all going to work out.

Maybe not at Hilltop, where Alpha has come for her daughter. She knows they have her. Daryl tells her, leave now, and no one gets hurt. Alpha says, wrong answer. She puts her hand up, and a ton of zombies and/or Whisperers come out of the woods.

Earl says he has arthritis, but Tammy is acting like he’s on his deathbed. She says he might as well have, spilling hot metal everywhere. Enid prescribes something, and says she should take a break; Tammy thinks retirement is in order. He says he’s not retiring, and he’s not taking a break. He has horseshoes to finish before the fair. Outside, Tammy tells Enid, the guys being gone brought his stress back, but Enid shouldn’t lose hope. They’ll turn up. She asks what happened, and Enid says the ones who killed Jesus are out there.

Tara says if they piss Alpha off, they might get killed. Magna says they don’t even have a horse. Alpha asks which one leads. Daryl asks, what does it matter? Alpha says his people crossed into their land; no conflict. His people killed their people; no conflict. She’s done talking. I guess she’s also leaving out that her people killed Jesus. I’d call that a conflict. She tells him, bring out her daughter or there will be conflict. Daryl says he’s getting her. Henry tells him, no, but Daryl says she’s not getting Lydia. She’s done talking, but he isn’t, because he’s just that crazy.

Ezekiel tells Carol to go back with the others. She asks why he’s scared to tell her what he’s doing. He says he’s not, and asks Jerry if this is the face of a scared man. Jerry says, no comment. Ezekiel says it’s a side mission. He’s picking up one last item for the fair. Nothing she’d be interested in. She says, try her, and he says what about if he shows her?

Jerry says, movie time. The group stands in front of a theater. Zombies crowd the lobby.

Alpha gives a signal. Connie watches from the cornfield. Daryl approaches her. He says she can’t have Lydia. If it’s a fight she’s looking for, they have enough firepower to light them up. He hears a baby crying, and says they brought a baby out there. Alpha says, they’re animals. Animals live out there. Animals have babies. He seems to want conflict. She doesn’t, so she’s proposing a trade. Two captives wearing zombie skin masks are brought forward, and revealed to be Luke and Alden. She wanted to kill them, but she wants her daughter. One of hers for two of theirs. It’s a good trade, and that’s why going they’re going to take it. Now bring her daughter.

Carol tells Ezekiel that a projector is really not something they absolutely need. He says it’s dangerous, but they’ve worked it out. Like a cobra strike. She asks if it’s worth it, and he says Henry used to love movie nights. It’s been five years, and the young ones don’t know what a movie is. Bringing cinema back from the dead, the sense of whimsy and wonder, will make gathering together something they’ll never forget. And if joy and lifelong friendship aren’t worth fighting for, he doesn’t know what is.

Ezekiel turns on a boombox. The zombies file out of the theater following the music, as zombie will do. Ezekiel, Carol, and some of the others go in, Jerry can’t find any bulbs, and Dianne is pretty sure the expiration date on the popcorn butter is just a suggestion. A zombie toddles out of the arcade, and Jerry takes care of it. A bunch of zombies are stuck in and around the popcorn machine. Jerry sees the projection room, and says it’s their last chance. Ezekiel knows what to do. Cobra strike.

A Whisperer asks Alpha if he should lead them away, but she says no. Get back for now. Luke looks around, and sees Connie in the cornfield. He signs to her, stay hidden. The dead are coming.

Tara asks what Daryl thinks. He thinks they should give Lydia back. Yumiko says Henry and Lydia are gone. They start hunting. Daryl calls Dog, and has him sniff something. Alpha waits, and the Whisperers mill around. A baby cries, and the mom holding it looks antsy. Alpha locks eyes with her, and kind of shrugs. The mom leaves the baby on the ground. Alpha says, the land of the dead needs to live in silence. If the mother can’t quiet the child, the dead will. Natural selection.

Enid tells Daryl that she knows where Henry probably took Lydia. She’s known him since he was a kid, and he likes her; he can talk to her. Daryl says, no! as zombies toddle toward the baby. Luke signs to Connie, baby. Connie sees the baby, and hits the nearest zombie with a slingshot. She runs out, and grabs the baby. Now what? The zombies move toward her, and she runs into the field with the baby, but a zombie follows. I assume right now it’s a huge disadvantage not to be able to hear. She jabs one in the head, but here comes another. She puts the sling around her neck. One more pops out, gets in her face, and she pikes it. More are coming. Suddenly, Daryl, Kelly, Earl, and Tammy are there, and hustle Connie out of the cornfield.

Jerry finds a bulb in the projector, and says, they’re in business. Dianne tells him, grab and go, but he says, it’s fra-gee-lee (the way the father in A Christmas Story pronounces it) for real. Ezekiel asks Carole for a hand on a side mission. He wants a poster box frame for the charter. She thinks he’s dreaming, and doesn’t want him to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. What if the fair isn’t enough? What if more trade and training isn’t enough. She thinks they should talk to Jesus if things get worse, and maybe stay at Hilltop, at least until they find someplace better. Ezekiel asks, what better place than the Kingdom? A knight tells him that the boombox died. The zombies start getting loud. Jerry gets the bulb out of the projector, and puts it in bubble wrap, telling Dianne, let’s bounce. He drops his precious package, and we both say, oh sh*t.

Lydia looks at a wooden coin. Henry says Hilltop made it, but it didn’t work. She says her mother wasn’t supposed to come. She broke own rules. Maybe her mother misses her. Henry says, maybe. Lydia says, maybe she’s sorry, but Henry says, no she’s not, People like that don’t get to be sorry. Enid calls to him from outside. He tells Lydia to stay there. She says she doesn’t want to go back. Enid say if she could do something to help, she would. No one wants this, but Lydia doesn’t belong to them. Her mother will kill Luke and Alden if they don’t give her back. Henry says there’s got to be another way, but Enid says, there isn’t. She’s sorry. Henry says, it’s not fair – or right. She says it isn’t, but it’s something they have to live with, and he asks, how? She says when she was his age, she saw her parents die it. It changed her. I it became about surviving. Someone else died, someone special, who left her a letter reminding her that just surviving isn’t living, and they live with it by staying who they are, and not letting it change them. Lydia comes out says she’s going to go; she has to. Henry says, no, but she says she wants to be with her mother. They’re her people she misses them, even though I’m not sure what there is to miss. She say she’ll miss him too, but she’ll be okay. So will he she. She kisses him. This is actually a little sad, and I rarely have any feels for this show anymore.

Daryl brings Lydia out to Alpha. I’m feel a little stressed because I liked Luke in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and anything could go wrong. Lydia walks forward, and Luke and Alden are released. Alpha’s responsibility is done though, and they have to take their own gags off. Enid hugs Alden, and says she never wants let go of him. Lydia tells Alpha, sorry, and thanks her mother for coming to get her. In response she gets a crack across the face. Then Alpha hugs her, and says, call her Alpha.

Jerry tells Ezekiel that he got it, bubble wrapped, in one piece, after he dropped it somewhere between rows R and W. Ezekiel says they need to move before the horde is upon them. Jerry wants to stay and fight, and Carol asks if the queen’s call counts for something. She agrees with Jerry. A few kills each, it shouldn’t be too hard. Ezekiel says she doesn’t need to do this for him. She tells him, who says it’s just for him? She’s doing this or what? The zombies break free of the popcorn machine, Carol and some of the others use bows and arrows. Ezekiel does some does slicing and dicing. Carol wants him to be safe. They’ve lost so much, and with Henry gone… Ezekiel says he’s safe with her. He’s there with her. Jerry says they’ve got the projector going. Ezekiel says they have to be smart; be ready for every eventuality. Maybe they’re done losing. Carol says, maybe. We see a spray-painted quincunx symbol (I’m not making that up) on the back of a sign that the drive past, which we can safely assume has significance. Read all about it below.

Henry gets why Daryl had to do what he did, but that doesn’t make it okay. Daryl tells him that he never said it did. Henry asks what Daryl did to live with it. Daryl wonders what he’s talking about, and Henry say he saw the scars on Daryl’s back. He thinks knows more than anyone what sent Lydia back to her mother. He wonders how Daryl can live with that. Daryl says, the world is sh*t sometimes, and you live with it. Sometimes that’s all you can do. He did what he had to do today. They all did. He walks away

Ezekiel dusts off the poster box, and Jerry tests out the projector. He, Ezekiel, and Carol smile. Ezekiel and Carol kiss.

Magna and the others drink. Connie kicks back. Earl and Tammy won the baby lottery, and are taking care of the Whisperer child. Jerry is the father of three now, and bounces a baby.

Adeline gives Daryl a note she found in Henry’s room. Couldn’t live with it – gone to find Lydia. Connie sees him leaving, and writes, where are you going? He shows he the note and says he’s going to find Henry. She writes that she’s going with him. He says, no, but she shows the words to him again. He says, why? and she writes that she couldn’t live with it either. They leave together, and the gates close behind them.

Next time, Lydia walks again, Henry follows Lydia, Lydia claims she lied and they need to be ready, and Michonne says it’s dangerous. Like that isn’t the status of pretty much everything.

🎷 It’s All About That Quincunx…

Told you I didn’t make it up.

📺 I Remember Her…

I didn’t realize Brett Butler was playing Tammy. She used to do a stand-up act, and had a sitcom for a hot minute.

🚴 McRide…

It was a special night for Melissa McBride (Carol) on Ride With Norman Reedus, and a different kind of ride for him. They went to Scotland to uncover Melissa’s heritage, and she was thrilled with the results. They even ended up in a pub in a building that was not only the last known address of her great-something grandfather, but had once been owned by a McBride family. I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy this show.

🏆 For Those of You Who Still Care…

I haven’t bothered watching the Oscars in many years. I was well-aware that the year I actually knew two of the nominees – oddly enough, two Williams, Hurt and Hickey – could never be topped, so I haven’t watched it since. TBH, I never really cared much anyway, since it’s kind of meaningless. It’s not like the audience is voting. This was kind of a fun article though.

☕ The Best I Can Do…

Although it does say it all.



February 27, 2017 – Eugene is Negan, an Oscar Story & a Medicine Quickie


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

A group of Saviors gathers around Fat Joey’s body. Dwight goes running inside, and finds that Daryl is gone. Didn’t take them too long to make that discovery. Only about six months.

Eugene is brought into the camp. You’d think by now he’d stop blubbering about everything. He’s led to a relatively nice room that has a microwave and refrigerator. Savior Laura tells him, welcome home. Could be worse. A lot worse. He starts looking at the books, and she tells him that there’s a library, and informs him about Daryl’s escape. He says the room is satisfactory, and she asks if he wants something to eat. After finding out one of the few things they don’t have is lobster, he asks for canned pasta – orangey – and chips. They have homemade chips. I’m in.

Eugene locks the door and looks in the fridge, where there’s beer, eggs and produce. He puts the radio on, and it’s that freaking Easy Street song. I start laughing. There’s no escape from it. Given a choice between hearing it over and over again, and being beaten to a pulp by Lucille, I’m not sure which I’d choose.

Dwight finds the note telling Daryl to go now. A bunch of guys bust into the room and beat the crap out of him, while Negan stands there with Lucille, watching.

Negan bangs on the door where Dwight is in solitary. He says they looked around and he realized he was short a wife – Sherry. He asks Dwight if he knows anything. Negan thinks It’s some coincidence that she’s gone just after Daryl is. He says someone must have opened the door, and Dwight says it wasn’t her. Negan asks if it was him. He says Dwight has legitimate gripes, and asks if he’s started to see things differently. He asks Dwight who he is, and Dwight says he’s Negan.

Negan opens the door. Negan says Daryl isn’t like Dwight; he’s emotional. Either Daryl is on his way home or on his way back to kill them. Either way, they’ll find him. He asks if Dwight thinks he knows where Sherry went. He does, and Negan tells him to fix what he can fix.

Dwight talks to Dr. Carson. The doctor thinks Sherri was soft and let Daryl go. He says Dwight was beaten unfairly, yet he stays. The kind of selfless soul that Sherry is, is the kind of person who isn’t expected to stay around anymore.

Dwight goes back to get his coat, and takes a pack of cigarettes out of a mounted fish’s mouth. He gets on his motorcycle and jets.

Laura shows Eugene around. She says they use a point system, depending on what people bring in. She suggests that he get a haircut, hands him a jar of pickles, and takes him out to Negan. Negan asks Eugene’s name, and then asks everyone else who they are. They all say Negan. He tells Eugene he might have to get real close to Lucille, and under normal circumstances, he might have let Eugene get close over and over again. He asks Eugene if he’s a smartypants, and Eugene says he is. He explains about how he taught himself to cast bullets. He says he reads a lot, and if knowledge is dropped, he picks it up. Negan says he’s some a-hole, but Eugene says he is not. He has PhD’s in several fields, is technically a doctor, and was part of the Human Genome Project before the zombie apocalypse.

Oops! Half of an impaled zombie falls off.

Negan says the problem with his system of keeping people out, is that the guard zombies fall apart. He asks Eugene how they can keep them on their feet. Eugene says they already have the means to fix the issue, an operational smelter. He explains how to pour liquid metal over both the fence and the zombies. Negan thinks it’s the coolest thing he’s ever heard – it’s practical and badass. He calls Eugene Dr. Smartypants. He asks if Eugene was doing valuable stuff like this for Rick, and says Rick’s loss, their gain. He wants to give Eugene a bonus, and Eugene says he was gifted some pickles. Negan says he’ll send some of his wives over, but no sex. He can have drinks, dinner, and laughs only. Eugene and his pickles get led away. Looks like Eugene is smiling a little.

Commercial break. Better Call Saul returns Monday, April 10, at 10 pm. This show was better than I expected it to be, and quite funny, although I lost track of it sometime during the second season. You can’t watch them all.

Eugene plays video games while he chats with wives Amber, Tanya and Frankie, although Amber is doing more drinking than talking. Frankie asks if he wants a massage, since she was a licensed therapist before the apocalypse. Eugene says he’s aware that none of them are there of their own volition, but Tanya says that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be with him, and some intelligent conversation would be good. She suggests talking about the Human Genome Project. Eugene tells her that he’s not at liberty to discuss it, and they might not understand. It’s not a dis, he’s just stating a fact. They decide to do a science experiment.

Eugene carts a bunch of stuff outside. Frankie tells him to relax; he’s one of them. Like something you’d see your eighth-grade science teacher do if he wanted to get the class’s attention, Eugene mixes some ingredients, and a fat stream of foam comes shooting out. When this experiment is recreated later, on Talking Dead, I find out that this foam is called “elephant’s toothpaste,” which is a perfect description. And if you decide to try this at home, don’t touch it.

Dwight goes to his old house and calls out for Sherry. Everything is a wreck, and he picks up a pre-apocalypse photo of them from the floor. He takes the Daryl note out of his picket and compares it to something she had written, and the writing looks the same. We hear her reading the note that she’s left him with her wedding rings on top. She reminds him that he’s told her if they got separated, they should meet there, and he’d bring pretzels and beer. She says he’s lucky he doesn’t remember things. He didn’t want to live in Negan’s world, but she made him. Now he’s become everything he didn’t want to be, and it’s her fault. She says she let Daryl go because he reminded Dwight of who he used to be, and she wanted Dwight to forget. Being there isn’t better than being dead; it’s worse. She hopes he gets away, and remembers the good days, but she doesn’t think he’ll ever even read this. She wants to meet him, but can’t. She doesn’t know if he’d run away with her, take her back to Negan, or kill her. She’s sorry she made him into who he is; she loved who he was.

Dwight takes out a cigarette butt with her lipstick on it, and shakes his wedding ring out of the pack, putting it with hers. He leaves a six-pack of beer and some pretzels. Wow. That was kind of sad.

Frankie and Tanya knock on Eugene’s door. They need his help. Frankie says Amber just drinks and cries. They signed up for this, but she didn’t. Her mother needed medicine, and she thought she could live with it, but she can’t. She’s asked them to help her end it. He suggests they find a doctor. Frankie says that Amber wants to go to sleep and not wake up. Eugene says that’s wildly irresponsible, since she’ll turn when everyone is asleep. They tell him that they’ll take care of that end. He’s a good man, and they know he can make things. They’ll handle the rest. He says he’s not good, but he can jerry-rig a lethal toxin. Frankie says that he is good, and Amber will do it with or without them. He asks how much she weighs. If they can get her exact weight, he can cook something up.

A bunch of people are in line to get supplies. Eugene goes to the front and asks for cold capsules. The woman at the desk tells him to get in line. Eugene asks her number, and tells her that he’s now chief engineer who reports directly to Negan, which means she reports to him. He wants the capsules now. She gives them to him. Good for you growin’ a pair, Eugene! He takes a bedpan, a flyswatter, a sort-of sock monkey that he calls Grimblygunk, and the rest of the medication. Double good for you, Doctor Smartypants!

Dr. Carson asks if Dwight found Sherry, and Dwight says that he killed her. The doctor says that before they got there and understood, they were cowards. They don’t get to have big hearts, and Dwight needs to remember that.

Eugene is brought to a gathering of people. Dwight stokes the fire, and Negan paces around with Lucille. It’s face-burning time. Negan tells Eugene to pay close attention, and whacks Dr. Carson. Negan shows him a note that says good-by honey, and says he found it in the doctor’s desk. It’s from the bottom of the note that Sherry left for Dwight. Negan says the doctor left the door open, and let Daryl out so he could be the hero. Dr. Carson says that she’s the one who ran. Negan says she ran because she knew he’d blame her. Dwight told him that after she ran, she got eaten by zombies, and now a super-hot girl was killed because of him. Dr. Carson says that Dwight is lying, but Negan says why would he do that, and if he is, he’ll find Sherry and kill Dwight. He says all Dwight needed was a night in the hole to get his head on straight. Here comes the iron. The doctor begs not to be burned. Negan says he hates this sh*t and just say he’s sorry. Dr. Carson says he did it and he’s sorry. Negan says that’s all he had to say, and drops the iron. Then he throws the doctor into the fire. Amber is distraught, but I thought that was pretty good. Quick too. Negan says good thing they have a spare doctor, and he never should have doubted Dwight. He says he’s sorry, and Dwight say he’s not. Negan says, ice cold, he loves it.

Frankie and the Tanya come back to Eugene’s room. He says he made the pills, but they can’t have them. Frankie says Amber is counting on them. He says don’t insult his intelligence – the pills are for Negan. I’m guessing that he knew by the weight. They would have had to tell him the truth with that, because it would be deadly for them to under-estimate Frankie asks if Negan didn’t kill his friends, and Eugene says they killed his too. Frankie says they’ll tell Negan it was his idea. He says she’s replaceable; he isn’t. She calls him a coward, and he says that’s a correct assessment.

Eugene enjoys a pickle, and as soon as this show is over, I’m eating one. Negan knocks on his door.  He looks pissed. They stare at each other. Negan walks in. He asks how Eugene likes it, and if they’re doing right by him. He says he knows how hard it is to accept change but needs Eugene to understand that he doesn’t make this invitation to everyone, and doesn’t make it lightly. He tells Eugene that he doesn’t need to be scared. He just has to answer a question, a big one. He starts to ask who Eugene is, but before he can finish the sentence, Eugene says, he’s completely, stone cold Negan. He just needed to meet him properly, but he’s Negan.

The next morning, Eugene is outside, giving instructions on the molten metal and enjoying another pickle. Omg, I’m eating a whole jar after this. He and Dwight stand there, watching metal get poured over the zombies. Eugene says, “I’m Eugene, you’re Dwight, and we’re Negan.”

Okay. They might be reeling me back in here. The big question is, is Eugene really on board with the Saviors, figuring this is the safest route, at least for now; or is he a bigger smartypants than we thought?

Next time, Michonne and Rick take a road trip, Rosita can’t wait, and neither can I, because we’re getting zombies at an amusement park. The kind of thing I live for. 🎡

🎟 No new Housewives of Atlanta this week. I guess Bravo didn’t want to compete with the Oscars. I lost interest in the Academy Awards years ago. And no, it wasn’t after the Rob Lowe/Snow White fiasco. In 1986, I knew two of the nominees, one quite well, and the other just in passing. The late William Hickey, who’d been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Prizzi’s Honor, had been my acting teacher for many years. I remembered him saying that if he was ever up for an Oscar, that he wouldn’t go unless he could bring his dog. I thought this was admirable. However, Bill did go, and I didn’t see his dog there. I’ve always wondered if he was wearing socks though.

The other was William Hurt (the two Bills!), who was up for Best Actor in Kiss of the Spider Woman. I’d done some work putting together charity events for off-Broadway’s Circle Repertory Theatre, and also volunteered to take tickets. During my time there, our paths crossed, as he was doing a fantastic play called Childe Byron in which he was playing Lord Byron. I watched it several times, and although he was already becoming well-known by then, he was very approachable and always kind. I was thrilled when he got the award (Bill Hickey lost to Cocoon’s Don Ameche), but I knew after that, there was nowhere for the Academy Awards to go for me, but downhill. There’s not much chance of me knowing another nominee, and even less of me being nominated, which is the only thing that could top that.

This year, sadly, it spares me from kudos to an industry that has become less about the work, and more about opinion, political and otherwise.

🏥 Married to Medicine‘s Heavenly summed up part two of the reunion perfectly when she called Mariah “dirty, dingy, and dusty.”

February 28, 2016 — The Dead & Nothing But the Dead


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

The only show with enough guts to air a new episode opposite The Who-Cares-What-Number-It-Is Academy Awards. AMC’s Walking Dead, we salute you!

The Walking Dead

Abe is telling camel stories to Sasha, while they check out the perimeter of Alexandria. They talk about Maggie having a baby. I’m thinking maybe Abe wants to have one with Sasha. When he says he’ll see her tomorrow, she says she’s taking a new shift. She says Eugene wants to help more, so he’s going to be walking with Abe. He changes it to see you around.

Abe is in bed with Rosita. I’m confused. Was he dreaming or was that a memory? Rosita tosses him a necklace that she made for him. He tells her she’s damn near perfection. Why not total perfection? Something in the necklace makes him think of giving the victory sign to Sasha.

Maggie and Glenn are doing something with the garden. Someone is sneaking around and they follow.

Paul is in Rick’s house and Carl draws a gun on him. Paul (introducing himself as Jesus, so I guess we’ll go with that now) says he’s waiting for Carl And Michonne. Two seconds later, everyone is there for a meeting. Jesus gives them a scorecard of Alexandria and what they’ve got going on as far as supplies and other assets. He says they got off to a bad start, but they’re on the same side. He says he’s from a place like Alexandria and he scouts for others. He admits he misjudged them, thinking they weren’t good people and he wants to make amends now. He talks about the settlement where he’s from, Hilltop, and says they’ve started breeding livestock.

Maggie asks if they’ve thrown in with other groups, and Jesus says their world is about to get a whole lot bigger. Cool! I’m excited to see new people.

Rick and the gang are going with Jesus to Hilltop. Denise gives Daryl an oatcake for the road. Carl wonders what’s up with Rick and Michonne. Rick says he was going to tell him, but it just happened. Carl says it’s cool. Carl is staying behind this time and says he’ll keep an eye on Baby Judith.

Abe asks Glenn something about Bisquick and pancakes. What he’s really asking about is Maggie’s pregnancy. Abe tells Glenn that if he sees rain coming, he wears galoshes. Can’t this guy speak English? Dr. Phil would probably understand him.

Rick sees a crashed RV. It’s some of Jesus’s group. There’s blood everywhere and the crash victims have turned into zombies. At first, Rick thinks Jesus set them up, but Jesus says they don’t have many fighters in their group and whoever else was in the RV is in trouble. Rick says he’ll look for them, but Jesus is staying behind with Maggie, who has orders to shoot him if he gets weird.

Rick and company go into a totally dark building where you can hear zombies lurking about. They tell the live people to hang tight. Abe nearly kills one of them because it’s really hard to tells who’s who in the dark.

Back in the RV, one of the rescued guys introduces himself as Harlan. It turns out he’s an obstetrician, which is good news for Maggie and Glenn. Jesus’s friend Freddy, the guy Abe almost killed, is still freaked out. His wife had been killed and she came back as a zombie.

Uh-oh, the RV is stuck in the mud. Jesus is like, it’s okay, we’re close enough. They get out and see the compound on the hilltop. Apparently, they’re not too original with names.

Jesus tells the lookout to open the gates. The lookout says to drop the weapons, but Jesus tells him the group saved them and he trusts them. He asks Rick to trust his group in return. Lookout guy opens the gates.

Harlan says see you on the flipside and takes Freddy for a look-see. Ha-ha! Jesus says a lot of people came from a FEMA camp. I’ll bet that was scarier than the zombie apocalypse. At the center of the settlement is a Colonial mansion. Jesus says it was a historical site that kids visited on field trips back in the day. It’s some house.

Ha-ha! again. When they go inside, a guy comes out and says “Jesus, you’re back,” a sentence you could take more then one way. His name is Gregory and he says he’s the boss. He suggests Rick and friends tidy up and they’ll meet after.

Abe asks Daryl how long Rick and Michonne have been together (5 minutes?) and if he’s thought of settling down.

Rick sends Maggie to Gregory’s office to negotiate. Gregory says he had visited the place when it was a museum and little did he know one day it would be his. Well, sort of. He thanks her for saving the doctor. She asks how they’ve survived at Hilltop. He says they’re good at it and they don’t sweat the details. They talk about gardens and Maggie brings up a trade. Gregory says he’s happy to help, but he can’t give things away for free. He says they can work there for their share.

Um…I think he’s making a pass at her. Yes he is. Maggie tells him to knock it off. She says hilltop is low on medication and their communities can help each other.

Jesus tells Rick and Daryl that Gregory is going to want the best deal possible. Rick says they need food and they didn’t come all this way not to get it. Jesus says he’ll talk to Gregory. He says right now Hilltop is going well, but tomorrow it could be Alexandria. He asks for a few days.

Some guy comes in and says “they’re back.” A negotiation with Negan has gone wrong with people getting killed and being held hostage. A hostage’s brother (who is wearing a man bun — no, just no) has been returned along with a message from Negan in the form of said brother stabbing Gregory in the stomach. Everything goes nuts, Abe is being strangled, Daryl breaks the guy’s arm, man bun holds a knife to Rick’s throat. Rick turns the tables on him though, slicing man bun’s jugular vein.

Some woman knocks Rick in the head and Michonee knocks her down. Jesus says Negan was their friend, but now he’s nothing except a coward attacking them. Gregory is still just lying there bleeding. Geez. Jesus tells Rick things aren’t as simple as they seem and to give him some time.

The doctor is able to patch Gregory up. Negan is head of a group called The Saviors. They made demands and threats to Hilltop, and beat one of the children to death in front of everyone because Negan wanted them to understand where he was coming from. Gregory isn’t the best at confrontation and agreed to give Negan half of everything in exchange for Hilltop not being slaughtered. Daryl asks how many people Negan has. Jesus says they don’t know, but they’ve seen groups with as many as twenty. Daryl says they can take him out, but he wants an exchange. Jesus says he’ll take it to Gregory.

Rick says Gregory’s people have food, they don’t, and they need to trade their services in exchange. Jesus says Gregory wants to talk to Maggie.

Maggie goes to Gregory’s room where he’s recuperating. She says he’s lucky they were there. She asks if Jesus told him about the deal and says in exchange for supplies, they’ll get rid of Negan and The Saviors. Will work for food. Gregory says Jesus will make the arrangements. He also says it’s fun and exciting because he doesn’t get out much. Maggie says if they continue with Negan, pretty soon they won’t have anything. She wants half of what he has right now or the deal is off.

Gregory tells her she has a deal. He asks if she wants anything else and she says yes. She wants some of the Hilltop people to go with them.

Rick loads the RV with supplies. He asks one of the Hilltoppers (Hilltopites?) to come with them because he needs someone who knows Negan’s layout. Jesus is coming along too, just for the hell of it.

Maggie gets an ultrasound.

The RV leaves the compound. Glenn passes around the sonogram photo.

Next week, Rick decides on a strategy to come for The Saviors before The Saviors come for them.

January 20, 2016 — GH & Oscar Gripe Part Two


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Nina tells Franco that the magazine circulation is up, and people are even renewing their subscriptions. She thinks Julian is going to be thrilled. Guess again.

Julian and Nina have an interview with the Financial Times and Nina will pitch her new ideas. Julian is convinced the green issue of Crimson is a fluke. Olivia calls and tells Julian she has an emergency. Apparently so, since she’s handcuffed to a chair in the police station. Baby Leo is with her in a stroller, but it seems he’s not charged with anything, or they couldn’t find a pair of handcuffs that small.

Doc tells Elizabeth that with some time and treatment, Jake should be fine, but he’s worried about her.

Jason and Sam run into each other at the MetroCourt. Everyone not only eats there, but lives there now. Sam says Dr. Sheinberg is going to save the day with his statement.

Andre rings Anna’s doorbell. She tells him it’s not the best time. Robert comes downstairs and Anna realizes Andre is Robert’s contact regarding Carrrlos.

Sabrrrina answers the phone and it’s Felix. He tells her about Michael stopping by and saying he made a mistake in breaking up with her. She gets excited about this. Hmm… Hot, suave and exciting Carrrlos or boring, so-so looking and unsympathetic Michael.

Andre has a connection to the WSB and Anna asks if that’s how he knew so much about her. He says he never read her file, but knew her reputation. Robert is surprised they know one another. Andre says they’ve seen each other around, but Anna confesses he was her therapist.

Julian and Alexis come to the police station. Olivia tells them what happened, but not quite. Alexis asks if she was arrested for breastfeeding in public, but the mayor pops out and says Olivia has been arrested for assaulting her.

Jason says he wishes there was another witness. Sam says they don’t need one.  Jason says he isn’t thinking about his own assault charges, but the break-ins at Elizabeth’s. I guess he thinks there’s a connection there?

Doc asks Elizabeth about the whole wedding debacle, and he says on top of everything, she’s having problems with a stalker, so she’s bound to be seriously stressed. He also says he knows her history.

Nina is doubting herself and Franco says she single-handedly saved the magazine. Nina thinks she was a one hit wonder, and says she’d better come up with some decent ideas before the interview. Franco has to leave, but he tells her she can do it.

Olivia says she didn’t assault anyone. The mayor says she was verbally assaulted. Since when can you be arrested for that? We’d all be in jail. Olivia says she lost her temper a little. The mayor says it wasn’t a little, but Olivia says she’s Italian and it was. The mayor tells an officer to take Olivia to her cell. Alexis says she’s now Olivia’s lawyer and she’s not going anywhere.

Andre has created a profile for Carrrlos, and says it will help determine what he would do. He says Carrrlos is also traveling with Sabrrrina and his child, so he’s going to become increasingly desperate.

Carrrlos walks in while Sabrrrina is talking to Felix, so she gets off the phone. Carrrlos says talking to Felix is a bad idea.

Jason tells Sam about the break-in. She asks if he talked to Jake, and Jason says he’s a mixed up kid and said that she did it.

Doc tells Elizabeth that her level of stress could send her into another breakdown. He says high levels of stress often precipitate conditions someone has already. He tells her if she’s feeling overly stressed, to call for help. She says she will, but IMO that’s highly doubtful.

Jason says Jake is just confused and angry at the situation, and there’s no way to really explain things to him. He says Jake is seeing a therapist today, but he wishes he could figure out what’s going on. Sam says it sounds like a personal issue. Jason wonders who might have a vendetta against him. Oh come on. I know he remembers very little of his past, but does he really need to ask this question?

Elizabeth gives Jake some coloring stuff, and talks to the therapist. She says they have more trust building to do, and all he wanted to talk about was his father. She recommends art therapy in conjunction with talk therapy. Franco sees Jake coloring and asks how it’s going.

Sabrrrina says Felix called her, but Carrrlos says anytime the phone is used, it’s a risk. Sabrrrina says she’s having a hard time getting used to life on the run. She also tells him Anna is looking for her.

Andre and Anna discuss various particulars of Sabrrrina’s and Carrrlos’s personalities. Andre says Carrrlos will want to be in a place with adequate medical care, since Sabrrrina is close to her due date . Anna adds that at this point, Sabrrrina can’t fly.

Brady from the Financial Times comes to Nina’s office. She tells him Julian is tied up and they should reschedule. Brady says they don’t have to because Nina is the brains behind the operation. Nina wants Maxie in on the meeting, but Brady says he wants to know how she came up with the green issue and what she’s doing for an encore. While I don’t pretend to know anything about magazine publication, but I don’t think you’d be giving away future ideas in an interview.

Alexis asks the mayor what the subject was of the verbal assault. The mayor says it doesn’t matter because she’s extremely clueless. Alexis sets the scene and says the mayor did exactly what she’s accusing Olivia of and when Olivia tried to remove herself from the situation, she jostled the table. She tells the mayor that breastfeeding is legal and she’s the one who should have been arrested for harassing Olivia. She says if it goes to court, she’ll make sure this comes out.

Julian suggests that there must be a way to work things out. He says he doesn’t want a scandal that will bury the mayor. Leo starts whining and Olivia wants to feed him. The officer asks where the bottle is, and Olivia says in her bra and that if she was feeding him with a bottle, they wouldn’t be here in the first place. Alexis helps her finagle the baby, since she’s still handcuffed.

Nina tells Brady about her vision of the green issue. She says she wants the next issue to reflect the readership that made the green issue a success. Brady asks about the readers and Nina makes something up after looking at a soda ad, using words like “effervescent.” Brady says he knows exactly what she’s up to.

Sam brings up Franco and tells Jason about how Franco had a brain tumor removed and changed his life around. She says she still thinks he’s dangerous, but wouldn’t jeopardize his new life to get back at Jason.

Elizabeth balks at Jake having therapy with Franco. Both Doc and the therapist say Franco gets results and they would never put Jake in danger.

Andre, Anna and Robert come to the conclusion that Sabrrrina and Carrrlos are in Canada.

Sabrrrina says Anna was under the impression that Carrrlos was still alive. Carrrlos says she has no reason to, and they have to get used to their new life. If I was with Carrrlos, I’d get used to it really quick. He says he’s going to make sure Sabrrrina and the baby have everything they need, and doesn’t know what she sees in Port Charles anyway. Well, it does have the MetroCourt, all things to all people. He says she has to say good-by to everyone she knew there. I assume he means figuratively.

Brady says he knows Nina is going to reflect the glamour of real women, and gives her a whole bunch of new ideas. Nina says he’s read her mind. He thanks her for the interview and wishes her luck with the next issue.

The mayor says she doesn’t see any press at the station. Julian says since he publishes the paper, he’s going to tell the real story and it will be political suicide. The mayor asks if he’s threatening her. He says he actually voted for her and wouldn’t want to see her career go down the tubes. Did this mayor just drop in out of the sky? She should lose her position just for sheer stupidity.

Anna thinks Carrrlos would head for Toronto. Andre says Carrrlos would want to go somewhere more isolated, like Halifax.

Sabrrrina tells Carrrlos he’s right and throws her phone into the wilderness. Carrrlos says from now on it’s just the two of them and Sabrrrina says baby makes three. She says she’s curious as to how he’ll be as a father. He says they’ll find out soon.

Sam says Jason should hire an investigator. Jason asks if she’s volunteering. They decide to check out Elizabeth’s house.

Julian calls Nina and she says they did the interview without him. He tells her the short version of what happened with Olivia and says he’ll talk to her later. A light bulb comes on over Nina’s head.

Elizabeth asks Doc friend to friend if he thinks the art therapy is a good idea. Doc says he absolutely does. Elizabeth goes to get Jake, and Jake gives Franco the drawings he’s finished. They leave and Franco looks at the drawings.

The mayor gets a clue and says let’s pretend this never happened. Olivia, Leo and Julian leave. Alexis tells the mayor that she doesn’t think pretending is a good idea and she and Olivia are filing suit.

Andre is certain about Halifax and Anna says that’s where they’re going to go.

Franco shows Doc Jake’s pictures. He says he used to make drawing s like that as a kid and they’re not necessarily a good thing.

Jason and Sam are at Sam’s house and Jason goes through what happened the night of the break-in. He says the police didn’t find any unknown fingerprints and there was no evidence of forced entry. While they’re talking, Elizabeth and Jake come in. Ha-ha! Elizabeth’s face!

Tomorrow, Carly asks Ava for a favor, and Sam asks Elizabeth if she’s afraid of what Sam will find. She should be, since I’m certain it’s either her, Jake or both “breaking in” to their own home.

The Academy Awards – Controversy Part Two

Part one was the usual yearly gripe about who got “snubbed.” Like I said, there are tons of superb performances that don’t get recognized at all, so be grateful people are talking about you at all. Especially for what you get paid.

Part two involves Jada Pinkett Smith suggesting that African Americans boycott the Oscars because her husband didn’t get nominated for one because of the lack of diversity. While I can applaud the cause, I can’t applaud this as a means to achieve the goal.

I’m with Whoopi Goldberg in that this is a concern during other times of the year, not just prior to the Oscars, and with Wendy Williams, who found the timing somewhat suspicious. One wonders had Will Smith been nominated, would a boycott have been suggested. Highly doubtful. But most of all, I’m with Janet Huber. Although I’m pretty sure Aunt Viv still has an ax to grind from her Fresh Prince days, she’s right, “it ain’t that deep.” There are plenty of areas to focus on rather than something as shallow as the film industry.

Most of all, I feel sorry for Chris Rock, who has found himself in the middle of this stupidity. This innocent bystander is being shot from all sides, and he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I hope he follows his own heart and mind, but I also hope he doesn’t bow out as host.

I also hope this woman is proud of herself. She did little to help any actual issues, but a lot to hurt the very people she claims to want to support. Wait. Maybe she should run for office.

I’m a quarter Native American and have always been proud of my heritage. If anyone has cause to gripe, it’s us, having been misrepresented both in story and with casting in film. While that has changed somewhat over the years, I’ve never felt bitter. As a matter-of-fact, I still think, as I did when I was a child, that Tom Nardini was the hottest “Indian” ever in Cat Ballou. When I was ten, I had no idea his last name was Italian. All I knew was that he was cute and funny.

It ain’t that deep.