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What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Margaux, it looks like Shiloh lost a couple of his true believers. Margaux says Sonny appears to have rendered them unconscious. He says, it couldn’t have been too bad. They walked out under their own power. He hopes they went to the bus station, and got out of town. She asks if he threatened them, and he says, what difference does it make? They’re gone. He tells her that she’s dodging his question. Where is Shiloh? She asks how she would know, and he says Shiloh is her leader. Where would he try to hide?

Shiloh says Sam wants this as much as he does. She says, no, and feebly pushes at him. She asks why he brought her there. He says it’s their special place, where he told her they’d see the dawn together. Everything has been leading up to this moment. She says, no, no, no, no, and he kisses her.

Laura calls Lulu, and tells her that it’s official. Ryan is back in town. She asks where the kids are, and tells Lulu that she needs to be careful tonight. Curtis runs in, and asks where Chase is. Laura says Chase organized a manhunt, and asks how Jordan is. He says, not good. She went into cardiac arrest, and he needs to locate Ryan now. She says, he’s not getting away, and the police have orders to shoot on sight. He says, Ryan has to be brought in alive. Jordan’s life depends on it.

Chase calls Julian, looking for Ava. Julian says he hasn’t seen her since he was arrested. Try the bars, or her new boyfriend’s place. Chase says let him know if Ava contacts him. Chase gets a message, and Lulu wonders if he has something.

Ryan asks what Ava is doing. She says what she’s dreamt of since the moment she found out he killed her daughter. He says she doesn’t want to shoot him; she loves him. They belong to each other. She shoots.

I’m not loving the latest opening credits. They look kind of cheap.

Curtis tells Laura that dialysis was a strain on Jordan’s heart, and she needs a transplant yesterday. Laura says Doc was a match, but he says Doc is pre-diabetic. It rules him out as a donor, but Ryan is a match. They have to catch him, and bring him in alive. He asks her to call off the shoot to kill orders. She understands, and she’ll locate Chase. In the meantime, Ava is missing. The theory is that she set a trap for Ryan. Curtis suggests checking the gallery, Julian’s house, and Kiki’s old apartment. He tells Laura to make sure it’s understood how important it is to bring Ryan in alive. It’s Jordan’s only chance, and he can’t lose her. They hug. Lucy sees them, and asks if Doc is okay. Laura says, he’s fine; he’s being monitored. Lucy says she just left the Nurses Ball, and it’s crazy. The cops are busy looking for Ava. She believes Ava fled the city, since she thinks of no one but herself. Curtis hopes not, for Jordan’s sake. Lucy wonders what Jordan has to do with it, and he says, it’s a complicated issue. She needs a kidney. Doc is a match, but can’t donate; however, Ryan is also a match. He says, where Ava goes, Ryan will follow, and Lucy thinks maybe there’s something she can do.

Chase tells Lulu, it was a false alarm, and Lulu says, Ryan could be anywhere. Chase says he has everyone searching, including the FBI, from lower Canada to NYC. Ava is off the grid, and turned her phone off. Lulu wonders if Ryan has killed or kidnapped her, but Chase says Mac, Felicia, and Doc believe she was setting a trap for Ryan; luring him in. She’s planning on murdering him herself. Lulu says, revenge for Kiki.  

Ava says, that was a warning. She’s not ready for Ryan to die just yet. She wants him to feel the same terror his victims did. The way Kiki did. He says he did it for her. He did it out of love. She says she already knew that. It haunts her every waking moment, and keeps her up at night. Ryan – who is sometimes not too bright – says she told him she was better off. She says, she lied. Did he honestly think she could love him, and believe she’d run away with him? She’s been planning this for months. Ever since that night on the bridge, she’s been waiting to kill him and get justice for her daughter. He says, no. She won’t. She can’t. Their bond it too strong. She says he’s going to die for what he did, and it won’t be quick. She’s going to give him time to hurt as much as she does. She shoots again, and says she’s an excellent shot. He won’t die until she’s good and ready. Is his heart pounding? Is he desperate for a way out, and no escape? Is that what it was like for Kiki? Tell her about her daughter’s last moments on earth.

Margaux tells Sonny that she doesn’t know where Shiloh is, and if she did, she wouldn’t tell him. He says she’s protecting a con man. No, worse; a predator. He thought she was smarter than getting involved with DOD. She asks what that says about Sonny’s daughter, and he says, she’s young and lost. He can see her falling into this freak show, but how did Margaux let herself get wrapped up in this organization? She says, because of him.

There’s a knock on Kim’s door. Julian answers, and it’s Brad. Julian asks if it’s about Ava, and Brad looks puzzled. He says he has to talk to Julian. Lucas is already upset enough. Julian tells him, keep it down; Kim is sleeping. Brad says something happened at the Nurses Ball, that could cause him to lose Wiley and Lucas.

Shiloh says Sam is exactly what he needed. He kisses her, and says, with her by his side, he can do anything. He unbuttons his shirt as he talks. He says they were destined to be together, and know each other on every level. It starts tonight. He starts undoing his pants, and Jason grabs him from behind. He punches Shiloh, and then… Well, throttle is a good word. He bounces Shiloh off the walls, and throws him down the stairs. Shiloh lies still at the bottom. Jason goes to Sam, and tells her that she’s safe. It’s okay.

Margaux asks Sonny if he thinks just because she moved on in her life, she forgot how Sonny turned it upside down? He took her father and mother away. Her entire life was based on a lie. She couldn’t shrug it off until she met Shiloh. She read his story, and his organization finally gave her peace. Sonny says, he fed her lies. She says Sonny surrounds himself with thugs and criminals. He’s not used to dealing with decent men. Sonny says, Shiloh is a liar and a predator. She needs to get it through her head that he welcomed her because he wants the DA in his back pocket.

Sam tells Jason that she wanted to stop him, and Jason says she did. She says she doesn’t feel good, and he picks her up, and takes her out.

Lucy says Ava wanted to buy a vacation spot in the woods. She thought it was weird that Ava would pick her as an agent, since she was mad about Ava stealing Doc from Laura. She looks at Laura, and Laura says, thank you. Curtis asks if Ava bought a property, and Lucy says she did, and didn’t even blink at the inflated commission. She also didn’t care that it was way out there; isolated. She asks if they shouldn’t call the cops, and Curtis asks, where is it? Laura says she needs to notify the authorities. Curtis says he’s just asking for a head start. He’s going to make sure Ava is okay, and Ryan isn’t shot. Twenty minutes. After everything they’ve been through, let him have this. Lucy gives him directions, adding, it’s way off the road.

Chase tells Lulu that he’s working on it, but he’s had no hits or leads, and there’s been nothing from the roadblocks. He believes Ava is waiting at her destination. Valerie is checking car rentals. Lulu says he’s doing a great job, but maybe it’s time to let the public know Ryan is on the loose.

Ryan tells Ava, masochism doesn’t suit her. She doesn’t need to hear this. She says, tell her or she’ll shoot the hand off that he has left. He says he tried to make it quick. He tried to be merciful. He didn’t want her to feel any pain. Ava told him that she wanted Kiki out of her life. He did that, so Kiki and Griff wouldn’t hurt her again. He tried to kill Griff too, but by that time, Ava was his. He asks if she remembers how happy he was when she told him that she loved him, and how happy she was when he said he loved her. She says that’s not what she asked. She wants to know what Kiki did when she realized he was there to kill her. Now! He says Kiki was scared and tried to get away. When he cornered her, she started to cry. She cried out for her mommy. Ava starts to get shaky, and he tells her that Kiki said, mommy… mommy… mommy.

Julian says, Lucas figured it out? What exactly happened? Brad says the Ball was a disaster before, then it got worse. Lucas thinks Wiley’s biological father is Shiloh. Julian says, the DOD guy? Because there are so many Shilohs in Port Charles. Brad says he’s taken Wiley to workshops. Shiloh kept wanting him to bring Wiley back, and now Shiloh found out Willow had his child. Lucas thinks Shiloh will be determined to find him.

In Sam’s hospital room, Jason tells her, try and get some rest. She struggles to remember, and asks, what happened at the tower? How did she get there? Jason says he and Sonny were monitoring everything that was happening. They heard Shiloh pressure her into drinking the tea, and when the tattoo was finished, he said something about it being fate that only his hands touched her. That’s when he and Sonny went in, but there were guards. Sam tells him, Shiloh said they’d be alone, and Jason says, he lied. There were two guys, and by the time he and Sonny got past them, she and Shiloh were gone. She asks how he found them.

Margaux asks why Sonny hates Shiloh. He only wants to help the community. He doesn’t care that she’s the DA. He’s never asked for a favor. Sonny says, that’s how he operates. If he was hauled in sex charges, would she charge him? She says she’s never seen him ask anyone for sexual favors or otherwise. Jason attacked him, and he didn’t press charges. Sonny says, it’s manipulation. Let him tell her how it works. He asks you to join his inner circle, asks for a Pledge – an ugly secret you can’t tell anyone. Once you accept it and sign it, he sets up an initiation, where he drugs, tattoos, and has sex with you. Sonny says, he’s not a lawyer, but doesn’t it sound like sexual assault to her?

Lulu says, they might get calls from people who have seen Ryan, but Chase says, or start a panic. Sightings that lead to nowhere. Laura calls, and says she may have Ava’s location. If Ryan is there, Chase needs to tell the officers to stand down. She’s saying it again – no deadly force. No shots. He needs to be brought in alive.

Ava says her daughter called to her, but she wasn’t there. He say he did it for her; anything for her. She says she didn’t mean it. She was jealous and hurting, and because of him, Kiki died. He believes she’s mistaken. Kiki’s last words were, tell my mother, I’m sorry. Tell my mother, I love her. I’m not buying it, but Ava is, and she’s starting to cry. He says, her daughter loved her. He begins to come closer, and says, but her daughter is gone and he’s there, and he loves her. She says, too bad. She’s going to kill him. He says, no, she’s not. Ava says, Kiki was beautiful and perfect in every way, and he killed her. Not for her, but for himself – she starts to walk around him – because he’s evil. She despises him. She’s given this a lot of thought. She wants to make sure he dies, but she doesn’t want it to be quick and painless. A shot to the gut is best. Something agonizing to cause him pain as lies there bleeding out. He says she doesn’t want to do this, but she says she does. More than anything she’s ever wanted in to do in her life. She takes aim.

Brad tells Julian that he’s had no one else to talk to. No one else knows he got the baby from a woman at the side of the road. Willow thinks Wiley is her biological child. When Shiloh comes after her, everything will be blown wide open, unless… Shiloh is reasonable, kind, caring. He’s been a wonderful advisor. Maybe Brad should tell him the truth, and he’ll leave them alone. Julian says, not a word to anyone, especially Shiloh.

Jason tells Sam that Shiloh said he was going to show her a new dawn, along with a stupid story about watching the sunrise. Sam guesses she may have passed out. She doesn’t remember getting there. She’s obviously upset, and says, the tower. Maybe Shiloh put her on the table. She tried to say no, but she couldn’t move. He started kissing her, and she could barely breathe. He was gone, then Jason was there. What happened to Shiloh? Jason says he threw Shiloh down the stairs. Sam asks, is he dead? Jason says, with any luck.

Margaux says Sonny is lying. Shiloh would never do those things. He asks, what’s wrong with her? He’s trying to warn her. Shiloh is a blackmailer and a sexual predator, but instead of launching an investigation, she’s defending him. Does he have something on her? She says, Sonny took her father from her, and he’s taking this too? He says he’s looking out for her. She asks why he cares, and he says, maybe he shouldn’t, but he does. Her mother and Skully made her into a victim. He doesn’t want to allow Shiloh to do the same thing. Save herself. Face the truth – if she wants to.

Lucy says that Laura just promised Curtis a head start. She says she didn’t promise, and Lucy says she let him believe it. Lulu joins them, and asks how Laura knew where Ava was. Lucy says, yoo-hoo! And Laura says, Lucy provided the information. Lucy says, sometimes it pays to be a realtor, in more than one way. Laura says she’ll make sure Lucy gets a commendation. Lucy says she could have been more help if they’d told her earlier, and saved herself buckets of grief, thinking Doc had fallen for Ava. Laura says Lucy does realize Doc is her husband, right? Lucy says, hope springs eternal, and strides off.

Ava says, one more thing, and I almost die, thinking, stop talking. Just shoot him, but don’t kill him. There’s something he needs to know. His brother is so much smarter than him. Doc knew exactly how to set him up and how he’d react. In the end – and this is the end – he was pedestrian and predictable. Ryan tells her, don’t say that. She says, the truth hurts, but if it’s any consolation, the bullets will hurt more. Twice in the gut and once in the leg should do the trick. Curtis opens the patio door behind her, and says, don’t shoot. Jordan had a heart attack, and was taken off dialysis. Ryan can be a donor if they keep him alive. She says he killed her daughter. Curtis understands, but asks what Kiki would want. For Ava to avenge her, or honor her by helping Jordan live. Ryan raises one eyebrow a scrinch and I laugh.

Lulu tells Laura that she had no idea Jordan’s condition was so serious. She asks what makes Laura so sure Ryan will cooperate? He couldn’t care less about helping a police commissioner… unless they use it to bargain with him. Laura says they’re getting ahead of themselves. They don’t know if Ava lured him in, or if the police will capture him and bring him in alive. Lulu can’t believe she’s going to say this, but she empathizes with Ava. She would want them to shoot on sight. Laura says, if Ryan had taken Lulu from her, she doesn’t know what she would want to do. Lulu says, Ava wants closure, but will any of them get it? Laura says, if he survives.

Curtis tells Ava to give him the gun. She doesn’t know if she can do that, Curtis says, if he dies, Jordan dies. Ryan will get what’s coming to him. Death would be merciful. Let this animal spend his life in a cage. Don’t put him out of his misery. Let him die slowly, while she lives her life, while he rots. It’s the best revenge of all. He takes the gun put of her hand. Ryan moves to pick up the knife, but stops when Curtis says, no. Chase runs in with some officers, and Curtis says, don’t shoot. He puts Ava’s gun down. He tells Ryan, you owe me, and Chase reads Ryan his rights while the officers cuff him. Ryan looks at Ava. He probably thinks she’s never been hotter.

Sonny asks Jason how Sam is. Jason says, recovering. She’s improving, and should be fine tomorrow. Sonny says they pulled out all the surveillance equipment, and Jason says Spinelli told him there was clean audio on everything that happened. They have good leverage on Shiloh, but he doesn’t know if it was worth it.

Sam dreams of being in the tower with Shiloh. He tells her it’s their special place, where they’ll see their first dawn together. Bleh.

Brad asks what Shiloh did to Julian, and Julian says, he’s poison. The only thing they’ve got going for them is that Shiloh doesn’t suspect Willow’s son is Wiley. If he goes for custody, the whole, messy situation will be exposed, and Brad will lose Wiley. Brad says, and Lucas. Tell him what to do.

Sonny goes into Shiloh’s hospital room. He flicks Shiloh’s face with his fingers, and I almost fall off of my chair. He says, good. Shiloh is awake. Remember his philosophy? Family first always, at any cost.

Julian says he’s not telling Brad what to do. He’s been dragged into this mess enough. Brad says he can’t trust himself not to say anything tonight. Julian tells him to revisit it when he’s thinking more clearly, but Brad says he has no time. Julian says, go home. One way or another, he promises not let take anyone take away Wiley, especially Shiloh.

Sonny says Shiloh messed with his family. Now he’s going to pay the price. That trip down the stairs was just a start. Sonny puts his face close to Shiloh’s, and says, terrible things are going to start happening, unless he hands over Kristina’s Pledge. Think it over. Someone will be by in the morning to discuss the details. Shiloh looks angry, and then sort of defeated. I wondered why Sonny didn’t ask for all of the Pledges, but I assume that will be evidence against Shiloh in an upcoming trial.

Sam continues to dream. Shiloh says, everything has been leading up to this moment. He kisses her, and unbuttons his shirt, saying, they’re destined to be together. She pushes at him, and Jason grabs him. She wakes up, and Jason comes to her bed. He says, it’s okay. She’s safe. She says, it’s really over; he’s really there. He says he’s not going anywhere, and holds her.

Laura tells Lulu, they got him. Chase is making the arrest as they speak. Lulu says, that’s good news, especially (WOTD) for Jordan. Laura feels the same way, but he’s managed to escape before. Lulu doesn’t believe it, and says, this time it will be different. He outwitted himself, and there’s no escape. He’s going to go to prison, and staying there.

Chase asks if Ava is okay, and Curtis asks to borrow Chase’s phone. Ryan smiles. Chase asks Ava for a contact, so he can take a statement later. As Ryan goes past Ava, he says she couldn’t pull the trigger. She loves him. An officer tells him, move, and shoves him forward. Ava picks up the knife, and plunges it into Ryan’s back. He falls. Chase’s eyes bug out.

Next time, Neil asks how the plan worked; Scotty tells Ava if Ryan dies, she faces a murder rap; and Sam tells Shiloh, game over. You lose. The digital guide says it’s a new show on Monday, but I doubt it, since it’s Memorial Day.

🏥 Useless GH Trivia…

Everything Five things you’ve always wanted to know about the Nurses Ball.

👑 If You’re Not Over the Throne…

Dealing with your grief.

How you really felt.

Watch in moderation

For those in denial. It’s not going to happen.

🎥 I Can’t Wait…

I love Quentin Tarantino films, and the thought of Tarantino + Helter Skelter makes my mind explose. And Kurt Russell is in it. I will die happy.

📺 A Few New Things…

One of my favorite show franchises in the world, 90 Day Fiancé, has yet another new spin-off. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, where the shoe is on the American foot, premieres on Monday, June 3rd at 9 pm (TLC).

She’s ba-a-ack! An all new Dance Moms special, The Return of Abby, airs Tuesday, June 4th at 8 pm (Lifetime). It will be followed by the 2-hour season premiere of Dance Moms at 9.

🎯 A Few Random Things…

Two pieces of advice. 1) Don’t buy little kids items, like jewelry or shirts with their names on them. Way to hand a predator that information. And 2) Dad does not want Tupperware for Father’s Day. Unless he’s Ice-T or Gordon Ramsay.

One question. Can you put a water buffalo on a credit card?

📬 Quotes of the Week

My mother kinda laughed. She was like, ‘Queen? I ain’t calling you Queen.’Queen Latifah, telling Cynthia McFadden about her mom’s reaction to her nickname.

We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us. – Virginia Satir

Goth is dead, punk is dead, and rock n’ roll is dead. Trends are dead. Nothing exists anymore because the world is spinning faster than any trend. – Poppy

If you have dirty laundry, be sure to wash it at home. – Mexican saying, Texicanas

Can you take a selfie of me? – dad on Progressive commercial

Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.Fred Rogers

Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life. – Stephen King

Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.Bill Copeland

🚀 Because, Rocketman…

And it is the weekend.


November 13, 2018 – An interruption, Drew’s Decision,Worst Bosun Ever, Lala Flips Out, Grindhouse on Rotation & a Lap Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Last night, I was about to publish, and poof! my internet disappeared. Since my husband gets up at the crack of dawn and was already sleeping, I left him a note. This morning, his note on my note said there was an electrical fire at Penn Station in NYC. Whether these things are related, I have no idea, but regardless, it’s back, and so am I.

General Hospital

Sorry, I missed the very beginning. If someone had told me that one day I’d be cooking lunch for dogs, I would have laughed. Moving on.

Carly tells Jason that she got a voicemail from Sonny last night saying he wasn’t coming home. He’s not replying to her calls or texts, and she’s getting worried. She doesn’t know what’s going on.

Margaux wakes up. Sonny says, she lives.

Mike thanks Stella. He appreciates everything she does. He knows she’s his case worker, but she goes above and beyond. She says she does it because she likes him, and would like to think she’s also his friend.

Margaux asks what time it is. Sonny tells her, last he checked, it was a little after seven. She has to get back to work, and Sonny says she’s probably hung over. She says, thanks to him. He gives her some coffee. It’s not his brand, but it’s what was in the kitchen. He says he’ll drive, and get them back to Port Charles in no time. She asks why he stayed there last night, and he says he knew how upsetting it was when she found out the truth. She says just because her mother put Skully up to it, doesn’t mean Sonny is blameless. Staying there didn’t absolve him from his sins. He says she was in no condition to be left alone. Being betrayed by your parents is a terrible thing. Margaux wants to get going. Both of their phones ding, and Sonny says, what the hell? His wife was back in for questioning about a murder.

Carly tells Jason, all Sonny said was that he was handling a situation out of town. Jason says he was looking for leverage against the DA; he must have found something. Sonny can handle it by himself, and he was focused on getting answers about Ferncliff. Carly asks if he has any information about her neighbor. He tells her that they found Nelle in the room. She’d been transferred from Pentonville, and was sitting on the floor, cradling a blanket and singing a lullaby to it. Carly says Nelle took a page out of her playbook, but Jason says she was nowhere near as convincing. Carly says she managed to fool the doctors. Jason tells her that he and Sam exposed her. She’s being reevaluated, and will be transferred back. That makes Carly happy, but still doesn’t answer her question. He says they couldn’t find her neighbor; he wasn’t there. He’s either transferred, released or dead. Carly says if he died, Ferncliff would do whatever they could to cover it up. Maybe he was transferred. She can’t imagine him being released, although if he was released before Halloween, the police might have someone else to question.

Curtis asks Jordan if she isn’t wasting time. Does she really think Carly is capable of a beheading. Jordan tells him it’s privileged information, but she’s mostly ruled Carly out. Her story checks out, but because of the strands of hair, she can’t eliminate Carly completely. Curtis says it sound like they were planted. Jordan suspects as much, but she’s grappling with the true motive. Was Mary Pat the main target, or was the real goal to set up Carly? And if so, why?

Sonny asks if Margaux is still after his family, but she says she had nothing do with it. She just got the text at the same time he did. There was DNA evidence, and Carly had to be called in again, but she wasn’t charged. Sonny wants to get on the road; Carly must be wondering where he is. Margaux asks what he told her.

Jason asks why Carly didn’t call him, and she says she used her one call for Diane. She was tired when she got home, and had to explain things to Josslyn. In the morning, she had to get Mike out, and Sonny wasn’t there to help with any of it. Jason knows she’s dealing with a lot, but when something happens, she needs to tell him. She wonders why he’s so concerned about her security. He says someone was just decapitated. It was a nurse she hated, and the body was found in Ava’s gallery with her DNA on it. She doesn’t think Ava would have the gall to do it, but he says it’s possible the killer was setting her up.

Curtis says if Carly isn’t the primary target, the murder might have been a means to an end. It’s ideal to set her up. The nature of the attack is vicious, and seems personal. Jordan says it’s disturbing. To shock and horrify is the hallmark of a serial killer. Maybe Franco is right, and if the killer is putting on a show, this isn’t the end.

Josslyn tells Cameron that her mother is still a person of interest. The victim was decapitated. How could they think she was involved. Cameron says it’s messed up, but tells her, don’t worry; it will blow over. Josslyn tells him that her mom said, keep acting like normal, whatever that means. Cameron says Josslyn is going through a lot. Does she want to keep pretending? Josslyn says it’s working. Even Oscar’s mother thinks they’re dating

Kim tells Drew that Oscar needs someone who shares his interests and speaks his language; someone whose opinion carries weight with him. Drew asks if she’s talking about Josslyn. She’s the last person Oscar wants to know. Kim says she was so desperate, she turned to a teenager for help. She went to Josslyn’s house, but saw she’d moved on with Cameron. She seemed happy, and it was surreal; being a normal teenage is so far out of Oscar’s reach. She ended up not saying anything. Josslyn can’t give Oscar what he needs, and Oscar would see it as a betrayal of trust. That’s why they have to fight him in court. They can’t allow him to refuse the medical trial. Monica overhears, and says, Oscar wants to do what?

At Charlie’s, Oscar asks Alexis if there’s been any progress with his case. She’s petitioned the court for a hearing, and says they’re sympathetic to the December 1st deadline for the medical trial. She asks how he feels, and he says he’s having headaches, but nothing he can’t handle. Alexis says he has to go over a few more things, and hands him a million papers. He has to decide whether to go for a GED or high school diploma, and go over health insurance information. It’s important that he review everything. He says he doesn’t know how any of that works. He just thought he had to prove he could make his own medical decisions. She says he has to show court he can live like an adult, and asks if he’s sure he’s ready to handle this. He says he needs to focus on one thing at a time. She says it’s complex, but he has to do it if he’s serious. Oscar says he’ll make it work. Julian says, speaking of work… and Oscar goes back to it. Alexis tells Julian that he’s a good kid. Julian says, he is, and he thinks he knows what she’s doing.

Drew tells Monica that Oscar doesn’t want waste time with a medical procedure that might not work or leave him brain dead. Kim says he doesn’t understand it’s his only option. Monica knows the situation well, and can see the fear and frustration they’re feeling. Her adopted daughter Emily had to make a similar choice. Drew says Scout is named Emily Scout after her. Monica explains that Emily’s mom was her best friend, and she and Alan adopted Emily after her mom died from breast cancer. When Emily was diagnosed with it, she refused treatment. She was sure the cure was worse than the disease, seeing her mother go through chemo that did no good. Kim asks if she died, and Monica says she managed to beat the cancer; she accepted treatment at the last minute. Unfortunately, she was murdered years later. Kim says she’s sorry, and Monica says she’s telling her because she understands what they’re up against. Kim asks what changed Emily’s mind about the treatment, and Monica says someone who loved her convinced her.

Josslyn tells Cameron that their astronomy project was her favorite homework assignment of the entire year. He tells her, stick with the expert. She asks if he still has the keychain, and he shows it to her with his housekeys on it. She says, no pressure if he doesn’t like it. He says he likes it for real. She knows she asks for a lot. Cameron says he could say no, and Josslyn says she didn’t give him that option, but he came through. She’s grateful, not just because she wants Oscar to regret breaking up; she has a good time with him. Last night was fun, except for the cops showing up. She wonders what Kim wanted. It had to be about Oscar. She tells Cameron she’s hungry, and drags him out.

Kim tells Monica that she thought she’d ask Josslyn to intervene, but Oscar would see it as another betrayal. Monica says the young man Emily loved was a deciding factor, along with the love of her family. Kim says, unfortunately, Oscar doesn’t think too highly of his parents right now, but Monica says he’ll come around. She’ll hope for the best, and if they need her, call. She leaves.

Carly tells Jason that she thought it was a set-up, but it hadn’t occurred to her that she might be a target. Jason asks, what about Ava? Carly says she had the same instinct, to think Ava would do this, but it’s not her style. As much as she despises Carly, it doesn’t feel like her. Jason says, worst case, she’s on some freak’s radar. Sonny comes in, and says he’s sorry Carly had to deal with the cops alone. Diane filled him in, but he should have been there. Carly asks, where was he?

Drew says it’s crazy. When he thinks about Emily, he can’t help smiling. It also hurts. He feels like he knew her and loved her, but he never met her. As irony would have it, all the people who are part of his past, who were important to him and loved him; he doesn’t know who they are. Look at them. They share a beautiful son, but he has no recollection of how it happened. Kim is sorry he can’t get his memories back. Drew says, that’s not entirely true. He was presented with another opportunity.

Mike comes in, apologizing to Sonny and Carly for interrupting. Stella took him to the farmer’s market, and they decided to have breakfast, but he forgot his wallet. Stella says he insisted on coming back, even though she’s treating. Sonny says Mike likes to treat – always. Mike asks if he just got home, and Sonny says he had business out of town. Stella tells Mike that she’ll wait in the car. Mike asks if everything is all right, and Sonny has good news. Everything that happened in Croton is over. Mike asks what he means, and Sonny says he didn’t want it weighing on Mike anymore. What happened years ago, is finished. Mike tells Sonny, if he says so. Carly asks if Mike is taking Stella to Kelly’s, but he says they’re going to Charlie’s; she likes the eggs. He gets his wallet and leaves. Sonny says it’s great that he doesn’t remember; he’s better off. Jason asks what Sonny means by finished. Carly asks where he was, and Sonny says, in Jersey with Margaux.

Margaux walks into the interrogation room, saying she didn’t mean to interrupt. Curtis says he’s on his way out, and tells Jordan, no carrot cake under any circumstances. Jordan agrees. When he’s gone, she asks Margaux if she was out late. Margaux says, that obvious? Jordan asks what’s the occasion, but Margaux says she wasn’t celebrating. Jordan asks if she’s okay.

Kim asks Drew, what kind of opportunity? He says the flashdrive was found, and she asks if he means the one with the baseline of his memories. He says, yes, and she asks if that means his memories can be restored. He says, it’s more complicated than that, but yes. Kim asks if he’s considering it. He says he ruled it out at first. Kim says, isn’t it everything he wanted? Drew says, not everything. The risks are too high. He could lose the memories he formed there. Kim says he said he ruled it out at first. Does that mean he’s reconsidering? Drew says he feels like a hypocrite. He’s asking Oscar to risk everything to restore his life to the fullest, but he’s not doing the same for his own life.

Alexis asks what Julian thinks she’s doing. He says she made a big show of taking the case. She was full of principles, and taking the moral high ground. He thinks she believes Oscar has the right to decide his fate, but thinks he won’t go through with it. That’s why she’s showing him how tough life can be if he splits with his mom. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Cameron and Josslyn come into Charlie’s, all happy and talking. Oscar sees them.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason that he confronted Margaux’s mother. She freaked out, and went for the letters. Margaux heard because he was wearing a wire. Imagine the irony. Carly asks how she reacted. Besides getting drunk. Sonny says she was hurt bad. Carly says she must know her mother didn’t pull the trigger. After the initial shock passes, she’s going to come after him harder than before.

Stella asks Mike to tell her about his lady friends, and he says none of them are as pretty as she is. She says, of course not; she’s fabulous. Mike says there might be one he enjoys hanging out with more than the others; Yvonne. Stella says, she’s a lucky lady. Tell Yvonne that she’d better do right by him, or answer to her. Curtis comes in, and sees Stella smiling.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn someone will take their order shortly. Josslyn asks how he’s been, and Oscar says, cool, and asks what brings them there. She says they’re getting breakfast to go before school. She adds Oscar must get as much as he wants since he works there, but Oscar says he’s not that into it. Josslyn says she hasn’t seen him at school. How’s the new girlfriend? He says, okay. Josslyn excuses herself, and Oscar asks if Cameron is still telling him Josslyn is just a friend. Cameron says, no.

Kim says as much as Drew sympathizes with Oscar’s position, they’re his parents. Like it or not, they have to make the decisions they think best for him. She thinks it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do. Drew says, it would mean more to lead by example. Kim says he’s not thinking of going through with the procedure, is he?

Stella asks if Curtis would care to join them. Curtis says he’s meeting with the wedding planner for a cake taste. He just picked up the rings. He shows the rings to them, and Mike says, nothing but the best. Curtis says he’s only doing this once, so he wanted to make it worthwhile. He still hopes Stella will be there when he marries the woman he loves. She says she can’t, but the rings are beautiful. Any woman would be proud to wear them. Curtis walks away, and Mike says it’s a shame she won’t be there to see Curtis place the ring on his bride’s finger.

Oscar asks if Josslyn and Cameron are dating for real. Cameron says Josslyn needs someone she can count on; who respects and understands her. They like each other, and have fun together. If Oscar wants him to promise nothing is going to happen, he can’t. Josslyn comes back, and says they have no time to wait. She starts walking to the door. Cameron and Oscar look at each other, and Josslyn asks Cameron if he’s coming. Cameron leaves, and Josslyn turns back to look at Oscar.

Kim tells Drew, there’s no comparison. He went through an experimental treatment. The amino trial was studied for years, while his experience was based on a wing and a prayer. Drew says he’s not going through with it. He can’t risk losing the memories he’s made; his family, his kids, the people he’s grown to love. He doesn’t want to give up on the life he made here, and he’s no more willing to give up on Oscar’s life.

Monica goes to Charlie’s, and asks if Oscar is playing hooky. He says he’s working, and she asks how much he makes under the table. He says he pays taxes, but she says, not today. They’re spending the day together. She gives Julian some money, saying, that should cover it. She and Oscar have stuff to talk about.

Jordan tells Margaux, no wonder she was drinking. She can’t imagine how it felt. Margaux says, anger, sadness, numbness; she doesn’t know what thing do with the information. Jordan thinks she does know. Jordan is the top cop, and Margaux was hoping she’d take it out of her hands, and bury it or pass it along. Margaux doesn’t know if she can do this. Jordan says it’s her choice to make. It’s unsubstantiated, but she has to decide if closing the case is worth sending her mother to prison.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason there’s no evidence to tie him in to the murder. Jason asks if there’s any chance Skully told Jeanette. Sonny says, she was desperate. If she’d had any idea, she would have thrown it in his face. Carly says they’re back where they started. Margaux will just try to get him for something else. Sonny says he doesn’t think so. When Margaux found out the truth, it broke her. He didn’t feel good about it. Carly asks if he feels sorry for her, and Sonny says it’s not his choice. There’s no way he can undo what happened. Like there’s no way to undo how his life turned out. Margaux lost her father twice because of him. Once, when she was a girl, and last night she lost mother too. He feels badly, but should have been there for Carly. He apologizes, and Carly says she’s all right. Jason says, it’s been a tough 24-hours, and Carly might be right. Margaux has to be angry, and if she can’t take it out on her mom or Skully, she might take it out on the next best thing – Sonny.

Margaux looks at her phone.

Tomorrow, Willow announces Career Day at school. Curtis wonders why Nina hasn’t RSVP’d for the wedding, and Sasha tells Valentin the longer she stays, the more she risks being found out.

Below Deck

Caroline whines that she’s never been treated like this. Grounded like a child. She thought by working in yachting, she’d meet cool people, but that’s not the case. She feels singled out. She tells Rhylee that Kate told her if she didn’t get better, she’d have to go home. Well, yeah. You have to do the job you’re getting paid for. Not just ride around on the luxury yacht. Josiah wants Cheetos. Rhylee asks Ashton is he had a good time last night. She did. In her interview, Rhylee says Ashton only expresses interest when he’s drunk. She’s thirty-three. If she wants a fling, she’ll make the booty call.

Chandler goes over what they need to do with the deckhands. Rhylee sees the checklist, and Chandler asks her to spot clean the cushions. In his interview, Chandler says he and Rhylee could never be friends, but as professionals, they need to suck it up. He knows the captain is watching closely, so he definitely wants to redeem himself, and prove he’s the bosun Captain Lee hired.

Ashton is doing the windows in the harness. Kate gives Josiah an update on Caroline’s foot, and says she doesn’t think Caroline is lying. Caroline comes in, and says she’s not lying. In her interview, Caroline says if they’re going to talk behind her back, at least make sure she’s not there. Geez, she’s just a little paranoid. Kate tells her that sometimes crew members will fake injuries because it’s a lot of work, and she doesn’t think it’s the case here. She doesn’t think you can fake a swollen foot. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s already carrying Caroline’s weight when she’s in top health, so when she got injured, it was like, why are you here?

It’s preference sheet time. Four days, ten people, two of them children. Torrie and Albert are a power couple from St. Pete, Florida. Kate says, the four-year-old likes both sparkling and still water. One guest is gluten-free, low carb; several have allergies; and one child has a severe peanut allergy. They’ll have to make sure anything remotely peanut is off the boat. Adrian says they’re like a Japanese puzzle. Kate says, they probably met at a support group for dietary restriction weirdos. Their requests are a pig roast, snorkeling, a white party, and the water toys. Captain Lee says the children are not to be without life jackets when outside of the interior. There’s no margin for error. He says kids are dangerous as hell. He can’t impress upon everybody how important that is.

Caroline tells Ashton that Kate and Josiah were talking about her, saying they don’t think she’s lying. Ashton thinks they like gossip. In his interview, Ashton says you can feel like very much a part of the crew or at the opposite end, and extremely alone. He tells Caroline not to let it bother her. He understands where she’s coming from, and feels for her. He finds a pair of the captain’s underwear in with his clothes, and throws them at Caroline.

The captain asks Chandler if he took care of the issues they discussed, and Chandler says, it’s been good. Captain Lee tells Chandler that he has to have a clear line of communication, so there’s no confusion. In his interview, Captain Lee says with ten people, and two of them kids, they’ll need eyes on them all the time. It stretches the limit of their abilities. He tells Chandler, safety is paramount. There’s no room for error.

Kate tells Caroline the charter is going to be intense. They’re going to have extra guests and children, staying for an extra night. Kate asks if she can work at 100%. Caroling says she can. Kate says she can’t give Caroling extra breaks, because there’s going to be so much work. Josiah says it’s great that Caroline is back to work. They’re exhausted, and really need three stews. Kate says she’s happy Caroline is able to stay and work.

In Ashton’s interview, he says Rhylee has a strong personality. She and Chandler are pissed off at each other, but the way she’s handling herself makes it harder. The provisions come in. Kate says she sees a deer. No, Kate. It’s a pig for the roast. How city is she? The captain tells them to get in their whites, and meet on the aft deck asap.

The captain says here comes trouble on wheels, and welcomes the guests on board. Kate gives out flower crowns. In her interview, Kate says it’s not often there are children on a charter. People who spend a lot of money for vacation, spend a lot of money to leave the kids at home. Kate gives the tour. Kate explains the captain’s orders for life jackets for the kids. At least the parents are telling the kids to say please. The yacht heads out.

Kate tells Caroline to flip it, turn it, fold up the laundry. Josiah dances to that, and Caroline is over it. In Ross’s interview, he says the four-year-old reminds him of his son, who’s also four. His reward at the end is going home to see his kid. Rhylee asks Chandler about the game plan. They should have everything out within fifteen minutes of anchorage. Albert says the kids eat what they do, not chicken fingers. Josiah says they’re already adults. When he was their age, he just wanted burgers ad fries. The four-year-old, Pearson, wants to bang a starfish on the table. Torrie tells him that she’ll give it back after they eat, and he cries. Kate tells Josiah that she will turn this yacht right around. Ha-ha-ha!

Lunch is served. The kids actually seem cute, but I’m only seeing clips of them. Kate tells Adrian that Master Pearson is not loving the vegetables. They drop anchor. Ashton asks Rhylee to do something, and she questions it because it’s contrary to what Chandler said. It irritates Ashton when she does that, and she tells him, calm down. Rhylee complains to Ross that Chandler said to bring all the stuff out, Ashton told her not to do anything, then said to do what she wants. She’s not questioning what he was saying. Ross gets it. Chandler gripes that there’s nothing in water. They start getting everything ready, and Albert says he just wants the jet skis and trampoline today, and the slide on another day.

Caroline tells Adrian someone thinks she’s faking her injury. In Adrian’s interview, he says she’s bringing the vibe down on the whole boat. It’s draining to have someone around who’s always complaining and moping. Some of the guests do jet skiing; the kids play on their tablets. Kate tells Caroline to gather white décor from around boat.

Josiah asks Caroline, what’s up? She says she’s collecting white things. He questions what she’s gathering, and she tells him to take over. In her interview, Caroline thinks there’s a lack of communication in the interior. It’s bullsh*t. Kate says it’s a lot of pressure on Adrian. Ross tells Ashton that he spoke to Rhylee, and Ashton admits he was grumpy. Josiah asks Chandler how it’s going, and Chandler thinks it’s good. I think Chandler doesn’t know what’s going on. Ross says Rhylee needs clear instructions. Ashton understands where she’s coming from.

Kate tells Adrian, 7:30 for dinner. Kate and Josiah decorate the table for the white party. Adrian makes potato leek vichyssoise, and Albert is into it. Not so much the rest of the guests. Adrian says with ten people, who like everything different and have allergies, it stifles his creativity. He can’t be as free flowing, and needs to be calculated. He stresses, and it pisses him off.

Black Angus steak is served, but the guests don’t seem thrilled. One says the steaks are overcooked, and gives it a two out of ten. Ouch. The complain that it’s dry and bland. Kate relays that to Adrian. Ross calls Kai, his baby mama, who tells him that he has to talk to their son about hitting people. In his interview, Ross says he was immature when he and Kai were together, and they broke up. He hopes they can eventually work something out, but right now, Kai needs time to herself. She deserves to be happy. Torrie tells Caroline that for a general preference, they’d like steaks rarer. Caroline says she’ll pass the word on. Josiah tells Kate, but she’d rather not pass along the feedback. Adrian is amazing. In Kate’s interview, she says it’s not great when the guests don’t love the food, but Adrian didn’t have a lot of time, and she thinks he’s in a funk.

Adrian asks if Caroline is okay. In his interview, he says she’s bringing the vibe down on the whole boat. You never know what you’re going to get. She asks if he appreciates feedback, and when he says, yes, she tells him the guests want more sauce, less dry. In Adrian’s interview, he says he’s happy she told him, but he’s not appreciating her vibe. He knows she’s not happy, but don’t project it on him. He tells her that he understands she’s not doing well, but – and she says, keep to herself? He says he can see it on her face. She says he doesn’t know what she’s dealing with; it has nothing to do with the boat. He says his father just passed away, and he doubts it’s that. She asks if it’s a competition? He says, no, but they all have a lot of sh*t going on. She tells him to stop judging her. He says they’re all working together, and if she’s in a mood, it gets put on everyone. If she can’t handle sh*t, step up. She tells him it’s none of his business, and he says, it is. She’s sorry he has the misfortune of working with her, and he says he is too.

Kate says kids on boats are lots of work. The only benefit is they go to bed after dinner. Kate tells Caroline that she’s on at 6:30. She asks if Caroline is crying, and Caroline says she’s trying not to. She babbles about Adrian telling her not to be all sad because it affects him, and he’s sad enough because his dad died a month ago. Kate says it probably wasn’t the best delivery, but the advice is sound. Be her bubbly, upbeat self, and she’ll feel better.

Caroline looks for sugar, and Adrian ignores her. In Caroline’s interview, she says Adrian acts like he’s all about positive energy and rainbows, but it’s bullsh*t when he’s telling her to suck it up and deal with it. The captain tells Ashton the guests are going on a stingray excursion, and to make sure the tender is packed. In his interview, Ashton says dinner wasn’t his best performance. At the beginning of his career, he was called yes, but, since he always had an excuse. He doesn’t know everything, and he’s not perfect. If he’s always defending himself, he won’t learn. The guests are happy with breakfast. Pearson wants to be the boss when he grows up. I think he already has that job.

The captain tells Kate that 2 o’clock is the deadline for the guests getting to the excursion on time. Chandler calls for the water slide, and tells Rhylee to focus on getting out the stuff for the guests. Kate tells Torrie about the excursion. Chandler says they do the same thing every charter; today is no different. Ross says he thought the guests were going on an excursion. Chandler is like, what? and asks the captain about it. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s a big deal. He doesn’t want deer in the headlights; he wants the light to go on over their heads. Ross says they’re leaving in an hour, and Chandler is wasting time getting stuff out. It makes no sense.

Caroline takes drink orders that are complicated. Something involving cucumber, jalapeno, and Prosciutto. She somehow gives the information to Kate after asking twice. In her interview, Kate says it’s a new day, and Caroline is in a great mood. It’s only a matter time before she has a mystery ailment. Chandler tells Rhylee that whatever she’s doing isn’t a priority. The captain doesn’t get it. He thought he was explicit with Chandler. He looms over the deck crew, watching from the deck above. He says, it went in one side, and out the other, without hitting any obstructions. Kate brings out the drinks. The guests whine they’ve been waiting ten minutes.

Chandler wants the rescue tender prepped for launch. Lunch is served. Torrie says, it’s not boring. Rhylee brings the tender around. Kate tells Adrian the guests are thrilled. The captain calls Ross and Chandler to the wheelhouse. He tells them to take everyone on the Intrepid until they run out of water, then switch to the rescue tender. Rhylee packs the boat, and the guests are loaded in. Kate thinks swimming with sharks isn’t an ideal activity for small children.

They get to island, which is insanely beautiful. The guests get into their fins and masks. A Golden Retriever bounds past. What are these dogs? Shark wranglers? Ashton calls Chandler, who’s busy having coffee and playing on his tablet. He calls the captain, and asks if they should come back or wait. The guests are calling when they’re ready to be picked up. Captain Lee tells Ross to head back. The guests swim with the rays and sharks, and I get jealous all over again. The guests wonder where their beer, water, and towels are, because Rhylee and Ashton are headed back with all the stuff.

Kate gets a call. Albert says they’re ready get out. They’ve had enough; the expedition didn’t go well. There are no towels or water. Kate says the tender will be sent over. She tells the deck crew what happened, and Albert says they’d better be there soon. Another guest says they feel like they’re on Gilligan’s Island. I’m pretty sure these people don’t know what doing without is. Chandler doesn’t know what’s. It’s a no-brainer. How can you take an excursion, and not take sh*t with you. Um… he was there with them. Why didn’t he notice. One of the guests thinks Chandler must be new.

Kate doesn’t want the bad mood carried into the boat. Josiah suggests cocktails, and Kate says, yes. She thinks if someone besides her, Josiah, and Adrian would help the guests enjoy Tahiti, that would be great. She tells the captain they’re under duress. In his interview, Captain Lee says when he has to eat a sh*t sandwich in a correctable situation, there aren’t enough words to describe how effed up it is. Kate asks Rhylee to meet the guests with towels and water. Josiah makes cocktails. The captain says he’s got to face the effing music.

Kate sends Caroline to do laundry, and presents Pina Coladas with gold on the top to the guests. The captain apologies to Albert. In his interview, he says as uncomfortable as he is, it’s nothing compared to how uncomfortable he’s going to make the deck crew feel. They probably won’t hear the end of it. He tells Albert that he doesn’t know why the crew neglected to disperse what was on board, but he’s going to find out and make it up to him.

Kate asks if the captain wants dinner, and he says he wants someone’s ass for dinner. She’s like, whoa. He calls the deck crew to the wheelhouse. Chandler is dreading the conversation. He wants to pack his bags and run away. Captain Lee isn’t exactly sure where to begin. It’s beyond embarrassing, and he’s effing pissed. How can they drop guests off, turn around, and not give them supplies? It’s rudimentary; Deckhand 101. They all have good qualities, but it’s as effed up a deck crew as he’s ever seen. He’s not finishing the season this way. He’s making changes, and they’re not all going to be happy. I hope he makes Rhylee bosun. That would stick it to Chandler.

Next time, Caroline says she’s physically breaking down, Rhylee tells Chandler that she’s taking it to the captain, Ashton says Chandler isn’t just dropping the ball – he’s dropping guests, and Captain Lee says the time has come to have the chat he’s been putting off.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff almost lost his mind when they were on their way to the airport, and Jenni had to run back to get her phone. The Lea Black project is still lingering, but tonight, Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules) also appeared as a client. Well, really her  movie producer boyfriend, who seems like a super nice guy. I think Megan quit, but it’s really hard to tell with these people. Next week is the season finale. I’m still upset about the Jenni and Jeff split, but holding out hope that they rekindle their friendship one day.

🎥 The IFC channel has Grindhouse in rotation, uncut, so if you love horror films, the old drive-ins, or horror films at the old drive-ins, this one’s for you. One of my favorites, a dual effort by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, it’s comprised of two films, Planet Terror and Death Proof. The idea was to evoke the old grindhouse pictures, churned out for the drive-ins during the 70s. They were cheap, gory, and often showed lots of boobies. These two movies have those things, but with scripts that are about a million times better, and some kick-ass stunts. Planet Terror is a zombie flick – a government experiment goes bad – with a stellar cast, featuring Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, and Bruce Willis. I have to mention the pleasant surprise also of underrated actors, Jeff Fahey, Michal Biehn, and Michael Parks. Death Proof is more of a slasher film, with Kurt Russell being a serial killer who uses his car as a weapon, and there are a few crossovers of characters from the other movie. At the beginning of Planet Terror, IFC is also airing the fake trailer for Machete, which eventually – like the Pinocchio of films – turned into a real movie. On the blue ray version, there are also several other fake trailers in between the films, but those are rarely shown on TV. They’re quite funny, and Eli Roth has promised to make a real version of the fake horror film, Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping that comes to fruition.

💃 Butterfly’s Lap Dance from Death Proof…

One of my favorite scenes. That jukebox is pretty impressive. So is Kurt Russell‘s game.



September 8, 2017 – Maxie Wants a Job, Tarantino’s Dogs, Quotes to Ponder & It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie and Nathan kiss, but she stops because of her makeup. She says her meeting is too important to arrive smudged. She asks if he’s told her the whole truth about Amy.

On the phone, Ava asks why Valentin can’t come to her. He says that he’s otherwise engaged. She sees that Griff is calling her, and makes arrangements to meet Valentin.

At The Floating Rib, Lulu tells Valentin that Nina isn’t a part of discussing Charlotte’s custody, but Nina tells Lulu that she and Valentin are back together.

Stella tells TJ he’s a hard-working young man like his father and brother. She says Curtis didn’t come home last night, and thinks he must have been on a stake out.

Nope, he’s in bed with Jordan. She wonders how they managed to stay away from each other.

Elizabeth comes downstairs, and Franco puts the photo under the couch. He tells her that the kids are on the bus. She says all three? and he goes, you mean we have three? Ha-ha! I love him. He called the hospital, and asked someone to cover for her. He tells her that she needs sleep. He says he was worried about her. She keeps thinking about Jason, and Franco says he does too. He says her son’s father is in a coma, and it’s as good a reason as any for a personal day. She asks what if Jason isn’t okay? She’ll always wonder if the time she stole from him would have made a difference. Franco is pretty sure everyone is going to blame themselves, but thinks that Elizabeth can make more productive use of her time than beating herself up. He suggests inviting Monica over. She says they’ll talk about it when she gets home from work.

Elizabeth runs into Scotty on her way out. Franco asks if he knows him. Scotty says it’s not his fault they haven’t seen each other in ages. Franco tells him about Jason, and says he’s the last person who’s qualified to give comfort. Scotty says he’s not going to make things better.

Stella asks if TJ needs help paying for school. He tells her not to worry; he’s good. She jokes that the wages must be considerable, and there’s no shame in talking help, but he wants to do it on his own. She says Curtis was the same way. They never needed much looking after. TJ says that doesn’t mean they don’t love her. She says it’s time she went back home and left them in peace.

Curtis tells Jordan that he stated his position clearly. Jordan repeats that he’s dangerously this close to falling in love with her. He asks if she has something to say, but she says the person she needs to talk to is Stella. They have to tell her they’re back together.

Nathan says he’s told Maxie everything. She says she knows; she’s just pulling his chain. She tells him it’s a rare opportunity, and she wants to enjoy someone else in the hot seat. Amy comes by. She fumbles trying to talk to Maxie, and Maxie says she understands. She would have done anything for her sister, but she’s hoping that’s all they have in common. She tells Nathan to wish her luck and jets. Amy tells Nathan that she doesn’t blame Maxie, especially since it’s not over between them.

Valentin tells Lulu that the hearing is a mere formality. Lulu says that she and Dante have custody, but Valentin reminds her that it’s temporary custody. The charges were dropped, and there’s no proof of criminal wrongdoing on his part. They’re just as fit to parent as Dante and Lulu. Lulu says the only reason he got back together with Nina was to score points in family court. Really nice, since Nina has been nothing but gracious. Nina says they got back together because they love each other, and Lulu tells her that she hopes Nina isn’t counting on Charlotte being included in their life. Valentin tells her he wants joint custody, because he wants to act in his daughter’s best interest; does she?Lulu says they have different ideas of what that means. Valentin suggests all four of them go with Charlotte for her first day of school. Lulu thinks that’s a good idea, but wishes they had even more family members to join them. She tells him her mom is still in Europe, taking care of Spencer –  remember him? Nina says it’s hard to forget false accusations, and Lulu says that Valentin killing Spencer’s father is hard to forget too.

Stella tells TJ that she’s cramping Curtis’s style. He never said it, but he’s been waiting for her to go since she got there. TJ says they’ll both miss her. She tells him that she wanted to make sure he had a good head on his shoulders, and that Curtis had his screwed on straight. Now that it’s confirmed, her work here is done.

Curtis tells Jordan that deep down Stella wants him to be happy, and Jordan makes him happy. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her, but he can’t figure things out on an empty stomach. He suggests breakfast, but Jordan says she can wait. They get busy again.

Ava listens to Griff’s message. He feels terrible, and tells her that he doesn’t want it to get in the way of her recovery. He wants to fix things, but even if that’s not possible, he’s her friend. Ugh. Friend zone.

Elizabeth sees Griff in the chapel. She wants to say a quick prayer before her shift. He’s surprised that she’s working, but she says it’s good to keep busy. He hopes she isn’t doing it to avoid her feelings. Elizabeth says he sounds like Franco, and Griff says that’s a first. She says that Franco can be very perceptive, but can understand how he would seem.

Scotty tells Franco about Lee passing away. He says it’s not like Franco knew his grandfather, and didn’t want to bother him. Franco says he’s Scotty’s son, and hugs him.

Valentin meets Ava at The Floating Rib. She accuses him of picking a public place on purpose, to give her incentive to take the deal. He tells her that he was there already, and as for the deal, he just needs a yes or no.

Maxie walks into Nina’s office. She says Nina looks great, and Nina says that Maxie is probably sensing she’s back with Valentin. Maxie says she’s back in Port Charles for good. Nina says Nathan must be excited to be in the same time zone. She tells Maxie that she has to prepare for a meeting, and Maxie says it’s with her. Nina says of course – Max Jones – and asks if she was in Portland figuring out to catfish her old employer, Maxie says that she didn’t think Nina would see her otherwise. She wants to come back. Seriously? Nina didn’t give pause over that name?

Amy tells Nathan just one more time. and Nathan says she tells him that every time. She explains that Quinn has arranged for a book launch party, and Man Landers needs to be there. She talked to her lawyer, but the fine print states that if Man Landers doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, the contract is null and void. He suggests finding someone else, but she says Quinn has already met him, and it would raise questions. She’ll have to give the advance money back, and won’t have anything to pay for her brother’s recovery.

Stella tells Tj that she’ll visit, or he can come to Baltimore and she’ll take him out for real crab cakes. She says med school is a serious undertaking, and as long as he keeps his eyes on the prize, it’s fine with her. She’ll be back sooner if Curtis can’t keep his act together. Curtis and Jordan walk in holding hands.

Scotty says Franco isn’t known for his affection, and Franco says he’s just being supportive. Scotty tells him that he misses Lee every day. He was kind, fair, and had unshakable integrity, none of which Scotty has ever lived up to, but he knows Lee loved him. Franco says he doesn’t know a whole lot about the family or his own life. Scotty asks if it’s something in particular, and Franco says his relationship with Jason, and shows him the photo.

Scotty says that it’s Franco and some blonde kid. Franco says Monica would say it’s Jason. Scotty says even he looked like that as a kid, and wonders where Franco is going with this. Franco tells Scotty that he spent most of his adult life obsessing about Jason, and this proves they knew each other. Scotty says it proves him and whoever it is, happened to cross paths. Franco points out that they’re dressed identically, and thinks it’s odd. Scotty says that doesn’t mean anything, and it’s just Franco and a friend. Franco says he didn’t have any friends; he made them up. He’s thinking his imaginary friend might not have been imaginary.

Jordan asks if Curtis wants to do this by himself. He tells her that from now on, they do everything together. Curtis tells Stella that he didn’t come to make trouble, but they have something to settle. Jordan and he are together, and staying together. They’ll have to figure out a way to live with that peacefully.

Nina says she offered Maxie her job back, and she declined. Maxie says circumstances have changed – to Nina’s benefit.  She shows Nina her portfolio. Nina tries not to act interested, but she is she. She tells Maxie that she’ll have no problem finding a job. She didn’t fire her because of her work, but because she didn’t trust her

Elizabeth says she knows something is bothering Griff. He doesn’t have to say anything, but she’ll listen. He says that he did something stupid, but he’s not sure he knew he was doing it. He treated someone that he cared about clumsily, which is a really strange word choice. Elizabeth suggests an apology, but Griff says he needs to do more. She asks what it would take, and he says figuring out how he feels.

Valentin is surprised that Ava agreed to meet. She says he’s not her favorite person, and he says she’s in no position to compare transgressions. She tells him that she thought she could piece together a life, but if there a chance to look normal. she wants it. He suggests they talk terms.

Scotty says he has no recollection of the picture, and Franco is creating a half-baked theory. He says they look like a million other blonde kids. Maybe it was a coincidence they had the same outfit on, met by chance, and his mom took the picture. Franco tells him that he’s grasping at straws, and Scotty asks why he wants to revisit the past. Franco says he wants to know what it means.

TJ wishes Curtis and Jordan well. Stella says so this is where Curtis was, and he says sorry to worry her, but he doesn’t know if she would have felt any better knowing where he really was. He knows how she feels, but they have to find a way to work together. He loves her, but he loves Jordan.

Nathan wants to do what he can. Amy says that he made huge difference in Chet’s life. He’s doing a lot better, but rehab is tough, and he isn’t always the happiest camper. She wants to move him to Port Charles, where he can be surrounded by familiar faces. Nathan says that Chet is lucky to have her; not everyone would do so much. Amy says he would. Look what he did for a complete stranger. He’s continued to come through over and over, but she doesn’t know any other way. He admits being Man Landers isn’t his favorite thing, but he doesn’t regret it, and won’t stop now. He has one condition – that he gets wardrobe approval. Amy hugs him.

Nina says she valued Maxie’s work, but relationships are based on trust, and Maxie went behind her back. Maxie says she’s right. Nina’s family is none of her business, and she has no right to insert herself in it, but was it the worst betrayal she ever suffered? If she can forgive others, why not Maxie?

Valentin has two contracts. The first is Ava’s agreement to have the surgery done. Ava gives him photo of a 16th century tapestry. She says she thought it would look good at Wyndemere, and add considerable value to his assets. He’s like, cool, and says the other contract is a retraction of her statement about Nikolas. She doesn’t want to sign it, but he says that’s the deal. She says the tapestry is the deal. He tells her if that’s the case, she’s wasting his time and her own.

Amy has no idea how to repay Nathan. She says she’ll dedicate her next book to him – the man behind the woman behind the man. He just wants his identity not to be revealed. He’s thinking about Chet too. She tells him she can name on one hand the people who know – her, Nathan, Nina, and Maxie – they’re totally in the clear. Nathan looks like he’s not too sure about that.

Nina tells Maxie that she might consider giving her a second chance, but needs more than a promise of loyalty. She wants something valuable, something Crimson needs that no one else has. She tells Maxie she has meeting to prepare for.

Curtis tells Stella that he hopes she understands, and they can be family. She says that she loves them too much to sacrifice a future with them now. She leaves, and Curtis is like, wow, he saw that going worse. TJ realizes that she left her phone, and follows her out.

Outside, Stella says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He says the way she handled that was pretty impressive. She says her illness has taught her to deal with adversity, and not let adversity deal with her. TJ suggests that they all have dinner before she leaves, but she says she’s reconsidered her plans. Port Charles suits her fine for now.

Griff asks Elizabeth if she has any words of wisdom. She tells him that she would go and talk it out, and make sure the last words spoken are how he really feels.

Lulu and Maxie are having lunch at The Floating Rib. Lulu stares at Ava. Maxie asks if they can put their lunch on hold.  She tells Lulu that the future of her career depends on something, and she’ll give her the details later.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer has the mistaken belief that her statement will help in his wrongful death suit, but nothing could be further from the truth. She asks why he wants her to rescind it then. He says that he wants to spare Charlotte from the whole mess of a trial, and Spencer from hearing that Nikolas might have faked his death a second time. Valentin says there’s no proof he’s dead, and doesn’t want Spencer to wonder if his father abandoned him. Ava insists that she knows Valentin killed Nickolas. Valentin says she has two choices; she can look like that for the rest of her life, or sign.

Scotty says that he won’t stand in Franco’s way, and Franco says he was hoping that Scotty would volunteer to be an asset. Scotty tells him that he didn’t even know Franco was his son until a few years ago. Franco asks who he might talk to, and Scotty suggests Monica. Franco is hesitant, since Jason is in a coma. Scotty tells him to go to the one who set everything in motion. Heather Webber.

On Monday, Franco believes that he and Jason were always connected, Sam wonders if Jason has woken up, and Lulu wants to know what that was about.

🐶  I watched Reservoir Dogs last weekend, and now Stuck in the Middle with You is Stuck in my Head. If you’ve never seen Quentin Tarantino’s first effort, and don’t mind a lot of blood, you should do yourself a favor and check it out. A story about a heist gone wrong, it also has a killer cast. Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Tarantino himself, kick ass and get their asses kicked. It leaves no doubt that Tarantino found his true calling early on.

📌 Quotes of the Week

Learning starts with failure. The first failure is the beginning of education.John Hersey

Wherever the truth is injured, defend it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you fall, make it part of the dance.  – Luann de Lesseps

⛵ Because It

Take a look at the It Experience where there are a lot of clowns. I wondered if the somewhat accommodating clown was pissed off because he couldn’t find his nose. The lit up floor with the bugs is fantastic. It would be great for a Halloween party.


Battle of the It Clowns

January 8, 2016 — GH Wraps Up the New Year & 8 Who Are Hateful


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


While I don’t normally discuss movies here, I saw The Hateful Eight yesterday. If you love Quentin Tarantino films, you’ll love this one too. The casting is superb, the script and acting are great, and the cinematography is top-notch, although I didn’t see the special 70mm showing. Kurt Russell is bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth, taking his prisoner, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to Red Rock to hang. While en route, he meets Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson, whose turn it is to shine here) along with some other characters. They all end up being stranded at the remote Minnie’s Haberdashery during a blizzard, where much of the action takes place in one room. As with all of Tarantino’s efforts, this is a wonderful ensemble piece. This time, it’s also a bit of a mystery, figuring out which character is the bad guy – or is it all of them?

Since not much went on TV-wise this week, here’s some GH recaps and I’ll see you on Sunday.

General Hospital — Wednesday

Jason shows up at Sam’s apartment. She asks if he was looking for her, and he says he was looking for a place to live, but when he realized it was her place, he figured he’d say hello.

Jake is with Elizabeth at the hospital. She tells him not to talk to “that guy,” meaning Franco. Franco is on the phone with Nina, who is celebrating at Crimson. She says she can’t wait to see Julian’s face when he sees that they’ve saved the magazine. I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes he has no tax write off.

Alexis tells Julian that Sam should stay with them. Julian says one thing he’s learned from his own kids is to not give them help they haven’t asked for. Hear, hear.

Jordan makes plans to meet someone at Kelly’s. She’s there with Anna. Anna asks her if she has a date. Jordan says it’s a second date. Anna asks with whom, and she says she’s calling him “no expectations” for now. They talk about Robin, and Anna says she should have been savvier and realized Robin really needed her.

Patrick and Robin have taken Emma out of school early. She asks if she’s in trouble, and they tell her no, but they have some exciting news. They’re moving to California.

Franco asks Jake if he’d like to color. Jake says that his mom told him not to talk to Franco. A police officer approaches Elizabeth and wants to talk to her in private. Franco sits with Jake and tells him not to let any of the other patients see him using the good crayons.

Sam tells Jason that technically, it’s his apartment, and she wasn’t trying to sell it out from underneath him. He asks if there have been any good offers and Sam tells him about Paul (although she doesn’t know it was Paul who made the offer). Jason asks her to show him around.

Emma is worried about moving and Robin says it will be an adventure. Emma says she’ll miss her friends. Robin says she will too, but their friends will only be a plane ride away. That’s right, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from New York to California. And so affordable.

Dr. Andre comes into Kelly’s and talks to Anna. He says he hasn’t seen her on his schedule. She says she might have something to report about Carrrlos soon, but since they keep running into each other, she’ll let him know when it happens. She starts to introduce him to Jordan, but she doesn’t have to, since he’s Jordan’s date.

The new magazines come in. Dillon opens the box and says, “Oh no!” Maxie looks in the box and makes a shocked face.

Olivia comes by Julian and Alexis’s place with a gift. It’s a portrait of Olivia, Leo & Julian. Not too awkward. Alexis is not looking too thrilled and understandably so. There’s some discussion of where to put it, but Julian gets a phone call and has to leave.

Dillon is on the phone saying it’s not an artistic choice, but a huge mistake. All the magazines have green dripping down every page. Dillon says the printer said that’s what they received and the file must have been corrupted. Nina wants them to reprint a million copies, but there’s no money for that. Nina says they’ll have to ask Julian to increase the budget.

Robin calls Anna and asks her to come over.

The cop tells Elizabeth they could have someone come by and check on them later, but she and “her husband” have nothing to worry about. I’m guessing they had nothing to worry about to begin with and not surprised that Elizabeth doesn’t correct the officer about her “husband.”

Sam trips and Jason catches her. This seems to be an ongoing thing. He gathers her into his arms and they look at each other longingly. It actually looks more awkward than that though. It’s like he almost lost his grip on her for a second and they had to regroup the shot.

Alexis says Julian won’t be back for a while and he needs to weigh in on where they put the portrait. Olivia says she gets the message, so she’ll take her picture and go. Alexis says no, she loves the picture and to leave it. When Alexis puts her hand on the frame, Olivia notices her engagement ring.

Julian gets to the office and says there’s nothing they can do about the magazine. They’ll have to just eat it. How much you want to bet that it will be a sensation as is?

Franco is having a good time with Jake, because Roger Howarth is great with kids. Elizabeth interrupts because she ruins every good time.

Sam says the falling and catching thing happened with them a lot. Jason says he might not remember the first time, but he’ll remember this one. Jason tells her about meeting Robin and that he recognized her almost immediately. Sam says maybe it’s from pictures, but Jake says he remembered her when he’d broken in to kill Sam. He says that’s what stopped him. Sam suggests Robin is his guardian angel. He says Robin made him rethink how he feels about his past, and that she told him she had faith in his future. Jason says after she left, he could see her on the bridge from long ago, saying the same thing to him.

He adds that he’s had a memory about Sam.

Anna arrives at Robin and Patrick’s place. Robin tells her about talking to Obrecht. She says the job is less appealing because of the salary cut. Anna says she can get a job elsewhere. Robin says she already has, but it’s in Berkley. She tells Anna they’re moving to California.

Jordan and Andre make maybe not small, but medium talk. They talk about their exes. Jordan says she’s a little rusty with the dating scene. They complement each other on their New Year’s Eve dance moves.

Robin says she practically grew up in the hospital and it’s hard for her to be objective there. Berkley will give her a fresh start and she’ll be going there as an adult. She says it’s a good way to start over and get away from the drama of the past few years. She says she and Emma will be able to do all the things she’s been dreaming about.

Sam asks if Jason wants to tell her about his memory of her. He tells her about the necklace she was wearing when they ran into each other in the park. He says he thinks he remembers putting it on her, but isn’t sure if it’s a real memory. Sam says it is. He says that makes two memories in a week. Sam says that’s good, but Jason says he doesn’t want to lose who he is now. Sam says he’s not that much different – honest, loyal and stubborn. She says he’s also a good cook, but no pressure. Sam says she wants him to be whole, whatever that means to him.

Franco tries talking to Elizabeth, but she’s not having any. He says he thought they’d had a breakthrough at the gala and he’d like them to be friends.

Alexis confirms her and Julian’s engagement. Olivia says she’s happy for them, but weirded out because Julian didn’t tell her. When has he had time?

Julian says one missed issue isn’t going to make or break him, and he’ll write it off. He tells them better luck next time. He leaves and Maxie says the end of Crimson means the end of her career in fashion. Dillon says Julian said there would be a next time. Maxie says the next time they see Julian, it will be when he fires them. Nina is like, hold on a minute, we’re going to be a success with green Crimson. What did I say? I ain’t been watching this 50 years for nothin’.

Maxie is aghast that Nina would want to put it on the newsstand. Nina says they will look innovative, calling attention to an overharvested and overpopulated world. Maxie is like, this will never work. She surprises me. I would have expected more creative thinking from her, and the green thing makes total sense.

Alexis says she and Julian just wanted a little privacy for a while. Olivia says since she’s the mother of Julian’s child, he should have told her. She says that Julian had said that she would always be a part of the family. So I guess that means he should sit around alone for the rest of his life?

Jason says that Sam should keep the apartment. She says it’s the one place she calls home. Jason asks if she’d like to go for coffee.

Elizabeth says that she and Franco aren’t friends now and they never will be. Franco quotes Star Wars because he’s such a nut. He says he’s sorry about kidnapping Jake, but that was another life and he’d never inflict harm on another person again. (Okay, at least now I’m up to speed. I missed all of that during a time period when I wasn’t watching.) She says they still have nothing in common. He says more than she thinks, and if she ever needs a friend, he’s there.

Anna says Robin is a grown woman and has to do what’s right for her family. Robin says Anna is her family too, and she knows Anna misses Duke. Anna says it’s part of life, and you eventually get to a point where you cherish the memories instead of just grieving. Robin says she doesn’t want to leave Anna alone. Anna says she’s not alone, she’ll be fine, and Robin needs to be the woman Anna knows she can be. Robin asks her to come with them.

Maxie says once they go through with the plan, it’s like pushing a nuclear button. Dillon and Nina are like, come on, roll with it, and she says she’s in.

Alexis says Olivia will always be part of the family, and she would never interfere with that. Julian comes in and says he likes the portrait above the fireplace. Olivia says congratulations and enjoy the engagement, and leaves. First of all, she really has no business being annoyed, and secondly, over the fireplace? Really? When you’re marrying someone else?

Franco looks at Jake’s drawings which are very dark, both in color and subject matter.

Jordan and Andre both say that lunch was fun, but not long enough. They agree to a third date and kiss. Dammit! I wanted him with Anna.

Robin tells Anna to think about it. Anna says there’s nothing she would love more than to live near them, but she has work in Port Charles to do now. Robin says there won’t always be work and Anna says of course, and she’ll think about relocating when it’s done, but in the meantime, she’ll visit.

Patrick says they have temporary housing set up and they’re leaving tomorrow. Anna says they can’t. She wants to throw them a going-away party, and there’s also the wedding. (Another light bulb for me. I guess they’d gotten a divorce at some point.) Patrick says they can do that in California, but Emma says no way, not as long as she’s Emma Scorpio Drake.

Tomorrow, it looks like we’re having a wedding.

General Hospital – Thursday

Robin, Emma and Anna are getting ready for the wedding. That was fast. Maxie comes in asking if her assistant wedding planner, meaning Emma, is ready to roll. Sonny is the next to arrive.

Laura sees Tracy at The MetroCourt. She wants to find Luke and asks Tracy if she has any information. Tracy says she has nothing. Laura says it’s nothing important, but she wants him to know Helena Cassadine has been vanquished.

Hayden tells Nicholas he was just served by Michael.

Elizabeth arrives and says she thought it was a going away party, and Emma tells her it’s a wedding too, and that it’s forever this time for her mommy and daddy. The doorbell rings and Elizabeth answers. It’s Jason.

Nicholas says Michael and Alexis are issuing a declaration of war, and that it includes a petition to freeze all of ELQ’s assets. Nicholas says everything hinges on Jason. He has 9% voting stock, which has been under Nicholas’s control. Hayden says that now that Nicholas is being released, the police are going to want a statement.

Tracy wonders if Luke would feel relief or regret. Laura says she knows talking about Luke isn’t Tracy’s favorite subject, but Tracy says she holds no ill will toward him. She says she has fondness for their time together. Laura says it sounds like Tracy has moved on. She says she noticed the chemistry between Tracy and Paul at the gala. Tracy says Paul is a smarmy opportunist who will never darken her door again. Alrighty then.

Elizabeth tells Jason she didn’t realize he would be there. Jason tells Sonny he didn’t realize it was a big event, and wants to leave, but Sonny says he should stay for Robin’s sake. Maxie comes running out to tell Robin she’s ruined everything. She forgot someone to marry them. Mac says he can do it. Maxie says he’s not a minister, but he says he went online in the morning and before his toast was done, he was ordained. That’s actually a little scary.

Robin tells Jason it’s important for him to be there, even though he keeps trying to get out of it. She says it’s the future he imagined for her on the bridge and she wants him to see it. Mac asks if Patrick and Robin are ready to get married.

Tracy says her recent involvement with Paul was a lapse in judgment. Laura says maybe she should follow Luke’s lead and take some time to be with herself and figure out why she keeps trusting people she shouldn’t. Laura says she understands how it is when someone you love disappoints you. Tracy says maybe she’ll take Laura up on her advice. Eat, pray, spend lots of money, I say.

Hayden says she’ll be glad to have Nicholas back home. She says it’s been lonely wandering around Windermere without him, and Spencer has a kick-ass welcome home party planned. Hayden’s phone rings and it’s Tracy. Tracy tells her to make an excuse and get over to the MetroCourt. Hayden tells Nicholas she has some ELQ business to deal with, but she’ll be back soon.

Emma is the flower girl and the only one wearing white. Song part as she, Anna and Robert, and Robin enter.  Zzzzzzz….  Carly comes in with a box. It’s probably not a bomb, but I can hope.

Laura visits Nicholas at the hospital. She says she can’t fathom how he’s involved with Hayden after he tried to have her killed. Laura says the lies and secrets he’s keeping are eating at his soul, and asks him to tell her this will be the end of it. Like I’d even believe him if he did.

Patrick says a bunch of mushy stuff about second and third chances and how much he loves Robin. Elizabeth makes stupid faces at Jason. Robin’s turn for mushy stuff.

Commercial break. I went out today, so I’m watching this online and it’s actually less painful because the breaks are only about 30 seconds.

Robin talks about how her memories started to slip away and now she’s here and how happy she is. Instead of regular vows, they decide to recite them to Emma. This is actually a very cool idea, since this poor kid has been through the ringer and needs some feeling of security. Lots of mushy kid stuff. This is a little sad too, since Kimberly McCullough just had a miscarriage.

Mac gets the rings from Felicia, who snuck in at some point. Patrick and Robin exchange rings in the standard way and Mac says by the power vested in him by the internet, he pronounces them man and wife. They kiss.

Carly says since they’ve had bad luck with wedding cakes at Kelly’s, she brought a going away cake.

Laura tells Nicholas he’s been given a second chance to live and not to blow it. She says he should move forward to being the man she knows he can be. He says he’s not giving up ELQ, and she says she’s not getting involved in that, but it’s time for a fresh start without Hayden.

Tracy meets with Hayden, who tells her that Nicholas got the lawsuit from Michael. Tracy wants to know what Hayden is doing and why it’s taking so long.

Robin thanks Carly for her help. Carly says she owes Robin big time and reminds her of a day when she gave Robin a hard time about leaving Patrick. She says Robin told her that if she knew what Robin was really doing, she would thank her. Carly says Robin saved Jason’s life and she’s grateful. Robin says Carly is good for both Jason and Sonny, and that she never gave Carly enough credit.

Jason congratulates Robin and she thanks him for staying. He tells her that he had a memory about her. He says he doesn’t know much about his past, but he knows she’s important to him. Robin says even if he doesn’t get his memories back, he’ll figure out who he is.  Lots of milling around and congratulations.

Patrick tells Sonny he wishes he could be there when Sonny walks again. Sonny says he’s glad he and Robin are back together and it means a lot to him.

Robin tells Elizabeth she’s made mistakes but it doesn’t mean her dreams can’t come true. She says she knows how much she loves Jason, but life has happiness in store for her no matter what.

Hayden tells Tracy that Nicholas isn’t the most trusting soul and she has to romance him to gain his trust.

Laura reminds Nicholas that Hayden was originally hired by Ric to pretend to be Jason’s wife. She says maybe Hayden has real feelings for him, but maybe it’s just an act, and she doesn’t want him to get his heart broken.

Everyone says their good-bys. Geez, Felicia only had half a line in this episode. She’s turned into an “under five.” Bye, Felicia. Literally.

Anna gives Emma a plane ticket so she can come visit. Elizabeth is dragging her feet leaving

Carly and Sonny tell Jason if he needs anything, to call them. Jason’s phone rings. It’s Nicholas, who asks him to come to the hospital to discuss something.

Elizabeth lies down on the couch and hears a noise outside.

Jason comes to the hospital. He tells Nicholas he figured the next time they saw each other, it would be in a courtroom. Nicholas says he thinks they can fix it so that won’t be necessary.

Tracy says she knows Hayden needs the job with her. She says she thinks she’s the only friend that Hayden has and she knows exactly who Hayden is.

Robin says her good-bys to Sonny and Carly. She tells Sonny he’s made tremendous progress and she knows he’ll continue to improve.

While the bags are being put into the car, Robin says good-by to Anna. She thanks Anna, and Anna says she loves Robin and would do anything for her, and she’s sure it will be the same with Robin and Emma.

Robert tells Robin he loves her and will always be there for her. Anna tells Patrick that she’s grateful he and Robin are back together. She wishes them luck in California. Robin and Patrick flashbacks. I forgot that I was ever they were so young.

Emma breaks into Robin’s reverie. It’s time to go. Patrick asks if they’re ready for a new adventure, and he, Emma and Robin link arms.

Tomorrow, Valerie is in trouble and Nicholas tries to strike a deal with Jason.

General Hospital – Friday

Johnny shows up at the Haunted Star. Lulu asks where he’s been.

Dante interrupts Maxie and Dillon while they’re working on the magazine. Dante says he needs to talk to Dillon immediately about what he and Lulu were up to on New Year’s Eve.

Elizabeth is startled by someone outside. Boo! It’s Laura bringing Jake home.

Tracy says that Hayden has been lying to everyone she knows.

Nicholas tells Jason that they can make an “official arrangement” and he’ll drop the charges.

Dante asks to talk to Dillon outside. Even though Maxie thinks it’s a bad idea, Dillon complies. Dante goes on and on about Dillon and Lulu sleeping together New Year’s Eve and that Dillon had better not hurt Lulu. Maxie comes out after Dante leaves and asks what on earth Dante is talking about.

Johnny gives Lulu flowers. I’d run off with him if I was her. Johnny says it was all he could do not to bust out of the closet and give Dante what for, and that Dante had no business acting like he did nothing wrong and assuming Lulu did.

Nicholas tells Jason about the suit Michael filed. Nicholas says that the case will be caught up in the courts forever, lots of money will be spent, and ELQ will suffer. He tells Jason if he doesn’t participate in the lawsuit, and leaves Nicholas in charge of ELQ, it will color what Nicholas says to the police. Don’t do it, Jason.

Hayden says Tracy has nothing on her. Tracy says she has nothing on Hayden Barnes, but she has something on the person Hayden was before. Tracy shows her something on her cell phone.

Laura says she’s there to drop Jake off. Elizabeth tells him to go upstairs to play and she’ll be up later. Elizabeth tells Laura that Jake has been affected by the change in her relationship with Jason. She says it’s only a matter of time until Jason is with Sam.  Jake listens on the stairs and Elizabeth tells him to beat it. Laura says she thinks Jake could benefit from talking to a psychiatrist. Elizabeth says not everything is in his head, that he saw someone outside on New Year’s Eve.

Hayden tries to take the phone and Tracy snatches it back. Tracy says Hayden has a real trail of scandal. She says it was obvious that Hayden was no garden variety con artist, and she happened up “certain information” to corroborate that. Hayden says Tracy needs her to get ELQ from Nicholas. Funny, Tracy says, since everything leads back to Nicholas.

Nicholas tells Jason that since Hayden was hysterical, it’s up to him what the police believe. Jason says he side-stepped Nicholas, who had started the fight, and that’s how he ended up falling. Nicholas asks who Jason thinks the police are going to believe? Jason doesn’t take the bait. Nicholas says he best reconsider before someone else he loves gets hurt.

Maxie says she was in a car crash once and the slow-motion feeling is the same way she’s felt since Dillon let fly with the DVD about Dante’s cheating. She says that Dante and Lulu aren’t used to screwing up, so they keep obsessing over it and doing stupid things. She says they’re running in circles and need to stand still and figure out what’s going on. She says she told Lulu this, but it would be understandable if things went too far with her and Dillon. Dillon says he wasn’t there on NYE. Maxie says Dante seemed certain, so who was Lulu with? While she takes a call, Dillon makes an exit.

Johnny tells Lulu that Valerie was caught “taking a payment” from a known felon, and he wants to establish a pattern. He’s going to run into her again and act like he’s really interested in her. Lulu says she’ll probably act flattered, but rebuff him. He says it doesn’t matter, by then he’ll have enough evidence. Lulu says the longer he stays there, the longer he risks getting caught. He says he’s all about risk, especially if it’s for a worthy cause. Lulu asks if it’s about helping her or does he have another agenda?

Dante sees Valerie at work. He says she seems upset and she says she’s in big trouble.

Tracy says their agreement was for Hayden to hand over ELQ to her, and she’s giving her 30 days to get the shares back. If not, she’ll give Nicholas proof of who Hayden really is. Hayden asks what satisfaction that will bring, and Tracy says Nicholas will look like an idiot and she’ll eventually end up with the stock anyway. Hayden balks. Tracy makes like she’s going to make a phone call to a Jay (?) Dover and Hayden says she’ll do it.

Jason says it’s good he has a good lawyer. Nicholas says he has a good eyewitness, and reminds Jason of The Floating Rib incident when Jason tossed him over a pool table. Nicholas goads Jason a little, saying Jason can either end up talking to his kids through Plexiglas, or he can take the offer.

Johnny flirts and Lulu says she thought he wasn’t going to do that anymore, adding that when he’s charming, he’s usually up to something. Dillon comes by and Johnny makes himself scarce. Dillon tells Lulu that Dante accused him of sleeping with her New Year’s Eve. He says he knows she wouldn’t pick up a stranger, so where is Johnny?

Laura suggests that maybe it was just a New Year’s Eve drunk looking through the window. She says Jake spent his formative years on Cassadine or Spoon Island or wherever the blip Helena had him, so he’s not exactly normal. She didn’t say it that way, I’m translating. Elizabeth says she should have listened to Laura, and that she continued to lie to Jason while Sam told him the truth. Laura says she’s sorry and hugs Elizabeth, who says she doesn’t deserve Laura’s concern. I agree. Laura says she promises that Elizabeth will come out the other side and things will be better. She tells Elizabeth to call her any time and leaves.

Nicholas asks if Jason wants to be a father to his sons or an embarrassment to his family. Jason asks Nicholas if he really wants to do this to everyone. Jason suddenly changes the subject, asking if he was close to his sister. He says he’s seen pictures of her, but he doesn’t remember everything. He says that Emily must have loved Nicholas, and how did he get from being someone so loved to the person he’s looking at now. Nicholas says this has nothing to do with it, but is clearly shaken. Jason says he’d rather look honestly through Plexiglas than give in to a lie. Nicholas says remember this day when you’re in prison, because that’s where you’re going. Jason gives him the finger (not really) and leaves.

Hayden says she’ll get it together in 30 days. Tracy says if Hayden tries to run away, she’ll hunt her down. Hayden says Tracy has no idea how hard it would be if the truth came out. Tracy says she does and that’s why she knows Hayden will succeed. Hayden leaves and has to catch her breath in the hallway. I’m really glad they’re giving Rebecca Buddig more of a big storyline. I love her in this role.

Maxie notices that Dillon is gone while in the middle of her call. She gathers her stuff up and jets out of Kelly’s, which is apparently her office now.

Dillon tells Lulu he should have called the cops. Lulu tells him Johnny left the morning after Dillon saw him. Dillon asks who Lulu was with New Year’s Eve. Lulu says a harmless drunk had grabbed her and she was fixing her hair and makeup in the stateroom. She says Dante, as usual, jumped to conclusions. Dillon tells her what Dante said, and that he feels the same if she should get hurt by Johnny. She keeps insisting nothing is going on, and he says he’s not so sure. He gets a call and leaves.

Johnny (who must be getting tired of hiding by now) comes out and says she did great.

Valerie says she blew the exam. Dante says that her score isn’t good, but it’s not enough to get her dropped. Valerie says she’ll never get her score high enough to make it a passing percentage. Dante says he’ll help her study and that doesn’t mean he’s coming on to her. She says it doesn’t matter, people will think so. She says it means a lot that he offered to help and she wishes they could be friends, but that’s not possible.

Nicholas tells the police that Jason threw him over the terrace railing. Hayden watches from the doorway looking pretty upset.  Afterward, Nicholas tells Hayden Jason was willing to go to prison rather than compromise. Hayden says it’s unfair to Jason’s family and he should put them before greed and vanity. Nicholas says it’s not greed, Jason just believes he’s right.  Hayden keeps going on about how can he do this to his family, and I’m thinking she’s hoping Nicholas gets a conscience and realizes he’s going to hurt his own family, but that doesn’t happen. She asks what happens now and Nicholas says he and the Quartermaines go to court and Jason goes to prison.

Jason walks into Elizabeth’s house and calls out to her. When she comes downstairs, he asks why she left the door open. She says she didn’t.

Valerie says if Nicholas helps her study, the next thing she knows, she’ll be cooking him dinner and things will escalate. Dante tells Valerie that every time he takes a step forward with Lulu they take two steps back. Valerie tells him he shouldn’t be telling her this and she can’t deal with the yo-yo stuff. I’m in agreement with her there. Whenever things go sour with Lulu, he’s back to Valerie. What a guy. They should both forget about him.

Lulu says Johnny is taking a huge risk staying there. Maxie comes in to prove the point.

Jason says maybe the door just didn’t latch properly. Jason sees a family picture with him in it, smashed on the ground. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Jake, the Bad Seed.

Dillon sees Tracy, who has decided to go on a trip. She says she’s going to indulge in spa treatments, eat good food, and reprioritize. She says by the time she gets back, she’ll have a whole new outlook.

Nicholas tells Hayden what to tell the police. Nicholas says he takes no pleasure in doing all this, and blah-blah-blah about how he has to do this for the greater good or some baloney. Hayden says there might be a way around it and asks Nicholas to marry her.

On Monday, Jason and Sam get closer, Jake disappears and Maxie threatens to turn Johnny in.