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July 3, 2019 – A Rejected Proposal, Shep Gets a Puppy, Victor Seen, Two For the Fourth & My Independence Tradition


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Breaking News – traffic is backed up and there are delays on the road. Because of the July 4th weekend. Thanks. I wouldn’t have guessed.

On her phone in a waiting room, Alexis looks at the death notice for Neil’s daughter. Neil walks Kristina out of his office. Neil says Alexis is early, and she says she was in the neighborhood. A client canceled. She didn’t know it was Kristina’s normal appointment time, but if Kristina is concerned, Alexis didn’t hear anything. Kristina says, it’s fine. Alexis says it’s nice see her anyway; she’s barely seen Kristina lately. Kristina says Julian has been giving her extra shifts, and she’s taking baby steps to rebuild her social life. Alexis hopes Kristina isn’t avoiding her because of the Pledge. That’s not what’s happening, is it?

On the phone with Carly, Sonny says Gladys will be there soon, and they can stop worrying about Dev getting deported. Carly says Dev thinks he’s trying to be helpful, and Sonny asks if he’s still overselling the humble bit. Carly says she can relate. Sonny says he’ll feel more secure soon, and Carly says, let her know how it goes. Josslyn comes in, and asks, how what goes?

Franco and Elizabeth are at Charlie’s, when Laura comes in with Cameron. She thanks him for setting up the tables for 4th of July. If not for him, the people would have no place to eat. He says, it beats picking up garbage. Franco says there’s going be plenty after the 4th. Elizabeth says, speaking of community service, Cameron’s day off was approved. Franco says he can come to the reception, and bring a date if he wants to.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is working on something she may or may not need know about. She asks Josslyn to cut up celery and carrot sticks for Avery. Maybe Dev could help her. Dev says he’s practically an expert. Josslyn takes the vegetables out of the refrigerator, and Dev says she’s still mad at him, isn’t she?

At the hospital, Scotty tells Bobbie that she doesn’t have to do any of this alone. She says, that’s sweet but… He says there was a time when they were more than just friends, not that long ago. He was thinking they can recapture that. He tells her, think about it this way. They’re in an RV, going down the road; potholes, flat tires, and everything that goes with that. All she has to do is just say yes. Will she marry him? She says she’s not dying. She doesn’t want a pity proposal. He says, it’s not like that. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She asks, since when? and he says, the hell with it. What does she say? Let’s go get hitched.

Kristina says she’s not avoiding Alexis, although she still feels guilty for what she shared with Shiloh. Alexis says Shiloh manipulated her, and not to feel guilty. It might make Kristina feel better to tell her what she told Shiloh. Kristina says she doesn’t think it’s necessary, and Alexis says, no pressure. Kristina thinks Sam is right. She should put the guilt behind her, and let it go for good. Alexis says, Sam is a smart gal; she agrees. Kristina has to get going, and hugs Alexis.

Bobbie asks if Scotty wants a reference for Shadybrook. He’s clearly lost his mind. He says he hasn’t. Finally, things are starting to make real sense. She tells him, that’s what people say who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He says he’s been doing some soul searching. They go way back. She says she goes way back with a lot of her friends. That doesn’t mean she wants to run off to the chapel with them. He says they’ve had so many stops and starts. They’d be fools not to make a real go of it. They’ve been chasing crazy, wild love, but it’s not sustainable. They should invest in something concrete. She says he makes it sound more like a business transaction than a marriage proposal. He asks if she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with someone comfortable, like an old, well-worn shoe. She says, no. He did not just compare her to an old shoe.

Cameron says he doesn’t think he’ll be bringing a date to the reception. Franco says, it doesn’t have to be a date date. Maybe a friend. Cameron says, it’s a family party. It’s not like everyone in school is dying to come. Laura thinks she should get Cameron fed, and they go to order. Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s sure Cameron didn’t mean anything by that, but Franco is sure he did.

Cameron suggests they order a bunch of appetizers. Laura says, first, she’d like to know what’s going on with him.

Josslyn tells Dev that he’s not doing it right. He asks how hard carrot sticks can be, and she says, Avery is a connoisseur. She won’t eat them if they’re too big or too small. Dev says she can do it then, pushing the carrots toward her. She says, yes. She’s still mad at him. He says he never would have guessed. She says the more she thinks about what he said, the madder she gets. He says, stop thinking about it then. She says, too late. He says he’s sorry her boyfriend died. Maybe she’s right. Maybe his spirit is reaching out. She says he doesn’t believe that. He says, no, he doesn’t.

Gladys arrives, and Sonny says he appreciates her coming. She says he can show his appreciation by cutting to the chase. She hasn’t seen Mike in ages. His mom used to send Christmas cards, and there were some Corbin get togethers, but those were decades ago. And all of a sudden Mike’s son wants to meet with her. Why? It’s about her son. She says he was killed in the war in 2003; Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sonny is sorry, and she thanks him. She says that was the last time she heard from Sonny’s old man; he sent a lovely note. Sonny says, Mike has Alzheimer’s. His memory is fading quickly. She’s sorry to hear that. She doesn’t want to sound insensitive, but he didn’t come all this way to share his sorrows. Why is he really there, and what does it have to do with her son?

Dev tells Josslyn, that’s the great thing about America; everyone thinks what they want. She can believe she’s getting messages from the afterlife, and he can believe Oscar is gone. Josslyn wonders how this turned into a patriotic explanation, and Dev says he’s pointing out the freedoms she takes for granted. Carly comes back, and tells them, Sonny got hung up. They’re on their own for 4th of July. Since he was going to grill, that means ordering out. Josslyn suggests Angelo’s. They’re organic, and Carly has to eat healthy. Carly asks Dev to do her a favor, and help Max close the boat house. She’ll finish up there. He leaves, and Carly says, it seems a little tense. Josslyn says, he’s annoying. Carly knows Dev was a surprise, and Josslyn says she’d like to know the plan. Dev is there illegally. What are they supposed to do about that?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he can’t figure out where he stands with Cameron. One minute, they have a connection, and the next, it’s like Cameron is allergic to him. It’s exhausting. Elizabeth tells him, welcome to parenting a teenager. She’ll see if she can get Cameron to lighten up; he’s going through a lot right now. Franco says he has to go, and asks her to tell Cameron, see you.

Laura asks Cameron, does he mind if she makes an observation? Cameron says, sure, and she says, this morning, he was pleasant with his mom, but just now, he was short. She’s guessing the X-factor is Franco. Cameron says Franco is his stepdad, but he doesn’t have to be happy about it. Laura says it’s understandable that Cameron would be cautions, given Franco’s history, but he should judge. Cameron says Franco judges him too, and knows nothing about him. Laura says there’s no doubt Franco has made mistakes, but Cameron needs to ask himself what good it is to hang on to resentment. In pulling away from Franco, he’s pulling away from his family. He says he loves his mother and brothers, but Franco is temporary. She says, there it is. She knows why he’s having a hard time accepting Franco as a father figure. He’s had a lot of them come into his life, and they let him down.

Scotty tells Bobbie, that’s not what he meant. It was a compliment. She says, just what every woman wants to hear. He says, let him explain. He’s been chasing the action so long, and suddenly the end of the road is looking closer than the beginning. Bobbie asks if he’s afraid of dying. He says, dying is easy. Comedy is tough. She laughs, and he says they’re on same page. She gets his jokes. When she fainted and he brought her there, he was looking at her, and could picture them spending the rest of their lives together. Close friends, confidants; they’re on the same team. She laughs, and says she does think of him sometimes that way, even when he drives her insane. But he’s forgotten one thing in his impromptu proposal. He says, flowers? and she says, he never said he loved her.

Alexis tells Neil that she’s being transparent. She didn’t know Kristina had moved her session. Maybe she’s been seeing Neil more. Neil just looks at her, and she says she gets it; boundaries. Does that mean they can’t talk about Kristina at all? He says they just can’t talk about what he and Kristina discuss in their sessions. She says she could use his input. Kristina has been distant with her. Neil asks if she thinks it has to do with the Pledge. She says if she knew what Kristina told Shiloh, she would be able to assess the situation. Neil says nothing, and she says he’s not taking the bait? He says, not a chance. Maybe they should examine how she feels about Kristina sharing damaging information. Alexis says she almost doesn’t care what Kristina said. She just doesn’t want issues between them. She thinks about what other parents are going through, and knows she’s lucky. She has no reason to complain. She knows some parents who just lost their son to a brain tumor, and has to coordinate the reading of the will. She had to meet with the dad, and he was in so much pain. No one understands the pain involved in losing a kid, but she knows Neil does.

Kristina goes to the jail. She tells a prisoner that she thought it was time she came to see them. It’s Willow.

Sonny tells Gladys that he was hoping for her help with a project he’s working on. She says she’s stopping him there. She’s heard the stories, and seen the headlines. She did her research, and he’s one of the biggest mobsters in New York state. He says, alleged. She doesn’t want to waste either of their time, and asks what business does he have with her son? Sonny says, it’s not with him, but with her grandson. She says, Brando didn’t have a kid. Sonny takes out an envelope, and puts it on the table, saying, he does now.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is trying to make arrangements for Dev. Josslyn wonders, why go through all that trouble? She gets it. Dev is nice, in an annoying way, but why is Sonny trying to keep him in the country? Carly says, Dev helped Sonny and Dante escape. He’s the reason they came back alive, and Sonny wants to repay the debt. She knows it’s an adjustment. It’s a lot to process, but they’ll figure it out as they go along. She asks Josslyn to make allowances for Dev. He’s in a strange county, alone, trying to keep a step ahead of the authorities. Put herself in his shoes. Josslyn says she can’t, but she’ll try. Carly says they’ll talk more later; she has to go to grandma’s. It will be okay. Josslyn says she’s good.

Scotty tells Bobbie, of course he loves her. That goes without saying. She says, it’s usually something you state when proposing. He says he’ll take it into consideration next time. Doesn’t she love him? She says, sure, as a friend. There have been times when they’ve been more than that, and she thought they’d have a real relationship, but every time they took a stab at it, it was blown apart, disastrously. He says it could be different, but she says not the way she’s looking for. She wants that passionate, epic love that sweeps you off your feet. She deserves more than a comfortable pair of shoes, and so does he. He says she’s right. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. He was out of line. Bobbie says she was having dinner with Carly, but she can reschedule. Does he want to go to Kelly’s? He says, for some rejected proposal dinner? She says she feels like he has a lot on his mind, and she’s there for him. They can talk. He says he’s done enough talking. He’s scooting out, and hanging on to what dignity he has left.

Kristina says Michael told her that Willow was there, and came to see how she’s holding up. Willow says she’s very kind, but Kristina says she at least owes Willow a visit. She owes Willow her life. Willow doesn’t know about that, but Kristina says if Willow hadn’t shared her experience with Shiloh and DOD, she’d probably still be there. Willow is glad she isn’t. DOD is like quicksand. The harder you fight to get away, the deeper you sink. She asks if Michael told Kristina why she’s there. Kristina says, contempt of court, and Willow says Shiloh won’t discover the whereabouts of her son. She can’t let Shiloh find him. Keeping a secret is a different kind of prison; in some ways, worse than a cell. Kristina knows the feeling.

Alexis says she’s just glad her children are healthy. Neil says she told him that he knows the pain of grieving a child. She says he’s a psychiatrist, and she’s sure he’s dealt with grieving parents. He says he’d appreciate an honest answer. She says she knows lost he lost a child. He says he’s ending the session. He can no longer treat her, and tells her, please leave.

Alexis asks, why? He says he made it clear his personal life is off limits. She says she’s sorry she overstepped, and he says she’s repeatedly crossed boundaries. Alexis says it wasn’t her who looked him up; it was her friend. Diane researched him online, and she’s not responsible. She finds their sessions invaluable. He says there’s no point in arguing; leave. She says he’s taking his anger and grief out on her.

Bobbie meets Carly, and tells her about Scotty asking her to marry him. Carly asks if she said no, and Bobbie says, of course (🍷). He basically said they might as well settle for each other, and compared her to a comfortable old shoe. She still believes in finding real lasting love. Carly agrees, but says for someone to find love, they have to be proactive about finding it.

Scotty has a bone to pick with Franco. He says he proposed to Bobbie. By how Scotty looks, Franco is guessing she said no. Scotty says, a hard no. It’s the last time he’s taking Franco’s advice. Franco says, no way he told him to propose to Bobbie, and Scotty asks, what was with the pep talk about the RV? Franco says that was how he was connecting. Scotty asks what’s the matter with him? It got Scotty thinking about the life choices he’s making, none of them good, when saw Bobbie. He thought fate had stepped in and said they belong together.

Laura tells Cameron that they all have problems with their parents from time to time. He asks if she did, and she laughs, saying, yeah. It’s a complicated relationship, and keeps changing a you get older. It’s been quite the journey with Leslie, but she officiated at Laura’s wedding. Cameron doesn’t see that happening with him and Franco. Laura says Cameron has had it rough in the father department. And he’s putting up walls in case it doesn’t work out. Cameron doesn’t know, and thinks Franco’s past is complicated. Laura says he’s absolutely right, but she wants him to put a positive spin on it for his mom. He has good reason not to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but he’s a part of the family; the only father Aiden remembers. Cameron says he doesn’t say anything bad about Franco in front of Aiden, but Laura says the fact remains that he’s the oldest brother. His brothers look up to him, and like it or not, he leads by example. How he behaves, and the choices he makes, like how he treats Franco, definitely shape what the family is going to be. The reception is a great opportunity for him to put his best foot forward, and show everyone how much he loves his family. Elizabeth approaches, and asks what they ordered. Cameron says he has to do something. He’s thinking of bringing a date to the reception. It might actually be fun. He jets, and Elizabeth is guessing she has Laura to thank for Cameron’s change of heart.

Gladys asks what this is, and Sonny says the start of a series of payments every six months. She says, in exchange for…? He says some people will be coming by her house. She asks, what kind of people? and he says government officials. They’ll be asking questions about details she needs to confirm. She says, like what? He says her son married a woman in Iraq, brought her back to the United States, and she died giving birth to Gladys’s grandson. want her to tell cover story boy thre illegally pushes env back not thick enough

Alexis says Neil’s daughter’s name was Joanna, right? He says, yes, and she says she doesn’t know the details, and it’s none of her business. She’s very sorry for his loss, but she can see his grief is fresh, and he’s taking it out on her. He says, that’s not what happened, but she asks if it’s that hard to be in the same room with someone who knows what he lost. He says she’s not a professional, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He’ll refer her to a colleague so she can continue treatment. She says, that won’t be necessary. Whoever he sends her to will know something about him, and she wouldn’t want to cross anymore boundaries.

Scotty tells Franco that he made fool of himself with his oldest friend. Franco is proud Scotty gave it a shot, but Scotty says he failed horribly. Franco says maybe he’s looking in the wrong direction. Scotty says, not another pep talk, and Franco says, a little. If he’s looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, he should stop looking backward, and look around now. Scotty says every once in a while he peeks back, and when he does, he sees Bobbie. Franco says, maybe she’s the one for him, but he should ask her for coffee, not the rest of her life.

Carly agrees that Bobbie deserves real love, but she won’t find it unless she puts herself out there, and takes a chance. Bobbie says she makes it sound easy. Carly says, it’s not, but the best things are always hard to get. She might meet someone new, or maybe there’s someone she’s taken for granted, who means more to her than she realizes. The first part is showing up, and taking a chance.

Gladys says Sonny is asking her to lie to the authorities. That’s perjury, and if it all falls apart, not only does the kid get deported, but she’ll do hard time. He has to make it worth her while. He takes out more money, and says she’ll get the same amount every six months. She reaches for the envelope, and he puts his hand on it. He says she did her homework, and knows what happens to people when they double-cross him.

Neil looks at Alexis’s folder. Kristina pops her head in, and says, good; he’s still there. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wanted to speak with him together with Alexis. She wants to talk about the Pledge she gave Shiloh.

Back at the hospital, Carly tells Bobbie they have to hurry; the kids are starving. Scotty comes out of the elevator, and she says she’ll order online, and leaves. Scotty apologizes to Bobbie for the proposal; it was silly, out of line, and wrong. Bobbie says, it was, but it’s not like she hasn’t acted on impulse. He doesn’t want jeopardize their friendship, and she says, her neither. He asks if she’s going to the reception. She says she is, and he suggests they go together. She says she’d like that, and he says, they’ll make it a date. Overhearing them, Carly smiles.

Elizabeth says she had the feeling Cameron was making an effort just now, and Laura agrees. Elizabeth thanks her for working her magic. Laura says, no magic. The magic is Cameron. He’s a great kid, which is a credit to Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes Laura’s hand.

Josslyn tells Dev, driving a car is nothing like driving a boat. He thinks it would be easier; less chance of collision. He eats one of the carrot sticks, and she tells him not to take too many. They’re for her mom and Avery. She breaks one in half, and gives half to him. He says he’s stunned by her generosity. Cameron comes by, and she tells him to make a sandwich. Make twelve, just don’t touch the crudités. Cameron says she’s angry, but she says, not at him. He was wondering if she’s not doing anything tomorrow, would she go with him to the reception? Dev smiles, mixing me up, since I thought he might be interested in Josslyn.

Gladys takes the money, and says Sonny’s got himself a deal. Does her grandson have a name? He says she’ll have all the details by the time they come. Hold up her end of the deal, and he’ll take care of the rest.

On Friday, Zahra asks if Shiloh’s goal is to reclaim his , or the child’s mother; Kristina tells Neil that if she doesn’t talk about the Pledge now, she never will; Sonny tells Brick that he needs protection for a friend; and Jason says Harmony owes Willow the truth about how her father died.

Southern Charm

Shep puts a crate together. Cameran arrives. Seeing a pair of black thigh-highs in his living room, she asks why he has hooker boots. He says, she’s not a hooker, just a friend. Cameron doesn’t know what to say anymore. He asks if she’s ready get on the road. She asks if he got potty pads, and points out that what he got is reusable. It’s like a mom using cloth diapers. I’m not sure why she’s against these pads, but then again, she probably figures he’d never wash it. In her interview, she says, puppies are like babies. If Shep treats the new puppy like he does women, the puppy is going to be looking for a new home within five days. Shep says, his last hours of freedom.

Austen meets Chelsea for fishing. He has live bait, but she says she’s never fished with worms in saltwater, which makes total sense, even though I don’t fish. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she was born and raised in the low country near the water. She was taught to spearfish before she could walk. She should have known better than to rely on Austen for bringing gear. She asks how the trip to Nashville was, and he says Craig and Shep wanted to get him out of town, but had a selfish agenda. She asks what happened with Shep calling Madison white trash? He says Madison wishes he’d punched Shep in the mouth. Chelsea says, that’s what her boyfriend would have done. As women, we love our men to stick up for us.

Cameran says Madison told her to tell Shep eff you when she found out they were traveling together. She said he called her a white trash hairdresser. He says he did. He doesn’t hate her, but doesn’t like the way she behaved in the relationship. She says his words were kind of strong, and he says, sometimes he says bad things about people, but not to their face. I guess that makes it okay? In Cameran’s interview, she says when someone feels entitled, they feel like they’re above fixing themselves, but she couldn’t be friends with Shep if she didn’t believe he had a good heart. He’s just troubled. He says he doesn’t want be around rednecks, and she says, one of his best friends is choosing to date her. He says, not anymore; there’s no love lost.

Chelsea tells Austen that he lets Shep get away with sh*t. He was pissed when Shep tried to kiss her. We flash back to that, and Austen says Shep has a silver tongue. Their relationship seems shallow at times, but he’s been a great friend. Chelsea asks, in what way? but Austen doesn’t know, and stumbles over his words. She says, they drink together. There’s so much potential in Austen; more than the friends he’s hanging out with. Has he thought about surrounding himself with people who aren’t a bad influence, and won’t be dragging him to bars? He thinks she’s right. It’s made him realize a lot of things. He misses Madison. Chelsea asks, what’s going on? and he says they aren’t together. She says, to be in a healthy relationship, he can’t be partying non-stop. Madison is waiting for him to step up to the plate. He says he never had someone he wanted to do that for.

Orangeburg, South Carolina. Shep tells Cameran he feels like he’s about to meet someone he likes a lot, and he’s nervous. They go into the house, and oooooooh! Puppies! Tiny French bulldogs everywhere. Cameran asks how many were in the litter, and breeder Samantha says, seven. Cameran thinks there’s nothing cuter, and picks one up. Samantha says, time to meet Craig. He knows his name already. Shep thinks Little Craig is nervous, and Cameran tells him, sit and bond; skin to skin. She puts the puppy inside Shep’s shirt. Samantha says he’s a good eater, and sleeps through the night, referring to the puppy, not Shep. She gives him the vet record, and he tells Little Craig this is the beginning of the rest of his life. Cameran promises he’ll have a wonderful life. Shep puts the dog bed in his lap, and Cameran places Little Craig in it. She says this is so unlike him.

Kathryn and Naomie go to hypnotherapist Stephanie, who tells them that hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We slip into it seven or eight times a day. It’s the zone that allows you to open up to your deeper self. Naomie is working on being more positive, and Kathryn says that would be great for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says, being with someone who wasn’t a good match, drove her crazy. We flash back to some of her miserable moments with Craig, ending with her telling him that he’s all talk and no action. Stephanie tells them, get comfortable and relax; eyes closed and breathe. She says they feel more comfortable, empowered, and bah-blah-blah about inner strength. They’re more than worth it, and good enough. She tells them their eyes are opening and they’re feeling good. She spritzes rose water on and around them, and says she’ll step out so they can enjoy their hypno-bliss. Kathryn tells Naomie don’t make her do this again. Naomie says she takes private sessions, and she’s learned if she tells herself out loud that it’s okay, and she just needs to relax, it helps. Metul’s parents meditate, and she wants to get on that wavelength. She tells Kathryn about Craig texting her, and says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she wants to be respectful of Metul, and doesn’t want be talking to Craig. He knows she wants to marry Metul, and he’s not cool with it. Kathryn says he keeps telling them that he and Naomie had was no reason to break up. In her interview, Naomie says Craig isn’t part of her life anymore, and it’s kind of sad that he hasn’t moved on, and should have. Kathryn asks if she can be friends with Craig, but Naomie doesn’t think Craig can be friends with her. Kathryn says, at least they don’t have kids.

Cameran goes baby shopping, and meets her friend Leva. In her interview, Cameran says they had babies around the same time. She had hers first, so she prepared Leva. Women don’t talk about how hard it is because it makes you look weak. I guess that’s a Southern thing? Leva asks if she’s going for number two, but Cameran says, not unless a miracle of God happens. Leva reminds her that she said that the first time. Cameran thinks she’s more of a little kid person, and Leva says it’s too bad they can’t get them halfway grown. In Cameran’s interview, she says motherhood doesn’t come naturally to her, and she gets frustrated. She’s not a bad mom, just an every-little-thing-irritates-her mom. She doesn’t think she can handle more than one mentally and emotionally, and tells Leva she’s one and done. Leva says she wants another, but she’ll be forty next year. In her interview, Cameran says if she’d had a kid at twenty-five, it would have been a mess. She tells Leva that she’s going to be thirty-five on Saturday. Leva wants to get a present for Palmer, but Cameran nixes that. In Cameran’s interview, she says she’s had control issues her entire life. She doesn’t embrace the chaos. She tells Leva, no toys. The kid won’t rule the roost in her house. Leva says she’s a buzzkill.

Shep lets Little Craig run around. In his interview, Shep says it’s been a shock to his system. We see clips of Little Craig chewing on furniture, shoes, and Shep. Shep says Little Craig has a childlike wonderment, that occasionally frustrates the hell out of him. He puts Little Craig in the backyard. Shep thinks they’re doing well, and hopefully, he’ll make Craig into the coolest dog. Little Craig bites Shep’s finger. Shep tells him it’s time for his close-up.

Shep brings Little Craig to a photo studio for a shoot. He tells the photographer that he doesn’t want it sentimental. They take pictures, and in addition to standard snaps, Shep holds Little Craig up like Simba, and like a football. Craig joins him, and Shep drags him into the pictures. Craig says it’s like a wedding picture, and Shep says, my two dads. In his interview, Craig thinks Little Craig is awesome, and a fine namesake. He wonders which one of them is the namesake, and ponders that a while. They wait while the photos are being developed. Craig says Cameran is going an oyster roast in her backyard for her birthday, and he’s bummed. She’s been telling them she wants to get her mojo back. Shep says she was always lame (his word for responsible) even before she became a mom. Craig says they have to take the initiative. Shep suggests a big, fun trip. He’s miffed that when he was picking up Little Craig, Cameron told him about Madison saying he’d called her a white trash hairdresser. She and Austen are the worst match. Austen doesn’t deserve them as friends.

Kathryn visits Danni, whose having a problem getting her texts from her tablet. She left her phone at Gentry’s house. They talk about Cameran’s party. Danni asks if she thinks Eliza will be there, and Kathryn says, who? Danni says she and Naomie road horses with her, and Eliza is bothered that Kathryn won’t give her the time of day. She doesn’t know why. Kathryn says, you can’t force friendship. Everyone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. In Kathryn’s interview, she says she and Eliza have never been friends. It just feels like a lost cause. She’s just going to let her talk and talk and talk, and then be done.

In Cameran’s interview, she says she can remember thinking someone who was thirty-five was old. Now she’s that someone. She doesn’t feel as hip as she used to be. She’s a homebody now, and thinks she used to be more fun. She can’t hang like she used to. Her party is being set up. She gets a drink, and Jennings the oyster guy comes with the goods. In her interview, she says she’s typically in bed at 8:30, so a late party isn’t for her. A daytime oyster roast is more her speed. She takes a shot.

Chelsea brings a cake that says, Halfway to 70, and gives Cameran a giftbag. Cameran says Palmer is with her mom, and Jason is on call. She opens Chelsea’s gift of fabulous gigantic earrings. Cameran thanks her, saying she needs to be more stylish. Eliza and Don show up next. Cameran asks if they’re bf/gf now. Eliza thinks so, and Cameran asks their age difference, which we find out is fourteen years. Naomie examines the seafood on her way in. Metul couldn’t make it, and Cameran says she has a crush on Metul. She gets her third drink, and they start on the oysters. Shep and Little Craig, who’s wearing a little jean jacket, arrive. Shep says someone gave him the jacket for Little Craig, and he thought it was apropos for an oyster roast. He says he’s proud of Cameran. She went out on limb, and left the house and everything. Cameran says, Big Craig is rare form; he wants to kick Austen’s ass. Shep says Austen is dead to Craig.

Austen comes with beer. Cameran grabs a can (drink #4). The last time she had a proper buzz was a long time ago. We flash back to that. Austen meets Little Craig, and says he likes this Craig better than the other Craig. Craig comes with a bunch of other people. Little Craig and Elvis play together, and are the cutest things on earth. Shep eats a giant oyster, which isn’t so cute. Craig brought bourbon, and asks Cameran to take a shot with him (drink #6, so I missed one somewhere). Craig snarks about Austen calling it an early night because Chelsea told him to go home. Naomie wonders what a world we live in that Austen gets a gold star for going home at a decent hour. Austen asks why Craig is mad; what did he do? Craig says he’s a loser. Austen invited him out, and when he got there, Austen left because his ex told him to. Austen says that’s not what happened. Craig says he claimed Chelsea told him to be home by eleven, and left Craig with people he didn’t know. Austen says, it was a bar, and Craig says Austen is losing his goddam mind.

Chelsea asks Craig what’s wrong with his friend bettering himself, and Craig tells her that she sucks. She’s not his mom; why is she still in his life? Chelsea asks why he’s so angry, and he says they’re nuts.  Cameran, Danni, and Kathryn sit on the porch. Kathryn says they’re about to kill each other. Craig says they’re awful, and they effing suck. Chelsea says he’s foaming at the mouth, and Craig stomps off. Austen says, good for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. She’s glad it’s not her problem. Craig tells Shep he’s just realized they’re friends with losers he doesn’t want to have anything to do with. Austen invited him out, and he left Craig with his guests. Shep says he didn’t know Craig was a social warrior. Naomie says it’s a reminder that what Craig is doing is effed up. He doesn’t like being shown what he’s doing is bad. Shep tells Craig that he tried to kiss Austen’s girlfriend, and they’re still friends. Naomie says it’s hard to say no, especially when they scream at you, and say you’re dead to them. For going bed early. Shep tells Craig, calm down. Craig says, it’s a mirror image of America. Deflecting, and not talking about the issue.

Shep wants burgers. Cameran insists she’s not drunk. Shep says she is, and it makes him happy. He supports it. Cameran falls on the ground, and takes Chelsea down. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she’s never seen Cameran this drunk, and she loves every second. Cameran says she’s not wasted, and then twerks on the steps. Shep says it’s been a lot of fun so far. Cameran says she isn’t in her in right state of mind. Shep says, but she looks fantastic, which is what’s important. She says she feels like a loser. Shep wants her to branch out; get out of town. They were talking about Colorado. Cameran says she’s married with a baby, but he says, just two nights. Jason will take care of Palmer, and Shep is sure he’s the best dad ever. She says she’s down for it, and yells she’s going to Colorado. In Austen’s interview, he thinks they could have told her they were going to Disneyworld, and she would have been like, yes!  Chelsea can’t find the cake cutter, so she forks the cake directly.

Kathryn joins Shep on the porch. He says he hasn’t seen her in a while. He just invited Cameran to Colorado and hopes she’ll consider coming. She says she’d love to get out of town. She asks about new Little Craig, but Shep says Eliza took him and doesn’t want to let him go. Kathryn says she hasn’t seen Eliza since Patricia’s dinner. Cameran sits with Naomie and Danni. Naomie doesn’t want to go on the trip. Why would she go on a trip with her ex-boyfriend? Danni says they’re all friends. Naomie says she loves everyone else, but doesn’t want to be with Craig. Cameran asks if it’s Metul, but Naomie says he’s secure and not threatened by Craig. Cameran asks, what if Craig was out of the equation? and Naomie says, then it would be no problem; it’s him. Everyone starts to leave. Craig drinks directly out of the bourbon bottle.

Kathryn asks if Cameran picked Colorado, and Cameran says Craig and Austen tried to go last year. Craig says Austen is a p*ssy, who answers to his ex. Austen says the relationship isn’t as effed up as Craig’s and Naomie’s. Craig says anyone who has a curfew given to them by their ex won’t be friends with him. Austen tells him to get some sleep. Danni asks why Craig is being like this. Is he aware Naomie won’t go on the trip because he is. Cameran says it’s inappropriate, and might upset Metul. Craig says they can’t be around each other because they never had closure. It’s easier for Naomie to act like it never happened, and him going on the trip will make it harder. Cameran tells him to say it; he still loves her. Craig says he loves her and he hates her at the same time. Cameran says, just say it. Kathryn says, admit it. Craig says he thought they would get married. Of course he loves her. In his interview, Craig says it terrifies Naomie to think that she cost herself one of the best things that ever happened to her for no reason. Kathryn thinks the reason Naomie isn’t comfortable around Craig, is that you can tell he has feelings for her, and it makes her afraid to be around him. She doesn’t know what will happen; if he’ll blow up or get upset. Danni says Naomie doesn’t want be an element of that. Craig says, now Naomie looks at their relationship, and realizes she was never as happy as she was with him, and it reminds her of that good time. Cameran thinks Naomie is very happy in her current relationship. They all agree, and Craig says, the guy who can go to every wedding. Oh wait, he can’t because he can’t get off work. I love how he totally misses that he’s saying Metul actually has a job, which is one of the things Naomie wanted Craig to have. Cameran says Naomie is looking at the rest of her life. Craig says why doesn’t Cameran tell the truth for one day in her life? and storms off. The girls just look at each other.

Next time, Austen takes a barre class with a couple of the girls, Cameron tries to convince Naomie to go to Colorado, Eliza wants an apology, and #HiAshley returns.

👀 Sighted: Colman Domingo (Victor, Fear the Walking Dead) on Euphoria.

🗽 Independent Quotes…

In childhood, the daylight always fails too soon – except when there are going to be firewroks; and then the sun dawdles intolerably.Jan Struther

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – from The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson

📼 Entertainment For the Fourth…

Of course I have my own copy of the film, but if you don’t, you can watch this version of the play, pay a couple of bucks to see the film on YouTube, or watch the film pretty much scene by scene for free there. Enjoy the holiday, and remember why you’re free to have whatever flag you like fly.


June 14, 2019 – New Info On Shiloh Comes To Light, a Lawyer’s Lawsuit, Beverly Body Image, Joe Tries Again, Seven Plus One Quotes & Dad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yeah, yeah, not much happens in the first minute.

Nelle folds laundry. A guard tells her to stop; supplies need to be unpacked. She says she’s been on her feet all day, and needs a break. Brad walks in with a box, and says he could really use some help. She says she’ll take a break later.

Curtis tells Jordan that he can take her home soon. She says she can’t wait. He sees the bed littered with paperwork, and says he knows she’s in a hurry to get back to work, but he’s going to play bad cop, and impound the paperwork until the doctor says it’s okay. He looks at it, and says, are these medical bills?

At the Metro Court, Sam asks Jason if he’s sure the adoption can’t be traced. What if something goes wrong, and Willow or Brad slips? Carly tells her, don’t focus on the worst case scenario. It will stress her out. Sam says there’s no way she’s going to let that snake get his hands on Wiley.

Curtis says Jordan Just had surgery, is recovering, and some hospital bean counter drops all this in her lap? She says she asked for the bills. He says they’ll submit them, and insurance will handle them. She says her coverage is good, but like everyone else in the country, there’s a wide gap between what insurance pays and what the patient owes. I. Hear. That. She can’t lie there and watch TV. Figuring out their financial obligations will be good for her, even if it’s not good for their bank account. Like or not, they have to deal with reality, even if it means taking a second mortgage. He says, he can’t talk her out of it? and she says, no. He sits on the bed with her.

Willow takes the paper back from Michael, and says she’s going to hunt Shiloh down, and throw it in his face. Michael says she’ll be playing into his hands. He wants her to make a public scene. Then he’ll have proof she has something to hide. She says she does, and he says, all the more reason to keep cool. It’s like a game of chess; you have to take your time before you move. She says she has no time. She has to appear in court. Shiloh knows Wiley is his. Michael says if that was the case, he’d be on Brad and Lucas’s doorstep. He thinks she should call Diane. She knows the law, and how to bend it in her client’s favor. His parents are walking around free in large part because of Diane; she’s that good. Willow says he’s right. She’s the best, and will know what to do. She calls, but is told Diane isn’t there. Michael calls, and hands her the phone. She tells Diane that she’s just been subpoenaed.

At Kelly’s, Margaux thanks Lucy for putting her place on the market. Lucy is surprised she’s selling; she just got there. Margaux asks if it’s a problem, and Lucy says, no. She thinks she can get top dollar, and scheduled an open house this weekend. She asks if she can find something else for Margaux; maybe something smaller. Shiloh walks in, and Lucy asks if Margaux wants to take the conversation outside, but Margaux says she’s good. Lucy leaves, giving Shiloh a look as she passes him. Shiloh asks if Margaux is thinking of selling real estate now that she’s not on the public payroll anymore. She says she saw he found someone to take the fall for him. He says he doesn’t know what she means. She says Harmony didn’t drug those women. Didn’t his role model, P.T. Barnum, say there’s one born every minute? He says, every visionary has been called a huckster. There’s also a name for people like her, who turned him in for thirty pieces of silver. She tells him that he’s no Messiah, and she did it for free. He tells her he’s still there, and he’s just getting warmed up.

Brad tells Nelle that he knew she’d be working, but he didn’t want to sign in. Someone might be keeping tabs on him. He pops an antacid, and she asks why he’s so nervous. Why would someone be watching him? Has he been bad again? She realizes that’s not it, and asks if it’s her baby.

Jason tells Sam, as far as they know, Shiloh doesn’t know the baby survived, and he has no idea it’s Wiley. Sam says they eliminated the paper trail. Jason says one of his followers covered for him again. Sam says she knows. He’s leaning on DOD to back him up. That’s his pride and purpose, but also his Achille’s heel. He might have skated, but his reputation took a hit. People are calling it Dawn of Dead, and ex-followers are coming out about the Trust and the Pledges. His numbers are diminishing. Carly says he’s going under, and Sam says, not yet, but it’s starting to unravel. Jason says Shiloh is panicking. It might motivate him more to find the one thing he has claim to.

Lucy does business on the phone outside Kelly’s. Josslyn approaches, and Lucy hugs her. She asks how Josslyn is doing, and Josslyn says she’s okay. Lucy is glad see her. She says Josslyn has been on her mind a lot lately. Josslyn says she was speaking to Maxie, who said Lucy might be able to help her. Lucy says she’s a little young for her own apartment, but Josslyn says she needs a different kind of help. She needs to know how to contact someone who’s passed over.

Margaux tells Shiloh, his flock is deserting him in droves. He says the DOD numbers have never been higher, and she says either he’s more delusional than she thought, or he’s setting himself up for a colossal fall. He says one day, she’ll realize DOD is her salvation, and when that day comes, he’ll welcome her with open arms. He’s stronger now, and only growing more purposeful. She walks away, and he laughs like the nutcake he is.

Willow asks Diane if she’s sure there’s no choice. She says she understands. Michael says, not what she wanted to hear? and Willow says she has to appear, but Diane is prepared to fight and win. Michael says he can help. She says he’s done so much; now it’s her turn. No matter what happens, Shiloh is not getting his hands on Wiley.

Nelle asks if her baby is sick. Brad says his little boy is fine. He hopes that never changes, and it won’t, as long as Wiley remains with him and Lucas. He says the whole reason Nelle gave the baby to him was to keep him from growing up with Sonny and Carly. She asks if Carly is suspicious, and he says she’s clueless, but the birth mother has been poking around in their lives. Nelle asks if she still thinks Wiley is the baby she gave up. He nods, and she asks, what’s the problem? Brad says, the biological dad. Not Michael, but the real one, who thinks he’s Wiley’s biological father. Brad says he’s about to lose everything; Wiley, Lucas, his life, If Sonny realizes he took Michael’s son away. Nelle asks if he needs her now more than ever.

Curtis wonders how normal, everyday people can afford to be sick. That’s a good question, Curtis. He tells Jordan they’re not talking about this today. She says she needs to; it’s her fault. He says, it’s not. She says she’s the one taking thirty dollar aspirin. He says, because of an accident. He wouldn’t blame her any more than he’s blame Drew, who lost control of his car because a virus made him blind. She says, yes, it was an accident, but it’s still costing them everything they’d planned. Forget the honeymoon and vacations; what if she can’t go back to work? What if they sink into debt because of her? He says he’s got this. Luckily, he has an idea. He kisses her. While I applaud them addressing unaffordable affordable health care, didn’t Drew say he’d pay for all of this? Did I dream that scene up?

Brad tells Nelle if Wiley’s paternity becomes public, he needs to make sure she still wants Wiley to grow up with him and Lucas. He shows her a picture of Wiley on his phone. She says, he’s adorable. She sees a lot of Michael in him. She asks if he’s moved on, and Brad says, Wiley? She says, no; Michael. She saw the trash he was with on the red carpet at the Nurses Ball. Brad says they were talking about Wiley. She says, tell her the truth. Michael isn’t over her, is he?

Lucy texts Michael. Want to make an offer? Need to move quickly.

Willow visits Harmony in the pokey. She asks how Harmony’s arraignment was, and Harmony says, there’s not much to it. She pled guilty, and she’s being sent to Pentonville. Willow says she’s sending herself.

Carly tells Jason and Sam that she feels bad for Lucas. She says, there’s nothing worse for a parent than feeling powerless when your kid needs you. Margaux stops by the table, and asks to speak to Jason. They step away. Margaux says he probably knows she resigned. He says he heard her last act as DA was releasing Shiloh, and arresting Harmony, who lied to cover it up. She says she had no choice. Harmony confessed, and there was no evidence to disprove it. That’s not her problem. Actually, Shiloh is her problem. That’s why she came to see him.

Carly wonders what Margaux wants, and tells Sam, it’s great that Jax is back. Josslyn has been having a rough time. Sam is so sorry. She remembers what Carly said earlier, about being a mother, and feeling desperate for your child. The last thing she needs is more stress. Sam knows they’ve had their ups and downs, but if there’s anything she can do, or if Carly wants to talk, she’s there. Carly thanks her, and says, there’s nothing… She tells Sam that she’s afraid something is wrong with her baby.

She tells Sam the results of the CVS test were fine, and she thought she was free and clear, but her last screening indicated there could be a chromosomal problem. It can signal birth defects not detected in the CVS test. She’s spinning. Sam says she has to stop. Stay calm. She wants the baby to have the best life possible, and he will. There are plenty of reasons why her proteins could be elevated. Talk to Sonny, and they’ll work it out. She did tell Sonny, right?

Jason asks Margaux, why not stay and fight? She says her involvement with DOD would compromise the case. She did some digging though, and uncovered a file they haven’t seen before. A DOD member died of a drug overdose; Douglas Miller. Another follower took the blame, even though the death occurred after a dispute with Shiloh in Beecher’s Corners.

Josslyn says she heard Lucy had experienced contact with the other side. Lucy says she’s been known to dip her toe in, but Josslyn’s loss is too fresh. Why does she need help? Josslyn says she felt Oscar’s presence, and saw him at the Nurses Ball when she was singing. Lucy says, no doubt he was there and a comfort to her. Josslyn says, it was, but she never got the chance to say goodbye. She doesn’t even know what her last words were to him. Michael comes by, and asks if everything is okay. Lucy says, dandy. They were discussing how beautiful Josslyn’s performance at the Nurses Ball was. Josslyn says she had help. Lucy asks if Michael got the text. She tells him, if he’s looking for said person, they’re in there, and indicates Kelly’s. He asks if Josslyn is okay, and Josslyn say with the help of friends like Lucy, she will be.

Shiloh gets a text that he’ll need a $10K retainer for the custody lawyer, and pouts. Michael says he hears Shiloh has lost another follower. It’s starting to become a trend. Shiloh says, soon, he’ll be welcoming a new member. He’s sure Willow told Michael all about it. It’s not the first time he’s seen them together. What’s their connection?

Willow tells Harmony, it doesn’t have to be like this. Tell the truth. Shiloh isn’t the man Harmony thinks he is. Does she think he’ll be grateful, and suddenly put her first? Does she think he’ll adore her like she does him? In her heart of hearts, doesn’t she know better? Harmony says Willow never understood. Shiloh is the inspiration for DOD, and her love is unconditional. Willow tells her, wake up. The only person Shiloh loves is himself. Harmony says, Shiloh is a great man, and his work must continue. It’s an honor to help. Willow says they’re talking about prison. Harmony is going to be locked up with dangerous, violent women. How is she going to survive? Harmony says her faith will guide her through. It always has. Willow says Harmony has been a seeker; asking questions and looking for the larger truth. She’s throwing her life away on a lie. Does she really think Shiloh has the answer?

Brad tells Nelle that she should stop thinking about Michael. It would be best for everyone, especially Wiley, if she lets go of the past, and everything that binds her to Port Charles. Nelle says she’s doing laundry, not solving climate change. Seeing Wiley’s picture, she knows he’s loved. Brad says, so if someone tries to stake a claim on Wiley, she won’t interfere? She says cross her heart. He thanks her, and she says she doesn’t want someone else raising him, but she’s been on her best behavior, and could be up for early parole. He imagines she’d want a fresh start; somewhere new and exciting. She says, maybe, but maybe she’d want a part in her little boy’s life. He’d be open to that, wouldn’t he?

Curtis tells Jordan that he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he says, if just one kiss can change the conversation, then two or three… She tells him, stop. They have real issues that require real solutions. If they’re paying these bills, they need to prepare to sacrifice. Curtis tells her, stop thinking about what they’re giving up, and think about what they’re gaining. They can get creative in the kitchen. She wonders what he means by that, and he says they still to need eat, but instead of ordering out, they’ll make their own pizza. They might never see a Broadway play, but they can watch the Port Charles Players. Maybe he’ll sell his truck, and get a bike. They won’t have any gym fees. If they don’t opt for a second mortgage, they can sell the place, and buy a fixer-upper. They can flip it for a profit, and do it all over again. Before you know it, they’ll be out of debt, and closer than ever because they did it together. She says he’s crazy, and he asks if that’s a yes. She smiles.

Brad tells Nelle, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She still has to do time, and he and Lucas need to do what’s best for their son. Nelle says, our son. It takes a village. Wiley will need a strong female role model. Brad asks if she means that she wants what’s best for Wiley. She tells him that she’s no threat. She’s his greatest ally. Her little angel’s happiness is all that matters. Making sure that bitch Carly doesn’t get her hands on him. The guard comes back, and asks if Brad is ready. Brad thanks Nelle. He says she may have contributed to saving a life. She says, anything for a good cause.

Willow says Harmony believes in Shiloh the myth. Let her tell Harmony about Shiloh the man. He’s willing to let Harmony rot while he takes her grandchild. It’s up to them to stop him. Harmony says she’s given Shiloh everything. Without him, she has nothing. Willow says, Harmony has her. Trust her. There is life after Shiloh. She’ll have the chance start over. Be a real family like they were before DOD. Not just a word or a slogan, but the real thing; mother and daughter. It all depends on her. She has to take the first step, and tell the truth. The guard comes in and says, the van is waiting. Willow says, it’s not too late. Do it for her grandchild and herself. Life has worth beyond Shiloh. As Harmony is led away, she says, goodbye. I bet she flips on Shiloh.

Jason asks why the police can’t revisit the case in Beecher’s Corners, but Margaux says they have no pull in that office. They consider the case closed. He says when he met Harmony there, Shiloh had the cops in his pocket. She says he clearly finds a way to get the law on his side. Maybe it works for them if he’s confident. If he thinks the authorities have accepted his version of the story, maybe he’s not being as careful. Maybe there’s evidence in Beecher’s Corners. She knows for sure, if anyone can crack the case, it won’t be a cop. Nail him for a crime he can’t pin on someone. He asks if she’s helping, and she says if anyone asks, she’ll deny it. He tells her, good luck, and she says, good hunting.

Carly admits she hasn’t told Sonny, and Sam asks, why? Carly says she just found out, and they’re both really busy. Sam thinks if Carly asks, Sonny will make room to talk about the baby. She knows Sonny would be worried. Carly says he has Kristina and Josslyn to worry about, not to mention Lulu and Dante. He doesn’t need one more thing. Sam says her worries are his. Carly says she keeps thinking if she doesn’t tell him, there will be nothing to worry about. Until she knows for sure.. Jason comes back to the table.

Lucy tells Josslyn that she’s deeply sympathetic. It’s great that Josslyn wants closure, but Lucy believes Oscar would want her to live life, not spend it trying to contact him. Josslyn says, if that’s true, why did he come to her at the Nurses Ball. Lucy says he did it at a time when she really, truly needed him. Maybe he’s choosing to not contact her again. Josslyn says she doesn’t know how it works, and needs someone who does. She doesn’t need a fraud who will prey on her grief; she can’t let it happen. Oscar wouldn’t want it either. He wants her to learn to live life without him. Josslyn says, in other words, Lucy won’t help her.

Michael tells Shiloh, Willow is a friend. She has a lot of friend in Port Charles; in the PD and the private sector. One of those friends knows a lot about him, David Henry Archer. He says his name is Shiloh. He needs to get back home. Michael says, about that. He’s renting the house on Brookhaven, right? Michael thinks it’s a nice place, so he bought it.

Willow looks in a mirror, and tells herself that she said she’d fight to protect Wiley with everything she’s got. Michael told her how many people were on her side, and she has every single legal means at her disposal. She says, it’s okay, Wiley. We got this.

Michael tells Shiloh that he bought the house. He’s a Quartermaine, and could buy the whole block, but that seemed excessive. Shiloh says he has a lease, but Michael says ELQ is partnering with domestic violence prevention, and it’s going to be turned into a center. Shiloh gets a notification that $50K has been wired to his account. He tells Michael, good luck breaking the lease. He says when Michael sees Willow, tell her that he’ll see her in court.

Lucy tells Josslyn that she has business to conclude with Michael. She knows if Josslyn is meant to contact the great beyond. She’ll do it. Oscar would want her to be strong. She’s Carly and Jax’s daughter, and Lucy has faith in her. Lucy says they’ll talk again soon, and goes into Kelly’s. Josslyn looks at the séance article on her phone. She reads, death is not the end. It’s only the beginning of a journey we all have to take. Death is the first step.

Carly tells Jason that she and Sam had a nice conversation. It’s great to see the two of them together in public. Carly jets, and Jason asks if something is going on. Sam suggests they let Carly and Sonny handle their own problems, and Jason sits. Sam asks what Margaux wanted, and Jason says he may have to return to Beecher’s Corners.

Jordan says Curtis is right. She’s been given a second chance, and should make the most of it. The bills can wait. He says, whatever it takes to turn their real life into the good life, they’ll do it together. They kiss.

Nelle is introduced to her new roommate. It’s Harmony, who looks pretty nervous.

On Monday, Curtis tells Jordan that they’ll figure out a way to pay the bills, Laura needs Mac’s help, and Valentin wants to buy Jax’s half of Aurora.

🍵 Some Tea with Artificial Sweetener…

No wonder we rarely see Erika’s husband. He’s busy with his own problems.

It’s sad that Kyle felt such pressure to be thin, V8 was her only food. I don’t understand why she heated it up though.

There’s hope for Juicy Joe yet.

📢 Quotes of the Week

Everything popular is wrong.Oscar Wilde

He who angers you conquers you.Elizabeth Kenny

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. – Napoleon Bonaparte

A winner is just a loser who tried one more time. – George M. Moore

If there’s no solution to a problem that you see, it’s up to you to create it.Ayah Bdeir, founder of toy company littleBits

I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man. – Mahatma – This makes me feel better about naming the tiny spider in my bathroom. Shout out to Arthur!

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap. – Dolly Parton

👨 Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. – Wade Boggs

👔 And While I’m On the Subject…

A Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, father figures, pseudo fathers, pet dads, dads-to-be, and whatever other kinds of fathers might be out there!

⚓ My father was the best! This one’s for you, dude.










March 17, 2019 – Michonne Has Her Reasons, a Little Talk, a Final Ride, Some O’Myths & an O’Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

This episode did some time jumping, which I hate, so I hope you can follow. I hope I could follow. I thought I was done with this sort of thing when Once Upon a Time was canceled.

All is peaceful near a river. Michonne rides up on a horse, and there are a few lingering zombies around the water. She slices one’s face off. She digs a gun out of the dirt, and whacks another zombie. We see that she’s pregnant. Daryl joins her. He says he followed the water to the ocean and back. There’s nothing there. He asks if she’s good. She says this one’s been kicking the sh*t out of her every morning. Judith has been asking about Daryl and wonders if he’ll be back. He says he will – when he finds something. He thinks he’ll be out there for a while. She says he doesn’t need to, but he says he’ll never stop looking. Not ever. She asks if he’s okay being alone. He nods, and says, her? She rubs her belly, and says she’s not.

Michonne cleans the gun. I assume it’s Rick’s. She puts I in a box marked Judith.

Aaron walks purposefully down the street. Judith and some other kids play. Michonne tells Judith to stay with her brother. Aaron tells Michonne, Daryl is at the at gate. He’s not alone.

Daryl tells Michonne that Henry is hurt. Hilltop was the closest; they had no other choice. Michonne sees Lydia, and asks, what about her? Henry she’s with them. Michonne looks at Aaron, who says they can’t trust her. Michonne says she trusts Daryl. She tells the guard, open it.

A pregnant Michonne opens the gate to a group of kids with Tara. The guard says they were found wandering; one of them is hurt. There’s an adult woman with them, and she says, my God, it’s Michonne. Michonne says, Chocolate?

Siddiq stitches up Josslyn aka Chocolate, who’s the hurt one. Michonne asks Daryl, where to now? Straight to the Kingdom? He says, not straight, but yeah; Carol should know. Connie thanks Michonne for everything. Michonne tells a woman at the door to keep an eye on the girl, and she says she’s on it. Aaron tells Michonne, it doesn’t look like they were following. Daryl covered his tracks. But if the skin jobs look for them, they’ll find them. Michonne says, and then?

Josslyn wants to go, but Siddiq says she’s lost too much blood. She can’t travel. Josslyn says, there are others. Michonne grabs her, and says, it’s her. Talk to her. Tell her what she needs. Josslyn says she needs them.

Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron, and some others enter a building. Michonne asks if they’re sure, and Siddiq says it was one of the places Josslyn mentioned. Aaron tries a door, but it’s locked. He says they’ll have to go back, but Judith has already crawled into a ventilation tunnel. Eugene gives her points for dexterity. She opens the door, and they go inside. They see writing on the walls. They hear a whistle, and a bunch of kids come out.

Henry says his wound is going to leave a huge scar, but Lydia likes it. He’ll never forget what he did; neither will she. Michonne needs speak Lydia – alone. Henry says he’ll make himself scarce. He thanks Michonne for letting the people go to the fair. Michonne says if she knew all this would happen, she wouldn’t have. Can’t say I blame her. She asks if Lydia cares about him? Lydia says she does, and Michonne says her too. Michonne tells her, sit, and they sit on the steps. Michonne says she’s done things to protect this place; things she’s not proud of, and some she’s tried to forget. To save her people, she had to risk others. It hasn’t been easy, but she did what she had to do. She’s made her peace with that. It might be easier if the only life risked was her own life. She could just walk away, and take all the risk with her. If that could make everyone safe, it wouldn’t be so hard. She tells Lydia, think about that, and leaves. Lydia ponders Michonne’s words.

As they sit on a bridge in the now, Judith asks Daryl if Hilltop is in danger. Daryl says, it might be. Judith asks if he wants to help. She asks if he’ll stay if mom says it’s okay. Daryl doesn’t know. He should keep moving. She’s read stories about how he and her dad fought the Saviors and won. He can do that again. He says they’re just stories. She asks what would her dad do? and gets silence. She says, that’s what she thought.

Gabriel plays a game with the kids. Pregnant Michonne watches. Aaron says he didn’t know how much they needed this until now. She wishes Rick could see it. Aaron says, wherever he is, he’s sure Rick knows. He says, sorry, that’s not what he meant, and she tells him, it’s okay. She finds Josslyn in the kitchen, and says she’s impressed with the kids’ hunting skills. She doesn’t know how Josslyn does it; all the kids. Josslyn says, they take care of her. The adults never made it. They’re broke, but children crumble, learn, and come back. Michonne brought her kids back to her. She knows that Michonne is going out to look for her man. She knows the look. Their junior year, Dean Turner told her that she’d need a thousand signatures before her petition would be considered. She had that look when she brought them to him at his fancy-ass event. Michonne says she’s at least going to enjoy this. She asks Josslyn, what if she never finds him? Josslyn says she might not, but if she gives up now, she never will. She can’t live with that. Michonne says she needs to know. Judith and the baby deserve to know. Josslyn says Michonne found her after fifteen years. Last time they saw each other, there was still a world. Michonne takes Josslyn’s hand, and says she’s so glad Josslyn is there. Josslyn says, so is she.

At today’s Hilltop, Aaron talks to Daryl about his kid. Daryl says, a lot has changed. When they last talked, they were still building bridges. Michonne joins them, and tells Daryl, stay safe. He says, her too. She tells him that Judith is mad at her. She told Judith she’s not ready, and neither is Judith. She’s a kid, and gets to keep being one for as long as Michonne can help it. Daryl says, it’s not just a little kid she’s got there. He calls Dog, and the gate closes behind them. Judith walks off. Michonne follows, stopping to look at the sewer cap that allows access underground.

Aaron asks pregnant Michonne if Judith is having a sleepover. She says, yeah. Judith loves them.

Michonne and another couple knock on Josslyn’s door. When there’s no answer, Michonne lets herself in. She calls for Josslyn, and the man with her calls for Marcus. They go outside, and start calling for the kids. Marcus’s dad sees the pantry is cleaned out. Michonne continues calling for Judith, when he tells her to come there. He shows her the pantry, and they see the guard is dead. A girl runs up and says they’ve been raided. Michonne says, no, and follows small footprints to the underground tunnel.

Presently, Michonne has dinner with Marcus and Judith, telling Judith, eat; don’t poke. Judith says, sorry; she not hungry, and asks to be excused. Michonne lies awake. She sits up, and we see her scar, an X on her lower back. She knocks at Judith’s door. She knows Judith is upset. She’d like to talk. There’s something she wants to tell her. She goes into Judith’s room. Judith is gone.

Michonne asks Negan if Judith has been there. He asks if she’s curious, or… She tells him, answer her question. He says he hasn’t seen Judith since yesterday. She asks what they talk about, and he wonders why. She says for someone who wants to be helpful, he’s doing a sh*t job. He says they talk about nothing; just chit-chat. Michonne asks for specifics, and he says, homework. She misses Daryl, and likes to hear stories about her dad. Michonne asks if he’s feeding her bullsh*t, but he says Judith would weed that out. He tells Judith that she’s just as much of a bad ass as Carl. He tells her about how her dad got into the Sanctuary, and shot up Negan’s men, and how her dad sliced his jugular. She asks if he tells Judith why. Negan says Judith likes listening to him. Michonne says he likes hearing himself, and he says they have that in common. He shoots straight. If Michonne did that, maybe she’d be talking to Judith instead of him. Michonne laughs, and asks if he told Judith what he did to Glenn and Abraham. He’s quiet, and she says she didn’t think so. He says he’s always been honest with her. Judith asks questions, and he answers; so yeah, she’s heard those stories too. She hates that Michonne isn’t letting people into Hilltop. She thinks it should be like how Carl would want; like in Carl’s letter. Michonne says he doesn’t get to tell her about Carl, or what Judith wants or feels. Judith is her daughter. Negan says, exactly right. She has her own idea of how things should be. He says Michonne didn’t come because she’s curious. She has no idea where Judith is. Maybe she’s off petting a horse, or maybe she’s exactly like her mom, and not taking sh*t lying down. Michonne jets.

Michonne runs home, and runs upstairs. She opens a note that says, I’m sorry I had to go. Our friends need help.

Pregnant Michonne and Daryl walk through a field. Daryl suggests they take a break. They sit on a swing set. Daryl says they’ll find her. Michonne can’t believe this heartbreak. After Judith lost her mom, she wanted to be that for her again – she needed it. She let her guard down. Daryl says she didn’t know, but Michonne says she should have sensed something. Daryl says she didn’t because Michonne’s not like her. Some people are evil in their heart, and hide it; like they’re wearing a mask. This is on Josslyn, and she’ll pay. They’ll find them. Michonne suggests they get going.

Michonne sees a little girl breaking into a school. The girl brandishes a knife, and runs. Michonne yells, wait! Daryl comes around the other side, and aims his crossbow. He turns a corner inside the building, and sees a group of kids blocking them. Michonne asks where her kids are. The group has weapons, and Daryl says, drop ‘em. One of the kids shoots at him, and Michonne says, okay, lowering her weapon. One of the kids knocks her out.

Michonne and Daryl are gagged, and their wrists are bound to a pipe. The kids look at them. A little blonde boy says, she’s awake. Josslyn is there. The child has a branding iron with an X. Michonne tells Daryl, be strong. The child brands Daryl, and although he makes muffled noises, he keeps in control. Josslyn says, well done, Linus. He says, the strong survive. She says, and thrive. She says she told Michonne, children are capable of anything. She taught them, become what you are; they can be soft. Michonne tries to talk. She sees the iron being heated again. Josslyn tells Linus, control it. Don’t let it control you. Linus goes behind Michonne, and brands her. She cries out, and Josslyn gets in her face.

Present day Michonne is on a horse, riding over a field. She sees a lone bike, and looks panicked. She gets off the horse, and runs through a crowd of zombies, calling for Judith.

Daryl gets loose, and cuts pregnant Michonne down. She says they should split up, and Daryl agrees. She goes upstairs, and finds an open door, but it’s padlocked. Josslyn walks down the hall with the kids, saying there could be more of them. Holding a piece of pipe, Michonne stands in front of them, and Linus blows a whistle. Michonne asks, where are her kids? Where’s Judith? Tell her. Josslyn says, why? She’s better off. Michonne lives in the past, and Judith isn’t a ghost like her. Michonne calls for Judith. Most of the kids take off out the door, and an older kid locks it behind them. Linus says, kill them off. Michonne doesn’t want to hurt them, but Linus slashes Michonne’s stomach, and now she’s pissed. She screams, no! and they run. She tries the door, but it’s locked. She sees the kids run past outside, and gets out, but Josslyn is waiting, and whacks her with a board. She hits Michonne a few more times, saying she’s truly sorry. Michonne grabs her sword, and stabs Josslyn in the thigh. When she’s down, Michonne stands over her, and stabs her in the chest, finishing her. Linus runs up. He can’t believe it. Michonne doubles over. The kids are at the ready to pounce on her, but she says they can come back to Alexandria. They’ll be taken care of. An older kid tells them to kill her; the rest, come with him. Linus runs at her. She tries to keep him at bay, telling him, no, when the older kid comes up behind her.

Present day Michonne is in the field, slicing and dicing zombies, while pregnant Michonne fends off Linus, who has a knife to her stomach. She has no choice but to start carving at the kids. The timelines are interspersed. Another little blonde boy, Whitney (honestly, all these little kids look the same), runs to the trailer, and stands at the top of the steps with a knife. Michonne tells him, please don’t. Daryl comes out – gee, thanks for your help – and walks toward Whitney. Whitney puts down the knife. For a moment, we think he’s going to hug Michonne, but he runs past her, and away. She cries, and calls to Judith. Judith, who looks to be about four, comes out of the trailer. She stands there a moment, but then runs to Michonne, saying, mommy! More kids come out, and Michonne welcomes them.

In the field, Michonne stabs another zombie. Judith is there with her, and spears the last one. She’s miscalculated though, as it’s down, but not out, and grabs her. Michonne gives it a last jab. She hugs Judith, and asks if she’s okay. They need to talk.

Michonne tells Judith that she stood there, like she didn’t know. For a second, she thought she was too late, that Judith had changed, and she’d lost her. Judith says Michonne didn’t look like herself because of the blood; that’s all it was. Michonne says, she remembers that? Judith nods, and Michonne asks, what else? Judith says, Josslyn and her kids were nice to them the whole time. They made it seem like game, but she was a bad person. They all were. That’s why Michonne did what she did. Michonne says, all this time, she thought Judith didn’t remember. She’d hoped Judith didn’t. She never said anything after the first year. Judith says it made Michonne sad. Michonne says she thought Judith would understand. How did they get there? Judith says their friends need their help, and Michonne says, it’s not that simple. Judith says, yes, it is. Michonne chose to be her mom because they love each other. Michonne agrees, and Judith says, love means doing whatever it takes to keep the ones you love safe. She asks when they stopped loving Daryl, Maggie, Carol. and the King? Michonne says, they didn’t, and Judith says, then why does it feel that way? Michonne hugs her.

The gates open. Michonne and Daryl come back with little Judith and the kids. Siddiq takes Michonne with him. Aaron closes the gate after them.

At the baby’s grave, Michonne tells Judith that she and Judith’s father dug this together. That day, standing there, she made a promise to never bury another child again. Then Judith’s father was gone, and she was lost. Then Judith was lost, and she was scared. More than she’s ever been, before or since. She wasn’t the only one, so they decided to make the place only about the people there. It’s not what Carl or her dad gave their lives to create, but it kept her safe. It’s what she wanted. It’s all she wanted. She cries, and says Judith was right. They have to protect the people they love. All the people they love. She takes Judith’s hand, and they walk back.

Michonne and Judith travel in a buggy. Michonne slows down. Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia come out of the woods. Judith asks if anyone is headed to the Kingdom. They get in.

Two Whisperers look out from a distance. They see the buggy going into the Kingdom. One of them says, we must tell Alpha.

Next time, Ezekiel stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, the groups merge, and Beta says only Daryl has to die.

🔊 On Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick started off with, happy St. Patrick’s Day. Or as sober people call it, don’t leave your house day. I had to laugh, given my aversion to the holiday, after having worked in Manhattan during it. Useless zombie trivia: he was also a walker in tonight’s episode.

🚴 Tonight was the finale of Ride with Norman Reedus. Norman took on Tennessee, going to Memphis first. He met up with major song writer Dale Watson, who took him all over the place, their first stop being a custom bike shop. Dale said that Memphis tries to repurpose old buildings rather than tear them down, which gets my vote. They had breakfast with Henry Nelson, the voice of Memphis radio, and I could not take my eyes off the food, in particular, the biscuits. Henry was a font of historical knowledge, and said, in his opinion, Memphis was just beginning to heal from the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. They hit World Studios, a recording studio that had about a billion gold records on the wall. The owner said at one time, the building had been a silent movie theater. Being African American, his dad wasn’t allowed to record there, but eventually bought the guy out. A prime example of living well being the best revenge. They had an autograph wall, and we found out The Beatles had once signed it, but it had been painted over by a little old man with a roller. Norman told us, from Al Green to Wu Tang to Bruno Mars; there’s magic in these walls. Next, Norman met two-girl band Sister Antics, at a dive bar that was part of the historic foundation of the town, and a seemed to be a dive bar on purpose. They followed the Mississippi River, and headed for Nashville. After doing some fishing on the Tennessee River, they hooked up with some more musicians, and we found out that Nashville has had a white rapper scene for quite some time. I can’t say I’ve ever thought, nothing says Eminem like Nashville. Norman and the ladies followed what had once been an old Native American trail, and then parted company. Norman’s next stop was a hot fried chicken place where he met Marilyn Manson. One of my favorite things is how they splice in mini interviews with locals, much like Sweet Home does. On the subject of hot friend chicken, we found out it’s dipped, marinated, doused, and submerged in hot sauce; and it’s a hillbilly concoction that will set your ass on fire. Marilyn accompanied Norman about town by riding in a motorcycle sidecar. They spent time with designer Manuel, who started Johnny Cash on the road to being the Man in Black. He sold one-of-a-kind items, many of which, Marilyn tried on. We also discovered, Marilyn loves roller skating, and is quite the speed skating demon. He and Norman attended the Roller Derby, which looked like a lot of fun. I love the Roller Derby, which may or may not be a surprise. Kansas City Bomber is one of my favorite films. They took a picture with the girls, and everyone was thrilled. I enjoyed this show so much, I’m hoping they do another season. The best thing about it is how Norman really makes you want to be there.

🍀 St. Patrick and the Luck O’…

The Top 5 Myths Of St. Patrick’s (And How To Improve Your Luck)

Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? He did believe in a generous pour though.

🌈 In Keeping With the Theme…

Unfortunately, The Irish Rovers didn’t have a video, but there was this.


March 15, 2019 – Molly Calls Out Kristina, Abby Rises Again, a Baker’s Dozen of Quotes & St. Patrick’s Day Wishes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Ankara, Turkey, Sonny paces in an alley, saying, come on, boy. Don’t leave me hanging. Dan shows up and Sonny says it took a while; that means he was discreet. Did anyone see him? Dan says he’s a shadow. Sonny asks if Raj is holding his son in the compound.

Alexis apologizes to Neil for being late. She was having dinner with her girls, and lost track of time. He says she’s paying for the time. How she spends it is up to her. She says her middle daughter just lectured her on how therapy is a waste of money.

Chase plays catch with himself. There’s a knock at the door, and he says, couldn’t stay away. It’s Finn, who says, try as he might. Chase tells him, it’s not that he doesn’t love seeing him… and Finn says, but he was hoping it was someone else.

At the MetroCourt, Anna thanks Valentin for coming. He says, imagine his surprise that she wanted to meet with him. She must be desperate. She says, only for information. He asks, about what? and she says, her sister.

Outside Charlie’s, Michael sees Jason, and says he heard his mom was in the hospital. He was told Jason would explain everything. Jason says his mom is fine. Michael feels like there’s always somebody in his family on the edge of disaster.

Kristina tells Molly that she’s not in a cult, and to stop being dramatic. She knows nothing about it. Molly says Kristina can’t say three words without quoting Shiloh. It sounds like a cult.

Sam tells Shiloh that she wants to know what’s going on with Kristina. He says he’s all hers, and she ask if he’d mind putting on a shirt. He wonders why that makes her uncomfortable; she seems flustered. She says she’s seen men with their shirts off before, and he says there must be something significant about him. Sam says she didn’t expect him to be shirtless. He says he’s not used to conforming to other people’s customs in his own home. She says she doesn’t live with a bunch of strangers, but he says, they’re not strangers. She asks if he always leaves the door unlocked, and he says, it’s open to all. She knows it’s Port Charles, but that doesn’t mean it’s crime free. IMO, it’s just the opposite, with all the serial killers and mobsters roaming around. He asks if she’s worried about his safety, but she says she’s worried about her sister. Shiloh says he takes care of Kristina, and she takes care of him. Sam flashes back to telling Jason that Shiloh has a history of manipulating women, and the sooner they get Kristina out, the better.

Kristina thought Molly would defend her freedom to think as she chooses. Molly asks if her thoughts are hers or Shiloh’s. Kristina says their mom was skeptical, until she saw for herself what DOD is about. Molly says she doesn’t need to join a cult to know one. Kristina says she can’t evolve and find fulfillment? Molly says she chases easy answers, but can’t find a career or hobby. She doesn’t care what Kristina does or who she does it with, as long as she stays true to herself. Nothing she’s saying sounds like the Kristina she knows. Kristina says, that’s the problem. Molly doesn’t know her at all, and it’s on her.

Michael asks Jason if his dad has any idea what happened to Carly. Jason says she doesn’t want him to worry. He needs to be focused if he’s going to find Dante and bring him home.

Dan says he didn’t see Raj, but saw his personal bodyguard. Sonny says, that means Raj is close, and his son is close. He needs to find a way sneak in. Dan says, there are many guards and guns, but Sonny says he has no choice. His son is in trouble. He gives Dan a wad of cash, and thanks Dan for getting him this far. Dan asks what he’s going to do, and Sonny says, find a way to sneak in. If he can’t, he’ll knock on the door. Dan says they’ll kill him, and Sonny says if he’s not back by nightfall, call the number on the paper and tell whoever answers where he went. Dan says he can do better, and takes off. Sonny asks where he’s going.

Neil asks Alexis if her daughter’s opinion about therapy was in general or specific to him. Alexis says she had told them that her last therapist was being impersonated by his twin brother, a serial killer. Neil says he heard about Doc, and his brother taking his place. Is she saying her sessions were with Doc’s brother? She says, just one, but she it should have been enough for her to figure it out.

Valentin tells Anna, on the subject of her relatives… She interrupts, saying, no one else is up for discussion. Valentin says she’s put him in a pickle. If he keeps a secret from her, she gets furious. Now he wants to tell her something, and she’s not going to listen. He and Nina are getting remarried, and Peter is going to be his best man. Anna says, after everything Valentin has done to him? He says, it’s called forgiveness. She should look it up. He asks, what about her sister? and Anna says she needs to find her. It’s important.

Finn asks Chase if it’s a bad time, but Chase says, not at all. Finn notices he had a date, and Chase says, had is the operative word. She left a few minutes ago. Finn asks if he and the school marm have hit a rough patch. Chase says, Willow is no one’s marm, and it was just the opposite. They had a great time. Finn says his routine on career day worked. Chase says, it wasn’t a routine. Finn says, the uniform and the dog? It should have been a felony for Chase to ask her out. Chase says like Finn never impressed anyone with his scrubs. Didn’t he ask Anna out after being her doctor? Finn pleads the fifth. Chase says they’re taking things slow, and Finn says, any slower, and he’ll be going back in time. Chase asks if Finn came to take pot shots at him, but Finn says he was passing by, and thought it would be a good time to tell Chase that he needs to call their dad.

Valentin asks what Alex has done to incur Anna’s wrath. She asks if she looks wrathful, and he says she looks like she’s covering up something. She looks like a spring about to snap. She says he puts her on edge, and he says he used to feel that way, but they sorted out their past. She asks when he last saw Alex, and he says he knows what happens when Anna gets angry. Anna says she has something that belongs to Alex, and she’s aching to get rid of it.

Neil tells Alexis, Ryan had the whole city eating out of his hand. Why was her failure to recognize him more egregious than any other? She says she can pick a psychotic out of a crowd. She should have known. She let herself be deceived. She knew something was wrong right away, and should have left. Neil suggests maybe she looked past the warning signs because she was desperate for someone to confide in.

Sam says, so Shiloh is taking care of her sister, and he says they take care of each other. They have open arms, but not closed eyes; the door is locked at midnight. He suggests she come back and bring the kids. He asks, what’s wrong? He thought they were past her questioning his judgment. She says she has doubts, and he says he thought the tower resonated with her, and she found it applicable to her own life. She says she’s concerned about Kristina’s life. She just witnessed Kristina write a friend off who had questions about DOD. Kristina just cut Valerie out of life; just like that. He’s sorry to hear that. She says, is he? She was wondering if he put Kristina up to it.

Kristina tells Molly that she’s changing with Shiloh’s help. She’s grown and improved. Molly would know that if she was around. She asks if Molly is afraid she’ll be embarrassed by Kristing in front of her intellectual friends. Molly says she’s been busy with school, and Kristina says the only time she comes down from her ivory tower is to cast judgement. Molly says she didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. If she’d known what was up, she’d have called Kristina out ages ago. Kristina says if Molly is done lecturing, she has work to do. Molly tells her, don’t walk away. If Kristina wants her educated, educate her.

Michael wonders what that’s about, but Jason isn’t sure he wants to know. Michael says he and Kristina aren’t close like they used to be. She’s been distant since Oregon, but they had a heart to heart the other day. It’s been a long time since they talked. Jason asks how she seemed, and Michael says she seems to be making headway; figuring out life. She’s back in school, and he fronted her the money for classes.

Dan runs back to the alley, and hides in a dumpster. Two guards run in. One asks where he went, and the other says back to the rat hole he came from. The first one says, his pocket was picked; he lost his money. The other says they’ll lose their thumbs if Raj finds out they left their post. The leave, and Dan peeks out and smiles.

On the phone, Raj says they’re on schedule, and tells someone he’ll see them then. He hangs up, and gets poked with a gun. Sonny cocks the gun, and asks, where’s my son?

Valentin says Anna and Alex were subjects in an experiment by the DVX? Anna doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she’s questioning her own memories. Looking in the mirror, not knowing who’s looking back, and how much is her or her sister. She asks if he’s being sympathetic or twisting the knife. He tells her not to jump to conclusions. Those memories might be the very things sustaining her. She says she won’t know until she talks with Alex, but he says it could be the very thing she cherishes most was never hers to begin with. Rut-roh. Is Peter really Alex’s child?

Shiloh asks if Kristina told Sam that he told her to confront her friend. Sam says, no, but did he? He says it’s not his business who Kristina is friends with. He doesn’t interfere in the personal lives of people there. Sam says, here she is questioning Kristina, and she’s not a child, but there are a lot of con artists out there. Shiloh says, she should know. D’oh! He says he’ll see if he can get Kristina to patch things up. He can’t promise she’ll see things Sam’s way. The only way to commit to DOD is to embrace it and go all in. Some people can’t hack that commitment. Can Sam?

Michael tells Jason that Kristina has a schedule to pay him back. Jason asks if she said it was for school, and Michael tells him, she said classes. He assumed it was PCU. Why is he interested? Jason flashes back to Kristina telling him that she’s changed her life for the better; it’s not an act. Does he thinks she’s lying to herself? It will never be enough. If she’s miserable, they’re worried; if she’s happy, they’re worried. How can she win with them?

Kristina tells Molly, give it a rest. Molly says Sam’s policy is hands-off, and their mom is afraid if she makes one wrong move, it will send Kristina running, but she can’t be snowed. Kristina tries to give Molly Shiloh’s book, saying, it will help her get a handle on her over-inflated bumper guard. Molly asks how much the classes cost.  Kristina says, it’s people helping other people, and no one is getting hurt. Molly says, it sounds like a cult. Kristina is keeping secrets, dropping friends, and can’t take criticism. It threatens her happiness. Kristina says Molly only loves her when she’s pathetic, so she looks bad and Molly looks better. Molly says, that’s a lie, and Kristina thinks maybe they should agree to stay out of each other’s lives. Michael asks, what’s going on? Molly says, perfect timing. He should know what Kristina’s been up to.

Alexis asks if Neil thinks she was so self-involved she’d let a serial killer run amok because she craves attention. Neil says she’s smarter than that. She sought therapy to sort out her feelings for Julian, and how they play a role in her risky behavior. It’s brave. She says now she’s brave? Is she the least crazy of his patients, or the craziest?

Raj says, Mr. Corinthos, and Sonny says, good guess. Answer his question. Raj says Sonny is a long way from home, and Sonny says Raj is a short way from an early death. Where is his son? He hears someone, and tells them to show themselves, or their boss dies. Dante emerges from the shadows.

Sonny says he’s bringing Dante home. Lulu and the kids need him. A guard knocks Sonny in the head from behind, and he falls to the floor. Raj says he should never have come. Now he’ll never leave.

Anna tells Valentin to quit stalling. He says he’s not. He sees the familiar fear in her eyes. They’re not so different. All of the lies, betrayals, and deaths; sometimes good memories. It’s all they’ve got to keep them from drowning; remembering the good. Don’t cash it in. Anna says tell her where to find her sister. He says he hasn’t seen her since she came to him before he went to the Hague, when he was still in custody. She asks how Alex got to him, and he says, she just did. She does a good Anna Devane. She told him the WSB had no case. Without her testimony, there could be no conviction. She was a fugitive, and disappeared. Anna tells him not to say he’s indebted to her, but he says he’s indebted anyone who keeps him out of prison. He doesn’t wish her ill. Anna says she doesn’t want his help. She just wants him to get a message to Alex.

Chase asks Finn what’s wrong with their dad? Finn says, nothing he’s aware of, but he subscribes to the Port Charles papers, so he can follow Chase’s crime fighting career. He must know Chase was trailing a serial killer. Chase says he was nowhere near where Ryan was confronted. Finn says he heard Chase went to Niagara Falls. Chase says, by the time he got there… Wait. Finn isn’t there to tell him to call their dad. Finn is there to check up on him. Chase says, Finn is worried about him, and laughs.

Neil says Alexis has no problem discussing the worst aspects of her fears. What is she running away from? She says, she’s there. She goes to meetings and pays bills. He asks how she rates herself as an attorney. She says, good. She’s a meticulous researcher, she thoroughly prepares, and can think on her feet. He asks what she does when a witness doesn’t give a direct answer, and she says she asks the judge to instruct the witness to answer the question. He says he has no judge to appeal to, so he’s asking her himself. She has no problem confronting the issue. Why does she fear overcoming it?

Kristina tells Michael, it’s nothing. Molly says, if it’s nothing, why not tell him? Kristina says, shut up, and Molly asks Michael why he’s giving Kristina money for classes given by a con man. It’s exactly as bad as it sounds. Kristina is in a cult. Kristina says Shiloh is leading her down the path to enlightenment. She can’t deal with the negativity, and doesn’t need them. She storms out, and Molly says, cult.

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s talking about Kristina’s issues, and she’s not Kristina. Shiloh says he can’t deny what he senses, or ignore a person in pain. Sam has admitted she’s afraid of commitment. Sam says it never worked in her favor. He says maybe she was committed to the wrong things or people. She needs to explore it. She asks if he has a course for that. As matter of fact, he does. He says his students are compelled to confront the things they’ve shied away from. She shies away from him. Sam says, just look at it and commit, and be phobia free? He says, step one, and she asks, what does she do?

Molly says, Kristina is being brainwashed. Michael says the harder they push, the more defiant she’ll become. She says he can’t think it’s legitimate, but Michael says he needs more information before he sounds the alarm. Molly asks what about Jason? Kristina is drowning. Can’t he do something? He flashes back to Sam saying Shiloh is better than they thought, and she’s scared. He sells the whole redemption story, and he’s really good. It took everything inside her to make him believe she was coming to his side.

Kristina arrives at DOD. Sam says she was concerned about Kristina and Valerie having a fight, and she talked to Shiloh. Kristina says she’s in no mood for a lecture. She just got a lecture from Molly. Sam’s not going to give her one. Sam says, Kristina has told her that she knows what she’s doing, and Shiloh has his eye on her, and she believes him.

Alexis tells Neil that she feels unsettled. She had a near miss with a homicidal maniac. You can’t blame her. He asks if she’s hearing blame. Ha says, she’s hearing him think she’s holding something back. There’s something left to tell. She says, there’s always things left out; there are always neuroses to conquer. He says, there’s no quick fix, but if she keeps up the hard work, she’ll reap the benefits.

Valentin tells Anna that he can’t help her. He’s not in touch with Alex. Anna says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to reach her. He tells her, there’s no secret brotherhood of nefarious characters. She says she’d be on it. He gets up, and she tells him, this is important, and she’ll consider it making amends. Valentin sits back down. He says he’s serious; he doesn’t know where she is, but he’ll put out feelers. He might know someone who can reach her.

Sonny reaches for the gun, and Raj tells him not to be a hero. Sonny tells him to let Dante go and there won’t be any trouble. Raj says Dante has already told him everything he needs to know. Sonny asks if Raj tortured Dante; he’ll make Raj bleed. Raj says the only person who’s going to bleed is Sonny. He holds out his gun to Dante, and asks him to do the honors.

Chase says Finn is genuinely concerned for his well-being. Finn says, of course. Chase is kind of his responsibility. He tells Chase to wipe the grin off his face, and Chase says, no can do. He never thought he’d see his big brother coddle him. Finn starts to leave, and Chase thanks him. Seriously. It means a lot. Finn tells him, just be safe out there. Chase tells Finn, be safe. He’s the one dating a super spy. Finn leaves, and Chase smiles.

Anna tells Valentin to inform Alex that she knows about the experiment, and can provide a remedy. Valentin thinks she’ll be skeptical. They didn’t part on the best terms. Anna says, she’ll know it for what it is – the truth. She’ll come to Alex, and the whole nightmare will be over. Valentin would like to believe that, but he thinks in opening the door to a past nightmare, it will just be beginning. Anna ponders this.

Neil says, time’s up. Alexis says she just got there, and he says maybe she’ll be on time for the next session. She says, he doesn’t believe her, does he? and he says, that’s not his job. She leaves. but comes back. She says she had a sex dream about Julian, and almost drank a bottle of vodka. She’ll see him next week. He says he’s looking forward to it.

Kristina asks if she hasn’t told Sam all along that she knows what she’s doing. Sam should have listened. Sam says she loves Kristina, and thinks she’s amazing. She hopes things work out, and Kristina and Valerie can be friends again, but if not, she knows Kristina will be okay. Sam says she has to get the kids. Shiloh hopes she’ll consider what they talked about, and she says she will. She leaves, and Shiloh tells Kristina that Sam shared a little of what happened between her and her friend. It sounds like a rough night. Kristina says the negativity was turning in her head, but she succeeded in cutting it out and cut it off

Molly says, if Sonny knew about Shiloh, he’d already be fertilizing the pine barrens. Jason says, Sonny is out of town, but he’ll fill him in. Michael says the harder they go at Kristina, the faster she’ll run. Molly says he might be the one person left who can reach her. He asks, how? and Molly suggests pulling the loan, blocking her road to enlightenment. See how Shiloh reacts when she has no money to pay for the seminars. Jason says, Shiloh thinks he’s winning for now. In the end, it will be that much easier to take him down. Jason flashes back to when he was in the hospital, and Shiloh telling him that Sam is evolving, and he was trespassing on private property.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he applauds her positivity. The forces of conformity are not easily foiled. She says she stood up to her sister, and it felt good. She’s severing ties, and telling them that if they can’t accept her choices, she can’t accept their presence in her life. She feels lighter, freer. Shiloh is proud that the work she’s done has paid off, and thinks she’s ready for the next step.

Raj takes bullets out of the gun, and tells Dante that he doesn’t need more than one. It’s a shame Sonny has come such a long way to see his first born. He’ll find that Dante doesn’t want to come home. He’s happy where he is. Sonny asks what Raj did to him, and Raj says, Dante is there of his free will. He’s eager to be part of the organization. At least that’s what he claims. Now is his chance to prove it. He tells Dante, take the gun and kill his father. Sonny shakes his head.

On Monday, Jordan tells Curtis that they should talk about it, Lulu wishes Dante was home, Anna asks which part of her life belongs to her, and someone gets shot in Turkey.

👯 The Show Must Go On… And On…. And On…

While I’ve never recapped the show, I’ve enjoyed Dance Moms off and on over the years. Although she often seemed like a tyrant, I never thought Abby was any crankier than Debbie Allen on Fame. At least Abby doesn’t carry a big stick. I also thought she was one of those white collar criminals who, because they’re a C-list celebrity, got made an example of. Like what Joe Giudice is living right now. Despite her time in the pokey, and major health problems, Abby Lee Miller is back in Dance Moms: Resurrection – ha-ha! sounds like Jason or Freddy Krueger – premiering June 4th at 8 pm on Lifetime.

📜 Quotes of the Week

You can’t always sit in your corner of the forest and wait for people to come to you… you have to go to them sometimes.Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Just because I can’t punish old Frankenstein for what he’s done, I can tell him what the Lord told John. I can make goddam sure he don’t do it in Texas. – Sheriff Earl McGraw (Michael Parks), Death Proof

If men got periods, tampons would be thrown from floats like Mardi Gras beads. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

Only the mediocre are always at their best. – Jean Giraudoux

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.Mary Oliver

They say the memory is the second thing to go. * What’s the first thing? * I don’t remember. – Arthur and Vivian (Don Johnson and Jane Fonda), respectively, Book Club

Appreciate someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.Anonymous

Neither blame or praise yourself.Plutarch

What you don’t do can be a destructive force.Eleanor Roosevelt

Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea. – Leigh Bardugo

When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. —J.M. Barrie

On truth: “I suppose there are two views about everything,” said Mark. “Eh? Two views? There are a dozen views about everything until you know the answer. Then there’s never more than one.”C.S. Lewis from That Hideous Strength, compiled in Words to Live By

Music, like religion, unconditionally brings in its train all the moral virtues to the heart it enters, even though that heart is not in the least worthy. – Jean Baptiste Montegut – I have no idea what this means, but I like it!

🍀 May Your O’Weekend Be Filled With Pots O’ Gold…

And no bad behavior (at least, not too bad) or green beer hangovers. I used to hate St. Patrick’s Day when I worked in NYC. The parade made getting around the city a misery, but even worse were the amateur drinkers, who were often already sitting on the curb, sick, by noon. Seriously. You don’t have to. And no, I won’t kiss you because you’re Irish. Or wearing a T-shirt that says that.

And God knows, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day without a Peke.




February 14, 2019 – A Jailhouse Wedding, Rumble in the Chef Jungle, Quotes of Love & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam brought Jason something. Danny made him a card. She tells him the scribble is from Scout. He loves it. She loves him. She hates that they’ll be separated on Valentine’s Day, but says she knows it counts least as a holiday. He agrees that he’s not a huge Valentine’s Day celebrating person, but he’s looking forward to celebrating with her. She asks if she can get that in writing. He says she knows he loves being with her. She has to go to the party, then she’s picking up the kids up, but she doesn’t have to leave now. They kiss.

Shiloh tells Kristina, job well done. She must be proud. She says she can’t take credit; she had help. He asks if she has any idea when her sister is arriving.

Franco is thrilled to see Elizabeth, but says she shouldn’t be there. She has a family to look after. She says one member of her family is at the police station. He’s part of her family, and she wonders when that is going to sink in. He says there’s nothing she can do for him. She says, maybe not, but there’s something she can do for them. They’ve been putting it off for too long. She wants to marry him. He says he wants to marry her too. She says, let’s do it. Right here right now.

At the MetroCourt, Ned and Olivia wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day. Ned says this time they got it right. Olivia agrees they haven’t had the best luck with that, but Ned says, this year, it’s going to change. He slides a keycard over to her. He says, not just any room; 610. He asks her to let him set the scene. Her, drunk as a skunk, about to adopt every dog in the animal shelter. That’s the night he fell in love with her, and he’s been falling ever since. They kiss. I have no idea what he’s talking about, so I must have missed that episode.

In bed, Carly tells Sonny, making love in the middle of the afternoon is a luxury. Sonny says, Valentine’s Day is just getting started. She says she thought they agreed not to exchange any gifts, but he says he loves to surprise her.

Robert tells Cabot, come on. He knows there are certain aspects of his research he never intended to be made public. Cabot asks why he should tell them, and Anna says, if he doesn’t answer their questions, he won’t get his sight back. He knows that voice. Alex Devane. Anna says, yes; it’s me.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a hard year; everything with his father. He leaned on her. She says they’re a team, but he says he couldn’t have done it without her. He needs her. Always. He doesn’t say it enough. He loves her and appreciates her, and there’s no one he’d rather walk this crazy world with. She says, funny he should say that. He tells her that he made reservations for dinner, and they have to get going. He got the best table, and doesn’t want to lose it. It will be a night to remember. She laughs, and when he’s out of earshot, she says, you could say that again.

Kristina says she’s sure Sam will show up soon, and Shiloh tells her to let him know. Valerie walks in, and Kristina say she didn’t know Valerie was coming. Valerie says Kristina did invite her. Along with everyone else on her MyFace page, but it was an invite. Kristina thought Valerie had been avoiding her, but Valerie says it’s totally forgotten. She’s sorry she overreacted. She was caught off guard, and didn’t handle it gracefully. Kristina says, and she did? Valerie wants to be friends again, if that’s cool. Kristina says, absolutely. Shiloh wonders where Sam is.

Spinelli arrives at Jason’s place. He hopes he’s not interrupting. Is he? Sam says, it’s okay. She was just leaving. She’s going to the Dawn of Day party. Spinelli implores her, proceed with caution. From what he’s uncovered, Shiloh is quite dangerous. He’ll fill Jason in. Sam says she’ll see Jason tomorrow. Jason tells her, be safe. When she’s gone, Jason asks Spinelli, how dangerous is he? Spinelli says, murderously so

Cabot asks, is it Alex Devane or Alex Merrick now? It’s been far too long Anna says, it has. Because of a bounty on her head, she couldn’t make herself known sooner. He asks, why now? and she says she needs to know about the project they worked on together. He says, wait. She’s not Alex. She’s the other one.

Franco says Elizabeth is joking. He asks if she realizes it’s just the two of them, and she says she realizes they keep putting it off because life gets in the way, and she’s done. It’s time they get in life’s way. He says, no. She can’t marry an accused killer behind bars. It’s not the wedding of her dreams, or what she deserves. She says all she needs is him. What does he say? Will he marry her?

Spinelli tells Jason, the story Shiloh spun is that his father was a ruined man after Sam wiped out his finances. It’s a compelling story, but far from complete. After Sam fled, Shiloh’s father registered a patent, and there was a bidding war over the rights. He was on his way to another fortune. Jason asks, what stopped him? and Spinelli says, his death. The brakes failed on his car. It was a freakish accident, considering it was a brand new high end vehicle. Jason asks if Spinelli thinks the brakes were tampered with, but Spinelli says, that’s unclear. He needs to do more digging. Jason says, do that. Start with what happened to the patent.

Shiloh is glad Sam made it. Kristina watches them, and Valerie asks if she’s okay. Does she need to talk? Kristina says if anyone should apologize, it should be her for getting the wrong idea. She’s been talking about it in group sessions. She tells Valerie, this place is amazing. They listen without judgement. She used to beat herself up over mistakes, but the truth is, there are no mistakes. Shiloh taught her, every choice, right or wrong, lays a brick in the path we walk. Every choice leads you to the now. Knowing that is the first step to self-acceptance. Valerie says, it sounds nice.

Shiloh hands Sam his book, and says, a gift. She says she already read it; cover to cover. He says, and…? She says she couldn’t help notice there was something missing – him.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny says he wanted to take Carly someplace else, but it is the best food in town. Is she okay with it? She says she’s okay with anywhere, as long as she’s with him. He tells the waitress that he ordered champagne, and she leaves to get it. He slides an envelope over to Carly. He asks if she remembers when they got married, they made a list of places they wanted to go. She says they’ve gone to almost all of them. He says, except one. Azores. Carly thought it was too difficult to get too, but Sonny was convinced otherwise. He says they’re leaving in three weeks. She seems hesitant, and he asks if she doesn’t want to go. She says she doesn’t know if she’s able to. He asks, why?

Anna says Cabot is mistaken, but he says, don’t bother denying it. He knows her sister quite well. Let him guess. That isn’t a medical colleague either. Robert says, Robert Scorpio, WSB. Anna says, who they are doesn’t change a damn thing. If he wants his sight back, he’ll have to answer questions, or her friend won’t treat him. Cabot says they’ve already overplayed their hand. He appreciates the attempt to trade on his familiarity with Dr. Merrick, but it’s apparent this is part of a WSB investigation. If they want his cooperation, they have to treat him first.

Sam noticed there’s not much in the book about Shiloh’s family. She knows about them, but doesn’t know anything about him. They sit. She remembers he told her that he never wanted to settle down, and his followers are his family, but is that entirely true? There had to be someone he was serious about at some point. Shiloh says his father’s personal experience left him closed off to sharing his life with another person. Sam says he means his father’s experience with her.

Sonny asks if Carly has too much work. She says they have a lot going on in general. There’s been a lot of turmoil in the past year; too much. She thinks life is like childbirth. Problems cause agony when you’re going through them, but when you get to the other side, the pain fades, and you’re left with the good. They’ve had trying times in the past year, but also beautiful moments she’s grateful for. Sonny says he’s grateful for her. She made him see it was important to spend time with his dad. She saw that, knew that, and helped him wrap his mind around it. Carly says she sounds amazing. Sonny says she’s not just an amazing mother, but an amazing wife. She’s his friend, and she loves him, period. it means a lot to him. Carly asks if he’s trying to make her cry. He says, no. he’s trying to get her to give him a kiss. She says she loves him.

Sam wonders how could Shiloh put himself out there, when he’s been so burned? He supposes it makes sense, but that’s not the only reason. He realized in order to find happiness, he had to find peace within himself. Sam says that resonates with her. He asks when she’s going to stop running, and find peace within herself?

Franco tells Elizabeth that his heart is so filled with her. He won’t marry her there. She asks, why not? and he says because he’s in jail, and no one is there to marry them. Unless Cliff is ordained. He calls over to the guard, and asks if he’s ordained. Cliff laughs, and Franco says he thinks that’s a no. Elizabeth says she thought about that recruited a person for the job. Drew comes in, saying, I heard you crazy kids want to get married.

Elizabeth thanks Drew for coming. Drew says she approached him last night, and she says she thought someone important to them both should do the honors. Franco asks if he’s ordained, and Drew says, it’s so easy, it’s frightening. Franco says they have no witness. He calls to Cliff, who asks, what now? Franco asks if it isn’t his job to keep eye on them. By definition, he thinks makes Cliff a witness. He tells Elizabeth that it’s insane. She knows, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Valerie tells Kristina, now that they’re not avoiding each other, they can hang out again. Kristina says there are some great introductory seminars that she thinks would be perfect for Valerie. She’ll get a brochure.

Shiloh puts hands on each side of Sam’s face, and tells her, close her eyes. He says they get so sidetracked on their path, their thoughts become robots. They worry about the past, which is behind us, and the future is just imagination. What’s important is the present; the here and now. He asks, when is she? and Sam says, now. Kristina watches Shiloh touching Sam’s face.

Spinelli tells Jason, the plan is for him and Sam to focus on Hank/Shiloh, and he’ll focus on the father, and whatever fate befell him. Jason is sorry Spinelli isn’t with Ellie on Valentine’s Day, but Spinelli says he took the precaution of booking a flight home. Jason tells him, have fun, and tell Ellie that they said hi. Spinelli missed the sound of we. Jason says, the patent first, and Spinelli says he’ll call. Jason thanks him, and Spinelli spontaneously hugs him.

Kristina tells Sam and Shiloh, sorry to interrupt. Sam tells her to stay, but she says she has to go back to the event. She goes back to Valerie, wanting to show her the brochure, but Valerie has to get going. She has an early shift. She thanks Kristina, and says, it was fun. Call her. It’s great that she wants to spend time together. They hug. Valerie leaves, and Kristina looks panicked.

Sam gets up, and Shiloh asks if she’s leaving. Sam thinks it’s a good idea. It’s Kristina’s place; her home. She doesn’t want Kristina to think she’s stepping on her thing. Shiloh says, if Kristina thinks that, she’s not observing their tenets. She tells him, she’s trying to be sensitive; that’s all. He understands, and asks if she’ll come again. She says, yes, of course. She’ll see him around. He looks over at Kristina.

Outside, Sam calls Jason. She says she’s on her way out to pick up the kids. He asks how it went, and she says, good. He asks if she talked to Shiloh, and she says, it was pretty creepy. It’s so weird how he gets people to do things for him, and think it’s their idea. He asks about Kristina, and Sam says, she was pretty possessive. She thinks Kristina has a thing for Shiloh. Jason says, they’ll figure it out, and she tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow. He tells her, happy Valentine’s Day, and she asks if it killed him to say that. He says, no; he loves her. She says she loves him too.

Shiloh tells Kristina that her sister knows a lot about him. Kristina noticed they spent a lot of time together, and admits it bothers her. She doesn’t think she’s as enlightened as she ought to be, but he tells her not to be too hard on herself. He asks what level she’s at, and she says she’s only done the introductory course. He says the kind of enlightenment he’s talking about isn’t touched on until later. She says she doesn’t have the money for those courses. He says if she needed surgery, she’d find the money. Perhaps she should think about paying the same attention and importance to her soul. It’s something to think about. Can you say Scientology?

Finn tells Cabot, the terms are non-negotiable. Cabot says everything is negotiable. It’s not just hi vision on the line. If he answers their questions, he’ll be betraying people who could retaliate by killing him. If they want him to risk death, the operation comes first. Anna says, fine. Finn will neutralize the virus, and then talk. Cabot says, deal. Robert says he’ll make the arrangements. Cabot says he likes Anna

The news breaks in. Then when they come back, it’s to a commercial. Thanks, ABC.

Anna tells Cabot the feeling isn’t mutual. He says she has the same tenacity as her sister. How is she? She doesn’t know; they’re not in contact. He supposes he’s not surprised. They were always like oil and water. Robert comes back, saying the travel arrangements are made. They’re staying in a hotel tonight, and flying to Port Charles in the morning. Cabot says, fantastic. Anna thanks Robert, and he says, don’t mention it. He means it. He had to violate twelve protocols to move this bastard. He says, ready, doc? and wheels him out. Finn asks if Anna is okay. She says, something he said… It’s probably nothing. He tells her, happy Valentine’s Day, but she says they probably missed it. He says it’s a Swedish clock, but he’s still on Port Charles time. He kisses her.

Franco asks, what about rings? but Drew says Elizabeth thought about that, and shows him the wedding rings. Franco is impressed. He thinks Drew has a bright future as a wedding planner. Franco says Drew doesn’t have to do this, but it means a lot. Drew says he’s connected to Elizabeth through the boys, and they’ve been through some stuff. He thinks of Franco as a brother. One he’d like to choke half the time, nonetheless. He asks Franco to do him a favor. Treat Elizabeth right. She’s one of the good ones. Franco knows. Elizabeth comes back, and they join hands.

There’s a music part. Olivia and Ned get busy. Why are they even in this episode? Carly and Sonny kiss. Sam goes to Jason’s place, and let’s herself in. He asks, what about the kids? She says Monica wanted to take them somewhere, and it was hard to say no. They get busy.

Elizabeth says she didn’t know what expect when Franco came into her life. She never guessed he’d teach her the most important lesson she’d ever learn. Love is completely, unabashedly, insane, and the craziest thing of all is, that’s what makes it so beautiful. She’s forever grateful, and she’ll love, honor, and cherish him until death they do part. Drew says it’s Franco’s turn. Franco says, this is all he’s got. He loves her, and hopes it’s enough. He’s totally down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He loves her. He says, Elizabeth Imogene Webber, till death do they part. Drew tells him, well said, and asks if Elizabeth takes Franco as her husband. She does.

Drew asks if Franco takes Elizabeth to be his wife. He does. Drew says, by the power vested in him by the internet, he pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss through the bars.

Jason and Sam bask in the afterglow. She asks where he got the flowers, and he says he asked the flower lady. She thinks he means the florist. He asked what she suggested for someone who doesn’t like a big deal, but secretly likes holidays. Sam asks if she picked them out, but he says she told him whoever it was is a lucky woman, and went to the next customer. He asks if it was a bad choice. Sam says, it was a good choice. The florist was right; she’s a lucky woman. She wants to be nowhere else but with him. Jason gets it now. The point of Valentine’s day isn’t about chocolate and flowers. It’s about not taking love for granted. It’s about saying those words. He loves her so much. She loves him too. They kiss, and probably get busy again, but we don’t see that.

Ned asks Olivia who she’s calling. She says, the animal shelter; who does he think? She’s calling room service. They should open another bottle. He’s in. All in with her, forever. She says, room service can wait.

Back home, Sonny asks if Carly wants a drink. She says, no. She wants to sit with him for a second. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s great. She was just thinking about life, them, everything. How it has its ups and downs. she thinks as long as they have each other, and hold on to that connection, they can handle anything life throws at them. He says, sounds great, and she says, good. She’s pregnant.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Peter the secret is about Sasha, Lulu says Franco is going to get what’s coming to him, and Carly asks if Sonny doesn’t want this baby.

🔪 On Top Chef, Art Smith was a guest judge for the Quickfire challenge, a spice taste test while blindfolded. I noted that Padma should really lose the white eyeliner. No. Just no. Sara was the winner, naming all twelve spices she tasted. The next challenge was for the chefs to create their own spice blend in honor of KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Courtesy of Art, we find out the Colonel didn’t achieve success until age sixty. There’s hope! The chefs only had a half hour to fry up some chicken. There was no elimination escape, but there was a $5000 prize. Sara was the big winner there too, totally redeeming herself from the boxed biscuit fiasco last week. Next, for the elimination challenge, the chefs had to work together on a progressive menu based on six of Muhammad Ali’s most memorable fights. The dinner was served at a charity gala being held at the Muhammad Ali Center, with Laila Ali as guest judge. Gail Simmons was also back, after having her baby. Eric came out on top, with something called fufu, a plantain dish from Africa. His course also represented the Rumble in the Jungle, aka the Ali vs George Foreman fight in 1974. Eddie had to gather up his knives and take a hike, the judges feeling he didn’t go far enough. He said being in the competition was about confidence and getting out of his own shell, and he thought he came out a better person and chef. Next time, who knows? I wasn’t paying attention. But in the useless brush-with-celebrity trivia department, I once saw Muhammad Ali in an elevator and he smiled at me, making my heart go pitty-pat.


💖 Speaking Of Hearts…

A few Valentine related quotes.

Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love. – Winnie the Pooh, aka A.A. Milne

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. – Jean Anouilh

We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.Eleanor Roosevelt

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. – 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

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January 3, 2019 – How Hank Became Shiloh, RIP Gail, a Bit of Chef, the Joshes Return & Times Square


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

One year ago today – approximately. Lucy wonders how she’s getting out of this one.

One year ago today, minus one day – approximately. Lucy asks Maxie who in their right mind would want to visit their city. Maxie says, there are a lot of great things happening, but Lucy says, no one knows about them.

Lucy holds the bag while Sonny punches. They talk about the mayor’s duties.

At the hospital, Monica asks if the job falls to Lucy. Lucy says no one else has her verve, and she’s Port Charles’s biggest fan.

At the MetroCourt bar, Lucy tells Scotty not to dismiss her. She’s an entrepreneur. She wants to rebrand Port Charles, and make it a tourist destination again.

Alexis tells Lucy all she needs are investors. Lucy says, guidebooks don’t publish themselves. Think of the tourist dollars, and the legal fees. Sam says, and the real estate dollars. Lucy says, think of the tax base increase.

Jason walks out of the hospital elevator while Lucy tells him to dust off his checkbook. He keeps walking, and she says she’ll take that as a yes.

Sam tells Lucy that she’s not gambling her kids’ inheritance. Lucy tells Alexis that she can invest that Cassadine cash. Alexis says it’s tied up in her 401K.

Lucy tells Julian that he must see the value in the publicity. He says he just bought a bar; his money is tied up in it.

Lucy reminds Monica that she took Alan off her hands. Monica says, get out before she calls security.

Back at the gym, Sonny asks if he writes a check… Lucy says she’ll get out of his hair faster than he can say –

Maxie says, great idea. But there’s no way she can get the bucks together. Lucy says she came up with the seed money. Now she needs quotes from Port Charles’s best and brightest. She takes out a pen and paper.

Present day – exactly. Lucy looks in a travel agency window at travel guides of Port Charles.

Sonny and Mike are at the gym. Mike asks how long this is going to take. He’s perfect. Just ask Yvonne.

Stella sees Marcus at Turning Woods. She has a present for Yvonne from Mike. She says she thought about Marcus over the holidays. He tells her he spent time with his wife. Stella asks how she is, and he wonders who wants know – her or Mike?

Elizabeth asks Kim how her New Year’s Eve was. Kim says, it couldn’t been worse.

Kristina tells Sam and Jason it didn’t take long. Sam tells Kristina that she’d said to come over, and here they are. Kristina invites them in. She says, her sister is there with her… Jason. Kristina introduces them to Shiloh, who we recognize as Hank. Jason reacts, and Sam asks if she knows him. Jason says he knows him enough to know he’s lying.

Scotty sees Monica at the hospital, and says he needs to talk to her. She says she has no comment on lawsuits, but he says he’s not there to sue the hospital. He has bad news.

Julian sees Alexis sitting at a table in Charlie’s. He tells her Kristina isn’t working, but she says she’s not spying; she’s meeting a client. He asks if they don’t have fancy conference rooms for that, but she says they’re secluded, and Port Charles has a serial killer on its hands. Lucy comes in, and sits with Maxie. Maxie says she was just about to leave for a self-defense class she can’t afford to miss. Lucy says Crimson can’t afford to miss an exclusive on a book publication, by yours truly. Lucy hands a book to Maxie, and says, read it and weep – tears of joy.

Sonny tells Mike that Yvonne has good taste, but he has to remain worthy and keep up the maintenance. Exercise is good for the body, but also keeps the head clear. Mike doesn’t want to miss Yvonne’s call. He’s sure she would have called by now. They should stop by Turning Woods after they work out. He wants to see how she liked the present.

Stella tells Marcus that she heard about Yvonne leaving the facility unattended. She’s sorry. Marcus appreciates her sympathy, but the apology isn’t necessary. She had nothing to do with it. Stella says she can’t fathom what went through his head when Yvonne was missing. He says he pictured her alone in the streets, not knowing who or where she was. When a child is out like that, people stop to help, but with someone like her, people don’t want to be bothered. They don’t see her. Stella says, someone did, but he says, not soon enough to stop Mike from luring her away. Stella says Jordan told her that he’s not pressing charges. He doesn’t see how that would help Yvonne. He’s going to do right by her another way.

Monica tells Elizabeth that she’s taking the day off, and won’t be available for anything until tomorrow. She leaves with Scotty, and Kim says, something must have happened. Elizabeth says, Monica is a private person. If she wants them to know anything, she’ll tell them

Kristina can’t believe Sam and Jason came over right after she moved in. Jason says he knows Shiloh as Hank. That’s how he introduced himself to Drew. Shiloh (I guess we’re calling him this now) says he didn’t want to confuse Drew. Sam asks if he knew Drew when he was a SEAL. Shiloh says he did, and Sam has him at a disadvantage. Kristina says Sam is her sister and Drew’s ex-wife. Shiloh says, when you change your life, it’s helpful to change names too. He tells them that they’re more than welcome. Any friend of Kristina’s… Kristina tries to interject, and Shiloh tells her, stop being rude. Sam asks if he spoke with Drew, and Shiloh says he did. Drew told him about his memory loss. He’d hoped to spark something, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Kristina says Drew doesn’t remember anything before coming to Port Charles. Shiloh says it’s a shame. If it wasn’t for Drew’s intervention, he’d still be Hank, shallow and wasted. Drew literally and figuratively saved his life, and he intends to repay his debt.

Kim can’t find her phone, and tells Elizabeth, it’s official; she’s a basket case. Elizabeth asks if she wants to talk. Kim says there’s not much to talk about. Julian broke up with her. Elizabeth doesn’t believe it. Kim says, neither did she at first. Elizabeth can’t believe Julian thinks he can do better than her.

Julian tells Alexis that he read the article on how Kiki ‘s murder might be related to the nurse’s murder. Alexis says Jordan is about to make a statement linking the MetroCourt murder, the nurse, and Kiki. She’s surprised Ava didn’t tell him, but he thinks it’s better to hear it from her anyway. Maybe Ava’s been trying to call; he’s been preoccupied. Alexis suggests he take the day off. Call Kim and have fun. He flashes back to seeing Drew and Kim kissing. He tells Alexis, Kim is otherwise occupied.

Stella knows Marcus is angry. He needs an outlet for his feelings before they consume him. Marcus says he’s past breaking things. She says, talking has been known to help. He can talk to her, but she knows that could be complicated. She can give him a good therapist to help him articulate his feelings, and talk it through. He says there’s only one person he wants to talk to, and he’s taking the opportunity to make that happen. He’s assuming responsibility for Yvonne’s care and taking her home.

Sonny gives Mike boxing tips as they spar. Mike says if he’s forgotten a lot, but if he forgets to breathe, they’re in trouble. It’s hard to concentrate when he knows Yvonne is waiting. Sonny says he’s doing fine. Chet watches from the sidelines, and suggests Mike try rotating his hips more. It will help with his lower back. Mike tries it. Sonny says Chet knows about boxing, and Mike says he was in the service. Chet asks if the tattoos or his legs were a giveaway. Mike says, the tattoos; he’d recognize Tulip’s work anywhere. They exchange information on where they were stationed, and fist bump.

Maxie tells Lucy that she’s impressed and scandalized. A secret nude beach? Lucy says there’s so much they don’t know about their own town. She wants to share it with the world using her book. That’s where Maxie comes in. The book is no good without being in people’s hands. She needs publicity. She’s picturing an amazing, fabulous book launch; a signing like they did for Ask Man Landers. Maxie says it’s not normally something Crimson does, but she can come up with an angle. Lucy wonders if Scotty looks exceptionally rumpled today.

Sitting with Monica, Scotty asks if she wants a cocktail. She doesn’t think losing her sobriety is a way to honor Gail. He tells her that the nurse called him, saying Gail might not make it. He booked a flight to Florida, and had Serena meet him. Monica is glad he had Serena with him, but wishes she had been there when Gail died.

Shiloh says the story of what put him in Drew’s debt is in the book. Sam says he’s too young to have written a memoir, but he says, you’re never too young to share wisdom. He hands them a copy, saying, it’s a confessional; a study on the human condition. A way to look at life, and how to live it. He had to evolve and change. Hank wasn’t much of a man. Sam asks if Shiloh is, and he says, that’s for others to judge. He’s doing his best, creating Dawn of Day.

Mike tells Chet a story about how another soldier had to polish his boots for two weeks for something Mike did. Sonny says he never heard that, and Mike says, no one likes old soldier stories. Chet adds, except other vets. Mike hates to cut it short, but he has a lady waiting. He leaves to get cleaned up, and Sonny thanks Chet. He never heard Mike talk about the service. Chet says, the level of engagement isn’t unusual; it’s good to meet a fellow vet. Sonny says he hasn’t seen Chet around, and Chet says his sister lives in Port Charles. Sonny asks, what about him? and Chet says, that depends on if he finds the right job. Sonny says he knows his way around a gym. He owns this place, and he’s looking for a manager who’s knowledgeable and discreet. Is Chet interested?

Stella tells Marcus that he’s taking on great strain. He wouldn’t have placed Yvonne at Turning Woods if he thought she could be on her own. He says he’s seen the care she’s gotten, and he’ll take his chances at home. Stella says, even if she’s unhappy? Marcus asks, who said she’s happy there? Mike? Sonny? Stella tells him, Yvonne. He says his marriage is none of her business. She forfeited the right to weigh in on his life a long time ago.

Sam asks Shiloh if the house has a name, and he says his outfit does. She asks what his outfit does, and he says, anything that needs to be done. Kristina says they’re helping rebuild the houses on Charles Street, and they’ve gotten a program together. Sam says, it sounds costly, and wonders who’s funding the household. Kristina says, people pay what they can. Oscar lives there. Sam asks if Shiloh knows he’s housing someone who’s underage, but Shiloh says he’s aware of the circumstances, and found a spot for him. Sam still isn’t clear how the others afford to live there. Kristina tells her, quit acting like such a bitch, but Shiloh says, her questions are completely valid. He funds the house with his own money. Sam asks where it comes from exactly, and he says he’s a life coach. He helps people realize their full potential.

At the gym, Drew asks Curtis if he found the body. Curtis says he found a lot of blood, but not the body. Peyton was killed in the editing room, but found on the MetroCourt terrace. Drew says, after the fact, like the nurse and Kiki. Drew asks if Curtis thinks they crossed paths, but he’s trying not think about it. He asks if Drew has something more pressing, and Drew says, maybe. He’s wondering if a blast from the past is a good thing.

Elizabeth asks Kim if it’s because of Oscar that Julian doesn’t want a relationship. Kim says he thinks she can’t take care of both, but he’s not completely wrong. She’s been giving Julian a lot less attention. Elizabeth says, Oscar is fighting for his life. Julian isn’t getting enough attention, so he decided to leave and act like he’s doing her a favor? Kim says, it didn’t come out of the air. Julian saw her and Drew kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Alexis asks Julian if there’s been any news about Oscar, and he says not that he knows. She says Oscar’s current phase of therapy is ending soon, but Julian says he can’t help Kim. She asks if he something wrong, and he says Kim won’t tell him because they’re through.

Stella thanks Mike and Sonny for meeting her. Mike asks if Yvonne liked the gift. Stella tells him that she didn’t see Yvonne; she dropped it off. It wasn’t a good time for a visit. Mike says he’ll find out this afternoon when Sonny drops him off. He asks Stella if something is wrong, and she says, Yvonne’s husband is moving her out and taking her home.

Curtis says, so Hank knows Drew from the SEALS? Drew tells him, that’s what he said. Curtis asks if Drew doesn’t believe him, and Drew say he automatically doesn’t trust anyone who says they’re from his past. Curtis says he can look into it, and see what Hank is up to. Drew appreciates it. He’s worried about Oscar’s mom. Curtis thought Drew’s relationship with Kim was the one uncomplicated thing about his life. Drew says, it was. Curtis says if they had a fight, Drew would have told him, so he’s left with an inescapable conclusion – they got biblical with it. Drew says he has a one-track mind. No, they didn’t, but they kissed.

Elizabeth says Kim and Drew kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Kim say they’ve been living in Oscar’s hospital room, and were talking about old times. It was nothing; a one-time thing. Elizabeth says, but that’s not what Julian took away. Kim says he saw it out of context, and nursed his wounded pride in bed with someone else.

Alexis says she didn’t know Kim and Julian broke up, and he says she’s the first person he’s told. He doubts Kim has spread the word. He doubts it’s of much of concern. Alexis says, any fool can see how much he means to her, and he says, any fool but this one.

Maxie tells Lucy that she’ll help her out, but she has to get to her class. She asks Lucy if she wants to come, but that’s a no. Maxie leaves, and Lucy watches Scotty.

Monica tells Scotty that she doesn’t know who she’d be if Gail hadn’t given her such a wonderful role model. We flash back to Gail counseling Scotty about getting married. She tells him, there’s not a problem on earth you can’t solve if you truly love each other. Monica asks where Scotty went, and he says he went walking down Memory Lane. Monica says she has a second home on that street. We flash back to Gail telling Monica, every night wasted is critical. Monica says she has some hard memories; difficult ones, but none are bad. Scotty says, Gail had a temper. When he banged up a fender, she gave him what for. Lucy approaches their table. She says from their long faces, they must not have heard she’s a published author. When she gets no reaction, she asks, what’s wrong? Monica says, there’s no easy way, and Scotty tells her, Gail passed away last night.

Mike says, Yvonne isn’t going anywhere; she’d never leave him. Sonny says, if Marcus wants take her home, he has every right. Mike says, he’ll be taking her from what she’s accustomed to. He promises not to see Yvonne again if she can stay where she feels safe and knows her place. Sonny tells him, take it easy; he’ll take care of it. He promises to fix it.

Sam asks if Shiloh is helping Kristina realize her full potential. Kristina says they already know Sam thinks her life is a mess. Does she have a problem with Shiloh helping her? Sam says Kristina works at Charlie’s, and isn’t in a position to be giving money away. Kristina accuses her of being condescending. She hasn’t been asked for a dime. Shiloh has improved his life; she can’t do the same? Shiloh says, Sam is a caring sister, but Kristina asks, then why is every word out of her mouth prove she doubts Kristina can improve her life? She stomps off, and Shiloh tells Sam and Jason, the door is always open, but maybe this conversation is best continued later. He tells Jason, keep the book. He hopes to see him again soon. Jason says he will.

Curtis and Drew spar. Drew says, it was just a kiss, nothing more. Curtis says, a New Year’s Eve thing. Drew says if Curtis wants, he can ask Kim. Curtis says, if they both agree it was nothing, why does it need sorting out? Drew says he’s getting his gloves, and he’ll sort Curtis out. Curtis says, good luck with that.

Kim tells Elizabeth, whoever she is, she’s welcome to him. Julian is all hers.

Julian tells Alexis. it’s still raw. He doesn’t want to talk right now, and Alexis says, if it’s any consolation, whatever happened can’t be worse than what happened with them. She never wanted to see him again. The point is, here she is wanting what’s best for him, so maybe there’s hope for them.

Maxie meets Chet, and tells him that his text was intriguing; an unexpected development. Chet says he might be moving back to Port Charles. She asks when that happened, and he says a half hour ago when he was hired to run this place. She says, he’ll be working for Sonny? and he says, starting tomorrow. He knows the stories, but everyone exaggerates, don’t they? Maxie says, Sonny has his good side, but if he offers a promotion to work in his coffee warehouse, say no.

Mike thinks he should have gone with Sonny, but Stella thinks it’s best to sit and wait it out. She tells him, have some coffee, and he says she could have been a drill sergeant.

Sonny approaches Marcus at Turning Woods.

Kristina asks if Sam and Jason are gone, and tells Shiloh, sorry. He asks, why? and she says they were patronizing to her and rude to him. He says he was referring to her behavior. He doesn’t get it. They didn’t bring anger; the negativity came from within her. It doesn’t have to be that way; the way she chose to deal with them. He can teach her a different way to interface with the world around her, and teach her to be free of negativity. She asks, how? and he tells her, stick around. She might find out.

Jason tells Sam at least they got a look at Kristina’s living situation and relationship with the guy running the place. Sam says, Kristina practically worships him. Jason thinks Kristina is using Shiloh’s words, not hers. Sam says, too good to be true? and Jason says, he’s neither good nor true.

Lucy tells Scotty that she’s surprised Serena didn’t call her. He says she was going to call when she got home. Lucy can’t think of a time she ever heard a harsh word from Gail, although she gave Gail plenty of motivation. Scotty says, so did he, and Monica says, her too. Lucy says Gail was bedeviled in her life by her loved ones. Monica says, and she was gracious, but even saints can vent once in a while. Lucy wonders who they think gave Gail the most heartache. Scotty says, not him, and Monica says, not her. Lucy says, don’t look at her, and they all say, Tracy. Lucy says she’s going to miss Gail so much.

Alexis comes by the table, offering her condolences. She tells them Gail had called to change her will after Lee passed. Lucy asks if it can’t wait, but Alexis says she has to get the word out. Gail’s bequest involves them, among others.

In Loving Memory of Susan Brown, 1932 – 2018.

Tomorrow, Chase instructs the self-defense class, Sonny asks Marcus to do what’s best for Yvonne, and not-Doc wants to make his intentions known.

🏥 In Case She Was Before Your Time…

A bit about Susan Brown’s passing.

🍲 Since Top Chef got bumped down to 8 pm, I missed most of it, but Tom thought it was the most difficult restaurant wars ever. The red team won $10K each (courtesy of Bluprint), with team leader Brian getting kudos for his chicken dish. Pablo and Nene had to pack their knives and go. IMO, both of them were a little whiny on their way to Last Chance Kitchen.

💰 The new season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles began tonight. The Joshes are back to plague one another, along with James, David, and Tracy.

🎊 If You Missed It…

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January 2, 2019 – Hank Meets the Real Drew, Gordon’s Back, Danielle Makes It to the Altar, New Year’s Animals, Alice & a Twist on Roxy Music


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎉 Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and survived the night. Moving on…

General Hospital

Jordan asks Jason to take her through what happened. He says he and Sam have been questioned several times, but Jordan says they need to hear the story several times.

Ava finds not-Doc packing up Kiki’s things. She asks him not to do that, but he thinks it’s not healthy having them out all the time, and they should be put in a closet, where she has access to them. He wishes he could stay longer, but the commissioner wants to see him. Ava asks if it’s about Kiki’s murder. He couldn’t say, but tells her not to open the door unless she knows who’s behind it.

At Charlie’s, Valentin tells Nina it’s exhilarating to see her so happy. Nina says it’s easy to be happy around him. Maxie tells James that she guesses finding Sasha got someone out of the doghouse.

Kristina goes to Charlie’s to pick up her paycheck. She asks if last night wasn’t awful, and Julian says it was, but he’s thinking about Drew kissing Kim. He says, it was a dismal New Year’s Eve all the way around.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar ate an entire breakfast sandwich from Kelly’s. Drew suggests a few hours off. She has time to ring in the new year right. She says they already did that, but he thinks she should be with Julian.

There’s a knock at Ava’s door. It’s Lulu, and Ava says, let her guess. Lulu is there to chastise her for being with her mother’s soon to be ex-husband. Lulu says, actually, she’s looking for him. Ava asks if she’s going to chastise him, but Lulu says it has nothing to do with the two of them. It’s about what happened last night. She hasn’t been able to reach him. Ava asks, what happened? Lulu says the news hasn’t broken yet, but the there was another murder, and there might be a chance the killer is the same person who murdered Mary Pat and Kiki.

Jason tells Jordan that he spotted something behind the Christmas display. He thought he saw a hand or arm with blood on it. He kicked over the snowman, and the body slumped out. It was a guy in his late 30s or early 40s. Jordan asks if he touched the body, but he says, no. He called 911, and they waited for the police. She asks if they’d noticed any activity on the terrace throughout the evening. Sam says no one was out there, and Jordan says that’s all she needs know. She might need to interview them again, but they can leave. Jordan steps away to take a call, and Jason says he’ll take Sam home.

Not-Doc arrives at the MetroCourt. Curtis tells him that a man was found murdered on the terrace; a TV producer named Peyton Mills. Not-Doc says he was the man doing the project on his brother. He thought it was finished, and wonders why he was in Port Charles. Curtis says he was there to put on the finishing touches. He was found on the terrace behind a display. Not-Doc asks if he was murdered at the party, but Curtis doubts it. He got a text message to meet him earlier. Not-Doc asks if they were acquainted, but Curtis says, not really. They had a conversation one night, and Peyton had agreed to listen to his pitch for a TV show. Not-Doc says, on New Year’s Eve? Curtis admits he thought it was unusual, but didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. He agreed meet at Peyton’s rental space, and when he got there, he found a whole lot of blood, but no Peyton. Jordan says they estimate the time of death at 6:15, but Curtis says that was before he got the text. Curtis wonders why the killer would want him to discover the crime scene. Not-Doc says he knows exactly why.

Kim asks if Drew is bored with her. He says he loves her sharing memories, and she says maybe she overshared. Drew says they agreed it was just a New Year’s Eve kiss; no big deal. She says, agreed, and he tells her since Oscar is sleeping, why doesn’t she go see Julian? Tell him happy New Year.

Julian asks Kristina why she’s in a rush. She tells him that she’s moving into a new place, and wants to chip in on expenses. She asks him to keep it on the DL; she hasn’t had a chance tell her mom or Sam. Julian asks if she’s not getting along with Sam. Kristina says they’re great, but she’s been feeling sad, and wants to step outside of her comfort zone, and not ignore the signals the universe is giving her. She tells him when there’s a painful aspect in your life, you have to move on to a new system. It’s the only way to find peace.

Ava wonders what the connection is, but Lulu doesn’t know any more than that. She doesn’t know whether the killer knew them, or was choosing victims at random. Ava says it will never make sense that some sicko got their kicks by committing such horrible acts. Lulu tells Ava that she’s so sorry. Ava thanks her, and says if she needs to speak to Doc, call his office. Lulu says since they have the opportunity, she thinks she and Ava should talk about him.

Doc tells Curtis that the killer must have seen previous texts on Peyton’s phone, and lured him there to obtain evidence. Jordan gets a call, and tells them that Peyton’s driver’s license was removed from his wallet. He was also stabbed twice. The first time wasn’t fatal, but spread a lot of blood, and the second stab was straight in the heart with surgical precision. Not-Doc says, like Kiki and Mary Pat. Jordan says all the murders took surgical skills, and all of the bodies were left at gatherings. Curtis says, someone likes attention, and Jordan says, it’s official. They have a serial killer on their hands. What’s the connection, and what do the victims have in common?

Nina sits with Maxie. Maxie says, well? Nina says, it happened before Christmas, and Maxie says that explains why she hasn’t seen Nina. Nina says she saw Maxie the other day, but Maxie says it was a glorified drive by. Nina tells Maxie to just say it; she thinks Nina is an idiot. Maxie says, maybe, but it suits her. She seems disgustingly happy. Nina says she’s lucky. Who has it better than her? Obrecht breezes in, saying she’s counting her blessings too. She’s been exonerated, and can welcome in 2019 with her beautiful baby boy. She picks up James. Valentin watches from across the room.

Hank sees Drew at the hospital. He says Drew looks different. What happened to him?

Sam and Jason go back to her place. Sam apologizes, saying it’s her fault Jason had to answer questions. Jason says most of the time, it’s because of him when they’ve been interrogated. She thought he’d insist on having Diane there, but Jason says Max took her to Vegas for New Year’s Eve. Sam wonders if they’re getting married. Jason says, no; Diane thinks it could create a conflict of interest. Sam believes Diane will eventually marry him, since Max is an old fashioned kind of guy, who wants to be married, and Diane wants to give him what he wants. Maybe they’ll wait until they retire, but she thinks they’ll end up together. It’s very romantic. Jason laughs, and Sam says things are going better with Diane and Max than with them. Jason disagrees. They both know what they want. Maybe it’s time they did something about it. They kiss. Kristina walks in, and says, oops.

Obrecht goes on about how James looks like Nathan. She says she’s learned her lesson, and is going to be the best oma ever. There’s no room for cruelty and revenge in her life. She’s going to make him proud. She points out a diaper change is needed. Nina says she’ll go with Maxie. She wants to hear about Peter and Christmas. When they’re gone, Obrecht approaches Valentin, and thanks him for convincing Peter to change his testimony. Valentin tells her that he would say you’re welcome if she wasn’t blackmailing him.

Kim brings a bag of New Year’s Eve props to Charlie’s. She thought they could have a belated celebration. Julian doesn’t seem to be feeling it, and she says maybe some mimosas will put him back in the spirit. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and she asks, what’s wrong? She thought he understood why she had to stay at the hospital. He says he did; up until he saw her and Drew kissing.

Drew tells Hank that he’s sorry, but doesn’t remember him. Hank says, that’s crazy after everything they did together, and everything Drew did for him. Drew tells him not to take offense. Hank says maybe he’s naïve, but he thought Drew would remember him. They were tight in Afghanistan. He was an independent contractor, and they crossed paths, making the most of their free time. They played a lot of poker. Drew asks if he was any good, and Hank says he sucked at poker, but was a helluva fighter; totally fearless. Drew hopes he’s not too disappointed. He’s had to do this with too many people because he lost decades of memories. Hank says, maybe this will help, and shows him a picture of them, Drew with his old Jason face. Drew doesn’t remember, but Hank wishes he could. Drew changed his life.

Kristina tells Sam and Jason that she’s sorry she interrupted whatever she interrupted, but at least they know it’s the last time. She’s moving out. She has a room at the group house where Daisy lives, and where Oscar is staying. Sam respects Kristina’s decisions as an adult, but she’s concerned about Kristina’s safety. There’s a psycho out there. Kristina says she can’t live her life in fear. Sam says she just feels more comfortable knowing Kristina is upstairs. Kristina says the group house has locks too, and it’s not like she’ll be alone. Sam asks how well she knows these people.

Ava tells Lulu that she thinks it’s best not to discuss Doc. Lulu asks if she’s noticed anything off, but Ava says she hasn’t known him long enough. He’s been kind, compassionate, and wonderful to her. Lulu asks if there’s been any erratic or unusual behavior, and Ava says she gets it. In order for Doc to be with her, he must be having a breakdown. Lulu says she didn’t mean it that way, and Ava tells her, get to the point or get going. Lulu says looking at his behavior from the past, the few people who know him well, know him to be steady, stable, and to help others. Ava says he’s helping her get through the greatest tragedy any mother can experience.

Jordan says, a potential link. The killer has shown surgical precision, but Peyton doesn’t fit the pattern of the previous victims. Curtis suggests the killer resented the spotlight on Ryan Chamberlain, and wanted it for themselves. Jordan says, one serial killer outdoing another. Curtis says the bodies were all put in public places on holidays. Not-Doc says, there’s one other common denominator. Mr. and Mrs. Ashford.

Curtis wonders how the killer would have known they’d be at The Floating Rib. Not-Doc says they were led to the evidence to taunt them. Jordan says, taunting the police commissioner, and her detective husband. Curtis doesn’t think the killer just wants to clown them, and not-Doc says it’s more than their humiliation. The killer chose holidays or celebrations. That indicates they have trouble with a relationship to traditional festive events. Maybe they had a childhood trauma on a holiday or gathering. They’re antisocial, and isolated. They envy the experiences that bring joy to others. Jordan asks if he thinks the killer will strike again. Not-Doc says, it’s not a question of if, but when.

Ava tells Lulu that she and Doc understand each other. Lulu asks if she’s aware of his psychiatric history. Ava asks if she means his practice, and Lulu says, he had a complete breakdown. He became violent, and stalked and kidnapped Felicia. He recovered memories, and his past is complicated and dark.

Kristina is just about packed, and Sam thinks maybe she should take a minute before moving in to tell her why she and her new friends are drawn to each other. Kristina says they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Sam asks how they’re doing that, and Kristina says they do a lot of volunteering. Daisy volunteers at her grandpa’s daycare center. Sam asks how they afford rent, and Kristina tells her, it’s like a big family. Everyone shares and pitches in. Which didn’t really answer that question. Jason asks if anyone is in charge. Kristina says Shiloh is the community outreach leader, but he keeps everything egalitarian, and teaches them not to rely on others. She looks up to him. Sam asks if that’s for any particular reason. What’s he like? There’s obviously something she likes. Kristina says Sam thinks she’s sleeping with him. Sam says, is she?

Valentin asks if Obrecht is enjoying her freedom. She says she’s thrilled to be back with her family. Nothing else matters. He tells her to remember who made it possible. Don’t put him in a position where he regrets it.

Kim tells Julian that she and Drew were just talking, and got nostalgic about a New Year’s Eve years ago in San Diego. The kiss meant nothing. Julian says, not to him. Seeing them together did something. She’s says she’s sorry, but he tells her that he found a way to move past it. He slept with someone else.

Hank tells Drew, it got rough, but they had good times. Hank hit the bottle too hard, but Drew got him through the dark days. He wants to return the favor. Drew appreciates it, but he’s good. He says his son is in the hospital, and Hank asks if there’s anything he can do. Drew says he’s very kind, but his son is getting the best treatment, and Kim is a doctor there. Hank asks if Kim is his son’s mother, and Drew says, he never mentioned her? Hank says, no, and never mentioned a son either. Drew says he just found out he had a son, and Hank says if there’s anything he can do, don’t hesitate to ask. Hank owes him. Drew says he doesn’t remember, and either way, let it go. Hank says he can’t do that. Drew saved his life.

Kristina tells Sam, it’s not like that. Sam apologizes, saying Kristina seems taken with him. Kristina says Shiloh encourages them to do their part to make the world a better place. It’s not like she’s jumping into bed with everyone. Sam says her mind just went there, and Kristina asks if Jason assumed the same thing. He says he assumed nothing, but understands why Sam is concerned. Kristina suggests they check it out. They’re one big happy family, and it’s what she needs right now. She leaves, and Sam tells Jason that she needs him on this, and don’t say Kristina is old enough to make her own decisions. Jason says Kristina told them they can visit. He thinks they should.

Drew tells Hank the Navy gave him his records, but most of what he did was protected. Hank says he has no idea that he’s a hero? He rescued Hank from an IED. He was accompanying Hank and some other on a supply run. An IED hit his jeep, and Drew was in the convoy behind him. Hank got hit hard, and the jeep went up in flames. Bullets were flying everywhere, and Hank thought he was a goner, but Drew ran back and grabbed him. He pulled Hank out, and dragged him into a ditch to hide. He stayed with Hank, and protected him; he kept Hank from bleeding out. He’s sitting there because of Drew. After that, he quit partying, and got his head on straight. He looked for Drew, but he was gone. He didn’t believe Drew went AWOL, and asks, where did he go? Drew has no idea. He’d love to hear more about their time over there, but his kid needs some tests. Hank tells him to call or text when he’s ready. He says one more thing – and I totally miss what he says. He tells Drew that he’s wanted to say it for a long time. What is it? I love you? We’re married? I’m a robot? What? I cheat later, and look at another recap. It say he told Drew thank you. Geez, it seemed deeper than that.

Kim asks Julian if it was Alexis, but he says, it doesn’t matter. Seeing them together made him rethink what’s going on. She knows she hasn’t been very present. Julian says her son and his father are her priority right now, as it should be. He doesn’t want to get in the way anymore. Kim says he’s giving up because her life is complicated? He says, maybe she can’t see it, but he’s a distraction. He can’t let it go on for either one of their sakes. Kim says so to make sure it’s over, he jumped into bed with someone else? He says it was a bad night, but he doesn’t regret it. It made him see he has to let her go, so she can focus completely on Oscar. She says if he wants to break up, why doesn’t he have the guts to say it? Don’t sleep with someone else. Say it for her. He’s not a martyr; he’s a coward. Julian says she knew being with him was a risk, but he has to end it. She tells him, go to hell, and walks out.

Valentin suggests Obrecht might be more comfortable outside of Port Charles. Maybe she should go back to Switzerland. She says, and leave her beautiful grandson? Fat chance. She’s staying. He says unless he’s tempted to cause a tragic accident. She tells him that their relationship is contingent on her good health. Should she meet an untimely end, she’s arranged for three letters to be delivered about how he passed Sasha off as Nina’s daughter. One to the DA, one to Anna, and one to Nina.

Lulu tells Ava it’s no surprise that Doc has been acting strange; his brother is all over the news. Ava says she’s the reporter who’s been covering it ad nauseum. Lulu says she thought Doc could handle it until he left her mother. She’s not telling Ava what do or how to live her life, but suggests she keep her eyes open. Not-Doc walks in, and Lulu says she came by to ask him some questions about the murder. He thinks the commissioner would be a better source. Lulu says she’ll probably hear from Jordan soon, and checks her phone. She says, it looks like Jordan is ready to make a statement; she should go. Before she leaves, she tells Ava that she meant what she said. Ava asks not-Doc what Jordan said, but he wants to know what he walked in on. Ava says that Lulu came by ask him questions about the murders, and he asks if that’s all. She says Lulu did have some choice words about him ending things with her mother, and alluded that he had some kind of breakdown in his past. Not-Doc says, it’s true. He did

Not-Doc tells Ava that he doesn’t talk much about it. It was a painful time in his life. She says Lulu mentioned it had something to do with his brother. He says, yes, and his mother. Ava asks what his mother did, and he says, made terrible mistakes. Ava says Lulu also mentioned there was something dark in his past. Not-Doc suggests Lulu mind her own business. She doesn’t understand him any more than Laura does. They’re trying tear him and Ava apart, and they can’t let them. Ava says they won’t.

Lulu asks Jordan what she can share with her readers. Jordan is still preparing her press release, but she can tell Lulu something off the record. They’re dealing with a serial killer who will stop at nothing to get attention. Curtis tells her, there’s no saying who the next victim will be.

Obrecht agrees to Valentin’s terms. He tells her that Nina is his life and happiness. She brings light to his days, but he can thrive in darkness. If she chooses to reveal his secret, he’ll have nothing left to lose, and every reason to make her pay for it. Obrecht asks what she’d have to gain, and says she’d be happy to keep his secret.

Nina wonders what’s going on those two, and Maxie says, nothing good.

Kim goes back to the hospital. Drew says, that was fast, and asks, what’s wrong? Kim says Julian broke up with her. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She just wants to visit her son.

Sam and Jason arrive at the house where Kristina lives. Sam says it’s nicer than she thought it would be. She hopes the people inside are too. Kristina answers the door. She says it didn’t take long, but she’s glad they came; it’s good timing. She introduces them to Shiloh. Jason is like, whoa, because it’s Hank.

Tomorrow, Maxie thinks something is a great idea, Scotty needs to talk to Monica, and Marcus tells Stella that his marriage is none of her business.

🍴 Gordon Ramsay has returned with another season of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, airing Wednesdays at 8 pm. I missed tonight’s episode, because I was catching up with…

👰 The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle got married in Bimini, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I’d hoped. The highlight was Danielle getting weird with Marge because the guys took Marty out for some serious drinking, and Joe #3 drunk talked that Danielle was after Marty’s money. Follow that? Yeah, it was stupid. Marge had enough, and was about to go home, but they made up. The ceremony happened – loved the dress, a strapless, lace mermaid number – but we didn’t even see a reception. Back home, Melissa’s son Joey was making his First Communion. There was a HUGE party, and I got mesmerized by the buffet. Jennifer’s brother was having an engaged to be engaged party, which sounds like something a teenager would have, but is apparently some kind of Turkish tradition. Also traditional, is the potential groom’s family dressing the potential bride for the party, although her family pays for the actual event. Of all places, they went to Jovani, and I could hear Dorinda yelling in my head. Milania seems like a real pita of a twelve-year-old. Teresa felt she was acting out because of her father being in the slammer, even though she’s been a handful since birth. It was suggested singing and rapping might help, so Teresa took her to the professionals. Let’s put it this way. The kid will not be on American Idol any time soon. Jackie wrote an article referring to Jennifer’s children being spoiled, and blah-blah-blah about Jennifer’s humongous mansion, saying there was a bouncy house bigger than her house, which I hope is an exaggeration. While I’m not crazy about Jennifer, I agreed with her that Jackie had no right to be saying what she did for the world to read. She didn’t name names, but even if I read it, I’d know who she meant. She could have at least given Jennifer a heads up. No one wants a second-hand surprise. Jackie is making the same mistake a lot of new Wives make. They start stirring the sh*t too early in the game, before they even know anybody. It’s possible it’s due to Andy prodding them with a pitchfork, but Gina and Emily did the same thing this season on the OC Wives. Jackie tried to act like the article was complimentary, but since she didn’t want to disrupt the First Communion party, Jennifer told Jackie the conversation wasn’t over. Later, Jackie told Melissa and Marge, if you don’t want her to write about it, don’t do it. Great. Does this mean no one will even be able to take a crap this season? Next time, Jackie confronts Teresa. Should be interesting.

🐕 🐈 Because Animals Are the Best…

11 Animals That Are So You On New Year’s Day

🐍 Go Ask Alice…

He might live with his mom, but he’s still cooler than Colt will ever be. Looking good at 70 too.

I don’t like to mix politics and rock’n’roll. I don’t look at Bono, Sting and Bruce Springsteen as political. I look at them as being humanitarian. I’ll contribute to anything humanitarian. Helping people who can’t help themselves. But when musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that’s an abuse of power. You’re telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock’n’roll is about freedom – and that’s not freedom.Alice Cooper – Amen to that!

💋 A New Year Treat…

Oscar Issac and Carla Gugino. These two are just luscious.