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November 14, 2019 – Already Posted, Tea For You, a Reason, a Kiss, an Ex, an Engagement, Not So Basic, a Jerk, a Joe, Playing Dress Up, the Family Plath & Him That Has


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought, today’s episode was a repeat of what I recapped yesterday. If you missed it, you can go here:

The information about Friday’s episode is vague, but I’m guessing it’s going to be preempted. We’ll see.

🍵 Bravo had repeats of Below Deck again, so I watched a documentary about Preppy Killer Robert Chambers, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee never gets old. In lieu of any new TV, here are some cups of tea I’ve collected.

🍸 At Least We Still Have VPR…

As much as I’ll miss her, I totally understand why she left.

😘 The Kiss Heard Round the Deck…

Kate stopped just short of going, ack! Pooey!

🏡 He’s Just Mad He’s Not a Housewife…

Who knew Frasier was going to be such a d-bag? And a full of it one at that. Camille barely even mentions him anymore.

💍 That Didn’t Take Long…

But it looks like Kelly traded up. Nice ring too.

👰 I Can’t Wait…

I’m sure the whole wedding will be next level.

Stassi is proving her beyond basicness.

💸 Another Reach For Relevance…

Frankly, I think Brooks owes us all some compensation.

Give the Guy a Break Already…

While I’ve never been a fan, I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. He should at least be able to come back to visit his family.

🎃 Yes. I’m Still Gawking…

What can I say? Like Shannon Beador, I love a costume. And yes, I looked at all of them. How many Halloween parties can the Kardashians possibly go to?

🐣 I’ve also been watching Welcome to Plathville – Tuesdays, 10 pm on TLC, my second favorite channel. It’s about a family that lives somewhat off the grid. While they’re not like the Amish – although the Amish aren’t even like the Amish anymore, so many have cell phones – Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children minus a lot of the media that most kids are joined at the hip to today. They don’t know who Justin Bieber is or have ever had soda; IMO not bad things. The Plaths aren’t tyrants, however, and it looks like we’ll be watching some new experiences for the kids in this limited run series. I can identify somewhat, at least in their surroundings, since I grew up on a pseudo farm, and being in the great outdoors is still a passion of mine. (I know, you wouldn’t think so, since I watch so much TV.) I wonder if the parents fear, as I do, that the exposure from the series will drastically affect the family, and not in a good way. Hopefully, these kids will never lose their core values.

🐕 It’s the Simple Things…

Forever to be missed, a man who knew what he got. And I get to go to bed early. Woohoo!












November 8, 2019 – Lucas Talks To His Father, Costumed Daytime, Today’s Ian, Emmy Changes, a Divorce Off, a Divorce Back On, a Reunion, a Survivor, a Bear, Close To a Dozen Quotes & Big Apple Autumn


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tends to the guard. Jason shows up, and asks, what happened? Sam tells him, Cassandra escaped.

Cassandra asks if Nikolas is sure he’s not driving in circles. He tells her the trees only look similar; they’ll get where they’re going soon. She suggests perhaps he take a more direct route to the private airport, but he says they could get caught. He tells her, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. She says she doesn’t have much choice, and he says, that’s the spirit. Don’t worry. He’s taken care of everything.

There’s a knock on Ava’s door, and she says, go away. Jax comes in, saying the doctor cleared him for a visit. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he thought he’d check on her. How is she? She says, okay. She’s tired because they gave her a sedative. Her mind is playing tricks on her. He says what happened to her is his fault.

Lulu, Charlotte, and Maxie walk into Kelly’s Charlotte asks if when she finishes her homework, she can check on her pony at Windymere. Lulu is sure Butterscotch is fine, but Charlotte is insistent, and Lulu says she’ll think about it. Charlotte asks if she can sit at the counter so she can concentrate, and Lulu says, of course (🍷). Maxie says she’ll have to remember saying she’ll think about it after the homework, when James is old enough. Lulu says Charlotte loves riding, and she’s glad Charlotte can share that with Nina and Valentin. Although she thinks Valentin bought the pony so Charlotte would spend more time there, and asks if she sounds paranoid. Maxie says, not in the least.

Willow sees Brad sitting at the counter, and asks if he’s okay. He says, it’s been a tough day, but Willow is sure when he gets home, and cuddles with Lucas and Wiley, his bad day will disappear. Brad flashes back to telling Lucas about Julian, and says Julian is falling apart. They can’t let Julian drag them down with them.

Julian goes to the hospital, and tells Bobbie that he’s looking for Lucas, and asks if Lucas is on duty. She suggests he try calling before bothering her. He says Lucas isn’t answering, and he needs to speak to Lucas; it’s very important. She checks the computer.

Lucas is at Tony’s grave. He says he misplaced his trust in Julian, and his husband is lying to him – again. Right now, the one thing he knows for sure is that he could really use Tony’s advice. He says, I miss you dad. I’d give anything to talk to you again. He turns, as someone walks into the cemetery. It’s Tony, who says, hello son. It’s been a while.

Jason tells 911, the guard is semi-conscious, and the paramedics are on the way. She tells him, there was another guard. Chase and another officer show up, and Chase tells Jason and Sam to freeze. Sam says, the guard was hit in the head; she’s in and out. Chase tells the officer to check the guard. He does, and says, her pulse is good, but she’s out of it. Chase says he got a call from 911, and Jason says it was him. Chase says, and there was an escaped prisoner. Sam tells Chase, it was Cassandra Pierce. She hit the guard in the head with a shovel, and took off.

Nikolas tells Cassandra, it will be a few minutes; he thinks they should talk. She says, about what? and he says they had a mutual understanding, until she chose to blackmail him. Cassandra asks what he wanted her to do. Continue rotting in that local penitentiary? He knows how dangerous the environment is to a person with her constitution. The mildew alone is deadly. He says perhaps she should have stayed away from Port Charles altogether. She says, lucky for both of them, she’s on her way out. Just get her to the airport. She’d be happy to continue their partnership with mutually agreed upon terms from a safe distance. He says, that’s the problem. Her actions have dissolved their partnership.

Lucas hugs Tony, and says it’s good see him. Tony says since Lucas conjured him up, it must be important. He sees Lucas is a doctor now, and Lucas says just like his old man. And Tony has a grandson, Wiley. Tony says he’s proud of Lucas, and asks what’s on his mind.

Willow says she didn’t see Brad at the hospital today, and Brad says he switched his schedule around; he had errands to run. She says, in case she wasn’t clear, she doesn’t just think of him as just Wiley’s dad. She thinks of him as a really good friend. He says it’s kind of her to say, and she says, because of him, she has a place in her little boy’s life. He guesses he did do that, and she says he did, so if something is troubling him… He tells her like he said, it’s been a day.

Lulu suggests she and Maxie talk about something more gratifying. Maxie says, as in hot Dustin? but Lulu says, as in Peter. The way Maxie has been smiling, he must have done something wonderful. Maxie says there might soon be a change in their living arrangements. Lulu says, he got the place? but Maxie says, that didn’t work out. He’s moving in with her. Lulu thinks that’s even better, and Maxie says it’s been her home forever; more important, James’s home. Lulu says, it’s about damn time. Maxie says she was afraid, then he was afraid, then they took turns being afraid. They’ve finally accepted that they can be happy together, and the world won’t go up flames.

Ava asks Jax how her vacation from sanity is his fault. He says they should have kept an eye on the message boards after they did… She says, that hatchet job? and he says they were her words. He knew the reaction would be strong, but didn’t expect the rudeness. Ava says, rudeness? It was hatred; a complete lack of humanity and compassion. He says he doesn’t want to provide a platform for trolls. It was brutal, and he should have put a stop to it. Ava says she’s going to be more merciful to him than he was to her. The reason she’s there isn’t his fault. He asks, then why? She says she’s being haunted by restless souls. The line between the living and the dead has become very blurry. She just wanted to reach out to Kiki now… Tell her something. Does he believe they can awaken the dead?

Jax knows Ava has taken some questioning paths to contact Kiki, and Ava says, Kiki wants no part of her. Eternity isn’t even long enough for her to stay away from Ava. She’s being haunted by another lost soul. He was there at the gallery. She had him at gunpoint, and told him to take off his mask – it was Halloween and he had a mask on. When he removed it, there he was; so real, she could have reached out and touched him. Jax asks, who? and she says, Nikolas Cassadine.

Chase tells Sam and Jason, the prisoners are heading back to Pentenville. There will be a second transport for Sam as soon as he gets her statement. Sam asks about the guard, and he tells her, the guard is stable, and she’ll regain consciousness. He asks her to take him through it, and Sam says she was on work detail with Cassandra, and they were assigned to plant a tree. Cassandra had a shovel, and faked a sprained ankle. She hit the guard with the shovel and took off. There was a van parked across the road, and as soon as she saw it, she took the first opportunity. She tried to get the guard’s gun, but Sam stopped her from getting a weapon. Chase says, well done, and asks her to describe the driver. She says, it was pretty far, but the driver was male, and the van was white and not too old. She’s sorry, but that’s all she’s got.

Julian tells Bobbie, he can see the animosity. He’s proved himself to Lucas, and was accepted back into Lucas’s life and Wiley’s. He’s not walking away now, or ever. Bobbie reminds him that, whatever ground he’s gained with Lucas, there’s only one man who will truly be Lucas’s father.

Lucas tells Tony about Wiley running around nakey after his bath, and Tony says Lucas was the same way. He and Bobbie called him the streak. Lucas says it’s brought back so much of his childhood. Things he hadn’t thought about. Tony would be exhausted, coming home from a 36 hour shift, and still sit with Lucas to do homework, or put Lucas on his lap to teach him guitar. He always had time for Lucas. Tony says he never wanted Lucas to think being a parent was a chore or a favor. He wanted Lucas to feel safe and loved. He never wanted Lucas to doubt that he was the most important thing in his life . Lucas says he succeeded, and Tony says, good to know. Lucas wants the same thing for Wiley; to feel as safe and loved as he did when he was a kid. But he thinks he just burned it to the ground.

Cassandra tells Nikolas not to let a couple of tiny misunderstandings and setbacks dismantle an otherwise profitable arrangement. He says she put the entire operation in jeopardy. She admits her time in the claustrophobic confines of Pentenville may have compromised her judgment, and compelled her to misstep. Now they’re back on even ground, and no harm done. Nikolas tells her that she said she could deliver information that could destroy Valentin, and so far she’s come empty-handed. That makes her a liability. She says he’s not taking her to an airport, is he?

Nikolas stops the van. He says she wouldn’t appreciate it if he broke his promise to her. How is he supposed to respond when she breaks her promise to him? She says, it’s just been delayed, and he tells her, good. He hopes she considers this drive as an incentive to honor her obligation. She says as far as incentives go, she doesn’t see them any close to an airport. He says her actions have forced him to make alternate arrangements. She jumps out of the van, and runs.

Maxie asks Lulu if the dance was romantic or nostalgic, but Lulu says, it was a nightmare. On one hand, she was surrounded by teenage angst and ricocheting hormones; it was exhausting. Maxie says, on the other? Lulu says, Dustin was… Maxie says, hot? Sexy? Gorgeous? Lulu says, he was adorable and funny, and surprising. He had the biggest collection of dad jokes. They were so lame, she couldn’t stop laughing. Maxie says it was less romantic than she was hoping for, but Lulu says, it was romantic. Let’s just say, the kids weren’t the only ones hoping to score that night. Maxie is happy to see Lulu caught up with someone again.

Willow tells Brad, she doesn’t mean to pry, but Julian mentioned he was worried about him. She knows it was her idea to keep Julian away from Wiley during the adoption process, but she thinks Julian only wants what’s best for Wiley.

Tony tells Lucas, every parent worth their salt worries that they’re going to ruin their child’s life. But he can’t believe that, even accidently, Lucas would compromise Wiley’s happiness. Lucas says he let his guard down, and Tony says he should with the people he loves. Lucas says the problem is, the person he loves, he doesn’t entirely trust as much as he wants to. He loves Brad so much. Tony says he knows, but tell him about the horrible mistake Lucas made that torpedoed Wiley’s life. Lucas says, long story long, from day one Brad was an anxious parent. It’s been over a year, and he’s only gotten worse. They found out the birth father is a psychopath, but even though Shiloh is dead, Brad didn’t get any better. It was the opposite. Tony asks how Wiley is handling it, and Lucas says, he smiles. One thing they’re good at is hiding their stress from him. They’re experts. They can’t share it with each other either. Tony asks, how can he help? Lucas says he just keeps asking himself, what would his dad do? It made him desperate enough to let Julian back into his life; he wanted a father to lean on so badly. Tony says he was never Julian’s biggest fan, and Lucas says, him neither. Not at first. But he wanted to believe in him so badly, he let Julian get close to his son.

Ava says Jax doesn’t believe her, but he says he does. She says he believes that she believes it; that’s what Laura said. But Nikolas was as real as he is. Jax asks if anybody else saw Nikolas, like Laura or Lulu, but she doesn’t think so. He wonders why Nikolas would come to her first, and she says they formed a special bond in the days before Nikolas was killed. Would it be enough for Nikolas to show his face to her before anyone else? Probably not. Jax says, she seems to be arguing that Nikolas wasn’t really there, and she says, he was definitely there. He wanted to punish her. She was there when he was murdered, and she was going to speak out and tell the court what Valentin did. She’d promised Spencer, but Valentin made her an offer she couldn’t resist. (Thank you for not saying couldn’t refuse.) She’d been terribly scarred in a fire, and he said he could have her face restored in exchange for her silence. In the end, she betrayed Spencer and his father’s memory. Jax says he thinks she made the right call. Valentin would have slipped out of the charges anyway, and she would have been left scarred for life. Ava says they’ll never know, will they? Jax says she doesn’t believe Nikolas came back to haunt her because she chose to live life. She says she doesn’t know what to believe. She doesn’t know what’s real. That’s why she’s there. He asks why she thinks this happened to her now. Did something happen? Did she see someone or something that reminds her of the Cassadines?

On the phone, Chase says they have personnel in civilian clothes watching the airports, bus stations, and train stations, and they have roadblocks and traffic stops at the main roads out of town. He tells Sam, good news; the guard is awake and alert. Sam says, that’s great, and Chase tells her to make sure her lawyer knows. He’ll back her up, and it’s got to help. Jason asks, what’s happening with Cassandra? and Chase says they’re combing the city for the van and Cassandra. But he’d like to know what Jason was doing at the park. And before he says he’s not answering questions about his attorney, they could say Sam was an accessory to Cassandra’s escape. Sam says she tried to stop Cassandra, and Chase says, the more Jason cooperates, the better it looks for Sam. Jason says Sam told him when he visited, she’d be on work detail there, and Chase asks if Jason thought he’d pop over to say hello. She says she wanted to make sure her kids didn’t come there, and Jason says when he got there, the guard was on the ground, and Sam was doing what she could to help. Chase asks if it occurred to her to run, but she says, no. She was helping the guard. Why would she take off, and look guilty when she’s not?

Nikolas slams the van door shut, and says, dammit.

Bobbie sees Julian looking at the wall of staff photos. Bobbie asks what he’s doing, and he says he never thanked Tony. Bobbie says, when Julian was hiding, pretending to be Derek Wells, or is he referring to a more cosmic gesture of gratitude? Julian says Bobbie doesn’t think he’s capable of gratitude, does she? She says, no, and he says he knows he’s done terrible things. His efforts to go legit – and he’s succeeded – are probably too late. She says, there’s no probably about it, and he says he’s still a person; a father and a grandfather, and their son is a good man. She says, no thanks to him. He says he understands she and Tony loved and raised Lucas, and he’ll be grateful for the rest of his life. She says they didn’t do it for him, but he tells her, take the win and the thank you. He’s not trying to fill Tony’s shoes, but wants to carve out a space of his own with his son. He leaves, and Bobbie looks at Tony’s picture, saying, fill his shoes. As if.

Tony tells Lucas, the great thing about being dead is, everyone forgets your faults, or at least forgives them. He wasn’t a perfect parent. Lucas disagrees, and Tony says that’s sweet, but Lucas is proving his point. Lucas says if he wasn’t perfect, he was within the margin of error, and Tony says, so is he. Lucas says it doesn’t feel like it right now, and Tony says that’s because he’s going through a bad patch. Everything is gloom and doom right now. Did he forget the first time saw his baby smile, and realized he could take it personally? You forget the feel of your child’s hand inside yours when you’re going to the post office. He thinks when things get rough – and they did between him and Lucas’s mother – these happy memories, these little gifts, these miracles, are his arsenal of weapons against doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Those same memories will build a foundation for Wiley to lead a happy life. Okay, I’m about to lose it.

Lucas says, say he’s adjusted his outlook. Now what? He still can’t decide what’s worse; that Julian framed Brad for having an affair, or that he believed Julian. That’s the state of his family. Tony thinks Lucas knows who the most important person is in all this. Lucas says, it’s Wiley. Now he has to decide who to trust and keep in his life and Wiley’s life. Lucas asks if Tony can’t just tell him what to do, but Tony can’t remember it ever being all that effective. Lucas guesses he’s right, and Tony says when Lucas’s sister died, he didn’t have the strength or motivation to get dressed. He’d pick up his shoes, and just stare. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony says, not a damn thing. It was what Lucas did; does he remember? Lucas says, no, and Tony says, he came into kitchen and Lucas had put out breakfast. He wasn’t old enough to use the stove, so he put all his favorite cereals into a big mixing bowl. Lucas says, it’s starting to ring a bell. Tony says, next to it, Lucas had packed his lunch. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. He’d had no intention of going in that day, but Lucas was having none of it. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony said he crawled next to him on the chair and said, dad, you have to go back to the hospital… Lucas says with him, all those sick people miss you. Lucas finishes, and they need you to make them feel better. Tony says, he remembers. He has a brave heart. All Wiley needs is for him trust it. He takes Lucas’s hand. Lucas’s phone rings. He answers, and I say, don’t go, Tony. It’s Bobbie. She asks if he’s okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. What’s up? Bobbie says Julian is combing the halls in the hospital, hellbent on finding him. He won’t leave. What should she tell him? Lucas says, tell Julian if he wants to see him, he’s with his father. He turns back, and Tony is gone.

Nikolas calls Jax, and tells Jax to call him back. Their situation has been compromised.

Ava thanks Jax. He reminded her of something she hadn’t realized she’d forgotten. He asks, what’s that? and she says she heard Laura call him after she’d seen Nikolas at the gallery. She overheard Laura tell him that he and Hayden shouldn’t ask her about the painting  of Helena. Now it makes sense why he’s there extending his sympathy. Jax insists it’s 100% genuine, and Ava says, right. He’s overflowing with sympathy for her; the woman he accused of killing Connie. The only thing he wants to unburden her of is the painting of Helena. Jax says he was going to ask her about it when she… She says, when she what? She sees him; him and his friend the mayor. So kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Did they think they could take advantage of her? He says that’s not what’s going on, but she says, they’ll take nothing from her. Not now, not ever. She made the mistake of trusting him once, and she won’t make that mistake ever again. He’ll going to take advantage of her.

Maxie tells Lulu, so they spent Halloween with a mob of teenagers. What’s next? Lulu doesn’t know, and Maxie says, please tell her that she said she had a great time with him, and can’t wait to see him again. Lulu thinks she generally conveyed that message, and Maxie asks if she conveyed it with a kiss. Lulu can’t believe Maxie is asking her that, and Maxie says she’ll take that as yes. She looks at Lulu, and Lulu says, what? Maxie says them, having tea and gossiping about themselves and others. Lulu says, are they becoming normal? Maxie wouldn’t go that far, but they can allow themselves one normal night. They toast, to besties; no drama.

Willow tells Brad that he has an open invitation if he wants to talk about anything. Brad says he’ll remember that. She’s sure he’ll sort it out, and tells him to give Wiley a hug for her. She leaves, and Brad smiles. As she goes out the door, Willow smacks into Cassandra. She asks if Cassandra is okay, and Cassandra says she’s fine. She just needs her evening sugar fix. Willow says, insider tip; they have chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with bacon. Either way, she’s a winner. Cassandra says she’s a lifesaver. Cassandra looks inside, and sees Charlotte at the counter.

Brad leaves a message for Lucas that he’s at Kelly’s, and to let him know if he can bring Lucas anything.

Julian shows up at Tony’s grave. He tells Lucas that his mom said he could find Lucas there. Lucas asks what he wants.

Bobbie looks at Tony’s photo on the wall, and touches it. She wishes he could be there, and see their son becoming a father. He’d be so proud of their boy. She feels Tony behind her, touching her hand. He leans his head on hers, and fades away. She touches her cheek, and smiles.

Jax says he’s sorry Ava misunderstood. He’ll come back when she’s more herself. Ava says, no, he won’t. She won’t let him get his hands on the painting, but have fun searching. She’s stashed that monstrosity in a place no one will ever find it. He tells her, take care, and feel better. Ava says she may be crazy, but she’s not crazy. (If this was a Tarantino movie, that line would be slightly different. There would be another word before the second crazy.)

A guard tells Chase that he’s there to take Sam back to Pentenville. Chase asks him to give Jason and Sam a minute. Jason and Sam hug, and he says he’ll see her soon. Be safe. They exchange I love yous, and the guard takes her. Chase’s phone rings, and he says, put him through. He tells Jason, Cassandra has been spotted.

In the van, Nikolas says he saw the woman they’re looking for. She’s on Telegraph near Parkland. Chase asks him to describe her, and he does. He adds that he can’t be positive, but he’s pretty sure she has a gun. Chase thanks him, and he says he’s just trying to do his civic duty.

Cassandra walks into Kelly’s. Maxie gripes to Lulu about closet space, and Cassandra goes up to Charlotte, sitting next to her. She says, remember her? Charlotte opens her mouth, and Cassandra says, don’t scream or Nina will be in a lot of trouble. Charlotte asks what she means, and Cassandra says, shhh… Charlotte can save her, but she has to do everything Cassandra tells her.

On Monday, Julian asks Lucas not to do this, Obrecht asks Brad what he’s done to cover his tracks, and Cassandra tells Charlotte that no one is going to find them.

🎃 Never Gonna Let You Go…

More Halloween. And whoa. Amy.

🚕 Catching Up…

I’ve loved Ian Buchanan ever since he said he doesn’t drive and he’s not going to. If someone wants him somewhere, they’ll get him there.

🏆 Ch..Ch…Ch…Changes…

Unless they’re giving all the Emmys to Roger Howarth, I’m not sure it matters.

💏 I Didn’t Even Know They Were Getting One…

Remember her? No reason you should want to. She was a d-bag.

💔 And I Thought They Weren’t Getting One…

I can’t even keep up with this.

🌍 Reunited and It Feels Like Italy…

Juicy Joe gets a visit from the family. No, not that family.

🌴 Remember Him…?

You really should. Not only the oldest ever, but he came in third.

🐻 Don’t Try This At Home…

That Aquaman, always full of surprises.

🎯 Quotes of the Week

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.Marshall McLuhan

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

I don’t know how I know it. – dude on Cash Cab when surprising himself with his own correct answer

How do you fold egg? It’s impossible. It’s witchcraft. – Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), King of Queens

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. – Dorothy Parker

How are you late for work on a yacht? You have no commute. You roll out of bed, and you’re there. – Kate Chastain, Below Deck

What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.Andy Warhol

You can’t ride two horses with one ass.Dr. Phil

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. – George Bernard Shaw

Don’t compare yourself to others as you never know what others had to or are overcoming.Emily Liou

The question is not how much time you spend, but how much value you create. – Author Tony Schwartz, talking about energy management over time management.

🍂 Favorite Season, Favorite Place…

See you on the deadside. And don’t forget to thank a veteran.


November 3, 2019 – Negan’s Biggest Fan, Can’t Let Go Yet, 90 Begins, Meghan’s Mess, Vicki Sues, the Countess Is Pleased, Jailhouse Fight, the Coffee Cup Heard Round the World, What Will Said & Tom’s November


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Kelly is out in the woods. We see tattered rags on a clothesline, and a wild boar. Kelly gets her slingshot ready, but she’s having trouble hearing. The boar is down, but not dead, and she has to stab it. A zombie sneaks up on her, and she stabs that too. Zombies fall on the boar, devouring it, so Kelly has to abandon that idea. She runs, and a zombie follows. She tumbles down a hill. She’s hurt, and crawls forward. She leans against a tree, and a seriously creepy-looking zombie reaches for her from behind.

Negan looks at his reflection in the creek, and splashes water on his face. He debates drinking some, but decides not to. A voice says, gotcha. Don’t try anything. Negan turns around to see Brandon, who says, the look on his face. He was just messing with Negan. Brandon tosses him a canteen, and says Negan is fast. It took forever to catch up to him. Negan smiles. Damn he’s handsome.

Yumiko and a couple of others are still working on killing straggling zombies outside the wall. Yumiko goes inside to check in with Eugene. Aiden says Eugene has come up with a zero waste plan, and Eugene says, it seems as good a time as any to master the Pueblo art of basket weaving. On the side, Aiden suggests to Yumiko that they make weapons and catapults. She thinks it’s a good idea, just not now. Things are too complicated. Yumiko moves on, and Earl tells Aiden, the Whisperers toppled their wall with a tree, and now they’re throwing walkers at them, but they’re twiddling their thumbs. Breanna tells Yumiko that Connie was in the root cellar again in the middle of the night. Yumiko asks, who was on watch?

Yumiko goes inside her house to find Magna listening to music and reading. Yumiko shuts off the gramophone. She tells Magna that someone stole the crate of fish they got from Oceanside. Breanna said it was gone from the root cellar. Magna says, everything is strange at the moment. Yumiko says it would help if they stuck to the jobs they were given. Magna turns the music back up, and goes back to her book.

Ezekiel leans against a fence and ponders. Daryl rides in on his bike, and Siddiq follows behind on a horse. Connie waves, and signs talk later to Daryl. Ezekiel says, no sign of Negan? and Siddiq says they searched day and night, thinking about what he took from them, and they didn’t take from him. Ezekiel says they could use a hand in the infirmary, and Siddiq says they were planning on leaving tomorrow, but of course he’ll help.

A group of hunters comes back, and Connie writes, Kelly? Aiden says, she’s not there? She was tracking something, and said she’d meet them back at Hilltop. She should be back by now.

Negan cuts little sucker branches off of a big branch. Brandon whistles, and asks Negan if he got it. His dad used to tells him how the Saviors whistled back and forth. He asks how Negan got out of the cell, but Negan doesn’t say anything. Brandon says at least tell him what they’re looking for, but Negan says he wants to play it safe. Brandon says he heard how badass the Sanctuary was. Then Rick comes along, and talk about a hypocrite. He kills their parents, drags them to Alexandria, and gives them a lecture on community. He heard Negan made Rick cut his own kid’s hand off, and then killed him. Negan says he never did that. Carl was… He would never kill a kid. Brandon says they’re both Negan. Negan starts walking again. Brandon follows.

They come across a mess of barbed wire, and Brandon asks, who would do this? Negan says, the skin freaks. Brandon asks if they should cross. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Negan says, no, and a zombie comes out of nowhere, knocking Negan down. He holds it off with his newly fashioned stick, pushes it off of him. and uses the barbed wire to cut three-quarters of its head off through the mouth. Then he smashes the head with his foot. He says, thanks for the help, and Brandon says, sorry. He needed a second to wrap Negan’s gift. He holds out Lucille, wrapped in barbed wire. He says he swiped it from Alexandria, and was waiting for the right time to surprise Negan. He takes Negan’s leather jacket out of his backpack, and says, it took forever to find it. It was in the back of an old storage garage. His dad said he never saw Negan without it. Negan tells Brandon to put it in his backpack. He doesn’t want to be recognized. Brandon asks if he likes it though, and Negan says it’s a big hit.

Aaron looks around on the bridge, and hears something. He goes into the woods, and watches Gamma dispatch a zombie. She cuts it open, and blood flows into the creek. She shoves the body into the water; its entrails popping out.

Negan and Brandon stare at some zombies meandering around, and Brandon tells Negan that he’d say she’s a seven. Negan just looks at him, and he asks if this isn’t this kind of stuff the Saviors did to kill time. Negan tells Brandon that he can’t say he remembers rating walkers on their hotness. And she’s clearly a three. They hear screaming, and Negan takes off, Brandon following. Negan runs to a bus, where the screaming is coming from, and slams a zombie against the side of it. He breaks the knife in the process of stabbing it in the head. He looks at the handle, and says, you’ve got to be kidding me. He goes inside the bus, where he finds a woman screaming and fending off several zombies. Negan kills one, and she takes down another. Negan smashes the third zombies head in the bus door until there’s nothing left. A little boy peeks out from behind one of the seats. Brandon says, damn. Classic Negan.

Connie and Daryl search the woods for Kelly. Daryl says it’s not her fault, but Kelly signs that she should have gone with Kelly. Daryl asks if he’s told her about his brother Merle. One time Merle took him fishing on a big lake that was private property, in a boat that was stolen. Merle was drinking and fishing, and fell in the lake. Daryl had to swim back to shore while holding onto Merle. He saved Merle’s life, and know what he says? He writes, Dummy, go get the beer. Connie laughs, and he says, idiot, right? He tells her it’s going to be all right, and Dog barks. I always get nervous when dog is on screen

They see the rock from Kelly’s slingshot, and the remains of the boar. Daryl almost shoots Magna, who comes from another direction. Kelly gives Magna a questioning look, and Magna shakes her head.

Yumiko says she should be out there with them, and  Aiden says if she was lost in the woods, who would she want to find her? Somebody has to come back with her. Killjoy Earl asks if Aiden really thinks Kelly is okay, and Aiden says he hopes so. Earl says, what about them? The tree didn’t fall on its own. He thinks they might be coming back with something worse. Isn’t Aiden thinking about them at all? Aiden says, after what happened to his family, he thinks night and day about them. Earl says, don’t stop.

Ezekiel tells Siddiq, they took a quarter of the medical supplies. Ezekiel holds a metal tiger, and Siddiq says he’s sorry. Ezekiel says Henry forged it during his apprenticeship. He has a sudden coughing fit, and Siddiq says, that doesn’t sound good, but Ezekiel says, it’s nothing. The regular slings and arrows. Siddiq says it could be from smoke inhalation, and reaches out to touch Ezekiel, who slaps his hand away. Ezekiel tells Siddiq that he said he was fine. After a moment, Ezekiel pulls down his sweater to reveal a protrusion on his neck, saying, it’s grown. Siddiq touches Ezekiel’s neck, and says, it could be a lot of things, but Ezekiel says he knows what it is. Siddiq says, without a test, he can’t be sure, but Ezekiel says he knows. Siddiq sits, and Ezekiel says when he was growing up, his grandmother had it, and so did his father. The pain, the coughing, and swelling; he watched them fight it and win. There was 98% survival rate for thyroid cancer with the treatments that were out there. Now, they both know what it means. Siddiq says, it can be managed; acupuncture, hypnosis… He’s struggling with own condition. He can’t stand how everyone looks to him for some kind of answers. Maybe Ezekiel can’t get away from it, but they can talk about it. What are they there for if not for each other?

Amelia, the woman on the bus, tells Negan that she and Milo have been walking for weeks, since the Whisperers scattered everyone from their camp to the four winds. They went back to what it was before, and what it is in the end, moving from place to place, surviving. Brandon says he’s been there. Amelia asks if Milo wants to walk, and Brandon says, be safe. When they’re gone, Brandon says he knows what Negan is thinking. Negan says, people are a resource, but Brandon says, not them. He starts to go after them, and Negan grabs him, shoving him into a seat. He says he appreciates what Brandon has done for him since he left Alexandria, but it’s only going to get more dangerous from there. It’s best for him to go on alone, and Brandon should go home. Brandon says, okay, but if he goes back, everyone will want know where he’s been. What is he supposed to say? He’s never been a great liar. Negan laughs, and asks if Brandon planned that. He can go wherever the hell he wants. Brandon can go back to Alexandria and tell the whole world exactly where he is. He doesn’t give a sh*t, as long as doesn’t have to see that creepy pasty-ass face of Brandon’s again. Brandon says Negan is just like all the others. He grabs his bag, and gets off the bus.

Alpha watches as a Whisperer slices the face of off a zombie. She says, the ears are tricky. (I find out later on Talking Dead, that this is actually the zombie Kelly killed in the beginning scene.) Gamma approaches, and Alpha touches her face, saying she has something for Gamma. Gamma says she just came back from the creek, and Beta says, another one lost. Alpha says, strategy takes time. If they treat the water, and build a dam of zombies, it will crush them. A Whisperer wants to talk to Alpha, and Beta grumbles, but Alpha tells him to speak his piece. He says instead of what she’s doing, why not cut their enemies down all at once? Alpha asks if anyone agrees, and gets silence. She says, there’s democracy for you, and slices his hamstring. The Whisperer falls to his knees, and she says, the human body is fragile. All it takes to collapse it are a few nicks in the right spot. He makes a feeble attempt to stab her, and she slices his arm. She says, the strong ones know where to come to be safe, and hands Beta her knife. Beta slits the Whisperer’s throat, and Alpha says Gamma wanted another guardian.

Milo plays with a toy plane, and Negan asks how he is, telling Milo that he doesn’t bite. Milo’s mom it packing, so he has time to kill. Milo asks where Brandon is, and Negan says, he went looking for supplies. He tells Milo that he’s going to be rea; he told Brandon to get lost. It turns out he’s not the best co-pilot, if Milo catches his drift. He says Brandon doesn’t, does he? He’s never been on a plane. It’s not Milo’s fault that God turned the world into an ass pit before he was born. It feels like you’ve been sitting on the runway forever, and suddenly you hear a groan. The plane creeps along, moving faster and faster, until everything out the window turns into a blur. The wheels come up, and you’re flying, like voodoo magic. Up and up, higher and higher, until it’s like you’re floating on top of the world. The houses and cars look like toys. The food is a no. He was served beef stroganoff that looked like baby sh*t. There’s so much Milo is going to miss growing up in a screwed up world. Driving his first set of wheels, video games, nut tapping. He explains that you catch a guy off-guard. Keep your wrist loose, and snap your fingers on their nuts. You can’t go too low or too high, or you’ll get nothing but d*ck. He has Milo demonstrate the technique, and says he’s a natural. If nut tapping was a sport, Milo would be in the hall of fame. He tells Milo a fire isn’t happening without wood. Is he packed? Milo says he is, and Negan says he knows it sucks, but tells him mom that Negan knows a place where they’ll probably take them in. It has high walls, farmland, and has a mansion in the middle. They can’t tell who brought them there, but he’ll get them as close as he can. There’s one condition. Milo has to keep his fingers holstered when Negan’s nuts are around. Deal? Milo says, deal, and they high-five.

Gamma walks with the new zombie to the creek. She stabs him again and again, remembering throwing her sister into the zombie horde, and seeing Alpha kill the Whisperer. She’s stabbing so aggressively, she ends up cutting herself, and dropping the knife in the water. Aaron sees, and tosses her a bandage wrap. He says, it’s okay; it’s for her hand. He tells her that his name is Aaron. He knows they don’t do names anymore, but she’s got to be from somewhere. He’s from Vermont. Gamma jets, and he says, you’re welcome.

Connie and Daryl continue to search. Dog barks, and they find Kelly passed out, leaning against the tree. Connie wakes her up, and asks if she’s okay. Kelly signs that she couldn’t hear before, but she’s fine now. Magna gives Kelly some water, but she chokes on it. Connie signs that they have to get back to Hilltop. Daryl thinks they need to find somewhere closer. Connie walks over to a brush pile, and uncovers a big box of supplies. Daryl asks if she knew about this, and Connie takes a medical kit out of the box. She signs something to Magna, and Daryl asks what she said. Magna tells him that Connie doesn’t trust her. Daryl says Hilltop took them in. They have sick children and mouths to feed, and she steals from them. All she’s good for is talking sh*t. Connie writes not to tell them. Let her handle it.

Negan carries a small pile of wood in his arms. He hears whistling, and sees Brandon. Brandon says, that’s it, right? Negan drops the wood, and sees that Amelia and Milo are dead; their bodies next to the bus. Brandon says he remembers Negan kicked people out, but he was messing with them; keeping them in line. He realized this was a test. Negan said it was going to get a lot more dangerous, because he wanted to make sure Brandon had the balls to do what had to be done. Brandon looks at the bodies, and says, what does he think? Negan picks up a big rock, and Brandon turns around, saying, I passed. I am Negan. Negan slams the rock into Brandon’s head, and pounds his head to a pulp. He takes Lucille and his jacket, and walks.

Daryl returns with Connie, Kelly, and Magna. Yumiko runs to them, and asks, what happened? Connie signs that she’ll explain later.

Dante jokes to Siddiq on the radio. He says either Siddiq’s mic is out or he’s laughing balls off. He says he’s still there, and asks how Rosita is. Dante says he didn’t want to tell Siddiq, but she got a bump. She’ll be fine. Siddiq says he’ll leave for home tonight. He asks if Carol is around, and Dante says he’ll grab her. Ezekiel takes Siddiq’s place at the mic. He touches the metal tiger, and listens to Carol’s footsteps coming toward the radio. He shuts the radio off. Not that it’s ever in a happy place, but this show is just heartbreaking tonight.

Yumiko tells Magna it’s scary to think, but they probably wouldn’t have made it if they hadn’t found that stash. It sounds like they were far off the main road. Magna tells her, say it. Yumiko thinks she stole the supplies and hid them out there. Yumiko says, it wouldn’t be the first time, and Magna says Yumiko has thought she was selfish and stupid for the past thirteen years. That’s how she looked at Magna the day she showed up in her fancy suit. Yumiko says she was thinking, here’s an innocent person locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, and she’s never trusted anyone because no one trusted her. She was mad at everyone. Magna says her cousin was a little girl who had to go on living life when nobody came for him. So she did it. There it is. (For clarification: A man sexually assaulted Magna’s young cousin, and she killed him.) Magna tells Yumiko, they’ve both killed how many? and still that look.

Gamma approaches Alpha, and shows Alpha her bandaged hand. She says, the man with the metal arm gave to her. Seated on the ground, Alpha says, shh, and Gamma sits next to her. Alpha takes Gamma’s mask off, saying, different masks for different times. It’s kind of a sacrifice, like Gamma sacrificed her sister. Gamma says Alpha’s sacrifice was much greater, and Alpha says, the man with the metal arm could be useful. Gamma might just have to wear a new mask.

Connie walks through the stables, and hangs up a lantern. Daryl is there with his bike, and she asks if he’s leaving. He says he has to go back, and asks if Kelly is okay. Connie smiles and nods. She writes, sorry about Magna and Kelly asking him to lie for them. Daryl makes the sign for family, and Connie smiles. He gets on his bike, and she signs goodbye. He rolls out, whistling for Dog to follow.

Negan walks through the woods, wearing his jacket, and carrying Lucille. He walks past the barbed wire, and says, hey, sacks of sh*t, what does he have to do to get something to eat? Are they all scared of the big bad wolf? Little pigs, little pigs, let me in. (Which is what he also said when he first went to Alexandria.) He sees some zombies and says, there they are. He’s done talking. He whacks one with Lucille, and says he’s gonna blow their asses all the way home. He wallops a few more, and gets knocked down by Beta, who’s there with some Whisperers. I say, oh sh*t, and Negan says, all right, you big ass freak. Let’s do this.

Next time, Carol takes her gun and goes out walking, Alpha wants to test Negan, and Negan says he wants to join the Whisperers. They’re a survivor’s wet dream.

🎃 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

So much Halloween.

Heidi’s Halloween.

TV personalities dress up.

Daytime dresses up.

👴 42 Is the New Old…

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé is here, and already the insults are flying.

😕 Jim Edmonds, D-Bag Or D-Bag…?

The reveal. (And is Jim wearing eyeshadow in that picture?)

The accusations.

Jim claps back.

The nanny speaks.

Headed for divorce.

Maybe not.

📺 Desperately Real Housewife…

Vicki grasps at storyline straws.

🙇 The Countess Can Relax…

She’s probably just mad that Bethenny didn’t want to see her cabaret act for the thousandth time.

Remember Him…?

No reason you should. I don’t.

Seriously. The Final Word…

I would have never suspected Varys.

🐎 A Little Will…

In honor of Will Rogers‘s 140th birthday, a few quotes.

I never met a man I didn’t like

Papers say: Congress is deadlocked and can’t act. I think that is the greatest blessing that could befall this country.

You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.

This would be a great world to dance in if we didn’t have to pay the fiddler.

We all can’t be heroes, for someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to Somebody Else.

We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.

🍂 November Song…

Officially moving on from Halloween.






November 1, 2019 – The Masquerade Concludes, Costume Party, 13 Slightly Spooky Quotes, Dead Collage & Cult Favorite


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava tells the masked stranger, she knew the minute she saw him that he was the man stalking her. The man everyone said wasn’t there. Yet here he is. She wants to find out who he is. She tells him to take off his mask, and he does. She says, Nikolas? He says, Nikolas Mikail Stavrosovich Cassadine. She says, impossible. She watched him die. He says, yet here he is. In the flesh. He catches her as she faints, and says he thought she’d be happy.

Hayden tells Jax, the painting could have sold by now, and he says there would be a recent transaction on file. Elizabeth comes by, and asks how Violet is. Hayden says, hanging in there. Elizabeth tells Jax that she’s glad Cameron and Josslyn decided to go to the Halloween party. They can use a night out with friends after what they’ve been through. He says, being normal teenagers is the best thing for them.

Trina tries to tell Lulu that Josslyn has the flu, and where would she get liquor anyway? Dev helps Cameron out to the deck, saying, there’s got to be another way off the boat. Cameron face plants, then looks around. Dustin picks up the soda bottle, sniffs it, and asks if Cameron is looking for something.

Sonny thanks Brad and Lucas for taking Avery trick or treating. They talk about the kids dressing up, and how much fun it was. Sonny says they’re not going to be there when they have to tell Avery that Wiley isn’t staying forever. Carly is glad the kids are surrounded by people they love and trust. Brad says, speaking of trust, there’s something he needs to tell them. Nelle invited him to attend her parole hearing, and he went.

At the MetroCourt, Julian asks if bartender Kip isn’t an actor. He says he is, and Julian says he’s seen him around, and he’s good. He hears Kip takes on gigs, and he has a pretty major part. Kip asks if it’s the lead; he’s been hoping to branch out to something more substantial. Julian says, the whole plot rests on him.

At the MetroCourt, Nina asks how dare anyone imply she’s treating Sasha unfairly? Sasha lied to her for over a year, used her, and took advantage of her deepest and most painful loss. How would Michael like it if twenty years down the road, someone tells lies about the child he lost? Michael asks why Nina thinks Sasha was in it by herself, and Nina says Sasha told everyone.  I love how she calls Sasha the biggest liar in the world, but that one, she believes. She says she likes Michael, but standing by Sasha’s side doesn’t speak well of his intentions. She doesn’t think the shareholders will like it. Willow says, will you stop?

Laura tells Valentin that she thinks his time is just about over as head at the Cassadine table. He asks who’s going to take it from him? Spencer? If Spencer decides he’s a legitimate threat, then like he told her before, he’s going to handle Spencer like he’s a threat.

Ava opens her eyes, but Nikolas is gone. She calls out to him, and looks around, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Hayden tells Jax that the painter is a respected artist, and the portrait is worth a lot of money. Jax says, if it’s anywhere, it’s at the gallery. He calls Laura, and tells her Helena’s portrait may have found its way to Ava’s gallery. Laura asks, how? and he says he’ll explain later. If it’s there, they need to get it before it sells. She says she’ll swing by on her way home. The gallery is close, but if it’s on display, it will be in the window.

Willow says what Sasha did to Nina was horrible. Everybody feels bad about her pain. Nina days she doesn’t need their sympathy, but Willow continues, saying Nina is far from perfect. Shiloh would have never known her son existed. Nina threatens to get a restraining order against both Sasha and Willow, but Michael suggests Nina discuss it with her fiancé before the next confrontation. Somebody needs to help her see the light. The couples all walk away from each other, and Sasha tells Michael that she knows what he’s doing, and she wants him to stop.

Carly asks why Brad went to Nelle’s hearing. Brad says he wouldn’t call Nelle a friend. She’s possibly the most evil person he knows, but he’s been the town pariah, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. His compassion got the best of him, but he knows she deserves to be where she is. Carly says, his compassion? Nelle is a master manipulator. Her phone rings, and she steps aside to take the call. It’s Lulu. Brad says he wants Sonny to know that he and Lucas had a long talk, and he knows where his loyalty lies. Sonny says, it’s important to keep those things clear. Carly thanks Lulu for taking care of it, and says Sonny is leaving now. Sonny asks if he heard his name, and Carly says he has to go to the Haunted Star immediately.

Lulu tells Josslyn that her parents are on their way. Josslyn says she’ll see Trina when she’s thirty. Dustin says, what about Dev? Dev says Dustin can’t question him without an attorney. Dustin says he’s not a cop, and Dev isn’t under arrest, so that doesn’t come into play. But thanks for trying. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to turn Dev in for his part in this. Um… what part? Helping Cameron outside to get air?

Sonny shows up, and Josslyn says, kill her now. He says, and deprive her mom of the pleasure? No way. He tells Dev not to talk until they get home. Elizabeth arrives, and thanks Dustin. She says, it looks like she needs to have a long talk with Cameron. Cameron says, that’s okay. It means he gets to go home, and can lie down. Elizabeth says the last place they’re going is home, and leads him down the stairs.

On the phone, Carly tells Jax, they have to present a united front; it’s important. He says he’ll see her soon. Brad asks Carly where Lucas is, and she says he went to check on Wiley. Brad says he wanted to talk to her alone. He apologizes if his visit to Nelle made her think twice about him. She says she hates it. A phone call or a letter would be too much, but to show support for her getting out? As long as there’s breath in Nelle’s body, she’s a danger to Carly’s family. She can’t imagine why he’d want to continue the connection. Brad says he’s in a good place with Lucas, and Lucas made it clear how he feels. Carly says, so did she. The ball is in his court; play it wisely. Brad tells her that everything he does is out of love for Lucas and their son.

Chase tells Willow that she was hot when she was calling out Nina. She says she can’t stand bullies, and obviously has untapped rage. Nina can’t get her fired now, so she has no reason to nice or cordial, or not to put maple syrup in Nina’s gas tank. He reminds her that he’s still a cop, and she says what if she gets someone else to do it, and he can be her alibi. He says he’s down for that. Sasha tells Michael, she saw that look. He says he went to Valentin, and said if Valentin didn’t get Nina to relent about Sasha, he’d personally make sure Valentin goes down with her.

Valentin says he knows Nina wants revenge, but what will it accomplish? She says, justice, but Valentin says, Sasha is nobody, a nothing, a con artist. She had one easy score, and it’s kind of their fault. Nina asks, how? and he says they wanted believe it so bad, they were easy marks. It’s not easy for him to admit, and he’s exhausted by this. Sasha this, and Sasha that. She’s been uncovered; move on, and don’t give her one more moment. They need to drop the crosses and pitchforks, and move on with their family, and the love and happiness they so richly deserve.

On the phone with the PCPD, Ava insists on being put through to the mayor. Laura walks in, and Ava hangs up. she asks Laura if he’s called. Does Laura know where he is? Laura asks, who? and Ava says, Nikolas. He was just here.

Carly tells Jax, Sonny will be back any minute, and he asks how she wants to play this. She says they agree it’s unacceptable, and he says, absolutely, and there will be consequences. She says, damn straight. Sonny comes in, and tells Dev to go upstairs. They’ll talk later. Jax asks Josslyn to tell them what happened, and she says, she was stupid. Carly says they all agree on that. Who else was involved? Josslyn says, Cameron, but it’s not his fault. He was trying to help. They thought it would make things easier, and they could just forget and have fun. She suddenly runs upstairs to the bathroom, and Carly shakes her head.

Laura tells Ava, she was surprised to find her at the gallery, and Ava says, remember how she said she thought she was being watched? It turned out she was right. She saw a man at the MetroCourt in a mask. Laura says Ava knows it’s Halloween, right? Ava says he was staring at her, and followed her to the gallery, but she was ready for him. She made him think she was leaving, but she surprised him. She had him at gunpoint, and told him to take off his mask. He wasn’t a stranger. It was Nikolas. Laura tears up, and says she wishes it was true. Ava says Laura’s not listening. Her son is alive. Laura says Ava knows that’s impossible. Ava says she watched Valentin shoot him, and watched him fall into the sea, but it’s true. Nikolas is alive. He’s come back to them. Laura wishes Ava was right, and again Ava says she’s not listening, but Laura says Ava isn’t listening. Nikolas is gone, and that’s the painful truth. Ava says she saw him standing where Laura is, and he was very, very real.

Sasha asks why Michael didn’t come to her, and he says he knew what she’d say. She says, so he ignored her wishes? He says it wasn’t her idea to pretend to be Nina’s daughter. None of it was her plan. She says, it was supposed to be a drive-by; she wasn’t supposed to get involved, and just go away quickly. It was her choice to stick around and get in deeper, and she has to face the consequences. She won’t allow Nina to get more hurt in the process.

Nina asks if Valentin is suggesting she walk away after all the anger and pain Sasha put her through. Think of Charlotte. She loved her stepsister, and they saw how crushed she was. Valentin says if they go to trial, Nina will have to testify, but so might Charlotte. Is that something they want to put themselves through?

Sonny tells Jax that he can leave. Jax says Sonny got Dev upstairs pretty fast, but Sonny says he didn’t think Josslyn would want an audience. Dev was sober; he had nothing to do with it. Sonny doesn’t think he even knew Josslyn and Cameron were drinking. Jax says they both agree it was agree it was out of character for Josslyn. Sonny asks how old Jax was when he had his first beer; twenty one? Jax says the legal age in Australia is eighteen, but he didn’t wait. Sonny says, what a coincidence; neither did he.

Hayden sees Elizabeth bringing Cameron into the hospital, and asks if everything is okay. Elizabeth says it’s fine, but Hayden can see it’s not. She says the morning isn’t going to be kind to Cameron, and Cameron says he wants to lie down. Elizabeth tells Hayden that Cameron got drunk on the Haunted Star, and they’re there because she hadn’t finished her shift. Hayden says at least he picked somewhere classy to get hammered. Cameron laughs, and Hayden suggests Elizabeth hook him up to some IV fluids. They’ll help sober him up, and he’ll be good as new in the morning. Cameron thinks that sounds like a good idea, but Elizabeth doesn’t want to deprive him of his first hangover. And when she drags him out of bed in the morning, he’ll have extra chores before he sees the principal.

Chase is surprised to see Julian away from Charlie’s on Halloween, but Julian says he’s not the biggest fan of the holiday. Willow says she has something that might change his mind, and shows him a picture of Wiley in a dinosaur costume, saying he has the cutest roar. Julian is glad Brad and Lucas are having some family time. Brad seems preoccupied all the time lately. Kip asks if there’s anything else he can do for Julian, and Julian suggests a celebratory drink. Chase asks what they’re celebrating, and Julian says, Wiley, and all the happy Halloweens he has to follow.

Sitting at an outside table I don’t recognize, Lucas says he’s proud of Brad for talking to Carly. He knows it wasn’t easy. Brad says Lucas was right; it’s better to be honest. Nothing is more important to him than Lucas and Wiley, and he wants to make sure Lucas knows how much he loves them. They kiss, and Brad says he wants to grab a coffee. He goes inside, and his phone dings. Lucas debates internally, then picks up the phone and looks. He doesn’t look happy.

Ava suggests they look at the security footage, and goes to get the memory card from the front entrance. She trots off, and Laura sniffs Ava’s glass. She calls Jax, and says she’s at the gallery. He asks if she found something, but she says, there’s been a complication. Ava is there, and she’s acting irrationally. Jax asks, in what way? and Laura , she thinks Nikolas is alive and came to visit her. Jax says, sorry. It must be hard on Laura. He asks if she wants him to come and handle it, but Laura says she’s fine. She just wants him to know that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him and Hayden to come poking around looking for the portrait. Ava has come back, and stands behind Laura. Jax says he understands, and Laura says she’ll call him back. Ava says she’s got it, and looks on her computer. She doesn’t understand. She heard him and saw him. Laura says, but there’s no proof, and Ava says Laura thinks she’s crazy.

Brad can tell something is wrong, and tells Lucas, he was gone for two minutes; what happened? Lucas says Brad got a text, and Brad asks, who from? Lucas asks Brad to tell him. Who’s sending him naked pictures? He shows Brad the phone, and Brad drops the coffee, the cups shattering on the ground.

Kip tells Julian, the falcon has left the nest. Julian laughs, and says, what? and Kip says, Elvis is enroute to the coliseum. He sent the picture. Julian gives him some money, and gets up to go. He tells Kip, one more thing. His shirt is untucked.

While Josslyn worships the porcelain throne, Carly says she just got off the phone with Elizabeth; always a pleasure. Is Josslyn feeling okay? Josslyn says she stopped throwing up; that’s a win. Carly asks, what happened? and Josslyn says she’s in pain. Carly asks why Josslyn didn’t come to her, and Josslyn asks what Carly could have done. She’s the one who lost the watch Oscar gave her, and she’s the one who didn’t notice it was gone. She promised to love him forever, and she lost the last thing he gave her. Carly asks if she got drunk to make herself feel better, and Josslyn says she thought it would take the edge off. Carly says Josslyn will feel better. It will take forever, but one day she’ll wake up, and realize she’s felt better for a while. It won’t make sense; it’s weird. Josslyn asks if they’re going to talk about her punishment now, and Carly says Josslyn got drunk at a school function. She’ll have to face the principal, and take whatever punishment he doles out. Josslyn asks, what about dad? and Carly says the three of them will have a long talk, but not tonight. She asks if Josslyn wants to go to bed, but she wants to stay there a little longer.

Sonny asks if there’s anything Dev wants to tell him, but Dev says he didn’t know until right before Cameron and Josslyn got caught. He’d never go along with something that would be bad for Josslyn.

Elizabeth asks what Cameron was thinking. He’s on probation, and he’s been before the judge twice this year. How much more trouble is he trying to get into? Cameron says the last time he was in court, Franco was by his side, and they were there because of what Cameron did for Oscar. Everything circles back to Franco, and now he can’t do a normal party like a normal kid. What is he going to talk about? Look how hot those cheerleaders are. Hey, my stepdad sacrificed his life for me. Elizabeth knows it’s hard for him, and Cameron says he thought it would be nice to forget for a while. Josslyn felt the same way. They tried pushing their lives back to the way it was, and maybe that’s as close as they’re going to get. He’s really sorry. Elizabeth says she keeps thinking… He could have passed out, and fallen in the water. He realizes that, and can’t believe how stupid he was. Elizabeth says, it’s a stupid age. He’ll get through it. They’ll get through it together.

Laura tells Ava that she knows what it’s like when the line between fantasy and reality blur. Ava says, it’s not a fantasy. Nikolas was here. Laura says Ava is in a lot of pain, and she’s been talking about finding a way to reach Kiki. Maybe… Ava says, this has nothing to do with Kiki. The feeling she had that someone was watching her has been going on for a month or so. That’s how long he’s been out there, watching. Laura says, it’s one thing to feel it, and another to start thinking people are coming back from the dead. Ava says Laura is his mother. Doesn’t she want to see him? Laura says, so much, every day, but she can’t. That’s wishful thinking. Ava says she saw him at the MetroCourt, and he followed her there. Laura says she saw him at the MetroCourt? Laura was there. Doesn’t Ava think he would talk to her? Ava sits, and says she knows what she saw. Laura says she believes Ava believes she saw him. She takes Ava’s hand, and tells Ava, she has to say it. Ava can’t go on like this much longer. She needs to get help. Ava cries, and asks if Laura will help. Laura holds Ava while she cries.

Brad tells Lucas that he has no idea who sent that. He asks if they can talk somewhere else, but Lucas says it’s as good a place as any to find out his husband is sexting with someone else. Brad says, it’s one random number; an accident. Lucas says, like the flowers, and Brad says, for the billionth time, he doesn’t know who sent them. He loves Lucas, and wishes Lucas would trust him. Lately his mind has been somewhere else. Lucas says, apparently, on someone else, but Brad says, there’s no one else. He reaches for Lucas, and Lucas says, don’t touch him.

Laura calls Julian, who says he’ll be right there. He leaves, and Willow says, Brad’s not the only one with a lot on his mind. Chase says, Julian seemed worried. He says Willow knows Brad, and asks if Brad has a right to be concerned, and Willow says, maybe, but Julian’s not the type to worry for no reason.

Cameron sleeps on one of the benches, and Hayden asks Elizabeth how he’s doing. Elizabeth says, he’ll live. She wants to let Hayden know that she and Violet can come live with them. Cameron lifts his head up, and asks, who’s coming to live with them? Elizabeth says his Aunt Hayden and cousin Violet. He says, he has a cousin Violet? and Elizabeth says she’ll tell him about it when he’s sober. Go back to sleep. Hayden looks at her phone, and says it’s a work emergency. Elizabeth says, at this hour? and Hayden says, the media never sleeps. She doesn’t want to interrupt Finn, and asks Elizabeth, if she sees him, tell him she’ll be back as soon as possible. Cameron says, he has a cousin? and Elizabeth says, she’ll tell him about it later. She’s going to see Finn, and when she gets back, they’re gong home. Lay back down.

Michael tells Sasha, if she’s so hellbent on protecting Nina, why is she encouraging Nina to be with a man who won’t do that?She says Nina and Charlotte love Valentin, and she’s not going to be the one who destroys that. Nina and Valentin approach them, and Nina tells Sasha not to say anything; just listen. She and Valentin have been talking, and even though Sasha doesn’t deserve mercy, she’s decided to drop the charges. Valentin looks at Michael.

Sonny asks Carly, how’s Josslyn? and Carly says, she’s over the rough part, but the morning won’t be pretty. Upstairs, Josslyn hears Oscar’s song lyrics – it’s never goodbye.

Cameron asks Elizabeth if he can stay there. He did this to himself, but to be honest, it’s not good for Jake or Aiden to see, and the car ride might be dicey. Elizabeth says they’re going to talk about consequences at length in the morning, but tonight, he’s going home. She hands him a barf bag, and he says, don’t say car sick. Elizabeth says she’s glad he’s okay, and they leave.

Chase says he doesn’t know Brad that well, but if Willow says there’s something off… She says Brad has been anxious since she’s known him, but for some reason, it’s gotten worse. At the bar, Kip counts the money.

Lucas says he doesn’t want to hear that Brad loves him, but Brad says, it’s the truth. He’s been doing everything to prove himself. Lucas says Brad still changed his password, and Brad says, he told Lucas… Lucas says, the biggest lie. The flowers, anonymous nudes; he has no idea what Brad really thinks. He knows the name. Admit it, and stop lying. Just tell him that he’s having an affair.

Sasha starts to thank Nina, but Nina says she asked Sasha not to say anything. She wants to be clear. Don’t mistake this for forgiveness. She’ll never forgive Sasha. She just wants to scrape Sasha off the bottom of her shoe. Michael says, enough, and Nina says, he thinks so? She lost a daughter that she loves, and a year of her life she’ll never get back. She’s glad Michael thinks it’s enough, but she sure as hell doesn’t. Valentin says he thinks they’ve reached the level of diminishing returns, and tells Nina, let’s go. When they’re out of earshot, Michael asks Sasha if she’s positive she wants Valentin to walk away unscathed. She says, if that’s what it takes for Nina to be happy. Michael hugs her, as Valentin hugs Nina, and Valentin and Sasha lock eyes.

Julian and Laura bring Ava to Shadybrook. She signs a form, and Laura takes her hand. Ava takes off her shoes and jewelry, and puts them in a bin. Julian hugs her, then Laura hugs her. Ava goes off with the nurse.

Jax lets Hayden into the house where Nina stayed the night of her wedding. She asks what the change in plans is, and he says, there’s been an unexpected complication. Nikolas walks out.

On Monday, Brad says he’d never cheat on Lucas, Sasha tells someone that she took the blame, and Jax tells Nikolas once it stops being attractive he’s out.

🎭 Masquerade At the MetroCourt…

It’s just like you’re there. Not really, but the pictures are nice.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Of all…creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat. – Mark Twain

You know what makes Spahn ranch better? Spahn ranch with a Ferris wheel. – Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman), American Horror Story: 1984

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. – L.M. Montgomery

We remember the dead so they never die.Javier Zamora

Don’t torture yourself, Gomez. That’s my job. – Morticia (Angelica Houston), Addams Family Values

Actually, it’s not that bad. There’s a constant feeling of emptiness and longing but that’s pretty much how I felt when I was alive. – Montana (Billie Lourde), American Horror Story: 1984, on how it feels to be a ghost

It’s my mom’s car. – Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), Death Proof, on his scary car

I don’t do drugs. I am drugs. – Salvador Dali

Life’s a bitch. She’s back in heat. – John Nada (Roddy Piper), They Live

Where there is no imagination, there is no horror. – Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle

It’s as much fun to scare as it is to be scared. – Vincent Price

If you’ve got it, haunt it. – Rose Pressey

We never bury the dead, son. We take them with us. It’s the price of living. – Jose Molina and Mark Goffman, Sleepy Hollow

💀 Dia de Muertos…

Otherwise known as Day of the Dead.

😱 No Fear…

Not until Sunday night anyway.

October 31, 2019 – Halloween Prep, a Masked Man Revealed, Million Dollar Finale, New Nik, Sam, Halloween Past & Halloween Present


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


👻 Due to decorating and preparing for little monsters demanding candy, today’s GH  recap will be less detailed, since I was quickly watching it at 2 am. A disappointment or a blessing – you decide. While we used to get 80 to 100+ kids, sadly, the powers that be have decided trick-or-treaters over the age of twelve, can be hit with a misdemeanor. Now we get half the kids. No surprise that NJ government has figured out yet another way to poop on everyone’s party. Hope the editing isn’t too wonky. God knows I am, and I only ate one Kit-Kat bar. Moving on…

General Hospital

The first thing we see is a dude taking a shower. We don’t see his face, but we see a signet ring on the vanity. Could it be…?

Chaperoning the PCHS Halloween Dance, Dustin is dressed as a busker. Cameron (a 50s teen), Josslyn (an 80s teen), Trina (an angel), and Dev (a football player) arrive together. No surprise, Lulu comes as Mary Poppins.

Neil shows up to keep an eye on Alexis at the hospital, relieving Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her boyfriend, Captain America, so they can go to the MetroCourt. At the MetroCourt, Kendra shows up, dressed as a mermaid. Valentin continues to yap to Nina about how important Helena’s portrait must be, and Ava has her listening ears on, as Judge Judy would say. Jax wonders if the treasure isn’t in the painting, but is the painting. Laura thinks it would be just like Helena to have them chase their tails when what they’re looking for is right in front of them. Laura wants to be the one to bring Valentin down. She couldn’t bear to lose Spencer the way she lost Nikolas.

Funny how in the next scene, we see the dude with the ring again. And we see a mask. Could it be…?

Sam meets her cellmate. It’s Cassandra. I find it a little hard to believe that Cassandra would act like a streetfighter, but okay.

Cameron and Josslyn commiserate. They both wish it was two years ago. Cameron tells Josslyn he has a way to make the dance more bearable, and shows her his hidden liquor.

Buzz Lightyear (Chase) and Cowgirl Jessie (Willow) arrive at the MetroCourt.

Jordon continues to worry about TJ and Molly committing too soon.

Valentin whines that Laura sees something he doesn’t in the portrait. Ava thinks perhaps there’s more the painting than she thought. The dude from the shower with the ring arrives wearing the mask. Jax wants to talk to Hayden, but she’s busy at the hospital.

Cassandra acts large, in charge, and immediately tries to walk all over Sam.

Valentin asks Ava what a painting by J. Garrin might be worth. She says five figures, unless it’s a puzzle, asking if the painting of Helena might contain a secret message. Laura literally runs into Nikolas the masked dude.

Josslyn wonders what Cameron is doing with liquor, and he says he thought it would make the dance more fun, or at least easier for them. She’s not sure that’s the way to go, especially since he’s on probation. She also reminds him that they’re at the dance with Trina and Dev. Ava calls Trina, wondering about the receipt for the painting, and Trina tells her that Dev got it from the trash barge, but they’d said it was okay for him to take it. Laura apologizes to the masked dude, and he says nothing, following Ava to the elevator. The doors close before he can get in.

Molly introduces herself and TJ to Kendra, saying Alexis raves about her all the time. TJ adds, Alexis swears by the results of the supplement Kendra gave her. Kendra describes it as, the right amount of elements to put the world in order.

Neil offers Alexis a ride home. Hayden apologizes to Finn again. He’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his daughter even exists. Hayden says, going forward, she wants Violet to be closer to her father.

Sam tells Cassandra that she has to prep for her trial. Cassandra says they have her dead to rights, on two continents, and in the Caribbean. Sam asks what Cassandra did, and Cassandra asks, here, or in the Hague? Sam asks who she is, and she says, Cassandra Pierce, but Sam can call her boss.

Finn asks what part he’s going to play in Violet’s life, and she asks, what part does he want to play?

Ava checks out the portrait again, remarking, Trina was right; it is creepy. She wonders why anyone would want Helena on their wall, and why so many are interested in her portrait.

Sasha tries to be nice to Nina, but she’s not having it. She thanks Sasha for reminding her of what she lost and she’ll never have again. She doesn’t even want to look at Sasha, but says she’ll soon be in prison. Unless Michael buys her freedom. Willow interrupts, telling Nina, that’s enough.

Curtis thinks Jordan is comparing TJ and Molly to her own life, and marrying too young. She admits they’re more mature than she was, but says that still doesn’t mean they should get married so young.

Lulu tells Dustin about traveling the world when she was a kid. She’s happy to have settled down now, and asks Dustin if he’s happy, and did he always want to be a teacher. He tells her that he had ideas for his life, but life had other plans. Cameron talks Josslyn into partaking, but she wants to drink outside. Trina tries to chat up Dev. Dev notices Cameron and Josslyn are gone, and Trina kisses him. He says he likes her, just not in that way. I go, ugh. Nobody wants to hear that. She says his loss, and asks if he’s interested in someone else.

Cameron and Josslyn drink on deck. They talk about Oscar and Franco. Cameron says he’s not allowed to miss Franco, because he has look out for his mom and brothers. Josslyn tells him about journaling. He asks what she’ll write about tonight, and she tells him, it could have been worse, but it wasn’t. Because of him.

Jordan isn’t sure Molly and TJ are up to the challenge of mixed race children. She wants at least one of them to move away, and have more life experience first. Curtis says she likes Molly. What if TJ picks someone she doesn’t like? She says she’d have to respect his choice, and Curtis wonders why that doesn’t apply here. She said her piece. Now it’s up to TJ and Molly, but it’s not a done deal. When Stella hears about it, she’ll have something to say, and Jordan can let her take the fire.

TJ goes to catch up with Jordan, and Molly tells Kendra about Alexis being in the hospital.

Neil says a teeny part of him was glad to find out Alexis was really sick, and not faking it to get rid of him. Hayden tells Finn he can be what he wants to Violet. It’s up to him, and she’ll go along with whatever he decides. Jax shows up at the hospital, and Hayden explains Violet got sick, and Finn now knows he’s her father. He tells Hayden that they have a theory as to where the codicil might be.

Ava talks to someone about the portrait. She’s going to have it appraised, but needs to safeguard her investment. She tells Helena’s portrait, maybe she’ll finally bring more than heartache and heartbreak. Things are starting to turn around.

Dustin asks if Lulu wants to make the rounds with him. He tells her what the dance rules are, and explains kisses are on a case by case basis. He demonstrates by kissing her. Trina pumps Dev for information on who he likes. He says he’s too busy for romance.

Cameron says the dance has been pretty okay, thanks to Josslyn. She says she would never have made it this far without him. He’s the best friend she could have.

Alexis tells Neil his visit was not expected, but also not unwelcome. She suggests they try it again. She suddenly feels pain from the rash on her palms.

Sam says Cassandra is the one who messed with Michael’s girlfriend. She’s surprised Cassandra lived long enough for them to meet. Cassandra says, life is unpredictable. She’s surprised Sonny has lived that long as he has after turning down her business proposal. Sam says her husband and Sonny are business associates, and Cassandra says, not Jason Morgan? and is she the infamous Sam? Sam says Cassandra will be sorry if she messes with her, and Cassandra takes out a knife.

Michael tells Valentin that he’s running out of patience. Valentin says Nina is upset, and it’s going to take time to talk her out of prosecuting Sasha. Michael says Valentin doesn’t want to lose Nina and go to prison, and Valentin says Michael doesn’t want him as an enemy. Laura says it’s not shaping up to be Valentin’s night.

Nina asks if Chase and Willow have any idea what Sasha did to her. Willow says going after Sasha isn’t going to make Nina feel good, and Nina thanks her for the life lesson. She’s sure it’s easy to say that from the sidelines. She asks what if someone came to Willow, and said Wiley wasn’t her son, and she was never a mother at all?

At the gallery, Ava hears something, but tells herself that she’s just being jumpy. She turns out the lights, and the masked dude walks in.

Trina needs to talk to Josslyn, but realizes she’s drunk. She says they need to get Josslyn out of there, and on the way out, they see Dustin kissing Lulu. Josslyn says she’s going to hurl. Dev asks where Cameron was, and Cameron says, around, knocking over the candy bowl on the snack table. Dev tries to help Cameron pick up the candy, and realizes Cameron is drunk. Josslyn throws up over the side of the boat, and Trina says they have to get her out of there, but Lulu and Dustin walk out, and Lulu asks if Josslyn has been drinking.

TJ updates Jordan and Curtis on Alexis. Jordan suggests Alexis is going to be TJ’s mother-in-law, but he says Molly has to say yes first. He asks if she’s on board, and Jordan says he’s his own man. She couldn’t be happier or prouder of him.

Molly tells Kendra that she has complete confidence in the medical staff at GH, and Alexis will be fine. Kendra says she can’t be too careful, since Alexis’s illness might be catching. Molly doesn’t want to get what Alexis has.

Alexis tells Finn she’s getting a prickling sensation in her hands. He checks her feet, and she feels the same thing there. He says, whatever she has, it’s not just something going around.

Nina says Michael’s mistress doesn’t know when to let something drop. Michael joins them, and says Sasha has as much right to be there as Nina does, and Nina says, how any of them dare imply she’s treating Sasha unfairly? For a year, Sasha lied to her face, used her, and took advantage of her deepest loss. What if twenty years from now, someone came to Michael, and said they were the child he lost? He’d love to know why Nina is so convinced Sasha came up with this lie all by herself.

Hayden tells Jax the portrait is an expensive piece of trash, and he flashes back to Dev saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and saying people put expensive stuff in the trash all the time. Hayden tells Jax it’s worse than being back to square one if Valentin is suspicious. He asks what she would do, as an enterprising teenager, if she came across the portrait. She says, burn it probably, but he says she’d try to sell it. She’d take it to Ava.

Laura wonders what’s next for Valentin, after his wedding being ruined and getting slapped down by Michael.

Cassandra says Sam must be a disappointment to the Cassadines, who are ruthless, but refined and cultured, except for her. Sam asks if that’s what Valentin told her, and Cassandra says, amongst others. She flashes back to being in a limo, and asking what someone wants from her. A hand, wearing the signet ring, rests on her knee.

We see the ring on the hand of the masked dude. Ava comes up behind him with her gun, and asks if he ever gets that feeling; like he’s being watched.

Laura thinks Valentin’s time at the head of the Cassadine table is up. He asks who’s going to take it? Spencer.

Ava says as soon as she saw him, she knew he was the man who was stalking her. No one believed her, but here he is, and she’s going to find out who he is. She tells him, take off the mask. He does, and she says, Nikolas?

Tomorrow, Jax tells Laura that Helena’s portrait may have found its way to Ava’s gallery, Cameron is busted by Dustin, and Carly tells Brad that the ball is in his court – play it wisely.

Million Dollar Listing New York – Season Finale

Ryan was trying to hunt down Luis about their co-listing for Ian, but Luis was spending every minute he could with his daughter. They finally connected, and Ryan set up a socialite dinner party, where he invited everyone from the influencers of influencers to Ramona Singer. Ramona was – no surprise – a total pita; pointing out every negative she could think of, whining about how outdated the décor was, and bugging the chefs cooking the dinner. Luis managed to keep Ramona sidelined, so she didn’t interfere with Ryan showing the apartment. One of the guests talked to a friend, who turned out to want a private showing. He decided the apartment wasn’t for him, since it would require too much in the way of renovation. Ryan just happened to mention the raw space Ian was renovating downstairs. That, he was interested in, and made an offer.

Luis also got an offer on the original apartment, but Ian said no to both. Ryan blamed it on the 12 month extension that Luis had wanted. Much to their dismay, Luis and Ryan realized they enjoyed working together.

Steve did some private showings of the Bed Sty townhouse, while Jess did separate showings. Steve was thrilled that Jess was doing what takes be a good agent in a tough market. The sellers had moved to Manhattan, and were more motivated to sell, but the seller still balked at Steve getting an offer for less than the full asking price, and Jess getting an offer for asking price, but it would require a 60 day contingency. This basically meant that the buyer had 60 days to get financing, but during that time, the apartment would be off the market. Understandable why  the seller wouldn’t be keen on that. In the end, there was a compromise. The seller took the full ask offer, but the contingency was shortened to 30 days, and none of the furnishings would be included.

Fredrik was showing the huge Soho apartment non-stop, but got no offers. He told us that people from L.A. tended to want more space, and found an L.A. broker with a mogul client. It wasn’t quite what the mogul was looking for, and Fredrik let slip (cough, cough) that the owner also had a penthouse, but it wasn’t on the market yet. He’d gotten in trouble for showing an unlisted penthouse once before, and took a chance. An offer was made, and while the owner wanted to wait for a better price, she gave Fredrik the listing, admiring his drive.

Tyler was met with two owners about a property in Nomad that had a private pool, and wraparound terrace. Once again, he came up against his usual problem, the owners weren’t keen on someone who hadn’t sold in that price range before ($13 million). Tyler told them that what he could offer was dedication. He’d taken his team from three employees to two hundred, but even better had dropped two hundred pounds and kept it off. The two men conversed in Hebrew (I think), and one of them said when they were immigrants, they’d needed first chances, and gave him the listing. Both Tyler and I were more than thrilled, and after throwing so many parties to show apartments, Tyler had his own party. Tyler said he wasn’t afraid of the other brokers he was up against, and hoped to build an empire like theirs. This year had been about finding out who he was, and figuring out his place in the world. Goal achieved.

Steve threw a housewarming party, with Fredrik, Ryan, and Luis, along with their families in attendance. Steve told us that he finally realized what life was about. The year had been his most rewarding; personally, professionally, and financially. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

Ryan joked that Steve was copying him by moving and having a baby. He and Amelia were busy renovating their new Borum Hill townhouse, and he was excited. The year had been up and down for emotionally, and the market had beat him up. But he took a breath, and said he’s got this. He was doing it for his family, which was the most important thing.

Fredrik decided, ultimately, he was thankful for the horrible market. To continue his climb up, he had to be inventive and creative. He decided to rent the house in L.A., and even better, brother Sigge would be following him. He and his family felt at home wherever Fredrik was. Fredrik was excited about the future, and while he would never really leave NYC, decided he could date two cities at the same time.

Luis told us that he’d gotten used to being back, but he and his family would be moving to Puerto Rico for a year or two, and focusing on their daughter. He told us, let time unfold, and it will show you that it will be okay. He’d gone off to find himself, and now he was driven by the realization that he was finally in place of substance.

👑 The New Rightful Heir…

Either Nikolas has a case of the Benjamin Buttons, or he found the fountain of youth while he was gone, since he looked like Nikolas ten years ago.

🎃 Better Keep That Pumpkin Lit…

I love Sam. He’s so cute… until he isn’t. I must have watched Trick r Treat three times in one week.

👻 Ghosts of Halloweens Past…


🐾 This Year’s Theme…

Game of Bones. Jon Snow still knows nothing.


October 30, 2019 – The MetroCourt Hosts a Halloween Party, My Excuse, LeeAnne’s Wedding Begins, Back Channel, Baby/Cat Convo, It’s Everywhere & Going With the Flow


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The Halloween party has started at the MetroCourt. Dressed as Cruella de Vil checks her purse for her gun. Laura startles her. I’m not sure what Laura is, either a queen of some kind or the Virgin Mary. Sasha – some kind of version of Wonder Woman? – and Michael – a combination of Jon Snow and Aquaman – come in, and Sasha wonders if it’s a good idea. She’s the town pariah. Michael says she’s his pariah. She made a mistake. She says it was a big one, but he says she owned up to it and apologized repeatedly. Give him one good reason why she shouldn’t enjoy herself. She sees Valentin and Nina walk in as Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

Captain America TJ joins Jordan and Curtis, who’s dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Jordan – I have no idea who she’s supposed to be, but she looks hot – is glad TJ put the books down. She asks where Molly is, and Molly says she had to stop by the apartment first.

Elizabeth straightens up the living room. She looks at a family photo with Franco in it. Cameron comes down, and she says she was just cleaning up the Halloween tornado his brothers left. Cameron asks how she does that; act like everything is okay. He gets her doing it with Jake and Aiden, but not him. He gets how much it hurts. They hug.

Finn tells Violet about Roxie. He says, she likes to eat orchids, and they both go, eww! He says maybe they shouldn’t knock it until they’ve tried it. She asks if she can meet Roxie, and he says nothing would make him happier.

Jason tells Carly that Avery couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating. She says, thank God for Brad and Lucas, and he says her cousin Rocco couldn’t wait to show her the ropes. Carly is sure he’ll be helping her eat the candy, and Jason says, that too. She tells him, Donna is asleep, and they have an hour before she’s screaming for food. He asks how she’s doing, and she says, tired, but happy her little girl is thriving. How about him? How’s Sam? He says, she’s not doing that great. She opted for a bench trial. Diane gave her the options, but she chose it because it has a quicker turnaround. Carly says, and no jury, and he says, no Dawn of Day members can be selected. Which I think would recuse them anyway, but okay. Carly says she knows how hard it is, and he says, it will be okay, but Alexis is having a hard time.

Molly, dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, stops by Alexis’s place. She knocks, but there’s no answer. She sees the lights are on, and knocks again. We see Alexis passed out on the couch, and she knocks louder.

Carly says, let her guess. Alexis wanted to defend Sam, but she went with Diane. Alexis doesn’t want to make it more stressful, so she’s hanging back, but privately prepping the case in her living room. Jason says, yes to all of it. He agrees Diane is the better choice, and thinks Alexis sees where Sam is coming from. Carly says, but it’s hard to relinquish control when it’s your own kid. She thinks Jason should go to the party in a superhero costume, but he says she knows how he doesn’t like to dress for Halloween. She begs him to do it for her. Josslyn comes running downstairs, and says she can’t find the watch Oscar gave her. She thinks she lost it.

Trina shows up at Elizabeth’s house, carrying a garment bag. She sees Cameron isn’t dressed up, and says she had a feeling that he’d bag the dance. She figured her and Josslyn could throw something together at Josslyn’s place. Cameron says he’s in, unless Elizabeth would rather he stay home. It’s not a big deal. Elizabeth tells him to go. She has to work anyway, and tells him to go have fun with his friends. Trina tells him, let’s go. She’s glad he’s coming. She wasn’t sure if he was up for it.

Finn tells Violet that people think he’s weird because he had a bearded dragon for a friend. She’s really cool when you get to know her; she’s the best listener. Hayden comes in, and notices a bar of chocolate on the bed. Violet says Finn brought it, and he thanks her for selling him out. He tells Hayden that he just gave Violet one piece. Okay, two. Violet is stuck there on Halloween. Hayden thanks him, and asks Violet if she said thank you. Just because we’re sick doesn’t mean we forget our manners. Finn says she thanked with her killer smile. He says he’ll come back and see her soon, Hayden gives Violet her phone, and says, just one show. If her eyes get heavy, let herself sleep.

Out in the hallway, Hayden asks if Finn has heard from Dr. Mulvari. Is Violet going to be okay? He says he did hear back.

Ava asks if Laura makes a habit of startling people. Laura tells her, she just wanted to say hello. She wasn’t sure Ava was going to come. Ava says it’s for a good cause; she wanted to contribute. Laura says last year was horrific, but Ava would rather not talk about Ryan. Is there an open bar? Laura tells her to knock herself out.

Valentin says, who needs a costume party? and wants to go, but Nina says, like hell. She’s not leaving a party for a worthy cause. Just stay close. Valentin says, always.

Molly knocks more fervently, but still no answer. She opens the door with her key, and sees Alexis. She says, oh my God, and shakes her. She tells Alexis to wake up, but gets no reaction.

Josslyn tells Carly that she asked everyone. She even checked Avery’s room, but it’s nowhere. She lost it. Carly says Josslyn doesn’t know that. it could have slipped behind the dresser, or be in a pocket. Josslyn says, no. She lost it. She took it off at the exhibition match. She was worried it might get broken, so she put it in her backpack, but didn’t zip it up. She was so caught up in the game, she completely forgot. Carly says they’ll drive to Mayfair tomorrow, and check the lost and found. Or it could be in the gym. Josslyn says, the match was on Monday, three days ago. She lost the watch Oscar gave her, and didn’t even miss it.

TJ says it’s an awkward moment, and Curtis says he knows that. He’s in the same family. TJ asks if Jordan still has the engagement ring his dad gave her. She says she still has it; why? Curtis says, TJ is thinking of asking Molly to marry him.   

Alexis finally wakes up, and Molly says, thank God. Alexis asks what she’s doing there, and why does Molly look like Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Molly says she’s been trying to get ahold of Alexis all day, but she didn’t answer her phone or Molly’s texts. Her office said she wasn’t in, so Molly got worried. Alexis sits up, obviously still groggy. She says, it hurts, and asks, what time is it? Molly says she’s really sorry, but she has to ask. Has Alexis been drinking? Alexis says, no. No alcohol has touched her lips. Molly asks, what happened? but Alexis doesn’t know. She didn’t feel well. Neil brought food over, and she was obviously not feeling well, since she sent him home. She says she’ll be fine, but needs coffee. Molly says what she needs is to go to the hospital, and that’s where Molly is taking her.

Finn tells Hayden that Violet will make a full recovery. She’ll be fine. He’d still like to keep her for observation, and Hayden says, whatever he thinks is best. She tells him, she’s so grateful, but he says he didn’t do anything. She says he’s been amzing with Violet. She didn’t know… He says, how he’d be with his own daughter? He imagined it, but seeing her in person is a different story. He takes Hayden aside, and says he’s still having a hard time understanding why she kept Violet from him for so long. He asks if she would do it the same again, but she’s not so sure. If she could go back and tell him… She doesn’t know. Finn says, the only thing that matters is, Violet will recover. They’ll talk when she’s out of the hospital. Hayden asks what that’s going to look like, now that he knows about Violet. He says he’ll be in it for life .

Carly explains to Jason that when Oscar was still well enough to go anywhere, he took Josslyn to the footbridge, and gave her the watch. He’d heard a legend that when the time was at 11:11, he could reach out after death and she would feel it. Jason says he can go to Mayfair and take a look around, but Carly says, they’re closed now, and the gym is locked. It’s not worth it. Even if the watch was there, what really has Josslyn upset is that it was three days before she noticed it was gone. Jason says, she doesn’t know how to act in the situation, which is a good thing. Carly says, Josslyn is getting on with life. It’s what Carly wanted, but not this way. She wanted Josslyn to take off the watch when she was ready. In losing it, she feels guilty and like she’s betraying Oscar.

Laura tells Jax, dressed as Mr. Incredible, happy Halloween. He says, it’s better than last year, and she says, anything would be better than last year. Doc is sitting this one out, and she can’t blame him. She knows they’re off the clock, but she wants to fill him in on the brainstorm she and Curtis had. When Helena said she kept the codicil close, maybe it wasn’t physically close. Maybe she meant close to her likeness. Jax asks if she means it might be part of the portrait itself.

Hayden tells Finn she knows she messed up. That’s not the right word. He says, that’s two words, and she says, it’s unconscionable. She was hoping… Elizabeth sees her, and says she was trying to reach Hayden last night. Where has she been? Hayden says, something crazy came up, and Finn says they have a lot to talk about. He and Hayden will finish their conversation later. Elizabeth wonders what that’s about.

Nina wants more champagne, and takes Valentin to the bar. Sasha and Michael are there, and Nina says she thought Michael would be interested that she received a call from the DA. He’s reviewing her testimony. The case against Cassandra has to be airtight, since their star witness is now unreliable. Sasha says she’s so sorry, but Nina says, there’s no apology necessary. She just wants Sasha to know, if that bitch goes free, Nina is holding her personally responsible. She drags Valentin away.

Cameron and Trina get to Sonny’s, and Cameron asks Josslyn, her too? Did she think he’d bail. Josslyn admits it crossed her mind, but she’s glad he’s there. She sees he has no costume, and Trina says he’s a typical guy, and expects them to dress him up. Trina goes upstairs to check on Dev’s costume. Cameron says he’s fine, but Josslyn says she knows he’s hurting, and the last thing he feels like doing is getting dressed up. Cameron says, actually, he’s fired up. For real. If he didn’t go, he’d be sitting at home by himself, with his life in a dumpster fire. He thinks he can find a way to make it fun. He goes into the living room, where Carly is on the couch. She says she’s been thinking about him and his family. How’s he doing? He says, it helps having great friends, but obviously, it’s hard. Josslyn and Trina come down, and Josslyn asks if he’s ready, and Cameron says, just one second. He goes out on the terrace, where he sees Jason. He asks if Jason has a second, and Jason asks, what’s up? Cameron says he owes Jason an apology.

Cameron says he jumped down Jason’s throat, and he shouldn’t have. He’s sorry. Jason says she doesn’t need to apologize. Cameron says he wanted this for his mom, and he thought his testimony would do that; make the judge see the real Franco wants to come back. Jason say the judge understood, and Cameron says, not enough. What he said should have been more clear, or better. Jason says she knows the truth, but it doesn’t matter what anyone said. What mattered is what Doc said. it’s great that she heard them, but in the end, it didn’t tip the scales. It couldn’t. He’s sorry. Cameron asks what he does now. How does he cut himself off from this crappy feeling? Just say, this is it what the judge decided? Jason says he can tell himself that when all was said and done, the judge gave the choice to Franco. Cameron says, he’s not Franco, and Jason says, whoever that man is, can make the choice. They don’t have to like it – they can hate it – but they can’t change it. Cameron has two choices. He can walk around angry all the time, or learn to live with it, and help the people he loves pick up the pieces. Jason goes back inside.

Elizabeth can’t believe Hayden had a daughter. They look through the window at Violet. Hayden says, Elizabeth’s niece. Elizabeth asks why Hayden didn’t tell her, but Hayden says she doesn’t know. She lied so much, it felt like she couldn’t tell the truth. She’s sorry. Elizabeth says, she’s beautiful, and helluva surprise. Hayden says, that’s what the consensus seems to be. She has a lot of regrets about the choices she’s made, but the truth is out now. Violet is here, and she’s the most fun Hayden has ever had.

Molly brings Alexis to the hospital. Alexis says she’s sure it’s just the flu. Molly says, maybe, but she still wants Alexis checked out. Finn comes out, and asks if everything is okay. Molly says, no, and Alexis says, yeah. He says, cleared that up. Alexis thought Finn went out of his way not to be there on Halloween, but he says he has a special case. He asks, what’s going on? and Alexis says she feels out of it. Molly says she’s been sick for 24-hours, and passed out. She had to shake Alexis awake. She’s worried. Alexis says she’s been prepping Sam’s case, and Finn asks if Alexis is her lawyer. Molly says, no, and Alexis says she’s been working out a lot, and feels run down. Finn says they’ll find out for sure, and they go to an examining room.

Curtis asks if he’s right. Is TJ going to pop the question. TJ  tells him, relax. He’s thinking about it. Curtis says it must be serious if he’s asking about a ring, and laying the groundwork. TJ says, Molly will want something with sentimental value, and a family heirloom is perfect. Curtis asks, when? and TJ says he’s just thinking about it. He just knows that Molly is the person he wants to be with forever. Curtis tells him, congratulations. He’s making grown man moves. Why is he getting the vibe Jordan isn’t into it? Jordan says, because she’s not.

Laura tells Jax that they could be wrong, but Helena left Nikolas the painting knowing Valentin was out there. She thinks Helena armed Nikolas with something that would neutralize Valentin. Jax says, so she thinks it’s part of the painting itself, and she says, in the frame, or underneath. The real problem is that Valentin disposed of it, and they have no idea where it is. Valentin comes by, and asks if she’s still talking about that. Why is she obsessed with the portrait of Helena?

Valentin say, after everything Helena has done to Laura and her family, he thought she’d be thrilled he got rid of the painting. Laura says, Helena left Nikolas the portrait, and it belongs to Spencer – the rightful heir. Nina says Spencer had told her about everything he claimed Valentin stole, but never once said anything about the portrait. If he cared, he would have said something. Laura says Spencer had a fondness for his late grandmother, but that wouldn’t matter to Valentin, would it? She walks away.

At Sonny’s, Cameron pours liquor into a soda bottle when no one is looking.

Elizabeth tells Hayden, you love your kids so much, you want to make it right, but you know you can’t. Hayden says Elizabeth is the best mom. Elizabeth assumes Finn knows. What does it mean for the two of them? Hayden says, it’s not about them; it’s about Finn and Violet. It’s not fair that she dumped a new reality in his lap, and Elizabeth asks if Finn has had any contact with Violet. Hayden says, Violet only knows him as a doctor, but they’ve talked a little, and Finn snuck her in some chocolate. It’s insane. From the minute she found out she was pregnant, she dreamed about Finn and their child. Now she’s finally seen it. Elizabeth says, and? Hayden says, he was perfect.

Alexis tells Finn that she thought she was tired from her workout, but it moved to her stomach. Finn says, nausea, but she says, pain. Molly says she got sick on the way over. He says he’ll get her set up with an IV. She wonders if it’s the flu, and he asks if she’s gotten a shot. She says it’s October, and he tells her it’s the time of year they suggest getting vaccinated. Molly says she’s running late, and starts to leave. Finn tells her to set up a flu shot appointment before she goes, and she says she already got one. Okay, okay. We get it. They want us to get our flu shots. Alexis says, of course (🍷). She wants to be Molly when she grows up. Finn notices a rash on her palms, and asks how long she’s had it, but she doesn’t know.

TJ says he thought Jordan liked Molly. She says she does. Molly is everything she’d want for him in a partner, and she’s practically family. He asks, what’s the problem? and she says they’ve been together since high school. He’s never dated anyone else. He says he didn’t want to, and they’ve proven it will last. She says they come from the same town, and both go to a local college. Has he considered that he’s limiting his options? He asks if Jordan wants him to date other people, and she says she thinks they should both explore more of life before making a lifetime commitment. Molly calls, and TJ steps away. Curtis looks at Jordan, who says, oh look. The comptroller. She needs to say hello. I guess that was like a how about them Mets? subject changer.

Sasha tells Michael, if Cassandra walks, it’s her fault. No one takes what she says seriously anymore. Michael says, he does, and she can’t believe he still trusts her after what happened. He says he trusts her more. She says she doesn’t deserve it. He asks if she wants to go, and she says she’d like another club soda. Michael heads for the bar, and literally runs into Ava. She drops her purse, and he sees the gun in her bag.

Curtis asks Jordan if the comptroller is keeping Port Charles afloat, and she says, so far, so good. She asks where TJ went, and Curtis says Alexis is at the hospital. Molly thinks she has the flu, but she wanted to be sure. So does she want to talk about it? The bomb TJ just dropped, and how she treated it like she’s in denial. She says when they transitioned form high school sweethearts to college roommates, it was easy. She never considered where it was heading. Curtis says it never occurred to her that TJ might want to marry Molly?

Alexis says she’s being embarrassed further by a med student observing? Molly says he’s there as a supportive boyfriend. Alexis asks if she really asked TJ to leave the party, and Molly says he decided to. TJ says, family shows up for each other. Alexis says, isn’t that the sweetest? and Finn says, pretty sweet, yes. Alexis asks how much longer until she’s not feeling crappy? and Finn says, soon. By the time she goes home tomorrow. He wants her to stay overnight; that’s his professional opinion. She asks, why? What does he think is wrong?

Hayden apologizes, telling Elizabeth she forgot to ask about the trial. What happened? Elizabeth says, Franco won, and Hayden is so sorry. Elizabeth says, it’s really rough on the boys. Hayden ask if they know, and Elizbeth says, Cameron does; he was there. Hayden ask how he is, and Elizabeth says, pretending he’s fine, but she knows he’s beating himself up. She hates all of it, and hates that it’s out of her control. Only one thing makes sense in all of this. Why Hayden came back, and why she’s so good with the boys. She’s part of the club now. Elizabeth hugs her, and Hayden says she guesses she is.

Jason brings Carly some tea. She says she’s worried about Josslyn is covering. She had the alternative to stay home. Some people would gut it out to prove they can be strong. Jason says, she is strong, and she says she hates seeing Josslyn hurt. She wants to jump in, but she can’t. Jason knows, and says she has to let Josslyn find her way. She says she’ll remind of that years down the road with his kids. He says he’ll need help, and she says like he’s there to help her. They hug.

Josslyn says for someone who claims not to care about Halloween, Dev is obsessing about his costume. Trina thinks they did a good job; she’s proud of them. She knows Josslyn and Cameron are going through a hard time, and Josslyn says they’ll just go to the stupid dance, and try to have fun. Cameron doesn’t think they have to try. He looks at the bottle in his coat pocket.

Michael says, what the hell? and Ava says she has a permit. He says that doesn’t mean she should bring a gun to his mom’s hotel. She can’t believe he’s saying that with a straight face. Sonny and Jason have never been there without carrying a gun. He says they have special privileges, and she says after what she’s been through, she’s learned you can never be too careful.

Laura tells Jax, that was close. They need to stay off the clock in public. Jax says, agreed. If Valentin still thinks the painting is worthless, he won’t look to reclaim it.

At the bar, Nina asks what Valentin thought about Jax’s conversation with Laura. He says it’s probably nothing, but he’s beginning to think the portrait is more valuable than he realized. Ava overhears.

Tomorrow, Finn asks Hayden what part he plays in Violet’s life, Doc has a confession to make, and Sam gets her cellmate back.

🎃 I am still behind with Halloween, and suddenly, it’s tomorrow. I’m also in desperate need for some sleep tonight, so this is a quicker RHOD than usual. The worst thing? It all might get rained out. But you know as well as I do, if I don’t make up a billion candy bags, that’s when I’ll get six busloads of kids at once. One year, I thought I started rifling through my cupboards, but I didn’t think instant oatmeal would be the treat anyone was looking for. Luckily, I ended up with three goody bags left.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kary, Brandi D’Andra meet for lunch. D’Andra acts like she’s shocked about Kameron’s lack of manners, and they talk about how awful it is to bring someone uninvited to a bar. Kary once again compares it to a wedding. I guess she thinks her girls nights are that special.

LeeAnne goes for her final fitting with designer Nardos. Tiffany, Stephanie, and Kameron are along for the ride, along with some friends we don’t pay attention to. Kameron says when the quartet trio played at the shower, it became real. Stephanie is annoyed that Kameron is holding on to a petty thing. In her interview, she says she doesn’t need a third six-foot tall child.

Brandi says she’s not going to the wedding. A typed invitation ten days before the wedding is tacky. Says the woman who wore a hat decorated with plastic turds to a society party. She says she’s not dropping already made plans, and if she doesn’t have any, she’ll make some. I added that last part. D’Andra says her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

LeeAnne models her dress. I’m loving the lace sleeves and back, but not so much the skirt part, which has a giant extra ruffle that makes it look weirdly unfinished. Nardos says it brings the child inside LeeAnne to life. LeeAnne wants to be worthy. She didn’t get that as a child, and struggles as an adult. Kameron loves being a part of her fairy tale, and Stephanie hopes the feeling makes LeeAnne a softer person.

Kary flashes back to LeeAnne being a downer. D’Andra doesn’t understand why Kary is going. Kary says she and LeeAnne are figuring out their friendship. In Kary’s interview, she says it’s a nice way to extend an olive branch, and she doesn’t want to give LeeAnne a reason to be negative. She tells D’Andra and Brandi that her next girls night is going to be in an undisclosed location.

Kary tells us that daughter Olivia’s prom is in two days. Olivia is working on her dress. Olivia is interning with designer Mackenzie Brittingham. In her interview, Kary says growing up, Olivia always wore interesting things. She thought she’d miss Olivia when she went to college, but Olivia has been such a pill, she’s looking forward to it. Olivia wants to go to fashion design camp in London, but can’t afford it. Eduardo is loaded, but shot it down. In Kary’s interview, she says Eduardo has been a good step-father to her kids, but as they get older, their financial needs are bigger, and she doesn’t get support from her ex anymore. She hates that Eduardo has the financial power. Geez, how stingy is Eduardo? It’s not like Olivia is asking for a party on a yacht. Kary tells Olivia about her plans for getting her own money. Olivia wishes Kary still had her prom dress and she could mess with it. She sounds like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

Brandi is pissed that Brooklyn is riding her scooter in the street. Brooklyn insists the sidewalks are more dangerous. Probably, but just for the people walking on them when she comes along. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s been making the effort to give Brooklyn more time, but when she’s not getting attention, it backfires, and feels like Brooklyn is purposely pissing her off. Brooklyn argues over wearing a helmet. This kid is beyond obnoxious, but that’s not surprising. Brandi is afraid Brooklyn is going to resent it if she disciplines her, and push her away. Um… that’s called part of parenting. She says sometimes it feels like she’s failed.

Jeremy and D’Andra pick out clothes for a family dinner. In her interview, D’Andra says her family is small, and they don’t see each other often, so it’s important when they do. Jeremy asks how it went with Mama Dee, and D’Andra says her mom says mean things. D’Andra has taken a pay cut, moved the office to the house, and Jeremy’s been an employee. In her interview, she says now Jeremy understands how the business works. Her mother has made no effort to help, and just makes her feel bad. She tells Jeremy that she wants to show Mama Dee a united front. In D’Andra’s interview, she says her mother left the company in bad shape, and needs to take responsibility for the fact that she caused this. She tells Jeremy that they’ll both ask questions.

LeeAnne and Rich go out for sushi. LeeAnne tells Rich that everyone keeps telling her it’s x amount of days until the wedding. She told them, no math. He says, it’s not regular math; it’s a countdown. She says the wedding is in 72 hours, and he says, don’t threaten him. She says her mom is staying in a hotel. In her interview, LeeAnne says they haven’t spoken in two years. When they went to therapy, her mother said what she needed to look good, and lied. If they can’t find a place of truth in their conversations, LeeAnne doesn’t need to have them. She had a tough time deciding if she should include her mother. Rich says she only gets one. LeeAnne suggests letting her participate in lighting the unity candle. In LeeAnne’s interview, she tells us, in the South, you honor your mother, but in reality she wasn’t. LeeAnne’s mother didn’t raise her. Her grandmother did. She tells Rich that her mother tends to make things about her, and cause drama. She wants a mostly drama free wedding, and really wants to see her grandmother. Rich says, she’ll be there, so happy up. He says he hates when women cry, and will do a lot to prevent it. She says that’s why she’s with him. They toast to their future as husband and wife.

Jeremy and D’Andra meet Mama Dee, her brother James, and some of Dee’s friends for dinner. That’s the family? Dee toasts to their wonderful family and friends. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Dee and James have always had a tumultuous relationship. James was born when Dee was fifteen, and she sometimes treats him like a son. They argue a lot. Dee applauds Jeremy working with D’Andra, and Jeremy tells her about the new website, saying it’s going to spell out what the company means to D’Andra. Dee says, a mission statement, and D’Andra says she couldn’t find one on the old site. Dee doesn’t think she ever had one, but they were on TV. We see an old clip of D’Andra and Dee doing an infomercial. Jeremy says that’s where they were nailing it, but the market’s not there anymore. Dee says she built it for herself, and now D’Andra has the opportunity to go her own way, and start at ground level. D’Andra says she’s never been in that position. In Dee’s interview, she says she’d never put money into the company because she has no faith that it will come back and boom. Jeremy says, nothing has been invested in it for a long time. D’Andra says everything should have been in place. If she’d known, she would have been happy to cut her salary, but Dee wouldn’t let her see anything. Dee says D’Andra doesn’t understand the financial side. Only the owners and CPA see the numbers. Who made up that rule? I was in accounting for a long time, and never heard that before. D’Andra says she came in not knowing anything. James says her father was the expert. Oh ho. I think I see what happened. The father didn’t let Mama Dee see the books, and when he died, everything went south. Jeremy asks if Mama Dee has any regrets, but she says, no. She’s glad D’Andra has the company. D’Andra says if the switch had been made three years ago, she wouldn’t be in this position. Mama Dee says she has no regrets. In her interview, Dee says she never felt that she did anything wrong, and has no guilt. It’s not her responsibility. Dee rambles for a while, and says they can’t keep going back to this. She says if D’Andra thinks she did it deliberately, she needs to see a doctor. I guess I do too. D’Andra says nothing upsets Dee and she has no regrets. Why did Dee put her in this position? Dee says she thought D’Andra would be there 9 to 5, but she’d show up at 4:30 when everyone was leaving at 5. She  thought D’Andra would be more attentive to the company. It doesn’t sound like Dee encouraged that much. She says she refuses to talk about it anymore.

Brandi and Stephanie get ready for their podcast, A Weekly Dose of B.S. In case we didn’t get it, Stephanie explains in her interview, it stands for their names, not bullsh*t. She says it’s the most fun she’s had in her life. In Brandi’s interview, she says it’s really an hour of them catching up. Brandi decides to call Kary, pretending to be the gardener from next door, and telling her a spilly spider has gotten loose, and went into her house. They want to come and get it out. It’s dangerous, and can eat her pets. A friend of Kary’s gets on the phone, and asks what address they’re calling about. When Brandi hesitates, the friend says, eff off. Brandi and Stephanie die laughing, and Stephanie tells Kary it’s a prank call. She’s on their podcast. Afterward, Brandi tells Stephanie that Bruin’s biological mother is pregnant again, and already planning to give it to the state. She and Brian would be the first people asked to adopt the baby. Stephanie says it’s insane. She knows a couple with six children because the biological mother wouldn’t stop having them. Brandi doesn’t know if she can handle another baby. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Brandi would need full-time help if she took on another baby. She worries that Brandi needs help as it is.

LeeAnne and Rich arrive at the church. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she knows it’s tradition for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding, but he’s been married a few times. it’s her first, and her MF’ing rules. She says no more normal life, and he asks when it was normal. LeeAnne tells Steve the final count is 350, but might be more.

Stephanie and Cary note that there’s a window of five hours in between the wedding and the reception. Stephanie thinks it’s brilliant that LeeAnne has a whole day celebrating her, and they have five hours to figure out what to do with their kids.

Kary and Kameron get their makeup done together. Kameron calls LeeAnne, and asks if she’s excited. LeeAnne says she was at the Round Up late. Court brings the ladies some food. In Kary’s interview, she says Eduardo would be expecting her to make him a sandwich while she got her makeup done. He sounds more and more like a real gem. Kameron shows Kary her photo book of mommy porn. It’s pictures of Court doing various chores around the house, including taken a dish out of the dishwasher that has his face on it. It’s very cute, and I have to say, has more imagination than I would have given him credit for. Kameron says, the sexiest thing is a man with a vacuum cleaner. In Kary’s interview, she thinks Kameron must have a golden vagina because of the things Court does for her. Kameron says, helping a mom out is a turn-on.

Cousin Katy tells LeeAnne that her mom is late. Tiffany goes through some positive affirmations with LeeAnne. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says her mom being late triggers he little girl who feels abandoned. Once the church door is shut, nobody is walking in, and ruining or distracting from her moment.

Next time, there’s no food at the wedding, Brian tells Brandi that two babies is a handful, and Eduardo says Kary only wants to talk about what she wants to talk about.

🌌 FYI, the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy channel has been rerunning Channel Zero. Since it’s been canceled <sob!>, catch it while you can.

🐈 They Don’t All Look Grey In the Dark…

I just thought this was cute, and appropriate for the season. He’s sort of black.

👠 It Will Last Through the Apocalypse…

Along with cockroaches and Twinkies, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will be with us forever.

💧 So I’ll Remove the Cause…

But not the symptom. Yes, I threw the first confetti. See Sal Piro‘s book, Creatures of the Night. Believe me, it’s not something I would make up. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry, depending on where you stand on that.

October 29, 2019 – Franco’s First Day Of Freedom, Vicki’s Birthday As Queen, Soapy Halloween, What Marie Said & Bad Moon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis tells Neil this puts a new spin on meal delivery. He says he knows she’s working, and she says she’s doing research. He says she needs sustenance to concentrate, and she says he’s right. She worked out, and deserves it. Her trainer is mean, and today’s workout literally made her dizzy. Neil unpacks some take-out, and says, have at it. He’ll let her get back to work. She says, it’s a lot of food, and asks if he wants to join her. He says he would, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason, and Alexis tells Neil, it’s Sam’s significant other, so it can’t be good. She lets Jason in, and asks, what’s wrong?

Elizabeth leaves a message for Cameron. She knows he’s upset, but he can’t run off like this. She asks him to call her back right away. Cameron walks in as she’s hanging up. She says she’s not mad about him running out of court, but when he didn’t answer his phone, she worried. He says he turned it off. All kinds of reporters were calling him. She says, her too. Now that he’s home, she can put it on silent. She asks where he was, and he says Trina hauled him to the gym. He took his frustrations out on a punching bag, and the bag won.

Sonny hears someone come into the gym, and says, they’re closed. Scotty says he’s not there to fight. Sonny owes him, and he’s there to collect. Sonny says Cameron was just there, so he guesses the hearing didn’t go the way they wanted. Scotty tells him, he might say that. Sonny is sorry for Scotty, Elizabeth, and her family. Scotty says he doesn’t want sympathy. He wants Sonny to make it right.

Kim’s phone rings, and Franco asks if she’s going to get that. She says she knows who’s calling; Julian. She doesn’t care what he has to say. All that matters is what he thinks. He’s free, and there’s nothing stopping them from getting on a plane, going back to San Diego, and picking up where they left off. Franco says, actually there is.

Franco says he wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. She says he scared her. She thought Elizabeth got to him, when she asked him to say goodbye to their family. He doesn’t owe them anything. Not after what they did to him; what they put him through. It’s just him and her. He says, it’s not that simple. They can’t just pick up where they left off. She asks, why not? She thought that’s what he wanted when he came to her apartment. There’s nothing keeping them there. He says he hadn’t processed everything she went through. She had a son – their son. She lost their son less than a year ago, and he doesn’t think you get over something like that in a matter of months, if you do at all. He’s worried that she hasn’t been given the proper time to heal. She says he was ready to go before Elizabeth and Scotty got in the way, and now that he’s overcome that, he’s pumping the brakes. What he heard when she testified about how she drugged Drew, and tried to conceive another child, she can’t begin to explain how she regrets it. She felt horrible. She wasn’t well at the time, but nothing justifies it. She was wrong, but Scotty brought it up to use as a weapon, and make her look bad. He had no way of knowing, unless Julian deliberately told him. Franco says, from what he’s seen, Julian has nothing but her complete well-being at heart. Kim says he’s furious that she chose Drew. He’ll do anything to break them apart, and he’s letting Julian do it. Kim is starting to become a little unhinged.

Julian leaves a message for Kim. He heard about the ruling. Call him.

Kendra goes to the dumpster at Charlies, and takes the remaining supplement container out of her backpack. She flashes back to being at Kiefer’s grave, saying she’ll always miss him, but getting justice for his death will lighten the load. We see her putting something in the supplement, and then she remembers giving it to Alexis at Charlie’s. She puts the container in the dumpster. Julian comes out with some garbage, and asks if he can help her. I’m already done with this storyline.

Jason tells Alexis, sorry to interrupt. Alexis ask Neil to give them a minute, and he goes to the kitchen to get plates. She assumes it’s about Sam, and Jason says Sam decided go with a bench trial. Alexis asks what Diane was thinking.

Peter tells Maxie sorry to keep her waiting. She says she’s tired of being the third wheel with him and his phone. There’s a table waiting upstairs, and she’s taking it. She’s going to enjoy the meal she was hoping to share with him, and then going home to the place she lives with James, which is not where he lives. He made it clear he doesn’t want to live anywhere with them, and she doesn’t want to focus on what he doesn’t want. He says, it’s nothing like that. He’s waiting for news on the hearing so The Invader can get the scoop. The hearing ended an hour ago, and he’s heard nothing. Maybe there’s a  dispute. He wonders if Maxie could check with Mac; maybe he knows something. She can’t believe he asked her to do that, and asks if The Invader is in financial trouble, and the story is going to make or break them. She doesn’t understand why he cares if Franco stays being Drew.

Cameron tells Elizabeth, their family has been blown apart, and he can’t help but feel partly responsible. What if he’d run from Shiloh? She says Shiloh literally held him hostage at gun point. None of it is his fault. Blaming himself isn’t going to change anything, and it’s certainly not going to help. No matter what, they’re a family, and nothing is going to change that.

Scotty tells Sonny that he and Elizabeth did what they could legally. They were making headway, but Doc tanked the case. He blew it. Sonny says, so Scotty wants an alternative solution. Scotty says, what they talked about; one father to another. He wants Sonny to step up and save his son. Sonny remembers the conversation, but doesn’t remember making any promises. Scotty says they’re talking about his son. He’s going to leave town, and they’ll never see him again. Sonny needs to do what needs to be done. Grab Franco and put him somewhere until Andre can fix him. Sonny says he’s talking about forcible restraint and assault. Kidnapping. It’s a major felony. Scotty says, like Sonny has never done that before.

Sonny says, what if he does what Scotty is asking? What makes him so sure Andre can bring back his son? Scotty says, it’s Andre’s research, and Andre’s mess. Sonny says what if Franco comes out as a weird combination? and I think of The Fly. Scotty says, it doesn’t matter. His son is gone already. If Sonny was in his place, wouldn’t he do the same?

Elizabeth wraps Cameron’s hand, and tells him to keep it wrapped, then ice it. One more thing… He says she can’t kiss his booboo and make it better, but she says she’s doing it for herself, and kisses the top of his head. The doorbell rings, and Cameron says, it’s probably Scotty. He can’t talk about it anymore. But it’s Bobbie, looking for Scotty. He’s not picking up, and there’s been no word on the hearing. She thought maybe he was there with Franco. Elizabeth says he probably knows why he’s not answering his phone. The hearing… they lost. Bobbie hugs her, and says she’s so sorry.

Peter tells Maxie that he’s not invested in the outcome one way or the other. He didn’t know Drew well, and didn’t know Franco at all. She says, it seems important, and he says he’s been accused of focusing on numbers too much. Maybe now is one of those times. Either way, The Invader wins, as long as he gets the jump on the story. Looking at the phone, he says his reporter got back to him. He looks at Maxie. She asks, what happened? and he says, everything turned out for best in the end.

Jason tells Alexis that Diane presented Sam with options, but Sam chose the bench trial. Alexis says maybe Diane didn’t explain it, but Jason says she did. It was a faster option. The Feds think Sam is a flight risk, and she wants to be home with the kids. Alexis asks if he’s okay with this, but he says he’s not comfortable with Sam putting her future in the hands of one person, but it’s Sam’s choice. Alexis looks at her phone, and says she heard from the court clerk. The judge ruled in Franco’s favor. Jason feels badly for Elizabeth, and says he has to go. Alexis asks him to keep her posted. She has to stay there in case Sam needs her. She closes the door, and looks like she has a headache.

Kendra tells Julian she’s not stealing secrets. She parked nearby, and thought it was a shortcut. Julian asks if steps aren’t a way of life for a personal trainer. She says she prefers life coach, but she has cheat days built into her regimen. He tells her to follow him through the kitchen. We see the container in the dumpster.

Franco says they don’t know how Scotty got the information. Maybe it was Julian, but how it came out isn’t as important as the fact she was grieving. She was grieving, out of control, and not thinking. Kim says he heard her confession. He heard her say she felt terrible. It was the worst mistake of her life, but does she have to pay by losing him? He says he’s not talking about her losing him; he’s talking about what’s best for her. She says, he’s what’s best for her. She’s bordering on hysteria, and says before he showed up she was barely surviving . Then he kissed her, and her heart started beating again. She knows she’s still grieving Oscar’s death, and made a terrible decision, but that doesn’t mean she’s so broken they can’t have a life together. Unless he’s changed his mind. Maybe now that he’s been granted his freedom, he wants to be free of her too.

She starts walk out, and he says he loves her, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but the only way is if they do it right; responsibly and slowly. Kim asks what that looks like to him. Staying in Port Charles? Weeks? Months? He says, as long as it takes for her to heal. He’s not in a hurry anymore. He’s not running. They can stop, assess, and stay cool; make a plan. Kim says, okay. She’d made a plan. Her apartment didn’t sell, so she’s leasing it. Should she call it off? What about work? She hasn’t been reinstated, and after what came out, she doesn’t think she will be. And what about him? Is he going to look for a job? Apply to the Navy reserves. She laughs, and says his medical records won’t match what’s on file. Tell her what do, because nothing in this scenario is normal. Um… wouldn’t they have to ask these same questions wherever they went? Franco says, nothing will ever be normal about them. He just wants to take the time to figure it out. He knows that’s not the answer she wants, but the answer she has is that he wants to be with her. She says, just not now. She’s got it. Not until she’s fixed. No pressure. No time table. No promises. She walks out.

Maxie tells Peter that he has to run the story, and he says he already has. In ten minutes, he wants to hear every phone in Port Charles ringing. Maxie congratulates him on getting the scoop. What does the ruling mean? Peter says, Andre can’t tamper with Franco’s brain. He gets to keep what he remembers, and what he doesn’t, stays gone. Franco can make his own decisions and do what he wants, and they can’t impose a risky treatment on him. Maxie says, Elizabeth and the kids are probably devastated. She has unpleasant memories about Franco before the tumor was removed. He wasn’t her favorite person, but he clearly made Elizabeth happy, and now he’s gone, under bizarre circumstances. She’s not close to Scotty, but he’s a dad who just lost his son. She wants Peter to promise that reporters won’t be hounding them for a response. Peter says he’ll make sure they’re off limits. He promises they won’t forget the toll on the families. The whole thing has given him a new found perspective on what’s important. She asks, what’s that? and he says, her and James. He wants them to spend every moment they can together. He doesn’t want just dinner, or taking James to the park. He wants more than a few mornings. He wants every morning. He wants to move forward with their plan to move in together.

Bobbie asks Elizabeth if there’s something she can do. Elizabeth says Bobbie has always been there for her, and Bobbie says Elizabeth is a survivor. She’s come through every challenge, no matter how difficult. She’s stronger than ever, and will make though this. Elizabeth says her boys will get her through, but Scotty should be comforted. Bobbie says she can’t reach him, and Elizabeth says his phone is probably blowing up. Bobbie is sure he’s headed for a bar. She doesn’t blame him; she just has to figure out which one. Elizabeth tells her to give Scotty her love. Bobbie says, she will. She tells Elizabeth, call if she needs anything, or wants to talk. They hug, and Bobbie leaves.

Scotty says Sonny is willing to fly across the world to save his son, but won’t lift a finger for Scotty’s. Franco got Sonny’s wife out of the looney bin, and now he doesn’t exist, but Sonny doesn’t care. Sonny says he didn’t say that. Scotty says, the judge did. No blood, no investigation, no nothing; just legally gone. Sonny tells Scotty, he didn’t say he wouldn’t help him, but Scotty says he didn’t say yes, and walks out.

Cameron opens the door to Jason, and asks why he’s there. Jason asks if he can come in? Cameron guesses he can. Jason says he wanted to talk to Cameron’s mom, but Cameron says he should have called first; she’s resting. Jason says he’s right. He’ll text her. He starts to leave, and Cameron says he’s already there. Give him the message. He might as well. Jason says he knows the judge ruled in Franco’s favor. He wanted to check in on Jake. Cameron says Jake is at their grandma’s, but he doesn’t think Jason should be around when Jake finds out. Elizabeth listens in on the conversation.

Cameron says Jake knows Jason hates Franco. Everybody does. Jason has made it hard, going against Franco. Jason made sure he helped, so Franco didn’t come back. Elizabeth comes out, and says, it’s not Jason’s fault. The deciding factor was Doc’s testimony. He said Franco was competent to make his own choices. Cameron tells her, that’s what Jason said, that Franco could answer the question himself. Jason made the most sense of anyone until Doc got up, and the judge listened to him. Maybe they sounded crazy, and maybe they were, but they loved Franco. Jason just wanted to get rid of him. Elizabeth says, enough, and tells Cameron to go upstairs. She wants to speak to Jason alone. Cameron leaves, and she says he’s angry at the world, not just Jason. Jason gets it, and admires Cameron’s loyalty to his family. He wishes he hadn’t been called to testify. Elizabeth does too.

Bobbie finds Scotty at Charlie’s. Kendra sits at a table, and Julian says Alexis has been raving about her workouts. Does she have any openings? She says she’ll check, and he tells her they don’t have kale smoothies. She orders a Manhattan with three cherries. She doesn’t mess around on her cheat days. Kim comes storming up to Julian, and cracks him hard across the face.

Alexis tells Neil that Sam elected to have a bench trial. It might have sounded good from Sam’s perspective, but not from hers. She’s not Sam’s attorney, but she can’t let it go. Kendra claims it throws off her mind/body balance when she’s being a micromanager, and Alexis can’t argue. Neil says maybe she should rest. A workout shouldn’t leave her light headed. Alexis says her body needs to adjust.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s getting a weird déjà vu. She was under the impression he was having second thoughts. That’s why he passed on the apartment. Peter confesses he’s superstitious about a good thing. He’s afraid to ask for more, or he might lose everything. Maxie tells him that he’s just as deserving of a good life as anyone else. Their phones ring, and they both look. Peter smiles, and looks at The Invader headline: Judge to Franco: You’re Drew.

Franco walks into the gym. He asks if he knows Sonny. Sonny says, no, but he knows Franco.

Maxie asks Peter, what made him decide? He says, her. She changed everything for him. Her love, compassion, and faith; she believed in him, and challenged him. She changed his life. He never believed in life before; it was unimaginable. Now there’s a real future, with her, him, and James. Maxie says what made him believe this now? and he says they were talking about Franco, and everything Elizabeth lost. It made him realize how much he could lose if he lets the past overshadow the present. He doesn’t want the past to interfere. From this day forward, it stays where it belongs – in the past. They kiss.

Elizabeth tells Jason, Cameron is mad at the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Jake loves Franco, and it’s going to be a huge heartbreak. Jason says he doesn’t want to make it worse for Jake or her. Whatever she wants him to do, he will. She thinks it’s best if he stays away, and lets Jake find out from them. Let them deal with their grief as a family.

Kim tells Julian, how dare he? He tells Kendra, excuse them, and tells Kim, calm down. She says, after his betrayal? Scotty’s shameful secret weapon he used against her. How could Julian be that resentful? She’ll never forgive him for using it against her. He tells her vent and rant all she wants. Hate him, but he didn’t do it to hurt her. He wants her to get the help she needs.

Scotty tells Bobbie, he thought he could win, and Bobbie says, maybe something he said resonated with  Franco, and he’ll change his mind. Scotty says, maybe. The court failed him, and he did something. He never thought he’d be so desperate, but he went to her son-in-law. She says, Sonny? and he says he begged Sonny, and does she know what Sonny did? Turned his back on him.

Franco tells Sonny, it’s been a helluva day. He was looking to hit the bag. Sonny says he’s not dressed for it, and they’re closed, but he has a few minutes. Franco takes his jacket, shirt and tie off, and hangs them over the ring ropes. Sonny says from what he hears, the day didn’t go like everyone wanted it to. Welcome to Port Charles. He asks if Franco needs a spotter, and wraps Franco’s hands. Franco says he’s generous. Is he always that way? Sonny says, only to friends, and Franco asks if they’re friends. Sonny says Franco has the memories of somebody who meant a lot to him, and the face of someone he never wants to see again. Franco says, it must be tricky for him. He says imagine his reaction when Franco’s father came in and asked for his help.

Peter tells Maxie, let’s go upstairs for dinner, but she says, why wait to call Lucy?

Scotty says he doesn’t know what he was thinking, but Bobbie says she does. He did what he thought he had to for his son. He says his son needed him to win. It was the only way to get him back. Bobbie knows he’s resourceful, and he’ll come up with something. He’s not giving up on Franco any more than Lee and Gail gave up on him. He says he doesn’t see a way out, but she says he’ll come up with one.

Julian tells Kim that she’s trying to reclaim something that’s over. She’s pinning her hopes on someone who’s not real. She says he went behind her back, and the details of her life were broadcast to people who care nothing about her. Julian says he thought by Franco getting help, it would free her up to get the help she needs. She says they won in spite of it. Now they can get back to their lives. All he did was destroy any part of her that still cared about him. She stomps out.

Sonny tells Franco that he didn’t say he’d help, but he owes Franco one. If he needs help, let him know. Franco likes that Sonny is being straight with him. People have been telling him what he wants, but it’s really what they want. Sonny asks what he wants, and Franco says, right now, he wants to hit something. Sonny gets on the other side of the bag, and says, go for it. Franco begins to hit the bag.

Elizabeth knows if Jason pretends, it won’t help Jake. Emotional dishonesty resonates, and in the end, it destroys trust. He’s always been truthful with Jake. He says he’s sorry, and she says, everyone is sorry, except for Kim. She’s probably thrilled. Elizabeth says she probably shouldn’t be as angry as she is. Kim is still grieving, and not thinking, but she got what she wanted. Elizabeth still has to get through  tonight, and the nights after that. She doesn’t know how to do that.

Neil tells Alexis to drink water if she’s working out, and Alexis says she does. She doesn’t feel good, and asks if they can do it another night. He says, if he may be so bold, she should skip the research, and go straight to bed. She says, deal, and Neil says to tell her life coach to dial it back a notch. Get some rest. He leaves, and she practically falls asleep before she closes the door. She goes upstairs. On the coffee table, her phone lights up. It’s Kendra calling.

Kendra is back in the alley, and leaves Alexis a message, saying it was a good session. It will be even better next time. She looks forward to it. She looks at the dumpster, and we see the container again. I can’t believe this is how they ended today. Pfft!

Tomorrow, Josslyn tells Carly that she thinks she’s lost it, Alexis won’t wake up, Valentin wants to know why Laura is obsessed with Helena’s portrait, and Hayden asks if Finn wants to be part of Violet’s life.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki is in the car with Tamra, and asks where they’re going. Tamra says, a costume shop where Shannon wants to go, but Shannon is going to be late. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s wanted to have a tea party, so why not for Vicki’s birthday? She thought it would be fun if they dressed up. Queen Victoria; Vicki thinks she’s the queen of everything. She tells Vicki that a friend of hers sent her a picture of Gina and Matt making out in a bar. Vicki says, they still love each other, and Tamra says, he’s a cheater. Vicki says she obviously wants to take him back, but Tamra says, Gina told her the opposite. She told Gina, don’t drink. In her interview, Tamra says, Gina was finally in a place where she was moving on, and this is going to set her back.

Braunwyn tells Sean that she’s finally found a gluten-free, nut-free, vegan recipe. In her interview, she says she has to make three or four dinners every night. It’s impossible. She wonders when Bella is getting back from Florida. She’s in Miami and each child is a part of her heart. When one leaves, her heart is a little empty. At the dinner table, they talk about the college admissions scandal, and Sean says those parents aren’t letting their kids fail. Rowan talks about working on applications for NYC colleges. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says the last time Rowan was in NYC, her eating issues kicked into high gear. Rowan has a dream, and it’s her role to support that dream, no matter what. Braunwyn asks if Rowan isn’t worried she’ll miss them, and Braunwyn says she will, but she’s going to have fun. Braunwyn says they might get old, but they’ll never be boring. Rowan says, like Mama Deb, aka Betsey Johnson’s evil twin.

Tamra and Vicki go to the Gasoline Alley costume shop. Tamra explains what they’re looking for to the clerk. In her interview, Vicki says she’s going to be queen for day, and her girlfriends are going to bow down to her. Tamra says they want to get the good stuff before the others get there. In Tamra’s interview, she says she loves having parties with Vicki, and we flash back to some of them. She says the best party ever was the 80s bunko party, and we flash back to Vicki screaming at Gretchen. Vicki knows how to party. Shannon arrives, coming in screeching. Probably something about the Tres Amigas. They all hug. Shannon says it’s her favorite store. In her interview, she says, if there’s a theme, and she can be dressed up to the point of almost obnoxious, she’s in. Tamra tells Shannon about her girlfriend sending her the picture. She said Gina and Matt were all over each other. Tamra shuts up just in time, because Gina comes in the door, apologizing for being late. Shannon suggests a Mad Hatter look for her, and Gina is good with that. Tamra says, you, and Gina insists nothing happened. Tamra says, no alcohol and no touching. They were wasted and making out. Gina asks, who said? and Vicki says, they have photos. Tamra says a good friend was sitting right across from them. In Gina’s interview, she says it’s such a small town, she can’t even make out with her own damn husband without getting caught. They should have gotten take-out. Gina says, it was a setback, but Shannon says, it’s not. If Gina is trying to repair her family, great, but it brings up lot for her. That didn’t work with her marriage. Gina thinks she and Matt are good together, but she can’t trust him. Shannon says it didn’t work with her, and in her interview, Gina says, all roads lead back to Shannon. Vicki says it’s not about them; it’s about her. She wants to be called Queen Victoria.

During the commercial break, there’s a very cool ad for the new Terminator movie, where Tamra and Shannon are incorporated into a scene with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). It actually works well.

Gina brings daughter Sienna to therapist Julie, who tells Sienna that she’s playing with her today. In Gina’s interview, she says, Sienna has regressed in school. Her teacher isn’t confident that she’ll be where she needs to be when she goes to kindergarten. Good Lord, it’s competitive before you even get to kindergarten now. She tells Sienna that Sienna has always had coordination issues, and would just fall over. Sienna explains that the sensory integration processes how the body receives information from the environment. It affects attention span, emotional concentration, listening, and following directions. Something like the tag on her shirt could be distracting. She tells Gina that sensory integration therapy will help. Gina is in the right place, doing the right thing. In her interview, Gina thinks Sienna feels a little neglected in transition. Matt not being around effected all the kids. We flash back to the kids being obnoxious. Julie tells Sienna to follow the pen with only her eyes, and even I see she looks away for a second in the middle of the exercise. Julie does various other sensory exercises, and in Gina’s interview, she says it feels like it’s her fault. Like she did something wrong; like she failed to see something. Julie recommends therapy, saying Sienna will benefit greatly from it. In her interview, Gina says there’s a lot going on at home. It’s one of the reasons she feels like she should be trying to get Matt back. Things are slipping, and she’s not enough for everybody. Things are hard. Sienna has some real playtime, and Gina says. she’s no stranger to fun.

While she’s getting her makeup done, Tamra says, Vicki is going to die when she sees the wig. She FaceTimes with Kelly, and tells Kelly that she doesn’t want to miss this, but Kelly says she’s on her way to L.A. to take back some dresses. She asks if they’re dressing up in hats and stuff. She says, sorry, but she’s not celebrating Vicki’s birthday. The only celebration she’s having with Vicki is going to her funeral. Tamra tells her, just pretend, but Kelly says she has no time. She thanks Tamra for the invitation. In her interview, Kelly says just because she can move forward with Vicki, doesn’t mean she’s getting Vicki a birthday gift or they’re going to be best friends. Hell no. Tamra googles Queen Victoria.

Vicki comes in, and asks where her princesses are. Tamra tells the makeup people that she doesn’t want Vicki to look ugly, but wants her to look the part. Tamra says she’s been awaiting Vicki’s arrival, and shows Vicki her dress. Shannon comes in next, and asks if Tamra has her curtsey down. Tamra tells Shannon that the makeup people are making Vicki up, but not letting her see. She shows Shannon a picture, and they both nearly wet their pants laughing. In Shannon’s interview, she says Vicki has to look like Marie Antoinette, since there’s a cake in that wig. Let them eat cake. Off with her head. She asks if Marie Antoinette said that, and the producer says he thinks that’s the Queen of Hearts. Yep. And she didn’t exactly say, let them eat cake, either.

Shannon doesn’t understand. Kelly and Vicki sat next each other at the last dinner. Tamra says Kelly told her that she’s not ready celebrate, even though Tamra told her to go anyway. In Shannon’s interview, she says these are the things that frustrate her; the one step forward, and three steps back. She doesn’t get it. Vicki asks why they look elegant. Shannon says Vicki has this wig, and it’s everything.

Gina is the first to arrive at the tea party, and says when she and Tamra scouted the venue, she thought it was all pinkies up. She never thought she’d show up looking like a hooker Mad Hatter. She’s wearing a purple wig and something that looks like Steampunk, but in bright colors. She says she’ll still put her pinky up. Emily joins her, saying she didn’t recognize Gina. In Emily’s interview, she says, Gina reminds her of Pretty Woman. Gina asks if she looks like a stripper, and Emily says, a little. Like a hot tea party stripper. In her interview, Emily says she’s confused by the costume. Are there other prostitutes coming? Braunwyn is next, and says she’s underdressed. Emily isn’t wearing a costume either, and says she didn’t get the memo. The waiter takes their drink orders, and Braunwyn says she can’t drink wine or champagne; she’s allergic, and it makes her puffy. She says she’ll stick to tea, and asks for coconut milk with that. In Gina’s interview, she says, Braunwyn has pain-in-the-ass-itis. Common in Orange County. There’s no known cure. Gina says she went out with Dr. Hottie, but she’s in a place where she doesn’t know what do. She went out to dinner with Matt, and may have slept with him. Don’t make her feel bad. In Emily’s interview, she says, Gina took a step back. She was just in the position to control her own life. When sex becomes involved, it becomes a mess. Emily says Gina was never good on it being a clear break. Braunwyn says, good for her, making bad choices. Gina says, it’s the year of bad choices, and Braunwyn says it makes her feel less alone. Shannon calls Gina, who says she’s missing high tea. Shannon tells her to bring everyone to the parking lot, and Gina tells them, they’re being summoned.

In costume, Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon ride in a Cinderella type carriage, drawn by horses. They’ve decided the queen drinks shots of tequila. Emily wonders if she should go home and put a ball gown on. In her interview, Vicki says being queen has always been her thing. She likes being bowed down to, so it’s definitely her role. Shannon and Tamra unroll a red carpet, and announce the royal Queen Victoria. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, Queen Victoria was austere. Vicki is Marie Antoinette. She has a birdhouse on her head. Shannon says, pinkies up, and Braunwyn thanks her for the invite. Vicki says She was almost off the list. Shannon asks when they last saw each other, and Braunwyn says, the fashion show. Emily asks how that went, and Braunwyn tells her about Kathy whacking Kelly with the microphone. Emily says Kelly told her that she called the woman ugly, and Shannon says, you can’t say things like that. We flash back to that, and Braunwyn says she thinks Kelly meant the woman’s personality. How Kelly reigned it back, she thanked Kelly afterward. In her interview, Braunwyn says people say this or that about Kelly, but she’s going on her own judgement. Tamra tells them that Kelly got in a bar fight.

Tamra says Kelly was fighting with a girl, went to the bathroom, and came back to find the girl with her arm around Brian. She grabbed the girl’s hand, and now the girl is saying Kelly fractured it. Braunwyn says Brian and Kelly got in a fight at a bar, but separated for the night, then got back together. As Braunwyn talks, Shannon and Tamra leave to use the bathroom. In her interview, Braunwyn says she feels like she needs to defend Kelly in these situations. The girls like to take little tidbits, and blow them up. Tamra tells Shannon that she’s not going to sit there, while they’re bashing Kelly. I’m confused. I don’t think there was any real bashing here, but it was Tamra who brought Kelly up, and Shannon who criticized her behavior. Tamra says if she wanted to be a bitch, she’d tell Vicki that Kelly wanted to celebrate her death. Shannon says you should never wish someone dead; that’s karma. She loves Kelly, but she’s not loving her when she hears this sh*t. She’s not happy with Kelly right now. Tamra brings Kelly up on FaceTime, and shows Kelly their costumes. She thinks Kelly should come, but Kelly thinks she’s sick and might have strep throat. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thought Kelly was in L.A. Braunwyn pretends she has to go to the bathroom so she can see what’s going on. Vicki wonders where everyone went. In her interview, Emily says, Vicki can sure clear a room. Emily doesn’t leave a birthday party, explaining if you do, you might miss the cake. Tamra says she’s not comfortable talking about Kelly when she’s not at the table. Kelly says, sorry, but she’s not coming. Vicki asks what’s going on, and in her interview, says she wanted the day to be about her. Shannon curtseys, and says, her apologies, addressing Vicki as Queen Victoria. Vicki says, it’s not ladylike.

The waiter serves a traditional tea plate, with tiny sandwiches. Gina takes a call about her daughter, and when she gets back to the table, explains that she thinks Sienna’s motor skills are behind. Braunwyn says, as long as Gina is on it, she should be fine. She asks if Gina does public school, but Gina says they’re not in school yet. Braunwyn says, public schools really have your back. In Gina’s interview, she says it’s a scary moment, and she finds Braunwyn’s comment insensitive. I’m lost as to why. Gina tells Braunwyn she’s kind of a snob, and Braunwyn says, that’s mean. Gina tells her, the bottom line is, she doesn’t care about schools, and Braunwyn sounds like an a-hole. She’s done with it. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says Gina is being mean, and she doesn’t know why. She’s not sure why Gina is attacking her. She listened to Gina go on about her divorce, and gave her advice about her kids. Braunwyn tells Gina, all she meant is that public schools had back more than private schools. Gina says if she won the lottery, she’d get the best private school. Vicki says, it’s a charter school. Shannon asks if you don’t have to audition, and Vicki asks if Braunwyn didn’t contribute to the school, if her kids would be going. Braunwyn says, the kids like the school, and so do they, and that’s why she contributes. She starts to tear up, and says, she likes supporting the arts. She was only trying to give an homage to public schools, since they were very supportive. Gina says she’s not dealing with crying, and Tamra says, it’s the way Braunwyn said it. Braunwyn says, sorry she doesn’t want to drink directly out of a bottle. This was something earlier in this bizarre argument, and I didn’t think it would be important. Gina says, it’s not about that. She’s not talking about Braunwyn’s kids. It’s not about her. If she wins the lottery, it won’t be about her. Braunwyn says, pinkies up. Shannon says, happy birthday, Queen Victoria. My vote is in. Gina is effing annoying.

Braunwyn leaves the table. Gina says she is the Mad Hatter. She’s sorry. It was too much. Everything goes back to Braunwyn. She feels terrible, but she’s opened up more to them than anyone, and needs support. When kids have problems, being poor is better. That’s how she took it. Oh, okay. It just went from me not understanding to thinking this is stupid. I do get Gina’s annoyance at Braunwyn making it about herself, although I do think she’s just trying to be helpful. I don’t think she’s being elitist. That’s Shep Rose’s department. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s trying to think of something Braunwyn can say, but whatever she says, Gina is going to be annoyed. She’s been annoyed by Braunwyn’s pretentiousness for a long time. We flash back to Braunwyn calling Gina their little sister, and laughing like a dolphin. Emily says, it doesn’t matter what Braunwyn does or says, Gina is at maximum Braunwyn capacity. Braunwyn could tell Gina that she’s pretty, and Gina will jump across the table and bite her head off. Vicki wonders why she can’t have a nice birthday lunch.

Shannon asks Braunwyn, what’s going on? Braunwyn tells Shannon, maybe she said too much, and maybe shared more than she should have. In Shannon’s interview, she thinks it’s a complete misunderstanding. Braunwyn tried to offer helpful advice, but it’s not coming across that way. She tells Braunwyn that they’re both open, but Gina never talks. When she finally speaks about important stuff, it’s new to her. In her interview, Shannon says a little mistake can set someone off when they’re going through stress. We flash back to Shannon getting loud over nothing when she was going through her divorce. She says, that’s where Gina is today. She suggests Braunwyn tell Gina that she admires her for being open and honest, since she struggles with that, and she’s sorry she spoke about herself. Braunwyn goes back to the table, and apologizes for taking away from Gina’s moment. Gina says she wasn’t having a moment, and Braunwyn says when kids are involved, she feels the need to chime in. Gina says getting to a place where she can open up is hard for her. Braunwyn doesn’t know what it’s like for her when she does finally talk. She feels that if people don’t tiptoe around her, it will set her off. Any commentary is not okay. It’s not necessarily Braunwyn’s fault, but it’s not working for her. It’s a lot for her. Which I guess is a long way of saying, she’s overly sensitive at this time. Braunwyn says she doesn’t mind being called out, but that’s not the way she meant it. Maybe she is a snobby bitch, but her comment wasn’t. Gina says it hit her wrong. Braunwyn says, pinkies up, and Vicki says, happy birthday to her. Gina takes her wig off, and Vicki does too. I forgot to mention, that wig is everything. It’s a giant white confection with flowers of different sizes, placed in a random pattern. The cake comes; a traditional layer cake, covered in flowers in all colors. They sing, Vicki blows kisses, and Tamra films. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she doesn’t drink wine, champagne, or dairy. She’s not going to mention that she doesn’t eat cake. It might send Gina over the edge. Tamra tries to feed Vicki while she’s on the phone, and Vicki ends up with cake all over her face. The entire restaurant is watching by now. Vicki says, it’s embarrassing, then asks if anyone wants to lick her face.

Kelly is coughing. Jolie tells her, Braunwyn called. Kelly tells her, Tamra and Shannon said the girls were talking bad about her. In Kelly’s interview, she says, once again, the girls are talking about her. Shocking. Don’t they have anything else to talk about, like solving world problems? She calls Braunwyn back, and asks what they’re saying bad about her this time. Braunwyn says they didn’t say anything bad, but they were talking about Kelly and Brian’s fight. She told them it was no big deal. She missed Kelly being there. Kelly says, sorry. She didn’t want to go. Why would she celebrate Vicki’s birthday?

Shannon holds a parasol over Vicki as they walk to the car. She says, Queen Victoria. She’s royalty through and through, and Shannon will never think of her otherwise. Vicki gets in, covered with cake. Ugh. I hate things like food fights, or couples who smush cake on each other’s faces at receptions. Vicki tells Tamra, thanks a lot, and Tamra says she wanted to change the end of the party. Shannon asks if Tamra think Kelly is really sick, and Tamra says Kelly told her that she was on her way to L.A., when she said she’d rather go to Vicki’s funeral. Oops. This is exactly why I can’t stand Tamra. That was no oops. Vicki says, who talks like that? Keep Kelly away from her. Oh come on, they know Kelly uses a nasty mouth as a defense. Vicki says Kelly’s not welcome at her funeral.

Kelly tells Brian, the women were talking about their fight. Brian asks what they were saying, and Kelly tells him, they were fighting, broke up, and got back together; it was on Instagram. It’s not true. They laugh, and Brian says they’re not the first couple to break up and get back together. It happens. Kelly’s emotions run deep. She loves deeply, and when she’s angry, she feels it deeply. There’s nothing in between. That’s who she is.

Shannon says someone needs to teach Kelly what’s funny, and what’s not. Tamra says sorry Vicki heard that. Vicki says she’s never heard anyone talk like Kelly does. Kelly has called her a pig, and called Steve a POS. Shannon says Vicki has said plenty too, but Vicki says she didn’t talk about Kelly’s looks, or her family, or that Kelly pushed her mother down the stairs; now she is. Actually, I think she has before. Tamra says Kelly pushed her mom down the stairs. Vicki says, it’s already out. Vicki says she keeps allowing it to happen, and Kelly’s not going to change. Shannon suggests she sit down with Vicki and Kelly. Tamra says, you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. Does Tamra even know what a hood is? Or if Kelly is from one?

Next time, paddle boarding, Gina tells her therapist that she slept with her husband. Emily thinks she and Shane should go back to therapy, and Braunwyn says Tamra is manipulating them so they fight among themselves.

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