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March 17, 2019 – Michonne Has Her Reasons, a Little Talk, a Final Ride, Some O’Myths & an O’Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

This episode did some time jumping, which I hate, so I hope you can follow. I hope I could follow. I thought I was done with this sort of thing when Once Upon a Time was canceled.

All is peaceful near a river. Michonne rides up on a horse, and there are a few lingering zombies around the water. She slices one’s face off. She digs a gun out of the dirt, and whacks another zombie. We see that she’s pregnant. Daryl joins her. He says he followed the water to the ocean and back. There’s nothing there. He asks if she’s good. She says this one’s been kicking the sh*t out of her every morning. Judith has been asking about Daryl and wonders if he’ll be back. He says he will – when he finds something. He thinks he’ll be out there for a while. She says he doesn’t need to, but he says he’ll never stop looking. Not ever. She asks if he’s okay being alone. He nods, and says, her? She rubs her belly, and says she’s not.

Michonne cleans the gun. I assume it’s Rick’s. She puts I in a box marked Judith.

Aaron walks purposefully down the street. Judith and some other kids play. Michonne tells Judith to stay with her brother. Aaron tells Michonne, Daryl is at the at gate. He’s not alone.

Daryl tells Michonne that Henry is hurt. Hilltop was the closest; they had no other choice. Michonne sees Lydia, and asks, what about her? Henry she’s with them. Michonne looks at Aaron, who says they can’t trust her. Michonne says she trusts Daryl. She tells the guard, open it.

A pregnant Michonne opens the gate to a group of kids with Tara. The guard says they were found wandering; one of them is hurt. There’s an adult woman with them, and she says, my God, it’s Michonne. Michonne says, Chocolate?

Siddiq stitches up Josslyn aka Chocolate, who’s the hurt one. Michonne asks Daryl, where to now? Straight to the Kingdom? He says, not straight, but yeah; Carol should know. Connie thanks Michonne for everything. Michonne tells a woman at the door to keep an eye on the girl, and she says she’s on it. Aaron tells Michonne, it doesn’t look like they were following. Daryl covered his tracks. But if the skin jobs look for them, they’ll find them. Michonne says, and then?

Josslyn wants to go, but Siddiq says she’s lost too much blood. She can’t travel. Josslyn says, there are others. Michonne grabs her, and says, it’s her. Talk to her. Tell her what she needs. Josslyn says she needs them.

Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron, and some others enter a building. Michonne asks if they’re sure, and Siddiq says it was one of the places Josslyn mentioned. Aaron tries a door, but it’s locked. He says they’ll have to go back, but Judith has already crawled into a ventilation tunnel. Eugene gives her points for dexterity. She opens the door, and they go inside. They see writing on the walls. They hear a whistle, and a bunch of kids come out.

Henry says his wound is going to leave a huge scar, but Lydia likes it. He’ll never forget what he did; neither will she. Michonne needs speak Lydia – alone. Henry says he’ll make himself scarce. He thanks Michonne for letting the people go to the fair. Michonne says if she knew all this would happen, she wouldn’t have. Can’t say I blame her. She asks if Lydia cares about him? Lydia says she does, and Michonne says her too. Michonne tells her, sit, and they sit on the steps. Michonne says she’s done things to protect this place; things she’s not proud of, and some she’s tried to forget. To save her people, she had to risk others. It hasn’t been easy, but she did what she had to do. She’s made her peace with that. It might be easier if the only life risked was her own life. She could just walk away, and take all the risk with her. If that could make everyone safe, it wouldn’t be so hard. She tells Lydia, think about that, and leaves. Lydia ponders Michonne’s words.

As they sit on a bridge in the now, Judith asks Daryl if Hilltop is in danger. Daryl says, it might be. Judith asks if he wants to help. She asks if he’ll stay if mom says it’s okay. Daryl doesn’t know. He should keep moving. She’s read stories about how he and her dad fought the Saviors and won. He can do that again. He says they’re just stories. She asks what would her dad do? and gets silence. She says, that’s what she thought.

Gabriel plays a game with the kids. Pregnant Michonne watches. Aaron says he didn’t know how much they needed this until now. She wishes Rick could see it. Aaron says, wherever he is, he’s sure Rick knows. He says, sorry, that’s not what he meant, and she tells him, it’s okay. She finds Josslyn in the kitchen, and says she’s impressed with the kids’ hunting skills. She doesn’t know how Josslyn does it; all the kids. Josslyn says, they take care of her. The adults never made it. They’re broke, but children crumble, learn, and come back. Michonne brought her kids back to her. She knows that Michonne is going out to look for her man. She knows the look. Their junior year, Dean Turner told her that she’d need a thousand signatures before her petition would be considered. She had that look when she brought them to him at his fancy-ass event. Michonne says she’s at least going to enjoy this. She asks Josslyn, what if she never finds him? Josslyn says she might not, but if she gives up now, she never will. She can’t live with that. Michonne says she needs to know. Judith and the baby deserve to know. Josslyn says Michonne found her after fifteen years. Last time they saw each other, there was still a world. Michonne takes Josslyn’s hand, and says she’s so glad Josslyn is there. Josslyn says, so is she.

At today’s Hilltop, Aaron talks to Daryl about his kid. Daryl says, a lot has changed. When they last talked, they were still building bridges. Michonne joins them, and tells Daryl, stay safe. He says, her too. She tells him that Judith is mad at her. She told Judith she’s not ready, and neither is Judith. She’s a kid, and gets to keep being one for as long as Michonne can help it. Daryl says, it’s not just a little kid she’s got there. He calls Dog, and the gate closes behind them. Judith walks off. Michonne follows, stopping to look at the sewer cap that allows access underground.

Aaron asks pregnant Michonne if Judith is having a sleepover. She says, yeah. Judith loves them.

Michonne and another couple knock on Josslyn’s door. When there’s no answer, Michonne lets herself in. She calls for Josslyn, and the man with her calls for Marcus. They go outside, and start calling for the kids. Marcus’s dad sees the pantry is cleaned out. Michonne continues calling for Judith, when he tells her to come there. He shows her the pantry, and they see the guard is dead. A girl runs up and says they’ve been raided. Michonne says, no, and follows small footprints to the underground tunnel.

Presently, Michonne has dinner with Marcus and Judith, telling Judith, eat; don’t poke. Judith says, sorry; she not hungry, and asks to be excused. Michonne lies awake. She sits up, and we see her scar, an X on her lower back. She knocks at Judith’s door. She knows Judith is upset. She’d like to talk. There’s something she wants to tell her. She goes into Judith’s room. Judith is gone.

Michonne asks Negan if Judith has been there. He asks if she’s curious, or… She tells him, answer her question. He says he hasn’t seen Judith since yesterday. She asks what they talk about, and he wonders why. She says for someone who wants to be helpful, he’s doing a sh*t job. He says they talk about nothing; just chit-chat. Michonne asks for specifics, and he says, homework. She misses Daryl, and likes to hear stories about her dad. Michonne asks if he’s feeding her bullsh*t, but he says Judith would weed that out. He tells Judith that she’s just as much of a bad ass as Carl. He tells her about how her dad got into the Sanctuary, and shot up Negan’s men, and how her dad sliced his jugular. She asks if he tells Judith why. Negan says Judith likes listening to him. Michonne says he likes hearing himself, and he says they have that in common. He shoots straight. If Michonne did that, maybe she’d be talking to Judith instead of him. Michonne laughs, and asks if he told Judith what he did to Glenn and Abraham. He’s quiet, and she says she didn’t think so. He says he’s always been honest with her. Judith asks questions, and he answers; so yeah, she’s heard those stories too. She hates that Michonne isn’t letting people into Hilltop. She thinks it should be like how Carl would want; like in Carl’s letter. Michonne says he doesn’t get to tell her about Carl, or what Judith wants or feels. Judith is her daughter. Negan says, exactly right. She has her own idea of how things should be. He says Michonne didn’t come because she’s curious. She has no idea where Judith is. Maybe she’s off petting a horse, or maybe she’s exactly like her mom, and not taking sh*t lying down. Michonne jets.

Michonne runs home, and runs upstairs. She opens a note that says, I’m sorry I had to go. Our friends need help.

Pregnant Michonne and Daryl walk through a field. Daryl suggests they take a break. They sit on a swing set. Daryl says they’ll find her. Michonne can’t believe this heartbreak. After Judith lost her mom, she wanted to be that for her again – she needed it. She let her guard down. Daryl says she didn’t know, but Michonne says she should have sensed something. Daryl says she didn’t because Michonne’s not like her. Some people are evil in their heart, and hide it; like they’re wearing a mask. This is on Josslyn, and she’ll pay. They’ll find them. Michonne suggests they get going.

Michonne sees a little girl breaking into a school. The girl brandishes a knife, and runs. Michonne yells, wait! Daryl comes around the other side, and aims his crossbow. He turns a corner inside the building, and sees a group of kids blocking them. Michonne asks where her kids are. The group has weapons, and Daryl says, drop ‘em. One of the kids shoots at him, and Michonne says, okay, lowering her weapon. One of the kids knocks her out.

Michonne and Daryl are gagged, and their wrists are bound to a pipe. The kids look at them. A little blonde boy says, she’s awake. Josslyn is there. The child has a branding iron with an X. Michonne tells Daryl, be strong. The child brands Daryl, and although he makes muffled noises, he keeps in control. Josslyn says, well done, Linus. He says, the strong survive. She says, and thrive. She says she told Michonne, children are capable of anything. She taught them, become what you are; they can be soft. Michonne tries to talk. She sees the iron being heated again. Josslyn tells Linus, control it. Don’t let it control you. Linus goes behind Michonne, and brands her. She cries out, and Josslyn gets in her face.

Present day Michonne is on a horse, riding over a field. She sees a lone bike, and looks panicked. She gets off the horse, and runs through a crowd of zombies, calling for Judith.

Daryl gets loose, and cuts pregnant Michonne down. She says they should split up, and Daryl agrees. She goes upstairs, and finds an open door, but it’s padlocked. Josslyn walks down the hall with the kids, saying there could be more of them. Holding a piece of pipe, Michonne stands in front of them, and Linus blows a whistle. Michonne asks, where are her kids? Where’s Judith? Tell her. Josslyn says, why? She’s better off. Michonne lives in the past, and Judith isn’t a ghost like her. Michonne calls for Judith. Most of the kids take off out the door, and an older kid locks it behind them. Linus says, kill them off. Michonne doesn’t want to hurt them, but Linus slashes Michonne’s stomach, and now she’s pissed. She screams, no! and they run. She tries the door, but it’s locked. She sees the kids run past outside, and gets out, but Josslyn is waiting, and whacks her with a board. She hits Michonne a few more times, saying she’s truly sorry. Michonne grabs her sword, and stabs Josslyn in the thigh. When she’s down, Michonne stands over her, and stabs her in the chest, finishing her. Linus runs up. He can’t believe it. Michonne doubles over. The kids are at the ready to pounce on her, but she says they can come back to Alexandria. They’ll be taken care of. An older kid tells them to kill her; the rest, come with him. Linus runs at her. She tries to keep him at bay, telling him, no, when the older kid comes up behind her.

Present day Michonne is in the field, slicing and dicing zombies, while pregnant Michonne fends off Linus, who has a knife to her stomach. She has no choice but to start carving at the kids. The timelines are interspersed. Another little blonde boy, Whitney (honestly, all these little kids look the same), runs to the trailer, and stands at the top of the steps with a knife. Michonne tells him, please don’t. Daryl comes out – gee, thanks for your help – and walks toward Whitney. Whitney puts down the knife. For a moment, we think he’s going to hug Michonne, but he runs past her, and away. She cries, and calls to Judith. Judith, who looks to be about four, comes out of the trailer. She stands there a moment, but then runs to Michonne, saying, mommy! More kids come out, and Michonne welcomes them.

In the field, Michonne stabs another zombie. Judith is there with her, and spears the last one. She’s miscalculated though, as it’s down, but not out, and grabs her. Michonne gives it a last jab. She hugs Judith, and asks if she’s okay. They need to talk.

Michonne tells Judith that she stood there, like she didn’t know. For a second, she thought she was too late, that Judith had changed, and she’d lost her. Judith says Michonne didn’t look like herself because of the blood; that’s all it was. Michonne says, she remembers that? Judith nods, and Michonne asks, what else? Judith says, Josslyn and her kids were nice to them the whole time. They made it seem like game, but she was a bad person. They all were. That’s why Michonne did what she did. Michonne says, all this time, she thought Judith didn’t remember. She’d hoped Judith didn’t. She never said anything after the first year. Judith says it made Michonne sad. Michonne says she thought Judith would understand. How did they get there? Judith says their friends need their help, and Michonne says, it’s not that simple. Judith says, yes, it is. Michonne chose to be her mom because they love each other. Michonne agrees, and Judith says, love means doing whatever it takes to keep the ones you love safe. She asks when they stopped loving Daryl, Maggie, Carol. and the King? Michonne says, they didn’t, and Judith says, then why does it feel that way? Michonne hugs her.

The gates open. Michonne and Daryl come back with little Judith and the kids. Siddiq takes Michonne with him. Aaron closes the gate after them.

At the baby’s grave, Michonne tells Judith that she and Judith’s father dug this together. That day, standing there, she made a promise to never bury another child again. Then Judith’s father was gone, and she was lost. Then Judith was lost, and she was scared. More than she’s ever been, before or since. She wasn’t the only one, so they decided to make the place only about the people there. It’s not what Carl or her dad gave their lives to create, but it kept her safe. It’s what she wanted. It’s all she wanted. She cries, and says Judith was right. They have to protect the people they love. All the people they love. She takes Judith’s hand, and they walk back.

Michonne and Judith travel in a buggy. Michonne slows down. Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia come out of the woods. Judith asks if anyone is headed to the Kingdom. They get in.

Two Whisperers look out from a distance. They see the buggy going into the Kingdom. One of them says, we must tell Alpha.

Next time, Ezekiel stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, the groups merge, and Beta says only Daryl has to die.

🔊 On Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick started off with, happy St. Patrick’s Day. Or as sober people call it, don’t leave your house day. I had to laugh, given my aversion to the holiday, after having worked in Manhattan during it. Useless zombie trivia: he was also a walker in tonight’s episode.

🚴 Tonight was the finale of Ride with Norman Reedus. Norman took on Tennessee, going to Memphis first. He met up with major song writer Dale Watson, who took him all over the place, their first stop being a custom bike shop. Dale said that Memphis tries to repurpose old buildings rather than tear them down, which gets my vote. They had breakfast with Henry Nelson, the voice of Memphis radio, and I could not take my eyes off the food, in particular, the biscuits. Henry was a font of historical knowledge, and said, in his opinion, Memphis was just beginning to heal from the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. They hit World Studios, a recording studio that had about a billion gold records on the wall. The owner said at one time, the building had been a silent movie theater. Being African American, his dad wasn’t allowed to record there, but eventually bought the guy out. A prime example of living well being the best revenge. They had an autograph wall, and we found out The Beatles had once signed it, but it had been painted over by a little old man with a roller. Norman told us, from Al Green to Wu Tang to Bruno Mars; there’s magic in these walls. Next, Norman met two-girl band Sister Antics, at a dive bar that was part of the historic foundation of the town, and a seemed to be a dive bar on purpose. They followed the Mississippi River, and headed for Nashville. After doing some fishing on the Tennessee River, they hooked up with some more musicians, and we found out that Nashville has had a white rapper scene for quite some time. I can’t say I’ve ever thought, nothing says Eminem like Nashville. Norman and the ladies followed what had once been an old Native American trail, and then parted company. Norman’s next stop was a hot fried chicken place where he met Marilyn Manson. One of my favorite things is how they splice in mini interviews with locals, much like Sweet Home does. On the subject of hot friend chicken, we found out it’s dipped, marinated, doused, and submerged in hot sauce; and it’s a hillbilly concoction that will set your ass on fire. Marilyn accompanied Norman about town by riding in a motorcycle sidecar. They spent time with designer Manuel, who started Johnny Cash on the road to being the Man in Black. He sold one-of-a-kind items, many of which, Marilyn tried on. We also discovered, Marilyn loves roller skating, and is quite the speed skating demon. He and Norman attended the Roller Derby, which looked like a lot of fun. I love the Roller Derby, which may or may not be a surprise. Kansas City Bomber is one of my favorite films. They took a picture with the girls, and everyone was thrilled. I enjoyed this show so much, I’m hoping they do another season. The best thing about it is how Norman really makes you want to be there.

🍀 St. Patrick and the Luck O’…

The Top 5 Myths Of St. Patrick’s (And How To Improve Your Luck)

Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? He did believe in a generous pour though.

🌈 In Keeping With the Theme…

Unfortunately, The Irish Rovers didn’t have a video, but there was this.


March 15, 2019 – Molly Calls Out Kristina, Abby Rises Again, a Baker’s Dozen of Quotes & St. Patrick’s Day Wishes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Ankara, Turkey, Sonny paces in an alley, saying, come on, boy. Don’t leave me hanging. Dan shows up and Sonny says it took a while; that means he was discreet. Did anyone see him? Dan says he’s a shadow. Sonny asks if Raj is holding his son in the compound.

Alexis apologizes to Neil for being late. She was having dinner with her girls, and lost track of time. He says she’s paying for the time. How she spends it is up to her. She says her middle daughter just lectured her on how therapy is a waste of money.

Chase plays catch with himself. There’s a knock at the door, and he says, couldn’t stay away. It’s Finn, who says, try as he might. Chase tells him, it’s not that he doesn’t love seeing him… and Finn says, but he was hoping it was someone else.

At the MetroCourt, Anna thanks Valentin for coming. He says, imagine his surprise that she wanted to meet with him. She must be desperate. She says, only for information. He asks, about what? and she says, her sister.

Outside Charlie’s, Michael sees Jason, and says he heard his mom was in the hospital. He was told Jason would explain everything. Jason says his mom is fine. Michael feels like there’s always somebody in his family on the edge of disaster.

Kristina tells Molly that she’s not in a cult, and to stop being dramatic. She knows nothing about it. Molly says Kristina can’t say three words without quoting Shiloh. It sounds like a cult.

Sam tells Shiloh that she wants to know what’s going on with Kristina. He says he’s all hers, and she ask if he’d mind putting on a shirt. He wonders why that makes her uncomfortable; she seems flustered. She says she’s seen men with their shirts off before, and he says there must be something significant about him. Sam says she didn’t expect him to be shirtless. He says he’s not used to conforming to other people’s customs in his own home. She says she doesn’t live with a bunch of strangers, but he says, they’re not strangers. She asks if he always leaves the door unlocked, and he says, it’s open to all. She knows it’s Port Charles, but that doesn’t mean it’s crime free. IMO, it’s just the opposite, with all the serial killers and mobsters roaming around. He asks if she’s worried about his safety, but she says she’s worried about her sister. Shiloh says he takes care of Kristina, and she takes care of him. Sam flashes back to telling Jason that Shiloh has a history of manipulating women, and the sooner they get Kristina out, the better.

Kristina thought Molly would defend her freedom to think as she chooses. Molly asks if her thoughts are hers or Shiloh’s. Kristina says their mom was skeptical, until she saw for herself what DOD is about. Molly says she doesn’t need to join a cult to know one. Kristina says she can’t evolve and find fulfillment? Molly says she chases easy answers, but can’t find a career or hobby. She doesn’t care what Kristina does or who she does it with, as long as she stays true to herself. Nothing she’s saying sounds like the Kristina she knows. Kristina says, that’s the problem. Molly doesn’t know her at all, and it’s on her.

Michael asks Jason if his dad has any idea what happened to Carly. Jason says she doesn’t want him to worry. He needs to be focused if he’s going to find Dante and bring him home.

Dan says he didn’t see Raj, but saw his personal bodyguard. Sonny says, that means Raj is close, and his son is close. He needs to find a way sneak in. Dan says, there are many guards and guns, but Sonny says he has no choice. His son is in trouble. He gives Dan a wad of cash, and thanks Dan for getting him this far. Dan asks what he’s going to do, and Sonny says, find a way to sneak in. If he can’t, he’ll knock on the door. Dan says they’ll kill him, and Sonny says if he’s not back by nightfall, call the number on the paper and tell whoever answers where he went. Dan says he can do better, and takes off. Sonny asks where he’s going.

Neil asks Alexis if her daughter’s opinion about therapy was in general or specific to him. Alexis says she had told them that her last therapist was being impersonated by his twin brother, a serial killer. Neil says he heard about Doc, and his brother taking his place. Is she saying her sessions were with Doc’s brother? She says, just one, but she it should have been enough for her to figure it out.

Valentin tells Anna, on the subject of her relatives… She interrupts, saying, no one else is up for discussion. Valentin says she’s put him in a pickle. If he keeps a secret from her, she gets furious. Now he wants to tell her something, and she’s not going to listen. He and Nina are getting remarried, and Peter is going to be his best man. Anna says, after everything Valentin has done to him? He says, it’s called forgiveness. She should look it up. He asks, what about her sister? and Anna says she needs to find her. It’s important.

Finn asks Chase if it’s a bad time, but Chase says, not at all. Finn notices he had a date, and Chase says, had is the operative word. She left a few minutes ago. Finn asks if he and the school marm have hit a rough patch. Chase says, Willow is no one’s marm, and it was just the opposite. They had a great time. Finn says his routine on career day worked. Chase says, it wasn’t a routine. Finn says, the uniform and the dog? It should have been a felony for Chase to ask her out. Chase says like Finn never impressed anyone with his scrubs. Didn’t he ask Anna out after being her doctor? Finn pleads the fifth. Chase says they’re taking things slow, and Finn says, any slower, and he’ll be going back in time. Chase asks if Finn came to take pot shots at him, but Finn says he was passing by, and thought it would be a good time to tell Chase that he needs to call their dad.

Valentin asks what Alex has done to incur Anna’s wrath. She asks if she looks wrathful, and he says she looks like she’s covering up something. She looks like a spring about to snap. She says he puts her on edge, and he says he used to feel that way, but they sorted out their past. She asks when he last saw Alex, and he says he knows what happens when Anna gets angry. Anna says she has something that belongs to Alex, and she’s aching to get rid of it.

Neil tells Alexis, Ryan had the whole city eating out of his hand. Why was her failure to recognize him more egregious than any other? She says she can pick a psychotic out of a crowd. She should have known. She let herself be deceived. She knew something was wrong right away, and should have left. Neil suggests maybe she looked past the warning signs because she was desperate for someone to confide in.

Sam says, so Shiloh is taking care of her sister, and he says they take care of each other. They have open arms, but not closed eyes; the door is locked at midnight. He suggests she come back and bring the kids. He asks, what’s wrong? He thought they were past her questioning his judgment. She says she has doubts, and he says he thought the tower resonated with her, and she found it applicable to her own life. She says she’s concerned about Kristina’s life. She just witnessed Kristina write a friend off who had questions about DOD. Kristina just cut Valerie out of life; just like that. He’s sorry to hear that. She says, is he? She was wondering if he put Kristina up to it.

Kristina tells Molly that she’s changing with Shiloh’s help. She’s grown and improved. Molly would know that if she was around. She asks if Molly is afraid she’ll be embarrassed by Kristing in front of her intellectual friends. Molly says she’s been busy with school, and Kristina says the only time she comes down from her ivory tower is to cast judgement. Molly says she didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. If she’d known what was up, she’d have called Kristina out ages ago. Kristina says if Molly is done lecturing, she has work to do. Molly tells her, don’t walk away. If Kristina wants her educated, educate her.

Michael wonders what that’s about, but Jason isn’t sure he wants to know. Michael says he and Kristina aren’t close like they used to be. She’s been distant since Oregon, but they had a heart to heart the other day. It’s been a long time since they talked. Jason asks how she seemed, and Michael says she seems to be making headway; figuring out life. She’s back in school, and he fronted her the money for classes.

Dan runs back to the alley, and hides in a dumpster. Two guards run in. One asks where he went, and the other says back to the rat hole he came from. The first one says, his pocket was picked; he lost his money. The other says they’ll lose their thumbs if Raj finds out they left their post. The leave, and Dan peeks out and smiles.

On the phone, Raj says they’re on schedule, and tells someone he’ll see them then. He hangs up, and gets poked with a gun. Sonny cocks the gun, and asks, where’s my son?

Valentin says Anna and Alex were subjects in an experiment by the DVX? Anna doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she’s questioning her own memories. Looking in the mirror, not knowing who’s looking back, and how much is her or her sister. She asks if he’s being sympathetic or twisting the knife. He tells her not to jump to conclusions. Those memories might be the very things sustaining her. She says she won’t know until she talks with Alex, but he says it could be the very thing she cherishes most was never hers to begin with. Rut-roh. Is Peter really Alex’s child?

Shiloh asks if Kristina told Sam that he told her to confront her friend. Sam says, no, but did he? He says it’s not his business who Kristina is friends with. He doesn’t interfere in the personal lives of people there. Sam says, here she is questioning Kristina, and she’s not a child, but there are a lot of con artists out there. Shiloh says, she should know. D’oh! He says he’ll see if he can get Kristina to patch things up. He can’t promise she’ll see things Sam’s way. The only way to commit to DOD is to embrace it and go all in. Some people can’t hack that commitment. Can Sam?

Michael tells Jason that Kristina has a schedule to pay him back. Jason asks if she said it was for school, and Michael tells him, she said classes. He assumed it was PCU. Why is he interested? Jason flashes back to Kristina telling him that she’s changed her life for the better; it’s not an act. Does he thinks she’s lying to herself? It will never be enough. If she’s miserable, they’re worried; if she’s happy, they’re worried. How can she win with them?

Kristina tells Molly, give it a rest. Molly says Sam’s policy is hands-off, and their mom is afraid if she makes one wrong move, it will send Kristina running, but she can’t be snowed. Kristina tries to give Molly Shiloh’s book, saying, it will help her get a handle on her over-inflated bumper guard. Molly asks how much the classes cost.  Kristina says, it’s people helping other people, and no one is getting hurt. Molly says, it sounds like a cult. Kristina is keeping secrets, dropping friends, and can’t take criticism. It threatens her happiness. Kristina says Molly only loves her when she’s pathetic, so she looks bad and Molly looks better. Molly says, that’s a lie, and Kristina thinks maybe they should agree to stay out of each other’s lives. Michael asks, what’s going on? Molly says, perfect timing. He should know what Kristina’s been up to.

Alexis asks if Neil thinks she was so self-involved she’d let a serial killer run amok because she craves attention. Neil says she’s smarter than that. She sought therapy to sort out her feelings for Julian, and how they play a role in her risky behavior. It’s brave. She says now she’s brave? Is she the least crazy of his patients, or the craziest?

Raj says, Mr. Corinthos, and Sonny says, good guess. Answer his question. Raj says Sonny is a long way from home, and Sonny says Raj is a short way from an early death. Where is his son? He hears someone, and tells them to show themselves, or their boss dies. Dante emerges from the shadows.

Sonny says he’s bringing Dante home. Lulu and the kids need him. A guard knocks Sonny in the head from behind, and he falls to the floor. Raj says he should never have come. Now he’ll never leave.

Anna tells Valentin to quit stalling. He says he’s not. He sees the familiar fear in her eyes. They’re not so different. All of the lies, betrayals, and deaths; sometimes good memories. It’s all they’ve got to keep them from drowning; remembering the good. Don’t cash it in. Anna says tell her where to find her sister. He says he hasn’t seen her since she came to him before he went to the Hague, when he was still in custody. She asks how Alex got to him, and he says, she just did. She does a good Anna Devane. She told him the WSB had no case. Without her testimony, there could be no conviction. She was a fugitive, and disappeared. Anna tells him not to say he’s indebted to her, but he says he’s indebted anyone who keeps him out of prison. He doesn’t wish her ill. Anna says she doesn’t want his help. She just wants him to get a message to Alex.

Chase asks Finn what’s wrong with their dad? Finn says, nothing he’s aware of, but he subscribes to the Port Charles papers, so he can follow Chase’s crime fighting career. He must know Chase was trailing a serial killer. Chase says he was nowhere near where Ryan was confronted. Finn says he heard Chase went to Niagara Falls. Chase says, by the time he got there… Wait. Finn isn’t there to tell him to call their dad. Finn is there to check up on him. Chase says, Finn is worried about him, and laughs.

Neil says Alexis has no problem discussing the worst aspects of her fears. What is she running away from? She says, she’s there. She goes to meetings and pays bills. He asks how she rates herself as an attorney. She says, good. She’s a meticulous researcher, she thoroughly prepares, and can think on her feet. He asks what she does when a witness doesn’t give a direct answer, and she says she asks the judge to instruct the witness to answer the question. He says he has no judge to appeal to, so he’s asking her himself. She has no problem confronting the issue. Why does she fear overcoming it?

Kristina tells Michael, it’s nothing. Molly says, if it’s nothing, why not tell him? Kristina says, shut up, and Molly asks Michael why he’s giving Kristina money for classes given by a con man. It’s exactly as bad as it sounds. Kristina is in a cult. Kristina says Shiloh is leading her down the path to enlightenment. She can’t deal with the negativity, and doesn’t need them. She storms out, and Molly says, cult.

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s talking about Kristina’s issues, and she’s not Kristina. Shiloh says he can’t deny what he senses, or ignore a person in pain. Sam has admitted she’s afraid of commitment. Sam says it never worked in her favor. He says maybe she was committed to the wrong things or people. She needs to explore it. She asks if he has a course for that. As matter of fact, he does. He says his students are compelled to confront the things they’ve shied away from. She shies away from him. Sam says, just look at it and commit, and be phobia free? He says, step one, and she asks, what does she do?

Molly says, Kristina is being brainwashed. Michael says the harder they push, the more defiant she’ll become. She says he can’t think it’s legitimate, but Michael says he needs more information before he sounds the alarm. Molly asks what about Jason? Kristina is drowning. Can’t he do something? He flashes back to Sam saying Shiloh is better than they thought, and she’s scared. He sells the whole redemption story, and he’s really good. It took everything inside her to make him believe she was coming to his side.

Kristina arrives at DOD. Sam says she was concerned about Kristina and Valerie having a fight, and she talked to Shiloh. Kristina says she’s in no mood for a lecture. She just got a lecture from Molly. Sam’s not going to give her one. Sam says, Kristina has told her that she knows what she’s doing, and Shiloh has his eye on her, and she believes him.

Alexis tells Neil that she feels unsettled. She had a near miss with a homicidal maniac. You can’t blame her. He asks if she’s hearing blame. Ha says, she’s hearing him think she’s holding something back. There’s something left to tell. She says, there’s always things left out; there are always neuroses to conquer. He says, there’s no quick fix, but if she keeps up the hard work, she’ll reap the benefits.

Valentin tells Anna that he can’t help her. He’s not in touch with Alex. Anna says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to reach her. He tells her, there’s no secret brotherhood of nefarious characters. She says she’d be on it. He gets up, and she tells him, this is important, and she’ll consider it making amends. Valentin sits back down. He says he’s serious; he doesn’t know where she is, but he’ll put out feelers. He might know someone who can reach her.

Sonny reaches for the gun, and Raj tells him not to be a hero. Sonny tells him to let Dante go and there won’t be any trouble. Raj says Dante has already told him everything he needs to know. Sonny asks if Raj tortured Dante; he’ll make Raj bleed. Raj says the only person who’s going to bleed is Sonny. He holds out his gun to Dante, and asks him to do the honors.

Chase says Finn is genuinely concerned for his well-being. Finn says, of course. Chase is kind of his responsibility. He tells Chase to wipe the grin off his face, and Chase says, no can do. He never thought he’d see his big brother coddle him. Finn starts to leave, and Chase thanks him. Seriously. It means a lot. Finn tells him, just be safe out there. Chase tells Finn, be safe. He’s the one dating a super spy. Finn leaves, and Chase smiles.

Anna tells Valentin to inform Alex that she knows about the experiment, and can provide a remedy. Valentin thinks she’ll be skeptical. They didn’t part on the best terms. Anna says, she’ll know it for what it is – the truth. She’ll come to Alex, and the whole nightmare will be over. Valentin would like to believe that, but he thinks in opening the door to a past nightmare, it will just be beginning. Anna ponders this.

Neil says, time’s up. Alexis says she just got there, and he says maybe she’ll be on time for the next session. She says, he doesn’t believe her, does he? and he says, that’s not his job. She leaves. but comes back. She says she had a sex dream about Julian, and almost drank a bottle of vodka. She’ll see him next week. He says he’s looking forward to it.

Kristina asks if she hasn’t told Sam all along that she knows what she’s doing. Sam should have listened. Sam says she loves Kristina, and thinks she’s amazing. She hopes things work out, and Kristina and Valerie can be friends again, but if not, she knows Kristina will be okay. Sam says she has to get the kids. Shiloh hopes she’ll consider what they talked about, and she says she will. She leaves, and Shiloh tells Kristina that Sam shared a little of what happened between her and her friend. It sounds like a rough night. Kristina says the negativity was turning in her head, but she succeeded in cutting it out and cut it off

Molly says, if Sonny knew about Shiloh, he’d already be fertilizing the pine barrens. Jason says, Sonny is out of town, but he’ll fill him in. Michael says the harder they go at Kristina, the faster she’ll run. Molly says he might be the one person left who can reach her. He asks, how? and Molly suggests pulling the loan, blocking her road to enlightenment. See how Shiloh reacts when she has no money to pay for the seminars. Jason says, Shiloh thinks he’s winning for now. In the end, it will be that much easier to take him down. Jason flashes back to when he was in the hospital, and Shiloh telling him that Sam is evolving, and he was trespassing on private property.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he applauds her positivity. The forces of conformity are not easily foiled. She says she stood up to her sister, and it felt good. She’s severing ties, and telling them that if they can’t accept her choices, she can’t accept their presence in her life. She feels lighter, freer. Shiloh is proud that the work she’s done has paid off, and thinks she’s ready for the next step.

Raj takes bullets out of the gun, and tells Dante that he doesn’t need more than one. It’s a shame Sonny has come such a long way to see his first born. He’ll find that Dante doesn’t want to come home. He’s happy where he is. Sonny asks what Raj did to him, and Raj says, Dante is there of his free will. He’s eager to be part of the organization. At least that’s what he claims. Now is his chance to prove it. He tells Dante, take the gun and kill his father. Sonny shakes his head.

On Monday, Jordan tells Curtis that they should talk about it, Lulu wishes Dante was home, Anna asks which part of her life belongs to her, and someone gets shot in Turkey.

👯 The Show Must Go On… And On…. And On…

While I’ve never recapped the show, I’ve enjoyed Dance Moms off and on over the years. Although she often seemed like a tyrant, I never thought Abby was any crankier than Debbie Allen on Fame. At least Abby doesn’t carry a big stick. I also thought she was one of those white collar criminals who, because they’re a C-list celebrity, got made an example of. Like what Joe Giudice is living right now. Despite her time in the pokey, and major health problems, Abby Lee Miller is back in Dance Moms: Resurrection – ha-ha! sounds like Jason or Freddy Krueger – premiering June 4th at 8 pm on Lifetime.

📜 Quotes of the Week

You can’t always sit in your corner of the forest and wait for people to come to you… you have to go to them sometimes.Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Just because I can’t punish old Frankenstein for what he’s done, I can tell him what the Lord told John. I can make goddam sure he don’t do it in Texas. – Sheriff Earl McGraw (Michael Parks), Death Proof

If men got periods, tampons would be thrown from floats like Mardi Gras beads. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

Only the mediocre are always at their best. – Jean Giraudoux

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.Mary Oliver

They say the memory is the second thing to go. * What’s the first thing? * I don’t remember. – Arthur and Vivian (Don Johnson and Jane Fonda), respectively, Book Club

Appreciate someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.Anonymous

Neither blame or praise yourself.Plutarch

What you don’t do can be a destructive force.Eleanor Roosevelt

Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea. – Leigh Bardugo

When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. —J.M. Barrie

On truth: “I suppose there are two views about everything,” said Mark. “Eh? Two views? There are a dozen views about everything until you know the answer. Then there’s never more than one.”C.S. Lewis from That Hideous Strength, compiled in Words to Live By

Music, like religion, unconditionally brings in its train all the moral virtues to the heart it enters, even though that heart is not in the least worthy. – Jean Baptiste Montegut – I have no idea what this means, but I like it!

🍀 May Your O’Weekend Be Filled With Pots O’ Gold…

And no bad behavior (at least, not too bad) or green beer hangovers. I used to hate St. Patrick’s Day when I worked in NYC. The parade made getting around the city a misery, but even worse were the amateur drinkers, who were often already sitting on the curb, sick, by noon. Seriously. You don’t have to. And no, I won’t kiss you because you’re Irish. Or wearing a T-shirt that says that.

And God knows, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day without a Peke.




March 14, 2018 – Julian Doesn’t Want to Be That Guy, St. Patrick’s O’Facts & a Gordon Funny


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian asks Chase if he’s making an arrest or it’s a family reunion. Alexis wonders if this is necessary, and calls Julian infantile. Julian says he’s not the one with the lizard in box. Finn says, bearded dragon. Chase asks if Finn understands his rights, and Finn says, perfectly.

Valentin comes to Nina’s office, and tells her how beautiful she is. He wants to steal her away for dinner. She says she can’t leave, but she’ll take a raincheck. He says okay, as long as he can fetch her after she’s done. Peter and Ned come in, and Peter says the mayor was asking who’s idea it was to reach out to the advertisers for relief donations. Nina says it was her pleasure, but she’s on a deadline right now. Ned tells her the donations are appreciated, and they leave. Valentin thinks Nina gave Peter a chilly reception, but she says it’s business as usual.

Jordan asks Curtis if Jim’s interest was never in development. Curtis says it was a smokescreen to access what’s underneath. He can afford to be extra generous, since he’s about to be made really rich.

On the phone, Sam asks where Drew disappeared to. He says, actually, he’s with Franco. She asks if everything is okay, and he says, so far, so good. She asks when he’ll be back, but he doesn’t know. He’ll call when he has a better idea. She asks where he is, but the call is disconnected. Jason walks into Sam’s office.

Drew tells Franco they have to get a few things straight. He’s not Franco’s friend, he’s not there to protect him, and anything they find out, Elizabeth is going to know. Franco agrees, and says, let’s find out the truth.

Alexis asks Chase, before he drags her client off, to tell her what Finn is being arrested for. He says being a public nuisance, and Finn asks if he made that up. If it’s a real thing, half the town should be arrested. Julian says, what about that thing? indicating Roxie, and Finn yells, she has a name. Alexis says she’ll bring Roxie to the station. She tells Julian she thought he’d changed, but apparently, she was wrong. Kim gives him a look.

Curtis tells Jordan the natural gas was Jim’s target, and the earthquake hooked him up. Jordan thinks of everyone who stood their ground and refused to be bought, and how now they ended up still having no homes. She’s been dealing with his mess for months. Curtis brings up how he harassed people who just wanted to keep a roof over their heads. He says the bottom line is that Jim messed with his auntie, and he’s going to bring Jim down. Jordan is with him 100%, but asks him to try not to do anything arrest-worthy in the process. He says he’ll do his best, but no promises.

Valentin hangs out in Nina’s office. Peter walks in, and Nina tells him he needs to learn personal boundaries; she has a deadline. He says he’ll call her assistant, and backs out. Valentin is like, business as usual? He wonders what happened between her and Peter. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was with Maxie while she was getting some tests done. He’d taken her there, and Nina wonders why, since he’s not a friend or family. Valentin asks why she was there?

Franco goes over the plan with Drew. Jim is having a business meeting in room 304 of the hotel. When he’s done, Franco is going to tell Jim that he found Betsy. If they’re right, he’ll contact her – if she’s still contactable. Franco wonders what if didn’t just hide her? Drew says the plan is if he contacts Betsy, they take the information to the police, and they’ll find her.

Sam asks what Jason is doing there. He came to see Drew with an update on his search for Henrik. He’s going to Europe. Britt gave them a list of places that Faison went to, and Spinelli located the banks there. Sam asks if he thinks there might be a safe deposit box with the information, and he says he does. Anna is in on the search, since she wants to make sure Henrik isn’t following in his father’s footsteps. It’s a long shot, but worth a try. Sam asks if he’s really going for information, or because he needs space. Jason says, both.

Curtis tells Jordan that natural gas is a dicey issue, and fracking has been banned in the area. Jim needed someone he could convince that drilling was a good idea; someone who has the trust of the people. Someone recently elected. Jordan calls Ned’s office.

Alexis brings Roxie to the station, and gives her to Finn. Chase can’t believe he was called in for a bar fight over a lizard. Alexis says, bearded dragon. She says it’s an easy fix; why make everything hard? She asks for a word with her client, and Chase says he’s all hers. Finn says before she does her death glare thing, take Roxie out. Alexis can’t believe he didn’t tell her he had a brother. He says, half-brother. She says she has three daughters, all have different fathers, and not one of them uses the term half-sibling. Finn says it’s complicated. Alexis says, what’s complicated is how to keep him out of jail.

Nina tells Valentin that she was meeting the new OB/GYN, and getting a routine checkup. Everything is fine; status quo. Another doctor telling her that she’ll never get pregnant. Valentin puts his arms around her shoulders.

Sam tells Jason that aside from the kids being born, him coming back has been the greatest gift. She doesn’t know how she can keep living like this; in denial, pretending the feelings aren’t there when they are. She knew it from the time he pulled her out of the water. Then there’s Drew. It’s the craziest situation of all time. Really? It’s not even close to the craziest situation that’s been on this show. She says they have no one to blame but Faison. She wants to make it okay for everyone, but she hasn’t stopped to see how she’s feeling. The first thing she needs to do is be honest with Drew.

Franco tells Drew that Elizabeth knows everything. Sam ran to tell her, and he can’t blame her. Why wouldn’t she? Drew says, if that’s what happened. Franco says Elizabeth didn’t think he was born bad, and he knows she meant it, but she doesn’t trust him. He wasn’t supposed to be keeping secrets, and he was keeping a pretty good sized one. The whole time he was thinking he might be a crazy killer, even though he didn’t feel like one, but now he’s questioning it. Drew tells him, stop it. Franco asks if he’s having second thoughts. Drew tells him, not yet, but he’s not Franco’s confessor. Drew asks him about the rabbit’s foot, and Franco says Drew gave it to him.

Kim appreciates Julian being there. It’s nice to have a friend to lean on. Julian says it’s nice to have a friend in general. She asks if she can be honest, and tells him that he and Alexis are far from over each other.

Finn tells Alexis that his mother died. His father remarried, and they had Chase. It was a big adjustment, but his brother couldn’t help it; he doesn’t blame him for being born. Alexis says it sounds like it, and asks what he did. Finn says he was a little kid when he left for college. They don’t know each other. End of story. Alexis goes over to Chase, and tells him that Finn is a stand-up guy, who has gone out on a limb to help members of the community. Chase asks if she means herself, and she says yes, and a host of other people. The bottom line is, he has a lizard (Finn corrects that), and if he says it’s an emotional support animal, he’s not kidding. Chase doesn’t understand, but she says he doesn’t need to; he just needs to accept it. Chase says he’s new, and can’t be throwing out favors, not even for Finn. Alexis says it runs in the family.

Franco says Drew gave the rabbit’s foot to him for luck when they were little. Drew asks if he remembers, but Franco says he remembers the feeling surrounding it. Like he wasn’t alone, and had a friend. Drew says Jim’s meeting is over; it’s go time. He tells Franco to keep it simple; plant the bug, and don’t mess around.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t know why she’s so emotional. She’s been through it before. He says not when she’s been grieving. She says she loves Charlotte, and her life is full because of them. He tells her not to apologize for wanting a child of her own. He thinks Maxie stirred things up, and Nina says, just for a brief second, she thought she could. Afterwards, she ran into Peter, and was angry because he was standing in the void her brother left.

Sam wonders if Jason has the best idea. They know Faison is a master manipulator, and might be taunting him from the grave. He says if there’s a safe somewhere that can tell him where Henrik is, he’ll find it. Peter comes by looking for Drew, and says sorry to interrupt. He needs the direct contacts for their advertisers. Sam says she can get those for him. Peter asks Jason if he really has a lead on Faison’s son.

Drew puts in an earpiece. Franco knocks on Jim’s door. Jim says, you can’t keep a good man down, and Franco says, or him either. They need to finish the conversation they were having before Jim left him for dead. Jim says he went for help, and Franco says, sure he did. Jim thinks his horrible, youthful incident is better left in the past. Franco isn’t so sure, and is interested in what his mom says. He tells Jim that he found Betsy. Back in the car, Drew says, take the bait, you SOB.

Peter says finding Henrik would be a big story, and asks if Jason is getting closer. Jason says he has a lead, but nothing concrete; just a direction. Sam gives him Peter some folders, and he tells Jason, good luck with the search.

Valentin tells Nina that the man next to Maxie was a painful reminder of where Nathan should be, but until she has a real reason to think something else, just think he was doing something nice. She says she needs to apologize, but Valentin says he’s a big boy and can take care of himself, Nina doesn’t know what she’d do without him, and he says she’ll never have to worry about that. Her phone rings, and she has to approve something in the graphics department. She tells him to wait, and she’ll have dinner with him. When she’s gone, Valentin texts Peter to meet him there.

Ned tells Jordan that he needs to talk to her too. He’s concerned about Jim. No legitimate businessman acts this way. His project is in shambles, and he’s throwing money around. There’s got to be an angle. Curtis says there is; he’s tapping into the natural gas underneath. A geologist confirmed that there are huge natural gas deposits below Charles Street, so he set up an illegal drilling site on Post Street. Jordan asks if he really had no idea, and Ned says, none.

Alexis says Finn does have a tendency to make things more difficult. Why not just find another restaurant? He tells her that he doesn’t like Julian. Everything her daughters have said about him is true. He treated her badly, and messed with her head. He had that stupid smirk on his face, and Finn had to wipe it off.

Chase uses Spyder-Finder to look up Alexis.

Peter tells Valentin that he just came from Drew’s office, and found Jason is bent on finding Henrik. Valentin says he has a more pressing issue – Maxie.

Sam asks how long Jason will be gone. He’s not sure, but would like to say goodbye to Danny. He says Danny is great kid, and asks how Sam is feeling after last night. She wonders if it’s a trick question, and he says he mean physically; is there anything hurting? She says, besides her heart? Oh please. She feels good, and she’s going to figure this out. Jason tells her that when she does, whatever she decides he’ll trust it, because he trusts her.

Jim tells Franco it’s terrific that he found Betsy. He knows how much she loves him, and also knows she’ll back him up. Franco says, we’ll see. He’ll be in touch. Jim says it’s amazing. He’s all grown up, but obviously, the sting of never getting Betsy to believe him, stayed with him. Franco asks what that means, and Drew says, don’t play his games; get out of there. 

Julian tells Kim that he’s not the only one pretending not to care. It wasn’t just Oscar she was worried about at the hospital. Kim says Drew almost died saving him, and Julian asks if she had tears of gratitude. She says, that, and relief. Oscar would be devastated if he lost his father, and how would she feel, since she kept him from Drew all these years? Chase comes in to double-check Julian’s statement. Julian asks, why? Was it incomplete? Chase says he was reading it over, and asks if Julian wants to be that guy. In court, because he was punched for beating up on a lizard. It will be a huge hassle, and potentially embarrassing. Kim thanks maybe more than a little. Julian says he’ll drop the charges, but for the record, Chase’s brother is an ass. Chase says, copy that.

Alexis tells Finn that no one was more surprised than her about their unexpected friendship, but she values it. He says, same here, and she asks him not to be one more person telling her how terrible Julian is. She as it thrown in her face every day, and is aware of the ongoing struggle. Finn can’t fight her battles for her. He says, understood, and there was probably another reason he threw the punch. Alexis says, Anna? He asks if it’s obvious. She says he was looking for fight found one. She adds for a doctor, he has a mean right hook.

Peter tells Valentin that he wasn’t there to upset her. Valentin says he knows Peter wants to make things better, but he’s the last person can help Maxie. If there’s a mischance or slip, and she finds out who he really is, how bad does he think her grief will be then? He had a part in bringing Faison to town, and in Nathan’s death.

Jason goes down Memory Lane about the times he and Sam came close to dying. Sam says going through that brings clarity to life. She’s not sure how translates to her life, but she knows it doesn’t for him. She has to relearn the rule they lived by – the only way to truly be happy, is if you’re living your own truth. Ugh. I hate how the word truth keeps getting thrown around and given new meanings. I think what she means is being authentic. She tells Jason she has to figure out what truth is for her.

Jim says Franco’s mom believed him. Jim used to tell her stories, but now they’re the truth. He remembers. No one will believe Franco. He told tales back then, and he’s still spinning them now. He’s a liar, and always has been. Franco says that’s not true. Jim tells Franco that he pushed Drew. Don’t try to pretend; he was there. Franco says Jim’s story keeps changing, and he’s going to find out why. Jim says no one will question him when says Franco is a bad guy. He was sick then, and he’s sick now. He was just born bad. One of them was a born liar. Franco covers his head, and starts repeating, go away. Jim says, that’s the big secret. He does something with his phone, and says, he saw a bad boy. Betsy will believe him, and so will everyone else. Suddenly, Drew busts in, and tells Jim to get away. I want to cheer. I don’t really like Drew a lot of the time, but I like him right now.

Drew tells Franco to get up. Franco is repeating, no more. Drew asks what Jim did to him. Jim says it’s like old times. Just the three of them. Make it five. Two thugs walk in.

Kim laughs, and tells Julian they’re sad. She has feelings for a man who doesn’t remember her. Julian says, it is sad. He got riled over a lizard. Kim says in his defense, he made it better. At least Alexis remembers what he was to her. He says she’ll never let him be that again. Kim says, this can’t be it. They will have more to life than unrequited feelings. He hopes so. She toasts to more, and they clink coffee cups.

Chase tells Finn luck is on his side. Julian had a change of heart, and he’s free to go. Get out before he changes his mind. Finn says, see you around, and Chase says, I guess so.

Ned asks if Jordan and Curtis think the test well caused the earthquake. Jordan says it was clearly unstable to begin with, but she doesn’t think the drilling helped. Ned says he can’t believe he fell for it. Curtis says Jim is smooth. Ned is shocked Jim thought he’d jump on board. He would have done everything in his power to stop it. Jordan tells him to use it now. Curtis says Jim owns the land. Stopping him won’t be easy. I dunno. I think if he knew what was there, and drilled anyway, it’s pretty easy to have him arrested.

Valentin suggests that Peter untangle himself. Maxie has plenty of people to take care of her, and he’s not one of them. Peter thinks it would be cruel to walk away. Valentin says, what would be cruel is finding out Peter is the son Faison tried to kill in the first place.

Jason tells Sam to take the time she needs. She asks why he’s so amazing. He says he truly loves her, and wants what’s best for her, whatever it turns out to be. He starts to leave. Sam tells him that she’s not going to say, be careful, but good luck and be safe. He asks if it isn’t the same thing as be careful, and she tells him, no, it’s not. He tells her good luck too. I can’t believe they ended on that note.

Tomorrow, Dante confronts Peter, Maxie tells Lulu nothing is ever her fault, and Jim tells Franco and Drew to leave the past where it belongs.

🍀 Top O’ the Trivia to You!

  • We should really wear blue! Saint Patrick himself would have to deal with pinching on his feast day. His color was “Saint Patrick’s blue,” a light shade. The color green only became associated with the big day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.
  • Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. Although he made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn’t Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.
  • St. Patrick’s was a dry holiday in Ireland until 1970.Aside from the color green, the activity most associated with St. Patrick’s Day is drinking. However, Irish law, from 1903 to 1970, declared St. Patrick’s Day a religious observance for the entire country meaning that all pubs were shut down for the day. That meant no beer, not even the green kind, for public celebrants.
  • BONUS: Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are: about 1 in 10,000.

–  From the newsletter ☕

😂 A Midweek Laugh…