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March 21, 2019 – Doc Takes a Sucker Punch, Dubai Listing, Don’t & Going Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura goes to the pier, her assistant trailing her while going over the schedule. Ava is there drinking, and Laura tells the assistant she needs a minute. Ava says, lucky Laura. Fortunate enough to fall in love with the right brother, who’s too good to care about the likes of her. Laura is worried about her. Ava asks now that she has Doc back safe and sound, did she get her happily ever after? Laura says Ava shouldn’t be alone. Can she call someone? Ava says, no, and she should go. Hasn’t she heard?  People around her die.

At The Floating Rib, Felicia tells Mac about James’s cuteness. Doc walks in, and tells them it’s really him. Mac says he has ten seconds to prove it. He shows them his hospital bracelet, which indicates when he was admitted; at the same time Ryan was in Niagara Falls. Mac asks what the hell he wants. Doc says he wants to apologize.

Finn tells Alex, a few minutes more. She didn’t expect VIP treatment. There must be someone less prestigious who can take her bandages off. He says, and easily manipulated intern. She says she’ll take two. He says she’s stuck with him, and she says it’s generous of Anna to share him.

Anna asks if Griff is okay. She hasn’t seen him since they found out Ryan killed Kiki. She knows it was devastating. She says it looks like he’s been hitting something pretty hard.

Kristina tells Shiloh that her family is the worst. Why can’t they try to see things from her point-of-view? He says she didn’t let her brother’s negativity affect her. She stood her ground, and did it respectfully. He ask show long Michael has known Willow. Kristina asks, why? and he says he was wondering why Michael chose Willow over his sister. She says, he’s a worrier; it’s his job in the family. It doesn’t matter. She knows Shiloh is a good man. She loves DOD and is grateful for his faith in her.

Molly has called an emergency meeting of the Davis women at Kelly’s. Alexis and Sam join her. She says she wants to talk about Kristina. She’s noticed what they’ve been missing. The fact that Kristina has joined a cult. Alexis says she does seem really involved. Molly says, even the name. How long before Kristina is wearing a white bonnet, and calling herself a handmaiden? Alexis says Kristina claims it’s a self-help group, and they’re doing good. Molly says, it’s way past self-help

In her classroom, Willow reads a letter she’s written, saying she has a family emergency requiring her to leave Port Charles immediately. Valentin sticks his head in the door, and asks if she has a minute. She says it’s not a good time, but Nina is sure she can squeeze them in. She asks how she can help them, and Valentin says Charlotte should be in the high achiever program. Willow says she can test for it, but Nina says she can also get in by teacher recommendation. Since she doesn’t like having Charlotte in class… Willow says, that’s not true. Valentin thinks a change in environment might help Charlotte’s behavioral problems. Nina adds, those are Willow’s words. Willow says she can’t help them. Charlotte either has to test in, or get a recommendation from her next teacher. She doesn’t work there anymore. Nina asks if she was fired, but Willow says, it’s a family emergency. Valentin says he’s sorry, but Nina says, it’s unbelievable. She raked Charlotte over the coals for bullying, Charlotte is wracked with guilt, and Willow is leaving her high and dry. What kind of teacher is she?

Shiloh asks if Kristina has thought about her trust offering. She wants it to be worthy, so she’s searching for the right one. She’s hoping if she clears her mind, and one will come to the surface. He says, it’s just the opposite. It’s about living the pain; a deep, personal, painful secret, so dark that if the world found out, it would change the way you’re viewed. It can also be about someone dear to her. That would be even better to prove her trust. They’ll do the same in return, but only then can she truly begin. Kristina gets a text from Molly, asking her to come to Kelly’s so they can talk.

Molly says she invited Kristina to join them. Maybe they can talk some sense into her. Sam says, Kristina struggled to find a place to fit in, and found it. Or thinks she has. Alexis says, she seems happy. Sam doesn’t think it’s going to do anybody any good, and puts her coat on. She says she has a client, and tells Molly, the more she pushes Kristina, she could be pushing closer to DOD. Be nice.

Doc says, if he survived and had the opportunity, he wondered how he was going to explain to Felicia why he hid Ryan in Ferncliff instead of turning him over to the authorities. Mac says, no explanation is good enough, but Felicia says Doc paid the price for his mistake. He was locked in Ferncliff for months. Ryan hurt him almost as bad as he hurt the rest of them. Mac says, almost. Doc says he’s so sorry. He thought he had it under control. If he’d thought for one second that any of them would be in danger… Felicia understands. She accepts that he didn’t want it to happen, but can’t pretend it didn’t.

Ava says she supposes she should thank Laura. The day Laura came to her with the flowers, she said something was off about Doc. Laura says, if she’d known, she would have insisted Ava come with her. Ava says she wouldn’t have believed her anyway. She stumbles, and Laura catches her. She says she would have stayed with the man she loved, who it turns out stabbed her daughter to death, then slept with her two hours later for an alibi. Laura tells her to stop thinking about it. Stop doing this to herself. Ava says it’s the only thing she can think about. She says Laura is something. Ava was sleeping with man they both thought was her husband, trying to find happiness at Laura’s expense. Yet she knows if she was in trouble, Laura would do whatever it took to help her. Laura says, of course; anyone would. Ava says they would not. She wouldn’t, and she’s not alone, but Laura is a good person. She and Doc are perfect for each other. Laura says she has her car, and suggests taking Ava somewhere. Ava says she has her spot. She’s going to sit there and reflect on her choices. Laura says, whatever it is Ava did, she didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. Ava doesn’t agree with her.

Finn takes Alex’s bandages off, telling her, open her eyes slowly and adjust to the light. When she’s ready, tell him what she sees. She says, she can see, and thanks him. She says he has lovely blue eyes. Finn says her vision is healed, the virus is neutralized, and his work is done. She asks how he knows hers is. He says she already told Anna about the memory transfer. Alex says, did she? Finn says he restored her sight on the condition she tell the truth. She says, what if she didn’t? What is he going to do? Repossess her vision? He asks if she lied, and she says, good question. Why doesn’t he keep her company while they find out?

Anna tells Griff that he can’t lose her. Griff says he’s just working. She says, when he’s not working, he’s punching someone, and they’re punching back very hard. Clearly, this is more than just grief. Does he want to talk? He says he was working in the hospital, and Ryan offered his condolences when Kiki died. The man who stabbed her shook his hand at her funeral. He can’t make peace with that. She asks if boxing makes him feel better, and he laughs. He says the idea isn’t to feel better while he’s doing it, but to feel something.

Sam goes to DOD, and asks Shiloh if it’s a good time. She wants to be present, and discuss the things that make her uncomfortable. Nothing about him makes her uncomfortable, but it’s what he said about commitment. She is a little uncomfortable about that, but in a good way. Shiloh asks, how so? She says he made her think about commitment and the course. She was wondering if she could join. He says they’d love to have her. She asks how it works.

Willow asks Nina and Valentin what the problem is. Didn’t they want to remove Charlotte from her class? They got their wish. What does it matter if she leaves first? Nina says they’re thinking of Charlotte’s best interest. Unlike her, who’s abandoning Charlotte. Valentin says, it’s a family emergency. Nina says if it’s an emergency, why is Willow still there? Willow says she’s packing, and Nina says she could send for her things. Willow says, not everyone can afford to send for their things. Nina says, by the time the kids get used to a new teacher, it will be the end of the year. Willow says, they’re young; they’ll adjust. Valentin hopes everything works out, and they’re sorry to see her go. Nina says, after what she said about Charlotte? Willow says the person she feels sorry for is Charlotte. With Nina as her stepmother, that little girl doesn’t stand a chance.

Willow says Charlotte is smart, sophisticated, and independent, but she also has no patience for anything where she’s not center stage. She wants everything done her way; not by just the students, but her teachers as well. She looks at Nina, and asks if it reminds them of anyone. Willow says, Nina claims she’s looking out for Charlotte’s best interests, encouraging her to be strong, and telling her that she’s the most special one in the room. Charlotte is entitled, and thinks the rules don’t apply to her, because she’s been taught she’s better than everyone else. The more they reinforce that, the more they’re harming her. Nina says Willow’s problem is with her. Don’t take it out on Charlotte. Valentin says they’re leaving. Willow is sure her replacement can help them with the achiever program. Unless the problems persist. She tells Valentin, good luck. I’m not sure if she means with Charlotte, Nina, or both.

Sam asks Shiloh, what’s next? He says she gives herself up to her mentor. Their choices are her choices. She asks if she’s giving up her free will, but he says she’ll be using it to relinquish control. Sam doesn’t understand what that has to do with commitment. Shiloh says, true commitment is giving up control. She asks when they start.

Alexis tells Kristina it’s not an ambush. Molly wants to apologize. She knows DOD is important to Kristina, and she was dismissive. She’s sorry she upset Kristina, but she’s just worried. Kristina says she doesn’t have to be. Alexis says maybe if she explained, and Kristina says, explain she’s not in a cult? Then will Molly back off and consider the possibility that she knows what she’s doing, and why?

Finn asks why he should trust what Alex has to say about Anna. Alex says it’s not that she doesn’t care about Anna; they took different paths. Like it or not, Alex does know Anna, and Finn is still in the discovery phase. If he feels he’s going to settle down with Anna, he’s going to be disappointed. She’ll always be running off to right some mysterious wrong only she can right. Penance for her past sins that she’ll never tell him about. Finn starts to leave, and she says don’t get her wrong. Anna isn’t leading him on, but she knows Anna, and he’ll never be enough for her.

Anna tells Griff that she knows the dark places grief can drive you, and knows Kiki wouldn’t want that. Griff doesn’t think he can handle another conversation how he should use his life to honor Kiki. It’s garbage. If he could take back the times he gave that speech to other people, he would. Laura joins them, and says, Ava is in pain. She’s grieving and feels guilty about the horrible man she loved killing her daughter. Griff says he knows why she’s telling him, but it would be impossible for him to comfort her. Laura says, it’s a shame, since they both loved Kiki. Being in the presence of another heart as broken as hers might give her equilibrium. She’s worried.

Doc appreciates the honesty, and is going to do his best to make amends and regain their trust. Ava walks in. They look at each other, and she orders a martini. Felicia says she should talk to her. Doc says, in the light of what happened, Felicia’s strength is remarkable. Mac says, no thanks to him. Since they’re alone, man to man, he’s going to give Doc the full picture of the pain he caused her.

Felicia sits next to Ava, who asks if Felicia is cutting her off already. Felicia says, no, but she can’t drink away what Ryan did to her. She knows, being the only other woman who survived being loved by Ryan Chamberlain. When they first met in Texas, he was going by the name of Todd Wilson. He was charming, thoughtful, and attentive. She was on the verge of being swept off her feet. Ava asks, what happened? and Felicia says she walked in on him while he was murdering his wife. Ava says, that will do it. So she ran and ran and ran, but he came after her.

Mac says, when you see Felicia in the light of day, she’s calm and pulled together. You don’t see all the locks he has to change; the windows and the doors. The baseball bat she keeps within reach. (Sounds like typical behavior of an NYC resident.) The fighting back in her sleep. None of this had to happen if he’d turned Ryan into the police when he found out he was alive. He chose protect Ryan instead. Chose him over all of them, including Mac’s wife.

Laura says, Ava isn’t in her right state mind; she needs help. Anna says Griff doesn’t have to comfort her, just grieve, side by side. Finn comes out, and tells Anna, the patient has a request, and Anna excuses herself. Laura is sorry Griff felt pressured to reach out to Ava, and he thanks her for understanding. She says, in some of the worst times in her life, she’s gotten strength from people who were willing to sit by her while she grieved, in silence and solidarity. He says he’ll think about it.

Anna sees the procedure was a success, and Alex says, thanks to Finn. He’s handsome and attentive, and she imagines disillusioned. Anna says the WSB is on their way to take custody of Alex. Alex says she’s entitled to a phone call.

Willow continues to read her letter. She wants them to know she’s loved teaching there. She’s going to miss her students and Port Charles. She wouldn’t leave suddenly if didn’t she have to. She wishes them the best.

Felicia says Ava can’t blame herself. Ryan fooled them all. Ava appreciates what Felicia is saying, but no matter how bad she was traumatized, Ryan didn’t kill her daughter. He killed Ava’s.

Mac tells Doc it was hard enough when they thought Ryan was dead, not out there. Doc hopes it’s over. Mac says like they’d hoped Ryan died in a fire at the funhouse.

Anna thanks Laura for reaching out. Laura says, not that it did much good. Anna says, Griff is a better man than he’s willing to believe. She thinks he’ll find a way to help Ava. Laura hopes so. She feels terrible about Ryan deceiving them, and the part Doc played in it. He made a made terrible mistake, hiding his brother in Ferncliff, instead of handing over to the authorities when he knew Ryan was alive. Maybe all this never would have happened. Griff overhears.

Kristina tells Molly to admit she knows what she’s doing. Molly says, if she doesn’t believe what Kristina does, will Kristina cut her out of her life? Alexis says, DOD has its selling points. Their work with the community is impressive. Molly says it’s just that Kristina’s immersion in it was fast. Alexis suggests maybe Kristina can move back home, but then says she’s just kidding. How about Sam’s? Kristina says, so Alexis can monitor her? Alexis says she can take classes at a distance. Kristina asks why they’re afraid of her taking ownership of her destiny? Molly says she sounds brainwashed. Kristina quotes Shiloh, and says Molly doesn’t get it. Molly says Kristina is all, Shiloh says this, and Shiloh says that. Can’t she think for herself? Kristina tells her, Shiloh says you can’t trust those who don’t support your choices. She needs to move on. The two of them are no longer in her life.

Sam asks Shiloh when she’s meeting her mentor. He says he’s decided on mentoring her himself. She asks when they start, and he says he’ll contact her. She has to make herself available 24/7. Can she handle that? She says as far as the kids go, she has a great support system. He says they’re done for the day.

Valentin arrives at the hospital. Anna says, of course Alex would call him. She tells Valentin that she has no intention of letting Alex go. Valentin goes into Alex’s room. She says she snaps her fingers, and there he is. She loves it. He says it’s an old habit he’s looking forward to breaking. What does she want? She wants to make him an offer – her freedom in exchange for the preservation of his secrets. He says, no thanks. She hoped he would play nice. HIs life is about to crumble. He says she’s been gone a long time; enough to sever ties. Whatever she thinks she’s holding over him, is over with. She says they’ll always have Lisbon. He’s sorry to disappoint her. She says, it’s only fair. she disappointed him

Felicia tells Ava, every time she thought Ryan was out of her life, he came back. He held her hostage in a cabin, and tried to kill her. Then she went to a mental institution for trying kill him, when she was defending herself. Ava says, too bad she didn’t succeed. Felicia says she watched him burn to death, and he still came back, twenty-five years went by, but he made it. She thinks the only reason she’s alive is because Ryan was obsessed with Ava. She can’t let guard down. If he’s still out there, he’ll be back for her.

Kristina goes back to the DOD house, and asks what Sam is doing there. Is she going to give Kristina the talk on how Shiloh is a master manipulator, and she’s being lured into a cult? Shiloh says, she’s actually there to take a course on commitment. Without even apologizing, Kristina says, at least someone in the family isn’t afraid to connect to DOD’s message. Sam says she’s sorry the family is giving Kristina a hard time. She loves her. Kristina says, love without trust is empty. Sam says she still has her, and they hug.

Molly says she told Alexis it was a cult. Alexis isn’t saying she’s wrong. Molly says, Kristina stormed off, declaring her independence, but this time she’s going to a different house, where the people tell her what she wants to hear. Alexis says, as opposed to them being honest. It just makes her dig in her heels deeper, and push farther away.

Kristina speaks into a recorder, saying, this is her trust offering. A symbol of her commitment to DOD. It’s about a member of her family.

Willow finishes packing. She looks at Miss Tait written on the board, and I realize I’ve been spelling her name wrong. She starts to erase it, but a man says, don’t erase it. It’s such a nice name. It’s Shiloh, who says, hello, Willow.

Seeing the guys there to take her into custody, Alex says, a farewell party. Anna says, since Alex betrayed her, it’s the least she can do. Alex says Anna betrayed her first. Her halo is not as shiny as advertised. She asks Anna to tell Robert that she missed seeing him one last time. She goes down in the elevator, and Finn looks at Anna.

Laura calls Alexis, and leaves a message that she wants to meet and wrap up the details of her marriage. Call her back.

Felicia tells Ava that she wanted revenge badly. Ava asks if she’s offering to help kill him. Felicia says, the more she hates him, the more he wins. Ava knows she’s right. Felicia says, but she doesn’t think there’s any way for her to stop hoping they recover his body, and do a dental and DNA test. Until there’s proof, she can’t trust he’s gone. Mac joins them, and says, right. You can’t be too careful. He tells Ava, keep her guard up. Until the body is found, they can’t take it for granted Ryan is dead.

Doc walks on the pier. A sucker punch comes out of nowhere, knocking him down.

Tomorrow, Margaux says Dr. Collins is a liability, Willow says she’ll turn what Shiloh’s done against him, and Carly tells Sonny there was trouble while he was gone.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Tracy was in the running to be ambassador for the Royal Atlantis development in Dubai. She visited with friend Caroline Stanbury (Ladies of London – I love her!), who had a house to die for, and a new puppy. Caroline moved to Dubai because of her husband’s job, but told Tracy, other than having to wear trousers when she’d normally wear shorts, she hadn’t had much of a culture shock. I’m hoping Tracy gets the job. Obviously it would be a nice chunk of change for her – five million at the least – but I’d love to see more of Dubai, and Caroline. Josh Flagg and husband Bobby looked for a new house. Josh is very old school architecture, like me, but Bobby likes it modern. When Bobby accused Josh of only looking eighty-five year old’s houses, Josh claimed he was an eighty-five year old woman trapped in the body of a… twenty-six year old man. Next time, the finale.

🏥 Normally, I only talk entertainment, but I thought this was an important issue, and it’s a little bit TV related. Not long ago, I saw Tawny Kitaen on an episode of Botched. While she’s been very much a working actress for a long time, I remember her best from the 90s TV show, Hercules. Known as a sex symbol of the 90s, she also shook her ass on the hood of Whitesnake’s car, to borrow from Bowling for Soup’s 1985. Funny thing is, she did it all without breast implants. Unfortunately, she was told they’d further her career, and like the fools women can be, she listened. And had nothing but medical trouble from then on. Her reason for visiting Paul and Terry was to get them removed. Afterwards, she felt like a new – and healthy – woman. Kari Wuhrer (from my beloved Beastmaster 2) told a similar story on Oprah years ago. I applaud these women for being open about their decisions.

My point is this. Don’t do it. I like to think of myself as a sensible person, and putting any foreign, synthetic object into your body doesn’t sound like a good idea. And please, I am not talking about reconstructive surgery. That’s totally different. TBH, I’d even advise against feminine products that contain deodorant.  Look at what they found out about talc and cancer. Trust me. It’s unnecessary, and not worth your health. And ladies, if any dude tells you not getting implants is a deal breaker, run, do not walk, away from him, and directly to a therapist to discuss your self-esteem issues. If you don’t believe me, check out this article from the New York Post, which prompted me to write this.

🌇 The Possibility Of An Early Night…

This was a heavy duty TV week. I love you, but curse you, Tyler Perry. So until the dead walk, enjoy some Tawny from back in the day.


March 7, 2019 – Everyone Heads For the Falls, a Stinky Fruit, Bad Actor Kelly, Caroline in Dubai & Here Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Ankara, Turkey, Robert and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says Robert’s friend better get there soon.

Jason and Laura drive toward the Falls. She kubutzes about his driving. Chase calls, and says Doc is fine. He’s on his way to surgery. She tells him they have reason to believe Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls with Ava. She says, we hope to have more information soon. Chase says, we? and she says she’s with a friend.

Elizabeth paces at the hospital. Drew gives her an empty coffee cup, because no one is ever going to learn how to make one look like it’s full. He asks how Franco is, and she says, he keeps drifting in and out, but the doctors say he’ll be fine. Drew says, at least Franco’s name will be cleared, and everyone will know he’s innocent. Elizabeth wishes he had trusted her with the truth. Drew says Jordan probably swore him to secrecy. The bottom line is, they know it was Ryan Chamberlain, not Franco. Kim runs in, and tells Drew about the kids being in Niagara Falls, and Oscar having a seizure.

Cameron is shocked to run into Ryan. Ryan says, what are the odds? Cameron says his friends are waiting, but Ryan asks, what’s the rush? He can’t let him go now – not yet.

Ava opens the trunk with the remote. She sees Josslyn, and asks if she’s here with her mother. We see Carly unconscious in the trunk.

Sonny says if Robert’s contact doesn’t show soon, they’re out of there. Robert realizes in Sonny’s world, people turn up on time, but they’re not in his world. Sonny says he noticed that. Robert says they do a lot of sitting around before the action. He ain’t seen nothing yet. He reminds Sonny, it’s a small price to pay; his time for information. A woman asks if they’re interested in a diversion, and asks Sonny if she can read his fortune. Sonny says, some other time, but Robert tells him to let her read his palm.

Laura knows Jason isn’t big on explaining himself, but everything is happening fast, and she’s been locked in Ferncliff. She wants to know how did they get to this point? Jason says when Carly was in Ferncliff, there was a patient in the next room. He never saw them, but he’s pretty sure it was Ryan. He was trying to communicate with Carly using Morse code. Laura knew that already, and says Doc and Ryan would have switched places by then. Jason says he has a friend who’s an expert at cyber security; the best. He came up with the name Wilson. Laura says, Ryan’s alias. Jason says Carly went to question the guy she thought was Doc, and Ryan made up a story that the patient was a serial killer named Wilson Ritter. It didn’t check out, and then Franco gave an interview, saying he was a better killer than Ryan Chamberlain, aka Todd Wilson. Jason tells Laura that he kept the security footage. Ryan and Carly were at the hospital at the same time. Carly went to the garage, and her car was there, but her phone was on the ground. There was no sign of Ryan. Laura says, if Carly questioned him, does Jason think he did something to her? Jason says he couldn’t have killed her in the garage; there were too many people. He couldn’t move her to a second location either, so she’s locked up at the hospital, or he took her with him. Laura thinks they have to go through all the possibilities, but Jason won’t consider that Carly is dead.

On the phone, Chase says Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls, if he’s not there already. He’s sent an updated photo, along with a photo of his traveling companion, Ava Jerome. He says Ryan is armed and dangerous. Lulu sees him, and says she got his message that they found her mom. Jason says she was there, but she left. Lulu asks where she is, and Chase says, it’s a complicated situation. Lulu asks, what’s going on?

Kim tells Drew about Oscar’s seizure and that the kids are in Niagara Falls. He says they’ll take the company chopper.

Cameron tells Ryan that he’s there with friends. Ryan asks if his mom is chaperoning, and Cameron says, sorry, but his friend Trina is waiting. Ryan tells him to have a good time. He won’t tell if Cameron doesn’t. Cameron says nothing, and gets the blip out of there.

Josslyn tells Ava that her boyfriend had a seizure, and the paramedics took him to the hospital. They wouldn’t let her come, so she called an Uber. She walks off, and Ava says she hopes it works out. She goes to the back of the car, and sees Carly in the trunk. She says, oh my God, what is happening? Ryan is suddenly there, and says, surprise!

Chase tells Lulu that Doc was admitted for surgery, but she thought he was on his way to Niagara Falls to marry Ava. Chase tells her that she needs to prepare herself.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina arrive at the hospital. The nurse asks if they’re family, and Trina says Cameron is Oscar’s cousin. When the nurse asks what side of the family, Cameron says his mom almost married Oscar’s dad. Josslyn says she’s Oscar’s girlfriend. She knows that doesn’t count as family, but he needs her, and asks the nurse to make an exception. Or does she have to find a way to sneak in the room? The nurse says she must be Josslyn; she’s just like Oscar described. He’s awake and groggy, but lucid. The nurse gives her the room number, and she goes in to see Oscar. He asks if Cameron is there too. He’s sorry he ruined their only night alone. She says he didn’t ruin anything; he had a seizure. Josslyn says they made it to Niagara Falls. Their road trip is definitely memorable. He says this is the only memory he cares about; right here, right now, with her. This is the time they’ve got, and all they’re going to get.

Cameron asks Trina if cousin was the best she could come up with. She says it would have worked if he’d played along. He says, sometimes the truth works, but Trina says Josslyn didn’t get in because she was honest. Cameron says it’s because Oscar is in bad shape. Elizabeth calls, and says she knows he’s in Niagara Falls, and knows Oscar had a seizure. Cameron asks if they can talk about it later. He knows he’s in trouble, but he’s in the middle of a crisis. Elizabeth says he got Oscar to the hospital, and she’s proud of him. He asks if that means he’s not in trouble, but she says, no. She tells him to let Oscar know his parents are on the way. She also needs to tell something about Franco.

Sonny doesn’t believe in fortune telling, but if it helps pass the time, the woman can give him a reading. Robert gives her his chair. The woman says Sonny’s lifeline is long, but doesn’t guarantee a long life; he still has to be careful about anything that might shorten it. Sonny asks what else she sees, and she says he has a fate line. Not everyone has one. She tells him someone he loves is in danger.

Ava doesn’t understand. Did Carly follow them, or has she been in the trunk all this time? Ryan says, it’s not a problem, but Ava says he can’t leave Carly there. He says, of course not. He tells her to go to the room; he’ll handle everything. She asks what he means, and he asks if she loves him. She says, of course, and he asks if she trusts him. He tells her, go back to the room and wait. She says, don’t be long. and he says she won’t have time to miss him. Ava leaves, and he closes the trunk.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that his friend just had a seizure. He thought Oscar was going to die. Elizabeth says Franco was cleared of all charges. Cameron says, and? She says, he’s innocent. Cameron knows she wants to believe that, but she says they know who the real killer is; Ryan Chamberlain. Cameron asks if he didn’t die a million years ago, and she says, that’s what everyone thought, but he’s been posing as Doc; they’re identical twins. He tried to frame Franco for the murders. Cameron says he just saw Doc, but Elizabeth says he’s at GH. Cameron says that means he was talking to Ryan Chamberlain. He gives Elizabeth the address of the hotel, and she tells him to stay at the hospital. Don’t move until Drew shows up, and don’t go anywhere by himself. She loves him.

Laura says as far as she’s concerned, she asked Jason for a ride to Niagara Falls. What he does when they get there is none of her business. She doesn’t want to know, and she’s not asking. Her phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who tells her everyone is fine, but Cameron ran into Ryan at a hotel, and had no idea it was Ryan. Laura asks the name of the hotel, and Elizabeth says The Inn at Cascade Point. Laura asks her to tell Chase, and have him call the Niagara Falls PD. When Laura finishes the call, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him to get into the mainframe at the hotel, and find out what room Dr. Collins checked into.

Sonny says he knows how this works. The palm reader says someone he loves is in danger, he gives her a few lira, and surprisingly they’re not in danger anymore. She tells Robert to tell his friend that she sees a child who is a man; a son. Sonny says he’s got a couple of those, and she says this one has his eyes. He’s the one in danger. Sonny asks how she knows this. She says she sees it. His child’s life is in the palm of his hands.

Oscar tells Josslyn not to leave, and she says she’s not going anywhere. He says, him neither, but she says that’s not true. He wants Cameron to have his car. He’s not saying it to upset her, he’s saying it because it’s real. He doesn’t want his stuff to go to waste. That’s why Cameron isn’t getting his telescope, but he wants Cameron to be constantly reminded about how he messed up the trip. She tells Oscar to stop doing whatever he’s trying to do, but Oscar says, it’s okay to laugh. He loves her laugh. He loves everything about her. She kisses him.

Trina tells Cameron that she’s not big on true crime, so she hasn’t been paying attention. She knows Ryan Chamberlain murdered seven women in Texas, and was killed in a fire. Cameron says, obviously not. According to his mom, Ryan killed all those people, and Franco had nothing to do with it. Trina asks if his mother is possibly blaming a dead man because it hurts too much. He tells her that his mom said Doc was at GH. Trina calls the hospital, and asks for Doc, then says she’ll call back later. She tells Cameron that Doc is having surgery as they speak. Cameron says that means he was talking to the real killer – Ryan Chamberlain.

Lulu says, so instead of burning, Ryan held Doc hostage at Ferncliff, took his place, killed three people, and tried to kill her? Chase says, yeah, and Lulu says she was so sure Franco was the one. She flashes back to the stabbing, and sees Ryan’s face replace Franco’s. She says, it was Ryan. When she couldn’t remember, she let him hypnotize her, and he convinced her it was Franco. Chase says, everyone thought he was dead. It was the perfect disguise and alibi. Elizabeth joins them, and tells Chase that she knows where Ryan is.

Ava has a drink, and paces. She sees her dress on the bed, and says, oh God. She puts presses 911 on her phone, but doesn’t hit dial. She says, he’s having a breakdown. Everyone said it happened before. How does she help? Ryan comes in, and says he sees she broke into the mini bar; he could use a drink. She says she took the vodka, and he says, bourbon will do nicely. She asks why Carly is in the trunk of his car. He says, isn’t it obvious? She’s a wedding present for his bride-to-be. Think of her as wrapped up and ready to go.

Sonny needs more convincing, since he’s a skeptical American. Robert thinks they should be on their way. The woman says after she shares her gift, this is the thanks she gets? and holds out her hand. Sonny gives her some money, and she says, really? He gives her more, and she says his destiny awaits him.

Trina says Cameron was just face to face with a serial killer. The upside is, his stepfather isn’t a killer. Cameron says he is, but he killed people before a brain tumor was removed. Trina says if she was related to one of the victims, she would dedicate her life to sending him to prison, but Cameron’s mom believes in forgiveness, and now Franco isn’t going to prison. He has to find a way to get along. Cameron says she knows how to cheer someone up. Trina says he has no right to complain. None of them do. No matter how dysfunctional their families are, they’re healthy. They have their whole lives to see any place they want, but this was Oscar’s last chance to see the Falls and be with Josslyn. It’s happening, and nothing they’re going through comes close. She tells Cameron, get over it. He says she’s harsh. Truthful, but harsh. She says, he can take it. Drew and Kim arrive, and Kim thanks Cameron for taking care of Oscar. Trina wonders if she’ll still be thanking him when she hears about the car.

Kim and Drew go in to see Oscar. He knows he’s in trouble, but they wanted to be together. Josslyn says she loves him, but his parents have to be with him right now. She leaves, and Oscar asks them not to be angry. Drew says they’re not angry; they’re furious. Kim loves him, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy he took off without letting them know. Drew says he had another seizure, and Oscar says, it was really bad.

Elizabeth tells Lulu and Chase that Cameron ran into Ryan. Lulu asks where? and Elizabeth explains that Ryan and Ava were going to Niagara Falls to elope. Ava thinks she’s going to marry Doc. Chase says he’s letting the Niagara Falls PD know, and steps away. Elizabeth tells Lulu that her mom is amazing. She was locked in the basement at Ferncliff, but was completely in control. Lulu should be proud of her. Lulu says she was manipulated by a psychopath. He got in her head, and convinced her that Franco attacked her. She can’t even tell Elizabeth enough that she’s sorry. Elizabeth says, Ryan fooled everyone. Even Lulu’s mother thought he was Doc. Lucy didn’t see it, and neither did Felicia. She thinks the woman he stalked and nearly killed would know. There were a lot of people who knew Doc better than Lulu, but they didn’t know Ryan took his place.

Jason thanks Spinelli. He pulls into The Inn parking lot, and takes out his gun. He tells Laura, stay here.

Ryan apologizes to Ava. He knows finding Carly like that must have upsetting. Ava doesn’t know what he did to get her Carly in there, but knows he did it to help her. He says whatever helps her, helps him, so technically he did it for the both of them. She says whatever impulse he had to do it, she’s glad it can be undone. They don’t need anyone or anything from Port Charles tainting their elopement. They should go ahead with their wedding and honeymoon, and deal with all things Port Charles when they get back. The sooner they get Carly out of the trunk and get her home, the better. She hands him a drink, and he says he wouldn’t worry about Carly. She’s already on her way. Ava asks, where? What has he done?

She asks where Carly is, and Ryan says, five miles east. At least she was the last he saw her. Ava asks if he dropped her off, and he says, in a manner of speaking. Ava asks, was she… in any condition to take care of herself? Ryan says she knows Carly is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It’s her greatest talent, and one priority. Speaking of priorities, his is marrying her. He guesses he ruined everything. Ava isn’t sure what he means, and he says he saw her wedding ensemble. He’s not supposed to see it before the wedding. Ava says that’s only if he sees her wearing it, but seeing it laid out on the bed is fine. He wants to be on the safe side, and thinks she should wear something else. She says if means that much to him, and he says he’s waited his entire life for her; a woman who accepts, understands, and fulfills him. Now that they found each other, they’ll join their lives and fates. He wants everything to be perfect.

Sonny tells the fortune teller, enjoy the tip. He and Robert leave, and a couple of guys look like they’re going to follow, but the fortune teller gets in their way, delaying them for a moment, and telling one of them his future is dark. Outside, Robert asks what Sonny got. Sonny says, an address.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is. She says he seems okay; he’s making jokes. Trina says, attitude is important, but Josslyn says, it only goes so far. She’s tried to stay positive and put a smile on Oscar’s face, keep his spirits up. Sometimes they forget or pretend to forget for a little while. Sometimes they pretend it’s normal, but it’s not. He’s not. He’s running out of time, and one day he’s not going to be there for the next trip. He’s going to be gone. Cameron tells her not to get ahead of herself. There are still good days. Trina says, don’t waste time, and Cameron says, stay in the present. Stay with Oscar.

Kim tells Oscar when they get back to Port Charles, they’ll talk to Terry and Griff, and see what’s what. Drew says, in the meantime, they need to get him home. Kim says she’ll talk to the doctor, and see what’s next. They’ll all be together. Drew says they love him, and Oscar says he knows.

Chase tells Lulu that units are being sent to the hotel. She hopes they find Ryan, arrest him, and lock him up for good. She wishes they’d tattoo Ryan on his forehead, so no one will make that mistake again. I second that. Chase says, he had the advantage of hiding in plain sight, but this is a manhunt like no other. Lulu hopes they find him before he hurts someone else.

Carly lies unconscious at the bottom of a snowy hill.

Jason kicks in the hotel room door.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks if Peter ever says no, Robert tells Sonny they’re in the right place, and Jason says Ryan and Ava are headed for Canada.

🔪 On Top Chef, the Quickfire challenge was to incorporate the smelly durian fruit into a dish. I’ve never tasted durian, but it was described as a combination of banana, mango, and garlic chives, and stinking to high heaven. Like that dead skunk in the middle of the road. Soon-to-be father Eric said he hoped what his baby would be putting out wasn’t as smelly. It didn’t sound worth it, but maybe if I tasted it, I’d feel differently. Michelle won an extra hour of cook time with a sweet and savory shrimp dish. For the elimination challenge, the chefs were to incorporate their own heritage with the Chinese/Portugese flavors of Macau. James Beard Award winner Abe Conlon was the guest judge, and he took the contestants out to one of his favorite Macau restaurants, where family members awaited them. They had something called minchee, which I’d love to try. It’s made with minced beef or pork and flavored with molasses and soy sauce, served with a fried egg on top.  After that, they went shopping. Nothing better than an Asian market IMO. Sara had her heart set on matzo balls, and while they didn’t exactly have matzo, they did have some unleavened big ass crackers that she found appropriate. We learned that including soda water is the secret to good matzo balls. Michelle made a seafood dish, Eric prepared an Egusi stew with shrimp and dumplings, and Kelsey did a low country boil with shrimp. The Egusi stew uses ground melon seeds as one of its components, which did not go over that big, since it made the dish gritty. The judges didn’t make it clear whether that was the idea and they just didn’t like it, or he didn’t grind them fine enough. Sara’s big ass cracker matzo ball soup was the big winner. Tom said he wasn’t feeling the Chinese flavor in Michelle’s dish, and she had too much going on. It was her turn to pack up her knives and depart. Gail said it was that extra hour that backfired. Michelle went out disappointed, but proud. She’d gained closure in her personal life, and was more self-aware. She was ready for what the future had in store. Next time, the finale, where the chefs have to cook the four-course meal of their lives.

🎭 I haven’t seen the R. Kelly interview with Gayle King, but I saw clips, and puh-leeze. How dramatic can you get? If I’d been Gayle, I would have wanted to kick him one. Yeah, I wouldn’t be afraid of him either. He’s just a bad actor. The really sad part is, he thinks the public is that stupid. Maybe they are, but I hope not.

💂 I almost fell out of my chair. On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, it looked like Tracy was going to get the opportunity to represent a property in Dubai. Then, in next week’s preview, we saw her visiting Caroline Stanbury in Dubai. She was a cast member of The Ladies of London, which I loved, but it never returned after the untimely death of one of the ladies. I remember Caroline having a house there. I’m all excited about this, which I know sounds sad.

🌞 Happy Days Are Here Again…

Well, Friday is anyway.





January 10, 2019 – The PC Voters Have Spoken, a Crossover in LA, Oh Brother & Celebrating Earl


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I swear, one day I won’t miss the first minute and a half. I had extra time today too, but… oh, never mind. Moving on.

Anna asks if Finn is backing out. He says he never backed in. He tells her, technically, she can go on her own. Not-Doc nearly slams into them, and Finn tells him watch where he’s going.

Sam doesn’t know how Jason can still go to the docks. He says there are bad memories for both of them there, but she suggests they make new ones. Shiloh appears, and says it’s fortunate he found them. Perhaps they can help him with something. He sounds like Spinelli.

Shiloh takes Sam and Jason over to a guy sleeping on the docks. He introduces the guy as Barney. He’s between homes, and Shiloh is trying to convince him that he’ll freeze out there. He has a van to take Barney and his mother to a shelter, but Barney doesn’t think he can trust Shiloh. Sam tells Barney, it’s just one night. He can leave if he wants to. Shiloh agrees that he can. Sam says, give it a try. A hot meal and a bed. Let them help him out.

Not-Doc tells Finn and Anna that he’s terribly sorry. It’s embarrassing. He’s always complaining about other people walking while their looking at their cell phones, and now he’s doing the same thing. Anna asks if he’s in a rush to get to a patient, but he says it’s a baffling pathology that’s stumping the experts. He jets, and Finn says, people say he’s awkward.

Maxie asks Peter how he knew she was there. He says he didn’t, and Lulu says the whole world doesn’t revolve around Maxie. Peter says he’s there on Invader business. Maxie asks if he’s going to make Lulu work tonight. Her mom waiting for them to join her. Lulu says she asked to see him; right now, this takes precedence. Maxie says she’ll leave them to talk shop, while she watches the returns. Lulu tells her it’s confidential, and she’ll meet Maxie at The Floating Rib when they’re done. Maxie says Peter should consider coming. All work no play… He says he’ll try, and Lulu says she’ll be there soon. When Maxie leaves, Lulu says she senses a vibe. Peter says they’re supposed to be talking business. Lulu says she’s talking murder.

Ned says Michael wants him to win so he has no reason to come back to ELQ. Michael says he wants Ned to win because he’s a great mayor, but he’s always welcome back to the family business. Monica says they’re all getting along and being supportive of each other. Is she in the right house? She says, solidarity is a good thing, especially with everything going on with Oscar. She had no idea how hard losing Gail would hit her either. She wishes Michael had the chance to meet her. There’s also the mysterious clause in her will. Ned says they’ll deal with that another time, and Monica says, tonight is all about him. No pressure, but they could use a win. Michael tells Ned, please get on that, thanks. Ned says, unfortunately, it’s out of his hands.

Laura is blown away by Cameron being busted for buying marijuana. Alexis says, trying to buy marijuana. Elizabeth says, it was sweet, but misguided. Laura wishes they’d told her; she would have been at the hearing. Elizabeth says that’s why they didn’t tell her. Alexis says a lot of people are counting on her. Laura says, family comes first. Always has; always will. She sees not-Doc come in.

Shiloh thanks Sam and Jason, saying they were more persuasive than he was. It’s amazing how many don’t see people like Barney. They’re treated like a disease. He says they’re here to see him; what can he do for them? Sam says Kristina told her that he comes there sometimes to help the homeless. He asks again what he can do for them, and Sam says he can start by dropping the act. Jason says he knew Sam lived there when he came to town. Why didn’t he tell Kristina? Shiloh asks, what makes them think he knew Sam? Sam says she was married to his father.

Mac says what he’s about to tell not-Doc stays between them. It’s about the murders; can Mac trust him? Not-Doc says he’s working with the PCPD. If they can trust him, Mac can. Is he working with the police? Mac says Jordan and Curtis came to him with a possible link between Ryan’s crime spree and the recent killings. Not-Doc asks if he’s serious, and Mac says, dead serious; no pun intended. They’d been going through the files, and Ryan kept a trophy from each of the victims – their driver’s license. The current killer is doing the same thing. All three licenses are missing from the victims’ personal effects. Not-Doc says, incredible, and Mac says, it begs the question, if the killer knows Ryan’s M.O., why does no one else? Not even the cops.

Lulu tells Peter that he gave her access just for something that happened twenty-five years ago. Fast-forward to her covering the recent murders. It didn’t occur to her that they were connected until the DA dropped by. Margaux wouldn’t tell her what they found, but it’s obvious they stumbled on a link. They have reason to believe the killer might be emulating Ryan’s crimes. Peter asks why the DA would come to her, and Lulu says she wanted to know if there was a common denominator – a signature on Ryan’s crimes – but Lulu hadn’t seen one. Peter doesn’t suppose Margaux let her in on what they found. Lulu says she tried to get it out of her, but no luck. She bets if she goes back to her research and the forensics reports, she can find something. Peter asks if she hasn’t already done that, but she says she didn’t know they were looking for a link. If they can find it, she can. Peter asks what she’ll do with it if she finds it, and she says, print it. The public deserves to know. Peter says, if the police haven’t revealed it, it’s for a reason. They’re using it to catch the killer, and she could blow that up. Don’t publish irresponsibly. She says, like she did before? and he says, like they did. He pushed her, and it got Nathan killed. It wasn’t their intention, but they put it out there. It was an unforeseen consequence, and he doesn’t want to risk it again. When she writes something, as publisher, he’ll decide if they go through with the story. She says, deal. She’s going to close up and go to The Floating Rib. She asks if he’s coming, but he says he has a stop he needs to make first.

Finn tells Anna, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, but she says, but he does anyway. She tells him, Peter wants to meet her right now at a bistro. Finn tells her to go to her meeting, and he’ll check on some files. She says, no, no, no. A supportive boyfriend would go to the party with her. He asks what the supportive boyfriend gets out of this? She asks if he remembers that night, and what happened after. He says it’s seared in his brain. He’ll see her there. Must have been good.

Shiloh says, Sam and his father? Sam says before Hank, he was born David Henry Archer. She married his father briefly. She knew he had a son, but never met him. He was overseas, spending his trust fund. She says it’s not a time in her life that she’s proud of. Shiloh says his father was never married to a Sam, and Sam says, like him, she had aliases. Shiloh thinks it’s amazing that they connected in their own way. Sam says he shows up where she lives, and happens to get her sister to volunteer, and somehow he thinks it’s a coincidence? He says, not coincidence; it’s fate.

Sam asks if Shiloh thinks it’s divine intervention, and he asks what she would call it. She says, a scam. He says he wishes she’d known the person he used to be. Then maybe she’d understand. After his parents divorced, he bounced from boarding school to boarding school. By the time his father met her, he was an adult, and burning through his trust fund. Afterwards, he found himself alone and broke, both financially and in spirit. He couldn’t go further down. Financially, there was probably nothing left for him. Sam says, because of her. Shiloh says if she’s asking if he blamed, or even hated her, he did.

Maxie arrives at The Floating Rib. Elizabeth tells her that they’re waiting on the west side report, and Laura is cool as a cucumber. Maxie says, she’s incredible, and Elizabeth says she’s their next mayor. Alexis is glad to see Finn. He’s glad to see her too, and she asks, how’s life? He says, good, and she asks, how’s Anna? He says, good; how about her? She says she’s doing okay. She’s trying to figure herself out, and discovering friendships mean a lot; FYI, his included. He says nothing makes him happier; FYI.

Laura says, it’s about to happen. Everyone gathers around the TV.

Peter thanks Anna for meeting him on short notice. They make awkward small talk, which seems to be the theme of the day. Anna is glad he was able to come on Christmas. He says him too. He wants ask about her Christmas gift; the WSB file. He gets the woman he never knew, and wondered about every day, but the portrait is incomplete. He needs her to finish it.

Mac tells not-Doc that Ryan was in isolation, and never with anyone. Not-Doc says he remembers… hearing about it. When they were kids, his brother always went his own way. He was the ultimate secret keeper. Mac says, he’s a shrink. Why the driver’s license? Not-Doc says, it contains the essentials of our existence. It represents the lives he took, and was a reminder that he was a step ahead of the authorities; a pat on the back. Mac says he’ll never understand it, and not-Doc says, him neither. Lulu calls Mac over.

The voters have spoken, and they’re able to declare a winner. The next mayor of Port Charles is Laura Collins. Everyone applauds. Laura is stunned, but Lulu isn’t. Everyone hugs Laura. Not-Doc hangs in the background, and raises his beer to her.

Monica says she couldn’t be prouder of Ned, and the rest agree. Michael says, it was crazy close; Ned can ask for a recount. Ned says, the voters have spoken, and if he has to concede, Laura is his first choice. Olivia says she loves him. Monica says, in his short time in office, he did a lot. He rebuilt homes and got people jobs. Olivia says he touched people’s lives; she’s grateful. Ned says he’s grateful for her. She was a spectacular First Lady. She worked her tail off in a thankless gig. He’s sorry he let her down; she’s out of a job. She says, for one, there’s the MetroCourt, and second, she doesn’t care. She loved being his lady, and them doing it together. There are a million other ways they can accomplish that. They hug.

Jason says Sam didn’t mess up Shiloh’s life, he did. Shiloh says he accepted it. Hitting rock bottom is the ultimate reality check. There’s no one to make excuses or clean up the mess. He looked in the mirror, and put the blame where it belonged. He found work; easy money in often unsavory ways. He and Sam aren’t so different. He wound up in Afghanistan, where Drew pulled him out. He didn’t just save Shiloh’s life, but gave his life meaning. That’s when he started on the journey that brought him there. Sam says, it’s inspiring, but Shiloh says she doesn’t sound convinced. She says it has her wondering if digging in her past, and using her alias as harassment is part of his journey.

Peter tells Anna that he literally wrote the book on Faison, and he’s surprised there’s so much he didn’t know. Like, she has a twin sister. Anna tells him, the less said about her, the better. He wants to know everything. Does he have other family out there? And Robin and her family, not to mention Robert, who’s seen as family. Mac said it’s a big tribe. Anna says, it’s his tribe too, if he wants them. He doesn’t know what he wants right now, but she tells him, no rush. They have all the time in the world.

Maxie asks Mac what he was talking about with not-Doc. Mac says it was a private matter. She says, first Lulu and Peter, now him. Mac asks if Peter is still camping outside her door, and she says, no, but if he was… Mac says he wouldn’t like it. Maxie says, Peter isn’t his father. Mac asks, how does she feel about him? He doesn’t want her hurt. She says, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and he’s worried about Peter? He says he doesn’t know what he’d do if something happened to her, but she says there’s not a safer place to be than where she is right now.

At the bar, not-Doc looks at Peyton ‘s driver’s license. Laura asks what he’s doing. He’s sending her mixed messages. First, he can’t get far enough away; now he’s her biggest fan. He says he might not want to be together, but thinks she’ll make a magnificent mayor. She appreciates that. Ned comes in, and congratulates Laura. Olivia says she ran a wonderful campaign, and Laura says Ned did too. Ned sees that she’s having a party, but wanted to concede. Losing is not his strong suit. Laura says, is it anyone’s? He says if there’s anything he can do to smooth the transition, name it. They’re all citizens, and when they’re threatened, either by an earthquake or a madman, they must pull together. Everyone applauds. Laura and Ned hug. Not-Doc watches.

Michael thinks Ned showed class, and Monica says, winning gracefully is one thing, but losing gracefully is another. It would have been nice to celebrate something though. Michael says, it would. Monica’s phone dings, and Michael asks if everything is okay. She thinks so. The reading of Gail’s will is next week.

Sam asks Shiloh if emailing Linda Black sounds familiar. He says she didn’t use that name, but she says if he was digging into her past, he knows she used several aliases. He asks if the emails were threatening, and she says they offered help. He says, with what? but she doesn’t know. Jason says maybe someone was using the name only to make Sam aware they know her past. Sam says, someone like him? Shiloh asks if she thinks a person can go from one thing to another. Realize they’re not on the right path, and not the person they want to be. She believes people can change, but if he did, that’s a different story. He says that’s what their lives are; stories. Now, as fate would have it, it’s their story, but that’s not the way she would think. He tells her to get to know him better. See him as her sister does – as a friend. Until then, he wishes them peace and fulfillment. He leaves, and Sam asks Jason how she did.

Peter wants to figure out his family tree. He owes it to James to know everything he can; where he comes from. Anna is happy to provide what he needs. She feels weird, and he tells her to have some water. She says she had a phlebotomy today, and it can make her dizzy and weak, and give her a headache. She drinks some water, but has a funny look on her face. Peter asks, what’s wrong?

Jason tells Sam that he thought she was convincing. The guy is good though, so whether Shiloh bought it or not, he doesn’t know. He didn’t let his guard down once. He stuck to his story. Sam says she bought it, but doesn’t think him meeting Kristina is an accident. Jason thinks he’s fishing for information; hoping for something to turn around. Sam says Con 101. Wait for the mark to tell you what you want to know. Kristina is trusting, and left herself wide open for Shiloh to take an opportunity to do what he wants with her. Jason thinks she has a right to be concerned. Somehow, Sam’s past with his father, Shiloh’s with Drew, and Kristina being in the group… Sam wonders what Shiloh is after, and Jason says, nothing good.

Ned thanks Olivia for coming with him. She says she’s happy to do her part for the city. It’s her home. If Ned had won, she’d have been with him, but the decision is made. Now, they’ll face new challenges, and she’s looking forward to it. Sleeping in late, going to Leo’s soccer games, the vacations they had to put off. He says they have their life back, and they kiss.

At The Floating Rib, the crowd calls for a speech. Laura thanks them for being there, and thanks Mac and Felicia for hosting. She thanks her friends and family for supporting her, and not letting her throw in the towel when she was sorely tested. Most of all, she thanks the voters for entrusting the town they all love so much to her care. She can’t promise she won’t make mistakes or do something they disagree with, but she can promise she’ll put in 150% effort every day she has the job. Her utmost priority will be the people of Port Charles, their welfare, and safety. She knows they’re afraid, and she’ll work closely with the PCPD to make sure they have what they need to catch the killer. Whoever it is, and wherever they are, their days are numbered. Not-Doc joins the applause, but doesn’t look sincere. If applause can be sarcastic, that describes it.

Anna tells Peter that she’s in pain, and needs to see a doctor. She starts to get up, then collapses.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks Valentin if she should tell Nina what he’s been keeping from her, Franco asks Ava what the hell she’s doing, and Anna is blind.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Tracy handled an estate sale for Rose McGowan. Rose’s intention, along with the sale of the house, is to use the money for her legal battle against Harvey Weinstein. She left with two suitcases and an adventurous spirit. The whole exchange was kind of sad, but I suppose it would be a lot worse if she had nothing to sell. Dorit and PK, from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hired James and David to sell their house (probably one of several), after nixing the Altman brothers, Josh and whatever his brother’s name is. PK said the Altmans had also talked smack about David and James. James or David – I’m still not sure which one’s which – griped about spending $6000 on the open house. When the potential commission is nearly a quarter of a million, that should be a drop in the bucket. And it’s nothing compared to what Fredrik from Million Dollar Listing NYC would spend. PK surprised me by interfering in his broker’s job, insisting on talking to the potential buyer’s broker, and screwing up any negotiations that might have been made. Sellers get seriously greedy and/or sentimental when the rubber starts meeting the road. Next time, Josh Flagg drives an ice cream truck, and a house is robbed. Maybe.

🍮 On Top Chef, we got to see some Last Chance Kitchen with Nini from last week, and a dude named Brother, who no one knew because he was from another season. One of their tasks was to recreate the dish that got them there in the first place. The other contestants were required to help, and the ones helping Brother (what kind of a name is that anyway?) weren’t thrilled, since they didn’t know him from flan. Brother was doing a Southwestern/Asian fusion, and everyone was like, whaaat? I was okay with that, until the cilantro came out. I’m one of the 4 – 14% of people who think it tastes like soap, which is a real quandary, since I like Mexican food. Brother ended up going back to the competition, so I guess everyone will get to know him. The next challenge was to use an old fashioned cocktail as inspiration for an appetizer – one of those one-perfect-bite things – for a Roaring Twenties themed party. They had a choice of cocktails, and ironically, one of them was an Old Fashioned. Chef Ken Oringer (hello! who’s this nice looking man?) was a guest at the party, and a guest judge. Tom said one dish was sad in a cup, and I literally LOL’d. That’s pretty bad. I wasn’t paying enough attention to see whose dish it was, but found out later that it was Brian who had the sad, dry gnocchi. My money was on Eric’s oysters, and he won the challenge. Brother got on everyone’s nerves. They were annoyed because he hadn’t been on the rest of the season with them. He got reamed out by Tom for doing the same thing he did last time when he’d been given a second chance. Tom always seems pissed at elimination. In the end, Brother had to pack his knives and go. Tom told him that he was disappointed, which probably feels like your father telling you he’s disappointed. Brother thought maybe he needed a break, and it was someone else’s turn, which was a pleasant way to leave. Next time, actress Lena Waithe presents a challenge, and butchering skills are put to the test. And while we’re on the subject of chefs, what’s with this foam business? The only foam I want to see is on the top of a chocolate egg cream.

🎸 Google is Celebrating Earl Scruggs…



January 9, 2019 – Margaux Visits Lulu, Hell in Allentown, a Turkish Engagement, an Interesting Combo, a Wives Listing, Some Sweet & Some Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis says an explanation of Cameron’s motives may or may not play with the judge. She’s hoping for one who has a soft heart. Judge Carson can be a bit of a hardnose. The bailiff tells everyone to rise. Presiding today, is the honorable Naomi Carson. The court comes to order.

At The Floating Rib, Laura thanks Carly and Sam for coming. She knows their family must have divided loyalties. Sam says Ned has done a great job, but the city isn’t a business. Carly says, Port Charles isn’t a building project; it’s a community, and Laura should run it. If nothing else, Laura hopes she’s made the public aware of some important issues. At the end of the day, it’s all they can hope.

Still looking through files, Curtis tells Jordan, this is some messed up stuff. It just keeps getting darker. He thinks Ryan did the world a favor by incinerating himself. Margaux walks in, and asks if there’s been any progress. She asks to talk to Jordan in her office, and Jordan wonders if she has a problem with Curtis being there. Margaux says she’s not comfortable with the PCPD bringing in a PI. Curtis offers to leave, but Jordan wants him to stay, saying they’ve realized the killer might be taking cues from Ryan Chamberlain. Margaux asks what kind, and Jordan says, the kind not available to the general public. They might have access to police files.

Olivia tells Ned, it’s easier to come in and criticize after the fact than roll up your sleeves and rebuild after an earthquake. She thinks people should be more appreciative of what he put in. He says, no matter what, he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished. Even when things went south after the earthquake, he had the best first lady. She says, the mayor wasn’t shabby either. He tells her that their interview with Lulu is about to start.

They put on the TV, and Lulu thanks them for inviting her into their home. By the time this airs, the campaign will be over, and people will be casting ballots. She asks how they feel. Olivia says she’s exhausted from the campaign trail, but excited for the future. Lulu asks, what about hopeful for a win?

Sonny drops by Lulu’s place. He was in the neighborhood, and wanted to check on her and the kids. She tells him that Charlotte is at Valentin’s this week, and Rocco is at the Quartermaine’s. Sonny says their family must be conflicted over the campaign. Lulu says she supports her mother, but her son is having a sleepover at her opponent’s house. Sonny is there to talk about a certain someone who’s off undercover. Does she know when Dante is coming home?

Laura thanks Mac for playing host. He says he’s happy to support her in any way possible, but wishes Doc was there to do the same. He supported her at the town meeting; he was warm and sincere. Maybe it’s a sign he’s coming around. She says she appreciates Doc’s support, but he doesn’t want to reconcile.

Carly can’t stop thinking about Oscar, and Sam can’t stop thinking about Drew. Scout will never know her brother; only through pictures and stories. She says Carly must be proud of Josslyn. It must be hard on her, but she wouldn’t be surprised if Josslyn found a cure or a miracle. Carly says, Josslyn is in denial. She can’t let herself believe she’s going to lose Oscar. She’s a fighter, and her first instinct is to take action and find a solution. Sam says, like her mother, and Carly adds, and her father. But soon she’ll have to face reality. Oscar will die, and she’ll be left to grieve. Sam is sorry, and Carly says she’s sorry too, and furious there’s no one to blame.

Margaux asks on what basis do they think the killer is mimicking the Chamberlain murders? Curtis tells her the driver’s license is missing from the victims; the same as in the other murders. Margaux says that information was never relayed, and Jordan says there aren’t any notations. It’s possible it wasn’t noticed until they made the connection. They were looking at the catalog of the victims’ personal effects. Curtis adds that they cross-checked it will all the victims’ files. They were all without driver’s licenses. Margaux says they never realized there was a pattern, and Jordan says there’s no way to know for sure unless they talk to Sean Donnelly. He was commissioner at the time. She gets out her phone, and asks for his number. She says she knows he lives overseas.

Sonny tells Lulu, dealing with his dad puts things in perspective. He doesn’t want to miss another holiday with Dante. Lulu says she heard from Dante on New Year’s Eve. He sends his love, but there were no details. He said he’d be out of touch for a while, so she got the impression that he’s going further undercover. Sonny asks if she told him what was going on, but she says she skipped that there’s a serial killer on the loose. Sonny tells her he has people watching her house, and she says she noticed. He says he can send a driver too, but she doesn’t want to be tripping over bodyguards. She told Dante everyone is okay, and work is keeping her busy. Telling him about the killer would worry him for no reason.

Olivia tells Ned the exit polls are neck and neck. She asks if he’s concerned about a repeat of the eleventh hour derailment of Alexis’s campaign. He says he and Laura kept their pledge; it was fair and square. They have a difference of opinion on some issues, but they both have mutual respect for the process, and a deep commitment to Port Charles. If he wins, he’ll do his best, and if Laura wins, he’ll support her. Olivia says, it’s possible to disagree and still respect someone as a person. She’s proud of how they both restored integrity to the politics of Port Charles. Ned tells Olivia that she’s been fantastic, and she says, so was he.

Alexis tells Judge Carson that her client is only sixteen-year-old. It’s his first offense, and has no record. It could be categorized as an error in judgement. Should it be used against him for the rest of his life? Judge Carson says the dealer is also a minor, and got twelve months in juvenile detention. Why should Cameron get a pass? Alexis says Cameron wrote a letter to the court, and asks if he can be allowed to read it. The judge agrees.

Cameron apologizes to the court and his fellow citizens for the mistake he made. He knew he was breaking the law, but did it anyway. He regrets it, and it won’t happen again. He’s not saying he won’t mess up – everyone does – but in the future, it won’t be illegal. He promises to learn from this experience, and be a better person. Alexis says, in light of Cameron’s sincere apology, she asks for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. Elizabeth asks to speak, and the judge allows it. She says she’s proud of her son for taking responsibility, but his apology is incomplete, and the court should know why he did what he did.

Sonny’s heart goes out to Lulu, waiting for Dante, and raising the kids on her own. He tells her that he’s always there to support her. She says she knows, but it’s nice to hear it. He has to meet Carly at her mom’s party, and Lulu says she’ll be following right behind. She just has a little work on an article to finish up. Sonny says he has a simple request. Don’t be afraid to kick Dante in the butt. The next time she talks to him, tell him time to come home.

On the phone, Jordan says to send her regards to the commissioner from his PCPD family. She tells Curtis and Margaux, sad news. She spoke to Tiffany, and Sean is having trouble recalling what month it is, so he’s out of the picture. Margaux says, it’s a dead end. Jordan says, maybe not. There’s someone who still lives in Port Charles who’s closely involved with a woman Ryan was obsessed with.

Carly tells Sam that she doesn’t know what she’d have done in Kim’s place. She hopes she never finds out, but keeping Oscar’s diagnosis a secret affected a lot of people. Sam says, including Josslyn. Carly says when she looked in Josslyn’s eyes, she saw a girl who’s strong, resolute, and haunted. She’s way too young to look like that.

Mac says, the exit polls are too close to call. It could go either way. Laura takes comfort in knowing she’s running against Ned. If he wins, she won’t be horribly upset. They disagree on certain things, but she respects him. Mac says that’s exactly why she should be mayor; she’s a fundamentally fair person. Carly asks Mac for more beers, and asks Laura how she’s holding up. Laura says she’s more nervous than she cares to admit. Carly says she ran a great campaign, and she loved Laura’s platform, especially holding Ferncliff accountable. Laura tells her that Doc reminded her Ferncliff is for the criminally dangerous, and to proceed with caution. He said he’d keep an eye on Ferncliff. Carly asks if she believes him, and Laura says, yes; doesn’t she? Carly says, no.

Carly asks Laura if she remembers how she kept asking about a patient when they toured Ferncliff. She had a friend look into it, and they said the patient’s name was Wilson. Laura says, first or last? Carly says she didn’t know, but Doc said he’d check it out. He told her the patient’s name is Wilson Ritter, and he has a history of violence. She researched him, and came up with nothing. As far as she can see, he doesn’t exist. Laura wonders, if he’s as notorious as Doc said, is it possible he was admitted under an alias? Carly never thought of that. Sam joins them, and Carly tells her the patient at Ferncliff may or may not be Wilson Ritter. Curtis and Jordan come in. Sam thought Jordan can’t take sides, and Jordan wishes Laura luck, but says she’s not here for the election. She came to speak to Mac.

Mac tells Jordan that he’s current on his liquor license. Curtis asks if he can spare a few minutes, and they sit at a table. Sam wonders what that’s about. Carly asks if Curtis isn’t her business partner, but all Sam knows is that he’s working with the PCPD. It’s all hands on deck to find the killer. Carly says after Laura wins, she highly recommends the DA be fired.

Margaux shows up at Lulu’s house, wanting to ask a few questions. She promises not to ask about family secrets. She tells Lulu that her house is nice and homey. You’d never know Lulu was sitting on privileged information about a serial killer.

Ned channel surfs. He says it’s an hour before the last precinct reports. Olivia can’t believe he’s not monitoring the returns. He says he can’t sit there cheering every uptake, and agonizing over every loss. It’s out of his hands, and he doesn’t have to torture himself. Olivia asks if he thinks he can distract himself by binge watching. He asks if she’s willing to try with him, and she says she’s in it all the way.

Elizabeth tells the judge that Cameron didn’t do it for himself, but for a sick friend. She knows it’s an obvious excuse, but it’s the truth. Cameron’s friend has a serious form of cancer. Elizabeth is a nurse, and sees the ravages of cancer every day. His friend was constantly nauseous, and had no appetite. Cameron wanted to help by making brownies. He knows it was a bad judgement call, but his motives were good. He was trying to help a friend. Judge Carson asks if Cameron is a nurse or doctor. Alexis tries to interject, but the judge says she’s asking Cameron a question. Cameron says he’s neither one of those things. Judge Carson says, yet he thought it was appropriate to intervene. How did he know if he would make it better or worse? Drew has walked in, and asks if he can field that question. The judge asks who he is, and he says his son is the young man Cameron was trying to help. His son is Oscar Nero, and Oscar’s mom is Kim Nero, a doctor at General Hospital. She couldn’t be there, but if she could, she’d attest to Cameron’s character. He’s a good friend. Judge Carson says, no one is questioning him being a friend, but questioning his judgement and actions. Drew says Oscar was a friend in need, and you don’t abandon a friend who’s suffering, walking into a bright future and leaving them behind. Cameron didn’t stop to think if he’d get in trouble or if it would affect his ability to get into college. He didn’t just say the appropriate words about thoughts and prayers; he did something. He took action. In Drew’s eyes, he’s a hero. The judge says it’s a very emotional case, but it’s her job to separate emotion from the law. The court is in recess. Elizabeth thanks Drew, and hugs him.

Olivia turns off the TV. She wants to take this time to talk with Ned. She says he campaigned hard, and she still believes he’d be the best mayor. He thanks her, but she says, here’s the thing. In her heart of hearts, she’s not sure she wants him to win.

Lulu tells Margaux that she’s a Journalist. If she comes across information the public should know, she writes about it. It’s literally her job. Margaux says what gives her pause is how Lulu acquired specific police files on Ryan Chamberlain. Lulu says Peter requested she have access for a background on the series she’s writing, and the PCPD cleared it. Margaux asks if she shared it with anyone, and Lulu says, with her readers, and the cases were all closed. She wonders what the problem is, and wants to record the conversation. Margaux tells her, don’t. What she’s about to tell her is strictly off the record. Lulu doesn’t think that’s fair, but Margaux doesn’t care. What she says stays there. People’s lives are at risk.

Curtis tells Max that they’ve combed the lists of the victims’ possessions. Jordan says, none of them had a driver’s license, and Curtis says, it’s the same with Mary Pat, Kiki, and Peyton. He knows Mac was close to the case. He asks if Mac ever discussed it with the police, and Mac says he would have, if they’d all worked together. Sean would have told him anything. Curtis asks if there’s anything else he can tell them, and Mac says he can tell them about Felicia’s fear, and now someone is copying Ryan. Jordan says they have no reason to suspect Felicia is in danger. A more accurate picture of Ryan’s behavior might help. Mac thinks he knows someone who’s able to help. He hopes it’s not too late. I’m not sure what he means by this. Is he talking about the hour, or as in, oh no, it’s too late?

Sonny tells Laura to have her acceptance speech ready, and asks for a minute. He says it looks like it’s going her way. She’s going to be pressured to distance herself from him, and he’s okay with that. Laura says she’s not. He tells her that he knows she’ll do good, but not if she gets hung up on corruption charges. Laura says she’s known him a long time. It’s a little late to pretend they don’t know each other. He doesn’t want their association to cause her trouble. She says she has nothing to hide – including her friendship with him

Sam asks Carly to say her goodbyes. Carly says tell Jason she said hi.

Mac tells Curtis and Jordan that he has a contact at Pentonville who’s worked there forever. He was hoping to get information on Ryan, but no such luck. He was in isolation, and his contact with other inmates was minimal. He was a snob, and felt they weren’t wroth his trust or attention. Mac wishes he had more. If the killer is copying Ryan, he’s going to be hard to catch, and they’ll need all the help they can get.

Margaux tells Lulu that they have reason to believe the killer might been emulating Ryan, and used info contained in the police files. Lulu asks what kind? but Margaux says she’s asking the questions. When Lulu was doing research, did anything jump out linking the murders, other than Ryan? Lulu says if she’s asking if Ryan put a signature stamp on his crimes, she didn’t notice anything. She says there must have been something if they think this is a copycat. Let her write about it. Margaux says, nice try. Lulu says she could make the killer panic. They’ll slip up, and get caught. Margaux suggests Lulu forget they had this conversation; it’s safer that way. Margaux leaves, and Lulu gets on her laptop. She looks up the files on Ryan.

Ned asks if Olivia thinks Laura will make a better mayor, but she says she thinks he’s spectacular. He wonders why the eleventh-hour change of heart. She says there’s a serial killer who loves public spectacle. Election day is perfect for a public murder, and she doesn’t want him targeted next. He tells her he’s safer than most people. He lives in a huge house with security gates and surveillance cameras; he’s safe. Olivia says, maybe she’s over-exaggerating (isn’t that redundant?) the danger, but maybe it’s a convenient excuse to quit while they’re ahead.

The hearing is back in session. The judge has reached a decision, and says she’s agreed to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal for twelve months. There will also be appropriate community service and drug counseling. Cameron has a year to prove himself, providing she doesn’t see him in her courtroom again. After that time, the charges will be dropped. The hearing is over, and Cameron asks Elizabeth if he’s on probation for a year.

Elizabeth thanks Alexis. Alexis says she and Drew did the important work. Cameron says, not all of it. He appreciates what Alexis did for him. Alexis says he did it himself. He was very persuasive while under pressure. Franco asks how it feels. Cameron says he won’t lie. Community service and drug counseling are kind of a bummer, but if it keeps him out of juvie and clears his record, he’s all for it. Elizabeth tells him that he’s getting a job to help with legal fees. Franco laughs, and Elizabeth says, Alexis isn’t cheap. Drew tells Cameron to stop by his office. He’ll try to find him a job. Cameron doesn’t know how to thank him, and Drew says he doesn’t have to. Just keep being a good friend to his son. Cameron says maybe the three of them can go hiking, now that Oscar is getting better. Drew says, that would be great, and congratulates him.

Sonny tells Carly it was nice to see Sam. Is there anything he should know? She says Sam is spending time with Jason. Laura tells them, thanks for coming out. They can stay, but if she was them, she’d get out while the getting’s good. Carly knows Laura is going through a difficult time, but she stepped up.  Like everyone else who voted for her, Carly is grateful.

Jordan says the police never made a connection, and Mac says, Lulu never picked up on it. Jordan is no longer sure the killer had access to the police files; it could be a coincidence. Mac says, two killers with the same taste in trophies?

Lulu looks at the victim files, and compares them to Ryan’s.

Olivia tells Ned that she enjoyed being First Lady, but it’s a lot of work, being out, smiling, watching every tweet and word. Living in fishbowl is only suitable for fish, not humans. Ned misses his privacy too, but believes in what they set out to do. So does she. She’s sorry she’s whining, but she’s over it. Public service is hard, but important and worth it. She’s with him all the way. They kiss.

Alexis runs in to The Floating Rib, telling Laura that she just made it to vote. Laura says, every vote counts, especially now. Alexis has a good feeling. She thinks Laura will win. Laura says they’ll find out soon. Everyone looks at the TV.

Tomorrow, nothing would make Finn happier, the voters have spoken, and Mac tells not-Doc that something has to stay between them.

🍕 Tonight’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back featured Shanty on 19th in Allentown, PA. Gordon said it was living up to its name. He disguised himself as a member of the local hockey team, and dined on not-fresh but frozen scallops, sour shrimp, and burnt scallops masquerading as blackened. Hell on Wheels showed everyone such hilarities as the owner’s father spitting in the food – possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on one of Gordon’s shows; and that’s saying a lot – a filthy kitchen, moldy food, sending out raw fries – a big no-no; raw potatoes can make you sick – the owner drinking on the job, and the employees screaming at one another within earshot of the patrons. Chef Kennedy said she wasn’t allowed to make changes, and owner Joe bought cheap stuff, but expected her to make miracles with it. She reminded me of Kim Zolciak’s Chef Tracey, and another one of the kitchen staff looked just like Jesse (Jesse Borrego) from Fame. Joe Sr. said Joe Jr. had a problem delegating authority, which prompted Gordon to say he didn’t have a problem delegating alcohol. BA-DUM-CHH! Joe Sr got the boot almost immediately, after smirking his way through watching his gross behavior on film. Gordon said it was the most dramatic 24 hours yet (yeah, yeah), with an owner who was drinking himself into oblivion and a disempowered chef. He hoped they stayed on point. He said the chef was a delight, and it was the toughest, but most rewarding of his makeovers. We saw a clip of Joe and the restaurant three months in, and he said they were doing fantastic. They learned to communicate, and he’s had to hire more staff because they have so much business. His wife commented on how Gordon fixed their marriage as well, because he is literally all things to all people, and the hardest working man in show business, next to Tyler Perry. Next time, a restaurant in Waterbury, CT, where the owner is exploiting his mother, and a chef is driven to the brink.

🍰 Not a lot happened on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Probably because there were two events that held no drama. Jennifer was disappointed that her husband don’t care about article Jackie wrote, referring to their kids. We got advice from Frank – don’t buy boats. Jackie told Teresa that she’s a grown woman, and Teresa’s behavior at Marge’s wasn’t acceptable. Teresa insisted Jackie came at her first, which is her M.O., and no one else has thrown the situation in her face. We found out that Jackie’s dad did six months away, and both of her parents were on house arrest for IRS fraud. She thought it was amusing. She promised never to bring Juicy Joe up again. Teresa made peace, but in her interview, said, strike two. Frank is helping Teresa with her last three weeks before the fitness competition. He told her to lose twelve more pounds. I guess she’ll have to live on air. Normally, I would be pissed that anyone would tell a woman something like that, especially when it looks like she doesn’t have an ounce of body fat already, but bodybuilders are nuts, and she’s competing, so…  Marge had everyone over – sans Jennifer and Danielle – to her unfinished house, which still looked fabulous. She and Danielle are on the outs after Danielle’s wedding antics. Marge is done, and doesn’t want to have the same fight again. Dolores set up a day of pampering for the ladies from the shelter, and Marge contributed gift baskets. It got me thinking if this was a good or bad thing. Do they suddenly know what they’re missing and life is more of a bummer, or does it give them a goal? Either way, it was definitely a lovely gesture. The other occasion was the promise of engagement party for Jennifer’s brother. Everyone in the family is thrilled, since he’s forty-five, and they were giving up hope. The party was in Turkey, and I always love the traditional family stuff, like on Shahs of Sunset. I also love traveling without leaving my house. Both Jennifer’s and Delores’s spreads were incredible. Jennifer got pissed all over again about the article, and said Jackie has it coming. Next time, we’ll see what comes Jackie’s way, and Marge says she can’t associate with Danielle. Speaking of which…

👯 As Andy Cohen put it, the combo you didn’t know you needed, Danielle Staub and Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens Live. Lindsay looked glamorous, like a bombshell babe from the 40s, but Danielle’s face looked… not real. I’m not sure if it was too much Botox and fillers, or the makeup, or a combination of both, but I wasn’t loving the look. A scene from The Parent Trap with Andy and Lindsay on Clubhouse Playhouse was just embarrassing. And not for Lindsay. She also did not plead The Fifth, and according to her, has not even met Jax, much less hooked up with him.

💸 Dorit and PK (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) will be clients on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Should be interesting. Those two are a trip. I wonder if Boy George will make an appearance.

🐮 Sweet Home is now on Wednesdays at 10 pm. I hope it does well in this slot, but I assume anything does better when not in the Friday night death knell spot. I’m loving this show just as much as I did their original Sweet Home Oklahoma. Tubbers, Pumps, and man-bunned Josh are still just as much a part of it, and that’s all that matters. A nice addition has been the street interviews with Oklahomans, asking about everything from drag queens to current events. This show is prime.

💭 Midweek Thoughts…

Talk amongst yourselves.



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August 21, 2018 – Michael Buries His Son, Candace Sends In Malik, More Motivation Than Tip, Ryan Wins After All, Jeff is Coming, GH News & a Mix


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam finds Jason at the graveyard. She says it will be fourteen years this fall that baby Lila is gone, and this brought it all back. She says, Kristina might not be here if not for Lila. (Stem cells were used from Lila’s umbilical cord for Kristina’s bone marrow transplant.) Jason says her life might have been too short, but she made the world a better place.

Alexis looks at the Cooper-Jones adoption file. Kristina drops by; she left her sweater. Alexis tells her to keep forgetting. The more she forgets, the more visits Alexis gets. She missed Kristina. Kristina missed her too. She’s been thinking about Michael and the day ahead, and how Brad and Lucas might lose Wiley. He’s fortunate to have his family, and needs all of them. She and Alexis hug.

Brad helps set up the reception at Charlie’s. He tells Julian he’s not going to the service. He couldn’t; not with everything going on. Julian asks what he wanted to talk about, and Brad thanks him for calling Lucas. Julian says he’s trying to make sense of what Brad told him. He said the birth mother isn’t Wiley’s mother. Whose child is he?

At the church, Michael tells Carly that the guestbook thing is weird. She says it makes guests feel like they’re contributing, but she can get rid of it. He says, no, it’s fine, and she asks what can she do. He doesn’t know how it will go, and she says the whole family is there to support him. Funerals are never easy. He says usually everyone talks about the person who passed, and take comfort in the memories, but Jonah didn’t live long enough for any of that. Carly tells him to say Jonah was loved and wanted. That’s how we bless him and say goodbye. She hugs him.

Jason remembers Lila’s funeral, and how Sam was so brave. She says he was too. He says he was going through the motions. Inside, he was choking. It was just so wrong. This child they loved and made plans for wouldn’t never have a life at all now. Michael is feeling the same thing. Sam says he’ll be okay. He has people to get him through it; he has family. Jason says the only good thing he can say about Jonah’s mother is that she’s locked up, but they can’t get through it together. Sam says, the way they did? We flash back to a time when we were all babies, and Jason telling Sam that Lila died. Sam says she wouldn’t have survived without him. She would have given up without him to hold on to.

Alexis tells Kristina that she can’t get out of meetings today, but she sent flowers. She says, when difficult things happen, you realize how precious time is, and how you shouldn’t waste it. She spent time fretting about Kristina and Parker. She was worried Parker was taking advantage of Kristina, and it appears she was worried for nothing. They’re making the relationship work; that’s a feat in itself. The bottom line is, if she’s happy, then Alexis is happy.

Drew meets Curtis in the park. Curtis says he’s in luck. Whatever this is, he’s loving it. Drew is putting his divorce in the rearview, and engaging in a new extracurricular act with Margaux. Drew says before he goes any further, he wants to make sure of what he’s dealing with.

Brad tells Julian it’s such a nightmare; how it spiraled out of control so quickly. Julian asks if the baby Alexis gave him is the mother’s biological child, and Brad says, yes. Julian asks if the baby they’re calling Wiley is the same baby, and Brad says, no, it’s not. The baby died after Brad brought him home. Julian asks if Lucas knows, and Brad says, he has no idea.

Michael receives people at the church. He appreciates Lucas being there, considering what’s going on. Lucas tells him family is there to celebrate the good times, and there for the challenges. Bobbie asks Carly how she is. Carly wishes she could take the pain Michael is feeling onto herself. Bobbie says that’s how everyone feels for their child. Sonny explains that his dad was confused about why he had to dress up. He’s with Felix now, and he didn’t want to bring him, since Michael is going through enough already. Carly says it’s a tough day. Josslyn tells Michael it’s not fair. He’ll never know what kind of man Jonah would, but he’d like to think he would have been strong, and not give in to the bitterness and anger. Josslyn says Jonah would have, with him as a father. Michael says that’s how he’ll be thinking about him from now on, and how he’ll honor Jonah’s memory.

Julian asks Brad how the baby died, but Brad doesn’t know. He put the baby down in the crib and checked a half hour later, and he wasn’t breathing. Brad did everything he could, and nothing worked. He knew the baby was gone. He didn’t know what to do, so he was going to bring him back to the hospital. On the drive to GH, he saw a homeless woman on the side of the road, holding a baby. He slowed to see if she needed help, and she begged him to take her boy. There was no way for her to keep him. He was a newborn, like Wiley, and he saw a way out. He wouldn’t have to go home to an empty crib or tell Lucas. The woman kept begging, and he took the baby and put him in Lucas’s arms.

Monica tells Michael that she’s sorry for his loss, and for refusing to see Nelle for who she is. Michael blames himself, but Bobbie says the only one to blame is Nelle. She’s relieved Nelle is far away from the family. Oscar offers his condolences for Kim, who’s tied up at the hospital. He’s not sure what to say, except he’s sorry. Michael says it means a lot, but Oscar says it feels inadequate. Michael says there is something Oscar can do. Josslyn is in the church. She’s being brave and supportive, but could use some support herself. Josslyn is surprised to see Oscar, but he says you should always show up for family. He asks if the seat next to her is taken.

Brad tells Julian that he knows it was crazy and illegal, but if the truth comes out, he’ll be arrested, and he’s pretty sure Lucas will be too. Julian says Lucas wasn’t involved, but Brad doesn’t think anyone will buy it. If he says nothing, and they lose custody, Wiley will be returned to a woman who’s not his birth mother. The only way this will work is if they keep Wiley. Then no one ever has to know.

Lulu gives Michael condolences for Dante. Michael says his undercover work is important, and Lulu tells him to let her know if he needs anything. Diane and Max hug Michael silently, and the looks on their faces make me want to cry. He thanks them for coming. Chase says he came to pay his respects, but doesn’t want to intrude. Michael appreciates him coming. They worked together to get the truth out of Nelle. It makes sense for them to pay the consequences together too.

Julian tells Brad it doesn’t seem likely they’ll win custody. Brad asks if he can intervene, and Julian wonders what he’s talking about. Brad says he can’t think, he can’t sleep, and it’s torture keeping this from Lucas. Julian says it’s not a done deal yet. They can go to court and fight. He’ll ask around, and see if he can get any information before the hearing. Brad thanks him, but he tells Brad not to get ahead of himself. He’s not sure there’s anything he can do, but he’ll try his best. Brad thanks Julian for hearing him, and not running to the cops – or Lucas. Julian knows how it feels to be deprived of your own child. He doesn’t wish that feeling on anyone, especially his own son.

Curtis tells Drew it was just preliminary check, but there were no red flags. Unless you’re not a Woodchucks fan. She’s active on Twitter. Her father was of the picture early. She grew up in Princeton, and went to NYU. She either wanted to take advantage of the full ride she was offered, or wanted something different in the big city. She graduated cum laude, and got married. Drew takes it that it didn’t last. Curtis says, no. A year and a half later, they divorced. Then she enrolled in law school at Stanford, and graduated with honors. Drew says she spent time around the privileged class and affluent circles, but never was one of them. Maybe she’s always felt like she’s on the outside looking in.

Julian visits Alexis. He asks if it’s a good time, but she says, not much longer. He wonders if she has any information about the custody hearing. She thinks he should take that up directly with Brad and Lucas. He says they’re barely holding it together. She says it’s not a done deal, but the birth mother has thirty days to change her mind. She’s going to show that they already bonded, but the mother’s attorney is going to says she’s within her rights. Julian asks if there’s any way to give them an advantage, but Alexis says, only if radical new information is introduced.

Aw, it’s the tiniest coffin. The minister speaks, and tells them to take comfort with the hope that Jonah is with God forever.

Josslyn gets up. She talks about Michael being there for her throughout her whole life, starting with the day she was born when he rescued her. She was happy about the baby, but happier that he was going to be a father. She talks about the things they did together while she was growing up. She wanted to go out with him on the speedboat every day, and he took her. Looking back, she knows there were things he’d rather have been doing, but he never complained. He never put her off until tomorrow. She knows he would have been the same with Jonah, and made time for him. He would have made Jonah feel important, and know he was loved.

Drew tells Curtis influences outside your control can make you want to achieve. The DA position lets you live comfortably, but why choose here? Curtis says she graduated in the top ten of her class at law school. She could have chosen any number of high-figure opportunities, or gone with a big business firm and worked up to partner. Instead, she became the assistant DA in Oakland, California. It’s right across from San Francisco, but Oakland has high crime and fewer resources. Drew says, so she’s not after financial success. She must be after experience. Curtis says, high profile cases, and a signature role in securing convictions. She’s a tough lady and a fighter. Is he sure he’s up for the challenge?

Julian tells Alexis it’s absurd. The birth mother wouldn’t even recognize Wiley. Alexis says it’s still within her legal rights to claim him. Julian says, it’s crazy. Lucas loves Wiley with all his heart. Alexis knows he’s worried, but it’s out of his hands. She’s going to talk with the birth mother’s attorney, discuss the case, and prepare for the hearing, where it will be in the judge’s hands. Julian says the judge will probably favor the birth mother, and Alexis says, sorry, but he probably will. Julian apologizes, saying he’s the last person she wanted to deal with, but she says when he’s being sweet, loving, concerned, and showing his heart, she doesn’t mind being with him. He thanks her.

Lucas goes to Charlie’s. Brad asks how the service was. Lucas says, poor Michael. What do you say to someone who just lost a child?

Michael wants go to the gravesite alone. Sonny tells him to do what he thinks best, but he doesn’t have to face it alone. Michael says he wants to be alone.

Alexis is on the phone as she’s leaving the house, saying she’ll go through her old adoption cases. Julian pops out, from around the corner of the house, and follows her.

At the reception, Jason tells Monica that he’s sorry. He knows how much she wanted a great-grandchild. She’s glad Michael has so many people to console and love him dearly, like Jason. Oscar tells Josslyn what she said was beautiful. She thanks him for that, and everything. She owes him an apology for pushing him away, doing dumb stuff like shoplifting, and lashing out at him for caring. Her mom found the stuff she stole. He asks how that went, and Josslyn says they sat down and really talked. She was mortified, but at the same time, relieved. She doesn’t have to hide anything anymore. Oscar asks if she’s grounded, and she says she wouldn’t put it that way. She has to work to pay her mother back for the stuff, and if camp isn’t enough, she’ll have to bus tables. She thinks it’s good to have time to refocus. She’s done being angry Josslyn. Oscar says he likes all Josslyns, but prefers the non-angry one. She hopes they’re still okay. He takes her hand and says, they’re way better than okay.

Jason tells Sam that Michael went by himself to the gravesite. He wanted to be alone with Jonah when it’s time to say goodbye. Who can argue with that? Kristina approaches Jason, and tells him that she’s happy he’s home safe. With all the loss the family has suffered, it’s a nice miracle to balance the scales – especially for Sam. Sam says this isn’t the right time, but Kristina says you should never pass up a chance to say what’s true and happy. Her sister has Jason again.

Curtis tells Drew that Margaux has excellent credit. There’s nothing suspicious about her. Drew says he could have found all that out online. Curtis says he did, but when he dug deeper, there was nothing; she’s squeaky clean. He tells Drew to get as close as he needs to. Unless he doesn’t like the idea of dating a smart, successful, ambitious woman. Drew says she has an angle. Curtis asks how he can be sure, and Drew says, instinct, but he needs to get closer to figure it out. He’s not vetting Margaux so he can date her; he’s dating her so he can vet her.

Alexis arrives at her meeting, apologizing for being late. Julian listens in the hallway. Alexis says she’s been dreading this, and Diane says, you and me both. It’s the last thing she wants to be doing, but suggests they get down to business.

Bobbie asks how Lucas is holding up. Lucas says the possibility of losing Wiley breaks his heart, but it’s nothing compared to what Michael is going through. Even if Wiley goes back to his birth mother, they know he’s alive and well, and take solace in that. He’s not gone like Jonah.

Sonny tells Carly that he never wanted to be here again, in church, grieving for someone he loves. Having her with him is the only thing that makes it bearable. She says she’s been thinking about Morgan all day; the senseless loss, the ache that never goes away. She’s so glad they’re together, and don’t have to face the loss alone.

At Morgan’s grave, Michael tells him that he’s sorry he hasn’t come to visit. He’s been thinking about him a lot. He misses his laugh, his smile, and the way Morgan called him out on his BS. He could have used that in the last few months. The truth is, he messed up; messed up really bad. He thought he loved Nelle, but was too blind to see that she was too broken. In his blindness, he fathered a child – Jonah. He’s gone now. He died before he had a chance to live. Michael sits on the ground in front of Morgan’s headstone. Michael says he wasn’t able to protect Jonah, and will be sorry for the rest of his life. People used to give him props for taking care of Morgan, but Morgan took care of him too. That’s what brothers are for. He needs to ask a favor, brother to brother. He looks at the small mound of earth nearby, and asks Morgan to look out for his son.

Tomorrow, Brad asks if Julian has made any headway, Alexis wonders why the birth mother reconsidered, and Drew says he’s going to find out what’s going on with Margaux.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica plays the piano in a crazy, off-key way, as David is wheeled into the hospital. He relives the explosion in his mind, and says, she was in the car. They ask his name, and he tells them. He says Veronica did this. Veronica laughs as she pounds the piano keys.

Veronica finds out it’s done. She takes the SIM card out of her phone, and stomps on it. She looks for a fashionable black outfit, and practices grieving over David. I always wear an off-the-shoulder cocktail dress to a funeral too. She flushes what remains of the card down the toilet.

Gia tells Benny that she’s enjoying his company. He asks for her number, but she says to give her his. He puts it in her phone. She says it’s been a long time since she’s had good company. Her room has a really great view. He says he has too much going on right now, and she asks if it’s too much to get a massage. She’s good at it, and says he knows he wants to. He says he is a little stressed. He has about thirty minutes. She says that’s all she needs. They go upstairs.

Candace gets a text from Gia saying she can’t hold him; she’s taking him to her room. Candace texts back, don’t sleep with him; she means it. Gia says she won’t, and will keep Candace posted. Candace calls Veronica. Veronica says she did what she had to. Candace asks what she’s talking about, and Veronica asks why she’s calling. Candace says the account Veronica set up. She transferred the money to another account, and needs to know if it can be reversed. Veronica says, highly unlikely without the other person sending it back. Candace says she needs to give it one more shot before she goes nuclear and there’s no taking it back. There’s enough money for her to start fresh; can Veronica at least try? Veronica says her dumb ass sent the money somewhere, and she’s trying to get her to get it back. She’s stupid and thinks she’s clever. Candace says, please. Veronica says, did she just say please? She must be desperate. Veronica says she’s done with it. Candace knows Veronica hates her, but what happened to getting back at David? Veronica says, she got impatient. Bang, bang, boom. Candace asks what she did, but Veronica has to go. She needs to make herself look sad, and it’s hard for a woman as beautiful as she is. Candace wonders what he hell she did. Candace calls Erica, but gets voicemail.

Benny goes to Gia’s room. He likes the hotel. I’ll bet. He doesn’t have the best memories there, but doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks how she wants to do this, and she says on the bed. He lies down. She tells him at least take his shirt off. He says he’ll have a problem. He’s a man, and doesn’t want it to go all the way. She tells him, just do it. He says he won’t be responsible for what happens. Gia says she will. He tells her to remember that, and takes off his shirt. She approves. He takes his pants off too, saying it’s his compromise. She hikes up her skirt, and straddles his back. She begins to massage him. He turns around. She asks what he’s doing, and he says what does she think? She kisses him. She takes her dress off, and they get busy. So much for her promise to Candace.

Mitch goes to the Iron Horse. Victor says that kid said he knew Mitch; the Black kid. Mitch says he’s got it wrong. The bartender asks what Mitch is talking about, and Mitch says, he didn’t do it. Victor says Mama Rose wants his head, but Mitch says he talked to Uncle Vinnie. He said it wasn’t him. The bartender is surprised Vinnie is talking. Victor says Mitch better not be lying. Mitch says Vinnie told him who it was. He’s supposed to check the information from the ATM machine, and the photos from the camera. Mitch digs through the receipts, and says, here it is – Wyatt Cryer. Victor says that’s the judge’s kid, and he’s a spoiled bastard. When he finds him, he’s dead. The bartender tells them to hold on; they went to get Benny. Mitch makes a call.

Benny is pretty busy, and doesn’t answer. Mitch leaves a message for him to lay low. The family is looking for him. He calls again, and says they need to talk right now. Call him back.

At the station, Justin asks, who’s making all that noise? A cop walks past, and he says, thanks, a-hole. The cop says he saw the video, and Justin is the a-hole. Justin tells him to go to hell, and the cop says, like his marriage? Everyone laughs. A female cop tells Justin not to worry. They have to stick together. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says LGBTQ. He says he’s none of those letters. She tells him the Q is for questioning. He asks if there’s a P for piss off? He tells her, thanks for her concern, LGBT. She says, and Q.

Justin goes back to the cells, and sees Wyatt. He asks what Wyatt is doing there. Wyatt says his back hurts. Justin knows what he needs, and Wyatt asks if he has it. Justin says right here, digs in his pocket, then says, oh no, he doesn’t have it anymore. Wyatt asks if he can he get it, and Justin tells him to beg for it. Wyatt says he’s not doing that, and Justin says, then he’s not getting it. Wyatt says, please. Justin loves that he’s in there, locked up, and asks what he’s in there for. Wyatt won’t say, and Justin says he’ll look it up. Wyatt says he hurt a guy in a bar. Justin says, he’s that guy? and Wyatt asks if he can help or not. Justin says he will, but he’s being nice, so is Wyatt going to leave Jeffrey alone? Wyatt says, he’s just a friend. He offers to talk to Jeffrey, but Justin says Wyatt is going to owe him. Just give him a minute. Wyatt tells him to hurry.

Jeffrey sits at the bar in the Artisian. RJ asks if he changed his mind. He asks if Justin is his lover, and Jeffrey asks what Justin did to him. He was in jail, and Justin took him out. What did he do? RJ says Justin just talked to him. Jeffrey says Justin pulled him over, took him to a dark road, and followed him. He thinks RJ can help him. RJ asks if he liked it, and Jeffrey says, did he? RJ says it didn’t happen to him. Jeffry thinks he’s lying. He asks if RJ was working to rob him, and RJ says he was going to be convincing; he liked Jeffrey’s watch. Jeffrey says his watch was a gift; it would take a lot of convincing. He asks if RJ was going to offer him sex, and RJ says, maybe. Jeffrey says he’s lying; he’s not gay. RJ admits he’s not, and Jeffrey says, so he was going to rob him. He’d better be careful if that’s his game. RJ says his game is being a bartender.

Veronica sits down and orders a martini. RJ asks if he can get Jeffrey anything, and she asks if RJ knows him. Jeffrey asks if RJ has a gun back there, and Veronica says, girl graduated from knives to guns. Jeffrey wonders how always find him, and she says she is his mother. They’re still connected by the cord. He says he needs to cut it, and she says that’s not a bad idea. Then maybe he can cut some of the feminine hormones he has. He asks what the hell she wants. RJ asks if she’d like anything else, and she tells him, keep walking. She’s trying to talk to her son. Jeffrey asks why she’s wearing black, and she says she’s grieving. He says, grieving what? and she says, a few things. The loss of her marriage, the loss of her son. Although he’s not dead, he will be if he keeps going with his homosexual tendencies. He says he needs to leave, and she says she’s not finished telling him all the things she’s grieving. There’s Melissa. She’s dead. Jeffrey asks what Veronica did, and Veronica says she didn’t do anything. Melissa jumped off Hanna’s roof. She told him that Melissa was unstable. He starts to leave, but she’s still not finished. She says, his father. Jeffrey asks where he is, and why is she saying she’s grieving him? She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He gets up and jets, and she asks for champagne. She tells RJ it’s a special occasion. He asks what she’s celebrating. Is it their anniversary? She tells him, just get the damn champagne. She asks if he knows her son, and RJ says they just met. She says RJ was flirting with him, and RJ asks if he’s gay. Veronica says, you tell me, and RJ says he doesn’t know. Personally, he doesn’t get down like that – as she knows. She tells him to get the champagne.

Jeffrey calls David, and gets voicemail. He leaves a message for David to call him, and leaves the hotel.

Jim goes to the station. He wants to see his son, but it says no visitors. He tells the desk sergeant that he’s Wyatt’s lawyer, and also a judge. George comes out, and asks what Jim is doing there. He says he’s there to see his son, and George knows damn well he didn’t do it. George asks if he knew the guy was a Malone; he’s buddies with them, right? Jim is sick and tired of the witch hunts, but George says this is more than a witch hunt; this is real. He tells Jim to have a good evening, and by the way, the case he has against Jim and his wife is looking solid. Jim says George knows she’s innocent. None of them had anything to do with it. They’re a good, upstanding, Christian family. George tells him to save it; he’s breaking George’s heart. It must be hard on him with his son in there, and David in the hospital. Jim asks what he’s talking about, and George says there was a car explosion at his house. Jim asks if David is okay, and George suggests he go to the hospital. The FBI is all over it. Jim calls David, and gets voicemail. George says Jim should see about his son, and Jim says he would if they would let him.

Veronica sees Benny on his way out of the hotel, and calls him over. He asks what she wants, and she tells him to sit his ass down. She wants to know what Melissa was doing at his mammy’s. He says, first of all, she’s his mom, not his mammy; and second, who the hell does she think she is asking him that? Melissa was there because Veronica put her out. He asks how much she’s had to drink, and she says, not enough apparently. She asks if he was sleeping with Melissa, but Benny says he’s not answering these questions. She says he’d better; the police are going to talk to him. He says, for what? and Veronica says she’ll think of something. He tells her that he’s done with her and her little game. She laughs, and says don’t tell her that he’s done with her; she will take out the trash. He calls her a crazy bitch, and she says he loves it. He tells her not to call him anymore. If she does, he’ll send someone to her house to show her that he means what he says.

Candace sits in a van with Malik. Gia calls and says, he just left. Candace asks how long ago, and she says, twenty minutes. Candace says she’s just calling now? and Gia says she’s been texting. Candace ends the call. Malik asks if they’re still good. Candace tells him to hold on. Benny pulls up in front of the house, and Candace calls him. She says she really needs him right now. He needs to come back to the hotel. He says he just left, but she says she needs to talk to him. He says he’s not talking about the money, and she says, it’s something else. He tells her that he’s on his way, and leaves. Candace tells Malik to go.

Hanna is getting ready for bed, when the phone rings. It’s Derrick. He’s sorry it’s so late, but he’s still working on the AC. He had to call a friend to open his store and bring a part. Hanna asks if he can’t do it in the morning, but he says they have kids, including newborn twins. She says she’s glad he wants to see her, but she has to go to work in the morning, and he tells her that he misses her. They should go out again. She says it sounds like something she needs, and they decide to talk in the morning. Derrick says he’ll still call her when he’s done. She tells him if she doesn’t answer, it means she’s asleep. She gets another call. It’s Kathryn.

Kathryn heard what happened. Hanna says, it was really sad. Kathryn asks if she’s all right, and Hanna says she’s fine. Kathryn didn’t know she knew Melissa, and asks what Melissa was doing there. Hanna tells her that Benny brought her after Veronica put her out. She was scared to death of Veronica. Hanna can’t stand her. Kathryn knows the feeling. Hanna feels awful for that poor child, and she was pregnant. She asks how Kathryn is; she knows turning Wyatt in was hard. Kathryn says, Jim hit the roof, but she had to do the right thing, even though she feels conflicted and tormented. She asks if she’ll see Hanna tomorrow, and Hanna says, as long as she keeps her husband away. She hears the door, and tells Kathryn that Benny is home. She has to talk to him, so they end the call.

Hanna heads downstairs, calling for Benny. She goes into the kitchen and sees Malik. She screams and runs.

Next time, Wyatt accuses Jim of trying to kill him, Jim promises David they’ll get even, and Hanna struggles with Malik.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The guests go to bed. Brooke tells Hannah to tread carefully. She has a lot to say. Hannah says she has the late shift, and Brooke says, she has the everything shift. Hannah says she does eighteen hours, and is with the guests all the time. Brooke feels like she’s being taken advantage of. In her interview, Hannah says she works her ass off to make sure the interior runs smoothly. Brooke doesn’t understand what it takes in the background to keep the guests happy. She thinks as soon as Brooke and João got together, it was them against her. In his interview, Adam says Brooke isn’t the first person to question Hannah’s work ethic. She does well with keeping the guests happy, but isn’t so good at being manager of the restaurant. He thinks maybe she checked out.

Brooke cries, and Conrad hugs her. HUGE mistake. Brooke says she feels terrible, and like she’s banging her head against a brick wall. He says, Hannah is Hannah, and nothing is going to change it. Hannah sees all this going on. In her interview, she says Conrad is suddenly consoling the second stew who just called her lazy. He needs to have her back. Brooke cleans up.

The next morning, João asks Brooke what happened, and she says she called Hannah out for not working, and it went down like a bag of nails. He laughs, and we flash back to when Hannah used the same phrase about him. The yacht shoves off at 10 am, but the gusts are still sleeping. Hannah tells Kasey about Brooke questioning her. Kasey admits to feeling like they do a lot more, and Hannah gets more breaks. Hannah says at the end of the day, she knows what she’s done, and doesn’t have to answer to them. In her interview, Hannah says Kasey questioning her is hilarious. She didn’t even know how to be a strew until Hannah taught her. She doesn’t want her job questioned.

Capri is unbelievably beautiful. They drop anchor, and the guests are still sleeping. Captain Sandy asks for the toys to be put in the water. Daniel finally gets up. Kasey asks what he’s reading, and it’s a book by Wayne Dyer. I’ve read some of his stuff, and it’s not exactly a beach read. Hannah works in silence with Brooke. Daniel asks Hannah about taking a boat to a cave on shore. Hannah calls Brooke and Kasey to the main salon. Daniel reads about being free by stopping the habit of judging. Hannah tells Brooke and Kasey that she’s not running through her day to day responsibilities, but if they have questions, get it out. Brooke says Hannah doesn’t need to justify anything. Hannah says there’s never been a time that the guests didn’t have what they wanted. That shows she’s good at her job. We flash back to her forgetting the vodka. In her interview, Brooke says Hannah’s head is so far up her ass, she can’t even see it. Hannah tells them, let’s finish strong. Brooke thinks she’s ridiculously deluded.

Most of the guests wake up in time to take the tender with Daniel and his wife. In his interview, Conrad doesn’t know if he and Hannah’s arguments are the stress of the boat, or because they have massively different perspectives. Kasey tells Brooke that Hannah is one of the most manipulative people she’s ever met. Hannah tells Kasey she’ll finish the laundry. Kasey thinks it’s weird, but will take it. Brooke tells Hannah that the last couple of guests got up, and have been waiting for the others. Hannah radios for the tender to return, since they want to join Daniel. Daniel says, you snooze, you lose. He wants to see the archway first.

The archway is fabulous. The ride under it, and Daniel takes pictures. When they get back, he tells the others that they can sleep when they get home. Hannah tells Adam that the guests would like brunch. Captain Sandy says Conrad really stepped up. The deck crew are getting along and working well together. Mmmm… brunch food. Like breakfast, but supersized. Jamie says when she gets back home, the first thing she wants is a spa day. Conrad wants a pint in a pub, and Colin can’t wait to see his parents. He’s an only child, and working a charter opened his eyes. He’s excited for the industry.

João flirts with Kasey. In her interview, Kasey says part of her feels bad for Brooke, but she flirts with João anyway, because she can’t help thinking about the guy he could be. Her first mistake. Some of the guests use the jet skis, while others drink. Adam snaps green beans. Daniel declares Hannah amazing. Adam shucks oysters. Brooke decorates the table with a flower and pearls motif for dinner. Daniel is happy they’re living in the moment. Hannah says if she hears one more positive affirmation, she’s shooting herself. Adam uses a blowtorch on the swordfish entrée (one of my favorites). In his interview, he says last season, he was not terribly inspired, and needed to reinvent himself. This season, he had a chance to do that. Dinner is served. Hannah and Brooke forget which plate is non-dairy. Adam comes to the table, and explains some way he used cedar in cooking, and tells them to smell the food. Hannah asks the guest who requested no dairy if she’s allergic to cream. She says if there’s cream in the food, it’s not the end of the world. Hannah is 98% sure she got the right plate. In his interview, Adam knows Hannah’s got a lot going on, but he has more, so don’t eff up. João says they have bigger issues, like the crew is going to starve to death.

Daniel is grateful and thankful. I would be too, with the sorbet and blueberries, and blueberry cheesecake desserts. Adam makes grilled cheese and soup for the crew. The crew that’s taking part, gathers for the trust exercise. Daniel talks about breaking a steel-tipped arrow with his neck, and explains that the arrow represents what’s hold him back. He breaks it by walking into it, and I notice that although he claimed it would be with the softest part of his neck, it really bent against the harder part where your breastbone is. I hate exercises like this. Hannah talks to Adam in the galley, which is where I’d be. In his interview, Adam says this is better than last season, but he still needs to throw the crew some scraps. Daniel asks for volunteers, and Colin steps up first. João says he’s been shot and attacked by a hippo, but this arrow might take him down. Both he and Conrad break arrows.

Adam says the easy way to mutiny is a hangry crew, and makes a set feeding time. Conrad and Hannah go for a smoke. He asks if she’s okay, and she asks if he had a good chat with Brooke. He says he’s with her 100%, and she disagrees. He wishes she’d stop attacking everything he does; it feels like a personal attack. She asks if he doesn’t want to know how she feels. He says he’s there to listen and give his opinion if she wants it. In his interview, Conrad says he thought she’d gone to bed, but he stands by what he said. He wasn’t saying anything he wouldn’t have said in front of her. Hannah tells him the other night, João insulted her, and then he and João had a laugh. He says he’s trying to keep them both happy. He has to suck it up and get on with it. She says João has been rude, and then she has to watch them joke and laugh. Conrad says he walks on eggshells with her, and he shouldn’t be feeling like that. He says they’ll talk later, and walks away. Hannah calls after him, but he doesn’t come back.

Colin’s mom calls Captain Sandy. She says she and Colin’s father are in Naples, and asks if they can do a surprise hello. The captain says, absolutely. She’s never gotten a call from parents before. She thinks they’re adorable, and they set up the meeting. The captain and Hannah look at the scenery from the deck. Captain Sandy says just when she thinks she’s seen beauty, they turn a corner, and she sees more. The vista is really incredible there. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Hannah is trying. She cares, and that’s all the captain wanted to see.

Another amazing breakfast. Colin gets to help sandy in the bridge, and the anchor is pulled up. Brooke reads about choosing to be happy, and hopes the book isn’t the tip. Colin is psyched. He’s driven a ferry, but says it’s nothing in comparison. He hopes he doesn’t break anything. He knows it’s never going to happen, but would love to dock the boat. In her interview, Captain Sandy thinks they’re now a lean machine. The guests pack. The crew gets into their whites. Goodbyes are said. Daniel says it was motivational and inspirational. He thanks them for who they are. He says he can reward them financially, but he likes to give things from the heart. Nobody hears what he says after that, including me, although I catch the word grateful. We all think he’s giving them not tip except a spiritual one. After he’s done, he gives Sandy an envelope. We breathe a sigh of relief, but I’m wondering, what if there are just pamphlets in there or something?

Hannah tells Captain Sandy about her fight with Conrad. She says they’re supposed to be going to Prague, but the relationship shifted, and it hasn’t shifted back. The captain hopes what Hannah wants, she gets. She says we all deserve love, and they’ll be fine.

It’s tip meeting time. Champagne is poured, which I see is one of Captain Sandy’s special touches. She says the started at the dock, which meant pressure on Hannah, but she did well. In her interview, Adam says he’s seen Hannah take credit for other’s work on occasion. We flash back to Bugsy having it out with Hannah. The tip is $14K, $1,166 a person. Adam says Daniel has read about the power of the dream, but clearly not the power of the tip. Clean-up is done. Captain Sandy tells Colin there’s a package on deck for him. He can’t believe his parents are on the dock. The crew is smiling, and Colin and his parents are crying. In his interview, Colin says, who visits their son in Italy? They’re out of their minds. The captain tells him to show them the boat, and hugs them. In his interview, Colin says his parents met in a wedding band. His mother was the lead singer, and the drummer hurt his leg, and his dad came filled in. He introduces the crew to them. In her interview, Kasey says she’s jealous. Hannah asks if he knew they were coming, and his mom says he had no clue. In his interview, Colin says if he can find half the love they have for each other, he’ll be the luckiest guy in the world. They are very cute. He says he couldn’t ask for better parents. They gave him the world. He says it’s hard to explain how much they love him.

The crew gets ready to go out. Conrad isn’t abandoning Hannah, but needs time to think apart from her. He makes a seating arrangement with Colin and Adam. On the boat to shore, Hannah talks about her black book, and says, to think she’d be giving it up for a twenty-three-year-old English boy. In his interview, Conrad says she makes him feel small, and he wants respect.

At the restaurant, they get champagne, and clink glasses, toasting to nothing in particular. Adam says, one left. João clinks glasses with Brooke, then flirts with Kasey. Hannah asks to switch seats with Colin, saying she can get out for a smoke easier, and it happens to be in front of Conrad. She asks him to go with her. In her interview, Brooke says the smiling and suggestive looks between João and Kasey are pissing her off. Conrad tells Hannah he’s by her side, but she says he doesn’t show it. Conrad asks why she has such a massively hard exterior, and she says she’s been looking out for herself for the past twenty years. She says she learned to be tough, If he wants a nice, kind, sweet girl, find one. This is her. He says he’s starting to realize that.

Colin talks about his parents. Kasey asks João why he keeps looking at her, but he insists he isn’t. He feeds Brooke something from his plate, and then does the same thing with Kasey. I am totally creeped out, and in her interview, Brooke says, WTF? She doesn’t know if João is trying to make her jealous, or he’s a serial flirt. Actions speak louder than words. She tells him the minute loyalty isn’t reciprocated, it’s over. He asks how he did that, and she says Kasey was just asking why he was staring at her. He says he was looking at everyone, and Brooke says she noticed it. In his interview, João says Brooke takes too much to heart. Conrad wants a relationship where he can show the world how good it is.  She calls him sweetheart, and he says he hates that; it’s degrading. She says he wants his relationship to look perfect when it’s not. He says that is what he wants, and that’s why it’s never going to work. They’re two different people, with different lives and outlooks.

Next time, Colin wants Brooke to know how he feels, Kasey confronts João, Conrad wants to be friends, and there’s tension in the crew mess.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan finally met the guy he was supposed to meet in Shanghai until he had a Visa problem. Mr. Hoo was in NYC, and Ryan was having what he called a smorgasbord open house – where he had venders from the area come in with whatever they vend. That way, potential buyers could get a taste of what it was like to live in the neighborhood. Pretty clever. While Ryan didn’t get that billion dollar Chinese deal, the firm working with Mr. Hoo was moving in more USA direction, and Ryan got the consolation prize of potential billions from the same company’s NYC buildings. Good for him.

😵 Flipping Out will be returning on Tuesday, September 11th at 10:15 pm.

🏃 GH Reruns Coming…

When did preemption become like snow days? I missed that memo.

🏥 My Guess Is Margaux…

Because they’re suddenly talking about her background so much.

🍲 Close Enough…






July 1, 2018 – A Raging Raccoon Finds Peter, Million Dollar Listing’s Bad Day, the TV/TV Nots & an Idol Memory


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the shower, the stragglers are talking about what they’re grateful for. Obrecht says she’ll post it on social media for all to know and appreciate. Maxie is grateful for bringing James home. On the side, Obrecht tells Nina that she wishes James was coming home with his father as well. Nina suggests he’ll be visiting them in Pentonville, if anyone finds Peter. Obrecht insists no one will find their guest.

Peter yells for help. Someone lifts up the mat outside, gets the key from under the mat, and opens the door. It’s a boy who’s some kind of Scout. Peter says, thank God, and says the boy has to help him.

Nelle tells Michael it happened fast. It sure did, since they already have a license. He thinks they skipped a step, and shows her a ring. He wants to make it officially official, but she says she can’t accept it.

At Pozzulo’s Sonny tells Jason he got a text from Spinelli, saying, the invisible is visible. He asks if that’s some kind of code. Jason tells him Sam borrowed the flyer from evidence. Nelle wrote the message in disappearing ink, and Spinelli restored it.

Carly does crunches, and hears more knocking. It’s not SOS though.

Maxie asks Sam what the plan is to track down Peter. Sam says there isn’t one, but Maxie tells Sam that she already talked to Jordan. She knows Jordan hired a PI firm, and who is better than they are? She asks if there are any leads, and Sam asks, why? She thought Maxie was hoping he vanished. Does she really want him found?

Curtis walks in, and approaches Nina. He says she’s not returning his calls, but she says she’s been working hard. He asks for a private word, and Obrecht comments that she can smell the cigars he’s been sneaking. She says she’ll arrange the onsies in ascending order, according to their aesthetic value. She steps away, and Curtis asks Nina what she said about his ankles. He tells Nina that, thanks to her, they were able to search Windemere, and Valentin is in the clear. She says that’s one thing he didn’t lie about. Curtis is curious as to why she didn’t ask, if Valentin doesn’t have him, who does?

Peter tells the boy that he knows it must look strange; it’s strange for him too. He introduces himself, and finds out the boy is a Port Charles Pioneer Scout. They’re troop calls themselves the Raging Raccoons. He was there practicing his bugle, and heard shouting. He found the key and unlocked the door, but he’s going now. Peter begs him not to go, and asks if he’d like to earn another badge.

At the PCPD, Chase tells Jordan that he wants to brief her about a potential conflict of interest. He says she’d asked why his career took an early nosedive. It was because he became romantically involved with a suspect, and it compromised the investigation. She appreciates his honesty, but he says she might change her mind when she finds out the suspect was Nelle.

Michael asks if Nelle changed her mind about marrying him, and she says can’t help but think about Zack. He says, that’s what every fiancé wants to hear, and she tells him that when Zack gave a ring, fate realized she was happy, and couldn’t have that. The next thing she knew, he was gone. Michael asks if she thinks fate will strike him down. She says she’s never been allowed to be happy. Michael says, it was an accident, not because fate had it out for her. He doesn’t want to hide what they have from fate or his family. He wants to show they belong together, and once the ring is on, they don’t have to worry. She tells him, it’s big, and he says it can be fixed. She says he always looks for the good, but his mom is going to be dead set against it.

Sonny asks Jason if it’s enough to take to court, so they can pin it on Nelle. Jason says, not yet, but at least there will be an official record. Diane can subpoena the evidence, and use it to validate Carly’s statement. Sonny says, Nelle messed up. If she left this behind, so there must be something else. Sonny says, they’ll be ready.

Carly looks up the code, and says, held against my will. She asks, aren’t they all?

Maxie tells Sam that she knows Peter had a rotten childhood, and growing up with Faison couldn’t have been easy, but Oliver Twist was never an accessory to murder. At least she doesn’t think so; she almost fell asleep during the movie. He still has to pay for his part in Nathan’s death. Bobbie interrupts, saying something is going on at the Quartermaine’s, and Michael asked them to be there. She and Lulu leave. Sam asks if Maxie needs a ride home, and Maxie says she’s not letting her off that easy. Tell her what the plan is. They sit down, and Sam says they’ve ruled out Peter having help, at least not from a friend. Maxie asks if they’re thinking it’s an enemy.

Nina tells Curtis If Valentin doesn’t have Peter, maybe he reinvented himself and fled to another country with a new identity. Curtis says they have another theory, but it’s a work in progress. When it’s solid, he’ll let her know. He leaves, and Nina tells Obrecht, they have a theory. Obrecht says, so did Aristotle, until Newton came along. From the moment she took Peter, she’s crossed every T and accented every O. Nina jets, and she follows.

Peter asks the Scout if a raccoon is a badger, but he says it’s a wolverine. Peter says that’s even cooler. He asks if there aren’t badges for community service, and courage; and isn’t the highest level life-saving, like if he rescues someone drowning? Peter says he can earn all three at once, if he gets him out. The Scout asks if the head Pioneer put Peter up to this, but Peter says, no. It was a crazy lady, like the wicked witch. The Scout says if Peter doesn’t know the head Pioneer, he knows nothing about badges. Peter suggests the Scout say he’s sick, but the Scout says he’s not supposed to lie. Peter shows the Scout his hand, saying it’s infected, and asks him to bring the head Pioneer there, and hurry. The Scout says he would, but the barbecue is starting. Maybe he’ll bring Peter something after. He leaves, and Peter sees that he left his bugle. Geez, no badges for that kid. He should have them taken away.

There’s more knocking, and Carly gets out the phone. She looks up how to signal, stop, I can’t help you.

Michael thanks everyone for coming. Ned tells him that Monica is in surgery, and Drew is in New York on business. Sonny and Jason come in, and Michael wants to let them know he and Nelle are getting married. They probably think it’s sudden, but the baby is going to be a Corinthos-Quartermaine, and they want it to be part of a loving family. He asks them to welcome the future Mrs. Michael Corinthos.

Curtis site with Maxie and Sam. Sam tells him that Maxie already figured out they’re working for Jordan. Maxie says if they think Peter’s enemies are involved, start with her. Sam thinks they definitely should.

Coming into the cabin, Nina tells Obrecht she knew they shouldn’t have left him. Obrecht says she secured more antibiotics, but she was pressed for time, so couldn’t get much. She asks if Nina took out his gag, but Nina says, no. Obrecht tells him to wake up, and he asks about the shower. Nina says it’s none of his business. Obrecht gives him the antibiotic shot, and says she brought cake and another treat. She wants to know what they missed while they were gone. Peter looks at the bugle.

Carly knocks back, stop, can’t help you. She hopes it did the trick. The door opens, and it’s Doc. It’s not time for their appointment, but he was concerned. She says she’s fine, and still here. He asks if the patient next door has attempted contact again, but she says, not a peep. It’s been quiet, but that could change at any moment. He tells her to let him know if the patient does anything to upset her. She asks if there’s any reason she should be worried.

Michael says congratulations would be nice. Olivia says, let her be the first, and Ned interrupts, saying it seems sudden. Michael says babies bring people closer together. Bobbie tells them, over her dead body, adding that she’s just saying what everyone else is thinking. Nelle says she knows they’ve had their differences, and Bobbie says she’s been nothing but trouble, and tried to destroy Bobbie’s family. Nelle says she was lied to, and she tried to make amends. Bobbie says she tries a lot, and God help them when she succeeds. She tells Sonny to do something, and Sonny hugs Michael. He says Michael is his son and he loves him, and he hopes to hell Michael knows what he’s doing.

Curtis says Sam can’t think Maxie took Peter. Sam says she’s the one Peter spent the most time with, and she knew him best. Maxie says she thought she knew him. Curtis says he’s a great liar, and as a recovering addict, Curtis knows the best weapon is the truth. He must have had unguarded moments with Maxie, and Curtis thinks he might have let private thoughts slip. Maxie says the only thing she knows, is that he hated his father, and must have been happy when Faison was killed.  He said he didn’t like talking about the past. Curtis wonders if maybe it’s someone loyal to Peter’s father, avenging Faison’s death. Maxie asks if they think Peter is dead, and Sam asks if she cares.

Peter tells Obrecht and Nina that while they were gone, he had a poker night. It was hard shuffling and dealing, but he managed. Opening the beer with his teeth took skill. Obrecht tells him, no answers, no cake. He says he had a vivid dream, and asks if koalas are native there and speak Italian. Nina tells him to stop talking. She tells Obrecht it’s been too long. Julian almost found him, and they were almost late to the shower. Obrecht says they made it in time, although the onsies were less attractive than she wanted them to be. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a divorce, and asks how much longer? Obrecht says, as long as it takes. She leaves to get supplies from the car, telling Nina to just think about Maxie and James with no husband or father. When she’s gone, Peter says it’s the last shot at redemption for the both of them.

Chase explains to Jordan that he opened a cold case from another jurisdiction. He didn’t want to take action until another crime was committed, because it might look like bias, but now, Nelle has framed Carly. He tries to give Jordan his badge and gun, but she says he seems to be doing good work. What does he need? He says jurisdiction to pursue in Port Charles what he started in Florida. She asks why he thinks he’d be more successful. He says he’d like to think he’s learned about himself, being a better cop, and Nelle. She had the advantage last time, but not this time. She asks if he’s sure about that, and he says his feelings died in Florida, but Nelle doesn’t know that. She thinks he’s still infatuated with her.

Doc says Ferncliff is wall to wall with the psychologically complex, and Carly says, some are even patients. He tells her, touché, and says they have to treat them as individuals, and also manage their coexistence as a group. He’s waiting for a bed in the general care wing for her, but here, the patients are dangerous and delusional. She says her record says the same thing. Does he believe they’re more dangerous than she is? He says, they can be.

Sonny isn’t going to pretend he’s happy. Bobbie says Jason is supposed to be Carly’s best friend. Jason says he doesn’t like it any more than she does, but it’s Michael’s choice. He’s his mother’s son, and if Jason tries to stop him, he’ll just be more determined. Michael hopes Jason can wish them well, and Jason wishes them all the happiness they deserve. Sonny says they’re not turning their backs on Michael, especially when he needs them most. Michael thanks them for the love, but asks them not to talk like he needs to be rescued. Lulu asks if it will be a long engagement, and Olivia says they can have the wedding there; how about September? Nelle says they don’t want to wait, and Michael says they want to get married as soon as possible.

Maxie tells Sam that she doesn’t want Peter to die. She wants him to pay, but not with his life. Sam says they’re supposed to be celebrating life today, and Maxie says she’s going to focus her energy on baby James. She leaves, and Sam asks what Curtis has. He tells her the security footage shows that Peter entered the hotel the same day he disappeared. Sam says, but they have nothing showing him leaving. He tells her, they do now, and shows her somebody pushing a laundry cart. She says that’s not Peter, but he says, it’s not who’s pushing the cart, but who’s in the cart.

Peter tells Nina not to be like her crazy aunt. She has every reason to hate him, but she’s not about revenge, and it’s all Obrecht wants. Nina says, Obrecht’s son is dead, and her brother is dead. Peter says he’ll regret it every day of life, which doesn’t look to be much longer. The police will figure it out, and she has to stop it while she still can. She wonders why he thinks anyone will find him, and asks what happened. He said he was just thinking. He’s leaving here alive or dead, but either way, it’s not good for her. He tells her to help him, and make Obrecht pay. Nina says he doesn’t know Obrecht; she’s never had to pay for anything she’s done, and she’s not starting now. Peter says the only person who can keep Nina out of prison is Nina. What is she going to do about it?

Doc tells Carly that as a psychiatrist, he believes in the insanity defense for those are truly insane, but frowns upon using it as a legal loophole. Carly says if she had it to do over again, she’d sit in Pentonville until she proved her innocence. Doc says, in layman’s terms, she’s not crazy, but she’s locked up with the seriously crazy. She might as well use the time to work on herself. She’s still grieving. She’s strong and resilient, but it can work against her. She forced herself to soldier on. If she unpacks the feelings about Morgan, she will have gained something. At least Nelle won’t push her around anymore. She says she has to stay strong, and is hesitant to revisit the pain. Doc says it might give her agency over it, and besides, they have to talk about something.

Nelle says that, other than Michael, the only opinion that matters is Josslyn’s. She asks if Josslyn is okay with it, and Josslyn says she always thought they belonged together. She is thinking about her mom though, and Nelle says she’s been thinking about her too. Sonny bets she has. Nelle is hoping when Carly is better, she comes home and accepts the baby – and her. She asks Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Josslyn says, of course, and Bobbie throws up her hands. Bobbie is about to drag Josslyn out, and Lulu says they’re not married yet. Bobbie tells Josslyn they’re leaving. Ned tells Olivia that he’s glad Nelle can’t get her hands on any shares of ELQ. Nelle tells Michael that she’s afraid the ring will fall off, so she’s going to the jeweler. Michael tells Sonny and Jason that he thinks it went great; didn’t they?

Sam and Curtis agree that it looks like someone could be hiding in the laundry cart, but Sam thinks they should focus on who’s pushing the cart. They have the date, time, and image; finding the dude ought to be easy.

Obrecht says she tried to find the most savory foods to bring back; she enjoys tormenting Peter. He tells her sauerkraut and Limburger mean different things to different people. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a stepdaughter to raise. She tells Obrecht that false imprisonment and intense interrogation aren’t hobbies for her. She leaves, and Obrecht says she’s not completely without heart. She’ll give him a sliver of cake. Peter says her kindness knows no bounds, and she tells him, but first, they’re going to continue their collaboration of the sequel to The Severed Branch. He has to tell her story. He says it’s not ending the way she thinks it will, and looks at the bugle again. He’d better quit looking over there, or she’s going to figure it out.

Jordan tells Chase what he’s proposing is risky, and potentially fatal if everyone isn’t on board. The PCPD will hold up its end, as long as he does the same. She starts to tell him if anything goes wrong… and he says, it won’t.

Jason tells Michael he meant it when he said Michael makes his own choices, but he also has to live with the consequences. Sonny says, if he lives. Michael says he told Carly that he was going to protect his family, and that’s what he’s doing. Sonny says Carly is stuck in Ferncliff because Nelle set her up. Can he imagine what it’s going to do when she finds out they’re getting married?

Rupert tells Carly she has a visitor. Nelle walks in, saying, hi, grandma. She tells Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers, in case there’s any confusion. Rupert asks if Carly wants her escorted out, but Carly says no. She tells him to wait outside though; Nelle won’t be long. Nelle says it’s worse than she imagined, and Carly tells her she might find out for herself soon. Nelle says she has news that will make Carly’s day.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth introduces Terry to Franco, Jason asks Michael why he’s marrying Nelle, and Sonny asks Nelle what the hell she’s doing.

💰🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, we saw some apartments bigger than my house. One of the potential buyer’s actually got so lost in 50 Cent’s house, his broker had to call him to find him. Fredrik was co-listing with Jennifer, and wasn’t too happy when Jennifer got an offer on 50’s house, and talked to him without Fredrik. They eventually got full asking price, which made Fredrik happier. Alas, it was not to be, as 50 decided to give the house to a charitable organization he started for afterschool programs. He does seem like a really nice dude. Fredrik felt good in spite of himself. I was only half-paying attention to Steve, since I was watching the show while going through a stack of mail as tall as my forearm is long. He was trying to sell an apartment that was next to the construction of another building which would eventually block the view. Of course the apartment was fabulous, but that was a tough hurdle. He didn’t end up with a sale, but he did display one of the best selling maneuvers I’ve ever seen. Since the building was all glass, he pointed out how it reflected the water view beautifully. It did, but, wow. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Ryan had the worst day ever. His visa to China was held up because of the political climate, and it turned out he’d have to wait weeks, maybe months, to get cleared. Sadly, since he couldn’t make the meeting in Singapore the next week, he lost out on the listing. Not only did he lose the China thing, another seller dropped him because they wanted the broker to have an image closer to their target buyer; someone slightly older with kids in private school. Next time, Emilia and Ryan discuss IVF, and a seller tells Fredrick his ideas are cockamamie. Now there’s a word you don’t hear often anymore.

FYI, Tuesday night, July 3, The Haves and the Have Nots will be airing a new episode, but Below Deck Mediterranean is a rerun.

😭 Ryan’s Day Brought This Song to Mind…

It was the worst when they used to play this during the loser’s montage on American Idol. And then they’d make them sing one last time.

June 25, 2018 – Obrecht Wants a Sequel from Peter, Big Commissions, News From the Reality Scene & a Club Kid Grows Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At The Floating Rib, Anna reads an article about Peter still being missing. Felicia asks if she’s seen Obrecht. She’s planning a baby shower for Maxie, and Obrecht isn’t returning any calls. She wonders what’s more important to her than her grandson.

Apparently, eating barbecue. Obrecht tells Peter she just downloaded his book to her tablet. She says she’ll also get the author’s full attention while reading it.

Jordan makes small talk with Maxie about James. Maxie says, he made a spectacular arrival. Jordan is relieved they’re safe and healthy. She needs to talk a moment as the commissioner, and wants to talk about Peter.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s capable of saving herself. He says she needed help when Cassandra attacked her, and he cleaned up her mess. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him the most. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her, but he says he’s trying to help. Nina asks if he’s trying to woo her with the threat of prison.

In Peter’s old hotel room, Sam points out something to Curtis. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room. Curtis and Sam explain that they’re PIs working on a case. As far as Margaux is concerned, they’re breaking and entering. She snaps their picture with her phone, and says she’s sending the photos to the DA’s office. They can explain themselves to the cops.

Screaming comes from the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff. Jason gravitates toward it, but Doc sees him, and asks if he can help with something. Jason asks who the patient is, but Doc says they don’t discuss patients with the custodial staff. Carly asks herself, what the hell is going on out there? There’s a lot of wth? going around today. Doc tells Jason not to attempt contact, or he’ll have to inform Mary Pat that he isn’t who he says he is. Jason says he has to finish in Carly’s room. Doc lets him in, and tells Carly he’ll be back for their session. When Doc leaves, Jason gives Carly a phone, saying they don’t have much time.

Sam and Curtis show Margaux their IDs. She asks if they were hired by the PCPD, and Curtis says Jordan requested them. Margaux asks if Jordan specifically requested they go through her hotel room. Curtis says they were given leeway to investigate Peter’s last known whereabouts. Sam says they didn’t know it was her room. Curtis apologizes, saying they weren’t informed that the room was occupied, and it must have been an oversight. Margaux assumes it was already searched, and tells them to get to it. She’s going to watch, and see if they’re better at their jobs than the cops.

Valentin says he’d never blackmail Nina, but she insists he was using it to keep her in the marriage. She says she’s perfectly capable of getting out of her own messes. He’s using what happened against her. He tells her no one knows or ever will; except Anna might have figured it out. Nina says. Anna, and throws up her hands.

Felicia tells Anna she’ll get the details on the shower as soon as she pins Obrecht down. Anna says Obrecht loves Maxie, and if she’s there, it might cause a tirade. Felicia says she got so caught up in James’s arrival, she hasn’t asked about Anna’s son. She was grateful he was there for Maxie. Anna says, but she wishes he wasn’t Faison’s son? Anna has wished that too, from the moment he was born. Felicia says it must have been hard to live with the secret. Anna says she did what she thought was right at the time, but it went terribly wrong. Peter bore the brunt of her not defending him, and she feels responsible for the course of his life. Felicia says she did the best she could at the time; she did all a parent can do. Anna doesn’t agree, but appreciates Felicia’s words. Felicia asks how Robin is, and Anna says, processing. It might take a while, but she’s surrounded by family who can comfort her. Felicia asks who’s comforting Anna? Finn appears, and says, me.

Maxie hates knowing that she’ll be reminded of Peter when she thinks of the night her son was born. Jordan says Nathan would be proud. It’s no small feat to give birth by the side of a road. Maxie says Peter kept her calm and distracted her from the pain. Jordan says he seemed to be trying to start over for her. She might have been his only real friend.

Obrecht reads out loud about the father not being able to bear his sorry excuse for a son. She says not since Oliver Twist has a child been so mistreated. Peter says he never went back again for Christmas. She tells him that he’s a compelling writer; she almost feels sorry for him. Keeping him alive is looking more interesting.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t know how much longer be there. He believes Doc might turn him in; he thinks Carly would be safer. He says not to tell him about the phone no matter what, and only use it in an emergency, since she’ll risk being caught. He tells her to remember that whatever happens, they’ll get her out, but she has to stay strong and wait. Carly hugs him.

Doc returns to Carly’s room, and suggest they dive into their session. Carly says she can’t do anything until she tells him the truth. He says he’s always happy to hear the truth, and she says the insanity plea was a defense tactic. Diane thought if she pleaded insanity, she wouldn’t go to Pentonville. Not for one minute was she out of her mind. He asks if she’s saying she pushed Nelle deliberately, but she says she would never jeopardize her grandchild – or Nelle. Nelle was taunting her with a baby blanket, and she fell. Doc asks if she maintains there was a baby blanket, and she says, yes, and a scarf and a break-in. Nelle’s been gaslighting her, but she hasn’t been able to prove it. Doc says she’s there and she’s his patient. Regardless of how she got there, they should use time constructively. Carly says she’s not crazy, but he’s sure they can find something to talk about.

Felicia says it’s wonderful to see Anna and Finn together. She predicted it, and when she’s right, she’s so right. She’s happy for them both. She tells Finn that everything she said still applies. Anna is a remarkable woman, and he needs to treat her well. Anna finally found someone who won’t let her push them away. Finn says they both did some pushing. Felicia thinks it’s going to be epic. She has to leave to plan a shower and find an annoying German woman. When she’s gone, Anna asks Finn if Robin is on the group text. She still hasn’t heard from her.

Nina tells Valentin all the pieces just fell into place. Anna knows she nearly killed Cassandra, and she’s Peter’s mother. No wonder he protected her. She keeps pulling back layers, and wonders what other twisted compromise he’s made to keep Anna in his life. He says he never told Anna anything, and the conversation was supposed to be about them. She asks if this is where he lies and she believes him. She says, that “us” is over.

Obrecht tells Peter the sequel will be his confession. If the book is a success and the critics agree, he lives. Peter asks what critics, and she says the only one that matters – her.

Carly asks Doc if he thinks Nelle couldn’t have set her up if she hadn’t lost Morgan. He thinks her grief set her up for manipulation. She admits she wanted to believe Morgan reached out to her. Doc says there are ways to honor him that aren’t as painful. They could work on that. Mary Pat sees Jason in the hallway, and asks why he’s still there. He tells her that he was cleaning up a food spill, and she tells him his shift ended. They don’t pay overtime, but she appreciates his diligence.

Curtis examines the vent in the hotel room. It has prints on it, and he thinks Peter could have used it to store his bag. Margaux says they’re done, and she needs to get ready. Curtis says it’s been real. Sam says it was interesting meeting her. Margaux says, for her too.

Anna gives Finn a copy of The Severed Branch. She says the book will be another thing for Robin to contend with. She and Robin used to figure heavily in Faison’s stories. She misses Robin, and the baby is almost one. She can feel the distance between them, and has to make it right. Finn tells her to do it. Robin always complimented her on being a persistent mom, and she needs the mom she’s used to. He says, sometimes time becomes a barrier. It’s easier or less painful to leave things unsaid. Don’t let it happen.

Maxie tells Jordan that Peter is not her friend. Jordan asks if she has any idea where might have gone. In the time they were close, did he mention a place he was connected to or a safe haven? Maxie says he only offered minimal details of his life, and who knows if they were true? Nathan is gone, and she’s all James has. How is she supposed to take care of him when she can’t see trouble standing right in front of her?

Jason meets Anna. He tells her that he’s been focused on Carly. Anna is sorry about Ferncliff, and says Carly probably feels he could have done more if he hadn’t been working with her. She tells him that she told Robin about Peter. Jason says Robin told him. Anna asks what she said, and he says she thanked him for saving Anna’s life. Anna thanks him too.

Maxie tells Jordan that she’s excited for James leaving the hospital, but terrified to be alone with him. She and Nathan were supposed to be a team. Jordan says Nathan chose her to be mother of his child; lead with that, and she’s just a phone call away, 24/7.

Anna says Jason saved her life, and she nearly shot him for it. She can’t say she’d do it differently, and she’s sorry for that. She asks if their positions were reversed, and she had a gun on Michael, would he shoot her? He doesn’t know, but if it was the only way save his life, maybe he would. She’s professional and knows the risks, and Michael was a baby he held. He would have to help him, no matter what the cost.

Peter tells Obrecht that she broke his hand, and he needs it to write. She says if will afford him an opportunity to get the details correct, and she can add her own perspective. After Anna’s destruction, the book will be a testament to Nathan. Peter asks her to tell him about Nathan. He needs to know him if he’s going to write about him. Obrecht says, he was too good for this world; kind, giving, and handsome. There’s no resemblance.

Felicia goes to Nina’s office, and says she’s obviously interrupting, but Nina says, not at all. She asks how Maxie and James are, and Felicia says they’ll be home soon. She wants to get together a shower, but hasn’t been able to reach Obrecht. She asks if Nina can get a message to her; she’s not returning Felicia’s calls or texts. Nina says she’ll try, and Felicia leaves. Valentin asks Nina to tell him what’s wrong, but she says she’s not playing games with him anymore. She has her brother’s son to worry about.

Anna tells Jason that she’s sorry Peter escaped; that wasn’t supposed to happen. She wanted to intercede with the WSB, but some of the charges are valid. It’s her fault for setting it in motion. Jason says Robin always talked about how Anna taught her to do the right thing, not the easy thing, and to think for herself. Robin tried to teach him those things, and she put that in motion too. If he spent his life trying to pay them back, he wouldn’t be able to. Anna says Robin told her that after all this time, she doesn’t really know her. Jason asks if she said she loved Anna. Anna says she did, and Jason says, believe it. He tells her good luck, be careful, and watch her back. It won’t help anyone if she lets Peter kill her.

Maxie reads about the father telling his son to search for other men’s weakness in The Severed Branch. She says he wins the worst childhood award, but that doesn’t mean she forgives him. She throws the book toward the trashcan, but misses. Felicia walks in, and asks what’s wrong. Maxie says she hates that Peter’s childhood is making it hard for her to hate him. She throws the book into the can, and Felicia says, whatever fate has in store for him, let it go. It has nothing to do with her.

Nina shows up at the cabin, and Obrecht says she’s discovered a useful purpose for Peter. Nina says they have another problem. Felicia wants to revive the baby shower. She needs to make appearance in town. It’s out of character for her not to be hovering over her grandson. Obrecht is sure Felicia has good intentions, but can imagine what the shower will be like if she’s left to her own devices.

At The Floating Rib, Sam says she can’t believe the flash drive was under their noses the whole time. Curtis is concerned that they just created trouble for Jordan, and Sam’s people skills didn’t make them favorites with the DA. Jordan joins them, and tells them that there’s security footage of Peter going in to the hotel, but not leaving. Curtis says a mystery is added to the mystery. Margaux comes in, and Jordan introduces her. Curtis says he was just about to mention they’d already met her.

Finn goes back to The Floating Rib to tell Anna that he has to get back to the hospital again. She tells him that she’ll say goodbye now. She’s going to Berkeley. He says, she’ll need someone to wash… er, watch her back. He can refer his patient to another doctor. She thinks it will be more than an overnight, and his patients deserve brilliant him, not a referral. She’s booked on the next flight. He walks her out, and says he totally forgot one thing. Before she goes… he kisses her. She says it was on her packing checklist. He kisses her some more, and she says she is coming back. He says he’ll be there when she does.

Carly hears music outside, and reaches for the phone under her mattress. Like that isn’t the first place someone would look for contraband. She hears knocking from the room next door, and says, it’s better than screaming. It happens again, and she wonders if it’s Morse code. She knocks back, and asks if they’re trying to tell her something.

Curtis and Sam move to another table. Margaux tells Jordan she doesn’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but has qualms about her hiring Curtis and Sam. Jordan says they’re the best at what they do. She understands Margaux’s hesitation, but assures her they’re professional. They’re careful not to let their personal lives interfere with work. Margaux thinks they work both sides of the law. Sam wonders why Peter is hiding. It’s not like he didn’t have time to call someone for help. Curtis thinks he’s got more enemies than friends. They need to look for someone who hated him enough to make him disappear.

Obrecht sees Felicia, who says she’s been trying to reach her. Obrecht says she’s here now, and the shower will proceed as planned.

Peter asks about Maxie and the baby. He heard Maxie is taking James home soon. Nina says, yes, and he says she must be relieved. She says, they all are; they needed some good news. Peter says he was the first to hold James. He was so tiny, and Peter just wanted them safe. No matter how angry Nina is, does she really want the man who delivered her nephew punished? He begs her to save him.

On the phone, Valentin asks someone if they got his instructions. He wants them followed to the letter. It’s for his wife, so there’s no margin for error.

Finn calls while Anna is getting in the car to the airport. He tells her that he misses her already. She says, her too, and tells the driver to take her to Port Charles International; it’s a domestic slight. We see he has a gun on passenger seat, which he covers with a newspaper.

Carly asks if the other patient is trying to talk to her. Outside, Mary Pat says Jason seems to have been deceiving her, and she doesn’t like liars. She asks for his badge, and he hands it over. She says he can follow her out, or she can call Rupert to escort him. Omg, I’ve been calling him Jasper. He seems like a Jasper. Doc watches as Mary Pat leads Jason away.

Tomorrow, Josslyn is angry with Oscar, Michael gets a warning, and Mary Pat tells Carly that Jason is gone.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, 50 Cent listed his house with Fredrik. I didn’t catch how many rooms it has in total, but there are 20 bathrooms, which I can’t even fathom. He’s decided it’s a little big for one person. Ryan has the chance to make a $6 million commission on a $200 million property in Brooklyn, but the catch is that he has to make a meeting in Shanghai first. Steve managed to sell a penthouse that has amazing views, but had been on the market for a year. He got a $104,000 commission for his efforts. Next time, things get dicey with Ryan trying to get to China.

📺 A Cuppla Reality Tidbits

How sweet! Rand asked Lala’s dad for her hand in marriage. And the rest of her too. Ha-ha!

Alexis and Jim Bellino are divorcing. How Sad! Maybe. Jim is kind of a d-bag.

🌇 And In Closing…

I’m loving Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It’s one of those shows that I forget how good it is until I see it again. Sadly, I read that Odd Mom Out will not be returning. I adored that show, even though I thought I wouldn’t relate. Not only is it set in my beloved NYC, if I was a mom, Jill (Jill Kargman) is the kind of mom I’d be. It’s also crazy cool that she was a Club Kid.

🎇 For Your Viewing Pleasure…