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January 25, 2018 – Mostly Soap, But a Little Los Angeles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna walks in to find Faison holding a gun on Finn, who’s chained to the banister. He calls Finn Anna’s new love, but she says that’s not the case. Faison doesn’t give a damn what he is. He’ll blow his head off if she doesn’t put the gun down. Finn tells her not to do it, and Faison tells him to shut up. She sets the gun on the floor, and kicks it over.

Franco sits at his easel in the art therapy room. Ava asks if his muse has returned. He tells her that his wedding is weeks away, and he’s again a shining disappointment to Elizabeth.

Officer Shane sweeps Nathan and Maxie’s apartment. Maxie tells the baby they need the WSB, FBI, CIA, and all the alphabet agencies to find its psycho grandfather. This might be her new normal, but it’s not what she wants for the baby.

Nathan writes “Henrik” on the blank page representing his brother. He thinks maybe Henrik is acting in self-defense. The only thing worse than being Faison’s enemy, is being someone he cares about.

Faison says Anna will do anything to keep Finn alive, and calls her stupid.

Doc tells Elizabeth the good news is that Spencer has a clean break in both legs, and he’s on the mend. Elizabeth can’t believe it was both legs, and Doc says Spencer has a well-deserved reputation for going to extremes, but at least he has a loving grandmother there to help. Elizabeth is disappointed Laura had to drop out of the mayoral race. Doc says she even tried to get him to take her place, but in the end, she needed to be with Spencer. He misses her already, but has an exciting new project. He tells Elizabeth that he’s psyched, and laughs at his own joke. He’s working on the pathology of psychopaths, and the connection between the medical condition and the tendency toward violence. Elizabeth asks to hear more.

Franco is making out his guest list, but only has Kiki and Scotty on it. He tells Ava that Elizabeth is the darling of Port Charles, and will have tons of people on her side of the church, where there will be no one on his. He doesn’t want to look back on a lopsided church. He was thinking of calling his mom, but his mom and his happiness have a weird relationship. Ava says she might have a work around, and he asks if she has some community theatre actors who can pretend to be his friends. She suggests inviting her. No one knows better what it’s like to fight for happiness.

Griff asks Kiki how it feels surviving her tests? She’s not very enthusiastic, and he asks if this is her being happy. She says no, this is her the day after a new girlfriend answers her boyfriend’s phone. At first, she thought she had the wrong number, but Dillon called back, apologizing. He told her long distance wasn’t working for him. Griff says just last month they were meeting up. Kiki says he was clearly overcompensating to ease his guilt. If they’d made it to Nebraska, they would have broken up. They’re like a cliché; she’s too busy with her studies, and he’s with the girls on the set. She chose med school, and he chose someone else. Griff calls him a fool, and says Dillon doesn’t deserve her.

Nathan calls Maxie to check on her. She tells him that Shane is totally diligent and super nice, but it’s extra awkward. Nathan tells her it’s only until they catch Faison. She asks if there’s any chance he can come home early, and do some hands-on protecting. Shane tells Maxie that Amy is there. Amy tells her that she has news about the baby.

Dante wants a better statement about the disturbance in front of Anna’s house, and tells Nathan he’s sending a black and white over. Peter comes into the station, and tells them, nice work with the protests; they’ve managed to keep things from boiling over. He thought they might want further information on Faison. The paper has been flooded with tips. Hopefully, one pans out.

Faison tells Anna that he’ll kill Finn if she doesn’t cooperate. He takes her hand, and calls her beautiful. She says she thought he was done with her, but he says there’s no other man with greater passion for her. She says, she made him angry last time, and he says she tried. He whispers to her, and kisses her cheek. She asks what he wants, and he tells her, lots of things, but she’s the first one on the list.

Ava tells Franco that she knows about redemption and the pursuit thereof. They’re both seen as pariahs, but they changed. If some people don’t want to give them a second chance, tough; they’re no one to judge. She tells him to focus on the people who genuinely wish him well. If it’s just three of them, then they’ll be extra loud when he walks Elizabeth down the aisle. He asks if she ever looks over her shoulder to past transgressions, or worries that she’ll screw up. She tells him all the time. If he looks back, he’ll be consumed by doubts and regrets, and drown in them, so just look forward to the future with Elizabeth and the boys. She tells him to get the tux, buy the champagne, and kiss the bride. Give himself permission to be happy

Doc tells Elizabeth that he believes there are gaps in literature about psychotics. There might be physical reasons that drive the impulse to murder. If they can pinpoint a medical reason, they might be able to stop the damage to the brain, and stop the tendency of psychotic impulses. Elizabeth thinks it sounds fascinating, and knows the perfect subject – Franco.

Amy asks Maxie if the guard is there because of the article, and if they’re in danger. Maxie says Nathan has it under control, but they’re taking extra precautions. She asks why Amy came over, and Amy tells her that she sold the production rights to Ask Man Landers. It’s a tidy sum, and she and Chet agreed to share the proceeds. If Nathan hadn’t agreed to help, there wouldn’t have been a Man Landers. Maxie says he won’t accept it, but Amy tells her to open the envelope. They put it in a trust fund for the baby.

Nathan asks Dante if there’s anything they can use. Dante says there are messages from London to Pittsburgh, and those are just eyewitness accounts. There are letters to Faison’s son as well. Peter says people often write what they can’t express, either for therapeutic reasons or to hide behind anonymity, like the trolls on the internet. People hurt by their parents are urging him to avoid his father. He says he’s not trying to bond. He’s thankful his mother hid him, but things are different now. He has to think like a father and protect his child. He needs to find Faison, and lock him up for good.

Faison tells Anna that she’s a dangerous woman, especially when comes to men’s hearts. He wonders if she told Finn who she is and what she’s done. She says, no, why not let him believe a fairy tale? She says that woman doesn’t exist with clean hands, and a spotless past, without him. Faison asks what he should do with Finn, and she says she’ll do it, and whacks Finn in the head with a trinket box from the table, knocking him out. Faison tells her not to cry. She says she’s not, but tears roll down her cheeks.

Kiki says she turned Dillon down when he asked her to come to Morocco; who does that? Griff says someone serious about med school. He says that she doesn’t need his support anymore. She’s standing on her own two feet, but Dillon is absent to see that. She says she’s risking everything based on hope and a prayer, and that doesn’t include getting through it and becoming a doctor. Griff says he has a friend on the admissions board, and congratulations; she got into med school.

Ava tells Franco to write down Griff as her plus one. Franco asks if they’re really coming to the wedding as a couple. She tells him to believe in second chances. He says he’s in. He believes in all of it – pigs flying and ice skaters in hell.

Nathan shows Dante the sonogram, saying he keeps thinking how he’s responsible for a little life. Dante tells him not to let the Faison stuff throw him off. It takes more than genetics to make a father and make a family. Nathan tells Dante he’s more like a brother than Henrik could ever be. Dante says, brothers in blue. Nathan says being he’s entering into uncharted territory, he could use the best backup. Dante says he’s got him covered. Nathan tells him that he and Maxie have been talking, and they’d like him to be the baby’s godfather. Dante says he’d be honored.

A weepy Maxie tells Amy sorry for being emotional, but she cries at commercials these days. Amy says, she does too, and she’s not even pregnant. Maxie says it’s incredibly generous, and kudos on finding a way Nathan wouldn’t turn it down. Maxie gets an emergency call from Crimson. Nina is unreachable, and she has to go in. She tells Shane, let’s roll.

An officer at the station tells Dante that someone spotted a guy the other night who fits Faison’s description, and he was in the area today. Dante says he’s on his way.

Anna asks Faison how long they’ve been playing this game? How many lifetimes? A cat, a mouse, running from his obsession. He says she likes being cruel to him. She says she’s tired of running, and protecting her family. She asks if he knew she was sick. She has an incurable disease. He says he’s sorry, but she says he’s not. He’s an evil old man, who will never get what he wants from her – ever. So she doesn’t want to hear about his unrequited love. She’s sick of it. Tell her, after all this time, if this is the end. He says it will end the way supposed to end, with them together. It’s over.

Doc asks Elizabeth if she’s volunteering Franco as a subject. She says Doc knows his medical history. He’s been exonerated legally, but never came to terms with his past. Maybe it will help him trust in his own recovery. Doc tells her that he wanted to approach Franco, but wasn’t sure how. Elizabeth says he was moving in a healthy direction with Andre. Maybe Doc can help him move forward. Doc’s research might convince him that his brain tumor made him commit those horrible crimes. Doc says it’s a widely accepted theory, but she says not by Jason and Sam because of the ordeal he put them through. Jason respects Doc, and if he can prove Franco wasn’t responsible, he might not forgive him, but if he backed off a little, it might open the door for others to see Franco for the good man he really is.

Franco says no way. Doc says it would further cause of science, and Franco asks what’s next? Reenactments? Doc says he was thinking of deepening the pool of knowledge to help others. Elizabeth thinks it would be good for him, but Franco says it will have weird Franco fans salivating. If it bleeds, it leads. Doc says he’s blowing it out of proportion. It’s just a presentation at a psychiatric conference, and he doesn’t even have to be there. Elizabeth says some people still doubt the tumor caused him to commit the crimes, and Franco says by some people, she means Jason, and by doubt, she means he’s never going to believe it. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t want to know for himself. Franco says he can’t do it. Removing the tumor didn’t magically remove everything bad about him.

Griff says they won’t be posted for a while, but Kiki got the scores to get into med school. She hugs him, and no surprise, Ava walks in.

Anna tells Faison the only one way it ends with them together, is in his hands. He says it’s never been a game to him. The life he wanted isn’t the one he’s living. She says if it’s family he wants, look elsewhere; he’s running out of time. He says he’ll never run out of time. He hears the sirens and jets. Anna tries to revive Finn.

Ava asks what’s up, and Kiki says she passed; she’s going to med school. She hugs Ava. She says that Griff pulled some strings, and found out early. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Kiki thanks him for everything and goes back to work. Ava says he’s good, and he says he was glad to turn things around; Kiki was a little overwhelmed today. He’s just the messenger though; she did the work. Ava says she’s still grateful he’s thoughtful when comes to her daughter.

Franco tells Elizabeth that just because he was absolved of legal responsibility, doesn’t make him a good person. He flashes back to thinking about pushing Andrew down the stairs, and how it was before the tumor. He says they don’t know how old he was when it started. Doc says ideally, he’ll be able to make a correlation between the execution of violence and the growth of the tumor. Franco says he’ll have to explain to him what took its place. He believes the tumor made him kill, but he was still stumbling through life with a gaping hole in him until he met Elizabeth. Give him a scientific explanation of how Elizabeth saved him.

Anna helps Finn to the couch. Dante busts in with another cop. Anna tells Dante that Faison left. Dante calls Nathan, telling him Faison was there, but got away. He could be anywhere. Nathan says he has to get to Maxie.

Peter puts some papers on Nina’s desk. Faison walks in behind him, and wonders if he came to the wrong office, but thinks Peter is the one out of place. Peter says his face is everywhere. Faison says, thanks to Peter, putting him in the paper. Peter says the whole police department is looking for him, and Faison says he’s looking for one of them. He tells Peter that he may sit down if he likes.

Kiki tells Elizabeth and Amy about getting into med school. They’ll have to survive without her. Amy says they reserve the right to complain about the doctors, even when she is one. She asks who gave Kiki the inside scoop.

Ava tells Griff that when Kiki is done collecting congratulations, a celebration is in order. She asks if he’d like to come to dinner, but he doesn’t want to intrude. She says Kiki won’t mind, and she won’t take no for an answer. Kiki knows how important he is to her.

Doc says sorry he interrupted Franco’s guest list. Franco says it’s slim, but Doc says take it from him, the number of guests doesn’t matter. What matters is the woman he’s marrying. She has absolute faith in him. Franco thinks he made some interesting points. Doc says, some he’s keen on exploring if Franco will let him. Franco tells him to be careful what he asks for; it’s a dark place in there. Doc says there’s a lot Franco doesn’t know about him. He might find a more sympathetic ear than he realizes. Doc says Franco knows where his office is.

Finn tells Anna that he feels fine, but what about her? Before she got there, Faison was ranting and raving; he’s obsessed with her. She says she knows. Finn says he knows it was a bluff, but before she hit him, he bought it. She saved his life again.

Nathan goes home. There’s no one there. He makes a call.

Walking into the office, Maxie says she needs to get the proofs. Both she and Shane see they missed calls from Nathan. Peter is surprised to see them. Faison comes up behind Shane, and knocks him out. Maxie says, Faison, and he says, how lovely to see my daughter-in-law.

Tomorrow, Lulu and Obrecht are still trying to escape, Faison shoots someone, and Jason says he’s on his way.

🏯 In other news, Josh Flagg married his partner, Bobby, on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Needless to say, the ceremony and reception were quite lavish. There were so many rose petals on the runner to the altar, I thought it was the texture of the carpet. The other Josh and Heather now have a baby who has gotten to the crawling point; James and David – who I still constantly want to refer to as brothers – sold a house for a record $41 million in Bel Air; and Madison is still an a-hole.




December 28, 2017 – New Year’s Eve in PC Begins, a Little Chef, a Little Real Estate, a Little News & a Lotta Laura


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Aurora, Peter proposes a toast. He complements everyone, and toasts to a great new year at the company. Nina hopes the champagne didn’t come out of Crimson’s budget, but he says it was a gift from their landlord.

Carly tells Michael she can be there if he needs back up with Nelle. He tells her to enjoy the night, and happy new year. Sonny isn’t surprised, and Carly wonders if it was Nelle’s plan all along to start the new year with Michael. Sonny is like, in the hospital? And she says, could happen. Jason comes b,y and tells them that he has a plane to catch.

At the hospital, Nelle asks if her dizziness is normal, and Michael says that’s what they’re here to find out. Kim is off for the day, and Monica is her replacement.

Anna is working two laptops, and tells Finn don’t touch that or that or that; one tweak in the wrong direction, and everything is useless. She thinks he should go for a walk. I might point out it’s like, zero degrees today where they’re supposed to live. Finn calls her a glory hog, and says she’s stuck with him whether she likes it or not.

Valentin comes home to Cassandra and her companion in his living room. Or whatever they call it at Windemere. She’s bringing him good tidings. He asks if she’s leaving town, and she says she is. And he’s coming with her.

Finn asks if the bug is working, and Anna says it’s great. He’d be happier if she’d admit he’s not a bumbling amateur, and she says he has his uses. He says she can’t do it, even though she blackmailed him into this mess. Anna says he’s the one who refused to stop. She says they’re at the end, and can now pinpoint the location. Finn says, thanks to his bug, but she says technically, it’s hers. He tells her that he installed it, and she calls him impossible. He asks how long this will take, but she’s not sure yet, and it makes Finn a little nervous. Anna says she thought he said he had Cassandra eating out of his hand, and he says Cassandra needs to keep hands to herself.

Cassandra wants Valentin to put in appearance, and familiarize himself with the product. He says he has nothing to do with quality control, and she tells him to consider it a gesture of solidarity. He says it’s her brainchild, but she insists it’s time for him to get his hands dirty, and eliminate Sonny.

Jason wants to go back to Russia. He thinks somebody at the clinic might know something about Faison. Sonny says he might get killed, Jason he insists that he has to go. He steps away to take a call. Carly says he can’t get on the plane; he needs to be here with Sam. Sonny says whatever she’s planning – no. She runs off to talk to the chef, but he notes she’s going in the wrong direction.

Peter asks if their fearless leaders care to share any plans for the new year. Drew tells him they’re off the clock; take it easy. Maxie reminds Peter that tomorrow is a holiday. Carly pops in, and they thank her for the champagne. She says anything for her favorite tenants, and invites them to the party downstairs. Drew and Sam have other plans, and Lulu tells everyone that they rented out the Haunted Star to watch the fireworks, because it’s totally her business. Well, the Haunted Star is her business, but not shouting out Drew and Sam’s plans. Drew says, first, he’s dropping by the hospital to wish Monica a happy new year. Carly tells Sam it looks like Aurora has stabilized, and Sam says she’s looking forward to a profitable year. Carly is glad it worked out. She sees Sam’s ring, and asks if it’s new. Sam says Drew gave it to her after they agreed to remarry. She thought it was great for a fresh start. Carly says everyone could use one, and congratulates her.

Finn tells Anna that Cassandra toweled him off like he was a grease fire. Anna says maybe it was more innocent than that, and he says, employee harassment. She says, the nerve, especially since he’s completely unavailable. Finn says he is as far as Cassandra is concerned, and Anna wonders if he gave the wrong impression, and led her on. Finn says he would never cheat in a fake relationship – or a real one – but he guesses they’ll never know.

Valentin asks if Cassandra wants him to assassinate Sonny, and she wants it dealt with before they leave. It’s time to refocus, and he was right. Sonny is a paragon of virtue when comes to drugs. Valentin says he doesn’t tolerate traffic in his town, and Cassandra asks what he thinks will happen when his town is the hub of opiate traffic. It’s self-preservation. He has to kill Sonny, before Sonny kills him.

Jason tells Sonny his flight was delayed, but he has to find Faison now. Sonny thinks it’s more like he wants to get away from Sam, but Jason thinks it’s a good idea to keep his distance; Drew isn’t handling it well, and it’s killing Sam. Sonny says at some point they have to stop this, and make it okay. They need to figure it out for themselves. Him leaving isn’t going to change Sam’s feelings, and either Drew moves forward, or it will consume him; it’s not on Jason. Jason says Sam made her choice, and he needs to honor it.

Maxie tells Sam that they’re going to feel like the only ones in the world on the boat. Sam says that’s the idea. Maxie asks if that’s what she’s wearing, and when Sam says it is, she asks how many times she has to ride to her rescue in dressing appropriately. Friends don’t let friends do drab. She asks Nina for permission to raid the Crimson closet.

Michael waits for Nelle, and Drew walks in. He tells Michael that he came to see Monica. Michael says it’s good to see they still have a relationship. Drew says he’s a lucky guy, and asks why Michael is there. Michael says he’s there for Nelle.

Nelle thanks Monica for seeing her. Monica says even if she wasn’t on duty, she would have made herself available. Nelle says the Quartermaines stick together, and Monica says, you’d better believe it. Nelle asks if that’s a threat, and Monica says, no. It’s a promise to her unborn baby. Monica asks about the dizzy spells, and Nelle says they’re usually the same; she gets lightheaded and has to lie down. Monica tells her that everything looks good, but wants to do a full workup to be sure. Nelle asks if she wants to make sure she’s not lying; it’s clearly what she’s thinking. Monica tells her not to get upset; it’s not good for the baby. Nelle says it’s frustrating to consistently judged, but Monica wouldn’t know what it’s like. Monica says she does.

Sonny tells Jason if he thinks it’s the right move, he’ll back him, but doesn’t want him to take off and disappear. Jason says he’s not giving up his life there. His kids know he exists, and he can’t cut out on them; he would never do that. Sonny asks if he’s spending time with them. Jason says he saw Jake on Christmas, but Jake wanted nothing to do with him. He says Jake has been thrown so many curveballs, and now he shows up out of nowhere. Sonny says it’s not his fault. Jake needs time to process. Jason thinks maybe it’s good for him to go away, and give Jake time. He got lucky with Danny. Sonny says eventually, Jake won’t be able to deny it any more than Sam will.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie gets impatient. Sam comes out in a bodycon red number, with a keyhole neckline. Maxie says, me likey. Me too, but come on. Sam is gorgeous, and does her makeup impeccably every day, yet doesn’t know how to dress?

Lulu asks if Peter is going to the party, but he has a few things to finish up. She thanks him for giving her an opportunity. He says she’s the one brought the story, and thanks her. She wants to follow up with something just as big, or bigger, and wonders if he has any ideas. He says one comes to mind. The question is, does she have the guts to tackle it?

Anna balks at the two of them in a real relationship. She says Finn would drive her crazy. He says ditto, with her tea and crumpets, and accent. She says he loves her accent, and he admits that he does.

Cassandra’s phone rings, but she ignores it, and asks Valentin why he’s so squeamish? Just take Sonny out.

Anna gets a signal from Cassandra’s phone. She thinks it’s the factory, and calls Robert. She asks if he’s getting it.

Cassandra answers the call, and tells Valentin that the lab agrees Finn’s formula will work. She says they’re to leave immediately, and get packing. Valentin says his daughter is sleeping, and his wife is expecting him. Cassandra threatens to call Nina herself. Valentin throws her phone across the room, saying there’s only so far she can push him. Great. Now what? Eric! Her companion’s name is Eric! Cassandra has Eric fetch the phone, and says she’s capable of compromise. They can leave in the morning. It’s what’s best for everyone; trust her. And you know when someone says that, it’s the last thing you should do.

Anna looks at a map along with Robert. She tells him she’s looking for a water source; it would be needed to produce drugs. They find one, and she tells him to look for a road. Finn watches as she works. They find an airstrip, and Anna says to send in the strike team. They’ve got her.

Nelle is surprised to find out that Monica didn’t know who AJ’s father was. Monica says they didn’t have DNA tests then. Nelle says she hasn’t been with anyone else, and it’s obviously Michael’s baby. Monica says she’s not implying her story is the same, but maybe Nelle can learn from her experience. Nelle asks how she handled it, and Monica says it wasn’t easy, but she learned to focus on what was important – her child. Nelle needs to focus on that. Being born a Quartermaine comes with host of things. Nelle says for the baby, but not for her. Monica tells her that she’s not the first woman to have a Quartermaine baby, and she won’t be the last, but if it makes her part of the family remains to be seen.

Drew asks Michael if he’s sure the baby is his. Michael says they’ll know once they have a test, but the timing is right. Drew congratulates him, and says it turns out he has child from a former life. They agree at least their lives are interesting.

Peter suggests Lulu write an article about Jason and Drew. He can’t think of a more interesting story. Lulu says everyone else is covering it. He adds, except them. He figured it was on purpose because of Sam and Drew. Lulu says the story might never see the light of day, but Peter thinks maybe with a friendlier approach, and they can control it themselves. He suggests instead of focusing on the victims, focus on the perpetrator – Caesar Faison. YES!!!

Jason tells Sonny that Sam deserves a safe life for her and the kids, and Drew can give it to her. Sonny says she also deserves to be happy. Jason says if that’s what she wanted, he’d thank God, but she picked Drew. Sonny says that Jason is the person she’s meant to be with.

Maxie tells Sam that Drew will combust when he sees her. Sam isn’t totally in, and tries on the next dress. It’s black, very low cut, and sleeveless with sparkly shoulders. Maxie says that’s good too. Both are good choices, so she should just go for fit, style, and comfort. Strike comfort; it has no place in fashion. She tells Sam that they both match the coat she’ll need if they’re going to be outside. Sam says she has a coat, but Maxie scoops up her motorcycle jacket, saying it’s not appropriate. She says her work here is done, and leaves.

Monica sees Drew, and they wish each other a happy new year. She wants to steal Michael for a minute, and says she’ll be back. She tells him that Nelle and the baby are fine. He asks if she has any idea what’s causing the dizzy spells, and she tells him, low blood pressure. She’s been pushing herself too hard, and needs to take better care of her health, but the baby fine. Michael thanks her. She says they’re family, and that overrides everything. Focus on the now.

Jason tells Carly that his flight was delayed. He asks where she went, and she tells him, Aurora. She was hoping Drew would admit they own the company because of him. Jason says it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t want her handling his battles for him. She tells him that he and Sam belong together, and she needs to realize that. He tells her, Sonny just said that. She suddenly gets a text from Sonny, and tells Jason that Sonny wants to meet him at the Haunted Star; he might have information on Faison. What? How dare they be so far up in Jason’s business?

Lulu tells Peter that people have a morbid curiosity about Faison, and would probably eat up a profile on him. He tells her to think bigger – a profile and interview. She wonders if she’s supposed to track him down, and pray he doesn’t kill her. I dunno. He’s kind of an egoiste. He might actually go for it, especially if he thinks Anna would read it. She asks how she’s supposed to find him when the WSB couldn’t? Peter says she has a gift. She has two things, aside from raw talent. One is her husband. She says Dante isn’t going to tell her anything, but Peter says he’s sure she has ways of convincing him. She also has her father. The feud between Luke and Faison is legendary. He tells her to sleep on it. If something comes from it, career made.

Nathan is still waiting for Maxie at the party. Dante tells him they’re wasting valuable time. When the baby comes, they won’t have any time, and the time they have will be spent talking about kids. Nathan says he’ll trade that for the baby being okay. He still isn’t sure who his father is. Nina says, that’s why Maxie pulled a hair out of Valentin’s head.

Cassandra tells Valentin they’re expected on the tarmac at nine am. He says he’ll see her in 2018. Outside, she tells Eric what way to start the new year. She’s going to need a phone replacement before the morning. Eric hands her the card, saying it fell out. Oh, Valentin, what have you done?

Anna tells Finn the factory was just hit. They were taken by surprise, and there was minimal resistance. A mass quantity of drugs was found; it was a large-scale production. They’ve officially secured the factory, and taken it over. Finn asks what that means. Did they win? She says the battle, not the war. He says, but it’s over and no one got hurt. He grabs her and spins her around. Yep. I like these two together. Finn says Anna could benefit from loosening up once in a while, and she’s like, says man who organizes his flatware. She says they still have one more thing to take care of. He asks if it’s Cassandra, and she says, make that two.

Nina is wondering where Valentin is. Nathan suggests maybe he stopped for a crime spree or a kidnapping.

Anna calls Valentin, telling him that her investment paid off. He’s concerned about retaliation, but she says they have a team out after her. Valentin tells her where Cassandra is headed, and she thanks him. He tells her to thank him after she’s in custody. Anna tells Finn that it’s finished. He guesses so is their partnership.

Cassandra walks back into Valentin’s house, along with Eric, who has a gun pointed at him. He’s wondering what the what, and she tells him not to play innocent; it doesn’t suit him. She doesn’t want him killed there, and tells him to come quietly, for his family’s sake.

Nina texts Valentin, but there’s still no answer. Lulu and Peter arrive at the party. Lulu tells Dante she’s his for the rest of the night. Maxie joins them, saying she was late for a worthy cause.

Michael tells Nelle that Monica said to take it easy. She says she’ll try. She found a job, and starts the day after New Year’s. He asks if the hours are flexible, and she says she needs the money. He says they can revisit the financial support issue. She’s not supposed to have any extra stress. She blows him off, saying she has the feeling this job will solve all of her problems.

Sonny tells Carly the party is off to a good start. She tells him it was rude to leave his date, and he points out that she actually left first. He asks what she’s up to, and she says he’s off the clock. Sonny asks where Jason is, and Carly says somewhere he needs to be. Oh, I see. She just said the message was from Sonny. I didn’t think Sonny would get that involved.

Jason runs onto the boat. He sees Sam in the black dress. They soap opera gaze at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn would like to stay, Sonny tells Carly that her plan isn’t going to work, and Cassandra has the crap beat out of Valentin.

💣 I have to mention that I’m really enjoying Jessica Tuck playing he hell out of Cassandra. As over-the-top as the character is, she makes it believable with a very understated, controlled performance. I’ll bet she’s having a good time too. Cassandra is a world away from One Life to Live’s Megan. I don’t suppose it will happen, but it would be fun if she were in a scene with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva, Max, OLTL).

🍲 Television is still in holiday limbo, but I’m catching up with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and Top Chef, both having new episodes this week. Tonight, the chefs cooked meals that were “pieces of themselves.” Most picked something reminiscent of their childhood, bringing to mind my father’s neckbone soup. While we probably ate things no kid would touch today – he often cooked “Depression food,” since that’s when he grew up – it was one of my favorites. I joke a lot about my avoidance of cooking, but can get ambitious occasionally, and did make it myself once when I lived alone. IMO, it was good, but not the same. Probably because the love was missing.

🌉 I knew long ago I could never be a chef, top or otherwise, but the jury is in on my being a broker too. My career would be over the first time I smacked a condescending client with a superiority complex, and way too much money, in the face. Tonight, one of Madison’s clients wanted to be on a certain road at a certain price for two months. It was the peak season, and she waited until the last minute. Like what I do when I’m getting my hair cut before the holidays begin. He did find her something slightly (slightly in terms of the wealthy, so I mean $100K) more than she wanted, but she compromised. I’d like to think her demanding attitude was to play for the camera, but holy! She was a witch of the highest order, and not very couth. Bringing up the price in front of the client is never good form. My interest was also piqued when James and David checked out what they deemed to be the future of real estate in LA, namely, luxury apartments. At first, when they used the term “vertical living,” I thought it must be some futuristic Japanese design. I was pretty surprised when everything looked like what it’s looked like in NYC for as long as I can remember, but it was cheaper.

🎭  Tyler Perry will joining us again soon, but this season, it’s The Haves and the Have Nots on Tuesdays, and If Loving You is Wrong on Wednesdays.

Good Advice

🎬  Steven Spielberg‘s advice to Laura Dern: From New York Magazine’s new profile of the actress: “’When I was 23,” says Dern, “right before a close-up on Jurassic Park, Spielberg said to me, ‘People will tell you what you could do to your face years from now. Don’t you ever touch your face.’ He was saying, ‘Your face is perfect, it’s female, it’s emotional.’ I am determined to be human in my acting, and when you own your power and your womanhood, you grow into your beauty. Your face finds you.” (Thank you.)




😉 And Because I Couldn’t Resist…


Jurassic Pug




November 16, 2017 – Carly Outs Ava, a Little LA Listing, a Random Thought & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie reads the test instructions. She’s late, like, late.

Nathan sees Nelle on the phone. For a moment, I think he’s going to approach her, but Amy runs in. She’s upset, and says, it’s Chet.

Ava gives Griff an old photo of herself, and says she’s still waiting for an answer. He has the necessary research and tools to finish what Klein started. She wants him to turn her back into the woman in the picture.

Josslyn brings Oscar home. She says her parents aren’t there. They’re working on proving their friend is the real Jason, because their other friend thinks he’s Jason. She tells him if wants to run away screaming, now’s his chance. He tells her that he doesn’t, and that he listened to the CD again. He thinks there’s something on it that might help. Carly comes in, and Josslyn says she thought they wouldn’t be home. Carly asks if that was the plan, to be alone.

At the MetroCourt, Jason tells Sonny that whatever happened to him has to be connected to what happened to Sam’s husband. Sonny says the only two possibilities he can think of are Faison and Obrecht. Jason doesn’t know who Obrecht is, and Sonny says she’s a wack-job who was in charge of GH at one point, and did whatever Faison wanted. She’s out of town, but he thinks she’s their best lead when she gets back. Jason asks what’s going on with Sonny, and he says the same old. It’s been a strange year. He was getting out of the business, and even put Pizzulo’s up for sale, but he changed his mind. Jason asks if he was serious about going legit. Sonny says he thought Perks was the answer. Jason asks him what Perks is, and Sonny tells him it’s a coffeehouse that Kristina wanted him to buy, but was really Morgan’s baby. The last time he saw Morgan revved up about it, he thought he’d end up with a franchise. Jason says the last time he saw Morgan, he was a kid. Sonny says, and now he’s gone.

Amy tells Nathan that Chet is gone. He asks if she tried calling, and she asks if he’s met her. Chet won’t pick up. Nathan tells her not to panic. There are a number of reasons he could have left. She says only one scares her; him using again.

Maxie drinks water so she can do the test.

Nelle looks at the contract, and says it looks decent. The gossip rag guy says as soon as they vet the entire story, she’ll get paid. She tells him she has the goods on Ask Man Landers, and he says when they verify it, she’ll get her payoff. She asks what if she needs the money now, and he says that’s the way it works.

Josslyn tells Carly that wasn’t the plan. She knew they weren’t home, but that’s not why she invited Oscar over. Carly says she’s just messing with her. Since Oscar is there, she wants to set up a time to meet his mother. He says she’s been crazy busy, and Carly asks if she’s working on Thanksgiving. She wants to have them over; they’re new in town and might not have plans. She asks Oscar to text his mother and copy her. She has to leave, and when she’s gone, Josslyn apologizes, saying that came out of nowhere and was uber pushy. Oscar says her mom’s heart is in right place. She’s so… mom. Josslyn asks if his mother knows they’re hanging out. Oscar says she does, but doesn’t know who Josslyn’s stepdad is.

Ava asks Griff why not take the chance to restore her? Griff says it’s dangerous and he deems it a risk. She says all he needs to do is finish, but he says it hasn’t been approved by the US, Russia, or anybody. If it’s done improperly, he could make worse. She’s willing to take the risk, saying it’s her face. Griff says it’s his career. It’s risky and could cause more damage. Ava says she’ll find another doctor who will do it, and he begs her not to open that Pandora’s box. She says if it was that bad, why would Jason bring it to her.

Jason hates that he wasn’t there for Sonny and Carly. Sonny says that’s why he should have known. Sam’s husband is a good guy, and understanding, but something was off. He didn’t take Morgan’s loss like Jason would have. They agree there’s nothing worse than losing a child. Sonny tells Jason that Morgan was bi-polar, and he feels guilty for passing it along. Jason says it’s not his fault. Sonny says it was hard, seeing him go through it, and there was nothing he could do, but be there for him. He doesn’t do helpless well. Morgan had started his meds, and was great; focused and ready to get on with life. Jason says it takes a lot of work, and Sonny says he did the work, and was ready, until that bitch took him away.

Ava tells Griff that Jason is grateful and wouldn’t harm her. Griff says he’s not a doctor, and he’s not doing her favor. She says it makes sense, and she understands that it’s risky or could make things worse, but can’t shake the idea of being herself again. Griff tells her that she’s beautiful the way she is. She says a lot of people would disagree, and he says he’s not a lot of people. He asks if they can table this, since he’s starving. He suggests the MetroCourt; he wants to show off his dinner date. Ava says he’s on.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly mentioned something, but said they’d talk later. Sonny says she’s right; they should focus on the positive. He tells Jason before Morgan was taken, he was the best version of himself, and that’s what matters. Jason says he’s there when Sonny is ready to talk. Carly walks in, and asks if it would be embarrassing if she burst into tears. Both Sonny and Jason say, yes. She says it’s everything she wished for, but never thought she’d get.

Nathan asks when was the last time Amy saw Chet, and she tells him before occupational therapy. She realizes they can’t report him missing yet, but Nathan says he can do something unofficial. She’s going to check around to find out who was the last person to see him. Nathan says he’s supposed to be the detective.

Maxie asks what’s three minutes? A commercial break, a song, the time it takes to boil a tea kettle. She can totally wait three minutes. She thinks she should do something productive, and decides to do stretches while she watches the timer. When the three minutes are up, she looks at the stick and says, baby or no baby? There’s a knock at the door, and she hides the test, but not very well. It’s Chet.

Nelle says she’s out of there, and gossip guy asks if the scoop is that big. She says it’s huge, and he says they can give her three quarters up front. She wants complete anonymity, and he agrees. She tells him to add it to the contract, and I call her a bitch in my head. I wanted to like her too, but this is too much. She tells him that she used to work at Crimson, where Mrs. Man Landers works. She overheard them talking, and they were worried someone would find out what they’ve been hiding. Ask Man Landers is a fraud, and his sister and wife know.

Chet says someone put Ask Man Landers’s address on Twitter, and he needs to tell him about his sister. Maxie says if he needs Man Landers to play matchmaker, he’s happily married – to her. He says no, Man Landers knows his sister; it’s Amy. Maxie realizes it’s Chet, and says sorry; it’s been so long, she didn’t recognize him. He asks if they know each other, and she says she went to PC High when he was the football champion. He says it’s been a long time since high school. She tells him that she was a cheerleader, and he says thanks for that. She guesses she wasn’t as much of legend as he was, but he says he’s not a legend anymore. She says it depends on who you ask, and then wonders why he’s not at the hospital.

On the phone, Nathan says he knows it’s not policy, but it’s for friend. Amy comes back, saying Chet never went to occupational therapy. Deanna had seen him dressed about an hour ago, but knew he was being discharged, and had no reason to think anything was wrong. Nathan says an hour isn’t that long, but Amy says long enough to find a dealer; he knows Port Charles. Nathan says so do they, and they’ll use it to their advantage.

Josslyn says Sonny can be intimidating, and for good reason, but she knows how awkward the conversation can be; she’s had it with everyone. They all give her the same look, a cross between interest, terror, and pity. Oscar looks at his phone. His mother has accepted the invitation. Josslyn says it will be fun, and they can make it work. She’ll ask Sonny to demob the place. Oscar says maybe it’s best they meet. His mom will see what nice people they are, and what a great family. Josslyn says, bring on Thanksgiving.

Carly tells Sonny about inviting Oscar and his mom to Thanksgiving. She says they haven’t met, and they’re relatively new in town. Sonny thinks she’s trying to control the situation, but she says just the opposite. They need to get to know each other, but maybe they could cut back on security. Sonny thinks Max and Milo might like to spend Thanksgiving with their significant others. Sonny steps away, and Carly asks Jason, what if Oscar’s mom meets him, and decides to leave the state? Jason says that’s a little extreme. They’re great people, and care about their kids. Carly thinks it’s wonderful to be able to talk, and not be judged. She says she probably sounds stupid, but Jason says she sounds like a mom who cares. She leaves to get a drink, and Griff and Ava walk in.

Jason goes over to say hello. Griff says it’s good to see him on US soil. Jason thanks him for his help at the church, and insists on giving him the money back; he likes to pay his debts. Griff says he’ll put it in the donation dish. Jason asks if Ava got what he left for her. It was all he could think of to pay her back. Carly suddenly appears, asking why he’s talking to Ava. Jason says she helped him escape, and Carly says she’s also the reason Morgan is dead.

Chet tells Maxie he got an honorable discharge from the hospital. She asks what he needs Nathan for, and he says it’s personal. She tells him that she’s Nathan’s wife, so she’ll find out anyway. He’s with Chet’s sister, who’s worried sick about him. Chet says that’s just it. He doesn’t want her wasting time on him, and wants her to move on and be happy. He doesn’t want to be in Amy’s orbit. Maxie says he might have been a hero on the football field and in the battlefield, but he’s a coward when it comes to his sister.

Amy tells Nathan that Chet has no money, but he has credit cards. He hates taking the bus, and they agree he probably took a cab. She says that GH keeps recommended cab companies (like Port Charles must have so many) in the lobby. Nathan says that might help narrow it down. She thanks him, saying he’s one of the good ones.

Nelle tells gossip guy that Man Landers is really a nurse at GH, Amy Driscoll. She shows him some things she printed out, saying she checked account after account, and there’s strangeness all around Ask Man Landers, and they were accused of having an affair. They talk about the book launch, and she says none of the men were writing the column. Amy was.

Joslyn asks what it was Oscar noticed, and he says the water theme kept coming in and out of the songs. Josslyn compares it to the tides, and says it could be the San Diego thing; they’re all about the ocean. Oscar says, and the naval base; it’s one of the largest in the US. She asks if he thinks his dad was in the Navy, and he says it’s possible. They kick around the idea of him being deployed, and that’s why he said goodbye. Josslyn reminds Oscar that the Iraq war was in 2003. It would make perfect sense. Oscar says it might also explain why he didn’t come home, and why his mom doesn’t talk about him. What if he was killed in action?

Griff tells Carly this isn’t the time or place. Ava nearly died helping Jason. Doesn’t that count for anything? She says it can never erase her killing Morgan. She tells Jason what happened with Ava switching Morgan’s pills for placebos. He asks why, and Ava says he wasn’t supposed to die. She cared about him, but his mental illness wasn’t healthy for her daughter. She just wanted to get him away. She’d thought he’d go to the hospital. Carly says that’s bad enough, and Ava says she thought they’d pay attention. If his parents had done what they were supposed as parents, he’d still be alive. Jason tells her to stop, and says Morgan was his godson. He owed her, and he’s repaid the debt. They’re done. He goes back to the table, and Ava says it must be Carly’s best day ever. Now she has two men to fight her battles. Carly says she does her own fighting. Ava says nothing can stop her now, and Carly says not even her.

Chet tells Maxie that he’s trying to do right thing. She says, leaving his sister in shreds? She adores him, and lives her life for him. He says things are different now. Maxie says she gets it. Life dealt him a crappy hand, but Amy is doing everything she can make life better, even calling in favors. Nathan thought he was fighting the good fight, even if it was risky. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and she tells him to open his eyes. The VA isn’t paying his bills – Amy is. That’s how selfless and devoted she is.

Nelle tells gossip guy that she unearthed the old Ask Man Landers blogs, and no photo was used until the book deal. Gossip guy says Amy needed a man to front, as all women do. Nelle gives a look, but I’m surprised she doesn’t say something. She tells him there’s a connection between Amy and Nathan; Amy went to high school with his wife, who worked for Nina. Gossip guy says it’s all in the family, and that Maxie is a co-conspirator.

Oscar says he looked into the Navy records, but he didn’t know what he was looking for. He found a Naval pilot that was wounded and sent home. His name was Oscar O’Brien, and he was from Iowa. Josslyn is already on her phone, and tells Oscar that he’s on MyFace. <snort> She shows Oscar his page, and Oscar says he looks a lot like him. Josslyn says he looks exactly like him, and this could be his father.

Sonny tells Jason he wanted to say something, but didn’t want to revisit the pain. Avery is the only reason Ava is still breathing.

Ava understands Carly grieving and hating her, but she’s far from perfect. She’s lied, cheated, and done more than her fair share of damage. Carly says she didn’t rob a young man of his sanity and life. Ava says she didn’t kill him, and tells Carly to get down from her pedestal. Carly says she doesn’t want to be like Ava. Ava is scarred for life, and she can’t think of a more fitting punishment. She tells Griff that one day he’ll really look at her; scarred on the outside, and horrible and vile on the inside. He’ll move on to someone more becoming and younger. It won’t bring her son back, but it’s nice to know.

Sonny says he’s sorry; he shouldn’t have put Jason on the spot, but he hates her. Jason says he’s glad he knows, and Sonny says they have a lot of catching up. Jason thinks he’s done for the night. Carly says he must have so many questions, but Jason says they have time, and he needs to clear his head. Carly says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. He leaves, and Sonny looks at his phone.

Gossip guy tells Nelle that she’ll get the rest if the story pans out. She says it will. He says not only will it tank Ask Man Landers, but Crimson. Nelle says it’s not her fault the company’s integrity went down because of Nina and Maxie’s lies. So be it. Gossip guy likes it.

Chet asks Maxie how Amy got the money. Maxie says she wrote a blog, and the public loved it. She did the work, but got none of the glory. He asks if he’s heard of it, and she tells him it’s practically a household name. His sister is Ask Man Landers. Amy and Nathan walk in as she’s telling him.

Oscar is worried that his father might not want to hear from him. Josslyn says for all they know, he has no clue Oscar exists. It can’t hurt to reach out. Oscar wonders what if he’s disappointed to have a son like him, and Josslyn tells him that he’s an awesome guy, He’d be proud. Oscar wants to meet him, but is afraid. Josslyn says if he wants to call it off, she’s with him, but he says no. He wants to find his father. Josslyn says okay; then they will. He says it feels good to have someone on his side. They kiss. It’s about time.

Sonny looks at his phone, and tells Carly it’s all good.

Griff tells Ava not to let Carly ruin this for them, but she says, too late.

Carly wonders if Jason went to the footbridge. Sonny’s guesses he did. Carly says he looked lost, and wishes there was something they could do to help him. Sonny says maybe there is.

At the footbridge, Jason sees someone he recognizes.

Tomorrow, Amy admits being Ask Man Landers to Chet, Nina asks Sam what she’s afraid of, and Ava asks Franco what he’s going to do with two Jason Morgans. I’m wondering if, and hoping that Faison and Obrecht are returning. Faison is like Helena. He will never, ever die.

🏯 While I don’t normally blog abut Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, I watch it when I can, because I love looking at real estate I would never be able to afford even if I lived three lifetimes. Occasionally, a standout moment happens, and I have to applaud how the brokers work. One of James and David’s clients was selling two fabulous side-by-side houses, one of which had a guest house that’s bigger than mine. Sadly, he was selling both because his wife was ill, and even rich people can have astronomical medical expenses. They suggested he sell the larger property first, thereby setting the price point for the smaller one. This sounded like a smart move to me, but because he was anxious, the seller chose to list both of them at the same time. This turned out to be a bad idea, as people were only interested in the smaller home, and the one offer they got wasn’t full asking price. The client let his emotions rule, and insisted David and James get him the price he wanted, or it was no deal.

Heather (who is now pregnant) and Madison also met, and it was all good. He gave her what I thought was a sincere apology for ending their friendship over her dating Josh Altman. Seems it worked out for Heather all around. The Altman Brothers were left off of a local list of open houses, and it seemed dicey at first. Since they did get some brokers and agents from other areas, they made the best of it, and as Josh said, all they need is one buyer. Josh Flagg didn’t have much luck either, until he adopted a more laid-back approach that was a better fit for the area he was selling in. Rest assured, all of the properties were jaw-droppingly fabulous.

🎭 It’s strange to see a soap star out of context. It’s like seeing your doctor or therapist in line at Shoprite. One time I saw my favorite bartender – who looks like a young Kevin McCarthy – in Home Depot. He didn’t see me, and I couldn’t figure out where I knew this guy from, especially since he was wearing civilian clothes. (I figured it out later.) I got a weird feeling seeing Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) in the Lifetime movie, A Lover Betrayed. He was playing a police lieutenant, and I just kept thinking, I can’t. Although it was better than seeing Brytni Sarpy (Valerie, GH) being a reenactor on an ID channel show, where I kept thinking, Valerie, why are you here?

💭 My Thoughts Exactly

Q: Do you like social media? What is your personal definition of good content?

A: I have a Twitter account someone else set up for me. I never check it. My personal definition of good content is staying off my phone and living life face to face, looking someone in the eyes, as I listen and respond. – from an interview with Andrea Martin


Sonny pretending to be a good guy

August 10, 2017 – Ava Ventures Out & New York in Paris


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Scotty tells Julian that he got a bench trial, so Julian doesn’t have to face a jury. He convinced the judge that they couldn’t be impartial. He says Alexis hates Julian because of what happened to Sam. They don’t know if she’s going to save him, or throw him to the coyotes. Scotty wonders which Alexis is going to show up.

At the MetroCourt, Alexis, Molly, and Kristina discuss babysitting Scout to help out Sam. Molly is concerned about Julian’s trial. Alexis was told that she’s testifying early. The girls wonder what she’s going to say, and she tells them that depends on what she’s asked. Kristina says that Julian belongs in prison for life.

Valentin and Charlotte have lunch at Kelly’s. Charlotte is concerned that Spencer is going to take Windemere away.

Ava sips a martini. Kiki knocks at the door, and Ava puts on her mask. She still dresses well, no matter what’s going on. Kiki has Griff with her. Ava asks if they’re there to take her to Julian’s trial; she’s not going for obvious reasons. Kiki asks about her therapy session, and Ava wonders if they’re trying to whisk her off to another one. Griff says no; they were thinking of lunch.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that the bank is calling about suspicious activity. Hayden takes the phone, and tells them that she did set up a new medical supplier. She says that she’s not in her office, but transfers need to start immediately. Elizabeth and Finn are surprised that they’re changing suppliers, and Hayden tells them to stop badgering her.

Scotty asks what happened when Julian got a text from Alexis. I don’t know because the sound goes out on my TV and I have to fiddle with it. Julian tells Scotty about Sam, and how he’d made the mistake of telling Alexis that he wanted to see her. She shut him out completely.

Alexis tells the girls that the prosecution isn’t sure if they have a hostile witness, so the questions will probably just require a yes or no response. Molly says that she should know that one word can make a world of difference in the meaning of an answer, and change the color of the text. Kristina wants Alexis to promise she won’t help Julian. Alexis says she’s going to tell the truth. Kristina says she hates Julian, and that Morgan died because of him. Alexis says he wasn’t directly responsible for that, or for Sam getting sick. Kristina says no one believes his story except her. She thinks it’s wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt, and Alexis is still doing it.

Charlotte tells Valentin that Spencer said Windemere still belongs to him. Valentin explains that his father, Mikkos, left him Windemere in his will, and Spencer is upset. He thinks it’s still his, and is suing Valentin, but he’ll lose. He tells her that Spencer is in school now, and he’s going to make all of this go away.

Ava tells Griff and Kiki that she’s not ready for an outing. Griff has brought her some books to help her decide if she wants to continue therapy or take another path. Griff says she can’t give up, especially during the in between stages. She has to learn how to manage change, and looking up can bring miracles. Kiki says that she can’t stay hiding, and she’s going to get Ava out if it kills her. Ava wonders why she wants to, and Kiki says she just does and Ava owes her.

Hayden says didn’t mean to snap; she’s just being a Bridezilla. She says she has a lot to do, and the bank guy was being a jerk. Finn tells her to be good to herself, and just breath. He goes back to work, and Hayden apologizes to Elizabeth. Elizabeth says weddings stressful, but what’s really going on? Is it the baby? Hayden says the baby is fine, but Elizabeth says Hayden isn’t. Hayden tells her that she feels like everything is about to fall apart.

Julian tells Scotty that Alexis’s testimony isn’t fair; he can’t ask her to go through that again. Scotty says whatever happens, she’ll be fine, but Julian could be in a monkey cage for the rest of his life. He’d better hope Alexis doesn’t hold Sam’s illness against him and tear him apart. Here come da judge. (Google it.)

Molly tells Alexis that Julian brings her down, and wonders why she still loves him. Alexis says she doesn’t. Kristina tells her that she just got her career back, and not to let him damage her reputation, sobriety, or heart. Alexis tells them to go register for school, and stop badgering her. Molly says it’s just that they care, and Kristina says they know she’ll do what’s right.

Hayden has the horrible feeling that she doesn’t deserve this. Elizabeth says that’s not true. Hayden tells Elizabeth that Finn changed her; love made her a better person. All she wants is a happy life and family. She starts crying, and. Elizabeth tells her that we all get anxious about the future. Hayden says she always finds a fabulous way to screw things up. Elizabeth says that all the feelings and emotions will swirl around, and then suddenly she’ll be married to the man she loves, and she’ll be fine. Elizabeth talks about the baby shower, and Hayden wishes they’d gotten to know one another better. Elizabeth says they have plenty of time for that.

Finn sneaks into Hayden’s office, and puts a cactus plant on her desk, but he can’t find the card. He throws the box away, and sees the visitor pass from the prison in the garbage can. Hayden comes in. He says when she went to get the plane tickets, she went to see her father, and asks why she didn’t tell him.

Griff, Kiki, and Ava go into Kelly’s. Charlotte gasps and points. saying that lady! Most unrealistic reaction ever for a kid who’s traveled the world and has Valentin for a father. Valentin tells her not to point. The lady looks like that because she was hurt badly, and it’s probably difficult for her to come outside in the first place, because someone would react like that. She was rude, and needs to make it right. Ava tells Griff that he keeps trying to fix her, but she can’t be fixed. She’s a freak, who scares little girls. Kiki says he’s just trying to help, and Ava asks how, by bringing her worst fears to life? (Well, actually, that is a form of therapy.) Griff suggests getting take out, and Ava tells him that she can’t stay there another minute. Kiki says they’ll get it, and Ava goes outside.

Charlotte follows Ava out, and apologizes, saying that she didn’t understand and got scared. Papa told her that Ava got hurt, and wanted her to apologize. So did she, and she hopes that Ava gets better soon. Valentin comes out and tells Charlotte to go back inside. He apologizes again, and Ava says it’s okay; she reacts the same way when she sees herself. Valentin says Charlotte did hit on something in wanting her to feel better. She can. Sooner than she thinks.

Hayden tells Finn she felt like she owed it to her father and herself to make peace. He did what he did, and was wrong, but he’s the only father she’s known. Finn says she’s so much better than him, but she says she’s getting married and he’s not walking her down the aisle; she had to tell him. Finn asks why she didn’t say anything. Hayden says that he would have wanted to come, but had to see her father alone. Finn asks what they talked about, and Hayden is vague, saying she had questions about what he did, and some other things that he could provide answers to. Finn asks if she got them, and she says yes and no.

Jared asks for Hayden at the desk. He tells Elizabeth that he’s a friend from a long time ago.

Alexis gets called to the witness stand first. (Are there even any other witnesses?) The prosecutor, who sounds like Will Smith, asks if she wants Julian to pay for his crimes or prefers that he go free? Huh? Scotty objects, but the prosecutor says that he needs to determine if she’s a hostile witness. Alexis says as an officer of the court, she wants to see justice done above all else. He asks about her meeting Olivia-J. She tells them about Olivia becoming her sponsor, and he asks if she had Olivia at her home at the same time as Julian. He asks if Julian didn’t encourage her having him as a sponsor over a stranger, as is the usual procedure with the program. She says he did, and the prosecutor asks if he ever said she was his sister, or did he conceal the fact that a psychotic criminal was in her life, and nearly killed her daughter?

Elizabeth asks Jared if he wants her to call Hayden. He says that he doesn’t want to bother her; he just wants to drop off a card. He asks that Elizabeth makes sure she gets it stat, adding isn’t that how they say asap around here? Elizabeth makes the same face I’m making as he leaves. Seriously, this guy is just not working. They need to either get rid of the character quickly or find another actor.  I can’t even accept that Hayden would have married him for money.

Hayden tells Finn that she just wanted closure. Finn gets it, and says that he would have respected her wish to go on her own – eventually. She’s like, exactly. Finn says that he spent so much time lying and covering things up when he was using, he doesn’t want there to be any more secrets. He’s there for her, and can handle anything she throws at him. Elizabeth comes in and Finn leaves. Elizabeth asks if Hayden is feeling better, and gives her the card, saying it’s from an old friend, but she didn’t get his name. When Elizabeth is gone, Hayden calls Jared a jerk, and looks at the card. I don’t catch exactly what it says, something about hope nothing ruins your big day, and Jared signed it. I do wonder if that’s the card Finn lost. Otherwise, why would he have even said anything if it wasn’t going to come up later? Hayden rips it up and throws it in the trash.

Valentin tells Ava that he can make arrangements, but she asks why she can’t do it herself. He says that she needs his referral. He tells her that they can perform miracles, and she doesn’t have to live like this. She tells him that the price he’s asking – letting him get away with murdering Nikolas – is too high. Valentin says that he hopes she changes her mind.

Molly is bummed that one of the professors she wanted is on sabbatical. She looks through the roster, and the only other one who does the class is – she stops and stares at her tablet. Kristina asks who’s teaching, the Marquis de Sade? Molly says it’s a visiting professor – Parker.

Scotty objects, due to the answer being speculation. It’s sustained. The prosecutor asks Alexis how often she saw Olivia as a sponsor, and as time went on did she suspect Julian was hiding something as time went on? She says yes. The prosecutor (whose name I wish I knew, so I wouldn’t have to keep typing prosecutor) says it was mere months after he held knife to her throat. Scotty objects, but that one is overruled. Alexis says yes, and he asks about Leo being rushed to the hospital. Alexis says it was a staged incident to warn Julian. The prosecutor (sigh) says that once he had proof that Olivia was a threat, did he warn her? Alexis says no. He asks if at any time before she was taken hostage did he tell her the truth. Again, she says no.

Back at the apartment, Ava says she appreciates what they tried to do. Kiki says it was a disaster, and Ava jokes that it didn’t kill her, so it must have made her stronger. She tells Griff that he’s been kind, and actually a little annoying. She’s going to look at the books, and either learn something or fall asleep, so it’s a win-win. She tells them she’s kicking them out now. Kiki asks about Valentin, but Ava says he apologized for Charlotte. She tells them that she feels better than she expected. When they’re gone, she takes her mask off.

Finn approaches Elizabeth at the desk. She calls him Dr. Finn, and he tells her since they’re practically family, just Doctor will do. He thanks her for being Hayden’s maid of honor, and she says it’s her pleasure. He says if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be getting married; she didn’t go to Monica when she found out he was an addict. Elizabeth tells him that she’s looking forward to having him as a brother-in-law.

Hayden calls the bank. She says she has adjustments to make with a new account that was set up.

The prosecutor goes on about how Olivia left Sam to give birth under a bridge, and that’s when Alexis and Jason realized the connection, and went to the police – without Julian’s help. He asks if, at this late juncture, Julian even left a hint or clue. Alexis says that he didn’t, and the prosecutor asks if he’d been honest at any time, would she have wound up on a bridge, fighting for her life? Scotty objects, saying that answer requires a crystal ball. Alexis says she doesn’t know. The prosecutor asks if Julian was covering for Olivia, and if he was an accomplice in her actions. Alexis says that Olivia was coercing him, and tries to talk, but the prosecutor talks over her. He asks if it could have been prevented, and she says maybe.

Griff and Kiki stand in the hallway in front of Ava’s door. Griff asks how long they’ll be hanging out, and Kiki says she’s worried. Her mother used to be indestructible, and now she runs away when a child cries. Griff says recovery takes time; she has to make a new life. Kiki asks how, and he says ultimately, that depends on the choices she makes, and the life she decides to live.

Ava looks in mirror. She ponders for a while, and takes out Valentin’s card. She puts it in a box.

On the phone with the bank, Hayden uses name Rachel Berlin. Finn is standing in the doorway.

Tomorrow, Julian says it’s enough, Jason asks Sam if they agree it’s the best solution, and Nathan asks Dante if they’re closing the book on his father’s shooting.

New York Takes Paris

Ryan’s easy listing turned out to be not so easy. The seller wanted a bidding war he didn’t get, and Ryan had to tell the potential buyer he made a mistake in underpricing. He rallied though, telling the broker that either he could tell his clients about the acceptable price, or never call him again. I’ll leave out some of the other words he used. He got the deal done, and the risk worked. He decided he wanted to buy a brokerage in Brooklyn and expand. His goal is to go nationwide. Amelia thought it was exciting, but tough, because she’ll have to sacrifice more time with him. He suggested they start making time by her joining him in Paris.

While Fredrick showed the Kravitz Nolita project in Paris, the developer hassled him about not having enough people at the showing. The penthouse is five grand a square foot, which, even for NYC, is quite high. Steve made a deal for an apartment in Fredrik’s building, but the buyer wanted the seller to pay the taxes (around $70K). The best the seller would do is go halvsies. Fredrik freaked and got all emo when he found out that Steve was having lunch with his developer. He ran away like a baby, even though Steve’s buyer agreed to the deal. Steve is also building his team in NYC. Fredrik admitted his problem wasn’t entirely about the real estate, but meeting Derek about baby news. The news was good though, as Derek brought along a sonogram of baby A and baby B. We’re having twins!

Ryan described Luis’s Paris apartment as both new and modern, like Luis is, and antiquey, like his brain is. His place was really adorable and oh, so French. The ten foot windows were especially impressive. Fredrik joined them, and called it a Parisian penthouse dream. Ryan asked if Luis found what he’s looking for, saying it took cojones to pick up and leave NYC. Unfortunately, Luis isn’t happy. He wonders where he’s going, and said if there’s no goal or objective in your life, there’s no purpose. Ryan told him that’s something he had to find out for himself, and if he hadn’t done it, he would have regretted it, and Luis conceded that he did learn something. Ryan suggested he come back and sell real estate. There was a group bro hug, and Ryan compared them to The Golden Girls.

Fredrik reached his goal of nine sales, including the penthouse, and his 40th birthday celebration rounded out the trip. Dinner was in a room that looked out on the Eiffel Tower. Steve was unsure about coming, but showed, and Fredrik apologized for overreacting. Steve told him that the lunch didn’t feel right, and his friendship was more important, so he canceled it. Fredrik decided the baby news should be kept between him and Derek for now, and everyone ended up dancing on the rooftop. Where the sophisticated group ended the evening with a cake fight. Fin.

😵 Flipping Out will be returning next Thursday, August 17th, at 9 pm.

🐘 Dammit! I forgot to watch Zoo.

🗼 What I got when I googled a cake in Paris


August 3, 2017 – The Distillery Demolition Begins, New York in Paris & Flipping Out Soon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Doc talks to Laura about furniture for Spencer’s room, although it’s hard to compete with a castle. Laura can’t stop thinking about everything Spencer has been through. Doc says he’s safe and getting back to his everyday life, and the kidnapper is in the hospital. Laura says all he seems to care about is making Valentin look guilty, and is fixated on avenging his father’s death.

At Windemere, Valentin finds Spencer sitting at his desk.

Julian brings coffee for Ava. She asks him not to be that loud so early in the morning, and he tells her it’s ten a.m. He says that sleeping late, never leaving the house, and binge watching isn’t good. It seems like she’s given up. She says she’s lost everything, but he says maybe not. He has some news.

As Jason walks Sam around the hallway, they see gurnied Garvey being wheeled past. He and Sam eyeball each other. Jason asks what is it? Sam says she knows him.

Carly goes to Kelly’s for coffee. Bobbie asks if there’s any progress, but she says no. It’s like Sonny disappeared off the face of the earth.

Josslyn tells Nelle that she thinks the necklace that Oscar gave her is the most unusual necklace she’s ever seen. Nelle shows Michael, and he says it’s made from a bullet casing. He asks Josslyn where she got it.

Sonny managed to get himself out of the cask room, but lies unconscious on the ground outside the opening.

Valentin tells Spencer that he’s trespassing. He’s having a hard time grasping the simple concept that Windemere doesn’t belong to him. Spencer says he saw a documentary about the civil suit against OJ Simpson – before his time – on ESPN, and says he’s establishing residency. Valentin says the estate was left to him by his father, who didn’t mention Spencer in his will. Spencer says assault will play nicely in his civil suit, but Valentin has another action in mind.

Doc says that ultimately, Spencer told the truth, but Laura says she had to pressure him. She doesn’t blame him for being angry. Doc says it’s terrible that Valentin hasn’t paid a price for Nikolas’s death. Laura says that Spencer is starting to think like a Cassadine, and it scares her. Doc says Valentin isn’t stupid, and won’t do anything to Spencer. Laura’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, saying that he seems to have something that belongs to her

Ava asks Julian if he has a new face for her. He doesn’t, but he has a fat insurance check from the warehouse fire.  He tells her to get some new art, since the gallery itself didn’t burn. She says she could invest it and live off the interest; she’ll never have to leave the apartment again.

Sam wonders how she knows the guy on the gurney. Jason tells her that he’s an enemy of Sonny’s. Alexis comes in, and says thank God she’s awake. She asks if everything is okay, and Jason says that Sam just lost her balance a little. Alexis takes her back to her room.

An announcement is made at the distillery. Twenty minutes to demolition.

Laura and Doc pick up Spencer. Valentin suggests more supervision, saying that Spencer is quite the escape artist, and has been getting legal advice from ESPN. Doc takes Spencer to the car. Valentin tells Laura not to be surprised if Spencer disappears periodically, but don’t blame him. He says he looked the other way about Spencer lying, and didn’t press charges when Laura assaulted him, so he’d appreciate some reciprocation. She says the suit isn’t going away, so Spencer will have the satisfaction of Ava telling the world that Valentin murdered his father.

Julian says that Ava can’t put the people from the gallery out of work, but she says she did that weeks ago, giving them glowing recommendations. She’s not running a gallery looking like this. He compares her to Howard Hughes, and says it’s no way to live. She asks if he doesn’t have a daughter to look after. Julian says that his family might not want him around, but he’s not giving up on them, and he leaves.

Alexis thinks the walk might have been too much but tells Sam that she’s doing well. She says there’s nothing to worry about with Scout. She asks what’s upsetting Sam, and Sam says that she’s trying to piece everything together, but feels like she’s missing something. She says she saw Sonny in the ER, but Alexis says he isn’t there; it must be her brain tricking her. Sa says there’s something important she’s not remembering, but Alexis says whatever it is can wait. She goes to get the nurse. Sam hears a gunshot in her head.

The officer guarding Garvilicious gets a call that a suspicious character has been reported at the library, and he leaves his post. Jason goes into the room and closes the blind.

Carly can’t reach Michael. Bobbie tells her to ask Nelle, since they’ve been spending a lot of time together. She wonders why Carly isn’t going ballistic, and Carly says that Nelle joined them in prayer last night. Bobbie says even Nelle’s prayers are good. Carly says that Sonny is extremely ruthless, but very devout, and believes in redemption and prayer. She wants to believe he’ll hold on somehow. Bobbie says that hope can accomplish powerful things. Carly doesn’t believe that the Garvman killed Sonny. They’re connected, and she’d feel it if he was gone.

Michael asks Josslyn where she got the necklace, and she tells him that Oscar gave it to her. Michael asks if he has a gun. She says he found it, and made the necklace out of it. Michael doesn’t like that they were hanging out where there was gunfire. He wants to talk to Carly. Josslyn begs him not to, and he says he’ll settle for knowing where they found it. She says they went to the old Black Duck distillery, and Michael says they’re demolishing the site, except for the original building. He tells her that the area is unsafe. There are signs posted everywhere, and it’s extremely dangerous. She says they saw the signs, but ignored them. Michael wants to talk to the police. Josslyn says it could have been there a long time, but Nelle says the bullet was fired recently.

Sonny starts to stir. He sits up. He hears the alarm, and the announcement that it’s fifteen minutes to demolition. All personnel need to be accounted for. Sonny calls out that he’s injured, and yells for help.

Nelle says she’s no expert, but this is a new bullet. Josslyn says maybe Oscar polished it, but Michael agrees. Carly is at the door, and Josslyn freaks, pleading with Michael not to tell Carly that she was at the distillery. Carly asks what Josslyn is doing there, and Josslyn says checking on Michael. Carly tells them that the police have narrowed the search; they think the Big Garvhuna might have taken Sonny to a warehouse. Michael suggests the building that’s scheduled for demolition

In her head, Sam hears the conversation she had with Sonny before he was shot.

Julian sees Alexis, who tells him that Sam is getting better already with the treatment, and trying to piece everything together. He wants to see her, but Alexis says that part of the reason she’s there is because of him. She’ll have someone keep him posted.

Ava looks at her damaged face in the mirror. Now she looks like she has a peeling sunburn. There’s a knock at the door, and she tells them to go away. But they don’t. It’s Valentin.

Spencer understands that Laura is vexed, but he was doing what he had to. She tells him to never confront Valentin on his own again, and he was supposed to be at camp. They would have never known if something had happened to him. Spencer was making sure all their ducks were in line, so he could reclaim the Cassadine legacy. Laura says he’s the legacy, and his father always put his safety first. He would be upset to see Spencer being so reckless. Spencer says it’s not over, and goes into Kelly’s. Laura tells Doc that nothing is penetrating, and Doc says that Spencer is going through a phase, exacerbated by the loss of his father; he’ll come around. Laura says what if it’s too late?

Ava asks if Valentin came to gloat, but he says he knows what it’s like. He tells her that he heard she’s a witness in the civil case against him. She says he murdered Nikolas, but Valentin says they both know that’s not true. They don’t even know if he’s dead. Ava asks if he wants her to lie, and he says no; he wants her to tell the truth. She says she plans on it, and tells him to get out. He says as soon as he ties up a loose end.

Jason puts his hand over Garvo’s mouth, and says there’s no guard, just me and you, and no one is going to help. If he yells, Jason will break his neck. He asks if Sonny is dead, and Garvey says damn right. Jason asks where his body is, and Garvey says he shot him, but didn’t kill him.

Sam starts to get up. Julian walks in, and asks what she’s doing. She says she has to see Sonny. She remembers thinking that he was going to hurt her family, and needs to clear the air. Julian says that she needs to rest, and she asks for her phone. He tells her that she can’t call Sonny. Sam says that she remembers meeting Julian at the MetroCourt. She was worried about Jason, and she had to get rid of Sonny.

Michael tells Carly that they’re redeveloping the distillery area, and Sonny would have known it was private there. Carly wonders why he thinks they would have met there, and Nelle shows her the necklace. She says it was found there, and Carly wants to jet, but Michael says wait.

At the distillery, an announcement says, ten minutes. All areas should be cleared, and it’s the final call for clearing the site. I have to say it. That’s not how any of this works. Sonny struggles, and falls down.

Doc asks what Laura means, and she says it’s obvious they can’t control Spencer. He’s determined to make Valentin pay, and has no sense of his own mortality because he’s a kid. If she can’t get him to understand the danger, how can she keep him safe? Doc says there’s another option that she’s probably already thinking of. Laura says that she knows what has to be done.

Ava asks Valentin if he’s going to kill her too. She asks where he wants to do it. She doesn’t need to be alive to help the case. If the alternative is spending the rest of her life like this, she’d rather be dead. Sonny refused to put her out of her misery, but maybe Valentin can solve her problems. Valentin says that he just wants the record set straight. She asks why she should help him; Nikolas was a good guy. Valentin says none of their pasts are spotless, but their pasts don’t have to dictate their futures.

Julian tells Sam that he never told her to get rid of Sonny. He thinks maybe the conversation was a hallucination. Sam hopes so.

Carly finds Sonny. She asks if he can hear her. The alarms continue to go off.

Outside Kelly’s, Spencer asks if it’s safe to come out; he has cookies. He hugs Laura, and apologizes. He thought he was doing the right thing for the family. Laura says that’s her job. They’re going to have to seriously talk, because it has to stop. He asks if she means dropping the law suit, but she’s talking about his future in Port Charles.

Valentin tells Ava that he was hoping to come to an understanding. She says what’s to understand? She’s a shell of her former self. There were only two people who understood and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her that a life of hiding isn’t good. She says maybe she deserved it. She’s paying for what she did every day; why shouldn’t she see that he does too? He says because he’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Josslyn thanks Nelle for not ratting her out. Nelle says she gave Carly the information she needs to know, but Josslyn needs to tell her mom the truth when things have settled, so Michael doesn’t have to. Josslyn says that she will, and hugs Nelle. Michael hopes it’s not a dead end, but Nelle thinks it looks promising. He mentions that she knows her way around a firearm, and she says she grew up in the middle of nowhere; guns were a requirement. He says it’s their first real lead, and there’s so much he doesn’t know about her yet.

Carly realizes that Sonny has lost a lot of blood, and asks if he can hear her. He wakes up, but the demolition is starting in thirty seconds. The countdown starts. Sonny can’t move, and Carly won’t leave.

Jason asks the G-man who killed Sonny, and he says Jason will have to ask “her.” Jason is like, who’s her? but Garvey starts coughing. He flatlines, and Jason just looks at him. Um… you might want to get a doctor because you still need information.

Sam tells Julian that she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Julian says he’ll take care of everything. Alexis walks in with Deanna, and says she told him not to visit. She asks if he upset Sam, but Julian says she’s just overwhelmed. Sam says maybe it was a dream. Alexis asks what that’s about, and Julian says he’s doing what he can to protect her.

Sonny tells Carly to go; he’s useless. Carly says if he wants her to live, he’d better walk, and she drags him to his feet. We hear 3…2…

Tomorrow, Ava asks what Valentin can offer her, Laura makes a decision, and Dante tries to stop the demolition.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan tried to watch a sunset because his therapist told him to. When Amelia found him home early, she thought he might be losing his mind. She told him that he just needs to push the reset button, so he decided to take on the thing that made him fall in love with real estate in the first place, working one-on-one with a client that he’d normally give to his team. He seemed to have fun, telling us that the $10 million plus crowd is boring anyway. Fredrik is taking his gig to Paris, where he’s having an event dripping with billionaires and supermodels at the top of the Eiffel Tower to promote a New York building designed by Lenny Kravitz. He talked his boss into this by explaining that Lenny has designs going on over there. The boss agreed on the proviso he sell 25% of the building. That it happens to be his birthday during the time he’ll be there is just a coincidence. Steve’s client reneged on the deal that the not-actor Brad Cooper set up. He was offered full asking price, but hadn’t realized it would sell so quickly, and now wants to stay in the apartment. Steve went to his parent’s house for dinner, along with his dog Pablo, and gave us a tour of his Memory Lane. He also has a sister with learning disabilities, and said that one of the reasons he works so hard is to make sure she lives in the right atmosphere after his parents are gone. There’s another sister, but we didn’t really hear about her. They seem like a lovely family, and Steve said his parents are the epitome of a good marriage; they’ve been together forty years. I wonder why he’s still single, but it’s probably because he works 24/7. Derek called Fredrik in Paris, saying he has baby news, but Fredrik wants him to deliver it (no pun intended) in person. Way to get Derek there. Next time, it’s the season finale. Everyone gathers in Paris, including Luis.

🏠 Flipping Out premieres on Thursday, August 17th, at 9 p.m.


July 27, 2017 – Garvey on the Loose, Fredrik Gets Fired, Families Collide & a Thursday Throwback


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis walks Stella to her room. She’s being discharged. He tells her that everything is ready to roll, and she’s staying with him. He wants to spoil his favorite girl. She wonders if it will cramp his style with his other favorite girl, but he says that he and Jordan have gone they separate ways.

Dante tells Jordan there’s no news on the kidnapper. She says they’ll get him. She’s put in a call for a bureau assist. Her phone rings; it’s news concerning Dante’s father.

Sonny struggles to get up again. He wants to rest for just a moment.

Carly gets the news about Spencer, and says Sonny will be happy. Michael shows up, and asks if everything is okay with Sonny.

Sam convulses. Finn tells them to get Sam’s blood test to the lab. If it’s what he thinks it is, it’s serious. He and Griff run into Sam’s room. Griff asks for blah-blah-blah stat. Jason wants to know what’s going on. Alarms continue to go off.

Still trying to educate herself about pregnancy, Hayden tells Elizabeth that this is ridiculous. She’ll either have glowing hair or it will be falling out; she’ll either have glowing skin or acne that rivals a teenager. Hayden says she owes Elizabeth one, and Elizabeth says she intends to collect. Hayden is at the top of her babysitting list.

Stella wants to know what happened. Curtis says things change. She can’t say she’s not thrilled, but she doesn’t want him to resent her. He says he’ll be fine. She says now Jordan won’t trash his life like she did Tommy’s. Curtis tells her that just because they didn’t make it as a couple, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care; it just wasn’t enough. Stella hopes the right woman comes into his life. Hayden walks in, and she and Curtis hug.

Jordan tells Dante that the US Marshal’s office wanted to warn them about Wavy Garvey. She says he was on parole when he went after Sonny. Instead of going back to prison, he went missing, and the marshals who were transporting him are off the grid. An abandoned stolen car was found in Delaware, and they think he’s headed north. Dante is concerned he’s headed to Port Charles to finish the job.

Carly says that Sonny’s phone keeps going to voicemail. Michael says that explains why he never showed up for a meeting they had about a development deal. Michael says maybe his phone battery died or he’s just unreachable. Carly says, maybe, but I don’t think she’s believing that.

Maybe he’s at the bottom of a distillery. Sonny calls out, asking if someone is there. No way. It’s the Garvster. No freaking way. Who is he? Yul Brynner in the original Westworld?

Carly wonders what’s up. Michael talks about a power vacuum with Sonny leaving the business, but she tells him Max is stepping in temporarily. She says Sonny is severing his ties so his kids won’t get caught in the crossfire like Morgan. He wants to make sure the cycle of violence doesn’t touch his family again, so it’s important who he chooses.

Gravelicious asks how Sonny ended up not dead. Because he’s also an English major. He asks if that crazy broad did this. Now he has Sonny where he wants him. Sonny tells him to take his best shot, but oh that’s right, his gun is lost. Sonny suggests they make a deal, and they can both get out.

Jordan tells Dante that they don’t know for sure if Gravitating Garvey is headed for Port Charles. Dante questions why he’d go north, but Jordon says he could be headed for the Canadian border. She tells him that Sonny still needs to be notified. After Dante leaves, Jordan sees keys on her desk. She picks them up and exits the station.

Curtis introduces Aunt Stella to Hayden, who says it’s an honor. Stella says they must have a history, but Hayden says not that way; they’re partners in crime and he’s going to be an uncle, so to speak. Elizabeth comes in, and asks Stella to meet with the doctor one more time before her discharge, and wheels her out. Curtis asks Hayden why she changed her mind about making the pregnancy public knowledge. She says that she and Finn just bought a house together, and Curtis asks if tying the knot is next.

Jason keeps asking what’s going on. Finn says he has a theory, and they step into the hallway. Jason apologizes for being aggressive. Finn says there are test results that he needs to confirm, since he thinks he knows her symptoms. Magically, Nurse Deanna appears with the results. Griff comes back out, and Finn says it’s as he suspected – toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection of brain. Jason says it can be treated, right? When they say nothing, he asks how much trouble Sam is in.

Dante finds Carly at Sonny’s. She tells him they haven’t seen Sonny all day. Dante says he came to warn him about the Garvinator’s escape off the grid, and that maybe he’s headed to Port Charles.

Sonny says, think about it, Burley. I swear that’s what he said, because either no one can remember this guy’s name, or they all pronounce it with radical differences. Sonny tells him that he has no friends and no connections. His only option is to help Sonny, and he’ll help him back; they’ll both go free. Garvey says that he’s not stupid (which is up for debate); they want each other dead. Sonny promises no repercussions, and says Garvey needs him. Garvey tells him go to hell, and ambles off.

Jordan walks into Stella’s room, saying she didn’t mean to intrude. Elizabeth says Stella is done, and she’ll get the discharge ready. Jordan tells Stella that she just wanted to bring something. She has Curtis’s keys, and figured that she should return them. Stella says she’ll make sure he gets them, but is kind of nasty about it. Jordan says she’s trying to remain civil for TJ’s sake. Stella tells her that whatever Curtis did, he did for family, but he didn’t need to break her heart. Jordan says he didn’t do anything; it was a mutual decision.

Hayden calls Curtis presumptuous. He says marriage isn’t that far of a stretch. She says it’s not a foregone conclusion, and it doesn’t make them not serious. Curtis tells her that she doesn’t have to convince him how wonderful everything is, but she needs to better convince herself.

Finn tells Jason that it’s treatable, but they don’t know how she got infected. It’s usually picked up from pets. Jason says the only pet she’s been around is the Quartermaine’s dog, but Griff says that’s not a likely source. (Hmm… is this the thing pregnant women can get from cat litter?) Jason asks what else is going on, and Finn says it can be transferred during a pregnancy. Scout might also be infected too, depending on how long it’s been going on.

Stella isn’t buying that Jordan and Curtis’s break-up was mutual, and Jordan says that things change. Stella tells her that’s what Curtis said. She tells Jordan that she gets no pleasure out of ultimatums; she was against it because Jordan hurt her family over and over. If Jordan accepts that Curtis is better off without her, maybe something good came out of her health crisis. Jordan says she didn’t need to be reminded of the past, and she’s stepping out of her own accord and spirit. She’s not going to stand in between Stella and TJ either. Stella appreciates Jordan coming around to her way of thinking, and says that sometimes it’s best to do things for the family. Jordan tells her that it must be nice being right all the time.

Hayden tells Curtis she’s been swept off her feet, and it ended in disaster. He asks if she means Nicholas. She says, that one too, but she was married before.

Jason says, so the worst case is that they’ll have to give Scout the same medication given to Sam, but Griff says it’s different when transferred in utero. The symptoms can be chronic if not treated in time. There can be seizures, blindness, and other horrendous stuff. Griff wants to see Scout right away, and Jason says he’ll bring her in. Finn says he should call someone for him too. He knows how difficult this is.

Carly tells Michael that Sonny’s voicemail is full, meaning he hasn’t been checking it, and that’s not a good sign. She hasn’t heard back from Jason either, and wonders if he’s another target. Dante tells her not to jump to conclusions. They don’t even know if Garvo is in Port Charles.

Jason is about to call Carly, when she calls him again. She says thank God he answered, and tells him about Garvey escaping and possibly heading to Port Charles. He appreciates the heads up, but he’s at the hospital. Sam is very sick, and Scout might be also.

Sonny tells the Garvman not to be stupid. He’s bleeding out, and how long will he last? Garvey says no deal. He only wants one thing – for Sonny to suffer, even if it kills him. He doesn’t want to die, but wants Sonny dead more. He pulls some wooden pallets toward the opening. Sonny says that he’s making mistake. Garvey tosses a handful of dirt down, like that might do something. Sonny says he’s not done, and Garvey is going to pay. Garvey puts the pallets over the opening, and says good luck with that. Hey, he’s stealing one of my catch phrases. Garvey has no boundaries.

Hayden explains to Curtis how Finn hated her when they first met because his patients and wife had lost investments with her father. Curtis says they had lives before, now they have a life together. She says Finn’s wife died trying to heal people. Even if they get married, he’ll naturally draw comparisons and she can’t meet that gold standard. Curtis tells her that the baby is the ultimate gold standard, and she is to him. He’s in no position to pass judgement, having his own baggage. She says that he and Jordan sorted things out, but he says they decided to call it quits. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and needs to check on Stella. He tells Hayden, keep swingin’, slugger, and tells her to talk to Finn.

Stella is ready to go. She says Elizabeth and Felix have been angels, but she’s glad to be leaving. She tells Curtis to take her overnight bag. He sees his keys on a tray (so much for Stella making sure he got them), and picks them up. Stella asks what the hold up is, and he says, nothing. They get in the elevator.

Carly asks Jason what happened. He tells her that Sam has an infection. She’s stable, but the doctors think it could have been passed along to Scout, and it’s serious. Carly says that she’s on her way. She needs to take her mind off things anyway. She’ll explain later.

Sam is sleeping. Jason says for two people who don’t like hospitals, they find themselves there often. He doesn’t know why this is happening, and he’s sorry. He should have paid more attention, and realized it was more serious than a vitamin deficiency, but he couldn’t handle losing her or the kids losing their mom. He promises not to make that mistake again. He tells her that the doctors are the best and will get her through this, but she’ll have to help and fight again. He’ll be fighting with her; they’re in this together. She wakes up.

Michael doesn’t think Carly leaving is a good idea. She says Jason needs her, and she’ll talk to him about Sonny when she gets there. Dante offers to send a patrol car to watch the house. Carly says that Jason has had their backs, and it’s the least they can do. She tells Dante to send them to GH.

In the basement parking lot, Elizabeth hears someone coughing. It’s The Gunslinger the man who won’t die, Garvey. He grabs her, and says don’t move.

Jordan looks at pictures of her and Curtis on her phone.

Finn sees Hayden. He says he’s working on a serious case downstairs, and hugs her. He’s glad that she and the baby are okay. She asks him to call later. There’s something they should talk about.

Gutless Garvey tells Elizabeth that if she screams or makes a move, he’ll kill her. He says that he needs drugs and medical help, or her kids will be orphans.

Sam sees Sonny in her head, and tells Jason that he can’t hurt them anymore.

Sonny yells for help. He calls Garvey a bastard, and I second that. He thinks he buried Sonny alive, but Sonny’s not done. He’s going home to his family.

Michael wanders around. He hears Carly’s words about Sonny severing his ties for the kids. Dante tells him that he called in some favors, and everyone is keeping an eye out for Garvey the Three-Headed Dragon. Michael says that he’s staying there tonight, and so much for a new life. Dante says tell him about it. Garvey is one of many, and there could be others. Their dad made a lot of enemies.

Elizabeth says she’ll treat the Garvmeister herself. He says that they’re going inside, getting supplies, and going someplace private to treat him. Carly starts to walk past. She stops and sees them.

Tomorrow, Alexis wants to see her daughter, Scotty thinks Julian might win, and Josslyn and Oscar take a walk past Sonny.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Fredrik got fired, and I don’t blame the client. Like every other property on this show, it was a fabulous apartment – eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms. The client wanted $12.6 million, and Fredrik agreed, even though he thought around $10 million was more like it. After a couple of months, he came to her with an offer of $10 million, but the buyer also wanted to close in six months. (A month is the usual average.) I think the client would have said no if Fredrik had suggested pricing it at ten million to begin with, but the problem is that he didn’t. If he had, it would have been more like an I told you so. And no surprise, she balked at taking it off the market for six months while the buyer tried to sell their apartment. I understand this personally because when we bought our house, we had to sell our apartment – and the market stunk at the time. The previous owner insisted on keeping the house on the market until that happened, and I couldn’t blame them. BTW, Fredrick blamed no one but himself either, which was very grown-up. Steve was boring except for the moment he was working with someone named Brad Cooper, and I thought it was Brad Cooper. Nope. Ryan was in a slump, and his therapist suggested that he take a break from working. Going up and up isn’t feeling the same. Rich people’s problems. Next time, Fredrik goes to Paris, Ryan delegates, and there’s baby news.

💍 I’m still obsessed with 90 Day Fiancé. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of. Especially Chantal and Pedro, with Danielle and Mohamed running a close second. It’s like no matter what Mohamed does or how many times she’s told he’s an a-hole, all Danielle has to hear is, “Let’s be friends,” and she takes the annulment off the table. Even Mohamed’s own lawyer thinks he’s an arrogant fool. Apparently, the marriage was consummated, but they only did the deed once. If that doesn’t tell her something, nothing will. While I’m starting to think she deserves the treatment she’s getting, just for being an idiot, I’d like nothing better than to see him get a one-way ticket back home.

With Pedro, it’s a similar story. I have no doubt he’s attracted to Chantal, and possibly loves her in his own way, but his main goal is to send money back to his mother and sister in the Dominican Republic. In the last episode, her family joined her in a trip back to Pedro’s homeland, where they intended to have another wedding that everyone could attend. His mother and sister are just about the creepiest, greediest people on earth. When the not-so-happy couple arrived with her family, they were totally ignored, except for Pedro. His mother had already called them “stupid Americans” for insisting on a prenup. Not that it stopped them from raking in the cash. Mostly Chantal’s hard-earned cash. After Pedro was bombarded with hugs and kisses, he was barraged with questions about the humongous flat screen TV he was supposed to bring. His mother and sister couldn’t seem to grasp that it was so big, he couldn’t bring it on the plane. They had to be told a billion times that it would be FedExed at a later date before they were satisfied. If they acted grateful, it would be a different story, but it’s quite the opposite.

Chantal was shocked to see the apartment she’s paying for. Mom and sis had moved up from the first one, since only a large three-bedroom is big enough for two people, whose electronics are also all bought and paid for by Pedro Chantal. The one good thing in this whole mess was that when Chantal got a personal eyeful, she woke up to the fact that she isn’t living nearly as large, and has a bed next to the kitchen. I didn’t need subtitles to tell me that neither one of these ingrates gave a flying about anyone but themselves. On top of it, they kept insisting that this was all about their “culture,” because Dominican sons bust their ass to keep their families living high on the hog, even if their wife has to sleep next to the sink. I’m hoping Chantal gets a clue before she has children with this man. Pedro getting a clue might be a good idea too, since I don’t think he’s all bad. I have to say that these people are not representative of their culture. I dated a man from the DR, and his family were lovely people. I never got the sense that my boyfriend was pressured to give them anything. They welcomed me into their lives and fed me well. Unlike Pedro’s poor excuse for a mother, who tried to palm chicken feet and necks off on Chantal’s family, acting like this was a DR thing and they ate them all the time. Except they didn’t. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some weird cultural delicacies. I grew up eating what I call Depression food. My father was quite the wiz at cooking odds and ends that I didn’t know any better than to like (okay, they tasted pretty good), but it was obvious that they were playing a mean trick on these people. I don’t think Pedro ever ate this stuff in his life. He gave one chicken foot a nibble, but other than that, nobody went near them. Chantal’s family was polite, but declined. When Chantal’s mother decided to call Pedro’s mother out on her stupid Americans comment (in a much nicer way than I’d have done), mama feigned innocence, and said she was offended about the prenup because they didn’t know her baby boy. Well, that’s exactly what makes them not stupid.

The day was topped off by what was supposed to be dinner at Pedro’s grandmother’s house. While I actually thought it was kind of cute – like a beach house, white, with brightly-colored trim – Chantal’s mother wasn’t cool with how much better the two cretins were living. She came to the conclusion that Chantal – and Pedro – were being used. Really? What gave you that idea? They refused to attend dinner, and Chantal also decided she’d had enough when Pedro talked about the “culture” and a lifelong indentured servitude to his mother. Left alone, Pedro joined his mother and sister, talking smack about Chantal and her family. The best part was when Pedro told them how much Chantal’s ring had cost – somewhere around $5K – and the three of them got indignant. While I personally think that’s too much for a ring unless you have the money, Chantal had used her own credit to buy it. Oops! He left that part out. I want to smack his stupid face every time he calls Chantal “baby.” I’m betting it’s because he can’t remember her name.

Throwing Back Thursday


My dogs (minus the one who took the photo) from (I think) 2008.

June 29, 2017 – Nina Discovers Man Landers, Too Many Mileys & a Few Other Things


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan is nervous about the photographer, who hasn’t shown up. Amy says he has to get a special lens so he can photograph Nathan in the shadows. Nathan insists on approving the proofs. Nina and Quinn are at the door. When Amy opens it, she and Nina ask what the other is doing there.

Dante asks Ava about confessing to Sonny and Carly. She says she doesn’t remember what she said, and she’s not saying anything else. Dante has something he wants to say to her.

Laura tells Doc that she thinks Spencer understands, but kept pressing Alexis to find a loophole. Chandler calls, and Laura has him repeat where Spencer asked to be driven.

Spencer tells Sonny that he has a business matter to discuss. He wants Sonny to eliminate Valentin Cassadine. Sonny asks if he knows what he’s asking. He does, giving several different terms for rubbing someone out.

Carly tells Bobbie that she and Sonny are getting back together. Eavesdropping Overhearing, Josslyn pops out, and asks how Carly can ever go back to Sonny.

Quinn is surprised that Nina and Amy know one another. Amy steps into the hallway, and in as loud a voice as possible, says that she can’t believe NINA REEVES IS HERE. Quinn wonders why she’s shouting, and Amy says she’s a big fan of the magazine. Quinn says that Nina is there for the photo shoot, and wants to do a piece on the book for Crimson. Quinn gets a call, and says the creative genius photographer needs handling. After she leaves, Nina asks what’s going on. Amy says that she’s just doing a side job, but Nina wonders why she’s panicking. She wants to go inside the room, but Amy stops her.

Dante tells Ava that he knows it went too far, and she didn’t want to hurt Morgan. She repeats that she’s not saying any more. He tells her that he’s not trying to get a statement, but he wants to talk about his brother. He wonders how she sleeps at night, and what about the people Morgan loved who could get closure? Morgan would want her to own up to what she did, so he could get some peace, and Dante thinks that deep down, it’s what she wants too.

Laura tells Doc that Spencer hasn’t given up; he has a new approach. He went to see Sonny, and she gives him three guesses as to what that’s about. They leave for Pozzulo’s.

Sonny asks if Spencer wants him to whack someone, and Spencer says, not someone, Valentin Cassadine. Spencer tells Sonny to take him out. Sonny says that there are different ways to deal with things, and Spencer says he’s exhausted all of them. Valentin has the estate and his birthright; it cant stand. He says it’s the only solution. Valentin took his father, and that can’t be undone, but he also took his home, and Spencer wants justice, peace, and for this to end. Sonny tells him that if he grants what Spencer is asking, he’s not going to have peace, but the opposite.

Josslyn tells Carly that because of Sonny, her real father can’t come back to the US. She begs Carly to say she heard wrong, but Carly says she and Sonny are back together. Josslyn says at the rate they break up, it should be over by the weekend. Carly tells her that she doesn’t get to disrespect her mother. Bobbie tells Josslyn that her mother loves her, and one day when she looks back, she’ll realize that she didn’t know as much as she thought she did. Carly knows it’s a shock, but Josslyn says it’s not. She knew it the second they went to Puerto Rico. Carly tells her that she’s sorry, and Josslyn says if she was really sorry, she wouldn’t be back with Sonny.

Amy tells Nina that she’s Man Landers’s manager. Nina says that she and Quinn do favors for each other all the time, and she’d like to include Man Landers in Crimson. She says she’ll ask him herself, but when she finally gets into the room, it’s empty.

Ava tells Dante that she wants Morgan to be at peace; he was a beautiful troubled soul, but the turmoil is over for him, and he is at peace. Dante says that’s a convenient belief. Ava says she never thought much about faith, but recently talked to Griff, and thought about the future, and penance, and making things right. She realized that she’s living in purgatory now, and it’s never ending. Dante asks if she sees it as penance, but she sees it as fate, and isn’t going to let anyone punish her more than she’s been punished already.  Dante suggests she’s leaving him hanging, and she tells him that when the air touches her skin, it’s excruciating, and when he knows how that feels, then he can talk about being left hanging. He says if she was truly remorseful, she’d own up and pay her debt, but she’s a coward.

Scotty walks into Ava’s room and asks if he’s interrupting. Dante says they’re done.

Sonny tells Spencer that when he was younger, he did some things that weren’t right, and continued doing them over the years. Spencer says, and now look at him. Sonny realizes he missed the point, and says that every time you do something, it costs you. There’s no turning back; that’s who you are forever. He’s had to live like that, and doesn’t want Spencer in the same position. Spencer says Valentin took something he loved, and he wants to take something that’s his. Sonny says if he helps him, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself, and doesn’t think Spencer would either.

Josslyn tells Carly that clearly, what she wants and how she feels doesn’t matter. Carly asks if what she wants is throwing a party and drinking with boy. Josslyn points out that it was one, respectful boy, but Carly runs off with Sonny, and then has the nerve to punish her. She’s a hypocrite. Carly says she doesn’t get to talk like that. Josslyn says that before she left, Carly told her over and over that she wasn’t going back to Sonny, but Josslyn knew she would. She can’t stop, no matter how she gets hurt. Carly says it’s complicated, and Josslyn calls that shorthand for knowing about Sonny’s criminal behavior, but marrying him anyway. She wants to know why.

Nina tells Amy that there’s no one there, and Amy says that’s because there’s nothing to see. Nina asks why try so hard to keep her out? Amy says she’ll call her people, and suddenly, Nina says, omg, seeing Nathan’s shoes underneath a folding screen. She looks behind it, and he tries dancing around a little, but she finds him.

Ava tells Scotty that he didn’t need to come back. He says that he wanted to see how she was, and she says in constant pain and permanently disfigured; how is he? Scotty says he’s sorry, and asks what Dante wanted. She says, what do you think? and Scotty asks if she sold him down the river. Ava says after all they’ve been through, did he think she’d give him up? He says, of course not… did you?

Spencer is disappointed, and would be eternally grateful if Sonny helped him. Sonny tells him that his father loved him, and wanted him to be a good man. Spencer misses him and wants him back. Sonny asks if he remembers what it felt like when he first found out that his father was gone, and Spencer says like a hole in his chest bigger than everything. Sonny says he felt like that with Morgan. He tells Spencer that revenge isn’t going to fill it, and it won’t bring Spencer’s dad back, or bring his son back. Spencer hugs Sonny, and cries.

Carly tells Josslyn that she loves Sonny, and they share a life and a family. Because of all the mistakes they’ve made, they’re better together than apart. Josslyn questions it being better with the man who had her father sent out of the country.  She can’t forgive him, and Carly says she assumes that Sonny can’t admit he’s wrong. Josslyn says she used to love him; now she’ll hate him until she dies. Carly can go back to him, but without her.

Nina asks Nathan what he’s doing there. Amy acts surprised to see him, and Nina says that’s why they were acting weird – he’s Man Landers. Nathan admits it, and Nina says fine, but since when does he give relationship advice? He says he’s just the face of the brand. She asks how he got involved, and does Maxie know? Nina wonders how he got roped into it, and he says he’s doing Amy a favor, but the reason is Amy’s secret.

Outside of Ava’s room, Bobbie asks if Dante is waiting to interview her. He says he’s done. She sees Scotty with Ava, and says he’s up to his neck in this. Dante tells her that he helped Ava cover it up. Bobbie says she’d talk to him, but what’s the point? She already knows the excuses he’ll come up with, like turning her in won’t bring Morgan back. She thinks Ava should be brought to justice.

Scotty thought Ava might have an attack of conscience, but Ava says she would never incriminate him; they’ve been through a lot together. He says he’s always there for her, and she asks him to stop with the lies for once.

Sonny and Spencer sit at a table, while Spencer eats something that has meringue on top. Spencer says the dessert is excellent, and Sonny tells him to enjoy it while he can. Spencer frets that his desserts will be cut off when Laura finds out, but Sonny says he’s selling the restaurant. Spencer says Pozzulo’s without Sonny is like Windemere without him, and Sonny says sometimes you have to let something go to move on.

Laura and Doc enter the restaurant, and Laura tells Spencer she had a conversation with Chandler about his indiscretion. Spencer says he’ll have Chandler fired, and Laura reminds him that Chandler works for her. She says if he keeps it up, she’ll have no choice to send him back to boarding school, and she’s found a great one in Montana. If he wants to stay in Port Charles, he needs to improve his behavior immediately. She wants him to apologize for putting his Uncle Sonny in an awkward position. Spencer says he’s sorry, and Sonny accepts. He tells Spencer he can be there any time he likes, but if Sonny hears about any trouble, it won’t make him happy. Laura leaves with Spencer, and Sonny asks to speak to Doc for a second. He tells Doc that he thinks Laura should keep an eye on Spencer, and adds that it’s great that Laura has him to help. Doc says it’s his pleasure.

Carly asks Josslyn what she means, and Josslyn says her being with Sonny is wrong, and hurts her. She can’t accept him as part of her family, and since she refuses to spend another second under the same roof, she’s going to live with her father in Australia. Carly says she told her that she could go for the summer, but Josslyn says no, she wants to live there permanently. She wants to be away from Carly’s dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Carly says she’ll think about it, and talk to Jax, but right now, she’s taking Josslyn to Lila’s Kids; she has to keep her commitment. Josslyn says it’s unfair that she has to do what Carly tells her to, while Carly gets to do what she wants. Yeah, but that’s usually how it works with moms and their kids.

Amy has explained the situation with her brother to Nina, and Nina says they’re both incredible. Amy says Nathan is; she just stole his picture. Nina says that Amy is helping her brother, and he served our country, so he shouldn’t need for medical care. (Hear, hear!) She tells Amy to keep the story as an exclusive for Crimson. That’s the only way to keep it a secret. Nina says it’s the least she can do for Amy’s brother, and her own.

Dante tells Bobbie that Ava should be tried and convicted – he owes it to Morgan. Bobbie says that Morgan would want him to enjoy his life. Ava is suffering, but he shouldn’t have to. Can’t he let it go, and live his life and be happy? This, coming from the woman who can’t forgive Nelle. Dante says, maybe, but they both know someone who won’t be satisfied – his father.

Ava says she releases Scotty. She knows what she looks like. He says, so what? It’s horrible, but it doesn’t have to affect what they are to each other. She says they flirted, fought, and teased, and have been enemies and allies for a long time. He doesn’t want to be seen with someone like her, and she doesn’t want it either. She says it was odd, interesting, and lovely, but it’s time for it to end.

Laura, Doc, and Spencer go to Kelly’s. Doc says it sounds like Uncle Sonny helped Spencer understand, and Spencer says right now, he just wants to chill at Doc’s  place. Laura says he signed up for Lila’s Kids, and he’s going to help them clean the patio. He sighs over more chores.

Carly goes to Pozzulo’s, and tells Sonny about the party. She says that Josslyn is acting out because she’s afraid of them getting back together. He says they are, and Carly says Josslyn had a meltdown when she heard. Sonny had Jax deported, and Josslyn hates him, and hates Carly for being with him. She says all the good will they’d built up is gone, maybe for good. He did it to get back at Jax, but betrayed Josslyn. The only person she feels more betrayed by is Carly.

Quinn arrives back at the photo shoot, and says the photographer will be there momentarily. She says she sees that Nina has met Man Landers, and Nina says he agreed to the Crimson exclusive. Quinn says that’s good news, and tells Amy, good work. She thinks it’s a match made in heaven. Nina says they’re all in it together.

Dante tells Bobbie that Ava is going to suffer for the rest of her life. Sonny will react the way he’s going to react, and deal with what he has to. Dante’s way of saying, it is what it is.

Scotty asks Ava if she wants him gone. She tells him just go. He leaves. They’re whole exchange was depressing.

Laura asks Spencer to get some ice tea to go. When he’s out of earshot, she asks Doc if she’s being too hard, but he thinks she’s setting reasonable limits. She wonders if it will work, since Spencer has already contacted a lawyer, and tried to arrange a hit. She says she wouldn’t blame Doc if he bowed out, but he says he’s not going anywhere.

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn wants to live with Jax, and Sonny asks if Jax would agree to that. Carly says she knows Jax isn’t his favorite person, but he’s a good father, and wouldn’t allow Josslyn to use him as leverage against Carly. Josslyn is trying to force her into a choice that she doesn’t want to make, but she’s going to figure out a way to have them both. She can’t imagine life without him. They kiss.

Tomorrow, Dillon asks Ned if he’s got cold feet, Obrecht confronts Curtis, and Andre asks Anna if she wants to do this.

🏠 Cyrus vs Cyrus gets more frightening with every episode. Now there aren’t just two women with Miley’s face on them, another two have been added – her mother and grandmother. Although technically, it’s really the grandmother’s face that’s on all of them. Who knows? Maybe we could go back to some cavewoman with Miley’s face. Like this wasn’t bad enough, tonight, Miley added her own face to the group. The episode featured an old smokehouse that was turned into a haven for her when she visits. I do have to add, that as someone who loves older architecture, I appreciated that they decided to keep the original structure. It was especially impressive when they chose to move it when it was found to be too close to the property line for it to be a guest house. Don’t ask me. We all thought that sucked. They did act stupid about the cost (which was $65K, as opposed to $80K for a new structure), when they have a skabillion dollars. Billy Ray forked over his Amex card, and the final cost was somewhere around $163K. BTW, they all sound the same too. I can’t wait for Sweet Home Oklahoma to start again.

🗽 Even though Million Dollar Listing New York is on my must watch list, the listings are the real stars. While I enjoy watching the antics of the guys who love to hate each other, my focus is on those properties that I will never, ever be able to afford. Nor will anyone I know, even if you combine all of our incomes. Tonight, my preferred pied-à-terre was a mere $25 million, and the word of the night was aggressive.

💀 While cruising the digital TV guide, I happened upon an enjoyable ID channel show called Web of Lies. There’s nothing better than a reenactment, except a reenactment about the dangers of the internet. Stay safe out there.

Something to Ponder…

I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done. – Lucille Ball

Because I Couldn’t Decide…


Sydney, Australia Opera House


Not very well done, but it made me laugh.