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July 1, 2018 – A Raging Raccoon Finds Peter, Million Dollar Listing’s Bad Day, the TV/TV Nots & an Idol Memory


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the shower, the stragglers are talking about what they’re grateful for. Obrecht says she’ll post it on social media for all to know and appreciate. Maxie is grateful for bringing James home. On the side, Obrecht tells Nina that she wishes James was coming home with his father as well. Nina suggests he’ll be visiting them in Pentonville, if anyone finds Peter. Obrecht insists no one will find their guest.

Peter yells for help. Someone lifts up the mat outside, gets the key from under the mat, and opens the door. It’s a boy who’s some kind of Scout. Peter says, thank God, and says the boy has to help him.

Nelle tells Michael it happened fast. It sure did, since they already have a license. He thinks they skipped a step, and shows her a ring. He wants to make it officially official, but she says she can’t accept it.

At Pozzulo’s Sonny tells Jason he got a text from Spinelli, saying, the invisible is visible. He asks if that’s some kind of code. Jason tells him Sam borrowed the flyer from evidence. Nelle wrote the message in disappearing ink, and Spinelli restored it.

Carly does crunches, and hears more knocking. It’s not SOS though.

Maxie asks Sam what the plan is to track down Peter. Sam says there isn’t one, but Maxie tells Sam that she already talked to Jordan. She knows Jordan hired a PI firm, and who is better than they are? She asks if there are any leads, and Sam asks, why? She thought Maxie was hoping he vanished. Does she really want him found?

Curtis walks in, and approaches Nina. He says she’s not returning his calls, but she says she’s been working hard. He asks for a private word, and Obrecht comments that she can smell the cigars he’s been sneaking. She says she’ll arrange the onsies in ascending order, according to their aesthetic value. She steps away, and Curtis asks Nina what she said about his ankles. He tells Nina that, thanks to her, they were able to search Windemere, and Valentin is in the clear. She says that’s one thing he didn’t lie about. Curtis is curious as to why she didn’t ask, if Valentin doesn’t have him, who does?

Peter tells the boy that he knows it must look strange; it’s strange for him too. He introduces himself, and finds out the boy is a Port Charles Pioneer Scout. They’re troop calls themselves the Raging Raccoons. He was there practicing his bugle, and heard shouting. He found the key and unlocked the door, but he’s going now. Peter begs him not to go, and asks if he’d like to earn another badge.

At the PCPD, Chase tells Jordan that he wants to brief her about a potential conflict of interest. He says she’d asked why his career took an early nosedive. It was because he became romantically involved with a suspect, and it compromised the investigation. She appreciates his honesty, but he says she might change her mind when she finds out the suspect was Nelle.

Michael asks if Nelle changed her mind about marrying him, and she says can’t help but think about Zack. He says, that’s what every fiancé wants to hear, and she tells him that when Zack gave a ring, fate realized she was happy, and couldn’t have that. The next thing she knew, he was gone. Michael asks if she thinks fate will strike him down. She says she’s never been allowed to be happy. Michael says, it was an accident, not because fate had it out for her. He doesn’t want to hide what they have from fate or his family. He wants to show they belong together, and once the ring is on, they don’t have to worry. She tells him, it’s big, and he says it can be fixed. She says he always looks for the good, but his mom is going to be dead set against it.

Sonny asks Jason if it’s enough to take to court, so they can pin it on Nelle. Jason says, not yet, but at least there will be an official record. Diane can subpoena the evidence, and use it to validate Carly’s statement. Sonny says, Nelle messed up. If she left this behind, so there must be something else. Sonny says, they’ll be ready.

Carly looks up the code, and says, held against my will. She asks, aren’t they all?

Maxie tells Sam that she knows Peter had a rotten childhood, and growing up with Faison couldn’t have been easy, but Oliver Twist was never an accessory to murder. At least she doesn’t think so; she almost fell asleep during the movie. He still has to pay for his part in Nathan’s death. Bobbie interrupts, saying something is going on at the Quartermaine’s, and Michael asked them to be there. She and Lulu leave. Sam asks if Maxie needs a ride home, and Maxie says she’s not letting her off that easy. Tell her what the plan is. They sit down, and Sam says they’ve ruled out Peter having help, at least not from a friend. Maxie asks if they’re thinking it’s an enemy.

Nina tells Curtis If Valentin doesn’t have Peter, maybe he reinvented himself and fled to another country with a new identity. Curtis says they have another theory, but it’s a work in progress. When it’s solid, he’ll let her know. He leaves, and Nina tells Obrecht, they have a theory. Obrecht says, so did Aristotle, until Newton came along. From the moment she took Peter, she’s crossed every T and accented every O. Nina jets, and she follows.

Peter asks the Scout if a raccoon is a badger, but he says it’s a wolverine. Peter says that’s even cooler. He asks if there aren’t badges for community service, and courage; and isn’t the highest level life-saving, like if he rescues someone drowning? Peter says he can earn all three at once, if he gets him out. The Scout asks if the head Pioneer put Peter up to this, but Peter says, no. It was a crazy lady, like the wicked witch. The Scout says if Peter doesn’t know the head Pioneer, he knows nothing about badges. Peter suggests the Scout say he’s sick, but the Scout says he’s not supposed to lie. Peter shows the Scout his hand, saying it’s infected, and asks him to bring the head Pioneer there, and hurry. The Scout says he would, but the barbecue is starting. Maybe he’ll bring Peter something after. He leaves, and Peter sees that he left his bugle. Geez, no badges for that kid. He should have them taken away.

There’s more knocking, and Carly gets out the phone. She looks up how to signal, stop, I can’t help you.

Michael thanks everyone for coming. Ned tells him that Monica is in surgery, and Drew is in New York on business. Sonny and Jason come in, and Michael wants to let them know he and Nelle are getting married. They probably think it’s sudden, but the baby is going to be a Corinthos-Quartermaine, and they want it to be part of a loving family. He asks them to welcome the future Mrs. Michael Corinthos.

Curtis site with Maxie and Sam. Sam tells him that Maxie already figured out they’re working for Jordan. Maxie says if they think Peter’s enemies are involved, start with her. Sam thinks they definitely should.

Coming into the cabin, Nina tells Obrecht she knew they shouldn’t have left him. Obrecht says she secured more antibiotics, but she was pressed for time, so couldn’t get much. She asks if Nina took out his gag, but Nina says, no. Obrecht tells him to wake up, and he asks about the shower. Nina says it’s none of his business. Obrecht gives him the antibiotic shot, and says she brought cake and another treat. She wants to know what they missed while they were gone. Peter looks at the bugle.

Carly knocks back, stop, can’t help you. She hopes it did the trick. The door opens, and it’s Doc. It’s not time for their appointment, but he was concerned. She says she’s fine, and still here. He asks if the patient next door has attempted contact again, but she says, not a peep. It’s been quiet, but that could change at any moment. He tells her to let him know if the patient does anything to upset her. She asks if there’s any reason she should be worried.

Michael says congratulations would be nice. Olivia says, let her be the first, and Ned interrupts, saying it seems sudden. Michael says babies bring people closer together. Bobbie tells them, over her dead body, adding that she’s just saying what everyone else is thinking. Nelle says she knows they’ve had their differences, and Bobbie says she’s been nothing but trouble, and tried to destroy Bobbie’s family. Nelle says she was lied to, and she tried to make amends. Bobbie says she tries a lot, and God help them when she succeeds. She tells Sonny to do something, and Sonny hugs Michael. He says Michael is his son and he loves him, and he hopes to hell Michael knows what he’s doing.

Curtis says Sam can’t think Maxie took Peter. Sam says she’s the one Peter spent the most time with, and she knew him best. Maxie says she thought she knew him. Curtis says he’s a great liar, and as a recovering addict, Curtis knows the best weapon is the truth. He must have had unguarded moments with Maxie, and Curtis thinks he might have let private thoughts slip. Maxie says the only thing she knows, is that he hated his father, and must have been happy when Faison was killed.  He said he didn’t like talking about the past. Curtis wonders if maybe it’s someone loyal to Peter’s father, avenging Faison’s death. Maxie asks if they think Peter is dead, and Sam asks if she cares.

Peter tells Obrecht and Nina that while they were gone, he had a poker night. It was hard shuffling and dealing, but he managed. Opening the beer with his teeth took skill. Obrecht tells him, no answers, no cake. He says he had a vivid dream, and asks if koalas are native there and speak Italian. Nina tells him to stop talking. She tells Obrecht it’s been too long. Julian almost found him, and they were almost late to the shower. Obrecht says they made it in time, although the onsies were less attractive than she wanted them to be. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a divorce, and asks how much longer? Obrecht says, as long as it takes. She leaves to get supplies from the car, telling Nina to just think about Maxie and James with no husband or father. When she’s gone, Peter says it’s the last shot at redemption for the both of them.

Chase explains to Jordan that he opened a cold case from another jurisdiction. He didn’t want to take action until another crime was committed, because it might look like bias, but now, Nelle has framed Carly. He tries to give Jordan his badge and gun, but she says he seems to be doing good work. What does he need? He says jurisdiction to pursue in Port Charles what he started in Florida. She asks why he thinks he’d be more successful. He says he’d like to think he’s learned about himself, being a better cop, and Nelle. She had the advantage last time, but not this time. She asks if he’s sure about that, and he says his feelings died in Florida, but Nelle doesn’t know that. She thinks he’s still infatuated with her.

Doc says Ferncliff is wall to wall with the psychologically complex, and Carly says, some are even patients. He tells her, touché, and says they have to treat them as individuals, and also manage their coexistence as a group. He’s waiting for a bed in the general care wing for her, but here, the patients are dangerous and delusional. She says her record says the same thing. Does he believe they’re more dangerous than she is? He says, they can be.

Sonny isn’t going to pretend he’s happy. Bobbie says Jason is supposed to be Carly’s best friend. Jason says he doesn’t like it any more than she does, but it’s Michael’s choice. He’s his mother’s son, and if Jason tries to stop him, he’ll just be more determined. Michael hopes Jason can wish them well, and Jason wishes them all the happiness they deserve. Sonny says they’re not turning their backs on Michael, especially when he needs them most. Michael thanks them for the love, but asks them not to talk like he needs to be rescued. Lulu asks if it will be a long engagement, and Olivia says they can have the wedding there; how about September? Nelle says they don’t want to wait, and Michael says they want to get married as soon as possible.

Maxie tells Sam that she doesn’t want Peter to die. She wants him to pay, but not with his life. Sam says they’re supposed to be celebrating life today, and Maxie says she’s going to focus her energy on baby James. She leaves, and Sam asks what Curtis has. He tells her the security footage shows that Peter entered the hotel the same day he disappeared. Sam says, but they have nothing showing him leaving. He tells her, they do now, and shows her somebody pushing a laundry cart. She says that’s not Peter, but he says, it’s not who’s pushing the cart, but who’s in the cart.

Peter tells Nina not to be like her crazy aunt. She has every reason to hate him, but she’s not about revenge, and it’s all Obrecht wants. Nina says, Obrecht’s son is dead, and her brother is dead. Peter says he’ll regret it every day of life, which doesn’t look to be much longer. The police will figure it out, and she has to stop it while she still can. She wonders why he thinks anyone will find him, and asks what happened. He said he was just thinking. He’s leaving here alive or dead, but either way, it’s not good for her. He tells her to help him, and make Obrecht pay. Nina says he doesn’t know Obrecht; she’s never had to pay for anything she’s done, and she’s not starting now. Peter says the only person who can keep Nina out of prison is Nina. What is she going to do about it?

Doc tells Carly that as a psychiatrist, he believes in the insanity defense for those are truly insane, but frowns upon using it as a legal loophole. Carly says if she had it to do over again, she’d sit in Pentonville until she proved her innocence. Doc says, in layman’s terms, she’s not crazy, but she’s locked up with the seriously crazy. She might as well use the time to work on herself. She’s still grieving. She’s strong and resilient, but it can work against her. She forced herself to soldier on. If she unpacks the feelings about Morgan, she will have gained something. At least Nelle won’t push her around anymore. She says she has to stay strong, and is hesitant to revisit the pain. Doc says it might give her agency over it, and besides, they have to talk about something.

Nelle says that, other than Michael, the only opinion that matters is Josslyn’s. She asks if Josslyn is okay with it, and Josslyn says she always thought they belonged together. She is thinking about her mom though, and Nelle says she’s been thinking about her too. Sonny bets she has. Nelle is hoping when Carly is better, she comes home and accepts the baby – and her. She asks Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Josslyn says, of course, and Bobbie throws up her hands. Bobbie is about to drag Josslyn out, and Lulu says they’re not married yet. Bobbie tells Josslyn they’re leaving. Ned tells Olivia that he’s glad Nelle can’t get her hands on any shares of ELQ. Nelle tells Michael that she’s afraid the ring will fall off, so she’s going to the jeweler. Michael tells Sonny and Jason that he thinks it went great; didn’t they?

Sam and Curtis agree that it looks like someone could be hiding in the laundry cart, but Sam thinks they should focus on who’s pushing the cart. They have the date, time, and image; finding the dude ought to be easy.

Obrecht says she tried to find the most savory foods to bring back; she enjoys tormenting Peter. He tells her sauerkraut and Limburger mean different things to different people. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a stepdaughter to raise. She tells Obrecht that false imprisonment and intense interrogation aren’t hobbies for her. She leaves, and Obrecht says she’s not completely without heart. She’ll give him a sliver of cake. Peter says her kindness knows no bounds, and she tells him, but first, they’re going to continue their collaboration of the sequel to The Severed Branch. He has to tell her story. He says it’s not ending the way she thinks it will, and looks at the bugle again. He’d better quit looking over there, or she’s going to figure it out.

Jordan tells Chase what he’s proposing is risky, and potentially fatal if everyone isn’t on board. The PCPD will hold up its end, as long as he does the same. She starts to tell him if anything goes wrong… and he says, it won’t.

Jason tells Michael he meant it when he said Michael makes his own choices, but he also has to live with the consequences. Sonny says, if he lives. Michael says he told Carly that he was going to protect his family, and that’s what he’s doing. Sonny says Carly is stuck in Ferncliff because Nelle set her up. Can he imagine what it’s going to do when she finds out they’re getting married?

Rupert tells Carly she has a visitor. Nelle walks in, saying, hi, grandma. She tells Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers, in case there’s any confusion. Rupert asks if Carly wants her escorted out, but Carly says no. She tells him to wait outside though; Nelle won’t be long. Nelle says it’s worse than she imagined, and Carly tells her she might find out for herself soon. Nelle says she has news that will make Carly’s day.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth introduces Terry to Franco, Jason asks Michael why he’s marrying Nelle, and Sonny asks Nelle what the hell she’s doing.

💰🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, we saw some apartments bigger than my house. One of the potential buyer’s actually got so lost in 50 Cent’s house, his broker had to call him to find him. Fredrik was co-listing with Jennifer, and wasn’t too happy when Jennifer got an offer on 50’s house, and talked to him without Fredrik. They eventually got full asking price, which made Fredrik happier. Alas, it was not to be, as 50 decided to give the house to a charitable organization he started for afterschool programs. He does seem like a really nice dude. Fredrik felt good in spite of himself. I was only half-paying attention to Steve, since I was watching the show while going through a stack of mail as tall as my forearm is long. He was trying to sell an apartment that was next to the construction of another building which would eventually block the view. Of course the apartment was fabulous, but that was a tough hurdle. He didn’t end up with a sale, but he did display one of the best selling maneuvers I’ve ever seen. Since the building was all glass, he pointed out how it reflected the water view beautifully. It did, but, wow. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Ryan had the worst day ever. His visa to China was held up because of the political climate, and it turned out he’d have to wait weeks, maybe months, to get cleared. Sadly, since he couldn’t make the meeting in Singapore the next week, he lost out on the listing. Not only did he lose the China thing, another seller dropped him because they wanted the broker to have an image closer to their target buyer; someone slightly older with kids in private school. Next time, Emilia and Ryan discuss IVF, and a seller tells Fredrick his ideas are cockamamie. Now there’s a word you don’t hear often anymore.

FYI, Tuesday night, July 3, The Haves and the Have Nots will be airing a new episode, but Below Deck Mediterranean is a rerun.

😭 Ryan’s Day Brought This Song to Mind…

It was the worst when they used to play this during the loser’s montage on American Idol. And then they’d make them sing one last time.


June 25, 2018 – Obrecht Wants a Sequel from Peter, Big Commissions, News From the Reality Scene & a Club Kid Grows Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At The Floating Rib, Anna reads an article about Peter still being missing. Felicia asks if she’s seen Obrecht. She’s planning a baby shower for Maxie, and Obrecht isn’t returning any calls. She wonders what’s more important to her than her grandson.

Apparently, eating barbecue. Obrecht tells Peter she just downloaded his book to her tablet. She says she’ll also get the author’s full attention while reading it.

Jordan makes small talk with Maxie about James. Maxie says, he made a spectacular arrival. Jordan is relieved they’re safe and healthy. She needs to talk a moment as the commissioner, and wants to talk about Peter.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s capable of saving herself. He says she needed help when Cassandra attacked her, and he cleaned up her mess. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him the most. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her, but he says he’s trying to help. Nina asks if he’s trying to woo her with the threat of prison.

In Peter’s old hotel room, Sam points out something to Curtis. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room. Curtis and Sam explain that they’re PIs working on a case. As far as Margaux is concerned, they’re breaking and entering. She snaps their picture with her phone, and says she’s sending the photos to the DA’s office. They can explain themselves to the cops.

Screaming comes from the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff. Jason gravitates toward it, but Doc sees him, and asks if he can help with something. Jason asks who the patient is, but Doc says they don’t discuss patients with the custodial staff. Carly asks herself, what the hell is going on out there? There’s a lot of wth? going around today. Doc tells Jason not to attempt contact, or he’ll have to inform Mary Pat that he isn’t who he says he is. Jason says he has to finish in Carly’s room. Doc lets him in, and tells Carly he’ll be back for their session. When Doc leaves, Jason gives Carly a phone, saying they don’t have much time.

Sam and Curtis show Margaux their IDs. She asks if they were hired by the PCPD, and Curtis says Jordan requested them. Margaux asks if Jordan specifically requested they go through her hotel room. Curtis says they were given leeway to investigate Peter’s last known whereabouts. Sam says they didn’t know it was her room. Curtis apologizes, saying they weren’t informed that the room was occupied, and it must have been an oversight. Margaux assumes it was already searched, and tells them to get to it. She’s going to watch, and see if they’re better at their jobs than the cops.

Valentin says he’d never blackmail Nina, but she insists he was using it to keep her in the marriage. She says she’s perfectly capable of getting out of her own messes. He’s using what happened against her. He tells her no one knows or ever will; except Anna might have figured it out. Nina says. Anna, and throws up her hands.

Felicia tells Anna she’ll get the details on the shower as soon as she pins Obrecht down. Anna says Obrecht loves Maxie, and if she’s there, it might cause a tirade. Felicia says she got so caught up in James’s arrival, she hasn’t asked about Anna’s son. She was grateful he was there for Maxie. Anna says, but she wishes he wasn’t Faison’s son? Anna has wished that too, from the moment he was born. Felicia says it must have been hard to live with the secret. Anna says she did what she thought was right at the time, but it went terribly wrong. Peter bore the brunt of her not defending him, and she feels responsible for the course of his life. Felicia says she did the best she could at the time; she did all a parent can do. Anna doesn’t agree, but appreciates Felicia’s words. Felicia asks how Robin is, and Anna says, processing. It might take a while, but she’s surrounded by family who can comfort her. Felicia asks who’s comforting Anna? Finn appears, and says, me.

Maxie hates knowing that she’ll be reminded of Peter when she thinks of the night her son was born. Jordan says Nathan would be proud. It’s no small feat to give birth by the side of a road. Maxie says Peter kept her calm and distracted her from the pain. Jordan says he seemed to be trying to start over for her. She might have been his only real friend.

Obrecht reads out loud about the father not being able to bear his sorry excuse for a son. She says not since Oliver Twist has a child been so mistreated. Peter says he never went back again for Christmas. She tells him that he’s a compelling writer; she almost feels sorry for him. Keeping him alive is looking more interesting.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t know how much longer be there. He believes Doc might turn him in; he thinks Carly would be safer. He says not to tell him about the phone no matter what, and only use it in an emergency, since she’ll risk being caught. He tells her to remember that whatever happens, they’ll get her out, but she has to stay strong and wait. Carly hugs him.

Doc returns to Carly’s room, and suggest they dive into their session. Carly says she can’t do anything until she tells him the truth. He says he’s always happy to hear the truth, and she says the insanity plea was a defense tactic. Diane thought if she pleaded insanity, she wouldn’t go to Pentonville. Not for one minute was she out of her mind. He asks if she’s saying she pushed Nelle deliberately, but she says she would never jeopardize her grandchild – or Nelle. Nelle was taunting her with a baby blanket, and she fell. Doc asks if she maintains there was a baby blanket, and she says, yes, and a scarf and a break-in. Nelle’s been gaslighting her, but she hasn’t been able to prove it. Doc says she’s there and she’s his patient. Regardless of how she got there, they should use time constructively. Carly says she’s not crazy, but he’s sure they can find something to talk about.

Felicia says it’s wonderful to see Anna and Finn together. She predicted it, and when she’s right, she’s so right. She’s happy for them both. She tells Finn that everything she said still applies. Anna is a remarkable woman, and he needs to treat her well. Anna finally found someone who won’t let her push them away. Finn says they both did some pushing. Felicia thinks it’s going to be epic. She has to leave to plan a shower and find an annoying German woman. When she’s gone, Anna asks Finn if Robin is on the group text. She still hasn’t heard from her.

Nina tells Valentin all the pieces just fell into place. Anna knows she nearly killed Cassandra, and she’s Peter’s mother. No wonder he protected her. She keeps pulling back layers, and wonders what other twisted compromise he’s made to keep Anna in his life. He says he never told Anna anything, and the conversation was supposed to be about them. She asks if this is where he lies and she believes him. She says, that “us” is over.

Obrecht tells Peter the sequel will be his confession. If the book is a success and the critics agree, he lives. Peter asks what critics, and she says the only one that matters – her.

Carly asks Doc if he thinks Nelle couldn’t have set her up if she hadn’t lost Morgan. He thinks her grief set her up for manipulation. She admits she wanted to believe Morgan reached out to her. Doc says there are ways to honor him that aren’t as painful. They could work on that. Mary Pat sees Jason in the hallway, and asks why he’s still there. He tells her that he was cleaning up a food spill, and she tells him his shift ended. They don’t pay overtime, but she appreciates his diligence.

Curtis examines the vent in the hotel room. It has prints on it, and he thinks Peter could have used it to store his bag. Margaux says they’re done, and she needs to get ready. Curtis says it’s been real. Sam says it was interesting meeting her. Margaux says, for her too.

Anna gives Finn a copy of The Severed Branch. She says the book will be another thing for Robin to contend with. She and Robin used to figure heavily in Faison’s stories. She misses Robin, and the baby is almost one. She can feel the distance between them, and has to make it right. Finn tells her to do it. Robin always complimented her on being a persistent mom, and she needs the mom she’s used to. He says, sometimes time becomes a barrier. It’s easier or less painful to leave things unsaid. Don’t let it happen.

Maxie tells Jordan that Peter is not her friend. Jordan asks if she has any idea where might have gone. In the time they were close, did he mention a place he was connected to or a safe haven? Maxie says he only offered minimal details of his life, and who knows if they were true? Nathan is gone, and she’s all James has. How is she supposed to take care of him when she can’t see trouble standing right in front of her?

Jason meets Anna. He tells her that he’s been focused on Carly. Anna is sorry about Ferncliff, and says Carly probably feels he could have done more if he hadn’t been working with her. She tells him that she told Robin about Peter. Jason says Robin told him. Anna asks what she said, and he says she thanked him for saving Anna’s life. Anna thanks him too.

Maxie tells Jordan that she’s excited for James leaving the hospital, but terrified to be alone with him. She and Nathan were supposed to be a team. Jordan says Nathan chose her to be mother of his child; lead with that, and she’s just a phone call away, 24/7.

Anna says Jason saved her life, and she nearly shot him for it. She can’t say she’d do it differently, and she’s sorry for that. She asks if their positions were reversed, and she had a gun on Michael, would he shoot her? He doesn’t know, but if it was the only way save his life, maybe he would. She’s professional and knows the risks, and Michael was a baby he held. He would have to help him, no matter what the cost.

Peter tells Obrecht that she broke his hand, and he needs it to write. She says if will afford him an opportunity to get the details correct, and she can add her own perspective. After Anna’s destruction, the book will be a testament to Nathan. Peter asks her to tell him about Nathan. He needs to know him if he’s going to write about him. Obrecht says, he was too good for this world; kind, giving, and handsome. There’s no resemblance.

Felicia goes to Nina’s office, and says she’s obviously interrupting, but Nina says, not at all. She asks how Maxie and James are, and Felicia says they’ll be home soon. She wants to get together a shower, but hasn’t been able to reach Obrecht. She asks if Nina can get a message to her; she’s not returning Felicia’s calls or texts. Nina says she’ll try, and Felicia leaves. Valentin asks Nina to tell him what’s wrong, but she says she’s not playing games with him anymore. She has her brother’s son to worry about.

Anna tells Jason that she’s sorry Peter escaped; that wasn’t supposed to happen. She wanted to intercede with the WSB, but some of the charges are valid. It’s her fault for setting it in motion. Jason says Robin always talked about how Anna taught her to do the right thing, not the easy thing, and to think for herself. Robin tried to teach him those things, and she put that in motion too. If he spent his life trying to pay them back, he wouldn’t be able to. Anna says Robin told her that after all this time, she doesn’t really know her. Jason asks if she said she loved Anna. Anna says she did, and Jason says, believe it. He tells her good luck, be careful, and watch her back. It won’t help anyone if she lets Peter kill her.

Maxie reads about the father telling his son to search for other men’s weakness in The Severed Branch. She says he wins the worst childhood award, but that doesn’t mean she forgives him. She throws the book toward the trashcan, but misses. Felicia walks in, and asks what’s wrong. Maxie says she hates that Peter’s childhood is making it hard for her to hate him. She throws the book into the can, and Felicia says, whatever fate has in store for him, let it go. It has nothing to do with her.

Nina shows up at the cabin, and Obrecht says she’s discovered a useful purpose for Peter. Nina says they have another problem. Felicia wants to revive the baby shower. She needs to make appearance in town. It’s out of character for her not to be hovering over her grandson. Obrecht is sure Felicia has good intentions, but can imagine what the shower will be like if she’s left to her own devices.

At The Floating Rib, Sam says she can’t believe the flash drive was under their noses the whole time. Curtis is concerned that they just created trouble for Jordan, and Sam’s people skills didn’t make them favorites with the DA. Jordan joins them, and tells them that there’s security footage of Peter going in to the hotel, but not leaving. Curtis says a mystery is added to the mystery. Margaux comes in, and Jordan introduces her. Curtis says he was just about to mention they’d already met her.

Finn goes back to The Floating Rib to tell Anna that he has to get back to the hospital again. She tells him that she’ll say goodbye now. She’s going to Berkeley. He says, she’ll need someone to wash… er, watch her back. He can refer his patient to another doctor. She thinks it will be more than an overnight, and his patients deserve brilliant him, not a referral. She’s booked on the next flight. He walks her out, and says he totally forgot one thing. Before she goes… he kisses her. She says it was on her packing checklist. He kisses her some more, and she says she is coming back. He says he’ll be there when she does.

Carly hears music outside, and reaches for the phone under her mattress. Like that isn’t the first place someone would look for contraband. She hears knocking from the room next door, and says, it’s better than screaming. It happens again, and she wonders if it’s Morse code. She knocks back, and asks if they’re trying to tell her something.

Curtis and Sam move to another table. Margaux tells Jordan she doesn’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but has qualms about her hiring Curtis and Sam. Jordan says they’re the best at what they do. She understands Margaux’s hesitation, but assures her they’re professional. They’re careful not to let their personal lives interfere with work. Margaux thinks they work both sides of the law. Sam wonders why Peter is hiding. It’s not like he didn’t have time to call someone for help. Curtis thinks he’s got more enemies than friends. They need to look for someone who hated him enough to make him disappear.

Obrecht sees Felicia, who says she’s been trying to reach her. Obrecht says she’s here now, and the shower will proceed as planned.

Peter asks about Maxie and the baby. He heard Maxie is taking James home soon. Nina says, yes, and he says she must be relieved. She says, they all are; they needed some good news. Peter says he was the first to hold James. He was so tiny, and Peter just wanted them safe. No matter how angry Nina is, does she really want the man who delivered her nephew punished? He begs her to save him.

On the phone, Valentin asks someone if they got his instructions. He wants them followed to the letter. It’s for his wife, so there’s no margin for error.

Finn calls while Anna is getting in the car to the airport. He tells her that he misses her already. She says, her too, and tells the driver to take her to Port Charles International; it’s a domestic slight. We see he has a gun on passenger seat, which he covers with a newspaper.

Carly asks if the other patient is trying to talk to her. Outside, Mary Pat says Jason seems to have been deceiving her, and she doesn’t like liars. She asks for his badge, and he hands it over. She says he can follow her out, or she can call Rupert to escort him. Omg, I’ve been calling him Jasper. He seems like a Jasper. Doc watches as Mary Pat leads Jason away.

Tomorrow, Josslyn is angry with Oscar, Michael gets a warning, and Mary Pat tells Carly that Jason is gone.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, 50 Cent listed his house with Fredrik. I didn’t catch how many rooms it has in total, but there are 20 bathrooms, which I can’t even fathom. He’s decided it’s a little big for one person. Ryan has the chance to make a $6 million commission on a $200 million property in Brooklyn, but the catch is that he has to make a meeting in Shanghai first. Steve managed to sell a penthouse that has amazing views, but had been on the market for a year. He got a $104,000 commission for his efforts. Next time, things get dicey with Ryan trying to get to China.

📺 A Cuppla Reality Tidbits

How sweet! Rand asked Lala’s dad for her hand in marriage. And the rest of her too. Ha-ha!

Alexis and Jim Bellino are divorcing. How Sad! Maybe. Jim is kind of a d-bag.

🌇 And In Closing…

I’m loving Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It’s one of those shows that I forget how good it is until I see it again. Sadly, I read that Odd Mom Out will not be returning. I adored that show, even though I thought I wouldn’t relate. Not only is it set in my beloved NYC, if I was a mom, Jill (Jill Kargman) is the kind of mom I’d be. It’s also crazy cool that she was a Club Kid.

🎇 For Your Viewing Pleasure…

June 18, 2018 – Peter’s Birthday, a Little Listing, Some Shahs, Good News & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny asks if Mike was in Croton when he buried the body. Mike says he was, and Sonny tells him that he and Jason dug for hours. All they found was a money clip and no body. Mike says he knows; he took it. He was trying to watch out for Sonny. Sonny tells him to focus on what’s important. Where did he take it?

Curtis, Jordan, and Stella look at the terrace at the MetroCourt. Curtis asks what Jordan and Stella think. Stella asks if he wants a Yelp review. He just wants to know if she approves of the place they’re choosing to get married. She says they want to prepare her. She asks when the big day is, and Jordan says that’s what they wanted to discuss.

Maxie holds James, telling him that soon she’ll be able to take him home. Outside the room, Lulu tells Amy that it’s a touching scene. Amy says James is the rock star of the hospital. She asks if Lulu is looking for interviews for her #GHTOO series. She’s set to go on record.

Nina sees Drew at The Floating Rib, and says she doesn’t think running into him is a coincidence. Drew asks what’s on her mind. She says, Peter, and the lies he told them. He asks if she’s okay, but she says, definitely not.

Julian wonders what Obrecht is doing walking in the woods. She tells him she’s, as the Americans put it, taking me time. She’s mourning her son in her own way. Kim is sorry for her loss. Julian tells her not to step on any snakes, but she says there are no snakes there. He insists there are, and tells her to look it up. I did. They’re rare. He thinks no one in their right mind would spend time in these woods, and she thanks him for his concern. They hear Peter scream.

Peter strains to get away from the rattlesnake on the bed.

Kim asks if they heard that. She says it sounds like someone is in trouble. This has the makings of a Scooby-Doo episode.

Mike tells Sonny, that night was quite a mess. He wanted to help, but figured Sonny wouldn’t let him, so he was determined to prove himself. Sonny says, so after years of not being around, he chose that night to take care of him? Mike says they both know he left Sonny and his mom, and was never there for him. He thought he could clean up after him this one time and protect him. If someone got caught, it would be him. He tells Sonny that lifting a dead body is a lot harder than dropping one in. Sonny asks where he took it, and Mike says he doesn’t need to worry. Sonny says he does. He needs to get on with his life. Mike say this part is kind of funny. Dante walks in, and Mike says, just in time. He was just about to tell a great story. He tells Dante that he’ll have to protect Sonny when he’s gone.

Jordan tells Stella that they haven’t set a date yet. Curtis tells her they wanted to make her a part of things. It’s a chance for them to come together as a family on their special day. Jordan says she likes the intimacy of the terrace, since the family is small. Stella says, too small. Curtis says they’re tight knit, and Stella raised them mighty. When they say their vows, he knows they’re continuing the legacy of love. Stella says it’s like the old Spinners song, Mighty Love. It’s all she ever wanted for them. She tells him not to settle for less. If his heart is set, take his time to make things perfect; it’s worth waiting for. She smiles. I have the feeling Stella isn’t as accepting as she appears to be, and wonder what she’s up to.

Drew tells Nina that none of it is her fault. He brought Peter in. Nina says Valentin knew the entire time, and went to great lengths to protect Peter. Drew repeats that it’s not her fault. She says she didn’t trust her instincts. She knew something was going on, and let Valentin talk her into doubting herself. Drew says he doesn’t hold her responsible. He doesn’t know what Peter’s agenda was, but he seemed highly successful. Nina says many sociopaths are. They change to fit into any situation. He was a great friend to Maxie, and the perfect COO. He even had all of Drew’s memories on a flash drive. Drew asks how she knew that. Oops.

Obrecht tells Kim that’s the sound of grief; another poor soul letting go. She screams back. Kim says she knows the sound of pain. Obrecht says her group is finding their way forward through terrible loss, and it’s painful work. She needs her therapy. She walks away from them, howling. Julian says it’s actually one of the saner things he’s seen her do.

Peter keeps pushing away from the snake.

Mike tells Dante that he was just telling his father something that happened with a car. Sonny says Dante is a cop, and has unsolved cases and unfinished business to attend to. Dante says he still has time for his grandfather. Mike says his son is there for his father, but sometimes a father is there for his son when he least expects it. It’s going to take more than a few minutes to get the finer details of the story. Sonny says they don’t have time for a story right now. Dante says he can make time, and Mike says it’s a story about Dante’s dad, him, and a rusted Ford Falcon.

Amy tells Lulu that GH is a great place to work, but the deep hierarchy structure definitely has a sexual bias factor. Women aren’t the only targets, but they tend to bear the brunt. Even though she hasn’t been overtly harassed, she’s been dismissed because she’s a woman. Male residents call her Nurse Ditz, and she’s heard worse things. She’s often been judged on her appearance, and dismissed because of it. Lulu says, amazingly well said. She’s been candid and brave. Amy says it’s her truth, but it’s also the truth of others. If they’re not talking, it’s not because they have nothing to say, but because they’re afraid. Even though GH is a great place, they still need to evolve.

Curtis has to check on an office space with Sam. He thanks Stella for coming, and for her blessing. After he’s gone, Jordan says Stella made her nephew happy. Stella says it’s all she ever wanted. She starts to leave, and Jordan asks if she’d mind joining her for a cup of tea. There’s more for them to talk about.

Nina tells Drew that Valentin must have told her about the flash drive. She thinks Anna told him. Drew says he’s given up on it, and Nina asks if he thinks it’s a lie and there never was a flash drive. He says Andre put a baseline map of his memories and the procedure on a flash drive, and supposedly Peter had it. Now it’s gone like he is.

Obrecht asks Peter, what’s the matter? She can hear him a mile away. She sees the snake, and doesn’t miss a beat. She gets a forked tool, picks it up, and puts it outside, saying, no harm done. Peter looks at her like she’s out of her mind.

Dante has to get back to work. Mike says it’s a good story with a helluva twist at the end, but Sonny tells Mike to check on his car. Mike goes back to the paper, and Sonny asks Dante what brought him by. Dante says he wants to talk about Carly in Ferncliff.

Maxie comes out, and Lulu says she hopes Maxie doesn’t mind her peeking in. Maxie says she’s hoping to bring James home soon. She figured Lulu must be doing a follow-up piece, and asks if there are leads on Peter… she means, Henrik.

Kim tells Julian it’s all clear int the tent; no snakes. He calls her his hero. She says, someone else might need one. She knows screams of pain. Julian says people are probably screaming because they’re stuck with Obrecht. He takes his shirt off, and Kim asks if he’s trying to distract her. He asks if it’s working.

Nina tells Drew it sounds like he’s come to terms with not knowing his past, and resigned himself to it. He says at different times, both Peter and Faison dangled the flash drive in front of him, but he turned them both down. He wants to live his life without them having anything over him. He suggests she do the same. Valentin covered for Peter, and hurt her, but being obsessed with Peter isn’t good. If he can let it go, she can too. She says she needs to figure out why she fell for his lies. If she ran into him again, how would she know he was telling the truth? Curtis joins them, and says, none of them may ever know. There’s been no trace of him.

Obrecht gives Peter the antibiotic. He cringes when she touches his wound. She tells him not to be a baby, and to toughen up. He forgot how to be a man when he stopped using his own last name. Peter can’t believe she still idolizes Faison when he killed her son. She says their relationship was too complex for a small mind to comprehend. Faison was a monster, but brilliant, and squandered his gifts. He would have been a tragic figure if he hadn’t been so ego driven.

Dante tells Sonny that the DA doesn’t like losing. No calls to sympathetic judges or staff to exert influence. It won’t work out well. Sonny asks if it’s an official warning, but Dante says just a son looking out for his father. He hopes Sonny listens for once. He hopes for a lot.

Jordan doesn’t expect Stella to welcome her with open arms. Too much has happened for that. She wishes she could make amends. Stella says she’d have to raise dead, and only our Lord can do that. She almost pushed Curtis away, but she doesn’t want to be like that. She cares about people; maybe too much. Maybe that’s why she’s a social worker. She’s mostly a woman who loves her family. A family that’s been broken, and Jordan is the cause of much of it. Jordan says they’ll always have Thomas between them, but what binds them is their common love for Curtis and TJ. They’re Stella’s family, and her heart. In her line of work, they say life is short. She’s not going to drag around the sins of her past. She owns them, but isn’t letting them own her. Instead, she’s going to take every day of her life to make Stella’s nephew happy.

Nina tells Curtis that’s unbelievable. He says there have been leads, but they’ve all been dead ends. Nina thanks Drew for giving her clarity, and has to get to work. She leaves, and Drew asks, what’s that about? Curtis doesn’t know. He tells Drew about looking at office space with Sam. Drew congratulates him on his new venture, and Curtis says his first case is directly connected to Drew.

Lulu tells Maxie that she hasn’t heard anything, but she’ll be the first to know if they catch Peter. She’s not too busy with her new story to keep tabs on the old one, but she’s here for Maxie and the baby. She has some gifts, and asks if Maxie is ready to have them brought to the apartment. Maxie says she’s getting the place ready to bring James home, but just to be clear, they’re not back to being besties. She forgave Lulu and is trying to move past it, but it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s not as simple as saying she’s over it.

Obrecht notices Peter relaxing, and says the antibiotics are starting to work. She offers him some ginger tea, saying it promotes healing. He says so does a hamburger. He sips the tea, telling her that a confession under duress is inadmissible. There will be a police investigation, and it won’t take long for them to figure it out. She’ll face criminal charges, and be locked away from her grandchild. How will that satisfy her? She tells him to worry about how he’s going to admit to aiding and abetting the most dangerous man in the world, and she’ll worry about her satisfaction.

Sonny tells Dante that he appreciates it. Dante says, be careful. Carly is already in Ferncliff. He doesn’t know how she’d handle it if he was locked up. He asks Mike, what’s the story about the car?

Drew tells Curtis that he loves the irony, since he just gave Nina a speech about moving forward. He tells Curtis to keep Sam safe. Curtis asks Drew to be his best man.

Stella says she appreciates the tea, and Jordan says she appreciates the talk. On her way to the elevator, Stella finds some keys on the floor, and gives them to the bartender.

Amy tells Maxie to let Lulu give her a ride home, and take care of her. Lulu says she’d love to give Maxie a ride. Maxie says she’ll go home and rest, and let Lulu keep her company. After Amy leaves, Lulu asks if any of that was real.

Kim puts lotion on Julian’s back. He says, if not for the bug bites, he’d be in Zen territory. He’s seeing the benefits of starry nights and those chocolate marshmallow things. Apparently, Julian is the only one on earth who doesn’t know what a s’more is. He says he’s actually grown fond of the close quarters and the scenery. They kiss, and start to get busy.

Peter tells Obrecht this window dressing is a fairytale for Nina. He knows she plans to kill him, but it won’t make up for Nathan’s death. Obrecht says it will therapeutic for her though. He asks why she’s bothering to heal him. She says Nina will feel better if he’s taken care of; her heart isn’t as closed. Peter says everyone is looking for him; the PCPD, the WSB, his mother. Obrecht says now he wants Anna as a mother. He says Anna won’t stop looking for him. Obrecht says she nearly forgot something. She tells him to close his eyes, and get ready for a surprise. She flicks on a lighter, and looks at the flame.

Dante tells Mike that he wants to hear the story; it sounds like a doozie. Sonny says he has to talk to Mike, and Dante says he can take a hint. He leaves, and Mike tells Sonny that he has a great boy. Sonny says he’s a lucky man. He wants to get back to the story about Croton. Where did Mike go next? Mike says, when? Sonny says, when he left the field. What was the surprising twist at the end of the story? Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Julian and Kim bask in the forest afterglow. Julian says, next time, he might want to do the planning. Kim asks what he has in mind. He says they’ve already done the great outdoors, so maybe an urban adventure. He knows just the place for room service. They get busy again.

Curtis tells Drew that he’ll understand if Drew isn’t in the headspace for a wedding. Drew says he’d be glad to be Curtis’s best man. Curtis says, it looks like everything is coming together, including Stella. They had lunch, and she was way civil. It might be gratuitous, but it looks like she’s on board.

Stella calls an old friend, telling them that she and Curtis both live in Port Charles now. It’s practically around the corner.

Lulu wants to help Maxie. Maxie asks if she’s sure, and Lulu says she’s worked enough for today. Maxie says she’d appreciate the help, but tells Lulu not to read into it. Lulu says she’s got it. She promised to take down Peter, and she will. She tells Maxie not to not to let her anger at the betrayal eat away at her. James deserves her attention; not Peter.

Nina sees Jordan while she’s getting coffee. She asks if Jordan can help her. Peter had a flash drive with key Crimson information on it. They’re having a hard time replicating it, and she asks if they found it in his things. Jordan says, no, and Nina flashes back to Peter saying it was in his hand, and he must have dropped it. She remembers him saying, it has everything Drew needs to be the man he used to be. Nina wonders how can she believe one more lie? She should leave him to Obrecht and be done with it. We see that the flash drive is in the MetroCourt lost and found.

Obrecht tell Peter to open his eyes. It’s not a hamburger, but something for his special day. She shows him a cupcake with a candle in it, and says, happy birthday, Henrik. She suggests he celebrate it like it’s his last. She tells him to make a wish. Peter looks sick.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna they can figure it out, Doc wants to give Franco a wedding gift, and Mary Pat says something is different about Carly.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve made the mistake of doing business with an ex. When he explained she needed to lower the price, she lowered it right off the market. I got the distinct feeling that what she really wanted was to get back together with him. I like Steve, but sometimes he can be a real dimbulb. 50 Cent will be making an appearance next week, and Ryan is going to have a shot at a $200 million property – in China.

🌇 Bravo aired a mini trip down Shah Memory Lane tonight with The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here, which was basically clips from past seasons, and a little tease about the new season (the show’s 7th) coming up. The Shahs will be back on August 2nd at 9 pm. Will MJ get married? Will Mike lose it? Will Desiree find a man before she dies? Stay tuned.

💃 The Quotes of Sunset

🌞 Proof There is a God

It’s a helluva lot better news that Brittany and Jax getting engaged. I’ve been following Patricia Altschul on Twitter, and she must be ecstatic. She is not an Ashley fan.

🃏 It’s the First Day of the Rest of Your Week



⏰ Otherwise known as hearing the ticking clock on 60 Minutes




June 11, 2018 – Carly is Sentenced, NYC Realtors Return, TV Tidbits & Bad Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells Anna that he’s been meaning to apologize. When he told her that she was a step away from a robe and cat, he didn’t mean it. He guesses he can go now know, and starts to leave. Anna tells him to wait. He asks if she wants to talk some more. She says, no, but does he want to stay?

Nina hears moaning from the cabin. She walks in with a bouquet of wildflowers, and Obrecht says, how thoughtful. Peter is blindfolded and gagged, and children’s music is playing. Peter yells, make it stop! Nina looks at Obrecht, who shrugs.

Chase visits Maxie. She left her bag in the car when he brought her back from the hospital. She says she’s been looking for it, and she’s having a crappy day. He’s glad to make her day less crappy.

At the Quartermaine’s, Nelle talks to Michael about how accomplished Monica is. What more could a baby ask for in a grandmother? Michael suggests one not in prison. Nelle says his bitch mother is getting exactly what she deserves, but she’s just thinking it. Michael asks if she said something, but she tells him, not a word. She was just thinking about his mom and the trial. She’d do anything to spare his family pain. Michael feels the same way, but she says it’s out of her hands.

The DA asks if, other than her husband and children, Jason is closest to Carly. Does he know her better than anyone? He says, yes, and she asks if Carly was insane when she assaulted Nelle. He can’t answer that question, and the DA asks if he can’t or won’t.

Finn says the thing is… and Anna says, there’s always a thing. He says if he stays, he might not want to leave. She says that’s not the worst thing. He tells her, she’s saying that now, but if she’s looking for a bright ray of sunshine, it’s not him. She says that’s not her either. He says there’s also the timing. He doesn’t want this to happen because she had a bad day. Neither does she. He says she must be exhausted, and they have an early flight. He suggests they maybe just have breakfast, and she says they should do that for sure. He leaves, and leans against the door. She leans against the other side.

Nina tells Obrecht, enough. Peter begs Nina to please do something; Obrecht is crazy. Obrecht says he should be grateful he’s talking; therefore, breathing. He thanks her, and she tells him to smell his reward, pushing the flowers into his face. She asks if he doesn’t like flowers; her son’s grave is filled with them. Peter says if she kills him, it’s not going to bring Nathan back, and she says there’s only one way to find out. Nina takes his blindfold off, and he thanks her. She says she still hates him for what he did. He starts to say he’s sorry about Nathan, but she stops him. One thing she and Obrecht agree on is, he’s not allowed to say her brother’s name. She asks Obrecht if he’s eaten and had water. Obrecht says he has everything he needs, and pulls Nina outside. Nina is like, what the hell? and Obrecht says she’s doing what needs to be done. Nina says she wants justice, not vengeance.

Maxie tells Chase that she didn’t realize she dropped her bag. She says she’s been busy looking at pictures, and shows him a photo of James. He says James is adorable, and asks when he’ll be home. She says there’s no timetable, but it’s not soon enough. She has the nursery done thanks to… He asks if she and Nathan decorated it, and she says her husband started, but it didn’t get finished until after. He’s glad she had a friend to help. She says, not a real one; it was Peter. She’d rather not think about it. She finds the necklace Peter gave her in her bag.

Michael hopes his mom can come home, but if the worst happens, he hopes she gets the help she needs. Then she can come back and be a grandmother. Nelle tells him, that’s the spirit. Michael wonders if Drew is settling in, and Nelle says she’ll check on him. Michael asks if she’s sure she can deal with the stairs. She tells him if she doesn’t conquer her fears now, she won’t get over them. When she leaves the room, Michael calls Spinelli. He says sorry he had to cut him off, and asks if they can meet tonight. He’s waiting to hear from the courthouse. Nelle comes back, and asks if he’s talking to anyone she knows.

The DA asks Jason, yes or no? Was Carly insane when she assaulted Nelle? He remembers telling Carly that he’d always back her, even when he knows she’s wrong. The judge tells him to answer the question. He says he’s not a psychiatrist, and the DA says she’s not asking for a professional opinion. Diane objects, saying Jason has many skills, but psychiatry isn’t one of them. The objection is sustained. The DA has no further questions, and Jason steps down. The defense rests.

In the ending argument, the DA says Carly had a long, contentious history with Nelle. Nelle instigated the conflict, but even after she was pregnant, Carly clung to her hated, until it boiled over, and she tried to kill Nelle, and almost killed her grandchild. She’s angry and bitter. She knew what she was doing, and needs to pay for it.

Diane says, Carly was under the weight of the loss of her son, and the betrayal of someone she trusted. Nelle did everything to infiltrate her family. She asks the court for compassion, and to help Carly get the help she needs.

The judge says it’s late, but he’d like to resolve it as soon as possible. He’s going to deliberate right now, and will be back as soon as he weighs all this. The court is in recess. Everyone goes out to play on the swings and slide. Sorry. I had to.

Anna tosses her book aside, and Finn does the same in his room. He asks himself what he’s doing, and calls her. He says he just realized he forgot to tell her something. He’s embarrassed that it slipped his mind. He forgot to say goodnight. She says, okay, goodnight to him too. They go to a split screen, and we see them both in bed on the phone.

Carly is glad it’s over. Diane tells Jason, perfectly played, but she’s afraid they didn’t even dent the DA’s case. The DA comes over, and tells Diane, congratulations. However it turns out, the insanity defense was definitely a brilliant ploy. Sonny says there shouldn’t have even been a trial. They can come after him, but not his family. The DA advises him to tell his family members not to push pregnant women down the stairs. She wonders how Diane sleeps at night. Diane says, like a baby, but wonders how she does.

Michael says he’ll call back when he hears, and tells Nelle that Spinelli called to ask about his mom. His phone dings, and he says, there it is. She asks if there’s a verdict already. He says the defense rested, and the judge is going to make a decision by tonight. She wonders if that’s a good sign, and trusts the judge to make the best decision for everyone, especially the baby.

Maxie tells Chase that Peter might have vanished, but continues to haunt her. He gave her the necklace. She loved it. No surprise, since it was beautiful and expensive. She calls herself an idiot. She let Peter convince her the friendship was real; that he was real. She tosses the necklace into the trashcan.

Nina tells Obrecht that they agreed; no torture. Obrecht says she’s just playing music. It’s not torture; it’s persuasion. She tells Nina to think of Maxie and James, and remind herself of what’s at stake. Nina leaves. Obrecht goes back inside, and says she thought Nina would never leave, smiling at Peter.

Anna asks if Finn has a remedy for insomnia. As a matter-of-fact, he does. She asks if it’s over-the-counter, and he says it’s best if a doctor gives it direct. She wonders about side effects, and he says it can be habit forming, but if it’s administered correctly, it’s very effective. She asks how it’s administered, and he says it’s a home remedy and organic. She says, no chemicals then, and he says, some, but nothing the body doesn’t produce on its own. She asks if he’s suggesting a hands-on remedy, and he tells her, preferably from someone with years of training. She wonders if he’s had a lot of success, and he says he’s experienced, and has an intimate working knowledge of the human body. She laughs, and asks if it’s hot in here, or is it just her. He says, it’s her.

Obrecht arranges the flowers, and says it’s more like home now, and better than the high-security prison he’s destined for. He tells her that his father didn’t do her justice. She says he can’t believe anything Faison said, but he says Faison claimed she was the most brilliant woman he’d ever met. She says he can’t sweet talk her, and he says she’s obviously too smart. He’s past flattery, and moving to anger. She says he’d be wise not to anger her, and he says it’s one thing share. As much as Faison admired Obrecht, he got sentimental when he mentioned Anna. Obrecht crushes one of the blooms.

Chase tells Maxie that he doesn’t mean to overstep, but her late husband might have thought she should donate the necklace. She says he’s not wrong. She can hear Nathan saying it. He asks he can do the honors, and she tells him that she never wants to see it again. He tells her that he’ll get a receipt for tax purposes, and she says he sounds official. She thanks him for bringing her bag. He hopes she doesn’t mind him saying it, but she needs to stop blaming herself for what happened between her and Peter. She says she let him get close to her, and thought he was good and brave. Chase says it’s on him, not her. A lot of people are damn good liars, but sooner or later, they get what they deserve. She asks if he’s still talking about Peter, or does he have another liar in mind?

Nelle asks if Michael wants to go for a walk. Her phone rings. It’s the DA, who says she won’t sugar coat it. They had a strong case, but it’s not looking good. She tells Nelle to try not to worry. Even if the outcome isn’t what they hoped for, she’ll find a way to protect her and her baby. Nelle thanks her, and Michael asks if it’s bad news. She says it’s just that something she ordered isn’t in stock. She thinks they should go back to the courthouse, but he says it’s too emotional for her, and she’s supposed to avoid stress. She says it will be less stressful going there with him, than waiting and wondering. Whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

The DA approaches Jason in the hallway, telling him, nice footwork. He says he just told the truth. Sonny asks if there’s a problem. Diane says she hates to interrupt the inappropriate conversation that could get the DA disbarred, but the judge made his decision. They all go back in. Sonny tells Carly to hang in there.

Anna asks Finn if he’s ever wanted to hit the reset button, and fix the mistakes made in life. He says our mistakes bring us closer to the things we need. He made a lot before he got to her. Every moment of their lives has led to this one, and that’s good. If they go back and erase what they didn’t like about their lives, they might not know each other. How can he regret his life, when it led to her? Anna says there’s one do-over she’d like that involves them; New Year’s Eve. She’d like to bring in the new year with some hope and joy, and with him. She hears silence, and asks if he’s there. She says she must have sent him to sleep; she’s coming over. She throws on a robe, but he’s already at the door. This reminded me of the time I did fall asleep talking to a friend. The dial tone woke me up, and when I called back, my friend said he finally did it. He talked so long, he put me to sleep. In his defense, it was like, two in the morning.

Obrecht tells Peter no more talk of that scarecrow Anna, unless he enjoys being gagged. He says he wishes she’d been his mother; Anna threw him to the wolves. She says Nathan is dead, and he’s alive because of Anna. He says he had his father in his sites, and she interfered. His father was supposed to die, not Nathan. He tells her to let him go. Together, they can make her pay. Not just for what she’s done to him, but to Obrecht and her son.

Chase tells Maxie that in his line of work, there are a lot of liars and losers. She asks if he has an arch nemesis, but he thinks the term is a little over the top. Nina arrives, and hugs Maxie. She sees Chase, and asks if everything is okay. Maxie explains she left her bag in his car. Nina thinks he went above and beyond, but Maxie says he’s being nice; there’s no hidden agenda. Although one thing he returned was a reminder of what she wants to forget. Chase shows Nina the necklace, and she suggests they melt it down. Chase says, with Maxie’s permission, he’s giving it to charity, but maybe they can use it to track Peter. He might have used a credit card he’s still using. Nina says he might be someplace nearby, and Chase asks what makes her say that?

Michael asks if Nelle is up for it, and she says she can’t let him face it alone. They go into the courtroom.

The judge says there are no winners or losers in this case. He heard the testimonies, and weighed the expert opinions. He declares Carly not guilty by reason of insanity. Michael says, thank God; at least it’s not prison. Diane says they’ve already made arrangements for Shadybrook, where her client will get the treatment she deserves. The DA says the people demand the sentence she deserves.

Finn tells Anna that they probably don’t need their phones now. He’s six and a half months too late, but happy new year. He kisses her, and they start to get busy.

The DA strongly objects. Not because she lost the case, but she’s attempting to safeguard a mother and child in jeopardy. The judge tells her that he doesn’t need instruction on how to pass sentence. Carly isn’t denying she pushed Nelle and broke off appointments with her doctor. She remains a potential threat to herself and others, and he’s remanding her to Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, until she’s cleared and ready to return to society. Carly shakes her head.

Peter says Anna is with Finn, while Obrecht is wasting time with him. Obrecht says she owes Finn. She’s grateful that she was fired. Now she can do as she chooses, to whom she chooses. He asks if she’s okay with them going on their merry way while she suffers. They can take Anna down and get back everything. She says he can’t give her back her son. and he talks like his father; empty promises. She throws the vase at the wall above the bed, and it shatters, everything raining down on Peter.

Nina tells Chase it’s possible. What if something happened, like an accident? Chase says they checked the hospitals. Maxie says it’s Peter they’re talking about. He doesn’t have accidents; he causes them. He walks away scot-free. She shows Nina James’s birth certificate, and says he’ll never know his father. He’ll just be a name on a piece of paper and old photos, because of Peter’s lies. Chase’s phone rings. He says it’s totally unrelated, but he has to take off. He tells them, no one can hide forever; they’ll find him. Maxie thinks Nina is being super weird, and asks if there’s something she wants to talk about.

Carly says, please, not Ferncliff. The judge says she needs treatment, not a vacation. Sonny tells her anything is better than Pentonville. Carly asks him to tell Josslyn that she loves her, and to keep the kids away from Nelle. Sonny says he’ll take care of Nelle, which is a brilliant thing to say in a courtroom. Jason tells her, don’t panic, and no shortcuts; promise him. He’ll get her out. Carly looks at Nelle, who gives her a sly smile.

Nina says she’s tempted to say, goodbye, good riddance, let’s move on. Maxie says that’s the healthy way, and she’s working on pulling it off. Nina thinks of the father James will never know. Whatever happens to Peter, he has it coming.

Obrecht says she has to hand it to Peter; he inherited his father’s talent. He says he didn’t mean to upset her. He’s just helping her realize they’re on the same side. She says he’s not on her side, and never was. She’s no longer engaging in his attempt at persuasion. Instead, he’s going to answer her questions and confess to his crimes. Does he understand? She leaves, and Peter reaches for a piece of glass on the blanket.

Diane says the only other option was guilty, and twenty-five to life. While draconian, the judge’s decision is by no means final. Sonny asks what they should do, and Diane says, nothing to get Carly in more trouble. If they feel the need to intervene, let her know. When she’s gone, Jason asks, what do they do now? Sonny says, just wait, but Jason says he can’t.

Carly sits in a cell. She says, whatever it takes, she’s going home.

In the empty courtroom, Nelle tells the baby that her plan worked like a charm. Now Granny Carly is in the snake pit where she belongs, and she’ll get everything she’s ever wanted. Chase walks in and says, it’s been a long time, calling her Janelle.

Tomorrow, Obrecht needs Nina to come back, Peter screams, Spinelli has what he needs to unmask Nelle’s shenanigans, and Nelle accuses Chase of stalking her.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York premiered its new season tonight. Steve Gold is back, minus the long hair, and new father Fredrik showed penthouses to Rebel Wilson. Ryan had a seminar, but Steve threw shade at him, claiming the reason people have left his employ is that he doesn’t pay them enough. Ryan told Steve that he didn’t know squat.

💝 The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce is back on Thursday, June 14th at 10 pm.

🌇 The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here will air on Monday, June 18th at 9 pm.

💩 And It’s Only Monday…




Rebel Wilson penthouse Fredrik steve gold back


June 7, 2018 – Nelle Takes the Stand, Ashley Stays Home, Charming Observations, a Hello, a Goodbye, & Kevin


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Griff starts off the show with his best worried look. While having coffee with Ava, he thinks about being in bed with Kiki. Ava asks if he’s all right, and he says it’s just… She says the trial is bothering him. She knows he doesn’t want to testify. He says he’s not thrilled about it. Ava knows after all they’ve been through, he can handle it, but she’s starting to feel like something else is wrong.

Elizabeth finds Kiki, who tells her that she just got the official notification that the investigation is closed, after the found there’s no wrongdoing. Elizabeth says it’s disgusting and she’s sorry, and she has Kiki’s back no matter what. She thinks Kiki should tell Ava and Franco. Kiki thinks they’ll want to fight her battle for her, and it’s hers to fight, not her mom’s or Franco’s. In great soap timing, Franco is there, and says, not Franco’s what?

Lulu asks if Dante is okay. He says it’s not his favorite day, and she tells him that her heart will be with him, Sonny and Carly. She knows it will be hard for him to testify. He says as the arresting officer, he has to. It’s going to boil down to Carly’s word against Nelle’s. Lulu says Carly has been emotional lately, but she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Nelle’s mouth. Scratch the surface, and you’ll find a scheme.

The trial starts. I forgot Carly’s name is actually Caroline. The judge asks for the opening arguments.

Bobbie says she doesn’t want to testify against Carly, but Sonny knows it’s not her choice. She’s worried she’ll send Carly to prison, but he says, that’s not possible. Just answer the DA’s questions.

Michael talks to Spinelli on the phone. He says Nelle always finds a way to cover her tracks. Maybe she’s using the gallery accounts as a front. Nelle joins him, and he asks if she’s all set. She’s sorry she has to go to the bathroom every five minutes. She wonders if it wouldn’t be a better idea to go separately to the courthouse, but he says he’s going to be where he needs to be; by her side.

The DA says the state is going to prove that Carly deliberately, and with intent to kill, shoved a pregnant woman down the stairs. She’s not suffering from a break in reality, but will go to any extreme to get what she wants.

Griff insists it’s the trial that’s distracting him, but Ava says he hasn’t been himself since the Nurses’ Ball. He says there’s a lot going on. She tells him that he’s always honest, and she counts on it. She wants him to tell her if it’s still weighing on him.

Franco says, tell him what, and Elizabeth says that Kiki needs help navigating. and she’d said to come to her. Kiki thanks Elizabeth, and leaves. Franco likes that they’re friends; he appreciates her strength. He wants to nail down a date, and tells her to name it, and they’ll throw the wedding of a lifetime.

Lulu asks Dante how bad it is. He says it’s never good if the best case is for Carly to end up in Shadybrook. She tells him to call her when it’s over. She’ll be working, but her phone will be on. It’s just good old-fashioned news; Scout’s honor.

Diane tells the judge that Carly is a mother who recently suffered the loss of a child, and struggling to accept a world without her son. She was succumbing to the idea that her late son was sending messages to her; clinging to the idea he was still alive. The ongoing agony of loss, brought a fissure in reality. Relentless grief broke a mother’s psyche. Bobbie is called to the stand.

Bobbie is sworn in, and her relationship as Carly’s mother is established. Sonny tells Carly they’ll get through it. The DA asks her to describe their relationship, but Bobbie says she wouldn’t. She wants to talk about the systematic campaign Nelle waged to destroy Carly’s relationship with her family. The DA declares the witness hostile. She says that the family came to rely on Nelle, and Bobbie says she ingratiated herself to take advantage of the family’s grief. The DA asks if Carly felt threatened by Nelle’s closeness with Michael, and Bobbie says, no. The DA asks if she approved, and Bobbie says, no, but not because she was threatened. Nelle turned Carly’s family against her, and pushed Sonny and Carly to the brink of divorce. She preyed on the family to break them up. The DA asks if it’s true that the closer the time came to Nelle’s shower, the more agitated Carly became. Bobbie says, no, and the DA asks if she was pleased. Bobbie tells her, no, and that Nelle is a parasite. The DA asks if Carly would do anything to stop her, and Diane objects. It’s sustained, and the DA asks if Carly was increasingly convinced Nelle wanted to separate Michael from his family. Bobbie tells her, yes, and the DA has no further questions. Diane reserves the right to question Bobbie at a later date, and the state calls Josslyn.

Ava tells Griff that she let petty jealousy get the better of her. She spent most of her life suspicious of those who might hurt her, but he’s different. She knows he won’t. She’s sorry she couldn’t keep her fears at bey. Griff continues to think about Kiki. He says she’s not the only one who made mistakes. They hurt each other. Kiki walks in, and Ava asks if she wants to join them. Griff has to get to the courthouse, and Ava says they need to have catch-up time soon. Kiki says she’s been super busy, and Ava says she worries about her. Apparently, she’s not the only one. Kiki’s boss came to the gallery, and expressed concern. Kiki asks if David came to the gallery to talk about her. Ava says he came to buy art, but her name came up. There isn’t time now, but they need to talk. Ava leaves, and Lulu arrives. Kiki thanks Lulu for meeting her. She needs her help.

The DA asks if Josslyn felt threatened at any time by Nelle, and she says, no. The DA asks if they’re friends, and Josslyn says they are. She asks if there was ever a moment in all this time that Nelle treated her unfairly, and Josslyn says, no. The DA goes to look at some notes, and Josslyn starts to get up. The judge tells her to remain seated. The DA returns and asks if Josslyn’s brother is looking forward to becoming a father. Josslyn says, definitely, and she asks if Josslyn is ready to be an aunt. She can’t wait, and the DA says, how does her mom feel? Josslyn says, happy; they’re setting up a room for the baby to stay in for visits, even though… She hesitates, and says her mom doesn’t think Nelle will let the baby come over all that much. She starts to cry. The DA asks about her mom’s reaction when Nelle opened the mobile, and Josslyn says it reminded her of Morgan. The DA says, it’s not the first time the issue came between them, is it? Josslyn says Nelle wanted to name baby Morgan, and the DA asks how Carly reacted. Josslyn says, she was angry – no, upset. She thought Nelle was using Morgan’s name to hurt her. The DA asks if she was, and Josslyn says, it was kind of a shock. The DA asks if Josslyn believes Nelle was using the name to hurt her mother, and Josslyn says, no. The DA says after Nelle ran from the room, Josslyn and Carly got in an argument; about what? Josslyn says she thought her mom should apologize. It was Nelle’s shower, and she was upset, so Josslyn felt bad. The DA asks if she was worried when Carly went upstairs, and Josslyn says, no. The DA asks if Josslyn believed Carly was thinking clearly and in control of her emotions; so when she sent Carly upstairs, she thought Nelle would be safe. Carly jumps up, and says, not another word to her daughter. The judge tells Diane to control her client. Diane apologizes, and the judge gives a brief recess. He wants Carly to calm down, and wants no more outbursts. Michael comforts Josslyn, and Carly asks Nelle if she’s happy. She did this.

Lulu tells Kiki what David is doing is disgusting. Kiki says he met with HR, and in all of five minutes, the investigation was closed, saying he was misread. Lulu says it’s crap, but why is she here? Kiki thinks her work exposes truth and influences people. She could use her work as a reporter to stop him.

Carly criticizes Diane for just sitting there. Diane says she objected when it was applicable, but the DA is good. Ava is up next. Diane tells Carly that they’re not there to dispute facts. The more innocent Nelle appears, the better for them, because no one in their right mind would attack her. She tells Carly they can’t paint Nelle as a snake.

In the hallway, Josslyn says she sent Carly after Nelle, now she’s sending her to prison. Nelle says no one wants that. Sonny asks Bobbie to take Josslyn home. Nelle tells Ava that she’s sorry to get her swept up in this. Nelle hugs Ava, and tells her as long as she doesn’t have to worry about the blanket, Ava doesn’t have to worry about her secret. Ava tells her it’s fine, and not to stress; it’s not good for the baby. Michael says he’s going to do everything in his power for the child to grow up surrounded by love. The court is to resume in five minutes.

Franco tells Elizabeth that they’re free. There’s no stuff from the past to sort out, so why not do it big? He wants everyone there. He’s going to promise to love and protect her forever, and wants the family to witness it. Elizabeth doesn’t think inviting her family is a good idea.

On the stand, Ava says she’d gotten Nelle a mobile with penguins, and Carly snatched it out of Nelle’s hand, accusing Ava of terrorizing her on purpose. Nelle explained that she’d registered for it, and Carly tore into her. The DA asks if Nelle defended herself, and Ava says, no; she was pleading with Carly, trying to make amends. When asked how Carly reacted, Ava says she refused to listen, and said Nelle wasn’t worthy to speak Morgan’s name, adding that Michael was too good for her. Nelle left the room, crying, and Josslyn insisted Carly apologize. The DA asks if she appeared to be out of control, but Ava says it was her usual temper, being so mad she couldn’t control herself. The DA says, so it was nothing unusual, and Ava says the only unusual thing was Carly apologizing. The DA asks about the blanket. Ava says she doesn’t think Nelle got one as a gift, and she doesn’t remember seeing one. The DA asks what the last words were that Ava heard Carly say. Ava tells her that Carly said Nelle wouldn’t get her hands on her son. The next time she saw Nelle, she was crumpled at the bottom of the stairs, with Carly standing over her. The DA has no further questions, and Diane has no questions at this time. Carly shakes her head. Nelle looks angelic.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if didn’t know better – which is rare – he’d think she’s trying to avoid him. Elizabeth says she’s working. He tells her that everybody is good at one thing, and he’s good at avoidance. She can’t stand the mention of her mom, dad, or sister. He wants to know what’s going on. She says it’s no big mystery; they’re just not close. The only family that matters is them. He says he wants to meet them. Elizabeth asks, what about his? Is he inviting Betsy?

Michael is called to the stand. Diane tells Carly that she did a great job with Ava. It’s imperative she not throw another tantrum. Now is not the time to convince them that Nelle is a liar. After establishing that Nelle is the mother of Michael’s child, and they’re not getting married, but co-parenting, the DA asks if Michael’s mother had reason not to trust Nelle. He say, yes, and the DA says, but he still began the relationship. She says when he found out Nelle was pregnant, it was already over and she was out of his life. The judge tells her to move it along, and the DA says that Carly did everything to keep Nelle away from him, and failed. She was going to be a permanent part of his life, unless something happened to her. Diane objects, saying it’s leading and inflammatory. The DA has no further questions, and again, Diane reserves the right to question the witness at a later date. The judge tells the DA that she’s becoming dangerously close to being theatrical. He tells her to stick to the facts, and no shenanigans from either side. Nelle knows it was hard for Michael, but he says he did what needed to be done for his family. She puts her head on his shoulder. Sonny looks at Michael.

Lulu says if she could, she’d put David’s picture on the front page with the headline Time’s Up, but the hospital officially dismissed the matter. She asks if there’s any physical proof. Without it, both she and the paper are liable. Kiki says, so they close their ranks. Lulu says she can’t right that, but as far as the harassment and the hospital’s lack of response, she can force the issue without naming names. Kiki asks if her name can be kept out of it, but Lulu can’t pitch the story without a first-person account. She needs what specifically happened to her to make people care, but it’s still a crime where the victim is subject to criticism and suspicion. She wants to write it, but she’s not the one who has to live with it. Kiki has to decide.

Dante gets on the stand, and reads the arrest statement. Nelle said Carly grabbed her by thr arms, and screamed that she’s not getting her hands on Carly’s son, and pushed her down the stairs. The DA says in the official initial interview, Carly said they had an argument over a blanket. She asks if the blanket was found at the scene, and Dante says, no. She says Sonny is his father, and Morgan his half-brother. Does he expect the court to believe he has no bias? He tells her the commissioner would have acted if there was a problem. The DA asks if there was another situation where the defendant threatened Nelle, and Dante says, no. She tells him, on April 30th, they were gathered at the PCPCD, when Mike was in custody, and Nelle offered Carly a cup of tea. Does he recall her reply? She reminds him that he’s under oath. He says Carly turned her down; she didn’t want tea. She says, that’s not very specific. He doesn’t remember it verbatim, and the DA tells him to get close as he can get. He says Carly wanted Nelle’s head on silver platter. I’d say that’s specific.

Afterward, Dante tells Sonny that he’s sorry. Sonny says he told truth; his wife has a turn of phrase. He asks Dante to go by the house to check on Josslyn and Mike, who is having a good morning for once. Dante doesn’t know how Sonny is getting through it, and Sonny says he takes one step, and then takes another, to get Carly home and help for his dad. Dante says, so is he.

Diane tells Carly to keep her hands and arms inside the vehicle, no matter what. Ha-ha! I love Diane. Nelle is on the witness stand, and the DA says she’s happy the baby survived the fall unharmed. Diane thinks everyone is grateful that Nelle and her baby have a clean bill of health. The DA says they’ve heard testimony about her troubled relationship with Carly, and asks how it began. Nelle says it started when she was lucky enough to save Carly’s daughter’s life. She didn’t have much growing up, and her dad had to sell her kidney. She wasn’t even in a real hospital, and has had health problems ever since, but it was worth it when she found out it went to Josslyn. She would have died without it. The DA asks if, when they first met, Nelle wanted to hurt Carly. Nelle says she’s ashamed of her behavior, but was jealous of Carly’s life because of her father’s lies. She’d thought Carly never paid. She made mistakes she’ll always regret. When she and Michael fell in love, It was wonderful; the happiest she’s ever been. She should have known it wouldn’t last. Carly was livid when she found out, and did everything to break them up. When they were alone, Carly would threaten her and suggest she leave town. Carly humiliated Michael into asking for a paternity test, then insisted she must have faked the test. They’re not together anymore, but found a way to be partners to do what’s best for their child. The DA asks how her health has been since the fall. Nelle says she has nightmares about falling, and searching for a baby she can’t reach. She wasn’t able to sleep at all until Michael moved to the room next to hers at the Quartermaine’s. Since that day on the stairs, she’s lost hope of her baby having a life better than hers. The DA is finished, and Diane says, in light of Nelle’s obvious distress, she’ll defer her questions until a later date. As she gets off the stand, Nelle doubles over. Michael takes her back to her seat. Carly and Sonny look at each other. The prosecution rests.

Elizabeth ask Franco what he’s doing still at the hospital. He says he’s been thinking about his mom. He’s totally been avoiding her, but he’s forgiven her, so in answer to Elizabeth’s question, he’s like to invite both mothers. Elizabeth says her family won’t give him what he’s looking for. They’re more interested in humanity than individual people, even the ones they’re related to. She stopped waiting for them to show up for her a long time ago. Franco says, their loss, and asks, what about Sarah? She says her sister is on other side of the country, but he thinks her family should be given the opportunity to maybe say yes. He asks her to please just think about inviting them. She says, fine; she’ll think about it. She leaves, and Franco calls Audrey. He says he has a weird question, and asks if she has Sarah’s phone number.

Ava has to open the gallery. She tells Griff that she would say, good luck, but he doesn’t need it. Just be his kind, honest self, and call her when he’s done.

Lulu asks what Kiki thinks. She says if the article will stop David from doing it to someone else, or inspire someone else to come forward, it’s worth it. She’s all in. Lulu says, let’s take this loser down.

Sonny gripes about Nelle’s fake acting and fake tears. Diane says if, at the end, they’re unable to prove temporary insanity, nothing will make any difference. Carly wishes the DA wasn’t so good, but Diane says she’s better. She asks if Sonny is clear on what to do. She says it’s showtime, and the defense is ready.

Next time, Anna thinks something is irrevocably broken between her and Robin, Jordan isn’t losing her job over it, Michael tells someone that Nelle buried his mom, and Jason tells Carly they can stop it right now.

BTW, the DA is being played by Elizabeth Hendrickson, who was Frankie Stone on All My Children once upon a time.

Southern Charm

I have to admit it. I’m loving hating Ashley. Her hair flipping alone is enough, but her diarrhea of the mouth makes it so easy.

Victoria hangs up on Austen. Craig wants to jump in the hot tub. Ashley flips her hair. Austen asks to talk to Chelsea. He tells her about Victoria seeing Naomie’s Insta story, and how she misinterpreted it. Chelsea says she doesn’t want to tell him they can’t be friends if he dates one of her friends, but it is kind of that way. She can’t be as involved in his life when he’s dating a friend. He says it would be different if she said it hurts her because she wanted him back, but that’s not what’s happening. It’s okay Austen; I don’t get it either.

The next morning, the place is a total mess. Kathryn tells Danni not to judge her for the marshmallows and chocolate in the bed. She eats while she sleeps; she has an issue. What’s bizarre is, I also eat in my sleep if something is close enough.

Whitney wants to get out while he can, and tells Craig he’s leaving. Craig stumbles downstairs with his pants undone and his shirt half on. He dreamt he had a girlfriend, and asks Naomie if they got back together, but that’s a no. Everyone starts to leave. Chelsea wants to do a drive-by of where she used to live on their way out.

Ashley tells Thomas if she seems anxious, it’s because she wants to get home. She wonders where his after-shave and socks are, and they look for Austen, but no one is around. Oh, come on. He can buy more.

Shep goes to his parents’ house. He asks what’s going on. He points out the cupboard is bare, and his mom says they were gone for five months. He forgives her.

Chelsea tells the girls that her parents divorced when she was three. Her mom started seeing a man named Jerry, who took them in. She only remembers happy times there, and didn’t know how bad they had it.

Shep wants a French bulldog. His mom says he has no business getting any dog. He tells her that he’s having surgery on Friday, and Kathryn is giving him a ride. He says he saw the good in her. He likes to see the good in people; he’s an optimist. In his interview, Shep says with some people, you never know what you’re going to get, and Kathryn was one of them for a long time. She’s more dependable now. His mom asks about his nose, and he says it was an accident; no one beat him up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to end up an angry old guy. She says it’s easy to get complacent when you live alone. He thinks he shouldn’t be in a relationship for the same reason he shouldn’t get a dog. He’ll never be a conventional person. His mother says she could pray, but couldn’t make it happen.

Chelsea drives to her old house. She says it pretty much looks the same. She has pictures of her stepdad pushing her down the driveway. He and her mom never married, but he was like a dad. She starts to cry, and wonders why she can’t keep her sh*t together. She says it was a great weekend, and she ended it by crying about her stepdad who passed away. She tells them he died when she was eight, and they lost everything because he and her mom weren’t married; they had nothing. In her interview, she says they moved to a duplex, and she had to share a twin bed with her brother. For life to change that fast was mind-blowing. She thinks that’s why she struggles to be independent. They relied on him, and then he was gone. Her mother had to work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads. In her interview, she says she doesn’t know if the walls in her relationships are due to him passing away. Her mom told her to always take care of herself, no matter what. Now that everyone is bummed, they head home.

Craig cuts pictures out of magazines, and makes I don’t know what.

Austen has more baseball caps than anyone should have.

Kathryn picks up Shep. He says he can drive there, but needs her on the way back. She asks him to come to the party, and tells him that she didn’t invite Ashley. She texted Thomas that she thinks it’s best Ashley isn’t around the children right now. He replied, okay, along with an okay emoji. Shep doesn’t think anything there’s anything more important to either one of them than the kids. She asks about his life, and he says he’s not really into anybody. He hasn’t found the person where everything makes sense. Kathryn suggests yoga or meditation, and says she’ll go soul searching for him. In her interview, Kathryn says Shep gets her, and she feels safe with him.

Three hours later. Shep is wheeled out. He feels great, but knows once the pain meds wear off, it’s going to hurt. He’s still wearing his hospital gown, and accidently flashes some leg while he’s getting into the car. He says, the first look is free.

Austen picks up take-out to bring to Victoria’s place. He says the situation has deescalated, but he’s never dealt with this level of jealousy before. He’s not sure how to navigate it. When he gets there, they open some wine to go with the food. She asks how Hilton Head was, and he’s like, um… He tells her it was awesome, but he took Chelsea aside, told her that they’d gotten back together, and that was that. He doesn’t want her to disengage from his life. Victoria says some of Chelsea’s actions don’t line up with what she’s saying. She doesn’t think Chelsea’s body language is appropriate with someone she used to be dating or respectful to her. Austen says he didn’t think anything of it. Victoria thinks there’s an ulterior motive. It didn’t feel right, and looked clingy romantic. Austen doesn’t think Chelsea is the romantic type, and Victoria accuses him of defending Chelsea to the death. He says he wants to be friends with Chelsea, but it hasn’t been sexual whatsoever since they broke up. Victoria mentions Chelsea’s comment about sneaking into his room in the middle of night, and he says social media is a pita. If Victoria thinks something isn’t appropriate, he feels like he has to agree, or she’ll be angry. He thinks she’s scrutinizing the photo more than she needs to be. He asks if they can let it pass, and she says, for the time being. I know what that means. She’s never letting it pass.

Shep nurses his knee, and calls Cameran. She feels like she was hit by a Mack truck, but got a cute baby out of it. She tells Shep that she was at home, and started getting contractions. Going to the hospital isn’t like you see in the movies. She wasn’t screaming and crying, but holding on to the oh, sh*t handle (is that the one above the side window?), and telling Jason to go fast. She was in labor for twelve hours, pushed about an hour, and out popped Palmer. She’s glad Palmer didn’t come out ugly. In her interview, she tells us a lot of newborns don’t come out cute, and pretty-up later. She says it was dehumanizing, but worth it. Shep has ice on his knee, and she has ice on her vagina.

Craig goes to see life coach Laura. She says he’s going to play show-and-tell with his self-portrait. So that’s what he was making. He tells her, on the outside is how he feels about himself, the inside represents his goals. There are no faces; he doesn’t see himself as a face. If there was a camera here, I’d be giving it a look. Laura says it has holes, referring to how the pictures are spaced. It’s not integrated enough; he’s not self-directed enough. Translation: he’s bad at being his own boss. He says it’s interesting that he came to her at this time. He currently has an amazing opportunity to design a pillow for his friend Patricia’s clothing line. We see a clip where she calls him, asking how the pillow is going. He says he has a hard time designing something for someone else. Hell, I’ll do it. He says he’s scared he’ll continue fantasizing about what could be, but not doing it. Laura says he’s bullsh*tting himself. He’s having a hard time jumping into the adult world with both feet. He finds different ways to sabotage himself. He’s a charming guy with great ideas, but doesn’t follow through, so he doesn’t have to adult. Hey, stop picking on me… I mean, Craig. Craig says he can justify everything, and convince anyone of anything; he’s a great liar. Laura asks why he’s effing lying. She actually uses the word effing. She asks, what is that about? He says it comes natural to him. In his interview, Craig says he can profile someone, and steer them in a certain direction. Laura says he keeps setting himself up for negative attention. He’s not nice to himself at all. He says the way she puts it, it sucks. She says the next time, they’ll talk about why he’s a liar. He doesn’t like being vulnerable, and is doing the thing he doesn’t like to do – have to talk about it.

Kathryn tells Kensie got to get ready for Saint’s birthday. In her interview, Kathryn says, last year, she was a guest at her own son’s party, and it was humiliating. She’s grateful for the chance to be a mother, and host the party herself. It’s what’s right. It’s crazy to her that Saint is turning into a little man. He’s blooming as a person, and is happy and sweet. She thinks it’s interesting she and Thomas could create such a normal person.

Ashley loves that Thomas still reads the physical newspaper. She asks if he’s looking forward to the party. She’s going to stay in and relax; she doesn’t feel well. Of course not. She says the emotional stress took its toll on her physical health. He asks if, in retrospect, going after Kathryn was worth it. Ashley says she was protecting him. He tells her the fighting is counterproductive. He says, don’t fight; just chill. Ashley insists wanted to go to the party to show Kathryn that she’s no threat. When Kathryn sent Thomas a message about not wanting her to be around the kids because she’s angry and aggressive, it hurt her. Thomas says, too bad. Hahahahaha! In his interview, he says Kathryn and the kids will always be in his life, and he needs to be with someone understanding, not critical. Ashley is jealous and paranoid. Ashley says she doesn’t trust Kathryn; she doesn’t want him to be happy. That’s the real reason she wants to monitor what’s going on; Kathryn wants to be where she is, and wants to keep tabs on him. Okay. She’s batsh*t crazy. Especially since she’s the one who didn’t like Thomas going out without her. Thomas tells her she’ll need tough skin if she wants to be in a relationship with him. She says they’re not dealing with a normal person, but darkness and evil. What? He says she’s fired up, and needs to reduce it to nothing. Kathryn wants to see what’s going to happen long term, and at that point, maybe she’ll be friendly. Ashley doubts it. Ashley tells Thomas that she’s not letting him go; she’s not going anywhere. Now she’s being creepy. Thomas says he thought she was going to Santa Barbara for the holidays, and he thinks they could use the space. I think he should change the locks when she’s gone. She wants him to hold her hand. He asks why, and tells her not to get upset if he doesn’t. He tells her to chill, and takes her hand. He says she’s very intense, and needs to reduce it. She tells him to stop talking about Kathryn. What’s important is right here, and she’s not letting that get the best of her. I could see this being part of a horror movie script.

Kathryn brings the kids to the venue, called Play Garden. It’s a large play/crafting room, divided into various sections. Thomas meets her, and helps bring the kids in. Kathryn wants this day to be absolutely perfect. She gives the staff the supplies she’s brought, including the party favor bags. Kathryn thinks it’s good for the kids to see their mother and father together, happy and having fun. Thomas puts on a tiny birthday hat. Danni and Naomie arrive, with Austen following. The rest of the guests trickle in. Austen tells Chelsea that he’s still recovering from Hilton Head. Shep limps in. He says it hurts, but it’s okay. Finger painting happens. Naomie says this is Craig’s jam, and texts him. We see he’s busy using duct tape to wrap the presents.

Austen says Saint has better style than he does; his bow tie is killing it. Thomas tries to take Saint’s picture, and it’s like taking a picture of one of my dogs, trying to get them to stay still. Naomie says it’s heartwarming when Ashley isn’t there. Danni asks if makes her want kids. The kids blow noisemakers, and Naomie says, no. Craig and Sean arrive just in time for the pizza. Kathryn asks if Thomas wants to join them for dinner there. Ashley is going to go out of her mind. In his interview, Thomas thinks Kathryn has stepped up as a mom. He sees a lot of improvement. It’s been amazing watching her transformation, and he’s proud of her. It’s time to open the presents. Craig has gotten a karaoke machine and keyboard for Saint and Kensie to share. The cake comes out, and everybody sings. In her interview, Kathryn says Thomas sees her as adult now, and has a new respect. Maybe it took longer than she would have liked, but they’re here now, and she just wants to keep everything good.

Kathryn visits Shep, bearing gifts. Shep says she looks like a femme fatale , and asks what she’s up to. She says she just came from work, and this is what she wears. In his interview, Shep says Kathryn has something, a je ne sais quoi. Yeah, she’s gorgeous, and the something is she finally got a decent haircut. She gives Shep some soup from her grandmother’s receipe, and a basket of goodies. Shep says when they get together, they can be weird, and she can be herself. He tells her that no one else has done anything for him, and she’s a joy to be around. He loves how rambunctious Kensie is, and she says Kensie gets it from both parents. They heat up the soup. Kathryn says she hasn’t had a date since August; she knows everyone in Charleston. He tells her to increase her radius. In her interview, Kathryn says she considers Shep a good friend, but her head can’t help going to that space where she thinks, why couldn’t they just make it work? He eats some soup, and says he’s happy. Well, apparently, he’s easy to please.

Ashley brings Thomas a take-out sub sandwich for lunch. She asks about the birthday party, and if it was the best one yet. He says it was a good one, and he helped Kathryn organize it. She went all out, and it was a good turn-out. Ashley asks if she was thought of, because she gets confused that it wasn’t her own party. She’s sure Kathryn was thinking about her. Wow. She continually tops herself with insecure egoism. Thomas doesn’t think Kathryn is appreciating her presence lately. He also doesn’t believe what Ashley says about Kathryn having feelings for him and not wanting to let him go. Ashley says, no. They’re not a family. They’ve never been a family. The kids weren’t planned, and they weren’t in a relationship when they had them. They were never in love, and Kathryn is living in a fantasy world. I’m not sure what’s making my mouth hang open more; Ashley’s impudence, or Thomas’s restraint. Thomas tells her that he’ll always have a soft spot for Kathryn. He would never want anything to happen to the kids, or her, the mother of his children. When Ashley disrespects Kathryn, she’s disrespecting the kids and him. Ashley says she feels disrespected, and he tells her, then back off nicely. She’s emotionally charged, and has a lot of anger and frustration. She says he’s frustrating her right now. He’s putting words in her mouth; don’t tell her what to do. I guess no one ever told this chick not to have arguments like this before the ring is on her hand. And I mean, the wedding ring. Thomas says if she wants to get along with people, relax. She says, like the other night, that’s who she is. We see a clip of him out with the guys, and having a good time. Ashley goes ballistic about him being out all night, and how he had a naked girlfriend waiting for him, but he’d rather be with Shep and Craig. He says, once in a blue moon, he likes to blow it out with his friends. She says it’s the first time someone didn’t want to come home to her. Her relationships must have only lasted two days. Thomas asks if she’s not going to California to hang out with her friends, and she says she is now. He gave her a kickstart. He says, when she comes back, she’ll be a better person for it. She says, if she does come back, and he says, go ahead. I’m dying.

Next time, Cameran has an oversupply of milk, Kathryn thinks Ashley wanted a one-way free ticket to spend someone else’s money, Thomas doesn’t know if he wants to get married, and Austen premieres his beer.

👍 I gotta say it, my take on Kathryn is that she’s the real deal. Cameran will back me up here; she feels the same way. I think Kathryn was very young when the show started, and as we all do – or I hope we do – matured over time. Being on television and involved with a very rich, well-known (at least in Charleston) guy put her at a disadvantage, so her growth wasn’t allowed its natural progression. Thomas was less than gracious, and some of the others egged her on. A lesser person would have folded under the pressure, but she did well. I’m proud of her too.

🍹 Speaking of not so charming Thomas, I was wondering what was up with the assault allegations against him, and this is what I found:

The article said that Bravo has a reputation of turning a blind eye to bad behavior. Are they kidding? Bravo encourages bad behavior. Andy Cohen is probably pissed that he didn’t think of the Jersey Shore. Don’t get me wrong, although I don’t always like him, I admire Andy a lot. He had the tenacity to do what others only dream of – loving pop culture so much, he became part of it.

💲 🌆 Million Dollar Listing New York will be back on Monday, June 11th at 10 pm. Rebel Wilson will be making an appearance, and from the looks of the preview, 50 Cent will be showing up as well. Is this the celebrity edition?

🎭 Sadly, tonight was the final finale for Imposters. I loved the show from the first one. It was fresh, something different with fun twists, and they weren’t afraid to show some blood and guts. It’s a shame Bravo won’t continue to give it a chance. It was a bittersweet ending, knowing that it won’t be back.

😯 So, I’m watching this movie on Lifetime, and there’s Kevin Bacon playing a father figure. When did this happen?

🙌 There Was a Time When He Cut Footloose…





May 22, 2018 – Peter is Exposed, Wyatt Calls His Mom, Horrible Guests Depart & Zzzzz


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kiki swills champagne, sitting on the empty stage. Michael says looks like he missed it. She thinks it’s still raging on somewhere.

Ava and Griff get back to his room. She talks about how great Epiphany sounded. He says she’s no slouch herself, but wishes he could say same for her song selection. How can she turn a charity event into a weapon?

Sam encourages Spinelli to hack into the hospital computer. Maxie comes out, and collapses.

Lulu asks if Dante will be home soon. He tells her about Robert taking Valentin into custody. In the interrogation room Robert tells Valentin some people mellow with age, but not him. He has Valentin up against the wall, when Dante walks in and asks for a word with Robert.

Nina brings Charlotte for a sleepover at Lulu’s.

Robert tells Dante it’s a WSB matter and stay out of it. Dante says he still can’t violate civil rights. Valentin wants to drug and kidnap Anna like he did with him. Finn asks what’s going on, and Robert says Anna is waking into a trap.

Peter asks Anna if this is what it’s come to. A WSB agent pretending to be an abandoned boy’s mommy to flush him out. Anna says he needs to understand something, but he says, no he doesn’t. He tells her that she can say hello to his father for him.

Sam and Spinelli visit Maxie’s room. She wanted to see her son in person. She shows them the tablet, saying he was early, but has ten fingers and toes. She says it happened so fast. One second, she was on the road, and the next, she was on the side of the road giving birth. It’s lucky Peter was there to help. Sam asks if she knows where he is. Maxie says he was supposed to meet her there, but never showed up.

Lulu tells Charlotte that it’s an amazing surprise. She goes upstairs with Charlotte, and Nina remembers Valentin saying Faison was impossible to stop, and how he wanted to get to the airport. She flashes back to asking him if he wanted to get away, so when it blew up, no one would know his part in it. Lulu asks what’s going on. Nina asks where Dante is, and Lulu says at the station. She thinks it’s going to be a late night. She asks if Nina’s drop-in has something to do with that. Nina says her husband has been keeping a secret for a long time. He knows who Henrik is, and always did.

Robert says there’s no time for niceties. Dante says he can’t beat a confession out of Valentin, and he’ll just come up with something else. He suggests Robert make a deal. Robert says Valentin knew Henrik’s identity since birth. Finn joins them, and says, who cares? They need to save Anna. Robert says he’ll take care of it, and sends Finn his number. He wants Finn to go to the hospital to see if Anna was admitted with a bullet wound courtesy of Faison.

Jason tells Peter to drop the gun. Peter tells Jason to drop his, or he swears he’ll kill Anna. Jason shoots the gun out of Peter’s hand, and Peter falls. Jason tells Anna that he and Sam figured it out because Peter had Faison’s lighter. Anna tells Jason to put the gun down, but Jason says he doesn’t think so. Anna says Peter is unarmed, and not a threat. Jason says he was hiding in plain sight. Anna gets that he wants revenge, but Jason says he’s containing a threat; she’s too close. He says, let’s go, and Anna draws her gun on him.

Maxie asks about the rest of Ball. Spinelli says he didn’t make it to the stage, but not because of her. Maxie asks if Obrecht stole his spotlight, then remembers she has to tell Obrecht about the baby. Sam tells her to take it easy, and Maxie says with everyone watching her, she doesn’t have a choice.

Nina says, another secret. Valentin has known from the start. Lulu asks if he told her what Henrik’s alias is, and Nina asks if it matters. Lulu thinks it might help them understand. Nina says it was worth more than their marriage, and worth more than her brother’s life. Lulu says she’s sorry, and Nina says, so is she. She would be sorrier if he’d whisked them away on the open-ended trip he’d planned. He’s in custody now, but when he notices they’re not home, this is the first place he’ll come.

Robert wants to know everything about Henrik. Who he is, where he is, and how to contact him. Valentin asks what the charges are, but Robert doesn’t know yet. Valentin says unless Robert has something against him, he’ll press the issue with his attorneys. The longer it takes, the longer Anna is in danger.

Ava can’t believe Griff called her performance a weapon. She was supposed to sing something sweet and sentimental, and her performance was anything but. She says the show was flagging, and she made a decision to get the attention back on the stage. Griff says it was a slap in the face to Sonny and his family, and anyone who’d thought she was a changed woman – like him and Kiki.

Sam tells Spinelli that she’s meeting Jason at the pier, and tells him to stay with Maxie. He blocks the elevator, and says he can’t let her go. Finn overhears, and jets.

Anna tells Jason to let him go, but Jason says he can’t. She says, please, because she’s not sure she won’t hit an artery, but she will if she has to. He asks why she’s protecting him. Anna tells Peter that she’s his real mother. Peter tells her to drop the act, but she says, it’s the truth. Peter babbles, and Jason tells him to shut up. He says it makes sense now. She says she couldn’t tell anyone; she was afraid it would play out like this. Teary-eyed, she begs Jason to let him go. He’s her son.

Spinelli says he can’t let Sam in harm’s way; Jason can handle himself. She tells Spinelli that she’s strong, placing her hand on his neck in the Vulcan death grip position. She asks if he wants to try her. He steps aside, and tells her to be careful.

Robert says if Valentin thinks he’s going to let him out. He drugged Robert, and kept him prisoner while Henrik played his deadly game. Valentin says the sooner he’s out, the sooner he can help Anna. Robert says the Bureau won’t press any charges regarding his association with Henrik – providing the caliber of the information gets Anna back safely. Dante says Valentin won’t have any leverage if Anna is dead, and asks who is Henrik Faison?

Ava knows Griff is disappointed that she’s yet to rise to his high moral standard, and achieve sainthood. He says he’d settle for human decency. Her song was a slap in the face to Sonny. Ava says she sang it for him. He asks what she wants, and she says, three simple words. All he had to do was tell her he loved her, but he can’t do that. He’s lost interest because she’s no longer in need of rescuing, but Kiki is.

Kiki asks Michael if he’s on California time; the Ball was hours ago. He says he was with Nelle, and she says she heard about Nelle’s fall. She’s sorry, and asks how Nelle and the baby are. He says the baby wasn’t harmed, and Nelle will make a full recovery. He wonders why Kiki is alone in the empty ballroom. She says she doesn’t want to go home. She doesn’t want to lie awake, dreading tomorrow.

Dante calls Lulu, and asks if she’s okay. Lulu says Nina is there with Charlotte, but Valentin had wanted to take them on an extended trip after the Ball. Dante asks if Peter has contacted her, but he hasn’t. He tells her to make sure Nina stays put; he’s coming home. He says Valentin is at the station, and he’ll explain when he gets there. Nina’s phone rings. It’s Spinelli. He tells her that she needs to get to GH. Maxie had her baby. Both mother and child are in good condition.

Anna gives Peter information on his birth, saying the midwife’s daughter can confirm it. She thought he was being given to a loving couple, and only found out a few months ago that someone else put his in Faison’s hands. Peter says she’s lying. She says she wanted to tell him about Faison having Huntington’s disease, and that he could be a carrier. It was the least she could do as a mother. She lied to everyone she loves, and can’t lie anymore. Finn arrives, and hears her say, you’re my son.

Jason gets why Anna wants to save Peter, but says she can’t. He helped Lulu to lure Faison back, because he knew Jason was there and would kill him. And he did. Anna and Jason argue, and she says he’s her child. Finn walks out, and tells them to both put their guns down.

Dante remembers Lulu saying that Peter encourages her, and him telling her to stay out of it. He flashes back to him saying that Peter might think her life is an acceptable risk to take, but he doesn’t. He arrives home, and Lulu asks what’s going on. She tells him Nina is at the hospital; Maxie had her baby. He tells her that Henrik’s alias has been under their noses the whole time. He’s Peter August.

Griff asks where Ava is getting this from. She says she saw him with her daughter backstage in the dressing room. He says he was comforting her, and Ava asks if that’s what he calls it. Griff says Kiki was upset, and he was helping her because she’s Ava’s daughter. Ava says, not because she’s a damsel in distress looking for a knight in shining armor? Now that Ava is standing on her own and moving on, he’s not interested. How does she know how he feels if he doesn’t say it. He asks her if he should really say how he feels or what she wants to hear? One is a lie, and he’ll come up short with the other. What does she want? Ava says she wants more than he’s capable of giving.

Robert asks Valentin where Henrik is. Valentin says he claimed he was going to deal with Anna himself. Robert can’t believe Valentin didn’t warn her. Valentin says he was out of options, and Robert says he had two – choose Faison’s son or Anna. Robert gets a text from Finn: Pier 55 911.

Anna tells Finn to get out, but he says he’s not going anywhere. Robert is on his way, most likely with the PCPD. He’s no expert, but thinks it’s not the best idea for them to have guns pointing at each other when they arrive. Sam shows up, and Peter says, another guest; it’s a party. With his gun pointed at Peter’s head, Jason says he has to finish it. If he doesn’t, Peter will betray her and probably kill her. Anna says it’s the chance she’s taking; he’s her son. Peter says she’s not his mother; just a bitch who gave birth to him. Ouch.

Nina sees Maxie, who says the baby is a boy. Spinelli adds that he’s premature, but healthy. Nina says she has a nephew; baby Jay. Maxie shows her the webcam, and Nina says, he’s beautiful. She’s sorry she wasn’t there, and says so much for birthing classes. Maxie says Peter never attend one, but delivered the baby like a pro.

Lulu says Peter can’t be Henrik, but Dante tells her Valentin said he is. She says Valentin lies about everything to everyone. Dante asks her what if Faison wasn’t coming to Crimson to find Maxie, but coming to Aurora to find Henrik? Maxie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time; so was Nathan. Lulu says she’s been trusting him, and working with him, and he’s been leading her around by the nose. Dante says he knew something was up with Valentin, but didn’t think this. Lulu wonders why Henrik would stay in Port Charles, then says, Maxie.

Kiki tells Michael, at first it was little things, like a misunderstood comment or a hug that didn’t need to happen. Then things happened away from the hospital. She thought it wasn’t that serious, Michael says he’s on the hospital board. If she’s being harassed at work, it’s serious. She makes him promise not say anything. She forgot he’s on the board, and told him in confidence as a friend. She’s just going to stay out of David’s way, and hope it blows over.

Mixed signals but clear how feels or more acut how he doesn’t doing them both a favor never make her feel how deserve never long time life short why wait she may not be perfct but wroth of love nd he can’t give it to her she says goodbye

Sergeant Murray tells Valentin that he’s supposed to wait for Robert’s instructions. He’s going to the pier to apprehend Henrik Faison aka Peter August. Valentin asks if there’s anything to hold him on. Murray admits there isn’t, and Valentin says by detaining him, they’re in breach of his civil rights. He regrets it will fall on Murray. He thinks they can agree the law is on his side. They have to release him.

Sam tells Jason not to do it; there are too many witnesses. Finn suggests Anna get the ball rolling by putting her gun down first. Peter suggests Finn leave things to the professionals. He says Jason will never let him live, unless Anna kills him first. He tells Jason to look in Anna’s eyes. She’s ready to kill him while Sam watches, unless Jason kills him first.

We hear sirens. Anna and Jason stand frozen, but then both of them put their guns down. Robert tells them he’s taking Peter aka Henrik into custody. He picks up Peter’s gun, and a cop starts to read Peter his rights. Robert says, don’t bother. He’s property of the WSB, and they don’t worry about such niceties. He says they’ll need a statement from Jason. There’s a nice cell waiting in Steinmaur for Henrik. Peter/Henrik is taken away. Everyone leaves, except Anna, Jason, and Finn. Jason approaches Anna, but she tells him, another time. He says he’s sorry, and she says, so is she. He leaves. She tells Finn that she never wanted anyone to know, and she’s made a mess of everything.

Ava knocks on Griff’s door, but there’s no answer. She apologizes for what she said, telling him she was wrong to walk away; please give her another chance. There’s still no answer, and she leaves.

Kiki is still drinking, and Griff asks if this seat is taken. She says it’s all his, and he sits.

Nina can’t believe Peter delivered the baby on the side of the road. Maxie thinks she should honor him for being a great friend and being there. Spinelli says there must be cards for that, but Maxie says what about giving the baby the middle name of Peter. Spinelli says it’s something to consider. Nina’s phone rings, and she steps out into the hallway.

Lulu tells Dante that Maxie relies on Peter, and thinks he’s a friend. They have to tell her. Charlotte comes out, and says she wants to say goodnight to her papa. Dante doesn’t think they can reach him, and Lulu says she’ll read Charlotte a story, taking her back to bed. Dante calls Nina, and asks about Maxie. Nina says Maxie is good, and the baby is a boy. He’s in the incubator, but his prognosis is good. Dante says he has news that won’t be easy to hear – Peter is Henrik Faison, and Valentin knew the whole time. Nina says she’ll have to call him back.

Dante opens the front door, and Valentin is standing there. He says he’s here for his wife and daughter.

Anna tells Finn it could have ended badly, like a Shakespeare play. All the principals have killed each other, and only the footman is left to say how tragic it is. Finn has a new appreciation for footmen. Anna says she doesn’t blame Jason. She told herself that she’d hidden the past, but the truth will come out. Now she’s left with the truth about her son and her. Finn walks toward her. He wipes a tear from her cheek, and holds her. She cries in his arms.

Tomorrow, Kiki and Griff drink together, Finn urges Anna to go to her son, and Peter wants to press charges against Jason.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The drug dealer tells Wyatt that this isn’t a game he plays. Wyatt says he has the money; something is wrong. The dealer thinks Wyatt doesn’t have it. He’s tried five times. The dealer thinks he’s playing games. That thing, meaning the ATM, is saying he has no money. Wyatt says he has millions, but the dealer doesn’t give a damn. He wants his money and wants it now. Wyatt says he’ll call the bank. The dealer says he’s not into waiting, but Wyatt says he’ll pay double. The dealer tells him to get on the damn phone.

Wyatt calls the bank. Infuriating on a good day, Wyatt goes through the usual rigmarole to get through to a live person. He’s told his account has a zero balance; it looks like the money was withdrawn this morning. Wyatt says he didn’t withdraw it, and the rep asks if he’s saying it’s fraud. He says it is, and he has to pay someone now. She tells him he has to come to the bank and file a claim. He says it’s in another country. The dealer says, that’s it; he’s dead. Wyatt asks to make one more call. The dealer says if the money isn’t there by the time he’s off the phone, Wyatt is dead.

Kathryn suggests, as the new supervisor, Hanna hire more people. Hanna agrees. Kathryn wants to do something big. She wants Hanna to know how much she’s appreciated. Hanna says Kathryn already doubled her salary, and she’s glad to be back. It helps keep her mind off that girl. Kathryn asks how she’s holding up, and Hanna says she’s living there. Jim comes out, and notes that Hanna is working there. He says it’s good to see her, and she says, thank, since she’s obviously not so glad to see him. Kathryn asks her to make up the guest room; Jim smells like a whore. Jim says she was good, which is Hanna’s cue to make an exit, saying she’ll get right on the guest room. Kathryn’s phone rings, but she ignores it. She ask why Jim keeps bringing whores to her hotel. Next time he brings a little tart there, they’ll have more than just a small problem. He hates to break the news to her, but he’s bringing a little tart there tonight, who happens to hold the key to making her case disappear. Her phone keeps ringing, and Jim tells her to answer it. He goes to freshen up.

It’s Wyatt. He tells Kathryn that he needs money. She says she’s not giving him money for drugs. He says a guy is going to kill him. When Jim poured the drugs down the sink, he needed more, and this guy is going to kill him. Kathryn says no one is going to kill him, and asks where he is. He says he’ll text the address.

Jim calls the DA’s assistant, and says he wants her tight little ass at the hotel at 8 pm, same room. Kathryn tells him that Wyatt is in trouble. He owes drug dealers money, and if he doesn’t pay up, they’ll kill him. He’s freaking out. Kathryn asks if Jim thinks they’ll hurt Wyatt, and Jim says, no. They’ll take him out for milk and cookies. What does she think? He tries calling Wyatt’s phone, but there’s no answer. He makes a call for a line trace

Wyatt tells the dealer that she’s coming. The dealer asks if it’s a joke, and Wyatt says he needs the address. The dealer asks if he’s giving it to the police, and Wyatt says, no; it’s his mom. The dealer cracks him in the head, and he falls.

The captain tells Justin that his mother keeps calling. Justin says he doesn’t have time. The captain says he was asked if he’s working Justin too hard, and tells him to step in the office. He says, it’s not good, and shows him the video. He says all the officers know; they brought it to his attention. It’s not his business at all. Justin says it’s not what it looks like. The captain doesn’t care. He just wants to be sure Justin has this under control. Justin says he does, and the captain tells him to call his mother. The captain tells him this kind of thing changes lives. Justin needs to make sure the people in his life are okay. If they’re okay, he has a chance to be okay. If not, he’ll make enemies. He tells Justin again to call his mother, call his wife, do something. He says it’s a small town, a small courtroom, and a small world.

Candace calls the bank to make a transfer. It can’t be completed, so she presses zero to talk to a representative. She explains that she’s trying to transfer money from her business account, but it won’t work. The rep says the funds aren’t available. Candace says they were wired, and should be. What’s the hold up? The rep says it’s some sort of federal hold. Candace gets a number to call. Landon answers, and he asks how she is. She says what the hell is going on? He says someone is watching after her big time. She asks if he froze her money. Landon says he wants to see her, and it’s not her money. She threatens to go to the press. Landon says that wouldn’t be smart, and Candace tells him to try her. She hangs up.

Pearl goes to see Justin. He says he’s busy, but she doesn’t buy it, and tells him he needs to talk to her. They go into the captain’s office. She says she saw the tape of him in a hotel room with a man. Justin claims he was working undercover, but Pearl says he wasn’t. She already talked to the captain. She asks what was he doing in that room? He says he’s not talking, and she tells him not to do this to her. She asks if it’s like when he was a little boy, and she was called to the school when he was caught in the locker room. Justin says he didn’t do anything then, and didn’t do anything now. Pearl says, yes, he did. She’s not stupid. He was caught with that colored boy in a compromising position, and she doesn’t like it at all. She asks what he has to say for himself, and he says, nothing. She has something to say then. He’s out of the will. His wife is in shambles. He’s embarrassed the family, and can’t come to the house until he apologizes to his wife and family. Justin says he understands. She tells him to look at how he’s ruined his life, and leaves.

In Hanna’s kitchen, Benny says he doesn’t know Melissa, and she says she doesn’t know him either. He says she’s living in his house. She says she’s been in situations like this before, and didn’t like it. He says he didn’t put her there. She knows he didn’t, and tells him to go to hell. Benny asks why she’s talking to him like that, and tells her to try being nice. She’s a complete stranger, living with them. She tells him tp go where he was going, and he says he gets it. She’s one of those who likes to pick a fight with a dude; a drama queen. She tells him it was good, and says he wants her right now. Benny is saved by the doorbell. He jets, and she tells him, come back here.

It’s Mitch. Benny has a problem; the girl is still there. His mother saw them, and told her she could stay there. Mitch laughs, and Benny says, she’s loony. Mitch knows. He tells Benny, let’s get the truck. Melissa comes out and says, hi, and they can’t get out fast enough.

Derek comes up the walk, carrying a bouquet of lilies, as Hanna is leaving work. He swears he’s not stalking her. Kathryn told him be there at six to check the sprinklers. Hanna says she’s pushing it. Derek says he’s sorry; she’s pushing hard. He doesn’t really mind though. He likes her. She says they just met, and he gives her the flowers. She asks if he just happened to have flowers, and he says he was going to drop them off. Hanna wonders if Kathryn told him that she likes lilies too. Derek says, since he’s there, would she like to get coffee? She says she has to start dinner for her son, but he’s welcome to come. He asks what took her so long? She tells him to meet her at her house.

Justin tells Jeffrey he’s free to go. Again? Jeffrey sits there, and Justin says, really. Jeffrey asks if he’s bullsh*tting. Justin says someone likes him; he made bail. He cuffs Jeffrey, takes him to the interrogation room, and uncuffs him. Justin tells Jeffrey that he got an apartment for them. He knows Jeffrey has nowhere to go. Jeffrey says he’s not living in a place with him, and Justin says he doesn’t want to live there alone. Jeffrey tells Justin to take him back, but he really is free to go. His dad is waiting outside. Justin asks for Jeffrey to please come to him tonight.

Jeffrey sees David, who says Jeffrey can stay at his condo until he finds a place of his own.

At David’s place, Erika comes out naked when she hears him come in. She apologizes, but David says he should have called. He introduces his son, Jeffrey, who says, hi, naked stranger. David explains he’s giving Jeffrey the keys for his condo. Erika leaves to get dressed, and Jeffrey asks who the young lady is. David says he’s been seeing her. He would have told Jeffrey sooner, but he was preoccupied with getting him out. Jeffrey asks if David likes her. David says, yes, and Jeffrey says he can see it. He’s never seen him smile like that; not with mom. David says that’s over. Jeffrey says Veronica came to see him. She wanted him to say Benny killed Quincy. David asks if he did, and Jeffrey says, no, but she wanted him to say it to get him off. He considered it, but it would be wrong. David thinks Veronica had a personal agenda. She doesn’t do anything unless it benefits her. He doesn’t care for Benny, but feels sorry for him. It’s like a rabbit playing in a lake with a water moccasin. He thinks he can get Jeffrey off, and tells him not to worry about Veronica. Jeffrey asks if she knows about his girlfriend, and David says she does. Jeffrey tells him to be careful, and his girlfriend should be careful too. David insists they’re fine.

Erika calls Candace. She thinks she’s been made. Jeffrey is here. She’s not sure he saw her face; she was naked, waiting for David. When he walked in, he ran into the other room. Candace says he either saw her or didn’t; get off her phone. David comes in, and tells Erika it’s fine. She says she’s embarrassed; he’ll think the worst of her. David says he didn’t see her face and he’s gay. Erika says she feels better, but still… David wants her to meet him, and she makes him promise not any time soon. He says he’ll delay the meeting as long as possible. Erika doesn’t know if she can look him in the eye. They kiss.

Candace calls Veronica, and says Jeffrey saw Erika; their plan could be blown. Veronica suggests he might not remember meeting her, and Candace says, right. He doesn’t usually look at girls. She tells Veronica they need to talk about the plan with David. She needs a federal judge. The money is frozen, and she needs it to be released. Veronica asks if she means the money they opened the Cryer account for, and wonders why it’s being held. Candace says, long story. Veronica tells her that she’s wasting her time, and hangs up.

Justin’s wife asks to talk to him, and they go into a different interrogation room. She gives him divorce papers, and he signs them. She says, just like that. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says, no explanation? He says if he had one, he’d give it to her. She’s surprised he signed everything without even thinking, and he says he knew it was coming. She asks if he wanted it to come, but he doesn’t know. She thinks he did, and he apologizes again. She asks if Justin loves him, and says she hopes it was worth it. He’s thrown away their lives, and hurt his family; it’s all on him. She tells him the second document he signed is a restraining order. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her. He can have everything, since she wants no memories of him. He asks what about his daughter. She says he’s never seeing her again. He signed that right away too. He threw them and their lives away for that man. She hopes it was worth it. When she’s gone, he cries.

Veronica talks to a judge. He says he heard about her divorce, and he’s sorry. He tells her how good she looks, and she says she can’t let it show. He asks if she remembers that time…  and she pretends to be coy. She says he’s always been kind to her, and she has a problem. Her future daughter-in-law is pregnant. She’s unfit and unstable, and Veronica is worried about her grandbaby. The girl is a hazard to herself and the child. She hands him papers from the hospital, saying she tried to commit suicide. For the sake of this child, Veronica thinks she should be committed. She wants him to let her know what he thinks, but it might be the best thing for her and the child to be in a facility with a padded room. He asks if it’s that serious. She says, it is, and she has a video of the girl threatening her. He says he’ll send a representative from the court to evaluate her. He says he can do it today, and she thanks him.

Jim tells Kathryn, nothing yet; he’s still working on the trace. She doesn’t know what to do, and he says that makes two of them. She says at least they got the money back. Jim says he still has to verify that.

Wyatt holds his head. The dealer asks if he thinks he can come in here and steal from him? Wyatt says he just needs the address. The dealer punches him. Wyatt stumbles to the bar, breaks a bottle, and stabs the dealer in the throat with it.

Next time, Jim sees Wyatt, Mitch tells Benny that he can’t help him, and Justin insists he’s not gay.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I still can’t get all the new names straight.

Primary guest Nichelle says yesterday was a day of concerns, and it took away from them having a good time. Nichelle is going to communicate their concerns, and intrudes on Captain Sandy on the bridge. She says the preference sheets are being ignored; she said, no starch. She also makes several other complaints about the food, and thought Hannah seemed frustrated. She’s not having a good time. Her fab friends expect quality service, and shouldn’t have to pour their own glass, which has happened several times. The captain says she’ll have a chat to them, and apologizes, adding that they’ll turn it around.

The deckhands work on knots. Kasey is still sick, and wants off the boat. Nichelle tells her fab friends that Captain Sandy said their concerns will be addressed.

Captain Sandy tells Adam the bowl thing bothered the guests, and they said the preference sheets were being ignored. Adam says, lies. He told them pasta was coming, and we flash back to him telling the group about the spaghetti he’s making, and Nichelle being psyched for it. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she doesn’t want to squelch Adam’s spirit. She tells him to make it work. The captain talks to Hannah next, who says the disgusting treatment she was being given might have transferred to her face.

Conrad says Joao hates that he’s only twenty-three. In his interview, Joao says he likes to challenge authority. Hannah tells the guests that she didn’t mean to be rude or disrespectful. Nichelle didn’t have fun yesterday, but the apology is accepted. The guests are taking a day trip to Capri, but it’s getting cloudy. Hannah sends Kasey to land with them. Kasay says Capri is beautiful, but the best part is that she’s on land.

The guests go to a restaurant. Joao and Kasey wander around. He finds out she hasn’t had sex in eight years. She thinks it should be sacred instead of just wanting to get off. She was waiting for marriage, and thought it was going to happen, but walked in on him with another girl. Joao says, shut the front door; oh, wait, she has.

Brook tells Hannah her boyfriend isn’t being supportive. He’s having a hard time with her being away, and she thinks it’s over before it started. Hannah thinks he should be more understanding. The brewing storm arrives. Captain Sandy says the Med is beautiful, but the storms come up quickly. Lightning strikes, and Hannah ducks.

Kasey says Joao won’t let it go; it’s a roadblock for him. He wants to have sex with her, but he can’t. Rain is pouring down, and the crew on the boat are running around, covering things and tying things down. Kasey chows down on shore, since she hasn’t eaten in a while. Joao calls the boat, and tells them they’re stuck for the moment. The dumpy, angry-looking redhead who I’ve dubbed Idiot gets all annoyed about the weather. She insists they’re at the wrong dock, but they’re not, and she gets even more pissed when she has to come back after stomping off.

Hannah thanks God for Brooke, since she’s on top of things. While in the tender, Idiot says the downdraft is coming quick, and gives orders on how they should proceed. On the bridge, Captain Sandy keeps repeating, I don’t want to have dinner with them. Kasey was hoping to feel better once she got back on the boat, but not so much. Joao relays Kasey’s sex life (or lack thereof) information to the other deckhands. I‘m sure she’ll appreciate that.

Idiot says she requested a strawberry cake with marshmallow icing for Nichelle’s birthday. Hannah looks at the preference sheet, and there’s no mention of a cake whatsoever. Hannah tells Adam that she can tell them too bad, or they can pull it out of their backsides. He wonders if the guests had their secretaries write out their preference sheets. He needs to make up for the dud meal, so he’s going to do some pulling.

Hannah models her black dress uniform for Captain Sandy. The darts are reminiscent of Madonna’s torpedo bra, and the captain says it must be a design flaw. Hannah says she’s not wearing this for service. Kasey is sick again, and Hannah asks Jamie to help pick up the slack. Adam says he wants the captain to know the cake wasn’t on the preference sheet. The table is decorated with fresh purple and yellow flowers. Everyone is given masks (the kind that just go over your eyes), including the captain. Jamie is annoyed about being pulled for interior, because she’s a deckhand.

Everyone is happy with the lobster bisque appetizer, except for one guest – henceforth called Cray-Cray – who doesn’t like seafood. Hannah confers with her on what she can eat, since it’s lobster and crab for the entrée. Cray-Cray says she doesn’t really like seafood. In the galley, Hannah sees that her preference sheet says she likes shellfish. Adam says it’s like a baby in high chair, who’s been given a Cheerio and a Cheez-It, and knocks them onto the floor because they want applesauce. The captain entertains the guests with seafaring stories. Cray-Cray is given duck as an entrée. She doesn’t like duck, and wonders why everyone got lobster and she didn’t. Adam says, wtf does she eat? Captain Sandy asks if she likes shrimp, but that’s a no. She’s so weird. Either she’s incredibly unconfident or drunk, because she seems confused about her own likes and dislikes, and is constantly playing with her hair and touching her face. Nichelle says she likes lobster, but without the crab. So what was wrong with the bisque? The captain asks why she said she didn’t like seafood, and Hannah confirms that’s what she said. The captain asks for the preference sheet. Adam says it’s like shoving a dog’s poop at them to show them what they did.

Sandy brings out the preference sheet. In her interview, she says she can see the guests are impossible, and she’s going to defend her crew. She shows Cray-Cray that it says she doesn’t like eggs, and likes shellfish. Cray-Cray says yes, she does like shellfish. Everyone raves about the dinner. Captain Sandy is like, I enjoyed it, thanks, I’m outta here. The cake comes out, and is proclaimed beautiful. Nichelle says it was a magical night. Hannah tells us she’s on her 19th hour, and wants to go to bed.

Conrad has never seen anyone as seasick as Kasey. He tells the captain that he thinks she needs to get off the boat. The captain says they’re gong to get her to a doctor. She also has to wake Hannah up early. Nichelle asks if she can have prawns for breakfast. Brooke cries in the bathroom. Adam makes lovely prawns, and says it’s the breakfast of champions.

Colin interrupts Conrad while he’s trying to give instructions. In his interview, Conrad says when he was in his first year, he thought he knew everything too, but he didn’t. Captain Sandy says there’s little room in Naples for docking. Conrad says it’s his place to shine, and show everyone he knows his sh*t, but he’s crapping himself. The captain announces it was a successful first docking, and says, well done.

Brooke tells Kasey to let her know what land is like, and bring her back a feather. In her interview, Hannah is hoping the doctor keeps her. It’s time for the guest’s departure, which I’m sure is good news for the crew. Nichelle tells the captain it was a rocky start, since they’re used to perfection. To be helpful, she says they should pay more attention to detail on the preference sheets. Hannah and Adam can barely contain their laughter. Nichelle says the rest was spot-on, and they did a good job compromising. Hannah wishes Nichelle would STFU and walk down the dock.

At the crew meeting, Captain Sandy says in the history of charters, these were the toughest clients. They were down a team member, but pulled it together. Kasey comes back, and says she’s getting nausea pills. The captain starts with Adam, who did follow the preference sheets, but takes guests being a-holes personally. In her interview, Captain Sandy thinks Adam and Hannah need a reset. The tip is $12K/$1000 each. Colin says it could feed a family in Zimbabwe for two months. He’s learned to appreciate the value of money.

The crew gets ready to go out. Kasey would rather stay behind, but wants them to know the girl behind the seasickness. Brooke and Colin talk. They get some food, and the drinking commences. They move on to a bar. Brooke is weepy, and Hannah asks to talk to her in the bathroom. Brooke tells Hannah that her boyfriend broke up with her. Hannah says it’s only been three days; screw him. If he can’t take it at this point, he needs to go back to his life. They decide to go back out and drink some more. Joao flirts with Kasey. When Brooke comes back out, he dances with her. Conrad sits with Hannah. In her interview, she says flirting with him is like being in high school, and not because he recently graduated. Everyone goofs around on the bus back. Joao says it’s like a pissing match with the hierarchy in yachting, and he’s not having it. He gets abusive with Hannah, who tells him not to speak to a chief stew like that. She tells him to sit down, and Adam tells him to STFU.

Next time, a birthday interrupted, Joao remembers nothing, the new primary is a friend of Captain Sandy, and Conrad tells Joao not to question him.

💰 This week, on Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Jill, a struggling formal dress saleswoman. She spent twenty years in law, while she raised her son, but was never happy. Ryan deduced that her major problem was her initial connection with the customer. She wasn’t getting to know her customer quickly, and had walled herself in at home. He sent in a ringer to see how she worked, and took her to speed dating, which taught her how to be engaging and ask questions. She learned how to start with a compliment and address customer concerns. She had only sold five dresses in a month, but after spending a week with Ryan, sold five dresses worth over $5K in a single day at a trunk show. The boss had only asked for a goal of three, and Jill got to keep her job. Ryan felt the wisdom he’d passed along would make her happier as a whole. Next time, a commercial real estate agent who’s too modest.

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May 15, 2018 – The Blanket Vanishes, Bad Guests in Capri, Veronica Gives Jeffrey a Way Out, BH Secrets, Ryan Helps a Realtor & Long Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase goes into the interrogation room. Carly is there, and he gives her coffee and her prescription bottle. Sonny wants a straight answer from Diane, but she says bail hearings aren’t always quick. Carly was arrested after the courts were closed. He asks what the charges are, and Dante says it depends on if Nelle and the baby survive.

Nelle wakes up and yells, no, Carly! Michael tells her she’s okay; she’s in the hospital. She grabs him, saying she was scared. he says it was just a dream.

Griff watches Ava rehearse for the Nurses’ Ball. Lucy tells him not to leak anything he sees. He tells Ava that she blew his mind, and Lucy is like, mind? Okay. Ava says she’s nervous, but Griff says she’ll be great. He’ll be the guy in back cheering and saying that’s his girlfriend. She says, please, no airhorns. He asks if this will do, and gives her a bouquet of roses.

Peter texts Valentin, are you sure A.D. under control? Valentin wonders wonder what’s going on with him.

Peter and Anna sit separately at the MetroCourt. Peter reads Valentin’s reply, situation under control. He thinks he’d better make sure. Anna writes, Henrik? Please respond. Peter approaches her table, and asks if it’s top secret. She’s a real live spy, and the impulse is to think anything she’s doing is a covert operation. She asks what business it is of his.

Andre meets Drew. Drew asks if he wants to make amends, and Andre says, if it’s possible. Drew wants Andre to make it possible.

Lucy tells Alexis to coordinate with her presenter. Finn says, hi.

Andre tells Drew if he knows of a way he can help, he’s all in. Drew says, make me, me again. Andre says they’ve discussed it before, and without the data, there’s nothing he can do. Even if he gets his hands on it, there’s no precedent. There’s no guarantee it would work twice. The human mind isn’t meant to withstand memory writing and rewriting.

Peter says Anna hasn’t forgiven him for refusing to plant a false story. He asks how she does it. Which ideals is she willing to sacrifice? What rules is she willing to break? She asks if he’s interviewing her, and has a hidden recorder. He says it came to his attention that Robert might have leaked something to Nina’s husband about Henrik. She and Maxie are his star employees, and their safety is paramount. Anna says she has a word of advice. Valentin has a jealous streak, and he should leave Nina to him. Maxie is her goddaughter, and she’d sooner die than let anything happen to her.

Griff tells Ava his flowers may be premature, but she’ll be inundated later, and he wanted his to be first. She tells him to keep his expectations nice and low. He says he believes in her, and she says it must be torture not waking up next to her. He says the hotel will do for now, but it’s definitely not home. She hopes he finds home soon. He asks if she wants to go to breakfast while Lucy is terrorizing someone else, but she’s late for an appointment. She says she’ll see him tonight. He says he can’t wait, and they kiss.

Sonny goes into the interrogation room, and Carly asks where Michael is. Sonny says he’s at the hospital. Diane asks for privacy, so Dante and Chase leave, but Jason stays. She asks, what happened? Nelle said Carly pushed her. Carly says Nelle is lying. The whole thing was a set-up.

Nelle tells Michael the nightmare felt real; did she say anything? Michael says, no, but she was upset. She says she felt like she was falling and had no control; there was nothing to grab on to. She put her hand over her belly to protect the baby. She starts to cry. Kim comes in, and asks how she’s feeling. Nelle takes Michael’s hand, and asks if the baby is going to be okay. Michael makes a worried face to rival Griff’s.

Alexis asks how Lucy roped Finn in. Finn says Lucy dropped Alexis’s name, telling him she’s getting the Port Charles Pioneer award. Lucy walks by with a camel. A live camel. Finn says Alexis is receiving the award for fighting social injustice, and she says she’s done a few pro bono cases. He says more than a few. She’s glad it’s giving her an excuse not to perform. She’ll just graciously collect her plaque, and everyone will clap, but he has to give them a reason why. He says if his introduction is underwhelming, he’ll make up for it on the dance floor – as long as her date doesn’t mind. She says she doesn’t have one. He says, in that case, does she want to go with him?

Still leading the camel, Lucy sees Valentin, and says they have time to run through his number. He says he’s good to go. Lucy says since everyone loved him last year, she’s inclined to believe it, but the stage manager might need to rehearse. He says he’ll see her tonight.

Peter tells Anna that he’s been trying to reach Robert to no avail; perhaps she could put them in touch.  Anna says if Robert isn’t available, it’s for a reason, but she’ll relay the message. He says it’s most appreciated. Peter leaves, and Griff comes in. Anna hugs him, and he says he didn’t know she was back. She says she’s been underwater. He says she has to come up for air some time, and asks if she’s still looking for Henrik.

At the station, Chase tells Dante the statements are consistent that Carly was the aggressor. She got in an argument with Ava about a gift, Nelle explained how the gift was chosen, and Carly claimed it was just to torment her. Carly also said the blanket was a replica of one Morgan had. The problem is, no blanket was located, and no one can attest it exists. Dante says no one knows what really happened except Nelle and Carly. He’s going to find answers.

Kim tells Nelle and Michael that the baby’s heartbeat is as strong as ever. There are no injuries to the baby; it’s just fine. Michael hugs Nelle. Ava sees, and she and Nelle lock eyes.

Diane asks Carly what she means by a set-up. Is she suggesting Nelle threw herself down the stairs? Carly says the fall was an accident, but everything leading up to it was deliberate. She saw the penguin mobile, and when she saw the blanket like her mom made for Morgan as a baby, she wanted to show it to Michael. Diane says no blanket was recovered. Is it possible she imagined it? Carly says, absolutely not. Jason looks at her.

Griff asks Anna if catching Henrik is worth what she’s putting herself through? She doesn’t know, but she’s getting closer. He says there are risks, and she says, acceptable risks. If she has the chance to alert him about Huntington’s disease, shouldn’t she. Wouldn’t he do that? He supposes he would. She asks if he wants breakfast, but a patient needs his attention. They can catch up at the Ball. He tells Anna that he loves her, and kisses her cheek.

Griff walks into Peter’s office, since there’s a bullet elevator that shoots him right there. He tells Peter that he needs to get out of Port Charles while he still can.

Drew tells Andre that he’s not letting Jason’s past rule his life. Andre says the best and safest way to deal with it is to accept it and keep moving. He has no way to restore Drew’s memories without the flash drive. Drew tells him to get Jason out of his head. Remove Jason’s memories, and he’ll deal with the rest.

Carly says she never even touched Nelle. She grabbed the blanket, and when Nelle grabbed it back, she fell. Sonny asks if the blanket is like the scarf, and Diane asks, what scarf? Jason explains how Carly found it on her desk, and Diane asks if he saw it. He says Nelle came back and took it. She worked for Carly, and knew the layout and how to avoid the cameras. Carly says Nelle set her up. Sonny says even if Nelle is responsible for the scarf, she couldn’t have taken the blanket. She was unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Jason says someone else took it. They just need to figure out who.

Michael thanks Kim. Kim says she’d like to keep Nelle for another 24-hours to monitor her. Michael thought Nelle was fine, but Kim says it’s just a precaution. She leaves to order Nelle a room, and Michael asks if Nelle is okay. She says, yes, now that she knows the baby is okay. She asks him to get her some orange juice.

Dante asks Kim how the patient is doing. She says bruised, but okay, and the baby is healthy. There’s no indication of injury or distress.

Ava goes in to see Nelle. She says Nelle is looking hale and hardy after what she’s endured. She asks how the baby is doing, and Nelle says, well; no thanks to Carly. Ava says it was quite a shower. Nelle says it’s a blur, except for Carly pushing her; that’s crystal clear. It was terrifying how Carly came after her. Ava remarks that Nelle’s use of the blanket was calculating, but this couldn’t have been part of her original plan. Carly is up for two counts of attempted murder, and Michael has been there all night. All because of a blanket. She says, guess who has it now? and takes it out of her bag. That was slick. Ava must move pretty fast.

Jason says they need to go over who was at the Quartermaine’s. Diane asks to speak to Sonny privately, and Carly asks about what? Diane says they can go over the arraignment, while Carly talks to Jason. Carly says Diane doesn’t believe there was a blanket, but Diane says it doesn’t matter what she believes. What matters is what she can sell to a court of law.

Diane asks what Sonny thinks. Sonny thinks Carly is going through a breakdown; it’s been happening for months. She’s seen signs from Morgan that he’s not dead, and he thinks it’s her grief causing it. Diane says Jason believes her, and Sonny says if Carly wanted to jump off a cliff, saying she could fly, Jason would let her. Diane says it might come to that. If they can’t produce the blanket, Carly could talk herself into a conviction for attempted murder.

Carly tells Jason that they don’t believe her, but he does. He says it makes sense. Nelle knew where Morgan died. She did either made the calls or paid someone, and she carried out the rest. Carly says Nelle is crazy, but the hardest part is, her baby isn’t coming back. Jason hugs her.

At the hospital. Michael tells Dante the baby is okay. Dante asks if Nelle is conscious and lucid; he needs to talk to her. Michael says she’s still shaken up, but Dante needs a statement while it’s still fresh.

Ava says, lovely work. Nelle should consider opening an Etsy shop. She found it right where Carly said it dropped, and snuck it out while everyone was worried about Nelle. She says Diane is a great attorney, and would have a field day with it. Nelle tells her to wait, but Ava says, on second thought, she’ll hold on to it for safekeeping. She wouldn’t want Nelle to have to replace it. Nelle tells Ava to please give it to her, but Ava says she has enough to keep track of – like the photo of Griff’s DNA test. Dante and Michael come in, and just as fast as Ava snatched it in the first place. the blanket is back in her bag. Dante asks if Nelle thinks she’s up for questions. He’d like to clarify what happened before she fell.

Finn rehearses his introduction, and Alexis follows with her acceptance. Lucy says, hold everything, and tells herself, serenity now. She asks if this is how Alexis is making an entrance, and Alexis asks if she doesn’t like walking. Lucy says it’s boring, and Alexis suggests a triple axel. Lucy tells her she’s receiving an award on a magnificent stage, not looking for toilet paper in the grocery store. She should do some sashaying. Lucy demonstrates, and knocks Alexis’s papers all over. Finn picks them up, and sees Anna’s will.

On the phone, Anna says she’s trying to get in touch with Robert, and to make sure he gets the message.

Griff tells Peter that Anna is working with Jason. Peter thinks he has no reason to worry, unless Griff tells them. Griff says he needs to leave or come clean, or he might find himself at someone else’s mercy sooner than he thinks.

Valentin sees Griff leave Peter’s office. He asks Peter what the deal is, and Peter says Griff is trying to save his soul. Valentin doesn’t buy it, saying he’s way too close to Anna. Peter asks if Valentin is absolutely sure, and Valentin says he is, unless Griff told him otherwise. He asks what connection Peter has to Griff, and Peter says Griff knows who he really is. Valentin calls him an idiot, asking if he knows what he’s done. He’s screwed them both.

Nelle tells Dante everything was fine at first, then things got tense. Ava gave her a gift from her registry, a mobile with penguins. Nelle explains that newborns see better in black and white. She had no idea it would remind Carly of Morgan, but Carly thought it was deliberate, and said awful things. She got away to the nursery. Ava says Carly chased her off in tatters. Dante asks what happened when Carly found her, and Nelle says more of the same. Carly told her everyone was better off without her. She didn’t want to get the baby stressed, so she tried to get away. Carly caught her at the top of the stairs. She asks if they can finish later, but Dante says they’re almost done. Nelle continues, telling him that Carly grabbed her by the arms and shook her, screaming that she didn’t want Nelle to get her hands on her son, meaning Michael, and pushed her. Dante thanks her for her cooperation, and says, one more question. Carly mentioned a blanket was involved in the struggle at the top of the stairs. Nelle doesn’t know what she’s talking about; there was no blanket. Dante asks if she’s sure, and Ava tells him, if Nelle says there’s no blanket, there’s no blanket.

Jason tells Carly it’s going to be okay. They know it’s Nelle; they just have to prove it. Carly says Sonny is right. There’s no way Nelle could have gotten the blanket. Jason suggests maybe someone has it, and has no idea what they have. He says the blanket is real, the scarf is real, and so were the break-ins. Nelle left a trail somewhere. There has to be proof, and he’ll find it. Carly says Sonny thinks she’s going crazy. Jason says he sees her pain, and he’s grieving too. Carly asks if Jason can talk to him. He says he’ll try, but Sonny doesn’t trust his judgement when comes to her. Carly says, because he believes in her. He says he always will, and promises it will be okay (the word of the day).

Valentin asks Peter why he confided in Griff. Peter says he didn’t. He went to Griff for a Huntington’s disease test, and when Griff found out Faison was a carrier, he ran a DNA test without his permission.  He played on Griff’s sympathies for Maxie’s sake, promising to be a model, law-abiding citizen. He kept his end of the bargain. Valentin says he doesn’t realize how close Griff and Anna are. There’s no way he’s not going to tell her. Anna will be crushed when she realizes that Valentin knew all along. Peter suggests Valentin get rid of Anna like he did Robert.

Andre says Drew is asking him to erase everything he is, but Drew says just Jason’s memories. Andre says there’s no guarantee he’ll survive a second procedure intact. He doesn’t know if Drew’s memories are gone or just not accessible; it’s not that easy. Drew says if there’s a remote chance it will work, he has to do it.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is okay. Sonny says she’s sick, but he loves her. He thinks she’s unraveling, and it’s best to take a step back. He doesn’t want this getting worse. Diane tells them that there’s not going to be an arraignment until tomorrow. The judge wants to give the police more time to investigate.

Nelle thinks she and Michael should talk about it, but Michael says, later; she needs rest. She says, fair enough, and tells him to try and have fun at the Nurses’ Ball. He says he’s not going. He’s staying with her, and he refuses to change his mind. Kim comes in, and tells Nelle she’ll be more comfortable in a regular room. She’ll be going to the Ball, but can be contacted if Nelle needs anything. Nelle says her favorite things are right there.

Chase tells Dante that the statements from the staff don’t contradict anything they’ve heard so far. Dante says, Nelle claims the same thing. Chase asks what’s their next move?

Diane tells Carly that there’s no arraignment until tomorrow, and Carly say she can make it one night. Dante says the baby is fine, and so is Nelle. Carly says, thank God, and Dante says it’s time for everyone to leave.

Ava says it’s a shame Nelle will miss her debut, but she has a good excuse. Nelle suggests having Griff record it. Ava tells her to stay warm. Hospital rooms can be cold; she should ask for an extra blanket. She leaves, and Nelle says she knows Michael doesn’t want to talk about it, but what does he think will happen to his mom?

Chase cuffs Carly, saying it’s standard procedure on counts of attempted murder. Diane doesn’t disagree, but says if the court best not infringe one iota on her client’s civil rights. Carly tells Sonny to get home. Josslyn is going to the Ball with Oscar, and he needs to coordinate with Kim. She ask him to tell Michael that she loves him and the baby. Chase leads her out.

Finn looks at the will for a moment, and gathers everything up. He asks Alexis what it’s going to be, a saunter or sashay? She thinks she’ll be safe with a stroll. He says he’s going with shimmying.

Anna gets an email from Henrik, accepting her invitation, and asking for a time and place. He says they have a lot of catching up to do.

Drew asks Peter if he’s seen Sam, and Peter says, not recently. Drew asks him to tell her that he’s looking for her. Peter asks if everything is okay, and Drew says he thinks he found a way to get back everything he lost.

On the phone, Valentin orders plane tickets for two adults and a child – one way. They’re not coming back.

Tomorrow, the Nurses’ Ball. Carla Hall from The Chew makes an appearance.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam is back? Why?

We start off docked in Naples. Hannah has also returned. Captain Sandy says they’re going to smash this season out of the park. Let’s hope they don’t smash the boat like those guys did last season on Below Deck the original. Chef Adam spent his off-time cooking in the woods, and has never felt like more of a chef. The captain tells us they have the potential to be great, which is why they’re back, but there’s no second chance after this second chance.

Bosun Conrad comes on board next. Followed by Kasey, the third stew. Lead deckhand Joao is next. He’s from Zimbabwe, and oddly enough, that’s where Hannah’s parents are from. Yachting was his only way out. Adam is jealous of Conrad’s name because it has rad in it. Sigh. Where is Chef Ben when I need him? Second stew Brooke arrives. It’s a small yachting world, as she’s worked with Hannah’s best friend. Hannah is hoping to be able to wake up without daggers in her back this season. Deckhands Jamie and Colin round out the crew.

Captain Sandy goes over the rules. She tells them not to be her first thought in the morning, or it means it will be their last day on the boat.

Adam says the stews are super cute, but so is having a job. Jamie says most people assume she’s a stew because she’s female. The crew gets the boat ready for the first guests. Conrad goes over things with the deckhands, telling them he praises in public, but gives critiques in private. Joao makes sure the deckhands know that he defers to Conrad if there’s a conflict of information. Everyone is shocked that Conrad is only twenty-three. He hates when people continually point out his age Hannah goes over the schedule with the stews. Her job is to make the boat run smoothly, and she tells them not to take it personally if she’s short with them. Brooke says she started dating an old friend, and it’s her first time away from him. Kasey says that she did pageants, but also has a psychology degree. That’s good. She’ll need it.

The captain calls Conrad, Adam, and Hannah to the bridge to go over the preference sheets. Nichelle is the primary, and owns a sports management firm. The guests are looking to surf and use the water toys. Captain Sandy says they’ll pick the guests up in Capri. She wants them wowed by the food and the service, and says they’re going to make it happen.

Kasey is puzzled by the ironing board. She lives at home, and it’s her first time doing laundry. She wants to prove that she’s more than the princess everyone thinks she is – even though she is. The crew changes into their whites.

Why don’t these guests look like they’re sports minded? I’m not a person who puts a lot of stock in appearances, but they look like rumpled messes. I hope the primary isn’t intending to hand out business cards. The introductions are made, and Captain Sandy says they’re going to smash it out of the park, because she’s stuck on baseball references. Hannah gives the tour. Jamie wonders if the guests have bricks in their luggage. Ha-ha! My father used to say that about my purse. Captain Sandy says if you’re a captain, and claim not to be nervous taking out a new boat with a new crew, you’re full of sh*t. Hannah makes cocktails, and One of the guests is fixated on getting some nuts to go with that. She keeps asking where her nuts are, and it’s killing all of us not to make jokes. Conrad can see Joao wants to be bosun, but he’s not yet.

Kasey gets seasick, and Hannah is now down a stew on the first day. Kasey explains the boat she’d previously been on, never left the dock. Geez, she might have explored her reaction to being on a moving boat before taking the job. The guest gripes about the nuts again, because it’s been a whole twenty-three minutes. In her interview, Hannah says, you’re not succumbing, bitch, so calm down. Seriously, she’s asked where they are like, once a minute. Even after the nuts come, there are complaints.

They drop anchor, and it’s lunchtime. Adam says it’s a new boat, a new crew, and a new him. The entrée is a coconut shrimp dish that looks amazing, but I’m not crazy about coconut being in anything except a dessert. The ladies tell Hannah that they want to meet the guests on another boat narby, so they can flirt, and Nichelle calls Hannah sweetheart, which I’m sure thrills her. The tender is loaded with champagne, and the guests depart. I’m hoping the other boat is filled with gay men. The other captain isn’t cool with them visiting, so they go back. One of the guests (henceforth known as Idiot) wants to “help” Colin dock, and Colin tries to be polite in telling her she can’t touch the equipment. In his interview, he tells us that if he had an artist draw a picture of the worst person in the world, it would be her.

As usual, the dinner table is beautiful, royal blue and golden yellow, with tiny lights and shiny objects. Adam makes Italian food. Idiot makes a face at the salad. Kasey doesn’t want to let everyone down, but wants to barf every single second. Mmm… pasta… Mmm… asparagus… Idiot says her dog eats food like this, and it’s unacceptable. Nichelle says it’s not a dinner presentation, and she doesn’t eat out of a bowl. This is killing me. Okay, I have to. She should eat out of bowl – on the floor. They demand to see Adam, and he’s met at the door by Idiot, who says she hates the food and wants to open the wine. She toddles off to Brooke and asks her to open it. Methinks she’s had enough already, as she doesn’t seem steady and keeps playing with her hair like a teenager. Nichelle says it’s more like a lunch service, and she’s shocked with the presentation. She tells Adam to never bring another dinner in a bowl. Idiot says it looks like slop, and they complain about not wanting starch. I’m going to have to say this too. It sure doesn’t look like they don’t eat starch. Idiot demands a grilled cheese with truffles. In his interview, Adam says the dish he made is traditionally served in a bowl, so give him a little respect. Non-traditionally, I agree with him.

Hannah asks what else they’d like, and they say spaghetti. In her interview, she says they remind her of The Three Bears. Nichelle says they’re on the boat for vacation, not to complain. So why are they complaining so much? Kasey tries to eat some bread. Hannah tells Adam the guests want pasta now, and he’s like, wtf? Omg, these people are the worst. The really sad part is, when they see themselves, they’ll probably think they were on point. Adam makes an awesome tuna tartare that I’m sure they’ll hate. He’d hoped to start off with a bang, but got bitching and complaining, and can’t be more sad.

Kasey is still upchucking at breakfast. Mmm… breakfast. In her interview, Kasey says she’s so sick, she physically can’t do the job. Hannah says if she can’t, they’ll have to get someone who can. Hannah asks the guests if they slept well. No surprise, they say, not at all. Nichelle wants a chat with the captain. She says everything is wrong, and it’s taking away from them having good time. They’re used to luxury vacations, and she wants to communicate her concerns.

Nichelle lumbers up to the bridge. She tells Captain Sandy that she’s not having a good time. Outside, thunder starts to rumble.

This season, disappointment over a beach picnic; lots of drinking; Kasey kisses Conrad; Brooke dances with Adam; Captain Sandy says service is sucking, she doesn’t want to babysit Conrad, and she’s ready to fire both Kasey and Conrad. It looks like rough seas ahead, both literally and figuratively.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Candace tries to wake Oscar. She dumps a bucket of water on him, but nothing. Just foam coming out of his mouth. She calls the bar and says there’s a situation. New bartender says he’ll be right back, and heads up to her room.

Candace says she gave him the usual cocktail Rocky gave her. She thinks it was rum. She asks if he knows what to do or not, and he says he does. He moves Oscar and Oscar spits up. The bartender takes a shot of adrenaline out of a kit, and it does the trick. He says she should be glad he was there, and Candace tells him get his arrogant ass out. Oscar heaves, and she tells him not to ruin things for her. He asks what she did. She asks him where they’re at and he gets it on the second try. He asks what the hell she gave him. She tells him to relax and she wants her money. He says drugging him isn’t the way to get it. She tells him get the hell out, and grabs up his clothing and bag. She tells him be glad he’s still breathing, and throws his stuff into the hallway. She slams the door behind him. He yells that she’ll regret this. She calls for someone to clean up.

Gia texts Candace saying Jim is there. Candace replies, telling her to make him the right drink and stay the night with him. Downstairs, Gia and Jim order drinks. He asks why she dragged him out of bed; what is she up to? She was hoping he was up to something, but he says he doesn’t have all night. She suggests they go to the room, and tells the bartender to send the drinks up. Candace calls down and grills the bartender. She shows up while he’s still talking to her, telling him not to roll his eyes and just do his job. He thanks her for the job. He says Rocky told him she once had a stable, and is starting again. She says she can trust Rocky, but doesn’t know if she can trust him. She says she’s nice, but coldblooded, and if he messes this up for her, she’ll gut him. He apologizes for being arrogant, and starts talking about a cop pulling him over and trying to feel him up. Candace says he talks too much, but asks what the cop’s name was. He doesn’t know. She describes Justin, and he asks if she knows him. She says she’ll keep the information in her back pocket.

In his room, Oscar gets only a blank screen on his laptop. He’s pissed. He calls the desk, and says he needs a new laptop. He can’t use an open computer. The concierge says the computer store doesn’t open until 9 am, and Oscar hangs up. He calls back for a car to take him in the morning. He swears he’ll kill Candace if she messed this up.

Rocky and the concierge talk.  The concierge says he has it figured out. Rocky says Candace has something to figure out too. She had him get Oscar’s passwords. He tells the concierge about Oscar stealing accounts, and the concierge tells him that Oscar just called about needing a new computer. Rocky asks if she did it, but he doesn’t know. Rocky says she’s up to something, and hopes she cuts him in on the deal. He got the numbers for her. The concierge tells him not to hold his breath. Rocky wants to find out what’s going on, and when he leaves, the concierge texts Kathryn.

Melissa sits in Hanna’s kitchen. Hanna asks if she’s seen Benny, but she hasn’t. Hanna asks if she slept okay, but she says she didn’t sleep. She thanks Hanna for letting her stay there. She’s sorry about last night; she was out of her head. Hanna says the woman she’s dealing with is out of her head every day and night. Melissa asks for coffee. Hanna says it’s not good for the baby, but Melissa says she doesn’t care. She says the baby isn’t wanted. She forced herself on Veronica’s gay, drunk son. She starts crying, and Hanna says she’s sorry. Hanna doesn’t know about an unwanted baby, but knows about an unwanted pregnancy. She tells Melissa when her baby was born, she was in love, and prays the same thing happens to her. Melissa says Hanna sounds like her mother. Hanna tells her that bad things sometimes just happen, but she has to keep the faith. She’s sorry Melissa is going through this, and Melissa says, not as sorry as she is. Hanna says, like it or not, she’s going to look out for her. She has to go to work, but Benny is there. She promises things will get better.

Erica tells David she made breakfast, but he doesn’t have time. He tells her it’s best if she stays there. He understands if she’s stir crazy, but this weekend they’ll get away. How about springing for a TV? Erika says she’s starting to think he likes her, and almost says I love you. She gets all, duuuh, and he says he understands. He tells her that he feels the same, but it scares him. She tells him to go handle his son, and they’ll talk about this stuff later.

Hanna arrives at Kathryn’s. Kathryn is glad to see her, and glad she’s coming back to work. Hanna thanks her, and says she doesn’t know where to start. Kathryn is concerned about Wyatt, and asks about Benny. Hanna says the police haven’t made a move, so she’s sitting tight. Kathryn knows what that’s like. She says Jim is back. Hanna isn’t asking about her love life, and Kathryn says it’s just a lie. She wants to know about Hanna’s date. Hanna says it was great, and tells her about seeing Stephanie Mills. She forgot what it was like to laugh. Kathryn understands, and asks if she’s going to see Derek again. Hanna says if he calls, and Kathryn says he will. He said he had a great time. Kathryn wishes she had a man, and Hanna says she’s married. Kathryn says, whatever, and asks Hanna to show her how to work the microwave.

When they get to the kitchen, Kathryn says, look who’s here, and jets. Derek tells Hanna it’s not his fault; Kathryn pretended the stove was broken. He moves in for a kiss, but Hanna asks what he’s doing. He says he was feeling it, and she says he’s sure of himself. He says he’s sure he likes her, and Hanna says, they just met, and she has work to do. Then she relents, but says they’re not doing this every day. He kisses her forehead. These two are too cute together.

Veronica tracks Melissa on the computer. She calls Benny. He debates, then picks up. He asks what’s up. She says Melissa is at his house; she knows these things. She says they’re all alike. They want to throw away a good woman who’s been good to them, for the next young thing. He came in her house, and disrespected her. Does he think she’s not getting back at him? Melissa is going to marry her son. Benny says her son is gay, and Veronica tells Benny not to talk to her about him. Benny says he knows he doesn’t want her, and she says, that is clear. She tells Benny that she will get back at him, and take care of him real good. She hangs up.

Melissa knocks on Benny’s door. She’s sorry about everything. He asks if she talked to her mother. She has to figure out somewhere to stay. She tells him that his mother said could stay there. Benny says he didn’t know she was pregnant, and thinks she should figure out what to do and where to go. She says she needs a day or two, and tells him that he can sleep with her. He says she’s not a whore, and he’s not going to sleep with her in exchange for a bed and shower. Melissa tells him that she didn’t say that, but his mother said she can stay, and it’s his mommy’s house.

Jeffrey is in the interrogation room, and Veronica walks in. Jeffrey calls for the guard. Veronica sits down, and says she can get him out; just sign the affidavit. I’m not sure how he’d do that, since his hands seems to be cuffed behind him. Jeffrey reads it, and tells her it says Benny did it – alone. She says, uh-huh, and she can make it stick. He asks if she’s serious. She says Benny buried the body and threatened him. Jeffrey says the body is inadmissible, and she says, for Candace. His testimony can put Benny away. He asks what she’s up to? He says Benny turned her down, didn’t he? He wouldn’t sleep with her. She gets it; Jeffrey wants him, but are they really going to fight over a man? He laughs, and says he turned her down; she’s too old for him. He’s not going to sign it, and Veronica says he’s protecting his man. Jeffrey tells her to stop it, but she says, he needs to stop it. He can get out. It just says he’s not the one who stabbed Quincy. They already know there are two perpetrators, and one is a male. He doesn’t even know Benny. Jeffrey says Benny was just trying to help Candace. She says Candace decided to destroy both of them. Does he want out? Then sign it, and stop whining like a little bitch. She tells him not to remind her why she locked him in there; just sign it. He says no, and she says, then he’ll stay in there, have a trial, and go to prison. It will be a year before he can get an appeal. He’ll be caged, and all because he killed a thug and refused to give up another one. He’s a damn fool. He tells her to wait. He’ll sign it. Wow.

Candace texts Gia, asking if Jim is still asleep. He is, and she tells Gia that she wants to see her. Gia throws on a robe, and goes to Candace’s room. Candace asks if he’s knocked out, and how much he was given. Gia says not enough to notice, but he’ll feel like he had a rough night. She tells Candace that he was funny, talking about his wife. Candace slaps her, saying, bitch, you like him. Gia says she doesn’t. Candace tells her that they will never respect her, and never really want her. They’ll make her feel special and wanted, but never be seen in the light of day with her. She can cry, whine, and beg, and they’ll drop her and leave her where they found her. All they are, are johns. They want the fantasy without strings. She says, learn that, whore. It’s what she is, and will always be. She tells Gia not to come in there talking about his wife It makes Candace want to slap the sh*t out of her. She tells Gia to learn quick, and Gia says she will. Candace asks how much she made, and Gia says $1500. Candace asks how she’s supposed to live on $1400? Gia says she’s sorry.

Candace gets a text saying $4 million has been deposited to her account. She tells Gia that she can have last night’s money; she’s done with this and her. She’s good. Gia begs, saying she’ll work harder, and Candace tells her get out. Gia says she’s got it, but Candace pushes her into the hallway. She calls Candace’s name, and says she’s sorry. Candace asks if she’s crazy, and says call her name one more damn time. Candace looks at her phone all happy.

Oscar gets back with a new laptop. He sees the money is still there, and breathes a sigh of relief.

Gia gets back to the room. Jim says he slept like a rock. Gia says she’s sorry. He asks for what, and she says, nothing. He asks where she went, and she says she got some breakfast. She’s crying, and Jim says the cereal must have made her sad. She tells him that she can order something if he wants. He says it’s okay, and asks her to come over to him. He puts her on his lap, and asks what is it? She cries and says she doesn’t want to do this anymore. She wishes she had a legit job; this is too stressful. Jim says he’ll make her feel better, and tells her to take her robe off. Gia says that doesn’t make her feel better. He says, okay, and gets up. She asks if he’s leaving, and he says it’s bad enough he has to put up with this bullsh*t at home, but here and he has to pay for it? He throws a bunch of money at her, and walks out. She sits on the bed and bawls.

In the hallway, Jim’s phone rings. Oscar says, it’s done. The money is wired. Because of the type of transaction, he wasn’t able to take out his fee, and asks if Jim can write a check – today. Jim says as soon as he gets home and confirms the money is in his account. Oscar asks if he could do that now, and Jim says he is, and hangs up. Will someone please tell me if we still call it hanging up? A huge downside of cell phones is you don’t get the satisfaction of slamming a receiver down if you’re pissed off.

At the Iron Bone, the dealer looks in the bathroom for Wyatt, who’s passed out in a stall. He tells Wyatt, let’s go, and kicks him. He says it’s after nine; time for his money. Wyatt stumbles out, and they go to the ATM. Wyatt puts in his card and PIN. He asks if it’s working, and the dealer says, yeah; try it again. Wyatt says, what the hell? and the dealer asks if he’s playing games. Wyatt tells him something’s wrong. The dealer pulls out a gun, and says he’s playing games.

Next time, Erika thinks she’s been made, the dealer tells Wyatt he’s dead, and Jim tells Kathryn a tart holds the key to making her case disappear.

🌴 I didn’t get a chance to see it tonight, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed is in rotation on Bravo. I love the Secrets shows because they’re more lighthearted, and we often see clips that are better than the scenes from the actual show.

💲 On Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Erick, a rental agent who works at UnDorm, an agency that focuses on first apartments for college students. Erick once had a top spot, but a rival has been trying to steal his listings and clients. New guy Collin flirts with clients, and also has the dreaded, and now outdated, man bun. Erick needed to be what he was, or he was going to be out of a job.  Ryan needed to loosen Erick up, and get him to stop taking himself so seriously. I thought Erick needed to stop saying actually so much. Ryan observed Erick in action (or not), and discovered he was pushy, but lacked energy. He was also chewing gum, which Ryan told him was rude. I’m a huge fan of gum, but even I know that. I had the misfortune of seeing myself in an audience on TV while I was chomping on a piece, and it’s decidedly unattractive. Ryan suggested Erick ask the clients questions about themselves, and engage in energetic, cool conversation. He also put Erick through more acting school exercises, like making animal noises, and sent in a ringer pretending to be a client. Erick got his game together, but his four-hour commute (two, each way) seemed to be the real stumbling block. Erick’s boss told Ryan that Erick was again his loose, happy self, but he wasn’t sure how things would go for the rest of the year. He asked Ryan what he thought about Erick’s productivity long term, and Ryan felt he should move back to the city. He said it wasn’t his normal practice to tell anyone where to live, but the commute was cramping Erick’s style. He took the liberty of hunting down Erick’s old apartment – the same one he had when he was crushing it. Erick was thrilled to be back in Manhattan, and went from getting less than one rental every three days, to getting three in one afternoon. Next time, an ex-lawyer has switched jobs to find happiness selling formal gowns, and Ryan tries on dresses.

😵 It’s Already a Long Week…