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September 5, 2019 – Drew’s Plane Vanishes, New Guy Listing, Tyler Is Here, Sonny’s Busy, the Kids Do Double Duty, Days’ Gain & Finally from George


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Diane and Sonny walk into Sonny’s place, Diane tell him, that’s what he paid for; for her to uncomplicate things. Carly says she didn’t hear Diane come in, and Diane says that’s because she’s stealth, like a cat. Carly asks, what’s going on? Diane says they were discussing certain legal issues, and Sonny says he wants Carly to join in the conversation. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says, adopting Dev.

Sam asks Michael how Sasha is; how is he? He says he’s hanging in, but he’s worried about Sasha. They have her on a new round of anti-virals, and he hopes they work.

Obrecht asks Finn what Sasha’s status is, and he says, the next 24 hours are critical. Nina says anyone who had contact with her early on is being tested. Valentin says they were given medication when Sasha was diagnosed, but Finn says, now they know it’s a weaponized strain. Finn says some medical stuff I don’t really understand, and Obrecht asks if that test doesn’t require a DNA sample from all parties. Finn asks if it’s a problem.

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis says she knows Kim is anxious to leave, but Kim says, don’t worry. It takes as long as it takes. Alexis follows her inside. She says, sorry. She thought Kim was in a hurry, but she’s glad to hear that’s not the case. Julian asks what they’re talking about, and Kim says, the closing delay. Julian says, sorry, and Kim says, things happen. He asks if she’s not disappointed, and she says, a little bit. Franco walks in.

Elizabeth grabs her coat, and says something came up, but Cameron says he needs to tell her something. She says she has to get to the hospital. He says, it’s important. He saw Franco in the park, and he was with Oscar’s mom. Elizabeth asks if something happened, and Cameron says, they were kissing.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Jason, Andre walked in alone, and collapsed. He was unconscious before he could tell anyone anything. Jason asks if they’ve determined the nature of Andre’s injuries. Jordan says they have a good idea, and Epiphany asks if anyone has heard of HIPPA. Mac says, Jason is officially helping, right? Jason nods, and Epiphany says, Andre has two deep wounds in his abdomen. He was stabbed. Jason says, Andre just returned to the states. Who here wants him dead?

Peter goes into Andre’s room. He says, Dr. Maddox (I add, I presume, in my head). He tells Andre, he shouldn’t have come back. What is he supposed to do with him? Peter looks at the IV drip.

On the phone, Brad tells Lucas that he’ll be home soon. He’ll pick up dinner. Lucas is cooking? Please don’t burn down the house. He says he loves Lucas too, and looks at a picture of Lucas and Wiley.

Michael tells Sam, the rest can wait. She says, what rest? and he says forget he said anything. She says he can tell her anything; she won’t judge. He says he’s not concerned about that, and she says, sometimes you have to talk. If he gets it out in the open, he might feel better. He says Sasha has been secretive for as long as he’s known her. Sam asks, how so? He says, he knows she grew up in Chappaqua, and knows where she went to college, but he doesn’t know any details, nothing about her past. Last night, she told him when she gets better, she’ll tell him everything; to quote her, even if he doesn’t like it very much. Sam asks what he thinks she’s referring to, but he has no idea. It could be the medication talking, but if it’s not, she might have a major secret that can blow them up. He’s not sure he wants to know.

Nina sits next to Sasha’s bed. In the hallway, Finn explains why the DNA is needed. Obrecht says they’ll do what’s required. They need to focus on Sasha, who’s at risk. Finn says, she’s getting the best care possible. He leaves, and Valentin tells Obrecht, say it. She thinks the test will prove that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter. Obrecht asks what he thinks it will find. It’s to check for the virus, not paternity. It might be better if Sasha dies. He says, how dare she? He’d never wish Sasha dead. She asks if he’s sure. He seems very defensive. He says he brought Sasha there to help Nina heal. Obrecht says, he brought her there to get back into Nina’s good graces. He says his motives are irrelevant. Nina will be inconsolable if Sasha dies. Nothing is worth that.

Peter tells Andre that he wishes there was another way. The machine starts to beep, and Peter goes out another door. Is he hiding in the bathroom?

Franco says he realized Kim might be there, but maybe he should go. Julian says, before he does, Julian doesn’t think he’s had the pleasure. He introduces himself, and Franco says, he’s Kim’s boyfriend, right? Julian says, yeah. He knows it’s uncomfortable, but they’re all adults. He suggests a round on the house; they can talk about it. He’ll be holding onto his bar for a few more days. Franco says, it’s Julian’s bar? If he’d known, he wouldn’t have come. Julian says, it’s fine. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Franco says maybe it’s better if he leaves. Everything that happened earlier is his fault. He apologizes. Julian asks what he’s talking about. What happened?

Cameron asks if Elizabeth heard him. Franco was making out with Oscar’s mom in public. She says she heard him. It’s a very complicated situation for everyone, including Kim. Cameron asks how she’s not pissed. Kim hasn’t lost her memory, and knows he’s Franco and not Drew. Elizabeth says she’s feeling a lot of things; loss, grief, confusion. She has to stay focused in finding a solution. Hopefully, Andre can reverse the procedure. Cameron says she better figure it out fast. Franco is planning on leaving as soon as the ankle monitor is off, and he asked Kim to go with him.

Mac asks Epiphany, how much longer? She hears the beeps, and says, that’s Dr. Maddox. She runs to his room, and they wait outside. Peter comes in another door, and he sneaks around. He sees Jason, Mac, and Jordan outside Andre’s room. I’d love to know what door goes outside from where the bathroom should be, but okay.

Carly says, Sonny wants to adopt Dev? He says he’s considering options. They’re just talking about the process. Carly asks when he decided, and Sonny says they’re just talking possibilities. He hasn’t decided. Diane thinks they need space, but Sonny says, no. If they move forward, she needs to know everything. Carly asks when he decided maybe adopting Dev, and Sonny says, Gladys has been hanging around Mike, and is visiting Port Charles. He wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Carly asks if he doesn’t need Gladys’s cooperation; technically, she’s Dev’s guardian. He says he’s thinking of cutting her out of it, and dealing with it the legit way. Diane says Sonny informed her that he provided Dev with a US ID. Had he consulted her, she would have advised against it. Sonny says that’s why he didn’t consult her, and I literally lol. Carly asks if it would be possible using Dev’s real ID. Diane says, immigration law is clear on it. Not unless the child is under sixteen, and Dev just missed the cut off. They may be able to adopt him using his US ID though. Sonny says she means adopt him as Dev Corbin? Carly doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Michael tells Sam, it feels wrong talking about Sasha while she’s in the hospital. Sam says it’s clearly a weight on him, and he’s just venting. Michael says, if he thought she was being deceptive, that would be one thing, but he thinks she’s talking about her past; something embarrassing or that she’s ashamed of, and they all have those things. Sam says, of course (🍷) they do, but it’s good to be honest. You can’t hide the past forever, and secrets end up coming out In the end.

Valentin says, it would destroy Nina if anything happened to Sasha, and Obrecht says, just as it would if Nina knew he was lying. He asks, which is worse? and she says, for who? He says, her, and she asks how she’s involved. He says she’s long suspected Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter, but she hasn’t said anything. She used it for her personal gain, to get leverage and blackmail him. That makes her an accomplice. If the ship goes down, she’ll drown with him. Obrecht says his reasoning is unassailable. Allow her to handle this.

Jordan says, come on, Andre. The doctor gives Andre an injection, and says, he’s stabilizing. Andre opens his eyes.

Obrecht finds Brad about to get in the elevator. She says she caught him just in time.

Sasha wakes, and Nina says, it’s okay. She was just watching Sasha sleep. Sasha says her mother did that when she was a kid. Nina says she finally gets it. Every cliché she’s heard about parenting. It’s overwhelming; the urge to make sure your child is okay. She feels better being near Sasha, like she’s protecting her and keeping her safe. It’s silly. Sasha says, no; it’s not silly. She feels better when Nina is there. Nina wishes she could trade places with Sasha. She would give her life in a second if it meant saving Sasha’s.

Michael tells Sam not to bring up Nelle, and she asks why she’d do that. He says Nelle had secrets, and would give him plausible excuses as to why she told a lie or kept things from him. Now Sasha has a secret. Sam says he doesn’t think she’s like Nelle, does he? He says, no. Nelle was broken and vindictive. Sasha is the opposite. She did her best to keep things casual, and they tell each other it’s casual. The problem is, they’re good for each other. Whatever secret she’s hiding, he can’t believe it’s that bad. At least that’s what he wants to believe. Sam asks if he wants to rescue Sasha, and he says he wants her to get well. She says that’s not what she means. Does he want to ride in on a white horse, and fix all her problems? He says even if he did, Sasha wouldn’t let him. She’s way too independent. She asks if he’s comfortable with that, and he says, absolutely. Sam doesn’t think anything is wrong. He’s a rescuer, and Nelle took advantage of that. Sasha is being honest, and honesty is the key to a healthy foundation of any relationship. Michael thanks her for the advice and support. He feels like he owes her a drink. She says he owes her nothing, and Michael says, under normal circumstances, he’d insist, but he has to go back to the hospital. Sam tells him to go be with Sasha. Her phone dings, and she says, wait. She has to head to GH too.

Julian says, something happened between Kim and Franco? Franco says he ran into Kim at the park. She was visiting the marker dedicated to their son. Julian says, Drew and Kim’s son. Franco says she was trying to have peace and quiet, and he upset her. He apologizes, and Kim says, it’s okay. Alexis says she’ll keep them posted about the closing. It won’t take too long. Julian says, sounds good. He tells Franco, maybe they should take a raincheck on that drink. Franco agrees, tells Kim that he’s sorry, and leaves.

Outside, Franco tells Alexis that he doesn’t know her name. She introduces herself, and he says it’s a pleasure to meet her. He asks if she’s a lawyer, and she says she is; why? He says he might need her services.

Elizabeth asks if that’s what Franco really said. Cameron says, word for word, that’s what he told Kim. She says that’s what she and Scotty were afraid of. Once the monitor comes off, he’s gone. She asks what Kim said, and Cameron says, she didn’t commit, but she was pretty emotional. They talked, and Kim took off. When she left, he let Franco have it, saying he was a real jackass. Elizabeth appreciates the support, but he doesn’t really have to intervene. He asks what she expects him to do; sit back and let Franco do what he’s doing? She says he needs to be strong  for his brothers. They’re going to hear rumors, and he has to protect them. She tells him, don’t worry. As terrible as it seems, it’s temporary. Andre will find a way to bring Franco back.

The doctor says, Andre’s heart rate is up, but he just regained consciousness, and that’s a normal response. Epiphany says she needs them all to leave, but Andre tells them, stay. They need to know what’s going on. Jordan says, if he’s up to it. He says he’ll manage. He’s glad to see her on her feet, and she says she wishes she could say the same about him. What happened? He says, someone tried to kill him. I have to admit my error. It is the same Andre. Between the oxygen mask, and him growing facial hair, I thought it was a new guy. I’m glad it’s not, since I like this Andre.

Diane tells Sonny, adopting Dev using a false ID is asking for trouble. The documents are no golden pass. There’s no question how it will look. From a legal standpoint, it’s questionable. She says it’s their decision to make; she’s off. Sonny tells Carly that he knows it’s a sticky situation. She says, that’s an understatement, but he says he won’t go for it unless they can get away with it. She says, it’s not just the legal issue. She’s not sure it’s the right thing. She thinks having Dev live there is one thing; making Dev a permanent part of their family is another.

Brad tells Obrecht that he’d love to stay and chat, but he has to get home. Lucas made dinner. He suggests they table this until never. Obrecht says she could follow him home, and they can talk there. He says, fine. What is it? She pulls him out of the elevator, and says she needs his expertise. He asks for clarification, and she says, Nina’s family is going to require a genetic test. He needs to make sure Nina and Sasha’s DNA is a match.

On the phone, Finn asks Anna to check in with him. He sees Peter, and tells him that he should call Anna. She’d love to hear from him.

Jordan asks Andre, what happened? He says he was working with a humanitarian aid group in Ethiopia. Drew found him, and told him everything. He wanted Andre to reverse the memory transfer procedure on Franco. He agreed to come back and examine Franco, but couldn’t make any promises. Mac asks about the trip home, and Andre says Drew drove him to the airport, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles. Mac says, Drew didn’t accompany him? Andre says, no. Drew had his own jet, and was en route to Afghanistan. He had urgent personal business there. Mac says, he came alone? and Andre says, correct. A driver met him to take him to GH. He thought Drew arranged it, so he got in the car, but instead of driving to GH, the driver pulled into an alley. He took out a knife, and Andre tried to run, but the driver caught up with him, and stabbed him. He managed to fight the driver off, made his way back to the car, and drove himself to the ER. That’s the last thing he remembers. He must have blacked out. Jordan asks if anyone talked to Drew. He needs to know what’s going on. Wow. Maybe they should recruit Andre for the PCPD. He’s pretty hardy.

Mac says he hasn’t heard from Drew. Shouldn’t he have landed in Afghanistan by now? Andre asks how long he’s been out, and Jordan says, a couple of hours. Jason says, it’s been time enough; Drew should be there by now. Epiphany needs to clear the room. Jason lingers, but leaves with the others. Jordan asks for a word with Mac. Elizabeth comes out of the elevator, and asks Jason where Andre is. Jason says he got stabbed and was admitted. He’ll be okay, but what about Drew?

Julian asks if Kim is good, and she says she’s trying to be. She says, this should help, indicating her drink. He says, it can’t be easy, and Kim says Franco just frazzles her. She knows he’s not Drew, but it’s painful hearing her personal memories coming out of Franco’s mouth. Julian asks why she didn’t tell him, and she says Alexis was there, and she didn’t want to risk upsetting him. He says, if all that happened was Franco bringing up old memories, why would he be upset?

Alexis asks why Franco would want to hire her. Does he know his father is a lawyer? Scott Baldwin. He says they’ve met, and Alexis says she’s sure Scotty would be happy to represent him. Franco says, thanks to him, he’s wearing an ankle monitor. She says she can’t represent him; it’s a conflict of interest. He says, with Franco? He’s not him. She tells him, so he says. Her daughter might see it differently.

Nina tells Sasha that she and her mother weren’t close, and as an adult, the relationship was toxic. As a child, her mother alternated between overbearing and indifferent. She swore she’s be better with her own child. For the longest time, she didn’t think it was possible, then Sasha came into her life and changed everything. She has to get better. Sasha nods, and Nina says they have a lot of catching up to do, and they have to see Paris. Charlotte will be desperate for Sasha’s advice when she’s a teenager too. Don’t give up on their future together. Sasha says she won’t. Valentin looks through the window.

Brad tells Obrecht, Sasha not being Nina’s daughter makes no sense. There were two DNA tests. Obrecht says, a DNA test is only as good as the security around it. Who should know better than him? Do whatever he must. Brad says he doesn’t want to break more laws, and she says, how noble. He says, especially for her, and she says, but he will. He says he’s done with that stuff. He’s committed to be a law abiding citizen. She says all she has to do is tell Michael that his child is alive and well, and living with Brad and his husband. She’d hate to have to do it, but if he forces her hand…

Sonny tells Carly that he wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Dev earned that; Dev saved his life. Carly gets it. He wants to help Dev, but there’s a big difference between letting him live there, and legally adopting him. Sonny says sorry to spring it on her. Carly says, it’s forever. Dev will always be part of their family, like the rest of the kids. He says he understands, and understands she thinks it’s a bad idea. Carly says she won’t say yes unless the kids are on board. If they commit to Dev, they commit to him as a family. Is he ready to have that conversation?

Michael comes back to Sasha’s room. Nina tells Sasha to think about where she wants to go on their Paris trip, and Sasha says, will do. Michael takes Nina’s place by the bed, and says, so Paris? Sasha says, she, Nina, and Charlotte are going together as soon as she’s well. Nina says she’ll be right outside. In the hallway, Valentin asks if Nina is okay. She says she is. She’s just feeling grateful that she got to know Sasha. If anything happens, at least they had time together. She realizes it’s selfish. She wouldn’t be in this position if Valentin hadn’t found her daughter. Valentin says Sasha has made it this far. He promises they’ll have years and years.

Obrecht asks Brad what his answer is, and he says, all right. He’ll make sure Sasha and Nina’s DNA match. She knew he would make a reasonable decision. He says, after this is done, she can’t hold it over him forever. She says, look who’s making demands, and he says, damn right. Do him a favor though. Does he have her word? She says, of course (🍷). If he can’t hold her to her word, who can he trust? She leaves, and Brad leans against the wall, sliding down it.

Kim tells Julian that she didn’t want a scene. That’s why she didn’t say anything. He thinks she was right the first time. The situation is causing too much stress. There’s no reason she can’t leave immediately. She doesn’t need to be there. The staff can watch over Charlie’s. He doesn’t need to stay. He tells her, let’s just go. He really thinks it’s the best thing for them. They can be setting up in Manhattan by this time next week. She says, sounds great.

Franco asks Alexis if he did something to her daughter. She says she won’t give him details, but his actions were unforgivable. He says he’s sensing a trend. She says she can’t get involved. He’ll have to find representation someplace else. Good luck. He asks if she means that, and she says, actually, she does.

Mac tells Jordan, they have to organize having Andre’s room to be monitored around the clock. Drew not showing up is a bad sign. Andre’s attacker might try again. They can’t give him a chance to get to him.

Peter tells Finn that he doesn’t want to interrupt Anna’s secret spy mission. Finn says he won’t. She won’t pick up if that’s the case, and he can leave a voicemail. Peter asks Finn to just pass along a message. He’s looking forward to seeing her when she gets back. He hopes to do better, and he’s sorry he judged her so harshly. Real life can take you places you can’t anticipate. You wind up compromising in ways you never thought you could. Tell his mother that he’s thinking about her.

Sam sees Jason and Elizabeth at the hospital, and says she got Jason’s text. He says, Andre got stabbed, and Elizabeth says they can’t locate Drew. Sam says, he’s in Afghanistan, but Jason says, Drew should have landed by now. Any calls go to voicemail. Sam has an idea. She’s still on the account for the private jet. She calls, and gives them her account number. She says she wants to know if the jet landed in Afghanistan. She thanks them, and says, Drew’s flight never arrived. Elizabeth says, not yet? and Sam says, it disappeared. It fell off the radar. It’s as if it just vanished.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks if Brad is threatening her, Jax suggests Josslyn live with him, and Nelle tells Shiloh they can help each other.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan took Amelia’s advice, and decided to focus on what he could control. He was back at the LifeSaver loft, he had an intimate showing with only five brokers, each with a client in another state. He told us from an average open house, he might get 10% that are interested, but all of them will eat all his food. This time, he had 100% interest. The apartment on Great Jones Street was ready to go, and Ryan said his events were always about having fun. Since people always asked about the origin of the street name, he made up a character called Sam Jones, and dressed up like Napoleon. He threw a huge bash, where Steve showed up. Deciding to rain on Ryan’s parade, he said that Ryan’s costume was just distracting, but IMO Ryan was right that his open house would be remembered, rather than the ones by the brokers in boring suits. He wanted to make the brokers to have a positive experience in the space. Despite the nearby construction, Ryan got an offer for the LifeSaver pied a terre, by intimating that the buyer could lose the apartment to another offer. He told us you can never say there is offer if there isn’t, but you can say another party is interested and going to make offer. Deal taken.

Fredrik convinced the seller with the million dollar parking spot, that they were never going to sell it for a million. The seller finally relented when he pointed out there were other apartments for sale in the same building with parking included. They agreed on selling at $7.5 million. Fredrik showed the apartment to Steve’s childhood friend Phil, trying to get stories about Steve from him the entire time. The following potential buyer decided to bring her parrot – named Chris – with her, and it promptly pooped on the coffee table. At least it wasn’t the carpet. Fredrik turned this into a selling point, saying the bird knew it was home. This is why he gets the big bucks.

In other Steve news, Steve’s girlfriend Luiza arrived, and she was welcomed with a huge apartment he’d rented. He this is what he’s dreamed of, and the reason he bought a five-bedroom house in the Hamptons. He always wanted family, but just had to find the right person at the right time.

Tyler Whitman is the new broker in town. He’d been on the operational side of real estate until two years ago. A former fatty, he’d had weight loss surgery, something he heavily promoted throughout the show. He even told us that only 2% of people who lose weight the natural way keep it off. Um… I don’t think so. He seems a little addicted to the idea, and no surprise he turned to fitness when he couldn’t turn to food. He seems like a nice guy, but a little sad, covering it up with his loud personality. From the South, he moved to NYC, excited to be a free gay man, but he felt poorly judged and body shamed for being overweight by other gay men. He told his trainer that instead of eating three times a day, he ate three meals for each meal. Tipping the scales at 387 pounds, he lost the weight, but now feels there’s a stigma because he had surgery. Perhaps if he’d tone down his promotion of it just a tad… He did give us the best quote of the night. While walking through a seller’s apartment, it was noted that they’d turned a walk-in closet into a nursery. Not missing a beat, he said, the sooner you get the kids out of the closet, the better.

This season, Derek isn’t happy living in L.A., Steve takes a carriage ride, Luis is excited about being a father, and Amelia goes into labor.

🗽 New Broker On the Block…

Meet Tyler.

☕ The Busiest Man In the Coffee Business…

I can’t wait to read his memoir.

🎬 Joss and Dev Get Around…

Now that school’s out, they had time to make a movie.

🛀 Dorian’s New Gig…

It just makes me miss One Life To Live all over again.

🚵 I Can Smell the Freedom…

Momentary though it may be.











August 29, 2019 – Curtis Takes an Offer, Fredrik Loves Miami & Tomorrow Is Now


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Alexis brings up MakeMeAMatch on her laptop. She searches for ByrneBrain. (Sorry Dr. Byrne, I’ve been spelling your name wrong). She looks up Neil’s profile. Molly comes in and looks over her shoulder. She asks if that’s Dr. Byrne, and Alexis slams the laptop shut.

TJ visits the station. Jordan says it’s a wonderful surprise, and he says, especially since she’s not supposed to be back full time until tomorrow. She says if he doesn’t get on her case, she won’t get on his about how he should be studying. He calls a truce, and she asks if he’s going to tell her, doctor’s orders to take it easy. He says he’s not a doctor yet. She tells him they’re taking out another student loan, but he says they’ve done enough, and have medical bills. She says with Curtis having a few other gigs outside of Aurora, and her being back on the job, they’re set financially. End of discussion. He says, Curtis has another job outside of Aurora?

Valentin tells Curtis that he knows Curtis cares about his wife, and he’ll do anything to protect her and her daughter. He discovered Sasha. Curtis says he will find Cassandra, but he won’t apprehend her. He’ll turn her over to the WSB. Valentin says that does him no good. He wants Curtis to find Cassandra and walk away. Don’t ask questions. Curtis asks if he’s supposed to trust Valentin to handle her, any way he sees fit. Valentin says he’s supposed to be a professional, and fulfill the assignment. He’ll worry about the rest.

Sonny tells Nina, something has to be done about Cassandra. The cops can’t find her, and she escaped the WSB. He doesn’t want anyone else they love hurt. She wishes him all the luck in the world. He says he doesn’t need luck. He needs to know where she is. Nina wishes she knew. He asks if it’s true that Cassandra targeted Sasha because of her. If so, he’s wondering if there isn’t more to the story. She tells him that he’ll have to keep wondering, and says, please leave. He says he’s not going anywhere, and she says, then she will. He says they’re not done, but Jax shows up and says, Sonny is. Are they going to have a problem? Sonny says, Jax to the rescue. Maybe he can get Nina  to tell him why her daughter and his son got caught in drug lord’s crosshairs

Robert tells Michael that he got Chase’s report, but wanted to talk to Michael directly. He thinks Michael might have registered something he’s not aware of that could put them on Cassandra’s trail. Michael says he’s played their encounter over and over again in his mind, and he thinks Robert is right. He may know how find Cassandra. Robert asks what he’s got, and he says, Sasha isn’t the only one who’s sick.

Finn tells Sasha, there’s room for improvement. He’s going to order a second round of antibiotics at a higher dose. She asks what the odds are that they’ll work. Is he able to cure her?

On the phone, Hayden asks if her daughter went to bed with no trouble. She says, of course (🍷) not; she’s an angel. She says she got her daughter’s art project, and give her a kiss for mommy. She looks at a finger painting.

Molly tells Alexis that she’s working on her story for The Invader, and was hoping to get more work done. She asks Alexis how stalking her daughter’s doctor is going. Alexis says, it’s not. If she wanted information, she would have signed up for a premium membership. Molly asks why he was on the screen; is she signing up? Alexis says she decided against it, but Molly thinks she should put herself out there. Molly liked Finn, and thought they had a chance. It would be nice for Alexis to be open to possibilities. Hayden approaches, and says, she couldn’t help but overhear. Alexis dated Finn?

Finn tells Sasha, in an ideal world, she would have taken the antibiotics within 48 hours of being symptomatic. Sasha says, but she didn’t. Where is this going? What are her chances of recovery? Finn says they’re dealing with unfamiliar territory. He can’t give her odds, and even if he could, they’d just be numbers. The state of mind is important to recovery, and he’s been where she is, but he’s still here.

Michael tells Robert that he thought it was insignificant at the time. Robert asks what he remembers, and Michael says when they were having breakfast, Cassandra had to take medication. He glimpsed the prescription bottle, and saw it was for beta ferremax. It’s been banned in most countries, including the US.

Jax tells Sonny, Sasha is in there fighting for her life. Sonny is sympathetic, and says it could just have easily been Michael. Nina says, Michael wasn’t the target; Sasha was. Cassandra’s vendetta is against her, and personal. Sonny asks if she’s sure. What he’s waiting to hear is why.

Curtis says, say he does what Valentin asks. He tracks down Cassandra and walks away. What happens when she turns up dead. Valentin says Curtis is making a large assumption. He’s just asking Curtis to find her. Curtis says his wife is recovering from major surgery, and he’s supposed to chase this woman across the globe; a woman who’s avoided detection by the WSB. What makes Valentin think he can find her? Valentin says, because he’s motivated. It’s personal to him. She tried to kill Nina’s daughter, and he wants justice. Curtis says that means he’d have to turn her over to the authorities, but Valentin thinks she has connections inside. Curtis says, it’s their jurisdiction, not his. Valentin says he might not have jurisdiction, but he has money. Bring her to him, and he walks away with $5 million.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis is in demand, and picks up clients here and there. He says, Aurora’s cool with that? and she says, apparently so. TJ says it’s his business, unless he’s doing it to keep TJ from taking another loan. Jordan says, what if he is? Let them do it. He should count his blessings that he has people who love him, and are in a position to help. He says she’s starting to sound like Aunt Stella, and she says maybe she’s channeling Stella, since she got a postcard today – from Paris. She’s glad Stella is hitting it off with her cousin, and they went on a railway tour of Europe, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t jealous. But if anyone deserves a holiday in Europe, it’s Stella. TJ says, don’t misunderstand. He’s happy Stella found her cousin, and they’re seeing Europe together, but he thinks it’s weird that the match first said it was a closer genetic relative.

Curtis tells Valentin they have a fundamental misunderstanding. No amount is enough for him to be involved in murder. Valentin says he’s jumping to conclusions, but Curtis says, no one offers that much for a simple tracking. Valentin says he’s protecting his family. It’s a lot of money; think what he could do with it. Think of it as doing his civic duty with sweet perks. Curtis says he’ll chalk it up to desperation, which is why he won’t report it to his wife, but he strongly advises Valentin to drop this. If anything happens to Cassandra, the authorities will know where to look. Valentin says, don’t worry. Cassandra is a fugitive, and fugitives disappear all the time. Curtis says Valentin lives in a world with blurred lines. He does too sometimes, but there are some lines he won’t cross.

Michael tells Robert that ELQ was interested in the patent. The drug is used to treat anemia, but it never got approval. Other countries followed suit, and ELQ lost interest. Robert says, there must be some countries that approved it, and Michael says, there are. If Cassandra needs to take the medication regularly, that means she has to go to one of those countries to have it refilled. Robert says, hmm…

Finn asks if Sasha has heard of Blackwood’s Syndrome. She hasn’t, and he says, it’s pretty rare. It sets the immune system against itself. The symptoms are manageable, but the prognosis was terminal. Sasha asks if she’s terminal, and he says, not at all, but he was. His wife died from it. Imagine how determined he was to beat it. He did years of research. It was trial and error, and he experimented on himself. He found a cure, and now it’s not considered a death sentence. He asks, is she a fighter? Does she have the same strong will and is she stubborn like him? She nods, and he says, don’t give up. He’s not ready to throw in the towel, and she shouldn’t be either.

Hayden tells Alexis she wasn’t aware Alexis and Finn knew each other. Alexis says it was a brief time when they were in recovery. She doesn’t think she’s breaking any confidence, given their history. Hayden asks if Finn talked about their history, but Alexis says, it’s kind of a grey area. She’s not supposed to talk about meetings or their time together. It’s kind of sacrosanct. Molly says she’d better get her own table, or she’ll never finish her Cassadine article. Hayden says, she’s writing an article? and Molly says she has an internship with The Invader. She’s writing a piece about her crazy family, the Cassadines. Hayden says, sounds fascinating.

Alexis tells Molly that she’s not concerned Molly will make the Cassadines look awful, since most of them are, but she’s curious why Molly would acknowledge her connection to them. Molly says Peter suggested it, and he’s the publisher. Hayden thinks it’s a great idea. Not all Cassadines are bad. Hello? Molly isn’t sure what she means, and Hayden says she’s Nikolas’s widow, therefore a Cassadine. Molly says she married into the family, but Hayden says, so did Helena. She’s just as much of a Cassadine as Helena. Alexis isn’t sure she’d acknowledge that. Hayden says she could talk to Molly about her time at Windymere, and they could swap stories about the house, like the creepy passageways and trophy room. Molly probably explored it as a kid. Molly says she and Spencer used to sneak around a little when she was babysitting. Hayden asks if she wants to talk, but Molly says she has work to get done. Some other time. Hayden says they’ll set something up, and moves to her own table. Alexis asks, what the hell was that about? but Molly isn’t sure she wants to know. In meantime, Alexis should consider signing up for a premium membership. There could be someone out there for her, and she doesn’t even know it. Neil walks in, and they smile at each other.

Jax would like to know why Cassandra has a grudge against Nina, but now isn’t the time. They need to put their energies into tracking her before she hurts someone else. Sonny says he’s on it. He likes Sasha, and his son cares about her. He’s hoping she pulls through. He leaves, and Jax asks if Nina is okay. She supposes he should thank him, but suspects his chivalry was as much to provoke Sonny as it was about defending her. Jax asks if it can’t be both. He and Sonny are too close to risk open confrontation, but if he sees Sonny behaving badly, he’ll call Sonny out. She’s welcome. While they’re clearing the air, she’s also welcome for him not holding a grudge He knows what she and Valentin are up to.

Robert asks if Michael remembers the countries where the drug is still allowed. He doesn’t, but says, there’s not many. Robert says he’s been a great help. This is the best lead they’ve had all month. Now if they can just narrow it down.

Hayden sees some cactus plants on the window ledge at Charlie’s. She remembers Finn giving her a cactus, and telling her that he didn’t know what she would like. She didn’t seem like a bouquet of sunflowers kind of girl. Finn walks in. He asks what’s that in Hayden’s hand?

Alexis tells Neil that she’d say it’s funny meeting him there, but it would be a lie. He says they seem to have impromptu sessions there, or The Floating Rib. She remembers his bill on the napkin. Her phone rings, and she says it’s a client who she’s been meaning to call. He says he’ll get some club soda, and goes to the bar. Alexis opens her laptop, and he turns around, seeing himself on the screen. She notices, and slams it shut again, telling the client she’ll call them tomorrow. She tells Neil, that was just… He says, his dating profile. She says, to be fair, he’s not her therapist anymore. She didn’t cross any boundaries. He sits, and she also wants him to know that she only saw his picture. She didn’t see his profile because she didn’t pay for a  premium membership. She didn’t see any details. He ask if she wants to, and she says, no shrinking. He says, none intended. She says, he can relax; she didn’t see his deets, and he tells her, she doesn’t have to pay for that. She can ask him anything.

Jordan tells TJ, Stella was told these kind of errors aren’t uncommon, and the website referred her to the disclaimers in the agreement. TJ asks if she means the boilerplates that make you click on every possible scenario. The ones no one could possibly read or understand? Jordan says, in Stella’s case, it really seems to be a glitch. The phantom relative disappeared after her cousin was discovered. TJ has to bounce, but wanted to wish her luck. She tells him to tell Molly hi, and thanks for the raw chocolate balls. He asks if she really ate them, and she says, Curtis mostly, but she tried them. They weren’t bad. Does he like them? He says, they’re raw, but they’re chocolate. He leaves, and Jordan opens an envelope.

Jordan calls Curtis, and he says please don’t tell him she’s working late. She says she’s wrapping things up, but maybe they can meet for dinner. They can have a nice meal, and talk more about how to proceed from there.

Jax tells Nina that he saw Valentin and Curtis talking on several occasions. Then she confronted him about his secret file on Cassandra. There’s nothing secret in it. It’s all public information. He’s sure Curtis told her. She tells him not to act like a total innocent, and he says he hired Curtis in faith, and he was a plant all along, spying on him. What was he looking for? Nina says she has no idea what he’s talking about. Valentin and Michael join them. Michael says he’s there to see Sasha, if it’s all right. Nina says he’s just the medicine she needs. Jax says, Sasha is the number one priority. They’ll talk when she’s better. In the meantime, he’ll be in his office, changing the locks. He leaves, and Valentin asks how much he knows. Nina says, all of it.

Michael asks how Sasha’s tests went. Did she get an A? She says, if A is for abysmal. He says she looks better already, but she says, liar. He asks where Finn is. Has he given her updates? She tells him, Finn was very candid, and Michael says, he has that reputation. Sasha is happy that she didn’t get anyone else sick. She couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to Nina, Charlotte, or him. He says he was thinking. He knows her adoptive mother passed away, but does she have any other family that should  know she’s in the hospital? She says it sounds like he’s writing her off. He says that’s the last thing he wants to do; he just wants to help. He’s noticed every time he asks about her past, she deflects. Why is that?

Hayden tells Finn, it’s a finger painting. It’s from Aiden. Finn asks if Aiden isn’t a little old for finger painting, and she says she was babysitting, and wanted something to keep him occupied. She didn’t know what was advanced enough; she’s not good with kids. He remembers. He notices the cacti on the windowsill, and she smiles. She says, him and Alexis? He never mentioned it. He didn’t realize he had to. She says he doesn’t; she’s just surprised. He says he also dated Obrecht. Robert comes in.

Hayden says Finn isn’t Obrecht’s type. She’s into blondes. He says, maybe that explains why it didn’t last. Robert tells Finn that he just got off the phone with Anna, and he’d like to enlist Finn’s help in seeking a mutual acquaintance. Does he have a minute? He tells Hayden it was nice to see her again. Finn tells Robert he knows that look. Robert says, let it suffice to say anyone who hurts Anna will be confined to a dark, black place. Finn says, that won’t be necessary. Robert says, he thinks he has a lead on Cassandra, but needs Finn’s help in tracking her down.

Nina tells Valentin, she was upset, and told Jax that they knew he had a file on Cassandra. Just tell her that she blew it. Valentin says, it’s okay. She’s been under a lot of stress lately. Jax would have found out sooner or later. Jax probably saw him talking to Curtis. Nina says she should warn Curtis, but Valentin says he will. Stay the hell away from Jax; he has a connection to Cassandra. She says, he doesn’t. There’s nothing in the file that’s not public domain. He’s never even met her. Valentin says, she believes him? She says, actually, yes. She does.

Jax sees Curtis at the MetroCourt, and says, just the man he was looking for. Curtis says he’s having dinner with his wife, but they can talk business until she gets there. Jax says, it won’t take long. It came to his attention that Curtis is entered his office under false pretenses, and had access to his personal files. He has a pretty good idea who Curtis is working for. He supposes now that Curtis has been busted, that job is over. Curtis nods, and Jax says, one more thing. He’s fired.

TJ asks Molly how it’s going, and she says, lower than low. She’s thankful for the break, but in reality, she hasn’t written much about her complicated family history. He says, families can sure be complicated. She asks if everything’s okay, and he says he stopped by the PCPD. Jordan thanks her for the coconut balls. They were talking about Aunt Stella’s new cousin, and they can’t figure out how the site misdid the information. Molly asks if he wants to get Stella’s money back, but he says he’d settle for an explanation that made sense.

Alexis reminds Neil that he’s talking to someone skilled in cross-examination. He says he thought she just wanted to ask him a few questions. His likes and dislikes, his favorites; things she’d get on the dating app. She says they can do that. What’s his favorite suisine? He says, Mexican, and she asks his favorite color. He says, green, adding, she’s never filled out a dating profile, has she? She asks if he doesn’t like the questions, and he suggests she dig deeper. She asks if he has any hobbies. What does he do in his free time? What brings him joy? He says he likes to ski, and likes music. He has a wicked sound system, and his vintage collection is second to none. That doesn’t surprise her. He seems like a classic rock guy. He says, of course (🍷), but his taste isn’t limited. He lists several genres, and says he likes the Talking Heads. She says, who? and he says, it’s like a dagger to the heart. She says, no dagger references. He says, sorry, and she says, cat or dog? He says, dog. Cats are smart, and make him uncomfortable. (He should have met my dog Juliet. She was so smart, she made me uncomfortable sometimes.) She asks if intelligence makes him uncomfortable. He says not at all, but thinks he needs to reedit his profile. He’d said he wanted something uncomplicated, but realized that doesn’t work for him. He’s looking to meet somebody multifaceted and upfront. Somebody who cares about family, and has an advocacy streak. Somebody who can’t be contained, and is a challenge to him. Somebody like her.

Neil asks if Alexis learned what she wanted to know. She says she’s learned enough for now. He says, good. They’ll have to do it again. She says she’d like that, and hands him her bill, saying, she doesn’t let her clients pour their heart out for free.

TJ tells Molly, genetics was one of the first courses he took, and he’s had others since then. With the kind of DNA test done now, it’s almost impossible for a close relative and a third cousin to get mixed up. Molly asks if he thinks they’re some kind of fake.

Valentin texts Curtis, but he ignores it because Jordan arrives. He asks if everything is okay, and she says she just got some information that knocked her for a loop, but she realized it’s fine. He says, tell him, and she says the insurance isn’t covering as much as they’d hoped. (The struggle is real.) They can always appeal, but if they don’t pay the bills on time, their credit will take a hit. Curtis says, how about if they kick back on the expensive restaurants? They can go to Kelly’s or the Rib. She says she had a momentary freak out, but between their jobs, they have a handle on it.

Hayden gives Molly her number, and says she meant it. She’d love to keep in touch about the article. They can trade information on the Cassadines.

Finn tells Robert, he guesses it makes sense that hypochondriac Cassandra is relying on a drug like that. Robert asks, in the countries where it’s legal, are there any strong channels of distribution? Finn says, not many. Bolivia probably has the most organized operation. Robert says, Sandra being so good at hiding, Bolivia is as good a place as any.

Michael says he doesn’t want to pressure Sasha. If there are things she regrets, he doesn’t care. He just cares about her. He knows they just started, but he’s already in it for the long haul. Sasha says that’s simultaneously the sweetest and scariest thing he could say. He asks, why it’s scary. She says it’s sweet, because he’s the rarest of things – a legitimately nice guy – but it’s scary, because the better she gets to know him, the more afraid she is to lose him. He says she won’t lose him, and she says, when she gets out of this room – when Finn works his magic and she’s cured – she’ll tell him everything. He deserves to know, even if he won’t like it very much.

Sonny sees Jax at the MetroCourt, and Jax asks if there’s something else. When Cassandra went after Sasha, Michael could have easily been collateral damage. They both have a reason to want to stop her. Jax says, if he finds out anything, or gets a location, he’ll let Sonny know. Sonny says he’ll do do the same. One more thing. Nina is hiding something about Cassandra. Jax might want to look into that.

Nina tells Valentin, she accused Jax of conspiring with Cassandra, and he looked her in the eye and denied it. Valentin asks if she believes Jax, and she says, whatever his agenda is, it’s not malicious. He’d never pair up with someone like Cassandra. Jax is not a threat. Cassandra is. Does he have any leads? His phone rings, and he says he may in a moment. It’s Curtis, who says he’s out at Aurora. Jax fired him. Valentin says he’s sorry, and Curtis says he’d like to talk more about Valentin’s recent offer. Valentin smiles.

Tomorrow, Mac tells Felicia about being offered the new position, Shiloh says just the lady he’s looking for, Peter tells Maxie the truth, and Jason tells Franco that he just can’t stand by and watch him hurt them.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis did his first negotiation in two years, alongside his new partner Ronita. To offset the apartment with no amenities, they collaborated with a nearby hotel, offering a membership for their amenities. An offer was made, but the seller had turned down the same amount earlier, and was about to turn it down again. Her broker thought she should take it, and she said she’d always trusted him, so she did. Luis said it was the first time he had a 50/50 split, but Ronita deserved it. He’d been hesitant to come back to real estate, but said it turned out to be bicycle stuff.

Steve wore prosthetics to turn himself into Mel, his alter ego, who will probably be him in twenty years. God, I hope not. He wanted to spy on Jess during her open house for his peace of mind, since she was repping him and his brand. She scored points for a confident representation, being the expert, adding humor, and making a personal connection.  She got even more points for recognizing him. He told her that he wanted to see her action, and she commanded room; she’s an agent. Jess got a legit offer for the apartment Steve used to live in. Unfortunately, the seller decided not to sell, thinking the market would improve. Steve told us that everyone was feeling renewed optimism, but it was still a downward market. He was afraid it could devastate Jess. It seems like sellers aren’t understanding the way the market works at all. I kind of understand this, since I have an eBay store, and on the opposite end, all buyers seem to want everything for a dollar now. Steve told Jess the bad news in an art gallery, so she couldn’t freak out too loudly. She felt defeated for putting in effort, but getting no reward. She thought she got too emotionally involved, but Steve said that’s what makes her right. She told him that she was discouraged, and wanted to go home. He suggested she turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone, and she told him that she was in her 30s. She didn’t want to step anymore. Steve gave her an advance on her commission to the tune of what she would have made. He wanted to show her that he had faith in her.

Ryan was given a property called the Life Saver Box because it was where the candy was once made. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately next to a construction site. Construction that had been going on for two years already. And they start at 8 am. The buyer had to move quickly, since they’d bought a house in L.A. Ryan got the bad news that the buyer for the apartment by the highway was backing out, with no explanation, which led to him being fired by the seller. They decided to go in another direction. Whatever that means. Ryan was getting pretty bummed out, since another team member’s deal had just died because of no financing. Amelia ended up talking him down, telling him that he couldn’t keep falling apart. It was like the world’s coming to an end every single time. He told her he couldn’t control the market, but gets yelled at like he can. He just wanted to do good work. Amelia told him if he can’t change it, he can’t freak out about it. it was always going to be tough, and they had to teach the baby coping skills. She found out Ryan’s dad was the same way, and pointed out, it’s something children learn. She told him, home should be his safe zone. Otherwise, when would it end?

Fredrik had a buyer who lowered their offer by $50K, since the seller, who was selling for her daughter, was taking too long to respond. The seller was like, no way, and he said he had another client who was interested in renting at $20K a month. Can you imagine 1) having that kind of money, and 2) being willing to pay that much? He said he would also still be able to show the apartment while the tenant lived there. That was also a hard no, and she said the apartment could sit there. She was headed for Miami. Fredrik landed a property in Soho, that had a parking garage, but the price tag for the garage was a million dollar. Fredrik told the seller, people never pay more than $500K. Considering what a nightmare parking is in NYC, that’s probably reasonable. Fredrik followed the seller to Miami, and asked her to revisit the offer, trying to explain that the buyer realized the property wasn’t worth as much in the time she lollygagged. She didn’t want to budge, and the buyer’s broker said she was holding them by a thread. In the end, the offer was taken, and Fredrik loved Miami.

Next time, new guy Tyler comes on the scene and tells us to watch out, and Steve would like nothing more than to go toe-to-toe with Fredrik.

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August 22, 2019 – Shiloh Has a Request, Ryan Gets a Caveat & Don’t Cry


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she’s making the place cheerier for her nephews. Elizabeth says she knows Hayden is more comfortable behind a desk, but Hayden says her comfort level has expanded in the last couple of years. Aiden and Cameron come in. Cameron tells Aiden that their Aunt Hayden is staying, and Aiden asks, where’s Franco?

Curtis asks Finn if he’s got a minute. Finn says he just got done, and Curtis says he needs to get in touch with Finn’s fiancé. Finn says Anna is still out of town. Does Curtis want him to relay a message, and Curtis says he has to find out if Anna has been in touch with Andre.

Ava goes to the MetroCourt, and finds her phone on the bar. She says, while she’s there… and orders a vodka martini, filthy, with three olives. Doc startles her. She says, it’s nothing personal. She’s got to get used to the same face. He doesn’t want to bring up unpleasant memories, but he’s been thinking about her. She says she doesn’t have to be psychic to know that Laura told him that she’s seeing one. She tells Doc that Chelsea is effective, and Doc asks if she’s helping Ava contact her daughter. Ava says, yeah, but she doesn’t need Chelsea’s help. Kiki contacted her directly.

At Charlie’s, Lucas tells Julian it’s not too late to change his mind. Julian knows he and Lucas are in a better place, but he’ll be close enough to call, and far enough away not to screw anything up. Willow joins them, and asks if he’s thinking of selling, and Julian says, it’s a done deal. Lucas tells Willow, Julian is moving to Manhattan, and leaving his own family here. Julian says he has every intention of staying in Wiley’s life. Just like Willow.

Maxie tells Lulu that she knows you’re supposed to sip the wine and spit it out, but she thinks it’s a waste of wine. Lulu swirls her wine around, and Maxie asks, what’s the matter? Too oxidized? Lulu says, of all the ride share drivers in the world, Maxie had to call that one. Dustin offers them two new glasses, saying, a buttery chardonnay that pairs well with salmon. Maxie says, it’s a shame Peter couldn’t join them, and make it a foursome.

Shiloh says when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, Jason. He kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says they’re back to Shiloh’s lack of proof. Shiloh says he’s an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter says it’s Shiloh’s word against his, but Shiloh says with Peter’s track record, who’s going to believe him? Especially that cute number he brought to the Nurses Ball, Maxie. Peter says he publishes a newspaper. He has nothing to do with the legal system. Shiloh is going to be put away for the rest of his life. Shiloh says he has faith, but Peter says, it’s not that simple. Shiloh says he’ll find a way, unless he wants everyone to know he helped kidnap Drew and Jason, and was Helena’s project manager.

Cameron tells Elizabeth, Aiden was asking about Franco. He told Aiden that she’d explain. Hayden says she’ll go upstairs, but Elizabeth tells her, please stay. It’s a family discussion. She wanted to have this discussion with Jake there, but he wanted to go to camp, so she’ll have to explain later. Aiden says, explain what? and Elizabeth says, Franco can’t be there right now, but their Aunt Hayden will be there while Franco is getting better. Aiden asks, what’s wrong? Is he sick? She says, he has something kind of like amnesia. Does Aiden know what that is? Aiden says, you forget everything and don’t know who you are. Did Franco forget them?

Ava tells Doc, she was sleeping, and Kiki appeared at the foot of her bed. She was wearing the same dress she was wearing when she was killed. Doc asks if Kiki spoke to her, and Ava says, no words. She just stared, really stared into Ava’s soul, and she woke up. He asks what Chelsea said, and Ava says Chelsea told her that she doesn’t do dreams. But a certain Dr. Freud made a career out of dream analysis. Maybe it’s Doc’s department. What does he think her daughter is trying to tell her?

Peter asks who they’ll believe; Shiloh the cult leader, or Peter who turned his life around, and was accepted by the good people of Port Charles? Shiloh says let him tell Peter about the good people of Port Charles. They love you when you’re on top, but they’ll cut your throat if you fall from grace. And Peter is headed for a fall. They’ll turn on him, and once Shiloh plants the seed of doubt, Robert will look into everything Peter has said. He’ll just sit back and watch as Peter’s blameless existence unravels. Peter tells Shiloh, he never said he was blameless. Outside the room, Nelle listens in. Shiloh says Peter’s nearest and dearest will know he delivered Drew, and drugged Jason, and put him in the gulag. Peter asks how he knows Shiloh will keep silent, and Shiloh asks what choice does he have?

Elizabeth tells Aiden that she knows it’s difficult, but they have to be patient. Franco is confused. Hayden offers Aiden another pillow, and says she’s new at this warm fuzzy stuff. It will be okay. Cameron says they’ve got this. Elizabeth says if Aiden has questions, ask away. Aiden says Franco was going to help him make a cake; they got all the ingredients. Cameron says he’ll help, and Hayden says she’s not good at that, so she wants to see a master at work. They can keep a piece in the freezer for Franco for later. Aiden asks who will make them feel safe? and Elizabeth says they’ll all have to pitch in. Hayden says, that’s what families are for, right? Elizabeth says, right.

Doc tells Ava that he’s glad Chelsea didn’t say the dream was a message from the other side. Ava says, Chelsea is transparent, non-judgmental, and honest. She doesn’t question Chelsea’s honesty or ethics, but she thinks Ava was just dreaming. Doc says he’s read dreams are nothing more than a message from your unconscious about a repressed desire or an unfulfilled wish. Something you don’t allow yourself to think when you’re awake, but can in the freedom of sleep. It’s not about what Kiki is trying to tell her. It’s about what Ava is trying to tell herself.

Dustin brings over more wine, and Maxie thanks him, saying he’s gone above and beyond by sticking around. He says one good thing about the job is that he gets to choose his own hours. He asks what Lulu thinks, and she says she can’t taste the herbs or the hint of lime, but it’s good. Maxie thanks him for waiting. He gets five stars and a ten. Lulu agrees.

Peter tells Shiloh that he knows about change and redemption. Shiloh tells Peter, make sure he gets his share of redemption, and he’ll return the favor. Set him free, and he’ll do the same for Peter. Peter leaves, and makes a call to Maxie in the hallway. She asks if Peter wants to join them. He says he can’t, but wants her to meet him at the MetroCourt in twenty minutes. He’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Lulu that she’s got to go. Dustin can keep her company. Don’t do anything foolish.

At the prison, an alarm sounds. Nelle is mopping the hall, and a guard tells her, it’s a lockdown; she knows the drill. He puts her in with Shiloh, and cuffs them to their chairs. He says he’ll be right back, and Nelle tells Shiloh, it looks like it’s just the two of them.

Aiden asks if they can get take-out; he wants dumplings. The doorbell rings, and he says, maybe it’s Franco, but Cameron doesn’t think so. It’s Curtis. Hayden says she has some errands to run, and Elizabeth thanks her. They hug, and Hayden leaves. Curtis apologizes for just dropping by. Elizabeth asks Cameron to help Aiden with something upstairs. When they’re gone, Elizabeth asks Curtis, what’s going on? He says he’s passing on a message from Drew about Franco.

Ava says maybe Doc is right. What she’s trying to tell herself is that she didn’t deserve anybody as good, as beautiful, and as perfect. Doc says, if we all got what we deserved… Ava says Chelsea told her that she drinks too much, and Scotty just wants to drink with her. He used to be Franco’s shrink. Does he really think Franco believes he’s Drew? He says he can’t comment on a patient. Franco walks in, and Ava calls to him. He says, no, ma’am. That’s not his name. He says Doc is the doctor who treated him in the hospital, and Doc asks if he’d like to join them. Franco declines. No more people who think they know him.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Willow says Julian just told them the news. She’s brave, making a new start in the Big Apple. Lucas says he’ll miss them both, and Julian says they’ll expect a visit as soon as they’ve found a place. He tells Kim that he’s already found a buyer for Charlie’s. Olivia wants another restaurant, so it will stay in the family. Kim guesses there’s nothing keeping them now. They can go tonight.

Finn waits for the elevator, and Hayden comes out. She says she has some Crimson related questions for Nina, but Finn says, she’s still in isolation with Sasha. Hayden was hoping Sasha’s condition had improved; it’s awful. She can only imagine how Nina is feeling. Finn says, can she? and she asks if he means how can someone as cold and heartless know how Nina feels.

Nelle tells Shiloh, this is what passes for speed dating, but you can’t move on. Shiloh says, you have to laugh. It’s a survival skill. Nelle says she’s nothing if not a survivor, and he says, him too. She says, he’s Shiloh. She recognizes him from the book jacket of Every Day is a New Dawn. He says what he does is a service, but she says, not to everyone. Lorraine is her cellmate, and told her about him and the baby he’s trying to steal.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt, and asks, what’s going on? He says there’s something she needs to know. He just left Pentonville. He was visiting Shiloh.

Curtis says, Franco is determined to return the money to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, he’s wearing an ankle monitor, but Curtis asks if she thinks it would stop him. She says, of course (🍷) not. Curtis doesn’t either. He says, neither does Drew, but Drew came up with a workaround. Franco stays while Drew goes to Afghanistan. Elizabeth says, Drew is making the trip in Franco’s place? He says, he’s making it for both of them. Drew might not remember, but he still wants to see justice done. Elizabeth thanks him. He says there’s more he hasn’t told Drew. He has a location on Andre.

Finn tells Hayden, he didn’t mean it like that. She says he did, but he says she’s not cold and heartless. He heard her when he was on the phone with Elizabeth. She showed up, and said she’d be there for her sister and her nephews. He’s proud of her. She says she didn’t do it for him, and he says he knows that. She says before he leaves, would he stop in and tell Nina that she’s thinking about her. He says whatever is going on in her life, he’s glad she came home. After he’s gone, she says she hopes he means that.

Peter says, dammit. He forgot something he has to do. Maxie asks if he wants to tell her about seeing Shiloh.

Doc knows Franco is having a rough time. He helped the original Franco recover his memories. This is completely different, but he’s a good listener. Just ask Ava. He leaves, and Franco guesses that makes her Ava. Here’s where she says they have a long, fascinating history. She says, actually, they do. He says, now she’s going to tell him that she wishes that guy would come back. She says, some do want him back, but more hope the transformation is permanent. He says, an honest woman, and she says, to a fault. He sits, and says, how about if she gives him the real story about this Franco.

Dustin brings Lulu a spicy red from Argentina, but she says, no thanks. He asks if it’s the vintage or the company, but she says she has no complaints about either. He says the last time they spoke, she was still working on the burglar story. What happened? She says she wasn’t getting anywhere, so her editor assigned another reporter, and she’s been relegated to wine tastings. He says the talent of Lulu Spencer is wasted on it, but she says she’s changing her byline and driver’s license. He says she told him that her divorce was in the works, and she says, it’s now a done deal. He says he’s sorry. Actually, no. He’s not.

Shiloh tells Nelle that Harmony, or whatever name she’s using, is a discontented creature, looking for enlightenment in all the wrong places. Nelle says, between his sheets? Lorraine told her that Shiloh was her lover and guru, and then went after her daughter. He says her daughter had a baby that she gave up in an illegal adoption. Willow gave the baby up without his consent. The child belongs to him, and he’s going to claim his son. She says he’s being tried for everything from fraud to sexual assault to murder. What makes him think he’ll beat the charges? He says he has faith in human nature. It’s never let him down yet.

Peter doesn’t know how to start, and Maxie asks why he visited Shiloh. He says he thought Shiloh just wanted some publicity. Some men are a prisoner forever to their past, no matter how much they want to be someone better. Maxie assumes Peter empathizes, and wants to help, but Peter is nothing like him. He’s accepted his past, and put it behind him. She only cares about the man he is now; the man she loves. Yeah, she said that. She loves him, and that’s all that matters.

On the phone, Curtis says, Andre is in Ethiopia, volunteering as an intern for a mental health initiative. He’ll send an email with the details. Good luck. Elizabeth asks what Drew said, and Curtis says, he’s diverting to Ali Baba (not really, but he said it really fast, and it kind of sounded like that). He’ll find Andre, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles.

Franco tells Ava, alrighty then. Go ahead. She’s a person who hates Franco. She says, sorry, no. She appreciated Franco. He was her friend, and a wonderfully talented artist. She’s shown his work. Franco asks if he was her partner, but she says, more like kindred spirits. Plenty of people hate her too. He says, like who? She says he’s looking at numero uno. He says, she really is an honest woman. What did she do? She says betrayed someone she loved; someone who once loved her. He says, it’s never too late to make amends. She says, he’s been given a second chance. There’s nothing that can undo what she’s done, but he has a chance to reinvent himself. Lucky bastard. Don’t blow it.

Dustin tells Lulu, condolences, and she says, they’re appreciated – briefly. He knows divorce is painful, but it’s worse being in limbo. At the softball game, he could see that she was worried and distracted, but then she picked up a mitt and had fun. She should do that more often. He bets her kids need to. She says, Charlotte and Rocco; they have names – and faces. He asks if he can see them, and she takes her phone out. He says, they look like great kids. Happy, and still young enough to be excited to go back to school. She says, excited as they can be that the summer vacation is over. He says, him too, and she says, that’s right. He’s a teacher. He says, wine tasting is just his summer gig. She says, no more ride share, but he says he put his number in her phone, if she wants to play catch. Rocco’s dad probably takes himSorry. She says, it’s fine, and he says he’s there if she needs to talk. She thinks she needs to call it a night, and he says he’s driving. I’m wondering how she’s going to write anything about the wine tasting, since she wrote nothing down. Her phone was even in her purse.

Julian tells Kim, they have no place to live yet. She says they can get a hotel room, and stay there until they find an apartment. They can check out the neighborhoods, and don’t have to take the first apartment that comes along. I’m wild with jealousy. There, I said it. He asks, what about her patients? but she says there are just a few, and she can transfer them to another doctor. He asks if she saw Franco, and she says she did. He knows it’s weird and upsetting, but he’s Franco, not Drew. She says she knows that, and he says, then what’s the rush? What’s she afraid of?

Lucas shows Willow pictures of Wiley. He tells her that Wiley only knows one word, dada. He’s convinced Wiley is talking about him, and Brad is sure it’s him, but Wiley also calls plush pig and oatmeal dada. Willow says, he’ll figure it out, and he says, someday, Wiley will know who his mother is.

Nelle says, something tells her Shiloh is counting on more than faith. How is he paying for this? His assets have been frozen or are embargoed. He says, once upon time he gave a boy named Oscar a place to stay. Oscar was grateful, and his kindness was rewarded. Oscar turned out to be a Quartermaine. Sadly, Oscar died young, but left Shiloh shares in ELQ. Enough to buy a small firm. The guard comes in, and says, lockdown is over. Nelle tells Shiloh, to be continued.

Maxie asks if Peter heard what she said. He says he did, and he loves her too. She tells him, he said it like it’s sad, but he says, it’s wonderful; it’s everything. She says, but he’s not ready to believe someone could love the son of Faison, even if he’s Anna’s son too? He says she makes him believe anything is possible. She says, it is, as long as they love each other. He says he does love her, and kisses her. She says, better. What was he going to tell her about his visit to Shiloh? He says Shiloh wanted to pitch a tell-all to The Invader. She says she has to admit, as big a creep as he is, she bets Shiloh has an interesting story to tell.

Elizabeth tells Curtis that Andre knows more anyone, even Cabot, about memory transfer. He can figure out a way to reverse it. Curtis says, that’s the hope, and Elizabeth says she knows there are no guarantees. With Andre’s help, Franco will find his way home.

At Charlie’s, on the phone, Hayden says she’s right on time. Mommy loves hearing her voice. What did she do today?

Finn talks to Anna, and says he misses her too. Tell him about her day.

Lucas says he sent Willow a picture of Wiley. Willow feels blessed to be part of Wiley’s life in any way. Lucas says, when Wiley is old enough to understand, they’ll tell him about her. They’ll figure it out. She says, the only important thing right now, is that Shiloh is no longer a threat. Wiley is safe with the parents who love him.

Kim tells Julian that she’s always been like this. Once she makes a decision, she wants to get on with it. Julian says they don’t have to rush. She says, no but hopes he fast-tracks the closing. The sooner they start their life together, the better. She kisses him

Franco finishes his beer, and thanks Ava for the interesting conversation. She says, it’s on her, but he insists. She thanks him, and he asks if she knows Kim. She says she does, and he says, does she have Kim’s number?

Lulu sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and says, next time she’s thinking of texting a ride share driver, don’t. Maxie asks if Lulu didn’t have a good time, and Lulu says, that’s beside the point. Maxie says the only point she wanted to make is having Lulu feel better about the divorce. Lulu wouldn’t say she feels better, but she’s starting to accept it. Maxie is glad Lulu is coming to terms with it. That means Maxie can share her wonderful news. Peter had a legit reason to call. It wasn’t just to leave Lulu with Dustin. She told Peter that she loved him, and he loves her too. Lulu gets super excited, and hugs Maxie. She says, fantastic. She’s happy for Maxie, and asks where he is. Maxie says, he got called away. Lulu wants to make sure he knows how lucky he is… and possibly he can pull some strings to get her a more interesting story than what’s going on in Port Charles life. Maxie says, Shiloh wanted sell his side of the story to The Invader, but Peter turned him down. He thinks Shiloh just wants press. And it’s dangerous to be involved with a creep like that.

Peter goes back to the prison, which must have 24/7 visiting hours. Shiloh says, that was quick. Peter says, if word ever gets out… Shiloh says he knows, and Peter says, yes. He’ll help.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Kiki what to do, Sam tells Jason that Drew is on his way to get Andre, and Sasha tells Michael it’s the punishment she deserves.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis said there was more to the story about him becoming a father, but didn’t tell us what it was. He let Ronita know about the baby, but wasn’t ready to practice diaper changing on hers. He was stepping all over Ronita during a showing, and afterward, she let him know she understood it wasn’t intentional, but it wasn’t cool either. She said if he was going to take over, she might as well not be there. She appreciated him giving her a start, but said her position had evolved. She kept his name alive while he was gone, and without her, he would have had to start over. He realized he’d been looking at her like she was still his assistant. During the next showing, Luis let Ronita shine, and introduced her has his business partner. A client also saw a post Luis made about his depression while he was in Paris, and wanting to end it all. At first, he thought this might reflect negatively on him, but it turned out one of the seller’s closest friends had committed suicide, and she gave him kudos. He told us he’s so glad he’s there.

A developer enticed Ryan with three luxury apartments in NoHo – one with 23 foot ceilings – each about 4500 square feet. There was a beautiful old firehouse across the street, which I suppose could be a drawback, but (no surprise) Ryan turned it into a selling point by saying, what better protection do you need? I was amused because when I first moved to Manhattan, I lived across the street from a firehouse. You get used to it. By the time I went home for vacation, I couldn’t sleep there because it was too quiet. Ryan was nearly beside himself with joy until he found out about the developer’s caveat. To get the listings, he would also have to take on a 233 unit luxury rental building in Harlem that was still under construction. Rentals alone aren’t a broker’s favorite thing, and actually to be avoided at all costs unless you’re just starting out. He said he’d have to think about it.

Steve asked girlfriend Luiza to move in with him, from London to NYC. She said yes very quickly, which surprised me. BTW, not only does she look like a model, she speaks five languages and is a master chess player. Steve was renting an apartment from a friend in exchange for having floated the friend. When Steve said he was moving, the friend gave him the listing. In turn, Steve gave his agent Jess the listing. She’d been one of his closest friends since high school, and she’d been feeling nervous due to a bad market and no steady paycheck. Steve gave a mini lesson in sales, and we learned to make a personal connection when selling. Other takeaway points were don’t just give the potential buyer the basic facts; don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; don’t be too serious; envision the space; and read the customer. There really wasn’t any Fredrik, but next week he’s going to Miami, and Ryan breaks down

🍷 In Honor Of the Spicy Red…

Tea tomorrow, Argentina tonight. The real version. From Patti Lupone. Enough said.





























August 15, 2019 – He’s Not Franco, a Theory, the Market’s Not Good, a Message From Sam & Moody Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Robert tells Jason and Sam that Franco has no recollection of his own life. He thinks he’s Drew Cain, and was implanted with Drew’s memories from before he came to Port Charles. Sam says, evidently, they were on the flashdrive. Franco knows nothing about Drew’s life.

Kim thinks Franco should sit down. She’ll find Elizabeth. He says while she’s at it, maybe she can find that loving feeling. She says, what? and he tells her that he said it to her. He actually sang it to her. She was wearing heels and a little black number, and he was in his dress whites. He grabbed the mic, and did his best Tom Cruise imitation. Does she recall what she said? Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. Kim is like, whoa, and he kisses her. Drew and Elizabeth see them, and Kim pushes him away. She asks, what the hell is he doing?

Julian tells Lucas that Kim was determined to leave no matter what. She told him that herself. Lucas says, so it’s not an idea they came up with together. It makes him wonder, if she was going to leave with or without him… Julian says, why go with her? He understands where she’s coming from. She’s going through a rough time, and needs to look after her well-being and survival. Lucas says, most people forget about self-care when they’re in grief. (I cringe, since I hate buzzwords; self-care in particular.) Julian says it doesn’t make him love her any less, and he’s glad she asked him to go with her. Brad walks in, and Lucas says he’s glad Julian feels that way, but it affects them too. He tells Brad that Julian and Kim are leaving Port Charles. Brad says Julian can’t leave.

Valentin runs into Finn, and asks if he has an update on Sasha. Nina is taking a break, and it would be nice to give her good news when she gets back. Finn says he can only discuss Sasha with family, but Valentin says he and Nina are engaged. Finn says, congratulations, but the regulations are still clear. He’ll update Nina, and she can fill him in. Valentin says while he has Finn there, can Finn give him an update on the search for Cassandra?

Jax pays the tab at The Floating Rib. He asks what Peter and Maxie are talking about, and Peter tells him, heads up about Obrecht. She was so distracted, she couldn’t even swing the bat, and she clapped every time Jax got a run, even though he was on the opposing team. Maxie says she has a crush on him. Why does he think she went racing home to change?

Digging around the trophy room, Hayden says, where could it be? It’s not in Valentin’s office, and it’s not there. Obrecht walks in, and says, two pairs of eyes are better than one. If Hayden tells her what she’s looking for, she might help Hayden find it. But if not, she might turn her in to Valentin. Hayden says Obrecht startled her. Obrecht says she caught Hayden off-guard; they’re two totally different concepts. Hayden says she lost an earring, and Obrecht tells her to stop twisting her story. With all the lies, she’s about to suffocate. She broke in to steal something. Hayden says it’s not what she thinks, but Obrecht says she’s clearly breaking and entering. Why waste time calling Valentin? She’s simply going to call the police.

Valentin asks Finn if there have been any further sightings of Cassandra since she was seen in Italy. He assumes Anna is keeping Finn posted, but Finn says Anna isn’t looking for Cassandra. Valentin says he’ll talk to Anna himself; he’s just looking for information. Finn asks, why the sudden interest in Cassandra?

Peter says, Obrecht went all the way back to Spoon Island to change? He laughs, and Maxie tells him, be kind. Obrecht is working hard to turn her life around, and she’s James’s grandmother. Jax says he’ll be cordial, and Maxie has no doubt he’ll be the perfect gentleman. Jax steps away, and Peter says he’d be terrified if Obrecht was crushing on him. Maxie says Jax is probably used to all the women throwing themselves at him. Peter says he hopes not her, and she asks why she’d want Jax when she has him. Jax gets a text from Hayden that Obrecht is there.

Obrecht says Hayden seems nervous, and Hayden says Obrecht just told her that she’s calling the cops. Obrecht says she won’t if Hayden comes clean. Hayden says she has permission to be there, but Obrecht highly doubts it. Nina would have mentioned it. She says she’ll call Nina to confirm, but Hayden says not to bother Nina. She’s with Sasha at the hospital. Obrecht is well-aware of it. Nina is beside herself with worry; which makes it even less likely that she gave permission for Hayden to rummage through her home. Hayden says Nina’s assistant called her, and Obrecht asks how long she’s been there. Hayden says, not that long. She was on the launch just a short time ago. Obrecht says she was on the launch just a short time ago, and the driver didn’t mention another passenger. Although when they were pulling up, she saw that unsavory Quinn’s boat speeding away. Hayden says Obrecht’s vision hasn’t suffered with age, and Obrecht says neither has her ability to spot a thief and swindler. No doubt Hayden has fond memories of the house. It contains pieces of priceless art spread throughout it. She could take one or two, and hope they won’t be missed. Why else would she be snooping? Hayden swears it’s nothing like that. Obrecht says an oath from someone who’s done multiple acts of fraud, embezzled two or three times, and fled town after stealing from the hospital. Compared to Hayden’s self-serving audacity, she looks like Joan of Arc. Hayden’s phone dings, and Obrecht says someone is trying to reach her. Perhaps her accomplice. Obrecht grabs Hayden’s phone, and reads, Obrecht at Windymere; get out now. She says, from Jax.

Sam says, there’s got to be a way to reverse the procedure, but Jason says, Andre designed the transfer to work on Drew. He remembers Jason’s life, and the memories haven’t faded. The treatment hasn’t worn off, and the closest Andre came to a fix was to give Drew his original memories back. Andre said he took a baseline of Drew’s memories before the procedure and put them on the flashdrive. He wonders if Cabot took a baseline of Franco’s memories, but Robert says, it seemed to be an improv at the last moment. Sam asks what the options are, and Robert says Cabot told them Franco could either live with Drew’s memories, or risk being in a vegetative state.

Franco asks Kim, what’s wrong? and she says he kissed her in front of his wife. Elizabeth tells him that he’s confused, and he says, not about this. He remembers everything about Kim. She forced him to go to Oldtown and find that lost kid. They debated what candy was best. The kid said Skittles, and he said Starburst, but she remained undecided. (Reminder: Kim had this conversation with the real Drew when he thought he was Jason.) It was New Year’s Eve, and they’d found out he was going to be deployed again. They watched the fireworks, and Kim said it was perfect, although they both knew they’d have to say goodbye. Then they said goodbye. Tell him she doesn’t remember now.

Brad says Julian can’t move, and Julian asks, why? Brad says, plenty of reasons. They’re used to him being a part of their lives. Julian says he’s just going to Manhattan. Lucas says they can visit, and bring Wiley. They can make an adventure out of it, and maybe make it monthly. Lucas’s phone dings, and he says, sorry. It’s the hospital, and he has to check on a patient. They’ll pick this up later. He leaves, and Julian asks Brad what his outburst was about. Brad says if Julian leaves town, he’s screwed. Julian says, how so? and Brad asks what they do if Wiley’s real biological parents show up to claim him? Up until now, everyone believes Wiley’s dad is Culty McCult from DOD, but Willow didn’t give birth to him. Who else can he turn to? Technically, until Wiley is eighteen, this is kidnapping. If Julian leaves, Brad will have no one else to talk to. Julian says, maybe that’s a good thing. He won’t have the option to come to Julian to fix things. It’s not healthy. As long as Shiloh is behind bars, there’s nothing to worry about. Move on with his life. It’s not like anyone else knows. Brad flashes back to Obrecht saying she knows his deepest, darkest secret, and him telling her that she poured her heart out to Franco. He tells Julian, nobody else knows.

Obrecht says Jax is colluding with Hayden? Hayden says she wouldn’t call it that. Obrecht wonders why someone of Jax’s stature would lower himself. Hayden says they’re working on a project. Obrecht asks, what kind? and Hayden says if she knows Jax, she knows they’re working on something good. Obrecht says she’s reaching her threshold of tolerance. She sends a text from Hayden’s phone, and Hayden asks what she’s doing. Obrecht says, cleaning up her mess. Jax gets a text that says, she’s gone. All set here.

Jax says he’s taking off, and Peter says, before Obrecht returns? Jax says he has phone calls to make that are in different time zones. He leaves, and Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht will be disappointed she missed him. Maxie says she doesn’t want to encourage it. Obviously, Jax isn’t going to reciprocate, but it’s the healthiest thing Obrecht has done in a long time; a step in the right direction. Peter says, better than holding people hostage, and Maxie says, better a crush than her usual secrets and lies.

Julian tells Brad that Shiloh is going to be sentenced to consecutive life sentences. There’s no reason to be paranoid. Brad says, Shiloh’s medical records are attached to Wiley’s. If anyone cross-references them, it will be a disaster. Julian asks if there’s anything Brad can do to stop that from happening, and Brad says, it wouldn’t be too difficult to change them. Julian says that’s what he thought about the adoption records, and it blew up in their faces. He tells Brad, learn from his mistake. Do nothing. There’s no reason for anyone to cross-reference the records. The best thing to do is nothing.

Jason thanks Robert for keeping them in the loop. Robert says he’ll reach out if anything comes up. Jason tells Sam what they did to Franco is like what they did to him in Russia. There’s nothing worse than trying to escape, and continually being drugged. Sam says she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

Franco tells Kim, even though he looks different, he’s Drew. Elizabeth tells him to stop. He’s upsetting Kim. Franco says they fed him some garbage about memory transfer, but he knows her, and knows she knows him. Kim says she does know him. He’s Franco Baldwin. Franco says he’s never met the guy, and walks away. Elizabeth asks him to just tell them where he’s going. He says he’s sorry, but he doesn’t know her, and doesn’t want to. Please leave him alone. He gets in the elevator, his back to the door. Kim says somebody needs to tell her what the hell is going on.

Valentin tells Finn that his interest in Cassandra is hardly sudden. He has a host of reasons why he wants to see her locked up, like Finn and Robert. Finn tells him, if he says so. Robert comes by, and says he just got off the phone with Anna. She saw Cassandra hanging out in Newfoundland. He wonders why, and Valentin says, if she’s trying to sneak into the country, that’s where private jets refuel. He makes a hasty exit.

Franco goes to The Floating Rib. Peter asks Maxie if that’s Franco, and she says, he looks terrible. Franco asks for whiskey, Irish, neat, two. The bartender asks for an ID (why?), and Franco says he had an ID in his wallet, but he threw it away. The bartender takes it he’s over twenty-one, but he can’t drink for free. Franco pulls some money out of his pocket, and puts it one the bar. He repeats his order, and downs the two shots in succession.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Cameron is okay because of Franco. Kim says, but he doesn’t know he’s Franco, and thinks he’s Drew back in 2012? Drew says they’re trying to wrap their heads around it themselves. I’m not sure why it’s hard for him to do, since he went through it himself. Elizabeth says it’s all they can do until they find someone who can reverse the procedure. Kim says the man who walked out remembered how they met, and their time together. They’re memories to him; he believes they happened. Drew says like he believed he lived Jason’s life. Kim asks what they’re going to do, and Elizabeth says, find someone to reverse the procedure. She needs her husband back. Kim wonders what she can do to help, and Drew tells her make sure Franco realizes they have no history together; be insistent. Kim understands. She needs a minute.

Maxie goes up to the bar, and says, hey, Franco. Franco says, go ahead. Call him that one more time. She asks if he’s okay. Peter joins her, and asks how Franco is doing. Franco throws the shot glass, and says that’s not his name

Brad goes to the hospital, and sees a computer unattended. He brings up Wiley’s records, and then Shiloh’s records.

Obrecht tells Hayden to have patience. She made sure Jax has no reason to follow Hayden, and deleted her history. The last thing Obrecht needs is to be implicated in Hayden’s scheme. Hayden asks if this means Obrecht is letting her go, but Obrecht says, on the contrary. It will take twenty minutes for the police to reach the island, giving Hayden plenty of time to repair her makeup for her mugshot. Hayden asks what she can offer Obrecht in return for her silence.

Jax sees Valentin at the hospital, and asks how Nina is doing. Valentin says, fine; he told her to take a break and get some air. Jax asks how Valentin is, and Valentin says there is something Jax can do for him.

Finn appreciates Robert keeping him in the loop, but wonders if it was a good idea to share information about Cassandra with Valentin. Robert says it was rubbish. He never said squat about Cassandra. But if Valentin thinks she’s getting closer to Port Charles, he’s more likely to show his hand, and they can figure out what that bastard is really up to.

Franco calls Maxie ma’am, and says his name is Andrew Cain. Please don’t call him Franco. Maxie asks if he’s drunk. The bartender says he doesn’t want any trouble, but Peter says, there isn’t any, and pays for the glass. Maxie says, sorry, and the bartender recognizes her as he owner’s daughter. She and Peter go back to their table, and Maxie says, oh my God. What is going on? Why is Franco calling himself Andrew? Peter thinks he knows.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll never forgive Franco for what he did to her and Michal. She says neither will she. Jason says, according to Robert, Franco saved Cameron’s life, or at least his mind, and that should count for something. Sam says, he thinks he’s Navy SEAL Drew. Does Jason think he can tell Drew about his past? Jason says he doesn’t know; maybe.

Brad types something into the computer. Lucas comes up behind him, and asks what he’s doing.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says, perfect timing. He’s been looking at potential investments in Manhattan. He asks, what’s wrong? and she says she’s not sure where to start. He says the predictable, how about the beginning?

Elizabeth flashes back to Franco in jail, telling her that he loves her, and he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. Till death do us part. She starts to cry, and says, sorry, but Drew says, don’t be. Elizabeth says after what she and Franco have been through, she might have lost him forever. He tells her, don’t think like that. She says she should look for Franco, but she doesn’t know where to start. He says she probably doesn’t want to hear it, but he thinks they should give Franco space. Elizabeth thinks they need to find a way to reverse the procedure. Drew says, the doctors still need time to work it out. Maybe it won’t last. Sam joins them, and says she just heard what happened. She asks if Cameron is okay, and Elizabeth says, as okay as he can be. Drew says, Franco isn’t. Sam says Robert told them; she’s so sorry. If the doctors say it’s okay, she’d like to speak to him. Elizabeth says, he left a while ago. He’s gone. Sam wonders, where would he go?

Peter asks Maxie if Franco said he was Drew Cain. Maxie wonders if he’s hallucinating. Peter says, or he had a memory transfer. Maxie says, ha-ha, then says, oh my God; he’s serious. Peter says the flashdrive is out there, and it has the Drew’s baseline memories from before 2012. It’s the same flashdrive he bargained with for his freedom. Maxie asks if Peter thinks Franco has been implanted with Drew’s memories. Peter asks if she can think of another explanation. She says, not really, but it seems bizarre. He says, if he’s right, it’s partly his fault. She asks, in what universe? and he says he had a chance to give it back, but he selfishly kept it to bargain for his own freedom. Now the memories are in the wrong person. She says, insanity aside, there’s no way it’s Peter’s fault. It’s not like he wanted it to happen. Peter says, that’s most certainly true. The last thing he wanted was Drew’s memories in anyone else.

Lucas says he didn’t know Brad was coming back, and Brad says he was just checking some things. Lucas says it’s Wiley’s birth father’s medical records, and Brad says he never had a chance to look at them. Lucas says, so he decided to look without him? How rude. Brad says, sorry. They should find time together to review it. Lucas says, that’s weird. It doesn’t list Wiley’s inherited heart condition. Brad says, not that weird. They should print it out and look at it when they have clear heads. Lucas says his head is clear. It’s the first thing he looked for. Maybe the doctors missed it. Or Shiloh is lying. Brad says, it wouldn’t be the first time. Lucas tells him to pick up Wiley, and he’ll see them at home. Brad says, can’t miss family dinner.

Obrecht says if Hayden thinks she can be bribed, she’s sorely mistaken. Hayden can’t buy her off with what she came to steal. Hayden says she’s offering much more. Obrecht says she’s listening. Hayden thought she would, but Obrecht says she didn’t consent yet. Out with it. Hayden says, let her go and tell no one, and she’ll get Jax to have dinner with her.

Jax tells Valentin that he knows what it’s like, waiting for answers as to when his daughter was going to get better. He thought Nina could use a distraction for however long she can stand him. If they can get some business done, it’s a bonus. Valentin says he appreciates what Jax has done, but moving forward, he’ll be handling everything. Thanks, but Nina and Sasha are in capable hands. He’ll let Nina know Jax stopped by. He leaves, and Jax shakes his head.

Robert tells Finn that he hasn’t actually spoken to Anna, and he’s not sure what he’s going to say when he does. Finn asks, what’s going on? and Robert says, Cabot wants to cut a deal. If they drop the charges, he’ll point out the memories Anna has that belong to Alex.

Maxie says Peter has made mistakes in the past; so has everyone else. He says, not at his level, and she says, think how much he’s learned and grown. He’s more than Faison’s son now. He’s found goodness because Anna is his mother. He says maybe she’s seeing what she wants to see, and it’s too little too late. Maxie says, even if that was true, she’s not going anywhere. She cares about who he is here and now, and in the future. She takes his hand, and they leave. Franco sits at a table, and has a beer.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she has no idea where Franco went or if he’ll be back. Sam knows there’s no way to reverse the procedure, and Drew says part of Franco is buried beneath, and they need to get it out. It’s the only way to fight. Elizabeth asks, with what? What do they do? He says, everything they can to remind Franco about the life that’s waiting for him.

Julian asks Kim if she sincerely believes Franco thinks he’s Drew. There’s no chance Franco is putting it on? She says, none. He truly believes he’s Drew, and remembers things he couldn’t possibly know. Details that were only important to her and Drew. He says, so it’s real. She says, listening to him talking about things he never lived through was so…. Julian says, upsetting? All the more reason they need to leave town. The more Franco remembers things that happened, the more confusing things will get.

Jason walks into The Floating Rib. He and Franco stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Hayden she might have been exposed to a serous contagion, Cameron says he was there, and Franco calls Jason a rich kid with his face.

💡 Theory for today. Maybe Hayden wasn’t lying when she said it was something good. Maybe they know Nikolas is alive, and he’s asked them to look for something. I’m not so sure we saw that painting for nothing.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan had a $15 million listing – reduced from $20 million – in an okay neighborhood, in a market where nothing over $10 was selling. This seemed to be the running theme throughout the episode – the market is bad. The property was fantastic – over 8200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 8½ baths, and a pool. If I had a spare $15 million, I’d buy it. Ryan loves nothing more than a crazy event, and this time invited tech people. He used 3D printing to his advantage, as well as a virtual tour (there was a real tour as well). Eventually, he got some bigwig broker to take a look, and they settled on something around $12.8 million, mostly because there was no completed C of O – i.e. Certificate of Occupancy. Take it from me, that’s a hard phrase to say when you’re drunk.

Luis came back full force, kind of. He went back to see his assistant, Ronita, who’s been running the show for two years, as well as becoming a new mother. Luis explained that he gave away all of his expensive, tailored suits because they felt like superhero costumes. He told us, it has nothing to do with what you’re wearing, but what you exude, and is now wearing nail polish. He wanted to find a way to dance with Ronita without stepping on each other’s toes. They did just fine, being chosen after a seller interviewed several brokers. We’ll see if their camaraderie sticks throughout the selling process. We also found out at the end, that Luis is expecting a baby girl. Well, he’s not having the baby, but you know what I mean.

Frederik got back together with his former assistant Jordan, who’d asked for help with a Tribeca listing. It was another humongous property – with a hallway was as long as a city block, that Fredrik couldn’t help but dance down. The problem again was the market. Fredrik insisted the sellers would not get what they were asking. The sellers thought maybe they’d wait for a better market, and Jordan got weirdly down, telling Fredrik that he takes every loss personally. Fredrik told him that it wasn’t a loss, and if it turned out to be, they’d fight for it. But it was better to take a pass, than have it sit there. Jordan said he regretted bringing Fredrik on. Much to Fredrik’s dismay, Jordan went back to the sellers, and suggested they give it a go their way, at top price.

And Luis got the award for best in attitude, saying he’s still got it, but he never lost it.

🏃 Where You Going, Billy…

Cryptic indeed.

And they’re dating IRL…?

🙇 Wishful Thinking…

I kept thinking Thursday was Friday, but it’s here now.





August 8, 2019 – Franco Makes a Sacrifice, an Opinion, Big Properties, an Anti-Hero Hero & Made It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew gets in the car with Curtis, saying the PCPD is looking for Shiloh. Robert is aware of it, as well as all the authorities across the state. As long as Shiloh can’t find him or Jason. he can’t access Drew’s memories. Curtis asks if he’s sure about that. He’s got the flashdrive, he’s got Cabot, and he’s desperate as hell. How do they know he won’t use it on somebody else? Drew says, they don’t.

Franco walks into 721 Dewitt. He hears Cabot saying he wanted to complete his life’s work, and Shiloh telling him, quit whining and get it done. Cabot says Shiloh really is an odious son of a bitch. The DVX was more to his liking, and they had facilities. Franco walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on? He pushes them away from Cameron, and yells Cameron’s name. He asks what they did to him, and Shiloh says, relax. They didn’t hurt the kid.

Sasha is wheeled into the ER, interrupting Lucas’s phone call to Brad. She has a temperature of 103, and is unconscious. Nina says, one minute she was fine, and the next, she collapsed. Please help her daughter.

Lucy needs a drink. She tells the MetroCourt bartender to make a double. She says she looks like she should be waiting for Humphrey Bogart or James Bond, but she’s alone, and teetering on one of those days. A friend of hers nearly died in a horrible, filthy freezer on a property she was desperate to sell. Talk about curb appeal – not. The bartender says he’s sorry. She says her fiend is going to be okay. She feels traumatized though. Her friend could have died, and the randomness of life occurred to her. She’s having trouble making sense of it. She needs drink; a double. He asks, a double of what? She ponders this.

Jason walks through the hospital hallways with Sam. He says she’s supposed to be resting, but she says she needs fresh air. Finn – who is wearing loud shoes today – says she’s not supposed to be up. She could have an infection. Michael comes by, and tells Finn, save it. Sam doesn’t like be told what to do. It’s good see her up and about, even if it’s against the doctor’s orders. He’s glad Jason got to her in time. Jason says Sam deserves the credit for hanging in there. Really? I swear, I’m never letting it go that she could have gotten the duct tape off her wrists easily. Sam says all she had to do was think about the people she loves. There was no way she was letting Shiloh win.

Elizabeth calls Cameron’s phone. She says, it’s late, and she needs to hear from him.

Franco asks, what the hell is going on? Shiloh holds a gun on him, and tells him, shut up. Franco asks why Cameron is unconscious, and Shiloh says he needs Cabot to get to work right now. He needs to access Drew’s memories. Cabot says he warned Shiloh it was a delicate procedure, and Franco asks what the hell they’re talking about. What does this have to do with Drew, and what did they do to Cameron?

Nina asks if Sasha can hear her. Sasha opens her eyes, and Nina tells her that she’s in the hospital. They’ll figure out what’s wrong. Lucas comes in, and asks how she’s feeling. She says, sick. He lists symptoms, and she says she has all of it; her whole body hurts. He asks if anything is localized, but she says, it’s everywhere, even her fingernails. He says she’s being given fluids, which should help. Her fever is extremely high, and he asks when it started. She says she was just tired earlier. He says he’s running some tests, and they’ll figure out what’s going on. Nina says Sasha probably picked up a bug. They’re going to test her, and fix her right up. Valentin joins them, and tells her, try not to worry.

Elizabeth asks why Sam is up. Sam says she needed air, and Elizabeth says she needs to rest. Jason says they’re still searching for Shiloh, and Michael suggests he and Drew lie low. Shiloh can’t do a memory transfer without a subject. Finn says he was just explaining that almost anyone can be used. Michael says, they don’t have to be identical twins? and Finn says, not necessarily. Michael says, so anyone could be implanted with Drew’s memories and personality? Finn says, in theory, which means it would wipe out the subject’s own personality. Michael says, like what happened to Drew. Michael gets a text from Nina, saying Sasha is in the ER. Sam tells him, go, and Jason says, let them know what’s happening. Elizabeth says, Finn was saying…? He says, theoretically, the procedure could be performed on anyone. Elizabeth says, so Shiloh could grab anyone off the street and turn them into Drew. Finn says, anyone.

Curtis knows it’s personal for Drew, and Drew says, hell, yes. Shiloh literally has Drew’s life in his hands. Curtis wonders what Drew could have known that would make it worth going through all this. Drew says they have to find Shiloh before someone ends up with the life he lost.

Franco tells Cameron to wake up, and Shiloh tells him, step away. Cameron says, flashdrive. Franco asks, what is all this? and Shiloh says, just a little experiment. It has nothing to do with him. Cameron says, Drew. Franco says, Drew’s flashdrive. Ohhh. The lightbulb comes on, and he realizes the drive Chelsea was talking about was the flashdrive. He asks if the psychic is in on it, and if they did it. Did they give Cameron Drew’s memories?

Nina asks Valentin, what if it’s serious? Sasha got the flu shot. Michael joins them, and asks how Sasha is, but Nina says they don’t know yet. Lucas says they got the test results, and she does have influenza, but it’s no kind of flu he’s dealt with before. Michael goes in to see Sasha, and asks, what happened? She says she was drop kicked by a virus. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says like she wishes she was back in their island paradise. He says, him too.

Drew asks if Curtis’s connection with the phone company came through. Curtis says he’s lucky he still has a few favors left. His friend gave him a number that Shiloh started calling around the time the flashdrive was stolen. Drew says, Cabot? Curtis says, you know it. She’s checking it, and forwarding the link. A record of calls Cabot made on his cell phone comes up. Curtis says, besides Shiloh, there’s the MetroCourt – Drew says it’s probably when he made a reservation – and a GH number. Drew tells him that Finn said Cabot needed to get a drug to complete the experiment. He was probably checking on it. Curtis says, there’s another local number. He gives the number to Drew. Drew calls it, and laughs. He says, you will not believe who Cabot is calling in Port Charles.

Sam asks Finn if he just told them Cabot could use the memory transfer on anyone. Finn says, that’s not the worst of it. At best, the memory transfer is a success; at worst, the subject comes out in a vegetative state. Sam says, it’s on her. It was a set-up; a trap. She ran into Shiloh at Rice Plaza. He was probably following her. He happened to mention he was staying at the Midwood, and he was going to see his lawyer. The whole time he was playing her. Now some innocent victim will be snatched off the street, and pay the price.

Elizabeth calls Franco’s phone. She leaves a message, asking if Cameron is with him. She’s hoping Cameron’s phone is dead, and he’s with Franco.

Franco calls Cameron’s name. Shiloh tells him, shut up, and back away. He tells Franco to hand over his phone, and tells Cabot to take it. Cabot says, leave him out of it, but Shiloh says, too late, and demands Cabot take the phone and give it to him. He does, and Shiloh looks at it. He says Elizabeth sent some texts. She’s worried about him. Franco goes back to Cameron, and asks if he’s still there. Cameron asks if his mom is okay. How did Franco find him? Is he in trouble? He says, Shiloh. He thought Shiloh needed help, but he pulled a gun, and took Cameron to his to car. He says, tell mom he didn’t drive. He had the keys, but he did not drive. Tell her. Franco says, it’s okay. She’s not upset, and no one is mad. Cameron says they want to give him Drew’s memory. Shiloh says, that was lovely. Touching. But enough with the family reunion. He tells Cabot to download the flashdrive in the kid before someone else finds them. At this point, I’m guessing Franco is going to step in. I swear, if they wipe his memory out, I will be seriously pissed. Although Drew still did remember some things, and they never really explored that.

Finn has to leave for a consult, and asks Sam to consider getting back in bed. As Finn passes the reception desk, he tells Elizabeth, anything she can to convince Sam to rest, do it. Jason tells Sam, the more she rests, the faster she gets out. Sam says they know Shiloh wanted to use the flashdrive on him. What if he was able to turn Jason into Drew? The old Drew; the Navy SEAL Drew. Jason says maybe she’d like him better. She says there’s no one better for her than him. He picks her up, and says he’s putting her to bed.

Michael comes out, and Nina asks how Sasha is. Michael says, pretty weak. Lucas brings Finn over, and says he asked Finn to consult. Finn says he’s hoping to find out what the strain of the virus is that Sasha picked up. She has the typical symptoms, but more severe with an elevated white blood count, which usually indicates disease, infection, or an allergy. He asks if she’s been out of the country. Michael tells him about going to the island, but says he doesn’t feel sick, and they didn’t see anyone there who was sick. He’ll ask his dad if there’s been any kind of health outbreak. Finn says, that would be helpful. He’s glad Lucas brought him in on this. It’s not looking good.

Nina tells Sasha that she’s not leaving her side, calling her baby girl. Sasha says Nina is always there for her. She’s so glad.

The bartender brings Lucy two shots of tequila. Curtis and Drew arrive, and she asks if she can buy them a drink. Drew says they need to talk to her, and she says pressing real estate needs are her specialty. Curtis says that’s not why they’re here. They’re doing an investigation, and they’re on the clock. Someone could be danger, and they think she can help. Has she had a client named Arthur Cabot?

Elizabeth leaves another message for Cameron. She says she tracked his phone to a sketchy neighborhood. She can’t imagine what he’d be doing there at this hour, and wonders if it’s a pop-up warehouse party. She says she’s going up and down Dewitt, yelling his name until she finds him. Call her. She wonders, where the hell is Franco?

Franco tells Shiloh, they don’t want to hurt the kid. Shiloh says, this has been a disaster from the start, and tells Cabot, quit dragging his feet. Implant this kid with Drew’s memories, or they’re going to prison for life. Cabot says Shiloh is to blame. He kidnapped a minor. Shiloh says Cabot is the one who bought the drugs to do the procedure. Cabot says his intention was to imprint one twin’s memories in another. His intention was to perform the procedure on an adult, who was physically and mentally compatible to receive the memories. He never consented to involve a child. Shiloh says, that’s who’s in the chair now. Do it before someone finds them. Cabot was just released by the WSB. Does he think they’re going to let him walk? Do it. Franco tells Shiloh, stop, just stop. Let the kid go and use him instead. Told you.

Jason makes Sam stay in the bed. She says it’s crazy after eight years of loving him to find out he’s a hypocrite. He says, ouch. That was harsh. She says he wouldn’t want to stay there, but wants her to. She says he’s a hypocrite. He says as long as she makes a full recovery, and comes home to him and the kids, he doesn’t care.

Lucy says she doesn’t have a client named Cabot, but Curtis says he made a number of calls to her. Drew says, he probably used an alias. Curtis says he’s on it. She says she meets a lot of people, and Drew says they’re trying to locate the man who locked Sam in the freezer. Lucy says, she was there; it was horrible. Curtis shows her Cabot’s picture, and asks if she recognizes him.

Franco says, let the kid go, and use him instead. He’s just a kid. He’s got his whole life ahead of him. To be honest, Franco has a dark and twisted past. it would be a relief for him to forget things. He didn’t have the greatest childhood, and it would be great to forget that too. He’s always been kind of a mess. Even with the tumor gone, he still has to live with the memories of what he’s done. it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s just providence. Cameron asks what about his mom and brothers? He knows Franco loves them. Franco says he does, but they’re way better off losing him than Cameron. It’s a good solution, right? Cameron shakes his head, and Franco looks at Shiloh, and says, right?

Michael tells Finn that he’s waiting to hear back if there’s been any outbreak on the island. Finn asks him to make a list of food and beverages they had while they visited. Michael says they pretty much had the same things, but he’s experienced nothing that he knows of. Finn says he wants to put this delicately, and asks if they had relations. Michael says, several times, and Finn says he’d like to get a blood sample to see if there are traces of the virus.

Nina pats Sasha’s forehead with a cool cloth. Sasha says, it feels nice, but Nina doesn’t have to do that. Nina says she didn’t get to kiss Sasha’s booboos when she was a child. Let her have her moment. Sasha says Nina is there now, and makes her feel better. Valentin says, soon enough, they’ll be enjoying good times again. Nina says, the wedding, and he says he’s going to move heaven and earth to make sure it happens. Sasha needs to focus on getting better. Finn and Lucas come in wearing masks. Finn says the tests for more commonly known viruses came back negative. Until they know what strain of flu she has, they’re moving her to isolation.

Nina asks if it’s even legal to quarantine a patient before knowing what they have, but Finn says they could all get infected. Michael says he’s getting checked, and Nina asks what this means for her daughter. Sasha says she doesn’t want to be the reason anyone gets sick. Nina says they don’t know what she has. Finn says he’s seen a lot, but he’s not sure he’s ever seen something like this. They need to be hyper vigilant. He tells them to come see him at the first sign of anything. He can’t identify it, so he can’t tell what the incubation period should be. Michael asks if they can still visit, and Finn says, on a limited basis – with protection. They need to exercise caution for everyone’s sake.

Sam tells Jason that he doesn’t have to stay, but he says he wants to. Elizabeth pops in, and asks how Sam is feeling. Sam says tired, but good. Elizabeth wasn’t to run something by Jason, and asks if she can borrow him. Jason asks Sam to promise to stay there until she’s released, and she promises. He goes into the hallway with Elizabeth. She says, sorry. She knows he and Sam have been through hell. He asks what she needs, and she says Cameron isn’t answering his phone. Franco went out looking for him, and he’s not answering his phone. Cameron’s supervisor also called, and said he never signed out from community service. Cameron knows how important the rules are, but he’s breaking all of them. She tagged his phone, and he’s on Dewitt Street. Jason says that’s a bunch of warehouses. She can’t imagine why Cameron would be there. He says he’ll get Spinelli on it. They’ll find Cameron.

Lucy says she recognizes that guy. He was eager to find a place. He has a Swiss accent; no, Swedish. He said his last name was Bergman. Drew asks if she showed him property, and she says, several. He was anxious to find an out of the way place where he could work. He had her driving all over the place, but finally took a cheap temporary place, so her commission was minimal. Drew asks, where is it?

Franco says, please; it’s what makes sense. Let Cameron go. Cameron says, don’t, and tells them to go before they get caught. If Franco found him, others will be on the way there. Franco says he only found Cameron because he got a parking ticket. Cabot calls Shiloh an idiot for parking illegally. Franco says his dad told him. He thinks Cameron is out on a joyride. He has no idea Cameron has been kidnapped. It’s all going to be okay. Shiloh says he’s over this; start the procedure. Cabot asks how many times does he have to explain? He doesn’t want to experiment on a child.  Not only for sentimental reasons, but the likelihood of success would improve with an adult subject. Shiloh says, the kid is prepped; they’re wasting time. Franco says, the only waste of time will be if the procedure doesn’t work because Cameron’s brain is too young. Turn him into Drew, Port Charles will give Shiloh a parade. He’s done terrible things in his life; horrible things, violent things, psychotic things. He brought the world a lot of trouble. The only thing Drew has done is be a hero. Do the world a favor. Cameron says it won’t be for his mom. Don’t do this. Someone will come. Franco says, know why he sounds like a kid? Because he’s just a kid. Franco is a gift. Listen to what his scientist said. He’s their best chance to succeed. Cabot says, he’s right. They stand a better chance of success with an adult brain. Shiloh says, fine. Use him instead. Cameron yells, no!

Nina tells Sasha it will be all right. Sasha tells her, try not to worry. Nina says, behind her mask, there’s a complete smile. Sasha says she loves Nina, and Nina says she loves Sasha too. Sasha tells Michael to do everything the doctor tells him, and he says, copy that. She adds, be careful around her other boyfriend Wiley. He says he’s going to miss holding her. He was getting used to that. She says her too. He tells her to get better, and she says she’s on it. Finn says, it’s time to go, and she’s wheeled out.

Lucy says they’re in luck. She remembers exactly the place he rented. It’s is on Dewitt Street. It was kind of odd, since the block is empty, but that seemed to be a selling point. Drew asks if she remember the exact address. She says, no, sorry, but she does have it on her phone. 721 Dewitt Street. Drew says she’s been quite helpful. Enjoy her drink. They leave, and Lucy clinks both glasses together, and downs them.

On the phone, Jason thanks Spinelli. He tells Elizabeth that Spinelli found the address; 721 Dewitt. Elizabeth says, Cameron is going to be embarrassed when his mother drags him out of the party. Jason asks if she wants him to go with her. She says he needs to stay with Sam, and he tells her to text when she finds Cameron. She thanks him, and he goes back to Sam’s room. Elizabeth calls Chase, and says she could use his help. It’s urgent. Sure, why not? Let’s drag him in too. It’s going to be quite the parade on Dewitt Street.

Shiloh duct tapes Cameron to the doorway gate, and Cabot straps Franco to the chair. Shiloh tells Cameron, hold still, and Franco says he doesn’t need to be rough. He’s to let Cameron go; that’s the deal. Shiloh says he could care less about the kid, and Franco tells Cameron, stay calm. Don’t give this guy a reason to hurt him. Cameron yells, and Shiloh grabs him. Franco says he needs Cameron to be quiet. Cameron needs to get back to his mom in one piece. That’s what’s best. Cabot prepares a shot. Franco tells Cameron that it’s all going to be okay. Cameron is crying, and Franco and I are nearly crying. Franco says he’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man too. Franco asks Cameron to do something for him. Cameron nods, and Franco says, tell his mom that he loves her. Tell her he’ll be back. Cabot injects Franco with the sedative.

Tomorrow, Robert tells Maxie and Peter that they’re going to be sorry they crossed paths with that dirtbag, Elizabeth tells Chase that she’s going to look for Cameron, and Cabot says he’s beginning the process now.

💬 IMO, this was an excellent episode. Now that he’s shown his true colors, Shiloh has finally come into his own. I just didn’t buy him as the smooth-talking cult leader. He didn’t seem sincere; he was way to smirky. But now that he’s a villain, he works for me. He doesn’t have the twinkle that Faison, Obrecht, or even Ryan, have. The side wink, telling you it’s all in fun. Like Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) in Death Proof when he looks at the camera before starting his murder spree. Shiloh takes being the bad guy seriously, and that’s okay too. Anti-hero Franco, over-the-top Cabot, and innocent bystander Cameron made it a nice balance. I’m guessing one of the many people headed there will make it in time, and I don’t think anyone bothered to lock the door after Franco came in. It’s like the two stooges do memory transfer. If Drew’s memories do get transferred, like I said, I’ll be highly pissed, although there are several avenues they could go down that are positive. Exploring the possibility that the old memories are still there, or having Elizabeth and Franco still be in love somehow. Drew and Kim were thisclose to getting back together at one point.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but today was a good one.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik was handling an enormous property with five terraces that I can’t even begin to describe. He held a massive showing, but the feedback was that the floor plan was too open, like a big one bedroom. One broker described it as a Malibu house in Tribeca. There was also the issue of no doorman or parking. The buyer – who was selling it for her daughter and son-in-law – griped that Fredrik wasn’t marketing the place right. He explained that it was worst month in ten years for real estate, and she pointed out the shower had cost $100K, failing to understand that sometimes you don’t get that back. Along with Fredrik, we were left in limbo, when she said it was to be continued. Ryan was selling another huge property, an 8000 square foot townhouse, with a pool. Again, it was the same problem, and Ryan thought it need a price drop. He did get a buyer at full asking price for the noisy apartment by the BQE, but the sellers balked. In the end, they decided to rent to friend. No surprise, Ryan was pissed at all that work for nothing – I would be too – but didn’t show it – I would be another story. He resigned himself to the fact that nothing in this business was in his control anymore. Luis revealed how depressed he’d been. He’d gotten his heart broken in Paris, and we found out Fredrik basically did an intervention with a few people to get Luis to come home. Steve was clearly the big winner this week, creating an event for the 100+ acre historical estate he had on his hands. There was a wagon ride to the property, a concert pianist in one building to show off the acoustics, and tiny ponies! He also had an ax throwing competition, and a bowling game. Something for everyone. The seller took an all cash offer of $2 million, and no contingencies, from a buyer who wanted to open a boutique hotel. Next time, Luis wants to get back to work, and Fredrick partners with the new guy on a listing.

🔨 They Call Him Machete…

However, Machete did not come from Spy Kids, as the article states. He was from another fake trailer in Grindhouse, which was actually made into a full-length film. And a sequel with Lady Gaga.

🐌  We Did It…

It’s Friday.
































August 1, 2019 – Neil Tells Alexis About Joanna, New York Brokers Are Back, OC Soon, Stassi’s Reward & French Chick


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Puerto Rico. Michael says he has seen Cassandra before, in Port Charles at the MetroCourt restaurant. His mom is the owner, and he’s there all the time. She says he has a good memory for faces. It was a couple of years ago. She’d been there for a meeting, hoping to interest Michael’s father in a business proposal. Sasha says she must not be in the fashion industry, and Cassandra says she likes to keep up with the trends, but no. Michael asks what business she’s in, and she says, nothing nearly as exciting. Import/export.

Nina downs her drink, and on the side, Valentin tells her to pace herself. One of the drinks has the truth serum in it. She asks, which one? but he says, it’s hard tell now, since everyone has their glasses. She tells him to stay near her, and if she rambles, stop her. Jax tells Finn that he wants to be clear, he and Hayden are business associates; nothing more. Any indication that she’s given Finn that they’re together isn’t true.

In a hallway upstairs, Hayden says, if Valentin is following Nikolas’s footsteps, this should be the office. She starts to open a door, and is startled by someone behind her. A housekeeper asks what she thinks she’s doing.

Lulu drinks to true love; something Peter knows nothing about. Her doorbell rings, and she says, go away. Laura says, let her in. Lulu opens the door, and Laura tells her, it’s nasty out there. Lulu is lucky she has no place to be. Lulu says, no place to be; no one to be with. She’s so lucky. She drinks some more.

Carly calls Enrique in Puerto Rico. She’s wondering how Michael is doing, and if he’s having a good time. She wants to send them some champagne. Sonny takes the phone from her hand, and talks to Enrique in Spanish, including Carly’s name. Carly asks if Sonny just told him not to accept her calls. He says, his island, his rules.

Alexis and Neil are in the elevator, when it stops. Neil says, it must be the storm. The power is out, Alexis says, excellent, and Neil says it looks like they’re stuck.

Cassandra says she almost feels guilty; it’s storming back home. Sasha hopes Nina’s dinner party wasn’t rained out. She tells Cassandra that Jasper Jax and Hayden Barnes are the dinner guests. Why she would tell a total stranger this, I have no idea. Cassandra says, the names sound familiar. Maybe their paths crossed in Italy. She excuses herself to make a phone call. Sasha says, she seems nice. Michael says he knows who’s nicer, and Sasha says it had better be her. He says, definitely her, and they kiss.

Carly tells the MetroCourt patrons that she’s sure they came out for a nice, relaxing dinner, but the storm had other plans. The MetroCourt is going to take care of them though; the night is on them. If they haven’t received an entrée yet, they can’t cook with no electricity, but there are cold items and a generous wine list. She tells them, enjoy their evening. Sonny says, that’s pricey, but she says everyone will talk about how fabulous they are. Besides, her hotel, her rules.

Neil pushes the elevator buttons. Alexis says he was right about Kristina going to group therapy. Kristina thinks it’s helpful to talk to other cult survivors. He continues pressing all the buttons, and she tells him, stop doing that. They’re going to be in there until the power comes back, or someone comes to get them. He says he has no phone service. He’s got to get out. She says she has places to be too, but they’re there for the foreseeable future. Why doesn’t he bill her? They can do a session, and make good use of the time. He says he’s serious; he has to get out. She asks, what’s wrong? Is he claustrophobic? He says, no, but she says he’s clearly upset. It can’t just be because he’s stuck with her, could it? It’s a little extreme for that. He repeats that he has someplace he needs to be.

Hayden says she must have gotten turned around. The housekeeper wonders who she is, and Hayden introduces herself. The housekeeper asks if Valentin knows she’s there, and Hayden says she’s an invited dinner guest. She was looking for the restroom. The housekeeper says, that’s not it, and Hayden says she used to live there. She thought she could find her way, and was over-confident. The housekeeper asks if Hayden would like her to show the way back, and Hayden says, please.

Jax tells Nina that he was thinking about the idea she pitched, in the light of the favorable response to the Ava issue. Valentin thinks he’s downplaying that, and Nina says, it was a home run. Jax says he’s concerned about a continuing series on dangerous women. Nina suggests calling them complex or mysterious. She can think up a fabulous title. Jax says he doesn’t want their magazine to be the one that glorifies murder. The Ava issue was a one-off. Nina says, creativity is a bad idea that leads to a good one. There are a lot of interesting women. Helena Cassadine. Valentin says, no, and Jax agrees. Nina says, what about Cassandra Pierce? Finn nearly chokes on his drink. The woman comes in with Hayden, saying, she lost her way – or so she says.

Alexis asks Neil if she’s allowed to ask where, or is it a violation of their boundaries? Neil says his daughter died five years ago tonight. Alexis says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know what to say. He says, it’s almost cliché. A therapist who can help everyone, but those closest to him. He doesn’t know where or how, but somewhere, his daughter became a lost soul. Every time he tried to reach out… He says she knows how it is.

Laura gives Lulu some coffee. Lulu asks if Laura is sure she doesn’t want to open another bottle of wine. Laura is sure, and Lulu says, party pooper. Laura asks if that’s what this is; a party? Talk to her. Lulu says she’s trying to understand why Dante left. She’s put herself in his shoes. What would she have done? On one hand, as an objective outsider, she can see his perspective. But as his wife and the mother of his children… Laura says she’s sorry. She hates that this is happening to Lulu. Lulu says, that’s it exactly. It’s happening to her. She has no say and no choice. Not when Dante left, and certainly not when the divorce papers were delivered. Now she has to decide whether to let her marriage end or fight. No discussion, just an enormous decision she has to make completely alone. Laura says she knows it’s very hard, frustrating, and scary, but Lulu’s not alone.

The housekeeper says she found Hayden trying get in Valentin’s office. Jax says she must be mistaken. Windymere is a bit of a maze. She says, Hayden lived there, but Jax says, it was years ago, and Hayden has a notoriously bad sense of direction. She probably couldn’t find the powder room. Hayden says, no. She was snooping, and this lady busted her.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s calling the company who makes the generator. They’re going to fix it, and give her restitution, or she’ll sic Diane on them.

Alexis says that explains why Neil dedicated his life to helping others get out. He says he’s sorry. This is supposed to be her session, not his. Alexis sits on the floor. She says she’s had her share of AA meetings. She’s become an expert listener. Neil sits, and says, there were all the tell-tale patterns. She cut off her family, turned from her friends, and sold all of her possessions. Alexis says, and gave them the money, like Kristina did. He says, partly. This cult was into drugs. Alexis says, it must have been terrifying. He says he tried the tactics he used on others, but none of them worked on his own daughter. She took her own life. She was found in a bathtub, an empty bottle of pills on the floor, and pronounced dead right about now, at 9:47.

Alexis says now she knows why this night means something to him. She’s truly sorry he’s not getting to have a memorial for his daughter. Hopefully, it was postponed because of the storm. He says, it’s not that kind of memorial. Every year on the anniversary, he goes to a karaoke bar and sings a song from her childhood. She had trouble sleeping some nights, and the song put her out. He says, it’s a strange way to celebrate his daughter’s life, but Alexis says, not at all; it’s beautiful. She has trouble imagining him singing karaoke though. He says, it’s not pretty, but Joanna loved it. Until she joined the cult. She was fearless like that. Him, not so much. It’s a test every year to see if he can get through the song. Alexis says, but he does, and he says, yeah. A tribute to his daughter and an act of penance all in one. She asks, what song? and he says, Hush Little Baby (apparently, the only song ever sung to a child). Since they’re stuck in there, the guys will be spared this year. She says she’s not. She’s a captive audience; so sing.

Laura tells Lulu, Dante is a good man, who loves her and the kids more than anything. Lulu says, that’s what makes it so insane. Laura says, if he considers himself so broken that he’s willing to give them up, Lulu might not agree, but she can respect where the decision came from. Sometimes things can’t be fixed, and more damage is done by hanging on, and not accepting the loss. Lulu says she doesn’t want this. Laura says, if Lulu wants to fight it, she’s behind her 100%. All she can say is that she believes Dante made the choice out of love, and she doesn’t think he took it lightly. If he considers himself this far gone, maybe he is.

Sasha asks Michael what it was like, growing up with his own island. He says he was a holy terror as a kid, and she says, no way. He says, there were some rocky times. Times when it was really dangerous, or his parents were fighting and at odds, and they’d send the kids there. it was a safe haven. They could put away the crap hanging over them in Port Charles. It was still there when they came back, but while they were at the island, they didn’t think about it. A lot of people had troubles with their childhoods, but never had a refuge like this. (How insightful. Really, Michael?) He says he relaxes when he’s there. Sasha says, that’s what different.

Jax tells Hayden that she’s funny. She says, no. She went looking for Valentin’s office, knowing what she was doing. She was looking for the diamonds. Nina says, what diamonds? and Jax says they were something she left behind, and was hoping to locate them. Fleur says she needs to get back to Charlotte. She’s in the taxidermy room naming all the animals. Jax says, not every little girl likes taxidermy, and Fleur says, Charlotte isn’t every little girl.  Nina says, if Hayden wanted access, why didn’t she just ask? Jax says she didn’t want them to think she had an ulterior motive. She just wanted to reclaim what’s hers. Hayden walks over to Finn, and asks if he ever thinks about her. She can’t stop thinking about him. I guess we know who got the truth serum.

Michael says, so Sasha thinks he’s guarded and stiff. She says she didn’t say stiff. He’s warm and charming, and a million other wonderful things when they’re at home. People respect him, and the companies he runs. She starts listing his assets and the charities he’s involved with, and he says he gets it. There, he’s loosey goosey. Sasha finds a $25 chip on the floor, and gets all excited. Michael asks if she wants to skip sailing and go gambling. She says, that would be awesome, and he asks if she wants to gamble with real money or the house’s’ money. She asks what he means. He says the dealers are let known that the guest is going to win, and they have the best luck. Sasha says, that’s cheating, and he says, basically. She wants no part of that. She’s limiting herself to $100. If she wins, great; if she loses, so be it. He says she’ll only have to cough up $75. Cassandra returns, and asks if they’d like to join her for breakfast tomorrow at 8:30. They agree to be there, and she watches them leave.

Jax tells Hayden that she looks flushed. He’s getting her some water. He tries to drag her away from Finn, but she says she needs a moment alone with him. She brings Finn into another room. Valentin asks Jax if he thinks she’s all right. Jax says he’s not sure. He’s trying to figure out how she got so drunk on one drink. Nina says, Valentin makes strong martinis, and Jax says maybe she should stick to champagne next time. Nina says that’s his trademark. He brought it to her office to celebrate the magazine. He asks why she’s saying celebrate like it’s in quotes, and she says his own agenda was written all over it. He was trying to butter her up.

Lulu says it sounds like Laura is telling her to give up on her husband. Laura says she wants Lulu to trust her husband. Believe he has their best interests at heart. Laura believes he does. Lulu says she still doesn’t know what to do. Laura says she gets it, but this is life; things change. If she hadn’t been able to let go of Lulu’s father, she never would have found the happiness she has with Doc. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but sometimes life has a second act. She’s grateful she got hers.

Dev brings out a tray with caviar and champagne, and Carly asks what he’s doing. He says he thought she’d be okay with it, and she says, if it’s going to go bad, she is, but who gave him the keys to the champagne closet? He says he picked the lock. If she wants to keep it safe, she needs to up security. He goes back to work, and Carly tells Sonny, on one hand, she appreciates his initiative, but on the other, they won’t be able to afford it. Sonny says he’s got her covered.

Neil tells Alexis that she’s crazy, and she says that’s why she’s seeing a shrink. He says, the whole point is that he goes someplace where no one knows his name. She says, the anti-Cheers. He says, it’s between Joanna and himself. She says she’ll turn away and put her hands over her ears. Don’t let this stop him from doing something he needs to. He thanks her, but no. She says she’s apologizing in advance, but she has no choice. She starts to sing, hush, little baby, don’t say a word…

Hayden tells Finn that he’s stalling. Answer the question. Does he still think of her? He says, it doesn’t matter. He’s moved on. Hayden asks if he loves Anna, and he says he does. Hayden broke him when she left. It took him a long time to pick up the pieces, but he did. She says she knows he hates her. He says she saved his life, and she says he saved hers first. He says he couldn’t hate her, but she says she doesn’t know that.

Nina says it’s impossible to trust Jax. Valentin says his offer to buy the magazine still stands. No questions asked. Jax says he loves Crimson too, and he loves working with Nina. There’s nothing nefarious. He looks forward to the day he can prove that. Finn comes in, and says Hayden needs water. Hayden says she gets it; he’s moved on. But that doesn’t change the fact… She trails off.

Sasha is just out of the shower, and Michael asks if she’s okay. She says the last thing she feels like doing is putting on makeup and getting dressed. He says, the casino will still be there, and she has a standing invite. She says, and she has a $25 chip. He says, it’s fate. She has to come back. One question though. Since she doesn’t want to go gambling, what does she want to do instead? She kisses him, and they get busy during a song part.

Dev serves champagne. Sonny calls him over. Dev asks if there’s something wrong, and Sonny says, the opposite. Carly says, he’s doing a great job, and Sonny says he wants to give Dev more responsibility – working for him. He has a job if Dev wants it. Dev says he does, and asks if he’s to report to Jason or Sonny. He wants to learn from the best. Sonny says that’s exactly what he’ll be doing. Learning about the coffee business.

Neil and Alexis sing together. When the song is done, they look at each other. The elevator starts to move.

On the phone, Cassandra says, don’t say anything; just listen. She’s been compromised, and needs to relocate again needs to get something. A little gift for a new friend.

During pillow talk, Sasha thanks Michael for bringing her there; it’s special. He says he’s loved the island all his life, but this is the best time he’s had. She asks, why is that? and he says, Manuel’s mojitos, and adds, because of her. She asks if he answers every question with a joke first. He tells her that she’ll get used to it, and she says she plans to. They get busy again.

Carly says, what a night, and tells Sonny, Sasha is a nice girl. It’s nice (WOTD) to see Michael with someone his speed, enjoying life again as an adult. Sonny says, don’t mess things up. She says she’s not getting involved. She just wants to know how things are going. Sonny says, when Michael tells her, she’ll know. She says they should go to the island. He says, yeah, yeah, and steers her out.

Laura says, it looks like the rain stopped. Lulu thanks Laura for riding it out with her. The storm outside and the one that’s her life. Laura says she’ll figure it out. She’s just a phone call or text away. They hug, and Laura says, no more wine. Lulu agrees, and Laura leaves. Lulu looks around at her empty place, and looks at the divorce papers.

Neil tells Alexis, it looks like the power is back on, and Alexis says, that’s good news. They look at each other.

Valentin tells Finn, good news. The storm has passed, and the launch is ready. Finn says, it’s great news. As he leaves, he says, sorry again for interrupting. Have a beautiful evening. Outside, he leans against the door for a moment.

Jax says they’re heading out too. Hayden says, they are? Jax says they don’t know if the weather will take another turn, but thanks Nina and Valentin, saying, it was a lovely evening. They’ll have to do it again. They leave, and Nina says, that was a bust. Valentin doesn’t think so. Jax revealed he has an agenda, and they know he and Hayden were looking for something. They just have to figure out what it was. Nina says, not right now, and they kiss.

Tomorrow, Cassandra makes plans for important guests, Kim wants something from Franco, and Shiloh says it’s what he needed to make his day.

🗽 The new season of Million Dollar Listing New York made its premiere tonight. Those crazy brokers – Fredrik, Ryan, and Steve – are still showing me drool-worthy real estate that makes me want to cry, because I will never, ever be able to afford such fabulousity. Nor have I ever. The best I can say about the apartment I had in Manhattan is, it was in Manhattan, and my apartment in Queens was kind of nice. We found out Ryan and Amelia are expecting a girl, and Ryan had to sell an apartment near the BQE – i.e. near a lot of noise. He tried to distract his potential buyers from that by bringing in his own marching band. Steve has a serious girlfriend – who, since filming, has also revealed a pregnancy – and his property cross to bear was in upstate New York, Hudson Valley. It was quite a property too. He got the listing from a billionaire friend, who bought an agricultural complex built in 1902. Now an historic landmark, the friend had intended on turning it into a hotel, but got too busy with other projects. As the current caretaker said, not in live-in condition. It was in total disrepair, a mess, but oh-so-amazing. Fredrik and Derek’s twins were turning one, and he had a dated apartment to unload. He spent a whole bunch of money into throwing an 80s party there, telling us that he loved the 80s because it was extra, like him. Me too. I love the clothes. It was a costume party, so of course he went all out. and created a totally tubular event. The really sad thing was, his client found a buyer of his own, and per the contract, Fredrik was out a commission. $800,000. I hope the deal falls flat, and the client comes crawling back. It hardly seems fair that Fredrik wouldn’t at least get his expenses back, which certainly had to go into the tens of thousands. I have no clue why he wouldn’t have added that in the contract, but maybe he thought it would never happen. God knows his ego is that big. At the end, Luis crashed a party for the twins. He’s back, and charming as ever. It also looks like there’s going to be a new broker in town next time.

🍊 The other program on Bravo’s menu tonight was a rehashed half-hour called The Real Housewives of Orange County: How They Got Here 2019. No new news there, but their new season begins on Tuesday, August 6th, at 9 pm.

💍 Stassi, We Salute You…

After suffering through the dregs of humanity – I’m talking to you, Jax and Patrick – Stassi has finally found her best beau.

The announcement.

With the friends at Villa Rosa.

The ring.

Something extra.

🎧 Been Hearing This Lately…

On a television ad for a phone or something (I don’t really pay attention), and over the end credits of A Simple Favor, which was a direct rip-off of Quentin Tarentino‘s Death Proof end credits. That’s where I first heard it, and I loved it. Tarantino’s soundtracks are always impressive.

July 29, 2019 – Shiloh Crashes a Party, Two Time Winner Aboard, Returning Listings, Birthday Surprise, Sneezy, Lots Of Wives, Honeymoon Over, MJ Update, No Charm & New Month


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Drew have lunch in Drew’s office. Franco says, it’s a little out there, but a psychic at the reception told him that he may not be feeling himself soon. To make it weirder, Ava is trying to communicate with Kiki somehow, and he saw another psychic at the hospital. She told him, whatever you do don’t take that drive. He asks what Drew thinks.

Ava asks if Chelsea would like to sit. Chelsea says they can talk about the article in Crimson, but Ava says that’s another way Sibley failed her. She could have warned Ava that she was walking into a hatchet job. Chelsea doesn’t think it was a hatchet job. It was honest, and didn’t take a side. Ava told her story in her own words. Some readers approved, some didn’t. Such is pleasing the public. Ava says she wasn’t trying to please anyone. She did it to make amends with Kiki, hoping Kiki would maybe forgive her.

Willow goes to Charlie’s to find Julian. She says Michael mentioned that today is Wiley’s birthday, but he’s at work. Julian says he didn’t think he’d be invited. Willow says she’s the reason, and she’d like to change that.

At the hospital, Shiloh approaches Epiphany at the reception desk. He says he called about getting a copy of his medical records, and she asks if he filled out a request form online. He tells her, no, and she says he needs to fill one out in person then. She can’t release them without a request form. She gives him the paperwork. Bobbie comes by, and tells Epiphany that she got her shift covered. Epiphany tells her to have fun at Wiley’s birthday party. Bobbie says, Lucas already left for the MetroCourt, and she doesn’t want to keep the guest of honor waiting. Shiloh listens.

Carly says she’s glad Sasha could be there, and Sasha thinks her for being included. She asks if she can help, but Carly says, no. Just be patient with the family. She promises they mean well. Alexis arrives, followed by Brad and Lucas with Wiley. Brad says Wiley is ready to party, and so are they. Lucas says Wiley has made them the happiest guys on the planet.

Michael tells Nelle that he didn’t come there to talk about them; he came talk about their son. Nelle says that’s what she means. She called him for a different reason, but now it’s all about their son. She knows something he doesn’t about what really happened to Jonah.

Julian tells Willow that he’s tried to keep his distance. Willow says, at the time, she didn’t know he’d put his past aside. She’s seen how people can change. Her mother changed, and she changed when she left DOD. She’d like to clear the way for him to be part of Wiley’s life. She thinks Wiley needs a grandfather like him.

Epiphany tells Shiloh, his medical records are being prepared now. He asks if there’s any way to expedite that. He has somewhere to be. She says, it’s a hospital, not a fast food counter. Paperwork comes second to patient care. She suggests he take a seat.

Bobbie says it’s Wiley’s birthday and gotcha day; the day he was adopted. Carly tells Sasha that the days were so close, they decided to celebrate them together. Brad asks Lucas if everything is okay, and Lucas tells him that Willow has changed her mind about Julian seeing Wiley. Brad says it’s fine with him, but he supposes it’s up to Lucas. Carly introduces Sasha to Bobbie, who says, oh, Michael’s girlfriend. Sasha says, they’re really just… but Bobbie says, nonsense. She asks if Wiley isn’t incredible, and Sasha says, he’s a charmer. She asks if Sasha wants to hold him, and Carly takes a picture of Sasha holding Wiley.

Nelle tells Michael, the night their son was born, she gave birth alone in the woods. She was in deep despair, literally out of her mind. She asks him to please try and understand. His phone dings, and he sees it’s a message from Carly. Nelle asks if Carly knows he’s there. Does she want him to come home and forget about her? He says, it doesn’t matter, but she tells him to open it. He does, and sees the picture of Sasha and Wiley. The text says, look who’s stealing your godson. Michael explains that Wiley is Lucas and Brad’s son, and his godson. She asks if Sasha is his girlfriend, and he says they’re seeing each other. That’s all he’s saying. What does she know about Jonah that he doesn’t?

Julian says he can’t thank Willow enough. She says she’s happy to do it. He says, ironically, he has Wiley’s birthday gift there. He was going to send it by messenger, but now they can take it together. He goes in the back, and Willow gets a message from Lucas, who hopes she can come to Wiley’s big day.

Franco asks what Drew thinks the psychic meant. Does he think it has something to do with the car Oscar left to Cameron? Drew says he had it checked bumper to bumper; it’s the safest car on the road. Franco says clearly, it’s bothering him. He didn’t want to saddle Elizabeth with it, and since Drew has nothing better to do than listen to him… He tells himself to stop babbling, and Drew asks Franco to do him a favor. Stop worrying. The psychic probably wants him to be curious so he’ll pay for a consultation. Drew tells him to enjoy his new life with Elizabeth. Franco says, that’s what’s bothering him; he’s happy. He’s happier than he’s ever been, and now he has something to lose. They both know how easy it is to lose things in this life. Drew tells him don’t do that to himself. Don’t rob himself of joy worrying about what he can’t see coming. Drew’s assistant brings in a package for him from the Department of the Navy.

As they walk, Ava asks Chelsea why they’re in the park. Does she hope to reach Kiki there? Chelsea says it’s a spot Kiki enjoyed. Ava says, Kiki loved it; she loved running there. She especially liked when the sunflowers were in bloom. They reminded her aliens visiting for a while. She had a quirky sense of humor. She was sweet, but not a pushover. She was so beautiful. Chelsea says, like her mother. It’s remarkable considering the fire she went through. Her surgeon must be in great demand. Ava tells her, the less said about the fire, the better. The only good thing was that Kiki forgave her. Chelsea says, for tampering with Morgan’s medication? and Ava says she’s not paying Chelsea to judge her. Chelsea says she’s not judging; she’s stating facts. Ava entered Morgan’s room under false pretenses, and switched his lithium with a placebo. It’s just like how she shot Connie. Ava says Chelsea is dredging up things best left forgotten. Why doesn’t she contact Ava’s daughter?

Nelle says she sees Michael has moved on from the loss of their son. Michael says he thinks of Jonah every day, and she asks if he dreams about Jonah every night. She does. He says he’s supposed to be at a party, but came there to honor Jonah’s memory. Whatever she has to say, say it now, or he’s leaving. She says she wanted to tell him about a dream she had. It was so real. Jonah was surrounded by angels. They were singing to him, and he was smiling. He was at peace, and so beautiful. She wanted to share it with Michael. Michael says they’re never going to see each other again after this. He calls for the guard, saying he’s done. He leaves, and Nelle cries a little. She says, this is not goodbye. She’s not done with him or their baby.

Sasha tells Lucas that his son is a charmer. Lucas says they like to think so. Bobbie asks Carly if Michael and Sasha are serious, and Carly says, we’ll see. She asks if Bobbie can have champagne, and Bobbie says, a little. It’s a special occasion in more ways than one. It’s the first time Carly has liked, or even approved, of Michael’s girlfriend. Carly says she likes Sasha, and the contrast is like night and day. Michael seems light and happy. She adds, until today. Nelle called, and Michael is on his way to see her.

Alexis tells Brad and Lucas that she has no idea how Shiloh made bail, but it doesn’t change anything regarding Wiley. Shiloh is banned from making any claim in family court until his criminal charges are adjudicated. Brad can’t wait, and Lucas says, today is about Wiley and family. Julian comes in with Willow, and Carly asks what the hell he’s doing there. Lucas says Willow gave him permission, and Brad says he’s been a lifesaver. Willow says she’ll contact Diane and make it official. Bobbie says, anything for her grandson.

Drew asks his assistant if she has any idea what this is about. She says Oscar wanted him to have his military medals. He filled out the paperwork, and she got Drew to sign it. He thought he was signing a contract. He says his son co-opted her into getting his signature without his knowledge? She says it was back in February, and asks if she’s getting fired. Drew says she’s getting a raise and an extra week’s vacation. She asks if that means they’re okay, and he says they’re great. After she leaves, he says, that kid. Franco says, Oscar probably went to a lot of trouble. Drew should take a look.

Drew opens the box, and it’s filled with jewelry-type boxes. He opens one, and says, the Silver Star. Franco says, wow, and asks if he can open the envelope that came with it. Drew tells him, go ahead, and Franco reads that it’s from the Secretary of the Navy for his gallantry in actions against the enemy. Some of it is redacted, but Drew saved lives, and whatever he did was impressive. He should check them out. Drew wonders what made Oscar want to request them. Franco says Oscar was curious about Drew’s past. Maybe he thought these would help explain it. Or maybe he was proud of his old man, and wanted Drew to have them. And he should. He earned them. Drew just wishes Oscar could see them.

Carly asks if they’re ready to toast the birthday boy. Michael runs in, telling Sasha that he’s sorry he’s late. Sasha tells him, don’t apologize. It’s been great, and his godson is darling. Michael says, Wiley definitely has a way of bringing people together. Lucas toasts to their son, Wiley. He’s only been in the world a year, but his impact on the family is immeasurable. Shiloh strolls in (I’m sure we all saw that coming), and says sorry he’s late. He says his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, and out-smirks himself.

Ava asks Chelsea, please contact Kiki, and ask what she thinks of the article. Chelsea says she can’t do it on demand, but Ava begs her to try. She’s got to reach Kiki one way or another. Chelsea looks into the distance, and says, my goodness. It’s the Coachella of dead people. It’s a crowded field. Connie is there, and someone named AJ. Ava says she doesn’t want to hear from them; she wants to hear from her daughter. Chelsea says, there’s a very elegant women named Helena who has a message. Ava says, she’s Nikolas’s grandmother. Chelsea says, Helena claims Ava knew Nikolas killed her, but didn’t tell anyone. Ava says she didn’t bring Chelsea there to contact Helena. Where’s Kiki? Chelsea says, sorry. She hears an infant crying. Ava says she didn’t kill a baby, and Chelsea says, so she knows nothing about a dead baby boy and his mother?

Carly tells Shiloh, it’s her hotel; get the hell out before she calls security. He says, no one is looking for a physical confrontation, and it would only upset Wiley. Willow tells him, get out, but he says he only wanted to wish love and light to their baby boy. She says he’s nothing to Wiley. Shiloh says he should have known when he saw Wiley’s smile; it’s her smile. Wiley is the miracle they created. Michael tells him, leave now, but Shiloh says not until he gives his son a present, reminding me of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

Franco tells Drew, in 2012 he saved a civilian contractor. He should let them know, so they can send him a fruitcake every Christmas. Drew says, he already knows. He goes by the name of Shiloh.

Shiloh says they can’t object to a gift, but Lucas says they don’t need or want anything from him. Shiloh says it’s important that Wiley has the medical records of his biological parents. Lucas says they already know about the heart condition, and Brad takes the envelope from Shiloh, hustling Lucas away. Alexis tells Shiloh not to make a scene or she’ll have his bail revoked. Brad tells Shiloh, just stop, but Shiloh says Wiley is his son, forever and always, and one day, Wiley will be his. Michael asks Sasha to call for the elevator. Shiloh says they can’t force him to leave. I’d like to know how he figures that, since it’s a private party, but Michael says he wouldn’t dream of it. The elevator doors open, and Michael gives Shiloh the bum’s rush into it. Everyone is like, wow, and Michael suggests they get back to the celebration, and what’s important; Wiley’s birthday. Wiley smiles like he knows what just happened.

Harmony ask Nelle how the visit with her baby’s father was, and Nelle says, disappointing. Harmony says she’s sorry, and Nelle says, her too. She was going to tell him something important that would have changed everything. Instead, she realized he doesn’t deserve to know. Harmony thought Nell had said she still loved him, and his mother was responsible for sabotaging the relationship. Nelle says, she did, but he let her. He didn’t need to, and could have fought for them. He could have committed himself to them, but he let his mother ruin it, and convince him that she was trash. He’s as much blame as Carly is. He doesn’t deserve their son.

Ava tells Chelsea that she had nothing to do with the death of Nelle’s baby; they were in a car accident. Chelsea says it’s something to do with a baby blanket; yellow and green. Ava says she can see that? and Chelsea says there’s no telling what pops up. She senses a hidden secret. Ava is a magnet for restless souls and psychic turbulence. Ava asks where Kiki is. She must be seeking closure. Make her listen. Chelsea says she can’t make Kiki do anything, and Ava asks if she can locate Kiki. Chelsea says, she’s there. Ava wishes she could see her, and asks what she’s doing. Chelsea says she’s refusing to come any closer. Ava says she’s so sorry. She loves Kiki so much, and wants them to have closure. Not just for her, but for Kiki, so she can rest in peace. She asks if Kiki understands, but Chelsea says, no; sorry.

Drew thinks he should send that medal back, but Franco says, who knew Shiloh would come back to the US and start a cult? Drew says, to hear Shiloh tell it, they were best buddies, but it doesn’t sit right with him. How could he be friends with someone he doesn’t trust? All the times Shiloh was fishing around, hoping Drew would remember, or hoping he didn’t. He may or may not remember Shiloh is a total sleazeball, or know something that might have legal ramifications. He’s been trying to get Drew to open up and find out what Drew knows to reassure himself. The gap in his memory is one thing, explaining it to his son was another. Shiloh convinced Oscar that he and Drew were friends. So much so, Oscar left his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Fortunately, he made a second bequest to use them to endow a foundation for deserving children to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro. Franco says, it sounds more like Oscar wanted to neutralize Shiloh’s claim, so he had no leverage. Drew wishes he knew what happened.

Shiloh meets with a lawyer, who tells him that she’s been assigned as his public defender. He’s entitled to a defense. Shiloh says, even if he’s broke? He has no home, and his accounts have been frozen. She says he still has the right to an attorney. The charges are formidable. It’s her job to handle that, and they have a lot of work to do. The evidence is extensive. Multiple women have come forward, saying he drugged and assaulted them at the DOD house here, and in Beecher’s Corners. He says, those poor, deluded women. She says there’s also a prescription for whatever that drug is, under his name. (I keep trying to figure it out. I thought she said carfentanil, but that’s illegal in the US). Harmony also confessed her complicity in drugging the women. She produced concrete evidence of fraud and blackmail with personal, privileged information about his followers that was used as leverage. He asks if it isn’t her job to discredit that, but she tells him to be realistic and assess the situation. He’s not going to beat the charges. He says, so that’s it? She’s not even trying? She tells him, she’s saying he has a choice. He can go to trial, be convicted, and spend the rest of his life in prison, or take a plea. Twenty years, and he’ll be out in fourteen. The only question is how long he wants to stay in prison. Twenty years is a gift. Take the plea, or spend his life behind bars.

Alexis says, at least they have Shiloh’s medical records, but Lucas says they already knew about the heart condition. It probably came from Shiloh. Brad tells Julian that Lucas can’t see the records, but Julian says, he’s a doctor and will eventually. Michael tells Lucas that his trip to Pentonville wasn’t a total waste. Nelle is manipulative as ever, and the next time she calls, he’s refusing the charge. Lucas is glad Willow came, but Brad says he’s sorry she had to witness Shiloh. She says she also witnessed how the family stepped up to protect Wiley. Lucas says she’s at the top of that list. She trusted them to have Wiley in the first place, and then continued to protect him. Being thrown jail was heroic. She says, all that matters is Wiley is safe now. Lucas says they’d love for her to be part of Wiley’s life, and Brad adds, if she’d like to be. Willow says she would, more than anything. Sasha tells Michael that Wiley is one lucky baby with him as a godfather. Michael says he loves Wiley like his own.

Ava asks Chelsea, if Kiki won’t forgive her, even after the article, is there anything else she can do? Chelsea says, Kiki seems to think so. Ava says she’ll do anything. Chelsea says Ava is a truly haunted soul. The afterlife clings to her like cat hair on a black suit. Kiki is angry that Ava fell in love with a serial killer. He won her over by validating her worst impulses. Kiki hates that Ava gave him her soul when he doesn’t have one. She was so desperate for attention and admiration, Ava was blinded to the danger. Ava says she knows that, but how can she fix it now? Chelsea says Ryan has no soul, but he still has a heart, and it belongs to Ava. Ava asks what the hell that means, but Chelsea says she’s just the messenger. Suddenly, Ava says, oh my God. She has to go, and runs out of the park.

Shiloh tells the lawyer that he needs time to consider his options. She says, it’s not difficult. Twenty years or forever. He says not if he’s a ghost, but she tells him, don’t think of trying to run. He says he’s not running. His son lives there, and he has the utmost faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. He’ll get back to her. She says he has her number. She leaves, and he says, resources. He flashes back to Drew telling him not to take it personally, and asking Drew if there’s any chance his memory might return. Again, he says, resources.

Wiley unwraps presents wrapped in very LOUD wrapping paper. Lucas tells Brad that their son is opening presents. He doesn’t want to miss any of this day. Everyone gets excited over a toy car.

Nelle tells Harmony it’s too late for her to undo what’s done. She needs to think about what to do. She says Harmony needs to keep Shiloh away. Do anything she can to affect the outcome. Harmony says she’s fully cooperated with the prosecution, and she’s going to testify. Nelle asks if Harmony is sure the prosecution has enough evidence. Harmony thinks so. Shiloh has run out of people to do him favors. Nelle hopes she’s right. Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to keep the baby safe.

Ava waits in the prison visiting area. Ryan sits down on the other side of the glass. I gotta say, the Miami Vice unshaven look suits him.

Franco asks Drew if he didn’t say there was a procedure to help recover his memories, but he decided not to pursue it. Drew says nothing is more important than his memories of Oscar and Scout. He’d never jeopardize that. His memories are on a flashdrive, safe and sound in his office, and that’s where they’re staying. Drew looks at his credenza.

Shiloh wanders around outside, and finds a dollar. He remembers Drew saying that there’s supposedly a procedure that could possibly undo what’s been done. Shiloh makes a call. He says he’s glad they picked up. He was afraid they’d duck his call. It’s been a while. He says he’s got a job for them.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Stella that the mystery relative is closer than they realized, Sasha asks Valentin how he proposes they handle Obrecht, Jason tells Shiloh not to approach his family again, and Ryan asks Ava how he can help her.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, new stew June had left the table during the crew’s night out to get sick in the bathroom. Hannah asks if she’s crying, but Anastasia says, no. In June’s interview, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her personal life, but it’s no one’s business. Colin says he’s been in her shoes, and it can be intimidating. June returns to the table, and asks where they’re going next. They head out to a club. Jack suggests he and Travis not party too hard, since their big double date is tomorrow. João tries to be Colin’s wingman, but Colin isn’t into it. He’d rather talk to June than randoes. Jack wants to kiss Aesha, but he’s too wasted. In Hannah’s interview, she says, Travis is easy on the eyes, but there will be no feelings involved this season. The producer asks what about making out with him, and Hannah says, that’s not a feeling. I think she’s confusing the word feeling with emotion here.

In the taxi going back, Hannah says she thinks Jack and Aesha are cute. Jack licks Aesha’s foot, and asks for a little nibble of her bellybutton. Jack says she looks like she’s been raped. Aesha says she has been, and it’s not funny. Can they not talk about it? In Aesha’s interview, she says there are few things she won’t joke about, and rape isn’t funny at all. Jack asks if she’s okay. He feels badly about it. The crew gets back to the boat. In her interview, Aesha says, you don’t know what people have been through, so you should watch what you say. Amen to that. The crew sleeps.

The producer asks if Aesha is normally this open. Aesha cries, saying she remembers she kept apologizing to her mother, thinking it was her fault. Her mom said they all get wasted, and they have the right to feel safe. She thinks it’s important for women not to blame themselves. You should be able to party and not worry about it. João gives Jack a priority checklist. In Jack’s interview, with tears in his eyes, he tells us that he said something stupid. He jokes about sex all the time, and he’s a d*ckhead. He wants to talk to Aesha. They almost have me crying here. They’re both very sweet, and it’s unfortunate he made that mistake. I don’t think she’s holding it against him though.

Jack finds Aesha, and hugs her. He says how sorry he is. She says she knows Jack isn’t malicious. She’s just making people aware. He feels bad for her. In her interview, Aesha says she doesn’t want to be a gilded survivor. That’s not her. She’s just her, and it happened to her. It’s not who she is. She tells him that he’s the sweetest man.

The crew cleans up. In her interview, Hannah says Travis is adorable, but she’s not emotionally invested. Jack and Aesha will be there, so it will be easier to swallow. Not in a sexual way. June asks Anastasia where some glasses are, and Anastasia says she doesn’t really know. In her interview, June says, Anastasia gets a little crabby. You’d think she would have more sympathy and help her out. It’s confusing. Anastasia says she has other things to worry about, and June says she’ll figure it out. In João’s interview, he’s surprised Hannah is going out with Travis. He feels protective of the people he likes, and he likes her. He thinks she deserves more.

Jack and Travis are technically off the clock, and begin drinking beer. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting, so the captain gets together with Hannah, João, and Anastasia. The primary is Johnny Damon, a two-time World Series winner, once with the Red Sox, and again with the Yankees. He’s coming with his wife Michelle, and a bunch of other people. One of their requests is to visit Monaco. Hannah says they have a long preference sheet. She says they want local food, and anything with truffles. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s feeling confident. If she can please the Queen of Versailles, she can please this guy.

An alarm goes off, and black water system flashes on the computer screens. Travis and Jack continue to goof off. Even though he’s being radioed by everyone, engineer Mike doesn’t miss a beat in doing his strength training. João says it means no toilets or water. The captain tells Jack and Travis, stop drinking, and find the engineer. If they can’t fix it, they have to cancel the charter. Captain Sandy mumbles about them being drunk, and says, it’s ridiculous. It’s not cool. Travis looks for the engineer, while Jack has a smoke. Travis says it’s not their job.

In his interview, João says it’s not against the rules drink after work hours, but it is against the rules to ignore alarms. It’s the lowest level of respect being shown to him and the captain. Captain Sandy continues to look for Mike. Water is backed up in one of the work rooms. Hannah doesn’t want to go on a date with someone who’s wasted. Travis says it’s not his job to check the alarms, and Jack finds Mike. Mike goes to deal with the problem, and Captain Sandy asks Jack if he’s been standing there the whole time. She tells him, today’s not the day not to hustle. He’ll be off the boat so fast. When she sees him next time, he’d better be moving. She tells him, get the room cleaned up. Mike says, it’s clogged. Jack mops. The captain says she’s going to strangle Jack. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, the clog was related to the pump. They repaired the pump, and got the toilets working. Jack tells Travis, hide the beer.

Travis and Jack step off the boat. Travis says they have no connection to the problems happening. Jack says they can have a beer after work. Hannah approaches, and asks Jack if they can do the date another day. She doesn’t want to go after he’s been drinking beer all day. He says it was a stupid move on his part, but he’s going with or without her. She tells him, have fun. In his interview, he says he feels bad. He’s not actually drunk. He tells her, just come, but she goes back to the boat. Jack says, she’s playing hard to get. João joins them, and says they’re pissing the captain off. Travis tells João, it’s five o’clock. In João’s interview, he says he realizes he can’t come out guns blazing with these guys. He has to be diplomatic. Travis says, no beer before five.

Hannah finds Captain Sandy in the crew mess. She says she wanted to make sure the captain isn’t stressed, and tells her they’ll be fine. The captain gives her a hug. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s felt Captain Sandy’s wrath before, and doesn’t want to again. The captain says, it means a lot, and Hannah says the captain doesn’t have anyone above her to tell her that. Anastasia goes over the menu. In her interview, Anastasia says, people who excel have raw passion and raw skill. June does laundry. In Colin’s interview, he says he finds it hard to talk to June. He’s working on his game.

Aesha asks Jack where they’re going on the date. Travis says he and Hannah aren’t coming. Jack feels badly, but just wants to have a good time tonight. Aesha chooses her outfit. Jack gets dressed up. Aesha is excited. She says with other boyfriends, she’d get drunk, and barely remember their first kiss. She wants to remember all the nice things. She deserves it. Jack puts on in his suit. In his interview, João says he can’t control people’s personal lives. He’s happy Jack is going on a date, but if it was him, he’d lay low because of the mistake he made.

Colin listens to music. Travis gets in his suit, and approaches Hannah, who’s sitting on the bow of the ship. In Jack’s interview, he says he likes Hannah, and hopes this isn’t too awkward. He scares hell out of her when he suddenly appears, and she asks what he’s wearing. He says he decided to make himself look pretty to sit with her. In his interview, he says his parents don’t drink, and wouldn’t appreciate his pinhead antics. Hannah asks why today, when he knew they had a date? In his interview, he says with any job that’s physically demanding, you feel like you’re entitled at the end of the day, and it’s the start of bad habits. She hugs him.

Jack asks for little kiss, but Aesha says, later. She wants the right timing this evening.

João says, oh the irony. Last season he had to worry about his job and two girls. This season he’s in a good place if he can just fix the sh*t show of a deck team. Hannah takes a selfie with Travis. He asks if he should get some rosé.

Aesha toasts to their first night. She says Jack isn’t her type. In her interview, she says she likes the alpha male, who can be an a-hole. Jack is a bit softer. She tells him they can be the most disgusting version of themselves with each other. In his interview, Jack says he’s witnessed true love, and wants it. A guitar player serenades them. On the boat, Hannah and Jack make out

Aesha tells Jack, this could be his moment, and they kiss. In Aesha’s interview, she says she thinks a kiss changes the dynamic of a relationship, bringing in an intimate side. She’s exited to have that with Jack. She likes him, and has no idea where it’s going, but just wants to have fun, and take day by day. They make out in the taxi, and she tells Jack he’s getting greedy. Hannah snacks in her bunk. Back on the boat, Aesha jumps in bed with Travis, while Jack takes a pee. Aesha takes a peek, and tells Jack that he has a nice willy.

The next morning, Colin asks Jack how the date went, and if he and Aesha are Facebook official. The boat is readied. Aesha thanks Jack for last night, saying, it was the nicest thing ever. Hannah cuts lemons and limes. In her interview, she says she’s concerned about June. She’s not answering the radio, she’s struggling with cabins, and the beds haven’t been turned down. Hannah isn’t sure what’s happening, but she was clearly a bit of a twat in her last life. It’s like the last three seasons all over again. Captain Sandy announces the guests are arriving at noon. Colin burps. The crew lines up.

The captain welcomes the guests. Colin shakes Johnny’s hand, and in his interview, says he’s not washing his hand again. Captain Sandy tells João that he’s taking them off the dock. Hannah does the tour, while the captain walks João through the steps. In her interview, she says she’s not rewarding him for last night, but he needs to feel responsibility. She wants to show him how he needs to teach his crew. In João’s interview, he’s thrilled that the captain is giving him the opportunity after what’s gone wrong. It proves she has his back, but anything can go wrong at any time. Aesha gives champagne to the guests, one of whom is a GYN, who’s already talking loudly about vaginas. Hannah is like, oh my God. Captain Sandy points out a boat at the bow that Jack missed. In her interview, the captain says, coming up as a woman in the industry wasn’t easy. She had to constantly work harder than her male counterparts. If a crew member has the willingness to learn, she wants to give them the opportunity. She tells João, good job. In his interview, he says there are few moments in his life he’ll talk about forever, and this is one of them.

In June’s interview, she says, Aesha is patient and kind. You don’t meet many people like that, but she’s not used to scowls. They put fresh flowers in the napkin rings. Anastasia thinks simplicity is key with these guests. She wants to make it fancy, but more low key than sea urchin and caviar. Hannah tries to get June on the radio. June finally comes upstairs, and Hannah tells her to keep her earpiece in. Aesha tells June, it’s all good, and let it go over her head. Johnny says he’ll bang everyone. In her interview, Hannah says somehow she doubts it. Me too.

Aesha asks if she can get the guests anything. Johnny says they’re fabulous. Lunch is Caesar salad, and in her interview, Hanna says, it’s like a meal you can get from your local Chili’s. I dunno about that, unless her local Chili’s is a lot more sophisticated than mine. As much as she wants Anastasia to succeed, she wants her back because she’s selfish. Johnny continues bragging about his sexual prowess. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s over doing double duty. The guests play in the water. June tends bar, and has a problem opening the wine. Clouds come, and the guests get nervous, especially when the boat starts rocking. Captain Sandy says the sea is rough there, but when they go around the corner, it will be calm. That sounds like the weather in my area. Colin and João try to get the jet skis back onto the boat. Colin wonders where the rest of the deck crew is. Johnny steps in to help, and pulls the jet ski back on deck with his teeth. Not really, but he’s pretty jacked, and gets the jet ski in. In Colin’s interview, he says it’s embarrassing when two deckhands can’t get the jet ski back because of a swell, and they have a two time World Series champion helping them.

Anastasia calls Travis to the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s gotten closer to Travis since he’s been in the galley. He has depth to him, but uses alcohol to suppress his emotions, which a lot of people are guilty of. Captain Sandy radios the deck crew, saying the slide is still on the side of the boat. She needs it brought in now. Travis seems annoyed at helping, and she asks, why the attitude? June irons. Aesha tells Hannah that June is doing well. Colin tells João that Travis is helping in the galley, and in his interview, João says he’s going to have to put a stop to that. Pointing to another yacht, João says, that’s fifty meters, right? and Colin says he doesn’t know what a meter is, but sure. I literally lol. Colin is a funny guy.

For some reason, Hannah isn’t thrilled with the food. The guests are talking about circumcision, and ask Hannah’s opinion. She says she’s never had to worry about it. In the galley, Anastasia asks the other crew members to lower the volume while she’s plating. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia does two charters and all of a sudden, she’s an artist who needs quiet time. The entrée is filet mignon. A few of the guests want it cooked a little more, and Hannah brings their dishes back to the galley. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s annoying to her that the steaks aren’t cooked properly. She’s a perfectionist, and thinks it comes from her mother. She thinks you have to be a perfectionist in the industry, and adds she’d rather undercook something than overcook it. Good point. You can’t exactly take it back. The guests proclaim it’s all good. June tells Colin about Anastasia being annoyed with too many people in the galley. He suggests she call Anastasia out on it, but she doesn’t want an issue. She tells him that she doesn’t feel welcome. In her interview, she says she dropped her life because they needed her. She treats people with respect, and expects to be treated the same way. She tells Colin not to say anything.

João calls Jack to the bridge. He goes over some navigational things, and gives Jack some seafaring hints. In João’s interview, he says he wants to motivate the crew, and teach them what he knows. He wants it to work out for all of them. Hannah cleans up dinner, and the guests act stupid in the lounge, wrestling each other. Johnny announces bedtime, and flips his wife over his shoulder.

Hannah tells June not to have her phone with her all the time. Colin tries to get the anchor up, but it’s stuck. He says, it’s getting caught on something. Captain Sandy says, there’s definitely something on the chain. She calls Travis to get on the tender. João says at 17 meters, he can scuba. They need see what’s going on. Colin tells João, the best thing about yachting is that nothing ever goes well. Sandy tells João to go in, and radios Travis to go with him. The captain tells the guests the goal is to get them to Monaco, and they’ll meet them there. Hannah tells Aesha and June that they need to distract the guests. In Jack’s interview, he wonders, for the wages they get, what’s the point of doing the scuba dive? He wouldn’t want to risk his neck. In Travis’s interview, he says if you get pinned down by the chain at 40 meters, you’re dead. Hannah radios June. Sandy watches as João gets in the water. Hannah decides to look for June. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t care if you make a mistake, take too long, or even sleep on your break. Just keep your earpiece in when she radios. Sandy continues watching out for Travis and João. In her interview, she says, if they don’t communicate, one slip could be the end of their life. Hannah tells June that she’s been radioing her.

Travis and João start to go down the chain, and the guests leave for Monaco.

Later in the season, partying, putt-putt, a guest is king of the world, Colin gets another injury, Captain Sandy says yachting isn’t Hannah’s passion, Hannah says Anastasia has gotten too big for her britches, Travis is called out for his drinking, a storm comes up, and Ben is back.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York is back on Thursday, August 1 at 9 pm.  

😮 A Surprise Surprise…

I was more surprised than Jason Momoa, when I saw two of his guests were Neil and Lucas from General Hospital.

🏰 Farewell To One of Storybrook’s Finest Citizens…

An untimely for a Once Upon A Time cast member.

🍵 A Cup of Wives…

Shannon makes it Instaficial.

Camille takes a walk.

Ken stands up for his lady love. Ken is the best.

Vicki has me confused. Did I miss something?

Yes, I did miss something. Be sure to check out the Southern Charm video after the RHOC trailer.

While I rarely watch RHOA anymore, I think Cynthia deserves all good things. But poor Peter. He’s really going to have to give up now. Or step up his game.

They’re back.

🌴 In Another Part of Beverly Hills…

Already Jax and Brittany have problems. What a shock.

They also have a $2 million dollar home. I wouldn’t call it a mansion though.

👶 Sad News For MJ…

But she does have baby Shams, and a beautiful pregnancy photo.

🔎 The Plot Thickens…

And in a move we didn’t think possible, T-Rav becomes an even sh*ttier person.

🏄 Oh Come On…

How is August almost here? And why aren’t there more songs about it?